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POINT (People and Organizations in North Toronto), August, 2016. All Rights reserved. For permission to reprint any part of the Senior Volunteer Resource Guide, contact POINT at 416487-2390 in regards to copyright restrictions. This booklet may not be electronically reproduced. Every effort has been made to provide accurate information in this Resource Guide. Any errors and/or omissions can be brought to the attention of POINT, and will be addressed in any future reprinting. POINT does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury as a result of relying on information contained in the Senior Volunteer Resource Guide.

P.O.I.N.T Inc. (People and Organizations in North Toronto) is a long established grass roots organization in North Toronto. Our mission is to provide or facilitate the delivery of services to address unmet community needs of those who live, work and study in North Toronto, through information, education and community engagement. POINT aims to improve availability and increase awareness of social and health services in the community. POINT has been instrumental in initiating programs and organizations such as the Block Parent Program, SPRINT Senior Care, The Anne Johnston Health Station and North Toronto Memorial Community Centre. POINT also acts as a catalyst by putting people and solutions together. Our current areas of focus are: youth, newcomers, seniors, low-income individuals and encouraging civic participation in the community.

Table of Contents 1

POINT’s Mandate and the Purpose of the Guide


Statistics about Senior Volunteers


Benefits of Volunteerism


Volunteer Opportunities in Toronto

35 Online Resources 36 Acknowledgements

The Senior Volunteer Resource Guide is another POINT initiative. This guide has been created to provide older adults with a list of volunteer opportunities and/or contact positions for agencies/organizations in the Toronto area. It should be noted that the volunteer opportunities listed in the guide are not the only volunteer positions being offered in the City of Toronto. If your interests do not match the volunteer opportunities listed, you may wish to investigate other agencies/organizations on your own, view opportunities available on our website www.pointinc.org or discuss community involvement opportunities with the Community Information Service Coordinator at POINT.

You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.

P.O.I.N.T Inc. 200 Eglinton Avenue West, 1st Floor Toronto, ON M4R 1A7 Phone: (416) 487-2390 E-mail: point@pointinc.org Website: www.pointinc.org

- Winston Churchill




According to the most recent census data provided by Statistics Canada, over 13.3 million people—accounting for 47% of Canadians aged 15 and over—did volunteer work in 2010. They devoted almost 2.07 billion hours to their volunteer activities: a volume of work that is equivalent to just under 1.1 million full-time jobs.

300 250 200










15-24 23-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-73 65-74 75+

60 50 40






Given their high levels of involvement, seniors are more likely than other age groups to be “top volunteers”, who are defined as the 25% of people who volunteered 171 hours or more annually and accounted for 78% of all volunteer hours. In 2007, of seniors who volunteered, 36% of younger seniors (aged 65 to 74) and 33% of older seniors (75+) were top volunteers, the highest of all age categories. For boomers who volunteered, 32% of older boomers (aged 55 to 64) and 26% of younger boomers (aged 45 to 54) were top volunteers.

10 0 15-24 23-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-73 65-74


In general, younger Canadians are more likely to volunteer than older Canadians. Well over one-half of people aged 15 to 24 (58%) and 35 to 44 (54%), and close to one-half of those aged 25 to 34 (46%), reported doing volunteer work in 2010. In comparison, pre-retirees aged 55 to 64 had a volunteer rate of 41% in 2010 and seniors recorded a rate of 36%. Adults aged 25 to 34 were the only age group to record an increase in volunteerism between 2007 and 2010.

Certain characteristics increase the likelihood that seniors will volunteer. Factors such as higher levels of education, attending religious services more frequently, and having a vehicle and a driver’s license all increase the likelihood that seniors will volunteer their time. Some research has also identified that the length of time an individual has resided in their community also influences the likelihood of volunteering, with younger seniors living in their communities for less than one year being the most likely to volunteer. One possible explanation for this could be that younger seniors are going through important life transitions and volunteering may help establish social networks in their new location.

While younger Canadians are more likely to volunteer, they devote fewer hours to their volunteer work. On average, youths aged 15 to 24 (130 hours) and younger adults aged 25 to 34 (109 hours) recorded only about one-half as many hours as seniors (223 hours). 2


Benefits of Volunteerism


“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in�

Hospitals Environment

Volunteer Rate

With the significant increase in the ageing population, it appears that an unlikely opportunity is presenting itself in the area of volunteering. This demographic shift along with the willingness of older citizens to give back to society is a chance for this group to create a better society. Seniors bring with them a lifetime of knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom that took years to acquire. Given the continued uncertainty in economies around the globe, the gift of volunteerism by seniors is most welcome especially in this climate of fiscal cuts that are impacting so many deserving community projects.

Health Distribution of Total Volunteer Hours

Education Sports & Rec. 0





Non-profit and charitable organizations support an enormous variety of causes, ranging from universal issues like heart disease or homelessness to specific questions mainly relevant to the local community. But some subjects attract more volunteers than others. In 2010, 12 % of people aged 15 and over did volunteer work for sports and recreation organizations and 12% for nonprofit organizations providing social services; 10% devoted their time and energy to associations engaged in education and research, another 9% to religious organizations, and 6% to those supporting health issues. About 66% of volunteer hours went to the non-profit and charitable organizations working in these five areas. Organizations associated with sports and recreation accounted for 19% of volunteer hours, those providing social services for 18% and religious organizations for 15%. Non-profits involved in education and research received 9% of volunteer hours and health organizations received 5%.1

For most of us approaching retirement or those who are actually retired it is a time of great transition. During this period of transition some seniors come to the realization it is critical that they engage in pre-planning before retirement. It is not only a prudent decision but a necessary one to set aside time to examine how to spend one’s retirement. Retirees who engage in volunteering can enjoy intangible benefits. For example, good feelings for giving back to society and in many cases contributing to a more healthy lifestyle by keeping active both physically and emotionally. Even healthy retirees can be challenged by lack of social interaction, stimulation and loneliness which can lead to depression. Retirees can, and do benefit, from getting involved in various volunteer activities related to cultural, educational, health care or political interests. They can also consider reaching out to the disadvantaged or to charitable organizations, not to mention the growing interest in nature conservation projects for the environmentally conscious seniors. However, some restraint should be exercised by those who volunteer. There are some individuals who tend to get involved in


Source: Statistics Canada, Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating, 2010.



Volunteer Opportunities

‘everything’ and exhaust themselves. That is all they do every day

and the result is that they ignore the importance of having ‘balance’ in their lives.

The following suggestions are extensive and varied but this is in no way an exhaustive list. If your interests include: community and social services, cultural and heritage institutions, education, the arts, animal rights, health, social justice, senior services, or recreation, you may find an idea in this list. This guide entails the information that was made available by the organization. For more details regarding an opportunity listed in the guide, please contact the service agency. If you desire additional opportunities, POINT encourages you to visit our website www.pointinc.org for regular updates of volunteer opportunities or contact our CIS Coordinator at 416-487-2390.

Whether you are a senior of modest or comfortable financial means the act of volunteerism gives you an opportunity to make a generous contribution to your community while realizing great benefits to your own life. Retirees who want to give back to society or are seeking more meaning in their lives should consider volunteering. It is clear that there are compelling reasons to volunteer. The wonderful end result is that volunteerism can be instrumental in making democracy more of a reality in society.2

Alexandra Park Neighbourhood Learning Centre 707 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5T 2W6 Phone: 416-591-7384 Email: info@apnlc.org Website: www.apnlc.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized, I was somebody.”

Tutor Our volunteer tutors are matched with adult learners and meet oneto-one every week. We are currently seeking tutors who can work with learners on reading, writing, numeracy, and using digital technology. Training: 15- hour tutor orientation and training provided. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

-Joyce Flaugher

Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West, Toronto Ontario M5S 1W7 · Phone: 416-979-7799 Volunteer Contact: andrea@batashoemuseum.ca Website: www.batashoemuseum.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible. 

Docent (Tour Guide) Volunteer docents help by leading private tours for daycares, school groups, ESL classes, and adults. Volunteer docents serve


Source: Volunteerism and Seniors. (2011, July 21). Retrieved August 02, 2016, from https:// goldenwavemovement.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/volunteerism-and-seniors/



visitors by presenting accurate information of the history of the museum, the collection, and the architecture of the building. They also deliver interactive educational programs. Training: The Introductory Docent Training Program consists of eight (8) sessions and meets twice weekly. Commitment: 1 year minimum. 1 tour per week. Hours: 1- 1.5 hours per tour.

Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: 6 month commitment.

Belmont House

55 Belmont Street, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1R1 Phone: 416-964-9231 Email: information@belmonthouse.com Website: www.belmonthouse.com Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Admissions Desk Volunteer Greet guests, sell admission tickets and distribute activity kits to child visitors. Volunteers will also answer telephone calls, receive mail/deliveries and assist visitors with special needs. Commitment: 1 year minimum. 1 shift every other week. Hours: 3.5 hours per shift.

Activity Assistant/Program Porter

Pet Visitor

Musical Entertainer

Program/Group Leader

Tuck Shop Representative

Walking/Outing Assistant

Special Event Assistant

Computer/Library Assistant

Information Desk Volunteer Assist visitors to Baycrest with directions and general information.

Reading Program

Friendly Visitor

Musicians Participate in our special music programs.

Mealtime Assistant

Wellness Path Program Volunteers will greet clients upon their arrival, socialize with clients, engage them in discussion and facilitate other activities while they are waiting to be seen by staff.

Training: Orientation and task-specific training provided. Commitment: Position dependent.

1003 Steeles Avenue West, Toronto, ON M2R 3T6 Phone: 416-225-2112, ext. 127 Email: cherylb@betelcentre.org


3560 Bathurst Street Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2E1 Phone: 416-785-2500 ext. 2572 Email: volunteer@baycrest.org Website: www.baycrest.org Accessibility: Fully accessible. 

Simulation Project Actor You can support the Learning, Research and Innovation simulation project, by acting in training scenarios created for staff, volunteers and students. 

Bernard Betel Centre

Salon Escort Volunteers assist our clients in getting to the beauty salon and keeping them company while they have their hair done. 8


Training: 2 week training period. Commitment: 6 months minimum. Hours: 2 hours per week.

Website: www.betelcentre.org Accessibility: Fully accessible. 

Friendly Visitors Friendly Visiting creates lasting, meaningful relationships between seniors and volunteers. With regular friendly visits, isolated seniors experience improved physical, mental and emotional health and gain a more positive outlook. Commitment: 6 months minimum. Hours: Flexible.

Canadian Opera Company

145 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 4G1 Phone: 416-363-8231 Website: www.coc.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible. 

Office Volunteer Office volunteers assist with administrative projects including preparation of mailings, courtesy calling, filing, data entry and a variety of other related duties. Hours: Weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers Help contribute to the homebound seniors’ ability to remain independent in their homes by ensuring they have access to hot, nutritious, Kosher meals. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

Archives Volunteer Archive volunteers assist in a variety of duties including the cataloguing, organization and preservation of COC materials. Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Computer Learning Resource Centre Assistant We offer senior-friendly, personal instruction in small groups, assisted by volunteers. The computer lab has 13 student computers, an instructor’s computer and dedicated server. Volunteers provide assistance to the students while the instructor teaches the class.

Free Concert Series volunteers The Free Concert Series takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at noon, and on the first Wednesday evening of each month at the Four Seasons Centre. Volunteers direct patrons to seats during arrival and provide general customer service. Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; Wednesdays, 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Better Living Health and Community Services 1 Overland Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 2C3 Phone: 416-447-7244 ext. 740 Email: volunteerservices@betterlivinghealth.org Website: www.betterlivinghealth.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Friends Lounge volunteers Check members' cards for entry; provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for opera-goers.

Hospice Volunteers Visiting Hospice Volunteers are needed to provide physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to our hospice clients. Training: 30 hours. Commitment: 1 year minimum.

Education Volunteer Education volunteers work with the education and outreach team to help facilitate a wide variety of programs for school groups, children, youth and adults. Volunteers may engage directly with audiences and young participants or may focus on more administrative tasks such as data entry, sending emails, preparing program packages and information, etc. Hours: Weekdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.; occasional weekends.

ESL Instructor To facilitate English classes for clients who are interested in improving English skills. 10


Four Seasons Centre Tour Guides Lead school groups and members of the public on weekday, weekend and private tours of the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Guides engage with the public and initiate conversations about opera. Hours: Sundays, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; Tuesdays, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and Fridays, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Administrative help Learn office skills and build your resume by assisting staff in numerous departments. Commitment: Minimum 1 shift per week. Hours: from 8:30 to 4:30pm.

Toronto City Cultural Events

Locations: Various Commitment: Event/position dependent. Phone: 416-392-9315 Email: spevvol@toronto.ca Website: www.toronto.ca/special_events

Circle of Care / Lumacare

4211 Yonge Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M2P 2A9 Phone: 416-635-2860 Email: volunteer@circleofcare.com Website: www.circleofcare.com Accessibility: Full accessible.

Accessibility Assistants Help to escort patrons who use wheelchairs to the event’s accessibility area(s).

Kosher meals on wheels Deliver meals to those who are unable to obtain the nutritional balance that is mandatory in one’s life. Hours: Shifts are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Information Ambassadors Provide front-line, top-calibre customer service to festival/event visitors and general public.

Hospice Provide companionship to clients who are terminally ill and respite care to family members/caregivers. Training: Mandatory 30 hour training Commitment: Minimum of 2 hours per week.

Project Facilitators Provide unique and varied assistance to the public about how to interact with the art, theatre, music or architecture project. 

Artist Assistants Help the artist/performer in a myriad of ways i.e. assisting with performance logistics and escorting them to performance area.

Friendly visiting Develop a new friendship by providing visits to a senior who is isolated, alone and requires regular social contact that is pivotal in one’s life. Commitment: Minimum of 1 hour a week.

Behind-the-Scenes Assistants Help with tasks such as stuff envelopes and bags, greet volunteers at training sessions, serve refreshments and assemble name tags.

Phone pal Call a lonely senior and socialize with them over the phone, provide emergency check-ups and learn something new.

Distress Centres of Toronto

Three Branches: Central (Yonge/Dundas), North (Lawrence West/ Allen), Scarborough (Markham/Ellesmere) Phone: 416-598-0166 Website: www. torontodistresscentre.com Accessibility: North and Scarborough branches are wheelchair accessible. Central branch has a long flight of stairs)

Adult day program Entertain, socialize, and assist staff with daily program activities at our Day Centre for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Commitment: This is a 2 hour commitment either in am or pm. Hours: 8:30 – 3:30 Monday – Friday. 12


408-Helpline 24/7 emotional support, crisis intervention and suicide prevention Training: Mandatory. Commitment: Minimum 1 shift per week, 4 shifts per month. Hours: 3-4 hours per shift.

Factory Theatre

Special Events Each event is unique with opportunities to volunteer in such areas as: crowd control, back-up for tours, ticket sales, merchandisers and cashiers.

Survivor Support Program Face-to-face support to people bereaved by suicide or homicide Training: Mandatory. Commitment: Three ‘matches’ a year, each match entails 8 weekly sessions. Hours: 3-4 hours per session.

125 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2R2 Phone: 416-504-4473 Email: factoryvolunteer@gmail.com. Website: www.factorytheatre.ca 

Performance Volunteers Assist with pre-performance set up, greeting patrons, ticket collection and post-performance activities.

Caller Reassurance Program Outgoing calls to seniors experiencing isolation and/or distressing mental health issues. Training: Mandatory. Commitment: 3-4 shifts per week.

Fort York Food Bank

Fundraising Activities range from helping to secure auction donors for our signature event to being part of our strategic planning team.

797 Dundas Street West. Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1V2. Phone: 416-203-3011 Email: info@fyfb.com Website: www.fyfb.com Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre

Advocacy & Counselling Volunteers

Graphics Design & Advertising Volunteers

Food Sorting Volunteers

Community Kitchen Volunteers

Special Event Volunteers

Telephone Reception & Administration Volunteers

Computer Resource Centre Volunteers

Community Garden Volunteers

189 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1M4 Phone: 416-314-2901 Email: ewg@heritagetrust.on.ca Volunteer Contact: 416-314-2873 Website: www.heritagetrust.on.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible. 

Tour Guide Lead tour groups through the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre and provide historical information about the Theatre Centre, its history, the restoration process and its role today 

Gift Shop/Information Booth Position Opening and closing the gift shop before and after performances. Answering questions from theatre patrons and assisting theatre staff as necessary.

Training: Orientation session. Commitment: Position dependent. 14


Hospice Toronto

Good Shepherd Ministries

55 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 502, Toronto, ON, M4P 1G8 Phone: 416-364-1666 Email: info@hospicetoronto.ca Website: www.hospicetoronto.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

412 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1T3 Phone: 416-869-3619 Volunteer Contact: 416-869-3619 ext. 262 Email: volunteer@goodshepherd.ca Website: www.goodshepherd.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

In-home Hospice Support individuals and their caregivers by providing companionship and emotional support, short-term caregiver relief, assisting with practical day-to-day tasks and bed side care. Training: 35+ hours. Commitment: 1 year minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 4 hours per shift.

Clothing Bank Attendant Responsible for distributing clothing, toiletries, and towels to clients and organizing clothing donations received. Commitment: 1 shift per week.

Habitat for Humanity

Home Help Assist with daily tasks at home, appointment accompaniment, cooking, light housekeeping and shopping assistance. Training: 14+ hours. Commitment: 1 year minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2-4 hours per shift.

155 Bermondsey Road, Toronto, ON, M4A 1X9 Phone: 416-573 1883 Email: volunteer@habitatgta.ca Website: www.habitatgta.ca 

Restore Seller Join our ReStore communities that sell new and gently-used renovation and household material. Volunteers assist with preparing merchandise for resale, receiving donations and customer service. Training: Orientation session offered.

Office Team Provide support to integral organizational roles, participate in fundraising events and conducting various administrative tasks.

Nanny Angel

Salvage Crew This is a hands on deconstruction team that goes in to various neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area to remove kitchens, doors, windows, bathrooms and more from donors homes for resale in our ReStores. Commitment: Time and location requirements vary.

1000 Sheppard Ave. W., Suite 100, Toronto, ON, M3H 2T6 Phone: 416-730-0025 Email: info@nannyangelnetwork.com Website: www.nannyangelnetwork.com 

Nanny Angel Nanny Angels provide free, in-home care for children whose mothers are undergoing cancer treatment. Nanny Angels offer fun, educational, creative and safe experiences for the children in their care. Nannies don’t provide housekeeping. Requirement: 1 year professional childcare experience.

Event Helpers Habitat for Humanity GTA holds and participates in many events throughout the year. The time commitment, location, and type of volunteer opportunity vary from one event to another. Volunteers lend a hand in many ways such as set up, registration, and representing Habitat to the public. Training: Orientation material provided prior to the event.

Support Angel Support Angels provide assistance to NAN through a variety of 16


administrative activities. Support Angels work at the NAN office in Toronto, located in close proximity to Downsview Subway Station.

Website: www.ourplacecommunityofhope.com Accessibility: Not accessible, small number of stairs.

Program Volunteer Program volunteers interact directly with program participants in informal ways or can offer to lead a weekly activity, such as a music group or an art activity. Training: Orientation and volunteer handbook provided. Commitment: 1 shift per week. Hours: Flexible.

Fundraising Angel Fundraising Angels plan and host events, engage donors and raise funds that support NAN in helping moms with cancer. Fundraising Angels can also help to provide administrative assistance in the lead up to NAN’s annual signature event.

North York Community House

700 Lawrence Ave. W., Suite 226, Toronto, ON M6A 3B4 Phone: 416- 636-2600 Email: mmckoy@nych.ca Website: www.nych.ca Accessible: Fully accessible.

People & Organizations in North Toronto (POINT) 200 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto ON M4R1A7 Phone: 416-487-2390 Email: point@pointinc.org Website: www.pointinc.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Senior Caregiver Mentor Volunteer with newcomer seniors and help reduce their isolation while gaining valuable skills and experience. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: Minimum 6 months, 1 shift per week. Hours: 1 hour per shift.

Event Helpers Volunteers lend a hand in many ways such as set up, registration, and representing POINT to the public. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: Flexible.

English Conversation Circle Mentor Facilitation of small group discussions to support newcomers in building English fluency and confidence in using English. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: 1 shift per week. Hours: 2hours per shift.

Computer Instructor Volunteer to teach our basic and/or intermediate computer classes to community members. Commitment: 2 month minimum. Hours: Flexible. 

Day Trip Assistants Provide assistance with registration, tour organization and ensuring all participants are accounted for and participating safely at all times. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: Flexible.

Career Mentor Mentors are matched with an internationally trained professional to provide support around Canadian workplace culture. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: Minimum of 24 hours over a 4 month period.

Our Place Community of Hope

Repair Café Toronto

1183 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON M6H 2G7 Phone: 416-598-2919 Email: david@ourplacecommunityofhope.com

Various locations Email: info@repaircafetoronto.ca Website: www.repaircafetoronto.ca 18


Fixer Help people learn in a congenial environment, sharing your repair expertise and demonstrating how they can work on fixing broken items. Requirement: Skilled at repairing household items including computers and other electronics, small appliances and furniture, clothing and jewelry, book and paper repair, bicycles, garden tools, and more. Commitment: Flexible.

A great deal of volunteer support is required to successfully run these programs, from administrative tasks to visitor surveys to posting advertisements. Training: 3 hour training session provided.

Runnymede Healthcare Centre

625 Runnymede Rd, Toronto ON M6S 3A3 Phone: 416-762-7316 Volunteer Contact: (416) 762-7316 ext. 2640. Email: volunteer@runnymedehc.ca. Website: www.runnymedehc.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6 Phone: 416-586-8000 Volunteer Contact: info@rom.on.ca Website: www.rom.on.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Patient Out Trip Volunteer Patient out trip volunteers accompany patients and activation staff to patient outings. Volunteers provide companionship while fostering a safe and friendly environment for the patients during the out trip.

Department of Museum Volunteers (DMV) The DMV offers a wide range of services that support of the ROM. Inside the Museum, our volunteers meet and engage a diverse group of visitors through guided tours, interpretation of artifacts and specimens, and assisting visitors to plan their visits. Other volunteers plan and execute informative programs for Friend’s groups and an outreach team goes out into the various communities to promote us. Training: Provided. Commitment: 2 year commitment.

Art Group Volunteer The Art Group Volunteer is responsible for supporting activation therapy staff during art group. Don’t worry… volunteers aren’t required to be crafty! They must simply possess a willingness to help foster a creative and social outlet for the patients through arts and crafts! 

Bingo Volunteer Bingo volunteers are responsible for providing support for activation therapy staff during the patient bingo program. By demonstrating their enthusiastic attitude and providing company for the patients, bingo volunteers make the program even more enjoyable!

Audience The Audience team is the first point of welcome for our visitors. We strive to connect visitors to their world and each other with our We've Been Expecting You spirit. Volunteers in the Audience team provide vital support in areas back of house so that the public can explore and enjoy science and culture in an environment which is engaging and inclusive of all. Training: Provided.

Movie Night Volunteer Movie night volunteers contribute by supporting activation staff during the movie night program. Volunteers demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude while providing company to the patients throughout the program.

Public Programs Our adult programs such as blockbuster exhibit lectures, symposia, adult learning workshops and seminars are just some of the exciting, engaging and surprising events we have to offer.

Musician Volunteer If you love music, choose to become a part of the music program. You can be a strolling musician and perform for a small group of 20


Community Events Represent Second Harvest at events around the GTA by working the information table or helping with other general tasks, including silent auctions, ticket sales and collecting donations. Training: Provided. Commitment: Short term.

patients on a patient care unit or escort patients and be a friendly companion for a concert or sing-a-long in activation therapy. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: 3 month minimum commitment. At least 1 hour per week. Hours: Flexible.

Food Collections Assist in sorting, packaging and loading surplus food at large events like trade shows and expos so it can be transported back to our warehouse for redistribution. Hours: As-needed basis.

The Scott Mission

502 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5S 2H1 Phone: 416-923-8872 Volunteer Contact: 416-923-8872 ext. 240 Email: info@scottmission.com Website: www.scottmission.com

Office Assistants We are always looking for volunteers with office-related experience to support us day to day. We offer a variety of opportunities such as data entry, research, outreach and event administration. Training: Provided. Commitment: 6 months minimum.

Kitchen Helper Prepare and serve hot meals for people in need through a variety of programs. Training: Provided. Hours: 3 hours per shift.

SPRINT Senior Care

140 Merton Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, M4S 1A1 Phone: 416-481-0669, ext. 252 Email: volunteer@sprintseniorcare.org Website: www.sprintseniorcare.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Food & Clothing Bank Sort and bag food and clothing for the Food Bank and clothing rooms. Training: Provided. Hours: 2-3 hour shifts.

Community Dining Volunteer Assist with coordinating the organization of meals and establishing logistical routines for food service. Training: Orientation and on-site training. Commitment: 3 month minimum. Hours: 4-5 hours per shift.

Bagged Lunches Set up work area, greet recipients in a friendly manner and distribute bag lunches to all in need. Training: Provided. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

Adult Day Services Volunteer Assist program staff by socializing with clients and help facilitate program activities. Training: Orientation session. Commitment: 4 month minimum. Hours: Flexible.

Second Harvest Food Bank

1450 Lodestar Road, unit 18, Toronto, ON M3J 3C1 Phone: 416-408-2594 Email: email@secondharvest.ca Website: www.secondharvest.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Friendly Caller Provide regular telephone calls for the purpose of developing a 22


Training: Provided. Requirement: Walking and standing. Commitment: 3 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 4 hours per shift.

telephone friendship and furnishing a security check to isolated seniors who have limited social networks of family, friends, and neighbors Training: Orientation and training provided. Commitment: 6 months minimum. Hours: Will vary.

Receptionist Answer phone and take messages for a busy Mission. Training: Provided. Commitment: 3 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 4 hours per shift (8:30am-12:30pm).

Fitness Program Volunteer Assist Program Staff by facilitating exercise program activities. Training: Orientation session. Commitment: 4 months minimum. Hours: Flexible.

Sunnybrook Hospital

2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5 Phone: 416-480-4129 Email: volunteer@sunnybrook.ca Website: www.sunnybrook.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Office Volunteer The volunteer works closely with the SPRINT Senior Care staff members who have requested assistance with administrative tasks. Main job responsibilities include answering phone inquires from clients & logging the calls, filing, faxing, photocopying, and data entry. Training: Orientation and supervision. Commitment: 3 months minimum. Hours: 6-12 hours per month.

Book Carts Volunteers provide reading material to patients waiting in various areas of the hospital 

Emergency Department Volunteers help with assorted duties, and also help to ease the anxiety of an emergency visit for patients and those who accompany them

St. John the Compassionate Mission

155 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4M 2E9 Phone: 416-466-1357 Email: info@stjohnsmission.org Website: www.stjohnmission.org Accessibility: Not accessible.

Clinics and Medical Imaging Help with patient flow through the clinic, and help to ease anxiety of a hospital visit, and provide a warm, caring atmosphere

Out of the Cold Breakfast Assistant As Assistant Breakfast Cook, you will assist in the preparation of scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and sausages to fill approximately 100 plates per day. Training: On-the-job training by experienced professional cook. Requirement: Standing and lifting. Commitment: 3 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 4 hours per shift.

Family waiting rooms Provide information and general support to family members of patients receiving care or in surgery 

Geriatric Day Hospital Provide assistance with recreational therapy programs to elderly clients 

Gift Shop Work in our beautiful retail store which staff, patients and visitors rely on for their shopping needs.

Feed the Homeless Help prepare food to be served for lunch, and then assist with serving it. 24


Healthy Stay Volunteer Help to encourage patients to stay as mobile as possible and provide opportunities for socialization

Board of Directors Use your experience on our 12 member governing board that serves for a period of three years. The meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Hours: 2 hours per meeting

Heartpals Those who have had heart surgery provide peer support to heart surgery patients pre- and post-operatively

The Foundation Fighting Blindness

890 Yonge St., 12th Floor, Toronto, ON M4W 3P4 Phone: 416-360-4200 Volunteer Contact: 1-800-461-3331 x226 Email: info@ffb.ca Website: www.ffb.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Hospital Orientation & Support Team (HOST) Provide information, directions and also walk people to their destination throughout high traffic areas of hospital Training: Orientation session and position specific training available. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 3 hours per shift.

Office Administration Assist staff with administrative duties including filing, computer work, mailings, phone calls and other special projects. Training: Orientation provided. Commitment: Flexible.

Sunshine Centre for Seniors

1033 Pape Avenue, Suite 10, Toronto, ON M4K 3W1 Phone: 416-924-8558 Email: joebowen@sunshinecentres.com Website: www.sunshinecentres.com Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Outreach Volunteer Provide information to the public and represent the Foundation Fighting Blindness at a variety of events. You enjoy speaking with the public, have experienced vision loss, are close to someone who lives with vision loss, or are a supporter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and familiar with our events and programs. Training: Online resources provided. Commitment: Flexible.

Service Volunteer Prepare soup and tea, help with serving, and visiting with the participants. 

Become a Companion Attend “Camp Sunshine” on Ward’s Island with a senior who has a disability. Commitment: 7 weeks minimum. 1 day per week.

Event Ambassador/Coordinator Provide information to the public, establishing a local presence and represent the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Cycle for Sight and Ride for Sight at a variety of events. Your goal is to help generate funds, awareness and interest, are a supporter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and familiar with our events and programs. Training: Online resources provided. Commitment: Flexible, but must be available on required event dates.

Performing Talents Do you love to write, play a musical instrument, tell stories, research, or have any other special interests or talents? Please share them with us. We can match your talent with our need. 

Special Events Fundraiser We depend on the help of volunteers to help us raise funds through a variety of events throughout the year. Your help makes a difference!

 26


Event Committee Volunteer

Training: Onsite training provided by frontline staff. Commitment: Minimum 6 months; at least 1 shift per month. Hours: Frequency and length of shifts will vary.

You can be involved in any of our event committee across the country! You enjoy assisting with event planning and preparation of events in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Choose the event that most interests YOU! Training: Online resources provided. Commitment: 1 shift per month. Hours: 4 hours per shift.

Toronto Botanical Garden

777 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON, M3C 1P2 Phone: 416-397-4145 Email: tourguides@torontobotanicalgardens.ca Website: www.torontobotanicalgarden.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible building.

The Good Neighbours’ Club

170 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 2B7 Phone: 416-366-5377 Email: administration@goodneighboursclub.org Accessibility: Fully accessible

Seasonal Hands-On Gardening Assist the head gardener in the care and maintenance of our gardens. This is a physically demanding position. Training: Provided. Requirement: Able to lift, bend and kneel in outdoor conditions. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 4 hours per shift.

Kitchen Assistant Assisting with food preparation, serving and clean-up of hot meals for clients during daily breakfast and/or lunch service Training: Onsite training provided by cook, front line and experienced volunteers. Commitment: Minimum 6 months; at least 1 shift per week. Hours: 1-7 hours between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Library Assisting with library services such as borrowing, cataloguing, indexing, data entry, handling book donations etc. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 3 hours per shift.

Community Outreach Working alongside the Club’s social work team to provide weekly friendly visits to isolated older clients in the community Training: All training is provided by social work staff and involves light travel within the Moss Park, Cabbagetown and Regent Park neighborhoods. Commitment: Minimum 6 months; at least 1 shift per week. Hours: 1-3 hours per week between 9-4 p.m. on weekdays.

Reception Interact with the public, in person, online and on the phone, register people for courses, as well as, sign up new members. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 3 hours per shift. 

Garden Shop Assist customers, handle sales transactions, as well as, putting together and maintaining displays of products. Training: Provided. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 3 hours per shift.

Clothing Room Assistant Organizing clothing and toiletry donations, distributing them to clients as needed. Training: Onsite training provided; volunteers work in pairs. Hours: 2 hours per week from 10:30 - 12:30 p.m.; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Social Recreation Assistant Assist staff with facilitation of recreational activities that include pool tournaments, bingo games and community outings.

Toronto Council on Aging

140 Merton Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, M4S 1A1 Phone: 416- 630-7000 28


Email: tca@pathcom.com Website: www.torontocouncilonaging.com Accessibility: Fully accessible

Toronto Humane Society

11 River Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 4C2 Phone: 416-392-2273 Email: volunteer@torontohumanesociety.com Website: www.torontohumanesociety.com Accessibility: Non-powered swing door. Barrier free washrooms.

Friendly to Seniors Promote Friendly to Seniors to businesses and organizations. Conduct Assessments, reviewing a business’ physical environment for accessibility and safety. Volunteers can lead Employee Workshops to raise awareness and understanding about the challenges of aging and/or join a Committee working to make Toronto, Friendly to Seniors. Training: Provided

Dog Walker Improve the quality of life for dogs waiting to be adopted by providing physical activity and socialization through human interaction. Training: Orientation and hands-on training provided. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

Toronto Healing Arts Centre

717 Bloor St W, Toronto ON, M6G 1L5 Phone: 416-535-8777 Email: info@artshealinghearts.org Website: www.artshealinghearts.org

Toronto Public Library

Various branches Phone: 416-395-5555 Website: www.torontopubliclibrary.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Music Volunteers Arts Healing Hearts is always looking for performing artists to help with the delivery of our programs. Singers and musicians can participate in bedside performances for patients as part of our Songs for the Spirit program. They will be expected to prepare fun and uplifting selections to perform for patients in their rooms or in waiting areas. Commitment: 3 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 1-2 hours per shift.

Adult Literacy Help English-speaking adults improve their reading, writing, and basic math skills. Training: Provided. Commitment: 6 months commitment. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift. 

Leading to Reading Adults and teens are needed to help elementary school age children who are having difficulty at their grade level, on a one-toone basis. You help improve their reading and learning skills, sometimes assisting with homework too. Training: Provided. Commitment: 6 months commitment. 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

Visual Arts Volunteers Visual artists can help us with our Inpatient Arts Initiative program, where we facilitate weekly arts & crafts programming for patients who are admitted to the hospital. Commitment: 3 months minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 1-2 hours per shift. 

Event Volunteers Arts Healing Hearts also periodically needs for volunteers to help with fundraising. Volunteer opportunities will vary depending on the type of event. When we are looking for event volunteers, we will post a notice on our both this page and our home page. Commitment: Flexible.

Leading to Reading Adults and teens are needed to help elementary school age children who are having difficulty at their grade level, on a one-toone basis. You help improve their reading and learning skills, sometimes assisting with homework too. 30


Hours: 1 hour per shift.

Training: Provided. Commitment: 1 shift per week Hours: 1 hour shift.

Women’s College Hospital

76 Grenville Street, 7th floor, Toronto, ON M5S 1B2 Phone: 416-323-6180 E-mail: volunteer@wchospital.ca Website: www.womenscollegehospital.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

VHA Home Healthcare

30 Soudan Avenue, Suite 600, Toronto, ON, M4S 1V6 Phone: 416-489-2500 ext.4327 Email: rwirt@vha.ca Website: www.vha.ca Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Waiting Room Volunteers Assist and support patients and their families who are waiting for medical tests or procedures.

Peer Coach Provide client and family with self-management and emotional support, as well as, offering assistance navigating the health care system.

Information Desk Volunteers Greet patients and visitors who enter the hospital and offer directions and information.

Engagement Support Volunteer This program supports caregivers, giving them a much needed break by providing one-to-one support to their loved ones with mild to moderate cognitive impairments. VHA Engagement Support Volunteers will introduce a range of social and recreation activities to the client in the comfort of their home. Training: Provided by the Alzheimer Society Toronto. Commitment: 4 month minimum. Hours: 2 hours per week.

Clinic Office Help Volunteers Provide administrative support in clinic offices, like calling patients to remind them of their appointments. Training: Orientation provided Commitment: 1 year minimum. 1 shift per week. Hours: 3 hours per shift.

Woodgreen Community Centre

815 Danforth Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, ON, M4J 1L2 Phone: 416-645-6000 Email: ccvolunteer@woodgreen.org Website: www.woodgreen.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

West Neighbourhood House

248 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON, M6J 3A2 Phone: 416-532-4828 Email: volunteers@westnh.org Website: www.westnh.org Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Friendly Visiting As a Friendly Visitor, the one hour a week you spend visiting & spending time with an isolated senior provides much-needed companionship & social support. Commitment: 6 month minimum. Hours: Flexible.

Friendly Visiting The goal of the Friendly Visiting Program is to help seniors and people with disabilities who have limited social interaction to maintain healthy, independent living. Using regular contact, both in person and via the telephone, volunteers provide friendship and support to encourage independence and social contact. Training: Provided and ongoing training available. Commitment: 6 months minimum. 1 shift per week.

Meals on Wheels Deliver hot and nutritious meals to homebound seniors and people with disabilities. 32


Requirement: Must be able to carry 15lbs. Commitment: 1 shift per week. Hours: 2 hours per shift.

Online Resources These online resources act as a permanent e-home for ongoing volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming opportunities, please feel free to visit any of the websites listed below.

Medical Escort Accompany seniors from their home to their medical appointments, ensuring their safety while out to the appointment and going back home. Training: Provided and travel expenses reimbursed. Hours: Must be able to offer flexible hours.

Yorkminster Park Meals on Wheels 1585 Yonge St. Toronto, ON, M4T 1Z9 Phone: 416-482-0549 Email: info@ypmealsonwheels.com Accessibility: Fully accessible.

POINT-------------------------------------------------------www.pointinc.org CHARITY VILLAGE-----------------------------www.charityvillage.com

Meals on Wheels Volunteer Volunteers go out in teams of two to deliver meals. One is the driver and the other is the runner, who delivers the meals to the door. Training: Provided. Commitment: Flexible. Hours: 2 hours per shift

GET INVOLVED-------------------------------------- www.getinvolved.ca VOLUNTEER CANADA------------------------------- www.volunteer.ca VOLUNTEER TORONTO----------------www.volunteertoronto.on.ca

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. -Oscar Wilde



Acknowledgements The Senior Volunteer Resource Guide was created by Jordana Rovet, Community Information Service Coordinator, with assistance in editing and proofreading provided by Diane Werner, Executive Director. POINT would also like to acknowledge the help of our senior volunteers who assisted in the creation of this guide.

*PLEASE NOTE If you have any additional questions concerning community involvement, please feel free to contact the POINT office. Remember that telephone numbers, addresses and website information become out of date. If you find that the information is no longer current and/or if you require any further assistance with the Senior Volunteer Resource Guide, please call POINT at 416-487-2390.


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Senior Volunteer Resource Guide 2016  

Senior Volunteer Resource Guide 2016