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03 2016

People & Organizations in North Toronto

Introduction to POINT

This issue Midtown Toronto Youth Council P.1

People & Organizations in

What’s new with POINT? P.2

North Toronto is a non-profit

Senior Seminar Series P.3

community information service agency. POINT’s objective is

Contact Us P.4

to serve the people of the community by improving and increasing awareness of the social and health services in

MTYC to tackle youth mental health issues

North Toronto, through

The Midtown Toronto Youth Council, a

MTYC has decided to address this need by

information, education and

recently established initiative of POINT, is a

raising awareness about youth mental health,

platform for youth to address community

challenging the stigma (another common

issues that matter to them. This year, the

barrier to seeking help), and providing

council has decided to bring attention to youth

resources where youth can access support

mental health.

services. MTYC is in the midst of creating a

community engagement.


newsletter featuring stories of their peers who


The evident gap in youth mental health

have experienced mental health challenges;


services was brought to light in our initial

facts about the prevalence of mental health


meetings where the needs of youth in North



information about what services are available






removal of Delisle Youth Services in TDSB Youth






and how they can access them.

secondary schools, youth have largely felt left


out of the conversation regarding alternative

MTYC will also give youth the opportunity to


support services. TDSBs initiatives such as

express their interpretation of mental health


implementing a ‘mindful moment’ activity in

through hosting a contest. The contest asks


between classes and a ‘mental


participants to answer the question “What is


awareness week’ are perceived as superficial

mental health?” by submitting a creative piece

Band-Aid attempts to address a critical gap in

that captures what mental health means to

youth support services.

them. Submissions can range from art, poetry to images and film. First prize winner will

MTYC acknowledges the TDSB’s initiative to

receive either an iPad or Tablet. This contest

replace Delisle Youth Counsellors with school

is supported by National Bank’s One for


Youth Grant. For more information, please





expressed concerns with seeking help from a school


such as

confidentiality as well as reluctance to speak honestly about school-related issues.


lack of 200 Eglinton Ave West Toronto, ON, M4R1A7 416.487.2390 |

How has POINT made an impact?

“I learned so much from the instructor. He was very patient with me and explained concepts very clearly. Thank you!” -Introduction to Smartphone student

“I don’t usually cook for myself, but I’ve tried some of the recipes alreadythey really are simple and delicious! I’m really looking forward to trying new dishes.” -Recipient of Made With Love: Cookbook by and for North Toronto seniors

Dear Community Members, I am excited to update you on the many new initiatives happening at POINT. We have expanded our community partnerships with new organizations on board who are ready to work with POINT to address unmet human services needs in Midtown Toronto. The new Midtown Executive Network Forum aims to provide a platform for fostering fresh connections and strategic discussion exchanges between Executive Directors and Board Chairs. A series of Executive Breakfast meetings will foster the coming together of leaders in our community to share new strategies and knowledge, as well as, provide valuable opportunities to construct new interagency collaborations. POINT Senior Services (PSS) is an informational exchange initiative open to both agencies/organizations servicing seniors and senior members of the community. PSS will entail a senior seminar series whereby seniors and member agencies can engage in dialogue with guest presenters to discuss relevant topics. Please join us for our upcoming launch! The newly rebuilt POINT website, to be introduced in June 2016, will deliver novel and more extensive information about a wider range of organizations and their programs and services. New POINT programs for newcomer families will be launched this coming summer. Stay tuned… If you are interested in joining POINT as volunteer Board Committee Members on these initiatives or other activities, please contact me at or call 416-487-2390. Sincerely,

Diane Werner “Thank you so much for your AGM! help with my resume and cover letter. My English is not so good and I really appreciate you taking the time to sit with me.” -Newcomer client

Diane Werner Executive Director

SAVE THE DATE! POINT’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday June 14th 2016 at the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre, 200 Eglinton Avenue West.


Thursday April 14th 2016 10:00am-12:00pm Seminar #1 Navigating the System: From CCAC to LHIN Guest Speaker: Susan Fitzpatrick, CEO, Toronto Central LHIN

& Seminar #2 Health Law: Your rights & what you should know Guest Speaker: Mary Jane Dykman, Partner, DDO Law Firm North Toronto Memorial Community Centre 200 Eglinton Avenue West (Multipurpose Room)

Have a suggestion? We want to hear from you! For all recommendations, suggestions for improvement, article ideas and more, please contact our C.I.S. Coordinator at We thank you in advance for your input!

To register please call 416-487-2390 or email

EXECUTIVE BREAKFAST SERIES Tuesday May 3rd 2016 ǀ 8:30am-10:30am The Syrian Refugee Situation Guest Speaker: Debbie Douglas, Executive Director, OCASI North Toronto Memorial Community Centre 200 Eglinton Avenue West (Multipurpose Room) To register email or call 416-487-2390

POINT Newsletter Issue 3 Year 2016

200 Eglinton Ave West Toronto, ON, M4R1A7 416.487.2390 |

POINT Newsletter Issue 3 Year 2016

POINT Reaches Out From December 2015 to March 2016, POINT conducted an outreach initiative amongst Toronto Community Housing Buildings in North Toronto. POINT is an organization which for a long time has been associated with services addressing seniors. However, POINT has many programs and services which can greatly benefit community members from all walks of life. This outreach initiative is the first of many efforts to connect with the various other groups which live, work and study in North Toronto.

Many Toronto Community Housing residents are unaware of the support services that are available in North Toronto. POINT’s services widely range from our free seasonal Income Tax Clinic to our Great Garden Adventure summer program for children. Supplementary to the services we provide, POINT acts as a liaison which connects community members to the programs and services in the surrounding area.

Our aim is to extend the meaning of what it is to be a community information service agency. Not only will POINT act as an informational hub, but a catalyst in progressive project planning, implementation and evaluation that effectively targets key issues. With new partnerships forming daily, POINT will be involved in many exciting new programs that respond to the changing demographics of our neighbourhood. We look forward to working with groups which share our values of community engagement, inclusivity, diversity and advocacy.

CONTACT US POINT is located within the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre at 200 Eglinton Avenue West (1st Floor), Toronto, ON, M4R 1A7 416-487-2390

People & Organizations in North Toronto

Point by Point #3  

Spring issue!

Point by Point #3  

Spring issue!