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We believe in a different perspective.

We see an oak bench. They see a rope bridge. The Arundel dining table and bench. Made from nothing but North American oak. Designed to last a lifetime.

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“I mostly hate golf, because I’m quite often a terrible player” Interview, Gary Lineker, page 96

“Outside the Town Hall is a large square lined with restaurants, affording the perfect place to spend the evening enjoying a meal and one of Prague’s famous beers” Travel, page 69

“The Ideal Home Show showcases the latest innovations, the brightest ideas and offers so much inspiration to the thousands of visitors who attend” Competition, page 8

“I am a minimalist trapped inside the body of a hoarding cat-lady” Hill House, page 7



recently bumped into an interesting ‘seasonality table’ online – designed to see what foods are ‘in season’ year-round and help you plan your weekly family menus. No doubt our local restaurateurs are regularly consulting this when looking at their upcoming ‘specials’ board and including regional produce, including Spring lamb and gorgeous vegetables and fruits. I think Easter is a great time to entertain family and friends and get into the kitchen and cook. Perhaps that’s why, throughout this issue, a common theme is beautiful kitchens. We feature the best homes for sale with show-stopping kitchens and include a special interiors feature about kitchen design to inspire your culinary creativity. Fortunately, chocolate is always in season. With the variety of salted caramel products now available on the shelves, I’m clearly not alone in loving salted caramel chocolate (there I said it!). So a recipe for chocolate and salted caramel Easter cake is surely a winner. Turn immediately to page 86. There was no shortage of gorgeous creative cooking on offer at our recent visit to Market Restaurant & Bar in buzzy Western Road, Hove. Read our review on page 82. So, with the imminent forward clock-turning at the end of the month, we will soon rejoice at lighter evenings and the first signs of Spring. We may even dust off that barbecue if the rain stops, and almost dare to look at alfresco dining very soon. Enjoy this tasty issue!

Lynne Edwards Managing Director

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Chinese Tree Mural Wallpaper

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Extreme driving in China with the Range Rover Sport PHEV

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Sussex’s original wooden flooring centre For friendly advice contact 01273 423600 99 Trafalgar Road, Portslade, BN41 1GU FREE PARKING AT BACK OF SHOWROOM

EXPERT column



am a minimalist trapped inside the body of a hoarding cat-lady. Or at least that’s how it feels. Each room of my house should have clear, smooth surfaces highlighting the occasional perfectly positioned objet d’art. The ample built-in storage – bespoke wardrobes in each bedroom, under-stairs cupboards, sideboards, landing storage, a sprawling loft, countless boxes and under-bed drawers mean that everything – EVERYTHING – should have a place.

“The answer is not another trip to IKEA, it is having less stuff. The less, the less you tidy – our consumption is consuming us” So why, then, doesn’t everything stay there? Instead, floor and surfaces are gradually covered through the week by a relentless tide of toys (the toddlers’), washing, drill bits (don’t ask – for reasons best known to Mr Hill there is one on every windowsill), giant shoes (teenagers), Coke cans (teenagers), socks (that’s Mr again).. we are drowning in stuff. Once a fortnight I tackle a feral area. If I’m feeling resilient, its likely oldest teenager's room, where I wage war on food wrappers, mouldy plates, and piles and piles of barely-worn clothes - it resembles a 90s

WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT – IT’S DEFINITELY GOING TO RAIN TODAY What, at the sky? How can you tell? Red sky in the morning.. or is it night? And the cows are lying down. Or are they? I know you’re going to tell me it’s all hogwash. Or bull...

Well, not completely. According to the Met Office, the ‘red sky at night’ is often true: A red sky is caused by the effect of small dust and other particles trapped in the atmosphere have on how we see the sun. A red sky at sunset means that high pressure is moving in from the West, which is usually followed by fine weather. And the morning?

Red skies often appear in the morning when a high pressure weather system has already moved East, taking the good weather with it – and often heralds a period of lower pressure, bringing rain and wind.

art installation, or a feasibility study in clothing-as-floor-covering. More often, it’s a drawer or a cupboard where items have been shoved to die. I’m rarely resilient enough to tackle the domestic paperwork, but oh, how I wish I was – cheques, passports and house keys are all trapped inside that pile, waiting to get out. No matter how much storage we have, we grow and exceed it. It’s a sad reflection on my mental acuity that it’s only in my forties that the light has switched on: The answer is not another trip to IKEA, it is having less stuff. The less, the less you tidy – our consumption is consuming us. I’ve quietly been doing a spot of research. The Japanese Art of Tidying up (interesting, but impractical - you have to start by sorting everything all at once and that would take a month). The ‘organised mum’ method (google it – keep your house tidy in 30 minutes a day! It takes me that long to find the remote. And why should only mum be organised?). The methods might not quite fit, but everything is pointing to a Huge Charity Shop Sort Out – and less shopping. Better for us, better for the environment, maybe slightly less better for IKEA annual turnover. It’s that, or buy a bigger house – and we’d only fill it with stuff. Anyone need any drill bits?

Kate Hill

However, if the weather system is moving from South to North it doesn’t hold true – I’m starting to feel like I should be standing in front of a blue screen… When a halo rings a run, rains approaching…

Another atmospheric sign of rain is a halo around the moon or sun a hazy ring is sometimes caused by ice crystals formed in high clouds, which refract the emitted light. As the ice crystals travel lower, rain becomes more likely, particularly in summer months. Sometimes, though, a halo or ‘corona’ is simply caused by light being refracted through the water in haze or clouds. What about the cows though? Do they know what’s up with the weather?

Sadly, there is less evidence of this. The Met Office say that a number of theories have been proposed for why cows might lie down when rain is imminent, including the suggestion that they are particularly sensitive to atmospheric pressure, that they can sense moisture in the air and lie down to ensure a patch of grass stays nice and dry for tea, or even that they have somehow developed opposable hooves and are able to access weather apps on smart phones. Sadly, these theories remain unproven, and a cow is no more likely to lie down before rain than at any other time. Mostly, they lie down for a nap. Or to read the news.



IDEAL HOME SHOW Property experts line up for the Ideal Home Show 2018


hil Spencer, Charlie Luxton, Martin Roberts and Kunle Barker head to the Ideal Home Show, sponsored by Zoopla, running from 17 March to 2 April at Olympia London. These household names bring their insightful property knowledge and specialist areas of expertise to the UK’s leading home exhibition. On hand to provide tips and advice to the public, they will provide visitors with an opportunity to see them live at the show on the Super Theatre stage throughout the 17-day event. Recent data from property website Zoopla shows the average price of a home in Britain increased in value by £9,652 over the course of 2017, with each property going up by £28 per day. Given the strength of the current market, it’s crucial to spend wisely, whether securing a dream home or looking to maximise investments. The Ideal Home Show is here to help, with the nation’s favourite property expert, Phil Spencer, heading the show’s formidable celebrity foursome. He

will answer questions in his Q&A session and share experiences of top TV shows Location, Location, Location and Love It or List It. Phil will be joined by agricultural designer and TV presenter Charlie Luxton as he talks about sustainable architecture, and by Martin Roberts from BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer as he offers advice for buying property at auction. Finally, whether it’s a family home or investment, newly acquired or in long-term ownership, property expert and ITV’s prime-time Love Your Home & Garden presenter Kunle Barker gives top tips for realising the potential hidden inside your bricks and mortar. Phil Spencer commented: “I really enjoy this event. The Ideal Home Show showcases the latest innovations, the brightest ideas and offers so much inspiration to the thousands of visitors who attend. It’s a great day out and also provides consumers with as much information as possible to help them make better-informed property decisions.” The show’s Super Theatre property stars are joined by a host of other celebrities and experts offering exclusive demonstrations and top tips for every area of the home, from home improvements, interior design, home entertainment and gardening to live demonstrations, expert workshops and inspiring advice. To book tickets, please visit or call the ticket hotline on 0844 858 6763 The Ideal Home Show, 17 March to 2 April, Olympia, London

WIN TICKETS TO THE IDEAL HOME SHOW! We have 10 pairs of tickets to give away! For a chance to win, all you need to do is email with IDEAL HOME in the Subject Box, plus your name, address and a contact number. Closing date for entries is Friday, 9th March, 2018. TERMS & CONDITIONS Competition closes on 9th March. Children 15 years and under go for free. Entry valid for one day. Tickets will be print-at-home tickets only and are nontransferable, non-assignable and there are no cash alternatives to the show.

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SUSTAINABLE CONTEMPORARY LIVING ARCH-angels Architects re-imagine a 1920s end-of-terrace house in Brighton to create practical, modern living

The Brief

To renovate a draughty 1920s end-of-terrace house in Brighton. The client wanted to radically re-imagine their under-exploited living accommodation to create a more practical modern environment in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Upon moving into their new home, our clients saw potential in the 1920s semi-detached house. Although the rooms were small, they knew that they would benefit from changes to its layout in order to improve the flow. Over several years, they have made vast improvements to the design and energy efficiency of the home. They have increased the house’s usable space and enabled modern-day living within a traditional-style house, without having to extend outwards.

Re-designing the Layout

As well as improving the fabric of the building, the main focus was opening up the ground floor and reworking the existing layout. By


working closely with our clients, we were able to generate great ideas about how to make better use of the space. We created a design which removed the walls between the galley kitchen and dining room, and between the dining room and lounge. However, in order to maintain the feel of separate rooms, we came up with the idea of a ‘folding wall’ between the lounge and the dining room. The wall, made of a light aluminium frame clad in painted aluminium sheets, gave them the options to keep the space open or close it off. They also wanted to make sure storage was factored into the remodel of the living space. So we designed a stud partition to be built across one wall, with a recess for a cupboard and an alcove for their TV. This also helps provide acoustic protection from the neighbours. The dining area adjoining the lounge now has a folding sliding door which opens out onto the garden. This creates a seamless connection to the terrace outside, bringing in light and building upon the open feel of the new layout. The kitchen footprint has remained much the same, but with a new U-shaped layout, built-in appliance and floor-to-ceiling cupboards, the space is now being used more efficiently.


Adding Rooms

The clients were keen to find space for a second bathroom. Having completed a loft conversion some years before and creating a fourth bedroom, they felt the house would benefit from this extra room. By knocking down the walls on the ground floor and creating an open-plan space, they no longer needed the door from the hallway to the kitchen, so were able to utilise space under the stairs in front of where this door had been. The new room is small, but they fixed a shower head to the ceiling and lowered the floor to create a wet-room without the risk of water escaping. Glass cladding to the whole room means that it is waterproof and easy to wipe down.

“As well as improving the fabric of the building, the main focus was opening up the ground floor and reworking the existing layout” Sustainable Design

The renovation project provided the perfect opportunity to add muchneeded insulation to the building. We sourced some high-performance double-glazed Crittall (80 percent recycled steel), which were more in keeping with the original look of the property. Along with the cavity wall, Ecobead insulation and under-floor heating and insulation mean that the house is now much warmer. We also specified photovoltaic (PV) panels for the roof to allow the clients to generate their own electricity. The panels are connected to an inverter stored in a small storage room, and when there isn’t enough solar energy, the system automatically switches to grid electricity. The South Coast is the ideal place for solar panels, benefiting as it does from more sun than the national average, as well as plenty of radiant light reflected from the sea. To be as environmentally friendly as possible, the project made use of reclaimed materials, from the glamorous worktops, cleverly fashioned from recycled glass, to the reuse of existing timberpanelled doors, slate roof tiles, salvaged paving slabs and cobble setts, reclaimed from local yards, which would otherwise been sent to landfill. The clients took their time to save money for the best quality possible, knowing that despite the initial investment, a greener home would soon start to save them money with low running costs. At ARCH-angels Architects we love chatting to people about how they can realise this for their own homes.

Create your dream home: Contact ARCH-angels Architects Ltd 3 Dorset Place , Brighton BN2 1ST 01273 267 184 | | Twitter: @ArchAngelsBton


LOB:FILE:///3A213A94-C3D7-4F30-9CC6-3896CC610746 BLOB:FILE:///02DAC998-02FE-490F-981C-102BB974DC8F

EXCEPTIONAL HOMES Outstanding properties in our beautiful part of the world

3 bedrooms 2 bathroom 1 reception


GUIDE PRICE £500,000 - £525,000

A beautifully presented and superbly designed 3 bedroom garden apartment, boasting in excess of 1000 SQUARE FEET and spanning the entire lower level of this magnificent bay fronted Victorian villa. Situated in a sought after central location, adjacent to Church Road. This stunning home has been cleverly designed to maximise space and has been finished to an extremely high standard by the current owners. It also has the benefits from a side studio room perfect for people that work from home.

3 bedrooms 1 bathroom 2 receptions



A wonderful opportunity to acquire a simply wonderful three/four bedroom Victorian terraced home situated in the heart of Hove, offering the opportunity to be extended (STC) to create a comfortable family home consistent with modern expectations. This property is well presented and appointed throughout and affords lovely light and spacious living space over two floors.


LOCAL KNOWLEDGE We will help you find your perfect home in East Sussex

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 receptions



A beautifully presented and meticulously refurbished 3 double bedroom apartment boasting in excess of 1600 SQUARE FEET and spanning the entire garden level of this Regency building. Situated in one of the most sought after squares in central Hove, which runs between Palmeira Square and Hove seafront, the flat is located in an enviable position on the west side of the square and within immediate proximity of all that central Brighton and Hove has to offer. The property has undergone a large programme of updating and would not look amiss on the front cover of a glossy magazine!

4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 3 receptions


GUIDE PRICE £1,250,000 - £1,3000,000

A simply stunning 4 bedroom Edwardian mellow brick semi detached period residence offering in excess of 2,400 square feet with the benefit of off road parking for 2 cars. Sackville Gardens is a popular family road just moments from both the beach and the buzzing restaurant and cafe culture of Church Road. Both Aldrington and Hove train stations are close by offering excellent links in and out of the city of London.



Every move we make is the start of something new, an exciting change. Selling or letting in 2018? Let Nash Watson help you with your next move. Beautifully imperfect since 2009. / 01273 733500

Salisbury Road, For Sale

Nr Upper Beeding | Price Guide £2,150,000 - £2,250,000 2 brand new luxury Georgian style houses - Set in over an acre of grounds - 5 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms - 6 receptions - Uninterrupted views over the South Downs National Park and Adur Valley - Integral double garage (Plot 1 SOLD - Plot 2 Available)

Ditchling | Guide Price £1,250,000 Fine detached family house - 5 bedrooms - 4 reception rooms - 3 bathrooms - Large sweeping driveway - Glorious front and rear gardens - Outdoor heated swimming pool - Detached double garage with sunken spiral wine cellar | 01273 844500 34 HIGH STREET, DITCHLING, EAST SUSSEX BN6 8TA

BEAUTIFUL HOME Hurstpierpoint


substantial and versatile detached family home of approximately 5,416 sq ft (inc outbuildings) situated along a private lane with landscaped south-facing gardens and beautiful rural views towards the South Downs. Having been significantly extended and improved by the current owners, this substantial family house offers well-appointed and versatile accommodation over three floors. Although having been enlarged over time, the property still retains many of the hallmarks and original character features of its era including cast-iron fireplaces and high ceilings. The ground floor offers four sizeable reception rooms along with a bespoke kitchen/breakfast room that opens out onto the south-facing terrace. There are six double bedrooms and four bathrooms arranged over two floors accessed from the galleried landing which is a feature in itself. Of particular note is the sizeable master suite with en-suite bathroom and juliet balcony offering rural views towards the South Downs. Accessed via twin electric gates, the property has ample parking with its large driveway, along with access to the garage and car port. The beautiful gardens are comprised of landscaped terraced areas and formal lawn. There is also the further benefit of a substantial timber studio.

Albourne Road, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex Price: ÂŁ1,395,000 Bedrooms: 6 Bathrooms: 4 Extras: Marvellous galleried landing; Character features including cast-iron fireplaces; Plot size just under half an acre Best Bits: Double-aspect master suite with en-suite and juliet balcony; Underfloor heating throughout the ground floor Chatt Estates 133 High Street, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9PU 01273 844500






ipping Point is the exhilarating, award-winning new show by masters of aerial theatre Ockham’s Razor. Performed in the round with the audience drawn in close, five highly skilled performers transform 5ft metal poles into a rich landscape of images as the action veers from near-catastrophe to mastery. Poles are balanced, swung from, climbed and walked along, transforming into a forest, a crossroad, a pendulum. These poles are not only supporters, but also barriers. As the performers cling to this teetering world, should they rail against the chaos, or let life tilt towards the tipping point? Featuring a multi-layered soundscape composed by Adem Ilhan & Quinta (who have collaborated with the likes of Radiohead, Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes), Tipping Point will have you holding your breath and on the edge of your seat. We have a pair of tickets for the Thursday evening performance to give away.

For a chance to win, all you need to do is email with BRGHTON DOME in the Subject Box, plus your name, address and a contact number. Closing date for entries is Monday 19th March 2018. Terms & Conditions: Prize redeemable Thursday 5th April only at 7.30pm. Closing date for entries is Monday 19th March 2018

Tipping Point, Thursday 5th & Friday 6th April, 7.30pm, Brighton Dome Concert Hall.


We are delighted to invite you to our Property Professionals Lunch, for all property professionals in the Brighton & Hove region.

LOCATION 2 Ship Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AD



TO RSVP Email:

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Commercial Property

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Independent • Trusted • Focused • 01273 204 411 • Engleharts Solicitors Vallance Hall, Hove Street, Hove BN3 2DE

@EnglehartsSols engleharts_solicitors

EVENT Banff Mountain Film Festival

Photo Credit: Fabian Bodet

“Experience an extraordinary collection of short films from the world's most prestigious mountain film festival� 6 March & 18 April Red Programme: Tuesday, 6 March, 7.30pm; Blue Programme: Wednesday, 18 April, 7.30pm Brighton Dome. or


LUXURY BEACH HOUSE Interior design firm ARRCC worked with the elements to create beauty in La Lucia, South Africa

The inspiration

This La Lucia beach house perfectly balances luxury and comfort with its uncomplicated spaces. Situated on the Kwazulu Natal North Coast just south of Umhlanga, the house is gently nestled between protected milkwood trees and enjoys beautiful ocean views – both of which inspired the design. Bronze aluminium sliding screens cocoon the house and offer protection from the elements as well as providing a unique signature look to the building. The owners wanted the project to epitomise the spirit of a relaxed beach house while providing luxurious, but uncomplicated, spaces. The ground floor was designed to seamlessly integrate with external terraces, pool decks and landscaping while maximising the views across the beach and sea. “The surrounding beauty of the environment inspired so much of the design. As designers we are passionate about creating spaces that

reflect both the location and our clients – that is how life-enhancing spaces are crafted.”
– Mark Rielly, ARRCC Director.

Grand entrance

A sense of arrival is created by two milkwood trees flanking the entrance. A floating timber step platform and pergola lead towards the front door of the home. Upon entering, the panorama is only revealed as one reaches the double-volume hallway - the aligned timber slat-cladded ceilings drawing the eye to the seascape ahead. Ocean views are framed perfectly by the screens that envelope the building. “The owners wanted the project to epitomise the spirit of a contemporary beach house with a sense of sophistication. The design was kept relaxed, yet carefully considered to maximise the environment of which it forms a part,” says Rielly. >





Seamless landscaping

The ground floor is designed to seamlessly integrate with the external terraces, pool decks and landscaping while maximising the views across the beach and sea. This area can be enjoyed as one continuous space or arranged into more individual and private spaces. Sliding screens provide flexibility to do this. All the areas open up, either onto the sea-facing pool deck or to the afternoon sun-lit garden on the West.

The ultimate interior

The interiors express simplicity and restraint while making the home comfortable and cosy. Sand-coloured polished concrete floors, bleached timber, natural leathers and grey linens are anchored by soft neutrals and countered with touches of charcoal, teal and azure. The indoor and outdoor decor are aligned to allow for maximum entertainment space. The formal dining table and outdoor terrace table are positioned adjacent to each other to accommodate large parties. The lounge and terrace lounge furniture pieces were also chosen to read as one space.

“Bronze aluminium sliding screens cocoon the house and offer protection from the elements as well as providing a unique signature look to the building” Innovative screens

The East, sea-facing, façade is ‘wrapped’ with a series of bronzed anodised aluminium sliding screens that cocoon the structure entirely or in part. The screens are patterned to abstractly mimic the milkwood trees and create the home’s signature look, but also serve to protect the building from wind, rain and sun. These environmental challenges are part and parcel of a seafront property and need innovative design solutions to overcome them.

The upper level

The four sea-facing bedrooms are located on the upper level and open onto private individual terraces. When closed, the aluminium screens add an interesting design element to this level.

Stylish external spaces

The pool, deck and entertainment areas were placed on the sea-facing side of the house, elevated slightly to provide views over the dune plants to further reinforce the connection with the ocean. Materials chosen for the external spaces echo bleached driftwood and the sandy beach. Weathered iroko decking and ceiling slats, honed sandstone and polished, light-coloured concrete floors form the predominant materials and create a direct relationship with the surrounding environment.




The gift that keeps on giving… These heart-shaped table linens and accessories from The White Company say ‘I love you’ in the best possible way. Linen Heart Place Mats £16 (set of 2). Heart Napkins £25 (set of 4). Heart Oak Board Small £15.

A luxurious collection of miniature Hand Creams encased in exclusive, Londoninspired designs. Infused with three of Jo Malone’s most-loved scents. Tantalising Lime Basil & Mandarin, sensual Peony & Blush Suede and luscious English Pear & Freesia. Jo Malone London Hand Cream Trio £44.00


Show your Mum how much you love her with these great Mothers’ Day gift ideas

OPEN ARMS This sweet little vase by Peleg Design is quite a character. With its flexible arms and legs you can place it in whatever position you like. Just fill it up with water, add some flowers, and it will brighten any room or office. Florino Friendly Vase – Mint £15.99

FACING UP Uber-cool Australian natural beauty emporium's soothing and nourishing, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream contains a potent blend of botanicals to help fortify the skin, protecting against dehydrating elements and the effects of urban pollution. Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream £53.00



his beautifully presented late-Victorian home is situated in a convenient residential location near to the facilities and restaurants in Hove and the recreational facilities offered at nearby Hove Park. On entering this lovely home, the entrance hall sets the tone with high ceilings and original features. The lounge and dining room are open-plan with a bay window to the front, open fireplace and French doors opening onto the south-facing garden. To the rear is a spacious kitchen/breakfast room with a range of white gloss-fronted high-and low-level units. On the first floor there are three double bedrooms, the most impressive being the front bedroom, which is the width of the house, with a bay window and further side window bringing in lots of natural light. Also on this floor is the family bathroom with a white modern suite with a shower over the bath and stylish tiling. The loft has been extended to provide a spacious double bedroom with partial sea views over the rooftops.

Frith Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 7AJ Price: ÂŁ675,000 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: Kitchen-breakfast room; family bathroom and en-suite; South-facing walled garden Best Bits: Beautifully presented four-bedroom home; spacious lounge-dining room Hamptons International, 82 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2EB. 01273 230 230


MORE & MORE LONDONERS ARE WALKING AWAY FROM THE CAPITAL Make sure they’re heading your way. Showcase your home at our London Roadshow on Saturday 10th March. There are many reasons why Londoners are moving out of the capital – schooling, quality of life, more space. Your home may be just what they’re looking for. So let us take it right to them as part of The Roadshow. To ensure your property is featured, contact us today. Deadline: 1st March 2018.

Follow us: @HamptonsInt

01273 803225 | |



beautifully presented, raised ground-floor apartment on a lovely tree-lined avenue in central Hove. The current owner has made many tasteful alterations with the addition of fitted wardrobes in the bedrooms and a stylish bathroom and en-suite. With a west-facing lounge and dining room, natural light floods through in the afternoon and evening, with full-height windows and a glazed door opening onto the balcony. The Leicht kitchen has Zodiaq Quartz work surfaces and an extensive range of high-and low-level storage cupboards with integrated appliances. The wooden floor continues from the lounge into the hallway, which has two large cupboards providing excellent storage. The master bedroom, which is a generous double, has fitted wardrobes and shutters on the east-facing window. The master bedroom has an en-suite shower room with walk-in shower and bespoke wash hand basin on a wash stand. The second bedroom is also a double, once again with fitted wardrobes and window with shutters. The bathroom has a white suite with bath and a stone wash bowl on a limestone shelf set in a recess.

Palmeira Avenue, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3GF Price: ÂŁ495,000 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: Share of Freehold; two double bedrooms; bathroom and en-suite Best Bits: A beautifully presented, raised ground-floor apartment; Westerly balcony; secure parking Hamptons International, 82 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2EB. 01273 230 230




Three bedrooms, two with en-suites Third bedroom/study Big eat-in kitchen Signature dual aspect living room Long entrance hall with storage

• • • • •



South aspect sun terrace Large manicured communal gardens Gated off road parking Iconic Grade II Listed period building No ongoing chain

2 Church Road, Hove BN3 2FL

01273 773399

& 2 Queens Parade, Hangleton BN3 8JG

01273 322766




• • • • •

Two Double Bedrooms West Lounge / Dining Room West Private Courtyard 55' Reception Hallway Separate Kitchen

• • • • •

En-Suite to Main Bedroom Additional Family Bathroom Superb Central Hove Location Separate Cloakroom Chain free





eautifully presented and extended semi-detached family home, situated within this tucked-away location within the very heart of central Hove, within easy walking distance of both Hove and Brighton stations, and with the many shopping amenities of both central Hove and Brighton, along with the wide-open spaces of the seafront. Well laid-out and spacious accommodation over three floors, on the ground floor there is an entrance hall, feature L-shaped living area with ample space for both dining and living sections, separate contemporary kitchen with various built-in appliances and with granite work surfaces and a ground-floor WC. On the first floor is a good-sized landing providing access to all rooms, including three bedrooms, all of which are goodsized doubles and a family bathroom with white suite and chrome fitments. On the second floor there is a master bedroom suite, with large bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, separate study area and contemporary en-suite bathroom. Outside, there is a brick-paved driveway and garage, and to the rear there is well laidout south-facing garden with two raised decked areas and steps down to a good-sized lawn. Overall, the house is in excellent order throughout.

Lorna Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3EN Guide Price: ÂŁ775,000 Freehold Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom; Large L-shaped living area; Wellfitted contemporary kitchen Best Bits: South-facing lawned and decked garden; Tucked-away location; Short walk to central Hove Elliotts Estate Agents 2 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FL 01273 773399


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Our pick of March events: A wonderful selection of dance, music, comedy and theatre

9 March, Ballet British Columbia

13 March, Jake Bugg

Touring to the UK for the very first time, Canada's cutting-edge contemporary ballet company, Ballet BC Canada, present a programme devoted exclusively to the work of three internationally celebrated women. Inspired by the work of Jeanette Winterson and Emily Dickinson, 16+ a room, by artistic director Emily Molnar, sparks with explosive, fast-paced choreography that pushes the 18-strong company of dancers to their athletic and technical limits. Solo Echo by Olivier award-winning Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist and former Ballet BC dancer Crystal Pite, is a powerfully romantic work, shimmering in snowfall, and inspired by two Brahms’ sonatas for cello and piano. Tel Aviv-based choreographer Sharon Eyal worked with regular collaborator Gai Behar to create Bill, a daring piece of raw beauty that showcases the dancers’ extraordinary skill in a fantastic finale.

Having stunned onlookers at the 100 Club last year with his first intimate solo show of the year, and a sold out tour in November, followed by his acclaimed new album Hearts That Strain going Top Ten on release, Jake Bugg announced a further 16 UK and Ireland dates for the spring of 2018. Hearts That Strain saw Jake work with Grammy Award-winning producer David Ferguson and Matt Sweeney in Nashville and recording with some of the best players in the history of popular music. The reviews for the record have been nothing short of raving, with the Times saying in their 4* review that Jake ‘sounds better than ever,’ The Guardian that he is ‘Glenn Campbell re-incarnated’ and The Daily Mail, The Independant and The Sun giving it glowing write-ups in their 4* reviews.

Brighton Dome, 7.30pm.

Brighton Dome, 7pm.

17 March, Rob Brydon: I Am Standing Up Rob Brydon is perhaps best known for the television shows Gavin and Stacey, Would I Lie To You? and The Trip, as well as Marion and Geoff, Human Remains, Little Britain, The Rob Brydon Show, Best of Men, Gangster Granny and Q.I. His film work includes The Huntsman : Winter’s War, Cinderella and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Earlier this year in London’s West End, he starred opposite Sir Kenneth Branagh in The Painkiller. His other theatre credits include Future Conditional at The Old Vic and A Chorus of Disapproval at The Harold Pinter Theatre. I Am Standing Up represents Rob Brydon’s first stand-up tour since his sellout national tour and West End run of 2009. Brighton Dome, 8pm.


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30th March, The Ronnie Scott’s All Stars: The Ronnie Scott’s Soho Songbook Direct from London’s iconic jazz club and combining world-class live jazz, narration and rare archive images and footage, The Ronnie Scott’s All Stars take to the stage to celebrate ‘The Ronnie Scott’s Soho Songbook.’ From its humble beginnings as a basement music bar to the internationally acclaimed music venue it is today, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has showcased some of the world’s greatest and most influential artists, including Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck – and not forgetting surprise appearances by the likes of Jamie Cullum, Stevie Wonder and Prince. Featuring classic music from the jazz greats who have performed at Ronnie Scott’s, alongside narration and projected archive images and rare footage from the club, ‘The Ronnie Scott’s Songbook’ is a glimpse into this unique world and its incredible history. Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea. 8pm.

12-17 March, Of Mice and Men

21-24 March, Rambert

A powerful story about friendship and holding onto your dreams. Set in the trying times of the Great Depression, Of Mice And Men is a powerful portrait of the American spirit and a heartbreaking testament to the bonds of friendship and what it means to be human. This landmark play by the Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck is the story of George and Lennie, two migrant ranch workers who dream of owning their own ranch. Still relevant to modern times, this is a moving story about trying to hold onto your dreams and friendships during difficult times. From the producers of Avenue Q, The Crucible, American Idiot and Flashdance comes this American classic for all time.

Rambert returns to Brighton with three dances that reflect the times we live in. Darkly funny dance theatre creation Goat dissects the pleasure and pain of performing in our imperfect world. Choreographed by Ben Duke, it is infused with the music and spirit of Nina Simone, featuring a selection of her best-loved songs performed live by an onstage jazz band and singer Nia Lynn. The high speeds of Symbiosis echo the urban pulse created in our cities every day. This celebration of the Rambert dancers’ skills is by internationally acclaimed dance-maker Andonis Foniadakis, with a new score by BAFTA- and Ivor Novello Award-nominated composer Ilan Eshkeri.

Theatre Royal, Brighton. For times and prices visit

Theatre Royal, Brighton. For times and prices visit

10 March, John Bishop Comedy superstar John Bishop is extending his sell-out UK tour and bringing his brandnew show to more venues across the UK. Having just bounced through all the arenas in the land, John is now loading up the trucks for more fun on the road. Winging It will see John back on stage for his fifth UK tour, performing in his own inimitable style. His last tour, Supersonic, was watched by more than 500,000 people and received huge critical acclaim. Brighton Centre, 8pm.

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3 March, Morrissey Low in High School is Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and his debut for BMG. The album will see BMG partnering with Morrissey on the new release and on the launch of his new label, Etienne Records. Low in High School was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Rising to prominence as frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey went on to forge an even more successful career as a solo artist, with all ten of his solo efforts landing in the Top 10 on the UK album charts, including three entries at the #1 position. Brighton Centre, 7.30pm.

12 March, Paloma Faith

27 March, Niall Horan

Paloma Faith – one of only two British female artists this decade to have their last three albums go double platinum in the UK – released her long-awaited fourth album, ‘The Architect’, at the end of last year. The new album – her first in more than three years and since giving birth to her first child – features an array of acclaimed co-writers, producers and collaborators, including Sia, John Legend, Jesse Shatkin, TMS, Starsmith, Tobias Jesso Jr., Eg White, Rag'n'Bone Man, actor Samuel L. Jackson and journalist and activist Owen Jones. Paloma, who won the BRIT Award for British Female Solo Artist in 2015 following the phenomenal success of her last record, 2014’s ‘A Perfect Contradiction’, explores both personal and political themes on the album.

Following the huge success of Niall Horan’s platinum-certified 2nd single “Slow Hands,” Named as one of the “Best Songs of 2017 So Far” went to No. 1 at US Top 40 Radio, “Too Much To Ask” is one of the first songs Horan penned for the album, which he began working on last year. Horan, who has sold over 70 million records as part of the allconquering One Direction, launched his solo career with the singles “This Town” and “Slow Hands,” which have both achieved Platinum certification (or higher) in numerous markets around the world. Horan has been honored with numerous awards in 2017, including People’s Choice, Teen Choice, Radio Disney Music and iHeartRadio MMVA awards.

Brighton Centre, 8pm.

Brighton Centre, 7.30pm.

17 March, Richard Herring: Oh Frig, I’m 50! “I only regret the people I didn’t have sex with….. And 60% of the people I did have sex with.” “Podfather” (the Guardian) and star of Radio 4’s Relativity, Richard Herring gets to the half century (against all odds) and looks at how his life has changed in the last decade, from irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to married father who is mid-way to the telegram from the Queen (though given she will be 140 in 2067 , she might forget to send it). Following on from “Oh F***, I’m 40!”, this is the second (and let’s face it, almost certainly penultimate) instalment in Herring’s once-adecade examination of ageing. The Old Market, Hove, 8pm.


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23 March, Ian Waite & Oti Mabuse: Rhythm of the Night... Ian and Oti will deliver a night of Latin and Ballroom numbers with high intensity…The Strictly Come Dancing pros will perform a dance showcase spectacular designed to dazzle and wow you. Oti is fondly remembered with her celebrity pairing with Danny Mac, where they received a perfect score of 40 in the samba. Ian is a regular on our screens with the spin-off programme It Takes Two on BBC 2. On the night, they will dance a mix of Latin and Ballroom, transporting you away to a place of wonderful moments with funfilled entertainment and a close-up history of all things related to their life. The Hawth, Crawley, 7.30pm.

6 March, Carmen (Royal Opera House Live)

12 March, Sigrid Norwegian pop singer Sigrid was named 2018’s winner of the coveted BBC Music Sound Of, as chosen by a panel of more than 170 influential music experts, including former winners and longlist nominees. The 21 year-old, born in Ålesund, Norway, only started making music four years ago when her brother, who’s also a musician, told her he needed a new song for a gig just two weeks later. Since then she has had a rapid rise to acclaim. Her debut single Don't Kill My Vibe premiered on Radio 1 in February 2017, when it was named Hottest Record In The World, and she performed her single, Strangers, live on BBC One’s Sounds Like Friday Night in December. Her nervy, cutting-edge pop music is infused with natural humour and charisma and looks set to rule the charts in 2018. This is her first-ever UK headline tour and the perfect opportunity to hear her new material live. Concorde 2, 7.30pm.

Bizet’s classic French opera stars Anna Goryachova in Barrie Kosky’s intense production. Carmen is the best-known work by French composer Georges Bizet, and one of the most famous operas in the entire art form; numbers such as the Habanera and the Toreador Song have permeated the popular consciousness as little else has with the opera’s heady combination of passion, sensuality and violence. The opera has been performed more than five hundred times at Covent Garden alone. This ever-popular opera is given a fresh point of view in Australian director Barrie Kosky’s highly physical production, originally created for Frankfurt Opera. For Carmen he has devised a far-from-traditional version, incorporating music written by Bizet for the score but not usually heard, and giving a new voice to the opera’s endlessly fascinating central character. Sung in French with English sub-titles Performed at the Royal Opera House and streamed to selected cinemas nationwide. 6.45pm.

22 - 24 March, Enter The Dragons A funny, frank and fearless show about the pressures facing women as they age. Unashamedly subverting our ideas about beauty, sex and feminism, Enter the Dragons takes the archetypal Hero’s quest and reframes it for the mature woman in the modern world. It’s a knock-out combination of joy and dissent for anyone who is considering ageing. Winner of Best of the Brighton Fringe 2017. The Old Market, Hove, 8pm.

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Residential Estate & Letting Agents • Land & New Homes

Hanover, £685,000

Brighton & Hove 01273 688 881

Shoreham-by-Sea 01273 661 577

Lewes Town & Country 01273 487 444

The London Office 0207 8390 888





An attractive three bedroom semi detached home converted from a former bakery in the popular Hanover area of central Brighton. The accommodation is well presented throughout extending over three stories and benefits from a cellar workshop/store, patio garden with old stable, off road parking and gas heating system.

Central Brighton, £525,000





An attractive two bedroom home in the heart of Brighton City Centre. Extensively renovated to a high specification throughout offering 940sqft of stylish modern open plan décor designed by Tsaritsa. The property is furnished with designed Italian furnishings, has CAT 6 cabling, double glazed windows, front and rear patio with first floor terrace and is sold with 10 year LABC building warranty and parking for two years for one car (Subject to terms).



rare opportunity to purchase a stunning first-floor apartment forming part of this Grade II-listed building with its grand pillared entrance and glazed panel door. The apartment has sea views from all its principle rooms. This refurbished bow-fronted double-aspect apartment offers the perfect coastal retreat. The bright living room with impressive high ceilings has original coving, sash windows offering spectacular views to the sea with original shutters whilst benefiting from a full length 14 metre bow fronted balcony. If you can pull yourself away from the sofa whilst drinking in the view, the stylish kitchen offers Corian worktops, matt white finished kitchen units matching the high standard of the décor throughout. The impressively proportioned bedroom has elegant fitted wardrobes and a modern claw footed, roll-top, free-standing bath positioned perfectly to enjoy sea views whilst sipping champagne. To complete this luxury apartment, a Jack and Jill en-suite bathroom accessed from the bedroom houses a bespoke glass double shower cubicle with rainfall shower head and separate shower riser. The property has modern period style feature radiators, modern flooring throughout and views of Hove Lawns.

Lansdowne Place, Hove, BN3 1HB Price: £525,000 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Extras: Period features; Elegantly refurbished; Ample storage Best Bits: Stunning sea views; 14-foot double-bowfronted balcony; Modern period-style radiators Oakley Property 3 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YA 01273 688881



IKEA launched a range of sustainable kitchen fronts called KUNGSBACKA which are made from recycled PET-bottles and wood.

DEMOCRATIC DESIGN IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad invented contemporary living as we know it by putting modern design into more homes than any other company


KEA is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful, enigmatic, and recognisable global brands. Last year more than 900 million people in 49 countries visited its stores, which had a turnover of more than £34 billion. Recently, BBC2 featured the store in Flatpack: The World’s Biggest Furniture Store, a major, three-part series, with cameras exploring the world of IKEA, from the design studios to factories and stores, for the very first time.

“The Swedish furniture retailer is still guided by Ingvar’s principle of creating 'the better everyday life for the many people” Few companies can legitimately claim to shape the way we live today. Fewer still inspire a cult-like devotion in customers and employees alike. But IKEA is not like other companies. The original concept started with the idea of providing a range of well-designed home furnishing products that were affordable to the many, not just the few. They achieved this by combining function, quality, design and value - always with sustainability in mind. While there is still the all-important catalogue, in the UK, changing consumer habits and online shopping have meant that IKEA have had to expand and develop new technology, such as augmented reality.


IKEA’s charismatic Ingvar Kamprad founded the business more than half a century ago. Ingvar, who died last month, was born in 1926 in Småland in southern Sweden. At the age of 17 he founded IKEA - the business that became his lifelong commitment. The famously secretive Swedish furniture retailer is still guided by Ingvar’s principle of creating 'the better everyday life for Ingvar Kamprad the many people.' If rumours are to be believed, local Lancing residents will soon be able to access this iconic furniture retailer a little easier. Tim Farlam, IKEA Real Estate Manager, recently told PORTFOLIO magazine: “At IKEA our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We want to be more accessible, bringing our home furniture expertise and product range closer to more of our customers. Our plans for a new IKEA store in Lancing, South Sussex were submitted to Adur District Council in August 2017 as part of the New Monks Farm Development, and we now await the outcome of this. By joining the New Monks Farm Development, we’re looking forward to being a good neighbour in the community and providing new opportunities to local people.”











PROPERTY NEWS LEADERS FUND-RAISE FOR TEENAGE CANCER TRUST Employees at national estate agents Leaders have got their fund-raising efforts for new charity partner Teenage Cancer Trust up and running with a special Red and Blue Day. Leaders recently confirmed Teenage Cancer Trust as its charity partner for 2018 and has pledged to raise £50,000 for the cause. It held its first major fundraiser of the year on Friday 2nd February to coincide with World Cancer Day, with staff from across its 123 branches dressing in red and blue – the colours of Teenage Cancer Trust – in exchange for a donation. There were also cake sales and competitions to raise further funds. Allison Thompson, Managing Director at Leaders, says: “We are proud to be working with Teenage Cancer Trust this year and it was fantastic to see all our staff show their support on Red and Blue Day, raising thousands of pounds in the process”. Leaders previously supported Together for Short Lives and raised almost £150,000 for the children’s hospice charity in the three years to 2017 before announcing Teenage Cancer Trust as its new charity partner in January. For more information, contact your local Leaders branch, or visit

DAVENPORT PROPERTY INVESTMENT LAUNCH THE VANTAGE INVESTOR CLUB AT GOODWOOD Goodwood’s private member’s Kennels Club was the fitting setting for Davenport Property Investment’s new club for High Net Worth property investors, namely: The Davenport Vantage Investor Club. Meeting in the Terrace Dining Room, guests were treated to an afternoon of fact-packed detail about the best in contemporary property investment, including a fascinating explanation of some of the things that should definitely be avoided! Davenport’s Managing Director, Chris Mansfield said: “The meeting was a huge success – guests learned a lot about how they can invest in high return, safe, property, all in a setting that was suitably sophisticated. We invited guests to indulge themselves at the Kennels exclusive Dining Rooms before the meeting, and the afternoon was completed in the Library where they joined us for drinks and canapés.”


BRIGHTON CAMEL CLUB GOES FOURTH AND MULTIPLIES The fourth Brighton Camel Club property networking brunch will be on 8th March and is inviting new members, especially those intending going to mipim. Sponsored by Hehku, the Camel Club is a networking group set up in London in 2015 bringing together architects, developers, interior designers working on high end resi projects around the table for a laid back brunch. Meetings usually comprise 12-15 members that apply through the LinkedIn group or get invited by previous guests. The group now has over 250 members, if you are interested in attending email: or follow @hehkunick


HAMPTONS INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY ROAD SHOW Hamptons International hosts its first Country Roadshow of the year at five of its London branches on Saturday, March 10th. The event showcases country properties and provides expert advice to London locals considering a move to the countryside. The latest research from Hamptons International reveals that in 2017 70,000 Londoners bought outside the capital. To satisfy this demand, on Saturday 10th March, Hamptons International’s Balham, Muswell Hill, Kingston, Fulham and Blackheath branches will play host to Londonbased residents curious to know more about moving to the country. Lesley Cairns, Managing Director of Hamptons International, says: “With typical reasons often including superb schools, value for money, more space and an overall better quality of life, property experts from the Hamptons International country network will be on hand to advise and discuss the key considerations involved in such a move. They will also showcase available sale or rental properties within their locality.” If you would like your property to be included in the Roadshow, contact your local Hamptons International branch.


PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS' LUNCH The Property Professionals' Lunch provides the perfect opportunity to mingle with your peers and like-minded professionals. The next Property Professionals’ Lunch will take place on Thursday, 5th April at Pub du Vin, Brighton. April’s Guest Speakers will be announced shortly. There will be a special raffle prize draw, in aid of the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity. The cost is just £30 per person, including a three-course lunch, wine and coffee. To book your place, contact Stephanie at

Connells Group - which includes Connells, Sequence and other brands - says it recorded over 9,000 newhomes sales in 2017. This represents a 15 per cent increase in business and a 22 per cent increase in instructions over 2016, cementing its position as the largest agency for new-homes sales in the UK. The group says the synergy between its new-homes team and land and planning division has also resulted in a further 2,750 units being added to the pipeline for this year - 31 per cent higher than at the start of 2017. The company says some 600 local offices now have the expertise to sell new homes in their local markets. “We know from our agency branches that there is a marked increase in the number of people registering an interest to move home this year and a continued demand for new homes. We are therefore optimistic for another strong year in close collaboration with our house-builder partners,” says group Chairman Stephen Shipperley.

DEVELOPERS FORUM Local architects ZSTa and Healys jointly hosted the first Developers Forum on 1st Feb. The event was an informative forum for developers and construction professionals that focused on how maintaining the design thread throughout the project adds value to the end user and the developer. This also acted as a platform for ZSTa to give a sneak peek into their big re-branding to Stickland Wright architects + interiors. The evening was a huge success and hopes to be running again in May. If you want to sponsor or get more information, please email


Gladstone Terrace, Brighton


Fantastic first and second floor maisonette. Located on a sought after terrace at the south end of Lewes Road, close to Hanover, The Level and Park CrescentÍž this 3 double bedroom maisonette has spacious, well arranged and beautifully presented accommodation over two floors. The property has a roof terrace, period features, open fireplaces, tall ceilings, smart modern bathrooms and kitchen, an impressive lounge and a useful boarded loft area. Viewing is highly recommended. Energy Rating: D62 Exclusive to Maslen Estate Agents

Maslen Estate Agents 39 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3HQ t:01273 677001








stunning three-double-bedroom family home located on an exceptionally popular tree-lined residential road in Fiveways.

The property has been extended into the side return by the current owners and now offers truly modern open-plan living on the ground floor. Other benefits include a wealth of period features, including all of the fireplaces, ceiling moulds and tiled hall flooring. A cleverly designed low maintenance rear garden finishes off what is a wonderful family home. Modern living with a period twist. EPC D67

Edburton Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6EL Price: ÂŁ700,000 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 Extras: Three double bedrooms; Popular residential area; Side return extension Best Bits: Excellent decorative order; Larger than average kitchen/dining room; Front and rear gardens Maslen Estate Agents 290 Ditchling Road, Brighton, BN1 6JF 01273 566777


Use our

years of wisdom this winter

Newtown Road, Hove £950pcm

Modern one bedroom flat very close to Hove Station

Cambridge Road, Hove £1,095pcm

Modern two bedroom flat in popular central Hove location

St Margarets Place, Brighton £1,395pcm

Spacious flat with stunning views in central Brighton



Residential Sales, Residential Lettings, Mortgages & Insurance

Bentham Road, Brighton

£1,300 pcm

An attractive two double bedroom, mid terraced house located between Elm Grove and Queen's Park on a one way street. The accommodation comprises; reception hallway, bay fronted through sitting room/dining room with wood burning stove and open fireplace and French doors to the garden. Modern galley style kitchen with appliances (oven & hob, fridge/freezer, slimline dishwasher and washing machine). On the first floor there is a modern bathroom with (wc, wash hand basin, bath and separate shower cubicle) and two double bedrooms, the master bedroom having built-in storage. The property has the added benefit of some upvc double glazing, gas central heating and is neutrally decorated throughout. To the rear is a lawned garden. EPC D. Available March.

Cambridge Mews, Cambridge Grove, Hove

£2,150 pcm

An extremely well presented, three storey end of terraced town house located within a secure gated development in central Hove with off road parking and rear garden. The accommodation comprises; reception hallway, ground floor wc, good size kitchen/breakfast room with French doors to the front. Sitting room with French doors leading out to the decked and paved garden. On the first floor is an open plan reception room with French doors to the balcony, double bedroom to the rear and bathroom and double storage cupboard. On the second floor there is a master bedroom with en-suite shower room and a further bedroom with double doors onto the master bedroom. The property benefits from off road parking, gas central heating and double glazing. Pet Friendly. EPC C. Available March.

Sure Property Solutions Ltd, 31 Upper St James's Street, Brighton, BN2 1JN • 01273 243561 •



three-bedroom (with additional loft room), end of terrace, box bay-fronted family home with plenty of original features and arranged over four floors, offering versatile accommodation throughout. This lovely family home spans approximately 109 square meters/1173.27 square feet and has a good-size lawned garden with patio and decked area, two street entrances, a large open-plan kitchen/dining/family room with wood burning stove on the lower floor with access out to the garden. On the raised ground floor are two further bedrooms or second reception room (currently arranged as an office). On the first floor is a large bathroom with feature free-standing, claw-foot bath and large double shower and a double bedroom to the front. Stairs rise to the loft room, currently used as the owner's master bedroom, with two Velux windows to the rear and an exposed brick wall. This spacious family home has stripped wooden floors, high ceilings, feature stained glass sash window, ceiling cornicing, striped wooden doors, frames and window frames. EPC E.

Bonchurch Road, Brighton Price: ÂŁ550,000 Freehold Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: Garden with lawn and decked area; Stripped wooden floors Best Bits: Over four floors; Versatile accommodation; Original features; Additional loft room Sure Property Solutions Ltd 31 Upper St Jame's Street, Brighton BN2 1JN 01273 243561


CHOOSE A GOOD LOCATION FLUSH COUNTERTOPS Not all countertops overhang the doors by a half-inch, some clients prefer their counters flush with the doors and drawers for a modern, streamlined appearance. If having an island, adding matching worktop slab ends down to the floor looks stunning and turns your island into a showcase feature. Mitre joins give a seamless look.

CONCEAL THE MICROWAVE Microwaves are still an integral part of most kitchens for reheating beverages and leftovers. Most clients prefer them out of sight rather than occupying valuable counter space. Consider building the microwave into a wall unit, or better still choose a compact oven with microwave. A warming drawer is usually added beneath the compact oven & microwave to maintain the design height.


We all know the kitchen is the heart of your home and choosing a good location that connects it with all the other major circulation points is key. An island is a great way to achieve and with most new open plan designs the kitchen is located to the back of the space with a centre island, then the dining area to the front, usually across the width of bi-folding or sliding doors.


Four design tips are showcased here from Hehku’s Senior Kitchen Design Specialist Darren Lamb

LARGE KITCHEN DRAWERS Looking down into a well-lit space is much better than looking deep into a dark cabinet. Large drawers are becoming very popular, completely replacing cabinets in some designs. If cabinets are the only option in certain positions or designs, opting for internal drawers behind the doors make maximum use of the available space.

THE collection

THE March COLLECTION We are focusing on kitchens this month, the hub and heart of any home. Here are six properties on the market with beautiful kitchens

Spacious kitchen Waldegrave Road, Brighton This beautifully elegant family home is overwhelmed with character and charm. The house is generously proportioned throughout, offering four bedrooms and bright and spacious accommodation with both the living and sleeping areas perfectly balanced for family occupation. The kitchen has an airy feel due to its 3-metre-high ceiling and oversized sliding doors whilst also boasting solid granite work-tops, extra-tall wall units and underfloor heating. The kitchen windows are rain-sensor remote-controlled. The floors and walls throughout the house have been decorated in neutral Farrow & Ball colours, and LED lights throughout the house add to the overall appeal. The rear garden is easily maintained and offers sunlight throughout the day until the evening time. Price: ÂŁ835,000 Foster & Co 01273 830919 |

Family-friendly Hamilton Road, Brighton, BN1 5DL Simply stunning four-bedroom, three-storey, two-bathroom, midterraced family home in an extremely popular residential area. The house benefits from many features, with spacious accommodation arranged over three floors. The property is considered to be in excellent decorative order throughout and must be viewed to be fully appreciated. The owner says: "I enjoy the close proximity to the station, the excellent schools and the parks to walk my dog. It's a very friendly part of town and one that I'll be sad to leave. The views from the garden are quite something too!"

Price: ÂŁ675,000 Freehold Maslen Estate Agents 01273 566777 |

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THE collection

“The Italianate architectural styling makes for gloriously high ceilings, plentiful long-sash windows and large spaces”

Period elegance Park Crescent Brighton This splendid, Grade II-listed Regency townhouse sits at the western tip of one of Brighton’s most charismatic crescents, with 3.5 acres of private gardens. The crescent itself was designed and built in 1849 by renowned Brighton architect Amon Henry Wilds. The Italianate architectural styling makes for gloriously high ceilings, plentiful long-sash windows and large spaces. To top it all, this is the only house on the crescent with its very own tower and two gated off-road parking spaces. Its position allows natural light to pour in all day making it a bright, warm and comfortable home to spend time in. Other notable points are the recently refitted kitchen, multiple period features and a potential rental income. Price: £1,750,000 Hamptons International 01273 796157 |

21st -Century living Tongdean Rise, Brighton This striking detached house has been re-modelled and enlarged to create a beautifully designed, modern family home with an emphasis on 21st-Century living and contemporary styling. The accommodation is light, with a clean, neutral theme. Features include a stunning, large kitchen/dining/family room with high-quality units and appliances, together with an expanse of sliding doors leading onto the rear garden. The ground floor accommodation is complemented by two additional reception rooms. On the first floor there are four double bedrooms, with en-suite facilities to the master bedroom, and all front-facing windows enjoy views over the South Downs. Features exposed floors and underfloor heating. There is parking for two cars and landscaped, south/west-facing rear garden. Price: £1,000,000 Goldin Lemcke 01273 777123 |


THE collection

Bespoke design Castle Precincts Cottage, Lewes

Price: £POA Strutt & Parker 01273 475411 |

A charming Grade II-listed house with parking, situated in a highly sought-after position within the precincts of Lewes Castle There are wooden floors in the spacious entrance hall and in the kitchen/dining room. The drawing room has a wide bay window with built-in window seats and a fireplace. There are also fireplaces in the entrance hall, study and principal bedroom. The kitchen/dining room has been fitted 
with a bespoke range of painted and wooden units with granite work surfaces. The ground-floor accommodation is complemented on the first floor by a triple-aspect principal bedroom, three further bedrooms and a generous, well-appointed bathroom. There is a part-walled, lawned garden, and views towards the South Downs.

“The Courtyard at Stanmer Park offers a selection of beautifully appointed threeand four-bedroom luxury townhouses”

Luxury townhouse The Courtyard, Stanmer Village, Stanmer The Courtyard at Stanmer Park offers a selection of beautifully appointed three-and four-bedroom luxury townhouses in a gated development with allocated parking, contemporary kitchens, Porcelanosa bathrooms and en-suites, under-floor heating and the remainder of a10-year NHBC warranty. The Courtyard was designed to replicate the former north wing of Stanmer House, and offers a collection of threeand four-bedroom luxury townhouses. Set around a former well pump house, the development offers owners all the benefits of a traditionally constructed development that incorporates modern materials and technologies. Bordered by woodland and neighbouring open countryside with a protected nature reserve, this gated community creates the ideal retreat for lovers of the outdoors. Price: From £595,000 Oakley Property 01273 688882 |


Brighton & Hove’s local estate agent 01273 626 494



eautifully presented three-double-bedroom semidetached chalet bungalow in a fantastic location overlooking Barn Rise Park in Westdene. This house has a very modern feel and is finished to a high standard, right down to the solid oak doors. The lounge/dining room is a bright and open space, with bi-folding doors opening into the rear garden and creating an incredible space for entertaining. This room is the heart of the home with space to dine, relax and entertain, all while overlooking your lovely rear garden and its abundance of fruit trees and shrubs. Adjacent to the lounge is the kitchen. The galley-style kitchen is modern and clean, and has everything you need, including all fully integrated appliances and a breakfast bar. This chalet bungalow is surrounded by green space, in the front garden with its well-established shrubs and flowerage, and in the rear garden, which includes sunny decking, the 100-plus-foot turfed area and fruit trees, and the Barn Rise Park opposite the address. The property also benefits from off-street parking and a garage.

Barn Rise, Brighton, BN1 5EE Price: ÂŁ499,500 Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 Extras: West-facing garden; Local schools catchment area; Open-plan dining/lounge area Best Bits: Bi-folding doors on the rear; Garage; Finished to a high standard My Sales 215 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6SA 01273 626494



HOME OF THE MONTH selected by PORTFOLIO magazine A beautifully presented two-bedroom apartment in Grand Avenue Guide Price £350,000 to £375,000


his beautifully presented two-bedroom apartment is located on the second floor of a purpose-built building in central Hove. Having undergone an extensive programme of modernisation in recent years, the flat boasts modern and contemporary tones throughout. Situated in one of Hove’s most sought-after, premier locations, Victoria Court is a superb seaside retreat. Light, bright and airy, the apartment has a large, inviting entrance hall with plenty of handy storage. There are two double bedrooms, both fitted with built-in wardrobes. The stylish kitchen has lovely white gloss units and plenty of counter top space. The dual aspect south- & west-facing lounge/dining room is spacious, and the sleek, generous bathroom offers all the mod cons you would expect. In short, an absolute gem.

Mishon Welton 01273 778 877

Making Moving a Pleasure If you are buying or selling your property, Healys offers an unrivalled legal service. In order that your matter proceeds smoothly we offer the following as standard to our clients: • • •

Direct dial to your Solicitor No hidden charges Competitive fees

We would be delighted to provide you with a free personal quotation. Please contact one of our team on: 01273 669139 or email: or visit and complete our online quotation form.


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Are you ready to reach the top? Established local independent Estate Agent require an enthusiastic, driven, self-motivated individual to fill a negotiator position

COMPETITIVE SALARY AND BENEFIT FOR THE RIGHT APPLICANT Please forward your CV to Mr P. Spark, 45 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1JD or email:

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EVENT Pooches on the Prom

“Martlets Hospice is looking for the city’s most ‘pawsome’ pooches to take their owners for an extra-special Sunday stroll - a sponsored dog walk along Hove prom” Starts at the Big Beach Café, with prizes for the best-dressed pooch, then stroll to the Peace Statue or Brighton Pier and back. 25 March, Hove Seafront, 11am |

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Clive Emson Auctioneers are the UK’s leading independent regional land and property Auctioneers with five offices covering the South of England from Essex to Cornwall. As Auctioneers, we have extensive experience in selling all manner of property across the South Coast, offering friendly and professional advice from one of our five regional offices. With eight, five day auctions per year we can provide our clients with an exciting and dynamic way of selling both land and property. Public Auctions offer a unique way of buying and selling within a public arena, this gives all interested parties an equal opportunity to purchase a lot in the most transparent way, which, in turn, clearly demonstrates the best price to all those involved in the sale. While all land and property may be suitable for auction some are more suitable than others. Lots might include commercial or residential investment, vacant residential or commercial property, land of all types, garages, ground rents and unusual lots such as Martello towers, nuclear bunkers, churches, barns, Oast houses and even sea forts. In fact, any land or property where there is potential to add value.

5 Good Reasons to choose Clive Emson Auctioneers whether buying or selling

• One of the Top 5 Auctioneers in the UK • Regional offices with teams offering a wealth of local knowledge for buyers and sellers • Over 80% sale rates regularly achieved • High profile marketing • Exclusively trading as Auctioneers (not part of a chain or franchise

Sussex & Surrey Office

Entries are invited for our upcoming sales 30th April – 4th May (Entries by Tuesday 3rd April) April/May catalogue available from Friday 6th April 11th - 15th June (Entries by Monday 14th May) June catalogue available from Friday 18th May 23rd - 27th July (Entries by Monday 25th June) July catalogue available from Friday 29th June

Upcoming Sussex & Surrey Auction The Hilton Brighton Metropole Wednesday 21st March - 11am

From left to right: Richard Payne, Sam Kinloch, Chris Milne and James Emson

Contact us Contact our Sussex & Surrey office to arrange a no obligation auction appraisal at sussex@cliveemson. or call the office on 01273 504232.

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Has your agent become corporate based? Harrington’s is an independent! Can your agent offer a local and personalised service? Harrington’s tailor make your service to suit you! Is your agents administration department not local or a call centre? Do you speak to a different person every time you call? Harrington’s administration team Mark, Rachel, Kate and Hannah are experts in the local area! Do you let a house of multiple occupation? Are you aware of the upcoming changes in Brighton and Hove in March? Harrington’s have the expertise to keep you up to date! Is your agent a lettings specialist? Harrington’s are... we only deal with lettings… it’s what we are good at! Do you think now is the time to be dealing with an independent agent guaranteeing a quality, transparent and expert service? Call Emma Gretton at Harringtons on 01273 724000 for free advice

HARRINGTONS LETTINGS Call us on: 01273 724000 | 109 Western Road, Hove BN3 1FA |

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We can replace all sorts of bulb types - from tubes for o�ces to domestic long life bulbs for homes and public places. We know exactly which product is right for your needs.

Our customers are managing agents, businesses and individuals. You may not be able to replace your own bulbs for health and safety or physical reasons, so we’ll do it for you.

We really know our bulbs it’s our speciality. We work quickly and efficiently so you aren’t inconvenienced. We’ll even get in touch after the job is complete to ensure you are happy with the work.


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When you need a light bulb replaced your first port of call may be to attempt it yourself. However, with the plethora of bulbs available, and the health and safety risks involved in changing one how do you know you are carrying out the job properly? If you are unsure, your second port of call might be to contact an electrician. This can be incredibly costly – but there is another better way. A speciality service The Replacement Lightbulb Company is dedicated to the replacement of light bulbs providing a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals. You can save significant amounts by choosing to call upon our help in place of an electrician. Visit Our Costs page on Vast product knowledge Because we specialist in bulbs we know the product inside out. From LEDs to tubes, halogens and spotlights we can assess your needs and provide you with the fitting of a high-quality bulb. Energy conscious? We are too. We’ll help you get the most out of your bulb whilst saving money on your electricity Speedy response times We are incredibly confident in our response times – we’re faster and more convenient than the competition, plus we’ll get you a better deal on bulk discounts for bulbs too. Deliver time is typically within 24 hours, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date. Our after sales care It’s important to us that you are happy with the work we have carried out. Which is why we like to follow up with all our customers and ensure they are fully content. If you are happy for us to do so, we can give you a call or drop you an email to check in. Want to find out more about how RLC can help you? Get in touch with us today or book your installation online using our straight forward booking system at

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On the drawing board On The Drawing Board is our platform for Industry professionals and the public to discuss issues and ideas relating to planning On The Drawing Board will showcase planning permissions granted, scheme ideas and ideas for Brighton’s regeneration and future. This month: we look at some of the developments taking place in the city. If you are a property professional, or just have a great idea, get in touch on the channels below PAINTING, PLANNING AND THE PUBLIC REALM “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”. Although Winston Churchill’s quote was made about the rebuilding of the House of Commons, it can equally well be applied to every village, town, and city in the UK today. Not only are we what we eat, we are also what we build. Cosmo Sarsens “Brighton Angel” has an immediate impact on the streetscape outside Domain’s office in Regent Street. The transformative effect of public art, quality buildings and a well-maintained public realm is recognised by town councils all over the world as they compete for status buildings by “starchitects” to attract visitors. It is the architecture that draws people to places. Many new-build proposals that could make a small but valuable improvement not only to the local physical environment but also to the housing crisis are currently delayed in planning for months or years. Local development and maintenance of the environment is vitally important. Public art and murals within the city centre are now competing with an increasing proliferation of graffiti, visual vandalism negatively impacting on visitor perceptions. We have a great city, but it can be easily eroded. We have to decide, do we love it enough to want to pay to maintain and improve it? Supplied by Domain Architects. FIRST BASE SUBMITS PLANS FOR MODERN WORKSPACE AND HOMES IN BRIGHTON Mixed-use developer First Base has submitted a planning application in partnership with Patron Capital for the £100 million redevelopment of the former Amex House site on Edward Street, Brighton. The scheme, designed by BuckleyGreyYeoman, will deliver 168 new homes and modern workspace for up to 1,250 employees, along with car and cycle parking. Following extensive feedback from local residents and businesses, the scheme will also introduce three new high-quality green spaces, created by renowned landscape designers Spacehub, to the area. First Base and Patron Capital acquired the former Amex House site in 2017. All new buildings as part of the proposed scheme will be lower than the previous ‘Wedding Cake’ – news that pleased residents at a series of drop-in consultation sessions regarding the development. First Base and Patron Capital have developed the plans following a thorough consultation process with local residents, businesses, community representatives and Brighton and Hove City Council officers. In addition to new homes, workspace and public realms, the plans will also deliver a significant economic boost to the local area, including an additional £4.2m in local spend from new staff and residents. Once approved, work will commence on making the plans a reality, creating 146 construction jobs, with a significant proportion recruited from the Brighton and Hove area. Lucinda Mitchell, Project Director at First Base, commented: “We are excited to be embarking on this much-needed project that will deliver modern workspace, jobs and homes for Brighton. We look forward to working closely with local residents, businesses, stakeholders and Brighton & Hove Council over the coming months to advance our plans and deliver a scheme that works for the city.” For more information, please visit

Do you have more ideas? Submit to #BrightFuture @ZSTaUK or @PortfolioMagUK PORTFOLIO  61

Leaders - Your trusted local property experts.

Brighton Marina

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Sales & Lettings

Balmoral Court, £240,000

Surrey House, £210,000

A one bedroom flat situated within a purpose built building, the property is well located being on the corner of Eaton Place and Eastern Road where Royal Sussex hospital and bus links can be found to across the city. EPC:C

This well presented ground floor flat is in a purpose built block situated on Nevil Road in Hove, which is perfectly positioned for access to the A23/A27. The nearest train stations are Hove and Aldrington stations. EPC:E

Grand Parade, £240,000

First floor, one bedroom flat, in the amazing location of Grand Parade, overlooking Victoria Gardens in central Brighton. The property is situated just under one mile from Brighton mainline train Station and one mile from Brighton seafront and Pier. EPC:D

Fairways, Dyke Road, £250,000

Park View, Highcroft Villas, £300,000

Russell Mews, £475,000

A well-presented, second floor, one bedroom flat on Dyke Road. Located close to the amenities found at Seven Dials including shops, cafes and restaurants plus bus links to across the city. Brighton mainline station is within 700 yards away and has direct links to London Victoria. EPC:E

A two double bedroom flat situated on the first floor within the well maintained purpose built block, Park View. The property is well located within the Port Hall area with easy access to the A27 and Dyke Road. EPC:C

A two bedroom three storey mews house located in central Brighton just off Russell Mews. The property is set back slightly from the seafront next to Churchill Square and walking distance to Brighton mainline train station. The property is set in secure quiet gated mews. EPC:D

Broad Street, £525,000

Regent street, £395,000

Victoria Street, £725,000

A terraced house located in the heart of Kemptown in need of modernisation/development. A real opportunity due to size and location. EPC:C

An executive second floor new, purpose built property in the heart of the lanes. This dual aspect property overlooks Jubilee and Regent Street. Close to all of the amenities and restaurants on Jubilee Street and Brighton mainline station. Bus links can also be found on North Road. EPC:B

An excellently located bow fronted Victorian Terrace in the Clifton Hill conservation area. A family home comprising three bedrooms, living area, separate kitchen, study, private front and rear gardens. Benefitting from gas central heating and is close to Brighton mainline station. EPC:D

EVENT National Bed Month

We design, create and install bespoke furniture to commercial, domestic and retail sectors.

“Sleep solves everything�

Web site: Twitter: @redjoinery Make yourTel: bed happy place. March is National Bed Month and World Sleep Day. your 01273 463799 Mob: World 07970274626 Sleep Day March 16th

National Bed Month


MEET THE NEW BHEAA VICE-PRESIDENT Brighton and Hove property expert, Andrew Hovey, Area Sales Manager for Sussex at Leaders, takes BHEAA vice-presidency


ne of Brighton and Hove’s most experienced and successful property experts describes his pride at securing the role of vice-president of the Brighton and Hove Estate Agents Association (BHEAA). Andrew Hovey, Area Sales Manager for Sussex at Leaders, who started in the industry in 1997, will hold the position throughout 2018 before assuming the role of president in 2019. “I am extremely proud to be part of BHEAA and to have become the vice-president. When I first started in the property sector more than 20 years ago, my boss at the time was a former president, and he was a great believer in doing everything possible to make estate agents as professional and reputable as possible,” he explains. “Membership of BHEAA is a stamp of approval for local estate agents; the organisation exists to promote good practice and ensure customers receive a service they can trust and

rely on when buying or selling a property in the city with a member agent. “As vice-president I will take a leading role in chairing BHEAA meetings, organising industry seminars and driving charitable fundraising initiatives. I hope to be able to have a positive impact on Brighton and Hove’s property sector throughout the year.” In addition to providing a code of conduct for estate agents across the city, BHEAA raises money and awareness for local charities and hosts seminars for property professionals designed to improve knowledge and understanding of key topics within the industry. All BHEAA members are professionals based in and around the city and include not only estate agents, but solicitors and surveyors, too. Leaders is a long-standing member of BHEAA and its former regional director, Jane Wilkinson, was the first woman to hold its presidency.

Andrew Hovey, vice-president BHEAA; Tina Templeton, president BHEAA

“In addition to providing a code of conduct for estate agents across the city, BHEAA raises money and awareness for local charities and hosts seminars”

KEEPING TRACK OF PRICES Want to know much your property has risen in value in the last year? Joanne Darroch, Senior Branch Manager for Brighton and Hove at local property specialist Leaders, has the facts


any people may be unaware of just how much their property has risen in value in recent months and how the increase could help them make their next move or release a substantial amount of equity. The latest figures from Zoopla show a 3.62 per cent hike in house prices across the UK in the last 12 months, adding £10,930 to the value of an average property. In Brighton, the price rises are worth almost 4.4 per cent or £16,597. When it comes to semi-detached houses in the city, the increase in value is a huge 6.35 per cent, which is typically worth £24,626. Joanne Darroch, Senior Branch Manager for Brighton and Hove at property specialist

Leaders, says: “If you own your own home, you will understandably be interested in how much it has risen in value, both recently and since you bought it. “The good news is prices have increased in almost all parts of the country in recent months, leaving homeowners better off than they may realise. Rising prices are evidence of a strong market and give you an opportunity to sell up and make your next move, whether that is up the ladder, switching to a new location or moving to release equity. “Inviting a reputable estate agent from your area is the best way to get a clear idea of exactly what your home is worth, with good agents aware of all the local trends and factors that

will determine an exact value.” Young people were boosted by the government’s announcement in the Autumn Budget that it is scrapping stamp duty for the majority of first-time buyers, taking thousands off the cost of getting on the property ladder. Joanne adds: “Buying their own home is an ambition for many young people, and capital growth is one of the primary reasons for doing so. As a homeowner, you will be in pole position when it comes to benefiting financially from any price increases.” For more information about house prices in your area, or to arrange a free, no-obligation valuation, contact your local Leaders branch.

For more information and expert advice on selling, letting, buying or renting in Brighton and Hove, please contact your local Leaders branch or visit


Landlords enjoy your investment Tenants enjoy your home


INTO THE GARDEN Colour returns to our gardens with the arrival of Spring. Tara de la Motte, on what to do in the garden this month

Things to do in the garden this month... • Protect new shoots from slugs • Plant summer flowering bulbs • Top dress pots with fresh compost • Mow lawns on dry days • Hoe and mulch to keep weeds under control • Prune roses


pring is here at last with plenty of colour returning to our borders along with the arrival of bees and other pollinating insects. It is that time when nights get shorter and the soil gets warmer. The warmer soil means we can welcome back some of our favourite plants. Nature has stirred into action once more with the arrival of Spring. The countryside is awakening to a wonderful sea of daffodils which adorn both our gardens and surrounding landscape like a vast yellow carpet. Crocus and hellebores along with primroses all begin to grace our gardens and woodlands once more. The beautiful and delicate primrose really does herald in spring more than any other plant as they appear under trees and in the hedgerows all around the countryside. The weather can still be very uncertain, so be careful with planting.

Better to leave more tender plants till later in the spring. But this is a good time to plant summer bulbs like gladioli, crocosmia, lilies and agapanthus outside for a wonderful display later on in August. Dahlias can be planted in pots at this time of the year, but put them under cover and plant out once the danger of frost has passed. This month clear away any dead stems from last year’s perennials as now is the last chance before the new shoots start to appear. Echinaceas and Rudbeckias are some of the plants that can now be cut close to the ground before new growth takes place. March is a good time to divide plants like snowdrops and perennials that are congested, but do this after they flower and while still in leaf. Tease the clumps apart with a fork and replant. Finally, take time to enjoy the beauty of the spring garden.

“This is a good time to plant summer bulbs like gladioli, crocosmia, lilies and agapanthus outside for a wonderful display later on in August”

Fixed Fee Divorce & Family Advice available

Do you need legal advice from only very highly qualified & experienced legal professionals? Do you value personal service, speaking to your solicitor face to face, having easy access to your solicitor by phone and email, receiving advice in plain English? If yes, then please do contact us for expert legal advice on a wide range of legal matters including: • • • • • • • •

Wills, Probate, Lasting Powers of Attorney & Deputyships Family Law (Divorce, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Financial Disputes, Children Matters) Residential Conveyancing – House/Flat Sales & Purchases as well as remortgages & equity release Commercial Conveyancing – Leases on shops and other commercial premises Personal Injury – all forms of accident claims Civil Litigation/Debt Recovery Benefit Appeals and Defending Benefit Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions Private criminal defence advice, including all road traffic offences

For a fully itemised and no obligation conveyancing quotation by return, please call or email us today A Recommended Law Firm

We design, create and install bespoke furniture to commercial, domestic and retail sectors.

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PRAGUE - GETS A SPRING IN YOUR STEP Portfolio’s Travel columnist, Travel Counsellor Mark Gibson, shares his tips for a short break in Prague


s the season changes from winter to spring and we look forward to longer and warmer days, it is the perfect time of year for a visit to Prague. This vibrant city has long-since shaken off the austerity of the Communist era and revels in showing it’s many treasures to the visitors who come to explore. You can easily walk around the centre of Prague, although it has a cheap and efficient underground and tram service. As we walk from our hotel through the cobbled narrow streets of the Old Town, we approached the turreted entrance to the George Bridge. The bridge, constructed in the 14th Century, was the first to straddle the Vltava River, which connect the two parts of the city, and from the bridge beautiful wooden boats provide trips along the river and canals. Walk over the George Bridge and up the hill to Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral, which dominate the skyline of the city. Inside, there is an impressive collection of art and treasures, but also make sure you seek out the Golden Lane, a picturepostcard row of cottages you can weave in and out of, and which give a flavour of the lives of people living during the 17th Century. Leaving the Castle, we sought sustenance, and by walking along the river to the next bridge down from the George Bridge, we found the very wonderful Café Savoy. Feeling the need for exercise, we took the short walk to the entrance to the funicular, which carries you up to the top of Perrin Park. There we were surprised to find a familiar-looking structure: built to a two-thirds scale is a copy of the Eiffel Tower, and you can take its steps up to the observation tower. A walk through the park led us to Strahov Monastery, which we were fortunate to discover quite by chance. The monastery houses a beautiful library and many artefacts and treasures. As it was a little off the beaten path, it was far less busy than the tourist-laden Castle. When returning to the Old Town, I would also recommend the tour of the town hall and bell tower. You can’t miss it, as the tower has an unusual astronomical clock. The tour gives a fascinating insight into the history of Prague. On the stairs leading to the top of the tower is an exhibition on the city's occupation and near destruction during WW2. Outside the Town hall is a large square lined with restaurants, affording the perfect place to spend the evening enjoying a meal and one of Prague’s famous beers. Afternoon and evening entertainment abound in Prague, which boasts many theatres and concert halls offering opera and ballet, or, if you prefer to listen to the latest bands or singers, they can be found performing in the numerous clubs and bars. Prague has an array of shopping opportunities, with the most picturesque lining the wide boulevards of Wenceslas square. Prague is such a beautiful breath of fresh air; it will leave you with an abundance of fond memories.

GETTING THERE BA and Easyjet have daily flights from Gatwick, Taxi to city centre - approx 40 minutes cost around €30 Tram and underground tickets can be purchased from your hotel reception or at the station STAY 5* Boscolo Prague, Autograph Collection, originally a bank, beautiful and luxurious. Double room including breakfast around £250-£300 per night 5* Buddha Bar Hotel, luxury boutique in the Old Town, Asian and French influence. Double room including breakfast around £250 per night 4* Hilton Prague, Stylish Modern hotel with wonderful rooftop bar. Double room including breakfast around £150 per night 3/4 * Jury’s Inn, Good-value, quality, with extensive breakfast buffet. Double room including breakfast around £120 per night EAT & DRINK Buddha Bar, Asian/Fusion menu, but book in advance Café Savoy, open 9am-10:30pm Beer Bars, 100s of great beer bars and restaurants to check out Czech beers. See universal/maps/the-beer-guide-to-praguepdf-verze.pdf For FREE expert advice on Prague and all other worldwide destinations, contact Mark Gibson, Travel Counsellor on 01273 761060 or


NEW homes

GO WILD The Wildlife Trusts on why and how to build nature-friendly housing developments


ew guidelines published by The Wildlife Trusts show how new housing developments can be built in a way that provides people with greener, inspirational homes which help to reverse decades of wildlife and habitat decline. ‘Homes for people and wildlife - how to build housing in a naturefriendly way’ is published at a time when the Government has recently committed to building a further 300,000 homes a year until 2022. This means that about 36 square miles will be given over to new housing developments annually – that’s an area larger than Brighton & Hove every year. The Wildlife Trusts believe that the natural environment must be put at the heart of planning in order to give the government a chance of meeting its commitment to be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it, and to build new homes and communities that people enjoy living in. Rachel Hackett, Living Landscapes Development Manager for The Wildlife Trusts says: “A huge challenge lies ahead – thousands of new houses are to be built, yet we need to restore the natural world. We’re calling on the government and local authorities to build beautiful, nature-friendly communities in the right places. Over the past century we have lost natural habitats on an unprecedented scale. Yet nature has


its own innate value. It also makes us happy and we depend on the things that it gives us. Our new guidelines show that it’s possible to have both, so people can enjoy birdsong, reap the benefits of rain gardens which soak up floodwater, and plants that bees and other pollinators need to survive. With good design the costs of doing this are a tiny proportion of the overall cost of a housing development, but represent a big investment for the future.”

“A huge challenge lies ahead – thousands of new houses are to be built, yet we need to restore the natural world” The Wildlife Trusts are calling for the current focus on numbers of new homes to be replaced by a visionary approach to where and how we build. Rachel Hackett continues: “We should prioritise places for new housing that are already well served by infrastructure. We should avoid destroying wildlife sites and locate new houses in places where they can

NEW homes

help to restore the landscape and aid natural recovery. It’s possible to create nature-friendly housing by planting wildlife-rich community green spaces, walkways, gardens, verges, roofs, wetlands and other natural features. These gains for wildlife improve people’s health and quality of life too.” The Wildlife Trusts’ blueprint for new nature-friendly homes highlights the myriad of social, environmental and economic benefits of this approach: • Benefits for wildlife – better protection for wildlife sites, more space for wildlife, improved connectivity and buildings that are more wildlife-friendly • Benefits for residents – daily contact with nature, improved health, protection against climate extremes, safer transport routes, good sense of community • Benefits for the economy and wider society – cost-effective environmental protection, employment, space to grow local food, healthier and happier communities putting less pressure on health and social services • Benefits for developers – satisfied customers, market value,

enhanced brand, improved recruitment, improved environmental ranking Every year Wildlife Trusts work to influence local authority planners and respond to thousands of planning applications to benefit wildlife and people alike. We also work in partnership with developers to influence the landscape design in and around new developments such as at Cambourne in Cambridgeshire and Woodberry Wetlands in London. ‘Homes for people and wildlife - how to build housing in a nature-friendly way’ and case studies can be read at The Wildlife Trusts (TWT) There are 47 individual Wildlife Trusts covering the whole of the UK. All are working for an environment rich in wildlife for everyone. There are more than 800,000 members, including 150,000 members of the junior branch Wildlife Watch. They manage around 2,300 nature reserves and advise thousands of landowners and organisations on how to manage their land for wildlife.


DREAM BIG Add some Scandinavian-inspired design to your child's nursery or bedroom with this unique and cute pillowcase – a great gift for new parents or any child. The text on the pillow is in on-trend charcoal grey. 'Dream Big' Pillowcase £15.00

SOFT TOUCH Piglet specialises in lovely stonewashed natural linen bedding. Made from 100% natural stonewashed French flax, Piglet's range of durable, low-maintenance linen bedding is available in a wide range of ontrend colours and sizes. Sage Green Bed Linen. From £32.00 for a pair of pillowcases

CHUNKY THROW Get cosy in style with a luxurious handmade plaid wool-knit throw by Vacht Van Vilt in Holland. Made from 100% pure, animal friendly shaving wool, the plaid comes in a range of natural and vibrant colours. Finished with a felt treatment to be strong as well as snug. Plaid Chunky Wool-Knit Throw 150cm x 200cm £445.00


HAVES “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed”. Or better still, invest in some luxurious new bedding

FIVE-STAR LINEN Savoy is an ultra-smooth 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton percale bed linen, which has an exquisitely soft feel and a beautiful drape. Made in Italy, this collection is finished with an immaculate trim of densely stitched cord. Button fastening. 100% Egyptian cotton Savoy Bed Linen Collection - White From £20.00


KITCHENS TO LAST A LIFETIME Neptune’s kitchen collections have versatility at their core to create the configuration that's just right for your family, your lifestyle and to your rules


aking that investment in your kitchen is essential. Not only will you enjoy the space and functionality, it will also add value to your property. We asked local interiors retailer Neptune about their own kitchen ranges, which are showcased here. The Neptune kitchen collection is made up of four signature designs: Chichester, Suffolk, Henley and Limehouse. All crafted from solid timber, all structured with traditional joinery, and all created with a careful balance between effortless function and beautiful form.

THE CLASSIC CHICHESTER (from £8,000) The epitome of traditional English style with cockbead moulding and a simple kind of perfection. Every component within the Chichester kitchen is made to work together or as standalone pieces, and every width is dissimilar to give it a bespoke look and feel. It’s the kitchen that one of Neptune’s founders has in his own home and has done for 25 years and counting. Their favourite part? The ladder and sliding rail to reach the uppermost cabinets.

THE SHAKER-INSPIRED SUFFOLK (from £9,000) Taking its cue from the disciplined Shaker movement, the Suffolk is pared-back to the essentials, with very little embellishment; it all happens behind closed doors. Painted on the outside but left as exposed oak on the interior, it achieves a perfect balance. Their favourite part? Its very clever larder cabinet.

THE REFINED HENLEY (from £13,000) Crafted entirely from oak and showcasing some impressive curved cabinetry, this is Neptune’s most luxurious kitchen. From cornicing to skirting, its every inch is carefully sculpted from the highest quality timber and has instant country warmth. Their favourite part? The cavernous double drawer unit.

THE CONTEMPORARY LIMEHOUSE (from £12,000) This is the sleek one. Strong, sharp lines lend it a streamlined look, and with over 30 processes that go into building a single door, it’s Neptune’s most technically advanced kitchen to date. Their favourite part? All its hidden secrets (the pullout spice rack, the discreet wine rack, the stone prisms that act as drawer dividers).

Register online to keep up-to-date with Neptune and subscribe to their newsletter at Neptune Interiors, 379 Kingsway | 01273 458459 PORTFOLIO  73


“We need our kitchen space to be versatile, and island units are a brilliant way to combine different kitchen functions. Where space allows, there’s a move towards two island units”

South Croydon kitchen by




TURN UP THE HEAT Is your kitchen clever as well as beautiful? We have ideas for every kitchen to look, feel and function in a whole new way


our kitchen is a real work-horse. Most are multi-tasking and high-traffic, in use on and off throughout the day and night. New technologies and smart design mean that, in 2018, your kitchen can be clever as well as beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a total refit or simply want to freshen up your family space, there’s something this season to help every kitchen look, feel and function in a whole new way. Key looks for 2018 This year we’re moving gradually away from muted earth tones and white-onwhite: colour is a headline trend in kitchen design. Whether you use colour Scandi-style, with pops and patterns in key areas, or all over, colour and tone will bring your space to life. Vibrant colour –lemon, green, crimson – and colour clashes work well in big spaces. Soft pastels can be interspersed with earth tones to brighten neutral space. The on-trend kitchen shade last year was blue – this year, we’re looking at a rainbow. Metallics are also high-vis this year, with patina-finished units (where metal is treated to create unique finishes) combined with industrial materials like concrete and unfinished wood. Highlights of brass, gold and copper also feature, in lighting, taps, and edge-bands around units and worktops. An interesting trend is the increasing use of pattern – for example, a herringbone wood effect – on unit doors, which can be carried on to other areas in the home (under-stairs units or sideboards, for example) for a really put-together look. Pattern is also coming through in tiles, with Moroccan and folk-inspired designs adding character as well as colour. After many seasons of sleek and seamless units and doors we’re seeing Shaker-style kitchens back again, and door handles replacing grooves and push-click doors.




“The most beautiful homes have features that are unique to their owners, and the kitchen is no exception”





The trend for sustainable and eco-friendly materials goes from strength to strength, and this is particularly evidenced in the increased popularity of solid sustainable wood and wood veneer units. For our worktops, though, we’re wanting a more bespoke solution, with new mouldable, versatile composites like Corian which allow different finishes, textures and shapes. English Eccentrics The most beautiful homes have features that are unique to their owners, and the kitchen is no exception. More and more homeowners want bespoke solutions, with gadgets, units or layouts to suit their tastes and lifestyle. And sometimes it’s a necessity: More of us are living in multi-generational homes, with parents, grandparents and kids together, and kitchen space needs to be accessible to all, however mobile they are, and however good they are at tackling new tech. Adjustable work top heights, ample space to manoeuvre, and user-friendly gadgets help different generations rub along together. Of course, we also opt for bespoke style and function just because we can: living walls are a growing trend in kitchens as well as gardens, bringing life and greenery into our homes. Integrating craft storage in open-plan spaces, adding co-ordinated shoe and coat storage in the hall, adding shelves for your cat to explore and eat from or building unit space around your dog's bed – there are lots of great reasons to make your kitchen personal. Shape and size Open shelving above units is a great way to display feature objects in the kitchen, and it's increasingly being

used to mark out space, too: an eye-level shelving unit can help demarcate kitchen from living areas where space is tight, screening those pots and pans when you’re entertaining. We need our kitchen space to be versatile, and island units are a brilliant way to combine different kitchen functions. Where space allows, there’s a move towards two island units – one for food prep and storage, one for a more bespoke dining solution, with crockery and wine storage built-in. Smart ‘hidden’ storage in island units and around appliances helps to keep clutter at bay, too. We’re still in love with large butler and bespoke sinks, and again, there is a trend for doubling up – one kitchen and one utility sink, for example. Or take advantage of the versatile nature of new worktop materials and include a trough (long and narrow, but deep) sink on island dining units, which can be used as an ice bucket, flower or herb display, or even as a finger bowl. Smart homes and smart kitchens Of course, the absolute must-have items for 2018 kitchens are clever. No home is complete now without a boiling water tap. Steam ovens and vacuum drawers make food preparation quicker and greener, too. Kitchens with integrated iPads (for recipe access and media), built-in wireless charging, docking stations, speakers and even the Amazon ‘dash’ button or Google home are increasingly the norm. And of course, virtually all appliances, and your heating, can now be controlled and coordinated from your iPhone. If only smart kitchens could clean themselves – surely it’s only a matter of time?


HOME tips

Chaviaris kitchen by

DESIGN YOUR DREAM KITCHEN Plan your dream kitchen to perfection. We look at the pros and cons of the most popular kitchen layouts


hen you're designing a new kitchen, the way your units and appliances are arranged can have a huge impact, not just on how the room looks, but on how well it will work. Here, a team of experts gives their advice on four different shapes. GALLEY STYLE This type of arrangement has units fitted along one or on two opposing walls. Floor space between the units needs to be at least 1.2m so that there's comfortable access to cupboards and drawers, and enough space to turn and get to appliances on the other side of the room. With units on both sides, the sink, cooker and fridge are best positioned conveniently close on either side, not directly opposite each other. On a single run, place the sink in the middle with the fridge and cooker on either side, leaving at least 1.2m between them if possible. 'With careful planning a galley kitchen needn't feel cramped,' says Graeme Smith, Senior Designer at Second Nature Kitchens. 'A tall larder, for instance, will hold a surprising amount of provisions. Use a mix of materials and finishes, and include either glazed wall units or open shelving so the room doesn't feel hemmed in.' Pros: If well-planned, this design can be efficient and streamlined. Cons: It can feel a bit like a corridor with appliances far apart.


U-SHAPED UNITS This layout is formed by lining three walls with cupboards or by adding a peninsula that brings the units around to create the shape. Don't make this run too long, however, as you could feel cut off from the rest of the room. 'Of all the possible layouts in a kitchen, the U-shape is potentially the most effective and ergonomic,' says Graeme Smith, Senior Designer at Second Nature Kitchens. 'The wraparound shape can make the most of a compact kitchen, but is equally effective if you have the luxury of more space.

“Of all the possible layouts in a kitchen, the U-shape is potentially the most effective and ergonomic” 'If there's enough room, add an island or a dining table and chairs within the U-shape, remembering that you'll need at least 1.2m for easy access all around it.' Pros: You're surrounded with units, so appliances are within easy reach and are more accessible.

HOME tips


Cons: The two corners need to be fitted with flexible storage to be as useful and accessible as possible CENTRAL ISLAND An island looks impressive, and provides storage and extra space for food preparation and eating. As you'll need at least 1.2 m between the island and units or wall, it's unlikely to fit into a small kitchen. Islands start at around 1m square, but 1m by 2m is better, though it could fill a larger space provided it doesn't obstruct movement between the main appliances. Appliances – such as a hob, wine cooler or small sink – can be fitted, while a worktop overhang of 30cm to 45cm will create a breakfast bar to use with stools. 'Consider the height and design of your stools. Ones that tuck under your breakfast bar will give a streamlined look,' says Melissa Klink of Harvey Jones. You will also need to think about directing the electricity and water supplies to the centre of the room, which will add to the costs. Pros: Can make good use of a large kitchen by offering storage and convenient food-preparation areas. Cons: Takes up a lot of space in small- to middle-sized rooms and may block access.

L-SHAPED SCHEME An L-shaped layout is an open arrangement with a table or island added if space allows, and it's easy to retain the work triangle of sink, fridge and oven by spacing them out on both walls. Good lighting is important as natural light may not reach the whole room. Combining a section of tall cupboards with floor and wall units creates varied storage and breaks up the layout. Alternatively, use wall and base units on the longest wall only, then install base units only on the short wall. In a small kitchen, opt for a hob and built-in oven as they will look sleeker than a cooker. 'L-shaped kitchens offer optimum counter space, but remember the three-point placement of the hob/oven, sink and fridge that allows you to successfully move between the three areas,' says Rebecca Hughes of Rebecca Hughes Interiors. The appliances should be no less than 1.2m apart and no further than 2.7m. Pros: It's adaptable and spacious with the possibility of adding a table or island. Cons: A large kitchen could mean appliances are far apart with a lot of walking between them. Thanks to House Beautiful magazine.




Nick Mosley, Managing Director of the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival CIC, rounds up the month’s food news

The Spa at South Lodge Work is well underway on what will be the biggest spa in Sussex, if not the whole of the south of England. The renowned South Lodge hotel near Horsham will be opening their new 4,120m² facility in the summer, featuring swimming pools, a thermal suite, treatment rooms, state-of-the-art gym and spin studio, holistic studio, nail bar and male grooming. There will also be an additional restaurant to complement the award-winning The Pass and The Camellia restaurants in the main house. Keep an eye on their website for more details:

60 seconds with… Manju Patel, Head Chef, Manju’s

Guilty secret food?

Sheero, a halwa made from semolina. First kitchen job?

My mum's kitchen. I lost my father at 12, and my mother taught me to cook. I was making 35 tiffins a day at the age of 14. Seafood or meat?

Neither, I'm vegetarian. Favourite restaurant?

Manju's. We are very proud of it!. Chef you most admire?

My mother. She was the best cook around. Essential ingredient?

Garam Masala. Favourite international cuisine?

Other than Indian, Ugandan, but it has to been vegetarian. Manju’s, 6 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4EQ 01273 231 870 |


The Bull One of Sussex’s most popular pubs – The Bull in Ditchling – has just undergone a £1 million revamp, creating a large new dining room and additional accommodation. Husband and wife team Dominic and Vanessa Worrall took over the pub back in 2003 and have slowly but surely nurtured it into an impressively large, independent hospitality business renowned for its bonhomie by local residents and ever welcoming to visitors who pop by for a pint or bite to eat. Following five years of planning and extensive building work, Dominic and his loyal team are excited to unveil the fruit of their labours. Working with local craftsmen and suppliers, a derelict two-storey flint barn has been converted and connected to the original pub and the bar area has been refreshed and opened out, with the majority of the historic features remaining intact. The new space is stunning; great sensitivity has been shown in seamlessly melding the quaint ‘Olde Worlde’ bar into the clean and contemporary new eating and event space that increases dining capacity by 65%. And, for the first time, guests can now book a table in advance. The Bull, 2 High Street, Ditchling BN6 8TA 01273 843 147 |


“Running city-wide, there’s a host of tasty activities to enjoy, including a Ridgeview Wine Estate dinner at Murmur with Chef Michael Bremner” Brighton Wine Week The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival makes its first outing of 2018 with Brighton Wine Week from 5-15 April. Running city-wide, there’s a host of tasty activities to enjoy, including a Ridgeview Wine Estate dinner at Murmur with Chef Michael Bremner, Italian sparkling wine dinner at Pascere with Chef Johnny Stanford, a Mediterranean ‘coastal catch’-inspired dinner at The Salt Room with Chef Dave Mothersell, and a spicy Mexican-Surinam wine dinner at La Choza with Chefs Bas Oonk and Benji Hinchliffe. The opening weekend sees a Wine & Tapas Trail with participating venues offering a glass of wine and perfectly matched plate for £5-10. Whether oysters and English sparkling wine at the Ginger Pig or Austrian wine with cheese at Butlers Wine Cellar, its a perfect way to spend a couple of afternoons at around 15 leading restaurants and bars in the city. The festival closes with the Brighton Wine & Gin Fair on Sunday, 15 April. Exhibitors include Blackdown and Foxhole gins from Sussex, Vranken Pommery champagne, Villa Sandi from Italy, Butlers Wine Cellar, Fourth & Church, La Cave à Fromage, a selection of English wine producers and many more. Complete event information and tickets are available by the festival website at

CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) hosts its 28th Sussex Beer and Cider Festival at Brighton Racecourse from Thursday 22 to Saturday 24 March with over 60 breweries from across Sussex showcasing their beers, alongside over 150 beers and 40 ciders and perries from across the UK. Depending on the session – running in both the afternoon and evening – entry ranges from £5 to £8, which includes a tasting glass and programme. The bars all operate on a token system, so you can buy a sheet on the day and use them to have tasters or half pints. Over the festival CAMRA members will also be blind-tasting beers and ciders in a variety of categories to submit to the national CAMRA body for the annual ‘Champion’ awards that are hosted at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia London in the summer. If you love real ales and ciders, then this is undoubtedly the largest and most varied annual opportunity to sample in Sussex, so secure your ticket for this ever-popular event in advance. For advance tickets and more information visit


MARKET RESTAURANT & BAR Daniel Frickelton and friend head into Western Road Hove in search of something a little different


ednesday is the ultimate bottle-half-full, bottle-half-empty sort of day. Your bottle is half full if you feel, on Wednesday, that the weekly slog is more than half done and the weekend beckons, waving cheery, colourful flags promising fun and games. You're running on half-empty, though, if Wednesdays send you off in search of something to help you get over the mid-week hump. That's when you want to head for somewhere like The Market in Western Road. Especially on a dark, cold winter evening, the warm, welcoming glow emanating from this cosy eatery is just the tonic your soul requires to help you make it through the night. Kate's energetic greeting feels like a hug and Manni's friendly wave from behind the counter in his open kitchen confirms that you have made the right decision. Everyone loves a market. One of our favourites, Borough Market, next to London Bridge, embodies all the things we love about informal dining: you can grab a generous cup of watermelon chunks and blueberries to refresh your senses on a warm day, or wake up your taste buds with a spicy cup of curry and move on to something more substantial further along. A nicely packed tortilla sandwich with your


favourite filling, for instance. There is a seemingly endless variety of well-prepared dishes of modest size, and Kate and Manni have captured most of the key ingredients of marketplace cuisine at their Market in Hove.

“A slice of succulent Spanish suckling pig with black pudding and piquillo peppers, all drizzled with a | sherry-based sauce” We plonk ourselves down on stools at the counter, behind which Manni is expertly ministering to a large haunch of air cured ham. We chat as he trims away bits of fat and scraps of ham, patiently creating the nice flat surface from which our appetizers will eventually be shaved. A quick glance at our paper place mats, which are also our menus,


reveals a plethora of sharing dishes billed as Tapas & Small Plates. “So, what's the difference,” I ask? “Good question,” says Manni. “We were among the first in Sussex to offer 'small plates' years ago; we found that some people are put off by this term, but will happily go for the same dishes if you call them 'tapas.'” The old, retired linguist in me smiles at this: tapas dishes are small plates, of course, but small can also connote less desirable things. No one wants small beer, for instance, and a certain notorious American is regularly pilloried in the media for his small hands. Tapas, on the other hand, just conjure fond memories of wonderful holidays in warm parts of the world, and all the good food and wine enjoyed on tapas pub crawls in Seville. In any case, we are fans of sharing plates and aren't in the least bothered by what they are called. All that matters is what's on them.

“The velvety richness of the crème fraiche and cream cheese were nicely offset by the tartness of the oranges. Perfection” By now we had munched our way through the bits of thinly sliced cured ham that Manni had provided, and we now understood what had been wrong with the 'good-value, special Christmas purchase' one served by a friend during the holidays: it had been sliced too thickly and the meat was of a poorer quality, requiring endless chewing. Manni's ham was jamón ibérico, rich, dark red meat of the highest quality, from pata negra, the black Iberian pig. This stuff more or less melted on our tongues. We enjoyed this treat immensely, as well as the gorgeous bit of manchego cheese and lomo, thin slices of smoky

paprika pork loin, all accompanied by generous glasses of chilled Fino sherry from Jerez. Dishes range in price from £2.75 to £9.50, and there are sharing boards and platters from £12 to £22, all served when ready and in no particular order. Next up were goat's cheese churros (doughnut fingers) with truffle honey, a magical combination of sweet and savoury, and a dish of cheese croquetas enhanced with crispy bits of chorizo. The deeply flavoursome white Rioja was the perfect wine partner. From Market's fishmonger came smoked cod roe espuma with a bit of bonito and lobster tapioca providing a whiff of the sea and some sorrel lending a perfect acidic balance. This was easily one of the most interesting fish dishes I've had all year. A dish of skilfully fried hake, rice, peas and saffron followed, and somewhere in this dizzying parade of stellar dishes we enjoyed a scrumptious dish of spiced aubergine tricked out with Burgos cheese and nora pepper. As it happened, Manni had saved the best for last: a slice of succulent Spanish suckling pig with black pudding and piquillo peppers, all drizzled with a sherry-based sauce. Market are able to deliver veggie or Vegan versions of many dishes, although this is probably not one of them. This lovely bit of piggy heaven went very nicely with a glass of Monastrell from Jumilla. Think mouthfuls of juicy black fruits laced with licorice. We finished with a shared dessert of Seville orange crème and orange salad, one of the nicest things we ate all night. The velvety richness of the crème fraiche and cream cheese were nicely offset by the tartness of the oranges. Perfection. Locals were still coming through the door as we left this clearly popular place. If you love a market, you'll love Market. We did. Market Restaurant & Bar, 45 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1JD Tel: 01273 823707


EVENT British Pie Week

“A nation of pie fanatics, it often seems that we love nothing better than a wholesome pie. Sweet or savoury: your choice” British Pie Week runs from 6 – 12 March 2018


EASTER FEASTS These three fabulous recipes with eggs will please all your family and friends this Easter. A traditional spaghetti carbonara, but with no cream, superhealthy sweet potato toasts and a classic, rich Easter-themed chocolate cake. Enjoy...

ALPHA FOODIE’S SWEET POTATO TOAST Bursting with nutritious goodness, healthy food blogger, Alpha Foodie's sweet potato toast is perfect for a mood-boosting snack.

“Sweet potatoes offer other nutrients such as potassium, iron and vitamin B-6”



For the toast: • 1 sweet potato

To make the toast, slice a sweet potato into 1/4 inch slices and pop into your toaster on the highest setting, till lightly brown. Depending on your specific toaster, you may need longer.

For topping: • A handful of cherry tomatoes • 1/2 avocado • Dill • 2-3 Clarence Court ‘Free to Fly’ Quail eggs • A handful of edible flowers • A handful of rocket • ½ cup of kale • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil • 1 garlic clove • ¼ cup pistachios • Salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste

Crack each Clarence Court ‘Free to Fly’ Quail egg onto a hot pan and fry for 1-1½ minutes. Fry the egg in a silicone mould for fun shapes. For the kale pesto, grind the pistachios in a food processor. Then add kale, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and a pinch of salt and pulse till smooth. Decorate the slice of sweet potato toasted earlier with the Clarence Court ‘Free to Fly’ Quail egg, edible flowers, rocket, dill, sliced avocado (made into star shapes), salt, pepper and drizzle over the kale pesto.



CHOCOLATE AND SALTED CARAMEL EASTER CAKE Treat your family with this luxurious chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce and caramel crunch.



For the cake • 100g (3.5oz) Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks’ Extra Dark Chocolate (72%), finely chopped • 200g (7oz) plain flour • 1 ½ tsp (7g) Dr Oetker Baking Powder Tub • ½ tsp (3.5g) Dr Oetker Bicarbonate of Soda Tub • 40g (1.4oz) Dr. Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder, sifted • 125g (4.4oz) unsalted butter, plus extra to grease • 150g (5.3oz) caster sugar • 150g (5.3oz) light muscovado sugar • 3 Clarence Court Braddock White duck eggs • 125g (4.4oz) natural yoghurt

Heat the oven to 180C, 160C fan, gas 4. Grease 2 x 20cm cake tins and line with baking parchment.

For the salted caramel sauce and crunchy topping • 175g (5.6oz) caster sugar • 2 tbsp (40ml) Dr. Oetker Liquid Glucose • 150ml double cream • 50g (1.7oz) cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes • 100g (4oz) cornflakes • ½ tsp sea salt For the Buttercream • 50g (1.75oz) Dr. Oetker Fine Cooks’ Extra Dark Chocolate 72%, finely chopped • 150g (5.3oz) unsalted butter, at room temp • ¼ tsp sea salt • 500g (17.6oz) icing sugar, sifted • 2tbsp Dr. Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder • 180g (6.3oz) full fat cream cheese


For the cake: put the chocolate in a bowl and heat in the microwave for around 30 seconds, (keep heating in short bursts if needed), then mix until just combined. In a jug mix 175ml of lukewarm water with the yoghurt, mix around a third of this into the melted chocolate; once combined, mix in the rest until smooth. In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and cocoa powder. Cream the butter and sugars until creamy and pale. Gradually beat in the eggs and then gently fold in the flour mixture. Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cake batter. Divide between the cake tins, smooth the top, then bake for 25-30 mins. allow to cool for 20 mins in the tins, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. For the salted caramel sauce and crunchy topping: (have a baking tray lined with baking parchment ready) put the sugar, liquid glucose and 2tbsp of water in a medium-heavy based saucepan over a low heat to melt. Do not stir the mixture, tilt the pan to help combine, and if required, use a wet pastry brush to help push down any undissolved sugar into the mixture. Meanwhile, put the cream in a separate small saucepan and set over a low heat until warm. Turn up the heat to medium high and bubble the mixture until it’s golden caramel coloured (3-4 mins). Take off the heat, then add 3 ½tbsp of the cream; once it stops bubbling, add the butter and mix until smooth. Carefully ladle a third of this mixture into the pan with the cream. Add the cornflakes to the caramel mixture in the larger pan and fold with a spatula until evenly coated; spoon into 6 large or 12 small rounds and set off the baking tray to set and cool (around 20 mins).


CAKE RECIPE CONTINUED... Put the pan with the salted caramel sauce back on the heat, add the salt and mix until smooth and glossy. Set aside to cool. For the buttercream: pour 2tbsp of boiling water over the dark chocolate, put in the microwave for a few seconds, then mix until smooth, leave to cool. Beat the butter and salt in a mixing bowl until soft, add the icing sugar and cocoa powder, then beat until smooth. Mix in the melted chocolate, then gently mix in the cream cheese. To assemble: put one of the sponges on a serving plate; using a palette knife, spread a layer of the buttercream over the top, then set the other sponge on top. Spread the rest of the buttercream on top and on the sides of the cake in an even layer. Set the cornflake rounds on top of the cake around the edges, then pour the salted caramel sauce into the middle and between the cornflake rounds.

MILLY COOKBOOK’S PERFECT CARBONARA This healthy take on a classic carbonara recipe from Milly Cookbook aka Nicola Millbank, follows the traditional Italian way with just egg and pecorino for the sauce and no cream. SERVES 2



Heat a large frying pan over a medium to high heat and fry the pancetta until it starts to go crispy. Remove from the heat and set the pan to the side.

• • • •

50g of streaky guanciale or streaky pancetta, around 6 slices, sliced into strips 200g of linguine or spaghetti x2 Clarence Court Braddock Whites British free range duck eggs 50g of freshly grated pecorino or parmesan Black Pepper

“Healthy Italian spaghetti carbonara is super quick and easy to make”

Bring to the boil a large pan of salted water and cook the linguine as per the packet instructions, minus a minute. Whilst the linguine is cooking, break one of the duck eggs into a bowl and separate the other egg, tipping only the yolk into the bowl with the other egg. Grate in the pecorino, some freshly ground black pepper and mix. Once the pasta is al dente, save a little of the cooking water in a glass and drain the linguine. Pop the frying pan with the pancetta back onto a medium heat and add the linguine. Pour the egg and pecorino mixture into the pan and mix well until you end up with a silky and creamy sauce. Add a little pasta water if it needs to be loosened. Serve immediately with some extra freshly grated pecorino. Recipes courtesy of Clarence Court Eggs.


EXTREME DRIVING Plug-in hybrid, the Range Rover Sport PHEV, climbs 45-degree, 999-step staircase in world-first Dragon Road challenge




dizzying 99 turns and 999 daunting steps didn’t stop the new Range Rover Sport PHEV from completing a world-first at one of China’s most famous landmarks in Hunan Province, China last month. The petrol-electric performance SUV has become the first vehicle to climb the stairs to the natural rock arch of Heaven’s Gate. The challenge began at the bottom of the legendary 11.3km Tianmen Mountain Road (known as the Dragon Road). The showroom standard Range Rover Sport P400e took on the demanding course, with Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s Ho-Pin Tung behind the wheel and the Terrain Response 2 system in Dynamic mode. At the summit of the road, the Formula E driver optimised Terrain Response for the second part of the challenge, conquering the towering 45-degree staircase of 999 steps leading to China’s legendary Heaven’s Gate using a combination of Ingenium petrol and electric battery power. Ho-Pin Tung said: “I’ve experienced Formula E, Formula 1 and won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans but this was without doubt one of the most demanding driving challenges I’ve ever faced. The Range Rover Sport PHEV performed brilliantly as it inspired real confidence on the mountain road and climbed the stairs up to Heaven’s Gate effortlessly.”

“This was the hardest Range Rover Sport challenge I’ve ever been involved with. We’ve proven the phenomenal capability of the Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid like never before ” The new PHEV powertrain gives the Range Rover Sport a zero-emission EV range of up to 50km when fully charged but Ho-Pin Tung used its advanced 300PS Ingenium petrol engine and 116PS electric motor to make short work of the road section of the challenge. The performance SUV then showed its uncompromised all-terrain credentials by climbing the steep staircase to the natural rock arch. Phil Jones, Land Rover Experience expert, said: "This was the hardest Range Rover Sport challenge I’ve ever been involved with because, until we reached the top, we couldn’t categorically say we would succeed. By making it to the summit, we’ve proven the phenomenal capability of the Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid like never before – with a genuine world first.” The Dragon Challenge is the latest in a series of adventures completed by the Range Rover Sport after the PHEV model made its debut in a race against two-time open-water swimming world champion Keri-anne Payne and endurance athlete Ross Edgley in Devon, UK. Previous exploits include a record-setting hill-climb at Pikes Peak, USA, a record crossing of the ‘Empty Quarter’ desert in the Arabian Peninsula and a 2,170m descent of the legendary Inferno downhill course in Mürren, Switzerland.



ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY This month we take a look at a beautiful walking route around the Hamsey Parish


rom rolling hills to bustling market towns, the South Downs National Park’s landscapes cover 1,600km² of breathtaking views, hidden gems and quintessentially English scenery. A rich tapestry of wildlife, landscapes, tranquillity and visitor attractions, weave together a story of people and place in harmony. The villages of Cooksbridge, Offham and Hamsey sit in the East Sussex parish of Hamsey. Here you can discover a variety of landscapes ranging from high chalk downland, the water meadows of the Ouse and the heavy clay pasture and woodlands of the Low Weald. There are great viewpoints from the top of Offham Chalk Pit and on the approach from the Ouse Valley. Clues to this area’s industrial heritage can be traced to sites like the chalk pit on Offham Hill where man’s activity has shaped this distinctive landscape. During the 18th and 19th century Offham Chalk Pit was a busy quarry. The site was perfectly positioned where the raw chalk of the Downs and the historic river highway were at their closest alignment. After being loosened by gunpowder, the chalk was dug away before being taken to on-site kilns and burnt into lime. The lime was then transported by river barges to farms in the Weald where it was used as fertiliser for the growing of wheat.


“Clues to this area’s industrial heritage can be traced to sites like the chalk pit on Offham Hill where man’s activity has shaped this distinctive landscape”





Point of interest Pub


Refreshments Toilets


3 A 275


Parking Bus stop


Trail point



Railway station Bridge A Road


B Road Restricted byway



13 T 12

Bridleway Footpath










11 OL
















L E W ES 0


0.25 miles 0.5km

Distance: 3 miles (5km) Time: 2 hours Route: Mainly footpath and bridleway with some pavements. Mainly flat. 1 Exit Cooksbridge Station from the northbound platform and cross the road. 2 Take the tarmac path between the picket

fence; follow it round past a playground, then left down a footpath running alongside the stream. 3 Cross the footbridge, head towards a stile

and carefully cross the railway track (look before crossing). Turn right at the fingerpost and follow the fence line on your right. 4 At the next fingerpost turn left alongside

the hedge.

5 At the opening in the hedge follow the footpath way-marker diagonally across the field towards the furthest corner. 6 Exit the field opposite Hamsey Manor and

turn right on the road.

7 Turn left down Whitfeld Lane and continue until you reach Ivors Lane. 8 At the junction take the track in front of you signposted ‘Sussex Ouse Valley Way’. 9 Go through the kissing gate passing

a pillbox on your right and follow the embankment.

11 Go through the gate and take a right along the Old Coach Road. 12 At the road, continue left towards the church until you reach the main road (A275) with the Blacksmiths Arms pub directly opposite. 13 Turn right and follow the pavement which runs alongside the road back to Cooksbridge Station.

For more information about walks in the region, contact South Downs National Park Authority. Tel: 0300 303 1053, or visit

10 Take a right and cross under the railway following the path with the chalk pit cut on your left.


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CIVILISATION This new nine-part BBC Two series, which Simon Schama presents with Mary Beard and David Olusoga, is a modern version of Kenneth Clark’s groundbreaking BBC series from 1969, Civilisation. It has been three years in the making and was filmed in 31 countries and on six continents


peaking as the BBC unveiled details about its blockbuster television series Civilisations, Schama said the greatest creative achievements were, for the most part, “our common possession”. Schama’s programmes look at the origins of human creativity, noting the first known marks, made about 80,000 years ago in South African caves. He travels to see the civilisations of Petra in Jordan and the Maya in Mexico and Guatemala. In a later episode he visits Palladian villas in Veneto, Italy, and the American landscapes captured by the photographer Ansel Adams. Simon Schama says: “We live in a time of raw power, the swagger of money, brutal poverty and hard reckonings; precisely the moment when it can't be bad to contemplate again the most enthralling things that human creativity can achieve, because, for the most part, they are our common possession. Look at the crowds thronging any great art show from one end of the world to the other and you know that it is felt as much a necessity as the air we breathe and the food we eat. All we and


the BBC have done with Civilisations is to answer to that need as richly as we can. It's taken three years of thinking, writing, filming and editing, every shoot, every encounter with great art, a daunting challenge and an immense satisfaction. We hope you enjoy the feast.” We see that as time passes the elements of civilisation are assembled: written language, codes of law, and expressions of warrior power forged

“Civilisations is the next chapter in that tradition of TV with the power to change lives” in metals. And humanity begins to produce art not just for ritual, as Simon discovers in Minoan civilisation. Mary Beard’s travels take her from colossal prehistoric Olmec heads

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For some light relief, Sport Relief returns for another year

A “It’s been an incredible honour to work alongside Simon and Mary, two of the nation’s greatest historians and broadcasters” in Mexico to the terracotta warriors of ancient China and the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Mary says: “It has been a really exciting (and, I confess, humbling) experience to work as part of the Civilisations team. I hope that people will be dazzled by the wonderful works of art we have been able to show; but even more I hope that the programmes will prompt all kinds of discussions and debates about what we now think 'civilisation' is… and our stake in the very idea of it.” David Olusoga’s episodes explore themes of contact, trade, interaction, empire and race, and include art such as the Nanban screens of the Tokugawa period in Japan, and the still life art of the Dutch “golden age”. David says: “It’s been an incredible honour to work alongside Simon and Mary, two of the nation’s greatest historians and broadcasters. I’m also thrilled to be a presenter on a series that’s part of a great tradition of arts programming on the BBC. When I was growing up on a council estate, my family didn’t have the money to visit galleries or museums, but my mother was able to open up the worlds of art and culture to me through documentaries on the BBC, programmes that broadened my horizons and transformed my view of the world. Civilisations is the next chapter in that tradition of TV with the power to change lives.”

s always, it brings the nation together to get active, raise money and change lives. Since 2002, Sport Relief has raised over £335 million. The money raised by the public will be spent by Comic Relief to tackle the critical issues affecting people across the UK and the world. This year, Sport Relief culminates in a week of activity, from Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd March, leading to an unmissable night of TV on the BBC. As part of this effort, Famously Unfit is a brand-new show airing as part of this year’s exciting week of Sport Relief activity. The hour-long programme will see celebrities Susannah Constantine, Les Dennis, Tameka Empson and Miles Jupp push themselves to the limit as they embark on a mission to regain their fitness and help inspire the great British public to get active and do their part for Sport Relief too. The show will follow the four of them over 10 weeks as they run, row and swim their way back to fitness. The programme will culminate in one of the UK’s hardest and most demanding physical challenges, which will see the four celebs tackle a muddy and exhausting obstacle course in freezing temperatures. Helping them on their way will be former Olympian, world-renowned sports scientist and physical activity expert Professor Greg Whyte OBE and Dr Zoe Williams, presenter of BBC Two’s Trust Me, I’m A Doctor. Throughout March, across the BBC

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LOCAL NEWS GLYNDEBOURNE TOUR ART COMPETITION The latest Glyndebourne Tour Art Competition invites emerging artists of all ages (16+) to submit an artwork based on the theme of Love and Money. The winning artwork will feature on the cover of 10,000 copies of the Glyndebourne Tour Programme and appear in an exhibition at Glyndebourne this autumn. Gus Christie, Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne, said: “Since the competition launched, it’s been fantastic to see the number, variety and quality of entries continue to rise. I look forward to seeing this year’s submissions from an even wider range of artists, tackling such an evocative theme.” Artists are invited to submit paintings, drawings, original prints, mixed media, photography and digital pieces. London-based artist, Katie Ponder won last year’s competition. Katie’s winning piece, Deception, was part of an impressive shortlist of original artworks, submitted from 12 different countries. The closing date for entries is 6 July 2018. For details visit


JODIE KIDD JOINS TREK Chestnut Tree House childrens’ hospice in Sussex have announced that their patron, former model Jodie Kidd, has signed up to join their fund-raising trek to the world-famous Inca Trail in Peru, taking place in November 2019. Jodie has put a video message on Chestnut Tree House’s Facebook page inviting intrepid explorers to sign up and join her for the experience of a lifetime and trek the world-famous Inca Trail in Peru. Jodie Kidd says, “I am supporting the amazing Chestnut Tree House and their incredible Inca Trail Challenge, which is in 2019. I’ve just signed up! Come and join me for a life-changing experience for the most incredible cause. See you next year in Cusco!” Chestnut Tree House cares for children in Sussex and South East Hampshire with life-shortening conditions - giving them the chance to do all sorts of things that kids love doing. Linda Perry, Director of Children's Services at Chestnut Tree House says: “Expeditions such as these are a fantastic way for people to engage with and support Chestnut Tree House whilst having the time of their lives! A lifechanging experience for them can also provide life-changing support for our families.”


The programme for Brighton Festival 2018, the largest annual, curated multi-arts festival in England, has been announced with the Turner Prize-nominated visual artist and Brighton resident David Shrigley (b.1968) as Guest Director. Best known for his darkly humorous works that comment on the inconsequential, bizarre, and disquieting elements of daily life, the artist’s offbeat take is reflected in an eclectic programme spanning music, theatre, dance, visual art, film, literature and debate. David Shrigley’s trademark wit is also evident in his brochure cover design, featuring a hammer and a bent nail and bearing the tagline ‘Strive for Excellence’. Brighton Festival 2018 features a host of commissions and co-commissions from a wide range of national and internal artists including: Calixto Bieito’s The String Quartet’s Guide to Sex and Anxiety; Grand Finale by Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival Associate Artist, Hofesh Shechter; The Arms of Sleep, an overnight choral sleepover experience from The Voice Project; Cuckmere: A Portrait, a filmic homage to the changing moods of the Cuckmere river accompanied by a live score; and Creation (Pictures for Dorian), a new piece inspired by Oscar Wilde’s iconic character Dorian Gray from British/ German arts collective Gob Squad. For full Festival programme and tickets visit

LOCAL news

ROYAL PAVILION BASEMENT AND TUNNEL TOURS A behind-the-scenes glimpse of the basement and tunnel of the Royal Pavilion to discover more about life below stairs for the servants, from the rat catcher to George’s principal private secretary. The tour ends with a visit to the tunnel which led to George IV’s royal stables and riding school (now Brighton Dome). Booking in advance required. Please note: due to the service areas covered in this tour, it may be subject to last-minute cancellations and alterations. Every Monday in March, 10am. Price: £12.50.


SUSSEX FOOD AND DRINK AWARD WINNERS The Sussex Food & Drink Awards revealed the county’s top food and drink producers for 2018 last month. The 12th awards ceremony, hosted by Danny Pike of BBC Sussex and actress Julie Graham, representing the charity Chestnut Tree House, saw 400 leaders in the food, drink and farming industries gather together for the event that celebrates the cream of Sussex food and drink producers. Organiser Paula Seager said, “We are incredibly proud of the Sussex Food & Drink Awards and want to wish our 2018 winners, grand finalists and finalists our warmest congratulations. The line-up was hugely impressive this year and the awards are all about celebrating our Sussex food and drink heroes. We know the future is bright for all of them.” Winners for 2018 include: Ridgeview Wine Estate, 64 Degrees, Chichester Farmers Market, The Artisan Bakehouse, The Sussex Produce Company, and Etch.

A scheme developed by disabled people in Brighton and Hove to get around easily by bus has gone national. Helping Hand is a unique, award-winning, helpful information card. It was co-created by local disability groups and users together with bus company Brighton and Hove Buses. It has been so successful that other bus operators in the city are already using it, as well as the city’s longest-standing taxi firm Streamline, who formally adopted the scheme. Now, public transport provider Go-Ahead is set to roll it out across its bus companies around the country.Helping Hand is a discreet, unbranded bright-yellow card with either a bespoke or off-the-shelf message for the driver, giving them brief but valuable information so help can be provided.

OFFSHORE TOUR Speed out to the Brighton Rampion Wind Farm site aboard a catamaran and experience a panoramic view of the seafront, as you cruise nine nautical miles in each direction. Get up close and personal with the gigantic turbines standing 150m high and the jack-up ships, whose hulls rise out of the water as they assemble each of the 116 windmills, until completion of Europe’s largest windmill farm. Tours last 2 – 3 hours depending on tides, and generally depart at 0900hrs, 1200hrs or 1500hrs on Saturdays and Sundays and some weekdays. March dates are Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, Wednesday 14th, Friday 16th, Saturday 17th Sunday 18th, Wednesday 21st, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th, Wednesday 28th and Saturday 31st March.



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CELEBRITY interview

A GOOD SPORT Footballer, TV presenter and all-round national treasure, Gary Lineker talks about being a main presenter and ambassador for Sport Relief


his March, BBC Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker will resume his role of presenting Sport Relief, the bi-annual fund-raising event which helps vulnerable people across the UK and beyond. For ‘Links’, the campaign to drive donations through the vehicle of sport, is a format he knows well, but what remains uncertain is whether he’ll be appearing as himself, as his cross-dressing alter-ego, or perhaps just in a pair of Leicester City undergarments? The BBC’s Sport Relief returns to our screens again this month, and this time for a week-long stay. In his usual place as anchor of the show will be the familiar face of Gary Lineker. “It’s great fun and a pleasure to be a part of something like Sport Relief,” he tells us. “Some of my outfits have raised an eyebrow, but I think this year I’ll be fully focused on raising funds for all the worthwhile causes we support.”

“The transition from professional footballer to television presenter is an oft-trodden path nowadays, but Lineker was one of the first, and that after a prolific career on the pitch” The former England front-man will be in place alongside regular co-hosts Claudia Winkleman, David Walliams, John Bishop and Greg James, with the show-piece live show screening on Friday, March 23 at MediaCity. “It’s certainly an immense privilege to present Sport Relief, and I’ve loved working with the charity over the years. With each new project you hope to do better than the last, but really anything we can do to change lives is worthwhile.” The transition from professional footballer to television presenter is an oft-trodden path nowadays, but Lineker was one of the first, and that after a prolific career on the pitch. The former England centre-forward famously fell just one short of the goal scoring record for the Three Lions of the 49 strikes previously set by Sir Bobby Charlton. But then, add to that his 282 club goals for Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur and J-League outfit Nagoya Grampus Eight in Japan. All that culminated in an induction into the English Football Hall of Fame, alongside Sir Bobby Charlton and Moore and fellow knighthood recipients Stanley Matthews and Tom Finney. Fine company, indeed. Now 57, Lineker has been presenting Match of the Day on the BBC since 1999, taking over from Des Lynam, who anchored the show for eleven years. He is the longest-running host of the show since surpassing Jimmy Hill’s 15-year tenure on the programme.



CELEBRITY interview

But football is not the only sport Lineker has hosted on the box. Golf majors were also on his agenda for three years, and especially the US Masters at the iconic Augusta National Course in Georgia, United States. It’s a sport he also enjoys playing, but only when things are going well - and plays off a handicap of five.

“We’ll be walking on windswept beaches, rockpooling, swimming, surfing, kayaking and walking the coastal paths” “I mostly hate golf, because I’m quite often a terrible player. However, once, when I broke 70 for the first time at Sunningdale (in Ascot, Berkshire), that felt like such an achievement. To be honest, I didn’t even think I’d make it because towards the end of my round I put a shot into the bunker and thought that was me,” he says. “To make things worse, when I was approaching the gal to take my shot, there stood one of the greatest golfers of all time, Ernie Els, and the walls of the bunker seemed about 3ft taller! But I was able to gather myself together and hit a great shot and made it out. “I looked around to see if Ernie had seen it and wondered what he had to say about it. He was knelt down on the grass, pretending to tie his shoelaces and I said: ‘Don’t tell me you missed that?’ To which he replied: ‘You’ll have to do it again!’ Cruel!” Sport Relief chose to use Lineker as its main presenter and ambassador in 2002 to help support more than 2,000 projects in the UK and around the world, and the Leicester-born man has been in place ever since, the only non-serious role he feels he could now involve himself with.


“Sport Relief is the only entertainment television I think I will ever be involved in now. I have had loads of offers for stuff like that, but I don’t think I am cut out for that kind of programming. Yes, I was involved in the comedy programme ‘They Think It’s All Over,’ but that’s about it. “It’s just not me trying to be larger than life or anything other than myself, unless I’m doing a Sport Relief sketch for charity. When I present it, I do slightly feel out of my comfort zone because I feel like I have to be a little more showbiz, and that doesn’t make me feel like I am being me - probably because I’m not! But it’s all for a good cause, and if it brings the donations in more, then that’s the aim.” Sport Relief runs from Saturday, March 17 through to the live programme on Friday, March 23.



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