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RACHAEL CARTER, BOB OBAMA & AMBER HATTON The team at SOHO Wines enjoy a drop of their new rosé, Pink Sheep... ideal for summer living - P43

Thinking Real Estate? Think Chris Batchelor. With an extraordinary reputation built on his commitment to getting the job done, Chris has long been a trusted name in Real Estate.




28 Tirotai Crescent, Westmere

33 Peel St, Westmere

6/5 Curran Street, Herne Bay – September 2017




260 Jervois Road, Herne Bay – October 2016

6 Warwick Avenue, Westmere – September 2017

32 Herne Bay Road, Herne Bay – September 2016




57 Sentinel Road, Herne Bay – November 2016

28 Picton Street, Freemans Bay – November 2016

35 Wanganui Avenue, Herne Bay – March 2017




21 Picton Street, Freemans Bay – March 2017

40 London Street, St Marys Bay – April 2017

68 Scanlan Street, Grey Lynn – April 2017

Chris Batchelor Phone. +64 21 217 7026 Email.

2 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017




photography: I Love Ponsonby





P38: Sally James, Gerry Hill & Truda Chadwick enjoying last month's Ponsonby Market Day; P92: Blair Haddow tells us why he loves his favourite room; P110: Artist Jack Trolove speaks to the crowd at his opening at Whitespace Ponsonby.

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BIKE LANES IN AND AROUND GREY LYNN In reading the September issue of Ponsonby News, my response to David Smith of Bike Grey Lynn is: I see you agree with all the bike lanes out in around Grey Lynn but seriously I have yet to see one single person using them around the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn area. The new ones installed in Grosvenor Street don't make sense at all. Coming down from Great North Road, you can pass between through the first set on your bike only to hit the curb and end up in the garden in the second lot. No doubt now that I've pointed that out, the road workers will be back to dig it up since they seem to be madly digging up every street in Auckland Central - usually at night in case you have difficulty sleeping.

Ponsonby and Grey Lynn, in particular, were created as working class communities with little or no 'off-street' parking. People have bought and done up these properties with the understanding that public roads would afford parking when no off-street was available.

In response to Noelene Gillies, I suggest Auckland Council would rather have you on your bike in the bike lane to pop down to Farro for your milk. Years ago when they bought that space I hoped they would leave practical services rather than create a vacant park space, but no, the bike lane creation committee is building a park for you to cycle to. Their next move will be to turn half of Ponsonby Road into bike lanes.

In the October issue of the Ponsonby News, Pippa Coom (a keen cyclist herself) says leaving a car at home becomes more of a viable option for more people. Where does Coom suggest people “leave their cars at home” now when no alternative solutions have been found for the many who have no off-street parking?

I don't ever recall consultation on all these cycle lanes. I agree some are of value, but seriously, every road? And yes David, removing even one car park is a sacrifice. If you live, as I do, just off Surrey Crescent you will find that even the loss of one car park makes a difference with competition from houses with no off-street parking, cars parked from neighbouring streets with restricted parking limits and commuters looking to catch buses to town. Frankly I'm sick of friends having nowhere to park on the street. Sheryll Carey, by email CYCLEWAYS IN THE PONSONBY/GREY LYNN/WESTMERE AREAS I wish to vent my spleen at the unbelievably thoughtless and elitist actions of council in determining - against the wishes of the majority of people canvassed in public meetings - to install cycleways in the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn/Westmere areas. To add insult to injury, when trying to find out where the proposed, and currently being implemented, cycleways are, the council website maps are virtually unreadable. Secondly, prior to any such radical and invasive construction work being commenced, surely the logical approach would have been to: a) Improve public transport b) Secure alternative viable arrangements for those affected, eg residents parking and/ or alternative parking areas for use by locals. Putting to one side the enormous task of improving public transport, addressing local issues of parking in the relevant residential areas would seem to be a rational and productive starting point. No one can set up a cafe or a development without ensuring there is off-street parking provided for. Why can the council arbitrarily implement such a development as the cycle ways without providing compensatory parking options? Even resident parking that may be implemented from Richmond Road to the Arch Hill /Ponsonby side won’t be put into effect until April next year at the earliest, following consultations in November. Any residential parking for the Richmond Road to Garnet Road side isn’t even on the planners’ horizon so it could be at least one to two years before any consideration is given to parking for these residents. In the meantime, there are few, if any, remaining places to park. It is ironic that, even when residential parking has been introduced, as with Freemans Bay, a significant amount has then been taken away from all those living in Franklin Road by the imposition of cycleways both sides of the street.


8 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

(Nielsen Media)

It has taken some 20 years for the West Lynn shopping area to become a community hub with small traders, established businesses and a thriving community centre. In the space of less than six weeks the heart has been ripped out of it. Already businesses are relocating to areas that do provide for people to be able to park and shop.

It appears that no consideration has been given to the significant devaluation of home properties without off-street parking - without any commensurate compensation from council. It appears that scant consideration has been given to the small trader businesses which cannot afford to lose passing traffic able to stop and shop. Many houses in these areas are now 'cycleway-bound' with no provision for dropping off children, goods and groceries, no provision for tradespeople or visitors, etc, let alone parking overnight for the home dwellers. You can’t leave the car at home when there is no place to leave it. Further it will be increasingly dangerous trying to access homes from or to cabs or buses with cyclists flying past - more often than not with headphones on and oblivious to the slower children or elderly trying to navigate the cycleways. Given that Auckland is a volcanic city - not flat like Amsterdam, New York, etc - the likelihood going forward is that more and more cyclists will use electric bikes. This will only exacerbate safety concerns. In the short strip from Surrey Crescent to Fisherton Street in Grey Lynn 14 car parks are being taken away with only three planned to be remain with the new cycleway. These numbers are based on the site plans provided to me by a nice man at council who sympathised with the fact none of us could make head nor tail of the plans on the council website. One only has to drive past in the early morning hours prior to commuters arriving to see that those parks are taken by residents. Where will they park now? Coom says the new cycleways will mean new travel ways will have opened up via a connected and safe network and that the cycle network will have created a 44% increase in people on bikes using it - some 45,600 in 2016. What Coom does not say is that the majority of these people are using the cycleways for recreational use - at the expense of the majority of people who, in the absence of sufficient public transport, still need their cars to commute to work. Again, when comparing that cycling number with the actual number of people who live and work in Ponsonby/Grey Lynn/Westmere, this number smacks of elitism and evokes the Marie Antoinette quote, “Let them eat cake” with respect to all of us who live and work in these areas. The enormous impact of these elitist cycle ways is to deprive large numbers of homeowners of safe and nearby parking, thus diminishing the value of our homes. These highly disruptive cycleways are also sending many small trader businesses packing. Great thinking Goff and Coom. Happy cycling while we’re choking on your cake. Karen Soich, concerned resident, Grey Lynn LETTERS + EMAILS CONTINUED P16

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FROM THE EDITOR IT’S HARD WORK PRODUCING LOCAL NEWSPAPERS THESE DAYS. WE NOTE THAT Harbour News has ceased publication and we are forever grateful to our readers and advertisers for the support they’ve given us as we begin our 29th year of publishing in the greater Ponsonby area.

photography: John Elliott

The result of the election will still not be known as this October issue hits the streets. Winston Peters will not make his decision until the special votes are counted. Here in Auckland Central and Mt Albert, the campaign was vigorously fought but all candidates will agree that attacks on each other were few and far between. We congratulate Nikki Kaye on winning Auckland Central for the fourth time and Jacinda Arden for success again in Mt Albert. One sour note was the tagging on one Grey Lynn resident’s property who had used their democratic right to place a billboard on their fence during the campaign. Most locals we talk to have had enough of all the roadworks, which seem to be neverending but worst of all is this top down dictation of what Auckland Transport decides what our community should have. There needs to be greater local consultation. We at Ponsonby News support cycling initiatives but we are deeply concerned about the loss of parking outside many local businesses.

L to R: Joanne Barrett, Martin Leach, Jay Platt, Melissa Paynter and Gwynne Davenport dishes, award-winning restaurants and renowned chefs. It will be a foodie’s paradise with locals Miss Moonshine, Saan and Vodka Room - all taking part - P40.

While on the subject of AT, we still have not received a satisfactory response about details of spraying on our roadway berms. We have, however, verified Pippa Coom’s assertion that Ventia, the new contractor for city parks and reserves, is cutting down on the use of glyphosate and using mechanical means for weed management - P24.

Our cover stars this month are two of the team at SOHO Wines - Rachael Carter and Amber Hatton are enjoying their new Pink Sheep rosé with their beautiful dog, Bob Obama - P43. We offer our congratulations to artist Barry Fenton who raised $11,000 for the SPCA during a mammoth week-long exhibition in Ponsonby Central - P60.

The Trade to Trash Project launches Sunday 29 October and will give handy, thrift and eco-friendly Aucklanders the chance to display their up-cycling fantasies be it with tyres, textiles, plastic wrapping, billboards, whiteware or any other sort of waste they can re-imagine - P30.

We say thank you to Ray White Ponsonby who last month removed an estimated one tonne of rubbish from Cox's Bay and creek. It would be an ideal world where people cared about the environment and didn’t litter - P83.

Last month’s Ponsonby Market Day was a success, despite a wet and windy day. There was plenty of new music and people seemed happy that spring may be here at last - P38.

Our readers know we care about animals and animal welfare, and we were disappointed to hear about Moa Beer’s 'sheep' stunt which will do little to heal the rural urban divide. (MARTIN LEACH) F PN

Taste of Auckland once again is being held next month at Western Springs. There will be gorgeous marquees and bright sparks of culinary inspiration. There will be world-class

West Lynn shopping precinct works update

West Lynn shops are open for business Auckland Transport works are under way to upgrade the West Lynn shopping area. Although this involves some road narrowing, footpath disruption and side street road closure ** the retail stores are open for business as usual. Ki ng sle yS t



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St Liv ing sto ne Pe el St

a no ka Ha


ar kA ve

M ax we ll A ve

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Edwards Rd W ilt on

Fr an cis


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Ca st le

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**please see the displayed map for location and detour details eld St

W el lp

Baildon Rd

e St ourn Selb

Sta nm ore Rd

Browning St

No vehicle entry or exit

Closed to vehicle access

Grey Lynn Park

West Lynn is a unique enclave of boutique and specialist stores as well as several café’s and bars. They welcome your patronage and thank you for your continued support of local business.


Road detours

Browning St


Allen Rd


Francis Reserve

Dryden St


St ai ek tan Tu

Selbourne St

Wellpark Reserve

No vehicle entry or exit





Chamberlain St

e Av

Cockburn St

Arnold St


oo w ch ar

ille ckv Sa


St ck no ar W



ar W



ve kA

Jessel St

Hakanoa Reserve Richmond

te es


Farrar St

ve rA



ille ckv Sa



t dS lan ore stm We



W eb be rS t

Hakanoa St and Tutanekai St Road closure map

For our full programme of works and timings, and up to date information go to

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


DAVID HARTNELL’S ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW Collin McCool has just moved into the Ponsonby area as the new chef at the Surrey Hotel in the heart of Grey Lynn. What was your childhood like? I grew up in the 90s when kids could ride their bikes on the street until it was dark, no one knew where we were unless we were at school or home, there were no cellphones and Sega was king. Your dream holiday? Riding a Harley across America, I couldn’t think of anything more relaxing and exciting at the same time. Your bucket list? I don’t have one, as I believe life is a journey, you have to enjoy the ride and not wait for the destination. Your most treasured passion? Cooking is my passion; there is something truly humbling about hospitality. What is the most Kiwi thing about you? I’m as Kiwi as one can be. I can’t fly, I’m only active at night and will probably only live till I’m 40 and my body temperature is two degrees higher than most humans. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If I could see the future, I’m sure it would be in the Playboy Mansion. What job would you do, other than your own? If I had to choose another job to do, it would be a comedian; I mean what a dream only working 2-15 minutes per week!

Your dream home? The Playboy Mansion. I mean it is a mansion, it has a pool, a basketball court and topless women, talk about dream home!

If they were to make a movie about your life who would you like to play you? If they made a movie about my life, and hey, why wouldn’t they? Seth Rogan would totally play me.

What are you insecure about? My boat, I just can’t stand when everyone is looking at it, judging its size and horse power. It gets the job done, so back off.

How would you like to be remembered? For the legend that I am.

Greatest fear? My ex girlfriend, if you met her you would understand.

What do you love most about your age? That I am not a dramatic teenager anymore.

What cliché do you most hate? There’s a minute of my life I will never get back. News alert! you will never get any of your minutes of your life back.

Something that you really disapprove of? People who don’t accept my legendary status.

What gizmo can you not live without? PC all the way, I need my PC more than I need oxygen.

Biggest disappointments? My biggest disappointment is that my car is not a Lamborghini; I mean, I should have a car as awesome as I am.

Greatest weakness/indulgence? I can never say no to a pretty woman, it has got me in lots of trouble, but it has also created some memorable times too!

What motivates you? My kids are my number one motivation.

Handshake or a hug person? Handshake, I don’t want people that close to me, you have to admire me from a distance.

What happens when we die? I believe we are all just one being, and when we die, we will live another life and only when we have lived every life, will we be passed the tutorial stage.

What is your comfort food? Casserole with mashed potatoes, yum yum!

Have you ever seen a ghost? No, as they do not exist. Aliens on the other hand...

Your dream guest list for a dinner party? Gordon Ramsay, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Pen and Teller because they are nearly as awesome as me... Oh and a vegan too so we would have someone to make fun of.

Give your teenaged self some advice? Stay in school, no, really stay there as long as you can, study until you are 30 if possible, it’s so much better than work.

Do you have a party trick? I do but it's adults only!

How do you chill out? Watching a comedy show or gaming, life should not be taken so seriously, no one gets out alive. Which item of clothing can't you live without? Basketball singlets, I’m not sure why but I love wearing my MBA basketball singlets.

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

Change one law in New Zealand, what would it be? I would de-criminalize or legalise marijuana and put a tax on it, set up government grow-houses and export medical marijuana all around the world, make New Zealand great again. PN (DAVID HARTNELL, MNZM) F


77 Ponsonby Road

Marine Bean XL & Ottoman

Marine Bean Chair & Ottoman

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Super Smart Exec 15 Provost Street, Ponsonby For Sale by Auction

Architecturally redesigned for maximum light and volume, 15 Provost delivers on both in a big way. Located in a quiet no exit street and positioned perfectly between Jervois Road and the park, all your ‘locals’ are within paces to your front door, while a private tropical garden ensures you are in touch with the best of the kiwi summer. An absolute cracker right in the heart of Ponsonby.


John Wills & Nic Blackie 021 333 053 021 505 964

Hollywood Hills Forever Home 14 Pickens Crescent, Mt Albert For Sale by Tender

A property in a class of its own set on 2307m2 of prime city fringe land with spectacular panoramic views of both the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours. Designed by renowned mid-century architect William Chick in a Californian Ranch style, the home and its positioning is almost irreplaceable. A remarkable once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity for those who demand the very best in life.


PIPPA COOM: WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD REPORT Despite being a blustery and breezy Ponsonby Market Day in September, it was still a fun opportunity to be on the strip enjoying the vibe and entertainment (and shopping!) It was also the last Saturday for election candidates to be out campaigning. At the time of writing (20 September) I still cannot make any predictions on a, no doubt, close result but am hopeful a new government will bring much needed action and funding to transport, housing and environmental issues facing Auckland. On Market Day I was delighted to come across Boopsie Moran’s pop-up Ponsonby 'park' pictured left. In an act of tactical urbanism, she took over a parking spot outside Dizengoff Cafe to create a parklet which creatively explored the opportunities for the council-owned site at 254 Ponsonby Road. The bulk of the board and Auckland Transport funded Ponsonby Road pedestrian improvement project is due to be completed in midNovember, with the final work on Collingwood Street in early January 2018. Many thanks to local businesses and the Ponsonby Business Association for the patience they have shown over many months of disruption. The end is finally in sight on this project that will greatly enhance the Ponsonby Road experience and streetscape. Updates on all Auckland Transport’s projects (including the Grey Lynn and Westmere walking and cycling improvements) are available via AT’s website Cox's Bay Reserve Playground We are teaming up with the Grey Lynn Community Centre School Holiday Programme to celebrate the re-opening of the Cox’s Bay Reserve playground. There will be a sausage sizzle, face painting, and a chance to check out the new play equipment. Thursday 12 October 11am - 1pm. More details on the board’s Facebook page:

Parking The board has been a longtime advocate for effective parking management that prioritises residents and short-term parking for businesses and retail. The Grey Lynn residential parking scheme is due to be consulted on by Auckland Transport at the end of October. Paid parking is due to start on Ponsonby Road in mid-October, which will increase the turnover of parking and allow visitors to pay for the length of parking needed. Auckland Transport is installing new machines that are based on number plates rather than tickets. Information about parking is available on Auckland Transport’s website. Meola Reef Te Tokaroa Development Plan We recently finished consulting on a draft Meola Reef Development Plan. Within the proposed plan are ways that will improve areas allocated to dog activities and for recreation, better connect the off-leash area to the car park, and greatly enhance the sensitive ecological areas. We are now close to completing development plans for nearly all parks in the Waitemata Local Board area, these plans help guide future investment and are created through consultation with stakeholders and the community. The Western Springs Te Waiorea Development Plan will be consulted on early next year. Details on Shape Auckland website Heritage Festival The Auckland Heritage Festival 2017 is in full swing until 15 October. There’s an impressive number of tours, exhibitions and displays (mostly free) celebrating the 2017 festival theme ‘From waterways to motorways: the heritage of transport and travel in Tamaki Makaurau'. Check out the walk of the Foreshore Heritage Trail event which the board will be leading on Sunday 8 October. Join us as we walk the original foreshore from Point Erin Te Oka to Point Resolution Taurarua. (PIPPA COOM) F PN

Contact Pippa Coom, Chair of Waitamata Local Board:,

Celebrate the re-opening of the Cox's Bay playground in October

14 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


3A Nexus, 25 Pollen Street, Ponsonby

6/35 Turakina Street, Grey Lynn

1B Nexus, 25 Pollen Street, Ponsonby

503 Aria, 11 Vinegar Lane - Ponsonby

40 Grosvenor Street, Grey Lynn

2 Sherwood Avenue, Grey Lynn *Record sale for suburb

64 John Street, Ponsonby

103 Crummer Road, Grey Lynn

33A Western Springs Rd, Kingsland *Record sale for suburb

13/10 Shelly Beach Rd, St Marys Bay

50 Lemington Road, Westmere

23 Anglesea Street, Freemans Bay

2A Collingwood St, Freemans Bay

32A Picton Street, Freemans Bay

32A Turakina Street, Grey Lynn

503/367 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Blair Haddow M 021 544 555 B8909 375 Avenue, 8411 Grey Lynn Willaimson


Loving living & selling greater Ponsonby

LOCAL NEWS The re-emergence of the urban park - Ponsonby Park As attractors to cities throughout the world, urban parks not only bring economic rewards but offer people a comfortable spot to gather for social, cultural and political activities. They are the pulsing heart of a community and foster true urban sustainability. They also provide a new type of focus and ‘vibe’ to neighbourhood shopping precincts. Today, as centres everywhere are thinking more broadly about how to gain an economic boost, the creative use of public spaces (as seen with Takutai Square, Britomart) act as an enhanced drawcard for retail areas. High-cost developments such as malls and movie theatres, once viewed as key elements, are now taking a backseat to the new, lower -cost, high-impact strategies to foster prosperity. Increasingly, urban parks are emerging as the best way to make town centres both more commercially vibrant and prime event locations for the community. One of the main reasons for this is that such urban spaces provide diverse benefits, at times being a place of respite for locals, a market, a venue for events, a signposting and social nexus, the list goes on. Urban parks that emerge through a community-led design process (as Ponsonby park has) are sustained by community engagement and encourage volunteering, they nurture an identity of place, and highlight a community’s unique values. They can also support a diverse community and serve as the inclusive ‘common ground’ of an area. Successful parks that are sustainable, both economically and socially, draw different kinds of people with a series of dynamic spaces that offer many choices of things to do such as: socialising, eating, reading, playing games, interacting with others and relaxing.

Boopsie Moran created a pop-up Ponsonby Park at last month’s Market Day. She is pictured with visitors from Japan

Urban parks were originally created so that people could escape from the dirty reality of life. Now, in the 21st Century, the best city parks are also multi-use destinations and catalysts for community development and connection.

the day, Ponsonby Park will bustle with activity as people come to enjoy performances, the shaded seating, the living wall feature and the relaxing garden areas. It will also attract residents who will adopt the park as their community space. Urban parks are an essential counterbalance to increased housing density.

Ponsonby park will be such an inclusive urban park; it has history, it has green space, it has food trees, it has places for kids to play, it has sustainability built into the design, it has flexibility. It can be the heart of Ponsonby and the events that are hosted there will be the heart beat.

Many parks are designed for limited recreational use and therefore do not attract older people, teenagers, or people simply looking for a place to stroll or sit. With dynamic programming including events such as farmers and holiday markets, exercise classes, play spaces for children and more, a vibrant and livable park for Ponsonby will be created.

We have a clear vision of Ponsonby Park as a magnet destination to increase visitors and help to make Ponsonby even more livable and vibrant. At lunchtimes and throughout

Ponsonby park - your urban park. Bring it on! (JENNIFER WARD) F PN

LETTERS + EMAILS CONTINUED PONSONBY MARKET DAY After experiencing yet another wet Ponsonby Market Day this month I have begun to question the constant monotony and unimaginative adherence to what was once an innovative way to promote an entertainment and shopping area.

SAVE OPOUTERE YOUTH HOSTEL Campaigners are desperately trying to prevent the closure of the iconic Opoutere Youth Hostel near Whangamata and YHA members living in the Ponsonby News circulation area could make the difference.

I am particularly perturbed at the outdated promotion through the use of balloons that seem to clutter up the street poles for weeks afterwards - left by the organisers to slowly shrivel and die on the vine like an unpopular grape.

The Youth Hostel Association of New Zealand (YHANZ) national board has made a unilateral decision to close the much loved hostel next Easter in defiance of a notice of motion to be considered at the organisation’s annual meeting in Wellington on 28 October seeking to have any decision on the hostel’s future delayed until full and meaningful consultation can take place between all interested parties.

What is even more disturbing is that the exploded remnants are left to pollute and clog our gutters and waterways without so much as a thought by those responsible. Isn’t it about time our area - once the leader in art and a green lifestyle-grabbed back the reins of innovation and came up with something a little more imaginative? Whatever happened to the Long Lunch and other progressive ideas our Business Association forged ahead with in the past? Where's the Ponsonby vibe? Harry Plowman, Ponsonby THE PONSONBY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION RESPONDS: Thank you for your letter. Installing balloons along Ponsonby Road on Market Day has become a custom and we are very aware of its negative impacts on the environment. We only use only latex balloons that are fully biodegradable (within six months). We do, however, value feedback like this and, as such, have decided to try and find alternative ways to decorate our strip on Market Days. We have briefed our supplier to find alternatives and we welcome all suggestions from our community. Thanks again for your views. Appreciated. Please send all your ideas to

18 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

The Save Opoutere Campaign will need enough supportive members at the October AGM to force a change in heart by the board. Given that proxy votes are not allowed, a handful of votes could impact the outcome and they could come from YHA members who live in the Ponsonby News circulation area. (Last year’s AGM was attended by less than 70 people). For this reason we are urging all YHA members who don’t want to see Opoutere closed to make a special effort to attend this meeting. In the meantime, anybody with an interest in saving Opoutere should register their support on Facebook at Save Opoutere YHA Hostel and tell us how they would like to help. David Wildish, Spokesperson, Save Opoutere Youth Hostel Campaign LETTERS + EMAILS CONTINUED P32 PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

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The wreck of the Niagara - a clear and present danger Ponsonby News readers will be aware of the concerns I have been raising about the scale of pollution of our inner harbour and streams, especially the western bays, from sewage-contaminated stormwater. While the problem has been down played by officialdom for years, thanks to the lobbying of the locally based Coalition (Stop Auckland Sewage Overflows) and other citizens, the council appears to be moving out of the state of denial it was in only a few months ago and is promising to tackle the problem. We shall see. While the pollution of the Waitemata is real and on-going, over the last year I have also been working to raise awareness of another threat to our marine environment - this time in the outer Hauraki Gulf. While this threat is still only potential, it would be catastrophic in its consequences. The problem is oil leaking from the wreck of the ‘Niagara'. RMS ‘Niagara’ was a NZ Union Steam Shipping Company, trans -Pacific liner that was sunk early in World War II by a mine laid by a German raider ‘Orion’. Niagara was built in 1913 for the Canadian - Australasian service. Such was its size and opulence it was known as ‘the Queen of the Pacific’. On 20 June 1940 (this was only two weeks after the Dunkirk evacuation), a few hours after sailing from Queens Wharf bound for Suva with 146 passengers and 203 crew, she struck the mine and sunk. Fortunately all aboard were rescued (and most of the eight tonnes of gold bars she was carrying later salvaged). The wreck lies at a depth of 120 metres, equidistant from the Mokohinau and Hen and Chicken Islands, just over two nautical miles inside the Auckland Coastal Marine Area and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Early last year, the diver Keith Gordon, an ROV expert, who wrote the authoritative history of the ship, ‘Deep Water Gold’, raised the danger of the estimated 1600 tonnes of bunker oil trapped within the wreck escaping to the surface. Keith pointed out that other wartime wrecks are now collapsing and releasing oil - creating environmental headaches for Pacific nations like the Solomon Islands and Federated States of Micronesia. In response to concerns raised by marine biologists and seabird scientists, a year ago I wrote to Mayor Len Brown alerting him to the council’s responsibilities. Since that time I have been working with Keith and an international marine salvage expert Clive Sharp trying to get something done about it.

Unfortunately officialdom in the form of Maritime New Zealand, the leading responsible agency, Auckland Council and Northland Regional Council are still very much in denial. To get around this wall of denial we decided to approach the regional conservation boards. In response to our presentation, the Auckland Conservation Board chair Lyn Mayes wrote to the Minister of Conservation Maggie Barry and Transport Minister Simon Bridges. Mayes summed up the situation concisely: "The board strongly recommends that funding is allocated to remove the oil from the Niagara now rather than waiting until the wreck erodes further and fuel is spilled into the gulf creating an ecological disaster. Oil slicks up to 15 kilometres long have already been seen from the wreck and a major spill would affect many of the 27 species of sea birds that live in the Hauraki Gulf, including Cook’s petrel, NZ storm petrel, black petrel, Pycroft’s petrel and fairy tern. Ecologists have expressed their concern about the risk to breeding colonies and habitat... Accordingly, we ask that urgent attention is given to making the wreck safe and removing the fuel oil from the Niagara. This is a preventable environmental disaster. It is better to act now to minimise the effects than to let the wreck totally fail in the next decade or so and have a catastrophic effect.” Last month, Keith, Clive and I, along with Karen Baird from Royal Forest & Bird and Birdlife International, presented to the Northland Conservation Board and received similar support. There has also been increasing media interest. The amount of oil that escaped from the ‘Rena’ in 2011 was only 350 or so tonnes and we saw the damage it caused. The amount of oil in the Niagara is estimated to be four or five times greater. The area is an environmental hotspot of world importance, especially for seabirds. It is also near some of our most important marine protected areas, the Poor Knights, Leigh and Tawharanui Marine Reserves. The chemical dispersants normally used to deal with oil spills are highly toxic in themselves - the clean up could be as damaging to marine life as the oil on the surface. Preventative action is therefore needed. The oil needs to be extracted. The sinking of the Niagara was an act of war against New Zealand, 72 years after the Second World War this PN act of war still presents a clear and present danger. (MIKE LEE) F

SS Niagara, Bill Laxon Collection, VNZMM

22 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Council still won’t accept glyphosate risks You would think we were still living in the Dark Ages, when Auckland Council refuses to listen to up to date international cancer researchers who have clearly established that glyphosate-based products like Roundup are probably carcinogenic. Recently, Auckland councillors were told they cannot rely on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to protect their people. A report by principal author Jodie Bruning and Steffan Browning MP told the Auckland Environment and Community Committee that the EPA dismissed the findings of its own authority on cancer, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), whose 17 international experts determined in 2015 that glyphosate and its formulations was a probable human carcinogen (and a known animal carcinogen). Instead the EPA relied on a cancer review carried out by a single New Zealand toxicologist who concluded that glyphosate was unlikely to cause cancer. Part of his evidence was an ‘unsolicited’ report from Monsanto. That’s like the fox being in charge of the hen house! Readers will recall that I have been trying for weeks to get a proper answer from Auckland Transport (AT) on what they are now using on our roadside berms. I finally received an email from AT media person Scott Winton, apologising for the delayed reply and presenting me with a totally inadequate answer to my questions. I asked AT where they use glyphosate, is AT committed to reducing use in compliance with the Council Weed Management Policy, has it hidden its use of glyphosate by mixing it with Biosafe, and are its practices consistent with the council’s? This, in part, is their reply. “In Auckland City, a plant-based herbicide called BioSafe is used. However, glyphosate is still used to some extent to treat specific weeds which are resistant to these weed control methods or in areas where it is not practical to use non-chemical methods.” AT went on to say “the EPA has classified glyphosate as a low toxicity herbicide for general use in New Zealand.”

As Steffan Browning told council, “Clearly the IARC has the expertise, and with the absence of monitoring of levels of human exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides in New Zealand councils must take the precautionary lead of progressive European countries, California, and Christchurch City, and remove herbicides like Roundup from areas open to the public.” Jodie Bruning added simply, “It is the duty of Auckland Council to protect public health.” Dr Jane Goodall, the famous naturalist, strongly supported the Bruning/Browning report, and said, "Someday we shall look back on this dark era of agriculture and shake our heads. How could we ever have believed that it was a good idea to grow our food with poisons?” There is evidence of huge self-interested input from Roundup producer, Monsanto, to EPA reports, both in New Zealand and the US. Like tobacco companies did for years, Monsanto have commissioned and paid for sympathetic reports on glyphosate to distribute to the EPA, and more widely. It is even said that some of those tobacco lobbyists are now on Monsanto’s payroll. The failure of New Zealand authorities to draw on the IARC finding and protect New Zealanders from chemicals with probable carcinogenic properties signals a need to investigate the functioning of the NZ EPA, Ministry for Primary Industries and Ministry for the Environment. We should be able to rely on these government agencies to ensure public health. At the risk of being accused of excessive repetition, let me say again, our Super City is being sadly let down by a council that refuses to listen to compelling research results, and allows its so-called Council Controlled Organisation, AT, to continue to run amok and ignore its protocols. What do we do now, readers? (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN

stock shot - photography: istock photo

You will note no mention of compatibility with the council’s Weed Management Policy, no commitment to reduction of glyphosate use, and no answer to my allegation of lacing BioSafe with glyphosate.

Even the Ministry of Health doesn’t agree with the EPA approach.

24 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Public Private Partnerships for building schools It is distressing to hear that, the National Government will begin building schools, hospitals and prisons using the internationally discredited PPP (Public Private Partnership) model. I have never thought that Education Minister Nikki Kaye is particularly ideological. Kaye has made a good start as Minister of Education, but is hamstrung by her neo-liberal, ideologue colleagues. After already setting up a PPP to build two new Hobsonville schools, National has decided it will continue on, what is essentially a privatisation policy, for new schools, the Dunedin Hospital and a new prison. PPPs have a history of failure, delay, lack of transparency and secretive deals around the world. They were introduced in the UK by Thatcher in the 1980s at the height of neo-liberalism. They fit snugly with this now discredited philosophy, which promotes deregulation, privatisation, tax cuts, free trade rather than fair trade and unequal growth. Kaye admits some historic failures, but said at an election campaign meeting that lessons had been learnt, and that her Government can avoid problems. However, distinguished Nobel prize-winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, has said that a new form of PPP is still "one in which the public shoulders all the risk and the private sector gets all the profit." Historic failures included false promises and incredibly complex contracts all designed to protect corporate profits. There has been a fair amount of bribery involved too. One school scheme asked the teachers not to have evening meetings because of security risks. Governments will always be ultimately accountable for delivering public services

and infrastructure. If there are problems with PPPs it is always the public that picks up the bill at the end of the day. A failed P3, as they call them in Canada, was the Brampton Hospital which cost the public $200 million more than originally budgeted for. One Canadian expert said if you’re a good public sector you shouldn’t need a P3. If you’re bad, you shouldn’t go near them. I am sceptical of the Learning Infrastructure Partners consortium awarded the Hobsonville contracts. It includes expensive consultants and lawyers, and best advice is that that will always cost the public more than it should. It seems clear that PPPs are an expensive and inefficient way of financing infrastructure and services. It is potentially an abuse of public money. Remember The Right Honourable Sir Edmund Thomas, former judge of the NZ Court of Appeal, who said, “New Zealand will never again be a fair and just society until we rid ourselves of the last vestiges of neo-liberalism." As one Canadian commentator declared, P3s should be called P12s - Private Public Partnerships to Plunder the Public Purse to Pursue Policies of Peril to People and the Planet for all Posterity. This article was written before the election. If National is ousted from office on 23 September, I doubt that Labour would be interested in introducing a PPP scheme. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN

PONSONBY COMMUNITY CENTRE Spring is springing at Ponsonby Community Centre and Ponsy Kids Preschool. Ponsy Kids was lucky enough to get some funding from the Lion Foundation for a new playground. As a not-for-profit community preschool, every little bit helps when it comes to maintaining the safety and fun of the attending children. Ponsy Kids is dedicated to reinvesting the attendance fee’s straight back into the preschool, always updating the educational equipment as well as providing on-going training to our professional teachers. Tredsafe Ltd is New Zealand's only certified early childhood playground manufacturer specialising in mobile interchangeable playground equipment. Tredsafe has been manufacturing top-quality playground equipment for more than 18 years. This month’s venue hire space is the Flora MacKenzie Room - Flora MacKenzie trained as a nurse and also became an accomplished dressmaker. For many years she ran a boutique, Ninette, in Vulcan Lane, which specialised in bridal gowns and was reputedly patronised by an affluent clientele which included cabinet ministers’ wives. She sketched

28 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

her own creations, often in watercolours. (After her death, framed dress sketches by Flora MacKenzie were sold in an Auckland gallery, often, it was claimed, to former clients of her other business venture - the infamous Ring Terrace brothel in Ponsonby.) Through her reputation as a Madam, Flora MacKenzie became an Auckland identity. Her home was legendary, prized for its art and antiques and rumoured to have a rotating bed upstairs with panoramic harbour views. She has been described as ‘a flamboyant, happy-go-lucky woman... who did not care a damn about what the so-called respectable people thought of her’. Flora died in 1982 at the age of 79. F PN To book the Flora MacKenzie room please visit our website. PONSONBY COMMUNITY CENTRE, 20 Ponsonby Terrace, T: 09 376 0896 or T: 09 378 1752,


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OUTSIDE PONTE outdoor armchair in grey

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My continuing vendetta against Auckland Transport Auckland Transport (AT) is in the process of spending $200 million on cycleways in Auckland. First, a disclaimer from me. I will never use the cycleways because I am too old to cycle, but I strongly support the provision of suitably placed cycle lanes with part of the objective being to get cars off the road. However, I question whether it is prudent to spend $200 million dollars and seriously question the Pt Chevalier/ Meola Road plans. I have had several discussions with a local group in Pt Chevalier, who strongly oppose the plans for double cycle lanes on Pt Chevalier Road and Meola Road. My understanding is that the approximately 10m - wide Pt Chevalier Road will have 4m for cycles and 6m for buses and cars. Buses will not be able to pull off the road for long stretches of Pt Chevalier Road, so when they stop all cars will stop too. The resulting fiasco will only exacerbate congestion, in the opinion of the locals, including Bob Hunter who lives on Meola Road and who has done extensive counts of cycles, buses, cars and pedestrians. The Outer Link bus is already unable to stick to its timetable because of congestion on Carrington Road and other parts of its route. The cycle lanes will further impede its progress, while Meola Road around the sports fields is a veritable death trap. At a recent meeting at Bob Hunter’s home, two AT representatives came to explain ATs plans. Unfortunately, these officers are part of the project team which will implement the scheme for their client, who is, wait for it, AT. Yes, bureaucracy and bureaucratic speak knows no bounds. Consultation has taken place, but not enough. AT has a habit of consulting and then doing what it wants to do anyway. The officers we met admitted that usage will not be high on the new cycleways at first, but will grow. Now, I don’t criticise forward planning and thinking, but there seems to be a ‘take this, it will be good for you’ attitude by AT, pushing cycling far beyond the need right now. Surely it is public transport that is grossly inadequate in Auckland, and the need is to get cars off the roads and stop building roads, that should be the priority. Further consultation is necessary, particularly around the Pt Chevalier Road/Meola Road intersection, where apparently traffic lights are proposed. These lights are strenuously opposed by Hunter and his neighbours. There is also a vague statement by AT that some trees might need trimming. "Some trees" - what they really means is a number of 20-year-old pohutukawas. Remember Western Springs, where AT said it had no option but to cut down a number of pohutukawas. Public objection was electric.

30 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

I attended an AT board meeting where the Chairman, Lester Levy, finally intervened and instructed his officers to find alternative solutions. They did. There will be locals protecting those Pt Chevalier trees from the chainsaws, I have been assured. I will join them. Meola Road is a traffic nightmare now, especially outside Western Springs Football grounds. Hunter says a Jaggers Bush/Pasadena option has not been properly considered. He also says his counts of cyclists shows very few commuters and few recreational cyclists using the proposed route. Questions need answering. How can parking configurations be improved? How can the intersection designs be improved? How can Pt Chevalier Road be better shared than 4m for cycles and 6m for everything else? What alternative routes have been studied and rejected? What research on cycle numbers was done? How many motorists will divert down side streets increasing congestion on local roads? Were two-way cycle tracks considered? Some businesses on Pt Chevalier Road will lose more customers and probably close as a result of congestion and lack of parking. Did AT consider this? Hunter told Ponsonby News that “ATs philosophy is nothing to do with reducing vehicle traffic - it is solely to benefit recreational cyclists - in other words AT is spending $200 million annually on people who like to ride bikes. AT is budget driven - spend it or lose it. Their object is an integrated cycleway system - nothing to do with improving public transport. We are at the mercy of sanctimonious bureaucrats who care nothing about the future of Auckland’s transport woes.” The locals Ponsonby News spoke to feel the only objective of AT is to spend money, and that consultation is token only. One resident called it "rule by a self-elected pressure group," and hardly democracy. Once again AT has failed the public. Proper consultation with locals could solve this issue, maybe not to everyone’s satisfaction, but at least they will know genuine consultation has taken place. This is not just about cycling, it is about the way Auckland Transport conducts its business, top-down instead of bottom-up local government. A drastic change in the culture and behaviour of Auckland Transport is essential if Auckland is to continue to aspire to being a world ranking city, and transport deadlock is to be solved. PN (JOHN ELLIOTT) F


LOCAL NEWS GET READY TO VOLUNTEER: BNZ GEARS UP FOR CLOSED FOR GOOD BNZ staff will work on 179 Closed for Good projects in Auckland. There are more than 550 Closed for Good projects nationwide, New Zealand’s single largest day of corporate volunteering. On Wednesday 23 August, all BNZ stores will once again be Closed for Good as more than 3000 staff head out into their local communities to work on more than 550 projects. In Auckland alone there are 179 projects and BNZ CEO Anthony Healy was thrilled to see such a diverse range of projects submitted this year. “Community groups do some amazing work throughout New Zealand and we take real pleasure in being able to give back in this small way, whether it’s by picking up a paint brush, planting native trees, providing budgeting advice or running financial literacy workshops.” In Auckland Central BNZ staff will be helping out by: • • • •

Replanting gardens and creating an outdoor clay workspace at Mt Eden Kindergarten Painting Grammar Carlton Rugby Football Club clubrooms Restoring vacant land into urban native bush for the Onehunga People's Garden Creating a track around the edge of the restored wetland next to Waiheke High School • Assisting with conservation work on Rotoroa Island • Creating an online forum for Girlboss NZ Stores being closed for a day won’t disadvantage BNZ customers - business critical staff including call centre staff will still be working for urgent services, and all online and mobile banking services are fully available as usual.

Anita Hinton, Founder of I Got Your Back Pack (front middle), Anthony Healey, BNZ CEO (back middle) and BNZ volunteers help make a difference to women and children in need At Grey Lynn Library Hall, they helped the I Got Your Back Pack team and packed a year’s supply of bags in one day. Visit for more information. F PN

TRASH TO TRADE COMPETITION Have you ever looked at an old fridge and imagined a cupboard? Or seen a used tyre and thought of a dog’s bed or a herb garden? The ‘Trash to Trade’ project launches Sunday 29 October at the Grey Lynn Community Centre and will give handy, thrifty and eco-friendly Aucklanders the chance to display/showcase their upcycling fantasies, be it with tyres, textiles, plastic wrapping, billboards, (banners), wood pallets, whiteware or any sort of waste that they can re-imagine. The launch is the creation of Grey Lynn 2030 Transition Community with the support of the Grey Lynn, Kingsland, Karangahape Road and Ponsonby Business Associations. It gives participants the opportunity to create something desirable from something discarded. All that is required is to find a trash item and upcycle it into a new creation that has some monetary worth. It could be something as simple as a bookshelf made of old drawers, wooden

32 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

pallets turned into a coffee table or billboards sewn into handbags. The entrants will showcase their creations at the launch of Trash to Trade on Sunday 29 October, with a view to selling or reproducing their final product for sale. “The ultimate goal is to create something that people actually want to buy,” says launch organiser Brigitte Sistig. “There’s a real thirst out there amongst consumers for unique products that have personality and a back story. “People are switched on to the upcycling trend and there’s certainly no shortage of potential waste streams from many businesses that could be diverted.”

There is also the potential to get assistance with launching an upcycling business if the finished product can be reproduced and sold. Partnership is at the heart of Trash to Trade. Entry is now open to interested individuals, who can access support and encouragement from the organisers. No registration fee required. All entrants or interested parties are invited to attend the Trash to Trade launch on Sunday 29 October at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. The launch will be part of the Grey Lynn Farmers Market Sustainability event on that morning. F PN To find out more or to enter, contact greylynn2030@ or phone Brigitte on M: 021 113 4171


The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Working for Auckland Central and thank you While all the special votes have not been counted as I write, I am really proud to be the MP elect for Auckland Central. When I won the seat for the first time in 2008 it had never been held by a National MP in the history of New Zealand politics. Each time I have won it there has been a close race. I am hugely grateful to everyone who voted for me, including non-National voters who have voted for me personally to be their local MP. The feedback that I have had is that they expect me to continue to be a strong liberal, bluegreen who is socially progressive within the National caucus. It is also important that I continue to be a voice for thousands of small businesses and self-employed people in the electorate. I understand the responsibility that comes with being an electorate MP to continue to deliver locally for my constituents. I want to acknowledge all candidates in Auckland Central: Helen White, Denise Roche and Mika Haka all made a significant contribution during the campaign. I want to pay particular tribute to Denise who served as a Green MP in Parliament for a number of years and made a special contribution to areas like Waiheke Island, even though she will not be continuing as a List MP. It is important to me that you know that regardless of who you voted for, my electorate office is available to help all constituents. As you know we currently have a Caretaker Government in place. This means I am currently Minister of Education and Youth until a new government is formed, as well as the MP elect for Auckland Central. Parties from both sides of the political spectrum will now seek to have coalition negotiations to form a government. My view is that whatever government is formed, it must be strong and stable so that New Zealanders can have confidence in what lies ahead.

Either way, I will be working hard for you locally. I have 12 projects that I have started working on across the electorate. I took Sunday off but started work on the Monday after the election to progress these projects. They include the work I am doing with the Auckland City Mission and Lifewise to support people who are homeless in central Auckland into long term housing. The investment we have already announced involves wrap around support for people who may have drug and alcohol addiction and/ or mental health issues. I am also working hard on progressing secondary school availability in the Western Bays. With an increasing population in central Auckland it is important that we have appropriate provision for a new boys' secondary school. In Waiheke Island I am working on building additional tourism infrastructure and reducing pests on the island to bring back the birdlife, flora and fauna. On Great Barrier Island I have projects underway in education and marine protection. While I have already announced 12 local projects I am always keen to hear from you about new priorities or issues that you think deserve my attention. Please don’t hesitate to email me at mp.aucklandcentral@ or call my office if you want an appointment. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you for another three PN years. (NIKKI KAYE) F

Authorised by Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact my office on T: 09 378 2088 or send me an email on



New Zealand Bookshop Day - 28 October Love your bookshop, celebrate books and reading and have fun at The Women’s Bookshop. Spot prizes - every 10 minutes between 10am to 5pm - select your own prize from the pile of giveaways. Window painting - stop and watch a young artist create illustrations on the shop window - 11.30am to 1.30pm. Visit two bookshops and win - buy a book at both The Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop and The Women’s Bookshop, stamp your card, and select a prize.

For constituency enquiries and appointments please contact my Auckland Central electorate office. A

48C College Hill, Freemans Bay


09 378-2088



THE DOROTHY BUTLER CHILDREN’S BOOKSHOP, Cnr Jervois and St Marys Roads, T: 09 376 7283, THE WOMEN’S BOOKSHOP, 105 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 4399,

@ nikkikaye

Drop In Constituency Clinic: 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay – 3pm, 8th 21stof ofSeptember April Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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Upping sticks Periodically, I experience an ‘upping sticks’ phase where I look at my bank balance (unbalance to be more accurate) and decide to sell my apartment in the ‘hood’ and buy something cheaper further out. Pretty-up a new, humble abode and stash away a bit of cash in the bank to help the unbalanced balance. ‘Further out’ is a term I use for anywhere that isn’t Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, Freeman’s Bay, St Mary’s Bay, Westmere, Pt Chevalier. And even Parnell. Did I just say that? I’ve dallied, in the past, with moving away altogether from Auckland to perhaps Raglan (stunning on a hot, summer’s day) or Mt Maunganui (a smidge of an Auckland feel and oh, that stretch of beach) or Mangawhai Heads (sadly, fast turning into suburbia). The South Island has been considered, too. Blenheim looks perfect. Dry heat, vineyards, the Wither Hills and one of my besties lives there. Then I think of earthquakes and decide the South Island isn’t for me at the moment. And each and every sortie into far-flung areas has made my love of Auckland stronger - issues and all. However, recently, during an upsticks moment, I spent nearly a couple of months attending what seemed like one thousand open homes in various areas of our city. There were a number of lovely properties which I would have been happy to buy. Unfortunately they were about a million bucks out of my price range, even on an extremely good day. They were also mostly in my own area which would not only mean zero bit of cash in bank, it would mean even more unbalance with a huge mortgage. Why did I view them? Hope. Maybe this one will be a bargain? Maybe this one will be too quaint for anyone else and the price will drop? Maybe the agent is right and they will negotiate (I silenced the “not a million bucks worth, darlin’” sniggering naysayers in my head. I was definitely a glass half full viewer in the first couple of weeks. As time elapsed, the stark, hideous truth slapped me firmly in the face. I would have to look even further out than my initial ‘further out’ because, despite the media telling us “prices have softened”, and “it’s a buyers’ market”, prices appear to be hellishly high ‘further out’. I tried to love “A gem just waiting for your personal touch” - read mould, rotten floorboards. “Views forever” - read look at the view because you’ll cry if you look back at the house. “Location, location, location” - read hugging the motorway. And my personal favourite, “Overseas vendor says SELL” - leaky building? Of course, not everyone views real estate ad headings so negatively. I am a tad cynical after the disappointment lingering after my last open home viewings.

There was one property out of my area I viewed that I fell in love with online. Driving over the Harbour Bridge, I tried to remind myself of the fact that ad photos are touched up and always make the tiredest of properties seem twice the size and three times as picturesque. But soon as I pulled up outside this particular property, my eyes were star struck and the bluebell-blue paint had my heart racing. Is this it? Could it be the one? What on earth is wrong with it? There must be something wrong with it! Inside, it just got better. Warm, sunny, water views, a five-minute stroll to the village. The fireplace worked. Two large bedrooms. Brand new bathroom exactly as I would have done it. With. A. Bath. I was so excited, I felt like a Labrador who had just found the cat biscuits. I would have to beg owners to leave their collector-worthy New Zealand artists’ paintings on the walls. That’s what negotiations are for and I’m sure they’d agree these glorious art works could never look as perfect anywhere else. Sitting on the deck, high up, looking out at yachts sailing by, I felt right at home. My new home, that is. Driving away, my excitement of deciding to put in an offer was dampened with buts and what ifs and oh, no - it’s out of my hood scariness. I’ve nearly always lived around here. It’s ‘my’ place. And, would this move mean I couldn’t walk a couple of streets away in pjs covered with my coat to have a glass of wine at my friend’s house? Could I drive over the bridge in my pjs? Well, yes but it could be risky. What if I got a flat tyre or ran out of gas? Would my son pop in after work so often? Would I ever be able to buy back in to my area if I hated over the bridge? I dillydallied and angsted too long - my would-be new place was withdrawn from the market. Remorse set in for what I had lost. It’s always the way, grass is greener, etc. Double disappointment because I had already spent the bit of cash in the bank, in my mind. There goes the new furniture. New bed and linen. People over for dinner as finally I have room for a decent-sized dining table. Never mind, who knows what’s around the corner. I will love what I have until the next upping sticks phase comes along. But if one more person tells me: “It wasn’t meant to PN be,” I’m likely to end up ‘further out’ in jail. (DEIRDRE THURSTON) F

LETTERS + EMAILS CONTINUED FIVE MONTHS - 3000KM - THE TE ARAROA TRAIL I would like to alert Ponsonby News'ites to a fundraising campaign I will be rolling out from mid October 2017 through till March 2018. Since joining Limbs Dance Co in 1982 I have been a local in this area and I will be fundraising for an organisation that is run by another local, Kate Bundle. Kate is the CE of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) who do an amazing job of supporting many thousands of grandparents throughout New Zealand who, often through very traumatic circumstances, are thrust back into the full time parenting role for their grandchildren. This can very a very demanding scenario, financially and emotionally and often people are unaware of avenues through which they can seek support, this is where GRG steps in. In 2014, I first heard of what is now regarded as one of the worlds great long trails, the Te Araroa (TA) trail, a 3000km trek that spans beaches, forests, mountain ranges and many many river crossings, running from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The trail was founded after much hard graft by Geoff Chappell and the TA trust over many years and opened in 2011. Upon hearing of this trail, I immediately knew I wanted to undertake this challenging adventure. My siblings and I were born fourth generation Stewart Islanders. Our family moved north to Russell in the late 1950s. I grew up commercial crayfishing with my father Bill Hopkins and brother Doug, in the waters off Cape Reinga. As well as deciding I wanted to tramp the TA trail to express my gratitude and love for being born in this country I also realised I could carry a small vial of Dad and Doug's ashes and walk them back home to Stewart Island from Cape Reinga. It also became apparent that this was a opportunity to do some fundraising, so I contacted Kate at GRG.

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Throughout the five months of 8-10 hours day of walking (climbing, staggering, sloshing through bog, etc) I will also be generating weekly podcasts for Radio New Zealand as well as attempting to maintain a presence on social media and raising awareness of GRG. There are sections such as in the Tararuas and the Richmond Range in the South Island where I will not have reception. However, I should be able to maintain reasonably regular updates. I have started a Facebook page and will eventually have links to a GiveaLittle page from there, as well as to GRG. I have been training for the past year. However, have not been a tramper and am very grateful to Macpac who have supplied a lot of the gear I need. Cheers. See you at the end of March - I’ll be the guy hanging out for a hot shower, comfy bed, bottle of stout and a decent feed! Bruce Hopkins, by email If you are open to supporting GRG please check out the facebook page and donate to this wonderful cause. THE CLOSURE OF THE HARBOUR NEWS Now that the Harbour News is to shut down, I wonder if the Ponsonby News might please consider publishing something like its What's On feature, which gives brief details of upcoming and regular events in our area. Margaret Bongard, local resident FROM THE EDITOR: We considered running an events listing, but with a monthly deadline it doesn’t really work so well. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)



Defy ordinary and experience the new RX350 and RX450h at Lexus of Auckland City.

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Election uncertainty in a seriously divided country It looks likely that Winston Peters will go with National to prop up a fourth term. Fourth terms are rare. The last one in New Zealand was Holyoake’s win in 1969. However, the numbers, particularly if Labour and the Greens can secure two more seats after special votes are counted, mean NZ First can go either way. National had a clear lead on election night. From the moment Bill English said “I got up again”, a reference to his heavy defeat in 2002, he had looked more like a winner. But wasn’t Jacinda Ardern like a bright comet heading for earth? She may not quite make it this term, but it would be a brave person who would bet against her triumphing in 2020. Labour on the up, and National looking older and tireder by 2020, should ensure a 'time for a change' election then, if not now. Here in Auckland Central, Nikki Kaye is heading towards her biggest majority in four elections. I spoke to Nikki yesterday and congratulated her on a fine win. She is pleased with her majority, and she acknowledged first time Labour candidate Helen White for fighting a good, but fair, campaign. Kaye is not counting her chickens, but told me she would love to continue with her Education portfolio if National does secure the government benches. She loves being a constituency MP, and is grateful to Auckland Central voters for their strong support. As I’ve said before, I rate Kaye as one of the better local MPs I have known in 50 years.

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Helen White was an impressive first time candidate. She has maturity, intelligence, a sense of humour, and a devout feeling for the underdog. If she misses as a list MP she will cheerfully go back to her legal work. She said yesterday she was happy with her performance, and thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. It is still possible she could get in - she is second on the list of unsuccessful candidates on the Labour list. Her personal warmth and empathy would be an asset in parliament and help to make her a great second local MP. We will certainly lose our Green MP Denise Roche. When I spoke to Denise yesterday, she was cheery and upbeat. She had known from the polls that her chances of re-election were slim. Parliament has lost a very good woman, especially in the areas of waste management and industrial relations. I congratulated 23-year-old Chloe Swarbrick yesterday on her election on the Green list. She will become the youngest MP in 42 years, since Marilyn Waring in 1975, an election I remember only too well. New Zealand is now more divided urban/rural, and more unequal, than ever before. Nikki Kaye believes Bill English ‘gets that’. English said during the campaign that now National has established a sound economic base, they can implement the social policies that will change lives. Just do it, Bill. The result may still not be known as Ponsonby News hits the streets on Friday 6 October. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN


H i re t h i s l o s e r. . .

They say second place is the first loser... but when it’s second best individual salesperson for the whole of Barfoot & Thompson Central Auckland*, across 32 suburbs, then that’s a loser worth hiring.

For a proven track record, contact

Phone 021 687 866 Look me up on Facebook: Matt O’Brien Residential Sales

*Year ending 31 March 2017


Melissa, Monique & Marieanne from French Country

Music on the Ponsonby strip - outside Servilles Ponsonby

photography: Mick Andrew

AK Samba putting on a show

Carole Bew at the Woman's Bookshop polling booth. Market goers could cast a ballot for the most politically relevant book.

Dave & Dave outside Shut The Front Door

Sani, the face painter from The Magic Brush

Kwija outside Masons Ponsonby

Freemans Bay Playcentre stall

Bella from Mexico offers tastings

Top sales women Natalie and Birgit of WIXII

photography: Mick Andrew

Nikki Kaye pictured with Ross Thorby


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HELEN WHITE: LABOUR CANDIDATE - AUCKLAND CENTRAL Election night 2017 was personally really thrilling and I am very proud of the effort of my team. It’s a close result, and it feels strange writing this now with the outcome still unknown. Standing for Auckland Central has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. It started for me in February when I was selected. I had a lot to learn! My Facebook had been dormant for years. I knew I had to work very hard to connect and I did, as did my incredible team. We knocked on doors every weekend, we held public meetings on important issues like housing, transport and the environment and we phoned the electorate talking about the issues people wanted to raise. Our team grew so much that on election day we had over 200 volunteers helping ensure every one of our neighbours had their say. Thank you to those amazing volunteers, to all those people who voted for me and my party and to the rest of the voters for listening to me. Whether you volunteered, voted or just offered a kind work on the campaign trail, thank you. I have absolutely loved campaigning. I loved being able to meet new people and talk about their hopes and aspirations for our city and their families. My highlights were when we were walking down streets talking to people who came out of their houses and apartments on cold wet days to tell me what mattered to them. I thought that the experience would harden me. And it is at times very abrasive, but actually the connection with people is very intimate because many people are sharing really important and personal information about themselves. I am honoured people told me the stories they did. I was at times shocked as people told me about the harsher experiences of living in this city for them. The stories I got told were sometimes harrowing and very sad. The failings of the current system to look after people who are suffering from mental health issues becomes very apparent when the person you are talking to has attempted suicide and been told counselling support will take a year. The conversations I’ve had on the campaign trail reinforce for me the importance of addressing many issues we’ve discussed this election. One such issue was ensuring our city has secure, affordable, warm dry rental options. Over half of Auckland Central residents rent. The realities for those renting in Auckland Central is that many people move every year, and often from cold and damp houses to other cold and damp houses. This happens because of the way things are structured under our law. That is something Central Government can and must fix. I had an amazing conversation with Dr David Galler, a small part of which can be seen on my Facebook page. He told me that we have forgotten to address the issues that lead to serious health problems at what he called “the supply side”. He was talking about the serious health problems that come from poverty and living in damp houses.

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These cause chronic disease. Dr Galler said that if we want to stop seeing signs on our hospitals saying they are full, and we want to stop paying more and more for those who get chronic disease, we must address these issues by policies that raise the living standards of ordinary New Zealanders. We need warm, dry, affordable homes. I am very proud of the result in Auckland Central. I need to again say a big thank you for the wonderful people who have made and make up my team. There is something very bonding about going through this rollercoaster experience with people who volunteer their time because they share values and a vision for the future. It is amazing to me how many people are sufficiently motivated that they will doorknock and share their views with strangers, especially when we are all working so hard making ends meet in this city. We have had a lot of fun out there. I have met amazing, generous, incredible people and with them I look forward to continue to work hard with them. Anyone inspired is welcome to come help us. I would like to thank the candidates, the Honourable Nikki Kaye and Denise Roche in particular for their grace and good will. The way this campaign was conducted was a role model for how candidates from different parties should conduct themselves. Someone commented on this when I saw Nikki on Ponsonby Road and we gave each other a hug and I think it is a very important feature of our experience we should all be proud of. Nikki ran an outstanding campaign and worked incredibly hard. I’d like to congratulate her on being elected as MP for Auckland Central. Finally, I would like to talk about my vision for Auckland Central. For me it comes down to building a city that has great shared opportunity for people, no matter how much they or their parents earn. Last week I went to a choir that meets every Tuesday at the back of the Pitt Street church. Anyone can join and they do. The choir includes some people who are homeless and people from the wealthier parts of this electorate. It is not built out of charity; it is built on the fact that everyone in it likes singing. I see this as a reflection of the very best of Auckland Central. When I grew up here its hallmark was that it was diverse and welcomed everyone. This campaign has taught me this is still true today. When you have lived in a city and watched it grow, it is a great honour to think you might get to be part of developing it and supporting others who can make it a great place to live and work. I thank you for your support and I will continue to be involved in pursuing this. PN (HELEN WHITE) F Helen White is the Labour candidate for Auckland Central.


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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY TASTE OF AUCKLAND Favourite Ponsonby eateries join Taste of Auckland 2017 in partnership with Electrolux. Picture the lush backdrop of Western Springs covered in gorgeous marquees and housing bright sparks of culinary inspiration. Bursting at the seams with world-class dishes, award-winning restaurants and renowned chefs, Taste of Auckland in partnership with Electrolux is a foodie's paradise. This year’s exciting announcement is three Ponsonby locals will be showcasing the sort of food that is guaranteed to tickle and tantalise foodie taste buds. To learn a little more about their varied influences, keep reading... Miss Moonshine’s Bringing a taste of the Southern States with some decidedly New Zealand twists to this year’s festival, husband and wife team, Annelise and Ryan Clarke took a fancy to American-style barbecue during their foodie travels around the US. Miss Moonshine’s has evolved its own unique style and flavour profiles as the couple are constantly trying to define what New Zealand barbecue means to them and their guests. Armed with their Yoder Smoker BBQ, shipped all the way from Kansas, everything from the pit is cooked low and slow, using pohutukawa for a distinctive New Zealand flavour. Best enjoyed with one of their great cocktails or craft beers, Miss Moonshine’s smoky, succulent barbecue goodness, grilled to saucy perfection returns to Taste of Auckland this year - can you almost taste it?

Saan restaurant Previously of Cafe Hanoi, it has always been Head Chef Lek Trirattanavatin’s dream to run his own Thai restaurant and share his family’s traditional recipes. Born and trained in Thailand, he is greatly influenced by his grandmother’s cooking and is the fourth generation in a family of chefs. He and his team at Saan will be bringing award-winning northern and north-eastern Thai dishes to Taste of Auckland this year. Expect more sour and hot flavours, compared to the coconut-based dishes Kiwis are used to. The ingredients are bold and punchy, with a unique and authentic touch - these dishes are like nothing Taste of Auckland has seen before. Vodka Room Helmed by veteran chef of 20 years, Murray Wiblin, Vodka Room makes its debut appearance this year at Taste of Auckland. Praised by NZ Herald restaurant critic, Kim Knight, as "the restaurant you didn’t know Auckland was missing," Vodka Room promises to be an exciting addition to this year's festival. With its Russian-inspired fare, reflecting a modern adaptation of traditional rustic comfort food, combined with the best of New Zealand’s freshest produce, Murray renders dishes both lighter and healthier - one he knows Kiwis will love. This year Murray and his team will transport your taste buds to the middle of Moscow, right in the heart of Western Springs. F PN

Experience Taste of Auckland,

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Enjoy a smorgasboard of some of New Zealand’s hottest music, cocktail bars, & wine experiences to complement the flavours of the festival.

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MICHAEL VAN DE ELZEN AND HIS ANGUS BEEF AND BEETROOT PATTIES Michael Van de Elzen was at Farro Grey Lynn on Saturday 26 September to yarn with customers about his angus beef and beetroot patties. The chef has partnered with Green Meadows Beef as part of a range of products in line with his Good From Scratch philosophy. Van de Elzen has created recipes specifically for Green Meadows Beef, a Taranaki-based family business, to build a range of healthy and delicious small-goods products. The Angus Beef and Beetroot Burgers were the first in the range to hit the shelves, and are available from Farro Grey Lynn and New World Victoria Park. As the name suggests, the angus beef and beetroot patties contain a hefty dose of fresh vegetables - perfect for anyone wanting to make healthy choices but not give up old favourites or looking for inventive ways to sneak more veggies into their children’s meals. As well as a focus on fresh vegetables, Green Meadows Beef is passionate about ensuring that these products suit all shoppers, with the entire range being gluten, dairy, soy and preservative free. Van de Elzen has also created recipes for both products, so customers know exactly what to do with them. Whether it’s a take on the classic burger or lettuce cups with a twist, the products are versatile, quick to prepare and, most importantly, tasty. F PN FARRO FRESH, 34 Westmoreland Street, T: 09 360 0499,

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pink sheep rose 2017

per bottle donated to For details visit

PUTTING HEART AND SOUL INTO SOHO We talk with Rachael Carter of SOHO Wines to find out about the motivation behind these award-winning wines, what her vision is for the brand and why she loves living in Herne Bay. How did you become involved with making wine? I previously owned a successful company that manufactured wine screw-caps for 97% of wineries in New Zealand. At the time my father was involved with a winery that more or less dropped him in it and decided not to take the fruit from his Marlborough and Waiheke Island vineyards. I made a decision to sell the screw-cap plant, take all his grapes from his vineyards and launch a very unique wine brand that reflected the people drinking the wine. I’ve always said wine is about the end user and that is certainly the essence of SOHO.

Rachael Carter with Bob Obama

What was the inspiration behind the name SOHO? I didn’t want to name it after a rock, a hill, mountain or lake. I wanted my brand to resonate with the people drinking it. Our tag line is ‘Our Passion Is Wine, Our Muse Is You’. If I think about the best time I have had in my life it would be in SOHO New York. SOHO conjures up entertainment, fun, fashion, quality, great eateries - and my brand hopefully reflects this too. I love the name graphically and people always remember it. Tell us about the brands' values and vision. My vision has always been for SOHO to be served in the best bars and restaurants around the world. To achieve this you need excellent grapes, exceptional winemakers coupled with an outstanding team. SOHO has won 59 gold medals in just seven vintages - we are a small but dynamic team and we put our heart and soul into SOHO. Each of our wines has a unique quality - the creation process begins with the name, followed by the personality of the wine and then of course the flavour. I’m particularly excited about our new rosé ‘Pink Sheep’ - it’s an exceptional example of a pure, vibrant classy New Zealand rosé. With the release of Pink Sheep we are donating 50 cents per bottle sold worldwide to supporting mental health in New Zealand, partnering with ‘The Key to Life’ charitable trust. This is an important initiative for us and we hope the public get on board.*

“Our passion is WINE, our muse is YOU. We craft award winning premium wine that is inspired by those we love.”

What is your most memorable achievement to date? Definitely this year winning the double trophy for ‘Best Pinot Noir’ in New Zealand at the world’s finest and most meticulously judged wine competition - The International Wine Challenge in London. What do you love most about living in Herne Bay? The community. We support one another on a professional and personal level. I love the fact everyone knows everyone - such a great bunch of people you can rely on. It is a very caring community and full of our four-legged friends (which is a great thing). What are your favourite places to visit in Ponsonby/Herne Bay ? Any restaurant or bar that serves SOHO of course - and we have so many great supporters in the area, I’m spoilt for choice. To be honest, I don’t go out much these days, but my favourite restaurant at the moment is Azabu. I always start my day with a coffee from Laura at 5 Loaves and my household supplies would predominantly come from the awesome people at Herne Bay Cellars and Jervois Road Foodmarket. As an animal lover, I enjoy walks with my dog Bob Obama and the Westhaven boardwalk is such a cool transformation of our beautiful waterfront linking Ponsonby/Herne Bay to the city. *"We are aware that being a wine company and providing funding to support mental health and prevent youth suicide could be seen as controversial. However, I hope that people can look past this and see that we are a family wine company who actually wants to make a difference and lower the suicide rate.”

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Rosé – such a variety of colours and styles There are many different styles of rosé, ranging from full-bodied tannic rosé to those that taste a little more like candies from the local store. Some of these stylistic differences come from the way the rosé is made, some from the varieties used and some from the part of the world in which they are made. There are three main ways to produce rosé wines: • Through skin contact • Saignée method • Blending The first method is most commonly used when the aim from the start to the finish is to make rosé. Red skinned grapes are picked and then crushed; the skin and the juice are left together for a short period of time. After this, the skins are pressed and then discarded prior to the fermentation. In red wine production, the skins would remain in contact with the juice until after fermentation. The resulting colour of the rosé depends on how long the skins and juice have been left in contact. This method of producing rosé usually results in wines with tannin and a reasonable amount of colour. The second method, saignée (or bleeding), is a technique whereby rosé is made as a secondary product to red wine production. This method of production involves removing some of the pink juice from the initial crushing of the red grapes. This juice is then fermented and a rosé produced. By doing this, the red wine being produced has more tannin and colour. This style of production results in very light, fruity rosé. The third method is blending. This is where red and white wines are blended to produce a rosé wine. This method is not as common as the first two and is in fact banned in Europe, except in Champagne, where some rosé Champagne is made this way, predominantly with chardonnay and a little pinot noir added.

• Large bottles are definitely the way to go and we’ve got that sorted with a wonderful collection of magnums and 3l bottles for this summer. • Select with care. Rosé sales are booming and it’s no surprise that there’s a very large amount of rosé being made in New Zealand and imported into New Zealand. To ensure that we carry only the best, what we did this year (as we do regularly) was taste all the potential rosé that we could stock and then selected very carefully. The range in a Glengarry store is one you can have a high level of confidence in. For me, a great rosé will have an attractive aromatic nose and pretty florals, with a touch of herbal spice. On the palate, there will be fresh fruit, lively acidity and a full mid palate with plenty of texture and interest. The finish for me needs to tend towards dry and be very refreshing. My favourite rosé right now? Château Léoube Rosé and Secret de Léoube are two of my favourites. Château Riotor is a winery and rosé I have been a fan of for years. Arriving in store during October, we’ll also have Indian Summer from Hawke’s Bay winery, Waiana Estate - look out for the three-litre bottles of this wine. PN (LIZ WHEADON) F

So, what makes a great rosé and what should you be looking for? One thing is for sure, making the decision based on the colour alone, whilst providing a little guidance is not all that useful. Being armed with a little more information is always a good idea: • Côtes de Provence rosé. It’s a very large area and not all are excellent quality; be very wary of cheap Côtes de Provence. Côtes de Provence does produce some of the most exceptional rosé in the world; the very best have a gorgeous fragrance, a delicate hue and wonderful texture. • Rosé made because it was intended to be rosé. The very best rosé wines are those made year in, year out; those made from grapes intended for rosé, not from grapes that did not make the red wine cut.

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY LORD OF THE FRIES, YOUR ETHICAL FAST FOOD CHOICE Leading the way for ethical fast food in New Zealand, LOTF was founded in Melbourne in 2004 on the premise of food made with love, not animals. Its all-inclusive menu is 100% vegetarian/vegan with gluten free options. In addition, the restaurants are certified halal and kosher. The menu features both locally sourced sustenance and internationally inspired flavours with burgers, hot dogs, vegan shakes, munch boxes and of course Lord of the Fries award-winning fries: Classic, Shoe String, Chunky and Sweet Potato. Also on offer are Moustache’s fabulous vegan cookies in three flavours to fill in that last little spot in your tummy. Auckland now has two stores serving up deliciousness every day of the week. Down on the forecourt of HSBC house at 1 Queen Street sits Lord of the Fries shipping container site, helping to ease the pain of all those building and road works happening downtown.

Shared seating is available as part of the communal space, and with licensed No.1 Cafe on hand, serving craft beer and local wines, all your dining needs are covered. The second store anchors the entry to the beautiful and iconic St Kevin’s arcade on Karangahape Road and also has seating available in the mall and on the street. Both stores are open late on the weekends, and the menu includes special offers and temporary menu items. They also offer online ordering though their website or app, and are on UberEATS as well. Lord of the Fries Auckland is run by a local Grey Lynn family, who are delighted to ignite the ethical fast food revolution in our city, “We’d been following the brand for a long time and love its fresh, urban vibe. It’s also aligned with our own philosophies and personal beliefs and is a company that is making a difference in the world. That’s exciting to be a part of. Lord of the Fries is bringing an entirely new offering to Auckland and we can’t wait for the city to taste what all the fuss is about,” says Bruce Craig, co-owner with his wife Baksho. F PN LORD OF THE FRIES, 1 Queen St, CBD, M: 022 390 9662, 1 Shop 2, St Kevins Arcade,183 Karangahape Road, M: 022 390 9668

SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 360 2122 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY DIDA’S – YOUR LOCAL RECIPE OF THE MONTH Family Venison Pie Ingredients 500g shoulder of venison, cut into large chunks 1 bay leaf 1 carrot, roughly chopped 1 parsnip, roughly chopped 1 onion, roughly chopped 1½ celery sticks, roughly chopped Olive oil and butter, for frying 1 garlic clove, crushed ½ cup barbecue sauce 1 cup red wine ½ cup beef stock 1 thyme sprig (or 1 tsp dried thyme) 2½ tbsp plain flour, seasoned with salt and pepper Method Heat oven to 180˚C. On the cooktop, in a heavy casserole dish, fry the vegetables in a little oil and butter for four-five minutes until golden. Add the garlic and cook for another minute, then set aside.

Add the wine to the pan and bring to the boil, scraping up all the fried bits stuck to the bottom of the pan. Add the barbecue sauce and the stock, then the thyme and the bay leaf, followed by the meat and vegetables. Season to taste and bring to the boil. Cover and transfer to the oven for approximately one hour.

Place the venison in a plastic bag with the seasoned flour and shake to coat. Add a little more oil and butter to the pan, then fry the venison over a high heat, stirring occasionally, until well browned. Cook in batches if necessary - do not overfill the pan. Set aside with the vegetables.

Line a pie dish with pastry, add the pie mixture, then top with your choice of pastry, potato mash or kumara mash, and cook for a further 30 minutes, or until the pastry is cooked.

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DIDA’S, 54 Jervois Road, T: 09 361 6157,


SUNBRELLA® & COAST An enduring partnership built for New Zealand conditions. COAST has been using Sunbrella® fabric for their products for more than 12 years and their confidence in this amazing fabric increases year on year. Sunbrella® fabric is guaranteed for five years against fading and deterioration - and their own experience shows it can be expected to last for much longer. Beautifully soft to touch yet designed to last in New Zealand harsh conditions, make Sunbrella® fabric the natural choice for upholstery. Sunbrella® is perfect for sofas and chairs - inside and out, cushions, windows seats and blinds. Cut lengths available online and from COAST, 77 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 354 4552,

EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY FACES @ GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET Colinda Rowe is the Chair of the GL2030 Transition Community Trust. When she moved to Grey Lynn nine years ago she was keen to connect with the local community. What did you do to connect with the Grey Lynn community? I went to a session about setting up the transition town model in Grey Lynn and got chatting to Lynn Green. Lynn kept in touch and eventually I joined the GL2030 Waste Away group. What is a Transition Town? A transition town is a focal point for locals to lead and get involved in projects that help build a resilient and sustainable local community. GL2030 Lynn Green on the Waste Away stall is the Grey Lynn transition town. The Waste Away group, Grey Lynn Farmers Market, and the Car Boot Sale, all came from the GL2030 Transition Town movement. What does the Waste Away group do? We have a regular space at the Farmers Market, selling alternatives to common disposable products, plus we collect batteries. Currently, we are working with the Farmers Market to create a sustainability event on 29 October. In February, we ran Grey Lynn’s first Grey Lynn Repair Cafe. In July, we ran the 'Bring your own Bag' event at which Mayor Phil Goff spoke. We have also recently opened the Re-Purpose Community Recycling Centre in Onehunga as a trial project, in partnership with the Earth Action Trust. Are you glad you moved here? I love Grey Lynn. It feels like living in a village in the city. I’ve met so many friends by getting involved in Grey Lynn 2030. That’s why I love going to the Farmers Market on Sunday mornings - I always bump into people I know. Are you here for the long haul? Definitely. We spent five years renovating our Williamson Avenue villa. We have a four year old who will start school soon. And my husband runs his osteopath business from home - he’s proud of the distinctive stencil-cut iron sign on our fence. I hear you have an adventure planned Yes - we’re going on a family holiday to Cuba for three weeks. We are really looking forward to some sunshine, interesting food and great music. F PN,

The Waste Away Group L to R: Chris Olson, Colinda Rowe, Nikki Donald, Suzanne Kendrick; Louise Johnstone, Marianne van der Haas, Winnie Lenihan, Fionna Hill, Betsy Lawrence The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY ETHICAL SHOPPING HUB Grey Lynn village is gaining a reputation as a go-to hub for ethical shopping and dining. Consumers seeking stores and eateries that align with their personal ethics are drawn to the cluster of vegetarian, vegan and planet-friendly shops on the corner of Great North Road and Williamson Avenue. Customers making a beeline for award-winning vegan bakery Tart come from all over Auckland and beyond. “I would say 90 percent of my clientele are not locals,” says owner Philippa Stephenson. The demand for Tart’s vegan food is so strong that a queue of customers regularly stretches out to the pavement. Vegans are drawn to the bakery’s sweet and savoury pastries that do not contain milk or cheese made from animal products or eggs.

Mia Vaughan-Young and Grace Thevenard at Tart Bakery They are compostable and are made entirely from plant-based materials.

“We sell ‘mince and cheese’ pies but they have the vegan equivalents of mince and cheese,” says Philippa. “We stand for passion for the environment and animal welfare.” The Vegan Shop, a relatively recent arrival from its former Karangahape Road location, is also doing great business. “We stock at least 40 different types of vegan cheese, as well as world-famous brands of faux meats and seafoods,” says Jill Peterson of The Vegan Shop.

Grey Lynn Fine Wines and Spirits is a newcomer to the village. Since opening in March it has increased its organic wine stock due to customer demand. Sekhar Reddy, of Grey Lynn Fine Wines and Spirits, says at the beginning the store’s customer were mostly locals but a growing number are coming from outside the area. “We have gained new clientele from nearby suburbs due to our range of organic wines and premium spirits. Our regular customers have spread the word and helped us gain more clientele within a very short time.”

In addition to offering a range of products not found in supermarkets, the store has planet-friendly products. It offers customers shopping bags that will compost in a domestic compost within three months and any products that contain palm oil use only certified sustainable palm oil. All beauty products are chemical free and certified vegan.

As well as offering a range of organic and vegan wines, the store also sells sulphite free and preservative free wines.

“This is a place where shoppers can feel comfortable knowing they don't have to scrutinise the labels as all products are guaranteed free from animal-based ingredients,” says Jill.

Award-winning Grey Lynn Butchers added organic meats to its selection when the organic butcher in West Lynn closed a few years ago. “We knew those customers would be looking for somewhere else to source organic meat,” says owner Lucia Rodrigues. “Our loyal customers, who come from all over the city, now have an organic option.”

“Our customers range from locals to people from all over New Zealand and tourists from around the world. Some are vegan, some have allergies or family and friends with allergies, and others are looking for alternative ways of eating which may be healthier for them.”

The non-organic meat, which is locally and ethically sourced, includes free-farmed meats, wild game and PigCare certified New Zealand pork.

Since Kokako Cafe was established in Grey Lynn as a flagship outpost for the Kokako brand five years ago, it has become a mecca for vegetarians. Earlier this year Troy Mentor, formerly the owner of Dizengoff cafe on Ponsonby Road, bought the cafe. Under Troy’s ownership, Kokako’s reputation for specialty organic coffee and quality food continues.

Another relatively recent arrival in the village is Tiger Burger, which offers western street food heavily inspired by Asian flavours. It has adopted several planet-friendly business practices, including using sustainable packaging, composting food waste and sourcing ingredients locally, as much as possible. Tiger’s beef burgers are made from meat sourced from a single farm in Taupo.

Kokako also saves tonnes of waste from landfill by turning it into something good for the environment. “The cafe has one small landfill wheelie bin per week of rubbish and the rest (cardboard, soft plastics, coffee grounds and compostable material) is recycled,” says Troy. “All our takeaway food and drink containers are from Innocent Packaging.

The Grey Lynn Business Association is looking for new board members to contribute to our community. Keen to get involved? See members (JENNIFER NORTHOVER, GREY LYNN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION) F

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY VEGAN DINING HERITAGE CONTINUES AT HECTORS Heritage Auckland’s executive chef, Gerrard O’Keefe, continues the strong tradition of delicious vegan cuisine at Hectors restaurant. To honour World Vegan Day he will present an eight-course degustation dinner on Friday 27 October. Growing up in the 80s and mid-90s in Auckland, O'Keefe had a diverse domestic dining experience that would inform his passion for a life-long culinary career. At home his father, a former Navy chef, was the main household cook with his mother happily making no contest for dinner duty. “Because of Dad’s travels he brought a big range of international dishes to our dining table. Meals at our house were quite different from what most of my friends at school ate at home at the time. We dined on searing curries through to delicious Asian dishes most nights. I owe a lot of my culinary curiosity to my father,” says O'Keefe. Upon leaving school in 1997, Gerrard took a course at the Auckland hotel and chef school which cemented his plan to make being a chef his career. The OE soon called and he worked as head chef at the Regent Free House London, a Belgian eatery, before he moved to the Oxo Tower restaurant and brasserie. Returning home to Auckland, he worked for Toto for Antonio Crisci, then continuing with the Italian theme joined Scoozi as head chef. Later, he became a full-time tutor at NSIA (North Shore International Academy) for five years prior to joining Heritage Auckland, working alongside previous chef Jinu Abraham.

“I was drawn to join Heritage Auckland due to the profile the hotel had in advancing New Zealand’s plant-based vegan cuisine. When we became the first hotel to have a dedicated vegan menu, many in the industry scoffed. “But I am proud we have since been acknowledged for being ahead of the trend. I personally love the challenge of vegan cuisine. It offers a lot of creativity as a chef, and I am enjoying bringing new flavours into the menus from my background and experience,” says O'Keefe. Executive Chef Gerrard O’Keefe will assemble a delicious medley of nourishing gourmet vegan food in Hectors restaurant for the special event on October 27. The degustation menu highlights include a pumpkin ravioli stuffed with toasted hazelnuts, smoked eggplant puree with Thai style eggplant salad and chilli ginger, a mushroom cappuccino, carrot ribbons with a kimchi lime chive gremolata, strawberry mousse and chocolate sorbet indulgence to finish. (All menu items are dairy free). The vegan degustation dinner is priced at $120 per adult. (Alcoholic beverages not included). Reservations are essential. Call T: 09 979 7434 for bookings and information or email Hectors restaurant, Lobby level, Heritage Auckland, 35 Hobson Street,

About Hectors restaurant Heritage Auckland’s Hectors restaurant was the first hotel restaurant in New Zealand to introduce an extensive plant-based vegan menu range in 2011. In 2013, Heritage Auckland’s Hectors restaurant was the first New Zealand restaurant to be vegetarian accredited by the Vegetarian Society of New Zealand. Hectors restaurant dishes have secured many vegetarian dish awards and the restaurant has become a home for discerning vegan diners. The vegan, vegetarian and raw breakfast menu options run in tandem with omnivorous fare available in Hectors and other food outlets at Heritage Auckland. In all, Heritage Auckland caters for 13 special dietary requirements.

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JULIE BONNER: NEWS FROM FROG POND FARM At the time of writing this, spring has been with us for three weeks and at times it has felt like mid winter. I’ve even considered buying a new raincoat as the old one was damaged by hailstones. The weather has been foul and, as much as I seriously loathe bemoaning it, winter and the start of spring have been crazy wet with the only fair prediction being that more rain is imminent. Thanks to the weather, my days in the garden have been numbered and there appears to be dust gathering on hubby's mower. Shameful! I did manage, however, to get out a week ago and poke some Liseta and Maris Anchor spuds into a raised bed, which, I have to add, I had previously topped up with composted horse poo and coffee grounds. I'm yet to add Rok Solid fertiliser and Dolomite or something else to sweeten the soil. Normally I would be splashing about homemade seaweed brew to welcome the new residents, but there isn’t much point as the soil is damp enough. I have also finally prepared my summer planting plan, which I'm particularly pleased with. I have allocated beds for the following: • Salad, herbs and general mayhem • Potatoes - early variety already in the dirt • Perennial beans sown direct and sharing a bed with late variety spuds (once the garlic is removed) • Chillies and lots of them • Three sisters - corn, beans and cucurbits (with my addition of sunflowers) all planted direct with the exception of the cucumbers • Red onions and tomatoes, sharing their space with parsley and basil

52 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

I think you know by now that I’m a fan of planting flowers in my veggie garden. I adore the sassy way the flowers mingle in with the veg, like tango dancers, flashing their colour and cheer. These show-offs will include marigolds, zinnias, alyssum, cosmos, cleome, bergamot, salvia and no doubt calendula and nasturtium. So, as you can imagine, I have been patting myself on the back. I have beds to prep as soon as I can, as the onion seedlings need to go into the dirt. I am also considering hauling out the spent brassica bed and replacing this with an interim cover crop of buckwheat. Ah, decision, decisions. Today as it happens is a gorgeous day! Blue skies, cloud puffs, slight breeze (chilly in the shade), which means we are being lulled into a false sense of security. I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and the dog and zooming down the driveway in the ATV to snap some shots of blossoms, bugs and bees. The garden was literally alive today. Music to the ears and just beautiful. Glancing up the hillside to the chook paddock, even the hens were out and fossicking in the sunshine and talking chicken stuff. Living on a lifestyle block obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I must admit that sometimes I think I’m nuts, given that I enjoy racing around in gumboots, wiping dirty hands on my clothes, using the petrol weed eater and being sprayed with bits of greenery and soil, or spending hours on the ground in the mud, hauling out that

detestable weed wandering willy (appropriately named I have to add). My brother is arriving from Melbourne and I’m excited. I felt it only fair to advise him of the gardening expectations, insisting that he pack warm clothes suitable for the outdoors. He laughed knowing that I wasn’t kidding, we work well together and he also has a green thumb. You will be pleased to know that I also intend to sow some seeds: beetroot and flowers, heritage toms and herbs. I’ve iven up sowing chillies as they take an eternity to grow and lettuce as it becomes spindly. While I enjoy perusing seed catalogues and watching seeds germinate, it is a process and one that can be fraught with danger as our cats regard the trays as their kitty litter. I will be sowing pumpkins, cucumbers and zucchini into their very own pots, but not just yet as I have opted to plant much later in the season and wait until the spring winds subside and the silly weather settles, summer sounds like a plan! The gannets are back in town too. I should get down there pronto with my camera and tripod, but let’s face it, you can’t do everything! Can you? Happy gardening. PN (JULIE BONNER) F If you are interested in more news from our place, visit my blog


Winner of Best Casual Dining Restaurant 2017. Thank you for your continued support! *Cuisine Awards 2017

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:sZ[n l hi^gbg` ahnkl Zk^3 P^] & Lngu *+if & EZm^' Fhg & Mn^l u .if & EZm^' Hgebg^ hk iahg^ )2 & ,+) .+2+ boo k: @AZABUPONSONBY



World Vegetarian Month - Your vegetarian itinerary While most of the year seems like a celebration of animal suffering - from Pak’n Save’s ‘meat week’ to the mass extermination of duck-hunting season to schools having parties around the hunting of possums - there’s one month every year that vegetarians can relish. October is World Vegetarian Month, and with each passing year there are more events and activities to commemorate the occasion, in Auckland and around the country. And while the whole month is a time plant eaters can rejoice, celebrate and eat well without guilt, there’s also more to it than meets the eye. For instance, 1 October is World Vegetarian Day, while World Vegan Day is 1 November, followed by World Animal Day on 4 November. It’s a great opportunity for vegetarians and vegans to organise dinner parties and expeditions to support eateries that bother to show their interest in non-animal diets. It’s also the one time of the year that various events take place that are tailor made to appeal to our palates, so I would urge vegetarian and vegan readers to participate, along with those who still partake of meat but are curious in the ways of the meat-free. On 1 October, the Vegetarian Society is hosting the Taste The World vegan dinner, and as the name suggests, the flavours will be truly international. Check out their website for more info. Then there’s a Vegan Vault Market at 171 Victoria Street, from 6pm on 7 October. The Heritage Hotel’s annual vegan feast takes place on 27 October, and this year it’s an eight-course degustation, to which we can only ad: Yum! Bookings essential.

Ponsonby and Grey Lynn. How about starting with a hearty breakfast at the rightly acclaimed Kokako Cafe, followed by a unique and rewarding lunch at Little Bird Unbakery. And to cap it all off, you can buy a bag full of vegan pies, pastries and delicious coconut cream donuts and other sweeties at Tart. And if you want to make it a week of eats, there are plenty of other local cafes and restaurants branching out into vegetarian cuisine, including the all-vegetarian Big Sur: that’s right, rumours that they were going meaty have proved untrue! To top it all off, SAFE has launched its Eat Kind Challenge and alongside that, a new website called Animal Squad.

The Eat Kind Challenge is a way for those who want to show compassion to animals to set themselves a goal, but also get support along the way. Those who sign up get free recipes and a free guide. The Animal Squad ( is an initiative For those who fancy a bit of culinary travel, Christchurch is having its first Vegan Expo on to connect kids who have a passion for animals, and to teach them positive values like 8 October, and Whangarei its second Vegan Expo on 25 November. respect, compassion, empathy and fairness for all animals. The website officially launches with a competition on 16 October. Then again, it might simply be an opportunity to renew your acquaintance with the best PN (GARY STEEL) F vegetarian food in Auckland, most of which can be found within walking distance between Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs online vegetarian resource He can be contacted via


Sartori wines from Veneto, Italy Sartori di Verona is a large producer from northern Italy’s largest wine region, Veneto. Company President Andrea Sartori was in Auckland recently as a guest of Ponsonby’ s Dhall & Nash Fine Wines who have been importing his wines for five years. And I had to opportunity to meet Andrea, great-grandson of Pietro Sartori, who founded the Sartori di Verona winery in 1898. With blond hair and blues eyes, he looks very northern Italian, and appropriately for someone named Sartori, he was impeccably dressed. I decided to wear my lucky black lace-ups that I bought in Rome, but I was seriously outclassed. Says Andrea,“We want to focus on the flagship wine of Verona which is Amarone Ripasso. And of course Prosecco has become very important for us. Prosecco is a phenomenal success story.” Here’s a sample of the portfolio that also includes pinot grigio, valpollicella, amarone and grappa. Sartori Erfo Spumante DOC Prosecco Brut NV - $17.99 Easy drinking ‘pop and pour’ low alcohol (11%) sparkler. Aromas of Granny Smith apple and a whiff of CO2. In the mouth, it’s frothy and refreshing, with off-dry flavours of apple sauce and a crisp finish. Available from Farro Fresh Grey Lynn, and Grey Lynn Fine Wines: 527 Great North Road, T: 09 378 1233 Sartori ‘Marani’ Bianco Veronese IGT 2015 - $24.75 Made from partially dried gargenega grapes, with time spent in oak barrels and resting on yeast residue. Smells like a fruity light-bodied chardonnay and opens up on the palate with rich apricot, nectarine and a hint of floral jasmine with a dry, mineral finish. Available from Dhall & Nash Fine Wines, Ponsonby

54 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

Andrea Sartori Sartori Regolo Rosso Veronese IGT 2012 - $30 Made from 100% indigenous corvina grapes, and undergoes a secondary process on the pressed skins of amarone grapes. Spicy and earthy aromas with a hint of fruitcake. Lots of delicious, ripe, blackberry fruit flavours, with a spicy dry finish. Available from Dhall & Nash Fine Wines, Ponsonby (PHIL PARKER) F PN Phil Parker is a wine writer and operates Fine Wine & Food Tours in Auckland. See: Phil’s new cellar door book ‘NZ Wine Regions - A Visitor’s Guide’ is now available on Amazon Kindle. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY @ SABATO There’s nothing more comforting than the dreamy, creamy, cheesy classic that is mac ‘n’ cheese. We have taken an all-time favourite recipe and added a touch of luxury without any more work for you! Impress friends and family and try our truffle mac ‘n’ cheese recipe below. It won’t disappoint! Our take on the dish includes our Montanari Parmigiano Reggiano and our new Giuliano Tartufi truffle powder. Sabato Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese - Serves 6 Ingredients: 1 onion, chopped 1 litre milk 150g Pancetta stagionata 500g Rustichella maccheroni or Girolomoni conchiglie 60g Lewis Road Creamery butter, plus extra 60g Girolomoni organic 00 flour 1 tsp The Spice Trader black peppercorns 2 Tbsp Giuliano Tartufi black truffle infused extra virgin olive oil (EVO) or Mas Portell black truffle extra virgin olive oil 200g Parmigiano Reggiano, grated 100g Sabato herb and parmigiano breadcrumbs Giuliano Tartufi truffle powder, to finish Method: Preheat the oven to 200°C. In a saucepan, sweat the onion with a knob of butter on a low heat until lightly coloured. Add the peppercorns and milk. Heat slowly until almost boiling but do not boil. Set aside to infuse for 10 minutes before straining into another pot. Discard the onions and peppercorns. Meanwhile, sauté the pancetta over a medium heat in a separate pan until cooked through but not crisp. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil and cook the pasta for 7-8 minutes or until al dente. Next, melt the butter in a saucepan before adding the flour. Cook out the flour until it bubbles lightly. Turn the heat to the lowest setting and add the warmed, strained milk one ladle at a time until smooth and silky. Stir in the parmigiano. Add the black truffle oil and season to taste. Combine the pasta, sauce and pancetta before pouring into an ovenproof dish. Top with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Finish with a shake of Giuliano Tartufi truffle powder and serve immediately. For more recipe ideas and to view our full range of hampers, visit us in-store or on our website SABATO, 57 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, T: 09 630 8751. F PN

5 Fort Lane, CBD T: 09 379 9702 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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This museum was born out of risk During the world cruise this year, our home away from home carried us up the Derwent River to Hobart Australia's second oldest capital and Tasmania’s most populated city in the country’s least populated state. What I had imagined to be a small settlement born out of the crime, violence and subversion of its neighbouring penal settlement of Port Arthur, turned out instead, to be a vibrant city full of life, colour and action. Despite the island’s past as a "penal colony within a penal colony", the modern city’s mainstay economy of zinc, Cadbury Chocolate and dedicated Antarctic Support Services is also supplemented by a growing tourism industry. Most of what we could see from the ship had been built in the 1800s when the capital was founded, the now restored old warehouses, ship chandleries and jam factory, supplement various contemporary cafes, restaurants and bars. The towering backdrop of the municipality is the severe and foreboding Mount Victoria. Anyone who tells you that there is not much to do in Hobart is either trying to sell you an excursion to Port Arthur and its ruined jail, or even perhaps, a bridge in Manhattan. Fortunately being pre-warned, we, the usual suspects, had already booked our tickets online for the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) Gallery which turned out to be a lifesaver as we watched many disappointed travellers turned away due to the popularity of the venue. It is the largest privately funded gallery in Australasia and accessed by a camouflage-painted catamaran conveniently berthed only a few minutes’ walk from our ship. A piece of art in itself, the ferry’s seating featured sheep supplemented by the odd cow while the colourful crew serving us were distinguishable in camouflage skivvies. The boat even included a mosh pit - heavily patronised with its free alcohol and nibbles while preparing the eager patrons by lowering their inhibitions and chilling them out during the 30-minute ride to the museum. 'Mona' is built into a cliff within a private vineyard on the Berriedale Peninsula and has been previously described as a subversive adult Disneyland. This museum was born out of risk. It reflects the past of the museum’s patron, David Walsh, whose earlier life as a gambler, instigated the museum’s mantra of risking and challenging the viewer by flouting convention. He has supplemented his own private collection with some daring and provocative travelling exhibitions.

Robert and Roscoe on the Sheep to Mona

56 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

Despite some of the more existential contents of the building, Mona has put Hobart on the map and has become a destination in itself. Externally its visible single story is dominated by stark landscape surroundings. The building seems to creep up on you rather than advertise its presence and you arrive from the river to climb the 99 steps cut through the cliff to a glittering mirrored foyer. The most exciting part of the experience, however, is discovering the museum’s interior. Dug down into the limestone cliffs, its walls and ceilings are left naked to expose the chalk and mineral calcite within the limestone rock. The entrance into the museum proper is via a descending circular staircase which passes through the middle of a void that seems to fall endlessly into the darkness below that hides the tantalising labyrinth of display spaces. Walking through the subterranean chambers gives the impression of being in an Egyptian tomb, the contents of the displays are like the hidden treasures of some lost civilisation. The sound of the visitors’ footfalls on the exposed concrete and rock floor reverberate around the steel and stone features of the interior, mixing with the rise and fall of excited conversations. The echoing cacophony disturbing the hallowed, temple-like experience. Amongst the outrageous and bizarre exhibits on view, are a number of thought-provoking productions; 'Fatcar', an overblown pudgy Porsche “shaped into a bulbous symbol of conspicuous consumption”; 'Artefact', a bronze skull - look through its sockets and see into the soul and its imaginings beyond; and my personal favourite, a waterfall punching out thought-provoking words as the water drops to the floor in an explosive crash. The whole experience seems delightfully choreographed and leaves you feeling that you have been part of an exciting first night performance of some extraordinary artiste. Mona, Hobart, Tasmania, if you ever find yourself in this part of the world - no, to hell with it, prioritise Mona as your next journey. You owe it to yourself. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and come and be confronted, beguiled, amazed, expanded, shocked and PN titillated. (ROSS THORBY) F

Mona Tasmania - Fatcar, the overblown porche



THE COLOURS OF INDIA From sleek modernity of New Delhi and the glorious palace hotels of Rajasthan to the ethereal glow of the Taj Mahal at sunrise, the vibrant colour, scent and sounds of India never fail to impress. I have never travelled anywhere else with such an intensity of colour as is found in India. Our Kiwi fondness for cool black is a dreary contrast to India’s brightly coloured turbans, stunning saris and temple flowers. Rajasthan, a land of vast deserts, camel trains, ancient forts and temples, is the ‘jewel in the crown’. The spices piled high in the market and the decorated elephants at the Amber Fort all make this part of India a photographer’s dream. The Taj Mahal in Agra, some 200km from Delhi, deserves the effort to arise early and experience it at sunrise when visitors are fewer and the light creates a dreamy hue. Intricately inlaid precious stones cover the walls, the monuments and the tombs. No photo or movie does this shrine justice - you must see it through your own eyes. And so romantic! The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in honour of his beloved wife Mumtaz. He was imprisoned after being overthrown by his son and thus could never complete a black marble facsimile of the Taj across the river that was going to become his own tomb. One of the great tragic love stories of history. India has endured thousands of years of conflict and generated incredible wealth, leaving a legacy of impressive fortresses and beautiful palaces. Some maharajahs’ palaces are the most gorgeous hotels where us mere commoners can now stay in the opulence that was the exclusive realm of Indian royalty. The most picturesque of these is the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur where the James Bond film 'Octopussy' was filmed. Others still feature the gorgeous glass inlaid walls, colourful wall paintings, and cool shady courtyards of

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

the era - my favourite is the Samode Palace just out of Jaipur. At least 475 years old, each suite has its own unique personality, with marble baths, four-poster beds and stunning views over the mountains to delight even the most jaded traveller. Religion is an ever-present facet of life in India, with a diversity of faiths adding layers of intrigue to an already fascinating culture. Delhi’s Qutab Minar tower, the Jain Temple of Ranakpur, and the 17th Century Jagdish Temple (Hindu) of Udaipur are just a few examples of India’s rich spiritual life. Travel around India has become so much easier over the years, with excellent domestic airlines, high-quality hotels and vastly improved tourist services. It’s now also very popular to add on some time in Sri Lanka or end on a more relaxing note in the Maldives. The sensory overload India exudes from every pore can delight, confound and overwhelm the first-time visitor in the first couple of days on arrival. But if you take an open mind and go with the flow, you can’t help but fall in love with the colourful experience that is India. (CHRIS LYONS, WORLD JOURNEYS) F PN


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Dear readers, please keep sending us your holiday snaps reading your favourite magazine, we love getting them! Photos need to be in high resolution (300dpi), so please email them to without reducing the size.

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1. Michelle Milsom-Rattray sent us some photos telling us, "Sharing my last copy of Ponsonby News with my new 'pals' at PIERREFITTE SUR LOIRE. We are cruising the CANAL LATERAL ET LA LOIRE and so far this season have completed the Burgundy Canal and the Nivernais. While I don't live in Ponsonby anymore I have in the past lived in Sarsfield Street, Tole Street, Sentinel Road, Rose Road, New Street and England Street, while teaching at Ponsonby Primary, Richmond Road, Newton Central and Ponsonby Intermediate over several years of course and retain a strong interest in the area.� 2. Our cover stars for May were the founders of Adam Arnold Ponsonby Brad & Tobias Roebuck-Ward, who are pictured on holiday in PARIS, the city of love. 3. Our Healthy Living columnist Sarah-Jane Attias, bumped into Dr Melanie Abernathy and Jo Crowley from Arthur Street, and Luis Meirelles from Sussex Street. Luckily Sarah-Jane & Tanah had a Ponsonby News handy... "We are all covered in a face pack and body scrub from BALI." 4. Local residents Esther and Bryn O'Donnell are pictured reading Ponsonby News at Newgrange, a prehistoric passage tomb in County Meath, IRELAND. 5. The ladies at CALUZZI. L-R: Victoria, Taro Patch, Ivanna and Lingling. 8

6. Sally James with her mokopuna doing a black cab Harry Potter tour in London and just taking a few minutes break to read The Ponsonby News. 7. Local Grey Lynn resident Eddie Reid is pictured at the Conrad Hotel on BALI. 8. Armando Kochi, owner of Gusto in Ponsonby is back home on holiday in northern ITALY. His two daughters are pictured with the host of the resort Maria Lago di Garda. 9. Peter Carleton of Lexus Grey Lynn (Greater Auckland Motors) tells us, "Last week I visited the Lexus Miyata Plant in Miyawaka City, Fukuoka (on Kyushu Island) JAPAN to see how our Lexus vehicles were built. Amazing facility - they build in half a day as many new Lexus as we sell in New Zealand in a year! Here I am standing outside the plant reading our Ponsonby News.�


The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


10. St Mary's Bay residents Gerard Hall & Allan Horner tell us, "We were in Lenin Square, KORSAKOV, late August. Korsakov is a small fishing village with a population of around 35,000. Our cruise ship holiday around Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan, called into the Russian port of Korsakov for a day. Apart from a statue of Lenin, the square has a memorial to fallen Russian sailors. In the centre of the square is a water fountain." DEADLINE - 20TH OF THE MONTH

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WE TOOK A TOUR WITH TONY'S TRIKE TOURS... Tony’s Trike Tours is a Kiwi owned and operated company, offering rides on a luxury V8 trike. Last month to celebrate Father’s Day and to remember our dads, four of us took a two -hour Auckland tour to see some of the sights. We set off from Grey Lynn with Tony on an overcast Sunday morning at 10.30am and headed along Ponsonby Road - everyone we passed seemed happy to see us and we got loads of thumbs up from the public. I was glad we’d wrapped up because it was a chilly start but we soon forgot about the weather and enjoyed the sights. I’d never been across the Harbour Bridge with the roof off, let alone on a motorbike. And never on a trike. The trike is registered as a car so no helmet is needed. Next we headed off around Westhaven and stopped for some photos. People were intrigued and kept asking Tony all about his handmade 330hp V8 trike. This five-seater trike was built in New Zealand for New Zealand roads. It not only looks good but handles great as well. After some chats with tourists, we set off for the Auckland Museum. Once there we had some further photo opportunities, while enjoying the view. To finish the tour we headed off to the new Waterview Tunnel - everyone onboard said that the coldest time was during the ride through the tunnel.

Depending on the tour they can include Mission Bay, One Tree Hill, you suggest places. There is a choice of one or two hour tours and they cost from $90 per person. On offer are day or night tours and others have used Tony for weddings, stag or hen’s nights. Tours can be created for balls or Christmas parties and birthdays celebrations. Baby seats are available on request. (MARTIN LEACH) F PN Call Tony on M: 021 866 910,, E:

EXPLORE THE BATTLEFIELDS OF WW1 Craig Martin of Martin & Grigg Travel Associates was lucky enough to travel to northern France and Belgium to explore the battlefields of the First World War. Travelling through picturesque cities and towns including Amiens, Arras, Lille, Ypres, Le Quesnoy, Lens and along the Picardy coast, while exploring the devastating shared history of the First World War. Le Quesnoy is rich in shared history with New Zealand. Kiwi Soldiers were instrumental in the liberation of this town and they have named multiple roads after New Zealand such as Rue Nouvelle Zélande. The 100th anniversary of the liberation is on the 4 November 2018. The Wellington Quarry, just outside of Arras is also a must see. An amazing feat created by New Zealand tunnellers between 1916 and 1917 consists of over 19km of underground tunnels and caverns used to house nearly 24,000 men as they waited nine days until the Battle of Arras would begin on the 9 April 1917. Using projectors, you explore the tunnels and watch short videos projected on the walls to explain what you are seeing. With graffiti still on the walls from those dark days, you can

Christmas Truce Statue

60 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

see a small bit of humour with one cavern being named Waitomo. Craig also recommends travelling to Messines, which is another key site for New Zealand during the war. If you are considering travelling to this area, please get in touch with Craig who will be more than happy to share his personal experiences and help you plan the perfect itinerary. F PN Call T: 09 213 0222 or email

Gallaher Gravestone

Le Quesnoy Memoria PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

FASHION + STYLE NEW AND IMPROVED TATTY’S PONSONBY Tatty’s had been bulging at the seams from their old shop at 159 Ponsonby Road, so when the opportunity arose to take a larger shop next door, Aimee jumped at the chance. With twice the floor space and a third more clothes, Tatty’s Ponsonby is now really able to deliver on the range, price and a comfortable shopping experience. “Saying goodbye to the original Tatty’s was not without sadness,” says Aimee. “It was not only where Tatty’s was born, but my now partner Nigel (who was hired to renovate the original Tatty’s) and I lived above the retail space with our first daughter - our lives truly revolved around the shop!” Just as there was history attached to the cottage of the original Tatty’s shop, (it is still one of the remaining villa-turned-retail spaces on Ponsonby Road) the new Tatty’s has also had a colourful history. To Aimee’s delight while renovating, the builders found a secret covered interior staircase, from when the building had started its life as a two-level majestic ballroom. It was important to Aimee and her team to include elements of the original Tatty’s in the new shop, as many regular customers loved the old shabby chic feel. “My goal was to retain the positive aspects of the original shop, the colour, the displays and the quirkiness, but also to balance that with enough breathing space for customers, so not to get overwhelmed by the size and amount of clothing in the shop.” Tatty’s is open seven days a week, with late night Thursdays. Drop off your items or pop in and have a browse, you won’t be disappointed. F PN TATTY’S, Ponsonby, T: 09 376 2761, High Street, T: 09 373 3126,

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


FASHION + STYLE BAZART EXHIBITION RAISES $11,000 FOR THE SPCA Artist Barry Fenton’s goal of raising $10,000 was achieved and he is delighted to have surpassed it, raising a total of $11,000! A mammoth effort for the week-long exhibition held in Ponsonby Central.

The Honourable Nikki Kaye, Eddie (Barry's dog) & Barry Fenton

Karen Walker & Barry Fenton at Ponsonby Central






1. Megan Salmon Mr Miyake Cossack Pant and Lemon Tree Jody Black Knit Top; 2. Megan Salmon Mercury Pieced Dress; 3. Chocolat Ember White Tee and Deeanne Hobbs Ballet Pant; 4. Megan Salmon Mercury T Dress. MAGAZINE DESIGNER CLOTHING, 4 Byron Avenue, Takapuna, T: 09 488 0406, 937 Mt Eden Road, T: 09 630 5354,

62 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017




Jason Williams Heirloom Interiors How did you come to be a retail salesperson? I started in retail when I was 20 years old and have never really left, having worked across several industries.


What brought you to Heirloom Interiors? I saw the opportunity to open a furniture showroom in Ponsonby. The right location presented itself and the timing was right. What do you love about your store? I love the location and profile of the showroom, the amazing window space and the way it looks at night with the chandeliers on.


What makes a standout retail salesperson? You have to be passionate about what you are selling. If you can do this then it becomes more than just a job and you will amazed at the results you can achieve if you truly believe in your product.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Belcher bracelet (9ct yellow gold) - $1950 Blush pink diamond ring (18ct rose gold) - $6800 Diamond infinity earrings (9ct white gold) - $1850 Diamond drop pendant plus chain (9ct white gold) - $1350

DIAMONDS ON RICHMOND, 98 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, T: 09 376 9045,

Tell us about a memorable sale you've made this year... We have just made a fantastic sale to a very nice couple from Brisbane who came to Ponsonby to purchase our furniture for their new home over there.


If you could wave your wand and have anyone in the world walk into your store right now, who would it be? Would love Richard Branson to wander in and have a chat. A marketing genius who could certainly afford to by a new sofa or two. If you could wave your wand and have anyone in greater Ponsonby walk into your store right now, who would it be? I hear Lorde has a home in Ponsonby, that would be cool. Where do you shop/enjoy shopping? Very new to Ponsonby but I'm a bit of a foodie so love Blue Breeze Inn and Mekong Baby. Name someone you think is a great greater Ponsonby brand/store/ retail salesperson... Fusion Cafe, friendly staff, great food and excellent service. F PN HEIRLOOM INTERIORS, 14 Jervois Road, T: 09 378 1579,

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


ANGELA LASSIG: LETTERS FROM MAUDIE The monthly jottings of a free-spirited Ponsonby dressmaker of the 1920s, as imagined by Angela Lassig. VERMONT STREET, PONSONBY 15 OCTOBER 1925

Dear Vera, Thank you so very much for the box of caramels. As you can imagine, they didn’t last very long! As a consequence, I am rationing myself to one boiled egg and a cup of tea only for my lunches all this week and I plan to go swimming at least three times! The Point Erin Baths are now open for the summer and although it’s still a little nippy, once I start swimming I soon warm up. Did I tell you about my new bathing caps? Le Quesne’s[i] recently received their summer range of Kleinert’s[ii] rubber caps and as I happened to be in there I had the whole range to choose from. I actually bought two as my old ones had perished beyond all hope. For my exercise swimming, I bought a white cap which looks plain from a distance but up close it has a very pretty, slightly raised pattern of starfish all over it. The other one I will keep strictly for best! By best I mean when swanning about Takapuna Beach in my chicest bathing costume. I think you’ve seen it? It’s fine navy wool with red binding around all the edges. I shall look even more swish wearing my matching navy blue bathing cap which is a turban style edged in red, with a gorgeous red rubber poppy on the side. I mustn’t forget to tell you about the new Boronia[iii] perfume that I was trying on when I spied the bathing caps. I read about it in the Ladies’ Mirror - did you see the advertisement? It is such a beguiling scent that I couldn’t possibly describe. Not at all florally. I bought the middle size which is in an exquisite, squat cut-glass bottle tied with a deep red, silk bow. I’ll be keeping that bottle when it's finished. Talking of flowers, isn’t it wonderful to see the flower shops well stocked again? A few weeks ago, there were only a few pot plants and one or two little bunches of wilting daisies and white narcissi to be had, which no one bought. Now when I walk past any green grocers, my nostrils are serenaded by sweet-smelling freesias, daffodils, violets, Californian poppies and huge chrysanthemums. I’ve also spied purple anemones and even sweet peas - my absolute favourite flower! When I’m feeling rich I buy my sweet peas from May Clarke[iv] who always has the most beautiful long stems in colours that can’t be found anywhere else. As I’m not feeling very rich this week (after paying 27/6 for my perfume), I’ll pick up a bunch of poppies from my grocers, Hutchinson’s[v], when I walk Tiger later. I was so excited to see a picture of ‘my’ debutante in the Ladies’ Mirror! If you have this month’s copy, you’ll see her on page nine right in the middle of the page. Unfortunately, it’s only a view of her top half but you can see well enough one of the soft satin bows at the shoulders and a swathe of the silver lace train which she’s swished to the front. She’s sending me a studio photograph which should be here soon enough. It will take pride of place in my work room. I haven’t dressed a debutante before but would like to do it again in spite of all the fussy rules that must be followed.[vi] Vera, I have been such a good ‘housewife’ over the past month. Why? Because I’ve almost finished my spring cleaning! It was well overdue - by two years actually! Last year I was so inundated with

orders that I didn’t have any time to do a thing. Of course, I did bits and pieces during the summer: lifting, beating and airing the mats from one room and cleaning the blinds in another, but never the entire house in one go - and never actually while it was still technically spring! A bonus of the clean is that I found a missing earring right down the back of the settee (how it got there is a real mystery!) and happily, I also found my long-lost reading glasses behind my scotch chest. The glasses were a real discovery! I hadn’t moved the chest for simply an age (well two years) because it is so cumbersome, but I have George now to call on to do any heavy lifting for me. I am embarrassed to say that the glasses were very well hidden in a tumbleweed-sized dust ball that had also consumed two different coloured stockings and a dead, very desiccated mouse. Needless to say, George dealt with the mouse, unlike Pusskins, who I suspect was responsible for the carcass. Knowing how much you like poetry, I’ve copied this quaint little rhyme that I came across recently. I don’t know who the author is but even so, I do think it’s worthy of pasting in your scrapbook. It’s called ‘The Bathing Girl’ My wants are few: a one-piece bathing-suit Of knitted silk, fur-trimmed or fringe, perhaps; A pair of sandals laced with ribbons red. The nattiest of scarlet rubber caps, A vivid parasol to fend away Too ardent sun and prying eyes from me When I am not alone; white sand, a rockIt will not matter if there is no sea. A five-pound box of chocolates, my case Of perfumed cigarettes - ‘tis platinum, And bears my monogram in diamonds, Sapphires and emeralds; some chewing gum. My golden lip-stick, also set with gemsRubies and pearls - a tiny powder puff, And every day a different young man Beside me on the beach were joy enough Well I’ve got the bathing cap and I have a one-pound box of chocolates in the larder, and Boronia perfume besides, which I think are enough luxuries to keep me happy this week! Do write soon my dear, Your friend always,

Maudie x

Le Quesne Chemist, 6 Jervois Road, [ii]Kleinert’s were one of the most popular brands of bathing caps imported into New Zealand during the 20th Century, Boronia Perfumery Company launched its Australian perfume on the NZ market in October 1926, [iv]Miss May Clarke ‘Auckland’s Leading Floral Artist’, 286 Ponsonby Road (in 1926), [v]Hutchinson Bros Grocers, Ponsonby Road (in 1926), [vi]Debutante dress was prescribed by the English court and had to conform to strict rules regarding colour, acceptable fabric, length of train etc [i]







2 4

1. Hidden heart rings from $2150; 2. Multi-coloured flower pendants from $9700; 3. Flower drop earrings - $5995; 4. Flower necklace from $19,500; 5. South Sea Pearl drop earrings - $10,555; 6. Platinum 'Life' solitaire ring - $6400 CARATS, 25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, T: 09 309 5145,

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Mental health - is there something we have missed? There’s a saying - if you keep looking in the wrong place you will never find what you are looking for. In our little country we have a massive problem with mental health and it seems that regardless of how much we spend we are just not getting on top of it. We have the highest rate of youth suicide in the OECD and the number of New Zealanders seeking help for mental health issues increased from 96,000 in 2008 to 168,000 last year.

Doesn’t anyone ever ask why the incidence of mental health is increasing so dramatically? Recently I read an article in a British magazine titled 'Mental Starvation' which has a take home message stating that mental illness could be a deficiency of key nutrients particularly B vitamins. More properly it might be called ‘mental deficiency’.

Last October the World Health Organisation launched a one-year campaign focused on depression and encouraging people to talk about it. The organisation said more than 300 million people around the world were now living with depression - an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015.

Last century, pioneering Canadian psychiatrist Abram Hoffer first championed the use of a nutritional approach to mental illness after noticing that symptoms of certain deficiencies were similar to those of schizophrenia. He wrote at the time "if vitamin B3 were removed from our food, we would all become psychotic within a year.”

According to the World Health Organization, mental illness accounts for 15% of the total burden of disease in the developed world, with depression set to become the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020.

Hoffer and many others went on to treat symptoms of extreme anxiety and stress with B vitamins and they achieved very significant success.

Mentally ill people have a mortality rate which is twice as high as the general population, with increased risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease and external causes such as suicide. Newspaper headlines in our country make the situation very clear. • NZ Herald - Mike King: 'New Zealand's mental health system is broken' • NZ Herald - 'Mental health provisions for schools appalling' • Break the Silence: 'More kids in crisis being turned away by public system'

He said people who had suffered for years or been on suicide watch and had taken a cocktail of pharmaceutical options, got better overnight when given high doses of B vitamins. New research is suggesting why nutritional interventions might be so effective. A large percentage of the population has a mutation in a gene that processes B vitamins. This gene is known as MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) and it’s a significant issue that all doctors should be aware of. Apparently one in five people may have difficulties in processing B vitamins. The other very important take home message is that in the western world we are addicted to processed food and important nutrients such as B vitamins are processed out of many foods.

As I see it there should be a strong government focus on how this Do we think that employing another 300 psychiatrists as suggested potentially life-saving information can be applied. Professor Julia by the Health Minister will fix the problem? In the United States the Rucklidge at University of Canterbury has conducted some excellent New York Times interviewed one prominent psychiatrist who said research using broad spectrum nutritional formulations. Results have that his current patient load had swollen to 1200 because he been very promising but her work has been largely ignored. Why? could treat them in a 15-minute meeting that mostly consisted of Nutritional interventions are cheap and readily available and are not adjusting their prescriptions. One in five Americans is on some form able to be patented and sold to governments at huge prices. of psychotropic drug. If we are not careful New Zealand could find (JOHN APPLETON) F PN itself on the same pathway. APPLETON ASSOCIATES, T: 09 489 9362,,

66 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


LIVING, THINKING + BEING NEW MASSAGE ROOM @ TRUE PILATES Conveniently located in the heart of Herne Bay, True Pilates has been delivering its boutique and personalised approach to Pilates to devotees for the past 10 years. Helmed by United States trained Helen Leahy, who has devoted her life to body movement and wellness, the studio has an impressive reputation for its authentic method of Pilates. Also home to The Urban Physio, Helen is now expanding the wellness centre’s repertoire with the opening of The Massage Room. “The Massage Room is an inviting space that welcomes calm and tranquillity, giving clients a chance to mitigate the effects of stress on their body and mind. The Massage Room was born from a desire to give clients a more comprehensive wellness offering, all set in a professional, private and friendly atmosphere,” says Helen.

True Pilates welcomes the latest addition to its wellness centre, The Massage Room.

Relax and refresh with a tranquil...

one-hour massage $89/$99 per session Contact Helen to book | 021 0277 5198

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Offering both relaxation and remedial treatments is an ideal relaxer after a Pilates workout, giving clients the ability to cater to all their wellness needs in one place. “I have been helping my clients restore and revive their body and soul in this wonderful part of Auckland for the last 10 years and it’s fantastic to be able to embark on a new adventure and provide this valuable luxury service for my clients,” says Helen. One hour massages at The Massage Room are $89. Contact Helen to book a massage or a Pilates class. F PN TRUE PILATES 155 Jervois Road, M: 021 027 75198, or email:,


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


LIVING, THINKING + BEING PLANT ENERGY HAS ALWAYS FASCINATED ME When I was a little girl, visits to forests were magical, full of imagined fairy houses and kingdoms filled with little people - a world of ‘other’ that enthralled and excited me. I can still remember seeing a flash of gossamer disappearing into a tiny hole in the old oak tree at the bottom of our garden. Most of us are familiar with the revelation that plants have feelings and respond to energies and stimulae around them, even empathising with the emotions of their main caregivers. They are living entities and far more complex than was previously imagined. In a recent study by Dr Suzanne Simard, a forester who specialises in below ground communities, she talks about their method of communication. She studies tree ‘networks’ in forests, discovering vast underground tree root systems that extend as far as the eye can see. Wrapped around each individual root system are small funghi. These are the receptors that connect one tree with another. The tree sends its carbon into its roots and into the funghi. “There’s an interface between the root cortical cells and the fungal cells. That’s where this exchange occurs.” (Simard) She sees forests as giant brains and makes an analogy with our human brain with its pathways of neurons and axons as another interconnecting system, a complex biosphere, that works holistically towards the diversity needed for survival. But these trees aren’t only communicating, they’re also sending resources of carbon and nitrogen back and forth between the roots via the funghi to whichever trees might be in need, even if they’re of a different species! “My research shows that these trees are really not individuals in the sense that Darwin thought they were individuals - competing for survival of the fittest. In fact they’re interacting with each other, trying to help each other survive.” (Simard) The older trees in a forest (500 years and more) are called the ‘mother trees’ because when they begin to die they start passing their resources to the younger trees - “like the passing of a wand from one generation to the next. This is a beautiful way to understand a forest.” (Simard) It’s also a reason to stop clear-cutting. Timber companies clear all the trees off a patch of land as it’s easier for the loggers. But it can take away the ‘mothers’ before they have a chance to pass on their legacy, so whole communities are destroyed, all for some 2 x 4 timber. “We must not allow this to happen.”(Simard) Tree altruism, I believe, also extends towards humans but in a different capacity. The older ones especially seem to read our energy fields and sense if we need healing. This can occur if we are sufficiently open to them. I personally have experienced a sort of spiritual encompassing and relief from somatic pain on several occasions. They also respond to our feelings of love towards them and when activated, their energies are kind, compassionate and subtle and I believe incapable of malevolence. As we struggle with the aggression and greed of our own species and begin to learn more about quantum theories and applications, we must come to realise how much this gentle species can teach us and take steps to revere their existence on this planet. PN (CLARE CALDWELL) F Clare (Claudie) Caldwell is a creative arts therapist who runs a small, private practice from home. She currently runs an art and art therapy programme at Auckland City Mission. She is also a freelance artist. Enquiries: T: 09 836 3618; M: 021 293 3171; E:

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Osteopathy changed our lives


“I’m nine weeks pregnant, this is all very new to me. My girlfriends say osteopathy has really worked for them. What is your professional opinion on how often I come for treatments and exactly what would be the benefits for me and for baby, now and after birth?”


The reality is you get this one chance to build an incredibly healthy baby; having a good paediatric team onboard is going to offer you and baby the best possible outcome.

You would be wise to choose a team based on its specific paediatric training, osteopathy in particular has a high success rate, over a range of health issues, when applied to pre-conception, during pregnancy and postnatal care of mum and baby. It's a huge focus group for us; we see around 500 mums, babies and children every year at our clinic. We offer a unique ‘Mother & Baby Hour’ in the same room with one osteopath treating mum and another osteopath treating baby. Totally independant treatments yet united and in a very ‘safe’ environment. Just the other day we treated mum and triplets - now that was a busy moment! Personalised Treatments at our ‘Mother & Baby Clinic’ Remember every pregnancy is different because physiologically you are unique, add to this you and baby as a unit - so double that uniqueness and you can start to see how important it is to get an experienced team onboard. Moving ahead with your personalised programme, we can optimise as required. We are trained specifically to observe, diagnose, give sound medical advice and treat most pregnancy related issues. We have two specialist paediatric osteopaths at Living Osteopathy.

upper neck. These nerves communicate with the stomach, intestines, skin, muscles and joints of the head and neck, potentially contributing colic or constipation, headaches and neck pain. Restricted neck movement in a baby can also lead to other issues, including feeding problems and flat spots on the head. For mum and baby we treat many varied issues as required. I asked Gracelio Gregoria, a paediatric osteopath at our clinic, what gives her the edge treating mums-to-be and babies. “ I understand the science of osteopathy and therefore find it beneficial for my patients, but as a mother there is a unique sympatico when I treat mothers, babies and kids: it’s “I see you - I hear you’ moment. I've experienced the benefits first-hand with my growing 11 and 16 year old girls. Ear infections, cold symptoms, inability to focus, headaches, ‘growing pains’ and many other issues tend to be shorter-lived with osteopathic treatment. “When you pick up a baby is has a feeling of fluidity, compared to a toddler. You, as a parent, recognise this, which is why you handle your baby gently and in a supportive way. Our treatments work with these soft bones and tissue to grow strong healthy kids.” If you have received treatment from our pediatric osteopaths during your pregnancy, we offer a free ‘Wellness Check’ for your newborn. Be sure to book yours in! (SARAH-JANE ATTIAS) F PN Disclaimer - This article is for general information purposes only. If you have a specific health problem you should seek advise from an appropriate registered health care provider. Living Osteopathy is a Primary Health Care Provider registered with ACC & the OCNZ. Living Osteopathy does not accept any liability other than to its clients.

LIVING OSTEOPATHY, 29 Scanlan Street, T: 09 361 1147,

First trimester visit • Structural assessment, medical history, discussing birth plans, recommending other paediatric specialists if required. These may include: dietary, physio-Pilates, midwife, yoga, massage, acupuncture followed by a hands-on osteopathic treatment. • Potentially a time of morning sickness, hands-on treatment assists balancing hormones and nerve supply to the gut. We also look at dietary solutions. • That annoying reflux occurs in 50% of mothers predominantly due to reduced amount of space available in your tummy. Osteo treatment is very effective in creating more space for baby, your organs and much improved comfort. Second trimester visit • We work with your developing baby and the huge changes to your body and whatever that manifests. We advise and demonstrate correct positions and appropriate pillows for comfortable sleeping, driving and work stations. • Treat old injuries which can become more challenging as you gain 12 to 14 kilos with baby on board. Third trimester visit • Hands-on treatment can help to correct a breach position and create more space for growing baby, balance of the pelvis, rib cage, encourage muscles of the low back and abdomen to contract and support in a more cohesive manner. This will relax the tension around the womb and reduce the pressure on baby and improves blood supply to the placenta. Most mums report immediate relief of their ribs, pubis or sacrum/low back following treatment. Post birth care for baby and mother We offer a unique hospital visit if required. Treatments include cranial, gentle movement and massage-type techniques. By nature, birth is a very physical process, birth strain specifically on a baby’s head and neck, has potential to compress and irritate the delicate nerves in the The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Mother & Baby Clinic Enjoy your pregnancy. Have a Happy Baby. We are Paediatric Specialists.

09 361 1147 DEADLINE - 20TH OF THE MONTH

PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



NZFW 17 best of beauty Being a bit of a beauty freak - for example when I was 19 I travelled to London and brought home 11 lipsticks - I get just as excited about the hair and makeup looks at New Zealand Fashion Week each year as I do about the collections. When done well, they all work in collaboration to bring a designer’s complete vision to the runway, and my favourites from this year did exactly that. I spent New Zealand Fashion Week working for FashionTV, interviewing international guests about what they loved about their time immersed in local style. Almost all of them named the Wynn Hamlyn AW18 show their pick for the best of the week, and the hair and makeup looks created to complement the collection were equally as beautiful and considered. Michael Beel, L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador, created the hair look, which he says was inspired by “a dystopian type of world where the seasons are no longer defined by the typical autumn/winter, spring/summer.” It was a look that had an element of organic casualness to it, enhanced with the amazing wicker hats sitting on the head’s of some of the models. The makeup look created by Lisa Matson, L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics NZ Makeup Director was also a play on nature’s elements, “particularly the cold and heat and how it affects the skin,” says the seasoned beauty pro. “It was inspired by the theme of Wynn’s collection, which is based on the disfunction of seasons in fashion.” The Hailwood AW18 show was another of my favourites from the week, and I think I fell as hopelessly in love with the hair and makeup looks as I did with the collection, called Black Velvet. KMS haircare collaborated with designer Adrian Hailwood once again to a create big, bouncy hair look, whilst up and coming M.A.C Cosmetics superstar Lochie Stonehouse was responsible for the beautiful - and very wearable - makeup to go with. The KMS team backstage was led by Vada salon senior stylist Rin Lee, and the designer’s signature evening gowns were complemented by a hair look that referenced a languid, 70s style - a pulled back glamour that worked perfectly with the drama of the collection’s silhouettes. Think: ‘Valley of the Dolls’... but a day after the last cocktail party!

photography: Wynn Hamlyn photos by Jono Parker

L'Oreal for Wynn Hamlyn, NZFW

photography: Olivia Hemus for M.A.C Cosmetics

Lee says the essential products to get the look included many of the offerings in the KMS AddVolume collection, in particular Styling Foam Mousse for its ability to create extreme volume exactly where it’s needed. Root & Body Lift Spray was also used to generate lift directly from the roots of the hair, and all hair was prepped well beforehand using the brand’s iconic HairPlay Makeover Spray for texture and grit. Makeup artist Stonehouse took inspiration for the makeup look from “Seventies' ochre and moss fabrics across

M.A.C & Redken for Tanya Carlson

70 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

the eyes,” starting with a flawless base using M.A.C’s ever-popular Studio Face & Body Foundation, Studio Finish Concealer and Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork (one of my personal faves) to contour. Half of the beauties on the runway sported an eye look created using Fluidline Brow GelCreme in Redhead, LipMix in Ochre and Texture Eye Shadow, whilst the others wore Acrylic Paint in Landscape Green and Pigment in Landscape Green. Extended Play Mascara and Lip Conditioner were used on both. The hair and makeup looks at the Carlson show were also incredibly feminine and super wearable, with beautiful, shining locks courtesy of the Redken team and makeup by Blair Gamblin for M.A.C Cosmetics. It has been an amazing 20 years since the Carlson label was established, and the show was a welcome return from a 10-year NZFW hiatus. The inspiration was 'soft flushes of peach' and glitter-dusted eyes to match the luxurious, high sheen fabrics used to create Tanya Carlson’s designs, and the complete look just screamed Spring beauty. On the face Gamblin and his team of talented M.A.C artists used Pinklite Strobe Cream, MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in Pearl Cream and Keep It Loose Casual Colour, before the eye look was created using Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Perky and Powder Blush in Modern Mandarin as the base colour. Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack was in traced a thin layer across the upper lashline. The glossy, glittery effect was achieved with Glitter in Reflects Gold and Reflects Transparent Pink, mixed with gloss and applied to the eyelids over the peach base. The lips were a shimmery nude created with the everpopular Subculture Lip Pencil and Cream Colour Base in Keep It Loose. Last up, M.A.C Senior Artist Kiekie Stanners created a retro-tastic look for the Kathryn Wilson show, which was called ‘Come Fly With Me’ and had a definite air of a swinging sixties' flight crew about it. Skin was perfected using M.A.C Studio Waterweight SPF30 Foundation, then highlighted using Vintage Rose and Pearl Cream Colour Base. Pro Longwear Fluidline in Blacktrack was using to create perfect sixties' style, winged eyeliner, which was then carefully smudged using eye shadow in Brown Down and Nehru. Lips were finished with Angel Lipstick after being well prepped with the brand’s highly recommended Lip Conditioner. Beautiful! (HELENE RAVLICH) F PN

L'Oreal for Wynn Hamlyn, NZFW

M.A.C for Kathryn Wilson

M.A.C & KMS for Hailwood PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

CARING PROFESSIONAL Georgina Robertson First please tell us a little about yourself I come from a large family and was brought up all over the world so that Dad could train as a plastic surgeon. I returned eight years ago after spending 12 years living in London and Nice with my husband. We have two children and two labradors. In the New Year we are excited to be moving into Freemans Bay. We are all sporty and spend a lot of time at Piha and in Wanaka. Having a balanced, healthy approach to life is important to me. How did you come to be a skin care professional? I have a science degree and had been working in business analysis and television in the UK. After returning to New Zealand, I was given the opportunity to work with my mother who founded Prescription Skin Care 23 years ago. I jumped at the opportunity and was fortunate to find I had joined an established team with over 80 combined years' experience in carrying out appearance medicine treatments. As the business has grown I have been able to bring on new nurses who share our passion for skin. A key part of my role is analysing effective new products and treatments for the clinic so having a science degree is a must. Most people in this industry come from a medical or scientific background. What do you love about your job? So much! I love seeing the bright smile on patients' faces and their increased confidence after a treatment. I love working with highly accomplished nurses and doctors every day. I am blown away by their dedication to the wellbeing of all patients. I love being able to offer a complete approach to age management with both non-surgical and plastic surgical options, all overseen by our Medical Director Stephen Gilbert. I also love attending international conferences with Angela Frazer, particularly when it is something that you love both professionally and personally. I have a great work-life balance and, it must be said, investigating new skincare products and technologies for a living is a skincare fanatic's dream. What do you find challenging? Streamlining what we offer our patients so that they are not confused with too much choice is challenging. Patients want simple, cost -effective beauty regimes with the occasional treatment to enhance the good work they are doing at home with their skincare products. There is also a lot of misinformation about what does and does not work when it comes to appearance medicine. It can be frustrating when we find out patients have been encouraged to potentially damage their skin through ineffective or poor treatments elsewhere. How do you differ from other professions? The biggest difference is we do not chase revenue targets. We are primarily concerned with customer satisfaction through achieving outstanding treatment results. The happier the patients are with us, the greater our success. This is a very people-based profession requiring a detailed scientific mind and artistic skill. When administering Botox or filler, you need to understand facial anatomy well and how the patient you are treating right now may differ from the norm. With lasers, you need to understand the subtlety of laser technology to safely and effectively calibrate the machines to suit each individual patient. Discretion and confidentiality are crucial in this profession. We can not divulge who comes to us or why. Can you share an anecdote about a case or cases? Given that we are bound by the same confidentiality rules as our Plastic Surgeon Stephen Gilbert, we can not disclose any individual

patient cases, even in a general way, sorry. I can, however, tell you about the staff. In the early days of Prescription Skin Care in Remuera, our nurses used to hide from each other at the start of the day and jump out from behind doors to surprise the operating theatre nurses. Angela even managed to jump out of a cupboard which was high above reception, so great was her commitment to the stunt. No small feat for someone 5 feet 10 inches tall. On birthdays, the cake decorating skills of the team are magical. All sorts of interesting body shapes, designed in excruciating anatomical detail are produced. And at Christmas the surgeons receive caps, knitted, woven or glued together with fabrics from the operating theatre. What do you do to care for yourself? I simplify skincare to the necessities as I am always short on time. A gentle cleanser, topical vitamin C and my favourite EltaMD sunscreen are my go to products every day. At night I cleanse and apply a high strength vitamin A serum that has a gentle delivery system to avoid inflammation which can cause ageing. An absolute must is the Eye Doctor which helps with preventing wrinkles and dark circles. As Prescription Skin Care were one of the first clinics to administer Botox in New Zealand, I have been under the subtle influence of Botox since the late 90s. With a busy life treatment wise, I try to fit in a laser genesis treatment once a month as it has no downtime and I can go straight to school pickup after treatment. Laser Genesis knocks back the redness in my skin and helps reduce pore size on my nose and chin. I always have work-free weekends and am looking forward to walking to Prescription Skin Care when the family move into Freemans Bay. What's your advice to people seeking skincare treatments? Take the guess work out of it. There are a lot of treatments and products out there, so seek the advice of trained professionals in a reputable clinic. We find most of our new patients at Prescription Skin Care come from word of mouth from family friends or even hair dressers. Like anything, doing your research, including word of mouth, gets you the best result. If seeing a plastic surgeon for improving skin laxity through surgery, ensure the plastic surgeon is on the list of approved registered New Zealand plastic surgeons. Do not go overseas for a cheap facelift. So often we see people who have complications such as infections or poor results from trying to save money or have a holiday at the same time as having surgery. F PN

PRESCRIPTION SKINCARE, 197 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 360 0400, The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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'CONFORTARE ESTO VIR' - Take courage and be a man That’s the motto of St Paul’s College in Ponsonby, and one student taking the advice is head boy Tevita Muti Uilou. Anyone who knows him knows why. For instance, one of his favourite quotes, one he lives by, is from the movie 'Hacksaw Ridge', when Seventh Day Adventist Private Desmond Doss says: “With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.” Tevita seems destined to do his share of that. The second son of five, Tevita’s parents migrated from Tonga at a young age, later working countless jobs to give their children the opportunities they didn’t have. The family lived with Tevita’s maternal grandparents, then with his father’s parents. Now they live on their own. “I have always been thankful for the life we were given,” says Tevita. “My parents and grandparents taught me that though we may have nothing, life isn’t empty. It’s possible to make something out of nothing. I’m an example of that because my enrolment at St Paul’s was a mistake. I had a friend at intermediate who said ‘I’m going to St Paul’s. Come with me’. So I applied and got accepted. But then my friend went to MAGs. I hadn’t applied anywhere else so St Paul’s was my only option. But now I’m Head Boy, so I call it the best mistake I ever made!

There’s more. Tevita loves music, and plays the trumpet, guitar and the piano, which he taught himself. He’s played in multiple bands and at his church. In 2012 he entered the KBB music festival with Selwyn College’s jazz band while in year eight, and this year St Paul’s first ever jazz band entered the festival to consecrate a foundation of music at the school. On the rare occasion Tevita has spare time, he unwinds by listening to old-school music or going for a long drive. “Sometimes I go for a drive at night to enjoy the city lights, or I drive to lookout points around Auckland. They’re a way to clear the head and enjoy what God has gifted us.

“The religious values my family instilled in me kept my faith alive that there was a reason my path lead to St Paul’s.”

“Or I’ll drive with the boys from school, talking about life and making memories we can laugh about in the future.”

The school is also grateful for the mix up. Tevita represents them in multiple sports from volleyball to rugby, captaining the rugby first fifteen during the Marist tournament, and co-captaining the team during the season.

But at the foundation of everything is his religion. “I’m a strong Seventh Day Adventist and my religion will always strongly influence who I am,” says Tevita. “I want to inspire people young and old to strive for excellence, not give up, and respect others and the environment.”

He also plays for the league first thirteen, the pride and joy of St Paul’s sports. For both teams Tevita was the consummate team man, leading by example in both forwards and backs.

In short, perhaps, take courage and be a man. (BILLY HARRIS) F PN

Perhaps unusually for a sports-mad teen, Tevita is also passionate about study: “Pacific Islanders generally don’t fare well in education stats, but I want to show my fellow students that we can do it. “I plan to do a conjoint of law and commerce, possibly majoring in accounting and financial management. Or maybe I’ll go to pilot school in the hope of flying for a major airline. I’d like to start my own business, so I can buy my parents a house and give back to the people who’ve helped me. “The quote ‘Take the easy path and your life will be hard. Crawl, walk and run the hard path and your life will be easy’, motivates me. I want to become successful because a solid empire is an empire that has been crafted meticulously.” Impressive words if they came from Martin Luther King or Barrack Obama, even more so from a schoolboy.

Clothing Alterations

Alter Ego Roong T: 09 376 8689

M: 021 032 9128

182-4a Jervois Road, Herne Bay E: “I get all my bits & pieces done by the smiling helpful Roong... and she’s got Eftpos = sorted...” MARTIN LEACH

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FUTURE GENERATION INSPIRATION AND DREAMS It’s been a creative year at St Josephs Catholic School in Grey Lynn. The students held their annual art exhibition in August then made preparations for last month’s stage production, Jonah and the Whale. We talk to three of the students about creating art, their dreams and what inspires them.


why Kindergarten is A naturally better start Ponsonby Kindergarten Open Day Monday 30 October, 9am-3pm 22 Ponsonby Terrace Join us at our local event or find out more at

Lilyana Ulutaufonua, Kanav Reddu and Raj Minarob Kanav Reddu - Year 5: “What I love about art is creativity and imagination. People say I am good at graffiti, for me it’s the best part about making art - just for the sake of being appreciated. I like sketching and the best thing to use is a normal everyday pencil because it is easy and does not need to be organised. “When it comes to using a computer people might call me ignorant, but using technology for art is just plain boring; why do it virtually when you can do it for real. “I like making up characters and then sketching them. I also like sketching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstars. The best sketch I have ever made is of a fake wrestler called Chris Danger, the man I dream of being when I grow up (I used my face to sketch it) I want to be a WWE wrestler. “It took us two weeks to prepare for the art exhibition. It was a good achievement and to be honest it felt really good to be in it. My parents were very proud of me, it was a great moment.” Raj Minarob - Year 6: “Art is a big part of my life. It helps me to achieve my dreams. God gave us this amazing talent of creativity. My favourite part of art is sketching. I use sharp pencils and charcoals and love to use paint. Before you sketch you must have a plan. I use the computer to search for images until I find ideas I’m happy with. I really like sketching nature, animals and landscapes. Mother Nature is so beautiful. “I felt nervous about the exhibition in case people didn’t like my work. My dad and brother came to see my work. They were proud of me which made me realise I have a talent in painting. For our stage production Jonah and the Whale, I helped create the big banner for the town called Ninevah. It included sky, an island and the town with Ninevah written across it. We sketched it then painted it. We worked hard to be creative as possible. “My dream is to become an architect and create houses and gardens. I just want to draw and paint! My parents would like me to be an artist one day. If I do they will be very proud. I just want my parents to be happy with my dreams.” Lilyana Ulutaufonua - Year 8: “What I love about creating art is using it to help me express the way I feel. It also helps me become confident in who I am. Art is everything - people are art, God created us that way. The reason I love using colours is because colour is everywhere. Colour is what we use to express our cultural world and where we live.

s ur o g h 0pm n i en .3 op am-3 w Ne 8.30 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

“I use a computer but only for pictures and step by step drawings. What I like about using the computer for is the art videos that show us the different ways of drawing, and breaking it down. I like to draw people. I love to draw the beautiful features we have and are thankful for. If it wasn’t for God none of us would exist. “The exhibition didn’t feel weird at all; it was normal and I was happy that my work was displayed to show people that art is one of my hobbies. I want to travel around the world not for fame, but to seek the different ways people live their life and to be able to help PN those in need. I want to become successful in my work and to inspire others.” F DEADLINE - 20TH OF THE MONTH

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The “Mother Bernard Towers Science Centre” at St Mary’s College has now been completed, and will be available for student use from October 2017.


r Paul Keane, Chair of the proprietor company St Mary’s College Auckland Limited says, “The 1700 square metre centre has been developed to capture the increasing demand from students for a robust science centre influenced by the increasing interest in the science curriculum.” He said, “The eight science laboratories contained within the new science centre are state-of-the-art facilities giving students the opportunity to further their education in sciences, and to allow the facility to handle increasing student numbers.” Mr John Long, Managing Director of Retail Construction Group (RCG) Limited (Architects and Principal Consultants engaged to design the centre), said, “The architecture reflects the work we undertook on the Paul Keane Gymnasium which sits alongside the Mother Bernard Towers Science Centre.”He said the new science centre reflected elements of the gymnasium design and ensured the two buildings were compatible. “The design of the science centre reflects light and openness with visual connection to the plaza and gymnasium, and we have effectively planned the layout to occupy as little land as possible in creating an excellent outcome,” he said. The Paul Keane Gymnasium won an excellence award in the highly prestigious Property Council of New Zealand Property Awards in 2014. Cunningham Construction was Paul Keane Gymnasium contractor’s and was appointed as contractor’s of the science centre which has a total project cost of $7 million. Mr Keane said it was the board’s intention to undertake a further redevelopment in the New Year with a view to converting the existing inadequate science building into a new English curriculum venue. The Mother Bernard Towers Science Centre is named after a previous principal of the college – Mother Bernard Towers (1883-1963) who dedicated her life to Mercy education and was particularly passionate about the science curriculum.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to share this new space with our community, and we would like to welcome you to join us at the Grand Opening of the... MOTHER BERNARD TOWERS SCIENCE CENTRE SATURDAY, 14 OCTOBER, 2PM 11 NEW STREET, PONSONBY If you wish to attend, please RSVP to Victoria via email –

21st Century Skills at St Mary’s College, Ponsonby


ith the opening of the Mother Bernard Towers Science Centre, St Mary’s College is showing its commitment to providing students with the skills, knowledge and experiences that will take them into the next stages of their lives. Students will move out of the old science building at the start of the new school term, a building opened in the 1960s that current Principal Bernadette Stockman remembers as being thoroughly modern when she was a pupil at the school. Recent years have shown a steady increase in the number of students at the school choosing STEM subjects, and Bernadette says she sees that first hand. “Young women are getting the message that the fields of mathematics, computing, engineering and science are where their creativity and problem solving skills can be useful. We promote an education for the 21st Century where the workplace is changing exponentially and will be unrecognisable by the time our current Year 7 students are heading to tertiary education.” For all students from Years 7 – 11, science is a compulsory subject and they love it. Aspects of physics, chemistry and biology are covered at all levels and a focus on the environment is gaining momentum across the curriculum. From a roll of 1000 St Mary’s College students in Years 7 to 13, more than 90% will be heading towards tertiary education. For those girls planning on following in their footsteps, this new building is a welcome addition. Over the past 12 years, six new buildings have been carefully added to the campus with the focus around a central courtyard. Each building has complemented the site and been landscaped to provide a welcoming learning environment. The new science centre forms an important part of the St Mary’s College growth and development strategy which has been designed to ensure that long-held traditions of excellence and mercy at St Mary’s College are maintained for current and future generations. Bernadette is confident that this new centre will support the college in delivering a 21st Century subject to young women ready to create new scientific pathways that will lead us to a better world for all.

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ENROLMENTS: Lm FZkr l <hee^`^ \nkk^gmer aZl Z o^kr ebfbm^] gnf[^k h_ oZ\Zg\b^l ZoZbeZ[e^ _hk Ik^_^k^g\^ Lmn]^gml% R^Zkl *)% **% *+ Zg] *, hger bg +)*1' Interviews for these places will occur in October and November 2017. For more information, including enrolment application forms, please see our website: ppp'lmfZkrZd'l\ahhe'gs or contact the Enrolment Officer, Dbf Eh\daZkm Zm ^gkhef^gml9lmfZkrZd'l\ahhe'gs or phone !)2" ,0/ /./1 during school hours.

MEET THE TEACHER Sam Jardine-Coom, Ponsonby Intermediate Currently teaching: Physical Education and Health Years 7 - 8 (Intermediate) Number of students: I am a form teacher to 27 students but I teach half of the school Physical Education and Health. How did you come to be a primary school teacher? I am actually trained for high school. Fortunately due to the specialist model of teaching implemented at Ponsonby Intermediate I am able to work in the primary sector. Physical education and sport has always been a passion of mine and at the completion of my tertiary study I wanted to impart my enthusiasm and passion for sport to others. Where did you train? Otago University. What brought you to your current school? The old saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” brought me to Ponsonby Intermediate. Funnily enough, the current Deputy Principal, Matt Bennie, was one of my student teachers when I was at intermediate. It’s a small world. What are your favourite things about being a teacher? My favourite things... big question. Witnessing student progress and acheivement is always right up there for me. This could be a student learning and mastering a new skill, or it could be a student having new-found confidence in their own capability. At Ponsonby Intermediate we like to stress the importance of the students hauora/well being, so witnessing the students improve their self-esteem and belief in themselves over the two years we have them is also a favourite of mine. And finally... holidays. Every teacher is thinking it, I’m just saying it. Highlight of your teaching career? The highlight of my teaching career to date was making the jump to Head of Physical Education at Ponsonby Intermediate. However, as I have only been teaching for just over three years I am sure there are many more highlights to come. Low point of your teaching career? Low point... Everyone has days they aren’t feeling as sharp or as motivated as usual.

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Occasionally I have had a student or two who continuously tests boundaries and/or crosses them, but I am not sure I would really define any of those as a low point. How would your principal describe you? I hope he would describe me as an integral, indisposible member of the team with a very bright future ahead of me at Ponsonby Intermediate. However, what he actually thinks could be another story. How would other teachers describe you? Hmm, hopefully the words energetic, friendly and approachable would be in there. Depends who you ask... don’t ask them though. How would your students describe you? I would like to think they see me as a fun-loving energetic teacher. Approachable, respectful and thankful could also be on the list as I have a great form class and feel lucky to be their teacher. I’d like to think I have taught my students to be resilient, to think for themselves and to be able to see the bigger picture, so if I have done an effective job role-modelling those behaviours then perhaps I could be in for a positive review from them. F PN


FUTURE GENERATION PONSONBY-BASED GAY AND INCLUSIVE RUGBY - NZ FALCONS Ponsonby-based gay and inclusive rugby team the NZ Falcons has competed in the annual Purchas Cup - the Bledisloe of gay rugby. The Falcons competed against teams from Sydney, Brisbane and hosts Melbourne in the annual tournament, an event the New Zealand team won on home turf at Ponsonby Rugby club in 2015. On Saturday 16 September the Kiwi team lost in the first round to eventual champions the Brisbane Hustlers 21-5, before defeating the Melbourne Chargers 24-5 to finish third. Club President Ben Payne said it was a fantastic achievement. "They played with a huge amount of heart in a competition that is generally a significant step up from our winter season. "While we came third, the Purchas Cup competition is more than just the results. The ability to get to Melbourne and the collegiality of the tournament is a special thing to be able to share with my rugby family, and is certainly a highlight of our annual calendar. Bring on next year!" Next June the Falcons are aiming to compete at the Gay Rugby World Cup, known as the Bingham Cup, in Amsterdam. The club is hosting a special fundraising movie night on October 20 at the ASB Cube on 12 Jellicoe Street in aid of the Falcons and GLBT+ charity Rainbow Youth. (ALAN GRAVILLE) F PN Details at or


Everything I touch turns to SOLD

“I highly recommend Anah to sell your house! She is trustworthy, you can rely on her to get the job done! Not only is she reliable and trustworthy, she has the most wonderful attitude towards everything.” Indy Nathan – full time student, part time real estate PA (age 11) M 022 127 9080 | B 09 376 3039 | E | anahjrealestate

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DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME Many people who are looking to adopt a canine friend make a beeline for the cute and cuddly puppies, rushing straight past the adult dogs. But these adult dogs are just as deserving of a forever home, and make the best friends. There are many benefits to adopting an older dog. They tend to be more settled and better behaved than puppies, and are generally house trained. What you see is what you get. You won’t be surprised by a sudden growth spurt, or a rapid change in personality. Adult dogs have established their looks and personalities, so there won’t be any surprises! They are also extremely grateful to their new family for giving them a loving home, making them fiercely loyal. You’ll never be lonely with a canine companion by your side. Right now at SPCA Auckland we’re full with adult dogs who would love to come home with you. All of our dogs have their own unique rescue story. Some have been saved from a life of neglect by one of our dedicated Inspectors, like Ghost, who was found wounded and wandering the streets. Some have been given up by families who can no longer care for them, like Freckles, and some have been left lonely after their owner has passed away. Often, these adult dogs are bewildered to find themselves in the busy shelter environment - they’re not quite sure what's going on or why they've ended up there. They desperately need a safe, forever home to call their own. If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, don’t forget about adult dogs. They may be older but they are still cute and cuddly! View our dogs for adoption at or www.facebook. com/SPCAFriends or come and meet them at the Animal Village, 50 Westney Road, Mangere. Open 7 days a week, from 10am - 4pm. F PN

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PETS AND PATS LUXURY DOG DAYCARE AND FARMSTAYS Welcome to Dog Disneyland, a 20-acre farm, 18 minutes from Ponsonby, where your dog can do as much or as little as they like, all in the safety of their own private, gated, secure, country estate. We pick up and drop off to your home/office. Pricing from $40. Free $195 complimentary voucher for you to use for a no-obligation trial. Daycare: We look after a small, discerning number of local families. We are like the private school of dog daycare. We have the largest and best facility in the country with the smallest numbers of dogs, the largest indoor and outdoor spaces and lots of one-on-one individual attention with our highly skilled staff. Kids can swim, play, unwind in our play paddocks, bushwalks, tennis courts, pool and cinema lounge. Farmstays: We only have eight VIP guests staying per night and they sleep inside our luxury farmhouse with all the creature comforts they enjoy at home. When looking for care for your beloved pet, here are some questions I encourage parents to ask when interviewing potential places/services. 1. Ask how many dogs are in your facility/care? 2. Ask what is the staff to dog ratio and what qualifications do your staff have? So you can ensure your dog is getting quality one-on-one attention. 3. Ask what does my dog do in your care? Find out how much time is spent in cages or inside vs how much time exercising/playing, etc. 4. Ask what onsite care is available when my dog is with you. It’s not uncommon for some places when dogs are put to bed from 4pm to not have anyone living on site during the night. You should also ask how close is the nearest vet. 5. If using a dog walking service, ask where do you walk my dog, is it safe, how many dogs do you take out at a time, how long is my dog travelling in a vehicle for, what happens if there is an accident? Do you have insurance should anything happen to my dog or my home? At Pets and Pats, we understand dogs are our best friends and cherished members of our family, they deserve nothing but the best. If you’d like to try the Pets and Pats experience, please call for your $195 free complimentary voucher. We look forward to welcoming you. Dog HQ: Herne Bay; Country Estate: Dairy Flat. M: 021 539 699,

@ SPCA - ADOPT ME PLEASE All animals deserve a loving forever home where they feel wanted and cared for. In return you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of unconditional love from you new companion..


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PONSONBY PROFESSIONALS: METROLAW Got a legal question? Ask Email Michael with your question and include PONSONBY NEWS in the subject line. Michael Hemphill, a partner of the firm, will answer one topical question each month.


My partner and I are hoping to join the Auckland property market. My grandfather recently passed away leaving a bit of a windfall for my mum. She wants to invest some of the money in a property with us. She has around $200,000 that she wants to put in and my partner and I will make up the rest with a loan from the bank. Naturally she is concerned about getting a return on her investment. We want to know the best way to record this. Can you help?


There are a number of ways your mum could invest the money in a property with you and your partner. The structure depends on whether a return on investment for your mum means having an ownership stake in the property and sharing in the capital gain or receiving income from the investment instead.

When you purchase a property with another person and both of your names are going to be on the title then you can choose to own the property as joint tenants or tenants in common. Joint tenants means that you own the property jointly, so if something happens to you the survivor receives the whole of the property. Tenants in common means that you own the property in specific shares, eg, 50:50 or 70:30, depending on how much each party contributes to the purchase price. If something happens to you then your share of the property goes to estate, rather than to the survivor directly, which protects your ownership share for the beneficiaries in your will. Usually a husband and wife own a property as joint tenants, particularly where they have contributed equal amounts to a property. However, where one party is contributing significantly more money, or family members are purchasing the property together, as would be the case with your mother, we would suggest owning the property as tenants in common. Because your mum would be on the title to the property her return on investment would be capital gain. Where family members are purchasing a property as tenants in common we would also suggest putting a co-ownership agreement in place. Very simply, a co-ownership agreement sets out the ownership shares of the parties, how the outgoings for the property will be paid and most importantly, how the parties can terminate the agreement and sell the property. This removes most of the ambiguity involved in terms of the costs of the ownership of the property and provides some certainty as to who will get what if the property is sold. If your mum decides to go on the title then she will need to consider whether she is comfortable with being tied to the loan. Because you and your partner are going to be borrowing to make up the balance of the purchase price the bank is either going to require your mum to be coborrower on the loan or a guarantor for the loan. Instead of being recorded on the title as having an ownership share in the property your mum could 'lend' you the money and register a mortgage over the property like a bank would. You could agree the terms of repayment with your mum, including the amount of interest that would be charged. The return on investment would be income-based, being the interest earned on the mortgage. If you decided to sell the property you would need to repay any amount owing to your mum under the mortgage from the proceeds of sale. If your mum wanted to lend you the money without registering a mortgage over the property then we would suggest recording the loan as a debt. This would be documented in an acknowledgement of debt and record that if property is sold any sale proceeds will be used to repay the debt. The return on investment would also be income-based because your mum could charge interest on the debt. If your mum chooses an income-based return then she needs to consider the fact the she will be taxed on any income earned. Before she opts for an income-based return it would be useful for her to have a discussion with her accountant. In any event, your mum would need to get advice from an independent lawyer to select the option that is going to be the best return on investment PN and offer the least possible risk. (MICHAEL HEMPHILL) F (The name has been changed to protect identity.) Disclaimer - this article is for general information purposes only. If you have a legal problem you should seek advice from a lawyer. Metro Law does not accept any liability other than to its clients and then only when advice is sought on specific matters.

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Simplifying tax for individuals On 19 June 2017 the Government released a discussion document titled Making Tax Simpler - Better Administration of Individuals’ Income Tax (June Document). The Government is proposing to make tax simpler for individuals. The proposal focuses on people whose only income is from a salary, wages or investments, as they may no longer be required to file tax returns to receive tax refunds or to calculate any additional tax. Currently, individuals have to work out whether they need to: a) file a tax return b) request or amend a personal tax summary (PTS) c) provide further information d) take any action at all to finalise their tax position It can be a complicated decision whether to file a tax return or not. Come the end of the financial year, the IRD may be chasing you to file a return when it’s not in fact needed.

information in a timelier manner. Examples include employers who pay Withholding Tax or PAYE, banks paying Resident Withholding Tax.

deductible expenses. If the individual does not respond in the set period the IRD will process the return based on their calculations.

This would allow the IRD to more accurately determine who needs to be issued with a PTS, with the individual still needing to confirm or correct these details.

Tax payments and thresholds

Alternative approach Under the alternative approach, individuals who earn only income that is reported to Inland Revenue by a third party during the year (see examples listed above) will not have to file tax returns. Individuals who receive both reported and non-reported income (eg, rental income), will still have to provide additional information to the IRD and file a tax return.

Improved status quo

Individuals are currently required to consider the correctness of the withholding tax on their income. Under this proposal they would no longer be required to do so. Inland Revenue would determine whether there was a difference between the amount of tax remitted through withholding tax, and an individual’s tax liability on this income

This approach is similar to the current method, the difference being it would require the entities that pay tax on behalf of other people, to disclose more extensive

The individual will then have a set amount of time to make changes to the IRD’s calculations, ie, apply any tax

Improved status quo vs the alternative approach The document proposes two new options to simplify tax for individuals; ‘improved status quo’ and ‘alternative approach’.

The IRD proposes tax refunds should be made only through direct credit into the taxpayer’s nominated bank account, with exemptions being available in limited circumstances. Already, 85 percent of the nearly two million individuals’ income tax refunds are made by direct credit. It’s a much faster process with lower compliance costs for the recipient and lower administrative costs for Inland Revenue Currently, the IRD can write off tax owing on anything below $20 and choose not to issue refunds below $5. With the proposal to pay all refunds electronically the IRD is considering the appropriateness of the refund threshold. The IRD would have paid a further 465,000 refunds in 2015 PN if this threshold had not applied. (LOGAN GRANGER) F Disclaimer - While all care has been take, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about. JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701,

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PONSONBY PROFESSIONALS CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU RELEASES REPORT THAT SHOWS MANY EMPLOYERS ARE BREAKING THE LAW Employers are breaking the law by denying workers in Auckland their entitlement to a written employment agreement. “When there is no written employment agreement, employees are vulnerable to being treated badly by their employer”, says Margaret Antunovich of CAB Grey Lynn/Ponsonby. When people come to us with an employment question and they don’t have a written employment agreement, they can feel very insecure. People are dependent on keeping their jobs in order to feed their families and pay the rent, so they are often reluctant to rock the boat even though they are aware that what their employer is doing is wrong,” says Antunovich. Citizens Advice Bureau has just published a report about clients from across the country who are seeking help and do not have a written employment agreement. It paints an alarming picture of employees who are in unsecure situations at work. Unfortunately, our city is no exception. The CAB is calling on all employers, regardless of the size of their business, to make sure they understand their obligations to their staff. “If you don’t know what’s legally required of you as an employer, it’s important to find out. There is plenty of information and support available to help you,” asserts Antunovich “Having a written employment agreement makes life easier for employers as well as employees.” If you are an employer, the CAB has some basic tips that can help you comply with the law and avoid getting a fine from the Labour Inspectorate: 1. You must agree to, and sign, an employment agreement with every single one of your employees before they start work with you. 2. It’s easy to write an employment agreement - use the employment agreement builder tool on the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s website

3. Your employees have a right to a copy of their employment agreement. Make this part of your routine for new employees. 4. New Zealand employment law provides some minimum rights for employees. Using the employment agreement builder will help you meet these rights, which will save stress, loss of good workers, and costly conflict when things go wrong. 5. Young people and people who are new to New Zealand have just as much right to be treated fairly as anyone else. 6. Sometimes your business needs change, but you can’t change an employee’s hours or their role without their agreement. Talk to your employees, listen respectfully to their perspective and problem-solve together. The CAB is available to help you whether you are an employer or an employee. “If you want to find out about your rights or responsibilities you can give us a call on 0800 367 222, check online at or pop into the CAB, no appointment is necessary,” says Antunovich. “Ultimately we hope that employers in our community will act within the law and start by making sure every employee has a written employment agreement.” Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent community organisation offering free, confidential and independent information, advice and assistance from 83 locations stretching from Northland to Invercargill. Last year volunteers received over 500,000 enquiries on issues ranging from health and family, immigration, housing and employment to consumer rights. F PN Contact: Margaret Antunovich, Branch Manager, CAB Grey Lynn/Ponsonby, 510 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 0392,

ONLINE SALE @ MARY KELLY 1. Turkish Kilim Rug 82cm x 61cm - sale price: $125; 2. Romanian Tismana Kilim Rug 103cm x 70cm - sale price: $195; 3. Semi-old Kilim Rug 188cm x 112cm - sale price: $450




M: 021 211 8904,

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Luke Crockford Real Estate outside the square.

Franklin Road 12 DAYS ON THE MARKET SOLD “We were unsure about the timing in the market and did not want to go to auction, so Luke said, ‘No worries’. It was lovely to have him listen to what we wanted. With his advice on the marketing and his belief in the property, we achieved a fantastic result after one weekend of open homes. It was the most stress-free transaction we have ever had! He brought us a fabulous unconditional offer. Luke arrived with a bottle of Dom Perignon & chocs to make it even more special. A huge thanks to Luke Crockford – he knows the process to make it happen and we cannot recommend him highly enough.” - Roy and Helen

The Market is GREAT don’t settle for excuses.

P: 360 9016 | 021 2778 565

| Ponsonby Licensed Agent REAA 2008

HEIDI PADAIN: ENTERTAINMENT IN YOUR GARDEN Like most people, when I think about the pukeko, I visualise them milling about in paddocks near waterways or loitering on the side of the road. I have never considered the pukeko as a bird of flight. I realise that they're not flightless, but given how often they're hit by cars, it's either something they're not well practised at or as I have recently discovered, it's something they only choose to do if it's part of their strategy. We live in a pole house. The deck is at least 15-20 feet off the ground and predominantly surrounded by trees. So, you can imagine my surprise when I first encountered this enormous bird striding along the deck rail. In fact, I almost choked on my coffee, not just because of how comical this looked, but because there had been some strange happenings on our property which suddenly began to make sense. There are several feeding stations along our deck rail. They have been spread out a reasonable distance apart so that we can view a variety of bird life. Once the birds have devoured the fruit pulp, the rinds fall off the edge of the rail onto the grass below. I make regular trips outside to retrieve them so that we don't attract bush rats. Recently, I began to realise that the apple rinds were vanishing; then the strangest thing happened. Shortly after replenishing the apple closest to our pohutukawa tree, I noticed the sudden appearance of an old apple rind right next to the new apple. I would have put it down to a senior moment had it just been on the one occasion.

So, let's get back to this pukeko on my deck, which I have since named Uber Blue. Uber Blue lives alongside a stream on the other side of the valley and has been making a daily pilgrimage to my property to forage beneath the deck. Presumably, Uber Blue realised that there was a way up to the heaven that was raining pieces of apple. I have yet to witness this vertical journey through the pohutukawa branches. What has become apparent is that Uber Blue is in the habit of retrieving the fruit rinds from below, he or she carries them all the way up, just in case there are no fresh apples on the rail. Just before takeoff, Uber Blue lets out a very loud squawk. I watch as this massive flash of purple/blue with dangling legs glides off into the distance. Pukeko actually can fly long distances. Of course they can, they came all the way from Australia. Surprisingly the other birds take no notice whatsoever of the enormous newcomer. I've been fascinated, and I'm rather pleased with this clean up arrangement. I think we'll keep Uber Blue on. (HEIDI PADAIN) F PN To see some of Heidi’s other photographic work, go to and type Heidi Padain into the search box, or, you can contact Heidi by email, or look her up on Facebook ... Heidi Padain Photography.

@ FREEDOM FURNITURE 1. Freedom Furniture Hayman Chair in natural - $399 Sink in to the handwoven weave of the Hayman Chair and escape to tropical cabana thoughts. This natural beauty knows how to brave the elements, making it your ultimate year-round destination. 2. Freedom Furniture Atlantic Cafe Set 3 Piece in natural and white - $249 Savour cafe style moments without having to leave the home: Freedom’s Atlantic Café set is the perfect companion for long, Sunday brunching.



3. Freedom Furniture Herne Bay Armchair and Stool - $799 When it’s time to put your feet up and relax, Freedom’s Herne Bay set will patiently await your arrival. Add a splash of colour with a tropical print cushion, or snuggle under the comfort of a throw on cooler days. 4. Freedom Furniture KEAKA Side Table 40cm in matte black - $159 The key ingredient to outdoor summer entertaining - this multifunctional piece acts as both a stool and side table, making it the ultimate crowd pleaser.



Shop the collection 24/7 at or head into your local Newmarket, Sylvia Park, Westgate, Wairau Park or Albany store.

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SMITH & SONS HELP MAKE RENOVATING EASY! Benjamin Mullane, a fully licensed builder with 10 years’ experience in construction, has recently opened Smith & Sons Ponsonby, a specialist renovations business servicing Ponsonby and the surrounding suburbs. "My main reason for starting the franchise here is to bring the Smith & Sons' experience to home owners in Ponsonby. Smith & Sons’ processes and systems make the process of renovating a lot simpler from start to finish," Mullane said. “It is Smith & Sons’ pricing and quoting systems that impress me most, as they allow the home owner to understand from the outset what their renovation will include and what it will cost.” Smith & Sons offer a three-step design, planning and construction process for their clients, providing clients with a complete solution from concept to completion. Their service includes planning the project, completing all the architectural drawings, engineers plans and building consents, plus project management of the trades and construction work. The model is a hit with home owners and the company now has over 90 offices open across New Zealand and Australia. The range of home renovation services provided by Smith & Sons Ponsonby includes redesigning living spaces, kitchen and bathroom renovations, additions and extensions, commercial fit outs, basement and loft conversions, and creating new outdoor living spaces. To get your project going today, call Ben Mullane on T: 0800 764 846, or email or go to

COX'S BAY CLEAN UP - A BIG THANK YOU The annual Cox's Bay Clean up, organised by the team at Ray White Damerell and hosted by the Hawke Sea Scouts and the Sea Cleaners, is now a firm and popular date in the calendar for local schools and volunteers in the greater Ponsonby catchment. At the helm of Sea Cleaners is Hayden Smith, its founding trustee and recipient of the 2017 Local Hero Award - part of the annual Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards. Since 2002, Hayden has been out on the waters and the foreshores around the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours, five days a week, with his team of volunteers and full-timers, removing rubbish and making our ocean a safer place for us and the marine life living in it.

repeated every 12 months. However, on a positive note, the attitude towards rubbish and responsibility for our environment is changing, noticed particularly in the number of children and adults that are keen to participate in the clean up each year.

“This is the third year running we’ve been involved with Ray White Damerell Group” he says, “...and it’s been bigger and better each time - to see the community pulling together and getting involved, that’s what really inspires us.”

The team at Ray White Damerell Group would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped with the clean up. These events certainly do not work without you! A special thanks to the Hawke Sea Scouts and Sea Cleaners for your help in organising and running the day, and Yeah Naan for your delicious refreshments. F PN

In total, the Cox's Bay Clean up held on 17 September helped to remove an estimated one tonne of rubbish from the bay and neighbouring creek - unfortunately a whopping feat

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@ CORSO DE FIORI 1. Henry Dean Jerzy flower vase - $119 2. Kiran wall mirror in aged brass finish (90cm diameter) - $990 3. Gin & Tonic rattan arm chair - $669 4. Bone inlay side tables in Quincy floral, Quince stripe, or Quarry geometric designs (43dia x 50cmh) - $1290 each 1 2



CORSO DE’ FIORI, The Foundation, 8 George Street, Newmarket, T: 09 307 9166,

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DESIGNS ON OUTDOOR LIVING Summer fun at your place doesn’t just happen by chance. You need to design and build for it. As Kiwis we hold the concept of outdoor living close to our hearts yet often our homes fall short of our dreams. In the past, houses such as villas and bungalows were designed to face the street - no matter which way the site was oriented. When you build new, you have the advantage of making the most of the sun and gaining better privacy. At Box™, we appreciate that the great outdoors can be even greater with good design. Creating a seamless transition between inside and out is a given but, beyond that, there are many design tricks to ensure you can enjoy the backyard at its best. Here are a few ideas to consider: • Can you ‘wrap’ the house around the garden to create shelter? L-shaped homes or U-shaped ones (with a central courtyard) are popular because they keep prevailing winds at bay. • Holiday homes can be efficiently planned to include two ‘pods’ - one for living, the other for sleeping - that sandwich a covered deck. • Often, several outdoor spaces can be designed into the plan: one to capture morning sun, another for evening sun-downers, a third for a private eyrie away from the kids. • Create a covered ‘room’ (perhaps with a louvred roof) where one wall is shared with the house so you can install a double-sided, built-in fireplace. • Often two-storey homes can include an overhang which cantilevers as a roof over the outdoor area. • What about a sunken fire-pit with built-in bench seating? These make great gathering points for casual entertaining and come into their own when the winter chill sets in.

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• Balustrades are a legal requirement for decks or balconies that often face a stunning view. Glass is the best choice for keeping people safe, while not compromising the PN outlook but palisade-like vertical battens do a similar job. F BOX LIVING, T: 0800 717 717, or T: 09 520 5030,


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UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Lisa Bojarski Your business: Four Leaves Nutritional Psychology Lisa is an eating psychology and mind-body nutrition practitioner, located at the Seven Senses Wellness Centre. She specialises in the emotional side of nutrition. "My holistic approach combines psychology and nutrition to explore how thoughts, feelings, and experiences impact digestion and metabolism - and how food and nutrients affect mood and behaviour. I help my clients achieve optimal emotional and physical wellbeing through empowered eating and authentic lifestyle choices.” Who is your partner? He’s a musician at heart but works as GM commercial finance for NZ Post. Do you have any children? I have two sweet girls. Maya is eight and Chloe is five. Do you have any pets? Three fantail goldfish. How do you keep fit? Regular classes at Peak Pilates and frequent walks around Cox’s Bay. Your best friend would say of you... My closest friends said, “Genuine, warm, caring, and fun.” “You feel good just by being around her.” “Always there when you need her. And the best person to celebrate life, cook and share food with.” Your mother would say of you... I thought she’d say that I worry too much, but when I asked her she replied, “Very honest and dependable. So loving and very, very caring.” Virtues? I have a big heart. I’m very sensitive, but also very strong. Vices? Red wine and whisky. Though I refuse to consider them 'bad'. Who's your ultimate rock icon? The American in me has to say Bruce Springsteen. His music was the soundtrack of my childhood and he’s still rocking. Secret passion? Playing piano. I’m not great, but have recently started taking lessons again and I absolutely love it.

world in New York City, Culinary School in Boston, and worked for a food magazine here in Auckland. After having my daughters, I felt a strong pull back to psychology and wanted to combine it with my love of food. So I retrained with a focus on eating psychology, holistic nutrition, and intuitive therapy and started my little practice two years ago. If you weren't an eating psychology practitioner you'd be? To be honest, I can’t imagine doing anything different at this point in my life. My work feels like the most natural extension of who I am as a person, though I’m still a restaurant critic in my own imagination. Favourite Ponsonby cafe? That’s easy. Little Bird. It’s always delicious, satisfying, and leaves me feeling good afterwards. Favourite Ponsonby restaurant? That’s harder! There are so many, but my current favourites are Azabu, Saan and Orphan’s Kitchen. Auckland has come a long way since I moved here 13 years ago. Favourite Ponsonby store? The Women’s Bookshop. I can spend hours there browsing and getting inspired.

What's your secret talent? Finding four leaf clovers. I have collected hundreds over the years. It’s a special symbol for me. That’s why I named my business Four Leaves.

Your best kept Ponsonby secret? Poké Bar - the spicy tuna salad bowl is so delicious! All feel-good, sustainable ingredients too.

Where do you live? I live and work in Westmere.

What's inspired you recently? The growing field of nutritional psychology and the powerful effects of food and nutrients on mental health.

Where do you spend your holidays? I’m from the US originally, so I take my daughters back there every year to get my fix of 'home'. Queenstown is our other favourite holiday destination and holds a special place in my heart. What's your perfect Sunday? Morning coffee in bed with a book while the kids play happily. A long walk and then to the Grey Lynn Farmer’s Market to stock up on veggies, eggs and almond milk. A productive couple of hours in the kitchen making healthy lunch box treats for the week. Then a relaxing afternoon getting cozy with the kids, playing games, doing puzzles and either cooking a delicious dinner or having someone cook for me. What were you going to be when you grew up? A food writer. Ruth Reichl was my hero and I loved reading her restaurant reviews in The New York Times. I wanted to be just like her and visit restaurants in disguise and write about them. How did you come to be an eating psychology practitioner? I got my degree in psychology many years ago, but then took to the book publishing

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Your desert island distractions: song, movie and/or TV show/book? The huge stack of books sitting on my bedside table waiting to be read would keep me busy for a long time. And for songs, I never get tired of Iron & Wine, my musical equivalent of comfort food. The house is on fire and your family is safe - what do you save? Definitely photos and also the precious cards and drawings my little girls have made for me. "I'd be lost without my..." My intuition. One thing you have learned about life is? Every choice you make sends a message to the universe about who you are and who PN you intend to become. F PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


TAMMY KANAT LUXURY RUGS AT ARTISAN COLLECTIVE Artisan is proud to present a collection of hand-woven rugs designed by Australian Designer Tammy Kanat. Tammy’s weaving journey began when she enrolled into the Australian Tapestry workshop to learn the complex skill of tapestry weaving, following a career in jewellery design. Tammy has gained international recognition through social media for her vibrant uplifting work and has since produced commissions for local and international clients. She believes weaving is an evolving and timeless art form and an enchanting way to share the impact of her surroundings. Innovation is at the heart of Tammy Kanat’s creations. She continues to experiment with new ideas, concepts, fibres and techniques in the time-honoured traditional craft of hand-knotted rugs.

Mirrors are one of the most effective and powerful feng shui remedies. Tammy was motivated to create and capture this positive flow of energy through this collection.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

The artistic Melbourne weaver is excited to produce a truly unique and modern rug collection, reinterpreting her original artistic style of tapestry weaving into the medium of hand-knotted rugs. Available exclusively in New Zealand at: ARTISAN COLLECTIVE, 31a Normanby Road, Mt Eden, T: 09 302 2499,


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APARTMENT LIVING NEW ZEALAND: INSPIRING APARTMENT DESIGNS FOR CONTEMPORARY LIVING BY CATHERINE FOSTER Published by Penguin. RRP $50.Out now "Diverse as they are - classic, converted or contemporary - the projects on these pages offer solutions for living more connectedly while consuming resources more efficiently."

Beautifully photographed and thoughtfully written, Apartment Living New Zealand celebrates an emerging style of housing that delivers convenience, affordability and the stimulation of a more urban way of life.

Housing pressures and a more urban lifestyle in the main centres are leading New Zealanders to embrace apartment living in a way they never have before. DINKS (Dual Income, No Kids), empty nesters and many priced out of the freestanding housing market are turning to apartment living to secure a foothold on the property ladder, or free up cash for other lifestyle ventures.

A long-time champion of good architecture, Foster is interested in how good design principles can address social needs. Her books are a direct response to the growing unaffordability of housing in New Zealand’s larger cities.

"More than 150 apartments are now sold every month in central Auckland, with the post GFC slump in the market fast receding. And the sector is finally shaking free of the shackles that have caused potential buyers to hesitate. Issues surrounding poor management of apartment buildings, leaky building worries, the cost of earthquake strengthening and post-earthquake insurance hikes have largely been addressed," the NZ Herald reported in March 2014. "As Auckland’s population increases, so the range of apartments spreads, and already there are large apartment projects in suburban areas such as Manukau, Ellerslie, New Lynn, Mt Wellington and parts of the North Shore." And it is not just Auckland experiencing an apartment boom. Wellington, Christchurch and larger regional centres such as Tauranga have all seen a healthy increase in apartment building and sales. Just as her first book Small House Living tuned into the trend for New Zealanders to build smaller homes, Catherine Foster’s new book, Apartment Living New Zealand, embraces the diversity on offer with this increasingly popular style of living.

With her belief in consuming the finite resources of planet Earth responsibly, she sees building smaller and smarter homes as an obvious step in the right direction. Like the houses featured in Small House Living, Foster has put together a representative selection of intriguing apartments which all have an interesting aesthetic and are admirable examples of their type. As well as high-rise apartments, Foster’s selection features multi-level warehouse conversions, renovations of older character structures, makeovers of ‘sausage’ flats, multi-unit dwellings, purpose-built apartment buildings and office conversions. Converting and repurposing commercial spaces not originally intended for residential living is not without its challenges. Navigating resource consent can be a complex and frustrating process and Foster also covers this in her book. The general consensus seems to be that even in cases requiring the most laborious paper work, the result was worth the red-tape headache for these happy apartment denizens. While apartments are an increasingly popular choice for many people, high-density living is radically different to the typical leafy suburban lifestyle. Foster wraps up her book with an informative chapter that directly deals with this. She runs through the various factors that she suggests people consider before making the move; covering considerations both emotional and practical. F PN

@ DAWSON & CO 1. Peggy chairs by &Co Studio now $699, was $1399. From the distressed leather to the 60s inspired shapes and colours, everything about the Peggy is effortlessly cool. 2. Gamera chairs by Calligaris now $189, was $369. Reinforced nylon monoblock shell, stackable up to six chairs high. A design chair, whose unique shape, lightness and resistance are the result of its manufacturing technique, sinuous lines and the materials used.



3. Outdoor dining tables in teak and aluminium from $1699. 4. Float chair by Nest now $599, was $899. Hang the float chair under the verandah, beneath a tree or even inside! Comes with large sumptuous cotton cushion. Pure relaxation.



DAWSON & CO OUTLET STORE, 31 Crummer Road,

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SPRING 17 Simultaneously warm and inviting, stylish and intriguing. The sophisticated 17-18 outdoor collection from Dawson & Co is now in-store., Fusing innovative all weather materials into elegant, durable pieces of outdoor furniture for New Zealand homes.

Pre-season specials in-store now

Ph. 09 476 1121

North Shore Showroom 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland

Parnell Showroom 115 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

Outlet Store 31 Crummer Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland

DAW S O N & C O .


@ BOLT OF CLOTH 1. Iso Noppa cushion cover 50cm in off white, black - $56.95 2. Jesper cushion cover 45 x 45, designed in Sweden - $52 3. Pakkanen plate 15 x 12cm - $29.99 4. Pakkanen plate 20cm in white, red - $39.99

2 1



BOLT OF CLOTH, 2 Osborne Street, Newmarket, T: 09 520 5660,

ON THE MARKET: 5 RAWENE AVENUE – WESTMERE A truly sought-after property in a superior Westmere location, on Rawene Avenue - the best address in the area. Loads of space to create your dream home on this 721m2 freehold section. (Note: average section in Westmere is approximately 450m2). A report from Campbell Brown Planning Ltd is available upon request to show development potential.

On a sun drenched section, developing its full potential will give you sea views. You will love living in this friendly neighbourhood in a quiet street. Close to the Westmere shops, cafes, schools, parks, water's edge and transport. Nearby to Pt Chevalier, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Ponsonby and Auckland City.

This two bedroom character bungalow with large open-plan living has been in the same family for almost 50 years. This unique opportunity rarely arises.

92 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

Visit and click 'property info' for more details and call for an appointment to view any day. F PN


New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty is delighted to introduce Jen Kendrick who recently joined our Herne Bay team. With her family background in property development, Jen is passionate about real estate, interior design and loves how diverse her role is. Find out more about Jen and what she can offer you. Tell us about your background and experience? I’ve always had a passion for interiors, design and architecture so when heading off to University I made the decision to work in the property industry. My family has a background in residential and commercial development so it was ingrained in me to understand the diverse and complex property industry. When I was younger I had a big A3 drawing pad with special pro markers and spent hours drawing and creating rooms in homes, and envisioned how my own home would look one day. After I made the leap and decided to get my real estate papers, I landed my first role soon after in 2013 working in apartment and project sales in Auckland’s CBD. What motivated you to move into real estate? People gave me the overall interest in the industry, the real motivation came from my desire for hands on work and setting my own goals to achieve. I moved into real estate knowing that along with the tough negotiating and sales side, there’s a lot of care and empathy that comes with dealing with clients. I tend to put myself in my clients shoes and focus on developing trust and guidance to ensure a positive outcome for all parties involved. I was highly motivated knowing how diverse my role would be and find myself wearing a lot of different hats every day… well at times every moment of the day! How will your previous experience benefit your practice of real estate? With a background in business at university and together with my family connections in the industry, I’ve had plenty of exposure to many different areas of real estate. Having sometimes felt like a little fish in a big pond, I stuck with it and became completely dedicated to the industry. In my first year I was selling leasehold apartments in Auckland’s Viaduct harbour - what a challenge! I’m really thankful though, as I was able to quickly learn the complexity of different properties in the competitive Auckland market, which in turn has set me up for today.

What special or added services do you offer to buyers and sellers? My experience in apartments and projects, unit titles, investment sales, apartment buildings and different body corporate structures means I understand no two properties are alike. I tailor my service to provide guidance on where value could be added to boost the property. My aim is to have these measured appropriately, not just by what the house down the street sold for. Value is created by particular features that often don’t compare to the neighbour’s house. I love picking out the best features of a home and drawing attention to these through the marketing and presentation. I believe that’s what any good agent would do. Guidance and communication is key. I take into account that for the majority of us your home is your biggest asset and at large your financial gain - whilst making sure all the fundamentals for a smooth sale are covered. My aim is to make the process as stress free as possible for everyone involved in the transaction. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I’m a bit of a ski bunny, every opportunity I try to get to the snow! Of course that’s in the winter months, come summer I head out on the water, jet skiing or boating with family and friends. What do you like about the area you live in? Recently my partner and I bought a house in Herne Bay and we love it! Personally I am super excited to add value and start renovating so I can implement the same advice I give clients. Being a bit of a foodie, Ponsonby and Jervois Road have been overly convenient! The vibe of the area, shopping, restaurants and bars you can’t compare to any other area of Auckland.

JEN KENDRICK M +64 21 022 02167

Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


Blair Haddow Please give a little background on yourself... I'm with Bayleys Ponsonby and specialise in selling residential real estate in the area.

Which is your favourite room at home? The Living room for total relaxation and entertaining.

Where do you live? I love living in Ponsonby and working in the fabulous community of greater Ponsonby.

Why is it your favourite room? I completely renovated four years ago to open up all the space in this room to capture the unobstructed views out over Grey Lynn to the Waitakeres. The sunsets are spectacular. I absolutely love all of my furniture purchased though the lovely Valeria at Studio Italia. I also collect contemporary New Zealand art and formed an art group with nine others seven years ago so we enjoy rotating our collection every six months. F PN

Are you a long-term greater Ponsonby resident? Have you lived elsewhere in greater Ponsonby? I have lived in the Ponsonby area since I was 18 other than four years spent living in London when I was 20 (a few years ago!)

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@ DESIGN WAREHOUSE 1. Bianca Club Chair, Holly Side Table & Sheet Accent Table The Bianca Club Chair has a fantastic mid-century modern look along with innovative materials and design. Shown here with the Sheeba teak and iron side table and Holly concrete side table. 2. Holly Concrete Dining Table And Retro Wicker Chairs This stunning and dramatic dining set is made with the Holly Concrete Table and Retro Wicker Chairs. At Design Warehouse you can create your dining set by choosing any chair and table that you like.


DESIGN WAREHOUSE, 137/147 The Strand, Parnell, T: 09 377 7710,

@ ECOSTORE 1. Healthy laundry bundle This bucket is packed with everything you need for fresh, clean, healthy laundry. Plus it's economical save over $20 when you buy this pack during the October sale. Now for only $36 2. Orange Hand Body Pack A luxurious assortment of orange and patchouli hand and body care products in a neat little package. Great value - save over $10 when you purchase this pack in October. Now only $23.20

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ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 360 8477,


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


PONSONBY U3A: SEPTEMBER 2017 'The Magic of Cities' was the title of Sir Bob Harvey’s talk to the September meeting of Ponsonby U3A. Two years ago as chairman of Waterfront Auckland, he had talked to U3A about the continued development of the Auckland waterfront. Now in his role as 'Champion for Auckland - overseas investment' to promote Auckland internationally and facilitate international investment opportunities, he spoke of the magic of the music, food and culture that makes up Auckland. “On top of this we have won Lotto living here,” he said.” We feel safe at airports and in the city as the world gets more dangerous. “We take for granted the grandness of the Auckland isthmus. One of the greatest experiences of my life was to paddle out in a waka for the arrival of ‘the cup’. This is why the Super City is working, it is so inclusive with people from all over the world feeling part of it. As a civic leader I cheered welcoming new people.” He touched on whether it is better or not that Auckland’s four cities were merged into the Super City. In the west, where he was six times mayor, there isn’t a huge amount of difference because of the Waitakere Ranges, he said. “The west fought long and hard for the safety of these glorious ranges so close to Auckland and hopefully they are now safe for the next 500 years. “I haven’t retired. I admire people who do, but I haven’t had the courage to retire. It has been a rich life and continues to be so. "At our age we plant trees that we will never sit under, we set new goals, visions and new dreams and hope that people might pick up on them.” The effects of the introduction of the Super City were also discussed by the 10 minute speaker Simon Hart. His talk was entitled 'Challenging Times for Citizens Advice'. He was accompanied by Margart Antunovic manager of Grey Lynn Ponsonby Citizens’ Advice Bureau. He said that after the Super City was established, a board was set up to organise the funding and organisation of Citizens Advice sites in the wider Auckland region. Citizens Advice is one of the biggest social service organisations in the Auckland region with over 1200 professionally trained unpaid volunteers. With 235,901 walk in clients, 62,170 telephone enquiries, 2456 email enquiries and a high number of website hits in a year, the demand for the service is growing. It provides a free service to anyone and everyone for any particular issue. It is a free and cost effective safety net. Free clinics include JPs, legal, migrant issues, counselling, job search and budgeting. The aim is to empower the client. Over 25 languages are available. Housing is the single biggest area of enquiry, particularly rental accommodation.

Collene Roche with Sir Robert (Bob) Harvey Funding is 85 per cent from the Auckland Council and state of the art technology is primarily funded through Central Government. External funding has now decreased and voluntary hours have risen, meaning that the organisation is becoming financially stressed. The October Speaker guest speaker will be Loren O’Sullivan, director of NPH NZ 'Nuestros Puquenos Hermanos' Our little brothers and sisters. The 10 minute speaker will be U3A member Hazel Hodgkin. Guests and visitors are welcome to U3A meetings. Please telephone Collene Roche, T: 09 373 277 if you wish to attend a meeting. PN (PHILIPPA TAIT) F NEXT MEETING:

10am, Friday 13 October at Herne Bay Petanque Club, Salisbury Street Reserve.


Collene Roche, President Ponsonby U3A. T: 09 373 3277,

LUCIA MATAIA: LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY NEWS The Auckland Heritage Festival is in full swing now. Programme booklets available in the library with information on free talks and guided walks, demos and workshops happening around Auckland. October school holidays are here and, yes, we have some activities to keep the children busy. The theme is Survive 24. Chloe and the team have a few survival experiences for the children plus a Hand Henna activity to celebrate Diwali. Tuesday 3 October, 2.30pm - 3.30pm you can create something that will help you survive the night. Thursday 5 October, 2.30pm - 3.30pm survive a few explosions. Tuesday 10 October, 2.30pm - 3.30pm we have a Diwali activity to celebrate the Festival of Light with Hand Henna. Thursday 12 October, 2.30 - 3.30pm survive Wizarding School.

96 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

About our new website - Nga Korero mo tenei paetukutuku Our new look libraries' website was launched recently and the key features include simple navigation and easy to access library catalogue. Visit us on www.aucklandlibraries.govt. nz and discover our great range of books, music, events and more. The team at Leys can help you download e-books and e-magazines onto your digital device so pop into the library or ph 09 374 1315 and book a librarian for a session to show you how. Craft at Leys We are very excited to announce the launch of Craft at Leys. Bring your project and share your skills over a cuppa in our downstairs Reading Room on the first and third Monday of the month. Our first session is on Monday 2 October, 10am -11.30am. It’s suitable for adults of all levels of experience. (LUCIA MATAIA) F PN LEYS INSTITUTE, 20 St Marys Road, T: 09 374 1315, PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


DECEASED ESTATE AUCTION 29 RICHMOND AVENUE Nestled in Northcote Point and surrounded by beautiful villas in one of the most sought after suburbs on the North Shore, this three bedroom, weatherboard home is up for grabs after serving the family well for the past 34 years. Add your own flavour to this timeless classic. Smart buyers will see huge scope to add further value. This prime location is approximately 100m from Stafford Park and walking distance to the popular Stafford Road Wine Bar & Engine Room restaurant, the ever-popular Bridgeway Cinema and two great cafes. The location has easy access from the motorway and the ferry terminal for city commuters. Other features include: • Stunning view of the harbour from the upstairs bedroom • Beautiful high ceilings • Sunny conservatory • Undercover, sunny deck • Solar water heating Such an opportunity with so much potential! Call to arrange a private viewing or attend PN one of the open homes. F BARFOOT & THOMPSON WHANGAPARAOA, Debbie le Roux, M: 021 941 973, T: 09 424 9199 or Nathan Canton, M: 021 0888 9478

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


REAL ESTATE UPDATE: KAREN SPIRES We’ve got an extra spring in our step this month - and no it’s not just because it’s less than 80 days to Christmas... Receiving seven award wins and 16 nominations at the recent Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) awards evening, I am delighted to share that Bayleys Ponsonby was the winner in one of two national honours for medium residential ‘Office of the Year’. We are equally proud of our sales manager Bernadette Morrison who, fresh from 12-weeks of judging on popular home renovation television show The Block NZ, was nominated as ‘Residential Manager of the Year’ and Bayleys HQ in Wynyard Quarter which was nominated as both the ‘Large Commercial and Industrial Office of the Year’ and ‘Large Agency of the Year’ all disciplines. Fortunate to be located in one of the country’s most aspirational areas with a vibrant community and high-standard of living, at Bayleys we have carved out a name which is synonymous with premium property, service and sale results. With our recent office expansion and a wealth of new marketing initiatives coming soon, we look forward to adding value to every transaction and our continued position as the best in class real estate agency.

Pat Houlihan, general manager Property Press, Bernadette Morrison Bayleys Ponsonby sales manager and Bindi Norwell chief executive officer REINZ.

Now with election turbulence behind us and warmer weather on the way, we are seeing an increasing number of sellers making enquiries as to whether now is the right time to sell. Data for the month of August 2017 recently released by the REINZ shows that the median sale price for Ponsonby and her surrounds was $1,465,718. This is up $48,350 on July 2017 and well above the regional average of $840,000. While reduced sale volumes across Auckland continue to polarise sales activity, there were 63 residential property sales in Ponsonby and her surrounds during the month of August 2017 compared with 42 in July - showing an increase of 21 sales. This highlights the importance of understanding the nuances of our market as it’s not a one-size fits all when it comes to sale results across different communities. As our local market continues to out-perform others, we have another exciting campaign designed entice those seeking a sale before year end. The Bayleys Big Call auction month is back this month offering special media packages and the benefit of extra exposure during one of the year’s most high-profile residential auction events. Bringing both buyers and sellers together for a month of highly anticipated auction action the Bayleys Big Call runs nationwide for the month of October. During this time Bayleys offers sellers special marketing packages across print, digital and social media with the potential of increasing your property’s visibility by more than eight times. Armed with a proven track record of sales achieving on average 40% more than market value, the Bayleys auction team (including two-time Australasian ‘Auctioneer of the Year’ Daniel Coulson) can proudly report a success rate that exceeds 70%, with more than 71 percent of properties offered for auction in the last 12-months being sold. There’s little doubt for those considering a sale that now is a great time to assess the options. With marketing incentives designed to improve visibility and drive traffic to your property, a strong demand for local property and Ponsonby’s top performing sales office behind the campaign, PN we’re the team that will make the difference, adding value and delivering optimal results. Thanks for reading. (KAREN SPIRES) F Regional sales results might reflect uncertainty. However, the burgeoning apartment sector continues with strength. The Grace Victoria Quarter apartments are now under construction with a limited number of residences available for sale.

98 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



ROSE AND HEATHER – BRINGING FINE FURNITURE HOME Rose and Heather has reopened on this side of the city, moving its Auckland showroom and workshop to Great North Road in Grey Lynn. On arrival, clients familiar with the name will once again be enveloped in warmth and familiarity with the R+H classics, new pieces and ranges on display or under construction. The owners of Rose and Heather have lived in Ponsonby for 30 years, and for Martin and Maryjane it’s like coming home again. “We wanted to create a space that showed simple, high elegance. We were keen to show the link between our craftsmanship and finished pieces, as many of us are fascinated with the way things are made. With our small workshop on site, you can see how these pieces are created,” says Martin. “The company has a great website, but there is nothing quite like the feel, smell and touch of the pieces,” says Maryjane. Beautiful colours and simple shapes abound, in a light filled industrial space over two levels, with windows opening in to the workshop. Take the moment to observe the process of fine furniture making.

With the firm's tradition of fine New Zealand craftsmanship and design, the new workshop is not only the company’s space for prototype and bespoke work, but a refurbishment service which can bring those existing Rose and Heather pieces back to the day they first came home. The showroom is open seven days with plenty of parking down the driveway city side, Martin, Maryjane and the team of David, Simon and Ann look forward to welcoming you in. F PN ROSE AND HEATHER, 406 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895,

@ ROSE AND HEATHER 1. Newport 2-drawer wide bedside, available in all finishes - $1260 2. Newport Credenza H:74cm L:116cm D:37cm - $2840 3. Newport 2-drawer bedside with marble top available in all finishes ROSE AND HEATHER, 406 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895,

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



THE ULTIMATE GUTTER SOLUTION Gutter Solutionz is proudly New Zealand owned with the majority of its products being manufactured in New Zealand. Since 2005 Gutter Solutionz has been offering advice and installation of a product they that know will stand the test of time with flexibility for total peace of mind. Guttering NZ metal spouting screens: The superior and tough metal substrate has specially designed louvered holes to drag water into your gutter and keep unwanted debris out. It will also keep birds and rats out of your roof space. The screens are coated to provide added protection and to look great on your roof. Clip’n Fit leaf guard: The perfect leaf guard solution for mild to moderate leaf debris issues. Made in New Zealand from UV stabilised recycled polymer which is in turn fully recyclable! It sits neatly in the top of the spouting between the front lip of the spouting and the front edge of the roof. Clip’n Flush gutter cleaning system: All gutter guard systems require some form of occasional maintenance. Logic dictates that you need holes in the screen to drag the water into the spouting. Unfortunately any finer dust, pollen and debris smaller than the holes can also get in. The Clip’n Fit gutter cleaning flush system is a plumbed system that fits neatly underneath the gutter guard. Simply turn on your tap every few weeks for a few minutes and fine jets of water will be directionally sprayed onto the inside bottom of the spouting, washing any PN finer debris away down the downpipe. F All Gutter Solutionz distributors are trained and licensed to install. For advice or a free assessment and quote call: GUTTER SOLUTIONZ, T: 0800 333 101,

100 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017




High quality, edgy apartments, now selling off the plan 1 bedroom from $515k to $795k 2 bedrooms from $735k to $1.5m 3 bedrooms from $1.045 to $2.55m 20 reserved for ďŹ rst home buyers

Visit our showroom at 28 Norwich Street, Eden Terrace. Check website for showroom times

Another quality development from Urban Collective P 0800 217 838


NEVER FAR FROM A STUNNING OUTLOOK @ 30 MADDEN 30 Madden is a Willis Bond & Co project offering a variety of luxurious and contemporary apartments, located in the heart of Wynyard Quarter. Situated near one of the world’s most beautiful harbours, 30 Madden’s modern apartments enjoy an abundance of nearby public spaces, parks, restaurants and cafes. 30 Madden offers an undeniably unique waterfront lifestyle within a diverse and vibrant community. Designed by award-winning architects, Studio Pacific Architecture, every detail and specification has been thoughtfully and thoroughly considered. 30 Madden comprises a mixture of studios, one, two and three bedrooms, maisonettes (two-storey apartments) and four exclusive penthouses. Adorned with the finest fixtures and fittings, the apartments benefit from relaxed, open -plan living. Spacious bedrooms, beautifully tiled bathrooms, and kitchens finished with European appliances create the perfect environment for entertaining or unwinding.

EYE-CATCHING ADDITION TO OUTDOOR LIVING Summer just got hotter with the release of Flutter Design’s new Flutter Chair Tropicana. Since the conception of Flutter Design back in 2010, our aim is to make available to Kiwis, top-quality, all-weather New Zealand made butterfly chairs that can survive our harsh summer conditions... year after year. In a market place full of cheap, throw away imports, the quality of the New Zealand made Flutter Chair steel frame and custom-made covers is paramount.

The timeless yet contemporary exterior of 30 Madden perfectly complements the stylish and elegant interiors. Beyond the building, residents can find a sanctuary to read a book or a place to engage with family and friends in the versatile gardens of the private courtyard. With a view of the city lights, the courtyard, or the Waitemata Harbour, you will never be far from a stunning outlook. F PN For further information, or to book an appointment to view the display suite, please contact: George Damiris M: 021 956 111 or Carl Madsen M: 021 953 152, or visit online at

Ž—––‡” Šƒ‹” ”‘’‹…ƒ�ƒ „› Ž—––‡” ‡•‹‰� �Ž‹�‡

”†‡” –‘†ƒ› ˆ‘” ƒ ’”‡ �ƒ• †‡Ž‹˜‡”›

Flutter Design is best known for the Flutter Chair Classic. This locally handmade black steel frame is strong, elegant and light weight. Ideal for use both indoors and out in coastal areas. All our covers are custom-made for you. The UV safe outdoor acrylic covers will not fade and the range of fashion block colour and stripe fabrics lets you customise your chair to suit your style. New to the Flutter Design range is the Flutter Chair Tropicana. We have sourced top quality, Brazilian outdoor fabrics and teamed them with acrylic backs for strength and durability. Replacement sling covers are also available. The Flutter Chair Tropicana is sure to be an eye-catching addition to your outdoor living! Eight years on Flutter Design has been supplying Flutter Chairs and replacement sling covers to hundreds of New Zealand homes, baches and businesses. Visit the Flutter Design online shop today, to see the full range of New Zealand made PN outdoor products. Orders close on 30 November for a pre-Christmas delivery. F

102 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Leighton Street The indispensable craft of bookbinding has its roots firmly planted in antiquity. It’s possible it originated in India where Hindu sutra aphorisms were copied on to palm leavers and cut into two lengthwise then threaded with twine to make a palm -leaf book. Ancient Egypt also compiled priestly texts on scrolls of papyrus. Mayan civilisation had another version but only four survived the Spanish invasion of Latin America. In addition, wax tablets were commonly used as writing surfaces. At the turn of the first century a folded parchment notebook was invented in Rome and spread rapidly to the Near East. This invention was taken up by churches and the word ‘bible’ comes from the town where Byzantine monks assembled their first scriptorium and from then on the book format became the preferred way of preserving printed material. But all these various methods paled into insignificance when Johannes Gutenberg invented the famous press named after him. The printed word became available to the masses, and was no longer the exclusive domain of scholars and the educated elite. Mr James Francis Leighton was a bookbinder par excellence who was born in the parish of Clerkenwell, London in 1830. He was educated at a private school and then apprenticed at the young age of 10 to the well-known firm, Messrs Eyre and Spottiswoode, printers to the Queen and during the next four years he acquired enough experience to work for his cousins, Messrs Leighton and Son, bookbinders of the Strand, London. After a merger the firm was called Messrs Leighton, Son and Hodge of Shoe Lane, Fleet Street. During his time there he was thoroughly taught every branch of the bookbinding trade. He must have demonstrated significant ability because the usual rule of keeping apprentices in one branch only was overlooked in his favour. When he had finished his apprenticeship in 1851 he gained employment with Messrs Samuel and Son where he was occupied binding special editions of the bible for the Royal courts of Europe. He later worked for Messrs Eeles and Sons of Chancery Lane and was engaged on the first issue of Dickens’ works. But the siren call of the new world was irresistible and he left London in 1853 on the ‘Investigator’ to travel to Sydney arriving there in August that year. He was immediately employed by the Church Press Office to set up a bindery department but remained there for only two years in spite of excellent inducements to stay. He found the hot climate was too much to bear so he decided to approach the proprietors of the ‘Southern Cross’ where there was an opening in their bindery. He arrived in Auckland on the ‘William Denny’ in 1855 but instead of taking up employment, he opened a business in Shortland Street and later secured premises in High Street. While Auckland remained the capital he was bookbinder for the government and also gained the contract for the supply of stationery to the Imperial troops during the Maori war. On the removal of the government to Wellington he was urged by parliament to follow, but for domestic and business reasons he decided to remain in Auckland. Meanwhile his eldest son joined Leighton in the business as junior partner. He was born in Ponsonby and educated at Auckland College, later named Auckland Grammar. He stayed in the business for only a short time before travelling to England where he acquainted himself with many of the leading manufacturers of stationery and formed many connections that proved to be exceedingly useful. On his way back to Auckland he stopped off at Sydney where he stayed for three years in order to gain commercial experience. He finally left Sydney for Auckland on the ‘Wairarapa’ which proved to be the vessel’s final voyage to New Zealand. After an absence of nearly five years, all the souvenirs that he had collected from the many of the countries he had visited during his sojourn abroad were lost in the ‘Wairarapa’ wreck. He revisited Sydney for a short time but returned to Auckland and joined his father to take over managing the commercial side of the business. In the interim his father, even though a prominent citizen, avoided taking active participation in public affairs. Instead, while continuing to enjoy excellent health he lived very quietly, content to be supervising the practical side of his business. It is worth noting that James Leighton was the first person to introduce ruling machines into the PN newly fledged colony more than 150 years ago. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) F

104 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



New Josh Lancaster Exhibition “The Regulars 2 - More of Ponsonby.” 18 October - 7 November. Josh Lancaster is back. Back at Smyth Galleries for a second, wonderful exhibition, namely “The Regulars 2 - More of Ponsonby” which will exhibit at Smyth Galleries from 18 October to 7 November. This a sequel to Josh’s sellout show last year, entitled “Ponsonby Regulars.”

NEW JOSH LANCASTER EXHIBITION The Regulars 2 More of Ponsonby. 18 October - 7 November 2017 Opening 6pm Wednesday 18 October

Josh Lancaster was a brilliant art director who decided his most abiding, artistic passion was painting and so he has been a full-time artist for approximately two years. His distinctive style has already captured the imagination of his many admirers. This new exhibition will again celebrate some of Ponsonby’s most iconic entities. Included are some striking, original artworks of Chapel, Ponsonby Road Bistro, Lime Bar, Augustus, Moochowchow, Andiamo, Golden Bridge, Little Park, Empress Garden, Cox’s Bay and FishSmith. There will also be three print editions of Bhana Bros, Prego and Queenies plus 12 framed, working drawings.

Smyth Galleries

Opening 6pm, Wednesday 18 October. To obtain your personal invitation to the opening on 18 October, please send your details to F PN

41 Jervois Rd, St Mary’s Bay | 09 360 6044 | 021 598 009 info@ |

SMYTH GALLERIES, 41 Jervois Road, T: 09 360 6044,

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017


ARTS + CULTURE @ OREXART Peter James Smith - Catchlight 26 September - 14 October

Catchlight is defined as the highlight that can appear in a portrait subject’s eye. It is generally a desirable thing because it enlivens a subject; it is a kernel, a glint at the heart of human-to-human communication. Light is that elusive state of particles and waves that evade art history’s capture. TJ McNamara has described Peter James Smith as having a “...remarkably active mind.” Smith paints eloquently in two abstract languages that are usually poles apart mathematics and art. The arresting thing about his landscapes is his ability to elegantly combine his Romantic style of painting with scientific dialect. Realistic scenes sit with strong mark making and text as the imagery is juxtaposed with scientific observations, poetic and historical references as handwriting. “My current practice embraces the traditional painting approaches of oil on linen in a realist style that is at once traditional and contemporary: traditional, in the sense of my fertile interest in the 19th Century High German Romantic paintings of Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) or the American Luminists such as Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900); contemporary, in my embrace of contemporaneity - the linking of images and texts from different times, cultures, knowledge systems, histories and geographic locations - to a painted constellation in the present.” Peter James Smith, 2016 Smith’s paintings discuss the part imagery and objects play in the development of memory and the recall of history. His works acknowledge the aspiration for progress brought forth by scientific invention and investigation - while allowing room for the imagination, reminiscence and admiration. Born in Paparoa, New Zealand in 1954, Peter James Smith now paints full time, holding solo and group exhibitions each year. Currently based in Melbourne, he has worked in both New Zealand and Australia since the mid 1970s. His practice is built from the traditional painting medium of oil on linen. He is widely published as a mathematician and holds the degrees BSc (Hons), MSc, MStats, PhD with a Master of Fine Art in Painting. He was Professor of Mathematics and Art at RMIT University, Melbourne, where he was Head of the School of Creative Media (photography, creative writing, screenwriting, multimedia, music, sound, digital art) from 2002 to 2008. Please contact for details. F PN OREXART, 15 Putiki Street, Arch Hill, T: 09 378 0588,

Georgie Malyon, Ethereal Flora


Immersed In Flowers - Georgie Malyon 24 October - 4 November Opening: 24 October, 5pm - 7pm With this new series of works ‘Immersed in Flowers’, floral artist Georgie Malyon again draws on her ongoing curiosity and fascination with floristry and the occult. The works involve producing the artifice of billowing clouds of smoke in a carefully controlled environment, that entwine with her first love, flowers. The symbolism of smoke effortlessly crosses the boundaries of every belief system from Pagan ritual to Christian mass. It allows us to imagine ascendance into mystical realms, beyond the constructs of matter, time and human understanding. Channelled through delicate clouds that dissipate into the ether, smoke infers the journey of the immortal soul as it echoes our transition from matter into spirit. Flowers immerse within our human consciousness as a means to celebrate or commiserate with the trials and tribulations of human experience, and as a final gesture to send off the dead into the afterlife. Ultimately, flowers are an enduring symbol of human mortality or memento mori - echoing the ever present, life/death cycle. PN Please contact for details. F

HukaFalls & The Legend Of The Takitimu Canoe, oil 600x1800mm

106 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017

GREY, 37 Scanlan Street, T: 021 98 77 66,


ARTS + CULTURE Artweek is hitting Ponsonby Central... We have a HUGE line up New Zealand’s leading artists, painters, object makers and photographers. Upstairs is Sapphire Room we have the inaugural Objectmarket. Fifty makers, five days, an incredible opportunity to buy craft and design. Including Ace Firers, Areez Katki, Christopher Duncan, Elena Renker, Elle Hemmings, Fran Carter, George Young, Gidon Bing, Godmother IMO, Isobel Thom, Joanna Campbell, Joseph Yen, Judy Darragh, KLAY, Kristin D’agostino, Macarena Bernal, Madeline Child, Marta Buda, Mary Curtis, Nate Saville, Ophelia Mikkelson, Rachel Carter, Raewyn Walsh, Rawiri Brown, Ruth Castle, Selina Woulfe, Taus Thermette, Vanessa Arthur.

Photo’s Inc - including Anna Comrie, Mark Smith, Davis Straight, Murray Dexter, Deborah Smith, Samuel Hartnet, Stevens Lawson, Stephen Piper, Emma Thomas, Neil Pardington and Patrick Reynolds. Colours Co. including Be Modern, Craig McClure, Ema Frost, Holly Schroder, Jake Feast, Jacqueline Macleod, Jen Sievers, Jimmy James Kouratoras, Katie Morrow, Laura Pearce, Layla Walter, Luke Kerr, Matt Sinclair, Mauricio Benega, Natasha Wright, Serena Stevenson and Tanya Blong. And in our POP UPS, Robert Kerr, Mardo El Noor, and Anna Leyland.

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PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



Ethno Aotearoa / New Zealand - ethnic music summer camp Ethno is a music project for young musicians within the folk/world music tradition. It began in Sweden in 1989 and has spread throughout the world. A dynamic team has come together to start Ethno in New Zealand! Ethno is a week-long music camp that brings together workshops, cultural exchange and music from around the world. It promotes emerging artists, facilitates experiences with music that young people might not have otherwise heard! It is an annual camp, in whatever country holds them, and was developed to help revive, and keep folk music and the cultural traditions of that music alive. Music is the platform for 'meaningful intercultural dialogue'.

is a unique chance to experience a new way of learning and sharing music and to be part of a global network.�

Their visit to Ethno Sweden was a roaring success, and Ethno New Zealand has only continued to build momentum and get attention. Ethno New Zealand will take place from January 20 to 29, 2018 at the Piritahi Marae on Waiheke Island before a final performance at the Auckland Folk Festival on 28 January in Kumeu.

Ethno is now a part of Ponsonby with sessions that happen on the last Sunday of the month at Cafe One2one. These bring together an awesome cast of musicians from around the folk and traditional genres, including as many global sounds as possible. If you are interested, get along to One2one from 4pm.

They are still looking for young musicians to come on board. “We are looking for musicians and singers, age 17-30, within the folk, world and/or traditional music scene with lots of curiosity, ready to share their own music and to take part in an amazing musical journey! This

This is the newest and most exciting initiative for folk music in New Zealand. A way of helping blend our many different genres of folk and encourage new sounds to be created! PN (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F

photography: Chantel Matthews-Perawiti

One of the brains behind Ethno Aotearoa is Hanna Wiskari, who comes to us from her own involvement and attendance for years at Ethno Sweden. She was determined to send some of our musicians over to their camp in June. "I love the folk music scene in New Zealand, but I've always been wondering why you don't hear more Maori and Pacific music within that folk scene. The thing about Ethno is it's normally for 17 to 30 year olds, it's for younger musicians. With Ethno, there's no audition or anything, but every one I've been to has a very high level of musicianship." Hanna had to ask around and make some new contacts before she was recommended WhetuMarama Rikihana and Issac Smith as two musicians who would be perfect to attend Ethno Sweden.

Finn has a Bachelor of Science with honours degree, and is currently studying to become an Early Childhood Teacher. In his spare time, he is Programme Director for the Auckland Folk Festival and runs folk music website,

108 PONSONBY NEWS+ October 2017



ELECTRIFYING ART One of Artweek Auckland’s most popular events, Electric Night, sees the Karangahape Road and Arch Hill art district come to life after hours with live music on the strip, free tours and talks, and an array of shows by new and established artists.

Masterworks Gallery, formerly on Ponsonby Road, has been up and running at its new site, in Upper Queen Street, Eden Terrace for three years. The new site offers a large, flexible space, often housing multiple exhibitions.

A highlight of this year’s programme is Not Nostalgia, an exhibition of works on paper by the late Joanna Margaret Paul (1945-2003) at Bowerbank Ninow on Karangahape Road. Paul - the daughter of publishers Blackwood and Janet Paul - was exposed to art and literature from an early age. Her training at Elam in the late 1960s under the likes of Colin McCahon and Greer Twiss gave her a grounding in the modernist tradition. But, as Jill Trevelyan notes, her work also contains elements associated with a postmodern approach to art, such as "her unease with conventional framing devices, the centrality of language in her work, her interdisciplinary approach to art-making and [her] commitment to feminism and environmentalism." While she returned time and again to drawing and painting, Paul also wrote poetry and produced notable experimental films, which deal with similar themes to her graphic works. Her drawings and watercolours are almost startling in their ‘ordinariness’. Her choice of subject matter reflects an interest in the everyday, the ephemeral, the overlooked: a view out of a moving vehicle, pieces of a child’s game, a snapshot view of suburban rooftops, and people - people in unguarded moments, at rest, thinking, and captured in the private moments of stillness that punctuate the flow of day-to-day life.

It has a separate room for our diverse range of contemporary jewellery, a small separate gallery and plenty of room for displaying the huge range of ceramics and glass that Masterworks has been specialising in since 1986. With off-street parking at the door, the area offers a cluster of cafes and design stores. With exhibitions changing every four to six weeks, this year Masterworks has exhibited Mike Crawford, Andy Kingston, John Edgar, Stephen Bradbourne, Layla Walter, Kirstie Rea and others. Currently showing - John Parker’s flawless and precise hand-thrown ceramics, and the ambitiously scaled work of cast-glass artist Emma Camden. Showing from October 15 - 18 November - Ceramic satire by sculptor John Roy. MASTERWORKS GALLERY, 71 Upper Queen Street, T: 09 373 5446,

The works in Not Nostalgia are as notable for what they leave out as what they include, encouraging a type of looking that is contemplative rather than analytical, and making the exhibition the perfect starting point for an enriching evening of experience and reflection. For further information regarding Electric Night and the participating galleries, visit




Hopkinson Mossman OREXART Two Rooms Fox Jensen McCrory Whitespace Black Asterisk Studio 1B Studio One Toi T Tim Melville Gallery Starkwhite The Keep Mokop paki Melanie Roger Gallery Bowerbank Ninow Ivan Anthony Michael Lett Artspace Holm RM Audio Foundation St Kevins Arcade

Emma Camden, Stair 2017, cast olive green gaffer glass

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ARTS + CULTURE @ WHITESPACE Jack Trolove: Until 22 October

Jack Trolove is the quintessential painter’s painter. His works are all about oil paint and how he applies it. He paints ‘wet on wet’, layering thick portions of fresh, intense colour beside and on top of one another to create the illusion of roughly hewn, three dimensional form. At a time when more and more artists are stepping away from the canvas in favour of their computer screens, the luscious tactility of paintings drenched in heavy impasto feels almost wickedly satisfying. Wet on wet is not a popular technique with painters these days, probably because it's extremely difficult to master. The paint needs to be freshly mixed before each application and laid on thickly in one stoke to retain its vitality. If it's not exactly the right consistency it'll smear into the layer below and become featureless mud. But the satisfying immediacy of this technique comes with high risk - hundreds of dollars of expensive art materials can be rendered worthless with one wrong scrape of a palette knife - but, when the painting succeeds, as Trolove demonstrates, the result is sensational. Jack will present an artist talk at Whitespace on Saturday 14 October at 2pm. F PN WHITESPACE, 12 Crummer Road, T: 09 361 6331,

LET’S FILL THIS CITY WITH ART! Artweek Auckland 2017 - across Auckland 7-15 October

An artistic explosion will engulf Auckland from 7-15 October with Artweek Auckland; a 10-day festival showcasing and celebrating the visual arts and artists of New Zealand. Ten Auckland precincts (Central City, Newmarket, Ponsonby, Arch Hill, Parnell, Karangahape Road, Devonport, East, West and South) come alive with a vibrant and dynamic programme providing a unique chance to explore Auckland’s amazingly diverse art world, set in public to private spaces, pop ups, streets and everything inbetween. Ponsonby hosts a diverse Artweek programme from Antoinette Ratcliffe’s taxidermy installations and photographs at Studio One Toi Tu to FHE Galleries Chris Charteris’ exploration of the needle. Objectspace in their new space on Rose Road, has the curated The Company of Potters, exhibition of leading New Zealand ceramists from 1974 and 1983 and Whitespace presents Jack Trolove’s exhibition showcasing his tactile, almost sculptural use of paint and artist talk. Jack Trolove is a New Zealand-based artist with a Master in Fine Arts from Auckland’s Massey University (2008). Trolove is a unique painter working in a sculptural manner by layering paint on abstract-figurative portraits as metaphors for the layers of human skin. Trolove is joining the creative line up of Art Week 2017 with an exhibition at Whitespace gallery on until 21 October and an artist talk at Whitespace on 14 October at 2pm. Jack’s work currently explores the relationships between embodiment and liminal spaces and the poetics of gender transition. A big theme in his work is the idea of memory. Growing up in a household of creatives and storytellers and his day time job working in suicide prevention, Trolove is transfixed by re-telling stories. His layered works created a pixelated effect, illustrating the potential blur of memories and the layers of stories. Jack was shortlisted for London's BP Portrait Award Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 2015, and was a finalist in the 2016 Wallace Art Awards. His work can be found in public and private collections across New Zealand, Australia and Europe. From free guided walks and cycle tours, to galleries and city lanes, Auckland will come alive with PN drama, light, transformations, graffiti and art! F

Jack Trolove, A Hundred Years Forward and Back, 1400 x 1200mm oil on canvas

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Shop, eat, drink, play, repeat!


Auckland’s Hippest Strip




Come along and experience the soul of Artweek, with over 30 amazing events and exhibitions exclusive to the festival. From walking and cycling tours to artist talks and studio visits, soak up the art and stay to play, eat, drink and shop. To see what’s going on go to:

ARTS + CULTURE @ CORBAN ESTATE ARTS CENTRE Revive your creativity in one of Corban Estate Arts Centre’s Summer School 2018 workshops. An exciting week of creative courses that take place in the middle of sunny January on the picturesque Henderson-based site. This annual programme offers affordable and intensive learning for adults with skilled tutors. All of whom are prominent figures in their fields, with impressive art careers and strong teaching backgrounds. Abstract painter James Lawrence, tutor for the Adventures in Abstract Painting workshop has been a professional artist for over 30 years. James is a well-known artist and tutor who has exhibited and taught extensively, both nationally and internationally. He holds an MFA from Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles. Central to this energetic artist’s practice is experimentation with energy, movement and colour. What emerges is a distillation of personal expression, gestural marks and wondrous discoveries.


Sally Tagg is a photographic artist born in Devonport Auckland. She majored in art and design at Auckland Teachers College. She later taught photography at Northland College, then went on to travel, returning to New Zealand to become a freelance photographer. She exhibited her photographic based works at various galleries in New Zealand, Australia, The United Kingdom and United States of America. Some of her techniques have stepped beyond the traditional, such as use of vinyl, Perspex, stainless steel and glass, producing large scale hybrid images and installations, as well as the digital print on paper. Sally has achieved distinction in both fine arts and commercial photography and has produced several books. Her focus has been portraiture and the botanical, exploring symmetry and the intricate recurring patterns in plant and flower form. F PN THE FRAME WORKSHOP & GALLERY, 1/182 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 4749,

With leading artists and thinkers like James Lawrence, Michel Tuffery, John Pirtle, Katie Smith, Laura Shallcrass and Dr Ann Poulsen as tutors, Summer School is the perfect opportunity to test and improve upon your existing creative abilities. Whether you are trying to find a balance between work and extracurricular activities or you have always wanted to try your hand at arts like screenprinting and printmaking in a supportive environment, these workshops have a little something for every skill level. Creative learning not only teaches you about the modes of making, but they can also be empowering for your own personal growth whilst helping you to make meaningful PN connections with your community. F CORBAN ESTATE ARTS CENTRE, 2 Mt Lebanon Lane, T: 09 838 4455,

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UPTOWN ART SCENE We love seeing new exhibition spaces open in the neighbourhood, especially when they’re offered as a platform for individual artists and groups for shows and projects, outside of the gallery system. Dealer galleries are where we can see the latest works by career artists, but there is a lack of local spaces for non-commercial projects, and for artists still reaching for gallery representation. While the revered RM Gallery has for many, many years delivered thoughtfully curated, non-commercial projects, and Studio One Toi Tu holds great community focused exhibitions, many of the artist-run spaces which provided casual exhibition space have been forced from the area by rising rents. Jade Bentley-Myhre, Director of Art Associates, has turned the front space of her business into Grey Space, a pop-up concept in a gallery environment. White walls, good lighting, and a luxuriously long couch combine with casual rental for all types of art events, with a proposal system to assure quality.

Jersey Collective, Robyn Laing, Forgotten Random Chopstick & Balls A good example of the Grey Space platform is Preoccupation, a show put on by the Jersey Collective, a group of artists formed in 2000 with the aim “to continue working as exhibiting artists by finding innovative and interesting exhibition spaces, to provide each other support, as well as maintaining professional networks.” We have had the pleasure of seeing these artists exhibiting in the neighbourhood over the years, especially during Artweek Auckland (which starts 7 October folks!), and Preoccupation brings together their diverse approaches to painting and sculpture. We look forward to seeing all kinds of bright creations at Grey Space! (WILL PAYNT, STUDIO ART SUPPLIES) F PN

Jersey Collective, Lyn Dallison, Shelved The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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A week of Americana - Southern Fork Americana Festival The Southern Fork Americana Festival is returning for its fourth year. This is the best festival each year for alt-country and Americana music in New Zealand. Jam packed with some of the best names from New Zealand and the rest of the world. The Tuning Fork is the perfect venue for this amazing week of entertainment, and the 2017 line-up is spectacular. This year does not disappoint with headline act, Nashville-born songwriter Justin Townes Earle (son of Steve Earle), who is appearing with support from Canadian-based quartet The Sadies. This night was so popular a second night has been added, seeing this double act perform on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 October. US cult favourites Son Volt will be performing on Friday 13, a powerhouse of album creation, they have 20 albums since their formation in 1995. Lubin Rains opens the night for Son Volt, with his weary tales woven with country-folk tones reminiscent of Neil Young. Best known as the singer of esteemed Auckland alt-folk act The Vietnam War, Lubin’s fragile and timeless songwriting style has seen him captivate audiences in his rare solo performances. Robbie Fulks, 2017 Grammy nominee, will be taking the stage on 10 October. Alt-country Melbournite Ben Mastwyk and pop darling Lisa Crawley join forces to open for Robbie. With an extensive back catalogue coupled with countless collaborations, tours and television appearances, Lisa Crawley is regarded as one of Australasia’s most beloved musicians. She’ll be joined by Ben Mastwyk, whose prolific country sound saw his debut album, Mornin Evenin, receive a nomination for Best Country Album at The Age Music Victoria Awards. Jonny Fritz, Robert Ellis and Cory Chisel will round off this year’s festivities on Sunday 15 October with their super group side project Traveller on the 15th. Support comes from Nashville’s rising star Joshua Hedley, the most recent signing to Jack White’s label, Third Man Records. Robert Ellis returns after a solo stint at last year's

festival, where he was not only enjoyed on stage but by all accounts was a huge personality to have in town. I’m always very excited by the Kiwi acts that are on the bill, either headlining their own show or opening for one of the international acts. It’s a great platform for our own artists to launch themselves and meet some of the top international acts. This year is no exception with Wellington alt-country five piece Eb & Sparrow launching the festival alongside five piece blues-country rocking band The Miltones on Saturday 7 October. The Miltones have just released their debut album in the middle of this year and are really on a steady upward climb, making fans wherever they go. Eb & Sparrow will be celebrating their newest single off their forthcoming third album! Alt-country, Auckland-based band, Dead Little Penny will be opening the evening. The following night will feature arguably my favourite band in the country, The Eastern. Fronted by the massive personality that is Adam McGrath, the band has a revolving cast of members but is always includes Jess Shanks on banjo, Reb Fountain on vocals and Alice Ryan Williams on fiddle. Alongside bass, mandolin or drums, Adam and Jess sing honest songs about New Zealand, and Adam will regale you with the most ridiculous stories of life on the road. The Bads will share the bill with The Eastern, made up of Dianne Swann and one of the country’s best guitarists Brett Adams, they’ve just released a killer album in 2017. Now Hawkes Bay-based, Stretch will open the night on Sunday 8 October. The Shape I’m In: Hootenanny & BBQ will be returning after a successful first year, in the afternoon on Saturday 14 October, featuring Dave Khan, Reb Fountain, Tom Cunliffe and Hopetoun Brown. Last year some surprise artists were added late to the bill for this afternoon of shenanigans, so I’d keep an eye out for this, or turn up expecting something brilliant. (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F PN

Son Volt

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