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GIVING 2020-2021 Edition


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A letter

FRO M th e FA M I LY For over 38 years it’s been our joy to bring our customers and guests the art of giving. Through our love of entertaining we have shopped the world for products we feel will bring quality and happiness to those that receive our gifts. Being a Canadian owned, family operated business we take great pride in helping other Canadian businesses, that’s why this year we wanted to put the spotlight on some exquisite, artisan products throughout our catalogue. And as always we make an effort to support our community, our employees and our local businesses wherever we can. This season more then ever, we wish you good health, the warm comfort of home and a safe new year!

T he E l i op ou l o s Fami ly Meet A nna Eliopoulos, C E O of Peter & Paul’s Gifts

TA B L E OF C ONTENTS 1. Cool Canadian Holiday 2. Home Comforts 4. Make Everyday Special 6. Corporate Bundles 8. Top 8 Under $100

11. Share the Love 16. Gourmet Gifts 18. All Things Engraved 22. Celebration Florals 24. Peter & Paul’s

All photos taken on-site at Eaton Hall, our newest event space in King City. Shop our full collection online


C A N A D I A N H O L I D AY Discover Canada, Uncover Local This season, we want to highlight, celebrate & share incredible artisan foods that are guaranteed to delight your taste buds and support Canadian business.

1. CANADIAN HARVEST $175 Click to see more about this fabulous c ider

Click on our Canadian Icon to find out more about our featured Canadian Gift Baskets throughout the catalogue and learn about some of our shining local artisans!


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Comforts 1. COZY NIGHT - $235 Staying in? Cuddle up with this herringbone blanket perfect for yearround use. Paired with Punti Ferrer’s Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc and a selection of premium treats. You won’t want to go anywhere anytime soon.

2. SWEET SCENTS - $120


Brighten the room with the sweet aromas from our brown sugar reed diffuser. Set atop a unique ribbed gold tray and paired with the exquisite bubbles of Santome Prosecco Brut and fine sweet treats.

3. IT TAKES TWO - $210 Two gourmet cheeses, two bottles of wine, two happy people. Our cheese dome with slate insert centre is accompanied with 4 ceramic serving plates and accompanying foods like dried salami and crackers all atop a bamboo serving tray.


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GENT LEMA N’S CO RNER $215 We have paired the Glenmorangie taster pack which includes the classic 10 year old whisky and 3 other extra mature awardwinning varieties with 6 soapstone cubes in a cloth storage pouch. All packed neatly in our sleek gift box with gourmet foods and crunchy treats.

E LE GANC E $230 The sophisticated Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand just might steal the show in this stunning elegant basket, with a beautiful hand-tied bouquet of fresh flowers and our very own EVOO and olives.

H A PPY EVERY T H ING $190 Send a “Party in a Box” to celebrate any of life’s special occasions with the alluring and vibrant Moet Imperial Champagne and delicious gourmet foods ready to open and enjoy! This gorgeous gift also includes 2 stemless champagne glasses.

B OX O’ JOY $135 Suitable for any celebration, Santa Carolina’s rich plumy Merlot and light crisp Chardonnay are combined with a selection of foods and a striking bouquet of fresh flowers. This simple and sophisticated gift is a perfect way to send some joy! Shop our full collection online

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Providing Quality

Taste Experiences Veuve Cliquot’s iconic champagnes compliment these distinguished gifts with its seductive palate and elegant maturity.

CHARTON CELEBRATION REG U L A R $205 | DELU XE $ 2 8 5 ( SHOWN) PeterandPaulsGifts.com

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L ogo e d R ibb on

Custom Tags

Innovat ive Gif t S olut i ons

Custom Eng rav i ng

MODERN EPICURE $165 Shop our full collection online

Click to see ho w w e eng rav e yo ur gi f t s i n- ho use Page 6

Basket Bundles

Buy more, save more, with our basket bundles! These gifts have been specially designed with large scale gifting in mind. Save with 4-pack purchases.

NOIR SI N G L E $ 8 0 | PAC K OF F OUR $ 28 8

A PEX SINGLE $70 | PACK O F FO UR $ 2 5 2



SI N G L E SM $ 8 5 | LG $ 100 ( SH OWN)

SINGLE $50 | PACK O F FO UR $ 1 8 0

PAC K OF F O UR SM $ 306 | LG $ 36 0 PeterandPaulsGifts.com

No subst itut ions or c ustom i z at i on Page 7

IC ONIC $ 7 0

PET IT E $50

TO P 8 u n UR BAN $ 100

GRAND $100 Shop our full collection online

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BO LD $100

n d e r $ 100 H EART Y $85

INT ENS E $90 PeterandPaulsGifts.com

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....Great things come in small packages MINI FEAS T $40





M INI B ITES $60 Shop our full collection online

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GROUP SHARE SM AL L $ 1 1 0 | M ED $ 160 | L ARG E $210 | X-L A RGE $260 (SHOWN) PeterandPaulsGifts.com

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These delicious treats make the pe Designed to have som S WEET T RAY SM $100 (SHOW N) | LG $1 3 0 Our favourite sweet treats like candied nuts, biscotti and all things chocolate are neatly nestled in this sturdy wood tray with rope handles. Suitable for sharing among a group. Small: 10-20 servings. Large: 20-35 servings.

S W E E T & SALTY TR AY SM $ 8 5 | LG $ 115 ( SH OWN) A perfect array of sweet and salty delights are collected in our classic wood tray with flavours to suit all palates. Most items are individually wrapped for easy sharing. Small: 10-20 servings. Large: 20-35 servings.

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erfect gift for any size of gathering. mething for everyone! SNAC K S N’ SUC H SM $ 1 1 0 ( SH OWN) | LG $ 145 Our brand new crate with a plexiglass lid is filled with carefully selected individually wrapped indulgences perfect to share in the office. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Small: 10-20 servings. Large: 20-35 servings.

S UGA R RUS H SM $150 | LG $180 (SHOW N ) You know the talk of the office is going to be this colourful gift brimming with Baci, Italian nougat, Lindt truffles and more! The only question is what to engrave on the plexiglass lid of the stunning crate! We can’t count servings because are you really only going to have just one?


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MAPLE $120 It looks traditional, but really one of our more fun baskets filled with a variety of Canadian made goodies.

Black Wire

S PRU C E SM $ 115| LG $ 175 ( SH OW N) Sweet and salty snacks on our oversized bamboo tray. Perfect for sharing with a group or family.

PO PULA R $150 With a fresh colourway and packed with premium sweet and salty snacks this oval tin vessel will definitely impress!

3 Tone Wicker

PINE $170 Stay local or travel abroad? This slotted crate is filled with artisan small batch local delicacies and premium imports from Europe, including a bottle of Portinho Do Covo Verdelho from Portugal.

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BIRCH SM $135 | LG $175 (SHOW N ) Some of our most favourite Canadian made goodies are paired with a bottle of Rendezvous White from Rockway Vineyards in Niagara.

Blue/Grey Set of 2

OAK $225 This oversized basket is overflowing with every type of chocolate bark, cookie, popcorn and sweets we could fit in it!

BALS AM $180 This stunning gift is brimming with small batch local artisan foods all made in Canada, and most in Toronto! Bonus: You’re sure to reuse this beautiful wicker basket with handles!


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Gourmet G IF TS

ROUND THE TABLE SM $ 1 25 | LG $ 175 ( SH OW N) Sure to have everyone gather at the table, this gift can be opened and shared. Featuring our very own EVOO, olives, fresh parmesan and a bottle of Perez Graz from Argentina. It is sure to be a delight!

PAS TA BILIT IES $195 This stunning Mud Pie ceramic pasta serving dish and spaghetti server is paired with all the right gourmet foods for a delicious pasta night! From fresh parmesan to spicy bomba, appetizers to a sweet finish, we’ve got you covered!

PANTRY C OLLE C TI O N SM $ 125 | LG $ 155 ( SH OW N) Fill their pantry with premium gourmet essentials they can indulge in right away, as well as food for a quick last minute meal like pasta and salad! Best of all, they will love to use our new wood pantry crate to organize! Shop our full collection online

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E NTE RTAI NER’S ES S ENT IA LS $130 Pull all the moves at your next gathering with this stunning cheese dome with a slate insert centre and four coordinating serving dishes. All packed neatly in a gift box, it includes all the accompaniments!

FIRE IT UP | $115

Chef ’s table with flowers

New to our collection are these Canadian cedar planks (2pk) and stainless steel serving tray perfect for meat, fish and veggies. Paired with Niagara’s Rockway Red and all the Canadian necessities to make a gourmet meal!

OUR VE RY B E ST SM $ 2 8 0 | LG $ 400 ( SH OWN) Literally a collection of our most premium delights! Sweet. Salty. Savoury. You name it! Along with Californian Morgan Bay’s wellbalanced smooth Cabernet Sauvignon and rich crisp Chardonnay, they will love the stunning chest it will come packed in.


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Personalize, customize and make your gift extra special DIS T INCT T REAT S $120

Chef ’s table with flowers G OUR M E T SAM PLER $140

Circle tin with rope handle Set of 2


Chef ’s table with flowers

Circle tin with rope handle Set of 2


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Bringing the


to your table for over 30 years

Enjoy exceptional wines paired with the finest quality products to give a gift to be remembered for years to come.



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T H I N G S E N G R AV E D S O PH IS T ICAT ED S WEET S $100 Simple, sophisticated but never underestimated. Our finest Canadian made artisan sweets have the honour to accompany the reputable Two Sister’s Estate Red from Niagara and includes a Co82 eucalyptus candle.

Chef ’s table with flowers

GOOD E AT S SM $ 135 ( SH OWN) | LG $ 165 With all the ingredients to prepare a complete meal and a bottle of Cantina Di Negrar Garetta white from Italy, the only question is what to choose for dessert! S AVO U RY BITE S SM $ 125 LG $ 1 8 5 ( SH OWN) Featuring a selection of our Co82 jars, this stunning 25” rich toned pedestal wood board is topped with a collection of sweet and salty bites and a bottle of Sensi Chianti Reserva boasting an aroma of red fruits and dried herbs.

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C HEF’S TA BLE - $210 Any home chef would be delighted to cook with these fine ingredients, while sipping the full bodied creamy Raymond Family Classic Chardonnay. Not to mention the beautiful 24” slate board they can use time and time again!

O LIVE WO O D $140 Each olive wood board is handmade and accompanied with our very own olives and olive oil! Paired with a delicious Malbec -Terrazas de los Andes Reserva.

C li ck fo r a t u t o ri al o n ho w t o mak e t he pe rfe ct charcu t e ri e bo a rd E UROPE B OUND SM $175 ( SH OWN) | LG $190 Searching for the flavours of abroad? This sturdy wood crate is filled with a selection of our specialty imported goods from Europe featuring Italy’s dry crisp Caposaldo Pinot Grigio. PeterandPaulsGifts.com

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GLOWING H O LIDAY $125 Suspended tea lights create a holiday glow in any room! Surrounded by a fresh seasonal green garland with ornaments, pine cones and berries.

OH DE AR! $150 Red roses, berries, pinecones and seasonal greens emphasize the set of antlers and pillar candles. Providing a natural centerpiece for the holiday.

CO ZY CO MFO RT $70 Silver mercury base filled with seasonal greens, blush and hot pink roses, twigs and pine cones, sprinkled with silver glitter.

M O S A I C W INTE R WAR MT H $225 This centerpiece will highlight any table for the holidays. Mercury mosaic lantern with a pillar candle nestled in seasonal greens. White garden roses, orchids, red berries, and white large pinecones. Shop our full collection online

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As every home and dĂŠcor is unique we offer customized outdoor urns, garlands for mantels and staircases, indoor tree set up and customized floral arrangements! Our professional decor and floral designers will assist you in creating and decorating all your holiday events. Whether at home, office or event. Contact us at Pure Event Design for a consultation and quote on the perfect design for you! pure@bypnp.com 905-326-7500

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience inside one of Toronto’s most historic landmarks. Featuring prime steak and seafood. 5 unique private dining rooms available. Our team will ensure every detail of your special occasion is taken care of exceptionally whether it is for lunch, dinner or take out. To make your reservation visit

DavidDuncanHouse.com 125 Moatfield Dr. North York, ON +1 416 391 1424 duncanhouse@bypnp.com

Gift Cards Available

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NEWLY RENOVATED! Featuring 3 state of the art private rooms and modern decor to serve up to 1000 guests

Featuring 61,000 sq. ft. of entertainment space with the ability to service up to 1,200 guests within 5 private rooms.

Offering 85,000 sq. ft. of event space within 6 versatile rooms. With a capacity to accommodate over 2,000 guests, our patrons marvel at this revolutionary property.

Nestled amongst the magnificent greens of The Carrying Place Golf & Country Club. Boasts 34,000 sq. ft. of event space within 3 separate rooms.

Located seconds from Toronto's major highways and overlooking the stunning greens of Royal Woodbine Golf Course.

Located at the Royal Woodlane Golf Course. Features a walkout, two tiered patio with over 5,000 square feet of space available to entertain.

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OPENING SOON! Located in the rolling hills of King City.

Offers 800 acres of pristine woodlands designed to accommodate corporate and social events. 5 unique indoor and outdoor areas including a spectacular glass house.

One of Toronto's most historic landmarks. Nestled within 4.25 acres of land, guests can choose to dine on our scenic outdoor patio. 5 private rooms and 3 exquisite floors of dining.

Located within the Monte Carlo Inn & Suites in Markham pairs the convenience of an event space alongside overnight accommodations.

The state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces can accommodate 58-200 people or as many as 2,000 people outdoors.

For all your floral and dĂŠcor needs including social, corporate and private events.

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PeterandPaulsGifts.com (905) 326 GIFT (4438) | 1 (800) 281 GIFT (4438) | gifts@bypnp.com 6260 Highway 7, Unit 1, Vaughan ON. L4H 4G3 (Hwy 7 & 27) Shop our full collection online

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Peter & Paul's Gifts - 2020/2021 Holiday Catalogue  

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