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those sort of details that have made me # 2 Individual Sales Person Auckland Central Suburbs year ending March 31st 2018.

If you believe in details and getting top dollar, call me on 021 687 866 OR look me up on Facebook: Matt O’Brien Residential Sales

DAW S O N & C O .


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P84: October marks the start of the outdoor living season. Hoppers’ retractable roof puts others in the shade. This stunning new bar shows what’s possible with a state-of-the-art retractable roof system; P107: The Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award Winner is Imogen Taylor for her work, Refusal To Yield.

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Boundary lines are indicative only.

Westmere 20 Fife Street

Herne Bay 23 Wanganui Avenue


Kingsland 22 Second Avenue



Herne Bay (Off Market Sale) 44 Argyle Street

Herne Bay 17 Ardmore Road SOLD



Herne Bay (Off Market Sale) 32 Herne Bay Road

Westmere 33 Peel Street SOLD


St Marys Bay (Off Market Sale) 54 Hackett Street


Freemans Bay 28 Picton Street SOLD

Herne Bay (Off Market Sale) 34 Herne Bay Road

With an extraordinary reputation built on his commitment to getting the job done, Chris has long been a trusted name in Real Estate.

Herne Bay 76 Albany Road

Freemans Bay 21 Picton Street

Chris Batchelor 021 217 7026 | chris.batchelor@bayleys.co.nz BAYLEYS REAL ESTATE LTD, PONSONBY, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

Res ide ntia l / Comme rc i al / Rural / Prope rt y Se rvi ce s

LETTERS + EMAILS OLD BUILDING IN GREY LYNN PARK I suppose it’s just always been there looking forlorn, just part of the picture, we don’t really see it for what it is. It’s not as though it’s small but it nestles well into the corner of Grey Lynn Park. Even stripped of its fittings and boarded up against the light, it’s a substantial building and ready to go, and I don’t mean under the wrecking ball. Sixty years after it was built by the Western Suburbs Amateur Harriers Club it was left on the council land when the club dissolved. Anything would dissolve on a day like this I thought. It's raining heavily, you know what I mean. LGOIMA sounds like some medical condition that you don’t want to talk about, but it’s what you say when requesting information from the council regarding buildings. They are very forthcoming and explain how the building was assessed in 1997 and again in 2012 and it all reads as a negative outlook, oh, the earthquakes, oh, the toilets, etc, oh, an upgrade would cost more than a new building. It was deemed unsafe and there was no demand for its use. Yes, I can see how we could get to this, but it’s a community building in a park. We need to wake up to the fact that we won’t be getting another one. I believe we’ve gone the full circle, more and more of us live in smaller spaces, we are more isolated and need spaces to do things together. I’d like to see AT help set up a bike clinic, on their bike path, and a good riding school area. We have these facilities locally but soon they’ll go as redevelopment occurs. There’s an upstairs where I see transition town activities and if Sandringham can operate a brilliant centre in Gribblehurst Park, what’s with us? Isolated, disinterested, focused on the city, want to go and see the hanging mirror on O’Connell Street? We can light up a bridge, we can fill a building back together and have a dog club, athletics, just a place to be or are we all a bit beyond community assets and shared spaces and don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone? Mort, Grey Lynn LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY In response to L.M. Sales, Freemans Bay, Letter to Editor, Ponsonby News, published September 2018: Auckland Libraries collects and develops collections broadly across genres, subject areas, formats and languages. Our libraries also provide welcoming public spaces that serve many purposes, sometimes in lovely old heritage buildings where physical constraints may mean that space for shelves has to be juggled with space for activities. With 3.2 million items in our collections, it is likely that we have something of interest for everyone, but it may not be on the shelf at your local library on the day you visit. Each week over 60,000 books are being moved around our city to fulfil customer requests. This ability to place requests, pick-up and return books at any of our community libraries is one of the services our customers tell us they appreciate the most. It also helps us balance our spending and collections in the largest public library network in Australasia. Last year purchases ranged from over 200 copies of the popular title “Still Me” by Jojo Moyes, to meet customer demand, through to a rare, 1793, copy of George Hamilton's Voyage of the Pandora, on the pursuit and arrest of the Bounty mutineers. While 15% of our checkouts are now for e-books, over 90% of our entire collection is hardcopy print. Trying to get the balance right, to offer choices, and to meet demand is something we work on every day. We’d encourage anyone who can’t, or doesn’t want to, use our online catalogue to talk with our staff. They will be happy to help find or request a title, to advise on ways to make the most of our system and to help with new formats and devices. Catherine Leonard, Head of Content and Access, Auckland Council

A HELICOPTER LANDING PAD IS BEING PLANNED ON SENTINEL BEACH For quite some time now, many Herne Bay residents have become concerned about the building activity on Sentinel Beach but have struggled to get answers from Auckland Council. It seems wrong but it now appears that the owners of 75 Sarsfield Street have been given permission to convert an existing boat shed to a helicopter landing pad without public notification. Sentinel Beach is a beautiful little inner city beach and is visited not only by Herne Bay and Ponsonby residents but people from all over Auckland city and tourists to the city. We want Sentinel Beach to remain as useable, accessible and most importantly as safe as it has been for decades. We don’t believe if the Auckland Council and the CAA both give their permission for this building to be used to land a helicopter, that the beach will retain all of those three criteria. There is just so much wrong with this proposal. Helicopters do unfortunately crash and often on landing. The Pike River Mine was often described as “an accident waiting to happen” and sadly 29 miners died there. We don’t want us to be saying the same thing about this helicopter landing platform sometime in the future when a gust of wind tips the helicopter off the platform or the engine malfunctions or there is a problem with the rotor blades and the helicopter ends up on its side and on fire on the beach. Then there is the noise and nuisance. This beach is well used even beyond this 'boatshed'. A helicopter hovering down above beachgoers would be deafening them, they would be blasted by sand and debris caused by the downdraft and would be spending the next half hour finding their towel, Lilo and kite that were blown away. Plus there is the danger to the people in the water. Last summer there were paddle boarders, children learning to sail, others on flotation devices plus I guess 50 swimmers, if the helicopter approach path is anywhere near them they will be in real danger. The Auckland Council say it is making a big effort to clean up Auckland beaches and making them more swimmable. Noise and downdraft are also forms of pollution that we don’t want on our beaches. After reading the above we guess many are wondering how this has been allowed to happen. One person or family may want their helicopter landing above a popular beach but surely the hundreds of beachgoers who want the beach to remain as 'useable, accessible and most importantly as safe as it has been for decades' should have been able to have their voice heard. We hope common sense and reason will prevail and this building will never be used to land helicopters on. More information is on the Herne Bay Resident Association Web Site, www.hernebay1011.nz. Warren Mackenzie, Herne Bay MONARCH BUTTERFLY TRUST OF NEW ZEALAND Pictured on the left, Samuel Sharpe of Bayfield School, Beatrix Sharpe from Diocesan School at the back, and Elsie and Florence Sharpe from Richmond Road School, in front. Grandparents Diana Grieg and Owen Sharpe teaching their grandchildren the joys of gardening by helping to set up Meola Monarchs butterfly sanctuary with a working bee. The task was to clear kikuyu grass and other weeds from around existing swan plants for seed planting of sweetpeas to entwine the host plants creating places for monarch caterpillars to hide from paper wasps. Gael Baldock, from Meola Monarchs, and Jacqui Knight, from the Monarch Butterfly Trust of New Zealand, have asked the Pt Chevalier Brownies to help establish the sanctuary.

THE LITTLE GROCER SITE - RICHMOND ROAD I live around the corner from what used to be The Little Grocer on the corner of Richmond Road and Peel Street. It's been closed for quite a long time now. My understanding is that it was going to become a restaurant but met with some resistance from a few locals.

National Gardening Week, 15 - 23 October is promoting butterflies. Come and join us with the Brownies on Saturday 20 October between 2pm and 4.30pm to clear areas to plant the butterfly seed mix. Yates have donated 40 packs of seeds for the first 40 volunteers at the working bee to either plant here or take home.

Would you happen to know if there are any plans to do something with this space? Steve Garthwaite

Schools, parents and grandparents are welcome to bring children to inspire them to be the future custodians of butterfly and bee conservation. Find details on Neighbourly and Facebook 'Meola Monarchs'. Gael Baldock, Westmere Views in Ponsonby News reflect the authors’ and not those of Alchemy Media.

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FROM THE EDITOR Photography: Deirdre Thurston aka Annie Leibovitz

Our cover stars this issue are the team of the well -known Mekong Baby, on Ponsonby Road. They are featured with their leader, boss Dom Parat. We were pleased to receive a letter from Auckland Council’s Head of Content and Access reassuring us that the excellent work done at Leys Institute, Ponsonby would be continued. This assurance follows a critical letter last month from one of our readers. This issue we will be waiting with keen interest to see how Jacson Kluts, our local Grey Lynn Firefighter, gets on when he takes on more than 600 climbers, mainly Australians, up the Sydney Tower on 20 October. Can he beat his last year’s third place? In 2017 at his 9th attempt at the Auckland Skytower climb Jacson was the winner. Let’s hope he can do the same in Sydney. Grey Lynn 2030, a Local Transition Town’s initiative has been promoting a sense of community for 10 years. On 28 October they will be holding a special 10th birthday party at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. Taste of Auckland is also celebrating its 10th birthday next month and the lineup features some of Auckland’s best restaurants and cafes. To name but a few: Clooney, Little Bird, Farina, Paris Butter and Vodka Room. Don’t miss this delightful event at The Cloud on Queen’s Wharf. The Grey Lynn Business Association is holding a burgers, beer and brioche event on Thursday 18 October at the Grey Lynn Library Hall. There will be food by Tiger Burger and vegan-friendly brioche by Tart Bakery, as well as beer from Hallertau Brewery. Auckland Transport messed up its modifications on Richmond Road around the West Lynn shopping centre. While AT might be the experts of cycleways, public transport options and roading, they are certainly

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

L to R: Gwynne Davenport, Joanne Barrett, Melissa Paynter, Martin Leach and Jay Platt not town-centre planners. Now is the time to leave their mistakes in the past, pull together as a community - businesses and residents and sort out the mess. Talk of a $35 million second attempt at an upgrade is surely ludicrous. Most rate payers would crawl over 100 metres of broken glass to prevent that sort of outrageous spending. October is the time of year to get our gardens in shape after the winter and prepare for summer outdoor living. In this issue we look at some of the latest outdoor furniture and sun protection options. Ponsonby Central is joined by Gow Langsford to bring a range of art and artists to Ponsonby during Auckland Artweek which runs to 14 October. The Sapphire Room will focus on affordable artworks with four different art pop ups over two weeks. This issue marks 29 years of publishing Ponsonby News. Happy birthday to us. (MARTIN LEACH) F PN


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018



Grey Lynn 3A/1 Vinegar Lane

Freemans Bay 424/28 College Hill

Grey Lynn 34 Sackville Street

Grey Lynn 8 Fisherton Street

Herne Bay 56 SarsďŹ eld Street

Grey Lynn 502/11 Vinegar Lane

Grey Lynn 101/11 Vinegar Lane

Grey Lynn 11 Crummer Road

Freemans Bay 4/2 Collingwood Street

Grey Lynn 18 Sackville Street

Mt Eden 24 Wynyard Road

Grey Lynn 4 Wilton Street

#1 Salesperson Bayleys Ponsonby 2018/19 Top 5% Bayleys Salesperson Nationwide 2018/19 Proud Super Giver to Make-A-Wish Foundation Bayleys $200 Million Club

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Ponsonby - Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Westmere 8 ! !.ŏ 0.!!0 Unparalleled Luxury Living The ultimate luxury urban lifestyle has arrived. Inspired by boutique hotels from around the globe, revel in the impeccable design and lavish perfection of these four exclusive freehold Villa Villa town homes at Eight Webber in the heart of desirable Westmere. Designed by award winning Andy Blyth of Villa Villa and Leuschke Kahn architects. Each elegant residence epitomises modern sophistication and state of the art functionality, from the tasteful herringbone wood floors, European inspired bathrooms, heated plunge pool, wine cellar and double internal garage to the generous three or four double bedrooms, including stunning master retreat with walk through wardrobe and ensuite. Price on Application


Blair Haddow M: 021 544 555 E: blair.haddow@bayleys.co.nz

Grey Lynn 53A Wellpark Avenue The Bold and the Beautiful Designed by Jessop Architects, this contemporary residence is a work of art. Oversized windows and a plush interior utilise the absolute premium in luxury design. Multiple relaxation zones provide tranquility flowing through the open plan living to sun drenched decking, while the gourmand will adore cooking in the highly spec’d kitchen. The master suite is a spacious retreat, and three further bedrooms plus an extra lounge mean plenty of room for everyone. With double garage, easycare garden and minutes to Ponsonby, the CBD and in zone for Westmere School, this bold home is a stylish oasis. Price by Negotiation


Blair Haddow M: 021 544 555 E: blair.haddow@bayleys.co.nz

DAVID HARTNELL’S ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW Tommy Doyle has been an identity around Ponsonby/Westmere for years and is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. There should be a book written on Tommy’s life; it would be an extraordinary read. I wish I could have written this in the wonderful Irish accent Tommy has. He is one of life’s great characters, a gentleman and a generous down-to-earth human being. Best thing about where you live? Westmere has changed a lot since I came here in the 80s, there was only one car owned by one house in the street. Nowadays you can’t get a park! It’s a lovely neighbourhood, I’m extremely lucky that I have some really nice friends in the area. I spend a lot of time up at the end of Leamington Street sitting on the seat. Over the years a lot of people from the street have sat up there and we have all kept in touch. We have passed stories on and let people know what's happening. Favourite ship you worked on? That’s a very hard question to answer - was it the ship that you were on or was it the crew. I spent a fair bit of time running down to Brazil and I used to like running up the Amazon on a ship called the Bernard. I miss not being at sea every day, I had 50 years at sea. What was your childhood in Ireland like? Really tough. I was born in the 40s. To see what happened in Ireland in the 40s, 50s and 60s all you had to read was that book 'Angela’s Ashes'. Then you would have known what it was like. I was born in a place called Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland. It was a lovely coastal town right on the water front. I could look out my front door and look across the Irish Sea. When did you arrive in New Zealand? In 1956 on a ship called the Southern Prince. Do you still collect teapots? I don’t collect teapots like I used to. One time I was really crazy, I was always looking for them in auction rooms. I will die happy if.... I just pass on without causing too much hassle to anybody. Most annoying celebrity? Leighton Smith! Favourite TV show? Antiques Road Show. Dream holiday? The Seychelles Islands. I was there in the 60s. Most treasured possession? My memory, because you live with your memories. Most Kiwi thing about you? Well, I don’t wear shorts and I don’t wear long socks and I don’t wear jandals. Just being easy going, really. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I don’t think I’ll be around in 10 years time. If they made a movie about your life who would play you? Well, you’d have to dig deep to find a good looking guy to play me.

How would you like to be remembered? As a guy who could tell a few good stories around the mess room. Biggest disappointment? My education could have been a lot better, and then my life would have been a bit different. What motivates you? Not a great deal. I’ve come to the part of my life where I’m reasonably happy. Happiness is like an itch around your heart you can’t scratch. What happens when we die? Well about 10 or 15 years ago a preacher turned around and upset everybody by telling everybody that they're already in heaven. He said that you’re not going to heaven you are already there and there is nothing on the other side. I think about all the people that have died and they're all up there. There can’t be much room left. I think religion is a funny old thing. Your favourite movie? One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Give your teenaged self some advice? There were a few women I could have missed out on. But I did okay. How do you chill out? I sit on the corner and watch the people go past; watch how people drive. What’s your comfort food? Irish stew! Change one law in New Zealand, what would it be? I’d get rid of all those radio talkback hosts. You know you’re having a bloody good day then you listen to the talkback hosts - you think the entire would is going to fall apart. Get rid of them all I say! (DAVID HARTNELL, MNZM) F PN

What do you dislike about your appearance? Easy - my tummy!

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018




Isla Lounger, Ottoman & Chairs in Sunbrella® Charcoal Tweed

Free Gift with Purchase this October Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

Receive two free Sunbrella® Throw Cushions valued at $300 when you purchase any two XL Marine Bean collection beanbags or chairs; or any single Isla collection chair or lounger. Offer available online and in-store for October 2018 only*. Cut Sunbrella® fabric is also now available at COAST and is ideal for interior and outdoor upholstery and shade. Order yours now in time for Summer.


Sunbrella® fabrics are made to last and backed by a 5 year warranty. Our own experience shows Sunbrella® fabrics can last much longer.


TALK TO US ABOUT BESPOKE COLOURS & SUNBRELLA ® FABRICS 09 354 4552 77 • info@coast.co.nz • 77 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

*T&Cs Apply

coastnewzealand.com The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


PIPPA COOM: WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD REPORT On 19 September we celebrated 125 years since New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections. Although it wasn’t until 1919 that women were eligible to stand for parliament and another 40 years before Elizabeth McCombs became Aotearoa’s first elected female member of parliament. Ellen Melville, the first woman elected on to Auckland City Council in 1913, stood unsuccessfully for parliament in 1919 for the electorate of Grey Lynn. She went on to stand a further six times always polling highly but blocked from achieving her potential by the sexism of the time. The Ellen Melville Centre in Freyberg Place was erected in memory of her 33-year membership of the Auckland City Council. To coincide with the one-year anniversary of the re-opening of the upgraded Ellen Melville Centre, the local board and the Auckland Branch of the National Council of Women recently hosted a morning tea in honour of The Rt Hon Helen Clark who has a room named after her at the centre. The former Prime Minister continues to be a strong advocate for women’s rights. I’m grateful for all the women who fought vigorously for the right to vote and for the right to stand for public office. I ultimately owe my career to them. I was first elected on to the local board in 2010 on the City Vision ticket but in 2009 I experienced my first taste of political campaigning when I stood unsuccessfully as an independent in the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust election. Now renamed Entrust, the five trustees are elected every three years by the 320,000 Auckland electricity account holders.

Entrust owns a 75% share in Vector providing an annual dividend to consumers. The Entrust election usually goes under the radar resulting in a very low voter turnout. However, what has been described as the “least well-known political soap opera in Auckland” has been blown open. The C&R trustees, who have held all spots on the trust for nine years, are infighting and have dumped long-standing Vector chair, Michael Stiassny. There are indications C&R are planning on selling down the Vector shares. There are serious issues at stake that hopefully will encourage far more electricity account holders to exercise their right to vote even if it does require a trip to a post box! Pest Free Auckland 2050 As part of Conservation Week, Auckland Council recently hosted Pestival 2018 an annual event to showcase community-led conservation and an opportunity to discuss best practice to create predator free environments that encourage the return of native birds. Broadcaster and Grey Lynn local Jesse Mulligan was MC for the event. He paid tribute to the many volunteers who are working on Pest Free Auckland 2050 initiatives. Jesse is also coordinator of Predator Free Grey Lynn, a local group that aims to get rid of native bird killers like rats and stoats. There are other local Predator Free New Zealand groups that can be found on Facebook or via Auckland Council’s website page Pest Free Auckland 2050. PN (PIPPA COOM) F

Contact Pippa Coom, Chair of Waitamata Local Board, pippa.coom@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, www.facebook.com/waitemata

Lto R: Local board members with Helen Clark in the Helen Clark Room at the Ellen Melville Centre; Jesse Mulligan at the launch of Predator Free Grey Lynn held at Grey Lynn Farmers Market in August 2017

Suffrage Day celebrations at the Women's Suffrage Memorial

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Our mantra is “Whatever it Takes!” - visit our website or get in touch with us today for all of your property needs, whether they are Residential, Commercial or Rental. Julie Quinton

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THE MEKONG BABY DIFFERENCE: GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT TIMES There is a popular Maori whakatauki (saying/ proverb) that asks, ‘He aha te mea nui o tenei ao?’ What is the most important thing in this world? ‘He tangata, he tangata, he tangata’. It is people! The essence of the proverb is that people should always come first. Nothing is more important to a family, a people, a nation, or a business, than its people. For Mekong Baby’s Dominique Parat the emphasis on people has a double meaning. Few would argue that customers and patrons, whether dining or chilling with a cocktail, really are the most important things in the world to a hospitality business. Any business puts its very survival at risk when that basic tenet is overlooked or taken for granted. Customers must always feel welcomed, valued - loved even! Memorable experiences are built on genuine interactions. The goal is to create memorable experiences and be the destination of choice in Ponsonby. So in a hospitality context, the proverb reminds us of the importance of those people on whom the ultimate success of the business will rest: the staff. Great food and a warm and inviting environment are not enough. A truly great restaurant is built on a strong and cohesive team able to draw on all their skills, experience and knowledge to recognise what it is that the customer is looking for - even if that customer isn’t quite able to articulate what that might be! As any restaurateur will tell you, getting that ‘dream team’ working together, trusting each other and working seamlessly, whilst also conveying a calm and effortless efficiency is the holy grail of the restaurant trade. Good people, really good people, are highly valued and always in great demand. So building that great team is only the beginning, the real ‘trick’ lies in keeping the team together, in the right place, moving in the same direction, at the right speed. For Restaurant Manager, Neha, “seeing our customers really enjoying their food and having a good time is one of the best parts of working at Mekong Baby.”

Six years on and Mekong Baby continues to thrive, in large part due to the efforts of the brilliant and dedicated team of most important people who, day after day, night after night, bring Dominique’s vision to life. “The unmistakeable buzz” of Mekong Baby in full flight was what brought recently arrived bar manager and self-proclaimed cocktail supremo Marcin Kulak through the doors. With 17 year's experience as bartender, cocktail ‘mixologist’ Marcin reckoned “even the busiest London eateries can’t compare with what we have here.” Marcin’s favourite cocktail of the moment is the Chilli and Guava Margarita. "A timeless classic with a Mekong twist." Chilli and Guava Margarita 45ml chilli tequila 15ml Cointreau 30ml guava 30ml lime Shake and double strain into martini glass Carefully sugar rim and garnish with chilli head It’s appropriate to leave the last word to another Mekong Baby staff member, Courtney Rupe, “I simply love coming to work every day because we have such a great team. And did I mention the delicious food..?” www.mekongbaby.com

14 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018




The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Waitemata & Gulf under threat... from Auckland Council Under the Local Electoral Act, Auckland Council must undertake a representation review every six years to ensure there is a ‘fair’ balance between the population sizes of the wards and ‘effective representation’ of communities of interest. In Auckland the review only relates to council wards. After months of deliberation, (I was never consulted), a council working party chaired by Waitemata- local board member Richard Northey found the only ward significantly out of alignment in terms of population was Waitemata- & Gulf which the working party declared was ‘under represented’. That is the ratio of population to councillor within this ward is 33% above the recommended ±10% difference with that of other wards. To lower the population it recommended significant parts of Grey Lynn and Grafton and all of Westmere, Parnell and Newmarket be chopped off (‘sliced and diced’ as one submitter put it) and transferred to the neighbouring Orakei and Albert-Eden wards. Bizarrely the Waitemata- Local Board Area would remain untouched. To me this just didn’t make sense so I undertook my own investigation. My first question was: is there really ‘under representation’ in this ward? The Auckland Council ‘Super City’ is markedly different from all the other 77 councils across New Zealand. In terms of representation not only are there 20 councillors and a mayor - but because of the council’s unique ‘co-governance’ there are also 140 elected local board members. In Waitemat-a & Gulf, while I am the only elected councillor, there are seven local board members for Waitemat-a, five for Great Barrier and five for Waiheke - 17 in all. So rather than just 20 councillors, the council has 160 elected members, plus the mayor, - Statutory Board members, plus plus nine unelected Independent Maori 25 unelected CCO directors - all having an active role in the ‘functions, responsibilities and duties and executing the powers’ of the council. My next stop was Electoral Services, the agency charged with running our local elections. In order to do so 130 different voting paper combinations must be produced to ensure voters receive the correct papers for their wards, Local Board Areas, District Health Boards, and Licensing Trusts. The proposed changes to the Waitemata- & Gulf ward (but not the local board) boundaries and consequent changes to other ward boundaries across the isthmus will significantly increase the number and complexity of voting paper combinations and their cost. Election Services predict the resulting confusion is likely to generate significant complaints. I suspect it will also act as a turn-off for voter participation. Then I researched the legislation. The Local Electoral Act requires ‘fair representation’. Representation

presupposes ‘electors’, a category referred to frequently throughout the act, which also refers in one key instance, (the ±‘10% rule’), to ‘population.’ Normally this is not a problem. Across New Zealand about 70% of the population are ‘electors’ (the rest are mainly those too young to vote). Across Auckland the ratio is similar - 67%. But - I discovered a remarkable difference - a ratio of here in Waitemata, only 51% of electors to population. This is due to the CBD having the highest concentration of non-elector residents in the country. Many are students and, not surprisingly for the ‘CBD of New Zealand’, many are ex-pat workers on temporary work permits. Most, I understand, are actually eligible to vote - but in their hometowns: Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, or in the UK, Ireland, US, China, India and so on. So Waitemata- & Gulf has a population of 119,100 but only 69,700 electors. Orakei, where the council wants to shift the high voting areas of Parnell and Grafton, has a population of 91,500 with 65,339 electors - 72%. Actually the ratio of councillor to electors here is much lower than in Orakei. Unfortunately, the council has focused rigidly on population but (typically) has overlooked the equally important legal requirement for ‘effective representation of communities of interest’. Not surprisingly the proposed changes are deeply unpopular. Of 145 written submissions from Waitemata- residents, a remarkable 88% were opposed. I attended the hearing where community leaders from Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Parnell, Grafton and the City Centre made compelling arguments to keep the ward and local board boundaries aligned. These, they argue define a historical and geographical community of interest which should not be divided. There is a remedy and it lies within the Local Electoral Act s19V 3 (a) (ii) which allows the council to retain the status quo if complying with the 10% rule would ‘divide communities of interest’. If Waitemata- is a ‘community of interest’, as 88% submitters attest, and the Local Government Commission in 2010 deemed it to be - then the answer is obvious. The hearing panel only half-listened, sparing Grey Lynn and Westmere but shifting Parnell, Grafton and Newmarket to the Orakei Ward but at the same time keeping these within the Waitemata Local Board area. The whole messy proposal will now to go to the Local Government Commission where it can be appealed. I will continue to fight to keep Waitemata& Gulf together. It’s one of the few good things to come out of the PN Super City. (MIKE LEE) F

Mike Lee is the Auckland Councillor for Waitemata & Gulf Ward, www.mikelee.co.nz


Copy deadline: Saturday 20 October Published: Friday 2 November

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Outdoor Furniture Manufactured with A-Grade Teak, Reclaimed Teak, Wicker, Concrete, 316 Stainless Steel, Sunbrella®, Batyline®, and Aluminum











New products have arrived for Summer 2019! Stunningly curated outdoor furniture from Italy, Belgium, Indonesia, France, and the Philippines. Visit our showroom in Parnell to see the many styles of high quality outdoor furniture. Everything is fully assembled, in stock, and available to take home today. Sunbrella® cushions are free with the purchase of our deep seating pieces as shown on site. www.designwarehouse.co.nz / 0800 111 112 / 137 - 147 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland / Open Daily 9:30 to 5:30


Firefighter climbs for motor neuron disease If you see a mad young guy running up and down the Bullock Track pushing a baby in a pram, just hold your judgement, there may be method in his madness. It may be Jacson Kluts, Grey Lynn firefighter, in serious training for the 'Firefighters Climb for Motor Neuron Disease', up the formidable Sydney Tower Eye on 20 October.

Winning in Sydney would be a fitting end to the first 10 years of Jacson’s life as a firefighter, but Jacson is only too aware how hard the challenge will be.

You would not have seen the hours he also puts in on a rowing machine.

These climbing challenges are a great way to progress the physical requirements of a fit and proficient firefighter, says Jacson. "It’s about family and community, and is very rewarding," he adds.

I met this impressive young man at the new Grey Lynn Fire Station in Williamson Avenue and he told me about the challenge. It won’t be Jacson’s first attempt. He climbed in last year’s challenge and finished a very creditable third out of 600 climbers. He wants to better this years win maybe. It is tragically ironic that the charity that benefits from the firefighters’ climb is motor neuron disease, because Jacson’s dad died earlier this year of this motor neuron beast. There is no cure. Jacson’s dad dropped his car keys one day, realised he had a coordination failure, and died just 18 months later, the last six months bedridden. He was only 62. Jacson Kluts has learned very early about life and death, struggle and sacrifice. He is mature beyond his years. Jacson is a personable, positive young man, married to Dominique, with three young daughters under five - Lilia, Addison and five-week -old India. All five will go to Sydney so his family can cheer him on. Four year old Lilia is already saying "come on Daddy you can do it."

These climbs are made a lot harder because climbers have to be fully kitted out with fire gear, 20kg of it! Last year Jacson took 11 minutes 45 seconds to climb the Sydney Tower. He is hoping to break 11 minutes this year. Wherever he finishes on 20 October, Jacson Kluts will be a fine ambassador for his station and for New Zealand. He will always be a hero to the four females in his house, even if little India wonders what on earth is motivating her dad to run up and down hills pushing her pram. She’ll grow up rightly proud of her dad. We at Ponsonby News wish Jacson well. At a time when the young are often criticised as lazy and non-engaged, Jacson is a great example of a motivated young man in a worthwhile profession, promoting it to his community, strongly supported by a loving family. His late father Jac would be proud of him.

Win, lose or draw, Jacson Kluts is a winner in our eyes even before he The stair climb up the Auckland Sky Tower is well known in Auckland. steps up to the line on the first of those 98 storeys in Sydney. Jacson has done that climb nine times, winning the corporate climb (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN in 2017. For info on the climb firiesclimbformnd.org.au check it out and DONATE.

Jacson Kluts is pictured in Sydney with his family following his last climb

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New Lakeview Apartments

Artist Impression

Be the first to view our Lakeview Apartment plans - pre-selling* now! Summerset at Heritage Park’s brand new Lakeview Apartments offer the exclusive experience of lakeside living in the heart of Auckland. Designed for the over 70’s, each apartment is warm, modern, finished to the highest standard and soon to be completed for you to make your own. From your apartment you can access the stunning rooftop gardens, take a stroll around the lake or enjoy the recreational facilities around the village.

View plans and pricing today Summerset at Heritage Park 8 Harrison Road, Ellerslie

You’ll find a range of one, two or three bedroom homes available for you to choose from. Give us a call today to organise your visit to Summerset at Heritage Park. We would love to show you around our beautiful village and facilities.

For your free information pack, call 0800 SUMMER. Or visit summerset.co.nz/lakeview The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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*Licence to occupy


Young, local, energetic and entrepreneurial Words not always attributed to the young are energetic and entrepreneurial. Instead we often hear lazy, unfocused, disinterested, monosyllabic, self-centred, consumerist and more. I want to report on a local woman who has recently gained my attention. Adriana Avendano Christie is best known as a member of the Waitemata Local Board. She is the lead Local Economic Development spokesperson and second in change to Shale Chambers on Parks and Community Facilities. She could be mistaken for a teenager, but Adriana’s CV will quickly show you her teenage years are behind her. Adriana’s grandparents, the Christies, went to Colombia as missionaries. Her mother, Grace, was the eldest of four daughters. Grace married a Colombian, and Adriana is their daughter. She grew up in Colombia. Her family have done well, not only with their Christian proselytising, but in business too. Adriana studied in America before doing her last year of school at the Kaitaia Christian school Abundant Life. She has been permanently in New Zealand for more than 12 years now. She has not let the grass grow under her feet. Adriana has a penchant for working with building tools. Her parents built a private Christian school in Colombia themselves, with a little help from the young Adriana. When she returned on uni holidays to Columbia in 2012-2014, Adriana helped build a shack for the underprivileged. She discovered she had a talent for building, and working with wood. Enter her new venture, Pallet Kingdom. Adriana is making wooden furniture from disused pallets. She works from a ‘makers’ space’ in Newton, where she has produced templates for tables, stools, benches, all made from surplus to requirements, wooden pallets. Adriana glues plywood to the pallet timber for added strength, sands and varnishes them, ties them together with rope, and there you have attractive, solid, upcycled furniture. Pallet Kingdom will custom-build furniture for clients. Their versatility is limited only by the templates available or which can be made for a particular run.

I tried the furniture out at popup cafe, Judge Bao, on K'Road, and found it comfortable and practical. It is attractive too. Adriana is an enthusiast. I doubt the words difficult or challenging are even in her vocabulary. If she can conceive of it, she can do it. And she has. Adriana Avendano Christie is a remarkably mature and enterprising young woman; surely a great role model for those who meet her, either through her work with the Waitemata Local Board or through her Pallet Kingdom business venture. While not wanting to get ahead of herself, she has many other ideas floating around in her very active mind, and plenty of energy to begin putting them into practice. There are many talented young Aucklanders who we should be celebrating for their skill, enterprise and entrepreneurship and Adriana is one of those people. We at Ponsonby News wish her success, and we urge our readers to support the kinds of effort that the likes of Adriana are bringing to PN our neighbourhood. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F

GL2030 10TH BIRTHDAY Grey Lynn 2030 invites you to come and celebrate its 10th anniversary on Sunday, 28 October We will be launching a book on the story of GL2030, featuring various groups and initiatives that came out of GL2030. This includes the Grey Lynn Farmers Market, Car Boot Market, Business Association and more. In recognition of Grey Lynn 2030 Waste Away’s efforts in advocating for New Zealand to become plastic bag free, we will be launching a special edition of a tote bag with the print of the winning painting of this year’s children’s art competition. There will be speeches, entertainment, displays of memorabilia, and of course birthday cake to share. You can take part in a Grey Lynn walking tour or get your photo taken with some of the GL2030 key people. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Sunday, 28 October, 10am - 12 noon at the Grey Lynn Community Centre (Garden Room).

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Central Government v Auckland Council Like a fairly large number of Aucklanders, I studied the draft Auckland Council Unitary Plan and made a submission on it. It was controversial, and there was a good deal of argument about how Auckland was going to deal with the intensification resulting from rapid population increase.

protection due to character, heritage, design and street aspects, much of Auckland has not been identified as having any particular amenity values.

Most, I think, like me, were opposed to unlimited urban sprawl, with a tarseal jungle covering more and more productive rural land. The infrastructure needed for this type of expansion is formidable.

Intensification will bring changes to streetscapes, vegetation, public and private space, as well as increased noise, traffic, parking and safety issues. New building designs will affect a neighbourhood too.

But fear, and objection to more sprawl, did not mean that the population intensification decisions were easy. They were not.

These impacts of intensification need to be measured alongside the amenity values set out in the Resource Management Act, which defines amenity values as ‘Those natural or physical qualities and characteristics of an area that contribute to people’s appreciation of its pleasures, aesthetic coherence, and cultural and recreational attributes.

There were some parts of our city where land was available for further development, and the Unitary Plan attempted to earmark those places. Infill in the central city has been fraught, especially with regard to high rise apartments. There has been huge opposition to some of the four and five storey apartment plans. Now, I am dismayed to say, the Government is going to step in and override the Unitary Plan wherever it chooses to. What a damn cheek! I’m not one who thinks that Auckland Council is perfect nor is it handling intensification issues very well, but I strongly object to Minister Twyford calling any Aucklander who questions development, especially near their home, a NIMBY. Ironically, Mike Hosking, chief sucker-up-to the National Party, has backed Twyford’s intervention, presumably because he hates local government as well. How would Hosking like to wake up to a five -storey apartment going up right on his boundary ruining his sun, light, views and quietness? So what is my main objection to Central Government intervention? After all, we desperately need more housing in Auckland, and as I’ve already said I oppose unlimited urban sprawl. I would urge Phil Twyford, and Mike Hosking too, to read an excellent paper written by a former Parliamentary Commissioner to the Environment, Dr Morgan Williams. Dr Williams was commissioner from 1997-2007, and his paper was designed to discuss the implications for ‘amenity values’ of population intensification in Auckland. It is called ‘The Management of Suburban Amenity Values’. This is a careful study covering more than one hundred pages. Dr Williams' paper concludes that amenity values - defined as the things we really feel good about and cherish in our urban/suburban environments - are complex and often subjective, but he regards them as a critical part of a well functioning city, especially one aspiring to become ‘The World’s Most Liveable City’. Working towards a more compact city form is a painful business. There will be no more quarter acre sections. The challenge, Williams' paper declares, is to identify and manage amenity values while urban intensification proceeds. While our council has identified some areas as requiring special

22 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018

'They include-public and private open space, historic and cultural heritage, neighbourhood character, vegetation (bush, trees, gardens) safety, views and noise’. Many of these are subjective, and so it is even more important that specific areas interpret and define the amenity values of their community, and along with council work out how these amenity values can be protected and enhanced. These values provide ‘a sense of place’, says Dr Williams. It is my understanding of this issue, especially after reading Dr Williams' paper, that angered me when Twyford called opponents NIMBYs. Views of distant hills, sunsets filtered through trees, quietness, a sense of peace and tranquillity, privacy within one’s own home, are all amenity values that a Minister of the Crown should not jeer at. We expect ignoramuses like Hosking to jeer, but for Phil Twyford, an Aucklander himself, to call out fellow Aucklanders as NIMBYs because they want to live in a world class city with amenity values they cherish preserved, is a bit rich. There are other difficulties that Auckland has to overcome, including sewage disposal, and transport infrastructure. Well planned population intensification will aid transport decisions. We also need to remember, and so does Phil Twyford, that much of our problem is the result of delayed maintenance over many years. It is not all the fault of Phil Goff and this council. However, Dr Williams’ paper calls on communities large or small in greater Auckland to meet and formulate a set of amenity values for their neighbourhood which they want preserved, protected by council and, where possible, enhanced. What is so diabolical about that? All suburbs are living environments and their residents have a very real stake in the management of the amenity values of their hood. Controlled immigration and incentives to settle in provincial or rural New Zealand should be strongly encouraged. It would not be good for New Zealand to have everyone living in Auckland, especially if the Government rides rough shod over well-loved amenity values. PN (JOHN ELLIOTT) F


PONSONBY U3A: SEPTEMBER 2018 Tina Payne, an independent forensic accountant and electronic forensic investigator was the September speaker at Ponsonby U3A. She is recognised as an expert in both fields by the New Zealand Courts. She shared some of her more interesting ‘war stories’ with U3A members in a fascinating presentation about her world of forensics and sharing insights as to how money trails are followed, the complexity of fraudulent schemes, how deleted files are recovered and the standards that must be met to be an expert witness. With a background, including eight years with the Serious Fraud Office, Tina has operated her own business, Financial Forensics Ltd, since 2011, working throughout New Zealand as well as Australia and Fiji. She explained that forensic accounting assignments include unwinding money trails, fraud and theft investigations, ‘going behind’ trusts, relationship property disputes, assessment of losses, and defending charges brought by the IRD, Ministry of Health, Serious Fraud Office, Police and other Government departments. Electronic forensic assignments include the preservation of electronic data for evidential purposes, fraud and employee misconduct investigations, recovery of documents to defend charges, analysis of documents and emails, and the reconstruction of deleted data, including websites. The 10-minute speaker, from the U3A membership, is always eagerly awaited because of the breadth of interests of its members. John Carden entitled his talk ‘Auckland’s Best Kept Secret’ - the much loved, by those who know about it, Eden Garden in Epsom. John’s connection with Eden Garden goes back to 1989, but it was not until his retirement in 2002 that he became actively involved as a volunteer gardener, a committee member and was president for five years. Eden Garden was established in 1964, but the story started earlier from its days as a quarry dating back to 1850 until 1927. Sir Frank Mappin purchased 6.75 acres of the quarry to form a garden adjacent to his home. However, this did not eventuate and for the next 30 years the site was virtually a dump. Finally, in 1964, the Eden Garden Society was formed with Jack Clark as chairman. In 1988 the Eden Garden Society was appointed to control and manage the reserve for an indefinite time. Ownership passed from the MOW to DoC and it was designated as a recreational reserve under the Reserve Act 1977. Today John says that Eden Garden is a place of serene peace and beauty in the heart of the city. It has an everchanging display of plantings and is especially renowned for its collections of camellias, rhododendrons and vireyas and its seasonal floral festivals, including the recent tulip festival where 16,000 bulbs had burst into bloom to the delight of visitors. It is also well known as a memorial garden. John clearly loves this very beautiful garden and he closed his talk saying, “If you do not know, or have not recently visited Eden Garden, I strongly recommend it.”

John Carden

Ponsonby U3A meets on the second Friday morning of the month at the Herne Bay Petanque Club rooms in Salisbury Street, Herne Bay. Along with speakers at its monthly meetings, it is the 20 or more special interest groups that U3A is renowned for, providing ‘painless’ educational opportunities in small groups, as well as leisure activities enjoyed by many members. Membership can start at around age 55 for those with the time to spare for the group, and continue until well into the 90s. A number of original members from 1994 are still active members. This year Ponsonby U3A celebrates its 25th anniversary. Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting U3A meeting, but are first asked to contact Collene Roche on 09 373 3277. (PHILIPPA TAIT) F PN NEXT MEETING:

10am Friday 12 October at Herne Bay Petanque Club, Salisbury St Reserve, Herne Bay.


Collene Roche T: 09 373 3277 www.ponsonby.u3a.nz

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New showroom now open 36 Pollen Street, Ponsonby www.jihome.nz | home@ji.net.nz | 09 930 6268 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Leys Institute Library - one of Auckland’s best We at Ponsonby News were very disappointed to receive a harshly worded letter critical of Leys Library. I offered to take up the cudgels on Leys behalf. Not simply for the sake of it, but because I have always had nothing but courtesy, consideration and good humour from Leys librarians. First, an admission. Mostly I visit Leys to pick up books I have requested online. I do not often browse the fiction shelves, but I do, at times, pick up and peruse non-fiction books which interest me. I also see the vibrant and energetic pulse of the library as it goes about its daily programme. There is plenty to encourage the young to read, and activities for the older citizen too. L.M. Sales suggested the council was trying to shut down Leys, an accusation strongly denied by Lucia Mataia. She further accused the library of selling off good books and replacing them with trash. It was an amazing outburst, and Leys staff were disappointed that the person had not approached them with the accusations. Auckland Libraries have never been in a stronger position, and it may be one of the strengths of the Super City that you can order a book and pick it up, free of charge, at the library of your choice. It may have been in Pukekohe, Wellsford or Blockhouse Bay, but within a day or two you can pick it up free of any delivery cost. Occasionally I venture to a suburban library if I want a book that day, and pick it up myself. I have done that at Blockhouse Bay, Grey Lynn and Takapuna,

but Leys is my home base and the computer automatically says pick up from Leys and I tick yes please. Libraries serve many functions. Leys has a plethora of activities each week, and one off events for special occasions, like women’s suffrage. Last week Lucia hosted a group of U3A people, showing them around Leys and telling them about the services they provide. They will help people with their computer skills, show them how to make submissions to council plans, act as a drop off point for submissions, and give all sorts of other technical assistance. They are a community centre as well as just a book repository. They have a film club, they have a craft group. You can ‘book a librarian’, they will help you set up a Facebook page. They are open 52 hours a week with no plan to cut those hours down. Most importantly of all for the disgruntled L.M. Sales, they will order in piles of books of a certain genre when asked. Sometimes a person may not have a computer at home, or may not be a member, and may not be able to give the actual title of a book they want: go in and ask at the desk, they’ll help you out. I guess ‘trash’ is a subjective word, but while acknowledging it may be hard to define, I too don’t read trash, but I don’t find that interferes with my enjoyment of good books from Auckland Library. I’m an 80 -year old on superannuation, who buys fewer books these days, but I don’t read any less, I just borrow more from the library. Mr or Mrs Sales, when they get over their tantrum, can do the same. Just talk to PN Lucia or one of her friendly team. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F

FREE SENIORS YOGA ON TRACK TO BECOMING A PERMANENT PROGRAMME! We had a massive turnout for our first seniors' yoga session in September. If demand continues for the class we may schedule another one on a different day. Please let us know if there are any other activities for our seniors community that you would like us to provide. Anyone up for Sunday afternoon jazz? Or a tea dance? Let us know by emailing info@ponsonbycommunity.org.nz or comment on our Facebook page - The Ponsonby Community Centre. We look forward to hearing from you. We would like to thank the Waitemata Local Board and Auckland City Council for their continued support of the Ponsonby Community Centre programmes - they wouldn't be free without them! F PN www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz, www.ponsykids.org.nz

lessons Events Gymnastics Yoga Dance Meditation Baby classes Language The Ponsonby Community Centre, including Ponsy Kids Community is looking for community Centre! There’s something for everyone at Preschool, Ponsonby Community minded people with professional skills to join our Board. ww www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz For more information please email the Manager on lisa@ponsonbycommunity.org.nz LEYS INSTITUTE

GYMNASIUM @thePonsonbyCommunityCentre | 20 Ponsonby TceHALL www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz | 378 1752

lessons Ballet

Venue Hire Music


Gymnasium Heritage Tai Chi Aerial Àtness Tae Kwon Do Riai Aikido Irish Dancing

Please contact at julie@ponsykids.org.nz or on 376 0896 for more information

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Progress on second language learning This month my private member’s bill was drawn out of Parliament’s biscuit tin. This is the parliamentary equivalent of winning the lottery. Every MP who is not a minister can put one bill in the tin and if it is drawn out it will be debated in Parliament. This is the first time I have had a bill drawn and I am excited about the opportunity it presents for New Zealand. If my bill becomes law, it will ensure every child in Year 1-8 has the opportunity to learn a second language. Second language learning helps children develop better problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills, as well as improving memory, concentration, creativity and the ability to multitask. There are also social, economic and cultural benefits. New Zealand is a diverse country where 160 languages are spoken, and I think it’s important that what’s being taught in schools reflects that. My bill will require the Minister of Education to set at least 10 national priority languages for schools following public consultation, and places a requirement on the Crown to resource teaching these languages in primary and intermediate schools. It will be up to school boards to decide which of the priority languages will be taught at their school through consulting with their communities. Every school will be required to deliver at least one second language, but some may choose to offer more than one. - and New Zealand Sign The bill makes it clear that te reo Maori Language will be on the final list of 10 or more priority languages schools can choose from, as they are the official languages of New Zealand. I’d expect that the other languages that would be consulted on would include Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Hindi. If my bill passes, it could be the reason children are able to speak with their grandparents, or young business leaders are able to connect with markets like China and India. The bill will also see - because it a lot more young New Zealanders speaking te reo Maori requires the Crown to fund teaching Te Reo in schools. I need the support of other parties to progress my bill through Parliament. I am in the process of meeting with leaders from every party to discuss the bill and ask them to support my bill to Select Committee stage so that the public can have their say on it. I am looking forward to a national conversation about how we can invest in our country’s future by strengthening second language learning in schools.

SAFE helping animals out The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

National wants to hear from New Zealanders about what matters to you and your ideas for this country’s future as we develop policies for the 2020 election. We’ll use what you tell us to develop discussion documents next year, and to put forward final policies in 2020. We’re starting with small businesses because they’re the engine room of the economy, creating $80 billion of wealth each year and employing some 600,000 Kiwis. We want to hear about the biggest issues affecting them and their growth, what Government policies they’re most concerned about, and what laws and regulations could be improved. If you run a small business, go to our portal, national.org.nz/haveyoursay, to share your views. (NIKKI KAYE) F PN If you have any local or national issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office on 09 378 2088 or send me an email on mp.aucklandcentral@parliament.govt.nz Authorised by Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay. www.nikkikaye.co.nz

Hon Nikki Kaye MP for Auckland Central I regularly work on local issues and meet with constituents. Please contact my office if you would like to meet with me. Drop In Constituency Clinic: 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay October 19, 1:30pm

Because we all deserve freedom

Help us fight cages

Launch of small business consultation Simon Bridges has recently launched National’s 2020 election policy development process, beginning with the ‘Have your say’ listening campaign for small businesses.

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

safe.org.nz DEADLINE - 20TH OF THE MONTH

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World Class Freehold Penthouse with Iconic Views Crowning the top oor of the Hereford Residences - winner of three architectural and development awards, Penthouse 2002 offers the privilege of acquiring an indisputably world class home of extraordinary space, luxury and prestige. Spectacular views of the sparkling Waitemata Harbour from a prime Freemans Bay ridgetop location cements this residence as the very pinnacle of living in the heart of our dynamic city. The vast free ow living rooms provide dual-living options for family and guests, while the three spacious bedrooms including the remarkable master suite are each gifted with an impressive vista of the Auckland City skyline. Two expansively secluded outdoor entertaining terraces allow you to experience those rare and special moments that only living in elevation and light can bring. Day or night, your privileged harbour city neighbourhood is breathtaking. A rare offering on the Auckland real estate market, immense demand for completed penthouse apartments of this quality will ensure this opportunity will not last. For further information contact exclusive agents Charlotte Kofoed and Jen Kendrick.

Tender: Closes at 4:00 p.m. Thursday 8 November 2018 (unless sold prior by private treaty) View: nzsothebysrealty.com/NZE10951

Charlotte Kofoed M +64 21 241 9394 charlotte.kofoed@nzsir.com

Jen Kendrick M +64 21 022 02167 jen.kendrick@nzsir.com nzsothebysrealty.com

Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


What are we going to do for the rest of our lives? Recently, it was the anniversary of my darling mother’s death. She died young before my son was born. As did my dad, but that’s another story. I had woken that day before the birds, as I do, and lay there thinking about my mum. How sweet she was, kind, pretty, always dressed beautifully and always in either high heels or bare feet. Nothing in between. Often with a gin in her hand as she plucked weeds from the garden after work. I was lucky to have her as my mum. I miss her still. Then it hit me as the birds cleared their feathery throats - what am I going to do with the rest of my life? It was like Diana had aimed her golden arrow squarely between my eyes. It kicked my heart into gear. I sat up, looked around and had one question: WTF? I waited. And waited. Unfortunately no one answered. Diana had either left the premises, or was wondering the same thing herself. I mean, what does a legendary woman do with the rest of her life? Wander around the woods and natter with woodland creatures? Although, I’m guessing the woods and having the power to talk to and control wild animals might get a bit same-same after several thousand years. What would I know? I don’t even know what to do with the rest of my life. It comes to this: one day you’re 16 then suddenly you’re, well, much, much, much older. You’ve paid or are still paying the mortgage, got a fairly decent car, travelled a bit here and there, had kids - or not. They are optional. Had relationships. Some short, some long. Been happy, sad. Lived, laughed, loved. If you’re lucky. No doubt there has been some heartbreak along the way, too. So, what now? More of the same? Eat, work, sleep. Drink huge amounts of green tea and a modicum of wine with the odd cocktail and a meal out thrown in. Mow lawns, weed the garden, have friends around, watch Netflix. Give to charity. Take the cat to the vet, walk the dog. Normal everyday routines that have their own nuances depending on who you are and where you live. Life’s circumstances. Maybe I’m having an after mid-life/heading for old life crisis. I’m not ungrateful. It’s just that I’m thinking there must be more. I don’t want to set the world on fire but I would like to be set on fire. Not literally, of course. I would like to feel the wind beneath my wings. (Sorry.) Or is that expecting too much?

Those damned expectations. They ruin a perfectly good life. We are all better off without expectations. They turn us into whiney babies always wanting another rusk or recyclable container of organic mashed veggies with shredded spring lamb spoon fed to us. It’s a conundrum and I can’t seem to shake it. This rest of life thing nips at my heels every day. It’s worse than an ingrown toenail. Except for a man I once met in France. His big toe was missing from his left foot. We got talking and, naturally, the toe thing came up. Why wouldn’t it? Apparently, the French medical system is ruthless - or was. He had an ingrown toenail so they lopped his toe off. “C’est normal,” he shrugged his tanned shoulders, drained his café, brushed croissant crumbs off his lap, stood up and limped up the boulevard. And there it is - c’est normal. Well, I’m tired of c’est normal. I want ‘pas normal’. I want to be a flibberty gibbert, dress in oyster satin pj’s Garbo-style. Smoke Sobranies, eat snow-white feta with tender squid dripping in olive oil and sun-warmed lemon juice from the hill above the stony Greek beach I’m lounging on. Watch the Palio in Sienna and feel the hot breath of the snorting horses as the round the cobbled corners, their wild eyes flashing, their hooves clattering dangerously close. I want to take my son to Kerala for Ayurvedic immersion. To Kenya on safari. I have to admit, the thought of the enormous local spiders crawling into my tent puts me off. Give me a lion savaging any day. I want to feel shivers of excitement and delight so heady I get goosebumps. I would like to rid everyone, the world, of pain. Anyway, you get the picture. In the meantime, humming ‘Imagine’ to myself, I am reminded of John Lennon’s words: Life’s what happens while you’re making other plans’. Drat. I put the jug on for another cup of green tea, my phone chirps and I have a chat with one of my besties and sit (sans satin pj’s) in the sun on my verandah before I get on with the rest of my life. (DEIRDRE THURSTON) F PN

FREEMANS BAY RESIDENT AND BARRISTER SIMON MITCHELL IS STANDING TO BE AN ENTRUST TRUSTEE - HE EXPLAINS WHY 320,000 electricity account holders in Auckland have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming Entrust election. Entrust holds a majority shareholding in Vector. The trust pays a dividend to Auckland Electricity account holders every year. I decided to stand after becoming aware of the divisions amongst the current C&R Trustees who have been running Entrust for nine years. Four of those trustees are standing on the ticket again. One trustee, James Carmichael, has sued the other four trustees in the High Court, alleging that Trustee Paul Hutchinson was not properly elected. Mr Carmichael alleges that Mr Hutchinson lied about his residency in 2015. Trustees must live within the Entrust area. It is alleged that Mr Hutchinson pretended to live in the area, when he in fact did not.

around powerlines, resulted in large scale power cuts. Many consumers went without power for days. With undergrounding, there is another failure on the part of the current trustees. The Vector programme of undergrounding power lines has almost ground to a halt. Franklin Road will be the only central undergrounding project completed this year.

Surprisingly, when media tried to read the High Court file, Mr Carmichael opposed access. This is consistent behaviour of the current trustees, who operate behind closed doors, providing beneficiaries with very little information. Secrecy may be convenient to the current trustees. They have failed in their first obligation to ensure that the electricity supply to Aucklanders is secure. In the recent storm, 40% of the Vector network was lost within 10 minutes. Failure to undertake basic maintenance, including trimming of trees

I think it is time for change at Entrust. I am one of five on the City Vision for Entrust ticket committed to being open and transparent trustees. We will work together to protect your dividend and will not sell Vector or its assets and will restore the undergrounding budget cut by C&R . We want to ensure Auckland’s electricity supply is far more resilient. Voting documents will be posted out from 11 October and need to be popped in the post no later than Tuesday 23 October to arrive in time for election day on 26 October. F PN

30 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018

I’m also standing because I am concerned that C&R are looking to sell down Entrust’s holding of Vector shares or its assets. The majority of the trustees have dumped the well-regarded Vector Chair, Michael Stiassny. Karen Sherry, a longstanding member of the C&R Team, has recently told National Business Review that she feels unacceptably bullied by the others on her team. It seems lawyers are involved in a dispute between her and other trustees. Yet strangely they are standing again together. They must be fighting about something. Recent media reports suggest that a merchant bank has been approached about the sale of Vector. We do not know the attitude of the current trustees about the sale, because when given the opportunity to comment, the majority trustees have declined to.


The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY MORE TO SAVOUR AT TASTE OF AUCKLAND Taste of Auckland celebrates 10th birthday with big names added to waterfront line-up. Celebrating 10 years of Auckland’s best food and drink, this year’s Taste of Auckland presented by Electrolux just keeps getting better with a host of new talent and attractions added to the line-up.

Butchery, hot sauce from Fire Dragon Chillies, honey from Rawhiti Manuka Honi, olive oil from Two Dogs, pâté from L’authentique and sweet treats from Petal Cupcakes.

Over four delicious days and nights from 1-4 November, the annual festival is for the first time being held on Queen’s Wharf on Auckland’s waterfront, incorporating The Cloud, Shed 10 and surrounding outdoor spaces.

Head to the new Good Taste Zone for healthy offerings from the likes of Little Bird Organics and organic and biodynamic wine specialists Churton Wines.

Announcing more Auckland restaurants set to take part in this year’s festival, newcomers include Parnell favourite Gerome offering Greekinspired fare, Culprit with modern Kiwi yum cha and little sister eatery Lowbrow with its take on contemporary fast food, as well as Smoko Room from Matakana bringing its infamous slow-cooked meats. Also new to the festival are Xoong with its take on North East Asian cuisine, a much anticipated new dinner offering by vegan and plantbased favourite Little Bird Organics, and for an after-dinner treat, dessert specialists Miann. Rounding out the line-up are festival favourites Baduzzi, promising to bring back its signature ½ Karitane crayfish, a crowd favourite at last year’s event; French bistro Paris Butter; Italian eatery Farina; and the Russian-inspired Vodka Room. With schedules now taking shape, a host of big names are confirmed to take to the big stage in the Electrolux Taste Theatre, with free live cooking demonstrations from Nic Watt of Masu, Kira Ghidoni from The Grove, Juan Balsani of Baduzzi, Josh Barlow of the Sugar Club, Megan May from Little Bird, wholefood writer Kelly Gibney, former Masterchef finalist Vanessa Baxter, Marco Edwardes of Waiheke’s Alibi Brewers Lounge, and Neil Brazier, ex Sugar Club.

Sample top drops from 20 of the country’s leading wineries, take part in a new Radio Hauraki Craft Beer Trail running through the festival involving breweries including Laughing Bones, Good George, Lakeman, Harrington’s, Black Dog, Tuatara and Lagunitas, and be part of a special Italian celebration of Vespa’s 50th anniversary of the first Primavera created in Italy. Those lucky enough to secure a seat at exclusive dining events on the Thursday or Friday will enjoy choice wines from No. 1 Family Estate and exquisite menus designed by some of the biggest chef names in Auckland. Out-of-towners pondering a weekend in the big city should check out YOU Travel’s range of travel packages including tickets, accommodation and transport. Package options include multi day or VIP passes, and exclusive food and wine tastings available only to YOU Travel clients. For more information, visit your nearest YOU Travel store or head to: Youtravel.co.nz/deals/tasteofauckland Partnering with Air New Zealand and the South Australian Tourism Commission, YOU Travel is also offering festival goers the chance to win a trip for two to South Australia, with a leading South Australian chef also scheduled to appear at the festival. More details to be announced soon.

For a more intimate experience, organisers have also confirmed Nobu Lee from Clooney, Gareth Stewart from Euro, Dariush Lolaiy from Cazador, Neil Brazier former head chef at the Sugar Club and Man Mohan Singh from 1947 Eatery to host hands-on masterclasses in this year’s Electrolux Chefs’ Secrets. Limited to only 16 spots per session, be sure to arrive early to secure your place.

With the new CBD location providing much improved access to trains, buses, taxis and ferries, organisers Lemongrass Productions is working with Fullers Ferries to ensure an easy boat ride to and from the festival from the North Shore, Waiheke, Gulf Harbour and Half Moon Bay.

Some of the country’s top music acts including Tami Neilson, Barnaby Weir & Friends, Hollie Smith - DUO, Sola Rosa Sound System, Hopetoun Brown, Laughton Kora and Omega Levine are also added to the line-up, the new venue allowing for live music to be enjoyed alfresco against a picturesque harbour backdrop.

Tickets are on sale now with General Admission starting from just $25, VIP Tickets from $95 and new multi day passes which include access to all six sessions from $120. Corporate Hospitality packages are also available. For more information head to the Taste website www.tasteofauckland.co.nz

A food lovers paradise - inspire your palate with a smorgasbord of delicious offerings from more than 120 artisan producers including ribs from Texas BBQ Foods, premium meat cuts from Paddock to Plate

Taste of Auckland is sponsored by Electrolux, Auckland Live, VIVA, No. 1 Family Estate, Puhoi Valley Cheese, Deer Industry NZ and PN YOU Travel. F

32 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


1 - 4 N OV EM B ER Q U E E N S WH A R F


S I P, S AV O U R , SOCIALISE Buy tickets online and save tasteofauckland.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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CITY FRINGE LIVING AND URBANISATION LET'S DRINK TO THAT! On the outerlying central suburbs beyond the cusp of the inner city and the bustle of Ponsonby and K'Road lies an area of humble consideration, bubbling innovation and warm community spirit that we affectionately call Grey Lynn. The areas commonly known as Grey Lynn, West Lynn, Richmond Road and Arch Hill exist from the K’Road end of Great North Road through to Surrey Crescent and back along the old meandering farm road known as Richmond Road, has existed in a state of creation, flux and regeneration for the past 130 years. It's an area that has gone through several iterations since it was turned from farmland in the 1890s through to the early speculative developments care of landowners Williamson, Crummer, Mackelvie, Pollen, Prime, etc. After an early working and middle-class boom of the 20s, 30s and 40s the abundance of cars and the attraction of quarter acre sections lured many to the suburbs of Mt Albert and Mt Roskill, leaving space for the vibrant Pacific Island community to move in during the 50s. From the late 70s they were joined by the students, artists and LGBT community pumping further sass and funk into the area, attracting the current swell of upwardly mobile urbanites who have returned from big city life in other countries or have lived here a while, attracted by the area’s diversity. It has a feeling of both being a tight community as well as slightly edgy, sitting between the urban centre and the beginning of the suburban sprawl.

where urbanisation is headed while you get to mix with the Grey Lynn illuminati to socialise the ideas of what the future could look like in this proud inner-city suburb. We want to meet you the people and dance with your ideas and plans for action. It's an all-inclusive night for those looking to champion community. Entry is $25 for those want to join the movement. Every entry gets a drink, burger and brioche to relax and be reacquainted with the community and to share the vision of why Grey Lynn is one of the best suburbs in the world to be part of. Tickets are limited so please get in fast. Go to www.glba.co.nz for information and tickets. PN (JACOB FAULL AND IRENE KING CO-CHAIRS, GLBA) F

It is this collective fractured space that the Grey Lynn Business Association has been working to understand, finding out what we can do to support the businesses, community and character of this unique ‘hood'. Two tangents have emerged: One where we provide obligatory communication and negotiation with local councils, boards and landlords to ensure long-term goals of the community and businesses are met. However, our more interesting objective is to support and amplify the diversity and beauty of what exists in a district that is loosely categorised by the postcode of 1021. We have met some great people along the way, from grass roots environmentalists and new businesses launching interesting projects to organisations doing work with other great suburbs and other great cities around the world. What we have come to see is that this collection of individuals, businesses and communities all believe it's better to work together rather than apart. Our learnings and experiences have led to the next step - beginning a conversation with you, the people with ideas for the people. We would love you to be part of our first event called Beer, Burgers and Brioche at the Grey Lynn Library Hall on Thursday, 18 October. We'll have specialty Grey Lynn burgers created by Tiger Burger, a vegan friendly LGBT brioche by Tart bakery and beer from our good friends Hallertau as well as drinks by Allgood Karmacola et.al... Music by local Grey Lynn DJs and a very special guest to briefly chat

34 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


DISCOVER NEW ZEALAND’S BEST-KEPT SECRET At New Zealand Wine Society, we don’t just know our wine, we grow our wine.

Shop with us and discover an exhilarating world of exclusive and boutique wines, recommended by our experts, delivered direct to your door.

nzwinesociety.co.nz Thhe TThe he World World Wo lldd Belongs Belon Be onggss to on to the the th he Dissatisfied Diisss D ssa satis sa tiisffi fie iieed


PPONSONBY OONNSSOONNBBY NEW NNEWS NE EWS WS+ OOc October ctotobe ber 220 2018 01188



FACES@ GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET You will find George Gaddum at the Grey Lynn Butcher stall every Sunday at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market. Where are you from? I grew up on the family venison farm in a tiny rural settlement under the ranges, Kereru, in Hawkes Bay. The farm has been in our family for three generations - my grandfather broke in the scrub-covered hills. I went to a small school, with only 20 students, and was taught by a farmer’s wife. Everything we ate on the farm was made from scratch. We cured our own meat and made our own sausages. So you have high standards when it comes to meat? Yes - absolutely. That’s why I love Grey Lynn Butcher’s artisan cut-to-order approach that focuses on quality product. They have a huge range from their signature bacon and sausages, through to specialties like pork cheeks, truffled ham and pork cutlets that won awards at the recent Pork Industry Awards, including the supreme pork butcher award. And they are finalists in the Cuisine Artisan Awards that will be announced in mid October. What makes Grey Lynn Butchers different from other butchers? They are a trusted, long-term community butcher driven to provide exceptional quality. Their range is seasonal and remarkable, including guanciale (cured pork cheek), various cuts of venison, quail, guinea fowl, turkey and wild meats.

Do you have a favourite recipe? I love cooking long and slow. I’m really big on traditional cuts like pork belly, beef cheeks, brisket, short ribs, beef shin. They are less conventional cuts but they create delicious, sociable food. You enjoy cooking? I love cooking - in my free time you’ll find me in our kitchen cooking and using our beautiful meat. There are six of us sharing a house, so every night is a dinner party at our house. Cooking is such an important social activity and slow cooking is the ultimate social meal... sloshing half a bottle of wine in the pot and the rest between our glasses. Do your market customers ask for advice? I love talking about cooking with our customers. Some are very skilled and I love picking up tips from them. Some are highly experimental and it is great to be able to offer them some less conventional options. Others are looking for ideas and advice and I am always delighted to talk them through some options. What has surprised you about being at the market? The number of locals I have met. I love bumping into people that I have met at the market out and about in the neighbourhood. It is great to build connections with our community. F PN glfm.co.nz, facebook.com/GreyLynnFarmersMarket

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY EVENTS AT ODETTES EATERY AND HUGO'S BISTRO It’s that time of year again, with the festive season just around the corner. With two unique locations, delicious seasonal menus and warm service, let us create a memorable day for you and your guests. The contemporary dining rooms give way to a casual bar in each and a beautiful atrium garden outside of Odettes. Both Hugo’s Bistro and Odettes Eatery are nestled in the inner city and offer spaces for private events. Both venues will work with you and your budget to design a menu that suits your tastes. Whether you prefer a shared banquet, for your guests to have a special menu to choose from, or maybe it’s a casual standing affair. Events at Hugo’s Bistro are smaller and more intimate events. Think long lunches and dinners for 55 people. The space is long and narrow and features beautiful, plush banquette seating. Hugo’s Bistro can seat a maximum of 38 guests at its tables, with another 18 at the bar. It has hosted both fashion and media launches, which worked beautifully within the space. Owner Clare and Joost van den Berg, are extremely proud of Hugo’s being mentioned in New Zealand’s Top 100 Restaurants for Cuisine Good Food Awards, 2018.

Hugo's Bistro The outdoor oasis, enveloped in greenery, is the perfect backdrop for bridal and baby showers, launches or special celebrations. This summer, Odettes will also offer up the outside terrace as a place to meet, to enjoy music in the early evenings and to start the weekend off right. Its outdoor seating is perfect for a bite, drink, special celebration or Sunday lunch with the family. F PN

Odettes Eatery can cater for groups of up to 40 without the need for Book your event now or pop by and enjoy the venues and garden. For exclusive hire. It is also available for exclusive venue private events, further information and detailing please contact: functions and special tailor-made weddings. HUGO’S BISTRO, 67 Shortland Street, CBD, operations@hugosbistro.co.nz ODETTES EATERY, City Works Depot, 90 Wellesley Street West, reservations@odettes.co.nz

Odettes Eatery

Hugo's Bistro Odettes Eatery

Odettes Eatery The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Vegan variety - Gazza goes ape for Gorilla Kitchen There might not be much evidence of it in the provinces yet, but if Auckland city is any indication, the vegan revolution is upon us! So much so, in fact, that 150-year-old institution The NZ Herald recently found it necessary to do its own round-up of what purported to be ‘the best’ vegan meals in town. In fact, it was little more than a scattershot summary of venues known by the author to be at least nominally vegan-friendly, and left out many excellent cafes and restaurants. Maybe this proves that the newspaper is gnarled and hobbled by age, or maybe it’s just that veganism has now gotten so big in our city that it’s not containable by a mere ‘best of’ roundup. Whatever the case, it has to be a good thing, and it’s gratifying to know that Ponsonby News often finds the best vegan eating establishments before the mainstream media. There’s a brace of notable recent additions to the increasingly wonderful spread of tasty vegan eateries around Auckland. Kaiaroha Organic Vegan Cafe & Deli in Parnell prides itself on organic and innovative food with special mention going to its artisan nut cheeses. Dedicated to ethical and nutritious food with a difference, Kaiaroha is indeed something special, and we promise a full review soon. Then there’s Pran’s Soul Food in the old Hare Krishna premises on K’Road,

a vegan restaurant with a pronounced international accent to its menu. Health Nut Kitchen in the CBD’s Chancery Street, on the other hand, is vegetarian rather than vegan and has an accent on - as the name suggests - good nutrition for busy office workers. Midnight Baker has been famous for its gluten-free loaves for a few years, and now it has expanded into a mostly vegan cafe with just a few perfectly chosen menu items. There’s so much more, and every month the options expand! But this month we chose to hang out at the splendid new Symonds Street vegan cafe, Gorilla Kitchen. Having started out as a catering caravan, they’ve expanded into spacious premises that have been fitted out to feel light and airy and welcoming and not too crowded with tables. We took the difficult-to-please three-year-old and found that the staff was genuinely friendly and willing to bend over backwards (metaphorically speaking) to please the troublesome tyke. What I really liked about Gorilla Kitchen was that its menu wasn’t overly pretend-meat oriented, and also the fact that you can choose between a well-stocked cabinet (vegan pies, delectable treats) or menu items. And those menu items: yum! While the ordered food took a little longer than we’d hoped, it was worth the wait. The child’s tomato and pretend ham toasty went down like a treat while my wife’s combined salad, I’m reliably informed, was delicious with accents both sweet and spicy. As for my tofu burger and chips, it was one of the tastiest I’ve ever eaten. Perhaps they could work on a slightly more practical design (it was too tall to chow down without cutlery and yet tended to fall apart when attacked with knife and fork) but from a taste point of view it was a revelation. I can see Gorilla Kitchen - like The Butcher’s Son in Jervois Road becoming a compelling regular stop-off whether I’m with the family or just want a quick coffee and snack. With its on-tap flavoured kombucha selection and wide range of enticing edibles, it’s the kind of vegan cafe that only the most determined carnivore could find reason to complain about. (GARY STEEL) F PN

5 Fort Lane, CBD T: 09 379 9702 cassiarestaurant.co.nz

38 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018

Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs online vegetarian resource www.doctorfeelgood.co.nz. He can be contacted via beautmusic@gmail.com


BOTTOMLESS LUNCH Enjoy two hours of a never-ending Italian set menu accompanied by bottomless glasses of Ora Prosecco. Every Sunday from 30 September to 21 October. Two sittings available: 12pm–2pm and 1pm–3pm. $85 per person. Bookings essential. For more information and to book visit skycityauckland.co.nz/bottomless

Gusto at the Grand complies with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and therefore enforce the responsible consumption of alcohol by all our guests. Guests will not be served more than one alcoholic beverage at a time as part of the Bottomless Lunch package. We offer non-alcoholic beverages at all times DQG ZLOO VWRS VHUYLFH WR DQ\ LQWR[LFDWHG SHUVRQV %RWWRPOHVV /XQFK SDFNDJH LV YDOLG IRU WZR KRXUV DQG EHJLQV DW WKH FRQ¼UPHG ERRNLQJ VWDUW WLPH

REDISCOVER THE SUGAR CLUB Chef’s new Spring Menu by Josh Barlow now available.

Bookings recomended, call 09 363 6365 enquiries@thesugarclub.co.nz Level 53, Sky Tower.

11305 1130 5

Strictly R18. Host Responsibility limits apply to the service of alcohol.

EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY @ SABATO - SPRING ENTERTAINING With longer days and warmer weather on the horizon, there’s no better time to refresh your recipe repertoire, particularly for entertaining friends and family for the summer months ahead. For an impressive start to entertaining guests, make a statement with a DIY grazing table or small sharing plates. We have everything you need from our range of Sabato jarred bruschetta, Julie Le Clerc chutneys, vegetables and pulses, nuts, European and New Zealand cheeses to Italian and Spanish cured meats. For quick and tasty bites, try wrapping our Italian, dry-cured prosciutto around Accoceberry cornichons and pairing with a soft, creamy brie such as brie mon sire. One for blue cheese lovers is drizzling J Friend & Co. honey over Mahoe blue with scattered Kernelz walnuts and shards of Ines Rosales sweet tortas for a divine creamy, crunchy duo. Try our range of flavourful jarred bruschetta, perfect for topping toasted Italian-style bread. Or top our Sabato blue cheese tarts with Julie Le Clerc Arabian date chutney and a few microgreens for a touch of freshness. If there does happen to be any leftovers, you can use the remaining bruschetta through risotto or pasta for dinner and the Arabian date chutney is beautiful with roast pork in sandwiches or try adding to a tagine for added sweetness. To make life super easy and tasty, pop in-store and grab one of our freezer meals to go. We have a fabulous range of gourmet pies, lasagnes, meatballs and new chicken dishes your friends and family will love. We will also have 25% off Sabato sauces, mayonnaises and pastes, both in-store and online, until 14 October 2018 (excluding trade purchases). F PN For more recipe ideas and ingredients visit us in-store or on our website www.sabato.co.nz

Sabato owners, Jacqui & Phil Dixon with Eduard Pons (middle)

Q&A TIME WITH EDUARD PONS How did the Pons family business begin? It was founded in post-Civil War Spain by Miquel Escalé in 1940, with olive oil from plantations surrounding Lleida, Catalonia. By the 1950s Joan Pons had brought together enough local farmers to be able to produce large enough quantities of olive oil to supply Italy, introducing Arbequina olive oil from Lleida to the industry leaders in Liguria, Tuscany and Umbria. In the 1970s, Eduardo Pons, expanded the field of bulk olive oil marketing, increasing the company’s portfolio to include virgin olive oil varieties from other areas in Spain. These varieties were Empeltre, from Aragon and Cornicabra, from the La Mancha area. Since 1996, Eduard Pons, fourth generation and current CEO of GRUP PONS, began to produce olive oil under the brand names of the family business, to add value to the product and open new avenues of marketing around the world. Family Pons now sell their products in 140 countries.

SABATO, 57 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, T: 09 630 8751 In what region in Spain are you based? In Catalonia, north east Spain. 150km inland from Barcelona. The specific area where we produce the olive oil is Les Garrigues, Lleida. Tell us about olive oil production in Spain - how has it changed over the years? Spain produces 65% of the world’s olive oil. For the last 30 years production in Spain tripled, as consumption of olive oil also grew rapidly. What varietals are most popular for export - do they differ depending on the country? The best variety is Arbequina; the reason is because the extra virgin coming from this variety is very aromatic, gentle, fruity and with low bitterness. How is this year’s harvest? Recently crops have been very short in Spain and other Mediterranean countries, as we had a long drought over the last three years. Finally, last spring we had good rain and the new crop coming for harvest in October will be good. F PN SABATO Limited , 57 Normanby Road, 09 630 8751, www.sabato.co.nz

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Melbourne CuP Tuesday 6 November 2018


$110 PP 3PM-5:30PM | TICKETS ARE LIMITED, PURCHASE YOUR TICKET PRIOR TO 12 OCTOBER AND RECEIVE A $10 TAB VOUCHER! Dress code: Melbourne Cup styles, fascinators optional Tickets can be purchased at longroom.co.nz

Modern Japanese Main Beach Takapuna Beach Bookings essential Ph 09 390 7188 www.tokyobay.co.nz

Japanese Izakaya Dining Bar Ponsonby Central No bookings required Ph 09 376 8016 www.tokyoclub.co.nz

Ponsonby Road’s ONLY ‘OFFICIAL’ TAB Totes.

Enjoy Mumm Responsibly

SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 360 2122 www.sidart.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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WHAT IS BEHIND THE RED DOORS Behind big red doors on Federal Street lies Huami, SKYCITY’s Chinese restaurant boasting traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Focusing on using fresh seasonal produce and bold flavours, featuring signature dishes that include: wood-fired Peking duck, braised New Zealand abalone and crayfish, as well as some of the most outrageous dumplings you have ever tried - steamed har kao truffle and prawn, or crystal crab meat and spinach. But behind those big red doors, Huami has a hidden gem waiting to be discovered - the Huami Bar. Local contemporary artist Hayley King aka ‘Flox’ has applied her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers to magically transform the walls and pillars into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Huami has an impressive wine list which was created by Master Sommelier, Cameron Douglas. Marek works hard to ensure that the integrity of this list is maintained, ensuring the very best wine is on offer for customers, as well as sharing with guests his wisdom around food and beverage matching. Now if it’s cocktails you are after, they have taken them to a whole new level. Huami has taken Flox’s artwork inspiration and created the ‘Floxtail’ - as much a work of art as delightfully tasty cocktail. This rum-based concoction is beautifully topped with an edible print of some of Flox’s artwork. You are literally drinking a piece of art. This off the menu cocktail is our little secret, for now...

The bar boasts an impressive collection of international whiskeys, gins and vodkas, as well as an exclusive Emerson’s 'Gay Tan' tap beer - there is something to suit anyone’s tastes. But it’s not just the diverse range on offer that makes the bar so special, Huami ensures the right people are on hand to make your experience even greater. Marek Przyborek is the resident sommelier (wine professional), who has recently been crowned the 2018 New Zealand Sommelier of The Year. The New Zealand Sommelier of The Year competition tests professionals on their abilities around theory, service and blind tasting of wines and spirits. The coveted title is considered high praise among industry professionals.

We welcome you to discover the hidden gems of the Huami bar yourself. What better reason to make this your new favourite bar than during Happy Hour. From 4-7pm you can enjoy $8 Gay Tan beers; all gins are $10, and you can grab a Floxtail for $14. PN See you at Huami. F

HUAMI, SkyCity, 87 Federal Street, T: 09 363 6699, www.skycityauckland.co.nz/restaurants/huami

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JOIN US FOR LUNCH Minimum two people. For details and to book visit Fedst.co.nz


Sorry. I’ve got a meeting. 1129 1292 1292

Daily Happy Hour deals from 4pm. Discover more at Fedst.co.nz R18 FOR THE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL. HOST RESPONSIBILITY LIMITS APPLY.

Three courses to share




at Huami


Is all sparkling wine making the same? Simply put, no. So how do you tell them apart? What to expect inside? A big subject, not one that you can really do justice to in a short piece, though always up for a challenge, here goes. Sparkling wine is traditionally made the way they do in Champagne, the very basic version of the process goes a little like this - the grapes are picked, then pressed, and the juice is fermented into wine (called the base wine). The base wine is then put into bottles where a secondary fermentation occurs - as this occurs, the bubbles released during the process are trapped in the bottle. The bottles are then turned and slowly the dead yeast cells from the second fermentation collect in the neck of the bottle. The temporary closure that is used during the secondary fermentation is then removed, a little ‘dosage’ added (a liquor to top the bottle up that, depending on the amount added, affects the final sweetness of the wine), then a cork closure is applied to hold the bubbles in the bottle. This process is referred to as Méthode Traditionelle.

So, this rather lengthy description covers off Champagne, New World Méthode and Cava. Yes, Cava is included in this set, made by the traditional method, just from different grape varieties to Champagne and naturally, grapes grown in Spain. This group of wines will have a broad texture, yeasty, toasty notes and, as a very broad overview, a breadth to them. The secondary fermentation in bottle and quality production method a key here. Another method of production is the Charmat method, invented in 1907 by Frenchman Eugène Charmat. In this process the second fermentation happens in large tanks and is then pumped under pressure into bottles and sealed. Examples of sparkling wine made through this process include Prosecco and Asti. Prosecco is made from the Glera grape variety and as a style Prosecco is clean, crisp, often appley and very refreshing. Asti is probably the most under rated of all sparkling wines. Low in alcohol, sweet in style, it makes a great midday wine, aperitif and matches beautifully with dessert. Top tips for the summer ahead; • 2008 was an exceptional vintage in Champagne, producing wines that are a must have for any collector or serious wine enthusiast. Over the summer months, a number of the big names in

Champagne are releasing their 2008, including Dom Perignon, Pol Roger Winston Churchill and Roederer Cristal. Wines to watch out for. • Grower Champagnes. Not a fad or the latest fashion, very much here to stay. When a wine is referred to as a Grower Champagne, it means the producer has grown the grapes, made the wine, bottled and sold it. It’s like buying from the farm gate. There’s a wonderful array of Grower Champagne available in New Zealand now. Hard to pick my favourite, though equally challenging to go past the brilliance of J Lassalle. • Shipping matters. As the silly season approaches we are bound to see a raft of cheap Champagne in New Zealand. Parallel imported, it is likely to have travelled many times around the world. The correct storage temperature for all wine is important, Champagne included. In my book, a few more dollars to ensure that the Champagne you are opening is fresh and as expected is worth it. • The right glass. Champagne flutes are great for a party and look the part, though they are not the best for your Champagne. Fortunately, the good folk at Riedel have seen the light and released a Champagne glass, that is slightly narrower than a white wine glass, though not too much. Whilst we of course recommend investing in these, the alternative is a white wine glass. (LIZ WHEADON) F PN www.glengarrywines.co.nz







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Champagne is produced this way and can only be called Champagne if from the Champagne Appellation (78,000 acres of vine in Champagne, France), bottle aged for 15 months minimum for NV, three years for vintage, and made from permitted grape varieties. Did you know there’s more than one white variety? The main one is Chardonnay, though the permitted list includes the likes of Arbanne and Petit Meslier. There are wines made the same way in other parts of the world, including Champagne, but unless they meet these requirements, they can’t be called Champagne, but they can be called Méthode Traditionelle.


P: 0800 733 505


EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY THOUGHTFUL, PLAYFUL, COOKPLAY REDEFINES THE MODERN TABLE Tableware brand Cookplay was launched in 2014 by Ana Roquero, an industrial designer from Bilbao. Passionately committed to a creative, experimental table, the concept is particularly tuned in to up-to-the-minute culinary culture. Cookplay can be found in leading-edge restaurants such as Eneko Atxa’a Azurmendi (3 Michelin stars) Martin Berasategui (3 Michelin stars) and El Celler de Can Roca (3 Michelin stars) among others. It is available for retail from select locations such as Hong Kong’s Peninsula Hotel and W Hotel Dubai and is used at the hottest Art Basel Miami catering events. Cookplay collections are sold at acclaimed department stores such as legendary BHV Le Marais Lafayette, La Rinascente in Rome, as well as the luxury retail company Club 21 in Singapore. Ana is known to be a unique generator of ideas that has seen her working as a consultant alongside Spanish companies for over 20 years. Her work has captured the eye of design judges around the world resulting in a multitude of design awards from Best in Show at the Maison & Objet (Paris), Tableware Collection of the Year Elle Décor (Spain) and Red Dot Design Award (Frankfurt). Cookplay was born to break new ground - innovative and refreshing tableware to give the table a bit of a ‘shift’. Inspired by nature, pieces such as Jomon; a sort of shell which can be held in one hand allowing you to eat in a free and playful way. “I have always admired systems in design and the way in which objects can work together in unison. I think it’s the versatility and functionality of these systems that really inspire me. It makes sense

to me that this should be a strong focus for any designer, and how they can incorporate this in to their work.” I think by incorporating handmade elements with a clean and contemporary style, it allows pieces to stand out, and be used PN in many different settings. F Available at www.dayandage.co.nz

www.dayandage.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Wonderful Waipara - New Zealand’s best kept secret Waipara? Somewhere near north Canterbury isn’t it? Yes it is, and if you want to get into some fantastic wines, you should know more about it. Sitting up straight? Corkscrew in hand? Glass at the ready? Thirsty? Okay, relax. I am your guide. I tend to think of Waipara as one of New Zealand’s orphan wine regions. Perhaps, along with West Auckland’s historic Kumeu, and north Auckland’s boutique Matakana, it’s possibly one of the most underrated wine producing areas in New Zealand. Everybody knows, and loves the high-profile regions. But Waipara, like the others, tends to get overshadowed in spite of the fact that it produces some gorgeous wines, albeit with less than 5% of New Zealand’s total grape production. Here’s a selection form a recent trip to the south. Waipara Springs Waipara Valley Chardonnay 2016 - $39 Aromas of peach and grapefruit, crisp and fruity with mandarin and a hint of oaky toast. Nice medium -bodied style. Dry, crisp finish. Availability: www.waiparasprings.co.nz Greystone Waipara Valley Gewürztraminer 2015 - $31 Delicate floral citrus blossom aromas with a hint of yeast from ageing on yeast residue. Just off-dry palate of ginger syrup and a hint of rosewater. Lengthy elegant and creamy finish at a fairly hefty 14.5% alcohol. Availability: Fine Wine Delivery Co. Greystone Waipara Valley Chardonnay 2016 - $35 Grapefruit, vanilla and yeast on the nose. Opens up on the palate as a gorgeous voluptuous Marylin Monroe of a chardonnay. Rich, ripe and hugely seductive, and with potential. A creamy seamless palate of crème brûlée, nectarine, toasty vanilla and peach with a long finish. Stunning. Availability: www.advintage.co.nz Pegasus Bay Waipara Aged Release Riesling 2008 - $40 Wow. Fabulous wine. Rich, voluptuous and enchanting. This is the gateway wine to rieslings. At 10 years old, this wine is just hitting its straps with an unctuous palate of grapefruit, honey, beeswax, honeysuckle and apricot jam. At 12.5% alcohol it is just nudging dry,

yet has a hint of botrytis to knock it into serious after-dinner wine territory to be accompanied by some fine cheeses. Availability: www.pegasusbay.com Waipara Hills Soul Pinot Noir 2014 - $27 Aromas of red berry fruit with some earthy, savoury notes. Light to medium style with blackberry, tamarillo and cherry and some leathery savoury characters. Firm tannins mean this one will last at least five years. Availability: www.waiparahillswines.co.nz Pegasus Bay Waipara Aged Release Pinot Noir 2008 - $65 From a ripe vintage, this wine is standing up very well for a 10 yearold. Garnet red with aromas of black cherry with secondary gamey aromas of leather, cellar dust and Vegemite. Opens up nicely as a complex wine with a sweet ripe cherry mid palate and lingering lengthy finish of liquorice and dark Ghana chocolate. Availability: www.pegasusbay.com (PHIL PARKER) F PN

Phil Parker is a wine writer and operates Fine Wine & Food Tours in Auckland. See: www.finewinetours.co.nz. Phil’s new cellar door book ‘NZ Wine Regions - A Visitor’s Guide’ is now available on Amazon Kindle.

FINE WINE & FOOD TOURS “No. 4 Auckland Food & Drink” – TripAdvisor Your host, Phil Parker wine writer. Boutique tours for small and large groups. E: Phil@finewinetours.co.nz

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WHY CRUISE, WHY NOW? Cruising is more than a vacation. It’s the best holiday out there and there’s something for everyone. The team at House of Travel Ponsonby are well trained, CLIA Accredited cruise consultants. “We love cruising and due to our personal experiences, we guide our clients to select the best cruises, cabin types and inclusions. Contact us for the off-the-beaten-path itineraries or expedition cruises or just any cruise. We would love to hear from you." House of Travel’s Jeff Leckey has spent more time at sea than Captain Jack Sparrow. If he says Asia’s trending, you can bet your buried treasure he’s right.

GO LONG Longer Asia itineraries may include Bali, the Philippines and some of the remoter islands in Indonesia and Malaysia.

WHY ASIA Cruising in Asia is the ideal way to see multiple countries on one itinerary, without any long sea days in between.

EXPLORE There are exciting optional shore excursions on offer, allowing you to explore bustling cities, history, culture and many ancient temples. As well as plenty of opportunity to sample amazing food and flavours.

CROWD PLEASERS The most popular cruises are 5-10 night itineraries, taking in Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The perfect fusion of East meets West. GO SHORT Shorter Asia cruises out of Singapore will often include Penang, Langkawi and Phuket, giving you a taste of three countries and three different islands to explore.

VISAS Cruise lines will often take care of visas required for Vietnam and Cambodia, but wherever you’re sailing to, ask your consultant how to make the entire visa process seamless. GET THERE Talk to one of our expert cruise consultants for the latest offers on itineraries cruising through Asia. F PN

HOUSE OF TRAVEL PONSONBY, Three Lamps, 340 Ponsonby Road, T: 360 5760, E: ponsonby@hot.co.nz, www.houseoftravel.co.nz

Cruises on sale now.

Cruising to ... E U RO P E


AS I A & More!

Finance available. 24 months interest free on GEM Visa* Ask about more interest-free options in-store. Offer ends 31 October 2018. Lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply.

EARN AA SMARTFUEL DISCOUNTS For details visit houseoftravel.co.nz/finance-offers/aa-smartfuel. AA Smartfuel T&C’s apply. Please see AAsmartfuel.co.nz/terms.

Speak to our specialists about tailoring a cruise for you. T H R E E L A M P S 3 4 0 P O N S O N BY R O A D | 3 6 0 5 7 6 0 | P O N S O N BY @ H O T. C O . N Z Finance Conditions: *House of Travel 2.5% applies for 24 months interest free. Minimum purchase $1000. Changes and cancellations made after bookings are processed may incur additional charges. Valid for purchases made using your Gem Visa / Gem CrediatLine card. Amount payable will be shown on your monthly statement. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment of 3% of the outstanding monthly balance or $20, whichever is more, will not be sufficient to repay the purchase amount(s) within the promotional period. Normal credit and lending criteria terms and conditions and fees including $55 establishment fee and annual fee ($52 Gem Visa / $50 Gem CreditLine) apply. Prevailing interest rate (currently Gem Visa 25.99% p.a./ CreditLine 29.95% p.a) applies to any outstanding balance on the expiry of the interest free period. Rates and fees correct at date of publication but are subject to change. Available in-store only; not available online at houseoftravel.co.nz. Gem Visa / Gem CreditLine is provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited.

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1. Mike Brewerton is pictured reading Ponsonby News magazine @ villa Savoye, Poissy in FRANCE. 2. Aloha. I’m Dianne Hill from Pt Chevalier and I’ve just been photographed at Diamond Head after a week in Oahu, HAWAII. Craig Brown sent us a couple of photos whilst on vacation: 3. Craig and Ross pictured in the SAHARA DESERT; 4. Ross - SAHARA DESERT. 5-6. Gerard Hall & Allan Horner, St Marys Bay at Dili, TIMOR-LESTE. We climbed the 590 stairs to the Cristo Rei Statue. Along this climb, they have grottos built into the hillside, each one representing the stations of the cross. The statue stands 27 metres tall and positioned atop a globe. The statue was unveiled in 1996 as gift from the Indonesian government to the people of EAST TIMOR, which was at the time still a province. Interestingly, this Christian monument was created in the Muslim populated city of Bandung, Indonesia. The Indonesian government made sure the statue was facing its capital Jakarta which was controversial with the local East Timorese.


7. Hello from Paradise! Merlin & Damon here at the Les Villas Resort on Gili Island, INDONESIA... doing what any self-respecting Kiwis do on their holidays by the poolside... read the Ponsonby News of course! Love from D & M.

Dear readers, please keep sending us your holiday snaps reading your favourite magazine, we love getting them! Photos need to be in high resolution (300dpi), so please email them to info@ponsonbynews.co.nz without reducing the size.

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AFRICA ON TRACK Described grandly as 'arguably the most luxurious train in the world', you'll never hear me argue the point! I can't think of a more indulgently romantic way to traverse the epic landscapes of Africa than aboard Rovos Rail. Imagine wood-panelled coaches with leather lounge suites, fine china and cut crystal in the Victorian-era dining car, and crisp white linen in your cosy cabin - what's not to love? My three-day South African rail journey from Pretoria to Durban saw us traversing KwaZulu-Natal in style and comfort. It was the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, from the Champagne welcome reception to an exciting safari and the exquisite scenery of the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Our safari experience was in the renowned Nambiti Game Reserve a private bush retreat with vast savannas, grasslands, thornveld and towering acacia trees. A stunning bush ravine is also home to an array of rare bird species, and the beautiful Sunday Rivers that flow through the reserve give rise to magnificent waterfalls. A stark contrast to South Africa’s big cities, the isolation and pure wilderness took my breath away. The Big Five (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo) all wander the expansive reserve and predators silently follow herds of antelope as they roam in search of fresh grasses. With the help of our expert guide we also sighted cheetah, giraffe, hippo, hyena, springbok, impala and zebra - an incredible array of species. Switching from wildlife to history, another memorable excursion en route was a battlefields tour with a world-class historian near

Ladysmith. The sites we viewed marked the spots where Boer and Zulu forces shook the foundations of the British Empire, and in doing so shaped the future of South Africa. It’s hard to imagine that the serene countryside we passed through was once the scene of some of South Africa’s bloodiest military history. We also had the option to explore the surrounding Drakensberg Mountains, unwinding in the evening at the colonial farmhouse of Spionkop Lodge overlooking the Tugela River. From travelling through vast savannas, our journey came to an end with the salt sea air of coastal Durban. A sprawling city with long, white, sandy beaches, Durban is a melting pot of cultures - a reflection of migration from colonial India back in the 19th and 20th Centuries. A fascinating visit can be made to the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived during his time in South Africa. Sightseeing aside, life on-board the train was memorable itself. Without the distraction of modern technology, watching the world go by out of the window with ever-changing vistas and delicious cuisine served with the finest South African wines was all the entertainment I needed. The beautifully restored cabins harked back to a time that was grand and dignified, with original fittings restored to mint condition. With itineraries from three to 15 days, take any journey through Africa with Rovos Rail and you too will be making grand claims. PN (ANGE PIRIE, DIRECTOR, WORLD JOURNEYS) F

PRETORIA TO VICTORIA FALLS Enjoy a luxurious African rail journey from Pretoria to the mighty Victoria Falls. Enjoy ever-changing African vistas, and look out for wildlife as you pass alongside the famed Hwange National Park. Fine dining, superb service and the elegance of a bygone era await. 4 DAY TOUR WITH ROVOS RAIL

ROVOS RAIL The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys


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BEAUTIFUL PLUME VILLAS IN MATAKANA - OPEN FOR BUSINESS Matakana is the quintessential getaway destination. Just a short 50-minute drive from Auckland city you can unwind and soak up the beauty of the countryside and vineyards or spend a relaxed day at the nearby beaches of Leigh, Omaha or Pakiri. When you leave the worries of the big city behind and head for Matakana, make sure you stay at Plume Villas. You will be assured of a most comfortable stay in modern and beautifully appointed suites. Plume Villas is set amongst peaceful surroundings with picturesque rural views and is not far from the delightful Matakana Village where the Saturday morning farmers' market is held. There are 12 villas with 20 bedrooms in total which can accommodate up to 40 adult guests at any one time. The villas are named after three of New Zealand’s native birds - Tui being the one-bedroom suites, Kingfisher (Kotare) being the two-bedroom suites and Kiwi being the three-bedroom suites. Each suite has a kitchenette, and an open plan lounge that opens to an outdoor patio, and all bedrooms have with ensuite and underfloor heating. The lounge is equipped with a television and full SKY network as well as Netflix. Each kitchenette has a Nespresso coffee machine and capsules, a microwave and fridge and is equipped with essential kitchenware. Each suite is fitted with a heat pump to ensure you are kept warm in winter and cool in summer - Plume Villas is like a home away from home! Whilst the cooking facilities are limited, there is good reason for this. You can take a short stroll through the grounds along the garden path to the ever-popular Plume Restaurant. The restaurant is open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and Friday and Saturday for dinners. Just make sure you pre-book to avoid disappointment as the restaurant is very popular and is particularly busy on weekends.

From the Runner Duck Estate vineyard comes the Plume collection of gorgeous, hand-tended wines consisting of pinot gris, rose, chardonnay, syrah, sangiovese and even a sparkling rose (methode traditionelle). Plume Restaurant’s ‘Cellar Door’ is where you can taste the wines while enjoying the stories of the vineyard and its founders. After tasting you will be sure to want to buy a bottle or two to take home and add to or start your own wine cellar. In addition to the wines, Runner Duck Estate olive oil and grape juice complete the collection. If you’re looking for a place to go out for breakfast, then Plume Cafe in the heart of Matakana is the place to head for a great spot of breakfast or lunch. The French toast is delicious, and the coffee is great, and the popular Plume Bakery attached to the cafe is very well known for its artisan breads and pastries. Bookings for the cafe are not required but beware, if it is the weekend it could be busy. Matakana is a high-demand area for weddings especially in vineyard settings and Plume Restaurant is the perfect setting for a wedding reception and now complemented by Plume Villas where the bridal party and guests can stay with no need to drive anywhere after the party is over. For company conferences stay at Plume Villas and hold your conference at Plume Restaurant through the day. It’s a great place for a corporate retreat, team building exercises. Get the team away from the traffic and noise of Auckland and relax in a beautiful setting surrounded by the rolling hills of Matakana. Wake up to sounds of morning bird song, go to sleep in the peacefulness of the night - who knows, you may even dream about touching the stars in the night sky.

PLUME VILLAS, 37 Sharp Road, Matakana, T: 09 283 3630, www.plumevillas.co.nz

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Experience the magic of Matakana, stay at one of our luxurious new Plume Villas and enjoy the superb food and Ă€ QH ZLQH DW 3OXPH 5HVWDXUDQW &RXQWU\ OLIH VWDUWV KHUH A one-hour scenic drive north of Auckland and 5 minutes from 0DWDNDQD WRZQVKLS \RX ZLOO Ă€ QG Plume Restaurant, an oasis for gourmet travellers in a coastal country setting. Recognised for its superb cuisine, and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate 9LQH\DUG¡V Ă€ QH ZLQHV 3OXPH Restaurant has gained quite a reputation. Now, 12 new luxury Plume Villas, ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, have been added within the grounds. These all share a swimming pool and are within a relaxed stroll of the restaurant. No matter the season or the length of your stay, you will Ă€ QG 3OXPH 9LOODV D FRPIRUWDEOH place to base yourself while enjoying the many delights nearby, including the fabulous food and wine at Plume Restaurant. $OUHDG\ ERDVWLQJ D SULYDWH OLJKW Ă€ OOHG function room, Plume Restaurant has just become the perfect venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events set within a peaceful country location.


37 Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915 / 09 283 3630 SCL/PLU2018/15

49A Sharp Road Matakana 09 422 7915

1335 Leigh Road, Matakana 09 423 0390

Cellar door Plume Restaurant 09 422 7915


BE THE HOST WITH THE MOST The experts at Airsorted tell us their five essentials for running a successful short-term rental. Short-term letting has become increasingly popular as more and more people realise they can pay for their holidays while also giving visitors to Auckland the opportunity to live like a local. 1. A standout listing Create a listing that stands out from the rest. It needs to show off your home to its full potential, while also representing your home honestly and accurately. Professional photography and an eyecatching title are a must. But don't stop there. Take time to describe your home in its entirety. Guests want to know what they can expect and why they should book your home over others. 2. Excellent communication A fast response time is crucial for securing a top spot in search results. Platforms such as Airbnb, incentivise a fast guest response by giving hosts who respond promptly, and 100% of the time, a higher ranking in their search results. Higher rankings in these search results means increased visibility and more bookings. 3. Professional cleaning Nothing is more disappointing than arriving at booked accommodation after a long journey to find its been left in a state from previous guests. Invest in professional cleaning to save you time and to ensure a spotless property for each guest. 4. Fresh linen and fluffy towels Undeniably one of the best things about staying at a luxury hotel is the high-quality white sheets, feather pillows and the fluffy towels. Give your guests the same experience in your home by providing freshly laundered high-quality linen and towels. 5. Flexible check in Offering self-check in, such as using a lockbox or keypad means your guests can arrive any time after the designated check in time and easily access the property without any confusion or hassle. This is perfect for business travellers or guests arriving late at night.

If you are interested in trying Airbnb but don’t have the time or expertise to manage it yourself, give the team at Airsorted a call. They will take care of all the above, plus much more for you. •

Listing creation, professional photography and search optimisation by experts.

Professional cleaning and luxury hotel quality linens.

24/7 guest communication, booking requests and guest verification.

24hr check-in, key exchanges and on-call support.

"Until you experience Airsorted you don't know what you are missing, they look after everything to the point that you don't even realise you have had happy guests come and go, in one instance we had a difficult situation and Airsorted handled the matter to a level that we would not be trained for, the guest left a glowing review. We are lined up to become a super-host in less than four months; this would not have been achievable without Airsorted’s hospitality expertise." Leslie Davies, Airsorted Host

Leslie Davies’ two bedroom property managed by Airsorted. www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/25324732

“We wouldn’t have wanted to use Airbnb without the service that Airsorted provides. It has been a pleasure to work with them and they have made the whole process easy, without any of the worries we would have had otherwise.” Ponsonby locals, Malcolm and Melanie Rands Call Airsorted on 09 887 9228. Mention this article and receive free professional property photography and your first professional clean completely free upon signing up to their Airbnb management service. Malcolm and Melanie Rands property in Ponsonby managed by Airsorted. www.airbnb.co.nz/rooms/25550361

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Visit the Airsorted website to discover the value of your property on Airbnb https://www.airsorted.com/auckland PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Can your home earn you extra? Get Airsorted. Earn $320 per night* on Airbnb by Ѵ;মm] o u ruor;u| _bѴ; o Ľu; - - ĺ );ĽѴѴ 1u;-|; o u Ѵbvঞm]ķ ruo b7; ƑƓņƕ v rrou| =ou o u ] ;v|v -m7 ; ;m |-h; 1-u; o= 1Ѵ;-mbm] ş Ѵ- m7u ĺ ѴѴ o m;;7 |o 7o bv u;Ѵ- -m7 rѴ-m o u m; | |ubrĺ

Ŗ vঞl-|; =ou - | o 0;7uool ruor;u| bm 1hѴ-m7 |_bv v ll;uĺ

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She was quintessentially the all-American liner She was once the fastest and most technically advanced ship to cross the Atlantic, but now she languishes forlorn and unutilised alongside a dock in a seedy part of Philadelphia - her once fine interiors dispersed to the four corners of the world - her empty hulk rusting and deteriorating in the humid heat of the Delaware River. An ignominious fate for a spectacular Cold War-era icon, her humiliation displayed for all to see - or at least by the day shoppers at Ikea just across the road. She was quintessentially the all-American liner, evoking the style and brashness of the 1950s. Long and sleek with a streamlined bow and a smooth welded hull that, along with her two squat stacks leaning at an angle over the extended stern, gave the impression of speed, an impression she had easily lived up to. Able to power through the Atlantic at 45 knots - so fast that the water sandblasted the paint off her bow, she broke the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic. The sought-after prize - the Blue Riband, eagerly competed for amongst the shipping lines of the day. The United States beat the previous holder, the Queen Mary, by an incredible 10 hours - a record that she still holds today. Conceived and built in America, she was launched in 1952 and quickly gained a patriotic following of movie stars, politicians and America’s elite who socialised in her mid-century decor that was doused in reds, blues, greens and gold. Her designers brief banished anything combustible from the interiors, instead linoleum floors and flame-proof furniture with only her grand pianos and the galley's wooden butcher’s block the only flammable material onboard. She was built to be fireproof and 'virtually unsinkable'. A term that had been used once before - to its builders’ cost. Built of specially treated aluminium, this was a ship that was designed during the uncertain days of the Cold War with a secret purpose in mind - built by a naval architect and funded mainly by the US government, she could be converted quickly to a troopship to carry up to 14,000 troops - even today her plans and top speed are a classified military secret.

photography: courtesy of John Gustave Kunze and SS United States Conservancy

She had a short life and the arrival of the jet age signed her death warrant. The crossing time was slashed from days to hours by a DC 8 and she was decommissioned in 1969 - a mere 17 years and 400 voyages after her launch.

Today she is described as the 'Most famous ship that didn’t sink'. She has passed from owner to owner to be currently owned by the SS United States Conservancy, a non-profit organization that purchased her in 2010 in a bid to save and find a more useful purpose than providing a ready source for Scrap Metal Merchants. So far donations have only managed to pay her docking fees. At least. Several lines have investigated re-establishing her as a modern cruise ship - her graceful lines certainly would outclass and out style today’s floating apartment blocks and most recently 'Crystal Cruise Lines' undertook a million dollar research project to investigate her viability as an ocean-going ship, but the enormous costs reaching upwards of a billion dollars to recommission her couldn’t be justified. To put things into perspective, the 150,000-ton Queen Mary 2 in 2004 cost only $900 million to build - from scratch. During the study, however, it was determined even though she has sat languishing for 50 years, she still maintains 95% of her structural integrity. They built things to last in America's 1950s and she is proof of that. With the ability to provide up to 990 feet of prime commercial real-estate and a stable base to work on as a hotel, shopping and conference centre or museum, you would think that she had the prestige and history that would appeal and attract developers who could convert her to something useful in a country that prides itself on preserving its achievement history - in an America where the Wright Brothers first plane, the USS Intrepid and the Atlantis are lauded and preserved. She embodied the best of what the post WWII-preJet-Age 20th Century had to offer in technology, engineering, design and beauty. Such grand icons should not only be remembered in photographs and legend, but should be kept alive and fully intact for all to experience. Alas, as of today, she is a sadly forgotten relic, surviving on the kindness of strangers. Long live the SS United States. (ROSS THORBY) F PN

Dali and Brando aboard the SS United States

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A selection of Carats Jewellery's beautiful creations from past and present.

CARATS, 25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, T: 09 309 5145, www.caratsjewellery.co.nz

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PROPOSE WITH CONFIDENCE AT DIAMONDS ON RICHMOND Unsure about the style of engagement ring your partner would like? I’m sure there are quite a few people who will be in the same boat here. Luckily, Diamonds On Richmond has come to your rescue with its brand-spanking new range of ‘Proposal Rings’. A ‘Proposal Ring’ is a safe option for those who don’t want to commit to a ring design that they aren’t 100% certain their partner will fall in love with. Essentially, it is a replica engagement ring that can be purchased from Diamonds On Richmond for $990 and you propose with it. Once you’ve completed your amazing proposal (no pressure) you simply return to DOR with your partner to choose or custom design the real engagement ring, the best part is the $990 is credited back to you and will come off the price of your real ring.

If your partner loves the ‘Proposal Ring’ (great!), you can have that exact ring designed with Diamonds On Richmond but with a personalised choice of metal and diamond size/grades. The great thing about a ‘Proposal Ring’ is that it is just a place holder and enables you to surprise your partner with the proposal but you are not committing to the style of the ring. If your partner doesn’t end up loving the ring you proposed with, you can both design the real ring together and really the sky is the limit on the options available to you both. Diamonds On Richmond says it has noticed that it is becoming more and more popular to share the experience of designing and choosing an engagement ring together. Visit www.dor.co.nz for more information and above are three of Diamonds On Richmonds new Proposal Rings.

1 2

3 5



1. Diamond Tennis Bracelets (available in white gold and yellow gold) - starting from $1950; 2. Diamond Hoop Earrings (9ct white gold, 0.12ct TDW g-H SI-I1) - $890; 3. Diamond Pendant + Chain (available in white gold and yellow gold) - starting from $890; 4. Flower Diamond Pendant + Chain (available in white gold and yellow gold, 0.25ct TDW G-H SI-I1) - $1650; 5. Six Stone Diamond Ring (available in white gold and yellow gold, 0.90ct TDW G-H SI-I1) - $3900; 6. Morganite & Diamond Ring (14ct rose gold) - $1950.

AVAILABLE AT SHOUT HAIR... Spring brings a lightness of spirit and energy. Good time to loosen up your hair cut or look at reinventing your hair colour. Gold and strawberry tones work well in spring. Try Kevin Murphy's Sugared Angel conditioner for beige/gold, or Autumn Angel for an PN apricot/rose. F

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West Lynn - AT’s poster child for disaster Yesterday, I received an email from Jacob Faull and Irene King, co-chairs of the Grey Lynn Business Association. In the afternoon I attended a public meeting at the Grey Lynn RSC, called by Occupy Garnet. What a contrast, and what a shame!

trees, views, safety and many other things. AT is not qualified to design town centres.

Jacob and Irene were calling for unity among West Lynn business people and residents. They pointed out that a divided community would be unable to make progress with Auckland Transport. I think they are absolutely correct. If the West Lynn community can’t work together to make sure AT corrects the mistakes they made in their first makeover, AT will walk right over them and divide and conquer.

I agree with Tony Holman, a very experienced local body politician from the North Shore, who said in the Herald of 24 September, "All roads lead to review of way AT operates." Holman called for a thorough, independent review of AT, its structure and expenditure. I would strongly endorse that call.

Before I comment any more, let me put it straight out there. I blame AT for the debacle of West Lynn. Now Mt Albert is facing similar problems. I understand why some people, including Lisa Prager and her Occupy Garnet colleagues, don’t want AT near West Lynn again, especially as 35 million dollars is suggested as the clean up cost. Who planned the first makeover? How were so many basic engineering mistakes made? Water flowing into shops, steep crossings of Richmond Road which are virtually impossible for persons with a handicap to negotiate. Cycleways that criss and cross inside parking and then outside parking, residents fearful as they back out of their drives that a cycle will run them down - or, worse, their young children. My partner and I sat outside Freidas with a drink one evening between five and six, and watched the passing parade. Only a handful of bikes went past, half of them on the road. Let me make another strong personal statement - I support more cycle ways in Auckland, but they must be a hell of a lot better planned. My other gripe is that AT’s transport ‘experts’, have no idea when it comes to a community’s amenity values. Communities value quiet,

The Occupy Garnet meeting was well attended - over 50 were present - and opposition to not only AT but also the Waitemata Local Board was strong. They called Boffa Miskell’s new aspirational plans the same but worse than before. They were convinced that AT had learned nothing from the first debacle, had mucked up seriously in Mt Albert, and would just do what they wanted to in West Lynn. A number of speakers criticised the current fiasco, rightly so I thought, but few offered positive alternatives. Bullying by AT was alleged too. The positioning of the cyclelanes received plenty of opposition and in the end a unanimous call was made to do away with the cycleways completely. That was with about 50 locals’ support. "Everyone is over it,” said Lisa Prager. I’m sure she was right, but the question still remained, how can the mess be cleaned up, and at what cost, and what penalty should AT pay for their mistakes and token consultation? As a ratepayer, I strongly object to a continuation of pay whatever AT asks. Suggestions of a $35 million remediation are ludicrous and must be resisted, but everyone in West Lynn must be singing from the PN same song sheet or AT will win again. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F

HUNGRY & FEELING THIRSTY? We are spoilt for choice!

THERE ARE NOW 254 PLACES IN THE WESTERN BAYS, WHERE YOU CAN EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY. They are all listed in the Ponsonby Little Black Book... ponsonbynews.co.nz/ponsonby-little-black-book

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photography: Bianca

Designers Keight Watson of Fabrik8 and Lou Sly of Sly and Company join forces to bring a love of New Zealand-made back to the inner city.

N0.9 FIFTY NINE, 9/59 Pitt Street - entrance off Beresford Square, next to K'Road Business Association, Instagram @no9_fiftynine

1 2

3 4

1. Curate Pin Up Pearl Jean - $189 plus Ruffle of Love Top - $179; 2. Lemon Tree Haley Dress - $247; 3. Morrocco Pant - $217; 4. Obi Baxter Drape Dress - $299 ZEBRANO, 10 Kingdon Street, Newmarket, T: 09 523 2500, www.zebrano.co.nz

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1. Zephyr Felicity Kaftan; 2. Zephyr Flora Top; 3. Zephyr Harper Dress; 4. Zephyr Sienna Dress. Zephyr is exclusive to Magazine in New Zealand. MAGAZINE DESIGNER CLOTHING, 4 Byron Avenue, Takapuna, T: 09 488 0406, 937 Mt Eden Road, T: 09 630 5354, www.magazineclothing.co.nz Sizes 10-26 available.



It no longer matters if you're in Paris, Prague, Perth or Palmerston North, if you're 'homesick' for PONSONBY, read your monthly dose of Ponsonby News online. Visit www.ponsonbynews.co.nz to view our e-mag...

Keep up to date with what's happening in Ponsonby!

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FASHION + STYLE PLAYING THE LONG GAME - 15 YEARS AND COUNTING Remember 2003? The Lord of the Rings wrapped up, iTunes was launched, Roger Federer was already at the top and Maloney’s Barber Shop opened its doors. Tucked in next to Les Mills gym, they welcomed a grand total of six clients on day one. Since then, helmed by owners Julian and Susannah Maloney, the bustling barber shop has grown to nine chairs, two cutting floors and a team of 11 friendly barbers. Shops and eateries come and go. But the greater Ponsonby area has some seriously long-lasting, single-premise businesses: Prego, The Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop and Kokomo Haircutters have offered 80 years of great service collectively. Maloney’s Barber Shop celebrates its 15 year milestone in 2018, so we asked the team to share their thoughts on playing the long game in small business. 1. Local community: Who works and lives nearby? Build relationships and be great neighbours. 2. ‘Kaizen’ - continuous improvement: In the competitive worlds of retail and hospitality, if you’re not ahead of the field you are falling behind, so keep your standards super high. 3. Special sauce: Work at what makes your place special. If you don’t know, find out - survey your clients and listen to their feedback.

The team at Maloney's Barber Shop - back (L to R): Jim, Luke, Susannah, Ross, Logan, Jeff, Sue, Fynn; front (L to R): AJ, Julian, Cole

4. Diluting danger: Be careful not to dilute your brand by going too far too soon. Tempted to open another four stores? Get the first one right before you do.

6. Client is king: Build trust and your loyal fans will spread the word without being asked. And an unhappy client can become your biggest supporter if handled right.

5. Top team: Look after your staff - they are your best asset, so treat them like family, listen to their ideas and cultivate leadership.

Finally, have fun: you may not love every minute of your working day, but make sure you have a laugh along the way.

MALONEY’S BARBER SHOP, 1-192 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD, T: 09 379 3060, www.maloneys.co.nz

CHEERS FOR 15 YEARS! to our local community

trusting us with your haircuts for

1-192 Victoria st west, Auckland CBD

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

maloneysbarbershop @maloneysbarber

09-3793060 www.Maloneys.co.nz


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Silence - How does it affect the human brain? One of the effects occurs in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is part of the limbic system (which is associated with feeling and reacting). The birth of brand new brain cells occurs in the hippocampus. This birth is absolutely essential for making new memories, (or we’d be forever stuck in the past and unable to remember the present, as in Alzheimer’s patients). It plays an important role in the consolidation of experiences and reactions in the present into our short-term memories, and the transference of these into our long-term memories. Every time we think a thought we have never had before, new synapses are formed, new brain cells created and thus our original and expansive thinking is laid down for posterity. With an activated and uninterrupted brain, our left and right hemispheres are fully alert. Our ideas can begin to flow - intuitively, laterally and linearly. For creative people this is absolutely crucial. This is the arena where inspiration can occur, and according to some recent research data, silence can help more fully reveal an individual’s potential. In silence, the brain moves into ‘sorting mode’ - the gathering and processing of information. If this is never allowed to happen, our thinking becomes more and more chaotic. Children who are constantly stimulated into ‘over-achieving’ and never given the quiet downtime to daydream and process the world around them, start to manifest symptoms of stress and anxiety. And not just children: young people and adults can also manifest these same symptoms, especially now with the added over-stimulation of electronic devices. Alarmingly, this can often lead to mental health problems.

Silence gives us the space to think uninterruptedly without the constant, often subliminal, distraction of noise. By giving us this space, silence not only facilitates a fertile arena for the creation of the new, the innovative, the daring and the imaginative, it also gives us space to react to the world we live in. It gives us space to digest more slowly, our day-to-day experiences: ie, to make sense of all the myriads of interactions in our external world, or analyse our thinking mechanisms in our internal world. Silence is a natural anti-stress remedy that we all need for our brain health. It also helps new brain cells to grow in the hippocampus that are responsible for our emotional well-being. Many people choose the silence of the natural world for solace and quiet reflection, especially when living in a high-octane urban environment. Or they may choose a serene meditative space in which to find clarity and insight, to help transcend the constant bombardment of the senses we all experience. Religious orders throughout the centuries have always chosen remote and silent places around the planet in which to further their faith. So we need to constantly strive to maintain a happy, healthy and wholesome hippocampus. Next time you feel bored or at a loose end, try being with your silence for a while. You never know what it might say to you. “Silence is a source of great strength.” Lao Tzu. PN (CLARE CALDWELL) F Clare (Claudie) Caldwell is a creative arts therapist who runs a small private practice from home. She now runs a voluntary art and art as therapy programme at Auckland City Mission. She is also a freelance artist. Enquiries: T: 09 836 3618; M: 021 293 3171; E: clare.e.caldwell@gmail.com

A MEETING PLACE - For conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops or launches - Situated in a central location with five versatile meeting rooms - AV equipment and Internet access available - Extensive parking available - Since 2001 the St Columba Centre has gained a reputation as a centre of excellence and as such has become a location of choice for many organisations

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LIVING, THINKING + BEING COOLSCULPTING AT PRESCRIPTION SKIN CARE Reducing your body fat by simply freezing it sounds too good to be true. Yet it really is that easy. In just one session at Prescription Skin Care, patients are able to reduce the amount of fat by 20% to 30%. There is very little to no discomfort, no anesthetic, no needles and no downtime. One happy client from Prescription Skin Care talks about her experience with CoolSculpting. What made you decide to have CoolSculpting? I had CoolSculpting as I wasn’t happy with the fat on my tummy and hips. I am pretty disciplined with what I eat and I exercise 5-7 times a week. However, I just couldn’t loose the fat on my belly and I came across CoolSculpting on Prescription Skin Care’s website. I had a consult with the lovely Asia, and I was an ideal candidate to get the treatment done. I had a look into Lipsculpting but the thought of surgery just didn’t appeal to me and when I found this option it was so easy to make a decision as there was no downtime involved, unlike surgical procedures. What difference were you trying to make to your body? I wanted my clothes to fit better and wanted a flatter belly. I also wanted more definition in my abdominal area and I wanted to be confident and less self conscious. Getting CoolSculpting was the most cost effective and non-invasive method to get the results I wanted.

Since I do Pilates as part of my exercise routine, it really shows off the definition of my abs since getting it done. What parts of your body were worked on? I had CoolSculpting on my tummy, hips and lower back. What does it feel like having the treatment? Initially it feels extremely cold as the device is being placed on the area that is being treated. This discomfort only last for a maximum of two minutes, the rest of the hour is entirely painless and you could totally take a nap or play on your iPad! When the device is removed, it is extremely cold, so you will feel slight discomfort, but it only lasts for about five minutes. Once that is done and over with, you will return back to total normality. During the next couple of days I experienced minor discomfort. However, that is normal. By the third day I felt totally fine and was back at the gym. How do you feel now about your body? I love the way by body looks now. I have had lots of comments since I had it done. My tummy started showing a difference within five weeks and after 12 weeks I saw the full results. The fat has never returned and I feel amazing. With having increased the number of my Pilates workouts even further, my abs have never showed this level of definition through diet and exercise alone.

PRESCRIPTION SKIN CARE, Ponsonby: 197 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 360 0400, E: ponsonby@prescriptionskincare.co.nz, Remuera: 243 Remuera Road, T: 09 529 5784, E: info@prescriptionskincare.co.nz, www.prescriptionskincare.co.nz



You are invited to an evening with Prescription Skin Care to learn about the latest non-surgical fat reduction methods with CoolSculpting®, with a live demonstration. • New body areas can be treated • Greater comfort • Treatment times are faster • Same outstanding results

Tuesday 16th October 6pm - 8pm Prescription Skin Care Clinic 243 Remuera Road BEFORE & AFTER CoolSculpting® treatment at Prescription Skin Care

RSVP NOW TO THIS COOL EVENT: • Save your spot and be in to win a FREE CoolSculpting® cycle • Special discounts on the night only! • FREE Mini consultations available • You are welcome to bring a friend!

Email: info@prescriptionskincare.co.nz or phone 09 529 5784 Please RSVP by 12/10.

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LIVING, THINKING + BEING KINDRED HUMAN + EARTH Kindred Human + Earth treaded lightly into Ponsonby’s suburban landscape around six months ago and nestled into the Douglas Street building that once housed Little & Friday cafe, transforming the interior into a light and airy resort-style studio space. As explained to us by founder Cat Frost: Kindred means kin, family, tribe, common belief, collective thought, while Human + Earth is about consideration of the human and the planet as beautiful living things that we need to respect and nurture. The Kindred Ones - the collective team - aims to celebrate and work with the indivuality of each client to enhance the inherent beauty of that person by using natural and gentle colour palates, and to maintain integrity of the natural hair state by supporting with the best plant-based, take-home products. Kindred Studio itself is breathtaking, with its high-gabled roof, natural light and towering indoor tropical planting. Clients can move around and find spaces to lounge on window seats, Moroccan day beds, bamboo loungers or in NOK (Next Of Kin ) the inhouse espresso + vegan coffee bunker. There is also a mediation or chill zone up in the loft. Kindred is a sustainable salon with systems to reduce waste to keep 90% out of landfill. Kindred recycle, repurpose and reuse, and also send hair to create wigs for New Zealand cancer patients and hair cuttings to make ocean booms to soak up oil spills. Every fourth haircut also provides a meal for someone in need in New Zealand. SOME OF THE KINDRED ONES Lucy is a former London Vidal Sassoon Art Director and has precision cutting skills. She is an expert in highlighting, using a variety of highlighting, face lightening and balayage technique. Multi dimentional shading and root smudged blondes are some of her specialist areas. Alexis joins the team from Canada where she was an Aveda educator. Her work with freehand hair painting provides a very individualised colour, which Alexis says washes the hair with light where the sun would kiss it. Thad is former New Zealand hairdressing gentry, being a former coiffure artist of the young Rachel Hunter. Thad has recently returned to New Zealand after 20 years abroad bringing his wealth of hairdressing experience including expert freeze-drying blow dry skills.

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Georgia and Lydia are Kindred’s passionate young stylists who can have your hair beach-waved and event ready in half an hour using a variety of heat styling tongs. Kindred offers a dry bar styling service across all the team. KINDRED BEAUTY There are three private spa rooms within Kindred Studio which house a full beauty services offering. Tiepsum - cruelty free New Zealand vegan beauty services including hot stone massage, waxing, threading, skin needling, microdermabrasion and more. Lash Lab - offering eyelash extensions, brow tint and lash lifts. Ponsonby Tan - for all your spray tan needs Stockists of: Davines Hair Colour. The A New Colour range is PPD, ammonia free, sls free and cruelty free and provides a premium colour service which excludes chemical load and replaces with plant phytoceutical to nourish your hair and scalp during the application. Hunt skin care, Allpress coffee, Tart vegan Bakery, Karma Cola, Little Island, Forage + Bloom, Triumph + Disaster. Free on street parking, Oxi Pay, book online through Facebook. Open Tuesday - Saturday. KINDRED HUMAN AND EARTH, 42 Douglas Street, Ponsonby, T: 09 378 8840, Facebook: Kindred Human + Earth, www.kitomba.com/bookings/kindred


LIVING, THINKING + BEING TRUE PILATES - HERNE BAY Summer is just around the corner and with the party and beach season looming, now is the time to focus on your health. You may be looking to reinvigorate your Pilates sessions, vary your usual exercise or sports regime, or have more of a holistic workout. Pilates is an ideal solution for any of these goals, benefitting your mind, body and that all-important core. Not all Pilates are created equal - and True Pilates has a well-earned reputation for its specialty, the Authentic method, created by Joseph Pilates himself. Not much is known about this powerhouse of the Pilates movement, but by the age of 14, through a range of exercises and nutrition, Joseph had transformed himself from a sickly child into a body fit enough to pose for anatomical charts.

SPECIAL OFFER... True Pilates Starter Pack...

5 private one-on-one lessons now only $325 (Normally $425)

Call now to book

09 376 7203 | helen@truepilatesnz.co.nz

Now over a century later, True Pilates has taken the Authentic method into the 21st Century through a personalised and boutique approach, specialising in individual lessons, while also offering duet and small-group classes. True Pilates is your local wellness partner. Conveniently located in the heart of Herne Bay, the friendly and experienced team would love to help you on your journey to summer. Visit truepilatesnz.co.nz for more information. F PN TRUE PILATES, 155 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, M: 021 027 751 98, www.truepilatesnz.co.nz

The Accent Is On YOU! Cosmetic Dentistry, Hygienist, Family Dentistry, 1- Hour Crowns. Over 100 Google Reviews from happy clients: “If you are looking for the best dentist in town, look no further, ring Accent Dental and ask for Matt now!” – Melanie H


Visit: bit.ly/bookapptonline

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Turet Knuefermann on NZFW Definitely one of the ‘quiet achievers’ of New Zealand fashion, Turet Knuefermann is also one of our most enduring design talents, with a signature style and work ethic that has never wavered. She is also fantastic company, and is known to spend as many as three days on the floor at her two boutiques, chatting to her customers and finding out exactly what women want, and how. Her signature is most definitely elegant yet sensual styles that can work for any woman, and quality that lasts. And lasts. Turet crafts clothes that make a woman feel sexy and powerful for sure, but they are also completely effortless to wear - and the two don’t usually go to easily together. They are always the first pieces I go to in my wardrobe when I am heading overseas due to their insane portability and power to repel creases no matter how long the flight time, and most of her styles can be dressed down for day and then turned up at night depending on the way you want your getaway to roll out. Dresses worn multiple ways are another concept that has been on the Knuefermann menu for a while too - some of her styles even come with instructions and yep, the possibilities are endless. This year, after 13 hugely successful years in the industry, she opened New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time. Key to that opportunity was being named this year’s recipient of the ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ accolade, a global initiative that recognises and celebrates designers who are dedicated to the use of high-quality materials, innovative design and unique style. To say that Knuefermann fits this brief would be an understatement, and the designer joins an esteemed list of previous global recipients including Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam, Camilla and Marc and Dion Lee. Previous New Zealand recipients include Dame Trelise Cooper, Kate Sylvester, Harman Grubiša and Zambesi. The show, which took place on 27 August, was a huge undertaking, with 60 looks hitting the runway, each combo as covetable as the next. Models shared the space with a classic Mercedes-Benz 1964 230SL, which made for some stunning catwalk imagery. The collection was called 'The Travel Edit', and is made up of effortlessly chic, travel must haves created by the globetrotting designer. “Customers always tell us how easy our pieces are to pack, they fold up to nothing,” Turet said of the collection, “so I developed a versatile collection of travel essentials that ranges from fun resort pieces and beautiful mix and match suiting to the little black dresses and evening wear we're famous for.” I’ve whiled away more than a few hours looking at the runway shots online, and carefully tallied up how many of the pieces I am currently coveting - the cinched waist jacket, the snakeskin maxi, the luxurious silk shirt? In an ideal world I’d have one of each! Talking to Turet a few weeks after the show, the designer admits with a laugh that she’s feeling “a little bit more relaxed after the craziness of the last month, which was just so amazing. It was so incredible to work with Mercedes-Benz and their huge team, which made the experience just so easy for me when it came to juggling press and things like that.” She says that it was also the most prepared she has ever been for a New Zealand Fashion Week outing, “We started talking about it so far in advance. It was wonderful to be working away at it all over a long period of time for once, rather than throwing it all together in a panic just a few weeks out from the show.” She adds, “Opening New Zealand Fashion Week was just such an honour and

a privilege, and having Nathan Haines mix a bespoke soundtrack for us was just so incredible as well.” She’s looking forward to her loyal customer base getting their hands on the new collection, “Which is just so versatile. Most pieces can be dressed up or down for any situation with just a change of shoes, a factor that really defines the look.” Like all of her collections, The Travel Edit is made up of a combination of elements that keeps her customers (like me) coming back for more, such as clean lines, amazing value for money and the fact that TK style is all about the client wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing her. It’s the simplicity of the designs that makes the impact, and it’s hard to beat the quality of the fabrics. Turet has now had over 10 years in the business of running her own, highly successful standalone stores, including her iconic Brown Street store under the TK Store banner that opened way back in 2005. Her Fanshawe Street boutique, called just Knuefermann, extends her brand even further and can be found in the historic Kauri Timber building. It’s a space that reflects a luxury consumer experience along with European style and the clean lines that the brand is known for, and it's a completely unique shopping destination. It also stocks a few brands and pieces that can’t be found in Ponsonby and vice versa, necessitating a regular visit to both in my humble opinion. (HELENE RAVLICH) F PN

You can view the entire Knuefermann NZFW runway show online at knuefermann.co.nz

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LIVING, THINKING + BEING BOTULISM TOXIN AND ITS PLACE IN 21ST CENTURY DENTISTRY What is botulism toxin... how does it work and what is it used for in dentistry? Botulism toxin is a restricted drug which acts to prevent the release of neurotransmitters to muscles effectively causing flaccid paralysis of the muscle which lasts up to five months. The toxin is used in medicine, cosmetics and in research. This restricted drug is now commonly used in dentistry to treat a variety of facial disorders, pain and, of course, for cosmetic enhancement. Dysport® treatment uses includes:

There are two types of facial lines static and dynamic, which both appear as we age... some like to embrace these lines and some people want to defy the ageing process and minimise or rid the face of these lines. Static lines are the lines visible even if the facial muscles are not being used. They form as the skin loses elasticity and through the breakdown of skin collagen. They appear over time as we age. To treat/rid ourselves of static lines, Keith Nelson Dental use injectable dermal fillers such as Teosayl®.

1. Bruxism or tooth grinding/clenching 2. Softening/slenderising of the face relaxing the ’Large masseter (clenching) muscle’ 3. High lip lines ‘gummy smile’ 4. Smoker’s lines around the lips 5. Bunny lines on the side of the nose 6. Headaches

Dynamic lines are caused by repetitive muscle movement, they appear when you smile, frown, cry, squint or laugh. They are emotion related and disappear once the facial emotion passes. Dynamic lines are frequently formed around the eyes (crow's feet) when smiling or between the eyebrows when frowning. The restricted drug used to treat dynamic lines come from botulism toxin, eg, Dysport®. It is a very simple procedure with minimal risks if administered by a trained health professional. Dysport® works by temporarily relaxing the muscles thus smoothing out the lines, restoring your face to a more relaxed, stress-free position.

7. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and 8. The smoothing of dynamic facial lines

When used for cosmetic reasons Dysport® will generally last up to five months, after which further courses of treatment may be necessary.

KEITH NELSON & ASSOCIATES, 103 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay, T: 378 0877, www.keithnelson.co.nz




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LIVING, THINKING + BEING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman’s quote summarises the journey of entrepreneurship for SleepDrops Founder Kirsten Taylor. Nine years of hard work later, SleepDrops is well placed to become a major player in the world of sleep medicine. Originally herbal remedies to help her private patients sleep better, the SleepDrops range of products now grace the shelves of nearly every pharmacy, health store and supermarket in New Zealand. Kirsten's vision and determination to help people sleep better so they can lead healthier, happier lives has kept her going against the odds including a lack of funding, having started it as a single mum without capital. Her formulations are so good, others try but fail to imitate them. Despite all this Kirsten has accomplished great things for New Zealand’s own - SleepDrops. Sleep is now big business and growing by the year all around the world and to date there is no other company like SleepDrops that specialises in safe, effective and great value sleep products for all ages, lifestyle stages and sleep challenges. Kirsten has taken SleepDrops from one unknown product to four ranges totalling 20 products which are world class, best in field and life changing for their users. With your help SleepDrops can make a big difference to the lives of insomniacs everywhere!

Now with your support, Kirsten wants to help the 300 million Chinese people not sleeping and the 150 million American insomniacs. SleepDrops already has FDA registration. No longer just a dream, SleepDrops is potentially a wonderful investment opportunity. In just a few weeks SleepDrops will be doing Equity Crowd funding and if everybody puts in a small amount, SleepDrops plans to help hundreds of millions of people sleep. “Please sign up to our equity crowd funding newsletter. There is no obligation at any time to invest. It’s simply an opportunity for you to learn more about what SleepDrops' plans are and should you wish to invest a small or large amount when we go live then that’s wonderful. Thank you very much” - Kirsten Taylor, SleepDrops Founder.

Sign up now at www.sleepdrops.co.nz and click on ‘Own a part of SleepDrops’.

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SleepDrops NZ current product portfolio Not included in visual SleepDrops USA range, Singapore product, SleepDrops practitioner range etc DIVINE SLEEP Room & Pillow Spray

Original Magnesium Bath Salts

Original Magnesium Bath Salts

The Home Luxury Sleep Collection is a beautiful range of products to infuse your home with calming soothing scents and rituals to enable you to release your daily burdens and remind you of the beauty in the present moment. Our Original and Lavender Bath Salts offer your body a chance to unwind and soak in a comforting warm bath with relaxation minerals, to soothe weary muscles and refresh the mind. Whilst our ‘Divine Sleep’ room and pillow spray is the perfect combination of organic essential oils to create a haven in your bedroom, infusing your sleep with calm, peace and tranquillity. Our Home Luxury Sleep Collection is an opportunity to find rest and relaxation in preparation to wind down for sleep.

NEW SleepDrops Home Luxury Sleep Collection

Supermaket Family Value Spray Range

SleepDrops Premium Range

Call 0800 345 999 or Visit www.sleepdrops.co.nz


Nasal congestion and chronic sinus discomfort? Try Halotherapy Way back in the 70s I visited the famous Wieliczka salt mine in Poland. I recall that having travelled what seemed like miles down underground in a lift, I was surprised to find that it felt refreshing to breathe the air. Back in the mid 19th Century, a Polish doctor Feliks Boczkowski noticed that salt miners seemed to be free of the lung problems that plagued miners of other minerals. He attributed this fact to the inhalation of airborne salt particles. Moving ahead to the 21st Century, I have recently discovered Halotherapy (Halo is Greek for salt). On the North Shore in Sunset Road, a former Nepalese doctor, Prashant Saraf has set up a remarkable ‘salt cave’ where people can experience the benefits of inhaling dry Himalayan salt air while they relax in comfortable ‘loungers’ and listen to soft music. I have had several sessions of 45 minutes and I can definitely say that my nasal passages are significantly clearer with much less stuffiness in the morning. Coming from Nepal, the home of Himalayan salt, Prashant knows a lot about salt and he is passionate about its use to support respiratory wellbeing. Prashant’s salt cave is a very impressive room lined on all four sides with Himalayan salt bricks which are back lit. The ceiling is covered with salt crystals and the floor is like a pink salt beach. During a 45 minute session, a Halogenerator produces micronized mineral rich salt particles that are breathed in as one inhales through the nose. Himalayan salt contains all the 80-plus minerals and trace elements found in the human body. The salt emits negative ions which counter the positive ions emitted by cellphones and electronics. Diseased cells are electron deficient, so submitting the body to an electron-rich environment can be very helpful. The potential benefits of salt therapy are wide ranging. Salt levels affect the activity of all of our cells, our energy and many bodily functions. Salt is known to have antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it can loosen mucous thus opening airways, which results in improved breathing.

Bacteria breed in our four pairs of sinus cavities, thriving in the warm, moist environment. Sinus infections are very difficult to treat and antibiotics at best provide only temporary relief. It makes a lot of sense to me that if one can dry up the mucous by inhaling dry salt air which has antibacterial properties, bacteria will have a far less hospitable environment in which to set up camp. I read an article in an American magazine where the author says, “I went to a salt chamber and all I got were clear sinuses.” As with any such non-toxic therapy, the naysayers will demand scientific evidence. Dr Norman Edelman, Senior Scientific Advisor to the American Lung Association, suggests that potentially, salt therapy could be more than just a placebo effect. Most people with obstructive lung disease such as asthma or COPD cough sputum (a thick mixture of saliva and mucus) and trying to bring it up can be very distressing. Dr Edelman suggests that it's possible that salt therapy offers relief to these symptoms. For people with asthma, Halotherapy could be combined with a Buteyko course at Glenn White’s Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Ponsonby. I don’t need convincing. Halotherapy certainly has a place when it comes to many respiratory conditions. At Prashant’s salt cave six people can experience Halotherapy at the same time. As I see it, a salt cave is not a bad place for an individual or a group of friends interested in a pleasant peaceful and inexpensive therapy that could have quite PN significant wellness benefits. Dr Oz is a big fan too. (JOHN APPLETON) F To find out more Prashant can be contacted on 09 390 7886 or 022 060 8886. www.saltcave.co.nz APPLETON ASSOCIATES, T: 09 489 9362, appletonassoc@xtra.co.nz, www.johnappleton.co.nz


Libra (the Scales): 24 September - 23 October You can get away with behaving the way you are only for so long, then it gets boring. Your support network will keep you going until you come to a stop. The more you have fun and play around, the more work you’ll have to catch up on.

Scorpio (the Scorpion): 24 October - 22 November You should, if you try, be able to direct your energy into something positive. Even if you get distracted, look at it as being a positive force that’s expanding your mind.

♐ Sagittarius (the Archer): 23 November - 22 December

Whatever is on your mind, you should try and act upon it when you can. Just rearrange your routine to accommodate these new thoughts and enjoy them.

♑ Capricorn (the Goat): 23 December - 20 January

You can be creative and act like a genius but remember not everyone gets it. Fortunately you have people around you who support you and whatever you do. Try not going to any extremes though.

♒ Aquarius (the Water Carrier): 21 January - 19 February

You seem to be getting exhausted just by trying to think of your next step. Take it easy by thinking clearly and your path forward will open up to you with ease.

♓ Pisces (the Fish): 20 February - 20 March

Trying to keep yourself as private as you can isn’t quite working and talking to yourself will lead to rumours. Share your life and all that it brings because without a bit of colour you’ll go unnoticed.

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♈ Aries (the Ram): 21 March - 20 April

You might think that everyone has their eyes on you this month. Even though you are making new relationships, they aren’t giving you what you need. Help or advice might come from an unexpected source, please don’t refuse it.

♉ Taurus (the Bull): 21 April - 21 May

You understand the word proactive but it seems that sometimes you can be more reactive to what’s going on around you. Don’t let anything impact you directly, try and find balance.

Gemini (the Twins): 22 May - 21 June There is always something in your way, possibly blocking your ambition. Tackle things head on if you can and you might learn something about yourself.

Cancer (the Crab): 22 June - 22 July You used to be able to juggle and put your mind to doing many things at once. Focus your interest on one thing at a time. Any repairs or chores at home or work that need to be done don’t have to be done immediately.

Leo (the Lion): 23 July - 21 August There is always something to be done and you seem to have always something to do. However, you need to prioritise the important stuff over the mundane. Don’t lose that spark before it’s begun to illuminate.

♍ Virgo (the Virgin): 22 August - 23 September

When the time calls for it, you have always stepped up and now it's time for a bit of thinking outside the box. You might find it supercharges your life and your whole routine changes. Go for it and embrace the change. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


BESTSTART MONTESSORI HERNE BAY Set in a beautiful villa, nestled in the heart of Herne Bay and open from 7.30am - 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, parents can choose full time or part time care for their children. The Montessori method is based on the careful observation of and response to each child’s individual needs and abilities. The Montessori trained and experienced team at BestStart Montessori Herne Bay creates a safe and nurturing environment in which your child is supported to reach their individual potential, within the learning community. Their Montessori programme offers a variety of daily activities to promote the holistic growth of your child (physical, social, emotional, academic). The team creates an atmosphere in which your child can develop respect for themselves, others and the environment. They believe each child is a unique individual with a vital role to play in the overall scheme of life on earth, and hope to instill the values of truth, peace, love and non-violence that will enable your child to make a positive impact on society. Newly appointed Centre Manager Crystal Jones says, “My motto is working with families to create an excellent first school experience. I understand that when families and teachers work together, it allows the best learning outcomes for everyone.�

Crystal brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, having 21 years’ experience in Montessori and Early Childhood Education, 10 of those also spent teaching the method and lecturing at conferences around the world. A Canadian native, Crystal ran her own Montessori centre for six years, before having the opportunity to manage a centre in Tauranga. Following a stint in India and some time back in Canada, Crystal returned to New Zealand in July to take up her role as Centre Manager at BestStart Montessori Herne Bay. Physical wellbeing plays an important role at BestStart Montessori Herne Bay and their outdoor environment changes to match the needs of the children. Teachers have the skills to improve fundamental movement skills: providing yoga, obstacle courses, games, regular walks, body awareness and enjoying the beautiful natural environment we have here in Auckland. Each child’s learning is documented through Storypark, an online portfolio where family and friends can follow their educational journey within a secure online environment. Call PN or visit them at their beautiful centre to find out more. F

BESTSTART MONTESSORI HERNE BAY, 44 Shelly Beach Road, Herne Bay, T: 09 378 8056, www.best-start.org

Montessori fosters confidence and independence

BestStart Montessori Herne Bay provides an environment where your child can explore and develop their wings of independence as they grow. Our Montessori trained teachers will guide your EJKNF QP VJGKT LQWTPG[ VQ DGEQOG C EQPĆ’FGPV lifelong learner. Children learn everyday skills and perform everyday tasks that take place in our calm, happy and fun environment. %QPVCEV WU VQFC[ VQ Ć’PF QWV OQTG 44 Shelly Beach Road, Herne Bay (09) 378 8056 | mont.hernebay@best-start.org www.best-start.org The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Mary-Jane Thompson, head of the rumaki unit (Whanau Pounamu) at Kowhai Intermediate, has strong connections to Ponsonby. Tell us about those connections - medium within this area; attending Newton All my children have been educated in Maori Central School, Richmond Road School, Kowhai Intermediate, Nga- Puna o Waiorea, and Auckland Girls Grammar. Where did you go to school? Although born and bred in Birkdale on the North Shore, at college my teacher, Mr Achlee Fong Ah Chong, convinced me to move to Auckland Girls Grammar. Subsequently he moved to Nga- Puna o Waiorea, where he is still fondly remembered.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR As victims of council's consenting blunder, it has been distressing to see this issue misreported in the media. With a growing family, we have been trying, like many others, to get consent to extend our little villa. After spending more than two years and tens of thousands of dollars we had finally managed to battle through council bureaucracy to get building consent. Now, through no fault of our own, and despite fully complying with council's rules, our build is at risk with no certainty of the outcome.

What sparked your te reo M-aori journey? The catalyst for real change in my learning was a moment when I heard my Samoan husband speaking with his mum. This was the language she knew. This was who she was. I loved hearing the conversations she and my husband would have and to some extent I was envious.

This issue has been presented as a case of nasty developers illegally building giant monstrosities to the disadvantage of their neighbours. This is utterly false. In all cases the home owners or builders have fully compiled with all laws and regulations. This issue primarily affects those owners who have designed plans that fully comply with council's rules for the special character overlay area - any designs that exceeded the rules would have already gone through a process of seeking neighbours' approval.

I wanted that connection and understanding for my own tamariki and felt they were missing out. I enrolled my son at kohanga reo and as my son began his journey in te - so did I. reo Maori

The issue is that in developing the new Unitary Plan the council failed to correctly specify how the special character rules should apply - the Environment Court has now decided that under the current plan the standard residential single house zone rules should also apply. The key differences between these two sets of rules are that the special character area overlay allows a slightly higher height-to-boundary ratio (3m as opposed to 2.5m at the boundary - both allow the same maximum height of 8m) and larger building site coverage for smaller sites (standard residential allows 35% of the site to be built on, special character allows 40% for sites between 300 sq m and 400 sq m, rising to 55% for sites of 200 sq m or less). The special character rules also provide protection for existing heritage buildings, by restricting alterations and demolition (these rules still apply - this issue does not affect heritage protection).

What about your own te reo M-aori education? Modest te reo classes early on blossomed into advanced classes through Te Ataarangi culminating in my graduation from Te Wananga o Takiura. Having grown up around very - myself, I feel blessed that I am able to share the taonga (treasure) that little te reo Maori - with today's generation. is te reo Maori - our students are given an I truly believe that through knowledge of te reo Maori - lens. understanding of who they are through a Maori What is your favourite whakatauki (proverb)? “Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatou mahi.” Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work. I began teaching because I wanted to make a difference and I am reminded of this when working with our young people. I can honestly say I love what I do and am humbled at being a part of so many young people's lives. What is the connection between Kowhai Intermediate and the Western Bays schools? - immersion unit within Kowhai The Maori Intermediate (Whanau Pounamu) is part of the Kahui o Waitemata. Aligning with Te Reo o Mata (the Maori medium collective within our Community of Learning) is encouraging ongoing development and strengthening of our - medium kura in the Western Bays area. We are committed relationships with the Maori - medium make a seamless transition from primary through to helping students in Maori to secondary school and beyond. What is your role in the Kahui o Waitemata? - Ako. This leadership role I have been appointed as a Within School Teacher for the Kahui - values that encourages these enables me to teach in a space underpinned by Maori things. I love the challenge to engage students and provide a positive experience. When you are not at kura? Food, food, food! I won’t say no to a good cafe for lunch and a catch up. I enjoy being with whanau and friends. They help me to re-centre and re-energise. I am also the unofficial whanau baker; creating all our birthday cakes and treats. This is crazily stressful and relaxing all at the same time.

The purpose of these special character rules were two-fold - to ensure new development reflects the form of the existing character buildings, which are usually built close to boundaries, and to enable a reasonable level of development on sites that are by tradition much smaller and narrower than standard residential sites (the residential single house zone has a minimum lot size of 600 sq m, a size that is rarely found in the special character areas). These additional building rights also help balance the greater restrictions that apply to special character properties. The special character rules in the Unitary Plan introduced in December 2016 are largely the same rules that have applied for the last 20 years under the Auckland City District Plan (which also allowed 3m at the boundary for height to boundary, and larger building site coverage: from 41% for a 400 sq m site to 55% for sites 200 sq m or less for properties covered by the special character overlay). So let's be absolutely clear - it is not the neighbours that have lost out over this issue. Instead neighbours have now gained an advantage they have not held before - the ability to object to a development that has compiled with all necessary council consents, and which follows the same design rules that have largely existed for 20 years. True, this right can only be enforced by an application to the High Court, but this has always been the case for those who want to object to a consent granted by Council. (It is also the case that an objection will only succeed if the objector can prove they will suffer significant adverse affects as a result of the breach - it is not sufficient to merely oppose the development.) This issue does just not affect the 430 properties that have resource consents 'misassessed' by council. Many properties across the special character will now be unable to be developed without the consent of their neighbours - even in cases where those neighbours have already built up to the same levels under the previous planning rules. Auckland Council has already said that will be correcting this error in their planning rules. Unfortunately this fix will be at least a year away. Anyone considering an extension to their property should look into this issue, and consider whether it is necessary to delay their projects. In the meantime, I hope that neighbours can find a way to approach this issue with goodwill, acknowledging that those attempting to build have acted entirely in accordance to with the rules, and having invested significant amounts of time and money now find it all at risk through no fault of their own. Given the delicate position we now find ourselves in regarding negotiations with our own neighbours I respectfully withhold my name.

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FUTURE GENERATION RICHMOND ROAD SCHOOL GALA Richmond Road School - Te Kura o Ritimana was established in 1884. The school enjoys international recognition for its focus on language learning, particularly children’s heritage languages in the Maori, Samoan and French bilingual units. The school celebrates its multiculturalism and diversity, and develops students who are recognised for their growth mindset, empathy, tolerance and generosity of spirit. We really are “"Growing Together As One.” This year we celebrate our biannual gala and invite you to join us for a fun-filled family day out. Get a taste of our multi-cultural community by enjoying French and Samoan cuisines, grab some mussel fritters, fried bread or home baking for the sweet tooth. Find some gems in our second-hand book and toy sale, and let the kids have fun on the bouncy castles or pony rides. There will be face painting and a stage with entertainment

d a o R d on m Rich School

all day or enter in our raffle and auction to get something for yourself while donating to our school at the same time. Our goals for the gala are to fundraise for safe, shady and engaging outdoor play spaces now that the construction has been complete from the 2013 arson attack on our original school hall. Plus we need new books for our multi language school library. See you on Saturday 10 November, 11am-4pm, Richmond Road School - Te Kura o Ritimana, 113 Richmond Road. F PN RICHMOND ROAD - RITIMANA - GALA BROUGHT TO YOU WITH SUPPORT FROM BAYLEYS

er b m e ov N 0 1 y a Saturd 11 — 4pm

Proudly supported by Bayleys Ponsonby and Luke Crockford, altogether on your side. LICENSED UNDER THE REAA 2008.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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PUPPIES DUMPED UNDER A BRIDGE HAVE BEEN ADOPTED A litter of puppies that was dumped under a bridge has been officially up for adoption and the exciting news is that just a few days ago the last puppy, Horatio, walked out the doors of SPCA with his brand-new family. Horatio, Hana, Helix, Hollie, Halsey and Harold are no longer cold, weak and scared. They are happy, healthy and have left SPCA to have the best life they could have asked for. All six puppies now have a loving home, and it's all because of the kind people who generously donate to SPCA to enable it to do this work with animals in need. Harold was the first puppy to find a home. He lives with a young couple who were so excited to adopt him. Helix was the second puppy to find his new family. He lives with a friend of an SPCA Inspector and has no worries other than figuring out how to play with all his toys at once. Hollie was the third puppy to be adopted. She is currently trying to make friends with the resident cat. Hana was the fourth puppy to win the lottery. She has moved to a lifestyle block with another dog.

Halsey was the fifth puppy to find her happy ever after. She has a large family - the more people to shower her with love the better. And Horatio went home 10 days after his siblings. He lives with a family of six and adores his new two-legged brothers and sisters. When they were found huddling under a bridge, they were shivering, dirty and tiny. Their shelter was cardboard, and all they had for warmth were their dirty fur coats. It was heart breaking. To all who donate to SPCA, thank you for giving them food and warmth while they were at SPCA. Thank you for helping them grow big and strong. And most of all, thank you for giving them happiness. Your support means the world to SPCA and means everything to them. F PN Pictured above L to R: Halsey, Harold, Hollie and Helix www.spca.nz/protectanimals



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SPCA ANNOUNCES NEW FUNDRAISER, AS ANIMAL WELFARE COMPLAINTS HITS RECORD HIGH SPCA is recruiting Kiwis to walk the distance from the Earth to the Moon with their four-legged friends to raise funds for the charity as animal welfare complaints continue to increase. The newly created event titled ‘Walk Your Dog to the Moon’, will see Kiwis and their pups uniting to walk an impressive 385,500 kilometres to raise money for animals in need. More than 8000 animal welfare complaints relating directly to dogs were made in 2017 - nearly 5000 more complaints than any other animal. Each year the demand for SPCA support grows, with more animals being brought to local shelters for care. Earlier this year, SPCA compiled their annual statistics and in 2017 alone, SPCA received more than 15,500 animal welfare complaints - the highest recorded to date. SPCA CEO, Andrea Midgen says, “Seeing a rise in the number of animal welfare complaints year on year, shows we continue to have a significant animal cruelty issues in New Zealand. Creating engaging fundraisers for the public is vital to ensure that we continue to help more than 45,000 animals that come through our doors each year.” Registered Moonwalkers will be invited to an official launch event in their region in the first weekend of November, which will feature a group walk and provide an opportunity to meet fellow fundraisers and their dogs. Locations include: Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Wellington and two in Auckland. “The demand for our services has never been greater. We wanted to bring our supporters a fundraising initiative that is relevant to them and in this case provides a healthy activity for them and their dog to do while raising much needed money for

SPCA. We have high hopes for Walk Your Dog to the Moon and hope the public get behind it,” Midgen adds. For the first time, SPCA will be introducing their very own Furbassadors, created to encourage those who don’t have a dog of their own to get involved. The Furbassadors are cartoon creations of SPCA rescue dogs who have now been rehomed. The fundraiser has been designed to offer a meaningful and interactive virtual experience which will show participants how their efforts are impacting animals at local shelters and an online tracker which allows participants to remain up to date with how many kilometres others have walked via the website homepage. “Walk Your Dog to the Moon was created as the number of animals who need our help keep increasing. We firmly believe that a fundraiser with a direct connection to the animals we protect will excite existing supporters and attract a new generation of SPCA heroes,” Midgen says. With local events, competitions and the introduction of Furbassadors, SPCA aims to raise at least $150,000 nationwide through Walk Your Dog to the Moon. All funds donated will be used to directly help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals. F PN A $12 registration fee applies to each participant which includes a doggy pedometer, doggy bandana and a welcome pack. You can register for Walk Your Dog to the Moon at: www.walktothemoon.co.nz

@ SPCA – PLEASE CAN I COME HOME WITH YOU? Many animals just like Ryder, Pearl, Thomas and Jinx are waiting for a forever home. Adopt an SPCA animal today and in return you will be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love. www.spcaauckland.org.nz/adopt

Together we’re walking the distance to the moon to raise money for animals in need. Sign up and add your kilometres to the nationwide total.

Create your profile now at walktothemoon.co.nz Proudly supported by




Pearl The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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report card 2 0 1 7

report card 2 0 1 7

name: C h a r c o a l W a d e

name: C o p p e r W a d e


Scottish X West Highland Terrier


2 years


Golden Retriever X Boader Collie


2 years




class: l Budleigh Gardens


class: l Woodbury Park


Overall Behaviour


Overall Behaviour

best achievement

Discovering that he does in fact have brakes!

best achievement

needs some work

Learning to wait nicely at the gates.

needs some work

core subjects

physical education

Taking the move to Woodbury in their stride and making some new friends. Copper is pretty much a star at everything so I’d say work on not being so darn gorgeous Copper!

social studies

core subjects

physical education

social studies



ball & tug


gregarious / outgoing




ball & tug


gregarious / outgoing




chase & wrestle


amiable / charming




chase & wrestle


amiable / charming




interactive games


reliable / thoughtful




interactive games


reliable / thoughtful


best friends

best known f for or

best friends

best known f for or

Alba Staples,Daisy

Making the most of their day

Doug Jennings,Skylar Pereira,Chica

The most loving and sweet

Malpas,Lewis Baker,DuoDuo

and loving life.

Xian,Copper Wade,Nessie Phibbs

Jenkins,Snoop Dog McDermott,Skudder Ngaropo-Tuia,Ruby Donoghue,Camilla Tynan,Charcoal Wade,Beni Koster

friendship with pretty Miss Camilla.

overall comments

overall comments

A real staff favourite, Charcoal knows how to charm us all with

Copper has had a great year, graduating to Woodbury Park and

his infectious personality and cheeky grin. While he has been

making new friends. We are so proud of how far he has come and

working hard on his manners this year, he would benefit from

would love to see him make even more friends next year. We love

continued practice. We just love seeing that gorgeous face and

his positive attitude and zest for life.

excited wiggly bum in the morning.

BARKLE Y MANOR 2 0 1 7 - 1 0 T H Y E A R A N N I V E RS A RY

76 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018

BARKLE Y MANOR 2 0 1 7 - 1 0 T H Y E A R A N N I V E RS A RY



report card 2 0 1 7

report card 2 0 1 7

name: L u p i n C a n d y

name: M a g g i e L e n g

breed: B i c h o n F r i s e

breed: M i n i a t u r e S c h n a u z e r


12 years


class: l Colehill Cottage

3 years

class: l Colehill Cottage

Overall Behaviour

Overall Behaviour

best achievement

Being top of the class when it comes to cuddles.

best achievement

Becoming more confident when it comes to going through gates.

needs some work

Making an effort to express their excitement in a less verbal manner.

needs some work

Becoming more social and making more new four-legged friends.

core subjects

physical education

social studies

core subjects

physical education

social studies



ball & tug


gregarious / outgoing




ball & tug


gregarious / outgoing




chase & wrestle


amiable / charming




chase & wrestle


amiable / charming




interactive games


reliable / thoughtful




interactive games


reliable / thoughtful


best friends

best known f for or

best friends

best known f for or

Wolfie Domke,Archie

Always having plenty to say!

Molly Skinner,Viveka Calvert,Maddy

Picking her favourite teacher

Tribbe,Harry Tribbe,Daisy

and becoming their shadow.

Riddiford,YY Yang

Walker,Coco Kenny,Enzo Howard,Ruby Everett,Roxy Jones overall comments

overall comments

A real staff favourite, Lupin knows how to charm us all with

Gorgeous Maggie has had another great year, a real teacher’s

his infectious personality and cheeky grin. Whilst he loves

pet with her delicious face and sneaky secret approaches. We

chatting with classmates and teachers, he is encouraged to work

are so proud of how far she has come and would love to see

on his volume control. A real cheeky monkey, his antics sure do

her confidence grow even more next year. We love her spirit and

keep us on our toes.

bravery, she is an amazing student.

BARKLE Y MANOR 2 0 1 7 - 1 0 T H Y E A R A N N I V E RS A RY

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

BARKLE Y MANOR 2 0 1 7 - 1 0 T H Y E A R A N N I V E RS A RY


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


PONSONBY PROFESSIONALS: METROLAW Got a legal question? Ask michael@metrolaw.co.nz


With spring in the air, I am looking forward to the longer days, and hopefully a long warm summer. I have owned my property for a number of years now and we have some nice views from the second floor living room out to the ranges, but I would love to maximise the views and longer days by adding a deck off the living room. I’ve spoken to some friends about my idea but they said it might not be as straight forward as just building the deck? Do I need to let the council know? Do I need to talk to the neighbour about it too? I really just want to build the deck and get it sorted as soon as possible, does it have to be so difficult?


Thank you for your query. Building a deck sounds like a great way to enjoy the view and the longer, warmer days!

Your friends are right in that it is not just as simple as building the deck. There are a number of things that you will need to consider before you begin the build. You will need to determine whether you do require council sign off (consent and Code Compliance Certificate) and whether you need to discuss it with your neighbour(s). Currently, any deck that is higher than 1.5m requires council consent. As you have said it will be built from the second floor, it sounds likely that it will be higher than 1.5m. The council may also consider the pre-existing site coverage, and the deck foundations, and whether they would be obstructing any pipes, etc, on the property. The council may also consider the size of the deck and whether the deck would have any impact on any neighbouring properties. It would be good to talk to the council for more information before you begin the process. If you are intending to engage a builder to do the work for you, you should discuss the council consent process with the builder. The builder may arrange the council sign off for you, but you want to be sure from the beginning who is responsible for arranging this.

Depending on the type of property that you own, you may need to discuss this with your neighbour(s). If your property is a fee simple, and there are no restrictions on your title (or any council restrictions), you should not need to get consent from any of your neighbours. However, the nature of the deck may have some impact on this. If your property is a cross lease, then usually the terms of the lease set out that you cannot make any structural alterations to the property without obtaining neighbour consent. The addition of a deck would be considered a structural alteration, and you would therefore need to obtain consent from the other cross lease owner(s). It would be a good idea to get their consent in writing too, especially if you wanted to sell the property one day, as any prospective buyer may ask for a copy of it. Depending on the type of deck that you build, you would need to consider whether the flats plan on the cross lease title needs to be updated. If the deck is covered and attached to the house, you would need to update the flats plan, which can be a costly and timely process. If you have a unit title property, you should first discuss the intended work with the body corporate to see whether they would agree to you doing the work. If they do, again, you would need to look at updating the title to reflect the new footprint of the property and see whether this would have any impact on your unit entitlement, which may affect your body corporate levies too. Before you commence the work, it would be best to discuss the project properly with the council, a builder and a lawyer who can review the title for you and advise you based on your particular title. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to assist you PN further with this. (MICHAEL HEMPHILL) F Disclaimer - This article is for general information purposes only. If you have a legal problem you should seek advice from a lawyer. Metro Law does not accept any liability other than to its clients and then only when advice is sought on specific matters.

METRO LAW, Level 1, 169A Ponsonby Road, T: 09 929 0800, www.metrolaw.co.nz


CALL for a wide range of free,

up to date and confidential information about: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Citizens Advice Bureau

0800 FOR CAB or 09 376 0392 510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn www.cab.org.nz

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Related party capital gains The Inland Revenue department has brought in new legislation related to capital gains and their taxation in New Zealand. The new rules became effective from 30 March 2017, they significantly reduce the reach of related party capital gains and now the legislation provides several workarounds in terms of getting these gains out to the shareholder tax free. The concept of a capital gain is incredibly important, it is defined for tax purposes as: • a gain relating to the disposal of property • capital gain where no part of the gain is assessable income of the company • capital gain distributed from another company on liquidation • revaluations under herd scheme under EC16. Prior to the legislation changes in March 2017, related party gains were previously excluded from the definition of capital gains, and therefore were taxable when distributed to shareholders upon the company wind up. Furthermore, the related party definition was very large, and could capture capital gains arising from the sale to associated persons/parties. Post March 2017, the capital gain/loss now only applies if: • the disposal is between two companies that have

85% common voting interests or market value circumstances at the time of disposal, and • on liquidation of the company with the capital gain, the owner of the property that gain arose from has common voting interests or market value circumstance of 85% or more. What does this mean? The new rule significantly reduces the reach of related party capital gains, resulting in the ability to work around this rule with potential restructures. There are essentially two outs, one when the asset is sold and the other at the time of the wind up of the company. The new rule can cover gains prior to the legislation start date, meaning that if a company has existing gains (prior to March 2017) then these can be distributed tax free, provided that the amount being distributed is after 30 March 2017. This can resolve previous issues if we have a situation where a company has not wound up its operations, even if there is a tainted capital gain sitting in that company, there is the opportunity to re-structure before liquidation and distribution. In practice, this means that there are several situations where capital gains are tax free on liquidation and distribution.

1. A capital gain arising from the sale of the business to an entity other than a company (i.e. a trust), there is no related party capital gain and therefore gain may be distributed tax free on wind up. 2. Company sells its business to another company (while the companies are associated, they do not have common voting interests of greater than 85%), gain can be distributed tax free on wind up. In summary, related party capital gains will apply if the transaction is company to company (if the sale of the business is to a non-company, then it doesn’t apply) and those companies have a 85% common voting interest at the time of sale, and they have 85% common voting interests with the owner of the property at time of wind-up. The new rules are much more reasonable and easy to apply, and provides opportunity for taxpayers to manage their tax liabilities resulting from the sale of assets or a business, provided they have planned accordingly. PN (LOGAN GRANGER) F Disclaimer - While all care has been take, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about.

JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701, www.jacal.co.nz

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Award-winning garden from 2017 NZF&GS

THE NEW ZEALAND FLOWER AND GARDEN SHOW The Trusts Arena, 28 November - 2 December At this year’s New Zealand Flower and Garden Show, over 200 exhibitors will come together to showcase their horticultural and design talents. We chat to Herne Bay local, Sue McLean, one of the judges at this year’s show and one half of McLean Landscapes. Where did your passion for gardening come from? I was imbued with a love of gardens from a very early age. My parents were avid gardeners and as a child I had my own flower bed planted with my chosen seedlings, and even exhibited in the local flower show. What’s the most extraordinary garden you have designed for a client? Having lived and worked in Herne Bay and Ponsonby for over 30 years, it’s been a privilege to have created many different gardens, those that spill down to the natural beauty of the inner harbour’s edge and more intimate gardens in the heart of the suburbs. Perhaps the most memorable has been for the Auckland Cancer Society at Domain Lodge. Built entirely on the carpark roof, it has developed into an oasis of peace and comfort. What are your favourite design trends? I’m loving the move away from highly structured gardens. The latest themes emerging are for gardens to ‘be’ in, rather than to ‘look’ at. Geometric lines and hard surfaces are becoming softened by broken edges and flowing naturalistic plantings featuring mixes of flowering perennials, grasses, edibles and ornamental shrubs. As a judge at this year’s New Zealand Flower and Garden Show, what are you looking for? The judging process follows prescribed categories and standards. Key elements will be a visual ‘wow’ factor, originality of design, the quality and appropriateness of the plant material, which naturally occurs together, and quality of construction.

Colin & Sue McLean Why do you think it’s important for New Zealand to have a national horticultural show? It is very important to feed garden-hungry New Zealanders with an inspirational garden show that celebrates modern horticulture and design. With garden lovers from around the world flocking to shows such as Chelsea and Floriade, we must foster the opportunity to position New Zealand as a garden show destination. If our readers could visit an international garden, where would you recommend? The Alhambra in Granada for centuries-old sublime inspiration, and The Australian Garden in Cranbourne, Victoria for astounding contemporary design on a grand scale. Finally, what are some garden design tips and tricks you can share? No tips and tricks - identify how you want to feel in your garden! The best gardens are those which make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The New Zealand Flower and Garden Show, Tickets available from TICKETEK. For more information visit www.nzflowergardenshow.co.nz

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FRENCH COUNTRY’S 18/19 SUMMER COLLECTIONS ARRIVING IN STORE NOW Summer is on its way and we’re looking forward to embracing a sense of tranquillity as we transition to longer days, warmer weather and al fresco entertaining. French Country’s Summer 18/19 Collections are about creating a retreat for the senses where we can relax and unwind. The core colour palette and materials take inspiration from nature, with a move away from bright whites and cool greys to natural, softer tones of nude, sand, sage and off-white. These are complemented by natural woods, rusted metals, and interesting textures such as peeling paint finishes and embroidered textiles. This is ‘the season of green’, with many of nature’s green hues featuring across our range. Summer textiles are ‘natural with a twist’. Always unique, this season’s cushions are a little bit special; textured cottons and linens with embroidery, frills, ruffles, tassels and frayed edges. Our muted stone-washed cushions will be on everyone’s wanted list this summer. Furniture is white-washed or natural woods and rattan, as well as relaxed sofas with slip-covers in cobalt, fog and sand colours. A must-have for summer lounging is our gorgeous French-style rattan day bed. Visit the French Country Collections store to pick up a catalogue and see the first of its new season arrivals. F PN FRENCH COUNTRY COLLECTIONS, 6 Jervois Road, www.frenchcountry.co.nz

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@ CITTA - LIVING IN STYLE OUTDOORS 1. Apex Board Enjoy the sunshine with friends with a grazing platter on hand. 2. Hurricane Lantern Light a few candles to create outdoor ambience as the sun goes down. 3. Harvest Planter Create an urban jungle outdoors or in with this lightweight planter.


4. Dine Linen Tablecloth Dress up your outdoor table for sophisticated social gatherings. 5. Net Cube Bean Bag Relax outside on the lawn with comfy multi-tasking furniture. 6. Tube Jug with Clear Handle Fill this elegant glass jug up with refreshing iced water. 7. Segment Tray Carry your drinks with ease and style with this minimal oak tray. 2

8. Hand Forged Cutlery A must-have to accompany your grazing platter goodness. 9. Grid Handwoven Linen Throw Cover up with a lightweight linen throw as day fades to night.


10. Riga Hand Loom Floor Cushion Cover Add a touch of softness and a pop of bright citron yellow outdoors. www.cittadesign.com


5 7 6



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HOPPERS’ RETRACTABLE ROOF PUTS OTHERS IN THE SHADE This stunning new bar shows what’s possible with a state-of-the-art retractable roof system. When Golden Dawn closed its doors for good, Kate Sylvester took over the interior. That left the garden area available for a new tenant and a new look. This prime site on the corner of Ponsonby and Richmond Road was surely the perfect spot for a cool new bar. But how do you make the most of a site that’s all garden and no interior? Enter the Omega Pergola. Manufactured in New Zealand by Shade Elements from parts imported from Europe, this retractable roof system provides allweather functionality for outdoor spaces. Robust and translucent, Omega Pergolas are especially well suited to hospitality businesses that need to maximise seating (and thus turnover) in the fickle New Zealand climate. The shape of the Hoppers site provided a significant challenge, as its angled dimensions couldn’t be covered by the standard square or rectangular roof. So Shade Elements designed a unique solution incorporating three independent pergola roofs, with no need for posts in the middle. This creates an uncluttered look - and more room for paying customers. When the sun comes out to play, part or all of the roof can be smoothly retracted to allow patrons to bask in the warmth. Alternatively, the

84 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018

entire space can be fully enclosed in cloudy or chilly conditions. The entire roof is translucent, flooding the bar with natural light. Hoppers has been able to make the most of its fitout budget, with its custom-built Omega Pergola costing much less than a permanent structure. Shade Elements Manager Aidan Harwood says that many hospitality businesses find an Omega Pergola delivers excellent functionality at a realistic cost. By creating an all-weather deck or garden bar from an under-utilised space, they can increase covers and keep their business pumping throughout the year. The new space soon pays for itself, as customers love the informality of sipping a drink or sharing a platter ‘outside’ while being protected from inclement weather. Why not drop into Hoppers on your next stroll down the strip? With 18 craft beers and a selection of botanical gins, plus a mouth-watering menu of small and large plates, it’s the perfect place to while away an hour or three. Then cast your eyes skyward and admire the unsung hero of this sophisticated new space - the Omega Pergola that makes it all possible. F PN www.shadeelements.co.nz



ADD OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE TO YOUR HOME With summer around the corner, we can look forward to making the most of being in the great outdoors. Our homes, whatever their shape or size, are the first place we should consider when it comes to spending time outside. An increasing number of Kiwi homeowners are making the investment and having awnings, pergolas or vertical awnings fitted to their property. These simple solutions can effectively add an extra room to your home and allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Technology and the aesthetic design of awnings has vastly improved in recent years, which means no longer compromising on functionality over style. Artisan in Mt Eden specialises in awnings and has noticed the increase in demand. The Weinor awnings range, for example, is a German-made brand exclusively available at Artisan, has a palette of 200 colours to choose from and that’s just for the metal work. The range of Teflon-coated fabrics is equally as extensive in colour and pattern and is state-of-the-art manufactured to hold colour, repel dirt, water and oil and to give the optimum in UV protection. Call in for a chat with the experts at Artisan and discover your options for great outdoor living this summer. F PN ARTISAN, 31a Normanby Road, Mount Eden, T: 09 302 2499, www.artisancollective.co.nz

VertiTex II – the ultimate in vertical sun protection. Exclusively at Artisan, 31a Normanby Rd, Mt Eden. artisancollective.co.nz/collections/shades

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FAKE FLOWERS - VERSATILE AND LASTING When it comes to fake verses fresh flowers, the debate has long been, which is best. Fabulous Faux Flowers owner Anthony (Tony) Hart says for him it is fake flowers all the way. He loves their versatility and that they can do things regular fresh flowers can’t, other than the smell, otherwise you can buy one of Tony’s English fragrance candles. It was during a trip to Europe he noticed a proliferation of fake flowers being sold and used in a variety of ways. He believed fake flowers to be the future and he wanted to be a part of it. He set out to find the best suppliers who happen to be in China. Because, he says that’s where the best fake flowers are from. That was eight years ago and since then Tony has worked solely with fake flowers. He started retailing them about five years ago. Fabulous Faux flowers supply to corporations for reception areas and corporate functions, for hotel lobbies and rooms and for television programmes. It supplies grass and flower walls to interior designers, and it makes personal flower arrangements for birthdays. It

works with weddings where it can arrange flowers throughout the church or just in certain areas and set up wonderful arrangements for the wedding reception. “For weddings it’s always special,” says Tony. “We work closely with each client to ensure the flowers meet the expectations of each client. We can go overboard for religious weddings or create simple elegance for the romantic look. “I sometimes help with arrangements, but in the main l hand that duty to our award -winning international florists, who between them have many years of experience and several awards to show for it. “I love working and living in Ponsonby. It is the part of Auckland if something’s happening, it’s happening here - it’s where it’s at. I’ve lived in the Herne Bay and Ponsonby area for over 30 years and I have always loved the vibe. Ponsonby people are amazing and up PN to date with what’s happening here and worldwide and that’s so good.” F

FABULOUS FAUX FLOWERS, 293 Ponsonby Road, Three Lamps, M: 021 748 393, E: anthonyhartesq@yahoo.com,

Hotels | Restaurants | Weddings | Film Sets | Birthdays | Flower Walls | Grass Walls Call 021 748 393 or email anthonyhartesq@yahoo.com | Follow us on Instagram & Facebook | 293 Ponsonby Road The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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@ COAST Gift with purchase during the month of October at COAST. COAST is kicking off spring with a fantastic offer in store and online during the month of October. When you purchase any two Marine Bean XL or Marine Bean Chairs or a single Isla Chair or Lounger, you will receive two free Sunbrella Throw cushions* It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy the long summer evenings. F PN *While stocks last. Stock colours in 60 x 60 size. Come in store at 77 Ponsonby Road, parking is on Colin Shaw Lane T: 09 354 4552, www.coastnewzealand.com

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1. Olive Chair; 2. Corbel Lamp; 3. Marionette Horse on stand, 850mm high x 650mm long; 4. Handmade Metal Antelope, 400mm high

Furniture ૛ Interiors ૛ Objects ૛ Art ૛ Consultancy 30 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, Auckland ૛ 021 265 8113 Mon-Fri 10-5 ૛ Sat 10-4

STEPHEN CASHMORE DESIGN STUDIO, 30 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, T: 09 524 8553, www.stephencashmore.co.nz, www.stephencashmoredesignstudio.nz





021 771 171 fixbuilders The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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GIVING BACK Next Move Realty Limited based in Grey Lynn is a boutique real estate marketing company with innovative ideas and marketing concepts. Next Move Realty principal Denis Cooksley has over 30 years’ experience at all levels and in all categories of real estate; he is a qualified Licensed Agent, an Associate of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the holder of a Diploma in Real Estate. Denis says, “We are not part of a large corporate or franchise system, so we have the freedom to be creative and do things differently where we can give back. As a truly independent agency, without the flashy office and administrative staff, we can keep our operational costs down. “It is a massive decision for people to sell their property,” says Denis. “So, the idea is to help them by alleviating much of the stress from the process.” Next Move Realty Limited is pleased to offer its clients a full real estate marketing service at the very competitive commission rate of just 2% plus gst. Its marketing programme offers a full rebate of marketing costs to the value of $2500. This is rebated back to you after a successful unconditional sale of your property has been achieved by Next Move Realty. After the completion of an unconditional sale of your property and from the commission Next Move Realty makes, it will donate $500 in your name, to either the Breast Cancer Foundation or the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand. There are good reasons why these charities are being supported by Next Move Realty. A couple of years ago Denis successfully recovered from prostate cancer and more recently one of his much-loved real estate colleagues unfortunately passed away from breast cancer. He says, “This is a small donation to assist the great work these charities are doing for Kiwis diagnosed and suffering with cancer. I’m at a stage in life now where I want to give back because I’m very grateful to have a second chance at life - and that is mostly thanks to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.” In addition to the generous options offered by Next Move Realty, it continues to give through other services and provide advice to help the selling process, in particular preparing your house for sale.

NEXT MOVE REALTY’S TOP TIPS FOR PREPARING YOUR PROPERTY FOR SALE Street appeal The old saying ‘first impressions count’. A buyer makes up his or her mind whether this is the house for them in six seconds. Three seconds from the car to the front door, and if that passes the test, then three seconds once inside the front door. If the house doesn’t pass the six second test the rest of what they see is a blur. House washing A thorough house and window wash can make an amazing difference to the presentation of your property. This need not cost a lot, there are a range of products that spray and scrub or spray and leave, on the market, they all take away hours of work, or Next Move Realty can recommend a competent professional. Home staging You may want to employ the services of a professional home staging company or if you choose to go down the DIY track. A declutter of the entire house is a good start, you may need to give a room a fresh coat of paint, clean the carpets and purchase a few colourful cushions to brighten up

the room. Next Move Realty can discuss the requirements with you prior to putting the property on the market. Gardens Should always appear to be low maintenance. Trim back trees or hedges in contact with the house, remove leaves from pathways and from around trees. Spreading mulch over unloved areas always looks good. Exterior maintenance Most homes need a little TLC from time to time. A little paint here and there, fixing that broken window latch, securing the broken gate or fence, all of these are small tasks but can make a huge difference to the presentation of your home. Other services Next Move Realty offers onsite ‘for sale’ signage, a Lim report and bird's-eye aerial photography. It can provide an independent rental assessment, development of promotional architectural floor plans, interior and exterior photography and Denis will personally conduct all open homes.

Denis is local, he is very approachable and he has years of real estate experience. So, if you are thinking of selling then it would pay to give him a call and arrange to have an initial chat over coffee. NEXT MOVE REALTY LIMITED, M: 021 167 3685, E: denis@nextmoverealty.nz, www.nextmoverealty.nz

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1. Newport nine-drawer in clear oak (also available in kauri and various finishes) - $6690 2. Large Tumblehome coffee table - $5980 3. A range of Newport and Tumblehome coffee tables is available. Built for your special requirements from $3220 4. Tumblehome nine-drawer chest - $4690 ROSE & HEATHER, 406 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895, www.roseandheather.com

When you buy from Rose & Heather.. it’s all about the finer detail . . .

www.roseandheather.co.nz 406 Great North Rd | Grey Lynn | t: 09 3762895 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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GREY LYNN PRESCHOOLERS DIVERT YOGHURT POUCHES, TOOTHBRUSHES AND COFFEE CAPSULES FROM LANDFILL The children at First Steps preschool in Grey Lynn are diverting non-recyclable yoghurt pouches from landfill on behalf of the community as part of a recycling programme operated by Fonterra. In doing so, the preschool has the chance to win a pack of lunch bags and pencil cases made from upcycled yoghurt pouches, in a national recycling competition called the Fonterra Snap, Recycle & Win competition. First Steps Grey Lynn is also collecting oral care waste, Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee capsules and plastic food storage waste to recycle in three other recycling programmes operated by TerraCycle in partnership with Colgate, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Glad. Once the yoghurt pouches, oral care waste, coffee capsules and plastic food storage waste are collected, First Steps Grey Lynn packs and sends them to TerraCycle, who shreds, cleans and melts them down into raw materials to create garden beds, park benches and playgrounds. Additionally, for each kilogramme of yoghurt pouch waste sent to TerraCycle, First Steps Grey Lynn earns $1 as a donation, plus $0.02 per unit of oral care waste, per Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee capsule and per unit of plastic food storage. Chelsea Compton from First Steps Grey Lynn said that TerraCycle’s free recycling programmes have helped the centre increase the amount of waste it recycles.

Everything we touch turns to SOLD!

Professional Passionate Patient GREG NELSON 021 842 235 g.nelson@barfoot.co.nz

“We’re a sustainable centre and want to recycle as much as possible,” Chelsea says. “With TerraCycle we can keep more waste out of landfill and, at the same time, teach the children about sustainability.” Locals can help First Steps Grey Lynn win the upcycled prizes by dropping all brands of used yoghurt pouches to the preschool for recycling, while those interested in recycling their yoghurt pouches, oral care waste or coffee capsules are encouraged to visit www.terracycle.co.nz

It’s what you want from your agent. But why settle for one when you can have the extra level of attention and expertise of two? With decades of experience between them, and well known in the industry for going the extra mile and delivering a premium price, Anah Jordan and Greg Nelson have joined forces with a philosophy based on integrity and transparency to become your trusted go-to team. Maximum results. Minimum fuss. Exceptional service. ANAH JORDAN 022 127 9080 a.jordan@barfoot.co.nz

09 376 3039 / barfoot.co.nz

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VISIT OUR AUCKLAND SHOWROOMS NEWMARKET SHOWROOM: 7 Melrose Street, Newmarket | 09 379 3084 TAKAPUNA SHOWROOM: 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna | 09 488 7201 kitchensbydesign.co.nz


@ DAWSON & CO 1. FLEX Armchair by COVE OUTDOOR Its name chronicles both its function and its form. Crafted using the finest teak and a shape that gives a lightness of form normally not associated with the materials employed. 2. ALEXANDER Armchair by COVE OUTDOOR ALEXANDER exclusively uses plantation teak wood - widely regarded as the best timber for outdoor use due to its longevity as seen in the boat building industry. Not all teak is created, we hand select every panel of the finest grade teak only taking the most durable and clean panels.

2 1

3. REGISTA Armchair by Manutti The lattice back has the natural look and tactile appeal of rope. It is handwoven using an innovative weather-resistant fibre; also used to covers the armrests. The slim, elegant profile of the Regista chair is made possible by using powder-coated stainless steel. It allows the arms and backrest to be thin yet very strong. 4. TOSCA Armchair by TRIBU The Tosca Chair is simultaneously warm and inviting, stylish and intriguing. Rounded forms, tapered legs and an elegant seating shell in powder-coated stainless steel, upholstered with extra-wide braiding.

3 4

DAWSON & CO, 115 The Strand, Parnell and 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, T: 09 476 1121 www.dawsonandco.nz


Retail, restaurants and recreation all on your doorstep ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

-BSHF TFMG DPOUBJOFE SPPNT BOE BQBSUNFOUT 4FMFDUJPO PG NFFUJOH SPPNT )PNF PG UIF 4VSSFZ 1VC 'SFF DPBDI BOE DBS QBSLJOH )BQQZ )PVS QN QN The Surrey Hotel 465 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand Phone + 64 9 378 9059 Fax + 64 9 378 1464 Email reservations@thesurreyhotel.co.nz www.thesurreyhotel.co.nz

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HOME & REAL ESTATE 25 YEARS OF AWARD WINNING DESIGN Mal Corboy Design Kitchens, Bathrooms & Interior Design 021 322 599 60 College Hill Freemans Bay www.malcorboy.com










Full details on our website:

www.investrealty.co.nz Invest Realty Ltd, MREINZ, Licensed Agent REAA2008 Graham Anderson, Ph 021959403 Email graham@investrealty.co.nz

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A JOURNEY TO HELP STRENGTHEN AND EMPOWER ARTISANS AND THEIR COMMUNITIES IN AFRICA In a world over populated with mass-produced products, Asante Homeware provides an opportunity for you to rediscover the beauty and talent of handcraft. There are thousands of people around the world, particularly women, who are involved in the artisan sector. This work creates jobs, increases local incomes and preserves ancient cultural traditions that in many places are at risk of being lost. Kim Richards, owner of Asante Homeware, sold up everything, left the corporate word and spent three months travelling through Africa to meet with such artisans and source products to bring back to New Zealand. The passion came from a love of Africa, beautiful homewares and a desire to do something more meaningful. The sale of every product has a direct impact on the livelihoods of the artisans who create these works, as well as their families and communities. It’s also an opportunity to bring these works of art to a place in the world, they otherwise would not be able to. Asante Homeware offers a wide range of homewares, jewellery and accessories on their online store. You’ll also find them at Ponsonby Central in October and again over the Christmas period. ‘Asante’ means ‘thank you’ in Swahili. F PN To read more about the artisans, the ASANTE HOMEWARE story, or to shop their products visit www.asantehomeware.co.nz




1. More like pieces of organically beautiful art, the Ankole cow horn range is from Uganda. Each piece is completely unique in its colouring. 2. A variety of gorgeous handwoven pure bamboo fibre throws from Swaziland. 3. Simply stunning statement pieces for your home one-of-a-kind wall hangings intricately hand crafted by Maasai women in Tanzania. 4. Baskets of all shapes and sizes, handwoven in Swaziland and Rwanda.


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HOME & REAL ESTATE The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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@ DESIGN WAREHOUSE 1. Dining Set - Dine outdoors in style for summer 2019 with our newest style. The Orgain Table and Nairobi Pure Dining Chairs in a delightful moss green colour is the perfect setting for two. It’s modern and fresh with an organic flavour. 2. African Safari Accent Tables - Add a natural and raw vibe to your space with our new African Safari Accent Table and Stools. They can add warmth to a modern setting or complete the look of a vintage-inspired space. There are over 70 styles of accent table to choose from, visit the showroom or see the entire product line on their website. 3. Nairobi Wing Relaxing Chair - Create a stylish and chic outdoor space for relaxing with our new and glamorous Nairobi Wing Relaxing Chairs. They are grand and fit for a king and queen. The tall backs and bucket seats allow you to slide back and relax. These are new and in stock! 4. Bay Collection - Summer 2019 is coming! And now is the perfect time to add deep seating furniture to your outdoor space. The Bay Teak and Rope Collection shown here is a customer favourite. It’s dreamy and inviting, and you can create the set that will fit your space with the sectional pieces. The Sunbrella Cushions are free as shown with the purchase of deep seating products as shown on our website! DESIGN WAREHOUSE, 137/147 The Strand, Parnell, T: 09 377 7710, www.designwarehouse.co.nz

1 2



WARDrobe $2285


Spring SALE New

BOOKboy 2 Bay 5 High $1860


20% OFF

COSYbunk $2595


Limited time - see website for details

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THE FIRST DEDICATED HALO AND ARTWOOD SHOWROOM OPENS IN PONSONBY JI Home is an interior design lifestyle concept store predominately showcasing the brands Halo and Artwood. The launch of the first home store in Ponsonby has over 400 square metres of fabulous furniture, homewares, lighting, flooring and accessories for all areas of the home; inside and out. Johnston Imports has been working with Halo and Artwood for over a decade and is excited with this new venture. The Halo Group, founded by Major Philip Oulton, began life as Halo Antiques in 1976. Major Oulton loved fine furniture and had an eye for attractive antique pieces, which he bought from local people and then sold on within the UK and throughout the world. His love of beautiful furnishings has been passed onto his sons. Today, Timothy Oulton and his dedicated team now run the company and continue the family tradition of supplying high-quality, beautiful furniture inspired by the company’s British heritage. Halo uses the finest materials to develop its distinctive designs in -house, allowing the team to create quality furniture that looks good and has longevity. All the furniture is hand-crafted, making each piece unique. The use of traditional techniques and tools adds to the overall quality and durability of the furniture. Halo has a reputation for designing and manufacturing distinctive, innovative furniture. Influenced by

iconic designs of the past and present, the Halo collection is a testimony to timeless elegance. Artwood was founded in Sweden in 1969; a family business that still dares to go its own way. After long journeys to the East they took home exotic materials that are today the basis for Artwood's design. One could say they have taken inspiration from the American east coast mixed with a sense of the pulse of the city and rural life or a house by the sea. They call it Artwoodstyle - elements which together form a natural sense of quality in your home. Artwood's basic materials are rattan, wood and textiles. As nature has its nuances, Artwood’s furniture has a soul and every piece of furniture tells its own story. A home reflects one's personality it should be an inspiration and a place to relax, enjoy and socialise. Each style speaks for itself, and product ranges can be mixed and matched to suit your personal PN style. Come into JI Home and be inspired. F JI HOME, 36 Pollen Street, www.ji.net.nz

Huge selection of Kilim Cushion Covers. Just landed. All sizes. Stunning colours & patterns.

Kilim Cushion Bonanza 53 WOOD STREET | FREEMANS BAY

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION & OPENING HOURS PLEASE PHONE MARY ON 021 211 8904 | mkelly@xtra.co.nz | www.marykellykilims.co.nz

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APARTMENT LIVING – THE MODERN LIFESTYLE New Apartment Developments – Apartment Furnishings and Home Décor

LET OUR READERS KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT Contact joannebarrett@xtra.co.nz www.ponsonbynews.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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HEIDI PADAIN: ENTERTAINMENT IN YOUR GARDEN My external environment has morphed into a construction site - except it's more like an avian reality TV show. The birds are quite competitive. It's not just how they establish their nest building territory, but the fact that they seem to be showing off. In the past month or so, I've had all sorts of birds linger close to, or on the deck rail. They stop, strike a pose with their building material, and then whip off back to work. I'm keeping a close eye on them all, of course. I do try not to interfere, but to be honest I am still haunted by what the mynah birds did this time last year. The sparrows seem to have forgotten. I find this incredulous. The nest invasion in the pohutukawa tree was ghastly, and I for one don't wish to hear it again. I've taken up hissing at the mynah birds whenever they get close to the sparrow's nest. The sparrows will be successful this year. I certainly don't favour our non-native birds, but bless the cafe clean-up crew; they really do deserve to win the pohutukawa penthouse this year. I know that I said, "I don't like to interfere," but it's hard not to be tempted to feed our feathered friends. It all started with one pukeko who I named Uber Blue. Then, word got out. You can't just feed one or two it seems. You see, the pukekos and the ducks, they can see me from across the road where they reside near the stream. All I have to do is step out onto my deck. Nek minute! There’s a stampede of ducks and pukekos making their way up my driveway. It amuses me that they don't fly over. It's quite funny to watch. No, really, it's hilarious. The sound, however, is not so amusing. I wouldn't mind so much if they weren't so noisy. They are really noisy. The prehistoric pukeko squawk combined with the noisy ducks' quack is quite the aural pollution. What on earth will my neighbours think of me? I'm embarrassed to say that I've taken up hiding whenever I hear them coming. The birds, and I, have gone quite bonkers. Gosh! I really PN do love spring. (HEIDI PADAIN ) F

To see some of Heidi’s other photographic work, go to www.flickr.com and type Heidi Padain into the search box, or, you can contact Heidi by email hidihi@xtra.co.nz, or look her up on Facebook... Heidi Padain Photography.

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LOCAL NEWS THE COMBINED PROBUS CLUB OF PONSONBY Our Ponsonby Probus Club is in great shape and our last meeting was our 17th birthday. To celebrate, we had a gorgeous iced birthday cake made by one of our members, Pat Milliner, as well as delicious mulled wine made by our vice president Ron Collis and his wife Raywin. Following the birthday break came our guest speaker David Ellis who is a senior member of the Auckland Museum staff; his talk with projector show was most interesting, there is so much more to learn about the museum than one would realise in a single visit. Talking of guest speakers, in the past we have had a lot of special people; amongst whom was one of our top actors Jennifer WardLealand. In mid 2016 and later that year, the lady who was soon to become our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Our normal meetings resume at 10am on the third Tuesday in the month on 15 October. We have excellent guest speakers booked for

the rest of the year and also have a 5-minute speaker from our own members at each meeting, it is very rewarding to hear about their family and background. The club is delighted to welcome visitors to any of our meetings, do come along and say hello; look out for me, or our vice president Ron Collis and if you enjoy the experience and want to come again, feel free to do so. Give me a call on my home line 09 378 7922 or my mobile 0210 636 344 if you have any questions. (BARRY CLAPHAM, PRESIDENT, THE COMBINED PROBUS CLUB OF PONSONBY) F PN

A very approachable property expert with over 26 years in Auckland Real Estate

2017 TOP Salesperson Barfoot & Thompson, Grey Lynn branch Year ending 31 March 2017

Over 26 years selling Auckland real estate has awarded Repeka a substantial knowledge base and 26 years of shining testimony

027 499 0855 I r.lelaulu@barfoot.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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REAL ESTATE UPDATE: KAREN SPIRES Questions have been raised as to whether Auckland’s residential housing market could experience a similar drop in values as has occurred in some of Australia’s major cities. According to the latest figures from Corelogic, house prices in Australia have fallen for the eleventh consecutive month, with a 5.6% decrease in Sydney house prices in the last year. House prices in Melbourne have fallen by 1.1% over the last year. In the latest Property Focus report, ANZ economists said many housing markets around the globe had seen a cooling off in average values. London’s housing market has experienced 2% drop in average values since the UK’s decision to exit the European Union. Property prices are also falling in Beijing, China, where new policies introduced have caused a drop in the number of sales. The ANZ economists believe the slowdown in the Australian housing market is most significant for New Zealand because the two countries’ banking systems are directly linked, as many New Zealand banks are owned by Australian parent banks. Both counties have also benefitted from the same global investment trends of recent years including lower interest rates. Is it possible we could see the Auckland property market influenced by what is happening across the ditch? Auckland has the most in common with Sydney, owing to both cities being popular amongst foreign investors and are also the least affordable cities to purchase property in their respective countries. While property markets go through cycles of rising and falling, a considerable fall in prices is not predicted for Auckland. What we have seen in Auckland is rather a stabilisation of the market following a sustained period of rising prices. The Auckland property market also

has a lot of factors underpinning it. Least of which is the continuation of low interest rates which the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has predicted could persist for as long as the year 2020. Auckland continues to have a considerable supply/demand imbalance with the shortfall in houses estimated to be around 46,000, which continues to give resilience to house prices. The latest statistics from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) showed Auckland had its first year-on-year increase in six months, with a rise of 1.4%. REINZ chief executive Bindi Norwell said above average temperatures in the final month of winter had helped the Auckland property market to break through six months of flat prices. “Great properties are selling well, and it is the ‘downsizers’ that list most of these houses,” she said. “Vendors are more pragmatic in negotiations, and if the offer is close, they are more likely to accept the offer, while investors still have higher price expectations. If more properties come to market over the coming months, it should be a good spring.” With the spring housing season already underway, indications are the market will remain on a relatively steady course for the rest of the year. With property website Realestate.co.nz reporting an additional 8739 properties listed for sale in August, compared with 7508 in July, this suggests that vendors are gearing up for the spring/summer season. PN Thanks for reading. (KAREN SPIRES) F

Karen Spires AREINZ, M 027 273 8220, E karen.spires@bayleys.co.nz, www.karenspires.bayleys.co.nz

RIALTO DISTRIBUTION ANNOUNCES THE NEW ZEALAND FILM VERMILION WILL RELEASE IN CINEMAS 8 NOVEMBER Vermilion is a stunningly beautiful meditation on life, death and the strength of family and friends in a summer of crisis. Local resident Jennifer Ward-Lealand takes the lead role of Darcy in Vermilion in a welcome return to the cinema screen. Her portrayal of Dorothea in the iconic feature film Desperate Remedies earned her the Best Actress award at the International Festival of Fantasy Film at Sitges, Spain in 1993. Other feature films include Fracture, The Footstep Man and The Ugly. She has made multiple TV appearances including Auckland Daze, Dirty Laundry, and played Isobel Kearney in New Zealand’s long-running soap opera, Shortland Street. Jennifer is also known for her recent theatre role as Mrs Warren in Mrs Warren's Profession. In 2007, Jennifer was named an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to theatre and the community. Celebrity composer Darcy (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) sees colours when she plays musical notes - synaesthesia. When she notices her vision is disrupted by the colour vermilion, she knows she needs help. While planning the wedding of her daughter Zoe (Emily Campbell), surrounded by her loving friends Sarah (Theresa Healey) and Sila (Goretti Chadwick), she secretly makes her own plans. F PN Watch the official trailer here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NKf7Ky4O94&t=5s

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FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT Tui Mamaki, likely best known to many as the voice of the band Mamaku Project, is back with her first solo record since the end of Mamaku. It comes after an adventure to Bulgaria that became a turning point in the music Tui was creating, experiencing and presenting. "When I was a kid I listened to lots of folk music from around the world, because Mum and Dad were really into music for theatre and dance and just travel. In that music collection was the record Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares [The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices]. I fell in love with it as a kid and, as a kid, when you love something, you feel it right through, you are consumed." This was the beginning of an interest that would take a back seat for some time in Tui's musical journey before a tour in 2011 with Mamaku left her with time to tick off some bucket-list adventures. She went to Bulgaria for two weeks and had a strong connective experience, met many good people and was encouraged to return and study at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts of Plovdiv. Tui returned to Aotearoa, got herself a degree in jazz performance, and went to Bulgaria to do her postgraduate study. "I went, and I was supposed to go for nine months..." She stayed for nearly three years, prompted by the end of a relationship and the subsequent end to Mamaku Project. "I was deep in my study, I didn't speak the language yet but I did have the school to go to and I was absorbed in this. The snow was coming and I was getting really lonely, and so I bought myself a guitar. I just started to play for comfort, just to keep busy and there's something about the wood in your arms, vibrating with the strings, that is very warming - it's like a home fire." Tui wrote alongside her studies and songs came to her. "I was curious, watching myself from above, as this was a biggie, I didn't know what was going to happen. Musically everything was getting quite stirred up as I was studying, things I'd been in love with but never gone into the nitty-gritty of. Even though I'd considered myself a singer, I was getting my mind blown and it felt like I was starting from scratch with the vocal teachers over there."

Tui wrote about 13 songs in this time, eventually recorded 11 of them and from those selected a handful, which became the haunting, simple yet complexly metered album, Fly. "I felt I had become so used to working with other people that I wondered if I'd be able to psychologically complete a project alone." Tui flanked herself with the book The Artist's Way and used the techniques and exercises within to transcend well disguised blocks and surpass the myriad of opportunities to give up. Part of the challenge was how to capture the audio most tenderly. She researched the types of microphones that had been used on some of her favourite albums. "Rokia Traore has an album called TchamantchĂŠ, which has to be my favourite vocal record, and so, good old internet, I found the engineer who'd done the vocals. And, good old internet, I wrote to him and he wrote back. He was very kind and gave me all the info, and so I asked him if he was still working as an engineer." Tui found herself in the South of France recording her album, travelling back and forth to Bulgaria. "I went for a weekend and we recorded, and he wanted to mix it first to see if we both liked it. On the way home from that weekend, I listened to the mixes on the train and started bawling my eyes out. I realised that the music I had imagined in my mind actually existed." That was the beginning of that step in the life of Fly. This is one of the best albums to be released in New Zealand in 2018. It is unique, captures the essence of Tui Mamaki and shows how this deep, rich and vibrant culture has seeped into her ideas, her songs and her mind. Fly is available online from 2 November, and Tui will be kicking off her national release tour with a performance at the Unitarian Church on Ponsonby Road on Sunday 11 November at 7.30pm. She will be joined by the wonderful Basant Madhur on Tabla. PN (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F

photography: Vampyr works

For more www.tuimamaki.com or on Facebook tuimamakimusic.

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BROWNE SCHOOL OF ART TURNS FIVE Browne School of Art is excited to be have reached its 5th birthday. They'll be having a celebration evening during Artweek (6 - 14 October) along with the opening of Anton Chapman's exhibition 'Arcadia: Beautiful Subversion'. Since founder Matthew Browne opened the school in October 2013, the school has expanded to include considerably more studio teaching space which in turn allows for a much broader range of courses on offer. Courses include our more immersive year-long teaching programmes designed to accommodate a sequential pathway of study across painting levels 1 to 4. These courses stand alongside a selection of part-time day, evening and short art courses for teenagers and adults wishing to develop their experience of drawing, painting and printmaking. Due to popular demand, the school also opens for summer schools which run from 7-20 January 2019 with an exciting selection of courses across a broad range of genres, media and approaches. These courses are an excellent way to study with an intensity and focus unattainable during regular weekly term-time day and evening courses. Browne School of Art would like to take this opportunity to thank all its wonderful tutors who have generously shared their knowledge and experience. Their commitment to excellence is an inspiration. Also, thank you to all the students who have all provided support and loyalty.

The school has grown over the past five years to be a vibrant, creative community, and Matthew says they look forward to continuing to deliver professional art courses for many more years to come. F PN

BROWNE SCHOOL OF ART, Level 1,194 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, T: 09 378 8985, www.browne.school.nz

irthday olo show rt week

We’re excited to celebrate Browne School of Art’s 5th birthday! Join us Saturday 6 October 5 - 9pm. Featuring new paintings by Anton Chapman, Arcadia: Beautiful Subversion a confrontation between artist, surface and medium.

6 - 14 OCT 2018

194 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auck. 1021 www.browne.school.nz

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The Wallace Art Award Winners and Travelling Finalists exhibition, Pah Homestead, TSB Wallace Arts Centre, Until 4 November

2018 Paramount Winner: Imogen Taylor, Refusal to Yield, 2018, Acrylic on hessian. Courtesy of the artist.

The 27th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2018 Ground Floor Galleries, AV Gallery & Upstairs Foyer until 4 November 2018

The 27th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2018, with prizes totalling over $275,000, was presented by the Governor-General, The Rt Hon Dame Patsy Reddy, at the Pah Homestead, TSB Wallace Arts Centre on Monday 3 September 2018 at approximately 7pm. This year the Wallace Arts Trust received 515 entries from which 83 were selected as finalists. From the finalists, a selection has been chosen for the award winners and Travelling Finalists exhibition, and the remaining works are represented in the Salon des Refusés. The annual Wallace Art Awards profile outstanding examples of contemporary New Zealand art. Through establishing the awards in 1992, Sir James Wallace aimed to foster, honour and support the practices of visual artists. Over the years, some of New Zealand’s most prominent artists have entered and won, and the residencies awarded to the winners have transformed their careers. Past winners have included Bill Hammond, Fatu Feu’u, Elizabeth Thompson, Gregor Kregar, Sara Hughes, Judy Millar and André Hemer. The awards are, collectively, the richest available to New Zealand artists. Differing from other major art prizes, the Wallace Art Awards provide broadening experiences to the six major winners by way of residencies. Artists can submit work in the mediums of painting, sculpture, audio-visual, print, photography, drawings or interdisciplinary arts. As well as the six residencies there are three monetary prizes and one non-monetary prize.

Bill Hammond, Watching for Buller, 1993, Oil on canvas, Part of the Wallace Arts Trust Collection.

Bill Hammond Something is happening here Ballroom 6 November 2018 – 3 February 2019 Opening Celebration: Mon 5 Nov 2018, 6-8pm 1

2018 - The Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award Winner: 1. Imogen Taylor with her work, Refusal To Yield (2018) Acrylic on hessian, 1100 x 2050mm. Other 2018 Wallace Art Award winners are: Kaipara Wallace Arts Trust Award: 2. Peata Larkin, They Don't Speak My Language (2018) Acrylic on embroidered silk. Larkin receives a three-month residency at the Altes Spital in Solothurn, Switzerland.

Susan Te Kahurangi King, Untitled, 2009, Ink on paper. Courtesy of the artist and Robert Heald Gallery.

Susan Te Kahurangi King Little, Little, Big Entrance Foyer, Drawing Room & Morning Room 6 November 2018 – 3 February 2019 Opening Celebration: Mon 5 Nov 2018, 6-8pm The Pah Homestead, TSB Wallace Arts Centre 72 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland Open Tue–Fri 10am-3pm, Sat and Sun 8am-5pm www.tsbbankwallaceartscentre.org.nz

WALLACE ARTS TRUST The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



Fulbright Wallace Arts Trust Award: 3. Emma Fitts, Unknown Cloak (2018) Handdyed woollen underlay. Fitts receives a 10-week residency at the Headlands Centre for the Arts in San Francisco, USA. All winners' names and artworks' names can be found here: wallaceartstrust.org.nz/2018-winners/


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FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT It's the 10th anniversary for a little community festival that's at the heart of primary school music every year, In Our Beat. Mary Cornish, the artistic director for nine of the last 10, gave Ponsonby News the insight on how this festival came to be and some of the quirks that are now a big part of it. "It didn't exist before 2008 and so there was no local schools' music festival. There was in other areas like the North Shore and Papakura, but we didn't have one and, at the time, I thought this isn't right. We have to have one.

Mary has been blown away by the fact that the quality of items goes up each year and always has done. "These events are very important, especially given the attrition for funding for music and performing arts over the last 10 years. These community events that are totally volunteer-run are great for schools to have a focus and something to work towards. There are all sorts of different capabilities within schools, but we provide the songs, they teach them and we put the event together."

"Schools would get together to play sport, but that was always competitive, and I wanted to see schools get together and do something through the arts. That's how the festival evolved."

Some schools don’t have dedicated music or performing arts teachers, and In Our Beat is a reward for teachers, while offering children a place to perform and even a chance for teachers to upskill themselves.

Ten years later this idea sold out the Dorothy Winstone Theatre (in 2017) and required a move for 2018 to the Victory Church in Westhaven, a bigger space!

"It's a collaborative thing between the music teachers (or whoever the school sends along). Paul Curtis, from Ponsonby Intermediate, is really into it and suggested that instead of backing tracks his school band would be able to play the songs for mass choir, and so now we get them to do that."

"This year we've decided we only wanted to do one night, we've done two in the past but it's quite hard for a school to bring their little kids for two nights. The Victory Church is local, it'll fit us all and ticked all the boxes." While the schools change a little each year, depending on who has the time to commit, there was always a core group of stalwarts - Bayfield Primary, Ponsonby Primary, Ponsonby Intermediate, Marist School, Freemans Bay Primary and Pt Chevalier School. Richmond Road and Grey Lynn Primary are right in the mix these days. "The format hasn't changed much over the years, it's supposed to be put together with the least amount of fuss possible. The schools get given a bunch of songs, and we put together a bit of a theme for the event. We didn't used to have rehearsals but we have one for the mass choir now." The concert is in two halves, the first half features individual items from each school, and then is followed by the mass choir in the second half. "Schools have to produce an item that gets them on and off the stage in five minutes. They have to take everything off and on with them, those are the only restrictions. So within that we get all sorts of things. The kids get very excited about watching what the other schools come up with, it's very supportive and very collaborative."

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Alongside this, Lewis Eady, which teaches many of the band instruments in schools, decided to put together an inner city band to offer these musicians an opportunity to perform at In Our Beat. They're called Bandits. "Those kids come together to have a couple of rehearsals and then get on stage, and if you're a teacher who plays a band instrument you also get roped in to playing." Mary, who plays the flute, will certainly be up there. "One of the reasons I thought In Our Beat was something we needed to do, was that our local community is very diverse. We haven't got St Joseph's this year, but they usually come along and always contribute something so special to the event." Last year the entire mass choir learnt a sa'sa' and they are doing this again this year, as well as performing a Samoan song. They like to keep it local and are performing a waiata that was written at the forming of the new Community of Learning. A night full of fun, excitement and opportunities, In Our Beat is the heart of the community. Tickets for In Our Beat are available at iticket.co.nz. You will find them at Victory Convention Centre on Wednesday 24 October. PN (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F



Tony Lane - Votives 4 October - 3 November Opens: 4 October 5.30 to 7.30pm Artist talk: 6 October 1pm Tony Lane has been painting for over 30 years, had more than 100 exhibitions, and had his works shown and bought internationally. Lane has studied under Don Binney, Gretchen Albrecht and Colin McCahon, to name but a few. In a 2015 National Business Review, John Daly-Peoples posed, “Tony Lane could be one of the great icon painters of his age.” Lane’s paintings sometimes look like they could be hung in the back of an old Italian or Spanish church, they wouldn’t look out of place because the symbolism hints at narratives and connections to older art forms while dealing with contemporary thinking. Tony Lane is interested in our time, our place on earth and within the cosmos. The paintings can be local, trees, hills, mountains, but they speak of journeys, isolation, meditation and devotion. If they are to be considered votives, they are also objects of veneration, objects offered in fulfilment of a vow. F PN Please contact rex@orexart.co.nz for details. OREXART, 15 Putiki Street, Arch Hill, T: 09 378 0588, www.orexart.co.nz



FOR AS FOR AS LITTLE LITTLE AS AS $$55 A M MONTH ONT H Your regular donation will help connect more school children with nature, empower people all


The Art of Tony Lane

over Auckland with sustainable living choices and develop and maintain a therapeutic garden. Join now at: www.kelmarnagardens.nz/donate

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

4 October - 3 November

15 putiki street, arch hill open tue-sat, 09 3780588


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ARTS + CULTURE @ ST MATTHEW-IN-THE-CITY First Tuesday Concert Pettman National Junior Academy 6 November at 12.10pm

A bang, not a whimper is the focus for the last concert in the 2018 First Tuesday Concert Series at St Matthew-in-the-City. First Tuesday has presented nine concerts during 2018 and will undertake more during 2019. The audience size has grown over the year as the quality of the music and charm of the venue has become more recognised. Young musicians from the Pettman National Junior Academy will play the last concert of the season in St Matthew’s. Pettman Junior Academy are acclaimed for their inspirational teachers and students who give outstanding performances. They can truly claim to be the finest music school and their November performance will be a chance for them to demonstrate their skill, and for an audience to enjoy great music in a beautiful space.


30 September - 26 October, as part of Artweek Auckland Penny Howard (Te Mahurehure - Ng-apuhi) Penny’s artworks focus on identity and many of them on her identity based on the mana wahine from her family and their stories. A red thread runs through all her paintings - world view to take the past with us into the future which is I nga- wa- o mua (the Maori for guidance). This exhibition, Mana Muse, is a series of portraits of contemporary, authentic, inspiring Wahine; leaders in their chosen professions, who advocate and stand up for women's rights today particularly within their fields, which include the arts, poetry, writing, teaching, politics and all are mothers. The wahine Penny is painting include Anika Moa, Sia Figiel, Marama Davidson MP and Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh, who are collaborating with her on how they want to be portrayed. During the exhibition Penny will host two art workshops. These workshops will focus on turangawaewae around a significant woman in each participant's life. This may include objects, cultural patterning, memories and stories told. We will be encouraging parents and grandparents to get involved. F PN WHITESPACE, 20 Monmouth Street, T: 09 361 6331, www.whitespace.co.nz

Director of Music at St Matthew’s Paul Chan says, “I’m delighted to have the Pettman Academy performing in our last concert for 2018. “Next year will bring more outstanding musicians and exciting programmes to be enjoyed by people on their lunch break in the city and visitors searching out good music. “The new Shigeru piano, the great Willis Organ and the superb acoustics will all play their part in 2019.” F PN www.stmatthews.nz

Pettman National Junior Academy Musicians playing with Heart & Soul Tuesday 6 November, 12.10-12.50pm Young musicians from New Zealand’s finest music school.

PENNY HOWARD 30 Sep–26 Oct, 2018

Mana Muse

Entry by koha. 20 monmouth st grey lynn auckland whitespace.co.nz

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Pulseart - Potpourri, 6 - 24 October, Opening: 6 October 2-3.30pm Pulseart is a group of four lesbian artists, based in Auckland. Potpourri can refer to a collection of diverse things. For us it’s a medium that collects, combines and interprets our diverse arrangements, colours, fragrances, issues and historical herstories through individual creativity. It echoes the alternative ways we each interpret our positions within our own community and the wider world. We bring together a medley of paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures; a patchwork of our separate and shared experiences. Exhibiting these collectively results in a potpourri of visual narratives through beliefs we hold in common. Lesbian history is not evident in the art historical canon of old masters. We have had to create our own - honouring the lesbian artists of the past who painted, drew, collaged and sculpted their view of the world. Women like Rosa Bonheur, Romaine Brooks and Gluck. Pulseart attempts to engage with the past and re-establish our place in the present. F PN

L to R: Cath Head, Sue Marshall, Fran Marno and Beth Hudson (front)

DEPOT ARTSPACE, 28 Clarence Street, Devonport, T: 09 963 2331, www.depotartspace.co.nz

Beth Hudson - Fearless, Fabulous and Female 2018

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

L to R: Sue Marshall - Missing 2018; Fran Marno - Green Armfuls of Unseen Purring 2018


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PARTNER A performance choreographed by Jennifer De Leon 28-29 October, opens October 28 at 6.30pm What do childhood, pain, age, bones, babies, light, air, harps, flutes, feet, passion, other people and precious moments have in common? These are our partners. Whatever road we take, they are alongside. 'Partner' is about the people/persons with whom we travel in life. Partner is 'the other' - could be my friend, my lover, the music, the light, my garden, my faith, the unexpected guest... Here I dance with a tattooed engineer; a child - perhaps the young me; a harpist whose baby is due in just a few weeks; a flautist who is a yogi; myself, and my God. I am born barefoot and alone I will die barefoot and alone Sometimes my friends come with me Often they go in the other direction I am alone - but not lonely The music, myself, and grace Accompany Me Tickets are $15 and $25. TAPAC, 100 Motions Road, Western Springs, T: 09 845 0295, www.tapac.org.nz

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ART, ART AND MORE ART Every year, as part of Auckland Artweek, we partner with a new and exciting art offering to bring a brand new range of art and artists to Ponsonby. This year is no different, we are joined by one of the city’s leading galleries, Gow Langsford. The pop up exhibition in the Sapphire Room will be focused on affordable artworks and will showcase works by some of the country’s leading contemporary artists. Accompanied by talks by artists and industry professionals, the presentation will be intended as an introduction to building an art collection. And like every year, we have loaded our pop-ups with art, art and more art. There will be four different art pop-ups over two weeks and, of course, our Brown Street art wall will be updated to feature more fresh al fresco art for everybody to enjoy.


2. John Pule, 2018, ‘Blue Night’ oils, enamels, inks and polyurethane on canvas, 500 x 500mm 3. Lindsey Horne, an artist whose work consistently explores what it means to be human, imperfect or otherwise.


1. Jack O’Neill, The Beach.


4. Sam RB returns to Artweek for a third year. Her new show celebrates the incredible birdlife of Auckland, shapes found in nature, and the awareness of life in our breathing.



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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


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We MANAGE and RENT Great property to Great people

Merrill Guttenbeil

Property & Rental Manager 021 37 47 57


T: 378 9560 M: 0274 746 507 E: Phillipa@hotpropertyrentals.co.nz 1/1 Franklin Road, Ponsonby www.hotpropertyrentals.co.nz


Clothing Alterations

Alter Ego Roong T: 09 376 8689

M: 021 032 9128

182-4a Jervois Road, Herne Bay E: ra_cha29@yahoo.com “I get all my bits & pieces done by the smiling helpful Roong... and she’s got Eftpos = sorted...” MARTIN LEACH

The Ergo Solution Designed for Humans ERGOHUMAN




NEW LOCATION 558 Rosebank Road, Avondale PH: 3691880 I E: sales@systemcommercial.com www.systemscommercial.com

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An environment to open minds that open doors. Come and experience our unique school environment for yourself.

Kristin provides an independent, co-educational school environment to help your children reach their full potential. The school is easily accessible via 20 Kristin-dedicated buses travelling various routes throughout Auckland.

YEAR 9-13

Limited Places AVAILABLE FOR 2019

Year 9-10 Tours: Wednesday 24 October 2018, 11:00am-12:15pm Tuesday 13 November 2018, 11:00am-12:15pm Year 11-13 Tour: Thursday 22 November 2018, 9:30am-10:30am

To register for a tour, phone Marg Cross on 09 415 9566 ext 2324 or email admissions@kristin.school.nz


32 Hukanui Crescent Ponsonby

16 Scanlan Street Grey Lynn

Exceptionally tuned in to what’s happening in the Ponsonby area, Karen’s your No. 1 property professional. For an outstanding result, let Karen direct your sale.

28 Tirotai Crescent Westmere

33 Peel Street Westmere

51 Albany Road Herne Bay

78 Beresford Street West Freemans Bay

For a free, no obligation market appraisal of your home please give me a call today.

KAREN SPIRES AREINZ 027 273 8220 karen.spires@bayleys.co.nz Bayleys Real Estate Limited, Ponsonby, Licensed under the REA Act 2008.



Ecostore, 1 Scotland Street Glengarry, Corner Sale and Wellesley Streets New World, Victoria Park

Rugs Direct, 108 Carlton Gore Road

GREY LYNN Barfoot & Thompson, 533 Great North Road Barkley Manor, 400 - 402 Great North Road Grey Lynn Community Centre, 520 Richmond Road Grey Lynn Community Library, 474 Great North Road Ripe, 172 Richmond Road Tapac, 100 Motions Road Vetcare, 408 Great North Road

HERNE BAY Herne Bay Post & Stationers, 240 Jervois Road Five Loaves, 206 Jervois Road Icing on the Cake, 188 Jervois Road Momentum, 182 Jervois Road

KINGSLAND Atomic, 420c New North Road

MT EDEN Citta Outlet Store, Corner Enfield & Normanby Road Sabato, 57 Normanby Road Studio Italia, 25 Nugent Street

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Ponsonby News is published on the first Friday of each month excluding January. Copies go quickly so be quick to collect yours from any of the following outlets. The issue is also published on our website www.ponsonbynews.co.nz

NORTH SHORE Rug Direct, Wairau Park Dawson’s Furniture, Mairangi Bay

PARNELL Jane Daniels, 2 Birdwood Crescent Parnell Community Centre, 545 Parnell Road

PONSONBY Askew, 2b Jervois Road Barfoot & Thompson, 184 Ponsonby Road Bayleys, 305 Ponsonby Road Countdown, 7 Williamson Avenue Leys Institute, 20 St Mary’s Road The Longroom, 114 Ponsonby Road Mag Nation, 123 Ponsonby Road Paper Plus, 332 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby Community Centre, 20 Ponsonby Terrace Servilles, Corner Jervois & Ponsonby Road Studio One, 1 Ponsonby Road

WESTMERE Glengarry, 164 Garnet Road


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2018


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