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IPLOCA Mission To provide value to members through a forum for sharing ideas, engaging the industry and its stakeholders, facilitating business opportunities and promoting the highest standards in the pipeline industry.

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News from Geneva


Board Meeting Update


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Letter from the President I am delighted to serve as IPLOCA President for 2012-2013 and I look forward to working hand in hand with the new Board of Directors. We have a number of new board members this year, some of whom have previously served IPLOCA, and some who are doing so for the first time; You will find information on these new faces on page 7. At the Annual General Meeting our membership approved a change to the By-Laws which now allows every geographical region, regardless of the number of Regular Members in that region, to be represented by two board members. Similarly, the membership approved a change from two to three board members to represent the Associate Members. You will find further information on page 6 and the photo of the whole board, along with their roles, on page 24. IPLOCA will nourish and promote a culture of safety and environmental responsibility. We will support the dissemination of the INGAA Safety Awareness film and we will work with the World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations to report the HSE performance indicators. We will continue discussing the development of standard requirements for equipment operators. We will foster initiatives and research through the Novel Construction enterprise in collaboration with INGAA and PRCI. We will, of course, continue to provide the best networking and social engagement opportunities for our members. Indeed, more than 685 of us gathered in September at the Hilton Istanbul for another exceptional convention. Our sponsors continue to be generous in their support of the event. We were similarly fortunate to be able to engage a number of excellent outside speakers who provided valuable industry insights during the Open General Meetings. I am very interested in engaging our customers; the multinational oil & gas companies, the national oil & gas companies, and others, in our association, and I welcome further discussions with our members. The long term outlook promises the greatest support for our industry. The International Energy Agency and other forward-looking assessors calculate that 20 trillion dollars should be invested in energy projects in the next 25 years. Even if we discount this prediction, the investment amount indicates that the need for our services and products will grow substantially. This investment projection will lead to the growth of our association. As new companies form to chase a share of this work, they will seek to distinguish themselves with key oil and gas stakeholders, and they will see membership in IPLOCA as a sure means to obtain and maintain stakeholder recognition. I look forward to hearing from you at any time to discuss these and other ideas at Warm Regards,

Doug Evans



News from Geneva Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga represented IPLOCA at the annual meeting of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation (INGAA) in Naples, Florida at the beginning of November. Juan also attended the O&G Pipes Global Conference, held at the Hyatt Regency, the Churchill in London from 27 - 29 November 2012 where he spoke about IPLOCA’s Novel Construction Initiative and the work being done on the association’s publication Onshore Pipelines: The Road to Success.

Season’s Greetings The staff and board members of IPLOCA would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the association over the past year. The generous sharing of your time and expertise, the hosting of meetings and, of course, the outstanding sponsorship of the annual convention was greatly appreciated. We look forward to new achievements and collaborations to benefit the pipeline industry in the coming year and we send our very best wishes to all for a safe and prosperous 2013. In Florida Juan Arzuaga won second place in a fishing competition with this catch. He claims a bigger one got away.

Board Meeting Update

and sent, stating that IPLOCA will need to rescind

The final meeting of the 2011-2012 Board of Directors and

secure the statistics.

the first meeting of the 2012-2013 Board were held in

membership if a company fails to begin the process to

Istanbul during the convention. The following were the key

Safety Instructors Training Tool

outcomes from those meetings:

Juan Arzuaga, Executive Secretary, explained that the Safety DVD (“IPLOCA Safety Instructors Training Tool”) was

Board of Directors

complete and available for distribution in Istanbul. One

Outgoing president Osman Birgili thanked Nasser Issa and

chapter of the training tool is available at

Rajen Kilachand, who had recently resigned from the Board,

and was shown to the Board Members. An acknowledgement

and Roberto Castelli who had completed his term as a

letter, referencing the licensing agreement, would need to be


signed by anyone who wished to receive a copy of the DVD.



Record sponsorship was received this year for the convention in

The election process for this year was explained. This

Istanbul, with a total commitment of EUR 427,000. For the 2013

would exceptionally be based on the outcome of a vote

convention in Washington DC a contract has been signed with

at the AGM on some minor By-Law Changes, which, if

the Omni Shoreham and arrangements are already underway.

passed would allow each geographical region, regardless of size, to be represented by two directors, and the

Health & Safety Statistics

Associate Members to be represented by three directors.

Only six companies had failed to submit statistics. After

The directors were asked to explain this in the upcoming

followup by the relevant directors a letter will be drafted

election meetings.




meeting in the UAE and will let the Secretariat know.

New Regular Members

Europe Mediterranean/Central Europe: Bruno Maerten

-- Grup Servicii Petroliere S.A. (Romania)

suggested Paris as a likely venue.

-- NACAP Australia Pty Ltd. (Australia)

East & Far East: Shanghai is a possibility, with the support

-- Sicilsaldo Srl (Italy)

of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau (CPP)

-- Van Oord Offshore bv (The Netherlands) - offshore applicant Name Changes

-- Sorrento, 4-8 December 2012

-- Kingland Group Co. Ltd to Zhejiang Kingland Pipeline

-- Marrakech or alternative, 26 February - 2 March 2013

& Technologies Co. Ltd. -- Murphy Pipelines Limited to J. Murphy & Sons Limited

-- Stockholm, 28 May - 1 June 2013

-- Vacuworx International to Vacuworx Global

Appointment of 2012-2013 Officers


The officers for 2012-2013 were appointed as follows:

-- Europipe (Germany)

President: Doug Evans

-- Salzgitter Mannesmann Grossrohr GmbH (Germany)

First Vice President: Najib Khoury

-- Weldsonix Inc. (U.S.A.)

Treasurer: Harald Dresp

Novel Construction

Appointment of Directors-at-Large

It was explained that the one hour meeting scheduled for

Following a unanimous vote of approval appointments

Thursday afternoon would present the work being done by

were made as follows: Jerrit Coward, Marco Jannuzzi,

the various novel construction work groups. The concept

Wilhelm Maats, Karl Trauner, Jean-Claude Van de Wiele.

of the two wikis – a public wiki for the Second Edition of Onshore Pipelines: The Road to Success, and a password-

Nominations to the Committees

protected wiki for current group work – was explained.

Committee Leadership consists of the Chairman, and

The next plenary session is scheduled at the Sofitel

Directors of the Board, with the working groups made up of

Heathrow Airport on 23-24 October 2012.

members appointed by each company and/or consultants.

Regional Meetings


Next Board Meeting Locations and Dates

Coordination is carried out by the Geneva Secretariat. Committee leadership nominations were as follows:

It was suggested that the Regional Meetings for 2013 be

HSE Committee: Bruno Maerten (Chairman), Jerrit Coward,

held as follows:

Kaan Dogan, Jean-Claude Van de Wiele, Adam Wynne Hughes.

North-West Europe: Possibly in collaboration with the

Training Committee: Karl Trauner (Chairman), Harald Dresp,

Pipeline Industries Guild in the UK on 11 March 2013.

Marco Jannuzzi, Najib Khoury, Jan Koop, Wilhelm Maats,

Eastern Europe: Iosif Panchak recommended a meeting in

Iosif Panchak, Raúl Vilugrón.

June in Moscow and the possibility of combining a meeting

New Technologies (including Novel Construction): Doug

with a meeting of Rogtec.

Evans (Chairman), Andy Ball, Osman Birgili, Leonardo

Middle East & Africa: Najib Khoury will investigate having a

Gravina, Jesus Garcia Pons, Michael Rae, Pierluigi Zanin.

Incoming president, Doug Evans, presented Osman Birgili with his

And then outgoing president, Osman Birgili, had a surprise gift for Doug

presidential pin.

Evans to protect him against any evils in his upcoming presidential year.


New Faces

his spare time he likes to play golf and during winter-time

on the IPLOCA Board of Directors

and enjoys the company of his children and grandchildren.

he skates on Dutch lakes and canals. He is married to Jenny

Following the 2012-2013 Board of Directors elections in Istanbul, we welcome to IPLOCA some people who never previously served on the Board:

Andy Ball, Director for Europe North-West. Andy is CEO of Daniel Group & Managing Director of Land and Marine. He started his career in 1983 in the water regulated industry in the UK. In 1990 he moved into non-regulated main stream contracting, and subsequently joined Daniel in 1995 where he has held a number of senior management and board positions. During his employment he has been involved in a vast array of utility, energy, marine and major pipeline projects, both internationally and within the UK. Today his main focus is leading Land & Marine in serving the oil, gas and energy industry. He is married to Michelle and has four children, Charlotte, Oliver,

Raúl Vilugrón, Director for Latin America

Elliott and Sebastien. His hobbies include skiing, rugby and

A Chilean citizen, Raúl participated in the foundation of

spending as much time as possible with his family.

MONTEC Ltd 16 years ago. He now directs the commercial affairs of the company, after spending more than 25 years as a field engineer. As a mechanical and civil engineer educated in Chile and Brazil Raúl contributed to the impressive industrial development of Chile over the last 20 years, mainly in pipeline and offshore services. He and his wife Maria have 6 children, 5 of whom are now independent professionals. During his professional life he served as project and construction manager for major companies such as CBI and Sade in Brazil for 15 years, and for Mendes Jr. and Cosapi in Chile. Among the many great projects that he led are the Collahuasi Concentrator Assembly, El Abra, El Tesoro, RT Codelco Pipeline, and many others. With an in-depth knowledge of the Latin American market he has worked in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Brazil, developing major

Jan Koop, Director for Europe Central.

and important projects in the mining industry. Raúl enjoys singing in choirs and listening to classical music.

Jan is a Dutch citizen and CEO of Bohlen & Doyen GmbH based in Germany. He has nearly 30 years’ experience in management in the pipeline industry. After graduating as a civil engineer he became managing director at a small steel construction company in the Netherlands. A few years later he took over management of the equipment department with Nacap, a pipeline construction company based in the Netherlands. With Nacap International he expanded the business globally including in the Far East and Nigeria. In 1993 he was appointed CEO of Nacap. In 2006 Jan joined Bohlen & Doyen as a member of its board of directors. He was appointed CEO in 2007 and became a shareholder when Bohlen & Doyen merged into SAG, a German-based company. He joined the board of directors of SAG in 2012. In



Membership Centre We welcome the following companies to IPLOCA. The information below is also posted at under the Membership Centre.

New Regular Members

Sicilsaldo is a construction company founded in 1994 that operates in the oil & gas sector. The types of services that the company offers include pipeline construction, construction of industrial plants, construction of pumping & compressor stations and maintenance activities. Sicilsaldo offers technical and management experience, plus advanced technologies and methodologies that can satisfy the most varied industrial

Grup Servicii Petroliere S.A. (GSP Offshore), established in

demands. Their experience gained in national and international

2004, is an offshore services operating company providing

projects ensures construction management in any location,

a wide range of integrated services, such as drilling,

without organizational, logistics and management problems,

well services, shipping, offshore construction, offshore

assuring efficiency, timeliness and competitive costing.

windmills, subsea services, hydrotechnical construction, engineering and training. The company controls a high

Sicilsaldo SRL

quality fleet of diversified onshore and offshore assets,

Zona Industriale II Strada

enabling the group to offer turnkey solutions. Grup Servicii

93012 Gela (CL)

Petroliere is the largest Romanian entrepreneurial business


and was listed in the 2011 Deloitte CE Top 500.

T +39 0933 924448 F +39 0933 912533

Grup Servicii Petroliere S.A.


Constanta Port, Berth 34


900900 Constanta Romania T +40 241 555 255 F +40 241 555 257 E I

Van Oord Offshore is an offshore and EPC contractor with more than 100 years of contracting experience that offers high precision subsea rock installation, trenching & backfilling, landfall installation, shallow water pipe lay, pipe pulling and SPM & GBS installation work. With an extensive global


Nacap Australia Pty Ltd is a leading pipeline construction

track record in the offshore construction industry, Van Oord

contractor in the Australian and Asia Pacific region. It has

Offshore has proven its expertise in providing clients with a

constructed more than 3000 km of pipelines including

safe and solid solution for their offshore structures. Van Oord’s

gathering/flowlines to large diameter welded steel transmission

offshore capabilities include: shore approaches, including

with contract values up to in excess of USD 500M. Contract

pipe pulls, civil construction of shore approaches and

methodologies include EPC and construct-only forms of

landfalls, construction of sleepers and embankments, deep-

contract. Nacap Australia is active in the water, oil, gas, slurry,

sea dredging, seabed intervention and pre-sweeping, trench

communication and power sectors with a strategic focus on the

dredging and backfilling, hydraulic & geotechnical engineering,

delivery of long distance, larger pipelines with diameters up to

installation of Gravity Base Structures, installation of CALM

2 meters and lengths approaching 1000 km.

buoys, installation of anchor systems, shallow water pipe lay.

Nacap Australia Pty Ltd

Van Oord Offshore B.V.

Level 1, 601 Doncaster Road

Jan Blankenweg 2

Doncaster, VIC 3108

4207 HN Gorinchem


The Netherlands

T +61 3 8848 1888

T +31 88 826 52 00

F +61 3 8848 1899

F +31 88 826 52 10






Member News Bechtel Breaks Ground on 758MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant Bechtel announced in early November that construction is

2013 Membership Fees Membership fee invoices were emailed and sent by postal mail at the end of November. The payment due date is 2 January. If you have any questions please contact IPLOCA’s Accounting Manager at

under way on a 758-megawatt natural gas-fueled, combinedcycle power plant in Sherman, Texas. The company, along with Siemens, is designing and building the project for

the customer in late September 2012. During the workshop

Panda Sherman Power, LLC, an affiliate of Panda Power

acceptance Regis Velasco Fichtner Pereira, Secretary of State

Funds. Engineering, procurement, and manufacturing

of the state of Rio de Janeiro, presented the project to the

activities for the project are already under way. The project

Brazilian media representatives in attendance.

will support up to 800 jobs during peak construction and will use local companies to provide services such as surveying, concrete pumping, and earthwork.

Changes in the Executive Board of Bilfinger Berger SE The Supervisory Board of Bilfinger Berger SE has appointed

Leighton Offshore Successfully Completes Iraq Operations and Maintenance Project. Leighton Offshore has completed its Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP) Operations and Maintenance contract for client South Oil Company. Leighton has been successfully operating and maintaining

Dr. Jochen Keysberg (46) as Member of the Executive

the offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, which

Board with effect from November 1, 2012. Jochen Keysberg

were also installed by Leighton, since achieving first oil

has been with the company since 1997 and is currently

earlier this year. Leighton’s scope of work included SPM

Head of Executive Management at Bilfinger Berger

Mooring operations, tanker hose connections, scheduled

Ingenieurbau GmbH. After many years of commendable

maintenance, engineering support, diving services, oil

service in various functions within the Group, Klaus Raps

pollution emergency response as well as training for South

will resign his position in the Executive Board at the end of

Oil Company staff. Since March this year, Leighton has

2012 and will leave the company by mutual agreement due

successfully loaded 78 tankers with 143,794,899 barrels of

to differing views on business policy.

oil with no safety or environmental incidents.

World’s First Oil Sands Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Project Fluor Corporation has announced that Shell selected the firm as its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for Shell’s carbon capture facility for its flagship Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Quest project at the Athabasca Oil Sands project in Alberta, Canada. The Quest project is being built on behalf of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project joint venture owners (including Shell, Chevron and Marathon Oil) with support from the Canadian and Alberta governments. Fluor booked the undisclosed contract value in the third quarter.

Herrenknecht Supplies First Tunnel Boring Machine for Metro Construction in Rio de Janeiro

Lincoln Electric Announces Promotion Lincoln Electric has announced that Bruce Chantry

Herrenknecht AG is supplying a tunnel boring machine with

has been promoted to Director of Marketing for North

a diameter of 11.46 meters for the construction of the new

America. Chantry has been with Lincoln Electric for 17

metro line 4 in Rio de Janeiro. It will contribute to relieving

years. Prior to assuming his new role, he spent four

the traffic routes in the metropolitan area. At the company’s

years as a Portfolio Manager for Welding Equipment,

headquarters in Schwanau, southern Germany, the first tunnel

overseeing the equipment product management team,

boring machine to be used in Rio de Janeiro was accepted by

strategic planning for the entire welding equipment



portfolio, new product development, market analysis,

include the following facilities: an ethane-based ethylene

product positioning and product promotion. Before his

cracker, producing 1 million tons per year, using Technip

tenure as a Portfolio Manager, he served as a product

proprietary technology; two high density polyethylene

manager for advanced welding equipment and as a

plants using INEOS Innovene™ technology; a low density

regional manager for the company’s Sub-Saharan

polyethylene plant using BASEL Lupotech technology;

Africa region.

storage, waste treatment and utility facilities, including a 150 MW combined cycle power and steam co-generation plant; a multimodal logistics platform for shipment of 1

Petrofac JV Wins USD 229 Million Contract in Iraq

million tons per year of polyethylene via bulk train, bulk

Petrofac has won a further inspection, maintenance and

truck or bagged; administrative, maintenance, control

repair contract for the Rumaila oil field in Southern Iraq

room and ancillary buildings.

with its joint venture partner, China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC). The USD 229 million Operating Organisation (ROO), following a competitive

Technip Awarded Subsea Contract for the Cardamom Field in the Gulf of Mexico

tender. The three-year contract, which is worth more than

Technip was awarded a lump sum contract for the

USD 160 million to Petrofac, will be led by its Offshore

development of subsea infrastructure for the Cardamom

Projects & Operations (OPO) business. The contract covers

field located in the Gulf of Mexico, Garden Banks block

the inspection, maintenance and repair of degassing

427. The field is at a water depth of approximately

stations, rotating machinery and cluster pumping stations

830 meters. The project consists of a subsea tie-back

contract was awarded by BP Iraq NV (BP), via the Rumaila

and came into effect on 1 November 2012.

to the Auger tension leg platform, wholly owned by Shell Offshore Inc. The contract covers the project management, engineering, fabrication and installation

Petrofac Agrees Strategic Alliance With Bowleven

of the East and West Loop 12.8 kilometer pipe-in-pipe

Petrofac and Bowleven, the Africa-focused oil and

flowlines with associated PLETs and steel catenary

gas company, have agreed a strategic alliance to

risers. Technip’s operating center in Houston, Texas will

support the proposed development of the Etinde

perform the overall project management. The flowlines

Permit, offshore Cameroon. The alliance represents

and risers will be welded at Technip’s spoolbase in

an opportunity for Petrofac to leverage its extensive

Mobile, Alabama. The offshore installation is expected

capabilities to support Bowleven’s proposed

to be performed in the second semester of 2013 by the

development and builds on the company’s presence in

Deep Blue, Technip’s deepwater pipelay vessel, and the

West Africa. Under the terms of the strategic alliance,

Pioneer, recently added to the Technip fleet with the

which is subject to Bowleven shareholder approval,

acquisition of Global Industries.

Petrofac will provide engineering capability to Euroil, Bowleven’s Cameroonian subsidiary, to support the delivery of a Field Development Plan (FDP) for the proposed first phase of the development, pending satisfactory completion of Euroil’s appraisal of its asset. Prior to approval of the FDP, Petrofac will be remunerated by Euroil for the provision of its service capability.

Technip in a JV with Odebrecht and ICA Fluor awarded large EPC contract by Braskem Idesa for the Ethylene XXI project Braskem Idesa S.A.P.I. awarded to a joint venture formed by Odebrecht (40%), Technip (40%) and ICA Fluor (20%) a contract worth more than USD 2.7 billion

Friese Photography KG (Salzburg) were again hard

(around €2.1 billion) for the engineering, procurement

at work in Istanbul, represented by Jan, Fredi and

and construction (EPC) of a petrochemical complex to

Wolfgang. It makes a change to see them in front of

be built in the Coatzacoalcos/Nanchital region, in the

the camera.

Mexican state of Veracruz. The petrochemical complex will



Awards Made at Istanbul Convention The IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell was presented in recognition of a significant achievement in reducing the impact on the environment for the construction of pipeline projects. Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on the Environmental Award sponsored by Shell. Brad MacLean and Jerrit Coward of Willbros received the award

The winner was CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company)

from Adam Wynne Hughes.

for their Creativity in Waste Management program. The project was deemed to show management commitment

The IPLOCA Health and Safety Award

and the possibility to be extended to all projects.

sponsored by Chevron was presented in recognition of an innovative achievement in health and safety. Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on HSE Statistics. The recipient of the award was Willbros Group Inc., represented by Brad MacLean and Jerrit Coward, in recognition of their Safety Talisman Program. The judges presented the award based on its simplicity, effectiveness, innovative approach and focus on safety. Two runners-up were also named: CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company), represented by Najib Khoury for Health & Safety Awareness and Communication.

Rashid Shuhaiber of CCC receives the trophy and certificate from Loek

Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA, represented by

Vreenegoor, Shell Projects & Technology, and Adam Wynne Hughes.

Harald Dresp, were named for their Pocket Alarm.

2013 IPLOCA Awards

with the IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell).

Information on the 2013 awards will be posted at

invited to submit innovative projects which have improved as soon as it becomes available.

Regular Members and Associate Members of IPLOCA are the quality of life of local people impacted by pipeline industry work, including:

The IPLOCA Health & Safety Award sponsored by Chevron and the IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP will both be presented next year at the IPLOCA Convention in Washington DC.

-- Initiatives to address a specific need identified in the local community. -- A program or practice demonstrating corporate social responsibility -- A creative initiative in which a large impact is made with

In addition, IPLOCA’s newest award – the IPLOCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award will also be presented. It was

a small investment. -- A long term project, intended to be continuously

first presented during the annual Convention held in Beijing

supported by an IPLOCA member company or another,

in September 2011. It is given every second year (alternately

once the pipeline activity is complete.



Istanbul Convention Retrospective Sincere thanks to our Sponsors and Speakers

More than 685 people attended the convention in Istanbul

Post-Convention Questionnaire

and you will find a sampling of photos from the event in

We would like to thank all of the Istanbul Convention

this newsletter. We were fortunate to have fine weather

attendees who kindly took the time to respond to our

almost every day.

post-event questionnaire. Some key findings are below:

The photos on the following pages, along with many others,

Networking remains the most important reason

are available online at A CD

respondents gave for attending the convention. Ninety-

of photographs is being mailed out to all attendees and should

three percent of attendees indicated that it is likely that they

arrive in your mailbox around the same time as this newsletter.

will attend next year’s event in Washington DC. Traffic in Istanbul, while often mentioned as a source of frustration, was generally understood to be unavoidable. Seventy-nine percent would prefer a city location over a resort location. Cities of interest for future conventions were literally all over the map, from Tokyo to Buenos Aires. Locations mentioned more than once included Dubai, Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, and London. More general mentions included « India », « somewhere tropical », « any interesting city » and « your choice ». When asked about future speaker presentations, topics were ranked as follows : 1. Future large projects 2. New technologies 3. Market trends.



Industry Speakers at the Istanbul Convention Our thanks to our guest speakers who provided presentations at the Open General Meetings as follows:

Professor Ilber Ortayli (Head of the

Bruce Luberski (Vice President for BP’s

Suzanne Minter (Energy Analyst/

Topkapi Museum Ortayli, Istanbul)

Global Project Organization, Azerbaijan-

Account Executive, BENTEK Energy)

Istanbul: History and Population.

Georgia-Turkey Developments)

The Impact of Shale Gas Worldwide.

Shah Deniz Development.

Andreas Kohler (Managing Director,

Bill Hoff (Director Engineering Group,

Edward J. Wiegele (President,

ILF Consulting Engineers)

Gulf Interstate Engineering Company)

Professional Services, Willbros

Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline from

Rebuilding the World’s Pipeline

Engineers (US), LLC)

Turkmenistan to China.


Rebuilding the World’s Pipeline Infrastructure.

Angus Paterson (Managing Director,

Hisham Kawash (Senior Manager, Sales,

Daslav Brkic (Vice President E&C

Paterson & Cooke)

Estimation & Proposals – Pipelines, CCC)

Business Development, Saipem)

Requirements for the Design and

Case History: Constructing a Slurry

Nord Stream Offshore Pipeline.

Commissioning of Long Distance

Pipeline in Madagascar.

Slurry Pipeline Systems.







Final Banquet Lottery On the evening of the Final Banquet May Shuhaiber was the lucky winner of a car, courtesy of Volvo Construction Equipment and Renault Trucks. Lottery funds of more than EUR 13,500 were raised for “Send me to school, Dad” (Baba Beni Okula Gönder) an initiative to support continuing education for girls in Turkey. This has been donated to Osman and Nurgul Birgili’s chosen charity “Send Me to School, Dad”. A delighted May Shuhaiber received a certificate for EUR 25,000 from Hervé Maillard of Renault Trucks and Eddy Powell of Volvo Construction Equipment. Arwen Mallet was invited to draw the winning ticket.

Hervé Maillard, Arwen Mallet, May Shuhaiber and Eddy Powell.

The tournament was a great success and your support was very much appreciated. The course was excellent and the weather couldn’t have been better. Congratulations to all trophy winners: First Place: Team 9 - Peter Nicholson, Michael Simmons and Eduard Van Huuksloot Second Place: Team 12 - Kevin Waschuk, Daniel Gasquet and Rod Hardy Third Place: Team 4 - Pascal Collet, William Solomon, Doug Fabick and Jim Watkins

Maats / Liebherr Golf Tournament

Nearest the Pin Ladies: Liz Evans Nearest the Pin Men: Jim Shelley Longest Drive Ladies: Patrizia Nicolotti Longest Drive Men: Patricio Alvarez Morphy

Wilhelm Maats (above left) and Rudolf Cherdron would like


to thank everyone who played in the first Maats BV and

Wilhelm and Rudolf very much look forward to seeing you

Liebherr-sponsored golf tournament held at Kemer Golf

at the 2013 IPLOCA Convention in Washington DC and hope

and Country Club in Istanbul.

you will join them for another great day on the golf course.


Thanks to our Istanbul Convention Sponsors!

”Send Me to School, Dad” Professor Dr. Aysel Çelikel, former Minister of Justice and Chairwoman of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, presented Osman Birgili, IPLOCA’s Immediate Past President, a special trophy as a token of her appreciation for the lottery funds upon his courtesy visit to the Association’s headquarters. During the visit, Professor Çelikel expressed the charity’s deep gratitude to IPLOCA and discussed with Mr.Birgili how the precious donation would be used towards the building of a new dormitory for girls.



Training Committee

IPLOCA requests your feedback regarding the DVD

Pipeline Construction Safety Instructors Tool

Once you have had a

In collaboration with the Construction Sector Council of

chance to review the DVD,

Canada (CSC) and other key stakeholder groups, IPLOCA has

we would greatly appreciate

prepared a DVD course to address health and safety issues

your feedback. Please go to

specific to pipeline construction in the oil and gas sectors. where you will find a few short questions regarding

IPLOCA adapted this course for international use as a safety

your usage of the DVD. We appreciate your help.

instructors tool. The material is intended to familiarise workers with how to recognise, assess, and control hazards at the work site and has been designed to act as a complement to other courses that they may be required to take. The DVD content includes:


Lesson 11: Vehicle Operation


Lesson 12: Equipment Operation


Lesson 13: Emergency Response

-- Course Introduction -- Lesson 1: Work Preparation

The DVD runs using an internet browser alone (Internet

-- Lesson 2: PPE and WHMIS Review

Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome); an internet

-- Lesson 3: Hazard Recognition and Control

connection is not required.

-- Lesson 4: Front End Operational Hazards and Controls -- Lesson 5: Rigging and Hoisting Hazards and Controls

IPLOCA members can order a free copy of the DVD from

-- Lesson 6: Pipe Hazards and Controls A signed Acknowledgement

-- Lesson 7: Pipe Assembly and Coating Hazards and Controls

Letter for Receipt and Use of Licensed Product is required

-- Lesson 8: Specialized Work Hazards and Controls

before the DVD can be delivered. For more information,

-- Lesson 9: Environmental Hazards and Controls

and to link to the Acknowledgement Letter, please visit

-- Lesson 10: Back End Operational Hazards and Controls

New Technologies Committee

being done to understand the effects of multi-pass welds on heat-affected zone toughness, on hybrid laser-arc welding, the application of rollingin modifying weld metal properties and residual stress field, and the application of laser in hyperbaric welding.

The October meeting of IPLOCA’s Novel Construction Initiative was held at the Sofitel Heathrow on 23 and 24 of October, with 38 people in attendance. During the meeting a number of important decisions were made, including the realignment of working groups and appointment of some new work group leaders. All groups are now developing their material via a wiki which is proving to be a successful collaborative working tool. A new schedule of group leader teleconferences was defined together with the dates for the next Plenary Sessions at a location to be determined (likely in London, Paris, Rome or Amsterdam).

Tour of Cranfield University Following the meeting attendees were invited to tour


Cranfield University’s Welding Engineering and Laser

Supriyo Ganguly displays a number of components made by the

Processing Centre to witness first-hand the research work

wire and arc-based additive layer manufacturing method


Research Activities and Future Direction in the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre (WELP) of Cranfield University, UK by Supriyo Ganguly and Stewart Williams

Figure 2- Welding bug and torch in a dual tandem set up.

The Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre

-- Wire and arc based additive layer manufacturing

(WELP) of Cranfield University was established in 1961

-- Laser processing

(known at that time as Welding Engineering Research

-- Stress Engineering

Centre) and is the only specialist welding research organisation in UK academia.

Pipeline Welding Welding of structural pipelines for the transportation of

In 2006, considerable investment was made by Cranfield

fossil fuel has been a research theme for several years.

University to maintain the centre’s internationally-

In the past, significant contributions towards increasing

recognised status for industrially-relevant research. The

productivity were made through CAPS (Cranfield

centre was recently renamed as Welding Engineering

Automated Pipeline Welding Systems) project. In CAPS

and Laser Processing Centre (WELP) to reemphasize its

it has been shown that the productivity of pipeline

commitment towards application of laser in traditional

manufacturing could be quadrupled through use of a dual

arc-based fusion welding processes. The major research

tandem process with a specially designed welding torch,

activities of the centre are shown in figure 1, page 17.

bug and power sources.

There are four main streams to the research:

It was also demonstrated that the improvement in

-- Pipeline welding

productivity was achieved without any compromise on



investigation. In this project a simple and effective approach

Metallurgy and Properties

Systems and Processes

was taken whereby the thermal cycles in various welding processes were recorded using thermocouples and their effect on metallurgical phase formation and mechanical


properties were experimentally simulated in simple impact toughness specimens using a thermo-mechanical simulator

Wire/Powder and Arc Additive Manufacture

(Gleeble). The results were supplemented by continuous Linear Friction Welding

Systems and Processes

cooling transformation data of specimens machined out from plates of identical composition and processing history.

Stress Engineering and Modelling Laser Processing

Laser / Hybrid

Pipeline Welding

mechanism of brittle zone formation in the heat affected Metallurgy

Dissimilar Welding

change response using a dilatometer during continuous cooling. This study revealed the underpinning science and



Phase transformation was studied by monitoring volume

zone of a multi-pass. Residual stresses in service critical structures needs


accounting to prevent premature failure. Post weld rolling of a weld metal and associated HAZ of a welded structure can be an effective way to relax the internal residual

Figure 1 – Research activities at WELP

stress field through localised plastic deformation. Rolling and controlled laser processing can be a way not only

the metallurgical quality of the welded pipeline and field

to remove the residual stress state but also to create

trials were taken to increase the technology readiness level.

recrystallised strain free set of grains in place of dendritic

Significant research effort is now focused on application of

grain structure in weld metal. A research programme at

laser and arc based hybrid welding processes for pipeline

present is investigating the benefits that can be obtained by

applications. Laser is a high energy density source which

rolling and laser treating the cap of a multi-pass weld. This

can be used to improve productivity, but it is very sensitive

is a futuristic project that will have very significant impact

to weld set up and also the addition of filler wire is difficult

on the existing pipeline design procedure and has the

in the laser alone process. Figure 3 shows the effect of laser

potential to bring step change in the material design aspect.

plus arc process on weld bead geometry. It can be seen that application of laser and arc would be beneficial in modifying the weld bead geometry and addition of filler material.




The application of laser in deep sea hyperbaric welding is another area of research interest. Arc welding (GMAW) procedures developed at WELP have resulted in the




Figure 3 - The complimentary advantages of laser and arc sources.

deepest subsea welds, close to a kilometre below the sea level, as demonstrated in the recent trials in the Norwegian fjord involving Isotek Oil and Gas Ltd on behalf of Statoil. Also the first hot tap welding has been performed at a water depth of 265 m in the existing pipelines to increase the life of the Asgard oil field by 30 years (Asgard Gas Compression project). Present research at WELP is now investigating the possibility of application of laser to assist the existing GMAW process to alleviate the problems of hydrogen assisted cracking and to use the state of the art digital power sources to reduce any unwanted spattering in such unmanned remote controlled welding processes. Figure 4 shows the 250 bar chamber available at Cranfield which can simulate water pressure at 2.5 kM under the sea. ďżź


Understanding the metallurgical response in the heat-

Figure 4 - Hyperbaric welding chamber can be pressurised up to

affected zone of a multi-pass weld is another area of

250 bar (2.5 kM below the sea) sea.


Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM)


ALM is a disruptive technology that can bring a transformation in the traditional manufacturing processes. The main advantage of ALM is the fact that it Cross section AA’ - ~40% mass efficient structure possible by ALM manufacture

is a tool-less digital technology and a structure built layer by layer using an automated system that derives its data


directly from a computer aided design file. The process path from developing a component to the real structure is shown in figure 5. Additive layer manufacturing has the following broad advantages over traditional manufacturing: -- Simplified logistics resulting in leaner supply chain



-- Very high yield of material (fly to buy ratio in terms of the aviation sector) resulting in lower energy consumption and wastage


a) Example of mass efficiency by producing honeycomb like cross

-- Freedom from design constraints due to free form manufacturing.

sectional features (section thickness 22 mm) and b) cone section of wall thickness 2.5 mm. It was shown that the process is capable of producing a wide range of sectional dimensions.

Arc welding (GMAW) procedures developed at Cranfield’s WELP have resulted in the deepest subsea welds, close to a kilometre below the sea level, as demonstrated in the recent trials in the Norwegian fjord involving Isotek Oil and Gas Ltd on behalf of Statoil.

Research Council (EPSRC) of UK at WELP centre has now made the ALM technology viable for standard industrial process through a wire and arc based additive layer manufacturing route. This has dramatically reduced the manufacturing cost through reduction in the cost of input raw material and processing cost, removed issues related to component size (as in powder bed process the component size was severely restricted) and also quality (soundness and metallurgical structure) is much more robust in wire and arc-based processes. Figure 6

The major constraints of this manufacturing process

shows how additive built structures can increase mass

were cost, capacity and time. Generally as an input raw

efficiency and also different wall thicknesses. The more

material powder was used in this technology which

recent research activities in developing ALM process has

causes problems e.g. low deposition rate resulting high

been aimed at understanding the effect of deformation

manufacturing time, high cost of raw material and lower

on residual stress state and refinement in microstructural

capacity. Ground breaking research performed with

characteristics. Figure 7 shows the microstructural

the help of Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre

refinement in Ti64 ALM structure when subjected to

(IMRC) grant by the Engineering and Physical Sciences

intermediate deformation between layer depositions. The response of the microstructure with varying deformation load can be seen in the figure.

Programme a robot or machine tool to trace out the layers

Laser Processing Laser is an intelligent heat source and if utilised to its full potential should have very significant impact on material processing and manufacturing. Fundamental studies in

Slice an object into layers

laser processing are performed to understand the laser metal interaction in terms of laser intensity and lasermetal interaction time and how these can be translated to system parameters viz. laser power and welding speed. This is crucial in order to implement the benefits of fundamental scientific studies performed in a laboratory Use a deposition tool to build up part

to an industrial set up. This is also important to design the laser power and beam characteristics for specific

Figure 5 - Principles and flow diagram of additive layer

ranges of application. Benefits of this study has wide

manufacturing process.

ranged and diversified impacts such as hybrid laser-arc






certain safety critical applications. With the development in physical metallurgy of common structural alloys, thinner and thinner gauge materials are preferred which would save the cost of raw material and promote lighter structure which can be handled with ease. However, thinner gauge structures are susceptible to distortion by the compressive residual stress field which resulted to

1 mm

balance the weld tensile residual stress field in the weld

Figure 7 - Electronic backscatter diffraction pattern (EBSD) showing

region. In the area of stress engineering, research at WELP

modification of dendritic grain structure produced by ALM into

helped in understanding the fundamental underpinning

high angle grain boundaries (HAGB) by intermediate rolling and

mechanism of residual stress formation and applying

re-deposition. Deposition after rolling promotes recrystallisation

counteractive measures to mitigate the stress field.

of the microstructure resulting HAGB. Rolling load is also vital in

Local and global mechanical tensioning by application

determining the final grain size.

of mechanical or thermal forces was investigated. The application of the appropriate process would

based processes, welding of dissimilar alloys, application

indeed depend on the component/structure and the

of laser under high pressure and joining of metal to

manufacturing conditions. A host of stress engineering

composite etc. The different laser systems available at

techniques, e.g. in-situ and post weld rolling, localised

WELP and its access to other laser manufacturers make

heating & cooling, were developed keeping in mind the

it possible to study the inter-transferability of parameters

engineering requirement of specific industries. Research

between different lasers.

results and understanding of underlying scientific

Stress Engineering

mechanisms supplement the research activities across the centre.

Welding is by far the most popular joining, fabrication and coating process for structural and engineering

More information is available from Dr. Supriyo Ganguly

components. However, generation of weld residual

( or Professor Stewart Williams

stress and distortion of welded components are two

( or by visiting www.cranfield.

issues which can make a welding process nonviable to

Health, Safety and the Environment We welcome Bruno Maerten of GEOCEAN (the new chairman of the HSE Committee) and Alain Gauthiez of Spiecapag. Our sincere thanks to outgoing chairman Adam Wynne Hughes (CRC-Evans) and to Melody Kratsios (SNCLavalin) who has stepped down from the committee following a recent promotion to senior vice president of global security. It was a smaller than usual HSE Committee group that met

(Left to right) Bruno Maerten (Committee Chairman), Juan Arzuaga,

in Geneva on 30 October 2012. Those who were unable to

Brad MacLean, Amir Tajik and Alain Gauthiez meet in the IPLOCA

attend the meeting included Kevin Parker, of Mears Group,

headquarters in Geneva.

who was prevented from making the journey by Hurricane


Sandy. The meeting included a review of the Health &

A workshop on “How to Prevent Catastrophic Losses�

Safety Statistics Return and the associated Health & Safety

is being scheduled for 11 July 2013 in Geneva. More

Report. A similar report covering environmental statistics is

information will be available next year and all IPLOCA

being developed for 2013.

members are cordially invited.


World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations The World Federation of Pipeline Industry Associations met in Istanbul. (Left to right): Cheryl Burgess (Pipeline Industries Guild), David Kavanaugh (PLCAC), Neil Lane (PLCAC), Rob Darden (DCA), Kevin Michels (DCA), Juan Arzuaga (IPLOCA) and Osman Birgili (now IPLOCA Immediate Past President)

In the Headlines RPT-Czech Pipeline Firm to Announce Acquisition

where they need to go,” Lidiak said. “The nation’s crude oil and liquid fuels pipelines have an outstanding safety record and operators understand the need for continuous improvement. Between 1999 and 2011, the number of

Czech state crude importer Mero will announce a strategic

liquid pipeline releases was reduced by about 60 percent

acquisition next Tuesday, it said, days after a government

and the volume released by a little more than 40 percent.

source said it was near to buying a stake in the Transalpine

The industry continues to seek the most beneficial, cost-

(TAL) oil pipeline from Royal Dutch Shell. Mero, which runs

effective improvements to safety.”

the IKL pipeline that hooks up to the TAL in Germany, has

State, 14 November 2012

long been in talks to buy into the pipeline to help ensure an alternative source of oil besides crude from Russia, currently its main supplier. A stake in the pipeline running

Siemens Wins 3-year UAE Pipeline Contract

from Italy’s Adriatic port of Trieste to Germany would

Siemens has been awarded a three-year multi-million

grant priority access to its capacity, which has lately been

dollar supply contract for the maintenance of the strategic

constrained forcing the Czechs to temporarily shut down

Habshan-Fujairah crude oil pipeline automation and

one refinery due to a lack of crude.

telecommunications system. Speaking on the sidelines of, 15 November 2012

ADIPEC 2012, Ali Vezvai, Siemens executive vice president and general manager – oil and gas, said it was a “project of national interest. It’s a critical project for Abu Dhabi

Oil, Gas Industry Seeking “Zero Incident” Record on Pipelines

and the UAE government.” Taking effect from January

The oil and gas industry is seeking the highest possible

operational support services. The contract includes various

2013, the terms of the contract span maintenance and

standards of safety in regard to pipelines, an industry trade

stakeholders such as China’s CPECC, the EPC contractor for

group says. The statement from the American Petroleum

the supply of the pipeline and ADCO, the pipeline operator.

Institute’s Peter Lidiak, director of pipelines, followed, 14 November 2012

the posting of the National Transportation Safety Board’s designation of enhanced pipeline safety and infrastructure in 2013. API represents more than 500 members who are

Cyprus Water Pipeline Project Promises Benefits, but not for Negotiations

major players in the oil and natural gas industry. “Pipelines

A water pipeline project connecting Turkey with northern

are the safest way to transport crude oil and products

Cyprus could solve the island’s persistent water supply

preservation among its top ten “Most Wanted” objectives



problem, but its impact on stalled negotiations between

primary energy sources: oil, gas, coal and renewable energy.

the Turkish and Greek parts of the island will be marginal,

A companion to the IEA’s authoritative monthly Oil Market

experts told SETimes. Cyprus, which receives a modest

Report, the MTOMR offers a bridge between that monthly

annual rainfall of about 500 milimetres, is not considered

snapshot of market conditions and the oil section of the

exceptionally arid. But the island’s vulnerability to drought

annual World Energy Outlook, which has a longer-term focus.

and hot, dry summers make access to water a key concern,, 12 November 2012

especially for industries like agriculture and tourism. Last month, Turkish and Northern Cyprus authorities inaugurated from Mersin to Kyrenia in northern Cyprus through a

Factories Under Lens for Buying Oil Stolen from IOC pipeline

pipeline suspended 250 metres beneath the Mediterranean

Several factories in Jaipur are under the police scanner for

Sea. Upon completion, the pipeline is expected to transport

buying crude oil that was siphoned off from the Jamnagar-

a groundbreaking project to transport water 170 kilometres

75 million cubic metres of water annually.

Mathura IOC pipeline passing through Bharatpur district., 12 November 2012

Following a raid at a godown in Bhankrota on the Ajmer Road on Saturday, where the thieves were storing the oil, it

Global Map of Oil Refining and Trade to be Redrawn over Next 5 Years, IEA Report Says

has come up during investigation that those involved in the theft sold crude to factories in Jaipur., 10 November 2012

Profound shifts in the regional distribution of oil demand and supply growth will redefine the refining industry and transform global oil trade over the next five years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says in its annual MediumTerm Oil Market Report (MTOMR) released today. The IEA

Russia’s Gazprom and Bulgaria’s Energy Holding EAD have

expects the global oil market to become somewhat less

taken the final investment decision on the construction of the

tight over the medium term than it has been through most

South Stream gas pipeline via Bulgaria, finalizing the process

of the last decade, as a combination of demand and supply

of taking FIDs for all sections of the route. The document was

factors will cause OPEC spare capacity to return to more

signed by Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and EAD’s executive

comfortable levels. But it also highlights elevated supply and

director Mihail Andonov in the presence of Bulgarian Prime

demand risks. The MTOMR is the last in a series of medium-

Minister Boyko Borisov, Gazprom said in a statement.

term forecasts that the IEA devotes to each of the four main, 16 November 2012

IPLOCA Yearbook 11 edition th

The iploca yearbook

The official pipe line & offshore conTracTors yearbook

The Yearbook has been distributed worldwide to the desks and in the field of pipeline companies. Do not hesitate to send us the addresses of the persons

11Th ediTion


to whom you wish us to send the IPLOCA Yearbook. Please send any updates to

and be sure to also send a copy to In this way we will update our newsletter mailing lists and membership database. Additional printed copies can be obtained on request:


Russia, Bulgaria Sign Final Investment Decision on South Stream Gas Pipeline


Listing changes Please note the following listing changes in the IPLOCA Yearbook for Associate Member:

728 XinHua Road SHANGHAI 200052 CHINA P.R. T +86 21 6294 1881 F +86 21 6294 1880

BETAFENCE N.V. General Office

Betafence Middle East (Branch)

Betafence N.V. Deerlijkstraat 58A 8550 ZWEVEGEM BELGIUM T +32 56 73 45 00 F +32 56 73 45 98

P.O. Box 293517 Dafza DUBAI U.A.E. T +971 4 204 5028 F +971 4 204 5029

Per Andersen E Sales Manager ArmapipeBranch

Principal Services/Products Armapipe. New armapipe, tailormade reinforcement for concrete coated pipelines

Offices Betafence Shanghai office

907 Union Development Building

ISO 9001:2000

Upcoming Conferences PLCA 65th Annual Conference 12-16 February 2013 - Gainey Ranch, U.S.A. DCA Convention 5-11 March 2013 - Miami Beach, FL, U.S.A. Pipeline Technology Conference 18-20 March 2013 - Hannover, Germany Board Member Iosif Panchak (Stroygazmontazh) invited family and friends to help him celebrate an important birthday on 16 Septem-

Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) Dinner

ber 2012 in Istanbul. The “Ottoman dress required” event included

12 March 2013 - Londoon, U.K.

a surprise performance from a superb Ukrainian children’s choir.

Iosif, seated on cushion, with his wife Irina behind him, is surrounded by a number of family members and friends, some of whom

IPLOCA East & Far East Regional Meeting

may look familiar.

29 March 2013 - Shanghai, China

IPLOCA Media Partners (September 2010 to August 2013)

BENJAMIN MEDIA Trenchless Technology International North American Pipelines

P.O. Box 190 PENINSULA, OHIO 44264 U.S.A. T +1 330 467 7588 F +1 330 468 2289 E I Bernard P. Krzys President & Publisher E OILDOM PUBLISHING COMPANY OF TEXAS, INC.


15 South Street FARNHAM GU9 7QU SURREY U.K. T +44 1252 718 999 F +44 1252 718 992 E I

Hannover Messe 8-12 April 2013 - Hannover, Germany LNG17 16-19 April 2013 - Houston, TX, U.S.A. ISA Calgary Show 17-18 April 2013 - Calgary, AB, Canada

Rod Hardy Director E Chris Lethbridge Advertisement Manager E

Interpipe 2013 23-25 April 2013 - Langfang City, China PLCAC 59th Annual Convention 12-16 May 2013 - Montréal, Canada

Pipeline & Gas Journal


Underground Construction

Offshore Magazine

P.O. Box 941669 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77094-8669 U.S.A. T +1 281 558 6930 #212 F +1 281 558 7029 E I

1455 West Loop South, Suite 400 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77027 U.S.A. T +1 713 963 6270 F +1 713 963 6228 I

28-31 May 2013 - Moscow, Russian Federation

Oliver Klinger President & Publisher E

Mark Peters Vice-President/Group Publisher E

47th IPLOCA Annual Convention

WasteTech CityPipe 2013 28-31 May 2013 - Moscow, Russian Federation

23-27 September 2013 Washington DC, U.S.A.



IPLOCA Board of Directors


Left to right, front row: Najib Khoury, Doug Evans, Osman Birgili, Harald Dresp, Juan Arzuaga (IPLOCA Executive Secretary). Second row: Raúl Vilugrón, Greg Miller. Third row: Iosif Panchak, Karl Trauner, Kaan Dogan, Leonardo Gravina. Fourth row: Jésus Garcia Pons, Jan Koop, Bruno Maerten, Ibrahim Zakhem, Marco Jannuzzi, Jean-Claude Van de Wiele. Fifth row: Adam Wynne Hughes, Andy Ball, Pierluigi Zanin, Jerrit Coward. Sixth row: Michael Rae, Sandip Sharma, Scott Summers, Wilhelm Maats. Inset: Andy Lukas

Officers Doug Evans (Gulf Interstate Engineering), President; Director, America

Jésus Garcia-Pons (Arendal), Director, Latin America

North; Chairman of the New Technologies Committee

Raúl Vilugrón (Montec), Director, Latin America

Najib Khoury (CCC), 1 Vice President; Director, Middle East

Ibrahim Zakhem (Zakhem), Director, Middle East & Africa

& Africa

Andy Lukas (A.J. Lucas), Director, East & Far East

Harald Dresp (Max Streicher), Treasurer; Director, Europe Central

Sandip Sharma (Kalpataru Power Transmission), Director,

Osman Birgili (Tekfen), Immediate Past President; Director, Europe

East & Far East


Greg Miller (Pipeline Inspection), Director, Associate Members


Directors Iosif Panchak (Stroygazmontazh), Director, Europe Eastern

Pierluigi Zanin (Goriziane Group S.p.A.), Director, Associate Members

Kaan Dogan (Attila Dogan), Director, Europe Eastern

Directors at Large

Jan Koop (Bohlen & Doyen), Director, Europe Central

Jerrit Coward (Willbros Group, Inc)

Bruno Maerten (GEOCEAN), Director, Europe Mediterranean,

Marco Jannuzzi (Caterpillar)

Chairman of the HSE Committee

Wilhelm Maats (Maats Pipeline Equipment)

Leonardo Gravina (Sicim S.p.A.), Director, Europe Mediterranean

Karl Trauner (HABAU), Chairman of the Training Committee

Andy Ball (Land & Marine), Director, Europe North-West

Jean-Claude Van de Wiele (Spiecapag)

Adam Wynne Hughes (Pipeline Induction Heat), Director, Europe


Michael Rae (Argus Limited), Director, Associate Members


Executive Secretary

Scott Summers (ARB), Director, America North

Juan Arzuaga


Global growth through innovation ShawCor has established a strong position in its markets through an unwavering focus on global growth, flawless execution, technological innovation and organizational excellence. With a network of modern manufacturing and service facilities around the globe, we are located in the world’s primary energy producing regions and on each of the industry’s growth frontiers. We are continuously working to turn innovative concepts into commercial solutions for our customers’ most challenging projects.

ShawCor – when you need to be sure

IPLOCA Newsletter 53  

IPLOCA Newsletter 53

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