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I’d like to wish everyone an awesome Christmas, a sensational new year and a safe and happy holiday. See you in 2021. House values are always moving. My values never change: honesty, integrity, communication, hard work. Let’s talk.


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Surprise a loved one with an Auckland Art Gallery Membership and unlock New Zealand’s largest and most inspiring visual arts experience. Members enjoy a range of benefits, including free unlimited entry to paid exhibitions, access to special events, and discounts in our shop and café.

Robert Jahnke Ripeka whero (detail) 2015 Collection of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. This work will be on display as part of Toi Tū Toi Ora: Contemporary Māori Art, the largest exhibition in the 132-year history of the Gallery, which opens on Saturday 5 December 2020.

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GREY LYNN PARK FESTIVAL - Saturday 21 November Selfie with the PM anyone?

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OPENING PARTY - GREY LYNN - Thursday 19 November

CHRISTMAS Andy Davies addresses the crowd

Martin, Gigi & Andrew


Festive Fun, Gifts & Giving Mix & mingle in the hood that loves you back with Christmas shopping bargains, bands & DJs on our street from 11am. See you there!

iloveponsonby.co.nz iloveponsonby


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DISAPPOINTED WITH THE CANCELLATION OF THE FRANKLIN ROAD LIGHTS We just booked a three night trip from Nelson to Auckland to come and celebrate Christmas and we’re so disappointed to hear that the light show on Franklin Road may have been cancelled. Do you know where I can get in touch with any Instagram pages or Facebook pages to find out more, or what may be happening instead? Surely we all need something fun to celebrate this time of year; we had the night all planned, dinner in Ponsonby following a tour through the lights. We were so looking forward to surprising our kids with a special Christmas treat. Would you happen to know of any alternatives? Super sad! Jayne Stevenson, Nelson

THE PINE AND NATIVE FOREST ABOVE WESTERN SPRINGS PARK The Waitemata- Community Board must be held accountable for significant environmental vandalism when it completes the planned felling of the pine and native forest in the Significant Ecological Area above Western Springs Park: lost biodiversity, destruction of a vast carbon store, instability of a steep site, inevitable and damaging slips. That’s on top of the loss of community respect for the Board and the Auckland Council, whose officers have denied democracy. Thank you to the many who have spent the last five years trying to persuade the Board to respect the heartfelt wishes of an engaged and knowledgeable community which loves the park and the environment. Catherine Perry, Westmere

BE SCARED, VERY SCARED! AUCKLAND TRANSPORT IS PREPARING TO RUIN PONSONBY ROAD BY STEALTH These are AT’s objectives: make Ponsonby more vibrant; make it safer and easier to travel on bike or foot; create more open space for people; reflect and protect Ponsonby’s unique history and culture.

WESTERN SPRINGS FOREST IN A NUTSHELL The canopy trees are 100 years into a potential 150 life span and the latest ‘independent report’ has determined 1/4 of the 200 trees are ‘unsafe’. Yet only three of the Waitemata- Local Board Members made the decision to manage those trees, save the native forest transitioning beneath and work with community - Alex Bonham, Adriana Christie, and Sarah Trotman. (Remember who to vote for in two years).

We now know what this is code for, and we also have a live demonstration - K Road - of the chaos to be caused and the business losses to be suffered, as well as the poor planning, design and execution – viz West Lynn. All Ponsonby Road needs is more even and more attractive footpaths.

The other WLB Members ‘couldn’t see the forest for the trees’. The forest isn’t just the exotic canopy, it’s also the 70 year old native under storey; the forest floor including ferns and orchard and most important the soil - those 6” that all life on Earth survives upon where the the large trees feed the babies through the fungi.

And when did AT actually make something more “vibrant” or are they referring to the hideous bright red planter boxes at the top of Collingwood Street? Say No! to AT’s ‘improvements’ before it’s too late. You are warned. C Johnstone, Grey Lynn

These Waitemata- Local Board members voted to uphold the resource consent to fell all 200 Monterey Pine trees by a method that would wipe out 3/4 of the natives and cost $2million.

PROPOSED CLEAR-FELLING OF TREES 100 years ago pine trees were planted on the steep (up to 45 degrees) slopes of Western Springs to successfully stabilise eroding landfill. Now the council will ‘harvest’ over 200 trees in the name of public safety. However, the difficult extraction of trunks and logs will not remove the dense systems of roots below the surface. These will eventually rot, and the small tunnels left in the soil will fill with water and cause massive erosion after a dry season - a process detailed in the book, ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’, where landslides from the hills covered the flats and proved to be the last straw to the unfortunate settlers, who then walked off the land. Landslides from the now exposed slopes will dam Motions Creek and compromise the Council’s sewer and manhole system which runs beside the creek. Leachate and soil will run into the harbour. No mention of rotting root systems appears in the recent report given to the local board approving this removal. No mention is given to the present or future Angle of Repose of this landfill, which will become ominously unstable a few years after extraction. The local board was made aware of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ reports but ignored these details in deciding to vote for the mass removal. William Gruar, Westmere WESTERN SPRINGS PINE FOREST My boyfriend and I enjoyed a staycation last month at the new boutique hotel, The Convent, in Grey Lynn. We were in room 10, the Chapel Room, which had its own balcony where you get a glimpse of the water. The view looks towards Western Springs where you can see the pine forest clearly in the distance. I’ve heard there is talk about felling the pines, which would be an absolute shame. They should be allowed to stay - all this nonsense about them falling down one day and injuring someone is idiotic. Deborah Key, Freemans Bay

Kerrin Leoni and Julie Sandilands voted for what the perceived Mana - Whatua said they would support either Whenua wanted, yet Ngati opinion. Graeme Gunthorp voted to spend more now and do it all at once so to not leave responsibility or options to future Boards. Richard Northey just did not move his position from the initial advice that the whole forest is dangerous even when Auckland Council’s latest report proves that wrong. The next part of the process is to take the variations of the resource consent back to submitters and the appellants to the Environment Court Mediation via Town Planning. So the fight to protect this ‘gold standard’ example of transitioning a forest from exotics to natives is not done. If all else fails, then it’s time to occupy in March 2021 when bird breeding season is over and the chainsaws come out. Let’s not set the set back nature’s clock by 70 years! Gael Baldock, appellant to the Environment Court Mediation EREBUS NATIONAL MEMORIAL The Waitemata- Local Board resolved at its meeting of 17 November in a four - three vote to approve the Erebus National Memorial. The whole sorry story continues to demonstrate bad governance that has plagued the Board. In its deliberations, what weight should the members give to the communities view on a matter? Probably the biggest breach was the position of Chairperson Northey. In presenting his opinion, he gave a pre-prepared speech meaning that he made his decision well before hearing the 16 residents and family members who spoke at the meeting. Member Bonham was so upset at him doing this that she left the meeting in a rage. Time and time again the Chairperson takes a position in favour of sponsors (in this case the Ministry of Culture and Heritage) that are in conflict with the strong views of the community. Unfortunately, Waitemata- has a further two years of this before we can vote again. Keith McConnell, keith@keithforwaitemata.com

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Last month the new boutique hotel, The Convent opened on Great North Road. Developer Andy Davies was telling us that most weekends are fully booked until February 2021. He has done an incredible job and we were impressed he had the place blessed not once but twice. The Waitemata- Local Board has voted 4 to 3 to accept the resource consent which allows all 200 pine trees in the Western Springs Forest to be felled. Several people that John Elliott spoke to at last month’s Grey Lynn Park Festival told him that the decision has been made and those opposed should just walk away and should not continue to argue for saving the trees. In this issue you can read John’s editorial about the decision. Circumstances in Auckland have changed drastically in the last five years. The amenity values of trees in our city is being diminished weekly by the chainsaw massacre of thousands of trees. Aucklanders have had enough and there are four letters opposite which hold that view. The cost of removing the trees will be in excess of $2M, money would could be spent on the restoration of the Leys Institute or any number of other worthwhile projects. We believe the decision needs to be reversed. I still cannot believe that the health of Aucklanders is being put at risk by the continued use of Roundup and other products which contain the carcinogen glyphosate. Auckland Council should stop arguing about the relative cost of glyphosate versus steam and other methods of weed control and concentrate on the health of our

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holidays!

Jay Platt & Martin Leach

people. Remember Jacinda’s edict during Covid-19, “I will not sacrifice the health of our people on the altar of GDP.” We support the principle of tactical urbanism but do worry that our already cone strewn city will become further cluttered up and may inhibit the walking and cycling, which the Council and AT are trying to encourage. Ponsonby Road is a thoroughfare less suitable for modification than some other quiet residential streets. Sadly there are no Franklin Road Christmas lights this year. Many are disappointed but we understand why they are not going ahead. We know they bring visitors to Ponsonby - now we need other ways to get them to the strip! The art of giving this year seems inextricably linked to finding ways to be kind; kind to each other, kind to our communities and kind to our environment. It’s a Christmas for sustaining ourselves and thriving with good times, good people and good things. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy our summer. This issue has plenty of ideas for PN summer reading. Enjoy! (MARTIN LEACH) 

M AT T & RYA N N 1 I N G R E Y LY N N*

What a year it’s been! We hope you all got through it ok. A big thank you to our loyal vendors and all of the buyer’s we’ve met this year. Bring on 2021! Matt O’Rourke 021 375 909

Ryan Harding 021 621 580



* G re y Ly n n b ra n c h - ye a r e n d i n g M a rc h 2 0 2 0 *#2 Individual Salesperson Central Auckland 2020

Ho ,




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photography: Connor Crawford

We have some incredible businesses in our neighbourhood doing some wonderful things. Like our cover stars this month - Soho Wines. Rachael Carter tells us her gold awardwining Pink Sheep label has raised over $50,000 supporting four charities.


This year I have helped 58 groups buy and sell fabulous homes in the greater Ponsonby area and settled transactions ranging from million dollar apartments to six million dollar residences.


In a year with so much uncertainty it has been a real privilege to assist my loyal clients and friends who have entrusted me with the sale and purchase of their most valuable asset. My team and I wish you the very best for a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a blissful New Year.

Blair Haddow 021 544 555

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Ponsonby, 93 Vermont Street

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DAVID HARTNELL: ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH GUY CATER Guy Cater has been a hypnotist and magician for decades, both here and internationally. What are your childhood memories of Ponsonby? Going as a kid to the Cameo Picture theatre in Grey Lynn. I was born at a very early age at the St Clare Maternity Home which was until 1957 at 26 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn. I spent my early years above my Great Aunt Dora’s sewing shop in Great North Road. Have you ever performed in the Ponsonby area? Many times at the great late lamented Gluepot Hotel. Such a wonderful venue and sadly missed by many. What was your childhood like? Really great. My folks said there was not a lot of money but I don’t remember ever going without. The best thing about my childhood is that it hasn’t finished yet. I believe the Sir Peter Leitch had an input into your early career. We became friends before he became ‘Mad’. I did a show for the Mangere Hawks and then Peter had me perform at his butcher’s shop in Mangere. When my first wife died, Peter was more than kind and helped me through a really rough time. When did you get your interest in magic? My parents gave me a magic set when I was 10. I never lost the thrill of fooling people. I’m a long time member of the Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians, who meet every month at The Surrey Hotel in Grey Lynn. Favorite TV series? ‘800 Words’. So much of that show I can identify with a widower bringing up two children. Your dream holiday? Las Vegas... Disneyland for grownups. I have performed in three casinos in Vegas and just love the lights and excitement. It isn’t a real world, but the best escapism ever with magnificent shows.

Comedy Store on Sunset. I met some great people, and one couple offered to let us buy the Australasian rights to a new toy. We didn’t; after all, who was going to want something as silly as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Favorite movie? ‘Being There’ with Peter Sellers. A great story of an autistic man who has lived the life inside. When he finally is put out on the street, all he knows is what he has seen on television. Peter Sellers was superb and there was a great display of honesty and innocence as a gardener who ends up advising the President. Tell us about your dream home. I’m living in it because my wife is here, and my kids and friends visit. It’s all you need. Tell us something very few people know about you. I was production manager in a pickled onion factory a lifetime ago.

Your bucket list? I’ve done most things I’ve wanted to and been to most places I’ve wanted to visit so perhaps there is only a trip into space left.

Favourite hero of fiction? Jack Reacher because he is everything I am not.

Most treasured possession? My photo album of my kids growing up.

What cliché do you most hate? Time heals... because it doesn’t.

Most kiwi thing about you? Bare feet all summer except when I’m working.

Your greatest weakness/indulgence? My weakness would be being unable to pass an animal that looks like it needs attention. And my indulgence would be hokey pokey ice cream.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If I’m not dead then semi retired. It would be impossible for me to fully retire... I NEED to be performing.

What is your comfort food? Hokey pokey ice cream.

What do you dislike about your appearance? My teeth do not show when I smile.

Your dream guest list for a dinner party? Emma Thompson... ‘cos she is hilariously rude and has an amazing sense of humour.

Do you read movie or TV reviews? No; reviews are just one person’s opinion. I prefer to make my own mind up.

John Lennon for the same reasons.

Like to be remembered how? As someone who created laughter and made people happy.

Robin Williams - obviously. John Wayne, so I can find out if he really did walk like that.

What do you love about your age? Not a lot. My mind thinks I’m 32 but my body proves I’m 72.

Cher - such an interesting lady with a voice I love.

Biggest disappointments? In 1989, my late wife and I were in the States and I did some shows at the

If you could change one law or policy in New Zealand, what would it be? Harder sentences for domestic violence. (DAVID HARTNELL MNZM)  PN

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020



IT’S A TEAM EFFORT... WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT OUR CONTRIBUTORS CONNOR CRAWFORD I am a working artist and photographer with a colourful and rhythmic perspective. I enjoy shooting the front covers of Ponsonby News.

DAVID HARTNELL - MNZM For the last 53 years I’ve been a freelance entertainment journalist and author. I’ve lived in the Grey Lynn area for nearly three decades; I have met and interviewed some amazing people.

FINN MCLENNAN-ELLIOTT I work as a booker, promoter and festival programmer. Active in all areas of the music community; folk music is my specialty.

GARY STEEL I am a veteran writer and editor and run two websites – Witchdoctor and Doctor Feelgood – focusing on my interests in music, technology, and the wellbeing of the planet and its denizens.

HONOUR MITCHELL I have lived in the Ponsonby area all of my life. I write the column ‘Teen Picks’ which explores everything on offer in the greater Ponsonby area.

HELENE RAVLICH A freelance writer and copywriter for almost 20 years, I have written for publications all over the world and couldn’t imagine myself in any other job.

JOHN APPLETON I have a keen interest in nutritional medicine and how it may be used to support people with chronic illnesses.

JOHN ELLIOTT I am the founder of Ponsonby News and write for the magazine. My career has included politics, education and publishing. My interests include the environment, the economy and social justice.

KEN RING My yearly NZ Weather Almanacs began in 1999. During the tragic 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, my work created international interest. I currently live in Ponsonby.

KERRY LEE I’ve been a freelance writer for a year now, and what I love most are the wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. #best job.

LUCY KENNEDY I am a young local writer who loves to read! Each month you will find my reviews of new books for people who love to read as much as I do.

PHIL PARKER Journalist and published author, I have had a career involving both wine writing and hosting boutique wine tours in the Auckland region.


I am Councillor for Waitemata- and Gulf ward on Auckland Council. Formerly, Chair WaitemataLocal Board.

ROSS THORBY I have had a wanderlust for travel ever since I was old enough to own a passport. Since I discovered cruising, I have become unstoppable.

Join us on Sundays at 2pm... for our weekly service including demonstrations of clairvoyance.

25 New North Road, Eden Terrace / www.goldenlight.org.nz

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13 Tole Street, Ponsonby




Floor: 232 sq m (approx)

Heritage Ponsonby Perfection This outstanding 1900s villa with a generously proportioned heritage style veranda commands space and understated luxury. Architecturally redesigned and extensively renovated, every aspect of this sun-soaked grand family residence has been sympathetically modernised with no expense spared and traditional character retained. The layout has three living spaces across two levels and a seamless flow between all areas. This home is perfect for those requiring room for an au pair. The hub of the house is the open plan family living room with easy access to alfresco dining on the balcony, enjoyable year round with an integrated LouvreTec opening roof. The entertainer’s kitchen features granite surfaces, classical design touches, and intelligently thought out storage solutions. The separate formal lounge with gas fireplace is a plush and relaxing haven for cosy winter evenings. Downstairs has a kitchenette and full laundry. It leads out to the North-facing low-maintenance, gardens and an idyllic salt-water pool. You and your family will love the lifestyle on offer here. AUCTION: 12:00 p.m. Thursday 10 December 2020 On-Site (unless sold prior) • VIEW: nzsothebysrealty.com/NZE11328

CHARLOTTE KOFOED M +64 21 241 9394 charlotte.kofoed@nzsir.com

HAMISH KOFOED M +64 27 655 2250 hamish.kofoed@nzsir.com

Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.

Ray White Damerell Group has continued their impressive growth with the people of Grey Lynn set to benefit from a newly announced rebrand of Custom Residential to Ray White Grey Lynn. Custom Residential’s extensive work at the coalface, with a reputation for providing outstanding results as well as an exceptional customer experience will remain at the heart of the partnership. We’ve been working on this for a significant period of time to ensure that it was a good fit for both parties. So here we are! Ray White Grey Lynn are always here to help you in whichever way we can. We look forward to meeting you, catching up in the neighbourhood, and continuing to be your locally focused, high performance real estate team.

Ray White Grey Lynn 39/332 Great North Road Grey Lynn

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm (09) 360 4860 rwgreylynn.co.nz


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PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 17

Dawn blessing of the final stage of the Westhaven Promenade


PIPPA COOM: A YEAR IN REVIEW There’s no doubt this year has been a tough one. I could never have imagined what we were going to face as a city in my first year as a Councillor. Here’s a bit of a run through the challenges we’ve confronted on Auckland Council and some of the highlights. At the start of the first Level 4 lockdown in March, a temporary emergency committee of the whole of the Governing Body (the Mayor and Councillors) was established in response to the pandemic. One of the first steps of this committee was to put in place a COVID-19 contingency fund of $22.5 million for any urgent expenditure required to respond to the pandemic. Council stepped up to provide support across the community including library staff making welfare calls. Auckland Council’s 2020/2021 annual budget that was consulted on in March had to be thrown out once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Aucklanders were then asked to have their say on a second proposed ‘emergency budget’ in response to a massive budget hole. In July the Governing Body adopted the Emergency Budget 2020/21, along with a rate increase of 3.5 per cent and a rates postponement scheme to assist ratepayers facing financial hardship. We had to make tough calls in the budget to continue providing essential services and respond to the challenges of the pandemic and drought. The focus more recently has been on putting together the priorities for Council’s 10 year budget that will go out for consultation in February. Late in 2019 an independent panel was appointed to undertake a review of the five CCOs (council controlled organisations). The new council CEO Jim Stabback, appointed by the Governing Body for a five year term in September, is leading the implementation of all 64 recommendations presented by the panel including the merger of two CCOs–Regional Facilities Auckland and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, into a single entity now called Auckland Unlimited. In May, in response to one of the most severe droughts in Auckland’s history, the Emergency Committee voted to introduce mandatory water restrictions. In June we agreed to waive resource consent fees for residential rainwater tank installation. Savings are up to 40 million litres of water a day, with Watercare on track to boost supply by another 40 million litres a day by December.

- awhiri: a-T Auckland’s Climate Plan. It provides a bold response to drive climate action working together across Tamaki Makaurau. In another positive decision by the committee we unanimously agreed to support standardising the weed management budget across Auckland (rather than standardising methodology as recommended which would have increased glyphosate use in some areas), provided for local decision-making on preferred methodologies, and reconfirmed our support for the Weed Management Policy goals to minimise agri-chemical usage. In September the Governing Body approved an independent review into health and safety at Ports of Auckland. I have been one of a group of Councillors supporting the Mayor to launch a review to take a close look at the workplace culture at the Port and systemic failings that have led to a number of tragic deaths. Another personal highlight was my appointment in February as Co-Chair of the Hauraki Gulf Forum under a new co-governance structure. As a forum we have signed off more ambitious goals and are committed to the preservation and restoration of the Hauraki Gulf Tipaka Moana Te Moananui-a-Toi. I’ve enjoyed a close working relationship with the three local boards in my ward over the year even though for a big chunk of it we were only able to meet online. I was fortunate to be on Waiheke recently for the launch of five new electric buses and visited Aotea Great Barrier in November for the first time since lockdown. I end the year feeling very privileged to represent the beating heart of Auckland and the stunning Gulf Islands. Nga- mihi o te wa- and best wishes for the year ahead. (PIPPA COOM)  PN pippa.coom@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

The downtown programme of works is continuing at pace, and new spaces are already opening up in the city centre and waterfront after many months of construction. I was fortunate to speak at the opening by Panuku of the final stage of the Westhaven promenade. A personal highlight, as Deputy Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, was the unanimous adoption in July of Te Taruke-

18 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

At the opening of the Grey Lynn Park new changing rooms with local boards members and Richmond Rovers Rugby League Club representatives


We are strategic communications specialists. We are great thinkers, and we are doers. We engage our clients as we would ourselves. Trusted advisors. We have wide, trusted networks and relationships across multiple industries, sectors and countries. We deliver the power of all we have. We like to talk and we like taking care of business. Plan. Execute. Deliver. We run fast, agile, and nimble. Energised, relentless and always on. CLEVER THINKING FOR A CHANGING WORLD LETHAM COTTAGE, 35 JERVOIS ROAD, PONSONBY T: 09 358 2828, www.pendulumstrategies.co.nz

Auckland Harbour Bridge

SOUTHBOUND CLIP-ON LANES CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE 26 December 2020 to 4 January 2021 Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency will be carrying out maintenance work, including resurfacing, on the southbound clip-on lanes of the Auckland Harbour Bridge this holiday season. Three lanes in both directions will remain open across the Auckland Harbour Bridge at all times. While work is carried out, southbound access off the motorway will be affected: • The Shelly Beach Road off-ramp will be closed. • Access to Shelly Beach Road via Westhaven Drive will operate on a stop/go system. Delays are likely and motorists are advised to consider using alternative routes along the Northwestern Motorway (SH16) and State Highway 18 (SH18). The resurfacing process used on the bridge requires three to five days to “cure” before traffic can drive on it. While this may look like nothing is happening, the team will be carrying out other maintenance tasks out of sight. Unfavourable weather or other unforeseen circumstances may result in a change from advertised dates. For more information contact help@asm.nzta.govt.nz or call 0800 444 449 PG17793-1120

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RICHARD NORTHEY: - LOCAL BOARD CHAIR WAITEMATA Now we are back to Level 1 we can participate in and enjoy public events. Unfortunately, the Franklin Road community has decided to cancel its iconic Franklin Road Christmas Lights event because of continuing risks and requirements generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but we look forward to next year’s event. We were pleased that the Waitemata- Local Board’s main annual event, the Parnell Festival of Roses held in the Rose Gardens and Dove Myer Robinson Park, was able to take place and this went off very well on 15 November. I took the opportunity while there to talk to both opponents and supporters of a proposed national memorial to the Erebus air disaster in that park. At our November Board Meeting, the Board, after lengthy and impassioned debate, decided that a national memorial to the Erebus disaster be approved as it would be well suited to being placed in that beautiful and serene park. The future of the Leys Institute will be decided early next year by Council’s Governing Body as part of its decision making on Council’s Long-Term Plan. In September the Waitemata- Local Board resolved unanimously to “endorse the... restoration, modernisation and seismic remediation of Leys Institute... as soon as practicable.” The restoration of the Leys Institute buildings and the creation of a park at 254 Ponsonby Road were major points in the Board’s own advocacy to the Governing Body, which I presented to them on 11 November, about what should be prioritised in Council’s next LongTerm Plan. We also called for higher priority to be given to cleaning up our waterways, transport and road safety projects and action on climate change. When the time for public submissions comes, from 15

February to 15 March next year, it would be helpful for you to make a submission about these and other issues and priorities for Council. Earlier this year, we carried out a consultation with our local community about our proposed Waitemata- Local Board Plan and at a special 3 November meeting we adopted it. This Plan will guide our actions for the next three years. At our special 3 November meeting we also debated the future of the forest on the eastern slopes of the Western Springs Lakeside Te Wai Orea Park. Because of their age and disease, many of the pine trees there have been found to represent a danger and therefore that part of the park has been closed since 2018. The Board has long wanted to help grow a healthy restored and regenerating native forest there. We met and talked with many in the Western Springs community and with independent experts so we could decide whether this would best be achieved by the full removal of the pine stand or by gradual selective pine tree removal over several years. While the majority of the Board believed that just taking out a few trees at a time would carry too great safety risks with it, the community had diverse views on how to do this, and it would have delayed the full opening of the park to the public and the commencement of a planned restoration programme building on the regrowth that is already happening. The pines are likely to be removed after the end of the bird nesting season around March. The forest would then be fully opened to public use and with a planting and weed control programme, with active public participation, beginning around May next year. Ponsonby Road will be an area for the Innovating Streets tactical urbanism programme. We have asked Auckland Transport to work closely with the Ponsonby community and businesses on activities to make the Ponsonby Road corridor safer and more user friendly for fun, getting around and business growth. To find out more about the project, visit www.at.govt.nz/ponsonbyroad Because of the continuing drought we all still need to limit our water use. The Board office will be closed on 22 December and reopen on 6 January. I wish all of you an enjoyable and restful festive season and summer holiday after what has been a really exhausting and trying year for all of us. Let’s all hope for a better New Year. (RICHARD NORTHEY)  PN

Community Christmas event at Western Park

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I can be contacted at 021 534 546 or E: richard.northey@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

WISHING YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Thank you for your support in 2020


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JOHN ELLIOTT: WHAT NOW FOR NZ - LABOUR ABLE TO GOVERN ALONE There was a suggestion from some hard right National Party supporters after the election that many Nats voted Labour to keep the Greens out. Rubbish. Some centrists who might more often than not vote National, voted Labour because they rated Jacinda Ardern, they disliked Judith Collins, and they believed in giving a government a second term. That is far from an unusual scenario. There have only been two one term governments in this country since the second world war ended in 1945 - that’s in 75 years. Labour governed from 1957-1960. They were thrown out ostensibly because of Arnold Nordmeyer, the Minister of Finance’s black budget. He put up the price of tobacco and alcohol, infuriating thousands of Labour voting workers. Then, from 1972-1975 Labour had another one term government. Circumstances conspired against them that time too. Charismatic strong man Norman Kirk, Labour Party leader, tragically died, giving way to a timid and weak new leader, Bill Rowling. Then Rowling had to deal with new National Party tough guy Rob Muldoon, a fight he just couldn’t win. An international oil price crisis didn’t help Labour either. 2020 was not at all like 1960 nor 1975. So, as we all know, Labour scored a stunning victory, New Zeaand First are gone, and Seymour brought in nine colleagues for Act, partly because of a pro-gun lobby. The Greens were steady on nearly 8% and also got 10 seats. And National are in disarray. The only coalition discussion was whether Ardern would do a formal agreement with the Greens, or leave them to battle alone out of government. Ardern put a proposal to the Greens and 86% of the Greens hierarchy voted to support Ardern’s plan to have two Green Ministers, outside cabinet, James Shaw and Marama Davidson. I can’t for the life of me understand where the other 14% are coming from. I understand they don’t like the word compromise, but democratic government is all about compromise or it just falls to bits. Ask Italians. However, I do understand that minor parties getting into bed with the major parties has often led to oblivion for those minor parties under the New Zealand MMP system.


So what of the MMP system. Should it be abolished? I don’t think so, but it needs some tweaking. The threshold for a minor party to enter parliament could be reduced to 4%. That would have had no effect on the recent election. It is the coat tail provision which is most unpopular which allows a party to take extra MPs into parliament if the party wins just one seat, and scores enough of a percentage to get more elected. This time the Maori Party won one seat, but gained

just enough votes nationwide to get one more candidate in. I would abolish that provision. There is also the public reaction when a sitting MP loses their seat, but walks straight back in on the list. Examples this time include Brownlee, Smith, Reti. I suppose if a party rates those MPs highly enough they have every right to place them high enough on the list for them to get back in, but it does look funny to see Labour cheer its success in a seat like Whangarei and then see Reti walk back in on the list. As an aside, however, I do think Reti has performed pretty well in a dismal bunch of National MPs. So what of predictions for this next term 2020-2023. What does Labour have to do, and how can National rebuild? National needs a thorough review - an honest one. They have fallen into a policy and philosophical hole. Too many of them are middle aged white males. They need more diversity in their team. Jacinda Ardern out-led them both through Covid and through good economic management. National could not persuade voters they needed National to run the economy successfully. Even very good candidates can’t win when the tide is out for a party, but National’s time will come again. Labour must deliver houses for the homeless, and state houses for the poorest of our citizens. Parker must come up with a new Act to replace the Resource Management Act which protects the environment. Especially important is tree protection. Auckland City is losing trees at the rate of knots, and it must stop. No fair and just society can ignore the inequality that now exists in New Zealand. It’s bad by all western world standards, better than the USA and the UK, but only just. It is largely a phenomenon of neoliberalism, where ‘the market rules’ was the mantra. So some form of tax adjustments must be made - what and when I don’t know, but money doesn’t grow on trees, and borrowed money must be paid back. I hope the Greens keep pursuing the wealth tax, even if in a modified form. Compromise in action again! I firmly believe we should move to a four year parliamentary term, to allow a more managed throughput of legislation. Tourism has been among the hardest hit industries by Covid, and there are still people calling out for easing up on border control. Minister of Tourism, Stuart Nash, made a few tentative suggestions about tourism’s future last month, and copped some backlash. It won’t be easy, but I feel reassured by the Prime Minister’s statement earlier this year, “I will not sacrifice the health of New Zealanders on the altar of GDP.” But there is a growing suggestion that Labour may govern too conservatively, despite their mandate. They must be bold on the most important democratic ideals - poverty, PN inequality, housing and jobs. (JOHN ELLIOTT)) 

continued from p6 RIP LYNETTE KILMARTIN I am writing to you as we near a decade since Lynette Kilmartin took her life on 11 December 2010. Much has happened in that time but Lynette has always been in my thoughts and is missed immensely. While it is true that life goes on after a death, there is always a feeling of there being a gap in a previous complete circle - for me anyway. I realise that Lynette made many friends while living in Ponsonby and I would like them to know that they are in my thoughts at this time, as we all find within ourselves the strength to face another anniversary - this one PN the 10th - of Lynette’s choice to stop living.  Kind regards, Ann Wilson (Lynette’s sister)

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HAWTHORNE HOUSE - A LITTLE SLICE OF PARADISE In early 2019 following successful careers in corporate training and hospitality, long time Grey Lynn residents Peter Allen and Paul Smith were looking into options to “rewire, not retire” when they stumbled across Hawthorne House for sale in Hawke’s Bay. The opportunity was fortuitous given they had been spending more and more time in the area, and had been considering a move, but came a couple of years earlier than anticipated. Once they had viewed the magnificent property however, their fates were sealed. They had fallen head over heels, and seeing tremendous potential and possibilities decided they couldn’t resist the opportunity and hence, start their new lifestyle in Hawke’s Bay. Moving to the region in July 2019, they then spent the next three months completely renovating the property into an incredible homestead with an interior design style described as ‘eclectic Edwardian villa meets mid century styling’. Passionate art collectors, every wall, shelf, table and garden corner is filled with original artworks including paintings, glass, ceramics and sculpture. Embracing the design philosophy of surrounding yourself with things you love has seen Hawthorne House evolve to truly become Hawke’s Bay’s premier hosted bed and breakfast accommodation.

Nestled within formal and informal gardens in a tranquil rural setting, with four beautifully designed and luxuriously appointed king sized en-suite rooms available, guests at Hawthorne House can be sure to relax and unwind. Located 10 minutes from Havelock North and Hastings, and 20 minutes from Napier, this is the perfect location from which to enjoy the best of what Hawke’s Bay has to offer. Peter and Paul are thrilled with their move, and spend their time enjoying the many fantastic wineries, restaurants, cycle trails, art galleries and fabulously friendly people. They would love to show you around their little slice of paradise.  PN

Call T: 06 878 0035 for further information or view www.hawthorne.co.nz

Hawthorne House is Hawke’s Bay’s premier boutique bed & breakfast. Set in a tranquil rural setting it is the perfect place from which to explore Hawke’s Bay. Book a luxury weekend escape package & save 25% Luxury Weekend Escape Package: • Two nights’ accommodation • Champagne on arrival • Gourmet breakfasts each morning • Welcome drinks & nibbles • Half-day winery tour • Dinner at the famous St Georges Restaurant (to the value of $150) Total package value is over $1,500 per couple... book now for only $1,095 per couple (subject to availability). Please email us stay@hawthorne.co.nz or call us on +64 6 878 0035 to book this experience. www.hawthorne.co.nz Insta / FB : @hawthornehousehawkesbay

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JOHN ELLIOTT: GLYPHOSATE IS A PROVEN CANCER CAUSING HERBICIDE Council is negligent not stopping its use immediately, but it is making progress. It is beyond my comprehension how the council continues to prevaricate on the use of the carcinogen glyphosate on our streets and berms, when international pronouncements by eminent WHO scientists have declared glyphosate a ‘probable human carcinogen’, and courts around the world are making millions of dollar judgements against the owners of Roundup and Bayer, who bought Monsanto company for 62 billion dollars cash. Bayer has already set aside nearly 10 billion dollars to pay complainants, while not accepting that glyphosate is a dangerous product. As I have written before, many of the cancers that glyphosate produces don’t manifest until many years after ingestion, so as our berms outside schools are sprayed with glyphosate, there could well be a terrible cancer outbreak in twenty, thirty, or even forty years time. The very last thing our council should do is listen to the Environmental Protection Authority of NZ, who gets its shonky advice from the highly controversial and politicized, US EPA. Let’s be honest. Potentially killing people because glyphosate is cheaper than weed-killing alternatives, is tantamount to murder. However, the council environment committee last week rejected unanimously a bureaucratic proposal to roll out glyphosate across our streets. Richard Hills, the chairman, set the scene by categorically stating, “I do not want glyphosate on our streets.” What a lead! Two other stalwarts, John Watson, and Wayne Walker, skilfully and calmly continued their well-known opposition to glyphosate. A revelation at the meeting was the admission that at least one thermal treatment price was lower than the council’s posted budget.

I know some councillors accept the dangers of roundup with glyphosate and want it banned. Other councillors are happy to call for more reports, seek further advice, compare costs, kill time, hope the problem goes away. Anything but make a conscience-based decision, based on some sort of integrity. As Hana Blackmore of the Weed Advisory Committee said, “It’s not over yet, but the council took a forward step.” This is not a left-right issue. It is not a cost-based issue. It is a major health issue. If we can’t rely on our council to keep us safe, who can we turn to. Sure, former Waitemata- Local Board chair, and now councillor, Pippa Coom, has long been in favour of “phasing out the use of glyphosate”. The question, Pippa, to you and your colleagues, is how much longer must we wait, and how much longer can we wait to ensure our kids are safe from a preventable cancer? Bureaucratic and political obfuscations can often be expected to interfere with sound council decisions, but they can not be accepted when our citizen’s health is so potentially compromised. As Jacinda said during our worst Covid weeks, “I will not sacrifice our nations health on the altar of GDP.” Brilliant, now over to you, Auckland Councillors. Good work so far. Now - ban glyphosate completely in Auckland before you seriously regret it. Remember, or research, DDT, 2,4,5,T, and 2,4,D all of which took years to ban and killed far too many people before they were outlawed. So many products on sale are detrimental to our health, and it is up to all of us not to buy them of use them. But with roundup, containing glyphosate sprayed around our neighbourhood whether we like it of not, our health and our children’s health is being compromised every day, and our elected representatives talk and talk, but do nothing. PN Like many Aucklanders, I’m sick of it. (JOHN ELLIOTT) 

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2 Properties in Grey Lynn Coming Soon... CONTACT: Steven Glucina 021 888 455 for more information

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BIG RESPONSE TO POTENTIAL CHANGES ON PONSONBY ROAD Auckland Transport (AT) is asking locals for ideas on testing people friendly spaces and safer ways to travel on Ponsonby Road. An interactive online map that allows people to pin ideas on a specific location has received 500 comments in just the first few days of being live. More than 400 on street interviews have also been carried out with an even split between local residents and visitors to the area.

Angela, a shop owner in Three Lamps says: “Each business has its own set of needs – healthcare businesses need to provide access to people with limited mobility, cafes might want extra kerb space for tables and a nicer street environment, while some shops need access to nearby loading zones for customers picking up or dropping off heavy loads.” This project is one of 21 across Auckland that are part of Waka Kotahi’s ‘Innovating Streets for People’ programme which aims to make it faster and easier to transition streets to safer and more liveable spaces.

Have your say on making Ponsonby Road even better. We’re working with the community to test people-friendly spaces and safer ways to travel. Let us know your views – scan the QR code, visit AT.govt.nz/ponsonbyroad or phone 09 366 6400 Provide feedback before Sunday 6 December

Randhir Karma AT’s Group Manager of Network management says: “We are working with the community to test safer, more vibrant streets for people. These temporary changes to the street and surrounding public space could include things like seating, plants, street art or footpath extensions.” “It’s an exercise in testing and learning together with the community so we can get a sense of what the future of Ponsonby Road could look like.” Mr Karma says that this means there can be more assurance that the direction of change is in line with the community’s wants and needs. Similar projects can be seen in the city centre on High Street, Sale Street, and Federal Street. The location and nature of the changes on Ponsonby Road is yet to be defined and will be decided based on feedback received before 6 December. Feedback on the design process and the changes themselves will remain open throughout the project. AT says that feedback received to date has uncovered a wide range of views, safety issues, and unmet needs from business owners, visitors, and residents to help inform the temporary changes. Anyone using Ponsonby Road can provide feedback either through the Social Pinpoint online map or via phone.  PN For more information - www.AT.govt.nz/ponsonbyroad or T: 09 366 6400

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SOHO WINES! As simple as abc ‘awarded, boutique, creative’ Most people are familiar with SOHO WINES but we asked Rachael Carter to tell us a few things that make SOHO different to other New Zealand wine brands.

What are the key drivers behind your Pink Sheep collection? The name Pink Sheep, inspired by the late Alexander McQueen who ended his life, often referred to himself as the Pink Sheep in the family. We donate 50c a bottle to 4 charities that encompass mental health, children, animals & the environment. During lockdown, charities nationwide suffered great hardship and financial struggles. So, we decided to put extra focus on Pink Sheep by redesigning our label that would bring hope and love, using the lotus flower as our inspiration. To date, Pink Sheep has raised over $60,000 for its selected charities and we aim to continue to raise as much as we possibly can. The whole range is proudly supported by our friends at Farro Fresh.

FAMILY OWNED VINEYARDS We are boutique, we like to keep things small (100% quality focused), we not only utilise my late father’s vineyards in Marlborough and Waiheke but we have several other small family owned vineyards that grow for us (as they say a great wine is made in the vineyard). 3 OUTSTANDING WINEMAKERS Grant Taylor (creator of our Central Otago wines), David Clouston (creator of our Marlborough wines) and James Rowan (creator of our Waiheke Wines). They are specialists in their realms giving each wine it’s own distinctive style & personality. 73 gold medals & multiple trophies to date says a lot about our winemaking team. NON-TRADITIONAL BRAND NAME The name SOHO is a little left field, SOHO uniquely embodies a passion for life, culture & entertainment, we have crafted a brand reflective of our life & the amazing people and pets we share it with (hence why each of our wines have a name & back story). 3 COLLECTIONS OF WINE Our portfolio of wines is mostly made up of our premium black collection (predominantly sold to restaurants local and abroad), on a smaller scale is our white collection (retail focused wine), even though the price point is cheaper we still get 5 star accolades and win golds! Our latest is the Pink Sheep Charity Collection, I created this with new vineyards to make a difference to those in need.

The range includes a low sugar French inspired Rosé, organic Sauv Blanc, organic Pinot Gris (double gold medals) and a stunning Pinot Noir (gold medal). All wines have been reviewed 5 stars. Aside from Pink Sheep what is the thing you are most proud of at SOHO? My team! I call them the SOHOts. We do all our own distribution so don’t have a distributor that sells our wines, we are direct to customer, we do our own dispatch and I can proudly say we are a small but highly passionate group that have stuck together for a very long time – a combo of cousins, old friends, previous clients & new friends. My landlord (our office is above NOVEL in Herne Bay) always comments on the camaraderie and cheer that comes from the SOHO office. Amber Hatton is our national & export sales manager & a shareholder, she has been with me since the beginning and is soon to head off on maternity leave so my challenge this year has been to find someone to fill her boots. Fortuitously Hugo McCallum (ex Tohu wines) has just started with us. We are a team of 10, dedicated to making the best wines we possibly can and bringing them to market with a stylish, contemporary and little risqué approach.

Rachael Carter

Amber Hatton

Elinor Mudu

Shenée McLean

Jo Cumberland

Hugo McCallum

Jack Faga-Makin

Carolina Vujcich

Gary Keller

Peter Millington

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A PLACE TO CALL HOME FOR A WHILE What was that long renovation on Dryden Street all about? When Steve Ingram bought 58 Dryden Street, a run-down 1970s bungalow directly opposite Grey Lynn Park, he had a vision - to transform the property into a stylish, spacious and purpose-built home that could comfortably accommodate travelling groups and families for short and long term stays.

Of the property’s extensive renovations, Steve commented, “Admittedly, it did take a little longer than I hoped! We completely gutted the place and it’s a brand new house now. Every corner has been updated. We stripped back the 100 year-old cedar weatherboards and found that they were in surprisingly good shape!

“I wanted to provide unique accommodation facilities where people travelling in groups for work or leisure could have their own bedroom and bathroom rather than twin-sharing, then come together in elegant but relaxed communal living areas to talk and entertain.”

“The first floor of The Village Reserve has four separate bedrooms, all with ensuites, a stylish kitchen, and indoor and outdoor living and entertaining areas. Upstairs offers five boutique bedrooms with ensuites, a modern kitchen, gorgeous fresh living areas, and a sweeping balcony with green views over the park. The innovative architectural design of the property means that the two floors can be completely separate and private or work as one.”

On his long-standing connection to the neighbourhood, Steve said, “I’ve lived around Ponsonby on and off for a good 20 years and I love the character of the houses, the mature tree growth and all the great places to eat and meet up with friends.” It was this sense of community that inspired the naming and identity of Steve’s new business venture. ‘The Village Reserve’ was conceived against themes of locality, urban communality and leafy city-fringe streets.

Private parking for each floor and secure gate access is another huge advantage for groups and families staying at The Village Reserve. “Regardless of whether guests are staying for a week, four weeks, or half a year, all they need to bring is a suitcase to feel at home.”  PN

For more information or to book call T: 029 376 6445, www.villagereserve.co.nz, E: info@villagereserve.co.nz

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KEN RING: WEATHER BY THE MOON AUCKLAND WEATHER DIARY, DECEMBER 2020 – JANUARY 2021 December brings average rain, normal temperatures, and less than average sunshine. The first week brings the coolest nights, the second week brings most sun and is the warmest week, the third week will be the wettest, and the last week has the coolest days. The best weekend is the 12th/13th.

January’s highest kingtide is on the 14th. The best fishing bite-times in the east are at dusk on 11th - 14th, and 27th - 30th. Chances are also good in the east for noon of 4th - 6th, and 19th - 22nd.

January is slightly wetter than average and with less sunshine than normal. Temperatures are average with few extremes. The first week brings a day of light rain, the second week is the overall warmest and driest with the hottest day around 14th, the third week may be the wettest and cloudiest with the heaviest rain around 20th, but the last week in January should see the most sun. January’s best weekends are the 2nd/3rd and 9th/10th.

For gardeners, December’s best pruning days are 1st - 3rd (waning moon descending), but there are no best sowing days (waxing moon ascending). For longer shelf-life for crops, harvest on neap tide days on 8th and 24th.

For fishers, the highest December kingtide is on the 15th. The best fishing bite-times in the east are around dusk on 1st - 2nd, 14th 16th, and 28th - 31st. Chances are also good in the east for noon of 7th - 9th, and 21st - 23rd.

In January, only the 28th is best for sowing (waxing moon ascending). The neap tide days are on 8th and 22nd. Allow 24 hour error for all forecasting. For future weather for any date, and for the 2021 New Zealand PN Weather Almanac, see www.predictweather.com. (KEN RING) 

@ LEYS LITTLE LIBRARY Well we made it. We are finally in the home stretch of 2020, the year that has gone by in a flash and somehow lasted forever. I am sure many of you are looking forward to a summer of afternoons stretched out in the sun with a book (and perhaps a glass of something). Though if you need more than the allure of a good book to put you off your ‘to do list’, Auckland Libraries is here with ‘Summer reading sorted’. Throughout the month of January, you can read, relax and reset with fun, flexible reading challenges – for the whanau or just for you. Choose a challenge, and register for your chance to be in to win great prizes from Specsavers, passes for Auckland’s top attractions. and more! Registrations open 14 December 2020 – visit www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/summerreadingsorted to find out how to sign up and take part. As we approach Christmas it is time to wrap up our children’s programs for the under 5’s. Our last Wriggle and Rhyme and Tamariki Time sessions will be on Wednesday 16 December. It has been such

fun seeing you all each week for rhymes music and bubbles. Please join us on 16 December. We promise a fun filled session with all the usual attractions, plus possibly some Christmas treats too. While we’re on the topic of Christmas we figure you’re curious about the library’s holiday hours. This year, because of the days Christmas and New Year’s fall on, all the library will be closed for two four day stretches. The library will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 27 & 28 December. We are open 29 - 31 December 9am-6pm then closed 1– 4 January. Normal hours resume on Tuesday 5 January. Lastly, we are pleased to welcome Camila to the team at Leys Institute Little Library. Many of you have possibly already met Camila as she has been helping us out quite a bit recently. We are happy to announce that she is joining the team in a more permanent capacity. When you next drop by the library take a moment to say ‘Hi’. Happy Holidays Ponsonby.  PN

LEYS INSTITUTE LITTLE LIBRARY, Corner of Jervois road and Redmond Street, T: 09 377 0209, www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz

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Luke Crockford Connecting PEOPLE with PROPERTY

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 021 277 8565 | luke.crockford@raywhite.com @LukeCrockfordRealEstate


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NEW OR REFRESHED DECK FOR SUMMER? There’s nothing better than relaxing in a beautiful new outdoor space. We deliver the highest standard of service, commitment and quality workmanship, so let’s get your summer sorted. PAINTING + BUILDING + GIB STOPPING + PLUMBING + ELECTRICAL + ROOFING

HAVE A PROJECT? CALL FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Call 021 062 9104 Email eddie@reidpropertyservices.co.nz Visit reidpropertyservices.co.nz

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Top: Nestrest hanging daybed $26,049 by DEDON Middle: L to R Rilly cocoon chair by DE-DON $8,479 Mbrace lounge chair by DEDON $6,209 Mbrace foot-stool by DEDON $1,849 Mbrace side table by DEDON $1,999 Bottom: Sealine 2 seater sofa by DEDON $18,559 Available at DAWSON & CO.

DAWSON & CO., Northshore Showroom, 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale T: 09 476 1121, Parnell Showroom, 115 The Strand, Parnell; info@dawsonandco.nz www.dawsonandco.nz

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Bring home the exotic A unique deep cushioned modular sofa finished in a bouclĂŠ fabric that entices you to relax back and drift off to a foreign place that is out of reach. Reset your schedule and your mind with the Morocco sofa available exclusively from Dawson & Co

Ph. 09 476 1121 info@dawsonandco.nz www.dawsonandco.nz

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Parnell Showroom 115 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

A far better job for a smaller number of clients At Custom Property Management we offer a boutique and carefully managed approach to looking after our clients’ assets. We do not run the high-volume, bulk model that seems to be common in the industry. Our team brings high levels of experience, plus true care and attention to the table for customers that entrust their assets to us. We are well networked into our local community and always carry a solid list of prospective executive tenants to personally introduce to available properties. In addition to all of the above, we of course pride ourselves of having robust tenant selection procedures, high level marketing and on-going asset protection checks and measures. If you’d like to talk Property Management, please feel free to get in touch. We’d be delighted to be of service to you.

Custom Property Management 021 333 053 | hello@custompm.co.nz www.custompm.co.nz @custom_property_management


87 Burnley Terrace, Sandringham Spacious living in this gorgeous family villa — 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, beautiful open plan living connecting to a sun-drenched deck, plus a separate lounge to accommodate those searching a bit of peace and quiet. Master bedroom with bay window and fireplace! $950 per week - Enquire now

26 Summer Street, Ponsonby Live the epitome of the Ponsonby lifestyle here — an easy wander to everywhere you want to be, then come home to a brilliant 3-bedroom, 1 bathroom villa with open plan living flowing out to the sunny deck. Off-street parking a massive bonus, and pets will be considered. $1,300 per week - Enquire now

Louise Trembath Senior Property Manager

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PONSONBY U3A: NOVEMBER 2020 With a collective sigh of relief, members of Ponsonby U3A filled their monthly meeting place at St Columba Centre again, after several months of zooming. And a timely event it was, coinciding as it did with national remembrances and tributes to the 29 men who 10 years ago lost their lives in the Pike River Mine tragedy. Judith Crimmins, a member of Ponsonby U3A was in the mine a few days before. With vivid clarity and aided by powerful images, she unfolded her experience. On the West Coast for a major birthday celebration, she was invited by her cousin to attend the Annual General Meeting of Pike River Mine. To their amazement, both she and her cousin were chosen by ballot to join a group of 18 out of 300 attendees to go into the mine. Judith described the safety instructions, the kitting out, the emergency equipment, the three and a half km drive into the mine and the walk from there through narrow tunnels to the hydro-mining machinery. The experience in the mine lasted two hours and Judith told how, with the Chilean disaster close to her mind, she kept thinking of what she would do if beset by the same situation (which was getting people to tell their life stories!). She confessed to being really pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel! There was pathos to Judith’s story, as she talked of the differences of opinion regarding recovery of the bodies. For some families, mining is in their genes and the Paparoa Ranges could be no better memorial for their loved ones. For others, they want them out. As we know, penetration of the mine continues as does the controversy around health and safety. With perfect timing, and hard on the heels of the event, our guest speaker, Professor Stephen Hoadley posed the question: “Is the 2020 US presidential election a geopolitical turning point?” Dr Hoadley is a veteran university professor with a PhD from the University of

California, an Honorary Professor of the NZDF Command and Staff College and an Honorary Captain in the New Zealand Navy. He is a well-known author, media commentator and public speaker on international affairs. He contended that the US elections can be geopolitical turning points whether reflecting them or causing them. Examples are the elections of Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, Woodrow Wilson in 1912, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, Harry Truman in 1948, George W. Bush in 2000 and Donald Trump in 2016. Professor Hoadley reviewed why these elections were pivotal and summarised the risks and opportunities presented by the November 20 US election. He then speculated on the geopolitical consequences of a Trump re-election, and of a Biden victory in relation to US responses to the assertiveness of China and Russia and other international challenges. Ponsonby U3A membership continues to grow. For those new to the area or looking for further enrichment to their lives, the Ponsonby group offers opportunities to make new friends and hear interesting guest speakers at a general meeting held on the second Friday of each month (except January) from 10 am to 12 noon. There is plenty of parking. On offer as well, is an ever-expanding choice of special interest groups meeting monthly in members’ homes where people exchange knowledge and skills. Normally guests are invited to attend monthly meetings but are asked to first telephone president, Philippa Tait, on T: 0274 523 108. Our meeting in December is a Christmas celebration of our activities for PN members only. (CHRISTINE HART)  NEXT MEETING: 10am Friday,12 February at St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street. Guest speaker, Dr Ian Smith, ‘Living with Volcanoes.’ ENQUIRIES:

Philippa Tait, President, Ponsonby U3A, T: 027 452 3108, www.u3a.nz

JOHN ELLIOTT: HERNE BAY 1011 AGM MEETING Herne Bay residents held their AGM recently. There have been a number of issues irking residents for several years; traffic/cycle/parking matters are on everyone’s mind. So, too, are sewage pollution and beach water quality. Water separation is gradually being worked out. And for several years Herne Bay residents have been annoyed at noisy helipad activity in this normally peaceful seaside community. About a hundred people attended the AGM and a number of resolutions were passed. The association has asked Auckland Transport to put a two hour parking limitation on all streets east of Wallace Street. Residents are sick of commuters from the edges of the city parking all day in their street and walking or bussing into the central city. Another plea was made to council to deal with the helicopter nuisance by banning helipads in high density residential zones. Some weeks they have to put up with up to 18 or more noisy and potentially dangerous flights in and out of Herne Bay. The residents also resolved to oppose the amendment to the Unitary Plan known as Plan Change 26. This would allow council to

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reduce the three metre set back from rear yards to one metre, or even none. Like their neighbours in St Mary’s Bay, Herne Bayites are determined to have Leys Institute restored to its former glory, and will fight any plan to sell off the property to developers. Co-chair Dirk Hudig told Ponsonby News they are pleased with the reconfigurations of Herne Bay residential streets - speed bumps and end treatments. Walking, cycling, and driving have all been enhanced by the upgrades. Residents are watching carefully the potential effects of the Skypath on their suburb, especially in terms of parking and traffic congestion. All committee workers give their time to their association for free and money is tight. The committee has called for donations to ensure the committee can protect residents rights. Remember that Ponsonby News is always happy to include letters from readers on issues which affect them or their neighbours. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

During the January school holidays we are putting on some FREE kids classes at the Freemans Bay Community Hall. To book please go to the ReCreators website, www.therecreators.co.nz/collections/school-holiday-fun. The ReCreators is a social enterprise based in Auckland, New Zealand, which promotes upcycling either through purchasing products pre-made, custom-made or by learning to do it yourself (DIY) through workshops. They are a diverse and talented group of upcycling artisans promoting creativity, mindful making and sustainability. They offer various upcycling workshops for children, adults and corporates.

The Ponsonby Community Centre are still offering our usual line-up of fabulous programmes and activities, including a new kids class – Yoga for Youngsters! Classes will start up again in the second week PN of February 2021. ď Ł

Please check our webpage or Facebook for updates: www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz and @ponsycommunity

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GREY LYNN & AROUND: IT’S CHRISTMAS AND WE’RE HEADING INTO SUMMER! Season’s Greetings to everyone from Grey Lynn & Around - your local business and community organisation. Looking backwards on 2020 to look forward. What a year it’s been. A whirlwind of change, uncertainty, transformation and for Grey Lynn & Around, a time to make a difference. At our November AGM Chair Paul Stephenson noted just a few of our achievements. First, leading three major projects – always with the purpose to support and promote our local members’ business, and embrace our values: Sustainable. Creative. Diverse. Niche. AUCKLAND ARTWEEK – Papatu- anuku - Urban Flora and Fauna Trails as part of the 2020 Festival, now in its 10th year. There were 34 venues participating and nearly 50 works by artists, shown on walls across shops, bars, restaurants, our favourite Grey Lynn Community Centre, and installations at Kelmarna Gardens. Metal Bird joined the theme with its birds in locations across our neighbourhood. Huge thanks to everyone involved. Elemental T-amaki Makaurau AKL. Grey Lynn Eats and Beats October’s month-long ATEED-supported festival of arts, eats, and beats was a blast. We had 22 participating café/restaurants and afterwards welcomed 12 new members. Already known for our great hospo with our eclectic collection of cafes, restaurants and bars, now they are even more popular. Three cheers to the Elemental team! Grey Lynn & Around Greening – Caring for and beautifying our local urban environment How fitting we kicked off our ongoing Greening project during - tradition, Papatu- anuku Artweek. In Maori is the land, the mother earth figure who gives birth to all things, including people. With colourful pots painted during Artweek, and planted and installed in Grey Lynn Village, watch the space for more local greening projects.

for diversity and inclusion, financial maestro; there is not much more you would want from a key strategic coach and mentor at Prime Strategies. Alix Abando - lighting design engineer extraordinaire, project manager, holder of a Masters degree in Management and resident pastry chef at Captain Crepes. Alix hails originally from France, but now joins our Board with the purpose of sharing food and food experiences from around the globe. Jesse Neilson - the go-to owner of Neighbours Café, 2a Hakanoa Street. Starting in Viticulture focused on hospitality, with experience running multiple venues across Wellington and Melbourne, she then pivoted into education training and consulting while founding three successful online businesses focusing on recruitment, digital marketing, and FMCG. Gineria Linton-Ozich - hailing from Kaitaia with over 25 years experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry. As owner of Vitality Health Solutions, Gineria creates movement and wellness experiences that guide and inspire people towards their lifestyle aspirations so they can LIVE ALIVE feeling happy, healthy and vital. Big thanks to support we have received from the Waitamata Local Board and to our Coordinator Irene. Why are we special? Grey Lynn & Around is an exciting place to be. With our shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, businesses of all sorts, public spaces... what a buzzy PN community to live in, do business in, welcome visitors to, be part of.  Check out the latest on our social media and www.greylynn-around.com

THEN THERE WERE LOTS OF OTHER INITIATIVES Communications Revamped Thanks to our communications team for masterminding our new brand; for the Grey Lynn & Around updated strategic plan; for the new website and communications platforms; for better informing, advocating and promoting on behalf of members and our wider community. Covid-19 support - Business networking events and Webinars Hosting networking events and webinar programmes promoting local businesses continues. We ran shop local campaigns, gave free legal advice and temporarily discounted membership by over 50%.

Gineria Linton-Ozich

AGM Held at the fabulous Romulus and Remus Italian inspired restaurant our annual governance meeting ensures transparency, providing members an opportunity to be updated on activities over the year past. We are grateful to have such a team on the Grey Lynn & Around Board, contributing to our vision ‘for thriving business to enable flourishing communities’ and ensuring we create a valuable local footprint! We are primarily a volunteer organisation and gifted time drives our activity. Farewell and thank you to outgoing members Marty SteelBrown and Leanne Moore. We welcome to our new Board Members Fiona Anderson - corporate strategist, small business guru, advocate

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Alix Abando


JOHN ELLIOTT: NEW PARK HYATT HOTEL IN WYNYARD QUARTER We had the opportunity of a night’s stay at the brand new Park Hyatt, beautifully setup right next to the harbour overlooking the America’s Cup compounds. It was a superb way to celebrate my eighty second birthday. This new addition to our accommodation destinations is beautifully and spaciously laid out. Our room was more like a suite with a large outdoor balcony overlooking the hospitality centre of the viaduct. The lights and the view were spectacular. The room plus deck was large enough for quite a party. Back inside it was deadly quiet. Triple glazing maybe! A large, very well-appointed bathroom featured a huge bath with views out into the harbour. A separate toilet was a smart move. There was a well-designed entry to the room, screened off from the bedroom behind them. The artwork and panels all featured contemporary Maori motifs. The Living Room is a great concept. We dined there and enjoyed the great views over the water. A variety of intimate table settings to chose from allowed us to eat as little or much as we desired. And the lovely al-fresco swimming pool can not be ignored; again with all the views. Staff were incredibly enthusiastic, charming and helpful, without being obsequious. I teased one young waitress at breakfast when she mentioned kawakawa tea. She had done her homework, and although not New Zealand born she told me all the virtues of kawakawa leaves.

s l o r a C in our CHRISTMAS

P ar k

I was surprised by the arrival of a little birthday cake for my birthday — a nice touch. The Park Hyatt is well-situated for a day on the harbour. Enjoy a visit to Waiheke, before coming back for a sauna and a spa, dinner and a relaxing evening watching the passing parade right outside your window.



The bed was very comfortable, as I slept into the first day of my eighty third year. Only two floors are open so far. Even though the hotel is somewhat in test mode, it’s already excellent and can only get better as little bugs are ironed out. I recommend all locals to have a staycation away from home at the Park Hyatt.


A change is as good as a rest — especially a rest at such a lovely location. Good work, Hyatt team. We loved it. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN

Carol singing in Western Park featuring the Auckland Gospel Choir Celebrate the spirit of Christmas under the stars. Bring your family, friends, a picnic and share some magic in Ponsonby with Carol singing from 6–8pm.

iloveponsonby.co.nz iloveponsonby


Room with a spectular view at the new Park Hyatt Hotel

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PONSONBY PARK – DECEMBER UPDATE I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year like no other. The advent of Covid-19 has upended the very concept of normality for many, if not most of us. Progress on so many things has been affected including the realisation of Ponsonby Park – the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road. So as 2020 draws to a close we thought it a good time to once again take stock of some of the things that have been achieved this year to advance the park. The ‘Project Control Steering Group’ completed the business case for Ponsonby Park, after another Community-Led Design consultation that sought feedback on design options. This resulted in a new build being chosen through a submission process that then informed the business case. In February, the business case was presented to the Waitemata- Local Board and the board voted unanimously to approve and endorse the business case for Ponsonby Park.

their desire for this delay to be for no more than one year. A desire we fully endorse. In the meantime we have another exciting focus as “Auckland Transport (AT) is working with the community to trial people friendly spaces and safer ways to travel along Ponsonby Road. This is part of several Innovating Streets projects across Auckland designed to test quick, temporary changes to create safer, more vibrant, people friendly streets that are accessible for all”.

The next step was to present the business case to Council’s Finance and Performance Committee meeting, scheduled for Thursday 19th March, to obtain approval for the remaining funding. However, the published agenda was set aside in order to address the implications of the Covid-19 outbreak and to enable emergency planning instead.

We have proposed a ‘pop-up walk-in terrarium’ (similar to the Green Air project image below) for Ponsonby Park and a much-needed pedestrian crossing. We think this will be a brilliant attractor of people to the area, provide a small piece of the magic that will one day be Ponsonby Park, and make it safe for everyone (access for all) to cross Ponsonby Road at this mid-point. Please support our ‘pop-up walk-in terrarium’ proposal by going to; www.letschat.mysocialpinpoint.com.au/ponsonby-road-innovatingstreets-for-people/#/marker/48371

Since then, the Ponsonby Park development has been on hold, along with all other local board ‘One Local Initiative’ projects.

And please also include your own concerns and ideas for Ponsonby Road’s Innovating Street project there too.

We have continued our advocacy work by making presentations to Waitemata- Local Board meetings and to the independent Commissioners tasked with reviewing the RMA zone. We have also kept the community informed via updates;

So to conclude, to EVERYONE who has been part of the Ponsonby Park journey to date; from the original members of the then Auckland City Council who had the vision to purchase the site in 2006, to the current Auckland Council who have continued to support the vision of the civic space through the retention of the entire site and the allocation of the endowment funding, to our Ward Councilor Pippa Coom, to the past and present members of the Waitemata- Local Board and their support staff, but most importantly to YOU our community, who have consistently and continuously engaged with us throughout the Community-Led Design process, supporting us through this long and ongoing journey – we THANK YOU.

• here in the fabulous Ponsonby News (thank you Martin) • on our two Facebook pages, Ponsonby Park and 254 Ponsonbyrd • on our website 254ponsonbyrd.org.nz • on our on-site ‘Ponsonby Park‘ noticeboard next to Dizengoff café by the bus stop

We couldn’t have done it without you!

• plus email notifications to all of those already on our extensive digital database.

Ponsonby Park will be a place of diversity and inclusion, where EVERYONE is welcome and it will ‘buzz with the sound of people’. It will be an urban oasis that will be good for the people, good for the environment, and good for Auckland. We know that one day this beautiful civic space will be available for all of our residents, visitors and local businesses to access and enjoy.

Physical work was scheduled to have already begun on-site at 254 Ponsonby Road. Finally, the dream that so many have supported and nurtured for so long was to have been underway. But Covid-19 has temporarily delayed this. The Waitemata- Local Board has publicly stated

But for now, we wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, full of good cheer, rest and relaxation and we look forward to continuing our volunteer advocacy work for the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road that is Ponsonby Park, next year. Arohanui. (JENNIFER WARD)  PN

• on the Neighbourly.co.nz noticeboard


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LIFE HACKS OF TRIBAL ELDERS Part One: Gerrie, retired in Herne Bay. If you’ve heard of the Probus Club, you’ll know it’s a local association of retired people who get together on a regular basis to meet up with others of similar interests and to make new friends. Probus has national and international affiliations, but the buzz in Auckland is definitely local. Monthly speakers are selected to talk about topics we want to know more about and social opportunities for lunches and outings bring us together to enjoy each other’s company, ideas and life hacks. Yes – life hacks! It’s fair to say that this group of retirees were all once in the vanguard - the productive, dynamic edge of society. Ask a few questions and you soon find out that their varied professional backgrounds and wide range of personal life experiences represents a treasure trove of wisdom. Not to put too fine a point on it, these are our tribal elders and there’s a great deal of insight to be gleaned. Hence the idea for this series of short sketches about their life wisdom. For our first introduction, meet Gerrie, who lives in Herne Bay. Before settling in New Zealand, she and her family lived in the UK, France and Singapore. She and her husband travelled around the world by yacht with their family of three young children, visiting many places over several years. When they saw New Zealand, they decided that this would be their forever home. Summarised like that, it seems easy enough, but not so. This was an intrepid life journey that took courage, planning, vision, risk management and plain hard work. When they decided to settle in New Zealand, they faced all the hurdles that immigrants everywhere face: uprooting their lives; discovering unexpected barriers; the complexities of official applications and endless bureaucracy; winding up an old life; selling assets to make it happen; imagining an unknown future and keeping their children buoyant and positive through it all.

I asked Gerrie about how she faced all these challenges in her life and her responses resonated with the positivity of an adventurer and the down-to-earth rationality of someone who knows how to pick themselves up from a fall. “You have to keep your focus on where you are going, despite the wind. And most of all you have to accept that if plans fail, then you have to start all over again. You have to be at peace with that possibility.” Gerri believes that her philosophy is replicable in everyone’s lives. She points out that most people have to build something up from nothing, whether it’s a business, a career, or a creative project. “You must trust your body and mind and have belief in your partner too. It’s only possible if you are prepared to take the knocks, to get up again and keep focused on your objective.” To use a nautical phrase, you may need to ‘come about’ many times, but you must always keep on target for your destination. Gerrie, like so many in the Probus Club is part of our senior community with a brave past and significant life experience and wisdom at solving life’s problems. Look out for more life hacks from Probus ‘tribal elders’ in future Ponsonby News magazines. We’d love to introduce you to the club if you think you might enjoy the opportunity of getting together with other like-minded retirees for new experiences and friendships. You can hear wonderful guest speakers and stay active by participating in a range of activities. If you would like more information about joining please contact Rosie Armstrong on T:09 486 5181, E: rosiearm@xtra.co.nz.

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3 STEPS TO EASY SUMMER DRESSING After the year many of us have had, it’s high time things got a little easier. And with the hotter months starting to hit their stride, with hopefully some down time on the horizon, it’s time we celebrated the new season and a new year ahead with an easy summer wardrobe to match our mood. Summer is all about taking things at a slower pace, and keeping life as uncomplicated as possible in order to soak up as much of that beautiful weather as we can.

TK Poolside Pant

You can apply this to your wardrobe too, with many of my favourite locally sourced and locally based brands offering up some pretty special solutions with this in mind. And simplifying things when it comes to daily dressing doesn’t have to mean taking a strict, minimalist approach. Sometimes, summer outfits can be straightforward and simple to assemble, but with just a flourish of a key accessory or subtle injection of a new styling move, they can be seriously gorgeous, especially if you’re heading out of town when you want a wardrobe that’s flexible and user friendly, going easily from the beach to the bar and beyond.

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The trick to looking effortlessly stylish when the mercury is rising is to opt for soft, floating pieces that drape beautifully and feel as good as they look. This is where the easy to wear summer dress comes in, and local labels have created beautiful options that you will wear for years. One of my picks from within the new Resort 2020 collection from RUBY is part of the Portia story, which has a beautiful retro look to it that will work well in any situation. Called the ‘Portia Bandeau Maxi Dress’, it offers a real nod to the 1970s with its ocean blue and earthy brown zig zag print in GOTS-certified cotton. The super cute fabric also comes as a chic wide leg pant and skirt.

Ruby Portia Bandeau Maxi Dress


Mina Winona Dress

From Mina, the Winona dress is another beautiful example of an easy but modern and elegant take on the relaxed summer dress. From the latest collection for the brand titled ‘One Woman to Another’, it’s a stunning, tiered maxi-style dress available in cornflower blue or green silk, dyed locally in Auckland. Mina designer Natalie Procter’s attention to detail is second to none, and I love that although the construction looks simple, things like an invisible zip closure at the back and adjustable thin straps that allow you to style and fit the Winona how you would like take things to the next level. www.minaforher.com

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Whether a playsuit for a party, a boilersuit for everyday, or culotte-style for the heatwave, the jumpsuit is a must-have when summer is making its presence felt. Just why are they so popular? Well, they’re convenient. Pull on a jumpsuit, and the hours usually spent agonising over separates can be used for more important matters. Plus, there’s the versatility. Like white T-shirts and a black dress, jumpsuits create a blank canvas for the styling details that will, literally, turn an item from single-use to multi-functional. I love the quiet brilliance of local brand Penny Sage, which is helmed by designer Kate Megaw. Her serene studio at 6a Kirk Street in Grey Lynn is always filled with treasures and new must-haves, and her legion of loyal fans lap up everything she releases with good reason.

taylor Consideration Jumpsuit

Her newest collection for Spring Summer 2021 is called WILDFLOWERS, and is inspired by the Dolly Parton lyric: ‘wildflowers don’t care where they grow’. It’s a tribute to summer dreaming – lazy days in the sun, outside in a garden or by the sea – and is designed to bring a little of the season’s warmth whenever and wherever you are. In a time when the future is uncertain for all, the collection offers a little respite from the present, with sunny prints and playful silhouettes that were created to bring joy in the coming months and beyond. A small edit of summery pieces that are light, bright, and easy-wearing, WILDFLOWERS includes the Nyota jumpsuit, which is available in black, or a soft sky blue linen tartan. With a halter neck that ties at the back and a flattering wide leg, it works perfectly by day with Birkenstocks, or by night with a heel. www.pennysage.com The taylor Consideration Jumpsuit is also perfect for day and night and an essential for summer styling. Flattering on the form and made from a sumptuous viscose crepe, it features an ontrend wide leg and endless styling possibilities with its folding panels that drop and fall from the waist, or alternatively can be tied to cinch the silhouette.

Penny Sage SS21 Nyota Jumpsuit


48 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020





Come summer, the wide leg or slouchy, pyjamastyle pant really comes into its own. You can throw a pair on over a sleek swimsuit for drinks with friends after a day at the beach, or dress them way up with a silky tank and heels. There’s just something so appealingly louche about a wide leg pant - an effortless chic we can all get on board with. A wide leg pant has become a staple in the wardrobes of fans of Vicki Taylor’s taylor label, with the Station Pant making a beautiful new addition. With an elasticated waistband and drawstring offering comfort, no aesthetics were sacrificed with the wide, straight leg shape and full length.

Ruby Cruise Linen Pantsuit

www.taylorboutique.co.nz Knuefermann’s Poolside Pant is also a beautiful option, and available in several shades as one pair is definitely not enough! Throw these on with a bikini top or bandeau and lounge poolside, cocktail in hand, or add a white tank and sneakers and hit the streets. Gorgeous as lounge pants or pyjamas too, they are made in New Zealand and make for great gifts. (HELENE RAVLICH)

taylor Station Pant

TK Poolside Pant


PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 49



BY NATALIE’S NATALIE NORMAN Over the last few years many of us have been learning to embrace the concept of cocooning, and creating a space we love within the four walls of our homes. This truly came to the fore with the arrival of Covid-19, which saw us all spending long periods of time at home and learning to appreciate our surroundings and what we can bring to them. It also saw many of us opting for loungewear over our usual wardrobe, and thankfully we’re lucky in New Zealand to have some beautiful, ethicallyminded brands offering great options when it comes to what to wear during our downtime.

A brand that emerged at the end of the second lockdown that I have fallen head over heels for is by Natalie, a New Zealand made, sleep and loungewear label created by self-confessed ‘sleep connoisseur’, Natalie Norman. Natalie comes from a long line of sleep connoisseurs, growing up in a family that is still the largest mattress manufacturer in Australasia. “I spent my childhood growing up around factories and loved being there,” she says. “I started working in the sewing line when I was 14. It was a fun hobby that came naturally to me, and in a way, lead me to where I am today.” Natalie spent the bulk of her sleep career focusing on pillows, quilts and other sleep supportive products for both adults and children, and she is also the founder of Growbright, a child-focused sleep business that provides safe sleeping products for babies and young children. Her own sleepwear line was always her dream however, and over the past year she has been working with a talented team of local artisans and businesses to make that dream come true. The brand’s debut collection features super soft pieces in classic silhouettes designed to make women feel chic while still being

50 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

incredibly comfortable. They also are more than elegant enough to wear all day long, and sitting alongside the sleepwear is a range of pillows and pillow toppers for the ultimate great night’s sleep whatever your preferred position. With the environment top of mind, the fibres in her pillows are created from old plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and where possible, the foam used comes from offcuts that would otherwise be discarded. The sleepwear designs themselves have been carefully crafted to drape beautifully and accentuate the body’s natural curves, and are made from light-weight, durable fabrics that are a dream to sleep in while also being environmentally conscious. The sleepwear was extensively wear-tested by Natalie and her right hand woman, Sophie - both of whom spent the first lockdown period washing and re-washing, wearing and wearing again until they got things exactly right. When I ask which is her favourite piece from the collection she laughs and admits it’s always changing, “but I have to say the nightshirt dress is something I always come back to as I can throw it on in the morning and over a swimsuit”. She is also a big fan of the Amelia Button Up Night Shirt and matching shorts, which are created using a fabric blend that includes Tencel, a sustainable fibre that feels wonderfully luxurious on the skin. It also supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, making it perfect for this time of year. People are investing more time in feeling good at home, and for Natalie, when she puts on her sleepwear she instantly feels that little more glamorous. “That moment when the kids have gone to bed and it’s finally safe to put on a white dress,” she laughs, “and when I feel like I’m doing something just for me.” When we met she was working on the Winter 21 collection, which will sport a slightly different colour palette than the soft nudes and silvery greys of the just-launched range. There will also be new trims and tweaked shapes, and most definitely more of the same beautiful silhouettes that are just so easy to love. (HELENE RAVLICH)  PN www.bynatalie.co.nz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)




Diamond flower stud earrings

Carbonated dress rings

18ct white and yellow gold flowers stack dress rings

Carbonated pendants

18ct white gold diamond double Hidden Heart pendant

18ct yellow and white gold diamond dress ring

18ct gold diamond butterfly drop earrings

18ct white and yellow gold flowers stack dress ring

Tutti Frutti drop earrings




25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland, CBD, 09 309 5145



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Botanica – U/W Top and High Waist Pant $160.00

The Moontide team at the Williamson Ave flagship store invite Ponsonby News readers in for a personal fitting to find their perfect summer outfit for the season.

Ponsonby News readers receive a stylish Shirt Dress as a gift with every purchase when you mention this article.

MOONTIDE BRINGS TIMELESS ELEGANCE AND STYLE FOR SUMMER This summer season, time-honoured New Zealand swimwear brand Moontide, offer their familiar brand of classic style and sophistication for our sacred sunny shores.

Botanica is an update on a classic palm print giving a beautiful style in super-feminine shapes. The graphic and bold mono palm of Bora Bora adds a refined sense of luxe on textured fabric which also brings an added air of longevity and quality.

For a summer that promises lots of hot sunny days on our beautiful free and open beaches, the team at Moontide have delivered another great collection and are ready to welcome you into their spacious store to browse the range and have a professional fitting to find the perfect outfit for the season.

Contours – V Front Ruched Suit $109.00

Lombok – U/W Wrap Top and V Pant $135.00

Latitude brings an elegant textured stripe in classic navy, white and putty colours while the easy to wear trim tankini in bold black and white is perfect for pairing with shorts for the more active relaxers.

For those who love a pop of colour on the beach or poolside, Lombok offers a bright vibrant Balinese floral with luxurious aqua with bright pops of red and saffron. With mixed scales and detailing, Luna Garden is a modern take on the perennial black and white mono print. The almost stencilled florals keep it fresh and relevant for the season.

Latitude – Soft Cup Tank Suit $139.99

The latest collection sets a classic tone and offers something for every woman to feel beach confident this summer:

24 Williamson Avenue T: 09 218 8780, www.moontide.com

52 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020


Luna Garden High-neck Suit

VISIT OUR FLAGSHIP STORE 24 WILLIAmSOn AVE GREy Lynn PH: 09 218 8780 moontide.com


PIKOLINOS - PELMAN Naturally tanned leather

EVALUNA - ELRICA Premium Italian leather

MIKKO SHOES IS HERE FOR SUMMER! We’re excited to have Mikko Shoes in the area this summer with their sale pop-up store in Jervois Road.

HOGL – GENESIS Genuine cork heel

If you haven’t visited a Mikko store before, they’re a family owned business that offer an extensive range of European quality shoes. Each pair of shoes is selected to make sure they deliver on quality, style and value, plus comfort – they’re non-negotiable for every style they stock. They have a huge range of divine European brands, including Pikolinos, Ecco, Gabor, Arche, Ara, Kanna, Hispanitas and more. ZINDA - ZIZI Quality Spanish craftsmanship

The Mikko pop up store in Herne Bay has up to 70% off RRP so absolutely worth a visit! PN Check out some of our top picks.  MIKKO SHOES, 170A Jervois Road, T: 09 972 2358, www.mikkoshoes.nz

Only while stocks last.

NEW to Herne Bay

Corner of 170A Jervois Rd & Admore Rd 54 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

Herne Bay

09 972 2358 PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)



Pure Botanical Fragrance range

Essential Oil Candle 003 Flore

Essential Oil Candle 001 Terrafirma

Essential Oil Candle 004 Sanctus

PURE BOTANICAL FRAGRANCE by Vanessa Megan Workshop is excited to announce the exclusive arrival of Sydney based label, Vanessa Megan organic perfumes and candles to Workshop. Vanessa is known for her uncompromising commitment to clean, synthetic free skincare and Vanessa Megan is considered an Australian pioneer and leader in certified organic skincare. Vanessa Megan is available in Workshop Newmarket and Ponsonby.

Hawaiian Tiger Camp Collar Shirt - Beige

Blue Deco Shorts

Orange Ripple Shorts

Hawaiian Tiger Shorts - Black

Bandana Shorts

Hawaiian Tiger Camp Collar Shirt - Black

BATHER Launched in 2013, Bather have created the perfect poolside complement to a well-curated closet of essentials quality surf and swim products with a street-inspired approach that can be worn on or off the beach. Bather is available in all Workshop stores and online now.

WORKSHOP, Ponsonby, 74 Mackelvie Street, T: 09 361 3727, Newmarket, 18 Morrow Street, T: 09 524 6844, www.workshop.co.nz


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䴀攀氀愀 倀甀爀搀椀攀


You may have seen the beautiful Black Matter Jewellery store in the old fire station at 182 Ponsonby Road. Black Matter owners, Amy Cunningham & Benjamin Clark, launched their beautiful flagship store in Auckland earlier this year.

Available now in the Black Matter flagship store at 182 Ponsonby are the foundation signet rings to view.

Now the pair have added custom signet rings to the store, bringing a tasteful combination of contemporary and classic design to the Auckland region.

People can select their preferred top shape, precious metal and type of engraving. Engravings range from family crests, to monograms, logos or initials.

The signet rings are custom made by Benjamin and his fabulous team of jewellers in their Nelson workshop.

Each custom ring is then handcrafted and laser engraved in Nelson.

“We have been creating signet rings for some time now through our other brand, Benjamin Black, and the demand has been incredible,” says Benjamin. “We decided to introduce Signet Rings by Benjamin Black to the Black Matter store in Ponsonby, as many of our signet ring customers are based in Auckland, so it made perfect sense.”

“Hannah, Estelle and our amazing team can show you the designs and walk you through the process. Having a unique and personalised ring that carries meaning is truly special. Our rings are all handmade in solid gold, platinum or sterling silver - made by hand and made to last.” Order your custom signet ring by Benjamin Black at their store located in the old Ponsonby fire station building.  PN

Cushion Gold 3D

Square Silver 2D

Shield Rose Gold 3D

Oval Platinum 2D

BLACK MATTER JEWELLERY, 182 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 360 0726, www.blackmatter.co.nz

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ROSS THORBY: TAMAKI MAKAURAU - ‘DESIRED BY MANY’ Unless you have experienced it yourself you can’t really appreciate what a buzz it is to arrive into our fair city by sea. Tamaki Makaurau - ‘desired by many’. Nor can you appreciate how lucky we are to be able to berth at the bottom of our main street when most ports around the world have to accommodate today’s ‘family-sized’ and ‘super -sized’ ships miles out of town where the most scenic part of their berth is multi-coloured, highstacked shipping containers blocking the view.

our economy will far outweigh the alternatives. Hopefully this will include the Queen Mary 2 that Cunard has refused to bring back due to its only option of ‘hovering’ out in our fair harbour for the day - not entirely environmentally friendly - which is, after all, the very image we strive to portray - ‘100% Pure’.

A few years ago the dilemma of berthing the odd supersized ship calling into Auckland brought about squeals of protest at extending Queens Wharf, or even, God forbid, planting a concrete pile into the harbour to accommodate those floating cash cows. The exorbitant cost, which blew out at every reporting, did seem to be out of proportion to the number of times they were needed, so I have to admit some sympathy on my part - I may also admit to holding the odd placard at the time.

And we need to be ready - for if we build it why wouldn’t they come?

But have you noticed? No one has mentioned the ‘Dolphin’ for ages, protests about the wharf extensions have diminished and we have heard not one hoot from the ‘Stop Stealing Our Harbour’ contingent in months. After the debacle of the proposed wharf extension and the subsequent ‘Dolphin solution’, the rally, the protests, our mayor turning pale at the mention of the word - things have gone awfully quiet and the Resource Consent obtained to build the $17m Dolphin has (apparently) been binned – hopefully never to be recycled. But I bear good news. There are plans afoot to satisfy all - including the most vehement of harbour protectors. A compromise plan has been proposed that should satisfy both critics and those relying on the financial windfall the cruise industry brings to our much loved Tamaki Makaurau.

There is no reason why cruising cannot return to our shores in eyewatering numbers once Covid has become history. We were, up until recently, part of the largest growing cruise market in the industry and we live in a part of the world that fascinates the less travelled Americans and Europeans who consider our position on the other side of the planet to be somewhat exotic, and where the scenery, in their minds rightly or wrongly, consists of a Tolkien like landscape and the site of many battles with Middle Earth Orcs. We need to be ready for them, and now while things are in hiatus we should be working on our master plan. This sounds like a perfect ‘Shovel Ready Project’ to me - if only we could find someone to loosen the purse strings and find a shovel. Ports of Auckland hold an open weekend each year which is a great opportunity for the people of Auckland and the Ports to begin healing some wounds and to realise that we need each other. Come and give them the once over on Saturday 31 January 2021, and ask them about the new PN plan. (ROSS THORBY)  roscoesseafever.blogspot.com

If you have been in Quay Street lately, having negotiated the sea of orange cones and the labyrinth of wire barriers then peered through the railings of the big red fence, you will see just between Bledisloe and Captain Cook Wharfs, the sad remains of Marsden Wharf. Its rotting carcass abandoned, unclaimed - an ugly eyesore. Now only fit for the seagulls resting there, it awaits the fruition of a new plan that will see it demolished, and replaced, to sport the shiny ocean going hulls of whatever behemoths that have survived the Covidean landscape of 2020. Tastefully berthed alongside a bright and shiny new cruise terminal, they will be positioned - enviably to the rest of the world, at the feet of the City of Sails. The new reconditioned Bledisloe Wharf and Large Ship Facility will help increase our Port’s total capacity to at least four cruise ships during the course of a day, and also service more cargo ships satisfying our stumbling, but recovering economy. To offer the steady and land-based option of a solid wharf will encourage today’s larger ships to reconsider visiting Auckland and the benefits to

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Luke Crockford Connecting PEOPLE with PROPERTY

Selling Grey Lynn and surrounds 021 277 8565 | luke.crockford@raywhite.com @LukeCrockfordRealEstate


Ray White Damerell Group Ltd (Licensed REAA 2008)



Established in 2012, Eddie and his team have earned a reputation for delivering the highest standard of service, commitment and quality workmanship, covering all your commercial, residential and rental property requirements. PAINTING + BUILDING + GIB STOPPING + PLUMBING + ELECTRICAL + ROOFING

HAVE A PROJECT? CALL FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Call 021 062 9104 Email eddie@reidpropertyservices.co.nz Visit reidpropertyservices.co.nz

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AUCKLAND - CITY OF WHALES You’re standing on the bow of a catamaran, feeling the tang of salt in the air as dolphins leap and glide effortlessly below. Seabirds whirl overhead before plummeting into the depths. A puff of spray up ahead signals an even more exciting encounter – an enormous whale is surfacing, slowly raising a flipper as it rolls back into the water. And all of this within sight of the city skyline. As Aucklanders we have a taonga right on our doorstep – the Hauraki Gulf. This ecologically significant marine park covers an area of 1.2 million hectares and contains over 50 islands. But aside from the odd trip to Waiheke or Rangitoto, for many of us it remains largely unexplored. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari offers a unique chance to go whale watching direct from downtown Auckland and experience the beauty and abundant marine life of the Hauraki Gulf. Common and bottlenose dolphins, a wide range of seabirds, and the critically endangered Bryde’s whale call these waters home, while regular visitors include orca and migratory whales, like pygmy blue whales and humpbacks.

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Conservation and marine research are at the forefront of this 4.5-hour eco-safari. The crew carry out research during the trip, providing valuable data to DOC and a range of research institutions. A portion of every ticket sale goes directly to marine conservation initiatives. You’ll leave the cruise feeling inspired to help protect our oceans. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari offers a marine mammal sighting guarantee: if you don’t see dolphins or whales during your safari, you’ll receive a complimentary voucher (which never expires) to cruise again for free. Cruises depart Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and twice a day on weekends from Viaduct Harbour, close to public transport and parking options.  PN Visit whalewatchingauckland.com to book.


Whale & Dolphin Watching Join us aboard New Zealand’s most interactive marine safari for breathtaking encounters with an incredible variety of whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, seals, rare seabirds and more!

Head out on the sheltered waters of the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour – just minutes from the CBD – to explore one of the world’s most abundant and diverse marine ecosystems. Participate in research conducted by your marine biologist hosts and be inspired to become a guardian of our oceans.





MINKE WHALES / STINGRAYS / HUMPBACK WHALES / MAKO SHARKS / MANTA RAYS / PILOT WHALES BRONZE WHALER SHARKS / FLYING FISH / EAGLE RAYS / MOON JELLYFISH / WHITE FRONTED TERNS / LION’S MANE JELLYFISH *Sightings rates vary by season – if you don’t see any marine mammals, we’ll issue you a no-expiry voucher to visit us again.



EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY KitchenAid stand mixer from Milly’s Kitchen, Ponsonby millyskitchen.co.nz

A CHRISTMAS TO SUSTAIN YOU The art of giving this year seems inextricably linked to finding ways to be kind; kind to each other, kind to our communities and kind to our environment. It’s a Christmas for sustaining ourselves and thriving with good times, good people and good things. Our local communities are full of businesses and people who ensure the act of making sustainable choices is a joy. Shopping sustainably doesn’t need to be at the sacrifice of fun or the occasional indulgence, in fact, there is even room for a little extravagance. Christmas shopping with this mindset just adds to the satisfying feeling of a great retail session.

environmentally friendly. “It’s hard to go past a stylish Frank Green reusable coffee cup. Buying practical, plastic free, low waste products is easier than ever.” She also suggests people can think beyond just the gift and think about how they package it. “You can get creative by wrapping gifts with reusable fabric or bento style wraps. Sustainability doesn’t have to end with the gift,” enthuses Josie.

No matter where we looked and who we asked, our neighbourhood businesses and retail professionals had great sustainable gift ideas and Christmas hacks to share. Whether it’s creative ideas to do things differently or bigger budget group buys, there’s a little something for everyone.

With a few weeks to go until Christmas there’s still time to shop. Shut the Front Door’s Christmas hours are 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. 10am – 5pm Sundays.

SUSTAINABLE PERSONAL CARE GIFTS Shut the Front Door at the Three Lamps end of Ponsonby Road has a range of ethical, sustainable and eco friendly products that their super helpful staff can give you the full run down on. One of their recommendations are the delicious smelling Ethique shampoo and conditioner bars. There are no plastic bottles to worry about recycling or going into landfill. The hair bars have low impact packaging and come in formulations to suit every hair type and they last for ages. #GiveUptheBottle is the brand mantra of this incredible homegrown business that aims to do its part to rid the world of the harmful waste plastic bottles cause. So far the company has prevented eight million bottles from entering landfill. All the Ethique products use biodegradable, sustainably harvested ingredients and packaging, are cruelty and palm oil free and are made in New Zealand. Of course the big question is, ‘do these hair bars do the trick?’ Will you be giving the gift of glorious healthy looking hair and luscious locks when you add these to your Santa sack? The answer from my experience is yes! Shiny luscious and healthy tresses need not come at the cost of the environment so this is a gift that could change behaviours, save the planet, and make every day a good hair day. Josie, store manager at Shut the Front Door, Ponsonby has another sustainable giving suggestion that is beautiful, affordable and

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Sustainable gifts from Shut The Front Door, Ponsonby www.shutthefrontdoor.co.nz



FOR THE LITTLE ONE It’s always satisfying when products are as beautiful and good for people as they are for the planet and environment. It’s a combination that Nature Baby has successfully maintained for over 20 years, ensuring the world our children grow up in is as pure, beautiful and chemical-free as possible. This year Nature Baby has a holiday edit of sustainable summer essentials to make it even easier to buy gifts for little ones that will love them through the long hot summer ahead. Their organic terry towelling and cotton basics are perfect for beach days and poolside fun. The beauty of Nature Baby clothes is that everything you buy lasts and lasts and lasts. We know of body suits and onesie’s that have been passed around whanau for the last 16 years and still look great. Their classic style and amazing quality make them coveted baby pieces to be passed down and around among family and friends. From the Tilly suit in the gorgeous kohwai pattern, to the Kitty suit in the playful dragonfly or seahorse print, generations of little ones will look and feel wonderful in the sun. Days on the beach in the wide open clean air with the smell of the sea washing over you are likely to be a popular tonic for what has been a challenging year. What better way could there be to rebuild your worldview (or just help your little ones build) than to make sand castles with an entirely eco-friendly bucket and spade? The Mibo compact bucket, sieve and spade kit in three fun designs is the perfect stocking filler. Made with Algoblend® from brown seaweed collected in France, it ensures you won’t be bringing any harmful plastics to the beach with you when you go. QUALITY IS AN HEIRLOOM IN THE KITCHEN Being busy is synonymous with the Christmas season and getting busy in the kitchen over this time is something many of us look forward to, and for some it’s a great way to relax. Cooking, baking and sharing foodie creations is a practical and perfect way to show your love and Milly’s in Three Lamps has an abundance of choices and ways to help you achieve this. Part of Milly’s charm is it’s commitment to heritage brands that are designed to last a lifetime or longer. “Many of our products are expected to last for generations making them pretty sustainable,” says Liz Oldfield of Milly’s. As well as traditional heritage brands like KitchenAid, Demeyer and Le Creuset, Milly’s also has a number of eco kitchen products that continue their environmentally friendly kitchen theme.

Carry Your Own Cutlery set from Milly’s Kitchen, Ponsonby millyskitchen.co.nz

“I particularly like our new Zip Top silicone containers, our ‘Carry Your Own’ Cutlery, and our latest range of water bottles,” says Liz. Another of Liz’s top picks is the book ‘Use it All, The Cornersmith guide to a more sustainable kitchen’. By the original waste warriors Alex Elliott and Jaimee Edwards, it’s a book that will help you buy less, waste less, save money and get more from what you’ve got.

Use It All from Milly’s Kitchen, Ponsonby millyskitchen.co.nz

Le Creuset cookware from Milly’s Kitchen, Ponsonby millyskitchen.co.nz

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The Caker recipe books and Cake Kits www.thecaker.co.nz

LET THEM EAT CAKE! It isn’t hard to find ways to be both indulgent and sustainable. Jordan Rondel, founder of The Caker, has a range of four wonderful recipe books as well as a selection of incredibly easy cake kits that make it easy to give guilt free luxury this Christmas. The books are filled with recipes that look as divine and delicious on the page as they will be to eat. “My freshly updated line of cake kits are perhaps even more fun to receive as gifts,” says Jordan. “You get to bake a Caker quality cake in the comfort of your own home. The kits are sustainable with everything you need to make a cake, minus a few fresh ingredients inside the box ensuring there is barely any waste. You can even reuse the silver boxes.”

MORE THAN MINDFUL FASHION From beautifully crafted, sustainably made diaries, to the make-andcreate fun of the Liam pattern collection, Ruby takes environmentally friendly style and creative collaboration to an uber fashionable level. Not content to just make fashion mindful, Ruby is enabling people to experience the satisfaction of producing their own timeless Ruby dresses, tops and pant suits. Liam pattern designer, Emily Miller-Sharma believes everything is circular and has created a series of timeless patterns for people to experiment with as well as a series of ‘Offcut Designs’, to give you ways to make use of any spare or left over fabric. Check out their free, downloadable pdf Lil’ Pouch or Sleek Mask patterns. “I truly believe that the future is circular! And so circular considerations underpin all decisions made throughout this collection’s design and production process,” says Emily.

Their collaboration with Made of Tomorrow, a New Zealand sustainable design company has resulted in the beautiful Ruby 2021 diary. An attractive and useful gift that will be a year long companion that people will love to use to keep track of their lives and plans. In signature RUBY pink this diary is 100% New Zealand made and totally environmentally friendly from start to finish. The cover is constructed from five recycled coffee cups via the CupCyling initiative, the internal pages are from FSC-Certified paper and even the gold embossing on the cover is completely recyclable. If you are looking for a gift that will last the test of time, the Ruby Resort 2020 Tides collection has pieces that will uplift the spirits of anyone who wears them. Bandeau maxi dresses, luscious summer linens and fun crop tops paired with wide leg pants are some of the beautiful styles that will stay fresh and current for summer after summer. Designer, Deanna Didovich explains that the Tides collection is all about creating silhouettes that accentuate the body’s natural curves and colours that are charming and optimistic. “It’s a vibrant collection, full of stand-out prints, playful silhouettes and uplifting colours. All the makings of a carefree season soaked into a wardrobe fit for an unforgettable summer,” says Deanna. From Ponsonby Road and Mackelvie Street to Jervois Road, Richmond Road and beyond there are so many retailers who are offering shoppers lasting quality and sustainable choices. Forget the car, stroll up and down the many streets packed with character filled boutiques and keep your carbon footprint small. There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to help keep you sustained along the way. One tip for a slightly indulgent and delicious shopping pick-me-up is to stop for an espresso martini at SPQR – it’s decadent, delicious and an extremely practical way to maintain your shopping productivity.

From left; Ruby Diary and Liam pattern collection from Ruby, Ponsonby www.rubynz.com

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Legend has it that IPA was the answer to the problem of providing beer for the British Troops in the East. The voyage to India could be tough on perishable beers. In the 1780s a London brewer sent a heavily hopped beer called October Ale to India. The long journey transformed the beer into a wonderful drink and gained the name Indian Pale Ale (IPA). Craft beers second biggest growth period was during the 2000’s with IPA’s as the most popular craft beer style in 2011: the beer that was invented in Britain for the Indian market, revived by Americans, and by brewers worldwide, including brewers here in New Zealand. India Pale Ale (IPA)- Modern IPAs have a strong, hoppy and bitter taste and contain higher levels of hops, which give this style of beer more of a citrus and floral flavour profile. These characteristics make IPAs incredibly refreshing. Ales - A pint of ale has been around since medieval times and is regarded as a major source of nutrition and hydration. Ales are brewed by fermentation for shorter periods of time and produce a fruity flavour and scent profile. Hazy Beer - This ale is hazy because it is not filtered like other beers and is infused with twice the hops later in the brewing process, which adds to the haze and fruity aroma. Amber Ale - Amber ales is a label describing most beers that were neither pale ales or dark beers. Amber ale adapted into a unique style of its own with a pronounced caramel toffee flavour caused by adding additional malts to the mix. Brown Ales - Modern day brown ales are all about the rich, nutty, caramel flavours created by adding a variety of darker specialty malts.


Porters & Stouts - Porters and stouts have been a proud British beer staple dating back as far as 1677. Favoured for its seductively creamy head, they carry the perfect balance between bitterness and sweet hints of coffee on the nose and palate. Wheat Ales - Beer can also be brewed by substituting barley with wheat, which was a common brewing technique dating as far back as the origins of beer itself. The higher protein content of wheat beer gives this ale style a light and cloudy appearance. Sour Beer - Sour beers are brewed to hold a tart, sour or mildly acidic taste. This sour characteristic comes from wild yeasts and bacteria during barrel storage. Fruit is added during the aging process to create distinct flavour tones. Lagers - This style of beer is brewed using a similar process as with ale but using a chilled temperature tank for longer periods of time with a specialty lager yeast, believed to have originated around the 15th century. Our selection of 24 craft beers are waiting for you at The Brewers Room in Ponsonby Central. To welcome you on this journey of discovery, we have a 25% discount voucher on a Brewers Room Tasting Box with 8 tasting glasses of craft beer. Our brew crew will guide you through this tasting experience. Like and follow us on our Instagram and Facebook for latest updates and events and for our upcoming Quiz Nights.  PN THE BREWERS ROOM, Ponsonby Central, T: 09 302 0937, www.thebrewersroom.co.nz



6 Brown Street Ponsonby

Tucked away in the heart of Ponsonby central lies your Boutique Craft Beer Destination. Pouring only the best NZ Craft Beers available on our consistently changing selection, 24 taps of fresh craft beer. You’ll be like a kid in a lolly shop selecting your next

craft beer experience which changes every time a new keg is tapped. Sample our accompanying fish & chip menu. Cosy up in our relaxed ambient location and enjoy the premium experience that The Brewers Room offers in the heart of Ponsonby Central.

Available for Private Functions and Group Bookings

@ Craftontap@thebrewersroom.co.nz

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ALL ABOUT PROSECCO So, is the grape variety used to make Prosecco, Prosecco? It was and still is, though it has been renamed Glera. There are lots of hypotheses as to why the name was changed and a fair amount of controversy – Italians you know, there needs to be a long discussion. The variety itself is a very old Italian one dating back to Roman times and traced to the town of Prosecco in Trieste, Northern Italy.

The law has once again changed and this year it has been announced that Prosecco Rosé will be allowed. With global sales of Rosé and Prosecco so strong, the wine world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of these wines into markets worldwide. It is close now and when they do arrive, there is a set of clear regulations:

To make the sparkling wine that we have become very familiar with around the world, the Charmat method is used. The base wine is made by pressing the grapes and fermenting the juice to make a wine. The next step is a second fermentation, which, when sparkling wine is made by the Champagne method, occurs in the bottle. The Champagne method is referred to as méthode traditionnelle and is used around the world (including in Italy, in Franciacorta). For the Charmat method, the second fermentation (the one that creates the bubbles in a sparkling wine) takes place in a stainless-steel tank that is sealed (to capture the bubbles).

• The variety must be Glera with 10 – 15% Pinot Nero. The red variety will be pressed, and the wine made without contact from the skins, ensuring the colour will be pale.

Prosecco wine was awarded a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) in 1969, however the area recognised at this stage was quite small. Since then there have been many changes as the popularity of Prosecco soared around the world. In 2009 the laws around Prosecco production and the DOC changed, and a new classification came in. At this point the areas that could produce DOC changed and the denomination for DOCG was introduced. The additional ‘G’ on the classification standing for Garantita, a guarantee of quality. It was also from this point forward that the variety used was known as Glera, and that Rosé Prosecco was excluded from the classification. Wines could be made into Rosé and produced in the same way as Prosecco, but as they fell outside the classification they would be called Rosé Spumante. Essentially, Italian Sparkling Rosé.

• Prosecco Rosé must be vintage dated, rather than a non-vintage style. • All Prosecco Rosé will be DOC, leaving the prestigious DOCG areas for the top white production. • The time that the wine must spend in vat will be a minimum of 60 days, which is double that of Prosecco. All very interesting regulations that will see the Prosecco Rosé landing on our shelves qualitative in nature. With much change afoot, do you need to be cautious and ensure that you are buying Prosecco Rosé under the new regulation and not Rosé Sparkling wine from Italy, made from Glera before the law changed? The style of these new wines will be different, and one expects the quality to be sound given the regulations. Better than Rosé Sparkling from Italy? Not necessarily, but helpful to ensure that pink wines that essentially are Prosecco Rosé can be called that – yes, for sure.  PN www.glengarrywines.co.nz

Prosecco’s Golden Sparkle

is This Summer GLENGARRY.CO.NZ | 0800 733 505 | SALES@GLENGARRY.CO.NZ

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FACES AT GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET Most Sundays at the market you can find Andy Chiang and his partner, Enas, serving beautifully presented raw vegan ‘cheesecakes’. Where did you grow up? Right here in Auckland! My parents immigrated from Taiwan when I was two years old and I have been here ever since. How did you end up starting a food business? Although I’ve always had an interest in food and cooking, it wasn’t until I became plant-based that I really started dabbling in the culinary arts. Veganism is a cause that makes a lot of sense to me. I think you really have to chase those opportunities that combine passion and purpose. Did you go to culinary school? I actually majored in Economics when I went to University. The last time I got any formal food training was during Intermediate in Food Tech.

How do you develop your recipes? First we think what the main flavours should be, then what the texture should be like, and then try to figure out how much fruit, nuts, and good stuff we can stuff in it. People are often surprised to know that the biggest challenge is getting the texture right. Also, we try to make our products as accessible as possible, so do away with common allergens. People are often happy to find our products also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free. Has there been much to learn starting a food business? Heaps! There are lots of regulations in the food industry, and rightfully so. Designing a website and setting up social media were interesting challenges. There’s a lot to running a profitable business. Being proficient in Excel has probably been the most useful skill I’ve learnt, especially for record-keeping.

How did you learn? Youtube University! Well I think I’ve watched enough videos to earn a degree at least. Having friends that are willing to eat whatever you make and happy to tell you every reason it sucks helps too.

Where did your Fat Carrot brand name come from? We were tossing possible names around and it just stuck. Soon after, a friend drafted a prototype logo and we knew that was it, even though I sometimes feel a bit silly saying the brand name out loud. We also wanted a disarming name that juxtaposed the austerity that is often associated with being vegan.

What about cooking shows? I’ve never watched a cooking show; not the ones where they compete against each other. Honestly, the idea that food can have a competitive side gives me anxiety!

Have you had any surprising experiences at the market? We have noticed that customers direct questions about the products to my partner, Enas. They naturally assume that she is the baker - not me, the Asian male. It always makes us laugh.

Were nutritional considerations part of your motivation? Not initially, but if you can make food that is both tasty and good for you, why not?

And do you get time for any hobbies? I’m a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to hobbies. I love learning new things. Running a business and finding time for other stuff is a balance I have yet to strike. I’m constantly working on it though.  PN www.fatcarrot.co.nz

GREY LYNN FARMERS MARKET @ the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Road, www.glfm.co.nz

Sunday mornings at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 510 Richmond Road 68 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020


character and full flavours


Refreshing – Crisp – Complex

Minimal dosage allows the wine to sparkle and

Photography Josh Griggs

shine itself

210 SYMONDS STREET T: 09 377 1911 www.sidatthefrenchcafe.co.nz

94 POINTS CAMERON DOUGLAS Find us at Farro Fresh & Caros Wines www.squawkingmagpie.co.nz



Photography Greta Kenyon

When you dine with us, the focus is on freshly prepared classic dishes, featuring an excellent range of pasta, seafood, meats and our pizza classics.


OPEN CHRISTMAS EVE & NEW YEAR’S EVE 5 Fort Lane, CBD T: 09 379 9702 cassiarestaurant.co.nz

We also offer our pasta dishes to takeaway, phone for details or check our website for the menu. 263 PONSONBY RD, THREE LAMPS, 09 361 1556 www.gustoitaliano.co.nz

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Bottle aging for two years creates



PHIL PARKER: CHRISTMAS CRACKERS Here we go folks! Warmer temperatures herald the arrival of summer and thus the NZ Christmas and New Year holiday season will soon be upon us. Special celebrations call for special wines to share with your best friends and family so I’ve gone all-out and hand picked eight stunning sparkling wines for this December’s wine column. Here’s some fab fizz for your best bubble buddies. Enjoy and Season’s Greetings! Vicar’s Choice Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2020 - $17 Fab fun fizz! A carbonated savvie fruit bomb with lots of personality. Slightly sweet and bursting with fruity passionfruit and gooseberry. A great party starter. Available: Glengarry. No 1 Family Estate Marlborough Assemblé NV - $33 Pale apricot blush colour, fine beaded bubbles. A blend of chardonnay and pinot noir (60/40). Mouth filling with rich flavours of pear, nougat, Mum’s apple pie and stone fruit with a dry mineral tangy finish. Available: Glengarry. No 1 Family Estate Rosé Marlborough NV - $45 Made from 100% pinot noir, this is a salmon pink bubbly with aromas of red apple skin, brioche and marzipan. In the mouth it has a rich and complex palate of cherry/almond, a hint of strawberry and a tangy yeasty mid-palate with a dry, mineral finish. Available: Glengarry. No 1 Family Estate Marlborough Adèle Cuvée 2013 - $240 Dedicated to Daniel Le Brun’s charming wife Adèle. The bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals and is presented in a black box with built-in lighting! 80% chardonnay/20% pinot noir blend with aromas of citrus blossom and stone fruit, and a hint of yeasty brioche. Delicately beaded bubbles and palate of crisp minerality with a hint of marmalade, peach and nougat. Crisp and lengthy finish with a tad of clover honey. Available: Glengarry. Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blanc NV - $130 The wines of Maison Billecart-Salmon are created from 100 hectares in Champagne, France. Grapes are sourced from an area totalling 300 hectares

FESTIVE COMPETITION Dhall & Nash are offering a complimentary Billecart tasting at Dhall & Nash, College Hill for the first eight readers who answer the following: What is the name of the small village in Champagne which is home to Maison Billecart-Salmon?

across 40 crus of the Champagne region. Local Ponsonby importers Dhall & Please email me at Nash are the agents for this phil.parker@xtra.co.nz small family label that extends by Tuesday 15 December 2020 back to 1818 when Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon established their family winery. This Blanc de Blanc was made from 100% chardonnay. Frothy mousse. Not quite bone dry on the palate, but creamy and rich with a hint of almond croissant, lemon curd and clover honey. Beautifully balanced. Available: Fine Wine Delivery Co. Billecart-Salmon Brut Nature NV - $93 Yeasty, mineral nose. A bone dry classic elegant Champagne style. Mineral and flinty with a yeasty brioche, and a hint of mandarin citrus. Clean and crisp. Available: Pt. Chev Organic Wines, www.blackmarket.co.nz Billecart-Salmon Sous Bois NV - $127.50 Made from classic Champagne grapes: chardonnay, pinot noir and meuniere – in equal proportions. Fermented in oak barrels. A crisp and assertive wine which will appeal to sauvignon blanc fans. Citrus, stone fruit, apple cider and yeasty palate. Available: Fine Wine Delivery Co., www.blackmarket.co.nz Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV - $149.90 Pale copper colour. Aromas of yeasty fresh bread. Dry but rich and complex palate of sour cherry, a hint of savoury mushroom. Red berry fruit and a long cherry/berry finish. Superb wine. Available: Pt. Chev Organic Wines, Fine Wine Delivery Co., www.blackmarket.co.nz  PN www.finewinetours.co.nz

FINE WINE & FOOD TOURS “No. 2 Auckland Wine Tour” – TripAdvisor Your host, Phil Parker wine writer. Affordable tours for small and large groups.

E: phil.parker@xtra.co.nz

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DIDA’S WINE LOUNGE AND OUR NEW SUMMER MENU Glengarry Wines history leads back to their original site at 54 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. It was in 1948 that the Government created wine-resellers licenses in an effort to assist local winemakers. Josef Jakicevich was quick to see the potential, and applied and was granted one of the first two licenses issued in Auckland for the greengrocer that he had opened the previous year at the corner of Jervois Road and Blake Street. The licence however was very restrictive. Retailers were only permitted to sell New Zealand wine; they had to stock twelve wines besides their own, and were not permitted to sell less than two gallons to a customer - the equivalent of twelve 750 ml bottles. During this period the New Zealand wine industry was dominated by sherry, port, and any number of other fancifully named concoctions. So much has changed. Now the original site on Jervois Road is home to three thriving businesses - Glengarry Wines, Glengarry Spirits and Dida’s Wine Lounge. Dida’s Wine Lounge opened in 2005 and over the years has seen much change, with this year continuing that theme. Post lockdowns, the team have been busy preparing new menus including the current summer one. The style has not changed; it’s all about small plates of food that match well with the vast array of wines we offer. A complete refresh sees some of the most innovative dishes we’ve seen to date. Alongside this, the wine list has also had a makeover but is extensive as ever, with an excellent range by the glass. Speaking of glassware, all wines at Dida’s are served in the excellent German crystal glasses – Eisch. One visit and you’ll quickly notice how nice it is to drink from top quality glasses when out.

The historic nature of this site has a strong link to Glengarry’s heritage. At the helm today you’ll find Angie Jakicevich, and alongside her the very talented Carmen out the front, and Michael heading up the kitchen. Pop in and explore the new menu with a glass of exceptional quality wine. Angie would love to show you through the site and share stories about the family photos - enough to bring you back time and time again. Trust me, they are brilliant. Through December we’d love to see you in the Wine Lounge and take bookings for functions and events. Touch base and we can talk you through our wonderful offering.  PN DIDA’S, 60 Jervois Road, T: 09 376 2813, www.didaswinelounge.co.nz

COME IN AND TRY OUR NEW MENU wh e re th e fi n e st wi n e s me et th e i r cul i na r y match


54 JERVOIS RD | 376 2813 | DIDAS .CO. NZ PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 71


MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM PONSONBY INTERNATIONAL FOODCOURT Ponsonby Foodcourt would like to wish our many loyal customers the happiest of Christmas and New Year holidays. Summer weather is a great anecdote to relieve the stress that has unfolded this year. We know it’s been tough and welcome the summer, which is a time to enjoy and chill out. Ponsonby Foodcourt can help take the holiday cooking stress away. While you kick back and enjoy time with friends and family, we can take care of the rest. Take away or dine in, in a very relaxed atmosphere. You can view menus online or go to our website. Selected shops use online delivery services or call directly through to one of our 10 different food outlets.

Travel may not be permitted at the moment but we can bring the food of many countries to you. There are so many different cuisines to chose from: Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Lao, and Indian. The beauty is you don’t all need to eat the same! With the warm weather coming, it’s lovely to sit out on the balcony with a cold drink in hand. The fully licensed bar run by the friendly owner has a wide selection of non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, including freshly squeezed juice. We thank you for your loyal patronage and look forward to seeing you over the holiday season.  PN

PONSONBY INTERNATIONAL FOODCOURT, 106 Ponsonby Road, www.ponsonbyfoodcourt.co.nz

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@ POSTAL SERVICE Postal Service in Grey Lynn has become synonymous within the community for their focus on high quality vegetarian a la carte meals and cabinet food, quality Kokako coffee and exceptional service. The owners of the café, Billy Gao, Kelly Liu and Russell Hodgson are passionate about their business and come from a diverse background in music, hospitality and finance. Starting out eight years ago as the flagship café for Auckland roasters Kokako Organic Coffee, Postal Service continues to fly the flag for the local coffee brand offering a wide range of options, from espresso on their custom-painted La Marzocco machine, to multiple filter coffee options and to that summer essential – Nitro Cold Brew. “The Kokako roastery is only 2 kilometres up the road so we are still close to the action and our shelves are always stocked with freshly roasted Single Origins and blends for your home brewing needs,” says Billy. “We purchased the café over a year ago now and have loved immersing ourselves in the local community, and getting to know all of our regulars. We know that many of our customers view our café as a local meeting spot and it’s amazing how many new friendships have been created over a cup of coffee at Postal Service,” says Russell. “We love the character of the building and the heritage it has as the former local post office.” Although it’s now been many years since NZ Post closed their doors here, locals now drop in for coffee instead of mail and the Postal

Service team are focused on ensuring that they give the Grey Lynn community what they want; consistently good specialty coffee, excellent service and seasonal menus that focus on fresh, local ingredients. All our menu items are vegetarian with vegan options and our most popular dishes are our Huevos Rancheros - blue tortillas served with black beans, fried egg, corn & tomato salsas and topped with goats cheese, and our Agria Hash - served with grilled seasonal greens and topped with a poached egg. “We are committed to quality and only hire the best baristas and chefs to prepare our coffee and food at Postal Service. This is something our customers really care about and it will always be our main focus,” says Kelly. Starting this month Postal Service will be decked out with indoor plants creating a sanctuary of green within the brutalist architecture of the building. All the plants are available to purchase so you can enjoy brunch and then meander home with a new housemate. Postal Service is at your service...

POSTAL SERVICE, 537 Great North Road, T: 09 376 6086, Instagram @postalservice_cafe, www.facebook.com/postalservicecafe

To celebrate the launch of our new summer menu, cut this out and bring it in to Postal Service for a complimentary coffee (or tea) with any main meal! Offer is valid for main menu meals ordered before 10am Expires Feb 28 2021

Serving the local community from 537 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn

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ucked up on a quiet hillside overlooking Little Oneroa, a short stroll to the island village, close to local vineyards, eateries, relaxing beaches and coves.

Waiheke - Laid Back Luxe The Boatshed Hotel

once you get away from the bustling ferries and busy vineyards The Boatshed really feels like a place that it is ok to just do nothing and to take in a slow holiday vibe, wander around the garden, dive into the library of books, quietly enjoy a meal – just sit and be.

The Boatshed Hotel, a collection of buildings in Quietly looking after guests for almost nostalgic seaside forms from 20 years. The kind of place on arrival boatsheds and bungalows, to cottages and viewing that instantly feels like you might have A location that feels towers all offer a different feel just discovered a little secret that no one so far away, and yet so and show like a good bach knows about. close to home. While should, its slow evolution. the borders are closed It’s a place that feels and we have New Zealand to ourselves this summer thoroughly modern and effortlessly timeless, where the it might just be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little little details are highly considered. relaxed, sophisticated “sand between your toes” luxury at this sleepy little gem. Waiheke has always offered a relaxed pace, and

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It’s time to holiday in your own back yard, Waiheke is the perfect summer getaway, walk the beaches, curl up in a comfy nook, relax and unwind.

Summer Offers Book a two night stay December – March and receive dinner one night on us. Family & Friends – Check out The Owners Cottage or Bungalow Exclusive Use for multiple guest accommodation. Stay & Play – Special offers on multiple night stays. See boatshed.co.nz for more details.

EMAIL enquiries@boatshed.co.nz

PHONE Phone:+64 (09) 372 3242

Christmas Gift Vouchers Clients, Family, Loved Ones, perhaps the gift you get to enjoy yourself!



@ BREAD & BUTTER I think of Christmas traditions that endure today, like the tree, the cake, the roast, all of which have their origin in Germany. A key part of celebrating Christmas is the food, and in our bakery we focus on the traditional recipes and baking traditions of both New Zealand and Germany. We make Christmas mince tarts and Christmas cakes, as well as the classic German marzipan stollen, gingerbread houses, and Christmas cookies. Having these treats only at certain times of the year is what makes them so special in our hearts. Stollen is a Christmas loaf of the oldest tradition, first baked at the Saxon Royal Court in 1427, we now bake it at Bread & Butter Bakery in a contemporary form, tweaked especially for the Southern Hemisphere Christmas. Over centuries the ingredients of stollen became richer and richer with the addition of butter and fruit. In 1730, August the Strong, who liked to impress his subjects, ordered the Bakers’ Guild of Dresden to make a giant 1.7-tonne stollen big enough for all 20,000 guests to have a portion to eat. It’s a tradition that continues to this day, although sadly the 586th Dresden Christmas Market has just been cancelled due to the second wave of Covid-19 infections sweeping through Germany.

At Bread & Butter the stollen is not quite as big and is made with organic quark to give it a lighter texture. The yeast leavened – brioche like – the dough is enriched with almonds, nuts, fruit soaked in booze and lots of home made marzipan. Like all the other Bread & Butter breads our stollen is given an extra long fermentation time, which adds to the rich and complex flavour. It’s the perfect surprise to share with loved ones this Christmas, traditional, yet still a little different. And aren’t we so lucky and privileged to be able to look forward to a Christmas with our loved ones and friends? If you’re looking for a way to lift your Christmas shopping spirits as you look for gifts along the strip, pop into Little Bread & Butter in Ponsonby Central - there is little that can beat a good coffee, and a slice of stollen or one of our special Christmas mince tarts when it comes to sustaining the festive shopping spirit. Available at the Little Bread & Butter store in Ponsonby Central as well as the main café and bakery at 34 Westmoreland Street in Grey Lynn.  PN

LITTLE BREAD & BUTTER, T: 09 376 4007, Market 7 Ponsonby Central BREAD & BUTTER BAKERY AND CAFÉ, T: 09 378 9111, 43 Westmoreland Street West www.breadandbutter.nz

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SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 360 2122 www.sidart.co.nz




THE BEST OF HOLIDAY 2020 After a tough year we could all do with a little extra self-care this Christmas, and for many, beauty treats and wellness offerings are much appreciated gifts. I’ve rounded up some of my favourites for the loved ones in your life, benefitting from top to toe.

ghd Deluxe Gift Set

THE GIFT OF GREAT HAIR DAYS Every year come holiday season, ghd really hits one out of the park. Their Christmas collections are always beautifully presented and always unabashedly glamorous - which I love. This year’s collection is inspired by constellations, and comes in a riot of iridescent whites, and deep luxurious midnight blues. At the top of the pile is the incredible ghd Deluxe Gift Set, which comes with an RRP of $650, so definitely for those on Santa’s ‘good’ list! Featuring the iconic ghd platinum+ SMART styler and the new ghd helios professional hairdryer, both dusted with a luxurious white finish and satin gold accent details, they come ready boxed in a luxury vanity case that has to be seen to be believed. They are also offering their iconic styling tools in a variety of beautiful packaging options, such as the ghd platinum+ SMART styler presented in a luxury vanity case all its own.

M.A.C Frosted Fireworks Advent Calendar


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M.A.C always creates beautiful Christmas gifting, and at all sorts of price points depending on your budget. Their 2020 Holiday collection is called Frosted Firework, and it looks as dazzling as it sounds. The line-up celebrates glimmer, shimmer, and shine, and was inspired by ‘the surprise, delight and ambient beauty of fireworks’. The 20-piece collection consists of frosted pink-packaged products for eyes, lips, and face, with five shades of eye-shadow, five lipsticks, five lip glosses, three dual-ended eyeliner pencils, and two shades of highlighter. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a holiday collection without a line-up of drool-worthy gift sets to go along with the individual offerings for loved ones or just yourself!



Oribe Dry Styling collection

Oribe Signature Essentials Travel Set

FOR THE LUXE HAIRCARE LOVER Oribe, the eponymous product line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, defines luxury in hair care. The brand doesn’t compromise on any detail, and its creators leveraged skincare technology and natural actives to deliver high-performance, treatment-based products that deliver major results. Its award-winning packaging was designed to make the experience of using the products as beautiful as the formulas themselves, and this year their holiday gifting sets are a collaboration with Native American artist Rowan Harrison of Two Tribes Pottery. Harrison’s original designs utilise traditional Southwestern indigenous decorative motifs that draw upon the ancient beauty of the natural world, and the kits contain all you need for beautiful hair.

Hana www.hana.nz

THE GIFT OF WELLNESS One of my favourite rituals is to spend 45 minutes in an infrared sauna every Sunday afternoon at Hana, a beautifully warm and inviting wellness space in the Scrapyard development in Grey Lynn. Buying a concession card and committing to a weekly session was the most amazing gift to self, and it would also make a great surprise for a loved one who maybe needs a nudge to slow down. The main attraction for many is most definitely the aforementioned private infrared saunas, and the photobiomodulation (red light) therapy pods, which you can just lie back in and enjoy.

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Westman Atelier


FOR THE CLEAN BEAUTY FIEND Gucci Westman’s Westman Atelier makeup brand – available at Mecca Cosmetica – is the place where clean, nourishing beauty meets serious luxury. The brand’s holiday offering this year includes The Shanghai Edition - a special edition makeup wardrobe inspired by the energy and spirit of Shanghai. Tucked inside a lacquered box symbolising joy, luck, and happiness, it contains a luxurious clean beauty edit built on the classics: a vibrant red lip and supernaturally beautiful lashes which come in the form of Lip Suede in Les Rouges and Eye Love You Mascara.


Aesop Gift Kit - The Chance Companion

Aesop’s 2020 holiday collection continues the brand’s history of curating elegant and inspired gifting options. This year the theme is ‘Sensory Chronicles’, and pays tribute to the remarkable power of the imagination. In a year of restricted travel, they are offering the opportunity to grant the gift of flight– albeit imaginary flight – with formulations to rouse the senses and delight the mind. Each gift kit, housed in a biodegradable case made from 100 per cent recycled materials, offers a mix of Aesop’s most desired products along with a forgotten work of literature available to download as an eBook or audio file providing escapism and discovery.


Diptyque Holiday Candle

Aesop Gift Kits

An overlooked fact: Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a festive candle to get you into the spirit of the season. From warming cinnamon scents to fresh pine and fir, the best of the bunch conjure up Yuletide atmosphere with a single sniff. Diptyque’s limited-edition Christmas candles are practically collector’s items, and this year’s offering now at Mecca Cosmetica is as covetable as ever. My pick is ‘Sapin de Nuit’ for the perfect warm woodland scent, which is also available as a room spray to take on the road. (HELENE RAVLICH)

Diptyque Advent Calendar

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SCHWARZKOPF TO RECYCLE ALL HAIR CARE PACKAGING IN NZ Schwarzkopf has partnered with TerraCycle® - a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste - to make ALL retail hair care, hair colour and hair styling products recyclable nationwide. The Schwarzkopf Cares Recycling Programme encourages consumers to recycle any brand of retail hair products – presenting a meaningful opportunity to divert millions of units of hair products from landfill.

Consumers can collect used packaging from hair care, hair colour and styling products from any brand, and when ready, download a shipping label from the www.terracycle.com to mail in for recycling.

Schwarzkopf is the only hair care brand in New Zealand giving consumers the opportunity to make the previously unrecyclable recyclable. Hair care products are part of the daily routines of millions of New Zealanders and hair product packaging has historically been difficult to recycle. Kiwis buy approximately 21 million units of hair care every year*. Unfortunately, that also means tonnes of plastic headed to landfill – all in the name of beauty. Until now.

TerraCycle Australia and New Zealand general manager Jean Bailliard said he was pleased that TerraCycle and Henkel have worked together to offer a recycling solution for all hair care products and provide an easy, nationally-accessible solution for all parts of those products, including those that can be tricky to recycle through kerbside recycling programs.

From now, consumers are invited to register online at TerraCycle.com to be part of the Schwarzkopf Cares Recycling Programme. The innovative recycling programme allows consumers to recycle all product packaging including trigger heads, pumps, tubes, caps and tubs, hair product aerosols, including hair spray, mousse, dry shampoo and hair colour products including bottles, pumps, sachets, gloves, plastic stirrers and tubes. Registration is free and open to individuals, households, schools, offices, and community groups. According to general manager of Henkel Beauty Care Retail ANZ, Peter Rigby, the programme builds on Schwarzkopf’s commitment to taking action when it comes to sustainability. “We’re proud to be launching the Schwarzkopf Cares Recycling Programme in partnership with TerraCycle in Australia and New Zealand. This is one step closer to our goals to ensure all packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable by the year 2025. Our partnership with TerraCycle provides an opportunity for all consumers to recycle all brands of hair products. We believe that partnerships such as these are key in our sustainability journey and look forward to growing our sustainability movement as a key pillar within Henkel Beauty Care Retail ANZ,” he said.

“Not only are we diverting tonnes of plastic from landfill, but by recycling products through this program, consumers can also earn points which can be converted to cash and donated to a charitable organisation of their choice. “Once we receive the items, the packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products, while metals can be smelted and transformed into new alloys,” he said. For every shipment of waste sent to TerraCycle as part of the Schwarzkopf Cares Recycling Programme, participants will earn credits to be donated to a charity or not-for-profit of their choice – one kilo of waste equals a $1 donation. Schwarzkopf is also working to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used in the manufacture of their products by using more recycled plastic, reducing the amount of plastic overall, and using bio-based plastics. Operating across 21 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers and cities to recycle products and packages. TerraCycle was named #10 in Fortune magazine’s list of 52 companies changing the world and has donated over $44 million to schools and charities and also won over 200 awards for sustainability PN since its founding more than 15 years ago.  *Source: IRI NZ Grocery, units of total hair sold, MAT to 27/9/2020 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 81


JOHN APPLETON: COVID-19 AND THE ROLE OF VITAMIN D A recent article in the New Zealand Herald highlighted the importance of the human immune system as a first line of defence against infectious illnesses.

The data from various studies shows that those with the lowest levels of vitamin D have significantly higher need for interventions, such as ventilators and admission to an ICU. Mortality is also much higher with some researchers indicating that patients with a severe deficiency of vitamin D are twice as likely to die.

Most of us are familiar with the role that nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc have in supporting our natural immunity but for some reason the ‘sunshine’ vitamin has been overlooked by the media.

In the UK, it’s estimated that 20% of the population are deficient in vitamin D. A report from the Academy of Medical Sciences suggested that low levels of vitamin D are endemic in the U.K and the problem is further exacerbated by lockdowns.

If we look at the graphs showing how Covid-19 infections seem to drop very significantly during the summer months, clearly there is something that is influencing wellbeing at this time of year. That something is almost certainly vitamin D. In March/April of this year when Covid-19 really made itself known, we had just come out of a long hot summer and I suspect that many New Zealanders had good levels of the sunshine vitamin and were thus afforded some protection as we headed into our winter season.

Vitamin D is an important regulator of immune function and it modulates the inflammatory response to infection. Hyper-inflammation is a hallmark of Covid-19. Research shows that vitamin D can downregulate the ‘cytokine (free radical) storm’ that can lead to the death of many patients. Severe cases of Covid-19 can also result in a prothrombotic state (hyper-coagulation) and it’s believed that vitamin D can limit the impact of this and also the development of Covid associated Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) which can be life threatening.

Only quite recently however have scientists around the world started investigating whether higher levels of vitamin D could not only reduce the overall incidence of symptomatic infection with Covid-19 but also reduce hospital admissions and even mortality.

What has surprised me the most when I have read about the role of vitamin D in Covid-19 is the extremely low levels that have been recorded. Italy is generally considered one of the European countries with the highest level of vitamin D deficiency.

A number of studies conducted in Spain, Italy the U.S. Singapore, Iran and Indonesia have shown that there is a very direct correlation between the severity of Covid-19 and vitamin D status. In the U.K which has been very hard hit by Covid-19 they are somewhat behind, and only after being pushed into it has the government there authorized a large study to investigate the role of vitamin D.

A simple blood test at Labtests (cost approx $50.00) is all it takes to check vitamin D status, and thereafter exposure to the summer sun or taking vitamin D as a supplement is the way to ensure that a healthy level can be maintained. (JOHN APPLETON)  PN E: john@johnappleton.co.nz www.johnappleton.co.nz


Our caring for yours 24/7 Make health your priority with our urgent care specialists

SMALES FARM - 24 HOURS 74 Taharoto Road, Takapuna A hop & a skip across the bridge - just 8kms from Ponsonby

0800 SHORECARE www.shorecare.co.nz 82 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020



BEPURE CHRISTMAS CAKE RECIPE The Christmas season is a time of festivities, gatherings with friends, family, and a chance to soak up the warm summer sun. With food being a favourite part of the season, we love to pack our favourite Christmas meals with nourishing wholesome ingredients so that we know we’re eating really well. The BePure Nourishing Nutty Christmas Cake is naturally sweetened with fruit and coconut sugar which contain essential vitamins and minerals, along with plenty of nuts and seeds to help stabilise blood sugar levels. It’s a Christmas cake that will give you long-lasting energy so you can celebrate all day (and night!) long.

Group Three: 1 C blanched almonds ¾ C whole brazil nuts ¾ C whole walnuts 150g whole apricots 150g dried figs ½ C sunflower seeds ½ tsp baking powder ½ cup almond meal 75g lemon and orange peel cooked in 1 Tbsp of honey* QUICK TIP Store-bought citrus peel can be laden with sugar and since it’s very easy to do, we recommend making it yourself. Simply dice up the peel from an orange and lemon. Cook this in a pan over medium heat with 1 Tbsp of honey. Cook until sticky and no liquid remains.

Sometimes Christmas celebrations can also feel a little overwhelming. We like to practice a little bit of mindfulness at the dinner table. Take a moment to observe the activity around you. Slowing down and fully embracing the experience can bring us into the present moment, allowing us to savour the delicious flavours of the food and acknowledge what Christmas is really all about; precious time with loved ones, relaxation, nourishment of the mind, body and soul, laughter and fun.

DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat the oven to 150ºC degrees. Prepare a 20cm round bundt cake tin with baking paper.

BePure Christmas Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS

2. Combine the first group of ingredients and let them sit for at least an hour.

Group One: 200g craisins 2 Tbsp honey Zest and juice of 1 orange ½ apple, grated ½ tsp vanilla extract

200g raisins ¼ C goji berries Juice of 1 lemon 1 tsp of mixed spice

Group Two: 100g butter/coconut oil, softened ½ C plain greek yoghurt/coconut yoghurt ½ C coconut sugar 2 eggs

3. Beat the softened butter, yoghurt and coconut sugar. Then beat in the 2 eggs, one at a time. Add this mixture to the soaked fruit. Fold through the remaining ingredients. 4. Pack the mixture into the prepared cake tin. Bake for 2 ¼ - 2 ½ hours until a skewer comes out clean. Cover the cake with foil and allow to cool in the tin. Love this recipe? Head over to the BePure website to get the full Christmas menu.  PN BEPURE CLINIC, 5 Crummer Road, T: 0800 525 452, www.bepure.co.nz

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!

15% off



all BePure products Ts & Cs apply.

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FOREST BATHING: AN ANTIDOTE TO MODERN LIFE? With a slight downswing in 2020 – because of you-know-what – life seems to get busier every year. When was the last time you really slowed down, got outside and basked in birdsong? But a little time spent ‘forest bathing’ could be just thing we need right now. Forest bathing is an English translation of the Japanese ‘shinrinyoku’. While the concept sounds esoteric, it simply means spending quiet, mindful time in nature, breathing deeply and clearing the mind. The term emerged in Japan in the 1980s as an antidote to modern burnout and to inspire people to reconnect with and protect local forests. In the 1990s, scientific research supported what we know instinctively – time spent in nature is good for us. While the concept has recently become more widely known, the practice isn’t new, or confined to Japan. Many cultures connect human health with biophilia – an innate, biologically-driven need to commune with nature. Trees release phytoncides – protective airborne essential oils that naturally boost immunity, providing health benefits that can last for weeks. Forest bathing is ideal for us city types – the practice can be as simple as walking in nature and connecting with the green environment around you. Like to try forest bathing this weekend? Head to aucklandcouncil.govt. nz for a list of parks and walks. (Large parts of the Waitakere Ranges and Hunua Ranges are currently closed to curb kauri dieback).

GET THE MOST FROM FOREST BATHING Switch off Disconnecting from the everyday world (especially your devices) will help you unwind. Breathe deeply Listen to your breathing and observe the rhythm of your breath. Take it slow By walking slowly and mindfully, you’ll notice more and immerse yourself in the green space more quickly. Use your senses Reach out to touch a tree, look up at the canopy, listen to birdsong, inhale a deep whiff, and ask yourself how the experience makes you feel. Sit and observe You might be surprised how much you notice when you sit quietly. Stay awhile Two hours is best, but even 30 minutes goes a long way.  PN

ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 360 8477, www.ecostore.co.nz

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Try us for half price Live Your Best Skin™ with Clear Skincare. Try one of our favourite treatments for the first time, and get half on us. T&Cs apply. C L E A R S K I N C A R E C L I N I C S . C O . N Z

Auckland 09 220 6520

Howick 09 600 3850

Mission Bay 09 600 3860

Newmarket 09 520 0057

Ponsonby 09 220 6000

Takapuna 09 485 3290

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YOUR GRIEF IS LIKE YOUR FINGERPRINT – UNIQUE TO YOU ALONE After a loss, grief is the way your mind and body gradually adjusts to the reality of what has happened. It is a process. You are not able to do it all at once and, as you grieve, you are likely to experience a wide range of emotions, thoughts and reactions. Everyone grieves differently. Find ways to grieve that suit you; there is no ‘right’ way to experience grief. There is no set timetable, no rules, no secret method that will take your grief away. It is a process and requires all the time and space you need, for as long as it takes. Grief can affect every part of your life. It can affect your mind and thoughts, your emotions and feelings and your body and physical reactions. It can affect your spirit and what you believe about life and death as well as your social world and relationships with others. Sometimes it’s necessary or easier to seek help from others, outside of your closest friends and family. Often you don’t want to ‘burden’ those close to you, or perhaps you feel friends are there to help you enjoy the good times rather than remind you of the sad times. Do not be surprised or embarrassed if you need help at this point. Sibuns has a beautiful funeral home located in the heart of Remuera with a qualified team of funeral directors and grief support assistance available. With Christmas approaching, it can be a difficult time when you have lost someone. Amidst the Christmas festivities, it is important to mark the occasion in your own way.  PN The Sibuns team can be contacted on T: 520 3119 or at staff@sibuns.co.nz

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This year has been so stressful for so many and we need to spoil ourselves and look after our bodies. In Sydney during the 80s, we used to party hard and Sundays were spent recovering. To help soothe our sore heads we would go and have a float; it really helped and experts say that an hour’s session is equivalent to eight hours sleep. Last month I booked a float at White Spa on Jervois Road. What an experience - the ultra-deep relaxation of your body’s hormonal and metabolic balance in a warm salty water. Wow, is all I can say. An incredible feeling of weightlessness will allow your mind to drift away for pure inner peace and a total tranquil experience. Floatation allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation, meaning that many may hallucinate, or even fall asleep inside the tank. Although some individuals reach this state on their first floatation experience, some will find that it will take them multiple sessions to reach this height of relaxation - every person’s experience is unique. Magnesium is a major component of Epsom salts. In human biology, magnesium is the eleventh most abundant element by mass in the human body. Its ions are essential to all known living cells. Hundreds of enzymes require magnesium ions to function. Floatation in Epsom salts is an easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body. A floatation session lasts around an hour; the last twenty minutes will end with a transition from beta or alpha brainwaves to theta, which will open your mind for creativity, problem solving, super learning, etc. You will reach a deeper level of relaxation, low stress and pain reduction. Everything is provided for your session: ear plugs, towel, shampoo, conditioner and a hairdryer (although the hairdryer wasn’t necessary for me!) Next time I will try a 45 minute massage. In fact, thinking of Christmas, their vouchers would make the ideal gift for someone who needs a special treat.  PN WHITE SPA, 2/182 Jervois Road (in the arcade), T: 09 376 9969, www.whitespa.co.nz


During December 2020 until January 2021 book a 30 minute Facial and 30 minute Massage - $130.00 inclusive Environ or Osmosis can be your product of choice both are very hydrating and great for rejuvenating your skin We look forward to seeing you here at White Spa where you will be treasured and pampered feeling ‘ALIVE’ again – we know how to look after you – White is the new beginning...


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Christmas celebrates the birth of a human who cared for the dignity of others. Christmas celebrates the birth of someone who fought for what was right. Did you know that when the Vatican started burning ‘witches’ (herbalists) for ‘magic’ (healing), it broke our folk cultures’ connection with herbal medicine? European culture has been corporatised in many ways we can’t understand without knowing our history, so it’s great that Whakamana, New Zealand’s only cannabis museum, is looking for a home in the Ponsonby area! If you can think of a venue to host it, write in because it’s a great community resource! Another important step we can take together to strengthen our nation’s health and wealth is to legalise hemp. That’s what Helen Clark and Annette King did with their 2008 Hemp Regulations. Licensed farmers could sell their legal hemp products to the public; products such as balms, oils, juices, teas. But now they can’t.

‘Kaneh Bosem’ is cannabis. Have a Kaneh Bosem Christmas, and let’s all tell our govt to just make hemp legal in 2021. We deserve it. We need it, and it’s what Jesus would do. PN Hempy New Year too! (TADHG STOPFORD) 

The endogenous cannabinoid system–named for the plant that led to its discovery–is one of the most important physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. With its complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and virtually all of the body’s organs, the endocannabinoids are literally a bridge between body and mind. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3997295/ www.tigerdrops.com

Instead, thanks to our “I voted Yes” PM, hemp is now less legal than it was before her ‘Medical Cannabis Regulations’ came into force, on April Fools day 2020. Now Hemp farmers can only sell their hemp to drug companies, to be made into ‘medicines’; from hemp. I think it’s a scandal. It’s certainly not ‘kind’, nor ‘applied christianity’. It’s putting monopoly profits ahead of people’s well being. How is it that we have gone backwards? Why couldn’t we do both?

Jesus Healing the Blind under the Cannabis Tree, in the Roman Catholic Basilica di Monreale



These overpriced, over regulated, products will make some people rich. But like the quota management system, only the big guys get rich, and everyone else gets a bit screwed. Meanwhile our farmers could be saving lives and preventing illnesses if only they could sell their legal licensed hemp crops to the public just like any other food crop that doesn’t get you high. Why can’t we, the people, buy hemp products off our farmers? What is the harm? Who is being protected when we prohibit the public from hemp? It’s not the public that’s for sure.

Purchase your...

THC free Holy Oil and Novel Cannabis Collectable at


Not Intended for the Treatment or Prevention of any Disease or Condition. Prohibited Food (FSANZ) THC Free Holy Oil and Novel Collectable. Contains: Organic Hemp CBG & Terpenes, MCT Oil. Tigerdrops.com / Grow your own

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HONOUR MITCHELL: TEEN PICKS MY PONSONBY CHRISTMAS Yes it is that time of year again, advent calendars on the fridge, Christmas carols ringing out, and endless festive decorations in store windows. There are so many things in Ponsonby which make Christmas, well... Christmas. Here is what makes the festive season joyous to me. 1. Cara’s Christmas trees (19 Clifton Road, Herne Bay) Every year at the beginning of December, our family walks up the street to our VERY local Clifton Road Christmas tree shop and Cara’s Christmas Trees is definitely the place to go. You can count on friendly service, a wide selection of shapes and sizes, fresh trees, regular top-ups of stock and eftpos! We are very lucky to have beautiful trees just metres from our house. Once we have considered all the options, we lug the tree home and spend the day decorating it, while singing along to our festive playlist. Nothing compares to the smell of fresh pine needles to get you in a celebratory mood. Christmas doesn’t really feel the same without the aroma of a real tree, so why not support our locals and go buy one?!

4. Franklin Road Lights Oh how we love to drive down Franklin Road in the weeks leading up to Christmas, admiring the houses as they glisten in sparkly lights. The Franklin Road light’s extravaganza is such a fun activity to do with your friends, looking at the cool and sometimes crazy decorations on houses. The really SAD news is this beloved event is not happening this year due to COVID-19. What a shame, since it’s such a big part of the traditional Ponsonby Christmas. I know that many people will be upset and while it sure is a bummer, better to be safe than sorry! A big shout out to all the residents who turn on such a magnificent display, year after year. We hope to see your houses decked-out in lights again in 2021. 5. Presents! You didn’t think I was going to finish a Christmas article without the mention of presents, did you?

Lilac Birkenstocks

Honour and a friend at PSOD concert

3. Ponsonby School of Dance Showcase If you’ve grown up in Ponsonby in recent years it is likely you will have either been a student at the Ponsonby School of Dance (PSOD), or know some who has danced there. Once all of our nerve racking exams are completed, we finish the year on a high with the annual PSOD Showcase (aka the Xmas concert). After weeks of preparation and countless rehearsals we’re all ready to shine for the big day on Saturday, 5 December when we perform morning and evening concerts at the Dorothy Winston Theatre at AGG. A huge thanks to Tracey Wright, who manages to pull off this spectacular show every year. We, as her students, plus our family, friends and any local dance enthusiasts, will understand just how special a performance of this magnitude is, and as the curtains fall, I know that Christmas is just around the corner!

Farros Gift basket (customised)

2. Farro’s gift baskets (34 Westmoreland Street) Around the season of giving it can be hard to find that special something for people who have everything; in my case, grandparents. Farro’s gift baskets are the perfect answer. Who doesn’t love wandering the aisles looking at all the delicious delights on offer? If you have the time, you can custom-make your own box of delicacies. Creating Farro’s hampers for our rather hard-to-buy for rellies has become part of our Christmas tradition and we’ll be purchasing quite a few this year. Alternatively, if you’re on the run and desperate to ‘grab and go’, there are plenty of different sized pre-made hamper options that contain all of the necessary Christmas goodies or a selection of tasty treats! You can rely on them looking gift-worthy as well, with elegant boxes and pretty red ribbon.

From what I have been told, buying for teenagers is one of the hardest tasks on the planet. Gifts normally end up as cash, which, hey, I am fine with, but if you are looking for a stocking stuffer, a Secret Santa offering, or perhaps something more substantial, I have a few ideas. (Sorry guys, these gifts are more aimed at girl teens!) Mecca (128 Ponsonby Road) has a great range of ‘little’ prezzies to choose from, such as small-sized skin cream, face masks, body butters plus many more treats. I particularly like the Frank Body ‘AntiDrama Face Mask’. Also, why not try Lululemon (239 Ponsonby Road) for a cute scrunchie? For a larger present perhaps, the new limited release lilac Birkenstocks could be an option. These slides can be found at Superette (282 Ponsonby Road) and Karen Walker (128A Ponsonby Road)! Ahem, I know I want a pair! (HONOUR MITCHELL)  PN

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BNK AI EDUCATION’S SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM 2020 Kiwi parents all around our country are waking up to the fact that our school system isn’t hitting the mark when it comes to their child’s education. We are hearing more and more every day that students are falling behind, or their schools can’t keep up. Hidden in Remuera is a student tutoring company, BNK AI Education, which aims to bring the future of education to your homes and households. Opening in April of 2020, BNK AI has developed an onsite and online platform that is designed to assist you and your child no matter the level they are finding themselves at school. If you find that your child is falling behind, or they are far ahead and their school just can’t keep up, BNK AI have truly done the searching for you and found the very best tutors from around New Zealand and the world to assist your students in reaching their true potential. BNK AI Education offer one of the best daily afterschool tutoring programs for subjects including Maths, English Literacy, Science, Coding, Robotics, Chinese and Python. BNK AI are starting their world class summer school holiday program on 12 December. Designed by some of the country’s leading academics and of course, recognising that well rounded children equal wellrounded adults, this holiday program is truly strides ahead.


Their offering this year includes a Summer Day Camp, broken into morning academic options, an afternoon expressive option, and an afternoon physical option. Their Genius Camp is one week of intensive focus on your discipline of choice, rounded out with a physical activity option at the end of the day. This course covers, Maths, Coding, Chinese and Art. And this is the point of difference with AI Education, their incredible Travelling iClass which allows you to learn while you travel. It covers English Literacy, Maths, Science, Chinese and Scratch. Remote learning with an online tutor for a one-hour Q & A session is also offered. The interactive student portals and the amazing quality of educators puts these guys ahead of the rest. There is no question where your child should spend their holidays, or after school in the new year. Make the most of this fantastic service. 5 STARS.  PN BNK AI EDUCATION, T: 09 942 5888, E: admin@bnkgroup.co.nz, www.bnkeducation.com

Summer School Holiday Program 2020

SUMMER DAY CAMP Well rounded children = well rounded adults: So lets mix it up with a full day program

GENIUS CAMP One week of intensive focus on your discipline of choice, rounded out with a physical activity option at the end of the day

TRAVELLING iCLASS Learn while you travel with your online self paced lessons. Course includes a 1 hour Q&A with a tutor online

www.bnkeducation.com | 09 942 5888 | admin@bnkgroup.co.nz 90 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020


Auckland Obstetric Centre is a unique practice in Parnell made up of six leading specialist obstetricians and support staff. Together we have many years of experience and feel privileged to be able to share in the care of women during their pregnancy. To find out more about how we can care for you and your baby call our team or visit our website.

09 367 1200 | obstetrics.co.nz

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MEET THE TEACHER Mary Pretorius is a Deputy Principal at Pasadena Intermediate School. How did you get into teaching? I never considered being a teacher growing up, and actually studied communication and marketing at Otago. After being a free spirit travelling overseas, I got a corporate job, but found it soul-destroying! When I saw an ad for Graduate Teacher Training a lightbulb went off, and I’ve never looked back.

have seen hugely positive results, with many students commenting that Board Games was one of the key strategies that helped them reconnect with their peers following the lockdown.

What do you enjoy about teaching? Education is such a rewarding career - there is so much variety, and teachers are the best colleagues. I laugh so much. I love supporting students to know their strengths, and to be proud of who they are as unique individuals. Supporting all of our diverse learners to thrive and achieve their potential is something I’m really passionate about.

This has been a hugely challenging year for schools, how have you coped? Challenging yes, but also a year that showed how incredibly innovative, creative and resilient our staff and students are. I’m so proud of the amazing online programme our teachers put together, keeping our students engaged, learning and connected with one another with daily video wellbeing hui, online teaching and learning. It really showcased the collaborative nature of our team and how adaptable we are as educators.

You are part of the Supported Learner and Wellbeing Working Group in the community of local schools, Te K-ahui Ako o Waitemat-a. Yes. We have collaborated with Westmere, Newton and Grey Lynn primary schools to develop peer mentoring and a Pasifika initiative. It’s been awesome seeing our students grow in confidence and show such empathy with one another, as well as the huge pride our Pasifika students have in their culture, and the expertise they have to share. Tell me about an initiative that you are excited about. There is a lot of research around the benefits of playing board games to develop executive function, which is your working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control - essential skills for our students. We’ve collaborated with Newton Central and Freeman’s Bay to help develop these skills in our students, with before school being a device-free time where students play games and prepare for the day as well as including them in our positive behaviour programme. We have a Board Games club, three times per week at break times, and have planned to connect with Western Springs College for a chess competition. We

Any highlights? We’ve just returned from an amazing ‘survivor’ camp at Mangawhai Heads where our students had an absolute blast kayaking, raft building and enjoying the outdoors together, sleeping in tents and cooking their own food. Camp is such an awesome opportunity for students to challenge themselves mentally, physically and socially and to develop their leadership and collaborative skills. It’s great to see them step up and grow as young people, especially those who really are working beyond their comfort zone. How are you going to relax during the summer holiday? My partner had to move to Western Australia for work during the first lockdown, so we haven’t seen each other since March. Tough times! Hopefully we’ll be spending some time together in Australia, before I return and do some school planning in managed isolation!  PN


HOLLOWPOX, THE HUNT FOR MORRIGAN CROW JESSICA TOWNSEND 8-12 YEARS HOLLOWPOX: Could you be at risk? The newest installment in the Morrigan Crow series is finally here! The third novel, Hollowpox, The Hunt for Morrigan Crow, was set to come out at the start of the year, but because of Covid-19 the book’s release was delayed. I snatched up a copy as soon as it hit the shelves! A lethal disease has seized the magical city of Nevermoor, one that turns kind, intelligent Wunimals (a human - animal hybrid) into mindless zombies who are thirsty for blood. Meanwhile in the Wundrous society, an academy where those with powers are trained, Morrigan is learning how to control her abilities. She realises as more Wunimals become infected that it is up to her to find a cure - even if it means she puts herself in danger. Jessica Townsend has created a world that keeps fans coming back for more, myself included. I love this series because they are so

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capturing, descriptive and enchanting but you do need to read the other books before to understand the storyline; it’s totally worth your while! Something about Nevermoor with its various festivals, interesting inhabitants, and amazing Christmas celebrations makes me wish I could live there! This captivating fantasy/magical series gives me early Harry Potter novel vibes. If you love magic, a brilliant female lead and a little bit of humor mixed in, then these books are for you. (LUCY KENNEDY)  PN


out of 5! Available at www.dorothybutlerbookshop.co.nz www.lucykennedywriter.wixsite.com/reviews instagram @ilovelucybooks PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

HELLO P O N S O N B Y, WE’RE HERE T O S TAY @fablehotelsandresorts

BE HOSTED IN LUXURY From the moment you arrive, every touchpoint at Hotel Fitzroy is curated to turn your stay into something memorable. This boutique hotel heralds the launch of New Zealand’s newest fivestar luxury hotel brand Fable Hotels and Resorts. — 43 RICHMOND RD, GREY LYNN




LOGAN GRANGER: STAFF LEARNING STYLES We hope you’re able to take some time for rest and relaxation this summer. After the year we’ve all had, it’s important to recalibrate, reconnect, and create a positive mind-set for 2021. Enjoy your time with family, friends, the summer sun, and copious amounts of pavlova. Why knowing your staff ‘learning styles’ is good for business Ever handed out a business document for your team only to find half of them abandoned at the table, or discovered a staff member nodding off during a graphic, chart-filled presentation? It could be because the communication style you’re using isn’t resonating so they’re unintentionally switching off. Everyone learns differently, and while we’ve known this for centuries, the VARK modalities, developed by New Zealander Neil Fleming in 1987, were the first to offer a quiz with help sheets so people could use it to learn and teach better. VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/ Write, and Kinesthetic. The idea is that we use one (or a mixture) of these modalities when learning information. Why is it important to be aware of your own, and your teams, learning styles? Knowing how each of your staff members best learn can enhance their communication skills, improve performance, better your new-hire processes, reduce conflict, and increase the range of communication strategies used in your business. Whether it’s rules, guidelines, job changes, systems, and processes, or change within the business, it’s your job to ensure staff learn in the best way for them. Once you know how each of your staff learns (there is a range of online quizzes), assess your communication channels, and adapt them to ensure no one misses out on valuable information. New ways to communicate with staff If you’re assembling a wooden kitset table, would you prefer to watch a video demonstration, read instructions or diagrams, or talk to someone who’d done it before? How you best learn could influence the way you’re delivering information to your staff. To make sure you cover all your teams’ learning needs, pick a selection of these communication approaches: Visual: Learn by seeing Charts, graphs, flow charts, lesson outlines, picture aids, and symbolic arrows, circles, hierarchies, and other devices used instead of words. Aural: Learn by hearing Reading aloud, verbal instructions, discussions, repeating to a colleague, oral feedback, email, phone conversations, texting, discussion boards, oral presentations, classes, tutorials, and talking with other students and teachers.

Kinesthetic: Learn by doing Demonstrations, simulations, videos, and movies of ‘real’ things, as well as case studies, practice, and applications. If it can be grasped, held, tasted, or felt, it will resonate! Business health check • Holiday pay sorted? Working out what an employee gets paid for taking a day off on annual holidays will depend partly on what they have earned in the previous 12 months. Find out more at www.employment.govt.nz/leave-and-holidays/ or in New Zealand Workforce Manager • Boxing Day and 2 January fall on a Saturday this year. So, if you have an employee who wouldn’t normally work on Saturday, their holiday entitlement is transferred to the following Monday. If your employee would normally work on Saturday, then they’ll get their holiday entitlements on Saturday (the calendar date of the public holiday). • The Trusts Act, which aims to update trust law and make it accessible to all (not just lawyers), comes into force on 30 January 2021. If we haven’t already spoken about how this affects your family trust, please get in touch. • Take a look at your cashflow forecast and tax obligations over December-January, especially if you are impacted by seasonal revenue (such as Christmas revenue as a retailer). Both November and December GST are due for payment in January as well as provisional tax. If you are concerned you may not be able to pay the tax due, please let us know and let’s look at your options. From the team here at Johnston Associates, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (LOGAN GRANGER)  PN Disclaimer – While all care has been taken, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your

Read/write: Learn by reading and writing professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about. Manuals, reports, essays, assignments, powerpoint, lists, diaries, dictionaries, quotations and words, words, words… JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701, www.jacal.co.nz

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WHAT IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET? To the question, “What is your most important asset?” the answer most often given is, “My home.” We New Zealanders have a love affair with property, as it provides security during our lifetime - in childhood, throughout our working lives, and in retirement. However, only two generations ago home ownership was just a dream for many New Zealanders. In my family, both my parents’ families lived in rental accommodation, and in later life both grandmothers lived in state or council-provided housing. For my parents and their siblings home ownership was their goal, and when they retired, they had a debtfree home and were able to live off their superannuation. Today we all expect to ultimately own our own home and hope to enjoy a retirement lifestyle at least equivalent to what we enjoyed when we were in paid employment. However, that lifestyle is likely to cost well in excess of New Zealand Superannuation ($22,000 p.a. for a single retiree and $32,000 for a couple), so the question for many retirees is where the money to cover this shortfall will come from. The solution, not surprisingly, is your family home, which, providing it is owned by you or your family trust, can allow you to borrow money at competitive rates through a process known as ‘equity release’.

0800 1PLAN4U or 09 309 3680

Heartland Bank is the leading provider of funding to retirees using the equity in their family homes. It applies a formula whereby the homeowner can borrow to a maximum based on a percentage of the agreed value of the home calculated by subtracting 45 from the age of the youngest home occupier. For example, a couple aged 80 and 75 years owning a family home worth $1,000,000 is able to borrow up to 30% (75-45), i.e. $300,000. The current interest rate is 5.95% p.a., with interest compounding and only due for repayment when the home is ultimately sold by the last occupier. Under Heartland Bank’s home equity release arrangement, a borrower is guaranteed lifetime occupancy of the home, and in the unlikely event that the debt is greater than the value of the home, this would be written off by Heartland and not be passed on to family members. In the above scenario, assuming the couple require $52,000 p.a. to maintain their lifestyle, they could withdraw the shortfall of $20,000 p.a. ($52,000 less $32,000 p.a. superannuation) from the $300,000 equity in their home for up to 15 years. Equity release may not be suitable for or be welcomed by retirees struggling to maintain their lifestyle, but it is a valuable instrument in the toolbox financial planners have to assist their clients to develop their retirement plan. We can be contacted on T: 09 309 3680 or greg@oneplan.co.nz for assistance with this. Also, listen to our podcast ‘NZ Guide To Financial Freedom’ at www.gregmoyle.com/podcast. ONEPLAN, T: 0800 1plan4u, www.oneplan.co.nz


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PENDULUM STRATEGIES A NEW CONSULTANCY BUSINESS FOR PONSONBY Pendulum Strategies is a public relations and communications agency that has just moved into historic Letham Cottage at 35 Jervois Road in the heart of Ponsonby. It’s a bit of a homecoming for Pendulum Strategies Director Julien Leys, who grew up in Ponsonby and lives locally. Julien is one of New Zealand’s most experienced communicators with 23 years’ experience working in both the private and public sectors as well as a political and legal advisor with the first MMP Government. Having led, managed and owned award winning communications consultancies, Julien is a specialist in reputation management, crisis management, media relations, and government relations. His experience is in successfully managing issues and complex problems for clients across the transport, technology, financial services, public utility, healthcare, education, technology and building and construction sectors. He established Pendulum Strategies as a specialist communications consultancy with clients across healthcare, transport, utilities, education, energy, building and construction, banking and financial services, and technology sectors. Julien says Pendulum Strategies is a consultancy that is underscored by its mantra, which is ‘clever thinking for a changing world’. “We are great thinkers, and we are also doers. We engage our clients as we would ourselves. Trusted advisors, respected and comfortable in any setting, be it boardroom, open plan office, farm gate, or select committee room, we deliver the power of all we have - the power of all and one. We like to talk, and we like taking care of business,” says Leys.

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The shift in communications, which has accelerated with the global pandemic, has seen businesses and companies wanting help from boutique specialists like Pendulum Strategies on how to reach and target key audiences in a rapidly changing market, where people consume and process information across multiple channels anywhere and anytime. “We run fast, are agile, and nimble. Our approach is that we energise, are relentless and always on. We love helping clients communicate better to achieve their goals better and faster. We get a buzz from coming to the rescue of clients who are in trouble, in crisis or up against complex, seemingly insurmountable problems. “We love to help our clients grow market share, awareness and recognition while also protecting their reputation, which is their most important asset, and managing any communications risk.” Pendulum Strategies has clients across private and public organisations from charitable trusts to NGOs. It provides a free hour consultation for new or prospective clients.  PN Bookings or queries can be made online at www.pendulumstrategies.co.nz PENDULUM STRATEGIES, Letham Cottage, 35 Jervois Road, T: 09 358 2828, E: julien@pendulumstrategies.co.nz


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Archie Coffee - Arlen, Caleb & Yuji

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When you’re buying or selling a property in the Auckland region, our legal expertise makes for smoother transactions, right down to securing the keys on settlement day.

Nigel Gavin & David Lines

Talk to us about conveyancing Call us today

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photography: Connor Crawford

Property transactions that come up smelling of roses.

169a Ponsonby Road Ponsonby, Auckland +64 9 929 0800 www.metrolaw.co.nz Trusts & Wills


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Sisterhood Vintage - Carla, Stephanie & Lucy

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DAVENPORTS LAW: MANAGING A TRUST Philip and Barbara had set their trust up when they owned their business, a small engineering firm which had been very successful.

Tammy McLeod

They had three adult children and five grandchildren. The trust owned their family home, a bach in the Bay of Islands, the commercial property that the business was run from and an investment portfolio with a well regarded funds management company.

Philip and Barbara’s eldest son, James, had worked in the business since finishing university and five years ago, he had bought the business from Philip and Barbara’s trust. The trust had lent James the money to buy the business. There was no interest being charged and James was slowly paying off the debt over time. Their two other children, Jonathan and Megan were in vastly different circumstances. Megan was a solo mum - her marriage having split up three years before. She worked as a primary school teacher and Barbara and Philip were often helping her out with both childcare and the odd “little extra” to help her make ends meet. Jonathan was single, a successful real estate agent, who was doing extremely well for himself in the current property market boom. Barbara and Philip had read a bit about the changes to trust law and of course, it was often the topic of conversation when they met up with their friends. Many of their friends were considering winding up their trusts and Barbara and Philip thought maybe it was something that they should consider. They talked to their accountant who suggested that they meet with a specialist trust lawyer. He said that trust law was becoming far more specialised, and a bit like going to a cardiologist rather than your GP for chest pains so it was wise to seek advice from someone who specialised in trusts. They got in contact with the lawyer who he had recommended and went along with their large file of trust documents and an open mind. The lawyer explained that there were a lot of people who had trusts who no longer needed them – especially as they aged and they wanted to simplify their personal affairs, but there were still very good reasons for lots of people to still have trusts.

She said that even though Philip and Barbara no longer had any business risk and that kind of asset protection was no longer required, their family circumstances warranted retaining the trust. Philip and Barbara were very keen for Megan to receive additional funds in the event that they both died, and a trust was a great platform to provide that flexibility. Barbara was particularly concerned that if she died and Philip met someone else, that the assets would remain protected for the children. She had seen her own inheritance diminish significantly when her father re-married after her mother passed away. He had ended up giving a lot of his wealth to his new wife’s children during his life time and Barbara would not want that happening to her children. Due to the significance of their assets, the lawyer explained that continuing the trust would be a sensible idea given that concern. Both Philip and Barbara also wished for the Bay of Islands house to stay in the family for as long as possible and a trust is the perfect vehicle for long term hold of assets. The trust would also assist with making sure that whatever they passed on to their children would be protected for their children and grandchildren, and would not become relationship property and then divisible if their relationship split. This was a real concern, especially seeing how vulnerable Megan was after the split from her husband. The lawyer explained that a really good will could also alleviate these concerns, but coupled with their other needs, it was best to keep the trust going. The trust was also paying school fees for the grandchildren and this offered a tangible tax benefit, as the trust gave the flexibility to be able to tax those income distributions to the grandchildren at their lower tax level. Barbara and Philip felt hugely relieved after seeing the specialist trust lawyer. She had put them at ease by explaining the structure they had was best. She also gave some good advice around how they could improve on how they managed the trust and also how to make sure the trust was ready for the new changes to the law. If you feel you could use some specialist trust advice, don’t hesitate to contact Tammy McLeod or the Trust team at Davenports Law by calling 09 883 4400 or visiting www.davenportslaw.co.nz.  PN

DAVENPORTS LAW, 331 Rosedale Road, Level 1, Building 2, Albany, T: 09 883 4400, www.davenportslaw.co.nz

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Trust law is changing. Is your trust ready? The current Trust Act has been in place since 1956, so with the new Trusts Act 2019 coming into force in January 2021, it brings many new changes to Trust law as we know it. Reviewing existing trust structures and making sure they comply and are fit for purpose is paramount. Contact us for more information. 0 9 883 4 4 0 0 DAV EN P O RTS L AW.CO.N Z


GORGEOUS GIFTS FOR BOOK LOVERS Selected by Carole Beu from The Women’s Bookshop, located opposite Ponsonby Central. FOR LITERATURE LOVERS Hamnet – This illuminating novel by Maggie O’Farrell won the 2020 Women’s Fiction Prize. Based on the death from the plague of Shakespeare’s 11-year-old son, it creates a vivid picture of life in Stratford-on-Avon in 1596 and the bard’s brilliant, eccentric wife. Wonderful! $38. Remote Sympathy – The new novel from award-winning New Zealander Catherine Chidgey explores wilful obliviousness. In her luxurious new home in Buchenwald, can Frau Hahn remain naïve about what is going on around her. Do we all ‘look the other way’? Intense and deeply moving. $35. FOR COMMITTED COOKS Hiakai: Modern Maori Cuisine – Time Magazine named Hiakai Restaurant in Wellington as one of the 100 places in the world to visit. The book is as gorgeous as the restaurant. History, tikanga, Monique’s personal journey, foraging, breath-taking recipes. $65. FOR FEISTY FEMALES Goddess Muscle – This brilliant poetry collection, both personal and political, from award-winning Pasifika poet Karlo Mila, explores issues of racism, poverty, climate, as well as relationships, identity and community, in a bold and compelling voice. $35.


Books for Christmas 105 Ponsonby Rd Auckland 09 376 4399 books@womensbookshop.co.nz

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World – The third in this wonderful series reveals through women who have left their birth countries that no matter your origins or ethnicity you can become chef, surgeon, musician, politician, judo champion – and break down barriers. $50. FOR CURIOUS KIDS I Am the Universe – Local artist and author Vasanti Unka takes small children on a glorious, colourful, starlit journey through glittering galaxies and back to precious planet earth, brimming with all kinds of life. Beautiful! $25. Counting Creatures – This delightful interactive counting book, from Julia Donaldson and Sharon King-Chai is full of gorgeous baby animals with cut-outs and lots of lift-up flaps. A work of art! $30. FOR THE SOCIALLY AWARE Cohousing for Life: A practical & personal Story of Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood – Architect Robin Allison inspires us with her story of a group of ordinary people coming together to create an eco-village here in Ranui, Auckland, with the complexities and the community decision-making that has resulted in this stunning cooperative endeavour. $50. This P-akeh-a Life: An Unsettled Memoir – In this timely and perceptive memoir, award-winning author and academic Alison Jones wrestles honestly with questions of identity in Aotearoa. She - a- worlds and offers has spent a lifetime exploring Maori and Pakeh important insights. $40. Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World – Layla F Saad challenges us to begin with ourselves; understanding our own privilege and the ways we are complicit, often unconsciously, in upholding white supremacy. $38.  PN THE WOMEN’S BOOKSHOP, 105 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 4399, E: books@womensbokshop.co.nz www.womensbookshop.co.nz

online shopping womensbookshop.co.nz

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Mophead Tu by Selina Tusitala Marsh – $24.99 In Mophead Tu, Selina is crowned Commonwealth Poet and invited to perform for the Queen. But when someone at work calls her a ‘sellout’, Selina starts doubting herself. Selina has to work out where she stands and how to be true to herself. This book is colonialism 101 for kids. It will make you laugh and make you think. Mihi by Gavin Bishop (Board Book) – $17.99 Mihi is a simple book to share with babies - a way to talk about their whanau and place in the world. Repeating colours and shapes show the connections between waka, mountain, iwi through to mama, papa and the little reader. A gorgeous introduction for children of any age to their own pepeha/mihi.

Egg and Spoon by Alexandra Tylee and Giselle Clarkson – $39.99 Alexandra Tylee’s lively inner ten-year-old knows exactly what food appeals to children and how to talk to kids about food. She trusts them to choose flavours and handle equipment in this joyful book that will set them on a lifetime love of healthy cooking and eating. Giselle Clarkson’s illustrations are salivatingly delicious and subversively playful. The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling – $50 The Ickabog is coming; a mythical monster, a kingdom in peril, an adventure that will test two children’s bravery to the limit. Discover a brilliantly original fairy tale about the power of hope and friendship to triumph against all odds from one of the world’s best storytellers. A beautiful hardback edition, perfect for sharing and gift-giving. Ages 8-12.

What We’ll Build: Plans for Our Together Future by Oliver Jeffers – $29.99 What shall we build, you and I? I’ll build your future and you’ll build mine. We’ll build a watch to keep our time. From renowned, internationally bestselling picture-book creator and visual artist, Oliver Jeffers, comes this rare and enduring story about a parent’s boundless love, life’s endless opportunities, and all we need to build a together future.

The Night Bus Hero by Onjali Q. Rauf – $18.99 From Onjali Q. Rauf, the award-winning and best-selling author of The Boy at the Back of the Class, comes another incredible story told with humour and heart. Told from the perspective of a bully, this book explores themes of bullying and homelessness, while celebrating kindness, friendship and the potential everyone has to change for the good. Ages 8-12.

The P-orangi Boy by Shilo Kino – $25 Niko lives in a small, rural town with a sacred hot spring and a taniwha named Taukere. When his grandfather dies it’s up to Niko to convince his community that the taniwha is real and stop a prison from being built on the taniwha’s sacred spring. Niko must unite his whanau, honour his grandfather and stand up to his childhood bully. Ages 9-12.

Hollowpox, The Hunt for Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend – $19.99 A strange illness, the Hollowpox, has taken hold of Nevermoor and as victims multiply, panic spreads. With the city she loves in a state of fear, Morrigan quickly realises it is up to her to find a cure for the Hollowpox, even if it will put her - and the rest of Nevermoor - in more danger than ever before. Ages 8-12.

THE DOROTHY BUTLER BOOKSHOP, 1 Jervois Road, Ponsonby T: 09 376 7283, E: shop@dorothybutler.co.nz, www.dorothybutler.co.nz

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DEAR READER CHRISTMAS BOOK GIFT LIST Here is a selection of some of our favourites. ‘Shuggie Bain’ by Douglas Stuart Winner of the 2020 Booker Award, this novel is gritty, at times funny, and very poignant. Set in Thatcher’s 1980s, it is a tale of poverty, violence and Catholic/Protestant tensions in Glasgow. Shuggie witnesses his mother’s gradual disintegration as she becomes increasingly addicted to alcohol. Stuart clearly draws from his own childhood as he conveys with moving, heartfelt prose, the love, yet powerlessness of children. ‘Hamnet’ by Maggie O’Farrell This is a stunningly written, intimate weaving of fact and fiction about Shakespeare’s wider family, notably his wife Agnes and their son Hamnet. Through Agnes – a gifted herbalist - we experience not only the joys of motherhood and love, but also the enormous sadness of loss. The descriptions of daily life, including the spread of the plague, are vivid. A beautiful and profound novel. ‘Trio’ by William Boyd Boyd’s latest novel set in the 1960s, follows the machinations of three characters connected by the production of a film. Actress Anny Vicklund has various dalliances while dealing with the reappearance of her terrorist ex-husband. Elfrida Wing, wife of the film’s director, is an alcoholic novelist who plans to write about Virginia Woolf’s last day. Talbot Kydd, the film’s producer is coming to terms with his sexuality. It is a delight to read, with fantastically drawn characters – hilarious, clever and insightful. ‘Islands of Mercy’ by Rose Tremain Set in the 1900s, Jane, the daughter of a successful doctor in Bath, rejects the marriage proposal of Valentine, her father’s assistant.

She then meets the beautiful Juliette, and what follows is a voyage of self-discovery. Meanwhile in Borneo, Valentine’s brother has contracted malaria and is being looked after by a British landowner. A novel where actions have far-reaching consequences and characters struggle to find their purpose in life. Eloquent, elegant writing. ‘The Morbids’ by Ewa Ramsey Caitlin has suffered a trauma that has unravelled her life. She joins a self-help group – “the morbids” – where members obsess about their impending death and the various forms it is likely to take. Although Ramsey writes with dry humour, she also treats her characters with empathy and warmth. She shows an understanding of mental illness – the effects on all involved – and the work it takes to recover. ‘A Promised Land’ by Barack Obama The book takes us from Obama’s childhood to the killing of bin Laden in 2011. Obama questions decisions – his own and historical – musing on other possible choices and outcomes. His examination of history is insightful, and we are made aware of the antipathy and underlying racism towards his presidency. He believes the rise of Trump was inevitable. Obama’s writing is informative, self-reflective, restrained and stylish. ‘Mophead Tu: The Queen’s Poem’ by Selina Tusitla This book, for four-year-olds and above, is a sequel to ‘Mophead’. When Selina is invited to read a poem to the Queen, someone calls her a sell-out. An hilarious, intriguing look at colonialism, and Selina’s efforts to bridge the gap.  PN

DEAR READER, 436 Richmond Road, T: 09 360 0383, www.dearreader.co.nz

436 Richmond Road, T: 09 360 0383, E: books@dearreader.co.nz, www.dearreader.co.nz

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LOCAL MARKET WRAP WITH CHARLOTTE KOFOED Sales volume and median sell price momentum continues into October. As we head into the festive season the greater Ponsonby real estate marketplace continued its cadence from September into October with a healthy 75 completed transactions for the area (Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Saint Marys Bay, Freemans Bay, and Westmere). Sales volume was also well up on the prior October’s 63 sales, and we continue to see more property stock come to market late in the season as sellers and buyers alike make up for lost time earlier in the year. As I write (23/11) the market is showing few signs of winding down for Christmas with many vendors still seeking campaigns into December, healthy attendance at open homes, and a strong interest in all property types. Over the preceding weekend, my associate Hamish Kofoed and I conducted eight open homes over two days, meeting over 100 potential buyers across four different properties. We are seeing a real mixture of buyer types; recently returned ex-pats, mums and dads shopping for ex-pat family members who are still away, first/second home buyers, as well as a large number of existing greater Ponsonby residents looking toward their next property. We are also seeing a definite shift ‘across town’ from the Eastern Bays and Remuera as empty nesters, free from the constraints of the school-run, seek an easier lifestyle closer to the city and younger family members already in the area. This overall activity is helping to consolidate the recent upshift in the median sell price that we have seen in greater Ponsonby. After September’s 15% month-on-month median sell price increase to $1.9M, October’s median sell price of $1.96M moves the market very close to the $2.0M mark, despite the increased level of supply compared to previous months. PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE In the November issue I talked about the increased number of ‘super first home buyers’ who are very active in the $2.0M - $3.5M price bracket and competing for 3-4 bedroom family homes with confidence and conviction. Several aspects can make your property more attractive to these particular buyers when preparing your home for sale over the summer break and can potentially improve the overall success of your campaign.

maintenance plantings, manageable lawns, and safe play areas for children are super-appealing to these buyers. • Kitchens – Slightly tired kitchens can often be a deal-breaker for these buyers, and at this price point your competition will often have recently updated kitchens. Worn door fronts, kick plates, loose handles and the like can often be remedied quite economically via cabinet makers such as Cutshop, and your local hardware store has good supplies of hinges, handles, and other fixtures to help bring your kitchen up to a presentable standard. Often your friendly house painter can also be a dab hand at sprucing up older wooden doors (Resene Alabaster can do wonders) • Lighting – Lighting is critical in many Ponsonby villas and bungalows that suffer from a less than ideal orientation toward the sun. Compensate for this with sufficient lighting in darker areas to improve the appeal of your home during buyer inspections. • Clean and Dry – Buyers can be strongly discouraged by less than clean kitchens, toilet areas, bathrooms and walls, especially with un-renovated/tired properties. Dry down and ventilate all wet areas before open homes and make sure recently used towels are replaced with fresh (matching) new ones. Super-clean homes keep buyers engaged and make their visit more pleasurable. • Minimise – Decluttering your home allows buyers to better visualise how they can live in the property and increases the feeling of space and simplicity. Storage King Richmond Road has some great rates for temporary storage and is a great way to get your stuff out of the house and also start preparation for your next move. As a part of my service, all of my homes are adorned with a fresh set of New Zealand made luxury candles from Kas Shera at Kasbah – kasbahdesign.co.nz (French Vanilla is my favourite) as well as fresh flowers from Leon Reynolds at Enchanted Rose Flowers on Jervois Road – enchantedrose.co.nz. If you would like advice on preparing your home for sale over the summer, please call me for a chat.

Here’s my top five:

2020 has been a tough year for many of us. Take care over the festive season and holiday break and if you are able, take some • Gardens – Younger demographic professional couples are time to relax and enjoy time with those closest to you. Thank you for increasingly time poor. A well-landscaped garden with low reading. Merry Christmas!  PN CHARLOTTE KOFOED, M: 021 241 9394, T: 09 353 1220, www.ckre.co.nz, E: charlotte.kofoed@nzsir.com Properties Sold Average Sell Price Median Sell Price

October 2020 75 $2,237,152 $1,960,000

September 2020 73 $1,910,418 $1,900,000

October 2019 63 $1,801,992 $1,620,000

REINZ statistics for Freemans Bay, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Westmere, St Marys Bay & Herne Bay

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Bespoke Astrid bedsides, 1 drawer with shelf $3880 the pair

Bespoke Astrid bedsides with pull out slide $3960 the pair

ROSE & HEATHER, 366 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895, www.roseandheather.com

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Astrid 6 drawer chest at 160cm x 81cm in Black/Whitewash finish $5380

Newport Bed in Ash features a flexislat base which does not interfere with its contemporary clean design and makes for a lighter, more aired sleep. From $4280 available in all sizes



25 Hackett Street

19 Chamberlain Street

3 Curran Street

77 Albany Road

16 Wellpark Avenue

20 Barrington Road

AUCKLAND’S WESTERN CITY-FRINGE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MARKET CONTINUES TO DEFY HISTORICAL TRENDS Historic residential property sales trends in Auckland city’s western fringe continue to be completely re-written as a result of the Covid-19 economy according to latest marketing data compiled by a leading Ponsonby real estate professional. Bayleys Ponsonby salesperson Blair Haddow said that traditionally over the past decades property listing volumes in and around Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Marys Bay, and Grey Lynn, had slowed down in the lead up to Christmas with vendors preferring to personally focus on the festive season and ensuing New Year holiday period flowing through until after Waitangi Day and Auckland Anniversary Day in February. “This year though, that trend has completely gone out the window,” said Blair Haddow, who has just taken on two new listings with instructions to sell before Christmas. The first of Blair Haddow’s latest listings is 3/6 Curran Street, Herne Bay – a totally modernised and renovated three-level 1980s townhouse with three bedrooms/two bathrooms, a study nook, and decks offering magnificent views of the Waitemata- Harbour. The property is going up for auction on December 9. Meanwhile, the second trend-bucking property Blair Haddow is marketing for sale is a three bedroom, two bathroom villa at 71 Summer Street, Ponsonby. The home, which has a loft space primed for conversion into a new living area as well as a garage and adjacent offstreet parking and a swimming pool, goes up for auction on December 15 unless it sells prior to an offer the owner is prepared to accept. “It’s simply an indication of how ‘hot’ the market is at the moment,” said Blair. “The sales and listing stats simply speak for themselves. Well marketed and appropriately priced stock is literally flying out the door faster than we’ve ever seen before.” Since the November edition of Ponsonby News, Blair Haddow’s sales sheet has further ballooned out to encompass: • 25 Hackett Street, St Marys Bay. A completely transformed five bedroom, three bathroom home with three living areas and stunning views of Auckland’s CBD, Westhaven Marina, and the inner harbour, which sold for in the region of $6.4million. • 77 Albany Road, Herne Bay. An architecturally re-imagined four bedroom villa on an avenue corner site with master suite, dual living areas, pool and outdoor entertaining area which sold prior to auction for $4.35million.

106 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

• 19 Chamberlain Street, Grey Lynn. A beautifully renovated twolevel family dwelling with five double bedrooms, three bathrooms, and three living spaces, including a teenagers’ retreat, which sold under the auctioneer’s hammer for $3.55million. • 20 Barrington Road, Grey Lynn. A sophisticated boutique townhouse with open plan living, supersized high spec kitchen, master suite, outdoor spaces with city and sunset views plus internal garage, which sold at auction recently for $2.09million. • 16 Wellpark Avenue, Grey Lynn. A substantial remodeled four bedroom villa with open plan rear living hub flowing to covered deck, in-ground swimming pool and private back yard opening directly onto the little-known Francis Reserve. It sold at auction for $3.81million. Blair said the frenetic activity being generated in the current wave of residential property sales across Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Marys Bay, and Grey Lynn, took him back to 2003 when, as a novice property entrepreneur, he sold his own private ‘do-up project’ at 16 Sheehan Street for what was at the time Ponsonby’s first $million-plus villa renovation. He not only project managed the renovation, but worked extensively on the process, painting both the inside and exterior of the residence. Interestingly, the property last sold at the beginning of 2018 for $2.7million. “It just goes to show that over the long-term - in this case 17 years – house prices in this area have always risen,” he said. Blair forecasts that the pattern of historic real estate sales trends being ‘thrown out the window’ as a result of Covid-19’s impact on the economy will continue on into 2021. “Traditionally, the property market is relatively passive through to the second week in February when the bulk of the population comes back from their beach or bach holidays,” he said. “Next year, watch out for that time frame to come forward into the third week of January when pent-up purchaser demand will be anxious to kick the year off early in the hope of being ahead of the PN pack,” he added.  www.facebook.com/BlairHaddowResidential PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Tala Voronoi lights

String for home or office

The Mavis sofa

The Askel Kjersgaard collection

String shelving



BOB & FRIENDS, 231 Ponsonby Road, www.bobandfriends.co.nz

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www.bobandfriends.co.nz or call Ron on 022 021 0455 231 Ponsonby Road


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LEYS INSTITUTE: ONE YEAR SINCE CLOSURE It’s nearly a year since the sudden shock closure of the Leys Institute Library and Gymnasium, due to council concerns around earthquake regulations. The local community was blindsided and quickly organised to advocate for the buildings’ upgrading and reopening. A public protest outside the library in late February drew a crowd of around 150, all demanding that the buildings be speedily restored. Local Board chairperson Richard Northey spoke, promising to listen to the community’s wishes.

Board Chairperson Richard Northey appeared before the November meeting of the council Finance and Property Committee to advocate for the Leys Institute to be restored, as soon as practical, in the next Long Term Plan.

Friends of Leys Institute was established at that demonstration, with 125 people signing up as members on the spot. The membership has steadily grown month by month, and now numbers over 200. Friends of Leys Institute members have advocated for the buildings directly to the Local Board and Councillor Pippa Coom, and via submissions to Auckland Council and Local Board budgets and plans. Letters of support and articles on the Leys have been printed in every Ponsonby News this year.

The next Council Long Term Plan (10 year plan) is due in 2021. According to council officials, the indicative business case for the Leys will be considered alongside others. Due to Covid 19, restrictions on budgets for the next few years are likely, so consideration of alternative ways of funding is being focussed on.

Following a council report recommending strengthening of the buildings, Waitemata- Local Board at its September meeting unanimously stated its support for the Leys Institute to be upgraded, and for library services to return. It also recommended selling property the council owns, that came from the Leys bequest in 1964, along with other property controlled by the Board, with the funds going to the Leys’ strengthening works.

108 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

So what happens now?

So, in principle, the buildings will be upgraded, but in practice, we don’t know when funds will be available. When it comes time for submissions to the 2021 Council Long Term Plan, please be ready to make a submission advocating for funds to be promptly allocated to the Leys Institute. Anyone interested in becoming a member of Friends of Institute can email co-ordinator Helen Geary at heleng@maxnet.co.nz, and follow the Friends of Leys Institute Facebook page.  PN


Ardmore Road, Ponsonby

Bayfield Road, Herne Bay

Harcourt Street, Grey Lynn

Dublin Street, St Marys Bay

Sackville Street, Grey Lynn

Tole Street, Ponsonby

Webber Street, Westmere

Old Mill Road, Grey Lynn

Sackville Street, Grey Lynn

Lincoln Street, Ponsonby

Webber Street, Westmere

Wellpark Avenue, Grey Lynn

William Denny Avenue, Westmere

Coleridge Street, Grey Lynn

Ardmore Road, Ponsonby

Clarence Street, Ponsonby

Heath Avenue, Northcote

John Street, Ponsonby

100% Under the Hammer* #2 Ray White Damerell Group

*Since February 2019

Ray White Damerell Group Limited (Licensed REAA 2008)

Chloe Wither & Scott Wither | Licensee Salespeople | 021 672 191 & 021 225 5988


JOHN ELLIOTT: TUNNEL TALK The St Mary’s Bay Association pushes for second harbour crossing. The recent failure of the Auckland Harbour Bridge because of an accident in high winds has fired up St Mary’s Bay Association chairman, David Abbott, over the delay in planning for a second harbour crossing. “All talk, no action,” was his cry, in a recent full page New Zealand Herald article and in his report to the AGM of the St Mary’s Association. As Abbott told Ponsonby News, “Auckland and the nation desperately need the government to fast track the decision on an alternative to the vulnerable Auckland Harbour Bridge, which in addition to cars and trucks also carries communications and water infrastructure to the North Shore. Since 1988 there have been eight studies investigating options for an additional harbour crossing, yet we understand that NZ Transport Agency believe this may not be needed for another 30 years. “A new crossing has become the victim of one of the longest political filibusters in New Zealand’s history. “New Zealanders are looking to our new government for action – and high on its list of infrastructure priorities should be a tunnel under Auckland harbour;” the SMBA supported their chairman’s point of view at the recent AGM. Future of the Leys The association also strongly supports restoration of Leys Institute library. And suddenly, the future of this local landmark is looking brighter with the adoption by the Waitemata- Local Board of a plan to support seismic upgrade and heritage preservation of the library and gymnasium, plus a commitment to retain and extend library services. SMBA member Helen Geary is doing a great job for the Friends of Leys, of which I recently became the 200th member. Ponsonby News strongly supports the St Mary’s Association resolve to get the 114-year-old Leys quickly back to library status. Cleaner local beaches Poor water quality in St Mary’s Bay/Westhaven and local beaches is due in large part to overflows from our 100 plus year old combined sewage and wastewater system. Persistent lobbying by the St Mary’s Bay Association and neighbouring Herne Bay Residents Association

has led to an agreement with Council to separate stormwater from the wastewater network. With stormwater removed, regular overflows from the wastewater network will end. All properties in St Mary’s Bay have been checked to see if they are separated to the street. Separation work will start mid-2021. This project will help bring safe swimming back to our inner city beaches. The bonus for locals whose properties are not yet separated is that Council will pay. What else is happening? Soon-to-be-opened Westhaven Village café, bar and restaurant, Cargo, will have room for 299 people inside and up to 700 outside. Following an application for an on and off-liquor licence, the SMBA submitted its concerns about noise, 4am closure, security and parking. The aim is not to oppose the licence but to modify the conditions. The SMBA has put a proposal to the Waitemata- Local Board to build a pathway linking the Ring Tce steps and the park pathway. This is a well-used route which becomes muddy in winter. Both St Mary’s Bay and Herne Bay residents are seeking an amendment to the Unitary Plan, called Plan Change 26. In essence, they are concerned about the generally small size of sections in St Mary’s Bay and the closeness of structures to boundaries. They have asked for retention of rear yard setbacks, and for a minimum of 1.2m between buildings to allow for repairs and maintenance on side walls. It is particularly important to get the second aspect right. Narrow side yards are a feature of the old suburbs. This request ensures that existing arrangements are not made worse. The association congratulated long time SMBA stalwart, John Hill, on his Good Citizen Award received from the Waitemata- Local Board. The association honoured long time committee member, Wendy Moffett, who retired after 15 years sterling service to her local association. She will be missed. Ponsonby News congratulates St Mary’s Bay Association for its good community work, and its desire to protect the amenity values residents love. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN

For more information, or to join, contact David Abbott, E: dabbott@xtra.co.nz

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Luke Crockford Connecting PEOPLE with PROPERTY

It is going to be an ice cream summer! 021 277 8565 | luke.crockford@raywhite.com @LukeCrockfordRealEstate


Ray White Damerell Group Ltd (Licensed REAA 2008)

NEED A QUICK MAKEOVER? By simply replacing those old lights and switches gives an immediate new modern look and adds value to your home. We deliver the highest standard of service, commitment and quality workmanship, so let’s get your summer sorted. PAINTING + BUILDING + GIB STOPPING + PLUMBING + ELECTRICAL + ROOFING

HAVE A PROJECT? CALL FOR A FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Call 021 062 9104 Email eddie@reidpropertyservices.co.nz Visit reidpropertyservices.co.nz

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JERVOIS & LAWRENCE SHOW APARTMENT NOW READY FOR VIEWING When the scaffolding sheathing on the new luxury Herne Bay apartment 'Jervois & Lawrence' is removed soon, it is predicted people will be surprised by just how advanced the build is. Bayleys agent Peter Tanner, who is marketing the property with Kirsten Bishop, says, “we are excited to announce the first completed show apartment is open for viewing.” Peter says its envisaged construction will be completed around early February next year which could see first residents move in late Q1 or early Q2 2021. “There are very few projects in this area at the moment that are going to be completed in the time frame that this is,” he says.

Another huge drawcard is the exacting quality of the development with an elegantly timeless stone façade designed by Leuschke Group Architects. Its central atrium delivering light and air flow looks down onto a Japanese garden.

The 28-dwelling development by Synergy Development Group located on the ridgeline on the corner of Jervois Road and Lawrence Street is already more than half sold. Its one-bedroom apartments have sold out and three of the four penthouses and sub-penthouses have already been purchased. However, there is a good range of two and three-bedroom apartments still available, some of which also come with a study or media room.

Interior design by Stewart Harris of Macintosh Harris showcases beautiful herringbone wooden floors. Italian made Arcliena kitchens boast Gaggenau appliances. Bathrooms have Villeroy & Boche porcelain and Hansgrohe tapware.

Undoubtedly a significant factor driving sales to date is the fact that until now, premium quality, low-maintenance living options have been in short supply in prestigious Herne Bay, apart from a couple of ‘80s tower blocks.

“They all agree there is nothing else quite like this one-of-a-kind, very special development.”

Kirsten says a significant number of existing buyers are those who’ve lived in and loved the area but want to downsize or simplify. “People, including those from other areas, are also being attracted by by the combination of views and convenience.” Northern apartments enjoy a spectacular outlook over the WaitemataHarbour. Southern-facing apartments enjoy an urban aspect with views of the Sky Tower, the city and of Mt Eden.

Kirsten says discerning buyers range from executive couples and professional singles to retirees.

The complex is pet friendly, subject to body corporate approval. Pricing includes basement car parking and storage lockers and each residence comes with one to two designated car parks future proofed with outlets for powering electric vehicles. The Jervois & Lawrence display suite across the road from the apartments is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30am - 1:30pm. at 218 Jervois Road, Herne Bay. The completed show apartment is open for viewing by private appointments only. For sale: From $1.69 million including car parking.

The delights of Herne Bay and Ponsonby are just down the road with the central city within walking distance. There’s easy motorway access nearby heading north, south and west.

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Contact: Peter Tanner, Bayleys on T: 021 379 379; or Kirsten Bishop on T: 027 660 6446. PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)











WE’RE READY FOR YOU TO MAKE YOUR MOVE. A fully completed apartment is now ready for you to view, and the remainder will be ready to occupy in the new year. Superbly made, beautifully finished, this elegant three-bedroom apartment features a highly spec’d Italian-made kitchen equipped with Gagganeau appliances. A generous sized balcony with impressive views will entirely convince you how good life could be here in Herne Bay. This stunning 28-apartment complex still has a good selection of apartments available for purchase. Make an appointment to see the display apartment, where we can talk about the right apartment for you in Jervois & Lawrence.

Two bedrooms, one bathroom from $1,690,000. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms from $2,790,000.

Peter Tanner +64 21 379 379 peter.tanner@bayleys.co.nz Bayleys Real Estate, Ponsonby, Licensed under the REAA 2008

Kirsten Bishop +64 27 660 6446 Kirsten.bishop@bayleys.co.nz Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Takapuna Residential Licensed under the REAA 2008


SHOWROOM 218 Jervois Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 11.30am-1.30pm Wednesday - Sunday Or by private appointment.


@ METRIX 1. Duravit’s archetypical open oval of the Happy D. design classic runs through all elements of the Happy D.2 Plus range designed by Sieger Design. Above-counter basins with precise lines, standalone consoles and matching cabinets as well as circular mirrors combine to make perfectly harmonised washing areas. The new colour variants of refined Anthracite Matt or a two-tone contrast of glossy white inside and Anthracite Matt outside lend the above-counter basins an extra layer of individuality and class. 2. Dornbacht Meta by Sieger Design is synonymous with contemporary minimalism. With this tapware series, Dornbracht has perfected and enriched this principle, using a range of surface finishes, enabling Meta to demonstrate its flexibility, stylishness and progressiveness – all while remaining true to its own core values.


3. Dornbracht’s VAIA elegant tapware design harmoniously blends into traditional modern-minimalistic architectures combined with elements of different styles. Characteristic features of VAIA are the soft radii, the fine silhouette and flowing transitions. Dornbracht has raised the bar for depth and brilliance of colour in tapware to an unprecedented level with a specially developed manufacturing process and a unique matting method. Additionally, the silky surface texture originating from the particularly fine brushstrokes is exceptionally pleasant to touch. 2

4. CRISTINA’s Italy tapware range combines industrial production and artisan experience, representing the pinnacle of excellence being Made in Italy. The design is a re-proposition of modernity with the classic forms of the 1920s, characterised by the purity of shapes with the union of surface elements, to achieve a unique and timeless style. In addition to the suggested total look finishes, Italy offers several options to combine handles in marble or stone to the body in the various finishes. 5. CRISTINA’s indoor/outdoor shower series is simple, extremely elegant and functional, ideal for ultimate relaxation by the pool or in the garden. The open-air product range also fits perfectly in modern interiors, minimal industrial and spa areas. To see the latest in luxury bathroom ware, visit Metrix Showroom 155 The Strand Parnell or enquire about our latest catalogue. www.metrix.co.nz 3

4 5

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155 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

Duravit Dornbracht Vola Paini Kaldewei Inda Valsir Cristina Glass Design Marblo Almar Effe 47

Toilets. Basins. Baths. Tapware. Accessories. Saunas. Showers.


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THE ROOM comes in eight variations and slab formats of 120 x 260cm, 120 x 120cm, 60 x 120cm and now in mosaics, all with a thickness of 6.5mm. Suitable for both floor and walls, the large format make for impressive wall cladding, given the floor to ceiling format. It has two different finishes: an all round shiny gloss-honed version and a natural one whose originality lies in the different light refractions on its surface. THE ROOM currently consisting of eight strongly differing ‘marbles’ both in appearance and origin. It is a unique collection capable of satisfying the most sophisticated tastes, for top quality modern and original surroundings.

WATERFRONT marries the essence of fired tiles and cement. The two styles have been brought together in a single project: the tradition and warmth of fired tiles share their uniqueness with the minimal and modern look of cement. A captivating dichotomy that lends spaces a classic and essential style with a modern twist. In lighter colours, the essence of fired tiles dominates the essence of the cement, whilst in darker colours, the opposite occurs. All colours available in mosaics.

LOMBARDA expands the potential of the contemporary architecture with a collection inspired by Ceppo di Gre, the stone used for Milan’s most iconic 20C buildings. The striking, charismatic LOMBARDA confirms its technical excellence and offers a style rich in meaning and prestige for the design of commercial and private interiors. LOMBARDA is available in three colours in a natural finish and inspires new architectural approaches where elegance and practicality meet. Available in 450 x 900cm, 900 x 900cm and 20mm 600 x 600cm for use on deck jacks for floating decks or as pavers.

10am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday, by appointment any other time. 254 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland (next to Homage and Bauhaus) M: 021 644 728 / www.tonictiles.co.nz

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Team Elaine & Matt

Elaine Ferguson & Matt Johnson An unrivalled Ray White Duo

A snapshot of the wide range of properties we have sold this year

Our recent sales 2/22 Regina Street, Westmere

268 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay

Sarah Colebrook sarah.colebrook@raywhite.com 021 264 9257

1/2A Buller Street, Ponsonby

52 Sussex Street, Grey Lynn

14 Allen Road, Grey Lynn

1F George Street, Parnell

41 Summer Street, Ponsonby

10 Scanlan Street, Grey Lynn

Matt Johnson matt.johnson@raywhite.com 027 243 6831

Elaine Ferguson elaine.ferguson@raywhite.com 027 534 5024

Jess Thompson jessica.thompson@raywhite.com 0211363574

259 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby Ray White Damerell Group Limited (Licensed REAA 2008)

Selling a wide range of properties, across Central Auckland.


HEALTHY HOMES STANDARDS CATALISE ED The next Healthy Homes Standards hurdle is fast approaching, and the deadline is just six months away. It’s time to ensure you are compliant and are ready for the changes. First things first, here are the key compliance dates: 1 December 2020 – Most tenancy agreements need to include a statement of compliance (a Healthy Homes assessment). 1 July 2021 – All rental properties must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards requirements within 90 days of a new or renewed tenancy agreement. 1 July 2024 – All rental properties must fully comply with the Healthy Homes standards. There are three assessment options for owners; a self-assessment, a low-cost provider with a maintenance arm, or getting an assessment from an impartial provider who provides a Healthy Homes report. Catalise want their owners to be as involved as they wish to be. This is not a one-size fits all situation and each property should be treated individually. Good property managers work hard and assist at finding the best solution, not just the ‘compliant’ solution, for each home. Healthy Homes Standards – a breakdown Here are the key things that need to be checked and eventually actioned for all New Zealand residential rental properties: • Fixed heating – Mandatory in living area • Bathroom ventilation – Mechanical ventilation is mandatory • Kitchen ventilation – Mechanical ventilation is mandatory • Ground cover – Mandatory when there is a sub floor • Insulation – Stricter criteria apply • Draught stopping – Windows and doors should be airtight • Drainage – Running well Can owners self-assess? It is a time-consuming and complicated document to complete, and

doing it wrong could result in fines due to errors and non-compliance. Owners should make sure they are very familiar with what is required, as details are too complex to discuss in this article. If owners choose the route of self-assessing, there are some useful calculators online for heating, insulation and ventilation, and Tenancy Services has provided an example statement. After the assessment, what comes next? Getting compliant The next step after the assessment is getting fully compliant in areas identified as needed remedial work. Once an assessment is done, property managers can have their trusted team of tradesmen making sure each property is up to scratch and Healthy Homes Certified. Property owners should kick this off as soon as possible; getting there will become a sprint the closer we get to 1st July 2021 and it is expected demand and price will escalate making it harder and more expensive to get the job completed in time. What are the benefits of complying early? A well-insulated, dry, warm house are desirable attributes for the care and longevity of a rental property and improve the asset value. Catalise believe it is important for tenants to live in a healthy environment, creating long term tenancies saving property owners in letting fees, marketing, and tenancy downtime. Once a property is fully compliant it can be promoted as “Healthy Homes Certified”, making it a more attractive rental property with better returns. Everyone benefits.  PN

CATALISE LTD, 203A Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, sandie@catalise.co.nz, M: 021 352 670, www.catalise.co.nz

unlock your property potential providing a pathway to To look after your biggest asset, you need someone you can trust - contact Sandie:

www.catalise.co.nz 118 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020

Residential/ Commercial/ Air BnB

Step by step, we partner with you to bring out the best in your property, attract the right tenants, and succeed with your investment

success 021 352 670 sales@catalise.co.nz 203a Symonds St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010 PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


FOR SALE: FOUR ON SURREY This is the very essence of sophisticated inner city living... small in number... spacious in design, FOUR on SURREY is about living local in a boutique development in sought-after Grey Lynn. This luxury development comprises four residences; two very spacious four bedroom plus media room townhouses with gardens, and two premium three bedroom penthouses. ď Ł PN Any questions? Please call Carl Madsen on 021 953 152 or email c.madsen@barfoot.co.nz

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PONSONBY WELCOMES BACK CHERYL REGAN Continuing a decade-long career in real estate that’s seen her facilitate many successful sales across the city harbour suburbs, Cheryl Regan’s move to Bayleys Ponsonby is a natural fit in more ways than one. Returning to the neighbourhood which attracted her to New Zealand more than three decades ago, this Canadian native recalls spending summer evenings walking her silky terrier down the Ponsonby strip. “Ponsonby is such a vibrant community, continually evolving while embracing its colourful heritage and the opportunity to assist a mix of business owners, families and professionals to enhance their lifestyle makes me extremely excited,” she says. Backed by an impressive business acumen which has seen her flex a creative aptitude for communication and her instantly likeable demeanor, it’s evident Cheryl has worn many corporate hats. “However, all roads have led me to real estate,” Cheryl says when musing the ways her successful e-training business has prepared her for the dynamic demands of the residential market place. “Early adoption of digital technologies and a client-centric focus has ensured my approach to real estate has matured with the times, and I take great pride forging rewarding and long-lasting business relationships,” she adds. Though it just might be Cheryl’s spirit that’s her greatest asset. One valuable life lesson stayed with her through adulthood – a concept demonstrated in everything she does, from her attitude through to her signature graphic. “I learned from a brilliant woman when I was a young skier; she was a gold medal winner at the Olympics, she

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taught me that passion, vision and action are not mutually exclusive in the quest for success. I asked her why she was the best, she replied not, another woman was the best athlete, but while she possessed the vision and the willingness to work, she lacked the passion,” Cheryl says. “Another she said, had the passion and the vision but lacked the action - this idea of a vision born from passion and achieved through hard work has become a constant throughout my life and a rewarding business philosophy.” In moving from being a cleaner on aeroplanes to becoming the director of an airline Cheryl continues to win the business with a natural grace and charm. Closely aligned with the Westhaven Rotary Club, Leukemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand, and Make-a-Wish New Zealand, Cheryl is community-minded and big-picture oriented, determined to offer real estate representation with heart, substance and a track record of results. “I am focussed on the outcome that achieves the goal for my clients, working collaboratively to attract the best buyer for each property results in an optimal value,” she says. “I am thrilled to join Bayleys Ponsonby and the wider community just in time for what is sure to be a rewarding summer for those entering the local property market,” she adds excitedly.  PN CHERYL REGAN, M: 021 772 583, T: 09 520 8888 E: cheryl.regan@bayleys.co.nz



RESULTS Cheryl Regan has recently transferred to the Bayleys Ponsonby office continuing her 10-year track record from Bayleys Remuera. Having completed a number of successful sales across the Grey Lynn, City Centre and Viaduct areas, this transition was a natural fit to best service her clients in this market.

Cheryl Regan

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe

021 772 583

holiday. Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to working with you again in 2021.



Re si d e n t i a l / Co m m e rc i a l / R u ra l / P ro p ert y Services


JOHN ELLIOTT: THE WESTERN SPRINGS FOREST CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Killing the Western Springs Forest - Local Board decides 4-3 The Waitemata to demolish all 200 pines. This decision makes me angry on so many fronts, but I don’t think it’s the end of the road yet. Five years ago when discussions first began, we were told many of the trees were old and dangerous, and that they all needed felling. We now know that was just not true. There are just 22 trees rated as vulnerable to falling over in a storm, and only two have fallen in the last two years. The council closed the forest paths to walkers, and sought ‘expert’ advice, with an apparently predetermined plan to fell the entire forest. The local board was charged with applying for a resource consent to get permission to chop down every tree.

And now council plans to spend about two million hard earned dollars (the council we are told is 1.4 billion dollars in the red) to cut down THEIR OWN trees; vandalism, and poor spending! Surely money needs prioritising now more than ever. I, and many others, are desperate to save the Leys Institute Library from demolition or sale to a developer. Why couldn’t those millions of dollars go towards saving Leys? My understanding is that a proposed plan B for a staged felling of the forest never got discussed because no genuine attempt was made by council officers to have a proper consultation with interested locals. A proposal which would selectively manage the forest, felling dangerous trees when necessary, and managing the rest; chop a few widow makers off to save them falling on someone’s head.

The council plan was to grow the maturing understorey of mainly natives, and plant further natives to grow a native forest. But the way the plan was to proceed would smash 80% of the developing understorey and leave 30-40 metre trunks lying around preventing much new planting. The road to be built into the forest was deemed insufficient for the task and more cut and fill would be needed, something Geotech experts would need to re-assess.

I also understand that Ngati Whatua’s opinion in favour of felling was not set in concrete, and that they were open to looking at other options, particularly the option that never came to pass.

Those unresolved difficulties meant the end of my support.

a chainsaw massacre on the forest, wasting a couple of million dollars of Auckland’s hard earned ratepayer money.

I agreed that, if many of the trees were dangerous and had reached the end of their natural life, maybe they should come down. After volunteering on Tiritiri Matangi Island’s restoration, where 300,000 natives were planted, I just adored the returning dawn chorus. The sound of kokako in a dawn chorus is bone shiveringly beautiful. Could that happen in an inner city sanctuary? I thought so, and still hope it could one day. In the last five years the whole world has changed, and it’s not just Covid. Many people were angry when the previous National Government cut protection of groups of trees out of the Resource Management Act (the RMA). Council cried they could not stop developers on private land from cutting down trees to enable a few more million dollar apartments. Exotics, natives - they didn’t care - including recently in Canal Road, Avondale. Many local boards are now coping with loss of tree cover in their wards. It’s not just - And Aucklanders are angry. Trees are a vital amenity for Waitemata. their shade, their carbon sequestering, their bird, and a myriad of other animals habitat.

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So here we are almost at the end of 2020. The city is broke, everyone is sick of Auckland losing vital tree coverage, and a stubborn, powerful and bullying bureaucracy, has continued to push the Waitemata- Local Board to use the resource consent and do

I would urge the four board members who voted to fell the forest, (Chairman Richard Northey, Deputy Chair Kerrin Leoni, Graeme Gunthorp and Julie Sandilands) to pause a minute and just think again, given the changed circumstances in five years. There is very little risk to the public. Put up some appropriate interpretation signs, chop off one widow maker near the track, watch a few other aging pines and save the city maybe several million dollars. Very few of these old trees are particularly senescent and in danger of suddenly falling over. Just remember, board members, you are there to act for the community that voted you in, not an army of faceless bureaucrats with an agenda which the public does not support. I guarantee that any one of the four named above who decides on balance they should change their mind and call another vote, will be very warmly thanked for their courage by the Waitemata- community and, probably, every Auckland Local Board. It could well assure them of re-election. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN


STUDYboy 3 Crate $1146



BOOKboy 1 Bay 4 High $1139 and BOOKboy 1 Bay 3 High $1029

BOOKboy 2 Bay 2 High $1189

Shop online at www.meluka.co.nz

CHESTYboy 1 Bay 5 High $1324

Furniture. Simply.

2 0 % OFF


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Moon table lamp, Machined vase, Clear Crystal Bulb table lamp

The industrial style of Buster + Punch is evident in their new Machined range. The Machined Vase has a solid metal base in brass or steel supporting a delicate mouth-blown glass vase. The Machined Whiskey Set follows that same theme with a metal base paired with refined glasses. The Machined Candelabra appears more delicate and takes long tapper candles. Puck glassware from Tom Dixon is the latest edition to his giftware range. The collection uses basic forms of geometry, such as cylinders, cones and spheres, with a satisfyingly thick base that’s reminiscent of game pucks. Cocktail glasses, balloon glasses and ice buckets are all available, and come beautifully packaged. There is a new range of platters, bowls and small tables from Alentes. This artisan studio from Greece uses raw materials, natural colours and architectural forms to sculpt hand-crafted accessories that are textured and unique. All pieces are made from an aggregate of marble, stone and cement. A small table lamp can also make a beautiful gift. Choose from classic, sculptural or organic styles. The classic CuboLED is a versatile boxshaped lamp ideal for the bedside. For summer, wireless lamps can go where you go. Equipped with rechargeable battery technology, these lamps can be moved to wherever you need them around the house, with some models also designed for outdoor use. Gifting an item of USM furniture is a great way to introduce friends or family to this modernist Swiss modular furniture range. Bedside tables are one configuration that make an ideal gift. Complementary credenzas and bookcases can be added in the future with flexible custom configurations. If you are looking for further inspiration - the ECC showroom is just PN off Khyber Pass, or shop online.  ECC, 39 Nugent Street, Grafton, T: 09 379 9680, www.ecc.co.nz/store

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Machined candelabra, Puck cocktail glasses and ice bucket

There’s no better place to look for Christmas gifts for friends and family who appreciate design than at ECC. With access to the best international designers, stepping into their showroom is like entering a world of creativity.

Luna bowl, Fossil Organic Mini tray, Muffins candleholder, Footed bowl

Luxury gifts for the design lover now in store.

Underground candle, Tolomeo lamp, USM bedside cabinet


Underground candles, Eclectic Bath and Shower Oil, Ivy table lamp




Buster + Punch

Machined collection


JERVOIS & THE 1920’S CLASSIC MEETS 2020 CONTEMPORARY For Sale: 19 Webber Street, Westmere Rarely does a unique property like this come on to the market in coveted Coxs Bay. In a quiet neighbourhood with all the amenities, it’s a short walk to Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, and a 10-minute drive to the central city. Perfectly situated for sun, enjoy your upper harbour views and those spanning to the Sky Tower. This is truly an ‘art house’. As you walk on to the 554m2 property, the classic bungalow reveals a large contemporary addition designed by award-winning architect Steven Lloyd. The original 1920’s house has been lovingly restored and comprises of two generous bedrooms, a sky-lit bathroom and a bright sunroom, currently used as an office. There is a large lounge with bay window and a double fireplace leading to the dining room. Everything has been thought of in the renovation of this home, including a trap door to your wine cellar. And there is a seamless transition to the modern glass and burnt larch masterpiece. The owner has carefully selected everything with a minimalist look and feel, highlighted by sleek lines and custom finishes. A designer kitchen, featuring slate benches and a Wolf gas stove, visually looks like it is out of a magazine. Escape to your own upstairs master suite with walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. You will simply love the Italian style shower with skylight and a 100-year-old oak ceiling above. Downstairs there is another bedroom, perfect to use as a second living area or for your guests, with its own ‘spa-style’ bathroom in this wing of the house. The “hidden” laundry helps too. Other special features to this property, include two outdoor rooms, a beautifully landscaped garden, putting green and playhouse. For further information - call Amy Wildman.  PN JERVOIS & CO, T: 021 426 926, E: hello@jervois.co.nz, www.jervois.co.nz

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RECENTLY S°LD 41 Sentinel Rd - Herne Bay, 22 Wanganui Ave - Ponsonby, 31 Sentinel Rd Herne Bay, 51 Tutanekai St - Grey Lynn, 2 Finch St - Morningside, 42 Ethel St - Morningside, 1/15 Bank St - Mt Eden, 1/26 Callender Pl - Shelly Park.

Offering a truly personalised, premium service.





BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL After spending several years modernising their lovely family home at Cheltenham Beach with beautiful results, the owners now wanted a new kitchen to match. Through a friend they found kitchen designer Jane Fergusson from Takapuna-based Kitchens By Design, and have been delighted by the transformation she has achieved. Could you tell us a little about you and your family, and also about your home – in particular, describe the existing kitchen before the makeover? We are a family of four and are lucky enough to live in a very special part of the world, Cheltenham Beach. My kitchen was about 15 years old and while the materials were still fashionable, such as marble and stainless, it wasn’t a well-functioning kitchen in terms of storage and design. How did you come across Kitchens By Design, and why did you choose them to design your new kitchen? They were recommended by a friend. I actually started the process with another kitchen designer, but wasn’t satisfied following the initial consultation and drawings, as I felt they were very happy to draw up what I wanted without actually making any recommendations, or suggesting alternatives. As I am not a kitchen designer, I really did need someone to take the lead and be confident enough to tell me if my ideas might not actually be the right way to go. What was your brief to the designer, and how did it evolve? My brief to Jane was that I wanted a sophisticated kitchen that stayed pretty much in the same footprint, but that allowed for ease of access to kitchen items, with good pantry storage, space for a new double fridge, and one that was going to last the distance by using classic yet practical materials. For example, I love the look of marble – however it was suggested that I instead use Dekton, which is a man-made blend of natural quartz stone, porcelain and glass, and is super strong.

What are your favourite parts of your new kitchen? I love all the wonderful storage and ease of access to everything. Also, the way the materials all work together to reflect my personality and taste is wonderful. What would be your advice to anyone who’s thinking of having a new kitchen designed? Whilst the process is reasonably long, it is worth it in the end, as every day you get so much pleasure from being in a gorgeous, welldesigned kitchen. How did you find the experience of working with Kitchens By Design? As well as meeting at their showroom in Takapuna, Jane arranged regular after-hours, on-site consultations to fit in with our busy working lives and to ensure my husband could also be part of the consultations and design process. Nothing was ever too annoying, and no question was too silly to ask. Jane also liaised with all the contractors when needed and was on site to meet them if I had to be at work. There was a constant calmness throughout the process. Honestly, I was so impressed with Kitchens By Design, and I will be shouting that from the rooftops. If you thinking about putting in a new kitchen, give team at Kitchens By Design a call, or pop into their showroom at 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna, T: 09 488 7201. And for inspiration, take a look at their website at www.kitchensbydesign.co.nz

How did the designer translate your brief – and was it what you expected? Jane was perfect in every way. She listened to my ideas and understood my vision. She was very good at listening to suggestions and re-directing me if she felt, due to her vast experience, that perhaps a move in another direction might achieve a better outcome. What were some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments of the process? Meeting Jane at the kitchen factory and seeing it all coming together was amazing and a huge relief to see it was looking exactly as we had planned. There were never any surprises, as everything was explained clearly every step of the way.

128 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020


Visit our showroom today. 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna (09) 379 3084

A seamless, modern design.

kitchensbydesign.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 129



Tuesday 24 November

Will & Hayley

Tiara, Megan, Amy & Benjamin

Amy, Hannah & Benjamin

Tash & Colin

130 PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020



@ OUTDOOR CONCEPTS Discover the art of outdoor cooking with the OFYR available exclusively at Outdoor Concepts. OUTDOOR CONCEPTS, 77 The Strand, T: 0800 266 206, www.outdoorconcepts.co.nz

Try before you buy demo days Free Cover with any Weber BBQ

Taste the difference come to a Weber cooking demos every Saturday from 7th Nov to 19th Dec 2020 from 11am-2pm.

sold at the demo.


Weber SmokefireTM Barbecues

EX6 GBS Grill

EX4 GBS Grill





Weber® iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer



Weber® family Q Premium (Q3200) The shape of the Weber® Q® barbecue is a registered trademark



77 The Strand , Parnell. Phone 0800 266 206.




Weber® Genesis® II S315





100% WEBER

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ED CRUIKSHANK FOR CUSTOM FURNITURE Ed Cruikshank lives and works in Queenstown where he specialises in the design and creation of outstanding custom furniture. His high quality pieces are designed specifically for each customer and hand-built in New Zealand to last a lifetime. After a five year training in fine cabinet making and an industrial design degree, Cruikshank headed the Linley design team in London and managed their special projects, one of which brought him to New Zealand in 1999 to design the interior of a beautiful sloop being built in Auckland by Alloy Yachts. Twenty years later, having set up home in Queenstown in 2002, he has designed all manner of things, including unique and extraordinary custom furniture pieces, a collection of timeless chairs and tables and his devilish Infernorator firepoker and blower for clients in New Zealand and around the globe. According to one of Ed’s long standing customers, “the quality of Ed’s work and the care and attention he puts into every aspect of the process are a rare thing these days. We love the fact that our furniture was built here in New Zealand, but the thing that stood out for us was the way he and his team seamlessly combined creativity and design expertise with an ability to communicate their ideas so clearly that we knew exactly what to expect before we signed off on the designs. They delivered on time and at the exact budget we agreed and it was a fun and rewarding experience. Most of all we treasure the thought that our family will enjoy it for many years to come.” With many of Ed’s customers based in Auckland and elsewhere in the North Island, he has decided to create a small and perfectlyformed presence in the heart of Ponsonby working with strategic communications specialist Julien Leys at Pendulum Strategies at historic Letham House on Jervois Road.

Ed will be in Ponsonby on a regular basis in 2021 and will be happy to also make special visits if you are looking for anything from a handmade dining table or contemporary-classic leather reading chair to a full interior scheme. He can work with you directly, or alongside your architect or interior designer. You can contact Ed to arrange an appointment by visiting his website or calling him directly on M: 027 441 3434, www.edcruikshank.co.nz

Custom Designed Hand Made Furniture

Designed in Queenstown

Now available in Ponsonby


tel: 027 441 3434

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ANDREW PALACE OF METAL AS ANYTHING EXHIBITION Pre-christmas, Ponsonby Central will again be lit up by the eclectic electric lamp art of Andrew Palace of Metal as Anything. Andrew has exhibited in pop up shops on Ponsonby Road for the last 27 years with other forays in Grey Lynn, Kingsland, Herne Bay, Corban Estate and Waiheke.

Andrew is once again delving into his love of things science fiction, so spaceships and alien craft make up most of the exhibition, but there are also contemporary lights in stainless steel, brass and glass.

All of his pieces are made from recycled scrap brass copper and stainless steel. He also uses retro glass, marbles, lenses and cast glass by Fiona Rennie, and blown glass by Stephen Bradbourne. Each artwork is a one-off never to be repeated functional thing of beauty.

All Andrew’s works are lit by 12 volt LED systems, creating shadow, silhouette and a pastiche of colour from the glass.

Andrew’s works grace houses in the US, England, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. There are also large private collections of ten or more in New Zealand.

The exhibition runs from 7 December through to 20 December. There will be the opening on Wednesday 9 December from 5.30pm to 9.30pm for drinks.  PN

PONSONBY CENTRAL, Shop 4A, at the front on the corner of Richmond and Ponsonby Road. Enquiries: M: 021 592 296 Andrew Palace of Metal as Anything. Facebook E: metal.as.anything@mac.com

NEW ZEALAND TELEVISION AWARDS The recent New Zealand Television Awards showed just how deep and varied our local talent pool is. From the exceptional work of Mihingarangi Forbes on Three’s The Hui, winning best presenter, to One Lane Bridge which won Best Drama Series (check out our previous review of this great series), Covid has made one thing abundantly clear, Aotearoa is a land of great storytellers and exceptional screen content creators. Other winners that you should try to catch up on this summer include the series Head High, which saw Miriama McDowell win the award for Best Actress and Jayden Daniels win Best Supporting Actor. The winner of Best Documentary By the Balls is a must watch and the delightful Kiri and Lou, which won the only award available for children’s content, NZ on Air’s Best Children’s Programme, is a show little ones can watch over and over again on HEIHEI.  PN

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UPTOWN ART SCENE The uncertainty of these times has led many people to seek art making as a positive response to our predicament. While the summer break is beach-time for some, summer art school gives others the opportunity to start the new year with a shot of creativity. We have two well-established art schools in our neighbourhood: Browne School of Art at 194 Great North Road, and Studio One Toi Tu at 1 Ponsonby Road, both offering different summer school programmes. Browne School of Art (BSA) was started by artist and tutor Matthew Browne in 2013 to provide practical approaches to painting and printmaking within the contexts of contemporary art practice. While BSA offers short and long term classes during the year, their summer school is a crystallization of these, with a number of Auckland’s most experienced tutors giving plenty of individual attention to students who wish to grow their skills and understanding of art making.

Zarahn Southon teaching at BSA

A quick look at some of the tutors shows the skill level the BSA attracts. An expert in printmaking, Alexis Neal studied at the Slade, London and has taken part in national and international exhibitions, including currently at the Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui. Zarahn Southon is a master of the academy approach, having studied in Italy and developed a concise and rigorous method for oilcolour portraits. After graduating from Glasgow School of Fine Arts, Leigh Martin was a tutor at Elam for over ten years, now bringing his considerable skills to his class on individual art processes. Altogether, students can choose everything from contemporary watercolour, life drawing, and fluid printmaking, to exploring the environment or the abstract during the BSA’s exciting and informative January workshops. The school holiday classes at Studio One Toi Tu focus on our youngest artists, and their children’s programme features a course in ceramics,

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Painting at BSA

where they create with clay and get to sit at the potter’s wheel; and an inventive Bunny Cinderella class, that starts with drawing and can lead to painting or sculpture. Summer is for creating positive worlds, and art could be the answer. PN (EVAN WOODRUFFE/STUDIO ART SUPPLIES)  www.browne.school.nz www.studioone.org.nz



@ {SUITE} GALLERY, PONSONBY After 14 years in Wellington, {Suite} gallery owner David Alsop saw an opportunity to open a gallery in Auckland as a logical step. None of the well regarded stable of {Suite} artists, including Wayne Youle, Richard Lewer, Ans Westra, Peter Peryer, and Jeffrey Harris had gallery representation in Auckland and the opportunity to lease a heritage building on Ponsonby Road saw {Suite} open here just after the first lockdown in June 2020. {Suite} Ponsonby has already exhibited photographs by Ans Westra, and the paintings of Daniel Unverricht and Wayne Youle, amongst others. The gallery has exhibitions scheduled in 2021 for Jeffrey Harris, Geoffrey Notman, and Angela Singer. Despite having limited opportunities for opening night functions due to the Covid restrictions, the gallery has been buoyed by the interest of locals who are regularly stopping by to view exhibitions and works in the stockroom. On show until 12 December is a solo show for Canterbury based artist Roger Boyce. Originally from the USA, Boyce moved to Christchurch in 2002 and has since forged a successful artistic career here alongside his senior lecturing role at Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury. His latest exhibition, Arena, comprises of paintings of stark, cool toned gallery interiors. The clean, pared back surfaces are meticulously rendered and invite the viewer into Boyce’s gallery space by asking them to look and believe what they see, without having to look for any deeper meaning. From mid December and over Christmas, the gallery will show a selection of new works by gallery artists, including some large-scale landscapes by Richard Lewer and a recent steelcut out by Wayne Youle. {Suite} operates a full online catalogue of available works that can be viewed by PN contacting the gallery. Opening hours during the festive season are posted online.  {Suite} GALLERY, 189 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 218 4399, www.suite.co.nz

TIM BRAY YOUTH THEATRE’S 5-DAY HOLIDAY PROGRAMME This coming January Tim Bray Youth Theatre will be offering their popular ‘Hit the Stage! 5-day holiday programme’ for children aged from seven to twelve at TAPAC in Western Springs from 11-15 January. During five exciting days, young actors will take part in rehearsing and performing their own theatrical creation, ready to ‘Hit the Stage!’ at the end of the week with a performance for family and friends in the TAPAC theatre. Under the direction of the creative team from Tim Bray Youth Theatre, students will learn the creative and practical skills of devising and rehearsing a show with Tim Bray Youth Theatre professional tutors, and will have the opportunity to explore their performance skills, build confidence, and create a unique piece of theatre. The week is designed to build the young actor’s confidence and skill, incorporating aspects of stagecraft such as, ensemble work, voice, movement, improvisation, characterisation, even singing and script work if required in the show. Fun and laughter are an essential part of the workshop as young performers experience what it takes to get a show from the rehearsal floor to the bright lights of the stage. “Our daughters have done a few different acting holiday programmes but their favourite PN (and ours) is Tim Bray Theatre Company’s Hit the Stage!” - Bernie  www.timbray.org.nz


YOUTH THEATRE Engaging our students with all aspects of theatre

A 5-day creative escape during the school holidays for ages 7-9 and 10-12 11-15 January 2021 TAPAC, Western Springs www.timbray.org.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ December 2020 135




Oliver King – I am the man I am.

Ross Ritchie has been at the forefront of many artistic developments and is one of New Zealand’s leading post-modern artists. He is a figurative artist in the sense that his works have always denoted or referred to things, animate and inanimate, and the phenomena of the physical world.

I’m delighted to announce that we’re now formally representing Oliver King – and kicking off our partnership with an outstanding show of new work on now from Thursday to Saturday, 11-5pm until 19 December. I’ve been a massive fan of Oliver’s practice since he graduated with a First Class MFA from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in 2018. Visually gripping, with cascading layers of nuance and meaning, Oliver’s work primarily explores ideas of contemporary masculinity and asks important questions about what it means to be a white pakeha male in the context of decolonisation, privilege and consumerism. Are these elements of awareness enough to eventually disenfranchise the power hierarchies of race and gender? Or do our personal histories as men –more often than not shaped by our fathers – offer a far more honest foundation for empathy, healing and reconciliation through individual shared experiences of what it means to ‘be a man’ today?

Ross Ritchie: Circus - until 24 December

Like many painters, Ross Ritchie is a highly competent craftsman who uses his command over technique, not for purposes of virtuoso display, but to control and assist the subject of a painting. The cleverness of the ‘slick’ painter is not allowed to come between the spectator and the subject, no matter what form of expression this may take. Subject and technique are part of the painting’s total entity, not separate issues. Just the same, his natural dexterity as a painter can at times act as a shield protecting the quiet introspective core that Ritchie seeks to maintain in his work. Initially the underlying issue of ‘artistic integrity’ barely concerned him, but within a few years it became an important factor in his consciousness. Excerpt Art NZ, Gordon H . Brown. Ross Ritchie has works in many private, corporate, museum and public collections, including Auckland Art Gallery, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.  PN WHITESPACE, 20 Monmouth Street, T: 09 361 6331, www.whitespace.co.nz

The winner of numerous art prizes, Oliver’s recent exhibitions include a solo installation at Sydney Contemporary with PAULNACHE (2019), New work, PAULNACHE, Gisborne (2019), and Kenny, Combs and Tribe, DEMO, Auckland (2016). New Collectors Pop-Up! This unique pop-up event at the gallery is aimed at new collectors, or for the perfect special Christmas gift. With all works priced between $1200-$3500 (with a couple of notable exceptions) it’s your chance to buy a significant work of art at less than regular show prices. Monday 21 to Thursday 24 December only, so don’t miss it! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and invites – or just send an email to scott@scottlawrie.com to get yourself on our opening invite list. See you in the gallery soon! Free parking at 15 Williamson Avenue. We are open Thursday to Saturday 11am-5pm. SCOTT LAWRIE GALLERY, 2 Murdoch Road, M: 021 0826 5633, www.scottlawrie.com

Oliver King

~ I am the man I am 28 Nov – 19 Dec 2020 2 Murdoch Rd, Grey Lynn (Off 15 Williamson Ave) Thurs to Sat, 11 – 5pm


scottlawrie.com 20 monmouth st, grey lynn, auckland +64 (9) 361 6331, whitespace.co.nz

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The Christmas Chronicles 2 on NETFLIX

HOLIDAY STREAMING GUIDE 2020 Get into the spirit with some light hearted fun and watch a Christmas movie with the kids or seek out the many platforms where you can find exceptional Kiwi talent both in front of and behind the camera.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn play Mr and Mrs Claus with New Zealand’s own Julian Dennison (Hunt for the WilderPeople) as Belsnickel Santa’s disgruntled former elf protégé. Belsnickel has a Christmas tree sized chip on his shoulder and is out to take the sleigh reins off Santa for good. Kate, the heroine from the first Christmas Chronicles movie, is full of Christmas spirit making her just the girl for the job. With genuine onscreen chemistry, Indiana Jones style action, and enough offbeat irreverent humour to balance out the Christmas sentimentality, this is a Christmas movie that will keep you entertained and make your heart glow.  TVNZ onDemand

Anika Moa Reunited on TVNZ on Demand

Anika Moa Reunited As a host Anika is absolutely captivating to watch; her questions are delivered with a combination of vulnerable angelic innocence and perceptively wicked humour. Her guests are drawn in by and

shine, in the easy fun conversational style she creates as she asks them questions and teases (literally) out their story. This show is a delightful palate cleanser - resetting your mind and reminding you just how incredibly talented and down to earth our Kiwi musicians of years gone by are. 

Flack With the talented Anna Paquin starring as Robyn, a PR pro who is becoming more and more jaded by her somewhat shallow life, Flack has a good dose of dry humour and some bigger story arcs that will keep watchers interested and smiling. Robyn’s life thrives on a matrix of lies and deception that has her questioning whether it is just her inherent nature that causes her to make the questionable choices she does or the world she works in. Part tortured soul, part pragmatist Robyn’s character is slowly revealed through her management of a range of tabloid style celebrity scandals. As she works her spin doctoring magic she is forced to face the flaws and problems in her own life. 

Amazon Prime

The Wilds Filmed in New Zealand and starring the talented Rachel Griffiths, this dystopian young adult drama series is due out on Amazon Prime on 11 December 2020. With the first episode free to stream for a limited time this female coming of age story with a twist is worth checking out. Star rating pending Neon

The Sounds Moody and disconcerting, The Sounds is a watchable mystery thriller set in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. With breathtaking scenery (that includes locations North of Auckland) and a great cast, this Canadian/Kiwi series is worth investing a little time in. Rachel Lefervre, Matt Whelan, Peter Elliot, Vanessa Rare, Tainui Tukiwaho and Tandi Wright are just a few of the talented actors who ensure this show isn’t just relying on picturesque landscapes to make it captivating. As the tagline suggests, the layers run deep. 

Flack on TVNZ on Demand


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Aquarius (the Water Carrier) 21 January - 19 February If being always on, as you can be sometimes, is your thing, then great. But if you listen to yourself, then you might discover something that’s different. If you want to change, anything start with you.

Pisces (the Fishes) 20 February - 20 March You’re not one to push any agenda even if you had one, and have always used common sense in your life. But your intuition seems be prickling this month as you go about your daily life. You don’t know why but are glad that you’re aware of it.

Aries (the Ram) 21 March - 20 April It might be an idea to keep an eye on your surroundings this month. You might be in for a surprise if you look hard enough. You’re perceptive but it might be that someone is trying to deceive you in some way.

Taurus (the Bull) 21 April - 21 May You have been worried about something for some time it seems. You need to let whatever is troubling you go. The change can be enormous. Any modifications on your life you make now will cause a change that will ultimately benefit you.

Gemini (the Twins) 22 May - 21 June Your positivity is exploding this month and you’re unable to contain yourself it seems. No one can bring you down even if they tried. Be generous with your favours as they contain the energy that you have which is catching.

Cancer (the Crab) 22 June - 22 July Why not decide on doing things at your own pace for a while. You’ve always answered to other timetables in the past and now you can set your own. Push back for a change if you feel under pressure.

Leo (the Lion) 23 July - 21 August You might receive compliments on your achievements this month from an unexpected source and the admiration that it deserves. And you’ve always given back if you’ve acknowledged anything from the community because you’re a generous person. Don’t ignore your closest confidant. You might learn something to your advantage.

Virgo (the Virgin) 22 August - 23 September Whatever emotional hurts you have will eventually heal. And the love you have for someone special will increase. Find a way to release any pent up emotion that will enable you to move forward both physically and obviously emotionally.

Libra (the Scales) 24 September - 23 October You could be in luck this month and the surprise will astound you. It might be at work in your professional life or at home some time in your private life. Whatever or wherever it is, you’ll be very happy.

Scorpio (the Scorpion) 24 October - 22 November You exude charm at the moment and it’s infectious. You’re more than likely to get what you want now rather than leave it until later. Being full of charm won’t last forever so make yourself available as much as you can when you can.

Sagittarius (the Archer) 23 November - 22 December Try and get yourself together this month, even if it means looking in on your self. You are very important so it’s imperative that you look after you rather than someone else doing it. Just make time for yourself every now and again. Just listen to you for a change.

Capricorn (the Goat) 23 December - 20 January It seems your mind can’t seem to relax and you are unable to concentrate this month. Try and find some way of letting your energy out somehow. You could try something new to distract you. But I think you need an outlet that can take you out of yourself for a while.

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Experienced wedding & ceremony celebrant.

Exclusive to Systems

Your ceremony will be special, memorable & exclusively for you.

commercial furniture

558 Rosebank Road, Avondale PH: 3691880 www.systemscommercial.com

T: 09 256 1081 M: 021 868 610 www.aucklandcelebrant.co.nz

T: 378 9560 M: 0274 746 507 E: Phillipa@hotpropertyrentals.co.nz 1/1 Franklin Road, Ponsonby www.hotpropertyrentals.co.nz


Clothing Alterations


Alter Ego

Deep ease and relaxation


Emotional transformation

T: 09 376 8689

M: 021 032 9128

182-4a Jervois Road, Herne Bay E: ra_cha29@yahoo.com “I get all my bits & pieces done by the smiling helpful Roong... and she’s got Eftpos = sorted...” MARTIN LEACH

T: 09 376 9599 Email: mowenshens@gmail.com www.emotionalwellbeing.co.nz

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Glenys Lindsay

TEAK DEEP SEATING OUTDOOR FURNITURE BE INSPIRED BY THE DESIGNS, VARIETY AND QUALITY Stunningly curated outdoor furniture from Italy, Belgium, France, Indonesia and the Philippines. All products are in stock, fully assembled, and available for nationwide delivery. Sunbrella® cushions are included with the purchase of our deep seating pieces as shown on our website.