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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied





The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied
















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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied





The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied






LOCAL BABYSITTING CLUB I am the mother of two kids, aged four and two. A few years ago I wrote a letter to Ponsonby News to see if I could drum up interest in a local babysitting club. Going out can be expensive, especially when only one parent is working, and if you’re anything like us, you would prefer to spend what little disposable income you have eating out or seeing a movie without the pressure of factoring in the hourly cost of a babysitter.

THE PN TEAM IS CLEARLY ABLE TO SPOT TALENT! The model I chose for one of the Ponsonby News fashion spreads back in May 2007 is on the cover of Vogue India! Her name is Ashika Pratt and she’s with NOVA. We shot her at Three lamps in the Skin Institute spa (called iPlenish back then) above the old Ponsonby Post Office! PEBBLES HOOPER, Ponsonby

My idea was to set up something similar to when I was a child where neighbours took turns to babysit each other’s children on a ‘points’ system of reciprocation. When I wrote to you a few years ago I was surprised, given the number of tempting bars, restaurants and entertainment on our doorstep, that only one fellow parent responded. As it turned out, we’ve become good friends as well as reciprocal babysitters and we have enjoyed several years of mutual support on nights out . I believe that Western society has become unnatural, especially with increased reliance on technology with which to distance ourselves from the community support that only 20 years ago was widely available. My family would still benefit from knowing more people in the area who are happy to help each other out on those nights when you just need to get out and have some ‘us’ time, or perhaps to set up a permanent mutual arrangement of ‘I babysit one night a week for you, you babysit one night a week for me’. Of course trust is paramount and some time getting to know each other and each other’s kids would be a natural precursor to such an arrangement.

ASHIKA PRATT wearing Liz Mitchell

photography: Amanda Bransgrove

If there are any Arch Hill/Grey Lynn/Ponsonby parents out there who are also craving more regular time out together and are happy to offer reciprocal support, please feel free to give me a call on T: 09 360 6255. KATE WATSON, Arch Hill

AUTUMN/WINTER FASHION IN PONSONBY NEWS Dear Martin and team, I know I am a little biased, but I just wanted to let you know that the Vanilla Ink team really liked the fashion spread that you did last month. As far as our own dress went, it was really special to see it styled by someone outside our team and shot editorially to a really high standard. We liked all the images, and the features in the shots, the colour choice and the styling - the energy of it. The spread was really fresh and as good as any fashion mag shoot as far as we are concerned. The reason for writing this is because we’d like to see more of it! SUSAN, MOYRA, KYLEIGH and SHELLEY at Vanilla Ink. WONDERFUL WEDDINGS AND CIVIL UNIONS I was thrilled to see such a wonderful weddings feature in last month’s issue of Ponsonby News. I’m amazed at the quality and selection of things available these days to make a young couple’s wedding day so special. I was married in the years immediately following World War II and no disrespect to my parents, or to my late husband, but there was so little around in the way of wedding dresses and rings to choose from and money was scarce. We had to make do with what we could find and I had a borrowed dress that my older sister and my best friend had both worn on their wedding days. The other thing I wanted to say that it is good that you included civil unions as well. I may be an old lady now but how refreshing it is be able to acknowledge our lesbian and gay community in this way. This is why I have loved living in this community, we have always been a community that has embraced and accepted all walks of life. Finally, I just want to say what a beautiful cover illustration... I loved the little kissing birds - how delightful! JOY THOMPSON - Grey Lynn PN

Views and opinions published in Ponsonby News as expressed by their authors are not necessarily those of Alchemy Media Limited.



FROM THE PUBLISHING TEAM LAST MONTH THE BIRDCAGE WAS RELOCATED TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION. For some, as Nikki Kaye points out, this looked like a small trip for a brick hotel but it was actually a great leap for Auckland’s heritage. As she explains - P14.

photography: Jane Blundell @ kloser

A HERITAGE TRAMWAY IS MAKING A COMEBACK TO DOWNTOWN AUCKLAND, within the Wynyard Quarter. This is a legacy project of the former Auckland Regional Council, handed over to Waterfront Auckland as part of the Local Government re-organisation last November. There is a hive of activity in this precinct, as Waterfront Auckland is determined to complete the tramway in time for the World Rugby Cup later this year. The trams will come into the curb to drop passengers safely, and the whole design will allow for future light rail. These trams will be affordable and fun, and will not be a drain on ratepayers.The route runs clockwise along Jellicoe Street, Halsey Street, Gaunt Street, and Daldy Street. We’re hoping one day they will run up College Hill to Ponsonby - P18. THIS MONTH WE ARE PLEASED TO WELCOME LEIF WAUTERS TO OUR TEAM OF regular contributors. Each month he will be commenting on GLBT – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender issues - P19. FRANK, A FRIEND ASKED ME RECENTLY WHAT WE – THE PN TEAM – HAD PLANNED for Rugby World Cup – meaning what were we doing to make our September issue special. He is a management consultant and is an intelligent, practical strategic thinker and planner. In the world of publishing most of what we do is ‘by the seat of our pants’ – the deadlines are unrelentless and what joy it would be to have the TIME for strategic thinking… which is why we asked the pupils at Ponsonby Intermedate to send us artwork suitable for our September issue cover, pulling together the RWC and Ponsonby. The School’s most outstanding artwork which will be published on our front cover and we will make a $500 contribution to be used by the School’s Art Department. We also may print extra copies of the issue during RWC to help lure overseas and out-of-town visitors to spend time and money in Ponsonby. THIS YEAR THERE ARE 64 FINALISTS COMPETING FOR 16 AWARDS IN THE Lewisham Awards - the hospitality oscars. A record breaking 4,206 nominations were received to vote for the finalists in the 16 categories which will be revealed at the ninth Lewisham Awards on 29 May. Along with several others and vying for the top award, The Dog Point Outstanding Hospitality Personality is Luke Dallow, owner/operator of Sale St and Chapel Bar & Bistro. We wish Mr D all the very best! THIS MONTH WE FEATURE THE PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK, OUR A-Z of local cafés and restaurants in Greater Ponsonby. Rebecca Jones, former Maitre’d and

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

MARTIN LEACH, JULIE ROULSTON, JAY PLATT + JO BARRETT Co-owner of the recently closed Tabou Bar & Bistro in Kingsland, has helped us compile and update our café and restaurant listings this month. If we’ve missed anyone, please let us know - P76. DON’T FORGET MOTHER’S DAY ON SUNDAY 8 MAY. WE ASKED SOME LOCALS TO tell us what they’ll be doing to spoil their mums - P92. WE’VE ALWAYS AGREED THAT HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS AND THESE days there is huge capital value in what is our biggest asset. We asked some businesses to inspire us when we’re thinking of renovation - P95. IT’S NOT BEEN A GREAT YEAR SO FAR WITH NATURAL DISASTERS - FLOODS, tsunamis, earthquakes and nuclear accidents…which is why it was a delight last month to take our minds off things for a time and be spell bound by the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. How familiar the faces at Westninster Abbey appeared to us and there’s nothing like a celebration like this to lift our spirits. FINALLY, AT THE END OF THE MONTH MICHAEL HALL, CONSERVATION ART photographer will be exhibiting at whitespace. Such is the growing reputation of this Australian-based New Zealand photographer, that one of his stunning images of the severe drought in South Australia was selected to form the stage back drop for ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ speech by Al Gore in Sydney.- P134. PN




 SOCIAL MEDIA IN GREATER PONSONBY - YOU SAID IT Thanks to all of you who completed Ponsonby News’ online survey of Social Media in Greater Ponsonby. And now for the results! Unsurprisingly, every respondent used Social Networking sites, with almost 10% of you using them for business, 25 % personal use, and 65% both business and personal. One respondent enthused “It makes the world feel like a smaller place! Everyone is a Facebook update or a tweet away, whether you’re an average Joe or a celebrity. It’s an interesting insight into how the other half lives - as well as a great way to keep an eye on your own friends and family.”


Facebook is overwhelmingly the most used site with all but one respondent using it (“Hate Facebook. Privacy concerns, awkward, clumsy interface. Unfortunately it’s the most popular, but I won’t use it. Not yet, anyway”). Almost half the respondents use twitter and 20% of you frequent other sites, being location-based site Foursquare, business networking site Linked In, Youtube, and music sharing site Soundcloud.

A VERY HEART WARMING FUNCTION WAS HELD AT THE HAWKE SEA SCOUTS building on Thursday 7 April. The fund raising efforts to raise $750,000 to restore the club house, otherwise known as ‘The Ship’, have reached the halfway mark and it was announced that stage one of the project would now go ahead. The building has been home to the scout group for more than fifty years. It was re-piled two years ago at a cost of $50,000 but further restoration is paramount. It would be nothing short of a crime if this unique community asset was allowed to deteriorate further. Fortunately the hardworking committee is determined this must not happen and they are supported by stalwarts such as Dean Barker, who has been Patron for the last five years and the legendary Penny Whiting, who Chairs the funding committee.

Our respondents are using Social Media a lot! 42% said they use sites several times each day; 26% said daily, and 29% said constantly! None logged on less frequently than weekly. It seems that ease, low cost and immediacy are the main attractions.

Group Leader, Craig Whitehead oversees an exciting programme for young people that focusses on maritime activities in a safe environment and Project Leader, Marcel de Witte is passionate about restoring the building for future generations. He was a Hawke Sea Scout himself when he was young and found all the outdoor activities an invaluable experience as well as lots of fun. Hawke is fortunate in having leaders (mostly parents) who are experienced and enthusiastic sailors themselves.

A whopping 90% feel that Social Media has changed the way they communicate with friends and family, with photos, people overseas and trustworthy reviews all mentioned.

The function was well attended. Dean Barker was the guest speaker and he elaborated on how the New Zealand team would have to adjust their sailing techniques on the new class of boat, the AC72 wing sailed catamaran, and how the confines of San Francisco Bay would call for a change in positioning strategies. Several America’s Cup sailors attended adding an extra fillip to the occasion.

Amid lots of enthusiasm were some contemplative and even cautionary messages. Lawyer Michael Hemphill told us “It’s a transformational idea but we’ve yet to see how long it will last and whether it will be possible for small businesses to successfully monetise it.” Many respondents recommended privacy precautions and moderate use.

Penny Whiting MC’d with great verve and panache, calling for questions from the floor that engendered much humour and fraternity banter. She made grateful acknowledgement to the sponsors who helped make the celebration a success. 5 Loaves Café provided delicious food that was washed down with beer from the Moa Brewing Company and wine from Herne Bay Cellars. Westmere Butcher also provided sustenance and Soar Printing contributed to printing costs. For nearly eighty years Hawke has been an important part of the local community, providing outdoor activities for young people that equip them with life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, citizenship and healthy living. Long may this continue. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

10 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

59% of respondents say that Social Media has changed the way they do business. Things they say: “We run competitions which we wouldn’t have done in store”; “It has helped the brand get recognised faster”; “great for business networking”; “You can update people in realtime - specials etc;” “reach different parts of the public” and “easy way to communicate events” - with one respondent saying they find people more receptive to their message via Social Media.

We asked you to share your thoughts on Social Media in general and all but two of you were positive. “It’s a drag in many ways! I hate the way people live their lives through their postings. Gen Y and X are the worst?” said one of the minority.

To finish in the considered words of one respondent, Clinton Cardazo: “Social Media (Networking) is exactly what it is, a network. It allows you to put your ideas and products out there but it doesn’t make your ideas or products interesting. It’s just a medium, not the message itself.” (JULIE ROULSTON) PN We’d love your comment on this article. Please have your say at PonsonbyNews or Did you miss Ponsonby News’ Social Media article featuring experts Suzanne Kendrick, Cate Owen, Tommy Bates and Duncan Shand? You can read it on p46 of the March issue at


CHAIR’S WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD REPORT: SHALE CHAMBERS LAST MONTH THE WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD AND INTERESTED MEMBERS of the public revived an ancient Anglo-Saxon custom of ‘Beating the Bounds’ by walking the 12km boundary of the local board area. We walked from Meola Reef in Westmere to Parnell’s coastline via Grey Lynn, Newton and Newmarket, rediscovering the network of public walkways and parks that we are blessed with. It was a six hour fairly leisurely walk through our communities to cement our ‘sense of place’. Walk Auckland, who co-sponsored the walk, has spent many a year lobbying for great walking and cycling paths and we have new projects on the horizon. Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway, focused on making a walking and cycling path across the bridge a reality, is very much on the agenda, as a critical missing link for locals and an exciting new tourist attraction. The GetAcross campaign has our full support. We want NZTA to make the pathway a high priority facility. Our Board has a vision to see a shoreline walkway from Parnell to Meola and we are proposing to start bringing this to reality in our three year and beyond Local Board Plan. This walkway will be partly on footpaths and coastal walks already in place but new ones will need to be constructed. One section from the excellent Hobson Bay walkway to Parnell, which has the support of the Parnell Community Committee, is one section we want to complete in the short term. We have transport projects aplenty both waiting in the wings and on the boil. Our Transport Portfolio leaders Pippa Coom, Christopher Dempsey, Jesse Chalmers and Rob Thomas have no fewer than 29 projects on the go to see safety improvements for pedestrians, residents, cyclists, train riders and car traveller. Many of these projects will go out for costing and consultation over the next three years as the Local Board works with the CCO Auckland Transport and our communities on the best neighbourhood priorities. We can’t promise all, but better parking in St Marys Bay, a safer intersection on corner Surrey Crescent and Richmond Road and a safer place for pedestrians to cross at the Richmond Road, Peel Street, Kingsley Crescent intersection, signals at the crossing point for Richmond Road school, further pedestrian islands on Ponsonby Road, footpath repairs for Franklin Road, ways to attract more patrons to the Cross Street car park off K Road, late night secure taxi ranks, discouragement of rat running

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

in Sarsfield Street, traffic speed controls in Georgina Street, and installation of bike parking facilities in Ponsonby are some local issues on the go. The more challenging project, in that it challenges Auckland Transport’s present policies and practices, are our cycle lane projects. We would like cycle lanes that are part of the regional cycling network to be clearly marked by paint on the road. Bike lanes are also part of traffic calming along busy roads. We want new bike lanes on Surrey Crescent and Richmond, Garnett and Carlton Gore Roads. A big thank you to all who turned up to our community engagements to help us shape the first Waitemata Local Board Plan. We had meetings on Transport and Heritage and Urban Design, and met with Youth, Business Associations, and Iwi, Disability and Events sectors. The level of engagement over the best priorities was very heartening indeed. Local Board members also recently sat beside Councillors for the first time for Annual Plan hearings of the verbal submissions of Aucklanders. Difficult decisions will need to be made on spending priorities with the additional Rugby World Cup costs. Cutting the $3 million Aotea Square large screen would certainly receive my support. The decision to spend this money on a giant screen was made behind closed doors and is not part of a civic square that allows artists to perform or show their works, city workers and students to eat their lunch, groups to protest if they wish, and all of us to enjoy the civic space without the intrusion of a large visual screen promoting products. Auckland’s Aotea Square is not Broadway or Times Square. But then the Waitemata Local Board and local residents were never asked for their views! Great novelists and writers will be swarming to our city in the coming week for the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival 11-15 May. Twenty six writers from 12 countries and over 100 of New Zealand’s best will feed our intellects and souls with a smorgasbord of events. I will be joining Carole Beu and the team from Ponsonby’s Women’s Bookshop to hear many of the best and hope you have booked your places too. (SHALE CHAMBERS) Contact me: PN




STREET NAMES: BEACONSFIELD STREET LORD BEACONSFIELD, OR BENJAMIN DISRAELI DOES NOT LACK FOR memorials. He is buried in a vault beneath St Michael’s Church, in Buckinghamshire. On the outside wall there is a memorial erected in his honour by Queen Victoria no less, with whom he enjoyed a very congenial relationship. There’s another memorial in Westminster Abbey and a large statue of him in the market town of Ormskirk. Last, but not least we have a Grey Lynn Street named after this enigmatic and exotic Jew who was so effective in shaping policy in England because he saw things clearly from outside the establishment framework. It’s commonly recognised that English life in the late nineteenth century was dominated by two great figures, namely Disraeli and Gladstone. In spite of being on opposite sides of the political divide and the animosity they felt towards one another, there’s no doubt they both gave the poor a distant vision of an increased standard of living. For 300 years the poor of England had been driven down, down, down and during the tenure of these two men the rot was stopped at last. Nobody who has read Disraeli’s novel “Sybil” can doubt that he had a genuine compassion for the miseries of the poor. His anger and persistent challenge against the Repeal of the Corn Laws failed to save protection and it’s well documented that after the act was passed, cheap corn from America poured into the country and agricultural labourers drifted into the towns. Landowners, one after the other, gave up the struggle against eviction. G.K. Chesterton’s line from his wonderful poem, The Secret People, says it all. “The last sad squire rides slowly towards the sea.” Why do we never take heed of the past? With the breaking of English agriculture, Disraeli realised the importance of imperialism and he set about renewing the prestige of the monarchy. A practical advantage was his relationship with Queen Victoria who couldn’t abide Gladstone. He admitted this was helped by laying on “flattery with a trowel.” He was elevated to the House of Lords in 1876 when Queen Victoria made him Earl of Beaconsfield and Viscount of Hughenden. In 1880 his rule came to an end and he lingered on for a year then died in 1881. This man of mystery still exercised a strange power over the minds of Englishmen which gave rise to apocryphal accounts of how he died. According to one story a Catholic priest attended his death-bed and he was received into the Church. Another claims watchers bent over the dying man and heard murmurings in ancient Hebrew “Shaman Israel Israel Adonai Ehod” - “Hear Israel, God, your God is one God.” . His clever quotes would fill a small booklet. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics” is the most well known but there are others that amuse. “My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.” “The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps.” “Bore: one who has the power of speech but not the capacity for conversation.”

COFFEE WITH A CONSCIENCE DEMAND FOR COFFEE – HIGH QUALITY organic coffee appealing to an increasingly sophisticated palette – seems to know no end. A growing taste for superior coffee in the West, emerging markets in India, Brazil and China and dwindling coffee harvests have pushed Arabica coffee prices to a 14-year high. While the resulting price hikes are filtering down to farmers, local food prices have also risen, labour costs are escalating, ageing coffee trees are yielding less coffee and price instability and erratic weather are adding further uncertainty to the coffee-growing sector. As manager of Trade Aid Ponsonby Bev Cormack says, coffee farmers are still struggling in an unpredictable market dominated by a few large corporate players and an avaricious futures market. “That’s why we have regular customers coming in every week buying Trade Aid coffee,” she says. “People are more informed now. They know it’s fairly traded, they know coffee farmers are getting a good deal and they know children are not involved in the industry.” Last year Trade Aid imported 950 tonnes of green coffee beans – around 75 percent of fair trade beans brought into New Zealand. Across the coffee-growing globe, Trade Aid’s trading partners have been able to build schools, wells and health centres, to establish saving schemes and run training programmes. Recently Trade Aid set up a credit fund for farmers so they can cover the otherwise prohibitive costs of planting new trees. As part of this year’s World Fair Trade Day celebrations, Trade Aid and the New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association are hosting Tadesse Meskela, general manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union in Ethiopia. Meskela will be giving a public talk at AUT 11am, on Saturday 14 May (World Fair Trade Day). PN For more details please contact TRADE AID PONSONBY, 172 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 4471

Disraeli waited many years for his hour to come. He won a seat in the House of Commons in1837 but it wasn’t till 1874 that he led his party to victory. However the flaming idealist who wrote “Sybil” was not the Disraeli who became Prime Minister. Pragmatism was inevitable and of course the Disraeli of the 1840’s would never have succeeded in becoming Prime Minister anyway. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

12 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011


WHATS HOT AT STRAWBERRY SOUND DANIEL JURY THERE HAVE BEEN SOME VERY INTERESTING CHANGES IN INTERNATIONAL hi fi amplifiers from the days when 99% of the products found in your local hi fi shop were English, Japanese or American made. Many more manufacturers equal many more choices for the consumer and the technology involved in some of today’s devices can leave you asking when we are likely to see a hi fi system that will make our dinner and bring it to the couch for us. With so many hi tech hi power options available could it be possible that a technology from the past could still reign supreme when it comes to pure and simple musical listening pleasure? The valve amplifier could hold the answer. Valve amps seemed to have died out in the late ‘60’s with the advent of transistor amplifiers and weren’t really seen again for another 30 years apart from a few exotic (and exotically priced!) offerings. You would have been very lucky to see any of these in a New Zealand hi fi shop. It seems that the public was hijacked by the ‘new’ class A/B transistor amplifiers that appeared in the early ‘70s. The basic truth of these amps is they were a lot more powerful than their valve amp predecessors, probably technically measured better, but for playing your treasured records they can sound musically worse. Of course that didn’t stop the demise of the valve amplifier as the cost of building a Class A/B amp was very cheap compared with the much more labour-intensive valve amplifier. Parts are cheaper and, with pressed circuit-boards, very quick and efficient. A large profit-margin for any manufacturer is a very powerful incentive and consequently the Class A/B amplifier took over for the following 30 odd years. I won’t bore you with the technicalities but all amplifiers introduce underlying distortion into the music. Solid state amplifiers produce odd harmonic distortion. Human ears hate odd harmonic distortion and even as little as 0.2% will cause a harsh sound and ‘listening fatigue’ where you can’t really relax into the music. This is not helped by the ‘Crossover Distortion’ of class A/B amps. You get a powerful sound but it is hard and sometimes unpleasant. Valve amplifiers produce even harmonic distortion which human hearing really doesn’t mind at all and, apparently, up to 10% can be present in the music without making the music unpleasant in the slightest!

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

A valve amplifier will give a much more full rounded sound with good bass at low volumes and seemingly ‘space’ around all the musicians. They can be more pleasurable to listen to for any length of time. You start to hear that music has texture and depth. Qualities you didn’t know were missing in your stereo until you get to hear them in a system that has. In the last decade there has been a welcome revival of valve amps back into domestic hi fi systems. Most of these have emerged from China where the labour costs are not at Western heights. So very decently-built, fine sounding valve amps have now emerged at very reasonable prices. There are currently half a dozen models being imported into New Zealand of varying power and tube types. Prices range from $899 up to $2999 so most budgets are accommodated for. The models imported are ‘class A single ended’ designs with a very pure sound but lower powered and ‘class A push-pull’ designs with a not-quite-as-pure-sound but more real-world power. Yarland Amplifiers have been making waves in the hi fi world in the past few years with various respected Hi Fi magazines and online review sites giving extremely favourable reviews. The well-respected site ‘Six Moons’ gave the FV-34A their ‘Realisation Award’. This award basically recognises a product that is of a true audiophile (musically bloody good!) standard at an extremely reasonable price. The iconic UK magazine just gave the FV-34B their ‘Editors Choice’ Award in their January 2011 issue. This review and award was given by none other than Ken Kessler who has been with the magazine since 1983 and is one of the most highly-respected hi fi reviewers in the world. If you really enjoy listening to music and not just cranking up your mega-watt boom-box to impress your mates then please make a real effort to listen to one of these amplifiers. You could save yourself hundreds of dollars when you realise what you need to spend to get a stunning sounding amplifier is a lot less than you would have believed. Leaving you a lot more to spend on your actual music! (STEVE SEQUE AND DANIEL JURY) STRAWBERRY SOUND, 23 Williamson Avenue T: 09 376 0286




BETTER RESPECTING AND PROTECTING AUCKLAND’S HERITAGE LAST MONTH THE BIRDCAGE WAS MOVED BACK to its original position. For some this looked like a small trip for a brick hotel but it was actually a great leap for Auckland heritage. As the local MP it was a real eye opener to be part of a huge effort and fight to help our community to deliver this. The great thing about the Birdcage Hotel was that the community was able to have a direct conversation with the developer. As a result Aucklanders will be able to enjoy not only the Hotel, but also the revamped kindergarten and the new public plaza for years to come. The history of Auckland is that heritage battles have almost always been confrontations rather than conversations. Some developers have good intentions but the process doesn’t encourage direct conversations with the community. One of the benefits of having one Auckland Council is that we can now have a much more integrated and planned approach to heritage that looks right across Auckland. It is great to see the Mayor is signalling a significant shift to ensure that both Auckland’s built and cultural heritage is better protected. The Council is working on a draft heritage plan which is due for release in the next few months. One of the issues that the Council has found is that there is a lack of information about heritage sites and a desperate need for more research and better documentation. A recent report says “Identification of significant heritage resources is not comprehensive, for example less than 30% of the region has been comprehensively surveyed for cultural heritage sites, and much cultural heritage data that has been collected is dated.”

Above: THE BIRDCAGE safely back in its original position. Below: Victoria Park Tunnel project manager ANDREW ROSE with NIKKI KAYE, Auckland Central MP and STEVEN JOYCE, Minister for Transport

The council is also signalling that they are keen to incentivise and proactively encourage good heritage management. It is positive that they are considering a full range of potential incentives including private public partnerships, rates relief, expert heritage advice, the use of reserve/development contributions, and heritage grants. They also have work underway to look at Council processes relating to applications for the demolition of buildings constructed pre 1900 to ensure property owners are aware of their obligations under the Historic Places Act. At a central government level we reviewed the Historic Places Trust to ensure it will be better able to focus on its important regulatory role while allowing for better advocacy in local communities. We have also announced changes to the process for getting approval for archaeological consents so that they are faster, simpler, and more efficient. In the last month a number of MPs within National have formed a heritage caucus to advance better policy and legislation. If you have ideas about legislative or policy improvements then please email me at Whatever policy or legislation is implemented in the future, we need to make sure there is greater transparency, greater notice for the community of what is proposed, and more capacity for collaboration between the developer and the community. It is appropriate that the Birdcage Hotel, a place where many a conversation has been had, represents a larger conversation about our heritage. (NIKKI KAYE) PN

14 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011


COLLEGE HILL + VICTORIA PARK NEW WORLD VICTORIA PARK – SHOPPING EXPERIENCE A PLEASURE, NOT A CHORE “I FEEL VERY PRIVILEGED TO HAVE BECOME part of this exciting, vibrant part of Auckland and I am proud to showcase our flagship supermarket in the area” says New World Victoria Park Owner/ Operator Jason Witehira. Jason purchased New World Victoria Park last year and too ownership at the beginning of August 2010. As with any new venture, Jason says “It has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride- exciting, scary, risky and also exhilarating.” Jason has been in the food retailing industry for the past 26 years, starting off packing potatoes in New World Edmund Road, Rotorua. As a youngster he had a few hiccups, but slowly began to realise he had a passion for grocery retailing and decided to work towards store ownership. The first store he owned and operated was Taumarunui New World, moving to East Auckland in 2001 to open the new Botany New World.

These changes will see improved facilities with some modern finishes in the Bakery, Service Deli, Seafood and Butchery departments. The project has involved hours of planning, consultation, discussion, debate and energy, but will result in a much improved offer to the customers. This is going to be an exciting make over, with limited disruption to our customers. “At the end of it all” says Jason, “I think we shall all be able to stand back and say the wait was worth it.” Plans of the project will be on display in the store so customers can follow the progress and get an idea of what will be revealed early to mid July. Jason intends to further his support of the local community once the store refurbishment is finished. He currently supports the Grafton Cricket Club and local Pie for Schools. The upcoming Rugby World Cup should see an influx of tourists later in the year, and Jason aims to meet the needs of these international and domestic tourists, along with his many regular customers.

“It has been a long hard road, but well worth the effort. I am proud to have stayed with the New World brand over the years, and strongly believe in what our great kiwi brand stands offers. It’s JASON WITEHIRA Owner/Operator of NEW WORLD VICTORIA PARK been a pleasure to meet with some of you over the “I look forward to serving the community for a long last couple of months. I look forward to meeting more of the local community as I strive time. My wife and I, along with team of 280 staff hope to provide you with excellent to create an environment that everyone will be pleased to call their local supermarket.” customer service and our mission is to make your shopping experience a pleasure, not a chore.” PN The disruption caused by the Victoria Park Tunnel Project has made access a little difficult in recent months, but when completed the Victoria Park surrounds will be better NEW WORLD VICTORIA PARK, College Hill T: 09 307 8400 than before. The next couple of months see the start of another challenge as Jason embarks on a programme of improvements to the store.

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COLLEGE HILL + VICTORIA PARK QUEENS WHARF REDEVELOPMENT PROGRESS UPDATE The redevelopment of Queens Wharf took another step forward last month with the addition of fabric covering to part of The Cloud structure. Over the past month a large 178.5 metre steel frame has been installed on the western edge of the wharf to support the white fabric forming the roof and wall panels of The Cloud – a purpose built structure to accommodate the festival, fanzone and showcase event on the wharf during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

VICTORIA PARK TO HOST MASSIVE CELEBRATION FOR RUGBY FANS FROM 19 – 22 OCTOBER, TASTE OF NEW ZEALAND WILL TRANSFORM THE green expanse of Victoria Park into the ultimate festival of New Zealand cuisine – coinciding with the final week of the Rugby World Cup Tournament when Auckland will be brimming with international visitors. With 70 chefs from leading New Zealand restaurants, plus 120 food and drink companies and a full line up of entertainers and musicians, Taste of New Zealand will host more than 25,000 local and international visitors in the centre of Auckland City. Festival organiser Rob Eliott said that Taste of New Zealand builds on the success of last year’s Taste of Auckland event, but is a dramatic step up in size and investment. “We’ll be providing visitors with a stunning culinary experience that celebrates all of the best flavours of New Zealand in a single, vibrant village, filled with wines, produce and entertainment to match. This will be the greatest celebration of food and drink in New Zealand’s history,” he said. With each new sponsor, the celebration grows in stature. The event already has support from Singapore Airlines, Metro and Taste Magazines, Fisher & Paykel, and a host of exhibiting food and drink companies. Corporate Hospitality packages are half sold already. We’re bringing to Auckland all the knowledge and innovation that we’ve learned through running events in some of the most exciting cities of the world,” said Eliott. “It will be a phenomenal effort to entertain and nourish all these visitors, but we have a wealth of culinary talent here and we are working with chefs from all over the country.” PN The full restaurant line-up will be announced and tickets go on sale next month at

“The redevelopment of Queens Wharf involves three distinct projects: repairs to the wharf structure, renovations to Shed 10 and the wharf surface, and the installation of The Cloud,” said Bob Harvey, Waterfront Auckland Chairman. “Repairs to the underside of Queens Wharf have been continuing since last year, along with repairs to the wharf surface. Essential services (power, water, wastewater, and communications) have also been installed from Quay Street.” “Over coming months the historic red fence will be repaired and reinstated and the entrance and exit points to the wharf from Quay Street will be greatly improved,” said Mr. Harvey. “New lighting will be installed and wooden and concrete street furniture will be added.” “Shed 10 is receiving a new roof and its exterior cladding is being renovated to make it watertight. The old historic cargo shed is also getting new doors, a paint job and links to essential services.” The Cloud is made of structural steel, timber, opaque fabric PVC, glass and clear ETFE. Sixteen jumbo rolls of roof fabric (8,500 square metres weighting about 10 tonnes) produced by Ferrari in France was sea freighted to Fabric Structure Systems in Whangarei and fabricated into the roof panels. The ETFE roof and wall panels are being fabricated by Architen Landrell in Wales. Waterfront Auckland is managing the redevelopment of Queens Wharf and has contracted three construction companies to carry out on-site work: Construction Techniques is managing the under wharf repair; Fletcher Construction is managing the construction of The Cloud; and Kalmar Construction is managing the repairs to Shed 10, surface repairs, services installation and landscaping. All three elements of the Queens Wharf redevelopment will be completed by August 2011. PN

ONLY THE RICH WILL SOON BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO DRIVE IN AUCKLAND Auckland’s motorists are being targeted by the Council to pay for its transport vision. “The details of the Auckland spatial plan should be of concern to each and every motorist in Auckland,” says Simon Lambourne, the AA’s Auckland transport spokesperson.

road user charges. Auckland motorists already subsidise the cost of a train trip by around 60 per cent and the cost of a bus trip by approximately 50 per cent. Now the Council wants Auckland motorists to pay the billions of dollars it will cost for train, bus and ferry improvements.”

“The spatial plan proposes congestion charges, network access charges, a regional fuel tax, and levies on private parking spaces, as ways to pay for the Council’s public transport improvements. The plan also acknowledges that advancing rail and other public transport initiatives in Auckland will leave critical gaps in the region’s motorway and local roading network. Although the AA is supportive of improving Auckland’s public transport system, it is time for a reality check on what is both practical and achievable.”

“Auckland motorists do not have an endless supply of money. They are hurting from near record high fuel costs and they already contribute more than their fair share to the cost of Auckland transport. The Council seems to have conveniently forgotten its transport vision could equally be funded through debt and investment bonds. Spreading the repayment costs across several generations using household rates, is a much fairer and sensible way to fund the region’s transport needs.”

“At the moment approximately 80% of travel in Auckland is by car. Even with public transport improvements, in 30 years time about 68% of all travel in Auckland will still be by car. The Council’s spatial plan is putting Auckland’s economy and communities at risk, and it means only the rich will be able to afford to drive in the future. Auckland motorists have already paid for their roads through petrol tax and

“We can all think of wonderful ways to improve Auckland transport, but we also need to be realistic about how much these ideas will cost, what the priorities are, and how we can pay for them. We need to reflect on what we absolutely must have and what we can afford to have – we simply cannot waste time on things that would be nice to have if we cannot afford them,” says Mr Lambourne. PN

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TAKING CYCLING TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN AUCKLAND A RECENT CYCLING SEMINAR HOSTED BY AUCKLAND TRANSPORT WAS a welcome opportunity to bring together international speakers and local transport specialists to share ideas of taking cycling to the next level in Auckland. Guest speaker Harry Barber CEO of Bicycle Victoria presented a case study from Melbourne which has undergone a remarkable transformation in numbers of cyclists. In recent years tens of thousands of workers from the inner suburbs of Melbourne have switched to bikes to get to work. Two examples of Melbourne improving facilities to encourage more cycling were installing park and ride bike cages at train stations and providing improved separation between cycle lanes and motor vehicle lanes. Secure bike cages encouraged cyclists to bike the short trip to the station, lock away their bike, and then board the train. Instead of a painted line indicating a cycle lane, low mountable kerbs were installed giving cyclists a more defined space from on-road traffic, thereby improving cyclists’ safety. Auckland Transport’s Community Transport Manager Matthew Rednall says hosting the cycling seminar was a first for Auckland Transport. “One of our aims is to foster a cycling culture in Auckland by making cycling more attractive and safe. Cycling has increased in Auckland by an average of 20 per cent between 2007 and 2010 and is becoming an increasingly popular way to get to work, school and for leisure. Bringing together cycling specialists and transport planners was an opportunity to share ideas and learn how other cities are developing cycling initiatives and infrastructure,” Mr Rednall says. Bicycle Victoria CEO Harry Barber says “The boom in bike commuting has governments and transport authorities scrambling to keep up with the need for new facilities for riders. Not only does there have to be a big lift in investment, but the right decisions have to be made so that bike riders are properly provided for without wasting taxpayers’ money. “Bikes are now a mainstream form of transport and every time a government or local government makes a decision on transport, bikes have to be considered along with the other modes,” Mr Barber says. PN

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TRAMS – TO BRITOMART OR BUST A heritage tramway is making a comeback to downtown Auckland, within the Wynyard Quarter. This is a legacy project of the former Auckland Regional Council, handed over to Waterfront Auckland as part of the local government re-organisation in November last year. There is a hive of activity in this precinct, as Waterfront Auckland is determined to complete the tramway in time for the Rugby World Cup in August. Prefabricated tracks are being laid, sourced from Yarra Rail in Melbourne. Both the Heritage trams which will begin the service will be from Melbourne, where trams are very popular and highly profitable. The W2 Class Tram was built in the 1920s, has a seating capacity of 52 and is a two-man tram-driver and conductor. The X-1 Class Tram was built in the late 20s and can seat 32 with driver only. Both of these trams are currently being refurbished at the Bendigo Tramway Museum, and will arrive in New Zealand in July.

Above: The Heritage Tram route – Jellicoe Street, Halsey Street, Gaunt Street, and Daldy Street. Below: Waterfront Auckland Chairman BOB HARVEY and local Waitemata Councillor MIKE LEE

The trams are expected to be both an excellent local attraction and a strong tourist revenue earner too. They will bring people to the Central City who will ride the trams and then shop, eat, drink and relax in this beautifully restored sector of Auckland. (remember how popular Christchurch trams have been!)

The trams will come into the curb to drop passengers safely, and the whole design will allow future light rail. These trams will be affordable and fun, and will not be a drain on ratepayers. Ponsonby News was amazed at the hive of industry down at the waterfront, and the classy look of the rail already laid. Cars may date but trams and trains never do. There is a wealth of mythology built up around them and it seems now to be as strong as it ever was. I think the economics around trams and trains will be very strong – into the future and who knows one day linking back up to Ponsonby. (JOHN ELLIOTT) PN

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photography: martin leach

The big plus will come when an extension can run from Wynyard Quarter to Britomart, and then up Queen Street. Both Waterfront Auckland Chairman Bob Harvey, and local Waitemata Councillor Mike Lee are championing an extensive rail network around the inner city, with this small heritage loop being the beginning of a much larger and more extensive rail system for the inner city. The accompanying photos show the route the trams will follow and Bob Harvey and Mike Lee inspecting progress. The trams will run clockwise along Jellicoe Street, Halsey Street, Gaunt Street, and Daldy Street.


LEIF WAUTERS: SUM OF US AUCKLAND, LIKE EVERY OTHER VILLAGE, RELIES ON ACTIVE PARTICIPATION TO flourish. You can’t simply show up and expect it to automatically be the special city so many call home and visit religiously for a wealth of reasons. That wealth is in the people who raise their hands to be involved and support the varied groups that make up the whole. Not only is this true for the now Super City, but it applies to the myriad of subcommunities pulsing within and around Ponsonby. That drive to contribute to the world around us can be inspired by many forces, but none is more powerful than our upbringing. We carry forth into adulthood behaviours and morals gleaned from our families, lessons of love and honour that are the plates upon which we serve our communities later in life. It is vital that we be supported during our formative years so we are ingrained with the need to return that support when called upon. There is at least one group I know of, however, that can feel isolated from participating in the greater community, often because they lack the support necessary to feel they can make a difference. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folk (GLBT) can easily find social shelter in organisations dedicated to their kind, but can be less likely to step above that relatively insular involvement to the greater sociopolitical arena. This stunted social confidence isn’t behaviour they’re born with; it’s allowed to manifest as they mature by family and friends who above all else don’t set valuable examples of fairness and acceptance. The rawness of youth is where the seeds of equality are sown from which leaders who can breach self-imposed gay boundaries are grown. Take for example a long-shining star within the Auckland gay and political arenas, Ponsonby resident Bruce Kilmister, who is currently a pillar at Body Positive, an HIV/AIDS support organisation based off of Pitt Street and K Road. Bruce was raised in a traditional Kiwi home that upheld fair play and justice. These core values instigated his first political involvement in 1986 when he used funds from his own import business to take out a full page ad in the New Zealand Herald combating Keith Hay’s campaign against the Homosexual Law Reform Act. This leap into the public’s eye wasn’t driven by the selfinterest of a gay man as much as it was in defense of equal rights for everyone, values he learned growing up. His bold actions had him invited by supporters of the bill to assist in fundraising for the cause and thanks to their efforts the bill is now law in New Zealand. Bruce’s support of the gay community and political involvement blossomed. He helped to found the New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s HERO celebration, our answer to Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and lead it for eight years until 1998. From there his activism expended to the Western Bays Community Board for two terms, including one as

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Chairman. Now he directly touches the futures of people with HIV and AIDS, along with continued political vigilance on behalf of everyone with the disease. “I’ve spent most of my life fighting for human rights” says Bruce, “and I believe if my mother were alive today she’d be proud.” Bruce’s friend and recent Chairman of the Eden/Albert Community Board, Christopher Dempsey, who now sits on the Waitemata Local Board (which encompasses Ponsonby) is also gay. His upbringing where fairness and equality were valued is reflected in his public work as well. A long-term Parnell resident, Christopher’s parents were firmly leftist and devoted to activism in his early years. The grandson of 1960’s Mayor of Auckland Roy McElroy, he wasn’t raised with political aspirations but his interest in city planning got him invited to run on the winning City Vision ticket in 2004. Now in his third political term, Christopher leverages his position supporting a variety of groups that include not only those from the gay and lesbian community, but ones that touch many lives across Auckland’s diverse population. His belief in fairness dictates that all groups have equal and reasonable access to public funds unless they’re religionbased, a tenet clearly shown in his response to a request for public funding from Parent’s Inc. during his last term. His call raised the standard for greater clarity from organisations requesting grants. He takes great pride in having shepherded all manner of groups towards available support, but points out that gay and lesbian groups often believe public funding is somehow not available to them. He actively encourages that everyone participate in the process and stake a claim for what is rightfully available to all community organisations under law. Both of these men who have given a great deal of their lives to the service of their communities were raised in environments where fairness, justice and equality were commonplace. Their strong Kiwi upbringings imbedded the strength of identity to step up and as they grew into adults the gay component of their lives was a non-issue as they worked publicly to bridge all communities. Young people questioning their identity don’t always have the right role models to keep them from self-induced isolation, and not all parents have the tools to support their children in this regard. Thankfully, New Zealanders can tap into a non-profit organisation called OUTLine NZ with almost 40 years of helping families to raise healthy GLBT youth into prosperous and empowered members of the greater community. Located in the heart of Ponsonby near the Three Lamps intersection, OUTLine NZ can be reached on T: 0800 688 5463 or through With or without resources like OUTLine, a home filled with equality and justice can make all the difference in bringing level-minded contributors into a world of bridged communities where socially-specific groups may one day no longer be needed. (LEIF WAUTERS) PN




TIME FOR AUCKLAND TO START MOVING If someone had said to me 10 years ago that I would become passionate about transport issues, I would have laughed and then cringed. That was, of course, before I spent several years living in countries where things like affordable and convenient public transport are taken for granted. In New York, you were considered a novelty if you owned a car, and in London the tube was a staple in everyone’s lives. We’ve always done things differently in Auckland, but neglecting public transport shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why I am starting to feel like a train spotter. Here’s how it started: Like many folk in Auckland Central, walking is one of my main forms of transport, however we live and work across a city that has a whopping 36,000 cars coming into the CBD at peak hour every single morning. That has an impact on the environment, on health, on productivity, and on people’s blood pressure. But if you think it’s bad now, it’s about to get worse. With the development of more office and residential space, more people and potentially more cars will be coming into the city. Rather than looking at how we can meet that jump in growth, the Government has decided that nothing necessarily needs to change until we have up to 58,0000 cars coming into the CBD every morning. That’s not just crazy; it’s irresponsible. People who live and work in central Auckland know we could be doing things better, but it’s going to take a bit of effort from everyone, and we need to start by giving people more options. Britomart train station is brilliant. It will be even better once we have electrification of our railway network. But, sadly, the way our system is designed means that we just can’t fit many more trains through it. In fact, the uptake of public transport in our city has been so good, that Britomart will hit full train capacity this year.

THE CAVALIER – A PONSONBY INSTITUTION STILL DOING IT WELL What better way to spend a leisurely after noon, or an afterwork catch up with friends, but at The Cavalier or ‘The Cav’ as it’s often affectionately called by locals. The Cavalier, situated high on College Hill, has one of the best and most spacious outdoor deck areas, with fantastic views back to Auckland City’s CBD and Sky Tower. The Cavalier has the largest selection of tap beers, in fact a choice of twelve, including Guinness and Kilkenny plus cider on tap. If beer is not your drink of choice then its worth checking out their extensive selection of imported and New Zealand wines. No visit to The Cavalier is complete without ordering a meal from their blackboard menu. They continue to turn out some of the best pub meals around. Still doing it well after all these years, you’ll find a great selection of mouth watering treats. Whether it’s a quick snack on the run or a full three course meal, you can choose from bar snacks to entrees, to burgers, fish, chicken, steaks, salads, vegetarian dishes, desserts and coffees. There’s plenty of off-street parking which makes The Cavalier an ideal venue for private or corporate functions. So whether you want to enjoy a three course meal inside, or outside on the deck, sip on one of your favourite and locally brewed beers or enjoy the thrill and great atmosphere of watching sport on several large screens, then The Cavalier is worth checking out. PN THE CAVALIER, 68 College Hill T: 09 376 4230

It’s time to plan the next step, and we know exactly what it is: the CBD rail tunnel. This project will turn Britomart into a through-station, extend the railway line under the CBD through to Mt Eden, and add three new underground stations on the way. This project has been in the making for decades and will allow up to 46,000 people an hour to move in and out of the city, freeing up our roads. We need it and we need it soon. The big question is who will fund it, and how quickly? Len Brown campaigned on delivering this rail project, and Auckland voters have overwhelmingly said that is what they want, but council can’t afford it on its own. Instead of coming to the party, the current Government has questioned the business case for the rail link, and prioritised roading projects instead. Labour would do the opposite. We already have enough money going into transport, we just need to spend it on the right projects and this is one of them. Auckland deserves a world class transport network. It’s good for the economy, and it makes Auckland a cleaner, easier and better place to live. I’m committed to making that happen and perhaps then I can give up this train spotting. (JACINDA ADERN) PN

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DAVID HARTNELL’S ONE MINUTE INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL HURST Grey Lynn resident Michael Hurst ONZM is an actor, director and writer, mostly on stage and television. Best known internationally for playing Iolaus in the TV programs Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and companion series Xena: Warrior Princess most recently, he is known for his role in directoring the popular Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. WHY DID YOUR FAMILY MOVE TO NZ WHEN YOU WERE SEVEN YEARS OLD? To realise better opportunities for my younger brother and myself. Dad had had experience of open space and better climate when he served with the British army in Kenya from 1960 -1962. Coming back to the cold, grey North of England was a shock for him and my mother and he could see no real future there. It was the best thing they could have done. LIFE MOTTO? “The only way out is through”. YOUR TWO SONS JACK AND CAMERON SHOWN ANY INTEREST IN BECOMING ACTORS? They can both act and have had small roles in various things, but to tell the truth, they are much more interested in making films. They direct, edit, write and create amazing special effects, especially effects involving guns, blood and explosions. We have a green screen, editing and visual effects software and lots of realistic weaponry. They are very good at what they do. YOUR FAVOURITE ROLE TO-DATE? Three roles spring to mind – Hamlet, The Emcee in Cabaret and the lead role of Martin in Edward Albee’s amazing play ‘The Goat’. YOU MARRIED JENNIFER WARD-LEALAND IN 1988, SO MANY SHOW BUSINESS MARRIAGES SEEM TO FALL APART, WHAT IS YOUR SECRET FOR A SUCCESSFUL SHOW BUSINESS MARRIAGE? We have actually been together as a couple since 1983 - 28 years. I’m not sure that it’s a secret, but apart from loving each other, we really admire each other’s work. I think Jennifer is a great actress and a remarkable woman. And we laugh a lot.

WHAT TURNS YOU OFF? Crocs. CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would like to be immortal. WHAT IS IT YOU MOST DEPLORE IN YOURSELF? Sometimes I get jealous. SOMEONE ELSE FOR A DAY WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I think someone like Quentin Tarantino – someone who does what I do, can choose amazing projects and is a multi millionaire. I would like to see what that is like.

WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? Being deep under the ocean. YOUR GREATEST REGRET? No regrets! WHAT DID YOU THINK WHEN YOU HAD A DOLL MADE OF YOUR CHARACTER FROM THE TV SERIES HERCULES? That it looked nothing like me and that the whole thing was vaguely absurd. THE ULTIMATE ROLE YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY? King Lear. WHAT DO YOU VALUE IN FRIENDS? Honesty and energy, a sense of humour and a healthy cynicism. WHAT STAR SIGN ARE YOU? I think astrology is utter nonsense. DID YOU COME FROM A SHOW BUSINESS FAMILY? My Dad used to be a singer in a band. He worked semi-professionally in the 1970s in pubs and clubs around Christchurch. Other than that, there is nothing in my family to explain where my career choice came from. But it is something I was always going to be. WHAT TURNS YOU ON? Ancient Rome. Shakespeare. Women in beautiful summer frocks. Wagner.

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DID ANY ONE ACTOR INFLUENCE YOUR ACTING STYLE, IF SO WHO AND WHY? There is one actor who affected not so much my style, but certainly the element of commitment and risk taking that I admire in actors and that was Laurence Olivier. He wasn’t always entirely successful, but man did he take risks. Othello, Archie Rice, Richard III. Olivier was an extremely physical actor consumed entirely by the great roles he played and giving everything up to them. Legendary stamina and commitment. I think he was one of the greatest. YOUR BIGGEST SELF-INDULGENCE? Books. Can’t leave them alone. I read all the time and I love them. THE BEST THING YOU’VE EVER GOT FOR FREE? I have had some wonderful gifts in my time - a 2,500 year old oil jug from the Eastern Mediterranean, the Rowe edition of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear published in 1706, a fabulous silk shirt my wife bought for me in the 80s, but truthfully, I didn’t ask for this life and the fact that I have so much and am so happy in what I do and who I am - that really feels like the best thing I have ever gotten for free. (DAVID HARTNELL) PN





Last month, the Mayor announced a variety of upgrades of bus and train services across Auckland. Len Brown has been working with Auckland Transport on the issue in the wake of figures showing public transport patronage at its highest level in 60 years. The Mayor says when demand for public transport is increasing at the rate it is at the moment, providing enough trains and buses is obviously an issue. “I am pleased with the speed at which Auckland Transport and the operators have responded to the issue, and I encourage people to continue to let us know when they see potential issues.”

WITH ANZAC DAY ONLY A FORTNIGHT AWAY AS I WRITE THIS, THE 10-minute speaker Helen Benton shared a moving family story with us last month. As a young person in the Make Peace not War 60’s, Anzac Day and all that went with it, had been an anathema to her. Making the journey to her grandfather’s grave in Nave, France gave her an understanding of its enormous historical significance to our country and for her personally.

Transport Committee chair Mike Lee says, “Aucklanders are using public transport in record numbers. It’s no longer correct to say people will only take their car to work. We need to cater for more people using buses and trains and that is why we need projects like the inner-city rail loop to increase services to the west and south, unclog our roads and deliver economic growth.” The latest figures show that between 1996 and February 2011, bus patronage has increased by 61.2 per cent, ferry by 89.2 per cent, train by 341.5 per cent, with an overall public transport patronage increase of 79.6 per cent. IMMEDIATE UPGRADES: • On Sandringham Road, complaints about peak hour capacity issues are being investigated in association with NZ Bus. • On the route to Botany, extra capacity has been provided on a temporary basis while a permanent solution is investigated. • On Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road, extras buses are being brought on to those routes to deal with capacity issues in the morning and afternoon peaks. • On the City Circuit route, increasing size of the buses being used is being trialled. • On the Southern and Eastern train lines, four additional carriages are being brought on and five car trains will operate from the end of next month. PN

LETTER TO THE EDITOR SHE WAS AFFECTIONATELY KNOWN AS ‘MAD MARGARET’ Dear Martin, Many of us were very sad to hear of the death of one of Ponsonby and K. Road’s great personalities; Margaret. Always a grand and sometimes a dignified presence, Margaret welcomed me back to Auckland Central in 1996 and was a frequent visitor to my office over the 12 years I worked here. She was interested in life and politics and used her lively mind and quick tongue to offer unique insights into the world. She once told me that she had known my father when he taught at Tamaki College in the early 1960’s and supported politicians who worked ensured every one got a chance. Her main preoccupations however were cigarettes and a drink. She was always interested in elections and was keen to meet people she’d seen on the television. One of my fondest memories of Margaret was her chat with Michael Cullen when he was here to campaign in 2005. In front of a good crowd at Three Lamps: journalists and TV cameras included; she asked him what he was going to do for her. Michael launched into a sound bite on social justice, health and housing. Margaret listened for a bit then said, “What about a fag?” Michael apologised that he’d given up smoking so she suggested that he just give her $5. Again he couldn’t help as he had no cash on him. Margaret then brightly offered to give him her personal services for five bucks and pointed out he could go use his card at the money machine across the road. She, then did a double take, remembered that he was Minister of Finance, and quickly doubled her price. Michael was vastly amused by PN her enterprise and told her she could earn a living as a business consultant! Farewell Margaret, rest in peace. JUDITH TIZARD, Ponsonby

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A few years ago she started to think about her grandfather Edward Watson Edmonds (Eddie) who she only knew from sepia toned photographs. A grandfather frozen in time as a young man in uniform and a young bridegroom at his wedding not long before he left to serve in World War 1. War records stated he was 5’8’’ with blue eyes, fair skin and hair. She knew he had married her grandmother Henrietta in1916 and left New Zealand in March 1917 arriving in Plymouth on 24 September 1917, the day before his daughter (and her mother) Betty Edwina was born. The family know that he saw a photograph of his daughter aged about three or four months, because he wrote home commenting that she was ‘a bonny baby’ and also sent postcards to ‘my wee Betty’. He was killed in action in Crevecoeur on 8 October 1918 and buried at Nave. He and his brother James died within a month of each other, and most cruelly within a month of Armistice Day. With a grandfather and great uncle buried on the other side of the world and never visited by family, in 2000 Helen and her husband with excellent directions from the War Graves Commission, went to Northern France to find her grandfather’s grave. “We found him easily, in amongst the rows of young men and felt grateful for his named grave; others were ‘known only to God’. Eddie had never seen his daughter, our mother, and I felt we were connecting Eddie to his family after 82 years. It was an emotional moment and changed the way I felt about him, my grandmother and my mother. I wished Mum could have been there. Many New Zealanders fell on the same day as Eddie and were buried at Nave, a number being from the Otago Regiment. As we stood in the gentle rain, we were reminded yet again of war as two black jets circled, presumably in some training exercise”, she said. Lively discussion ensued between members and with the speaker about our own similar experiences. As Helen said, those of us in our 60s, 70s and 80s are the last generation to have known the survivors of that War and can tell their stories for them. Following morning tea, Sally Sloman, Founding Director of the sixteen year old Opera Factory, was an entertaining guest speaker. Born in Eltham, Taranaki, she had a very musical family background and was always whistling and humming and began singing lessons at a young age. At 16 she moved to Auckland to study with Dame Sister Mary Leo and soon became immersed in the music and operatic companies of Auckland as well as training to be a Karitane Nurse. She eventually joined Perkel Opera and travelled throughout New Zealand for 12 years as a principal soprano. Starting a busy schedule teaching singing to young people she noticed a lack of facilities or programmes for the many singers with classical interests. This led her to begin a group of young singers which evolved into the Opera Factory with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa as Patron. A registered charitable trust, Opera Factory is a place and a programme of opportunity. It supports and inspires young, older and emerging singers by providing an annual programme of professionally guided workshops, stage productions, concerts and special events. Many successful graduates are now overseas in early stages of careers or formal training. Sally left us with this surprising thought: “There are more New Zealand classical singers around the world than there are rugby players”. The theatre and office can be found at 7 Eden Street, Newmarket The next meeting will be held on Friday 13 May at 9.45am at the Leys Institute. Graham Bush, Honorary Research Fellow, Political Studies Department, University of Auckland will be the Guest speaker. His topic: ‘Too many wrong turns – Auckland’s Transport evolution’. The 10 minute speaker Valerie Leech will talk about ‘Valerie’s War – laughs included’. Visitors Welcome. (NOELINE CREIGHTON) PN PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

LOCAL NEWS  LIBRARIES’ CREATIVE FUNDRAISING The New Zealand Society of Authors in conjunction with Auckland Libraries organised a Writers’ Read In at 32 libraries throughout the greater Auckland area on Friday, 25 March. Over 170 authors gave of their time to read from their works to raise funds for earthquake stricken Christchurch. Through the generosity of donations on entry, the libraries have told us that the event raised almost $5,000 which has been donated to the New Zealand Government Christchurch Earthquake Appeal from where funds will go towards rebuilding Christchurch in terms of both Infrastructure and Community. Maggie Tarver, CEO of The New Zealand Authors Society, who co-ordinated the writers, says of the event ‘Audiences were very mixed, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was the perfect mix: the Society of Authors and the libraries - a relationship we would be keen to develop in the future. Our members write so that their books can be read or heard and this was a perfect opportunity to do that. And I am delighted that we managed to raise so much for Christchurch.” Allison Dobbie, Manager Libraries and Information, Auckland Council comments “The biggest testament to the relationship between Authors and Libraries, is that even with 170 authors, and 32 Libraries we successfully executed a fundraiser of this scope. The level of donation and collaboration demonstrates the strength and generosity of the writing and reading community.” Among those authors who participated were Emily Perkins, Tessa Duder and Kevin Island, with some authors from Christchurch. Authors read for between eight and 12 minutes mostly from their own works. Maggie added, “The level of support has been amazing, with some libraries bringing in in excess of $500. The Library in Grey Lynn raised $834. Special thanks should go to Grey Lynn author Fionna Hill who went above and beyond her reading to help raise funds.” Auckland Libraries will continue its support of Christchurch with free three month memberships to earthquake evacuees and is still accepting book returns on behalf of the Christchurch City Library. PN

Grey Lynn author FIONNA HILL: “Our ‘local’ tiny GREY LYNN LIBRARY collected $834.00 for Christchurch due to some creative fundraising!” The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied




Top left: Year 6 gardeners VETE and ANNABEL WALKER with ANNE MALCOLM, Principal of PONSONBY PRIMARY SCHOOL; Top right: BEN TANKARD – ALLPRESS COFFEE STORE, Ponsonby Road

PONSONBY SCHOOLS LOVE THE ALLPRESS ‘RECYCLE A COFFEE SACK’ FUNDRAISER SINCE ALLPRESS COFFEE STARTED THEIR ‘RECYCLE A COFFEE SACK’ community fundraiser over $9000 has been donated to five local Ponsonby schools. Eighteen months ago Michael Allpress, founder of Allpress Espresso came up with a plan to recycle the dozens of burlap coffee sacks the Allpress Roastery in Freemans Bay empties on a weekly basis. It had been his goal for some time to find a way to recycle the sacks, making them available to the wider community, and hopefully collecting a small donation along the way that could then be passed on to the local community. The opening of the Allpress Coffee store in Ponsonby Road provided the perfect location for making the coffee sacks available to locals and so in 2010, his ‘recycle a coffee sack’ and help your local school’s initiative began. In exchange for a gold coin, passers-by can help themselves to a burlap coffee sack, all uniquely different coming from coffee origins worldwide. The gold coins collected are donated equally every term to five Ponsonby primary schools: Ponsonby Primary, Westmere Primary, Richmond Road, Freemans Bay and Bayfield School. A year and a half later over $1800 has been donated to each school with the funds going towards a range of initiatives from gardening programmes, contributing to a new school hall, and the setting up a school rock band – Freemans Bay Primary have purchased a drum kit. Ponsonby Primary was keen to show us what they were doing with their funds and they proudly showed us their enrichment garden project. Anne Malcolm, Principal

of Ponsonby Primary says, “Fundraising is a way of life for the inner city high decile schools. We just love the Allpress fundraiser. The notion of recycling and supporting kids matches the school’s values of supporting others, participation and contribution. These are core competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum. Last year we used the funds to buy plants for the children’s garden and to fund classrooms’ resources. We recently received yet another cheque for $280.00 which will go directly into building planter boxes for next terms enrichment garden group being run by Mrs Robins, the Deputy Principal”. Sheryl Fletcher, Principal of Bayfield School also says, “Bayfield is committed to education for sustainability including wastewise and travelwise. As part of this we have a couple of gardens and three worm farms. We believe it is in the spirit of the Allpress donations to continue this environmental work. Last year we bought a worm farm with the Allpress funds, and we regularly buy plants and/or equipment for gardening - trowels etc”. There are 101 uses for the coffee sacks ranging from dog beds, garden mulch, traditional Hangi and Umu cooking through to Trilby hat making, sack racing and bean bag covers. The success of the initiative has recently been put into action at the Allpress Roastery in Sydney, supporting two local schools there. And sacks will soon be appearing outside Allpress Dunedin when roasting starts in July. Sacks are available from the custom-built stand located outside Allpress Coffee, 266 Ponsonby Road. PN


24 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011



NZ’S FAVOURITE PARALYMPIC SWIMMER TAKES THE PLUNGE FEBRUARY’S CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE ROCKED THE NATION, MANY people emerged with different stories, from devastation and sadness to help and hope. Most of us know people affected in one way or another and like me had family right in the thick of it. For many Cantabrians the possibility of making the shift from the garden city to Auckland becomes a long thought process, a move that for some reason seems to have a sense of stigma attached to it. The north and south rivalry is very much entrenched in most Cantabrians. However when the country’s number one Paralympic swimmer Sophie Pascoe found that her old home away from home, the QE2 pool had been ripped to pieces by the quake, her preparations for both this year’s national champs and next year’s London Olympics looked set to take a knock in a very serious way. The QE2 pool and venue is still off limits to this day and has been earmarked for demolition. Pascoe said “I’ve spent up to 8 hours per day at QE2 for the past 10 years. Apart from sleeping, I spend more time at QE2 than my own home. So to find out I couldn’t go back, I was devastated.” With the National swim champs, which double as the Olympic qualifiers, just around the corner it wasn’t a time to be out of the pool. In stepped Auckland’s Millennium Institute of Sport, who opened their doors to both Pascoe and her coach Roly Creighton, where the pair stayed and trained right up to the national champs. Sophie admits her world was rocked by the quake but the generosity shown not only by the institute but all of those in Auckland was over whelming… “I have so many great memories and thoughts about Auckland now, and have arrived home to tell everyone about the experience I had, my view on the place is oh so different.” While chatting to Sophie about her ordeal, from where she was, to losing a friend in the CTV building, her courage and determination highlight to me that she’s someone that has had to overcome so much throughout her life but is more determined than ever to achieve at the highest level possible. “I want to be up there on that podium come London and know I’ve done it for Canterbury… If Canterbury had a national anthem I would ask them to play that instead.” “You may be able to crush my home but you’ll never crush my hopes and aspirations” adds Pascoe. So with that Sophie tips her hat and says “Thank you Auckland, you have been great. I will be back again, and you’re not so bad after all.” You’ll be pleased to know things have gone alright for Sophie over the past month or so. She didn’t quite qualify fast enough for London, yet, but has a few international events over the coming season at which to get the job done so she’s still happy. But that weekend did yield rewards; Sophie was named the Swimmer of the Year with a Disability at the National awards dinner. She’s now back home in Christchurch, living with her parents in Haswell, where their place is unaffected by the quake and is now swimming at Jelly Park, however this looks to be a temporary situation as the biggest pool they could find is only 25 meters long. (GEORGE BERRY) PN

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DARE TO DREAM She’s had to wait nearly four years, and now that wait is almost over... 24 year old Aucklander Catherine Latu has been named in the Silver Ferns squad for the upcoming two test series against Australia and July’s Netball World Championships in Singapore. You could say the New Zealand born native was given some misguided advice leading up to the last world champs where the Mystics sharp shooter Latu played for Samoa, which under today’s ruling has her ineligible to play for New Zealand. However Latu’s dream has always been to don the black dress so she has refrained from playing any international netball since the 2007 World Champs and baring a sideways ruling at the court of arbitration (to speed up the process) Latu’s dream will come true in June. The shooting circle has long been a strength for the Siler Ferns, and with the retirement of veteran Irene Van Dyke, the news of Latu’s rise to the top is not only great news for New Zealand but for both Auckland and the Mystics. (GEORGE BERRY)

AUCKLAND BASKETBALL BOUNCES BACK THE COUNTRY MAY CURRENTLY BE OVERCOME WITH A CASE OF BREAKERS fever but waiting in the docks and ready to hoist the Auckland Flag are the Pirates... yes the city of sails once again has their very own NBL team. The name suggests something a little roughly put together or slightly lopsided but the Auckland Pirates are the real deal, and they insist they’re as far away from the defunct Auckland Stars as they could possibly be. Auckland Basketball has a long and rich history in the countries National Basketball League; they’re the most decorated region in the competitions’ history with nine titles to their name. With the Harbour Heat pulling out of this year’s competition, their return from their 2010 soap opera is very much a timely one. And to top things off their treasure chest looks to be full of cash, allowing them to recruit heavily, which will no doubt see the club return to be the Auckland of old. Aussie NBL veteran Luke Martin has been recruited in the crucial point guard position, while imports Raheim Brown and Kevin Mickens complement the likes of Breaker and Tall Black, Dillon Boucher and age-grade star Brook Ruscoe. I spoke to Boucher who said, “Mate, I thought playing for Auckland was a thing of the past, I’m chomping at the bit to slip back into the Auckland singlet” and create a club the countries biggest city can be proud of. “Now all we need is for our fans to return and help us bring the title home” said Boucher. The Pirates home court this year is the ASB arena in Kohimarama and although their first home games have clashed with the Breakers finals, strong crowds have been rewarded with winning and entertaining basketball. (GEORGE BERRY) PN




ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE If there was such a thing as the Ponsonby dictionary it would be easy to have definitions for words like fashion, entertainment and fun... but for words like commitment and dedication I believe the definitions would be a whole heap harder to define... that’s until I went along to see our local women’s rugby team, the Ponsonby Fillies. I was invited down to watch the girls train at Western Springs one bitterly cold Monday night, where the catch cry for the night quickly became “is my nose still attached to my face”. 30 odd girls were there in their shorts, jackets and mouth guards. (Trust me this was a night when if you could find an excuse to stay inside you would). Before heading down I jumped on the net and asked a few people around town what they knew about the team, and to be honest there wasn’t much to be found or even much to be said about the team, so I was a little sceptical about heading along. That being said I arrived early to try and get a real idea of what this team was about, I quickly bumped into one of their coaches, Derek von Strummer, who proceeded to tell me they’ve all turned up early to get some of their own fitness training in. They began by running five yards, crashing into a tackle bag, down onto the freezing wet ground then back up and do it all over again... this all before their hour and a half of ball skills, ruck and technical training instructed by coaches von Strummer and Steve Collins.

26 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

Team rock Eloise Blackwell, who also represents Auckland, was the one calling the shots during their fitness training and explained “while we were happy with our performance on the weekend we need to be fitter so we are doing something about it”. The extra training was instigated by the players and had nothing to do with the coaches. The team were then put through their paces, where I was blown away by the skill and flair shown by not just one or two. The international flavour shone through, girls from Samoa, Fiji, Canada, Mexico and even Venezuela all adding a slightly different dynamic. I get the pleasure of watching teams from all over the world both play and train on a regular basis and this was something spectacular, I was completely in awe of the show I was seeing at what was only a training session.But aside from all of that, it was this teams dedication to not only be there but to each other and the club. They were the only team to turn up to the club rooms for their after match function after game one, putting the senior men’s team to shame. From a side that looked as though it may not even exist at the start of the season; this is a team on its way to big things, both on and off the field. They are a credit to both the Ponsonby Rugby Club and to our community. Lead by their inspirational leader Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate or TK for short this team won’t go wrong.So get on down and support our girls or if you’d like to become involved in anyway contact Derek von Strummer on (027) 533 7357. PN


LOCAL NEWS  ‘TAKE FRIDAY OFF’ CHARITY GOLF DAY The ‘Take Friday Off’ Charity Golf Day was held at the beautiful Chamberlain Park opposite Western Springs on Friday 25 March. Our team at Harcourts, as organisers nervously tracked the weather a week ahead but those notoriously fickle Gods let us down and the rain started at midday, just as the players on the first ‘flight’ were finishing their games. We had planned, in true Ponsonby mode, a far more inventive day than just a round of golf, and we had the most gorgeous models in outfits from our own local designers. There was great music from Hanna Grace, Phil Stoodley, Danni Bear, Monique Shelford and Nick Hohepa (all local of course), we had Ponsonby Radio holding things together and the course was full of some of the best local restaurants offering a selection of tasty canapes and shots. This all made the golf even more interesting and Villa Maria and Lion set up alongside Glengarry around the Clubhouse offering fine tastes to our walk-up crowd. The golf was won on the day by two teams, Awen Guttenbeil Ex Warriors and Erwin Zimmet owner of Ella café, Ponsonby. To support Mercy Hospice we hosted an auction of goods that our generous supporters had donated. We raised a final sum of $17,000 to give to our favourite local charity and next year we’re hoping to increase this to $30,000!

To announce the event and then see Christchurch hit by the most awful earthquake certainly didn’t help as Aucklanders’ generosity was already well-tested. To even conceptualise an event like this in the midst of a deep recession also wasn’t smart, but despite it all we persevered and the generous people of Ponsonby embraced the idea and made it work! THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE HELPED TO MAKE THE DAY SPECIAL: Ponsonby News, Mainfreight, Villa Maria, McEntee Hire, Lion, Davis Funerals, NZ Herald, Rocpac, Rebel Sports/Briscoes, BDO Spicers, Team McMillan Mini, Designers, Miss Crabb, Brooke Tyson, TKstore and Andrea Moore, modelled by Sam Bluemel. The model wore Mac makeup created by Maza White. The music was fantastic and Ponsonby Radio held it all together. Bob Harvey, Chairman of Waterfront Auckland, was charming as our host and this was matched by the Chairman of Mercy Hospice, Dennis Wood, who accepted the initial cheque and then played blistering golf with our guests!

photography: Michael McClintock

In the end the final golfers staggered off the course still grinning wetly about the experience they had enjoyed and we shifted the party format into the Clubhouse. To hold an event like this is always a lot of work and my colleague Richard White was heard muttering about ‘holding down two jobs!’ as he organised the various components and people together.

On the course the best restaurants in Ponsonby did their stuff and who would, in their wildest dreams imagine being ‘fed and watered’ by The Longroom, Prego, The Fridge, Prohibition, SPQR, Bistro 222, Winehot, Herne Bay Local, Gables Speights Ale House, Glengarry and Didas - all in one day! It certainly set the scene for a very different golf day and I was gratified at ex-Warrior Awen Guttenbeil coming up to me after the day to say that he ‘attended lots of these charity golf days and this was just outstanding!’ He stated that he would be back next time with a BIG team. (CHRISTOPHER DUNN) PN MORE PHOTOS – P28-29


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photography: Michael McClintock




THE HARCOURTS PONSONBY ‘TAKE FRIDAY OFF’ CHARITY GOLF DAY 1-2. Simon Dew from Harcourts auctions the Miss Crabb dress; 3. Sam Bluemel models Miss Crabb dress prior to auction; 4. Ken Robertson and Nick Boyes from Harcourts; 5. Colin Gardner from Prohibition restaurant; 6. Maza White interviews Off Wax Bar owner; 7. Joop Hollander and Eti Kapisi, Chamberlain Park Committee: 8. Chris Dunn and Richard White with Marie Van Eyk from Mercy Hospice; 9. DC, Uncle Phil, DJ Mikey Mike, Sean Murray - from Radio Ponsonby; 10. Unclephil bunny-ears Sean Murray from Radio Ponsonby; 11. Te Karere’s TK Wano, Former Warriors prop Awen Guttenbeil, and former All Black Olo Brown; 12. DJ Mikey Mike from Radio Ponsonby; 13. Chris Dunn, Denis Wood from Mercy Hospice and Simon Dew. PN

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photography: Michael McClintock






CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Moleskin Portfolio $59.95 $ @ French Art Shop; Red wood block clock $89.99 @ Nood; Umbra ‘Grassy’ organiser $24 @ Askew; Hole Punch $38 @ Pylones; Mouse Mat & Mat set $79 @ Pylones; Red Essey Bin $118 @ Design Denmark; Trays by Christian Ghion for XO $75 each @ Indice; STYLING: Jay Platt; PHOTOGRAPHY: Danilo Santana David, Fisher Santanta

30 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011



CE K! + CE FF W F O = H O = H


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT ‘Cortina’ chair by Gunilla Allard for Lammhults/Sweden $POA (variations available) @ Katalog; k t l Fornasetti F tti ‘Capitelli’ ‘C it lli’ waste t paper bin $1695 @ Design 55; Tape Dispenser D $75, Mobile phone holder $50, Pencil holder $50 by Christian Ghion for XO @ Indice; VP3 Flower pot vase in brushed sta stainless steel $1365 @ Design Denmark; Meluka Fileboy by Stuart Bowman 620Hx500Wx450D $815 @ Apartmento www.a; Alessi ‘Dozi’ paperclip holder $54 @ Askew; Meluka Trestle desk by Stuart Bowman 2400x600 $1235 @ Apartmento; Gummy Keyboard $80 @ Pylones

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DESIGNER OFFICE FURNITURE SOLUTIONS SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL IS THE LEADING SUPPLIER OF AFFORDABLE designer furniture with the largest commercial furniture showroom in Auckland. They service major corporate and government bodies but they are also the place to create your elegant home office, or choose your child’s first desk and chair; all at surprisingly affordable prices.

“If you’re looking to do the business you need to look the business.” – Brian Ward, Furniture Maker.

Systems Commercial stocks the largest range of chairs in Auckland, from the chrome and leather luxury of the corporate boardroom, to more budget conscious options. They also stock storage solutions, screens, cupboards and sofas in a huge range of colours and materials. Most importantly they offer solutions, creative ways to use your space to best effect for productivity, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Their space management and free design service helps customers to visualise the finished system. They also deliver and install and every item they sell is guaranteed. Systems Commercial are furniture makers, so they are not limited to the single office, they create and install complete fit outs for hotels, shops and whole office floors. These include partitions, kitchens, counters, and specialised displays. They make to measure and everything can be customised including your office furniture. That means if you want the desk in a different finish, shorter or longer, it’s not a problem. Their factory also produces Thermonate, a laminate with a superior finish to standard Melamine which appeals to the discerning buyer. PN SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL, 109 Fanshaw Street (Corner Fanshaw and Halsey Street) T: 09 369 1880

32 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL has the largest commercial furniture showroom in Auckland with convenient underground parking. There is a huge range of fabrics and textures on offer to suit your style. There is no need to go to a hardware store to customise your furniture.


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Email Michael with your question and include PONSONBY NEWS in the subject line. Michael Hemphill, a partner of the firm will answer one topical question each month.


My current neighbour has a dog and small children who are constantly crossing onto my property and making a mess. I think that this is because there is no fence on our boundary. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?


Boundary disputes are often a cause of neighbourhood disharmony and often a chat with your neighbour will clear the air. If this does not work it would seem the most obvious solution would be to arrange the construction of a suitable fence. Unless there is an explicit exclusion on the title to your property the Fencing Act 1978 will help you with this.

The Fencing Act is designed to assist in the establishment of boundary fences which are suitable to your properties at an equal cost to each neighbour. There are a range of fences which are specified as ‘Urban’ fences which you can choose from. You will be able to select a range of material and styles that is generally in keeping with the style of your area and building.

NEW BRAND STUDIO: THE BRANCH Newly formed but with 30 years agency experience under their belt, The Branch are a small company with a unique approach to discovering the insights that lead to big ideas for your business. It's a tailored, personal service with the expertise and craftsmanship of a good old fashioned specialised business. They’re an agile company, pulling in the expertise they need - when they need it, which means, you get to work with the best without blowing your budget.

If you would like to use the Fencing Act to get a contribution from your neighbour to the costs of construction you are required to issue a Fencing Notice stating the type of fence, where the fence will be built, the method of construction, the estimated total cost and how the material will be bought. Your solicitor can help you prepare your notice. Your neighbour then has 21 days to object to the construction of the fence. They need to give their specific objections and propose an alternative to the type of fence you propose. If there is no fence in place then your neighbour will need to propose an alternative type of fence. If your neighbour does not object to your fencing notice you have 28 days to commence the building of the fence and you must complete the building of the fence within 90 days from the day you commence building the fence. If your neighbour does object and you cannot agree with them about the type of fence that needs to be constructed then the Disputes Tribunal can make a ruling on most matters in relation to fencing up to a value of $15,000. The Disputes Tribunal is a quick and very effective way of resolving these sorts of disputes. Once the fence is built the cost of any damage or deterioration should be shared between you both. If the damage is caused by a sudden accident then you would be entitled to undertake the repairs and recover half the reasonable costs from your neighbour. If the damage is caused by one party then that party is responsible for meeting the cost of repairs. (MICHAEL HEMPHILL) PN METROLAW, Level 2, 36 Williamson Avenue T: 09 929 0800 Disclaimer - This article is for general information purposes only. If you have a legal problem you should seek advice from a lawyer. Metro Law does not accept any liability other than to its clients and then only when advice is sought on specific matters.

Marie Bowes of The Branch says “We’re really quite nosey – in the right way. We like to understand your business, as if it’s our own, so we can generate outcomes specific to your audience. It's about getting to know how your business ticks, and coming up with fresh solutions to issues you may be facing. “ • Are you speaking to your target audience? • Does your brand match your product or service? • Could you be generating more online sales? • Is your brand present in social media? • Have you thought about new products or services in your offering? • Are you seeing the results you deserve? New ideas and an external perspective can benefit every aspect of your business. The Branch offers creative solutions through brand strategy, brand Identity, website design and development, social media, packaging and print. Without the big agency overheads and with a process that’s tailored to you, means the price is affordable, but the expertise is no less. The door is open. PN E: or call M: 021 631 603

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 TRAVEL BREAKS: THE NEW THERAPY! HOUSE OF TRAVEL PONSONBY - BECAUSE WE’RE TRAVELLERS TOO It’s been a wonderful New Zealand summer, but winter is just around the corner and in the coming winters months we’re going to be longing for the rejuvenating balm of endless sunny days and warm waves. So make this the winter that’s filled with memorable holidays in the sun. At House of Travel Ponsonby they’ve brought together some of the most popular beachside destinations in the Pacific and Asia. But that’s not all.


There are also exciting ways to experience the natural grandeur of British Columbia and guided tours that will introduce you to the mystique and culture of China. Make this winter one that you remember, because you learned how to scuba dive, saw a grizzly bear, had a massage on the beach, spoke a foreign language for the first time, or just enjoyed cocktails in the sun! PN HOUSE OF TRAVEL PONSONBY, 346 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 5760. E:


1-2. ELLE MCKAY emailed to tell us, “ I work at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School as a PE teacher. Late last year I headed abroad to visit friends and family, taking with me my Ponsonby News mag! I’m at the top of SALZBERG CASTLE, AUSTRIA and in a BMW SHOWROOM, MUNICH. Unfortunately, i forgot to get other shots during my break. Ponsonby News is a great magazine, an easy read and colourful ...although I don’t live locally, it would be nice to be closer to work and my fave patisserie - Robs.”


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ANTARCTICA by Kirstine Dawson, World Journeys My journey to Antarctica was everything you could expect from a once-in-a-lifetime trip. No wonder it’s at the top of so many bucket lists – no matter how well-travelled you are, it remains the ultimate destination, the Last Frontier! I set off for the Antarctic in February, for an expedition-style cruise out of Ushuaia with about 80 fellow passengers from all corners of the world. Before I go on, don’t be put off by the word ‘expedition’. I am pleased to report that these days you can enjoy the best of both worlds - a true sense of exploration and all the comforts of a modern ship with ensuite cabins, sauna and of course a bar. The dreaded Drake Passage lived up to its reputation on the way over, my only welcome distraction being the ability to listen to the onboard lectures from the comfort of my cabin. I lost myself in the stories of the early explorers, whose trials and tribulations far outweighed the mild seasickness I was experiencing. No body part of mine dropped off due to freezing! Once at the Antarctic Peninsula all was calm, and remained so for the remainder of the journey. Twice a day we’d split up and pile into Zodiac inflatable boats to go ashore – either onto a jetty or sometimes riding right up onto a remote beach. Surprisingly it wasn’t anywhere near as cold as I’d anticipated, being a dry cold. Layers of merino thermals, and keeping the wind out were my secret weapons. The wildlife we encountered were completely ambivalent about our presence, you could get up close for photos – but of course aren’t allowed to touch them (a little difficult when the really curious penguins decide to clamber all over you!). The vast colonies of Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins were impressive, and the chicks particularly cute in their moulting phase, all ruffled and fluffy. Highly territorial Elephant Seals and Leopard Seals the size of our Zodiac were equally impressive but a little less approachable...

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The absolute highlight for me was cruising through the Lemaire Channel, aptly nicknamed “iceberg alley”. It was totally surreal, slowly gliding through a sea of icebergs, some towering above you, in a myriad of stunning aquamarine blues. I also loved the history aspect of the region, the explorers, the whaling stations, and the poignant remains of the whalers’ huts. On our return journey we renamed Drake Passage “Lake Passage” – unbelievably calm! If you’re contemplating going to the Antarctic, my advice is to book early! The cruise season is a short window of opportunity between November and March when the temperatures are favourable, so there are limited sailings, and it’s a long wait until the next season! Antarctica simply can’t be beaten for its remoteness, its other-worldliness, its wildlife and sheer natural beauty. I challenge even the most prolific of travellers to not be impressed by Antarctica. Simply breathtaking, and a reminder of the greatness of nature in its raw state.


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HIDDEN APARTHEID Her background is in social work, and when involved with Women’s Refuge she saw more and more evidence that the old laws were being practiced in the Indian community. Her travels abroad confirmed that a similar situation was occurring in the UK and in other countries where there was large ex-pat Indian settlement.

Herne Bay resident Mandrika Rupa (pictured right) started her film career in 1993 during a visit to her family village in India. Since then she has produced a significant body of work that has been recognized at Films de Femmes, France, The London Film Festival and the New Film Festival, New York. There have also been further presentations and screenings at a wide number of international institutions.

Mandrika relates anecdotes of how it operates. For instance, a bank executive promotes a bright young Indian girl to a managerial position and wonders why there’s disruption as a result. Fellow Indian employees won’t accept her directives because her father was of a lower caste. A Bollywood actress slaps an assistant across the face and is surprised she could be charged with assault because after all the girl is only a servant. This scenario is repeated on the factory floor, in the retail sector and even on the school playground. Rather than escaping the system, emigrating Indians continue to promote it and the larger the community they join, the more virulently the practices flourish.

Mandrika Rupa’s latest work will be a revelation to anyone who views it. She addresses a bad situation in our community that many of us are completely unaware of. Apartheid (or apartness) is synonymous with the former government policy of racial segregation in South Africa. So what does it have to do with our country where it has never had any official sanction? Plenty, according to Mandrika who has observed the practice of ‘apartness’ amongst members of the same race, her own race. The 1950 Constitution of India abolished the caste system but it remains deeply embedded in the lives of the people and they take the ancient laws with them wherever they go. Mandrika’ s extended family emigrated from India to New Zealand over a hundred years ago but she was born in India and came here as a child in 1960. They lived in Blockhouse Bay - the only Indian family there at the time and it was not until she grew into adulthood that Mandrika became aware caste discrimination was alive and well in the South Pacific.

Mandrika’s documentary was made over a four year period and was filmed with personal resources and put together in New Zealand with the help of local professionals who donated much of their time. Interviewees co-operated because of their strong desire to expose caste discrimination within Indian communities here as well as in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.A. It is a wake-up call for non-Indians who do not realise insidious violation of basic human rights is happening in their own egalitarian societies. The documentary premiered at the Bridgeway 28 April and will run for three weeks. There are two screenings a day at 2.30 and 8.00pm. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN


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FASHION + STYLE DEMETER FRAGRANCE LIBRARY BY WORLDBEAUTY WORLDbeauty is proud to present Demeter Fragrance Library: fragrances which make you smile every time you smell them. A scent should mean something special to you. It makes you remember what you like and takes you places you would rather be. Demeter Fragrances offer that escape with their eclectic collection of scents and in particular, the sweet delight of Chocolate Chip Cookie. This delicious fragrance evokes memories of home baking, childhood and sweet treats with a perfectly matched chocolate chip cookie scent. In creating this fragrance Demeter drew inspiration from Ruth Graves’s original chocolate chip recipe, perfected in 1924. In the absence of bakers chocolate Ruth substituted a semi-sweet chocolate bar and so today’s chocolate chip cookie was born. Now the Demeter Fragrance Library is making history of its own, with Demeter’s wearable version of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Demeter’s Chocolate Chip is a combination of light and dark chocolate, freshly baked but not too doughy. All of the flavour, none of the calories! PN DEMETER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE is available exclusively from WORLDbeauty for $59.00


photography: Julie Roulston


AMELIA PAIN photographed in Western Park opposite MILLY BOUTIQUE

SIX THINGS I LOVE ABOUT PONSONBY Owner of Ponsonby Road’s Milly Boutique and international model Amelia Pain shares some things she loves in our ‘hood’. “The Paddington/Bondi of Auckland” as she calls us... • I love having breakfast or brunch at THE WILLIAMSON on Williamson Avenue; • Relaxing and unwinding for some quiet time on the collagen bed at SOLARIS CLINIC on Ponsonby Road; • All of my homeware goodies from REDCURRANT; • Having a game of pool at the PONSONBY POOL HALL - a lot of fun even though my skills are, well - absent; • Catching up with friends for great Mojitos and the best salt and pepper squid ever, at PONSONBY SOCIAL CLUB; • The atmosphere and deliciousness at PREGO. Takes me back to amazing times at a restaurant I lived across from in Milan. PN The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



FASHION + STYLE D & M’S DANNY PATO - A FINALIST FOR NZ HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR CONGRATULATIONS TO D&M HAIR DESIGN’S DANNY PATO, WHO WAS announced at the end of March as a finalist for the Hair Expo Awards New Zealand hairdresser of the Year, 2011. In their 26th year, the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards recognise all aspects of hair industry excellence, from creativity, to colour, to business achievement, in Australia and New Zealand. Last year the d&m team was the first ever from New Zealand to get a top-four placing in the Salon Team of the Year category of these hairdressing ‘Oscars’. Danny entered the competition with his latest collection “Avant Goddess”, shot in collaboration with photographer Craig Owen, with styling by Barry Betham and makeup by Aimie Fiebig. “The collection was inspired by iconic women who are or were a goddess of their time. There are references to Greek mythology and astrology, and the overall look is utterly glam! I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out, and hope to bring the crown back to Ponsonby from Sydney!” says Danny. Other New Zealand finalists are Jock Robson and Sara Allsop (Dharma) and Mana Dave (Blaze) - New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year category; Joshua Ansell (Dharma) - Apprentice/student of the Year category, and Servilles Academy - Educational Organisation of the Year. The winners will be announced at a red carpet gala dinner in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on 13 June. D&M HAIR DESIGN, 5 Redmond Street T: 09 376 3666

LIZ MITCHELL, SERA LILLY AND YVONNE BENNETTI’S BEAUTIFUL AND DIVERSE BRIDAL GOWNS were seen on the runway under the copper dome at Auckland Museum, as part of New Zealand’s inaugural Bridal Fashion Week held in early April. Produced by the inimitable Amanda Bransgrove and with models from her Surrey Crescent-based Monarch Models, a total of 17 designers participated. Internationally acclaimed designers Cymbeline (Paris) and Ruben Perlotti (Barcelona) headlined the schedule, and awarded Whitecliffe college student Samantha Wainstein with the Young Bridal Designer of the Year award. There’s a definite gearing up in bridal fashion in Ponsonby. Tutta Bella on Jervois Road has been sold. Sera Lilly opened a by-appointment-only bridal salon on the first floor of her store in mid-April and we hear it’s immensely busy. Yvonne Bennetti’s dedicated salon is due to open mid-May, offering both off the rack and made-to-measure gowns. (JULIE ROULSTON) PN

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photography: Norrie Montgomery



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Christchurch based designers MisteR haven’t been able to access their studio since February, but they’ve set up a temporary studio at home in their garage. Their winter collection ‘The Bicycle Gang’ is available locally at MARVEL, 143 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 4204

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FOX UMBRELLAS EXCLUSIVE TO CRANE BROTHERS Leaving for work in the morning is as much about making sure that you are protected from the sun as it is the rain. While many of us will spend hundreds of dollars on designer sunglasses, far too often we are remiss with our brolly choice, meaning that the dash to the dairy or the cafĂŠ can involve anything from a Disney theme to something more at home on the golf course. Crane Brothers are now the exclusive stockist of Fox Umbrellas. Handmade in England since 1868 Fox are attributed with inventing the umbrella as we know it and have made umbrellas for Royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers for over 130 years. The selection is vast with a choice of hard wood handles and frames that includes Oak, Ash, Chestnut and Elm. These are heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime of wet days and are beautiful to have and hold. Each piece is entirely assembled by hand in the UK. Prices start at $159.00 through to $575.00 for a solid Oak Frame. A full Made to Order service is also available. CRANE BROTHERS, 2 - 4 High Street, City T: 09 377 5333 PN FOX UMBRELLA WITH SOLID ASH HANDLE AND FRAME: $495.00

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ANGELA LASSIG: LETTERS FROM MAUDIE The monthly jottings of a free-spirited Ponsonby dressmaker of the 1920s, as imagined by Angela Lassig.


Dearest Ada I’m in such a temper! On my way back from the Ponsonby Post Office (I was posting off a new frock to Ellerslie) not only did I break a heel on my newest and prettiest pair of shoes while crossing the Three Lamps tram lines, but I nearly got squashed by a pair of passing trams and had my costume drenched with oily water by a passing motor car. And as if I had not cause to be embarrassed enough already, can you imagine my horror at being the latest attraction for seemingly hundreds of people milling out of the Brit.* My escape was to scuttle down Pompallier Terrace and hobble the rest of the way home via the back streets. My dress is now soaking in the tub, my stockings in the rubbish and my shoe waiting to be taken to the bootmaker. My pride is still to be found but I am hoping that with this letter and my cup of freshly brewed tea my mood will lift. I’m writing to thank you Ada for the delicious pewter belt buckle and the sweet card that you sent for my birthday. I have the most perfect kingfisher blue silk velvet ribbon for the belt and will assemble the two tomorrow evening. I am so excited to have my first piece of Liberty jewellery and gasp at your generosity. I suspect that you’ve been shopping at the Alcorn Sisters’ in Wellington. Tell me what tempted you this time (in addition to my little treasure). Thinking about my buckle has given me the perfect solution for my latest dilemma – what to wear on Saturday evening! I’ve been invited by a new friend – Gladys – to a supper party at her flat in Shortland Street. The flats are quite new and are to be found at the top of the hill not far from Albert Park. Gladys is a rather flamboyant girl both in her mannerisms and her clothes and has high expectations of her guests dressing up in their most exotic finery. I still have the Turkish costume that I made for your fancy dress party two years ago but I don’t think that this is a ‘dress up’ occasion. For the past two weeks I’ve been flicking through my fashion journals for something suitable to copy but quick to make and almost gave up hope until I found inspiration in an old copy of The Ladies’ Mirror. They showed a gorgeous and, importantly, a very exotic-looking dress by a Paris fashion house that was cut from an old silk paisley shawl. Next to the picture of the dress was an exquisite kimono style opera coat in black satin that had insets of old Chinese embroidered silk. My idea is to make the same opera coat style in deep ruby red velvet and trim it with borders cut from great grandmother’s paisley shawl. I have been wondering what to do with that shawl as it has developed a number of holes over the years…This feels like a good use of a lovely bit of material and one of which I think great granny would approve. As time is money and I have a paucity of both, I shall be wearing a simple black silk satin tunic gown made earlier this year, that will be transformed into a thing of beauty when I don my kingfisher belt and Liberty buckle. After contemplating sending my apologies for the party, I’m starting to get excited now at the thought of showing my lavish ensemble off to the crowd. + April 1921 46 PONSONBY PONSONBY PARISH NEWS+ NEWS May 2011

Perhaps I will get some new ideas for my customers. A few of them have been asking me about the new styles coming out of Paris after the Decorative Art exposition. You must have read about it too? Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Indian, Egyptian – all sorts of styles sometimes all mixed up. If you see any good quality braids or embroidered trims in the new styles you will be sure to give me the details won’t you? I can buy most fabrics I require here in Auckland but I’m always on the hunt for interesting trimmings. Gladys has given all her party guests special instructions on entering the flat. We are to knock loudly three times and then slip in quickly when she opens the door. This is because of Roger the cat, or rather, Rajah as he is now known, inherited recently by Gladys from an elderly Aunt. Gladys says that it was love at first snuggle and she couldn’t resist keeping the hairy beast (Roger is a berman) even though felines, as well as fish and fowl, are forbidden in the flats. Speaking of pets, you’ll never believe what Tiger did. I was looking for ‘Boney’, a bone-shaped toy I made for him out of some leftover plush. After searching the house I forgot all about it until I went to pick a bunch of roses to give to mother. There, half buried in the garden, was ‘Boney.’ I still can’t quite understand this bizarre behaviour. Tiger’s never buried any of his toys, in fact he never takes them outside. Baffling don’t you think? I forgot to mention what mother gave me for my birthday! I’m afraid that I wasn’t surprised but I was nevertheless thrilled to receive the most delightful pendant of a style I know mother would not usually buy. It is a strangely formed blister pearl which the jeweller has set in silver and surrounded with little leaves and tendrils. I must divulge that I had spied the brooch and set my heart on it last month after I came across a lady jeweller working near my favourite tearooms in the Strand Arcade. After I had decided that I must have it I expended much thought as to how I could possibly acquire it. Certainly I could never entertain the thought of actually purchasing such an expensive trinket on my modest earnings. And then my thoughts turned to Mother. And Mother does like to buy me nice jewellery for my birthday. It was about time that I took her out for a whirl around the shops and a spot of lunch. And where else but my favourite tearooms in the Strand Arcade! After a good lunch I asked Mother if she’d ever seen a lady jeweller working in her studio… and so we visited Miss Reeves. Mother was rather taken by a dainty carnelian ring encircled with tiny overlapping leaves while I was simply enraptured by a certain blister pearl brooch. And didn’t it just suit my ivory linen suit (strategically worn for the occasion). It truly is a lovely thing! You know Ada, I feel so much better now than when I sat down to write this. You must come and visit or perhaps I’ll take up your invitation to come and stay. I must say that as the weather becomes cooler, the thought of wrapping up warmly for an afternoon of fly fishing and evenings chatting by the fire in your lovely cottage sounds like heaven to me. Until the next letter, Your affectionate friend,


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JULIE ROULSTON ONE GOOD THING Maybe you can only justify buying one thing this autumn - or maybe you need an excuse to buy one more item! We asked local fashion experts what they’ll be buying this season and what they recommend you buy... Eleisha Balmer, RUBY: This winter I am excited to add the RUBY Fox Tunic to my wardrobe. I’m always a fan of a cute winter dress...this gold, wool dress is the perfect layering piece and was a favourite at New Zealand Fashion Week last September.

Cybele Wiren, CYBELE: One thing I have to buy this season: the black leather ‘Empire’ boots from Chaos and Harmony’s current winter collection. These boots go with anything, they are amazingly comfortable and the leather is the kind of leather that will wear in well over time. A must-have piece I would recommend for others is our Cybele hooded Procession Coat. It’s one of my favorite pieces from the Winter collection. I love the shape and volume, the domes and its detachable hood lined with the softest faux rabbit. We have a really limited number of these in a deep purple-charcoal, black and the khaki colour pictured, available at our Ponsonby Road store.

One thing I’d recommend: the Madame Hawke Heirloom Crop (jacket) comes in a cashmere-wool blend and is available in a beautiful purple to brighten up your winter wardrobe! PS: if you are looking for the perfect gift, the Matina Amanita ‘I love you more’ gold-plated, sterling silver necklace, exclusive to Ruby, is the perfect treat for the girl who has everything! CRANE BROTHERS: Murray Crane: The one fashion item I am going to buy myself this season is a wool/ cashmere scarf. We do them every season and last year we sold out so fast I missed out! The one thing I would recommend everyone get this winter is a flu jab. No one looks great when they are sick. Karl Clausen: For my personal purchase? With winter knocking on the door I have already eyed up a camel cashmere and wool coat. I’ve always loved the colour and the elegance of a well cut coat can’t be denied. For some reason these coats remind me of New York. My recommendation for others is that they buy a casual sports coat. Men are dressing up even when they are dressing down. This season Crane Brothers have tailored three button jackets with external patch pockets. The added detail takes away the seriousness that most jackets evoke while adding interest. The marsh green colour of the wool cashmere will team back beautifully with most things in any man’s wardrobe. Claire Kingan Jones, KINGAN JONES: I’ll be buying our Empress Dress in ‘Honeymoon’ print! It’s in a Kingan Jones-exclusive silk print and has such a flattering cut. It has been selling so fast that I’ve actually had to buy one to secure it. I’ll also be getting a piece of Loumina jewelry as soon as it arrives, as it will work perfectly with the print! For others I’d recommend our Kingan Jones Merino basics. They come in a long line tank, a long sleeve dress, a crew, a short cardi and a long cardi, and are available in four great colours. You’ll wear a piece every day this winter – they are so versatile, and cozy without being chunky! Selina Bedford, TKSTORE: I have just purchased a pair of tailored leather shorts which means I can now alternate my leather Diablo skinnis to every second day! The Leather shorts contrast nicely with this season’s delicate, drapey fabrics. I have been teaming my shorts with the tk suede slouch tee and silk sunrise tops. For others I would recommend a clutch this season. They are becoming more and more the staple of in vogue women around the globe. Our tk woven leather clutch nails it with just the right amount of detailing. It exudes that whimsical style where everything looks so glamourous but so effortless at the same time. Susan Duckworth, VANILLA INK: I can’t limit it to one thing! My wish list for this winter is either of two interesting layered outfits over our Vanilla Ink Sienna Jeans (high waisted to suck my tummy in, and long skinny legs to make me look hellishly tall). The first is the Maggie blouse in ‘peacock’ Italian silk with a high pleated neckline and gathered sleeve feature, with the crop cape from our new Italian knitwear range ‘360 Glam’. The second is the Eclair dress - my absolute favourite. It’s like a teeshirt top in delicious viscose jersey with a gathered, quite ‘couture’ feature at the bottom. You can layer a swing sleeve Cowboy tee over the top to make it look über grungy. I already have the Eclair dress and two of the knit capes and two of the Cowboy Tees, I think I’d better stop taking all my stock. TKSTORE I recommend our New York cardi to EVERYBODY! It’s long and lean, makes you feel 10 feet tall and goes with everything. Naomi Warren, WORKSHOP PONSONBY: My favourite piece for winter is the Workshop Denim Alexa Pea Coat in olive. It’s a classic tailored pea coat with a street edge and looks great with denim. It’s made from heavy duty wool melton and I’ve got mine early before the cold weather gets here.

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For others? Well, for men I’d recommend our Ringspun Hooded Overshirt. The lightweight denim paired with the grey marle hood is a great look for winter. It’s a cool, casual alternative to sweatshirts and jackets and perfect with a printed tee underneath. For women - our Sophia Smock Dress. It’s such a versatile piece which looks stylish with fresh, white trainers or dressed up with Alexander Wang ankle boots. PN



WINTER MAKEOVER Last month I had quite a lot of fun researching ways you can nourish your skin and hair in the lead up to winter, those long, dark months when you need a little extra TLC and the weather really is conducive to spending days – and nights - indoors. But we can’t spend all that time in hibernation, and some seriously covetable new makeup may be just the excuse you need to get out of the house and make an evening of it. Mecca Cosmetica has some beautiful new goodies in store, including their newest makeup brand, Kjaer Weis. The eponymous cosmetics line by Danish-born, New York based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, this collection of essential products is fast changing the face of organic makeup. Fusing high fashion and ‘green living’, Kjaer Weis’ colour range features 95 per cent organic formulas, classic colours that transcend all trends, and luxe compacts that you just won’t want to give up. The popular makeup artist felt there was a gap in the market for a brand that uses green ingredients paired with modern design and packaging, and what delicious packaging it is! Enlisting the help of legendary designer Marc Atlan - who has created iconic packaging for the likes of Comme des Garçons and Helmut Lang - Kirsten briefed on refillable packaging that was built to last and looked amazing. The result is packaging made of Zamac (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloy) that is heavy, weighty, and praised by design aficionados worldwide. Housed inside is a range of lip tints, cream blush and eye shadows that are organic, refillable and beautiful to wear. The well-edited collection pulls off the near impossible: fusing the very best in organic ingredients with gorgeous textures and always-flattering shades. If green and gorgeous is your bag then I definitely recommend that you check this line out. Also in store right now at Mecca is Stila’s Longwear Lip Color collection: a rich, heavily pigmented range of matte lip colours that boast extended wear with super hydration. My pick of the shades is Phenomenal, a warm berry that will work with so many different skin tones it’s ridiculous. Berry tones are big for winter and this gloss-meetslipstick will take you all the way through to Labour Weekend. At the other end of Ponsonby Road is another temple to all things beauty, Smashbox. Helen Luo is a Smashbox artist and the manager of their Ponsonby concept store, and she has some great tips for updating your kit for winter. She says that for the LA-based makeup brand soft, subdued eye shadows in hues of grays, browns and lavenders (blended seamlessly) are a great way to ease yourself into the cooler months. “We love eye shadow single shades in Ambient, Brazilian Bronze and Enchanted paired with lip stains or lipstick pressed on the lips with a hint of gloss for a velvet finish,” explains the popular artist, finished off with “soft, glowing, translucent skin”. An expert tip is adding Smashbox’s Artificial Light in Diffuse to your regular liquid foundation or primer for the perfect translucent glow. Last up, if you’re a fan of mineral makeup then pop into Mollie’s spa to try Bella Vi’s take on the popular foundation choice. Applying Bella Vi Loose Pure Mineral Foundation sparingly with the Bella Vi Kabuki brush will give you a perfect finish without clogging pores or irritating skin, and it’s available in seven shades for almost every skin type. Bella Vi also contains no bismuth oxychloride, dimethicone, carmine, talc, dyes derived from coal tar, cornstarch or parabens, making it a great option if you care as much about what your makeup does for your body as it does for your face. (HELENE RAVLICH) PN

The cosmetics line by Danish-born, New York based makeup artist KIRSTEN KJAER WEIS is available MECCA COSMETICA, Ponsonby The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



FASHION + STYLE EDGY YET ACCESSIBLE - ‘VINCENT’ COMES TO PONSONBY New Zealand owned family fashion retail business ‘Vincent’ is excited to have opened in Ponsonby, and to be growing mid-recession. Veterans of some 30 years in the fashion industry, the owners have always enjoyed what they describe as the ‘eclectic excitement’ of the area, and when the opportunity arose to open Vincent’s sixth store here, it seemed a natural progression for their business. And manager Amokura is rapt, because she can now walk to work! Inside Vincent you’ll find local and international labels that are new to Ponsonby. Verge, Ashley Fogel and Westmere-based Loobie’s Story sit alongside Scarlett, Vintage, new label Random, and Vicky Vale from Australia. There is chic casual wear and elegant, sophisticated dressing. The Vincent team is particularly excited about the new ‘Darling’ label from Europe, making its debut into New Zealand this season at the store. Price points at Vincent are across the spectrum with Verge’s Ian Webster saying “Vincent always buy brands with a design edge, but they are conscious that they want to offer really accessible, good quality fashion.” Visitors to the Ponsonby store have commented on the welcoming ambiance they find there as well as the rare-to-ourarea size range (up to 16). The Vincent team invite Ponsonby News readers to ‘come down, meet us, and enjoy what we have to offer. We’re very pleased to be here and to become part of the community.” PN VINCENT, 100 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 3243.

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Loobie’s Story ‘Over-Everything’ cotton modal cardi worn with ‘Taj’ silk dress, available at VINCENT


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WITH AUCKLAND’S NOTORIOUS FOUR-SEASONS-IN-A-DAY CLIMATE, AUTUMN is definitely a time to layer up your look. For some of us that’s cause for celebration and pulling out those stylish little pieces of cashmere and fab skinny pants. For others it’s yet another fashion challenge. How to layer with witty elegance (as opposed to looking like you are trying to wear two completely separate outfits at once, or that you are dressing for a polar expedition)? Our local experts tell all... ANDREA MOORE “The key to layering is not to over-layer, but to create clean, simple lines that look chic and enhance your body shape. In The Andrea Moore Neon Jungle collection we have beautiful tops that are 10% and 40% wool, in colours that go back with all our colour stories - khaki, navy, deep cerise and crisp white for winter. Layer with a tunic and the result can be either strong and bright, or clean and simple, depending on the colour combination. “In Auckland especially, weather can change quite dramatically and you need to be able to de-layer, too. Shirts are a great way to do this - we have beautiful Wall liberty fabric shirts that you can easily pop a cardigan over. As for slim pants over which to layer, Andrea Moore has ‘Secret park skinnies’ in khaki and black corduroy which look fantastic styled with a drapier piece of knitwear. Happy layering!” DALSTON “Layering is a great way to wear different textures and add colour to your outfit, but you don’t want to add a size to your figure or overheat! Start with a base layer of fabric that is soft and thin, as it’s important that the layer closest to your skin doesn’t itch or make you feel clammy. A silk or wool fibre mixed with tencel (a regenerated wood fibre) is good, as are organic cottons and pure wool merino, but make sure the merino feels good on your skin. Rubbing the fabric on your face is a good test for softness. Leggings and a long sleeve top are perfect as your base layer. Once you have your warm base layer on, pull on a drapey dress or tunic top. Make sure the two layers don’t argue with each other - i.e. don’t stick together! The Dalston girls are also loving Dalston’s Sophia Coat in cactus tweed and dark jewel colours, the warmest layer of all!” OCTOBER REIGN “Ioanna Kourbela (imported from Athens and stocked by October Reign) believes that the secret is all in the fabric mix. Ioanna uses luxurious blends of silk, cashmere, mohair and cotton to get comfort and warmth from layering in the winter months. You can never go wrong by throwing on an amazing coat or piece of knitwear if you are in a hurry - and all that’s underneath will be forgiven!” PEARL “One of the pleasures of dressing for Autumn is layering contrasting fabrics, such as knits with silk, leather with tulle or organza with wool crepe, to create elegant, considered looks that are both practical and stylish. With the addition of a few key layers, your entire existing wardrobe can become a collection of transseasonal pieces that can be worn right through the colder months.

VANILLA INK Eclair dress at New Zealand Fashion Festival, March 2011


“At Pearl, we start layering an outfit with our legendary Cigar Pants – a sophisticated alternative to leggings, with a zip cuff allowing you to wear them over the top or inside your favourite boots. “Team these with our Sigourney Slips - 100% fine merino wool and perfect under everything to keep you snug. With these as a base, you can wear almost any of your gorgeous floaty silk pieces over the top. “Finish with a chunky knit, a smile, and enjoy those beautiful crisp Autumn days in style.” PN

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FASHION + STYLE TUTTA BELLA RE-OPENS WITH AN AWARD DAVID ELMAN SHOES COMES WINNING BRIDAL DESIGNER AT THE HELM TO PONSONBY Fans eagerly awaiting the re-opening of Herne Bay’s wonderful bridal boutique Tutta Bella need wait no longer, because the moment has arrived. Tutta Bella re-opened its doors on 1 May under the ownership of talented Christchurch bridal designer Louise Anderson.

Ponsonby can only be described as spoilt for choice when it comes to women’s shoes. David Elman is the latest footwear retailer to come to Ponsonby, in the new development on the corner of Williamson Avenue and Ponsonby Road.

Louise has been one of New Zealand’s most respected bridal designers for over 20 years, winning the American Express Canterbury Bridal Designer of the Year three years running. Her devotion to vintage pieces, handmade silk laces, old silk satins and embroideries began as a child, and today the designer still finds elation in discovering a precious vintage piece.

Owner Brooke Monks says he has always wanted a store in Ponsonby as he likes the mix of trendy shops, bars and restaurants. Of 60 years’ family experience in the footwear industry and though once strictly a manufacturer, these days David Elman are retailers, with Brooke travelling to Europe’s top shoe fairs and using his decades of experience to choose beautiful women’s shoes for his New Zealand customers.

While the Louise Anderson Boutique Collection of bridal gowns will be one feature at Tutta Bella, Louise is looking forward to focusing on presenting stylish designs by a number of designers including couture from other Canterbury artists, along with collections from designers such as Fiorenza and Luci Dibella that are already in store.

“Our collections are sourced from all over the world, and we strive to bring you the very latest and best in trends from the fashion capitals of London, Paris and Milan.” says Brooke. You’ll see brands like Audley (Spain), Oxitaly (Italy), C.Doux (Spain) Rapisardi (Italy) and Miezko (Brazil), with the added attraction of a broad price range, from affordable to luxe. PN

Louise is currently getting together a team to work with her at Tutta Bella, and would love to hear from fashion lovers who would like to come on board and share in her vision. PN

“No matter what you wear, you are always well dressed if you have nice shoes.” –TAMARA MELLON, President, Jimmy Choo Shoes.

TUTTA BELLA, 224 Jervois Road, T: 09 378 0824

DAVID ELMAN SHOES, 100 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 9005


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BUTEYKO: HELPING THOUSANDS OVERCOME ASTHMA NATURALLY Do you or your child have asthma? No doubt you are familiar with the standard treatments for asthma, the puffers (relievers to open up the airways and inhaled steroids to reduce airway inflammation) but new studies are showing that many are overusing these drugs and this may be contributing to the alarming rise in asthma. New Zealand now has one of the highest asthma rates in the world. Asthma is the most common cause for child hospital admissions and the Asthma Foundation estimates over 200,000 children in New Zealand have asthma. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are now eight published studies in medical journals both here and internationally recognising the benefits of breathing exercises in helping to control asthma and reduce medication use. A study published in the prestigious medical journal Thorax showed those practising breathing exercises were able to reduce reliever medication by 85% and preventer medication by 50%. The best-studied of these breathing programmes is the Buteyko Method. So what is Buteyko? Very simply Buteyko is a strategy to retrain dysfunctional breathing and it is based on the postulation that many diseases result from an abnormal breathing pattern. To be more specific, conditions such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis, snoring, insomnia, sleep apnoea, panic disorders, etc. are believed to be the body’s responses (a ‘defence mechanism’) to hyperventilation or, in simple terms, ‘over-breathing’.

DISCOVER THE POWER OF SERUMS AT MORE THAN SKIN THE BUZZ WORD ON EVERYONE’S LIPS RIGHT NOW IS ‘SERUMS’ AND FOR good reason as these power-packed concentrates can revitalise your complexion and lift your mood in one beauty saving step. Used for centuries to beautify the complexion, a serum is the most effective way to deliver maximum nutrition and hydration to the skin without leaving a greasy or oily finish. We’ve found two of the best at More Than Skin where they can help you discover the potential of liquid gold… Enriched with antioxidants the Joyce Blok Natural Skin Care range of Vitamin C Serums helps to brighten and revitalise your skin, offering a potent anti-ageing boost for a smooth, healthy and radiant complexion. Purchase a Joyce Blok Vitamin C Serum, plus one other product from their skin care range, and enjoy a Signature facial for HALF PRICE! (a saving of $50). Our second recommendation comes from DECLÉOR, the experts in Aromatherapy and their signature beauty concentrate: the Aromessence™, a unique cocktail of 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% preservative free Essential Oils, exclusively tailored for specific skin types.

Receive 50% OFF an Aroma Essence facial when you purchase a DECLÉOR Aromessence™ Serum, plus one other DECLÉOR product (saving you over $62!). MORE THAN SKIN also have a special Mother’s Day Gift Voucher available until 7 May, it’s the perfect pampering treat for every Mum. Call Megs today on T: 09 361 2231 for more information. PN

Dr Konstantin Buteyko, a Russian physician, developed the method in the 1940s to treat conditions including asthma, allergies, sleeping disorders and hypertension. He found that hyperventilation is the primary cause of these conditions and thus his programme is based on slowing down breathing rates to within normal parameters. The programme includes guidelines for correct diaphragmatic breathing and learning to breathe through the nose. Buteyko Institute practitioner, Glenn White, runs regular programmes for adults and children at his clinic in Freemans Bay. Like so many people who end up being passionate about health, Glenn White is no different. Glenn was a lifelong asthma sufferer. After three attacks requiring hospitalisation in 2000, a friend encouraged Glenn to try Buteyko. The results were astonishing. In one week he was breathing freely and no longer using his Ventolin inhaler. Glenn has now been asthma free for ten years and no longer needs asthma medication. The change was so profound that he gave up his career as a geologist to train as a Buteyko practitioner. In 2001 Glenn set up the Buteyko Breathing Clinic in Freemans Bay. Since that time he has helped thousands of adults and children overcome their asthma. Benefits are immediate and most no longer need to use their reliever medication within the first week. All medication reduction is undertaken by the client’s medical provider. Medical professionals now account for the bulk of the clinic referrals and clients come from all over New Zealand to attend the clinic. Thousands are now asthma free after doing the breathing course. It’s not just asthma either: Buteyko has been shown to be effective for other breathingrelated conditions including allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, persistent cough, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), panic attacks, sleep apnoea, insomnia and snoring. Additional benefits include improved sleep, the ability to exercise without getting breathless and less susceptibility to colds and flu. (JOHN APPLETON) PN Anyone interested in learning more can contact Glenn at the Buteyko Breathing Clinic T: 09 360 6291 E:

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EVE LOM – MORE THAN JUST A RATHER FABULOUS CLEANSER News of the availability of Eve Lom’s range of killer, high performance skincare products Down Under last year was definitely a cause for celebration. One of the newest brands to land at Ponsonby Road’s Mecca Cosmetica of late, the collection is the creation of one of the most respected and sought-after beauty professionals alive today, Eve Lom. Born in Czechoslovakia, Eve met the renowned skin specialist Georgette Klinger in Hollywood in the early 1980s and began her career as a facialist. She subsequently relocated to London where she studied anatomy, nutrition and massage techniques, expanding her repertoire to also include acupuncture after time training with the masters in China. In 1984, the first Eve Lom salon opened in London, and not longer after her range began to evolve following the media frenzy that surrounded the release of her cult Cleanser, which Vogue called “probably the best cleanser in the world”. Fast-forward to 2011 and the products that make up the pareddown regime Eve recommends are now available here, which is dreadfully exciting news for beauty fans the length and breadth of New Zealand. My first foray into the world of Eve Lom was via a pot of her Kiss Mix, a richly moisturising pot of goodness that tends to chapped and dry lips, and also includes the natural sunscreen Zinc Oxide to protect lips from UV rays, and tingling menthol for an added pick-me-up. With its moisturising and healing ingredients it is a year-round product as it keeps lips moisturised and protected from UV rays in summer and biting winds in winter. It’s great to use with lipstick to add shine to your lips or on its own as a moisturising base, and is a certified handbag essential in my universe. I was lucky enough recently to meet New York-based Eve Lom educator Melissa Ouellette, who was in town to talk about the brand’s newest release, Eye Lift. A hydrating cream infused with the proven wrinkle-reducer retinol, it is the first dedicated anti-ageing product in the Eve Lom collection. The cream also boasts in its formula Vitamin C (radiance boosting), Oat Kernel Extract (helps reduce the depth of wrinkles) and Sodium Hyaluronate (increases moisture retention for lasting hydration) making for one powerful punch. Melissa points out to me the extremely clever – and hygienic – applicator attached to the top of the tube, which dispenses exactly the right

amount of product required for both eyes and helps apply it with minimal drag to the super delicate skin around that area. Melissa explains to me that the philosophy behind the Eve Lom brand is “a simple regime that you can base around your needs with minimal fuss. The cleanser itself is so rich and transformative that often you don’t even need a moisturiser at night, but if you do we have the perfect no-fuss formula to suit your skin”. She shows me exactly how to use the miraculous Cleanser, the ritual beginning with a macadamia nut-sized dollop of the rich creamy goodness applied all over a dry face. Massage well so that the oils penetrate the skin and then take the accompanying muslin cloth and rinse it under hot water, laying it loosely across the face to help the oils melt and work in that little more. Repeat this cloth application three times. Next rinse the cloth under cooler water and gently exfoliate the face by rubbing it over the skin until all of the product is removed. Rinse once more in super cool water and place it over your super clean face to soothe. Voila! Truly radiant, gorgeously clean skin that is softer than an infant’s proverbial. “The best cleanser in the world” it just may be. (HELENE RAVLICH) PN

HOSPICE AWARENESS WEEK 16 – 22 MAY 2011 HOSPICE AWARENESS WEEK IS MERCY HOSPICE AUCKLAND’S MOST significant opportunity to break myths surrounding hospice care. We provide palliative care to the Auckland City region, caring for over 260 patients at any one time, both at the hospice in Ponsonby and throughout the community. We provide care and support, for people who are dying, beyond just the physical – extending care to the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Hospices can provide care and support for anyone living with a life limiting illness e.g. heart failure, MND, MS and cancer. The majority of people receiving support are cared for in their homes in the community or residential care facility. Hospice is not a building; it is a philosophy of care. Hospice Awareness Week also presents a great opportunity to tell you what we need and how you can help. This year we need to raise over $2.3 million (that’s over $6,000 a day) to ensure we can continue to deliver care and support for our patients and their families with compassion, dignity and respect. That’s why we need your support. Host a Mercy Hospice Auckland Tea Party at work or home The ‘comfortable cup of tea’ is a recognised tradition in hospice care, and in the community, as a way of showing hospitality and providing comfort. By holding your own Tea Party with colleagues, friends or family you can share in a moment of reflection, comfort and celebration. And through a gold coin donation help raise the funds we need to continue providing free hospice care to our communities. We will help you make your Tea Party a fun event with our free Tea Party Pack which includes: Dilmah tea bags, invitations, posters, collection box, donation form and a delicious cup cake recipe from Jo Seagar. To order your pack please phone the Fundraising team on T: 09 361 5966 or e-mail with your name, address and contact details and how many people will be attending your tea party. Please visit our website to make an instant online donation, or to find out other ways you can support Mercy Hospice Auckland during Hospice Awareness Week 16 – 22 May. PN

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PLANET AYURVEDA: ASK DOCTOR AJIT Each month, DR AJIT, Australasia’s most experienced Ayurvedic practitioner answers a reader’s question. Please e-mail yours to

Q: A:

Your column last month had a photo of a treatment called Shirodhara and it had me intrigued. Could you tell me a little about it? J. DORNE, Herne Bay

Shirodhara is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words - Shiro, meaning head and Dhara, which means to flow continuously. So as the name suggests, it is the application of a continuous flow of oil to the head. It is an important part of any Ayurvedic treatment programme as it helps: • Stabilise and calm the hyperactive mind. • Aids sufferers of interrupted sleep and insomnia. • Helps with anxiety, nervousness and panic attacks. • Manages stress and depression. • Counters chronic headaches. • Helps to stabilise hormonal function If you have read my previous columns you know that Ayurveda sees three main intelligences control all bodily functions, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. As long as these intelligences are in balance in the body we can enjoy a happy and healthy life. However, when they get out of balance, they impede the body’s natural intelligence to function normally, which leaves us susceptible to illness and disease. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the intelligence most susceptible to imbalance is Vata, which controls all movement in the body, especially the flow of information in the nervous tissue and the flow of thoughts in the mind. The reason that it becomes imbalanced so quickly is due to our lifestyle and diet. Most of us live at such a fast pace: always in a hurry, meeting deadlines, managing several tasks at once, including the demands of work, family and friendships. All this rushing places great pressure on the body’s nervous system and causes the Vata intelligence that controls it to become aggravated. Often, we get to the point where we feel that our minds are out of control and look for ways to slow it down.

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Thankfully, this treatment provides a means to do this, without resorting to the use of psychotropic drugs. Specifically, this treatment balances the Vata intelligence through the introduction of opposing qualities. The oil is warm, slow, unctuous and regular which balances the cold, quick, dry and irregular qualities of Vata. The slow and regular qualities also revive the mind’s natural intelligence, reminding it of how it should function normally as opposed to the scattered and busy feelings many of us experience as a result of our stressful lives. Because it is such a relaxing treatment, I notice that it is offered in a growing number of clinics and beauty spas around town. However, though it looks innocuous, it is a profound treatment and must be administered correctly by a trained therapist to gain its full benefit. If administered incorrectly or without proper training it can be counter productive and can lead to many problems such as headache, rashes on the face, a heavy and dull feeling, vomiting and nausea. There are many considerations for ensuring the treatment is administered correctly but the most important are the selection, temperature and flow of the oil. The key to an effective treatment is the use of medicated oil. This special oil, using sesame oil as its base, is infused with specific Ayurvedic herbs that calm and nourish the nervous system. Many therapists use sesame oil, which is adequate for some clients but is not strong enough for those with deep-seated and chronic problems. The oil is heated to a specified temperature, which should be maintained throughout the treatment. Any fluctuations in the temperature will only aggravate the Vata energy, which is counter productive to the aims of the treatment. For this reason too the oil flow should be kept continuous and uninterrupted. Intermittent stoppages of the oil will also aggravate Vata and interrupt the rhythmic flow of energy around the body that is created by the treatment. Finally, it is important that the treatment finishes with a head massage. This helps to awaken the body from its rest and also modulates the flow of the Vata energy, which has been brought to balance by the treatment. Without a head massage the energy can stagnate, resulting in the client feeling heavy and dullness in the head.


LIVING, THINKING + BEING These are the just some of the many traditional procedures that need to be followed during the treatment to ensure the client enjoys an experience of a lifetime and achieves optimum balance. This can only be achieved when the therapist is fully aware of the value and benefit of this treatment, is well-trained and follows all the basic principles and philosophy of Ayurvedic science. Of course, the treatment on its own is not a ‘cure all’ and should be undertaken with a health programme that addresses the root cause of your problems. Such a programme is developed by an Ayurvedic practitioner who can give you guidance on the changes to your lifestyle and diet that will create balance in your body. However, even without such a programme, this treatment offers many profound benefits to those seeking some relief from the stress and anxiety of daily living. This treatment is offered at my clinic in Newmarket or at Spa Ayurda on Ponsonby Road. (DR S. AJIT) PN PLANET AYURVEDA, 41 Gillies Avenue T: 09 623 2651

ANYTIME FITNESS PONSONBY – ANYTIME! When fitness enthusiasts Nigel Wilson and Steve Opitz (pictured above) went looking for a new joint business venture they kept coming back to the health and fitness industry. Nigel, a former competitive rower and Steve, a former competitive swimmer didn’t take much convincing when their research pointed towards the hugely successful Anytime Fitness brand. The pair knew that the success of their business would rely on some key factors. By taking what people want, offering more, while charging less is always going to get attention. As Nigel explained, “we feel we have a great offer and the club culture is both friendly and supportive. We don’t care about your ‘outfit’ or what you currently know about fitness. Everyone has to start somewhere and our new fitness centre is the best place to start!” With 24/7 access, Anytime Fitness offers convenient and affordable exercise. Members can work out anytime of the day or night, every day of the year. Members use a security access key to enter the club even when it isn’t staffed. Once inside, members have full use of the state-of-the-art strength training and cardiovascular equipment along with the ensuites which ensure your privacy. If you’re a regular traveller, Anytime Fitness also offers membership reciprocity among all its clubs, which allows members to use any of the 1500+ clubs that are currently open across New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada, UK and Grand Cayman. Although their foundation memberships have sold out, Anytime Fitness Ponsonby is still offering very attractive opening rates for new members that cost under $15 per week! Membership information is available at the club. PN ANYTIME FITNESS, 100 Ponsonby Road, corner of Ponsonby Road and Williamson Ave T: 09 360 5488

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WINTER IMMUNITY AS THE MONTHS GET COOLER – AND THE WEATHER IN GENERAL MORE unpredictable – our immunity takes a real battering. Add to that poor nutrition choices, a little more mulled wine than we need and the stresses of everyday life and you have a pretty powerful cocktail for getting sick. We can do a lot to boost our immune systems in the lead up to winter though, and the time to start is NOW. I spoke to Rippan Sandhu (pictured left), the owner and director of Ponsonby Road oasis Spa Ayurda, about how Ayurvedic medicine can help keep us away from the doctor’s waiting room. She explained that Ayurveda says our body in winter is “a land ripe for virus attack. When your immunity is strong, the ‘beej bhoomi’ or ‘body soil’ is infertile - it does not let viruses grow. But when manured with ‘ama’, the body soil becomes fertile and it’s the ideal time for viruses and bacteria to start taking root.” Diet-wise, she advises to “stay away from cold foods like ice-cream and yogurt and eat warm cooked food and drink warm water to keep you hydrated”. Keep your insides warm with warm spices like cumin, which is considered the ace ‘ama’ burner, and stack up your spice rack with ‘thermogenic’ or heat-generating spices like black pepper, ginger, and garlic. And “trust in turmeric, the yellow spice that kills ‘ama’ and builds immunity. All it takes is a quarter teaspoon of turmeric in your lentils and veggies for a real boost.” For a great immunity strengthener for the whole family, mix one teaspoon of honey with ¼ teaspoon of black pepper and add 10 drops of fresh ginger juice and pinch of turmeric, then mix well. “Eat this three times a day followed by drink of warm water. It is very good for congestion, sinus, and bronchitis.” Vincent Bolletta is the Director of Westend Road yoga studio Yogashala, where he helps numerous people like me lead happier, less stressful lives through a regular yoga practice. I asked him how yoga can help fight off the nasties and he said that the key is breathing well, as in “your ability to regulate both the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body”. These autonomic systems dictate the general function of our body. Both are just as important as each other but when we operate only on one level, then imbalances occur. “Due to greater environmental and technological stresses we tend to function at much higher states of stress,” he explains, “it’s the equivalent to a car constantly having its choke on. The long term effect of operating at this highly charged rate is a much more compromised immune system.”

DISCOVER YOUR TRUE STRENGTH AT TRUE PILATES True Pilates owner and instructor Helen Leahy, welcomes Mandy to the team. Mandy started with True Pilates in March and is already changing people’s bodies and minds. Having played many sports all her life, Mandy fell in love with Pilates and the way it made her body feel strong, flexible and energised again. Helen would also like to introduce Daisy, her 10 month old Boxer as another member of the True Pilates team. Daisy has been observing their clients for six months now. You will find her either waiting patiently at the door to greet the next client, or sleeping and snoring on her luxury bed in the studio. Pilates is a full body exercise programme developed over 80 years ago by legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates. It is a series of more than 500 controlled movements engaging the mind and body and is performed on mats and specifically designed exercise apparatus developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s. At True Pilates, they are dedicated to continuing the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. Time has proven the system works, through changing exercise fads and attitudes about body shape and fitness, Joseph’s method has proven to be reliable, safe and effective. Come and discover your true strength with Mandy! For a limited time only, you can purchase an Introductory Offer of 10 private lessons for $600 – normally $750 – one package per client. Whatever your body shape, size or fitness level, you can benefit from Pilates. PN For more information contact Helen at TRUE PILATES, 2/5 Seymour Street T: 09 376 7203 E:

A conscious approach to controlling the breath can reduce both your heart and respiratory rate to a much lower level, and calm the nervous system reducing physical or mental stress. Vincent adds that this new physical state will assist the circulatory system to redirect the blood to the internal organs away from the external musculature, improving the likes of digestion, elimination, assimilation of nutrients and greater overall endocrine and hormonal function. “The effect of Yoga and Yogic breathing on a regular basis can restore balance, and practicing 30 - 40 minutes, three to five times a week can greatly enhance health and vitality,” he says. “It’s important that everything is taken in moderation so that it can easily fit into our already busy lifestyle.” Acupuncturist Dawn Lucia (pictured left) is a wealth of information when it comes to getting on top of your health and staying there, and stresses the need to keep working at it rather than just using your chosen health professional as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. “The main thing is prevention,” she urges, “like making sure you have plenty of sleep and wash your hands well, always eat well and reduce your stress.” This kind of thing is good to keep up all year round but is especially important around seasonal changes, “because from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view stress weakens the immune system, and when the weather is changing your body needs all of the help it can get.” She says that the minute you start to get that telltale tickle signalling a bout of sickness, get stuck into some serious herbs. “There are some amazing Chinese herbs that even without acupuncture will get rid of that before it starts to manifest,” she explains, “but if you can get in for a treatment we can knock that out with just a few sessions. Leave it any longer and it goes to the next level, making it harder to get rid of.” Having said this, she adds that she can’t emphasise the need for prevention enough, “and regular acupuncture can really help with that. Even if you just have a treatment when the seasons change you will get a huge boost to your ‘wei ch’i’, which is your body’s defensive ch’i. If you can strengthen that you will never get sick.” (HELENE RAVLICH) PN

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A FEW THOUGHTS ON VITAMIN G EVERYONE LIKES A ‘FREEBIE’ AND WHEN IT COMES TO OUR HEALTH, IF WE had constant free access to something that had the potential to make a significant difference to the way we feel and our overall wellbeing, most of us would be pretty happy. Well there is something out there and it’s causing a stir around the world. The talk is about something that is being referred to as Vitamin G. It’s not a Vitamin which we either obtain from our food or supplements, but it works in much the same way. The G stands for ‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’ and obtaining Vitamin G simply involves reconnecting the body with the energy that is naturally present in the ground we walk on and by so doing we can tap into an unlimited supply of electrons. American Cardiologist Dr Thomas Levy who is widely acclaimed for his research on Vitamin C says “without exception every process that requires or produces energy is dependent on electron movement or flow. In fact the health status for all living organisms is determined by overall electron flow – Good electron flow = healthy energetic long life – Poor electron flow = low energy and disease – No electron flow = death.” I first read about ‘Grounding/ Earthing’ early in 2010 when another Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra devoted most of his monthly newsletter to it. His comment “The benefits of ‘Earthing’ are so profound that I believe it may be the greatest health discovery of our time” got me thinking that I should really look into this. The discovery started out with shoes in 1993 when Clint Ober a pioneer in Cable Television had noticed that almost everyone was wearing synthetic-soled shoes. He wondered if it might be a problem for people if they were insulated from the naturally occurring electrical charges in the Earth’s surface. The ‘snow’ (electromagnetic interference) that was common on TV screens prior to the introduction of Cable TV disappeared as a result of ‘earthing’ the ‘Cable’. Clint’s curiosity led him to conduct an experiment on himself which involved using a conductive form of duct tape which he laid on his bed in a grid form.

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He then ran a wire to the outside to an ‘earthing’ rod buried in the ground. He lay down on the bed and the next thing he knew it was morning – the best night’s sleep he had experienced in years. Clint repeated the experiment with the same result and in addition he began to notice a significant decrease in pain that he had lived with for many years. I can recall my early years at primary school when we didn’t wear shoes and somehow we didn’t come down with the illnesses that are now so prevalent. Today there is hardly a pair of feet not fitted out with fashionable brands of walking shoes and ‘trainers’. We have all lost contact with the Earth. At one time it was believed that the Earth is neutrally charged but it’s now known that it has a negative charge. This is very important for us because damaging free radicals that rob electrons from ‘us’ are positively charged. By simply re-connecting ourselves with the Earth we have an opportunity to enhance electron flow and thus minimise the potential for free radical damage. We take antioxidants as supplements for exactly the same reason. Humans evolved like all animals without insulating barriers between the Earth and our feet. The soles of our feet are extremely sensitive due to a high concentration of nerve endings and because nerve tissue is electrically conductive, it’s not difficult to understand why it’s so easy for us to tap into the Earth’s limitless supply of electrons. According to Dr Sinatra who has been involved with more than a dozen studies on ‘Earthing/Grounding’, many positive effects have been observed including: a reduction in inflammation and chronic pain, improvement in sleep, a lowering of stress by moderating nervous system activity, thinning of the blood improving blood pressure and circulation, relieving muscle tension and reducing or eliminating jet lag (very interesting). Dr Sinatra makes the point that ‘Earthing/Grounding’ is nature’s most abundant anti-inflammatory. For me now it’s shoes off as much as possible, on the grass on the beach, on the roads and I’m planning to ‘earth’ my bed. It’s very simple, totally safe and absolutely free. Even if it didn’t work what is there to lose? (JOHN APPLETON) PN APPLETON ASSOCIATES T: 09 489 9362





Taurus (the Bull): 21 April - 21 May Your emotions are being stimulated this month and you’re not sure where it’s coming from. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, remember you’re old enough and wise enough to know better.

♊ Gemini (the Twins): 22 May - 21 June

Try and be more mature about your feelings instead of joking and messing around about how you feel. If you’re honest with how you feel you might have a revelation.

Cancer (the Crab): 22 June - 22 July The balance that you provide both personally and professionally can get quite complicated at times and it’s important that you get space. You are a person that a lot of people depend on.

Scorpio (the Scorpion): 24 October - 22 November You can be sure that whatever you end up doing this month will stay with you for a long time afterwards. It’s up to you to make it a positive or negative experience.

Sagittarius (the Archer): 23 November - 22 December You need to keep level headed and feet squarely on the ground this month as temptation will cross your path quite a few times. You might have a tough time following through on your responsibilities.

Capricorn (the Goat): 23 December - 20 January Just because everyone else you know is satisfied with what they have doesn’t mean that you can’t still be ambitious. You can do whatever you want there are no limits on your abilities.

Leo (the Lion): 23 July - 21 August You can be quick to make people see things from your perspective however you have to acknowledge that others don’t always need to agree with you. Don’t personalise any situation that you find yourself in.

Aquarius (the Water Carrier): 21 January - 19 February Don’t be surprised if your point of view is starting to be heard as your opinions matter. You might only be creating ripples but eventually they might become waves.

Pisces (the Fish): 20 February - 20 March Sometimes hearing the truth from your closest friends is good even if it’s not what you want to hear. You should listen though when you receive feedback from someone who speaks the truth.

Virgo (the Virgin): 22 August - 23 September Don’t get engaged in any power struggles this month especially if your position is being threatened. Instead remain detached and don’t rise to the bait.

Libra (the Scales): 24 September - 23 October You must remember that pretending everything is ok is not always the thing to do. Clearing the air can make way for a smoother ride.

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Aries (the Ram): 21 March - 20 April You have to take that imaginary leap of faith this month if you want to learn more about yourself. You might not be in control at first but you will quickly recover.


LOOKING FOR A CONGENIAL SPACE TO WORK FROM? AN OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN AN AFFABLE ENVIRONMENT HAS ARISEN. Robyn Haaker and Marilyn Sutcliffe (pictured above) run their practices from a beautiful villa in Grey Lynn and have three separate rooms available for rent. If you are a massage or beauty therapist, an acupuncturist, therapist/counsellor or maybe a naturopath and are looking for a congenial space to work from, then call Robyn for more information. Robyn Haaker has been in private practice since 2000 providing counselling and supervision for individuals and couples. She has an HD&T Institute Diploma in counselling, Certificate in Group work and is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) with adherence to their code of ethics. Her approach is eclectic – looking at the whole person, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental and her work looks at issues from grief, loss and bereavement, stress management, career performance blocks to spiritual awareness and recovery. She works with people experiencing relationship issues, anger, Maori issues, trauma, domestic violence, addictions and sexual abuse. Marilyn Sutcliffe BA, Tch. Cert., MNZAC, is a counsellor and psychodramatist and has been working in private practice for 22 years. Marilyn is a registered counsellor with ACC. Marilyn works to get alongside individuals and couples to explore what’s not working and generate fresh ways of approaching life’s challenging situations. She values the effectiveness of using psychotherapeutic counselling and action methods, to work with people to develop greater flexibility and spontaneity in the way they respond to circumstances, leading ultimately to a greater sense of enjoyment of life.


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The work may include developing better communication skills, confidence building, conflict resolution processes, buildiing self awareness and develop the capacity to be intimate and connect with others. PN ROBYN HAAKER, T: 09 360 0722; M: 027 227 0062 MARILYN SUTCLIFFE, T: 09 360 2831; H: 09 376 6695; M: 021 049 3321 E:






To celebrate the move to the heart of Ponsonby, Return to Form is offering discounted rates for physio in May. If ACC charges have been putting you off seeing a physio, this may be the incentive you need to attend to that niggle or injury. And because Return to Form is now in Three Lamps your travel time and costs will be reduced.

Zee Sharif, Return to Form’s owner is excited about the move. “There’s so much going on Ponsonby and its great to be able to offer services to shoppers and workers so conveniently.” Assessment and follow ups will be 40% off the normal price in May. And because Zee offers acupuncture and Pilates she will be able to offer a tailored treatment. This is your opportunity if you have been harbouring any niggles to get a physio assessment and start treatment at an affordable price with the special introductory rates. Also starting in May, Zee will be offering Pilates classes to strengthen, stabilse and improve your posture. Classes will be available morning, lunch and evening times to fit in with locals’ busy lives. Ponsonby News readers can get a 2 for 1 voucher - just phone to enquire. RETURN TO FORM is at Level 1, 334 Ponsonby Road, upstairs next to Paper Plus. Zee looks forward to seeing you there. So why don’t you phone 0800 R2FORM (0800 723 676) for an appointment now. PN

REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN THIS WINTER AT MJ’S SKIN CARE You will find MJ’s Skin Care in the Summerfield Villas on Richmond Road and just around the corner from West Lynn. MJ’s is a Medi Spa specialising in advanced skin care technology and noninvasive skin therapy, offering affordable, non-surgical skin care treatments that can help make you look 10 years younger! MJ’s Skin Care provides an intimate and comfortable environment, technologically advanced treatments, and highly-experienced staff. The most popular treatment is IPL (intense pulse light), a gentle, long-lasting solution to permanently remove unwanted hair, rejuvenate the skin and treat red veins and uneven pigmentation. MJ’s Skin Care also offers a wonderful selection of Derrmalogica facials, eyebrow shaping and tinting, eyelash tinting, spa manicure and pedicures, waxing treatments, RF non-surgical face and eyes lift treatments and PDT Acne treatment. PN

MJ’S SKIN CARE special offers for Ponsonby News readers for the month of May: 1. Get 50% off when you book six hair removal sessions or three full face treatments. 2. Buy one, get one free, Dermalogica Power Regeneration Facial and get a free hand scrub and massage with any facial treatment. Call MJ’s now to book your free preliminary consultation MJ’S SKIN CARE, Unit 8, 386 Richmond Road, T: 09 376 7333

SURVIVAL SIGNS REAL VIOLENCE USUALLY HAS A BEHAVIOURAL and psychological aspect to it, knowing what the signs are is important as it enables us to recognise and then avoid the situation escalating into physical violence or further abuse.


At the Protect Self Defence courses they teach the most common behavioural tactics that men use against women to lure them into dangerous situations, so that the signs will be obvious to them. At least one of these signs will be present in almost every situation of predatory violence you will ever hear of and they have nothing to do with violence, instead they have to do with persuasion.

One of these signs is what they call ‘discounting the right to refuse’. The word ‘no’ is a complete sentence. It requires no justification. Anybody who refuses your right to say ‘no’ is, in every context, trying to control and manipulate you. Clearly not every time this happens is a call for immediate concern, but it is always a call for attention. Predators will often ‘test’ their targets to establish whether they can easily be controlled and persuaded. Something as simple as giving in on your right to refuse a person’s offer to buy you a drink at a bar can have serious and real consequences later on as the person escalates his expectations. There is often reluctance to strongly resist at this point for fear of appearing rude, but if you can see his strategy for what it is and see the context in which it is being applied, you will see that he has already been rude to you by discounting your right to refuse, and it is therefore appropriate for you to respond more forcefully. (PHIL THOMPSON) PN For more information call T: 09 533 4181, M: 021 366 585 or go to

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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied





PUBLISHED: Friday, 3 June | COPY DEADLINE: Friday, 20 May

Jo Barrett on T: 361 3356 M: 021 324 510 E: W:




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LIVING, THINKING + BEING DAVID HARTNELL’S ‘MEMOIRS OF A GOSSIP COLUMNIST’ WILL LEAVE YOU PANTING FOR A SEQUEL DAVID HARTNELL, OUR REGULAR COLUMNIST, GOSSIP GURU AND LONG TIME Grey Lynn resident, grew up in a secure but unremarkable suburban life. His interest in things colourful and theatrical led him to championship rollerskating and cabaret. On his big OE, he landed a job in Australia and then in the heart of the London cosmetics industry, and eventually attended to the makeup needs of the A-listers of the day. He went on to New York and Los Angeles where his career took a new course. Returning home in the mid-seventies led to screen appearances as a purveyor of celebrity gossip, and he continued to travel frequently to and from Hollywood. David rapidly became established as New Zealand’s number one celebrity gossip columnist on television, radio and in print. His visits to Hollywood established his credentials until he became an encyclopaedia of trivia and scandal about the rich and famous – and the public lapped up every word. Today no one in New Zealand is recognised as knowing more about Hollywood. Not only has he spent a lifetime reporting on Hollywood gossip, but he now counts a handful of international celebrities among his lifelong friends. But behind the glitter and the showbiz glamour, David’s story also reveals the private strains he has experienced behind the ever-confident public face. He writes about damaging family secrets, being terribly bullied because he was gay, two name changes, making a living as a comedy drag artist, his experience photographing the ghost of a Hollywood star of yesteryear and being sued for defamation by a prominent New Zealand singer to name but a few events in his life as a Hollywood gossip columnist.


HAS TWO SIGNED LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION CITIZEN COPIES TO GIVE-AWAY TO TWO LUCKY READERS. Simply email with David Hartnell in the subject line, by Friday, 20 May and go in the draw to win. Remember to tell Jay your address and phone number.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Finding his half brother and sister who didn’t know he existed. Bursting with remarkable photos and stories of his encounters, including a surprise lunch with Alfred Hitchcock and Bette Davis, the night he slept with Cybil Shepherd, his close friendship with the legendary Phyllis Diller, little-known secrets about the Royal Family’s crown jewels, an encounter with a Hollywood ghost, how he broke into the Hollywood celebrity world, sex, drugs and rock in roll in La La Land along with and many, many more stories. This book is for anyone who loves behind-the-scenes gossip and enjoys a rollicking good read. ‘Memoirs Of A Gossip Columnist’ is David’s story, and this time, his lips aren’t sealed! This book is captivating and compellingly written. Of course it name drops. Why not? In fact, in such a memoir, it’s mandated (or woman-dated) that you drop names and spill secrets. But it’s not done in a vicious way, but in loving revelations that show that celebrities, just like all of us, are flawed. This picture-laden 192-page book will leave you panting for a sequel. DARWIN PORTER, Celebrity Author/Columnist, New York.




NEW LIMITED EDITION WINTER COLOURS FROM DR. HAUSCHKA LAVENDER DREAMS Shades of Lavender is on trend with Dr. Hauschka Natural Make-up. The colours feature an eyeshadow palette with lily white, aubergine brown, lavender and plum; kajal eyeliner duo pencil in plum/white (and the ‘plum’ is of the deepest darkest purple) and a lip gloss in antique rose. Balancing teint powder evens the complexion and sets Dr.Hauschka Translucent Make-up. EYESHADOW PALETTE Whether subtle for a day at the office or a deep smouldering night on the town look, each shade may be used to express individual style. Use singly or in combination, they provide on trend colours for the eyes. The composition contains silk powder and medicinal herbs to care for the sensitive skin around the eyes. KAJAL EYELINER DUO PLUM/WHITE It’s a fact; the eyes are the first thing to capture our gaze. Kajal Eyeliner Duo plum/ white highlights the eyes and their unique beauty. Fresh lily white on one end and a deep shade of plum on the other, makes an ideal match for the colours of the Lavender Dreams eyeshadow palette. Quince wax and Japan wax for a silky easy to use colour combined with extracts of anthyllis, witch hazel and black tea soothe the sensitive area around the eye. BALANCING TEINT POWDER The three colours included in the powder compact can be used to achieve individual looks. Balancing Teint Powder contains silk to give the skin a soft, velvety feel combined with silica, anthyllis, witch hazel and camellia extracts. LIP GLOSS ANTIQUE ROSE A soft pink rose in a base of beeswax, mango butter, exotic argan and apricot kernel oils ensures luscious lips during wintery months. PN

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The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied





Life has a strange sense of humour sometimes. Recently as my train was pulling in I noticed a young mum with a very vocal baby girl heading towards the nearest carriage. Ah-ha! I thought – I’ll nip this one in the bud and went to the next carriage. As the doors were closing I leapt aboard then looked around. The entire carriage was full of pre-schoolers! The decibel level was astronomical. When they all later decanted there was a deafening silence. The elderly man in front of me laughingly told me the batteries in both his hearing aids had flattened! I had to laugh.

Clearly art therapy worked well for this wee boy. He was able to express in a nonverbal way what was going on for him by externalising and thus releasing his feelings onto the page, within the safety and familiarity of an ongoing therapeutic relationship with me.

I’ve worked with children a lot over the years. Working with them privately or in the hospice has taught me how resilient, resourceful and just plain wonderful little people can be.

CLARE (CLAUDIE) CALDWELL is a Creative Arts Therapist who runs a small private practice from home. She is Voluntary Team Leader of Creative Therapies at Mercy Hospice Auckland, College Hill where she has worked for the last ten years. She is also a Freelance Artist. PN

When one of their parents has cancer it can be very scary for a child. Suddenly their world changes and the adults around them seem tense and pre-occupied. Children of all ages can sense something is wrong. Trying to protect them by withholding information may lead to fearful thoughts and imaginings worse than the actual situation. Children cope differently and have different needs at different ages.

Seeing children sad and unusually quiet is common in my line of work. Next time I encounter the life-affirming cataclysm that is a happy child just being themselves, I should pause and embrace it! Hope you all enjoyed a great Easter.

Enquiries: T: 09 836 3618; M: 021 293 3171

The main advice is to be honest and clear about what’s happening in an age and situation appropriate way. There are some very helpful and free publications put out by the Cancer Society or ask at your local hospice. Using art therapy, especially with the very young can be hugely beneficial. Mostly they’re unable to articulate what they’re feeling. Several years ago I worked with a family at Mercy Hospice where the dad was dying of cancer. The little boy was six, his sister was eight. They responded very differently to the situation. After his dad’s death the six year old began behaving badly at school – acting out, being aggressive and defiant – not the gentle, sensitive little chap I remembered. His mum brought him to see me privately. Over a number of sessions he drew and painted with ease and concentration, smiling at me often. The teacher reported back that whatever we were doing, to “keep doing it!” His behaviour had changed completely.

GET BACK TO PAIN-FREE EXERCISE AND TRAINING ORIGINALLY FROM AUSTRALIA, JIANNI FELPAS BHSC (PHYSIO) BUCKED the trend by moving to New Zealand in 1999, and now regards himself a Kiwi. He loves his new home and couldn’t imagine ever returning to Australia. He is passionate about exercise and sport and helping both seasoned gym and fitness enthusiasts, as well as those just returning to (or trying to return) to exercise to maintain functional strength and fitness.

This year Jianni is running Bryce Hastings & Associates’ Physiotherapy Clinic while Bryce takes on a new year-long position at Les Mills International. Jianni specialises in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation; exercise rehabilitation for injuries and rehabilitation following surgery and accidents, gym goers with niggling knee, back and shoulder injuries, or group exercise enthusiasts with acute and chronic injuries. He is passionate about getting people back to training and classes pain-free.

Jianni started the first 17 years of his career in the exercise and fitness industry working as an international and local group exercise presenter, personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

Conveniently located in the foyer of the Les Mills Building, he offers gymbased exercise programmes, home exercise programmes, and clinical Pilates rehabilitation programmes. In addition he offers treatment for acute and chronic injuries for both ACC and private patients. PN

Now another 10 years on he has gravitated more towards exercise rehabilitation to work as a corrective and high performance specialist and clinical Pilates Physiotherapist.

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KINETIC CONSULTANTS LIMITED, Les Mills World of Fitness building, 186 Victoria Street West. T: 09 303 4906


LIZ WHEADON: WINE, GLORIOUS WINE SPANISH WINE – EXTORTIONATELY GOOD VALUE AT ALL ENDS OF THE PRICE SCALE I’VE RECENTLY BEEN IN EUROPE, MY FIRST PORT OF CALL WAS TO BORDEAUX to taste the exceptional Bordeaux 2010 vintage during the En Primeur tasting week. These wines were the most amazing Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc wines I’ve ever tried. There seems to be no debate that this vintage is going to be ‘one of a lifetime’. Following that I went to Italy to taste, whilst there I tasted a broad range of wines, ending the tasting in Barolo. My first day back in the office, I conducted a tasting for the Fine Wine team of a number of our mid – top end Spanish wines. It’s always a pleasure to taste these wines and share my passion for Spain. As I was tasting I came to the conclusion (one that I’m sure has crossed my mind before) these Spanish wines do really over deliver. When you compare the prices of the First growths in Bordeaux, to the top in Spain, you could order many cases of Spanish for every bottle of First growth Bordeaux. Clearly they are different wines, varietals and styles, but for my pocket, Spain makes a lot of sense. The value for money ratio does not just sit at the top end of Spanish wines; it’s prevalent through the price points. THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT SPANISH WINES THAT WE STOCK, HERE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVOURITES: Palacios Remondo La Montesa 2007. This wine is made in Rioja in the Northern part of Spain, the grape varieties are mainly Grenache with a little Tempranillo. 2007 is a mixed vintage over Rioja; those that produced great wines (like this) made elegant charming wines. The Palacios Remondo winery is located in Alfaro in the Rioja Baja region. The historic winery had been producing Rioja for many years, but it was not until 2000 when Alvaro Palacios returned to Rioja and took over the winery from his father that the quality took a huge leap forward. Alvaro is one of the super stars of the Spanish wine industry; he left Rioja in his twenties to visit Bordeaux, where he worked for an impressive line up of wineries including Chateau Petrus. On his return to Spain, he reinvigorated Palacios Remondo, showing us how Grenache dominant Rioja can sing. He didn’t then stand still; he fell in love with the historic wine making area of Priorat (near Barcelona) and was one of the pioneers of that new Priorat. His top wine L’Ermita comes from Priorat and is made from 100% old bush vine Grenache that is grown on very steep slopes. The next region that took his attention was Bierzo, in the North west of Spain, similar to Priorat, this part of Spain had been producing wines for years, but with very little modern winemaking. Together with his cousin Ricardo, they started producing a range of wines under the name Descendents J Palacios from the native variety Mencia.

To read about the Bordeaux 2010 tasting that I attended in April, check out and for updates as the Bordeaux 2010 campaign unfolds follow me on Twitter - lizziewine. PN I love the concept of gathering produce locally and eating seasonally. (LIZ WHEADON)

Perelada Cava. Cava is the name for Spanish sparkling wine, it’s made from native varieties and produced in a number of styles. The market leader for Cava is Freixenet, there’s more Freixenet Cava drunk in the world than any other sparkling wine – impressive – and they maintain the quality even with all this volume. My favourite Cava at the moment is from Perelada, particularly their Rosado – both the Non Vintage and Vintage style. Cava makes a great aperitif as well as being an excellent choice to match with food. The Rose particularly goes very well with light duck dishes, pork and pates. During May, Glengarry is celebrating everything Spanish. There are a number of tastings and events including an opportunity to try 25 different Spanish wines on the 12 May at Glengarry Victoria Park, for more details visit

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY BE WARNED, YOU MAY NEVER WANT TO EAT MEAT OR FISH AGAIN! Vegans and vegetarian dishes can be challenging for some chefs which is why last month Denise L’estrange Corbet and I were excited to be invited to a sampling of The Heritage’s new menu. Their General Manager Graeme Back (pictured left) told us, “Our focus in providing vegan or plant based menus daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner is to offer a main stream format. We want vegans and vegetarians to know we are celebrating this dining style and they won’t be cramped in to just one token item on our menus. Its an every day occurrence and an integral part of our cuisine philosophy.” “Our lobby café has been completely 100% vegan for some months now and almost a third of our signature restaurant Hectors new menu is dedicated to plant-based items. We want vegans and vegetarians to know Heritage Auckland is somewhere special they can dine in confidence knowing that from the kitchen to the table, the ingredients, utensils and kitchen space are all respectful of this increasingly popular dining choice.” “We also believe that offering a solely vegan menu in our lobby café must be a world first for an international hotel and it’s exceptional to have such a large proportion of our signature restaurant’s a la carte menu dedicated to plant-based dishes. It also fits with our support of the importance of healthy nutritional dining for our guests and also our positioning as an Enviro Gold rated hotel.” No animal products of any kind were included in the amazing menu we sampled - printed in full below. Jinu Abraham, the hotel’s Chef certainly knows what he’s doing and the evening was a real treat with one of the nicest dinners we’ve eaten in ages. As Jinu says, “our food philosophy is based on the ‘eco gastronomy’ concept, which has strong connections between how and where food is produced and consumed. We strive to source premium ingredients locally which are seasonal, fresh and in their prime. We believe that eating is for the mind, body and soul.” if you are looking for a nice place for a celebration with an excellent variety of dishes, you may like to try this. But be warned, you may never want to eat meat or fish again! (MARTIN LEACH) PN ENTRÉE TAPAS TASTING PLATTERS • Clevedon confit green tomato • Caprese style salad with cashew cheese and vine tomato • Udon tortellini with red pepper and macadamia ricotta, aubergine purée • Crisp polenta with paprika flavoured tomato • Truffle oil marinated field mushrooms on chickpea purée, olive tapenade • Catalan style spinach on sweet corn & silken tofu dumpling

MAIN • Macadamia, date, chermoula roasted eggplant baklava • Smoked tofu terrine, sweet corn mousse, earl grey tea essence, lettuce emulsion and baby turnips DESSERT • Pineapple carpaccio filled with agave & coconut mousse • Chocolate sorbet, black olive caramel, candied bread • Limoncello macerated raspberries PETIT FOURS • Apricots filled with Tahina and orange cream


A POP-UP DINNER Gourmet A Gogo managers, Grant Allen and Jonathan Lousich have introduced a new take on the pop-up stores that are happening all over the place. These home caterers have stepped up their operation and now serve up banquets in interesting locations for a maximum of sixty ‘gourmets’. The latest one was staged in the ballroom of Alberton House and diners were treated to a unique experience. As soon as they entered the beautiful garden surrounding the Victorian mansion they were proffered a glass of champagne (read sparkling beverage) and a selection of tiny, delicious sandwiches. A perfect autumn evening cast a diffused light over the scene where groups of people met and mingled on the wide verandahs before moving into the vast ballroom where two long tables were set with white candlelight, gleaming glassware, and black cotton napery. A three course meal was served accompanied by a choice of wines, all this for the very unprincely sum of $80. I can’t wait for the next pop-up dinner. Come 4 June, patrons will be seated in a warehouse full of French industrial artefacts. Grant read about TheVitrine in Ponsonby News and immediately recognised its potential as an ideal setting for the next banquet. Julien and Amanda went along with his proposal, particularly as the dates coincide with the arrival of another container load of furniture. Grant already envisages the way it will be set up with antiquated tables and chairs, and subdued lighting casting an atmospheric glow throughout the shadowy surroundings. The logistics of setting up a kitchen in different venues seems quite daunting but Grant says they love it. They have accumulated everything needed for the occasions from glasses, china, linen to even the old bone handled cutlery Grant is busy sourcing on TradeMe and from memorabilia shops. Grant says the idea is to bring a good number of people together, many who won’t have met previously, and enjoy a shared experience. Gourmet A Gogo is also open to doing similar stagings in private homes. Expressions of interest can be sent to Readers may be interested to know of the cooking workshops Grant runs in collaboration with Cook The Books. Participants are limited to twelve and each workshop is based around a different culinary topic. For instance if it’s a North Africa inspired dinner they will learn about the spices used and after the demonstration, will all sit around a big table for a tasting so it becomes quite social with people eating, learning and discussing food, one of life’s great pleasures. Cook the Books is pleased to have secured Grants’s skills. He has been part of the New Zealand food scene for over thirty years, firstly, many years ago at Wellington’s iconic bistro, Pierre’s which was a partnership venture and hit the spot, probably because it was a departure from formal dining. Since then he has travelled and tasted different cuisines world wide. The workshops have something for everyone and to find out more about them and the Gourmet A GoGo Pop-Up Dinners just email (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

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photography: Jason Burgess @ BurgsEye






PETER GORDON JOINS SOME PONSONBY RESIDENTS FOR A POP-UP GOURMET A GOGO 1. Peter Sharp, Joan Mary Longcroft and John Anderson; 2. Peter Weinstock, John OSullivan and Rodger Short; 3. Felicity Morgan Rhind, visitor from Melbourne and Peter Sharp; 4 Jan Gardiner and Peter Gordon; 5. Barbara Harvey, Grant Allen and Deirdre Roelants.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied




Left: Mobile Phone Appeal Ambassadors – FLYNNY from ZM, BEN and JARED from The Almighty Johnsons and JAY from ZM – standing in front of the Starship Mobile Phone Appeal branded MINI; Right: EMMETT from The Almighty Johnsons and ALIX BUSHNELL with Starship patient EVA who came along to see the MINI’s; Below: ALIX from Go Girls and Captain Starship help promote the Starship Mobile Phone Appeal

PORK PIE CHARITY RUN FOR STARSHIP: MINIS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU ON GOOD FRIDAY THE MINI GARAGE IN PONSONBY ROAD WAS VISITED BY 40 teams of MINI drivers who are retracing the steps of the iconic Kiwi film Goodbye Pork Pie from Kaitaia to Invercargill to raise money for Starship. The teams have been so successful they have raised more than $120,000 before the Run has even started. The event at MINI was also attended by Starship Mobile Phone Appeal Ambassadors who help promote this unique campaign which collects old mobile phones and turns them into cash for Starship (more info at nz/phone). Jay and Flynny from ZM were broadcasting live from the run and collecting mobiles along the way. Members of the public can support Starship and the Pork Charity Pie Run by making donations online at or by donating their old mobile phones to Starship by visiting PN

TOYS OF YESTERYEAR They never lose their appeal and the older they are the more valuable they become. This was very apparent at the Auckland Collectors Hobbies Fair that took place in the Freemans Bay Community Hall Saturday 16 April. When I popped in shortly before midday the man selling entry tickets said he’d already sold two hundred. This Expo is New Zealand’s largest fair for collectable toys, diecast models, Meccano sets, military memorabilia, books, records and much more and is held twice a year in the same venue. The next event will take place on Saturday 29 October. While all hobbies are represented, toys command the widest interest, particularly model trains. The North Shore Model Railway Club would have to be the winner of the day. The model railway took pride of place on the stage and consisted of three main geographic regions, British, U.S. and NZR. The three different prototypes navigate 151.8 metres of line trackage with many scenic challenges. Apparently the design of the layout was commenced in 1985 and the tiny trains travel past model towns and villages, cross bridges, go through tunnels, wind their way through forests and beneath cliffs and stop and shunt at railway stations. Watching them go through their paces made Train Spotting take on a whole new meaning. There’s something of interest for all hobby enthusiasts and many bargains to be snapped up whether you are a collector of old cans or tin plate toys, or just a beholder who might want to buy a unique present for someone. The fair runs from 11.00am to 3.00pm and entry fee is only $5. Primary school children are free if accompanied by an adult. For enquiries about the fair contact (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

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EAT, DRINK + BE MERRY THE WHISKEY LIVE 2011 PONSONBY’S PREMIER MUSIC VENUE CELEBRATES NZ MUSIC MONTH with 40 acts over 20 nights, boasting intimate performances from some of our best loved musicians, current chart toppers and emerging talent: from pop to rock, dance, dub, chamber pop, jazz, creamy country rock, and everything in between.


The 11th annual NZ Music Month festivities are happening this month and THE WHISKEY, still buzzing from the success of its 2010 series is boasting an even bigger line up of Kiwi talent to whet even the most discerning music lover’s appetite. THE WHISKEY LIVE is a series of concerts presented annually by The Whiskey bar on Ponsonby Road as a celebration of NZ Music Month each May. Featuring a broad spectrum of New Zealand musicians performing one of a kind, limited capacity shows, THE WHISKEY LIVE is fast becoming a headline attraction of NZ Music Month each year.

Friday 6 May

The Thomas Oliver Band

Saturday 7 May

Motocade, with support Clap Clap Riot

Tuesday 10 May

Don McGlashan with support Greg Fleming and The Trains

Wednesday 11 May

The Jordan Luck Band

Thursday 12 May

Nathan Haines and the Dream Band

Friday 13 May

OPSHOP’s Jason Kerrison & The Babysitters Circus with support Jonny Love

Saturday 14 May

People of Paris and Ruby Frost

Tuesday 17 May

Nairobi Trio

Wednesday 18 May

Annabel Fay and Jan Hellriegel

Thursday 19 May

Dave McArtney and Friends

Friday 20 May

Cairo Knife Fight and AHORIBUZZ

The line up includes: AHORIBUZZ, Andrew Keoghan, Anika Moa, Annabel Fay, Avalanche City, Barnaby Weir, Bic Runga, Cairo Knife Fight, Che Fu, Clap Clap Riot, Dave Dobbyn, Dave McArtney & Friends, Don McGlashan, Dukes, F IN MATH, Greg Fleming & The Trains, Greg Johnson, Hello Sailor, Jan Hellriegel, Jason Kerrison featuring The Babysitters Circus, Jonny Love, LA Mitchell, Luke Thompson, Motocade, Nairobi Trio, Nathan Haines and the Dream Band, People of Paris, The Peter Urlich Sextet, Ruby Frost, The Jordan Luck Band, The Thomas Oliver Band.

Saturday 21 May

Hello Sailor

Tuesday 24 May

Greg Johnson with support Andrew Keoghan

Wednesday 25 May

Avalanche City

Thursday 26 May

LA Mitchell and Barnaby Weir

Friday 27 May

Bic Runga with support F IN MATH

THE WHISKEY bar owner, Andrew Bruce is thrilled with the 2011 line-up: “The Whiskey has been involved in NZ Music Month for three years now and for us it gets bigger and better every year; it’s a unique opportunity to see New Zealand music in a local and intimate setting – we only sell 80 tickets per show, people love it!.”

Saturday 28 May

Dave Dobbyn and Dukes

The Peter Urlich Sextet played earlier this week; Urlich has been a vibrant, paid-up member of the New Zealand music scene for over 30 years and he shows no signs of stopping. Closing the series on Saturday 28 May is another who has paid homage to three plus decades in the industry, the man who holds moreAPRA song-writing awards than any other artist; local resident Dave Dobbyn, performing with his band plus opening support from members of Christchurch based band, Dukes.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Tickets: Ticketmaster – or T: 0800 111 999. Full show info is available at PN



PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE 5 LOAVES AND 2 FISH - 208 Jervois Road T: 09 361 5820 5 Loaves and 2 Fish have an interesting brunch menu and a variety of cabinet food to eat in or take out. A wide range of healthy heat and eat convenience meals such as lasagne, smoked fish pies, chicken cacciatore, coq au vin are available. Open 7 days.

We are spoiled for choice in the Greater Ponsonby area with some of the best cafes and restaurants in New Zealand says REBECCA JONES. Here is our latest guide to where the locals love to eat, drink and be merry.

7 CAFÉ – 576 Great North Road T: 09 376 6390 Situated in the heart of the Grey Lynn shops you will find Ricky and his team cooking up some of the heartiest meals around. If you can get your mouth around their generous and tasty hamburgers then you are in for a treat. They serve good strong coffee and the atmosphere is eclectic – a popular meeting place for many of Grey Lynn’s creative locals. AGNES CURRAN – 181 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1551 Facebook Agnes Curran has maintained its status as the place to go for morning or afternoon tea and cakes. Always gracious, the staff are engaging and ready to offer expert advice on the small but carefully selected menu. The regular friendly locals engage in light hearted debates taking place over the coffee machine and on the central table and it’s still the home of Ponsonby’s most decadent chocolate lamingtons! ALLPRESS COFFEE – 266 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 4726 Passionate about coffee, this is a must-visit store to experience exceptional tasting coffee. Enjoy a perfect cup of espresso or discover single origin coffees and blends as a filter brew. A selection of fresh roasted beans is available for brewing at home. Handcrafted European style Biscotto biscuits are baked on site. ANDIAMO – 194 Jervois Road T: 09 378 7811 Andiamo Head Chef Scott Smith says the most popular dishes are the fresh buffalo mozzarella with vine tomato and basil and the hearty braised oxtail and caramelised onion rigatoni. This winter, enjoy a glass of wine from our award winning list by the open fire. Open 7 days and nights and brunch on the weekend from 9am. ARCH HILL ESPRESSO – 333 Great North Road T: 376 1401 Delicious pies, sandwiches and cakes made fresh everyday on site in sunny Arch Hill. Open Mon-Fri 6am3pm and Sat 7am-1pm. AHSI ITZCALLI – 2 Surrey Crescent T: 09 376 0196 Facebook A 100% family owned restaurant specialising in traditional Mexican cuisine. Ahsi Itzcalli use imported Mexican ingredients and have over 46 types of Tequila for you to try. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm and 5pm-10pm. Take away available. BAMBINA – 268 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 4000 Bambina is a casual, relaxed breakfast and lunch café where simple food, using only the freshest ingredients has been served now for over 14 years. Licensed for beer and wine, Bambina is an all time favourite that consistently delivers and is a fabulous place to meet friends for coffee, breakfast or lunch. Mon – Fri 6.30am-4pm, Sat and Sun 7- 4pm. Metro Top 50 cafes 2008, 2009, 2010 and Best Café in New Zealand 2005 - Café Magazine. BEDLAM CAFÉ – 2/104 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 0015 Facebook With Mediterranean influenced classic café food, this funky café is located in the heart of Ponsonby under the food court. Open 7 days 7.30am-4.00pm.

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CLOONEY BILL FISH CAFÉ – Z Pier 3/31 Westhaven Drive T: 09 379 9875 This is Auckland’s best kept secret, alfresco seafood dining overlooking the marina. Bill Fish Café has live music on Sunday afternoons and is an ideal location for your special function. Open Tues-Fri 10am-Late, Sat and Sun 8.30am-Late. BISTRO 222 – 222 Ponsonby Road T: 09 361 3222 Facebook Bistro 222 offers a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to unwind after a hard day or just to meet friends. They describe their menu as New Zealand cuisine with a touch of Italian flavour, Prawn and Crayfish Cocktail, Calamari, Cannelloni and their Surf and Turf (Crayfish and Eye Fillet) to name a few. They also offer a kids menu and brunch on the weekends. Open Tues 3pm-Late, WedSun 11am-Late. BLAKE STREET CAFÉ – Corner Blake Street and Prosford Street T: 09 360 6261 Facebook Relax, unwind and enjoy the ambience, wine and utterly delectable food. The menu includes all day breakfast, brunch and lunch. Try the Euro breakfast plate – meats, cheese, fruit and sourdough; Toulouse sausages, borlotti beans and roast field mushrooms or the blackboard specials. Open Wed – Sun 8am-4pm all year except Christmas day. No surcharge on Public holidays.

BOLLIWOOD – 110 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 6477 Facebook Bolliwood restaurant offers only the best quality food and this has been achieved by adhering to their policy of only employing five star chefs from India. Check out their special set menus that include a selection of entrees and mains; Vegetarian Banquet, the Maharaja Banquet and the Bolliwood Special Banquet. $10 mains on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and $10 lunch special 7 days. Delivery and take away are also available. Open 7 days 11.30am-2.30pm and 5pm-Late. BONA PIZZA – 286a Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 8866 Facebook With 12 years experience, owner Pedro Komai is pleased to offer a taste of fine Italian pizza and pasta. Bona Pizza is fully licensed and BYO with a happy hour from 4.30pm every day – $5 beer and glass wine. You can eat in or take advantage of their delivery service and they cater for private functions. BONITA – 242 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 5670 Bonita is a wine and tapas bar with an excellent wine list and cocktail credentials. Bonita’s relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place for a casual drink or tapas indulgence. Happy hour runs from 4pm-6pm daily, so come in and see us for a touch of European style. Open 7 days 4pm-Late.


BUENOS AIRES RESTAURANT AND BAR – 234 Jervois Road T: 09 360 0678 Facebook This lively steak house uses Manuka on an open fire grill to cook all kinds of meat. Enjoy live Tango on Wednesday, Latin Jazz on Thursday and Latin American music on Sunday. Open 7 nights 5.30pm – Late. BURGER FUEL – 114 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 6466 Facebook & Twitter The flagship Ponsonby Burger Fuel was the first store ever built and for over a decade has been engineering the ultimate burger including Vegan, Vegetarian and gluten free options. Open Sun-Thurs 11am-Late and Fri and Sat 11am-3am. BURGER WISCONSIN – 168 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1894 Burger Wisconsin has been on Ponsonby Road for 22 years. The menu is regularly updated on their website and you can phone in your order for pick-up from 11.30am-late 7 days a week. BYZANTIUM CAFÉ – 80 Ponsonby Road T: 376 3695 Café Byzantium is a friendly, traditional café serving semivegetarian café food. They serve daily specials, made to order sandwiches and can cater for any special dietary requirements. They have seating for 50 people and are open for private functions. Open Mon-Fri 6.30am-5pm, Sat and Sun 7am-5pm. CAFÉ BLISS – 286 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6302 At Café Bliss, with meals priced between $5 and $20, you’ll find high quality ingredients, sophisticated menu items, a selection of New Zealand wine and boutique

beer and warm friendly service. Delicious homemade cabinet food and baking is all made on site and they are also available for functions. Open 7 days 7am-4pm. CAFÉ CEZANNE – 296 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 3338 For 26 years Café Cezanne has been world famous in Ponsonby for its full wall murals and yummy food and coffee at reasonable prices. Renowned for their healthy salads, they also offer a vegetarian menu, gluten free options and a children’s menu and everything is available to take away. Fully licensed and BYO wine. Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-Late, Sat and Sun 8.30am-Late. CAFÉ LIAISON – 2 Pompallier Terrace T: 09 376 2003 Café Liaison offers a breakfast and lunch menu, fresh sandwiches, cabinet food, cakes and slices. Enjoy a great coffee or hot chocolate in the sun-drenched courtyard. A catering service is available and they’re open everyday except Christmas day with no surcharge on Public holidays.Open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8.30am-3pm. CAFÉ PEOPLE – 38 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6876 Facebook Café People is a stylish and spacious cafe with a heated outdoor courtyard. It’s a perfect place for a corporate lunch or casual brunch. The menu and cabinet foods are made with fresh local produce and award winning coffee is extracted by fully trained baristas. Café People is a great venue option for private parties and functions. It’s fully licensed with free parking next door. Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-3pm. CHAPEL BAR & BISTRO – 147 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 4528 Facebook A Ponsonby institution, Chapel is the perfect place for

drinks with friends after work, for dinner, a snack or a night out! Not that well known for its culinary prowess, but certainly well worth the visit to sample delicious and very affordable fare such as the crispy Italian style pizzas. Chapel’s staff complements the cosy and comfortable surrounds with their friendly service making you feel at home. Open Mon-Wed 3pm-Late and Thurs-Sun 12pm-Late. CHARLIE BOYS COFFEE BAR – 167 Great North Road T: 09 376 4585 Delicious homemade cabinet food and baking all made on site. Available for functions. Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-3pm. CLOONEY – 33 Sale Street T: 09 358 1702 Facebook Fine dining here is an experience, an elegant and clever use of space in a large modern room and exceptional cuisine created by Executive Chef Des Harris. His food is sophisticated and expertly crafted with assertive flavours and simplicity. Pre-theatre, a la carte and tasting menus are available as is an outstanding wine list. Intimate dining rooms are available for larger groups. Open 7 nights 5.30-Late. COCORO – 56a Brown Street T: 09 360 0927 Cocoro means ‘the heart and soul’ in Japanese and we aim to provide food and service with all our heart and soul. We serve Jun Mai pure rice sake and the emphasis is on organic and biodynamic wines. Reservations are taken for the degustation menu only, casual walkins are welcome. Open Tues-Sat 12noon-2pm and 5.30pm-10pm.

THE AUCKLAND GLUTEN FREE FOOD & ALLERGY SHOW THE GLUTEN FREE FOOD & ALLERGY SHOW IS NEW ZEALAND’S ONLY exhibition dedicated to delivering ideas and solutions for many allergy and intolerance issues. Visitors will get to sample a wide range of gluten free food, and view home-ware and skin products suitable for people with allergies; plus take advantage of great show specials. This is the perfect opportunity to check out the latest products and try before you buy. There is a free seminar series running both days with advice from leading

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experts. The show is owned and organised by Healthy Life Media, publishers of popular monthly magazine Healthy Food Guide. SHOW DATES & TIMES 21-22 May - ASB Show Grounds 10am to 5pm. $10 entry fee, children under five get in free. PN For more information visit




rifle through back copies of National Geographic while still able to see our back gate. However word quickly spread and it’s great to see it on the top of everyone’s list these days. Chapel is great for a casual drink with friends and Ponsonby Road Bistro is my favourite destination for a ‘date night’ with my husband. We love to wander up the road to the Bistro - their delicious, ever changing menu and divine staff always make it a pleasure. We think we are thoroughly spoilt living just a few minutes walk from so many fantastic eateries and bars - our only problem is finding enough time to indulge in them all! JAIMIE WEBSTER, Jaimie Boutique I am spoilt for choice directly around me for cafes. Bambina is great for consistently delicious breakfast and lunch food, Landreth & Co for great service, coffee and cheese scones, and Allpress Biscotti - for the PERFECT cup of coffee.

As Ponsonby residents for the past five years, our family has a long list of favourite cafes and restaurants and we make full use of them! SPQR was top of our list, long before we moved into the neighbourhood. The food, service and atmosphere is always amazing. Whether it be lazy Saturday afternoons sipping Pinot Gris in the sun out the front or late night dinners when the rest of town seems dead and SPQR is buzzing - we love it! You can also be sure to run into plenty of friends there - it’s a favoured local for so many. Bambina is another favourite. I love their breakfast salad and they make the best hot chocolates in town with piping hot steamed milk and a thick block of chocolate at the bottom - indulgent and delicious on a cold autumn afternoon! A new favourite is Zus and Zo on Jervois Road. There’s something lovely and airy about the decor, it always feels so relaxed - even when it’s packed. The jelly beans that accompany their fluffies are a highlight for my two year old too. The kind (and very patient) staff always humour us as she specifically requests the colour and quantity of the jellybeans each time we pay a visit. Our garden opens onto Douglas Street and we are just a stone’s throw (literally) from Good One. It used to be our little secret - a great place to sneak off for a coffee and

I basically eat Japanese when I go out as it’s just so much better than I could do it at home! I love Soto for the Japanese experience, but Tomo in Three Lamps and Zipangu on Ponsonby Road have a more Japanese homestyle environment and are delish also! Industry Zen (also Japanese) in the Viaduct is AMAZING! We often whiz down the hill to eat the lunch specials on a Monday. Red Guard (also in the city but close) Is the perfect cheap Chinese diner style... LOVE IT! For French style, La Cantine in Ponsonby do a fab Beef Bourguignon - perfect for these colder evenings! And finally, Prego is consistent and has a great vibe outside in the courtyard. PN

WHAT’S HOT AT SABATO THE WINTER PANTRY… ALTHOUGH MANY OF YOU WILL BE GRUMBLING AT THE FROSTY NIP IN THE air and the darker evenings, we love the change in seasons because it brings with it a range of new flavours. Winter food means comfort, it means long, slow cooked meals and a kitchen filled with delicious aromas. Versatile, nutritious and easy-to-prepare, our winter pantry is inspired this month by grains, legumes and pulses. These hearty ingredients are a great alternative to mashed potatoes or roasted veges, and delicious as a main course in themselves. One of nature’s super foods, lentils are high in protein and fibre, rich in amino acids, and a superb source of iron. Our organic Montebello mountain lentils still have their seed coat and have not been split, so while other lentils tend to collapse with long cooking, these stay firm and plump. Try them in a soup, or (if this sounds far too healthy), braise in chicken stock and serve alongside duck confit. Montebello organic farro is naturally high in fibre, complex carbohydrates and B vitamins, and protein. Because farro is such an ancient grain, and hasn’t been genetically modified, some gluten sensitive people have been able to introduce farro into their diet. Try using it in your minestrone – farro will stay al dente and lend a wonderful depth of flavour. Or add it to a casserole – not only will the farro add texture and volume, it will make the casserole rich and creamy – without any additional fats. If you’d like to learn more, we are holding a Winter Pantry Basics cooking class on Tuesday 24 May ($45pp) see for more details. PN SABATO, 57 Normanby Road T: 09 630 8751

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SPQR COLLEGE HILL CAFÉ – 25 College Hill T: 09 309 0804 Open for breakfast and lunch, College Hill Café offers a wide variety of cabinet and made to order food, their Chicken Laksa is really popular and they serve Burton coffee. Catering is also available. Open Mon-Fri 7am3.30pm. CONCH CAFÉ AND RECORD STORE – 115a Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1999 Facebook and Twitter Based on a Brazilian Boteco, local hangout Conch is an independent record shop with a café that sells sweet snacks, sandwiches and coffee. You can browse through their really great record selection as well as CD’s, books and DVD’s. Café open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat and Sun 8am-5pm. Shop open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat and Sun 10am-5pm. COVO – 137a Richmond Road T: 09 378 4500 Facebook and Twitter Covo’s owner Ivan Fornasari is proud to serve fresh homemade egg pasta made on site every day and a range of pizza served whole or by the slice. Check out their website for the latest specials. Open Tues-Fri 6pm10pm, Sat and Sun 6pm-9pm.

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CROSSROADS BAR AND DE VILLE LOUNGE – 2 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 0655 Facebook Crossroads Bar and de Ville Lounge provide a ‘Taste of New Orleans’ the bar filled with jazz, blues and soul music to get your feet tapping and the adjoining de Ville Lounge has favourite New Orleans flavours such as Gumbo, Jambalaya, Crab Cakes and Corn Bread and with five variants of tobasco sauce to choose from, you can spice it up any way you want. Listen to the music, dine in the lounge, garden courtyard or on the street and we have private rooms available for small dining parties of 15 -18 people. Everyday is a festival at Crossroads! DALLOW’S AT SALE ST – 7 Sale Street T: 09 307 8148 Dallow’s restaurant showcases innovative, flawlessly executed fine dining food in a stylish contemporary setting, simplified, its casual fine dining. Dallow’s has one of Auckland’s best new talents with Executive Chef Nick Honeyman. Food critic Peter Calder rated it 4.5 stars. Try the exciting surprise degustation menu and put your meal in the hands of Nick Honeyman for the night. Each menu is tailored to your taste to give you a complete food journey. Open Tues-Sat from 6pm.

DELICIOUS – 472 Richmond Road T: 09 360 7590 Facebook Popular for its delicious Italian cuisine, you will find on the menu traditional Ravioli, Gnocchi, Risotto and Pasta and in the cabinet there is a range of beautiful Italian cakes and tarts. Delicious is a busy restaurant, you’ll just need to drop in as they don’t take reservations. Open Wed, Thurs, Fri for lunch 12-2.30 and dinner from 5.30pm, Tues and Sat for dinner from 6pm. DELLOWS KITCHEN – 212 Jervois Road T: 09 378 6156 Dellows Kitchen provides fresh seasonal food for all occasions, excellent coffees and friendly and warm service. Check out their time saving fresh or frozen takehome meal options. Open 7 days 7am-4pm. DIDA’S WINE LOUNGE & TAPAS – 54 Jervois Road Herne Bay T: 09 376 2813 The food served is tapas style with a wine list that is monumental. Try the Albondigas de Cerdo - Wild pork, pimento and olive meatballs baked in sherry tomato sauce. Open 7 days 11.30am-Late.



PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE DIDA’S FOOD STORE – 54 Jervois Road T: 09 361 6157 An extensive and impressive deli counter, boasting imported and locally sourced meats, cheeses, olives, dips and a wide array of Antipasto. There is a variety of bread, pasta, risotto, hard to find condiments, sweets, cakes and more. They also serve coffee and offer a great breakfast and lunch menu. Open 7 days 7am-7pm. DIDA’S WINE LOUNGE & FOODSTORE – 118 Wellesley Street T: 09 308 8319 A funky fusion of food and wine that is unique to the CBD. If you’re a central city worker we’ve got your day covered, from brilliant breakfasts, coffee, pre-packed and serious salads for lunch through to an amazing array of Tapas to be enjoyed with a stunning selection of wines if you swing by on your way home. Open Mon-Sat 7am-8pm and Sunday 7am-7pm. DIZENGOFF – 256 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 0108 Facebook That’s loyalty for you – people will make a special trip from near and far to Dizengoff to get their morning coffee. At Dizengoff they serve a Jewish inspired menu and it is the place to go for a tasty meal with a difference! They have a great breakfast menu, a set lunch menu and take away service. Open 7 days 6.30am-5pm. EAST RESTAURANT – 171d Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6085 A casual dine-in environment, the meals have a western spin on popular Asian cuisine and are served in a funky box. The menu covers cuisine from Japan in the north to Indonesia in the south. Dine-in, take away or have your food delivered. Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-3pm and 4.30 -10pm, Sat and Sun 4.30pm-10pm.

ELLA CAFÉ AND LOUNGE – 118 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 7979 Facebook Casual yet elegant atmosphere, enjoy a quick bite or a romantic dinner. They only use free range pork and source organic produce whenever possible. Open WedFri 12noon-2pm, Dinner Tues-Sat 6pm-10pm and Brunch Sat and Sun 10am-3pm. EMPRESS GARDEN RESTAURANT – 227 Jervois Road T: 09 376 5550 Renowned for their Peking duck which must be pre -ordered, Empress Garden is on the corner of Herne Bay Road and Jervois Road and has been serving delicious Chinese food for over 30 years. Open 7 days 12noon2.30pm and 6pm-10pm. ERAWAN THAI RESTAURANT & BAR – Corner Lawrence Street and Jervois Road T: 09 361 3261 Erawan Thai has built a reputation over the past 10 years for its excellence. What makes this place so special is the courteous, obliging and helpful staff, the restful ambience of the restaurant set in a grand old villa, the consistently superb food and the extensive wine list. Open 7 days for dinner and take away. FATIMA’S – 240 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 9303 Delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired food, Fatima’s specialises in Pita kebabs, Chawarma sandwiches and salads to eat in or to take-away. Open 7days 11.30am-10pm. FUJI TEPPAN-YAKI CAFE & RESTAURANT – 282 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6282 A cute little restaurant with authentic decor, friendly

funny staff and creative food cooked in front of you. Fully licensed. Open 7 nights 6pm-11.30pm. FUSION CAFÉ – 32 Jervois Road T: 378 4573 One of the last open air licensed cafes in Ponsonby, Fusion has a wonderful outdoor garden, it’s ideal for relaxing with a coffee made by one of their Allpress trained barista’s or for enjoying breakfast or lunch with the family. Fusion is also available for functions. Open Mon-Wed 7am-4pm, Thurs-Sun 7am-5pm. GABLES SPEIGHT’S ALE HOUSE – 248 Jervois Road T: 09 376 4994 Facebook A gastro style menu freshly prepared each day by our innovative chef’s can be enjoyed in our sun-drenched courtyard, by the cosy fireplace or in a sumptuous booth. They also offer the perfect venue for your next event, whether it’s a dinner party for 10 or a function for 400. Kids dine free on Mondays with a full paying adult. Quiz night Tues 7pm. Live music every Thurs 7pm and Sunday 4pm. GARNET STATION – 85 Garnet Road, Westmere T: 09 360 3397 Garnet Station is a relaxed urban oasis serving the friendliest coffee in town. They use Chiasso fair trade organic beans and Green Valley organic milk. But most importantly they tell us they make their espresso with LOVE. They also make their own food (although someone else does make the sticky brioche). If you are taking a break from caffeine you can have a pot of organic herbal loose leaf tea, a cool Elderflower Sparkle drink, an organic ice cream or gourmet mince and cheese pie. Open 7 days 7am-4pm.

THE LOVE PARADE - FOR EVERYONE! Jonny of il buco fame is not short of an idea or two and he’s come up with a cracker we think should receive support. Everybody enjoyed the Hero Parade but it’s been and gone and that’s where Jonny thinks it should stay. In his words, “It would be like trying to get back with an old girl, or boy friend”. He’s not knocking the Hero Parade because he believes it was good for Ponsonby and the Gay community but now it’s time to move on and the next obvious step is a Love Parade that is all inclusive. The gist of his philosophy is as follows. Many gay people don’t want to be identified by their sexuality and carrying a banner about it can be alienating and provoke a negative reaction. The rainbow community has achieved social acceptance and there’s no need to parade themselves as such anymore. We now have a very diverse society with lots of ethnicities and many differing religious persuasions. A Love Parade would not be limited to a small minority, but would be for everyone.

photography: martin leach

The Love Parade is not an original concept. It originated in West Berlin just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Since then there’s been an international spinoff with similar festivals held annually in thirteen cities world wide. Jonny envisages a parade that might have Military Bands, marching girls (and boys), Asian dragons and lanterns, sports teams, Maori and Pacific Island cultural groups to name just a few possibilities. He would have it start at the beginning of Ponsonby Road then proceed along Karangahape Road and finish there with a massive street party. This route would involve two business associations and he’s been lobbying them both for support. Nikki Kaye has called for an economic feasibility study for a Mardi Gras which has received support from the Mayor of Auckland. Jonny has been in touch with Nikki regarding his hope for an inclusive event and given his enthusiasm and energy he’ll keep pushing for The Love Parade. Queen Street is welcome to its Santa Parade but an all inclusive Mardi Gras should happen where Jonny proposes, here in Ponsonby as the rightful successor to the Hero Parade. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

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PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE GENJI JAPANESE RESTAURANT – 26 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 5050 At Genji, they serve the freshest sashimi and all varieties of Japanese foods in authentic Japanese surroundings and specialise in a la carte and Teppenyaki. They have three private function rooms and cater for up to 35 in the Karaoke room. Off street parking is available in the rear for up to 20 cars. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-2.30pm and 5pm-10pm. GOOD ONE-COFFEE SUPREME – 42 Douglas Street T: 09 360 5040 You can buy everything you need to make delicious coffee at home at Good One – Coffee Supreme and you get a free coffee when you buy your beans. They also serve various filter coffees, milkshakes, toasted sandwiches and a variety of cabinet food to eat in or take away. There’s outdoor seating and they do coffee tasting on Thursday morning from 8am-9.30am. Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm and Sat 8am-3pm. GPK – 260 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1113 A Ponsonby institution, GPK has been serving gourmet wood fired pizza to locals for more than 10 years. The pizza menu takes flavours from a variety of world cuisines with tastes from Mexico, Greece, India, Italy, Morocco and New Zealand. Aside from pizza GPK has an extensive a la carte menu with a range of entrees, salads and mains. A Take-away menu and children’s menu are also available. Open 7 days Midday-Midnight and for Brunch on the weekend from 9am. GROUCHO CAFÉ – 1/143 Wellesley Street West T: 09 309 3939 Facebook A retro café providing 80% gluten free options with a strong focus on nutrition and health.

A wide range of gluten free wraps salads and pancakes using free range, organic and fair trade products when available. Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm. GUSTO ITALIANO – 263 Ponsonby Road T: 09 361 1556 At Gusto they keep things traditional; you will find the very best Gnocchi, Tortellini, Linguine, Ravioli and Spaghetti. Italian born owners, Luigi Mattioli and Armando Koci, were trained by the best. Luigi’s mother taught him to cook followed by five years at chef school in Italy and Armando trained in Italy, running his own restaurant in Greece before coming to New Zealand. A private room is available. Open 7 nights 5.30pm-Late. GYOZA KING – 107 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 8638 An eatery devoted to one style of food: gyoza dumplings. In Japan, the classic filling is minced pork, garlic, and cabbage, and they’re fried. You’re served a plateful of six and you dip them in a combined sauce of shoyu (soy sauce), vinegar, and a dash of chilli oil. Gyoza King serves up 15 different styles of gyoza, some filled with cheese, some dressed with miso and some come served in a broth. Open Wed-Mon 5pm-Late. HEADQUARTERS RESTAURANT & BAR – 132 Beaumont Street T: 09 309 7408 Well known as a venue for parties, Headquarters also offers delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try our delicious hash browns with your breakfast or our famous wood-fired pizza to eat in or take-away. A full a la carte menu is available with pasta, pizza, salads and fish and happy hour is 5-7pm Mon – Fri. Open Mon-Fri 7am-Late, Sat and Sun 8am-3pm. Venue hire available every night.

HERNE BAY LOCAL – 170 Jervois Road T: 09 376 5367 Facebook and Twitter Herne Bay Local, the place where locals enjoy a range of drinks and meals throughout the day. Choose from a selection of Asian influenced tapas and platters and a fantastic bistro style lunch and dinner menu. Using the best organic meats and fresh produce, they aim to provide a warm and relaxed environment for you, your friends and family. BYO Wine Monday night, Curry night Wednesday, Sunday Brunch from 9am and Sunday night Roast. Open 7 days 11.30am-Late. HUBCAP MINI GARAGE – 130 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2568 Facebook A delicious range of cabinet food and a full menu are available at Hubcap. Breakfast might include Vanilla risotto with poached plums & pistachios or Haloumi on toast with oven roasted tomatoes. The manager, Zoe Cole, was fourth placed in the Auckland Regional Barista Championship, order a coffee from her and enjoy it in the retro antique lounge. Open Mon-Fri 7.30-3.30pm, Sat and Sun 8-3.30pm. IL BUCO – 113 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 4414 Il buco serves the best Roman Pizza by the slice. You can buy one slice for a snack or 100 slices for a party. Owner and barista Jonny Rudduck serves Supreme Coffee and other popular menu items are beef lasagne, tiramisu and the little shots of hot chocolate are to die for. IL FORNO – 55 Mackelvie Street T: 09 378 0264 A bakery and café specialising in traditional Italian fare and bakery items, including the freshest croissants,


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pastries, homemade cakes and a wide selection of breads along with an interesting selection of deli products to take home. The coffee is pretty good too.

There’s a conference room upstairs for private group breakfasts, lunches or corporate meetings. Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-4pm

JAFA – 551 Richmond Road T: 09 361 1100 Facebook Jafa Café has a cool laid back atmosphere with a warm and welcoming team! There’s Allpress Coffee and fabulous food like lamb’s fry and bacon or divine Balinese sticky black rice.

JERVOIS STEAK HOUSE – 70 Jervois Road T: 09 376 2049 At Jervois Steak House & Saloon you can discover the difference between grass fed and grain fed with Head Chef Brian McGruer. You can also get acquainted with

imported delicacies such as Black Angus, which is used for the restaurant’s signature slow-roasted prime rib (preordering is essential). Bookings are essential. Open SatTues 5pm-Late and Wed-Fri 12pm-Late. JOY BONG ISSAN THAI – 531 Karangahape Road T: 09 377 2218 Facebook and Twitter Joy Bong has been a favourite East meets West Thai

THE FOOD OF ANGELS WHEN ALICE LEONARD (PICTURED RIGHT) TURNED VEGAN SEVEN YEARS ago she had to give up all those foodstuffs that are not part of the vegan canon. Cheese is a big no no, which Alice ate a lot of, and she lost ten kilos over three months when she expunged it from her diet. With a firm belief in the health benefits of a diet based on whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and realising most people don’t find such a regime very tempting, she set up a business, Angel Food, providing top-quality vegan treats to demonstrate that a plant based diet is capable of satisfying even the most self indulgent epicure. She first embarked on supplying gluten free baked goods to cafés and organic stores, then changed her focus to importing vegan products. This came about because Alice really missed her cheese and looked around for something equally satisfying. Dark, not milk, chocolate saved the day for a while, but then she discovered she could import soya cheese and now supplies organic stores with three varieties, cheddar, mozzarella, blue and parmesan. Other products include condensed soya milks, one of which is caramel and tastes fantastic, and two varieties of salami sticks and pâte. Alice has another string to her bow. She has developed a vegan marshmallow mix and a meringue mix. These she sells in bulk to vegan shops in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, plus customers worldwide buy them from her online shop, Turning vegan shouldn’t be looked upon as a form of deprivation but rather a change of eating habit that can be just as enjoyable as a meat and dairy based diet. Dining out can be a challenge but vegan options are starting to appear more frequently on menus. The Heritage Hotel offers several vegan dishes as part of its sustainability philosophy, which leads to another topic. Ethical reasons for adopting a vegan lifestyle. Alice turned vegan, not for health improvement but because she doesn’t agree with exploiting animals for food consumption. When I suggested that historically we have always been omnivores she disagreed claiming stone age man was not equipped with claws and incisors to catch and eat prey and the basic diet would have been roots and greens. Man needs weapons to be top of the food chain, which is true of course but we sure caught on to this early in the piece, enjoying mammoth munching banquets and spearing furry animals for their hides. Has anyone heard of a vegan Eskimo? “Laplander Lily lived all alone” and kept alive eating seal meat and whale blubber, and wearing animal furs for warmth.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Joking aside there’s much to recommend a vegan diet. Many of the ills that plague us - diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, and many cancers, might be reduced. For instance osteoporosis, of which we have a very high incidence, is unknown in China where dairy products are not part of the daily diet, and calcium is absorbed from leafy greens more suitable to our long digestive tract. Reduced meat production would also benefit the environment by lessening greenhouse gas emissions. What’s a bit hard to take is the extreme philosophy fundamental vegans follow. They eschew the use of wool, silk, honey, beeswax, anything that involves the use of animal or insect life. So no cashmere sweaters, crocodile handbags, leather shoes, silk shirts, feather boas, or felt hats. Synthetic fabrics are allowed but surely that begs the question ecologically? Whatever the whys and wherefores, Alice’s vegan recipes are going to be published each month in the Ponsonby News and I for one will be giving them a go! (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN



PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE restaurant for many years. Recently reopened after an extensive renovation there is an updated modern Thai menu, a new wine cellar and sexy new decor. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm and 5.30pm-Late. Bar open 4.30pm-Late. LA BOULANGE - 214 Jervois Road T: 09 376 5145 Homemade baguette, croissant, pain au chocolate & pain au raisin are a few of the highlights of this little French bakery, cafe and sandwich bar. There are a few seats in the window and outside to enjoy Atomic coffee and pastries or try one of their delicious French baguette sandwiches or a Macaron by Vaniye. Everything is available to take-away. Open 7 days 7am-3pm. LA CANTINE DU TORCHON – 265 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 2516 Facebook La Cantine du Torchon is the café for lovers of all things French! They serve traditional French savoury and sweet pancakes and black board specials are available. Open for brunch, lunch and dinner with happy hour from 5pm to 7pm. The tiny tables, delicious food and intimate atmosphere make La Cantine du Torchon the closest you will get to an authentic French restaurant in Ponsonby. Open Tues-Fri 11.30am-Late, Sat 8.30amLate and Sun 11.30am-3pm. LA PORCHETTA – 304a Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 0318 At La Porchetta you will not only find a huge selection of Pizza but also a fantastic range of pasta, along with steak and seafood dishes and of course a delicious range of ice cream desserts; Cassata, Tartufo and Coppa Gelato to name a few. A full takeaway menu is also available. They are open seven days for lunch and dinner and are fully licensed. LA ZEPPA – 33 Drake Street T: 09 379 8167 Facebook and Twitter La Zeppa is consistently regarded in the marketplace as one of the best inner city bars. Voted one of the top 100 restaurants in New Zealand by Cuisine, it’s a great place to catch up with friends for some drinks or to indulge in great tapas and wine around the fireplace. Open 7 days 4pm-Late and Friday lunch from 12pm. LANDRETH & CO – 272 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 7440 Facebook and Twitter Landreth & Co is a cosy, relaxed European-inspired cafe offering delicious homemade freshly cooked meals, as well as a selection of sweet treats. The coffee is renowned, gaining industry recognition with two Lewisham awards - Outstanding Coffee Establishment/Barista 2008 and 2010. The sunny peaceful courtyard - open all year round - is perfect to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fully licensed and open 7 days 6.30am – 4.00pm. LONGROOM – 114 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 8803 Facebook The Longroom offers a unique and comfortable environment with a great range of entertainment Wednesday through Saturday. The menu encourages sharing (any time of the day) from a selection of small plates, salads and their signature Longplates and a full dinner menu is available for those wanting a more traditional dining experience. Most popular dishes include Chilli Salted Squid, Longroom Platter and the Rib Eye. Blackboard ‘Brunch’ specials available on the weekends too! Open 7 days 11am-Late.

84 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

MALT BAR – 442 Richmond Road T: 09 360 9537 Facebook A neighbourhood bar and restaurant in the heart of West Lynn, Malt is open for lunch, tapas, dinner and brunch on the weekend. Check out their website for daily specials like $4 dessert Monday, Quiz night Tuesday and Beer o’clock Sunday. Open Mon-Fri 11am-Late, Sat and Sun 9.30am-Late. MARCELLO’S – 28 College Hill T: 09 361 2600 Facebook What better way to start your day than to be greeted by the friendly staff at Marcello’s? They serve great coffee and awesome food, always with a smile and their toasted muffins are to die for. Open Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-3pm. MELLO – 166 Richmond Road T: 09 361 5616 Facebook Offering a wide range of homemade food including biscuits, slices, sandwiches, salads and quiche, Mello also have an a la carte menu for breakfast and lunch and are available for functions and catering. They will soon be open for dinner too! Open Mon and Tues 6.30am-3pm, Wed-Sat 6.30-4pm and Sun 7.30-4pm.

MONTEREY COFFEE LOUNGE – 432 Richmond Road T: 09 360 0488 Monterey is a warm and friendly neighbourhood coffee lounge. Try their Zucchini fritters or a Schnitzel sandwich made on homemade bread. Everything is made on the premises including delicious Butterfly Cakes. Eat in or take away. Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-4pm. MOOCHOWCHOW – 23 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6262 Facebook Like a stroll through the fragrant night markets and food stalls of Bangkok, MooChowChow is a boost to the senses. Chef Che Barrington captures the vibrant ZANG of sweet + sour + salty + hot that makes Thai food a partyin-your-mouth. Cocktails created by bartending genius, Jacob Briar of fresh fruits, shaved ice and smashed herbs will cool, refresh and tantalise. A private dining room is also available. Open Tues-Sat 4pm-Late. MURDER BURGER – 128a Ponsonby Road T: 09 550 5500 Facebook Gourmet eye fillet or venison, smoked kangaroo sausages, free range chicken and bacon are some of the best reasons to eat a Murder Burger. Voted the best burger in Auckland by Metro for their Beef and wild boar bacon burger and by Viva for their Vegetarian, if you’re looking for quality and flavour, it doesn’t get better than this. Eat in, take-away and delivery in Ponsonby. Open Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri 11am-1pm and Sat 11am-11pm.

MUTIARA MALAYSIAN RESTAURANT – 66 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 2759 Facebook Mutiara Restaurant is a specialist in authentic Malaysian cuisine and authenticity is the top priority for Chef and owner Roy Lim. Malaysian cuisine is diverse in its influences and styles and this is reflected in the menu which offers signature dishes such as Rendang Kampung LA CANTINE (Thick curry), Ikan Bakar (Malaysian style grilled fish), Mamak Noodles and more. MEOLA KITCHEN – 184 Garnet Road T: 09 360 6184 Open for lunch Mon-Fri 12noon-2.30pm and dinner Facebook 7 nights 6pm-10.30pm. Meola Kitchen keeps things simple with breakfast and lunch menu options that are spins on old favourites. NAVAS CAFÉ MALAYSIAN CUISINE There’s also counter food available including fresh – 14 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 4478 pastries and delicious homemade muffins. Open 7 days Chef and owner Krishnan prepares and serves beautiful 7.30am-5pm. fresh Malaysian food. A speciality is Murtabak (a hand made roti with lamb filling), Spicy Beef Rendang and MOLLIE’S – 6 Tweed Street T: 09 376 3489 Malaysian and Indian style curries. Family run, Navas Facebook and Twitter loves children and you will always be very warmly Think romance, think Mollies restaurant; the perfect welcomed. Open for lunch Mon-Fri 11am-2pm and dinner venue for a romantic gourmet breakfast or dinner and for 7 nights 6pm-10pm. private and corporate dining. NISHIKI JAPANESE RESTAURANT – 100 Wellington Mollie’s offers many private spaces and is well-suited Street T: 09 376 7104 to hosting small parties and romantic candle-lit dinners Robata-yaki means having dinner and drinks in a cosy, for two. Open for breakfast Wed-Sat 7am-10.30am and relaxed and social atmosphere watching the kitchen. dinner 6pm-Late. Because most of the dishes we specialise in are grilled and deep-fried and they are snack sized, you can order MONDIAL – 549 Great North Road T: 09 376 6682 many different kinds of food to share. We have a wide selection of Japanese sake you can enjoy hot or cold as Mondial is a very relaxed and lively tapas bar with well as wine and beer; there is $2.50 corkage for BYO friendly, efficient service. You can order as many or as wine. Open Tues-Sun 6pm-11pm. few dishes as you want, ranging from prawns, calamari, meatballs, lamb skewers, vegetable platters and more. NOODLE CANTEEN – 6/280 Richmond Road They have a great wine list with a mix of international and T: 09 361 6689 New Zealand wines plus some great dessert wines. Every meal at Noodle Canteen is a delightful experience. Choose your meal from a wide variety of fresh choices Open Tues-Thurs 4pm-Late, Fri and Sat 3pm-Late. then watch the preparation from their comfortable bar PUBLISHED FIRST FRIDAY EACH MONTH (except January)

stools. The food is on display at all times and they prepare it right in front of you because they want you to see the freshness and high quality of their ingredients. Eat in or take-away and open 7 days 11.30am-9pm.

experience. The food is described as innovative Chinese Cuisine with presentation, health and taste being of the utmost importance. Reservations are essential and there are 10 car parks at the back on Abbey Street. Open 7 nights.

OCCAM CAFÉ & BAR – 135 Williamson Avenue T: 09 378 0604 Occam is a popular spot with locals for breakfast, lunch, coffee, snacks or a relaxed weekend brunch. There are tables inside and out and a mezzanine bar creates a buzzy atmosphere. A dinner menu is available WedFri from 6pm, they are fully licensed and you can phone in your coffee order for quick and easy pick up. Occam is also a great venue for functions. Open Mon and Tues 7am-5pm, WedFri 7am-Late, Sat and Sun 8am-6pm.

Sarah Conway’s menu provides a global feast – and the char-grilled scotch with hand cut chips has become a firm favourite. The friendly staff and cosy dining room offer a warm welcome. An express lunch menu runs weekdays from 12 noon. Open Mon-Fri 12pm-Late and Sat 4pm-Late. PREGO – 226 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 3095 Established over 24 years ago, Prego is the ultimate in Italian al fresco dining with the intimacy of an enclosed courtyard, late suppers at the bar in front of a wood fire or Bistro style dining with the buzz of a busy restaurant. Just some of the favourite dishes include: Pane di Grano Duro – fresh home baked bread, Wood-fired Margherita Pizza with crispy base, tomato mozzarella and fresh basil or the Calamari Fritti on rocket with homemade garlic aioli. Take-away available, open 7 days 12pm-Late.

OH! SO CAFÉ – 29 Crummer Road T: 09 360 0700 Facebook For fantastic cafe food and great coffee, oh! SO cafe has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere making it the perfect place for a casual business meeting or a catch up with friends. As one local put it, she looks forward to eventually trying everything on the menu. Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm, Sat and Sun 8.30am-2pm.

PROHIBITION RESTAURANT – 108 Ponsonby Road T: 09 361 5858 Facebook Prohibition is a 1920’s style restaurant taking you back in history to the time when stiletto heels, furs and hats were all the rage for women and men wore bow ties and braces with Vaseline in their hair and moustache. They are offering a 5-course dinner on 19 May and 30 June. At Prohibition the experience is holistic with live jazz every night. Prohibition features three separate historically designed rooms: The Brick Room, The Red Room and The Library Room. Open Tue-Sat 6pm-Late and for Low Tea and Lunch Fri and Sat 12noon-4pm.

ONE 2 ONE CAFÉ – 121 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 4954 One 2 One café has been around for over 18 years and uses coffee supplied by the local boutique roaster Miller Coffee. Family friendly with a charming Parisian style covered courtyard complete with children’s sandpit and blackboard. Chef’s speciality is roast vegetable salad with haloumi. Tuesday open mic night, Thursday local musician jam and Friday musical concerts featuring Linn Lorkin monthly. Open Mon-Fri 6am-5pm, Sat and Sun 7am-5pm and until late on Tues, Thurs and Sat.

PURE RESTAURANT – 186 Jervois Road T: 09 360 0714 Swiss born, award winning chef, Stefan Loetscher, owns and runs Pure together with his partner Nadine. They make all their breads, pastas and ice cream on the premises and create food with simplicity and clarity.

OTTO WOO – 47 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1989 Otto Woo provides western style modern Asian cuisine with Japanese and Thai influences. Each meal contains loads of fresh vegetables infused with high quality sauces and herbs. Gluten free and vegetarian meals are also available. Open Mon-Fri 11.45am-2.30pm and Mon-Sun 4.30pm-9pm. PANE & VINO – 20 Williamson Avenue T: 09 360 0263 When you visit Pane e Vino, you’re in for a treat. Owner Tito is passionate about the food they serve which is regional Italian style cuisine, classic antipasti, pasta and mains all exceptionally flavourful using fresh ingredients plus popular Italian desserts. They were a Top 10 finalist in the Global Pizza competition and are very proud of their Thin Crust Pizza. Delivery in Ponsonby and catering is also available. Open Mon-Fri 12pm-Late, Sat and Sun 5pm-Late. PARADISE INDIAN – 236 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 8826 Hot and spicy, mild and medium, Paradise specialise in Biryani and their food is 100% Halal guaranteed they tell us. Eat in or take away, delivery and catering available. Open 7 days 11am-9pm. PARADISH - 582 Karangahape Road T: 09 361 6789 This Chinese restaurant focuses on providing a peaceful dining environment and a totally different Chinese food The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

THE PONSONBY BELGIAN BEER CAFE PHILIPPE’S CHOCOLATE – 293 Great North Road T: 09 376 1754 Not just fabulous flavoured chocolates and hand rolled truffles; Philippe’s also make French pastries, cakes and baguettes. Open Mon 8am-4pm, Tues-Sun 7.30am5.30pm. PONSONBY INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT – 106 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 0800 Walk right in and taste our mouth watering recipes, from India, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Japan and Europe. Situated right in the heart of Ponsonby, this is the perfect place for that leisurely lunch or quick business break. Open daily 10am-10pm. PONSONBY ROAD BISTRO – 165 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1611 Ponsonby Road Bistro offers a well-priced menu and interesting wine list in a stylish and relaxed environment.

The bistro style menu offers new dishes every week changing according to whatever fresh ingredients are available. The fantastic food is to die for. Open Wed-Sat 12noon-2.30pm and Tues-Sat 5pm-Late.

QUEENIE’S LUNCHROOM – 24a Spring Street, T: 09 378 8977 Tucked away from the bustle of Ponsonby on the corner of Spring Street and Cascade Road is award winning Queenie’s Lunchroom, offering Supreme coffee, a unique sweet selection and tantalising menu with hard to resist daily specials. Open Mon-Fri 7am-3.30pm, Sat and Sun 8am-2pm. RABBIT HOLE CAFÉ – 203 Jervois Road T: 09 360 0755 Facebook Rabbit hole Café is an interesting eclectic cafe based on Alice in Wonderland with mismatched crockery, bone china and unusual furniture. They use Velvet fair trade organic coffee and people love their homemade cupcakes. Enjoy green chilli scrambled eggs sitting on the deck overlooking the water served by the very friendly wait staff. Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-3pm.



PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE RAVIZ RESTAURANT – 164 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 9911 Facebook Open since 2000, Raviz offers complete Indian cuisine at affordable prices. They offer dine in, take away, delivery, banquet and function menus that are known by locals to be value for money. Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm and Mon-Sun 5pm-Late. RENKON EXPRESS – 2/175 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 3090 This restaurant specialises in Donburi, which is basically a large bowl of rice topped with fresh vegetables, meat or fish. The meals are quick, cheap, unpretentious, nutritious and well-balanced. Open 7 days 11.30am-3pm and 5pm-9.30pm. RICHMOND ROAD CAFE – 318 Richmond Road T: 09 360 5559 One of four award winning cafes owned by Jackie and Scott, The Richmond Road Cafe is a buzzing urban cafe providing restaurant style food and service at cafe prices. There’s an all day menu, sweet selection, freshly squeezed juices and frappes plus a champagne, wine and beer menu. Their other award winning cafes include The Cafe on Kohi, Takapuna Beach Cafe and Rosehip. Open 7 days 7am-4pm.

throughout the large warehouse style space. There are a variety of bar and dining options including a bar, micro-brewery, Auckland’s largest deck and garden bar, Dallow’s casual fine dining restaurant, The Velvet room private bar as well as a live music stage. Open Mon 3pmLate and Tue-Sun 11.30am-Late.

to enrich the traditional flavours. Try the Yam Woon Sen Talay Ruam, a traditional spicy mixed seafood and vermicelli salad or Larb Gai, a spicy chicken salad with onion, dried rice and Thai herbs. Fully licensed, take away menu, functions catered and BYO Wine. Open Mon-Fri 12pm-3pm, Mon-Sun 6pm-10pm.

SALTA ESPRESSO – 285 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1295 For nearly 20 years (formally Atlas Cafe), Salta Espresso have delivered quality personal service, great coffee and delicious fresh food. Their cakes, muffins, scones and pies are baked with pride on the premises daily and their soups, eggs and home made muesli with fresh fruit are some of the very best around. A full breakfast and lunch menu is available. Open Mon-Fri 6.30am-5pm, Sat and Sun 7am-5pm.

SHAHI INDIAN EXPERIENCE – 26 Jervois Road T: 09 378 8896 Facebook For more than 20 years Shahi Cafe has been serving Ponsonby locals timeless, sumptuous North Indian cuisine with a difference. There is an extensive variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes; some of the most popular are Shahi Cigar, Shahi Skewered Chicken, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh and Stuffed Tomato Curry. A private function room is available, catering, delivery and take away menus. Open 11am-2.30pm and 5pm-Late.


SIDART – Three Lamps Plaza, Level 1, 283 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2122 Sidart is the restaurant of Chef Sid Sahrawat with modern creative New Zealand cuisine. It is a formal restaurant with innovative food and attentive service headed by Marie Colosimo. The gorgeous city views and intimate dining room make Sidart a place for special occasions and a neighbourhood experience. Open Tues-Sat from 6pm, Fri lunch 12-2.30pm.

SIERRA CAFE PONSONBY RIPE DELI – 172 Richmond Road – 295 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 6159 T: 09 376 0081 Facebook Offering famous specialty Sierra A vibrant food-lovers haven that coffee with delicious food from the VINNIES’ Regularly runs Art Box Dinners. Pictured above: GREG PAIN and chef GEOFF SCOTT focuses on innovative take-out food cabinet or menu and everything using the best of local ingredients is is available to take away. Open a one stop shop where you can always find something to SANTOS CAFE – 114 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 8431 7 days 7am-5pm. tempt your taste buds. There’s a selection of decadent home-baked slices, cakes and brioches, a variety of Marcelo has been roasting coffee here for over 17 years. SLICED LUNCH BAR – 104 Richmond Road gourmet sandwiches, salads and wraps and take home Santos is a boutique coffee that is roasted everyday T: 09 360 6156 TV meals. Owner Angela Redfern has also extended her Brazilian style. There is a wide range of salads and Made to order sandwiches make this a must visit cafe for range of deli products to include salamis, cured meats Panini and the best Eggs Benedict in Auckland according lunch. They also have cakes and biscuits and you can eat and cheeses and old fashioned home-made relishes, to Canvas magazine. They also squeeze fresh juice to in or take away. Open Mon-Sat 7am-3pm. dressings and chutneys. Open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat order. Open Mon-Sat 6.30am-4.30 and Sun 7.30am-4pm. 7.30am-3pm and Sun 8am-3pm. SOTO JAPANESE GARDEN RESTAURANT SATYA SOUTH INDIAN RESTAURANT – 17 Great – 13 St Mary’s Road T: 09 360 0021 SAFFRON INDIAN RESTAURANT North Road T: 09 361 3612 Soto Japanese Restaurant presents ‘New Style’ – 31 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 2122 Satya is situated near the Ponsonby, Newton and K Road Japanese cuisine. They offer three menus: a traditional intersection. Their South Indian recipes are age old and platter style light luncheon menu; an extensive a la carte Saffron specialises in South Indian cuisine. On Friday, are based on Ayurvedic principles; their motive is good dinner menu representing a range of different Japanese Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 3pm enjoy an food. With its relaxed ambience and friendly staff, it is cooking styles and a take away menu for lunch and early all vegetarian buffet brunch for only $11.90. Catering, a great place for a vast range of Indian meals at a good dinner. Open Tues-Fri 12-2pm and Tues-Sat 6pm-10pm. take-away and delivery in Ponsonby is also available. price. Take-away, delivery, catering and banquets for Open 7 nights 6pm-10.30pm and Fri, Sat and Sun large groups are all available. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am- SPQR – 150 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 1710 11am-3pm. 2.30 and Mon-Sun 5.30pm-10pm. A Ponsonby institution, SPQR has been a prominent SAILS RESTAURANT – Westhaven Marina, SAVOUR & DEVOUR – 478 Richmond Road fixture along the Ponsonby strip for nearly 20 years. Westhaven Drive T: 09 378 9890 T: 09 361 2631 The lively atmosphere and friendly service gives SPQR Open for 25 years, Sails boasts beautiful marina and Savour & Devour offer a range of cabinet food with an authentic, first-rate reputation. The pizza is great for harbour views, a fine dining menu and an extensive homemade cakes, pies and sandwiches and a full an anytime snack, Veal Marsala is an old favourite or try wine list. Whether for a wedding, small or large function, breakfast and lunch menu, a favourite is Haloumi with the Scampi Tail Linguine with chilli, garlic and extra virgin business dinner or romantic dinner, Sails is one of the oven roasted tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket. Catering olive oil. A two course light lunch special includes a glass best places to dine on the waterfront. Open Mon-Fri and take-away is available. Open Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat of wine for $35 available seven days. Eat in or take-away. 12noon-3.30pm and Mon-Sun 6.30pm-Late. and Sun 8am-5pm. Open 7 days 12pm-Late. SALE ST BREWERY – 7 Sale Street T: 09 307 8148 Facebook and Twitter Sale St is situated in the heart of Auckland’s hot spot - the Victoria Quadrant. A mega-venue that defines style, Sale St showcases a casual and comfortable ambience with funky stylish art pieces, sculptures and lighting fixtures

86 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

SAWADEE THAI CUISINE – 42a Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 0320 Sawadee’s cuisine comes from the great Siamese Kingdom with dishes from the four main regions of the country. Thai Food is a blend of tastes – hot, sour, salty, sweet and spicy with subtle additions of aromatic herbs

STAR THAI – 1 Jervois Road T: 09 378 1776 A comprehensive wine list complements the fine food and you are welcome to BYO wine. Whether you are dining in or ordering dishes to eat at home, you can be assured of the finest Thai food cooked in the traditional


way, prepared from the very best ingredients including fresh herbs, spices and exotic vegetables – a true taste of Thailand. Delivery is also available. Open 7 nights 5.30-Late. SOUL THAI – 158 Williamson Avenue T: 09 302 8888 At Soul Thai, our goal is to cook restaurant quality, authentic Thai cuisine using the finest ingredients, and deliver your order to your door fresh and fast. Order by phone or online. Open 7 days 5pm-10pm. SUNDAY PAINTERS – 185 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2001 Facebook James Kirkwood, responsible for the wine and decor, Isobel Thom in the kitchen and Esther Lamb as Maitre d’ have created a restaurant where the food is French inspired and atmosphere is very comfortable faded bistro style. Open Tues-Sat 5.30-Late and Fri lunch from 12 noon. TAQUERIA – 166 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 0076 Taqueria, pronounced Ta-ka-re-a is a Spanish/American word that means a place where burritos and tacos are made. Three Kiwis - Chris Marshall, Michael Glazer and Grier Govorko - started Taqueria after 15 years or so living between Los Angeles and Auckland... they offer Taco’s and Burritos’ using freshly made ingredients prepared daily onsite. Eat in or take away. Open 7 days 11.30am-11pm. THAI CLASSIC RESTAURANT – 282 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 3389 Thai Classic Restaurant has been running strong since 1994 specialising in Authentic Thai Cuisine. Flaming Chicken and Flaming Beef are recommended dishes. Enjoy indoor and outdoor seating, a relaxed and friendly

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

ambience and wonderful views of the Waitakere’s. Take away and delivery to Ponsonby locals. Open 7 nights 5.30pm-10.30pm THAI HOUSE RESTAURANT – 25 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 5912 Since 1993 Thai House Restaurant has been serving the finest quality Thai cuisine. We take pride in serving only quality and authentic ingredients freshly prepared along with warm and personal service. Enjoy the sensational dining experience at Thai House with intimate ambience, warmly decorated with traditional Thai décor. Fully licensed, BYO wine and take away. Open 7 nights 5.30pm-10pm. THAI ME UP – 244 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 9909 If you’re looking for fantastic food, a lively atmosphere in a relaxed environment and friendly service, you should visit Thai Me Up restaurant. The chef has created a mouth -watering menu featuring an excellent selection of curry, seafood, salads and vegetarian dishes. An extensive wine list complements the authentic Thai dishes and the outdoor area has room for up to 20 people and includes a private balcony with great views of the city. Open Wed-Sat 11.30am-2pm and Dinner 7 days 5pm-Late. THE CRIB – 151 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 8930 Facebook & Twitter The Crib is known as Ponsonby’s friendliest bar and your dedicated live music venue. With open mic nights, 80’s bands, cover bands and ‘Sunday’s got soul’ there is something for everyone – check the gig guide on their website for more info. Their generous pizzas are legendary. They also offer private use of the back bar (no hire fee!), perfect for parties and corporate events. Open Tue-Thu 5pm- late, Fri-Sat 4pm-3am and Sun 4pm-late.

THE CAVALIER TAVERN – 68 College Hill T: 09 376 4230 Ray Wilson has been the owner of The Cavalier Tavern for 20 years. Whether you want a bar snack or a three course meal, the restaurant has a great selection of food including burgers, fish, chicken, steak, salads and vegetarian dishes. There is a large selection of imported and New Zealand wines and a huge range of tap and bottled beers. Eat inside or outside on the spacious deck. Open Mon-Sat 11am-Late and Sun 12pm-Late. THE FOOD ROOM – 250 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 2425 Facebook Catering for all kinds of parties and celebrations, at The Food Room you will find simply the best pies in Ponsonby and an array of salads, wraps, homemade cakes and slices, great coffee and so much more. Definitely worth a visit! Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.30pm, Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 9am-5pm. THE GARNET ROAD FOOD STORE – 162 Garnet Road T: 09 376 8227 Known for their Cinnamon brioche, The Garnet Road Food Store also makes their own salads, pies, cakes and sweet treats. Dine in or take away. Open Tues-Fri 7.30am-3pm, Sat and Sun 8am-4pm. THE ITALIAN JOB – 242 Jervois Road T: 09 376 2937 For over 20 years this family owned and operated restaurant has been serving delicious, authentic Italian food in a welcoming, cosy and rustic atmosphere and whether you’re a large group or it’s an intimate dinner for two, you will always experience warm friendly service. Take away Pizza and Pasta. Open Tues-Sat 6pm-10pm.



PONSONBY LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A-Z CAFÉ’S + RESTAURANTS GUIDE THE PONSONBY BELGIUM BEER CAFÉ – 1-3 St Mary’s Road T: 09 376 6092 Facebook You are invited to the Ponsonby Belgian Beer Cafe, where Ponsonby charm meets cosmopolitan Europe. This BBC has New Zealand’s largest range of Belgian specialty beers and is also world famous for their pots of New Zealand green-lip mussels, old-fashioned Flemish stew and amazing Chocolate Mousse. ‘The Ponsonby’ is a little piece of Europe in the heart of Auckland. THE PONSONBY SOCIAL CLUB – 152 Ponsonby Road T: 09 361 2320 Facebook This is no ordinary bar; on offer are tapas, sandwiches and barbequed food, some imaginative cocktails and an extensive wine list. Check out the gig guide on our website for live music and DJ’s Tuesday-Saturday. Open 7 nights 5pm-Late. THE WILLIAMSON CAFE – 1 Williamson Avenue T: 09 360 1115 Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or brunch, The Williamson Cafe offers you a delicious menu or a range of cabinet food. They are fully licensed and a wonderful venue for a private function. Open 7 days 7am-4pm. THIRTY NINE – 39 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 5008 Thirty nine has been serving delicious all day breakfast and lunch for over six years. They use fair trade Allpress coffee and you can enjoy it in their lovely courtyard. Open 7 days 7am-4pm. TOMO JAPANESE RESTAURANT – 33 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 4757 Tomo has been serving delicious Japanese food for more than 10 years. They are fully licensed with 10 different Sake or wine and beer to enjoy with your food. Their popular take away Lunch Box includes salad, tempura, rice, miso soup and your choice of meat or fish.

is fully licensed and offers banquet menus, catering, take away and delivery. Open Tues-Sun 11.30am-2.30pm and Mon-Sun 5pm-10pm.

Arrange a private whiskey tasting or use their private dining room for functions and celebrations. Open TuesSat 5pm-Late and Fri lunch 12pm-5pm.

TROY RESTAURANT & BAR – 161 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 5203 Troy Restaurant and Bar provides a wide range of dishes made by experienced Turkish and Italian chefs. They are fully licensed and cater for large groups and private functions with the option to have their popular set menu including buffet style entree, choice of six mains, buffet style desserts and Atomic coffee or tea.

YAKITORI BAR TAISHO – 190 Jervois Road T: 09 378 0746 Yakitori Bar Taisho serves both traditional and modern Japanese food. There are over 60 dishes to choose from including sushi and sashimi, 15 different kinds of sake, as well as Japanese and local beer and wine.

Open 7 nights from 5pm until late with belly dancers on Friday and Saturday. TURKISH CAFÉ – 294 Ponsonby Road T: 09 360 0468 The Turkish Cafe serves fresh wholesome food inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine with a strong Turkish influence. There are set menus or they can tailor a menu to suit your tastes and the occasion you’re celebrating. Takeaway is available too. Open MonThurs 11am-10pm, Fri and Sat 11am-11pm. URBAN JUNGLE – 571 Great North Road T: 09 360 8470 For over 10 years Urban Jungle has been turning out consistently good food of generous proportions. The All Day Urban breakfast and lunch offers a great variety to choose from, the Eggs Benedict are a must as is the delicious Urban Moussaka. They are fully licensed and BYO wine. Open 7 days 7am4pm, Thurs, Fri, Sat 6pm-Late.

Open Mon 10.30am-5pm and Tues-Sat 10.30am-10pm.

VINNIE’S RESTAURANT – 166 Jervois Road T: 09 376 5597 Facebook Vinnie’s is a restaurant with history and a reputation for fine dining in relaxed and welcoming surroundings. Chef Geoff Scott provides a top class dining experience and is renowned for producing consistently outstanding food.

TRENDY INDIAN – 204 Jervois Road T: 09 376 2001 Specialising in Northern Indian Tandoori, Trendy Indian

There is an award winning wine selection and superb professional service, a variety of seasonal, degustation, dessert and party menus and a Friday light lunch menu.

Owner, Taka Tsuji, is from Hiroshima where his parents have run a restaurant for over 34 years so he has grown up with traditional Japanese food and hospitality. Eat in or take away. Open Tues-Sat 6pm-Late, Sun 5.30pm10.30pm. YUZU JAPANESE RESTAURANT – 145 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 6040 Head chef Chris has over 20 years experience in Japan and Korea and offers an extensive range of modern contemporary Japanese cuisine. Only the finest ingredients are used and fresh fish is supplied daily! Yuzu will satisfy the discerning Japanese diner. You will find them next to Marvel. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm and 5pm-9pm. ZIPANGU JAPANESE DINING BAR – 45 Ponsonby Road T: 09 376 4565 At Zipangu they serve authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. You will find more than just sushi and tempura on the menu as their chef has had years of experience working with international cuisine. Enjoy wine, sake or beer with you meal. Licensed and BYO wine. Open Tues-Sun 5pm-Late. ZUS & ZO – 228 Jervois Road T: 09 361 5060 Facebook Simple decor and unusual sandwiches - think Prawns on toast with sour cream and caviar or Chocolate sprinkles - there are many delicious combinations open or toasted. They also have lovely fruit shakes, coffee and hot chocolate and a breakfast menu. Open Mon-Fri 7am4pm, Sat and Sun 8am-4pm.


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photography: Andrea Wong

photography: Julie Roulston


BEST KEPT SECRET - NAVAS CAFE I never much understood all the fuss about curry, until my partner took me to Navas on Ponsonby Road. Jamie had spent much of his childhood in Malaysia and was genuinely excited to share his discovery - Indian Malaysian food, beautifully cooked by Swisstrained chef Kris Krishnan and served by his adorable wife Gita. Finally I got it. Within Kris’ dishes you could taste subtle layers of different ingredients. Magnificent, and definitely not something I could do at home. Kris and Gita came to New Zealand in 1987 and opened Istana in Wellington. Eight years ago they moved to Auckland and opened Navas, named after their son (both their boys were often to be found playing patiently at the back of the restaurant while Kris and Gita worked, in the early years). Recently, I had the pleasure of sharing a delicious tasting lunch at Navas with Andrea Wong of So D’lish, Louise Thompson and Shuk Yin Liew of, an international organisation set up by the Malaysian trade commission to promote the enjoyment of the country’s cuisine. Navas is Licensed and BYO (wine only), but being serious working girls, and on a Tuesday at that, we chose to drink water. As time was limited the lunch was a single course with a selection of Navas dishes: Beef Rendang, Lamb Curry, Chicken Sambal, Mi Goreng, Fish Curry, and Murtabak, served with rice and melt-in-your-mouth roti (imagine someone pounded a delicious croissant to a few mm thick and you get an idea of how decadent Kris’ roti are). Had there been a vegetarian at the table Kris would no doubt have served Navas’ popular lentil curry - one of six vegetarian dishes on the menu. Kris declares his Murtabak, delicate dough filled with spiced minced New Zealand lamb and egg, is better than any you can find in Malaysia, where - outside the hotels - Murtabak is made with mutton. His Malaysian-based flight attendant brother -in-law takes Kris’ Murtabak back to Malaysia from New Zealand! Malaysian Shuk pronounced the Murtabak her favourite of the day’s dishes, whereas Andrea and I both picked the delicate yet flavoursome fish curry as our best of the day.

IT’S ALL GOOD IN EL GUABO WE’D LIKE TO THANK ALL THE CUSTOMERS WHO’VE BOUGHT FAIRTRADE bananas from our favourite Ponsonby stores, Nosh, Bahana Brothers, Richmond Road Fruit World, Ripe and Victoria Park New World. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve helped 430 Family farms in El Guabo Ecuador to earn a fair price for their crop. The Fairtrade premium we’ve been able to deliver is supporting 17 schools, 900 children, a special needs school and a medical centre. Thanks for joining the good guys and thanks for you part in fostering a world that’s free and fair for everyone. (SIMON COLEY) PN

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Kris also prides himself on his Beef Rendang, which cooks for two hours 30 minutes on the stove in order that the chili really penetrate the meat. We all notice that while typically and satisfyingly fiery, today’s Rendang is distinctively coconut-y (and in my opinion, particularly delicious). Kris tells us that other than the beef and lamb, which both require long, slow cooking, all his dishes are made to order. We were all very full after our delicious lunch, and chose to finish just with Teh Tarik (literally ‘drawn tea’). This is often made with condensed milk but to save our kiwi palates from the unaccustomed extreme sweetness Kris made our Teh with ordinary milk. If you are a tea-with-milk drinker this would make a lovely sweet full stop to a Navas meal - I’m glad to have tried it but will stick to my boring weak black tea next time. Navas is open 6 days, for lunch (11am - 2pm) from Monday to Friday and dinner 6pm - 10pm Monday - Saturday, 5.30pm - 9.00pm on Sunday. There is seating for 50. Entrees are $10 and main courses average $17 with rice and roti sides $2.50 each. (JULIE ROULSTON) PN NAVAS CAFE, 14 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 4478 DEADLINE – 20TH OF THE MONTH May 2011 PONSONBY NEWS+


FUTURE GENERATION SAVING WHALES ONE TEE AT A TIME Project Jonah, New Zealand’s only national whale rescue organisation, has received a large donation from local Grey Lynn clothing company, Mr Vintage. The on-line t-shirt gurus styled and created a special limited edition ‘T’ depicting a playful blue whale splashing above the slogan ‘Save the Whales’. The shirt was designed to promote Project Jonah’s on-going efforts to save whales and for every T-shirt sold in February and March, five dollars was gifted to the marine mammal protection organisation. To date more than $1,000 has been raised. Project Jonah’s CEO, Kimberly Muncaster is thrilled. “Mr Vintage has a huge following, so as well as helping us raise much needed funds they’ve also raised awareness of our work. ‘Save the Whales’ is a simple and powerful statement, one which we’re sure most Kiwis will want to support.” Mr Vintage was eager to support Project Jonah because of the group’s long-term dedication to protecting whales and getting Kiwis involved. Whilst New Zealand has the world’s highest number of whale stranding a year, it also has one of the highest rescue success rates. “Now that’s something to be proud of,” says Public Relations Manager for Mr Vintage, Melanie Michels. “But sadly, whales face increasing threats and looking out for their welfare costs serious money. As a charity, Project Jonah relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses to support their work – that’s why we’re doing our bit.” Based in Grey Lynn, Project Jonah is a registered charity and has been helping to rescue and protect whales and dolphins in New Zealand for almost 40-years. Best known for the emergency service that they provide to stranded whales in New Zealand, their expertise in stranding rescue response is recognised worldwide. Ms Muncaster believes it’s the volunteers in local communities that are at the heart of the charity’s success. PN

90 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

Grey Lynn based KIMBERLY MUNCASTER, Project Jonah CEO, sports a Mr Vintage Save the Whales t-shirt


CHILDREN’S BOOK REVIEW ‘CURLY FROM SHIRLEY: THE CHRISTCHURCH DOG’ Written by Emma Pullar, illustrated by Victoria M. Azaro.

Emma Pullar is a mother from Christchurch. Victoria M. Azaro is an award-winning author/illustrator. Team these two with Ponsonby local Jill Marshall who is an author and now publisher, and you have the drive to quickly produce a book, with proceeds of its sales going to the New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal. Curly is a daft dog from Christchurch, and whilst his story is not an earthquake tale, but more one of ‘normal’ life and times, the earthquake was the motivation for publishing the book. Not only can the reader bounce along with Curly’s adventure, but there is a ‘bonus’ story in which the author shares her experience of the 22 February earthquake. The story of how Curly was transformed from an idea that Emma had been working on to a book published purely to raise money for Christchurch is also included. The vision and goal of these three women is to be applauded and is appreciated by Christchurch residents – remember that you can support this strickened city and give a child an entertaining read by purchasing a copy of ‘Curly from Shirley’. PN DOROTHY BUTLER CHILDREN’S BOOKSHOP, 1 Jervois Road T: 09 376 7283

ART NAMING COMPETITION WINNER ANNOUNCED THE GREY LYNN LIBRARY TOLD US RECENTLY THAT THE WINNER OF their Art Naming competition was 10-year-old Thomas Brown-Tapuikore who attends Freemans Bay School. PICTURED RIGHT: Sian Neary (Youthtown), Claire Scott (Grey Lynn Community Library) and Sue Clark (Youthtown) with Thomas Brown-Tapuikore.

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FUTURE GENERATION HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SPOIL YOUR MUM THIS MOTHERS’ DAY? SUNDAY 8 MAY “With home-made Thai food, and finally cleaning out my old bedroom - that will make her week!” KATE MCGAHAN, Maxted Thomas PR “Breakfast in bed! Freshly baked pastries with Sabato Italian marmellatas and poached eggs with truffle butter.” HATTIE LOCKE, Sabato

“I’m picking my mum up, taking her into the city and treating her to the Royal High Tea at The Langham (don’t tell her it’s a surprise).” KYLEE THORNTON-FOX, More Than Skin

“We have booked a joint mother-in-law brunch at Orbit Restaurant at Sky City!” STACEY HART, Chapel Bar “I call my sister in London and facilitate whatever she suggests then I post the card and gift to our Mum in Dunedin. Mum gets a phone call on the day as well.” TONY DEY, Ponsonby Dentist “I spoil my mum every weekend but Mother’s Day is a special surprise and I wouldn’t want to divulge anything before the day.” GLEN WHITE, Buteyko

“A trip out on the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park with Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari to watch dolphins - weather permitting of course!” DEBBIE CHAMBERS, Caci Clinic Ponsonby

“My family and I get together for a family lunch and spoil our Mum thoughout the day. It’s a nice time to be with family and she loves being pampered and appreciated.” RAMONA MCCAMBRIDGE, House of Travel Ponsonby

“My mum lives in Dunedin and they’ve already had their first frost so I’m giving her a Carlson scarf and a pair of Standard Issue merino driving gloves. I’m going to be down there this year too, so she’ll get breakfast in bed just like my sisters and I used to make her when we were kids.” CARA COTTON, Carlson “If I can lure her away from picking olives on Waiheke, I’ll take her to brunch with her grandsons - and make sure they behave!” VICKI TAYLOR, Taylor

“I’m taking my mother-in-law to the Royal High Tea at the Langham, I’m cooking my mum a special evening dinner and I have bought a lovely pair of slippers for both of them.”

NEW ZEALAND INSTRUCTOR INDUCTED INTO THE WILTON HALL OF FAME Millys of Ponsonby is proud to announce the Award bestowed on their Senior Cake Decorating Instructor, Kirsten Houston, who has just been inducted into the Wilton Hall of Fame. Wilton is the largest supplier of cake decorating products in the world and the leader in teaching techniques of cake decorating. Millys Kitchen Store have been conducting Wilton cake decorating classes for the past five years, sending out thousands of willing Kiwis to create master pieces for weddings, birthdays and just everyday celebrations. They now have five USA trained instructors working day, evening and weekend classes to accommodate the demand. Kirsten is Milly’s Senior Decorating Instructor and to achieve this nomination has achieved teaching and passing 1,000 students in only three years when most tutors would take seven to eight years. There are 400 instructors worldwide outside the USA and Kirsten is ranked Number 4 for 2010. Millys was ranked second highest class location in the world in terms of student numbers and operation in 2010, second only to Tokyo, which, considering the difference in population is quite amazing. Kirsten will be inducted into the Wilton Hall of Fame at their Headquarters in Woodridge, Illinois. PN

ANGELA MCBRIDE, Seventy Six Design PN

NEW CHILD CAR SEAT SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS WILL REDUCE SERIOUS INJURIES ONE OF THE WORLD’S LEADING AUTHORITIES ON CHILD HEALTH AND safety, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has issued new recommendations on child car seat safety.

“Rear-facing until two years of age is not a legal requirement, it is a recommendation based on best practice, which is that all infants and toddlers should ride in a rearfacing car seat until they are two years old or have outgrown the restraint.

The AAP has refined the recommended time infants and toddlers should, where possible, remain rear-facing from at least 12 months of age to two years of age. Sue Campbell, Plunket’s National Child Safety Advisor says that Plunket supports the recommendation and resources will be updated accordingly.

“The safest place for all car seats is in the back seat, so that they are away from airbags that are in car dashboards. It’s important that parents and caregivers remember to buckle children in every time they are riding in the car, no matter how short the journey.

“This is a very positive development. The evidence tells us that children under age two are 75 per cent safer rear facing than forward facing.

Parents and caregivers can seek expert assistance from a child restraint technician who can advise about the best car seat for your child’s age and weight, and one that is best suited to your car. Child restraint technicians are available through Plunket car seat rental schemes, and at a number of other hire outlets or retailers.

“Rear facing is when a child’s car seat is placed into the car facing the back window. If an accident occurs the child’s body moves into the back of the seat shell and the head, neck and spine are supported. During an impact the rear facing child slides up the back of the seat, and back down. Forces are reduced around the neck and spine and the force of the impact is evenly distributed across the car seat and the child,” Sue says.

92 PONSONBY NEWS+ May 2011

For information on a car seat rental scheme near you visit Plunket advocates every child in a safe seat for every journey. PN


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BOUNTIFUL BACKYARD With the price of fruit and veges on a one-way journey skywards, there’s no better time to be thinking about planting more productive plants. Imagine a garden full of delectable summer berry fruits, followed by a deluge of wonderful autumn fruits to turn into jams, jellies, chutneys, relish and even wine – if you dare! As the harvest season begins to wane, we enter the planting season for deciduous fruit trees. However, in our mild climate, we can plant pretty much anything through winter, including subtropicals, so long as the soil is not sodden. STRUCTURAL HARVESTS Structural planting forms the backbone of a garden and usually comprises ornamental feature trees and dense evergreens. But there’s no reason why many deciduous fruit trees cannot be used in place of ornamentals. After all, they provide the same attributes: beautiful bare branch structure in winter, spring flowers and dappled summer shade. The added bonus is a massive crop of yummy autumn fruit! Plums, apples, pears, casimiroa (white sapote), persimmons, quinces, cherimoyas and black mulberry all make fine specimen trees. For screening or background planting, consider avocados, olives, feijoas and strawberry guava. Fruiting hedges of feijoas, strawberry guava, olives and blueberries can also be introduced to create garden dividers or interior screens. Little Chilean guava is an excellent alternative to boring old box hedging! MINI ORCHARDS There are many dwarf fruit trees to choose from that are more suited to our (mostly) diminutive inner-city backyards. Most can be grown in a large container or used as a centrepiece for a small garden bed. Pear ‘Garden Belle’ grows to only 3m high; new release apples including: ‘Teacher’s Pet’, ‘Little Rascal’, ‘Ariane’, ‘Divine’ and ‘Lady in Red’ grow to around 1.5m high; ‘Wiki Tu’ is a very compact growing feijoa; and dwarf nectarines and peaches, including ‘Nectar Babe’ and ‘Pixzee’, grow into lovely topiary-shaped bushes. Citrus grown on ‘Flying Dragon’ rootstock are excellent for large containers.

CHILEAN GUAVA trained into topiary.

Mandarins and limes look particularly good as accent plants when trained into topiaries. Ballerina apples are tall and slender, making them the perfect choice for narrow borders beside paths, and all manner of fruit trees can be espaliered in a narrow bed against a warm sunny wall. Use bushy fruit, including pepinos, blueberries, raspberries, Chilean guavas, cranberries and Cape gooseberries as filler plants and strawberries as garden edging. Plant passionfruit and cocktail kiwis on pergola and veranda posts. There are few spaces in the garden that cannot accommodate some sort of fruiting plant! THE RIGHT START In general, fruit trees require fertile, well drained, well composted soil in a sunny, sheltered spot. Plant them once, plant them well and they should last a lifetime. Provide plenty of space for full, natural development. Mix plenty of compost and sheep pellets into the soil at planting time. Follow up with slow release fertiliser in early spring and water deeply and regularly over summer and autumn. Stake large growing trees (apples, pears, plums etc) and prune them to a strong framework of three to five branches at planting time (or get the garden centre to do this for you at the time of purchase). As trees grow, it’s simply a matter of thinning out central branches to maintain good air circulation to combat disease and allow plenty of sunshine into the centre of the tree to help flower buds set and fruit ripen. (DENISE CLEVERLEY) PN FIVE GARDEN CHORES FOR MAY: 1. Plant spuds in bags for a spring crop; 2. Sow a batch of mesclun for winter salads; 3. Pick up windfalls from fruit trees before they rot! 4. Rake up leaves for the compost heap; 5. Kids: plant baby daffodils for spring.

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS CLEANCORP BRING THE ‘SIMPLE’ BACK TO LIFE Fact: New Zealand’s number one pastime activity is gardening. Yolande Ellis is the woman behind Cleancorp, a cleaning company that now has over 90 franchisee’s in Auckland servicing the home and commercial cleaning market. “Our success in these markerts and continual demand for franchisees to provide additional maintenance services have led us on a new exciting journey of outdoor sustainability, say’s Yolande, and having a garden full of fresh vegetables is a great way to save money, share vegetables with friends and enjoy the simple things… I love it and its easy.” Cleancorp offer lawn and garden care with a focus on sustainablility and maintenance programs. Rather than just mowing the lawns, they supply fully maintained raised vegetable beds, water harvesters and composting equipment followed by education on HOW and WHEN to plant a productive crop of winter and summer vegetables. Cleancorp also offer carpet and mattress cleaning. Most people don’t think too hard about who they are ‘sleeping with’ - dust mites in the home are responsible for numerous respiratory illneses and skin diseases; your mattress is an ideal iiving environment for house dust mites. The only effective treatment is to clean and sanitise your mattress and carpets. Yolande adds, “Having a successful franchise system is all about relationships and delivering on what we promise. I’ve always wanted a company that symbolised the best. With Cleancorp I’m continually searching for new ideas and we are constantly evolving, incorporating better systems and better practices in order to stay in front.” CLEANCORP franchisor, Yolande Ellis

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CLEANCORP, 158 Beach Road, Parnell T: 0800 422 677 E:




KIM MUNRO of GROUP 4, Grey Lynn offers expert colour advice

CHOOSING HOUSE COLOURS GOT YOU SEEING RED? Are you are planning on selling your property, renovating, or maybe your house simply needs a spruce up? Then you should consider a professional colour specialist. Picking house paint colors isn’t just difficult. It’s terrifying! Choose colors that are bland, and your house will seem flat and featureless. But if the colors you pick are too bold, they might overwhelm the architecture (and upset the neighbours!) A professional colour scheme will add style, boost street appeal, disguise flaws, and increase the market value of your home. A WISE INVESTMENT A professional colour scheme is a small fraction of the total cost of repainting your home – but it ensures you’ll do it once, and get it right first time. For around $350 (exterior or interior), or $600 for both, your colour schedule specifies the colours and paint product to be used for each area of your house. It is designed to provide the painter with a clear plan to follow, so there is little room for error. INTRODUCING GROUP 4 Situated locally in Grey Lynn, the Group 4 colour specialists have over 20 years collective experience in residential and commercial colour design. The Group 4 team are familiar with all paint brands, ranging from Resene and Dulux to the more boutique ranges such as Aalto and Porters Paints. As part of the process, if required, Group 4 also works with a range of wallpapers to complete that exceptional look for your home. EXCLUSIVE DESIGN When designing a color palette for any space, the Group 4 colour specialists consider three things: your likes/dislikes; your lifestyle (how you intend to use the space); and the room’s physical structure (lighting and architectural details). Because each property is unique in terms of the above elements, it requires its own individual treatment. The Group 4 specialists never replicate the same colour scheme twice - you can be sure your colour scheme is exclusive to you. DO YOU HAVE A COLOUR ISSUE THAT’S GOT YOU SEEING RED? Email your question to Or call us on T: 09 376 1645 or M: 021 519519.

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS COPELAND ASSOCIATES: MORE WITH LESS! The transformational effect that architecture brings to people’s lives is the force which drives the Newmarket based practice Copeland Associates Architects. “Our primary goal is to add value”, Says director Barry Copeland, “Through our design process we always aim to produce the result which delivers the highest quality experience to the people who use the building. This means some kind of wow factor in everything we do”. This same process is applied regardless of the scale of the project, and is relevant on small residential and retail projects as much as on large sports buildings. Managing costs is a characteristic of Copeland’s project delivery. Examples are a recent renovation of a Grey Lynn villa, into a vibrant and healthy living and working environment for a well-known broadcaster, and the insertion of a modern house into a traditional streetscape in Mt. Eden. The practice has a flexible menu of services ideal for home improvement projects regardless of size or budget – you can simply pick the level of service that suits your project and budget. In the current economic climate, there has never been a better time to add value to your home and improve your quality of life than right now. In a competitive market the buyer has a distinct advantage and with their experience in delivering high quality projects on time and on budget, the friendly Copeland team is geared to maximize life environment for you within your available means. Copelands describe their approach with the slogan ‘ More with Less’. Give them a call to find out more! PN Copeland Associates Ltd, Level 3, 8 Teed Street T: 09 522 5259

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS HOT PROPERTY LISTINGS GREY LYNN $580: Rumpty 4 brm bungalow. Spacious living, separate dining area. Older style kitchen. Huge rear lawn. Old double garage. Suit a very quiet group of four. Garnet Road. Phone Phillipa Gordon 0274 746 507 WESTMERE: Fully furnished home available for six months May – November. 2 double bedrooms, sunny spacious living and dining areas. Private sunny north west facing garden. Carport and off street parking. Furniture could be negotiable. Wellpark Avenue Phone Phillipa Gordon 0274 746 507 EPSOM $550: 2 double bedroom unit with large rumpus area, modern kitchen and bathroom. Garage and off street parking. Available now. Phone Phillipa Gordon 0274 746 507 MT WELLLINGTON $350: Basic tidy 3 bedroom home on a small site. Carport and off street. Close to Bailey Road School. Available now. Phone Phillipa Gordon 0274 746 507 PONSONBY ROAD: Commercial space available.133 m2. Six medium sized rooms above a shop. Kitchen and bathroom facilities. Two off street carparks. Perfect location for health professionals or architects. Phone Phillipa Gordon 0274 746 507. PN

THE CARPET THAT CAN WITHSTAND A RHINO A new SmartStrand carpet nicknamed ‘the rhino carpet’ in response to a promotional marketing campaign highlighting the product’s unique combination of good looks and durability is changing the way people think about carpet. Currently only available locally through Carpet Court stores, the ‘rhino’ carpet is manufactured from 37 percent renewable material, including an oil derivative from corn – offering unparalleled performance and environmental benefits. This includes permanent built-in stain and fade protection that is covered by warranty, superior durability and comfort. The carpet was launched in the United States five years ago by Mohawk Industries after nine years development. The company also came up with a quirky way of highlighting the carpet’s attributes; by employing the services of a rhinoceros to demonstrate the carpet’s unique stain resistant quality. Many of you will have seen this commercial on television already. The carpet was laid in Ricko the Rhino’s compound in a Birmingham Zoo. After 10 days the carpet proved its reputation for being stain, damage and crush-proof by cleaning up good as new. A video of Ricko enjoying the luxury of living on SmartStrand can be viewed at the Carpet Court stores. Barry Keach, manager of Carpet Court Newmarket says, “people love the look and soft feel of the carpet and the fact that it doesn’t shed fibre, doesn’t fade and is almost impossible to stain.” The carpet comes in a wide range of collections in the latest fashion colours including pastels and plains and a subtle tweed effect. “The reaction has been fantastic. The carpet seems to appeal to everyone from customers with large family homes to those in smaller units; also commercial businesses are seeing the benefits of SmartStrand due to its fantastic durability”. The environmental benefits of SmartStrand are another plus. “Every eight square metres of SmartStrand represents a saving of four litres of petroleum normally used in the production of most synthetic carpets derived solely from petroleum products” Carpet Court have the SmartStand carpet on display in store and invite you to come and see for yourself what the ‘rhino’ carpet has to offer your home or business. Right now choosing SmartStrand carpet for your home is even smarter. That’s because for a limited time, our tough, durable SmartStrand carpet comes with free underlay and six months interest free, so it’s easy to get that new floor today. But hurry, this amazing offer ends 31 May 2011 and is available at Carpet Court. So come in and see this amazing new carpet in a variety of colours, at your local Carpet Court where both kids and pets are welcome! PN Newmarket show room T: 09 522 2006; Mt Wellington T: 09 574 6688 or Henderson T: 09 837 0845.

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ASK AN ARCHITECT: PAUL LEUSCHKE Every month Grey Lynn resident and Architect Paul Leuschke of Leuschke Kahn answers property related questions. Email yours to have noticed mould growing on our skirting boards in our villa Q: Iover the winter. What can I do about it? winter months moisture can rise from the damp earth under your A: Inhouse. To help prevent this occurring the sub-floor walls should have air vents installed to improve the air circulation, and assist damp earth to dry. The minimum standard requirement for sub floor ventilation openings is 0.35% of the floor area. If possible the vents should be at opposite sides of the house to enable cross ventilation and ensure they are evenly distributed around the perimeter. A vapour barrier (plastic sheeting) can also be installed. It covers the earth under your house and stops moisture rising. Make sure the ground is shaped to prevent any water on top of the vapour barrier from pooling. A branch from my neighbour’s tree is hanging over my fence

Q: what can I do? is to discuss the problem with your neighbour first before you get A: Mythe advice chainsaw out. Under common law you have the right to trim the branch back as long as it is a non-protected tree and is on private land. However, not getting your neighbour’s agreement first can lead to a legal dispute. For example, do you know were your legal boundary is? It may not be your fence line. Resource Consent is needed for pruning of all protected and scheduled trees. If in doubt consult an Aborist. I want to install an outdoor fireplace that I can cook on. Q: Any suggestions? are a couple of options. Living Flame, Fires by Design and Real Fires A: Here all have outdoor gas fires, which are excellent for outdoor entertaining as they provide warmth and ambience and also the ability to cook on. You may like to view their websites for more details. PN


The regional Retrofit Your Home initiative will be a two-stage process. If a ratepayer wants to insulate their homes under the scheme, they can contact an approved service provider directly, get a quote, and apply to council to pay the balance of the insulation cost.

AUCKLAND COUNCIL IS SET TO ROLL OUT A REGIONWIDE PROGRAMME TO help Aucklanders make their homes warmer, healthier and more sustainable.

If ratepayers want to undertake a second stage of home improvements, including clean heating, water efficient fittings or double glazing, they will arrange for a free Sustainable Home Assessment and a Retrofit Plan will be prepared with recommendations.

A version of the Retrofit Your Home programme is currently available in West Auckland and yesterday’s Strategy and Finance Committee recommended that the new programme be rolled out across the whole of Auckland. The recommendations will go to the next Governing Body meeting for sign off.

The assessment is required before council will fund for clean heat or other measures. The council has contracts with a number of approved suppliers that then provide quotes and undertake the work.

The Retrofit Your Home initiative builds on the Government’s Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart home insulation and heating programme. Developed as a partnership between the former Waitakere City Council and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) the programme will run under a voluntary targeted rate mechanism.

If a property owner then wants to continue with the scheme, they sign the Ratepayer Agreement and submit this to the council for approval. Once approved and assuming the application is successful, the work will be done and the suppliers invoice the council directly. PN

It will allow homeowners access to financial assistance to help pay for a range of household sustainability measures such as insulation, clean heating, ventilation and water efficiency measures. A maximum of $5000 including GST per rateable property will be available and the financial assistance from the council will be paid back through the property rates over nine years.


“We want Aucklanders to live in healthy, warm and dry homes and we want to encourage this in an energy-efficient and sustainable way,” says Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse. “An unhealthy home can have a real impact on people’s health and wellbeing and inefficient systems can also add a lot to household bills. It is fantastic to see this project expanded to the region.” EECA’s Chief Executive Mike Underhill said: “We are delighted to partner with the Auckland Council on this programme. The benefits of insulation are proven and well worth having. The Retrofit Your Home programme will make it easier for Aucklanders to invest in insulation and start enjoying the benefits for years to come.” A funding pool of $3 million will be available for the 2011/2012 financial year for the regionwide scheme that will begin in July 2011.

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Our lacquer kitchen is starting to show its age and in places there are quite nasty chips even though the kitchen is less than five years old. Are there alternative finishes which are more durable for a hard working kitchen?


Lacquer kitchens are popular because you can choose any colour you like, but they will show their age much sooner than other materials such as Melamine or Thermo Wrapped Vinyl.

A good quality two pot lacquer finish provides a fairly tough surface, but even the best lacquer finish is prone to scratching and chipping especially with young family members who can give cabinet doors a tough time. It is difficult to reproduce an exact colour match for repairs and it’s not cheap having doors resprayed. But you can’t deny the limitless range of colours and finishes which only lacquer kitchens can offer. The most durable and cost effective finish is Melamine, a tough scratch resistant finish which is formed by permanently bonding Melamine paper to an MDF or Particle Board substrate with exposed edges finished with a colour matched PVC egding. Melamine is available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes providing an attractive, easy clean surface that will look good for years. Melamine has traditionally been considered the cheap option for kitchens, but more and more we are using Melamine in high end kitchens because it is such a great product to live with. The range of colours and finishes now available along with improvements to machinery available to apply the edging to Melamine panels, provides a finish which is difficult to tell from lacquer without close inspection. Not all kitchen makers have the latest machinery so make sure you see a sample of their work to be sure of the quality of the finished product, but don’t discount Melamine as the cheap option – you might be surprised how good it can look. Dezignatek Thermoformed Doors and Panels don’t have the solid edging like Melamine which makes for a nicer edge detail to doors and drawers, virtually identical to lacquer. Extreme heat and pressure are used to seamlessly bond a thin vinyl laminate to melamine backed, moisture resistant board to ensure a highly durable, chip and scratch resistant finish which won’t stain and is very easy to clean. Dezignatek vinyl is available in a range of colours with gloss, satin or embossed finishes and can also be used with shaped or profiled doors which offer a more traditional look.

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Dezignatek vinyl offers the best of both worlds, a highly durable finish with same look as lacquer – you are only limited by colour choice, and there are plenty to choose from. Melamine and Dezignatek offer wood grain finishes, but its hard to beat a genuine Timber Veneer finish. A real wood veneer is overlaid MDF or Particle Board which means the panels will not twist or bow as solid timber panels can be prone to over time. Timber Veneer kitchens are expensive because the process is very labour intensive sanding and polishing each individual panel, but the final finish is well worth the cost to achieve genuine timber kitchen. There are a wide range of veneers available today including sustainably sourced reconstituted veneer. Regardless of your choice of door and panel finish, your kitchen carcase will generally be constructed from Melamine. Make sure your kitchen maker uses a High Moisture Resistant Particle Board or MUF with solid PVC edging. Standard Particle Board or MDF is often used with a Melamine Edge Tape which will not stand up to exposure to water nearly as well and which very often happens in the kitchen. PN BUILDSPACE KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS – Design Build Install T: 0800 455 556



HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS ENERGY EFFICIENT WINDOW FURNISHINGS Auckland Drape Company has, over the years, become one of the larger In-home specialist curtain and soft furnishing companies in Auckland. They are very passionate about their work and pride themselves on producing top quality, value for money products. It’s important to use specialists when furnishing your biggest asset and investing in the right products will make all the difference. That’s where Auckland Drape Company excel, connecting the right product, with the right environment, with the right customer, leaving the customer delighted with their purchase. As we head into winter we should all be conscious of the energy efficiency of our homes. Installing curtains is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Windows can be responsible for up to 31% of heat loss in a house.

DELIGHTFUL DRAPES: Stylish drapes and blinds can refresh your entire home décor and improve the energy efficiency of your home. say that close-fitting curtains that cover the entire width of the window, fall to the floor, and have pelmets that are installed tight against the wall (i.e. without any gaps between the top of the pelmet and the wall) can reduce the heat loss through windows by up to 75%.

with expert advice on colours, compositions & what will best enhance the style of your home. They have all the answers to your curtaining needs and a flexible schedule so as to work in with your busy lifestyle. PN

Auckland Drape Company removes the stress of finding the right fabric and matching to paints and carpets by providing an “In-Home” service. Their mobile showrooms come to you and have all the latest fabrics from NZ’s leading fabric houses together

To experience more of what Auckland Drape Company offers, make an appointment with one of their consultants on 379-5599 or see their website


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DAVID and SALLY KERRIGAN, the team behind FIX IT

When it comes to building or renovating, it is often proper space planning of storage areas and wardrobes that is overlooked or is a last-minute thought, which leads to compromises in functionality and design. Now’s your chance to include all of those storage options you always wished you had with Innovative Interiors extensive range of custom-designed products using top quality materials and the latest designs and colours. Generally older homes severely lack sufficient or suitable spaces to accommodate the trappings of modern life, but if you’re planning a renovation project then you have the perfect opportunity to call on their expertise to solve your storage dilemmas. They can transform those cavernous old wardrobes by utilizing the space with efficient, stylish shelving and drawers to hold anything from the short to the tall, the large to ‘the smalls’. They’ll create a walk-in dressing room for you so full of fabulous features you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Let them design the latest in entertainment units, book-shelving, and wine storage for your home and their qualified tradesmen will build it and install it to the highest standard. They can even make your laundry a room you’ll want to spend more time in with features and fittings to make ‘doing the washing’ so much easier. They work closely with their clients (including many of Auckland’s leading interior designers and architects) to provide creative storage solutions that delight the most discerning home owner. Their experienced design team can provide valuable input to your renovation project, give them a call. PN INNOVATIVE INTERIORS Unit 4, 93 Ellice Road, Glenfield T: 09 570 5049. E:

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HGM BUILDERS WORKING WITH AN A+ ATTITUDE Hamish Murray, fully qualified licensed owner operator of HGM Builders, is on the job from start to finish with his reliable and friendly team. They are upfront, honest and recommend the best sub-trades, services, and advice to help with decision making during the entire building process. They have had a range of experience in all aspects of the building trade from small jobs to the very large, all with an A+ attitude. Every job is important to them.

“These guarantees are independent of HGM Builders and are applied for through our underwriters.”

HGM Builders are already a confirmed Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) through the new Government scheme which will become law in 2012. The public can have confidence that licensing promotes, recognises and supports professional skills in the building industry, and that houses are built right the first time.

Building bridges between your dreams and reality - HGM Builders was founded on this motto and it is one of the key ingredients they believe separates them from the rest. Building bridges: preparation, planning and setting the foundations Dreams: seeing the client’s vision Reality: taking that vision and creating it. PN

“We are proud to offer all our clients a seven year builder’s guarantee and this is designed to provide clients with complete peace of mind when embarking on the building of a new house or alterations and additions,” says Hamish.

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Call HGM BUILDERS M: 021 345 883 E: for your no obligation quote, or visit their website



photography: Julie Roulston

ANGELA REDFERN ‘MY FAVOURITE ROOM’ Owner of Grey Lynn’s iconic Ripe Deli, Angela Redfern used to rent an apartment on the water’s edge in Sarsfield Street. “It was stunning, and I very much enjoyed seeing the water every day.” But a desire to own her own home saw her move to a dear little villa in Clarence Street, Ponsonby, where she lives with her chocolate labrador Flynn and cat Lulu. Angie’s favourite room is her lounge, which she uses for dozing with her animals and watching TV. Though small and cosy, it’s filled with her favourite books, pictures and china. “The possum rug on my old leather couch is heaven to lie on” says Angie. “I love my Fornasetti urns with different faces on each side; the glittering Union Jack with tiki made by my Pt Chevalier Primary teacher friend Nicole Beaver and her students for me; and the three small paintings by my cousin Mark Rutledge. There’s also a gorgeous book “It’s Not Always Black And White” - a great little black and white illustrations book by Kate Knapp, who throws some light on ‘life’s dark dilemmas” as she puts it. Oh and my stereo! Good sounds are a must.

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS BATHROOM RENOVATIONS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS AS YOU DRIVE AROUND THE GREATER PONSONBY AREA YOU CAN’T HELP BUT notice the number of renovations that are going on. Tired old villa’s and bungalows are being given a new lease of life for 21st century living. There are challenges unique to these old homes when renovating and it’s important that the company you engage is experienced in dealing with these challenges both from a design and construction perspective. At Bathroom Concepts they’ve renovated numerous villa and bungalow bathrooms and understand the common issues that regularly crop up. They work collaboratively with you to design and create a bathroom that meets your needs and your budget with no hidden costs. They provide you with a scale design of your bathroom and a fully transparent fixed price quotation. They also carry out the full project management of your bathroom renovation. Bathrooms generally are the most labour intensive room in the house to renovate. A bathroom renovation can have anywhere from eight to twelve different subtrades required, who all have to be coordinated accurately to ensure a smooth and efficient renovation. In addition, there are important regulations around building and waterproofing systems used in wet areas.

bathroom is ready for a new lease of life then give them a call, they’re more than happy to help! PN

If you want the piece of mind of a company with over 20 years bathroom renovation experience, Bathroom Concepts are the sensible choice. If you feel your tired old

BATHROOM CONCEPTS, 38 Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna T: 09 486 3800

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IT IS ALL IN THE PLANNING The first year of the new Auckland Council involves the drafting and delivery of a daunting number of plans. It is a huge challenge for any community group to keep up with the opportunities to engage with these plans that will significantly shape the city. In April Grey Lynn 2030 submitted on the Council’s draft Annual Plan for 2011/12. This plan brings together the services and projects for setting the annual budget which determines our rates. In appearing at the hearing on the Annual Plan, Mandy McMullin for Grey Lynn 2030 asked the Council to reprioritise the budget to support initiatives and projects that contribute to the Mayor’s vision of making Auckland the world’s most liveable city and that build community resilience, vibrancy and connectedness (for example by spending less on roading projects). This refocus is particularly important if Auckland is going to become an Eco-City and achieve significant carbon emission reductions. Throughout April local boards have been undertaking early engagement on their Local Board plans which go out for consultation in July. These plans set out the community’s aspirations, priorities and preferences for the next three years and beyond. Grey Lynn 2030 is particularly interested in the Waitemata Local Plan as this is where we hope to achieve support for our community initiatives. The big plan of 2011, that most people will be familiar with, is the Auckland Plan also known as the spatial plan or Auckland unleashed. The Auckland Plan presents an exciting, once in a life time opportunity, to influence the direction of our city as it brings together the 30 year vision and strategy for the Council. EcoMatters Environmental Trust, with support from Grey Lynn 2030, is making sure community groups working on sustainability solutions are able to make a meaningful contribution by hosting a ‘local learning’ event on 11 May at Ellen Melville Hall (if you are interested in attending email Feedback on the Auckland Plan discussion document is due by 31 May. The Auckland Plan will be adopted by the end of 2011 in order to give a basis for the 2012/2022 Long-Term Plan (if you have been counting that is four plans without even mentioning the Unitary Plan which is the amalgamation of all the District Plans into one plan!). Grey Lynn 2030 welcomes support for engaging with all these plans. Please get in touch by emailing You can also find us at the at the Grey Lynn Business Association networking events on the second Thursday of the month at 5.30pm (venue details on the new website; at Green Screen on the last Sunday of the month, at our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month (more details at www. or at Grey Lynn Farmers Market on Sunday mornings all at the Grey Lynn Community Centre. (PIPPA COOM)

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GET YOUR DREAM KITCHEN! THE TEAM AT KITCHEN MANIA SHARE A COMMON GOAL: TO BRING QUALITY, contemporary kitchens for Kiwi homes at a competitive price. We work hard at bringing our customers not only the best value and the best service but also the best total experience in supplying a new kitchen. NEW ZEALAND MADE DESIGNER KITCHENS BUILT TO LAST. Here at Kitchen Mania we are passionate about producing top kitchen products to complement the contemporary New Zealand home, and it shows. All our kitchen cabinets and joinery is produced right here in New Zealand to our exacting standards at our modern factory facility in Mt Wellington. We use the latest manufacturing methods and quality materials and fittings so that our kitchens not only look good but are built to last. We love what we do, and we know you’ll love our kitchens too. DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? One of the main driving forces behind our success in the industry is our dedication to innovative and functional kitchen design. Our passionate and experienced internal design team continually researches the very latest designs and trends from around the world. Indeed, our designers regularly visit exhibitions and overseas design fairs, to ensure they keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. As a result, we’re able to offer you world-leading kitchen design, which can be tailored to your individual requirements. Come and visit us at our Auckland showroom or contact the Kitchen Mania team today to book your FREE consultation. PN KITCHEN MANIA is located at Unit I, 20 Sylvia Park Road, Mt Wellington T: 09 588 4045


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THE BOYS’ BOOK CLUB WHAT WE’RE READING Books us blokes on the Ponsonby News team are reading, or have recently enjoyed. We LOVE reading in the bath, or in bed. A real stress buster! MARTIN LEACH ‘SALAM PAX - The Baghdad Blog’ By Salam Pax (Text Publishing) Salam Pax has attracted a huge worldwide readership for the Internet diary he kept during the buildup, prosecution, and aftermath of the war in Iraq. Bringing his incisive and sharply funny Web postings together in print for the first time, Salam Pax provides one of the most gripping accounts of the Iraq conflict and will be the subject of global media attention. In September 2002, twenty-nine-year-old Iraqi architect calling himself ‘Salam Pax’ began posting daily accounts of everyday life in Baghdad onto the Internet. Salam daily risked retribution from Saddam’s regime, as more than 200,000 people went missing under Saddam, many for far lesser crimes than the open criticism of the regime that Salam voiced in his diary. Salam Pax’s sharp, candid, and often dryly funny articles soon attracted a worldwide readership. In the months that followed, as a huge American-led force gathered to destroy Saddam’s hated regime, Salam’s Internet diary became a unique record of the anticipation, anger, resentment, humor, and sheer terror felt by an ordinary man living through the final days of Saddam Hussein’s twenty-five-year dictatorship, and the aftermath of its destruction.

JAY PLATT ‘EMPIRE OF GOLD’ by Andy McDermott (Headline Publishing Group) When archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, exSAS soldier Eddie Chase, are given the chance to work on an Interpol investigation into smuggled artifacts, they are stunned to realise that the artifacts hold clues to the location of a lost Inca settlement hidden somewhere in South America. As Nina and Eddie dig deeper, it soon becomes clear that finding the settlement may only be the start of their incredible quest. One which, astonishingly, may lead them to one of the greatest legends of all time: El Dorado - the mythical city of gold. Nina and Eddie are desperate to locate the fabled city. But they are not alone in their search. Deep in the jungles of Venezuela, they face corrupt soldiers, murderous revolutionaries and ruthless drug lords who will stop at nothing to obtain the city’s treasures. With so much at stake, what price will they pay for the greatest of fortunes? Another great exhilarating adventure from Andy McDermott. PN


AMERICA’S SECRET WAR by George Friedman (Anchor Books) As founder and chairman of Stratfor Forecasting (‘predictive, insightful global intelligence,’ its Web site states), Friedman is in the business of gathering information and predicting outcomes of global conflicts for businesses and governments. Following up on The Future of War, he assesses the causes, players and parameters of what he calls ‘the fourth global war’—September 11 and its aftermath—from the perspective of the company. Much of what’s here will be familiar to readers of the 9/11 report or the reams of news coverage over the last three years. Yet Friedman’s stock-taking exercise is compelling as a distillation of corporate intelligence, where the spin is less about maintaining the image of particular politicians or governments, and more about being right so that money can be made.

KIWIS GET BEHIND ALL BLACKS IN ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST YEARS YET Huge numbers turned out over the long weekend in Auckland to sign the Coke Zero Bound By Black™ book, offering their messages of support for the All Blacks in 2011. The tour launched in Aotea Square last month and excited fans got the chance to sign the Coke Zero Bound By Black™ book that will be presented to the All Blacks in July and met with All Blacks legends Christian Cullen and Frank Bunce, who signed autographs and had their pictures taken. “We’re really pleased to see the enthusiasm for the All Blacks from so many fans at the very first signing,” said Bunce. “I know the boys will really appreciate the support.” The book signing events were held in three further Auckland locations over the Easter weekend. The tour moves on to Wellington on 21 May and then Christchurch on 4 June.

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Fans overseas or those who couldn’t attend an event can go to their website and sign the book online. These messages will be added into the actual book prior to its presentation to the full All Blacks’ team in Auckland in July. Fans can also go in the draw to attend this exclusive All Blacks book presentation via the Coke Zero Bound By Black™ website, in a New World store until 12 June, or by listening to The Rock. PN


HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS ADD GREATER VALUE TO YOUR HOME BY USING TRINITY INTERIOR DESIGN With so many product choices now available, it has become a daunting task for many people trying to make those final design decisions. Depending on the extent of your renovation the decisions you may have to make could be vast and you have to work through not only the myriad of options available for each product but also try to ensure that the entire look as a whole is consistent and works together throughout the house. There will also be the question of ‘will what you choose today still look fresh and timeless in years to come?’ This is more important for the hard finishes and fittings that you choose such as flooring, bathroom fittings and joinery design such as kitchens. These are your higher cost items that you won’t want to be changing again for some time therefore getting it right first time could save you in the long run whilst also protecting your investment. This is why many people are now turning to Interior Designers to assist in making the right decisions and taking the anxiety out of this daunting process. Trinity Interior Design’s involvement can be of significant value and actually save you not only time but money. The team at Trinity is flexible in how they can help you with product selection. It may be that you are short of time to ‘shop’ around yourself. Once they have gained a brief from you their designers can quickly select product options and once agreed Trinity can then manage the procurement process and supply to site. They regularly liaise with the architects, builders and trades people on their client’s behalf and make the whole process easy. Alternatively if you have the time to be more hands on in choosing your products then they can be here as a sounding board for you. This only takes a fraction of the time to review your scheme, make suggestions if necessary while giving you the confidence that you are on the right track to create a wonderful fresh interior.

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For PONSONBY NEWS readers they are offering a May/June 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL! Book two hours of design consultation with any of their designers and pay for only one. Trinity can also assist with providing complete bathroom and kitchen design as well as advice on furnishings to completely transform your new space. Call TRINITY INTERIOR DESIGN on T: 09 486 0599 to make a time and visit the website at for some inspirational ideas. PN



HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS TITLE SHARE AVAILABLE IN UNIQUE COASTAL RETREAT AT WAIPU COVE Here’s an amazing opportunity to secure that ‘Kiwi Bach’ you’ve always wanted for just half the amount you thought it would cost you. Ange Redfern, owner and operator of Ripe Deli, is offering her half share in this gorgeous property for sale. Ange bought it as an ideal getaway from her busy lifestyle, as it fulfilled all her requirements of the time in it’s secluded location, it’s ability to house small and larger gatherings, it’s proximity for travel and the ability to improve the house itself. Having owned it now for close to six years, and with the growth of Ange’s business, she has decided to sell her half share. Ideally positioned on a large and fully landscaped, fenced secluded section and with ocean views, the house is now in pristine order, making for an extremely comfortable, functional holiday home. There are antique shops, fairs, markets and the historic Waipu village nearby. It is only a short drive to Waipu Cove, Langs and Uretiti Beach. A rental income is being generated from the property utilizing down time that neither owners require. This is a unique opportunity for you to walk in with nothing to do but rest, relax, play and enjoy.For further information and the opportunity to view please call Ange on 021 554 332. The Trade me reference is BTX861. PN

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AUCKLAND PROPERTY PRICES SET TO RISE AUCKLAND’S PROPERTY MARKET IS SHOWING SIGNS OF RECOVERY, with Auckland property sales last month the highest they have been since the market last peaked in November 2007. Figures released by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand this week show property sales in Auckland during March up 11 percent on the same time last year. Erskine+Owen director Lisa Phillips, a property investment specialist, says although the house price index for Auckland is still slightly lower than when compared to the 2007 peak, the increased level of sales activity means the market is moving in the right direction. She says as demand strengthens and sales activity grows, it will translate into an increase in property prices. Ms Phillips says a drop in the Official Cash Rate and rising rent prices are incentivising more people to buy. “The floating rate is currently the lowest it has been in 46 years. This also means an improvement in yields for investors, and with rising rents and lower interest rates it is becoming more attractive to buy than rent,” she says. But the increase in market activity comes with a warning – a growing demand for property will put more pressure on Auckland to supply housing at a time when the region is already predicting a housing shortfall. “It is still unclear as to how many Cantabrians will look to permanently relocate to Auckland following the earthquake, but it is clear that Auckland will struggle to have the capacity to house them,” says Ms Phillips. While property prices in Auckland appear to be on the way back up, the same can’t be said for the market nationally. House sales volumes throughout the rest of New Zealand were five percent lower in March than on the same month last year. PN One of the bedrooms and the comfortable living room at Waipu Cove The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied



REAL ESTATE EXPERT ASK JOHN.WILLS@CUSTOMRESIDENTIAL.CO.NZ Each month John Wills answers readers’ real estate related issues.

Q: A:

I’m staggered by the money some people pay for do – ups. Why do they get so much? This is a question that I’ve been asked plenty of times over the last few years and I’ll have a go at shedding some light on why do ups get comparatively high prices when compared to renovated homes, because it is true, they definitely do.

The first important point is that greater Ponsonby is not first-home buyer territory. Buyers in this area tend to be buying their 2nd or 3rd home and therefore tend to know exactly what they want, and they also know the features that they won’t compromise on. A do up provides a blank canvas for them to model a home around their needs and also means that they won’t be paying for someone else’s taste. Good salespeople are also able to sell a bit of ‘sizzle’ around the possibilities that this blank canvas provides. The second important point (and I don’t want this to sound cheesy...) but my theory is that greater Ponsonby is full of people who are quite driven and are achievers in their chosen fields. With this in mind, I think that local people love to be involved in a creative project, they love making decisions, love a bit of stress, and also enjoy the sense of achievement when the job is done. Renovations on character homes definitely provide all of this. Some do-ups are also able to be lived in before the big money is spent. This is attractive for buyers in that they can secure a great location, move in, settle in and plan and save over the coming months or years before they push the button on their dream home. Interest rates are low and true character do-ups are in dwindling supply and I think these two factors play a role as well.

PIMP MY HOME The gloomy season is upon us! Ponsonby News asked four stylish locals for recession-busting tips on how to brighten your home... Warm up your home in winter without breaking the bank, with an inexpensive posy of flowers from Bhana Brothers or candles from French Country Collections (their seconds store has some wonderful finds). Mirrors and dimmer switches on your lights add space and mood to your home at not too large an investment. A change of colour and texture in the lounge is easy to achieve...The boys from Republic always have wonderful new treasures coming in, or check out their very reasonably priced Republic Revolution range at the Warehouse. Then nest at home all cuddled up and warm. Dig out or splurge on flannelette sheets, leckie blankets, PJs and Ugg boots, and scour our great local bookshops for the next addition to your library. When you are starting to feel totally house bound and stir crazy, you can always plan a great escape...Enjoy the season! Angela French (Herne Bay resident and aesthetic appreciator) The best thing you can do in your home is keep your feet warm! You can’t be comfortable when your feet are cold in your drafty old villa, so start by eliminating drafts; below the floor, insulate and/or stop the wind whistling through by closing off vents on one side of the house. Upstairs, block off any Victorian ceiling ventilation and consider installing a ceiling fan to bring down the heat. Blocking the old unused chimney is always a good call and properly backed, thick drapes will warm the rest of the house while adding new colour and texture. Simple stuff, but all adding to a warmer, more inviting home.” Mark Gascoigne, GASCOIGNE AND ASSOCIATES

There are also stories and examples of people climbing their way up the property ladder by buying a property, adding value and making a gain. Finally, the market for these properties is very large. Hardcore developers compete with the more ‘decorator’ developers and both of these groups compete with the mum and dad buyers who tend to invest a bit more emotion into the process. That’s all folks. Until next time, have a great month and keep it real. PN When it’s gloomy, wet and grey outside, I try and make sure the inside of my house is the exact opposite...I love old fireguards. If you have a fireplace, hunt around some second hand shops and find an unusual one to add a bit of interest. Create homemade bunting for children’s rooms (or any room) – think Mexico! All you need is colourful paper or tissue, scissors with decorative edged blades, string and some good ideas. Or, you could buy our Mexican Hanging Birds Garland – I have one in my kitchen; it makes me smile whenever I see it. Create light! Ensure that you have lots of light streaming in – I’ve discovered cleaning your windows makes a huge difference. Imogen Tunicliffe, CITTA DESIGN “Colour is an important element that can change the feel of a room dramatically. I play with colour a lot in my house. Changing the cushions on the sofa from summer to winter is one simple and cost effective way to brighten up a space. Also, plants or flowers are a good way to add a reminder of sunshine and add life to a room. If budget allows I like to use rugs as well. They make a space feel cosy, which is great for the winter months, but can also be funky and fun!” Valeria.Carbonaro-laws, STUDIO ITALIA PN

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS ‘CAUSE LOVE’ - TRY IT, IT WORKS! FINDING LOVE CAN BE DIFFICULT IN THE 21ST CENTURY. SUCCESSFUL people complain that they meet all the wrong people online and they’re bored just waiting for their perfect partner to arrive. Some of them wonder whether they might be repeating a relationship pattern which is getting them nowhere. Mary Britton is an experienced coach who, through working with clients, including Kerene Strochnetter, has turned the traditional approach to finding love upside down to offer a simple effective programme that really works. Coaching enables you to focus on your real priorities, to be creative in finding solutions and to understand yourself well enough to know when to stop and think rather than reacting the way you have always reacted. Kerene was Mary’s client. During their work together, using breakthrough insights from neuroscience, they exploded Kerene’s personal myths, understood how she came to think the way she did and challenged her to invent new thoughts, new actions and new outcomes. TOGETHER THEY HAVE DEVELOPED A PROGRAMME WHICH OFFERS YOU TESTED METHODS TO 1. Get clear on the relationship YOU want so you’ll recognise it when you see it. 2. Uncover your personal obstacles and let go of unhelpful beliefs 3. Step into the different actions you have now designed and watch out for different results The workshop promises fun, and a challenge to think different thoughts, take different actions and get different results. Every participant gets their personal preview copy of the book. PN To secure your place book online at

EXCLUSIVE MAN O’ WAR VINEYARDS AND WORLD PROMOTION AT AUCKLAND’S CROWNE PLAZA MAN O’ WAR VINEYARDS AND WORLD HAVE TEAMED UP WITH THE CROWNE Plaza Auckland to offer a unique and exclusive promotion to win a WORLD “Kind of Sinner Cape” throughout April – June. This promotion marks the continuation of the joint collaboration of WORLD & Man O’ War Vineyards which began at New Zealand Fashion Week last year. ‘WORLD is delighted to be associated with this exclusive offer to all Man O’ War customers at the Crowne Plaza. As enormous fans of their Waiheke based vineyards, there is no better way of relaxing in Summer with a chilled glass of Man O’ War wine, in Winter by a roaring fire, or quite simply at dinner, with a flavoursome wine matching each delicious course, and best of all, it’s made in New Zealand, just like WORLD!” remarked Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, WORLD co-founder. To enter the promotion is simple; purchase a glass of MAN O’ WAR wine at Aria Restaurant and Bar in Crowne Plaza Auckland to go into the draw to win this unique prize valued at NZ$969.00. And just as stunning as the WORLD cape, a menu has been specifically designed by chef Sunny Singh from Crowne Plaza Auckland to match with Man O’ War wines from Eastern Waiheke Island. “It was a fun and very exciting experience to work with Man O’ War wines and matching them with dishes in Aria. The dishes were specifically created keeping in mind the body and complexity of the wines” remarked Sunny. The menu includes the accolade rich Man O’ War Pinot Gris 2010 from Ponui Island. Ponui Island is located to the south east of Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf and with its cool sea breezes which temper the south facing slopes, the microclimate has proved itself favourable to Pinot Gris. This little gem of a wine has achieved in recent weeks, 5 stars and Top 5 – Top Medium Pinot Gris, Cuisine NZ Pinot Gris Tasting 2010, Issue 145, March 2011, 93 POINTS and 5 Stars, Bob Campbell MW, January 2011, five Stars Michael Cooper, Listener Magazine, March 2011. Man O’ War winemaker, Duncan McTavish, commented “Aria Restaurant and Bar has created a wonderful custom menu to complement our wines. The opportunity to taste our award winning range, especially the Ponui Island Pinot Gris, is further enhanced with the incentive to win a WORLD designer jacket and makes this a very special crafted, New Zealand experience!” PN

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS FEARON HAY ARCHITECTS: DOUBLE ACCOLADES IN NATIONAL AWARDS FEARON HAY ARCHITECTS HAVE BEEN MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS AT THE 2011 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Awards receiving accolades in both Residential and International Architecture categories. The New Zealand Architecture Awards showcases the best architecture produced in New Zealand each year with the recipients of the regional NZIA Local awards being eligible for the National Awards, judged by top Australasian architects across 10 categories.

photography: Richard Powers Photography:

Fearon Hay’s private residence on Waiheke Island, Island Retreat, layered with the interior collaboration of Penny Hay, was described by the judges as ‘successfully combining formal innovation, a mastery of materials and fabrication, and an intriguing spatial arrangement… The house exhibits an assured use of a simple palette of materials, elegant composition and refined detailing.’ In the International category Fearon Hay’s Tribeca Loft, a conversion of a 500sqm industrial loft space, reviewed as a sophisticated example of architectural interventionism… spaces with a delicate and ethereal quality… the apartment has been transformed by the well-executed realisation of strong ideas and the disciplined distillation of the programme. Fearon Hay Architects was established in 1998 as a partnership between principals Jeff Fearon and Tim Hay and aims to deliver excellence in design. A practice recognized by national and international award programmes, Fearon Hay have been published in Phaidon’s Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture, short-listed in the World Architecture Awards 2008 and 2009, awarded the NZIA Supreme Award for Architecture in 2007 and have been nominated for the New Zealand Architecture Medal. PN

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS RENT YOUR PROPERTY OUT FOR RUGBY WORLD CUP Ray White Mt Eden Village have been providing property management and letting services to the wider Auckland area for some years. They have invested heavily in building a top notch Property Management Team and have researched the market extensively to ensure their software provides all the leading edge features landlords require. They have carefully chosen trained, dedicated, professional people who will offer landlords a professional service for a competitive fee. Their team is well versed with the amendments to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010 which has seen some significant changes, such as the new rules around Absentee Landlords and the changes made in relation to the expiration of Fixed Term Tenancies.

KEITH AND SANDY DOWDLE OF CUSTOM RESIDENTIAL CELEBRATING THEIR 100THSALE THEY BEGAN THEIR REAL ESTATE CAREER IN 2007 (KEITH IS A FORMER principal of Ponsonby Intermediate) working for an established franchise where they won a string of industry accolades. With these awards under their belt they made a big decision to move away from the big corporate style of selling real estate and sought to join Custom Residential whom they felt aligned with their own personal and professional values. They have been part of the Custom team since the middle of 2010 and continue to be recognised as true top performers in the industry. They have achieved consistent results in the toughest of market conditions and are very proud of their reputation of averaging a house sale every 14 days.

Do you really need us? Is your tenancy agreement worded to protect you by covering the following issues:

They attribute their success to a simple philosophy of never relying on a reputation but continuing the process of building one and, persistently delivering outstanding service to their clients.

Destruction or damage - Are you aware that a standard insurance policy does not cover you for malicious damage by your tenant or for damage caused by tenants using methamphetamine?

It goes without saying that Keith and Sandy want to say a big thank you to all their clients who chose them to represent them in selling their home. PN

Issues with ventilation, landlord’s right of entry, smoking and illegal substances, debt collections, water charges, authorised vehicle parking, outgoings, subletting, tenant’s notice and issues with lawns and gardens. In recent weeks Ray White Mt Eden Village have been joined by Gail Kirkham who has set up a short term rental initiative around Rugby World Cup. If you have a property that you would like to rent out furnished for Executive Short Term or for the Rugby World Cup Gail would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements. PN RAY WHITE MT EDEN VILLAGE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 447a Mt Eden Road, T: 09 639 0080

VENDORS: ‘you can’t sell a secret...

good marketing makes a difference every time’

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HOME: WHERE THE HEART IS GUIDE DOG SPONSORSHIP REACHES 100 PUPPY MILESTONE REAL ESTATE AGENCY BAYLEYS HAS REACHED ITS INITIAL TARGET OF funding the breeding and training of 100 puppies for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind’s (RNZFB) Guide Dog Services. As principal sponsor of RNZFB’s Guide Dog Services for the past six years, Bayleys has undertaken a number of fundraising projects to enable the company to reach this goal. It was proceeds from the Every Dog Has its Day online auction, which concluded last month, which got Bayleys across the 100 dog sponsorship threshold. The company has now raised more than $2.2million for Guide Dog Services. Bayleys managing director Mike Bayley (pictured right) said the auction delivered a great result for Guide Dog Services at a time when unprecedented charity fundraising activities were taking place in support of numerous Christchurch earthquake recovery appeals. “The awareness that the New Zealand public has of guide dogs, combined with the vast array of items up for bidding, were two critical factors in the success of this particular initiative,” Mr Bayley said.“I’m really proud of the Bayleys staff around the country who worked on this fundraising initiative for a number of months – sourcing more than 950 items which went up for bidding, and promoting the auction to their immense contact networks.” AMONG THE HIGH PROFILE AUCTION ITEMS WHICH SECURED BIDDING FROM GENEROUS NEW ZEALANDERS WERE: • A date with All Black skipper Richie McCaw which sold for $5510 • A tour of Guide Dog Services with Kiwi supermodel Rachel Hunter which made $715 • A night at the exclusive Eagle’s Nest lodge in the Bay of Islands which reached $3600 • A walk-on part on Shortland Street which received bidding of $905 • A 12th man sailing experience on-board Emirates Team New Zealand’s latest racing catamaran, which attracted $2515 RNZFB chief executive Sandra Budd says: “We’re incredibly grateful for the longstanding partnership we have with Bayleys’ which has meant, despite challenging economic times, this 100 puppy milestone has been achieved. With more than 240 active guide dog teams and 40 blind and partially sighted members waiting to be matched with a guide dog, our need to breed and train puppies is greater than ever - especially in Canterbury where many of our guide dogs will need retraining. The support of Bayleys over the past six years has been fantastic, and we welcome their ongoing support as well as that of all New Zealanders.” PN BAYLEYS REALTY GROUP, Level 2, 4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Maritime Square

SALES HAUL INDICATES FIRST SIGNS OF CITY FRINGE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY MARKET RECOVERY An impressive $13 million sales haul of seven residential properties by one real estate agent in March is being seen as an indication of the first green shoots of recovery materialising from the Auckland city fringe residential property sector. Herne Bay/St Marys Bay specialist Karen Spires from Bayleys has sold seven upmarket residences in the last month of the financial year. Four of seven properties were sold by auction in a trend which has gathered momentum over the last two years. The seven houses Spires sold ranged in value from $775,000, to a $4.35 million four-bedroom state-of-the-art ‘dream home’ on almost 1200 square metres overlooking the Waitemata Harbour. Spires says the seven sale spectacular overshadowed even some of her best months in the boom years leading up to 2008, and was underpinned by a marked increase in enquiries from international buyers – including both ex-pat Kiwis looking to return home, and executive management taking up employment opportunities in Auckland. “The Auckland city fringe suburbs of Ponsonby, Herne Bay, St Mary’s Bay, Parnell and Remuera were the first in New Zealand to see a marked drop in values when the recession bit in 2008,” Spires says. “There was a noticeable improvement in the market during the final quarter of 2009, but this never transferred over into 2010 when things went flat again. I’m now seeing a similar upturn to late 2009 in both buyer interest, and sales volumes – particularly in homes worth more than $1.2 million to $1.3 million.”

Clearly KAREN SPIRES will climb any mountain to keep her clients happy!

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ANTONIA BAKER UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL MY BACKGROUND IS IN ADVERTISING AND I WORKED FOR SAATCHI & Saatchi, ColensoBBDO and DraftFCB for ten years. Then I fancied a change so I re-trained as a real estate agent and eventually launched my own agency, The Property Market - it’s the new real estate agency just opened up on Kelmarna Avenue. The agency has now grown to four people and we’re providing a different offering in real estate and a great service to our clients. WHERE DO YOU LIVE? In Herne Bay. (When my neighbour Les reads this, he’ll be correcting me: “We’re on the northern slopes of Herne Bay darling, the northern slopes”). YOUR BEST FRIEND WOULD SAY OF YOU... that I iron my hair – which is a dirty lie. I’m all natural. YOUR MOTHER WOULD SAY OF YOU? Her Facebook profile says ‘I’m quite funny’. Only ‘quite’ though. HOW DO YOU KEEP FIT? Pump and RPM classes at Les Mills. I’m too uncoordinated to do any of the other classes. WHAT ARE YOUR VIRTUES? Reading the newspaper every day. WHAT ARE YOUR VICES? Believing everything I read in the newspaper, including my horoscope. WHAT’S YOUR SECRET PASSION? Dressmaking, but it’s had to take a back seat for yonks now. WHO’S YOUR ULTIMATE ROCK ICON? Paul Weller. WHAT’S YOUR SECRET TALENT? A small and very unattractive trick I can do with my bottom lip. WHERE DO YOU SPEND YOUR HOLIDAYS? In New Zealand at various mates’ baches or back in the UK and Europe with the family. WHAT’S YOUR PERFECT SUNDAY? Actually, I did some investigation into the perfect day with some friends over Christmas. We worked out that it included a lazy start, progressed into a swimming / reading mags / lunch session on the beach and was followed by a movie in the afternoon with a casual dinner in the evening. We repeated the perfect day, every day until we ran out of good movies to see. WHAT WERE YOU GOING TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? A bus driver or a policewoman in London on horseback. I’m probably getting too old to be a policewoman now but I could still push the button on being a bus driver. HOW DID YOU COME TO BE A REAL ESTATE AGENT? I decided I was going to launch a real estate agency one cold August night sitting around the fire at a friend’s house in Whitford. A month later I had sat my papers so I went to work in the industry and just got on with it. IF YOU WEREN’T A REAL ESTATE AGENT YOU’D BE? Still in advertising, but I would have launched a little indie agency with a couple of mates. WHAT’S INSPIRED YOU RECENTLY? I recently met an ICU nurse who is responsible for moving donor organs around the country and making sure they get to transplant patients on time. It was a brilliant way to get some perspective on life. ONE THING YOU’VE LEARNED ABOUT LIFE IS? Only worry about the things you can control.

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FAVOURITE PONSONBY CAFE? Bambina (affectionately known as Bambie’s amongst my friends). FAVOURITE PONSONBY RESTAURANT? I’ve just been to MooChowChow which was excellent and the Ponsonby Road Bistro is also a firm fave. FAVOURITE PONSONBY STORE? The Garden Party – purely and simply because they rescue me from desperation every Christmas by pulling together a fabulous selection of gifts in just under five minutes. YOUR BEST KEPT PONSONBY SECRET? The yummy dip and incredible bread they produce at Buenos Aires on Jervois Road. YOUR ADVICE TO PONSONBY HOME SELLERS? Get appraisals from three different salespeople to get a broad perspective on the market and the best way to sell your home. Ask them what makes them different, how they are remunerated to get you the best price and what they will do to make the process comfortable for you. YOUR ADVICE TO PONSONBY HOME BUYERS? Get a mortgage broker to work out a loan before you set foot in an open home. Their services are free and they can get you a far better deal than you can negotiate yourself. Plus they’ll make sure the paperwork is in order on settlement day so you can focus on moving. PN



CURTAIN CRAFT FOR DRAPES AND BLINDS OWNED AND OPERATED BY PETE AND GAE HOWE, CURTAIN CRAFT OFFERS complimentary consultations and free measure and quotes Auckland wide. They specialise in custom made curtains and are suppliers of quality ‘Luxaflex’ blinds, providing expert decor advice, quality products and excellent service at a competitive price. All products manufactured and installed by Curtain Craft are fully guaranteed. “Window coverings are an important and integral part of any decor and the correct treatments with the right fabrics really can make a difference”, says Gae, “we find that for many people making these choices can be confusing and often frustrating. We can help make the whole experience pleasurable and stress free for you by listening to your needs and applying our expertise from concept to completion”. PN CURTAIN CRAFT, 501 Karangahape Road T: 09 336 1414

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JOHN ELLIOTT ANZAC DAY CROWDS PLEASE GREY LYNN R.S.C. ON ANZAC DAY EACH YEAR I REMEMBER MY GREAT UNCLE, AXIE MCLEOD, who gave his life, along with many of his comrades, in the ultimate sacrifice for their country at Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915. I have been to Gallipoli visited Anzac Cove and been shocked by the harshness of the peninsula. The odds against those brave, mostly very young, soldiers making the top and surviving were always going to be slim. As a young boy my family discussed the World Wars, and I learned about Axie (Alexander), and his brave but futile deeds. He was my mother’s mother’s brother. What has struck me in recent years has been the number of young people attending Anzac Services, including Dawn Services, all over New Zealand. Ponsonby News talked to Ben Scalabrini, Senior Vice President of Grey Lynn R.S.C.,and to Secretary-Manager Richard Lancaster. Both agreed that more and more young people have become interested in Anzac Day, and in learning more about the sacrifices their grandparents and great grandparents made. Ben and Richard put it down partly to education in the schools. The Grey Lynn R.S.C. took part in a parade of children re-enacting Anzac Day at Richmond Rd School. The children had been studying about the meaning of Anzac, and something of the horrors of war. It is important not to glorify war – and the commemorations don’t do that. Our old soldiers want young people to know the real meaning of the day. Many of the children attending services up and down New Zealand this year proudly wore their grandfather or other family member’s medals – several children as young as three. And so, as the number of war veterans diminishes, their legacy has not been forgotton. Families with young children lined streets and listened as the last post was played and flags lowered to half – mast. Speaking in Gisborne, Commander Phil Eagle, a navy veteran of Afghanistan said he felt the heart strings tugged when he returned home.”Every year there are the same familiar faces among the veterans but, sadly, every year I also notice that some of the familiar faces are no longer with us,” he said. “This is why I find it so heartening to see the ever increasing numbers of the younger generation attending this special day.” Ben and Richard from Grey Lynn echoed this sentiment. “There were kids all around us as we lined up in Castle Street ready to parade.” The rain mostly held off until the parade had just finished, but as veterans made their way to the R.S.C. rooms in Francis Street, it bucketed down. “Someone up there was looking out for us,” says Ben, looking skywards. The strong character of this country rests partly on the actions of those who distinguished themselves on the battlefield, in the air and on the sea. They were men and women of courage, resolve and loyalty, who sacrificed their future for ours.

photography: John Elliott

As the oldies fade away, the young are ensuring – “they will not be forgotten.” PN

Pictured above: Grey Lynn R.S.C. Secretary-Manager RICHARD LANCASTER with Senior Vice President BEN SCALABRINI

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YOU ARE NOT ALONE You are not alone when it comes to groaning about vet bills and the unexpected costs associated with having an animal companion to come home to every night. I can’t go anywhere without someone relaying a dramatic story about an outrageous pet spend. My thoughts drift to ‘sounds like they got their bang for their buck’. If we do our job well a healthy animal will greet them at the door, something I consider as precious a gift as money can buy. The bottom line is pet care is expensive, no denying it, especially if something serious goes wrong. Murphy’s Law is an adage I use frequently when talking about the ongoing costs involved with pet ownership. For me Murphy was talking about pet insurance, if you’ve got it you won’t need it, my personal answer to attracting excellent pet health. The concept of pet insurance, the first policy written over 120 years ago, has taken a while to catch on. Lassie, our childhood favourite animal actor became the first dog to be insured in the States as late as 1982 and in 1990 pet insurance became available in New Zealand. Murphy’s Law ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’ certainly applies to the first few and last few years of a pet’s life, however long that may be. As a vet, a career chosen for my love of animals, being put in the position where it’s ‘the money or the bag’ is a devastating proposition, avoidable with some preplanning when considering the long term running costs of a pet. With the odds of an unplanned vet visit annually being three to one, it’s more likely you will actually use this insurance above all others. So how come so few owners consider it an expense they can afford? My reply -if you love and want the best possible care for your pet and can’t afford pet insurance then you can’t afford not to have it. For more information on vet-bill proofing your pet call us for our information sheet comparing pet insurance companies and what to look out for when it comes to insuring your pet’s health. (DR MEGAN ALDERSON) PN

PLAY ‘MISTY’ FOR ME! My cat doesn’t obey me so I decided to get a more subservient animal, a little dog that would be my best friend. I found exactly what I wanted on TradeMe, a tiny little dog that looked like a white Hairy Maclary. She needed to be rescued from a lonely life shut up all day long in an apartment. Her Chinese owner had called her Angel and assured me she was well trained. Trained? I don’t think so! She sure turned out to be no ‘Angel’. I immediately made a name change to Misty. Maybe there was a language barrier so I tried teaching her commands in English with conspicuous lack of success. Now I had two disobedient pets and Jotham, the cat became a saboteur of any discipline I tried to put in place. He took command of the large cat flap I had installed for Misty and if he’s around he whacks her whenever she tries to use it. Misty is oblivious to his disdain and never gives up trying to play with him. He refuses to be cajoled into any interaction. Another problem arose. Who would have thought a small Bichon/Jack Russell cross might be a canine dynamo? Why isn’t she content in a small fenced garden? She’s already amused herself destroying my vegetable patch, gaily flinging baby beetroot and carrots into the air and having a go at the herbs and greens as well. Her frustrated energy knows no bounds. My former sedentary peace is no more. She forces me to walk with vigour twice a day and it has to be in an unleashed dog area because she almost garrottes herself if I try to stroll her sedately on a lead. In spite of all this disruption, I think I really love her. She lifts my spirits and makes me laugh and when I take her to a park other people laugh at her too, she looks so mad as she runs around like a streak of white lightning. Dear little Misty, I think you love me too when you snuggle onto my lap at day’s end, all your misdemeanors forgiven. (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN

THE STRAND VETERINARIAN, 114 The Strand T: 09 377 6667

AUCKLAND ZOO WELCOMES LITTLE BLUE PENGUINS After an absence of more than two years, little blue penguins are back on-display at Auckland Zoo. Marlin, Coral, Dory, Moki, Koura, Mako, Ari and Piper are all rescued little blue penguins who have moved into flash new digs at the Zoo’s redeveloped Sea Lion and Penguin Shores. Four more penguins are due to join them in the next month, and together they will share their new home with four young Northern New Zealand dotterel, two spotted shags and a white-faced heron. Like the penguins, the dotterels were also rescued – as either eggs or chicks – with three of the chicks having hatched at the Zoo over the summer. Come September, this exhibit becomes ‘The Coast’ section of our New Zealand experience, Te Wao Nui. Te Wao Nui will be Auckland Zoo’s biggest and most exciting exhibit yet, and one that will focus exclusively on New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna. The Coast will highlight the value of looking after New Zealand’s incredible 15,000km of coastline that is home to many native and migratory animals. It will also feature over 20 New Zealand native plant species. Once the penguins and the other birds are settled in, the Zoo will look at running impromptu encounters during the twice-daily feeding times for the penguins, so come and see them on your next visit. PN Visit for more information.

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PONSONBY PEOPLE + THEIR PETS ASK ALEX Each month Dr Alex Melrose answers readers’ pet related issues. e-mail yours to: A friend has told me that Flax Seed Oil cannot be digested by her dog and is a waste of money. My dogs are on it for its coat and joint benefits. My friend believed that while it does no harm, it takes more energy for a dog to digest the oil than any energy or goodness they get out of it and that it’s better to give them animal based oil. This comment about dogs not being able to digest Flax Seed Oil really stumped me! I got hold of Plant and Food Research in Nelson who advised me that the benefits of the oils are the same for all animals. I’ve also looked myself at sources of information on the internet, which is a bit dangerous when you are not an expert in the field of animal health! The most reliable references are listed on professional websites for vets, and of course you must be a member to access the information. If you could get back to me with your thoughts, that would be great. Best wishes Debbie.


Flax seed oil is given as a supplement for its important inflammatory modulation effect rather than an energy source, typically for skin and joint assistance, as you have correctly identified. In oil form it is digestible by dogs, not so as an intact seed. Dogs are true omnivores and as such can break down plenty of plant origin food sources so your friend’s comment about it needing to be animal oil is misguided.


Cats, being obligate carnivores, are recognised at being poorer in their digestion of these oils, due to evolutionary differences in their digestive capabilities. Flax contains alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which is an 18 carbon omega-3 fatty acid. The majority of the studies demonstrating beneficial effects of omega-3s have used EPA (20 carbon), DHA (22 carbon) or both (from fish oils) leading to some people believing Flax to not have similar beneficial properties. However, dogs (and other mammals) can convert ALA to EPA and DHA! The conversion rate is not great therefore to achieve the same results as with fish oil, a significantly higher quantity of 18 carbon EFA’s are required. The volumes provided in flax seed oil bottles are indeed much larger than those typically provided in capsules of fish oil for this very reason i.e. to compensate for a lower bioavailability. My advice is to keep up the great supplementation of your dogs. (DR ALEX MELROSE, BVSC MRCVS) PN VETCARE GREY LYNN, 408 Great North Road T: 09 361 3500

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MICHAEL HALL - CONSERVATION ART PHOTOGRAPHER SUCH IS THE GROWING REPUTATION OF AUSTRALIAN-BASED NEW ZEALAND photographer Michael Hall, that one of his stunning images of the severe drought in South Australia was selected to form the stage back drop for ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ speech by Al Gore in Sydney. Michael uses his keen eye and vast experience to add to the climate change outcry, which he insists is very real. He wants his beautiful, haunting, but often bleak images, to get the message through before it’s too late. He is a firm believer in “the power of photography as a communication tool. Images like nothing else, cut through the rhetoric of politics, written word and speech and can touch anyone regardless of age, race or belief.” From Iceland to Borneo, from the Colorado Dam to the Latrobe Valley of Victoria, Michael has been recording nature in all its splendid and dying glory for the last few years. His work is praised by some environmental heavyweights, including Australian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery, Chairman of the Copenhagen Conference, who said of Michael’s photographs: “These beautiful images make striking proof of our destructive ways”. Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon has endorsed his work.

Although much of the climate change, global warming, and species extinction story is very depressing, leading many of us to say “what the hell, there is bugger all each of us as individuals can do”, Michael is optimistic about solutions. “There is a way forward”, he insists, and he cites alternative energy production, renewable sustainable energy, wind, tidal and wave power, solar and geothermal energy sources. Michael Hall would have enjoyed meeting John Steinbeck, who once said, “…the camera need not be a cold mechanical device. Like the pen, it is as good as the man who uses it. It can be the extension of mind and heart.” Michael Hall has given his heart and mind to the capture of images that will change the way people live, and help to make them disciples, determined to save the planet. Financial and political allies will enable him to complete his project. His exhibition ‘Climate’ will show at Whitespace, Ponsonby from 31 May to 18 June.

Michael Hall poses the question - so here is the damage - what are we doing about it? It is Michael’s intention to travel to the Antarctic, the Amazon, and Sub-Saharan Africa, to complete a portfolio of photographs showing compellingly, the story of the Earth’s beauty, and man’s desecration of it. Michael Hall has excellent qualifications for this work. He has worked in commercial photography for over 20 years, and is much awarded, including, European Photographer of the Year - 2006, finalist Hasselblad Masters - 2009. Michael is also a Triple Gold Bar Master of the N.Z. Institute of Professional Photographers. Born in Wellington, Michael grew up in Whangarei. When he took off on his great O.E. at 19, his father gave him a camera, kick starting Michael’s obsession with recording the natural world and the creatures in it. Michael aims to collect 300 or so images, of a degree of excellence to satisfy his exacting standards. A book, travelling exhibitions, and global lectures will follow.

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SHOWING AT MASTERWORKS GALLERY GROUP SHOW ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL Until 25 MAY The animal kingdom whether real or imaginary has been a great source of inspiration and a significant subject matter in the history or art for centuries. Whether through the human tendency to anthropomorphize their habits, making them allegories of the human condition or from our keen observation of their daily routines and mannerisms, animals/ creatures have been a source of wonderment and intrigue, for some a lifetime’s preoccupation.


All creatures great and small is intended as a celebration of resulting artistic output in contemporary craft. This show will feature a range of artists working in the mediums of glass, ceramic, jewellery and mixed media. JEWELLERY BOX SHOWCASE KAREN MICHAUD FLOURISH Until 25 May Michaud’s jewellery practice celebrates beauty in detail and the investment of time in traditional craft practices. Flowers are a recurring theme in Karen’s work, taking inspiration from surfaces and textures often found in textile practices. For this showcase, Karen sets herself a new challenge. Using only the existing materials found on her workshop bench, Karen creates a new series of meticulously crafted pieces, celebrating the materials that Flourish in her studio. THINKSPACE THE BOX PROJECT - Contemporary jewellery that thinks outside the box Come enjoy the unique works made by eighteen contemporary jewellers from Australia and New Zealand using unexpected materials they received in a mysterious brown box. An unusual ear-plug neckpiece, shuttlecock earrings and brooches sprouting living grass adorn Gaffa Gallery’s walls amongst many other delightful pieces. Curator Jasmine Matus conceptually revisits her childhood busy box, a box full of collected items brought out on rainy afternoons to inspire the making of imaginative objects. Twenty years later, The Box Project involves professional jewellers using complex materials and techniques to bring to life this intriguing past. “Working with a limited palette of things you would never choose yourself is quite a challenge but sometimes the best things come from foreign places” Sharon Fitness Please contact the gallery for further information MASTERWORKS GALLERY, 77 Ponsonby Road T: 09 378 1256 PN

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ARTS + CULTURE LOOP & GROOVE GUIDE PRESENT STANDING IN SILENCE: RHIAN SHEEHAN AND GUESTS Saturday 28 May 2011 The Mercury Theatre, Auckland Following a sold out and critically acclaimed performance in 2010; Loop & Grove Guide in conjunction with performer Rhian Sheehan present this opulent, conceptual masterpiece in its full multifaceted glory for the very first time in Auckland. A stunning audio and visual performance, Standing In Silence sees 15 contemporary, classical and electronic New Zealand musicians perform live alongside a filmic backdrop of moving images that were shot all over the world by Gareth Moon, specifically for the ‘Standing In Silence’ show. The combined effect of this is one of surreal beauty, isolation and innocence. The breath-taking, texturally rich performance will feature a selection of talented musicians including Sheehan’s key collaborator, Jeff Boyle (Jakob), Steve Bremner (NZSO, Strike), Raashi Malik (Rhombus), Andy Hummel (The Woolshed Sessions), Pete Hill (The Woolshed Sessions), Jane Pierard, The SIS String Quintet & special guests. Inspired by a photo he took in India of a lone man standing on a hill amongst pollution, Rhian Sheehan based his work around the question: “Is it possible to be surrounded by a mass of humanity, a bustling sea of lives, and still stand in silence?” Sheehan’s proposition extends visually into emotive, original photographic and moving images, which are interwoven throughout the performance, portraying the lives and environments of individual people living in megacities throughout Asia using state of the art projection techniques by Nektar films. The music encapsulates Rhian Sheehan’s original instrumental compositions, which incorporates sonic experiments with the sounds of found objects not usually heard in music. Such objects include wine glasses, bowed and plucked piano strings, tailor made music boxes, tongue drums, body percussion, the sound of bustling crowds and children at play. Standing In Silence, Rhian Sheehan’s fourth album was released in 2009 as a growing project, which challenges the form of electronic music by taking a more filmic and ethereally esoteric approach with an emphasis on communicating current global and cultural issues through music and imagery. Standing In Silence the album is available to purchase through stores, iTunes & LOOPshop.

EDWARD BENNETT K Road historian and EVAN WOODRUFFE perform at The Sixth Plinth at Myers Park

THE SIXTH PLINTH IN MYERS PARK The Uptown Arts Trust held its second event ‘The Sixth Plinth’ in the playground in Myers Park last month. The orginal date of this event was cancelled because of bad weather and was finally held on Sunday 3 April. The Sixth Plinth is a short, fun performance put on by local creative talent-from a range of community groups to professional artists. The day provided some free entertainment as each performer was allowed on stage for no more than 10 minutes. This has now become an annual event organised by The Uptown Arts Trust which was formed to promote the public’s interest in art and culture, and to promote and encourage the use of public spaces. PN FACEBOOK:

The debut performance was described as “amazing, people were stunned to silence, moved by the depth of emotion in the music - and the fact that something world class was being presented to a lucky few.” - The Dominion Post “The show is all about reflection and contemplation. I would describe Standing In Silence as drifting through some future megatropolis city through the eyes and innocence of a child.” – Rhian Sheehan TICKETS: Stage Side Gallery $55+bf, General Admission $65+bf PN More Ticket information at

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ARTS + CULTURE WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH KEEP GOING Not that Debra Stearns could be described as a toughie. She’s a softly spoken American who is going through a very tough time since her husband Marty Ball, died recently of a sudden heart attack. Her circle of life has been broken and she is going through all the stages one has to, in order to cope. Right now she is strongly focussed on running the business her husband developed and was such a success at, namely Momentum Framing Gallery on Jervois Road. Debra’s childhood home was a ten thousand acre ranch in North Dakota where her father raised horses. She and her six brothers and sisters took part in rodeo events and helped with the running of the quarter horse business. That’s where she stayed for the first twenty five years of her life and she says it was the ideal way to grow up. A time in Montana followed where she studied and gained a Master’s degree in Vocational Counselling. Eventually Debra moved to Seattle, Washington, decided she wanted to travel by sailing and she met up with a man who had the same ambition so, they embarked on a voyage together. They first explored the seas round Vancouver Island and other parts of the United States, encountering some violent storms along the way, but made it through and became expert sailors as a result. Over the next three years they spent about fifteen months exploring the West Coast of Mexico, another two months round the Galapagos Islands, Marquesas, then voyaged further on to French Polynesia, and Tonga. After so many miles the boat was badly in need of refurbishment so they sailed from Tonga to New Zealand for a re-fit. This was back in 2001 and Debra was running out of money so she decided to call it quits and get a job. The boat was sold and she found work with ACC first in Tauranga, then Hamilton, till she met Marty, fell in love, moved to Auckland and married him in June 2007.

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

Marty had always wanted to own a little picture framing shop so they made enquiries and found one was for sale in Herne Bay. For the first couple of years she was quite involved in the business then Marty took on a business partner. Marty bought out his partner last April and to his delight, Debra decided to leave her job and work with him instead. The arrangement had barely started when Marty died and Debra was faced with some tough decisions. Momentum Gallery won the day and Debra appreciates all the help and support she is receiving. She says she feels very humble and blessed and thinks Marty would be embarrassed at the number of accolades he has generated from around the world. Like every couple they had struggled through difficult times but had finally come through to the other side and were very strong as a team. The last eighteen months were the most lovely time in their lives. In Debra’s words “I was loved and I deeply loved a partner I am ever grateful to have had”. When talking to her, one senses the inner strength she has that will keep her going. And in her own words, “without the enduring support of my framing team Malcolm, Mark and Dave, Momentum Gallery would never be as strong as it is.” (DEIRDRE ROELANTS) PN




The upcoming New Zealand International Comedy Festival has an added twist this year with the inclusion of an exhibition by photographer Dallas Pickering. With the generous support from Ponsonby’s El Framo Picture Framing business these stunning images are beautifully presented for this free exhibition at the Aotea Centre. The subjects are the comedians themselves. Dallas coerced some of New Zealand’s funniest people to drop the mask and reveal their inner selves. “New Zealand comedy has gone from strength to strength in the past decade,” says Dallas. “Flight of the Conchords, Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi (Boy) have really put Kiwi comedy on the international map.”


SHOWING AT LETHAM GALLERY STOCKUMENTARY – GROUP EXHIBITION Until 14 May The new owners of Letham Gallery, Richard and Carla Freestone and Trish and Grant Peryman, see themselves as being very supportive towards their existing artists and are also keen to support new and young New Zealand artists. Their aim is to give Letham Gallery’s loyal customers great exhibitions as well. They have opened with the first show ‘Stockumentary’ and this includes works currently held in stock of some of Letham’s resident artists. Artists include: Annie Sandano, Askew, Deborah Walsh, Ema Frost, Finn Fair, Greg Page, Johnny Romeo, Leila Ataya, Martin Horspool, Max Thomson, Bernard Ollis, John Horner, Dalene Meiring, Frazer Williamson, Sam Broad, Penny Howard, Rae West, Sue Ninham and Tim White. PN LETHAM GALLERY 35 Jervois Road T: 09 360 5217 E: RICHARD FREESTONE - ‘EMPIRE’

Dallas wanted to pay tribute to the people who have led the charge, while acknowledging the new breed coming through. He believes these people should be heroes for their services to helping us laugh and he says we don’t celebrate them enough. “Comedians are such an interesting bunch of people and many are vastly different on stage and off. I wanted to capture that yin and yang – the real person and the comedian, says Dallas. The comedians were willing to push the limits in the photo shoots - the results are funny and frank. We all have a public and private face but these are people who are not afraid to laugh at themselves and there’s something very liberating about that.” PN AOTEA CENTRE, 50 Mayoral Drive CBD T: 09 309 2677

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MY PONSONBY HAD NO LATTES BACK THEN... MARK CASTLE REMEMBERS GROWING UP IN PONSONBY SWEEPING THE Glengarry warehouse after school, washing dishes at Toad Hall, bouncing his basketball from Islington Street to Ponsonby Road, running the gauntlet to Auckland Boys Grammar, family dinners at Ivan’s Diner or Oblios, The Bronze Goat and Wheelers for those special occasions. No surprise he ended up working in hospitality with the likes of Spalatos, Mails, Sails and Sardis, De Bretts, Puka Park, then to the legendary Corner Bar at the Gluepot where he formed some amazing friendships. Time for a change, in 1981 he joined his mum in her Ponsonby business, The French Art Shop. “The first thing that hit me was the customers, says Mark, they were the wackiest, eclectic but most inspirational bunch I had met. Ponsonby was full of artists back in

The World Belongs to the Dissatisfied

the 80’s and 90’s - Tony Fomison, Alan Maddox, Dean Buchanan, Dick Frizzell, Nigel Brown, Phillipa Blair, Ralph Hotere and John Reynolds; these guys taught me about art supplies, told me what they needed or what they had found overseas, and sent me off to get it for them. “Thirty years on this amazing community has casually evolved, local businesses have changed to fit the needs of its residents and commercial environment. We’ve grown from a slum to the most fashionable area to live. We embrace the gay community and miss the Hero Parade.” “We have become the fashion capital for clothes, cafes and restaurants, we have our own Ponsonby News magazine that is bigger and better than Texas and now we have MooChowChow and the Golden Dawn - damn this is a fun place to be.” PN THE FRENCH ART SHOP, Ponsonby Road, T: 09 376 0610



ARTS + CULTURE PLAYING AT AUCKLAND TOWN HALL NZSO Made in New Zealand: Enchanted Islands Saturday 28 May @ 8pm SURELY IT’S A RECORD? THE NEW ZEALAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WILL perform four world premieres next month when their annual showcase of New Zealand classical music comes to Auckland for the first time. This year’s “Made in New Zealand” concert, Enchanted Islands, will feature four brand new works, a new spin on Shakespeare and a guest appearance by Kirsten Morrell on May 28. Conductor Hamish McKeich says it’s a true celebration of Kiwi music, perfectly timed for New Zealand Music Month. “This eclectic Kiwi mix of styles should delight and enthral the audience, and definitely keep them on their toes!” The concert includes a star turn by piano virtuoso Stephen de Pledge performing Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by the internationally-acclaimed composer Lyell Cresswell, who is returning home from Scotland for the premiere. Stephen de Pledge says performing the concerto will be a dream come true. “It’s absolutely exhilarating, and a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.” Audiences will also hear Ross Harris’s Fanfare for the Southern Cross for the first time, as well as Gravitas, an energetic new work by rising 30-year-old composer Chris Gendall. Meanwhile Anthony Ritchie’s A Shakespeare Overture receives its world premiere despite being thirty years old. Written when the composer was a student, the work has never been performed. Enchanted Islands also includes ten Shakespearean sonnets set to music by Gareth Farr, sung by guest artists Kirsten Morrell and Tama Waipara. Diehard classical fans will also appreciate Four Canzonas by the elder statesman of New Zealand classical music, Douglas Lilburn. PN For more details visit

THE DESOTOS: THE BAND YOU NEVER KNEW YOU KNEW SO WELL THE DESOTOS ARE THE KIWI BAND YOU HEAR EVERY WEEK BUT NEVER realised you knew so well. They are usually playing ‘the strip’ during Ponsonby Market Day - last seen playing outside Bonita in March. They’ve been visiting New Zealanders’ lounges on Sunday nights for weeks; having penned the theme music to Marcus Lush’s TV One hit shows, North and South. ‘Hearts In One Place’, a track off The DeSotos forthcoming second album, is the title music to North while ‘Greedy Men’, from their debut album Cross Your Heart, was the theme music for South. Tracks off both albums also feature as continuity music in the two series. The DeSotos are former Wellingtonian Paul Gurney (lead vocals, guitar) fellow songwriter Stuart McIntyre (bass, vocals), Ron Stevens (Hammond, keyboards), and Mike Burrows (drums). Comprising 14 original tracks, Your Highway For Tonight will be released on May 2, followed by a national tour. The album will also be released in America through New Orleans label Mystery Street Records. Gurney and McIntyre have been regular attendees at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in recent years and much of The DeSotos’ songwriting reflects their love of the Louisiana region and music. The title also has special meaning for Gurney, named after an advertising slogan used to promote the Wahine ferry service in the 1960s, the title relates to one of the new songs ‘In The Harbour’. “It’s a song about loss, set against the backdrop of the Wahine disaster on April 10, 1968,” says Gurney. “I was a child on the beach at Seatoun that day and I still vividly remember the sight of the stricken ship and the lifeboats washing up on the beach in the heaving, boiling water.” The DeSotos’ country blues style has been compared to the likes of Tom Petty, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen and their first album received great critical acclaim in New Zealand and northern Europe, with (at the time) National Radio’s Manu Taylor picking it as the 2008 NZ album of the year. The DeSotos will be appearing at the National Jazz Festival in Tauranga in April, followed by the Fiji International Jazz &Blues Festival in May, that gig follows a successful appearance at the Samoa Jazz & Blues festival late 2010. The new album is available at Rhythm Compact Discs in Three Lamps. PN

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ARTS + CULTURE SHOWING AT WHITESPACE VIRGINIA KING, 10-28 May Virginia King has lived in Ponsonby with husband Mike since returning from London in 1971. Their children, Francesca, Josh and Luke all grew up and attended Ponsonby schools. She has taught art classes at Artstation in Ponsonby Rd and designed the Tole Street Park Earthwork during the mid 1990’s. Over the past thirty years King’s sculpture has expressed environmental concerns. In 1999 she was awarded an Antarctic Artist Fellowship and travelled to Antarctica; creating on her return, a series of sculpture about the algae at the beginning of the food chain, Diatoms. King draws attention to the fragility and the vulnerability of the Earth’s eco-systems by abstracting and magnifying the complexity of natural life forms. Her work is represented in international public and private collections including Hawaii, Melbourne and Singapore. Commissions nearer home have included the Rewarewa Creek Footbridge, Waitakere, Aramarama Millennium Footbridge, Mission Bay, Koru and Raupo Rattler at Brick Bay, Matakana, Oioi Bridge at Connells Bay Waiheke Island, Tower of Words-Tower of Silence, Omaru Bay, Waiheke Island, and the David Lange Memorial in Otahuhu. Woman of Words, a sculpture to celebrate the life and work of Katherine Mansfield has recently been selected, by Wellington Sculpture Trust, the Katherine Mansfield Society and Wellington City Council, to be installed in Wellington, during 2012. King was a Distinguished Invited Artist at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, in 2010 and also exhibited in Perth earlier this year. She recently received the Peoples Choice Award for the third time at Headland, Sculpture on the Gulf, Waiheke Island with: Matiatia Frond, 2003, Nautilus Whispers, 2007 and in 2011 Lookout/Pacific Radiolaria, a work that alludes to marine protozoa threatened by ocean acidification. Tideline 2011 will include ephemeral artworks created at Lake Cootharaba, Noosa during the ‘Rising Seas - Floating Land’ Symposium. PN WHITESPACE, 12 Crummer Road T: 09 361 6331

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ARTS + CULTURE THE PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL IS A DESTINATION FOR SELF DISCOVERY Their creative team and tutors ensure a relevant performing arts programme: drama to public speaking, circus arts to team building, dance to wellbeing, singing to confidence. They provide a diverse environment for individuals to enable their creative passion. Nearly 3,000 Aucklander’s walk through the doors of The Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC) each year and participate in an environment that speaks to values of pleasure, empowerment, inclusiveness and challenge. The Performing Arts School of New Zealand (PASNZ) also takes pride in bringing about the defining moments of youthful imaginations and spirit. Creative Director, Felicity Molloy believes that creativity can bring about significant social change. Last month a group of young, enthusiastic theatre and dance performers from (PASNZ) were accepted to present a collaborative project to Scenofest, Prague’s Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, 2011, which is the largest innovation festival in the world. The companies’ work, fresh memory is largely self-devised and incorporates their creative experimentation with performance. Contemporary dance and theatrical imagery are only two of the multitude of options for community and pre-vocational participants. “Plenty of families come and try out our wide range of classes whether over term times or workshops in the holidays,” says Felicity “and we think we have a session for every member of the family.” This Mothers Day, give your Mum time out to explore her creativity in a world of juggling work and family and enquire about the Special Mothers Day discount. PN THE PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL OF NEW ZEALAND, 100 Motions Road (opposite the zoo), Western Springs T: 09 845 0290, E:

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ARTS + CULTURE GOW LANGSFORD GALLERY TO HOST DAMIEN HIRST EXHIBITION THE DEAD AND THE SOULS 20 July - 13 August 2011; Preview: Tuesday 19 July, 5 - 7 pm. INFAMOUS FOR HIS WEALTH, CELEBRITY AND HIS RECORD-BREAKING, bank-breaking auction prices, Damien Hirst has become somewhat the poster boy for British Art of this era. Rarely shown in this country, Auckland audiences will be treated to an exhibition of his work at Gow Langsford Gallery this winter. Although it may be difficult not to mention money when talking about Hirst, the exhibition The Dead and The Souls bring together a selection of editioned works which will appeal to those with pockets shallower than Charles Saatchi’s. The two bodies of work on show The Dead (2009) and The Souls (2010) envelop several of Hirst’s well known concerns; death and life, beauty and desire with a dynamism typical of Hirst’s work. The consecutive series’ are each made up of a few compositions in various colour-ways and each print is in an edition of only fifteen. In The Souls butterflies, as symbols for both the beauty of life and its impermanence, become metaphors for faith and death, while the skull imagery in The Dead make overt reference to mortality. Laid out like museum specimens and more or less anatomically correct Hirst has beatified his subjects through the use of block foil printing. “Of ‘The Souls’ Hirst has said: “I love butterflies because when they are dead they look alive. The foil block makes the butterflies have a feel similar to the actual butterflies in the way that they reflect the light. After ‘The Dead’ I had to do the butterflies because you can’t have one without the other”. Bracewell, M. (2010) The mass of imagery and scintillating colour creates spectacle, perhaps inevitable for Hirst, while collectively these works remind us of his power as an image maker and his enduring ability to captivate his audience. For more information on the exhibition, please contact Anna Jackson at the gallery.

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DYNAMIC LIMITED EDITION PRINTS IN CELEBRATION OF RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 Gow Langsford Gallery is proud to present Dick Frizzell’s limited edition silk screen prints for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2011. Over the past twenty years renowned New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell’s paintings and imagery have emerged as iconic in New Zealand art history. In celebration of the upcoming Rugby World Cup Frizzell has created six dynamic works that capture New Zealand’s unique culture and rugby’s place within it. One of the joys of Frizzell’s art is its dramatic diversions between genres and styles. At a glance Frizzell’s choice of imagery for the Rugby World Cup 2011 campaign appears eclectic but each image is deeply rooted in different moments of his artistic career and as a group the images embody key aspects of New Zealand culture and identity. Each box set contains one of each of the six limited edition designs as well as a bonus seventh print. The prints are presented in a bespoke box and come with a custom carrier bag. Gow Langsford Gallery is happy to answer any enquiries about these works and visitors are welcome to view works at the Gallery: 10am – 6pm weekdays and 10 am – 4pm Saturdays or see their website for more information PN



SCREENING AT RIALTO WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, Christoph Waltz and Hal Holbrook Director: Francis Lawrence Season starts: 9 June Rating: TBC Based on the acclaimed bestseller, ‘Water for Elephants’ presents an unexpected romance in a uniquely compelling setting. Veterinary school student Jacob meets and falls in love with Marlena, a star performer in a circus of a bygone era. They discover beauty amidst the world of the Big Top, and come together through their compassion for a special elephant. Against all odds - including the wrath of Marlena’s charismatic but dangerous husband, August- Jacob and Marlena find lifelong love.

REFLECTIONS OF THE PAST Season starts: 19 May Director: Alex Roman Rating: TBC On June 22, 1954, two teenage girls Pauline Yvonne Parker and Juliet Marion Hulme murdered Honora Parker, the mother of Pauline in Victoria Park outside of Christchurch, New Zealand. This crime continues to fascinate the world. In 1994, Peter Jackson created a film based on the events called ‘Heavenly Creatures’ with Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey. This documentary will examine the relationship of Pauline and Juliet and the murder case. PN RIALTO CINEMAS, 167 – 169 Broadway T: 09 369 2417



We can imagine Fashion Designer (now Lawyer!) Helen Talbot would have loved to have been invited to the Property Market’s housewarming, held in her old showroom in Kelmarna Avenue! Antonio Baker had even created a cake for the occasion in the shape of the heritage bakery building. 1. Steph Kellow, Nicola Gray and Antonia Baker; 2. Mark Owers, Ana Pristopan and James Eivers

THE PEOPLE HAVE VOTED! RIALTO CINEMAS NEWMARKET WON THE Flicks People’s Choice Best Circuit Cinema Award 2011 at the New Zealand Motion Picture Industry Council Gala Awards last month. The award was voted on by members of the public over a three week period on the website. Rialto Cinemas group manager Kathryn Bennett was delighted with the accolade. “We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award. It is fantastic to see that the public enjoy the experience we offer at Rialto Cinemas.”


photography: martin leach

The award was presented in front of fellow exhibitors, cinema owners and movie distributors. Rialto Cinemas Newmarket is part of a three-cinema circuit in New Zealand, owned and operated by a joint venture between EVENT Cinemas and Readings Cinemas. The marketing and programming objectives of the cinemas are to provide the public with an exciting, provocative and cosmopolitan selection of films.


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photography: Michael McClintock


7 8


Malcolm and Melanie Rands and their ecostore team held an evening to celebrate their new packaging design. 3. Andrew Patterson and Sir Ray Avery; 4. Ahi Rands and Keva Rands; 5. Annabelle Pottinger and Rhonda; 6. Ian Sinclair and Joanne Mitchell; 7. Billy Apple and Michael Redwood; 8. Martin Bell and Niki Schuck; 9. Keva Rands, Melanie Rands, John Reynolds (new design artist) and Mark Smith (new design photographer). PN


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photography: martin leach





LOUISE GRAY OPENING PARTY Ponsonby, Thursday 7 April

We waited, we waited and we waited for at least 20 minutes for Ms Rosenberg to be ‘made up’ for her OUT + ABOUT pose! Thankfully, Mark Willetts of Masons 2 was happy to explain his 2-hour daily beauty routine while we waited... it’s amazing what a little vodka can do for one’s skin he told us... NOT!

10. Mark Willetts, Louise Gray and Alison Harris; 11. Louise Gray and Viv Rosenberg; 12. Chloe Bell, Stacey Govender and Mary Castles; 13. David de Klerc and Alison Harris.

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HERNE BAY: Five Loaves & 2 Fish, 206 Jervois Road Icing on the Cake 188 Jervois Road

WESTMERE: Glengarry, 164 Garnet Road

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PONSONBY: Artstation, 1 Ponsonby Road Barfoot & Thompson, 184 Ponsonby Road Chapel Bar, 147 Ponsonby Road Fitness Trainer, 36 Jervois Road Leys Institute, 20 St Mary’s Road Mag Nation, 123 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby Community Centre, 20 Ponsonby Terrace Spa Ayurda, 213 Ponsonby Road Whitespace, 12 Crummer Road World, 97 Ponsonby Road

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MT EDEN: Sabato, 57 Normanby Road

NEWMARKET: Planet Ayurveda, 41 Gillies Avenue Studio Italia, 96 Carlton Gore Road Taylor Boutique, 1 Teed Street



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