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THE FABULOUS FACES OF FURNITURE - P40 L-R Back row: Meredith Lee, European Antiques, Dale Clothier, Homage Grey Lynn, Ron Redel, Bob & Friends L-R Front row: Angus Dawson, Dawson & Co, MaryJane Bell, Rose & Heather & Stuart Bowman, Apartmento


MATT O’BRIEN Bayleys Ponsonby are thrilled to welcome Matt O’Brien to our high-performing team of real estate professionals.

Matt O’Brien

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Design Warehouse has been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor furniture to architects, designers, landscapers, hotels, resorts, private residences, and more for over 25 years. Everything is sourced from Italy, Belgium, France, Indonesia and the Philippines. The designs and variety of the outdoor furniture pieces are eclectic, organic, and stunning. All products are in stock, fully assembled, and available for nationwide delivery. All Sunbrella® Cushions are included in the price of all our deep seating as shown on our website.




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Moments to Matakana There is more to wine tasting in the Matakana region than incredible award winning wines. The combination of art, food and family is a consistent theme and offers many reasons to visit this bustling community not far from Ponsonby - P40.

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Seriously Big & Beautiful 48 Paice Avenue, Sandringham Auction

This substantial family villa with wow factor and true functionality offers a flexible layout thanks to a full renovation to an excellent standard from top to bottom. A home to see your family through decades.


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AUCKLAND TRANSPORT’S CONTRACTS Recently I requested a copy of the scope of work for the Auckland Transport’s contract with the contractor that street sweeps in the Parnell area. I was particularly interested in the requirements for the removal of leaves from gutters and drains during the autumn fall.

THE “SUPERCITY” - A FAILED EXPERIMENT With the creation of the Supercity, the new Auckland Council promised a more cost effective, efficient, environmentally sustainable local government. They promised to consult, listen and to provide open, transparent and accountable governance. Ten years on the city is almost bankrupt.

This information was provided very quickly. What I found was that the contract clearly specifies the requirements, which were clearly not being met. I have two questions; firstly, do Auckland Transport check that the contractor is meeting their obligations? And secondly, if they find that they aren’t, do they deduct an amount from the contractor’s payment? To date I have been unable to get an answer. Keith McConnell, www.keithforwaitemata.com

In my opinion, large multinational conglomerates have infiltrated all of our council controlled organisations. Multi billion dollar budgets are rolled out in a rush, creating inner city congestion, while the new stormwater system progresses at a snail’s pace.

MORE MADNESS IN CURRAN STREET! I recently attended the Waitemata Local Board meeting, hoping to have some questions answered by Pippa Coom regarding the new traffic island due to be built shortly blocking one lane (when a painted “island” would have clearly sufficed) by Auckland Transport on the Northern (bridge) side of the Curran Street, Sarsfield Road intersection. My question would have been based on the premise that when Auckland Transport build this new traffic “street calming“ island on the right side of the Curran Street on-ramp to State Highway One, and the Harbour Bridge, what research has been undertaken, prior to the approval of the proposed design by the Board, to establish what effect this ridiculous new “street calming” measure would have on the banked up traffic which is already moving at crawling speed, in TWO (out of what was previously THREE) lanes; two of which are currently trying to get onto the Harbour Bridge? The existing two lanes will now try to compress back into one lane, AND prevent easy access for traffic turning into that section of Curran Street, from both the western and eastern exits from Sarsfield Street in order to access either Westhaven or the Harbour Bridge. Traffic already banks up to the top of Curran Street and into Jervois Road in both directions when bridge congestion and onramp lights prevent easy access to the bridge at peak times, which now starts about 3.30pm. Auckland Transport are actively making this situation worse for local residents and ratepayers, wasting enormous sums of money and Ms Coom has failed to take any notice of this issues.

The City Rail Link is a thinly disguised mining operation in the middle of the CBD with over 250 million tons of bluestone spirited away. Interestingly the current value for bluestone is $330 per ton (do the math). At the time, no mention was made of the potentially lethal naturally occurring material similar to asbestos in the CRL resource consent process that allowed this mining to proceed! Across Auckland, business associations are left dumb founded by the negative impact caused by Auckland Transport’s obsession with badly designed, poorly built footpaths and cycleways. All cheered on by Councillor Pippa Coom, Chris Darby and Richard Hills. In secret, Panukau, Auckland Council’s property arm, develops additional retail space and apartments on public land from the Harbour Bridge to Britomart, while planning to sell public assets, including parks, reserves, and revenue generating inner city carparks. The deal done with the Tapuna Maunga Authority over felling our city’s mature trees to enhance 5G transmission reeks of an old boys’ backroom deal between Goff, Stiassny and Majurey. As citizens are faced with a substantial rates increase this year, I believe we have no other choice but to demand our legal right to a referendum on the Supercity and to call for a total restructure of our local government. Lisa Prager, Community Advocate, Westmere

By the way, the “street calming” measures in Sarsfield Street/ Curran Street cost (so far) $2,800,000. During these Covid times, I would strongly argue that this work is irrelevant, unnecessary and unacceptably expensive to ratepayers who have now just been hit with a totally unjustified 3.5% average rates increase. Ms Coom did not attend the Waitemata Local Board meeting as she was supposedly “busy on other council business”. My question to Ms Pippa Coom, is: What “council business” could possibly be more important to her and to the local ratepayers, than the Local Board meeting for Waitemata – the very ward that elected her? Roger Hawkins, Ponsonby Opinions expressed in Ponsonby News are not always the opinion of Alchemy Media Limited & Ponsonby News.

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A few weeks ago our Mayor announced a suspension of the $1500 consent fee to install a water tank in a residential backyard. Residents can collect rain water for their gardens or to wash their cars, taking some pressure off Watercare. However, it is still a nightmare trying to work through a 14-page application – P22. Saturday 19 September is fast approaching and New Zealand political parties are ramping up their publicity for a potentially ugly election contest. After all, new National Party leader Judith Collins is no shrinking violet and has a history of making outlandish comments often construed as extreme right.

The Ponsonby News team loves all kinds of design. So we asked six local furniture entrepreneurs to tell us their favourites off the shop floor – P40. We hope that the Government in its second term will give initiatives for people to buy electric vehicles (EVs). A good variety is now available and although initial costs are high, they are cheaper to run. Fast, plentiful charging stations are critical to allow for longer journeys – P52. The team loves a day out in Matakana. There are so many good things to see, do, eat, drink and buy – P64.


photography: Connor Crawford

The country has seen terrible events - the Mosque attacks, White Island eruption and Covid-19. Our PM has received international praise for how she handled these. Jacinda will certainly not lower the tone and will aim to conduct a clean election. Don’t miss our Auckland Central election candidates’ debate – Sunday 9 August. 4pm-6pm at Freemans Bay School – P36. Jay Platt, John Elliott & Martin Leach

We were shocked recently to hear traces of glyphosate being found in our most valuable export – Manuka honey. It’s high time glyphosate, declared by IPPS scientists as probably carcinogenic, be banned in New Zealand. Diary Date: It’s Market day this Saturday and don’t miss ‘Light up Ponsonby’ on 5-9 August. Experience Ponsonby in a new way as we light up our streets and footpaths with interactive light installations and PN projections. (MARTIN LEACH) 

M AT T & RYA N N 1 I N G R E Y LY N N*

‘Working with these two doesn’t feel transactional, it’s a more like a long-term relationship which is just the sort of place you want to be coming from when selling one of your biggest assets’ George & Eve

Matt O’Rourke 021 375 909

Ryan Harding 021 621 580



* G re y Ly n n b ra n c h - ye a r e n d i n g M a rc h 2 0 2 0 *#2 Individual Salesperson Central Auckland 2020

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David Hartnell: One minute interview with John McGough John McGough is a musician, DJ, MC, and vocalist who loves what he does and it shows. In 2009 with a fourth place and in 2017 with a second place, he represented New Zealand in the World Brass Band Championships. What is your family link with Grey Lynn? My Mum had a dance school in Pt Chev. and my Dad spend his university days living in Westmere. They married at the St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Grey Lynn. As a young musician I used to go to Grey Lynn to listen to the great Rufus Rehu play his piano with his band. He was one of the few great jazz musicians, along with Joe Fingers Webster who played at the Birdcage tavern, and that encouraged me to get up and play with their bands. I was about 16 at the time and it was a huge experience for me. I think Rufus used to play at a bar called El Cortez. It was a tiny little bar opposite the Surrey Motor Inn before he moved to play at the Alambra. Life goes in a huge full circle; I used to be a regular performer at the Grey Lynn RSC. What was your childhood like? A lot of watching ballet dancers at my mother’s studio. When bored I would line the church hall chairs up where they practiced and play trains. Only my special dancing girl friends were invited to take a ride on my train. I use to go to the pictures at the Cameo movie theatre in Grey Lynn. Did you come from a show business background? Yes, from my mother’s side. What did your parents say when you wanted to go into show business? I first asked my dad if I could take up ballet. He put me in the car, took me down the road and bought me a rugby ball. It was then decided I should try a musical instrument. A movie about your life who would you like to play you? Bruce Willis. He has my hairstyle, but not my tummy. If your life was an ice cream, what would it be called? A trumpet of course. Something you disapprove of? Any form of drugs. They are evil! Biggest disappointment? My twenty year marriage failing. But I think I’ve learnt from it. If you won a million dollars? I’d buy a small two bedroom run down flat in Auckland preferably Ponsonby or Grey Lynn. Isn’t that what every Aucklander is doing for, that price? What do you think happens when we die? I have no idea. And I’m not planning on finding out any time soon. What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen? Dances with Wolves. My attention span is not good and it was a very long movie so I went back to see it again. I can’t remember what it was about now but I’ve never done that with any other movie since. How do you chill out? With friends, watching a little tele or sipping a Coruba and Coke while looking at a spectacular view, either panoramic, my beautiful partner Cathy or my wonderful kids. Your favourite time of the day? My time. Tell us something very few people know about you. I fell through a glass window when I was two-years-old. At seven I had to have an operation to take more glass out around my left eye.

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

The scars are still there today yet no one says they notice it. Maybe that’s because I’m getting older and they think they are just wrinkles. What cliché do you most hate? John really knows how to blow his own trumpet! I ask every journalist I meet to please leave that line out! What gizmo can you simply not live without? I’d live without any of them if I could trade it for good health. So far so good. Travel light or heavy? HEAVY! I think it’s all my hair products. Are you a handshake or a hug kind of person? Handshake. Definitely handshake. What is your comfort food? Did I mention chocolate? Oh, and you can’t beat a great pavlova. Your dream guest list for a dinner party and why? My mum and dad and my best friend Greg, all at the same table together. Sadly they have all passed on. If you could change one law or policy in New Zealand, what would it be? No telemarketers ringing me at home. PN (DAVID HARTNELL MNZM)  PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Interactive. Projections. Installations. Experience Ponsonby in a new way as we light up our streets and footpaths with interactive light installations and projections. Embrace the season, wrap up and take a walk as we bring our streets and footpaths to life over five nights. A free community event for all ages from 6pm to late– our way of saying thanks for showing us love over the past weeks.

5-9 AUGUST 2020



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It’s a team effort... we couldn’t do it without our contributors CONNOR CRAWFORD


I am a working artist and photographer with a colourful and rhythmic perspective. I enjoy shooting the front covers of Ponsonby News.

I am the founder of Ponsonby News and write for the magazine. My career has included politics, education and publishing. My interests include the environment, the economy and social justice.







For the last 53 years I’ve been a freelance entertainment journalist and author. I’ve lived in the Grey Lynn area for nearly three decades; I have met and interviewed some amazing people.

I work as a booker, promoter and festival programmer. Active in all areas of the music community; folk music is my specialty.

I am a veteran writer and editor and run two websites – Witchdoctor and Doctor Feelgood – focusing on my interests in music, technology, and the wellbeing of the planet and its denizens.

My yearly NZ Weather Almanacs began in 1999. During the tragic 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, my work created international interest. I currently live in Ponsonby.

I’ve been a freelance writer for a year now, and what I love most are the wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. #best job.

I’m the local Member of Parliament for Auckland Central including Waiheke and Great Barrier Island. National Party spokesperson for Education and Sport and Recreation.





A freelance writer and copywriter for almost 20 years, I have written for publications all over the world and couldn’t imagine myself in any other job.

I am Councillor for Waitemata- and Gulf ward on Auckland Council. Formerly, Chair WaitemataLocal Board.



More than a nature photographer, I am a storyteller, a visual narrator and environmentalist who seeks out bird stories begging to be told.

I have a keen interest in nutritional medicine and how it may be used to support people with chronic illnesses.

Journalist and published author, I have had a career involving both wine writing and hosting boutique wine tours in the Auckland region.

I have had a wanderlust for travel ever since I was old enough to own a passport. Since I discovered cruising, I have become unstoppable.

Join us on Sundays at 2pm... for our weekly service including demonstrations of clairvoyance and afternoon tea.

25 New North Road, Eden Terrace / www.goldenlight.org.nz

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Western Springs Forest Update Pre-Covid, the locked gates either end of the track through the forest, and the trees blocking the track (since the April 2018 storm) where removed by the ‘Forest Fairies’. During lockdown the forest track was safely used by many locals. Post-Covid Auckland Council Community Facilities erected steel bars and wooden palings to block off track access, again. ACCF now plan to erect a fence in Western Springs Lakeside Park, cordoning off the ‘fall zone’ by the stream. (H&S rules require two tree lengths) Expert reports commissioned for the Environment Court Mediation determined them falling, a minor probability. ACCF plan to fell the forest in February 2021, overriding the decision of Waitemata- Local Board, costing over $1million. Surely, in ‘post-Covid recession’, Council should be more fiscally responsible with ratepayers money? Minor maintenance, by removing branches from a few trees will make this forest and track safe, instead of felling this forest unnecessarily! Community have offered to work with Council to manage and maintain the forest, while these ageing pines continue to provide a canopy to protect the natives underneath (the future native forest in 30 years), protecting this biodiverse ecosystem in a ‘Significant Ecological Area’ and Reserve.  PN Public meeting, Grey Lynn RSC, 4pm Sunday 16 August Gael Baldock, Westmere

New Zealand: “THE PERFECT PLACE” We as a country have endured much in these unprecedented times and given our efforts and togetherness, to ensure New Zealand is the perfect place to be in the world at this time.

SAT 8 AUGUST Fun. Food. Treats. Treasures. Welcome back! Come out and play again in Ponsonby with market stall bargains from 10am & DJs from 12pm.

iloveponsonby.co.nz iloveponsonby


Carats Jewellery has designed this simple but elegant piece incorporating a D colour, Internally Flawless (IF) diamond which is representative of our geographic location in the world and also symbolising that New Zealand is ‘THE PERFECT PLACE’ to be. Handmade in platinum and 18ct yellow gold, set with a 0.143ct D colour, this Internally Flawless diamond is priced at $3350. As we are unable to fly internationally at present we are offering this at the duty free price of $2914. We will continue to offer the duty free price on this product until international flights resume, so anyone placing a deposit between now and international flights resuming will receive the duty free price. Cost may vary from above based on available diamond sizes, but please contact us and we can give you options on the day.  PN CARATS, 25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD, T: 09 309 5145, Instagram: @caratsjewellery, Facebook: @CaratsNZ www.caratsjewellery.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



Pippa Coom: Councillor for Waitemata & Gulf Council’s Emergency Budget 2020/2021 responds to a $750 million fiscal hole caused by the Covid-19 crisis and the urgent need for more water infrastructure to avoid increased water restrictions. The 18 votes to 3 decision on 16 July approved a budget package based on a 3.5% rates rise. It means local boards continue to receive their full discretionary funding for local community projects, reinstatement of $450,000 to ensure that libraries can operate at full hours and increased road safety funding. The budget also includes big reductions in spending and cost cutting. Over 600 temporary and contract workers have already been reviewed and there will be a further cut of around 500 permanent jobs. Staff and elected members have taken salary cuts and budgets for non-essential spending have been slashed. Cuts have been made in services, and investment in some infrastructure projects has been deferred, reducing spending by hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite these reductions, the Emergency Budget maintains as far as possible the critical services Aucklanders rely on and the investment the city needs, including drought related works. Over 34,000 submissions were received by council through the consultation process on the budget. I appreciated reading the feedback from constituents, mana whenua and regional organisations. The valued role of council in providing support through the emergency response and in delivering community wellbeing was recognised in the feedback but concern was raised about the impact of cuts on Auckland’s ability to recover at a time when we need investment in jobs and to build community resilience. I can also appreciate why there was feedback pushing for a rates freeze or cut. This is a difficult time with many households and businesses experiencing reduced income. There is a lot of

understandable anxiety about job losses. It is a valid question to ask why, at a time of economic uncertainty and potentially a serious recession looming, council needs to put up rates when everyone else is belt tightening. However, the part of the story that doesn’t often hit the headlines is that due to historically low rates we are playing catch up on critical infrastructure investment that should have happened to match Auckland’s growth. Between 2010 and 2020, Auckland has grown by well over 200,000 people, more than the population of Hamilton. Even at 3.5%, Auckland’s rates increase is modest when compared to other cities. Overview: I believe I was given a strong mandate to support the 3.5% rates increase budget package taking into account the feedback, the views of local boards, the financial advice regarding what is a prudent level of debt, and the updated information we received on the expenditure required to respond to the drought. A majority of submitters from the Waitemata & Gulf Ward supported the Mayor’s proposal as well as all of Auckland’s 21 local boards. I think council has taken the right approach targeting support for rate payers facing financial hardship (through the rates postponement option) rather than an across the board rates cut that would have led to an austerity budget with dire consequences. We landed on a final budget focused on Auckland’s recovery and rebuild as planning already gets underway on council’s next 10 year budget. PN (PIPPA COOM)  Contact Pippa Coom via pippa.coom@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Council colleagues and Auckland City Missioner, Chris Farrelly at the Auckland Central Library for the launch of ‘Opening Little Boxes’ a book written during lockdown by Cr Cathy Casey, partner Kees Lodder, daughter Alex Casey and Manu Bertao. All author royalties go to help the homeless through Auckland City Mission and Lifewise.

14 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020


AUCKLAND KINDERGARTEN ASSOCIATION ARE TAKING ENROLMENTS NOW! Our kindergartens offer: • Beautiful large outdoor areas • 20 hours free ECE per week • Fully qualified teachers • Play based learning environments

• Long standing history and relationships in your community • An engaged, passionate and welcoming kindergarten team

Ponsonby Kindergarten 22 Ponsonby Terrace, Ponsonby 09 376 4931 ponsonby@aka.org.nz

Grey Lynn Kindergarten 25 Home Street, Grey Lynn 09 378 6941 greylynn@aka.org.nz

Freemans Bay Kindergarten 16 Tahuna Street, Freemans Bay 09 376 2465 freemansbay@aka.org.nz

Westmere Kindergarten 90 Garnet Road, Westmere 09 376 3833 westmere@aka.org.nz

Speak to our teams today or pop in for a visit to experience our kindergartens!


Helen White: Why does the local Labour MP matter to the future of Auckland Central? We have had an extraordinary few weeks in politics, on top of an extraordinary year in New Zealand. I want to pay my respects to the Honourable Nikki Kaye who is retiring. I am utterly genuine when I say that I got to know Nikki last election and got on well with her. From doorknocking our community, I have seen how well loved she was by many readers. I know she worked hard to gain that respect and she worked hard to help Auckland Central residents both locally and in Government. It is no secret that Nikki has been through a lot personally with her health. It wasn’t until I stood in the seat that I realised just how hard it would have been to keep going in the role. She is tenacious and I am sure she will go on to do interesting things. I am also sad to see Nikki Kaye leave politics. For me, she represented the potential for a more compassionate approach by the National Party and it would have been good to have a more nuanced debate about what support Government should and can give to Auckland Central. Unfortunately, it seems her departure and the change in leadership has left voters a starker choice. It is all very well for people to throw around the word “compassionate” but what do we mean? As far as I am concerned “compassion” is linked to a genuine connection with people and following through on supporting and empowering others. I can see how that connection could get lost even by good people in the national political arena. It is easy to lose such a connection in any high-pressure environment; yes some will be blinded by ego, but many people just lack experience with the struggles of everyday people.

Auckland Central needs its MP to say: “this specific shovel ready project will help a lot of people; it will make Auckland City, and therefore the country, a better place to live and do business. It will keep people employed and keep us moving in the right direction.” I know that Auckland Central cannot afford to slow down on its enlightened plans to become a better, more desirable, healthier place to live and work for people of all incomes. It still needs green spaces and a new school. I know this, because I know this community and the people that live here.

Being an employment lawyer connecting with people at times of crisis has been my bread and butter for 25 years. I am not a career politician and I am proud of that! It has been incredibly important to me to keep my feet firmly on the ground when practicing law. Jobs are a very important part of any person’s life. They are the way we all feed our families and they are important to our mental health.

I grew up in Freemans Bay. I have been a part of this community since 1971. I have seen its radical change, but I also know it has remained a place of creativity and tolerance, and strong Labour values. It has always been an exciting, vibrant place to be. This electorate is a very diverse place. Waiheke and Great Barrier have their own very special needs and culture. Advocating for Auckland Central requires a person elected with their feet on the ground but a clear vision for what will make our community stronger.

Right now, lots of people are struggling because their employment or their business is under threat or has been lost. I appreciate the gravity of this. The wage subsidy has kept many small businesses and workers afloat, and I think everyone can recognise that the year ahead will be very tough.

I was very close last election to winning the seat back for the Left. It is very important that voters understand just how close we were and how important it is that Auckland Central has a strong voice inside a Labour Government. Below is an accurate representation of the PN candidate vote just in case you didn’t know. 

The role of the constituent MP in Auckland Central is critical right now. Let me put this bluntly: this electorate needs a voice in Government making sure that it supports the economy and residents in practical ways. Government money needs to be spent wisely, being mindful it is hard to earn and hard to pay back.


Authorised by Dianna Lacy, 160 Willis Street, Wellington. AUCKLAND CENTRAL CANDIDATE VOTE 2017 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS

*Data taken for the electoral commission website. Based on three highest polling candidates. We can win back Auckland Central for Labour and for the Left. Every vote counts – make sure that yours gives you the result you are looking for.

16 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



Leys Family still connected to Leys Institute Recently three generations of the Leys family talked about their ongoing family connections to the Leys Institute Library and Gymnasium, even though the family handed the buildings over to the council in 1964, along with property and a maintenance fund. Leys librarian, David Gunn, arranged for Vivienne to be interviewed on family history concerning the Leys a couple of years ago. According to Vivienne, “they wanted to hear from me while I was still around.” Her children have also maintained connections to the Leys. Philippa attends a French language group which met at the Leys until its closure. Sons, Mark and Lloyd, and Philippa and Vivienne have consulted with council and were informed late last year that the buildings would need to close. Lloyd Leys attended the local protest held outside the library in February. He said, “if there are conservation plans and engineering reports already available, why doesn’t the council apply for Covid-19 project money to go ahead with strengthening? It would create employment and provide jobs. After all, the family carefully provided for its upkeep, gifting funds and property to the council. If the council doesn’t want to look after the Leys Institute and repair it, can the family have it back, please?” Lloyd’s daughter Anna, a student at UNITEC, feels the family connection to the Leys Institute. “It’s such a beautiful building – the first time I went into it I immediately felt at home. I do hope it can be restored as a library again.”

Untitled-1 1

Vivienne Leys, 93, son Lloyd Leys and Lloyd’s daughter Anna Leys

The Leys family are concerned with the fate of the Leys Institute and feel a sense of sadness that their family legacy to Auckland, lovingly maintained by the family since 1905 until recent decades, is now mothballed, possibly for the foreseeable future. Anyone interested in becoming a member of Friends of Leys Institute can email co-ordinator Helen Geary at heleng@maxnet.co.nz and follow the Friend of Leys Institute Facebook page.  PN

16/07/20 + August3:19 PONSONBY NEWS 2020PM17


Expat buyer interest gathers momentum in Greater Ponsonby’s residential property market The growing flow of New Zealanders returning home from lives abroad as a result of the global disruption caused by Covid-19 is beginning to impact on Ponsonby’s real estate market. Bayleys Ponsonby leading salesperson, Blair Haddow, said there was now a noticeable number of genuine enquires “on the ground” being made by parties involved with Covid-19 New Zealand relocations. These included an increase in the number of open home inspections from Kiwis who have recently returned home from various overseas locations over the past two months, along with a former-UK-based Kiwi lawyer who came through Blair’s listing at 3 Farrar Street in Grey Lynn shortly after she had completed her two-week quarantine isolation period. Then there were the parents of a Qatar-based telecommunications executive who went through another of Blair’s listings – a substantial family home at 24 Buxton Street, Point Chevalier - with a view to purchasing the home ready for their son and his family to move into on their return to Auckland in the next few months. “What started as a trickle of email enquiries from ex-pat Kiwis talking about coming home in April and May has now evolved into direct personal enquiries in person since June and into July,” said Blair. “With a reported number of over 30,000 New Zealanders having returned to New Zealand over the last two months, it’s reasonable to expect that most will be looking for homes to buy in Auckland - where corporate job opportunities are most prevalent, and where most new businesses are being started.” The new wave of Covid-19 linked expat home-buyer interest in Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Westmere, Freemans Bay and Grey Lynn comes simultaneously with a string of high-value sales through Blair at Bayleys Ponsonby. In the past eight weeks Blair has sold over

18 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

$27,000,000 in residential real estate, with an average sale price of $2.75M. These sales include a chic six-bedroom/four-living room residence complete with fitted-out commercial office space for a small business/enterprise at 14 Crummer Road which had been on the market for more than three years with other real estate agencies. Replacing these listings, and reflecting a pair of lifestyle-focused opportunities for returning Kiwis to the Greater Ponsonby area, are Blair Haddow’s latest two listings which have just come onto the market as this edition of Ponsonby News went to press. The first is at 74 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, and showcases a Balinese-styled swimming pool and cabana outdoor entertaining area surrounded by lush mature landscaped grounds. The second is an architecturally designed upmarket 298-square metre four bedroom townhouse at 53B Wellpark Avenue, Grey Lynn, which backs directly onto the grassed area of Wellpark Reserve. “With both homes offering exceptional outdoor living – one with a sub-tropical garden setting and the other a stereotypical Kiwiana suburban park, prospective purchasers are looking past the immediacy of winter, and ahead to settlement dates which will have them in either of these beautiful summer lifestyle homes by spring in PN time for the warmer summer season,” Blair said.  www.facebook.com/blairhaddow residential



blair.haddow@bayleys.co.nz bayleys.co.nz/blair-haddow BAYLEYS REAL ESTATE LIMITED, PONSONBY, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

Grey Lynn, 15/28 Williamson Avenue

Grey Lynn, 53B Wellpark Avenue

For Sale Price by negotiation

For Sale Auction (unless sold prior)

Grey Lynn, 11 Crummer Road

Grey Lynn, 14 Crummer Road

For Sale Price by negotiation

Sold July 2020


Re s i d e n t i a l / Co m m e rc i a l / R u ra l / P ro p e r t y S e r v i ce s


Richard Northey: Waitemat-a Local Board Chair We are carrying out a consultation with our local community about our proposed Waitemat-a Local Board Plan. At our 16 June board meeting we were gratified to formally approve and make public our draft plan, which we have been steadily working on since our election last October. This draft identifies six major outcomes: Maori Identity; Connected Communities; High Quality Urban Design; Environmental Protection; Safe and Diverse Transport; and Economic Prosperity. Throughout it there is an emphasis on recovery and resilience from the impacts of COVID-19 and a commitment to act on combating the climate emergency. Now all those living or working in Waitemata- are being asked to have their say on this plan which sets our proposed strategic direction for the next three years. Consultation on this plan will continue until 13 August. We board members are making ourselves available in our libraries, markets, schools, and events to hear your views. If you are interested, please join our webinar about it on August 6 at 6pm. Our draft plan is available at akhaveyoursay.co.nz/lovelocal and at Council facilities. Auckland Council’s proposed ‘emergency budget’, its response to the financial impacts of COVID-19, has been decided on by the Governing Body at the end of July. Because COVID-19’s impacts have reduced Council income by $525million, even with a 3.5% rate rise there unfortunately will be substantial cuts to the infrastructure projects, maintenance and community services provided by the Council. At our Waitemata- Local Board meeting on 7 July we resolved to support the 3.5% rate rise, which was supported by a two to one majority by public submitters from our local board area.

We are very much aware that some people will find it difficult to pay their rates this year. However, Council has developed and agreed to provision for postponement and rebates to help, and people in this situation should not hesitate to contact Council to apply for this relief. The Ministry of Social Development has finally taken over from Council in providing food parcels and advice for those who have unexpectedly lost their income. We all need to remind ourselves that the return of the COVID-19 pandemic remains a risk. Because of the drought, we all need to reduce our water use. Auckland Transport is trying to help people stay safe with most of Freeman’s Bay and the city centre now having a 30km/h speed limit because of its high accident rate, and by banning car entry to Collingwood Street from Ponsonby Road. The Waitemata- Local Board has formally acknowledged retiring MP Nikki Kaye’s fine service to Auckland Central and New Zealand. (RICHARD NORTHEY)  PN I can be contacted at 021 534 546 or richard.northey@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

We resolved to urge Council’s governing body not to make most of the proposed cuts to services and projects. We specifically opposed any lengthy postponement or cancellation to the restoration of the Leys Institute buildings which are highly valued by the community and the board, nor of the Ponsonby Park project at 254 Ponsonby Road, and any cuts in valued Council services like the opening hours of libraries and pools. Our board strongly opposed most proposed cuts to community, environmental, climate change and transport safety services and in favour of a temporary increase in Council borrowing to fund them. Fortunately, the Ponsonby and Grey Lynn Community Centres are entering the second year of three-year funding agreements and their grants will not be affected. We are gratified that the governing body finally decided not to cut the hours of our libraries.

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Seismic performance specialists Having an earthquake prone building is daunting to say the least. Along with pressure from banks and insurance companies, there are unforeseen costs such as those associated with the lack of easily accessible information on the methodology used to retrofit earthquake prone buildings. Seismic Performance Limited is a family owned and operated business. Run by a father/daughter team, it specializes in seismic engineering and retrofitting construction of earthquake prone buildings. SPL are the leaders in the field of seismic engineering and construction. The company’s point of difference is its years of expertise and its ability to save you, the building owner, unnecessary costs. SPL works predominantly with historic buildings and has seismically retrofitted many of Auckland’s historic landmark buildings, having currently completed 37 buildings in Ponsonby alone. They keep the buildings tenants in place and work around their businesses to ensure both landlord and tenant don’t lose any income during the retrofitting process. They provide their clients with cost effective, fixed price contracts. The engineering designs are sympathetic to the original architecture of the building, paying focus to the original integrity of the structure. They produce engineering design solutions to retrofit the building to a minimum 34%NBS or 70%NBS level of service. Seismic Performance Limited can help you remove the earthquake stigma from your building. SPL wants to provide the knowledge, expertise and service to navigate these tough times while providing you with a service that not only helps landlords but tenants alike. Seismic Performance Limited is available to meet at any time in order to discuss your earthquake prone building and will provide a free site visit and quote to get PN you started.  Contact: M: 021 555 333, www.seismicperformance.co.nz

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John Elliott: The ultimate local body frustration It’s always difficult to find anything out by phoning the Auckland Council. The person you want is either out or in a meeting, yet there are several thousand bureaucrats being paid huge salaries by long-suffering ratepayers. I tried last month to find out how to install a water tank. I won’t give you the whole sorry saga, but suffice to say, Watercare told me they are not responsible for consents for urban water tanks - Auckland Council is. The council operator who answered the phone could not find out who to put me through to, and asked me to hold. She came back and told me it is the building department I needed. However, no-one was available so she gave me the direct dial number. No-one answered over the next two hours I phoned it. I had heard an announcement by Mayor Goff that resource consent charges ($1500 I think) had been cut to encourage people to put tanks in their back yards. Sensible, I thought. Water has been pouring down from the sky unused by the bucket load. Surely Council should encourage ratepayers to install a tank to save millions more dollars sucking up Waikato River water. Not so easy says the Council website. You need to fill in a 14 page application form and send it to Council. Council will then tell you whether you need a resource consent, a building consent, or neither. That 14 pager requires plans, photos - aerial no less, (do I have to hire a drone?), neighbours consent, sizes, height, width, position etc etc etc.

So I phoned several tank companies. I quickly learned all three had disparaging comments to make about ‘bureaucracy’, and all told me if I had no intention of hooking up to toilet, clotheswasher etc, but just wanted to be able to water my few vegetables and wash my car when summer, without water from Watercare hits us – just do it and keep completely clear of the Council. "They’ll find some way to charge you if you go near them," one company told me. What a shame. First we have incredible incompetence by successive councils, then after a massive hit by Covid-19 which was not the Council’s fault, we face another couple of hundred million dollars more to keep our taps running. As the Council CCOs ignore the elected councillors, and Covid costs have escalated, councillors are crying it’s not our fault. It may not be the current councillors' fault but it is their predecessors lack of forethought. Unfortunately, somewhat like governments, councils act in three-year cycles, rarely thinking further than their own noses - or the future. For goodness sake, let God pour water into home tanks to help the situation, without ridiculous bureaucratic interference, and cost. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN


FOR AS LITTLE AS $5 A MONTH Your regular donation will help connect more school children with nature, empower people all over Auckland with sustainable living choices and develop and maintain a therapeutic garden. Join now at: www.kelmarnagardens.nz/donate

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Be your own bestie, and say yes to time for me It all started 18 years ago at 39 Spring Street when Hady changed course and left the world of advertising for a new “little part-time thing” in the beauty industry. Since then Forme Spa has grown to 11 locations around New Zealand, and the original ground zero spa has just been relocated to the stunning new landmark building at 253 Ponsonby Road. The process wasn’t a quick one, taking close to a year from initial discussions to the building being complete and ready to move in. But the wait was definitely worth it. From the minute you exit busy Ponsonby Road you know this place is something special. With the edgy industrial finish in the stairwell complemented with beautiful lighting, this look is carried into the spa with the exposed concrete ceilings and concrete finishes. The signature Forme Spa look of clay/ blush pinks and brass and timber floors makes the space warm and inviting. Situated on the Garden Floor, the Spa opens to a tranquil private walled garden which is overlooked from the relax area and mani-pedi space. The five treatment rooms include a couples suite for some me-time-for-two, and are the perfect place to cocoon for relaxation and rejuvenation. Of course a beautiful spa is nothing without a talented team, and you can relax in very capable hands with the therapists at Forme Spa Ponsonby, who are all about making you look and feel great. Whether you are looking to deal with stress or tension with a massage, or choosing one of the facials or rejuvenation treatments that Forme Spa are known for, plus of course beauty maintenance treatments, the clean beauty philosophy means that your treatment not only gets you results, it is also toxin-free and healing for your body. Book in for some me-time and you won’t regret it.  PN FORME SPA, 253 Ponsonby Road, www.formespa.co.nz

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Green candidate for Mt Albert - Luke Wijohn Old blokes like me who have been around 80 plus years don’t have a mortgage on wisdom. I know that when I talk with my sons, or with politicians like Chloe Swarbrick in her mid-twenties, or Nikki Kaye only just hitting 40. I’ve just met another one - Luke Wijohn, a young man from Westmere, not yet a household name, but I’m sure one day he will be. Wijohn is the Green Party candidate for Mt Albert, at 18 years of age. I asked him if that’s too young to stand for parliament. He smiles (one of his great attributes) and tells me that “while male brains aren’t fully mature until a person is about 25, female brains mature by about 18. That let’s Chloe off the hook,” he grins, “but I don’t know about me.” However, he goes on to tell me with some glee that everyone’s brain starts to deteriorate from about 40. “That,” he said “means most politicians.” Luke Wijohn began his political involvement last year when he was a year 13 student at Western Springs College. He began to lead the School Strike for Climate, which at its height included a march of 80,000 down Queen Street. He shared a space with Judith Collins when both were being interviewed by media. Collins was snaringly dismissive of him, he told me. We talked about education and the New Zealand school system.

“The inequality gap and the wealth gap in New Zealand is far too high,” Luke says. “Millionaires need to pay back a little for future generations.” Luke Wijohn has an interesting background. He is of Maori and Scandinavian ancestry, and didn’t begin learning in English until Year 9 at Western Springs College. Before that he had kohanga reo and then Maori immersion class at Richmond Road School. That background certainly hasn’t hindered his education. Despite his time devoted to education and climate politics, he still achieved highly in NCEA and received a 30,000 dollar scholarship to study arts and law at Victoria University next year. Wijohn has no illusions about winning the seat of Mt Albert against our excellent leader Jacinda Ardern, but is calling for as many list votes for the Greens as he can muster. “One day the Green Party should be the largest party in New Zealand,” he enthuses. “Labour is doing a good job, but climate change, species extinction, and habitat destruction are still devastating our world.” Wijohn calls for vigilance, and asserts that National has stepped right back from 21st century solutions.

Wijohn says too many children in an affluent country like New Zealand are suffering hunger and cold, and often don’t have shoes to wear to school. He told me he’s heard said “you’ve got no lunch, drink lots of water and you won’t feel hungry.” “What a disgrace,” he says.

Luke Wijohn is on the right side of history, a credit to our youth and a bright light in a darkening world.

Luke Wijohn is strongly in favour of the Green Party wealth tax proposal.

Ponsonby News urges readers to watch out for his future influence. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN www.greens.org.nz/luke_2020

24 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

He may not win this time, but just watch for his name in future. He is destined to be an influential leader.







2 198sqm

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT PRICE: $2,098,000 Architecturally designed with luxurious appointment, this beautiful townhouse sits secure behind electric gates on its own freehold title. Just completed this ultra modern home provides video intercom and keyless entry, European oak floors, 2020 award winning imported kitchen, gorgeous designer bathrooms with bespoke basins and cabinetry, climate control via heat pumps, all covered by a 10 year Master Builder Guarantee. The unimpeded harbour views are a feature from both the living and bedroom levels. The bedroom level is complete with a full bathroom, an en suite and with organized wardrobes throughout as well as a walkin for the master suite. There is internal access double garaging with separate laundry area, a guest powder room and study/office on the lower level. Boutique retail is only metres away and so too the convenience of a medical centre, Westmere School, parks, walk ways, sports facilities and the zoo.

uprealestate.co.nz/UPH11628 John Erceg 021 995 866 john@uprealestate.co.nz



Ponsonby U3A: August 2020 Ponsonby U3A members were delighted to meet again in person at the July meeting – the first since the Covid-19 lockdown. A highlight of the meeting was the awarding of life membership to Noeline Creighton, who has been involved in every activity of U3A, including being president, since she joined 18 years ago. “I read about U3A in the Ponsonby News and a month after my retirement I attended my first U3A meeting. And apart from travel I have hardly missed a meeting since,” she said. ”There is just so much intellectual stimulation from amazing speakers and I have made great friendships in the special interest groups where we follow our interests. The ten-minute talks given by members show what an interesting group U3A is.” In presenting the award, President Christine Hart commented that Noeline has supported and nurtured new members and set her stamp on the culture that endures to this day. For a number of years Noeline wrote the newsletter and the monthly article for the Ponsonby News, which often attracts potential new members. She also organised the ten-minute speakers for the monthly general meetings. Guest speaker at the July meeting, Auckland Plastic Surgeon Mr Michael Klaassen, spoke about advances in plastic surgery since 1950. His talk was adapted from a lecture he gave at an international meeting of plastic surgeons held in Beijing in November 2019, shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, Central China. He gave us answers to the questions what plastic surgery was about, when it started, and who the key figures were in its early beginnings. “Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that had its origins in war surgery. It is a surgical field over-represented by Kiwi surgeon pioneers, who responded to the significant demands of war surgery in the last century. The legendary role of young New Zealand men, and later women, began with Gillies and Pickerill in the First World War followed by civilian plastic surgery between the wars, when the second generation were trained (McIndoe, Mowlem and Kilner). During the second World War large numbers of the third generation were trained, including Bill Manchester (later Sir William), Joe Brownlee, Frank Hutter, John Barron, Pat Clarkson and John Roy, to name a few. In 1950 Bill Manchester returned from England to start a plastic surgery department at the new Middlemore Hospital.” Mr Klaassen described in detail what plastic surgery is, illustrated with clinical examples of trauma care, burns and microsurgery as

26 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

well as craniofacial surgery, facial transplantation, aesthetic surgery and facial skin cancer. U3A member Dr Ian Smith, Volcanologist and Research Scientist, entitled his talk ‘Adventure Science’. From his early fascination with science, to studying geology at university and deciding on volcanology, hoping for a position in a volcano observatory in Hawaii, but being directed to Papua, New Guinea, it was soon evident that his story and the topic were fascinating. He said, “I have experienced the adventure of working to understand how volcanoes work and why that is important for society. I am fortunate to have worked on volcanoes and volcanic rocks encompassing most of the Earth in both time and space and worked in laboratories that provide amazing insights into the processes that drive the planet. Alongside this physical adventure I have experienced the intellectual adventure of seeing the evolution of geology into perhaps the most significant science for the current world.” Guests are welcome to attend a U3A meeting after first checking with Christine Hart, M: 027 289 5514. The August guest speaker will be renowned Auckland Architect Pete Bossley, whose exhibition “Forty Years Drawn” is currently being held PN at Objectspace. (PHILIPPA TAIT)  NEXT MEETING: 10am, Friday 14 August at St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street. ENQUIRIES:

Christine Hart, President Ponsonby U3A, M: 027 289 5514, www.u3a.nz



Ken Ring: Auckland weather diary, August 2020 – weather by the moon August is expected to be slightly drier, cloudier and warmer than average. Most of the rain comes in the second half. The second week is the driest, and the fourth week is the wettest. The second weekend of the month will have the driest weather. Although the second week will have the coolest nights, daytime temperatures will not vary much from week to week. Atmospheric pressures should average about 1014mbs. Southwesterlies about ten days will predominate. For fishermen, the highest kingtide may be around 20th. The best fishing bite-times in the east are at dusk on 3rd-5th and 18th-20th (and in the west around noon on those days). Chances are also good in the east for noon of 10th-13th, and 25th-27th (and in the west around dusk on those days). For gardeners, the 20th-28th are the best sowing days (waxing moon ascending). The best pruning days are 5th-15th (waning moon descending). For longer shelf-life for crops, harvest at neap tide days, 13th and 28th. Allow 24 hour error for all forecasting. (KEN RING)  PN For future weather for any date, see www.predictweather.com

@ Ponsonby Community Centre Ponsonby Community Centre is a unique building and organisation. We love the quirky naming of the rooms for hire, all named after famous Ponsonby personalities and institutions. One of the best, the Gluepot Room, is named for the much frequented pub and music venue, the Gluepot Tavern, which was sadly closed for good in the early 90’s. The Gluepot Room is set up as a meeting room and workshop space, with a whiteboard, projector screen and Apple Smart TV. It has a kitchenette attached with a zip and microwave. It’s the perfect spot for your next board meeting or seminar. We would love to host you! Sadly, we aren’t able to fully emulate the room’s namesake. There is no beer on tap, or space for a band, but we are nice and close to all the fabulous cafes and restaurants Ponsonby has to offer!  PN Call us or email for more information and hire rates: info@ponsonbycommunity.org.nz or T: 09 378 1752.

Looking for a space to conduct a meeting or workshop? The Gluepot room at Ponsonby Community Centre, named for the famous Ponsonby pub, has everything you need... (except for beer...sorry about that) www.ponsonbycommunity.org.nz | info@ponsonbycommunity.org.nz | 09 3781752 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe anyone? Kia ora, my name is Kevin Barratt and I’m a Grey Lynn local. My partner (Gavin) and I have lived together in the area for approximately 20 years. I’m a registered nurse and it’s a role I absolutely adore. However, I have very recently set up my own brand spanking new online company called Famine of Beauty. Famine of Beauty’s first product is the exclusive and luxurious, Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe. Permission was kindly granted by Dr Bloomfield with 50% of profits from bathrobe sales being donated to Oxfam NZ; the charity Dr Bloomfield personally suggested I donate to. What was your inspiration behind the Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe? During lockdown, I watched the daily 1pm COVID-19 updates almost religiously. The more I watched, the more I started referring to these updates as my ‘daily snuggles with Ashley’. One morning, I woke up cold, hungry and a little bit grumpy to be honest, and my old bathrobe just wasn’t giving me the comfort I needed. I thought ‘dude, you seriously need a new bathrobe! How about one with Ashley Bloomfield’s face on it? That would be magnificent!’ I wanted to get my daily snuggles whenever I wanted. And here we are today. Why an Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe? Basically, I adore Dr Bloomfield and I wanted to make a tribute to him in some way shape or form. I wanted to make something unique which would last for a long time. I wanted to make something so that others could get their daily snuggles too. I also wanted to make something I could be proud of. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this wee little project and I’m so so proud of all that’s been achieved so far. When did you start this? 4 May 2020 is when I kicked this all off. It was a complete and utter whirlwind to get the online site launched on 30 May. I spent every waking moment outside of my day job trying to turn my inspiration into a reality. What did this involve? May was spent getting the business underway. This included getting Dr Bloomfield’s permission to pursue my idea; setting up the website from scratch myself; sampling robes from multiple Kiwi companies until I found the right one; commissioning the gorgeous likeness of Dr Bloomfield; having the robes embroidered locally; roping family and friends to become unwitting bathrobe models and having a dear friend re-enact Scarlett O’Hara’s famous “Oh Ashley” scene from Gone with the Wind. This was three short weeks of incredibly hard work, frenetic energy and a hell of a lot of fun. I finally launched the Famine of Beauty website on 30 May and unleashed my bathrobes unto the world - Fly my pretties, fly. On the first night live, a lovely lady from Waiheke bought the very first robe - I was completely over the moon. How did you manage to achieve this? There’s the old saying “it takes a village”, I could not have done this alone. It was very much a team effort which included my incredible partner (Gavin), sister-in-law (Sharon), my Mum (Mavis), my beautiful sisters (Pam & Chilayne [models]), my magnificent friends from Cibo Restaurant (Jeremy & Brad [models]) and the alluring actress (Yvette Parsons). I am incredibly grateful to all for their help, love and support. What is your proudest moment? The proudest moment of my story so far is the ‘paying it forward’ of one of my bathrobes to a proud local Maori woman, Whaea Rose Greaves, who was subject to a vitriolic and heartbreaking racist attack recently in Ponsonby. My heart simply broke when I heard of her

28 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

story. Right back at the beginning, I offered bathrobes to both Ashley and Libby Bloomfield. However, Dr Bloomfield asked me to pay theirs forward to “someone who deserved a break or something nice to happen to them”. I could not think of a more deserving person, and the robe was gifted with kind-heartedness and aroha. I was honoured to have met Whaea Rose and have made a new friend because of it. Dr Bloomfield is aware of this. How has the robe been doing since launch date? The robe has been doing great, and has been extremely well received. I managed to get the bathrobes onto a huge NZ Made facebook page. Since then, my pretties have just flown out the door to wonderful new customers who are now enjoying their daily snuggles with Dr B too. I’ve received such fantastic customer feedback and some may have even bought a little tear to the eye (sshhhhhhhhh). What next? I intend to feature further products of my own creation through the Famine of Beauty website. I’m currently working on some new products which I’ll be able to share with you all very soon. I’m super excited with everything that’s unfolding and it’s only the very beginning, so please watch this space. How to order an Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe. If you’re after an Ashley Bloomfield Bathrobe for yourself or as a gift, head on over to www.famineofbeauty.co.nz. We offer free shipping to most NZ locations and I’ve personally hand-delivered a number of robes to local residents already. A final word of thanks goes out to Dr. Bloomfield for his ongoing exemplary leadership, stoic calm as well as his poise and grace during one of our country’s most challenging times; also for allowing me to pursue this crazy idea. What’s unfolded so rapidly and unexpectedly from this has given me the ability to set up Famine of Beauty, help support other NZ businesses and meet fabulous new friends and customers. I’m also incredibly grateful for all the love and support that has got me here, and again, it’s only the beginning, so please watch this space.  PN Arohanui, FAMINE OF BEAUTY, www.famineofbeauty.co.nz, FB: @famineofbeauty, IG: #famineofbeautynz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


Kerry Lee - Christmas on Franklin Road Since 1993 Roscoe Thorby has helped light up the Ponsonby community with the Franklin Road Christmas Light Show. I recently had a chance to speak to him about where it all started and how he sees it moving forward. Like so many other beautiful things, it all started as a happy accident that just kept snowballing. One night he was hosting a dinner party when he suggested that everyone pop outside for a moment to turn on the Christmas lights. He didn’t know what it was, but the idea seemed to resonate with people, and a year later his neighbours decided to get in on the fun as well. Before long over a hundred households had gotten involved, and today thousands of people pass through each year to visit the estimated 100 -110,000 lights. “It amazes me that people are still coming out to see them. It’s such a simple thing, and it’s turned into something so iconic.” When I asked if he saw it going for another 20 odd years, he laughed saying that each year he always thought it couldn’t get any bigger, but somehow it always did. “Someday people may stop and that’s fine; there’s no obligation or pressure to keep going.” One thing he’s adamant about though, is that the event remains a free gift for the community and doesn’t become a commercial venture. “As soon as you start asking for money or begin charging people, you change the tone of the whole event. At the moment, it’s one of

the few free things that you can do with your family at Christmas. The only money we’ve ever accepted is from the Waitemata Board, and that’s because they don’t want anything in return. We’re just one of the groups they support.” So what keeps him going year after year? “It’s not always easy, but when you see kids with these big smiles on their faces and all the happiness that the lights bring them, it makes it all worthwhile. It’s such an amazing feeling to think that we did this, and we’re creating memories that they’ll remember long after we’re gone. My advice for anyone who’s thinking of doing anything like this PN is to take a breath and do it.” 

For more information about the Franklin Road Christmas Lights, please visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/events/franklin-rd-freemans-bay-auckland-1011-new-zealand/franklin-road-christmas-lights And if you’d like to visit Roscoe’s website, visit www.chandeliersales.co.nz

Lucia Mataia: Leys Institute Little Library Tena koutou. Firstly, thank you lovely locals; it has been a pleasure to read your positive comments about our new location. It is great some of you have included us in your daily walking routine, picking up and dropping off items as you pass by the library. Check out our new look Library Website – link below. www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz has a new look, making it even easier for you find information. From the home page you can easily join the library, renew your books, update your details, or print a document. Whakarongo, Matakitaki is a new link that leads you to a range of resources such as podcasts, DVDs, streaming, and audiobooks. Podcast The Books and Beyond podcast is hosted by Auckland librarians, Alison and Ineka. Together they cover a wide range of book related topics. To give you an idea of the sorts things they discuss, over the last few months topics have included reading lists, Black Lives Matter, Matariki and Joan Didion. Exhibition Waitui Atea highlights the people of the Saltwater Realm, (the Pacific region). The exhibition focuses on customs, costumes and stories told through song, dance, and music. The exhibition has taken many months to prepare and runs until the 13th of September at the Central Library.

New Books Over the long winter months, for many of us, our thoughts turn invariably to food and cooking. Little Leys has feature shelves full of cookbooks with something to suit every palate. There are also some lovely new cookbooks to request. If you are after family friendly meals, then check out Magnolia Table. Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes of Gathering by Joanna Gaines. The recipes sound incredible: Chicken-Pecan Asparagus Casserole, Stuffed Pork Loin and Lemon-Lavender Tart. Also check out Smörgåsbord: Deliciously Simple Modern Scandinavian Recipes by Signe Johansen which features seasonal menus - Scandi classics such as crispbread and more modern dishes. And lastly, if you want simple, wholesome vegetarian fare: Love Is Serve: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes from Southern California by Café PN Gratitude will expand your recipe repertoire.  LEYS INSTITUTE LITTLE LIBRARY, Cnr Jervois Road & Redmond Street, www.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



L to R: Tom Feeney, Samuel Pendreigh, Ned Gow, Elliot Rhodes

Honour Mitchell: Mental Health Foundation Fundraiser Sam Pendreigh and his friends, Elliot, Ned, and Tom, are a Ponsonby-based group of men planning a fundraising event for the Mental Health Foundation on 15 August, 2020. The team is conducting a continuous relay race over a 24 hour period, with each person running a 6.7 km lap of the Riverhead Track in West Auckland, in a constant four-person cycle. That means each person will complete the course approximately 10 times, clocking up 70 kms over 24 hours. Sam says, “this will be quite a feat of endurance and will require not only stamina but dedication and commitment to each other, particularly when we are exhausted and running through the night.” The team believes that by pushing themselves to the limit they can demonstrate how, with the support of your mates, you can get through tough mental and physical challenges. The idea came to them after some harrowing experiences of their own - either personally, or through someone they know. Sam says, “it’s important to remember that one in six Kiwi adults have been diagnosed with a mental disorder brought on by a range of things such as shock, stress, undesirable living conditions, freak accidents

and just day-to-day life. We need to remember that this type of illness is often unseen and deserves greater visibility and acceptance.” Donations have already started to roll in for this very worthy cause. Anybody who has mental health issues or has experienced family and friends suffering through tough times will know just how painful it can be. Please support this group of men with their Givealittle (see below) on their quest to raise funds for such a vital New Zealand organisation. The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is a charitable trust that is funded through donations and grants. It provides free training and information for New Zealanders struggling with mental health issues. It is also a key advocate for policies and services that support people with mental illness. MHF works hard to make sure that they cover all aspects of mental health by aggregating resources for a widerange of situations, including, wellbeing, emergency hotlines, suicide prevention and more. (HONOUR MITCHELL)  PN Check out their website. www.mentalhealth.org.nz https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/24hr-footrace-for-mental-health

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Retire at Home... Staying in your own home is not as difficult as you may have thought with the guidance of Elderly Assist. I’m catching up with Janice Willis, hands-on founder of Elderly Assist, Moving Assist, and Clutterbusters, to talk about her new offering: Retire at Home.

“We work closely with people running smaller companies in the community that offer all sorts of services you might not have heard of or even thought of.”

Janice’s new service is for elderly and retired people who are keen to start the process of decluttering and downsizing, but are not quite ready to move.

Another bonus of the Retire at Home service is that people are then ready to move at short notice with the hardest part of the job behind them.

Says Janice, “since setting up Elderly Assist in 2012 I’ve helped thousands of people declutter, pack up and move. Recently however, I’ve noticed more of our prospective clients are wanting to stay in their homes a little longer. They are overwhelmed at the thought of moving and I’ve had more than one person say to me, ‘I just want one last summer in this house Janice’.”

“Months, or maybe years before they actually move, we have removed all the physical, and often psychological, obstacles. We are so much more than a moving company. We can come over every few months and do one or two projects at a time. Nothing is too much trouble or bother for our team.”

Retire at Home gives people the security to do just that. “Eventually they know they will move and we will be there to help them with that move. In the meantime, the challenge - and our priority - is to work with people to make their home safe and easy to keep living in going forward.” There may be issues with trip hazards, unreachable cupboards and over-crowding of furniture and belongings. “Freeing up space makes a house safer and easier to move around, so often the first step is decluttering, something we are expert at.” Janice and her team also bring in services from companies they partner with, such as those providing medical alarms and nursing services. But that’s not all.

Janice is very proud of the professionalism and empathy of her team and of their average 98% approval from dozens of authenticated ratings on No Cowboys. Writing on www.nocowboys.co.nz in February this year, Kay said, “I can’t express our appreciation more to the Elderly Assist team for their excellent service, professional approach and willingness to accommodate our wishes.’ Alison in June: “Janice and the Elderly Assist team were fabulous.” “We understand how daunting all this change can be for people. They need to enjoy that last summer and we will put everything in place to make it safe for them to do that.”

Ring Janice for a free in-house consultation: 0800 839 874 Or email: janice@elderlyassist.co.nz www.elderlyassist.co.nz

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Heart and Soul Grey Lynn & Around Chair, Paul Stephenson, led the formal farewell to Jennifer Northover this month as she retired from the Business Association Board. He said for nine years Jennifer had been the chair, the secretary, indeed the heart and soul of the board and of the neighbourhood. A resident of Grey Lynn for more than 25 years, Paul said Jennifer is the person who ‘has made this organisation happen!’

L to R: Board members Jennifer Northover, Martin Steele-Brown, Jules Carroll, Paul Stephenson, Chair Waitemata Board Richard Northey

Thank you Jennifer for your amazing spirit and commitment. We will miss you, yet know you’ll be here in Grey Lynn & around for many more years! At her request, Jennifer’s farewell was a quiet affair at the monthly Business Association networking event at local neighbourhood bar, Malt. Malt Public House is Grey Lynn’s Gastro Pub, and they hosted our first public get together since lockdown. We all join Paul Stephenson to thank Jennifer for her incredible work and dedication to our Business Association and community. As members and friends, we wish her well and ask she keeps us posted on her next adventures!  PN L to R: Jules Carroll and Martin Steel-Brown with Jennifer Northover

Monthly Members’ Networking evening

Jennifer Northover and Tracy Hickman

Waitemata Board Chair Richard Northey and Grey Lynn & Around Chair Paul Stephenson

Board members Susan Warren and Jules Carroll

Grey Lynn & Around Members Gavin Lendich & Onny Faleafa

Board members Leanne Moore and Scott McRobbie

#greylynnandaround #greylynn #community #ponsonbynews

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Ponsonby Park – August update The impact of Covid-19 on Auckland Council’s budget has temporarily delayed the realisation of Ponsonby Park - the new civic space at 254 Ponsonby Road. How long this delay may last, will be informed by the local board’s consultation on their three-year plan. The Waitemata- Local Board, along with all the other Auckland local boards, has recently consulted on what to include in their next threeyear plan. This was the first part - phase one - of the consultation. The feedback from phase one informed their draft three-year plan, outlining the key initiatives the Waitemata- Local Board wants to focus on to help their communities thrive whilst supporting the recovery from the impacts of COVID-19. The Waitemata- Local Board now needs your help to check if they’ve got it right; this is phase two of the consultation. Your feedback is now sought until 13 August, 2020. Please support Ponsonby Park in your submission, along with the other issues you are passionate about.

Ref Appendix A: Advocacy initiatives, to… ‘secure funding, resource and support to deliver the community’s vision for Ponsonby Park 254 Ponsonby Road as soon as practicable’. Although the physical development of the civic space will be delayed, continuing progress through the design and planning stage still makes practical and financial sense. The momentum for the development is maintained, jobs are created without committing to the full Capex (capital expenditure), and the community is rewarded for all of the ongoing support and effort they have put into the project to date.

‘A key role of the local board is to advocate for initiatives that the local board may not have decision-making responsibilities or funding for in their draft local board plan, but recognise the value it will add to the community’.

We further suggest that Ponsonby Park be provided with a meaningful and symbolic physical presence on Ponsonby Road in the meantime. That a portion of the site at 254 Ponsonby Road be made available for the community, and beautified as a place for people to meet, gather, rest, and relax - until the project can be fully completed. Ponsonby Park – we’ve already waited so long.

Ponsonby Park is the Waitemata- Local Board’s priority capital project (aka ‘One Local Initiative’ project).

Please make your submission in support of Ponsonby Park today – submissions close soon, on 13 August. (JENNIFER WARD)  PN https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/waitemataplan

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Local Market Wrap with Charlotte Kofoed A warm winter so far for the greater Ponsonby marketplace. As we near the end of a cold winter the greater Ponsonby real estate marketplace continues to experience a definite ‘warm patch’, with overall indicators certainly performing better than many experts had predicted coming out of lockdown. Looking to the REINZ statistics for the greater Ponsonby area (Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, St Marys Bay, Freemans Bay and Westmere) we saw 55 completed property sales in June, up markedly from 31 in May. The median sell price also exhibited strength at $1.75 million, up 17% on June last year. The REINZ data also shows an increased willingness on the part of sellers to utilise the auction method of sale, with a third of all properties sold under the hammer compared with a quarter in June last year. READER QUESTION I received some great feedback after my last newsletter talking about the keys to a successful auction campaign. One reader contacted me and asked, “why would I go to market now when I cannot see anything else that I would like to buy?” This is a good question. Demand is far exceeding supply for all types of property in the greater Ponsonby area at present, and buyers generally have less choice. (Which of course means it is a great time to sell!) But if you are struggling to find what you are looking for through websites and printed advertising, do talk to us about your requirements. We are often speaking with home owners in the early stages of preparing to sell and may already have a listed property that is exactly right for you. If we’re well aware of what you’re looking for we can often arrange a pre-launch viewing, which brings me to a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant. SELLING OFF-MARKET VS AN ADVERTISED CAMPAIGN We are often contacted by home owners who would like to sell their homes quietly via our databases without any advertising, open homes, signboards or any of the usual tools that accompany a traditional campaign. Occasionally this works incredibly well. My colleagues and I have successfully completed many off-market confidential sales in

this way to the mutual benefit of both parties. In this situation we are legally required to carry out all due process as we would with an advertised listing, including a market appraisal, the signing of an agency agreement tailored to the individual situation, and the associated client due diligence for the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. Whilst we have concluded off-market sales in all price brackets, in most cases we do recommend a carefully planned campaign tailored to your target market. There are always new buyers entering the market who have not yet engaged with real estate agencies, particularly potential buyers currently residing overseas and considering returning home. Furthermore, often the ‘best’ buyers are not actively looking but happen to see a beautifully presented and well-advertised home, fall in love with it and make an emotional decision to own it. At New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty we offer you more than the standard local print media and real estate websites. Our exclusive listings also have complimentary presence on our www.sothebysrealty.com global website which generates nearly three million monthly visits. Our listed properties are also featured across all our media partner sites including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. This lets us effectively target the expat market which is particularly important in the current environment. As opposed to an off-market campaign, this no-stone-left-unturned approach to your sale generates competition for your property and ensures that you can feel completely confident that the value of your property has been maximised. If you are thinking about selling I’d be happy to talk with you about the greater Ponsonby market trends, and the value we can bring by correctly positioning your property with an effective campaign strategy. Be it an ‘off-market’ or fully advertised campaign, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these methods at any stage. Please feel free to call me for a confidential chat. Thank you for taking your time to read my column.

CHARLOTTE KOFOED, M: 021 241 9394, T: 09 353 1220, www.ckre.co.nz, E: Charlotte.kofoed@nzsir.com Properties Sold Average Sell Price Median Sell Price

June 2020 55 $1,863,938 $1,750,000

May 2020 31 $1,695,903 $1,642,500

June 2019 51 $1,611,318 $1,500,000

REINZ Statistics for Freemans Bay, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn, Westmere, St Marys Bay & Herne Bay

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SPECIALISING IN PONSONBY AND SURROUNDING SUBURBS Charlotte has an innate understanding and appreciation of the city-fringe suburbs, particularly the greater Ponsonby area. With this comes an honest connection with home owners and potential purchasers alike. Charlotte knows what it takes to earn the trust and respect of her clients. She is committed to providing a comprehensive and personalised service, has a high level of attention to detail and takes pride in implementing innovative marketing campaigns. Talk to Charlotte about your buying and selling requirements.

CHARLOTTE KOFOED M +64 21 241 9394 | charlotte.kofoed@nzsir.com ckre.co.nz



11 West End Road, Herne Bay

2 Prosford Street, Ponsonby



34 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn

2A/2 Fisher-Point Drive, Freemans Bay

nzsothebysrealty.com Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.


John Elliott: Never forget - a week is a long time in politics I’ve come back to this after the machinations of the last week. Would you believe, ‘a week is a long time in politics’. 19 September is not too far away now. It will be warmer then. The flu should be disappearing, and hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic is properly contained, if not entirely eliminated. 19 September is election day in New Zealand. At the start of 2020, National was polling as well as Labour, and it looked as if it might make Labour a one-term government. One term is quite rare in New Zealand. We generally give a new government a second chance, and quite often a third term. I can remember New Zealand elections back to 1954 when I was a fifth former (year 11). Since then, Labour has had a one term stint 1957-1960, and again 1972-1975. But New Zealand has been hit by a global corona virus pandemic which forced a national lockdown. It is internationally acclaimed that Jacinda Ardern has made an exceptional job of leading the team of five million in eliminating the virus from our shores. Her, and Labour’s popularity, skyrocketed and it looked like Labour would sleepwalk back into power, possibly able to govern alone. Then the old saw, ‘a week is a long time in politics’, came back to nibble at Labour’s lead. A few glitches at the border, some people leaving isolation without being tested caused dismay, and caused Labour to lose some support. Simon Bridges was dumped as National Party leader. Todd Muller was installed in his place and local MP Nikki Kaye became his deputy. The first new poll showed National climbing back somewhat, although Muller wasn’t really catching fire. Then Paula Bennett resigned and it became clear that two factions still existed in National - one for, and one against Bridges. National started to tread water again. Next came the leaks at the border as returning Kiwis flooded back home and went into isolation. A number turned out to be bringing Covid-19 home with them from Britain, the US, India - in fact from all around the globe. Labour pretty much got that sorted and then National fired an own goal. They complained about breeches of security, but lo and behold, former president Michelle Boag tried some dirty tricks, releasing confidential details about Covid-19 cases. Muller floundered around trying to shut down a scandal, Kaye tried pretty unconvincingly to calm it all down, and the National Party overall again sank in the popular opinion stakes. There was even talk of another leadership change for National, but one thing still seemed certain, Labour again looked likely to romp back into power, possibly to govern alone, but more likely with the Greens still getting 5 or 6%. At present New Zealand First’s chances of return look slim. Peters is 75, has had a couple of minor health setbacks, and seems to have lost

36 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

enough support to take them below 5%, and out of parliament. He is however a good campaigner, and something of a teflon parliamentarian. Act looks like surviving; even growing a little, but no other party looks like it has a chance. Locally, here in Auckland Central, I did expect Nikki Kaye to win handily, although she was up against two excellent candidates in Chloe Swarbrick (Greens) and Helen White (Labour). The total centre-left vote may exceed National’s but will be split by Chloe and Helen, neither of whom can win without some kind of Epsom-like accommodation. Now Kaye has gone and a new National candidate is not yet selected. And then it happened again - a new bombshell! As I was writing this Muller resigned and National was in crisis mode, deciding who and how to select another new leader. As I write, the latest Roy Morgan poll has Labour 54.5%, National 27%, The Greens 9%, Act 5%, and New Zealand first 1.5%. It will be a miracle if National could now win from here in September. But don’t write National off. Remember a similar scenario in 2017 when a little known MP called Jacinda Ardern took over leadership of the Labour Party very close to the 2017 election and pulled off a stunning victory. You don’t get two Arderns in three years, so the new National leader will receive a poisoned chalice and probably lose quite badly. Fortunately, not all New Zealanders believe National has a divine right to rule. But the new National leader does believe in National’s divine right to rule – the hard right winger, Judith Crusher Collins, who is now where she’s always wanted to be - leader and Prime Minister in waiting - maybe. And back-to-thefuture Gerry Brownlee, 64, is the new deputy leader. So, now that Collins, with numerous faux pas to her credit (‘I’m a woman of colour; the colour white’) is installed, we look forward to a lively campaign. But she will have a hard job convincing me that with her as leader, National is not a party on the wrong side of history. A lot of water is still to flow under the bridge between now and 19 September, but the election at this point looks like Labour’s for the taking. Latest News as we go to press: Reid Research Poll. Labour 61%, National 25%, Greens 5.7%, Act 3% and NZ First 2%. That would give Labour 77 seats, and they could govern alone. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

Meaningful Relationships Built with Respect, Care & Trust We believe children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things so therefore encourage participation in meaningful engagements.

Find out more: www.bearpark.co.nz 0800 232 772


Nikki Kaye: MP for Auckland Central Dear Constituents, thank you for the privilege to serve. As many of you will all know by now I have decided to retire at the September election. I want to assure you that I did not make this decision lightly. I have been humbled by the hundreds of kind messages that I have received by many of you in support of my work in the electorate. It was a busy period travelling the country for five weeks after being elected Deputy Leader of the National Party. After Todd stepped down as Leader I made the decision not to stand for Leader or Deputy of the National Party. While Judith made it clear to me that I would be part of her Senior Leadership Team and Education spokesperson, I made the tough decision to retire from Parliament. While I don’t think it was possible to predict the events that have occurred, what I have learned from breast cancer and other life events is you can’t always predict what is around the corner. I have huge respect and admiration for Todd and his family and I hope people will continue to show compassion. It has been a privilege to serve as Member of Parliament for Auckland Central for almost 12 years, as Deputy Leader (briefly) and as a cabinet minister in the governments of both the Rt Hon Sir John Key and Hon Sir Bill English. Through over half of the term of the last National Government I worked hard as your MP serving as Minister of Education, ACC, Food Safety, Civil Defence and Associate Immigration and Education. As a cabinet minister I was proud to enable large investments in school infrastructure, the roll out of fast uncapped school internet connections, progressing digital fluency and second language learning. I am also proud of delivering significant ACC levy cuts and passing legislation ensuring greater transparency of ACC levies, food safety reform, cell phone alerts for civil defence emergencies and recovery legislation. I fought hard to be the first National MP ever to win Auckland Central in 2008, and I’ve continued that hard work through four successive terms. I have loved being your local Member of Parliament, being able to help tens of thousands of people through constituency cases, contacts and queries on issues. I want to acknowledge my electorate staff who have helped support you over the last 12 years. I have had many incredible staff but I want to particularly acknowledge Maggie Beaumont, my electorate agent for close to a decade. I have been really proud of progressing a number of local projects and initiatives in the electorate. Early on as your MP I stood up for the electorate to oppose mining proposals for Great Barrier Island, contrary to the position of my own party. As you know I care passionately about our environment. Years later it was a great moment to be able to advocate and help secure a conservation park for Great Barrier. In my time as your local MP I have also achieved investment in communications infrastructure on Great Barrier through the rural broadband fund, and secured funding for the Aotea Learning Hub to enable some secondary students to remain on island. I fought to help Great Barrier children who go off island for education to receive the higher bursary allowance, and funding for opportunities for young people to have additional youth opportunities off island. Recently I opposed marine dumping near Great Barrier Island and I hope more can be done in the future around better marine protection for the island as well as enhanced secondary education opportunities. I have loved the people of the Barrier for their authentic and pragmatic approach to solving issues. In Central Auckland and the Western Bays I have supported a number of projects including more than $100 million in investment in the redevelopment of schools such as Freemans Bay School, Bayfield School and Western Springs College (previously in the electorate). In transport I advocated for the $300 million Victoria Park Tunnel delivered under National and the approval of the City Rail Link. In the past I have also

supported organisations such as the Auckland City Mission to secure additional support through the Housing First programmes to support our most vulnerable. I also advocated for the National Government to provide significant funding for the HomeGround project which is being built at the moment to provide additional accommodation and services for our most vulnerable. I have been passionate about apartment law reform and spent several years working with legal and property professionals to develop a 30 page statute which is currently progressing through Parliament. I hope that the unit titles bill is passed in the next Parliament so that we have much more quality maintenance and management of apartments. Over the years I have fought hard for small businesses on council and transport issues. Through lockdown I advocated for hundreds of businesses as they tried to survive and access government support. I have enjoyed working alongside the huge number of compassionate community advocates and business leaders to progress Auckland issues. Throughout my whole time in Parliament, I have travelled to Waiheke island on average at least once a month and often several times for constituency issues. The island has made up around a quarter of my constituency cases. I am proud of helping to secure tens of millions of dollars in investment for major redevelopments of Te Huruhi Primary School and Waiheke High School. In my time as the local MP I have advocated for greater viability of ferry services including retaining funding for continued free travel to Waiheke for SuperGold cardholders. I petitioned Parliament to oppose the Accomodation Provider Targeted Rate. In my time as the MP I have advocated for and helped to secure funding for pest eradication and additional opportunities for youth. I have fought for fairer ferry fares and greater accountability of ferry services. I hope for Waiheke we can see ferry services come under contractual control and more reasonable fares. It is also my view that priority must be given to ensuring that we have better marine protection in the Hauraki Gulf. The people of Waiheke are creative and innovative, and I have enjoyed robust debate with many Islanders on local and national issues. I have always tried to be a strong advocate for freedom and personal liberty, particularly around conscience issues. I have also tried to work in a collaborative way with people from different political parties. I voted and worked with parliamentarians from different political parties to pass legislation to pass to enable people to marry who they love. Through my work as Minister for Youth I have supported funding for organisations such as Rainbow Youth that support LGBTIQ youth. I have also worked with people to enable changes to decriminalise abortion, and on the end of life choice legislation. I also hope that the work that I have done in areas like education has made a positive difference to young people. Separate to my time as Associate Minister and Minister of Education, as Education Spokesperson I recently released a major discussion document. In this discussion paper I advocated for policies such as greater incentives for people to go into and stay in teaching, changes to teacher training, additional support and reform for children with complex needs, and more support for children in their first 1000 days of life. I will never forget the compassion showed to me by the people of New Zealand and particularly by the people of Auckland Central when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had as Auckland Central MP and as a Member of New Zealand’s Parliament. I want to acknowledge all those people who have helped me to deliver for you in Parliament. I will always care deeply about Auckland Central and our country. It has been an absolute privilege to serve you as your Member of Parliament for 12 years. Thank you. PN Best wishes (NIKKI KAYE)  Hon Nikki Kaye, MP for Auckland central www.nikkikaye.co.nz Authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill, Freemans Bay

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Thank you I am so grateful for all the opportunities that Auckland central and our great country has provided me. I want to acknowledge all of those people who have helped me to deliver for you in Parliament. I will always care deeply about Auckland central and our country. It has been an absolute privilege to serve you as your Member of Parliament for 12 years. Thank you. My office will continue to be available to serve you on constituency matters right up until the general election.

Hon Nikki Kaye MP for Auckland Central 48C College Hill Rd,Freemans Bay, Auckland nikki.kaye@parliament.govt.nz • 09 378 2088 Authorised by Nikki Kaye MP, 48C College Hill Rd, Freemans Bay, Auckland.


THE FABULOUS FACES OF FURNITURE The team on Ponsonby News loves all types of design‌ so we asked six local furniture entrepreneurs, on this month’s issue front cover to select one favourite current piece available in their showroom. Here are their favourites...

Angus Dawson, DAWSON & CO As a teenager I was fortunate enough to spend over 15 months living in Finland and this experience opened my eyes, not only to the raw beauty of this part of the world, but also to the graceful simplicity that is inherent in Scandinavian design. The Pensive Sofa by Tolv, with its ultra thin arms that bookend the generous seat and back cushions is a perfect statement of mid-century minimalism and functionality. The handsome oak base underlines and contrasts the upholstery with cylindrical legs that soften and add visual interest. A timeless design that is fit for any beautiful living space, it is designed by Cameron Foggo, a very talented Kiwi furniture designer which makes it even more of a compelling favourite for me. DAWSON & CO., Northshore Showroom, 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale T: 09 476 1121; Parnell Showroom, 115 The Strand, Parnell www.dawsonandco.nz

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Dale Clothier, HOMAGE GREY LYNN One of my favourite mid century chairs would definitely have to be the Poul Kjaerholm’s PK31 Lounge Chair. Kjaerholm, unlike many of his fellow Danish designers, who typically chose wood as their primary furniture construction material, chose steel. He was drawn to the refraction of light from the metal’s surface, but always combined it with other materials such as wood, marble, cane or leather. The PK31 (1958) is incredibly elegant and understated with an overt sense of strength from the steel frame. The clean lines of this chair almost disguise the incredible comfort factor experienced from the feather filled leather cushions. The boy in me loves the thought of these chairs playing vital roles in the 50’s and 60’s in smoke-filled offices of establishments such as the FBI with Hoover and his G-Men in their black suits, scheming ways of capturing those on the ‘most wanted’ list. HOMAGE, 254 Richmond Road, T: 09 360 0616, www.homage.co.nz

Meredith Lee, EUROPEAN ANTIQUES There is nothing like a beautifully engineered piece to make my heart sing! This Belgian antique dental cabinet (c.1900) screams quality and character which is why it is my current favourite in the store. It has a wonderful steel superstructure with four glass doors opening to internal shelving and eight industrial style draws. These cabinets are rare survivors and are highly sort after, so I rarely see them available to buy. They are incredibly versatile and can work anywhere, for bathroom storage, hallways, kitchens or for a home office. This statement piece is priced at: $9,500. EUROPEAN ANTIQUES, 21 Ariki Street, Grey Lynn, T: 09 360 9858, M: 027 414 0081, www.europeanantiques.co.nz

@ European Antiques

@ Homage

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MaryJane Bell, ROSE + HEATHER Even though we have always continued to evolve our furniture pieces, the Tumblehome coffee table is still my favourite. It is that classic crafted piece, beautifully constructed from ancient kauri with structural elements forming the design. Everybody has their favourite treasures which they’ve collected or inherited. Like the butterfly and insect drawers we all love at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Tumblehome invites you to display your treasures under a bevelled glass top. So, it becomes more than just a coffee table as it is designed to celebrate those special keepsakes that have significance in the lives of the owners which gives it a unique personality. Just by swapping out the items under the glass, you can easily create a whole new look. Reinforced glass makes it tough enough to dance on (just don’t tell the kids!) and pull-out drawers with lovely handles underneath for those things we don’t need to display. A beautiful, unique and highly functional piece of design. Priced at $3580. ROSE + HEATHER, 366 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895, www.roseandheather.com

Ron Redel - BOB & FRIENDS The Balzac chair and ottoman designed in 1991 by Mathew Hilton for SCP has become the iconic club chair. It is just beautiful. I’ve had mine for about 22 years and it never fails to produce that wonderful feeling of relaxed luxury. It has made its way into most books on the best chairs in the world and has a special place in the Design Museum in London. Still being produced today at the same factory, it looks great in the tan leather, but also works beautifully in all manner of fabrics - a true classic. Certainly one of my favourite pieces of furniture at BOB. BOB AND FRIENDS, 231 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 378 7350, www.bobandfriends.co.nz

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FURNITURE ENTREPRENEURS Stuart Bowman, APARTMENTO It’s exciting to have something new in the showroom and we always love our latest piece the most! The Casa is a nod to Hollywood regency but with a contemporary edge. Clean yet traditional lines with a smart black interior...this cabinet can be fully customised to suit your space and requirements. Casa Sideboard H860 x L2060 x D400 Price $5658. APARTMENTO, 8 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 9963, www.apartmento.co.nz

@ Bob and Friends Balzac Chair and Ottoman

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Top: Preston bookshelf by Tolv $4,859, Portobello armchair by Tolv $2,639, Calibre side table by Wendelbo $919, Native coffee table by Tolv from $1,399 Bottom: Pensive sofa by Tolv as shown $3,589


Available at DAWSON & CO.


DAWSON & CO., Northshore Showroom, 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale T: 09 476 1121; Parnell Showroom, 115 The Strand, Parnell info@dawsonandco.co.nz www.dawsonandco.nz

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Alluring and timeless Timothy Oulton's Westminster Feather takes all the charisma of a Chesterfield and updates it for modern living injecting pure, unadulterated luxury in the form of plump feather filled cushions and hand finished full grain leather.

Ph. 09 476 1121 info@dawsonandco.nz www.dawsonandco.nz

North Shore Showroom 38 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland

Parnell Showroom 115 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland

DAW S O N & C O .


European Antiques on your doorstep As an avid collector from a young age, on returning from the UK, Meredith Lee decided to pursue a career in antiques. Sixteen years on, and now well established, European Antiques is a must visit local destination for a mix of unique decorative objects, furniture and lighting. European Antiques operates out of Meredith’s home in Grey Lynn, Auckland. She also sells smaller decorative antiques through the WORLD stores both in Auckland and Wellington while customers can also shop online through the website www.europeanantiques.co.nz. Stock is hand-selected by Meredith from all over Europe and covers a broad range of tastes from mid-century, industrial furniture, to the more traditional antique chandeliers and mirrors. Her speciality is decorative antiques, those pieces that give a room great personality and charm and that add a real point of difference. EA is open by appointment only (due to council regulations of operating in a residential street), but don’t let that deter a visit. Customers are welcome to browse. Open between the hours of 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am - 2pm on Saturdays. Just give them a call prior to your visit to make sure they are in and not out on a delivery. EUROPEAN ANTIQUES, 21 Ariki Street, Grey Lynn, T: 09 360 9858, M: 027 414 0081 E: info@europeanantiques.co.nz www.europeanantiques.co.nz

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21 Ariki Street, Grey Lynn, Phone 09 360 9858 www.europeanantiques.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



On the Market The centre of it all - 102/134 Halsey St, Wynyard Quarter. Perfectly appointed and beautifully finished, this fantastic double bedroom apartment (62m2 plus 37m2 of courtyard/landscaping) is one of only ten in this boutique “WEST” block of the premier 132 Halsey apartment building located in the very heart of the cool vibe of the Wynyard Quarter. The stunning water features by renowned artist Lisa Reihana, and the web of lights suspended above Tiramarama Way, the buzz, the cafes, boutique shopping, world-class restaurants, the ASB Waterfront Theatre and Americas Cup, are all at your doorstep. Every aspect of this stunning apartment has been meticulously fashioned by Athfield Architects. With razor sharp attention to detail and cutting-edge design, the seamless fusion of elements feature throughout this fabulous apartment, boasting an entertainer’s kitchen, Meile appliances, deluxe bathroom with Italian tiling and light-filled open plan living. Slide back the bank of expansive glass doors to the huge north-facing courtyard and private lush garden - a fabulous spot to entertain or to just kick back and relax away from the bustle of city life. Add to all this a secure carpark, plenty of cleverly concealed storage, security, privacy and exclusive access to the 16 seat theatrette, gymnasium and business centre. This is an irresistible bespoke pad you will be incredibly proud to show off.  PN Call Carl Madsen for an exclusive viewing 021 953 152.

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Get it while you can. Our Tumblehome nine drawer and cabinets end this year - $4980

ROSE & HEATHER, 366 Great North Road, T: 09 376 2895, www.roseandheather.com

W E H A V E A N E W H O M E..

We’re now at 366 Great North Rd. Greylynn

w w w. r o s e a n d h e a t h e r. c o. n z

instore and online 7 days t: 09 3762895

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The Vintage Range by Bovi. Beautiful Portuguese linen with an embroidered edge. Available in flax, white or Grey.

Tumblehome coffee table, double the size 180cm x 90cm - $5980

@ Rose & Heather

Tala Voronoi lights

String for home or office

The Mavis sofa

The Askel Kjersgaard collection

String shelving


@ Bob and Friends

BOB & FRIENDS, 231 Ponsonby Road, www.bobandfriends.co.nz

DISPLAY SALE COME IN AND BUY DIRECTLY OFF THE FLOOR Sofa’s carpets and rugs as well as String display units www.bobandfriends.co.nz or call Ron on 022 021 0455 231 Ponsonby Road

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all reduced by between


Plus 15% off all orders

Online and instore…. 14 to 22 August



Vintage and Vermont writing desk by Artwood With its design inspiration taken from the American East Coast, the vintage and Vermont writing desks by Artwood are timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched to suit your personal style. Delivered using high quality craftsmanship, they are available in weathered oak and vintage wood respectively. The sleek dimensions of this desk make it perfect to fit into smaller home offices. JI HOME, 36 Pollen Street, Grey Lynn, T: 09 930 6268, www.jihome.nz

Providing bespoke furniture and cabinetmaking to a discerning clientele Kitchens Bathrooms and Laundries Wardrobes Media Cabinetry/ Shelves

Your expert cabinetmaker

Stuart Bowman 021 311 363 | cabworkshop.co.nz

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ELECTRIC CARS IN NEW ZEALAND Most vehicle manufacturers now produce electric cars. Ponsonby News investigated a number of models including Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Landrover, Mercedes and Nissan. A report by NZ Electric Car Guide writer, Sigurd Magnusson, said that: “Electric cars have no clutch or gears, and accelerate more quickly and smoothly, in a ‘sporty’ way, and they climb hills easier than petrol cars. A fully electric motor has fewer moving parts, no spark plugs or engine oil, and requires less maintenance than a petrol equivalent. Such cars are extremely quiet and reduce noise pollution.” So why are sales of electric cars taking so long to take off in New Zealand? In Norway, for example, electric cars outsell fuel-driven cars, and Norway expects to end fuel car sales in 2025. Norway also has the most incentives. Norway charges a ‘pollution tax’ on fuel vehicles based on emissions and weight, and allows a discount on electrics, something our government tried to implement, but the New Zealand First party killed.

The reasons New Zealand has not embraced electric cars are complex, but price is a big factor. The most economical electric cars in New Zealand are the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ioniq. However, they are $60,000 and $66,000 respectively, to purchase new. Another problem, according to one dealer, is the danger to New Zealanders of cheap imported, one star safety-rated used electric vehicles, mainly from Japan. “They should be banned,” he told Ponsonby News. Batteries are still problematic too. They use scarce resources, and are expensive. They may have a ten year guarantee, but replacing part or all of a battery is expensive. But batteries, which weigh several hundred kilograms, sit in the floor of the car, giving cars a lower centre of gravity which adds stability when cornering or accelerating.

Seven Sharp presenter, Hillary Barry, General Manager of Jaguar Landrover Steve Kenchington, Richard Edwards of NZ Motoring Writer’s Guild and Seven Sharp presenter Jeremy Wells

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ELECTRIC CARS The exciting new Mercedes-Benz EQC is a pure electric luxury SUV that can achieve over 400km’s to a single charge, and provides a look into the future of New Zealand’s bestselling luxury vehicle brand

New Zealand could introduce a number of incentives to encourage use, including allowing electric cars to use bus lanes and toll roads, give them free urban street parking and free charging stations. We produce good cheap hydro-electricity. I talked to representatives of the two companies that sell the most price competitive cars, the Nissan Leaf, the Hyundai Ioniq, and the Kona. Ashtin Hunter at Giltrap Nissan, Great South Road, Greenlane, showed me the brand new Leaf. My first impression was that it looked much nicer than its predecessor. It retails at $60,000 and has a battery range of between 270 and 330 km on a fully charged battery. The Leaf battery has an eight year guarantee. It can be rapidly charged in one hour, or seven hours more slowly overnight. Hunter confirmed the Leaf is cheap to run, has excellent acceleration, and a five star safety rating. Hunter assured me it compared more than favourably with its nearest competitor, the Hyundai Ioniq.

Competing car dealer, Hyundai, also on Great South Road, features the Ioniq and the Kona. Hamish Anderson was very upbeat about their cars. Their battery is a Tesla model with a ten year warranty. It is built to last 25-30 years. Anderson surprised me by saying these electric cars are more economical around town than on the open road. It is to do with the re-generative braking which recharges batteries as you slow or go downhill. The Ioniq has a range of 311km, the Kona 480km. There is still what Hamish calls ‘range anxiety’ in New Zealand; quite unnecessary he says, because it’s just as easy to programme how far you will get on a full charge, as it is to prevent running out of petrol. The leading car brands representatives all see electrification as a significant part of the personal vehicle landscape. BMW’s commitment to electrification and sustainable practice is from factory to road, and in New Zealand this is most easily seen in their support of New Zealand’s ‘electric highway.’

Audi e-tron Queenstown

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“Over the last few years we have invested significantly, working with ChargeNow to expand the charging network throughout the country,” says Karol Abrasowicz-Madej, Managing Director of BMW. The current network has been a great start, and made a huge impact on the freedom of electric travel. “This will continue to improve as more people turn to electric vehicles,” AbrasowiczMadej told Ponsonby News. Ben Montgomery, Operations Manager of Jaguar and Landrover, is also upbeat about the convenience of electric vehicle charging. “In the North Island there are only one or two areas where the distance between charging stations is more than 75 km,” he told us. “When the range of most new EVs is well over 100km, and up to 400km, the charging network seems up to the task,” added Montgomery. “Currently if you leave home full of charge for a long haul trip in your EV you will easily be able to keep your vehicle going without fear of running out of battery.” Audi’s Managing Director, Dean Sheed, believes there are now enough public ‘fast chargers’ for a significantly sized electric fleet, but this is only part of the story. “These are more for out of city travel. Remember 80% of the charging is done at home in the garage - so the public ones are about out-of-city travel,” explained Sheed. New Zealand’s largest selling car brand, Toyota continues to release affordable hybrid models starting at $27,990 driveaway, that could provide many people with the best way to begin their eCar journey. Neeraj Lala, Toyota New Zealand CEO says, “Toyota globally has committed to having an electrified option across the range by 2025, and their strategy is to focus on all powertrain options including

hybrid-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, fuel cell electric and battery electric. Locally, we have seen a huge increase in the number of hybrids we are selling as consumers look to reduce their carbon footprint. We will continue to bring in more vehicles that help lower our CO2 emissions, as we work towards our COP21 requirements.” In New Zealand we must urge our government to introduce incentives for us to drive electric vehicles. They produce no exhaust, which is kinder on the environment; petrol and diesel transport produces 18% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas. 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated by rain, geothermal and wind. Every year we import several billion dollars worth of petrol and crude oil. Electric cars are certainly more expensive up front, but cost breakdowns show they are cheaper overall. Battery prices are high, but falling. We are already falling behind other countries who are addressing climate change more aggressively than us. All new cars sold are expected to be electric from 2025 in Norway, 2030 in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and India, 2032 in Scotland, and 2040 in France and Britain. I haven’t mentioned the Tesla - Elon Musk has become a household name, and there are two in my street, and one just around the corner. But these cars represent the affluence which has become so rampant in New Zealand, and the inequality which Labour has promised to diminish. But give us the incentives, Labour, so more New Zealanders can help mitigate against climate change, by driving economical electric vehicles. New Zealand better get its skates on or we will be left behind. (JOHN ELLIOTT)  PN

2020 Toyota Yaris ZR Hybrid

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Ryan Wilkinson makes over Grey Lynn panel shop Any prospective client looking over the Mackelvie Street panelbeaters, Professional Panel and Paint, can not help but be impressed with the neat, clean and tidy workshop. Ryan Wilkinson, young energetic and highly qualified, took over the workshop in April 2019. Wilkinson is a born and bred Aucklander, growing up in Greenlane, and going to Auckland Grammar School. He had 13 years experience behind him, training at Boss, Onehunga. He gutted the old workshop, filling a large bin, repainted walls and floor, and his landlord put a new roof on the building. New signage, and new equipment, including an inventer spot welder, were added to the business.

When I asked about his experience and qualifications, Ryan quite reluctantly admitted he was, in 2009, the New Zealand Painting Apprentice of the year - the winner of the Golden Gun Award.

Ryan has a passion for his work, and has an old Escort at the back of the workshop which he is restoring - his own pride and joy. Business has been tough this year, especially of course because of Covid-19, but is picking up.

There is a happy/sad dimension to this young businessman’s story. His business’s official name is Wilkinson Bros Ltd, a tribute to his brother lost several years ago at just 35 years of age. Part of the finance that allowed Ryan to buy Panel and Paint came from a small legacy from his late brother, so he named the business accordingly - a lovely touch to his four years older brother.

Wilkinson is pleased to be in such a central position, with lots of homes and apartments in the vicinity. Local clients don’t have far to go for his services, while so much industry has tended to move away from residential areas.

Ryan Wilkinson is a personable and articulate young man, keen and enthusiastic for his business, who in our opinion at Ponsonby News, deserves to succeed. Ryan has two fulltime staff, who feature in the accompanying photo.

Professional Panel and Paint seeks to be unashamedly local and parochial, echoing the Ponsonby News mantra - ‘stay local, shop local, support your local businesses.’ He urges locals to “just drop your vehicle off to us and we’ll fix it.”

Small businesses are never easy to run, especially in times of global pandemics, but Wilkinson has made a good start. We urge locals who have suffered a dinged vehicle to check him out. He’ll sort you out with skill and the latest techniques.  PN

PROFESSIONAL PANEL AND PAINT, 34 Mackelvie Street, T: 09 376 1069, www.professionalpanelpaint.com


PROFESSIONAL PANEL & PAINT 34 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn PHONE: 09 376 1069 info@professionalpanel.co.nz www.professionalpanelpaint.com PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



The Beautiful Little Garden Eat and dine where you couldn’t get any more local. It’s an indication of the loyalty of the close knit community of patrons of Little Garden that when covid lockdown happened they were more concerned about the well-being of its owner Chris, and manager Leyla, than about the lack of their regular morning coffee. Now as we wallow in our post-covid economy, the cafe is back refreshed, up and running, and enjoying its well-earned reputation as “the little cafe that could”. Set just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Ponsonby Road, the now licensed cafe at the top of Franklin Road, has morphed from Agnes Curran nearly 20 years ago, later to Fred's, and now to Little Garden. This name reflects the renaissance from a previously functional courtyard to one full of flowers, plants and embellishments matching the sunny and welcoming disposition of the cafe's Iranian manager, Leyla. Ownership of this intimate cafe has always attracted exotic personalities and its current management is no exception. Since taking over the business just “pre-covid”, the owner Chris, has madeover the interior, adding a fire and bringing back the large centre table supplementing the other smaller ones spread around the room where the effervescent Persian, Leyla, holds court.

Popular with the morning commuters who call in for their first coffee of the day, then followed by daytime punters sitting at the large picture window overlooking “the strip” through to the late afternoon locals who call in for a tipple in the garden courtyard or to chillax in front of the fire in the main room, this cafe has all of its bases ticked. Where Agnes Curran’s famous signature dish was lamingtons, amongst the highlight dishes of Little Garden, is the mountainous lemon meringue pie with its bright yellow tartness peeking out from a snowy mountain of white meringue, along with enormous fluffy cheese scones and oversized sausage rolls. Accompanying the ever popular and sultry Atlas coffee bean, there is plenty of choice from the select menu either to banish the coldest of winter blues or to accompany that PN relaxing glass of chardonnay before the walk back home.  LITTLE GARDEN, 179 Ponsonby Road, www.facebook.com/littlegardencn

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Our new friends at The Brewers Room will have you spoilt for choice with their carefully curated range of craft beers…24 on tap to be exact.


Something is brewing...

What’s on at

In the spirit of supporting local business, their beers largely originate in New Zealand from the tip of the north to the bottom of the south. When you come to Ponsonby Central, you come for the experience and nothing could be truer of The Brewers Room. They have the perfect food to compliment your tipple of choice with a range of house-smoked meats and seafood a-plenty; including the signature newsprint wrapped fish and chips.

Ponsonby Central Car Park She’s almost ready! The highly anticipated underground car park for Ponsonby Central will be ready for unveiling in September. The lid is on and we are bounding towards the finish line.

Light Up Ponsonby 5 – 9 Aug We are a proud supporter of Light Up Ponsonby in August. Visit us to see our lighting display as well as activations and lots of food specials for the market day on August the 8th.

Vintage Fashion Market – 30th Aug This year we are standing behind sustainable fashion choices with our August market. From the creators of Junk & Disorderly, their vintage fashion market will be held in the Sapphire Room on Sunday 30th August. If you’re a vintage clothing lover, this is a day not to be missed.




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So Much to Enjoy There’s a lot to enjoy at The Hunting Lodge. This contemporary winery stretches across a beautiful 80-acre property just a 35 minute drive down SH16 from Auckland City. Their family (and dog) friendly Lawn Bar is an idyllic spot to kick your feet up and sample through The Hunting Lodge’s award-winning wine, or Liberty Brewing beer. Here, you will find sharing style platters, woodfired pizzas and more delightful casual dining options. If you’re looking for something a little more, head across the lawn to the restaurant. Des Harris and his team will have you feeling at home in no

time in this cosy refurbished 19th century villa. With a range of different carefully curated set menu options at an affordable price, you’ll find yourself booking your next visit soon after leaving. It’s worth casting your eyes over ‘The Barn’ before your departure – a rustic blank canvas space for the perfect function or wedding. The comfortable yet chic barn can also be requested by larger dining groups looking for a private space for those undisturbed over-due catch ups. Back your backyard and plan your trip to The Hunting Lodge today. It’s the perfect destination to escape the city. P.S. Keep an eye out for their glamping tent packages to come. What’s On? Reds & Roast Lunch – A celebration of The Hunting Lodge’s largest ever range of red wines (The Barn). Bus available to and from Auckland CBD before and after event. $40 Three Course Set Menu (The Restaurant) Fathers Day around the Firepit (The Barn). Tickets go on sale 10 August. THE HUNTING LODGE, 05/307 Waikoukou Valley Road, Waimauku, Auckland T: 09 964 0565, www.thehuntinglodge.com

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The short history of craft beer Legend has it that IPA was the answer to the problem of providing beer for the British Troops in the East. The voyage to India could be tough on perishable beers. In the 1780’s a London brewer sent a heavily hopped beer called October Ale to India. The long journey transformed the beer into a wonderful drink and gained the name Indian Pale Ale (IPA). Craft beers second biggest growth period was during the 2000’s with IPA’s as the most popular craft beer style in 2011: the beer that was invented in Britain for the Indian market, revived by Americans, and by brewers worldwide, including brewers here in New Zealand. India Pale Ale (IPA)- Modern IPAs have a strong, hoppy and bitter taste and contain higher levels of hops, which give this style of beer more of a citrus and floral flavour profile. These characteristics make IPAs incredibly refreshing. Ales - A pint of ale has been around since medieval times and is regarded as a major source of nutrition and hydration. Ales are brewed by fermentation for shorter periods of time and produce a fruity flavour and scent profile. Hazy Beer - This ale is hazy because it is not filtered like other beers and is infused with twice the hops later in the brewing process, which

adds to the haze and fruity aroma. Amber Ale - Amber ales is a label describing most beers that were neither pale ales or dark beers. Amber ale adapted into a unique style of its own with a pronounced caramel toffee flavour caused by adding additional malts to the mix. Brown Ales - Modern day brown ales are all about the rich, nutty, caramel flavours created by adding a variety of darker specialty malts. Porters & Stouts - Porters and stouts have been a proud British beer staple dating back as far as 1677. Favoured for its seductively creamy head, they carry the perfect balance between bitterness and sweet hints of coffee on the nose and palate. Wheat Ales - Beer can also be brewed by substituting barley with wheat, which was a common brewing technique dating as far back as the origins of beer itself. The higher protein content of wheat beer gives this ale style a light and cloudy appearance.

Sour Beer - Sour beers are brewed to hold a tart, sour or mildly acidic taste. This sour characteristic comes from wild yeasts and bacteria during barrel storage. Fruit is added during the aging process to create distinct flavour tones. Lagers - This style of beer is brewed using a similar process as with ale but using a chilled temperature tank for longer periods of time with a specialty lager yeast, believed to have originated around the 15th century. Our selection of 24 craft beers are waiting for you at The Brewers Room in Ponsonby Central. To welcome you on this journey of discovery, we have a 25% discount voucher on a Brewers Room Tasting Box with 8 tasting glasses of craft beer. Our brew crew will guide you through this tasting experience. Like and follow us on our Instagram and Facebook for latest updates and events and for our upcoming Quiz Nights.  PN

THE BREWERS ROOM, Ponsonby Central, T: 09 302 0937, www.thebrewersroom.co.nz

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Phil Parker - Spring is in the air As I write, our white magnolia tree is in full hearty bloom and my wife has a bunch of miniature daffodils sitting on the coffee table – wafting sweet fragrant promises of longer days and warmer temperatures. Disclaimer: I was an August baby. A tail-end boomer hatched in 1956 in the heart of the Manawatu in Palmerston North. Don’t judge me. But I do admit that John Cleese once described good ol’ Palmy as a Twin City with Chernobyl. So, anyway spring has always been a significant time of year for me, particularly the month of August, where coincidentally I share the birthday month with my dog, my wife, my step-daughter, and my late mother. Anyway, here are some great wines for imbibing as the days lengthen and mornings become more bearable. Chateau Marsyas Blanc (Chardonnay/Sauvignon) Bekaa Valley Lebanon 2013 - $44 An intriguing wine from a very ancient wine-producing region. TBH it’s a bit of a chameleon. Aromas of wine gums, with a tad of Turkish delight and passionfruit. In the mouth, assertive resin-like tannins kick in straight away but then fade to open up with canned peach, clover honey and a hint of vanilla, then go back to the start with an astringent, dry finish. What a journey. Great with raw oysters, or Hapuka. Available: Dhall & Nash Wines. Invivo X SJP Sud de France Rosé - $20 Sourced from a family estate winery in Provence, France, this is another of Invivo’s ‘celeb’ labels; the first being the GN – Graham Norton sauv blanc. This time, the wine is endorsed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Not Sav And The City – but this time a rosé. To be honest, I was a tad cynical about the branding, but this is truly a fabulous rosé style. It’s fragrant and fruit-led with strawberry, raspberry and cranberry flavours. a hint of toffee apple and just a nudge of

sweetness. Lovely match for lightly spicy Asian foods. Available: Invivo wines Fox Le Petit Chardonnay - $27.99 A light and elegant chardonnay that reminds me of summer with aromas of toasty oak and citrus. Easy drinking aperitif style. Palate of rock melon, grapefruit and butterscotch, with a lovely toasty yeasty long finish - fabbo as an aperitif white wine or with seafood. Available Foxes Island Wines, Williamson Avenue., Farro, and Herne Bay Cellars. Pegasus Bay Prima Donna Waipara Valley Pinot Noir 2016 - $100 An Epic North Canterbury pinot noir. Pegasus Bay nails it again with this superb wine. Smells like spice drawer, poached plum and vanilla with a tad of pot pourri. Silky and generous with flavours of dark chocolate, cherry, poached plums and a hint of Glühwein. Great with duck, mushroom dishes and Beef Wellington. Available: Vino Fino, Fine Wine Delivery Co., Caros, Pegasus Bay wines. Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley ‘Maestro’ Merlot/Cab/Malbec 2016 - $52 And another stunner from Pegasus Bay. A blend of 60% merlot, 30% cabernet sauvignon and 10% malbec - from vines that are over 30 years old. Aromas of fruit cake, black berry fruits and spice. On the palate – mocha, toasty vanilla with black currant and plum pudding. Medium tannins with a lengthy finish. Definitely a keeper that will reward cellaring for another 5 years at least. Food match – hearty beef or tomato based dishes with lots of garlic and spice. Available: Vino Fino, Pegasus Bay wines. (PHIL PARKER)  PN www.finewinetours.co.nz

FINE WINE & FOOD TOURS “No. 2 Auckland Wine Tour” – TripAdvisor Your host, Phil Parker wine writer. Affordable tours for small and large groups.

E: phil.parker@xtra.co.nz

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210 SYMONDS STREET T: 09 377 1911 www.sidatthefrenchcafe.co.nz sidatthefrenchcafe

PROGRESSIVE INDIAN DINING SIDART, Level 1, Three Lamps Plaza, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 360 2122 www.sidart.co.nz


When you dine with us, the focus is on freshly prepared classic dishes, featuring an excellent range of pasta, seafood, meats and our pizza classics.

CONTEMPORARY INDIAN DINING 5 Fort Lane, CBD T: 09 379 9702 cassiarestaurant.co.nz

We also offer our pasta dishes to takeaway, phone for details or check our website for the menu. 263 PONSONBY RD, THREE LAMPS, 09 361 1556 www.gustoitaliano.co.nz

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Gary Steel: No one is perfect Lately it’s become fashionable to tear down statues of colonial-era oppressors who, just a few years back, were still celebrated as heroes. It’s interesting how current perspectives always reshape history, and how it seems to be an affliction of the present era that we find it necessary to paint historical figures as either villains or heroes, with no middle ground and no real thought about the times they lived in, and how the cultural mores of the time might have dictated their views of the world. In reality, human beings are all flawed, and most of us are rather too influenced by each other and the zeitgeist of the era in which we live. It’s only natural. It’s only really since the advent of the internet and social media that the general public has been able to readily access the detailed scholarly research that has revealed the flaws in just about every previously untouchable major figure from the past. Look at the way the saintly Mother Theresa has been demonized, and the long list of important religious figures and gurus that have been exposed as frauds or predators. For many years Gandhi was a personal hero, both for his extraordinary peaceful activism and his advocacy of vegetarianism. But a closer inspection reveals a man whose beliefs and actions – by 21st century standards – would be considered sexist if not outright misogynist. But then, despite his courageous actions, he still existed within a belief system that placed men above women. And while he fought for the rights of those on the margins, he also believed that this biological existence was simply a penance to be paid in preparation

for what came after. Like so many religious believers, his ideas were anti-nature. He was a man of his time, but also, a man out of time. If we were able to travel back in time, 100 or 200 years, we’d see just how out of step and freakishly marginal vegetarians were. In most societies, equal rights for women and non-discrimination on account of sexual orientation, were ideas whose time had not yet infused through society. The same would have been true of racism. Through the history of humankind, discrimination - whether against the tribe across the river, or those people with different coloured skin - has been a handy excuse for exploitation and power plays. In fact, we can effectively travel back in time today by looking at fundamentalist societies where women are still stoned to death, or even more sophisticated societies with governments that limit the information available to their people, thereby keeping them ignorant and fuelling them with the idea that they are the chosen ones. In 2020, it feels like there’s a kind of revolution in the air. It’s a “woke” revolution, with a new generation determined to make a better world. As an “okay boomer” (ha) I love that there’s an idealism that hasn’t been as widespread since the campus activism of the early 1970s. It feels like a real movement and compassion for animals and care for the environment are all part of that big picture. It’s important to remember, however, that no one now, or in the future, will be perfect; that heroes will almost always let you down if you stoop to pick through their dirty linen. People are seldom all good or all bad. It’s time to focus on the issues, not the individuals. (GARY STEEL)  PN

Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs entertainment site for grownups, www.witchdoctor.co.nz. He can be contacted via beautmusic@gmail.com

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Faces at Grey Lynn Farmers Market Varsha Belwalkar can be found at the market selling delicious Indian food. Where did you grow up? My parents are highly educated and started their own school in our village - both were college principals. My father won the highest national award in teaching. What did you study? A range of things – I have a Bachelors degree in Education, a Masters degree in Botany and Horticulture, a degree in Environmental Management and a Diploma in HR. Wow, that is a lot of degrees! Did you work in that area? Yes – I worked as a horticulturist for a luxury hotel with extensive gardens. It was very satisfying work, but it was very busy. When I married, my husband was also working long hours and travelling a lot. Sometimes we would only see each other for a few hours at an airport. What brought you to New Zealand? We needed time to build our relationship and our family. We came to New Zealand in 1999 with our young daughter for a healthier lifestyle and in 2001 our son was born here. Now we have New Zealand citizenship – we are Kiwis. Did you work when you first arrived? I worked for 13 years in the parks and environmental services area of Auckland Council before deciding to try something new. I have always been a passionate home cook and we entertain a lot and it’s not unusual for me to cater for over a hundred people at home. My husband encouraged me to set up Saattveek restaurant in Sandringham. It was very popular, and I was always proud that visiting Indian diplomats were often hosted at our restaurant. What encouraged you to start selling your food at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market? The lease on the restaurant came to an end and I knew that our food was a good fit with Grey Lynn. In the early years of the market, I sometimes ran Indian cooking classes here. Many of our restaurant customers come from this area. My family has always been vegetarian and we serve a lot of vegan and gluten-free food. Tell me about your experience at the market. I love our regular customers giving me feedback on what they like. They appreciate the authenticity of our food, which I make just like I would in India. Our chai is always popular because I make it fresh; the traditional Indian way with lots of spices. I am always amused at the demand for our mango lassi because lassi is only drunk in summer in India. I believe it is healthier to eat seasonally to suit seasonal produce, but most people are used to being able to eat whatever they want all year round.

What do you do when you aren’t at the market? I cater food for large corporate events, especially around Diwali. I am a Justice of the Peace, and I have been on a community grants board for many years. We are both very involved in the local Indian community. We support new immigrants from India to settle into the local community and my husband ran the Indian radio station for a long time. And we regularly organise events to showcase classical Indian music, theatre, arts and literature. Do you ever get a chance for a rest and some spare time? My family are all big readers and we have a room dedicated to books. But lately I have been watching a lot of Netflix. Recently I’ve been hooked on Korean movies and have also watched a lot of Turkish, Danish and Israeli dramas.  PN www.glfm.co.nz

Sunday mornings at the Grey Lynn Community Centre 510 Richmond Road PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



MOMENTS TO MATAKANA There is more to wine tasting in the Matakana region than incredible award winning wines. The combination of art, food and family is a consistent theme and offers many reasons to visit this bustling community not far from Ponsonby. Some of the fine wines and award winning craft beers already have a place on local Ponsonby wine lists or upon the shelves of iconic wine and beer merchants like Glengarry. So if you prefer to stay close to home you can still enjoy the flavours and spirit of Matakana without going far. Of course almost all the vineyards and galleries offer online sales direct to the public so it is easy to bring a little of Matakana right to your doorstep. We talked to a few people from businesses in the area to find out what makes this destination a wonderful local getaway for our readers.

Heron’s Flight www.heronsflight.co.nz Less than an hour from Ponsonby is Heron’s Flight Vineyard, the only vineyard growing solely Italian grapes and producing authentic Italian style wines in the country. Former long-time Herne Bay locals (since 1969) Anne and Dave Hoskins bought north facing land in Matakana in the 80s, inspired by the vineyard endeavours of their neighbours who started Goldwater Estate wines on Waiheke.

Heron’s Flight Vineyard

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LOCAL GETAWAYS: MATAKANA Heron’s Flight Vineyard, Volare 2018 Vintage

For years they nurtured and developed their vineyard business commuting backwards and forwards from their Herne bay home. In 1992 they moved permanently up to Matakana to focus on producing consistently award winning wines. By 1997 they made the bold move to replace all of their vines with sangiovese and dolcetto, cloned from old Italian sangiovese vines from Bologna and dolcetto vines that dated back to the 1800s. “The Italian winemaking tradition and philosophy deeply aligns with our approach to food, wine growing, and life,” explains Mary. The vineyard operates with organic growing methods and uses locally sourced, sustainable food following slow-food principals. “Our long table lunches and dinners are always sell-out events and are a collaboration with local growers and chefs,” says Mary. This year Heron’s Flight are celebrating their 30th vintage, a milestone made even more special because it is shared with their children and grandchildren. Since the rise of Covid-19, Mary and David’s son, grandson, and daughter-in-law have returned from San Francisco and with their older son also living on the property it is truly a multigenerational family enterprise. “This is the first vintage with three generations of Hoskins participating in harvest. Although the youngest, my 2 year old grandson, may have eaten more than he picked,” laughs Mary.

October 30 Vineyard

To know how truly wonderful their wines are and without leaving Ponsonby, you can dine at Gusto Italiano, where Armando is running a Wine of the Month blackboard special with the Heron’s Flight 2018 Volare throughout August. “The 2018 Volare Sangiovese is the perfect match to authentic Italian pizza and pasta,” says Armando Goci. He suggests trying this impressive Italian style wine with the Pappardelle al ragu meat lover pizza. Other restaurants in the area with Heron’s Flight on their wine list include Sidart and Sid at the French Cafe.

October 30 While a very new label, October 30 has already won a number of awards and stars for its organic Methode Traditionelle and chardonnay wines. “We’re one to watch,” says wine maker Alistair Noakes, who describes October 30 as winemaking inspired by the passionate, mystical sun sign, Scorpio. Alistair and wife Karen started planting chardonnay, syrah and grüner veltliner vines in 2013 on the 42 hectare BioGro certified organic property. “Grüner veltliner is an Austrian aromatic variety similar to riesling that we planted for something different,” explains Alistair. “We chose these grapes for their compatibility with our climate, soils and environment.

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Our aim with the vineyard is to produce wines that are inspired by the influences and flavours of our site while keeping our footprint to a minimum. Everything is grown on this site and all care and attention to the vines is done by us, making this vineyard very boutique”. All of the October 30 wines are available for tasting at the Vintry, the ultimate spot for tasting just about every wine from the Matakana region. A range of local restaurants also have the wines on their lists and Alistair hopes to have October 30 on wine lists around Ponsonby in the coming months.

“Currently we are in the process of obtaining an off-license so we can get our tasting room operational and start selling wine online.” October 30 wines like many in the region receive consistently good reviews from the experts. Sam Kim, reviewer for Wine Orbit describes the October 30 Methode Traditionelle as ‘fruit forward and gently fragrant,’ and gives the bubbly a solid 4 stars and a score of 86 out of 100. The Grüner Veltliner 2018 and their 2016 Chardonnay, are also receiving glowing reviews.

The Sculptureum Experience houses a grand, glass chandelier by the famous American artist Dale Chihuly.

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LOCAL GETAWAYS: MATAKANA The Sculptureum Experience, Gardens and Galleries

From traditional Italian wines to Spanish, French and Austrian varieties Matakana consistently produces excellent wines, according to the President of Matakana Wine Growers Association, Hegman Foster. “The Matakana climate is warm enough to ripen a wide range of red wine varieties, from French classics, merlot, syrah and cabernet sauvignon to silky Italian varieties, such as sangiovese, dolcetto, nebbiolo, barbera and montepulciano.” There are around 30 vineyards in the region and many can be visited on the Matakana Wine trail. These include Ascension Wine Estate, Brick Bay Wines, Heron’s Flight, Hyperion Wines, Matavino Wines, Omaha Bay Vineyard, and Runner Duck Estate. Part of what makes this Matakana collective so special is that they are all family owned so when you visit their cellar doors you are most likely to be meeting with the wine makers themselves when you taste and buy their wines.

Sculptureum www.sculptureum.nz Sculptureum is more than just an award winning vineyard, it is a sensory experience almost like no other in Australasia. Designed from the outset to inspire a diverse audience with art not typically found in mainstream galleries, its main purpose is to inspire. If art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life (Pablo Picasso) then Sculptureum aims to do that and so much more. With hundreds of works on display in galleries, sculpture gardens and in the Rothko restaurant, it’s an experience designed to ‘unlock the imagination, fuel creativity and ignite the mind’ according to its founder. Anthony Grant, of Sculptureum explains, “It’s designed to amaze people and make them smile, there is nothing greater than seeing someone have a real interaction with a work and seeing them truly smile.” We asked Anthony if there was a particular piece he thought inspired hope

Sculptureum Vineyard

for the future, a question that really got him thinking which is not surprising when there are over 400 works to choose from. There are lithographs by Picasso and Chagall, a rare etching by Cezanne, and an impressive chandelier by the world’s foremost glass artist, Dale Chihurly. As he should, Anthony pondered the question over a glass of Syrah 2015 from the Sculptureum vineyard (a favourite with dinner). “I wandered into the gallery to reconsider one of my all-time favourite pieces - Hurricane Fly Boy. This piece really elicits a feeling of youthful hope. Racing through the hurricane that has been 2020, this work resonates the difficulties of the recent past and the struggling now, but with vibrant colour and a nuance of expectant future joy still playing in his face.” A moment in Matakana could easily become several hours at Sculptureum and that doesn’t even include any time at the cellar door. Rothko restaurant was voted in Metro’s top 50 and serves lunch Thursday to Sunday, or if you are making a weekend trip away to Matakana you could enjoy fireside drinks on a Friday night, and in the weekend be lucky enough to enjoy a personal tour of the gardens and gallery with Anthony Grant himself.

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“I love Matakana. It’s got the same strong community vibrancy of Ponsonby with great art, cafes and boutique shops plus it’s got some incredible vineyards and delicious local wines” Brick Bay www.brickbay.co.nz Art, wine and food, and genuine passion for hospitality are consistent themes in Matakana, and Brick Bay Vineyard has a pedigree in all. Not only do they produce sustainable and award winning wines but they are also home to one of the country’s most impressive sculpture trails. It is an absolute delight to combine a tasting with a gentle walk along native bush trails filled with the works of some of New Zealand’s most innovative artists. Of course an appetite can easily be worked up so dining at the Glasshouse is the perfect way to refuel and reflect on the works and of course enjoy the wine. Cam, Brick Bay’s Head Chef suggests visitors try the signature Brick Bay lamb dish as it’s farm-reared onsite and a great example of Brick Bay’s farm to table ethos.

Brick Bay - Ray Haydon

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LOCAL GETAWAYS: MATAKANA Brick Bay - Filipe Tohi, The White Cloud

Artform www.artformgallery.co.nz Former gallery owner and Ponsonby local, Clare Mora, has relocated to Matakana, connecting the works of local artists with the homes of many. “We connect objects, sculpture & pieces to your memories of a place & time,” explains Clare, whose long passion for design and art has taken her all over the world. From her gallery in the hub of Matakana Village, Clare is within easy reach of all the wonderful vineyards, bars and eateries. Her favourite vineyard at the moment is Brick Bay. “Wine & sculptures, how could you go wrong?” says Clare. But I also love Leigh Sawmill, where you can eat and experience great music. Their ‘open mic night’ is huge with local talent.” When it comes to a Ponsonby favourite Clare always tries to go to Ponsonby Central when she is in town. “I love the variety; it always has exactly what I feel like.”


If you’re visiting Matakana, Clare’s gallery is on Matakana Valley Road in the heart of the village offering some incredible works from a range of talented artists. But if you need to feed more than your soul and palate, there are some wonderful local therapists and treatments for you to nurture and indulge your body. Vanessa King has recently opened a Matakana branch of her popular Body by Design clinic. “I love Matakana. It’s got the same strong community vibrancy of Ponsonby with great art, cafes and boutique shops plus it’s got some incredible vineyards and delicious local wines,” says Vanessa. We asked her to choose her current favourite. “It’s so hard to choose! I try to walk everywhere so I like the places close to me. I love Matakana Market Kitchen, or sitting by the fire at the Vintry Wine Bar. Brick Bay is also lovely, but my next place to try is Rothko at Sculptureum, I hear fantastic things!”

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LOCAL GETAWAYS: MATAKANA Plume 3 Bedroom Apartment

Plume www.plumerestaurant.co.nz When it comes to favourites, Plume has long been one of Ponsonby News editor Martin Leach’s top picks and it’s no wonder when the vineyard, the cafe, the restaurant and the accommodation offer an all year round luxury experience. The Runner Duck Estate vineyard, like many in the area is founded on the principles of following true passions – family, lifestyle and premium wines. A tasting at the cellar door of Runner Duck at Plume Restaurant is called a flight, and after completing it you can easily soar into the restaurant and continue to enjoy great food with superb wines! Farida of Plume recommends the Black Velvet 2013 (Blend) paired with the lamb main and the Albarino 2018 with the fish of the day! The business people and community of Matakana have a true passion for what they do. When you ask them about their wines, art or food, their enthusiasm, sense of hospitality and desire to share it with people is enormous. Whether it is in the innovative ways they make the cellar door experience memorable or their commitment to bringing wonder and beauty to their guests, Matakana is a great destination for readers to explore and enjoy.  PN

Experience the magic of Matakana, base yourself at one of our luxurious new Plume Villas and enjoy the superb food and wine at Plume Restaurant. Country life starts here. Plume Restaurant is an oasis for gourmet travellers, recognised for superb cuisine and as the cellar door for Runner Duck Estate Vineyard’s fine wines. Plume Restaurant is now complemented by Plume Villas, an enclave of 12 new luxury 1-3 bedroom villas, set within landscaped grounds. These villas share a swimming pool and are a relaxed stroll from the restaurant. Perfect for a weekend getaway for two, as well as a wonderful venue for weddings, conferences, meetings and private events. For all enquiries telephone 09 422 7915



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Village Picnic - carefully curated gift and picnic hampers for all occasions After gaining a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, Philippa Potaka spent 20 years overseas working in five star hotels and high-end restaurants. Latterly, she helped set up The Bach Eatery – an award winning Kiwiinspired restaurant in Sydney. Despite success in Australia, she yearned to come home to be closer to family and began dreaming up a home based business in Matakana. Philippa came up with Village Picnic, which supplies carefully-curated gift and picnic hampers for all occasions – whether it be for a mystery date, a corporate function or Friday night nibbles after work – with the emphasis on locally sourced contents. “I’ve always been a big supporter of this region and the products that come out of it. Some of them we used with great success at our restaurant in Australia,” she says. Order a Village Picnic hamper and your choices to fill it include Matakana smoked salmon, Puhoi cheese, Foundry Bean to Bar Chocolate, and Daily Organic Kombucha from Omaha. To complement the local selections, Philippa has scoured the country for artisan producers of the best charcuterie; pate, seeded crackers, spicy mixed nuts and smoked snapper, to name a few.

“I have an eye for detail with my hospitality experience, and I do like quality over quantity,” she says. Gift selections can include but not limited to - beautifully crafted Matakana Sawmill chopping boards, soy scented candles from Earth Candles, natural soap using Sawmill Craft Beer, Matakana, The Village Table Cookbook, and even a large platter in the form of a mini picnic table with fold up legs. Meanwhile, picnic baskets come with an eco-friendly compostable, insulated pouch to keep chilled items suitably cool. In addition to having the right items, Philippa says presentation is a key part of the Village Picnic approach. She uses traditional Maori woven flax baskets or wooden crates with woven jute ribbon, depending on the recipient’s style and taste. I like to get to know them a little so the gift can be tailored around them. “I love to see people enjoying good quality food and products around the people they love,” she says.

VILLAGE PICNIC, T: 027 912 0710, E: philippa@villagepicnic.co.nz www.villagepicnic.co.nz www.facebook.com/villagepicnicnz www.instagram.com/villagepicnicnz

PROVINCIAL PICNICS & HAND PICKED HAMPERS Carefully Curated  Locally Sourced  Eco-Friendly

villagepicnic.co.nz PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020



Ross Thorby: This wasn’t a tour for the faint of heart... This morning we anchored in front of Panama City. For the day, our ship would be resting in the shadow of the world’s newest metropolis, with a mass of beautifully designed concrete and steel skyscraper monoliths reaching all the way down the coast into the hazy distance. This is Dubai on steroids. The last time I transited the canal, we had ex-president General Noriega’s prison pointed out to us; set in amongst the sweaty mosquito ridden jungle, and even though he died only a few months later, his legacy still lingers today as Panama struggles with its past. The old city of Panama has been rebuilt three times. The Spanish devastated the city in 1549 to steal its gold, the Americans bombed it in 1982 in an attempt to kill Noriega, and now the money that the canal provides means that the new city is now the powerhouse financing the old city’s regeneration. Once a haven of crime and danger it has now been transformed by a government determined to reclaim it from the gangs, and with the creation of a community police force the criminals have now left for ‘new’ Panama, and the revitalisation of the ‘old city’ has begun in earnest.The beautiful old Spanish and French architecture is being restored, cafes and restaurants have popped up along the cobbled lanes and churches, statues and monuments are being re-polished, repaired and restored. Our guide for the day was Victor, who was born and raised here. Victor concentrates his tours on the raw side of Panama; the areas where he hung out as a kid, skirting around the edges of the gang culture. This wasn’t a tour for the faint of heart. This was both raw and shocking as well as colourful and invigorating. It may still be the poor part of town, but street art abounds on every corner, and colour and vibrancy fill the streets. Victor often stopped vendors and street sellers so that we could try the various donuts and frozen tamarind ices that they were hawking. Old ladies waved dolefully from behind caged doorways and young ladies on street corners blew us kisses from afar. Escaping the heat into a saloon, we were introduced to the local beer and also a chance to try the local firewater, Panama rum. My eyes were burning with the fumes from close proximity to the glass, but hey when in Rome.

72 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

Stepping back into the light from the cool, shady darkness of the bar, we found ourselves in the middle of the “Old Quarter”. Sitting under a shaded iron roof was a group of old gentlemen passing the time of day playing dominoes. Beckoning us over they insisted that we sit and play. Tentatively at first but encouraged by Victor, we sat at a table as one of his old friends planted himself in an empty chair and demanded a game. Apparently...”he who loses buys the beer”. Two games later and we, the gringos, were winning. Our new found friends’ smiles began to droop and there was not quite so much laughing in the air. While conscious of the growing tension, curiosity got the better of me and when I asked Victor why they kept calling him Noriega he explained that our opponent had in fact been General Noriega’s personal chef. Fearing retaliation, or that he might still retain credentials matching that of his ex and now late boss, we all began to delicately extricate ourselves, backing out of the shade and towards the safety of the street. But then I realised I had an opportunity too good to pass up. Regular Ponsonby News readers know that it has a page devoted to travelling readers having their picture taken in exotic settings, holding the magazine. There have been some spectacular images - such as photos taken from Everest Base Camp among others. Some have even been photographed while traversing the Sahara on camels. But surely fate delivering the connection to one of the 20th Century’s most brutal dictators, was too good an opportunity to miss. Without a hard copy of the magazine at hand (note to self, ALWAYS travel with a copy of the Ponsonby News) we discovered that despite being in the backwaters of Panama, we could enjoy an extremely modern version of the internet - also on steroids. With a copy of the front page downloaded onto my trusty iPhone and within seconds fame and renown were just a deadline away. So a challenge has been laid down. We may still be fighting Covid-19, but do your best dear travelling reader and top that. PN (ROSS THORBY) 


We are so lucky to have the freedom to travel all over the country. From our ski fields and vineyards to our beautiful towns full of art, boutique shopping, culture and community there is so much to choose from. Of course, being one of the most covid-safe countries in the world, we are also well positioned to take advantage of international travel deals when they come online. They say planning is half the fun, so start researching your next adventure.



HELLOWORLD TRAVEL PONSONBY, 221 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby T: 09 360 0443, ponsonby@helloworld.co.nz, www.helloworld.co.nz/ponsonby

VISIT RUAPEHU, 54 Clyde Street, Ohakune E: info@visitruapehu.com, www.visitruapehu.com

Enjoy one of the world’s great train journeys through Australia on The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin and back. For 90 years The Ghan has provided sumptuous dining and travel in elegant private cabins with attentive service and the camaraderie of your fellow travellers.



World renowned Tongariro National Park and Whanganui National Park set the backdrop for a truly unique New Zealand experience. Whether it’s adrenaline you’re after or to relax with a good coffee while enjoying the stunning scenery, there are plenty of things to do in Ruapehu that are easily accessible, action filled, or family friendly.





ARTFORM, 6/2 Matakana Valley Road, T: 09 422 9125, www.artformgallery.co.nz

WORLD JOURNEYS, Level 1, 10 Federal Street, Auckland T: 09 360 7311, www.worldjourneys.co.nz

Former gallery owner and Ponsonby local Clare Mora is connecting the works of local artists with the homes of many. The gallery connects objects, sculpture and pieces to your memories of a place and time. From the gallery in the hub of Matakana Village you are within easy reach of all the wonderful vineyards, bars and eateries nearby.



Boutique travel company World Journeys was founded in Ponsonby in 2007, offering tailor-made travel to some of the world’s most exciting places. While the world isn’t open right now, we invite you to start planning your next travel experience for when the time is right. Let’s chat about ‘where’, and we’ll deal with the ‘when’ later!




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Plan your next adventure


John Appleton: Covid-19 American Doctors are saving lives With all the fear and loss of life associated with Covid-19 there is a glimmer of hope coming out of the U.S. A group of critical care specialists, including Dr Paul Marik Head of Pulmonary and Critical Care at Sentara General Hospital Norfolk Virginia, have been successfully treating very ill patients with a protocol they have collectively developed. The group of doctors are from several hospitals and they have published their MATH+ protocol on a website for the benefit of other specialists around the world. https://covid19criticalcare.com/ Their MATH+ treatment is specifically designed to help hospital doctors to counter the body’s overwhelming inflammatory response to Covid-19. The protocol is based on numerous medical journal publications over decades. Dr Marik and his colleagues state that “it’s the hyper-inflammation, not the virus itself that damages the lungs and other organs and ultimately causes death.” They say that their focus is to address two medical emergencies associated with Covid-19: • The overwhelming and damaging inflammatory response. • The systemic and severe hyper-coagulable state causing organ damage. Their MATH+ protocol is based on the use of methylyprednisolone, a steroid drug combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which are both given intravenously to combat the inflammatory response. They say that the steroid drug becomes more potent when administered together with ascorbic acid and this combination has multiple synergistic physiologic effects. Thiamine (a B vitamin) is also given to optimize cellular oxygen utilisation. Heparin a blood thinning drug is administered to prevent and dissolve blood clots that appear in Covid-19 patients. The + part of the protocol involves supplementation with melatonin, zinc and vitamin D. Re the use of a steroid drug to control inflammation, it’s very interesting to note that recent British research which was reported worldwide as a major breakthrough, linked the use of the steroid drug, dexamethasone, to significantly reduced deaths in Covid-19 patients. Dr Marik and his colleagues acknowledge this research, but

they believe that methylprednisolone is more appropriate for use with Covid-19 patients. The critical care doctors have found that when patients who have low oxygen saturation when breathing are supported with a nasal cannula, using heated high flow oxygen and increasing the flow as needed can improve outcomes. Mechanical ventilation may ultimately be the only option for some patients, but Dr Marik says, they try to reduce the need for this intervention as much as possible. They are also ‘proning’ (face down) patients to help improve oxygen saturation. They say that in all Covid-19 hospitalised patients, the therapeutic focus must be placed on early intervention. Timing is a critical factor in the successful treatment of Covid-19 patients. Patients must go to hospital as soon as they experience difficulty breathing. MATH+ was developed from a protocol that Dr Marik pioneered at Sentara Hospital with sepsis patients (Sepsis kills more than 8 million people in hospitals around the world every year). Type ‘Chance discovery could save millions from Sepsis’ into google and watch a brief video filmed in Sentara Hospital. As to the efficacy of the MATH+ protocol, Dr Marik and Dr Varon report hospital mortality rates of just 6.6% and 3.3% in their hospitals. This is based on patient records of more than 100 cases. They and their colleagues are in the process of gathering patient data involving many more cases in order to scientifically prove the efficacy of their MATH+ protocol. An Italian study using this protocol, was submitted for publication and results could be disclosed soon. With the medical community aggressively conducting many research studies in an attempt to find treatments for hospital patients with Covid-19, the success that Dr Marik and his colleagues in several hospitals have achieved is indeed encouraging. A simple, totally safe and effective treatment readily using available drugs is already saving PN lives. (JOHN APPLETON)  www.johnappleton.co.nz

Love your legs Varicose vein sufferers have a local resource in Ponsonby, the Vein & Laser clinic. Vein & Laser was established on the North Shore in 2005 and also runs a satellite clinic at 80 Jervois Road every Wednesday.

health insurance companies cover varicose vein treatment but not cosmetic (thread vein) treatment.  PN

The medical professionals at the clinic have a passion for their chosen specialty – veins! The experienced team at Vein & Laser spend their days examining and treating their patients’ problematic veins, from tiny thread veins to large varicose veins. Every patient’s varicose vein pattern (map) is different, and a number of treatment options are available. We try to provide the most appropriate treatment for each client; it’s fascinating and rewarding work.

For assessment of your varicose vein and advice on vein care, vein treatment and treatment cost, call T: 09 410 0990, www.veinandlaser.co.nz

Dr Elisabeth De Felice and her team all share the philosophy that the service provided must be of the highest level without compromise and that people matter.

Are your varicose veins making you uncomfortable? Talk to us about treatment options

Approximately 35% of our population suffer with varicose veins. Varicose veins can lead to leg aching, tiredness, heaviness. Often the long-term problems of swelling, itchiness, leg cramps and ulcers are not recognised as being associated with veins. Modern-day treatment is usually non-surgical (injections or laser) and greatly improves a varicose vein sufferer’s quality of life. Most



0800 085 555


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How to lose weight through creating health Are you doing everything ‘right’ but not seeing the results you want? Many people, particularly women, come to the BePure Clinic because they want to lose weight.

people we spend time with, the exercise we do, and the way we speak to ourselves.

In the tunnel-vision pursuit of weight-loss, the part where we actually look after our body, often gets neglected. Caloric restriction, dieting and exercising to ‘burn calories’ are stressors to our precious bodies. When our body is in a state of stress or imbalance it holds on to fat to keep us alive. Anything from gut issues, excess exercise, busy lifestyles, sleep deprivation, too much caffeine, or a lack of wholesome food and nutrition are all perceived by our body as stress. At the BePure Clinic, we like to shift the focus from ‘losing weight to get healthy’ to ‘gaining health to lose weight’. We focus on establishing energy levels, mood stability, better digestion, deep sleep and general wellbeing for an easier life, just to name a few. The natural side effect of creating a healthier you, is a physical body that reflects how you feel inside.

2. Practical Acts of Self-Love Self-care is cultivated through many tiny actions in our day. Life is busy, and naturally we’re drawn to shortcuts. If you can, make and take the time to prepare a nourishing meal, ask for help when you need it and swap the HIIT workout for a walk or stretch if you’re tired. Most importantly, speak kindly to your body; it hears everything you say and think.

“Calories in vs calories out,” is a saying you will have heard before. Whilst calories matter, they’re not all that matter. Everyday common stressors are a large part of the weight loss equation, contributing to our body holding onto that extra cushioning.

Everything in the body is connected. Solely focusing on reducing calories and increasing exercise to try and force weight loss isn’t helpful to creating lasting change. Instead, we help our clients cultivate a mindset that supports nourishing the wellbeing of your whole being to enjoy a happier, healthier you; the weight part will take care of itself.

Tips for Creating a Healthier You: 1. Nourish Your Body We have so many opportunities to nourish our body and let it know it is safe. We like to encourage people to “practise picking nourishment over punishment” through the food we eat, the way we eat, the

3. Conscious Coffee Many people drink coffee in a rush as a quick energy boost. Instead of relying on caffeine, we recommend eating, sleeping and living in a nourishing way to support better energy levels overall. Coffee can then become a lovely treat and an opportunity to slow down and be present.

Stop by the BePure Clinic anytime for a chat or to try any of the BePure products. We’re located at 5 Crummer Road, Ponsonby, Monday - Friday from 9 until 4.30pm. BEPURE, T: 0800 52 54 52, clinic@bepure.co.nz, www.bepure.co.nz

Experts in gut and hormone health since 2005. Call 0800 52 54 52 ext. 1 to book your free 15-minute consultation.

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Bodybydesign Endermologie Ponsonby News asked Vanessa King, the founder of BodyByDesign, to tell us about her business. How did BodyByDesign evolve? I originally tried Endermologie in Los Angeles. I was completely blown away by how silky smooth my skin became, and how much lighter, slimmer, and firmer I felt after just one session. I had never heard of Endermologie so I did some research and discovered that while it is non-invasive, and feels lovely and relaxing, there were also a lot of scientific studies proving its effectiveness. It aligned perfectly with my beliefs of natural beauty and health from within, so when I got back to New Zealand, I opened BodyByDesign and we have now been operating for nearly 16 years.

Endermologie is also helpful for a wide range of treatments that are not just aesthetic. We provide pre- and post-surgical treatments that reduce pain, swelling and bruising, and help speed up recovery. We can help with soft tissue injuries and post workout recovery, as well as with tight shoulders and back pain. We also get wonderful results for clients with fluid retention problems or circulation issues, including Raynauds disease.

Tell us about the team. Stephanie and I have been working in Endermologie since 2004, and Letitia has been the head therapist in the city clinic for almost a year now. We all love having the treatments ourselves; we try to squeeze one in whenever we can. We adore our lovely clients and it is so satisfying to see how happy they are with their results. I recently moved up to beautiful Matakana and I am excited to be opening a clinic there. I still come down to the city at least twice a week and see clients – so I get the best of both worlds.

What results can clients expect? Our treatments are tailored to focus on the very specific goals of the clients, be it slimming, tightening, or smoothing, but no matter the program, we always get feedback about how relaxing the treatment is. Clients feel light and energised afterwards. Muscle tightness is released, sleep, circulation and digestion improve, tummies feel flatter, puffy knees and ankles slim down and the skin feels smooth and soft after each session.

What services are on offer? Most of our clients are usually interested in programs targeting stubborn diet and exercise resistant areas of fat, tightening, and toning up their tummies post baby, or smoothing out cellulite; as well as anti-aging Endermologie face treatments, to plump, lift, tighten and smooth the face, neck, hands and dĂŠcolletage.

How many treatments are needed? This is the question I hear most frequently from interested clients. Because everyone has different goals, genetics and lifestyles, we offer a free 30-minute consultation so that we can answer any questions, and give an indication of the amounts of sessions required and the type of results an individual can expect.

BODYBYDESIGN, 40 St Benedicts Street, Newton, M: 021 900 989, www.bodybydesign.co.nz

Target and release diet and exercise resistant fat. Smooth cellulite. Tighten, slim and firm the body and face. Non-invasive, personalised, scientifically proven results. Book your free 30 minute consultation. BODYBYDESIGN.CO.NZ 40 ST BENEDICTS STREET, NEWTON 1010 021 900 989

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Caring for your winter woollies Wearing winter woollies creates a cosy, ‘hygge’ feeling of comfort. Caring for them correctly will multiply this feeling by helping you get even more wear out of each piece. How to handwash knitwear The sink should have room to easily rinse or swirl garments. To conserve water, wash more than one piece at a time, from light to dark colours. 1. Use warm water and a little mild wool wash. Submerge the garment in the water and let it soak for about 5 minutes. 2. Gently squeeze to work the soapy water through the fibres, but don’t agitate. 3. When you’re done washing, replace soapy water with clean lukewarm water, and carefully rinse. 4. Remove from the rinse water and gently squeeze out the water. 5. Lay it flat on one end of a bath towel and roll it up inside the towel. Gently squeeze or wring the towel. 6. Unwrap and place flat on a dry towel or airing rack away from sunlight. Tip: The water temperature is right when you can’t feel it. Think of how you’d test a baby bottle.

What to look for in a wool wash A mild liquid detergent with a neutral pH will rinse away more easily in warm or cold water, without residue. It should also be formulated against AWTA approved Woolmark test methods. Naturally derived eucalyptus or lavender are excellent fragrance choices, and repel moths. Ecostore Eucalyptus Wool & Delicates is ideal for wool and cashmere, fabrics like lace and silk, black garments and baby clothes. It’s a good idea to only wash knitwear a couple of times a season. Between washes, give it a good airing and de-pilling, and check for food or other marks. Properly washed and folded, quality knitwear will last for years.

ECOSTORE, 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 360 8477, www.ecostore.co.nz

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Medical School says ‘Cancer can be controlled by Hemp/Cannabis’ It can also treat “heart disease, inflammation, pain, STDs, mental disorders, eating disorders, to name just a few,” according to the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Health Sciences, Columbia. (EJMO 2019;3(2):77-91) www.ejmo.org/10.14744/ejmo.2019.46574 These miracles are only possible because, ‘cannabis molecules’ regulate our organ and tissue systems. That’s why, as Professor Glass, Head of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Otago University says, “Our cannabinoid receptors are the target for 50% of all therapeutic drugs on the market.” ($890Bn+) Plant Cannabinoids are found throughout nature (pepper, echinacea and more), but most abundantly in hemp/cannabis. It’s a fact that, many cancers can be killed by eating cannabis in ‘dose dependent fashion’ (the bigger the dose, the smaller the cancer). Other cancers may require us to reduce the levels of our own cannabinoids, which can be done with diet. Science is still involved, and medical professionals will still be needed. But it’s time to move past harmful treatments like chemotherapy. However, Chemo is a USD$100Bn ‘market’, and a plant based cure is unwanted competition for big pharma. Although pharma has the most patents on cannabis, it has the least interest in it. Because, without political protection, (eg. ‘medical’ cannabis) legal public access to hemp will reduce their profits. What’s going on at Otago University? Who benefits from denying the public safe, cheap, effective treatments for pain ($50Bn), epilepsy ($5Bn), anxiety ($15Bn+), stroke ($22Bn), cancer ($100Bn) and other hard to treat conditions?... It’s not the public, our Ministries of Health, or our Treasury. In 2012 Assoc. Professor John Ashton of Otago wrote “there is mounting evidence that cannabinoids may be more efficacious in the treatment of chronic pain conditions, such as neuropathies (than opioids).” Neuropathic Pain, www.intechopen.com/books/ neuropathic-pain, edited by Cyprian Udeagha, Intech. CLASSIFICATION OF CANNABIDIOL Professor Ashton then did important work with cannabidiol (CBD) in 2016 with the The International Cannabinoid Research Society. As New Zealand’s Cannabis Doctor, Doctor Graham Gulbransen, has shown, CBD is safe and effective for many conditions. Cannabidiol Prescription in Clinical Practice: An Audit on the First 400 Patients in New Zealand, www.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32019776/.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation says CBD is safe, non toxic, and has therapeutic value for anxiety, pain, stroke, epilepsy, psychosis, dementia, cancer and much more. Despite this, in 2016 CBD was made a controlled drug, like Heroin, Cocaine, or Oxycontin. www.who.int/medicines/access/controlled-substances/ CannabidiolCriticalReview.pdf. Even though Professor Ashton’s colleague, Professor Cynthia Darlington was a ranking member on the government’s Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs then (Professor Darlington remains on the EACD, while Professor Ashton is now its Chair.) Even though it’s controlled classification was opposed by the governments own science lab, www.health.govt.nz/system/files/documents/pages/classification_of_ cannabidiol_-_17_february_2016_redacted.pdf. Even though, EACD co-founder, and ESR GM, Doctor Keith Bedford, went to the High Court, ”to defend the integrity of the criminal justice system” over this issue. (ESR is no longer represented on the EACD) MedSafe finally overcame these objections via ‘anonymous legal advice’, which was then rubber stamped by the EACD. Then in 2017, Professor Ashton told New Zealand that “Cannabis obviously isn’t the same league as strong opioids.” How does cannabis actually affect the human body? www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/94429983/how-does-the-cannabisplant-actually-work-in-the-human-body. Despite having written the opposite in Neuropathic Pain five years earlier. Pain is the second biggest market for pharma drugs after cancer. Medicinal cannabis shortcut raises questions and patient safety risks, www.odt.co.nz/opinion/medicinal-cannabis-shortcut-raisesquestions-and-patient-safety-risks. Why would this be? Who benefits from a fearful medical/ public ignorance about cannabinoids? Its time to #makeitlegal. The governments legalisation and control bill is deeply flawed, but it represents the first steps to kiwis having access to a safe and effective plant medicine that has been denied from us all. Make sure you vote YES. (TADHG STOPFORD  PN



Enquire via GreatHempNZ@gmail.com or see us at the Grey Lynn Farmers Market

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At-home hair colour made easy Former Fashion Quarterly editor and lifestyle influencer Leonie Barlow from The Style Insider, shares her fail-safe tips to colouring your hair at home. An at-home dye job is a lot easier than you think and far more budget-friendly. Grab your perfect match - my go-to box colour for pro results every time is Schwarzkopf’s Colour Specialist - and follow these simple steps to get it right every single time. LEONIE’S TOP TEN 1. At-home hair colour is a little like baking – timing is everything. If you want a pro result you can’t wing it; follow the developing times outlined in the pack. 2. Hair dye always comes out darker than the image on the box so be sure to opt for a shade or two lighter than your desired colour. It’s easier to amp up a colour’s intensity than it is to tone it down. 3. Dirty hair always colours better so don’t wash your hair on the day you plan to colour it. 4. Permanent hair colour is best for covering grey hair.

8. Badly damaged hair is better left for the pros, so if your hair is already damaged from colouring or heat styling then you’re best to visit a salon to avoid further damage. 9. You should begin applying hair dye at the roots. Because it is where regrowth occurs first and is the least damaged part of hair, the roots need the most color and processing time. 10. Steer clear of drastic colour changes – stay within two to three shades of your natural colour for the best results.

5. The best way to remove any hair dye that has stained your face, neck or ears is with the product itself. So if you can see any staining on your skin, before washing the colour off, simply get a little product on your fingertip and gently massage it into the stained area and wipe away with a damp cloth. 6. Be sure to buy enough product. If you have really long hair you may need to buy two boxes. You’re better buying two than finding out halfway through a colour that you need more product. 7. Guard your skin against stains by gliding Chapstick along your hairline, including around your ears, before applying colour.

Schwarzkopf’s Colour Specialist Care & Moisture, RRP $19.99

If you want your products noticed then why not consider in-store sampling? The Generalist Promo will get your products into the hands and mouths of new customers nationwide. With 21 years experience we know how to make it easy for you.

For more information please contact rebecca@tgpr.co.nz www.thegeneralistpromo.co.nz

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Plan ahead today, for peace of mind tomorrow Planning your funeral in advance can make a difficult time easier for your family. Thinking about your own funeral plans may seem odd to some but, by planning ahead, you can help ensure that your family will not experience extra distress at an already difficult time, knowing your wishes are being fulfilled. Keeping a record of what you’d like when it comes to the service and burial or cremation, can take a lot of pressure off family members at a time when they’re likely to be very stressed. Grief can affect our ability to make considered decisions and it can be overwhelming to think of all the things that need to be done. Even though talking about death is a difficult thing to do, planning ahead is such a helpful thing to do. “It can make things much easier for the family after someone has died, but can also offer you peace of mind to think you have done this for your family,” says Kaye Shannon, the manager of Sibuns Funeral Directors & Advisors. Kaye says funeral directors are happy to meet with people to talk them through what they’d like, so there is no uncertainty after they’ve passed away. It’s a particularly good idea if you’d like some especially personal touches as part of your funeral, or if there are certain things you definitely don’t want. Sibuns Funeral Directors can supply you with a free pre-planning pack which enables you to record your information as required by

the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages, as well as including details of who needs to be notified of your passing and also your preferences for your funeral. “People do find it is a useful thing to do. Straight away you can see that it’s like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Similar to writing a will, there is satisfaction in knowing that everything is taken care of.” This recorded information is also greatly appreciated by families. “We have a lot of people saying it gives them peace of mind and a sense of direction in the planning of a funeral because the person who has died was able to have their input into the music or the readings or the casket. It is gratifying to see that their wishes are then carried out,” Kaye says. The other thing you can talk to a funeral director about in advance is the cost. This can help to avoid a financial burden on your family, who may otherwise have to pay for the funeral themselves. The FDANZ Funeral Trust allows people to pay for part, or all of their funeral. The money is paid into the trust and released to the funeral director at the relevant time. While a major life change like going into a rest home or being diagnosed with a serious illness may prompt you to begin planning your funeral, it’s never too soon to start thinking about what you may want.  PN

SIBUNS FUNERAL DIRECTORS & ADVISORS, 582 Remuera Road, Remuera, T: 09 520 3119, www.sibuns.co.nz

582 Remuera Rd, Remuera Auckland 09 520 3119 | staff@sibuns.co.nz www.sibuns.co.nz

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Don’t get the cold shoulder - Keeping your pets happy through winter Top tips for giving your furry friends what they need for a cosy and safe season. With the cold weather very much upon us, it is important to make sure our pets are well looked after through the chilly months. Here are some key pieces of advice for keeping your pawed pals safe and happy this winter! Dogs benefit from good coats when going out for walks in winter, especially if they are short-haired or thin-skinned. Ideally, dogs should be able to come inside where it is warm and sheltered in the winter. If they are outside, they should always have access to a warm and weatherproof kennel. Use extra bedding in the kennel and change it frequently to make sure it is always dry and fresh. Cats are pretty good at finding sheltered places to sleep, so make sure they can always access a comfortable indoor area, and check cat flaps to make sure they are working properly. Cat beds, such as igloos that give the cat a safe and warm space to snuggle into, are great in the winter time. Older animals tend to find the cold weather over winter a bit of a challenge, especially those with arthritis. Arthritic animals will be more comfortable if they have a bed (or more than one!) that has plenty of padding for sore joints and that will also keep them warm. This should be away from any draughts and off the floor, but not so high that it is difficult to get to. You can find more pet care advice, find ways to support Auckland’s animals in need this winter, including browsing animals currently up for adoption (in addition to those pictured here) and more at PN www.spca.nz 

Will you be my Guardian?

Feline Fanatics In-home Pet Care

Cat si ing services provided to you by a qualified, professional, self confessed cat lover.

The royal treatment for your feline friend

Phone: 0210 2892129 Website: www.felinefanatics.co.nz

Your regular donation will help SPCA care for animals all year round. Do something amazing today: www.spca.nz/SPCAGuardian

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TVNZ on Demand

One Lane Bridge With a second season just confirmed, One Lane Bridge is a must see local series that will keep you guessing and have you on the edge of your seat at all the right times. Set in a pre-covid Queenstown, the shock death of the town’s beloved golden boy reveals secrets and unleashes a force the show’s hero detective, Ariki Davis, must confront as it is inextricably linked to his own destiny.

The Exceptional Squad This is a fun, highly watchable locally made animated series that follows the life of upbeat orphans, Kahu and Mania, as they navigate the challenges of starting a new school and making friends. While Mania wants in with the cool kids, her brother has different concerns. Luckily when faced with a problem or social dilemma, the siblings summon a talented real-life dance crew to help them make the right choices. 

While the murderer is revealed by the end of the first season, there is little closure and many questions left open. With a range of unnerving possible answers you will be impatient for the arrival of the second season. It promises to be one filled with tension, thrills and revelations. 

Disney+ There is so much incredible content for all ages on Disney+ that it’s certainly giving New Zealand’s incumbent favourite, Netflix, a run for its money. With an expanding local office, Disney+ could be well positioned to add some local content to its extensive library.

HEIHEI Now found on the TVNZ OnDemand platform.

Avatar With production of James Cameron’s Avatar 2 underway in New Zealand, now is a great time to go back and rewatch this blockbuster classic with a new lens. It can provide a great shared viewing experience for the family, opening discussions on racism, capitalism, colonialism and even environmentalism, all extremely relevant in the context of today. At its most simple, Avatar is exceptional visual storytelling with beauty and pace that transcend the storyline. 

The Exceptional Squad

Young Riders Now in its second series, Young Riders continues to have a wide appeal. Whether you’re a kid who always wanted a pony or someone who enjoys the thrill and tension that goes hand and hand with competitive show jumping, this show is addictive. It follows a group of dedicated young people as they work, train and compete in a series of show jumping events up and down the country in a bid to become New Zealand’s Young Rider of the Year. They say you should never work with animals or children, but in this case it is the perfect combination for compelling watching. 

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Artemis Fowl Based on the children’s classic, this movie by the same name was around twenty years in the making. The special effects and character make-up are exceptional, and the sets and the costuming are

complete works of art. With the talent of Dame Judy Dench and the ever smouldering Colin Farrell, there is much to redeem this visually extravagant film.  NETFLIX

Unorthodox Utterly fresh, and enthralling to watch, this is the story of Esty, a young woman trapped in an unhappy arranged marriage, trying to escape the constraints of her conservative Hasidic life. Offering an almost observational documentary insight into a unique and vibrant culture, this fictional series is a beautiful examination of just how difficult it can be to navigate your way forward when you realise there is no room for you in the only world you have ever known. It is no wonder this four-part series has been nominated for an Emmy.  NEON

Tin Star - Season 1 While receiving patchy reviews on release this series still provides tension thrills and surprises. The first few episodes are unpredictable enough to keep you intrigued and it has the offbeat nuance many Fargo fans will enjoy. The addition of self-deprecating British humour contrasts well against the setting of the picturesque stable Canadian Rockies, ensuring it lives up to its description as a modern film noir style western. With the fabulous acting skills of Tim Roth, Genevieve O’Reilly and Oliver Coopersmith as the delicious evil killer, the series is saved from being just another male anti-hero story. 

Young Riders

One Lane Bridge, TVNZ On Demand



Auckland Obstetric Centre is a unique practice in Parnell made up of six leading specialist obstetricians and support staff. Together we have many years of experience and feel privileged to be able to share in the care of women during their pregnancy. To find out more about how we can care for you and your baby call our team or visit our website.

09 367 1200 | obstetrics.co.nz

Lynda Batcheler Astrid Budden Eva Hochstein Katherine McKenzie Kirstie Peake Jason Waugh


Empowering Local Wahine Growing up in the Far North, Joey Rogers, was taught by her grandmother that if you do the work, people will come. Basic, honest values which, combined with Rogers’ passion, is fueling her in her role as the Head of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School’s - Unit. Maori “My role is Te Pouwhakarae o Nga- Tumanako o Kahurangi,” Rogers explains, “so in regards to Auckland Girls’ Grammar, you have Heads of Faculties and you have Deans, however, in Kahurangi, the pouwhakarae encompasses all of that.” The aim of the unit is to nurture, mentor, encourage and celebrate - women at the school; a role which is a perfect fit for Rogers. young Maori “I’m very passionate; so passionate sometimes I get misread!” she laughs. “I mean, passion is passion. I grew up with my grandmother in a small town called Ahipara and she taught me the values. She used to say to me, “Moko, mahia te mahi ka haere mai te iwi,” (do the work and the people will come) and so I’ll never forget that. “So, yes, I am passionate, and the kaitiaki (tutor teachers) of kahurangi are passionate. And the staff in the school support us, and the more we share, the more understanding there is. So it’s about sharing knowledge – and our kaupapa’s right into that.” Kahurangi’s been a part of Auckland Girls’ for more than 30 years and the AGGS unit is thriving. Says Rogers, “Our girls in Kahurangi strive for excellence in every form; not just academically, but as - women. That is the essence of our kaupapa, that they young Maori have opportunities like every student in this school; whether they’re - unit or in the mainstream, the goal is the same. So we in the Maori have common goals - but how we get there, under our values and our tikanga, is how we get there in Kahurangi. And it’s for our girls to

walk out of those gates with their ‘all’ intact; of knowing who they are and where they’re from as Maori. - and Knowing their culture as Maori - world as being strong in the Maori well as the Pakeha world, and the ever-changing world out there.” Rogers believes that ethos is the Kahurangi drive, first and foremost. She says the unit has excellent kaitiaki (tutor teachers) who are helping students go from strength to strength, supported not only by AGGS but also their families. “We really encourage those connections and the importance of connecting and communicating with the whanau and driving the reciprocal approach with our whanau,” explains Rogers. “It’s important that our whanau lead the way with us and are there with us. We support them and in turn they support us, the kaitiaki of Kahurangi, so that our girls get the best of everything.” And with AGGS’ covid-delayed Open Day now on Wednesday 26 August, Rogers has one message for parents wanting to check the school out: “Auckland Girls’ Grammar? I mean, why not? The opportunities here to support and nurture and guide young women are amazing. For me, coming from an all-girls school (Queen Victoria), y’know, I’d do it all over again. The strength of young women growing together, the support of the school, the opportunities that are here – whether it’s academic, whether it’s sports, whether it’s science. Whatever it is, it’s the pastoral care and the nurturing - and staff who really understand the makeup of a wahine, of a woman. That’s first and foremost.” www.aggs.school.nz



Wednesday 26th August 2020 9.30am – 12.30pm We invite you to visit our school on Wednesday 26th August. Our senior students will lead school tours throughout the morning and our Principal will give short talks at 10am, 11am and 12 noon.

Information Evening – Wednesday 26th August 6.30pm – 8.00pm. All prospective students for 2021 and their parents are very welcome to attend this evening. The evening will also be useful for students who are interested in enrolling into Ngā Tūmanako o Kahurangi, our Maori Whanau Unit. give short talks at 10.00am, 11.00am and 12 noon. Auckland Girls’ Grammar School welcomes enrolments from throughout the Auckland region and we hope that you will take this opportunity to find out more about us.

Educated at Auckland Girls’ Equipped for the World

Parking at Gate 2, Howe Street, Newton

For more information please phone 307 4180 or email enrol@aggs.school.nz

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Providing boys with the best possible start to their education The vision at King’s School is to develop the individual talents of each boy for life. At King’s School every boy is recognised as an individual and given the opportunity to discover and explore his full potential. They believe every boy should be given the best possible chance to flourish. Small Class Sizes Each class at King’s School has a dedicated teacher and homeroom. Class sizes are kept small so that the boys get the best possible level of attention. This ensures the boys form a solid bond with their teacher and classmates which helps them feel confident to take risks and challenge themselves. Literacy and numeracy are the primary focus and there are extra teaching staff for each year level, allowing for smaller teacher:pupil ratios. This enables staff to teach to the appropriate level for the development of each boy. Specialist Teachers King’s offers a wide range of enrichment subjects to inspire and stimulate boys. Specialist teaching is provided for Music, Drama, Art, Science, French, Physical Education and Swimming. Every boy learns a musical instrument and there are a variety of cultural groups and sports teams to join. Boys are encouraged to follow their passions and the school celebrates success and achievements across all disciplines. Chapel and Religious Education are led by the school’s chaplain who teaches the importance of values. Every King’s boy is expected to live by the Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”

Focused on Boys Life at King’s School is very much geared for boys with shorter class times, more visual and tactile teaching methods, opportunities for boys to be active and move around the school, and male mentoring and buddy programmes. All these strategies are backed by research on how boys learn best. Headmaster, Tony Sissons, is committed to giving boys the best possible start to their education. “I am proud of my team and believe a King’s School education provides every boy with a strong foundation for the future by instilling a love of learning with values and integrity, while establishing friendships for life. It’s the best gift you could give your child.”

KING’S SCHOOL, 258 Remuera Road, Auckland, T: 09 520 7770, www.kings.school.nz

King’s School

Open Days 18-20 August 9.00am Register at kings.school.nz Accepting applications for 2022




Meet the teacher Erina Henare Aperahama teaches in Newton Central School’s te reo M-aori full immersion unit. Where did you grow up? I spent most of my childhood in Porirua and went to school at one of the several open plan schools that were built in the 1970’s. I really enjoyed primary school and loved all my teachers. I particularly loved the arts and any creative opportunities offered at school. How did you get into teaching? From as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work with children. When I was at primary school, my Mum had this really cool job as community coordinator based at our school. She organised a range of activities to bring the community together. When I was helping her with one of the sessions she was running during a holiday programme, I remember thinking that this was so much fun and that I wanted to be a teacher one day doing cool things like this with kids. Are you a native speaker of te reo M-aori? No, I learnt as a teenager. My youngest brother was born when I was 13. My Dad had been learning te reo during my childhood and enrolled me in the first bilingual class at Wellington High School. Dad - from birth so, wanted our baby brother to grow up with te reo Maori at home, he spoke the reo he was learning and enrolled my baby brother into one of the earliest Kohanga Reo. It was exciting watching his development as a baby, and seeing my role in that as I tried to use the reo that I was learning at high school. He was only one year old and he could speak two languages. I was amazed. I wanted to be a - children. part of that, not just for him but for all Maori What do you love about your job? I teach in Te Uru Karaka, the Rumaki unit at Newton Central School. We are part of the two whanau who inhabit our beautiful new learning space - Te Aka- Pukaea.

We have such a lot of fun together and support each other when things get tough and, of course, when we need to celebrate. I love the opportunity for creativity that teaching provides. I love that every day is different and you can never anticipate how the day is going to unfold. I love seeing a child finally master a skill after struggling. I love the perspective and the energy that children bring to every experience at school and life. What was it like for you teaching during lockdown? Teaching during lockdown was both exciting and extremely challenging. As well as managing a collaborative teaching approach with my colleagues and children, I was asked to be the junior te reo presenter for Papa Kainga/Home Learning TV. This was a huge undertaking, but it was so much fun. Because of all the restrictions during lockdown, there was only a skeleton crew working on the learning channel. The planning was done with a colleague via zoom meetings and phone calls, then I wrote the script, and prepared all the resources for each lesson. I did my own hair and make-up and then went to the studio to present my segment. I felt like I was doing my own version of PlaySchool.  PN

I Love Lucy Book Review: Beauty Sleep Kathryn Evans - 13+ Wow! I really loved this book. I am super into psychological thrillers, and Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans shall be placed among beloved favourites on my bookshelf. The book starts with a previously unwell Laura Henley, famously known as Sleeping Beauty, being woken up from 40 years after being cryogenically frozen when a cure is found. Unable to remember any of her past life, slowly she begins to regain her memories and learn about the strange, technology based future she has been thrust into. The world has moved on, and Laura is introduced to the good and bad of social media and the seemingly flawless people of tomorrow. Aided by Miss Lily and her caring medical staff at Blackhurst Clinic she begins to regain her memories. However, it doesn’t take long for revelations to begin to unfold. Is Miss Lily hiding something? Surely not! ...right? Each chapter alternates from the perspective of Laura to the other main character Shem. Shem can’t remember anything up until a few years back, where his protector and father figure Bert looks after him on the streets. Now that Bert is gone, Shem has to learn to fend

for himself and his pup, Scrag, who plays an important role. However, someone is after Shem, and he doesn’t know what will happen if he is caught. Are Laura and Shem’s pasts linked in some unfathomable way? Read and find out! I really enjoyed learning about all the 1980s’ references in this book. Reading about her listening to 80’s music with her best friend had me grab Spotify to listen myself, the clothes she wore, her cool seethrough Swatch watch. It made me wish I was alive back then!  PN


out of 5!

Lucy Kennedy is a young local writer who loves to read! You can read this and Lucy’s other book reviews @ilovelucybooks

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@ Ficino Preschool Children go through noticeable periods of development as they grow. “Ages and Stages” is a term used to describe these developmental events. Thinking is divided on how many stages we all go through as we grow from babies to young adults, but there is a shared understanding that there is significant development happening across several different areas. These areas include physical, socialemotional, language and intellectual skills. Ficino Preschool is an intimate, boutique early childhood centre in Mt Eden that focuses on balancing the mind, body, and spirit of a child as it works with families to encourage development of a child’s self-belief and confidence. The preschool programme works to nurture and develop the social, intellectual, and physical life skills your child will use to thrive and take their next steps to school and beyond. Ficino Preschool has recently upgraded its enrolment systems in recognition of the fact that a child's readiness for preschool is much better aligned to their 'stage' rather than their chronological age. Subsequently, Ficino Preschool is now formally welcoming applications from children below three years of age. Preschool Head Teacher, Irene Callen, notes that some children are more than ready for preschool before the age of three.

“We have often observed how likely children are to model behaviour they see; how often does a younger child strive to do everything their older sibling does? We see this at preschool with our younger students aspiring to, and modelling behaviour they see our more senior students demonstrating.” Ficino Preschool’s licence allows them to cater for children two years and older. Unlike many ECE’s, whose fees are higher for children aged under 3, Ficino Preschool’s fees will be the same regardless of your child’s age. Come see for yourself! Enrol for a tour at www.ficino.school.nz/tours

Your Child’s Stepping Stone to School Ficino Preschool nurtures and develops the social, intellectual and physical skills your child will use to thrive and take the next step to our on-site primary school. Book a visit. Hop online, book a visit and discover why Ficino Preschool is more than a stepping stone to school. It is the Greatest Gift you can give your child.





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Q: I am opening a café with a business partner and have been asked to act as a guarantor for the lease. Should I agree? A: The basic rule is never agree to anything until you fully understand your obligations under the agreement that you are signing. When you act as a guarantor, you are promising to act as a back-up for the person signing the lease agreement. If that person stops paying rent or breaks any other terms of the lease agreement, the landlord has the right to chase the guarantor for money owed, including fees and interest. Your obligations as a guarantor for that lease agreement will usually be contained in the deed of lease. You should check both documents, by signing the agreement to lease you are also committing to the deed of lease. I would expect that both you and your business partner signing the lease agreement with the landlord as guarantor. Co-guarantors have a right of contribution against each other, and a guarantor if called upon, has a right of subrogation against the principal, but these rights are not that useful if the business has failed and your co-guarantor is penniless. Can you insure against events that could cause business failure such as sickness or death of your business partner or business interruption? You should consider that if the business failed then what is the total liability you may have under the lease. This is the amount of lease and OPEX due for the remaining term of the lease.

If the business failed, where would the money come from to cover these costs? Do you have other capital or income available? You should ask your solicitor to look at the agreement to lease and deed of lease that you are signing, so they can fully explain the extent of your obligations under it and the consequences of being a guarantor. They may be able to suggest ways in which you can limit your liability or negotiate better terms with your prospective landlord. PN (MICHAEL HEMPHILL) 

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ELECTION CANDIDATES’ DEBATE Hosted by: Ponsonby News Editor Martin Leach Chaired by: John Elliott

Sunday 9 August 4pm-6pm FREEMAN’S BAY SCHOOL

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To sell or not to sell - That is the question For many business owners, deciding to sell their business is one of the most difficult decisions which they will have to make. Particularly so if they started the business, or have owned it for a long time. It has become their baby. They have lived with it 24/7 for a long time. Just because the doors are closed, and the lights are off, it doesn’t mean that the owner has turned off as well. Thinking, planning, problem solving, designing, sourcing new products, investigating new opportunities, pricing, budgeting, marketing, advertising; these thoughts and ideas, sorting, sifting, swirling in their mind while resting, walking, jogging, or gardening. Then there comes a time to let it go; perhaps planned from the start, or forced upon them due to age, ill-health or family circumstances. Some business owners I have come across have a three to five year plan. They will start a business with the intention of selling within three to five years. One client I had sold three similar businesses within a 12 year period. He had devised a successful formula. Despite the restraint of trade provisions when he sold each business, he

found he could circumvent, and use the same skills and processes plus many of the same customers (department stores) but in a totally different market segment. He initially specialised in import/wholesale businesses moving from consumer electronics, to housewares to digital equipment. Whatever the reason for the decision, once it has been made, the process is not swift. The average business takes around three months to sell. Some may sell in three weeks, others three years. The business needs to be properly prepared, priced and presented to the market. A good business broker should be able to assist and advise each step of the way, casting the net as wide as possible to attract the right buyer. DAVID WELLS, Senior Business Broker, NAI Harcourts, M: 027 436 1465, E david.wells@naiharcourts.co.nz

Thinking of selling or buying a business? I handle all types of business sales ranging from $100k to $10m+ Call now for a no obligation free appraisal (confidentiality assured)

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Here they come! The 70-plus “There are changes about to happen in the way we live our lives in later years, the likes of which we have never seen in New Zealand before,” says authorised financial advisor (AFA), Maurice Mehlhopt. Maurice has shared some insightful and compelling advice, gained from over 40 years experience in business and finance with the Ponsonby News. He describes an older generation who are no longer defined by the number of their years but are increasingly re-defining what it is to be over 70. How attitudes to retirement and retirement finances have changed Past generations saved hard, went without luxuries, lived skimpily in retirement and only died happy (usually living with one of their children), when as much wealth as possible was passed on to the next generation. If this philosophy still existed today there would soon be some very rich rellies indeed. This is because over $100 billion in real estate value is about to be released as older folk, who own homes, pass on.

Moving to a new town for instance only works if you are in a biggish city like Auckland. Smaller towns tend not to vary much in dollar value from one side of town to the other, so by the time you pay agent’s fees and removal costs there may not be too much left. Some will choose to borrow from their bank if they have income to support a facility while an increasing number of people will take out a ‘reverse mortgage’. This much maligned product will be the answer for many who wish to stay in their home, but enjoy the ‘third age’.

It will be the biggest exchange of wealth this country has ever seen, it will happen over a fairly short number of years, and it will have a marked effect on the economy.

While many try to devalue this type of borrowing, many thousands of loans have been activated throughout New Zealand over the last 10 years and clients love them.

So, are the benefactors grinning already with plans to book first -class air fares or luxury holidays? No, they’re not, and that’s because attitudes to inheritance have changed dramatically in recent years. No longer do those who are over 70-years-old believe they should go without so they can give everything to their family. The Peter Snell ‘third age’ has arrived. Oldies now want to be out doing stuff; travelling, eating out, enjoying life to the full and then whatever is left over will be the inheritance.

I have often read articles criticising this type of loan but I have never had complaints from a client with a reverse mortgage. They are happily enjoying the new life a loan like this provides. Not to mention there can be benefits of using some funds this way before you end up in care.

Should you stay or should you go? That old idea of selling up to release some cash then living with family is no longer happening as much. Even the most loving families tell me that the thought of mum and dad moving in with them is just not where it is at anymore. Likewise, parents want their own space and don’t want to be live-in babysitters or groundstaff. So where will the money come from to enjoy this ‘third age’? About half of all those over 75-years-old have very little cash left (even though up to 80% of them will own a home). Many will ‘sell down’, move to another part of town, or a new town to release some money and while this does not always work for various reasons it is still the most popular fund provider.

So, there you are next generation! Nowhere near as much of that $100 billion is going to be passed on to you so quickly, but the good news is I often find that the next generation are okay with this. Children are increasingly encouraging their parents to enjoy the retirement they have earned by initiating the conversation about home equity release. In most cases there is ample equity for parents to enjoy the ‘third age’ - and for family to enjoy that time with them, while still leaving behind a considerable amount of wealth to be passed on. Best wealth management in older age is necessary to ensure the best use of that $100 billion windfall. I specialise in providing support and financial options to retirees who may be wanting to do more with their retirement years but struggle to do so. If you want to maintain your lifestyle it’s important to know what your choices are. Sometimes all it takes is a chat with someone who understands.

MAURICE MEHLHOPT, RETIREMENT FUNDING, 4 Collingwood Street, Freemans Bay, T: 09 361 5137, M: 021 639 574, www.retirementfunding.co.nz

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Do you know where your employment agreement is? Do you have a copy of your employment agreement? These are two very common questions we ask our clients at CAB when we get a query about employment issues. And as you might imagine we are getting a high number of employment queries at the present time. If you are an employer you will be aware that New Zealand employment law requires all employees to have a written signed agreement and a copy of that signed agreement. If you are an employee and can’t find your copy your employer can provide you with a copy. We do tell people that employers can be fined if they don’t get you to sign an agreement, but not to worry, the law provides basic terms and conditions which an employer cannot contract out of, such as paying the minimum wage, or annual leave provisions. And maybe you have an agreement that was not signed - that can still be held to be a valid agreement. Redundancy is an issue that has had much airplay in the media in these uncertain times and we are getting enquiries from both employers and employees about this process. This is one reason why having your employment agreement to hand is important. In New Zealand there is no requirement for an employer to pay redundancy compensation. Many people are unaware of this. Therefore if an employment agreement does not mention redundancy compensation, there is no requirement to pay this. If there is a clause in the agreement, it will probably also state the amount of the compensation. However, redundancy is part of a restructuring process and employers must follow this process, even during this period of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Employers and employees must discuss in “good faith” the implications of the pandemic on their working arrangements. Before making employees redundant they must still follow a fair process. Employers and employees may be considering all sorts of changes that involve impacts on the continuity of employee’s work, such as changes to job descriptions, reducing hours of work or, finally where no alternative arrangements can be found, redundancy may be considered. These changes must be discussed in good faith, and use agreed consultation processes. We have had quite a few employers contacting us about the process they need to follow. Failure to follow this, is a breach of the employment contract. Employers must write to an affected employee, which must include: • the notice period (which should be the same as what it says in their employment agreement)

• whether there is compensation and how much. In addition, employers should offer the redundant employee support; for example: • counselling • help with updating or developing their CV • interview skills training • other training that might improve the employee’s chances of getting a new job and career advice. The words “good faith” and “fair” and “reasonable” are relevant to all normal employment obligations and as stated above, apply regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic effect. We encourage our employer clients to follow the process as set out and seek legal help if they are uncertain. And we encourage our employee clients to seek help from any support networks they have. If they are on a collective agreement and a member of a trade union, that is the best place to start. Otherwise, we can assist people to take steps as to how to progress this. Employment New Zealand, part of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has a very good hotline, which we can call with clients on hand. This is available to the general public – 0800 20 90 20 If people have to take a dispute further, there is free mediation available through Employment New Zealand for employers and employees. We all wish that issues are resolved by discussion but if this does not resolve the matter, the Employment Relations Authority is the next step for employment disputes. We might not be in lock down now, but we are still being affected by the pandemic. We can do well to remember some of the attributes we as a society were asking of ourselves and others from that time as we move forward even in the employment relationship - Kia atawhai Be kind!  PN Lesley Bradley, manager of Citizens Advice Bureau, 510 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 0392; www.ponsonby@cab.org.nz

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Logan Granger: Tax – time for change Tax changes in recent years, at least as they have affected the typical SME and SME owners, have been largely tinkering, except perhaps in respect of tightening up on rules aimed at property speculation. Now is the time when we need to be incentivising and assisting those in our communities who have ideas, skills, and the willingness to take calculated business risks. These are the people that we want to encourage to start a business or expand or improve their existing one: to employ that extra person, start a new product line, enter a new market, invest in new technology, undertake some research and development, and ultimately grow our cake - in other words, increase the wealth of this country.

back in families’ pockets. Some countries operate an elective tax system where couples can choose to be taxed as a couple rather than as individuals. In other words, they file a combined or ‘joint’ income tax return and often end up paying less tax in total due to the way personal marginal tax rates work, and the ‘averaging’ effect that filing as a couple achieves in many cases. One could make a rational argument that perhaps that taxing option should always have been available in New Zealand given the central importance of the family unit.

Tax has a role in helping grow a bigger cake, so below are some thoughts;

I believe it is time to adopt this approach in New Zealand. Such an approach I think would reflect the reality of many or perhaps most family units operate. This was the view of Peter Dunne, former minister of revenue. In fact he had a bill before parliament which proposed a tax credit for couples with children, which was designed to achieve something along the lines of “a family being taxed on its ‘family income’, rather than each individual being taxed on their individual income. Mr Dunne’s bill passed its first reading in 2010 and made it to select committee but then made it no further, and then lapsed in 2017.

1. Re-indexation of the tax thresholds in terms of the income figures at which tax rates start to apply, at least based on CPI or average income movements. This hasn’t been done since October 2010 – ten years ago! Backdate to 1 April 2020. 2. Big increase in small asset write-off deductions, and simplify the rules around how these apply. The $1,000 threshold, which will apply once the current temporary (one year) increase to $5,000 finishes, should be at least $10,000. Perhaps have a deduction allowed for up to $20,000 of new assets each year – similar to the legal expense deduction rule which allows up to $10,000 of deduction each year. Backdate to 1 April 2020. 3. Depreciation loading on new assets (with the exception of buildings) of 50%, for the current and future income years. 4. 150% deduction allowed on R&D expenditure which results in New Zealand owned IP. 5. Allow couples to file joint tax returns if they choose. Allowing couples to file joint tax returns if they choose The family ‘unit’ is perhaps the foundation that safe and healthy and contributing communities are built on. It is hard to argue with this. It’s time our income tax system was changed to reflect this, and to put more money

One of the hurdles identified in respect of that bill at the time was that supposedly under the Bill of Rights Act such a law would discriminate against those not in a relationship with children. Really? Please forgive my ignorance – I’m not a lawyer and I’m certainly no expert on the Bill of Rights, however to a lay person is that really “discrimination?” If so, is Working For Families also discrimination since it is in part based on the number of children you have – the same issue raised in relation to Mr Dunne’s bill? Putting that aside, I can think of no good reason why a family with a single income earner earning $100,000 should pay significantly more tax than the same family with two income earners earning $50,000 each. Families with one primary income earner are being overtaxed. Now is the perfect time to fix that, put more money in families pockets, and have the tax laws more accurately reflecting how many families operate. (LOGAN GRANGER)  PN Disclaimer – While all care has been taken, Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Ltd and its staff accept no liability for the content of this article; always see your professional advisor before taking any action that you are unsure about.

JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES, 202 Ponsonby Road, T: 09 361 6701, www.jacal.co.nz

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Money $kills For the last sixteen years I have been teaching a financial planning module to the year 10 students at Mount Albert entitled Money $kills. Essentially this is about goal setting and budgeting in relation to what 14-year-olds consider important. The oneyear goals were generally around purchasing a device, e.g. iPhone, tablet or a personal computer. Assuming a cost of $500 to $1000, the planning process required students to determine how much income was required in order to save sufficiently to purchase the item at the end of the year. Using the ‘Bank of Mum and/ Dad’ was not an option; the students had to determine what sources of income were available to them. Ideas for work came quickly: lawn mowing, stocking supermarket shelves, gardening, car washing, window washing, lawn keeping and dog walking; but the best source was the work they could now do as 14-year-olds, but not as 13-year-olds, namely, babysitting at $10$15/hour. In order to save $1,000 per annum ($20/week) a student would need to earn at least $30 - $40/week so that they could both spend $10 - $20/week and save $20/week. Assuming an hourly rate of $10/ hour, four hours of work (i.e. one night’s babysitting) would produce the required $40.

The same students, when asked what their three-year goal was, were almost unanimous: a motor vehicle for independence and convenience. This is probably not what the cycling and public transport lobby would want to hear! Assuming this motor vehicle has a purchase price of $3,000, the plan above would produce the required sum at the end of three years; and by continuing to work in paid employment there would be sufficient weekly to cover the running costs of petrol, oil, registration, warrant of fitness, insurance and maintenance. If a student wanted to spend more than $3,000 on their first motor vehicle, more paid work would be required to generate the necessary weekly savings. The weekly savings would be directed into an interest-bearing bank account rather than other investment alternatives due to the need for liquidity and certainty. I also talked about the benefits of KiwiSaver, once they left school, as a means of funding home ownership and, later, retirement. The role of education was also stressed, in that it provided the platform to create economic choice and financial freedom through increasing the chances available to earn higher income. This year the Ministry of Education has announced the introduction of a new NCEA course at levels one and two around financial literacy. I hope this course will be mandatory to ensure all school leavers are well equipped and prepared to ensure their future financial investments. ONEPLAN, T: 0800 1plan4u, www.oneplan.co.nz

0800 1PLAN4U or 09 309 3680


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Vega Mortgages Ponsonby team


Vega - the lending professionals A locally grown Ponsonby based lending brokerage business which has grown from strength to strength. Vega consists of three business divisions, Vega Mortgages, Vega Business and Vega Protect. We have brokers covering Ponsonby, wider Auckland, Northland and Canterbury and the South Island.

Market insight and knowledge — Vega have a unique profile of lenders. Established through years of experience they can provide unique insights into the lending market.

VEGA MORTGAGES Whether it’s your first home, investment property, or if you’re looking to refinance or consolidate your debts, Vega Mortgages can help you navigate the plethora of loan options, by comparing lender products and interest rates to find the right loan that fits your individual financial circumstances.

What type of Home lending does Vega Mortgages specialise in? First Home Buyers, Property Investment, Renovation Finance, Apartment Finance, Refinancing, Bare Land or Section Finance, Vehicle Finance, Financing a Bach or Holiday Home

What is right for you, will depend on a range of factors including the size of the loan you require, the property you intend to purchase, the deposit you have and your lifestyle. “Our Vega Mortgages team has extensive lending experience inside banks and in the private and commercial sectors. We know just what each lender is looking for in a mortgage application. With so many mortgage options, it’s essential that we understand what you’re trying to achieve and over what timeframe. Interest rates, fees and opt-out options vary depending on the structure of your mortgage and the lenders we deal with. We will work closely with you to create a strong application so you can achieve your dreams.” What do you get? Communication — A Vega Mortgage Broker will keep you informed each step along your path to buying your new home or refinancing your mortgage. Speed — Vega Mortgage Brokers will act swiftly and ensure your application is well positioned with a finance provider. Lifelong relationships — Unlike the banks, Vega values their clients and their lifetime value to Vega business, acting for you and ensuring your best interests are at the forefront of all their interactions with funders. Professional — Vega Mortgage Brokers have a wealth of experience. They are professional, articulate, knowledgeable, and know how to talk in detail about buying a house or a business, or financing a business. Simply put “they are accurate, and they get it right”. Quality of offering — Vega pride themselves on quality outcomes by helping their clients into homes or buying businesses or supporting the freeing up of cashflow by restructuring debt.

VEGA BUSINESS “We love dealing with businesses, especially SMEs who are the backbone of this country. It takes a lot of hard work to run a business successfully. You need the right people on your team, and that is especially important when it comes to finance. Our Business Finance Brokers come from senior commercial lending roles inside banks. Through our close relationships with banks and other lending institutions, we put your application to the top of the pile. Businesses need finance for different reasons and life stages. Talk to us about how we can help you to achieve your business growth goals. Vega Business is here to provide you with an easy, confidential, and convenient means of sourcing and securing business finance at the best possible rates while putting you in control. With many years of commercial banking experience and know-how, we navigate lenders to get you the best possible deal on your finance.” Funding business growth Businesses seldom stand still, and with growth will often need additional capital for, working capital, plant and equipment or stock, so our Vega Business team are expert at finding the right solution for you. Often this can be done through your bank, or by having the plant or equipment funded by a specialist funder. What type of business lending does Vega Business specialise in? Working Capital, Property Finance, Asset Finance, Invoice Finance, Development Finance, Trade Finance, Capital Raising, Business Term Lending, FX Currency Exchange If, like us, you think there’s a better way to advance your lending and financial goals, we’d love to discuss what’s on your mind.

Contact our Vega team on: Call 0800 834 253, Email: hello@vegalend.co.nz, www.vegalend.co.nz Facebook: @Vegalend, Instagram: @vega_lend

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We are the insider’s guide to mortgage and financial success

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502/2 Turakina Street, Grey Lynn - an apartment listed with Barfoot and Thompson Ponsonby


AN APARTMENT TO CALL HOME While some property experts suggested that Auckland’s apartment market was softening, Barfoot and Thompson’s number one agent for sales for this financial year (YTD) has found the market rebounding well. Aaron Cook of Barfoot and Thompson’s city office is the country’s number one agent for sales over the first four months of the 2020 financial year. Ryan Harding of the Ponsonby Barfoot office is having a similar experience, noting that while days to sell may be longer, prices are holding strong. Rather than dropping post lock down, interest in apartments has remained steady and is a testament to the quality and style of apartment developments around Ponsonby and the city. While some people might be fleeing the central areas for lifestyle blocks and suburbs outside the main centres since Covid-19, the style and quality of apartments listed around the Ponsonby area maintain consistent demand.

96 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

Sarah Peterken, the marketing manager for Barfoot and Thompson had not long moved into her Grey Lynn apartment prior to lockdown and enthuses that there is much to love about modern apartment living. “I love being so close to everything. I can be at work in the heart of the city in 15 minutes or can stroll down the road to my favourite cafe or shops in moments.”


APARTMENT LIVING Pool in the Antipodean Apartments, Beach Road, Barfoot and Thompson, City

This is of course, part of the secret. It isn’t buildings, as such that create community, it’s people, and well designed apartment buildings allow people to build community. As Ryan Harding explains, “the people who buy apartments in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn want a sense of community and so that’s what naturally develops.” For Sarah having a close friend in the same apartment complex was a bonus. “During lockdown my close friend, who lives across the hallway, became part of my bubble. Taking walks together and

sharing meals meant lockdown in the apartment wasn’t isolating. In fact it was really nice,” says Sarah. Ryan explains that the design and build of apartments like Crest, which Ryan successfully marketed for Barfoot and Thompson with colleague Matt O’Rourke, and North, which they are currently marketing for the same developer, are high-end, in terms of their build quality and specifications. They are positioned to offer maximum views to easily make up for any lack of back yard. “They attract buyers who want homes, not merely investments,” explains Ryan. “These are properties people want to own and live in.” With prices typically between $1.4 to 3 million this isn’t easily affordable real estate, but most developments include homes that are at entry level prices as part of the project. This means they aren’t all out of the reach of first home-buyers or single person purchasers. “Around five of the Crest apartments were set aside for first home

Proxima Residences, Barfoot and Thompson, City www.proximaresidences.co.nz

We asked Sarah if being in an apartment during lockdown was a struggle and whether she missed the sense of community that is often associated with the leafy avenues of Ponsonby and Grey Lynn. “It was fine, really. Living close meant we could stay connected, talking on our balconies, yet still maintaining some physical distance. Everyone in the building is quite like-minded, considerate, friendly with similar values,” says Sarah.

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APARTMENT LIVING Proxima Residences, Barfoot and Thompson, City www.proximaresidences.co.nz

buyers, so people could secure a 50 - 70 square meter home with the same high quality fit out as the 2.5 million dollar home with the better aspect for around $600,000,” said Ryan. High end apartments are also seeing consistent demand. “We’ve sold 12 properties in the last 6 weeks, which is huge,” explains Aaron. “The lock-and-leave lifestyle of apartment living is truly coming of age and developers continue to find strong markets for really well thought out properties. While Aaron concedes that apartment sales might not always have the same intensity as a great villa in the leafy suburbs, the appeal of apartments as a lifestyle choice is one that continues to gain popularity. A great example of this is Aaron’s recent sales of the Antipodean apartments on Beach Road. These meticulously designed freehold apartments have been developed with particular attention to detail and built to last the ages. They offer all the marvel and wonder the city has to offer with security, freedom and luxuriously appointed spaces. As Ryan pointed out with the Ponsonby and Grey Lynn apartments, these aren’t merely investments, but homes people want to live in. On the city fringe another successful but still affordable development is Proxima Residences. This new development, on the doorsteps of Ponsonby, is only two sales away from their pre-sale target. “Prices have gone up since they first went on the market but they are still very competitive for the quality and the location,” explains Aaron, who believes the prices of the Proxima Residences are likely to go up again once construction begins in the coming months. “There is one three bedroom sub penthouse left and just a couple of north facing 2 bedroom units to go,” reveals Aaron, “so there’s still a chance for people to secure one before the building starts.”

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APARTMENT LIVING A peep into the future of Blake Street”

Right in the heart of Ponsonby, ‘The Blake’ is a boutique collection of 11 residences located at 3-5 Blake Street. According to Greer Stephens of Oslo Group, these apartments reflect the kind of spaces people want to live their lives in. “The exterior represents ‘enclosed modern architecture’ while interiors are informed by the elegance of Scandinavian design. It’s a development that reflects the vibrancy and dynamic nature of Ponsonby and the people who live and work there,” explains Greer. As one of the newest projects in the area we asked Greer how he expected sales to go in the post lockdown environment. “People still want to reside in Ponsonby and as people’s lives change, apartment living is increasingly a way people want to

live. The design of these new apartments allow people the space and flexibility to work from home while being close to downtown offices when needed.” A home office set up is the one thing Sarah Peterken will be adding to her new home in Crest. “I have a great office nook space in my bedroom that will be perfect for a home office, giving me the scope to work more from home when I need to and have Zoom meetings,” says Sarah. All she needs to do is find the perfect home office furniture to fit the classic lux style she created throughout the PN apartment so far.  www.barfoot.co.nz/projects/sold-projects/north-apartments www.oslogroup.co.nz

Proxima Residences, Barfoot and Thompson, City www.proximaresidences.co.nz

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Work from home essentials Innovative, sleek solutions for your home office:

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Furniture. Simply.

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Garden Therapy: A Growing Trend These last few months have certainly been tough for all of us. We have all had to take time out to reflect on our lives and remind ourselves of what is most important. For some, turning to outdoor zones to improve their quality of life has been a real focus, so if you have found yourself contemplating how to transform your yard, balcony, deck or courtyard into a green retreat, then you are not alone. Green space transformation has become a worldwide trend that has sky rocketed these past months as people turn to their empty indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite their green thumbs in an attempt to find peace, calm, and solace in these uncertain times. New Zealand is no different, with many suppliers in our horticultural industry reporting huge surges in demand post lockdown. City Botanics have always believed that gardens can heal and that everyone should have the opportunity to incorporate nature into their daily lives regardless of their living space or how green their thumbs. For City Botanics owner Martin Steel-Brown, he makes it his business mission to help as many people as possible to connect with nature in their urban environments. “During lockdown, we stayed connected with our customers and it brought us immense joy to hear how grateful they were for recently transforming their garden space and how they were using it everyday to relax and disconnect from life in lockdown. That is why we keep doing what we do. It drives us every day.” Creating your own green space is not limited to those with large backyards either. City Botanics focuses on connecting with clients who live in apartments and townhouses that are struggling to design the perfect space in their small living quarters, and their customers could not be happier. “I am absolutely blown away how City Botanics managed to create a whole new and beautiful balcony space in such a small amount of room. It feels like it’s added another room to my one-bedroom house” - S. Bagnall, Auckland. So while we continue to explore our own national backyards through domestic travel, amateur and expert gardeners are turning their own backyards into stay-cation hotspots to relax and reflect. In a world of chaos and uncertainty, tuning into nature has never felt so rewarding. CITY BOTANICS, M: 027 215 7884, www.citybotanics.co.nz @citybotanics #citybotanics

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XL Section + XL House = GO BIG in Westmere Not often do land size AND house opportunities arise in Westmere like this. Everything about this property is EXTRA! Forget the standard three bedroom floorplan - this one is going BIG. Let’s start with the size of the home - it’s BIG - 320 square metres BIG. Walk in and you will find six generous sized bedrooms spread over two levels. Just as well there are three bathrooms as well. With three lounge areas and one dining room you will never feel boxed in. The kitchen is BIG and modern and you have a BIG internal access double garage. Future proof your investment as this BIG 720 square metre site is zoned for Mixed Housing Urban so you will want to bring your architect along because you have options here. With a north facing aspect and sea views you have so much to capitalise on going forward, all the while enjoying this well-maintained 1920’s classic that our current vendors have loved calling home. Being just minutes from the local beaches, and having the iconic Westmere Butcher and great cafes practically next door this is a really easy choice. In addition to being in zone for outstanding local schools. In other BIG (last BIG I promise) news... I am really excited to be part of the dynamic team that is Bayleys Ponsonby. I look forward to showcasing the amazing properties our area has to offer. When you love living locally it makes it easy to sell houses in and around our amazing community. (MATT O’BRIEN)  PN Feel free to give me a call on 021 687 866... always available to talk real estate!

Clothing Alterations

Alter Ego Roong

T: 09 376 8689

M: 021 032 9128

182-4a Jervois Road, Herne Bay E: ra_cha29@yahoo.com “I get all my bits & pieces done by the smiling helpful Roong... and she’s got Eftpos = sorted...” MARTIN LEACH

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At moderate prices, operating from the city fringe For free advice and quotes, contact Mike 021 075 2356 / service@growthmaintenance.nz

www.growthmaintenance.nz PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)









Kitchen/Bathroom renovation

Villa Specialist Gib Stopping

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l @reidpainters

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9/51 Brown Street, Ponsonby





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Blair Watson 021 502 930 blair@kellands.co.nz

Phil Haeder 021 246 8343 phil@kellands.co.nz

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Tonic Tile Lounge - One Year Open and Going Strong “To say it’s been an eventful first twelve months with our new shop at 254 Richmond Road would be an understatement. Our friends at St Clements moved over to the dark side of the world, into Teed Street, making way for Bauhaus to move into the precinct. Of course, this was made a little bit more challenging for them given two days after they took the keys to the new shop, we were in lock down. This was challenging for Tonic Tile Lounge also, as we had multiple containers of amazing new products and stock orders for clients arriving during this period. We got these off the wharf and eventually unpacked and carried on,” says John Ryan from Tonic Tile Lounge. The world of big slabs has really taken off. 1200mm x 2600mm tiles are being widely used for all manner of applications. Tonic Tile Lounge recently put fourteen into a local house in Westmere as external cladding for an undercover sunk in lounge with gas fireplace. They were also used inside the house for shower walls in one of the bathrooms and as a stunning splashback in the beautiful breath-taking modern kitchen and scullery. They are certainly hard to beat for the wow factor, being as large as they are. Their size means very little grout used, also making them amazing from a cleaning perspective. The introduction of some new handmade subway tiles in metallic gold and platinum along with a stunning emerald green has seen some incredible projects come to life. We have completed a golden shower for a client using the metallic gold, laid in a herringbone design, combined with 900mm x 900mm ‘Waterfront’ concrete look tiles. The client said he has never had so many comments on a project. We are also awaiting images of a villa renovation not far from the showroom being completed in emerald green, very in-keeping with the era of the home. Big bold marble looks are growing by the day. New releases by Imola Group our largest supplier are worth a visit to see. The ‘Dryfix’ technology used to create the stunning depth in the veins is like nothing we have seen from any other suppliers.

As we are facing the onset of an aging population, our new ‘Slip Stop’ product continues to sell like hot cakes. The matt finish when dry, becomes completely non slip when wet. Having just installed it into a new build for my parents I have had some harsh critics test it out. They can’t get over how safe it is underfoot when wet. This is something we all struggle with at times but ‘Slip Stop’ technology alleviates the risk. Thank you to all those that have supported us so far. We look forward to meeting many more locals at the Tonic Tile Lounge showroom, 245 Richmond Road. (next door to Homage and Bauhaus)”.

10am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday, by appointment any other time. 254 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland (next to Homage and Bauhaus) M: 021 644 728 / www.tonictiles.co.nz

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Un-follow Fashion Forget fads and trends. Think form and function. It will pay you dividends. We all love our kitchens, and so we should. Without overstating their role in our lives, the kitchen is the single-most important room in the home, not only helping to nourish us on a daily basis, but also acting as the social hub of the family and the focal point of activity when entertaining.

At its showroom in Takapuna, Kitchens By Design has three qualified designers that not only have the relevant skills and experience in designing kitchens, but also have a current and comprehensive knowledge of products, hardware and materials.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that when it comes to replacing it, we spend an inordinate amount of time on our devices researching, long evenings sitting on the sofa buried in brochures and magazines, and countless lost weekends in the car driving to every conceivable showroom, poring over everything from taps to tiles, and sinks to splashbacks.

“Classic design lines, whether they’re traditional or modern will stand the test of time,” says Cripps. “That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with an un-interesting or boring design; just be mindful that you’ll probably be looking at your new kitchen every day for the next 15 years.”

However, over and above the mammoth task of whittling down the myriad options of its constituent parts, the fundamental decision you have to get right is settling on a kitchen design that’s going to work well for you and your family. Without good design, everything else is just a collection of stuff, says Kitchens By Design’s, Richard Cripps. And he’s right.

“If you want to have a bit of fun with the design and the colour, choose parts of the kitchen that can easily be changed out in years to come – pendant lighting, tapware, drawer and cupboard handles, etc. But at the same time choose carefully the big ticket items, such as your benchtops and cabinetry style.”

“Your kitchen is going to outlive any trends that are currently floating around, so you need to think carefully about that. My advice is to unfollow fashion. Don’t get too caught up in trends that are happening right now,” he says. “Focus on the design. Design is your single-most important consideration. Get the design right and everything else will usually fall into place – so it’s vitally important to engage a designer that fully understands your specific circumstances.”

No matter what stage of life you’re at, a young couple with no kids yet, forty somethings with a couple of teenagers in tow, or empty nesters contemplating retirement, things are going to change. So, when you’re weighing up the wants and needs for your new kitchen, don’t get too bogged down agonising over the latest appliances, benchtop materials or fancy tiles, go and talk to a qualified designer who will help to future-proof your kitchen for what life will look like at the end of the next decade.

If you thinking about putting in a new kitchen, give Richard Cripps or one of his team a call, or pop into the Kitchens By Design showroom at 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna T: 09 488 7201. And for inspiration, take a look at their website at www.kitchensbydesign.co.nz

With this kitchen, designer Michelle Gillbanks from Kitchens By Design helped her clients re-create the commecial feel of the inner city apartment they used to live in in London, transposed into a chic townhouse in Parnell.

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Visit our showroom today. Takapuna 3 Byron Avenue, Takapuna (09) 379 3084

Modern elegance meets old-world charm.



Mary Kelly Kilims is coming to 170 Ponsonby Road Mary Kelly Kilims imports one-of-a-kind vintage homewares from Turkey and is showcasing a large range of these pieces at the first ever MKK pop-up retail space. Opening on Tuesday 11 August until Sunday 23 August, the pop-up shop will have rugs, runners, bags, poufs, cushions and much more.

Kilim Cushion Cover 40cmx40cm - $80

Kilim and Leather Backpack - $250

Kilim and Leather Overnight Bag - $595

Grey Patchwork Pouf - $275 Anatolian Barak Kilim Rug 220cm x 154cm - $1650 Vintage Herki Pile Runner 366cm x 94cm - $1895 MARY KELLY KILIMS, 53 Wood Street, Freemans Bay, M: 022 163 5300, E: hello@marykellykilims.co.nz, Instagram: @mary_kelly_kilims, www.marykellykilims.co.nz

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Growth Maintenance - for tree, hedge & garden jobs Tell us about your background? I spent almost five years training with Asplundh, in Auckland City contract zone A022, east of the motorway down to Otahuhu. I worked in the Auckland Domain, Parnell Rose Gardens, and all the other parks and street trees, including 18 months on the insulated bucket truck for Vector assets. I launched and ran my own company. It went like a rocket and my business partner and his wife wanted it for themselves. It’s still running. I next ran my own plumbing business business for several years. My latest business, Growth Maintenance, has been servicing clients for two years. What services can you provide? All tree hedge and garden maintenance for rental properties. All tree and hedge maintenance for private home owners. Removals, pruning, corrective work to tree or hedges. Advice on property management with respect to trees and hedges.

You mention a maintenance schedule. Can you elaborate? GM designs and provides regular maintenance programmes for properties. This involves designing and implementing economic maintenance with intervals to economically maintain a property’s trees and hedges to current or improved standards. How do you price jobs? All jobs are quoted, based exactly off an estimate of time required. Prices are pitched to be slightly below or at market average. How far will you travel for jobs? We work from Orewa and Gulf Harbour to Pukekohe, west to Piha, east to Howick and Takannini. We are based from Linwood Ave Mt Albert, on the border with Morningside and Grey Lynn. What’s your favourite Ponsonby cafe or bar? Chapel, Fitzroy, Family Bar (upstairs)!  PN

GROWTH MAINTENANCE - tree, hedge and garden, M: 021 075 2356, www.growthmaintenance.nz

Successfully Selling Brilliant Homes In Your Neighbourhood

Six Homes Sold In July!





87 Clarence St, Ponsonby





303/12 Vinegar Lane, Grey Lynn







6/137 Jervois Road, Herne Bay




205/367 Great North Road The Dylan, Grey Lynn


17 Tawariki St,Ponsonby





44 Albany Road, Herne Bay

Felicity Scott BBS | Residential Sales M 0274 522 241 B 09 376 3039 E f.scott@barfoot.co.nz | barfoot.co.nz/f.scott

Ponsonby Branch

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Planning your perfect urban oasis Clayton Sceats is at the forefront of trends and innovations in window furnishing trends. As commercial director of Lahood Window Furnishings he has worked with many of New Zealand’s leading architects and builders on a diverse range of projects. We spoke with Clayton to discuss automation and why smart homes have become one of the most significant trends in window furnishings right now. Automation is the future Technology has accelerated at a pace that has changed just about every aspect of life and a smart home is one the most noticeable design trends for renovations and new builds. Homeowners are increasingly selecting automation systems to control curtains, blinds and other items throughout the home. This technology provides numerous benefits. Child safety, for example, is often a concern for homeowners and a motorised system is an ideal cordless solution that combines safety, style, and convenience. Homeowners can also open and close their window furnishings at the touch of a button, as well as schedule their window coverings to operate at set times. This keeps a room warm in winter and cool and summer. In renovated villa style homes that include modern extensions, a dual approach can be implemented. Automation can be retrofitted to the existing part of the house using traditional shutters or curtains, in keeping with the style of the house and then using the same automation system we can automate blinds in the modern extension.

“A favourite moment on a project was watching 120 motorised roller blinds rise and fall together. This was a technically skilful project for a home in Mairangi Bay, where the blinds needed to work individually as well as a group,” says Clayton. One thing is for certain; curtains, blinds or shutters shouldn’t be an afterthought at the end of the project. “They are a major part of a room visually, and something that you will interact with every day, so it’s vital you achieve an end result that is both beautiful and practical,” explains Clayton. “It’s important to note, if you are considering motorising any window furnishings that you plan early so wiring and electrical work can be prepared well in advance,” he adds. Lahood works closely with home owners, architects, builders and electricians from early planning stages through to installation. With over 35 years in the industry Lahood have the products and experience to ensure a perfect solution is provided to suit your needs. Feel free to visit our showroom to see a motorised blind, curtain and shutter demonstration, or book a FREE consultation. LAHOOD, 104 Mt Eden Road, T: 09 638 8463, www.lahood.co.nz

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104 Mt. Eden Road Mt. Eden, Auckland Phone: 09 638 8463 www.lahood.co.nz

Are you renovating, redecorating or building a new home?


Phone 638 8463 today for a FREE in home design consultation*


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CURTAINS • BLINDS • INTERIOR DESIGN • AWNINGS • ROLLER SHADES • UPHOLSTERY *Special conditions apply – lahood.co.nz/promotions. Offer finishes 31/08/2020.


Crossing the lines Local Freemans Bay resident, Brent Coutts, has just published his book telling the story of three homosexual New Zealand soldiers in WWII. ‘Crossing the Lines’ is the first history of New Zealand homosexual soldiers in World War II. Award-winning teacher, historian and local resident, Brent Coutts brings their experiences to life through the extraordinary experiences of Harold Robinson, Ralph Dyer and Douglas Morison, three men who shared a queer identity and a love of performance. As female impersonators in the Kiwi and Tui concert parties in the Pacific, they found a place to live as gay men within the military forces, boosting the morale of personnel in the Pacific Campaign and, along the way, falling in love with some of the men they met. After ten years of multiple first-hand interviews and painstaking archival research, Coutts discovered there was a surprising level of acceptance of homosexuality by the military, considering its illegal status. “We assume people had to keep their sexuality hidden and yes, discretion was necessary, but homosexual soldiers had a fairly open experience regarding being gay during the war,” says Coutts. Harold Robinson, a ballet dancer, found a role as the batman (personal servant) of Major John Marshall, who later became New Zealand’s prime minister. “He’s gone down in history as being one of our conservative PMs, yet, during the war, he had a batman who crossed-dressed.” Coutts discovered from court-martial files that very few prosecutions were carried out on grounds of homosexuality. “Of thousands of court-martials, there were just eight prosecutions involving ten gay men among the surviving records.” ‘Crossing the Lines’ reveals Harold’s friendship and later marriage to Auckland socialite and lesbian, Freda Stark. “Harold met Freda in Auckland, just as he was about to leave for Egypt. Freda sent him food parcels. Later, Harold got a soldier’s bursary to attend the Sadler’s Wells Ballet School in London where Freda joined him. They got married and tried for a few months to have a normal relationship.” This richly illustrated account, which includes rarely seen photos, is principally a story of mateship. It follows the men from their formative prewar lives to their experiences living in post-war London, where they embraced the many new possibilities available. It is a story of the search for love and belonging, and the foundation of the queer community today. This is the first ever published history of gay New Zealand soldiers during WWII. Written by award-winning, Freeman’s Bay based historian Brent Coutts, it is available now.  PN

@ Whitespace

Trusttum/Twiss 2-20 August Philip Trusttum & Greer Twiss - a selection of works on paper. Greer Twiss is the “Godfather” of contemporary sculpture in New Zealand. For more than 50 years he has made sculpture, exhibited, been collected, been commissioned, taught, been reviewed and written about – without interruption. The development of New Zealand sculpture post World War II cannot be considered without the massive contribution of Greer Twiss as artist and as teacher. From a childhood interest in puppetry that saw him performing to audiences as a child and as a pioneer of television in this country, his making of figures evolved into the early cast bronze athletes that his reputation as a sculptor was built on. Greer rapidly emerged as a pioneer of cast metal in New Zealand, and as the figure head of contemporary sculpture. A major public sculpture group, in bronze, commissioned for Karangahape Road by the Auckland City Council secured his youthful reputation as a leading figure in the New Zealand contemporary art scene. Greer has remained always inventive, returning frequently to cast bronze as a favoured medium but also working in wax, sheet lead, sheet galvanised iron, wood and steel. He has exhibited widely here and abroad and has been the subject of two major retrospective exhibitions by the Wellington City Art Gallery and Auckland Art Gallery. Soon after graduating from the University of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts he returned as a teacher, becoming an Associate Professor and Head of Sculpture. Not only has he been a powerful and persuasive figure as an artist, but he has also shaped and stimulated the talent of generations of students who have passed through his studios. He was made an ONZM for Sculpture in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2002, and received an Arts Foundation Icon Award in 2011. (Dr Rodney Wilson. from Arts Foundation website). Philip Trusttum is one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary painters of major works. Philip graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury School of Art in 1964. In 1967 he travelled on a Queen Elizabeth 11 Arts Council scholarship and since then has travelled and worked in Europe and North America. He was part of ANZART at the Edinburgh Arts Festival in 1984 – the same year he exhibited on New York’s 57th Street at the Jill Kornblee Gallery. He has shown in Sydney, New York, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch since then. In 1998 he was the only New Zealand artist reviewed in the New York Times. Philip Trusttum is represented in all major public and private collections PN within New Zealand.  WHITESPACE, 20 Monmouth Street, T: 09 361 6331, www.whitespace.co.nz


20 monmouth st, grey lynn, auckland | whitespace.co.nz

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Double chemistry with dazzling duo Amalia Hall & Ashley Brown This highly talented pair will be performing Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello with St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra & Conductor David Kay, Sunday 16 August @2.30 pm Amalia Hall – Violinist Amalia has received widespread acclaim for her ability to move audiences with her “sumptuous and sweet tone”, inherent musicality and natural facility. Born in New Zealand, at eight Amalia began playing chamber music with her siblings in the Hall String Quartet and has gone on to play chamber music with many eminent musicians. • • • • • • •

At 9 she made her debut with the APO. At 10 she was the youngest ever member to be accepted into the NZSO National Youth Orchestra. At 16 she became an associate member of the APO and was contracted as Principal 1st Violin in 2012. At 19 she completed her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Auckland and went on to postgraduate studies at the Curtis Institute of Music. Since then she has lectured and held master classes. In her teens Amalia won all of the major awards in New Zealand and her International competition successes almost beggar belief. Check out her web site www.amaliahall.com In 2016 Amalia’s appointment as Concertmaster of Orchestra Wellington made her New Zealand’s youngest concertmaster. In 2019 she was appointed Violinist of NZTrio, described as “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble”.

Amalia has been a soloist with major orchestras in Europe, China, the UK, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico, USA, Australia, and Uzbekistan, where she played all five of the Mozart Violin Concertos in one concert. Amalia currently plays on a Vincenzo Rugeri violin from c. 1694, generously on loan from a private benefactor. Ashely Brown – Cellist Acclaimed as a musician of “unimpeachable artistry”, Ashley Brown is one of New Zealand’s leading soloists, collaborators, chamber musicians and recording artists. He was a member of the Turnovsky Trio, Principal Cellist of the APO, is a founder of NZTrio and is a passionate advocate for New Zealand music. His teachers have included Alexander Ivashkin, Aldo Parisot, and William Pleeth. His musical curiosity has led him to share the stage with diverse composers and artists like Dame Gillian Whitehead, Moana Maniapoto, Michael Houstoun, Kristian Jaarvi and Neil Finn. Ashley plays the 1762 William Forster ‘Liberte’ cello. www.NZTrio.com If you have not heard St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra play then you are missing one of the finest musical experiences in Auckland. TICKETS: Eventfinda, or door sales cash only. Adults $30, concessions $25, children under 12 free. Student rush on the day, $15.  PN

ST MATTHEW-IN-THE-CITY CHURCH corner Wellesley & Hobson Streets. www.smco.org.nz

First Tuesday @ St Matthew-in-the-City Luca Manghi (flute) and David Kelly (piano) will be performers at First Tuesday on 1 September at St Matthew-in-the-City. In a programme of music by Mozart, John Harbison and Ralph Vaughan Williams, will show off both their exemplary talents and the heavenly acoustic of the space. Luca Manghi was born in Parma, Italy, and became a prize winning flute player as a student at Boito National Music Conservatory. After an orchestral career in Europe he moved to New Zealand where he is an active teacher (Universities of Auckland, Otago and Waikato) and a freelance chamber musician in high demand. David Kelly is a graduate of University of Canterbury and a busy repetiteur for New Zealand Opera. David enjoys a strong association with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, Auckland Chamber Orchestra and Christchurch Symphony. He is also an active chamber music performer, often in association with Lucan Manghi.

Sun 16 August at 2pm programme

Borodin In the Steppes of Central Asia Brahms Double Concerto Op 102 A minor Borodin Symphony No 2 B minor soloists Amalia Hall & Ashley Brown

Manghi and Kelly have selected a programme which anticipates the gift of spring in a sunny sonata by Mozart and Suite de Ballet for piano and flute by Vaughan Williams. St Matthew’s is a space which is equally good for bold and loud music, like that of the New Zealand Navy Band in August, as well as sweet piano and soaring flute as in this concert programme. Further concerts at lunchtime on the first Tuesday of the month will feature Lisa Chou (piano) playing a bold all Beethoven programme on 6 October, and Paul Chan (organ) on 3 November, pitting his prodigious technique and musicianship against the great four manual Henry Willis III instrument, much treasured by St Matthew’s.  PN www.stmatthews.nz

Luca Manghi & David Kelly Soaring Flute and Sweet Piano

Tuesday 1st September, 12.10-12.50pm A programme of music by Mozart, John Harbison and Vaughan Williams. Entry by koha.

conductor David Kay st matthew-in-the-city Cnr of Wellesley & Hobson Street, Auckland City

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Uptown Art Scene Be kind. It’s a phrase that helped us through the last few months, and it’s surprising, perhaps, that we had to remember to be so. Strength is often not in taking a hard line at all, but in being gentle and kind, over and over and over (so said The Smiths). There are no hard lines in the paintings of Kathryn Stevens at Whitespace. They are so soft you can fall into them, sink into their diffused light like being swallowed by soft cushions of colour. They remind me of slowly waking into the emerging light of morning, as objects begin to separate from the gloom and seek their specific shape and hue. These are sumptuous paintings, suffused in colour and light through a thoughtful new approach to materials. For over 20 years, Kathryn has been working colour with exceptionally delicate layering and transparency, using oils on canvas.

Cover image Kathryn Stevens, Surfacing 1, 2 & 3, 340x 84.5cm ea, acrylic on architectural film

These new paintings are made from acrylic on silk: so much softer, and translucent to the point of being airy. The silk allows light through, bouncing off the wall and back through the painting, so the planes of colour are lit from both sides and the works become ambient light boxes. The exhibition is called 'Surfacing', a title that has many connotations in relation to the works. The way light and colour react on both the silk and the wall behind creates an undefined surface, where the folds and pleats of colour are supplemented by the shadows and wood supports below them. Surfacing is a liminal state, moving between one element into another yet not fully in either; I’m reminded again of the warm, half state of waking or falling asleep.

Kathryn Stevens, Cell 12, 600x500mm, acrylic on silk and cast acrylic on pine stretchers

Mostly the colours are contemplative: soft-focus greens and powdery pinks, and the subtle blues in Cell 1 and Cell 4 are especially dreamy. Stronger violets, reds and greys increase the dynamic, culminating in Cell 12’s slightly burnt orange sliced purposefully by a sharp dreadnought grey.

Surfacing shows Kathryn taking her earlier abstractions of architectural spaces and dissolving those solid forms to offer us a more intricate and changeable space. There is plenty of strength and surety in these soft and meditative paintings. PN (EVAN WOODRUFFE/STUDIO ART SUPPLIES) 

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Exhibition voyages through the decades of the Dunedin Study Relive four decades of New Zealand’s history at Slice of Life: The World Famous Dunedin Study Exhibition on now at the Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). The exhibition’s subject, The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, has followed and analysed the lives of 1,037 babies born in Dunedin between 1972–3 for more than four decades. So far, results of the study have been published in more than 1,200 academic papers and have come to affect millions of lives. Displays of childhood toys, symbols of youth rebellion and the evolution of technology parallel the lives of participants, as they started school, learned to drive, experimented with sex, drugs and alcohol, pursued careers and started families of their own. Replica rooms decorated in the styles of the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 2000s transport visitors to past decades. Through each decade, visitors are presented with key findings from the study, at first focusing on child health, then evolving to include behavioural findings. Interactive exhibits then draw visitors into the study, offering a handson lesson in how our hearts work, how our lives might affect how we age and the chance to try some of the tests that participants completed as children. This exhibition invites visitors to explore what is sometimes referred to as the ‘science of us’ in which they learn about the study, the anonymous lives of the participants, and maybe a little bit about themselves. Slice of Life: The World-Famous Dunedin Study is on now and included in MOTAT General Admission. Visit www.motat.nz/exhibitions


The 1,000 most studied people in the world Delve into the research of the world famous Dunedin Study, their lives and what they have taught us, so far. PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020


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Linn Lorkin went to New York on a three week transit visa in 1977, fell into piano-bar work and stayed eight years. Interweaving song and story and unfolding like a Broadway musical, ‘Hey, Piano Bar Lady’, tells the fascinating tale of her adventures in the Big Apple as she progresses from downtown $20 a night gigs to uptown’s swanky ivories with stops along the way for marriage, divorce and a baby. This original show was selected as one of the picks of the Festival at Edinburgh Fringe 2012 and won ‘Best Cabaret’ at the world’s largest solo show festival, United Solo, New York in 2013. It featured at Auckland Writers Festival 2018 in a sold-out performance. “A love letter to a life filled with adventure… manages to be funny and poignant, Lorkin’s captivating performance exuding the timelessness of a brilliant performer.” ****The List UK. “Fabulous style…a cross between Victoria Wood and Edith Piaf.” ****Musical Theatre Matters UK.

Clay Works Potters' Market at St Columba

At Artworks Theatre, Oneroa, Waiheke, Friday 7 August, Saturday 8 August @ 7.30pm. The third show is on Sunday 9 August @ 2pm. The final shows of the series will be held at TAPAC, Western Springs on Saturday 22 August 7.30pm and Sunday 23 August @ 2pm.  PN

After what has been one of the most extraordinary years on record, we are excited to confirm that the annual Clay Works Potters' Market, usually held in May, has been rescheduled for Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September, 10am - 4pm. Not surprisingly, lockdown has been fruitful for the potters who have their own studios and kilns. Now in its sixth year, Clay Works is an eagerly awaited event in the Auckland arts calendar as well as being St Columba's main fundraiser for its community work. With more than 40 potters exhibiting, including some new to Clay Works, there will be an amazing and diverse range of pottery. The later timing this year provides the perfect opportunity for some early Christmas shopping! The venue is St Columba Church hall, 92 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn. The Coffee Guy will be there both days, and with barbecued sausages from the Grey Lynn Butcher on Saturday morning. Search for Clay Works Potters' Market 2020 on Facebook and Instagram to see photos in the lead-up to the event.  PN Enquiries to Liz on M: 021 15 17 087, www.saintcolumbas.org.nz

Ali Nicholls: The Beths The Beths were the first band I ever reviewed, playing The Hollywood Avondale to a predictable crowd of lefty, lanky Grey Lynn dwellers and Wine Cellar regulars, and they absolutely blew me away. Having listened to ‘Jump Rope Gazers’, the 2020 sophomore album that The Beths are embarking on their release tour with, I was going in to this show with mixed feelings. As can often be the case with sophomore releases, Jump Rope Gazers seemed more reserved than previous works. It has some banging tracks for sure, but as this album didn’t bring much by way of fresh perspective to the table, I was apprehensive about whether I would be as enthralled for a second time. On the night The Beths are greeted to joyous applause. There’s a lot of love in the room and Liz, nervous as she is, dishes out her signature stumbling stage banter with gratitude. Their first single ‘I’m Not Getting Excited’ rips through the heartwarming fuzziness of their welcome, and the mosh is as lively as one can expect from an enthusiastic flock of Green party voters in their late 20s at 10pm on a Friday night. Once again, The Beths are on form. I hold my reservations carefully. Their sound is faultless, the atmosphere is lush, and everyone in this room is having a blast, but I feel as though I’ve been here before. I teeter on the edge of judgement before I’m flung from the cliffside by the familiar peeling guitar riff of ‘Whatever’ from their freshman LP ‘Future Me Hates Me’.

118 PONSONBY NEWS+ August 2020

photography: Connor Crawford


Linn Lorkin is bringing her award-winning show to local audiences this month

In the moment, I feel like I’m back at The Hollywood. Back in a time before COVID-19 lobbed a spanner into the churning cogs of our social networks, before the fascist grip of the US police state set Minneapolis ablaze with anguish and revolution, before Hong Kong was wrenched from its citizens and tossed into the tumbling vortex of state surveillance and governmentality. Before it felt like the world might never be the same. But in that moment, I realised that what really mattered hasn’t changed. We still love, celebrate, dance, and make the most of every moment we can. We can hope that The Beths bring something new and jagged and invigorating and driving in their future sound. But for now, this show was the perfect way to celebrate what is, in the wake of what has been.  PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)


Essentialise ART Exhibition POP UP There is a pop up art exhibition at 170 Ponsonby Road for the month of September. The artists are Daniel Tippett resident mural artist, his best work is a huge mural currently at the Grey Lynn RSA and Tracey Tawhiao, is - artist. Originally planned for April but Covid a contemporary Maori came and so like everyone we had to postpone. This new exhibition is called ESSENTIALISE. Is art an essential? What is essential? Many artists are suffering under the notion art is not an essential and are very fearful of the future but we want to affirm that while it isn’t practically useful it’s become more essential than ever before. The top three reasons are: 1. When you are in lockdown and can’t got out and about art can let you see beyond your four walls into abundance, into nature, into space, into abstraction where all things can been seen. 2. The creativity in life being transformed into an object is the magic of someone’s inner vision becoming expressed in the outer world. Art is a vision and during these times visions heal the soul. 3. Art is very personal and no two art pieces are the same, this unique identity makes art a powerful reminder of how diverse life is. It’s not just one thing. It is many different and personal expressions. Essentialise is an exhibition that asks us to accept what is essential and what is not. What matters and what does not. This helps us create a much stronger community and country. We all learnt what was truly essential in lockdown. Now waste is no longer an option, and money for money’s sake is less appealing. Goods with no intrinsic value are

no longer important. Papatuanuku is asking us what is essential to our life, because if it’s not essential maybe it’s just wasteful and adding more toxic waste to the environment. It’s also about having and using the good stuff now, don’t wait. Daniel Tippett Mural Artist from Ponsonby. His large mural at the Grey Lynn RSA is famous, along with other multiple murals all over New Zealand. His father was the well known Ponsonby potter, Warren Tippett. Daniel is also a very talented oil painter of NZ flora and fauna, as well as prints and detailed native bird paintings. Tracey Tawhiao is a painter, poet and has been a full time artist for 20 years. She paints on a variety of mediums but loves to use recycled materials as much as a canvas. Her works are in collections all over the world. She has had several successful exhibitions in Paris, and most recently, in the Beijing Biennale in China. This exhibition will hold a number of art salons each Friday over the month of September. These are late night events with guest Artists such as Tame Iti, Natasha Keating, George Nuku, Shona Tawhiao and others. The opening celebration is on Friday 28 August. The gallery hours are 10 - 6 pm Monday - Friday, 10-3 pm Saturday. PN 170 Ponsonby Road. 

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