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Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 9 PRESERVING THE AMERICAN PRAIRIES WITH HOSPITALITY, HERDS, AND HOUNDS Written by DUKE PHILLIPS Photography provided by RANCHLANDS The Current 10 Editor’s Note 11 This Is Us 70 Eat, Shop, Play 72 Vero Beach Oceanside Map 74 Town of Vero Beach Map 64 12 56 The Nourished The Explored inside the issue RANCH LANDS


Spring is one of my favorite times of year in Florida. The oak trees turn that beautiful lime green color, the flowers are all in bloom, and the sweet smell of citrus blossoms fill the salt air.

For the past seven or so years, we’ve lived in a townhouse with a very small outdoor garden until recently… when we decided to buy an old 1950s bungalow. This adorable house came with a big beautiful tropical backyard. I guess the old saying “you don’t miss what you don’t have” is true. I didn’t realize how much I truly missed having a garden and an outdoor space to grow. I am excited to try my luck at growing roses, thanks to my dear friend at White Trail Farm. Katie is truly like a beautiful, rare rose and has inspired me to spend more time outside tending to my newly planted roses and watering my soul. I am excited to spend as much time as possible sitting in nature, listening to the song of the birds and just being present.

My other latest obsession is birding! Seeing the majestic flamingos in a natural habitat here on our east coast and not in a zoo was one of the most magical days ever! If you need a new hobby, my favorite app is Merlin, which identifies the “song” of the birds that you hear while outside using the app. It is an amazing

March-April 2024

Vol. 14 Issue 2

tool to educate you not only on the type of bird near you but also the various songs that the bird can make. The app is free and will provide hours of entertainment!

We hope you enjoy this issue of The Ranchlands. This 4th generation family of cattle ranchers are doing their best to preserve thousands of acres in the West, while opening their doors to a hospitality experience of working, learning, and respecting this rugged but so rewarding life and land. With ranches from Colorado to Wyoming, you can experience this lifestyle and observe the most stunning vistas and wide-open spaces too. Be sure and book your stay soon as they fill up pretty quickly.

Life is so beautiful and I hope you get to spend your days doing what you love and blossoming where you are planted. Whether it’s wide-open spaces you crave or the ocean that beckons to you, just live your best life now doing what you love. Happy Spring!

Because life is just better by the sea,



Penny Tranchilla

Art Director Christina Alta Luboski

Copy Editor

Alyssa Carter

Cover Photo & Featured Photography

Provided by Ranchlands

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Alyssa Carter, @saltnspurs

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March means green beer and celebrating the luck of the Irish on St. Patty’s Day! For us, we love celebrating every new issue with all of you. We’re in the midst of planning our launch party now for March 21st, 5-7PM at American Icon. If weather is great, join us on the green outside the front of the building and if weather isn’t so great, we’ll be upstairs at our usual spot. Please bring your friends, clients, and family! We love meeting all of YOU!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Penny & Alyssa

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provided by RANCHLANDS



I remember that first morning so clearly. Stepping out of my house into the early morning, the sun’s glow outlined the eastern horizon with a paper-thin line of light, sharp as the knife blade on my belt. I stopped just outside the yard by my truck and looked out across the 87,000 acres of North American high prairie where I had just moved with my young family. I couldn’t see anything really, but the silent darkness of the prairie was dense like water, foretelling of what I could only imagine was coming into my life. This ranch, named the Chico Basin, just 45 minutes southeast of Colorado Springs, was to be my family’s home for the next 25 years, the term of the lease I had just won with my proposal to the Colorado State Land Board.

The rich tapestry of short grass prairie that sprang outward from the crystal spring-filled lakes along the Chico and Black Squirrel Creeks would host the 35 cows that we owned, as well as the third-party cattle that I was in the process of contracting my services for, to provide care and grass as a means to pay for the lease. This ranch was a deeply rich natural resource of rolling hills that I had to carefully steward, which would put into effect everything I had learned ever since I was a boy growing up in a horse culture set 100 years in the past, on a large ranch in Mexico.

March-April 2024 13
14 March-April 2024

I thought to myself as I stood in that still, dark morning: This is what I’ve been preparing for all these years of working as a cowboy across the country, in Australia and Mexico. I have to make it work. I have to think outside the box to create a profitable business that will also manifest a robust conservation ethic. I started my truck and began driving to headquarters.

I began applying for grants to develop infrastructure to support my plan. I started designing flyers that invited people to come as paying guests to join the daily work activities on the ranch. I began exploring ways to bring school kids to the ranch to learn about nature and how ranching cares for the land. I began thinking about creating venues on the ranch for artists and musicians as a means to build bridges between the urban and rural gap gathering people together to share ideas about land conservation during ranch experiences.

March-April 2024 15
16 March-April 2024

Fast forward twenty-four years from that fragile beginning, to the fall of 2023. What began as an ambitious attempt to keep my nose above water has grown into Ranchlands, a large-scale cattle ranching business that is owned and ran by myself and my full partners my eldest daughter Tess, and her younger brother Duke IV. Today, we own all the cattle on the five ranches that we operate, comprising nearly 400,000 acres in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. Our hospitality business has grown and brought thousands of guests from all corners of the U S and Europe to our ranches to learn about nature, ranching, and our environmental stewardship. We have had over 50,000 school kids come through our education programs on the ranch. We offer a ranch management leadership training program that develops young people to manage ranches, which has turned out over twenty practicing ranch managers across the country. We have a beef product that ships across the U S , a line of leather goods, hunting and fishing opportunities, and horse packing trips into the Wyoming Bighorn Mountains.

March-April 2024 17


Ranchlands today is best described as a community of people on a mission to change the world by the perpetuation of ranching, a cornerstone of American culture. Based on three different ranches, these stays encourage guests to disconnect from their urban grind and reconnect to nature through an immersive experience centered around riding horses and hiking through some the most stunning landscapes in the West.

18 March-April 2024


The Paint Rock Canyon Creek is born on the western slopes of 13,165-foot Cloud Peak, the highest point in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, and then rushes many miles through a deep limestone canyon. At the foot of this canyon, the trout-rich creek breaks out into the Bighorn Basin at about 5,000 feet, and into the holdings of Paint Rock Canyon Ranch, in a lovely setting of broad hay meadows fringed by red sandstone cliffs. The Ranch offers private Western grandeur like few ranches anywhere in the Rockies. Stays at the Paintrock are based out of safari-style tents and immerse you in nature and in day-to-day life on a working ranch. Guests are invited to explore the unique surroundings unlike any other Ranchlands property through programs that emphasize learning about horses, nature, conservation, photography and painting, and pack trips into the Bighorns.

March-April 2024 19


The Zapata Ranch is owned by The Nature Conservancy and managed by Ranchlands in a partnership model that emphasizes environmental conservation practices. Located on the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, the ranch borders the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Home to a large conservation bison herd and a herd of cattle, the Zapata also offers hospitality opportunities. Based out of a fifteen-bedroom lodge with fine dining services, daily programs are centered around horseback riding through the bison herd and Sand Dunes National Park, along with special themed weeks.

20 March-April 2024
March-April 2024 21
22 March-April 2024


The Chico Basin Ranch, located 45 minutes southeast of Colorado Springs, encompasses nearly 90,000 acres of pristine shortgrass prairie with five spring-fed lakes and countless springs that feed two creeks—Chico and Black Squirrel. Owned by the State Land Board, Chico has been managed by Ranchlands since 2002. This ranch runs the largest number of cattle of all Ranchlands properties. The Chico is also the site of a hospitality program for visitors interested in “hardcore” ranching, a small outdoor sporting business, education day programs for students from the surrounding area, and our Mercantile leather shop.

We invite you to come visit, call, or write us. We’d love to meet you. Visit us at Ranchlands.com.

March-April 2024 23


Many of the dogs at Ranchlands are more than just pets; they’re also colleagues who find purpose and fulfillment from working cattle by our sides. Faithful companions and tireless co-workers, whether accompanying us on long days spent otherwise alone doing checks, or playing an essential role in helping gather and move a herd of cattle to a new pasture, our dogs are important members of the team. They can ride motorcycles, balance atop a trotting horse, patiently stay where we’ve asked them to for hours at a time, deftly maneuver through difficult terrain on cattle moves and avoid thousands of hooves in the process. The value of a good ranch dog is nearly impossible to convey in a few short words, but we often try. Here are a few of those homages to the ranch dog, from their human counterparts.


“I was an intern on the MP Ranch when Indie was born, she was my favorite right away. She was the runt of the litter, a very socially awkward, dinky little thing. I knew she was going to end up being super shy if I didn’t make her socialize, so I would take her on checks with me alone in the truck and handle her as often as I could. As she's grown into an adult, she’s still small-framed (we call her Little Dog as often as we call her Indie) but she’s a missile on a cow move. When she’s on a cow, she has all the confidence in the world, sometimes too much confidence. She loves having a job and she gives everything she’s got every time. I’ve never met a dog with more heart.” ~ Mike, Manager of the Frying Pan Ranch, and his dog Indiana. @mikegio93

24 March-April 2024


“Her world is so much bigger than mine and she only knows the fence lines and can’t see the color green. She knows the ranch from two feet high, by way of smell and the coyote’s call. Her lust for life and curiosity is that of a tomcat—but a tomcat with the build and endurance of heavy machinery. And when the day is called quits, she melts at your feet and sings sweet songs in her sleep. She’s one of my greatest friends and the best dog I'll ever have. I'm lucky to romp around this landscape with her and hope for many years.” ~ Lynae, Manager of the remote MP Ranch in New Mexico, and her trusty sidekick and work partner, Kid.



“Punch, our little wiener dog, thinks he’s a cow dog. He thinks he’s pretty tough too, even though he’s only about 8 inches tall and hugs the ground with short little feet that seem to go all over the place when he’s trotting along a cow path. He was raised with real, working cow dogs and has gone out on most rides with us when we go prowling. Since a tiny little puppy, he’s been on the back of my horse, tethered to my belt so that when he slips off, he doesn’t fall. He’s ridden hundreds of miles. When we are saddling up, he's always there close by, ready to ride, ready to be lifted up into the saddle.” ~ Duke III and his faithful companion Punch, undeniably one of the biggest personalities across our ranch properties, despite his physically diminutive stature.


March-April 2024 25


“Anyone who knows Trona can attest that she’s probably one of the weirder dogs they’ve met—she definitely has the most unique personality of any dog I’ve lived with. She howls after she stretches every morning, makes lots of intense eye contact, licks her lips constantly, and is usually shivering if it's less than 60 degrees outside. She’s pretty timid in nature but forgets it all and turns tough when she works cattle. She’s the first cattle dog I’ve ever had and trained so we’re both still learning but luckily, she has really strong instincts. She doesn’t know any fancy directional commands but I can send her ahead of or to the back of the cattle and she can work the drag while we’re trailing cattle better than a lot of horses can. She’s really helpful when we’re gathering pastures with creeks, springs, thick brush, or any terrain that’s slower for our horses or bikes to get around. I bring Trona with me whenever I can. When she’s not being helpful, she provides comic relief. She’s a great companion and I’m looking forward to the years ahead working and spending time with her.”

~ Brandon with one of the quirkiest characters on the Chico Basin Ranch, his working dog Trona. @bsickamore

26 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com


“Jam. A fitting name for him. He gets into jams all the time. Mostly because of his unbridled instinct. As much as he has a killer instinct, he is also a supreme lover boy. He’ll come up to me when I’m sitting outside in the mornings drinking coffee when he is most full of himself running around, jumping, turning, absolutely unable to contain himself, and sit there in complete control pushing against my knees as close as he can get and just stare at me with the biggest, softest, most loving, yellow eyes you can imagine. And just stare right into the middle of me while I melt. In the mornings, he runs ahead of me when I am walking from my house to where the trucks are parked, waiting to see which one we’ll be using. He jumps in and floats cloud-like right over the high side and into the pickup box. If we are on a bike, he jumps up in front of me and sits there perched like a bird with his paws on the handlebars, looking straight ahead as if we are already moving. Meredith calls him my shadow because no matter what I am doing or where I am going, he’s right there beside me.” ~ Duke III, and his beloved working dog, Jam.

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the locals
Photography provided by RANCHLANDS
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Along the Florida Highwaymen Coastal Trail

During the 1950s, future Florida Highwaymen artist, Willie Reagan, delivered the Miami Herald to 27 customers in Gifford, Florida at 13 years of age. One day, as Willie was bicycling along, he noticed Harold Newton on his porch painting a beautiful picture. Willie stopped to watch Harold paint with a palette knife—incredible heart stopping red poincianas and other tropical scenes.

Newton would go on to become the first of the Florida Highwaymen, a group of 26 Florida artists who would paint and sell incredible Florida dreamscapes on the road. Reagan was mesmerized by the art, and he found himself visiting daily. Harold Newton was a quiet man, but he communicated with Willie through the breathtaking sunsets, palms, and water scenes of a less populated Florida. Reagan was amazed that Harold never used a brush, only a palette knife, and never drew the scene first, he just put it on the Upson board. Harold’s colors and speed were legendary. Reagan says, “Newton could copy a Backus in no time flat.”

Now 85, Reagan is still amazed by Harold’s skill and says that Bean Backus and Harold Newton were incredible artists, but that Harold Newton was his idol. Willie was inspired. He was a Gifford Football star and received a football scholarship to Florida A&M.

He returned to Gifford in 1966 after a two-year stint in the Army. Alfonse Moran (another future Highwaymen artist & Korean War Vet) welcomed Willie back with paint, brushes, and Upson board to get him started. Reagan took a position as an art teacher. Married with children, he painted and sold door to door from Vero Beach to Indialantic in his “spare time.”

Willie likes to say he “Reaganized” his scenes. When he painted St. Helen’s Church in Vero Beach, he added a red poinciana, purple jacaranda, and a yellow tabebuia tree. The proverbial showstopper, John Jetson, bought it at the annual Jetson Highwaymen Show in Fort Pierce. Reagan sold it to Jetson for a hundred one-hundred-dollar bills to be exact. Reagan also pioneered the “panoramic” where he expands the painting onto the frame. He was the only Highwaymen to do so. After years of teaching art, Willie retired and became part of the “reborn” Highwaymen art movement. He and his wife, Don, sold paintings at different shows around Florida.

Highwaymen artist, Robert Butler, would stop by Gifford to visit fellow Highwaymen artists George Buckner and Willie Reagan. They would chat and he would tell them that he was an interior Florida artist and that they were coastal artists. They had the horizon and sky he had the forest and animals. In truth, they are Highwaymen artists leading their fans and collectors to scenes of a forgotten Florida that nourishes and soothes the soul.

Written and photography provided by SUSAN

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100 Years of Love


My grandmother, Bernice, was born on March 14, 1924, in a small town in rural Indiana. Shortly after she was born, her parents moved to St. Louis, Missouri. There, she attended Roosevelt High School and met the love of her life, Bill Curran. Bill enlisted in the U.S. Army after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They married before he left for service, and she became pregnant with their first child, Billie Lee, during their three-day honeymoon. Bill returned home to St. Louis in late 1945, where he met their daughter for the first time and they began their life together. Bernice and Bill had two more children, Jerry in 1952 and my mother, Joan, in 1954.   Grandma has always been extremely faithful and dedicated to her friends and family which has brought her so much joy and purpose in her life. As a wife and

mother, she was always the consummate homemaker. She was diligent in staying on top of her household duties, remained  highly organized, kept a tidy home, and always had dinner ready for her family at 5:00PM sharp. Throughout her time raising her family, she became an incredible seamstress, a dancer, and an artist with a wonderful sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Bill suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 50 and left Bernice heartbroken. Bill was her one and only love. Bill’s death marked the beginning of grandma’s independence and she persevered. Bernice and her daughter, Joan, went through nursing school together. She had an exemplary career in healthcare and loved serving and helping people. She retired in 1984 at the age of 60 and followed her three children and their families to Florida.

Many words describe my grandmother: strong, gentle, forgiving, loving, calm, nurturing, and patient. In struggles, she has always found peace and comfort in her faith in God. There are many memories of her watching us kids, sleepovers, Neapolitan ice cream, angel food cake, spooky movies, Chutes & Ladders, and Tic-Tac-Toe. She has always been excellent artist and in her younger years she could draw Betty Boop like a pro! Grandma Bernice adores her family. She was there waiting in the delivery room at 2:00AM when my oldest daughter, Beatrice, was born on her 85th birthday in 2009. They have never missed a birthday together!

Grandma had hardships and challenges, but she has always kept things simple. She loved one man. She worked hard. She remains dedicated to her family. She’s one-of-a-kind.  She has lived a healthy, impeccable life. Although, she does enjoy sneaking a little vodka every now and again—without my mom knowing, of course! Anyone who meets her loves her. Today, she lives with my mom who provides her with quite an active household. She watches reruns of Little House on the Prairie, loves the variety of animals on the property, and lights up when her kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, and friends visit.

Grandma: Here’s to 100 years and everything you've seen and done. To your beauty inside and out, to your sparkly blue eyes and beautiful auburn hair, to your contagious laugh and giggles, and most importantly your sweet spirit and love.


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Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 33 Live! 2024 CONCERT SERIES 11 YEARS OF CONCERTS CLOSE TO HOME THE ROCKET MAN SHOW A Tribute to Elton John Thursday, MARCH 7 THE SIXTIES SHOW Thursday, MARCH 14 THE BEATLES VS. THE STONES Thursday, MARCH 21 BEGINNINGS: The Ultimate Chicago Tribute Band Thursday, MARCH 28 ONE NIGHT IN MEMPHIS The #1 Tribute to Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash Thursday, APRIL 4 CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE Performs The Who - Who’s Next Friday, APRIL 12 SERIES SPONSORS JOE & DENISE CORR SHOW SPONSORS JOHN & LINDA COLONTRELLE AMAC ALEX MacWILLIAM REAL ESTATE ABC PRINTING OCEAN GRILL Concerts are held at The Emerson Center, 1590 27th Avenue, Vero Beach - 7 P.M. TICKETS: WWW.MUSICWORKSCONCERTS.COM 1-800-595-4849 For More Info: Stacey Young 772-777-9321 • Stacey@musicworksconcerts.com

Simply Endearing


Endearing is the main adjective that comes to mind when I think about this book. I just loved it. This is the story about an old woman with no living relatives, who has decided that she would like to die on her own terms. So, she schedules her death with a clinic that promises a peaceful and dignified end. With little hesitation, Rose signs up and carefully plans her exit from a life she no longer finds fulfilling. She is very sure that this is what she wants to do. That is, until a quirky ten-year-old girl moves in next door. Despite Eudora’s attempts to remain reclusive and alone, little Rose Trewidney wiggles her way into Eudora’s life and to Eudora’s surprise, into her heart. But is it enough to cause the stubborn old woman to change her plans?

This book is very well written and the characters are simply wonderful. Eudora is crotchety and unlikeable at first, but her adventures with Rose cause her to take a look back at her life and as her own story unfolds, the reader is flooded with empathy and understanding. Little Rose is whimsical, a little odd, nosy, and precocious, yet incredibly likeable. Her instant friendship with

Eudora’s cat, who is typically elusive and unfriendly, is the reader’s first glimpse into the innate goodness of the enchanting child. This book is a story about family, friends, the stages of life, and how we all learn to adapt to the struggles we face at any age. Mostly though, the book is about recognizing our purpose even when it feels we have none. I have always believed that people are put in our paths for a reason and this book is about just that!

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett is a brilliant and entertaining novel. For those who enjoy a good audio book, this is a wonderful listen— beautifully narrated and performed.

Just simply ENDEARING!

Written and photography provided by

34 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE LOCALS LIFESTYLE, ART & FASHION
Kirsten Kowalski's writing career
book recommendations on @KirstenKowalski_Author and at Kirsten Hunt Kowalski, Author.
Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 35 Located in Riverside Park • Vero Beach Box Office 772-231-6990 • RiversideTheatre.com FREE ROCK N’ CONCERTS Fridays & Saturdays, Starting at 5:30pm BRING YOUR LAWN CHAIRS! UPCOMING EVENTS! SEE AMAZING SHOWS! COME HUNGRY! Hermann David Salomon Corrodi, Campfire by the River: Kiosk of Trajan at Philae, (detail), ca. 1880. Oil on canvas, 33 x 25 ½ inches. Dahesh Museum of Art, New York. 1995.20. ON VIEW January 27 – April 28, 2024 3001 Riverside Park Drive www.vbmuseum.org / 772.231.0707 Ancient Egypt & the Napoleonic Era: Masterworks from the Dahesh Museum of Art This exhibition was organized by the Dahesh Museum of Art, New York City.

Homeschool: A Job Well Done


When was the last time you accomplished something that you felt very proud of? Self-worth, a job well done (perfect execution), self-motivation, delayed gratification, perseverance, and dependability are some virtues that make up an excellent work ethic. They spring up from daily habits practiced over time. We cannot expect our children to one day turn into virtuous hardworking individuals. We must give them many opportunities to practice. I passed by my son’s room, the bed was ‘technically’ made, but it was obvious he had carelessly schlepped the cover over untidy sheets, which dangled lazily to the floor. It is a here, as a parent, I either shrug it off or require him to return and do his very best. If he is to practice and experience the pleasure of a job well done, I must require him to return!

“Why should I make my bed anyway, no one sees?” He asks. Andrew Carnegie’s wisdom and character were forged from poverty, hard work, and values instilled and modeled by his hard-working parents. For my son to understand the answer to “why it matters,” he must find value in a job “well” done rather than just done. It’s the little things done well when only you can see that it counts. Every task counts. I must model this in the home and include him in the joy of working hard. Ask your child what jobs they do at home they feel proud of. We feel good when we’ve done something good. Children must discover the worth of their hard work.

Raise the standard. From the simplest tasks I set my sons to do, I must raise a standard of perfect execution- this is not perfectionism, but rather the skill of accomplishing something with maximum effort. Growth happens with resistance. The habit of perfect execution requires concentration and commitment. When I give my six-year-old a simple task, such as tracing or writing letters, I set him to accomplish three or five “perfect” letters rather than 20 slip-shod marks. He employs concentration and perseverance to complete his task. On my part, I must not waiver on my standard nor do his work for him. I support him by setting clear and realistic expectations. When he completes his work, I want him to look triumphantly at a job well done. Quality over quantity. “Mom, it feels so nice to get into a well-made bed.” Yes son, your hard work paid off!

36 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE LOCALS LIFESTYLE, ART & FASHION
Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 37 818 B eachland B lvd . (772) 231-3733 M on - S at 10 to 5

Pakmail Beachside


The Florida sunshine and ocean breeze is hard to beat in the winter months, but as the humidity and heat begin to rise again, we must say “See you in a few months!” to our seasonal travelers. If you are on the move northward, we know you’ll be bringing along memories of sunny beaches, but you may also have the unique challenge of transporting your belongings, including prized possessions like golf clubs!

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Golf enthusiasts are particularly keen on ensuring their favorite pastime accompanies them on their winter adventure. Our reliable and secure shipping services make it possible for these avid golfers to bring along their clubs without the stress of lugging them through crowded airports or dealing with the complexities of oversized baggage.

The process is simple—you can either pick up the appropriate sized box from us and pack your clothing, personal items, or golf clubs securely, or you can bring your items directly to Pakmail where we take care of it all. From doorstep pickup to efficient delivery at your northern destination, we ensures that these cherished belongings arrive safely and on time. This seamless

service allows you to focus on the joy of your winter retreat without the added worry of logistics.

Additionally, we can be sure you receive important mail while you’re away. Our mail forwarding services ensure you receive correspondence on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Please call our store for more information on how to set this up.

Mark your journey north with anticipation rather than stress and allow us to send your golf clubs and other personal items ahead. So, whether it's teeing off on a northern golf course or simply enjoying the change of scenery, you can trust Pakmail to ensure that a piece of the Sunshine State accompanies you on your winter adventure.

More Ways to Ship For Travel

38 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE LOCALS LIFESTYLE, ART & FASHION
Shippin g & Packin g Mai l boxes And More! 505 Beachland Blvd. #1 Vero Beach, FL 32963 (772) 231−0021 pakmail.com/verobeach


Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 39

When “Legacy” Goes Beyond Education

Just as the steamy late summer Florida mornings give way to lighter air that holds the promise of another delightful winter, an ever-growing number of children and adults descend on the Saint Edward’s School campus for the annual Legacy Breakfast. Within a couple of minutes, alumni and their children settle into their pancakes, where fond memories and aspirations for the future buzz about in tandem among (now three) generations of Pirates.

At a school that has welcomed children from age three to nineteen for over 58 years, success means so much more than academics and athletics. A Pirate’s life of campus traditions plays a pivotal role in the decision for our former students to return with their own children. We all chuckle at teenagers who describe our small town as “Zero Beach,” but those same eye-rolling “kids” quite often return to the fold after venturing out to seek out their adulthood and career successes. When alumni gather at the annual holiday party or the newest tradition of alumni lacrosse games, the chatter centers around favorites such as the senior buddy program, Pals Day, and class trips. In fact, just over 20% of the student population had a parent or grandparent attend Saint Edward’s.

Middle school history teacher and alumnae, Rikki Bischoff, who has her own three children growing up here with her husband, Nick, a local business owner and himself a Pirate, says, “As an alumnae of Saint Edward's School, I hold dear the traditions that shaped my journey and instilled in me a sense of pride and belonging. These time-honored customs connect generations of students, as well as alumni, and foster a strong sense of community. It is wonderful to see our own three children walking these halls and making similar memories and friendships that I know will last a lifetime.” It’s a cherished legacy that they share as a family as Rikki and Nick get a front row seat to their own children carving their individual imprint onto the Pirate ship.

40 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com
Written and photography provided by ST. EDWARD’S SCHOOL
WEEKLY SPECIALS WEEKLY SPECIALS HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR 4 - 6 pm DAILY 4 - 6 pm DAILY 4 - 6 pm DAILY SUNDAY BRUNCH 11 AM - 3 PM wednesday PAELLA night TUESDAY PRIME RIB NIGHT LIVE MUSIC FRI - SUN 4 - 6 PM 772-562-9919 | WWW.COSTADESTE.COM 1/2 off shareables $5 Draft Beer $6 house wine $7 well liquor
42 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com FOOD & DRINK the spread
Photography provided by RANCHLANDS
SPRING OFFERINGS Take a Look at Our Unique and Exciting Spring Events Reserve your spot using our QR Code or call 772-469-1060

Caribbean Voodoo Cocktail

The Caribbean Voodoo Cocktail is out of this world! This delicious cocktail won’t attract curses and spirits, but it will give you all the island vibes… especially if you’re sipping it while sitting by the beach at Cobalt’s outdoor patio area or at the open bar at Heaton’s. Stop by and let the bartender, Jacob Turner, make one for you! As always, please drink responsibly.

2oz Bounty Spiced Rum

1oz Hoodoo Liqueur

1oz Chai Tea Simple Syrup

2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

Shake and strain over large ice cube, finish with 3-4 drops of chili oil, and enjoy!

44 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE SPREAD FOOD & DRINK

What’s Brewing: Blurred Vision

This new brew is a Double Hazy IPA that is made with a unique “double dry-hopping” technique. It’s packed with hop oils for an incredibly smooth body. Malt sweetness is balanced by a slight booze and notes of grapefruit, pineapple, melon, mango, and lime. Brewed with Cashmere, Azacca, and Ekuanot hops. 9% ABV, 25 IBU Written and photography provided by AMERICAN ICON BREWERY FOOD & DRINK THE SPREAD
46 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE SPREAD FOOD & DRINK

Farming and Education


What came first: the chicken or the egg? How about this... What came first: agriculture or education? Coming from a farmer’s viewpoint, the answer is agriculture. Collaboratively, education and agriculture combine tremendous amounts of knowledge to be applied throughout life. However, would education exist if we never had food to eat? Would life exist if we didn’t have food to eat? Let’s get the youth of today's generation on track with the opportunity to create farming as the new educational advancement. In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, there is an increasing need to connect children with nature and foster a greater understanding of where their food comes from. Integrating educational core classes, such as math, science, history, and writing, into learning about farming can offer a holistic approach to education, all while promoting sustainable and organic farming practices.

Mathematics, often viewed as an abstract and theoretical subject, can find practical application on the farm. By involving students in activities that require measuring distances for planting rows or calculating the area needed for different crops, students can develop critical thinking skills and a real-life understanding of mathematical concepts. They can also learn about budgeting and profit margins by creating hypothetical scenarios where they determine things like the cost of seeds, equipment, labor, and calculate potential profits. Better yet, and more simplified, farming can teach them how many seeds planted versus how many actually emerged into a plant.

Science plays an integral role in farming, as it encompasses the understanding of plant growth, weather patterns, and the impact of chemicals on the environment. By incorporating science into farm education, students can learn about soil, health, crop rotation, and the benefits of organic farming methods. They can explore concepts such as photosynthesis and the nitrogen cycle, furthering their knowledge of ecological systems and the importance of sustainability. How about creating a hypothesis for the different processes and crops?

History offers a unique perspective on the evolution of farming techniques and the societal impact of agriculture. Studying historical agricultural practices and the agricultural revolution can deepen the understanding of the challenges and innovations that have shaped farming as we know it today. By studying past agricultural practices and the shift towards industrialized farming,

students can develop critical thinking skills and engage in discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of different farming methods.

Writing can provide students with a platform to express their thoughts and reflections on the farming experience. Journaling, creating farm-related narratives, or writing persuasive essays on the benefits of organic farming can enhance their communication skills while fostering a deeper connection with the subject matter. Writing assignments can also encourage students to conduct research on sustainable farming practices, further expanding their knowledge and promoting independent thinking, like how to apply their notes into a well-rounded short story of their growing operation.

Integrating farming into education not only allows students to develop a hands-on understanding of various core subjects but also cultivates essential life skills. Through farming, students can learn the value of hard work, responsibility, and teamwork, as they engage in tasks such as planting, tending, and harvesting crops. They can also develop problem-solving and decision-making abilities as they navigate challenges related to weather conditions, pests, and market demands. This is a real-life experience opportunity to apply the knowledge of agriculture and education to become wisdom for life. Furthermore, promoting natural and organic farming practices in educational settings instills a sense of environmental stewardship and further promotes sustainable living. By understanding the ecological implications of agricultural practices, students can become advocates for environmentally friendly farming methods and make informed choices in their own lives.

You see, integrating educational core classes, such as math, science, history, and writing into the realm of farming can offer a comprehensive and engaging educational experience. By applying these subjects to natural organic farming, students can develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of sustainable practices and the interconnectedness of various fields of knowledge. Embracing farming as an educational tool provides students with valuable life skills, a connection to nature, and an understanding of the critical role they can play in shaping a more sustainable future. Let’s impact the world together with every age group and have the saying appear at every table. If you ate today, thank a farmer!

Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 47 FOOD & DRINK THE SPREAD
Osceola Organic Family Farm 6980 33rd St, Vero Beach, (772) 559-3967 OsceolaOrganicFarm.org, @OsceolaOrganicFarm
48 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com HOME & GARDEN the abode
Photography provided by RANCHLANDS
Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 49 A BUILDER FOR YOUR Custom and Semi-Custom Homes in Our Communities or On Your Land EXCEPTIONAL LIFESTYLE MODEL HOME BuildingALifeStyle.com BENT PINE PRESERVE 5710 PALMETTO PRESERVE ROAD | VERO BEACH (772) 360-4991 ESTABLISHED 1975 Marcia Larson, ASID , NCIDQ President 772.770.6007 • INFO@ISLANDINTERIORS.NET
50 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com

Retro Vibes With a Modern Refresh


Change can be many things. From something unwanted and therefore hard to accept, to something exciting and new; the very idea of change has a wide scope. In the last few years, Vero Beach has seen many transformations occur. New people, new businesses, new scenery, but not everything old has been tossed out for something shiny and new. One particular local gem has been purposefully kept, thoughtfully reinvigorated, and now, better than ever.

Seaspray Surf Lodge, located off of East Causeway Boulevard, is a boutique hotel that dates back to the 1950s. In 2021, a local family purchased the property and began the renovation process. The goal was to update the lobby, rooms, and grounds while maintaining the personal vibe loved by loyal customers. The results? A fresh, modern surf look, with the classic feel of a home-away-from-home.

One of the first improvements was the hotels exterior which was revamped with bright white walls and a pop of electric blue on each of the doors. Coconut palm trees were planted to provide coverage over the crisp green turf lawn. Picnic tables adorned with black and white umbrellas

sit atop a wood deck adjacent to the heated swimming pool. The lobby was completely gutted and converted into a warm and inviting area featuring colorful surf boards, a coffee nook, art, books, and games. An A-frame structure houses Seaspray merchandise such as wide-brimmed hats, tank tops, shirts, and stickers.

With 17 studio and one-bedroom suites, the hotel is just the right size for groups and families looking to book out the entire property. Over the years, the hotel has played host to wedding parties, family reunions, and even sports teams visiting Vero to compete in tournaments. Guests will find that each room is fully equipped with a kitchen, perfect for those who want to enjoy a meal and a cozy night in. A grill is located on the property for BBQ’s. At the end of a long day, customers can enjoy a sunset cocktail on the rooftop deck.

Best of all, Seaspray is a short walk away from one of the most desirable beaches on the Treasure Coast, and bikes are available to rent. Vero Beach may no longer be a secret oasis on the coast of Florida, but local businesses like Seaspray Surf Lodge are helping to preserve that beloved beach town charm.



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52 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com

Love Blooms Here

Love has a way of finding us when we least expect it, and for Gina "Gigi" Kendall Bair and Lieutenant General Richard Newton III, their love story is a testament to this beautiful phenomenon. In a picturesque sunset ceremony at White Trail Flower Farm in Jupiter, Florida, Gigi and Richard exchanged vows, surrounded by their beloved family and steadfast friends who were prevalent in their lives during different seasons. The officiant declared to each guest they were invited there to witness "for a reason." The wedding celebration was a perfect blend of high style and heartfelt moments, reflecting Gigi's design talent and the genuine love they share.

Gigi and Richard's love story is one that defies expectations. Gigi, a prominent interior designer based in Vero Beach, has dedicated her life to creating beautiful spaces for others. Little did she know that love would find her in the form of Lieutenant General Richard Newton III, a distinguished officer. During his 34 years of service, he commanded the first B-2 stealth bomber squadron and capped his military career as a Three-Star Lieutenant General and the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. They met through a mutual friend; the first phone chat rendered them inseparable. The rest of the best is yet to come. They credit the Lord and His incredible plan for their union.

The tailored garden backdrop and oodles of cloud like white roses set the stage for a truly heavenly ceremony. The largest bloom adorned the brides dress—a classic column silhouette with sculptural faille neckline.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow, Gigi made her entrance, preceded by their twelve newly shared and every inch adorable grandchildren. The aisle was filled with the sweet violin melody of "It's a Small World;" talk about an enchanting atmosphere.

The menu itself was a delightful blend of elevated cuisine and comfort food, symbolizing good taste and serious soul! Shrimp and grits, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and more graced the formally set tables, reminding everyone that love can be both refined and familiar, extravagant and comforting.

In a world where bravery is often tested, these two individuals are a beacon of light. Showing us that two souls can collide, and courage is all love needs to grow and conquer all.

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Newton happiness ever after.

For more inspiration, be sure to follow on @WhiteTrailClub.

Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 53 HOME & GARDEN THE ABODE

The Finishing Touch

Complete your space with a touch of greenery, something about it makes the room feel complete and welcoming. Of course nothing beats the real thing, but that isn’t always feasible when maintenance is a concern. That’s why we searched to find superior faux stems that give you the same finished look, without the hassle of maintenance.

Shop our curated garden room which is full of an assortment of faux greenery, dried stems, and flowers along with vases that will make your arrangement stand out.

We’re always getting placement questions so we came up with a quick guide to how we use our products on the job.

Entryway: We love utilizing large palms in tall glass vases on an entryway console. They make a great statement and are so welcoming.

Living Room: The coffee table is a perfect moment for a short vase and a single monstera leaf. Trust us on this one!

Kitchen: Kitchens need lots warmth to balance all of the cold elements like the stone countertops

and metal accents; faux lemons in a wooden trough are the first layer. Then, depending on the layout of the kitchen, we love an arrangement of dry stems for another layer of warmth.

Dining: The formal dining room table is often only used a few times per year, but it’s the perfect opportunity for an arrangement. Depending on the light fixture above, you can opt for height with faux florals or something lower like a trough filled with air plants.

Written and photography provided by HAZEL

Hazel House and their team of designers and stylists are available daily to provide personalized design assistance at their new showroom located at 1716 Highway A1A. Open Monday through Friday from 10:30AM to 5PM and Saturday from

54 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE ABODE HOME & GARDEN
772.213.3024 | 1716 Highway A1A | www.HazelHouseVero.com
Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 55 3700 9th Street SW Vero Beach Fl 772-770-5970 www.cwwillisfamilyfarms.com Here at CW Willis we offer top quality Landscaping, and lawn maintenance services as well as our full service Garden Shop. For an enjoyable experience in tackling your landscape projects, swing by to see us or give us a call today!
56 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com NATURE, TRAVEL & SPORTING the explored
Photography provided by RANCHLANDS


At the private golf community of Mountain Air in Western North Carolina, we have everything you need to elevate your wellness game. A new 4,500-sq-ft Wellness Center with cardio and strength equipment, group fitness studios, dedicated trainers, and more. World-class golf. Miles of mountain trails for hiking and biking. Har-Tru tennis courts and pickleball courts. Mouth-watering cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients and spices. And all of it combined with the fresh mountain air that is a signature of this community.

Elevate your life of wellness by selecting a home or homesite at Mountain Air.


We invite you to join us here among the clouds.


Family Adventures: Colorado

I’ve spent time exploring Colorado at various points throughout my life. It’s one of my favorites. After finishing graduate school in South Florida, I took a brief break from science and worked as a lift operator at Breckenridge Ski Resort. I’ve camped the national and state parks during two different cross-country road trips, and most recently, spent time in the Denver area with my then 1 and 4 year old kids. Colorado has so much to offer families who want to get outside and adventure, from hiking to wildlife viewing. It’s almost impossible to pick, but here are 3 worthwhile stops in the Denver area.

Rocky Mountain National Park: At only an hour-and-half drive from Denver, RMNP is an easy day trip, with plenty of short trails if you’ve got little kids. The 0.7 out-and-back Alluvial Fan trail leads up to a beautiful waterfall. I also recommend the 0.6 mile round trip Alpine Ridge trail that summits at 12,005 feet, passes through the tundra ecosystem, and feels like being on top of the world. It’s high altitude so even though it is short, take your time and make sure you are hydrated!

Red Rocks Park: If you’re in Denver, Red Rocks is a must and it’s just a short 25-minute drive away. Hit the 1.4-mile Trading Post loop trail through the amazing red rock formations. You can also check out the famous amphitheater after.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway: If you’re feeling brave and the road is open, Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. Take your time on the drive and you could glimpse golden eagles, pika, marmots, and bighorn sheep. You’re almost certain to see the herd of white mountain goats, too. Once at the top, you’ll then brave the 1/4 mile of switchbacks to get to the summit at 14,265 feet—just be mindful of altitude and take your time.


• Hike St. Mary’s Glacier (and see a real glacier)

• Explore Flagstaff Mountain trails in Boulder

• Drive through Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. It's free to visit and located just 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver.


• Dinosaur Ridge Trail in Morrison on a paved section of West Alameda Parkway.

• Triceratops Trail in Golden. 1.5-mile gravel hiking trail.

For more tips exploring outside with kids, follow Bethany on @Wilder_Seas.

60 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com

Creature Feature


If you’ve ever seen a prairie dog in Florida, it doesn’t belong, just like red lionfish, Burmese pythons, Cuban tree frogs, and countless other species. This chubby mammal has been brought here as part of the pet trade and occasionally one is released or escapes.

Normally, prairie dogs are found in grasslands across the central and western U.S. The five species are all actually in the squirrel family, and three of those five reside in Colorado. Their other relatives include groundhogs, chipmunks, marmots, and woodchucks.

Prairie dogs are social mammals, with more than 11 distinct calls for communication, and they build extensive underground burrows. Sometimes, their colonies are called towns. A colony will typically have 30 to 50 burrow entrances per acre.

Within a colony, there are tight-knit family units, called a coterie. Coteries tend to have one or two breeding males, several breeding females, and the females’ new pups. Males tend to jump from coterie to coterie—but the females stick together for life.

While they used to be abundant—hundreds of millions of prairie dogs in North America—their range has shrunk to just 5% of its original extant for a variety of reasons, including habitat loss due to development. In Colorado, one of their biggest threats comes from death due to a non-native plague disease, caused by a bacteria spread by fleas. Yes, prairie dogs get the plague, the same one that struck people in the Middle Ages.

But, these small critters play a critical role in the ecosystem and managers are working to restore and help their populations. Prairie dogs are prey for species like the endangered black-footed ferret, ferruginous hawks, badgers, and bobcats. Their burrows are used as nests and

dens for species like burrowing owls, kit and swift fox, small mammals, and reptiles. They also till and aerate the soil, help spread seeds, and alert other species to potential predators, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Surprisingly, while prairie dogs might just seem like an easy target or “the chicken nugget of the prairie,” they’re fast, skilled fighters armed with sharp claws and powerful teeth, according to the World Wildlife Fund. They can fight back against a ferret.

Written and photography by


Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 61
Bethany on @Wilder_Seas to view more of her work and learn more about wildlife.

Great Horned Owl

Have you been lucky enough to ever see an owl in the wild? Was it roosting elusively during the night in search of food? Maybe it was on a nest with young or inside a cavity of a tree that it found comfort in to raise young. There are among 19 different species of owls just in North America, but a grand total of approximately 250 species on Earth. One of the largest that draws my focus this time of year is the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus). This owl is very common to rural and urban territories. It’s beautiful shape and stoic posture with brown toned feathers mixed with white allow it to perfectly blend in, and difficult to find until its great “hoot” calling out at dusk and throughout the night!

This bird at maximum height of a female would be 25 inches, whereas the male might reach 20 inches in overall height. Yes, the female is larger than the male and is common in the bird world with a term defining this as ‘sexual reverse dimorphism.’ As large as they seem, they only weigh in at an average of 3 pounds. Each of them has the strong standing

majestic body, but mostly their tall ear tufts most noticeably stand out when looking at them. If you can get one in sight and to look at you, there will never be larger solid yellow bird eyes, looking at you trying to figure out if friend, foe, or food. In Florida, these birds begin looking for their nest site starting in November. They are very poor nest builders, so they are on the hunt for someone else’s nest from the prior season. Never discount a great horned owl taking over an osprey’s or a bald eagle’s well-constructed nest. They are top dog next to the bald eagle in strength.

These owls will typically lay anywhere from 1 to 5 eggs, taking respectfully 28-35 days for incubation. Their diet consists primary of small mammals, as a pair eating on average of 1,000 rodents per year. They do also like rabbits, a lingering squirrel, frogs, and large insects. Once the owlets begin learning to use their attached appendages, they begin a process called branching. This is when they climb up out of the nest to the nearest branch to scale, they will open their wings and practice flight. It only takes a few real strong vertical airborne wing flaps to get these birds encouraged to fly from the nest. Hoping for one day, you will get to enjoy this nesting episode!

To learn a bit more about these birds, never hesitate in looking them up on Cornell’s website at www.AllAboutBirds.org, which is a fabulous digital resource. There are many books that can also help guide you to your mystery bird and apps for your mobile devices too.


For more information, visit


Follow along on @NativeBirdBoxes.

62 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com THE EXPLORED NATURE, TRAVEL & SPORTING

The Local Waterman

For three decades, Sam Atwell, Vero’s native son, has been a keen observer of nature. Living by our ocean, the Indian River Lagoon, and his family’s farm in Indian River County, Sam uniquely witnesses local ecological changes. Sam’s personal commitment to Florida’s preservation is infectious, evident in his engaging role as the TV host of Florida Sportsman’s “Waterman” series. Fishing across idyllic Florida waters, Sam shares experiences from the Keys to Biscayne Bay and the Gulf Coast, offering insights drawn from his hands-on encounters. As a charter fishing operator, Sam ensures his clients not only memorable days, but also his special outgoing company. Fishing on an open boat is a fantastic way to stay healthy and escape today’s stresses.

In the upcoming months, anticipate a unique fishing experience with favorable weather and an active fishery. It’s when the fish finally get a breather from the harsh winter conditions. Sam predicts exciting catches, including bluefish, mackerel, jacks, snook, flounder, blacktip sharks, and the ultimate gamefish, tarpon. Offshore, expect great catches of mahi-mahi,sailfish, and tuna. Get ready for an unforgettable fishing season and book your next fishing adventures with Sam!

For inshore and offshore charter inquiries, please contact Captain Sam Atwell at Sam@DownseaCharters.com, or call (772) 532-9347.

You can also find him on @CaptSamAtwell.

Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 63
64 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPINESS the nourished
Photography provided by RANCHLANDS

Living Life Wholeheartedly

Recently, I had a conversation about the process: what life is about. The ebbs and flows, the moments that call us to healing, the ones that require us to face ourselves and our shadows, the ones that come as a serendipitous surprise and swoon us with magic. Those that break us then make us, the limbos, the closings, the beginnings, all that we experience.

There comes a point in life where we realize things are a process and that process is not linear. There are ups, downs, the in-between, but if we pay attention and learn, we become much more suited to approach, perceive, respond, find the opportunity, turn things around, and ride each wave as it comes. We accept more fully. When we can’t accept, we grieve and eventually turn resistance into embrace. At least we try, and there is the inner voice cheering us on.

The dance between the sacred and mundane becomes more familiar and with time, almost natural. We return to ourselves and reflect. We recognize our humanity and how it can oftentimes block us. We resolve to notice our thoughts, the story we tell ourselves, and even ask ourselves, how can I and how do I want to change this? We also recognize and embody our spirit and the resilience with which we are already gifted, cultivating more of it. There is a knowing, an understanding, and “all is well” focus. If not, there is a calling to reconcile with that which we can’t change to focus on what we can. In all of this, we shall remember the beautiful miracle life is.

Cheers to life! May we remember to pay homage to our soul and spirit having this messy human experience, and in the process, embrace happiness and peace.

For more information and to inquire about 1:1 offerings and workshops, contact Vicky Dominguez by email at ByMeditacionesDeUnaLoca@gmail.com.

Follow Soulfully: Inner Work & Meditation on @ByMeditacionesDeUnaLoca.

Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 65

Give Your Portfolio

the Attention It Deserves


Backed by more than a century of cumulative experience in investment services, Client 1st Advisory Group offers skillful expertise in financial planning and investment management services.


Investment Advisor Representative

(772) 231-3122


4445 HWY A1A Vero Beach, FL 32963

Client 1st Advisory Group, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.

Financial markets can be challenging, especially short-term movements. Let us help you get in a favorable or more favorable position to meet your long-term financial goals by offering:

• Individual consultation to help define your financial goals

• A conservative and disciplined investment philosophy

• Fee based fiduciary

• Regular reviews by a Client 1st Portfolio Manager.

• Coordinate with accountants and attorneys to help implement holistic tax and estate planning strategies

Learn more at C1AG.com.


Photography by EMILY

66 March-April 2024 Portfolio-VeroBeach.com

Jazz: The Treasure Coast Jazz Society Offers Outstanding Artists for the 2024 Season

"Life is a lot like jazz… it's better when you improvise."

This year we have a contemporary and progressive offering of some of the best American jazz artists. Our mission is to support todays and future talented jazz artists and students. TCJazz was founded by Ash Andon, Harry Buck, and Chubby Jackson in 1989. This is a non-profit organization that was formed to encourage the performance, promotion, and preservation of jazz- a unique American art form. Jazz has been recognized by the United States Congress as a “National Treasure.” Jazz arose in the vibrant culture of New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century. From there, it spread to major cities such as New York and Chicago, exploding into the dance halls and speakeasies of the Roaring Twenties. Aided by the advancement of recording technology and radio broadcasting, big-band swing jazz became all the rage during the 1930s and '40s. During the following decades, many new forms of jazz music arose, including free jazz, hard bop, smooth jazz, Latin jazz, and jazz fusion. Today, jazz music continues to be played and enjoyed around the world. The founders aimed to foster and enhance interest in and appreciation of jazz music along the Treasure Coast. Its mission is to promote its accessibility to the public through live performances and to encourage the development of area jazz talent while creating access to popular jazz performers. The TCJazz Society, Inc. has evidenced this in past decades by bringing jazz greats such as Count Basie and Lionel Hampton to the Treasure

Coast. Bringing internationally, nationally recognized, and upcoming jazz artists to the Treasure Coast is our goal for the future.

We award music scholarships to jazz students, which we see as the future. Our April 6th concert will feature Ryan Dillahay, TCJazz 2019 Scholarship winner. Ryan is a 2019 graduate of Indian River Charter High School and completed his studies at the renowned University of North Florida School of Music. With Ryan, along with Danny Bacher, Clarence Palmer, Wycliffe Gordon, Lisa Kelly, and JB Scott, the TCJazz Society, Inc. is set to offer an exciting classic and progressive jazz season.

For more information and reservations, please visit our website TCJazz.org. The TCJazz Society, Inc. is a not-for-profit charitable organization qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Jan 6 “Danny Bacher’s Swing Party”

Jan 20 Clarence Palmer "Love Inside of Jazz"

Feb 3 Wycliffe Gordon & FriendsFriends

March 9 Kelly/Scott

Jazz Sextet"Classic Swing to New Orleans”O

April 6 Ryan Dillahay

11:30 A.M. Performances begin at 12:30 P.M.

The Oak Harbor Club is located at 4755 S. Harbor Dr. Reservations to the General Public will be available on eventbrite.com To learn more about TC Jazz Society, Donations, Ticketing and Reservations please visit our website: TCJazz org for more information or call 772-234-4600

2024ConcertSeason: $65 includes lunch and concert This Season’s Concerts will be performed at our location, The Oak Harbor Club: Lunch
Portfolio-VeroBeach.com March-April 2024 67
Lisa Kelly and JB Scott Jazz Sextet Ryan Dillahay

Hope for Infertility


When a woman is ready for motherhood, facing infertility can become one of the most stressful times of her life. In fact, research compares the psychological effects of infertility to a diagnosis of cancer or the death of a loved one. Excitement can quickly shift to despair with the start of every menstrual cycle or negative pregnancy test. Physical intimacy with her partner morphs into a regimented chore, scheduled by ovulation sticks and basal temperature readings, and accompanied by marital strain. Decisions about fertility treatments never imagined become a harsh reality. Procedures range from taking medications to stimulate the ovaries to release more eggs to invasive testing of fallopian tubes and sperm, to costly treatments like intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization (IVF). A woman’s ability to choose these options may be limited by finances or personal or religious beliefs. Sometimes, a woman can try everything available and still not get pregnant. She is often told she has ‘bad’ eggs and can feel broken and ashamed. Fortunately, a mounting body of research suggests that acupuncture offers measurable benefits to women dealing with infertility.

A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and review of the literature by Quan, Yu et al in 2022 explored outcomes of acupuncture treatment with drug-assisted pregnancy and IVF. The study found sufficient evidence that acupuncture, when compared to control groups, improved live birth rate, biochemical pregnancy rate, clinical pregnancy rate, and implant success rate in infertile patients. Acupuncture has demonstrated effectiveness in enhancing hormonal balance, increasing blood flow to uterine and ovarian areas, and down-regulating stress responses, all of which help contribute to positive reproductive outcomes.

In our office, Chelsey Dodd, AP, DOM specializes in women’s health, specifically in pregnancy and infertility support. In fifteen years of practice, she has helped over 150 women become pregnant. Chelsey generally suggests a comprehensive approach for treating women who are struggling with infertility. Chelsey uses advanced acupuncture and herbal protocols to facilitate stress management, enhance blood flow to reproductive organs, balance the immune system and inflammatory response, and promote insulin sensitivity. Nutrient testing and resulting dietary changes often have huge benefits in egg quality and endometrial receptivity. Emotional release techniques facilitate healthy coping strategies for dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of this difficult process. Additional testing for gut microbiome health, toxic load,

adrenal function, and hormone metabolism can uncover other potential challenges to fertility.

Chelsey has helped create successful pregnancies for women who are struggling to conceive, women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages, and for women who have failed multiple IVF trials and exhausted conventional options. She provides services as stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with a reproductive endocrinologist, reproductive immunologist, or other specialists. She finds great peace and purpose using all she has learned through her vast clinical experience and journey with her own pregnancy loss to help other women achieve the magical gift of bringing forth life.

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With lab results returned faster than the national average, our team of precision oncology experts takes action to quickly match each patient’s data with the appropriate targeted therapy or clinical trial.

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• Founder of the Flamingo Fundraiser, raising money for the fight against breast cancer

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