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The Greenhouse is a new apartment building being built on the corner of Williamson Ave and Pollen Street, just moments from Ponsonby Road. It’s going to be a building with character; a special Ockham Residential project for a special Auckland site. We have called it The Greenhouse because that’s what it is – a multi-storey building, clad in iridescent green-glazed bricks, and filled with thoughtfully planned, materially rich and meticulously finished apartments. If you’d like to know more, drop in to our sales suite at 54 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn. We are open daily from 12-2pm, or contact us to make an appointment at your convenience.

Contact Joss Lewis on 021 245 5155 or email joss@ockham.co.nz Nick Reid on 021 721 915 or email nick@ockham.co.nz Website thegreenhouse.apartments

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P38: With summer approaching we are lucky to have the Hauraki Gulf virtually on our doorstep... it’s the ultimate marine and coastal playground; P96: John Elliott talks to five fabulous local tradespeople. FROM THE EDITOR DAVID HARTNELL: ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW PIPPA COOM: COUNCILLOR FOR WAITEMATA & GULF JOHN ELLIOTT: LOCAL NEWS MIKE LEE U3A PONSONBY PREDICT WEATHER.COM NIKKI KAYE: AUCKLAND CENTRAL MP

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COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Crawford Photography Pippa Coom dressed by Dalston, Grey Lynn

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Ponsonby 11 John Street - Sep 2019

Grey Lynn 15 Bond Street - Sep 2019



St Marys Bay 2/10 Shelly Beach Road - Aug 2019

Grey Lynn 45 Francis Street - Apr 2019

Freemans Bay 13 Picton Street - Mar 2019

Herne Bay 4/49 Sentinel Road - Aug 2019 SOLD

Herne Bay 5/26 Wallace Street - Jul 2019

Freemans Bay 28 Picton Street - Jun 2019 SOLD





Grey Lynn 84 Lincoln Street - Apr 2019

Ponsonby 44 Pompallier Terrace - Apr 2019



Grey Lynn 85 Richmond Road - Mar 2019

With an extraordinary reputation built on his commitment to getting the job done, Chris has long been a trusted name in Real Estate.


Grey Lynn 4 Baildon Road - Feb 2019

Chris Batchelor 021 217 7026 | chris.batchelor@bayleys.co.nz BAYLEYS REAL ESTATE LTD, PONSONBY, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

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Jimmy Table & Olive Dining Chairs









Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts, and private residences in New Zealand for over 25 years. Everything is sourced from Italy, Belgium, France, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The styles of designs are vast and include modern, mid-century, organic, industrial, traditional and more. All products are in stock, fully assembled, and available for nationwide delivery. SunbrellaÂŽ cushions are included with deep seating purchases as shown on our website. Before you purchase elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to compare. Prices. Design. Quality. Manufacturing and our Instant Availability. Full Assembly. Like everybody else, you will be so pleased you did. www.designwarehouse.co.nz / 0800 111 112 / 137 - 147 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland / Open Daily 9:30 - 5:30

I understand the concept of adding some cut grass as compost around the base of a tree, but not right up against it and certainly not half way up the trunk like the poor tree I came across this morning. The trunk will rot, especially as most of the trees in our street are relatively young. Also, once the days become warmer, the grass will smell and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this? Maree Porter, Westmere LOCAL ELECTIONS – WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD For those who supported my candidacy in the recent board election, thank you. Most disappointingly, my bid was not successful. City Vision again dominates the board with six of the seven seats when in fact they received 45.8% of the votes. Furthermore the eastern suburbs (Parnell, Grafton and Newmark) have no representation. I am intending to maintain an active interest and commentary on the affairs of the incoming board. Early decisions that the board must make are appointment of the Chairperson, allocation of portfolios and consideration of the landowner consent for the Erebus National Monument on Sir DoveMyer Robinson Park. I will be watching these carefully. In order to address the lopsided composition of the board I will be promoting the formation of three subdivisions – the eastern suburbs, the central city and the western bays. Watch this space. Keith McConnell, Candidate CONGRATULATIONS ON 30 YEARS AND STILL GOING... When Marion Barnes turned 60, you had a photo of us dancing with the caption ‘Marion Barnes seen with Ponsonby resident and wellknown character, Ed Jenner’. I have lived in my house 36 years – half my age... Love to you all. Ed Jenner, Ponsonby

PONSONBY ROAD PARKING My business is based in Ponsonby Road and I also hear the rest of the strip is having major issues with shopkeepers and staff parking cars for the whole day in what really should be customer car parks. We watched a number of cars today and seven cars parked for over six hours, two of them for more than eight hours. I’ve mentioned it to the Ponsonby Business Association but it seems that it is perfectly legal for the car owner to ‘feed’ the meter all day long for car parking. I think it’s really disrupting businesses and that the shopkeepers should know better. I spoke to one of the cafe owners who parked outside my door for an entire day and he just laughed at me and said he is allowed to park there. It’s very frustrating. Name supplied but withheld THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT I am grateful and humbled by the support from community with 2034 people voting for me as your Local Board representative and I’m sure that many are Ponsonby News readers. I did my best to get across the whole Waitemata- area without the budgets of political parties; I guess I covered a third of it. The election result has kept the status quo with six of the seven members from one political party who are more likely to follow their caucus than listening to the concerns of the people – in my opinion. Sadly, the election was not as clean as it could have been with Section 122 (1a) of the Electoral Act being breached and I was required to report it to the Police under Section 138 (3). My motivators have always been kindness, compassion and community by being a voice for those who don’t get a vote – the trees and the bees, the birds and environment, the future of the planet. I call it #voteME So I will continue to advocate for local issues – giving voice to community concerns; the protection of mature trees for biodiversity of ecology; safety for pedestrians, especially those with mobility impairment; heritage and character protection; infrastructure before development; more population requires more amenities; and enhancing pollinators’ habitat with butterfly sanctuaries with picnic areas and interactive art. Gael Baldock, Westmere CONTINUED p30

photography: Ross Thorby


TREES ON THE BERMS I am concerned about the trees on our berms. Some residents are piling grass clippings from their lawn mowers right up the trunks of the trees. Many trees in our street are dead and this practice is part of the problem.

Taken from Franklin Road, this photo shows the enormity of last month’s fire at the SkyCity Convention Centre

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October was an exciting month with local body elections and we congratulate Pippa Coom for gaining a seat at the table with returning Mayor Phil Goff. With a focus on ensuring we meet our climate change goals, Pippa certainly has the best interests of our community at heart - P14. Ponsonby News celebrated 30 years last month and this month Mike Lee concludes 27 years serving Auckland as a councillor. He won a 1992 by-election to become an Auckland Regional councillor then from 2004 to 2010 he was elected chairman of the Auckland Regional Council. From 2010 to 2019, Mike Lee has served our local areas as councillor for the Waitemata- and Gulf Ward. He has always been modest but challenging when he needs to be - P22. The Hauraki Gulf is a treasure on the doorstep for Ponsonby News readers to enjoy in a variety of ways - P38.

photography: Crawford Photography

INEOS Team UK is already looking to source accommodation for the British challenger for the cup from September 2020 to March 2021 - P43. Isabel Pasch asks a very sensible question in her column this month. Are vegans going to save the world? She asks whether we can conceive a system that respects animals and acknowledges the human appetite for meat - P51. This month’s content includes five editorials on various aspects of mental health and wellness. Our contributors offer insight and advice on the tools and resources available in the community. Kerry Lee P35, Deirdre Thurston P36, Clare Caldwell P78, BePure P84 and Illumen P85. Villas are a beloved yet labour-intensive housing favourite in our area and rely on the talent of craftsmen and tradespeople to maintain, renovate and rejuvenate them. John Elliott talks to our fabulous five local tradespeople - P96. Christmas is just around the corner and many of you will have already started gift shopping and holiday planning. Of course lots of people take a more

Jay Platt & Martin Leach pictured with Ponsonby News founder John Elliott spontaneous approach and leave it until the last minute. Andrea Kahukiwa has a few suggestions this month for the planners but next month we’ll feature some of the best local options for last-minute gift shopping while still keeping in mind the true spirit of Christmas. Many of us can’t wait to see the Franklin Road lights - P123. (MARTIN LEACH) F PN

M AT T & RYA N N 1 I N G R E Y LY N N*

“We thank you for your professionalisim - it’s not easy finding someone you can trust and we felt you guys have done an amazing job keeping us grounded and real” Matt O’Rourke 021 375 909

Ryan Harding 021 621 580



b a r fo ot . co . n z

YUM!!! The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

* G re y Ly n n b ra n c h - ye a r e n d i n g 3 1 M a rc h 2 0 1 9

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David Hartnell: Urzila Carlson Last month, Urzila Carlson was awarded the top comedian award from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand. She is one of the nicest women in this business we call show. First break into comedy? I did a TV appearance on a line up show hosted by Rhys Darby, organised by Creeping Charlie, for TVNZ called Comedy Christmas Cracker. My four-minute spot went really well and the quality of the clip was great and I used that clip to get other work and other TV work. Which female comics do you admire? Wanda Sykes, Chelsea Handler – who I’ve opened for in the past. Julia Morris, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders; there are so many but the one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest is Betty White and, truthfully, any one of the Golden Girls. Did you always want to do comedy? Yes, but I thought I’d be a singer... but alas the fact that I can’t sing and am completely tone deaf held me back. What was your childhood like? Rough – you can read all about it in my book Rolling With The Punch Lines. It’ll also soon be available on Audible for people who would like to listen to it in my dulcet tones.

What do you love about your age? The older I get the happier I am with myself and the less I care about others’ opinions, especially if they’re about me. If you won a million dollars? Take a month-long holiday, all top shelf, to New York and then to Italy. What motivates you? Fear of failure.

I will die happy if? Everyone starts vaccinating their kids, people who voted for Donald Trump realise they made a huge mistake, and we reduce plastics.

What happens when we die? You rot in the ground or get cremated. Whatever you choose, people argue over your earthly possessions.

Most annoying celebrity? Any Trump.

Favourite movie? Steel Magnolias because the cast is epic!

Favourite TV series? Have You Been Paying Attention on TV2 is amazing! I also like a good documentary or shows based on the truth like Making a Murderer or Unbelievable on Netflix.

Ever seen a ghost? No, but I got drunk enough once that I saw Jesus’ sandals when I woke up but that could have been a mirage.

Dream holiday? I love New York or the complete opposite... I like going to Norfolk Island where the population is 2000, the golf is good and the island beautiful.

Give your teenaged self some advice? Don’t take things so seriously, you’ll love yourself in 20 years and you’ll figure out your mum is actually really smart.

Bucket list? To live in New Zealand and I’ve done that and the only other thing is to meet Oprah and be her friend.

How do you chill out? I’m as John Kirwan says, an ‘active relaxer’ so I build stuff or break stuff or paint stuff.

Most Kiwi thing about you? I can have a heated discussion about the rugby with anyone who is or is not interested and I love a bit of DIY.

Favourite time of the day? Mornings, it holds promise and says: Hey! You’ve made it through the night.

Aisle or window seat on a plane? Under an hour, window; over three hours, aisle. See yourself in 10 years where? At Oprah’s house for dinner. What other job would you do? I’d be a social media consultant for politicians and advise them that the hate tweets make them look like dicks. You’d be reincarnated as what? A custard donut – make someone happy and leave.

What superpower would you like? To read minds. Favourite gizmo? My Amazon Echo A handshake or hug person? It depends on who I’m facing. Occasionally it’s hard out hand shake but I’m not averse to a hug. Comfort food? I like my mother’s broccoli chicken.

What do you dislike about your appearance? I love all of it.

Dinner party dream list? Oprah and Gayle. I’m only adding Gayle in so Oprah doesn’t feel weird with me staring at her and asking her tons of questions.

Do you read movie or TV reviews? No, I don’t bother with reviews or reviewers. I’m a performer so I know how perspective works and I also know that you can’t trust reviewers, so I don’t worry about them.

Travel light or heavy? Heavy! I don’t trust light packers.

Like to be remembered how? That there was more good about me than bad.

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

If you could change one law or policy in New Zealand, what would it be? PN Legalise medicinal weed. (DAVID HARTNELL MNZM) F PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Make your move. Everyone wants the best price, great advice and a quick result. Not everyone gets someone who listens carefully, understands fully and executes an effortless experience. List with me and together we’ll make your move Cheers P.M.

Patrick McAteer: Real Estate Agent p.mcateer@barfoot.co.nz M 021 664 859


FB.com/johnandniccustom @john.and.nic_custom_

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The Ultimate in Family Living 10 Wallingford Street, Grey Lynn For Sale by Tender


Positioned in a most exclusive neck of the woods, this is a Grey Lynn home unrivalled. Boasting infinity pool, park side positioning, wine cellar, two kitchens, garaging, no less than five bedrooms and all the western sun. Ultimately unmatched.

John Wills 021 333 053 Nic Blackie 021 505 964 CUSTOM RESIDENTIAL LTD - Licensed REAA 2008

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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Pippa Coom: My first column as the new councillor for Waitemata and Gulf Ward After a nail biting finish, I’m really delighted to have been elected the new Councillor for Waitemat-a and Gulf Ward. I join three other new councillors who have all previously been local board chairs. I’m really looking forward to working with the Mayor and all councillors around the council table who wish to make a positive contribution to Auckland. I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank outgoing councillor Mike Lee for his years of service. His regional leadership laid the foundation for the renaissance of public transport and ensured the expansion of the regional parks network. I’m sure he will continue to be a passionate advocate for conservation and heritage. Immediately after election day, I was straight in the door to discuss with the Mayor the areas I would like to focus on as councillor. Central to this is the work to finalise Auckland’s Climate Action Framework and ensure we are on a pathway to no more than 1.5°c warming over the next 10 years. Integrated, long-term decision making is needed by council on inter-related issues of climate, water, coastal risks, public transport and the central city transformation that is already underway. The election highlighted strong dissatisfaction with the councilcontrolled organisations that were thrust on Auckland by Rodney Hide as a way of keeping politicians at arm’s length. I support the Mayor’s plan for an independent review of the CCOs to get underway before the end of the year. At the same time, there is a need to build more trust in council by challenging the misinformation that gets a lot of airtime. I stood as a community independent with City Vision, a progressive coalition, and campaigned alongside the City Vision Waitemata- Local Board candidates. As a team, we are up front about what we stand for and our shared values and principles. I’m really proud about City Vision retaining six seats on the local board. It is a credit to the determined and brave leadership of Shale Chambers over the first two terms and all the City Vision board members who have served with dedication, passion and a commitment to delivering for the

With former Councillor Mike Lee and former Chair Shale Chambers in 2016 community. Without doubt, the local board is in good hands with the election of Alex Bonham, Adriana Avendaño Christie, Graeme Gunthorp, Richard Northey, Julie Sandilands, Kerrin Leoni and C&R’s Sarah Trotman. There is a lot of great work already underway for the new board to continue with as well as bringing fresh ideas and focus. I will be working closely with all three local boards in the ward. I plan to report monthly, attend local board business meetings and will continue to be out and about in the community as much as possible. Many thanks to all those who have provided support and encouragement and everyone who took the time to vote in the local elections – not an easy thing to do with the decline in postal services! I am 100% committed to serving on council, fulfilling the aspirations of all Aucklanders and representing the Waitemata- and Gulf Ward. (PIPPA COOM) F PN Contact Pippa Coom via pippa.coom@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Election Day with Cr Cathy Casey, Mayor Phil Goff, Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore and Cr Shane Henderson

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5 Bedrooms

The Coach House Ramarama is far enough away to breathe country air yet close enough to be in central city in approx 40 minutes.

3 Bathrooms

Raise a family or establish a business for paying guests who could wander through the stunning gardens, play tennis or go for a swim. Private peaceful setting on 7 tree studded acres.

3 Reception rooms 3 Car garage + Workshop Pool Tennis court 7 acres

For enquiries phone or text Karen 0274 973 063 or email: kkm.actors@gmail.com or view further photos and information at Trade Me Property under The Coach House, Ramarama

Why Custom Residential? The 2019 real estate year has been an interesting and slightly fickle one. It has certainly not been a year for generic one-size-fits-all solutions. At Custom, we have tightened up our geographic focus even further and have worked hard to provide an agile and flexible approach for all of our customers. Below are some key points of interest that we will bring to the table for our clients this Spring and Summer. Independent. We’re extremely agile and able to pivot quickly to best meet our clients’ needs in any phase of the local market. Local Expertise. Around 94% of our sales in 2019 have occurred within 5km radius of our office. Local Connections. Our extremely local focus simply means we are involved in a very high number of local open homes, negotiations and buyer conversations. This all adds up to a huge amount of truly local expertise. In Other Words. At Custom, we are probably already talking to the best and most ready buyers in the local marketplace. On-site Auctions. Summer is just weeks away. This means that it gets even better for our weekend on-site auctions over the next 6 months. Track Record. Since opening the doors during the 2008 recession, we’ve seen many markets come and go. We have completed 1,020 sales in the past 11 years.

We’re born and bred right here, and we’d love to be of service to you. Talk to your independent local specialists at Custom Residential.

Custom Residential Real Estate Sales & Property Management Corner of Great North Road & Bond Street, Grey Lynn


PPONSONBY ONSO ON SONB NBYY NE NEWS WS+ No November Nove v mb mbeer 22019 0119


(09) 360 4860 customresidential.co.nz



94% of our 2019 sales have taken place within a 5km radius of our Grey Lynn home base

1k km m

We’re born and bred right here. So far in 2019, 94% of all of our sales

highly valuable up-to-the-minute market

have taken place within a tight 5km

expertise and buyer connections.

radius of our Grey Lynn home base.

We then apply all of this, plus our agility

When we opened our doors in 2008,

and flexibility, to the very next property

we knew that we never wanted to be

that we are chosen to represent.

the biggest or the cheapest.

This discipline to stay local, work

We simply wanted to fill a void in the

local works incredibly well for our cus-

city fringe market and we felt that this

tomers, and it’s as simple as that really.

area would benefit from a truly independent local specialist. Our focus on running local open homes, auctions, negotiations, viewing appointments and buyer follow up phone calls day after day and week after week,

If you are considering a property move in 2019, 2020 or beyond: Please feel free to get in touch in complete confidence. We’re born and bred right here, and we’d be delighted to be of service to you.

means that we continually build on our

The World World ld Belongs Belon Be l ngs to the Dissatisfied Dissa Di s tisfied




It’s a team effort... we couldn’t do it without our contributors CLARE CALDWELL


Clare (Claudie) Caldwell is a creative arts therapist and freelance artist. She also runs a voluntary art and art therapy programme at Auckland City Mission.

I have a keen interest in nutritional medicine and how it may be used to support people with chronic illnesses.



I am a working artist and photographer with a colourful and rhythmic perspective. I enjoy shooting the front covers of Ponsonby News.

I am the founder of Ponsonby News and write for the magazine. My career has included politics, education and publishing. My interests include the environment, the economy and social justice.





For the last 53 years I’ve been a freelance entertainment journalist and author. I’ve lived in the Grey Lynn area for nearly three decades; I have met and interviewed some amazing people.

Writer/researcher/coach. Writing and the sea are my happy places. I bow down to natural medicine and animals. My philosophy: love and kindness.


I work as a booker, promoter and festival programmer. Active in all areas of the music community, folk music is my specialty.


I am a veteran writer and editor and run two websites – Witchdoctor and Doctor Feelgood – focusing on my interests in music, technology, and the wellbeing of the planet and its denizens.

My yearly NZ Weather Almanacs began in 1999. During the tragic 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, my work created international interest. I currently live in Ponsonby.

I’ve been a freelance writer for a year now, and what I love most are the wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. #best job.


I’m the local Member of Parliament for Auckland Central including Waiheke and Great Barrier Island. National Party spokesperson for Education and Sport and Recreation.


Journalist and published author, I have had a career involving both wine writing and hosting boutique wine tours in the Auckland region.



More than a nature photographer, I am a storyteller, a visual narrator and environmentalist who seeks out bird stories begging to be told.

I am Councillor for Waitemata- and Gulf ward on Auckland Council. Formerly, Chair WaitemataLocal Board.



A freelance writer and copywriter for almost 20 years, I have written for publications all over the world and couldn’t imagine myself in any other job.

I have had a wanderlust for travel ever since I was old enough to own a passport. Since I discovered cruising, I have become unstoppable.

Join us on Sundays at 2pm... for our weekly service including demonstrations of clairvoyance and afternoon tea.

25 New North Road, Eden Terrace / www.goldenlight.co.nz

18 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019


MAKING CONNECTIONS TO OUR WIDER WORLD Making connections to people, places and things help children build fundamental ideas about the world they live in and how they belong/connect to it. – M.O.E., 2017 At Bear Park, we enter a wider world of wonder and adventure. The connections we build with our wider world help us develop a sense of who we are in this world, where we belong in it, and, most importantly, a healthy

relationship with the earth so we can honour and care for it. At Bear Park, exploration and discovery go hand in hand. There is no better place to get the right start.

0800 232 772 www.BEARPARK.co.nz

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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Kids’ baking classes @ Ponsonby Community Centre We had a great time in the October School holidays with our kids’ baking classes, the free kids’ art classes every day as well as the week-long theatre and drama school put on by Goya Productions. Check out our website and Facebook pages (@Ponsycommunity) regularly for updates on what we have to offer in Term 4 and the Christmas holidays! To learn more about the drama holiday programme go to goyaproductionsnz.com To book into the Term 4 kids’ baking classes go to bakerstreet.co.nz

PONSONBY COMMUNITY CENTRE, 20 Ponsonby Terrace, T: 09 378 1752, info@ponsonbycommunity.org.nz, www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz

More Kids Baking Classes in Term 4 and January 2020!! Brought to you by the Ponsonby Community Centre and Baker Street Fine Cakes Book online at Bakerstreet.co.nz

20 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



Celebrating diversity at the annual community-organised Grey Lynn Park Festival on Saturday 23 November There’s a whole new team running the festival this year. We have plans to get even more diversity into the festival and see it become an even greater cultural and artistic event. Come for your Christmas shopping, eat from around the world, enjoy our mix of free music and family friendly fun at Grey Lynn Park, Dryden Street, Grey Lynn. New Zealand art, craft, fine fare, music and dance – it’s all there to enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket. Stroll through the gypsy village and meet up with those who prefer the mobile home to the city pad. Kids can enjoy Larry & Rosie’s Fun Fair, Farmyard Fun and other activities. Discover a few new farmer market stalls, learn about permaculture, crafts and sustainable living; watch out for the bin fairies! Machine Park gives lovers of steam engines a treat and a yarn. Engage with the Circus Kumarani, Marimba Carimbas and AK Samba. Base FM is back and now managing the main music stage. Exciting new musical draw cards will be there, award-winning hip-hop artist Poetik, reggae powerhouse Lion Rezz, Auckland’s freshest Afrobeat 7 dancehall DJs and dancers. More to be announced soon. Plus a full second DJ stage featuring Base FM’s Jafa Mafia rig, the number one sound in New Zealand. The festival runs from 9.30am to 6pm. Don’t forget it’s an EFTPOS free environment so put cash in your pocket, suntan lotion on your body and a smile on your dial. Remember we are a zero waste festival so put your waste in the right bin and we will compost it or recycle it.


If you wish to get involved with next year's event, send us your brief CV or ideas. Email: greylynnparkfestival@gmail.com The Grey Lynn Park Festival is a community event that is managed by a registered non-profitable trust called the Grey Lynn Park Festival Trust. www.greylynnparkfestival.org

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John Elliott: local election – after match comment The 2019 local elections are over. Many of the 65% who didn’t vote may hardly have known it was on. Or they may have wondered who all those photos on billboards were and what, if anything, they stood for. We must do better in the future, and those elected this time have a responsibility to seek greater public involvement or democracy is dead. Congratulations to Pippa Coom, our new councillor. She beat incumbent Mike Lee by only about 300 votes, closer than many had predicted. C&R candidate, Sarah Trotman, was a distant third in the council vote, but she did take a seat on the Waitemata Local Board. Pippa Coom is delighted, but acknowledges the big job ahead of her. “I will focus on, and work for, everyone in the ward area,” she told us. “I have a lot to learn,” Pippa said, “but I will take a collaborative approach. City Vision are very clear what we stand for, and I’m pleased six of the seven new board members will be City Vision members.” Pippa also acknowledged Mike Lee’s contribution to Auckland over a long period of time, including his campaigns for public transport, and the acquisition of regional parks during Mike’s time on the Regional Council. Coom will be a hard-working councillor, as she has been for the Waitemata Local Board for nine years, the last three as chair. It is a promotion she has earned, and so long as she does not get too close to unelected council bureaucrats, especially Auckland Transport, she will serve us well. Some people have thought her an unabashed cheer leader for cycling, but she is much more comprehensive in her policy beliefs than that. Still, she will need to articulate that to convince the doubters, many of whom voted for Lee. Lee is disappointed, and will now take a well-earned retirement. As a member of the so-called B Team, often opposed to Mayor Goff, Lee championed democracy against the backdrop of unelected, secretive, CCOs. It may be that some of Mike Lee’s advocacy will come to pass. Goff has promised a serious review of the CCOs, including Auckland Transport, and while he does still not propose to place a councillor on the board of AT, as his predecessor Len Brown did, he has muttered about a councillor sitting on the board to monitor AT’s board, but without a vote and without a double-dipping salary. I once sat on the Northland Regional Council, as a government representative. I had a vote, but no remuneration or travel expenses

22 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

to meetings. Goff’s plan could be similar. If that happens, Mike Lee can take some credit for his push for greater transparency during his council time. I spoke to Mike Lee about his time as a local body representative and about his defeat. He felt he’d let himself and his supporters down by not campaigning hard enough. “It was tough for an old campaigner to lose an election battle,” he said. “I felt the blow in my chest and stomach, but I also have a feeling of relief. When I got off the bus on Waiheke, I found myself humming. That’s a good sign I thought. I haven’t done that for a long time.” Lee’s vast experience will be missed and we at Ponsonby News wish him well in retirement, and hope that his valuable years of experience, and his wisdom, will be used by a range of community organisations and advocacy groups. While I have centre-left leanings, and unashamedly admit that, I have for some time called for more balance on local boards. I do not like the idea of one party’s members (this time there will be only one other – Sarah Trotman) caucusing in advance of board meetings, thus making decisions on purely political grounds. After all, a footpath is a footpath is a footpath, and its maintenance and upkeep is neither left nor right politically, unless one has to keep way left to avoid an oncoming Lime scooter. Congratulations to the successful candidates for the Waitemata Local Board, six City Vision plus C&R candidate Sarah Trotman, and commiserations to the couple of good independents who missed the bus. I rate highly Richard Northey, who is vastly experienced, and Adriana Christie, a livewire local community advocate, who has made her mark in Waitemata in the last three years and will carry this experience forward in this next term. Congratulations, too, to Alexandra Bonham, Kerrin Leoni, Graeme Gunthorp and Julie Sandilands on joining Christie and Northey. Let’s hope the City Vision candidates’ promise to provide local communities with a voice, and their desire to encourage a fair, thriving and sustainable city, will be realised, including with the assistance of PN the lone C&R voice – Trotman. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F


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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



Mike Lee: The election of paradoxes: How the ‘insider’ was really the outsider – and vice versa This is my last column as the councillor for Waitemat-a & Gulf, so I wish to thank all the wonderful people who have helped and supported me over my time as your representative. A special thanks also for the kind, often touching messages I have received since the election. I also offer my congratulations to new councillor Pippa Coom and the successful local board candidates. I called Pippa on election day to congratulate her because, though I was then only 154 (then 150) votes adrift, it was clear to me that she had won. I recalled the example of Alex Swney and Greg Moyle, my opponents in the 2010 and 2013 elections, who graciously congratulated me on my victories. There was, I must say, an inevitability about the outcome. As an independent, I was up against the Labour Party and the Greens (City Vision) – and on the other side, C&R. I was also up against an array of interlinked activist groups ‘Rock-Enrol’, ‘Action Stations’, ‘Generation Zero’ who made a considerable effort to get rid of me. More than that, I was up against the Mayor and the Super City/CCO establishment – and therein lies a paradox.

Mike Lee with bellbird - Cuvier Island February 1991

The removal of a long-standing incumbent from office by a ‘fresh voice’, ‘progressive’ candidate is not a new story in politics. But in this case the outsider, after nine years on the local board, was the real insider, the establishment favourite, strongly supported by Mayor Goff, and closely aligned with council and AT management. Paradoxically, it was the political veteran, me, who was the outsider; the anti-establishment candidate leading an insurgency campaign which, despite the odds, was supported by just under half the voters. What were these odds? In 2018 the council, on the recommendation of a political working party led by Labour veteran and Waitemat-a Local Board member Richard Northey, radically redrew the Waitemat-a & Gulf ward boundaries (but confusingly not those of the Waitemat-a local board). This on the grounds the ward contained “too many people” – 119,000 was the figure used – for one councillor to represent. That the ward contains the CBD where a very high number of residents are on temporary work permits, or are international students, which meant only 51% of the population were electors (whereas across Auckland and New Zealand the ratio is 68% electors) was disregarded. My case against this change was set out in a report I tabled with the council, summarised in Ponsonby News October 2018. To no avail. Voter-rich Parnell, Newmarket and Grafton, containing 16,000 electors, were transferred to the Orakei ward, which now extends from the Tamaki Estuary to Symonds Street. It is clear to me that the real objective was to remove the ostensibly ‘blue’ areas (where, incidentally, I lived and had built up personal support). In other words, it was a political gerrymander to make Waitemata- & Gulf more City Vision-friendly. Last week, the 2018 Census figures were finally released. Rather than 119,000 people living in the Waitemata& Gulf ward, it was only 102,000 – 17,000 less than the council claimed. The change significantly lowered both the votes cast but also the voter turnout percentage for this ward. The whole exercise constituted an unfortunate conflict of interest.

24 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

My other problem was the claque of pro-intensive development ‘progressive’, especially the hypeactive Simon Wilson, whose long campaign of denigration reached its low point with an extraordinarily vituperative attack on me in the NZ Herald mid-election campaign. Finally, there was the dismal 35% voter turnout. In part, a reflection of public disillusionment with the Super City and its corporate culture. Rather then accept these implications, the council decided to get actively involved in the election to boost the turnout. In the last days, a small army of council officers hit the streets armed with cardboard ‘ballot boxes’ and piles of special voting forms. Voting ‘pop-ups’, ‘one-stop shops’ and ‘voting events’ were held, where people were enrolled and encouraged to vote. Unconventional, and on the face of it laudable, except that at ‘World Homeless Day’ where street people were fed, entertained and enrolled there were speeches from Phil Goff and sign-waving City Vision candidates in close proximity to ‘voting booths’. Similarly, at Auckland University where ‘Democracy and Dumplings’ enrolling/ voting events for students sponsored by ‘on-line magazine’ Spin-Off working closely with the council – featured City Vision but no other candidates. This activity was highly questionable under the Electoral Act. Not surprisingly, special votes show a disproportionate spike for City Vision. I am revealing this not because of rancour or sour grapes – but because a worrying precedent is being set here. As this is my last column for the Ponsonby News I especially wish to thank editor Martin Leach for having me as a columnist. I have represented this wonderful community since February 1992 when I was elected for Auckland Central in an ARC by-election. It has been a great privilege to serve you over that time. So, from me a kiss and PN a wave and it’s goodbye. (MIKE LEE) F


Say goodbye to the gloom of winter and hello to the bloom of summer at the Parnell Festival of Roses in Dove-Myer Robinson Park on 17 November. Funded by Waitemata- Local Board, the festival is well-loved by Aucklanders and, thanks to the green fingers of gardeners, grounds keepers and volunteers, the park’s thousands of roses will be looking their best. One of the local board’s flagship events, member Richard Northey says the festival is a much-anticipated part of Parnell’s calendar.




An interior repaint and new carpet are among refurbishments planned for Grey Lynn Library in November. The work from Saturday 9 November to Monday 2 December does involve a temporary closure over that period, so library users will need to visit other nearby libraries such as Leys Institute, Central City, Pt Chevalier and Mt Albert.

“This is an event that celebrates our community and brings us together. The gardens are special to people, and many of us have terrific memories centred on them. Every year the entertainment makes the festival perfect for families and this year we hope we can deliver something special on the stages, and in the gardens.”

Requested items will be held at Pt Chevalier Library during the refurbishment unless customers make other arrangements. Grey Lynn staff will temporarily work in other branches. The library’s well-known murals will be protected during the upgrade and back PN on display again afterwards. F

The Parnell Festival of Roses is smoke-free, accessible and aspires to have zero waste.

GREY LYNN LIBRARY, 474 Great North Road, T: 09 377 0209, www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz

“It’s an event for everyone; all are welcome. We’ll have audio tours of the rose gardens for vision-impaired, sign language interpreters, accessible toilets, and reserved mobility parking.” This year’s festival features children’s activities, music, demonstrations, crafts, food, PN and a canine cuddles corner with adoptable dogs from shelters. F

Parnell Festival of


Sunday 17 November, 10.30am to 4pm Parnell Rose Gardens Music




Cost: Free entry When: 10.30am – 4pm, Sunday 17 November 2019 Where: Dove-Myer Robinson Park (Parnell Rose Gardens), 85-87 Gladstone Road, Parnell

Food Stalls

Find out more: parnellroses@aklc.govt.nz or Facebook.com/waitemata The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



@ Grey Lynn Business Association GLBA focuses on supporting creatives and sustainable businesses and forging a constructive relationship with AT. Research has shown that District 1021 is the creative centre of Auckland with more artists, designers and creatives per head than any other district within the city. The challenge has been to tap into that resource and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. The GLBA worked hard to ensure this year’s Artweek included Grey Lynn. During the week-long event, artists have been active at sites throughout Grey Lynn – Ozone, Wise Boys, Hugs & Mugs plus the design studios/ designers of Liz Mitchell, Dalston and Further Doing. Further activities were the Art Sale at Saint Columba Church, supporting the church’s activities, and e-biking activities, supported by Mercury and Lime. Thank you to all the artists and businesses who were involved in this successful event and to those who came through to support them. One further exciting development will be the creation of a Grey Lynn poster by local artist Liam Hindley. Liam has produced a concept design which captured the essence of Grey Lynn. Our intent is to use this to promote community events, activities, businesses and services in order to encourage more visitors to experience the true Grey Lynn – so keep an eye out for it! Consultation with Auckland Transport GLBA firmly believes that compensating businesses for disruption experienced as a result of infrastructure projects should be a critical consideration for councils and the Government. We understand the stresses businesses and communities experience when redevelopment plans go wrong. Resolution of the compensation issue would be a big step forward to resolving business pushback on disruptive infrastructure projects. We have worked hard to have constructive interactions with Auckland Transport (AT) in order to ensure it understands the key issues which impact our local businesses and the community.

Lynn. New access arrangements for key crossings in West Lynn village have also been successfully resolved. AT and the GLBA remain committed to working through some of the other outstanding remedial issues and we will be consulted on the proposal for the more extensive urban renewal plans as they emerge and are finalised. Networking September’s GLBA member networking function attracted significant support from members. Urban Ark advocates Graeme Hill and Paul Whitfield gave a fascinating presentation on controlling rats and the restoration of bird life and native species in the inner city. They demonstrated the effect a community working together on strategically placed traps can have on birdlife and the importance of local businesses being fully engaged in the process. We have invited Urban Ark to become part of the work we are doing in making a clean, green Grey Lynn. Bringing birdsong back is a marker for Grey Lynn being the sustainable centre of Auckland. A big thank you to Jesse Mulligan for facilitating our engagement with Urban Ark. For more information go to www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/get-involved/community Thank you and congratulations We would like to acknowledge both Mike and Pippa for their contribution. Pippa for her constructive and collegial leadership of the Waitemata Board and Mike for his outstanding service to the people of the Waitemata and Gulf Ward. Irrespective of who won the seat, we are extremely fortunate to have two great Aucklanders who have been prepared to contribute so much of their passion and their lives to our great city. We also congratulate the new board of Adriana Christie, Richard Northey, Alex Bonham, Graeme Gunthorp, Kerrin Leoni, Sarah Trotman and Julie Sandilands and look forward to working with them over the next three years.

As such, clear plans now exist to resolve some of the difficult water ponding and pooling issues caused by changes to the streetscape in West





1. GLBA Board members Leanne Moore & Jules Carroll; 2. the Team from Grey Lynn Primary; 3. Graeme Hill & Paul Whitfield presenting to GLBA members

26 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



John Elliott: There is a real alternative to glyphosate I have had no response to my letter to the Environmental Protection Authority calling for a reassessment of the use of the poisonous carcinogen glyphosate. One of the criteria for agreeing to a reassessment is that there is new evidence about a product and there certainly is about glyphosate. Recent court cases in California have found in favour of cancer patients to the tune of millions of dollars awarded against maker Monsanto. The courts also found widespread corruption by Monsanto in collusion with the US EPA, where internal emails between the company and the EPA confirmed that the EPA was not only not protecting US citizens from herbicide danger, but was actively protecting Monsanto. Another criterion for a reassessment is that an alternative is available, and there is one. A new product to the market in New Zealand, Foamstream, is getting traction in the market. Foamstream works on a wide variety of common weeds as well as moss, algae and lichen. Its dual purpose, low pressure heat application also means it works well as a stone and timber cleaner. The foam is made from natural plant oils and sugars making it safe for use around people, animals and delicate environments. It is biodegradable and good for the planet. The active ingredient in Foamstream is the heat from the hot water. The foam insulates the hot water, ensuring the heat is not lost to the atmosphere. This ensures the heat covers the plant for long enough for it to kill or severely damage the plant.

The company, WeedingTech, who produce Foamstream are working with councils and contractors around the country to provide an alternative to chemical herbicide use in our public spaces, with machines now working in both Auckland and Christchurch. Foamstream service is designed to offer a service to the residential market. This means the technology is no longer restricted to larger contractors using the tech for commercial purposes. Owner Matt Kirby is a most knowledgeable and approachable young man, so I contracted him to try the process out on some of my most recalcitrant weeds at home. Spraying brick and paved paths proved very effective. Weeds were killed dead in a couple of days. Accompanying photos show before and after shots around our section. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. This just hopefully will be the breakthrough we need to control our weedy environment and consign the poisonous Roundup with glyphosate to history where it will join other nasties like 2.4,D, 2,4,5,T, and DDT. Ponsonby News will keep pestering until glyphosate is finally banned. Good luck Matt Kirby with your new, much needed alternative. (JOHN ELLIOTT) F PN

QUOTABLE QUOTES FOR NOVEMBER A cautionary note from American Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren. I get it that in America there are gonna be people who are richer and people who are not so rich. And the rich are gonna own more shoes and more cars and even more houses. But they shouldn’t own more of our democracy. Those critical of Jacinda Ardern for lack of ‘results’ and ‘action’ could note an Abraham Lincoln saying: Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



Ponsonby U3A – October 2019 White is Right! The Rise and Rise of the Far Right in Contemporary New Zealand’ was the attention-grabbing title of the October talk given to Ponsonby U3A by Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley, Pro Vice Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Massey University. Most of us would have been surprised to learn that there have long been white supremacists and extreme nationalists in New Zealand. Professor Spoonley pointed out the 15 March events in Christchurch have surely changed all that. In fact, there are more than 60 contemporary groups – some of them extremely small – and 200-300 core activists in New Zealand. He said that as we try to make sense of what happened in Christchurch, it is important that we understand the implications of these extreme politics, their idealogy/ies and how they might challenge some of our core democratic values and institutions. His talk provided some insight into these politics and why they seem to have found new life in the second decade of the 21st Century around the world. He spoke of the evidential link between the speech and hate crime and how the insidious development of social media and new platforms has facilitated the ease of self-radicalising on line. While there is strong legislation on hate speech in Europe, here there is none. Sobering though it is, much of the anti-Muslim sentiment is originating in New Zealand. Professor Spoonley is the author of 27 books, the most recent being ‘Rebooting the Regions (2016)’. He is Programme Leader of a research programme on the impacts of immigration and diversity, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and was granted the title of Distinguished Professor by Massey University in 2013. He is also a Fellow of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. U3A member Ian Ramsay’s law career led him to becoming a magistrate in Hong Kong. On his return to New Zealand he had a long and distinguished career with the Companies and Official Assignees Office, responsible at one stage for the Corporate Fraud Unit. His 10-minute talk was entitled ‘White Collar Fraud’. With dry humour he drew on his 30 years of experience with white collar crime, highlighting the sociopathic character traits of perpetrators, which

included: lack of empathy when depriving people of their life savings; surface charm, which was also tried on Ian when he first visited them; skilled manipulative lying used to dupe victims, but also with some success in the Courts; optimism – usually perpetrators considered matters would come right if they had not been stopped by investigators. Many, if not the majority, were professed Christians, and one even a keen evangelist. The October meeting was held in Ponsonby U3A’s new venue, the beautifully restored St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby. It allows for future growth of Ponsonby U3A and to the delight of members there is a large carpark at the door. U3A is for people who have gained life experience and now have some leisure time, who want to keep learning and to meet new people. It meets on the second Friday morning of the month with two speakers. The lifeblood of the U3A movement is said to be the special interest groups. Ponsonby U3A has 25 special interest groups that meet during the month, offering a myriad of topics and activities. People interested in attending a U3A meeting are welcome as guests, but are first asked to telephone Christine Hart, M: 027 289 5514. The November guest speaker will be Gay Keast, Development Operations Manager, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research. (PHILIPPA TAIT) F PN NEXT MEETING: 10am Friday 8 November at St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street. ENQUIRIES:

Christine Hart, President Ponsonby U3A, M: 027 289 5514, www.u3a.nz

Lucia Mataia – Leys Institute News Tena Koutou, last month we celebrated the Auckland Heritage Festival. Thank you for supporting our library talks and tours. Did you know that our beautiful building is 114 years old? Author Talk – Maggie Eyre Wednesday, 27 November at 6:30pm Come along to our free, evening author talk and learn how to improve your business and personal branding. Maggie Eyre will be discussing her new book, Being You: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence. Maggie is the director of Fresh Eyre, a training company that specialises in media skills, presentation and public speaking. She has had an amazing career in public relations and was media advisor to former Prime Minister Helen Clark. Library membership Have you lost your library card? Did you take it out of your wallet before going overseas and cannot remember where it is? Well, not to worry, if you come into the library with some photo ID we can sort you out with a new card in a jiffy, free of charge. If you haven’t the time to visit us in person, our website and e-collections are always available. You can sign up for an e-membership easily anytime, all you need is an email address. With an e-membership you will get access to our extensive collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers and online databases.

28 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

Book Chats Recommends We have a couple of novels and a nonfiction book for you this month. Jonathan Coe’s Brexit novel Middle England was a hit with one of our group who commented that the characters were ‘incredibly recognisable’. Irish author John Boyne reviewing this book in The Irish Times wrote ‘Millions of words have been and will be written on Brexit but few will get to the heart of why it is happening as incisively as Middle England.’ Our second novel is Anne Kennedy’s wonderful Ice Shelf, which has been described as an ‘allegory for the dangers of wasting love and other nonrenewable resources’. Lastly, nonfiction: Madame Fourcade’s Secret War by Lynne Olson, which another in our group described as ‘absolutely amazing but very sad’. This is the story of the woman who headed France’s largest spy network during the Second World War. F PN Open hours; Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm. Leys Institute Library, 20 St Marys Road, T: 09 377 0209, www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz



Ken Ring: Auckland weather diary, November 2019 - by the moon A wetter than average November is expected, but normal sunshine and temperatures. It is unlikely to go three days without some rain, except for the final four days which should be dry. As for trends, the first week may be the cloudiest with the night of 5th dropping the most to 8°C. The second week is the warmest and contains the 12th which may be the warmest day (22°C). The second or third week may see the most rainfall, and the third week may also overall be the coolest. The last week is the sunniest. The barometric average will be 1012mbs, and the average relative humidity 82%. The average wind is from the southwest. For fishermen, the highest (king) tides are on the 27th, with a lesser kingtide on the 14th. The best fishing bite times (in the east) are at dusk on the 11th-14th and 26th-28th, and in the west at around noon on those days. Chances are also good in the east for noon of the 3rd-6th and 19th-22nd, and in the west around dusk of those days. For gardeners, the best sowing intervals are the 1st and 27th-28th, when the waxing moon is ascending. The best pruning time is the 13th-15th when the waning moon is descending. If harvesting for longer shelf-life, choose lower water-table (neap) days of the 6th and 21st. (KEN RING) F PN www.predictweather.com

Hawke’s Bay 84 Matarua Rise, Havelock North Windows on the World

4 5

With the Tuki Tuki Valley at your doorstep, and a breathtaking view over to Te Mata Peak, Napier and the sea, the mesmerising panorama will take your breath away. Designed by Nick Bevan, this modern 500sqm (approx) home caters for families and country living. The multiple entertaining spaces, combined with quality evident throughout, have resulted in a sophisticated environment for the discerning buyer.

Tender (will not be sold prior) Closing 1pm, Thu 21 Nov 2019 17 Napier Road, Havelock North View by appointment Fiona Mackenzie 027 968 880 fiona.mackenzie@bayleys.co.nz

If location attracts you, here you are only 10 minutes from Havelock North, 25 minutes to Napier and the airport. Just down the road is the renowned Craggy Range Winery, and you’re only a short drive from Ocean and Waimarama Beaches. Sitting on 6600sqm land (approx.), sites such as this are becoming a rarity, and in an area of an increasing number of high calibre homes, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

1 4

2 3

3 3


Kris August 027 248 9266 kris.august@bayleys.co.nz EASTERN REALTY LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008


The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



THE VARIETY ARTISTS CLUB OF NEW ZEALAND’S 53RD ANNUAL AWARDS NIGHT The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand recently held its 53rd annual awards night, and four local celebrities were awarded scrolls of honour.


The patron of the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand is none other than our columnist David Hartnell MNZM, who presented the scrolls of honour on the night. Don’t think you are seeing double in each picture – their images were projected on the big screen behind them at the same time the picture was taken.





1. Aroha Awarua in recognition as an award-winning entertainment journalist, TV producer/director and playwright.

3. Oscar Kightley MNZM in recognition as a celebrated actor, writer, comedian, voice-over artist and TV presenter.

2. Michael Galvin in recognition as a stage and TV actor who has played Dr Chris Warner in Shortland Street since it started back in 1992.

4. Rima Te Wiata MNZM in recognition as an international celebrated comedian, actor of both stage, movie and TV.

CONTINUED FROM p8 CONGRATS TO PONSONBY NEWS I am such a big fan of Ponsonby News and have been reading it for years since I first moved to Ponsonby in 1995. How do you manage to put the magazine together with such a small team? There is so much readable content – I enjoy reading it over a couple of days. I love how you promote community. There wasn’t much community mindedness until Ponsonby News created it. Thank you. Simon Rogers, Ponsonby

30 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

FIRST TACO BELL OPENING I’m hoping you can help. I’m reading stories about the first Taco Bell (TB) opening in New Zealand. Back in the mid-90s, I lived in Herne Bay and I’m certain I can recall TB opening a store on Ponsonby Road around 1994/1995? Being the wonderful folk that you are, and have always been, I wondered if you know, or have back issues that could confirm this? Possibly Anglesea Street corner, where Ivan’s was? Happy birthday – what a wonderful 30 years it’s been having you in our lives. Donna Kerrison, by email



KOTAHI RAU PUKAPUKA TRUST Jacinda Ardern officially launched the Kotahi Rau Pukapuka Trust, an organisation aiming to translate and publish 100 books in te reo M-aori. “When you exclude books for young children, the number of titles available - would barely fill a in te reo Maori shelf,” Grey Lynn local Miriama Kamo explained during her presentation at the launch event on Wednesday 9 October. The trust’s Patron, another local, Witi Ihimaera believes such an endeavour is well overdue. “In the second decade of the millennium, New Zealanders - a- have both Maori and Pakeh acknowledged the role of te reo in our - words and greetings are daily lives. Maori heard in all our media and New Zealanders are learning the language in record numbers. But for those language learners coming out of kura kaupapa schools or wananga night classes, there is currently almost nothing to read,” explained the award-winning author. The number of books published for adults in te reo over the last decade can be counted on one hand. The mission of this trust is to fill that void with an array of literature from different genres. Prime Minister Adern reiterated the importance of this project, saying that it not only encourages people to experience the joy of reading, but also brings te reo to the world. Titles will cater to the tastes of readers both young and old with books from all genres both local and international. Books range from Poia Rewi’s Whaikorero to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and from Paula Morris’ Rangatira, to Avengers vs X-Men from Marvel Comics. The first books will be available in 2020 with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to be the first translated. “The quality and range of the books will excite every reader of te reo - and hopefully encourage many more to learn. Thanks to some Maori, of our initial supporters and Jason Witehira, the owner-operator of Victoria Park New World, we have been able to secure the rights to some amazing titles by noted authors, both New Zealand and international, fiction and non-fiction, high-brow and popular,” says Pania Papa one of the trustees. The trust hopes to find sponsors to translate a range of titles to reach its target of 100, aiming at five new titles each year. So far,

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern

Witi Ihimaera, Patron of Kotahi Rau Pukapuka Trust

the trust has received support from the ANZ Bank, Bayleys Real - awai, Estate, Creative New Zealand, Deloitte, Te Mat Thompson Lewis, Waikato-Tainui and, of course, Jason Witehira. The first books to make this list are: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Avengers versus X Men by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and Brian Bendisl, Te Puea by Michael King, Whaikorero by Poia Rewi and Rangatira by Paula Morris. With hopes to complement the published print books with audio books, the Kotahi Rau Pukapuka Trust is keen to hear from private and corporate sponsors who might like to support the translation and publication of one of the titles on the 100 list. “We have a great pool of translators as well as some who are able to translate from the original source languages,” says Pania. As Witi Ihimaera pointed PN out, “This is a project whose time has come.” F

Pania Papa, Trustee Kotahi Rau Pukapuka Trust The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019


2020 Lexus RX450hL


Could this be the eco-friendly SUV I have been waiting for? Buying a new vehicle should make a difference to your everyday driving experience.

2020 Lexus RX350, F Sport

It should be part excitement, part reassurance and fulfilling all your transport requirements without killing the planet. Choosing something eco friendly that meets all your day to day needs might mean having to spend more to ensure less – less Co2 emissions, but it shouldn’t mean a compromise on performance or style. The new Lexus RX ticks many of these boxes; you experience the tactile feeling of lasting luxury as you sink into the gorgeous leather seats. The interior styling, Apple Play connectivity and genuine power of the eco-friendly hybrid engine make you feel like you have your hands on something special. Knowing you have the power to tow a float (or boat) as well as fitting all your kids and their friends in the back of the RX 450hL is pretty compelling.

As Andrew Davis, Lexus general manager, marketing explains it, the end price tag of luxury vehicles (the new RX range starts at $97,400) is what allows designers and engineers the freedom to develop truly innovative advances. Today’s best luxury cars are examples of cutting edge technology and the RX 2020 range offers an extensive array of safety and performance enhancing features. Cars can’t just look smarter anymore, they have to be smarter. Lexus luxury has an authenticity that goes deeper than just a stylish interior. From little things like a hands free sensor to open the boot with a wave of your foot, to safety features like the crazy, cool technology used in the new Blade Scan Adaptive Headlights, the new RX is packed with the latest automotive technology can offer. It has some significant safety innovations like artfully constructed LED headlights working in conjunction with integrated mirrors, a camera and software to strategically increase the light cast across the road ahead. By strategically increasing night vision for drivers, the lights

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2020 Lexus RX450h, audio system

It’s an evolution underpinned by a philosophy intent on minimising environmental impact and improving overall sustainability. Lexus has refined and improved a vehicle that is already extremely popular, in fact RX is the most popular model in the Lexus fleet. It isn’t so much about ‘re-creating the wheel’ but making a luxury SUV that is able to take advantage of all the latest technology and design advancements available.

improve safety for pedestrians or anything else cloaked in the dark and dangerous periphery of normal vehicle headlights. Many people find driving at night more taxing and some people avoid it altogether, especially when their route is going to take them outside the well-lit streets of the city. The Blade Scan Adaptive Headlights allow these drivers to take back the night and drive in style while also reducing the risk of blinding on-coming traffic. By pushing technology advances, luxury vehicle manufacturers are making the day to day driving experience far more satisfying. Leaving the streets of Ponsonby in the new RX F Sport and racing out through the winding roads of Scenic Drive towards Piha knowing that I am producing about half the Co2 emissions of any other large SUV on the road is very pleasing. It takes twists and turns and my


LOCAL NEWS 2020 Lexus RX450hL 2020 Lexus RX350, Limited, (interior)

unpredictable acceleration and braking smoothly. It gives me a sense of control, safety and comfort while leaving the fun of driving sans kids in tact. Jumping into the larger RX 450hL and powering out to the Hunting Lodge in Waikoukou Valley just outside of Kumeu, the RX feels at home – open roads and the rural aspect suit it. There aren’t many luxury SUV’s that can zip economically around the city then tow a horse float (or boat), comfortably fit seven passengers (I climbed in the third row to see what it was like) and maintain Co2 emissions of little more than 137g/km.

If you want an extremely stylish, super safe SUV that is eco friendly, but still has enough torque to tow a horse float, the new Lexus RX could be for you. The Lexus website suggests the new RX is for those who desire authentic quality, have a progressive mindset and choose brands that share its values. It really could be an argument for paying more to create less. (ANDREA KAHUKIWA) F PN

2020 Lexus RX350 Limited and RX450h

Power and economy come from the self-charging RX 450hL engine system which utilises Lexus’ hybrid drive technology. The vehicle draws power from both the electric motor and the petrol engine, providing instant torque and acceleration. Torque is essential for effective towing capabilities and the RX has a braked tow rating of 2000kg. This should be enough to tow a decent size boat or a double horse float with two ponies. How would it cope in slightly muddy, off-

road conditions or on sand? I’m not sure, but it certainly has the power for the job.

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Ponsonby Park – November Update “I imagine a space... vibrant, urban, all-weather and accessible to everyone. Locals and visitors will know it’s here. They will see the space and be drawn to it. Overall, it will be a magnificent open space, a community hub with a full programme of events – from art installations to a regular and authentic farmers market – and it will intensify the diverse and inclusive community that Ponsonby is deservedly proud to be.” So said Chris Bailey, Chair of the Community-led Design (CLD) volunteer group in November 2016, about our vision for the development of the whole site, civic open space at 254 Ponsonby Road – aka Ponsonby Park. The CLD process initiated by the Waitemata- Local Board (WLB), advanced and actioned the concept of empowering the community to drive the development of the civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road. Throughout the process, the community consistently told us what they wanted and needed from the new civic space.

you, the community, for consideration and feedback. We will try to do this through online options due to the time constraints of the decision-making process. (We will most likely only have a week to do each necessary consultation). We will keep giving the option for additional comments in our consultation process in order to capture all feedback. And we will keep referring back to the above desideratum to guide the decision-making process. So keep a lookout for consultation announcements via: • our Facebook pages, Ponsonby Park and 254 Ponsonbyrd • our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz • notification on our Ponsonby Park noticeboard, that is on-site next to Dizengoff cafe by the bus stop • the Neighbourly.co.nz noticeboard • plus we will send out an email notification to all of those already on our extensive digital database It is the intention of our CLD group to keep the community involved and their voices heard throughout the process of realising Ponsonby Park. And while we are here, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all elected members of the WLB, both returning and new. We look forward to continuing our productive and supportive relationship with you all as Ponsonby Park is brought to fruition. Our congratulations also to Pippa Coom, our new Waitemata- Ward Councillor. Thank you for all of your work to date and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with you as we near the start-ofwork date of July 2020.

Graph: Percentage of respondents requesting specific outcomes. We are nearing the start of work on-site to develop Ponsonby Park and the business case is well underway. As with all design projects, there will be decisions that need to be made as the process progresses. When necessary, these decisions will be taken back to

Finally, to outgoing Waitemata- Ward Councillor Mike Lee, our thanks for all your support and involvement with Ponsonby Park over the past six years. Ponsonby Park – it’s happening, with only eight months to go before work is scheduled to begin on site. Exciting! (JENNIFER WARD) F PN

For more information, follow or contact us on Facebook: ‘Ponsonby Park’ or on our website: www.254ponsonbyrd.org.nz

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Kerry Lee: Success simplified From a societal standpoint, Farzin Irani looked like he had it all. He was well educated with a good job and with family and friends who loved him. But, on the inside, he felt as if something was amiss. “I felt completely lost. I had a nagging feeling that something was missing in my life,” he tells us. So, at the age of 38, he decided to turn his life upside down. He began questioning everything he had been taught by society up until that point, and went on what he called a ‘real-life social experiment’. It was a journey that lead him to create Success Simplified. A programme designed to help people find their definition of what success is and to help them achieve it. “In today’s modern society, instead of being invested in what we have a passion for, we’ve gotten sidetracked into a system of companies and corporations. The majority go to jobs that they have no passion for or connection to. Is it any wonder that so many people feel unhappy and unsuccessful in their lives?” Success Simplified’s main objective is to get people out of the rat race that they find themselves trapped in and to help them discover their own definition of success and what happiness means to them. Described as a school for life, Success Simplified breaks down the beliefs that a lot of us have been taught. It teaches that the so-called ideas of success that were taught to us by past generations no longer apply in the 21st Century. Our societies are full of disconnected and unhappy individuals that are stuck on the treadmill of life. They’re just going through the motions and never asking the critical question, “Why am I doing this?”

He went on to explain that one of the biggest hurdles people faced was the idea that they weren’t good enough. “Most of us were raised to believe that we have to constantly strive for more and have more things, to feel loved by others and to feel as if we belong. “Success for me is when you’re living your life with passion and purpose. Passion is what you’re good at, it brings you immense joy and it never feels like work. The purpose is what drives you when you get to serve something bigger than yourself. When you combine them both, you are truly living and success is a natural by-product of living a life that brings you joy and fulfilment. “I now aim to share some of the wisdom I gained through my journey to empower people to lead better lives without having to turn their lives upside down, like I did.” Being aware of the mental health conditions in New Zealand, Farzin has returned home to Auckland after eight years in Australia, to help fellow Kiwis PN with what he calls ‘Get Good At Life’. (KERRY LEE) F For more information on Success Simplified and Farzin Irani, please visit www.successimplified.com.

Kerry Lee: Suicide Lifeline It’s a sad fact that New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates in the developed world. In June of 2019, 175 young people aged between 10 - 24 committed suicide in New Zealand. I recently had the chance to talk to Youthline’s Funding Coordinator, Geoff Lawson, about why our youth suicide rate was so high and what could be done to combat it.

The survey results showed us that to remove that stigma, there needed to be a better support structure in schools, which would empower youths through education to better manage stress and to look after their own mental health.

One of my first questions to Geoff was how we got to this point and what we were doing wrong in terms of reducing that rate of suicide? He explained that it wasn’t a case of how or what, but rather it was a case of us as a nation not doing enough to support the young people who are most at risk.

It would allow people to talk about suicide and share their thoughts, and for others to listen effectively in a safe environment. Schools needed to be better funded to provide support and counseling for people that needed it.

Recently, Youthline commissioned a Colmar Brunton poll asking young New Zealanders about what they felt mattered most in terms of the struggles they faced, and if they had any recommendations for dealing with rising suicide rates in the country. The results showed that the most significant problems faced by youth in this generation related to mental health, with 83% citing mental health, depression and anxiety as substantial issues. The relationship between mental health and the increased risk of suicide is already well documented. Young people who are most at risk of suicide have almost always experienced mental health issues such as depression and substance abuse. I asked Geoff if the stigma surrounding the issue of suicide represented a huge obstacle for people who needed or wanted to seek help. He said that it was and explained to me that one of the best ways to break down the stigma attached to suicide was to become a part of the ongoing conversation about youth suicide and mental illness and how we as a community can help the most vulnerable in our society. The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

When I asked him what he would like to see in terms of more support, Geoff said that although Youthline applauded the Government’s commitment to boosting mental health and addiction programmes, more needed to be done. As well as ensuring that mental health services are more adequately funded, we believe that the Government needs to take conversations about mental health and suicide into local schools and communities. We need healthy and vibrant communities where people can look out for each other and feel connected to one another. I would also like to see the Government execute its proposed Suicide Prevention Plan as soon as possible. And, finally, we can make a huge difference. As individuals, we need to be on alert for people that may be struggling with mental illness and reach out to them whenever possible. “If we all did this, we would start to make PN a difference.” (KERRY LEE) F For more information about Youthline, please visit www.youthline.co.nz

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Deirdre Thurston – On My Mind: Mental Health Everyone’s talking about mental health but do we yet fully understand what destructive and far-reaching diseases like depression and PTSD really are? A few weeks ago, we had a Mental Health Awareness Week. I wonder how many people learned something from it. Did its messages and support reach those who need them? There are many more mental health initiatives out there today. Let’s hope our children are better able to receive the care and attention they need. We have let go of the ball on our generations – young and old. Some people are still uncomfortable about discussing mental health. I think it stems from the past when we had ‘mental institutions’, and we called people ‘mental’. The word has bad connotations. We take it to mean ‘mad’, ‘crazy’, loopy’, ‘unhinged’. With that comes ‘weird’, even ‘dangerous’. What is crazy, is that no one blinks if a person seeks professional help for diabetes, cancer, ‘flu, heart disease. In fact, we would be labelled crazy if we did not get help. When it comes to mental health, the stigma remains alive and (un)well. Kiwis have a ‘soldier on’ mentality. Some of us find it difficult to admit we have a problem and ask for help. I have suffered from depression and have been diagnosed with PTSD. I abhor labels so writing that sentence was like pulling my teeth out without anaesthetic. I don’t have any difficulty acknowledging I am down when I am, but asking for help is another thing. For one reason, I am stoic. I see a weakness in myself if I can’t sort it out alone. I don’t want to appear weak and whiney and burdensome. The second reason is the real hard one. When people are in the black hole, they simply can’t reach out. They barely can drag themselves out of bed. They wander around the house zombified. Articulating what they are feeling is simply too damn much. And, if they do, reason three is enough to clamp their mouths tightly shut before the can whisper a word of needing help. Reason three: people, no matter how well meant, say things like ‘buck up’, ‘things could be much worse,’ ‘make a cup of tea and take a deep breath’, ‘oh, that’s a shame, wait til I tell you what happened to me…’, ‘never mind, tomorrow’s another day’. All these things have truth in them but when someone is in the blackness, those platitudes are akin to being given a good hard

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nudge further down the hole. Feelings of hopelessness, of never being ‘seen’ or understood suffocate you. Which makes reaching out the next time even more impossible. Then there are the kind and thoughtful but equally destructive nuggets of advice: ‘You must look after yourself’, ‘have you tried yoga?’, ‘just meditate’, ‘go for a walk and take some deep breaths’, ‘plan a weekend away with friends’, ‘how about a massage?’. Honestly, all you want to do is scream at them to f off as far as they ffing can. But you can’t because trying to remain calm and breathe and not hurl your phone at a wall or a book at them is taking every bit of your strength. Also, you’re probably crying silently by now at the sheer loneliness of your situation. A massage? Seriously? If it was that easy to cure depression and have robust mental health, do you not think sufferers would be camping outside massage clinics? I once said to a friend who suggested I get a massage, that I couldn’t afford it. Her answer was to visit a shopping mall where there are Chinese masseuses that are so much cheaper. Again, seriously? I go into a paroxyism of despair at the mere thought of going into a shopping mall. People mean well and it’s difficult for other people to understand if they have never felt the hopelessness, bleakness and loneliness. Some don’t know what to say, others don’t want to be around an unhappy person. Empathy is strong in some and absent in others. I never expect anyone to ‘fix me’ in my black days. What I need is to be allowed my feelings without judgement and to know there is someone who will simply be by my side with no expectations, and with genuine caring. A hug, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a walk together on the beach. A funny story is always good. If I hear myself laugh, then I know there is hope. And I also know ‘this, too, shall pass’ and things will look better soon. A coach once told me that poor mental health/depression is a choice. We can choose happy or we can choose sad. “It’s that simple,” she said. Is it? Reach out, people – especially to those who can’t. Ram Das: “We are all just walking each other home.” PN (DEIRDRE THURSTON) F



Nikki Kaye: Local elections I want to acknowledge the re-elected and new officers for local body including Mayor Goff and a number of local board members in Waitemat-a, Waiheke Island and Aotea/ Great Barrier Island. I acknowledge the new Councillor Pippa Coom for the Waitemata- and Gulf Ward. I also want to specifically acknowledge Mike Lee for his years of service to Waitemata and the Hauraki Gulf. Mike has served for around 27 years and has been passionate about many issues including a number of environmental issues. Congratulations to all those people who put their names forward for local body elections and those that have been successful candidates across New Zealand. I know how hard many people work in local government and it is a privilege to work alongside many local body politicians. A lot of local projects and ideas for nationwide initiatives are progressed at the local level. Conservation and marine protection in the Hauraki Gulf This month, I visited The Noises, a cluster of small Islands in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland. The Neureter family invited myself and my colleague Erica Stanford. Siblings Sue, Rob and Zoe discussed biosecurity requirements as all of the Islands are proudly predator free. The family advocates for sustainability and protection of the marine environment. Sue showed me some of the species on the islands including giant wetas, 80-year-old pohutukawa, and blue penguins. I was recently on both the neighbouring Aotea/ Great Barrier and Waiheke Island for seniors’ teas and meetings. We chatted about a range of issues including marine dumping, education, social housing and housing, ferries, retirement villages and civil defence. Thank you to everyone who attended. Albert Street business support I also attended a protest with the businesses affected by the City Rail Link. Every week that this goes on puts businesses under extreme stress. It takes a toll on these people and their families. A petition was launched to call for assistance for the businesses and it so far has more than 300 signatures. You can find the petition here: https://www.parliament.nz/en/pb/ petitions/document/PET_91503/petition-of-viv-beck-for-heart-ofthe-city-auckland-crl. It asks that the House of Representatives asks Central Government, as a joint sponsor of the City Rail Link project, to agree to the urgent provision of business disruption support by City Rail Link Limited for businesses severely impacted by CRL construction. It is important all businesses are offered the same opportunity to have discussions. There needs to be a fair and transparent process. The businesses on Albert Street have faced extreme hardship due to ongoing delays with the project and misinformation put out by the Government only distresses them more. Law reform for Unit Titles Act update A group of property stakeholders has launched a petition urging the Government to urgently reform the Unit Titles Act, reaffirming support for the Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill advocated by me and Hon Judith Collins. The Fix the Law for Apartments and Units (FLAU) group has launched a petition in the name of Charles Levin, calling on the Government to urgently amend the Unit Titles Act. Two years and one Housing Minister later, and there has still been no action from the Government in reforming the apartment sector worth more than $50 billion.

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The Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill would strengthen the management of apartments and townhouses and address issues around a lack of transparency and inadequate long-term planning. We must reduce homeowner disputes in multi-unit dwellings and help facilitate their resolution. For most people, their home is the largest asset they have so when things go wrong there can be devastating and life-long impacts. After discussions with apartment owners, property and legal organisations including body corporate chairs, we know there is huge support for law reform in this area. I would urge people to sign the petition and show their support for this rapidly growing, yet poorly regulated sector. You can find the petition here: www.parliament.nz/en/pb/petitions/ document/PET_92641/petition-of-charles-levin-urgently-amendthe-unit-titles I continue to work hard on local initiatives for you. (NIKKI KAYE) F PN If you have any local or national issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office on T: 09 378 2088 or an email on mp.aucklandcentral@parliament.govt.nz. Authorised by Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland Central, 48c College Hill, Freemans Bay. www.nikkikaye.co.nz

Hon Nikki Kaye MP for Auckland Central I regularly work on local issues and meet with constituents Please contact my office if you would like to discuss anything with me Drop In Constituency Clinic: 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay Monday 18th November, 1pm

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

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Westhaven Marina


A MARINE & COASTAL PLAYGROUND RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP Ponsonby News readers have the beautiful Hauraki Gulf virtually on their doorstep. It’s the ultimate marine and coastal playground just a heartbeat away from the buzz of Auckland’s vibrant inner city suburbs. It offers more activities and sights than you probably ever realised and it’s known to be one of the world’s best boating grounds. With large visitor numbers predicted to arrive before the 2021 America’s Cup kicks off, now is a great time for locals to get out and make the most of this incredible natural treasure. Whether you start by exploring the extensive urban coastline by kayak or sail out into the harbour, the journey is all part of the fun. The key is to make sure that as locals we don’t take this incredible resource for granted. We shouldn’t just see it is a pretty backdrop for the city, but as a place for us to explore, nurture, protect and enjoy. As we move closer to summer, the warm micro climate offered by the Islands in the gulf can be a smart way to start summer living a little early. Kawau is one of the largest and is described by locals who live there as the jewel of the Hauraki Gulf. Its sheltered bays, deep harbours and clean waters are perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and diving. There are great walks, historic sites to enjoy, plus there are a number of fun ways to get there.

Kawau Island Leaving from Westhaven Marina, you can catch a Hauraki Express water taxi direct to the island. Hauraki Express will have you to Kawau in just over an hour, a journey that takes you past Rangitoto and Motutapu Islands and across waters that are home to dolphins and orcas. Kawau Island is a frequent feeding ground for orcas and these large whales are often seen chasing stingray up Bon Accord Harbour to feed on. From Sandspit Wharf, Kawau Cruises’ Royal Mail Run ferry leaves daily at 10.30am and can have you to the Island in around 20 minutes. There is always something happening on Kawau over summer with events regularly held at Mansion House and the Kawau Boat Club in Bon Accord Harbour. The Boat Club re-opens the Bon Accord Bar and Bistro for the season at Labour Weekend. Mansion House Cafe, open all year round, offers all-day breakfasts, home-cooked lunches, Devonshire teas and dinners. There are a range of places to stay on Kawau, from private beach houses and baches to lodges and boutique hotels. Many places have their own jetty, so if you have a boat it can be a short scenic trip to get there from Westhaven Marina or Sandspit Wharf.

The view from Mansion House on Kawau Island

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HAURAKI GULF FEATURE Get a boat Being you own skipper can be a thrill, but boat ownership is expensive, time consuming and sometimes daunting, an innovative alternative is a boat sharing system. According to Simon Barker of Ownaship, boat sharing is Auckland’s fastest-growing marine industry. His company offers individuals, families, small businesses and larger organisations the option to have a share without the hassle and expense of owning or maintaining a boat. “Boat sharing is a great option for anyone who is time poor, or can’t justify the expense or commitment required by sole ownership. Professional families with children certainly fit into this category,” explains Simon. It’s also a great stepping stone if you ever considered owning a boat yourself. The team at Ownaship provides full and comprehensive training to all clients to ensure everyone can confidently skipper their own boat. “People come to us with a variety of experience, from the complete novice right through to those with decades of experience on their own boats. For anyone new to boating, our share system works really well because we provide a lot of training and support, as well as taking care of all the boat maintenance, servicing, insurance, marina berths, cleaning, laundry, etc. It’s a walk on, walk off service that really appeals to anyone who has had their own boat but is tired of how expensive and time consuming sole ownership can be,” explains Simon. For those who would rather entertain, Ownaship also offers a full skipper service. Starting with a 10% share in a Rayglass 2500 right up through to something like a 1/4 share in a Maritimo M59, there is something for everyone.

www.ownaship.co.nz one share left in a new Rayglass 3500 arriving December 2019

www.ownaship.co.nz has shares available in the Martimo M51 arriving in 2020

Of course, the investment even in a shared boat is still quite a commitment, and for those who only want an occasional journey out on our sparkling waters, Fullers360 offer ferry services to destinations to suit just about everyone’s tastes.

Fullers360 ferries

www.ownaship.co.nz one share left in the just launched Lucia 40

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HAURAKI GULF FEATURE Tiritiri Matangi is a 75-minute daily trip on Fullers360

Tiritiri Matangi and Rotoroa Island For unspoilt walking tracks and an abundance of bird life, it is hard to beat a visit to Tiritiri Matangi or Rotoroa Island. While a day trip can be a great way to get a taste of what Tiritiri has to offer, an overnight stay in the Department of Conservation (DOC) bunkhouse gives groups or families an opportunity to truly soak in the tranquility and magic. “The birdsong on Tiritiri Matangi is reminiscent of what New Zealand would have sounded like back in the day. Those staying overnight on the island can hear this dawn chorus first hand,” says Jaime Miller, communications and content manager at Fullers360. It’s a rare camping experience and one that shows just how important it is to protect our waters and preserve our unique flora and fauna. Fullers360 holds a special relationship with DOC to protect predatorfree islands and upholds stringent biosecurity procedures. “We also work closely with the conservation trusts working to protect the Hauraki Gulf islands, and support wildlife releases. For example, on the morning of 9 February, Fullers360’s D7 ferry had a very important passenger on board. Sheltered from the excited chatter of 170 daytrippers, a 30-day-old kiwi chick sat nestled into his ‘Kiwi on the Move’ travel box in the wheelhouse, quietly accompanied by the skipper, concentrating on safety, navigating to another sanctuary, Rotoroa Island,” explains Jaime.

Sustainable Coastlines, Westpac, Rangitoto Island Clean-Up 2016 collected 500 litres of rubbish

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Sustainable Coastlines Sustainable Coastlines, a charity designed to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways it loves, has helped coordinate cleaning up rubbish from Tiritiri Matangi and other islands and areas throughout the Hauraki Gulf and beyond. Since December 2010, Sustainable Coastlines has coordinated the clean up 1,527,725 litres of rubbish, with single use plastics being the worst offender to the marine environment. The clean ups have been organised at many Auckland beaches and islands in the gulf with organisations and groups doing their best to make a difference and keep our coastlines beautiful.

Sustainable Coastlines, Love Your Coast Motutapu with Katmandu Clean-Up 2018 collected 520 litres of rubbish


HAURAKI GULF FEATURE Take a Fullers360 ferry from the downtown Auckland terminal to Hannafords Wharf in Coromandel then visit beautiful Cathedral Cove and other sights

Off to the Coromandel Some of our most beautiful and pristine beaches can be found on the Coromandel Peninsula, though it is not always the easiest drive. The winding roads and holiday traffic can make the journey quite challenging especially for young children, but going by road isn’t the only way. Fullers360 has been running the Coromandel ferry service for many years. In the summer, the service sails daily from Auckland to Coromandel in the morning, with a return sailing in the afternoon or evening. From the ferry terminal it is just a 75-minute scenic journey through the Hauraki Gulf to Hannaford’s Wharf in Coromandel where a free shuttle waits to take you in to Coromandel town on arrival. On a day trip you can explore the historic town, have coffee, visit art galleries, go shopping or choose to stay the night and explore Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove. From backpackers and campgrounds to motels and waterfront baches, Coromandel has places to stay that will suit any budget or group size. Returning home on an evening ferry with a glass of wine as the lights of the city begin to twinkle could be the perfect end to a relaxing traffic-free holiday. Waiheke Waiheke is already a firm favourite with many Ponsonby News readers and Fullers360 makes getting there easy. A comprehensive schedule of crossings between the city and Matiatia Wharf will see you visiting boutique vineyards, enjoying world-class dining and taking incredible walks with spectacular scenery within an hour of leaving downtown

Auckland. The harbour crossing only takes 40 minutes, making Waiheke an easy destination you can visit again and again and again. One place we believe is a must visit is the award-winning Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant owned by Robyn and Nicholas Jones. It is one of around 30 boutique wineries on the island and has been a part of the Waiheke landscape since 1992. “It has now been over 18 years since we opened the restaurant – 20 years since the first plantings. We have aged and so has our environment! Our vines are mature, but we still plant new varieties. We now have two vineyard sites on Waiheke, complete with fully operational winery, and now we have received gold medal recognition for our wines,” says Robyn Jones.

Fullers360 ferry leaving Waiheke Island, home to the Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019


Auckland is called the city of sails for good reason, offering opportunities to learn to sail and some of the best boating conditions in the world. Learning to sail and getting out on the harbour with confidence can be as easy as making contact with the local Ponsonby Cruising Club (PCC). The club has been going for 119 years and is all about making sailing accessible to as many people as possible. Run predominantly by passionate sailing volunteers, the club makes it easy for anyone to get out sailing regardless of experience. From running sailing courses for children and adults, to helping organise crews for boats and running a full range of social and competitive races, the Ponsonby Cruising Club is truly the grass roots of Auckland sailing.

Photo credit: Craig Hegan


Just you and the water If you like staying a bit closer to the waterline, then kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) or learning to sail could be the perfect ways to soak up everything the gulf has to offer. Launching a kayak off one of the small, local beaches and paddling across the harbour offers some of the most beautiful scenery around. It can be difficult to believe you are on the doorstep of the country’s biggest urban centre.

Andrea Hegan paddle boarding in Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island when an orca and her calf came alongside

“Everyone is welcome whether they are a complete beginner or the more experienced seasoned racer,” explains Kelsey Muir, the club’s Vice-Commodore. Kelsey takes beginners on as crew for her women’s boat and explains that within a season even the most novice sailor can become competent enough to get out on the harbour and have fun. For those wanting to fast track their way through sailing jargon and take part in the social racing scene sooner rather than later, the PCC runs Level 1 and Level 2 sailing courses throughout the year that are designed to build your knowledge and skills. “We have the best cruising grounds in the world and even if you’ve never sailed before, you’ll find that an evening on the harbour is a fantastic introduction to the sport. We’ve got plenty of boats that are keen to take new sailors aboard and show you the ropes,” says Kelsey. A keen sailor herself, Kelsey is looking forward to the excitement the America’s Cup will bring to our waters next year when the crews start to arrive and says there is no better time than now to learn to sail and be even closer to the action of it all.

Lean to sail with the Ponsonby Cruising Club visit.pcc.org.nz for details

America’s Cup 2021 America’s Cup syndicates are due to start arriving in Auckland from mid 2020, returning the sailing world’s focus back on Auckland. The first regattas are due to begin in either December 2020 or early January 2021, transforming our harbour and the city into hosts to the world’s most prestigious sailing event. It is projected that the America’s Cup will add over 600 million to the New Zealand economy, mostly in Auckland. The majority of benefit coming from the people it attracts. Everyone from teams, sponsors, media and visitors will become part of our community enjoying and making the most of the beautiful Hauraki Gulf. There has probably never been a more exciting time for locals to PN be out on the water. F

Emirates Team New Zealand’s AC75 Te Aihe on the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, New Zealand, 36th America’s Cup Copyright: Emirates Team New Zealand

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The Brits bring Britannia to Auckland INEOS TEAM UK, the British Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, are getting ready for their big move to Auckland. The team is led and backed by Sir Jim Ratcliffe with four-time Olympic Champion and America’s Cup winner, Sir Ben Ainslie as Team Principal and four-time America’s Cup winner, Grant Simmer as CEO.

“It’s going to be a hugely exciting cup on so many levels – the boats, the racing, the crowds. Auckland is a fantastic venue and we can’t wait to bring Britannia over to New Zealand.”

The Brits are based in Portsmouth, UK and will relocate to Auckland during the summer of 2020 in preparation for the cup. Up to 100 team members will be relocating with their families. For some it will be their first time visiting New Zealand, whereas others have spent time in the country during previous cup and sailing campaigns and are looking forward to returning.

The cup originated in 1851 when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert hosted the Great Exhibition to showcase the best of British technology and excellence to the world. They invited the New York Yacht Club to send over a vessel that would represent American shipbuilding prowess and compete against the British fleet in a race around the Isle of Wight.

Back in the UK, the team recently launched its first AC75 race boat, Britannia 1, and will launch its second AC75 race boat, Britannia 2, in 2020. The cutting-edge AC75s push the boundaries of innovation and technology like never before, setting the sailing world alight. From design and build to launch, over 90,000 design and 50,000 construction hours were completed to get Britannia on the water.

After winning the trophy, the US embarked on what would become the longest winning streak in the history of sport, a 132-year stretch of domination. The cup has only been won by four nations in its history: US, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Ben Ainslie, “The quest to win the 36th America’s Cup has required a fresh approach and a new strategy. The AC75 class is really ambitious, it sets out a completely new type of boat and teams won’t stop pushing the technical boundaries right up until the last race.

A British entry has never won the America’s Cup, a fact INEOS TEAM PN UK are challenging to change. F www.INEOSTEAMUK.com

LOOKING TO RENT OUT YOUR PROPERTY FOR THE AMERICA’S CUP? INEOS TEAM UK is seeking accommodation around Viaduct / Ponsonsby / greater Ponsonby area. Rental period of 7 months from September 2020 until March 2021.

Please email for further information: auckland.relocation@INEOSTEAMUK.com The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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@ SABATO Here at Sabato, we like to make your festive foodie season fabulous! Our Christmas range consists of wonderful artisan Italian panettone, moreish Spanish confectionery, French fruit nectars for your Christmas morning Bellini, and New Zealand farmhouse cheeses for every palate. Here are our top picks for each member of your family. For mum – our Mediterranean Escape hamper containing a bottle of Sesto Senso prosecco, a fabulous Flamigni panettone and Peluso pistachio Moretti biscuits. For dad – a Summer Barbeque Box showcasing our Sabato backyard barbeque sauce, Pons green oil and Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar. For your grandparents – a Tea Time hamper including Harney & Sons tea and Peluso Sicilian biscuits. To complement this selection, why not add a delicious Fiasconaro panettone?

store to see our friendly and knowledgeable staff, or visit our website for further information. F PN SABATO, 57 Normanby Road, T: 09 630 8751, www.sabato.co.nz

For your partner – a Picnic in the Park hamper consisting of a stunning bottle of sparkling Bollé Rosé, and some delectable nibbles. For your daughter – our Sabato Baking Box including premium Valrhona cocoa powder and Escuminac organic maple syrup. For your son – La Dolce Vita hamper with its assortment of Italian confectionery including Venchi’s famous nougatine bar. For your sibling – an Italian Christmas including a traditional Fiasconaro panettone and a bottle of Andreola prosecco. Our luxurious range of hampers are also ideal for corporate and staff gifting. For more products, ideas and inspiration, call into our retail

NEW ZEALAND’S TOP SAUSAGES ANNOUNCED Westmere Butchery in Auckland has taken out New Zealand’s top sausage award for the second year in a row. It was announced as the Supreme Award winner for the 2019 Devro Great New Zealand Sausage Competition at an awards dinner in Auckland last month. The judges couldn’t get enough of the butchery’s chicken, leek and bacon entry which beat out over 500 other entries from over 90 producers around New Zealand to claim the top spot. David Rossiter, owner of Westmere Butchery, has had over 45 years in the industry and it is fair to say his store has become a butchery institution in Auckland. He said of his victory: “It’s just fantastic to win again for a second year. I can only thank my manager Glenn – he’s picked the winning sausage two years in a row. It’s brilliant that we’re making a great sausage that people enjoy. I’ve got the best team in the world and I’m so pleased they’re getting the recognition they deserve. I hate to say that I’m gobsmacked, but I’m bloody gobsmacked.” Glenn Mckendry, store manager of Westmere Butchery, was the visionary team member that recognised the potential of the winning chicken, leek and bacon sausage: “We just happened to have a chicken, leek and bacon pie I just had a feeling that would turn into a great sausage – PN low and behold we’ve won again.” F WESTMERE BUTCHERY, 131 West End Road, T: 09 376 5954, www.westmerebutchery.co.nz

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EAT, DRINK +LOCAL BE MERRY NEWS Modern Japanese Main Beach Takapuna Beach Bookings essential Ph 09 390 7188 www.tokyobay.co.nz

Japanese Izakaya Dining Bar Ponsonby Central No bookings required Ph 09 376 8016 www.tokyoclub.co.nz


Retail, restaurants and recreation all on your doorstep ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

-BSHF TFMG DPOUBJOFE SPPNT BOE BQBSUNFOUT 4FMFDUJPO PG NFFUJOH SPPNT )PNF PG UIF 4VSSFZ 1VC 'SFF DPBDI BOE DBS QBSLJOH )BQQZ )PVS QN QN The Surrey Hotel 465 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand Phone + 64 9 378 9059 Fax + 64 9 378 1464 Email reservations@thesurreyhotel.co.nz www.thesurreyhotel.co.nz

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Liz Wheadon: Best Pinot Noir – Jackson Estate Jackson Estate has recently won the trophy for the best pinot noir at the International Wine and Spirit Challenge in the UK. A competition that is over 50 years old and, in a cluttered show circuit, one that stands above the rest due to the quality of the judges that assess the wines and the pedigree of the show over the years, winning gold at this show is held in high esteem, let alone a trophy; for Jackson Estate, not just a trophy, but the top pinot noir, beating off all other pinot noir in the world. We partner with the IWSC in New Zealand to run a series of events around New Zealand’s award-winning wines. To say I was excited when I saw Jackson Estate on the list of winning wines is an understatement, a winery whose pinot noir I have always held in high regard, and their winemaker Matt Patterson-Green someone who I rate as one of New Zealander’s best winemakers. John and Warren Stichbury (hence their sauvignon called the Stich), who planted the company’s Home Vineyard in 1998, are greatgrandsons of Adam Jackson after whom Jacksons Road was named. Pedigree aside, their vision and determination has created an impressive recent past and is shaping an exciting and progressive future. Surviving the economic and meteorological travails that life throws at any winery operation is no mean feat. To do so and remain firmly in private hands is testament to the grit of those involved. Jackson Estate’s grapes come from three company-owned sites in and around Marlborough: ‘Homestead’ in the Wairau Plains, and ‘Eversley’ and ‘Somerset’ in the Waihopai Valley. Chardonnay, riesling, pinot noir and, naturally, sauvignon blanc pour forth in fine style from the fiercely modern winery complex.

Back to the award-winning pinot noir. Vintage Widow is named after those that are ‘widowed’ at vintage as their partners work day in and day out to turn the year’s grapes into wine. The vintage of the winning wine is 2015, and it is wonderful to have a wine with a little age win an award and still be readily available. It has, though, much more ageing potential and to prove this, the team at Jackson Estate has been holding back parcels for many years now. November sees us release the 2012 vintage of Vintage Widow. Alongside this cuvee, there’s the Homestead pinot noir, a great value wine that has all the hallmarks of Jackson Estate’s award-winning wines as well as the single vineyard wines Somerset and Emperor. The short version of this long tale – try Jackson Estate’s pinot noir, you won’t be disappointed. (LIZ WHEADON) F PN www.glengarrywines.co.nz


$73 .00 $30 .99 $40 .99


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P: 0800 733 505




CHRISTMAS AT STAMFORD Let us do the cooking while you enjoy quality time with family and friends this Christmas. Sip on a glass of bubbles before feasting on our traditional buffets with all the trimmings for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our Christmas breakfast buffet is a perfect start to the day; and our lunch and dinner buffets feature a seafood station, carvery and scrumptious desserts.

Contact us or visit our website to see our full range of Christmas dining offers! BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Wednesday 25th December 2019 Stamford Plaza, 22-26 Albert St, Auckland Email bookings@spak.stamford.com.au www.stamfordplazaauckland.co.nz

SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 360 2122 www.sidart.co.nz


Call 09 378 8553 to book or email martin@ponsonbynews.co.nz

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Meet the Makers and connect with food, friends and family It’s a constellation that couldn’t be more perfect – Des Harris, award-winning winemaker Peter Turner and the Sutton family. “There’s a sense of family and passion for creating a heritage of wine and food experiences that go beyond the norm. It’s a great combination and Peter is a bit of star,” explains Des. Drawing from land nurtured and tended, award-winning executive chef Des Harris and the team of The Hunting Lodge Winery select the finest local suppliers and artisan producers to create ever evolving menus celebrating the winery’s award-winning wines. A creatively generous chef, Des curates dishes that reflect both the seasons and a selection of wines from the boutique vineyard. The upcoming Meet the Makers event is a natural extension of The Hunting Lodge’s pasture-to-plate philosophy, showcasing the talent of Des Harris and his team together with the flavours and goodness of local suppliers and artisan producers. Award winning executive chef Des Harris and award winning winemaker Peter Turner

The four-course menu, which includes drinks, is a true celebration of the incredible producers in the Kaipara Rodney area and will see

The Hunting Lodge’s head gardener Dave Mercer

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diners under the stars amongst the vines eating rustic, fire-cooked Kaipara lamb and dishes featuring Whangaripo Buffalo Co cheeses, Kaipara oysters, Rydenberry organic blueberries, John Tucker honey and an abundance of produce from The Hunting Lodge gardens. Dining amongst the picturesque vineyard grounds and gardens is the perfect way to learn about what makes these producers special. It is part of an approach to sourcing food and cooking to the seasons that delivers authentically rich flavours and food experiences that are heightened by people who truly understand the ingredients they are working with. The event, tipped to be the first of its kind in the area, is on Friday 15 November from 6.30pm -10.30pm. Tickets are $130pp. Of course, you don’t have to wait till Friday 15 November to experience the paddock to plate freshness and taste of The Hunting Lodge Restaurant and the Cellar Door Lawn Bar. The Hunting Lodge offers a range of ways from Wednesday to Sunday and The Cellar Door Lawn Bar is open Tuesday to Sunday. If you’re lucky, as I was, you might attend a corporate event or Christmas party in the purpose-built functions barn overlooking the vineyard and working gardens. Over 60% of the produce used across all The Hunting Lodge’s eateries and function spaces is grown on site by a dedicated team including gardeners and permaculturists with the assistance of the kitchen crew. Seasonal vegetables bring true taste freshness to every dish and extra produce is pickled, preserved and stored for later use. Charcuterie platters feature The Hunting Lodge’s own pickles and preserves and vegan and vegetarian dishes enjoy flavours heightened by this age-old practice of food preservation. The Hunting Lodge menu is an elegant showcase of the freshest raw ingredients, homemade pickles, preserves and butters. Everything is designed to encourage friends and family to share and feast while drinking the wines and craft beers that inspired the dishes. Similarly, the pizzas, fresh from the oven at the Cellar Door Lawn Bar, are designed to work perfectly with the boutique Hunting Lodge wines and Liberty Craft beers on tap. The relaxed atmosphere and easy seating options sprawling out through the grounds are the perfect way to connect and share a weekend with friends. “On a busy Saturday afternoon, I can be on the pizza oven pumping out over 100 pizzas. It’s an amazing atmosphere and I am right amongst it,” says Des. After over a decade of fame for delivering award winning, unique fine dining at Auckland’s Clooney Restaurant, Des Harris was on the lookout for a grounded and meaningful challenge that was more compatible with family life. He wanted to find ways to create dishes that are true to the source of their goodness and celebrate the connection between food, wine and people. At The Hunting Lodge, Des isn’t a bystander, he gets his apron on, has a hand in the gardens and even spends time front of house.

Photos from top to bottom: Executive Chef Des Harris; Pizza straight from the oven at the Cellar Door & Lawn Bar; Charcuterie Platter featuring produce grown and pickled at The Hunting Lodge The Sutton family has a long history with the winery, the restaurant and the original owners, the Spence and Margan families. “Mr and Mrs Sutton helped out at times when The Hunting Lodge Restaurant first opened,” says Des. “So it is a part of their personal story.” Together they all share a vision of creating a place where generations will connect and thrive and enjoy together. PN (ANDREA KAHUKIWA) F

THE HUNTING LODGE WINERY, 305-307 Waikoukou Valley Road, Waimauku, Auckland, T: 09 965 5024, www.thehuntinglodge.com


MEET THE MAKERS A truly unique dining experience celebrating our local artisan food producers for a genuine pasture to plate experience. Friday 15 November @ The Hunting Lodge Restaurant www.thehuntinglodge.com/meetthemakers

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Gary Steel: Meat propaganda pointless and irrelevant Last month we reported on a scurrilous international news story falsely claiming that vegetarians and vegans had a higher risk of stroke, and how that syndicated story was picked up by local news agencies and twisted into an even more outrageous lie. It’s disappointing that the pro-meat propaganda is continuing, and that it’s now originating from an educational institution that should be above twisting the results of an extremely limited study. ‘Red meat no worse, no better than soy protein for heart disease risk’, ran the headline of a press release from Auckland University this month.

striploin and tenderloin cuts compared to grain-fed beef,” trumpets Auckland University’s press release. In fact, it seems so eager to explain the special merits of Wagyu that I wasn’t surprised to learn that the study was co-funded by NZ Wagyu beef producer First Light Foods. Ka-ching!

Then it continues: “Three weekly servings of fresh, unprocessed red meat over eight weeks neither lowers nor raises heart disease risk in already at-risk men, findings from a novel New Zealand study suggest.”

Can we assume from this association that the study results were skewed to impress its sponsors? Not really. Instead, First Light would have had more than an inkling that the study results would show their product in a good light. It could be said that the result was a foregone conclusion.

This ‘novel’ study involved 50 men between the ages of 35 and 55 years who were at risk of heart disease. These blokes received “three servings (total 500g) a week for eight weeks of either grassfed Wagyu beef, grain-finished Angus beef, or soy-based meat alternative.”

So, why have I got a beef with all of this? Well, it’s an extremely cynical ploy, and while the study itself might be harmless enough, it’s really a Wagyu beef promotion masquerading as a genuine study.

The inference here is that the countless New Zealand men who are limiting their intake of beef for health reasons can now relax and fill their boots, as it were. But let’s look a bit more closely at this study.

That, and the fact that the raw statistics of a limited study like this and the pro-beef tenor of the resulting press release ignore a whole raft of important information around meat consumption. For instance, the way meat is prepared, the amount eaten and what it’s eaten with are all of more than passing relevance.

I’m surprised that any conclusions could be accurately drawn from bloods taken from a mere 50 men eating beef three times a week for eight weeks. But more worrying than the veracity (or otherwise) of this research is the assumption that many men will make that eating any old cut of dead cow will do. The meat eaten during the study was Wagyu beef, which means that it’s a premium, expensive cut and therefore beyond the budget of many.

And what about that soy protein? Was it GMO, organic, and how was it prepared? The assumption is that vegans get all their protein from soy, when that’s clearly false, and it ignores the fact that most vegans and vegetarians eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And by focusing specifically on heart disease, the report ignores the many other deleterious effects of eating meat on general health, on the environment and on the animals themselves. (GARY STEEL) F PN

Wagyu “is rich in a fat called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, and several other so-called ‘good fats’, including omega-3 fats, and contains on average less than half the saturated fat in ribeye,

Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs online vegetarian resource www.doctorfeelgood.co.nz He can be contacted via beautmusic@gmail.com

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY Adrian Roche, Kelmarna Gardens

Are vegans going to save the world? Some people think going vegan will save the planet. Is this true? Can we conceive an agricultural system that respects animals and acknowledges the innate human appetite for meat? Climate change is the most pressing problem facing Earth’s inhabitants and we need to get serious about addressing it. There are lots of things we can do as individuals – cycle more, drive less, waste less food, compost our scraps and plant more trees. Another effective thing we can do is reduce our consumption of industrially farmed meat, as the way it’s raised uses a lot of resources and creates a lot of waste. Around the world, a large part of all the food grown is grown to feed animals, and when you look at the equation, eating meat that’s raised this way just doesn’t stack up. We have to compete with livestock for much of the world’s grain, land and water and according to Anthropocene Magazine, livestock consume a massive one third of global crop production. If we continue to divert edible crops away from people, we’ll need to increase crop production, and this will lead to further loss of biodiversity and environmental damage. For some people, the only option they see is moving to a vegan diet. This means avoiding anything that has come from an animal, including all dairy, eggs, honey and, of course, meat, poultry and fish. For many people, it also includes avoiding leather, sheepskin, wool and down for clothing and homewares. Some people come to this way of eating because of their concerns about animal cruelty, but an increasing number are removing animal products from their life as a way to address climate change. Is it really the right thing to do? I acknowledge the good intentions but, as is so often the case with any philosophy based on moral absolutism, is it practical or even possible? The question of whether a truly vegan – that is in every sense animal free – farming system could even possibly exist is yet

another question. What about worms and insects in the soil, what about the bees that pollinate the plants? We have been eating animals for most of our evolution and since the dawn of agriculture we have been using animals. Indeed, the most successful agricultural systems have been so because they included animals. The problem with industrial agriculture, the most common system in global food production, is that it isn’t modelled on nature. Instead, it creates concentrations of crops and stock in conditions that may not be suitable, stretching water resources and creating problems with waste. The intent of this specialisation and segregation of stock and crops is to increase efficiency and create an economy of scale, but this comes at a price. The food we eat and the way it is produced has a huge impact on both us and the planet, and the devastating effects of this are now too urgent to ignore. I certainly agree that the way animals are farmed in the current industrial system is neither sustainable or compassionate, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater – there’s another option, and it can improve your health and the health of the planet. So, before you give up your bacon and eggs, I want you to consider the advantages of permaculture. A way that animals can help create a circular system of food production that’s good for both people and the planet. Visit my blog www.breadpolitics.com to find out how the 12 principles of permaculture create a system that produces no waste where animals play a vital role in cleaning up leftovers and byproducts from mixed farming. A great local example is Kelmarna Gardens. (ISABEL PASCH) F PN

To read more about other urban farming initiatives in New Zealand and around the world visit www.breadpolitics.com Isabel Pasch is the owner of Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe and the author of the breadpolitics.com blog.

Make Bread & Butter part of your Christmas Gifts of traditional Stollen, Christmas Cakes, Pies, Pastries and Cookies. Bread and Butter Cafe – 34 Westmoreland Street, West Grey Lynn Little Bread & Butter – Ponsonby Central / www.breadandbutter.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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Faces @ Grey Lynn Farmers Market Henry Cheung has been selling frozen soup at the market and has some interesting new innovations coming up. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Hong Kong and came to New Zealand for my secondary schooling when I was 13 years old. That’s very young to be moving to another country. I have an older brother who was already living here, so I had his support. Hong Kong is in the news a lot lately – how are you feeling about that? It is heartbreaking to see what is happening where I grew up. I wish for everyone’s safety. Did you come here for school and never leave? No – I went to university in the United States and graduated with a business degree. I was fortunate enough to have worked for some wonderful Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing and Danaher. My last job before I moved back to New Zealand was with Amazon. The tech industry is always growing at neck-breaking speed and could be stressful, but I did have great experience working with some very smart people. It is a big step to go from working in a big tech company in the US to starting up your own food business in New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to do something more emotionally connected with customers. I love food and it is a common denominator between people. I believed I could create something that is delicious and yet respect the planet and our bodies. We decided to move to New Zealand last year to be closer to my family and watch my nephews grow up. Tell me why soup? Bone broth was always part of my family. I have strong nostalgic feelings about it because at home it was always the first course of a meal. Broth is so versatile – it can be a wholesome meal on its own or you can build on it with noodles, or use it as an ingredient. At a time when there is a lot of attention given to reducing food waste, broth is a product that uses the parts of the animal that are not usually eaten and upcycles them into something delicious and nutritious. And you have something new that you are going to start selling at the market. Yes! I’ve been developing a plant-based ice cream. Asians are more likely to be lactose intolerant, which I am, so I set out to create an ice

cream that I can absolutely love. I will begin selling take-home packs of ice cream in three flavours: chocolate date, black sesame, and strawberry balsamic. Does the same low-waste philosophy apply to your ice cream too? Absolutely – with my ice cream, almost everything that goes into the making of the product is eaten. There is almost no waste. How does this food business compare to working in a tech business? I’m loving it. I love talking directly to the customers and getting immediate feedback. Working on a large-scale tech project sometimes made me feel a bit disconnected. The market is a perfect opportunity to refine my crafts and products. I want to give people something they will love and feel good about eating. F PN www.glfm.co.nz

Sunday mornings at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 510 Richmond Road

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SHOP LOCAL, BOUTIQUE & UNIQUE Our General Collective boutique market is coming up, on Sunday 17 November to ease your Christmas shopping woes. There is sure to be something unique for all on the ‘nice’ list. The Sapphire Room comes alive with a beautiful showcase of NHZ ZHDODQG designed homewares, fashion, toys, jewellery, skincare and more! The little ones can enjoy time at the activity station while you get a break to shop and wander the boutique market. Make a day of it, bring your friends, come for brunch, stay for lunch and relax with a wine afterward. November also brings an array of homewares, art, fashion and jewellery pop ups to Ponsonby Central, make sure you follow us on Insta or Facebook to see who is in for the week. Support owner operators, small businesses, pop ups, makers and artists and find something truely unique for those special people in your life.

PONSONBY PS CENTRAL SHO Duct Tape - Phones, Computers & Accessories Wixii - Ethical Fashion Wallace Cotton - Bedding & Homeware


Ingenue Store - Home, Body & Accessories Flame in Vintage - Soy candles Cathy Bryant - Art Stitch Ministry - Fashion Sweet Disorder - Sweets Gypsy & Co. Home - Homewares Sunday Projects - Ethical Fashion The Pop Up Boutique - Beauty & Fashion Sooti - Ethical Fashion Dakota Deller - Jewellery Wixii Vintage - Vintage Fashion Metal as Anything - Sculpture Daisy-Lee - Fashion Accessories



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Phil Parker: How to taste wine The whole ritual of wine tasting can look a tad pretentious and silly, but essentially it does make sense. If you are visiting a number of wineries in a day, or lucky enough to be at a hosted wine tasting event, it pays to take your time and stick to a few basic principles. The ‘6 s’ approach is pretty standard. See, swirl, sniff, swish, spit (or swallow). Drink plenty of water and take meal breaks. Looking through the wine against a white background gives clues to age and concentration. A white wine will progress to golden hues with age. A red will take on brick red or brownish tones with age. Then vigorously swirl the wine around in the glass – this releases more aromas into the bowl of the glass. Stick your nose right in the glass and sniff heartily. Apart from picking up aromas, it will also tell you if the wine is ‘off’ ! (See last month’s column.) Swish the wine right around the inside of your mouth. In fact, most of your taste receptors are in your nose (that’s why you can’t taste food when you have a cold). Your mouth and tongue have taste buds, but they are receptors for just five basic flavours: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami – or savoury. But the mouth cavity connects to the nasal receptors that pick up the nuances of flavour. Now, to spit or swallow? Your choice, but even in small amounts over many samples, you can absorb a lot of alcohol. I was once invited to judge 60 big reds for Cuisine magazine. Yay, I thought. On the day, there were 10 ‘flights’ of six Australian and New Zealand reds. I dutifully spat and rinsed my mouth with water, but by the end of the day I was shattered and probably over the legal limit. One final thing – don’t rinse your glass with water between samples. Water in the glass changes the pH of the wine and thus its flavour.

This sparkler is possibly the only prosecco style, tank-fermented style currently in New Zealand. Dry and crisp with a satisfying yeasty tang. Flavours of crisp apple and pear.

Anyway, here’s some great wines to sample.

Thomas Field Blend Rose 2018 - $38 A complex blend of 87% syrah, 5% pinot gris, 5% chardonnay, 2% flora and 1% riesling delivers a crisp refreshing ideal summer wine with strawberry, raspberry and a hint of toffee apple. Dry finish.

Kumeu River Estate Pinot Gris 2018 - $26 Iconic West Auckland chardonnay producers, Kumeu River also have a few other whites on the shelf, including the above, plus a gewürztraminer, a bottle-fermented sparkler and a Hawkes Bay sauvignon blanc. This pinot gris is crisp and luscious, with nashi pear, lime citrus and a hint of Kumeu clay minerality. Available: Caros, Fine Wine Delivery Co. Thomas Waiheke Blanc de Gris 2017 - $46 One of Waiheke’s newest wineries and also the highest-elevated vineyard on the island, Batch has spectacular views out over the gulf and islands.

Available: Batch Winery or Waiheke Wine Centre. Coopers Creek Hawkes Bay Swamp Reserve 2014 Swamp Reserve has always been Coopers’ top chardonnay. This one from my cellar is gorgeous at five years old. Lovely, deep gold colour, seamless lengthy and rich flavours of hazelnut, canned peach, a hint of grapefruit and yeasty brioche. The 2017 is out now at about $29. Available: Caros, Herne Bay Cellars.

Available: Batch Winery or Waiheke Wine Centre. Pegasus Bay Aged Release Waipara Valley Pinot Noir 2009 - $65 I was lucky enough to sample this 10-year-old, lighter-style pinot. It has aged very gracefully with a slightly smoky, gamey nose. Flavours of cherry, truffle and cassis with bit of spice and soft tannins. Available: Pegasus Bay Winery online, or www.whiskyandmore.co.nz (PHIL PARKER) F PN

FINE WINE & FOOD TOURS “No. 4 Auckland Food & Drink” – TripAdvisor Your host, Phil Parker wine writer. Boutique tours for small and large groups.

E: phil.parker@xtra.co.nz

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EVERY REASON TO CELEBRATE No matter what the event or the need to gather, wine and dine, Augustus is the place to be locally. Whether you are there to have fun with friends, celebrate a work success or spend some special time with family, there are spaces and a range of events at Augustus to suit any moment and every milestone.

Augustus classics, the afternoon kicks off at 12 noon with a glass of bubbles and a ton of festive cheer over four courses of Italian delights.

There are exciting developments brewing with the new summer menu launching later this month, and with the arrival of its Parmigiana Reggiano Wheel, diners can try something quite different. All the way from Italy, the genuine DOP 2017 Parmigiana Reggiano Wheel is key to the new Dalla Forma dish – a hand-cut fettuccine tossed in the wheel, sauced and served at your table.

New Year’s Eve is another reason to be at Augustus. Whether you wish to start off with a New Year’s Eve lunch to celebrate the last day of 2019 or you plan to welcome the arrival of 2020 in culinary style, Augustus has you covered. You can choose from either an a la carte lunch option and / or the annual Augustus New Year’s Eve dinner.

If you haven’t yet got Christmas Day sorted, Augustus may still have places available for their special Christmas Day luncheon. Full of

Bookings are essential and Christmas and the New Year are closer PN than we all imagine. F

AUGUSTUS, 1-3 St Marys Road, T: 09 950 4855, E: reservations@augustusbistro.co.nz, www.augustus.co.nz

1-3 St Marys Rd, Ponsonby augustusbistro.co.nz 099504855

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Meet the spirited couple making award-winning gin in Taranaki “I love gin, it’s been a favourite drink of mine since I was a teenager,” admits Jo James, co-founder of Taranaki’s Juno Gin. “So, what we’re doing with Juno is like a recipe for happiness – we’re able to play with flavour and create products that I genuinely love.” The world loves it, too. Since launching Juno’s signature Extra Fine gin in 2017, husband and wife duo Jo and Dave James have claimed a stunning array of international awards for both flavour and packaging. The intricately designed bottle captures Jo and Dave’s production ethos of allowing mother nature to shine. The logo features the divine descending to Earth, intertwining the spiritual with the natural. It’s Juno picking up where mother nature has left off. “We chose Taranaki as an ideal distiller’s playground,” explains Dave, “with access to pure mountain water and an abundance of wonderful local growers of fresh botanicals.” The resulting products have picked up international awards including silvers at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and London’s International Wine & Spirit Competition. Juno’s signature Extra Fine being so acclaimed has allowed the couple the freedom to explore their creative energies through their seasonal gins – releasing different seasonal gins each year.

Dave and Jo James have three core business values: make it fun, make it together and make it right. It seems to be working and there are people knocking on the door at their New Plymouth distillery to see the makers in action, sample their extensive range and hear their story. Distillery tour dates are located on their website and they have just released their 2019 collection in a Christmas gift-ready display pack. Named Women of Spirit, which references the eye-catching artwork, the four-pack includes: Summer (red clover and tangelos, which won gold at the NZ Spirits Awards), Autumn (crabapples, cinnamon and lemon balm), Winter (honey and lemon – a collaboration with Egmont PN Honey) and Spring (yuzu and pink peppercorn). F

As New Zealand’s artisan gin industry flourishes, Jo and Dave have taken a lead role in ensuring it is as self-sufficient as possible. Juniper berries make up at least 50% of any gin’s botanicals, but, with no local juniper production, we’ve always had to import them to New Zealand. So, this year, Juno partnered with Massey University to conduct a nationwide search for juniperus communis, which trended as an ornamental shrub back in the 60s and 70s. “We want to set up a legacy here in New Zealand,” says Dave. “We did some research with Massey University and found there are no commercial orchards of juniper in the world.” The Great New Zealand Juniper Hunt found 19 trees that Massey University believe could help form the genesis of a viable homegrown juniper industry. Discover Juno Gin at all good bottle stores and online with free delivery nationwide: www.junogin.co.nz

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Experience the magic of Matakana, stay at one of our luxurious new Plume Villas and enjoy the superb food and Ă€ QH ZLQH DW 3OXPH 5HVWDXUDQW &RXQWU\ OLIH VWDUWV KHUH A one-hour scenic drive north of Auckland and 5 minutes from 0DWDNDQD WRZQVKLS \RX ZLOO Ă€ QG Plume Restaurant, an oasis for gourmet travellers in a coastal country setting. Recognised for its superb cuisine, and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate 9LQH\DUG¡V Ă€ QH ZLQHV 3OXPH Restaurant has gained quite a reputation. Now, 12 new luxury Plume Villas, ranging from 1-3 bedrooms, have been added within the grounds. These all share a swimming pool and are within a relaxed stroll of the restaurant. No matter the season or the length of your stay, you will Ă€ QG 3OXPH 9LOODV D FRPIRUWDEOH place to base yourself while enjoying the many delights nearby, including the fabulous food and wine at Plume Restaurant. $OUHDG\ ERDVWLQJ D SULYDWH OLJKW Ă€ OOHG function room, Plume Restaurant has just become the perfect venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events set within a peaceful country location.


37 Sharp Road, Matakana 09 422 7915 / 09 283 3630 SCL/PLU2018/15

49A Sharp Road Matakana 09 422 7915

1335 Leigh Road, Matakana 09 423 0390

Cellar door Plume Restaurant 09 422 7915


YOU, ME, ITALY – living like a local With an empty nest in Freemans Bay, a relationship split, Shirley Valentine, Under the Tuscan Sun and A Place in the Sun on repeat, I became obsessed with the dream of living in a small community in Italy and decided to turn my lemons into Limoncello! After many hours searching on every website known to man (in fact I now have to wear glasses) for properties in Italy that fitted into my budget (small), I came to the conclusion that I wanted a house in a village with stone ceilings and I kept returning to a particular house in the medieval village of Pieve di Teco in Liguria. Unbelievably, I decided to buy it sight unseen. The real estate agent told me I was crazy, I made him a little nervous to say the least, but he acted quickly and before I could come to my senses, I became the proud owner of a circa 1400s four-story townhouse. Being a true Kiwi, I thought “what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t like it? I will renovate it and sell it but use it as a base to explore Europe in the meantime.” Thinking back several years, I had done the same thing when looking for a large house to renovate into a luxury lodge and found myself walking into an auction, bidding and buying what can only be described as a dump – a very large dump but with good bones, of course. Thankfully, that proved a success which gave me reassurance with this new purchase. Within two months I was on a plane to see my Italian Casa! On inspection, my rose-coloured glasses were completely shattered. For the next three years I renovated, shopped, socialised, travelled and ate my way around the region all the while continuing my job within the superyacht industry which paid the bills. Village life is exactly how I hoped it would be. It’s warm, it’s nurturing, it’s one big happy family where everyone knows everyone and is part of each other’s lives. In Pieve di Teco, life as it was, is still very much, life as it is. The food, the wine, the land, the people are inspiring. With these experiences in mind, I have created a boutique tour company You Me Italy so Kiwi’s can experience the region whilst staying in a real home – living like a local. Each day we visit a new place, enjoy a new experience – evening festas in the neighbouring hilltop villages, e-biking along the Italian Riviera, local antique fairs, cooking classes, wine tasting, shopping, playing bocce (Italian petanque) in the village and aperitivos each night with the locals, all culminating in an 18 course, Sunday degustation lunch. We will embrace Italy’s culture of food, PN family and fun! (JACKIE MILLER) F

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A snippet of 24 hours on tour with You Me Italy 9.30am - After a light breakfast of brioche and cappuccino, stroll through the porticos of Pieve di Teco at the antique market before we embark on our Sunday degustation lunch of 18 courses and enjoy some free time in the afternoon to embrace the tradition of siesta. 10.30am – Head off for a day of either e-biking on the Italian Riviera or shopping at the markets in a seaside town while stopping for lunch, a swim in the Mediterranean and gelato on our return to Pieve di Teco. 6.30pm – Meet in one of the local bars for an appertivo before heading to a local festa (party) in one of the nearby hilltop villages to experience local cuisine, culture and wine. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Visit our website for more information www.youmeitaly.net PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


South Africa’s Top 5 South Africa is famed for its wildlife safaris, but there are also other amazing experiences to be had there – which is now visa-free for Kiwi travellers! Here are our ‘Top 5’ South African experiences. Boutique Johannesburg Jozi to its locals, this city is emerging as a vibrant and hip place to visit. Colourful street art is painted on buildings and gentrification is evident in trendy, new loft apartments. A tour of Soweto is a vital history lesson, and the foodie scene is world class. Our favourite place to stay is The Peech Hotel in the leafy suburb of Melrose, a truly boutique property with chic style and lush gardens. The Kalahari Get out of town into a vast landscape of sweeping desert vistas – the Kalahari is an ancient place of timeless beauty and a very different safari destination. One of the best places to see charming meerkats, you can also spot the more elusive species such as aardvark and pangolin. A stay at The Motse in the Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve is the ultimate safari experience – exclusive luxury paired with exceptional service and incredible wildlife. Captivating Cape Town With its spectacular Table Mountain backdrop, Cape Town is a sophisticated city deserving at least a few days’ stay. Head out along the coast to the Cape of Good Hope, a World Heritage Site. Take the cable car up Table Mountain (or, if energy allows, hike it), and learn more about Nelson Mandela on a trip out to Robben Island. We love to stay at the luxurious Cape Grace hotel on the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront; what’s not to love about free chauffeur transfers within a 10km radius of your hotel?

The Cape Winelands The Cape Winelands is a cluster of beautiful villages within easy reach of Cape Town, famous for world-class wines and a rich history of French and Dutch settlers, evident in the local architecture. Most vineyards offer tastings (the pinotage is to die for), and there’s a hop-on, hop-off wine tour by tram and bus. A couple of our favourite estates are Grande Provence in Franschhoek and Delaire Graff, in the beautiful Stellenbosch Mountains. Divine. A Private Safari Experience It’s a given that you will want to go on safari, but we’d urge you to think seriously about heading for a private game reserve – avoid the crowds, get that true wilderness feeling and enjoy some of the best guides in the business. A great example is andBeyond Ngala Safari Lodge. Its sumptuous decor a sublime contrast to the wild surroundings which are home to prolific wildlife. Another is Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. Sculpted into a slope of the earth, it has been described as the most environmentally sensitive lodge in Africa. Gourmet cuisine and plunge pools aside, it really is all about the incredible wildlife encounters. So there it is – wildlife, scenery, food and wine, history, culture, topclass hotels and game lodges, and we haven’t even mentioned luxury train travel. South Africa is truly an amazingly diverse country. F PN www.worldjourneys.co.nz

Wildlife, cuisine and wine, history, culture, top class hotels and safari lodges, and luxury train travel! Let us tailor-make your travel to South Africa, now visa-free for NZ passport holders! Go to www.worldjourneys.co.nz/south-africa

SOUTH AFRICA Wildlife, wine and wow! The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

T 09 360 7311 www.worldjourneys.co.nz /worldjourneys

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A land that even Aladdin forgot Our floating luxury barge docked this morning in Cairo – the city of a thousand minarets. Across the roofs, the haunting call to prayer greeted us through the first flush of morning. The eerie sound scattered flocks of pigeons, their wings beating an echoing clamour as they circled over this ancient city that evokes a land that even Aladdin forgot. Rising up somewhere through the mist to our starboard were the pyramids awakening from their slumber under a thick dew of mist and smog. Originally, during the annual flooding of the Nile, great locks and canals were built to divert the river out to Giza, facilitating the building of these giants. However, the canals have long gone – the original tributaries now full of sand and the detritus of a population of 12 million people. The view of the pyramids is now blocked to us and all that we can see are canyons of shanties, slums and luxury apartments crammed together in an egalitarian jumble of joy and despair. We faced an exhaustive day of sightseeing which, amongst other sites, included a visit to the Mosque of Muhammad Ali situated high on the citadel overlooking the city. Its bastion canon pointed ominously out over the megalopolis and its inhabitants. The stunning chandelier and alabaster-clad interior would wow us in a city whose architectural style is generally Islamic or just plain concrete box. With its huge vast dome and forecourt – probably the most beautiful in Cairo, it has stood on this hill since the mid 19th Century and is a modern interloper in a city that has stood here since it began as a Babylonian fortress. Below the citadel and jostling against the remains of an ancient city wall, is the vast Khan El-Khalili Bazaar, a jumble of merchandise and artisan studios like you have never seen before. Cairo is also known as Khere Ohe, or ‘The place of combat’. Spend an evening in the market and you will understand why. The Harvard School of Ali Baba’s 40 thieves, a caravanserai has stood on this spot since the 13th Century and has been a den for all manner of traders to hone their skills of haggling on the unsuspecting browser. It may appear dodgy, but it is a must-do for any self-respecting tourist to experience. Great avenues of hanging silverware cling tenaciously to wires above a series of cobbled streets and alleyways, ringing competitively against the sound of shopkeepers calling you to view. The smells and sights of the area’s many coffee houses and street markets waft up and around thick rolls of carpet and fabrics, mixing coffee, spices and camel meat in an aromatic conglomeration assaulting the senses. This is not just a tourist site, but a living, working market where you will be surrounded by the locals wearing hijab or Christian Dior, Gallibaya or Levis, shopping for their dinner and haberdashery whilst the men playing backgammon socialise at tables and hapless tourists shop for souvenirs of their trip of a lifetime. Set in one of the backstreets is the city’s most famous coffee institution, ‘El Fishawis’. Established in 1773 and part of the life and tradition of this city, the beautiful coffee house is decorated in an abundance of mirrors and brass plates. Populated by locals with thick, black moustaches and abundant chest hair, the ambrosial tobacco smoke of the shisha pipe and the sound

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of the drums and Arabic singing spill out of its rooms on to the thoroughfare – adding an atmosphere that Ponsonby Central would kill for. The glutinous black coffee concoction served here in the fine silver cezve’s will sustain you for hours of shopping in the market. Once we had stumbled dusty and tired back through the alleyways of commercial Cairo to the safety of our cruiser, the sights and sounds of the market fading, we relaxed on the top deck of our boat with a restorative drink on hand, taking in the ancient Nile surrounding us. Low-lying dining skiffs covered in multi-coloured lights floated past us with the sound of belly dancing and the reed pipe echoing across waters that have flowed from the deepest recesses and valleys of darkest Africa since the beginning of time. And will continue to do so long after we have gone. You are told that Egypt is called many things, but sitting here on this great river you can really understand why she is most widely known as The Mother of the World. PN (ROSS THORBY) F



Travel Managers – Gaynor Bennett A proud Aucklander, Gaynor Bennett has enjoyed organising travel for clients since 2001. She was a familiar face for 15 years in a Ponsonby agency as a retail consultant, during which time she won numerous awards for her sales. With a young family and ready to begin her own business, Gaynor is now a travel broker under the well-established Travel Managers Group, which enables her to spend more time planning holidays for you and allows her the flexibility to meet you at a time and place that suit your schedule. With an extensive list of countries visited herself, she has a wealth of personal travel experience and knowledge to draw from to help make your next trip unforgettable and loves to help make those dreams a reality. “I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled to some incredible places. I did the typical Kiwi OE living in the UK and Canada, got married in the Cook Islands, experienced an African safari and more recently it has been family holidays with our young children. “Visiting Bora Bora was a childhood dream of mine and it exceeded my expectations when I finally travelled there. Staying at the edge of the Grand Canyon in the US was breathtaking, as was seeing the stunning Taj Mahal – I have never felt such emotion seeing a building before,” says Gaynor. “As a Travel Managers travel broker, I have access to all the latest travel offers and products – cruises, touring and tailor-made itineraries, as well as insurance and visa assistance. I can offer personalised travel service on a truly flexible and independent basis. My clients also benefit from the bulk buying power that comes from being part of Travel Managers Group, who sit under the Flight Centre

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Travel Group umbrella and also provide all the financial, supplier and insolvency protection that is important to my clients for peace of mind,” she says. As one of the largest broker-based companies in New Zealand, with over 180 brokers located nationwide, Travel Managers Group is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which fully protects all customers. Whatever style of holiday you’re planning – whether it’s a family vacation or a honeymoon, with a group or solo, celebrating a special occasion or an annual holiday, get in touch with Gaynor on M: 021 252 5279 or gaynor.bennett@travelmanagers.co.nz to PN discuss your next adventure. F

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Hello South America From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the calm rivers of the Amazon, from the ancient cultures of Peru to the buzzing nightlife of Buenos Aires, from wine making in the Chilean Andes to wandering the colourful street markets of Lima, or enjoying the vibrancy of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, no continent does it like South America! Cruise around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Still probably the most renowned wildlife destination on Earth, the Galapagos Islands are Ecuador’s premier attraction. This archipelago of enigmatic volcanic isles is just a two-hour flight from the capital, Quito, and offers the wildlife lover an unparalleled chance to get up close and personal with some of the most unique creatures on Earth including the giant tortoise, marine iguanas and fur seals.

Harald Toepfer shutterstock.com

Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru The unbeatable South America icon and single most visited site in the whole continent, the ancient and revered Lost City of the Incas sure knows how to impress. Take the pilgrimage to Machu Picchu as a great starting point in South America – as most visitors do – and you’ll find no more worthy place to begin. Options for visiting Machu Picchu abound: from four to five day treks along the crest of the Peruvian Andes, to a comfortable day visit via train and bus, all starting off from the marvellous Andean city of Cusco.

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SOUTH AMERICA TRAVEL EVENT INVITE: Get inspired for your next trip! You’re invited to helloworld Travel Ponsonby’s South America in-store travel information evening. Tuesday, 26 November from 5.30pm We’ll be joined by Flavio Stadnik from Viva Expeditions who will be showcasing his extensive knowledge of South America. He will guide you through the best ways to soak up the most popular attractions, unmissable experiences, startling sights and delectable tastes. Drinks and nibbles will be provided, plus spot prizes for those attending. RSVP to email: ponsonby@helloworld.co.nz

Visit the Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina More than 250 waterfalls combine to create the most visually spectacular sight on the entire continent. Iguazu Falls, set amidst pristine tropical wilderness, is a dream destination and an awe-inspiring spectacle that truly puts all other waterfalls to shame. Discover what experiences are on offer on each side of the falls and the best way to include a visit from either Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires.

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Cruise to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest Covering a mind-boggling 40% of South America, the Amazon is the single most beloved and threatened natural treasure on our planet and its largest rainforest by far. Being so extensive, and with so many access points, makes the Amazon an easy addition to any tour of PN South America. F www.helloworld.co.nz/ponsonby

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@ MARY KELLY KILIMS Add some colour and texture to your wardrobe this season. After more than 20 years of travelling all around Turkey, Mary Kelly has developed a discerning eye for beautiful Turkish product. To add to Mary’s huge collection of rugs, runners and cushions, she has recently returned from Istanbul with a vibrant array of weekend, draw-string back packs, tote bags and hand bags. Each bag has been handmade by Mary’s long-standing local craftsmen using quality brown leather and fragments of vintage kilims. With no two bags the same, you are sure to make a statement PN this season. F

3 2


1 & 2. Weekend Bag $425 3. Backpack $250 4

4. Drawstring Bag $225 5. Tote Bag $185

MARY KELLY KILIMS, 53 Wood Street, Freemans Bay, M: 021 211 8904, Email: mkelly@xtra.co.nz, www.marykellykilims.co.nz

Kilim and overdyed rugs and runners, saddle bags, cushions, decorative pieces, leather and kilim weekend and handbags.

Large range of handcrafted Kilim and leather bags in store and online. 53 Wood Street, Freemans Bay

For further information please phone Mary on 021 211 8904, mkelly@xtra.co.nz, www.marykellykilims.co.nz

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This appointment could save your life... Many of us are guilty of thinking about having a medical checkup yet put this off because of other pressing demands. Dr Anthony Fraser, one of a small group of Kiwi general practitioners who have had extra training in skin medicine, wishes to encourage members of our community to change this. To support you to make having a skin check a priority, Anthony is offering free spot checks at Richmond Road Medical Centre during November. Anthony encourages all patients over the age of 30 to make time to have regular, comprehensive skin checks, especially those who have moles of concern. Computer analysis of photographs of lesions taken at the practice can be used to help predict with greater certainty if suspicious lesions are likely to be cancerous. www.richmondroadmedical.co.nz/skin-care WE ALL HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME. LET’S PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE.

THE RICHMOND ROAD MEDICAL CENTRE GUIDE TO SUNSCREEN USE Broad spectrum, water resistant, sunscreen – at least SPF50. APPLY 20 minutes before going outside and again after 30 to 40 minutes. USE LOTS Seven teaspoons of sunscreen is required for one full body application. 1 tsp face, ears and neck. 2 tsp front and back of your body. 2 tsp 1 for each arm and leg. As a service to our community Dr Anthony Fraser is offering FREE 10-minute spot checks during November or a full body ½ hour skin check for $50. To book, please phone Richmond Road Medical Centre on T: 09 376 5621.

USE THE ‘TWO COAT’ APPROACH This provides a thicker protective layer and helps cover up areas missed on the first application. RE-APPLY Sunscreen every two hours, as well as after swimming or sweating. Do this even if sunscreen is water resistant and claims four hours of protection.

The Melanoma Fact File - Melanoma can occur anywhere on your body. Not all cancers are pigmented. Personal risk increases with age, a personal or family history of skin cancer (melanoma or other), past sunbed use and/ or major sunburn, skin damage due to sunburn, many moles, people with red, blonde or fair hair and skin types that burn easily.

RICHMOND ROAD MEDICAL CENTRE, 452 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 5621, admin@rrmc.nz, www.richmondroadmedical.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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Witchery Summer 19


PARTY SEASON STARTS NOW For some of us with more energy and time than others, party season appears to last all year long but, for most of us, it really starts to kick in about now.

If you’re a beauty freak like me, more excuses for nights out mean more chances to play with some seriously fun makeup looks, and new product lines are arriving in stores like MECCA just in time for summer. At this time of year I love makeup that goes the distance, mainly because I’m not the type to be bothered lugging around a kit for touch ups on the go. Exclusively available at MECCA and meccabeauty. co.nz is the NARS brand, one of my absolute favourite celebrity MUA brands from way back. François Nars is quite simply a master of transformation, and his products are as premium as it gets. The brand’s holiday collection for 2019 is all about having a great night out, as evidenced in its name – Studio 54 – referencing the legendary New York nightclub. Think disco, decadence and some seriously glittering packaging, of which the Inferno palette is most definitely my favourite. It offers multiple looks and the chance to get as fruity or as fresh as you like, and just looking at it brings a little extra disco ball shimmer into your day. Westman Atelier Eye Love You mascara is my pick for your lashes after hours, for a number of reasons.

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MECCA Holiday NARS Inferno Eyeshadow Palette

Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara

Your first day or night out could be at one of the city’s many Melbourne Cup-related affairs, a simple catch up with friends now the weather is warming up, or the annual work Christmas party. Whatever your reason for celebration, it’s good to be prepared for whatever invites might swing your way.

Makeup artist Gucci Westman created her Eye Love You mascara because she struggled to find a non-synthetic option that looked natural and didn’t smudge or crumble. Consciously made using 96% natural ingredients, it has a dense brush that volumises, defines and curls in one sweep, and it lasts and lasts. Pair all of the above with a nourishing, long-wearing base and gloss or lip stain in a nude shade for the ultimate low maintenance option, and avoid having to find a mirror all night long.


When it comes to hair over the silly season, in an ideal world there would be a professional on hand to take care of your ‘do’ every single time. Not an option for most, but often springing for an in-salon blow wave and then dragging it out for a few days with clever use of a dry shampoo and texture spray can make it a little more justifiable. Commune is a new salon on Westmoreland Street West in Grey Lynn that has been opened by much loved stylist and creative director, Leigh Keepa. Years of working on editorial shoots both here and in the UK has meant that Leigh has every trick in the book down pat when it comes to creating something pretty special in the shortest time possible, and he’s offering a service that does exactly that in his new location. Updos, waves, braids and more are what you’ll get when you book in for the Express Service, which involves turning up with clean, dry hair and letting the pros do their work. Next up, we address what happens below the neck, of which the options are vast. If there is any time of the year when you can justify shelling out for a truly fantastic party dress then this is it, and some of the brands at Workshop on Mackelvie Street absolutely excel when it comes to nailing the glam factor. ROTATE Birger Christensen is a Copenhagen-based brand that designs fun party dresses in bold silhouettes and colours, and its latest 80s-inspired collection is just perfect for right now. Workshop is also now stocking the truly covetable UK label, The Vampire’s Wife, which is the work of Nick Cave’s wife Susie, and references directly her inimitable personal style. A little bit goth, a little bit gypsy and a lot rock n’ roll, it has been impeccably crafted and ensures a grand entrance is made every time.

The Vampire’s Wife Mini Velvet Runaway Dress

ROTATE Birger Christensen

Working Style’s summer 19

Helen Cherry Tessa dress

Locally, Ingrid Starnes has created a beautiful collection in liquid silk for a languid, elegantly sexy vibe that is perfect for right now and destined to be worn all summer long, while Hailwood’s Mercury dress is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re on the red carpet no matter where you are in the world. Hailwood’s gowns are legendary, and I for one can’t wait until some of the showpieces he sent out on the runway at New Zealand fashion Week hit the store. Helen Cherry’s tea-style Tessa dress is most definitely my pick for race-day style and elegance and is a silhouette that will most definitely endure.

Zoe & Morgan Aurora Earrings

Ingrid Starnes liquid silk slip The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019


Flox and Cathy Pope Amity necklace


Witchery Limited Edition

If you’re looking for a statement party piece that won’t break the bank, Witchery’s Limited Edition collections offer some very special pieces at an affordable price point that are worth checking out. This season’s jumpsuits are my pick for a 70s-style party vibe, and they come in a range of colours and prints. And, if you’ve saved in one area it’s definitely justifiable to splurge in another, which is where great shoes and accessories come in. Zoe & Morgan’s latest collection, Floating World, is full of beautiful and bold earrings in particular, like the Astrid and Aurora styles that are so easy to love.

Working Style’s colourful take on the suit for summer

Zoe & Morgan Astrid Earrings

68 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

A recent collaboration that has resulted in a very beautiful accessory is the Amity Necklace by Flox and Cathy Pope Jewellery. The Amity Necklace is a bold centrepiece pendant laced with Art Nouveau and New Zealand influences, and comes embellished with the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, emerald, citrine, for manifestation, and clear quartz as an amplifying stone. A limited edition release, only 78 in each metal have been produced. Lastly, when one thinks of elegant partygoing or race-day style for men, you can’t go past a look through the current Working Style offering for a little inspiration. Get the basics right – a beautiful tie, a well-made pair of shoes, and a good watch – then browse Working Style’s new season collection for something special. Mediterranean blue, sage green and tan are the foundation colours of the season, highlighted with powerful pops of yellow and ivory. Lightweight cotton and linen offer a relaxed and effortless silhouette and keep things cool even when the mercury is rising. (HELENE RAVLICH) F PN



@ CARATS 1. Top-quality, hand-crafted diamond engagement rings from Carats 2. 18ct white gold grain set Hidden Heart pendant, 15mm 3. 18ct white gold gypsy set diamond Hidden Heart pendant, 15mm


4. 18ct yellow gold grain set Hidden Heart pendant, 15mm 5. 18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond Hidden Heart pendant, 11mm 6. 18ct gold diamond koru Hidden Heart pendant, 9.5mm 7. 18ct yellow gold gypsy set diamond Hidden Heart pendant, 15mm 8. 18ct gold diamond koru Hidden Heart pendant, 22.5mm








CARATS, 25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, T: 09 309 5145, www.caratsjewellery.co.nz

Share the treasure of the Hidden Heart – a secret that is only revealed when viewed from above.

25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland, New Zealand phone 309 5145 www.caratsjewellery.co.nz www.facebook.com/CaratsNZ

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@ ZEBRANO 1. Artesands Swim Dress - $157 2. Artesands Le Blu Animale Botticelli One Piece - $127 3. Obi Capri Panel Dress - $337 4. Lula Soul Whitsunday Top - $119 5. Banana Blue Crush Collar Shirt - $289


70 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019

ZEBRANO, 10 Kingdon Street, Newmarket, T: 09 523 2500, www.zebrano.co.nz



CHANCES SURF OPENS IN PONSONBY Chances Surf will open the doors this November to their latest retail store in the vibrant Three Lamps location on Ponsonby Road. They are excited to finally bring to Ponsonby the highly sought after beach, lifestyle and resort-ready fashion brands, such as Seafolly, Billabong, Roxy, Hurley, RVCA, O’Neill, Femme de la Mer and so much more. Every product that lands in-store is handpicked exclusively by their dedicated team to ensure only the best and highest quality reaches their customers. No matter the season or the time of year, Chances will always make sure that they are your go-to swimwear specialists. From beach to pool-side, to relaxing under a cabana watching the sunset, they will have you covered from top to toe wherever in the world you may be holidaying. New Zealand owned and operated, Chances Surf has been bringing Kiwi’s the must have surf, fashion & swimwear brands since 1985. Along with their latest store in Ponsonby, you will also find their additional 12 stores at some of the go-to locations in the North Island such as Waiheke Island, Orewa, St Heliers, Whangamata, Tairua, Paeroa and Whitianga. CHANCES SURF STORE, 293 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 218 5458, www.chances.co.nz

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@ MAGAZINE DESIGNER CLOTHING 1. Cashews Short Sleeve Pouch Dress 2. Euphoria Liberty Dress 3. Lemon Tree Maddie Top - Sunflower 4. Holiday Aries Kaftan Safari 5. Joseph Ribkoff Patch Jeans 6. Megan Salmon Silk Artisan Dress - Charcoal 7. Talisman Peony Long Sleeve Vintage Patchwork Top 8. Talisman Peony Maxi Dress Vintage Patchwork





MAGAZINE DESIGNER CLOTHING, 937 Mt Eden Road, T: 09 630 5354, Magazine Milford, 119A Kitchener Road, Milford, T: 09 488 0406, www.magazineclothing.co.nz

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@ HERNE BAY DRYCLEANERS Herne Bay Drycleaners, which has been operating on Jervois Road for over 40 years, providing expert dry cleaning and laundry services is once again leading the industry in adopting the latest technology to ensure their customers continue to enjoy the best available cleaning services. “As a result of our commitment to improving quality together with an increase in business volumes from our expanding customer base, we have built a new state of the art processing facility and incorporated the latest dry cleaning technologies to provide a superior dry cleaning and laundry outcome for our clients,” says Paul Munro, the owner and General Manager of the Mint companies that own and operate Herne Bay Drycleaners, Mint Drycleaners and Mint Laundromats in the Auckland CBD. The Herne Bay shop is still an important part of the business and will continue to service the local community as a retail store for pickup and delivery. In looking to invest in new plant and equipment, the Herne Bay location was too small to incorporate the number of machines and equipment required for a modern business. As a result of the move, they now have three dry cleaning machines where they used to have one and can now clean P, F and W dry cleaning labels at their new 700 sq m facility located at 303 Rosebank Road, Avondale. All of the production staff who worked out of Herne Bay have moved to the new location and are enjoying the increase in space.

“We are very proud to be able to offer our customers more options in cleaning services that provide great results and are gentler on the garments which result in longer garment life,” says Paul. Herne Bay Drycleaners looks forward to continuing to serve the local community with their enhanced offering into the future and looks PN forward to seeing you soon. F

HERNE BAY DRYCLEANERS, 62 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 3297, www.hbdc.co.nz





62 JERVOIS ROAD, HERNE BAY, AUCKLAND The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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PAT MENZIES: THE ORIGINAL STOCKIST OF CONVERSE, DR MARTENS AND VANS Iconic retail store Pat Menzies, around since 1975, is renowned for its quality footwear and service. The destination store in Canterbury Arcade on Queen Street is the original stockist of Converse, Dr Martens and Vans in New Zealand. It is also the only store in the central city that offers a dedicated Converse store with over 100 styles to choose from including all the classics and seasonal styles. Step inside the main store and you’ll come across an impressive wall of Dr Martens which makes you feel like this really is the home to the brands Pat Menzies helped pioneer in New Zealand. Covering the remaining walls, you’ll find a selection of many leading brands like Birkenstock, RM Williams and Blundstone that the store has offered for over 20 years. History you can’t find elsewhere including staff who have been with the store for over 30 years. A team who, when you meet them, have a genuine interest in your visit to the store. It’s this genuine customer service that seems to have stuck out and customers have found themselves returning year on year. A broad mix of customers, including many who used to be students and have grown up alongside the store, now returning with their own dependants. There is a feeling you’ve stepped back in time when you’re there, often remembering back to when you got your first pair of Chucks or Vans – something that many Aucklanders are familiar with since it was one of the only places you could find street footwear brands in the 80s and 90s. It’s from this insight that the store has launched its first brand campaign which uses a mix of customers, staff and the Menzies family to tell this historical footwear story. The campaign captures

new and old customers who have experienced this unique store over the years and are willing to share their ‘first pair’ story. Always driven by wanting to connect with the local community and encourage a support local message, the team at Pat Menzies hopes that sharing these stories will show that the store remains the favourite place to get your footwear in the city. If you’re looking for something new this season, the hot picks from the team are: freshen up your Birkenstock sandals with the new icy metallic or suede range. If you want something simpler, the Birkenstock EVA, which is like a premium jandal, has a new range of vibrant colours in pink, orange, yellow or khaki. The sneaker favourites are Converse white canvas – a summer ‘must have’ to go with everything from jeans to dresses. Or check out retro brand Onitsuka Tiger – the collection of the well known Mexico 66 has a variety of colourways for everyone to choose from. Lastly, if you’re hitting the festivals, grab yourself some trusty Dr Martens or Blundstone boots to keep your feet protected all day and keep you going all night. PN Head online or pop in to the store and meet the friendly team. F

PAT MENZIES SHOES, Canterbury Arcade, 174 Queen Street, T: 09 373 4955, www.patmenziesshoes.co.nz

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Cannabis Cafe by Grey Lynn School You know how good hemp and cannabis is for health? New Zealand’s first ‘Cannabis Cafe’ and Education Centre is open in the black dairy at the Grey Lynn end of Richmond Road. We stock oils and balms that people report are useful for various conditions. Our stock usually sells out each week, so we are aiming to improve supply and add hemp foods to the all important oils and balms. Watch out for our launch party – details to come! Drop in. Discover hemp, discover life. Is NZ First NZ last? Or just out of touch? Reliable reports from within parliament, NZ First, academia and the public service, say that Winston Peters and Shane Jones do not and will not support hemp. This seems odd and out of step with science and common sense. The Ministry of Health also continues to restrict public access to New Zealand-farmed hemp, while Italy has seen drug use drop 11% with legal hemp. Is NZF just ill informed, or could NZF have a conflict of interest (a la fisheries) with hemp? Alcohol, tobacco and pharma all have deep pockets and face stiff competition from hemp. But hemp would mean more wealth for New Zealand, so you’d think Winston would be a champion. Or is the Winebox truly behind us? Hemp is a massive opportunity for New Zealand and we should all be in this together. I’ve written to Winston asking for his position. Cannabis classes to resume THF is resuming weeknight classes and lectures at the RSL, Garnet Station and the Cannabis Cafe. TXT: 021 025 76083 to book. Entry by koha. Have you tried our hemp oils? ‘Let food be thy medicine’ Hippocrates said. Some people report it helps their pain, anxiety, stress, sleep, fatigue and other issues. (Although that may just be the placebo effect.) You can buy them at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market, the Richmond Road shop, our facebook page, or www.thehempfoundation.org.nz. Locals can often enjoy free delivery. The perils of the black market There have been two cases of cannabis oil supplied by an unknown ‘green fairy’ with a mysterious blue substance in it.

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We are actively trying to confirm the origin of this product, the ingredient causing the blue sediment and number of people affected. If you have a product and are concerned about its quality, or have had blue sediment as shown in this picture, please contact Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand, Auckland Patients Group, Kiwi Cannasseur or The Hemp Foundation directly! While we attempt to find out its composition we advise anyone with blue sediment in their product to cease using it immediately or contact their doctor if they have any health concerns! A black market in hemp takes off Reports abound of a black market for hemp taking off. Hemp has no known harms, and FSANZ says “hemp has no therapeutic effects.” Yet hemp remains literally, a ‘prohibited plant’ grown ‘under strict licensing conditions’ that bizarrely prohibit public access to it. However, many people find that hemp transforms their health and suspect that we are being lied to. After all, why can’t we grow, buy, eat and otherwise use hemp? There is no downside. Unless you’re big business. ASA rejects complaint about misleading ads from lobby group The Hemp Foundation made an evidence-based objection to the misleading billboards spread around New Zealand by Family First. Their position, that ‘you can’t legalise marijuana and promote mental health’ is demonstrably the opposite of true. Evidence was provided in support and rejected on the unsubstantiated grounds that it was ‘opinion’ and ‘not misleading’. This decision has been appealed and substantiation for its decision sought. New Zealand’s Cannabis doctor, Dr G. Gulbransen and Tadhg Stopford of the Hemp Foundation will debate all things cannabis and hemp with Paula Bennett at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on 25 November at 2pm. Come along! (TADHG STOPFORD) F PN



LOOK AND FEEL YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST THIS SUMMER WITH SMOOTHER, RADIANT, MORE YOUTHFUL SKIN The team at Clear Skincare Clinic Ponsonby knows the years and elements, especially New Zealand’s harsh UV sun levels, take a toll on our ageing skin. It’s a fact that we naturally produce less collagen as we age, which leads to fine lines, pigmentation, stretch marks and more.

The procedure isn’t safe for pregnant women or people who use certain acne medications, so talk to our team before booking in.

Clear Skincare Clinics, led by expert doctors, nurses and therapists, offer clinical advice on the best treatments specifically for your skin. Founded in 1999, Clear Skincare has over 20 years’ experience and has clinics in Newmarket, Takapuna and now Ponsonby.

Due to its amazing technology, there is no numbing required; this is due to the rolling action of the dermal roller, and because the needles are not angled and enter the skin at a perfect 90-degree angle.

One of their latest treatments is DermapenÔ Skin Needling, the number one anti-aging treatment that uses the world’s most advanced skin needling technology. DermapenÔ Skin Needling stimulates collagen production to create smoother, healthier looking skin with minimal downtime. If you have end of year parties to host, family and friends staying for Christmas, a luxury holiday booked, or simply want to feel your best, then the DermapenÔ treatment is the perfect solution for skin rejuvenation. DermapenÔ Skin Needling creates incredible results for anti-ageing and scarring due to its unique patented technology. Micro-punctures in the skin’s surface are created to naturally stimulate collagen production, tighten pores, improve muscle tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Micro needling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks and pigment issues. DermapenÔ Skin Needling uses no chemicals and is minimally invasive. It requires little to no down time and is considered safe for sensitive skin types, and most people who enjoy overall good health.

Our Clear Skincare Clinic therapists and nurses recommend starting with three treatments for optimal results. You may require three to six treatments if you want acne scars smoothed. Remarkably, over time your results continue to improve giving healthy, glowing skin sure to boost your confidence in time for the social season. Clear Skincare Clinics also offer a range of other treatments to help maintain your glow and keep skin bright and healthy, including the Signature Skin Peels and 7-Step Microdermabrasion to name two. These treatments help smooth skin texture, refine open pores and improve congested skin. For clear, radiant and youthful sun-kissed summer skin, book a treatment at Clear Skincare Clinic Ponsonby today. The best part? If you book before 1 December you will receive 50% off your first DermapenÔ Skin Needling Treatment plus get a FREE LED Treatment valued at $60. Conditions Apply. Discover more at www.ClearSkincareClinics.co.nz/ponsonbynews

Celebrate our new Ponsonby Clinic with



And receive a Free LED Light Treatment [V OLHS HUK YLWHPY `V\Y ZRPU valued at $60

c i n i l C y b n o s n o P ! n e p O w No

Signature Skin Peel Now $40 Laser Hair Removal Underarms Now $19

Discover more at ClearSkincareClinics.co.nz/ponsonbynews NEWMARKET + TAKAPUNA + NEW PONSONBY

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John Appleton: Could simple immunotherapy reduce the incidence of hospital infections? This year, a family friend was admitted to hospital with a hip fracture after a fall. The surgery went well and recovery seemed to be on track until an infection was discovered. Another surgical procedure was performed and again everything seemed okay until he was recalled to hospital to go through it all again. In New Zealand we have a fantastic health system, amazing doctors and nursing care, yet we can’t seem to get on top of infections which can emerge even after the most simple surgical procedure. I read a Listener magazine article which was headed ‘How Safe Is Your Surgery’. The article highlighted the case of a patient who had been in hospital for fairly routine heart valve surgery. Two months and three operations later he was still laid up with intravenous antibiotics dripping into his arm as he fought off a life-threatening infection in his chest wound. According to a paper which appeared in the NZ Medical Journal, we have one of the highest post-operative infection rates in the OECD. As I see it, new thinking is required. A renowned Austrian endocrinologist said, “Progress can only be made by ideas which are very different from those accepted at the moment.” History tells us that when it comes to the way ‘medicine’ is practised it can take a long time before new thinking is introduced and becomes accepted practice. An example of this is handwashing which now seems to be the most commonly mentioned preventive measure to reduce the risk of infection. It wasn’t always like this. Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis set out to find out why so many women died of infection after giving birth. Dr Semmelweis discovered that surgeons were not washing their hands between patients and thus transferring infections from one patient to another. Despite various publications of results where hand washing reduced mortality to below 1%, Semmelweis’s observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time. It wasn’t until many years later that handwashing became accepted practice.

Although the statistics about infection in our hospitals make for sobering reading, a sharp focus on improving the immune status of patients prior to arrival at the hospital, during their stay and when they return home could make a significant difference. It’s interesting to note that many new drugs for cancer treatment focus on immunotherapy. Vitamin C is essential for a properly functioning immune system. Surgery can have a massive negative impact on the immune system mainly due to stress. It’s important to remember that vitamin C is made by animals in response to stress. Humans are not able to make vitamin C and this should be a clue to the problem. Currently, the use of vitamin C in our hospitals is actively discouraged. Recently, I had surgery in a German hospital, and I took a lot of vitamin C before and immediately after. This had been approved by my surgeon. My surgical incision healed completely almost overnight and there was never any sign of infection. In the German hospital, all patients are ‘swabbed’ for MRSA prior to admission. How many people arrive at hospital without being aware of their vitamin D level? Almost all, I imagine. Vitamin D is crucial to activating our immune defenses. Zinc is known to play a central role in the immune system, and zinc-deficient persons experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. The above is all very basic, but I hope we don’t have to wait 50 years before such simple safe and effective interventions could be used to not only save lives but a lot of money too. It could also be very helpful if sugar in all its forms is on the prohibited list in our hospitals. Consuming sugar is a great way to suppress the immune system. PN (JOHN APPLETON) F

APPLETON ASSOCIATES, T: 09 489 9362, appletonassoc@xtra.co.nz, www.johnappleton.co.nz

Check your hearing and you could win! Attend a free* hearing check at Audika by the 20th of December 2019 to be automatically entered into the draw to win a 14 day Pacific Island Cruise for 2.

Mention this ad to book your free* hearing check now on 0800 569 144 or visit audika.co.nz DUE TH



*Mention this ad to book a free hearing test or screen, excluding GP/ENT referrals which will incur a charge. Free hearing test or screen and promotion entry available to adults 18yrs or over. Promotion closes 20/12/2019 and test/screen must be attended by that date. Full terms at audika.co.nz. Audika New Zealand Limited, Auckland. TAPS NA11357

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Defining your fitness journey After years as personal trainers and wellness coaches, we got together and summoned up the courage to start our very own gym. We believe in the power of fitness to improve lives, but we also know that exercise is hard. Our philosophy is to make fitness approachable, accessible and fun. We’re working to create a community and a local gym for everyone. This means there are no judgments. Our place is for everyone, regardless of shape, size, age, gender or fitness level. We want our people to feel good whilst reaching their goals, and most importantly to enjoy every minute of it. At Studio on Surrey we encourage everyone to find a workout style that suits them. With all new state of the art equipment and all the essentials needed for a great workout, we also have the added bonus of a Pilates physio reformer and a professional Power Plate. If motivation is your Achilles heel, we have a team of world-class personal trainers and coaches on hand to keep you on the right track. Having lived and worked in Grey Lynn for over a decade, we are very happy to be opening our doors and sharing our gym with our wonderful Grey Lynn community. STUDIO ON SURREY, Unit 107, 19 Surrey Crescent, M: 022 171 6489, www.studioonsurrey.co.nz

Grey Lynn’s newest boutique gym www.studioonsurrey.co.nz The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Memberships Personal Training State of the art equipment Pilates reformer & Power Plate 24/7 access

19 Surrey Crescent

021 02451987 PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



Clare Caldwell: What’s happening to our men in this country? New Zealand has one of the highest suicide rates, especially male youth, in the OECD, and it appears to be getting worse, not better. Just recently, I saw a wonderful approach towards healing this – one I found to be revelatory, insightful, powerful and very moving. It involved an initiative called ‘Medicine Men’, begun in the Hawkes Bay area to help men who are suffering from depression or at risk of suicide. It presents a new holistic model that bypasses the Western medical model of rigid assessments, regimes of drugs and endless questioning – a model that seems to reinforce feelings of illness rather than wellbeing (if you are even able to access it).

In my experience of working with people who have never experienced being loved or held tenderly, even as babies, their self-worth is very low. If we do not value ourselves, for whatever reasons, our lifeforce diminishes and we do not do well and flourish in the world. Sometimes the only way to escape from this agony of self-loathing is perceived as extinguishing that lifeforce. Love is one of the most powerful energies on the planet. Every thing that has life, has sentience and needs to feel love to fully thrive.

This new model of care took a mixed age group of men into an environment they felt more at home in – the natural world. This living habitat, full of native birds, trees, waterfalls and rivers, had a completely different impact on the participants of the programme than if they’d been subjected to a sterile, alien environment and been confronted by an ‘expert’ in a white coat with a clipboard.

This aroha and group solidarity were skilfully blended into the healing component of the programme, visibly breaking down entrenched ‘macho’ resistances, eliciting trust and releasing and holding raw and vulnerable emotions. One of the men said he felt he had to continually portray himself outwardly as tough when in reality every day he felt he was falling apart on the inside.

It created empathy.

All the rituals were held within layers of circles – ancient, sacred and cross-cultural symbols of wholeness and completion. They could also be seen as more open-ended circular shapes akin to the unfurling of a koru frond that in Maori tradition symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.

When we experience empathy, we feel more at one with our immediate surroundings. We feel more inclined to start lowering our defence mechanisms and start to trust and open up. The lifeforce of the forest can begin to connect to the lifeforce of the humans walking respectfully within it. Being in nature changes us, if we let it. All living things are so exquisitely interconnected on this planet. Tree energy is totally benevolent and I believe can really assist in our healing processes if we’re open to its altruism and aroha. The natural world is full of living entities and has a more palpable healing energy than an antiseptic hospital room. These natural domains are also more conducive to us reconnecting with the ancient ‘knowings’ held deep within our bodies that bypass the brain. Unlike the rational, lineal, intellectual thinking brain, these ‘knowings’ connect us to our emotional intelligence and spiritual perceptions, to our intuitions and ‘gut’ feelings. When we feel safe and more relaxed, we become more compliant; more open to listening, to suggestion, to answers and possible solutions and even transformation. We engage more fully with both our conscious and unconscious minds and can begin to have the courage to reveal ourselves to ourselves and to others. The key component to all of this therapy was love. Love can break down many defensive and ferocious barriers. Its absence can create them.

A ritualised final releasing and cleansing in the icy river waters was a powerful adjunct to the whole process. One of the main concepts that came from this group was that the Western American model of psychiatry is not working for many of those who suffer with mental health issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts. They feel pathologised (ie, treated or regarded as psychologically abnormal), dehumanised and objectified by this system. It is seen as more alienating than integrating. This ‘Medicine Men’ programme will not provide all the answers and I acknowledge fully there is sometimes a need for medical interventions and medications. Hopefully, what it will do is be taken seriously as one alternative to standard treatments by opening up discussions and continuing to provide some new solutions towards obtaining mental PN wellness in New Zealand. (CLARE CALDWELL) F Clare (Claudie) Caldwell is a creative arts therapist and freelance artist. She also runs a voluntary art and art therapy programme at Auckland City Mission. Enquiries: T: 09 836 3618, M: 021 293 3171, E: clare.e.caldwell@gmail.com


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OPEN TUE - SUN 10:00AM - 8:00PM





Why I’m proud to work for ecostore A lot of companies like to look like they really care about the environment. For better or for worse, it’s become the latest trend and if you’re not on board then you’re getting left behind. For better, because at least companies are becoming more sustainable, even if it’s just to look good. For worse, because so often it’s just greenwashing and there’s nothing behind that #sustainable claim. I’m proud to work for a company that actually cares. A pioneering company that cared long before so many others. Malcolm and Melanie Rands, who founded ecostore in 1993, cared about their health and the health of their eco-village enough to create cleaning and personal care products that would be safe for themselves and their whenua. This care has carried through to today, and its latest form is a Limited Edition Hand Wash bottle made from 100% ocean waste plastic. Carrying on its pioneering spirit, ecostore is the first New Zealand company to make a container out of recycled ocean plastic. Partnering with Pack Tech, ecostore employed local villagers to collect ½ a tonne of plastic waste from the Java Sea, Bali and a river in Jakarta to make these beauties. If you’re wondering why it wasn’t collected from New Zealand, it’s because the type of collection, sorting and cleaning methods required to process ocean waste plastic are not currently available in New Zealand. Even overseas it’s very labour intensive and expensive, meaning that this project will be a financial loss for ecostore (but a sustainable gain).

infrastructure nationally. Teaming up with olympic champion sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, and New Zealand-waterways based, not-for-profit Sea Cleaners, is also helping to raise awareness of the ocean waste issue. Filled with a refreshing Ocean Breeze fragranced hand wash, and designed to be refilled over and over, the Limited Edition Hand Wash bottle is the latest reminder to me about why I work where I do. (ALANA BRUCE) F PN

This lack of availability and high price point needs to change, and projects like this one help manufacturers and the Government to become aware of how necessary it is to change the packaging

ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, T: 09 360 8477, www.ecostore.co.nz

15-25% Off Storewide* Our storewide sale is back on! From the 1st-17th November we’ve got 1525% off everything in store*, so come and stock up on your personal care, home care, and everything in between. Plus, nab yourself some locally made, eco-friendly Christmas presents before the rush! *Sale excludes bulk, refills and Merino Kids Brand.

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Shop Hours

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Mon–Fri 10am-6pm Sat–Sun 10am-5pm Public Holidays: hours may vary

1 Scotland Street Freemans Bay Auckland

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NEED AN EXPERIENCED WEDDING AND CEREMONY CELEBRANT? Glenys Lindsay tells us that she genuinely cares and is very passionate about every ceremony she designs and performs. She tells Ponsonby News, “It’s important for me to get to know the people I’m working with because it means their personalities shine through the ceremonies. I find performing ceremonies to be so personally rewarding and fulfilling. It was my love for all people and my genuine passion for helping people that first endeared me to become a celebrant. “It is my heartfelt desire that each couple, person or family have their perfect ceremony, exactly as they imagine. My hope is that everyone I have the pleasure of working with feels comfortable to express their own ideas and personal wishes for the ceremony. To achieve these unique objectives, I work closely with them and will go above and beyond to ensure their dream becomes a reality. “Every person is unique, every culture is unique, and these factors are just some of what inspires me when designing and creating a ceremony which is personal to them and reflects their individuality. “In my personal life I take every opportunity that presents itself and my philosophy is to get out there and live every day to the fullest. My family is my greatest joy. I have an adult daughter and son and their partners’ families, and a four-year-old grandson who is the love of my life! In addition, I have a beautiful Schnauzer dog who is extremely spoiled. Creating special experiences for us all to share in is a particular passion of mine. “Over and above my family, I love curling up with a good book when I have the time, meeting and learning about people, designing and making clothes and listening to music.” Personal Attributes • Highly professional and sensitive to all cultures, religions, sexual orientations and nationalities • You are the priority • Hugely experienced having performed hundreds of beautiful ceremonies • Wonderfully friendly, relaxed and warm person • Open minded to all types of ceremonies and spiritual beliefs • Experienced public speaker • Highly proficient writing skills • Excellent organization and communication skills • Exceedingly reliable and highly organised • Fantastic sense of humour “I would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss your ceremony requirements and PN then work to create your perfect ceremony.” F Please call Glenys on T: 09 256 1081 or M: 021 868 610. E: glenys@aucklandcelebrant.co.nz www.aucklandcelebrant.co.nz

Glenys Lindsay Experienced wedding & ceremony celebrant. Your ceremony will be special, memorable & exclusively for you. T: 09 256 1081 M: 021 868 610 www.aucklandcelebrant.co.nz

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Accent on giving back Giving back to the community is important to the principal dentist and owner of Accent Your Dentists, Dr Matt Sumner. Through a local BNI chapter, he is responsible for supporting Totara Hospice which provides free care for those patients living with a terminal illness, alongside support and care for the patient and their whanau. Totara Hospice is not fully funded by the Government and must raise over $4million every year to continue to operate and support its community. Earlier this year, Matt personally raised $2000 for the Hospice, and through the combined efforts of his BNI networking chapter, where he sits on the leadership team as the hospice champion, a further $4000 was recently raised in October. Matt will continue to support this great cause next year, and in the meantime, he and the team wish everyone a happy, safe and joyful summer with friends and family.

A special shout-out also to our principal Oral Therapist and Hygienist, Paris Potaka-Goossens, who is getting married early in the New Year in Maketu, Bay of Plenty. We wish Paris and Doyle all our love.

ACCENT YOUR DENTISTS, 332 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 4374, www.accentdentists.co.nz

The Accent Is On YOU! Wishing you and your family a happy, safe and joyful summer. “Matt is thorough, communicates incredibly well, in a very calm and reassuring manner. I feel very safe, and in capable hands, and I highly recommend� - Tim B Check out our other 150+ Google reviews...


Visit: bit.ly/bookapptonline

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Gut feelings: How gut health can impact your mood For most of us, physical health and mental health can feel like they belong in totally different categories. Our brains feel distinctly different from our bowels! Anecdotally, we know that exercise might help ‘clear our heads’, but what if there’s more to it than that? Could it be the case that our body has a much bigger role to play in the manifestation of mental health issues? And therefore, could nurturing our physical health also support the health of our mind? Compelling research has shown that our ‘gut feelings’ are just the beginning of a bigger conversation about how our guts and brains talk to one another. We’ve probably all experienced gut feelings – such as a tummy in knots or butterflies in reaction to something we’re dealing with in our heads. But the chattering goes the other way too – only this time our mind isn’t in control. This feedback loop is known as the gut brain axis – a two-way communication pathway. The gut talks to the brain in a number of ways, including: • Central nervous system • Neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine (of which 50% to 90% is made in the gut) • Immune system At the core of this is the microbiome – the trillions of bacteria and organisms that live synergistically within us. Evidence is now emerging that – through interactions with the gut-brain axis – the gut microbiome can influence neural development, cognition and behaviour. Changes in behaviour alter gut microbiota composition, while modifications of the microbiome can alter our mood. So what are the signs of an unhealthy gut? While gut issues may not seem like an obvious contributing factor in our mental wellness, there are some signs and symptoms that might give you clues. If you experience anxious thoughts, a sense of being overwhelmed by a busy mind, stress, mood swings and a general sense of flatness, notice if you also experience any of the following: • Bloating • Inflammation – aches and pains or puffiness • Leaky gut • Reflux/heartburn • Constipation • Diarrhoea • Skin issues such as eczema • General upper and lower digestive issues

Ben Warren, leading clinical nutritionist and founder of BePure How can you nourish your gut health to nurture your mind? There are a few simple changes you can make to support the health of your gut. Some are more significant, but some are so easy you could start today! These include: • Eat a whole food diet focusing on as many vegetables as possible. Ideally foods that are high in polyphenols as these feed the bacteria in your gut • Take a high-quality probiotic with a wide variety of proven strains • If you need to take a round of antibiotics, including a probiotic is essential to support your microbiome • Minimise sugars and artificial sweeteners • Consume fermented foods as part of your daily food intake • Consume chicken and bone broths to support gut healing • Daily movement or exercise can help to modulate the biome by 20% We’re still only beginning to understand the far-reaching impact the health of our gut has on our mental and physical health. It’s exciting to think that we have such a potentially powerful, natural support for mental wellbeing right at our fingertips! One thing is for sure – our bodies are deeply and intricately connected to our minds, so it pays to approach supporting them holistically. If you’re interested in learning more about your own gut health, get in touch with our awesome health consultants for a chat about simple steps for positive improvements.

BEPURE, T: 0800 52 54 52, E: info@bepure.co.nz, www.bepure.co.nz

B e n warre n Prese n ts

T he Gut-b r ai n c on n ec t ion Auck l an d Ce n t r al Nov. 6

Discover how nourishing your gut can nurture your mental wellness too. b e pur e .c o. n z / e ve n ts

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Mindfulness of emotion Mindfulness practice can impact the way we respond to stress and regulate our emotions. Why is this? It’s highly likely you have heard of the term mindfulness, and perhaps know something about it, or have even given it a go? Mindfulness is a centuries old practice that grew out of Buddhist psychological theory. In the last few decades it has become integrated into Western medical science and since then, thousands of empirical studies have been done purporting clinical benefits for a range of physical and mental health issues including chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. So what is mindfulness? What does it mean to be mindful in daily life and what are the key ingredients for mental health and wellbeing? The Buddhist roots of mindfulness describe a system of training that leads to insight and overcoming suffering through focusing the mind to attend to the present moment in an attitude of openness and non-judgement. No easy task in a modern world full of distractions, to-do lists and critical minds. Judgement is a central part of being human, our minds love to categorise and compare. This is often useful but can be a recipe for perceived pressure and discontent. So often in modern life, we can get caught up in emotional reactions to difficult situations and our behaviour at times can seem dictated by our emotions. Mindfulness provides a pathway to learn how to respond to our emotions and thoughts in a different way. Rather than being swept away by them, or fighting with them, we can learn to recognise and accept them for what they are —transient physical and mental events, rather than as enduring reflections of the self. In this way, mindfulness practice trains the mind to be less reactive to the challenges of day-to-day living and better able to focus on what is important. Often emotions become problematic when we try and suppress them, or try to get rid of them using various avoidance strategies. Avoidance often works in the short term to reduce discomfort but can have long-term negative effects on health when the pattern of avoidance becomes inflexible and extensive. For many, having a glass of wine at the end of a particularly stressful day is considered acceptable but when using alcohol or other strategies to manage emotional discomfort becomes a regular pattern, we reduce our ability to process emotions effectively. Mindfulness training will often begin with learning to restrict attention to a specific focus (such as the breath), and repeatedly return attention to this focus when distracted by thoughts or sensations. After some degree of attentional control is attained, mindfulness training proceeds to receptive practices involving non-judgemental observation of all sensations, thoughts and feelings as they arise. Learning to observe one’s moment by moment experience with calmness rather than attempting to alter or control the experience is

central to mindfulness training. Through mindfulness training we can develop new strategies for dealing with negative internal experiences when they show up so they no longer become triggers for avoidant behaviours. You can think about learning mindfulness as you would building physical fitness, it takes regular practice over time to become ‘mind fit’ so to speak. Equally, if you stop practising regularly, your mind reverts to old patterns of responding. It’s almost like learning a new language. You may have grown up speaking English; that’s what’s normal and natural for you. Then you - The more you practice and speak te reo, begin to learn te reo Maori. the stronger those pathways in the brain get and the easier it is to - it’s always communicate. While you can become fluent in te reo Maori, easy to revert back to English, so you have to keep the new language active in order to continue consolidating the new pathways you’ve made. In essence, mindfulness is a systematic training for the mind. PN (DR AMY GRANBERG) F

Clinical Psychologists, 412A Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Contact us P. 09 973 5187 m. 027 448 7288 e. info@illumen.nz www.illumen.nz

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1. Our September cover star, Irene van Kuijk, founder of Ponsonby Food Court is pictured in AMSTERDAM. 2. Locals Judy and Graham Long from Grey Lynn… The sun rising over Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, CAMBODIA.

3. Ponsonby residents Vanessa Lewis and John Smith are pictured near the Nachi Taisha Shrine at the end of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trek in JAPAN – one and half days after the typhoon.

Dear readers, please keep sending us your holiday snaps reading your favourite magazine, we love getting them! Photos need to be in high resolution (300dpi), so please email them to info@ponsonbynews.co.nz without reducing the size.

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ENVIE COSMETICS IS NEWLY OPENED AND WAITING FOR YOU! A beauty salon in Ponsonby, created by Natalie Smith, providing everything lashes and brows. After 10 years working in the beauty industry it was time to take the leap and go on her very own business venture. After undertaking multiple training courses throughout her career, Natalie brings high quality, expert products and a wealth of knowledge to the table. Your safety and wellbeing is her top priority, alongside satisfaction at the end of your treatment. Coming all the way from the UK and fortunate enough to have worked in various salons internationally, she has perfected her technique and is here to share it with you. No stone goes unturned and a full consultation is carried out before your treatment begins. Natalie specialises in Russian volume and classic extensions. All lash appointments are tailored to suit each individual person and, after your consultation, a range of thicknesses, curls and lengths will be chosen for your desired look. The lashes are individually adhered to each natural lash. All we need from you is an hour of relaxation and you’ll be waking up a new person! If extensions aren’t your thing, lash lifting may be your answer. Working with your natural lashes, they are lifted, curled and tinted to give them a fuller, darker look. Perfect for summer, they are completely sweat and swim proof. At Envie Cosmetics we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident you’re receiving the highest standard of treatment. Natalie aims to provide as much information as possible. From start to finish, you’ll be in the know every step of the way.

PN Everybody deserves to feel their most confident self. F

ENVIE COSMETICS, 37 Jervois Road, M: 022 300 3572, www.enviecosmetics.co.nz



FOR AS FOR AS LITTLE LITTLE AS AS $$55 A M MONTH ONT H Your regular donation will help connect more school children with nature, empower people all

over Auckland with sustainable living choices and develop and maintain a therapeutic garden. Join now at: www.kelmarnagardens.nz/donate

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ADVICE FROM THE LOCAL CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU I read last month that newly released Census data showed that 405,000 people now live alone, 36,000 more than in 2013 and that this was the second-most common household type. In the article, economist Shamubeel Eaqub said much of that increase was due to the population ageing. People were also marrying and having children later in life, which could mean more time spent living alone beforehand. He also said it would not be long before people living alone were the most common household type. I was thinking about this article in the context of Christmas and how, in the busy run up to the celebration with all the work parties, holiday preparation and present buying, there will be a lot of people in our community for whom this time of year can be stressful and a reminder of their isolation. We have a phrase at CAB – it’s called ‘a listening ear’. What it means is that sometimes this turns out to be what the client who walks in the door is really after. It may not be the issue they present with, but it is something we train our volunteers to look out for. The beauty of CAB is that we can offer this. We are not bound by the restrictions that many government and private businesses have. We say to our volunteers that the client in front of you is the most important person, there is no scheduled appointment time, no appointment is needed and there are no time limits. There are very few places in our society that offer this. And for people who, for whatever reason, do not have family support or friends and/ or other forms of social fellowship like church or marae or sport for example, and who may have difficulty asking for help, we can offer a listening ear. Our listening ear is non-judgemental. CAB is independent and impartial from government and the private sector. We do our best to assist people to help themselves. It may be that at the end of such an appointment the issue may not be resolved, but maybe the load is a bit lighter: “Thanks for listening!” is often the departing comment. The value of this was identified in a report commissioned for Wellington City Council and the Wellington CAB (WelCAB). I firmly believe that the same applies to our branch in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby

and throughout our organisation. Here is a quote from the report (excuse the management speak here!) WelCAB offers a multi-channel experience that caters to a wide range of client needs, but it is the face-to-face channel that makes WelCAB uniquely placed to reach many communities and populations that other organisations struggle to interact with. WelCAB attracts individuals in need by offering free and non-time limited services with a real life ‘human’ interaction. This personal customer experience allows WelCAB volunteers to provide a level of empathy, impartiality and anonymity that can be difficult to find elsewhere. It also provides reassurance to individuals that someone is there to help during moments of despair when they have exhausted alternative options or do not know who to turn to. We are clear that we have to account to our funders and so it was good to have validated in this report that the work of the CAB does (again insert for Wellingtonians ‘citizens’) help funders reach harder-to-serve Wellingtonians more effectively and inexpensively than funders can in-house, preventing greater vulnerability, building communities, and gathering data for actionable insights. So, with Christmas approaching, I would like to put it to you that this may be the gift you can offer someone – your listening ear. Look around you at work or in your street, you can possibly see someone on their own, someone who has suffered a loss or is going through difficult times. Taking some time from our busy schedules for a cup of coffee and a chat might seem small to you but for that person it could mean the world. And if you are someone who loves the Christmas retail excitement, have a thought for those charities who provide food and presents for those less fortunate and buy up large for those in need! If you are looking for somewhere to donate, give us at CAB a call and we can help you find a charity or a retailer who is offering Christmas donation options. This is my last column of the year so Meri Kirihimete ki a koutou katoa. (MARGARET ANTUNOVICH) F PN

CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU, 510 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 0392, www.cab.org.nz


CALL for a wide range of free,

up to date and confidential information about: • • • • •

Consumer rights Budgeting Legal clinics Employment rights Justice of the Peace

• • • • •

Health & welfare issues House & tenancy issues Unemployment problems Education & training Personal & family issues

• Immigration needs • Local & general information • Photocopying & faxing

Citizens Advice Bureau

0800 FOR CAB or 09 376 0392 510 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn www.cab.org.nz

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MEET THE TEACHER Nick van den Borst teaches at Point Chevalier School after recently returning from teaching in the UK and Colombia. What was it like living in Colombia? Colombia is a really misunderstood place. The country has made huge progress since Escobar days. We lived in the capital, Bogotá. It is an incredible city – huge and expansive, with an incredibly proud population. Colombians love their country and will bend over backward to make sure you have a good and safe time. Every backpacker I met there said that Colombia was the best country in the Americas. There is so much to see – the Caribbean, the Amazon and all the coffee plantations. The restaurant scene will rival Ponsonby Road in the coming years as there is now an abundance of fine dining options. Get there before it changes too much! What was your school like in Colombia? I worked at an international school in the northern part of Bogotá. The students were from wealthy Colombian families. Designer bags, clothes and noses were very common. They were all amazing dancers. Every single student could dance the salsa which was evident in the school dance competitions. It was an amazing place to work and be a part of for a few years. It is a big move from Colombia to Point Chevalier – do you have any connections to the area? I am relatively new to Auckland but my wife grew up behind Bayfield School and her family now lives in Westmere. When my daughter came along, we decided to come back from Colombia to settle in Auckland in order to have babysitter grandparents nearby. We enjoy all the cafes in Ponsonby and in Westmere – Seabreeze is our favourite. What is your role at Point Chevalier School? I teach in the amazing Year 5 and 6 team. I love teaching this age group – they have so much energy and our students really love learning. I enjoy

teaching in New Zealand. I missed the bare feet, kids climbing trees and the unique bursts of laughter that you find in Kiwi schools. Point Chevalier Primary - Ako o Waitemata. - In 2018, I became the Within School is part of Te Kahui Teacher for wellbeing which has been a rewarding role. What does wellbeing look like for you? I love getting out and having adventures with my family. It is really important for me to leave school behind and recharge my batteries by getting out of the city when I can. I enjoy skiing at Ruapehu and heading back to Wellington to see my parents and friends. What does wellbeing look like at Point Chevalier School? This year we have introduced whanau groups. Instead of traditional houses that focus on house points and competition, whanau groups focus on wellbeing. During whanau time, we discuss a variety of topics that support student wellbeing. Already we have noticed that a sense of whanaungatanga (belonging, connection) is spreading through the school. I have personally enjoyed having a variety of ages in my group and I am looking forward to watching my whanau group grow and learn. F PN

Young Minds Matter Ficino Preschool provides a holistic, well-balanced education for girls and boys. We stimulate young minds to discover their innate potential, preparing them to thrive academically and to grow spiritually. It is this holistic approach that helps all children embrace their capacity to excel in the years beyond. Ficino is more than an education; it is the Greatest Gift you can give your child.

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Metrolaw: Got a legal question? Ask michael@metrolaw.co.nz Q: I have been thinking about updating my will now that my husband and I have children. The children are quite young (ages 2 and 4) and we will be appointing my sister as their guardian should we both pass away.

it would be important your testamentary guardian is able to provide your children with a place to live.

In a situation where both of us die at the same time, how will my sister (as the guardian) be able to use our money to pay for our children?

Sometimes people want the family home to be available for the children to stay in but this needs to work with the testamentary guardian and there needs to be sufficient money in the estate to deal with other distributions and expenses. Often insurance is a sensible way to shore up any shortfall.

A: Thanks for your question. It is a good idea to review your will when your personal circumstances change significantly – new relationships, break ups and especially if you have children.

It is important to check carefully who owns the insurance policy so that it works properly with your will and that the money is available when it is needed and not tied up in the estate.

If your sister is not also the executor of the wills she will have to ask the executor for an advance of the estate funds. If this is the case, you should ensure your will has a provision which allows for the executor to advance funds to the guardian of the children for maintenance, education or benefit generally.

It is easy to over-complicate wills by continually asking ‘what if’ questions and crystal ball gazing on potential outcomes. The best way to ensure that your will works the way you want it to, is to pick the right people for executor and as testamentary guardian(s).

You should consider what will be left in your estate for your children should they require any interim distributions of estate funds. In most cases, the family home may be the only significant asset and may need to be sold in order to pay off debts of the estates and make distribution to the beneficiaries. If this was the case,

It can be useful if these are different people so that they can be a check and a balance to each other and they can help each other with making decisions. Make sure you take the time to discuss what you would want to happen with these people so that they have more guidance on your intentions. Please feel free to give me a call, I would be happy to assist you with updating your wills. (MICHAEL HEMPHILL) F PN www.metrolaw.co.nz

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Logan Granger: Greater emphasis on sustainable business practices In July 2019, New Zealand returned its sustainable development report card to the United Nations. This was a voluntary review of New Zealand’s progress towards the agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). An independent report on New Zealand’s SDG achievements noted that only one of the 17 goals had been achieved (clean energy) and some goals were going backwards. However, New Zealand was still ranked highly at 11th in the world on sustainable development, behind a group of European countries but ahead of the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Sustainability, in essence, is defined as meeting the needs of today without adversely impacting on the needs of tomorrow. In the business world, sustainability is viewed as triple bottom-line reporting consisting of economic (profit), environmental (planet) and social (people) performance. The goal in developing sustainable business practices is to create and develop strategies that preserve the long-term viability of profit, plant and people. Sound business practices such as efficiencies, maximisation of resources and minimisation of waste are inextricably linked to business sustainability and the majority of the 17 SDG’s.

With this sustainability climate being the new reality, it is important for businesses to have a strategy that reflects their commitment of environmental, economic cultural and social ideals, and this strategy becomes integral to all brand marketing and promotion. To develop this strategy, an overview of how a business fits into the entire business process, from manufacture to end user, needs to be assessed. From product design and packaging to manufacture, transportation and office administration, every facet of the business can be re-jigged to minimise waste and maximise resources. Much can be achieved by straightforward simple changes. Each business is unique so a tailored approach that incorporates the business personality and offering is a good place to start. This could be anything from small steps to a giant leap into a bold new strategy based around sustainability practices. To help achieve their sustainable strategies and goals, it is recommended that businesses do the following: Engage in dialogue with stakeholders which will give opportunities for knowledge sharing to determine best practices. Work with academia and public enterprises to help develop innovative procedures and practices. Connect with other businesses and individuals with similar interests in sustainability to create a community of practice.

Sustainable businesses in today’s markets are forefront of social media and other marketing channels and, as a result, are gaining a competitive edge. Stakeholders are increasingly looking beyond the balance sheet, when making business decisions. Customers and investors are making conscious decisions to align themselves with suppliers that have cultural, social and environmental practices that match their own. There is a growing trend for large corporates For any further assistance or guidance please contact us. (LOGAN GRANGER) asking small-to-medium businesses to provide a level of supply chain transparency to secure contracts. Government is applying environmental criteria Disclaimer – While all care has been take, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants when selecting suppliers. Consumers are looking beyond price points with focus Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your on environmental and social impact. Potential employees are placing more professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about. emphasis when making employment decisions on factors such as flexibility of work hours, family friendly policies, gender equality and racial diversity. JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701, www.jacal.co.nz

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PONSONBY PETS The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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SPCA GREAT NZ PAWS WALK The big day is fast approaching!

Have you heard about the SPCA Great NZ Paws Walk? Our exciting new event where animal lovers across New Zealand will walk together to fight animal cruelty. Join SPCA Great NZ Paws Walk on 9 November (or host your own) and raise funds to help the 41,000 animals that need SPCA each year. This is a fun, new, interactive and easy event to get involved in and we would love you to join the pack! How it works: 1. Register now by visiting greatpawswalk.co.nz Your small registration fee includes an exclusive event bandana for your furry friend. 2. Set up a fundraising page and share it and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. 3. Walk with fellow animal lovers at an SPCA Great NZ Paws Walk on 9 November!


Walk with us at the following locations: • Auckland • Hamilton • Whakatane • Gisborne • Wellington • Renwick • Nelson

Luxury cat accessories for discerning felines

No walk in your area? Host you own event!

When self-professed cat lady Caroline Moore struggled to find quality products for her cats Suzi Q and Django, she decided to do something about it.

Donations help SPCA inspectors rescue animals, give them love, care, provide a warm bed at SPCA shelters, give them critical medicine and veterinary support, and help them find new homes with their loving, forever families.

Fang and Fur, the online store Caroline launched in July, sells a carefully curated range of handmade collars and toys, designer bowls and scratchers, unique cat houses and organic catnip blends. There are also fun products and gifts for cat people including books, T-shirts, cards and accessories. “I really wanted there to be a point of difference to mainstream pet stores, not just in regard to looks and quality, but also where the products come from,” Caroline explains. This led to the decision to only source from independent makers, artists and small companies. if you’d like your kitty to get their paws on the best cat products around, check out www.fangandfur.co.nz

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• Tauranga • Whanganui • Christchurch

For more information visit our website at greatpawswalk.co.nz A big thank you to SPCA’s sponsors at Southern Cross Pet Insurance who have helped make this PN event possible. F

Walk with us on November 9 to raise vital funds to fight animal cruelty. Together we can help the 41,000 animals that need SPCA each year. Join the pack at greatpawswalk.co.nz Proudly supported by



Introducing The Good Pet Home for the discerning pet owner The Good Pet Home is a new premium online store for the discerning cat and dog owner. Exclusive brands to New Zealand include Hiro + Wolf, MiaCara, the stylish German brand for design-lovers and their pets, and Harlow Harry Pet Parfum, inspired by human fragrance and lovingly developed for your pet. Must have pieces for pooches and felines are available to purchase or order and are limited to stay exclusive for those in the know. MiaCara MiaCara Torino dog collars and leads. Made in Italy from luxurious Saffiano leather, lined with velvety soft nubuck bull leather making them comfortable for your dogs necks and your hands.

Harlow Harry Pet Parfum Free from harmful toxins and ingredients Harlow Harry fragrances are alcohol free, silicone free, paraben free and vegan friendly. Developed and produced in Sydney, alongside a fifth generation Perfumer, enjoy Bellevue 162 with complex woody depth and musky amber notes or Hunter 33, fresh and bright with earthy undertones. These fragrances smell so good, you may even want to wear them yourself!

MiaCara Torino Dog Slate Lead $255 and collar $210 The MiaCara Topo Cat Toy is simply irresistible to our feline friends. Made from sheepskin pom pom with a leather lure, cats love this fun toy because of the ticking sound of its tail when it touches the ground.

Harlow Harry 100ml Pet Parfum $69 each or $130 for the set of two Resident Dog Photographed by Melbourne-based New Zealand photographer Nicole England, Resident Dog features architecturally designed homes and a dog or two. From mid-century apartments to country retreats, this is the perfect addition to any dog lover’s coffee table book collection.

MiaCara Topo Cat Toy Natural/Ivory $45 MiaCara Tondo Cat Bowl Mealtimes for cats should fit seamlessly into contemporary kitchens. Available in three muted shades the Tondo ceramic cat bowls are an elegant fit to the home.

MiaCara Tondo Cat Bowl, Powder, Slate or Taupe $85 each

Resident Dog, Photographed by Nicole England $85 For further information T: 09 218 6304, www.thegoodpethome.com

About The Good Pet Home At The Good Pet Home we search the globe to bring you premium pet products for the furry friend in your life. We believe quality and design shouldn’t be compromised when it comes to your cat and dog. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a selection of exclusive products for your pet and home. www.thegoodpethome.com The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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LOCAL TRADIES: THE FABULOUS FIVE Villas are a beloved yet labour-intensive housing favourite in our area and rely on the talent of craftsmen and tradespeople to maintain, renovate and rejuvenate them. We also appreciate our local car tradies, who help keep our motors running. John Elliot talks to our fabulous five local tradespeople. Barry Clarke Automotive Like many other tradies of recent years, Barry Clarke Auto finally succumbed to inner city urban intensity, and moved away from Ponsonby Road. However, it is still handy in Arch Hill in Burns Street. Barry Clarke Automotive has been in business for over 27 years, and Barry has now retired. The company was taken over by long-term employee Darryn 12 years ago. Liz is still in the office, after eight years, and Darryn the ‘new’ owner has been with Barry Clarke Auto for over 15 years. Jimmy, the automotive technician has 12 years with the company, Kris who came as an apprentice is now an automotive technician. Darryn told us they regularly take on apprentices, usually after three years’ Unitec pre-trade. Since becoming a Bosch car service workshop, the business has won numerous service awards, including one for ‘Best in Oceania’. Darryn

received a Bosch award for world-wide service after completing all eight technical modules with Bosch Germany. Barry Clarke is proud of its customer focus and high standard of workmanship. The business services all makes and models, does tyres, wheel alignment on the state-of-the-art, touchless aligner, can look after all fleet work. It deals with all major lease companies, has free courtesy cars and a van. Barry, himself, can be justly proud of his company and its ongoing success under Darryn’s ownership. We hope he is enjoying a wellearned retirement. Ponsonby has not forgotton you, Barry Clarke, and we at Ponsonby News salute an iconic local business. STOP PRESS Barry Clarke has just purchased a state-of-the-art touchless wheel alignment machine and are now a Mahindra service and part centre.

BARRY CLARKE AUTOMOTIVE, 8 Burns Street, T: 09 360 8888, www.barryclarkeautomotive.net.nz

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LOCAL TRADIES Hugh Stevens & Son Panelbeating Ltd Talking of icons, Hugh Stevens must be right up there with the best of them. !969 was the year Hugh Stevens set up in Blake Street, Ponsonby. As I’m sure readers can deduce, that is over 50 years ago. Hugh, a friendly tradie of the old school, fixed quite a few dings in my cars over the years and became a good friend. He is still alive, although his health is now poor. He sold the business to his son Craig 15 years ago. Craig had joined his dad when he finished his apprenticeship 33 years ago. Hugh Stevens has trained many apprentices since then, including Carlin, who has recently returned as Senior Tradesman. I have known Craig for as long as I have known his dad, Hugh, and Craig is a good bloke with a very keen business sense and a good personality. He supports the local community and, although it is getting harder to park clients’ cars in Blake Street, Craig is tolerant and compromising, a key trait necessary to keep his business compatible with competing claimants to the space available in the middle of a residential area. Hugh Stevens works for all insurance companies and is fully accredited as a collision repair specialist and as a Structural Repair Centre. The company is proud to be I-Car trained Platinum. As an extra service, a courtesy cars service is provided.

Craig reminds locals that they have a choice of panelbeater, and they should not accept an insurance company’s direction to a repairer not of their choice. Craig Stevens is absolutely committed to the very best work for customers, and I can attest to that from personal experience. You can check the website to confirm Hugh Stevens’ health and safety standards and other guarantees.

HUGH STEVENS & SON PANELBEATING, 1a Blake Street, T: 09 376 6876, www.stevenspanelbeating.co.nz

Bosch Car Service Barry Clarke Automotive “Our business is earning your trust”

Quality vehicle repairs in Ponsonby since 1969


• WOF • Tyres • Servicing • Wheel Alignment • Repairs • Air Conditioning Barry Clarke Automotive 8 Burns Street, Grey Lynn

Phone (09) 360 8888

Whether it’s small dents and scratches or major collision repairs, we can tackle it.

For a free quote for any repair work call

09 376 6876

e: craig@stevenspanelbeating.co.nz

www.barryclarkeautomotive.net.nz For everything your car needs.

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www.stevenspanelbeating.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019


LOCAL TRADIES Henry Minogue, AKL Plumbing & Gasfitting Services LTD AKL Plumbing Elsewhere in this article we have featured several long-time Ponsonby tradies, now we feature a much newer, young guy, Henry Minogue, owner of AKL Plumbing. We have used Henry’s services at home and he is an efficient and charming young man. He started his apprenticeship with Tom Zonneveld in 2007. In 2016, when Tom retired, Henry started his own company and took over Tom’s client base. Henry’s firm services many residential and commercial premises around Ponsonby that he went to as an apprentice 12 years ago, as well as a growing number of new clients in the area. The advantage of being based in a residential area is that they are close to many of their clients. This is especially useful if there is an emergency job to be done. At AKL Plumbing, there is currently a team of three plumbers/ gasfitters. Henry believes in sharing his trade knowledge with new apprentices who he always has coming through the business. Currently, there is Ben who started his apprenticeship this year and also James who completed his apprenticeship with the company last year and now works with it as a registered plumber and gasfitter.

Grey Lynn Tyreworx Doesn’t time fly was my first thought when David Stoddard, owner of Grey Lynn Tyreworx, reminded me that they had been in business in Surrey Crescent for 34 years. David has worked there since 1991, two years after I founded the Ponsonby News. David’s uncle started out as a car grooming business, and then started fixing spare tyres from the boot. He then decided it was much easier to do the tyres than grooming so he changed it to a tyre retail shop instead. David bought the business from his uncle in 2007. David enjoys servicing the local area and is a good bloke. He’s done my tyre work and our team’s for some years. He says one advantage of being so central is that there is now less competition, with fewer tyre shops than formally. David supplied a lovely photo of a client’s car packed with ‘family’, who arrived at his tyre shop one day. It is shown adjacent to this story. I don’t know how long it takes to become a local icon (a much overused moniker), but David Henry Charles Stoddard must be getting close. He is a valuable, integral part of our community. GREY LYNN TYREWORX, 27 Surrey Crescent, T: 09 376 0051, www.greylynntyreworx.co.nz

Henry told us that one day they were called to retrieve a wedding ring that a client had dropped down her wash basin. We managed to take the drain apart and fish the ring out for her. Henry is not sure whether her husband ever heard about why the plumbers were called out. AKL Plumbing and Gas proudly works alongside many businesses in the Ponsonby area and they are the first port of call to fix any plumbing or gasfitting problems for an increasing number of property managers, cafes, bars, landscapers, builders, developers and home staging businesses in the area. AKL PLUMBING & GASFITTING, M: 021 843 214, www.aklplumbing.co.nz

“We get all sorts here,” says David Stoddard of Grey Lynn Tyreworx

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LOCAL LOCALTRADIES TRADIES The Reid Group We talked to Eddie Reid about his company’s work in Ponsonby. They are builders and house painters with 11 staff in total, the oldest staff member being Mac at 74. He has been painting for 50 years and knows everything there is to know about painting. He speaks fluent Maori and has blessed houses for clients after completing work on them. Terry is Reid’s rugby league expert and a master painter. Caleb, the builder, is also a Nissan car fanatic. He is a perfectionist, too. Eddie Reid told us they are one big happy family who, of course, have their ups and downs but have each other’s backs. Young apprentices are hired, and Eddie can see the company taking on more in the future. “That is the future of our business,” said Eddie.

One of the advantages of working in a busy residential suburb is that your team and vans are seen regularly and residents regard you as part of the community. “We then get recommended for further work in the neighbourhood,” says Eddie. Within the group, Eddie has three families of trades people. In one team is a father and three sons, in another team a father-in-law, sonin-law and a son, and in another a father working alongside two sons. “This whanau culture seems to work well in a team environment and it’s part of our business strength,” Eddie told us proudly. Eddie Reid told us they are a bunch of people pleasers who will take on a task with the aim of completing it to both parties’ satisfaction. THE REID GROUP, www.reidpainters.co.nz

REID group



021 062 9104


l @reidpainters @reidpropertyservices

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@ METRIX How can you create a modern yet timeless bathroom series that adapts to different styles? By reducing its design entirely and focusing on the user’s personality and individuality. ME by Starck – a new bathroom series that appeals to every style – pure, elegant, natural or raw. DuraSquare bathroom ceramics effortlessly bring together apparent contradictions whilst also looking incredibly good. Clarity, precision and minimalism run through the entire programme, which is not only modern and timeless but also durable and sustainable. DuraSquare design by Philippe Starck. Happy D.2 is a complete bathroom that is just as chic, versatile and timelessly modern as its predecessor Happy D., positioned to be a contemporary classic. Design by Sieger. The Duravit C.1 faucet series designed by Kurt Merki Jr is perfectly proportioned in terms of look and feel and assumes a natural composition with the washbasin and bathtub. With their understated simplicity, they have a defining influence on the bathroom. C.1 matches all modern, architectural and linear bathroom series.

ME by Starck

Kaldewei baths are meticulously crafted masterpieces for exquisite elegance. Designed as prestige items, they can transform every bathroom into a shrine of aesthetic sensuousness. Kaldewei is one of the world’s most prestigious bath manufacturers and their products are acknowledged as contemporary works of modern bath culture. Design by Matteo Thun. Cox by Paini is minimalistic and contemporary tapware in a range of colours and elegant finishes. Its essential design makes Cox the most versatile range of the Paini family.


To see the latest in luxury bathroomware, visit Metrix Showroom, 155 The Strand, Parnell, www.metrix.co.nz

Happy D.2

Cox Colours


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Duravit “A bowl filled with water on a simple table,” Danish designer Cecilie Manz describes her inspiration for Duravit’s Luv series. The result is Nordic purism combined with timeless elegance, created with gentle forms and sharp geometry. Luv is a brand new design that can be interpreted uniquely to suit your individual style.

Toilets. Basins. Baths. Tapware. Accessories. Saunas. Showers.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

155 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

Elegance, pure and simple.


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Elegant family home in Herne Bay – 17 Clifton Road, Herne Bay This is a rare opportunity to acquire a classic 1900s family home with pool on the desirable northern slopes of Herne Bay. The location, together with the warmth and charm of this quintessential villa, is immediately appreciated as you approach the front garden, crowned with its beautiful cherry blossom tree. When you enter the home, the central hallway sets the tone with its original character detailing, high stud and generous proportions. Light streams into the family sized living room and French doors fold back to create a seamless connection to the private northeast-facing garden and swimming pool area. It features a large pool house with amenities to provide a multitude of uses. There’s no shortage of living space in this home, with a second, more formal sitting room on the ground floor complete with an ornate fireplace, large bay window and detailed ceilings. The master bedroom is situated on the upper floor with its own balcony – a tranquil, private and relaxing space with magnificent views of the sea. Ideal for families, Bayfield Primary School is just across the road, with Bayfield Park, Coxs Bay and all the picturesque beaches just a short walk away. An eclectic mix of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants are close by on Jervois Road. Due to a change in circumstances, our vendors must sell. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, call now for more information. PN (CHRIS BATCHELOR) F www.bayleys.co.nz/1671191 Call Chris Batchelor on T: 0800 1 AGENT or E: chris.batchelor@bayleys.co.nz


COPY DEADLINE: FRIDAY 15 NOVEMBER / PUBLISHED: FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER Call 09 378 8553 to book or email martin@ponsonbynews.co.nz

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The Christmas Store, Newmarket WIN a $500



Christmas Store voucher! Entering is simple. All you need to do is: 1. Like & follow our Facebook page – The Christmas Store, Newmarket 2. Share the competition post on our Facebook page Competition closes on 28 November 2019 Winner will be announced on our Facebook page on 30 November 2019 For more information about our store or competition terms & conditions go to our website www.christmasstore.co.nz Follow us on Instagram thechristmasstore_nz


Successfully Selling Brilliant Homes In Your Neighbourhood

“We both want to express our sincere thanks to you for your help to achieve a very good result for the sale of Mum’s house. We both appreciated your empathy and sincerity which made us feel less worried. Mum is thrilled and very excited about the prospect of moving into a lovely apartment with a nice view and overlooks the bowling green. Thanks so much.” - Marion Lyne, 3/3 William Denny Ave, Westmere

62 A Wellpark Ave, Westmere

77 Shelley Beach Road, St Marys

2/14 Peel Street, Westmere

Felicity Scott BBS | Residential Sales M 0274 522 241 B 09 376 3039 E f.scott@barfoot.co.nz | barfoot.co.nz/f.scott The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied


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TALKING TO ERIN SANDOR Erin Sandor is part of the team at Barfoot & Thompson. Tell us about your background. I grew up in a very iconic sailing family, the Whiting’s, so I had no choice with my mother being Penny Whiting. However, I did have a horse that I competed on when we were not sailing. I’ve lived in Herne Bay all my life until I moved to Hong Kong for several years and then on to the Middle East where I managed a wonderful team of professional competition horses. I returned to New Zealand three years ago with my daughter and it is now great to be back and involved with my family, friends and in a community I grew up in. What gets you out of bed in the morning? I get out of bed in the morning because this is Auckland and the weather will be a variety of wonderful seasons all in one day. I walk our dog and get the family sorted for school, so I can get out and meet more wonderful people and see their properties. At the end of the day, I just really love my job and enjoy meeting and supporting people on their next journey. Why real estate? I have been passionate for as long as I can remember about interior design and houses and I love a challenge and the opportunity that real estate gives me every day. I have a very creative eye for detail and marketing and with the desire to win and be successful, real estate is the perfect mix. How do you switch off? I switch off by taking time out with my other half and our three girls, then find time to sneak out of the city to ride my horse (Aaron) in Kumeu, or out on the Waitemata Harbour sailing with family and friends. As I’m just ‘slightly competitive’ I never really switch off, I enjoy being busy. Anything else you’d like to tell our readers? I enjoy the core family values that Barfoot & Thompson offers, and working in such a dynamic team in the Ponsonby office, I feel very lucky and would enjoy the opportunity to work with you in the near future on your next move. ERIN SANDOR, M: 021 644 483, E: e.sandor@barfoot.co.nz



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I am unapologetically competitive, unreservedly down-to-earth and I love my job. What drives me is people and with my honest, energetic and positive approach, I will do everything possible for your next move. Give me a call today. I am locally made and in your neighbourhood.

ERIN SANDOR 021 644 483

Best International Real Estate Agency 2018-2019 $GUV 4GCN 'UVCVG #IGPE[ /CTMGVKPI #UKC 2CEKÆ‚E $GUV #IGPE[ QXGT QHÆ‚EGU #UKC 2CEKÆ‚E

Try before you buy demo days Taste the difference come to a Weber cooking demos every Saturday from Nov 2 p to Dec 21 from 11am-2pm.

Free Cover with any Weber BBQ sold at the demo.

Weber Mastertouch Plus Kettle




Weber® iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer Weber® family Q Premium (Q3200)





The shape of the Weber® Q® barbecue is a registered trademark

Webe Weber® b r® Genesis® II E355










77 The Strand , Parnell. Phone 0800 266 206. The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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MELUKA PLAY Our new Meluka PLAYhouse range is a stylish combination of fun and simplistic lines. Featuring BOOKshelves, LOWboy storage and headboards, this dynamic and versatile house-shaped range is sure to satisfy all your storage needs in a fun and creative way. Here at Meluka we believe that there is a place for everything and that everything has a place. Our PLAYhouse ranges ensure stress-free tidying, as you are able to keep your little one’s space organised with ease. Meluka furniture is built tough, designed to last and arrives fully assembled. Choose from PN our huge range, all made in New Zealand. F Shop online at www.meluka.co.nz

New from Meluka! 15% OFF PLAYHOUSE PLAYhouse LOWboy Kids House 1200 $1313 Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $218.83

PLAYhouse BOOKboy 1 Bay 4 High $968 Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $161.33

PLAYhouse Frame Headboard $424 Or 6 weekly interest free payments from $70.66



Furniture. Simply.

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The Meekings House

Floor: 210 sq m (approximately) | Land: 1,012 sq m

Designed by acclaimed New Zealand Architect, Peter Bartlett, The Meekings House is a wonderful example of Mid Century Modernist Architecture. Upon its completion it was featured in the 1961 Home and Building magazine and this home still commands as much attention today as it did back then. With high ceilings, extensive use of native timbers, an abundance of natural light, and superb craftsmanship, this house is full of all the architectural details of a Mid Century classic.

Auction: 12:30 p.m. Saturday 9th November On-Site (unless sold prior)

Generous living area both in and outdoor provide views back to Auckland city. The sunken lounge gives privacy, a sense of warmth and snugness. There is also a private office on the ground oor. Constructed from Cedar and Concrete block with a new colour steel roof in 2018, this sophisticated home perfectly captures a peaceful lifestyle with sun-soaked grounds. With minds made up, our owners’ committed move is rapidly approaching, and they are highly motivated to achieve a result on, or indeed before auction day. Viewing is a must for this one - contact us immediately for further information.

RICHARD BURT BFA, GradDipT M: +64 21 773 187 richard.burt@nzsir.com



RICHARD BURT BFA, GradDipT M: +64 21 773 187 richard.burt@nzsir.com STEWART MORGAN BSc (Hons) M: +64 21 933 305 stewart.morgan@nzsir.com

STEWART MORGAN BSc (Hons) M: +64 21 933 305 stewart.morgan@nzsir.com

Artfully uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives. If you are considering selling, or are interested in a snapshot of where your property sits in the current market, contact Richard or Stewart today.

nzsothebysrealty.com Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


LANDMARK HOMES WEST AUCKLAND At Landmark Homes, we don’t just build homes – we build dreams. And when you choose to build a Landmark, you’re choosing the very best in the business. Landmark Homes takes the hard work out of building. As New Zealand’s premium home-building company, we aim to bring your vision and ideas to life. We work closely with you to understand your site, your budget and your lifestyle. From day one, our team will provide you with all the information you need to decide on the type of build you’re after. Whether you wish to remove and rebuild, subdivide, or design your very own home from scratch – we’ll walk you through the whole process. Choose from our carefully curated portfolio of unique, award-winning home designs, or work with our team of experts to design and build a home from scratch. No matter which option you choose, we take you through the whole process – from design to completion – and your project manager will keep you up to date every step of the way. Once the design is confirmed, we continue working with you to make sure the rest of the building process as seamless and stress-free as possible. We understand that building a home can seem complicated, expensive or problematic. That’s why we offer three options for home building. If you already have a plan in mind, our ‘Design and Build’ option allows you to create your dream home just as you wish – right down to the tap fittings!

If you’d like to build a new home on an established section, our ‘Remove and Rebuild’ option might be for you. Or, if you’ve fallen in love with one of our established plans, choose our Ready To Build option. Whatever option you choose, Landmark’s West Auckland Team will make managing your budget a priority. You’ll always know what costs what, and we’ll quote you the final project fee before the first length of timber is even cut. Landmark’s Auckland franchises have just put the finishing touches on a new show home at Kano Way and it is stunning. From the striking design and quality craftsmanship through to multiple alfresco entertaining areas and an exquisite kitchen plus scullery, it’s the whole package. But don’t take our word for it. Come and experience it for yourself. PN Is it time to build your dream? Call Landmark Homes today! F


@ ARTISAN Create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow by choosing floor and wall tiles which have both interior and exterior options. These tiles have the same design, but a different finish and thickness depending on where they are being laid. Artisan has a luxurious and high-quality selection to choose from.




1. Concrete – light grey. Four colour options and six sizes available, 2. Materia – beige. 600mm x 600mm, 3. Blackboard – white. Four sizes available. ARTISAN, 31a Normanby Road, T: 09 302 2499, www.artisancollective.co.nz

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New Hobsonville Showhome

View our brand new show home at 37 Kano Way, Hobsonville. This house is not only stunning, the build has an incredible story behind it to boot! Check out landmarkhomes.co.nz/kano Open Hours: Saturday to Sunday 12pm – 4pm Or call us to make an appointment 09 972 1730

The house that love built.

LANDMARKHOMES.CO.NZ • 0800 477 110


has moved from 122 Upland Rd, Remuera

Thousands of luxury carpets, rugs, tiles, sisal, timber, wallpapers, blinds + shades now all under one roof at

31a Normanby Road, Mt Eden (Client parking available)


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URBAN + BEACH – LIFESTYLE FURNITURE Extensive range, global style. Over the last five years, this family run business has internationally sourced an extensive collection of high-quality, indoor and outdoor furniture. Bringing together a global style that will add sophistication to any home, bach or office. Urban & Beach stocks classic, contemporary and unique collections from American oak dining tables, to handmade, recycled boat-wood pieces, modern, reclining leather sofas, luxurious, occasional chairs and high-quality teak outdoor furniture – ideal for New Zealand’s harsh outdoor elements.

Sustainability is an important consideration for Urban & Beach when selecting furniture. Whenever possible, indoor furniture products are sourced from suppliers using sustainable timber supplies. All recycled teak outdoor furniture sourced is issued with a SVLK certificate – which means the timber can be traced. New stock is arriving constantly to their huge North Shore store and showroom which is open seven days. Come and talk quality, design and style with the team and explore the extensive range for yourself.

1 3 2


1. Cayenne outdoor dining set; 2. Chisholm outdoor dining chair; 3. Laguna outdoor chair; 4. Teak outdoor dining set URBAN + BEACH, 31 Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay, T: 09 479 9577, www.urban-beach.co.nz

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Heidi Padain: Entertainment in your garden There’s nothing quite like hearing the dawn chorus in the middle of spring. On the morning of writing this article, I was woken up right on dawn by the sound of a tui singing outside our bedroom window. The moreporks were still calling out in the distance and, as the sky became lighter, I heard the song thrush, along with the blackbirds, the grey warblers, and the wax eyes. The list grew as the sun came up. While I was standing on my deck taking it all in, it occurred to me that one of my favourite birds, the kereru, doesn’t have the gift of song. The only way I know they are around is when I hear the whooshing sound of their wings, or when I suddenly notice them crashing around in the trees. For quite some time now, kereru have been visiting a couple of times a day. There’s an abundance of food in the surrounding trees, but it’s the sizeable red dish of water that entices them to spend time on our deck. Recently, a pair of kereru has been arriving together. They’re delightful to watch. They seem so respectful in how they take turns at drinking the water. This is in sharp contrast to the tui birds, who feel the need to negotiate everything; with a great deal of noise and posturing.

this time, and for the 35 - 40 days that the chick remains in the nest, they are in danger from possums, rats, stoats and cats. Some studies have found that fewer than 15% of chicks survive long enough to become independent.

Although flocks of hundreds of kereru used to be common in New Zealand skies, their numbers have been declining at an alarming rate for many years. In some areas, their numbers have decreased by over 50% in the last 50 years. The reasons for their declining numbers are the destruction of their native bush habitat, as well as the introduction of predators. A kereru pair only nest one egg at a time and that egg has a long incubation period of 28 days. During

As you can imagine, I’m rather excited at the thought of the kereru nesting close by. (HEIDI PADAIN) F PN

The news is not all bad. Recent surveys have indicated the kereru is increasing in numbers in some urban centres, particularly those with well-established gardens and effective pest control.

To see some of Heidi’s other photographic work, go to www.flickr.com and type Heidi Padain into the search box, or, you can contact Heidi by email hidihi@xtra.co.nz, or look her up on Facebook – Heidi Padain Photography.

Clothing Alterations

Alter Ego Roong T: 09 376 8689

T: 378 9560 M: 0274 746 507 E: Phillipa@hotpropertyrentals.co.nz 1/1 Franklin Road, Ponsonby www.hotpropertyrentals.co.nz


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M: 021 032 9128

182-4a Jervois Road, Herne Bay E: ra_cha29@yahoo.com “I get all my bits & pieces done by the smiling helpful Roong... and she’s got Eftpos = sorted...” MARTIN LEACH



CAPTIVATING ON CASTLE This charming bungalow, situated on this popular, tree-lined street, effortlessly combines original character features with modern simplicity and boasts light and airy open plan living spanning the entire length of this home. Boasting three double bedrooms, wide, welcoming entranceway, ornate ceilings, polished floors, stunning leadlight glass windows, a sleek and spacious bathroom with free-standing clawfoot bath, two enchanting bay window seating areas, plenty of storage and carparking for two – this home really does have it all. You will delight in the entertainer’s kitchen and dining area – throw open the French doors and the living flows seamlessly to the fabulous deck with built-in seating area, lush garden and level lawn, the perfect social venue for friends and family or just relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity amidst the backdrop of mature trees. With the vibrant energetic pulse of the West Lynn cafes, restaurants and boutiques a stroll away and leafy Grey Lynn PN Park nearby, this is the essence of inner city living. F Call Carl today to view on M: 021 953 152, E: c.madsen@barfoot.co.nz

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Love at first sight Isn’t it so often the case that you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it; whether it’s a pair of shoes, a new sofa or, in this case, a brand new kitchen. As soon as the owners of this kitchen walked into Kitchens By Design’s Takapuna showroom and clapped eyes on the traditional kitchen on display, they fell in love with its classical, timeless design and asked for it to be replicated down to the last detail for their own home. Designer Jane Fergusson says that her clients had been looking around for a new kitchen for a while, but hadn’t really felt any inspiration from what they’d seen. “When they came into our showroom, they were immediately drawn to what we call our modern-traditional kitchen, as something different that they hadn’t seen before. The design is deceptively simple and features all the classic elements and detailing you’d expect with a traditional kitchen, but with cleaner lines and a modern twist. It also has all the functionality and the latest products and materials that are associated with all our kitchens.” So taken were they with the design, that they chose all the same details to be included in their new kitchen – the traditional cabinetry profile, the subtle white hues, the tough, quartzite bench top, the raised, timber-topped breakfast bar, and even the antiqued mirror above the cooktop. “Obviously the size and the footprint of their kitchen was completely different to the one we have in our showroom, but I was able to adapt it to fit perfectly into their existing home,” says Jane. “The biggest change was adding the return on the back wall where the cooktop now sits. Other than that, the sink is in the same place, the fridge and tall pantry are still located on the opposite wall, and the breakfast bar is in the same place, albeit a completely different design.” Functionally, more storage was added by making use of previously ‘dead’ space in the corners, specifying a more organised drawer and

shelving system in the pantry, and also by adding overhead cabinetry above the cooktop. The existing oven, cooktop and dishwasher were retained, but a larger fridge was installed. A final design touch was the additional of an all-in-one tap that has the normal hot and cold functions as well as filtered and boiling water. “My clients are really enjoying their new workspace, how it all flows so easily, and especially the use of storage space to the max. And they obvioulsy love the look, as it is pretty much identical to the one they first saw in our showroom.”

KITCHEN BY DESIGN, has two Auckland-based showrooms, at 7 Melrose Street, Newmarket T: 09 379 3084 and 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna T: 09 488 7201. For inspiration for your new kitchen, pop in and talk to one of the designers, or take a look at the website at www.kitchensbydesign.co.nz.

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Visit one of our showrooms today. Newmarket 7 Melrose Street, Newmarket (09) 379 3084 Takapuna 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna (09) 488 7201

Subtle design accents create a timeless kitchen design. The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

kitchensbydesign.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



@ TONIC TILE LOUNGE 1. TUBE TUBE absorbs and re-creates the vibrations that make up the vital rhythms of the contemporary metropolis and all its endless experiences and hybrids. To capture this extraordinary level of intensity, Imola has created a new product with a distinctive metallic style that offers endless possibilities thanks to a wide range of formats, colours, finishes and special pieces featuring iconic elements of contemporary urban culture. The result is a collection that combines an underground mood with metropolitan elegance, a sense of lived-in comfort with impeccable style, and a passion for time-worn materials with inspired regeneration, like windows and walls from abandoned buildings. Country of origin – Italy.

2. GREENWOOD LA FORESTA DI GRES (THE STONEWARE FOREST) is an imaginary journey through technological innovation, where the beauty and warmth of parquet marry with the practicality and durability of ceramic tiles. A guarantee of the absolute highest quality, but also of eco sustainable production policies. In LA FORESTA DI GRES there are no trees to fell, but you have all the pleasure and beauty of wood. Available in six colours and sizes of 240x1200 and 75x450. Country of origin – Italy. 3. VINTAGE CALACATTA The beauty of the marble just extracted. Wall tiles of enchanting white and delicate grains. Range of sizes and decorations for walls and floors. The incomparable style of Calacatta covers the spaces of elegance typical of the most precious marbles. Unique pieces decorate the house with endless variants and iridescent nuances. Country of origin – Italy.

10am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday, by appointment any other time. 254 Richmond Road Grey Lynn, Auckland (next to Homage) M: 021 644 728 / www.tonictiles.co.nz

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1. Click dark grey dining chair & Four dining table 2. Paon dining chair & Beam dining table 3. Click black dining chair & Four dining table 4. Click multi2 dining chair 5. Click petrol dining chair & Leaf dining table 6. Paon dining chair & Flor cafe table


HOMAGE, 254 Richmond Road, T: 09 360 0616, www.homage.co.nz



254 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn T: 360 0616

Danish outdoor design at its best...


The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

30 Broadway, Newmarket T: 520 5711 Weekdays 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm Sunday 10am-4pm Grey Lynn only Shop on-line www.homage.co.nz

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Duilio Zaffaroni & Martin Leach

Sue Kanji & Cameron Ireland

Nicola Horroks & Aaron Hill

Duilio Zaffaroni, Sue Naylor & Penny Vernon

Katya Inzoli & Partner

Erika Rodriguez, Clara Rollinson & Aaron Hill

Duilio Zaffaroni, Monique Enoka-Davidson & Vee Kessner

ECC Showroom, Auckland

@ ECC, GRAFTON – TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER Meeting special guest Duilio Zaffaroni from Roda, Italian outdoor furniture.

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@ ROSE & HEATHER 1. Trenail small hall table W90 x H75 x D40cm 2. Our Astrid 6 drawer tallboy H142 x W61 x D37cm – great storage in a neat footprint 3. 140L Credenza – Newport bespoke 140cm long Credenza in clear finish Ancient Kauri


4. Trenail Classic breakfront W168 x H100 x D50 shown in Black Walnut




ROSE & HEATHER, 406 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895, www.roseandheather.com


timber with a history.. f u r n i t u r e f o r a l i f e t i m e.

w w w. r o s e a n d h e a t h e r. c o. n z 406 Great North Rd | GreyLynn t: 09 3762895 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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THE DELIGHTS OF DETAIL The devil is in the detail and it’s often details which come from the home owner that are at the heart of a home. Architect Rosalie Stanely, one of the directors at Salmond Reed Architects, sees the homeowner as both the scriptwriter and lead actor in the cinematic production that is contemporary home renovation. “It is the homeowner’s vision and investment in a project that brings a project to life and often this is through the specific details of a project,” explains Rosalie. As Rosalie Stanley says, it’s often the details that transform a project into something of warmth and beauty. Sometimes it is the exquisite fretwork on a porch welcoming you home and connecting you back to your private space that starts the narrative of a project. Other times it is the way an architect interprets and designs for a homeowner’s need for light that really makes all the difference. It’s all part of a process that starts with good communication and the architect’s ability to understand and interpret what is needed and what is wanted. It this sense, the owner has such a vital role in making a project a success and making a house a home. While the talent and creativity of the architect is essential, it is only maximised by the connection they have with the architect to bring the project to fruition. “Getting the architecture right is fine, but it’s owner’s input that makes it a home, be it a favourite light, rug, hydrangea bush, chair, the way the light reflects in the mirror or the fretwork reflections on the weatherboards. These are the kinds of details that bring a home alive,” says Rosalie Stanley. SALMOND REED ARCHITECTS, T: 09 445 4045, www.salmondreed.co.nz

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CARPET COURT – GET NEW CARPET FOR CHRISTMAS Christmas is looming but there is still time to enjoy new flooring before the silly season takes over. Or buy your flooring now and have it laid in the new year when things have quietened down. With a diverse colour palette, beautifully soft underfoot and the assurance of Rhino wear quality, finding carpet with that perfect tone couldn’t be easier. Rhino’s patented ‘Forever Clean’ technology makes maintenance easy for those with pets and families because of its stain-resistant qualities. Our famous Rhino carpet brand now includes a complementary Rhino EverCore™ hard flooring collection which comes in wood planks and stone. This makes the perfect addition to any renovation or revamp to your home this summer; suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as everyday living spaces. We make it easy to get finance for your flooring, too, with a range of options available from Q Card. Our current offer of 30 months with no interest (minimum spend $200), combined with the very best deals on flooring, is a winning opportunity to get cracking before Christmas. For those who don’t want wall-to-wall carpeting yet still desire the luxury, quietness and softness of carpet underfoot, we offer a big selection of custom-made rugs from any of our carpet brands. These large-scale rugs are made to order and ideal for bedrooms or lounges. If you’re after a bargain for the bach this summer, visit our Mt Roskill clearance centre to view a huge range up to 70% off retail. You’ll be surprised at how affordable comfort and luxury can be. Our helpful staff have decades of residential and commercial flooring experience and are ready to assist you with selecting the right option

to best suit your requirements. We provide free measure, quote and professional planning to ensure you receive optimal bang for your buck. Our Newmarket and Henderson sites and the Mt Roskill clearance centre, all have convenient onsite customer parking to make it easy for you to come in and pick your favourite style. So why wait? Get in now and make your abode even more of a delight to come home to. PN You deserve it this Christmas! F www.carpetcourt.nz

Up to

Made for life.

Rhino carpet and hard floors are both resilient and beautiful. See in store for more details

Carpet Court’s latest range Rhino EverCore™ Herringbone in colour Tortoise Shell

70% OFF at our Mt Roskill Clearance Centre


Call now to book a

free measure and quote

months No Interest (Minimum spend $200)






Mt Roskill

383 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket

153 Lincoln Road, Henderson

18 Carr Road, Mt Roskill

Ph 09 522 2006

Ph 09 837 0845

Ph 09 624 4203

Some offers only available at the stores mentioned above. Terms and conditions apply, please see in store for further details.

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THE GREENHOUSE It’s some view. Mark Todd, founder of Ockham Residential, has given me the Waitakeres, the sun sliding slowly behind him. Sitting opposite, he looks east – towards the bridge, the Sky Tower, the Christmas lights-like twinkle of Ponsonby Road. If you’re going to talk Auckland, then this residents’ rooftop garden atop The Isaac on Surrey Crescent offers an epic stage. “I hope I don’t sound overly Ozymandias,” Todd says, “but I love looking out from here at what we’ve built for Auckland.” The Turing, the brilliant-white, 27-unit development on Great North Road now catching the last slivers of light. There’s Daisy, tucked up against Mt Eden, the 10-Homestar building which incurred Mike Hosking’s ire (Todd’s withering Spinoff riposte – bit.ly/Daisy-Defended – went minorly viral and the apartments sold out soon after). And this one, The Isaac, which typifies the company’s philosophy – to construct elegant and enduring buildings that people like. Until recently, Todd lived here and two senior Ockham execs still do. That’s an Ockham theme: its leaders like to live in the homes they build. “We’re proud of our buildings, but even prouder of the communities which form around them. Communities we’re part of.” Which brings us to The Greenhouse, Ockham’s newest development on the corner of Williamson Avenue and Pollen Street (and Todd’s intended future home). A bold, 10-storey development that’ll both stand out and fit in, the Greenhouse will be clad in distinctive green-glazed bricks which took Todd years to find. “It’s been a slightly obsessive quest,” he admits. “But this is the building we’ve been working towards for a decade.” Consider it Ockham’s take on the Aotearoa design aesthetic. “Our palette is inspired by the sparkling blues of our sister harbours and deep greens of the Waitakeres,” Todd says. The use of durable, elemental materials like glazed bricks, brass, timber and slate is, of course, an Ockham hallmark, but The Greenhouse adds a lick of luxury to the patina. “Raw sophistication” is what Todd likes to call it. Part of the Ockham ethos is that its buildings last – and age gracefully. “The Greenhouse won’t feel dated within a few years of opening,” Todd contends. “You know, that contemporary style that’s already obsolete. “The re-zoned site demanded a landmark building. And we believe The Greenhouse will be a homage to Auckland’s transformation, a striking recognition of our South Pacific identity. “For those who love Tamaki Makaurau as much as we do, that’s pretty exciting.” www.thegreenhouse.apartments

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A touch of early Christmas shopping It’s always nice to have a few key gifts sorted before the Christmas shopping rush. We have selected a few for those young and older. 1. For the guys in your life who like to take care of themselves Triumph and Disaster Men’s Skin Care from $29 at the Garden Party, Ponsonby Triumph and Disaster makes old-fashioned male grooming products that combine the best of science with the best of nature. No parabens, petrochemicals. 2. For those who love makeup fun TOO FACED Let It Snow, Girl Set $84 from Mecca Ponsonby Featuring an eyeshadow palette, blush palette, bronzer, highlighter and a mini Better Than Sex Mascara, this limited edition holiday collectionis perfect for the makeup-loving teen. 3. For those who like imaginative play Haba Tea Set Mushrooms $99 from Be Ba Boo, Ponsonby This quality, Melamine toy play set will allow best friends and toys to set the table for afternoon tea or morning tea. The perfect give for daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. 4. For those who like to give lasting romance Mahsa Ruffle Blouse $440 from www.mahsa.co.nz or Muse, Ponsonby Made from the softest gauze linen with billowing sleeves and a sweet, ruffled collar, this shirt is a classic high-summer piece that will look fresh season after season.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

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Finn McLennan-Elliott: Joe Pug to perform at the Tuning Fork Joe Pug is the songwriter’s songwriter. He is a household name on the touring circuit in the US, and with his podcast ‘The Working Songwriter’ he has interviewed and helped promote countless songwriters to new audiences. He returns to New Zealand for the first time since 2017, this time with a brand new record in hand. Joe Pug’s new record The Flood In Color is nearly four years in the making. But that betrays the fact that the making of the album was one of the most natural and rewarding processes of his career. Produced by Kenneth Pattengale of the Milk Carton Kids and engineered by Matt Ross-Spang, the album started with the goal of focusing on the simplicity of musicians playing together, live, in the same room. Recently relocating back to his childhood home in Prince Georges County, Maryland after many years spent in Chicago and Austin, Pug wanted to take a new approach. The partnership with Pattengale proved to be an irresistible opportunity to do just that. “The past couple of albums haven’t always been the most enjoyable to record. The process can really bring on all sorts of pressures about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it, both internally and externally. Lots of ‘songs need to be three and half minutes long’ and ‘you need something that will work on AAA radio’. And the end result is this strange gravity that just weighs you down.” Pattengale, a fan of Pug’s music since the days of his 2010 EP Nation of Heat, was eager to try a back-to-basics approach. “So Kenneth and I sort of had the idea to strip all that away. I was just going to write songs. And I was going to do it in a way that came naturally to me, and that I enjoyed. Get rid of all the external bullshit. Look….music isn’t my entire life. Sometimes I want to write songs. But other times I want to read books. I want to play with my kid. I want to cook. A couple years ago I started a podcast. So that’s sort of how I approached this one. I’ll write songs the way I write songs. And when Kenneth and I had a few that we felt good about, we got together and dialled them in a bit further and worked on arrangements. Almost as friends as much as anything. And when we got them to a place we were happy with, we went to Nashville and recorded them. But through the whole affair, there was really no timetable I imposed on it.” In the studio, the relaxed mood continued. “In the past, I’ve been guilty of being a bit too intoxicated with the process of recording, and it sometimes took away from the pure joy of making music. This time we didn’t spend weeks holed up in the studio obsessing over minute

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details. Kenneth put together an A+ group of musicians. And then we sat around a table, talked about the song for a bit, ran through it, and then pressed record. It was a revelation and all the credit in the world to Kenneth for recognizing how important that would be. As a musician, there are so many things that can get in the way of actually making music. What Kenneth did was to methodically strip those things away.” After dropping out of college and taking on work as a carpenter in Chicago, Pug got his musical start by providing CDs for his fans to pass along to their friends. This led to a string of soldout shows and a record deal with Nashville indie Lightning Rod Records (Jason Isbell, Billy Joe Shaver). The years since saw him on the road for over four hundred shows, including stops at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, touring with Steve Earle, and more. The live Joe Pug show is a true experience, with engaging the audience at the forefront, not only through the music, but through conversations and political musings. In 2015 Pug also launched the aforementioned podcast, which has gone on to enjoy tremendous success. The Working Songwriter is a monthly hour-long conversation with some of today’s best songwriters. Recent guests have included Amanda Palmer, Steve Earle, Ian MacKaye, Shakey Graves, and John Paul White. While its audience has grown, it’s always been more of a labour of love for Pug. “I didn’t hear the podcast I wanted to listen to, so I went ahead and just created it. From the very beginning, I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted it to be. From there it was just a matter of convincing anyone to be on it! This was 2015, so it was still pretty early days for podcasting, so you’d get a lot of confused replies. ‘Wait, you want to interview me for an hour?’ It’s made me reach out to the small community of people that do this for a living and given me a real sense of community. It started out with lots of friends and colleagues that I already knew, but since then I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk to lots of artists I hadn’t met prior. And it has been this incredible avenue to learning more about artists across genres. And, in the process, also learning about these very subtle but undeniable common threads that we all share because of our line PN of work.” (FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F Joe Pug performs at the Tuning Fork on Monday 25 November. Tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.co.nz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


We’ve said this before but Dylan Lind really is proving to be an extraordinarily versatile and exciting young painter with an appetite for new and varied source material. In the works of his eighth solo show at OREXART we are again witness to the ways he can combine his love of materials with growing skills in creating great painterly effects. Since graduating from Elam School of Arts, Lind has displayed growing confidence in his geometric painting referencing his Rarotongan roots. F PN

As an artist, I enjoy working with figures and animals, combining them in a way that tells a story, creates a sense of the unexpected and perhaps puts a smile on the face of the viewer.

Dylan Lind - Te no’o nei au 5-30 November

Studio Zoo: Julie Ross 3 - 22 November

Julie Ross re-imagines narratives from a range of sources – literary nods to The Bible, Greek mythology, fables and nursery rhymes, as well as art-historical references from painting and sculpture, are often recognisable elements in her work.

OREX, 15 Putuki Street, T: 09 378 0588, www.orexart.co.nz Hand-built porcelain clay works and wax-and-bronze sculptures complement oil paintings within Julie’s practice. Julie utilises playful, witty and surreal components to comment on issues regarding contemporary society, personal experiences and humanity. Figures with half-human, half-animal features frequently appear in Julie’s work; these playful figures are characters created in response to the ideas, teachings, metaphors and symbols we encounter in so many narratives. An engaging and masterful storyteller, her surrealist and illustrative style is layered with multiple meanings and innuendos. This allows Julie to tell a visual story that is simultaneously whimsical yet critiquing, individual yet collective. In 2005, Julie received a BFA with Honours from Canterbury University, followed by a Masters in Painting in 2011. She has exhibited across New Zealand and Melbourne. F PN WHITESPACE, 20 Monmouth Street, T: 09 361 6331, www.whitespace.co.nz

The damage is done, 2019, 750 x 750mm

Penthouse perfection, 2019, 610 x 500mm

Julie Ross, Studio Zoo ceramic

3 – 22 NOVEMBER, 2019 PREVIEW: SUN 3 NOVEMBER, 2 – 4.30PM

Dylan Lind Te no’o nei au 5 - 30 November

15 putiki street, arch hill open tue-sat, 09 3780588 The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



whitespace.co.nz 20 monmouth st, grey lynn, auckland open tues–fri 11-5pm, sat 11am-4pm

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Finn McLennan-Elliott: Acclaimed US artist Sneaky Bones announces New Zealand tour Acclaimed US multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and adored folk artist, Sneaky Bones returns to New Zealand for another epic nationwide tour. Matthew Bean, who writes and performs under the pseudonym Sneaky Bones, will set out on his second tour across New Zealand to support his third full-length record – Strangers I’ve Already Met. After spending a month in New Zealand on tour in March 2018 as a solo act, he is finally returning for 14 nights, this time with the full outfit! In the true style of a gifted artist, accustomed to touring the globe, Sneaky Bones will traverse both islands from bottom to top, beginning in Invercargill and finishing in Tauranga. Bean will be joined in New Zealand by Marshall Wildman on drums and Austin Webb on bass and guitar. Strangers I’ve Already Met was released in May with a month of full band shows across Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway). The release tour received critical and audience acclaim, not only selling out rooms in Norway and Germany, but also selling out their stock of physical copies (LP and CD) while on the road. Since he issued his 2015 debut, Dream of the End, Bean has been spreading the waters of folk, country, rock, grunge and soul in songs that are daring and ambitious but sound effortless. His live shows have been hailed as transcendent throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand, and now he’s released his masterful third album, Strangers I’ve Already Met – a multi genrespanning trip that sees the iconoclastic musician embracing the full range of his powers. Strangers I’ve Already Met reads as a mystery that ultimately invites one inside for discovery. As singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Matthew Bean (who utilises a rotating cast of characters in the studio)

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explains the line is from one of his newest songs, ‘Strangers’, and stems from his theory of familiarity and simulation. “There’s a constant déjà vu going on,” he says. “Often when I meet someone, I think, ‘I know this person from somewhere’ and I try to track down our common thread. There usually isn’t one; just a vague, intangible connection or reminder of the people I do know. I think there might only be a couple hundred distinct characters in the world, so everyone is just a stranger that you’ve already met.” Which is a good way of describing the bold and beautiful music on Sneaky Bones’ third album. It greets you with a soothing air of familiarity and bears all the marks in the road that led the Seattlebased musician to its creation, yet it’s resolutely and unimpeachably original – a stranger you’ve already met. On one hand, Bean is retracing and reframing the roots of folk, country, rock, grunge and soul because he loves the music madly, but on a deeper level, he filters their influence – adding his own magical force along the way – and in the process pushes the music forward. Gracing the stage of Auckland’s quintessential venue, Sneaky Bones will perform at the Wine Cellar on Friday 29 November. With a special guest yet to be announced and the full country of touring behind PN him, the night will be a special show. (FINN McLENNAN-ELLIOTT) F Tickets can be purchased from Under the Radar for the Auckland show. For more information on his tour, to listen to his album, or to get in touch with Sneaky Bones, go to his website www.sneakybones.com.



photography: @a_photo_holic

UPTOWN ART SCENE Artweek ’19 delivered an energy jolt to Auckland over 10 days of October, with a smorgasbord of exciting free events across the city promoting our engagement with the visual arts. Neon lights and interactive architecture lit up the evenings, artist studios opened their doors, pop-ups proliferated, galleries opened late with talks from artists and gallery directors. There were performances in public spaces, tours of private collections, street art, late nights and day trips. K’Road Late Night Art Tours, proudly supported by the K’Road Business Association, gave over 100 people a unique look into the diverse art community that resides along the K’Road and Great North Road strip. Curated by Emil McAvoy and headed by himself, Zoe Black, Julia Craig and Evan Woodruffe, these tours visited artists’ studios, artist-run initiatives, community art galleries, alternative art spaces, art schools and art galleries with a two-hour walking tour, refreshed along the way by Tiger Beer and Babich Wines.



Each art location is distinct, and the guides, often involving the gallerist or artist, explained how the different parts of the arts ecology functioned, to build a fuller picture than could otherwise be gleaned. The tour groups were able to see where art was created, both in the studios at 1B Ponsonby Road, and in classrooms such as Browne School of Art and Toi Ora. Once work is made – where does it go? A healthy art environment offers a variety of platforms to suit diverse artistic approaches. Studio One Toi Tu is a community gallery providing an important space for showcasing work from emerging artists, while Artspace focuses on non-commercial projects. Artist-run initiatives (ARI) does these also, but with a more peer-focused audience. RM is New Zealand’s longest-running ARI, while Mokopopaki is one of the most recent. Non-commercial forays into sound art perform at Audio Foundation, and Pacifica artists find support and networks through Tautai Trust. Dealer galleries are the professional promoters of visual artists, and the tour saw how differently this could be done, as exampled by OREXART, Fox Jensen McCrory, and Whitespace, just three of the dozen commercial galleries in our neighbourhood. Artweek invigorates Auckland as we struggle out of winter, and helps remind us of how buoyant the visual arts make a city. Make sure Artweek 2020 is in your calendar. (EVAN WOODRUFFE/STUDIO ART SUPPLIES) F PN 1. Late Night Art being shown Russ Platt by Tim Melville 2. Late Night Art visiting George Hajian’s studio

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‘GALAXY’ – AN EXHIBITION BY RECYCLE ARTIST ANDREW PALACE, METAL AS ANYTHING Andrew Palace, recycle artist extraordinaire, maker of out of this world electric light spaceships. These are produced from the metals, brass and copper found in scrapyards, glass from glassblowers and glass casters in his circle of friends. Combined with 12 volt LEDS, he creates one-off, eclectic spacecraft lamps in a combination of art, design and pure funk. From flying saucers to robot super heroes and ray guns, time machines, battle cruisers and space explorers – all will be on display in this not to be missed exhibition. Andrew says that he is not sure where his creations come from but thinks maybe there is a deep black hole in his brain that constantly emits unformed ideas when he picks up an interesting piece of scrap metal. In some cases, the whole picture of his next creation is there in his mind waiting to be made. Andrew has been working in scrap metal recycled art for 28 years, the last 25 in his workshop studio Metal as Anything in Grey Lynn. He has run his own pop up art exhibitions in empty shops on Ponsonby Road, Jervois Road and in Kingsland and Grey Lynn for that whole time and, in the last six years, in the pop up shops in Ponsonby Central. Also in this exhibition, will be limited edition prints on canvas and iron by his friend, the late Walter Moore, entitled ‘Baxter Variations’ taken from his 1980 series of charcoal on cork tile sketches as a homage to the poet. So, if you are going to watch the Sky Tower fireworks from Ponsonby Road, be sure to wander in the front door of Ponsonby Central to see this amazing exhibition. The show is opening on 5 November for drinks from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. Shop dates and hours: Monday 4 November through to Sunday 17 November PN 9am to 9.30pm daily. F METAL AS ANYTHING, Shop 4A, Ponsonby Central, 136-146 Ponsonby Road. Enquiries: metal.as.anything@mac.com

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OUT & ABOUT Philippe Poix, Vikki Zhang & Yufei Wang

Vicki Ross, Graham & Dale Malaghan & Ian Ross

Anne Batley

Kate Allen & Nicola Baker

Angus Ludwig-McDougall & Elle Foenander

Sera Cruickshank & Amy Carr

Sera Cruickshank & Philippe Poix

Joan Huffman & Karen Woodruffe

The launch of Aurora diamonds at The Diamond Shop Over 60 guests enjoyed Champagne and canapes at the exclusive launch of the Aurora diamond at The Diamond Shop on Jervois Road.

Warren North, Brett Hellier & Win Charlebois, owner of The Diamond Shop The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Spokesperson for Aurora, Sydney-based Philippe Poix dazzled guests with the brilliant handcrafted Aurora diamonds, which have 73 facets instead of the usual 58. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the beautiful Aurora PN diamonds are our BFF. F PONSONBY NEWS+ November 2019



Horoscopes: Miss Pearl Neclis – what your stars hold for November

Aquarius (the Water Carrier) 21 January - 19 February You have this aura about you that is so attractive. You can be so persuasive that you can usually get anyone to do almost anything you like. Make sure you are convincing though, otherwise you’ll be seen straight through.

Pisces (the Fishes) 20 February - 20 March Don’t give too much away as you have a tendency to be left with nothing. Whether it’s monetary, physical or emotional support, you still need to look after yourself. No need to panic if you have change coming, make sure you have the emotional support that you need.

Aries (the Ram) 21 March - 20 April With all that is going on in your life, the best way to keep you grounded is to remember home and family life. Make the time to see the people that matter and with that you’ll get a real feeling of contentment.

Taurus (the Bull) 21 April - 21 May Whatever way you’ve been acting lately is always going to confuse people. You might think you can act up and play the fool sometimes but, of course, there is always someone that doesn’t get it. Play with the right people and they will play with you right back.

Gemini (the Twins) 22 May - 21 June You might be in for an unexpected reward this month but it might not be the reward that you are most after. Move on from the past if you can, as anything unprocessed from your childhood will not materialise in your adulthood.

Cancer (the Crab) 22 June - 22 July You should welcome any new ideas that make you uncomfortable as they can also unlock some original ideas. Anything random that pops up should not be pushed aside without some investigation.

Leo (the Lion) 23 July - 21 August Your gaze is able to look deep into the heart of any problem that befalls you this month. If something is baffling you, don’t keep it to yourself while trying to sort the issue out. Share it with colleagues because talking about it will definitely lead to a road where there’s a solution.

Virgo (the Virgin) 22 August - 23 September You always change things around to sort the situation well. This month, don’t turn your life around too much. You have plenty of support left in you but at some point there needs to be a trade.

Libra (the Scales) You can give so much this month by letting people you know jump on to your band wagon. Don’t let anyone cramp your style by being in a bad mood. Show how enthusiastic you can be by being flexible and patient.

Sagittarius (the Archer) 23 November - 22 December Trust in yourself to organise your day or any routine that you need to stick to. You might be coming up with ideas that don’t seem to be of any substance. Have the confidence to discard anything that doesn’t make sense.

Capricorn (the Goat) 23 December - 20 January You might discover that you have more than a passing connection to someone who could become very important in your life. Don’t miss the moment that could change you forever. Meeting someone who you feel like you have known a lifetime is a magical thing. Don’t take it for granted.

Scorpio (the Scorpion) 24 October - 22 November If you feel uncomfortable hearing about others’ lives, then I would suggest you stop listening to other people’s conversations. No matter who they are. If it is about you, don’t worry – you are discussed in positive terms.

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Serviced apartments available now Independence with a little extra help

Serviced apartments are located in the heart of the village, with easy access to lounges, dining and other amenities. They have a kitchenette, separate bedroom and ensuite. Priced from $450,000. As well as help with daily living, such as housekeeping, you’ll enjoy a Delicious cooked main meal, and morning and afternoon tea. There are a range of activities and events on offer including regular outings in the village van to the shops and further afield.

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