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Annual Report 2011

The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Board, Committees and Working Groups as per 31/12/2011 Honorary member

Huisman Offshore Ship Designers Ulstein Sea of Solutions IRO

G.-J. Kramer

Executive Board P. van Oord* (Chairman) M. Kahn* (Vice-Chairman) A.A. Kromhout* (Secretary) J.J.J. Sluijter * (Treasurer) R.M. Kerkvliet* P.P.M. Koop*

Van Oord Jumbo Offshore IHC Merwede Ernst & Young SAS Gouda Quercus Technical Services

General Board J.B.E.M. Athmer B. Bernard P. de Bruijne A.P. Enthoven J.W.E. Griffioen D.H. Groeneveld E.P. Heerema A.W.M. Holthuis H.W.M. Linssen R.W.E. Luijnenburg H.C.L. Vos

Van Oord Offshore Gusto Noble Drilling Inventheon Mercon Steel Structures InterDam Allseas Engineering Lloyd’s Register Keppel Verolme Fugro TNO

* also member of the General Board

Managing Director (until 31/12/2011) H.P. de Boer Managing Director (as per 1/1/2012) A.P.H. Vergroesen

A. van Weerden M. Brusselers N. Wessels M. Kraaijeveld (Co-ordinator)

Committee on Technical and Regulatory Affairs (CTR) Quercus Beheer AKD Bureau Veritas Heerema Marine Contractors KCI Marin PricewaterhouseCoopers Smart Staffing Solutions TNO Energy IRO

P.P.M. Koop (Chairman) J. Kromhout G-J. de Vries F. Lange D. Schaap A. Aalbers X. Le A. Visser O. Abbink R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Export Group (IEG) Bayards Aluminium Constructies BSM Valves & Fittings Fabricom Oil & Gas Hertel Hollandia HSM Offshore IHC Handling Systems IHC Merwede Kenz Figee SAS Gouda Van Dam Van der Helm Hudig Van Veelen Verpakkingen Vermeer Process Technology IRO

D. de Kluyver G.T. Coers J. Fleumer A.A. Berkman K. van Rooijen E.R. Prinse M.G. Doorduin A.A. Kromhout A. van der Sluis E. Hoogakker T. Klaver R. van Kempen F. Snoeck T. de Goede R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Gas Group (IGG)

G.-J. Kramer

H.P. de Boer

TNO Energy Atlas Services Group Dynaflow Research Fabricom Oil & Gas NMi Nederlands Meetinstituut Petrogas Gas Systems PetroQuip Sinus Jevi Electric Heating VoTech Filter IRO

R. Peters (Chairman) A. Czismarik N. Bos J. Fleumer J. Schmit M. van der Meer P. Hadjidakis C. Jansen M. Boersma R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Offshore Wind Energy Group (IOWG)

P. van Oord

A.P.H. Vergroesen

Committee on Commercial and Financial Affairs (CCFZ) IHC Merwede Deloitte Eaton Electric Kenz Cranes PricewaterhouseCoopers IRO

A.A. Kromhout (Chairman) D.J. van Klink B. Droppers A. van der Sluis X. Le R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

Committee on Public Relations (CPR) SAS Gouda Allseas Engineering Bakker Sliedrecht Brandmarion Heerema Fabrication Group


R.M. Kerkvliet (Chairman) J. Hagelstein A. Boer M. Mooij J.C.M. de Leeuw

Smulders Projects Bosch Rexroth Croon Elektrotechniek Damen De Regt Marine Cables EEW-CTS Enerpac Fabricom Oil & Gas Fluvius Fugro Engineers Gusto Heerema Fabrication Group Hertel HSM Offshore IHC Merwede IMT Instalho Jack-Up Barge Kenz Figee Keppel Verolme

F. Aertsen (Chairman) W. Boogert S. Sarneel P. van Terwisga C. Pikaar A. Janssen M. Birkhoff J. Fleumer A. Luttikhuis T. Markus J.M. Meeuwisse E.V.G. Wittenberg A.A. Berkman E.R. Prinse T. van Erkel J. van Hees C. Hoogendoorn M. Hardon A. van Gulik E. Finé

KIVI NIRIA Offshore Engineering Division Lloyd’s Register Mercon Steel Structures Meteo Consult Mierij Meteo MT International Navingo Offshore Solutions Palfinger Systems PlatformBrokers ROC Kop van Noord Holland Seaway Heavy Lifting Smit Subsea Europe SPT Offshore STC Trelleborg Ridderkerk Vageri E&I Van Oord VDL Klima VSH Heusden Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam Vuyk Groningen Wartsila We@Sea Workfox Workships IRO

W. Schoonmade (Observer) P. Kuijpers M. van Pol J. Groot Bramel B.J. van Engelen P. Verkaik F. Hoogeveen W. Vermeer H. van Maaren O. van Voorst G.J.W. Leijnse T. Verhoeven A. Winckers M. Riemers J. Hollebrands E. Brakenhoff W. Wallaard J. van Wijland W. Jenniskens J. Kortenoeven K. van den Berg M. Sickler W. van der Linden C. Westra (Observer) K-J. Cordia J.D. Hudig R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Personnel Services Group (IPSG) Inventheon A. Enthoven (Chairman) Atlas Seistech K. Roozen Burdock Project Consultants R. Burger CMS Derks Star Busmann B. Veldmaat Interocean Personnel Services M. van Nunen IVM (Instituut voor Veiligheid & Milieu) M. Veenvliet Oceanwide Offshore Services J. Dalenoord Onstream Projects Services R.E.S. Reijers VMW Taxand J.J.G. van der Zwaan WTS Energy P. Schellevis IRO R.Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Safety and Training Group (ISTG) De Ruyter Training & Consultancy H.G. Gerretsen (Chairman) DHTC R. Oliemans Falck Nutec N. Alakopsa G4S Safety-Trainingen G. Kranendonk In Tense B. Kelderman IVM (Instituut voor Veiligheid & Milieu) H. Veenvliet NOGEPA C. van Oosterom (Observer) STC-SAIO E. Maijer SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen R. van Gessel IRO R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Well Services Group (IWSG) GeoTech Invest Atlas Services Group Energy Baker Hughes Balance Point Control BOIS Equipment Rental Expro North Sea FMC Technologies Frank’s International Halliburton Royal Haskoning Schlumberger Petroleum Services Weatherford Oil Tool Nederland IRO

G. Galloway (Chairman) K. Tinga J. de Kock L. de Wit R. Lagerburg S. Dall’Armi D. Brouwer R. Kampman W. van Twisk P. Heimplatzer G. Joling M. van Dijk R. Liem (Co-ordinator)

IRO Annual Report 2011

Preface The year 2011 was a very special year for IRO as it celebrated its 40th anniversary. 40 years of experience, expertise and knowledge has brought us to the point where we are now. Since the discovery in the sixties of the large gas field in Groningen, the Netherlands has been one of the largest gas producers in the world which gives the Netherlands a leading position in Europe. Since then many new techniques have been developed and the Dutch Oil Industry has experienced major developments as a result. The reopening of the Schoonebeek oilfield in the beginning of 2011 is a great example of that. Due to new techniques, the oilfield will produce 125 million barrels of oil in the coming 25 years. This brings new prospects to the industry. Due to fast growing industrial societies the need for oil and gas will only grow, not only in Europe and the United States but also in upcoming countries like China, India, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Companies react to this growing demand for oil and gas by investing in new projects, techniques and material and so do the Dutch suppliers and service companies. The annual Oil & Gas survey held by Ernst & Young in December 2011 among Dutch oil and gas supply and service companies learned that despite uncertainties due to the economic crisis, the oil and gas industry has, so far, not been seriously affected and indeed the services industry still has a strong position. The majority of the suppliers experienced far better revenues than budgeted for 2011 and are more positive in their expectations on market developments and their individual positions for growth. For the executive office of the association it was yet another busy and successful year. As in previous years high priority was given to the external communication with the members of the association. Five members meetings (LOL meetings), two public meetings, the annual general meeting as well as three seminars were again a successful formula to strengthen the network between the members.

The IRO team: Marloes Kraaijeveld, Marjo Hakkenbrak, Marlijn Stoutjesdijk, Sander Vergroesen, Farida Parwani, Helma Cruts, Ruud Liem, José de Goede

Since its foundation in 1971 IRO has promoted the interests of the Dutch supply and service companies in the upstream oil and gas industry.

IRO’s 40th Anniversary celebration on 25 November 2011 was a huge success, where, besides IRO members, many representatives from the oil and gas industry were present. IRO’s participation in ten trade exhibitions, five trade missions, participation in the Dutch Energy Solution programme (DES) and the EURONET partnership contributed to the further strengthening of our international ties and export activities. The oil and gas training courses continued to be successful with nine courses throughout the year. All courses were fully booked.

Members cover all activities involved in the supply industry such as engineering, field development, pipeline installation, maintenance, manufacturing and material & equipment supply onshore as well as offshore.

The IRO Well Services Group, the IRO Offshore Wind Energy Group, the IRO Export Group, the IRO Safety and Training Group and the IRO Gas Group were busy with numerous activities over the year. Unfortunately the IRO Personnel Services Group had minimal attendence and due to the lack of interest the IPSG will not be continued in 2012. The IRO Offshore Wind Energy Group saw a growth in membership as a result of the participation of HME (Holland Marine Equipment) members. The association grew to a total membership of well over 400 companies and organizations in 2011. Altogether the association and its members have good reasons for a continued positive outlook to the forthcoming years!

© IRO 2012


Innovative Technology Innovation is crucial for the oil and gas industry as the new finds of oil and gas are often at difficult locations such as deep offshore and arctic areas. Bringing down the ever growing costs of exploration and production is also an important issue together with improving and increasing the production from existing fields. Minimizing the carbon footprint for environmental considerations is crucial. Good reason for IRO to stress the importance of innovation and to promote innovation programmes offered by the Dutch government.

Innovation contract for the top sector Energy Nine top sectors have been selected by the Dutch government for further support. ‘Energy’ is one of these top sectors. IRO in cooperation with NOGEPA and EBN set up a strong concerted lobby campaign to get oil and gas on the agenda under this sector. The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation has selected gas as the focus area for innovation within the top sector ‘Energy’. The main government goal is to realize the ambition of 30/30: produce 30 billion m3 gas in 2030 from the marginal fields in the Netherlands. As a result the Ministry of EL&I has made additional budgets available for innovation in the field of gas technology on top of the existing budgets available at TNO, ECN and NOW starting in 2012 with 71 million Euro. This is very special as it is not the case for the other top sectors where only fiscal incentives are available (RDA and RDA+).


In order to be able to profit from the additional subsidies the industry has to participate in knowledge development in the form of public private partnerships, the so called innovation contracts. To stimulate cooperation with research institutes an extra fiscal incentive is available (RDA+). At the end of 2011 various innovation contracts for upstream oil and gas were in process for Upstream gas, Unconventional gas and for LNG. Beginning in 2012 IRO members will be invited to participate in the innovation contracts.

Top sector Water Besides the top sector ‘Energy’, the top sector ‘Water’ is also interesting for IRO as the maritime industry falls under this sector. IRO members will be invited to participate in innovation contracts for the maritime industry.

Decommissioning seminar On Wednesday 12 October 2011, IRO, in cooperation with Decom North Sea and Navingo, organized a Decommissioning Seminar in the Amsterdam RAI during the Offshore Energy Exhibition. Brian Nixon, Chief Executive Decom North Sea, highlighted the challenges for the industry where decommissioning is concerned in his presentation: ‘Market overview and update on industry initiatives’. One of his topics was the growth of the industry and how to get enough qualified personnel. The message of Decom North Sea is that companies in the North Sea countries should team up in order to be able to handle all the expected decommissioning activities.

IRO Annual Report 2011

IRO Oil & Gas Innovation Seminar On Thursday 7 April 2011 the biannual IRO Oil & Gas Innovation Seminar took place at the Shell Exploration & Production International Centre in Rijswijk. Jeroen Regtien, Vice President Hydrocarbon Recovery Technologies Shell, welcomed the IRO members and gave a presentation on Innovation technology. The participants at the seminar were given a very interesting guided tour through several Shell labs such as the ultramodern Virtual Reality Centre (I-scope), the Test Rig, the Enhanced Oil Recovery Lab, the Model Room & Drilling Machine and the Core Shed.

Airborne Composite Tubulars came out as winner with its ‘Novel Composite Pipe System as Service Intervention Line’. Hans de Boer, Managing Director IRO, presented the

During this seminar four pre-selected companies presented

IRO Innovation Prize to Martin van Onna, Managing Director

their innovations and competed for the IRO Innovation Prize.

Airborne Composite Tubulars, during the network drinks at the

The 130 participants at the seminar were asked to vote and

Innovation Market. IRO thanks Shell for its warm hospitality.

In his presentation ‘A contractor’s perspective on decommissioning’, Jelle Lanting, Commercial Manager Mammoet, focused on the synergies between Marine Salvage & Offshore Decommissioning from a salvage contractors point of view. Jan Kromhout, Lawyer Shipping, Trade & Insurance at AKD, gave a presentation on ‘Decommissioning principles’ which went into legislation and insurance on decommissioning with such subjects as Contracts, the Knock for Knock Principle and Indemnity. Chairman of the seminar was Hans P. de Boer, Managing Director of IRO. About 60 persons attended the seminar among who were eight British members of Decom North Sea. After the meeting there was a network reception. The decommissioning seminar was made possible by support of the Dutch Maritime Network (NML).

Shale Gas Seminar On 16 November 2011 the IRO Gas Group (IGG) in cooperation with the IRO Well Services Group (IWSG) organized a seminar on Shale Gas at TNO Energy in Utrecht. Exploration and production of shale gas in the US has been a great success however there are also some serious environmental issues. What are the possibilities for shale gas in The Netherlands? Is exploration of shale gas possible without harming the environment? What new innovations have to be developed? Chairman of the seminar was René Peters, Director Gas Technology TNO and Chairman IGG. Berend Scheffers, Director Technology EBN, gave a presentation on ‘Shale Gas: natural gas prospects for an experienced gas industry’. Hans Weijel, Cuadrilla Resources, The Netherlands, talked about the importance of communication to inform the public in his presentation: ‘Drilling for shale gas, doing the job right’. A presentation on Schlumberger technology and experience was given by Keith Bartenhagen, Principal Petrophysicist Schlumberger and Frank van Bergen, Geologist and Shale gas expert at TNO Energy, ended the programme with the question: ‘What can be done to support safe shale gas operations?’.

Regulatory Affairs NEN seminar on developments in ISO and EN norms in the oil and gas industry IRO is an active participant in the norm committee 310008 gas and oil exploration and production of the NEN. This norm committee is involved in the realization of ISO and EN standards for the oil and gas exploration and production. On 1 September 2011 NEN organized a meeting on the implementation of new ISO and EN norms that are necessary as a result of recent developments in the oil and gas industry such as the incident in the Gulf of Mexico, Shale Gas, CCS and arctic oil operations. About 15 IRO members attended the meeting.

The seminar was made possible by generous support of TNO Energy in Utrecht which provided the meeting facilities and took care of the excellent catering.

© IRO 2012


Export promotion Export promotion remains an important IRO activity. In 2011 a large number of activities were organized. Participation in oil and gas exhibitions, outgoing trade missions and other export promotional activities were held. Some of these export promotion activities were organized by IRO. In other cases the lead was taken by organizations like FME, HME, EVD, other (foreign) associations, embassies etc.

Exhibitions 2011 The IRO exhibition programme is selected upon experience, interest shown by the member companies (during meetings, visits, the annual exhibition survey and so on) and advice of the Committee on Commercial and Financial Affairs which reviews the programme. In 2011 IRO participated in the following exhibitions:

Australasian Oil & Gas Expo - Perth, Australia In 2011 over 11,000 people decided to visit Australia’s Oil and Gas Expo which was a 15% increase on the attendance of the previous year. There where more than 450 exhibiting companies from 16 different countries. For the first time, IRO participated at the Australasian Oil & Gas Expo with a Dutch pavilion, sponsored by the Dutch Government. This participation was in combination with a trade mission organized by IRO and the Dutch Embassy in Australia. The Dutch pavilion was 108 sqm, 12 companies participated. In 2012 IRO will again participate with a pavilion of 158 sqm.

Offshore Technology Conference - Houston, USA Attendance at the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) reached a 29-year high of 78,150, up 8% from last year, as offshore energy industry experts from around the world came together at the world’s largest event for offshore resources development. The OTC was held 2-5 May at Reliant Park in Houston. The sold-out exhibition was the

largest since 1982 at 603,000 square feet, up from 568,000 square feet in 2010. The Dutch pavilion had a size of 940 sqm in which 44 companies participated. IRO will participate again in the 2012 edition with a pavilion of 940 sqm.

Oil & Gas Asia - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia OGA 2011 cemented its position as ‘The Region’s No.1 Oil and Gas Show’ with yet another record breaking showcase of the latest technology in the fields of exploration, production and transportation within the petroleum industry. The 3-day event was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 1-3 June 2011, and saw 20,705 visitors from 68 countries and regions. The size of the Dutch pavilion was 108 sqm, and 11 companies participated. IRO will participate again at the 2013 edition at a new location in the main hall.

Offshore Europe - Aberdeen, Scotland The number of attendees at the three-day show rose by 4.2% to an all-time record of 32,025 attendees, compared to 30,698 two years ago. This record was achieved despite the last event being held over for an extra day. The total cumulative attendance was 48,575, slightly higher than in 2009. A total of 14,633 people visited on day 1 of the show alone, a rise of 5% compared to the first day of 2009. SPE Offshore Europe also had a larger exhibition area than ever before, covering a net area of more than 25,000 sqm. There were more than 1,500 exhibiting companies and pavilions representing different countries. The Dutch Pavilion was again located in Hall 2 with a total size of 328 sqm. In total 26 companies were represented in the pavilion. IRO will participate again in the 2013 edition with a Dutch pavilion of 328 sqm.

World Petroleum Congress - Doha, Qatar IRO participated with a Dutch group of 6 companies at the 62 sqm Shell pavilion at WPC. This pavilion was located in front of the main entrance of the exhibition hall. The Dutch pavilion was sponsored by Dutch Energy Solutions. Minister Maxime Verhagen visited the exhibition and gave a presentation at the congress. The post show report with visitors’ numbers was not available at the time of writing.

Overview Dutch Pavilions 2011 Australasian Oil & Gas Expo Offshore Technology Conference Oil & Gas Asia Offshore Europe World Petroleum Congress


Perth, Australia Houston, USA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Aberdeen, Scotland Doha, Qatar

108 940 108 328 62

sqm sqm sqm sqm sqm

23-25 Feb 2-5 May 1-3 June 6-8 Sept 4-8 Dec

IRO Annual Report 2011

Trade missions

From 21-25 February 2011 IRO organized an oil and gas mission to Perth in Western Australia. This mission was organized in conjunction with a Holland pavilion at the Australasian Oil & Gas Expo (23-25 February 2011). The mission programme consisted of group visits to oil companies and EPC contractors and individual matchmaking appointments. With 4.6 billion m3 gas reserves Australia has the potential to become one of the biggest LNG suppliers in the world and offers huge possibilities for Dutch suppliers. A report of the mission was published in ‘Offshore Visie’ no. 2 of 2011 (detailed report available at IRO). The mission was made possible by support of Agentschap NL under the CPA programme.

constraints. The programme of the mission consisted of presentations of Technip, Total, Eiffel, GDF Suez, Schlumberger and Doris Engineering. Furthermore there was a network reception with the French oil and gas industry. All Dutch companies were given the opportunity to present themselves with one minute pitches supported by two powerpoint slides. The involvement of the French oil and gas industry in many international projects was the reason for organizing the mission. French companies are involved in oil and gas projects in Angola, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia with the Shell FLNG project for the Prelude field, the Shtokman project in Arctic Russia, and the eight Petrobras Presal FPSO’s for the Santos Basin in Brazil. It can be concluded that French companies are involved in many floating offshore projects like FLNG’s, FPSO’s, FDPSO’s but also subsea development, arctic, LNG, tar sands and sustainable energy projects.

IRO Offshore Wind mission to the UK

Offshore Gas Mission to Egypt

From 29 June-1 July 2011 IRO and the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce organized an offshore wind energy mission to the UK with support from Agentschap NL under the CPA programme. 13 Dutch companies participated in this mission. The programme consisted of group visits to offshore wind developers and EPC contractors, such as RWE, E-On Renewables and Eneco UK. Furthermore the programme included a visit to the Offshore Wind Exhibition & Congress in Liverpool (29-30 June 2011), where individual matchmakings were arranged. A report of the mission was published in ‘Offshore Visie’ no. 4 of 2011 (detailed report available at IRO).

A planned offshore gas mission to Egypt from 8-12 May 2011, that was to be organized by NCH with support from IRO, had to be cancelled due to the political turmoil in Egypt. The mission will now probably take place in 2013.

IRO Oil and Gas mission to Western Australia

IRO Oil and Gas mission to France From 21-23 November 2011 IRO organized an oil and gas mission to Paris, France. Head of the mission was Sander Vergroesen, the incoming IRO Managing Director who will officially take over from Hans de Boer as per 1 January 2012. The mission was made possible by support of the Dutch Maritime Network (NML). 17 companies and all together 26 persons participated in the mission. Participating companies were: Bluestream Offshore; Cirmac International; Discom; Dhatec; Dynaflow Research Group; Fischcon; GSP Offshore; Iemants; Interdam; Intermarine; Inventheon; Multiplan International; Redwise Marine Services; Twentsche Kabelfabiek; Twinfilter; Van Dam and Wagenborg. Unfortunately at least ten other companies had to be disappointed because of capacity

© IRO 2012

Incoming missions A large number of incoming oil and gas missions visited the Netherlands in 2011. Some of these missions were welcomed at the IRO office in Zoetermeer. In all cases IRO members were informed and invited to meet with these incoming missions. --ADNOC, 21-24 March 2011 (see also Gastech) --Sweden, 25 May 2011 --Israel governmental gas mission, 26 July 2011 --Petro China (coal bed methane mission), 31 August 2011 --Western Australia, 14-15 September 2011 --Vietnam oil and gas mission, 29 September 2011 --Decom North Sea from Aberdeen, 11-12 October 2011 --Korean Gwangyang Bay Free Economic Zone, 14 October 2011 --Korean offshore wind mission, 15 October 2011 --Petro China, 28 October 2011 --Brazilian oil and gas companies, 5-12 November 2011 during Europort Maritime Rotterdam


Export promotional activities Dutch Energy Solutions Dutch Energy Solutions (DES) is a three year export promotion programme on the Gulf States organized by FME-CWM and IRO with support from Agentschap NL under a 2g@there programme. DES is now in its second year. Under the Dutch Energy Solutions programme the following activities were organized in 2011: --Workshop vendor registration, 11 February 2011 --Oil and gas mission to Saudi Arabia, 27 February-3 March 2011 --Workshop local manufacturing, 21 April 2011 --Programme for decision makers from the Gulf during Gastech Amsterdam, and a visit to Gasunie Groningen, 21-24 March 2011 --Oil and gas mission to Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, 7-12 May 2011 --IRO participated in this mission. A report of the mission was published in ‘Offshore Visie’ no. 3 of 2011 (detailed report available at IRO). --WPC Qatar, 4-8 December 2011 (see heading Export promotion)

Libya seminar On 19 December 2011 NCH, with support from IRO, organized a seminar on doing business with Libya. The seminar took place in preparation of a Holland pavilion at the Infrastructure Libya 2012 and Oil & Gas Libya that will take place from 23-26 April 2012.

Offshore Wind Maintenance and Installation The OWIM conference 2011 organized by Navingo took place on 26 May 2011 in the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. Leading experts including key note speaker Lars Thaaning Pedersen of DONG Energy, discussed economic prospects for the industry, installation and maintenance matters and business management skills. Conference sessions zeroed in on the opportunities and the challenges in this growth market for utilities companies, development companies, offshore suppliers and service providers, and other stakeholders in the sector. The conference was combined with an exhibition zone for company and product displays. IRO supported the event and manned an information booth.

OMAE The 30th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2011) was successfully organized in Rotterdam from 19-24 June 2011. Researchers, engineers, managers, technicians and students from the scientific and industrial communities around the world came together at this forum and exchanged ideas and experiences whilst promoting technological progress and its application in the industry. International cooperation in ocean, offshore and arctic engineering was also promoted. IRO was present with an information booth.

IADC Drilling HSE Europe

Conferences and exhibitions endorsed by IRO

IADC Drilling HSE Europe was organized by IADC on 28-29 September 2011 in Amsterdam. Recent incidents in our industry have highlighted the importance of organization in creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Individual behaviour and the ability to manage change are two important aspects of an organization that influence its safety performance. The conference focused on those areas which were reinforced in the themes of the two panel sessions and the keynote speaker’s remarks. IRO supported the event by spreading information in IRO News and the Netherlands Oil & Gas Catalogue was handed out to the participants of the event.

IRO endorsed, promoted and sponsored the following conferences and exhibitions organized by third parties in the Netherlands.

Offshore Energy

Exhibition Erbil In cooperation with IRO, NCH organized participation for Dutch companies in the oil and gas exhibition in Erbil, North Iraq, from 16-19 December 2011. Five companies participated in this exhibition of which one was an IRO member.

Offshore Pipeline Technology conference The Offshore Pipeline Technology conference (OPT) took place in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 February 2011. The technical programme featured high quality papers which were drawn on the experiences of leading projects to showcase new innovations in technology as well as address some of the hottest issues currently impacting the offshore pipeline sector. Industry expert speakers from Acergy, Technip, Saipem UK, ITP Interpipe, Intecsea and Peritus gave presentations. IRO members were offered a 10% discount on the conference fee.

On & Offshore Gorinchem

Offshore Energy, organized by Navingo on 11 and 12 October 2011 and held this year in the Amsterdam RAI for the first time, was an even more successful event than last year. 5,121 visitors (an increase of some 27% over 4,026 in 2010) from more than 30 countries all over the world, like Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, USA, China, Australia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates and Ghana found their way to the Business-to-Business exhibition that focuses on the (inter-)national offshore oil, gas and wind industry and related products and services. 292 companies (compared to 231 in 2010) displayed their products and services during this exhibition. IRO exhibited together with NOGEPA. IRO also organized a Decommissioning seminar in cooperation with Decom North Sea and Navingo (see heading Innovations).

From 29-31 March 2011, Evenementenhal Gorinchem organized the On & Offshore Gorinchem trade fair, which focuses on the oil, gas, petrochemical and dredging industry. More than 200 exhibitors and 5,556 visitors were present at the third edition of this event. IRO has been a supporting partner for On & Offshore from 2009 till 2011 and will be again in 2012. IRO members receive 5% discount on their stand space.

Gastech Amsterdam From 21-24 March 2011 IRO participated in Gastech Amsterdam in the Holland pavilion which was organized and supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Promoting The Netherlands as a gas hub was the reason for the Ministry to have a Holland pavilion at Gastech. The IRO Gas Group produced a CD-ROM presentation especially for this occasion showing the technologies and company profiles of its members. Within the framework of the Dutch Energy Solutions (DES) programme, a visit to Gasunie in Groningen, as well as a lunch meeting with Dutch companies participating in the DES programme, was arranged for a group of decision makers from ADNOC present at Gastech.


IRO Annual Report 2011

Network events Several times a year IRO organizes meetings with and for members. The main goal of these meetings is to give members the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and to do business successfully by using the vast network of the association. In general the host company gives a presentation about its activities followed by an excursion and network drinks. For the host company this is a great opportunity to give greater insight into the business it is in. To create a larger network, IRO also organizes meetings where non-members are invited.

suppliers in the oil and gas industry. For many Dutch supply and service companies the recent worldwide recession has not been a major crisis. The majority saw recovery and expected an upturn within a year. The local market for suppliers is expected to develop for the better over the next 5 years and international market conditions for both service and other contractors are clearly expected to strengthen over the coming years. Concerns about bringing in enough orders have been replaced by that of the shortage of technically trained people. Angelique Keijsers of Ernst & Young gave a presentation on ‘Fraud investigations and dispute services and regulations in the oil and gas industry’. Finally, Crispian McCredie from Alboran Energy Strategy Consultants gave a presentation on Wind Energy in his typical animated way. More than 200 people attended the meeting and joined the network drinks afterwards.

IRO New Year’s Reception

Members meeting IRO/CEDA

On Tuesday 11 January 2011 the annual IRO New Year’s reception was held in the ‘Wereldmuseum’ in Rotterdam. What started off ten years ago with only 30 people in the IRO office in Zoetermeer has now grown into a very popular New Year’s reception with more and more people attending every year. The reception was very well attended by over 280 guests, including a number of special guests like representatives from embassies of prominent oil countries.

On Tuesday 8 March 2011 IRO and CEDA organized a successful joint members meeting. Around 225 participants listened to what the four large dredging companies Boskalis, Jan de Nul, Tideway and Van Oord had to say about their latest developments and their view on the contribution from the dredging industry to the oil and gas industry. Erik de Haas, Proposals Manager Boskalis, discussed the Nordstream and Magellan projects, both environmentally sensitive areas where innovative dredging solutions were applied such as making a landfall without a cofferdam. Edward van Melkebeek, Director Offshore Jan De Nul Group, continued with a presentation on ‘Accurate dredging for sensitive pipelines at 155m and subsea rock installation at depths up to 2,000m’. Marro Vreys, Project Manager Tideway, discussed the BritNed interconnector link, which consists of two high voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine cables of 245 km, designed to transmit electrical power across the North Sea between the electricity grids in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The highly mobile sand waves in which it is laid cause a possible threat towards the protective burial depth of the cables. Koos van Oord Azn, Manager Subsea Rock Installation Van Oord Offshore, continued with a presentation on its new flexible fallpipe vessel ‘Stornes’. The Stornes is the largest flexible fallpipe vessel in the world with a capacity of 27,000 tonnes and a working depth up to 1,500 meters. This joint meeting is a great opportunity for IRO and CEDA members to meet and share ideas.

Oil & Gas Industry Forecast 2011 On Tuesday 1 February 2011, IRO, in cooperation with Ernst & Young and Gulf Publishing, organized the annual Oil & Gas Industry Forecast. Ron Higgins, publisher of World Oil, spoke about the situation of production of oil and gas in the United States and the rest of the world. Quantities and size of oil wells and platforms, growth in the future and further expectations by World Oil extended an interesting perspective on the industry. Publisher Bill Wageneck and Stephany Romanow talked about the findings of the magazine Hydrocarbon Processing. The development of the oil price in the past and their expectations for 2011 were also brought to the attention of those present. Ernst & Young’s Peter Spaans presented the results of the Oil & Gas Survey. The purpose of this yearly study is to gain insight into the trends and expectations of the Dutch

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Dieter Wijning, Product Manager Drilling at Huisman, gave a presentation on the Noble Globetrotter I, the Academy and the new production hall. The participants were given a guided tour on board of the ship and at the new hall.

Members meeting organized by Seaway Heavy Lifting on Oleg Strashnov

Members meeting at Mercon On Wednesday 27 April 2011, an IRO members meeting was held at Mercon in Gorinchem. Over 120 IRO members attended the presentation by Managing Director Willem Griffioen. Focus of his presentation was the projects that were under construction at Mercon which could be visited during the yard tour. The topside, which Mercon was building for GDF SUEZ E&P Nederland BV, was almost ready for load out at the time of the meeting. In his presentation Willem Griffioen highlighted that one of the challenges of this project was the short construction time. In order to compress fabrication time as much as possible, Mercon already started building the topside while the power module was still to be supplied and integrated into the topside at a later stage. Next to this, very high preservation requirements made the project a truly exciting venture. The participants found the Riser Access Tower (RAT) that was under construction for NAM a very interesting structure. The design of the RAT and the installation method is a new innovative concept for which Mercon has been awarded a framework agreement by Shell UK Limited and NAM BV. The RAT is a monopile platform which will be used in combination with subsea trees and existing production platforms to develop smaller gas fields. The smart installation method makes both installation and decommissioning in the future a considerably cheaper exercise. At the end of the day a networking reception gave all attendees the opportunity to catch up and exchange views.

On Tuesday 8 November 2011 Seaway Heavy Lifting organized an IRO members meeting onboard the crane vessel Oleg Strashnov. Jako van Nieuwkoop, Marketing Manager North Sea at Seaway Heavy Lifting, gave a presentation on the Oleg Strashnov which is a state of the art crane vessel. Afterwards the 50 participants were given an interesting tour on board the vessel. A unique feature of the vessel is the innovative hull shape which enables her to have a transit speed of 14 knots combined with exceptional working characteristics for a monohull design. This combination contributes to a further successful execution of projects. Lift heights of 100 m for the 5,000 mt main hook and 132 m for the 800mt auxiliary hook enables the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations. The installed DP3 system also enables the vessel to be employed for the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/Spar foundations and topsides.

Annual General Meeting The IRO Annual General Meeting took place on 25 November 2011 in DeFabrique in Utrecht, right before IRO’s 40th anniversary programme. The main items on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting were the finances of the association. The financial result for 2010 was again positive. The 2010 annual accounts were approved and it is expected that 2011 will be closed within budget. The budget for 2012 has been approved and it was decided that the membership fees remain unchanged. The (re)appointments of Board members were also discussed during the meeting. As of 1 January 2012 Gert-Jan Kramer (Chairman) and Hans P. de Boer (Managing Director) will retire. Pieter van Oord will take over from Gert-Jan Kramer and Sander Vergroesen will fulfil the role of IRO Managing Director. In addition, Michael Kahn succeeded Pieter van Oord as Vice Chairman and Rob Luijnenburg (Fugro) joined the Board.

Members meeting at Haprotech On Thursday 9 June 2011, a members meeting was held at Lashuis Haprotech in VelsenNoord. Lashuis Haprotech delivers high quality industrial equipment and components, consultancy services, implementation and maintenance of quality systems ISO3834, ISO1090 and ISO9001 and NIL recognized education. Leendert Hogenes, Manager Lashuis Haprotech gave a presentation on ‘Advanced welding processes’. Afterwards a guided tour through the Education Center and the Showroom was given to the participants. Besides Haprotech, IRO members Dutch Crane Engineering, Van Thiel United and Van der Helm-Hudig were given the opportunity to give a short company presentation.

Members meeting at Huisman Equipment on Noble Globetrotter I On Wednesday 26 October 2011 a very successful members meeting took place at Huisman Equipment in Schiedam. Central theme of the meeting was the Noble Globetrotter I drillship and the new production hall at the Huisman Schiedam premises. The Noble Globetrotter I, built by Korean shipyard STX and based on Huisman’s Huisdrill 12000 drill ship design, represents a step change in the drilling industry. After delivery of the drill ship at the end of 2011 to Noble, the Noble Globetrotter I entered a 10-year contract with Shell. The multi-purpose tower for Noble Globetrotter II will be assembled in the new 66m high, 57m wide and 59m long Huisman production hall that has a lifting capacity of 1200t. Dirk Leenheer, COO Huisman, welcomed the 150 guests.


IRO Annual Report 2011

industry. The booklet was published jointly by IRO and Technical University Delft and compiled by Martijn van Wijngaarden, Lecturer Offshore & Dredging Engineering at the university. The booklet turns out to be a big hit especially among newcomers in the industry. IRO Award of Excellence 2011 The afternoon programme was closed off with network drinks and the evening continued with a black tie Gala dinner where IRO members and their partners were invited. At the Gala dinner the IRO Award of Excellence 2011 was presented. Winner Edward Heerema, founder and owner

IRO celebrates 40th anniversary!

of the Allseas Group, was chosen by the jury because they found that Edward had delivered an impressive achievement with the development of his company Allseas, an achievement

On Friday 25 November 2011 IRO celebrated its

of great importance for the worldwide offshore industry.

40th anniversary in DeFabrique in Utrecht. All IRO members and special guests were invited to join

The IRO Award of Excellence 2011 was presented by

the celebration at this unique location.

IRO Chairman Gert-Jan Kramer and winner of the Award in 2009, Jaap den Ouden. The Award of Excellence

IRO Chairman Gert-Jan Kramer welcomed the 250

is presented twice per 5 years to a person involved in

delegates from the oil and gas industry and gave his

the oil and gas industry and who has been innovative,

Anniversary speech.

commercially successful and someone who dared to enter ‘new land’ in the development of an industrial activity or Afterwards Matthias Bichsel, Director


Projects & Technology Shell, and Jeroen van der Veer, on behalf of

Retirement Chairman and Managing Director

Topteam Energy, gave interesting

Chairman Gert-Jan Kramer and Managing Director Hans de

presentations. They looked back at

Boer were put into the limelight because of their retirements

the developments in the oil and gas

as of 1 January 2012. Gert-Jan Kramer was presented a

industry and looked forward to ‘The

Chairman’s hammer by new Chairman Pieter van Oord.

next 40 years’, the theme of the day. In the afternoon the winner of the Student’s Design Contest Hit & Run 2011 was announced. Read more about this topic at heading Employment & Education. On the occasion of IRO’s 40th anniversary the special ‘IRO 40 jaar on top’ was published with a complete overview of the history of the association from 1971-2011. The magazine also contains interviews with retiring Chairman Gert-Jan Kramer and new Chairman Pieter van Oord, retiring and new Managing Directors Hans de Boer and Sander Vergroesen and many more. The anniversary special was handed out to the guests at the end of the day. IRO also presented a booklet called DOGOA, Delft Offshore


Glossary of Acronyms, an alphabetical listing of 2700

Photos of the event can be downloaded from the IRO

English acronyms and abbreviations from the offshore

website at 40 years (scroll down to bottom)

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Employment & Education IRO together with NOGEPA continues efforts to attract more qualified young staff to our industry. At various levels input was given into educational programmes and events.

Education highlights In January 2011, 40 students finished the minor ‘Offshore Engineering & Automation’ at Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch. In September a new group started with no less than 78 participants which shows the growing success of this course. Over 20 companies are involved in lecturing, providing excursions and coaching. In cooperation with KIVI NIRIA, Avans organized an offshore seminar on 10 November 2011. Besides various speakers from the industry, the students also presented their project works. In September 2011, a new Minor ‘Offshore Oil and Gas’ was started in Den Helder. This 6 month Bachelor programme is run by NHL with the support of Maritime Campus Netherlands. 12 students from different backgrounds enrolled in this programme. Both NOGEPA and IRO members were involved in (guest) lecturing and providing excursions. The development of the Bachelor and MBO-level programmes for ‘Maritime Technology’ is well underway. With input and support from four associate organizations (Hiswa Vereniging, Scheepsbouw Nederland, Vereniging van Waterbouwers and IRO) this programme is being finalized at NHL Hogeschool in Leeuwarden and ROC Friese Poort in Sneek. On 9 November 2011 the cooperation between the organizations and colleges was affirmed by the signing of a new Covenant. This time it also included STC Group and Hogeschool Rotterdam that will develop similar programmes for the southwest of The Netherlands.

Events On 20 April 2011 the fifth Navingo Maritime & Offshore Career event was held. This busy event has grown to be one of the biggest career events in the Netherlands and is well visited by students and representatives from the maritime industry. IRO manned a stand together with NOGEPA. Many IRO members were present with their own stands. New this year was the Oilgascareer pavilion where six NOGEPA members presented themselves. This joint effort was successful in showing the wide range of career opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Also at the Offshore Energy exhibition and conference of 11-12 October 2011, a combined IRO/NOGEPA stand was present. Navingo gave free access to the conference to the participants of the IRO/NOGEPA Design contest. The students gained a lot of information and inspiration from the sessions on innovation as well as the contacts with industry representatives.

The youngsters competed against each other in self-built barges (small rowing and sailing boats). The schools and scout groups had, yet again, done their best to deliver very beautiful barges. All this was part of the project ‘Vletten on the Maas’ that KMR, Dutch Maritime Network (NML) and Water Scouting organized together for the fifth time. The project aims to bring maritime and technical sectors to the attention of young people in an attractive way. Each participating school was adopted by one of the maritime industries that sponsored the sails of the boat and organized excursions for the schools.


IRO sponsored two schools this year, the Stanislas College in Delft and the Gemini College in Ridderkerk. The first prize for ‘Scouting club of the year’ went to Hubertus-Brandaan in


Friday 2 September 2011, students from twelve

Voorburg in collaboration with the Stanislas College in Delft.

VMBO engineering schools raced against each

The Gemini College received the third prize for Fastest Boat.

other in an exciting competition during the

Hans de Boer, Managing director of IRO, presented the

World Port Days in Rotterdam.

award for ‘Best Boat building school of the year’.

IRO Annual Report 2011


Training course ‘Oil and gas well sourced’

An important task of IRO is to promote the upstream oil and gas industry with the younger public. To do this IRO is involved in Taskforce Jongeren, a task group within the Dutch Maritime Network (NML). The taskforce aims to reach youngsters between 10 and 18 years via educational material, brochures, participation in career events and newsletters under the campaign name of ‘Spetters gezocht’. The vletten project (see page 12) is organized through this taskforce. This year the building of the IRO sponsored vlet was filmed by a crew of An excursion was organized for the builders to Damen Shipyards in Schiedam which also features in the film. Films and more information can be found at

This non-technical course is meant for people who (start to) work in the industry and would benefit from gaining some general understanding of how oil and gas came into being, how it is found, how it is produced, what technology is used and how the industry is organized. The training is also useful for people who provide products and services to the sector. Courses are held both in Dutch and in English, dates are announced in the IRO newsletter and on the website. The course combines presentations with a tour around the Keppel Verolme yard where offshore ships and installations can be discussed while looking at examples. In 2011 the training course was given 9 times.

VHTO is an organization that wants to attract more female staff to technical professions. In order to do this they organize the project ‘Spot je talent’ for groups 7-8 of primary schools. The project aims to make children more aware of their own talents and make a more conscious choice of profession. The message is that ‘typical’ female talents are also very much of use in technical jobs. Role models from IRO members were represented at some schools. In the coming years we hope to increase our involvement. The project has been renamed to ‘Talentenkijker’ (

IRO/NOGEPA Student’s Design Contest As a follow up of the Industry Day 2010, IRO and NOGEPA jointly organized a design contest for Bachelor students. The goal of the assignment was to design a solution for the development of marginal gas fields in the North Sea. In September 2011 the teams received the instructions and were introduced to their industry coaches. During the assignment, Q&A sessions were held and students were invited to attend the Offshore Energy conference and participate in excursions. wind industry to transport the electricity thereby being able In the afternoon of IRO’s 40th anniversary celebrations the

to ensure a more continuous source of power supply. The jury

winner of the Student’s Design Contest was announced. The

complemented the team not only on its originality but also on

prize consists of an offshore safety training sponsored by Falck

the high quality of their presentation.

Nutec and a visit to offshore installation De Ruyter sponsored by Dana Petroleum.

The jury consisted of the following industry experts: Michiel Pors (Mercon), Gijs van de Voorde (Versatec),

The winning team from the NHL Hogeschool Minor Oil & Gas

Klaas-Otto Ykema (Versatec), Edwin van Drunen (KCI), Jeroen

came up with the Gas Conversion Platform, a concept that

Kwakernaak (KCI), Ruud Schulte (EBN) and Chairman of the

converts the produced gas into electricity using a COGAS

jury Berend Scheffers (EBN).

installation. The re-locatable platform is foreseen to quickly produce electricity from stranded or nearly depleted gas fields

IRO and NOGEPA intend to make the Student’s Design

and thereafter move to the next location. The added value of

Contest a recurring event in order to encourage young people

this concept is that it uses facilities of the growing offshore

and stimulate them to start a career in the oil and gas industry.

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Committees and Working Groups IRO attaches great importance to the opinion of its members. Therefore IRO has called into being several committees and working groups that deal with important issues and focus on specific areas.

Committees IRO has three committees that focus on specific areas of the association: --Commercial & Financial Affairs --Public Relations --Technical & Regulatory Affairs The committees have a policy advisory role and also serve as a sounding board for the association. They are chaired by a member of the Executive Board of the association. In order to create a good link between the Board, committees, the association and its members, all committee members are IRO members. The committees are a reflection of the companies that IRO represents as an association.

Committee on Public Relations (CPR) This committee advises the Board on communication with the members and other parties. The CPR met three times in 2011. A returning subject on the agenda was IRO’s 40th anniversary to take place on 25 November 2011. CPR members were asked to give input on the programme of this special event, such as guest speakers, event location, entertainment, who to interview for the anniversary special etc. (Read more on the anniversary at heading Network events). Another point of discussion was the contribution of the CPR members. They especially wanted to have more input in exhibition matters as this is also a PR related matter. It was decided that the CPR and CCFZ (where it is decided which exhibition to go to) will not have a joint meeting, but in case there are questions on this subject the Exhibitions Manager will join the meeting. In order to be able to deliver more input on other subjects as well, an activity list was made to demonstrate all activities of IRO, such as exhibitions and trade missions, members meetings, communication means, employment & education. In November a seminar on Social Media was organized by HISWA and other members of the Dutch Maritime Network (NML). IRO invited its members for this event. In 2012 the CPR will discuss how to integrate Social Media as communication tools for IRO.

Committee on Commercial & Financial Affairs (CCFZ) The Committee on Commercial and Financial Affairs assembled once in 2011 in combination with an IRO Export Group meeting on 17 May 2011. The IRO export promotion plan for 2012 was the main point on the agenda. The CCFZ was kept informed about commercial and financial activities of IRO by regular written reports.


Committee on Technical & Regulatory Affairs (CTR) A CTR meeting planned for 6 April 2011 had to be cancelled due to a low turn out of CTR members. Just as was the case with the CCFZ members, the CTR members were informed by written reports.

IRO Annual Report 2011

Working Groups One of the ways for IRO to promote the interests of its members is by providing a platform with the IRO Working Groups. Companies that are active in a specific sector can exchange experiences and knowledge and form a collective group towards the government. The joint promotion and gathering of information are important activities of the working groups.

IRO Export Group (IEG) On 17 May 2011 the first IEG of the year took place at IHC Handling Equipment in Delfgauw. At this meeting IHC Handling Equipment presented the largest ever Lifting Tool (ELT 112” Lifting capacity 1200t) in the IHC Handling Systems history. This ELT has been built for Heerema Marine Contractors for installation works of the North Rankin B project in Australia. As in the previous year the first IEG of the year was combined with an IRO Commercial and Financial Committee meeting to discuss the IRO export promotion plan for the next year (2012). The second IEG meeting took place at SAS in Alphen aan den Rijn. Guest speaker at this meeting was Bart Pols, Managing Director Asia Marine & Offshore Services, who gave a presentation on the opportunities in the oil and gas industry in Australia with special focus on Coal Bed Methane developments in Queensland.

IRO Gas Group (IGG) On 17 February 2011 an IGG meeting took place at Siemens in Assen. At this IGG meeting Siemens gave a presentation on the Groningen Long Term+ project. GLT+ is a maintenance project for the Groningen gas fields which is executed by a consortium of Siemens, Jacobs Nederland, Stork Industry Services and Yokogawa Europe Solutions. The second IGG meeting took place at Votech Filter, a specialized and innovative manufacturer of filtering and coalescing cartridges mainly for application in natural gas thereby creating a reputable name in this field. Furthermore an IRO Gas Group presentation especially made for demonstration during the exhibition Gastech in Amsterdam was featured in the Holland pavilion.

Trade missions). From 29 November-1 December 2011 the EWEA Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition was held in the RAI in Amsterdam, a large number of IOWG members participated in the exhibition. The plan to organize an IOWG network cocktail reception at EWEA Offshore Wind did not materialize because there were not enough IOWG members interested in cosponsoring the event. The reason given was that there were too many cocktail receptions already. EWEA coordinates a safety training standardization for personnel working at offshore wind projects initiative. Niilo Alakopsa of Falck Nutec participates in this working group on behalf of the IRO Safety and Training Group (ISTG) and the IOWG. IRO was contacted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment which is considering a harmonization process with other European countries on safety standards for offshore wind installation vessels and small service boats. However, the ministry will only engage in such a process if there is enough interest from the Dutch industry. IOWG and ISTG members were asked to express their interests. IOWG Chairman Frans Aertsen has again been very active during the year in the Offshore Committee of NWEA giving an account of committee meetings in the IOWG meetings. The Dutch government and the Netherlands Wind Energy Association signed a Green Deal Offshore Wind Energy (an innovation contract under the top sectors policy) that has the purpose of lowering the cost of offshore wind by innovation. An Incentives Package is available for companies participating in the Green Deal. NWEA has formed a coalition of companies that will participate in the Green Deal. A large number of IOWG members have already signed up for the Green Deal coalition (see for more information). The underwater noise study is still in progress. On 25 October 2011 a users advisory committee meeting was held to give an account of what has been done so far. The study focuses on the effects of pile driving, especially by the offshore wind energy industry, on fish and sea mammals. The study will be executed by two PhD students and one senior scientist and will take four years to complete. As from 2010 the IOWG is also open to Holland Marine Equipment (HME) members. So far 13 HME members have joined the IOWG.

On 16 November 2011 the IRO Gas Group (IGG) in cooperation with the IRO Well Services Group (IWSG) organized a seminar on Shale gas (see heading Innovative Technology). With regard to the top sector ‘Energy’, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation has pointed out gas as focus area for innovation. Beginning 2012 an IGG Group meeting will be organized on the ‘Innovation contract for gas’ to inform IRO members on participation possibilities.

IRO Offshore Wind Group (IOWG) The following IOWG meetings were held in 2011: --14 April at Van Oord in Gorinchem. At this meeting Van Oord gave a presentation on their activities for the Bard offshore wind project in The Netherlands and their ambition to become an offshore wind contractor. --23 June at Smulders Projects in Belgium: Smulders Projects is building jacket foundations for the Thornton Bank offshore wind project in Belgium at the Hoboken shipyard. --25 August at Deltares in Delft: Besides a presentation on the offshore wind activities of Deltares the programme included a presentation and a tank test demonstration of the F2F wind turbine foundation concept and the BMO offshore’s FlexMetMast. The IOWG had a stand at the Navingo Offshore Wind Maintenance and Installation Exhibition & Conference on 26 May 2011 in Rotterdam. Furthermore the IOWG organized an offshore wind mission to the UK from 29 June-1 July 2011 (see heading

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IRO Personnel Services Group (IPSG) Only one IRO Personnel Services Group meeting took place this year on 3 March 2011 at Inventheon in IJmuiden. However attendance was minimal, a second IPSG meeting planned at Taxand on 16 June 2011 was cancelled. Due to lack of interest the IPSG will not be continued in 2012. Instead, occasional seminars will be organized depending on available subjects on personnel services issues.

objects have increased by 60% it is of great importance that everybody is aware of the danger that occurs on sites when loose objects are involved. Guest speaker, Davis Price, CEO International Well Control Forum (IWCF), gave a presentation on the need of raising the level of the Well Intervention Pressure Control syllabus and the need of the well service community to support this. The IWCF is especially looking for new question material to populate the Question Bank of the Well Intervention Pressure Control syllabus.

IRO Safety and Training Group (ISTG) The ISTG meets twice every year. In 2011 the meetings were on 3 February and 25 October 2011. The main subjects of the ISTG meetings were adaptation in the NOGEPA training manual, E- learning and training of offshore wind personnel. Another major subject was the Macondo blow-out in 2010 and actions taken as a result of this incident.

IRO Well Services Group (IWSG) On 22 March 2011 the first IWSG of 2011 was hosted by Bois in the Hotel Babylon in Heerhugowaard. This IWSG meeting was combined with a meeting of the IWSG and Scenario Based Well Control Workgroup. Host of the meeting Rob Lagerburg gave a presentation on the activities of Bois. Subjects on the agenda were: Bridging Document; Action NOGEPA on Gulf of Mexico (GOM) incident; Social Security Regime Dutch Continental Shelf. A presentation on ‘Dropped objects’ was given by guest speakers Martin Leupen (NAM) and Tom te Lindert (Peterson SBS). As accidents with dropped


The second 2011 IWSG meeting was held at the NOGEPA office in the Hague. Cees van Oosterom of NOGEPA presented an update of actions taken after the GOM/Macondo incident. He also gave a presentation on the new guidelines on abandonment of tools and equipment in boreholes. The second presentation by Bram Leerdam of Noble Drilling was on the management of specialist contractors on offshore drilling units. Furthermore the IWSG chairman gave an update on the development of the Standard Bridging Document. Weatherford in Den Helder was the host for the third 2011 IWSG meeting. Arnold Frinks gave a detailed presentation on Weatherford. After the presentation a discussion developed on the subject of competence. There is some concern with some of the service companies about competence of personnel on board rigs. It is becoming clear that ’certified’ personnel are not necessarily the same as ’competent’ personnel. On 20 December 2011 the IWSG celebrated its 10th anniversary at Franks in Den Helder.

IRO Annual Report 2011

Information and documentation The gathering of information which is of interest to IRO members is an ongoing process. Documents on file include: --operator fact sheets --general country information --annual reports --operator presentations --other documents of general interest. Companies and students are always welcome to use the IRO Documentation and Information Center to gather information about companies, trends, figures etc. The Documentation and Information Center has a vast collection of magazines and other interesting publications and reports which give access to specific information. Information about different countries and regions is gathered and is also available. The IRO library has subscriptions to many oil and gas magazines and newspapers which keep the information up to date.

Enquiries The vast majority of the enquiries in 2011 referred to newsletters and articles that IRO offers in IRO News every month. Next to that there were the regular questions on contacts, doing business in other parts of the world, IRO activities and publications. In most of the cases people could be provided with answers or be guided in the right direction.

Netherlands Oil & Gas Catalogue Every year around 7000 copies of the Netherlands Oil and Gas Catalogue are sent to embassies and international parties all over the world and are handed out at exhibitions, members meetings, training courses, career events etc. The catalogue provides a good overview of the activities, products and services of Dutch suppliers to the oil and gas industry and is an important tool for companies to present themselves. In 2011 the number of advertisers (IRO members and non-members) reached 153 of which 92% were IRO members. The online version of the catalogue can be found at

Offshore Visie Offshore Visie is a publication for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry published by Uitgeverij Tridens in IJmuiden, The Netherlands. It is a bimonthly magazine in which IRO contributes with editorial pages. Every IRO member receives a free copy of Offshore Visie. The online version of the magazine is also published online at

Offshore Holland The purpose of this magazine is to inform the international oil and gas industry on the service of Dutch companies that are related to the offshore industry. In addition, technological developments are made known and the magazine contributes to a positive image and positioning of the Netherlands as an innovative and resourceful partner country. The first issue was published in May 2011 during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. The second issue was published at the occasion of another major oil and gas event, Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.


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IRO Annual Report 2011






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Candidate Members

A Ampelmann Operations,

Associated Members


B Beldick Automation,

Allard-Europe, Allseas Group, Allseas Marine Services, ATP Oil & Gas Netherlands, B Ballast Nedam Infra, Bird & Bird, Bocad Service International, Buren van Velzen Guelen, C CEVA Showfreight, Clifford Chance, CMS Derks Star Busmann, Conway & Partners, D Deloitte, E EBN, EIN enterprise, Ernst & Young, G Gemeente Den Helder, Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, Gulf Publishing Company, & H Hampe Meyjes Advocaten, I Independent Risk Solutions, Industry Technology Facilitator ITF, International SOS, K Kneppelhout & Korthals, M Multiplan International, N Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij, NMI, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, Nederlandse Gasunie, O Orangefield Group, P PricewaterhouseCoopers Belastingadviseurs, R Rabobank International Corporate Clients Netherlands, Royal Haskoning, S STC, T The Firm IPCM, TNO Energy, TNO-IMARES, TSM Business School, TU Delft, Offshore Engineering, U Uniglobe TCB Travel,

ARMATEC, Bredenoord,

C Carlsen Offshore Systems,


D DIRA-Group,

DSR Corp / Korea Trade Center Amsterdam,

F Femto Engineering, H Havenbedrijf Rotterdam,


J Jansen Venneboer, K Konutherm,

KPMG Accountants, Maropol Comaro, M MHF Contracting, MiniMax-International, O Offshore Independents, S Spie Industry, SPM Instrument, V Vietnam Consult & Trading, Voith Turbo,

Associated Organizations A C F H

AYOP, Central Dredging Association (CEDA), Fenedex, & Haven en Scheepvaart Vereniging (HSV) Den Helder, Holland Marine Equipment Association (HME), I International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), N NOF Energy, P Profion,

EURONET Partners

A Agoria Carbon Energy Club, D Danish Marine & Offshore Group,

Decom North Sea,

E Energy Industries Council,

Energy North Ltd,

G GEP-AFTP, I Industry Technology Facilitator ITF, N Norsk Industri,


IRO - The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil & Gas Industry Since its foundation in 1971 IRO has promoted the interests of Dutch supply and service companies in

P.O. Box 7261

the upstream oil and gas industry. Members cover all activities involved in the supply industry, such as

2701 AG Zoetermeer

engineering, field development, pipeline installation, maintenance, manufacturing and material & equipment

The Netherlands

supply, onshore as well as offshore. To promote the qualities of Dutch suppliers in the oil and gas industry,

T +31 79 341 19 81

IRO cooperates with national and international organizations with similar interests and spreads information

F +31 79 341 97 64

via publications, internet and meetings. IRO also organizes trade missions, seminars, workshops, member


meetings and participation in oil and gas exhibitions worldwide.

I &

IRO Annual Report 2011  

IRO Annual Report 2011

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