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We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, and our four walls has become everything from a workplace to a classroom and haven. We are longing for summer - P42













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Sarah Trotman's decision to resign from the Waitematā Local Board could not have been easy. But her treatment by Jim Stabback CEO of Auckland Council and other staff members was appalling. She tried to represent our community, welcoming diversity and exhibiting inclusion. She listened to everyone, regardless of their political persuasion, behaving with dignity and respecting others opinions. She displayed a rare sense of honesty, so often missing in local government. While City Vision, the dominant party on the Waitematā Local Board, continued to block-vote along party lines ignoring common sense and the community's input, they made Sarah an outcast and painted her as a troublemaker, treating her with blatant disrespect and abuse. Sarah was the lone voice at local board level, upholding the values of the local government act of open, transparent and accountable governance - not letting party political dogma rule the day.


The decision of the Waitematā Local Board to appoint a City Vision candidate (Glenda Fryer) to the vacancy created by the resignation of Sarah Trotman treats the board as if it was their own private fiefdom. The decision was pre-determined as proven by the fact that member Graeme Gunthorp when requested, tabled a well written and nicely typed notice of motion. I have no doubt that the six City Vision members had caucused, decided who they wanted and delegated member Gunthorp to prepare the motion and table it when requested. Under the Local Electoral Act, the board can adopt any criteria they want. The rationale given for selecting Glenda Fryer was that she was the next highest polling candidate in the November 2019 election and if Glenda was not available, then the next candidate would be the next highest polling candidate and so on down the list.

Had the other board members listened to her input and considered her suggestions, we might have had better outcomes than the Western Springs forest debacle, the Erebus Memorial fiasco and the Surrey Crescent calamity, to name a few.

A number of other criteria could have been applied – for instance selecting the highest polling non-City Vision candidate OR a candidate that would improve the skills/ diversity of the board OR a person who had shown a regular interest in the affairs of the board over the last two years.

With the in-house selection of Glenda Fryer, local democracy is reduced to a French farce with Richard Northey as the clown and the others acting out their absurd roles without any connectivity to the community.

Instead, they appointed one of their own and a person who for the last two years has not attended one board meeting. By doing that they have dis-enfranchised those who cast the 52% of the votes that went to non-City Vision candidates.

We all know democracy in Auckland City is dead, that the Super City is an abject failure. What we need to understand is we are doomed to higher rates, vanity projects, a city denuded of trees, congested by stupidity and polluted by small self-serving politicians unless we vote all City Vision out next year!

Furthermore, they have ensured that there is no one sitting at the table that asks the hard questions.

Lisa Prager, Community Advocate & Local Body


It was with great sadness that I read of the resignation of Sarah Trotman from the Waitematā Local Board. Sarah was the one member of this board who truly listened to the concerns of her electorate, a fact I experienced first hand. Earlier this year when Sarah was informed in the early hours that one of her “elderly” constituents was preparing to protest about the destruction at Western Springs she was prepared to stand by and protect that person. The pyjama wearing Sarah displayed her integrity by clambering through the undergrowth to stand by and protect her constituent in order to ensure their safety. How do I know this? That person was me so I know exactly about the metal of the woman I am talking about. What do we have now? A group called City Vision, who already had control, but now does not take into account an alternative view point. This new council does not represent us any more. The one person who could was Sarah, who is now gone. Linda Hill, Western Springs

One asks oneself - would they have used the highest polling criteria if that person was not a City Vision member? Keith McConnell COUNCIL CEO SHOULD FRONT UP TO UNFOUNDED “COMPLAINT” OR RESIGN

It was with deep disappointment, but huge respect and understanding that I read of Sarah Trotman’s resignation from the Waitematā Local Board. What a toxic, challenging environment to be forced to operate in, with no escape until the next election. Keith McConnell, campaigner for good governance on that Board, rated Trotman’s governance performance 9/10 (Chair Richard Northey 2/10). McConnell has got a copy of the emails at the centre of her supposed “Code of Conduct Complaint” up on his website. They read like best practice for the representation we need in Auckland Central. The complaint against Trotman was laid by Jim Stabback, the CEO (and then withdrawn). If he really thinks the complaint was warranted, he should do what Trotman challenges and front up. If he has used the Code of Conduct to shut down holding Council’s senior leadership to account, he should resign. John Champness, by email LETTERS CONTINUED P18

Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.

8 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


There is much feedback this month from locals criticising decision making by the Waitematā Local Board. Much of the feedback has been aimed directly at Richard Northey, the chair. He is a vastly experienced central government and local body politician, however, a question hanging over him is ‘has he done his dash’? We welcome any of our readers contributing to the debate because our local democracy is very important to all of us. In his letter to the editor, former Auckland Councillor Mike Lee has given his view on the Erebus Memorial debate. As Mike Lee says, “I am sure this memorial is meant to bring closure and peace 40 years after, but instead, because of bureaucratic insensitivity and a lack of public consultation, it is creating disharmony - even anger - among the community. “Unfortunately, as ‘Ponsonby News’ readers will know better than most, the people who govern us nowadays, especially Auckland Council and its various appendages, including the Local Board, appear to have forgotten their statutory obligations to consult in good faith on decisions with the public they are meant to serve. Unfortunately too, from my own experience, most of these bureaucrats have no idea what ‘consultation’ really means. “The Government, Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board really should show some humility and listen to the considered recommendations of the Erebus Memorial Park Working Group, to achieve a better outcome for everyone.” We always appreciate feedback from readers and our wonderful advertisers. In August last year, we ran an article reporting on how Bayleys’ agent Blair Haddow had sold $40 million worth of residential property in just nine weeks after coming out from the first Covid-19 lockdown – selling properties around the Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, and Herne Bay suburbs.

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In our 32 year history we can’t recall ever getting five letters to the editor on any one issue.

Jay Platt & Martin Leach

A loyal Ponsonby News reader in Grey Lynn read the article at the time and said to his wife: “Sweetheart, if we ever decide to sell our place, this is the guy I want to sell it.” As Blair told us, “fast-forward a year and their home has come on the market for sale as one of my new listings. The couple regaled their Ponsonby News story to me as I visited them for an initial appraisal of their lovely residence. So I just thought I’d let you know about the longevity and loyalty which Ponsonby News has with its readers… but I’m sure you already know that.” We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, and our four walls have become everything from a workplace to a classroom and haven. It’s hard to separate a work/life balance, but our outdoor spaces help us do that. The best way to encourage use of outdoor spaces in summer is to create beautiful and comfortable spots where you’ll want to sit back, relax and enjoy spending time in. But before you splash out on the likes of premium barbecues and luxe outdoor fireplaces, make comfy seating and set dressing with carefully selected outdoor accessories a priority. If there’s somewhere comfortable to sit and you’re surrounded by beautiful things, you’ll feel more inclined to stay outside long enough to justify splashing out on those other big-ticket items. Galtons Christmas World has been on a journey of growth for decades. Having been in the home decor business specialising in leading European brands since the early 1970s. We have included their Christmas catalogue in this issue. (MARTIN LEACH)  PN

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IT’S A TEAM EFFORT... WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT OUR CONTRIBUTORS CONNOR CRAWFORD I am a working artist and photographer with a colourful and rhythmic perspective. I enjoy shooting the front covers of Ponsonby News.

DAVID HARTNELL - MNZM For the last 53 years I’ve been a freelance entertainment journalist and author. I’ve lived in the Grey Lynn area for nearly three decades; I have met and interviewed some amazing people.

FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT I work as a booker, promoter and festival programmer. Active in all areas of the music community; folk music is my specialty.

HONOUR MITCHELL I have lived in the Ponsonby area all of my life. I write the column ‘Teen Picks’ which explores everything on offer in the greater Ponsonby area.

HELENE RAVLICH A freelance writer and copywriter for almost 20 years, I have written for publications all over the world and couldn’t imagine myself in any other job.

JOHN APPLETON I have a keen interest in nutritional medicine and how it may be used to support people with chronic illnesses.

KEN RING My yearly NZ Weather Almanacs began in 1999. During the tragic 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, my work created international interest. I currently live in Ponsonby.

KERRY LEE I’ve been a freelance writer for a year now, and what I love most are the wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. #best job.

LUCY KENNEDY I am a young local writer who loves to read! Each month you will find my reviews of new books for people who love to read as much as I do.

PHIL PARKER Journalist and published author, I have had a career involving both wine writing and hosting boutique wine tours in the Auckland region.


I am Councillor for Waitemat-a and Gulf Ward on Auckland Council. Formerly, Chair Waitemat-a Local Board.

ROSS THORBY I have had a wanderlust for travel ever since I was old enough to own a passport. Since I discovered cruising, I have become unstoppable.



I am the founder of Ponsonby News and write for the magazine. My career has included politics, education and publishing. My interests include the environment, the economy and social justice.

A vegan for over a year and vegetarian for over seven years with a passion for writing. I am a local student reviewing some of Ponsonby’s best vegan eats.

Join us on Sundays at 2pm... for our weekly service including demonstrations of clairvoyance. See you when we are in Level 2.

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ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH STEPHANIE SMITH Recently I caught up with Stephanie Smith in her Point Chev café. What made you open Black and White in Pt Chev?

I wanted to open a café and I’d been watching the building site go from a parking lot to a really nice looking building. When Black and White’s management team suggested our current site, I jumped at the change because I also live in Point Chev. It’s the perfect four minute commute! It's the only café franchise that roasts its beans onsite. What bought you to New Zealand?

My husband and I came to New Zealand three years ago with our two teenage daughters. We felt living in my husband’s home country would be a great adventure, and get us out of the Silicon Valley rat-race. How have you surviving the pandemic?

We were one of those panic-flour-buyers! We cooked a lot as we had so much time on our hands. My favourite was the tomato gallete, homemade focaccia, and pasta! I had left my previous contract job just before the pandemic hit, and it was during the lockdown that I decided I wanted to do something completely different.

Best thing about your age?

Knowing that my kids will have a fulfilling, happy life ahead of them.

At 50, I’ve learned to care less about what people think of me and forge my own path.

Dream holiday internationally?

Biggest disappointments?

I will die happy ..

A warm beach, cocktails, and sun! Your bucket list?

Travel! There are so many places I’d like to see and experience. Tuscany, Madeira, Bali, Hawaii - the list goes on!

My father passed during Covid-19, and I wasn’t there to say goodbye, or be there to support my mum. It’s been hugely disappointing, but that’s a story told a million times over these past couple years. If you won a million dollars what would you would do?

What's the most Kiwi thing about you?

I’d buy a bach next to the ocean, and jump in the surf each morning.

I’ve learned through my Kiwi husband to be more laid back and chilled and adopt the can-do, “8-gauge wire” mentality.

What motivates you?

I hope to be traveling again, with a successful café that runs itself!

Knowing that my actions are helping other people motivates me. But realizing that I’m going to disappoint someone is another big motivator for me.

What job would you do other than your own?

What do you think happens when we die?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I answered that question for myself last year when I considered leaving the finance industry. I said to myself, “Hey! How cool would it be to own a café, and roast my own coffee beans!”

I’d like to think we join with the cosmos, but deep down I think we just cease to exist.

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Never seen a ghost, but I have felt the presence of someone who recently passed.

I’d love to have someone effortlessly cool play me, but that wouldn’t be right, because that’s not me. Someone who’s a little highly-strung, nerdy, and funny, but manages to come out on top after all - like every character Leslie Mann plays in movies. If you were reincarnated, what would you be?

I’d love to be a house pet. They seem to have the perfect life, lying around, sitting on laps, getting lots of cuddles. What do you most dislike about your appearance?

There’s not much I don’t like. Of course, I’d like to look like I did when I was 30, but time passes, you know.

Ever seen a ghost?

Give your teenaged self some advice.

Stop worrying about making mistakes so much. And stop worrying about what other people think! How do you chill out?

I have a cosy place at home where I put my feet up, relax, and put on Netflix. And if it’s after 5pm, there’s a glass of wine involved. Best time of the day?

Do you read movie or TV reviews?

Between sunset and dark. When the sky is pale blue and pink at the edges. Eventide, twilight, the gloaming. Even the names are awesome.

I read reviews to see what other people think, but I still prefer to make up my own mind. I often disagree with the critics.

What cliché do you most hate?

How would you like to be remembered?

As a loving wife and mum, and a great friend.

12 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

'Everything happens for a reason'. Bad things happen, and we try to cope. But there’s no 'reason' behind it. (DAVID HARTNELL, MNZM)  PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)



Following one of the biggest periods of a property boom Kiwis have ever seen, residential sales activity paused for breath over winter. But, with the market now adapted to new conditions, and warmer weather on the horizon, all signs point to a bumper spring season. With listing supply low and demand high, NOW would be the best time to sell. Call me today for a FREE no obligation appraisal.

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TARGETED RATES DOING THEIR WORK The outside activities we can enjoy within the Auckland region have never been as important while we remain in lockdown and as we plan for an uncertain summer. Thanks to targeted rates supported by Aucklanders three years ago a huge amount of work has happened to enhance and protect our beaches, waterways and our open spaces. Auckland Council was initially investing $763m in protecting the natural environment and cleaning up waterways over the ten years 2018-2028. Last year’s Recovery Budget extended the time frame to 2031, adding an additional investment of $107m into environment and $218m into water quality outcomes. Three years on from the introduction of the natural environment and water quality targeted rates, work continues to deliver positive outcomes for the city. Council has invested a further $325 million into work to protect our environment and native species, and clean up our waterways, bringing our total investment to more than $1 billion over the next 10 years. Despite the Covid-19 effect, we’ve still managed to upscale the work programme to control pest plants and animals, upgrade tracks to help reduce the spread of kauri dieback, and maintain our support for community conservationists. And we’ve made progress in delivering water quality projects to help prevent wastewater and sediment contaminating our waterways and urban beaches. Projects to protect kauri, prevent invasive pests finding a home on our offshore islands, and celebrating the certification of our first kauri dieback detector dogs are just some of the successes. Many of the conservation efforts are in partnership with community groups and volunteers. The St Mary’s Bay Association and Herne Bay Residents Association were instrumental in securing the funding from the targeted rate for the separation of local sewage and stormwater pipes. Healthy Waters has delivered the first major infrastructure projects to help improve water quality across the region. St Marys Bay stormwater tunnel, the Daldy St outfall and Ōkahu and Freemans Bay stormwater separations are all contributing to cleaner water in the Waitematā Harbour.

Year three targeted rate highlights: · 33.6km across 13 tracks reopened in regional parks – 146 per cent of the programme target · 80,500 hectares of pest animal control delivered across the region · Feral pigs on Waiheke and Argentine ants on Aotea are tracking towards eradication status · We awarded $650,000 from the pilot Community Coordination and Facilitation grant to 44 community groups · Our Tiaki Tāmaki Makaurau / Conservation Auckland website received more than 80,000 page views in its first year · Water quality improvement projects at St Marys Bay, Ōkahu Bay, and Freemans Bay, with 3700+ properties now being serviced by upgraded networks · 190 hectares of stormwater catchment has been inspected to find wastewater entering our waterways · 5977 onsite wastewater inspection records checked for compliance · Four teams are currently deployed under the 2 in a Ute programme, which pairs an experienced contractor with a local trainee to manage water-sensitive assets in their area · 5929 site visits carried out at building sites as part of the Closing the Gap programme to protect out waterways from sediment, with 739 infringements issued for non-compliance. Credit to Aucklanders for supporting these important investments through targeted rates that are really working. (PIPPA COOM)  PN

14 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


Rethink your investments

Expected average annual returns After fees, before tax on a suggested minimum investment term of 5 years.

To find out more call us on 0800 377 2277 or visit Total funds as at 30 September 2021 including both retail and wholesale mandates: $65 million. Total returns since inception in October 2020: +9.2%. All numbers after fees, before tax. Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future returns. Expected average annual returns are based on modelled returns only, which may not be an indicator of future returns. For more information on the calculation of expected average annual returns, see ‘Other Material Information’. Visit to view the latest copy of the Product Disclosure Statement. New Zealand Funds Management Limited is the issuer of NZ Funds Income Generator. Total returns since inceptionalculated from 22 October 2020 to 30 September 2021.


Super Saturday at Graham Street


Waitemata- Local Board Chair On Super Saturday Vaccination Day, I spent some time with the Mayor at the Central Auckland vaccination centre at 35 Graham Street and at the pop-up drive through centre in the Sky City carpark. I was deeply impressed by the care and commitment shown by health staff and volunteers supporting people through the Covid-19 vaccination process. Empathy and kindness was shown to those finally overcoming their hesitancy and nervousness about the vaccination. A local mosque and a church provided good food and support outside and some of my friends helped guide the traffic in the Sky City carpark. I had my two Covid-19 vaccinations in June and July. I was, and remain, very keen to do all I can, including by being fully vaccinated, to ensure that I won’t spread the virus to anyone I come into contact with, in my family life, my recreation, or my work. I appeal to all of you to get double vaccinated as soon as possible. We all need to keep building on that Saturday’s effort to overcome the threat that Covid-19 clearly poses to our health, our jobs and our businesses. Please get everyone you know to get both of their jabs. Once we get enough people fully vaccinated the number of infected sick and potentially dying people will drop right down. Only then will we be safe to be able to reopen our businesses, resume our recreational activities and meet up with friends and family again. As well as vaccination we all need to follow fully the rules set out by the doctors and health specialists who have the knowledge to make sure we don’t inadvertently spread the virus, and that we don’t have to remain locked down over Christmas and the New Year. Those rules about keeping two metres apart and wearing your mask when you are away from home; no indoor gatherings with people outside your bubble and with no more than 10 people outdoors; and thoroughly washing your hands every time you leave or return home are all needed to get out of lockdown. I know how frustrating and boring it is to be locked down all the time, but if we don’t follow the rules, it will not only mean we remain locked down for much longer but also we might make those nearest and dearest to us get very sick. The Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board are starting to develop ideas for our Work Programme for the next financial year. We welcome hearing your views. Both the Mayor and the Waitematā Local Board want to take more effective action to combat climate change and would welcome your support.

Unfortunately, the future of public events is very uncertain. We have had to cancel the Parnell Festival of Roses and the Grey Lynn Festival is likely to follow; the Festival Italiano has been postponed until March 2022. At our 19 October Waitematā Local Board meeting, held entirely by Skype, the board formally acknowledged Sarah Trotman’s resignation from the board and thanked her for her two years of service. As Economic Development portfolio holder, during the first Covid-19 lockdown she helped organise support, mentoring and training for local businesses that would have suffered considerably more from the lockdown. We respect Sarah’s decision to resign from the board and wish her well in her future endeavours. Because Sarah’s resignation was within 12 months of a scheduled election, a by-election was not required. The Local Government Act allowed the board to appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term, or to operate with a vacancy. At our October meeting, the board appointed Glenda Fryer, the top polling unsuccessful election candidate last time, who has a wealth of Auckland Council and governance experience as a councillor and local board member and lives in St Mary’s Bay, to fill the board vacancy and help with our work until the next elections. At our October meeting, the board also decided to apply to Auckland Transport under its Regional Streets for People programme to upgrade the Rose Road Plaza. Work also continues on the design for the restoration and redevelopment of the Leys Institute buildings for a public library, gymnasium and meeting rooms. I will keep you informed and involved as this exciting restoration develops. The board members held a community clinic virtually on 13 October for those individuals and organisations who wanted to discuss a proposal or concern with us. Please contact the Waitematā Local Board at

if you want to book in a time to meet us next time from 7pm on 8 December. (RICHARD NORTHEY)

I can be contacted at or 021 534 546.

16 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



R E A D Y ? T O








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I've been attending the Waitematā Local Board meetings for more than three years. I accused the previous Chair, Pippa Coom, of "running a dictatorship rather than a democracy", when she overruled her deputy from consulting the community. The current Chair, Richard Northey, has been censoring notes submitted by presenters to the public meetings for attachments to the minutes. From my last three presentations he has not allowed in the minutes: 1. A page from the resource consent for Western Springs Forest that says, "Within three months of pine tree removal being completed the access track, culverts and landing/ chipping areas shall be disestablished and the area returned to the same general topographical formation as existed prior to the works being undertaken." 2. An email from Auckland Council Community Facilities assuring, "The intention is to remove all chipped material from site, however a small residual may be left insitu." 3. A letter confirming, "Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei will continue to not oppose the felling of the trees but will request the council keep us involved in the restoration plan and annual reviews to ensure the best environmental and cultural outcomes are achieved moving forward." 4. A letter stating that, "Pourewa (Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei) supplied 1015 plants” for the approximate value of $5.5K. 5. The article from Ponsonby News, "No Excuse for Abuse", describing my treatment by Auckland Council staff. Why would these documents (available to public by Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987) be

so damning to be excluded? They prove that the board have not filled their duty as 'guardians of this Significant Ecological Area' as representing the 'land owner'. Sarah Trotman (C&R) resigned from the Waitematā Local Board on 9 October leaving a vacant seat with less than a year to election, so as to not cause ratepayers to endure the cost of a by-election. While this was a fiscally responsible decision, it allowed the six strong City Vision team to abuse their power and choose the replacement, on Tuesday 19 October. The agenda item of a 'selection process' was not even discussed in the public meeting. Instead the Chair, Richard Northey, just referred to member Gunthorp, who had an already prepared motion to elect Glenda Fryer, another City Vision member. This passed unanimously by all 6 City Vision members. Surprise! Surprise! Glenda Fryer has not taken an active interest in any of the meetings, nor an active role in the community since she ran in the 2019 election. Previously she was on the Albert / Eden Local Board. Earlier in the meeting, four candidates, who ran in the previous election, and who have been actively advocating in the community, offered to fill the seat - C&R candidate Josh Doubtfire and independent candidates Allan Matson, Keith McConnell, and Gael Baldock. They didn't get a mention in the 'process’. In hindsight, the cost of a by-election would have been worth it to ensure that City Vision didn't abuse their role to represent community or at least a public perception of democracy. City Vision now rule unchallenged on Waitematā Local Board having six out of seven seats for two years. Now they’ve silenced any further dissent and oversight by installing yet another City Vision bum on the seventh seat. Gael Baldock, Community Advocate LETTERS CONTINUED P20


18 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021




Predictable Waitemata- Local Board decision does little for democracy Last month the Waitemat-a Local Board’s six City Vision members voted to replace the recently resigned C & R member, Sarah Trotman, with City Vision stalwart, Glenda Fryer.

2019 independent candidates, Keith McConnell, Allan Matson, and Gael Baldock, and C & R’s Josh Doubtfire all spoke enthusiastically offering their services for the position. As it transpired the four potential candidates were whistling in the wind. The disappointing truth is that the six remaining board members appear to have caucused before the public meeting and their decision had been made to appoint Fryer. I had been anticipating a robust discussion on the appointment, but to my consternation I heard Chairman Northey say, “I understand Graeme Gunthorp has a resolution." Gunthorp: “I move that Glenda Fryer be appointed to fill the vacancy.” This was seconded by Alex Bonham. Uproar resulted, and mics were muted by the board to prevent further comment. Now what was wrong with Northey and Gunthorps’ actions? Legally, nothing. But why was Gunthorp’s resolution not on the meeting agenda? A robust discussion would have included the possibility of a C & R appointment to represent the interests of constituents who had voted for Trotman. Doubtfire was ready. That was always politically extremely unlikely, even though non-CV candidates secured 52% of the vote in 2019.

Sarah Trotman made a strong retiring statement. She blamed Chairman Richard Northey for not respecting due process, fairness or the importance of listening to community and said the rest of the board had, “tolerated substandard representation out of naivety, political alliances or laziness, probably a mixture of all three". She vowed to keep attending board meetings and advocating for local citizens. Trotman is an able woman and her time will come again. The whole TrotmanGate episode including the Code of Conduct complaint and arrest in the Western Springs forest which ultimately has led to Trotman’s resignation reflects badly on the board leadership and the Chair’s failure to manage collaborative representation. We all have to accept that time catches up with us, and we sometimes have to step down from roles we covet. Richard Northey has vast political experience both national and local, but to me he seems to be past his prime. He is not on top of his chairmanship role at Waitematā Local Board. He has a strong and able deputy in Alex Bonham, who although a reliable City Vision member, has developed cross party and independent support. It’s a huge decision Richard, but I’d like to see you step aside as chair in favour of Alex. Boards need experienced people with lots of historical knowledge, but they don’t need to be chairs. Orakei Local Board is an example. As I’ve often said, ‘a footpath is a footpath is a footpath, and is neither left nor right’, politically.

The other option would have been to appoint a well qualified independent with expertise in areas of key importance to the board’s workload, including heritage conservation, a major issue for the central suburbs, in light of government’s urban intensification plans. Either of these options would have put the lie to perceptions of political bias by the City Vision team.

Most local body work is like that. So there should be no need for every decision to be politically made by secret prior caucusing. I would like to see members able to disagree with their political colleagues from time to time and able to air those differences in public.

The appointment of City Vision's Glenda Fryer was predictable given that she had polled next in line at the last election, though that was not an actual criterion. The fact she was one of their own, and vastly experienced, ready to hit the ground running was a justification for her selection expressed by Bonham.

So, now Glenda Fryer joins the fray - a seven strong City Vision force; but she joins a board at a cross roads of public opinion and support. Something must change to restore public confidence in the board’s work. And it must occur very soon. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN

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Photography: Everall Deans, Ponsonby Business Association

Trotman’s resignation took effect two days into the third year of the board, making a by-election not required. The board’s options were either to appoint a new seventh member, or to continue with six members until the 2022 election.



I have been approached by some of my former constituents to lend support to the Parnell community’s battle to prevent the degradation of their beloved Dove Myer Robinson Park by the imposition of the unfortunately incongruent concrete and steel Erebus memorial. Culture and Heritage bureaucrats along with Auckland Council continue to try to impose against the clearly stated wishes of the local people, including Ngāti Whatua. In response I can only offer what I wrote to the prime minister’s secretary on 2 October 2019. That’s more than three years ago, but I think the message is as pertinent today as it was back then: "Please find herewith email correspondence and attachment from Parnell resident Jo Malcolm, who is a neighbour of Dove Myer Robinson Park, Parnell, the proposed site of the Erebus memorial. Ms Malcolm lost her father-in-law in the Erebus tragedy. I am requesting that you please pass this correspondence to Prime Minister, Jacinda. Parnell residents are contacting me because I am still the ward councillor for Parnell, (despite pending boundary changes). Although representing this area since 2010 and having lived there until relatively recently I have never had the courtesy of been briefed or consulted about this proposal." I am flagging this as an issue that is likely to have negative political consequences unless the PM intervenes. We should all be mindful that there seems there is a curse about Erebus, not only the awful 1979 tragedy in which Air New Zealand lost its perfect passenger safety record - and its innocence, but in the prolonged and unhappy consequences. I refer to the attempted official cover-up “the orchestrated litany of lies" as Justice Peter Mahon, who headed the Royal Commission Inquiry, described it. Justice Mahon suffered for his integrity and had both his health and his career wrecked as a consequence.

definition of 'consultation can be found in the High Court judgements: interestingly Air NZ v Wellington Airport Ltd). My personal political advice would be that if the government is seeking closure to this national tragedy and its consequences, then it should take this long overdue opportunity to officially acknowledge that Justice Mahon and his family suffered unfairly for his rectitude and integrity and that a posthumous honour be issued to him on behalf of the nation. That would be a much more suitable memorial than the presently planned insensitive concrete and steel edifice which so offends my constituents. Unfortunately my plea was not exactly successful, though the prime minister on behalf of the government late in November that year, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the tragedy, issued an apology to all the Erebus families and publicly vindicated Justice Mahon’s findings. But sadly because public pleas over the monument have been consistently ignored there was and there is still no closure. As a way towards a genuine settlement of this unhappy affair I can only support the proposals advocated by Tony Garnier in September’s Ponsonby News. Notably that the memorial be sited on available open space at the aviation precinct at Western Springs - an idea which I understand has local support. Unfortunately as ‘Ponsonby News’ readers will know better than most, the people who govern us nowadays, especially Auckland Council and its various appendages, including the local board, appear to have forgotten their statutory obligations to consult in good faith on these sorts of decisions with the public they are meant to serve. Unfortunately too, from my own experience, most of these bureaucrats have no idea what ‘consultation’ really means. The Government, Auckland Council and the Waitematā Local Board really should show some humility and listen to the considered recommendations of the Erebus Memorial Park Working Group, to achieve a better outcome for everyone.

I am sure this memorial is meant to bring closure and peace 40 years after, but instead, because of bureaucratic insensitivity and a lack of public consultation, it is creating disharmony, even anger among the community.

As Mr Garnier pointed out, "There has never been a valid reason stated as to why a national memorial should be in Parnell. There are plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t."

I would request that the PM, as head of the Ministry and as our national leader, intervenes to require Culture and Heritage officials to genuinely consult with the community (the legal

Surely the Erebus tragedy and its consequences have caused more than enough misery already – for everyone involved. Mike Lee, Waiheke

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THE RISE AND RISE OF GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD (ORGANICALLY) Twenty months of on/off lockdowns and shifting Covid-19 levels, combined with the shutdown of overseas travel, has led to a focus on activities closer to home. Now is the season to be enjoying growing food, choosing favourite vegetables, scattering seed packets and generally getting your hands dirty. Home grown is high on the gardening priority list for several reasons. There is the freshness and taste, the attractiveness of a productive vegetable patch, not to mention the sense of achievement that goes with it. There are other motivations – families with school age children who may not see the inside of a classroom again this year can take this opportunity to get the kids interested in where their food comes from - it’s not difficult to get some tomatoes, capsicums, and beans in production, even in the smallest gardens. Growing summer herbs is an easy way to get plentiful supplies for making dips, marinades and pestos. It can be more economical too. For example, a few seeds of coriander sown regularly is far cheaper than bought bunches that last all of two days in the vegetable section of the fridge. In the past couple of years, the team at Central Landscape Supplies Avondale have found that growing food organically

is hugely popular, motivated by the realization that mainstream crop production often involves intensive chemical fertilizer application. They recommend starting with Living Earth Organic Veggie Mix, a planting mix packed with organic nutrients that get the plants off to a great start. Since Auckland moved to Level 3 in September, Veggie Mix has become one of their top-selling mixes, and it is ideal for use in an existing garden or to fill raised beds. For help with getting the vegetable growing started, Avondale Central Landscapes is open seven days for contactless deliveries and collecting orders. They ask that you follow all protocols when visiting their yard.

CENTRAL LANDSCAPES AVONDALE, 419 Rosebank Road, T: 09 828 5533, Facebook: @CLSAvondale,

Remember how vegetables used to taste? Organic Veggie Mix does. Whether you’re a dedicated organic gardener, or just love tastier veggies, plant with our organic certified Veggie Mix. Your taste buds will thank you.

Central Landscape Supplies Avondale 09 828 5533 • Open 7 Days • 419 Rosebank Rd, Avondale PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021




I’m Searching for a Youth MP! Next year will see our House of Representatives host the 2022 Youth Parliament and it’s going to be amazing! I need an incredible young leader who can inspire the youth of New Zealand as my representative. I am looking for a champion who celebrates our diverse communities and has an amazing passion for the democratic values of our nation. The Youth Parliament is an insightful experience to show your skills as a debater and to raise issues that matter. I am absolutely passionate about the way that Youth Parliament can invigorate young New Zealanders to get involved in our democracy. Youth Parliament is so important to me I co-led the charge with my colleague Chris Bishop to ensure it was live broadcast allowing kids and their families across our country to celebrate their representatives and hear the important views and stories each Youth MP brings to the chamber. To see what Youth Parliament is like, check out the speech my last Youth MP made in 2019 on my Facebook page ( The basic rules for Youth Parliament such as age criteria and other expectations can be found here: en/get-involved/youth-parliament-2022/

For my Youth MP I am particularly looking for someone who can be based in the Auckland region next year and can show they would be a great representative for the portfolio issues I have opposition responsibility for in Parliament. These roles are currently as spokesperson for Ethnic Communities, the Digital Economy and Communications & Broadcasting

and Media; I am also the Co-Chairperson for both the North and Central Asia and South/South East Asia Parliamentary Friendship Groups. If this sounds like something you or someone you know, please reach out if you have any questions. Youth Parliament is a really exciting opportunity for me to share my role with the next generation of young leaders. For those applying please send me your CV, a cover letter, a couple of references who can tell me more about you from the community and an essay or video recording about your vision for the future of New Zealand. You can send this to me at or via Freepost, Parliament Buildings, Wellington. Applications are now open and close 11.59pm on Friday 12 November. This is so I can engage with applicants and make a final decision before Parliament rises for the summer. Our Parliament is here for every New Zealander, no matter their ethnicity, faith or community. It is here to hear your views and to share your vision for the future. I hope you can find the time to think about whether you or someone you know can be the voice of New Zealand youth in our democratic chambers. I look forward to hearing from you soon. (MELISSA LEE MP)  PN

If you require any assistance I and my office are always happy and ready to provide advice and support Please get in touch on 09 520 0538 or at to make an appointment.

Melissa Lee National List MP based in Auckland • •


Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Melissa Lee, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn.

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Quarter Century. Total Continuity. André Boddé is celebrating 25 years as a real estate agent - and having lived in the greater Ponsonby area for over 30 years he says it’s the energy and experience that draws people in. What changes to the area have made it what it is today? With it’s history, proximity to the city and characterful historic homes the area has become a real melting pot of people and that in turn has created a unique community atmosphere. Hottest restaurant back in 1996? Many of us will remember One Red Dog, Wheelers and Hoffmans as places providing great atmosphere on summer nights. But one particular favourite - where I was a chef for some time - remains contemporary to this day, and that is Prego. What infrastructure/investment is critical to ensure the lifestyle this area offers is still around in 25 years? Neighbourhoods need spaces for all - where people can gather and connect. As a lover of food and the ocean my priority would be good access to the water and improved amenities - ensuring the health of our harbour should always be top of mind so that generations to come can have a swim or a fish. What can clients expect from you as a person? My clients are also my neighbours. I want what is best for all of us and try to treat everyone with empathy. Throw in a good dollop of enthusiasm and I reckon we’ve got the recipe for a good relationship! What is your Silver Anniversary gift to yourself? Staying local and supporting local. I’ll be breaking bread with friends, colleagues and clients over a meal at my favourite eateries. André Boddé 021 662 873

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@ LEYS LITTLE LIBRARY Kia ora Ponsonby… It has been so long since we have seen you all. We really miss you and look forward to opening the library doors safely to you soon. Regardless of alert levels and Covid-19 restrictions the year marches on. November means it might be time to start pondering the holiday season. Through Libby (one of our eBook platforms) you can access a range of Christmas books. For those of us who have been going a little stir crazy at home these last few months, maybe this is the year we commit to handmade Christmas gifts. Thankfully, through our online resources there’s a range of Christmas crafting ebooks for both adults and children to help ensure a handmade holiday is spectacular. Our online collection can also assist with what my family consider the best part of Christmas - the food. There are baking eBooks crammed with so many sweet treats I think I got a cavity just looking at them. Additionally, to help you with your gifting and menu planning, you can access a selection of eMagazines through Libby and Pressreader. On Pressreader you will find Cuisine, the magazine which has been my Christmas food guide for longer than I care to remember. In fact, still on my cookbook shelf at home is a Christmas issue of Cuisine that is now more than 20 years old; but my family say it still has some of their favourite recipes ever. For those of you struggling to find enthusiasm for the holiday season, Beamafilm has you sorted, with a selection of cringeworthy Mills and Boon style Christmas films that’ll either have you humming carols or running to the kitchen to get away from your screen. If all that fails, then Beamafilm

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also has the essential Classic Christmas film (no, not Die Hard) Frank Capra’s, It’s a Wonderful Life. If you’ve never seen it, you are missing out. Did you know that as well as Beamafilm we also have streaming films available through Overdrive? That is where you can find the film below, reviewed by David, our resident classic film expert. Overdrive Video Classic: The Lady Vanishes (1938)

A rambunctious musicologist (Michael Redgrave) and a plucky young socialite (Margaret Lockwood) join forces to track down a woman who has mysteriously disappeared on board a train somewhere in central Europe. In the course of things, they stumble onto a sinister plot of international scope. This parable about willful blindness to the Nazi threat leaves little doubt that Director Alfred Hitchcock knew perfectly well what Hitler had in store for the world. The blinkeredness of the English in particular, and their preoccupation with weightier matters, (“Cricket, Sir, Cricket!”), are here mercilessly skewered. Notwithstanding the serious subtext therefore, and despite production values that do not quite match those of Hitchcock’s later and better-funded efforts in Hollywood, this film remains one of the director’s most entertaining. (CHLOЁ, Community Library Manager) LEYS INSTITUTE LITTLE LIBRARY, 14 Jervois Road, T: 09 377 0209,


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Chlöe with Max Tweedie from Auckland Pride on Super Saturday at the Graham Street Vaccination Centre.


AUCKLAND CENTRAL MP Where were you this time last year? After an elated, Covid-free election night in our central city, I had returned down to Parliament. As we waited for the special votes to come in (eventually doubling our lead in Auckland Central), it was pretty clear how the political chips had fallen and we were in the swing of getting back down to business. At home, we’d made history. For the first time in more than twenty years, the Greens had won an electorate seat. It’s a privilege that I work to honour every single day, for those who trusted me with their vote and those who didn’t quite. A year in, much like a year ago, I want to hear from you. While every week we work from our (currently remote) Auckland Central office with constituents and local businesses to resolve problems and direct advocacy for systemic change, I wanted to mark one year by throwing open the flood gates and encouraging any and all to offer your feedback in the easiest way possible (you can do so via I want the good, bad, beautiful and ugly. While some may importantly reflect on the immediate, urgent struggle, I also invite and encourage radical dreaming about the potential in our collective future. It’s these kinds of leaps of faith, hard yakka and investment that drive us to plant trees we’ll never sit in the shade of, like the decision of the 1874 ‘City Parks Committee’ who saw that, "upwards of 1100 deciduous and coniferous trees of the choicest kind [were] to be planted” in Western Park, between Ponsonby Road and Beresford Street. At a cross-roads in the world we choose to step back out into,

we get to make those same decisions of investment for our kids and generations we’ll never meet. There’s no stage managing how difficult and tough this most recent lockdown has been. As a Green MP in a constructive and sometimes constructively critical relationship with the Government, I’ve been straight up about how and where things can and should be done differently. I’ve had regular contact with Northern Regional Health Coordination Centre on vaccinations and testing, the front line of keeping our community safe. I’m beyond proud that Ponsonby and surrounding Bays have at the time of writing hit over 90% eligible population for first doses, nearly cracking 80% for the second. This is the best armour we’ve got and if you’ve got any creative ideas for outreach, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. While I would love to be inviting you all to join me at Beau in Three Lamps on Sunday 7 November, the uncertainty of event planning means we’ve shifted our upcoming community hui to the digital realm. You’re all invited and I can’t wait to see you there. In the meantime, I’ll be on the blower to Principals of our local schools, our business associations and health organisations to ensure we’re on track for the smoothest (and best possible) re-opening when we can finally put this strange interregnum behind us. (CHLÖE SWARBRICK)  PN

CHLÖE SWARBRICK, T: 09 378 4810, E:



Join your Auckland Central MP Chlöe Swarbrick and guests for a community hui where we discuss, dream and reimagine our neighbourhoods. Authorised by Chlöe Swarbrick, MP for Auckland Central, 76 Karangahape Road

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Photography: Jackie Meiring


Exciting innovations at Richmond Road School - Sacha Connolly reports Ponsonby News has once before reported innovative work at Richmond Road School. Now Sacha Connolly and her colleagues are at it again. The latest project involves planting fruit trees in the school grounds. Along with help of Florence's class from L’Archipel (french unit), children a little older than Sachas’s, and a karakia from Te Whānau Whāriki, ten fruit trees have been planted. Richard, of Diabetes New Zealand, helped select the trees, and Bunnings helped with sponsorship. The French Unit held market sales to raise money, and suddenly the project was all go. Student Bianca Ballinger wrote: We planted the trees for the fruit and the bees. For the world around us. The trees will grow into a grown-up one day. I felt happy that way.

Student Charlie Montgomery wrote this: Everyone can get involved in things like that. All it takes is an idea and the ability to work hard enough to accomplish it. I was wanting to think of an idea that would help our whole school, and having something that could last much longer than my time there. Fruit snacks are part of everyone’s day at Richmond Road and I thought having our own supply of fruit for those kids who can’t bring their own supply would be really helpful. I wanted to see if we could get a local business to help us and Bunnings was awesome and super keen to help. I hope we can keep making our forest bigger every year and maybe help the local community too. In the future if we have fruit left over we can donate it or sell some to buy supplies for the school like sporting equipment.

The trees planted were two avocados, an orange and a mandarin, two plums, one lemon, two apples and a feijoa. What a great start. These young students are already saying, “we’ll be watching these trees as we walk past to intermediate", and they understand the importance to diet of five a day fruit and vegetables.

Sacha Connolly is clearly an inspirational teacher, full of enthusiasm and personality, and we at Ponsonby News congratulate her and her colleagues at Richmond Road School on their initiative. All students there are getting the rub off from the French and Maori Units, and a karakia was said over each fruit tree as it was planted. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN


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@ GREY LYNN & AROUND Dear Member of Parliament for Mt Albert (PS this includes Grey Lynn), the Prime Minister. What the business community in Grey Lynn and Around needs right now …. Priority One: Those who are not vaccinated urgently get vaccinated. If this requires some incentive, then go for it, even if this includes some limits on the activities they previously enjoyed. The impact of what is now the longest lock down is taking its toll – mentally, physically and financially. Business resilience is dangerously low. Priority Equal One: We need immediate support and we need Auckland’s case to be clearly articulated and understood by the decision makers in Wellington. We need and want measures tailored to Auckland’s situation. And we need the leaders of Auckland City to articulate our pain and raise potential solutions. Your absence from your electorate is sorely missed – we need an electorate representative working for us. The measures presently in place are designed for a short sharp lock down but for the businesses of Grey Lynn and for that matter SME’s throughout Auckland we need an Auckland specific subsidy including; · an immediate cash grant to ensure we can reopen the city with a flourish and not a whimper, · a separate grant to cover unavoidable overheads for the next three months (rent, power, internet, telephones, rates), · a higher level of wage subsidy to reflect the much higher wage rates now being paid to retain and reward our qualified staff. Just to be clear on that last point, recent work visa requirement has pushed up wages for many people on work visas to $27 an hour and the $600 subsidy per employee ($15 per hour) is not adequate. Businesses have effectively had zero or little income since 17 August; they cannot afford to top up the wages of their staff.

Priority Two: What of 2022? Businesses in Auckland have cone fatigue, so please Auckland Council and Auckland Transport think about more efficient ways of undertaking infrastructure change. If you are going to disrupt business because you have urgent infrastructure work talk to the Business Associations and the community before the plan is too far down the track. If the disruption is prolonged then build compensation into the cost of the disruption and provide some recovery grants, publicity and marketing. We need a fantastic fabulous celebration after the work is done. Stop the continual loss of parking. We can support the introduction of cycleways and improved pedestrian access but the ability to park outside our businesses is our life blood. It’s just the reality. We must consider the impact of changes on all of us before they are made. Even the smallest of projects can cause quite severe disruptions for all of us – just don’t turn up and disrupt on a random basis without planning it with your constituents and community first. Businesses simply don’t have reserves anymore.  PN


28 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


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THE NEW-NORMAL PICNIC IS BORN OUT OF OPTIMISM AND SOLIDARITY For so long, Aucklanders have been required to maintain physical distance from others, to stay away from crowds and to keep to small household bubbles of contact. By reducing the number of people with whom we have had contact, we dutifully held out for everyone the promise that we would personally remain healthy and the spread of the virus would be controlled. Inevitably, as a result, we have become used to an uncanny, altered ambience in our neighbourhoods. It has been an extraordinary collective act of solidarity; the team of five million. And all this time, we have been sketching a new version of nationalism, through our singleness of purpose, mutual support, and optimism. Go New Zealand! Yes, optimism is at the very heart of New Zealand’s Covid response, with its alert levels and lockdown edicts. And it is optimism that has galvanised the good folk of Auckland to behave like decent citizens, adhering to the rules. For many of us, segregation has now become something that is both therapeutic and an act of solidarity. It has made us feel virtuous. However, this all comes at a cost to us as human beings. We have been shackled by the idea of contagion which is a function of proximity, and proximity turns out to be uncomfortable when contagion is a risk. Historically, pandemic conditions in the past have reshaped buildings and cities and civic behaviour. As expected, we are experiencing just this kind of reshaping of our spaces, our movements and our activities. On the first weekend in Tāmaki Makaurau after a few level 3 lockdown rules were relaxed, it was a delight to see the local parks come alive with open air conviviality. The warm weather that weekend was an added incentive, encouraging people to take part in open-air bubble-bonding get-togethers. It was as if families and friends were responding to the call as a matter of civic duty, getting out in the fresh air and sunlight, a health and safety measure specifically authorised by the government in its Covid-19 response decree. It was such a marvellous sight, to see that we have not completely forgotten how to exist in a social community. The humble picnic, the rediscovered custom of meeting outdoors for a simple meal is definitely worth keeping and practising as often as possible. This is a call to the good citizens of Tāmaki Makaurau, to embrace picnicking as a newfound tradition. It is an inexpensive, easily organised activity and it should become one of the renewed customs that we consolidate for the future. We are shaped as a community by closeness and distance; as human beings, we need to see each other, to make bodily contact and to enjoy the sight of lips forming words. So, give it a try. Dig out an old woollen blanket (naturally damp proof), find the unbreakable utensils that have drifted to the back of the cupboard, make some old school simple sandwiches, boil some eggs, make fresh lemonade and voila, a picnic! Even better, make it a low carbon activity in your local park. Discover different routes to get there on foot through your increasingly familiar neighbourhood streets. Get ready and get involved in a simpler, old-style local summer. (ALEXA LAWRENCE)  PN

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WEATHER BY THE MOON AUCKLAND WEATHER DIARY, NOVEMBER 2021 November may be drier than average, with normal sunshine and below average temperatures. The first week has the most sunshine, the second week looks the wettest with lowest atmospheric pressures, the third week may have highest pressures and lowest overnight temperatures, and the last week may have the least sunshine. The barometer should average about 1016mbs. Most rain may be around 14th. The 20th/21st could be the best weekend for outdoor activities. For fishers, the highest tides are around 6th. The best fishing bite-times in the east are around dusk from 2nd - 5th and 17th - 20th. Chances are also good for around noon of 10th - 12th, and 25th - 27th. For gardeners, planting is best between 6th - 8th (waxing moon ascending), and pruning is best between 20th - 22nd (waning moon descending). For preserving and longer shelf-life, pick crops or flowers on neap tide days of 13th and 29th. Always allow 24-hour error for all forecasting. (KEN RING) For future weather for any date, and the 2021 NZ Weather Almanac, see

Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.






PHONE TO ARRANGE YOUR PRIVATE VIEWING AUCTION: 3pm Thursday 11 November (unless sold prior) Built in concrete and brick, sitting right in the pulse of Ponsonby and vibrant K Rd, Oasis Apartments provide an upbeat living solution overlooking Myers Park. Built in 2017 and immaculately presented, this simple, chic, two bedroom, pet friendly apartment connects to a covered balcony and is offered with a precious single carpark. For busy people looking for a secure city-side solution - here’s your answer. FINAL NOTICE Denise Champion 021 275 1030 Brad Calkin 021 1555 310


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Q&A with Antoine Roset Synonymous with modern luxury, French furniture brand Ligne Roset has long graced the homes of discerning design devotees in all corners of the globe. The enterprise encompasses both a family tradition rich with more than 160 years of experience in furniture making and artful collaborations with established and up-and-coming talents in contemporary design. Arguably its most notable partnership being in the early 1970s with Michel Ducaroy of the famed Togo settee, which catapulted the brand into worldwide recognition. With a global network of more than 200 exclusive stores, the latest addition to the Ligne Roset footprint is right here in New Zealand. Ligne Roset Marketing Director and the founder’s great-great-grandson Antoine Roset shares insight into his family’s business ahead of the exclusive Auckland showroom opening in August. Describe Ligne Roset in one sentence…

A high-end, contemporary French furniture manufacturer and a family business operating since 1860. Which of the brand’s achievements are you most proud of over its centuries-long tenure?

Our worldwide recognition. How many different designers has Ligne Roset collaborated with over the years and how does the partnership process take shape?

We’ve worked with more than a hundred designers. Collaboration is formed through various channels including furniture fairs, annual design contests, word of mouth and contacts between designers. How many in-house designers work for the brand?

We’ve worked with three major in-house designers: Michel Ducaroy of Togo and Saparella fame, Annie Hieronimus of Plumy, and Claude Brisson of Multy. These products are among the best sellers in the Ligne Roset collection. Where are you based?

I spent 11 years heading our US branch in New York before returning to Lyon, France, two years ago where I live close to our headquarters and main workshops. Do you have a personal favourite piece in the Ligne Roset collection?

No, because that would be too restrictive! My taste changes with time. Why do you think Togo has withstood the changing trends, proving popular for decades?

After 48 years of existence, it’s remained a very unique design and an example of anti-conformist seating. Lightness, durability and creativity are probably the key successes of Togo. Is there another piece, in your mind, set to take over the craze and demand of Togo?

It’s difficult to predict. We have several other standout designs that have been easily recognisable for years – decades even – such as the Ruché sofa and bed by Inga Sempé, Pumpkin sofa by Pierre Paulin, Peter Maly 2 bed by Peter Maly, Everywhere cabinet collection by Christian Werner, and Multy sofa bed by Claude Brisson.

What is your vision for how the brand positions itself to ensure future success?

Through creativity, customisation and high-quality products. Your grandfather, Jean Roset, who headed the company at the time, had to field initial doubts about the Togo but believed in designer Ducaroy’s vision. What qualities make for a successful product pitch and how does the brand differentiate between a bold idea and something that will actually sell?

I wish we knew the answer to that! We call it a combination of both talent and chance. A mix of several criteria makes a new product successful including creativity of the design, its comfort and the approval of the public. Following lockdown the Ligne Roset Auckland showroom at 299 Great North Road, Grey Lynn will be open again. On display are an extensive range of lighting and accessories, and living and dining furniture from the 2021/22 collection, including Ducaroy’s coveted Togo settee. Other firm favourites are the Prado sofa by Christian Werner, Ploum sofa by R. & E. Bouroullec, Pumpkin armchair by Pierre Paulin and Pukka sofa by Yabu Pushelberg. The selection of outdoor furniture will arrive in time for our 2021 summer.

Check out their website or call 09 393 5636 for more information. Follow Ligne Roset New Zealand on Instagram and Facebook: @lignerosetnz

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SUCCESS IS NOT THE WORK OF AN INDIVIDUAL, BUT THE WORK OF MANY Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini At Citizens Advice Bureau we always start our meetings with a whakataukī or a whakatauākī. As many of you will know, Whakataukī are proverbs in the Māori language. where the person who first said it first, is not known. Whakatauākī are proverbs where the person who said it first is known. This one above, seems apt for the current situation, Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand and the world finds itself in. For many of us, this is a time of extreme uncertainty, with many unanswered questions and challenges. Whether it relates to employment, housing, relationships, travel, health, finances, or immigration the Covid-19 pandemic has added an overlay of complexity to our lives. During this extended lockdown in Auckland, and for some time neighbouring provinces, I am proud to say that CAB has continued to provide the service remotely. Our volunteers are working from home, like many other New Zealanders. CAB has an 0800 number – 0800 367 222 – operating, which you can call or if you ring our branch, you will be redirected to a volunteer. You can also email us on and message us via the website’s live chat on Citizens Advice Bureau Auckland City, our umbrella organisation for the 10 city CAB branches, has both a Facebook and Instagram page “cabauckland”, which you can follow. And you can contact us via those with questions too. We cannot see you face to face at the moment but we can communicate and we can refer you where it is needed. For example, some of our legal and counselling clinics are operating remotely and we can find you a budget advice service working remotely. We have been helping people across Auckland with finding local food bank services and some of our Auckland branches are working with Auckland Regional Public Health Service to assist people isolating at home due to being closely

34 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

connected with Covid-19 positive cases, where they have non-health related issues. Many of the Covid-19 related questions that people have relate to the sheer amount of information that is coming out of different branches of Government and it is sometimes difficult to distil it down when you are stressed. We can help work through the wage subsidy payments, what you can and cannot do in the different alert levels. We are getting all manner of questions: Can I go to a tangi? Can I visit a dying relative? Can I move out of a level 3 area if I am relocating permanently? Can I shift flats? Can my employer make me go to work? My visa is running out but I cannot get a flight out of the country, what can I do? I am having money problems because of Covid-19! What can I use as proof that I have had the Covid-19 vaccination? These are some examples of questions we receive. And, you too, can do your own research on our website and search it much like other search engines. But it is better than those. It is made for Aotearoa/New Zealand and you can rely on it as it is regularly updated as policy and law changes. You can be sure that when you contact us, whatever your issue, there is someone who will listen to you. It can take as long as it takes. It is free and confidential and we do not judge. That is how I interpret that whakataukī above. Your issue is our issue too, we have a team of committed people working with us and we can work together to help you take action. Here is another one to finish: Me mahi tahi tātou mō te orange o te katoa We should work together for the wellbeing of everyone. BRIGIT TIMPSON, Manager Citizens Advice Bureau, 510 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 0392, E: PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


     

Georgie Malyon floral artist, ‘Immersed in Flowers’ The Grey Place, 37 Scanlan Street, Grey Lynn,

VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR... Latest news, recent issues VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR...

advertising, Littleissues Black Book LatestPonsonby news, recent Ponsonby advertising, News Readers are everywhere and much more... Ponsonby Little Black Book

Ponsonby News Readers are everywhere and much more...

Check our Ponsonby News website, and social media pages for the latest details to find out what incredible local businesses are doing to serve the community during the lockdown.


Ponsonby Park - NOVEMBER UPDATE As with so many things were it not for Covid, the construction of Ponsonby Park - the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road - would be well underway and nearing completion by now (and our lives would not have been turned upside down). Instead, all local board's ‘One Local Initiative’ projects were temporarily suspended, including Ponsonby Park. As our community’s representatives, the Waitematā Local Board continues to advocate strongly to Council for Ponsonby Park, as it is the board’s ‘key capital project' for the 20182048 long-term plan. This is why we are confident the board will persuade council to return to the original two-stage development of the project. Especially so, given that half of the required budget is now available and inflation is currently running at well over 4%*.

be allocated “from the Town Centre Revitalisation funds to enable the development of the full site at 254 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.”

Once the Waitematā Local Board has formally put the first stage of the development of Ponsonby Park into their next financial year’s (2022-23) work programme, detailed design and consent work could be commenced as early as next year. Brilliant!

Now more than ever, we need the common ground and public spaces for people to come together so optimism and resilience can be nurtured and sustained.

Please email Board Chair and Parks portfolio holder Richard Northey to support Ponsonby Park being commenced now:

Covid-19 has taught us, and continues to teach us, many things including the importance of social connection, the exigency of our public realm, and the need to build and sustain strong communities.

The local community, local businesses, and visitors to Ponsonby have already waited for twenty-one years since the need for this new civic space was first identified. We think this is long enough.

Council is also supportive of the Ponsonby Park project with council officers recommending the rest of the budget

Ponsonby Park let’s do this! (JENNIFER WARD)  PN


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Summer Accommodation Spacious luxury for families or groups, overlooking Grey Lynn park.


Mention this ad and receive a complimen tary hamper on arrival!


For bookings visit:

A spacious, architecturally designed house in the heart of Grey Lynn – a perfect pad for summer. Stay for a week, a month or more, we’re set up to offer groups and families relaxed yet premium accommodation that feels like home.

V I L L A G E R E S E R V E . C O. N Z /villagereserve


T 022 015 0062

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Great Britain - from Empire to Brexit and ‘Global Britain’. The October meeting of Ponsonby U3A saw members zooming in to a well-honed presentation by Stephen Hoadley, Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Auckland. He shifted members’ gaze from the narrow, inward-looking focus of the Aucklanders we are in Level 3 Covid-19 protection, to a refreshing global perspective of Great Britain in a wider world. Starting in the 16th century, Associate Professor Hoadley stepped members through the history of the largest empire in the world to this day, stretching from the Arctic to New Zealand. Built on trade and a divide-and-rule diplomacy, Britain’s ascendancy coincided with declining empires elsewhere, pandemics weakening non-European societies and two world wars. Victorious in war but bankrupted, Britain began to decline through a rising tide of nationalism which challenged colonialism, while losing economic and trade primacy to the United States. And then came Brexit and the messy divorce from the European Union. While Britain may have gained in terms of self-respect, economic welfare is now in jeopardy as European exports plunge. There is a current supply crisis for food, labour and parts, a crisis that could have been diverted by planning. As well, Britain’s global influence is declining as Asian economies grow, especially China, together with rising nationalism, religion and ethnicism. International organisations are weakening, eroding the common values and law that were the cornerstone of the United Kingdom and Europe’s moral influence. Now, some see Britain as only an offshore outpost of an English-speaking world. But to give Anglophiles hope, Britain under Boris Johnson has devised an economic strategy, ‘Global Britain’ to make Britain great again. With the weight of Commonwealth countries behind it and with many military bases and defence facilities throughout the world, it has joined forces with the United States and Australia under

AUKUS to counterbalance China’s influence in the Indo Pacific. Dr Hoadley contends that Great Britain and the West can continue to be influential in world affairs provided the UK - US special relationship continues. Ponsonby U3A member Jennifer Holmes offered self-help respite in the time of Covid-19 through her Jin Shin Jyutsu model of finger connections. Engaging her audience in the activity, Jennifer described how each of our fingers corresponds to feelings and associated organs. She outlined how each finger activates a certain part of the brain, so by holding a particular finger while breathing deeply and relaxing, one can change thoughts. And changing thoughts changes deeds. For example, by holding one’s thumb, the source of worry connected to the spleen and stomach, one helps digestion and lessens anxiety. No wonder many infants are thumb suckers! Almost certainly, Ponsonby U3A will be convening by Zoom from now until the end of the year. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with Zoom, we would be delighted to welcome you as a visitor until we can meet you properly in person. You may be new to the area, in need of a stimulus or a bit lonely and there is always a welcome at Ponsonby U3A. Guests are invited to attend monthly meetings held on the second Friday of each month, but beforehand please call President, Philippa Tait (027 452 3108). The meeting features a guest speaker drawn from every discipline and as well a member gives a short presentation on their life and interests. Members are encouraged to join at least one of about 30 special interest groups held mainly in people’s homes. This is where the shared learning and the friendships are made. Guest speaker for the November is Dr Andrea Low, Associate Curator, Contemporary World, on Contemporary Curating and Tāmaki Herenga. (CHRISTINE HART)  PN NEXT MEETING: By Zoom at 10am, Friday, 12 November ENQUIRIES:

Philippa Tait, President, Ponsonby U3A, M: 027 452 3108,

Updated property values coming up Updated property valuations will be in mailboxes, inboxes and online in December 2021. • Revaluation is just one of a number of factors that help determine rates. • Even if the value of your property has increased significantly, that doesn’t mean your rates will rise by the same amount. • Revaluation won’t impact rates until July 2022.

Recycling only

If you are concerned about paying your rates, there is support available to you. Head to for information on rates rebates, postponements and flexible payment options.

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Malaga Armchair - Classic Grey

Malaga Sofa - Classic Grey

Monterey Ottoman - Classic Grey

Anson Side Tables

Orlando Lounger - Classic Grey

Anson Rectangle Coffee Table

JI HOME, 36 Pollen Street, Ponsonby , T: 09 930 6268,


Visit our Auckland showroom at 36 Pollen Street, Ponsonby

09 930 6268

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A THANK YOU FROM BLAIR HADDOW Blair Haddow here from Bayleys Ponsonby. I hope you and the Ponsonby News crew are all keeping well under Level 3. Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the ‘pulling power’ and shelf-life of the Ponsonby News. Case in point - in August last year, Ponsonby News ran an article reporting on how I sold $40 million worth of residential property in just nine weeks after coming out of the first Covid-19 lockdown – selling properties around the Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, and Herne Bay suburbs. A loyal Ponsonby News reader in Grey Lynn read the article at the time and said to his wife: ‘Sweetheart, if we ever decide to sell our place, this is the guy I want to sell it.” Well, Martin, fast-forward a year and their home has come on the market for sale as one of my new listings. The couple regaled their Ponsonby News story to me as I visited them for an initial appraisal of their lovely residence. So I just thought I’d let you know about the longevity and loyalty which Ponsonby News has with its readers. But I’m sure you already know that. The home in question is a two -bedroom penthouse apartment on the fifth floor within the boutique high-end 505 SOMA building at 12 MacKelvie Street. With stunning north-west aspect views stretching from the Waitakere Ranges around to Ponsonby, the ultra-chic and clean-lined penthouse has two bathrooms and two car parks. It’s a beauty.

north-east facing section situated near Grey Lynn ridge has double car garaging and additional off-street parking for another vehicle. Extensive decking wraps around the kitchen and dining room – making for a relaxed al-fresco space accessed by large bi-fold doors. · 16A Tawariki Street – a contemporary three-bedroom/ two-bathroom family home down a private driveway. This Ponsonby home is built over two levels giving plenty of space for the family. · 7/26 Crummer Road in Ponsonby – a modern onebedroom ground-floor apartment providing an entry-level buying opportunity to get a foothold on the Ponsonby real estate ladder. These listings are sure to go like wildfire with high buyer demand resonating in the market at the moment – exemplified by my 100 percent auction clearance rate in September. One of my other listings at 57 Williamson Avenue in Grey Lynn, which Ponsonby News featured last month, sold within a week of coming onto the market. The classically-styled three-bedroom villa with off-street parking for two vehicles had been a rental for its current owners for quite some time so there was plenty of scope to add value through renovation and modernisation.

Also on my books for sale at the moment are a range of other beautiful homes to suit most buyer tastes. They include:

The auction was brought forward after a pre-auction offer of $2.56million was accepted. However, other bidders had eyes on the prize too and it sold under the auctioneer’s hammer for $2.675million. So thanks again to Ponsonby News and you Martin for giving readers so much information about what is happening in the suburb’s residential real estate market. Long may it continue.

· 1 Ariki Street in Grey Lynn – a three bedroom/twobathroom/two-living area villa. This family home on a flat

So thank you Ponsonby News and thank you Martin for paving the way for this wonderful listing to come to me at Bayleys Ponsonby.

40 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

BLAIR HADDOW, leading salesperson, Bayleys Ponsonby


@ Dawson & Co. Top Kida hanging lounge chair by DEDON RRP $6,179, Tosca sunlounger by Tribu from RRP $10,729 Middle Branch sunlounger by Tribu RRP $4,289 Bottom Flex teak sunlounger by Cove Outdoor from

RRP $3,149

DAWSON & CO., Northshore Showroom, 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale T: 09 476 1121, Parnell Showroom, 115 The Strand, Parnell; PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021




We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now, and our four walls have become everything from a workplace to a classroom and haven.

It’s hard to separate a work/life balance at the best of times, but with summer on the way it’s a great idea to look to your outdoor living spaces for a little respite when we’re all feeling the pressure. Whether you have a big backyard, lush tropical garden or a petite patio space, it only takes a little work to create an inviting outdoor space that you can enjoy year round. Follow a few basic rules, then add your own individual style for an al fresco oasis designed to work especially for you.

42 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

The best way to encourage use of outdoor spaces is to create beautiful and comfortable spots that you’ll want to sit back, relax and enjoy spending time in. But before you splash out on the likes of premium barbecues and luxe outdoor fireplaces, make comfy seating and set dressing with carefully selected outdoor accessories a priority. If there’s somewhere comfortable to sit and you’re surrounded by beautiful things, you’ll feel more inclined to stay outside long enough to justify splashing out on those other big-ticket items.



Even though we’re talking about the great outdoors, it’s a good idea to follow some of the same rules you’d apply decorating an indoor space. Key to this is establishing distinct areas within your space for different activities such as cooking, dining, conversation, and relaxation. How do you define these zones? Decorative trees, succulents, and chic planters can all be used to establish corners and borders, and designated outdoor rugs are a super stylish strategy for defining a specific area. Place one rug with a dining table and chairs to form a dining area, and perhaps a second rug in an area with comfy loungers and a coffee table for a casual conversation spot. And don’t forget the weather when you’re planning your space – especially sun orientation and what kind of shade option you need to make it workable.

ones, ottomans are the hidden gem that may be missing from your outdoor space, the masters of multi-tasking, whether you’re accommodating an unexpected guest or kicking back with a cocktail. The Gigi Round Outdoor Ottoman at Design Warehouse is a beautiful multifunctional accessory that can easily be added to any outdoor or indoor seating area. Each Gigi cover is hand crocheted by an artisan too, and the attention to detail evident in their unabashed beauty and quality.

Find Your Light

Whether it’s candles, lanterns or the latest outdoor fittings, lighting never fails to add an extra dimension to patio and garden spaces. And these days, outdoor lighting is no longer just about practicalities, it’s a must-have aesthetic feature for any home. You may like to think about investing in solar lighting, which is rapidly improving in look and functionality, or something more whimsical like resin lamps or fairy lights. Beautiful, carved white resin emits the most glorious glow when a candle is placed inside or out, and you can line your garden path to welcome guests as they arrive. Or, perhaps scatter several hurricane lamps across your dining table to lend a warm, soothing glow. A simple piece of furniture that was once added as an afterthought, the classic ottoman has come a long way. And in terms of today’s design aesthetic, the humble ottoman can be used as everything from a statement piece to extra seating or a coffee table, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor seating collection. From small ones to oversized

Add An Ottoman Or Beanbag

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


If you need a little more space to relax on, Coast’s Marine Bean XL is their most popular outdoor beanbag and a firm favourite with stylists, too. Nine precisely-shaped, madeto-last Sunbrella panels give the Marine Bean its uniquely comfortable shape, and the beanbag is handmade in New Zealand from either Marine grade or Blend Sunbrella fabric. Blend fabric has a softer texture than Marine grade and is very popular for indoor seating. All Coast beanbags include a waterproof lining, and are guaranteed outdoors for five years, so you’re guaranteed to get a high cost per use! Pop one by your pool or on your patio now. Provide Shade

With the days gradually getting longer and the weather warmer, we are all thinking about spending more time enjoying the sun. And like most things in life – too much of a good thing can become detrimental. So, when it comes to summertime and enjoying the sun it never hurts to take extra precaution in keeping sun-safe, and that goes beyond your preferred SPF formula and a hat. It’s often been said that the biggest challenge to designing the perfect outdoor space is also the most obvious one: the outdoors. Awnings, sun umbrellas and pergolas are all great ways to shelter your guests – and your outdoor furniture from harsh sunlight and summer showers. A key element of every functional outdoor living space is shade, and that’s where a quality sun umbrella for your patio, garden or outdoor entertainment area that comes with added UV protection is essential. If your space requires an umbrella or two, there are two important things to consider: is the style you have chosen easy to move and control, and how effective and durable is the fabric? The very best outdoor umbrella fabric available on the global market is the Sunbrella. With SPF 50 + and UV protection that filters close to 100 per cent of UV radiation, an umbrella with Sunbrella fabric takes care of your family and friends when entertaining outdoors without you even having to think twice about it.

44 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


As well as making a stunning statement in style, they are built to last, as the fibres used to make the covers are crafted from thermoplastic polypropylene. Polypropylene is a fantastic material for outdoor use because it can endure outdoor conditions, is colourfast and moisture resistant.

Fire It Up

Given New Zealand’s ever-changing climate, don’t limit the time you spend living outdoors to just the hottest months. Key to this is an array or stylish blankets and cosy throws as well as outdoor heating, and essentially, a statement making fire pit. Nothing lends an element of warmth and intimacy like a roaring fire. It centres the space and brings both light and heat, making for a focal point year-round. The warmth emanating from the flame of a fire can help create a whole new mood, delivering a feeling of comfort and cosiness akin to a soft blanket or a morning coffee in bed. In fact, a recent study at the University of Alabama claims that the effect of watching fire helps us become calmer and more sociable, and even causes our blood pressure to drop! Definitely a great reason to add a fireplace - or firepit - to the mix when you’re seeking solace at home. (HELENE RAVLICH)


DEDON COLLECTION MBRACE Designed by Sebastian Herkner

SUMMER 2021 OUTDOOR COLLECTION @ Ligne Roset Auckland

SERPENTINE outdoor seating by Eléonore Nalet, EZOU occasional table by Tous Les Trois, ROPE outdoor rug


by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance


by Michel Ducaroy

ELIZABETH low table by Nathan Yong

Also available as a dining table and bench seat, made from natural-finish (non-oiled) solid teak

LETTINO sun lounger by Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci

LIGNE ROSET AUCKLAND, 299 Great North Road, Grey Lynn +64 9 393 5636

46 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


Ottoman. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance Made in France

Auckland showroom, 299 Great North Road, Grey Lynn,, 64 9 393 5636


FACES @ GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET Mirella Kostandini is a bright ray of joy at the market, selling handmade pasta on Sunday mornings. Where did you grow up?

I was raised in Puglia in the south of Italy, but I settled in the ancient city of Verona after a busy career and lots of travel. Why did you to move New Zealand?

I wanted to experience a new environment and I had heard a lot of good things about New Zealand from friends who live here. I was fortunate that a professional chef is a high-priority occupation in New Zealand, so I was able to settle here seven years ago with my two teenagers. They were excited to have a new adventure, explore the beautiful scenery, and become honorary Kiwis. They have thrived here and made wonderful friends who made all of us feel very welcome. Did you speak English?

Luckily, my daughter had studied English at school, but my son and I had zero English when we arrived. People were very flexible and understanding, so we learned quickly and it was a fun experience. The guys in the kitchen helped a lot and even though they were much younger than me I learned most of my English from them. My son is a fast learner, so he is now fluent and speaks with a Kiwi accent. Where did you work when you arrived?

My first position in New Zealand was working as a senior chef for the Nazar Group, which operates a number of highprofile restaurants in Auckland. The owners and management were wonderful - making me feel very welcome and helping me settle in. Do you have a specialty as a chef?

Working in a kitchen means that you need to quickly adapt to a wide range of culinary activities and tasks. I spent 4 to 5 years as a pâtissier (pastry chef) and I specialised in making cakes; however pasta is my real passion, and pasta is what I now enjoy the most. What do you love about pasta?

For me, making pasta is relaxing; I feel that strong connection back to my home country and reminisce about my family and friends. It brings back warm memories of my mother and my grandmother, who used to make their pasta from scratch using the ancient original hand-rolled techniques that are very rare here in New Zealand where nearly all pasta is machine-made. Do you make all the pasta by hand?

Yes. I think it tastes much better than pasta made with machines. I was delighted and proud that my artisan product was the runner up in the New Zealand Artisan Awards 2021 (fresh food category). I only use the very best quality ingredients in all my food, including New Zealand-grown durum flour, organic freerange meat and eggs, and seasonal vegetables, all from local producers. I believe that my delicious pasta is very healthy, and you don’t need big portions to feel very satisfied. I have seen that video of you holding up a giant sheet of pasta. How long does it take you to make a sheet like that?

Rolling out a 1kg sheet of pasta to a paper-thin finish takes me 15 to 20 minutes using a 130cm long roller and a 2-metrelong board.

I really enjoy making everything by hand so my food always includes a generous portion of my love and passion. That makes all the difference to the flavour and puts a smile on your face when you eat it. And you run pasta-making classes too.

Yes. The classes are fun and social - there’s lots of laughing. I teach and make pasta at the same time, then we cook and eat what we have made. Students don’t need to bring anything as I prepare everything and provide the boards and rollers. I can provide a class location, but most of my classes are at someone’s home. People want to make my class a fun social occasion with friends and it’s a great way to host a special celebration. How have you been spending your time during this lockdown?

I have been updating my website and experimenting with some innovative new recipes. I’ve been doing lots of cooking of course. What about holidays?

It would be lovely to visit my family in Italy, but that won’t be possible for a while. I had a trip planned to Christchurch in September, but that had to be cancelled. Now, I’m hoping that I will get to visit the Far North over Christmas because I have only been as far north as Pahia.  PN

GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET @ the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road,

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YOUR GIFTING GURUS Whilst we talk about the gifting season being on our doorstep right now, it does feel this year like there’s no need to wait to give a gift. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to say thank you. Here at Glengarry, we are super experienced when it comes to gifting. We are your gifting gurus. Alongside an extensive range of ready-to-go gifting items online (and hopefully you can also browse these in store soon), the services we provide in the gifting space are second to none. Multiple address deliveries: We are the specialists in sending gifts to multiple addresses across New Zealand; making it easy and seamless, we do this all the time. Gift cards: Gift cards and messages can be added to all orders including multiple address deliveries. Repeat order: On our website you’ll find the option to repeat an order at the end of the cart. You can create the gift you’d like and send it off to one person. Then, start with that as a basis and edit it; that functionality is available right now. Create a gift online: We refer to it as DIY or Pick-a-Gift. The function on our website allows you to create a gift on the screen. You select a box, then fill it with bottles and goodies. We’ll display that for you on the screen as you go, so you can see what it looks like. Then select the ribbon and the card, or leave it blank, you decide.

Single bottle gift wrap: Looking for a nice bottle gift wrapped and sent off; we do that too. Simply select the bottle that you’d like and as you go through the cart you can gift wrap it. Send nationally (and internationally): Wherever your family are in the world, or wherever they are ordering from, we do this too. Ordering on the Glengarry website to send a gift to loved ones is another of the regular services we offer. Personalised service: We have a super talented and experienced sales team on the phones, behind our emails and on live chat. Hopefully soon you can also come and see the team in store. What ever way you are shopping, the experience and service they offer will see your gift giving sorted super quick. We do suggest that you get your order in quick smart. It’s no exaggeration or clever marketing speak to share that the global supply chain pressure is going to affect availability this Christmas. Whilst we’ve got a great set of gifts to get started with in November, we do expect to sell out very quickly.  PN





PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021




VEGAN VIBE Now that we Aucklanders have reached Level 3 and may be here a while, we have experienced the great excitement of being able to support Ponsonby’s best restaurants and businesses. We have a deal in our bubble - each week of lockdown, we support local with a takeout meal. It’s a small thing that can help these businesses in such tough times. As two of my personal favourite dining options in ‘normal life’, choosing to order takeaways from Lokanta and Ramen Takara and being able to enjoy them in the comfort of my own home, felt rather rewarding after the lengthy time Auckland has been in lockdown. In addition to these we’ve enjoyed Wise Boys Burgers, Khu Khu Thai Eatery and Shahi Indian Restaurant - and we have been impressed by the way each has adapted to Level 3. To say our takeaway needs have been fulfilled is an understatement. With the additional recent restriction change to 3.1, many of us too are embracing the double bubble picnic. Many more of my favourites have taken the opportunity to create specific picnic platters and deals. Janken, another restaurant I’ve previously reviewed, has had on offer a ‘Special Outside Hung Out Set’ - Vegan Ohanami - for four people for $140. It’s got Chirashi Sushi w/avocado, Inari Tofu, Eggplant steak and date Miso steamed buns, Imo Mochi, Tsukemono Grilled vegetable salad, Nanban-style Karaage Tofu, Shoji Tofu, Vege summer roll and the crowd favourite - Edamame. This set allowed me to live out my inner Pinterest picnic alter ego at my go-to local park. For a more casual and/or family friendly choice, Gorilla Kitchen is offering both the ‘Gorilla Couple’ and ‘Gorilla Family’ deals of plant-based pizzas and loaded fries between $50 - $100. This combination is what one might classify as ‘proper naughty’, but it’s the real deal. Slightly further afield to pick up at Britomart is a vegan Ethiopian cuisine platter for two by My Mother’s Kitchen on

50 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

offer for $60. It includes the nourishing vitality of Kik Alicha (yellow split pea) and goman (kale). These delicious dishes are packed with hearty, healthy, satisfying goodness that swaddle you in comfort and are a fantastic shared food experience. For daytime eats, Tart Bakery always has the goods; Daily Bread is offering free shipping for orders over $20 if you want to avoid their daily long queue; and Ripe Deli has daily menu specials for us that always include fantastic vegan options. I have found that many hospo deals can be found online and specifically on Instagram, so follow and like your favourite eateries to stay up-to-date and to order. PN (SOFIA ROGER WILLIAMS) 



DIDA’S – WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON! We can’t wait to see you back at Didas soon. We have been busy behind the scenes creating an impressive new menu and the place is looking fantastic. We can’t wait to see you back at Didas soon. We have been busy behind the scenes creating an impressive new menu and the place is looking fantastic. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying a cocktail or two at home. The team are busy working with the Glengarry crew picking and packing orders - including those for cocktails at home. So do jump onto the Glengarry website and order your ingredients today. May we suggest an Espresso Martini at home? As a cocktail an Espresso Martini is a relatively new creation with many cocktails having an impressive long and evolved history. The Espresso Martini came onto the scene in London in the 80s. Now somewhat of a global sensation, we have two suggestions for making this at home. The first is a hot favourite as it’s super easy and works every time. Harpoon Espresso Martini in a bottle ready to go. At this point if you are reading this and thinking, pre-made, that can’t be good. Believe us, it is exceptional. Harpoon Cold Brew coffee together Quick Brown Fox have created a bottled Espresso Martini. Each bottle will pour you three Martini. The trick is to take your glass, pour three glasses to halfway up and leaving the rest in the bottle. Then shake the bottle and pour the froth on top. That’s the trick for Espresso Martini’s at home without needing any cocktail equipment. For those who would like to make it from scratch.

Ingredients - Finlandia, Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur, Harpoon Espresso Concentrate Place 40ml Finlandia, 20ml Quick Brown Fox Coffee Liqueur, and 40ml Harpoon Espresso Concentrate into a shaking vessel. Add ice and “shake it off” vigorously for 10 seconds. Strain into your glass or pour all the contents into your glass. You’ll find the pre-made Espresso Martini and all the ingredients to make these at home on the Glengarry website.

DIDA’S WINE LOUNGE, 60 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 2813,

“ We hope to see you soon.

In the meantime it’s cocktails at home. ” 60 JERVOIS RD

(0 9) 376 2 813


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EMPTY NESTER PART 4 I’m pleased to report that Miss 19 flew back to Victoria when granted a 24-hour window to fly the coop. Our Level 3 life is now back to abnormal. The house is much tidier and quieter. And she gleefully calls us from Wellington, where she is getting A- grades at Uni, attending plays, eating out and treating herself to cocktail bars. Grrr. Anyway, a lot of wines this month. There has been a veritable tsunami of trade samples, couriered to my abode. Off we go… Saint Clair Pioneer Block 1 Foundation Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - $21

If, like me, you find some savs a bit too assertive, this is a very approachable style with softer acids. Generous palate of blackcurrant, cape gooseberry and green tomato. Match with smoked salmon or mussels. Available: Widely. Also, Fine Wine Delivery Co., and Saint Clair Wairau Reserve Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - $35

More traditional style this time. Herbal, crisp and dry with gooseberry, passionfruit and blackcurrant. Match with freshly shucked oysters or steamed mussels. Available: Widely. Also, Glengarry, Caro’s and Saint Clair Pioneer Block 10 Twin Hills Marlborough Chardonnay 2020 - $35

In the slightly reductive style with a nudge of funkiness on the nose and palate. Just the same, it has a creamy, unctuous profile with hazelnut, grapefruit and mandarin citrus finish. Match with chicken and pine nut salad, or creamy pasta. Available: Widely and Johanneshof Marlborough Gewürztraminer 2020 - $30

From a consistent producer of fantastic wines. A voluptuous and full-bodied aromatic wine. Typical gewürzt aromas of Turkish delight, with a hint of mandarin citrus and a lengthy tangy yeasty finish. Lovely unctuous and rich palate. Great with Vietnamese or Malaysian cuisine. Available: Widely Mission Hawkes Bay Gewürztraminer 2021 - $13

Great value. Rich and perfumed, with Turkish delight, ripe mandarin, and a hint of toffee. Lengthy finish. Fab with a cheese board, pork dishes and mildly spicy Asian foods. Available: Widely Pegasus Bay North Canterbury Bel Canto Dry Riesling 2020 - $40

Crisp, dry and full flavoured. Aromas of grapefruit marmalade and orange peel. Rich and unctuous, with flavours of beeswax, ripe grapefruit, and apricot. Match with a cheese board, rich seafood dishes, or Pad Thai. Available:, Fine Wine Delivery Co.

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Old Coach Road Nelson Riesling 2018 - $14.59

Just nudging off-dry at 13% alcohol, this wine is produced by Seifred Estate wines. Another bargain. Herbaceous and crisp, with flavours of grapefruit citrus and a typical riesling beeswax character. Match with Asian foods, scallops, or slow cooked rich pork dishes. Available: Widely Domaine Rene Muré Les Iris Alsace Pinot Blanc 2018 - $24

From an Alsatian family winery dating back to 1650, this is a taut and crisp take on pinot blanc. Aromas of resin and grape skins. Clean and bone-dry palate of dried fruit and lime citrus. Great with light pasta dishes. Available:, Peter Maud Fine Wines Domaine Rene Muré Les Iris Alsace Pinot Gris 2018 - $24

Softer than the pinot blanc, this wine is off-dry with flavours of apple juice, clover honey and canned peach. Match with white fish dishes. Available:, Peter Maud Fine Wines Trentham Estate 52 and Cloudy Victoria Australia Field Blend 2021 - $25AUD

An intriguing ‘field blend’ of 52 grape varieties from Trentham Estate’s display vineyard. A trade sample kindly sent to me from Australia under our level 4 lockdown. Unfiltered and fermented with skin contact using wild yeasts. Cloudy in the glass. Bone-dry and crunchy with medium tannins. Flavours of cherry, plum and wine gums, with a yeasty tangy crisp finish. Great with a BBQ or hearty tomato pasta dish. Available: La Stoppa Trebbiolo Rosso Emilia IGT 2019 - $27.50

A biodynamic organic wine from Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Youthful, ripe and sweetly voluptuous with a dash of rustic earthiness. Think, young, pouty Gina Lollobrigida in a peasant frock. Cherry and plum flavours with medium acids and grippy tannins. A great BBQ wine or match with rich ratatouille. Available: Start Superette, K Road. Domaine des Pothiers Eclipse Methode Ancestrale 2019 - $28

Eclipse is a biodynamic organic ‘methode ancestral’ (aka Pet Nat) sparkling gamay noir rosé from the northern Loire Valley. Medium off-dry with red berry fruit flavours and a strawberries and cream palate. Delightfully fizzy with fine beaded bubbles and hint of savoury umami. Lovely aperitif or with light spring salads. Available: Fine O Wine, Pt. Chev Organic Wines,



EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY Photography Kate Battersby

210 SYMONDS STREET T: 09 377 1911 sidatthefrenchcafe


Photography Greta Kenyon

When you dine with us, the focus is on freshly prepared classic dishes, featuring an excellent range of pasta, seafood, meats and our pizza classics.

We also offer our pasta dishes to takeaway, phone for details or check our website for the menu. 263 PONSONBY RD, THREE LAMPS, 09 361 1556

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STRESS – IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR Christmas is just around the corner and we all know that it can be a very stressful time, particularly in the lead up as we rush around trying to get everything done and find money that we haven’t got to pay for everything that this time of year involves. To add to what we normally encounter as the 25th gets closer, this year we have another very significant cause of stress. We have been locked down for months, which for many has resulted in significant loss of income. When we add in the fear and concerns about the future that have impacted on almost every one of us it amounts to a ‘perfect storm’ for which there could be serious health related consequences. Short term stress which can help us deal with an emergency is for the most part not harmful. When there is an immediate threat that we must deal with, our hypothalamus, which is a tiny control ‘tower’ in the brain, signals the release of stress hormones which trigger the body’s ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. The heart races, breathing quickens and the blood vessels constrict to divert more oxygen to the muscles which tense up ready for action and the liver produces extra blood sugar to provide an energy boost. With everything that’s going on with our lives in today’s world, it’s the long-term impact of stress that we must be very mindful of. If we are permanently in ‘fight or flight’ mode, our overall health can suffer significantly. If our blood vessels are permanently constricted, blood pressure is raised thus increasing the risk for a heart attack or stroke. For people who have asthma or other breathing problems, chronic stress can make it even harder to breathe. Increased blood sugar on an ongoing basis could also increase the risk for diabetes. Tight muscles can cause headaches, or back and shoulder pain which may result in the need for pain medication. Chronic stress can also affect the way that food moves through the body so digestive upsets are another potential cause for concern. For me however, the most significant and often overlooked consequence of chronic stress is the way it impacts on the immune system. While short term stress can stimulate the

immune system to help with wound healing and infections, chronic stress can have a deleterious effect on the immune system, significantly reducing its ability to fight viral illnesses and other infections. Having observed the way that RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) ravaged New Zealand over the winter, I wonder just how much stress contributed to this. While there is not a lot we can do to offset the stress of living in a world that’s so massively different to what it was just 18 months ago, we can do our best to ensure that we are not deficient in key nutrients that help our immune system to look after us. I wonder how many people know what their vitamin D status is and have been taking it regularly? Animals that make their own vitamin C do so in response to stress. Humans don’t make their own vitamin C, so taking optimal amounts daily to support a healthy immune system is something that should not be overlooked. Zinc is a simple mineral that is not easily obtained in our diet and its role in supporting our immune system cannot be overstated. In addition to vitamin D, vitamin C and Zinc, I have found that Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) which has been used for centuries to support human wellbeing is a helpful addition to my wellness protocol. A good brisk walk after dinner is something we can all do. It’s a fantastic way to relieve stress and take in some fresh air. It’s all about being proactive and recognising that if we can’t avoid stress, we can take steps to protect ourselves from the harm it can cause. (JOHN APPLETON)  PN E:

She always made you feel so special. Let us help you return the favour. There are certain people in life who shape who you are. Special people who were always there to give you advice, support, comfort and love. When the time comes to bid them farewell, make sure to farewell them properly. Talk to us we’ll help you do exactly that.

582 Remuera Road, Auckland | 09 520 3119 | |

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KEEP YOUR DISHWASHER GLEAMING Is your dishwasher suffering from bad breath, a greasy complexion, or an inability to perform effectively? Looking after the health and wellbeing of your dishwasher will maximise its life and ensure it’s better at looking after you and your whanau. That gunk left in your sink and plug trap after hand-washing dishes is what your dishwasher has to deal with during a wash cycle. This clogs filters and spray arms, puts strain on pumps and impairs sensors. Weekly: Top up your rinse aid dispenser to keep glasses streak-free. Monthly: Remove and clean the drain filter with a brush and

hot soapy water. Check the door seal, and remove goopy stuff. Quarterly: Check the spray arms as their holes can get

clogged. Your manual should show you how to clean them (a toothpick can work well). Clean with vinegar to remove food, soap scum, grease and grime from the dishwasher and pipes. Fill a dishwashersafe bowl with one cup of white vinegar and place it at the bottom of your empty dishwasher. This is important as most dishwashers run their drain pump at the start of a cycle, which would flush your vinegar down the drain. Run on a hot water cycle. If the dishwasher still smells, throw in a handful of baking soda and run it again. While you’ll find specialist dishwasher cleaners at the supermarket, plain, cheap, readily available white vinegar

works too. Caution: some manufacturers warn that vinegar’s acidity could cause damage over time. If in doubt, check your manual. Trouble shooting: If you get an error code on the control

panel, check your manual or turn to Google – often it’s a clogged filter (so water can’t drain) or a dirty sensor. Before calling your repairer, try thoroughly cleaning the dishwasher. It may resolve the issue. Time to throw in the towel?

Even the best cared for dishwashers work hard, and eventually need to be put out to pasture. Manufacturers and repairers stock spare parts, so broken accessories like racks, seals, inlet valves etc. can often be replaced. But worn out or water damaged electronic controls may be trickier to fix with older models. It’s still worth getting a quote from your trusted appliance repairer. Keep in mind that newer models can be both quieter, and more efficient in terms of both water and power consumption.

ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 360 8477,

15-25% Off Everything* *excluding bulk, refill, clearance & merino kids From the 1st-14th of November we will be holding our storewide sale! With 15-25% off everything in store* including third party products, our lovely team can help you get organised for Christmas. We are back open and operating with restrictions under level 3.

Shop Hours

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Mon–Fri 10am-6pm Sat–Sun 10am-5pm Public Holidays hours may vary

1 Scotland Street Freemans Bay, Auckland Call & Collect 09 360 8477

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GRANNY BEATS LUNG CANCER WITH ‘CBD OIL’, WHILE SMOKING In the near future, one in three of us is expected to die of cancer, and one in two will get it. Do you want to beat cancer without chemo? Last month, the British Medical Journal reported on the case of an elderly (80+yrs) woman who beat her lung cancer with self administered ‘CBD Oil’.

The supplier had advised the patient (via her family member) not to take the 'CBD oil' with hot food or drinks as it could result in symptoms of ‘feeling stoned’. The patient reported that she had a reduced appetite since taking ‘CBD oil’ that may or may not be related to the ‘CBD oil’ intake. There were no other changes to her prescribed medications, diet and lifestyle.

Diagnosed in June 2018, she declined to undergo chemotherapy or surgery having seen her husband suffer. She was advised to quit smoking, but declined, and was smoking one pack a week throughout the surveillance period.

Did you know, the US Dept of Health & Human Services patented Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants in 2003? That’s so old, that the patent expired in April.

Over the next two and a half years, her tumour went from 41mm to 10mm, much to the confusion of medical professionals.

‘Cannabinoids’ are what our body naturally makes for big jobs (like protection), and antioxidants and neuroprotectants are really good things to get if you can.

Attention was brought to this case in February 2019 when imaging showed a reduction in tumour size despite having received no conventional treatment for her lung cancer. The patient was contacted to discuss her results, at which point she disclosed that she had chosen to take ‘CBD oil’ as an alternative self-treatment for her lung cancer since August 2018, shortly after her original diagnosis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) boosts your body's natural levels of cannabinoids (It's a FAAH inhibitor).

The main active ingredients of the ‘CBD oil’ used by this patient were THC at 19.5%, CBD at 20.05% and THCA at 23.8%.

CBD is so safe that it has no international controls on it, and it also helps your body to kill cancer cells. So it's odd that you can't buy CBD at the dairy, but MedSafe doesn't want you having therapeutic food. And they call it the Ministry of Health. (TADHG STOPFORD)

Use religiously




Prohibited food. Not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.





BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS Birthdays have always been significant in my family and are featured events in our calendar, whether it be for special friends or whanau. I always love to go overboard with celebrations! My 16th year around the sun signalled a chance not only for a super-fun party but also - finally - an opportunity to take my driver licence test. But then lockdown altered the game and compromised any hope I had of that all-American ‘Sweet 16’ party. And with the current level restrictions, it’s likely to be a while before I get behind the wheel. After parking my driving aspirations (literally) I was left grappling with a Level 3, September birthday anticlimax. Even though it was all a bit unfortunate, I was lucky enough to be spending my day in a happy and comfortable family bubble. Here’s the low-down on how my festivities rolled out: I woke up on the morning of my birthday, somewhat less enthusiastic than previous years but still restless with excitement about what the day might entail. I trudged into the kitchen and was welcomed by a reenactment of my early childhood parties. My sister had secretly baked and decorated a cake which was a replica of the one I had for my 5th birthday (well, almost). She had also dredged up all the old cheesy decorations from those nostalgic times and adorned the living room - this really put a grin on my face. Then there was a nice warm brekkie with all my favourites: a delicious plateful of scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, hash browns and avocado toast. Pleasantly satiated, I proceeded to my room to endure a gruelling day of online classes.

As I logged off from Microsoft Teams in the late afternoon, I was greeted with a cake cutting ceremony and presents. Frankly I was very thankful for anything, as I knew Level 4 restrictions had brought online ordering to a near standstill. My most beloved present was a gorgeous 'Stolen Girlfriends' necklace. My mum and I spotted it before lockdown at a ‘Pop Up’ store on Ponsonby Road and thankfully she had the foresight to buy it and put it into hiding until my birthday arrived. It is timeless and goes with everything. My second favourite gift was a pair of black ribcage Levi straight jeans. Levis are always my go-to jeans because they tend to fit me the best and generate quite a few compliments! After presents, it was dinner time. My family surprised me with a Janken takeaway (my number one restaurant in Ponsonby). I was very lucky to get such a privilege, as we only moved down to Level 3 the day before my birthday. I am still grateful for this serendipitous loosening of restrictions, as non-homemade food never tasted so good (sorry Mum!). I was able to get most of my cherished dishes and devoured them all within minutes. After dinner I finished the night off with more cake and some reflection on what a successful 16th birthday it had been. Definitely not the one I dreamed of, but it was still pretty damn good! (HONOUR MITCHELL)  PN

I Love Lucy Book Review:

Lonely Castle in the Mirror - Mizuki Tsujimura - 12+ Would you share your deepest secrets to save a friend? Lonely Castle in the Mirror, originally published under its Japanese name, became a number one best seller in Japan before being adapted and released for English speaking audiences earlier this year. The story follows a young girl named Kokoro as she tries to cope with her social anxiety, causing her to prefer to stay home from school and fear leaving the house. As the story evolves we find out the reasons behind her worries and actions. One day as she goes about her day to day routine, her bedroom mirror begins to glisten and she finds herself pulled through the mirror to a beautiful palace. There are other people at this mysterious castle - other children who are much like herself. These children are all lonely and not currently attending a physical school. In their newfound sanctuary lives a young girl known as the Wolf Queen. She owns the castle and presents the kids with a set of clues that, if followed, lead to a secret room. If you are able to find this room, the Wolf Queen grants you a wish. The only rule about the place is that you must depart from its hallowed halls by five o’clock - if you don't, a pack of wolves will appear and devour you. As time passes, the children search for the room and bond together. This is a book that is reminiscent of a fairy tale - with, of course, a modern and slightly sinister twist. I would recommend The Lonely Castle in the Mirror to anyone who is struggling with being locked down and needs an interesting and compelling story. After I read this book I thought about it a lot and recommended it to all of my friends. The cover design is beautiful and intriguing; the name is a hook that pulled me in and the whole book is just utterly and entirely beautiful. I rate The Lonely Castle in the Mirror at four out of five. (LUCY KENNEDY)  PN instagram @lucykennedybookreviews

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Residential Investment Property Interest Deduction Rules & Brightline Changes Following the announcements relating to Housing tax matters earlier this year, the Government has now released the draft legislation with further details on how it will restrict interest deductions on residential investment properties. Following the announcements relating to Housing tax matters earlier this year, the Government has now released the draft legislation with further details on how it will restrict interest deductions on residential investment properties. Interest Limitation rule comes into effect from 1 October 2021. Interest will be denied for borrowing related to property acquired on or after 27 March 2021. Interest deductions will be phased out over a period of five years in respect of borrowings relating to property purchased prior to 27 March 2021, starting from 1 October 2021. Refinancing arrangement with regard to borrowings at 27 March 2021 will qualify for phased interest deductions.

Automatic interest deductibility that normally applies to close companies (Five or fewer shareholders holding more than 50%), will not apply to residential land rich companies, that are now subject to interest limitation rules. Where the gain on sale of property is taxable, a previously denied interest deduction may now be available (limited to the gain on sale of the property). New Residential Builds are exempt from the planned changes to the tax treatment of residential investment property.

New Build is defined as a residential property that receives a code of compliance on or after 27 March 2020. Interest limitation rules will not apply to a new build for a maximum period of 20 years, irrespective of who owns the property. A five year bright-line property rule (instead of 10 Year) will apply to new builds acquired after 27 March 2021, subjected to certain requirements. Other Exclusions

Excluded from these rules are borrowings for properties used as business premises, motels, hotels, houses on farmland, land outside of New Zealand, portions of a main home when used to earn income such as flatmate or boarder, retirement villages, resthomes, student accommodation, B&B, as well as for Maori collectedly owned land and housing and for social housing (this means houses rented to Kainga Ora - the Government agency) The main home exclusion from the bright line test ensures that a property used more 50% as a main home is not taxed. The exclusion does not apply if more than 50% of the property is used for residential rental purposes, in this case the gain on disposal will be taxable.

Limited rollover relief where property legal ownership change without change in economic ownership for bright-line test purposes. Timely Reminder on the Resurgence Support Payment (RSP) & GST

The Government's Resurgence Support Payment was the payment made to provide cash flow to businesses and support them in meeting their ongoing obligation. GST-registered businesses should return GST on the payments received under RSP. These businesses will be able to claim GST on expenditures funded by payments under the RSP. Ensure to include the RSP payment in your next GST return due on the 28 October 2021. Covid-19 Small Business Cashslow Scheme (SBCS)

SBCS was introduced by the Government to support small to medium businesses and organizations struggling with loss of actual revenue due to the lockdowns and alert levels changes. This application is open until 31 December 2023. Visit the IRD website for further information on SBCS or please contact one of us for assistance.  PN Disclaimer – While all care has been taken, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about.

JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701,

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104 Mt. Eden Road Mt. Eden, Auckland Phone: 09 638 8463

Are you renovating, redecorating or building a new home? FREE CURTAIN MAKING

20% OFF From Inspiration to Installation. CURTAINS • BLINDS • INTERIOR DESIGN • AWNINGS • ROLLER SHADES • UPHOLSTERY *Special conditions apply - Offer finishes 30/11/2021.


FIRST LOOK AT CITTÀ’S NEW SPRING/SUMMER 2021 COLLECTION Città is welcoming the warmer weather ahead with a preview of their new SS2021 collection. The latest textile collection is inspired by colour and the role it plays in our everyday lives. When designing the collection, Città’s in-house textile designers Imogen Tunnicliffe and Sophie Clapson were drawn to colour and the emotive response it can evoke. “We explored the infinite aspects of colour,” says Imogen, Città’s Head of Textile Design. “The designs expose the variation and potential of tone, mass, combination, and composition.” Throughout the pieces, bold hues are complemented with the more subtle. The intentional use of restricted and softer shades reveals colour can be equally compelling when it is limited. Città continues to focus on the use of natural materials with linen, cotton, wool, jute, and seagrass throughout the collection. The weaving techniques of these compositions further influence the playful interaction of hues. “Harmonious unions exist next to contrasting combinations and result in united, yet unexpected, designs,” says Imogen. This is seen in the Cabin Wool Blanket—one of the hero pieces from the collection. The design takes inspiration from textiles commonly found in quintessential cabins and huts. The blanket is a cheerful reimagining of these classic New Zealand

Cabin wool blanket (RRP $299) is designed and made exclusively in New Zealand.

heirlooms and one Città hopes to become a beloved textile in people’s homes. From start to finish, the blanket tells a New Zealand story. The design is conceptualised by Imogen and Sophie in Città’s Auckland-based studio. It’s then woven and milled by an Auckland manufacturer using lambswool sourced from the East Cape of the North Island. The SS2021 collection further adds colour and texture to all spaces of the home. For the bedroom, there’s relaxed linen duvet covers and lightweight bedspreads. Living areas can be adorned with seasonal cushion covers, throws, and woven baskets. For the bathroom, you’ll discover vibrant wash bags and beautifully textured towels. Spend summer days relaxing at home in Città’s linen loungewear or head to the beach with a carry-all market bag toting a happily coloured beach towel. The first designs from the SS2021 collection are available in Città retail stores and online at Keep an eye on Città’s social channels @citta for updates as the collection continues to be released over the spring/ summer season.

Città is proud to stock a curated collection from Danish design company Stelton, including the timeless AJ teapot (RRP $590).

Thea and Firth cushion covers (RRP $109 each) take inspiration from colour field art. Hand-painted by Città designer Imogen Tunnicliffe.

Market bag (RRP $69.90) is perfect for summer expeditions and market wanders.

The Acre chair (RRP from $390) is designed in collaboration between Città and Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young.

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New season cushion covers designed in New Zealand. Discover more at


THE RETURN OF THE SCULLERY Are you thinking of including a scullery or a butler’s pantry in your new kitchen? Before you do, take time to read what designers Michelle Gillbanks and Jane Fergusson from Kitchens By Design have to say about these popular little spaces. Most kitchens these days sit in an open-plan space. They’ve been designed to be communal; to be inclusive with the rest of the living area, and to be shown off. And that’s great. However, where do you now store all the ‘stuff’ you don’t want everyone to see? And where do you do the last-minute prep before all the guests arrive – and dump all the dishes after the dinner party? The scullery is so much more than a dumping ground, however. It can be a secondary kitchen, it also offers extra storage, and it’s a refuge for cooks requiring quiet time from the rest of the family. This is why a scullery or a butler’s pantry is now one of the most requested features by homeowners, who are putting in a new kitchen. Before we get down to talking about the nitty-gritty of design, let’s clear up the main differences between a scullery and a butler’s pantry. “The main distinction is that the butler’s pantry is a ‘dry’ area that serves primarily as a place for storage. The scullery is a ‘wet’ area that functions as an additional to, or an extension of the main kitchen, for event prep and clean-up,” says Michelle Gillbanks. Jane Fergusson agrees, adding that a scullery is a working space and generally includes a sink and possibly additional appliances. “The scullery is an extension of the kitchen, which can allow a space to store platters for dinner parties, to use as a baking area, or as a clean-up space. A pantry, on the other

62 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

hand, is a storeroom, with no appliances or sinks – it’s purely a food or small appliances storage.” What’s the minimum size you should consider for a working scullery?

“In practical terms, a pantry needs to be at least 1.6m x 3m to call it a scullery,” says Jane. “Anything less is a pantry storeroom. The bigger the space, the more features and appliances can be included.” “Trying to squeeze a small ‘scullery’ into the kitchen floor plan isn’t the best use of space. If there isn’t enough space for a completely separate scullery, you can try incorporating it into the main kitchen space by using a sliding door system or pocket bi-fold doors to shut it off, without having to create a separate ‘room’ for your small appliances and prep area,” says Michelle. “Then just close the doors when guests arrive!” What design elements should you try to include in a scullery?

“A sink and plenty of bench space are fundamental,” says Jane. “Also, try to maximise storage and ease of access, to make the space useable for several members of a family to use at the same time.” Michelle concurs… “The basic elements of a scullery must include plenty of storage space, counter space, and a sink. But you can add other things to your scullery design to suit your needs - perhaps a dishwasher, microwave, and other small appliances.”


Jane adds that a pleasant outlook is great to have if possible, to feel connected to either the kitchen or the outside. She also says that a dishwasher is not a must, unless you are using your scullery as an overflow from the kitchen, or you entertain a lot. “If a dishwasher is to be included, then another bin for the food scraps should also be included – this, of course, means two bins to empty.” Staying with design, do the designers have any tips regarding clever storage ideas or systems?

If you have corners – which you are bound to – Jane says there are some good pull-out mechanical units that can be installed to help access the hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies, which will eliminate having to scramble into the corners. Open, eye-level shelving also provides easy access to glasses or crockery, she adds. “Personally, I love the Häfele Le Mans corner unit, also using spice racks, under-shelf baskets and stemware holders can help utilise every inch of your storage space,” says Michelle. “Hanging cookware racks that make the most of vertical spaces and space towers help make access easy.” When it comes to aesthetics, should you try to blend it in or make it look different?

“With a separate scullery, it is nice to make this space feel like an extension of the kitchen,” says Jane. “Changing the finishes to match, such as using a Melteca instead of veneer, can give the same look but with less cost. Keeping with the same material, colour palette connects the two spaces.” Michelle agrees… “Blending elements from your kitchen is best, but if the budget can’t stretch to using the same products, using complementary, but lower-cost products can work well.” Any tips or alternatives for smaller spaces, where a scullery just isn’t feasible?

“Make sure you have readily available, easy access pantry storage centrally located to your prep area or fridge. This may include bi-folding, sliding or pocket doors in front of pull-out drawers under a benchtop,” says Jane.

One final thought from Jane… "If you are considering a scullery, remember not to compromise on the main kitchen space and flow. Think about how you envisage using the scullery every day. The flow from the kitchen to the scullery is important – it has to be a space that you want to be in and still feel connected to the main kitchen.”

So, there you have it – some top advice from two of the country’s best kitchen designers. If you’re looking to put in a new kitchen, pop into Kitchens By Design’s showroom, located at 3 Byron Avenue in Takapuna, or give one of its designers a call on T: 09 379 3084. For inspiration, take a look at some fabulous projects at PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021





Luxaflex® Aluminium Venetian Blinds black

Auckland’s leading design team for stylish window furnishings. Lahood partners with the world renowned Luxaflex range of blinds and sunscreens. Their design excellence and contemporary European styling is perfectly suited to protect you from the intense summer heat and harsh UV light we experience in New Zealand. Lahood is the only Luxaflex Gallery Partner in Auckland, supplying and showcasing an extended Luxaflex product range which is sure to inspire. Lahood’s expertise and considered approach have made them the window furnishings provider of choice for New Zealand's top architects, developers and homeowners alike. When the design and manufacture is complete, Lahood’s design consultants will work with their own expert installers to ensure that no matter how simple or complex your vision is brought to reality.

Luxaflex® Roller Blind LiteRise kidsroom

VENETIANS Simple and stylish, providing a timeless design that suits many interior styles, aluminium venetians offer you precise control of light intensity and direction. In just seconds you can effortlessly control light, ventilation and privacy while adding style and value to your home. If you appreciate the look and feel of natural timber, Luxaflex Countrywoods® Timber Venetians collection is available in a variety of colours and colour co-ordinated components. Lahood also recommend Luxaflex Woodmates® as an alternative to wooden venetians, made of 100% polyresin with the look and feel of real timber. Woodmates can be used in high-humidity areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

Luxaflex® Qmotion® Roller Blinds with iPhone

ROLLERBLINDS AND SUNSCREENS Luxaflex blinds and screens provide you with endless decorating possibilities in fabrics, textures and colours to enhance your home. Blinds are a perfect window fashion, making a stunning decorative statement that transforms your home.

installation required, Luxaflex Roller Blinds by Lahood with Q-motion is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. Powered by batteries that last up to five years, the Q-motion system operates roller blinds quietly and smoothly. Easy wireless installation in any home, no electrician required.

Screen the sun, filter the light or create darkness. Luxaflex roller blinds by Lahood and screens can be whatever you need them to be. It means you can unify your home with one style of window covering and because blinds and screens are sleek and simple, they complement almost any interior theme.

Q-motion’s innovative design minimises friction with precision ball bearings, reducing the amount of power needed to raise and lower the shade and thereby making batteries last longer – an industry first. Their movement is smooth and virtually silent. Q-motion Technology roller blinds operate with standard batteries that are discreetly housed inside the shade tube, yet are easy to replace when new batteries are required. And because Q-motion roller blinds are completely cordless it makes them child and pet safe.

AUTOMATION If you’ve always wanted the convenience of automated roller blinds but were afraid of the expensive and invasive

From inspiration to installation, Lahood Window Furnishings does it all. For all enquiries and orders, please phone 0800LAHOOD, or visit and complete an enquiry form.

64 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



@YUVA YUVA is a specialist importer of kilims and other vintage rugs, runners, saddle-bags, cushions and bags.

Large Kilim Pouf - $495

YUVA has a large range of unique gift ideas for your special person this Christmas season. Browse our website on to find a gift that is rich in history, hand crafted and will stand the test of time.

Kilim Cushion Cover - $150

Kilim & Canvas Tote Bag - $145

Small Hemp Pouf - $295

Mini Turkish Rug - $295

Kilim Floor Cushion Cover - $295

Call us on 022 163 5300, we’re located at 53 Wood Street (Franklin Road End) Freemans Bay, Auckland.

Woven Collections Quality handmade rugs, runners, cushions, bags and more. @yuva_nz 53 Wood Street, Freemans Bay 022-163-5300

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



THE MAGIC IS IN THE MIX Just a few decades ago, gin and tonics were considered rather boring, the drink of musty golf clubs. But those days are well and truly gone due to a boom in craft gin distilling - a ‘ginaissance’, if you will! But there’s also been a new wave of experimentation with gin’s life partner, tonic water. Local brand Alchemy & Tonic is leading this wave of new generation mixers, creating tonics, soda waters, lemonades and ginger ales so delicious they’re designed to be on their own, or take centre stage when combined with their spirit counterparts. “Tonic accounts for most of a properly made gin and tonic,” says Alchemy & Tonic’s Kate Smith. “Contemporary drinkers are very particular about their gin or vodka, so why shouldn’t they lavish the same attention on their mixer as well?” Kate says as spirits continue to grow and diversify, so too do the mixing drinks that carry them. She adds that previously the category was dominated by English brands, but consumer buying trends show a surge in preference for New Zealand made artisanal drinks. “There’s a host of new creative players on the market optimising uniquely New Zealand flavours that resonate with consumers here. At Alchemy & Tonic we like to experiment with the likes of Kawakawa and Hibiscus to create drinks that offer a distinct flavour profile.”

Alchemy & Tonic officially launched in September 2020 with a distinct assortment of inspired and inventive mixers, including Hibiscus Pink Lemonade, Spiced Ginger Orange with Cassia, Indian Tonic Water with Kawakawa. Two months ago, the local company added a Blood Orange & Bitters Soda, a mixer that goes great with tequila, a spirit trending globally. Coming soon to New World and Farro stores is their latest creation, a Rhubarb & Smashed Mandarin Tonic. Set to stand alone or lift gin to new heights, this addition has a very exciting flavour that’s juicy but tart, all in the same mouthful. Available in 250ml pastel cans and preaching premium affordability, a four pack of 250ml Alchemy & Tonic cans PN retails at just $7.99. 

KIWI START-UP TURNING THE WORLD OF CHEESE UPSIDE DOWN Home-grown success story Angel Food will launch its new improved dairy-free cheese alternatives in innovative new packaging on 1 November. The new plastic tubs are resealable and reusable and 100% recyclable wherever #5 plastic is accepted. Manufactured in Tauranga, the cooked product is filled straight into the tubs while still hot. “The end result is as delicious as dairy cheese, but instead of cows we use coconut oil and potato starch,” says Founder and Managing Director Alice Shopland. “At the Fine Food Show in June we actually had chefs and grocery buyers saying, ‘I can’t believe it’s not cheese'." Shopland says that in the past, Angel Food has used dairy cheese-type packaging but now many more people are switching to plant milks for the environment and Angel Food is ready to be loud and proud about doing things differently. “It

66 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

takes 10 litres of cows’ milk to make just 1kg of dairy cheese so choosing Angel Food, at least some of the time, has a hugely positive environmental impact.” The products in the new packaging are the latest formulations of Angel Food’s cheddar and mozzarella alternatives, and a new smoked cheddar block. They can be sliced, grated or melted just like dairy cheese and are delicious raw or cooked. “We don’t need to abandon our yummy cheese-eating traditions in New Zealand; we can simply update them to something that’s appropriate for the times we’re living in,” says Shopland.  PN





Established in 2012, Eddie and his team have earned a reputation for delivering the highest standard of service, commitment and quality workmanship, covering all your commercial, residential and rental property requirements.

Have a project? Call for a free, no obligation quote


AIRBNB BUSINESS FOR SALE Business only (no land & buildings) Owner leaving town, private sale Live on or off site

High return on investment Training provided Offers over $190,000

Business Details 5 Airbnbs Herne Bay location Long fixed term lease

Request an info pack: Ryan Weir 022 657 9432

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



CREATING YOUR DREAM SPACE - TRUE CUSTOM MADE WARDROBES AND STORAGE Innovative Interiors are passionate when it comes to customised storage solutions; transforming spaces from ordinary, to serene and beautiful. Innovative Interiors provide New Zealand custom made wardrobes and storage solutions. From the bedroom to the laundry, they pride themselves not only on the quality of their workmanship, but also the fact they are a one-stop shop, offering a complete service, from design to manufacture and installation. Innovative interiors don’t do cookie cutter experiences. They know you are unique, and their wardrobes and storage solutions are too; they are truly passionate about space. Every home is different and each person has its own individual needs. Every piece of furnuitue that Innovative Interiors creates is designed to be functional, add value, and style to your home. They take the time to listen to you and present a customized storage solution that is made in New Zealand by their experienced team and installed by their own installation team. Innovative Interiors create stylish and practical spaces that are completely bespoke - from Traditional reach in wardrobes through to Euro luxury, they provide solutions for your entire home. From granite tops through to feature display cabinets and LED lighting, Innovative Interiors offer some of the most premium finishes avaliable in the market today. The Traditional wall mounted range is high on quality but lower on price. The advantages of a wall-mounted system include minimising disturbances to your floors, and maximising casual storage beneath the units for items such as shoes, bags or baskets. The Traditional range is typically used for reach-in wardrobes and handy when you’re short on space. The Classic range is a floor-mounted system that can be used in both a reach-in or a walk-in setting. Like the Traditional wardrobes, the Classic wardrobes are made in 18mm MDF, but come with a broader range of customisable options and finishes. With the extra built-in space of a Classic, you can include things such as pull out drawers for shoes - every girl’s dream! Finally there is the Euro range which is the ultimate pamper package, a premium walk-in wardrobe and dressing room

68 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

option. This highly sophisticated range is floor-mounted, and made from 25mm or 30mm MDF; the weight making it suitable for larger spaces. Euro wardrobes come with a range of luxurious accessories such as trouser racks, mirrors, and jewellery drawers, to name a few. The Euro is more than just a wardrobe. It’s a statement piece about how you live your life. To experience first-hand what Innovative Interiors deliver, talk to one of their design consultants at the Innovative Interiors showroom in Mt Wellington. Their showroom is located at Unit S, 24 Allright Place, Mt Wellington - open weekdays 9am-4pm and Saturdays 10am -2pm. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Our reputation is built on being able to provide our customers with a complete service from design through to manufacture and installation. Effective storage is a key element of a well-planned and highly functioning living environment. We work closely with architects, builders and our customers to develop the perfect personalised solution for your space and your budget.

0800 80 30 50


NEW MELUKA KIDS BOOKS Meluka now has their first ever collection of books available to purchase online. With more amazing homewares now available online perfect for the upcoming Christmas season, shop the full range online today. Little People, Big Dreams. Discover the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream. Shop the full range online now at




Furniture. Simply.


70 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


Tumblehome coffee table

Newport one drawer bedside $1960 the pair

366 Great North Road Grey Lynn t:0 9 376 2895


Eden bedside in Ancient Kauri - clear finish $2980 the pair

Newport 2 drawer bedside Ash frame & kauri drawers. Hickory/Honey finish $2980 the pair


ROSE & HEATHER, 366 Great North Road, Grey Lynn T: 09 376 2895,


w w

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



MARIST CATHOLIC SCHOOL’S ONLINE Marist Catholic School has a warm welcoming atmosphere, high academic excellence, Catholic values and an inclusive community. Students are known individually by their teachers and good communication between home and school is a strong priority. Marist Catholic School is a state-integrated primary school (Year 0-6). The students receive an excellent education involving Catholic values being integrated into every aspect of school life. Part of being Catholic is about community and belonging. Catholic education is a way of building this understanding through teachings of diversity, culture and identity. 2020 as we all know was a year that no-one wishes to repeat and brought many challenges to all of society. Education was one of these challenges and Marist Catholic School embraced these challenges ensuring that the interruptions to the students' learning would be minimal. A major focus for the school at the beginning of 2020 was to ensure the parents had a better understanding of what their children were learning and experiencing at school during a school day. In January 2020 the school introduced a resource that had both classes and students blogging about what they were learning through photos, videos and uploading work which parents could see and also comment on. This resource proved to be an essential component of the remote learning that would begin in March that year.

Feedback from Marist Catholic School parents was that they were extremely appreciative of all the teachers efforts and thought the teachers had worked above and beyond as they also were dealing with their own whānau’s and wellbeing. The students found it helpful to have the ability to work both on and off line, with the school constantly reinforcing the message that everyone's home situation is different as parents navigated their work situation. Whānau were reminded to do whatever worked for them with the remote learning that had been shared. As one parent told Ponsonby News, "The remote learning plan is a good balance of quality learning activities and connection opportunties for the children. The parents are also given lots of support from the teachers to help guide them via our on-line APP, easy to follow weekly timetable and individuaised teacher feedback messages on their child’s progress. "This has meant the kids stay engaged, connected and can continue with their key learning tasks and the parents can monitor their child's progress. We can see a lot of planning and effort has gone into the programme by the dedicated staff."  PN

With a highly dedicated staff the school was able to quickly move into remote learning where the students and their parents could continue the learning from home. The remote learning consisted of differentiated group work as well as group learning through zoom sessions and sessions where parents could get online with teachers if they had questions or needed support. Throughout the lockdowns feedback from parents and students was gathered and tweaks to the programmes were made to constantly improve the procedures so that the students' learning and wellbeing was nurtured. Historically, in a normal year at Marist Catholic School students achievement is very high with the achievement percentage levels across the school in Reading, Writing and Maths being in the high 90’s. 2020 understandably saw a very small drop of around 8% across the school, which in comparison to Auckland schools was low and nationally extremely low.

72 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021





PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



A FEW MINUTES WITH DIXIE FINLAYSON Owner of Artmount & Framing Matters. Tell us about your history.

I stumbled into framing in my early 20’s. A student friend had a part time job in a workshop and said they were looking for help. My initial reaction was “framing? Is that even a profession? What on earth?” However, after a few weeks I knew that I had found my place and tribe! I first started my own framing business working from the basement of a friend’s house in Grey Lynn. An opportunity then arose to move into a workspace with Artmount on the Strand in Parnell, where I stayed for 27 years and purchased Artmount, changing the business name from Framing Matters to Artmount & Framing Matters. Earlier this year AMFM moved into 82 Newton Rd, which has been a great opportunity to create and design the space to fit my vision of my dream workshop. What is your favourite part of your job?

The people and the art! I love our clients' reactions when they collect their work and see the transformation of their piece once it’s framed, awesome! What do your customers say about you?

I have been very fortunate to have worked with some amazing and very skilled staff over the years and I think this really shines through with customers who appreciate the knowledge that we apply to their artwork - whether design or technically speaking. At present I have such a great team and am very proud of their accomplishments and skill. I am also exceptionally lucky to have amazing loyal customers! Every day we get to meet interesting people, some of whom

are only discovering us now we are on Newton Road. We frame for several key galleries so get to work alongside very talented gallery owners and staff who are so passionate and specialised at what they do. I am often amazed and inspired by these people! What has been your biggest challenge of late?

Relocating our business to the new premises was a massive undertaking, but we got there with the support of staff and close friends. Covid-19 has been a real challenge for myself and staff but we have adapted by constantly “hunting the good stuff” and the support of our regular customers has been humbling! We are now well versed at managing the supply crisis that had a massive impact on the framing industry and we are now stocked up and have the ability to meet our client’s deadlines in a post-Covid world.

Avoid the Christmas Rush Book your Picture Framing Now

Visit us in our new showroom 82 NEWTON ROAD, EDEN TERRACE. Plenty of parking (situated next to the Big Golf Warehouse) - p.09 3092020 - 74 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



UPTOWN ART SCENE Right now, there’s great art to see in real life on your neighbourhood walk. While we can’t yet access the inside of our local art galleries, many of them offer window displays. Like giant vitrines, galleries present paintings behind glass for those hungry for visual stimulus beyond our digital screens. Ponsonby Road is perfect for window shopping, with endemicworld, OREXART, FHE Galleries, {Suite} Gallery, and Studio One Toi Tu. In Grey Lynn, Ivan Anthony’s new space boasts a wide expanse of window, and on Karangahape Road Melanie Roger and Artspace are front and centre, while the works on Starkwhite’s walls can be viewed obliquely – such a tease! Of course, while the doors are shut, the websites and phones are open. New exhibitions are online and galleries welcome enquiries. Hi-res images are available, and Melanie Roger even offers to hang requests from her current show and stockroom in her street-front window, so a buyer can eyeball in real life. I can see this becoming the norm. The online world of art is growing creatively, with exclusive offers and viewings. Objectspace commissioned five artists to create their own unique series of Objectspace limited editions, released online only on consecutive Wednesdays. Objectspace partnered with My ART, who offer interest-free loans to purchase art for this fantastic fund-raising initiative.

Simon Stockley, Hydrange Valley, at endemicworld

Artspace developed an alternative space with Webbs Auction House. The online exhibition and auction “When the Dust Settles” drew on the history of Artspace, New Zealand’s longest running artist-run space (since 1987), with works from founding members like Mary Louise-Browne and Judy Darragh and new contributors such as Nikau Hindin. The auction raised significant funds for Artspace, ensuring it continues its good work on Karangahape Road. Plenty of Auckland galleries are showing at TENT, Aotearoa Art Fair’s spring event, in online “viewing rooms”, and Artweek Auckland is weathering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to deliver local art experiences. Our artists and galleries are presenting us with stories, dreams, and colour when we most need them - please support all as best you can. EVAN WOODRUFFE, Studio Art Supplies Fiona Pardington, Judgement, at Starkwhite

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



Richard Lewer, I would jump from the highest waterfall just to be able to say goodbye to you, 2021 Acrylic on linen, 1530 x 1530mm

@ {SUITE} Describing himself as a social realist, Richard Lewer’s art can often be seen navigating the complexities and idiosyncrasies of society - its mores, culture, and its people. Interwoven with socio-political commentaries are snippets of the artist’s own personal life alongside the histories of Aotearoa and his adopted home Australia; marrying voyeurism with confession, observation with anecdote to visualise worlds on the cusp. This latest suite of works shows Lewer’s interest in sites and settings that exist at a juncture or threshold between happenings. What is taking place here? What will happen next? The equivocacy of his paintings obscures any clear answer. Lewer’s veneer of normalcy is coloured by the fantastical; the promise of a reckoning, a confrontation, a disaster or phenomenon shifting beneath the surface of otherwise prosaic scenes. After a decade-long exploration of alternative mediums, these paintings signal a return for Lewer to the uncompromising combination of acrylic on raw linen. A strong and durable though unyielding material, this choice of medium begets a mixture of volatility and decisiveness that adds to his already highly-stylised technique. Richard Lewer ‘You don’t have to wake up fighting every day’ is on show at {Suite}, 189 Ponsonby Road from 9 November until December 4. Visit to view the exhibition online, or call Director David Alsop on 09 218 4399 to receive an email catalogue.

76 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

Richard Lewer, Flying Fox colony sunrise, 2021 Acrylic on linen, 750 x 750mm



NIGHT FOR DAY @ OREXART Tony Lane: 10 November – 5 December Tony Lane’s work draws inspiration from art history through the ages: Italian frescoes, Renaissance landscapes, Spanish still-life, and the New Zealand landscape from Heaphy to McCahon. Through this wide lens, Lane explores the landscape as divine, nature as omnipresent, how the light both directs and affects the viewer. His hand-gilded gold frames strike a delicate balance between ritual and revelation. His is the contemplative world, the stings of dotted lines create a pathway from one realm to the other, day, evening, night, places to go, to recover, to heal. Tony Lane has held more than 100 solo exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout New Zealand, and exhibited in galleries in New York, London, Barcelona, Seville, and Gstaad. His work is represented in major public collections throughout New Zealand. OREXTART, 221 Ponsonby Road, E:

Night for Day, 2021 Oil on gesso on board, 1200 x 1200mm in studio

tony lane night for day

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021


Kura, TVNZ OnDemand


LOVING THE LOCAL IN LOCKDOWN Lockdown has stretched out a little longer than we all imagined and one silver lining amongst all the challenges is being able to support our ‘locals’ wherever we can - retailers, service providers, and creatives that make our communities what they are. Whether it’s a great coffee and a friendly smile, a favourite take-out or something more personal, it’s often the little things and people that make where we live special to us. Hopefully we all remember to keep appreciating them and keep supporting ‘our locals’ as we begin to move out of lockdown. This month’s streaming guide includes local shows, Kiwi talent and a series that has many in the country completely enthralled. TVNZ ONDEMAND Kura

Billy-John and Hotene are instantly lovable heroes but the thing they love most is Home, Papakura (Kura) - the place, its people, and the community through which they view the world. It’s the place that grounds these two young men as they try to find their way in life without losing themselves. Amongst the gags and self deprecating one-liners is an endearing set of values that seem uniquely New Zealand. It’s not fast cars, flash clothes and perfect coffees - it’s very funny people in a community that ‘owns’ its vibe.  Good Night Kiwi

A dash of nostalgia and some supreme performances by some very talented New Zealanders makes this the perfect wind down bedtime ritual for younger viewers. Parents and caregivers will enjoy stories presented with animation and read performances that range from utterly hilarious to thoughtful which really make this series thoroughly enjoyable. 

78 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

Hilary Barry reads The Moon & The Farmer McPhee, , TVNZ OnDemand

This show is all about ‘the local’. Authentic locations and relatable characters make an utterly uplifting comedy series which makes you smile and warms your heart.




Squid Game

The Boys

Against a backdrop of a society teetering on the shaky foundations of escalating personal debt, this macabre tale explores questions of humanity and ideas of finding true value in a voyeristic style like a lord of the flies reality game. It isn’t uplifting, and the squeamish will need to avert their eyes at times to wade through graphic violence to solve the mystery. Questions of who is behind the games and how much death is worth the prize offers a cautionary tale that is perhaps quite relevant in our own communities as we try to balance economic recovery with the health and lives of all citizens. While it may include kids games, it’s not really family viewing. 

Local acting talent Karl Urban and Anthony Star keep this anti-superhero series refreshing. Both are known to hang out in our local hoods when they aren’t working hard on international projects.

The Boys is a series that continues a theme of dystopian realities where hedonistic money driven motivations reveal the dark side of unchecked power and the danger of enabling it. Violent, explicit and gritty, this isn’t part of the regular super hero universe. Urban is utterly believable and truly owns his character ‘Billy Butcher'. What could have been a carbon copy of every renegade hero becomes something more with his humorous and darkly believable style. Starr is chillingly impressive as America’s most beloved superhero. It’s fast paced enough to be binge worthy for those over 18. 

The Boys, Amazon Prime Video

It’s the Korean drama that has everyone reading subtitles without complaint. Just like classic dystopian action films like The Running Man (1987), The Hunger Games (2012) and Mazerunner (2014), it works on the premise that the future is so bleak for most people that some are willing to sacrifice their life for a chance to improve it.

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021



KEENING - A NEW EXHIBITION BY JACK TROLOVE Opening: Sunday 7 November 2pm – 4.30pm, 7–14 November Keening - (Auckland preview) In the sculpture studio of Terry Stringer, 8 Couldry Street (Yellow Door) Eden Terrace. Keening, Te Manawa Museum, Palmerston North, 11 December 2021 – 29 April 2022 When I paint, I’m trying to find feeling; it’s as simple and as complicated as that. I try to make paintings that remind us how much emotional muscle we have.

and the living are moved to let loose the wildness of their grief, then and there. The keener’s cry unravels the world as it is, so it can re-form enough to be lived in.

The materiality of paint holds a lot - it can carry gestures and energies that are unsettling, disturbing or blissful, and sensations like plummeting and flight, simultaneously. The more years I spend painting, the more magical this seems to me.

Unravelling and reforming - using feeling as the primary navigator - these have been my studio clues for working in paint.

The raw linen shows through the paint; these paintings are not whole stories. If anything, they’re the holes in stories, showing themselves being made and undone. Untethering at the threshold. Paintings themselves can work as thresholds, by creating a literal second skin to move through, to feel moved. Studio life has found me tracing back through my Pākehā genealogy, looking for when we were last fluent in moving between worlds - before we were fluent in the separation and domination narratives of colonisation. Looking for thresholdlanguage mentors, I rediscovered the keeners in Celtic traditions, whose practice (at a death) among other elements, involves wailing, so that a deceased spirit can pass over fully,



80 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2021

A Whitespace Project Enquiries to Deborah White: +64 21 639789

This exhibition is dedicated to those who work in transformational practices at other thresholds — to the keeners, kaikaranga, midwives, rongoā practitioners, palliative carers, choreographers, therapists and healers, to name a few. To people who the world makes liminal, including those who live between gender — ours are some of many bodies that keep the thresholds of the world from closing down. To experts from the natural world: the mangroves, the dawn, the dusk thank you for showing us how to thrive at the in-between. To the people whose bones sparked these paintings, who were open to their form dancing off the edge of recognisable, into a third space here, thank you, Jack Trolove. Jack has been a practicing artist for over twenty years, showing in spaces across Aotearoa, Australia and Europe. He has an MFA from Massey University and is currently pursuing his doctorate at Elam School of Fine Arts. He has been awarded an international artist residency by the Scottish Arts Council and has undertaken other residencies in France and Spain. He’s been an award winner and finalist in the Wallace Art Awards on multiple occasions. His last solo show, ‘Tenderise’, was the subject of a feature review in Art New Zealand. Reviewer Michael Dunn wrote, "Tenderise proves to be, on reflection, a show of considerable depth and relevance. In it, Trolove has evolved as a painter of substance as well as a virtuoso manipulator of paint". Jack’s work can be found in public and private collections both here and overseas.


Website coupon code 101121 for free nation-wide shipping Valid until 15 December 2021

Celebrate the season in your own back yard GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMA IL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

N E W Z E A L A N D FA I R I E S B R I N G E X T R A M AG I C TO C H R I S T M A S - $ 3 4 . 9 5 e a c h Designed locally in Parnell, Auckland by a passionate and talented lady with a history of writing children’s books and poetry. These fairies are 13cm tall with a gold thread for hanging. The legs and arms are flexible. Over 30 different cheerful designs to choose from.


#31646 Pohutukawa Wahine Fairy

#39271 Pohutukawa Princess Fairy

#40790 Native Pohutukawa Fairy

#35688 Crimson Pohutukawa Fairy

#35687 Summer Pohutukawa Fairy


#33483 Spotted Kiwi Fairy

#33482 Kea Fairy

#31667 Fantail Fairy

#31649 Tui Fairy

#40795 Kingfisher Fairy


#39983 Mahuika Fairy

#31674 Akaroa French Lace Fairy

#31654 Toi Toi Fairy


#39988 Honey Bee Fairy

#40794 Matariki Fairy

#37242 Teal Paua Shell

#37246 Purple Paua Shell


#31655 Orange Monarch Fairy


#40791 Parnell Rose Garden Fairy


#39986 Lavender Fairy


#40796 Pink Scallop Shell


#31650 Tiki Fairy

#40793 Native Tree Fuchsia Fairy

#40798 Gumnut Fairy

#40799 Sunset Fairy


#40792 Grape Fairy

#35686 Pavlova Fairy

#39982 Pounamu Fairy

#39984 Aotearoa Fairy


#40797 Gold Dust Fairy


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

H A N D M A D E O F N E W Z E A L A N D W O O L I N N E PA L This Fair Trade certified company was established to provide job opportunities for unemployed, mainly illiterate women in Nepal. The craft work these woman produce brings them a sense of purpose and pride, being able to contribute to the income of their family and the economic growth of Nepal. New range for 2021.

#40933 Woolly Sheep 11cm $18.95

#40943 Fishing Santa 11cm $18.95

#40938 Moana Mermaid 13cm $19.95

#40937 Rugby Santa 9cm $17.95

#40939 Green Taniwha 12cm $19.95

#40936 Pukeko in Punga Tree 10cm $19.95

#40941 Buzzy Bee 7cm $17.95

#40940 Kingfisher 11cm $18.95

#40935 Brown Kiwi 9cm $17.95

#40934 Scuba Penguin 12cm $18.95

N E W Z E A L A N D N AT I V E B I R D S - H A N D C R O C H E T E D I N A R M E N I A - $ 1 9 . 9 5 e a c h These delightful hand crafted decorations are a cheerful addition to your New Zealand themed tree. Produced in limited numbers.

#40252 Pukeko 4cm

#40253 Kiwi 4cm

#40251 Tui 4cm

#40254 Fantail / Piwakawaka 4cm

#40250 Wood Pigeon / Kereru 4cm

H A N G I N G I C O N I C K I W I T H E M E D D E C O R AT I O N S - $ 1 7 . 9 5 e a c h This iconic range of decorations has been discontinued by the designer. Some styles are very low in stock. If you are collecting this range, now is the time to get what you would like as we can not supply anymore in the future.

#39218 Kiwifruit Santa 18cm

#39219 Sheep Santa 13cm

#39887 Sailor Santa 15cm

#39221 Surfer Santa 21cm

#39217 Whale 21cm

#38255 Gumboot Santa 20cm

#38256 Weetbix Santa 11cm

#39222 Meat Pie Santa 17cm

#39223 Travelling Kiwi 13cm

#38257 Pavlova Kiwi 12cm

#38258 Beach Santa 17cm

#39224 Liquorice Allsort Santa 11cm

#38259 Hokey Pokey Santa 17cm

#39225 White/Gold Kiwi 16cm

#38260 Marmite Santa 11cm

#38261 Rugby Santa 16cm

#38262 Bungy Santa 17cm

#38263 M-aori Santa 18cm

#38264 Brown Kiwi 16cm

#39220 Tomato Sauce Santa 17cm

#38267 Xmas Cow 17cm

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

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ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREES - MADE IN EUROPE A variety of styles and prices. Sizes range from 1.2 to 2.4 meters. Other tree vital statistics are on our website. $8 freight anywhere in New Zealand.

Nature Xmas Tree #40767 120cm $239 #40769 180cm $659

Silhouette Xmas Tree #40766 150cm $219 #40764 180cm $319 #39698 210cm $419

Exclusive Xmas Tree #40768 120cm $269 #40763 180cm $659 #39696 210cm $759 #39697 240cm $859

Smart Line Xmas Tree #40762 180cm $599 #39694 210cm $699 #39695 240cm $799

Premium Xmas Tree #40770 180cm $1079 6 foot, 906 tips

Tundra Xmas Tree #40765 180cm $829 6 foot, 578 tips

Cone Xmas Tree #40774 180cm $339 6 foot, 726 tips

Noel Xmas Tree #40771 180cm $1179 6 foot, 1035 tips

Rocky Xmas Tree #40773 180cm $1339 6 foot, 1043 tips

Tajga Xmas Tree #40772 180cm $699 6 foot, 495 tips

C H R I S T M A S T R E E S K I R T S A N D T R E E TO P P E R S From classic reds and golds to modern minimal whites. Choose a tree skirt and topper to suit your style.

#39616 Holly Pattern 120cm $74.95

#39615 Red Felt 120cm $59.95

#39618 Red with Stars 120cm $59.95

#39617 White with fringe 120cm $74.95

#39628 Gold with Sequins 120cm $99.95

#39629 Red with Sequins 120cm $99.95

#39570 Flower Fairy Topper 18cm $33.95

#40567 Starlight Fairy Topper 18cm $63.95

#40568 Winter Dreams Topper $63.95

#40582 Princess Fairy Topper 18cm $63.95

#40598 Gold Fairy Topper 18cm $49.95

#40942 NZ Wool Angel Topper $29.95

#40526 Star Mini Topper 12cm $22.95

#40592 Gold Star Topper 28cm $63.95

#40585 Wool Mouse Star 10cm $88.95

#40101 Sequin Party Macaw 67cm $129.95

#37363 Feather Red Macaw 44cm $89.95

#22709 Felt Scandi Topper 25cm $16.95


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

D E L I G H T F U L I N D O O R L E D C H R I S T M A S T R E E S , W R E AT H S A N D G A R L A N D S Quick and easy to assemble and decorate trees that look so good you may not want to even decorate them. Great items for the office. All LED items are boxed for easy storage. Only $8 freight anywhere in New Zealand.

Snowy Fir LED Tree #40757 150cm $279.95 #40756 180cm $359.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

White LED Tree #36910 150cm $269.95 #39609 210cm $429.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

Snowy Brown LED Tree #37353 150cm $269.95 #37354 210cm $429.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

Icey Pine LED Tree #40751 150cm $344.95 #39613 180cm $429.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

Red Berry LED Tree #40755 120cm $269.95 #40754 180cm $549.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

NZ Pine LED Tree #37348 120cm $184.95 #37349 180cm $399.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

Palm LED Tree #37345 120cm $139.95 #37346 180cm $219.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

White LED Shrub #37356 120cm $184.95 #40753 250cm $559.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug

Cherry Blossom LED Tree #39614 250cm $1,345 3mtr Cable incl Plug 288x LED Warm White Lights

Snowy Pine LED Tree #39611 180cm $369.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug 88x LED Warm White Lights

Long Needle Pine LED Tree #39612 150cm $249.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug 72x LED Warm White Lights

Birch Forest LED Tree #37350 150cm $319.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug 120x LED Warm White Lights

Snowy Pine LED Tree #40752 90cm $149.95 3mtr Cable incl Plug 54x LED Warm White Lights

NZ Pine LED Tree #37347 60cm $109.95 3AA Batteries 32x LED Warm White Lights

White Shrub LED Tree #37355 53cm $71.95 3AA Batteries 32x LED Warm White Lights

Snowy Pine LED Wreath #40758 40cm $69.95 3AA Batteries 24x LED Warm White Lights

Snowy Pine LED Garland #40759 180cm $89.95 3AA Batteries 44x LED Warm White Lights

Red Berry LED Wreath #40760 60cm $109.95 3AA Batteries 24x LED Warm White Lights

Red Berry LED Garland #40761180cm $109.95 3AA Batteries 36x LED Warm White Lights

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

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C A N D L E S A R E S O M U C H A P A R T O F C E L E B R AT I N G C H R I S T M A S A little bit of twinkling joy - these are the finishing touches to Christmas.

#39661 Smiley Drop $22.95 Pair

#39660 Smiley Dinner $14.95 Pair

#40750 Bearded Drop $22.95 Pair

#39688 Bearded Dinner $14.95 Pair

#39669 Advent Candle Holder $19.95

#34492 Glass Icey Berry C/H $19.95

#40121 Rose Pillar Candle Ring $36.95

#40627 Berry Pillar Candle Ring $30.95

#40628 Berry Dinner Candle Ring $13.95

#40734 Tapered Red Dinner $15.95 Pack 4

Xmas Nice Glass Jar #39656 Large $22.95 #39657 Small $24.95 Pair

#39658 Xmas Nice Tealights $14.95 Pack 8

A D V E N T C A N D L E S T O C O U N T D O W N T O C H R I S T M A S T H E S C A N D I N A V I A N W AY - $ 1 9 . 9 5 e a c h These candles are Danish made. There are over 30x designs to choose from on our website.

#39676 Xmas Heart

#40747 Gnomes

#40740 Oh Deer

#39673 Nordic Santa

#40744 Rocking Horse

#40745 Scandi Tree

#38451 Red Winter

#40749 Merry Xmas Deer

#39678 Rhymes

SCENTED C ANDLES IN BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS THEMED GLASS JARS Once the candle is burnt you have a lovely decorated handy keep sake glass jar. Stock is limited.

Robin Candle Jar Scent: Apple Ginger Snap #40629 8cm $25.95 #40624 10cm $52.95

Purple Pear Candle Jar Scent: Magnolia & Pear Blossom #40630 8cm $25.95 #40631 10cm $52.95

Holly Candle Jar Scent: Cinnamon & Orange #40634 8cm $25.95 #40633 10cm $52.95

White Xmas Rose Candle Jar Scent: Pure Vanilla #40635 8cm $25.95 #40636 10cm $52.95

Red Xmas Rose Candle Jar Scent: Apple Ginger Snap #40637 8cm $25.95 #40638 10cm $52.95

GingerBread Man Candle Jar Scent: Gingerbread #40119 8cm $25.95 #40118 10cm $52.95

Mistletoe Candle Jar Scent: Spiced Berry #40639 8cm $25.95 #40640 10cm $52.95

SnowDrop Candle Jar Scent: Jasmine Wood and Vanilla #40642 8cm $25.95 #40641 10cm $52.95

12 Days Xmas Candle Jar Scent: Christmas Pear #40643 8cm $25.95 #40644 10cm $52.95


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

C H R I S T M A S C H E E R F O R E V E R Y R O O M I N YO U R H O M E Celebrate the season at home with these delightful vibrant designs. The beautiful uplifting designs on the packaging make memorable gifts. The lovely aroma of the foaming hand soap and soap bars turns washing your hands into a moment of pleasure.

#40130 Xmas Spruce Foaming Soap $28.95

#40127 Merry Xmas Foaming Soap $28.95

#40126 Xmas Candy Foaming Soap $28.95

#40691 Season Tartan Foaming Soap $28.95

#40690 Joy to the World Foaming Soap $28.95

#40692 Eucalyptus & Mint Foaming Soap $28.95

#40296 Xmas Spruce Soap Bar $24.95

#40128 Merry Xmas Soap Bar $24.95

#40695 Xmas Candy Soap Bar $24.95

#40694 Season Tartan Soap Bar $24.95

#40693 Joy to the World Soap Bar $24.95

#40696 Eucalyptus & Mint Soap Bar $24.95

#40707 Merry Xmas Oven Glove $56.95

#40706 Xmas Candy Oven Glove $56.95

#40708 Joy to the World Glove $56.95

#40704 Merry Floral Xmas Apron $51.95

#40703 Xmas Candy Apron $51.95

#40705 Joy to the World Apron $51.95

#40701 Merry Floral Xmas Tray $89.95

#40700 Xmas Candy Tray $89.95

#40702 Joy to the World Tray $89.95

#40710 Merry Xmas Tea Towel $23.95 each

#40709 Xmas Candy Tea Towel $23.95

#40711 Joy to the World Tea Towel $23.95

#4073 Merry Xmas Soy Candle $46.95

#40714 Xmas Spruce Soy Candle $46.95

#40712 Joy to the World Candle $46.95

#40698 Merry Xmas Room Spray $26.95

#40697 Xmas Spruce Room Spray $26.95

#40699 Joy to the World Spray $26.95

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

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M I X A N D M AT C H Y O U R N A P K I N S F O R M O R E C H R I S T M A S C H E E R O N T H E T A B L E New prodcut for 2021. Hand crafted embroidery cotton napkins 40x40cm from Vietnam. Mix and match, or go for all the same design - $19.95 each

#40720 Christmas Bauble,

#40580 Crackers, 12 Days of Xmas $99.95 Box 6

#40719 Mistletoe,

#40583 Crackers, Xmas Robyn $99.95 Box 6

#40581 Crackers, Xmas Rose $99.95 Box 6

#40717 Three Wise Men,

#40716 Candy Wreath,

#40561 Resin Woodland Santa 43cm $164.95

#40715 Reindeer,

#25468 Christmas Mugs 330ml $125 pair

#40718 Holly

#39774 Table Centre Piece 100cm $69.95

#40578 Resin Footed Bowl 24cm $164.95

#40589 Resin Turtle Dish 23cm $75.95

#40590 Resin Palm Dish 21cm $49.95

#40625 Acrylic Palm Tree C/H 28cm $89.95

#40626 Acrylic Parrot Rose C/H 20cm $89.95

#40632 Green Dinner Candles $24.95 Pack 4

#40579 Acrylic Parrot on Stand 48cm $164.95

#40599 Plush Unicorn 45cm $126.95

#40653 Acrylic Palm Spray 65cm $35.95


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

A L L S TO C K I S O F L I M I T E D AVA I L A B I L I T Y A green and gold colour combination is an eye-catching theme. You can add a touch of red to create a different look in the future.

#40315 GlassBall Xmas Owl 8cm $24.95

#38545 GlassBall Leopard Print 8cm $20.95

#40481 Wood Fretwork Shape, Bee 8cm $18.95 each

#40465 Resin Bee Kingdom Leaf 9cm $37.95 each

#40466 Resin Bee Kingdom Gold Leaf 9cm $37.95 each

#40469 Resin Jungle Cat 8cm $18.95 each

#40380 GlassBall Irid, Gold Mesh Leaves 8cm $17.95

#36075 GlassBall Gold, Holly 8cm $20.95

#40388 GlassBall, Gold Starburst 8cm $18.95

#34137 Fabric Gold Flower Clip 14cm $24.95

#40343 GlassBall Green, Wide Rib 8cm $23.95

#40362 GlassBall Green, Palm Tree 8cm $19.95

#40361 GlassBall Green, Palm Leaf 8cm $24.95

#40379 Glass Beetle 8cm $49.95 each

#40470 BirdClip Sequin Humming Bird 16cm $37.95 each

#40333 Green Jungle Ball $23.95, #40827 Resin Monkey $49.95 #40490 Resin Jungle Cat $49.95, #40497 Resin Beetle $49.95 #40332 Green Leaf Ball $23.95, #40334 Clear Jungle Ball $23.95 #40491 Resin Tiger $49.95, #40495 Resin Frog $49.95

#40482 Wood Jungle Animals 11cm $18.95 each

#40505 Wood Jungle Humming Bird 14cm $18.95 each

#40471 BirdClip Green Gold 24cm $15.95

#40492 Resin Jungle Giraffe 11cm $49.95 each

#40493 Resin Jungle Elephant 8cm $49.95 each

#40494 Resin Jungle Rhino 8cm $49.95 each

#40607 Wreath, Gold Fern 56cm $199.95

#34479 Garland, Gold Fern 1.8mtr $189.95

#34117 Acrylic Gold Ginko Leaf $19.95

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz @g a l t o ns. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d ons.

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3D LED FLAME REUSABLE CHRISTMAS WINDOW STICKERS Provides a cozy ambience without the danger of open flames in environments like rest homes, hospitals and children’s rooms. Apply to windows, mirrors or any smooth surface. The double-sided images are great for viewing on either side of the window. Push button to turn on. Automatically turns off 6 hours later. Replaceable batteries. The smart gift box makes it suitable for storage, posting or gifting.

#39653 Granpa Santa $29.95

Holly Branch #39652 Sml $29.95 #39648 Lge $39.95

Candle 17x5cm #39650 Red $16.95 #39649 Ivory $16.95

#39651 Ivory Candles Set 4 $44.95

#39647 Nativity 20x26cm $44.95

#39654 Star 33x24cm $44.95

#39646 Wreath 25x25cm $34.95

Number one Christmas rule - Always give right of way to Santa’s Sleigh BRIGHTEN UP THE FESTIVE SEASON WITH LED SEED LIGHTS Charming lights for decorative purposes. Great gifts.

#40208 Glass Lightbulb $24.95

#40234 Starburst Light $44.95

#40209 Glass Moon $24.95

#40231 Wire Orb Fairy Lights 2mtr $19.95

#40210 Glass Sphere $24.95

#40224 Charge & Go Seed Lights $19.95

#40206 Glass Star $24.95

#40207 Glass Heart $24.95

Globe LED 10cm #40194 Tree $14.95 #40193 Angel $14.95 #40192 Church $14.95 #40908 Forest $14.95

#40205 Glass Balloon $24.95

Outdoor 5mtr Festoon Lights #40242 Sphere $89.95 #40240 Lightbulbs $89.95 #40239 Vintage $99.95

#40212 Battery Seed Lights 5mtr $14.95 #40215 Plug In Seed Lights 10mtr $39.95, 20mtr $57.95 #40244 Outdoor Battery Seed Lights 10mtr $29.95 #40226 Plug In Waterfall Seed Lights 8x 2mtr Strands $49.95


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

I N S P I R AT I O N F R O M T H E D A N I S H F L O R A D A N I C A D R A W I N G S Bring a touch of the old world botanical to your Christmas decor.

Flora Danica Candle $14.95 #40726 Clover, #40786 Lily #40788 America, #40787 Orchid

#40338 Glass Flower Clip $31.95 #40320 GlassBall Toadstool $24.95 #29731 Holly Wood Heart $12.95 #40323 GlassBall Rose $24.95 #40508 Tin Flower $49.95 #40463 Toadstool Wood Heart $12.95

#40319 GlassBall Red/Crm, Robin 8cm $24.95 each

Flora Danica Napkins $9.95 Flora Danica Candle #40725 America, #40783 Clover $14.95 Pack 2 #40727 Orchid, #40749 Primula #40784 Wintergreen, #40785 Carnation

#40555 Resin Pale Gold Toadstool $12.95 each

#40510 Tin Gold Leaf/Berry 9cm $49.95 each

#40507 Tin Painted Flower 20cm $49.95 each

#40437 Fabric Gold Toadstool in Dome 7cm $44.95

#33953 Glass Toadstool Gold Clip 8cm $31.95

#40438 BirdClip Black/Nat Fab Feather 24cm $18.95

#40326 GlassBall Gold, Toadstool 8cm $28.95

#40321 GlassBall Purple, Pear 8cm $24.95

#40325 GlassBall Gold, Butterfly 8cm $28.95

#40318 GlassBird Painted Flowers 7cm $24.95 each


#40618 Wreath, Poinsettia 60cm $252.95

#40612 Wreath, Mistletoe Leaves 50cm $189.95

#40610 Wreath, Green Fern 60cm $164.95

#40606 Wreath, Eucalyptus Red Flower 38cm $164.95

#40617 Wreath, Red Berry Fir 53cm $225.95

#40619 Garland, Poinsettas 1.8mtr $252.95

#40603 Garland, Red Berry 1.5mtr $99.95

#40605 Garland, Green Fern1.8mtr $164.95

#39631 Garland, Bead & Tinsel 1mtr $17.95

#40611 Garland, Blue Fir 1.8mtr $89.95

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

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Nine out of ten turkeys recommend a steak for Christmas dinner!

#37518 Poinsettia Girl $29.95

#37524 Delphinium Girl $29.95

#37530 Protea Girl $29.95

#37546 Gerbera Girl $29.95

#37516 Ivy Girl $29.95

#37528 Anemone $29.95

#40459 Resin Flower Badger 7cm $24.95 each

#40457 Resin Flower Hedgehog 5cm $24.95 each

#40453 Resin Flower Pheasant 6cm $31.95 each

#40371 GlassBall Green Rose 8cm $24.95

#40524 Fabric Red Butterfly Clip 17cm $24.95 each

#40522 Fabric Glitter Red Rose Clip 11cm $15.95

#30959 GlassBall Gold Spray 8cm $22.95

#39756 Bird Clip Red $9.95 each

#37553 Bird Clip Tit $7.95 each

Blue Macaw #39763 32cm $99.95 #39766 65cm $159.95 #39768 68cm $199.95

#37504 Poinsettia Spray 56cm $23.95

#37510 Alpine Spray 67cm $37.95

#37090 Felt Toadstool on Peg 8cm $9.95

#30989 Glass Toadstool Clip 7cm $14.95

#40584 Fabric/Paper Red Toadstool 25cm $81.95

#40436 Fabric Red Toadstool in Dome 11cm $37.95 each

#40500 Wood Toodstool 9cm $17.95

#40452 Flower Owl $24.95, #40440 Flower Fairy 12cm $40.95 #40450 Flower Fairy 11cm $37.95, #40317 GlassBall Rosehip $23.95

#40474 Resin/Fab Red Flower Fairy Lge 17cm $49.95 each


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d


#40431 Dreams Fairy $31.95, #40434 Dreams Squirrel $29.95 #40432 Dreams Hare $29.95, #40433 Dreams Mouse $29.95

#29710 Bristle SilverGlit Deer 11cm $40.95

#40551 Faux Fur Polar Bear 10cm $28.95

#40447 Wood Natural Silver Toadstool 9cm $15.95 each

#40537 WireMesh Flower Clip 19cm $24.95 each

#40430 Resin/Fab Winter Fairy Lge 16cm $49.95 each

#40623 CandleRing Pillar, Crocus 26cm $49.95

#40309 GlassBall Clear, Crocus 8cm $23.95

#40310 GlassBall Lilac, Silver Tree 8cm $23.95

#40648 Blue Bell Flower Spray 78cm $29.95

#40377 GlassBall Leaf Berry Band $22.95

#40502 Resin/Fab Tan White Ballerina 15cm $49.95 each

#40559 Wool Cat in Dress & Pearls 11cm $37.95

#30947 Glass Toadstool Green Clip 8cm $29.95

#40311 GlassBall White, SnowDrop 8cm $23.95

#40389 Glassball Clear, Slvr Diam Swags 8cm $20.95

#40339 GlassBall Clear, Green Leaves 8cm $22.95

#40390 GlassBall Irid, Silver Twigs 8cm $18.95

#40419 ResinFT Aladdin/Jasmin 10cm $49.95 each

#39441 Cinderella 11cm $49.95

#39440 Fairy Godmother $33.95

#40426 Paua Fairy $44.95, #22693 Witch Fairy $49.95 #40427 Sleeping Beauty $62.95, #40365 GlassBall Pink $24.95

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

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Page 13

T H E R E C R E AT I O N A L A C T I V I T I E S O F S A N T A A N D F R I E N D S For Santa to be so amazing at Christmas time he has a bit of rest through-out the year with his friends. Go to our website to view more Santas.

#40681 Builder Santa $29.95

#40680 Basketball Snowman $29.95

#40679 Tennis Santa $33.95

#40657 Golf Santa $31.95

#40658 Skateboard Santa $31.95

#40660 Yellow Submarine $33.95

#40662 Motor Boat $29.95

#40670 Pirate Sailor $34.95

#40671 Pirate Whale $29.95

#38312 Santa Fishing $29.95

#40661 White Car $38.95

#39230 Dart Plane $29.95

#38297 Santa Skiing $27.95

#38309 Tin Helicopter $34.95

#40682 Canoe Snowman $34.95

#40687 Maxi Pilot Plane $94.95

Santa Parachute #38310 Small $29.95 #40666 Maxi $59.95

Snowman Parachute #38421 Small $29.95 #40665 Maxi $59.95

Santa Air Bike #38320 Small $31.95 #40668 Maxi $59.95

#40667 Maxi Bi-Wing $149.95

#38993 Brown Vest LED Santa 95cm $439

#38988 Plaid Coat LED Santa 65cm $259

#38986 Brown Coat LED Santa 62cm $259

#38994 Cream Coat LED Santa 62cm $259

#38995 Reindeer LED Sweater 62cm $259

#38065 Naima 17cm $17.95 23cm $34.95, 40cm $47.95

#38086 Tallulah 21cm $14.95 32cm $18.95, 43cm $22.95

#39916 Amore 30cm $19.95 45cm $29.95, 60cm $44.95

#40187 Farmer 27cm $34.95 35cm $44.95, 42cm $49.95

#39931 Stripe 21cm $24.95 32cm $34.95, 43cm $49.95


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d

Where does Santa pay the elves wages to? - The snow bank!

#40412 Cat on Moon $37.95, #22681 Flamingo $37.95 #34907 Chandelier $19.95, #40406 Hummingbird $37.95 #40404 Starlight Fairy $49.95, #40409 White Cat $31.95 #40408 Blue Unicorn $49.95, #40413 Starlight Hare $31.95 #40407 White Unicorn $49.95

#38999 SnowGlobe LED Santa $74.95

#39000 SnowGlobe LED Snowman S74.95

#40571 Music Box Drum 15cm $157.95

#40514 Wool Chipmunk 12cm $37.95 each

#40572 Faux Fur Squirrel Wreath 22cm $114.95

#40560 Wood Squirrel 14cm $49.95

#40594 Ceramic Nativity w/Animal 12cm $74.95

#40573 SnowGlobe Nativity wTree 10cm $49.95

#40557 Pastel Nativity 7cm $31.95 each

#40829 Resin Atlantis Ship 9cm $37.95 each

#40393 Resin Tall Fairy MultiCol 15cm $37.95 each

#40402 Resin Atlantis SeaSnail 6cm $37.95 each

#40363 Glass Croissant 10cm $31.95

#40351 Glass Coffee Pot 10cm $31.95

#40372 Glass Garlic 7cm $31.95

#40385 GlassBall Gingerbread Man 8cm $23.95

#40444 Resin Gingerbread House 3D 6cm $24.95 each

#40445 Resin Gingerbread Shape 7cm $22.95 each

#33941 GlassBall $14.95, #40403 Jellyfish $35.95 #40397 Fish $31.95, #40401 Turtle $35.95 #40394 Mermaid $37.95, #40399 Seahorse $31.95 #40831 Clam Shell $35.95, #40400 Starfish $24.95

GALTONS CHRISTMAS WORLD, POP-UP RETAIL STORE, 195 PARNELL ROAD, AUCKLAND. Mon to Fr i 10 to 6, Sat & Sun 10 to 4 SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMAIL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz @g a l t o ns. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d ons.

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S P A R K L Y N E W Z E A L A N D T H E M E D D E C O R AT I O N S – P E R F E C T F O R P O S T I N G - $ 1 9 . 9 5 e a c h Lightweight fabric decorations with plenty of sparkly sequins and shiny metal threads, all trimmed with a gold cord. Beautifully handmade in India by a small family business. Collect the series over the years. New designs are introduced annually.

#40246 Pukeko 11cm

#39619 Tui 11cm

#39620 Wood Pigeon / Kereru 12cm

#39194 Kingfisher / Kotare 9cm

#39190 Fantail / Piwakawaka

#39195 Black Robin / Kakaruia 10cm

#39200 Kea 10cm

#39192 Native Parakeet / Kakariki 13cm

#39623 Shining Cuckoo / Pipiwharauroa 7cm

#39622 Big Brown Kiwi / Kiwi Rowi 9cm

#39193 Little Spotted Kiwi / Kiwi Pukupuku 7cm


#40724 Kokako 13cm


#40721 Morepork / Ruru 10cm


#40247 Kakapo 12cm

#40723 Great Spotted Kiwi / Kiwi Roroa 8cm


#39625 Gentoo Penguin 11cm

#39621 Oyster Catcher / Torea 8cm

#40722 Fairy Tern / Tara Iti 12cm

#39934 Hei Tiki Moana 10cm

#39198 Hei Tiki Matua 10cm

#39201 Pohutukawa Flower 9cm

#39627 Kowhai Flower 11cm

#39935 Kakabeak Flower 10cm

#39196 Tuatara 6cm

#39197 Sheep 7cm

Help save an endangered endemic New Zealand bird. Galtons Christmas World will donate $1 to The New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust for every Sparkly NZ bird sold in 2021.

#40248 Buzzy Bee 11cm

#40249 Rugby Boy 11cm

#39626 NZ Xmas Tree 12cm


SHOP ONLINE: PH: 09 379 2371. EMA IL: i nfo@g a l t ons. c o. nz

@g a l t ons. c hr i st ma s. wo r l d



MISS PEARL NECLIS – what your stars hold for November

Aquarius (the Water Carrier)

Pisces (the Fishes) 20 February - 20 March You do find work boring at present, especially when it can be the same dayin and day-out. But as unglamorous as it seems, what you’re doing now is laying the footwork for your future.

Aries (the Ram)

21 January - 19 February Very little escapes you these days, regardless of whether you’re included in what’s going on. Be prepared to listen first before reacting in case you get the wrong end of the stick.

Taurus (the Bull)

Gemini (the Twins)

21 April - 21 May You feel agitated this month for some reason and it’s putting you off your game. You’re not sure why, but you seem to be tempted by the unusual and the different. This could be why you’re not yourself. Remember, exploring something new always brings challenges.

22 May - 21 June Try and not be too disappointed this month when you begin to confide in someone and you don’t get the result you’re looking for. It’s best not to make a fuss though, as the attention it will bring is not what you’re after.

Cancer (the Crab) 22 June - 22 July Make sure you don’t have a bad attitude this month as your professional and personal relationships are likely to collide in a spectacular fashion. You need to put on a face, as you may be forced to choose.

Leo (the Lion) 23 July - 21 August You might find that you have been looking at things with rose-tinted glasses on and everything looks fine. Unfortunately that’s about to change, as you realise that you’re going to have to step up your game a bit.

Virgo (the Virgin) 22 August - 23 September You may just want to concentrate on the big picture, but sometimes you have to deal with the detail. Looking more closely will enable you to see that you believe all is well, when clearly it is not.

Libra (the Scales) 24 September - 23 October A wonderful moment will catch you unawares this month as your imagination goes into overdrive thinking about the possible outcome. Don’t deter from the path you’re on, or go off course in any way, and you’ll enjoy the reward.

Scorpio (the Scorpion)

Sagittarius (the Archer) 23 November - 22 December Why have you suddenly got the urge to blurt out your inner most secrets to everyone? Anything impulsive now will drive a further wedge in any, or all, of your relationships. Try and find someone to talk to, because you know that can help, rather than talking to random strangers.

Capricorn (the Goat) 23 December - 20 January It’s about time you opened up a bit to more amusement in your life, rather than looking enviously at everyone else having fun. However, you have to be comfortable with what ever you do first and foremost.

24 October - 22 November You might want to make sure you have all the facts at your fingertips before coming to any conclusions this month as you have made mistakes before. If you think you have the truth, then use it, if not then don’t.

21 March - 20 April Don’t take too many risks this month if you can help it, as you tend to overreact. In another scenario, by overreacting to something trivial, you could put off a potential love interest.

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