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Spring 2014

Summer Camp Preview

St. Johns

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Mayor Charlie Hales Director Mike Abbaté

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014

St. Johns Community Center

Summer ­Preview! Sign up now for our summer camps! page 78

8427 N Central St 97203 Telephone: 503.823.3192 Building Director: Amie Massier Recreation Coordinator: Jamie Moos-Benjamin

Spring 2014 March 31, 2014 – June 15, 2014 Building Hours: Monday 8:30-9pm Tuesday 8:30-8pm Wednesday 8:30-6pm Thursday 8:30-8pm Friday 8:30-6pm Saturday & Sunday CLOSED – Rentals available Hours are subject to change based on class schedules, activities and needs. Holiday Hours: March 17th - 22nd Annual Maintenance May 26th Memorial Day


Bus Lines: #4 Fessenden, #44 Mocks Crest, #75 Cesar Chavez Blvd/Lombard Parking: On Street Disabled Access: Entrances, Parking & Restrooms are accessible

Table of Contents Bridge Buddies.................................................................... 3 Drop-In Schedule............................................................... 4 Spring Break Camps........................................................... 5 Summer Camps.................................................................. 6 Specialty Camps Preview................................................... 7 Tae Kwon Do..................................................................... 8 Yoga..................................................................................... 8 Parent/Child Sports, Gymnastics & Cheer....................... 9 Preschool Sports, Gymnastics & Cheer.......................... 10 Youth Gymnastics............................................................. 10 Youth Sports Leagues....................................................... 10 Afterschool Program........................................................ 11 Scholarship Form............................................................. 14 Registration...................................................................... 17

Inclusion Services: Portland Parks & Recreation provides accommodations to individuals with disabilities/special needs, so they may receive an equal opportunity to participate in programs. For information on requesting accommodations see page 113 or call 503-823-4328. Minimum Enrollment: Register early! Please be sure to note the start and end date when registering. Classes which have not met the minimum enrollment 2 days before the class is scheduled to start is subject to be cancelled.

Annual Building Maintenance: March 17th-March 22nd 2 St Johns Community Center


St. Johns will be closed for CLOSED for Annual Maintenance.

Portland Parks & Recreation

Bridge Buddies Educational Preschool

Your bridge to a lifelong love of learning at St Johns Community Center

2014-2015 School Year Pre-Registration: March 3rd, 9:30am

Currently enrolled students & siblings ONLY.

Registration: March 25th Open to NEW students.

Call for information. 503.823.3192 The St. Johns Bridge Buddies Educational Preschool Program is based on the philosophy that children develop & grow at their own rate. In order to grow & develop their senses a child must “play” by exploring & manipulating their environment. To enhance this experience, the classroom is set up in learning centers that enable children to explore different areas of development such as fine motor, socialization, pre-math, pre-reading & listening skills. Preschool for your child is the foundation for academic learning. The St. Johns Bridge Buddies program follows the traditional school schedule with children enrolled September through early June.

Preschool For Little Ones Ages: 2 ½-3 Are You Ready? Play is the essential work of childhood, worthy of respect & encouragement. Curriculum designed to include stories; games & songs provide playful interaction while setting the stage for exploration, socialization & fostering a positive selfconcept. Children must be 2 by March 1, 2014. T/Th

11:15am-12:45pm Teacher Polly

Fee: $70

Preschool-Pre Kindergarten Ages: 4-5 Make new connections developing social & emotional skills! Opportunities for discovery, exploration & socialization fosters a positive self-concept through activities including ABC’s, arts, numbers, games, stories, songs & themes. Build self-confidence, independence & creative thinking through manipulative activities, reading readiness & positive reinforcement. Children must be 4 by September 1, 2014. A - M-Th* B - M/W/F

8:30-11am Teacher Polly 11:45-2:15pm Teacher Patty

Fee: $170* Fee: $125

Preschool Ages: 3-4 Creative play in a supportive environment is important to a child’s positive overall development. Make friends playing, painting, singing & sharing. Provides structured time during early childhood to enhance physical, mental, emotional & social growth & development. Children must be 3 by September 1, 2014. A - M/W/F B - Tu/Th

8:45-11:15am 1-3pm

Teacher Patty Teacher Polly

Fee: $125 Fee: $75

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St. Johns

Bridge Buddies Classes:

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014 St. Johns Spring 2014 Drop-In Schedule Schedule effective March 31, 2014 – June 6, 2014. Schedule may be adjusted to meet community & facility needs.

Parent/Child Drop-in Activities


Baby Gym


$1, age: 18mos and younger “wobblers”

Indoor Park $1, age: 5 & under with an adult


Wednesday New

9:30-11:30 am

Youth Drop-In Activities




9:30-11:30 am

9:30-11:30 am






age: 17 & under Free, ID required for teens






Adult Fitness Drop-In Activities








Youth & Teen Open Basketball

Open Gym

7-9 pm

$3, age: 18 & up (photo ID required)

Tai Chi $3.50, age: 55 & up




$10, age: 14 & up

BABY GYM Crawl this way! Indoor Park toys too big for your baby? Here’s an alternative in our mat room. No need to worry as little ones explore our soft & safe environment. Playful & challenging activities gently encourage your child to develop strength, coordination, & body awareness.


INDOOR PARK Indoor Park is a safe & cooperative playtime for children accompanied by parents. Encourages the development of motor skills while helping children gain experience with group interaction & cooperative play on equipment, cars & assorted toys. Parents are responsible for supervising their children. BASKETBALL – OPEN GYM Come by the Center after school and get in a couple games of pick up basketball. School ID required and must fill out a Youth Registration Card to participate. BASKETBALL – ADULTS Practice your shots or join in on a friendly pick up game. Photo ID required. Tai Chi Incorporates slow, gentle movements that increase lexibility, balancing & lung capacity; promotes stress relief, body awareness, plus suppleness in your spine. YOGA FOR EVERYONE Relax your mind & body while improving strength, stamina & flexibility. Relieve the stresses of daily life with these revitalizing techniques. This centuries old practice of exercise increases your focus & sense of well-being.

4 St Johns Community Center


Portland Parks & Recreation

Spring Break Camps!

Join the Egg-Stravaganza!

Friday, April 11 6:00 - 7:30pm

Preschool Spring Break Fun! age: 3-5 Discover action-packed days filled with arts, crafts, music, sports, active games & cooking! Playing, singing, painting & doing activitiestogether builds teamwork, self-discipline & respect for self & others. Happy days are here again! 420978 M-Th 9-12pm



Only $3 St. Johns

For a trip through the Outdoor Bunny Patch

Egg & C Hunt raf ts

Spring Break Thrills Grade: K-5th Enjoy time off from school with action-packed, nonstop activities such as arts & crafts, sports & games, special events & more! Make new friends, discover new skills & tame that excess energy. Participants need to make sure they bring a lunch and small snack with them each day. 417257 M-F


3/24-3/28 $125

Early Risers is available during Spring Break 417256 M-F


Classes: 5



Ages 8 & Under We Provide the bucket!

Volunteers are needed to help fill eggs! Contact us if you are interested in helping.

St. Johns Community Center (503) 823-3192 Register On-Line at


Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014

Summer Camps! Payment


We spend our days engaged in active, creative, and social activities that involve very little or no screen time.

Payment is due prior to the camp start date. You may pay the entire balance at the time of registration, or you can pay a down payment of $10 per week and schedule your payments to be due Monday prior to the camp’s start date.


Staff & Safety

Camps fill quickly, so register early. If you need to withdraw, a full refund will only be issued if the notice is given by Wednesday prior to the camp start date. Withdrawals made less than three days in advance will be assessed a $15 withdrawal fee. Withdrawals made during the week will be prorated.

Safety is our number one priority. We hire highly skilled, energetic, and caring people who truly love working with children. All of our staff are First Aid and CPR certified, and must pass a background check. Our camps operate on a one staff for each 10 campers to improve our ability to properly supervise and engage kids in creative and energetic activities.

Structure & Variety We include a variety of activities to keep young minds and bodies active and challenged. Free choice and relaxation time provides a chance to enjoy low-key activities between more in-depth, structured projects and games. All children are encouraged to participate, but never forced. Field trips to natural areas, recreation sites, and cultural centers are fun learning experiences. We create an environment that is structured and supportive, but also fun and flexible.

Summertime Thrills Camp Ages 6-12 Experience action packed camps filled with exciting activities. Build cooperation, confidence & teamwork skills while making new friends. Stimulate your imagination & increase self-esteem while discovering ways to positively use your energy.

Time: 9am-5:30pm Days: M-F Fee: $125 Early Risers Early Drop Off: 7:30am-9am, $20/wk Dates

Course Early Risers

Field Trips




Cosmic Bowling




Swimming at EPCC




Roller Skating








Swimming at Wilson Pool




Blue Lake Park BBQ




JJ Jump








AC Gilbert




Field Day




Farm Trip

6 St Johns Community Center


No Camp: *7/4

Portland Parks & Recreation

Speciaty Camps Preview Preschool Sports Camp

Ages 4-6

Let your energy & creativity fly! Children explore their world through arts & crafts, games, stories & thematic activities that are developmentally appropriate. Make new friends, stimulate your imagination & develop new skills as you play together. Time: 9:30am-12pm


Days: M-Th


Youth Sports Camp

A mixed bag of team & organized activities guaranteed to get you in shape. A non-competitive, nurturing environment with emphasis on sportsmanship & fair play helps encourage skills for a lifetime. Time: 1-5pm


Course Theme 1003084

Basketball - Kids on the Courts



Soccer for PeeWees






Tennis for Tots



Sports Spectacular



Basketball - Kids on the Courts



Soccer for PeeWees



Sports Spectacular



Baseball/Softball - Diamond Dandies

Days: M-F Fee:

Course Sport



Basketball - Hoop It Up



Soccer - Let's Kick It



Baseball/Softball - Batter Up



Tennis Kids


Basketball - Hoop It Up

7/21-7/25 7/28-8/2



Ultimate Frisbee & Disc Golf



Soccer - Let's Kick It



Flag Football



Baseball/Softball - Batter Up

St. Johns


Ages 7-12

Preschool Theme Camps Ages 3-5 Let your energy & creativity fly! Children explore their world through arts & crafts, games, stories & thematic activities that are developmentally appropriate. Make new friends, stimulate your imagination & develop new skills as you play together. Time: 9am-12pm


Days: M-Th


Course Theme



On the Loose with Dr. Seuss



Dinosaur Tales!



Red, White, Blue & You



Butterflies, Bugs & Busy Bees



Down By the Bay



Jungle Safari



Bubblicious Bubble Blast!



Alphabet Soup

Register On-Line at


Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014 Tae Kwon Do (ages 7 & up)


Join over 40 million people who practice this Korean martial art. Increase agility & strength while improving coordination using kicks, punches & blocks. Parents, children & families are welcome No class on March 18 & 20.

Yoga For Everyone age: 14 & up Relax your mind & body while improving strength, stamina & flexibility. Relieve the stresses of daily life with these revitalizing techniques. This centuries old practice of exercise increases your focus & sense of well-being. Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% off the second session fee. Discount not available online. Drop-in fee $10/class.

421276 Tu, Th 6-7pm

Classes: 26



There are a number of benefits for children who engage in Tae Kwon Do. Physical benefits • Increasing flexibility • Improving coordination • Developing quickness • Learning self-defense skills

422056 422057 422058 422059

Tu Tu Th Th

6:45-7:45pm 6:45-7:45pm 6:45-7:45pm 6:45-7:45pm

Classes: 6 Classes: 7 Classes: 6 Classes: 7

4/1-5/6 5/13-6/24 4/3-5/8 5/15-6/26

$42 $49 $42 $49

Mental benefits • Building self-confidence • Practicing self-discipline • Increasing concentration • Gaining goal orientations Social benefits: • Making new friends • Developing leadership • Learning respect for others Our classes are small and a comfortable environment to learn in. We emphasize learning at all ages, and at all belt levels. From the very first class, students are shown how to learn independently, and to teach themselves. A valuable lesson to take with them throughout their life. Our program is designed so that no one is left behind and no one is unchallenged in their development. *Please note, St. Johns Community Center offers a monthly payment option for those who are interested in breaking the tuition into 3 equal payments of $38. The first payment is due at the time of registration. The remaining payments are due on May 1st and June 1st. This option REQUIRES a credit card and a Payment Authorization Form to be filled out and processed at the front desk at the time of registration.

8 St Johns Community Center


55+ Tai Chi-Beginning age: 55 & up More than 600 years ago Tai Chi evolved in China as healers searched for a source of physical immortality. Incorporates slow, gentle movements that increase flexibility, balancing & lung capacity; promotes stress relief, body awareness, plus suppleness in your spine & increased stamina. Register for two sessions in one transaction and receive 20% off the second session fee. Discount not available online.

Beginning 422050 Tu 422051 Tu

10-11am 10-11am

Classes: 6 Classes: 7

4/1-5/6 $15 5/13-6/24 $17.50

9:30-10:30am 9:30-10:30am 9:30-10:30am 9:30-10:30am

Classes: 6 Classes: 6 Classes: 6 Classes: 7

3/31-5/5 $15 5/12-6/23 $15 4/2-5/7 $15 5/14-6/25 $17.50

Intermediate 422052 422053 422054 422055


Portland Parks & Recreation Parent/Child Music & Movement Music, Marching & Make Believe age: 18mos-3yrs Fingerplays, nursery rhymes, marching & simple instruments are combined with imagination & creative dramatics to provide a positive group experience for the young child. Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% off the second session fee. Discount not available online. 422216 W 422217 W

9-9:30 9-9:30

Classes: 5 Classes: 5

4/2-4/30 5/7-6/4

$15 $15

Parent/Child Gymnastics These classes for the young child require participation by the adult or caregiver accompanying the child. Come prepared to be active! Child should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, for example sweats/shorts & T-shirt or leotard. Please register for the class that is age-appropriate for your child.

421267 Tu 421268 Tu 421269 Sa

10:15-10:45am Classes: 5 10:15-10:45am Classes: 5 11-11:30am Classes: 6

4/1-4/29 5/6-6/3 4/5-5/10

$20 $20 $24

Tumble Bugs age: 2½-4 Twirl, whirl & roll! Experience this introduction to gymnastics & tumbling, perfect for those able to attend on their own. Warm ups stretch your muscles, acrobatics work on balance, jumping & springing! Activities increase body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility & spatial awareness as you twist & turn. A rumbly, tumbly fun time. Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% of the second session fee. Discount not available online. 421270 Tu 421271 Tu

11-11:30am 11-11:30am

Classes: 5 Classes: 5

4/1-4/29 5/6-6/3

$20 $20

Gymnastics-Balancing Babes age: 2½ -4 Spring into action with your tumbling toddler! Together, explore physical movement, gain strength & flexibility, & learn body awareness by leaping, rolling, & spinning! See the change in stability & self-control as your child progresses slow & steady with a big finish! Not your average balancing act! 421272 Sa


Classes: 6



Belinda Washington In 2004, Belinda started her acrobatic & gymnastics at Site’s Studio. She then began to focus on aerial dance at A-WOL which led to many professional performance experiences throughout the Northwest. In 2012, Belinda began assisting in gymnastics and circus arts camps during winter, spring and summer breaks. Belinda focuses on the skills and techniques of gymnastics and ensuring a good time is had by all her students.

Saidah Saidah started her upside-down career in artistic gymnastics at the age of 2. She switched to acrobatic gymnastics in 2003 and trained and competed in several women’s pairs at the state, regional and national level until 2008. During and after her competitive career, Saidah has coached preschool and school-age gymnasts and acrobats. She has also studied Child Development, which allows her to bring creativity and an understanding of children’s social, physical and mental progress. Saidah currently coaches gymnastics around the Portland Metro, develops acrobatic gymnastics programs and is building her circus and acrobatic repertoire.

Jenni Weber Jenni was born a natural dancer, in fact if you ask her mom she would say, “Jenni was dancing before she could walk.” She began dancing and teaching at the Jaquie Kunzman School of Ballet. Jenni is a full company member of twolocal professional dance companies. In addition, Jenni has a Masters degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Early Childhood development. This adds to her natural ability to work well with children of all ages. She loves teaching and instilling the joy, love and passion for dance in her students! Register On-Line at


St. Johns

Gym Dandies age: 18mos – 3yrs Do you like to turn upside down? To climb & jump? Tumbling, gymnastic & acrobatic basics explored together with music, mats & movement.Increase balance, mobility & socialization skills using imagination & increasing listening skills. It’s flippin’fun! Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% of the second session fee. Discount not available online.

Meet Our instructors

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014 Preschool Gymnastics Come prepared to be active! Child should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, for example sweats/shorts & T-shirt or leotard. Please register for the class that is ageappropriate for your child. Gymnastics-Preschool age: 3-5 Test your balance while learning skill development exercises involving jumping & landing, balances & poses, body awareness & flexibility &movement. Your child will enjoy learning the basics in a fun, noncompetitive way. Build self-esteem & confidence, sharpen problem solving skills &increase your motor & coordination skills. You’ll be head over heels! Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% off the second session fee. Discount not available online. 421264 Tu 421265 Tu 421266 Sa

9:15-10am 9:15-10am 10-10:45am

Classes: 5 Classes: 5 Classes: 6

4/1-4/29 5/6-6/3 4/5-5/10

$36 $36 $43

Preschool Dance Ballet-Pre Ballet Where Dreams Begin age: 3-5 Earliest preparation of time honored training in classical ballet. Agility, grace, coordination, movement & rhythm improves strength while providing the nurturing atmosphere to learn the discipline required. 421599 W 421600 W

9:45-10:30am Classes: 5 9:45-10:30am Classes: 5

4/2-4/30 5/7-6/04

$23 $23

Tap Dance – Tiny Tapers age: 3-5 Little feet tap to the beat! Get a great start on an exciting & lively American dance form through tap, marching & rhythm exercises while increasing balance & coordination. Perfect introduction! Register for both sessions in one transaction and receive 20% off the second session fee. Discount not available online. 1002591 W 1002592 W

10:45-11:30am Classes: 5 10:45-11:30am Classes: 5

4/2-4/30 5/7-6/4

$23 $23

Youth Gymnastics Gymnastics-I Beginning age: 6-10 Stretch, tumble, balance & leap! Emphasizes fundamentals-rolls, cartwheels & headstands-with an introduction to the different equipment available. Progression of basic skills benefits both boys & girls as they develop strength, agility & coordination applicable to all sports. 421273 Sa 421274 Tu 421275 Tu

11:45-12:45pm Classes: 6 4:30-5:30pm Classes: 5 4:30-5:30pm Classes: 5

10 St Johns Community Center

4/5-5/10 4/1-4/29 5/6-6/3


$48 $40 $40

The Community Centers of North Portland work in collaboration to offer youth althletic leagues for basketball. Practices will take place at St. Johns Community Center and all games are tentatively scheduled to be held on Fridays at Charles Jordan Community Center. These non-competitive athletic leagues for boys and girls emphasize participation, safety, sportsmanship, and skill development. Registration fee includes a t-shirt and 5 games. Register for the practice day and time that works best for you! Teams fill quickly, register early!

SOCCER Soccer For Mighty Kickers! League! age: 5-7 Work on strategies & skill fundamentals to improve options for successful, cooperative play. Increase abilities to make the best shot withconfidence. Be ready to dribble, pass, shoot & score! 421618 M 421619 W

5:15-6:15pm Classes: 6 4/7-5/12 5:15-6:15pm Classes: 6 4/9-5/14

$35 $35

Portland Parks & Recreation Youth After School Programs Dynamic after school program designed to enrich kids’ lives focusing on health, nutrition & an active lifestyle! Experience the safety & supervision of a traditional after school program, including homework help & skill building. In addition, kids gain knowledge in a variety of healthy food choices beginning with gardening & finishing with nutritious cooking projects. Get up & move & participate in stimulating activities such as dance, sports & group games. A fresh approach to life-long learning! GROW does not operate on non-PPS school days. However, we do provide School’s Day Out activities for your children, please see below.

Grades: K-5th

Where kids can... Plant & harvest crops! Taste new fruits and vegetables! Cook kid-friendly dishes! Take field trips to local farms! Try yoga and pilates! Get homework help!


Enrolling NOW at Charles Jordan and St. Johns!

Monday – Friday


GROW serves kids from the following schools: James John, Astor and Sitton. We provide bus transportation from Astor and Sitton. Students attending James John are escorted from the school to the community center immediately following dismissal. Financial assistance available on a sliding scale basis. Please ask for more information at the Community Center.

St. Johns

School’s Out Activities St. Johns Community Center is happy to provide an alternative for parent’s on PPS No School Days or Late Openings when you have to work but your kids are out of school! Keep them off the couch and doing something active, creative and FUN! Early Risers! age: 6-12 Does your workday start before our program begins? Drop off the kids for informal recreational activities so you’re on time! Read books,play games, develop new skills & shoot hoop in a safe & positive environment-jump start your day! We’ve got you covered! Transportation provided to Astor & James John Elmentary schools. Not available for Sitton Elmentary School students due to PPS calenders 421278 W


Classes: 1



421280 W


Classes: 1



Register On-Line at 11

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014

Charles Jordan Community Center 12 St Johns Community Center


Portland Parks & Recreation


St. Johns

Register On-Line at 13

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION for Classes & Programs THIS FORM IS FOR CLASSES & PROGRAMS ONLY. FOR INFORMATION ON MEMBERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS CONTACT YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY CENTER. FACILITY NAME:____________________________________ PROGRAM/ACTIVITY:______________________________ Portland Parks & Recreation recognizes that some residents of the City of Portland require financial assistance to attend certain recreational activities. A limited number of scholarships are available for those who qualify. The information requested below is confidential and necessary to help determine the degree of need for each applicant. ALL information must be filled in or the application will be returned unaccepted. If you are applying for multiple scholarships, a separate application is required for each participant and for each activity. Please allow a minimum of 2 working days to process your scholarship. Call or come in to the recreational facility to confirm approval of your scholarship. Proof of income is required with ALL scholarship applications. Please see reverse for more information and valid forms of income verification.

Participant’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Age: ___________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________________ State:_______________________ Zip Code: ______________________ Daytime Phone:________________________________________ Evening Phone: ____________________________________ This scholarship will be used for: Activity: ___________________________________ Barcode:________________________ Knowing that the normal fee for this program is $_______________ what do you think you can pay? $_______________ Our program does not allow us to cover the program fee completely, so please enter an amount that is possible for you to pay.

State the financial need which makes it impossible for you to pay entire fee: __________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ FOR YOUTH REGISTRATIONS ONLY: Father’s Name: ____________________________________________ Employer:____________________________________ Mother’s Name: ___________________________________________ Employer:_____________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ Participant / Parent / Guardian Signature FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:

_____________________ Date


Term: ___________________________ Dates Phoned: _____________________ Less Scholarship Amt: $ ________________ Program Manager Signature: _________________________________________ Total Participant Fee: $ ___________________ Dates Phoned: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Sustaining a healthy park and recreation system to make Portland a great place to live, work and play. • Commissioner Nick Fish • Director Mike Abbaté


Date Received: ____________________ Date Approved: ____________________ Regular Program Fee: $ ________________

Portland Parks & Recreation

VERIFICATION OF INCOME ELIGIBILITY When applying for a scholarship, Portland Parks & Recreation requires a copy of your latest 1040 Income Tax Form or other accepted form to verify your income (see below). This information must be update with each subsequent scholarship request. Portland Parks & Recreation values your privacy and will make every effort to ensure information provided remains confidential. Number of children living at home: ___________Number of adults in household: __________ TOTAL YEARLY FAMILY INCOME (include child support if applicable):

o 0 to $19,239 o $19,240 to $25,899 o $25,900 to $32,559

o $32,560 to $39,219 o $39,220 to $45,879 o $45,880 to $52,539

o $52,540 to $59,199 o $59,200 to $65,859 o Over $65,859

ACCEPTABLE forms of income verification (please check form used): _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Most recent 1040 income tax return Proof of current Social Security benefits (SSA Benefit Statement or SSA-1099) Proof of disability pay (SSI) Proof of current OHP (Oregon Health Plan – striped medical paper with client info on it) Oregon Trail (food stamps) award letter St. Johns

UNACCEPTABLE forms of income verification: • Bank Statements • Paycheck stubs • Individual W-2’s • Plastic Oregon Trail Card • WIC To the best of my knowledge, the information provided on the Verification of Income Eligibility form is accurate. I understand that misrepresenting could result in an inability to receive Portland Parks & recreation scholarships in the future. Signature of Participant (18 & older or Parent/Guardian


FOR OFFICE USE ONLY After review by staff, proof of eligibility was:

q Return to customer Date: _______________ Staff Name: ______________ q Shred Date: _______________ Staff Name: ______________ Register On-Line at 15

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014

tl r o P

5 $

r c e R


& s k ar

P d an

n o i t ea


lk a w

/ n u er

d i w ty-


4 1 0 2

s e i r se

Presented by


t9 in a

170 1 2 #4 1 l es l i c a h r rn 42117 e All F 8: ents # 21172 73 1 y Ma 15: L riel #4 t #4211 1174 b e Jun 13: Ga relhurs and #42 l u July 17: La stmore 5 . e 7 Aug . 14: W #4211 er) d r t e n i p u r Se 19: P e & d l 7 o . (1 r) & ! s Oc t E r E de dors ea beg


y FR & un , Ven 8 r 1 o f $5 run un (8 tivities s Kid Fun R mily ac s Kid wall, Fa k Space is limited Roc

Register early!

16 St Johns Community Center


Portland Parks & Recreation Registration: Receipt of full payment is required for

registration, unless otherwise arranged. If you have a nonresident pass, please let us know. Please call if you receive a returned check or declined bank card notice, either of which void registration.

Resident / Non-Resident definitions

A resident is: • anyone who occupies a permanent residence inside the city limits of Portland. At the discretion of a Community Center Director, proof of home address may be required. Acceptable address verification may include a 1) drivers license, 2) Oregon ID card, 3) property tax statement, 4) utility bill or lease agreement with current home address. • any child living within the school boundaries of the Reynolds and Centennial School Districts who is attending a SUN Community School. Through a partnership between the City and County, a child attending a SUN Community School is eligible to register for programs at any SUN Community School location without paying a non-resident fee.

Non-residents who wish to register for PP&R activities may choose one of these options: • pay the additional 40% non-resident fee. • purchase a non-resident pass as either an individual or family for a period of three, six, nine or twelve months from the date of purchase. Once a non-resident pass is purchased, you can sign up for classes and memberships at the resident rate. Inquire about this option at time of registration. Non-resident passes are not refundable. Passes are activated at the date of purchase and must be valid at the time of registration through the last day of class to be eligible for the resident fee. Non-Resident Pass Prices 3 Month Pass: Individual - $25 6 Month Pass: Individual - $45 9 Month Pass: Individual - $65 One Year Pass: Individual - $85

Family - $50 Family - $90 Family - $130 Family - $170

A family is defined as a unit that resides at the same address. Children and/or close relatives should be included in a family consistent with IRS dependency status. At the discretion of the Community Center Director, a family’s most recent tax forms may be required as proof of dependency status.

Class Enrollment: Our classes must meet minimum

and maximum enrollment standards. Classes may fill quickly or be canceled due to low enrollment.

Withdrawal & Refunds: Please notify us at least five (5) business days (Monday-Friday), unless otherwise specified, before the start of your program so that we can refund or credit your account for the registration fee. Pre-paid materials and admission tickets cannot be refunded. Participants needing to withdraw after the program has begun are offered a prorated credit or refund based upon when the request is made.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our goal! Portland Parks & Recreation strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with a recreation program or service, please let us know. Notice Of Non-Discrimination: PP&R programs and services reflect the cultural diversity of our community. We do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age or ability.

Special Needs: Within the American with Disability Act (ADA), a person with a disability or special need who desires assistance with registration and/or participation in general PP&R programs can contact Inclusion Services at 503-823-4328 V/TTY. If you request assistance through Inclusion Services, a minimum of 10 business days (Monday-Friday) advance notice is required. If you need a sign language interpreter or FM loop amplifier, please contact 503-823-4328 V/TTY, at least five business days in advance of the activity or class. Information about programs and services is available online for those needing a voice synthesis; visit our website at For additional ADA information, call 503-823-2223 V/TTY. Photo policy: Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) reserves the right, and may give permission to the media, to photograph classes, programs, and participants at any of our facilities and properties or any sponsored activity. Please be aware that these photos are for promotional purposes and may be used in future publications and media communications in any format. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform staff and we will make reasonable efforts to honor your request. If you see staff taking pictures, and you do not wish to be photographed, please let us know. If you see a photo of yourself or a family member that causes you concern, please notify us. As a courtesy, we will make every reasonable effort to dispose of the image, and will not use it in future publications. However, we will not be able to retrieve, destroy or discontinue existing printed publications in which the photograph may have been included.

Information Hotline: For information on other

PP&R services & programs, call the Parks Information Hotline at 503-823-PLAY (7529), Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm.

Inclement Weather: If the City of Portland public school districts (Portland Public, Parkrose, David Douglas, Reynolds, and Centennial) are closed because of weather conditions, PP&R classes and youth basketball in those school districts are cancelled. However, some sites may be open for drop-in activities. Call the specific PP&R facility for information and opening/closing times. If inclement weather is forecast on weekends or holidays, call the PP&R facility or program for operating hours and activity cancellations. Register On-Line at 17

Registration Information

Anyone else is considered a non-resident (NR) and will be assessed a NR fee. NR fees do not apply to drop-in activities.

Scholarships: City of Portland residents, regardless of age, who require financial assistance may apply for partial scholarships. Contact individual centers for information.

Portland Portland Parks Parks & & Recreation Recreation - Spring 2014

Registration is a breeze!

Choose 1 of 5 easy ways to register

ur Goal. Portland faction is O Parks s i t a S r & Re u o Y crea tion

ction. tisfa r sa me sto cu

Phone. Call our Customer Service Center at 503-823-2525, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm. Visa or Mastercard are accepted by phone. You are welcome to call any of our community centers to register over the phone as well. Mail. Mail in your completed registration form (next page) to: PP&R Customer Service Center, 1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1302, Portland, OR, 97204. Include full payment using your Visa, Mastercard or check payable to the City of Portland.

Register Now – One of 5 Easy Ways


On-line at Click on the Register Now! tab to search and register for classes in real-time any time. New & improved functions include searching by age, date, location, activity, and time. As this is a new system, we have included “how to” information.

stri ve s fo r1 00

Fax. Fax to 503-823-2515. Complete the registration form (next page) and fax it to us with full payment using your Visa or Mastercard. Fax is accepted 24 hours a day, seven days a week but is processed during regular business hours. In Person. Any PP&R facility is able to process your registration, including the Customer Service Center, which is located on the first floor of the Portland Building at 1120 SW 5th Ave. See the map of our facilities within this catalog.

nd la ea Ad a tive a Inclu si ve m ns eve yone3pV/TTYys ! p r 3-222 Cal l 5 0 3 - 82

For more information on:

Accommodations, non-residents, withdrawls, and policy information listed on prior page

18 St Johns Community Center


Portland Parks & Recreation CHECK ONE:

 New Customer

 Taken class with PP&R before  My account information has changed

Main Contact Name _______________________________________________________________________ Birthdate ___________________________ M_____ F_____ CIRCLE ONE:

African immigrant White

American Indian/Alaska Native Slavic/Eastern European Immigrant

Black/African American Asian

Hispanic/Latino Multi-Racial

Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Other

Home Address ________________________________________________________________________ City/St/Zip _______________________________________________ Home Phone ( _________)________________________________________________ Work Phone ( _________)_________________________________________________ Cell Phone ( _________)_____________________________________________ Email Address _______________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Portland Parks & Recreation welcomes individuals with disabilities and special needs into programs. Please describe any accommodations needed for successful inclusion: _____________________________________________________________________________________________ PARTICIPANT INFORMATION Name (last, first)



Class Title

Course #

Class Location

 I already have a non-resident pass. Kind of card

Passholder name

_______________________ Purchase


date ______/______/______


 I need a pass. Circle one: 3 month | 6 month | 9 month | 1 year


Circle one: Individual | Family Name of person(s) needing card _______________________________________________________________________________ 3 month pass: individual, $25; family, $50 | 6 month pass: individual, $45; family, $90 9 month pass: individual, $65; family, $130 | 1 year pass: individual, $85; family, $170

40% non-resident surcharge or pass


I do not want a pass. I choose to pay the 40% surcharge.




Class Title

Course #

Class Location

Non-Residents of the City of Portland pay a 40% surcharge. Or you may purchase a non-resident pass at the amounts listed below. List pass price or 40% surcharge in column at right and add to your total.

 I already have a non-resident pass. Kind of card

Passholder name

_______________________ Purchase

date ______/______/______


 I need a pass. Circle one: 3 month | 6 month | 9 month | 1 year

Circle one: Individual | Family Name of person(s) needing card _______________________________________________________________________________ 3 month pass: individual, $25; family, $50 | 6 month pass: individual, $45; family, $90 9 month pass: individual, $65; family, $130 | 1 year pass: individual, $85; family, $170

Start Date


Subtotal 40% non-resident surcharge or pass

 I do not want a pass. I choose to pay the 40% surcharge.




Check number_____________________

 CREDIT CARD Account #

(make check payable to the City of Portland)


____ ____ ____ ____


____ ____ ____ ____

- ____

____ ____ ____

Cardholder’s Name_____________________________________________________ Please print

- ____

____ ____ ____

Expires ____________________________________


 VISA  MasterCard

Register On-Line at 19

Registration Information

Non-Residents of the City of Portland pay a 40% surcharge. Or you may purchase a non-resident pass at the amounts listed below. List pass price or 40% surcharge in column at right and add to your total.

Start Date

Portland Parks & Recreation - Spring 2014

FREE & Under $3! On a budget? These programs offer more bang for your buck!

Charles Jordan Community Center

Peninsula Park Community Center

Indoor Park • $1

Valentine’s Day Dance • FREE All ages: 2/7/14, 6-8pm

Art Park • $1

Age: 1-5 years 10-2pm, Monday-Friday Age: 1-5 years 11-12pm, Tuesday & Wednesday

Computer Lab • FREE 18 & up: 9-5pm, M-Sa Teen: 2:30-5pm, Monday-Thursday Homework Help • FREE Game Room • FREE Open Gym • FREE

Ages: Youth & Teen 3-5pm, Monday-Friday

Ages: Youth & Teen 2:30-5pm, Monday-Thursday Ages: Youth & Teen 2:30-5pm, Monday-Wednesday

FUNtastic Fridays • $2 Teen F/X • $1

Ages: 11-18 4-6pm, Friday Ages: Middle & High School 7-10pm, Saturday

Matt Dishman Community Center Family Play Swim • price varies 11:30-4:20pm (M-Th) 9am-5pm (F) • 12-2 (Sa) • 10:30-1:30 (Su) Open Play Swim • price varies

Indoor Park • $1 Drop-in Teen Nights • FREE Girl Strength • FREE Registration Required

2-6pm (Sa) • 1:30-3pm (Su) Ages 5 & under 9-11:30am (Tu/Th/F) Ages 11-14, 7-9pm 1/17, 2/21, 3/14 Ages 11-17 12-2pm (1/11 & 3/22)

Art Park • $1.50

Ages 1-5 10:30-11:30am, Monday & Thursday

Baby Gym • $1 Ages 6-17 months 9:30-11am, Tuesdays & Wednesdays 1-2:15pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays Indoor Park • $1 Ages 1-5 9:30-11am, Monday, Thursday & Friday 1-3pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 12-2pm, Thursday & Friday Toddler Gym! • $1 Ages 1½-3 11:30-1pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 1-2:30, Friday Men’s Basketball • $3 Women’s Basketball • $3

Ages 18 & up 7:30-9pm, Wednesdays Ages 18 & up 7:30-9pm, Mondays

Game Room Ages 8-17: 3:30-7pm(M-Th), 3:30-5pm(F) Ages 18 & over: 7:30-8:30pm, Monday-Thursday

St Johns Community Center Art Park • $1

Ages 5 & under: 10-11:30am, Friday

Indoor Park • $1

Ages 5 & under: 9:30-11:30, M/W/F

Baby Gym • $1

Ages 5 & under: 9:30-11:30, Thursday

Open Basketball Ages: 18 & up, 7-9pm, Monday Ages: Youth & Teen, 3:30-5pm, Monday-Friday Friday Night Live!

Grades 6-12: 7-10pm, Friday

Did you know? You can buy an individual Active Pass at CJCC or MDCC for around $1 per day! See pgs 8 & 26


St.Johns Drop-In Activities 20 St Johns Community Center


1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1302 Portland, OR 97204 Address Service Requested

St. Johns

St Johns Community Center Spring 2014 Activities  
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