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        119th Annual Conference  of the Pacific Northwest Conference   of the Free Methodist Church June 13‐14, 2014  Warm Beach Camp 20800 Marine Dr. ‐ Stanwood, WA 98292 

Partnering to Impact Eternity  Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church  3120 Third Ave West, Seattle WA 98119  Phone 206.281.5003 or 800.419.3120    FAX 206.281.7390

Table of Contents Conference Packet Part 1: Introduction 





Table of Contents 



Letter from Supt. Matt 



PNWC Vision Statement 



Program 2014 



Child Care Notice 



Warm Beach Camp Map 



Display Table Hosts 



Breakout Schedule & Bios 



Leadership Summit Offering 



2014‐2015 PNWC Calendar 



Standing Rules 



Delegate Table 2014 



Warm Beach Camp June 13‐14, 2014  Partnering to Impact Eternity   

"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  I press on…”   Philippians 3:13‐14    Dear Friends:     It is with a sense of great anticipation that we gather as a denominational family on June 13 and 14 at  the Warm Beach Camp for our 119th Pacific Northwest Conference Leadership Summit. This is the one  time in the year when our entire PNWC “family” comes together to worship, to hear what God has  accomplished, and think together about our future. Philippians 3:13‐14 is our theme as we gather for  our 2014 PNWC Leadership Summit: "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.  I  press on…”  Philippians 3:13‐14    As you review this conference packet, I invite you to join us in praying for our time together. You can  prepare for Leadership Summit in the following ways:   • Prepare to meet new friends, as well as connecting with people you already know.   • Make time to listen to God and to spend time in prayer and reflection during the weekend.   • Commit every part of the agenda and every speaker to God.   • Pray for our PNWC staff team (Geoff Smith, Julie Weber, David Hicks, Marissa Ukosakul, Arlene  Weigand, and me) as we make final preparations for Leadership Summit.   • Lift up Bishop Matt Thomas, Seth Overby and the Ballard Church worship team, and all of the  faithful and wonderful volunteers and staff involved in Leadership Summit, that we would be  sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.   • Ask God to make His presence known to us as we meet, and that each one present would  respond in obedience.     I join you in looking forward to seeing what God will accomplish among us. It is a privilege to partner  with you!     In Christ,       ‐Supt. Matt Whitehead 


Partnering to Impact Eternity    

The Pacific Northwest Conference seeks to model the  following values:     

  

Sustaining our commitment to serve the local church  Raising up and coaching leaders  Investing resources in church planting and church  revitalization  Promoting individual spiritual and church health  Establishing and endorsing partnerships  Serving at the margins 


Guidelines To make your stay at Warm Beach Camp an enjoyable and safe experience, the following guidelines have been established. Thank you for adhering to them. If you have any questions, please ask. 1.


4. 5.

Everyone taking part in the daily activities and program of Leadership Summit must register (This applies to all, whether in camp housing, private lot, private cabin or offcamp housing.) Parents are responsible for their children. Please see that they are attending the appropriate age level program at all times. Please pick up your children during meal times. Speed limit is 5 MPH. Vehicles should be used sparingly. Pets are not allowed.

June 13-14, 2014

Additional Activities and Services Swimming Pool Mini Golf Disc Golf Camp Store Espresso

Saturday 3:00pm-5:00pm Saturday 3:00pm-5:00pm A 9-hole disc golf course is available for your use. Frisbees are available or you may bring your own. See the receptionist. Friday 12:00pm-5:30pm; Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm Cedar Lodge Lobby Saturday 7:30am9:00am

Thank you to Warm Beach Camp for hosting Leadership Summit 2014


Friday, June 13th Breakfast begins at 7:15am in Cedar Lodge for those who registered for meals



Check-in Program Center Courtyard


Worship Program Center Welcome Concert of Prayer Bishop Matt Thomas Speaking




Breakout Sessions Program Center and Maple Center





Conference/Ministry Session Program Center Snacks available in Program Center Courtyard

Making Your Church a Welcoming Place

Program Center


Ben Sigman and Rusty Gerhart


Conference/Ministry Session Program Center

Rob Wall

Maple Center East



CEB Introduction & Study Bible Tutorial

Rita Nussli

A Step Closer, A Step Deeper

Maple Center West


Worship Program Center Supt. Matt Whitehead Speaking Communion

Steve Fitch

A Convenient Answer

Maple Center Middle


Cedar Lodge No childcare provided during lunch

Cedar Lodge No childcare provided during dinner

Saturday, June 14th Breakfast is at 8:00am in Cedar Lodge for those who registered for meals

*Please check out of rooms by 11:00am

Friday, June 13, 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Saturday, June 14, 11:15 AM – 12:00 Noon Presenters



Bishop Matt Thomas

How to Cross the Bridges You Are Building

Program Center


Worship Program Center Memoirs Presentation Bishop Matt Thomas Speaking

Keith Light

ADDICTION: Hope in Small Groups

Maple Center East


Snacks available in Program Center Courtyard

Debra Davis-Bell

Maple Center West


Breakout Sessions Program Center and Maple Center

Starting an After School Program“More than Bricks & Mortar”



Delia Nüesch-Olver

Becoming a Better Multicultural Leader

Maple Center Middle


Conference/Ministry Session Program Center


Worship & Ordination Service Program Center Honoring Retirees Bishop Matt Thomas Speaking Ordination Reading of Appointments Commissioning Prayer


Cedar Lodge No childcare provided during lunch

Dinner Cedar Lodge

Actual times may vary slightly

All Ministry Display Tables are located in Program Center A. Please be sure to visit them. Children’s Programs Program Center C: Nursery Program Center B: Preschool Cascadian Lodge: Grade 1-6


PARENTS: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR SPOUSE SEES THIS NOTICE  Our excellent and dedicated staff of children’s ministry staff for Leadership Summit  will provide programs to enrich your child’s experience here at Warm Beach Camp.  Your children will have opportunities for recreation and games, singing and stories,  campfire and other fun summer camp activities with their age‐appropriate group.     For all age groups we ask that you bring your children to their session and sign  them in. This includes Grades 1‐6. Children must also be picked up by their parent  or pre‐designated adult.     Thank you for trusting us with your children. We hope that you have a great  Leadership Summit weekend! 

Childcare will be available during ALL conference sessions.  NO childcare is provided during meal times.  Please pick up your kids.    Nursery  Program Center C. Ages 0‐2    Pre‐K and Kindergarten  Program Center B. Ages 3‐Kindergarten      1st – 6th Grades  Cascadian Lodge. Grades 1‐6 or within the age range. (Kids for this class need to bring swim stuff to the afternoon session on Saturday)



Display Table Hosts Please Visit the Display Area in Conference Center A

Eden Reforestation Steve Fitch 

Seattle Pacific University John Glancy and Celeste Cranston 

FM Men’s Ministries

SEED Livelihood Network

Jeff Yerger 

David Brewer 

FM Women’s Ministries LaWanda Bullock 

Free Methodist Foundation Arnie Brann 

Heavenly Treasures Christina Gaulton and Christine  Mossman 

International Childcare Ministries Dick Sass and Rachelle Schaar 

PNWC Bible Quizzing Dave Clark 

Set Free Movement Kevin Austin 

Soulpoint Ministries | PNWC David Hicks and Arlene Weigand 

Urban Impact Sili Kalepo 

Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center Ed McDowell and Darrell Weiland 

Warm Beach Senior Community Sheila Bartlett  

PNWC Missions Eric Spangler and Jeff Yerger







FRIDAY, June 13, 1:15 PM – 2:00 PM

BEN SIGMAN and RUSTY GERHART |   Making Your Church a Welcoming Place  We all would like to say that our churches are welcoming and accep ng; however, all to o en our non‐verbal missteps, or some mes lack of inten onality can be working against us. Ben Sigman and Rusty Gerhart, Pastors at Redmond and Duvall Timberlake Churches and PNWC elders, will present a workshop on spo ng small areas in our ministries that can bring about large change.  

ROB WALL | CEB Introduc on & Study Bible Tutorial  Dr. Rob Wall is a Sea le na ve, an avid sportsman, and a dedicated Sea le Mariner’s fan. He is an elder of the Free Methodist Church who enjoys an ac ve ecumenical ministry of preaching and teaching adult Bible studies in congrega ons of various faith tradi ons. Dr. Wall will be introducing the Common English Bible transla on and the CEB Study Bible of which he was a member of the transla on team.  

STEVE FITCH | A Convenient Answer  The Church is awakening to the urgent need to care for crea on. This breakout session will explore how neglec ng crea on sets into mo on a nega ve compounding effect that logically leads to the drama c increase in modern slavery. Significantly you will also discover how the people of God are uniquely posi oned to reverse the course resul ng in crea on healed, poverty allevia on, and freedom. Steve is a former Superintendent of the S. California Conference of the FMC and founder of Eden Reforesta on Projects. He and his wife, Claude e, have three adult children.

RITA NUSSLI | A Step Closer, A Step Deeper  Rita Nussli is Associate Director of SoulForma on, an Elder in the PNWC and the Founder of New Horizons Ministries in Sea le. Rita will share personal steps in the journey of spiritual transforma on and deeper in macy with God and will also share the process of invi ng members of your church family into this same journey. 9






SATURDAY, June 14, 11:15 AM – 12:00 Noon

BISHOP MATT THOMAS |  How to Cross the Bridges You are Building  All Chris ans desire their family and friends to come to a saving and loving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Most Chris ans build bridges to share Christ with family, coworkers and friends. The most difficult part for some is knowing what to say when the me is right to speak or to know how to address spiritual issues without it seeming forced or awkward. In this session, Bishop Thomas will help you learn how to cross the bridge you have been faithfully building.

KEITH LIGHT | ADDICITON: Hope in Small Groups  Keith is the Outreach Pastor at North Cascades Chris an Fellowship where he has the privilege of serving in an area that is very dear to his heart, those struggling to break the chains of addic on. Keith will share things God is using in the ministry at North Cascades to accomplish hope in overcoming addic ons.

DEBRA DAVIS‐BELL | Star ng an A er School  Program – “More than Bricks and Mortar”    Has God led you to start an A er School Program? Do you see a need for home‐ work support in your area? Debra Davis‐Bell will share the challenges, successes and victories of running an A er School Program. You will receive prac cal steps to maintaining the program and be given insight on how to build rela onships with the families involved. Debra is a Site Coordinator for Sea le’s Union Gospel Mission and Children’s Ministry Director at House of Oaks Ministries. 

DELIA NÜESCH‐OLVER |  Becoming a Be er Mul cultural Leader  Are you as a leader ready for the changing face of ministry in the Pacific Northwest? This session will give you five prac cal things you can begin implemen ng right away to increase your mul cultural effec veness. Delia serves as Area Director for La n America, overseeing the Free Methodist Church in 15 countries, and is an elder in the PNWC. 10

This year at Leadership Summit, we’re taking our special offering to a  whole  new  level!  Our  goal  is  to  raise  $45K  to  fund  the  “Venezuela  House  &  Vehicle  Proposal”  submi ed  by  our  friends  Paul  &  Delia  Olver.  This is all that is needed to fully fund a good quality car and a  modest home (to be owned by the Venezuelan Conference) for use of  the newly elected superintendent, Dan Perdomo.  This  year  churches  will  be  invited  to  bring  their  offerings  forward  during Supt. Ma ’s State of the Work address and place it in a basket  at  the  front.    We  encourage  Pastors/churches  to  pray  now  and  come  ready to par cipate in the work that the Lord is doing in Venezuela.  


2014‐2015 PNWC Calendar    Pacific Northwest Conference Events (PNWC)  Denominational Events  Warm Beach Camp Events (WBC)  Seattle Pacific University Events (SPU)   


June       July    August    September            October            November              December             

13‐14 16  29‐July1    30‐Aug 3    14‐15    1  5‐7  9‐12  12‐14  4    2  6‐8  24‐26  24‐26  30    6  11  14  14‐16  14‐16  27    4  4  5‐6  24‐Jan 1  23     

PNWC Leadership Summit‐ Warm Beach Camp  PNWC Office Closed  National Bible Quizzing –Greenville College    Warm Beach Family Camp    Willow Creek Leadership Summit    Labor Day (PNWC office closed)  Dad & Sons Weekend  Adult 55+ Retreat  Dad & Daughters Weekend  BOA Meeting    MEG/MAC Meeting  Space for God‐ Rainbow Lodge  Jr. High Retreat  Engaged Encounter  BOA Meeting    MEG/MAC Meeting  Veterans Day (PNWC office closed)  Catalyst One Day‐ Pastor’s Day  Sr. High Retreat  Marriage Encounter  Thanksgiving (PNWC office closed)    Lights of Christmas Begins  MEG/MAC Meeting  Wesleyan Theology Class ‐ PNWC office  Christmas Holiday (PNWC office closed)  Lights of Christmas Ends      12


January                           February        March      April            May        June        July     

1 5‐10  12‐17  8  11  12  13  18  19  20  24  29  29    5  16  16‐18    5  19    2  3  5  16‐19  TBA    7  14  27    4  12‐13  13    13‐16     

New Year’s Day  J‐Term classes (Indianapolis)  J‐Term classes (Indianapolis)  MEG/MAC Meeting  Impact Briefing‐ North Central  Impact Briefing‐ Wenatchee Area  Impact Briefing‐ Snohomish Area  Impact Briefing‐ Central Westside  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (PNWC office closed)  Impact Briefing‐ Seattle Area  Impact Briefing‐ Alaska  BOA Meeting  Northwest Pastor’s Day    MEG/MAC Meeting  Presidents Day (PNWC office closed)  Space for God Retreat‐ Rainbow Lodge    MEG/MAC Meeting  BOA Meeting    MEG/MAC Meeting  Good Friday  Easter Sunday  Come to the Water/Women’s Holiness Clergy Conf.‐ Charlotte, NC  Retiree Luncheon    MEG/MAC Meeting  BOA Meeting  Memorial Day (PNWC office closed)    MEG/MAC Meeting  Leadership Summit 2015 – Wenatchee  SPU Commencement    General Conference 2015‐ Orlando Florida     


2014 STANDING RULES Pacific Northwest Conference 1. 2. 3. 4.






10. 11. 12.

13. 14.



Rules of Order The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order will be the basis for parliamentary procedure. Bar of Conference The bar of the Annual Conference will be clearly marked and all participating delegates must sit within it. Credentials The Conference Office will review and certify all delegates' credentials and report to the Annual Conference through the Conference Secretary. Roll Call The Conference Secretary will take the roll by inspection. Tellers will pass appropriate forms through the bar of the Conference for the signature of each ministerial and lay member present. Honorary Seats Honorary seats in the Annual Conference are automatically granted to the following persons when they are not already voting members: PNW Conference ministerial candidates, licensed ministers, pastors and lay representatives of Conference-organized Free Methodist Fellowships, chairs of Conference boards, Board of Administration members, Conference Secretary, and Executive Director of Warm Beach Senior Community. Communications All communications received by the secretary for the Annual Conference will be referred to the proper person, board, or committee unless it has specific relevance to this Annual Conference session. Debate Debate following any motion on the floor will be limited to three minutes per speaker and no person except the originator of the motion will be allowed to speak twice on the same motion. All speakers should use the nearest microphone. Written Reports The Chair of each standing board or committee will prepare a written report, including recommendations, for prior circulation to voting members of the Annual Conference. The report will be included in the book of reports and will constitute the report of that board or committee. Time will be allotted in the agenda for the presentation of other needful communication and written recommendations. Ordering of Committees and Boards The Conference will have the same boards, committees, and ex-officio members thereof, as the previous year unless otherwise ordered by vote of the Conference. Minutes The minutes will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Administration at its fall meeting subsequent to the adjournment of the Annual Conference. Motions All motions, resolutions, and recommendations should be submitted in writing to the secretary. Agenda The agenda coordinator is the superintendent. After the printed agenda has been adopted, proposed changes should be reviewed with the superintendent and the presiding bishop. Recommendations Any recommendations to the Annual Conference should be printed and distributed at least four hours prior to its anticipated action. Ministerial Appointment Committee Election In addition to the superintendent, one elder and two lay members will be elected to three-year terms by majority ballot. Elected members will not be from the same church. PNW elders and full adult members of PNW Conference churches are eligible for election. The Conference Nominating Committee will present to the Annual Conference a ballot for the Ministerial Appointments Committee election, bringing two names for every open position. Election of the Conference Superintendent A Superintendent’s Nominating Committee will be formed in accordance with paragraph 5110-A2 of the 2011 Book of Discipline, in the last year of the superintendent’s term. Ballot Tally All election ballots will be counted by the tellers outside the bar of the Conference as directed by the Conference Secretary, unless instructed otherwise by the presiding officer.







22. 23.


25. 26.



Nominating Committee The Nominating Committee is composed of 12 members elected by the Annual Conference, serving three-year rotating terms. The Board of Administration presents one nomination for each position on the Nominating Committee, giving due consideration to gender, lay/ministerial status and area representation. Conference-Elected Institutional Trustees Trustees for Warm Beach Camp and Warm Beach Senior Community will be nominated by the Board of Administration with nominations forwarded to the Annual Conference for action. Seattle Pacific University Trustees Trustees for Seattle Pacific University are nominated by a Regional Nominating Committee, endorsed by the Seattle Pacific University Board of Trustees Trusteeship Committee, approved by the Pacific Northwest Conference Board of Administration, and elected by the Seattle Pacific University Board of Trustees. Ex-officio Members The superintendent is an ex-officio member of all boards and committees except where such board or committee is required by civil law to elect specifically identified persons. All ex-officio members are eligible to vote unless otherwise designated. Limitations No person may serve on the same board or committee for more than two consecutive three-year terms. Ex-officio membership is not included in this limitation. Also, trustees elected by the Conference to Warm Beach Camps and Conference Center, Warm Beach Senior Community, and Seattle Pacific University are not included in this limitation, but rather, their election is guided by limitations established by the bylaws of the respective institution. A person may not chair more than one board or committee. Camp Staff Members When members of the Conference are serving on summer camp staff, they will be excused when their task takes them away from the Conference floor. Board and Committee Procedures The Conference office will notify all new persons of their election and see that members are duly notified of all meetings. Each board and committee will elect a Chair. Accurate minutes will be kept including date, meeting place, members present and actions taken; filing them with the Conference office within ten days of the meeting. The Conference office will see that each board or committee member receives a copy of the minutes. The members present and voting will constitute a quorum unless a board chooses to set its own quorum. Annual Conference Delegates In addition to appointed pastors who are full members of the Conference, the Annual Statistical Report (as of December 31 of the previous calendar year) will be used to determine the number of delegates a local church will send to Annual Conference according to paragraph 5010-B of the 2011 Book of Discipline. Terms of office will coincide with the calendar year. Conference Budget The Board of Administration is responsible for approving the conference budget which shall be recommended by the Conference Financial Task Force. Interim Business The Board of Administration will be authorized to transact any business overlooked by the Annual Conference, fill vacancies on boards and committees, and act as the Executive Committee of the Conference as authorized in paragraph 5200 of the 2011 Book of Discipline. Legal Business As the Conference Trustees, the Board of Administration is authorized (2011 Book of Discipline paragraph 6400) to purchase, transfer, sell, or encumber any and all property held by the Conference. Adjournment When the Conference adjourns, it will adjourn to meet at the call of the Chair.


PACIFIC NORTHWEST ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2013 Appointments (including mid-year changes) & 2014 Delegates Church Name




Alane Allen

Auburn, New Day CF

Bill Stone, Stacy Stone Chuck Shocki, Daniel Keane Ron Kocher

Larry Evans, Sue O’Neal, Jean Wessel Carla McCarthy

Charles Forster, Jim Hordyk Teresa Lerew

Bellingham, Light & Life

Paul Drewer

Patrick Berschauer

Jim Vandermay

Bothell, Living Hope FM

James Stegman

Vicki Monroe

Rob Noland


Jon Cortese

Karen Thamert, Rita Miller

Centralia, Cooks Hill Com Ch

Mitchell Dietz

Day Creek Chapel

Travis Lohman

Melodee Bailey, Jerry King, Cynthia Waddell Kathy Henderson

Doug Henning, Joyce Olsen Ron Irvine, David Smelser, John Wickert Virginia Learned

Dupont, The Rock

Larry Rogers

Ken Springer

Bernard Chapman

Eagle River, Skyline FF

Dale Shillington

Keith Shumway

Deidre Henry

Eastmont Com Ch, East Wenatchee

Amber Aiken, Terry Gere

Bennis Johnson

Hoquiam, Light & Life Com Ch

Bob Lenderman, Eric Barnes, Julee Lenderman, Joe Martinez, Jeff Parker Brad Gill

Lance Whitbeck

Patti Whitbeck

Issaquah, Mt. Creek Com F

Vanessa Chitwood

Mike Steele

Rob Schattler

LifePoint, Everett & LifePoint

Allen Campbell, John Gilbert, Kevin Kosche, Claire Olsen

Doug Morgan

Longview, Exodus CF

Eric Spangler, David Haslam, Katherine Lane, Kevin Lane, Bryan Sallee , Cathy Tastad Scott Hemberry,

Tim Watson

Dylan Shulda


Neil Jolin

Richard Cleveland

Andrew Schmidt


Irma Fairchild, Beverly Geer, Justin Hanson, Todd Roebke

Moses Lake, Journey

Victor Rodriguez , Gregory Kanehan, Harvey VanderGriend, Greg Zook Ed Burns

Brandon LaBonte

Orlin Griggs, Garrett Rodriguez, Fred Safstrom, Dan Staple Amador Castro

Mount Vernon, Hillcrest CF

Ryan Beagle

Joy Neal

Joelene Meckstroth

Omak, Cornerstone CF

*Mike McCune

Joe Guerrette, Heidi Schmidt

Eric Hein


Rod Brown

Doug Nolte

Vic Elmore


Shaun McNay, Daniel Castillo, Jose Castillo, Zoila Castillo, Morgan MacPherson Ben Sigman, Rusty Gerhart, Owen Jacobsen, Cindra Patterson

Jim Bishop, Jerry Elmore, Ron Huxtable, MurrayVan Dyke

Merle Royer

Angie Hasslinger, Glenn Hasslinger, Jr., Glenn Hasslinger, Sr., Jordan Lee, Nick Wallsteadt, Lance Watson

Matt Castro, Shane McCroskey, Terri Sigman


Redmond, Timberlake

Reserve Delegate


Renton, International FMC Renton, Living Hope Seattle, Ballard Seattle, First

Phalla Son Jesse Champers, George Houston, Sheila Houston *Robert Stewart Mike Hagen Blake Wood, Bonnie Brann, Dwight Weber, Clay Utley

Barbara Warner

Paul Baeder

n/a Courtney Ewing, Keith Jefferson, Jo Lewis, Elsie Miller, Peter Weschler Gerardo Cornelio, Krystal Ayala

Bryan Jones, Mandy Neill, Mike Popchuk, Brett Robinson, Lynn Walker

Gerard, Duguay, Susan Fenner, Goffe Torgerson

Eric Fairchild, Clark Jennings, Janna McCardle Travis Singleton, Sherman Snow

Seattle, Iglesia de las Americas Seattle, Lakeview

Jorge GutiĂŠrrez, Phyllis GutiĂŠrrez, Emily Norton Dave Banks, Jodi Gatlin, *Janice Box

Seattle, Rainier Ave.

Tina Chang, Leonetta Elaiho, Van Manivanh

Sedro-Woolley, North Cascades CF Sedro-Woolley Multi-site CP

*Mark Abbott, Julie Gray, Marvin Gray, Mark Nsimbi, Anna Kalepo, Arlene Weigand Steve Fish, Shon Bentley , Keith Light, Steve Fish


Jeffrey Horton, Kyle Welstad

Snohomish, Cross View

*Jon Swanson, Danelle Green

Gary Karns, Joey Lince, Tamra Patton Irv Haug, Carol Mitchell

Bob Teske

Tacoma, L&L

Lance DeLarme

April Tower

Heidi Kady


Ronald Wise

Rick Anderson, Bruce Bews

Neil Helberg, Harvey Roth

Tukwila, House of Oaks Ministries Warm Beach

Deryl Davis-Bell

Darlene Ndirangu

Tracy Collins

Patrick Vance, Brian Hoyer, Sam Schaar

Lori Borders, Dave Kanehen, Inez Kollmar, Adam Stevens

Charles Beard, Tom Kauffman


Joshua Brooks, Stephen Bishop, Adam Campbell, Jim Harbour, Mike Henry, Les Krober, Kaye Kolde, Joe Luna, *SooJi Alvarez Steve Harrison

Randy Black, Leland Fischer, Roger Harris, Dan Lewis, Dana Schmidt, Matt Wight

Tracy Gelb, Greg Lovercamp, Jerry Merrill

Lucas Hanson

Tom Froula


Stephanie Cates, Steve Olson, Kenny Wright n/a

Tom Peden

Post Conference Resignations: Joe Alvarez from Mount Vernon, Hillcrest CF Soo Ji Alvarez from Mount Vernon, Hillcrest CF Paul Diaz from Seattle, Ballard Mark Morrison from Snohomish, CrossView Key:

* + # ~

Post conference appointment Post conference change of status Post conference resignation Church Closure Church Name Change


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