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By Emma pardos Pista is a limited edition collection dreamed up by accessories designer, Emma Pardos, and photographers, Las Coleccionistas. Designed in Barcelona and produced in Spain, the vibrant collection is composed of three complementary elements: the backpack, scarf, and socks. The result is a very colourful, unisex collection of designs reduced to their essentials, with references to sports aesthetics. The fabrics used range from natural to synthetic, contrasting the use of silk, knit, and polyester. The nexus of the collection is the print, made up of a series of objects organized on a coloured background. Shop the Spring/Summer 2015 collection online now at


Featuring Maite Pons, Marisa Chafetz, Lara Ivachev (EAT.ME.DO), Crystal Rose, Lisa Fahey, Isabelle Laydier, Hana Haley, Melissa Pugliesi, Na...

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