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Travelling Routes






Seinäjoki – in the Heart of Events


Visit Kvarken




Aalto Centre, Pirunpesä, Seinäjoki Art Hall, River Cruise and City Train




PowerPark, Härmä Spa


Gastro Botnia, Loftet, Korsnäs, Korsholm Music Festival


Stay comfortably in South Ostrobothnia


Shopping tour


Malax, Varppi, Orisberg Chapel, Stundars, Teuva






Alavus, Kuortane


7 Bridges Archipelago, 3 Towns, Kvarken Fishing


Töysä, Ähtäri




South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service, Cycling in Ostrobothnia




Järvi-Pohjanmaa (Lake Ostrobothnia), Spa Hotel Kivitippu



28–29 Alajärvi, Soini, Vimpeli 30–31 Kauhajoki

Come and Stay in Ostrobothnia... You’re in for some Original Experiences! Ostrobothnia has something to offer for everyone. You can choose from expanses of farmland, green fields, age-old rivers and sparkling lakes. The austere beauty of our salt-scented coast will take your breath away. No wonder that part of the Kvarken Archipelago was the first and only Finnish site to qualify as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site! We offer a wide range of activities as well: amusement parks, water parks, spas, an animal park, a theatre for

children and sports opportunities catered to families. Shoppers will be tempted by Finland’s largest village shop and the shopping possibilities of city centres. You can also visit the historical districts of our picturesque towns. We organize plenty of music events and seasonal festivals, particularly in summer. Several museums and art exhibitions are also waiting to be explored. Our open-air dances or tango festivals will get your feet tap-

Valtionkatu 1, Travel Centre 60100 Seinäjoki Tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090

ping. If nature tourism is your thing, the trekking routes of Suupohja, Suomenselkä and the archipelago are the ideal sites for you. On the following pages, you can find more excellent places to visit and explore. Come and enjoy the original experiences that only the multi-faceted Ostrobothnia can offer! Welcome!

Raastuvankatu 30 65100 Vaasa Tel. +358 (0)6 325 1125


Find the Tips on your Way! 1

The Kvarken Archipelago The Kvarken Archipelago is the first Finnish site to be listed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. Explore the archipelago by canoe or just simply admire the scenery. (p. 7)



A Holiday Full of Experiences in Vaasa With its versatile rides, the Wasalandia amusement park is the ultimate place for fun for the whole family. Release your inner water-child at the Waterpark Tropiclandia spa and test our wild water slides, get wet under our water curtain, hit the waves and try our Jacuzzis and exotic saunas. In summer, you can also visit our large outdoor water park. (p. 8)



Discover the Ostrobothnian Plains The luxurious beauty and wellness treatments at the renovated Härmä Spa, the delicious meals at our restaurant and our in-house entertainment allow both young and old visitors to pamper themselves in full comfort. (p. 20)




On the Waves of Lake Lappajärvi On the shores of a meteorite lake, you can find many ways to refresh yourself. Relax at the spa, golf, canoe, fish, ski or take a snowshoe walk. The Meteorite Centre located on the premises of Spa Hotel Kivitippu exhibits the formation of Lake Lappajärvi approx. 73 million years ago. (p. 27)


On the Shores of Lake Alajärvi At the Red Cottage Wine Estate (Punaisen Tuvan viini­tila), you can buy Finnish berry wines produced at the estate. At the Volcano Centre, you can feel the power of the elements. (p. 28)


Meeting a Family of Bears at Ähtäri A visit to the Ähtäri Zoo is a pleasant pastime with the hustle and bustle of bears, snow leopards, wolverines and the other animals all around you. Discover the varied terrain of the region by trekking, skiing or riding or choose a snowmobile or an ATV for a more action-packed trip. (s. 25)









Explore the PowerLand amusement park and discover which ride you enjoy the most. The area also features the largest indoor karting track in Europe. In 2012, PowerPark will be supplemented by a four hectare waterplay area. (p. 20)













Finland’s largest village shop, a popular tourist attraction, is located at Tuuri (Töysä). Shop till you drop! Miljoona events are organised throughout the year in the Tuuri Shopping Village. (p. 25)


Vimpeli 8










You can find local souvenirs at the Rustoopuori shop or at designer Päivi Rintaniemi’s Amfora Shop specialising in articles for everyday use and interior design. (p. 22).

Soini Kuortane

Seinäjoki is at the centre of events – in summer, our large variety of events attract people from across Finland and abroad. (p. 18)


ALAVUS Jalasjärvi

Tuuri (Töysä) 7

Focus on Seinäjoki The Aalto Centre in the centre of Seinäjoki is a unique masterpiece by architect Alvar Aalto. See the city from a different perspective on a river boat cruise. (p. 19).



Shape up at Kuortane There’s no limit to the fun of exercise! The services at the Kuortane Sport Resort are sure to satisfy the needs of the most demanding athletes. Both fitness lovers and top-ranking athletes appreciate our services. (p. 24)






Handicrafts from Kurikka In addition to Ostrobothnian furniture design, the Interior Design Centre Sella offers a wide selection of textiles for decorating your home, including felt products, woodwork, jewellery, cushions and sauna products. (p. 23)


A Finnish Sauna in a Phone Booth? Feel free to use an old thresher, a phone booth or another kind of off-beat sauna at the Mobile Sauna Get-Together (Siirrettävien Saunojen Kokoontumisajot) in Teuva in August. (p. 11)


Idyllic Wooden Houses Kristinestad is one of Finland’s bestpreserved towns with wooden houses. In the town, you will find several small and original shops conveniently close at hand. Thanks to the fact that everything in town is close by, you will not need a car. (p. 15)


Ostrobothnia The austere beauty of our coastline, a World Heritage site, lush river banks, fish-filled waters and vast plains. If you add our enterprising and bilingual people, you know all about Ostrobothnia. Discover our tourism services on the following pages and enjoy a different kind of holiday in Ostrobothnia! Book your holiday online on our website at Botnia Tourist, Raastuvankatu 30, 65100 VAASA Tel. +358 (0)6 325 1125,


Experience the brilliant colours of Kvarken Discover Kvarken, and create a memory for life. With its combination of exciting cultures, challenging activities, and stunning surroundings, Kvarken offers something for everyone – all year round. Bordered by both Finland and Sweden, the beautiful Kvarken region is home to a fascinating fusion of cultures from both countries. Its archipelago and sparkling seas, outdoor life, and unique Sami traditions attract a multitude of visitors every year. Besides its incredible views, the region also offers a wonderful, varied climate, featuring glorious, warm summers and snowfilled winters. If you’re lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of the magical northern lights, while in the summer you can bask in the region’s beguiling, long, light nights. On the Finnish side of the region, the archipelago just can’t be missed. The idyllic islands, rocks, and islets bristle with marinas full of activity. A number of restaurants can be found close to the shore, while its network of hiking trails is a popular choice with hikers and backpackers. You can take a cruise between the islands, or even plan your own boating trip, taking the time to enjoy the charming marinas and natural harbours. The archipelago around Vaasa, nominated as a World Natural Heritage Site due to its unique land uplift, is a must-see for all boating enthusiasts.

The Kvarken region offers a host of fantastic activities during the winter months. Why not try long-distance skating, ice racing, skiing, or ride a dog sled, drive a snowmobile, or enjoy a spot of fishing on the Kvarken ice. After raising the pulse with a challenging activity, chill out in a wood-fired sauna, spa, or outdoor hot tub during the winter night. We promise you an unforgettable experience! The Kvarken region’s towns and cities offer something for everyone. Here you can find everything from fashionable nightlife and excellent shopping to cosy cafés and authentic pubs. Umeå, in Sweden, nominated European Capital of Culture in 2014, boasts thriving expressions of culture in a variety of forms. For those planning a work-related trip, the cities around Kvarken offer unparalleled conferencing venues. Here, you and your colleagues can combine meetings in world-class facilities with a range of challenging activities all year round. You can travel to the Kvarken region by plane, train, or bus. There are daily flights between destinations in Finland and Sweden, as well as excellent ferry connections. Visit the Kvarken region and create a memory of a lifetime. We know you’ll want to come back soon – not just once, but time and time again!


Gränsöverskridande samarbete över fjäll och hav Meret, vuoret ja rajat ylittävä yhteistyö Grenseoverskridende samarbeid over fjell og hav Cross-border cooperation over mountain and sea EUROPEISKA UNIONEN Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden

Destinations Umeå, Skellefteå, Vaasa, Kokkola, Jakobstad and Kristinestad take part in the ‘Visit Kvarken’ cross-border project, part of the Botnia-Atlantica programme.


Vaasa – The sunniest city in Finland Are you looking for some variation in your everyday life? Then you should set your course to the Pearl of the West Coast, the pleasant Vaasa Region. Book a complete holiday package for the whole family and enjoy some joyful and carefree days. Visit the unique World Natural Heritage site or discover our fascinating cultural treasures. Vaasa has so much to offer! The spa and resort of Tropiclandia features relaxing saunas and Jacuzzis. In summer, there is also a large water park with fast and wild water slides and activity pools. The water is delightfully warm and you can either slide down the chutes or just take it easy on the sun terrace admiring the view of the sea. Tropiclandia is a veritable oasis for relaxation, and the ultimate dream for marine lovers. Wasalandia has more than 10 different rides for all ages; from the exciting pirate ship to various merry-go-rounds. The


enjoyable theme areas offer you many hours of fun together. The program of the 3-D cinema offers new exciting films. The parks are open during the summer.

The number of attractive shops and shopping malls is on the rise in Vaasa. You can find anything from clothes, cars and interior decoration to design. Rest your feet in our pleasant restaurants or cafés.

Step on board the Lilliputti city train for a fun ride!

Guided tours

The train departs from the Main Square and takes you along the shores to the excursion area of Vaskiluoto Island. Every day during July-August.

Join an exciting guided theme tour like the Tide of History, Ghost of Vaasa, Greetings from Space and the World Heritage. You can also get to know Vaasa on your own with the help of Mobitour.

Vaasa – full of action Vaasa is full of events during summertime. You can enjoy rock and classical music festivals, art exhibitions and a marathon, for example. Check our website for more attractions,

Experience the archipelago of Vaasa on M/S Tiira. Daily archipelago tours during summertime from the Inner Harbour. An hour’s stop on Granskär, where you can enjoy a delicious fish soup.



Kvarken Archipelago, Finland’s Only World Natural Heritage Site The Kvarken Archipelago is a truly unique and original site. This is why UNESCO has included it on its World Heritage list as Finland’s only official Natural Heritage site. Over 70% of Finland’s first World Natural Heritage site is located in Korsholm. We have several conference facilities, a programme for active travellers and a calm and quiet setting for those looking to escape from stress. Local people are open and hospitable. No matter how long you stay, you are sure to like it here! We have a large selection of sea-themed experiences and activities. On the outer parts of the archipelago, you can trek, canoe, row, sail, fish and swim as well as skate and ski in winter. The region has trekking and cycling routes with good road signs, ski tracks and relaxing oases for outdoor lovers.

TRADITIONAL ROWING AND BIRD-WATCHING The annual Postrodden rowing event for traditional boats will take place between Björköby and the Swedish Holmö island. This popular event will be organised on the Saturday week after Midsummer, and plenty of spectators will gather at the Svedjehamn marina. You can enjoy the austere and beautiful insular landscape of Replot and Björköby by crossing Finland’s longest bridge from the continent. At Söderfjärden, you can admire a fascinating geological attraction, a round field clearing that formed after a meteorite fell there approx 520 million years ago. Söderfjärden is also an important and popular bird-watching site where migratory birds stop for a rest.

KORSHOLM MUSIC FESTIVAL Each summer, we organise the Korsholm Music Festival, one of the finest musical events in our country. The performers are world-class musicians. At the Stundars museum and cultural centre, you can discover the region’s original country life by visiting old cottages and getting to know traditional tools. Various events, including artisan fairs and art exhibitions, are organised at the museum. Municipality of Korsholm Centrumvägen 4, KORSHOLM Tel. +358 (0)6 327 7111 Guides at Vaasa and Korsholm Tel. +358 (0)6 325 1145 –


Magical meals. Perfectly natural. Exquisite meals prepared from pure, natural ingredients. Evidently. But also superb service and a memorable setting. Then magic appears. Gastro Botnia takes part in creating such experiences – every day. Visit our member companies and see for yourself.

Gränsöverskridande samarbete över fjäll och hav Meret, vuoret ja rajat ylittävä yhteistyö Grenseoverskridende samarbeid over fjell og hav Cross-border cooperation over mountain and sea EUROPEISKA UNIONEN Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden

They certainly know how to wave the magic wand. Gastro Botnia is the brand of the cross-border regional Travel & Dine tourist project, which is part of the Botnia-Atlantica programme. Some 40 tourist companies and meal providers from Västerbotten in Sweden and Ostrobothnia in Finland participate in the project. We want to give our guests a unique dining experience. Our companies work with service, hosting, competence, trends, food and market.

House of Crafts Loftet – Number one in Ostrobothnian Craft Shop for crafts in the handicraft shop Taito Shop Loftet, admire the handicraft art of the changing exhibitions and enjoy delicacies in the Konsulinna’s café. The House of Crafts Loftet is an old bourgeois home dating from the 1860s. It has been restored, with due respect for traditional craftsmanship and leaving some beautiful details visible. Lunch on weekdays 11-16, conference and party service for larger groups can be ordered, fully licensed. Open Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15, for groups by agreement. Raastuvankatu 28, VAASA Tel. +358 (0)6 3185 300,

Welcome to Korsnäs Just half an hour’s drive south of Vaasa, you will find Korsnäs, the region’s most enterprising municipality. Here, you can feel nature all around you. You can swim in the sea, fish, enjoy the peace and quiet or dance in our pavilions during the light summer nights.


In the middle of the Korsnäs village, you can visit a green museum area featuring both our Home District Museum and the Vicarage Museum. The treasures of the Home District Museum include the colourful Korsnäs knitwear from different time periods. The park’s plants, traditional roses and herb garden are also worth a visit.

A stretch of the long Korsnäs coast and some of its islands are part of the Kvarken World Heritage site. These include The Molpehällorna Nature Station at Molpe. The Gulf of Bothnia’s first typical lighthouse or “pooki” was located on Moikipää island between 1668 and 1808. In 2001, a new building modelled after the old lighthouse was constructed at the site. A memorial plaque narrating the fascinating past of the region was hung at the inauguration of the new lighthouse. You can also spend the night at the Nature Station. Municipality of Korsnäs Strandvägen 4323, KORSNÄS Tel. +358 (0)6 347 9111

Korsnäs Guider rf (the Association of Guides at Korsnäs) Chairwoman Jessica Nykamb Tel. +358 (0)50 369 4538

Bird-watching and nature tours Tuija Warén Tel. +358 (0)50 303 3658

The Molpe Nature Station reservations Terranova Tel. +358 (0)205 64 5281

Transportation by boat Peter Björkqvist, MOLPE Tel. +358 (0)6 347 6583 or +358 (0)50 518 1933

The Korsholm Music Festival Welcome to listen to a variety of chamber musical concerts in idyllic, culturally and historically interesting surroundings. Since 1983, the Korsholm Music Festival has invited leading Nordic and international artists to perform during the wonderful summer weeks with music ranging from baroque compositions to classical chamber works and new music. The festival is one of the most acknowledged Artistic Director Marko chamber music festivals in Finland. Ylönen, cello 2011-2012. Korsholm Music Festival 26.7.-3.8.2011 1.-8.8. 2012 Tel. +358 (0)6 322 23 90.

Malax – an Unforgettable Place The modern bilingual insular municipality of Malax has plenty of potential. We have unforgettable experiences in store for young and old, for both active and comfort-loving travellers.

Visit the archipelago Part of the Kvarken World Heritage site is located in Malax, on the outer islands of Bergö. There is a ferry to Bergö island. Discover the Archipelago market in September, explore our nature trails or visit the Rönnskär nature station.

Museums and galleries One of the most remarkable boat museums in the Nordic countries is located in Åminne village in Malax. The Kvarken boat museum exhibits boats from the whole of Ostrobothnia. We also organise special exhibitions. In June, we celebrate Boat Day. Malax has many local museums, an art

workshop, galleries and routes for cultural experiences and the joy of exercise.

Åminne The Åminne village features a beach, a summer restaurant, a pub, a minigolf course, a campsite and a marina for visitors. The Åminne Folkpark is one of the leading recreational areas in the region. It is also an excellent summer resort. We organise summer dancing events, concerts and offer other kinds of entertainment. Municipality of Malax Tel. +358 (0)6 347 7111,

Museums and galleries • Brinken Museum • Kvarken Boat Museum • Petalax local museum • Knösgården in Övermalax • Klockargården at Bergö • Art Gallery Kultti • Art Workshop Malakta • Art Gallery Artox Bergö • Lars-Göran Söderholm, Bergö

The Varppi Inn

Welcome to Teuva

The Varppi inn at Vesterö in the municipality of Vörå offers you a seaside restaurant, accommodation and excursion services. The café is open every day from Midsummer to mid-August from 12 pm to 6 pm. We offer whole meals, cakes, coffee and refreshments. We have ten comfortable rooms for overnight stays, and a beach sauna where you can work up a sweat. In July, we organise cruises to Michelsörarna Islands on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am. At other times, these services are provided upon request.

The mobile sauna get-together at Teuva is a free family event for everyone.

Varppi, Vesterö 1587, MAXMO Tel. +358 (0)44 345 5065,

The culturally valuable Orisberg chapel and activity centre at Isokyrö Family celebrations, recreational and weekend events, meetings, camps, sauna evenings etc. in the beautiful historical surroundings. A Christian campsite. The Pappilan kaffila café is open during summer weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. Summer services in the chapel on Sundays. Summer services are also available in Swedish on select days. We have a varied summer programme. Find out more at For reservations, call +358 (0)40 511 9599 Åbergintie 38, ORISBERG, ISOKYRÖ


The Teuva Church features the only altarpiece painted by artist Tove Jansson. The altarpiece is called Ten Virgins. Find out more at Other attractions: Pyörämuseo (the Bicycle Museum), Orrela Culture House.

• Åminne Holiday Village • Kecklunds Bed & Breakfast • Charleys Bar & Motel

Tracking routes • The Iron Age route at Storsjön • The cattle trail at Molapne • The MamrestigenStorsjöstigen trail • Bergö hiking trail

11 Snowpark Parra Tel. +358 (0)40 843 4247 LuontoParra Tel. +358 (0)40 152 1897 Tourist information point at the Orrela Culture House Porvarintie 51, TEUVA Tel. +358 (0)46 850 7702 Open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm and on Fridays from 9 am to 2 pm.

Welcome to the Stundars museum Stundars is a versatile open air museum that is suitable for children. You can experience how life has been at the turn of the 20th century in the countryside in Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia. Take part in different activities like plays, theme guiding, time travels and so on. Exhibitions, events and museum shop with café.

Open daily in July–August from 11 am to 5 pm, other times by appointment. Stundars Stundarsvägen 5, Solf KORSHOLM Tfn +358 (0)6 344 2200 11

Discover the History of Ostrobothnia at Isokyrö At Isokyrö, travellers can discover the early history of Ostrobothnian. By getting to know the historic Isokyrö and its Old Church, you can learn new things about the whole Nordic region. The medieval granite church of the great municipality of Pohjan­kyrö is a masterpiece in its own right. Here, you can admire 114 wall paintings finished in 1560. Thanks to the magnificent historical surroundings and its excellent acoustics, the Old Church is a popular concert venue among well-known orchestras and soloists. Find out more on the website of the Isonkyrö parish at

An 18-century market fair The annual 18th Century Market Fair is organized in the Old Church area during the second week of August. Around one hundred artisans from all over Finland come to sell their products at the fair. In addition, the popular Sirpistä puimuriin event (From Sickles to Threshing Machines) at the end of July, shows how agricultural methods have developed over the past century. For more information on the fair, visit

At Kalliojärvi and Lukkuhaka, you will feel like staying on The SFC area at Lukkuhaka in Kalliojärvi was named the Caravan area of the year in 2010 by the SF-Caravan Association. The Kalliojärvi entertainment centre offers you quality accommodation, restaurant services and entertainment in the heart of Ostrobothnia. Top-notch bands and other performers guarantee that you will get in the mood. Kalliojärvi has also become a popular venue for corporate events. Today, many national meetings are arranged here. SFC-Lukkuhaka is a quality mobile home site with room for 180 trailers. Find out more at


In the Tervajoki car city, you can buy at a reasonable price but get the best Don’t forget to visit our car sales area in Isokyrö. Most car sales points are located in the Tervajoki population centre. Approx. 7,000 cars are sold every year at Isokyrö. There is only one explanation - we have the right prices and high quality standards. When you buy at a reasonable price and get the best, you will come and see us the next time you’re in town!

Tourist information in Isokyrö By visiting our website or by calling us, you will find out more about our restaurants, attractions, accommodation in our region and our guided tours. Call +358 (0)6 470 1111 or download a brochure at

The 7 Bridges Archipelago Are you looking for a fascinating view and fun experiences in town and in the country side as well? Enjoy our events, music and culture; discover our history and sports facilities. Explore our magnificent archipelago! The 7 Bridges Archipelago has something in store for everyone: we offer plenty of activities or a relaxing stay for visitors of all ages. The 7 Bridges Archipelago Kokkola-Kronoby-Larsmo-Pedersöre-Jakobstad-Nykarleby

Request our brochure at

Jakobstad Tourist Office Rådhuset, Salutorget 1, JAKOBSTAD Tel. +358 (0)6 723 1796

Kokkolan Matkailu Oy Market Place KOKKOLA Tel. +358 (0)6 828 9402

3 Towns On the sunny west coast, you will find three towns, Kristinestad, Kaskinen and Närpes. The sea and the proximity of nature have left their imprint: a peaceful lifestyle, long traditions, seafood and a rich selection of events are characteristic of all three towns.

Sportfisher’s Ostrobothnia Visit the varied Ostrobothnian archipelago for excellent fishing trips. You can use a professional fishing guide to find your way to the pike paradise!


The Pretty Town of Kaskinen Finland’s smallest and gutsiest town is located on an island where the noise of the rush hour is all but forgotten. Take a walk in the streets of our small town and enjoy its beautiful surroundings. You can also participate in some of our original events! The town that was grid-planned as early as 1785 enjoys a peaceful existence amid the sea. The summer revives the town quarters with old wooden houses as the lush gardens burst into flower. Enjoy the peace, the friendly inhabitants and the local relaxed lifestyle. It feels like time passes more slowly here. You can take your own boat comfortably to the tidy visitor marina by the lower edge of the market place. The beautiful Sälgrund lighthouse island can accommodate you and a large group of your friends. You can also spend the night at a hotel, guest house or a popular campsite next to the beach. There’s no hurry to move on!

The eventful Kaskinen Kaskinen is home to many popular events. The Spring Market brings the city to life on the last weekend of May when visitors from far and near visit our town. The traditional Fishing Harbour Days (Kalarantapäivät) a week after Midsummer is a free, carefully planned public event. On the town’s fish beach and Myllykallio hill, you can enjoy the programme, seafood dishes and handicrafts in a restful spirit of the old times. The weather is usually sunny as well, although we cannot make an absolute promise!

Restaurant Sininen hetki Hotel Sininen Joutsen Smoke sauna, smokehouse Satamakatu 37, KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)6 231 4568 Fax +358 (0)6 231 4233 Arto Koivisto +358 (0)40 583 2247 ravintola.sininenhetki@ Hotel Kaske Gastrobar & Terrace Raatihuoneenkatu 41 KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)6 222 7771 Oy KAS-Service Ab Accommodation, catering service Puistokatu 15, KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)40 581 9818 or +358 (0)6 222 7493 Fax +358 (0)6 222 8013 erik.sundberg@

The last week of July is reserved to the local Flea Market and yard sales where you can make real finds! After a Flea Market tour, you can relax at the town park and enjoy the Picnic Jazz concert.

Luonnonkulku and Marianranta Camping Kaskinen Catering and programme services, nature and theme excursions, history tourism and hunting traditions. Accommodations in camping cottages and parking for mobile homes. We welcome all fishermen to the rich fishing grounds of Kaskinen. Tel. +358 (0)50 595 6296 luonnonkulku@

This is the very essence of Kaskinen! Don’t miss out on the original shops, the October Herring Market or the Christmas events. For more information, visit our website at

Fishing Museum Vanha Kalaranta, KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)6 220 7212

July is the time when many people look forward to the Kaskinen Music Summer. Top-notch international concerts at the Bladh House and Sälgrund lighthouse are a wonderful experience to holidaymakers.


Grill Café Kung Gustav Restaurant Albatross Raatihuoneenkatu 39 and 43, KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)6 222 7111

The Sälgrund Pilot Station Accommodation and conference facilities, sauna upon request. Tel. +358 (0)6 220 7711 or +358 (0)400 868 781 Oy Kaskinen Sea-Charter Ab Transportation by boat, excursions to the islands, customised boat trips. Kari Häggblom Tel. +358 (04)0 524 0820 T:mi Solö Niclas Back’s island excursions Prinssi Eerikinkatu 12 KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)40 502 2956 or +358 (0)40 587 2429 The Bladh House Conferences, training sessions, exhibitions and festive occasions. Cneiffinpolku 1, KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0) 220 7211 Kaskinen Sports Hall Can be rented at a good price for sports events, exhibitions and fairs. Tel. +358 (0)6 220 7246 Kaskinen Tourist Information (from June to August) Tel. +358 (0)400 868 781 Kaskisten Matkailu ry Kaskinen Town Information Services (other times) Raatihuoneenkatu 34 KASKINEN Tel. +358 (0)6 220 7711 Find out more at


Kristinestad – the first Cittaslow city in Finland!

Welcome to the west coast of Finlandwhere you can visit our small seaside town with wooden houses! Our idyllic town invites you to explore our narrow streets, discover our beautiful churches and museums and enjoy your meals by the sparkling waters. This town has something to offer to everyone. We have many kinds of attractions and tourist resorts, events that cater to everyone’s taste, and accommodations ranging from campsites to hotels, and versatile restaurants.

Some of our events

Krepelin apartment-hotel

In June, Open Gates

The former sea captain’s courtyard has seven different apartments available throughout the year for one or several nights. Located at the heart of the old district of wooden houses near the market square.

You can explore our town by car or on foot, and the tourist office offers a bike rental service for a few hours or for the whole duration of your stay. You can use the walking tour guide to get to know the town’s architectural history, navigation history and the life of the merchants by the market square.

For more events, visit our website at

At the tourist office, you can also book guided tours and find brochures. The tourist office will provide you with all the information, Internet services and assistance whenever you may need them. We also have souvenirs at our premises. Welcome! Kristinestads Turism Handelshuset Corner Östra Långgatan 53-55, KRISTINESTAD Tel. +358 (0)6 221 2311 or +358(0)40 569 3796

Östra Långgatan 47 KRISTINESTAD Tel. +358 (0)400 661 434, In mid-July, The Summer Market

Welcome to Kilen in Sideby The multi-faceted Kilen has culture to everyone’s liking. We have an open air museum, a cultural centre with art exhibitions throughout the summer, a restaurant and a café, a hiking cottage, a harbour and a course and camp centre.

Crazy Cat restaurant Welcome to our cosy and attractive restaurant! À la carte menu, pizzas and a wine cellar. Open from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays, from 12 pm to 9 pm. Handelshuset Corner Östra Långgatan 53-55, KRISTINESTAD Tel. +358 (0)6 221 3100,

Kilvägen 90, Sideby, KRISTINESTAD Tel. +358 (0)6 222 5611

Hotel Leila and Hotel Alma Get a good night’s sleep at the heart of our small town in Hotel Leila (est. 2009) and Hotel Alma (est. 2004). Reception at Hotel Leila, Västra Långgatan 39, KRISTINESTAD. Tel. +358 (0)40 4185 185,



Närpes, the Town of Red Gold The town of Närpes is characterised by the proximity of the sea, its vibrant countryside and the symbol of our home district, the tomato, also known as “Red Gold”. In Närpes, you can enjoy the sea, our endless landscapes and fascinating cultural experienc-

Hotel and restaurant logen

Strandkulla cottages

Frank Mangs Centre

We offer tasty lunches every day. We also have an à la carte menu and a good pizza selection. Conference facilities and 18 elegant hotel rooms.

Quality cottages in natural surroundings by the sea. All cottages are fully equipped with a toilet, shower and sauna, television, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, stove, oven and dishwasher. All of our cottages have a private beach. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Strandkulla!

The Frank Mangs Centre is a popular meeting place for the young and old alike. The Mangsintalo facilities are ideal for family celebrations, courses and conferences.

Närpesvägen 16, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)6 357 7000

Fagerö Folk Park The Fagerö Folk Park is located in idyllic surroundings on the shores of Rangsby bay. We organise dancing events and provide entertainment. In summer, you can visit the Sea Side summer restaurant, play volleyball on our beach and leave your boat at our visitor marina. Björkgrundsvägen 1, Rangsby, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)40 500 7668,

The linds kök greenhouse restaurant Visit our greenhouse restaurant for an entirely new experience! Enjoy exotic tastes in a greenhouse with hundreds of edible plants. Our greenhouse restaurant is open by appointment throughout the year. In July, we are open every day and offer you a delicious lunch menu. Take your friends along for a different mealtime experience. Welcome!


es. Our traditional Tomato Carnival attracts thousands of people every summer. Come to Närpes to hear the roar of the sea, the rolling fields and the carefree Mediterranean atmosphere at the Tomato Carnival!

Bäcklidvägen 476, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)40 510 8124,

Skrattnäsvägen 700, Pjelax, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)50 546 3775 www.supertravelnet. com

Café Albert Café Albert is a cosy café at the heart of Närpes. Its elegant interior design combines old and new, with details in black and white. Come and relax at our friendly café! For more information on our opening hours and selection, visit Customers are free to use Café Albert’s computers and our free WLAN connection. The café offers versatile audiovisual equipment that can be booked for various events. Café Albert is operated by the ethical Förebyggarna Association. Närpesvägen 35, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)40 327 9791 or +358 (0)50 302 0034

Ståbacka, Kristinestadsvägen 884 NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)6 225 9210

Öjskogsparken park The Öjskogsparken Park near the Närpes Church with its unique church stables is a versatile museum area with a pharmacy museum, school museum, country shop museum and a cobbler’s workshop museum. The area also features the Närpes Theatre with popular plays on its programme. Kyrkvägen 23, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)50 350 6797

Närpes tourist information Närpesvägen 2, NÄRPES Tel. +358 (0)6 224 3035

Come and Enjoy the MAGNIFICENT Seinäjoki Region! The Seinäjoki area is a lively and attractive region at the heart of Southern Ostrobothnia. The City of Seinäjoki and the surrounding towns of Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi, Kauhava, Kurikka, Kuortane, Alavus and Lapua offer activities for absolutely everyone. Year in, year out, 75,000 people visit the Provinssirock music festival, 100,000 people go to the Tango Festival and 40,000 people gather for the Vauhtiajot Race & Rock festival. When crowd-pullers such as the PowerPark amusement park and the tens of thousands of visitors that participate in our other summer events are added to the list, we can only say that in spite of its size, the Seinäjoki area is the festival factory of Finland! If you are not yet familiar with our region, you can get started by finding out about our events. You’ll be sure to love them.


Tourism information in the region, accommodation and ticket reservations: South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service Travel Centre, Valtionkatu 1, 60100 SEINÄJOKI Tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090,,


Seinäjoki – in the Heart of Events

Provinssirock – The party for people

Vauhtiajot – The Race & Rock Festival

The annual Provinssirock music festival in Törnävänsaari in Seinäjoki attracts tens of thousands of music lovers every June. The festival that has been organised more than 30 times will offer the public a massive dose of music from various artists time after time!

The Race & Rock Festival Vauhtiajot will attract an audience by the race track as well as the bandstand. The actionpacked race and concerts with well-known bands will entertain you in July.

LOOK FOR MORE EVENTS and Accommodation reservations for the event period: South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service, tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090,


THE MIDNIGHT SUN AIRSHOW – COME AND SEE MIDSUMMER ON THE OSTROBOTHNIAN PLAINS Kauhava’s Midnight Sun Airshow is a unique midsummer event with a programme for families, young people and couples alike. Enjoy the action of the airshow and see our top artists on stage. You can also get to know airplanes on the ground and have fun at the Tivoli Sariola fair. We offer transportation by bus from other parts of the province, accommodation packages, non-stop bus transportation from parking areas and mobile home parking sites. Our indoor facilities offer thousands of visitors shelter from the rain. 18

Seinäjoki Tango Festival Seinäjoki Tango Festival is full with great feelings and exciting experiences in July. You can enjoy of gliding to tango, concerts, top artists, song and dance competitions, family day and the magical atmosphere of Northern summer. The thrilling finale of the Tango Song Contest will culminate in the crowning of the new Tango King or Queen for the year.

The Aalto Centre in Seinäjoki Architect and academician Alvar Aalto has left his mark on South Ostrobothnia. Seinäjoki’s Aalto Centre, which is unique even internationally, is one of the architect’s masterpieces and a popular attraction. The governmental and cultural centre of Seinäjoki, composed of six buildings, has a pure and timeless appeal.

The Lakeuden Risti church The Lakeuden Risti Church (Cross of the Plains) is a landmark of Seinäjoki and the best-known building of the Aalto Centre. In addition to the architecture, the interior design, the textiles and the stained-glass window of the chapel are the work of Alvar Aalto. In summer, visitors can admire the great plains from the church’s 65-metre tower. The church is open to visitors from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm and in summer from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.


river cruise and city train Enjoy a river cruise with Kaanaa Lines or take a ride on the Alvari city train. Both the river boat and the city train have regular tours in summer and special tours can be booked as well. Bookings and enquiries: South Ostrobothnia Tourist Service Travel Centre, Valtionkatu 1, 60100 SEINÄJOKI Tel +358 (0)6 420 9090,

Giant’s Kettle Pirunpesä The enigmatic giant’s kettle Pirunpesä is located in the Ylivalli village in Jalasjärvi, on the peak of Isovuori mountain. Pirunpesä or the Devil’s Nest is a 14-metre wide and 23-metre deep chasm that nature has formed in the mountain. Café and souvenirs. One and four kilometre nature trails and a lookout tower. Keijo Haanpää, tel. 050 544 5921,; Raili Ranto-Kurikka, tel. 040 727 1904, tel. +358 (0)6 457 2439, raili.ranto-kurikka@; Ylivallin Nuorisoseura ry (the Ylivalli Youth Association), tel. +358 (0)50 367 6514, www.jalasjä /pirunpesa. Reservations for accommodations in the Kalliomajat mountain cottages: Raili Ranto-Kurikka, tel. +358 (0)40 727 1904 or +358 (0)6 457 2439,

At the Seinäjoki Art Hall, you can see versatile exhibitions of modern art and participate in workshops and other events. At the Art Library (Taidelainaamo), you can borrow pieces of art and display them at home! Various packages can be tailored for groups of visitors. We rent our facilities for meetings and festivities. We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11

am to 5 pm, on Wednesdays from 11 am to 7 pm and from Friday to Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.The entrance is free on Wednesdays. Upankatu 3, SEINÄJOKI Tel. +358 (0)6 416 2390 19

Powerpark – Finland’s best leisure centre for 2010 Estimates show that in 2010, the themed PowerPark holiday resort was Finland’s most popular leisure centre. According to a study by a Finnish research institute, the Särkänniemi and Linnanmäki amusement parks and the Helsinki Zoo in Korkeasaari came in second, third and fourth after PowerPark.

Today, PowerPark is a legendary recreational park in an area of more than 100 hectares. The area includes an amusement park with a fairy-tale world, quality hotels, restaurants, a camping site, a cottage village, the largest karting hall in Europe and the fabulous Mika Salo Circuit outdoor kart track.

Construction began in the Alahärmä area at Kauhava in the early 21st century, as the vision of its globe-trotting owner Jorma Lillbacka developed into a surprising, fabulous theme park.

Thunderbird, Finland’s largest wooden rollercoaster, crowns the joyful rides in the amusement park. The enchanting fairy-tale environment is inhabited by Rölli the gentle troll and Milli Menninkäinen the forest spirit.

The all-year activities of the area include horseback trekking and ATV safaris in the Ostrobothnian landscape. Also you can try something entirely new at PowerPark: a 5D cinema is opened at the Palace hall. The 5D cinema’s 148 seats will also be open to large groups of conference clients. Puistotie 3, Alahärmä, KAUHAVA Tel. +358 (0)6 485 4100 Fax +358 (0)6 485 4200



– an Oasis of the Plains The Ostrobothnian Härmä Spa has been entirely renovated! The spa department has become a full-blown entertainment spa. A new four-track exercise pool, children’s pool and the Hot Stone Sauna complete the spa that has been wowing guests for years. The new wing was opened in December 2010, and the entire spa was ready to receive visitors from April 2011 onwards.


For the first time in Finland, there’s even a brand new indoor sand beach in the premises! The Härmä Sunny Beach has developed an entirely new range of services for families, corporate wellness customers and conference clients. Enjoy yourself at Spa Härmä’s Sunny Beach! Spa Gym services include versatile and modern water aerobics classes.

Spa Härmä’s Spa Wellness department has also been renewed. New features such as double bathtubs and an entirely renovated beauty care centre will help you relax both mentally and physically.

GOOD OLD CRAFTSMANSHIP Spa Härmä has developed the “Käden ­Taidot” craftsmanship concept to allow visitors to make creative use of their manual skills. In addition to spa services, Härmä Spa offers versatile wellness solutions and services for different types of events and conferences. With a kitchen that values local ingredients, the sports services at the Anssin Jussin Areena sports arena and the most popular dancing events in the province, the spa offers an excellent range of services.

Inquiries and reservations: Härmä Spa Vaasantie 22 YLIHÄRMÄ Tel. +358 (0)6 483 1111 Fax +358 (0)6 484 6703

Stay comfortably in South Ostrobothnia

Wanha Karhunmäki leisure centre An idyllic leisure centre in the countryside on the border between Lapua and Seinäjoki. The centre is located 25 km from Seinäjoki, 1 km from the Malkakoski dam area, 6 km from Simpsiö skiing centre and 8 km from the Lapua city centre. Wanha Karhunmäki offers versatile facilities for family celebrations, meetings and youth camps. Ostrobothnian banquet dishes are available upon request, and we provide comfortable accommodation for up to 130 people. The sports hall, the modern sauna facilities and the cosy courtyard also appeal to active athletes. A nature trail connects Wanha Karhunmäki to Simpsiö skiing centre. There is an intimate hut for approx. 30 people next to our forest pond. We also have a romantic Amor cottage for couples.

Reservations for Accommodatio n in South Ostr obothnia

www.epmatka +358 (0)6 420 9090

In the main building, the Puoti shop and Körttimuseo (the Awakening Museum) are open on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. The shop has a selection of Ostrobothnian products, sweets and souvenirs for yourself and for friends and family. The Awakening Museum exhibits the history of the religious Awakening movement in Finland. The courtyard has many activities in store for children, and their older siblings can play beach volley or table tennis. Now we also have a summer café that is open on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. You can try pastries from the café’s bakery as well as Ostrobothnian ice cream. Karhunmäentie 923, LAPUA Tel. +358 (0)6 437 7757,

All-round rural tourism services in the Seinäjoki region

Hotel-Restaurant Alma The Hotel-Restaurant Alma is an original complex in a renovated railway staff building at the centre of Seinäjoki next to the Travel Centre. Alma is an excellent choice for travellers and diners who are looking for straightforward, traditional service culture and for business clients in need of a flexible conference and banquet catering services. The unique district with wooden houses, the historical setting, the original rooms and the delicious menu will ensure your return to Alma time and time again. Hotel-Restaurant Alma Ruukintie 4, SEINÄJOKI Tel. +358 (0)6 421 5200,


The Iisakki Järvenpää Knife Factory “I had always planned to make the knife handles from birch bark,” Iisakki Järvenpää said. This is what we still do today. The factory outlet and the miniature museum are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Knife Factory Iisakki Järvenpää Passinraitti 32, KAUHAVA Tel. +358 (0)6 434 0135, fax +358 (0)6 434 0919

The Lennol Outlet

During the shopping tour you can find special South Ostrobothnian souvenirs and handicrafts as well as high quality interior design products and houseware.

The collections of the Lennol Oy outlet include a large selection of textiles designed by Seija Ranttila and Jukka Rintala for decorating your home. We also sell the bedclothes and decorative cushions from the Kylie at Home collection designed by Kylie Minogue. Discover our new and alternative Pouta set for ecological cushions and blankets. Open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Rantatie 22, JALASJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0) 207 756 135,

Yarn store and warehouse Kangas-Aitta at kauhava Use your imagination and create a knitted masterpiece of your own! Our shop is a real horn of plenty where both experienced knitters and weavers can find the materials they are looking for. Two of our most popular materials are Esito loop mohair, used to make warm blankets for winter evenings by the fire and Lilli tubular ribbon yarn for making crocheted baskets. Welcome to our shop! Kauppatie 91, KAUHAVA Tel. +358 (0)6 434 5500,

Shopping in Seinäjoki The Lapuan Kankurit factory outlet We specialise in manufacturing textiles from linen for tablecloths, saunas and interior design in Scandinavian homes. Our textiles combine functionality, durability and streamlined Finnish design. Our extensive collection is on display at the Lapuan Kankurit factory outlet at the Vanha Paukku Cultural Centre. We are open from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays, from 10 am to 3 pm and at other times by appointment only. The outlet is closed on Tuesdays. We offer guided tours in our textile factory.


Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku Kustaa Tiitun tie 1, LAPUA Tel. 050 527 5728,

Shopping centres: Torikeskus, Kauppatori 1-3 Epstori, Kauppakatu 5 Megakeskus, Keskuskatu 3 Kauppakeskus Lehtinen, Puskantie 1


Make real finds at the local crafts shops: The Amfora Shop outlet has pottery for everyday use and interior design items by designer Päivi Rintaniemi. Päivölänkatu 32, SEINÄJOKI The Rustoopuori shop with Ostrobothnian gift and interior design products and handicraft materials. Sahalankatu 3, SEINÄJOKI Wanha Markki, elves and art. Gift and interior design shop. Open in summer only. Kylänpääntie 114, Ylistaro, SEINÄJOKI Find more shopping destinations at

Kurikka Many wonderful things come from Kurikka! The Haku Päällä (Find a Partner) matchmaking festival and many other summer events in Kurikka leave no one in the cold! Find out more for great ideas and inspiration at The Interior Design Centre Sella The Interior Design Centre Sella is a unique site with plenty of fascinating things to see, buy and experience throughout the year. The multi-faceted wooden building was constructed in 2004. It was destined to become a national promotion centre for the woodworking and furniture industries. The Sella Centre promotes both Nordic and Finnish interior design.The selection in the Sella shop consists mainly of locally produced gifts and

interior design products. At the modern Ostrobothnian theme café, you can buy small salty snacks and pastries made at the local bakery. The Sella Centre’s varying exhibitions feature local companies, designers, artists and artisans. The Interior Design Centre Sella Veistokouluntie 2, Jurva, KURIKKA Tel. +358 (0)40 485 5771,


The Botniaring Motor Racing Track

The Mäntylä Estate

Botniaring in Jurva, Kurikka, is one of the five large motor racing tracks in Finland. It is also one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. The track, established in 1990, is open almost daily from April to October. In summer, the Varikkoravintola track restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. In 2010, a Master Plan was made for the development of Botniaring. It will be used to transform the region into an international motor racing track (FIA grade 3), a national driving school centre and a large theme park.

A historical farm in Kurikka. The Gastro Botnia country restaurant offers locally produced food in honour of the region’s culinary traditions. We offer nostalgic surroundings for festive and corporate events. Story-telling is an important theme at our premises. For overnight stays, we also have comfortable rooms in the Wähätupa and Susipiha (Wolf Courtyard) buildings. On top of everything else, the estate boasts a large smoke sauna and a swimming pool.

For more information about the motor racing track and its events, visit

Auli ja Antero Mäntylä, Mäntylänkuja 43, Närvijoki, KURIKKA Tel. +358 (0)6 363 6126 or +358 (0)40 539 0145,

Hotel-Restaurant Pitkä-Jussi

Reinon Tupa Inn

Hotel-Restaurant Pitkä-Jussi is beautifully situated amidst the riverside scenery of Kurikka. The versatile hotel is also suitable for conferences and parties, as the conference rooms and cabinets can be tailored to the guest’s needs. The dance restaurant and night club are popular meeting places on Friday and Saturday nights.

Reinon Tupa (Reino’s Inn) is located at Niinistönjärvi in Hirvivaara, in the heart of beautiful peatlands. We have quality conference and sauna services for corporate clients and banquet catering services for private customers. Reinon Tupa is part of the Botnia Events network that can be used to reserve dozens of sauna and conference facilities around Ostrobothnia. We offer group-specific programmes to satisfy individual needs.

Hovikatu 1, KURIKKA Tel. +358 (0)6 451 0500 Fax +358 (0)6 451 0555 www.

Niinistönjärvi, KURIKKA Tel. +358 (0)10 322 4242,

Rypölän Torppa – A Centre Of Tradition In Kurikka Rypölän Torppa (Rypölä Croft) is an idyllic environment with several crofter-style buildings. We accept reservations for both private parties and conferences. We have a bed & breakfast style accommodation in loft rooms for couples. We also offer a car rental service with themed vehicles. The croft is open by appointment only. Orders and inquiries Tel. +358 (0)40 708 1478 or +358 (0)400 369 326


Alavus moves you! Alavus offers plenty of opportunities for sports lovers. The Kunto-Lutra sports hall is perfect for indoor sports, and the spa department’s water slides appeal to the whole family. Sports swimmers will have no shortage of lanes in our pool. At the Alavus Areena sports arena, you can play hockey and curling and take your whole family to the skating rink. The versatile arena

also houses concerts and other events. The lit running track and ski tracks are accessible from the city centre, and we also offer parachute jumping, motocross and Enduro tracks for those who are craving for action.

The Arabia Milk Jug Collection

The Art Centre Harri

Other Attractions

A collection of five hundred objects, gathered over the course of four decades, is on display at the Fasadi Technology Centre. You can also see some jugs at the Art Centre Harri. There are jugs from almost all of the active decades of the Arabia factory. Collector Kauko Välimäki paid particular attention to the quality of the jugs in his collection.

is located by Route 66 on the shores of Lake Alavudenjärvi. The Art Centre Harri features a permanent exhibition by Matti Annala and various other high-quality exhibits.

• Sleepover like at your granny’s cottage at Ouran Loma, • Pamper yourself at the Kaislan Kymppi-Turve peat spa, • Interior design products and handicraft skills at the Guuglo Design & Workshop,

Harrintie 10, ALAVUS Tel. +358 (0)6 2525 1574

Tourist Information City of Alavus

The Alavus Fasadi Technology Centre Taitotie 1, ALAVUS Tel. +358 (0)6 2525 1711 Opening hours: From Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. We have extended opening hours in July. For more information, call +358 (0)6 2525 1711.

Kuulantie 6, ALAVUS Tel. +358 (0)6 2525 1000 Fax +358 (0)6 2525 1111

Kuortane – There’s No Limit to the Joys of Exercise For tourists, Kuortane is a comprehensive destination with historical attractions, sports activities and cultural experiences in Finland’s Lake Country. Kuortane has beautiful hiking and fishing sites, and even fans of extreme sports will get what they are seeking for! You will find the right accommodation at Kuortane regardless of what you are looking for - a hotel suite or a cabin

Kuharanta and Kuortane Golf

Sport & Fun

The surroundings of the Kuharanta estate on the shores of Lake Kuhajärvi give you an idea of the genuine South Ostrobothnian countryside with its typical barns and marinas. The comfortable accommodations and excellent restaurant services are perfect for golfers visiting the ninehole Kuortane Golf club.

The popular sports and action world will offer eventful moments for the whole family.

Vierteentie 89, Mäyry, KUORTANE Tel. +358 (0)20 198 3098

The Yli-Mäyry Art Hall


in the wilderness. Find out about the battle of Ruona that led to the separation of Finland from the Swedish Kingdom, visit the Klemetti Museum at the birthplace of composer Heikki Klemetti and see the newest additions to Finnish art at the Soile Yli-Mäyry Art Hall. Find out more about tourism services in Kuortane at www.

From June to August, the Soile Yli-Mäyry Art Hall exhibits the artist’s world-famous masterpieces as well as her most recent work. Yli-Mäyry’s works have been displayed in more than 250 private exhibitions in 25 countries. The Tallikahvio stable café is open to visitors. Hynniläntie 18, Mäyry, KUORTANE Tel. +358 (0)6 525 7324

Ask for our family packages!

The Kuortane Sports Resort The Kuortane Sports Resort offers quality time for everyone. You can try new kinds of sports on the ‘Feel Good’ wellness courses or simply enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family. Take peaceful walks in nature or discover the delicious dishes on our menu. The joy of success and learning new things are the best kind of quality time. Opistotie 1, KUORTANE Tel. +358 (0)6 516 6111


Töysä, the Community of Good Luck In Töysä you can enjoy a countryside holiday with fascinating events, recreation and shopping. Here you can find accommodations tailored to your individual needs.

The Miljoona Events In Tuuri

World Of Mazes

Sepänniemi Holiday Village

Finland’s largest village shop, Velj. Keskinen, organises major Miljoona events and smaller weekly activities for its customers. Find out more at

If you are lost, find your way again by using your power of deduction! Face the challenge of the large maze and smaller labyrinths. You will be surprised by the difficulty of seemingly simple tasks. Experience the labyrinth where you will be the pawn!

A holiday village by the fish-filled Lake Ponnenjärvi. 12 quality cabins, 20 caravan spots with electricity, tent places, a beach, two saunas and a grill shed.

Fantasy Minigolf The Fantasy Minigolf course at the Tuuri Shopping Village. In addition to the minigolf course, there is a Bungee trampoline. Siltalantie 10, Tuuri, TÖYSÄ Tel. +358 (0)45 135 1200

Karting The longest outdoor karting track in Finland. You can either rent a car or drive your own vehicle.

Onnelantie 30, Tuuri, TÖYSÄ Tel. +358 (0)45 653 1600

Hotel Onnentähti The hotel is located at the Tuuri Shopping Village and offers 35 elegantly decorated rooms with shopping and dining opportunities immediately at hand.

Niemenkyläntie 250, TÖYSÄ Tel. +358 (0)6 526 1550

Tourist Information For more information on the many accommodation services and restaurants in Töysä: Tourist information, Shopping street in Veljekset Keskinen Oy Tel. +358 (0)40 158 2357,

Onnentie 7, Tuuri, TÖYSÄ Tel. +358 (0)6 5105 5000


Housunkylä, TÖYSÄ Tel. +358 (0)40 564 1052,

Come to Ähtäri for the Best Holiday Memories!

Enjoy the landscape at the Ähtäri Zoo and meet more than 300 animals in their natural environment. The zoo will keep the little ones busy: in summer, they can get to know domestic animals and police work as well as enjoy their snack at the Kaakkolammi café by the water bird building. In winter, you can enjoy the snow and watch the animals potter around the serene white woods. Although Mother Nature is asleep, the animals are all but inactive in their impressive winter coats. A picnic in the park is an unforgettable winter experience for the whole family. After the day’s outing, you can relax at the Mesikämmen Spa next to the Ähtäri Zoo. The spa has a special pool for children. You can visit the zoo and the spa 365 days a year!

There’s No Joy Like The Joy Of Exercise! The tourism centre has an 18-hole golf course, a tennis court, an illuminated ski track and nature trail as well as snowmobile tracks with good connections with the larger routes of the area. The many lakes invite you to enjoy rowing, canoeing and fishing in summer and ice-fishing and skating in winter. Find out more about our accommodation possibilities. Ähtäri tourist information, tel. +358 (0)6 539 3555,

The Ähtäri Zoo Campsite


The Ähtäri Zoo campsite features caravan places and new quality holiday apartments. Our minigolf, water slide, beach sauna and nature trail all appeal to tourists.


Book your trip to South Ostrobothnia now! SOUTH OSTROBOTHNIA TOURIST SERVICE arranges a successful travel experience for you. We compose a complete package from accommodation, dining and programme services in the region according to your wishes whether you are travelling alone, with your family or with an entire group. book tickets for events book accommodation and meals, even during major events when there is also private accommodation available experience trips for groups; complete travel suggestions or tailored travel packages for associations, companies, schools and other groups with children You can also book accommodation online at our website

Valtionkatu 1, Travel Centre 60100 Seinäjoki Tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090

Fax +358 (0)6 420 9092

Cycling in Ostrobothnia It is easy to cycle in the flat landscape of Ostrobothnia. The landscape is dominated by vast fields with plenty of barns and the typical well-kept Ostrobothnian country houses. You can find cycling routes both on the coast and in the surrounding countryside. Replot is an excellent choice for a cyclist’s day trip. Visitors are warmly welcomed in our idyllic island villages. A tour in the Maxmo Archipelago will take several days. The area is full of hiking routes and canoe trails. By following a mountain bike route across more than 80 kilometres, you can see the southern and western parts of Isojoki. The route consists mainly of gravel roads, small roads between fields and larger roads in villages. Small sec-


tions of the route pass through inhabited villages, while the longer legs take you to isolated forest areas. In national parks, the mountain bike route consists of the northern and southern routes that join the campsites of Kangasjärvi (Isojoki) and Nummijärvi (Kauhajoki). Both routes are approx. 50 km long.

Raastuvankatu 30, VAASA Tel. +358 (0)6 325 1125 Fax +358 (0)6 312 5833

Sports and Wellness in Järvi-Pohjanmaa The Järvi-Pohjanmaa (Lake Ostrobothnia) wilderness offers you exquisite trekking routes, unforgettable experiences and genuine peace in natural surroundings. If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a bear, a fox or a majestic soaring eagle. In JärviPohjanmaa, you will also find modern sports resorts for various activities. The traditional sport of the region is Finnish baseball.

Enjoy exercise as well as our regional events! An information point for all communes of Järvi-Pohjanmaa is located at Spa Hotel Kivitippu, Nykäläntie 137, LAPPAJÄRVI, tel. +358 (0)6 561 5000, www.

You are sure to see snow in winter. We have extensive freestyle tracks for passionate cross-country skiers. You can try downhill skiing and snowboarding safely at the Lakeaharju and Vuorenmaa Winter Sports Centres.

The Best of Summer! Make your way to Spa Hotel Kivitippu in the fascinating meteorite landscape of Lake Lappajärvi. Spa Hotel Kivitippu will offer you experiences, activities and new tales to tell for sunny and rainy days alike.

A one-day golfing holiday at Kivitippu

For prices and reservations, please contact:

Accommodation and breakfast, a green fee for an 18-hole golf course next to the hotel, a spa, gym and free entrance to the dancing restaurant.

Spa Hotel Kivitippu Nykäläntie 137, LAPPAJÄRVI Hotel, tel. +358 (0)6 561 5000 Sales service, tel. +358 (0)6 561 5566,

King and Queen of the Dance Floor for one day Come and dance at the Halkosaari dance floor to the music of the very best Finnish musicians. More information at Accommodation, breakfast, dance floor tickets, spa and gym included.



Enjoy Your Stay in Järvi-Pohjanmaa Red Cottage Wine Estate

Hotel And Restaurant Alvariini

After a long drive, you will want to take a break before you hit the road again. You legs feel numb and your stomach needs fuel. Take a rest and pamper your senses at our traditional farm in Alajärvi. We have room for 180 people and a summer terrace. We also organise wine tasting events and provide café and catering services upon request as well as banqueting services. We have full on-licences and audiovisual devices at your disposal. Our wine shop is open throughout the year. We are open on weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. Koskenvarrentie 337, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)6 557 4540 Fax +358 (0)6 557 4515

Welcome to hotel and restaurant Alvariini in the heart of Järvi-Pohjanmaa! We also have a bowling alley on the premises. Here you can spend a few relaxing moments in an exciting bowling atmosphere. You can forget your everyday worries in the steam of our sauna, and after a refreshing swim, you can choose a tasty à la carte meal in our cosy restaurant. You can chat comfortably on our terrace in the evening sun. The beautifully decorated rooms are catered to small and large groups alike. Come and discover what we have to offer! Paavolantie 1, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)6 557 6688

Isoniemen Lomamökit Come and enjoy a relaxing nature holiday on the shores of the beautiful Lake Lappajärvi! We offer well-equipped holiday cottages throughout the year. You can choose from seven quality cottages (40 to 60 m2). There are walking routes nearby. The region is perfect for children, and we keep our customers happy. Book now for a great holiday! Raili and Veikko Isoniemi Isoniementie 612, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)40 731 1998 or +358 (0)6 557 2940

5 The historical Wanahan Ajan Päiwät Festival at Soini The festival is organised in the courtyard of artist Reijo Kivijärvi. This festival will take you to the quaint atmosphere of the old days. Here you can see what it was like to work in the old times, find arts and crafts, see old gadgets and domestic animals, listen to folk music and meet our eccentric villagers.

Atelier Reijo Kivijärvi


The artist has constructed a traditional village with approx. thirty different buildings on his property. The premises feature a smithy, two smoke saunas, granaries, a drying barn and four old-fashioned mechanical planes. The artist’s own collection is open to visitors daily in June-July. We also have a summer

café. Open for larger groups by appointment only. Keskisentie 181, SOINI Tel. +358 (0)400 164 166

Wanhan Ajan Päiwät Festival Reijo Kivijärvi Tel. +358 (0)400 164 166

In The Bowels Of The Volcano Discover the geological phenomena affecting the lithosphere at the Volcano Centre in Alajärvi. Here you can get to know the interplanetary space, lithospheric cracks, geysers, earthquakes, the rock and stone exhibits and much more. The main building has a café, a gift and souvenir shop and a rock and stone museum (no entrance fee). We also have a covered summer terrace, and we provide conference services and prepare meals for groups upon request.

Volcano tours in May-September. You will find our prices and opening hours online. Lehtotie 15, Hoisko, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)6 557 3950 The Domestic TOURIST RESORT in 2010, selected by the Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists

The Regional Art Museum Of South Ostrobothnia The Nelimarkka Museum The artist Eero Nelimarkka built his museum in Alajärvi, and it was opened in 1964. Nelimarkka Museum is the youngest Regional Art Museum in Finland (1995). Its interests lie in the art education: workshops are organized for children of different ages, ranging from nursery age to school children to adults. The museum is also responsible for research of Ostrobothnian art and artists. On the museum’s top floor there is a permanent exhibition. In the other sections of the building there are approximately 5-6 different art exhibitions per year, displaying mainly contemporary art. Other events, such as concerts are arranged occasionally. The studio of Eero Nelimarkka is located in the basement floor of the building. The adjoining halls usually house an exhibition of drawings and prints. The building next to the museum is the childhood home of Eero Nelimarkka’s father. Nelimarkka residence operates in this building. After you have enjoyed the art exhibitions, Café de Nelimarkka offers a refreshing cup of coffee. You can also do some shopping in Neljän Markan Putiikki shop. Both are located in the museum building. Guided tours Basic tour: A tour of the exhibition with a guide. A one-hour tour or a longer tour on order. A role-play tour: A lady carrying a plate. Eero Nelimarkka’s housekeeper Miss Kekäläinen will take your group back in time to the early 1970s. She will present Nelimarkka’s masterpieces and tell a fascinating tale of the artist’s work and lifestyle. Role-play tours by appointment only. Duration: 45 minutes.

ALAJÄRVI The Kanavan Kevari lunch restaurant, café and hotel. Catering services upon request. Myllykankaantie 5, Sissala, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)6 557 4121

Grill Pizzeria Kir-Si Patruunantie 13, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)6 565 2041

SOINI Vuorenmaa Tourist Centre Koskitie 30, SOINI Reservations: Tel. +358 (0)400 190 936

Lakis Winter Sports Centre/ Restaurant Välilasku (Stopover) We also provide accommodation! Lakeaharjuntie, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)400 569 350 or +358 (0)40 512 2359

Sillanpää Holiday Cottages These cottages on the shores of Lake Jokijärvi can also accommodate you in winter. Korkeaperäntie 151, SOINI Tel. +358 (0)400 962 198 or +358 (0)400 521 414

Check prices and opening hours online.

VIMPELI Tamminen’s cottages Serpentiinitie 26, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)40 913 3626

The Nelimarkka Museum – the Regional Art Museum of South Ostrobothnia Pekkolantie 123, ALAJÄRVI Tel. +358 (0)6 557 2129,

Dancing Restaurant Sopupeli Patruunantinantie 8 VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)6 565 1215 or +358 (0)40 732 5622

Nelimarkka Bakery Café and Shop Opintie 4 A, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)6 565 1656

Vimpelin Veto Finnish Superpesis baseball and the Saarikenttä baseball stadium/Dancing Centre Kisaranta Lypsinmaantie, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)6 565 1101 or +358 (0)40 535 0430 The Museum of Finnish Baseball / The Ski Factory Museum Kangastie 7, VIMPELI Tel. +358 (0)44 465 9680


Kauhajoki Kauhajoki, located in South Ostrobothnia in the Suupohja region, has versatile experiences in store for you. In this town with two national parks, you can discover the wilderness by listening to the murmuring streams, or you can enjoy our summer and winter events depending on what you like best.


Kauhajoki food fair The Hämes-Havunen estate with its typical Ostrobothnian buildings and fair tents will attract more than 150 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors. The food fair is Finland’s largest annual exhibition of locally produced food. Tel. +358 (0)40 501 8290

The Hämes-Havunen Farmhouse

quality ski track network. Tel. +358 (0)40 731 4025

The area with two closed courtyards is a unique setting for conferences and cultural or festive events.

Virkku Recreational Swimming Pool

Koskenkyläntie 312, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)40 595 4000

The family baths have three pools with all the modern comforts. The sports hall offers versatile activities.

Lauhanvuori National Park

Urheilutie 3, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)6 2413 2491


Museum Of The Kauhajoki Veterans The museum veterans tell the tale of Kauhajoki’s wartime history. Knuuttilantie 4, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)40 595 4000,

Parliament Hall Winter War Museum During the Winter War, the Finnish Parliament was in session in Kauhajoki between 1 December 1939 and 17 February 1940. Eduskunnankatu 5, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)40 595 4000

The Von Schantz Mansion The von Schantz Mansion is a fascinating attraction that is also suitable for meetings, cultural and festive events. Ullantie 7, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)40 595 4000

The elevation of Lauhanvuori hill stands out in the flat Ostrobothnian landscape due to its height, its lush vegetation and its geological features. The KauhanevaPohjankangas National Park has a clearly dual landscape. It is predominated by dry pine forests and innumerable vast, open bogs. -> Destinations

Botnia Golf The 18-hole course is the work of the famous Finnish golf course designer Kosti Kuronen. The area features a new club restaurant and a Pro Shop for golfers. Hermanninmäki 22, Päntäne, KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)6 232 4663

Nummijärvi Camping*** Spend your holiday amidst a lake landscape of scenic beauty near national parks and services. Nummijärventie 591, Nummijärvi KAUHAJOKI Tel. +358 (0)45 267 0270

City Of Kauhajoki Hallintoaukio, PL 500, 61800 Kauhajoki Tel. +358 (0)6 2413 2000 Fax +358 (0)6 2413 2009

Sotka Skiing Slopes There are three slopes in Sotka. One of them is a free beginner’s slope with a miniature lift. The Sotka area also has




Valtionkatu 1, Travel Centre 60100 Seinäjoki Tel. +358 (0)6 420 9090

Raastuvankatu 30 65100 Vaasa Tel. +358 (0)6 325 1125

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Holiday in Ostrobothnia 2011-12  
Holiday in Ostrobothnia 2011-12  

Magazine for visitors in Ostrobothnia, Western Finland. Places to visit, where to eat and sleep and events taking place in the area.