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IPLOCA Mission To provide value to members through a forum for sharing ideas, engaging the industry and its stakeholders, facilitating business opportunities and promoting the highest standards in the pipeline industry.

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News from Geneva


Board Meeting Update


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Letter from the President The Washington DC Convention Registration Brochure (23 – 27 September 2013) was mailed out at the end of April and is also available electronically via the IPLOCA website. Every year we urge attendees to plan their travel and register early and this year is no exception, as we expect large numbers of delegates and do not want you to be disappointed. We will be presenting three industry awards during the Open General Meetings in Washington. On Thursday and Friday, 26 and 27 September we will be announcing the winners of the IPLOCA 2013 Health and Safety Award, sponsored by Chevron, the IPLOCA 2013 New Technologies Award, sponsored by BP, and the IPLOCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award. The March Novel Construction meeting in Rome was very well supported, with 31 attendees from 27 companies in attendance and some excellent presentations. More information is on page 14 of this newsletter. My thanks to the organisers of the Europe Mediterranean Regional Meeting (Cassis, 25 April 2013) and to Iosif Panchak of Stroygazmontazh, for the meeting to be held in Moscow (4-5 June 2013), just as this newsletter is being delivered. I look forward very much to seeing everyone in Washington.


Doug Evans



News from Geneva

This will be the first time the event has been held in

The Washington DC Convention arrangements are now

the USA; in 2009 the convention took place in San Francisco

well underway.

and in 1987 it was held in Boston.

Online registration opened on 1 May, and we encourage everyone to go to to 1) secure a hotel room and then 2) register for the convention as soon as possible.

Washington, D.C. and only the 3rd time it has been held in

If you have not already done so, register today at

Board Meeting Update

Greg Miller, Jan Koop, Scott Summers and Doug Evans,

Marrakech, Morocco

to participate in the committee.

The 2012-2013 IPLOCA Board of Directors met in Marrakech

Convention Committee

at the end of February.

The third committee suggested was the Convention

along with Juan Arzuaga, have indicated their willingness

Committee, whose key role would be to assist the Following are highlights from that meeting.

Secretariat with advance selection of convention locations.

Scholarship Committee

Directors who volunteered to serve on this committee were

A Scholarship Committee is being formed to evaluate the

Marco Jannuzzi, Adam Wynne Hughes, Bruno Maerten and

feasibility of offering annual scholarships through IPLOCA

JĂŠsus Garcia Pons.

and examine what other similar organisations have done to encourage new entrants into the pipeline field. Further

HSE Committee

discussion will be held at the May meeting in Stockholm

Safety Video

and any resulting plan will be presented to the Board of

Permission has been received from the INGAA Foundation

Directors in Washington for a decision.

to upload its safety video to the IPLOCA website. This will be done as soon as soon as practicable.

Directors who volunteered to serve on this committee were Doug Evans, Scott Summers, Ibrahim Zakhem, Jean-Claude

Prevention of Catastrophic Losses Workshop

Van de Wiele. Juan Arzuaga will also serve.

This workshop will be held at the Moevenpick Hotel in

Client Engagement Committee

Geneva on 11 July 2013. Information will be communicated to the membership and posted on the website.

A Client Engagement Committee is also being formed with the purpose of bringing the clients closer to the IPLOCA

Award Submission Deadlines:

membership. While clients have expressed interest, the

IPLOCA New Technologies Award: 17 May 2013

main impediments are time, and knowing which individuals

IPLOCA Health & Safety Award: 24 May 2013

in the company to engage.

IPLOCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award: 31 May 2013



Training Initiatives

Washington, D.C. Convention

The Training Committee is contacting the IPLOCA Associate

Juan showed a copy of the tour programme for DC, and the

Members to request details of training programs that can

website for the Omni Shoreham Hotel. Information would

be made available on the IPLOCA website. This will be

be mailed out in April and registration would open in May.

further discussed at the next Board of Directors meeting in Stockholm in May.

Novel Construction Agenda

Sponsorship The Board discussed the scheduling difficulties often associated with the Wednesday evening Former Presidents’

IPLOCA is in the process of adding chapters to Onshore

Cocktails. It was noted that this event sometimes interfered

Pipelines: The Road to Success and work groups are

with dinner plans outside the hotel for the one free evening of

quite active. This work should be finished and new

the convention. Several alternative suggestions were made,

chapters printed and on the wiki prior to the convention in

including Monday evening or Tuesday evening (prior to the

Washington, D.C. The next meeting (Rome, 21-22 March

President’s Dinner). The schedule will be investigated further.

2013) will review the third edition of Onshore Pipelines: The

It was noted that Dodsal will no longer sponsor the Monday

Road to Success and moving forward. Part of that meeting

night Welcome Dinner. IPLOCA will plan the Monday event for

will cover new technologies and training opportunities.

Washington D.C. and, if needed, offer several sponsorships (cocktails, wine, dinner, entertainment). PLM’s sponsorship

IPLOCA is collaborating in two research projects, funded by

support of Friday’s pre-Final Banquet cocktails (previously the

IPLOCA, the INGAA Foundation and PRCI.

John Fabick Cocktail Party) will now be contributed toward the

Treasurer’s Report

Thursday Caterpillar evening, with several Caterpillar dealers combining their financial support toward this event. Gulf

Harald Dresp presented the Treasurer’s Report, noting that

Interstate Engineering will sponsor the Friday night cocktails

IPLOCA expected a cost underrun this year. It was noted

in Washington D.C. Wilhelm Maats noted that Maats Pipeline

that the association has a total of CHF 2.9 million in its

Equipment would again sponsor the Golf Outing.

accounts, CHF 1.8 million of which is set aside in reserves in case of unexpected convention cancellation or dissolution

Convention Speakers

of the association.

The list of potential speakers and a draft schedule for the OGMs were reviewed. The final slate of speakers will be

To date, approximately seventy percent of membership fee payments have been received. Board members will follow

approved in Stockholm.

up in their region, according to the list provided, and in

Regional Meetings

communication with Sarah Junod, Accounting Manager.

Moscow, Russia: The Russian Regional Meeting is being


arranged for Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 and 5 June, at the Radisson Blue, Moscow, following the Stockholm Board of


Directors Meeting. Gazprom and Rostneft will be present

New membership applications were approved by the Board

at the Regional Meeting. Representatives from the branch

as follows:

office of Gulf Interstate Engineering would also like to

-- GOM Resources Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia (Regular Member)

attend. Michael Rae will provide an interpreter.

-- Perma-Pipe Inc., USA (Associate Member) Marseilles (Cassis), France: The French Regional Meeting Name Changes

is being arranged for Thursday, 25 April, with expected

Regular Member Sicilsaldo Srl has changed its name to

attendance from Total, GRT Gaz, and Serimax. The agenda

Sicilsaldo S.p.A.

is on the IPLOCA website.


Central Europe: Harald Dresp and Jan Koop are planning

Two resignations had been received:

a meeting for Central Europe, date to be determined.

-- Challenger Special Oil Services, France (Associate Member since 2003) -- TD Williamson, Belgium (Associate Member since 2003)

Honorary Members


Wikipedia Visibility Michael Rae has been working with the Secretariat to try to establish a new, general Wikipedia page for IPLOCA. After some difficulties with the current moderator, he has

The procedure for candidatures for Honorary Member was

formally requested that this moderator be replaced, and is

reviewed, along with the list of current Honorary Members.

currently awaiting a response.


Member News Bilfinger Voted Among Most Attractive Employers for Engineers The engineering and services group Bilfinger counts among the most attractive employers for future engineers, according to a recent study from the Trendence Institute in Berlin in cooperation with Manager Magazin. The company ranked ninth among the most popular employers for engineers. In the study, 35,000 students nearing their final exams in the fields of business, engineering and IT were asked about their preferred employers. About half of these students were studying engineering. The company offers a wide

and testing of North-Dolginskaya 3 well. A fleet of four

variety of entry-level opportunities and development

offshore support vessels including two owned by GSP will

prospects with a growing and international environment

assist the rig during the drilling operations scheduled in the

in a vast array of engineering fields. Bilfinger succeeded

Pechora Sea. GSP Jupiter is currently being mobilized to

in convincing the current graduating class with

operate offshore Tunisia, to drill Hammamet West-3 within

sustainable and responsible corporate values as well as

the Bargou Exploration Permit.

a secure and dynamic working environment. Other top rankings highlight the positive perception of Bilfinger as an employer. The company’s career website has already been ranked third in the Trendence Study 2012,

Herrenknecht Gripper TBM Completes Second Tunnel for Limmern Hydropower Plant

and the Universum survey of young professionals puts Bilfinger in the top 30.

Fluor Awarded FEED Contract for Qatar Petroleum / Shell Al-Karaana Petrochemical Project Fluor Corporation has announced that it has been awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract by Qatar Petroleum (QP) and Shell Global Solutions for a proposed grassroots petrochemical project located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar. Fluor will book the undisclosed contract value into backlog in the first quarter of 2013. The potential scope of the Al-Karaana petrochemical project includes a mix-feed steam cracker, two train monoethylene glycol units, linear alpha olefins

On March 13, 2013 a tunnel boring machine from

and oxo alcohol units, and required utilities, infrastructure

Herrenknecht successfully completed excavation of the

and offsites. Fluor will lead the FEED project execution

second headrace tunnel for the new pumped storage

from its Haarlem, the Netherlands, office with support

power plant at Limmern (Switzerland). Equipped with a

from other global Fluor locations.

new safety concept for securing the machine, the Gripper TBM was able to cope with the 40 degree gradient of the

GSP Offshore to Provide Offshore Drilling and Support Services for Gazprom Neft

two tunnels without incident. A Herrenknecht Gripper TBM (Ø 5,200 mm) bored two 1,030 meter long headrace tunnels through hard rock, connecting the upper reservoir

Operations are scheduled to start at the beginning of June

to the machine hall cavern. With the breakthrough of the

and will be carried out in the Dolginskoye oil field, located

second tunnel on March 13, 2013 another key milestone

in the Pechora Sea, in the south eastern part of the Barents

in the major project »Linthal 2015« was reached. Linthal is

Sea, the continental shelf of the Russian Federation. MODU

expected to commence operations in 2015 as the currently

GSP Jupiter will perform the drilling, logging, completion

largest hydroelectric power project in Switzerland. In



Marti Tunnelbau AG, the engineers from Herrenknecht AG

Petrofac Awarded USD 500 Million Offshore Project in Abu Dhabi

developed a solution for safe tunnelling at a gradient of

Petrofac has been awarded an engineering, procurement,

40 degrees. The immense gradient called for an extremely

installation and commissioning (EPIC) contract by Abu

reliable safety concept to hold the machine securely in

Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) for

place during tunnelling. At all costs it had to be ensured

Satah Al Razboot (SARB) package 3 project, offshore Abu

that the TBM could not slip back when the grippers were

Dhabi. The competitively tendered contract will commence

moved. For the Linthal project the construction company

shortly and will be delivered by April 2016. The SARB

Marti Tunnelbau AG and Herrenknecht AG developed a

Project is a high priority and new field development

double anti-reverse lock with full back-up redundancy of

off the northwest coast of Abu Dhabi. Drilling will be

the available bracing levels for the 130 meter long and

conducted from two artificial islands (SARB1 and SARB2)

800 tonne TBM.

with the well fluid sent by subsea pipeline to a facility on

cooperation with the construction company, Swiss firm

Zirku Island for processing, storage and export. Under

Lincoln Electric Promotions

the terms of the contract Petrofac will deliver 200km of subsea pipelines for well fluid, water injection, gas

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. has

injection, flare and export, along with 3km of onshore

announced that Michael S. Mintun

pipeline and 55km of subsea power and communication

has been named Vice President,

cables. Further offshore scope of the contract includes

Sales and Marketing – North

the provision of two riser platforms and four flare

America. In his new role, Mr. Mintun

platforms with four interconnecting bridges and one

will focus on the development

single point mooring (SPM) buoy located at the north of

and implementation of strategic

Zirku Island. The onshore scope of the contract includes

sales and marketing initiatives for

the following: drilling utilities, foundations on SARB1 and

the Company’s North American

SARB2, transport, install, hook up and assistance in the

business. After he joined Lincoln

commissioning of the accommodation modules.

Electric as a sales trainee in 1984, Mr. Mintun worked as a Technical Sales Representative in the company’s New York Southwest Ontario District in Canada, and U.S. National

Petrofac Consortium Awarded USD 3.7 Billion Abu Dhabi Contract

Accounts Manager. In 2000, he was promoted to Vice

Petrofac Emirates, Petrofac’s joint venture with Mubadala

President of Sales, Lincoln Electric Company of Canada,

Petroleum, has been awarded a contract by Zakum

and was named U.S. National Sales Manager in 2002. He

Development Company (ZADCO) for the Upper Zakum,

was promoted to Sales Manager – North America in 2006

UZ750 field development in Abu Dhabi. The contract

and became Vice President, Sales – North America in 2008.

is worth approximately USD 3.7 billion and has been

Mr. Mintun earned a bachelor’s degree in metallurgy and

secured by Petrofac Emirates in consortium with

materials engineering at Lehigh University.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Ltd

City and Pittsburgh district offices, District Manager of the

(DSME). Petrofac Emirates’ share of the contract is valued In addition, Phil Bouchard has

at USD 2.9 billion. ZADCO is an Abu Dhabi National Oil

been named to the position of

Company subsidiary in which ExxonMobil and Japan

U.S. Sales Manager. Mr. Bouchard

Oil Development Company are other Shareholders. The

will be responsible for driving

project comprises engineering, procurement, construction

the strategy and daily activities

transportation and commissioning of island surface

of the Company’s U.S. sales

facilities (EPC-2) on four artificial islands. Specifically, this

organization. Mr. Bouchard

will include wellhead control, manifolds, crude oil process

joined Lincoln Electric in 1990 as

facilities, water injection and gas lift, oil export pumps,

a Sales Trainee and worked as a

power generation and associated utilities. These facilities

Technical Sales Representative in

will commence operations during 2016.

the Atlanta and Fort Wayne offices and District Manager in the Baton Rouge and Chicago offices. In 2006, he was Regional Manager. He earned a bachelor’s degree in

Alain-Pierre Raynaud Named Chief Financial Officer of SNC-Lavalin

manufacturing engineering at Wentworth Institute of

SNC-Lavalin has named Alain-Pierre Raynaud as its


new Chief Financial Officer and member of the Office of

promoted to his most recent position as North Central



the President effective June 1, 2013, to be based at the

2013 for its outstanding working conditions and community

company’s head office in Montreal. Mr. Raynaud is a


graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and holds a doctorate in Economics. He has spent 32 years considerable international experience with major global

Valentine Maritime Awarded a Project from Maersk Oil, Qatar

corporations specializing in project management in

On 3 April 2013, Valentine Maritime (Gulf) L.L.C, Abu Dhabi

Europe and Asia. He began his career as a financial analyst

was awarded by Maersk Oil-Qatar, an EPIC contract for a

before moving to Renault in 1987, where he later became

24” water injection pipeline in the Al Shaheen field.

Senior Vice-President and Corporate Controller. In 2003,

The work scope covers detailed engineering, residual

he moved to Japan as a member of Nissan’s Executive

procurement, concrete weight coating, transportation and

Committee to oversee the group’s Cost Control and IT

the installation of 24” X 7.33 km subsea pipeline and 24”

services departments and led its financial operations.

X 1.0 km of spurline including interconnecting subsea

Between 2006 and 2011, Mr. Raynaud was CFO of Areva,

tie-in spools. In addition the work scope includes the

where he successfully oversaw the implementation of the

installation of risers, subsea tie-ins, J-tubes and the pre-

company’s change management program, which included

commissioning of the pipeline system. The project is due

organizational restructuring, supply chain optimization

for completion by the 4th Quarter of 2013.

in the energy, automotive and banking sectors, gaining

and a new investment plan. He was subsequently named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Areva UK.

Valentine Maritime Awarded Offshore Contract from Dubai Petroleum

Technip Awarded contract for P-76 FPSO in Brazil

Valentine Maritime (Gulf) LLC has won an EPIC contract

Technip, leader of a 50/50 consortium with Techint, was

from Dubai Petroleum, for pipeline installation work

awarded by PNBV a substantial contract for the topside

in 2013. The scope of work for the project covers

construction and integration, the commissioning and

detailed engineering, procurement, installation and pre-

start up assistance of the P-76 floating production storage

commissioning of 3 pipelines. 30”dia x 6.7 km oil pipeline

and offloading (FPSO) unit. Located in the Santos Basin

including risers, 30”dia x 4 km oil pipeline including risers ,

pre-salt area offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this unit

16”dia x 6km water injection pipeline. The work scope also

will produce 180,000 barrels of oil and 7 million cubic

includes the pipeline system associated crossings, risers,

meters per day of gas. Technip’s operating center in Rio de

subsea tie-ins, spools. The project is due for completion by

Janeiro will perform the project management, engineering

September 2013.

and procurement. The 24,000-ton modules fabrication, integration and commissioning will be performed in Techint’s yard, in the South of Brazil. The project is

Van Oord’s Artemis Commissioned

scheduled to be completed by mid-2017.

Technip Receives Top Employers 2013 Certification for its Human Resources Practices Technip has been certified as a Top Employer Europe 2013, a prize rewarding companies for the good care they take of their people. This independent certification, delivered by the CRF Institute, underlines the quality of Technip’s human resources (HR) policies as well as its outstanding employee offerings. This year, 20 organizations received this special award for excellence in the application of their HR policies and practices in Europe. To qualify as a Top Employer in Europe, organizations were required to successfully achieve the criteria set in at least five European countries. Technip was certified as a Top Employer in nine European countries:

Van Oord’s newest addition to its fleet – the self-propelled

Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands,

cutter suction dredger Artemis – was recently moored

Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Technip

in Rotterdam and available for visit before departing to

was selected as one of Canada’s 100 Top Employers for

western France for its first assignment. Under a contract



with the Grand Port Maritime de la Rochelle, Artemis will

Osman Birgili Appointed CEO of Tekfen Group of Companies

be deepening the harbour basin and dredging a trench in the access channel to the harbour. An exceptional feature of the ship is its hydraulically buffered spud carriage which will permit it to continue to work even in poor weather conditions. Air springs installed under the deck house will minimize noise and vibration for the employees on board. Artemis is a sister vessel to Athena, delivered at the end

Our sincere

of 2011, and currently being deployed on the Ichthys LNG

congratulations to

project in Darwin, Australia.

Osman Birgili, Immediate Past President and a board member of

Willbros Names Allcorn as Senior Vice President, Sales

IPLOCA, formerly Senior Vice-President of

Willbros Group, Inc. has named

Tekfen Construction, who has been appointed Chief

John K. Allcorn Senior Vice

Executive Officer of Tekfen Group of Companies

President of Sales. Allcorn is not

as of May 10, 2013. Mr. Birgili has been working at

new to Willbros where he served

Tekfen Construction for 35 years in a number of

for nine years in various executive

positions both in Turkey and abroad, and will continue

positions. While previously with

representing Tekfen in IPLOCA.

Willbros he was responsible for worldwide operations, including overseeing the group’s engineering

in pipeline design and construction. Additionally, he has

and construction companies. He

vast domestic and international experience in operations

rejoins Willbros from Integrated Pipeline Services, Inc. (IPS)

and executive management. He earned a Bachelor of

where he served as President and CEO. While with IPS he

Science degree in accounting from the University of

established an investment strategy to grow the business

Houston. He is a past board member of the International

through a mix of organic expansion as well as through

Pipeline and Offshore Contractor’s Association (IPLOCA), the

mergers and acquisitions. He has also held positions with

Pipe Line Contractor’s Association of America (PLCA) and

US Pipeline, Inc. and Gregory & Cook. Allcorn has more than

the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA)

27 years of experience in the pipeline industry, specializing

Foundation, where he also served as Chairman.

Membership Centre

such as pipeline end terminations (PLETs), pipeline

We welcome a new Associate Member to IPLOCA.

fabricated and pre-insulated district heating and cooling

The information below is also posted at

piping systems for efficient energy distribution to multiple

under the Membership Centre.

locations from central energy plants; pre-fabricated

New Associate Member


end manifolds (PLEMs), trees, manifolds, jumpers; pre-

industrial and secondary containment piping systems for transporting chemicals, hazardous fluids and petroleum


products; prefabricated and pre-insulated piping for

Perma-Pipe, Inc. is a division of MFRI, a public company

and butane pipelines.

formed in 1961, is headquartered in Chicago and listed on

NASDAQ. Perma-Pipe engineers, designs, manufactures

Perma-Pipe, Inc.

and applies thermal insulation to pipelines and subsea

7720 North Lehigh Avenue

equipment for the oil and gas industry from six plants

Niles, Illinois 60714-3491

located throughout the world: New Iberia, Louisiana,


USA; Lebanon, Tennessee, USA; Camrose, Canada; Fujairah,

T +1 847 966 2235

UAE; Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Gujara State, India.

F +1 847 470 1204

The company provides: insulation for onshore and offshore


deep and shallow water pipelines and subsea equipment



cryogenic applications such as LNG, ammonia, propane

Health, Safety and Environment HSE Committee Meets in Geneva The HSE Committee, under the chairmanship of Bruno Maerten (Geocean) met at the Geneva Secretariat on 26 March 2013. Martin Coleman of Spiecapag has resigned from the Committee due to a change of position. He is replaced by Alain Gauthiez. We offer our sincere thanks to Martin for his commitment over the past years.

Review of the Health & Safety Statistics and Environmental Statistics Returns We are still anticipating receipt of further Health & Safety statistics returns. Some 60 percent of required returns have been received so far, although the deadline was

According to a decision made by the Board of Directors

8 March. We urge those Regular Members who have

in 2012, member companies will not be allowed to

not yet done so, to submit this required information

register for the Annual Convention until their H&S

immediately. Submission of Environmental Statistics is

statistics have been received.

also highly encouraged.

HSE Workshop

(e.g. Total Recordable Injury Frequencies). The committee’s

Preventing Catastrophic Losses

executives of the IPLOCA membership in these discussions,

IPLOCA’s HSE Committee has scheduled a one-day workshop

provide thought leadership in this area. The agenda is under

at the Moevenpick Hotel, Geneva on Thursday, 11 July 2013 to

development and will include the following:

tackle the topic of preventing catastrophic losses.

-- Debunking the injury pyramid

goal with the workshop is to engage HSE managers and invite knowledgeable speakers to address the topic and

-- Preventive Systems & Predictive Metrics for Catastrophic Losses. Please register by 8 June at In order to participate, attendees will be required to submit by Friday, 21 June, a 3-4 slide presentation about their most instructive experiences resulting from a catastrophic loss. We look forward to welcoming you to Geneva for a productive session to discuss ways to continue reducing the catastrophic losses in our Industry.

Workshop Preventing Catastrophic Losses 11 July 2013 The conventional wisdom that “recordables” are a sound

Moevenpick Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

predictor of fatalities is really coming under assault

Hotel booking form and other information can be

across the occupational safety and risk management

found at

professions. We now have to re-wire how we approach high

Registration deadline: Friday, 8 June

consequence/low probability events (for example, fatalities)

Questions? Contact

versus low consequence/high probability safety events



A C O L IP n2013

Washington D.C.

ention l Conv a u n n 47th A gto

n Washi

Convention Update




Convention registration is well under way. If you have not already been to to reserve your hotel room and register your participation, be sure to do so soon. Full details regarding the event can be found at by clicking on the image of the 13 ber 20 . Septem .C 23 - 27 ashington, D W

Convention Brochure.

Registration for the 47th Annual Convention

Washingto n

, D.C.

opened on 1 May! Go to today

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to reserve your hotel room and register.

Do you need an ESTA or other visa? Citizens of many countries will need a visa to travel to the USA. To find out, please visit k

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Tours 4 & 12 Hazy Cen - The Udvar ter of the National Air & Spa ce Museum

Monday 23 Septembe r AND Wednesd ay 25 Sept ember 13.00 - 17 .00



Tour 3 - N

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Capitol H ill is the ce ntre of ac nation’s ca tivity in th pital. This e tour prov in-depth ides an look at th e U.S. Cap ito l Bu The Chief ilding. Guide of the U.S. C from the ap


Tour 5 - N ati Mall Shutt onal le

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Convention Sponsorship Opportunities

You will see quite a few changes in sponsorship this year. Available items disappeared very quickly. Any and all contributions to the Convention Fund are still welcome. Please contact right away if you are interested in this opportunity.

Special Functions: The First Time Attendees Cocktails Pipeline & Gas Journal and Vacuworx Global Welcome Cocktails Vermeer and Midwestern Worldwide Machinery Welcome Dinner Worldwide Machinery Directors & Wives Dinner Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers and Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc

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Flowers at Final Banquet Ledcor Group of Companies

Tour 5 - National Mall Shuttle Stroygazmontazh LLC

Band at Final Banquet HABAU and PPS and PSE

Tour 6 - The United States Capitol Erciyas Steel Pipe

Entertainment at Final Banquet HABAU and PPS and PSE

Tour 7 - Show me the Money! Jindal Saw Ltd.

Audio Visual at Final Banquet Nuova Patavium Srl

Tour 8 - Holocaust Museum Magnatech Group BV

Car for Lottery Volvo Construction Equipment and Renault Trucks

The CRC-Evans Luncheon CRC-Evans Pipeline International Inc.

Tour 9 - Mount Vernon Garden & Estate Spiecapag and Geocean

The Caterpillar Party Caterpillar and Pipeline Machinery International, Mantrac/Unatrac Group, Zeppelin Russia, Compagnia Generale Trattori

Tour 10 A & B - Segways in the City Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA

Fireworks (to be confirmed) Laurini Officine Meccaniche The Spy Ladies Brunch Pipeline Inspection IPLOCA Membership Cocktails Zakhem International Construction Ltd. IPLOCA Membership Lunch - Buffet Fluor IPLOCA Membership Lunch - Wine Magnatech Group BV Gulf Interstate Cocktail Party Gulf Interstate DJ & Lights for Dancing ‘til Dawn American Augers Open Bar for Dancing ‘til Dawn Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc. Decoration for Dancing ‘til Dawn Spiecapag and Geocean Maats Golf Tournament Maats Pipeline Equipment

Tour Programme: Tour 1 - Historic Annapolis Serimax and Pending Confirmation

Tour 10 C - Segways in the City ITW Welding Tour 11 - The United States Capitol (repeat) ARB Inc. Tour 12 - Udvar Hazy Center (repeat) Zhejiang Kingland Pipeline & Technologies Co., Ltd.

Photographers at the Convention TECHNIP Convention Photo CD PTPS Printing of Pocket Programme Goriziane Group S.p.A. Printing of Final Banquet Menu Goriziane Group S.p.A. Printing of Attendance List Pipeline & Gas Journal

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Welcome Drinks at Registration (Sat/Sun) ROSEN Group

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Audio Visual for Thursday’s Open General Meeting Argus Limited

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Coffee breaks at Open General Meetings The C.A.T. Group Registration Bags for the Gentlemen ShawCor

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Tour 2 - Special Look at Washington Techint Engineering & Construction

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New Technologies Committee

Geert Dieperink – Maats Pipeline Equipment -- RESON PDS2000: Software that Makes Your Project Ionnis Mougiakos, JGC -- Operational Data of Equipment Andreas Clauss, Caterpillar

On 21 and 22 March 2013 IPLOCA hosted a Novel Construction Initiative meeting at the Hilton Fiumicino

We thank the presenters for their support and for the

Airport Hotel (Rome) with 29 delegates in attendance.

summaries of some of the presentations that were made available to us and follow below.

Now that new content for Onshore Pipelines:The Road to Success is almost finalised and will soon be uploaded to the wiki, the initiative is beginning to focus more tightly on additional new technology developments in pipeline construction, to become more of a forum for exchange and research on new technologies and training opportunities for the industry. To this end, several presentations were made to the delegates in Rome. These included: -- iFalcon – Intelligent Fleet Analysis, Logistics and Control, and iRisk – Risk Management Solution Aref Boualwan – CCC Manager Development/BPR -- Securing the Top Layer of Pipes during Transportation Idsart Van Assema – Dhatec -- Straightening Out all Bending Issues

iFALCON Fleet Management Solution - CCC

performance and for assistance in preventive maintenance and decision support in any fleet-related strategies. These features not only serve as a security measure, to keep track

The solution provides the ability to capture the positional,

of the whereabouts of every asset at near-real-time, but

operational, and diagnostic data of a company’s assets,

can also assist in improving project operations, availability,

including equipment, vehicles, and personnel.

productivity rates, resource management, limiting misuse of equipment, optimizing service and repair requirements

It allows monitoring of assets detection and reporting of

thereby lowering operating and owning costs, as well as

deviations to defined constraints, such as over-speeding,

enforcing any health, safety, or environmental regulations

over-revving, geofence breaches, etc., in both online and

that should be abided by on site.

offline modes responding to critical events when needed, such as alerting operators via buzzers or supervisors via

Components include:

email using the collected data for analysis of workloads and

A hardware device fitted on the asset to capture the related data metrics, detect deviations and respond to them, and transmit all the resulting information to the central data storage area for processing; a hosting service where the data storage area resides, and which is accessible to the various client portals; client portals, consisting of a Windows-based application for administration purposes, and a Web-based or Tablet-based application for basic monitoring purposes; business Intelligence (BI) capabilities for data analysis and reporting. In the case of equipment and vehicles, multiple options for hardware devices can be adopted, depending on the level of managerial and data acquisition requirements, and provided their functionality can be incorporated with the iFALCON



back-end system. As for personnel monitoring, a custom-made,

based speed, clutch switch, cruise control, etc., tachograph

minimal and autonomous device has been designed to cater

information, vehicle distance, engine hours, total fuel

for the required functionality. Each device is equipped with

consumption, axle load.The collected metrics are exposed and

on-board GPS for positioning and on-board GPRS modem for

managed by the different client portals, which are used to track

online connectivity, as well as digital, analogue, and/or CAN

the assets, view immediate and historical itineraries, monitor

ports to acquire other data metrics, including but not limited to:

for violations and apply control actions when needed, as well

ignition status, engine speed (RPM), speed information: wheel-

as manage the various entities comprising the full solution.

iRisk, Risk Management Solution - CCC

-- Risk Identification At this stage, Risk items are identified and stored inside

Developed around best practices and international

the system. Starting from this stage and all subsequent

standards, iRisk implements the Active Threat Opportunity

stages, the project risk team can consult a data

Management methodology (ATOM), designed to help with:

completeness report generated by iRisk to check the data completeness and correct any omissions before moving

-- Management Information and decision making can

on to the next stage.

be significantly improved through a wide range of consistent reports. These can be used to display

-- Risk Assessment

both project performance and also the quality and

At this stage, risks have already been identified. A “risk

completeness of risk management data.

owner�, nominated for each risk, assesses it in terms of

-- Ensure that all practitioners follow the same process

probability and impact. Risk owners also categorize their

-- Identify and then deploy process improvements

risks using the appropriate Risk Breakdown Structure

consistently across all users -- Collect and present risk data in a consistent manner across all projects and other activities -- Build a database of risk information over time to assist a company to learn from experience. Governed by ATOM, iRisk fully supports all phases of

(RBS) and project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). iRisk offers the Probability Impact Matrix (PIM) to help visually display the project risk profile in terms of both severe risks in case of Threats and most beneficial risks in terms of Opportunities. -- Risk Response Planning

ATOM including: Initiation Phase, First Risk Assessment,

As already discussed, iRisk helps the user to identify the

which consists of Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, and

most significant risks in the system and it then encourages

Risk Response Planning, Review and Control, Post-Project

them to plan appropriate response strategies to help

Review and close out.

exploit or to mitigate these risks. Risk owners develop


response strategies, backed up by detailed action plans.

Initiation Phase

iRisk then encourages them to perform a post-response

During this initial phase a Risk Management Plan (RMP)

assessment of their risks to indicate the expected cost-

will be drafted for the project in consultation with key

effectiveness of the planned actions. It is also possible

stakeholders. The RMP defines how the risk process

to identify and record control measures to maintain or

will be performed in the project, including defining the

monitor risks at a given level, as well as contingency plans

Risk Assessment criteria and the Risk Work Breakdown

to be enacted in the event of a risk occurring.

Structure to be used. iRisk includes the ability to link to those aforementioned data to help classify and assess risk

Post-Project Review Phase

records later in the coming phases.

At the end of the project, or at significant milestones or

First Risk Assessment Phase

phase gateways, the project team will want to review risk data for a meeting to identify risk-related lessons. iRisk

The bulk of iRisk data input falls under this phase. Risks

provides the means to generate a single-risk register for

are identified and then assessed, based on their probability

each and every risk in the system, detailing all related data

of occurrence and their impact. Once a risk is assessed, a

to each risk item managed by the system. In a nutshell,

response strategy can be prepared to manage the likelihood

iRisk, helps projects to implement an effective risk

or effects of having a risk occur. In some cases, contingency

management process. It offers tools to identify, evaluate

plans can be established to respond to a risk should it occur.

and manage both threats and opportunities and thus

First Risk Assessment is split into the following sub-phases:

improve the chances of project success.



Securing Top Layer of Pipes during Transportation - Dhatec

vertical load securing forces on all pipes as represented by the red arrows. The bar behaves like a spring which presses down the pipes in the middle with such a force

Dhatec focuses on developing and manufacturing products

that the pipes are properly secured. The load securing bar

that guarantee a flawless delivery of the pipes to the

is equipped with a rubber antiskid layer which presses on

construction sites. Examples of these products are bevel

the pipes without damaging the coating. Handles on top

protectors, pipe closure solutions, blasting plugs, coating

of the bar fit on any fork lift in order to arrange for easy

couplings, pipe storage systems and transport equipment

positioning on the top layer of pipes.

for line pipes. The latest development deals with the problem of securing the top layer of pipes during transportation. Pipe loads are generally secured with tie-downs. These tie-downs press the pipe load on the trailer bed which prevents it from shifting during transport. But when the top layer consists

Figure 1: (Problem) Multiple pipes in top layer cannot be secured

out of more than two pipes it is difficult to secure the pipes

with tie-downs only

in the middle because the tie-downs do not exert sufficient securing force on these pipes. Figure 1 gives a visual presentation of this problem. The red arrows represent the vertical load securing force but the pipes in the middle do not receive this vertical securing force. Dhatec’s engineers have found a solution for this problem

Figure 2: (Solution) Dhatec designed a curved load securing bar to

by designing a load securing bar that grips onto the pipes

secure pipes in the top layer.

in the middle in order to secure the load. The load securing bar is pre-shaped in a contour that was calculated by the engineering team. As figure 2 shows the bar is curved like a banana. When the bar is positioned on the pipes the ends of the bar will be equipped with tie downs. When the tie downs are tensioned the curve is pulled out of the bar which results in a vertical load securing force on all pipes. In figure 3 the black arrows represent the pulling force of

Figure 3: (Solution) With tie-downs the bar is tensioned until it has

the tie downs which straightens the bar, resulting in equal

straightened, resulting in a secured load.

Straightening Out all Bending Issues Maats Pipeline Equipment Maats had a vast rental fleet with all kinds of equipment, including a pool of about fifty pipe bending machines in all

This change in pipe specifications results in: -- A change in steel quality, where this used to be X52 or even lower, this nowadays is commonly X70, with X80 and even X100 as viable options -- An increase in wall thickness for used pipes.

common sizes and from all major brands. But next to the change in pipe specifications is an increasing Over the years the company has gathered a lot of

variety in pipe specifications, even on the same project. This

experience with these machines and especially over the

is because:

last five years has seen a rapid change in the use of these

-- There is pressure on project pricing and this mostly

bending machines. For this there are a number of reasons:

means a pressure on quality -- Owners use different pipe suppliers on the same project;

-- Pipelines are designed to cover greater distances -- Owners use higher pressures to increase capacity of their pipeline -- Pipelines are constructed for “new� fluids / gases like CO2, LNG, methane, etc.



we have seen up to six suppliers on the same jobsite -- With new developments in design possibilities, owners can exactly calculate the necessary wall thickness -- Stricter requirements for permits, other pipe specifications for road and rail crossings or environmentally vulnerable areas

This resulted in the following solutions: Quality -- Use of first class and long term suppliers: Liebherr, Sauer Danfoss -- Where possible use of local suppliers, making QC easier -- Proven quality, field-tested components like a dozer engine package -- Use of Liebherr’s global service network Ease of operation -- One control panel, minimum chance for change of settings -- Straightforward design, less parts, less confusion An increasing number of projects use heavy wall pipe.

Powerful -- More powerful but not bigger and only slightly heavier

This results in:

-- Bending test carried out with X80 pipe 914 x 23,4 mm

-- A wide variety of pipe specifications, wall thicknesses,

-- The first project was with X70 pipe 762 x 30,8 mm

coating thicknesses, ovality -- The possibility that one bending machine cannot cover all these specifications.

Health, Safety and Environment -- A safety lever for operators’ platform (CE-certified) -- A beacon during bending operations

During our rental projects, the above resulted in some issues that had a direct effect on the quality of services,

-- Silent: only 75dB(A) at operators platform (Directive 2000/14/EC)

such as: -- Poor availability of complete pipe specifications, with

Fuel saving and cost reduction

pipes often outside standard specifications, resulting in

The machine is equipped with a variable hydraulic pump,

problems with bending sets

load sensing control and hyperbolic power regulation,

-- Older machines working at the limit of their capacity, resulting in frequent breakdowns -- Damage to coating due to variation in coating thickness at a jobsite

ensuring low fuel consumption and low emission. In other words, the engine only delivers power when needed, achieving the maximum in power, fuel and economic efficiency.

-- The use of spiral weld pipe which is cheaper but more difficult to bend because of its easier deformation (buckling), but sometimes even deforms when stored -- The fact that there are fewer and fewer experienced bending operators

For more information, or to get involved with the Novel Construction Initiative, please contact the appropriate work group leader listed below.

-- Confusion about the use of bending mandrels. Planning and Design The above made Maats to decide to engineer a complete new

Criss Shipman (GIE),

bending machine that would solve most of the above issues

Earthworks & Crossings

and would be ready for a further development in the pipe

Paul Andrews(Fluor),

specifications on future projects.

Welding & NDT & Testing Jan Van Der Ent (ApplusRTD),

New machine design criteria:

Future Trends & Innovation

-- A technical lifespan of at least 25 years

Zuhair Haddad (CCC),

-- Service and repairs easy, everywhere in the world


-- Operation of the machine should be simple

Sean Haberer (ShawCor),

-- Powerful: suitable for X100 pipe with a wall thickness of 1”


-- Safe: assessment of health and safety issues

Sue Sljivic (RSK Group),

-- State of the art: use of latest technologies


-- Universal: suitable for all available pipe specifications

Bruno Pomare (Spiecapag),

and all conditions, also for -/-40°C.



Geographical Areas A list of member companies in each Geographical Area can be found as follows: East & Far East: Europe Central: Europe Eastern: Europe Mediterranean: Europe Northwest: Middle East & Africa: America North:

Elections to the 2013-2014 IPLOCA Board of Directors

Latin America: If you have any questions regarding the election process, please contact

Following the membership approval of a By-Law change at the Annual General Meeting in Istanbul in September 2012, all geographical areas with more than 5 members may now

IPLOCA Board of Directors

elect two directors; the Associate Members may elect three directors to the Board.

Per the Association’s By-Laws (Istanbul 2012), the IPLOCA Board of Directors consists of a minimum of

Elections to the IPLOCA Board of Directors take place

12 and a maximum of 25 directors as follows:

every year at the annual convention as seats become vacant. Most elected board members serve for two

-- Three directors, with full voting rights on the Board

years. Below is a list of available board seats beginning

of Directors, elected by and representing the

September 2013. Elections to the IPLOCA Board take place

Associate Members of the association

every year at the annual convention. -- Sixteen directors representing Regular Members Seats becoming vacant in September include:

(two per geographical area), elected by the

1 - Europe Eastern (outgoing director Iosif Panchak)

Regular Members

1 - America North (outgoing director Douglas Evans, incoming Immediate Past President)

-- Five Officers of the Board, appointed by the full

2 - Europe Mediterranean (outgoing directors Leonardo

Board, form the Executive Committee and include

Gravina and Bruno Maerten)

The President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President,

1 - East & Far East (outgoing director Andy Lukas)

Treasurer and Immediate Past President.

1 - Associate Members (outgoing director Pierluigi Zanin)

(The Immediate Past President does not represent a region; the remaining officers are counted among

If you are a Regular Member or an Associate Member

the sixteen elected directors who represent the

and you would like to run for one of the vacant seats on

geographical areas.)

the Board of Directors, please visit elections where you will find the necessary documents

-- Up to five Directors-at-Large, appointed each year by

to be completed and returned to the IPLOCA Executive

the Board of Directors at its first meeting, make up

Secretary no later than Friday, 12 July 2013.

the remainder of the Board. The Directors-at-Large


appointed following the approval of the full Board.

Each Regular Member company is entitled to one vote.

They are selected based on their active involvement

If no-one from your company is able to attend the

and engagement in the work of the Association,

convention in order to vote, votes may be made on a

including in committee work, to capitalise on their

proxy form (also available via a link on the website)

knowledge and ensure continuity of leadership in

and must be received by the Executive Secretary in the

certain areas.

IPLOCA office at the Omni Shoreham Hotel no later than Tuesday, 24 September 2013 in order to be counted.


are nominated by the Executive Committee and


Training Committee

website. We are therefore asking our IPLOCA representatives

Creation of Training Database

provide to us information that we can include in an online

Aware of the critical need for employees trained on pipeline

courses, DVDs, on-site real-time training, machine simulators,

equipment of all types, the IPLOCA Training Committee

instructor-led training and a host of other options. At a

has begun an initiative to collect training information

minimum, the following information is needed: your company

contributed by IPLOCA’s Associate Members.

name; a link to - or list of - the types of training offered by

at these OEM companies - IPLOCA’s Associate Members - to training database. The types of training might include: online

your company; whom to contact for more information. As a service to our contractors - the Regular Members of IPLOCA - we are preparing a list of the training opportunities

For more information or if you have any questions, please

offered by the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) on

contact or

their own equipment. This list will be posted on the IPLOCA

to contribute to this important initiative.

Australia’s Longest Underwater ‘Pipe Pull’ Narrows Crossing Project divisions and the direct sponsorship offered by the two joint venture partners’ board of directors culminated in this achievement. The segments will connect each project’s main pipelines from the Surat Basin gas fields, about 300 km inland, to liquefied natural gas plants on Curtis Island. The pipelines were co-located and installed concurrently to minimise environmental impact and disruption to boating. The harbour crossing has involved construction of temporary facilities including a 2 km-long road, two bridges and a railway line to move the pipes across two creeks, marshes and mud flats. 450,000 m3 of dredging was completed in the crossing between the mainland and Curtis Island to prepare the sub-sea trench for the pipelines. The harbour crossing used a MCJV (a Joint venture between McConnell Dowell (MCD)

temporary 450-tonne capacity winch on Curtis Island to pull

and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)) has

the pipes – which together weigh 13,000 tonnes – through the

completed a world-class engineering achievement by

sub-sea trench. The trench will now be filled with aggregate

simultaneously laying two 1 m-diameter gas pipelines

and rock armour to protect the pipelines.

(QCLNG and APLNG) underwater across Gladstone Harbour.

Pipe Pull Key Facts

The operation was safely completed in five days, winching

-- 450,000 m3 dredging preparation

the pipelines 2.3 km from the mainland to Curtis Island.

-- Twin pipe pull, both QCLNG and APLNG pipes

This is Australia’s longest large-diameter underwater “pipe

-- Each pipe 42 inch (1060mm) diameter X70 steel with

pull” conducted so far. This engineering feat is significant

concrete weight coating 93mm and 100mm thick

on a world scale in terms of scope and complexity and its

-- Each string length 3.9km (covering wet section of

completion characterizes MCJV as pioneers in executing the world’s first project to convert CSG to LNG.

Marshland and Narrows) -- Winch speed – 2 metres per minute -- Winch capacity 450 t

With a workforce of 520 individuals on site, managed by

-- Total weight of pipe 13,000 t

a dedicated leadership team, every member of the project

-- Total of 630 welded pipe joints

team participated in meticulous preparation and planning

-- Longest continual pull length 2.9 km

over the last 12 months to make this pipe pull a success.

-- 200,000T of rock protection to be installed after pipe

The teamwork among pipelines, heavy civil and marine




French Regional Meeting

The meeting was hosted by Bruno Maerten of Geocean,

Cassis, 25 April 2013

President Bruno de La Roussière of Entrepose. IPLOCA

Sixty-six people from 40 companies attended the French

to meet delegates and make a presentation regarding the

Regional Meeting held in Cassis, close to Marseille,

association. The programme included presentations in

on 25 April at the Oustau Calendal Conference Center.

French on different aspects of the French pipeline industry.

Jean-Claude Van de Wiele of Spiecapag, and IPLOCA Past Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga was also in attendance

The following companies were represented: A Hak,

We thank the following guest presenters for their

Action Plus Services, Air Liquide Welding, Axson

contributions to the meeting:

Coatings, Bergerat Monnoyeur, Betafence N.V., Denys, DLE Specialites, Doris, Dunkerque Promotion, Entrepose

-- Jean Noël Connangle, Georges Seimandi, GRT Gaz

Contracting, Eureteq, Euro Anticorrosion, Europipe, Fluxys,

Programmation GRT Gaz des Grands Projets: Retour

Geocean, Geostock Sagess, Groupe Rosen, GRT Gaz, HDI,

d’expérience des Grand Projets (48”) Accès Plat Bords /

Lastechniek Europa BV, Maats Pipeline Equipment, Masap, MCO Services, Penspen, Polytec, Renault Trucks, Serimax,

Accès en Sable -- Jean-Michel Hartmann, Serimax: Transfer of Welding

Sicim, Somico-SBD Inc., SPAC, Spiecapag, Spiecapag

Technologies from Offshore to Onshore Pipeline

Regions Sud, Streicher, Technipipe, Total, Visser & Smit,


Volvo, Vopak/Necotrans.

-- Pascal Baylocq, Geostock: Les Gaz de Schistes en France

IPLOCA Media Partners (September 2010 to August 2013) OILDOM PUBLISHING COMPANY OF TEXAS, INC.


Trenchless Technology International

BENJAMIN MEDIA North American Pipelines

Pipeline & Gas Journal

P.O. Box 190 PENINSULA, OHIO 44264 U.S.A. T +1 330 467 7588 F +1 330 468 2289 E I

Underground Construction

15 South Street FARNHAM, GU9 7QU SURREY U.K. T +44 1252 718 999 F +44 1252 718 992 E I

Bernard P. Krzys President & Publisher E


P.O. Box 941669 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77094-8669 U.S.A. T +1 281 558 6930 #212 F +1 281 558 7029 E I Oliver Klinger President & Publisher E


World Pipelines

Rod Hardy Director E Chris Lethbridge Advertisement Manager E


1455 West Loop South, Suite 400 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77027 U.S.A. T +1 713 963 6270 F +1 713 963 6228 I Mark Peters Vice-President/Group Publisher E

In Memoriam

Upcoming Conferences

Leslie “Bill” Unsworth IPLOCA Regional Meeting for Europe Eastern
 William Leslie “Bill” Unsworth,

4-5 June 2013 - Moscow, Russian Federation

of Ontario, Canada passed away

suddenly on Friday, May 3, 2013 at his residence at the age of 56.

Onshore Pipeline Engineering Course
 11-14 June 2013 - London, U.K.

Bill came to work for PipeLine Machinery International

(PLM) on July 23, 2007 as a Product Support Coordinator and was promoted to Product Support

European Digital Oilfield Summit

Manager in August 2010. Years and countless

12-13 June 2013 - Vienna, Austria

experience in the pipeline industry is what he brought

with him and greatly contributed to the success of PLM’s vision for product support.

Gas Infrastructure - China Summit 2013
 26-27 June 2013 - Beijing, China

The unwavering commitment to excellence, leadership

abilities, and outstanding service Bill displayed will be remembered by all who came in contact with him.

IPLOCA Workshop: Preventing Catastrophic Losses

Bill will be deeply missed not only as a work colleague

11 July 2013 - Geneva, Switzerland

but also as a friend.
 Tulsa Pipeline Expo

In Memoriam

26-28 August 2013 - Tulsa, OK, U.S.A.

Rolf Kohler

(Complimentary passes available to IPLOCA

By Walter Zimmermann

members from

It is my sad duty to announce the

Offshore Europe 2013

death of Rolf Köhler, aged 86, in

3-6 September 2013 - Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.

March this year.

Born in 1927 in Holzminden, Germany, he married Ursula Köhler in 1953 and had two daughters. He

47th Annual IPLOCA Convention

earned a degree in civil engineering at the University

23-27 September 2013 -

of Braunschweig, Germany and from 1953 to 1976

Washington, DC, U.S.A.

served as Site Supervisor and then Managing Director

for Preussag AG. Mr. Kohler served as Treasurer of IPLOCA in 1966, the year of the association’s founding, and became President of the association in 1970 at

APIA Convention

the Monte Carlo Convention. He had more than 120

12-15 October 2013 - Brisbane, Australia

publications to his credit and served on many technical

committees including as member of the board and president of the technical committee of the German

OTC Brazil 2013

pipeline association (Rohrleitungsbauverband RBV)

29-31 October 2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

from 1964 to 1988. Rolf Köhler last participated in an

IPLOCA Convention in Berlin in 2004. We will always hold him in the highest regard, as a much appreciated and honoured founding father of worldwide cooperation in the pipeline industry.



IPLOCA Board of Directors


Left to right, front row: Najib Khoury, Doug Evans, Osman Birgili, Harald Dresp, Juan Arzuaga (IPLOCA Executive Secretary). Second row: Raúl Vilugrón, Greg Miller. Third row: Iosif Panchak, Karl Trauner, Kaan Dogan, Leonardo Gravina. Fourth row: Jésus Garcia Pons, Jan Koop, Bruno Maerten, Ibrahim Zakhem, Marco Jannuzzi, Jean-Claude Van de Wiele. Fifth row: Adam Wynne Hughes, Andy Ball, Pierluigi Zanin, Jerrit Coward. Sixth row: Michael Rae, Sandip Sharma, Scott Summers, Wilhelm Maats. Inset: Andy Lukas

Officers Doug Evans (Gulf Interstate Engineering), President; Director, America

Jésus Garcia-Pons (Arendal), Director, Latin America

North; Chairman of the New Technologies Committee

Raúl Vilugrón (Montec), Director, Latin America

Najib Khoury (CCC), 1 Vice President; Director, Middle East

Ibrahim Zakhem (Zakhem), Director, Middle East & Africa

& Africa

Andy Lukas (A.J. Lucas), Director, East & Far East

Harald Dresp (Max Streicher), Treasurer; Director, Europe Central

Sandip Sharma (Kalpataru Power Transmission), Director,

Osman Birgili (Tekfen), Immediate Past President; Director, Europe

East & Far East


Greg Miller (Pipeline Inspection), Director, Associate Members


Directors Iosif Panchak (Stroygazmontazh), Director, Europe Eastern

Pierluigi Zanin (Goriziane Group S.p.A.), Director, Associate Members

Kaan Dogan (Attila Dogan), Director, Europe Eastern

Directors at Large

Jan Koop (Bohlen & Doyen), Director, Europe Central

Jerrit Coward (Willbros Group, Inc)

Bruno Maerten (GEOCEAN), Director, Europe Mediterranean,

Marco Jannuzzi (Caterpillar)

Chairman of the HSE Committee

Wilhelm Maats (Maats Pipeline Equipment)

Leonardo Gravina (Sicim S.p.A.), Director, Europe Mediterranean

Karl Trauner (HABAU), Chairman of the Training Committee

Andy Ball (Land & Marine), Director, Europe North-West

Jean-Claude Van de Wiele (Spiecapag)

Adam Wynne Hughes (Pipeline Induction Heat), Director, Europe


Michael Rae (Argus Limited), Director, Associate Members


Executive Secretary

Scott Summers (ARB), Director, America North

Juan Arzuaga


2010 Award Winner

2012 Award Winner

Spotlight on Innovation ShawCor’s Mobile Robotic Cutback System has won a 2013 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award. The innovative technology, developed and used by Bredero Shaw, is an end-machining technology for insulated pipe that delivers consistent quality while being safer and faster than competing manual processes. The 2013 Spotlight on New Technology Award won by the Mobile Robotic Cutback System shows ShawCor’s continuous commitment to innovation and builds on the precedent created by the Thermotite® ULTRA™ novel thermal insulation coating and the Simulated Service Vessel (SSV), which were awarded OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards in 2010 and 2012.

ShawCor – when you need to be sure

2013 Award Winner


SAFE and CONVENIENT One pad fits a range of pipe sizes Audio-visual warning system Wireless remote and in-cab controllers Stabilizer eliminates dangerous horizontal movement Rotating head for increased control CE and OSHA compliant Models: SVL-90 (9-ton), SVL-130 (13-ton) and SVL-220 (22-ton)

CaLL or eMaiL uS for our fuLL Line CataLog U.S. To ll F re e 800. 3 8 3 . 2 6 6 6 I I n t l . To l l F re e 8 0 0 . 9 6 7 5 . 3 9 4 8 p ip e lin e @wwm ach . c o m I w w w. wo r l d w i d e mach iner y. c om

IPLOCA Newsletter 55  

IPLOCA, Newsletter 55

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