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Spring 2014

Southeast Portland Regional Activities

Woodstock Community Center

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Commissioner Amanda Fritz Director Mike AbbatĂŠ

Portland Parks & Recreation

Woodstock Community Center 5905 SE 43 Ave. 97206 Telephone: 503.823.3633 Building Director: Craig Vanderbout Staff: Cassandra Sloan-Nicholson, Monica Nettle

Building Hours* April 1 - June 13

Mon, Wed, Fri: 10am-1pm Mon: 6-9pm Tues, Thurs: 9:30-11:30am Wed: 5-7pm first and third Wednesdays of each month Office Closed: March 24 - March 28 May 26 Hours vary. Please check posted schedule at Center or on FaceBook.

Educational Preschool Program 2014-2015 Woodstock Community Center offers a school year

Children must be: by 9/1/14 to join the 4-5 year old Pre Kindergarten program or by 9/1/14 to join the 3-4 year old Preschool program.

How to Register To register by phone, call: Woodstock Community Center at 503-823-3633 Mt. Scott Community Center at 503-823-3183 Bus Lines: #19 - Woodstock #75 - 9th Ave/Lombard Parking: On street Disabled Access: Entrances: Inaccessible Parking: Designated on street

For more information on this program, call the Center during the office hours listed above.


Woodstock Community Center 503.823.3633

Portland Parks & Recreation Parent/Child

Youth Dance & Movement

Adult must attend.

Ballet - Next Steps ages: 8-12 The time honored training of classical ballet continues here, teaching grace, agility & coordination. Gain strength, mobility & control useful in all types of dance, sport & movement. 1001535 Sa 2pm-2:45pm Bryan Multi 4/5-5/3 $23 1001536 Sa 2pm-2:45pm Bryan Multi 5/10-6/7 $23

Messy Art - Spring Fling ages: 1½-4 Utilize your senses & a variety of tactile mediums. Using art as a way to direct emotions expands the capacity to feel & create. It’s a whole new world! Drop in of $5/class is available, provided class is not full. 1001795 Tu 10am-10:30am Nicholson North 4/1-4/29 $15 Messy Art ages: 1½-4 Hands-on experiences with arts & crafts you might not want to try at home. The joy of creative thinking & self-expression are brought to life using mixed media. Parents act as child’s assistant. Dress appropriately. Drop in of $5/class is available, provided class is not full. No class 5/20 1001682 Tu 10am-10:30am Nicholson North 5/6-6/3 $15 Ballet - Pre Ballet Where Dreams Begin ages: 2½-4 Earliest preparation of time honored training in classical ballet. Agility, grace, coordination, movement & rhythm improves strength while providing the nurturing atmosphere to learn the discipline required. This is a parent/child class. No class 5/26. 1001071 M 9:30am-10am Bryan Multi 3/31-4/28 $23 1001402 M 9:30am-10am Bryan Multi 5/5-6/9 $23 Terrific Twirling 2’s & 3’s ages: 2½-4 Calling all toddlers! Explore very basic techniques in ballet & jazz. Discover exciting methods of movement using dance, activities & games that work on coordination, flexibility, rhythm & body awareness. This is a parent/child class. No class 5/26. 1001678 M 10:15am-10:45am Bryan Multi 3/31-4/28 $23 1001679 M 10:15am-10:45am Bryan Multi 5/5-6/9 $23

Guitar & Piano Lessons Lessons are private & ½-hour in length. Registrations available only through Woodstock Community Center. Music - Guitar & Bass For All Ages ages: 8 & up Realize your dreams of making music together at a family sing-along or in a duet with friends. All ages benefit playing together. Learn the basic rhythms & chords used in folk & popular songs as you develop musical abilities. No class 5/26. 1001538 M 3pm-9pm Isabell Office 3/31-4/28 $70 1001539 M 3pm-9pm Isabell Office 5/5-6/9 $70 Music - Piano For All ages: 8 & up Now is your moment! Become part of a time-honored tradition - discover the joy of playing a musical instrument! Study proper techniques enabling you to gain confidence, finger dexterity & a sense of accomplishment. Hear the results right away! 1001540 W 4pm-8:30pm Hale Kitchen 4/2-4/30 $70 1001541 W 4pm-8:30pm Hale Kitchen 5/7-6/11 $84


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Portland Parks & Recreation Tae Kwon Do


Tae Kwon Do - For Everybody ages: 7 & up Join over 40 million people who practice this Korean martial art. Increase agility & strength while improving coordination using kicks, punches & blocks. Parents, children & families are welcome. 1001544 Tu Th 5:30pm-6:30pm Wright Multi 4/1-5/1 $45 1001545 Tu Th 5:30pm-6:30pm Wright Multi 5/6-6/12 $54

Antique Clock Repair ages: 18 & up You have a classic timepiece, but no TICK TOCK! Discover the history of your slumbering clock while enjoying the hands-on experience of bringing it back to life. Gain important new knowledge of basic & major repairs. No class 5/26. 1001534 M 7pm-9pm Pohlpeter Basement 3/31-4/28 $30 1001571 M 7pm-9pm Pohlpeter Basement 5/5-6/9 $30

Tae Kwon Do - First Kicks ages: 7 & up A beginning class in Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art similar to Karate. The class teaches self defense using kicks, blocks, punches, strikes both as an exercise program & as a means of self defense. Flexibility & strength are increased through movement developed over hundreds of years in Asia. Emphasizes cooperation, self control & a non-competitive, nonviolent approach to martial arts. No class 5/9. 1001542 F 6pm-7pm Wright Multi 4/4-5/2 $23 1001543 F 6pm-7pm Wright Multi 5/16-6/13 $23

Dance - Country Line ages: 14 & up Get down to a cowboy beat while kicking up your heels & stomping your feet. You don’t need a partner to enjoy it. Believe it or not, this form of movement is great aerobic exercise & a fantastic social opportunity. No class 5/26. 1001537 M 11am-12pm Harn Multi 3/31-4/28 $20 1001587 M 11am-12pm Harn Multi 5/5-6/9 $20 Watercolor For All ages: 14 & up Express your creativity exploring basics to advanced. Use techniques such as sketching, mixing colors & laying washes to develop a unique style. Discover elements of light & shadow, composition & texture that you can bring to all the visual arts. 1001546 Th 1pm-3:30pm Mintkeski Multi 4/3-5/8 $36 Zumba Fitness ages: 14 & up Experience one of the fastest growing, dance-based fitness crazes in the country! People of all ages are falling in love with its infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves, & body-beautifying benefits. Routines combine fast & slow rhythms to achieve a balance of cardio & muscle-toning benefits. A dynamic, exciting & effective workout! Move fast & have fun! 1001073 Th 7pm-8pm Streed Multi 4/3-5/1 $24 1001082 Th 7pm-8pm Streed Multi 5/8-6/12 $29


Woodstock Community Center 503.823.3633

Portland Parks & Recreation Adults 55 & up Writing Your Memories ages: 55 & up Everyone would love to find a journal or diary of their ancestors. Where’s yours? Future generations will cherish the childhood & family stories you prepare for them today. Learn to easily write your thoughts & recollections & preserve them before they disappear. Class for both beginning & continuing students. Although optional, it is recommended new students purchase a beginning writing booklet for $20. Write at home, bring stories to share in class for feedback & support. Bring paper & pen. Facility is not wheelchair or walker accessible due to steps. 1001529 W 10am-12pm Multi 4/23-6/11 1001530 W 1pm-3pm Multi 4/23-6/11

Aulicino $28 Aulicino $28

Zumba Gold ages: 55 & up Enjoy modified moves & pacing with the same elements Zumba is known for: zesty Latin music, like salsa, merengue, cumbia & reggaeton, exhilarating easy-to-follow moves & an invigorating atmosphere. Build cardiovascular health by challenging the heart & working the muscles of the hips, legs & arms. It’s a dance-fitness class that feels friendly & fun! No class 4/20. 1001547 Su 12:45pm-1:30pm Neck Multi 3/30-5/4 $18 1001548 Su 1:45pm-2:30pm Neck Multi 3/30-5/4 $18 1001549 Su 12:45pm-1:30pm Neck Multi 5/11-6/8 $18 1001550 Su 1:45pm-2:30pm Neck Multi 5/11-6/8 $18

INCLUSION SERVICES FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Within the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) of 1990, Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) provides accommodations to individuals with disabilities/special needs, so that they may receive an equal opportunity to fully participate in programs offered citywide. How it Works First choose the activity you’d like to do & the PP&R site at which you’d like to do it. Next, register for the class. When registering, let the person know that you will need accommodations in order to participate in the activity. Once registered, contact Inclusion Services at (503) 823-4328. If this is your first accommodation through Inclusion Services, you will need to do a phone intake with a staff member at that number. At the end of the phone intake it will be determined whether an assistant will be needed on the first day of the activity to provide on-site support at the age-appropriate class. Future assistance will be provided based on need. The inclusion staff will work with the instructor on how to support you and your individual needs. A general program may be adapted using auxiliary aids & services, but the basic structure of the program remains the same. Accommodations are made as needed & can be flexible & creative, ensuring the participant engages as independently as possible. If you have questions about Inclusion Services, please call 503-823-4328 V/TTY. A minimum of 10 business days (Monday-Friday) advance notice is required. The Inclusion Services staff will do their best to accommodate each participant.

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The City of Portland will make reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities. Please notify us no less than five (5) business days prior to the event by phone 503-823-4328, or by calling the City’s TTY at 503-823-6868, or by the Oregon Relay Service at 1-800-735-2900.


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Mt. Scott Community Center 5530 SE 72nd Portland, OR 97206

Woodstock Community Center Spring 2014 Activities  
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