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wild Beach Schools Success

final straw foundation’s first year of wild Beach schools brought five local schools and 170 children, aged 5-10, to our beaches, to take part in outdoor education experience like no other

wild Beach schools is an opportunity to take children out of their normal learning environment to inspire a love for our shores, learn of our local wildlife and the impacts of plastic and other types of pollution is having.

wild Beach schools enable children to spend time on our beautiful beaches, creating future ‘ocean guardians’ through spreading passion for ocean health, through storytelling, collaboration and practical activities.

oURADVERTISERS ARE SUPPoRTINGYoUR CoMMUNITY So PLEASE SUPPoRTTHEM New locallycompiled Crossword gardening Jonathan wining your money now and then - hayling island ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| FREE Your Established 2012 7 8 9 10 11 PO NewYear LEADING THE WAY EDUCATINGTo FIGHT PoLLUTIoN
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moringa health & well-being

dear carl and reece

i'd like to sell my products on social media during 2023, but i'm not sure how to do it. do you have any tips?

w. there are a number of points you'll need to consider before you start to sell your products online are you marketing to the public or other businesses? different audiences use social media in different ways. if you were selling to businesses you would want to consider linkedin as this is a site aimed at the corporate world. facebook is the most popular social media platform with the public, so we'd certainly advise you to start building a presence there

next, it's important to have a strategy in place to guide you. create specific objectives that tie back to your business goals. for example if you find 1 in 10 new followers making a purchase, set a goal to increase your facebook followers by 10% over the next six months.the same goes for your website, if you're seeing 1 in 20 users buying from your site, say to yourself, 'i will increase the volume of visitors clicking on my website by 25% over the

next three months by posting content on facebook.'

upload bright, interesting photos that showcase the quality of your wares (instagram is especially useful for showcasing products as it is an imageorientated platform). create short, attention-grabbing video clips of your products as these are popular and attract lots of attention. 'Behind the scenes' style videos are always a good idea! this strategy will encourage your followers to read your posts, like and share them. even better, you'll encourage them to click through to your website and buy your products.

if you've got a budget consider using facebook ads, as you'll be able to supercharge your progress by immediately targeting the specific audiences you're looking for with ads. good luck!

Reece Matthews and Carl Hewitt are the joint Co-Founders of Hewitt Matthews, an award-winning digital marketing agency based at Lakeside, North Harbour.

email your questions to: carl@hewittmatthews.co.uk


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wild Beach Schools Success

Beach schools add to the body of knowledge about marine conservation threats and challenges in the solent through education.they highlight the root causes of threats and challenges we’re facing and discuss ways to reduce this negative impact. the positive impact on the sea, coastal environment and wildlife, locally and globally, is the key to beach schools.they achieve this by educating on the topics of sustainability, impact of plastic pollution and how we can all take small changes that will lead to larger combined goals. Beach

schools are a community-based project that involves local schools, community groups and individuals participating to address solutions and issues with marine plastic schools are invited to ask especially under privileged children to participate and hopefully improve their education on marine plastic and environmental issues on our shores.the project also helps with non-academic and pastoral issues that impact their success at school including mental health and well-being.

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…continued from front page With the largest national network of weight- management groups in local communities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Slimming World have always understood how vital a sense of belonging can be for anyone wanting to lose weight. That's why we've never wavered from our commitment to and belief in the life- changing power of community groups - and we never will. HAVANT TUESDAYS - 8am & 9.30am Havant Rugby Club Sam 07947 967 006 LEIGH PARK THURSDAYS - 9.15am & 11am St Michaels & All Angles Church, Dunsbury Way Zoe 07713 464 059 4pm 5.30pm 7.15pm HAVANT & BEDHAMPTON TUESDAYS - 6pm & 7.30pm Havant College, New Road Andi 07508 856 506 FRIDAYS - 8am & 9.30am St Nicholas Church. Belmont Road WARBLINGTON SATURDAYS - 7.45am & 9.15am Stride Centre, Daffodil Way Rachel 07557 914 631 EMSWORTH FRIDAYS - 7.30am 9am & 10.30am Emsworth Sports & Social Club Gabby 07833 297 116 WEST LEIGH WEDNESDAYS - 9am & 10.45am 4pm St Albans Church, Bartons Road Marrie 07903 756 715 5.30pm 7.15pm NEW VENUE

Don’t fall into the tax trap when gifting your house

many parents think that gifting the house they live in to their children means they won’t pay inheritance tax on it when they die.

this is a mistake if you give your house but continue to live in it, that is a “gift with reservation of benefit” or “groB” and hmrc still treats it as part of your estate for inheritancetax purposes.

in 2019 hmrc taxed the children of such gifts in 440 cases in that year alone and with property prices having increased the revenue is likely to look at these gifts more closely going forward.your children could also have to pay capital gains tax on the house when they sell.

many people are aware that if they make a gift and live for 7 years that asset will not then incur inheritance tax but are unaware of the groB trap you can avoid the groB trap by:

Brockhampton Millstream

friends of Brockhampton millstream is a small conservation group set up five years ago to improve access and the environment of the solent way footpath that commences at the top of harts farm way, havant under a five-year license from havant Borough council the friends began to meet regularly and have worked to greatly improve access, tidiness and general environment of this special section of the long distance path the present width of the path has enabled vehicular access for maintenance

purposes for southern water and the scottish & south east electricity sub-station and also the pollarding of willow trees along the bank a spokesperson said,“similar work had obviously been done in past years as we discovered three wooden benches on brick plinths when clearing the site of an overgrowth of brambles etc and with the help of havant men's shed and norse these were replenished with new and safe seating” the group have announced that they are unable to continue their important

• paying a market rent to the children

• selling your house, downsizing and giving the surplus proceeds to the children

• giving a share in your house to a child who lives with you

• taking out a lifetime mortgage and gifting the cash inheritance tax law is complex and if not followed correctly can leave your estate or beneficiaries facing large inheritance tax bills. our team of

solicitors: penny smith, chris halliwell, marie slavov and lauren kendell, have many years’ experience between them in working with the inheritance tax regime and advising clients. if you are thinking of giving away your home to mitigate inheritance tax then one of us will be able to give you full and clear advice before you make your decision.

please call 01243 377231 for more information or visit our website: www.belcheraddison.co.uk

conservation work following expiry of their license although they hope that the area will continue to be maintained for the benefit of the community, for walkers, cyclists and runners either by the authorities responsible for this amenity or volunteers from the commercial sector that surrounds the area ” if you are interested in starting or joining a new group to continue this good work then please us know at: editor@postcodepublications com and we will endeavour to connect you

www.postcodepublications.com page: 3 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
3 west street, emsworth, hants po10 7dX

one can be mistaken in thinking there is nothing to do in the garden in January and february it is a period to reflect and take stock, but realistically it is a time for keeping things trim and tidy, and getting ready for the year to come. however, on a cold and sunny day it is a good idea to get outside and prepare for the spring by cleaning pots and

A NewYear in the Garden –Jobs for January and February

greenhouses and keeping on top of weeding will make life easier later on.

deciding what you are going to plant in your garden the coming year means you have time to buy seeds and grow plants on yourself. when you look at the cost of mature plants in the garden centres, you can easily grow enough for yourself and to share at a fraction of the cost. there are a vast array of seeds on offer and it is always good to try something new seedlings just need some trays (old plastic food trays are fine with some holes cut in, some compost and then light and water –just put them on a window sill. once

they start to grow, you can thin them out and move to slightly larger pots (recycle some such as yoghurt pots or similar) some vegetable crops can even be planted outside in february to give them a good start – parsnips, broad beans, salad onions, garlic and shallots. make sure you check the information on the packet for planting advice

there is probably plenty of pruning and tidying to do such as wisteria, winter jasmine, hydrangea, Buddleia, cornus, evergreen shrubs and of course, roses (this is the perfect time to prune these) if you have any late flowering clematis these

Clearing a Path for woodland wildlife

Just as the hottest and driest summer on record came to end, and the autumnal freshness began to arise, a group of 10 staff from lockheed martin volunteered their time to help the friends of nore Barn woods with valuable conservation work in the overgrown woodland areas on the edge of emsworth. prior to the covid-19 pandemic, lockheed martin uk – rotary and mission systems regularly took part in several volunteering activities and were hugely supportive of local organisations in and around the havant area. the purpose of the day was to cut back and clear areas of the wood allowing the natural growth of plants and creating habitats for wildlife.the area was very dense and overgrown, and the team from lockheed martin made light work of cutting back and clearing some large spaces and a

pathway that will be instrumental in creating the growth of wild flowers and make the woods more pleasant for the general public

kate anders from lockheed martin said:“we love giving back to the community - and we love that we can do so on our day off. it’s nice to get together as a team as well, especially where many of us are now working from home”

roy ewing from the friends of nore Barn woods was grateful for lockheed martin’s support and had this to say: “they feel motivated enough to come as a group and it’s good to see the company’s behind them - and giving them the time off to do the work! they did an amazing job in

are the easiest to prune and should be done in early spring cut them back to a pair of strong buds about 8” (20cm) above the ground ornamental grasses should be cut back to within a few centimetres of the ground. continue to tidy up perennials and continue to deadhead winter pansies and cyclamen to continue getting colour in the garden.January is also the best time to begin pruning apple and pear trees,blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants

such a short space of time!”

if you are interested in volunteering and/or seeking an opportunity, please visit our website where you will find hundreds of volunteering opportunities across hampshire: https://www.volunteerfirst.co.uk/

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Gardening
from liese holden postcode publications page: 2 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Article from the Hayling Island Horticultural Society
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www.postcodepublications.com pa HORNDEAN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Post treatment swelling will reduce completely within an hour and the skin returns to normal colour, broken blood vessel free. Diathermy Cauterisation of Spider Naevi - small, clustered dilated blood vessels Med Havant Clinic 023 9247 7309 the chapel medi spa,west street, havant po9 1ln Removal leaves blood vessel free skin Broken blood vessels before Two sessions completed 07502 525207 Insurance backed guaranteed repairs - no job too small We cover all aspects of installation maintenance and repairs C Jones Home Improvements Ltd. www.cjoneshomeimprovements.co.uk SPECIAL oFFERS wITHTHIS ADVERT

Compiled by Michael Curtis



the friends of the ems group is trying to protect the drought-stricken river ems which flows from the south downs into chichester harbour chalk streams like the ems are rare and precious habitats that are home to many endangered species But large sections of the river have dried up this summer and many fish have died.

the group argues that the ems is in its current state due to excessive abstraction from the river’s underground sources portsmouth water says that they are taking significant measures to improve and protect the river ems to develop sustainable long-term solutions.this includes taking a borehole out of public supply and using it instead to pump water into the ems during dryer periods when the river needs ‘topping up’

recent studies suggest that this hasn’t been as effective as was hoped, and a new trial is underway to improve the impact of the ‘top up’ flow by moving the point from where water is pumped into the ems it is predicted that this will ensure more of this ‘top-up’ water remains in the river instead of soaking away By monitoring the effectiveness of this adjustment looks promising, but will not draw any final conclusions until results can be discussed with the environment agency meanwhile,

water will continue to pump water into the river ems until flows recover with the lowest levels of rainfall since 1976 together with record high temperatures, water supply demand continues to rise despite these challenges,portsmouthwater says that it is fully committed to continue working to protect the ems in order to seek a long-term solution to reduce abstraction from the river ems catchment, portsmouth water are looking at a number of options including further usage of the havant thicket reservoir scheme and moving all our household customers to adopt metering as a clear way to better understand their usage, and pay only for their consumption rather than a standard charge rate

supported by havant insurance services ltd, 20 east street, havant, hants po9 1aQ

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Serving Our Local Community We can help arrange all funeral services, from a non-attendance, simple cremation or truly bespoke funeral. Traditional £1,950 plus Disbursements All at very competitive prices yet maintaining a fully professional, caring service to our families. ~ ~ We care for each family as we would for our own Moore’s Traditional Funeral Directors Havant | Tel: 023 9217 5462 Southbourne | Tel: 01243 374644 Waterlooville | Tel: 023 9264 1366 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Abstraction blamed for dry river Ems


as Benjamin franklin once said: ‘nothing is certain,except death and taxes’ in these times of political and economic turmoil,the one constant is the self assessment tax filing deadline of 31 January those of you who are self employed or have received additional income other than your paye income, such as dividends or property rental, in the period between 6 april 2021 and 5 april 2022, have until midnight on tuesday 31 January 2023 to file your return online

How to submit your return

if you are new to self assessment you will need to register with hmrc first. this can take up to 10 days so make sure you do it in plenty of time before the deadline. once registered, hmrc will send you your unique taxpayers reference number and instructions on how to set up your government gateway account.you will then be able to use the hmrc self assessment online service to submit your return.

what you need to complete your return

you should have all your paperwork together so you enter the correct information when completing your selfassessment.this may include a p60 form from your employer showing your income and the tax you’ve paid, a p45 form if you have left a job within the tax year, a p11 d detailing any benefits or expenses. also, details of interest on bank and building society accounts, dividends from investments and any other income you receive.

Paying what you owe

you must pay your tax bill by 31st January if want to spread your payments over time,you can set up a Budget payment plan to make regular monthly or weekly payments towards your next tax bill if you miss the tax deadline or know you will not be able to pay on time,you might be able to pay off your latest bill in instalments under a hmrc’stime to pay arrangement

Payments on account under the self assessment system, tax returns are submitted for tax years rather than calendar years and this is done in arrears. each tax year there are two payments on account due, each equal to 50% of the relevant tax charge for the previous tax year the first one is payable on 31st January within the tax year, and the second one by 31st July after the tax year has ended.

Penalties if you are late if you miss the deadline, you will be charged a penalty of £100, with a further £10 added every day after that up to 90 days, plus interest on the tax unpaid.

Self assessment to go digital from april 2024 hmrc’s makingtax digital for incometax will apply to all self employed and landlords with annual gross income above £10,000 under the scheme, all affected individuals will need to store records of their business income and expenses in digital format and report a summary profit report to hmrc once every three months the tax return will still be required but this will be known as the end of period statement

Keeping good records

if you currently use a desktop bookkeeping system or do not use any form of software to keep track of your income and expenses,you will need to consider changing to mtd-compatible software there are many online accounting products on the market fit for this purpose, such as Xero or Quickbooks online you’ll also benefit from having up-todate financial information for better decision-making

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Assessment Deadline
NDL SS GI TS E E E 12a W st Str t, Havant, PO9 1P E EE E Op ning hours Monday to riday 10.00-5.00 & Saturdays 9.30-4.00 E E


Inn On The Beach Railway

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snapshots from michael edwards catalouge taking us back in time Bridge to Hayling Langstone Bridge to Hayling

Featured in

Treasure Your Chest was relaunched today, at the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to Year 10 students at Park Community School.

The project provides teachers with reliable and evidencebased information packaged into downloadable online resources developed by researchers at the University of Portsmouth, St Mary's University in Twickenham, London, and the University of Chichester.

14-year-old Connie said: I feel like it s awkward but it s a topic that needs to be talked about for girls, I ve thought about it but I ve never looked into it. I didn t know there were other signs for breast cancer other than lumps, I know what to look for now.

Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, from the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth, was there to give the presentation to the class.

She said: We believe that girls deserve to receive comprehensive breast education, beyond the biological aspects of puberty taught in schools. Breast development can be a positive milestone in the development of the female body, but it can also be an embarrassing and confusing time. By empowering girls with knowledge and awareness, we believe that girls body confidence, health and participation in physical activity can be significantly improved.

The session has been brilliant, so informative. It s such a taboo subject, not all students have that supportive network around them, so being empowered with the knowledge themselves is really vital for them. Mrs Cavanagh

STEM Ambassador Launch Event

On Wednesday 19th October, parents and students met in the lecture theatre for a presentation by Mr Green and Ms Gregory to launch Park s STEM Ambassador Programme. This female only event is sponsored by the Royal College of Engineers to encourage our brightest Year 8 and 9 students to consider STEM related careers. The 16 students from each year group were selected by their science, technology and maths teachers for showing particular aptitude and promise.

The event celebrated their selection with certificates and pin badges and orders are now in for a printed polo shirt. The ambassadors will undertake a number of outreach activities in local primary schools and universities. They will also meet each Thursday in the STEM block to focus on fun and rewarding projects.

The response by parents and students was very positive with offers of help and support already flooding in from those with business links who feel they can support this exciting initiative.

The students first project is to design and make a range of Christmas themed, quality, gift products to sell to students and staff in the last week of term.

Watch this space for more details over the coming weeks.

Mr Green

www.postcodepublications.com page: 9 We are a not for profit company specialising in digital printing and design. We produce a full range of printed and personalised promotional, educational and large format items including: POSTERS FLYERS BUSINESS CARDS BANNERS BOOKLETS STICKERS PLANNERS POSTCARDS WEDDING STATIONERY LEAFLETS EXERCISE BOOKS FOAMEX CARDS CALENDARS & MORE! High quality print at great prices No job too small! pdp@pcs.hants.sch.uk 023 9248 9840 6 Fulflood Rd, Havant PO9 5AX
Your Chest initiative launches at Park
Community School in Havant to educate schoolgirls on breast health
A SCHEME providing free breast education support to UK schools has relaunched at Park
Community School
Breast Cancer Awareness

Cycle Clinic Cycle Clinic

Q on my electric assist bike the motor keeps cutting out and back again every time i turn the pedals.am i doing something wrong, or is this a fault? a it doesn’t sound as if this is either the bike is designed so that the motor only works when you are pedalling, and the way it does this is to have a device that can tell when the pedal cranks are going round.

this device is really quite simple,and it consists of a disc with tiny magnets all round the edge,and an electric pickup fixed to the bike on some bikes this is all inside the bike frame,but it is often mounted outside between the cranks and the bike frame as it is designed to fit any bike it is not a tight fit but just a ‘push fit’. unfortunately this means that because it can be easily pushed into place, it can easily be knocked out of line in my picture, the black disc with metal dots around it is the movable item, and the little black box with a red dot and a

wire coming out the top is the sensor. of course, not all bikes will be the same, and on some the disc is the other side hidden behind the chain wheel.this makes it harder to get dislodged, but also means it’s harder to push back. now, what has probably happened with your problem is that the disc has somehow got bumped and is tilting with one edge nearer the bike and the other tilting up a bit.this means that every time you turn the pedals, first the low edge passes close to the sensor, then the top edge is too far away for the sensor to detect it, and the motor gets a stop/start signal. that’s taken longer to explain than it does to fix it.

Just push the disc gently down so that it is the same distance from the bike all the way round, and get on and ride away! it happened to me, so i know.


Both the elite 1st Xis are now in their christmas breaks. the women’s team are working hard but with a very young & new team this season are still looking for their first win in south central premier 1. the men are fairing better and currently sit at the top of the national league conference west. good luck to them both in the second half of the season. after two terms of hockey in local havant Borough schools,eight teams competed for the community programme shields in late novemberthanks to a raft of helpers and volunteer umpires,all schools were supported during this competition two leagues of four teams playing three matches each, were played out and our evening and the league tables were as follows: year 5/6 positions won drew lost goals for goals against points monday club 3 0 0 5 1 9 st James primary 2 0 1 7 1 7 southbourne Juniors 1 0 2 4 5 5 mill rythe Juniors 0 0 3 0 9 3

year 3/4 positions won drew lost goals for goals against points st Johns primary 2 1 0 9 0 8 st James primary 2 1 0 8 0 8 mengham Juniors 1 0 2 1 6 5 southbourne Juniors 0 0 3 0 11 3

one in a Hundred

the cycling uk's list of 100 women in cycling 2022 has been published to celebrate inspirational women all over the country who have inspired and encouraged others to follow their lead and enjoy cycling regularly the list includes community champion, anne sayer who is the founder director of solent remade cic and promotes community resilience through active travel, repair and reuse in the havant area what does that mean? well, its partly about walking and cycling instead of using cars for short trips, but also eliminating waste through mending things that are only a little bit broken, and getting them back into use again

nowadays we are more aware of money problems and it makes sense to recycle something rather than buy a new one if the old one can be mended. anne is very much a self starter and a very impressive project manager, skills which have helped her to find and coordinate volunteers for the repair cafe whose start was delayed by the outbreak of the pandemic which prohibited people meeting in large groups indoors. undaunted by this anne negotiated the use of a corner of havant park during the pandemic for a series of dr Bike sessions where members of the public brought their bikes in for free repairs if possible and coordinated a team of people to do the work free in the open air, socially distanced. once the pandemic was over she

started the repair cafe concept which has settled into a monthly open day at the pallant on the first saturday of each month, where citizens bring objects for repair ranging from stuffed toys to garden tools and practically anything else that is portable meanwhile, outside the dr Bike team continue their efforts.

solent remade expands this idea and has negotiated the use of the old parcels office at havant railway station for cycle Bike Basics a place to learn about your bike and perhaps get help with getting it fixed, which has been nominated for the “most enhanced railway spaces” award. anne has gone on to qualify as a Bikeability instructor and leads rides in the area, introducing sometimes nervous riders to the delights of being able to get from a to B on quiet roads instead of tackling busy, traffic laden streets by bicycle instead of using a car or expensive public transport anne is also one of those quiet activists promoting sustainable transport issues through everything she does. the repair cafe is part of this concept with home made cakes a part of the picture what could be more sustainable than Bread pudding made from bread which might otherwise be thrown away but combined with other ingredients to make a delicious cake always in demand at the refreshment corner, and i bet none of it is ever thrown away!

anne's nomination is well earned,and i'm sure will not be the culmination of her tireless efforts,a community champion,indeed

it proved to go right to the wire in both leagues, making for exciting competition win, lose or draw the community programme ensures that the teams learn more than just playing hockey skills competition is hard for some children and they are helped to learn how to congratulate by giving three cheers for each other and nominate

players of the matches the the club would like to thank rJm international for it’s continuing sponsorship of the important work carried out by the community programme, it is very much appreciated.

we are still open for new members of all abilities. for more details on the club please visit the website www.havanthockeyclub.org.uk

postcode publications page: 2 10 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - Smartphone repairs - Computer and printer repairs - I.T. solutions for business Reliable I.T. solutions from a trusted partner that cares about you! 01730 233 350 | hello@syn-star.co.uk | syn-star.co.uk

Health & Well-being Health and fitness in 2023

we always start the newyear with plenty of good intensions don’t we!! i am not sure why we need to wait until January to apply healthy living and new fitness regimes, but i guess it’s about starting fresh and it’s as good a time as any!

in my experience with my clients, health is really about adding more and more of the good stuff into your diet. it’s not about drastic changes that are completely unmanageable i delivered a health presentation recently to a corporate company in london and gave them all a simple challenge to introduce one good thing a week into their diet. it can be easy things such as drinking 4 pints of water per day or making sure you get 8 portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. or 1 hour of exercise 5 times per week or walking in the fresh air for 30 mins at lunch time or 10 mins of meditation per day if you make a list of all the healthy changes you would like to make, start gradually Begin with month one, and continue month by month, week by week. i always think consistency is the best way for success!you will be so surprised the positive impact this

has not just on your physical health but your mental health too

if you read my Bloggs regularly, you will know how much i love my superfoods! this is a fantastic way of adding an array of goodness into your diet.you could step up to the challenge by adding one superfood into your diet once per month and by the end of the year your energy will be off the scale!! if you want a good place to start and would like more energy and strength then why not try powdered moringa.

the moringa tree is native to india, but also grows in asia,africa and south africa. it contains a wide variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which is why it can help you to feel energised and strong.

moringa is one of my favourite superfoods right now as it has so many incredible health benefits and the powder is easy to put into a drink or a green smoothie this amazing superfood helps the body to fight inflammation, which is vital this time of year as there are so many cold and flu germs around us all of the time – so it is up to us to create a strong and resistant body to fight them off it’s also amazing as

Traffic – why less is best

for a couple of days,as last autumn drew to a close,southernwater were working on emergency sewage pipe repairs the result was that there were queues back to cosham and hours in traffic to move on or off hayling island this demonstrated what residents have feared.it shows how close to capacity havant roads may appear to be at times thankfully,better measures were quickly put in place however,we regularly have grid lock and stalled traffic,especially in the summer months unfortunately,as the number of houses grows and new businesses move into the area,there will be an increase in the likelihood of stationary road traffic for extended periods throughout the day there is an alternative to more and more traffic jams. hampshire county

council recently consulted on safer streets and reducing speed to twenty miles per hour is one option. it sounds counter intuitive, but when speeds are reduced, the traffic flows more smoothly because accidents and incidents are less likely a car going from 0 to 20mph uses 2.25 times less fuel than one accelerating to 30mph. pollution is reduced by 8% for petrol and

New Year - New You!


can help prevent diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis taking moringa is linked to a decrease of plaque formation in the arteries, and preliminary results of certain tests have even shown it may be able to treat alzheimer’s disease too the leaves and flowers of moringa contain a high concentration of polyphenols which also protect the liver against oxidation and damage, which of course, with the indulgence of newyear celebrations it will be super useful!

Moringa is also effective if you have a wound or cut, as can reduce clotting time and help heal skin damage.

a lot of people get into taking this product because of weight loss purposes, and yes, it is very helpful, but it’s not a quick fix it is however very effective and here’s why it won’t cause you to lose water weight or trick you into thinking you ’ re losing weight, only to find it comes right back the second you stop taking the supplement/superfood and it won’t cause dramatic weight loss results instantly. But what it does do is it fills you up with insoluble fibre that prevents constipation and promotes a healthy

more for diesel engines. for every 1 mph reduction in speed, there is 6% reduction in road casualties.where 20 is plenty schemes have been introduced, the payback time is less than a year portsmouth city council have been running 20 is plenty since 2010 and have found it does not increase bus times and that people feel safer and more confident walking and cycling.this is particularly important for people with mobility issues.and for our children. is there a parent or carer who has not had that heart stopping experience of a child heading across the road when there is oncoming traffic because they have been so pleased to see you after school? where 20 is plenty is adopted, people are more likely to walk which brings life changing health benefits. Just to take the

d t also slows food absorption, keeps your blood sugar regulated, and makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time.aside from being a plant that is super-low in calories and high in nutrients like vitamins a, c and manganese, moringa contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid this antioxidant balances your blood sugar and acts as a fat burner, which over time could help you to become the weight you are comfortable with all you need is 2 x teaspoons in liquid daily

experimenting with superfoods is an exciting way to gain more control over your health and well-being and can give you great results regarding more energy and mental clarity, and generally better energy and vitality for a personalised health plan take a look at www.keepthriving.co.uk

example of diabetes.at present, over £25,000 a second is spent on diabetes treatment in the uk.that is what an average person earns in a year! sadly, diabetes is becoming much more common, but recently studies have found just a 30 minute walk a day can change a person from being pre diabetic to normal thus improving the quality of life immeasurably and the same goes for heart health.walk more for that slim youthful look you thought was gone forever it is also good for business. less traffic means more people shop locally so,if you drive slower,or park the car and walk,you can save money,reduce air pollution and be healthier and safer we are very lucky in havant to have great conditions for active travel so let us use them

.postcodepublications.com page: 11 Fancy £250 cash? The money can be yours with every successful referral! Visit syn-partnership.co.uk We're on the lookout for companies
10 and 100 computers... and believe YOU CAN HELP! ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
with between
Life is for thriving…not just surviving
moringa from grainne rason

What’s on

Havant wEA

Courses winter/Spring 2023 the following face to face courses are live on the website and ready for telephone or online enrolment:

Art Appreciation - the spring arts and heritage centre - michaela cranmer c3748352 - a golden age: painting in the dutch republic in the seventeenth century History - emsworth community centre Jennifer goldsmith c3748350domesday to dissolution:who owned the ground beneath our feet?

the following face to face course will be available soon for telephone or online enrolment.

Day School - Architecture Appreciation the spring arts and heritage centre mike grundy c3748363 -the heyday of vienna inart andarchitecture from 1860 - 1918 for information about enrolment and more details about the courses go to thewea website wwwwea org uk or tel:0300 303 3464


Saturday, January 14th at 2.00 pm, we will have an open meeting at the meeting place (Baptist hall) north street westbourne when the topic will be “wwii inwestbourne” there will be a mini exhibition based on our former member tom edwards’ collection followed by roger wilding telling some oftom’s stories then an open forum for your memories Bring along or loan beforehandwwii objects such as ration Books, gas masks, stirrup pumps,tin hats etc. to add to the ambiance. free entrance, all are welcome

wednesday18 January at 7.30 pmRewilding the Knepp Estate - matthew phelps talk on the knepp estate located just south of horsham, consisting of 3,500 acres owned for over 220 years by the Burrell family. since 2001the land is subject to a ‘rewilding’ project, using grazing animals and restoring natural water courses in order to increase wildlife in the area. 22 February - at 7.30pm - Hampshire birds - return of the red kite and peregrine falcon: - a talk by keith Betton, who studied these conservation successes in detail these birds were extremely rare in Britain with many killed by hunters or poison, but in recent years they have become more common and are doing well in hampshire we meet at st wilfrids church hall, padnell road, cowplain, po8 8dZ free parking. non members welcome admission £4 on the door including refreshments. contact deryn hawkins on 023 9259 8000 or email: southdownsgroup@gmail.com

waterlooville Probus Club

meetings are held on the second tuesday of the month at the hampshire hog, clanfield starting at 12 noon 10th January - after lunch, pam marsden will be talking about her life as a shopping centre director, if you are retired or semi-retired from business or professional life, you will be most welcome to join us. interested? please contact our secretary peter Quine for details at 0792 662 0530 or by e-mail at piater89@aol com more information about probus is on our website at: probusclub net/waterlooville

Air Aces

havant Borough council is delighted to see the launch of park at the plazaan exciting new food outlet at the public service plaza managed by staff and students from park community school. led by park community school's award-winning catering team, park at the plaza will provide students with invaluable learning and employment opportunities in the catering sector, whilst generating income to support the school and its community activities, such as the munch community food pantry - open 8.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday, park at the plaza will make excellent use of the public service plaza's light and welcoming atrium and provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy homemade soups, sandwiches, cakes, sausage rolls - and more!

wednesday 18th January - our next talk by Benjamin pope at 2.30 pm is on “containing the unconventional “. at the united reform church hall, hollow lane,

christopher anders - headteacher of park community school - said “we are delighted to be able to partner with havant Borough council to provide park at the plaza.this is a great opportunity for us to showcase the quality of catering we provide.we use local produce, including our own ‘park porkies’ sausages, dairy products from northney farm and organic produce from tuppenny Barn. park at the plaza can be found at the public service plaza, civic centre road, havant, po9 2aX, serving a full menu.to find out more about what's on offer, call Park at the Plaza on 023 9244 6368

two special 10th anniversary talks in January – advance Booking only Monday 9th January - 1900 for 1930 ‘an evening with the red arrows presented by flt lt stuart roberts,‘red 2’ the red arrows, the royal air force aerobatic display team, is known across the world for its thrilling and spectacular displays. this January,arun & chichester air

Monday 23rd January - 1900 for 1930

‘about military ww1 & ww2 medals’ and ‘a day on the BBc antiques roadshow’ presented by mr. mark smith, BBc antiques roadshow ‘medals & militaria’ expert the BBctv‘antiques roadshow’ medals presenter will be hosting an interactive presentation.he will discuss his father’s wartime raf service,his own aviation stories and anecdotes and is also asking attendees to bring along their relatives’ww1 andww2 medals he will select a few and explain a little about them in the second half, mark will discuss‘a day at the BBcantiques roadshow’ and its filming

enthusiasts society is delighted to welcome one of the team’s pilots to chichester to present a special talk evening about the famous team, its aircraft and the personnel that keep them flying.

Monday 27th February - 1900 for 1930

‘formation display pilot’ presented by mr andy evans,team leader, the Blades aerobaticteam andy will offer air aces members an exceptional insight into the life of a formation display pilot and the requirements and demands of the profession as one of the most experienced display pilots in the world, with almost 2,700 hours in the extra 300 alone, he has accumulated almost 8,500 flying hours with all of this experience,andy is also a Qualified flying instructor so well positioned to be mentoring and commanding the team when he took over asteam leader in 2018, as well as managing the team’s flying itinerary andy began his flying career in 1984 when he

was awarded an raf flying scholarship he joined the raf in 1985 as a member ofyorkshire universitiesair squadron and following completion of officer training at cranwell,andy was selected to conduct his flying training intexas,being awarded his wings in 1989. a former front-line Jaguar pilot, andy flew on operations over the Balkans and spent three years as theair showadvisor to the royal saudiair force nationalaerobaticteam andy is also a former redarrows pilot,flying with theteam between 1997 and 2000 and after his third year,he was the first redarrows pilot to stay on and becometeam manager,flying as red 10

airaces is an aviation talk society, held at the chichester park hotel,westhampnett road, chichester tickets for the special January talks are £8 each – to book, or to become a member, please email

treasurer.airaces@gmail.com pre-booking for these two talks is essential, no admission without pre-booking. doors open at 6.45. for further information please see: www.airaces.org.uk,

hayling island po11 9ey no booking required. free to members, 50p for nonmembers. there are also refreshments and a raffle

wednesday 19th April - we have a trip planned to the arundel tulip festival.

full details of these events and others can be found on our website:wwwhihs org uk


postcode publications page: 2 12 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
arun & chichester (air) enthusiasts society
Hayling Island
FREE ESTIMATES FREE QUOTES FREE CARPET FITTING 07812 568 881 www.jims-barbershop.co.uk 7-9 South Street, Havant, Hants PO9 1BU Opposite the Old House at Home Public House Jim's Barber Shop Look your best
New Community Café |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

making space is havant’s very own community craft charity, based in their purpose-built premises in the heart of leigh park. as well as running regular classes in a variety of craft forms, making space has a busy outreach programme, providing subsidised activities in the community, and is home to a number of professional makers who have their own studios on site

From Leigh Park to Londonsuccess for local fashion designer. making space says a fond farewell to cabrini roy, who started her fashion brand as a resident maker in 2019 her entrepreneurial brilliance meant she was able to thrive even during the pandemic, developing a suite of online dressmaking workshops that gained subscriptions from across the globe now, cabrini is taking the next step in her phenomenal journey - she is part of the British fashion council and is moving to london, one of the fashion capitals of the world this is exactly the sort of success story we love to see at making space. having first walked through our doors in 2012 for two weeks’ work experience,

Havant and District Horticultural Society

wednesday 22nd February

cabrini is now at the forefront of the British fashion scene we wish her the very best of luck!

our spaces are yours to use as well our seven studios, our two wellequipped workshop spaces are available to hire with jewellery benches, potters wheels, ceramics kilns and plenty of equipment and tools, making space looks forward to welcoming you. perhaps you would like to join us for our weekly free drop-in sessions every wednesday between 10 and 12, or hire our facilities for your own creative practice, get in touch and we can’t wait to meet you.

For more information or to get involved visit our website:www makingspace org

charities supported by the ngs - £2.00 entry tea/coffee and a warm atmosphere enquiries liam hutchings 023 9247 5140. www.havanthorticuturalsociety.org.uk

Ballet Tots (aged 2 to 4 years)

6.45pm to 7.30pm Body Tone

Fridays: 9.15am to 10.15am

10.45am to 11.45pm

12.00pm to 12.45pm

Calton School of Pilates

Jiggy Wrigglers (Under 5 s mixed)

Jiggy Wriggles (0 - 12 months)

7.00pm to 9.00pm Homewell Scouts (aged 10 to 14 years)

Sundays: 10.00am onwards Available for Private Hire

Tuesdays: 10.00am to 11.00am TADAA Ballet Tots (aged 2 to 4 years) 6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates 7.15pm to 8.45pm Yoga

Thursdays: 4.30pm to 5.30pm 1st Denvilles Rainbows (girls aged 5 to 7 years) 6.00pm to 7.00pm Calton School of Pilates

Saturdays: 07.00am to 10.30am Slimming World 1.00pm onwards Available for Private Hire

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| www.postcodepublications.com page: 13
what’s happening at Making Space
Volunteer with us and make a real difference in 2023 Citizens Advice Havant Volunteering Event Tuesday 21 February 2023 Drop in anytime between 10:00 and 1:00 First Floor, Meridian Centre, Havant PO9 1UN Call 023 9420 0006 or email recruit@citizensadvicehavant.org Excellent training Office based or volunteer from home Variety of volunteering roles citizensadvicehavant.org For Availability and Booking contact the Bookings Secretary by email at: stridebookings@hotmail.com www facebook.com/stridecentre • Main hall (11 metres by 10 metres) • Chairs and tables for 80 people • Accessible toilets and babychanging facilities • Kitchen with crockery and cutlery • Private garden and parking for 20+ cars Saturday & Sunday afternoons available for private hire at competitive rates Mondays: 9.30am to 10.30am Calton School of Pilates 5.30pm to 7.00pm 2nd Denvilles Brownies (girls aged 7 to 10 years) 7.00pm to 8.00pm Jump Wednesdays: 4.30pm to 5.30pm TADDA
cabrini roy in her studio at making space credit: strong island
Caretaker: Tim Irons 07548 846 494
7.30pm at the united reformed church hall, north street, havant. po9 1pp - do come along to a talk/presentation by mark
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| The Square, Westbourne Monday to Saturday 9 00-14 00 01243 377966 Serving All Day Breakfast, Lunches And Takeaways. Call For Collection We Use Westbourne Bakery For All Our Breads, Local Cake Maker For Our Bakes & Treagust Butchers For Our Sausages. Tasty Homemade Cakes, Hot Drinks & A Great Selection Of Cold Drinks Selection Of Baps, Baguettes, Sandwiches And Paninis Lovely Breakfast & Lunch Menus To Eat In Or Takeaway
porter , hampshire county organiser for the national garden society mark will be showing slides of some of those resplendent gardens and tell us of some

hello from your favourite out and about reporter at the cat and rabbit rescue centre, hulky Bear

i am very pleased to let you all know that last month’s pet of the month the handsome male guinea pig galaxy has now found his forever home in this article i want to tell you about a very sweet female cat that came intothe centre back in July hawaii arrived with us from a multi cat house after her owners couldn’t cope when she arrived she was with her twelve week old kittens.our vet gave her an initial

kittens that a cat would give birth to is around four to six so this was an unusually big litter and the biggest we have had in a while my staff were able to look back and see that hawaii would have got pregnant when her previous litter of kittens were only 10 weeks old this is just another reason why it is so important to get your female cats spayed as they can come into season and get pregnant when their previous litter of kittens are only 8 weeks old this lovely family are doing really well,i can’t wait to see them grow up and find their forever homes soon i would like to send newyear wishes to all our supporters.if you would like to send a mals currently in our care azon wish list through our so give the gift of ur loved ones,your support o us in these difficult please do visit our website for more e, hulky

NEw BooK


this month we would love to introduce you to a handsome male cat called lawson lawson has been at the rescue since may as he was not getting on with the other cats living in his neighbourhood lawson is 2 years old and is now looking to find a home where there are not many other cats in his local area he is a very friendly boy who loves lots of fuss,he also enjoys playing with his toys and will follow you around to get more attention.as long as lawson is happy he is a lovely boy but occasionally if he gets upset by something,mainly other cats he can give little nips lawson needs to go to a home where he is the only cat and only older or no children if you think you may be able to offer lawson a loving home please give the centre a call on 01243 967111 or visit our website www.crrc.co.uk.

following carols and donations collected on another lovely very chilly event held at the Quay, emsworth,a 17th december, the rnli would like to thank those who attended for their very generous donations.

hayling island author douglas davis has a new book entitled ‘'insights on how to draw the human figure and characterisation’ douglas says,“it’s is not a technical book but one full of tips and aids to help those who wish to start drawing the human form and characterisation. i will be showing art work in the hayling arts trail this may the book ia available on amazon.


eals the huge potential to fight climate oodland creation. week last november, saw ng into the ground at s across the south downs e map and full list below)

over 12,000 trees were planted last winter, and a further 16,000 are being put into the ground this coming winter, as part of the trees for the downs and Queen’s canopy initiative other exciting developments include: • a special tree,“the Queen’s elm”, is being planted at seven sisters country park.the beautiful tree is resistant to dutch elm disease.

• a 3,000-year-old yew tree in the national park at farringdon, hampshire – one of the 10 oldest trees in Britain – has been saved from collapse following a massive community effort to raise over £13,000 to install a bespoke bracing system. to donate to trees for the downs, or to make an application for potential tree planting next year, visit: wwwsouthdownstrust org uk The deadline for applications is 28 February

postcode publications page: 2 14 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| THE CAT & RABBIT RESCUE CENTRE Holborow
Chalder Lane,
Sussex PO20 7RJ PET oFTHE MoNTH Hulky Bear 5 6 5 7 4 2 4 7 6 8 7 6 3 4 3 3 5 4 7 3 6 5 8 5 1 1 3 7 5 9 6 8 4 8 4 3 3 4 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 7 6 8 9 2 2 9 9 2 6 9 9 9 8 2 2 8 9 9 2 2 6 6 2 8 7 7 8 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Solutions to puzzles on page 6
Sidlesham, W.

Don’t stop Wining

after a hectic december and the rush and excitement of christmas, January is traditionally the time when w look at wines that will featur racks for the coming year i have always tried to loo wines for the shop, wines th find everywhere and from co may not have discovered i r when i first started in the w back in 1988 there was not australian wine on the shelv american or indeed, south a certainly not the amounts w the choice was simply the u france, spain, italy etc nowadays the choice can be daunting, difficult to understand the different styles and what you are going to enjoy But that is why its worth discovering new regions, new countries and try different wines so, what are we going to choose for our shelves atvin this coming year?

some of y emember the fantastic wines i had from uruguay ear or so i’m going ue with those and ad s an inter oducing wines with ticularl pe these r e full bodied with gr ageing potential and the ues to experiment with other gra egions ar ntr with last summer wa tasted a few around spring and impressed with the quality these wines had to offerthese wines are not new to the world,they were just never really exported, which can be said for many other countries i shall be listing more this year both red,white, rose and sparkling they make wine in every

New wines for 2023

region and on every island so there is no shortage of choice a completely new country i er listed before although e tried their wines in a pan.their main a white full of citrus fruit, bone dry with lots of finesse viticulture w to Japan, but it y used for table or local consumption. this wine has been making w years now but expect it to be on ery soon.the e will be looking at is grown on volcanic and granite rich soil close to mount fuji and has been growing this grape for over 1000 years. other new countries i want to look at are georgia and croatia. croatian wines have been leaving their mark for a few years now and the quality continues to get better and better every time i taste them. georgia is rich in wine making history and continue to make it

in traditional ways dating back 1000’s of years. Both countries grow indigenous grapes that you don’t find anywhere else so its worth exploring.

i think that’s enough to whet your appetites so keep a look out for these over the next few months. i shall be writing in more depth about them before they arrive, and they will be available to taste during our free saturday afternoon tastings from 2pm till 4pm.you can also book a cheese and wine tasting.

Schoolreaders Needed to Spread the Joy of Reading

children’s literacy charity schoolreaders is looking for more volunteers who can help spread the joy of reading to children in hampshire primary schools – especially around havant and hayling island worryingly, 1 in 4 children leave primary school every summer unable to read to the

expected standard and the schoolreaders scheme is now more in demand than ever, particularly to help those children most disadvantaged following the education disruption caused by covid lockdowns

schoolreaders volunteers act as trusted role models in the classroom alongside the

Community turns out for Cassie Buckland

when 18 year old cassie Buckland was diagnosed with aggressive leukaemia and rushed into southampton general hospital she had no idea of the massive community support she and her family would receive cassie, fromwestbourne, had been working at the popular John’s café on hayling Beachlands for six months and had already established herself as a hard working, kind hearted young lady with a smile for everyone café owner John priestley and his staff immediately decided to start a fundraising campaign as cassie would be unable to work for a long period of time cassie’s mother hayley Buckland said it was amazing to see all the love and support being shown and how it was helping her daughter cope with the illness after 9 weeks in hospital and losing 3 stone in weight cassie has had her 1st treatment of chemotherapy with 2 more rounds to come a suitable bone marrow donor is being sought and both cassie's brother and sister have been tested for suitability and are awaiting results.

over two days of continuous strong

wind and driving rain outside John’s café, riders continuously rode a static cycle turbo trainer kindly loaned and operated by cameron shepland (cammy) for the full 24hrs without a break amongst those taking part were cammy, angie walker and lucy edge -members of the paris to hayling ride clocked up over 60 miles between them after cycling for 2 hr stretches at a time

angie (62yrs) did her stint of 21miles at 0350hrs.

another rider 10yr old alfie chandler (right) who was continuously challenged by member of the public to keep cycling as money was donated for every extra mile he completed

raising over £62. two men turned up in the early hours saying they had just been to a wake and dropped

In an age when there are many depressing news stories this support for a young lady fighting such an aggressive illness is a positive example being out the best in a community giving much needed hope and support for both Cassie and her family

£20 into the bucket before riding the bike and then walked off into the night.

army veteran & community first responder shaun leinster although not having ridden a cycle for years turned in an impressive 16.6miles in 1hour before going on call as a hayling cfr throughout the night. the final 20 minutes was ridden by cassies younger sister tilly Buckland (left)

class teachers, not only helping children improve their reading but also by being a positive influence

to find out more or to apply tay to be a schoolreaders volunteer in primary schools with the greatest need in hampshire, visit schoolreaders org

the total mileage covered by 1200hrs on sunday 27th november was 282.6 miles. although the final amount raised will not be known for some time as donations will still be coming in the firm expectation is that it will be over £9,000 including £500 from a bucket collection at portchester football club and a substantial sum from 25 of the motorcycle bikers, including the gosport motorcycle social, who frequent John’s café during the summer months and rode in on the saturday to show their support.

the Bikers have promised a massive motorcycle cavalcade for cassie when she comes out of hospital.

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Do you have Full or Partial dentures or suffer from missing teeth? Is chewing food painful? Are you embarrassed to smile? welcome to 21st century oral Bio-Engineering

implant surgery is a big decision, choosing amir to carry out the procedure was not. he and his team have always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and care, before, during and after my operations. following a serious motor cycle accident as a very young man, i have had much reconstructive work over the years and, quite simply put,amir stands out as the best dental surgeon i have ever had.

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“ after seeking recommendations, i made a decision to go to amir for my implants they healed wonderfully, and the colour match is perfect. no one knows i have them”

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Make life simpler for bereaved and vulnerable customers

new partnership with award-winning end-of-life admin service settld will improve care for bereaved customers portsmouth water is making life simpler for bereaved and vulnerable customers by signing a key deal with end-of-life admin service settld.

the utility company has today unveiled a new strategic partnership with the award-winning nationwide bereavement service settld will streamline end-of-life account administration for those handling the affairs of a portsmouth water customer who has died the partnership has also initiated a new support service for the water company ’ s vulnerable customers

Bereaved individuals who use settld’s form to notify portsmouth water, and who continue living in the same property as the account holder who died, can discreetly report their need for additional support on a short or long term basis

the partnership with settld follows recent guidance to all companies from the water regulator, ofwat, which urged water companies to place a higher priority on bereaved and vulnerable


it also encouraged companies to make it easier for relatives to close or amend the accounts of a loved one who has died

Bob taylor, ceo for portsmouth water, said:“as a company which prides itself on customer service, we are committed to making sure that our bereaved and vulnerable customers receive the very best care

“we chose to work with settld because we believe they offer the best level of service to the bereaved and have been highly impressed by the dedication of their team

“we want to make it as easy as possible for grieving and vulnerable customers to deal with all necessary admin in one safe and secure place, following a death working with settld, we are delighted to provide that service”

vicky wilson, co-founder and ceo of settld, said:“we are thrilled to be partnering with portsmouth water enabling us to help thousands more vulnerable and bereaved customers who might have to deal with the death of a loved one in future

“using settld, everyone benefits: bereaved families face significantly less effort and stress when it comes to informing all

companies of a death - giving them time to focus on what really matters.

“and, in addition, portsmouth water’s customer service agents face an easier time in attending to the needs of their bereaved and vulnerable customers ” launched in february 2021, settld enables members of the public to notify all service providers across the uk of a death, from banks and insurers to energy firms, mobile providers, subscription services, social media platforms and others

in addition to registering the death with service providers, settld’s free online service helps users close, transfer or amend accounts and obtain date of death balances for probate the vast majority of communication with service providers is handled by settld and tracked in a free online dashboard which can be accessed at any time settld - at www settld careconsistently receives 5-star reviews from its customers, who appreciate the benefits of the one-stop shop, automated service

portsmouth water supplies more than 730,000 customers across south east hampshire and west sussex.

a late november morning, after the early morning mist has gone a little cycle ride north from havant into the start of the south downs.

starting up new lane from the railway we pass the older buildings and quickly through the modern developments but the verges beside the road are often quite wide.as the road rises gently to the t junction with Bartons road, it rises more sharply after the left turn, for about 200 yards before we turn right into prospect lane

residential properties soon give way to the playing fields of sharps copse primary school as the road continues to rise and then we carry on through more hoses but with an open green on our left, but the road soon meets wakefords way for a right turn, followed immediately by a left turn into the second section of prospect lane the road continues to rise for a hundred yards or so before the view opens out suddenly to give us a wonderful vista across open fields, falling

away to gently wooded hills in the distance this must be the view, or prospect which gives the road its name after this the road descends rapidly allowing cyclists to freewheel through farmland and past the equestrian centre in the last few yards prospect lane levels out to approach whichers gate rd. which starts to rise gently to recover the descent it has given us, and on to the staunton arms where we turn left into redhill road, but don't worry after a short distance to pass st John the Baptist church the hill is all down, to give another freewheel down to the village green.at the far end of the green, just before the railway, is the Bumblebee cafe a very popular stop for coffee and a delicious home-made cake suitably refreshed, take a right turn under the railway into woodberry lane after passing a row of cottages the south downs indicate their presence by producing a short hill with a sign on the verge saying 'welcome to west sussex'.this soon flattens out a bit but continues to undulate whilst rising all the time, passing through rolling farmland o the left and woodland on the right, which soon stretched across the road so that we are surrounded by trees and ground cover with a final flourish of a short rise we arrive at emsworth common road where another left turn followed by a right takes us to monks hill, thankfully all down, to westbournevillage where the road follows through, changing its name frequently, past another st John the Baptist church, and on into southleigh road and back to havant, comfortably in time for lunch.

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rowlands castle and westbourne

coastal rowing news

By mike gilbert of the coastal rowing academy: world rowing coastal championships was held in saundersfoot in wales in october the 3 harbours’ rowing clubs were well represented at the event, with crews from coastal rowing academy club; dolphin rc and itchenor bidding for honours. the weather always plays in a part in this sport. - thursday was training days in lovely weather; friday racing started with wind, big waves, rain and hail! saturday was calm, flat and sunny – wonderful; sunday finals day was awful! so windy that the B finals were reduce to 4k-3k and the a finals from 6k-4k. we came home without medals – but what an experience – rowing in elite company and not disgracing ourselves. crac crews liz and sophie as Bgr 01 seeds got to the a final but were skewered at the start by the neighbouring crew from ireland, ended up rated 16th in the world; sophie in her B final had a battle royal for third place to ended up 21st in the world; isc men’s (racing under crac colours) came 36th in their B final. dolphin/christchurch crew raced in the a final and came 17th in the world… all this is amazing given we really only started 12 months ago so well done everyone, representing your country is still a great achie we are starting training now for next year’ y (tBc). so, if you’re feeling the need for a serious new challenge let us kno

random rowing staying with racing – itchenor held their ann regatta over the weekend – with 60 crew and boats fr mengeham rythe;academy club; langstone cutters; dell Quay; dolphin and chichesteryc all took part on a blustery day mixed boats meant there were 2 Quads, 4 celtic longboats, 2 lovely solent galleys Joyce & Bembridge and a cornish pilot gig nerthek.the handicapping system allowed all the different boats to race the course in serious contention for the top spot! overall winners were the crac ladies’ Quad team… But as always with this form of racing – everyone had a great time and look forward to the next in the in spring at northney

hamble amble: meanwhile back in hampshire, crac took a lovely leisurely row up the hamble river to enjoy the autumn colours, pausing only for refreshments at the hoarse and Jockey, curdridge!

get up and go! sadly, we had to say farewell to maddy Borlase-Bune and katie harris from hBc who have been instrumental in the success of the guag rowing activities over the last 4 years. over 180 rowers introduced and over 30 still rowing every week with the crac and langstone cutters. Both going on to explore pastures new and we wish them well. guag continues into the autumn this year so let us know if your still interested.

next step in growing coastal rowing in and around hayling island!



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centre and rowfit gym in sparkes marina - offering new opportunities for recreational; fitness
competitive coastal rowing!
information email: academymike@yahoo.com
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