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PCA Los Angeles Region’s 2015 Porsche Concours d’Élégance


PCA-LA Angeles Crest Highway Run to Newcomb’s Ranch


Porsche Factory Delivery


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Photo by Brianna Becker

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PCA-LA at a Glance


Porsche Club of America, Los Angeles Region comprises over

David Altemus


Vice President Brianna Becker



Roger Ignon



Chris McGranahan cwm@mcandc.com

Newsletter Editor Brianna Becker


Membership Chair Joe Shubitowski


Technical Director Marc Bixen


Driving Events Chair Driving Events Chief Instructor Activities Chair

1,100 diverse Porsche owners. We are young and old, novice and expert, slow and fast. PCA-LA is one of the largest regions of the Porsche Club of America. On a national level, PCA holds spectacular events and publishes an excellent monthly magazine called Porsche Panorama. PCA-LA provides local fun and events, comraderie with fellow club members, and the opportunity to share the exhilirating experience of understanding, maintaining and driving one of the most unique automobiles of all time. Please come on out to our events and meet your fellow club members and share your experiences with us. Enjoy!

Board Members-at-Large Sam Avedon

Mark Bilfield

Martin Holford


Harry Kraushaar

12 Saturday PCA-LA Fun Run to Santa Barbara and Lunch at the Pier 25- Friday through Sunday 27 PCA National Rennsport Reunion V Laguna Seca Raceway, CA

October 2015 10 Saturday PCA-LA - Fun Run to Paramount Ranch & BBQ Agoura Hills, CA 11 Sunday PCA-LA and Mercedes Club Oktoberfest Dinner Valley Glen, CA

December 2015



Robert Vincent


September 2015

15 Sunday PCA-LA Fun Run to Ojai and Brunch at the Ojai Café, Ojai, CA



30 Sunday PCA-LA - Dawn Patrol to the South Bay and Breakfast at Ruby’s in Redondo Beach And a Fun Run to San Pedro

November 2015


Arthur Yuter

August 2015

24 Saturday PCA-LA Nethercutt Museum Los Angeles, CA

Randy Blaesi



Upcoming Events


Thursday PCA-LA Holiday Party Morton’s The Steakhouse Los Angeles, CA



President’s Message by David Altemus, President, PCA-LA

Now that the dust has settled and our 2015 Concours d’Élégance at the Museum of Flying is behind us, I want to take this opportunity to tell our members how thrilled we are with the success of our event. This is our second year at the Museum and like any new venue it’s always smoother the second time around. A special thanks goes out to Dan Ryan and Steve Benesch of the Museum of Flying for their guidance, assistance and support in the organization of this event; these guys are pros! Events such as our Concours require financial assistance to help make them a success. A round of applause goes out to Mark Bilfield for enlisting our supporting Sponsors. Many thanks to all of you. Through the efforts of Arthur Yuter, Beverly Hills Porsche was again this year’s Primary Sponsor. Thanks again Geof Emory.

Keeping the Engine Running From the Editor’s Desk by Brianna Becker, Vice-President and Newsletter Editor, PCA-LA Once again this issue features your contributions, and therefore our newsletter is growing! We love your pictures and articles, so please continue to photograph and write about events you attend. We welcome your submissions. Keep them coming! If you would like to participate more, and particularly if you have some experience in writing or graphic design, please let us know. We are forming a newsletter committee, and we are seeking co-editors to drive our publication to greater heights. We welcome your participation, with or without prior experience. It is perhaps the most fun and gratifying experience to help document our events.

Photo by Richard Cabrera

We all need to thank the Participants, Head Judge and Judges, Timers, Runners, Scoring, Volunteers and last but not least, all the Board Members for making this event so very special. Registration for our Concours is simply the most frustrating and difficult task of all. Our Membership Chair, Joe Shubitowski did a magnificent job in keeping it accurate and organized with all those moving parts. Joe, well done! I’m sure most of you had a chance to experience the simulator that was donated by Chris Consadine of CXC. Chris, many thanks and by the looks of the line for the simulator, it was a big hit. As many of you may already be aware, each year proceeds from our Concours are donated to a charity of the board’s choosing. Ronald McDonald House Charities will once again receive proceeds from our Concours for 2015. It’s hard to believe that we are already in the second half of 2015. Hold the dates, and be on the lookout for further details for the upcoming events, which are listed on the previous page. Our Monthly Breakfast Meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of each month at the Spitfire Grill at Santa Monica Airport. REMEMBER, IT’S NOT JUST THE CARS, IT’S THE PEOPLE! ■

In this issue, we have a photo narrative of our Concours, celebrating the day and the winners. In the coming months, we will spotlight members who participated and learn more about their cars, and how they prepared for the Concours. MANY THANKS to the following people for contributing photos for this issue: Mark Bilfield, Richard Cabrera, Chester Contaoi, David Heenan, Roger Ignon, Harry Kraushaar, Christopher McGranahan, Noel Muyco, Stasys Petravicius, Stephen and Jill Petty, Steven G. Stepanek, Eileen Walpole-Scanlon, and Art Yuter. Also in this issue, we look back to our Angeles Crest Highway run and lunch at Newcomb’s Ranch, with an article by our Activities Director Randall Blaesi. We also have two wonderful article submissions from members: the first, from Stephen and Jill Petty describing their recent adventure in Europe with Porsche factory delivery, and their journey from Stuttgart to the heart of France; and second, we have an article from Harry Kraushaar describing his recent experience at the Porsche Sport Driving School in Alabama. Thank you, as always, for your continued participation, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon! Together, we make PCA-LA a great environment to share our love of all things Porsche. Brianna ■ PCA Los Angeles Region






The Los Angeles Region Porsche Club of America’s

2015 PORSCHE CONCOURS D’ÉLÉGANCE by Brianna Becker, Vice President, PCA-LA Each year, the Concours is our Region’s preeminent event, and this year was no different! Returning to the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, the 2015 Concours d’Élégance was an exciting day and one to remember.

The Cars

The quality of the cars was unparalleled, and every participant and spectator had a smile on their face. It was a learning experience to some, experiencing their first Concours, and to all, it was a treat to see decades of cars, and a few standout gems, from a 959 to a pristine 1956 356 1500 GS Carrera. There were over 52 Porsche entrants, and hundreds of guests. Photo by Richard Cabrera

Photo by Richard Cabrera



Photo by Richard Cabrera

Photo by B Becker

Photo by B Becker

Photo by Richard Cabrera



Photo by Richard Cabrera

Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Richard Cabrera

Photo by Roger Ignon

Photo by Richard Cabrera


Photo by Richard Cabrera


Photo by Richard Cabrera

Left, Stanley Gold’s People’s Choice Award winner, a very special 1956 Porsche 356 1500GS Carrera, ex-Don Dickey/Harry Weber race car which raced Pebble Beach, Santa Rosa, Palm Springs, and other notable races in 1956,

Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Brianna Becker

With cars set among the planes on the interior, as well as the exterior, there was plenty to see!

Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Steven Stepanek



The Judging

Judging Photos by Richard Cabrera unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Stasys Petravicius

Our Concours is part of the official PCA Zone 8 Concours Series. According to Zone 8:

“Concours d’Élégance is a French term denoting a gathering together of automobiles in competition for judging of their respective merits in terms of coachwork design, finish and appointments. In the PCA, we are concerned with only one type of car, the Porsche, and many of our members use their cars in many different ways and for many specific purposes. Therefore, the purpose of this Zone 8 Concours Series is to select the best prepared and maintained Porsche.”

Photo by Stasys Petravicius Many thanks to our head judge Michael Dolphin, and our remarkable team of judges, who included: Alfred Abken Steve Fairbanks David WIttereid Joe Nedza Karen Nedza Robert Vincent Dave Yerzley


Linda Yerzley Brett Mohr Randall Blaesi Steve Hoskins Bob Lewis Rob Greene Tom Trischler

Steven Vining Karen Lewis Larry Moore Janice Wittereid Jay Haskell Oscar Costello

PORSCHERAMA | 8/2015 At our Concours, cars were entered and judged according to the classifications set forth by the Porsche Club of America.

The Results Concours Entry Category:

Winners: (Division Winners in Bold)


Full Concours Division

C-1 Class: C-3 Class:

1st Place - Michael Benson 1st Place - Bev Gould Exterior, Interior, Storage 2nd Place - Brett Mohr Compartment, Engine C-4 Class: 1st Place - Steven Vining Compartment, Chassis Half C-7 Class: 1st Place - Karen Lewis (without engine) and Chassis C-8 Class: 1st Place - Andy Thonet Full (with engine) BEST OF CONCOURS DIVISION AND BEST IN SHOW

1959 356 Coupe (Orange) 1970 911E (Tangerine) 1966 912 (Polo Red) 1975 911S (Silver) 2002 911 Cabriolet 1970 914-6 (Canary Yellow)

Street Division

S-1 Class:

Exterior, Interior, Storage Compartment, Engine Compartment

S-2 Class:

1963 356B Super 90 (Ivory) 1963 356B Coupe (Heron Gray) 1964 356C Cabriolet (Silver) 1956 356 Speedster (Polyantha Red) 1956 356 Speedster (Black) 1976 912E (Arrow Blue) 1974 911 Carrera (Desert Beige) 1997 993 Carrera S (Pale Yellow) 2009 997 Carrera S

S-4 Class: S-6 Class: S-7 Class:

Unrestored Stock Division Exterior, Interior, Storage Compartment, Engine Compartment Übergang Division Exterior, Interior, Storage Compartment Wash and Shine Division Exterior and Interior

People’s Choice Award

1st Place - Bill Clevenger 2nd Place - Joe Nedza 1st Place - Peter Devereaux 2nd Place - Steve Hoskins 3rd Place - Darryl Miyamoto 1st Place - Anthony Shear 2nd Place - David Schlocker 1st Place - Bruce Talamon 1st Place - James Fitzgerald

UR-1 Class: 1st Place - Stanley Gold UR-5 Class: 1st Place - Mort Bauchman 2nd Place-Chester Contaoi UR-7 Class: 1st Place - Rob Greene

1956 356 1500 Carrera GS (Silver) 1986 911 Carrera (Guards Red) 1984 911 Carrera (Light Blue 2003 996 Turbo

UG-1 Class: 1st Place - Fabio Trave 2015 Boxter S (Agate Grey) UG-2 Class: 1st Place - Bob McLatcher 2011 Cayman S (White) UG-3 Class: 1st Place - Darryl Miyamoto 2015 991 Turbo S (Jet Black) WS-1 Class: 1st Place - Eric Schwartz WS-2 Class: 1st Place - Ronald Wanglin 2nd Place - George Eshaghian WS-3 Class: 1st Place - Kenneth Jacobs 2nd Place - Moe Torossian 3rd Place - Harry Adalete WS-4 Class: 1st Place - Paul Hammond

1964 356C Coupe (Irish Green) 1982 911 SC (Light Blue) 1972 911S Targa (Black) 1997 993 Carrera C2S (Polar Silver) 1989 911 Carrera (Black) 1997 993 Carrera (Black) 2011 911 Carrera (Guards Red)

Stanley Gold

1956 356 1500 GS Carrera (Silver)



Winners’ photos by Brianna Becker unless otherwise noted.

The Winners

Michael Benson, with his Concours C-1 Class-winning 1959 356 Coupe

Peter Devereaux, Street S-2 Class winner, with his 1964 356C

Photo by Richard Cabrera Photo by Mark Bilfield The Miyamotos and one of their award-winning entries - a 1956 356 Speedster, 3rd place S-2

Chester Contaoi with his 1984 911 Carrera, taking 2nd in UR-5

Bruce Talamon with his S-6 Class-winner 1997 993 Carrera S


Joe Nedza and Bill Clevenger

Bob McLatcher with his UG-2-winning Cayman

Bill Clevenger, S-1 Street winner

Steve Hoskins

Mort Bauchman with his UR-5 1st place-winning 1986 911

Joe Nedza with his 1963 356B Coupe, 2nd Place in S-2

Rob Greene with his Best of Unrestored Division 2003 996


Photo by Art Yuter Andy Thonet, with his Best of Coucours and Best of Show 1970 914-6

Anthony Shear, with his 1976 912E, 1st in S-4 David Schlocker with his 1974 911 Carrera, 2nd in S-4

Photo by Steven Stepanek George Eshaghian, with his 1972 911S Targa, 2nd place WS-2

Stanley Gold and Bruce Talamon

Steve Hoskins with his 1956 356 Speedster, 2nd in S-2

Karen Lewis, 1st place in C-7 Concours Division, with her 2002 911 Cabriolet Scorekeeper Joe Shubitowski presenting awards Bev Gould preparing her 1st place C-3 entry 1970 911E

Paul Hammond and JoAnne Fink with their 2011 911 Carrera, 1st in WS-4 Chester Contaoi and Mort Bauchman celebrate!

Harry Adalete with his 1997 993 Carrera, 3rd place WS-3



The People

Photo by Art Yuter Scoring tabulators hard at work! Jan Altemus, Jackie Ignon, and Mrs. Titterud

Photo by B. Becker

Richard Cabrera, master photographer

Photo by Art Yuter Photo by B. Becker Joe Shubitowski, head of Concours registration Marc Bixen, Technical Director, with Scott and placement logistics, pauses for a smile Mann, our amazing Concours MC

Photo by Rich Cabrera

Mark Bilfield, sponsorship director

Photo by Art Yuter Brianna Becker, with Tom Brown, President of PCA Zone 8

Photo by B. Becker Martin Holford and Roger Ignon, board members

Photo by Richard Cabrera

Photo by B. Becker

Surprise guest Seinfeld (center) with Marc Bixen (right)

Photo by B. Becker Concours Judge Randall Blaesi with Bob Schroeder

Photo by B. Becker Al Limon, left

Photo by Steven Stepanek


Photo by B. Becker Concours Judge Robert Vincent, with JoAnne Fink and Paul Hammond

Photo by Stays Petravicius Roni Yuter, volunteering with Art Yuter, board member at large

Stephen and Jill Petty

Photo by B. Becker

Photo by B. Becker The Adaletes

Photo by B. Becker


The Sponsors

Photo by Mark Bilfield and Auctions America

Thanks to Aero

Photo by Art Yuter Thanks to Beverly Hills Porsche, our Primary Sponsor

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by B Becker

Thanks to Marc Bixen and Red Line Porsche Service

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by B Becker Thanks also to Pelican Parts, Bentley Publishing, Art of Shaving and Hagerty Insurance

Photo by Mark Bilfield Los Angeles Dismantler

Photo by Mark Bilfield Sierra Madre Collection

Photo by Mark Bilfield Wheel Enhancement

Photo by Mark Bilfield Eli’s Collision Repair

Many thanks to our Sponsors from all of our members and attendees of our Concours d’Élégance. You help drive our passion for all of our Porsches!

CXC Simulations

Photo by Richard Cabrera

Thanks to Porsche Design

Photo by Roger Ignon

Thanks to Martin Holford (left) for helping us donate proceeds from the Concours to the Ronald McDonald House Charities! 15


PCA-LA Angeles Crest Highway Run to Newcomb’s Ranch

Photo by Brianna Becker



Photo by Mark Bilfield

By: Randall Blaesi, Activities Director, PCA-LA We started under a cloudy sky, but our spirits were bright!

Photo byChester Contaoi

As we gathered over 50 cars at the Sports Authority parking lot in La Ca単ada-Flintridge, it was evident that we had an overflow crowd.

Photo by Mark Bilfield


PORSCHERAMA | 8/2015 Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Eileen Walpole-Scanlon

Off we went to the top of the ridge on Angeles Crest Highway.

Photo by Eileen Walpole-Scanlon

Photo by Brianna Becker

The weather broke near the top and we saw bright sunshine allowing beautiful roads to be used to their optimum. The only problem was when we were forced to stop for road construction for about 15 minutes. That was not supposed to be happening on the weekend, only Monday through Friday!

Photo by Brianna Becker



Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Brianna Becker

When we arrived at the restaurant, we mingled with long time members and new ones alike. Everyone loved the tour. We had a nice breakfast and went our separate ways to enjoy the remainder of our day, back to reality! â–

Lunch Photos by Brianna Becker



Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Mark Bilfield


Photo by Brianna Becker


Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Brianna Becker

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Mark Bilfield

Photo by Mark Bilfield



Porsche Factory Delivery An Amazing Journey from Stuttgart through the heart of France and Beyond

Picking up our Cayman GTS at the factory in Zuffenhausen by Stephen Petty, PCA-LA Member All photos courtesy of Stephen and Jill Petty On May 19th, Jill and I embarked on our 50th Wedding Anniversary Adventure to Europe which included picking up our Cayman GTS in Stuttgart and celebrating by driving to four countries and 5,719 km in five weeks. I will not go into the details of ordering or the European Delivery Plan as they are well documented on the Porsche and many other web sites. Porsche Atlanta is your main contact and you should always be in communications with the European Delivery staff as to the specific delivery date, instructions, etc. Words cannot accurately describe the built up anticipation in arriving at the Porsche Delivery Center for the introduction to our new car, and with their hand off it is truly an awesome event. It is an experience not to be missed; our detailed comments with some interesting facts follow: The Zuffenhausen Factory is the original Factory starting in the 1950’s with the 356 model and continues to the present day. It is an historical building and cannot be remodeled; therefore, it is primarily a receiving and storage facility. However, when they expand the only option is to go up since they are located in the town of Zuffenhausen. All of the 911 and Boxsters are now built here on one assembly line and the 918 and 919 hybrids are built in a separate building. Porsche


uses robots and the automation is extensive and impressive. Robots go up and down elevators, and from building to building on electronic tracks in the floor. Porsche employs 7,500 people here—taking 5-6 days to build a car. There are two shifts (7am to 2pm and 2pm to 9pm) a day and no nights or weekends. We saw three buildings: 1. Commission — picks the necessary parts for the car being built. A robot takes parts like a train on electric tracks to production to be assembled. These will be the engines! 2. Production — 75 stations—taking 4 hours to build an engine. Some stations use robots. Workmen stop every hour and change stations. 3. Assembly — three floors, 118 stations, elevators take cars between floors. 200 cars are assembled in a day. These workmen change positions daily. Considering the fact that cars are being built, it is amazing how quiet and clean the Factory is. The workers show great ease in their job. There is no lifting as everything is at eye level, including tools for easy access. A very large robot swings a windshield around, after checking to be sure the fit is correct for the car, cleans it with spray

cleaner, applies two types of glue, puts it in place, pressure hold for 3-4 seconds and Voilà! The windshield is installed and the car is ready for the next step. It takes 9 hours to completely assemble one car. The 918 and 919 are built in a separate building — only one shift a day, building 8 cars a day. Our last stop is “The Marriage” when the drive train and the chassis are put together. The final bolting is done by hand. Cold and hot testing is performed and a Porsche is born! Every car is a specific order and has a client’s name whether it is a private party or a dealer. This allows for a dealer to specify options based on their geographic location and client requirements. After lunch in the Casino, Porsche’s private diningroom, and a Museum tour, part of the European Delivery Package, it was time to climb in the cockpit and take control of the GTS and head out on our excursion. One must be very careful on navigating the European roads as many times the highway or route number is different between the navigation system, hand map, and highway markers (do not economize in this area - pay for the European Navigation on the PCM as it is a life saver). What fun it is to figure this all out! The roads are in great shape and just a few cars are on the toll roads as gas is almost double from the U.S. On the toll roads the gas stations are 30 km to 50 km apart so do not let the gas get to low, fill up when you see a station especially when driving on the country roads. In addition, the stations all have large general stores, take-out food, sit down restaurants, and clean bathrooms, (in Germany they charge for bathroom access).


A word to the wise; make sure your credit card has the chip, a must for Europe, and carry Euros on the toll roads as the toll booths are not manned and sometimes the credit card device is not operative necessitating the use of Euros. Based on our drive in 2015; Germany has no toll roads and does not require a vignette since you have German plates, France and Italy have toll roads and a vignette is not required, Austria does not have toll roads, therefore, purchase a vignette at a gas station before entering the country.

We do not want to make this a travel log, however, we would like to highlight two of the most memorable destinations. First, we visited the American Cemetery in Normandy, France (pictured, left) where 9,387 of our troops are buried fighting to give us the freedom we now enjoy, an extremely emotional experience. Second, we visited Coulon in the Marais Poitevin region three hours Southwest of Paris. It is a hidden gem off the beaten path and is the second largest wetlands in France with quaint unspoiled towns and canals to traverse the region. What automobile would you trust to pick up from the factory/dealer and drive 5,719 km with no problems, just gas and go, only a Porsche! Truly an amazing adventure, from gastronomique dining with incredible service to a simple lunch along the canal, panoramic vistas, photographs of the heart and special memories of a love affair that continues. ■



My Experience at Porsche Sport Driving School

Porsche Performance Driving at Barber Motorsports Park, home of the Porsche Sport Driving School

By Harry Kraushaar, , PCA-LA Board Member. It is about 4:30 in the afternoon on the second day of my Performance Driving class at the Porsche Sport Driving School. We are back in the classroom, wrapping up the program. I am feeling great because as the song lyric goes, “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life.” I can hardly believe that it was just two days ago when I was driving down Highway 65 from Nashville to Birmingham, with a detour to the Jack Daniels Distillery. My wife and I went to Nashville to celebrate our 35th anniversary, listen to country music and eat barbeque. I was settling into the 200 plus mile drive to Birmingham, brimming with excitement. Not because I had just left my wife at the Nashville airport. Not because I was done listening to live music and eating barbeque. Not because I was driving a Hyundai Elantra rental car. A car I had been in for four days and still could not locate in a parking lot. A car I had trouble starting because it was built with the ignition on the wrong side of the steering column. A car that had a piece of the dashboard that always came off in my hand when I reached out to release the emergency brake, which was not where it should be, an act I did unconsciously throughout the trip. No, I was brimming with excitement because my destination was Barber Motorsports Park, home of the only Porsche Sport Driving School in North America. I had enrolled in the Performance Driving course as a 60th birthday present to myself. It was sort of an indulgent present, but with the Nashville trip and some shopping for my wife as the quid pro quos, I was good to go. At least, I thought I was. To be honest, I was also a little nervous on the way to PSDS. I am not a racer. I never will be. I had taken my Cayman out to the track for one day about a year ago, a day my Cayman proved


All photos courtesy of Harry Kraushaar that it was a far superior car than I was a driver. I like to think of that day as its Carmitzvah. The car manned up, and I was stuck in adolescence. After doing some research on PSDS, I felt that it was a better program than the one day one I did a year earlier, and I developed several goals for myself. I wanted to improve my overall driving, better understand car handling, run laps in a competent manner on a major race track, and decide whether my next Porsche will be a Cayman GTS or a 911. I also wanted to avoid making a fool of myself in the eyes of the other participants. As it turned out, I should not have been nervous in the least. The PSDS is a professional program with high quality instructors whose capabilities are amazing. Porsche has put a lot of thought into the course and the teaching process. Everything is geared to each participant’s level, and the instructors try to group students with similar skill levels together. Most of the other students in the class were there for the same reasons as me, sans the decision about their next Porsche, and I felt really comfortable and easily made many new friends. Barber Motorsports Park is an unbelievable place. The grounds are extremely well maintained. The track is about 2.4 miles around with 16


turns. It is challenging and well laid out for Porsches. The fact that the track has lots of elevation changes just makes it more interesting, and also amps up the need for Dramamine, which was readily available all over the facilities. Finally, the Motorcycle and Lotus Racing Car museum is off the charts.

one way radios, which broadcast in our cars, repeating the same information and pointing out what we are doing well or need to improve. This approach makes learning the nuances of the track manageable. The course is a combination of short classroom lessons, simple exercises, including auto cross laps, wet skid pad driving, braking and accelerating laps and heel and toe downshifting, and lapping sessions on the track, where we drive behind an instructor.

The first day and a half is used to build skills for the final lapping sessions and hot lap on the afternoon of the second day.

It also makes it reasonably easy to increase your speed and capabilities. During the first day, I progressed pretty well until the final lapping session of the day. During that session, I got really frustrated because I kept losing time on the three corners setting up the front straightaway. At that time I learned the hard way that a 911S cannot catch another 911S on a straightaway, leaving me with the problem of how to get my line right going into the straight. The night after the first day, PSDS treats us to dinner with the instructors. It is lots of fun. The instructors are professional drivers, with engaging personalities and interesting backgrounds. They were very open and easy to talk to. I spent some time discussing my issues and getting more advice.

The technique the instructors use is repetition. Every chance they get, including when ferrying us to the exercises and lapping sessions in a van, they go around the track talking about each braking zone, corner entry point, apex and exit, and acceleration zone. When the instructors lead the lapping sessions, they speak into



The second day is when we pick up the speed. I was happy to discover that I knew the track much better the second day, and as I got my line right and got more comfortable in the cars, my speed picked up very naturally. By the end of the final lapping session, I was really pleased with my progress. I had most definitely accomplished all my driving goals. The hot lap with the instructor driving was the icing on the cake. Thankfully, it was the last thing we did. If it had been first, I would have


been terrified. After miles and miles at increased speed and a greater understanding of just how good these cars are, the hot lap, at about 90% of the limit of the car, was a perfect way to end the course. I was relaxed throughout the lap, even if the car got a little loose in some corners. I loved it. Speaking of the cars, we drove a Panamera Turbo, a Boxster GTS, and a 911S on the track. They were all great. If you have never really exercised your Porsche, or someone else’s Porsche, you should. These machines are wonderful examples of high performance, handling and strength. After

Porsche News


Porsche Ranks Highest Among Nameplates in J.D. Power ‘APEAL’ Study for Eleventh Consecutive Year

attending this class, I cannot stress how happy I am that I have one. So did I accomplish my goals? Absolutely…Well almost. I improved my driving. I had a much better understanding of car handling. And I had competently run laps on a major track. When I left I had failed to accomplish my last goal, though.

ATLANTA. July 22, 2015/ Porsche PR. For the eleventh year in a row, U.S. customers have rated Porsche highest among all nameplates in the industry in the 20th edition of the J.D. Power ‘APEAL’ (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study. In addition to the brand taking overall honors, the Macan – in its first year included in the study – ranks highest in the ‘Compact Premium SUV’ segment. For the fifth year in a row, the Cayenne takes the top position in the ‘Midsize Premium SUV’ segment. The Cayman also takes the top award in the ‘Compact Premium Sporty Car’ category. This is the second time this year Porsche led a J.D. Power study – Porsche also ranked highest among all nameplates in the 2015 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. ■

Porsche Finishes Production of the 918 Spyder

I loved the time I spent in the Boxster GTS on the auto cross and the track. The car, which reminded me of my Cayman, is awesome. Unfortunately, the 911S was just as amazing in slightly different ways. I loved my seat time in it. At that time I was really confused. After I got home, I continued to waffle between the Cayman and the 911. Then on the way down from the Angeles Crest Highway PCA run I found myself at Downtown LA Porsche drooling over a 3 month old CPO Cayman GTS. In that instant I knew with absolute clarity what the right choice was. So while there is a 911 in my future, it is still a ways away. This is good news because as the slightly modified lyric in one of my favorite Country Music songs goes, “The Road Goes On Forever and The ‘Porsche’ Party Never Ends......” ■

ATLANTA. June 19, 2015./ Porsche PR/ This week, the 918 Spyder has completed a remarkable journey. After 21 months of production, the final Porsche 918 Spyder came off the assembly line in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen right on schedule. But the legacy of this technology pioneer will reach far beyond its production time. Future generations of sports cars will benefit directly from innovations found in the 918 Spyder. ■

In Elegant Black: Porsche 911 Carrera and Boxster Black Editions ATLANTA, May 19, 2015 /Porsche PR/ Porsche has created a special model of the 911 Carrera and Boxster: the Black Edition. The combination of black exterior and interior emphasizes the timeless, classy elegance of each sports car. As the name indicates, Black paint is standard, while Jet Black Metallic is available as an option. Standard equipment on the 911 Carrera and Boxster Black Edition models has been enhanced in regards to the wheels, headlights, and sound system while additional equipment has been included such as the Sport Design steering wheel, door sill guards with Black Edition logo, heated seats, auto dimming rear-view mirrors, and the headrests are embossed with the Porsche Crest. The 911 Carrera Black Edition is based on the standard model with a 3.4 liter flat-six engine developing 350 hp. It is offered in coupé and convertible versions with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. The Boxster Black Edition is equally attractive. The mid-engine roadster is powered by the 2.7 liter flatsix engine with 265 hp. ■



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