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PUBLISHER David M. Newman CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Jackie Hanson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Terry GrifďŹ th MARKETING DIRECTOR Inger Williamson SALES Tracy Margol Evie Newman Mckinsey Wilson FASHION CONTRIBUTOR Melissa Intemann PHOTOGRAPHY Kristia Knowles Stephanie Marie Whisler JRB Studios, LLC Christina Block Wally Sears CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Nia Gonczi Tracy Margol Mindy Stamulis Heather LePetrie

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Photographer: Kristia Knowles Creative Art Director and Wardrobe Stylist: Melissa Intemann Makeup: Carrie Wilson Hair: Mindy Stamulis Model: Joe Williams

31 Pulse: Swing into Pilates

Golf-specific stretches to cut down your handicap.

40 Prime: Tame the Beast

For all those grizzlies out there ... it’s school time!

34 Prep: About a Face

Welcome to Man-face 101... beards, mustaches and all!

52 Vigor: Foods that Fight Fatigue

Eat what you want-- and love yourself in the morning.

14 Porfolio: 5 Minutes with Urban Partners

Top business men with one common denominator--BUILDING

80 Hands: Child Cancer Fund

Organized by families for families who face the challenges of a cancer diagnosis

56 Approval Matrix: The Man Matrix What men in Jacksonville love and hate

70 On The Blvd: Featuring i.e. Designs

For those wine enthusiasts ... a wine cellar to die for!

66 Happy Hour Guide- Cheers! Our social guide to happier days

82 Night Owl: Out and About

PVL’s lookbook of what to do now

43 Trend: Anatomy of Style

Fashion sense for the 21st Century Man

volume 1 issue 6

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No female models!? How can you do that? This was the reaction of my female colleagues in the PVL office. As you can clearly see, I got my way. In this issue we’ve taken on the task of giving the man some pretty decent options and advice on fall style. We are honored to be featuring Brooks Brothers in our featured fashion spread. Our expert Hair Stylist, Mindy Stamulis, offers some great advice on working with what you have to get that better look. In addition we cover a few hair products that can get you started. Swing into Pilates this season and learn how you can improve your game off the course. Focus on six principle ingredients and you might just get that edge you were looking for. Be sure to take a look at “On the Boulevard” which introduces a tastefully designed oceanfront home. Designed by the award-winning Veronique, it’s unique, clever, and one of the most spectacular features we’ve ever seen in a home.

David Newman 904.639.6018 Ext. 02

As we round out our first year, I’d like to thank you, our readers, for picking us up and passing us around town, and for your very valuable feedback. We hope to see everyone at our next launch party in November where we’ll have plenty of giveaways. And we look forward to spreading some holiday cheer in our next issue. Regardless of your gender, we think you’ll enjoy this issue!

Special thanks to The Peninsula Condominiums, Brooks Brothers at Towncenter Mall, our talented models and Photographer who drove miles from down south to shoot with us.

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Taste Around The World Benefiting JLG Brain Cancer Foundation Photography by JRB Studios, LLC

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PORTFOLIO: Five Minutes with Urban Partners

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PVL: Your company is responsible for the development and construction of several successful projects throughout North Florida. How was the idea for Urban Partners born? We were tired of seeing every new home, condo and building look like the previous one and we were convinced it did not have to be that way. Revitalizing and improving our urban landscape has always been the vision behind our company. We like to believe we achieved our goals through pressing for more innovative architecture, sound building principles, sensitivity to the environment and truly working to make sure our clients felt we were a team achieving a common goal. Interestingly enough, we started in 2002 as a development company specializing in the luxury oceanfront condominium and semi-custom single-family home markets. As the real estate markets changed and these opportunities virtually disappeared, we had to completely restructure our company and look at both residential and commercial general contracting to survive. Today we have equally successful commercial and residential divisions that continuously partner with innovative and discriminating clients. PVL: What can we look for around Jacksonville that has been built with your company? We have built various custom homes in Jacksonville. However, we are particularly proud of a recent renovation project that we completed earlier this year. Located on River Road in Orange Park, we were commissioned by the homeowner to completely renovate and add to her home that was originally designed by William Morgan, arguably Jacksonville’s most acclaimed architect. The home was originally designed and built in 1979 and had not only fallen into disrepair over the years but the numerous subsequent modiďŹ cations had changed the architectural integrity of this former award winning home completely. We went to the University of Florida archives to retrieve original pictures of the home and were able to convince the homeowner that a modern interpretation of the original design would be a fantastic way to go - she enthusiastically agreed. We spoke with Mr. Morgan about working on the renovation of his forPonte of Vedra | 15 mer project but he was already retired. He then recommended hiring one hisLife former

pupils and we thought this would be fantastic way to meet the homeowner’s needs and keep their mentor’s original design in mind. This project has been one of the most satisfying because we were able to update the interior of the home to meet the demands of today’s lifestyle and restored this unique home back to its original splendor. It was extremely rewarding to have several neighbors stop by towards the end of a job thanking us for making a small but important improvement to their neighborhood. PVL: Who are the faces behind Urban Partners and what do they do when they’re not improving our city’s urban landscape? Ronnie Leinwohl and I are the Managing Members of the company. We each have young families and, like most families in Jacksonville, we spend a lot of time enjoying our children’s many activities, the beaches, watersports and, of course, making it out to as many Jaguar and Gator games as possible. Greg Barnett, who actively runs the residential division, has a young family of his own and is a die-hard Jaguar fan (so we tend to overlook the fact that he roots for the Seminoles). Greg also enjoys surfing, biking and coaching youth soccer. PVL: Even during the real estate market’s downfall, Urban Partners is still continuing to expand and thrive. What sets this company apart from other development and construction teams? I believe it’s because we have a very different perspective when comes to building a client’s home or commercial project. For many years we sat on the same side of the table as our clients and we were the ones that used to grow frustrated by our general contractor’s lack of urgency, the adversarial relationship that begins almost from the onset and the constant nickel and diming that we felt was digging into our pockets. When we started working for others, Ronnie and I vowed that we had to give the client the same type of experience that we would have liked to have gotten, but rarely did. We continuously get repeat work from existing clients simply because we listen to our clients and work together as a team, we are very organized, transparent with our budgets and work incredibly hard at saving our clients’ money. We have also targeted markets that are growing on both the commercial and residential side, and yes, despite the media reports there are actual markets that are improving where you can grow your company. 16 | Ponte Vedra Life

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Modern Man

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Photographer Kristia Knowles Location The Peninsula On The SouthBank Creative Art Director, Set Design, & Wardrobe Stylist Melissa Intemann – MIA Styling Wardrobe Sponsor Brooks Brothers MIA Styling Hair Mindy Stamulis Makeup Carrie Wilson Models Steven Anderson Jamaal Johnson Dave Sinclair Joe Williams Special Thanks To: The Peninsula for the accommodations

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Swing Into Pilates By Jessica-Lynne DuBois-Maahs and Tracy Margol

As attractive as Pilates was in the early 20th century to ballet dancers, it is to golfers today. Even Tiger Woods proved its effectiveness—and professional golfers continue to attest to it—Pilates training improves a golfer’s performance. The method focuses on six principle ingredients: centering, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration. The Pilates method is more focused and intense and emphasizes quality over quantity. Participants control their muscles as they contract and release while consciously connecting their movements to the breath. It’s ideal for those who may be recovering from spinal injuries because the fluid movements alleviate stress and tension on the spine. Pilates is a safe and effective approach that provides the benefits of stretching, strengthening and control, while keeping the whole body balanced. It’s about focus and keeping the mind connected to the body. Every athlete is looking for an edge, a way to improve their performance. Golfers today are opting for a more gentle form of training to increase their flexibility and core strength. This helps players achieve greater range, speed, agility and coordination on the course. PGA Tour pro, and former Ponte Vedra resident, Rocco Mediate famously began Pilates in 2001 to strengthen his back after having major back surgery more than 15 years ago. Mediate said his back would feel stiff after bending over intermittently on the course, and Pilates was a gentle way to strengthen his strained muscles without compromising his comfort. Mediate’s personal Pilates trainer Caroline Schmid, attributed his success to correcting his body’s imbalance that was caused by years ofPonte golfiVedra ng. Life | 31

Lynne Kirkpatrick, a tournament coordinator with the North Florida Junior Golf Tour, said many coaches recommend Pilates to improve a player’s mobility and swing. She said practicing Pilates allows the player to make more smooth and dexterous turns while swinging. By doing Pilates, you can make corrections to your body, strengthen the core, increase flexibility, build stability in the pelvis and the shoulder girdles, and balance both sides of the body, which allow you to hit the ball farther, straighter and more accurately. The Pilates reformer, chair and springboard is designed to increase your spinal range of motion, distributing rotational forces evenly throughout your spine. This enables the golfer to experience greater range, speed, agility, strength, coordination and enhances mental focus for that competitive edge characteristic of a great golfer. Pilates allows golfers to exercise mindfully. More than just improving a player’s performance, Pilates can sculpt a peaceful mindset during stressful shots. In general, after doing Pilates, people report becoming stronger, longer, and leaner. According to Joseph H. Pilates, “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.” To learn more, contact Changes in Motion, an upscale fitness studio and boutique spa, located in Tapestry Park, Jacksonville,904.998.9980.

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Beards, Mustaches, Burns and More

By Mindy Stamulis

Keep it clean. Even apply a little bit of conditioner in the shower....she will appreciate it. Keep it trimmed and lined regardless of it being stubble or filled in. Plus, it makes you look cut! Mustache should never hang over your lips. Burns are a personal decision but make sure that they are visually in balance and even. I love burns...chops and all. Just don’t get too wooly.


KEEP YOUR EYEBROWS SEPARATE (wax the center if need be) KEEP YOUR NAILS CLIPPED AND CLEAN. INDULGE IN A HOT LATHER SHAVE. (feel a little bit of heaven) HAVE FUN AND OWN WHAT YOU GOT! As I like to say… you got this now go get it!

Don’ts NO WET LOOKS, CRUNCHY, SPIKEY, OR HARD HAIR. NO COMBS NECESSARY FOR FINAL STYLING... GRANDPA! NO EAR or NOSE HAIR.... EVER! NO COMB OVERS NO MOHAWKS. (they are only cool if you live in the Lower East Side or if you are a 5 year old) LASTLY... DON’T TRY SO HARD!

34 | Ponte Vedra Life

Engraved Razor | Nickel-plated The Art of Shaving Razors are elegant, durable and can be used with either Fusion ™ or MACH3® blades by Gillette.® Engraved Silvertip Badger Brush | Nickel-plated Badger Brushes generate a rich and warm lather, soften and lift the beard, open pores, bring sufficient water to the skin and gently exfoliate. Pre-Shave Oil Pre-Shave Oil is the first step in shaving. It softens the beard and prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave without leaving an oily residue. It is formulated with a unique blend of botanical ingredients and essential oils. Shaving Cream Shaving Cream softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave, and protects the skin from irritation and razor burn. Rich with glycerin, coconut oil and essential oils, the Shaving Cream leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. It can be lathered up with a Shaving Brush or with fingers. Available at The Art of Shaving, St. Johns Town Center, 904.641.6146

Ponte Vedra Life | 35

STICKY.BUSINESS by KEVIN.MURPHY A matte finish, medium hold, texturiser to create a deliberately disheveled look. Apply to damp or freshly dried hair and mould into shape. Controls frizz into a frozen moment of style. EASY.RIDER by KEVIN.MURPHY De-frizz and activate curl with added vitamins and minerals that treat your hair as you style. Apply to damp or dry hair. NIGHT.RIDER by KEVIN.MURPHY Provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks. This product has the advantage of being easy to get from the jar and sets on contact. It gives you a little time to work the look then it sets. GRITTY.BUSINESS by KEVIN.MURPHY A blend of Bentonite Clay and Kukui Nut Oil with old fashioned Bee’s Wax gives super support and a dry, gritty texture. Apply to damp hair and mould into place. F’nK by STYLE FOR YOU Sculpt shapes with true matte special effects, without stickiness or residue. Perfect for moulding, separating, rubbing and defining. D’finR by STYLE FOR YOU Glossy Cream Wax. A lasting supple styler to create definition or movement… plus special effects for detailing. Details and defines with a fantastic, glossy shine finish. Available at Mindy Stamulis Salon 3645 Park Street Jacksonville,FL 904.551.3408

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Located less than a mile from the 5-Diamond-rated Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, this stunning Mediterranean villa occupies one of the deepest oceanfront lots on The Boulevard. With 100 feet of ocean frontage, the lot is over 400 feet deep with no pedestrian easements on either side. A gated entry, a paver drive and parking court and lovely landscaping lead to the custom pecky cypress front door. Once inside, the ocean views from most rooms take one’s breath away. The home is designed to take advantage of the site as well as to provide a luxurious yet comfortable retreat for its occupants. It was carefully planned and built with the finest materials as well as extensive landscape lighting and a unique practice golf facility. This home features five bedrooms, six and one-half baths, a study, an eight-seat theater and a pool and spa. The fifth bedroom with en suite bath has a full kitchen and a separate entrance, perfect for an au pair or caretaker. This home is a luxurious yet comfortable retreat and all about living life to the fullest!

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Tame The Beast By Mindy Stamulis

The great thing about hair for men right now is that it is all about keeping it easy! My message to the guys is to stop trying so hard! This is where you are allowed to be imperfect. Having a few tips along the way is all you need. It’s about working with what you got. Doing so will always allow you to maintain your edge without looking tried. A few great looks to consider: Exaggerated lengths are a hot look! Wearing your sides tight but keeping the length long on the top offers an instant look. It will even slenderize and lengthen a face too. If you are smaller in stature, you may want to consider this for some added height. No over styling required at all and is great for all textures. I recommend the Kevin Murphy Gritty Business paste to work through the top. It will break it up and texture it out with a hold that will remain touchable....that being a good thing. For those whose hair is leaving the scene, shave it! Don’t even attempt a are fooling no one and you will look like a grandpa! No matter how little you have left, clipper it down to a soft stubble. It is lower maintenance and just better looking than a shiny head. Throw that bic away. Keep your edges clean-lined. For all the execs out there who long for long...keep your edges clean around the neckline and ears. Keep the interior lengths styled by using Alfaparf S4U D’finR. Warm some of this up in your hands and style your hair back and off the side. This will keep the boss man happy and then let it loose after hours. For you guys who have the freedom of wearing really long hair, this is the only time I will allow the part in the middle. Using the same product, run a little bit through your hair, having your longest pieces tucked back. This will keep you from looking fluffy but still a free spirit. Having your hair messy and straight up and all directions is one of the hottest ways to go, | Ponte Vedra Life If your hair is fine in texture, this 40 date-worthy. and

isn’t for you. Think mad scientist, but don’t think too hard. Throw a little bit of mousse in your hair and blast dry’s only going to take you 5 minutes! Use Kevin Murphy Night Rider to rough this hair out. Slick some sides back, twist pieces and pinch ends....rough it up! Trust me, she will like it very much on you. For the casual at heart, wearing your hair down and easy is comfortable and soft...very touchable. It’s all about having great texture cut into the hair. As easy and relaxed as this look is, try a little bit of the Alfaparf S4U F’nK paste. Just a small amount warmed up in your hands is all you need to minimally rough this up. Never walk out the door feathery and fluffy. Got curls? Be thankful. You get off the easiest. Wear your hair relatively short and brushed forward a little. This is an out-the-door style for the Joe on the go. A small amount of the Kevin Murphy Easy Rider curl cream. Evenly run this through your hair and then loosen it into a shape. The vitamins and hydration will keep your curls from being crunchy, frizzy, and dry. Now you are out the door.

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Photography by: Marie Star Photography Model: Randall Taylor Hair: Mindy Stamulis Make Up: Carrie Wilson Timepieces: Levy Jewelers Wardrobe by:

Ponte Vedra Life | 43

RUGBY A rebellious reinvention of vintage varsity. Not an opportunity to don your favorite sports team’s jersey, but an excuse for dressing like a boy. Layering is key. A watch is an essential accessory…you don’t want to be late for class… Breitling Chronospace. 44 | Ponte Vedra Life

COLLEGIATE James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan and Major General in the British Army, served in the Crimean War (modern day Ukraine) in 1854 between the United Kingdom and Russia. Brudenell and his fellow officers wore a sweater coat trimmed with braids and fur, which soon became coined “the cardigan”. Watch: Breitling Chronomat 44

Ponte Vedra Life | 45

SOCIAL PRIMER Dating to the 17th century when Croatian mercenaries fought in support of Louis XIII against Cardinal Richelieu. As the Croats walked the streets of Paris, their brightly colored scarves caught the attention of the Court. The upper class began wearing creatively tied versions of the scarves around their necks and the bowtie was born. | Ponte Vedra Lifea watch, time is secondary. The hidden complication behind the watch face is kept For46 a man who wears in the quiet conďŹ dence of his demeanor. Ball Engineer Master II Aviator.

CITY DWELLER On the town or in the park, a scarf tells all about the man: casual and sophisticated, detailed yet disheveled. This man has street smarts. Prepared for Mother Nature to mix it up a bit---always ready for a change of season. Time is of upmost importance ‌after all we don’t want to miss happy hour at the Corner Bar. Breitling Chronomat 44.

Ponte Vedra Life | 47

DAPPER First worn by the Duke of Windsor and, soon after, Fred Astaire, this wide triangular knot is best worn with a shirt collar that is considerably spread. Tied for comfort, the knot holds tight while leaving breathing space between the tie and neck, we call this the Double Windsor Knot. A well-dressed gentleman is likely to feel underdressed without a handsome handkerchief or pocket square tucked neatly into a suit jacket or sports coat. The proper folding of one’s pocket square is a study unto itself and of prime importance. A watch tells more than time‌it shows class... Breitling Chronomat GMT. 48 | Ponte Vedra Life





1. Ball Engineer Master II Aviator 2. Breitling Chronospace 3. Breitling Chronomat 44 4. Breitling Chronomate GMT Vedra Life Available at Levy Jewelers located at the St. Johns Town Ponte Center

| 49

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Foods That Fight FATIGUE 52 | Ponte Vedra Life

By Heather LePetrie

We don’t want to admit it, but we often convince ourselves (or truly believe) that no matter what we eat, we can work it off at the gym. However, whether we like it or not, the brutal truth is that nutrition trumps exercise. Yes, always.

Through tricky marketing tactics, we are sold that certain types of prepackaged food and drinks will permit us to flex our biceps in ways that Superman only can. Oh, and let’s not forget that we will have the same stamina he does too. If you have been reading my editorials in PVL regularly, you understand that I am an advocate for obtaining most all of the nutrients our bodies need from live foods that come from the earth as often as possible, and leaving the energy drinks and synthetic foods in for very select times of need. Think vegetables, fruits and whole grains; these are complex carbohydrates all high in fiber, which means these foods will improve digestion and increase our energy. Proteins such as eggs, beans, and lean meats such as fish, are the building blocks of the muscle tissue. According to Robert Kennedy and Tosca Reno, authors of the Eat-Clean Diet for Men, the

Eat-Clean nutrition formula is to combine foods containing complex carbohydrates with lean proteins, and to keep portion sizes in check – about the size of a cupped hand. To ensure that the time spent in the gym or training for a 5K isn’t a waste of sweat and you can combat those feelings of daily fatigue and sluggishness, here are a few ideas for you to keep your energy soaring and your waistline in check. 1. Veggies in the morning? Yes! Try an egg white omelet with a copious amount of vibrant vegetables, and you will already have accomplished getting two servings of the recommended seven daily vegetables/fruits off your plate for the day. Add some whole grain wheat toast to this spread, and you’ll have the power you need to get you through to mid-morning. 2. Eat every three hours. Healthy eating doesn’t stop at breakfast - a wellbalanced diet throughout the day is an essential source of sustained energy. Skipping meals will only create the valleys of lethargy that we loath. 3. Drink water – lots of it. Believe it or not, signs of hunger are often misread as signs of dehydration, and hydration is an important part of building muscle. Your body is 70 percent water and your muscle tissue is around 75 percent water. Keeping your muscles hydrated will help increase strength and increase energy levels. Aim for about 0.6 ounces of water per pound of body weight. 4. Whether it is work or play, try these beneficial foods as part of your regimen for sustainable Ponte Vedra energy. Life | 53

Your body is 70 percent water and your muscle tissue is around 75 percent water. Sweet Potatos Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for your body, and they also help you add on additional muscle. Sweet potatoes are one of the tastier and more convenient options to replenish energy stores and fuel the musclebuilding process. Additionally, they’re packed with vitamins and minerals to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels, and keep you feeling fuller longer.

veggies in your morning omelet, it will be easy to pack in the remainder of the servings you should eat. Almonds Big things can come in small packages. Almonds provide a good source of protein and fat, but it’s their vitamin E that is most beneficial to your muscles. The powerful antioxidant fights free radicals and helps you recover quicker from your workouts. Quinoa You want a carbohydrate source that helps build muscle? Look no further. A one cup serving of quinoa packs 10 grams of protein along with essential amino acids and 5 grams of fiber, making it a great addition to your musclebuilding meal plan.

Wild Salmon Wild salmon is a potent source of protein that also provides a powerful punch of omega-3 fatty acids. This two-pronged attack will advance your lean-muscle dreams, and studies show it may help speed up your metabolism.

Broccoli By putting broccoli and other fibrous vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, leeks, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and onions) on your list of post-workout and dinnertime foods, you’ll gain your best source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. And since you had a serving or two of 54 | Ponte Vedra Life

Heather LePetrie, C.H.H.C., ADDP, is a certified integrative nutrition coach and health counselor. For more information on living well, contact Better Living at (904) 312-0826 or

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Photographer Kristia Knowles Location The Peninsula On The SouthBank Creative Art Director, Set Design, & Wardrobe Stylist Melissa Intemann – MIA Styling Hair Mindy Stamulis Makeup Carrie Wilson Models Steven Anderson Jamaal Johnson Dave Sinclair Joe Williams Special Thanks To: The Peninsula for the accommodations

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65 | Ponte Vedra Life

Happy Hour... Cheers! Nothing takes the sting out of a hard day like a cool cocktail or a brisk brew among good company. Garnish that with half-priced appetizers and a live band and consider yourself unwound. Jacksonville’s happy hour hot spots have you covered with tasty tapas, two-for-ones and even some fun entertainment every night of the week.

Corner Bistro and Wine Bar 619-1931 Sunday – Thursday 4-7 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 p.m. to close Thursday specials: 7 p.m. to close Half-priced single liquor and mixer cocktails - $5 martinis Fridays: Ladies’ night at the bar Live music with Matt Hall “Pianoman” 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays Ocean 60 247-0060 4-7:30 p.m., Monday-Saturday Half-priced select martinis $5 select glasses of wine $1 off microbrews and draft beers Roy’s 241-7697 4:30-6:30 p.m. daily, lounge only $5 select appetizers $5 specialty and well drinks $5 select wines Suite 493-9305 4-7 p.m., Monday-Saturday 4 for $4 pack 4 signature tapas 4 Flatbreads, 4 Desserts, 4 House Wines. $2.50 domestics, $3.50 imports, and $2.75 wells

66 | Ponte Vedra Life

Restaurant Medure 543-3797 4-7 p.m., Monday-Saturday Service Industry Workers: 10p.m.-midnight, Monday-Saturday Half-priced house wines and well drinks $5 Medure martinis $3 domestic draft beers Live music: 7-10 p.m. Monday 8-11 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday 9 p.m.-midnight Friday and Saturday 4 p.m.–close Tuesday, Ladies’ night, all happy hour specials The Capital Grille 997-9233 5-7 p.m. “Taste of Tuesday” complimentary hors d’oeuvres 5-7 p.m. Wednesdays, specialty unique red glasses $10 11 South 241-1112 4:30-7 p.m. daily $3.25 well drinks and house wines by the glass

BlackFinn American Grille 345-3466 4-7 p.m., Monday–Friday $3 domestic draft beers $3 house wines by the glass $5 greyhounds and screwdrivers with Grey Goose Large group specials for appetizer and drinks III Forks 928-9277 5-7 p.m. daily $5 select glasses of wine $5 III Fork martinis $2 off mixed drinks, domestic and imported beers Select appetizers under $5 Ladies’ night 5 p.m.–close Thursdays. Half-priced glasses of wine and $5 III Fork martinis.

67 | Ponte Vedra Life

Aromas 928-0515 4-7 p.m., Monday–Friday Half-priced calls, wells and domestics $1 off draft and craft beers Half-priced appetizers and wings Live music 5-11 p.m. Tuesday–Friday Salsa Saturdays and Sundays Engine 15 249-BEER 4-7 p.m. daily Trivia at 7 p.m. Tuesdays Live music on Thursdays Tapestry Cafe 329-4380 4-7 p.m., Everyday 2 for 1 domestic beer 20% off any glass or bottle of wine

68 | Ponte Vedra Life

69 | Ponte Vedra Life

OnThe Blvd

70 | Ponte Vedra Life

71 | Ponte Vedra Life

Featuring ie: Designs Written by Tracy Margol Photography by Ed Hall


hen the homeowner decided to reinvent his oceanfront home, he called upon French interior

designer, Véronique Schleef, owner of ie: Designs, LLC. If anyone can transform an ordinary home into a beachfront masterpiece, Véronique can. One step inside and you will be surprised to discover there’s no cliché marble foyer or decorative Persian rug. It’s a wine cellar built under the house viewable through its 6 foot in diameter, 150 pound plexi-glass circular door—that you can walk on! Apprehensive as any guest would be to72 step on the | Ponte Vedraclear Life top, you can be assured not only will it safely hold you, it

is quite the experience. Once inside, as you make your way down the spiral staircase, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the 700+ wine bottle collection. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) awarded Véronique first place for Product Design for the cellar, and first place for Residential Renovation in 2011. “We wanted to create a functional and aesthetic space to house the owner’s extensive wine collection. We built the cellar as a square structure under the floor, dropped in a custom metal spiral staircase with a circular wine rack system, and enclosed it with 1.5 inch thick circular piece of plexi-glass,” said Véronique.

As you look around this luxurious yet refined home, you see stunning fabrics and artwork surrounded by panoramic ocean views, but the wine cellar really is the “pièce de résistance!” Véronique and her team based the home’s palette on tranquil, neutral tones and highlighted the rooms with elements of the sand and sea. “To enhance a relaxed atmosphere, we avoided jarring color changes from room to room.” A seamless blend of transitional and contemporary style flows throughout all the rooms but is best illustrated in the living area. Véronique used intricately patterned “green” wood flooring from Belgium which is repeated on the cellar’s spiral staircase. A symphony of subtle yet exquisite fabrics cover the living room furniture and sculptural items, inspired by the sea, fill the space —such as the unique silver octopus whose tentacles each hold a candlestick. In the master bathroom, a mixture of travertine and river rock wind through the floor to achieve the ultimate balance of laid back chic and elegance.

73 | Ponte Vedra Life

“Our design unifies comfort and intimacy without interfering with the spectacular ocean view,” said Veronique.

74 | Ponte Vedra Life

75 | Ponte Vedra Life

80’s Night Under The Stars Benefiting Home for The Troops Photography by JRB Studios, LLC

76 | Ponte Vedra Life

77 | Ponte Vedra Life

Haute Pink In Support Of: In The Pink.. A Boutique for Women Living With Cancer Photos by Christina Block Photography

78 | Ponte Vedra Life

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By Nia Gonczi

This year, 120 families in Jacksonville alone will receive the news that their child has cancer. Life can be painful as it is. Life for a child with cancer doesn’t have to be. The CHILD Cancer Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children and their families through the challenges of childhood cancer diagnosis and treatment. The CHILD Cancer Fund was established in 1994 by a group of Jacksonville parents whose own children were undergoing treatment for cancer at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Nemours Children’s Clinic in the area. The fund was created to assist other families in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia regions whose children were also treated at these locations. The CHILD Cancer Fund is an organization made by families for families, striving to help children live the best life that they can. Providing services and programs no other organization in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia area offer, the CHILD Cancer Fund is truly one of a kind. Child Advocate: One program the CHILD Cancer Fund presents is the Child Advocate service. As a core member of a child’s health care team, the Child Advocate provides opportunities for play, learning and self expression designed to minimize the stress and anxiety of a child in treatment. Based in the Nemours Children’s Clinic Oncology Division, the advocate works with the children and their families, helping them cope with their treatment experiences. This program also provides educational presentations at nearby schools for the child’s teachers and peers to understand the treatment process; making re-entry into the classroom a comfortable transition. Financial Assistance: Another benefit the CHILD Cancer Fund offers is outstanding financial help. This organization understands what it means to be a parent with a child fighting cancer and what financial obstacles many families must deal with in order to assure the best care for them. Many parents leave their employment during their child’s treatment but just as their income drops, medical expenses rise. Regardless of income level, families facing financial hardship can receive help with housing costs, utility bills, food, gas and other expenses medical insurance companies do not cover. Support Services: During this hard time, children and their families need as much care and support they can get. The CHILD Cancer Fund offers families the emotional, educational and practical support they need to make it through this challenging experience; including monthly support group meetings and an annual weekend retreat at Camp Boggy Creek for all the children and families to enjoy. 80 | Ponte Vedra Life

How you can help: The CHILD Cancer Fund’s programs and services are completely dependent upon the contributions of charitable foundations, corporations, service organizations, and loving individuals. You can help support this organization by making a tax-deductable donation in the form of money or merchandise or by fulfilling some of the “Wish List” requests found online. Another way to get involved and support the cause is to come out to the Premier Wine Extravaganza benefiting the cause on Sunday, November 6th from 3-6pm at One Ocean Resort and Spa--Northeast Florida’s newest beachfront boutique resort, located in Atlantic Beach. Come experience over 150 wines from around the world at Jacksonville’s finest luxury tasting. The cost is $100 and includes a souvenir wine glass, food and some of the world’s best wines to taste all while promoting the CHILD Cancer Fund. Come enjoy a Chef Ramsey inspired, gourmet five course dinner, complete with wine pairings at Jacksonville Golf and Country Club on Thursday, November 17th at 7pm. Admission is $130 and proceeds go towards the CHILD Cancer Fund. Advanced purchase is required by November 9th. Ronald Reagan once said that we can’t help everyone but that everyone can help someone. The CHILD Cancer Fund is helping children and their families every day and you too can be a part of this growing organization. For more information, future events and ways to get involved visit:

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Out and About What to do, where to dine and what to drink- PVL’s own datenight concierge at your service. We have created a quick lookbook of what’s in now…when in good company. THE SCENE In the midst of cyclists and beach-goers you will find a place where collaboration of artists and art enthusiast merge. Take a stroll through the J. JOHNSON GALLERY, a look at modern and contemporary art exhibitions including paintings, sculptures, prints and photography. Presently featuring, Contemporary Complexities, now through Nov 5th. Artists include: Christa Bouden ,Tom Chambers, Susan Kae Grant, Jessica Hines, Christopher Rauschenburg, Maggie Taylor and Jerry Uelsmann. Located in Jacksonville Beach. Hours of operation are Tues-Fri 10am5pm and Sat 1pm-5pm. THE FOOD Nothing speaks like the sway and thunder of the ocean… combine this with great food and ambiance—you have the perfect place—THE PIER RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE. Our personal favorite: The Drunken Salmon--Scottish salmon marinated in a maple and bourbon sauce and roasted to your liking with boursin smashed potatoes and braised greens. Always fresh and delicious, this catch speaks loudly. THE CONCOCTION Get salty again- come and play with Tom at SALT LIFE FOOD SHACK. You can normally find this mad scientist behind the slab creating liquid potions to your liking. Get acquainted with PVL’s personal favorite Key Lime Martini. The perfect sweet and pucker-sour ending to a great night. However, if you prefer a more traditional classic approach---$4 absolute drinks on Saturdays—ready for you to add your favorite slice of fruit.

Cheers my friend.

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PVL Volume 1 Issue 6  

PVL Volume 1 Issue 6

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