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Welcome to the 10th edition of POLA Palm Beach Editor letter:

“We are all dealing in a magical realm. Nobody knows why or how it works.” Rick Rubin

Contributors Editor in Chief Marisela Melgar

Founder & Creative Director

Paola Ibarra | polaibarra@stbarthmediagroup.com

St. Barths Art Director Kevin Lawrie

Design Artist Itzel García

Production Artist Alina Méndez

Creative Copy Writer Sheyla Ferrera

Contributing Artist Melvin Sokolsky

Strategic Advisor

Brendan Howell | brendan@loloft.com



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MELVIN SOKOL SKY Elevation of Elegance


In the inventive world of fashion photography, few have managed to blend reality with the surreal quite like Melvin Sokolsky. Born in the heart of New York City in 1933, Sokolsky's journey into the world of photography was as unconventional as his later works. With no formal training, he honed his skills through experimentation. His early fascination with Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" set the stage for a career marked by imaginative brilliance. Sokolsky emerged as a photographic maestro

in a golden era spanning from the 1950s to the 1970s. It was a time when American magazines reigned supreme in the advertisement industry, and photographers were the new rock stars of contemporary art. Publications like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and The New York Times became canvases for Sokolsky's innovative visions. His disdain for the rigid division between editorial and advertising photography led him to always aim for the "full shot," blurring the lines between commercial work and pure


artistic expression, This approach was not just revolutionary but also reflective of Sokolsky's belief in the potential of photography as a form of fine art. One of Sokolsky's most stunning achievements was the Bubble series, where he captured the model Simone D'Aillencourt floating down the Seine in a transparent sphere. This series was not only a technical marvel for its time but also a poetic expression of beauty and grace. Sokolsky's ability to create such elegant illusions without the aid of digital technologies speaks volumes about his mastery and foresight. Through his lens, Sokolsky transformed models into ethereal beings, floating in bubbles or shrunken to miniature scales. These dream-like scenarios were beyond fashion photography; they were a window into a world in which fantasy and reality find a harmonious balance. In an era where digital manipulation did not exist, Sokolsky’s photographs remind us that the magic of photography lay in the eye, the mind, and the heart of the photographer. As we look back at his creations, they continue to inspire awe and wonder, much like the spherical bubble floating over exotic lands in Sokolsky's youthful dreams.


JL Modern Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition of Sokolsky's work. This is a rare opportunity to experience the groundbreaking artistry of one of fashion photography's true innovators firsthand. The exhibition offers a deep dive into Sokolsky's creative world, featuring iconic pieces from his illustrious career. For lovers of photography and art alike, this exhibition is not to be missed.


Show dates: February 17 - March 16 JL Modern Gallery 324 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida 33480 561-612-5520 / jaye@holdenluntz.com www.holdenluntz.com/jl-modern-gallery/ Holden Luntz Gallery 332 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida 33480 561-805-9550 / jaye@holdenluntz.com www.holdenluntz.com



VIA MIZ NER 1924-2024





Where to Stay The Colony Hotel + 1 561 655 5430

The Colony Hotel transcends the ordinary, offering an immersive journey into the soul of Palm Beach. Managed by Bruce Seigel, this iconic destination transforms a simple stay into an experience of familiar warmth and hospitality. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a second home where every detail is meticulously crafted. From the stunning interior design to the engaging day programs and exceptional service, The Colony is a place of indulgence and comfort, making it hard to leave. Prepare to be pampered and awed in an environment where luxury and care are in every corner.

Where to Shop Jewelmer

+1 561 701 0613 In a world where true craftsmanship is a coveted rarity, we spotlight two brands that epitomize this art. Jewelmer, globally celebrated, crafts the rarest high-quality golden South Sea pearls into elegant designs that blend expert craftsmanship with timeless style.

Jennifer Tattanelli +1 561 660 7847

Italian designer Jennifer Tattanelli from Florence has become an icon on the island. Her handcrafted leather bags, shoes, and clothing are a testament to quality materials and artisanal skill, each piece a reflection of her rich Florentine heritage.


Where to Dine Le Bilboquet +1 561 812 2363

At Bilboquet, under Darko Ilie's exceptional management, dining becomes an art form. From the finest French Baguette to the signature Le Poulet Cajun, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. The atmosphere is heightened by a superb wine and cocktail selection. While securing a reservation is a challenge, it's worth it for the chance to experience Palm Beach dining at its finest, where elegance in attire is not just expected but celebrated.

Where to Belong

Carriage House +1 561 223 3556

The best-kept secret among distinguished families, those with deep generational roots in Palm Beach, is the Carriage House. This private club, a visually spectacular masterpiece conceived by its founders Paula Valente Bickford and Michael Bickford, marries traditional British elegance with modern sophistication. Exquisitely designed and curated, the space resonates as a living artwork, a testament to luxury and impeccable taste. Its Omakase cuisine is a standout, promising an extraordinary culinary journey. The waiting list for membership may be lengthy, but the privilege of joining is undoubtedly worth the patience.

Where to Indulge

Cafe Boulud +1 561 655 6060

The answer to this lies in the pastries from Executive Pastry Chef Julie at Café Boulud. Every piece is a work of art, from the signature “Le Camelia” — a madeleine biscuit with mandarin marmalade and ginger/camellia tea ice cream — to her traditional chocolate & noisette with salted caramel, hazelnut praline, and vanilla ice cream. Just one glimpse at her Instagram page @franceschini_julie, and you'll find yourself compelled to immediately make a reservation at Café Boulud.


Your next move can be the next level. KIMBERLY DIMASCIO Explore a unique approach to real estate with Kimberly DiMascio. Not only is she a luxury real estate agent and concierge, but a designer who utilizes her creative eye to create beautiful homes for discerning clients while being in tune with their special needs. With Kimberly’s artistic vision and knowledge of the market, you can rest assured that no detail will be left undone on your journey towards creating your dream home. Working with Kimberly means having access to exclusive properties throughout South Florida and expertise in the Caribbean while benefitting from her signature concierge service.



Menottes dinh van collection to discover at HAMILTON PALM BEACH GARDEN




The favour of your reply is requested by December 2024 S OR R Y, CAN ' T COM E !




PHOTOGRAPHY: Criss Gomez @crissgphotography MODEL: Luisa Fernanda Monteverde @superluisamm MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLE: DEM Studio - Daniel Montero @demstudios2.0







Palm Beach Color Palette inspired by



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Julianne Michelle Julianne Michelle (Reeves Stroh) is an actress, advocate, and mother, who established Mommy’s Heart after many grueling years navigating the family court system to help other parents with the resources that were not available to her. Mommy’s Heart, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, which provides free legal and mental health services to parents and children, who escaped domestic abuse but are facing retaliatory lawfare by their abusers in court. 22



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Industrial Coworking Microwarehousing meets office coworking

The Loloft PropCo Fund 1 presents a unique investment opportunity, aiming to raise $50M USD for the strategic acquisition of properties suitable for adaptive reuse into Loloft's pioneering industrial coworking concept. Loloft is at the forefront of transforming the warehousing industry, catering to the needs of small and growth-stage companies.Their innovative approach allows businesses to store and manage their products in a flexible, noncommittal environment, alleviating the constraints of conventional long-term leases. Dubbed "Industrial Coworking," Loloft's model is a harmonious blend of beautifully designed shared office spaces and state-ofthe-art private warehouse units.


What sets Loloft apart is its commitment to flexibility; it offers lease terms starting from as short as 3 months, a game-changer for businesses seeking agility and scalability. This investment in the Loloft PropCo Fund 1 is not just an investment in real estate; it's an investment in a future where the warehousing industry evolves to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. All properties acquired will be fully tenanted by the Loloft Operating Company (OpCo) from day one. This arrangement guarantees immediate occupancy and a consistent revenue stream from the outset, significantly reducing investment risks typically associated with property vacancy.

To learn more, please contact:

Brendan Howell, CEO brendan@loloft.com +1 415 767 6364 www.loloft.com ROGERS





Disclaimer: This advertisement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation for any security by Loloft PropCo Fund 1 or any third party. Prospective investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Fund before investing. The offering of shares in Loloft PropCo Fund 1 will only be made by a prospectus or private placement memorandum, which should be read carefully before investing.



Ocean Club +5905 90 51 25 36 dinning@ocsbh.com Ocean Club St Barths, is perched in the heart of Gustavia and is the ideal destination for an unforgettable dinner. Located above Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, its location and the views are stunning. Newly awarded the Best New Restaurant in the Caribbean, by the World Culinary Awards, the Ocean Club St Barths is not to be missed. It combines stunning views, with beautiful and delicious food cooked over an open fire, in a comfortable and chic environment. The Ocean Club St Barths was designed to be an extension of your villa or your yacht and the service is designed to reflect this, with attention to detail on another level. If you are visiting the Ocean Club St Barths for a sunset snack and cocktail, an epic celebration, a dinner or just a drink, you have found yourself in the right place. Open 7 days a week for the Winter season, the Team is excited to meet you or to welcome you back. Following the Ocean Club St Barths success, Ocean Club Montauk will open in April 2024, and will be a great addition to the Historic and beautiful Montauk Yacht Club, in East Hampton NY. Promising to deliver the same quality service, food and chic seen in St Barths.


A Luxury Lifestyle You’ll Want to Make Your Own Everything that exclusive, modern, waterfront living should be is finally here.

55 Luxury Waterfront 2- to 4-Bedroom Residences. Starting at $2.85 Million.

Sales Gallery & Showroom 250 N Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach 561.933.7123 | albapalmbeach.com






Altima Caviar Our annual food guide is here. It’s your culinary compass to the best dining destinations on Palm Beach Island. As the Island and its food scene continue to evolve, we bring you both new and favorite spots for leisurely lunches and decadent dinners. This year, we also wanted to highlight a newcomer, Altima Caviar. While it's not a restaurant, you can easily find it on the menus of restaurant favorites like Bice and La Goulue. Altima Caviar is a locally-based, globally sourced caviar company that curates the world's tastiest tins. Don’t just take our word for it; the whole island of Palm Beach is besotted with Altima Caviar, and so is Pola. Below, some of Altima Caviar's biggest fans."


BossBabe Long day at work, but she still has every hair in place as she stops by Mary Mahoney's to buy a 100g tin of Siberian while simultaneously strolling her dog. Yes, she's a born multi-tasker.

Beach Bachelor Ready to see his girl on Friday, after a week of texting on Raya, our Palm Beach bachelor is dressed to the nines in pink. He's prepared a picnic complete with champagne, blinis, and Altima caviar. First bites—and impressions—are everything!.

Brunch en Famille Sunday mornings in Palm Beach call for caviar on everything: pancakes, soft-boiled eggs, and avocado toast. Even our high-chair enthusiast wants a taste. Move over, Gerber Baby; it’s time for Altima Baby!.

The Philanthropists As the season kicks into high gear, it's heartening to see our favorite logo partnering with near-and-dear causes. A kilo of oscietra on ice, ladies in lofty gowns, and silent auction items are eagerly scooped up. In Palm Beach, we're all in for a good cause.


La Golou +1 561 284 6292 lagouluepalmbeach.com In the heart of Palm Beach, La Goulue stands as a testament to French culinary brilliance. This intimate, chic French-themed restaurant offers an immersive dining experience, blending elegant ambiance with masterful cuisine.* The menu, a creation of an executive chef passionate about local seasonal ingredients, features classics with a modern twist. Highlights include the soul-warming Soup á l’oignon gratinée, the sea-inspired Modules Marinieres Frites, and the garlic-rich Les escargots de bourgogne au beurre d’ail. Complementing the exquisite dishes is a selection of boutique French wines, meticulously paired to enhance each culinary creation. The attentive and knowledgeable staff ensures a dining experience that is not just a meal, but an event, setting a new standard in dining excellence. La Goulue offers a journey for the senses, blending exceptional food, fine wines, and elegant service for an unforgettable dining experience in Palm Beach.



Le Bilboquet +1 561 812 2363 lebilboquetpb.com Bilboquet reigns as the pinnacle of dining in Palm Beach. Under the impeccable and amiable management of Darko Ilie, every experience here is imbued with unparalleled service. Culinary delights range from the delectable simplicity of their bread basket, featuring French Baguette, Boulard Walnut, and Olive Ciabatta, to the exquisite flavors of signature dishes like the signature Le Poulet Cajun at Le Bilboquet. Complementing the meal, their curated wine selection and crafted cocktails elevate the dining experience to new heights. Securing a reservation at Bilboquet is a coveted achievement, reflecting the establishment's exclusivity. Guests are expected to dress in a manner befitting the Palm Beach etiquette, adding to the sophisticated ambiance of this gastronomic haven.


Sant Ambroeus +1 561 285 7990 santambroeus.com Since its auspicious debut on Madison Avenue in 1982, Sant Ambroeus has evolved into a culinary institution, boasting four vibrant locations in New York City and extending its reach to Aspen, the Hamptons, Milan, and the sunkissed shores of Palm Beach Island. Sant Ambroeus brings a slice of old-world Milanese charm and sophistication to the Palm Beach gastronomic scene. At the heart of Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach's success is Executive Chef Marco Barbisotti. His mastery is evident in signature dishes like the silken Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, the elegantly composed Vitello Tonnato, and the perfectly crusted Cotoletta alla Milanese.

Each dish is a testament to the chef's commitment to authentic Milanese cuisine and his flair for elevating classic recipes. Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach also shines in the early hours with its breakfast menu. The Cappuccino here is not merely a beverage; it's a ritual, perfected to Milanese standards – rich, robust, and artfully presented. The ambiance of Sant Ambroeus Palm Beach complements its culinary prowess. The décor, service, and overall experience are imbued with an understated elegance and an inviting warmth, making it a go-to destination for both locals and visitors alike.


Cafe L'Europe +1 561 655 4020 cafeleurope.com Marking its 43rd year as a culinary beacon, Café L’Europe in Palm Beach, under the stewardship of The Marcello Family, re-emerged in Fall 2020 as a chic and vibrant Bistro & Bar. Nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, this establishment is a blend of classic charm and contemporary flair. The café’s architecture, reminiscent of timeless French elegance, accommodates up to 175 guests. Its spacious interior is bathed in natural light, streaming through glass French doors, enhancing the venue’s casual yet sophisticated ambiance. The menu, a creative collaboration of French Executive Chefs Alain Krauss and Benoit Delos, offers an exquisite fusion of French


and Mediterranean cuisine. Signature dishes like Tomato Tartar, Dover Sole Meuniere, and the indulgent Grand Marnier Soufflé, showcase the chefs' culinary finesse. Complementing the gastronomic experience is an extensive wine collection, meticulously curated by Sommelier Sergio Cuadros. With over 900 international selections, the wine menu balances rare, prestigious vintages with delightful, value-driven choices.. Embodying a philosophy of warm hospitality, Café L’Europe stands as the heart of the midtown neighborhood, inviting guests to a world where culinary artistry meets timeless elegance.

Buccan +1 561 833 3450 buccanpalmbeach.com At Buccan Palm Beach, securing a reservation is no small feat. Yet, should you be fortunate enough to do so, a culinary journey awaits, courtesy of the celebrated cuisine crafted by the award-winning Executive Chef Clay Conley. Buccan's menu, sophisticated and alluring, is perfectly complemented by the chic bistro-style dining room ambiance. Opt for their signature cocktails or indulge in a prolonged evening of gastronomic delight; either way, satisfaction is guaranteed. And to culminate your experience, do not overlook the surreal delight of their salted caramel cheesecake.


Swifty’s at the Colony Hotel +1 561 655 5430 thecolonypalmbeach.com Swifty’s, New York’s preeminent society boîte, can be found in Palm Beach at The Colony Hotel. Swifty’s at The Colony features al fresco seating under a hanging garden and is led by Swifty’s original founder, Robert Caravaggi. Executive Chef Tom Whitaker loves to work with organic, fresh produce from surrounding


farms and waters to augment Swifty’s classic lunch and dinner options. With so many delicious options, it is hard to choose. Whatever your final choice is, make sure to leave some space for one of Swifty’s iconic desserts, and don’t miss the live music poolside.

Lola 41 Palm Beach +1 561 599 5652 lola41.com LoLa 41 in Palm Beach, located within The White Elephant boutique hotel, boasts an elegant and inviting dining atmosphere. The restaurant's stylish decor features black and white awnings, striped patio umbrellas, and cozy banquettes with multi-colored pillows, creating an ideal setting for a menu. that brims with innovation and culinary finesse. This season, the restaurant proudly introduces two stellar additions to its menu: the Grilled Octopus and Lobster Tagliatelle. The Grilled Octopus is a delightful fusion of flavors, poached in onion, paprika, and red wine, then char-grilled, accompanied by Confit Marble Potatoes, Rosemary, and a Preserved Lemon & Mint Gremolata, and completed with a Nduja Vinaigrette and Crispy Baby Kale. The Lobster Tagliatelle presents a luxurious combination of lobster meat with Tagliatelle pasta, in a creamy sauce of blistered grape tomatoes, pesto, zucchini, mascarpone cheese, and heavy cream, delicately finished with lemon juice and garnished with fresh chives.



FLORIDA , WE’ VE L ANDED. For over 20 years, Tradewind has offered private charters to exquisite destinations such as St Barths and Nantucket. Now, we are proud to announce expanded service with our newest base in the Palm Beach area — bringing confidence and convenience to flights throughout Florida and The Bahamas.

F LY T R A D E W I N D . C O M


+1 203.267.3305


Imoto +1 561 833 5522 imotopalmbeach.com Imoto impresses with its sophisticated blend of traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. The highlight? Exquisite special nigiris, each a small work of art, bursting with fresh, vibrant flavors. Perfectly paired with Kirinzan Mellow sake, these nigiris offer a sublime dining experience. The ambiance is upscale yet welcoming, making Imoto an essential stop for those seeking culinary excellence in Palm Beach."


Café Boulud +1 561 655 6060 cafeboulud.com/palmbeach At Café Boulud, nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, Daniel Boulud's award-winning culinary expertise comes to life. Here, one finds not only a picturesque patio setting but also a brunch experience that captures the essence of upscale dining. The menu, a blend of traditional French cuisine and signature café classics, is highlighted by the exquisite Wild Maine Lobster Roll, elegantly presented in

house-baked brioche with coleslaw and dirty chips. Adding to the gastronomic delight is the dessert selection from Executive Pastry Chef Julie, each creation a testament to artistic culinary skill. Café Boulud, with its harmonious blend of ambiance and flavor, is a must-visit destination for those seeking the pinnacle of Palm Beach dining.






HOTEL Guide2024





Eau Palm Beach +1 561 533 6000 eaupalmbeach.com Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, a former Ritz-Carlton property and a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Rebranded in 2013, this lavish resort is nestled on seven acres of tropical gardens, with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Recognized by Condé Nast Traveler, it features an award-winning 42,000 square foot spa, tennis courts, pools, and diverse dining options. Its location is convenient for exploring Palm Beach's vibrant nightlife and shopping. The resort blends effortless living with relaxed luxury, inspired by Santorini, Capri, and Palm Beach styles. Facilities include an adultonly infinity pool, a family pool, and a serene


spa retreat. Eau Palm Beach is also an ideal venue for weddings and special events, offering extensive event space and catering services. Committed to sustainability, the resort integrates solar power and recycling, balancing luxury with environmental responsibility. Its culinary highlight is the Italian restaurant Polpo, known for its exquisite dishes and imaginative cooking. Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa offers a perfect blend of luxury, sustainability, and culinary excellence, ideal for a sophisticated and relaxing getaway.

Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach +1 561 582 2800 fourseasons.com/palmbeach The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach, a luxurious destination in Palm Beach, Florida, is renowned for its elegant coastal home design and relaxed yet glamorous resort style. The resort, designed by Leo Daly with interiors by Martin Brudnizki and Brian Gluckstein, is situated on Palm Beach Island’s most beautiful beach along the Atlantic Ocean. Following a multimillion-dollar renovation, the resort features a redesigned lobby, new Ocean View Studio suites, first-floor Cabana Terrace rooms, and a remodeled pool terrace with two outdoor pools. The renovation enhanced the resort's dining options, pool experience, and public spaces, adding a distinctive vintage Palm Beach aesthetic to the rooms.

The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach offers various amenities, including a chic seaside sanctuary spa, globally inspired cuisine, tennis courts, and a wide range of beach and water activities. Guests can enjoy beachfront yoga, complimentary bicycles, and an array of water sports equipment. The resort is particularly appealing for its serene atmosphere and its ability to cater to both leisure and business travelers with its spacious meeting rooms and banquet facilities. This resort is an embodiment of the tranquil and luxurious lifestyle of Palm Beach, providing guests with a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort.


The Colony Hotel +1 561 655 5430 thecolonypalmbeach.com The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach is a classic destination renowned for its bold-colored brand of luxury. This iconic hotel has been a stylish retreat since 1947, situated in the heart of Palm Beach and close to world-class restaurants and shopping. In 2016, Andrew and Sarah Wetenhall acquired The Colony and infused it with Old Florida charm. Collaborating with the celebrated design firm Kemble Interiors and de Gournay, they created a custom mural, resulting in a vibrant and inviting lobby. The redesign features a capsule furniture collection by Society Social, including handcrafted rattan and faux bamboo pieces, Farrow & Ball paint in heritage colors, and luxurious screen-printed fabrics by the renowned textile house F. Schumacher. The guest rooms and suites at The Colony underwent a significant refresh, aligning them


with the ethos of the property. Spearheaded by Kemble Interiors, the design includes bespoke murals by deGournay, hand-painted wallcoverings, and exclusive art from notable Palm Beach photographers and artists. Each room is uniquely designed to embody the Palm Beach way of life, combining luxury with a sense of playfulness. The Colony is home to Dolce and Gabbana and recently hosted a pop-up with Popup Bagels. Situated just a few feet from the sand, The Colony offers direct beach access, and its Beach Butler service caters to guests with gourmet bites and beverages right on the beach. Guests can also indulge in the best cuisine Palm Beach has to offer without ever leaving the resort, with meals and snacks served daily at the hotel's stylish bars and restaurants. Additionally, guests can enjoy delicious pastries and coffee at the Pink Paradise Café.

The White Elephant Palm Beach +1 561 832 7050 whiteelephantpalmbeach.com The White Elephant Palm Beach, a boutique hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, blends historic charm with modern luxury. Originally the Bradley Park Hotel from the 1920s, it has been exquisitely transformed while preserving its historic character. Situated near the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, the hotel features a lush U-shaped outdoor courtyard and the globally-inspired Lola 41 restaurant. The hotel's design stands out with a neutral color palette, sleek metal accents, and vibrant pops of color, moving away from the traditional Palm Beach aesthetic. It also boasts a significant art collection with works by nota-

ble artists like Robert Rauschenberg. Guestrooms and suites offer custom-designed furniture, Pratesi linens, hardwood floors, and Carrara marble, creating an ambiance of elegance and comfort. Amenities include complimentary use of bicycles, exclusive yacht excursions, and chauffeured BMW 7 Series vehicles. The White Elephant Palm Beach is notable for its unique combination of historical significance, artful design, and contemporary luxury, offering a distinctive and upscale experience in Palm Beach.


Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Nestled on Palm beach island on 7 acres of prime real estate right between the dreamy Atlantic ocean and the gorgeous views of Florida's gold coast. From the moment you arrive, where you are greeted by a fresh flute of champagne you are welcomed into this 5-star resort, one of two on Forbes’ list for Palm Beach. Here it is time to relax, unwind and rediscover time.

100 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan, FL 33462, United States +1 561-533-6000 info@eaupalmbeach.com


The Hotel has a combination of 309 rooms which includes the suites that are directly adjacent to the Atlantic ocean where you can watch dreamy sunrises from your personal balcony. The resort has four appetizing restaurants that truly evoke what it is to have sea-side dining, whether you are eating some of the freshly prepared plates or enjoying a craft beer with iconic views of the ocean, you will not be disappointed. Eau Spa is akin to being in heaven, boasting 42000 square feet with 19 different treatment rooms that can be customized as much as you would like from the aroma to the treatment type, music, and lighting. Eau Spa is part of the exclusive club of only 48 spas throughout the world that have been awarded the Forbes ultra-exclusive 5-star award. There are steam rooms, bath lounges, saunas, a steam shower, Jacuzzis’, Hair Salon, a Barber Shop, an Ocean View Nail Salon with Custom Pedicure Thrones Fitness Center and, a Movement Studio with fitness classes. You are encouraged to indulge yourself here and let go and enjoy some well-deserved pamper time. Let's not forget the hotel offers a wide range of activities from tennis under the supervision of wellknown Tennis Pro Robert J Stalzer to water sports, stand-up paddleboard yoga, beach workouts, meditation to name but a few of their wide array and selection of activities. Of course, if you would prefer to have just a private cabana on the beach and silently relax with your partner the Eau has successfully thought of every minute detail to inspire this.



Guide2024 Presented by Elitra Health



"The Art of Longevity Planning: Mastering Health the Ultimate Wealth" In a world where high achievers set the pace, a key differentiator is their approach to health, which encompasses maintaining high energy, mental clarity, creativity, and focus.

They incorporate longevity and beauty hacks, recognizing the synergy between external appearance and internal health. Moving away from traditional reactive health strategies, these individuals embrace proactive regimes focused on longevity and preventive care, an approach increasingly popular among global clients at ElItra Health.




As I stepped into the heart of New York, I found myself at the threshold of not just any clinic, but a remarkable wellness center that redefines the conventional American healthcare experience. This is not your typical clinic; it's an impeccable fusion of luxury and health, a rare blend that feels more akin to entering the grandeur of a top-tier hotel rather than a medical facility. From the moment I walked in, the absence of the usual clinic ambiance was palpable. Gone were the long waits and the stark, cold environment we've all grown accustomed to. Instead, I was welcomed into an impeccable space that exuded tranquility and sophistication. I was warmly welcomed by my personal conciege contact, with whom I had spoken six weeks before scheduling my consultation. She had explained in detail what I could expect during my day at the facility and had immediately followed up with an email asking me to fill out some forms about my health history. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the absence of having to sit in a waiting room. The clinic operates with a unique approach, catering to a maximum of four patients per day. If you get the VIP package, you get the clinic all to yourself. After leaving my belongings and getting comfortable in the locker room, I met with a board-certified physician, who had already gone through my health history in detail. The session was dedicated to a comprehensive

examination, covering my entire medical history, from birth to the present day. The focus was not just on the physical aspects of health but also on understanding the intricate details of my family's medical background and my target symptoms. Throughout the consultation, I experienced an unrushed level of care that was both thorough and personalized, a rare experience in today's healthcare landscape.

The equipment here is state-ofthe-art, a testament to the clinic's commitment to offering the best in medical technology. In terms of diagnostics, the clinic left no stone unturned. They conducted a comprehensive lab panel with over 60 different tests, encompassing everything from cholesterol and glucose levels to thyroid function and organ screening. Moreover, the advanced imaging capabilities, including CT scans and 3D imaging of my chest, heart, and lungs, were truly impressive. They also offered full DNA sequencing and hereditary cancer screening. 65

After undergoing these new medical examinations, I found myself enveloped in the serenity of a beautifully decorated space, indulging in a nutritious breakfast. After this interlude of mental respite, I met with the dietician. Our conversation delved into my food habits, addressing my digestive issues often attributed to stress and the hectic lifestyle of constant travel. She was able to analyze these in conjunction with the results of the Food Sensitivity Test, which were sent afterward. This session seamlessly transitioned into an encounter with the excercise physiologist. Initially, I was skeptical, having already worked with several top-notch trainers, but the concierge's recommendation swayed me, and retrospectively, I couldn't be more grateful. It's worth noting that he is renowned for treating professional athletes. The session included a cardiac test, a series of physical assessments, and a meticulous analysis of my posture. Astonishingly, the physiologist detected a minor, previously overlooked injury. This revelation was a turning point; it explained how a flawed running technique was impacting my posture. The session transcended a mere consultation; it was an educational experience about the body's mechanics. I learned that due to muscle memory, it's crucial to train the body in adopting a new posture alignment. The key lies in repetition and understanding the mechanical interconnectivity of the body, highlighting how a single incorrect habit can cascade into a broader impact. The cherry on top of this experience was undoubtedly the session with the massage therapist. But let me clarify, this was not just any ordinary massage; it was a session with certified therapists who truly understand the mechanical interconnectedness of the body. Just when I thought the day was over, the most impressive aspect emerged: the immediate sharing and discussion of results with the doctor on the same day, a process that


would normally take days in a typical clinic. Days after my visit, the journey of self-discovery continued with the arrival of a comprehensive report. Meticulously prepared, it was sent to both me and my primary physician. This detailed document served as a personal handbook, revealing insights into my body's functions and genetic predispositions. It felt like I had received a tailored guide on optimizing my health and understanding the interplay between my body and mind. More than just a summary of my health, this report provided a glimpse into the future. It outlined potential health risks and offered strategies for disease prevention, emphasizing the importance of proactive care. This approach to health, blending advanced diagnostics with personalized advice, epitomizes the clinic's commitment to pioneering a new standard in wellness and longevity."


Embracing St. Barths Tranquility: Le Barthélemy's Journey into Holistic Water Healing In the serene surroundings of St. Barts, the award-winning Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, along with its sister brand Le Barth Villa Rental, is pioneering a unique wellness initiative. They have introduced a holistic water healing concept that encompasses ancient healing modalities, promising a deeper connection to oneself and a profound sense of calm.


The concept, which builds upon the hotel's existing partnership with La Mer and its Nordic water therapy offerings, introduces two distinct and rare water healing experiences: Janzu and Aquatic Tibetan Sound Healing. Sebastien Maingourd, the Regional General Manager, emphasizes the hotel's commitment to incorporating the island's natural resources, particularly water, to enhance the physical and mental well-being of their guests. Janzu, or 'peaceful river' in Chinese, is a psychocorporal therapeutic practice that dates back to ancient Shamanic regression techniques. It involves guided rhythmic movements in water, facilitating a state of deep relaxation and transformation. Grégoire Bosc, a Janzu specialist at the hotel, describes it as a journey towards self-renewal and presence. Complementing Janzu, the hotel also introduces Aquatic Tibetan Bowls, orchestrated

by Marine Delfino. This unique therapy involves submerging in water while Tibetan bowls placed on the water surface create deep vibrational frequencies. Delfino tailors the frequency of each bowl to the individual needs of the guests, enhancing the healing process. This therapy is known to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and improve overall mental well-being. Guests can experience these therapies in various serene settings like the Nature's Reserve, private plunge pools, infinity pools, or at any villa within the Le Barth portfolio with access to water. In addition to these new therapies, the hotel continues to offer the La Mer Ritual Excellence experience at Le Spa, which uses the regenerative properties of Giant Sea Kelp, and Nordic vitality pools to boost immunity and circulation.

For more information on these wellness practices and the hotel's offerings, visit: lebarthelemyhotel.com or follow their social media handles @lebarthelemy, @amis_stbarth and @lebarth_villas


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Seraphine's primary aim is to share her affection for these two cultures by designing furniture and objects that reflect the art of living in the tropics. The St. Barths designer's editorial line is inspired by the free curves of nature, adopting the suppleness and vivacity of a dynamic line. This design aims to directly engage the sensibilities of users, by capturing the lightness of movement, thereby bringing the objects to life. The pursuit of lightness and movement are essential components of her work, resulting in forms that diverge from traditional construction




sections that define a graceful ensemble."




Saint Jean Carenage 97133 Saint Barthelemy contact@seraphyndesign.com +590 (0)690 240240


Salon REVELATIONS held at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris in June 2023. Her pieces will be on display at EDEN Fine Art Gallery in Gustavia in March 2024.


Longevity-Boosting Ways to Revitalize/Nourish/Enhance your Body and Mind BY: KRISTINE KELLY Nutrition Coach, Chef of Plant Based Daily, St Barth


02. Reduce the impact of stress You can reduce the impact of stress by making time to honor your emotional and psychological world. Start by incorporating daily self-care practices that resonate with you, calming the nervous system even if you start with 5 mins a day. Meditation, Breathing exercises, tai chi, flow writing, daily walks outside, journaling, socializing. Find something you enjoy and build on this practice.

Strengthen your vagus nerve: The vagus nerve plays an important role in the gut-brain axis, which affects your mood. You can also practice vagus nerve exercises regularly to better build up your resilience against stress. Physical vagus nerve exercises:

01. Creating a healthy relationship with food Letting go of perfectionism, having shame when you eat something “unhealthy,” or eating in a rushed state (focusing more on mindfulness eating). Mindfulness eating starts with allowing your body to move into a relaxed, parasympathetic state before you start eating. This is achieved by moving away from your work space, gratitude, and deep breathing. Your mental state has a direct effect on your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. If you look at what centenarians eat in the “Blue Zones,” you can think about plant-based as your plate’s superstar and add in your bio-individual choice of protein as garnish. According to Dan Buettner, “beans, including fava, black, soy and lentils, are the cornerstone of most centenarian diets. Meat—mostly pork—is eaten on average only five times per month. Serving sizes are 3-4 oz., about the size of a deck of cards.” Start by focusing on meals that bring you pleasure to eat or have fun modernizing a traditional family recipe with your own twist. You could get extra support with a nutrition coach like myself to guide you in this process of creating a meal plan that works for you. By eating a variety of healthy foods that you love and that react well in your body, you are shifting your perspective forwards making food choices out of self-respect, not out of restriction, shame, obsession, or punishment. Allowing ourselves to honor our body and nourish our hunger by enjoying a variety of foods, we connect our mind and bodies with “intuitive eating.” Intuitive eating is “trusting your body to make food choices that feel good for you, without judging yourself or the influence of diet culture. (Source: National Eating Disorders Association).

• Gargling: Gargle with water in the morning and evening when you brush your teeth. Aim for 30 seconds to one minute. • Singing: Doesn’t matter if you can carry a tune, turn on your favorite song and belt it out. • Om-ing: Yes, the same om associated with yoga practice. Sitting in a quiet space, chant a long “om.” You should feel a vibration around the ears, which will connect to the vagus nerve. A study in the International Journal of Yoga found that chanting ‘om’ was helpful in deactivating certain parts of the limbic system in the brain involved in stress and emotional responses, such as the amygdala. • Laughing: Watch a funny TV show or movie and actually laugh at the funny parts. Or spend time with that friend who you always end up laughing with like doing karaoke or something fun.

Psychological vagus nerve exercises: • Gratitude journaling: Sit down before bed or when you wake up and write down three things you’re grateful for, whether they’re big or small). Repeat this daily, weekly, or a cadence that feels right for you to help activate the PNS (peripheral nervous system). • Deep breathing: There are so many different types of breathwork out there, see which one resonates with you. My personal favorite is known as “Box Breathing.” Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4. Repeat as many times as you need.


• Meditating or Praying: Meditating can take many forms and does not have to be long and drawn out, but “contemplative practices,” such as yoga or meditation walks, have been found to bring calm, in part, by activating the vagus nerve. • Exposing yourself to things that are beautiful, such as a sunset, spending time in nature, looking at pretty pictures, or playing with your pets: Anything that brings forth positive emotions—and this is different for everyone—increase vagal tone, and has been found to be a contributor to good physical health, notes a randomized controlled trial in Psychological Science.

03. Intuitive movement and grounding Getting in contact with the earth every day is grounding. Research is showing that connecting directly with the earth’s energy can actually improve health by reducing stress, decreasing inflammation, and improving immune response. This practice is referred to as “earthing.” Spending 40 minutes per day with direct skin contact with the earth can make a big difference. You can do this by walking barefoot in the grass, gardening, or laying out in the yard at night and looking up at the stars. Walking on the beach counts, as does taking a swim in a lake or ocean!.

04. Sacred Morning + Evening routines Take a moment to reflect on your current morning routine. Do you immediately grab your cell phone to scroll upon waking or jump out of bed in a rushed state (elevating your cortisol) or do you take time to slow down and stretch when you first wake up? Developing your own morning practice of having some sacred time to expose yourself to sunlight upon waking (this can improve your sleep), enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while meditating, or a few minutes of journaling or flow writing to start your day can positively impact the rest of your day. Viewing sunlight within the first hours of waking (as soon as you can, even if through cloud cover) increases early-day cortisol release (the ideal time for elevated cortisol) and prepares the body for sleep later that night. A morning spike in cortisol will also positively influence your immune system, metabolism and ability to focus during the day. Further, morning sunlight helps regulate your “circadian clock” — the body’s mechanism for anticipating when to wake up and go to sleep — and it manages other biological processes like hunger and body temperature. On a sunny morning, get outside for 5-10 minutes. You can do more if you have time, and feel free to use the time outside to exercise, walk, eat a light breakfast or journal in the sunlight. Even on overcast days, there is still enough sunlight to trigger positive effects, but you’ll need to increase the time outside to at least 15-20 minutes. If it’s dark when you wake up or if the weather prevents you from going outside, flip on as many bright indoor artificial lights as possible — then get outside as soon as the sun is out. (Source: Andrew Huberman, Ph.D.) For your evening routine, try to eat at least two hours before you plan to fall asleep so you have enough time to properly digest your food. Taking time between eating and lying down also reduces the risk of GER symp-


toms and poor sleep. Try to avoid blue lights after sunset if possible and enjoy a nice warm Epsom salt bath, herbal foot soak or “Abhyanga,” which is a daily, or frequent, full-body self-massage practice performed with warm oil, rooted in ayurvedic medicine. Maybe wind down further by clearing your head by journaling, reading a book or listening to Yoga Nidra “yogic sleep.” Yoga nidra is intended to produce a state of relaxation that is similar to sleep, but involves maintaining conscious awareness of the environment.

05. Prioritize Sleep. Slow down A good night’s sleep has become a luxury for many of us as we stay up for work or play and this can be detrimental for our health. Not only do we feel the effects of poor sleep throughout the day, but research shows that chronic sleep loss has negative long-term effects on our heart health, cognitive function and more. If you’re struggling with falling alseep, or you’re simply sleep-curious, one of my favorite books that I recommend is, “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. If you feel fatique during the day,Ttry taking URBs (ultradian rhythm breaks, “sleep snacks”). Basically approximately every hour and a half or so you need to take a rest break. If you don't you may be well on your way to the Ultradian Stress Syndrome: you get tired and lose your mental focus, you tend to make mistakes, get irritable and have accidents. If you continue to ignore your need to take a break you can experience more and more stress and may actually get sick. When you learn how to recognize your need to take a 20 minute break you can convert your stress into what Dr. Ernest Lawrence Rossi refers to as “The Ultradian Healing Response.” It’s that wonderful feeling of comfort and well-being that you naturally have when you are tired but let yourself have the freedom to take well deserved rest. Taking a 20 minute healing break allows your mind and body to recover - it more than just a luxury to feel good! Your mind and body needs a chance to build up its internal supplies of available energy -to clear up the backlog of unfinished business and gear up for another hour and a half of good work, play and health. (source: Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Ph.D.)

Designer Style Should Go From Head To Toe 150 Worth Avenue Palm Beach Florida

561 . 655 . 2700 woodymichleb.com77


"For this series, my work has focused on my favorite element: Air. Air gives a feeling of elevation and strong energy. The essence of my pictures consists of metaphors responding to the expression of nature though humans but also the connections they have with their environment. I aim to tell a unique story with each piece, and invite the viewer to adopt new perspectives when contemplating a piece. Each piece starts with the location and feeling the energy of the place, then the connection that the model feels and expresses in situ."


The endless landscapes that form the backdrop and inspiration are totally sauvage and immediately recognisable as St Barth. Nothing superficial, only nature and human. Lindbergh likes to let the models move in their own way, connecting with the wind and being pulled from one side to the other by the long 16 metre silver sheet, which she uses to harness the power of the wind - making the invisible, visible. Nature is part of the storytelling and its unpredictability plays the co-starring role in these pieces. It is a dance between the elements and the model. These innocent moments

are always organic and free-spirited. "In my work, we feel mobility and freedom. The pieces focus on my ability to capture the place and the model in movement. It’s important for me to find people that are not just models. They also have a story, something to tell us. For me photography goes beyond the limits of concepts and imaginations, and my photography aims to express what we feel but cannot see." From the photoshoot through to the production of the print, every step is important. The printing process used is Piezography ,which is the highest-standard in black and white printing. It is the only system capable of printing tens of thousands of gray levels that capture the depth and nuance of the image. This is produced from the increased load of high quality carbon pigment being printed combined with up to seven shades of carbon ink. Photographer and pilot Isabelle Lindbergh, was born in Senlis near Paris, France. Granddaughter of American aviator Charles Lindbergh, (the first to cross the North Atlantic non-stop. In May 1927). Lindbergh formalised her exploration of the arts by embarking on photography studies at some of the most renowned schools in France, including the ESSAG Penninghen graphic art school in Paris and Les Goblins Paris. In 2015 she obtained her Masters in photography. Since graduating 10 years ago, Lindbergh’s "savoir-faire" has been requested in various fields, from fashion, cosmetics and luxury to music. Her focus has now turned to fine art and having the freedom to explore her full creative vision. "Today I feel confident in my approach and it is important for me to express my artistic language outside of the advertising world, devoting myself to more personal and intimate series that reveal a search for sincerity, simplicity and authenticity."

Visit us at the Carré D’Or in Gustavia between Hermès and Cartier. We are open Mon-Sat 9-1pm & 4-7pm

Space gallery carries selection of photography, painting and sculpture. To learn more about their artists visit: spacegallerystbarth.com 79


Support us in MakingADifference in the lives of over 200 survivors who we have aided because of friends like you!

Join us or become a Sponsor of our 9th Annual Mardi Gras Gala!



The Sailfish Club, Palm Beach

For More Information or Producer Opportunities visit: www.moviesmakingadifference.org Making socially conscious movies highlighting the injustice of Human Trafficking, Child Slavery, Child Marriage, and Spiritual Abuse. We support the survivors we aid in escaping throughout their journey, by directly supporting them to become healthy, independent, strong individuals.



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"Discover Mexico City's Heart at Pugseal: The Perfect Urban Retreat for the Sophisticated and Culturally Curious Traveler."


In the vibrant heart of Mexico City, nestled in the chic Polanco district, a unique gem redefines the essence of city breaks: Pugseal. More than a hotel, this is a portal to an immersive cultural journey, marrying the rich heritage of the city with modern design's crisp elegance.

Book today: pugseal.com +52 55 86 82 06 15 IG: @pugseal hola@pugseal.com

Entering this establishment, guests feel like they're coming home. The concierge team, blending old-world hospitality with modern comfort, offers a warm welcome. They serve as personal guides, unveiling Mexico City's secrets and ensuring a safe, comfortable exploration of its bustling streets and lively art scene. Located in Polanco, one of Mexico's most affluent and secure areas, the hotel embodies a rare philosophy: personalized luxury service combined with the warmth of a home. The experience at this hotel extends beyond a single building, covering two distinctive properties in Polanco, each an architectural jewel with its own narrative. The Pug Seal Allan Poe, an early 20th-century baroque house, exudes a unique allure. Its design harmoniously blends modern and historical elements, paying tribute to Quetzalcoatl, the revered Mesoamerican deity. Every corner is thoughtfully crafted, infusing the space with life and soul. Nearby, the Pug Seal Anatole France awaits. This 1940s mansion, reborn as a boutique hotel, honors the European influence woven into Mexico's vibrant culture. The mansion, a meld of eclectic colors, striking patterns, and vintage furniture, stands as a testament to multicultural artistic collaboration. The hotel's concierge team is adept at crafting personalized experiences that delve into the cultural heart of Mexico City. From organizing private tours of historical landmarks to securing access to exclusive art galleries and culinary gems, they ensure every stay is culturally enriching. At this hotel, every detail is carefully chosen to enhance the guest experience. Whether visiting for a city break or seeking creative inspiration, the hotel offers a sanctuary where Mexico City's past and future converge. It's not just a stay; it's a journey through time and culture, leaving guests with memories as vibrant and enduring as the city itself.


Megan Weinberger is the philanthropic force behind Rescue Life. Every day she lives to make a difference on the farm & beyond.

ONE GOAL. ONE MISSION. Rescue Life Sanctuary opened its doors in 2013 as a safe haven for unwanted and forgotten animals. Rescue Life provides animals with love and space, while also lending a therapeutic environment to local charities like ELS for Autism, Kid Sanctuary Foster Home and Place of Hope. To learn more about us, to schedule a private visit, or to make a donation, visit Rescue-Life.org



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