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.. e or m out land.c d n nd u o p oundla p / m o ok.c d facebo undlan o p / m twitte Poundland Christmas 2017 •


Amazing Value! 2.


£2 3.








1. Elf Notebook • 2. Elf • 3. Elf Mail Bottle • 4. Elf Report & Post Box • 5. Variety of Elf Sweaters 6. Elf Drinking Straws (20 Pack) • 7. Elf Solar Wobblers • 8. Elf Jumbo Snap Cards • 9. Baby Elves • 10. Elf Ceramic Door

4 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Elf Behaving Badly •


Amazing Value! Elf Bunting

Elf Clothes Bunting


Naughty Elves Tape

Elf Behavin' Badly Window Sign




Elf House Stickers

Magic Message Boards Chistmas Countdown Chart

Elf Behaving Badly

Elf Swing

6 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Large Gift Bags

y d e Gre Elf Elf Behaving Badly •


Amazing Value!

Tree Topper


Mirrored Stags (2 Pack)

Large Bauble Wreath

Tree Topper

Mixed Baubles (12 Pack)

Go BOLD this year and team purple and turquoise mixed with champagne gold for a more luxurious and opulent look.

8 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Bottle Bags (2 Pack) Mixed Baubles (16 Pack)

Yuletide Jewel •


Everything’s £1

Champagne Gold Bead Garland Champagne Gold Tinsel (2m)

Angel Wings (2 Pack)

Art Deco Baubles (4 Pack)

Purple & Teal Tinsel (2m)

Mixed Baubles (12 Pack)

Top Tips

Star Decorations (2 Pack) Art Deco Baubles (4 Pack) Mixed Baubles (16 Pack)

Want a new way to display decorations that are too good to get hidden in a tree? Create a framed display and keep adding decorations until the look is just right!

Large Single Decorative Baubles

10 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Luxury Merry Christmas Gift Bag

Luxury Glitter Gift Bag

Yuletide Jewel •


Amazing Value!

Champagne Gold Glitter & Sequin Baubles (2 Pack)

Mini Baubles (24 Pack)

Ribbon & Bead Garland Decadent Star Decorations (2 Pack) Wrapping Paper - 4 Assorted Designs (Matching Bags Available)

Christmas Tree Decoration

This bauble wreath is too gorgeous to be on the front door, so pop it in your living room so you can enjoy it every day.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Large Single Decorative Baubles (3 Designs)

12 • Poundland Christmas 2017

A Large Selection of Luxurious Gift Bags (Matching Wrapping Paper Available)

Yuletide Jewel •


Everything’s £1

For a tra ditional C hristmas classic co add a mbinatio n of gold and hints , red of evergre en










a partridge in a pear tree...



2 7.

1. Christmas Tree Decoration • 2. Textured Baubles (8 Pack) • 3. Glitter Stags (Assorted Colours) • 4. Star Decorations (2 Pack) 5. Tinsel Wreath • 6. Wooden Tree Decorations (2 Pack) • 7. Charger Plate

14 • Poundland Christmas 2017

12 14.

8. Mixed Baubles (12 Pack) • 9. Mixed Baubles (16 Pack) • 10. Mixed Baubles (24 Pack) • 11. Wrapping Paper (4 Assorted Designs) 12. Decorative Bows (4 Pack) • 13. Baubles (8 Pack) • 14. Luxurious Gift Bags

12 Days of Christmas •


Amazing Value!

£5 Glitter Snowflake Decorations (12 Pack) Tinsel Wreath

Light up House

Silver Glitter Stag

Star Decorations (2 Pack)

An all white scheme is the easiest way to create a winter wonderland. Add real magic with soft candle lights, sparkling icicle fairy lights and shimmering baubles to your crisp white tree.

Silver Tree

Christmas Countdown

Tinsel (2m)

Angel Tree Topper

Christmas Tree Decoration

18 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Northern Lights •


Everything’s £1

Silver Bead Garland Silver Shimmer Baubles (2 Pack)

Mint Green Shimmer Baubles (2 Pack)

Large Decorative Baubles Silver (3 Designs)

Silver Geometric Baubles (2 Pack)

Mint Green Geometric Baubles (2 Pack)

Large Decorative Baubles Mint Green (3 Designs) Tree Topper Charger Plate

Silver Mixed Baubles (12 Pack)

Mixed Baubles (12 Pack)

Textured Baubles (8 Pack)

Silvr Baubles (16 Pack)

Mint Green & Silver Baubles (16 Pack)

Silver Mini Baubles (24 Pack)

Tinsel Tree

etrics nd Geom rior tre e t in a big u can been ow yo s too n have d n ar a istma this ye or Chr green. f k o t e lo get th ionable min h s ! a s ou in f Gorge Bell Baubles (10 Pack)

20 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Mixed Bell Baubles (10 Pack)

Mixed Mini Baubles (24 Pack)

Ribbon & Bead Garland

Northern Lights •


Everything’s £1


Add loads of differen t shaped and styled decoration s without it all clashin g, by stickin g to two or three sim ilarly toned colours, silver, whit e and mint green work really well.

Silver Bows (4 Pack)

Crackers (6 Pack)

Bottle Bags (2 Pack)


more iving even g f o t c a e Make th ding small year by ad special this resents. s to your p decoration ubles or of bells, ba r e st lu c a Add and your ur ribbons o y to s e k snowfla love it. family will friends and Gift Bags (2 Pack)

22 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Luxurious Single Gift Bag

Gift Bags (2 Pack)

Northern Lights •


Amazing Value!


Mitten, Sweater & Hat Garland


Reindeer Mug Red Nosed Reindeer Cushion Reindeer Cushion

Tinsel (2m)

Light-up Glass Domes

You don’t n eed too many deco rations to make yo ur tree look fanta stic - just over load w ith one or two colo urs.

£5 Light up Star (Battery Operated) Wooden Stars (2 Pack)

24 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Mitten, Sweater & Hat Decorations (6 Pack)

Nordic Noel •


Amazing Value!

NOnRoelDIC Merry Christmas Baubles (2 Pack)

Tree Topper

Red & Blue Mini Baubles (24 Pack)

Red Mini Baubles (24 Pack)

Tree Topper

Mixed Baubles (16 Pack)

Mixed Baubles (12 Pack)


Ceramic Reindeer

Snowflake & Tree Wood Decorations (2 Pack)

26 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Reindeer & Tree Wood Decorations (2 Pack)

Nordic Noel •


Everything’s £1


Extra Large Gift Tags

Mini Tree Decorations (12 Pack)

Knitted Stocking & Snowflake Stocking

Bottle Bags (2 Pack)

Luxury Gift Bag

Make prese nts even more special this year b y adding small deco rations to your gifts w hich your family and friends will love.

Card Holders

28 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Nordic Noel •


Everything’s £1 Lightbulb Copper Lights

Copper Lights

Copper Star Lights

Funky Copper Lightbulbs



Silver Bell Lights

Red Bell Lights

Purple Berry Lights

Red Berry Lights

Christmas Tree Lights

Silver Star Lights

White Snowflake Lights

White Wood Star Lights

6 Santa Lights

-USB Lights-

Snowman Lights

Berry Lights


Snowflake Lights

8 30 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Lighting •


Everything’s £1

Heart Tealight Holders (Electro Plated in Bronze, Silver & White)

Shine Like the Stars Decoration

Hanging Decorations

Red Nosed Reindeer Cushion

Merry Christmas Cushion

Ceramic Reindeers (Electro Plated in Silver & Bronze)

Twig Decorations (Red Berry/Pine Cone/White Berry)

32 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Christmas Mugs

Decorative Feathers (Red/Gold/Silver)

Homewares •


Everything’s £1

Ceramic Reindeer Tealight Holder (Electro Plated in White, Bronze & Silver)

Silver Hearts Plaque


Candles (3 Pack)

Wall Plaque Rose Gold Hanging Hearts Decoration

Top Tips

Silver Hanging Hearts Decoration

Large Decorative Baubles

Add a festive feeling to your home with a cushion or 2, big statements for less.

White Rattan Hearts

Dear Santa Cushion

Reindeer Cushion

Stag Cushion

House Tealight Holder (Electro Plated in White, Bronze & Silver)

On trend electro plated ceramic houses, reindeers and candle holders, the perfect finishing touch.

Fox Cushion

Large Decorative Baubles

Natural Rattan Hearts

Light-up Glass Bottles (Battery Operated)

Wooden Trays

34 • Poundland Christmas 2017

White Hearts Plaque


Holly & Berry

Decorative Flowers

Decorative Leaves

Homewares •


Everything’s £1




A Variety of Large Christmas Cards (12 Pack)

Charity Cards



Modern Christmas Cards (15 Pack)

A Large Collection of Single Christmas Cards


ery n for ev donatio ld to our o s Pack partners charity

Supporting Card Holders

Make-A-Wish Charity Registration Nos. (England & Wales) 295672 / (Scotland) SC037479 | Whizz-Kidz registered charity number 802872 | Tommy’s registered number 1060508

36 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Cards •


Amazing Value!


Christmas Apron Wine Glass

Felt Table Runner

Glass Tumblers (2 Pack)

Felt Placement Felt Coasters (4 Pack)

Red Charger Plate

Paper Bucket (2 Pack)

Paper Plates, Bowls, Cups & Napkins (all 20 Pack) Foil Table Decorations


Paper Trays (20 Pack)

well cene. A es s e h t Set mak d table dresse nce. differe all the

38 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Salt & Pepper Set A Selection of Table Napkins (20 Pack)

Party •


Everything’s £1


Luxurious Red Stocking & Santa's Belt Stocking Personalised Stockings 6.


1. 2.

Merry Christmas Stocking



fun to Lots of r with ou be had e v lty n of no selectio d sses an hats, gla selfie kit 5.

Snowflake Stocking


Silver Glitter Stocking

Knitted Stocking

1. Rudolph Glasses • 2. Santa Glasses • 3. Funky Reindeer Glasses • 4. Funky Tree Glasses 5. #Elfie Headband • 6. Luxury Santa Hat • 7. Snowflake Hat • 8. Selfie Kit

40 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Novelty & Stockings •


Amazing Value!

Merry Christmas Signs


Santa's Treat Set

Activity Kits Hand Cream & a Selection of Bath Fizzers

Room Decorations Santa's Milk & Snack Jars

Tinsel Decorations

Santa's Key

Large Hair Bows

Hot Wheels Toy Cars

Solar Wobblers Indoor Snowball Game


Tealight Holders

• Poundland Christmas 2017

Novelty Nail Files (2 Pack)

Kids •


Everything’s £1

Bunting (2 designs)


Santa Table Decoration

Party Bubbles (6 Pack)


6 Crackers (6 Pack)


ty ar P s ' t I ! Time


Paper Cups, Paper Bowls, Paper Napkins & Paper Plates

44 • Poundland Christmas 2017

20 Kids Party •


Everything’s £1

Large Gift Bags

Large Gift Boxes

Extra Large Gift Bags

A Selection of Gift Bags (2 Pack)

Large Sacks Mini Gift Bags (3 Pack)

ly Total l ca Tropi as tm Chris

46 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Childrens' Wrapping Paper Assorted Designs

PIneapple Gift Bag & Matching Gift Wrap

Boxes, Wrap & Bags •


Amazing Value! Table Tennis Game

Money Jar

Santa Mug

Selfie Clip (Assorted Colours)

A Variety of Chocolate Boxes

Fun Christmas Mugs Christmas Mug


Novelty Ties

48 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Scratch World Map Gingerbread Man Bath Bomb

Grown-Up Gifts •


£2 Gold Bauble Lights (10 Pack)


£2 Light up Houses (Battery Operated)


Large Silver Baubles (30 Pack)


Large Red Baubles


Large Red Baubles (30 Pack)




£10 Christmas Tree 6ft

50 • Poundland Christmas 2017

Large Gold Baubles (30 Pack)


Christmas Tree 2ft

Even More Amazing Value! •





Red Bauble Lights (10 Pack)


£5 Bauble Wreaths

Heated Hugs Lavender Characters

2 Giant Crackers (2 Pack)

Large NOEL Letters



Haribo Starmix


Scratch World Map

£2 Twig & Cone Decorations

52 • Poundland Christmas 2017



Giant Gift Box Long Legged Snowman

Even More Amazing Value! •



£2 Silver Bauble Lights (10 Pack)


Silver Mixed Wreath

Red Mixed Wreath




Snowy Wreath

Light up Stars (Battery Operated)


£5 Light Up Tree

£5 Lightbulb Lights (Available in Silver & Gold)



Christmas Candelabra




LED Candles

54 • Poundland Christmas 2017

White/Multi Coloured Lights (50 Pack)

£5 £2

Lightbulb Lights

Berry Wreath

£2 White Berry Wreath

£5 Light Up Wreath

Even More Amazing Value! •


Poundland Christmas 2017 Lookbook  
Poundland Christmas 2017 Lookbook  

Our elves have worked really hard to deliver Santa's challenge this year - we know you will love the quality, the wide range of choice and o...