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Table of Contents



Board of Administration [BOA] Report



Statistical Reports

Churches 2012‐2013 Comparison Table 


Conference 10‐year Graph 



Financial Reports

2013 Profit Loss & 2014 Budget 


Equal Participation System [EPS] 


Balance Sheet 



Ballot Summary



General Conference 2015 Delegate Nominations & Bios



Superintendent Nominating Committee Report



Free Methodist World Ministries Report



Missionary Reports



Free Methodist Foundation Report



Women’s Ministries International Report



Warm Beach Camp Report



Warm Beach Senior Community Report



PNWC Bible Quizzing Report



Soulpoint Ministries Report



Pacific Northwest Conference  Board of Administration (BOA) Report  *Substantive 2013‐2014 Actions of the PNWC Board of Administration   

2013 September    On Motion  On Motion 

On Motion    

On Motion 

On Motion  On Motion 

2013 October    On Motion    On Motion      On Motion      On Motion    On Motion 


To approve the May 2013 BOA Minutes and the Leadership Summit Minutes. M/S/P  To approve the EPS modifications as outlined in the EPS Task Force recommendations.  M/S/P    To approve the Moses Lake Light and Life property sale, located at 935 W. Valley Road,  Moses Lake WA. 98837. Legal description as follows:  Lot 1 of Knolls Vista E.U.B. Moses Lake, According to the Plat thereof  recorded in Volume 6 of Plats, Page 25, Records of Grant County  Washington. Tax Parcel No. 10‐0631‐000.   And to approve Conference Administrator Geoff Smith as an authorized signor on behalf of  the Pacific Northwest Conference and ratify his signature on all documents related to  assigning deed for the property legally described in attachments. M/S/P    To approve a $20,000 loan for parsonage improvements at Light and Life Tacoma. The  Conference will carry the loan for 3 years, Interest free for first year. Interest rate for 2nd  two years based on Free Methodist Foundation. If not paid in full after 3 years, the church  could apply for Loan with Free Methodist Foundation. M/S/P    To receive the PNWC Financials. M/S/P  To approve the Anchorage loan request, with the requirement that the church destroy  their VISA card, and incur no other outside  indebtedness including any credit cards.  M/S/P.      

To approve the minutes of the September 18, 2013 BOA Minutes. M/S/P     To approve the recommendation from the FTF for the $65,000 grant for Timberlake  Church. M/S/P    To approve the recommendation from the FTF for the $25,000 grant for Rainier Avenue  Church. M/S/P    To receive the September financials. M/S/P    To approve the David and Joy Foster Quit Claim Deed action.       


2013 November    On Motion      On Motion      On Motion   

2013 December    On Motion               

2014 January    On Motion    On Motion    On Motion 

To approve that Timberlake Church purchase property at 15520 Main Street, Duvall, WA  98019. M/S/P    To approve that Timberlake Church receives a loan from the FM Foundation for purchase  of property at 15520 Main Street, Duvall, WA 98019 in the amount of $1,500,000. M/S/P    To approve the Port Angeles property sale located at 735 S Chase St. Port Angeles, WA  98362 . Legal description as follows:  Lots 10, 11 and 12, Block 229 of the Government  Townsite of Port Angeles, Washington in the amount of $195,000. M/S/P        To approve that the sale of property, legal description:  Lots 10, 11 and 12, Block 229 of the  Government Townsite of Port Angeles, Washington in the amount of $160,650.      And to approve Conference Administrator Geoff Smith as an authorized signer on behalf of  the Pacific Northwest Conference and ratify his signature on all documents related to  assigning deed for the property legally described above. M/S/P     

On Motion 

To approve the minutes of the October 13 meeting. M/S/P    To approve Mark Morrison as a Global Associate. M/S/P    To receive the 2013 Year End Financial Report. M/S/P    To approve Bellingham to increase their loan from $60,000 to $68,000 from Free Methodist  Foundation.  M/S/P    To approve the housing allowances as listed. M/S/P  i. Matt Whitehead = $55,000  ii. David Hicks = $35,794  iii. Arlene Weigand = $12,694  iv. Kevin Austin = $27,000  v. Allison Coventry = $14,400    To approve Ketchikan Ministries as a PNWC church plant.  M/S/P    To move into Executive Session to discuss staff salaries.  M/P/S    To move out of Executive session. M/S/P 

On Motion 

To approve the 2014 budget as presented.  M/S/P 

On Motion    On Motion 

On Motion    On Motion 


2014 February     On Motion 

On Motion 

2014  March    On Motion  On Motion 

2014  May    On Motion    On Motion 

On Motion  On Motion 

    To approve the Leadership Development Plan and budget designated for the Leadership  Development Plan.  M/S/P    To approve an MOU regarding Henriet Schapelhouman’s role in the Leadership  Development Plan M/S/P   

To approve Joshua Brooks as a PNWC Global Associate    To approve the yearly housing allowance of $40,000/year for PNWC Global Associate Mark  Morrison (Shepherd Ministries)   

To approve the minutes of the January 30, 2014 BOA Minutes. M/S/P    To approve the Memo Of Understanding for Henriet Schapelhouman as presented to the  Board. M/S/P    To approve the Leadership Summit offering plan and project as presented.  M/S/P 

On Motion 

To approve the Warm Beach Camp Board nominations. M/S/P    To approve the Warm Beach Senior Community Board nominations. M/S/P 

On Motion 

That Ryan Hamlin is nominated to the SPU Board of Trustees Trusteeship Committee for  another 3 year term for one of the Free Methodist Board positions. M/S/P 

On Motion 

To nominate the following names for the Nominating Committee that will be forwarded to  the Leadership Summit for action: Juelle Edwards, Frank Cranston, Sam Schaar, Arlene  Weigand.  M/S/P   

On Motion 

To receive the financial reports as presented from Financial Task Force.  M/S/P 

On Motion 

From the Financial Task Force to PNWC BOA to approve the Ballard Church Loan  Modification to add $42,000 to the total loan amount bringing new loan balance to  $503,781. M/S/P 

On Motion   

From the Financial Task Force to PNWC BOA to approve moving the Tacoma Light and Life  loan of $20,000 to a grant with monies coming out of Church Sales Proceeds.  M/S/P 


Pacific Northwest Conference 2012 to 2013 Comparison Church Name 2012 Attnd Anchorage 43 Arlington 280 Auburn, New Day CF 108 Bellingham, Light & Life CF 89 Bothell, Living Hope 76 Burien FMC 111 Centralia, Cooks Hill 250 Dupont, The Rock 161 Eagle River, Skyline FF 72 East Wenatchee, Eastmont 175 Hoquiam, Light & Life CC 55 Iglesia de las Americas 150 Issaquah, Mtn. Creed CF 75 LifePoint, Lake Stevens & Everett 385 Longview, Exodus 165 Lynnwood FMC 69 Marysville FMC 250 Moses Lake, Journey 125 Mt. Vernong, Hillcrest 65 Omak, Cornerston CF 203 Oroville FMC 143 Quincy FMC 253 Renton, International FM 12 Renton, Living Hope 69 Seattle, Ballard 130 Seattle, 1st FMC 596 Seattle, Lakeview 102 Seattle, Rainier Ave 208 Sedro Woolley, Day Creek 55 Sedro Wooley, North Cascades 388 Shoreline FMC 150 Snohomish FMC 241 Tacoma, Light & Life 54 Timberlake Church 2080 Tonasket FMC 151 Warm Beach FMC 262 Wenatchee FMC 1168 Yakima, Mountainview CF 63 GRAND TOTALS 9032

2013 Attnd 51 295 116 81 61 103 244 186 61 145 45 195 77 429 172 79 200 112 69 185 150 241 15 69 221 624 99 196 50 370 150 224 67 2136 123 212 1206 67 9126

Diff 8 15 8 -8 -15 -8 -6 25 -11 -30 -10 45 2 44 7 10 -50 -13 4 -18 7 -12 3 0 91 28 -3 -12 -5 -18 0 -17 13 56 -28 -50 38 4 94

2012 Conv 12 28 5 0 5 7 18 27 3 5 5 68 65 13 25 1 10 4 1 8 6 15 1 2 35 20 14 11 4 37 0 18 8 300 9 4 128 2 924

2013 Conv 6 70 24 2 2 9 15 35 2 3 5 75 24 20 18 3 0 11 13 12 4 27 0 3 15 21 17 69 0 29 0 0 10 300 6 2 115 3 970

Diff -6 42 19 2 -3 2 -3 8 -1 -2 0 7 -41 7 -7 2 -10 7 12 4 -2 12 -1 1 -20 1 3 58 -4 -8 0 -18 2 0 -3 -2 -13 1 46


Conference 10 Year Graph

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 8990 8989 8485 8213 8199 8340 8574 8809 9032 9126 927 826 744 652 836 819 1344 1330 924 970

AM Worship Conversions

10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

AM Worship











10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 1









AM Worship



PNWC 2014 Budget INCOME 2011 Actual 2012 Actual 2013 Budget 2013 Actuals 2014 Budget $1,337,443 $1,362,521 $1,362,521 $1,412,914 $1,340,000 $250 $156,677 $0 $1,850 $1,500 $9,600 $1,175 $0 $0 $0 $49,306 $37,528 $25,000 $41,348 $42,000 $1,396,599 $1,557,902 $1,387,521 $1,456,112 $1,383,500

4100 EPS 4200 Misc. 5470 Rental Income 4600 Interest Income Total Income Expenses 5535 5600 5891 6560 6705 6795 6890 6919 6940 6941 7400 7500 8470

Other Misc. EPP Retiree Subsidies Payroll Expense Professional Fees Conference Office Depreciation Administrative Expenses & Travel Minister's Moving/Recruit/Pastoral Transitions Leadership Development Interest Expense Church Revitalization/Planting Expenses of Property Held Totals Profit/Loss

$3,606 $446,454 $3,994 $431,759 $24,159 $48,502 $8,302 $38,316 $7,536 $201,366 $29,756 $164,324 $5,799 $1,413,873 ($17,274)

$3,590 $482,903 $3,684 $488,240 $33,834 $60,427 $11,448 $37,434 $9,372 $124,639 $28,572 $177,733 $9,064 $1,470,940 $86,962

$3,500 $487,707 $4,050 $478,856 $40,000 $60,000 $12,000 $50,000 $10,000 $180,390 $30,000 $103,993 $8,500 $1,468,996 ($81,475)

$487,707 $6,976 $472,752 $45,056 $59,053 $13,884 $45,452 $9,008 $156,008 $27,417 $115,838 $1,174 $1,440,325 $15,787

$469,525 $4,050 $448,199 $40,000 $62,500 $12,000 $45,500 $18,000 $178,500 $26,484 $134,993 $2,000 $1,441,751 ($58,251)

-5% -19% 2% -5%

-4% -42% -5% -11% 6% -14% 0% 100% 14% -3% 17% 70% 0%


PACIFIC NORTHWEST CONFERENCE EQUAL PARTICIPATION SYSTEM EPS Comparison 2013 vs 2012 2013 CHURCH NAME Anchorage FM Church Arlington FM Church Auburn, New Day Ballard FM Church Bellevue, IFMC - Cambodian group Bellevue, IglĂŠsia Christiana Las Americas Bellingham, Light & Life Christian Flwshp Bothell, Living Hope Free Methodist Church Burien FM Church Centralia, Cooks Hill Community Dupont, The Rock Eagle River, Skyline Family Flwshp East Wenatchee, Eastmont Comm Everett FM Church Hoquiam, Light & Life Community Issaquah, Mountain Creek Chrstn Flwshp Lake Stevens, LifePoint Free Methodist Church Longview, Exodus Christian Fellowship Lynnwood FM Church Marysville FM Church Moses Lake, Journey Church Moses Lake, Light & Life Fellowship Mt Vernon, Hillcrest Chrstn Flwshp Omak, Cornerstone Chrstn Flwshp Oroville FM Church Port Angeles, Lael Family Life Flwshp Quincy FM Church Rainier Ave Redmond, TimberLake Church Renton, Living Hope Chrstn Flwshp Seattle, First FM Church Seattle, Lakeview FM Church Sedro Woolley, Day Creek Chapel Sedro Woolley,North Cascades Shoreline FM Church Snohomish FM Church Tacoma, Light & Life Christian Flwshp Tonasket FM Church Tukwilla, House of Oaks Warm Beach FM Church Wenatchee FM Church Yakima, Mountainview Christian Flwshp TOTAL

8,661 49,831 24,417 12,255 1,088 16,287 13,559 15,067 15,771 24,618 8,655 21,682 24,708 16,832 8,006 18,579 29,625 14,305 17,524 43,106 20,035 730 16,518 24,584 20,781 50,934 43,224 252,030 9,816 139,288 26,124 8,150 44,355 27,169 43,669 6,118 17,280 562 46,463 234,118 12,627 1,429,151

2012 9,968 54,100 24,345 11,166 1,394 13,167 11,698 18,724 8,305 27,781 3,237 18,374 26,430 22,533 7,216 18,609 34,200 13,837 16,024 42,515 20,375 5,181 12,848 25,567 21,708 420 55,132 47,051 235,458 10,384 131,416 29,480 9,229 39,210 25,301 43,175 6,965 22,018 2,100 42,142 181,700 12,039 1,362,521

Change $ (1,307) (4,269) 72 1,089 (306) 3,120 1,861 (3,657) 7,466 (3,163) 5,418 3,308 (1,722) (5,701) 790 (30) (4,575) 468 1,500 591 (340) (4,451) 3,670 (983) (927) (420) (4,198) (3,827) 16,572 (568) 7,872 (3,356) (1,079) 5,145 1,869 494 (847) (4,738) (1,538) 4,321 52,418 588 66,630

% -15% -9% 0% 9% -28% 19% 14% -24% 47% -13% 63% 15% -7% -34% 10% 0% -15% 3% 9% 1% -2% -610% 22% -4% -4% -8% -9% 7% -6% 6% -13% -13% 12% 7% 1% -14% -27% -274% 9% 22% 5% 5%


Pacific NW Conference of Free Methodist Church

Balance Sheet

As of December 31, 2013 Dec 31, 13

Dec 31, 12

$ Change

ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings Cash - US Bank Free Methodist Foundation

263,701 531,892

154,459 484,852

109,242 47,040

Total Checking/Savings




Accounts Receivable Pension Receivables - Churches LTD&Life Insure - Rec Churches

29,273 1,331

951 39

28,321 1,293

Total Accounts Receivable




Other Current Assets Loan - Olympia/Dupont The Rock Receivable - FMWM - Delia Church Receivables Prepaid Expense Undeposited Funds

0 0 182,797 9,575 0

41,879 11,671 214,120 11,276 531

(41,879) (11,671) (31,323) (1,701) (531)

Total Other Current Assets







376,734 (130,060)

376,734 (116,176)

0 (13,884)

Total Fixed Assets




Other Assets Prom. Note-Calvary Chapel Prom. Note-Lk Valley Baptist Restricted Funds

476,985 60,000 0

488,106 0 175,659

(11,121) 60,000 (175,659)

Total Other Assets










7,013 10,424 101,726

7,013 10,634 112,639

0 (210) (10,913)

Total Current Assets Fixed Assets F/A Accumulated Depreciation

TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Credit Cards Other Current Liabilities Accrued Payroll Accrued Expense Pension Payable - FMCNA


Pacific NW Conference of Free Methodist Church

Balance Sheet

As of December 31, 2013 Dec 31, 13 Restricted Funds

Dec 31, 12

$ Change







Total Current Liabilities




Long Term Liabilities Walls Scholarship Silverdale Note Payable Miscellaneous Deposits Payable

0 402,890 0

932 418,673 3,568

(932) (15,783) (3,568)

Total Long Term Liabilities




Total Liabilities




Equity Designated Funds Net Assets - Conference Net Income

452,785 793,305 46,420

461,836 782,919 (12,309)

Total Other Current Liabilities


(9,050) 10,386 58,729








Ballot Summary � 2014 Elections will be held during Leadership Summit 2014, for the following: Nominations submitted by the PNW Conference Nominating Committee: 1. Ministerial Education and Guidance (MEG) Board Vote for one clergy, and two lay member: (2017) Clergy Lay Lay

Celeste Cranston, SPU School of Theology, Seattle First Church Tom Froula, Retired Businessman, Mountainview Christian Fellowship, Yakima Margaret Diddams, SPU Professor/Administrator, Seattle First Church

2. Board of Administration (BOA) Vote for one clergy, and two lay member: (2017) Clergy Lay Lay

Rita Nussli, Soul Formation Ministries, Rainier Avenue Church Mark Mason, Business Owner, Rainier Avenue Church Jennifer Black, Business Owner, Wenatchee FMC

3. Ministerial Appointments Committee (MAC) Vote for one lay member: (2017) Darlene Hartley, Retired Educator, Warm Beach FMC Angela MacPherson, Pastor’s Wife, Registered Nurse, Quincy FMC Nominations submitted by the PNWC Board of Administration: 1. Nominating Committee Vote for two clergy and two lay member: (2017) Clergy Clergy Lay Lay

Sam Schaar, Associate Pastor, Warm Beach FMC Arlene Weigand, MEG Coordinator, PNWC Juelle Edwards, Retired, Seattle First Church Frank Cranston, Retired Educator, Shoreline FMC

2. Warm Beach Camp Board of Trustees Vote for three: (2017) Brian Smelser, Washington State Police Forensic Scientist, Warm Beach FMC Darlene Hartley, Retired Educator, Warm Beach FMC Joyce Trepus, Business Owner, Seattle First Church 3. Warm Beach Senior Community Board of Trustees Vote for five: (2017) Geoff Smith, Conference Administrator, PNWC Ken Dixon, Retired Accountant, Shoreline FMC Greg Zook, General Contractor, Marysville FMC Juelle Edwards, Retired, Seattle First Church Bob Terry, Retired, Seattle First Church


2014 Ballot for 2015 General Conference  CLERGY DELEGATES‐ Nominated by the PNWC Nominating Committee  (CLERGY Will Vote for 9)   

Soo Ji Alvarez 

Jim Harbour 

Worship Director,   Wenatchee FMC 

Executive Pastor,   Wenatchee FMC 

Kevin Austin 

David Hicks  

Director,   Set Free Movement FMCUSA   

Ryan Beagle 

Sheila Houston  

Lead Pastor,   Mt. Vernon Hillcrest   

Vanessa Chitwood

SPU Associate Professor,   Issaquah Timberlake Church   

Allison Coventry 

Ben Sigman 

Associate Pastor,   Seattle First Church 

Lead Pastor,   Redmond Timberlake   

Celeste Cranston 

SPU Dir. Center for Biblical &  Theological Education,   Seattle First Church 

Deryl Davis‐Bell  

Eric Spangler  Lead Pastor,   LifePoint   

Arlene Weigand 

Lead Pastor,   Tukwila House of Oaks 

PNWC MEG Coordinator,   Seattle Rainier Ave Church   

Steve Fish    

Lead Pastor,   Sedro Woolley North Cascades  Christian Fellowship 

Jorgé Gutierrez  

Matt Whitehead   PNWC Superintendent 


Blake Wood 

Lead Pastor,   Church of the Americas   

Associate Pastor,   Renton Living Hope Christian  Fellowship 

Doug Koskela  

Lead Pastor,   Issaquah Mountain Creek 

PNWC Director of Spiritual  Formation,   Seattle First FMC 

Lead Pastor,   Seattle First Church     12

2014 Ballot for 2015 General Conference  LAY DELEGATES‐ Nominated by the PNWC Nominating Committee  (LAY PEOPLE Will Vote for 9)   

Amber Aiken  

Tom Froula   

Registered Nurse, East  Wenatchee, Eastmont  Community Church 

Retired Buisness Owner, Yakima  Mountainview CF 

Patrick Berschauer, 


David Goodnight  Attorney, Redmond Timberlake   

Project Manager, Bellingham  Light and Life CF   

Jennifer Black 

Business Owner, Wenatchee  FMC 

Arnie Brann 

Sharen Grubb  Retired, Wenatchee FMC   

Mia Hayes 

Regional VP, FM Foundation,  Seattle First Church   

Tina Chang   

Physician, Seattle Rainier  Avenue Church  

Debra Davis‐Bell   

Van Manivanh,   

Sharon Dennis 

Retired Teacher, Longview  Exodus Christian Fellowship   

Margaret Diddams,  

Geoff Smith,    

Leonetta Eliaho,  

PNWC Conference Administrator,  Seattle Ballard Church  

Billy Vo,   SPU Asian American Ministry,  Seattle Rainier Avenue Church 

SPU Professor/ Administrator,  Seattle First Church  

Northwest Family Life, Seattle  Rainier Avenue Church 

Dan Martin,   SPU President, Seattle First  Church 

Children’s Ministry Director,  Tukwila House of Oaks  

Interior Designer, SPU Family &  Consumer Science, Seattle First  Church 

National Director, Youth  Empowerment Project, World  Vision,  Seattle Rainier Avenue  Church   

John Voth     

Commercial Banking Officer,   Mt Vernon  Hillcrest CF   


May 7, 2014 To: The Pacific Northwest Conference Annual Conference From: Bishop Matthew Thomas Re: Nomination of Superintendent Matthew Whitehead The Superintendent Nominating Committee is unanimously recommending the nomination of Matt Whitehead to be elected Superintendent of the PNWC for another 4-year term as of the June 2014 Annual Conference/Leadership Summit. Matt has served 12 years in leadership as Superintendent and, after prayerful consideration, he has enthusiastically agreed to accept this nomination. Since this is a nomination, the Annual Conference will take a vote at Leadership Summit 2014. Will you join us in praying for this annual conference and all that God has for us now and in the future of our PNWC? With much gratitude,

Matthew A. Thomas, Bishop Free Methodist Church USA


Free Methodist World Missions

God’s heart heart for for the world. ConnectConnect withwith God’s the world.

Pacific Northwest Conference

Country Support Accounts (CSAs)

2013 Missions Giving Report CSAs (Country Support) Africa Area Colombia Costa Rica Haiti India Malawi Nigeria Philippines Rwanda Ukraine Other Total MSAs (Missionary Support) Gomez Miller Nuesch-Olver Sortor Williams Willson Yerger Yost Total Other Missionary Support Austin Jason & Grace Larkin Margin Total General Missions EMPs (Extra Mile Projects) Total Missions Giving

Giving $1,500 2,500 2,725 2,927 5,650 5,058 1,400 1,420 7,088 7,135 951 $38,354 $17,854 10,650 34,258 30,854 14,300 99,352 31,142 500 $238,910 $2,570 250 7,610 1,800 $12,230 $1,515

Country Support Accounts target strategic components of international Free Methodist ministries that assist with:  evangelists and leaders who have demonstrated Kingdom fruitfulness and  vital ministries that directly result in church planting, leadership development or community transformation.

Missionary Support Accounts (MSAs) Each missionary has a specific support account – their MSA. Each MSA total includes a fixed amount common to all FM missionaries, including salary, insurance and basic benefits. Also included is an additional variable amount based on their specific field expenses and area budgets. Factors in this figure include: children’s education, rent, utilities, travel, etc. CSAs and MSAs are funded by local churches and individuals who commit to be partners in ministry with a specific missionary or work in a specific country and who designate giving to that particular fund.

Extra Mile Projects (EMPs) Extra Mile Projects are established to meet special needs outside of the country’s or missionary’s determined budget. Each EMP goes through an approval process before funds are distributed.

$53,123 *$344,132

* includes only funds given through FMWM



FREE METHODIST WORLD MISSIONS Free Methodist World Missions is positioned to empower individuals, local churches and conferences to connect with God’s heart for the world by offering the following:

Local & Global Collaboration FMWM can help conferences and local churches develop structures and strategies for more effective engagement in local and global mission through the Free Methodist Church and beyond. FMWM can also help identify strategic opportunities and facilitate connections with U.S. church leaders, international church leaders and missionaries. Contact

Cross-Cultural Perspective Experienced leaders are available to assist with cross-cultural issues. Through a global network of leaders FMWM can provide current perspectives on missiology, tools to teach a healthy biblical worldview and methodologies for bridging different cultures in a local community and the world. Contact David Yardy at

Promotional Resources Printed materials and online resources are available through FMWM to promote global missions. Gifted communicators can be scheduled to speak on a variety of topics related to local and global ministry. Contact

Missionary Deployment An experienced team uses a holistic approach to assessment, preparation and deployment for those who sense God’s call to serve in global missions. The candidate process includes input from international church leaders, as well as feedback from the candidate’s pastor and local church leadership in the discernment process. Contact

Missionary Care Ministry within cross-cultural settings presents unique challenges. FMWM can guide churches and individuals in providing encouragement and ongoing emotional and spiritual support to missionaries and their families. Contact For guidance related to financial support contact

Financial Safeguards FMWM is committed to honor the financial contributions donors give to the cause of Christ. Structure and procedures are in place to: ensure resources are used for their intended purpose, meet regulatory guidelines, minimize fees and protect the ministry of those we partner with around the world. Contact



VISA MINISTRIES VISA Ministries is the established avenue for pastors, mission leaders and individuals to connect as Volunteers In Service Abroad with Free Methodist ministry around the world. Through training and collaboration with world area directors, national leaders and missionaries, participants are provided assistance to ensure the best outcome for those we serve.

Training VISA University programs teach people about the complexities of cross-cultural ministry and how to avoid common pitfalls and better understand God’s heart for the world. Contact Team Leader Training helps experienced and inexperienced team leaders prepare and equip their team members for effective cross-cultural ministry. Training is offered as host groups are identified. Global Studies Intensives (GSI) brings together people from multiple countries to study biblical perspectives on missions and learn from recognized international experts. This two-week travel experience includes formal and informal learning and exposure to cross-cultural ministry, sights, sounds, tastes and smells. GSI is offered every two to three years and has been hosted in Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Kenya, Myanmar and Thailand.

Collaboration FMWM can assist churches and conferences to be thoughtful global Christians as they engage in crosscultural ministry and avoid some of the pitfalls short-term ministry creates when done poorly. Tools are provided to help think critically about cross-cultural engagement and to identify strategic ministry opportunities that will honor and empower the international hosts. VISA Team Assignments are generally 10 to 15 day collaborative experiences where team members help with English or sports camps, children’s programs, prayer journeys and/or construction. Contact VISA Fast Track Assignments are geared for individuals and families desiring to fill a need identified by national leadership. Such assignments generally require a specific skill set or training and may include teaching in a theological institution, medical ministry in a hospital or clinic, maintenance or emergency relief. Assignments are from two weeks to six months. Contact VISA Voyager Assignments provide individuals and families the opportunity to clarify God’s call on their lives in terms of cross-cultural ministry or volunteer their time and talents for 1 to 2 years to help fill a critical need. Ministry appointment is a collaborative process with local and national church leaders and requires a higher level of autonomy and accountability. Contact



Missions Resource Team (MRT) David Roller Board of Bishops, Missions Liaison



Deb Miller 800.342.5531, x226 800.342.5531, x328

Missions Resource Team Leader  Missionary processing – extended term and VISA Voyagers  Training for teams and individuals serving overseas

Hannah Knowland 800.342.5531, x235

Assistance with missionary processing – extended term and VISA Voyagers  Assistance with training – planning and teaching

VISA ministry teams VISA Fast Trackers Insurance registrations and processing of payments  General assistance to MRT leader   

COMMUNICATIONS Judy Litsey    800.342.5531, x236 800.342.5531, x266

Resource development webmaster Social networking

Administrative assistance  MSA and CSA commitments  Resource orders  Magazine subscriptions

World Missions People magazine  Missions Alive! children's curriculum  Missions Hotline


MEMBER CARE Jennifer Veldman

David Yardy 800.342.5531, x234 800.342.5531, x264 800.342.5531, x236

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  

Kathi Walker Missionary member care Security/crisis management Organization of missionary debriefings, training and retreats

Personnel records Candidate processing Assistance to missionaries in transition

Garry Cruce 800.342.5531, x253

Missiological perspective  Cross-cultural issues



Missionary support-raising protocols  Missionary support budgets  Missionary mentoring/ coaching 

Pam Sheads

Paula Gillespie 800.342.5531, x233

Brad Button 800.342.5531, x253 800.342.5531, x211

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 

Assistant to Missionary Coach Support to Missions Resource Team


Opportunity identification Strategy development and implementation  Alignment of the FMC with its mission




Phenomenal growth in the past year has pushed us to a new level. Beginning September 2013 we had 10 Set Free Movement teams operating around the United States. Today we have 30 teams. These teams are working directly with victims and survivors, establishing safe homes, working with businesses, raising funds and awareness, working with high schools and universities, serving with compassion, Creating New challenging world views, and more. We are praying it forward, working it forward, and centering it all on Jesus. Futures
 Additionally, we have international projects in a dozen+ countries and are working closely with more than 30 partner organizations, including the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium, World Relief, International Justice Mission, International Child Care Ministries, and others.

Ending Modern Slavery

We are tweaking our organizational structure and seeking partners to work with us on a variety of different levels. The potential is great. Significant things are happening. There is a critical need for funding.

! ! !




A FEW STORIES. . . Kali spends several nights each week in Athens, Greece, ministering to women trafficked in from around the world She’s helping create a business venture and establish a day care. On May 18 we dedicated Eden’s Glory, a safe house for women rescued out of sex slavery, to the Lord. Jason felt God stirring his heart. He felt God wanting him to help plant a Set Free mission in Atlanta, which would eventually become a church for those on the margins. Jason and his wife are stepping out in faith to see this happen. Megan is moving to Spokane to work as a World Relief intern. Kenneth leads a group of mostly young people in Manila, Philippines, caring for kids on the streets and continuing to care for the victims of the typhoon. Chris is working with an organization in Watsonville, Ca. that is connecting at rise youth to technology and mentors. Set Free Movement leaders are creating new futures all over the world! . . . As the Director of the Set Free Movement I’m on my knees in awe of God’s freedom and direction. He is doing these things. His fingerprints are all over this stuff! Praise God! 


Check out our new website at:


! ! ! ! ! ! July 11, 2015
 Orlando, FL



Addressing Real Issues

Ricardo, Jonathan, Beth & Juliana

FMWM & FUSBC In December 2013 we moved to Medellín, Colombia to begin both our second missionary term and a new assignment. As Free Methodist World Missions (FMWM) missionaries since 2006, we are dedicated to serving the Latin American area through Theological Education which we do with FM pastors and church leaders throughout the continent and as part-time volunteer faculty at the Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia (FUSBC). Founded in 1944, FUSBC is an inter-denominational accredited university committed to preparing pastors and leaders for the transformation of Colombia and Latin America in an effort to impact society for eternity!

The FUSBC Chapel

Because it  is  globally  recognized  for  its  innovation  in  sustainable   urban  development  ,  the  United  Nations  hosted  its  7th  World  Urban   Forum  in  Medellín,  Colombia  this  April.    Even  so,  this  city  of  eternal   spring  faces  many  urban  challenges.    Medellín’s  3.5  million   residents  struggle  with  forced  displacement,  multidimensional   poverty,  civil  unrest,  spiritual  insignificance,    and  so  much  more.! According to 2010 statistics, 5 million Colombians (approximately 11 percent of the population) have been forcefully displaced from their homes, families and work due to civil violence. As they migrate from the country-side to cities like Medellín the problems of unemployment, hunger, violence, poverty and more increase. ! The FUSBC is dedicated to finding biblical solutions to societal issues. Therefore, Ricardo and some of the other faculty members are researching a biblical, ecclesiological and missiological response to the problem of forced displacement. Ricardo’s essay addresses the pastoral response to the problem from a Wesleyan perspective. ! In August the seminary will host a conference for all of Medellín’s pastors to discuss how the church should respond to such issues. Later their essays will be published into a book. This is the beginning of a collaborative work with Fuller Theological Seminary in California. Together the two seminaries will offer a joint Master’s degree program and forced displacement will be one of the primary areas of study. ! 21

Lesson Application

Every Day, Every Way

As we’ve settled into our new home (on the seminary campus) and helped the kids get adjusted to their new school, Ricardo has been building on our experience in Chile…teaching a Church Planting class three days a week and preparing a Theology of Mission class for the seminary’s online program.

We truly believe in Holistic ministry; serving the mind, body and soul of those to whom we serve. That means that our ministry to the students doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom or chapel.! Our table has become an important ministry center. Three days a week we share our meals with students who need the assistance…and we often have drop-in guests as well. Not only are we able to meet there physical needs, but we are building relationships and discipling these young men and women, future leaders in Colombia and Latin America. !


An Opportunity to Participate…! Since there are no Free Methodist churches in Medellín, as Ricardo teaches the class he is also developing what we hope will be future FM church planters! A couple of independent pastors have contacted him because they would like to join our denomination. He is meeting with them, introducing them them to FM theology and organization and serving as the bridge between them and our Colombian director, Libni Gasca.

During the second semester (July through November) we hope to continue a ministry that we began in Chile by offering The Alpha for Couples course to students and faculty here. Not only do we hope to help participants invest in their own marriages but we hope to provide them with practical tools that they can use in their own ministries. ! This seven session course covers topics such as communication, conflict resolution, parent/in-laws relationships, and love in action. We are looking for people to sponsor each couple who participates, either to offer prayer or financial support. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. !

Praise & Prayer Corner

Perhaps someday we will have a whole network of FM churches in this city…meeting the needs of its inhabitants in real Wesleyan fashion. Help us pray that way!

We thank God for each of our supporters. We thank God that He multiplies their investments as we invest in future leaders of the church and society. We are thankful for the warm community into which we have moved, for Juliana & Jonathan’s school, and for the opportunities He gives us to impact eternity through the lives of the students here.!

Stay in Touch with the Gómez’!

Please pray with us as we continue to adjust to life in Colombia. Pray for wisdom, guidance and strength as we teach and serve here. Pray for the students of the FUSBC. Pray for the growth of the FM church in this city. ! And pray for the people who are dealing daily with forced displacement. May we be God’s hands and feet to these people in need.!

GomezMinistry to LatinAmerica 1(859) 559 - 0628 FUSBC, Attn. R. B. J or J Gómez Calle 76 #87-14 Robledo Palenque Medellín, Colombia Please send us an email to sign up To receive our monthly newsletter.

! 22

Darin and Jill Land Teaching and Leadership Training at the AsiaPacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines Praises/Testimonies 

 

Praise for a successful 2013-14 school year: o Taught 7 graduate or doctoral courses o Preached about 4 times at chapel o Launched 4 student-led mission teams involving around 60% of the student body o Assisted in administrative matters during transition to new institutional president I was able to preach once a month at Kamuning FMC I was able to start writing a weekly devotional, currently distributed to about 50100 people

Prayer Concerns  Pray for the new students who will be coming to the seminary in July, including at least three Free Methodists  Pray for new personnel at the school; pray that we will be able to hire for stillvacant positions  Pray that the government will approve our request to re-start video conferencing as one educational delivery option  Pray for the health of our parents  Pray for adequate financial support Current Support Status  We have the support of my colleagues and students at APNTS  We continue to have the strong support of our families  The Snohomish and Arlington churches support us regularly  We have many who receive our monthly newsletters and pray for us regularly  Our financial support this last year has been below our expenses Connect

*Darin will be ordained into this Conference this Leadership Summit. We are excited to partner with he and Jill as they return to minister in the Philippines under the Free Methodist World Missions umbrella.


———-Shepherd Ministries———

Pastor Mark and Judi Morrison Pastor Mark and Judi Morrison invite you to pray with them for Shepherd Ministries. This ministry has three areas of focus:   1. Believers who are not connected to a local church – those who are without fellowship, support and who have no pastor to love, care for, and teach them. Jesus had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. (Mark 6:34)

2. International students attending the UW – Bothell Campus. Jesus said, Go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19)

3. Encouragement to pastors. After 36 years of pastoral ministry, Mark is able to offer support and understanding counsel to those serving as pastors in local churches. So encourage each other and build each other up.., honor those who are your leaders in the Lord’s work. (I Thessalonians 5:11, 12)

Prayer Concerns ‐ ‐ ‐

Increased opportunities to impact international students Open doors for ministry to more pastors Those who are disconnected from a local church would hear of our ministry and find a warm place of fellowship with us

Current Support Status This is a little difficult to determine since we are still in the beginning stages and have had some one-time gifts from donors who wanted to help us as we started. I believe we have about $6,000 in regular monthly giving and feel that we will need about $8,000 on an ongoing basis. If we grow to the point of needing to rent a facility, this will increase our need. Connect Tax deductible donations can be made payable to “PNWC-Shepherd Ministries” and mailed to: Pacific Northwest Conference 3120 Third Ave W. Seattle, WA 98119 24

Report to PNW Annual Conference – June, 2014 Delia Nüesch‐Olver, Area Director, Paul S. Olver, Coordinator of Pastoral Formation, Free Methodist Church – Latin America,

God has called every follower of Christ to partner with him to advance his Kingdom on earth. Our particular assignment is to lead the Free Methodist Church in Latin America to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. The FMC is mature and semi‐autonomous in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Haiti, Chile, Paraguay and Northern Mexico ‐‐ we get to work alongside of emerging networks of churches and mission districts in 13 other countries spread across 6,000 miles from Northwest Mexico to Southern Argentina.

Our goal is to fuel and sustain an apostolic movement to reach Latin Americans for Christ. We work to coach and empower a great group of dedicated, well‐prepared national leaders, most of whom pastor a church as they lead a district. Many are ministering cross‐culturally and several oversee more than one country. We count on the teamwork of 17 North American missionaries as we seek to catalyze church planting and foster healthy and appropriate systems to sustain the growth of the church.

Praise God for the superintendent’s election and smooth transfer of leadership in Venezuela. You can read about it at Pray as Delia now leads a similar superintendent selection process for conferences in NW Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Praise God for over 100 ministerial candidates in the 13 countries that Delia leads. Pray that Paul will have wisdom and insight to put in place an appropriate sustainable system to prepare these candidates for effective pastoral ministry and ordination.

A Latin Leaders Summit in 2011 brought a big step forward for the Area. Seed money just became available to bring this team together again in early 2015. Pray that God will provide the rest of the resources needed for this desperately needed time of encouragement, training, and strategizing.

Over the last couple of years God has brought a new level of health to the church in Costa Rica and Nicaragua through the good leadership of Pastor Hiuberth Zapata. But these two districts are the most underfunded in Latin America. Pray that God will raise up partners to commit the needed financial resources through their Country Share Accounts (CSAs).

Last fall we relocated to Miami ‐‐ the transportation hub for Latin America. Now we are within a three‐hour flight from all but two of the countries we work with. Pray that God will lead us to the right connections to develop the local support network we need and to advance His kingdom here.

At the annual meeting in Argentina in February, each local church had a few moments to share highlights of the last year. From the podium we watched tears streaming down the face of Pastora Stella Maris as she watched the video of baptisms and testimonies from her own church. This is a daughter congregation of a mother church that itself was only started three years ago. Pastora Stella Maris has only been a Christian three years, yet her new church plant reported a 50% increase in the last year – entirely through new conversions – to an average attendance of 100. May God use us to multiply disciples, leaders, groups and churches in a way that moves us to tears!

Thanks for helping to fuel and sustain an apostolic movement to reach Latin America for Christ. 25

Eric and Virginia Spangler Free Methodist Missionaries serving in Asia

Eric officially assumes responsibility as Asia Area Director as of 1 July. He will continue serving as LifePoint’s lead pastor through the end of this year, when he and Virginia will be full time Extended Term (Career) Free Methodist Missionaries. Virginia will offer support and care to Asia ministries and missionaries. Eric will oversee our missionary team in Asia; partner with Asian national leaders to build a strategy that will grow the church; and will work to more purposefully connect the FMC-Asia with the FMC-USA. They are convinced that the relationship between the church at home and the church abroad can be mutually beneficial. Eric and Virginia would love to help you and your church join Jesus in His mission to change Asia for the glory of the Father!

Prayer Concerns Please pray • the Lord of the Harvest to mobilize workers, identify and empower leaders, and bring millions to faith in Christ • wisdom and discernment as Eric and Virginia seek to provide servant leadership throughout Asia • safety, health and Spirit-filled ministry effectiveness for Eric, Virginia and their family • clarity and love in communication and leadership across multiple cultures • the church to be mobilized and for financial support to be raised, with a clear understanding of the partnership benefit Support & Connect We are currently building commitments and funding for our 2015 MSA. E-mail: / Info: Give: Web:


Don and Kathy Williams Free Methodist Missionaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Don serving at Grace International, a school of over 600 for the children of missionaries from 23 nations with 70 mission agencies. Don also serves on Mission Thailand's BoA. Kathy volunteers at Grace, coordinates and is a small group leader with Community Bible Study International and works with ICCM and the Lahu Youth Hostel in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Praises/Testimonies For God's protection and blessings in our ministry, family and his Church in Asia. Katelyn, our fourth adult child is marrying her high school sweetheart from Grace International, a fellowMK whose parents minister in China, for protection of our eldest son in a recent car accident, for healthy ministry at Grace and in the Free Methodist Church and ministries of Mission Thailand at The Jasmine Center and the Lahu Youth Hostel. Prayer Concerns For staffing at Grace International School for the 2014-15 school year, for resources to purchase land and build a ministry center for the church in Chiang Mai, for faithful sponsors for the children at both the Jasmine Project and the Lahu Youth Hostel, for future leaders in the church in Thailand and for a strong contextualized church planting model to take root in the country growing and strengthening the church in this part of Asia.

Current Support Status We have 93% of our commitments for our 2014 MSA. Looking to the Lord to raise up new partners in the PNWC to make up the remaining 7%. Connect To subscribe to our weekly update just send us an email at or asking to be put on our weekly mailing list and we'll add your name. 27

A Nurse’s Notes Charting on my Life in Rwanda 2014 Annual Report

Name: Julie Yerger Praises: ♦

God’s protection and miracles in the lives of the baCountry of Serbies vice: Rwanda ♦ For seeing God work in the lives of the patients Missionary Support Account: 100% funded (Praise ♦ For being a part of God’s work in changing nursing the Lord!) care in Rwanda ♦ A growing desire in the Rwandan Country Support hearts of the nurses to learn Account: 79% funded and improve their skills

Prayer Requests: ♦

That God will continue to be the central focus of Kibogora Hospital That more people will come to Christ That I’ll continue to seek God’s will, putting him first in my life and at the hospital Peace and comfort for the families Wisdom in making changes

Jesus ♦ knows every sparrow that ♦ falls, and He was there when this ♦ little baby was ♦ born. The world took no notice at all because he weighed only 1.5 pounds. No one had much hope that he’d live. He wasn’t much bigger than a sparrow, yet Jesus kept him alive, knows his very life, and has plans for him. This little one may never be famous, rich, or powerful, but he’s precious in God’s eyes. God has a very important purpose for him to accomplish on this earth. This is why I’m here in Rwanda—helping to change the medical care for the smallest of human life. I love working with these babies, their mothers, and the nurses, helping to change how nursing care is given, so these babies get the food, oxygen, warmth, and affection they need to grow. The progress we’ve seen over the past two years is pretty amazing! Good nursing care is keeping the majority of the babies stable as we treat them. Now only the sickest babies requiring ventilators and other equipment we don’t have are the ones that die. When a baby very sick with pneumonia was admitted in March, the mother told me, “I thought I’d be singing at his funeral.” She had no hope that he’d live. He did stop breathing multiple times over the next two days, but each time we got him breathing again. Two weeks later he was discharged and is doing well. God continues to be a God of miracles, healing the babies who come through Kibogora Hospital and providing comfort for the families of the little ones He takes home to Heaven. 28

We can’t save all the infants coming through our doors. Some, I think, are angels in broken human bodies here to teach their families, neighbors, and even the nurses a valuable lesson from God. I’ve been challenged by these little lives. The other day a baby with terrible jaundice and seizures was admitted. We tried everything we could possibly do to decrease the jaundice levels—even to the point of changing all his blood with new blood, but it was too late for this little guy. I knew if he’d come in earlier, we could’ve saved him. I had to tell the mother her baby was probably going to die. The mother looked at me and said, “I watched and saw that you did everything you could for my baby. Now it’s up to God.” It’s not easy, but I’m honored to be a part of these families’ lives for a short time—telling them the truth about their baby’s problem, letting them know what to expect in the future, and praying for the baby and family. Working in Graduate: is just the NICU Baby Julienne part of my job. I’m also the overseer of the mission compound, pay the taxes, and deal with the legal mission affairs. I’m a nursing supervisor in the hospital, help with the hospital accreditation process now required by the Rwandan government, assist with the management of equipment at the hospital, and have a few other miscellaneous jobs to keep me busy and out of trouble. Contact Information Rwanda Address: BP 861 Kigali, Rwanda Africa USA Address: 5004 Sheridan Dr. Lacey, WA 98503 Email: Blog:

Thank you for your part in the work God is doing here at Kibogora, for your prayers, gifts, as well as emotional and financial support. All are greatly appreciated!! Julie Yerger


Gifts Currently Designated to Ministry As of December 31, 2013

$99,625,403 Local Churches

$741,429 World Conference $13,651,878 Other FM Affiliates

$22,916,243 Conferences

$16,599,146 FM Other

$14,115,221 Human Services $59,569,864 Missions/ Home Ministries

$36,511,147 To Be Determined

$58,520,675 FM Educational Institutions $57,417,648 Non-FM

Financial FMF S E R V I C E S

$379,668,654 Total

800.325.8975 | 30

Free Methodist Investment & Loan Fund Highlights from 2013

$ in millions 100

Investments Loans


$92,967,179 $84,157,297 1,787 129 93% 15

Investments in the Fund Total Dollars Loaned Investor and Loan Relationships Loans Reinvestment Rate on Certificates New Loans Approved, Totaling $12,488,900




2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013


10.8 6.1




Reinvestment Rate

84.1 12.4



81.1 81.4 76.6








New Loan Dollars Approved


1720 1809 1787

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013




Loan Dollars


Investor & Loan Relationships




91% 93%


2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 *Dollars in millions

FMF Financial S E R V I C E S

800.325.8975 | 31

Women’s Ministries International WMI A Women’s Consortium Inspiring • Empowering • Uniting the Global Sisterhood “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you… Everyone who asks, receives; he who seeks, finds; to him who knocks, it will be opened” Jesus’ words from Luke 11:9‐10

Women’s Ministries International (WMI) is asking, knocking and seeking the Lord for His power, His Presence and His provision. He is listening, He is answering and He is supplying. WMI is exited to be in the process of restructuring this amazing organization. It is our goal to bring WMI into this current age, “Our calling to fulfill.” WMI is building around the following four areas, as well as raising awareness and funding for annually chosen special projects: 1) Assisting women in becoming fruitful followers of Christ (local church organizations), 2) Educational enhancement, scholarships and literacy programs, 3) Leadership development through training, mentoring, mission trips and conferences, 4) Social justice and compassionate outreach, creating alliances with organizations to bring women out of poverty and abuse. We are reworking WMI’s purpose statement and Handbook to reflect our name so that WMI is a global women’s consortium, a true global organization. In a nutshell, we are accomplishing this through: a) Re‐fashioning the board, setting up new criteria for board members. b) Having board members from each of the 3 U.S. regions (West, East, Central) c) Working toward having one board member from each global region, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. These actions make WMI the first truly global board within the Free Methodist Church. WMI is seeking new board members whose qualifications are in the following areas: 1) Educational enhancement: a specialist, an educator at University level with education expertise. 2) Discipleship: a woman pastor or theology professor understanding the importance of creating and discipiling women around the world, responsible for creating channels for discipiling women, 3) Leadership: a proven professional leader in business who exemplifies a leader in her community and church, to develop a leadership track and team for training women leaders around the world; 4) Social justice/compassionate ministries: an established person, with credentials working in the field of social justice, with passion for this field, who works for awareness and projects, creating alliances with other organizations. WMI 2014 Report - Page 1


We are requesting input from the three Bishops, Area Directors and Superintendents for names of women leaders from their regions who could become a part of the team in achieving these goals. We plan to introduce the new board members at the WMI General Sessions in July 2015. WMI embraces the FMCUSA and Bishops in their nine point strategy presented at E2 conferences this year, to: 1) Celebrate fruitfulness, 2) Develop leaders, 3) Cultivate health, 4) Engage urban, 5) Serve earnestly, 6) Partner strong, 7) Embrace all, 8) Multiply ministries 9) Go global. Joshua 1:9, was the Lord’s promise which He gave me when I accepted the presidency of WMI in 2005; it remains my focus and vision, personally and for WMI, ‘Be strong and courageous, do not tremble or be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you, wherever you go!’ I had no idea where the Lord would take me or what He was doing in my life and in Women’s Ministries International; I only knew my heart said “Yes” to Him. But what more could I ask?! The Lord was directing! After serving almost seven years, traveling to over twenty countries, bringing women’s conferences that often include medical clinics and helping raise thousands of dollars for women in need around the world, “The Lord of Hosts” is still directing and WMI is still saying “Yes!” to Him. The walled cities and giants do not stand a chance against our great God! May God go with us all as we unite, lock arms and go forward to conquer for Christ, His Kingdom and eternity,


LaWanda Bullock President, Women's Ministries International

WMI• Reaching Women To Change Our World • A Ministry of the Free Methodist Church USA

770 N High School Road • Indianapolis IN 46214 • (800) 342-5531 • (317) 244-3660 Fax (317) 244-1247 • •

WMI 2014 Report - Page 2


New: Refreshed Family Camp By Joyce Zeigen, Field Representative


place to connect, to feel a common bond, learn strategies, and have fun—this is what a number of families will be experiencing this summer

at Warm Beach Camp. In a partnership with Overlake Christian Church, Warm Beach will be the location of Refreshed Families Foster and Adoptive Family Camp. Families with foster and adopted children have special opportunities and challenges in life. A family camp offers a unique chance to connect with others who are on a similar journey, strengthen family bonds, make new friends, and be refreshed by the Lord.

There is something powerful when you meet others who have had similar experiences and can share stories with one another. God uses these

times to reflect His love and power. Workshops presented by Mike Howerton, Andrew and Michele Schneidler, Jeff and Jen Summers, and Rory

Eldridge will refresh and inspire with messages of hope, encouragement, and practical tools. Ample time for reflection and relaxation are provided during camp, allowing families to grow closer to God and each other. Traditional camp activities such as swimming, climbing tower, horseback rides, train rides, field sports and more offer multiple ways to build positive memories. Refreshed Family Camp will create a safe place to learn new insights and simply experience “family” together. Warm Beach Camp is honored to host the Refreshed Families this year during July 27-30, 2014. It is very exciting to be a part of this very special family camp! For more information, visit or call 800.228.6724.

July 30-August 3, 2014 Relaxed fun you can enjoy with the whole family. Age appropriate classes offer faithbuilding instruction for all. Keynote speakers: Rene Schlaepfer in Program Center and Nigel Hunter in the Maple Center.

For more information: 800.228.6724

Sounder Summer 34 2014 5

Annual Report 2013 Message from the Board Chairman What word best describes for you the place we call Warm Beach Camp? Family? Transformation? Retreat? Adventure? Prayer? Bicycles? Repentance? Love? Forgiveness? Cabin? Counselor? Altar? Reconciliation? Vaulting? My mother Miriam taught in the first classes held at Warm Beach Camp in the 1950s. She took us to Family Camp as young children in the 1960s. And we took our children to Family Camp in the 1990s, sometimes to stay with Grandma at Olympic View Lodge. Big decisions, life-changing decisions, were made at Warm Beach Camp. For our family all the words above have meaning and memories. Weeks before my mother passed away last September, I asked her about ministries that had the greatest impact in her life. She was clear! No hesitation. “Warm Beach Camp,” she answered. The Camp is a place where God has touched our family, our hearts. Given us

deeper understanding, healing and hope. The Camp was a place of support for my mother and our family. A place of transformation for me. Now as we see young couples and children, we smile with a sense of history and appreciation for God’s blessing over this place. And we know that today, as in those first years, the Board and staff and many volunteers are keeping the path clear to the cross. A path of transformation, forgiveness, healing and hope. What a privilege. What a heritage. What a responsibility. May we, too, be faithful to God’s special calling. And keep the path clear to the cross for generations to come. Sincerely,

David R. Goodnight Chairman of the Board Partner, Stoel Rives

Balance Sheet

Income Fees Contributions Other Expense Salary/Wage Fundraising Other

Assets Cash & Other Current Assets Property & Equipment Liabilities Payables & Other Current Liabilities Long Term Debt Other Liabilities

$ 2,920,000 $ 644,000 $ 843,000 $ 4,407,000 $ 1,866,000 $ 167,000 $ 2,216,000 $ 4,249,000 $ 158,000

2013 Revenue & Expense


Net Worth


• T he Lights of Christmas 63,000 • O  ther WBC sponsored programs 7,000

• V  olunteer hours 44,000

$ 1,124,000 $ 13,585,000 $ 14,709,000 $ 652,000 $ 1,693,028 $ 173,972 $ 2,519,000 $ 12,190,000

• P eople helped through Kids 2 Camp scholarships • P artnerships with organizations sending needy youth to WBC



2013 Balance Sheet

Revenue Expense

Net Worth $12,190,000

Assets $14,709,000



• Guest groups 15,000

 umber of • N volunteers 1,120

Operations Revenue & Expense


Numbers of people served 85,000

• Meals served 154,000

Financial Overview

Net Gain (Loss)

2013 Fun Facts

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Headline: Warm Beach Senior Community Welcomes New Execu ve Director    

Barbara Culley

The Board of Trustees of Warm Beach Senior Community is pleased to announce Barbara Culley as its new Executive Director. Barbara has served in leadership positions spanning the healthcare continuum from inpatient to outpatient, managed fee-for-service care and the delivery of senior housing and care. This movement across a variety of healthcare services and settings has allowed her to gain a broad understanding of the industry from various perspectives. The foundation of her career is built on operational excellence with extensive experience in senior care and housing services, quality improvement, compliance and project management. Barbara has previously served as the Executive Director of the Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at CRISTA Senior Living, and at the Washington Veterans’ Home, Premera Blue Cross, Group Health Cooperative and Swedish Medical Center in a variety of positions. These experiences have been instrumental in her knowledge and skill development in healthcare and leadership. Barbara holds a WA State Nursing Home Administrator’s License. Barbara and her husband, Rich, have one son. They are currently in transition into the Stanwood area. Warm Beach Senior Community, located about 4.5 miles south of Stanwood, Washington, serves the housing and long-term health care needs for about 330 senior citizens and about 140 staff members. Started in the mid-1960s, the Senior Community offers an array of housing and health care options, including apartments and manufactured homes for independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. This wide array of services in a beautiful rural setting makes the Senior Community a unique and valuable resource for this area.


Reaching the World in Jesus’ Name Many residents  of  Warm  Beach  Senior  Community  have  dedicated  their  lives to making  a meaningful impact on people around the globe by sharing the message of God’s love and salvation.    A life of following God’s call is fulfilling and changes our world.  It’s also a sacrifice. While serving as              missionaries  to  help  others  around  the  world,  income  was often little  or nothing  at  all,  with  little  ability  to  build  up  savings  for  their  future  needs.    These former missionaries now  call  Warm  Beach  home.    Please help us to give back those who served others around the world with your contribution to the     Heritage Fund established to support the housing needs of these tireless servants of the Lord.   Here are a few of our blessed residents and the lives they touched:      Rita Milligan  Served for 33 years as a church planter in Northern Japan.   Elizabeth Koonce  Served for 18 years alongside her husband Les as part of Heralding Christ Jesus   Blessings in Miami, England and Colorado Springs.   Carl and Arlene Roseveare  Served for 10 years as Principal of Schools for Missionary Children in             Vietnam and Malaysia.   Bob and Lois Schneider  Served for 62 years as Bible translators in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil  and     Columbia.   Lloyd and Bobbie Deister  Served for 48 years as Bible translators in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.   Jo Ann Walston  Served for 12 years as a teacher for missionary children in Rwanda, Hungary and  Haiti.   Ruby Schlosser  Served for 40 years with her husband, John as a church planter in China,  Philippines.   Bob and Kitty Magee  Served for 21 years as Bible study leaders in Zimbabwe.   Elsie Hartog  Served for 20 years as Country Director for Bible Translation in Peru.   Carl and Betty Ann Friedericks  Served for years as a Medical Doctor and helped to build a  Christian Hospital in Nepal, India.   Gene and Beth Stewart  Served 5 years as a seminary teacher in India.  Beth served 20 years as a  teacher in Zimbabwe and South Africa.   Verda Peet  Served for 45 years as teacher in China and Thailand with her husband who was  Director of Overseas Mission Foundation.   Carol Jarrett  Served for 8 years as a church planter in Japan.   Jean Johnson  Served for 30 years alongside her husband, Warren doing ministry and youth work  in South Africa.   Harriett Swanson  Served 4 years as teacher for missionary children in Japan.    37

 Tillman Houser  Served 35 years with his wife, Gwen as a church planter in remote villages of  Zimbabwe.   Leona Fear Served for 7 years as leader for Children’s Camps and Churches in Mexican Missionary  schools  in Los Angeles and in the Philippines.  She also served as Director of Women’s  Missionaries Society for 5 years.     

Leona will be celebrating her 100th Birthday on June 5,  2014 and right on the heels of this celebration will be her  35th anniversary of living at Warm Beach Senior  Community.      Generous gifts made to the Heritage Fund have  supported Leona’s housing needs.     

                                  To learn how you can honor the legacy of these 

missionaries by contributing to the Heritage Fund,please contact  Sheila Bartlett at (360) 652‐2645 or email   

World Missionaries of Warm Beach Senior Community 


PNW Conference Bible Quizzing Report to the 2014 Pacific Northwest Conference Leadership Summit Conference Bible Quiz Director: Dave Clark Are you looking for a great way to motivate the young people in your church to study God's word? Have you considered Bible Quizzing? Bible Quizzing is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church that combines Bible study and Christian competition for youth in grades 4-12. The purpose is to establish youth in their faith through the systematic study, application, and memorization of the Word of God. Teams of at least 2 people quiz against teams from other churches at monthly conference, or regional tournaments. At weekly practices, coaches strive to balance the three main components of quizzing: learning and applying the Bible, having fun and fellowship, and practicing to compete with other churches. Each year, selected books of the New Testament (NIV) are studied throughout the school year, and the season concludes with National Bible Quiz Finals, held at a Free Methodist college. This past season, 34 quizzers on 14 teams from the PNW Conference (Lakeview FMC, Moses Lake, Rainier Avenue FMC, Shoreline FMC, Timberlake Church and Warm Beach FMC) studied the book of Matthew. They competed in 8 quiz tournaments in Washington and Oregon. Some of our teams plan to participate in the National Quiz Finals tournament at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois (June 29 – July 3). The following lists show team results from the West Coast Regional Finals tournament on April 26, 2014, held at Living Hope Church in Eugene, Oregon: Senior Teen Veterans: (1) Newberg, OR (2) Rainier Avenue (3) Eugene, OR (4) Moses Lake (5) Corvallis, OR (6) Timberview (7) Timberlake (8) Warm Beach

Young Teen Veterans: (1) Rainier Avenue 1 (2) Eugene, OR (3) Lake Forest Park (4) Shoreline (5) Rainier Avenue 2 (6) Moses Lake (7) Lakeview

Juniors: (1) Eugene, OR (2) Rainier Avenue JV (3) Shoreline (4) Rainier Avenue JR (5) Timberview (6) Timberlake (7) Corvallis (8) Warm Beach


The PNW quizzers that placed in the Individual Competition finals were: Senior Teen Veterans: (2) Daniel Gray (Rainier Avenue) (3) Tim Linscott (Rainier Avenue)

Young Teen Veterans: (4) Robert Snow (Rainier Avenue) (6) Brandon Teeny (Rainier Avenue)

Junior Veterans: (1) Bethany Newton (Rainier Avenue) (3) Rebecca Hudson (Shoreline) (4) Kiri Martin (Shoreline) (4) Erich Zimmerman (Rainier Avenue)

Junior Rookies: (3) Nathan Snow (Rainier Avenue) (4) Faith Chao (Rainier Avenue) (6) Cody Jacobsen (Timberlake)

Other Regional Award winners from our conference were: Coach of the Year: Jeff Hudson (Shoreline) Quizmaster of the Year: Jon Bartlett (Moses Lake) Junior Veteran Quizzer of the Year: Bethany Newton (Rainier Avenue) Senior Teen Quizzer of the Year: Tim Linscott (Rainier Avenue) We are making plans now for next season. Beginning in October, quizzers will begin tournament competition over the material in the books of Romans and James. Tournaments are scheduled for October 4, November 1, December 6, January 3, 2015, January 31, February 28, March 28 and April 25 (regional finals). How can your church get started with Bible Quizzing? For more information on starting a quizzing ministry in your local church, contact Dave Clark at (253) 833-4614 (home) / (253) 217-2795 (cell), or e-mail Please prayerfully consider this ministry for the youth of your church.


Soulpoint Ministries 2013 -2014

This past year has been a time of effective and fruitful ministry for Soulpoint  Ministries. Our vision for this ministry continues to be:  Soulpoint Ministries is a strategic initiative of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church aimed at helping pastors and ministry leaders live and lead from a place of deep spiritual health resulting in the transformation of themselves and the communities they serve.

This vision grows out of our conference vision that spiritual transformation be a living dynamic reality in all of our  churches and church leaders. Our focus stays the same: help the pastors and leaders of our churches to be spiritually  healthy and the local church will begin to take on that health. Transformation in churches only happens when the  leaders of those churches are being transformed themselves.     Soulpoint Ministries is focused around 5 key areas of ministry:    1. Informal and confidential opportunities for conversations around spiritual health   Both Arlene and I have had many opportunities this past year to sit down with pastors and leaders to talk  about issues of personal and church health. Some of these have lead to regular times of meeting together as  well as opening doors for other opportunities to bring spiritual health experiences to their own local church.     2. Resources for Spiritual Direction   I continue to offer spiritual direction to some who desire this kind of ministry as well as point some to good  spiritual directors in our area. This is becoming a growing area as more of our pastors are seeing this as an  important part of their own spiritual health.    3. Retreat‐based ministries   Space for God Retreats: This year we offered 3 Space for God retreats for those desiring a time to get away  and  listen  for  God’s  voice  in  their  life.  These  are  groups  of  12  –  15  people  who  gather  for  2  days  of  experiencing  the  rhythm  of  community  and  solitude  in  order  to  connect  with  God  at  a  deeper  level.  The  dates  for  our  next  retreats  at  Rainbow  Lodge  in  North  Bend  are  October  6‐8,  2014  and  February  16‐18,  2015. Those who are coming to these retreats are finding them to be an important part of their own yearly  rhythm of spiritual renewal.  Here are a few of the responses that we received from this years retreats:    “ A Space for God retreat  was the best way to  slow down and hear from  God among the busyness of  life and  ministry. Thank you PNWC  for creating a space where I could set aside the distractions and just hear from God.”    “This retreat truly was a time set apart for Him – to seek His presence, to enjoy His company, and to see Him  manifested  in  a  community  of  people  also  hungering  for  Him.    I’m  very  thankful  the  conference  offers  these  opportunities  to  really  care  for  our  souls,  because  as  intentional  as  we  are  in  the  midst  of  busy  ministry  schedules, it just is not the same as devoting these days to nothing else.”      “The Space for God retreats have been water for my soul in the midst of a busy and challenging ministry.  I would  challenge  every  pastor  and  leader  to  take  an  audit  of  their  soul  every  year  at  a  Space  for  God  retreat.    I  am  convinced you will be a better pastor and leader.”    41

Pastor’s Prayer Retreat: This past April we welcomed back to our all‐conference prayer retreat best selling  author and speaker Ruth Haley Barton. Through our times of worship, prayer, and her teaching on personal  discernment God did some significant things in the lives of our pastors and spouses.  

Each  of  these  retreats  are  offered  at  no  cost  to  our  conference  team.  It  is  an  investment  that  the  PNWC  is  making into the spiritual and relational health of our team members.    4. Ministry Team spiritual development   Both Arlene and I have had multiple opportunities to provide smaller Space for God or prayer experiences  for local church boards and leadership teams. These have often been used to provide a focus for a longer  leadership retreat by that church.    5. Care and resources in crisis situations   We continue to offer confidential assistance, both relational and financial, to those who are experiencing a  significant challenge or crisis in their life. We do not want anyone to have to go through these times alone or  without some level of support. Please see the Counseling Reimbursement Policy in the Ministerial  Compensation Guide section of your conference packet for more information on this offer.      Please let either Arlene or I know if there is any way we can serve you or your local church. Soulpoint Ministries is  not a conference program, it is an invitation and a resource provided for you to step into a deeper experience of  God’s great love so that you and the churches you serve can be a more life‐giving place in our world.    David Hicks (Director)  Arlene Weigand (Assistant Director) 

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