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oUr adVertisers are sUPPortingyoUr CoMMUnity so PLease sUPPort tHeM |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

are you lonely?

cider without rosie

in the uk alone, loneliness is set to increase to over two million people by 2025/6 which is an increase of 49% in ten years. it’s not always easy to find local groups or friends to go with so the waterlooville events team set up a regular cinema at st george’s church in waterlooville. they show a current film each month that is chosen by the people who attend. it’s run by the local community for the local community. it’s a great place to come along and meet new friends, young

and old. people regularly return and it doesn’t matter if you come with friends or come on your own, and you will get a free tea or coffee and snack, which is kindly donated by asda. this event is purely run by volunteers and the cost is just £5.50. it’s a warm and inviting place to connect with others in the area and they even run a raffle before the film starts so there is an opportunity to win some prizes, including the dvd of the film you are about to watch!

a repair café is coming to havant this spring and is seeking volunteers before it opens its doors for the first time. repair cafés are community places where the public can bring items that need mending and work with a repair volunteer to get them working again. the aim is for the havant repair cafe to run once a month - starting with a central location and then extending out to other locations. the repair café movement began in amsterdam in 2009 and today there are over 2,000 repair cafes worldwide. collectively they saved around 350,000 kilos from going to waste in 2018. if you have customer service or repair skills and would like to offer a few hours a year be part of the repair café havant volunteer team please do get in touch! as well as people with repair skills the repair café relies on other host volunteers to welcome members of the public, match them with a repairer and generally keep everything running smoothly. we are also looking for people who will bake and bring cakes and biscuits and serve drinks while the repair café is running. for further details and volunteer form email: repaircafehavant@gmail.com

Seasonal Jobs in the Garden gardening new music club?

take your seats

Jonathan’s indian



fred goes greens

New locally-compiled Crossword


Station House North Street Havant PO9 1QU Tel: 023 9248 4356 morriscrocker.co.uk

See ‘Your Money’ column for tips to protect your business against fraud

postcode publications Clanfield Village Coffee Morning studio a of the clanfield community centre has never been fuller than on tuesday 4th february when allen parton spoke at the monthly village coffee morning about his life and his adoption by assistance dog endal. the full house audience went through the whole range of emotions as allen talked very openly about the dark periods after his gulf war accident, of the humorous times, the tear jerking passing of endal, through to the setting up of “hounds for heroes” with his wife sandra. as always, the clanfield centre & café staff coped superbly with the rush for beverages and lunches and the day was a great success with £263 being taken by “hounds for heroes” in donations and purchase of merchandising. https://houndsforheroes.com

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alan Mak MP

CHristMas giFt donations report on my work locally and in Westminster

maria from sdas and gill kneller, caroline tickner and kirsty Bate from havant Borough council

for the sixth year Postcode Publications together with havant Borough council staff and councillors donated more than one hundred and thirty presents to the sdas (southern domestic abuse service). the gifts were distributed to local children, who may not otherwise have anything to open at christmas. gill kneller, chief executive at havant Borough council, said: “thanks to the

generosity of staff and councillors here, many children will now have some fantastic gifts to open on christmas day. we are proud to take part in supporting the southern domestic abuse service with donations of christmas presents, giving families the christmas day that they deserve.” gifts were also donated to make up hampers for adults supported by the charity. items donated included toiletry sets, food items, fluffy socks, pyjamas and blankets.


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i am delighted to be back writing my regular column in the postcode publications, following the general election. it was an honour with your support to be re-elected as the member of parliament for havant, with the highest share of the vote in the history of the constituency. thank you to everyone from emsworth, hayling island, langstone, Bedhampton, st faith’s, warblington, denvilles, purbrook, stakes, widley and leigh park who placed their faith in me to continue working hard for our constituency. after knocking on thousands of doors and speaking to residents from the across the constituency, the overwhelming message i received was to get Brexit done. when we returned to parliament in January, i was able to follow through on my pledge to deliver Brexit, supporting the historic eu withdrawal agreement act as it passed the house of commons. that meant our country was finally able to leave the eu, three and a half years after the referendum result. we can now move forward as one united kingdom, taking back control of our laws, borders and money. now Brexit has taken place we have to unite as a country, look to the future with

optimism, and re-focus on our other priorities – including firing-up our economy and investing in our schools, nhs, police and communities. i’m continuing to work hard locally, and i am now looking forward to my next major community event, the Jobs, apprenticeships and careers fair. it is taking place for the fifth consecutive year on Friday 13 March from 10am to 2pm at havant leisure centre – admission is free. this year, for the first time, my fair is being supported by the google digital garage, who will be providing cv writing workshops and other digital training to improve key job-hunting skills. there will be over fifty exhibitors at the fair, and it will be the perfect opportunity for anyone searching for work or looking for a career change. representatives from public, private and voluntary sector employers will be there to offer jobs and advice, from the armed forces to care agencies and retail. local employers and businesses who are interested in exhibiting should contact me by e-mail at: alan.mak.mp@parliament.uk or visit www.alanmak.org.uk/Jobsfair2020 for more information.


are yoU LoneLy? the next three films are: 27th February - Judy 1 hr 58 min (cert 12a), with renée Zellweger capturing the star perfectly and featuring some of her best-known songs. 26th March - downton aBBey 2 hrs 2 mins (cert pg) British period drama with maggie smith, hugh Bonneville and elizabeth mcgovern. 23rd april - the good liar 1 hr 49 mins (cert 15). a game of cat and mouse

…continued from front page

starring Britain's finest actors ian mckellen & helen mirren details of the films to be shown can be found on posters around waterlooville town centre – including outside the church hall, the screen in waterlooville library, our facebook page ‘waterlooville events’ or by emailing waterlooville.events@gmail .com. why not give it a try and meet some new people. it’s every 4th thursday of the month.


CRAFT BEERS - Enjoy real cider cider has been popular in the uk for hundreds of years but up until recently had a poor reputation. this changed in the 2000’s when the irish firm magners launched a big advertising campaign which featured cider being poured over ice. magners cider became very popular especially with young people who preferred the sweeter taste of cider. cider is also a suitable drink for coeliacs who require a gluten free diet. over the last few years flavoured ciders began to appear on the market, especially those produced by swedish firms rekorderlig and kopparberg. it is now possible to buy cider in such flavours as: blackcurrant, peach, strawberry, lemon, coconut, rhubarb and pineapple. flavoured ciders have replaced alcopops as the drink of choice for many young people. pear cider is also popular but this is just apple cider flavoured with pears. perry is the correct name for the drink made solely of fermented pear juice. in the 1980s the craft beer revival began in the uk and has grown steadily, especially over the last 10 years which has seen the number of breweries in the uk double to around 1800. craft cider never disappeared but tended to be found mainly in the apple producing areas of england such as somerset and hereford. in recent years there has been something of a craft cider revival with new cider makers coming along

By david harris, member of the British guild of Beer writers - email: mydogisfinn@gmail.com

and making high quality real ciders that do not require artificial flavours. in the uk we drink around 1.3 billion pints of cider a year; that is about 20 pints per person. we drink six times as much beer in the uk as cider. however we are the world’s biggest cider makers and consumers. half of all cider consumed in the world is made and drunk in the uk. cider is traditionally made from cider apples but now eating and dessert varieties are being used in cider production. you should be able to buy a good selection of craft ciders from larger supermarkets and off licences. i have been trying a few craft ciders and here are my tasting notes. Hogan’s Hip Hop hopped cider 4% abv. hogan’s are based in alcester, warwickshire and have been making cider commercially since 2005. they offer eight types of cider and perry plus a variety of specialist ciders. hip hop pours a very pale gold with an intense fruit aroma. it is very dry, with a sharpish lemony flavour which is created by the addition of hops. hops are

added to beer as a preservative and flavouring agent but some cider makers are now also adding hops to create new flavour profiles. Kentish Pip High diver cider 4.8% abv. this cider maker is based on a farm near canterbury, kent. they offer a range of cider in keg or bottles. high diver is made of cox and Bramley apples. it pours a pale straw colour with a green apple aroma. it is a medium dry slightly sparkling cider. the makers state that this will go well with seafood or cheese. Kent Cider Company yowler cider 5.2% abv. they are also based in canterbury and make a range of ciders including some single variety types such as russet, granny smith and gala.yowler is a dark gold cider which is full of real fruit flavour. Big nose and Beardy great expectations Medium sweet cider 6.2% abv. this firm is named after the founders and are based in framfield, east sussex. their ciders are still and unfiltered. most of their ciders are sold through a cider club where you sign up for a monthly box of six

different ciders.you can also buy the direct from the farm. this is a real farmhouse scrumpy style drink. it has a bitter/sharp taste with plenty of tannin coming through. this is what farmhouse cider used to taste like. definitely not for wimps. Hawkes Urban orchard cider 4.5% abv. hawkes are based in se london where they press apples sourced from farms. they are the first cider maker in london and join the huge numbers of craft brewers who are based in the capital. they also have a tap room that is open from wednesday – sunday and serves pizza along with a range of ciders. urban orchard is a medium dry, sparkling cider made with Braeburn, Bramley, gala and pink lady apples. Perry’s Bottle conditioned cider 6.5% abv. perry’s are based at ilminster, somerset which is a traditional cider making area. they began making cider back in 1920. the farm is open to the public where you can visit their farm shop, café and rural museum. they make four core ciders plus four single variety ciders. i found this a very well balanced cider which had a real authentic taste. it had some tannin but was very accessible.


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postcode publications

tremor awareness Month

Two years in - and £66,000 better off!

86 local good causes have signed up to the lottery since April 2018, raising over £66,000 for community projects. Take part in the lottery’s second birthday celebrations - sign up now and support your local community for a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot!

march is national tremor awareness month, organised by the national tremor foundation. if you have never heard of essential tremor, here are a few notes about the condition. What is essential tremor? essential tremor, known as et for short, is one of the most common disorders of the human nervous system affecting movement. people with et show a rhythmic trembling of their hands, head legs, body or voice. Who is affected by et? at least 5% of all cases are in childhood, but all ages can be affected and it is more commonly noticed in older individuals. How common is it? et affects over 1 million people in uk which is about 1½ percent of the population, or one in every 65. Where does it come from? it is estimated that 60% of all cases are inherited, with one or both parents or grandparents having suffered. the shaking can be in different places within the same family. is it the same as Parkinsons? the tremors are often confused with parkinsons, but are easily distinguished by your doctor. is Parkinsons more frequent? et is estimated to be

8-10 times more common than parkinsons. does it get worse? et is a progressive disorder, so as sufferers get older the symptoms will become more evident and troublesome. for example, shaking a cup when you try to drink from it causes spillage. shaking the cutlery when you are eating makes a loud clattering on the plate, handwriting is distorted, and so on. How do we recognise et? for a proper diagnosis , a visit to a gp is advised, and in view of the possible heredity nature it will be useful to be able to say if any close relatives also have, or had the symptoms. is it aggravated by stress? in the short term, stress and anxiety can worsen the condition. is it treatable? treatments depend on accurate diagnosis as to the cause of the tremor, and your gp will decide which is likely to be the best for you. at the moment there is no absolute 'cure' for et but research is continuing, but the part of the brain 'responsible' for the tremors has been identified and certain medications which alleviate the problem have been developed.


Physio-logical celebrate

we are proud to have improved the lives of 5,000 people. ruth Johnson, from widley said «i came to physio-logical for reassurance about a back injury.they were professional, welcoming and got to nub of my problem straight away.they offered good solutions for my back pain. i would highly recommend physio-logical if you want some treatment or reassurance about an injury you have».thank you to all our past, current and future clients for allowing us to be part of your journey, trusting us with your care and recommending us to friends and family.


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ParK star UP at oXFord UniVersity in the autumn of last year, Jake reeve, a student from park community school, became the school’s first student in recent years, and maybe ever, to go to oxford university. after school Jake went to havant & south downs college (hsdc) to study a levels. Jake’s ambition throughout his time at park was to go to oxford university. the school ran university visits and experiences to help students see university life, including days at oxford university. Jake’s mentor at school was mr may, an re teacher who had studied at oxford university for his degree. in his a levels, Jake achieved a* grades in psychology and maths and a grades in biology and his extended project. he is, “over the moon” that he has achieved his goal of getting into oxford university on the back of these results, as you can imagine.

Jake, is a two-time havant rotary club lamont cup winner and at hsdc Jake received awards for humanities & social sciences and the member of parliament distinguished achievement award. Jake recognises many people helped and inspired him in his success so far. Jake said the three who had the greatest impact were: ”christopher may (my mentor at park) for setting me on this path with gcse psychology and encouraging the high achievers to aim for oxford; hugh smith (my tutor at hsdc) for the many cups of tea and for supporting me even when i didn’t feeling like doing things by the book; and, my close friends who were both fantastic revision partners, and very adamant at making sure i didn’t work myself into the ground”. through the student employment programme at park, Jake was able to have paid work which suited his college hours

from chris anders

and need to study. Jake began working while at school and continued after he left as part of the community reception team. Jake could often be found working hard in the evenings in the school staff’s work room when he was waiting for his shift to start. Jake pays tribute to susan parish and flo fearon for the flexibility with shifts when a-levels had to come first and also to, “the many teachers who would stop to have chat with me while i was studying in the staffroom”. the african proverb that it takes a village to raise a child is made real in this wonderful example, so many people each having an influence and being able to encourage and inspire. at park community school we are really proud of Jake and the result of his hard work, a loving family and so many local people who can share in the celebration of this young person’s achievement.


Why not take up a unique opportunity to have your name in lights? the Hayling island station theatre has 144 seats and we need to replace them. we are seeking funding from hayling council but also have to raise money ourselves. so we are giving you a one-off chance to dedicate a seat at station theatre in a row of your choice (subject to availability) with your

special or personal message. you can “name a seat” for a minimum donation of £50.00 that lasts for ten years. your special or personal message of 65 characters max (including spaces) will be engraved onto a plaque which will be affixed to a seat in a row of your choice, thus making it a very special part of

the theatre’s history. for businesses, commemorative plaques are available for £250 for ten years. a seat sponsorship form can be obtained from the theatre Box office (023 9246 6363) and online: https://www.stationtheatre.co.uk/sponsor_a_seat.php

Marriotts Furnishers Since 1926


When it’s time to relax

The Home of Beautiful Furniture 91-103 NEW ROAD, PORTSMOUTH PO2 7QP

023 9266 0016

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CARE & COMFORT RANGE Furniture that works with you everyday Riser / Recliner Chairs

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Classic British Upholstery We are in our 94th year of trading from the extensive Portsmouth store showrooms with our own Delivery Team. Whatever your furnishing needs are - Contemporary, Traditional & Modern furniture, from an Occasional Chair to a complete Bedroom arrangement and a broad range of Quality Fitted Carpets and Flooring, our Delivery Team can help you select, supply and install all your furnishing needs.

Fireside Chairs

Marriotts - Your Local Independent Furniture Store - Since 1926 FREE Delivery Service by our own team FREE Setup & Removal of any packaging FREE Expert advice & Planning Service


COME AND MEET US MON - SAT 9am - 5pm marriottsinfo@aol.com www.marriottsfurnishers.co.uk

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Fairtrade Chocolate?

YOUR MONEY year end Personal tax saving tips

By paul underwood, director

pension contributions as this may be withdrawn as we approach the end of the 2019/20 soon. financial year, there is still time to make sure you’ve • the rate of inheritance tax is usually 40% on the organised your finances as efficiently as possible portion of an estate valued at over £325,000. an before the start of the new tax year on 6th april. extra tax-free threshold of £150,000 (known as there are a number of reliefs and allowances the residence nil rate band) is available in certain that are available and can help you to reduce your conditions. make sure you are taking advantage tax bill. here are a few to consider: of tax exemptions (£3,000 for gifts out of • are you or your partner using all of your income). personal allowance of £12,500? if not, you can • the capital gains annual allowance for 2019/20 is transfer £1,250 of your unutilised personal £12,000. gains from the sale of residential allowance to your partner if you do not pay properties, which are not your main residence, income tax, and neither of you is a higher rate are taxed at rates of 18% (basic-rate band) and taxpayer. 28% (higher or additional rate band). can you • this year’s isa allowance is £20,000. with no put an asset in joint names before selling to rollover from one tax year to the next you utilise your partner’s annual allowance? will need to use it before 5 april. growth, • hmrc looks at several elements to see if you income and withdrawals are not liable for qualify for tax credits before adding them up to income or capital gains tax, but the value of an calculate your maximum entitlements.you may isa is part of your estate for inheritance tax be eligible to claim for tax credits or the purposes. universal credit as they can be payable to people • the annual allowance for pension with what may seem to be fairly high incomes. contributions is currently £40,000 for those we have details of these and many more tax with income of below £150,000. it is possible to carry forward any unused allowances from saving ideas in our 2019-20 guide which you can download from our website at the previous three years. also, you could consider making the most of 20% tax relief on www.morriscrocker.co.uk/taxplanning

does your chocolate bar come at a fair price? can we improve the lives of the farmers who grown the cocoa? that’s the challenge for fairtrade fortnight which runs from monday 24 february - sunday 8 march. sue James from the local fairtrade group says: “this year we are campaigning for a living income for cocoa farmers in west africa and sharing the stories of west african farmers who supply about 60% of our cocoa but live on an average of 75p a day. this is way below what they need as even the extreme poverty line is £1.40 a day. we’re particularly concerned about women because they do most of the work and are particularly exploited. “we know the uk public do not want poverty and exploitation to be part of the price of their chocolate bars. shoppers are asking more questions about where their products come from, and how the people involved were treated and paid”. Buying goods with the fairtrade mark means that the producers get more than the current world market price plus a premium to spend in their own community on schools, wells or clinics – whatever they decide. But fairtrade is about a lot more than price. producers have to keep to high standards for health and safety and protecting the environment and it’s important that women are involved at all levels. child labour is definitely out. a big problem now is our changing climate which can be disastrous for farmers, especially if they are only growing one product. fairtrade organisations are helping farmers to cope with climate change by experimenting with more resistant crops and diversifying into new areas. everyone can help. don’t forget the power you have as consumers - just choose fairtrade every time and let shops know the changes you’d like to see. and help celebrate fairtrade fortnight. it’s easy to organise a tea party or coffee morning or a chocolate tasting, using fairtrade products and you can get posters from the fairtrade foundation or download some short films from their website http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/ you could also contact one of the local groups (portsmouth, havant, fareham and gosport) for ideas and help.you can find links to them all on http://www.campaign.exchange/campaigns/support-fairtrade/


Come along and join Terry, Melody and the team, and enjoy a fantastic dining experience. We start with our delicious breakfast menu from 09:30 – 11:30, the restaurant opens at 12 noon daily. We offer an extensive A la Carte menu along with daily specials.

We also offer: • Lighter Bites for those with smaller appetites • Pit Stop for cyclists • Coffee & Cake only £3.50 • Dog Friendly

• • • •

Tribute Nights Quiz Nights Bottle Bingo Traditional Afternoon Tea



Private functions, weddings birthdays, wakes and meetings Steak Night every Wednesday from 6pm - 2 x Rump Steaks with a bottle of house wine £25

Sunday Roast Deal - 2 x roast dinners only £16 between 5-7pm

Call 01243 371019


Sign up for our monthly newsletter for offers and events: woodiespub@gmail.com

all A la Carte food

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Monday – Friday 12-5pm - Valid 2nd March until 24th April Please bring this voucher with you to redeem the offer Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer


engine and swimmer problems in 2019 for Hayling rnLi Lifeboats

the hayling island rnli lifeboats launched eighty-four times in 2019 and 21% of these were engine problems.although there were only four incidents involving swimmers they were all serious and could have resulted in a loss of life. engine problems were varied and involved both yachts and motor vessels, and one Jet ski. there were overheating problems causing scary clouds of black

smoke, and burst water hoses pumping water into the boat but encouragingly this year only three who ran out of fuel. others had electrical problems and some were close inshore at risk of being driven onto the beaches or sand bars. accidents like these can happen but we hope that all skippers are regularly checking their engines and keeping up thier servicing.

from alan Bartlett

the long hot summer days meant that the sea and beaches were enticing and especially busy and we spent some time looking for lost children along the west wittering shoreline. not all chose wisely in terms of where they decided to swim however and two boys swam in the dangerous currents at the chichester harbour entrance, floundered, but were saved. a young man went for an evening stroll

with friends on the sands off the western end of hayling and found the tide coming in fast along a gully. no problem his friends said and in they strode finding it deeper than expected and the man could not swim. swift action to get to him saved his life. in breaking waves by the inn on the beach a lady became swamped and was unconscious when rescued. fortunately she recovered in hospital. all these incidents needed a bit more thought and the rnli recommends that before swimming you always: • check the weather especially the wind direction and strength. • check the tide times • read the local signs and be aware of local hazards • carry a means of calling for help • know you limitations and learn the rnli ‘float to live code.’ at https://www.respectthewater.com/ we wish all harbour users an enjoyable and safe 2020.


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postcode publications Cyclists' touring Club (CtC) annual Lunch from mike skiffins – portsmouth ct

Havant Hockey Club night of success for havant hockey club at Borough sports awards it was a night of huge success for havant hockey club as they scooped four prizes at the havant Borough sports association awards. the club won in the team of the year, coach of the year,young sportsman of the year and special merit award categories. the men’s 1st Xi were recognised for their efforts in beating expectations in clinching the england hockey conference west league last season, with the side earning a place in the newly formed division 1 south, the second tier of hockey in england. three of the squad were named to the league’s team of the year, including polish international goalkeeper maciej pacanowski who was recognised at the sports awards with a special merit award. meanwhile, harry croft-Baker won the young sportsman of the year after his performances for the 1st Xi earned him a call-up to the england u18s, playing internationals against the other home nations as well the top european countries in the past year. the right wing back made

the sports awards group

his national league debut for havant aged just 16 and has subsequently developed into a consistent starter. “i am really pleased and honoured to have received this award,” he said. “havant have really allowed me to become the best player i possibly can and i hope to keep improving and see where hockey can take me.” Jon keynes was named coach of the year for leading the club’s community coaching programme and has been responsible for introducing hockey to hundreds of young children in the havant. that involves going into schools across the Borough, as well as hosting hockey camps in the school holidays. paul marks, havant’s chair of hockey, said: “Jon’s a fantastic ambassador for the sport of hockey generally and havant hockey club specifically. through his enthusiasm, more and more children are continuing to participate in the sport into their teenage years as part of the club’s junior programme.”


Wednesday to Saturday 10AM - 4.30PM Thursday to Saturday 10AM - 4.30PM Rear of 100 Elm Grove Elm Grove (Behind Hayling Cycles) (Behind Hayling Cycles) Via Palmerston Road Hayling Island Email: craftshack19@gmail.com Hants 9ET 07706PO11 171517 Email: thecraftshack19@gmail.com HUNKYDORY STIX 2 GLITZ CRAFT DEBBIE MOORE TONIC STUDIO

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cycling uk's local branch – portsmouth ctc – hosted its annual prize-giving lunch at Brookfield hotel on 19th January 2020. after the lunch had finished it was time for the prizes to be announced and cups presented to the individual winners by club president Joy forrow. over the years we have gathered many cups and to list them all here would not only take a lot of space but may not interest all our readers. however, there were five separate cups awarded for best attendance at each of our weekly rides (on different days) cups for the greatest distance ridden in various categories etc. however, the one cup that nobody wants to win is the 'wally' trophy. this year it was awarded to the rider who fell into a ditch and had to be rescued. nothing 'wallyish' about that, indeed unfortunate, but on the principle that if he nominated himself, he would be disc'wally'fied, he was wrong! so wilf forrow was awarded wally of the year for nominating himself.

our group is diverse, including male and female, young and old with our oldest rider reaching 90 this year and the 'little titch' young rider award going to sam whitehead aged 10 pictured left with his dad. during the year sam broke five hampshire road club track records, cycled a tour of the isle of wight, and in the summer rode from portsmouth to hull, a distance of 275 miles in seven days, practically 40 miles a day. sam comes from a cycling family, with his father, paul whitehead also receiving cups for his audax rides which exempted him from winning distance cycled (the ccp cup) despite having cycled 12541 miles- so the cup went to phil Beed with 11804 miles. a triumph of record keeping as well as distance cycled. congratulations to all the winners and apologies to the many we haven't mentioned by name. the full list will be published in the club magazine “the pedal”


Waterlooville Bowling Club waterlooville Bowling club in Jubilee park waterlooville, has launched a project to modernise their facilities and encourage more members - including young people. during the autumn the club paid for a new bowling carpet and surrounds to the green. meanwhile funding has been applied for to extend and improve the club house and facilities the club were delighted to learn that they have been successful in their application to hampshire county council recreation and heritage community fund, and £30,000 has been awarded. results of further applications to other bodies are eagerly awaited!! improving the facilities will enable the club to move forward with their plans to start a junior section. for too long people think of bowling as just for retired people

but that is not true and so the club aims to encourage younger people to have a go. successful taster sessions were held with the scouts, guides and Boys Brigade over the autumn and it is hoped to build on this in the following months. Bowling is a sport that health professions recommend as it provides a number of health benefits including: improved fitness; improved co-ordination and skill development; increased confidence and self-esteem; enhanced mental well being and the opportunity to make new friends so combating loneliness. why not give it a go - or if you know any youngsters who would like to try it, contact us at 023 9226 6418 or look on our web page: www.waterloovillebowlingclub


HAMESH HAMESH - the Havant Town Centre Men’s Shed - continues to attract new members.for activity or just companionship Why not come along and meet us?


See our website at www.hamesh.co.uk or just call in to see us in the Merdian Shopping Centre - Elm Lane side covered pavement area - see map on our website at: www.hamesh.co.uk. We’ll be pleased to see you. If you have any used tools, then please let us know and we will arrange to collect them. Email: hamesh@postcodepublications.com


Heart of Hayling Boxing academy Christian Burgess drops in on youngsters

portsmouth football club’s centre half christian Burgess gave up his day off to attend the heart of hayling Boxing academy and stayed with the youngsters at all three of the wednesday evening classes, much to the delight of both young boxers and their parents. having been instructed in the basics of none contact boxing by Jack davies, the youngsters agreed with coach knox white that christian should be awarded an honourary bronze medal.

from wendy l. coates

sessions for teenagers 14 and upwards and adults are held at the mengham park sports centre and fridays at 20:00hrs. to participate in the boxing sessions contact the academy administrator wendy coates on 023 9246 4391 wendylcoates@btinternet.com non-contact boxing has been found to be a great way to reach those youngsters that are looking for a programme of physical activity not covered in other leisure time pursuits.


Cycle Clinic By mike skiffins, portsmouth ctc http://www.portsmouthctc.org.uk

Chain stretch Q someone has told me that i need to replace my bike chain because the old one has stretched. is this true, because i don't see how a chain can stretch, after all it's steel, not rubber. a you are both right ! steel bicycle chains don't stretch in the literal sense, but because they get longer with use it seems as though they have 'stretched'. what actually happens is that the little joins between each link in the chain flex backwards and forwards each time they go round the gear wheels and the big wheel by the pedals (the chain wheel).the chain goes from straight to curved and back again, and sometimes bent the other way, too. this movement, hundreds of times, gradually wears away at the steel pivot pin a tiny bit, and over the length of the chain it adds up to more than 100 times that tiny bit. this still doesn't amount to a great length overall, but our bikes are precision pieces of equipment and we rely on the chain to drop exactly into the slot between each tooth on the gear wheel. if it doesn't fit exactly two things can happen. firstly we start to notice a tiny noise each time the chain and the tooth come together, and the tooth on the gear wheel

the many bends your chain makes with every pedal stroke.

starts to wear away so that both the gear wheel and the chain are now worn. then it becomes harder for the chain to move between gears when you want to change gear, especially when you are riding uphill and the chain is tight. if the teeth on the gear wheels get very worn it is time to replace them. a complete gear block, or cassette is more technical to replace, and of course a set of gears costs more than a chain. the 'chain wheel' also wears if the chain has stretched, and this usually means the whole pedal assembly on both sides of the bike have to be replaced as well. add in the labour costs if it is not something that you feel competent to do yourself and it is certainly wise to replace the chain whenever it is showing signs that it has 'stretched'

southbourne Bowls Club in January southbourne Bowls club held its annual dinner and presentation of trophies evening. the evening commenced with an excellent dinner, followed by a short speech by the guest of honour, gordon leaman, immediate past president of sussex county Bowls and a brief presentation by paul simpson, a member of the club announcing that the fpr group were making a generous donation towards new shirts for the club’s 100th anniversary year. gordon then presented trophies and certificates for the winners and runners up in the previous year of bowls’ competitions,

end of season triples champions richard webb, alex horne, margaret odell with presenter gordon leaman

both outdoor and short mat. dancing to the excellent duo “fretless” concluded an enjoyable evening.


Pars dominate at HVa Mens grand Prix hampshire volleyball association hosted its second men’s competition at Bay house school, gosport. there will be nine teams from all over hampshire and dorset competing over the next few months to become the coveted grand prix series overall winner. six of the nine competing at Bay house saw the competitive debut of two teams – guernsey men, and purbrook park. in addition, there were teams from Bournemouth/poole, gosport based south hants and southampton newcomers guernsey, got off to a great start managing to take a set of last year’s third placed team south hants, but eventually losing 2-1. team of the day were dorset based, pars who managed victory in all four of their matches competition organiser and hva committee spokesperson andy edwards commented "it was great to see so many players with varying ability and experience come to together to enjoy playing

volleyball. to have such a diverse geographical appeal from the surrounding area, attracting teams from as far afield as Bournemouth/poole and guernsey is fantastic and demonstrates how much volleyball in the area has grown in popularity over recent years. the competition nicely bridges the gap between local league and national league standard and provides a great competitive platform for volleyball players in the region” the men’s competition held in January saw purbrook park return alongside south hants, southampton university and portsmouth based iBm blues. for more information on the results and volleyball clubs in your area please visit: www.hampshirevolleyball.org.uk


Walk this way, the nordic way feel the benefits of combining exercise with nature and get that feel-good factor by embarking on a nordic walking adventure. havant Borough council’s ‘get up and go’ and nordic walking uk are working together to provide a unique walking experience for those aged 55 and above in the borough. everyone is encouraged to take part in regular exercise to boost their well-being. nordic walking is an ideal form of exercise as it’s something you can enjoy whatever your fitness levels and it gives you a chance to head out to the great outdoors. By taking part in ‘get up and go’

experience you will learn the four-gear technique of nordic from qualified instructors, and the first taster sessions are free!” nordic walking uses specially designed poles to help you feel lighter on your feet, taking the weight off your knees and joints. the first taster sessions are free to attend, with walking poles provided throughout the course. locations vary across the borough. for more information and how to book, please visit: https://www.getupandgohavant.com/events/ nordic-walking-2/

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postcode publications

Gardening Article from the Hayling Island Horticultural Society

‘PLot to PLate’ - a talk by alan Williams some traditional stories about food and members of the society were treated feasting such as michaelmas (29th to an interesting and informative talk september) where it was believed by alan williams this week. that if you ‘Eat a goose on coming from a keen gardening Michaelmas Day, family, alan started gardening at “want not for money all the an early age and has always year”. enjoyed eating and cooking with alan williams this is certainly worth trying! his own produce. he stressed the he also spoke about apple day and importance of only growing what you wassailing in January. all these events are like to eat and in the quantities you need it. focussed around harvest and plenty and the alongside giving some helpful tips, such idea of promoting productivity and sharing as looking into companion planting to with others. deter pests and disease and attract alan certainly gave some good advice pollinators; this can also improve taste and and provided some tasty red leicester productivity. he spoke about the classic cheese and courgette muffins, Quince Jelly example of sweetcorn, beans and squash, and pumpkin and ginger Jam for the also known as the ‘three sister’s garden’ . audience to sample at the end. many left also planting onions next to carrots inspired to start growing some more deters ‘root fly’ and yarrow, sweet peas produce for themselves. and calendula attract pollinators. planting our next talk is on Wednesday 25th nasturtiums next to brassicas and basil March and is about ‘cookery and preserves’ close to the roots of tomatoes and by margaret williams. it takes place at the cucumbers is also beneficial as they act as united reform church hall, hollow lane, ‘sacrificial crops’ deterring pests. hayling island at 2.30 pm. all are welcome. alan also entertained the audience with

Jobs in the Garden for March and April march heralds the start of spring, a time when the garden comes alive and is filled with the colour of spring bulbs. some care needs to be taken, however, as frosts can still damage new and tender plants. it is also the time for slugs to emerge so make sure you protect your young plants. please note that from spring 2020, slug pellets containing metaldehyde can no longer be used. there are plenty of alternatives so take advice with what methods are best to use. now is the time to start germinating seeds for planting out later in the year. this is cost effective way of producing more plants for your garden and you can share or swop surplus plants with friends. if you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, plants can become established in there, if not a windowsill or conservatory will do just as well. if you do not want to germinate seeds, you can buy plug plants and bring them along yourself. plant any summer bulbs (lilies and dahlias) in march and april, cut back any perennials before the new growth starts to establish itself. if you enjoy growing vegetables, march is the time to improve

the soil with some well1rotted manure, chicken pellets or compost. as mentioned before, take care to make sure you do not plant anything too early. if you like growing herbs, these can be started off this month but are best not planted out till may. march is the month, however, to plant out your garlic and you can also plant out early potatoes if you think the weather is suitable. our spring show takes place on saturday 28th March and has moved to a new venue at the hayling college, church road, hayling island. the featured plants are daffodils, so if you have some growing in the garden why not have a go at entering them? you can win a prize with just one beautiful daffodil! there are also classes for pansies, hellebores, and spring flowers – the classes are too numerous to mention here. if you are more adventurous, enter a display in our floral art classes – there is one themed ‘spring surprise’ and does not require planting in oasis. for more information about shows and talks or just gardening advice, visit our website www.hihs.org.uk


earLy sPring LoVe For yoUr LaWn spring: the season of awakening and new life, the blooming of fresh buds and re-emerging beautiful colour. it can be a truly inspiring time that is invigorating to the senses. preparing your garden to spend more time in it with family and friends requires a little effort, but the result can be a gorgeous green space to be proud of. at greenthumb lawn treatment service we know from experience that a big effort in spring pays dividends. it’s now that customers begin to worry about the lawn, as is natural with the onset of spring, so it’s now, more than any other time of the year, that specialist lawn care advice comes in handy. getting aHead - if you didn’t have your lawn aerated and scarified this winter, there might yet be just enough time to fit it in before we really start to hit the warmer, drier months. regardless, now is definitely the time to start thinking about getting all the necessary nutrients into the lawn through the right spring/summer treatment programme. MoWing - the amount of lawn mowing required now winter is over will naturally increase; greenthumb recommends implementing a good, regular mowing programme. dry, sunny days are the best conditions for lawn mowing. it's important that mower blades are kept sharp or replaced when needed to avoid causing damage to the grass plant. also, cutting the grass too short, too soon will weaken it, attracting unwanted weeds and

page: 10

moss. if possible, it is best for a lawn to be cut at least once a week, to a height of about 25mm (1"). a little maintenance in the form of consistent mowing will help train the grass to be stronger over time. KeeP it CLear - another way to help a lawn through spring is to rake up any dead leaves and twigs from the lawn and cut back overhanging shrubs and plants; this is because grass needs as much direct sunlight and air as possible to stay healthy and green. as the ground starts to warm, it's a good time to repair bare patches that can appear over winter. to do so, carefully rake the patch to create a bed, sow the seeds with a little top-soil and don't let them dry out; they will germinate in a few days (temperature permitting). greenthumb can assist in this regard, as we have the best seed and an excellent 100% organic topdressing. treatMent tiMe - at greenthumb we actually tailor our treatments to suit our part of the country and the conditions we find here. treatment programmes should be, and are, designed with the greatest care for lawns: whatever your lawn needs, we tailor our advice to suit the conditions. we have the solutions to transform any piece of grass, whatever the size or condition - into a healthy, fresh and beautiful lawn. finally, remember to enJoy your garden. it is meant to be a pleasure, not a chore. make the effort now and enjoy the months ahead.



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Internet Safety Day @ Warblington School February has seen the school involved in internet safety week and our students have been taking part in different activities linked to E-Safety. The theme of the week has been #FreeToBeMe, this encourages people to ensure that they’re online identify reflects accurately what they’re off-line identity is like. Our students took part in the following activities: Year 7, 8 & 9 had E-Safety lessons around the concept of ‘Online Identity’. Students used what they had learnt to make either an E-Safety comic or a short piece of drama. The whole school had internet safety assemblies led by one of our Senior Leaders. The school’s Digital Leaders (students who aid the IT department and promote E-Safety) supported students from Fairfield Infant School, Bosmere Junior School and Emsworth Primary School with creating various videos about different aspects of E-Safety. Watch our social media space as these videos will be uploaded to the page in the next couple of weeks!

@WarblingtonSchool @WarblingtonSch Keep an eye out for the Digital Leaders’ E-Safety Tip of the Week!

Warblington School, Southleigh Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 2RR www.warblingtonschool.co.uk admin@warblingtonschool.co.uk 02392 475480

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postcode publications stronger, More Flexible, Pain-Free readers my name is natalie march from physio-logical, a chartered physiotherapist in po9. we are excited to announce we are expanding and have a new clinic opening in horndean on 3rd march. we will be based within the new horndean surgery https://www.southeasternhampshireccg.nhs. uk/news/horndeansurgerysettomoveclosert ovillagecentre.htm. therefore, we are looking to expand our team here at physio-logical so if you know any chartered physiotherapists looking for part time work then please pass this article onto them and ask them to email their cv to us at enquiries@physiological.net we welcome informal visits too - https://physio-logical.net/about-thepractice/join-us/ we hope you found our exercises to improve strength and movement if you have lumbar spondylosis (wear and tear or osteoarthritis in the lower back) in our last article useful. in today’s article we will be offering some advice, exercises and stretches which are good for those suffering with hip osteoarthritis (oa hip or wear and tear of your hip joint). most people with this

problem have pain and stiffness in the morning, restricted hip movements, pain on walking, unable to put socks on. here is a testimonial from one of our patients who has hip pain: “very professional. the first physio who actually listened to me. great results and now pain free. would definitely recommend” (mrs. J) hands on physiotherapy treatments including; massage, joint mobilisation, strengthening exercises, balance and stretching exercises is an effective treatment for hip osteoarthritis. acupuncture is also a service we offer which can help ease the pain associated with hip osteoarthritis too. please be aware of your body and take advice from your gp before exercising or send an email to (enquiries@physiological.net) for advice and guidance. all of these exercises should be pain free. Hip Flexion (Lying) • lie on your back • pull one knee to your chest, keeping the other leg straight then repeat on the other side • stop where you feel a stretch, hold for approximately ten seconds and relax. • repeat ten times, twice a day

… tips and exercises from our award winning physio Bridging exercise • start with your back and arms flat on the mat, knees bent and feet planted on the floor. • squeeze your buttocks, push through your heels • slowly raise your hips until your trunk and thighs are aligned. • hold for ten seconds, repeat ten times, twice a day Hip abduction (standing) • lift your leg sideways, keeping your toes pointing forwards. • also keep your body straight and upright • hold onto a chair or work surface for support. • repeat ten times, twice a day if you are suffering from hip pain, have been told you have hip arthritis physiotherapy can help to improve movement, walking, strength and ease pain. please get in contact with us via enquiries@physio-logical.net or 07835 712306 or book online at https://physiological.net/contact-us/ if you want some

help, treatment or advice. we can help ease your niggles and aches to enable you to fulfil a good quality of life. Pilates we are now offering one to one pilates with aniko. almost everyone could benefit from taking part in pilates. the exercises can be adapted for all ages and levels of fitness. if you are over 40 and your body is starting to let you down, you are starting to feel niggles, aches and pains. if you have had an operation and want to improve strength, flexibility and mobility, if you have arthritis and you want to keep your muscles strong to support your joints and delay/reduce the need for a hip or knee replacement. if you want to learn exercises to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls then pilates is for you. it's a great way to ward off or help recovery from many injuries as it really focuses on muscle control, movement and developing strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. We would love you to subscribe for FREE to our channel - https://tinyurl.com/yxaqxcgh Please like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/physio.logical.net, Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/Physio_logical, Follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/physio_logical/ and connect with us on linked in at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/physio-logical


The Weekend Venue

• Main hall (11 metres by 10 metres) • Chairs and tables for 80 people • Accessible toilets and baby-changing facilities • Kitchen with crockery and cutlery • Private garden and parking for 20+ cars

For Availability and Booking contact the Bookings Secretary by email at: stridebookings@hotmail.com www.facebook.com/stridecentre

Daffodil Way, Denvilles, Havant PO9 2FA

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saturday & sunday afternoons available for private hire at competitive rates

Children’s Parties  Wedding Breakfasts  Bar and Bat Mitzvahs  Whatever your venue need… 


Health & Well-being

Health and fitness in 2020 Supporting the body for super powered immunity

Life is for thriving…not just surviving

by Denise Kelly moving out of the dark winter months is such a delight! i love the lighter evenings and the thought of warmer days! But with this prospect some of us will begin to start suffering with allergies. if you know you have hay fever and want to try and nip things in the bud before they begin, the best thing you can do is try and boost your immune system and hydrate with antinflammatory and alkalising foods and liquids! hydration is so simple, but such a fundamental part of any type of allergy. sipping on detox teas such as nettle, dandelion and milk thistle really helps as it supports the liver and helps the body to cleanse. adding lime, fresh mint and cucumber to a pint of water and sipping throughout the day is also highly effective. also adding immune boosting superfoods to your daily regime can make a world of difference. my top 2 are amongst my staple favourites and can always be relied upon as your natural multi-vits and minerals. you can mix them into your morning juice or green smoothie and feel the zing from them within a few days!

1. chlorella – this sexy green superfood packs such a mineral and iron boosting punch that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it! not only does it drench your body in alkalising goodness, it feeds it with essential minerals and vitamins in a way that’s easily digestible. and it is good for the gut too, which will help to further boost your immune system. this superfood adds good protection for you, plus also helps to transport toxins out the body! double whammy!! (take up to two teaspoons daily) 2. Bee pollen – such a wonderful array of amino acids and multi vitamins. this is natures very own vitamin pill, full of enzymes that will spark your immune system into full steam ahead

mode! Bee pollen works at reducing inflammation and helps the body deal with stress, because it’s so full of natural goodness. take with caution if it’s your first time as its very rich in digestive enzymes, if you take too much in the beginning you may get a slight tummy ache. start with quarter of a teaspoon and build up to 3 teaspoons daily over the course of two weeks. long term your body will lap this up and help combat any allergy symptoms before they begin. taking them regularly is key to good health, so start as you mean to go on! have you ever wondered what it would be like to know exactly what’s going on inside your body?

maybe you have had issues that have been going on for a while and are causing you worry or discomfort? health problems are far easier to resolve when you know what you are dealing with, and without guess work, just straight to the issue and supporting the body with exactly what it needs. all you need to do is contact me and i will send your sample kits straight to your house. send it back and within a few days you will have your results! Qest4 surrogate testing now available (long distance sample testing) pet test: £99.00 human test: £140.00 health results and diet plan back to you within five working days. one to one clinical consultation £250.00 (clinics: chichester, petersfield, london). You can obtain these superfoods from most good health shops or from my website. Please Visit: www.denisekelly.co.uk for more information on products and health testing.



Banish those signs of ageing

Look years younger with expert caring help

Before Before

Nasal blood spot

Seborrheic Keratosis

Oxygenating treatment After

Skin healing two weeks post treatment

Before Before

Eye skin tag removal

Skin blemish removal



A younger-looking you is just a step away We’re a friendly, caring team, and we welcome both men and women for treatment at Chapel Medi-Spa. Our Director Samantha Adams is an NHS-registered phlebotomist and

'Sam was fantastic, so professional and knowledgeable. She helped me to create a programme designed specifically for my budget and time frame. I can't believe the results, I feel like I'm on cloud 9!'

qualified to deliver these and other para-medical treatments. Why not call us or come in and talk to her about taking years off your looks?

A medical consultation is required before treatment can begin, and we can arrange this for a time that suits you. Phone: 023 9247 7309 www.chapelmedi-spa.co.uk 80a West Street Havant PO9 1LN

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postcode publications We now have availability for local groups in our many facilities.

Can you help by sponsoring our Summer 2020 Production? We need to raise £2,000.

Due to a lack of funding that schools now receive, Havant Academy are looking for sponsors for our 2020 summer production. The money will support the Creative Arts Department with purchasing a licence, all costume creation, equipment rental and design and creation of the full set needed. All support received will be promoted on our Facebook page which has over We have new availability in some of our outstanding facilities here 1,000 likes and at the Academy! also in the show’s Sports Hall, Theatre, Dance Studio, Masterclass, classrooms, programme. Tennis & Netball courts have times during evenings and Picture shows the cast of weekends. Are you looking for a new space to hold your meetings, events and clubs?

Havant Academy’s 2019 performance of School of Rock

Please contact Louise 07738 838 416 community@havantacademy.co.uk

Havant Academy | enquires@havantacademy.co.uk | Telephone 02393 063 592 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

PROMOTION TO DIRECTOR Belcher Frost has, for over 40 years, advised clients on a range of legal matters. Our ethos is that clients will always be able to speak to someone who is familiar with their matter, personal client service is paramount and our clients can be confident that we have the necessary expertise to manage their work. With significant experience in Private Client and Property work please contact us for an initial discussion.

www.belcherfrost.co.uk 01243 377231 enquiries@belcherfrost.co.uk

Penny Smith, senior partner at Belcher Frost, is delighted to announce that solicitors Karen Livesley and Marie Slavov have been promoted to Director. Penny stated that the promotion of Karen and Marie is a testament to the contribution they have both made to Belcher Frost with their legal expertise and also underpins the business development plans for the practice. With signficant experience in Residential Property work Karen’s ethos is client focused. Moving home is acknowledged to be one of the most stressful things that anyone experiences. There are unknowns at every stage; possible time pressures and juggling to fit everything in to attain the end goal of a new home. With a calm approach and good communication skills, Karen has an excellent empathy with clients during a time that can be difficult and frustrating. Marie originally qualified in France as an Avocat in 2004 and qualified as a UK Solicitor in 2011. With a wide experience of Private Client work, Marie has particular expertise in cross-border successions and crossborder Will planning for UK clients with assets in more than one jurisdiction and assisting non-UK domiciled clients and French speaking clients with their estate in the UK, including applying for a Grant of representation of the foreign Will.

HAYLING ISLAND CLINIC We are pleased to announce that a solicitor will be in situ at Gradys 23 Mengham Road Hayling Island every Thursday between 10.00am and 12 noon. Please pop in to have a chat about anything legal including writing a Will, moving house or planning for the future.

No need to make an appointment! Contact Karen at klivesley@belcherfrost.co.uk

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Contact Marie at mslavov@belcherfrost.co.uk


Fred’s Food

Don’t stop Wining Wines of india

By Jonathan rogers of vin wine merchants emsworth

the Joys of Purple sprouting Broccoli

Jonathan looks at this increasing market

from a commercial point of view the wines of india do not spring to mind very often. we don’t generally think of india having a wine industry at all. the reason for this really is that up to the 1980’s and 90’s, there was no real demand for wine in india. Beer is the favoured beverage along with spirits, but in the last 30 or so years, demand for wine has increased and the industry is slowly growing. india’s history has always included viticulture and is thought to have been introduced by persian traders in 4 Bc. during the portuguese and British colonization’s, it was quickly encouraged, however in the late 19th century phylloxera, a louse that eats the roots of vines spread and this along with religious and public opinion saw a move towards prohibition. when india gained its independence in 1947 the government encouraged the planting of vines for table grapes as opposed to wine making. as india’s economy grew and international interest became apparent, the demand for wine grew and this is the case now in the 21st century. the main wine producing region is state of maharashtra in the district of nashik just east of mumbai. since 2001 this area has been offering financial incentives to encourage wine making and has many new wineries coming into operation. due to certain climatic conditions in india, monsoons, excessive heat, many vineyards are planted at high altitudes to combat these extremities. they often grow the grapes in a pergola style to keep the grapes high off the ground to protect from fungal infections. a dense canopy is encouraged to protect the grapes from sunburn and picking is usually done by hand. the quality of the wines is certainly there to see and its worth seeking them out. i have introduced a few to whet your appetite, and i think we will start to see more and more on our shelves.

try these!

york H Block Chardonnay £18.99 fantastic creamy soft palate with a hint of oak. rich and balanced with a lingering finish.

Fratelli Merlot £19.99 soft red berry fruit characters light tannins and velvety finish.



urple sprouting Broccoli is locally grown and in season from february to april. it is nutritious, full of iron and vitamins, and excellent value. But best of all, it's delicious and deserves to take center stage on the plate, grilled with a poached egg on top. you can eat the whole lot, leaves and purple sprouts, but you may need to trim any larger woody stems before cooking. you can steam, boil, stir fry or roast it and it's ready to eat with a squirt of lemon juice, melted butter and a bit of seasoning. however, it goes extremely well with another seasonal specials: duck eggs. duck eggs are larger than hen eggs and the yolk is proportionally bigger, more orange and richer than the chicken equivalent. this is a

simple, but luxurious way to enjoy both. purple sprouting Broccoli with duck egg and Bacon. serves 2. thinly slice 4 rashers of sandridge streaky bacon into mini-lardons and fry until crispy, then drain on kitchen roll. meanwhile, place 400g of evenly cut purple sprouting broccoli (psB) into a roasting tray and drizzle with olive oil. add a generous pinch of sea salt and roll until lightly covered. then roast in a hot oven (180°c) until the leaves just start to get crispy (about 6 minutes). alternatively you can steam the psB until tender. then add the bacon and put on two plates. poach two duck eggs (3-4 minutes) and place on top of the psB, then season and add shavings of parmesan.

reveilo sangiovese £17.99 earthy character with hints of smoky fruit flavours. medium to full bodies with a great finish.

fancy an evening of wine and cheese tasting? Book yours now with your friends and family. it makes a great start to an unforgettable night out! £15pp

023 9241 3576 support your local independents – shop Local Rowlands Castle, Hants PO9 6DX

Pop into 6 Queen St., Emsworth, Hants PO10 7BL FREE WINE TASTINGS EVERY WEEKEND!

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Park Community School

NEWS Rotary Youth Speaks Competition The Rotary Youth Speaks Competition is a wonderful event where students are able to voice their opinions on current issues and topical events. Seven local schools participated and Park had two teams taking part. Our Year 8 intermediate team debated on the advantages, disadvantages and causes of homelessness. From our senior team (Year 10 Student Harvey): “Josie, Avalisse and I attended the Youth Speaks event as the senior representatives of Park. We all learnt a lot about public speaking and current events. We kicked off the senior competition debating whether or not juveniles should be tried and treated as adults. Our chairman Avalisse started off our debate by explaining what topic we were debating. I continued to inform the audience about specific case studies which supported my view. As the proposer, I gave clear points on why juveniles should be tried and treated as adults. Josie; as the opposer, gave clear views on why juveniles shouldn’t be treated as adults. Avalisse concluded with a question from the audience. Although we did not win, we made lots of new friends and had an incredible time. The winners were The Hayling College, who had a very impressive presentation on A.I. We would like to thank our English teacher, Mr Folkins, for allowing us the opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.”

FREE COMMUNITY FOOD PROJECT everyday! Breakfast: 9.009.30am Lunch: 12.001.00pm everyday during...

February Half Term 17th - 21st Easter Holiday 6th - 17th April


Sunday Roast 23rd Feb 12.00-1.00pm

Park Community School, Middle Park Way, Havant, PO9 4BU www.pcs.hants.sch.uk 023 9248 9800

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much more than just a school

What a Year for our Sports Ambassadors! We have an impressive 180 Sports Ambassadors at Park and we are continuing to deliver high quality PE to local primary schools and provide support with Sports Days and the Young Leader Awards. We have been selected for an award from Havant Borough Council Sports Association for our Sports Ambassadors service to sport and Year 11 student Josh has also been nominated for an award. We are extremely lucky to be selected and we want to thank the Havant Borough Sports Associate for this acknowledgement, it means a great deal to the students. “Your students are wonderful with the younger pupils! They have really enjoyed the day” Leela Mengham Barncroft Primary School

Holocaust Commemoration Event Seven students from Park Community School attended the annual Holocaust Commemoration Event, it was held at Havant Cemetery on Monday 27th January, to mark respect for the victims of the Holocaust. This years service marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the 25th anniversary of the genocide in Bosnia. The event was attended by the Mayor of Havant, local schools and residents. The theme for this year’s memorial is ‘Stand Together’ and Park chose a poem called ‘Darling’ by Amy Leon that was read out at the ceremony by Lily Larcombe and Aimee Cobb. The poem calls on all of us to make positive choices, and to stand up against the kind of collective violence that resulted in the Holocaust.


sheila stakim, of emsworth chiropractic clinic, was recently targeted by a fraudster who scared her into handing over £1,910. the scam was in two parts and was initially set up over two years ago. Back in 2017, sheila answered a telephone call. the caller said he was working with the police to produce a booklet about drugs awareness. the booklet was to be distributed to all the children at Bourne community college. the company was looking for local businesses to help support this venture financially. it sounded like a worthy cause. sheila asked them to send all the information in the post and she would think about. a few weeks later, a copy of the drugs booklet arrived. sheila did not like the way

drugs information was presented and thought the content was not suitable for children. a few days after that, she received a telephone call asking if she received the booklet. she said she had received it, but was not interested. she heard no more. fast forward to January 2020. sheila received a telephone call from a man who said he was an enforcement officer working for a high court enforcement company, and gave her his name. he said he was a certified bailiff. he invited sheila to check him out on the company’s website, which she did. he said he had been employed by the courts to recover a debt of £2,388 and that he was on his way to emsworth chiropractic clinic to collect the debt. there were additional costs for his visit and the total amount to be collected was £3,112.20. he would be there within half an hour. sheila was shocked. she told him she did not owe any money to anyone. he said she had entered into a contract on the phone to pay a monthly subscription of £199 for a year for the drugs booklet. he said the phone calls in 2017 had been recorded. he said if she did not want to proceed, she should have cancelled within

14 days in writing. he said the case had been brought to court and there was enough evidence to judge that there was a debt. the case had been heard in her absence because she had not replied to any correspondence on the matter. sheila kept telling him she had not received any correspondence, but the caller insisted he had evidence that it had been sent. he warned sheila that this would put a black mark on her credit score and that she would have a county court judgement against her if she didn’t pay. By this time, sheila was scared witless never having been in such a situation before. after further discussion, the caller asked sheila if she would like him to contact the solicitor who brought the case to ask if they would come to an immediate settlement, although he couldn’t promise they would. the caller named the solicitors and said he was going to ring them. he rang sheila back a few minutes later and said if she sent the solicitor £1,910 instantly, the debt would be settled. he told sheila she could make a counter claim to the court, on the basis she had not received any documents. this would

our electric fan oven died

our microwave died

our remote Control died

our oven stopped working. it looked as though the element had failed. i took the inside back plate off and revealed the element which had indeed burnt out. i looked for a ‘genuine’ replacement on line and locally, and they were quite expensive at £35. not giving up, i eventually found one on amazon for $4.95, which i bought and received and fitted it the next day. a fairly simple thing to do. great. switch on … all lit up, fan working but not then element. it must be something else i thought but was stumped for any ideas. phoned a local repair service and they asked if i had set the clock? what;s that got to do with it i thought, but set the clock right - it was flashing 00 as it would after a power cut. so i set the clock and all was fine. nothing in the handbook to tell you this useful tip that can save you a lot of money.

working fine then suddenly nothing! nothing obviously wrong but just wouldn’t work. took the outside case off looking for ‘hidden’ fuses inside but they were all fine. no other signs of damage. i called a repair specialist and he wanted £75 just to come out and take a look. however, he said ‘have you recycled it?’ what’s that i asked. take it to the tip? no he said. Just unplug it. leave it for 10mins then plug it in and try switching it on. wow this worked! no such advice in the handbook. i felt like buying him a pint at least but he was just pleased that he had saved me £75 - not half as pleased as i was.

our remote control for the tv stopped working on the ‘standby’ button. all the rest worked fine. a new replacement was available and not too expensive, but that’s not the point, is it? i discovered that the buttons work by having an electrical conducting paint underneath, so when the button is pressed the paint bridges a circuit below. in my case the underneath of the red button had no coating. By sticking a tiny scrap of aluminium foil to the affected button and reassembling it, everything works. remember this next time your remote control fails.


sophisticated scam


this Mama Can! susan mitchell is the owner of ‘this mama can!’ supporting mums in our local community. “as a qualified life coach i offer one to one support and coaching for mums. Being a new mum is a special however sometimes tricky time for reassessing goals and getting the balance in life right and having gone through it myself, i get it!” what’s it all about? susan’s on a mission to spread the word in the local community that it’s ok to reach out, ask for help, get support and find your new direction.


What a Cracker Christmas

our dishwasher died the selector knob just turned round with nothing happening. moulded on the inside of the selector was a half inch long moulded pin which engaged with a disc inside the electric circuit board. replacement parts not available and even a new circuit board if it were available would cost about£125.00 so it looked like a new machine needed for a little bit of plastic. i worked out how it could be fixed and made a little pin out of the end of a knitting needle, drilled a hole in the selector knob, lined it all up and put it all back together, and it worked. not bragging, but it saved me scrapping an otherwise working machine. might be the sort of thing the repair café could help with?

go before a judge. the solicitor would then have to refund the money, because she had not yet had a chance to respond. the caller said he would send all the forms required for the counter claim for sheila to complete. By now, sheila’s head was spinning. in a state of panic, sheila sent the money via internet banking to what she thought was a solicitor. in reality, it was going to the fraudster’s bank account. the fraudster rang back and said the debt was now settled and his job was done. there would be no black mark against her credit rating or ccJ. he apologised for dropping such a bombshell and said there was no need for him to contact her again. sheila suspected she may have been scammed. she discovered the fraudster had been impersonating both the bailiff and the solicitor. sheila informed the police and her bank. she has heard nothing further and has been advised by others that she is unlikely to, as cases like hers are rarely followed up. sheila hopes by telling this story, other people will be less likely to fall for a scam like this. as well as the financial loss, it is extremely frightening and distressing to be on the receiving end.

off to a flying start, some members of a local ladies harmony chorus, spirit-of-thesouth, sang a selection of christmas songs and carols, old and new , at the salvation army citadel, ports. we are always very well received, and it was heart warming to see many familiar faces. on the 9th of december, we spent time at the havant stroke club, where they made us very welcome and joined in with the familiar carols. it was a rewarding sing-out, as some who have difficulty speaking, can still enjoy singing.

this was followed by two private functions at purbrook. we raised £110-04 for the rowans trust fund, singing at the meridian shopping centre, havant. this gave us the opportunity to really raise our voices! after a welcome lunch break at the house of one of our lovely leads, we made our way to the atrium at Qa hospital, cosham, for the last of our christmas sing-outs. we all enjoyed this very much, and raised funds for the hospitals own charity. if you need a rewarding hobby for 2020, why not come and join us? we rehearse every tuesday evening, at havant methodist church, havant, hants, po92hu, from 7-30 until 10pm. call 023 92641997 or 023 9245 1220. if you have an old digital tV that you would like to donate to Warblington school who needs them for a communication project, please call: Hilary Parry on: 023 9247 5480

susan uses expertise and a network of experts such as working with loft24 a health and wellness centre in portsmouth with mum and baby friendly classes, helping everyone achieve better, fitness, nutrition and happiness.for more info go to: www.this-mama-can.com ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

EMSWORTH WALKING CLUB friendly walking group, meets weekly on thursdays (short walks 4-5 miles) and sundays (longer walks 7-8 miles). no joining fee, just come along. some social events. for further information contact: hiltim@btinternet.com or heatheragale@mypostoffice.co.uk

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Just because an item indicates that it is recyclable, that dosen’t mean it is in Havant Borough Havant has problem with Waste. We put too much rubbish in our black bins that can be recycled and too much material in our recycling bins that is not recyclable, or can't be recycled in Hampshire. this results in contamination and additional costs (currently absorbed by hampshire) that might have to be paid by havant. this is a big problem. some simple facts: • more money is spent on waste management in hampshire than on highways maintenance! • havant's recycling rate is 31%, compared to hart district council (@ 41%) (best performing) and gosport (@ 24%) (worst performing). the national target is 50%. • havant's contamination rate (non recyclable in recyclable waste) is expected to be 13% for 2017/2018 against a target of 5%. • the amount of recyclable materials captured in residual waste in havant is 17%. the challenge: to reverse the two figures; recycle more of the correct material and put non-recyclable material into general household waste. if we achieved this, our recycling rate would increase to 44% (the best in hampshire) and significantly reduce the likelihood of incurring costs associated with contamination.

You can recycle . . . Items should be clean, dry and loose in your recycling bin:

Plastic All plastic bottles - empty, crushed as much as possible and lid back on.

Paper/cardboard Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, catalogues, pamphlets, envelopes, other paper products and cardboard packaging can be included. (Please ensure these are all dry).


It’s not enough just to recycle. It’s important to recycle right.

Food and drink cans, aerosols (without a skull and cross bones icon) - such as deodorants, hair sprays, air fresheners and furniture polish.

www.havant.gov.uk/recycling WASTE MANAGEMENT IN HAVANT

You can’t recycle . . . The wrong items in your bin can stop the right things being recycled.

Plastic Bottles containing liquid or otherwise not empty, plastic films, bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, spray and pump dispensers.

Paper/cardboard Pizza boxes, Tetra Paks, shredded paper, gift wrap, plastic-coated (laminated) paper, paper towels, tissues, napkins and wallpaper.


It’s not enough just to recycle. It’s important to recycle right.

Paint tins, partially full food/pet food tins or dirty tins, tin foil, other metal items or metal packaging. No full or partially full aerosols.

www.havant.gov.uk/recycling page: 18

despite what we read in the press, plastic 'food trays' are not one of biggest problems. surprisingly, the three biggest recycling 'contaminants' are textiles, food and 'black bag' waste. seven thousand (7,000) tonnes of textiles are put in recycling bins every year in hampshire.yes, they can be recycled... but not through our recycling bins. havant Borough council has produced a leaflet that will be sent to every household in the borough with the council tax bills for 2020/2021. it is detailed below Bottles/glass and clothes can be recycled; there are many collections points around the borough, but not (currently) from the doorstep by havant Borough council. from 1 apr 2020, hampshire county council will require residents who use household waster recycling centres (hwrcs) to register their vehicles. the move is to ensure that only hampshire households have free access to these sites. registering a vehicle is easy. it can be done online at: https :llwww.hants.gov. uklwasteandrecyclinq/recyclinqcentres/vehicl e-reqistration or by telephoning 0300 555 1389 (residents without internet access).


BREEZE VAN CENTRE CELEBRATES 1 YEAR IN NEW PREMISES WITH PORTSMOUTH FC SIGNING EVENT Fans invited to bring along items for signing by first team players Steve Seddon, Reeco Hacket-Fairchild and Ronan Curtis Free mini football for first 100 children Photo opportunities with the Check-a-Trade Trophy Event includes charity raffle including a signed PFC goalkeeper shirt and Goodwood Tickets, in aid of Portsmouth-based All Call Signs Breeze Van Centre Portsmouth is inviting the community to join them in celebrating a year of trading at its purpose-built site in Dunsbury Park, Havant. On Thursday 20th February, the Breeze team will be joined by Portsmouth FC players Steve Seddon, Reeco HacketFairchild and Ronan Curtis for a signing session from 2.00-4.00pm, with free mini footballs available for the first 100 children. Visitors will also be able to have their photo taken with the Check-A-Trade

trophy, enjoy Volkswagen cupcakes and refreshments, and take a look around a 1967 vintage Volkswagen Beetle that looks just like Bumblebee from Transformers. In addition, there will be a raffle to win a #1 goalkeeper shirt signed by the whole Pompey team and Goodwood tickets, with proceeds going to All Call Signs, an Armed Forces Support Organisation based in Portsmouth. Michael Gunner, brand director at Breeze Van Centres, said: “Our purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities have been well

received by our customers, and we have been delighted with the fantastic reviews and word-of-mouth business we’ve received in our first year. It’s great to be able to mark the occasion with our partners at Portsmouth FC, while supporting the invaluable work All Call Signs are doing for active and exservice personnel nationwide. We look forward to welcoming Pompey fans and the community on the 20th.” For more details on Breeze Van Centre Portsmouth or the signing event, please call 023 9266 5555.

Celebrate our birthday with Steve, Reeco & Ronan At Breeze Van Centre Portsmouth Thursday 20 February, 2–4pm

Portsmouth Football Club meet & greet Charity raffle to win signed Pompey shirt in aid of All Call Signs Have your photo taken with the Check-a-Trade Trophy 100 mini footballs to give away

Breeze Van Centre (Portsmouth) Garwood Road, Dunsbury Park, Havant PO9 4FE

Commercial Vehicles

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Pets oF tHe MontH Berry, Brownie and Toffee Cheesecake

Hulky Bear

hello from your favourite out and about reporter at the cat and rabbit rescue centre, hulky Bear. so 2020 is now well underway and i am happy to finally bring you our rehoming figures from last year. so in 2019 the centre took in 726 cats and kittens, can you believe that’s even more than 2018 when we took in 694. of course you all know i’m very smart but i still find myself wondering why the number of cats we help keeps rising every year. when i spoke to one of my staff who works in the mum and baby unit she told me another interesting figure. in 2018 we had 215 kittens come through the centre, this year it was 266!! this shows that a lot of the increase is from kittens which means that people are still not getting their cats neutered and that makes me very sad. But happily we did rehome 675 cats and kittens last year, although this is just slightly down on 2018 when rehomed 694 but slightly more than 2017 when 651 cats and kittens found homes. now let me tell you about the rabbits and guinea pigs. last year we took in 84 rabbits and rehomed 86 compared to 2018 where we took in 119 rabbits and rehomed 103. we did have a couple of things going on with the rabbits last year which meant we

did have to keep rabbits here longer than usual, this resulted in us not having the space to take in as many. this is probably why we took in and re-homed less rabbits last year. But we did help more guinea pigs than 2018, as we took in 97 and rehomed 98, and in 2018 we took in 84 and rehomed 90 guinea pigs. i hope you find these figures as interesting as i do, i do like my readers to know how things are going at the centre. overall we did see an increase in the amount of animals that needed our help. But i’m just so pleased for the 675 cats, 86 rabbits and 98 guinea pigs that found their forever home last year, i hope they’re all as happy as i am in my home here at the centre. hope to speak to you soon love hulky if you are interested in adopting a cat, kitten, rabbit or guinea pig then please call us here at the centre on 01243 641409 between 9-4pm during the week. ps: we have a viewing day on the 22nd february 2020 12-2pm.view-ing days are non-appointment days so people thinking of adopting a cat can pop along. otherwise we rehome 7 days a week by appoint-ment only.

this month allow us to introduce you to three gorgeous female guinea pigs Berry, Brownie and toffee cheesecake. these little old lady piggies have been with us at the centre since the 17th october because their owner didn’t have space to bring them inside for the winter and was worried about them getting cold outside. they are all 5 years old and looking to find their forever home together as they love each other. they are all really sweet and friendly guinea pigs who enjoy being stroked and they will happily sit on your lap for their cuddles. they also all really love their food and will squeak lots when they see you coming with their vegetables. due to their age there is a couple of health issues with these girls that their new owners will need to be aware of. toffee cheesecake who is the brown one has a clean bill of health and Berry cheesecake who is the ginger and white had a clitoral stone which she had removed and has now recovered well from. Brownie cheesecake who’s black and tan unfortunately has a tumour next to her front leg, which due to her age would be too risky to operate on. this may mean she has a limited life but at the moment she’s happy and it doesn’t

bother her. if there were any problems with her tumour in the future Brownie would be under foster for it which means she can come back to see the vet here at the centre. these three lovely girlies really deserve to find a new family and a loving retirement home together. if you think you may be able to give Berry, Brownie and toffee cheesecake the new home they deserve, please give the centre a call monday to friday 9am-4pm. the cat & raBBit rescue centre holborow lodge, chalder lane, sidlesham, w. sussex po20 7rJ tel: 01243 641409 email: info@crrc.co.uk www.crrc.co.uk also find us on facebook www.facebook.com/catandrabbitrescuecentre



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What’s on mark ringwood-millington 01243 370501 or 07802 500050 6 lumley terrace, lumley road, emsworth, hampshire po10 8aB www.wemsfest.com www.iloveemsworth.co.uk

thursday 5 March - Blazin’ fiddles emsworth Baptist church Friday 6 March - comedy @ the club emsworth sports & social club saturday 21 March - aly Bain & phil cunningham - emsworth Baptist church saturday 28 March (tBC) - doug macleod multiple Blues music award winner - st. James parish hall, emsworth looking ahead, the celts continue with eddi reader celebrating '40 years live' on oct 7, and skerryvore make a welcome return on nov 24. Blues has always been an important part of our programming and we’re delighted to welcome back alvin youngblood hart on Mon 4 May in chidham village hall. tickets for all these shows are selling extremely well, and, with the additional outlet of harbour records (in the square, emsworth), things are looking very positive for early 2020. we must make a mention of the comedy night on Fri 6 Mar. the last one, curated as always by Jeff lane, was simply hilarious, and this one features the excellent Jan Jack, dan kielty, and wil (sic). these nights are 99% heckle-free, 90% inoffensive, and 100% enjoyable, with cheap bar prices at emsworth sports' club. lastly - we ran a very successful project called 'sunfest' in 2019. the aim was to encourage you, and your family/friends to plant seeds which would mature into plants which were 'educational and bee-friendly'. this year we're focusing on garden peas... Best wishes, mark ringwood-millington

neW HaVant sPeaKers CLUB a new speakers club formed to serve both the havant and waterlooville areas. meetings at the wheelwrights arms in havant start at 7:15 pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month guests and potential members are always welcome. the aim of the club is to assist members in improving their communication and leadership skills through speaking. a typical meeting will consist of prepared speeches, impromptu speaking and evaluations. the club has been established by antonia harrison, an experienced member of toastmasters international, to serve the havant and waterlooville area. it joins the family of similar clubs in portsmouth (spinnaker speakers), chichester (arun speakers) and fareham (solent speakers). more information is on the club’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shillingspeakers or via the toastmasters international page, https://www.toastmasters.org the club’s name recognises the achievements of Beatrice shilling who was born in waterlooville and was an exceptional lady who established herself in the world of engineering prior to world war 2 and famously invented a device to be fitted in spitfires to prevent the engines cutting out while manoeuvring. the device was affectionately termed “tilly’s orifice” by members of the raf. the club is part of toastmasters international, a not for profit organisation founded in california in the 1920s and now with a membership in excess of 358,000 in more than 16,800 clubs in 143 countries. the club serves the whole of the havant area including waterlooville and hayling island for more information please contact keith oliver on 07597 500 007 or at: keitholiver56@hotmail.com

HaMBLedon FoLK CLUB the club is held in a small venue which, while part of its charm means space is limited - booking is strongly advised. hambledon folk club offers a friendly and intimate setting enjoyed by artists and

audience alike: many performers comment on the warmth of their reception and a true folk club atmosphere. nowadays the club features local, national and even international guest performers while invariably there is the traditional floor-spot session before the main act for local or visiting performers to each sing a song or play a tune or two.

Wednesday 11th March - north sea gas we are pleased to welcome back to the club scotland's foremost folk entertainers. this hugely enjoyable band combine guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bodhran, banjo, whistles and bouzouki with fine vocals and tremendous three-part harmonies. expect a mixture of traditional and original material along with plenty of humour and story-telling; an evening of great songs and great craic! ‘there’s a tremendous vigour and sense of commitment to north sea gas’ performances.’ (david kidman,living tradition). ‘no airs and graces just fantastic music’… (edinburghguide.com -edin/festival)

‘the band displays an attachment and reverence for their roots from the very start. the music feels genuine, unpretentious and spontaneous.’ (celtic radio - Boston) https://www.northseagas.co.uk

Wednesday 8th april - the wilderness yet this new trio combines the acclaimed talents of rosie hodgson, rowan piggott, and philippe Barnes. rosie, a finalist for the BBc young folk award, has a voice that brings “a ruby-richness to lyrics new and old” (folk radio uk), rowan is a traditional fiddler and a fine singer with a “deep understanding and feel for tradition” (folkwords) and philippe is a virtuosic flautist and magnificent guitarist. independently they are consummate musicians; together they weave a tapestry of traditional and self-penned songs with a charm and familarity that is usually only found in seasoned line-ups. “the wilderness yet combine exceptional individual instrumental and vocal

abilities with a deft collective touch in their arrangements of traditional and original repertoire. not just engaging performers, they’re also folk scene activists and advocates.” (steve hunt, Bodmin folk club) https://www.thewildernessyet.com

Wednesday 13th May - vicki swan and Jonny dyer http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk

Wednesday 10th June - magpie lane http://www.magpielane.co.uk/index.html

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| aLL

gigs: venue: the youth hut (between village hall and vine pub), west street, hambledon po7 4rw start: 8.30pm (doors open

8.00pm). floor spots and guests welcome! entry: £10.00 (£8.00 members, £5.00 under 18s and students). drinks: from vine pub next door (or bring your own). tea/coffee available at the club.

enQuiries and Booking/reservations: phone 023 9263 2719 or email: folkclubhambledon@hotmail.co.uk website: https://www.hambledonfolkclub.com |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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AirACES Monday 23rd March - 18:45 for 19:30 hrs - ‘Battle of Britain – the making of the movie’ presented by mr phil holt. 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of this fabulous film’s premiere. from his first hand research into the making of this masterpiece of film, phil will be explaining the background to its making. using photos, footage, and stories from those who flew for the film, phil tells the

‘behind the scenes story’ of how it was done, from restoration to pyrotechnics, locations to dogfight planning. sandwiched in time between earlier clunky wooden models and today’s cgi, this was the first (and to date only) film to tell the full story of the Battle of Britain. producers Ben fitz and harry saltzman wanted it to be ‘big screen’. the two air forces that were formed to fight it out for the panavision camera’s constituted, when combined, the 35th largest in the world!

Monday 27th april - 18:45 for 19:30 hrs ‘British skydiving’ - presented by Jeff montgomery who is coming from leicester to give air aces a presentation on a different aspect of aviation from the usual air aces talks. Jeff has been skydiving for twenty-two years and is one of the leading lights of the parachuting and skydiving scene. his talk will cover the historical background of parachuting and skydiving and come all the way to the present day situation. Being the current safety and technical director of the British parachute association (Bpa), Jeff will provide an insight into how the Bpa works towards the integration and participation in the sport. he will also explain how the Bpa members

learn to skydive and its safety. one other aspect that Jeff will explain is the relationship between the ‘jump pilots’ and aviation in general. Jeff’s presentation will include some amazing and maybe stimulating videos. airaces is an aviation talk society, providing its members with regular talks, given by experts in many different fields related to the world of aviation. the talks are held at the chichester park hotel, westhampnett road, chichester, 6.45 for 7.30 pm. members £3, visitors £5

What’s on expect some exciting photos and video clips.

spring rides Programme

and under 16s free. no pre-booking. for further information about airaces, please see www.airaces.org.uk, or call david Batcock on 01243 823007


denmead rowans support group

Cowplain Methodist Church

March 15th - sunday lunch - 1.15pm a three course lunch with a glass of wine at the denmead community center - tickets £15 from patricia.bailey333@gmail.com 07947611699 april 18th - spring sale and coffee morning at the all saints church hall hats, craft tables, handbags and acessories. green Box opening at 10 am. all profits to the rowans hospice

the methodist church had moved from horndean and now meets every sunday from 10.30am - 11.30am at the Borrow centre, london road, cowplain, po8 8dB. all most welcome.


Denmead Rowans Support Group March 15th - 1.15pm, sunday lunch at the denmead community centre with the stoney ridge Band playing. wine or fruit juice, roast lunch or vegetarian option, with wonderful desserts. tickets: £15 children half price. contact: trish 07947 611699 or: patricia.bailey333@gmail.com a community support event held in aid of the rowans hospice. purbrook heath road, purbrook, waterlooville, hampshire, po7 5ru t: 023 9225 0001 w: www.rowanshospice.co.uk ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

good train times! Bransbury park trains railway run by the portsmouth model engineering society and operates each sunday and bank holiday Monday from 2-5 pm. weather permitting. we are right by the play park in Bransbury park eastney. this year’s season starts on 29th March and continues until 18th october. we have a facebook page: bransbury park trains.


Waterlooville Probus Club the first proBus clubs were formed in 1957, and the waterlooville club started in 1986. the club was formed to promote friendship among retired professional and Business people. originally the club was for men only, but today we welcome men and women, in fact two of our recent presidents have been women. we also now welcome the semiretired to join us. the club holds a monthly lunchtime meeting, with lunch normally followed by a guest speaker. the talks are on a wide range of subjects, recent talks have included the international space station and the Battle of trafalgar. in addition, the club arranges occasional outings for members, with the rnli at poole and the kennet and avon canal having been visited recently. you will be most welcome to join us, with meetings being held on the second tuesday of the month at the hampshire hog, clanfield. if you are interested in proBus, please contact our secretary peter Quine on 0792 662 0530, by e-mail at piater89@aol.com or visit our website at: probusclub.net/waterlooville

a Community Cycling Club for Waterlooville rides from mike ashton

Purbrook Horticultural society celebrating 80 years sunday March 22nd - annual spring show at the deverell hall, london road, purbrook po7 5Ju doors open at 2pm with awarding of trophies at 4.15pm entry by donation. parking is free. accompanied children welcome. refreshments available. stalls selling home made produce as well as plant sales and a raffle further details available at www.purbrookhorticulturalsociety.org.uk or at trading store situated on london road purbrook adjacent to allotments and open saturday mornings 0930 – 1130 enjoy the colour and scents of spring! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Hampshire and isle of Wight Wildlife trust 18th March - st claire’s meadow nature reserve. Join us to find out about this new wildlife trust reserve in soberton where water voles thrive on the river meon, with birds and insects in abundance. hampshire and isle of wight wildlife trust, south downs group meet every third wednesday at st wilfrids church hall, padnell road, cowplain, po8 8dZ at 7.30pm. free parking. non members welcome. admission £3 donation including refreshments. contact deryn hawkins on 02392 598000 or website: https://www.hiwwt.org.uk

you are invited to participate in our tuesday evening cycle rides. there is no charge for these rides. the ninety minute rides are meant to encourage people back to cycling, introduce them to group cycling and increase enjoyment and safety. easy rides are at a gentle pace. moderate rides are slightly more energetic. routes are limited to about 25kms. we meet at 6-45 pm for a 7-00 pm start outside either sainsbury’s in hambledon rd., waterlooville or tesco at the westbrook centre in park lane, cowplain. all routes are on moderate terrain avoiding steep inclines. except for short unavoidable sections, busy roads are avoided. some routes include good standard sections of off-road cycle routes. there is no restriction on the type of bike but it must be safe to ride on the road. 7th april - easy ride to havant from the westbrook centre 5th May - easy ride to Blendworth and finchdean from the westbrook centre 19th May - moderate ride prinstead / emsworth from the westbrook centre 9th June - easy ride to stanstead / finchdean from the westbrook centre 23rd June - moderate ride to fort nelson from sainsburys children under 16 are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or authorised adult - 16-18 year olds need written authority from a parent. cycling uk provides leaders insurance for a rider’s first three rides as long as the registration form is competed.to continue permanent insurance cover is required. for details see: https://www.portsmouthctc.org.uk/wccc/ if you are interested in joining a ride or have questions please contact: mike@portsmouthctc.org.uk ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


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What’s on

their ups and downs; the optimism of youth becomes the wisdom of experience.the show’s surreal approach elevates the situation to a whole new level. Love is a leap of faith - Bob dury presents:viva neil diamond sat 21st Mar 7:30pm, tickets £16 West Town, Hayling Island whilst performing in las vegas four years ago Bob drury was described "one of the world's finest vocal tributes to neil diamond" and he's now back touring the by Abi Morgan uk with his new show celebrating the legendary neil diamond and his incredible Two couples, the same couple as back catalogue of songs. Bob drury's oneyoung and old, explore the ups and downs of their life together. man show is an absolute 'must-see' for any diamond fans. prepare to be blown away by th th Weds 11 to Sat 14 March his vocal likeness which has been delighting audiences around the world. this year's show includes all the favourites such as cracklin' rosie, america, love on the rocks, play me, hello again, forever in Blue Jeans, Beautiful noise, i'm a Believer, red red celebrating 50 years of hits! wine and of course sweet caroline and a 21st March 7:30pm £16 few lesser known songs that are sure to become your favourites by the end of the evening. a fantastic evening guaranteed! "an uncanny resemblance to neil diamond's 28th MARCH, 7:30pm voice. that sent tingles down my spine Bob!" debbie mcgee, BBc radio Berkshire. the timeless singers Present: timeless singers sat 28th Mar 7:30pm, £15 - Join Tickets Online: stationtheatre.co.uk lindsey, chloe and lauren for an evening Box Office: 023 9246 6363 that will transport you from the (10am to Noon, Wed to Sat or Answerphone) glamorous 40s, through the fabulous 50s and finally into the sparkling 60s. Hiads presents Lovesong 'timeless singers' promises to get you Wed 11th Mar to sat 14th Mar 7:30pm, £10 by arrangement with samuel french singing and clapping along from start to finish. expect exquisite harmonies, ltd, lovesong by abi morgan, directed by glittering outfits and plenty of audience scott hawley interaction! Join timeless on their uk “lovesong” intertwines a couple in their 20s with the same man and woman a lifetime later.their tour at the historic station theatre on hayling island. this will be a night to past and present selves collide in this haunting and beautiful tale of togetherness.all relationships have remember, so don't miss out!

imagine what it would be like to not see or speak to anyone for days or even weeks. it’s a frightening situation to contemplate but it is the reality for many local older people. loneliness and isolation is a growing, often hidden problem which can lead to severe mental and physical deterioration, increased gp and hospital visits and even suicide. portsmouth and havant live at home is a charity that enables people to live later life well, be more active, socially engaged and happier by providing activities in the community. people can choose from: weekly activities e.g., singing for fun, steady & strong exercise classes and dementia friendly singing groups, monthly outings, an annual holiday, christmas party, newsletters and birthday and christmas cards. We currently have a number of activity groups running in Havant, Waterlooville and emsworth: Wednesdays singing for fun - 11.15 to 12.45 at the waterlooville community centre (asda car park) Wednesdays - steady & strong exercise - 2.15 to 3.45 at the waterlooville Baptist church (london road) thursdays - steady & strong exercise 10.30 to 12.00 at the Beacon church (meridian centre havant) dementia friendly singing: every 2nd Friday of month 10.30am-12.00 st James church parish hall every 4th Friday of month 10.30am12.00 dementia friendly singing at the urc church, havant. please call or email us for more information: tel: 023 9247 1313 e:havant.liveathome@mha.org





The Station Theatre


Havant symphony orchestra’s Family Concerts sunday 8 March - 2.30pm at oaklands school, waterlooville - featuring magic, mystery and the story of a certain bear from darkest peru. written to complement the television animation series shown in the1970s, paddington Bear's first concert by herbert chappell is the perfect way to introduce children to a live classical music concert. the orchestra will also entertain and thrill with short excerpts from tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite, Bizet’s opera carmen, and elgar’s enigma variations along with music from the film

scores of harry potter and star wars. Bears must be accompanied by a child, and participation will be expected! saturday 21 March - starting at 7.30pm at oaklands school, waterlooville - czech and norwegian folklore will mingle with 20th century British compositions. starting the concert with John ireland's 1936 'a london overture' havant symphony orchestra will follow with 'the noon witch' by dvorak and grieg's 'peer gynt suite' including the dramatic "hall of the mountain king." Joining the hso will be talented 20 year

old charlie lovellJones (right) to perform elgar's violin concerto in B minor. currently studying music at christ church, oxford, charlie travelled to Japan in 2019 to compete in the prestigious sendai international music competition. three years earlier charlie was a string finalist in the 2016 BBc young musician of the year. he is most definitely a soloist not to be missed. further details about the concerts and tickets can be found at: ww.havantorchestras.org.uk


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- Smartphone repairs - Computer and printer repairs - I.T. solutions for business

01730 233 350 | hello@syn-star.co.uk | syn-star.co.uk

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Hayling island Camera Club

allan ryszka-onions - egret stuart gay - confrontation |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


FREE HOME DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £15.00 023 9249 9532 - 023 9249 9534 10% DISCOUNT ON ON-LINE ORDERS OVER £15.00 www.shaplahavant.co.uk Free Onion Baji or side dish on collection orders over £15.00 Longest established Indian Takeaway in Havant


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War office instructions for operation dynamo the dunkirk evacuation the army’s movement control were responsible for implementing orders from the war office for the evacuation of service personnel from the beaches of dunkirk. A retired officer provided these declassified order extracts for the interest of readers. MoVeMent ControL, War oFFiCe, WHiteHaLL, s.W. 1 Most seCret dynaMo MoVeMent instrUCtion no. 1 emergency evacuation across the channel of very large forces (plan dynamo) important note: this plan provides for the worst possible contingency. the utmost discretion will be used by addressees in communicating any part of this plan to any other person. sea Movement 1. an orderly withdrawal may be impossible and we must be prepared for chaotic movement of large and small parties to the coast between calais and Zeebrugge. it may be impossible for ships to enter any of the ports and every sort of small craft may have to be used. ministry of shipping in consultation with v. a. dover (assumed to mean vessel arrivals) expediting the collection of small craft. intermittent evacuation has already begun. 2. for the final evacuation we cannot expect information as to the numbers to be picked up at any time at any point and the only practicable scheme appears to be to group small craft at various points along the coast, each group perhaps working to one or more ships. 3. the date on which ships and small craft should be placed in position for final evacuation will depend on information from g.h.Q. but 24 hours’ notice is expected. Movement in the U.K. 4. point of disembarkation east Kent group - dover, folkestone, ramsgate and margate sussex group - hastings (two piers) eastbourne - newhaven Brighton - (palace pier) points west of Brighton or in the thames will be used only in an emergency. for this plan first letters will serve as the code letter of the port, e.g. r for ramsgate. 5. so far as possible personnel will be railed at once to reception areas so as to clear the ports and eastern command: but reserves of road transport will be held available. 6. reception areas - emergency accommodation by doubling up in

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existing barracks or billets are available as follows: aldershot command 60,000 southern " 150,000 western " 80,000 northern " 40,000 Movement organisation 7. control of sea movement rests with v.a. dover. military liaison officer with v.a. dover notifies incoming ships to: a. southern railway control, dover b. local movement control at disembarkation point (landing control). landing control will count numbers disembarked, noting units and casualties, but entrainment must not be delayed on this account. landing control will report departure time, approximate numbers and any useful information to redhill control by railway telephone. trains will be conspicuously marked by the railway authorities with the code letter and consecutive number, e.g. r3 will be the third special from ramsgate. redhill control (with military and railway representatives) is the regulating point for onward movement and all trains will be routed via redhill in the absence of other instructions. subsidiary regulating points will be established at salisbury, reading and Banbury to control distribution of trains to final destination. in addition to above movement control points a military liaison staff (transportation) will be attached to h.Q. southern railway, deepdene, to provide for military assistance to the railways in the event of air interference. 8. Empty stock empty stock movement will be controlled by southern railway. the principal stabling areas would be ashford for east kent and three Bridges for sussex (seepara 4 above trains will be-made up to carry 500 personnel. corridor stock is desirable but may not be available. 9. Medical medical reception stations will be organised under instructions issued by the war office at each point of disembarkation. a few motor ambulances should be available at each point, in addition to a reserve pool for clearing lying cases to hospital. walking wounded will be made as comfortable as possible in the trains. 10. fooding arrangements trains will be stopped 15 minutes at one or other of the following stations where hot tea and a train ration will be issued to the troops under war office arrangements. a medical officer and staff will be in attendance at each station to

deal with casualties who cannot go on. for trains from east kent points headcom, paddock wood or faversham. for trains from sussex points - horley or chichester. it is hoped that up to one hour's warning may be given to those refreshment stations but they must be organised to cater for trains arriving without warning. further refreshment halts may be necessary at salisbury, swindon Junction, leicester, and Birmingham. 11. road transport reserves of road transport will be held at dover and ramsgate for the east kent group of landing points. 12. subsequent redistribution the reception areas tide over the immediate accommodation problem but within a few days personnel will be sorted out and railed under command arrangements to areas where units will reform. 13. despatches from landing points and arrival at aldershot, salisbury and reading will be reported to redhill control quoting the code number of the train: but one channel (railway or military) should suffice. n.B. in lieu of d and f for dover and folkestone,v and w (their proper code letter) will be used by southern railway. 14. stragglers finding their way to london by public service will be despatched to aldershot. empty stock trains 15. southern railway will hold at least two empty trains at disposal of each landing control as soon as full train is despatched an empty train will be worked forward to replace it by the southern railway. entrainment 16. to minimize subsequent resorting the attempt is worth making to keep units together when time and the condition of the men permit. similarly r.a.,

r.e., r.a.s.c., r.a.o.c., etc., details should be grouped together when possible. 17. landing controls should aim at full train loads of 500 men, but must exercise their discretion in regard to despatching less than train loads when no other ship is expected shortly. general instructions redhill control will issue whatever instructions experience shows necessary: but on questions of policy and general organization, m.c. war office will be consulted. the successful execution of the move depends however mainly on the initiative and tact of local landing controls. these must liaise closely not only with stationmasters but also with local os.c. troops. they are entitled to expect assistance from the latter in regard to administration, guides, p.a.d., contact with local welfare organizations etc. it must also be understood that many men will arrive in a state of complete exhaustion and apart from the organized refreshment halts every effort should be made to restore morale by kindness and firmness. the assistance of the police will be sought to assembling.


dunkirk operation dynamo “the Miracle of the Little ships” dunkirk on the northern french coast line is well known to travellers crossing the english channel, but its name is honoured within British history for a very different reason. in may 1940 the British and allied forces (Bef) found themselves on the back foot marooned within the port of dunkirk. as the surrounding allied defences collapsed and key targets resembling paris and the channel ports including Boulogne and calais were captured by the advancing german army, the Bef held onto the port of dunkirk with the up most strength of mind. churchill having learnt this information had to come up with an evacuation plan. a room below the dover castle had been provided for British vice admiral Bertram ramsay to plan and deliver his brief to the prime minister. this room contained the dynamo which provided the power to the castle, giving the operation its name. the preparations began immediately. initially naval ships were only to be utilised but the request expanded to civilian agencies to see if they could provide vessels capable of carrying around a thousand men. ramsay needed to go even further; so, on the 14th may the BBc announced that the admiralty had issued an order to the general public requesting owners of selfpropelled pleasure craft, to submit particulars to the admiralty within fourteen days for requisition. By this time the naval fleet which consisted of destroyers, corvettes, minesweepers and naval trawlers were being prepared to provide escort to the smaller vessels on departure if needed. preparations continued and, on the 24th may churchill, had learnt that the advancing panzer divisions of the german army had stopped some five kilometres away from dunkirk. some reports say that advancing german force needed to be reconsolidated before the final push on dunkirk. other reports declared that the force needed to re supply before moving off southward to crush the remaining french forces, leaving the annihilation of the Bef in the hands of the german luftwaffe. other reports state that the ground within dunkirk was unsuitable for armour, even though Boulogne was captured the following day. it could have been one or a mixture of these things, the truth is, no one really knows, but this was the perfect break that the Bef needed.

on the same day that Boulogne fell the commander of the Bef, general lord gort gave the order for all remaining ground troops to evacuate and withdraw to dunkirk having learnt of the evacuation plan. By the 26th may calais became encapsulated and finally fell on the same day, but still dunkirk remained relatively unscathed. mean while, across the channel on the same day fifteen passenger ferries were assembled and in place at dover and a further twenty ferries were ready and waiting in southampton. in addition, a number of Belgian barges and around forty dutch selfpropelled barges were offered up to the British government. the following day, the small craft section (scs) of the ministry of shipping began contacting various boat builders and agents around the coast. they were requesting that these agents were to collect all suitable small craft with shallow drafts for use in the operation. these vessels were vital to the operation because the larger ships could not possibly penetrate the beaches to evacuate the men. particular attention was made to pleasure boats, private yachts and launches on the thames and along the south and east coasts. some of the vessels used through out the operation came as far as the isle of man and the west country. in many cases the boat owners could not be reached so the boats were taken anyway. in one instance over a hundred small vessels were assembled and taken to the ferry road yard of tough Bros. these vessels were then stripped and belonging stored. the boats were then checked over by toughs and towed down the river to sheerness. at this point they were refuelled and taken to ramsgate where royal navy officers and experienced volunteers were boarded and directed to dunkirk. these hundred small vessels would eventually be part of seven-hundred strong “little ship” force. stories of pleasure craft owners jumping into their boats and rushing off to dunkirk at a drop of a hat are a myth; the whole “little ship” operation was carefully planned and well executed with most vessels including other larger ships being recorded before being sent off to negotiate the english channel. By the 27th may the operation commenced and now the panzer divisions advanced on dunkirk. now the entire

By cpl Bingham with thanks to the movement control association

British naval fleet made up fishing boats, fire ships, paddle steamers, private yachts, Belgium/dutch barges and every available royal navy ship had to move swiftly, time was against them. on the same day the raf were despatched in heavy numbers to defend the shores of dunkirk against the luftwaffe and to provide escort to the allied vessels below. on this first day over 7,600 men were picked up from the coastal shores of dunkirk, not as many as most had expected but the following day proved to be more successful with an extra ten destroyers joining the operation. the landings at first proved to be difficult as shallow waters prevented the larger craft getting within one mile of the shore. the port was clearly impossible to use as it was completely ablaze so the fleet had to move further east as smaller craft ferried to and from the beaches with the evacuees. other havens did present themselves as loading platforms and loading speeds differed. from certain limited platforms it took only thirtyfive minutes to load five hundred men onto destroyers but in other circumstances two hours to load a hundred troops from the beach. By now the British fleet with help

from the “little ships” had taken more than 25,000 men back to Blighty. the 29th may over saw the despatch of additional small craft from ramsgate and by the end of that day a further 47,500 men were successfully evacuated. over the next three days a further 186,000 troops were safely back on British soil. Between the 2nd and the 4th of June an additional thirteen passenger ships, fourteen minesweepers and eleven destroyers had joined the evacuation fleet to boost evacuee figures. the operation ground to a halt two days after, with dunkirk finally falling into the hands of the german army. in summary: thirty-nine destroyers; thirty-six minesweepers; seventy-seven trawlers; twenty-six yachts and around seven-hundred small craft brought back 339,000 european troops back to the uk. forty-two destroyers and other larger civilian vessels succeeded in removing eighty per cent of the force from dunkirk with the assistance from the “little ships”. with out the miracle of these smaller vessels ferrying troops from the beaches to the larger vessels, the operation would not have been as successful.



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4 9 8 6 5 2 7 1 3 5 4 9 3 2 6 8 7 1 2 8 5 9 3 4 1 6 7

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33 Creek Road, Hayling Island, PO11 9QZ



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soUtHBoUrne sUrgery UPdate our patient survey feedback was extremely positive. however, there did seem to be a group of patients who are still unaware of our extended access hub service. we are addressing this by repeating the advertising we did initially in hope that we can help those patients who missed the information first time round. southbourne surgery has joined forces with a group of 7 other practices in the chichester area – chichester alliance of medical practices (champ), to offer more appointments working collaboratively as part of an extended access hub. the appointments are run from the different local surgeries and are for urgent and routine ailments, but not ailments for which you are already being treated.you will book the hub appointments through your normal surgery i.e. you may be offered an appointment at one of the hubs at a neighbouring gp practice locally. the team

will have access to your medical records with your consent, and any care they provide will be added to your notes so your own gp practice can continue any ongoing care. we are always looking to recruit more members into our patient participation group. it is important for us to reflect a diverse representation. this enables us to see how we are doing from a patient point of view and what we can improve upon. we urge you to think about representation (we would love to have representation from any young parents/carers) and make contact with us if you would be interested. please email claire.mccann1@nhs.net for further information. finally, we have taken on more staff to accommodate the growing local population therefore if you are interested in registering with us; we are still taking new patients. thank you.

Villagers record recycling westbourne villagers brought a record 315 christmas trees to their annual tree recycling event on sunday 5 January. at the free event, held by local environmental group greening westbourne, trees are turned into chippings which are then used as mulch and compost. last year’s event, itself a record, saw 203 trees recycled. John millard, a spokesperson for the group, said: “it was amazing to have so many people support what has become an annual village occasion. with mulled wine and nibbles, it’s a great way to end the festive season. it was brilliant to see so many people carrying or dragging their trees down to the village square, avoiding car use and making the event even greener. “Big thanks to our chipping team, wade fazackarley and alfie reed of michael reed and co tree services, who worked for free.” the chippings will be used as mulch and compost at hampshire farm meadows

Monty Mowlem, three, and his dad Matt, got into the spirit of Christmas tree recycling by bringing their tree on a cycle trailer.

nearby, where greening westbourne have created a community orchard. the group works to preserve local wildlife, campaign on climate change and encourage sustainable living.


success stories lead to opportunities at Making space havant-based craft organisation making space is the creative home for seven professional makers, who use their purposebuilt studios to create work and develop their professional careers. now, two tenants are flying the nest to reach new heights. costumier and couturier francis campbell, from petersfield, had already made a name for himself designing costumes for west end musicals and blockbuster movies. now he is on board for a netflix series with a multimillion pound budget. meanwhile, fashion designer liam davis from leigh park is heading to the nation’s fashion centre, london, for the next stage of his career. Both of these talented individuals had their first studios at the havant venue, and their success means there is an opportunity for new

makers to join this creative community and take their work to the next level. nathan chapman, administration and operations co-ordinator at making space, says it will be bittersweet when liam and francis move on, but is excited for the chance it gives other local creatives. “it’s fantastic to see francis and liam reach a stage where they have outgrown their studios here. we will be very sad to see them go as we have such a close-knit group of makers, but at the same time this is exactly what our studios are for - to give people their first step on the ladder towards even bigger and better things.” making space’s professional studios are intended as start-up spaces - a place where local craftspeople can move their work off

the kitchen table and have a dedicated space in which to work and grow. as well as 24/7 access, tenants receive support and guidance from the making space team and the chance to offer classes and sell their work. the spaces are rented at considerably below the commercial rate, and tenancies are between two and five years. the two studios will be available in the spring, one in march and one in april. if you are a maker looking to turn your talent into your business, making space would love to receive your application and will be happy to show you around and discuss the application process. More information can be found online at https://makingspace.org/ or by calling the office on 023 9247 2491


roWLands CastLe iConiC ModeL raiLWay 2020 three and a half years ago the rowlands castle heritage centre, purchased the iconic railway model built by peter goss, a renowned model builder, who only constructs models with a military theme and a railway of course. the model shows how the village looked in may 1944 during the build up to d-day, accurate in every detail, including the military equipment which was stored in and around the village, the camp in the forest, the local shops at the time. for the last three years the model had been on display up at stansted house, during the summer months when it was open to the public, we had visitors from thirteen different countries (australia, canada, n.china, colombia, cyprus, germany, hungary, philippines, portugal, russia, spain, sweden & usa (florida,california, maryland & new

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mexico), scotland, wales & eire. twenty-four english counties - Beds, Berks, cambs, cornwall, devon, dorset, essex, hants, iow, kent, lancs, leicestershire, lincs, london, northants, oxon, somerset, staffs, suffolk, surrey, sussex, warwicks, wilts & yorkshire) over the three years we had in excess of 13,000 visitors, were open 291 days (never missed a session whilst the house was open) and had 32 volunteers most of whom did all three years. all fascinated by the detail on display and the story that went with it, of that time. there are still some residents who can recall the troops being in the village, and what life was like at that time in our history. this year unfortunately we are not able to have the model on display in stansted house, the room we had being put to use

as a family history room depicting its role in the 19th century. But we will have it on display on the 8th of May, Bank holiday friday, as the village puts on a ve (victory in europe) celebration. it will be in the church on the green, along with displays of photos and other scenes from may 1945 depicting the joy of, at least one war front ending, with the war against Japan in the far east, still to raging until august 14th. there will a full day of events from 11.00am until late, short service of thanksgiving, a picnic on the green, the Blendworth silver Band, the local Baton twirlers maypole dancing, BBQ, cream teas, the displays in the church, an evening event in the robin hood, plus others at the fountain & the castle inn pubs. after that we will display at the village fair the first saturday of July, an event which attracts visitors from all around our area. so, we are looking for a more ‘permanent

home’, plans are being investigated as where this could be, as it is in fact owned by the village we want it to remain in the village, saved for future generations, as a reminder of the sacrifice made by some many in keep the country in winning ww2. further detail at: www.rowlandscastle.com or www.rowlandscastleheritagecentre.org.uk ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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2 gyms

180+ exercise classes 4 swimming pools www.horizonlc.com info@horizonlc.com

Waterlooville Leisure Centre 023 9224 5900 Havant Leisure Centre 023 9247 6026

Charity No. 1060896

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CoMMUnity sUPPort For tHe CaMPaign this year we were excited to be able, with the help of some fantastic individuals, to raise enough funds to purchase a ‘nurdle trommel’. the trommel is a piece of kit that helps to remove secondary microplastics and particularly primary plastic nurdles from sandy beaches. made by nurdle coasts, this equipment helps to reduce the man hours put into trying to collect the tiny bits of plastic that we would otherwise struggle to collect from beaches. we have used it to remove many thousands of microplastic pieces, some of which used to be part of something bigger made from plastic and some which are the primary plastic pellets (nurdles) used in the manufacture of plastic. it is a sad fact that many manufacturers do not seem to take care when handling these nurdles and they contaminate our seas and coastline in their millions. this is a particular problem around areas where we find breeding seabirds, who mistakenly pick up the nurdles thinking that they are fish eggs and often feed them to their chicks. while the amount of microplastic we pick up using the trommel can be impressive, unfortunately in the face of the amount of microplastic pollution along our coasts it doesn’t make a huge impact. however, and this is the key point, it is a

fantastic (and quite fun!) way to raise awareness of the issue, and we find it really helps us to illustrate the scale of the problem we face and helps us to be able to put pressure on the companies that are causing this pollution. it helps us to collect large samples and we can feed that data to other organisations also working on the issue such as fidra and the great nurdle hunt. so far the campaign has been incredibly well supported from the sales of our water bottles, originally funded by portsmouth water and Postcode Publications. we have been incredibly touched to have received donations from individuals and

schools who have fundraised to help support our work. several businesses that have requested our help on beach cleans to fulfil their corporate social responsibility committments have followed up by donating to the campaign, often as a result of being so shocked by the amount of litter we removed together on a clean up. with these funds we have purchased and donated to local schools; 500 bamboo toothbrushes, 1,000 metal water bottles, 1,000 reusable tote bags and 50 sets of 3 books on plastic pollution, as well as using some of the funds to purchase more beach cleaning kit essentials. the campaign has also had fantastic support from the village hotels and sunsail, who enabled us to purchase 5,000 reusable bags to distribute to school children that participated in our 8th may single-use plastic free day. last but not least, havant Borough council and the emsworth Business association sponsored 2,000 reusable bags to be donated throughout shops in emsworth. Bags were given out to shoppers to try to eliminate the need for plastic bags in the village. all of this support has not gone unnoticed and we are astounded by people’s generosity and passion for the environment. as the campaign continues to grow, we will continue to support local schools and communities and help them on their journey to being single-use plastic free wherever possible.


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HiLary BoLt 1955 - 2020 Hilary was born in Burma, where her parents were missionaries. The family moved back to the UK in 1963, living in Wales, Devon and Cornwall. Hilary moved to London in 1973, to go to Southlands college. She met Michael there, at a church social. After her previous marriage ended, Hilary and Michael married in 1982. They moved to Emsworth in 1984, and became involved in the church and other community activities. Hilary was a Havant Borough councillor from 1995 to 1999. Her key achievement was saving the Emsworth SYRCH community hall. Hilary ran fund-raising auctions for St James’s Church for over 25 years, and from this came Emsworth Auctions established in West Street in 2009, where Hilary’s wit and charm made it a regular feature on TVs

“Antiques Road Trip”. Hilary suffered a severe stroke in the early hours of Friday 24 January, and died peacefully on Sunday 26 January, without regaining consciousness. Her life touched many people in Emsworth and elsewhere. She leaves her husband, Michael, daughter Catherine, 4 grandchildren, and a great grandson. There’s a hole in many people’s lives, and it’s shaped like Hilary. Hilary was a regular contributor to our newspapers and will be sorely missed. Her stories from Emsworth Antiques were read by many avid antique collectors who may again re-read them on our website archive. Hilary RIP

Meridian street Piano goes on Paying in december rob fryer manager of the meridian shopping centre gave £570 raised by donations to street piano players on the mall from July to october last year, to world Bicycle relief (Buffalo Bicycles) helping international children and communities who have to travel long distances for their education and work. these funds were eligable for gift aid and match funding. this is on top of the £900 donation at the end of 2017 which again with gift aid and match funding totaled £2,940. this represented a fantastic thirty bicycles provided in needy areas. rob said “we would again like to thank very much all our customers for supporting this great initiative.”

a message from: ttps://worldbicyclerelief.or “Dear Rob Thank you for supporting World Bicycle Relief Uk with your generous gift through the Big Give. Your donation of £570 enabled the addition of £142.50 from Gift Aid, and £570 Match Funding to make a total of £1,282.50 for World Bicycle Relief UK. “


rob’s Christmas gifts rob fryer manager at the meridian shopping centre pictured above, tells us that: “wave 105 picked up the over 250 presents kindly donated by customers at the centre. we also donated £290 from the money raised by the street piano players from october to december, to the mission christmas fund to help buy presents for the children. we would like to say a big thanks to all that support this good cause.” |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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postcode publications

Helping the Final straw clean-up

0345 218 9379 (freephone) www.norsesoutheast.co.uk info@norsesoutheast.co.uk

as a company committed to the local community and environmental sustainability, norse south east is proud to support the final straw solent clean-up campaign. operations director peter vince says: this initiative is playing a vital role, not only in creating awareness of the waste plastics problem along the coastline and inland but also, significantly, doing something about it. it warrants widespread publicity and we are encouraging our staff, suppliers and customers to get involved." the company will be providing the necessary litter pickers, collection sacks and disposing of the collected debris from the beaches. get in touch today using the details right for more information.


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