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San Francisco Retrospective with 6 photo pages

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The Group

The following is the new IPLOCA Mission for 2009 and beyond: To provide value to members through a forum for sharing ideas, engaging the industry and its stakeholders, facilitating business opportunities and promoting the highest standards in the pipeline industry.

CONTENTS Letter from the President


News from Geneva


New IPLOCA Board of Directors takes office


Board Meeting Update


Member News


Convention Retrospective


IPLOCA’s Newest Honorary Member: Mike Thiele


IPLOCA Health & Safety Award


Carbon Footprints


IPLOCA New Technologies Award


Novel Construction Meeting


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Upcoming Conferences


IPLOCA Secretariat

IPLOCA Newsletter

International Pipeline & Offshore

Editor Elizabeth Spalding

Contractors Association

Lay-out Peter Schoonenberg

(effective 15 January 2009)


Chemin des Papillons 4

Comments & copy

1216 Cointrin / Geneva


Switzerland Cover photo Telephone +41 22 306 02 30 Fax +41 22 306 02 39 E-mail Website

Courtesy of GDK IPLOCA Yearbook Advertising Listing changes



Letter from the President As I begin my year as IPLOCA’s president I am very pleased to be working with the members of our new Board of Directors. I’m sure many of the faces will be familiar to you, but in case they are not, you will find more information about them on page 6 of this newsletter. We are all looking forward to a busy year. In particular, we plan to continue to expand our Regional Meetings, both to promote participation of our regional clients and to attract potential new members. Another area of emphasis for this year is New Technologies, where we plan to cooperate on some specific research projects with other groups and to continue to seek feedback and further develop our publication “Onshore Pipelines: The Road to Success.” In Training, our committee is developing a questionnaire and working with our sister associations under the umbrella of the World Federation. We will be fostering the active participation of our Academic Members in this area. I will continue to serve as committee Chairman for the HSE initiatives. These include further expansion of our website and revision and updating of our Environmental Guidelines. We also commit to continue to offer a world-class convention, working with our membership and our generous sponsors to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations. Finally, I would like to offer my hearty congratulations to Mike Thiele, elected by unanimous Board vote as IPLOCA’s newest Honorary Member. Mike was presented to the Membership at the San Francisco Convention. By the time this newsletter is in your hands we will just have completed our December Board Meeting and the IPLOCA Secretariat staff will be preparing to move the offices within Geneva. We will not go far; in fact the new location is even closer to the Geneva Airport. You will find more information on the next page. It just remains for me to wish you an excellent 2010. I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Adam.WynneHughes@ should you have any questions. Sincerely,

Adam Wynne Hughes




One of the more interesting challenges in preparing for the

New Headquarters for IPLOCA

code for the building (and in time to get them listed in the

It’s official: IPLOCA is moving

point. Was the building in Cointrin or Meyrin? What was the

move was finding out the correct new address and postal new IPLOCA Yearbook). Opinions seemed to vary on this correct post code? After various exchanges with the Swiss

During the summer we were informed that the current

Post Office there finally seemed to be agreement.

lease on the IPLOCA office space would not be renewed, since the principal tenants required the space for their own use. We subsequently began a search for new offices located in a convenient spot close to Geneva International Airport. During October, after extensive negotiations, Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga signed a five-year lease for space in a brand new (currently still being finalised) building that is even closer to the airport than our current facilities. We plan to move the offices early in the New Year. If all goes according to plan, and assuming our doors and dividing walls are in place on schedule, we should be up and running for business by 15 January. Not only is the new Geneva Airpark an easy walk from the airport and next to the new tram line, it is also almost directly opposite the Holiday Inn Express and just steps from the Moevenpick Hotel – a real advantage for those needing accommodation when flying in to attend meetings at IPLOCA (or anyone particularly fond of that famous Swiss ice cream brand). The new building is definitely a landmark. Its huge external yellow metal supports are visible from quite a distance. The front part of the building is office space, and the rear – under the same roof – is an aircraft hangar, should you be fortunate enough to arrive at IPLOCA by private jet. The airport control tower is clearly visible from the new building. Internal work is continuing. Ultimately the space will include a meeting room for up to 14 people.

IPLOCA’s New Address effective 15 January 2010 International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) Chemin des Papillons 4 1216 Cointrin / Geneva Switzerland Phone: +41 22 306 02 30 Fax: +41 22 306 02 39 Phone and Fax numbers remain the same



2009-2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS TAKE OFFICE Following Elections in San Francisco

Front row: Bruno de La Roussière (Immediate Past President); Karl Trauner (1st Vice President); Adam Wynne Hughes (President); Osman Birgili (2nd Vice President); Juan Arzuaga (Executive Secretary); Middle row: Harald Dresp, Marco Jannuzzi, Najib Khoury, H. Douglas Evans, Robert Deason, Sandip Sharma; Back row: Jacquelin de La Porte, Ebbo Laenge, Michael Rae, Vladilen Ermolin, Roberto Castelli, Andy Lukas; Not in photo: Phil Bond, Nasser Issa, Zeno Soave

The officers for the coming year were appointed as follows:

Engineer. He worked for different departments and

President - Adam Wynne Hughes

at different levels within

First Vice President - Karl Trauner

Tekfen. Between 1993

Second Vice President - Osman Birgili

and 1998 he worked as

Treasurer - Phil Bond

Director with executive

Immediate Past President - Bruno de La Roussière

authority at HMB (Hallesche Mitteldeutsche Bau A.G.), a subsidiary of Tekfen Group

Directors-at-Large - Phil Bond (to serve as Treasurer),

in Germany. In 1998 he was appointed Vice President in

Roberto Castelli, Harald Dresp, Doug Evans, Nasser Issa

charge of Business Development at the head office in Istanbul, Turkey. In May 2005 he was nominated as Senior

Each director-at-large is appointed for a period of one year,

Vice President in charge of Sales. Presently he is also the

and must be re-appointed each year, to a maximum of

Deputy Chairman on the Board of Directors of Tekfen

twice two years.

Engineering and Board Member of two Tekfen Group

New Board Members


Companies, HMB (Germany) and Geotek (Georgia). He is fluent in English and can also communicate in German.

Osman Birgili, Senior Vice President, Tekfen, began working

He is married and has two sons. Osman graduated

as a Site Engineer at Molin Construction Company and

from Robert College and METU (Middle East Technical

joined Tekfen six months later in August 1978 as a Project

University), Civil Engineering Faculty (B.Sc. 1978).


Harald Dresp, Senior

as Project Director (originally for Coflexip since acquired

Vice President for

by Technip), he joined Spiecapag in 2007. Asked about

international business

the evolution of his career, he answered: “I started as

within the STREICHER

Engineering Manager, designing things that were almost

Group, Germany began his

impossible to sell, and progressed to my current position

career in the international

of Business Development Director where I sell things

power plant construction

that are almost impossible to design.” He is married to

business for Deutsche Babcock, Germany. He has

Caroline and has one daughter, Clementine. He plays

almost 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas business

guitar but, he says, only for his own entertainment. His

beginning with his first employment with Mannesmann

favourite holiday location is Corsica.

Anlagenbau, Germany in 1990. He was responsible for the pipeline business of Mannesmann worldwide and

Ebbo Laenge, a German

worked for and together with most of the international

citizen, is a mechanical

engineering and oil & gas companies. In 2000 he joined

engineer who began his

the Netherlands-based company NACAP where he was

professional career as a

first responsible for the Middle East region and later also

water engineer on several

Managing Director of NACAP GmbH in Germany. From

aid projects in Africa. He

2007 until the present time he has been responsible

later became involved

for international business development at the MAX

with Preussag in Germany as a field engineer on pipeline

STREICHER Group, Germany. Harald previously served

projects. In 1987 he was sent to the daughter company

on the IPLOCA Board of Directors in 2005 and 2006.

CONDUTO in Brazil, where he continued working as an

His interests include sports – playing golf with his wife

engineer. In1990 he began working for the company as

Gudrun or friends and colleagues – and taking every

project manager on pipelines and facility projects in all

opportunity to spend time with his family, including three

parts of Brazil. In 1992 he was named Project Manager


for a large project in Ecuador and in 1995 he became General Manager of Conduto Ecuador before moving Vladilen Ermolin was born

on to the same position in Bolivia from 1999 to 2001. In

in January 1965 in the

2001 he returned to Ecuador and then in 2006 to Brazil

USSR and graduated from

as CEO of the Conduto Group, which operates today

the Moscow University of

serving the energy industries from oil to gas and power

Transport Engineers in 1987

generation and transmission in five South American

as an electrical engineer. In

countries. He has three children and is currently living in

1995 he also graduated in

Rio de Janeiro. His hobbies include diving, paragliding

Economics from the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade.

and biking.

He is experienced in underwater main pipeline construction, strategic development and planning and

Michael Rae has lived in Germany,

general management. Since 1989 he has worked in the

France and the former Soviet

oil and gas pipeline construction industry in Russia and

Union at various points in his life.

abroad (Iraq, Yemen) and since 2002 has headed and

He received his bachelor’s degree

managed PTPS JSC, one of the leading Russian companies

from the George Washington

in underwater pipeline construction. Vladilen is married

University Columbian College in

and has an 11 year old daughter. His interests include

the United States in 1970. Shortly

tennis, golf and skiing.

thereafter he began working with companies supplying industrial Jacquelin de La Porte Jacquelin de

products to the former Soviet Union. In 1981, he

La Porte, Executive Vice President,

became president and founder of Argus Ltd, a company

Spiecapag is in charge of Business

specializing in the supply of equipment and materials

Development. After seven years in

for the construction and rehabilitation of oil and gas

the Thermal Power Plants business,

pipelines in that part of the world, as well as in Algeria,

he discovered (at last) that his life

Greece, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries where

had to involve pipelines. After 10

Russian pipeline construction companies are at work. In

years’ experience in the offshore

addition to IPLOCA, Argus is a member of the Russian Oil

pipeline industry, serving mainly

and Gas Contractors Association, the American Welding



Society and has been IPO registered since 2006. Argus is a factory authorized distributor for a number of IPLOCA Associate Members. The company maintains offices in Moscow and six other cities in the Russian Federation, as well as in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, the United States and Great Britain. Michael Rae is a director of several companies and charitable foundations. Sandip Sharma, Director


The 2008-2009 Board of Directors held its final meeting in San Francisco and then met briefly with the new board following the elections. The 2009-2010 board then held its first meeting.

of Kalpataru Power


Transmission Limited,

With the 2009-2010 elections completed, the Board of

has worked in energy for

Directors determined that the election procedure would

the last 27 years, with 19

be reviewed by the Secretariat in the coming year such

of those years dedicated

that the procedure would be clearer and would better

to the oil & gas sector

engage the participation of all members. It was pointed

including experience in project management and project

out that securing potential Directors can be difficult since

execution. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical

some of the largest companies, while they are active and

Engineering and an MBA in Oil & Gas. Representing

enthusiastic supporters of the association, are unable to

the East/Far East region on the Board, he would like

spare their executives to serve on the board of IPLOCA.

to promote exchange of experience and ideas to

Adam Wynne Hughes reminded the board that the

enhance quality and to encourage pooling of resources

rotation of Presidents by region is important and must be

for effective training. One of his major interests is

communicated via our website.

photography – from wildlife to pipeline projects.

Status of Membership

Zeno Soave was born in

New Members: Stroynovatsya (Member) and Vacuworks

Venice in July 1943. After

(Associate Member) were approved by email vote since the

receiving a degree in

previous board meeting.

Civil Engineering, from

Resignations: Trench-Tech International, Inc. USA;

the University of Bologna

Ukrnaftogazbud, Ukraine; Yuzhtruboprovodstroy JSC,

in 1969, he started work

Russia; Zangas JSC, Russia

for his family’s company Zenone Soave & Figli, founded in 1859. He established



Socotherm in 1973 as a subsidiary of Zenone Soave &

Associate Members


Figli and expanded the coating application activity from

Academic Members


the civil industry to the oil & gas industry and held the

Honorary Members

3 (see page 20)

position of Chairman and CEO. During the 1980s he began an international development programme with the

Venice Convention

aim of becoming a worldwide global player in the pipe

The hotel contract has been signed and proposals are

coating industry, establishing joint ventures with local

pending from ground agents.

partners on the five continents. Due to its Research & Development activities, the Group has grown to become

Yearbook Contract

a leader, “deep water” anticorrosion and insulation for

The Yearbook Contract through 2015 has been awarded to

sub-sea oil exploration. In December 2002 Zeno Soave

Pedemex following receipt of several proposals.

listed Socotherm on the Italian Stock Exchange and in 2006 listed the Argentinian subsidiary Socotherm

Geneva Headquarters

Americas on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. As

Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga informed the board that

Chairman and CEO of both Socotherm S.p.a (Italy) and

he was in the process of securing new offices for IPLOCA,

Socotherm Americas S.A. (Argentina) he represents the

following the loss of the association’s current lease. (More

fourth generation of the Soave family in the business.

information is on page 5 of this newsletter).

Serving on the IPLOCA Board Zeno hopes to bring his


support and significant experience in the oil & gas

Committee Representation

industry to all members of the association with particular

President Adam Wynne Hughes noted that the committees

reference to contracting.

are now made up of experts provided from member


companies in addition to board members. Member

is an important step of Nacap’s continuing expansion in

companies able to provide their expertise to the

the Middle East and emphasises our capabilities as an EPC

committees are asked to contact Juan Arzuaga.


Regional Meetings Adam Wynne Hughes is encouraging more Regional

Tony Fernandez Takes on Global Responsibilities at PLM

Meetings this year. Member companies willing to host

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) President Mel

a meeting in their region should get in touch with the

Ternan has announced that Anthony J. (Tony) Fernandez

Secretariat as soon as possible.

has taken on the new position of Senior Vice President with PLM. Tony will expand his current Americas role and will take on all global sales and operations responsibility

MEMBER NEWS Fluor Reaches 10 Million Safe Work Hours at Luminant’s Oak Grove Project

for the company. “Tony has done an excellent job working closely with our customers and has led our Americas team through the challenges presented by the extraordinary level of growth since our formation in 2005,” said Ternan. “With Tony taking responsibility for daily operational and sales issues, we will have more opportunity at the

Fluor Corporation has announced that Luminant’s Oak

president level to concentrate on strategic and PLM

Grove Power Plant project in Franklin, Texas, for which the

expansion plans.” Tony Fernandez has been with PLM since

firm is the engineering, procurement and construction

its inception in May 2005. He was previously with Ring

contractor, recently achieved a significant safety milestone

Power Corporation for 17 years in the roles of international

of 10 million safe work hours. “The health and safety of

accounts manager and later, pipeline division manager.

our employees is one of Fluor’s core values. We strive to

Tony participated in the early discussions that resulted

deliver quality and schedule proficiency while accentuating

in a four-dealer partnership to form PLM and provide

focus on health, safety and environmental excellence in all

global focus from Caterpillar to the pipeline industry. He

phases of project execution,” said Dave Dunning, Fluor’s

will continue his valued contributions as a member of the

Power Group president. “For the Oak Grove project, this

executive advisory team.

exceptional safety performance began with initial project construction in July 2006 and has fostered a new standard of HSE expectations.”

Nacap awarded EUR 235 million contract from Saudi Aramco

Technip Awarded Subsea Contract for the Appaloosa Development in the Gulf of Mexico Technip has been awarded a lump sum contract by ENI US Operating for the Appaloosa development project in the Gulf of Mexico. This project consists of the tie-back of the

Nacap-Suedrohrbau, the Saudi-Arabian subsidiary of the

Appaloosa well located in Mississippi Canyon, 145 nautical

Dutch Pipeline Contractor Nacap has signed a EUR 235

miles (268 kilometers) offshore Mobile, Alabama at a water

million contract with Saudi Aramco for the engineering,

depth of approximately 2,825 feet (860 meters), to the

procurement and construction of a multi-product pipeline

Corral platform. The contract covers:

from Ras Tanura Refinery on the east coast of Saudi

-- Project Management and surveys,

Arabia via Dhahran to Riyadh in the central region of the

-- Engineering, fabrication and installation of a 21-mile long

Kingdom. The scope consists of 506 km 30” pipeline, three

-- (34-kilometer) production flowline, a riser and subsea

pump stations, metering systems, substation buildings and maintenance. The pipelines are planned to transport

equipment, -- Installation of free issued umbilical and flying leads,

diesel and kerosene from the refineries in Ras Tanura to

-- Pre-commissioning and dewatering of the flowline.

Riyadh and also to Dhahran and Al-Hasa along the way.

Technip’s operating center in Houston, Texas will execute

The project must be completed by December 2011. Victor

this contract. The flowline and riser will be welded at the

Aquina, CEO of NACAP commented: “The cooperation with

Group’s spoolbase located in Mobile. Offshore installation

Saudi Aramco in this project phase has been excellent.

is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2009

We have been able to create mutual understanding and

using the Deep Blue, Technip’s deepwater pipelay vessel.

reach agreement about all aspects of the project. Our

Extensive saturation diving work will be executed using the

organisations are well aligned to make this a success.

Skandi Achiever, one of the Group’s diving support vessels,

Converting our initial unit pricing to a Lump Sum Turn Key

and umbilical installation using the Deep Pioneer, one of

project is an innovative approach and we are proud to be

Technip’s deepwater construction vessel. Technip’s scope of

the preferred partner to Saudi Aramco for this project. This

work is expected to be completed by 15th April 2010.




Sincere Thanks to our Sponsors, Speakers, and Special Supporters

What a week it was! Judging by the faces in the

excellent, 7.5% as outstanding.

photographs on the folowing pages – and the feedback

Tours: 65% ranked tours as good or excellent, 25% as

received from our questionnaire – the San Francisco event


was a huge success.

Programme: 79% ranked the programme as good or excellent, 12% as outstanding.

Six hundred people converged on the Fairmont Hotel during

Speakers: 81% ranked the speakers as good or excellent,

the week and spent time with friends and colleagues from

11% as outstanding.

all over the world, taking advantage of many opportunities

Novel Construction: We also solicited initial feedback

to tour, network and do business.

from those who attended the Novel Construction session

Post-Convention Questionnaire

on the new publication: “Onshore Pipelines - The Road to Success”. Please see pages 18-19 for more information.

This year we sent the questionnaire to more than 300 people and received 80 responses. We greatly appreciate

Every year we find the individual comments received

the time these attendees spent in providing their feedback.

particularly revealing. Obviously we look for patterns. Was

Some key findings follow.

there significant concern expressed over some specific aspect? Something that we need to make sure does – or does not –

Reasons to attend the convention: 74% of respondents

happen again? Which topics were raised consistently?

ranked networking as high on their list of reasons to attend

In fact, as so often happens, many of the individual

the convention. 66% ranked seeing friends as high, 45%

comments directly contradicted each other:

ranked the meetings as high, and 50% ranked marketing


as high.

“For me, this was the best IPLOCA convention yet.

Choice of Location: 67% ranked the choice of San Francisco

Very impressed”

as good or excellent, 25% as outstanding.


Hotel services : 76% ranked hotel services as good or

“Poorly organised”.


“Magnificent location. Good choice of hotel” versus


“IPLOCA could have picked a better, more convenient place in the suburbs than the Fairmont.” “The tours were all very informative and very nicely conducted”

Leslie Link, Manager, IPA Refining, Petrochemicals, Pipelines & Terminals In Search of Excellence in Pipeline Projects

versus “The tour guides were as usual very formal and quite boring.” Conclusion: It is not always easy to please everyone all the time.

Richard B. Spears, Managing Director, Spears & Associates, Inc. The Bust of ’09 and the Boom of ‘11

Finally, to the gentleman who complained that he “wished [his] wife could have stayed longer”, we can only offer our sympathy. That was definitely not something within our control!

Donald (Don) Wishart, Executive Vice-President, Operations & Engineering, TransCanada Perspectives on North America Pipeline

Sincere Thanks to our San Francisco


Projects in Coming Years Rebecca Roberts, President, Chevron Pipe Line Company The Importance of Visible Leadership

Daslav Brkic, Vice President Business & Technology Dev. BU Onshore, Saipem

Lucio Linassi, Russia Area Manager & Sakhalin2 Project Director, Saipem Lands of Sakhalin

Our San Francisco attendees were very appreciative of the speaker presentations during the Thursday and Friday Open General Meetings and made that quite clear in their responses to the questionnaire. We asked this year’s attendees which topics were likely to

Dr. Bernard Amadei, Engineers without Borders-International The Role of Engineers in Poverty Reduction: Challenges and Opportunities

be of greatest interest to them for next year. Topic choices for the future came back as follows: -- 1st choice: Projects -- 2nd choice: Market Trends -- 3rd choice: Technologies We encourage your recommendations of speakers and topics for next year. Please contact the Secretariat or email

Michael D. King, Discipline Lead for BP America Inc. in the E & P Projects and Engineering Group’s Pipeline and Civil Team IPLOCA New Technologies Award, sponsored by BP with your recommendations.





Worldwide Machinery


On the Wednesday of convention week, the Worldwide Machinery tennis tournament took place at the beautiful Meadowood Country Club in the heart of the Napa Valley. In the midst of six tennis courts set off by lawns and gardens, the participants were served a full breakfast buffet set out on the lawn. Following breakfast, it was time to play tennis. After five rounds of doubles, the top four in each of the two brackets played off for the championship. The winners in the Blue

for a short ride to the famous Auberge du Soleil, one of

Division were Marta Santander and Frans Groos, narrowly

the top country inns and restaurants in the Napa Valley. On

edging out Debbie Greenberg and Dmitry Ermolin. In the

their outside deck with a panoramic view of the vineyards,

Red Division the pair of Mark Roerink and Peter Borgards

everyone enjoyed a gourmet four course lunch.

edged out Daniel Santander and Vladelin Ermolin. They were each presented with a bottle of wine engraved with

Everyone had a great time and expressed their intention to

the details of the event. Then the group got back on the bus

play together again next year in Venice.

This year, PIH introduced a new competition – “Beat the Pro”. Ten players did indeed beat the professional supplied by the course, and each received a small prize at the end of the event. The added competition was judged a great success and is likely to be repeated next year in Venice. Apparently the infamous Rod Hardy behaved perfectly this year, to everyone’s great surprise. What has happened previously involving Rod? The stories abound, but last year he succeeded in breaking a brand new club and rumour has it that in the 2007 tournament he managed to put such a huge hole in the course while teeing off that an excavator had to be brought in to repair the damage… Our illustrious host winners (Team 10) (Left to right): Vimal Kaushik, Phil Bond, Adam Wynne Hughes and Patrick Michels

Pipeline Induction Heat


The PIH Golf Tournament was held this year at the famous Harding Park Golf Course, site of the 2009 President’s Cup, which followed shortly after the IPLOCA Convention. Needless to say, the course was in superb condition and the location was highly appreciated by the participants.



Careful, Rod!

Thanks to our San Francisco 2009


We are extremely grateful to our valued sponsors for their support of the San Francisco Convention.

Special Functions:

2. Alcatraz

The First Time Attendees Cocktails

The Lincoln Electric Company

Pipeline & Gas Journal and Ozzie’s

3. San Francisco by

Pipeline Padder, Inc. (co-sponsorship)

Motorized Cable Car

The Welcome Party


Dodsal Group

4. Journey through Wine Country

President’s Dinner

Welspun Global Trade LLC and

Entertainment at Final Banquet

Entrepose Contracting and IPLOCA

RMS Welding Systems (co-sponsorship)

HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft


5. Alcatraz

and PPS Pipeline Systems

Directors & Wives Dinner

ShawCor Ltd


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

6. Museums of San Francisco

Audiovisual at Final Banquet

Former Presidents’ Cocktails


Vacuworx International and

Zakhem International Construction Ltd

7. Muir Woods & Sausalito

IPLOCA (co-sponsorship)

The CRC-Evans Luncheon

CPP China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau and

Car for Lottery

CRC-Evans Pipeline International and

Taishan Construction Machinery Co. Ltd

Ledcor Pipeline Limited

co-sponsored by Applus RTD Group


Photographers at the Convention

The Caterpillar Evening

8. Alcatraz

PTPS and Tefken Construction and


Borusan Mannesmann

Installation Co., Inc. (co-sponsorship)


9. San Francisco by Motorized

Convention Photo CD

Laurini Officine Meccaniche

Cable Car (for latecomers)


The Spy Ladies Brunch

Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH

Printing of Pocket Programme

Pipeline Inspection Members & Associate Members

Goriziane S.p.A.

Convention / IPLOCA Functions:

Printing of Final Banquet Menu


Registration Desk

Goriziane S.p.A.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Printing of Attendance List

Members & Associate

Welcome Drinks at Registration

Pipeline & Gas Journal

Members Lunch

J. Ray McDermott, Inc.

Russian Simultaneous Translation

Bechtel and Herrenknecht AG

Internet Centre

Argus Limited


Consolidated Contractors Company (C.C.C.)

Coaches to the Airport

The John Fabick Cocktail Party

Coffee breaks at Open General

Max Streicher GmbH & Co

Pipeline Machinery International


Convention Fund Contributions Fluor

Music for “Dancing ‘til Dawn”

C.A.T. International Ltd.

Trencor/Astec Underground and

Audio Visual at Open General

American Augers


Open Bar for “Dancing ‘til Dawn”

Land and Marine Project Engineering Ltd

Gifts: Denso GmbH

Jindal Saw Ltd.

Registration Bags for the Gentlemen


PIH Golf Tournament

ShawCor Ltd.

Welspun Global Trade LLC

Pipeline Induction Heat

Registration Bags for the Ladies

Insight Guide to California

WWM Tennis Tournament


Maats Pipeline Equipment

Worldwide Machinery

Tour Programme: 1. Journey through Wine Country

Wine at Final Banquet

Liebherr model

Willbros Group, Inc.


Flowers at Final Banquet

Champagne at Final Banquet



ARB Inc. and Gulf Interstate Engineering

Band at Final Banquet


Koop Holding Europe b.v.



IPLOCA’s Newest Honorary Member:

MIKE THIELE Michael L. Thiele Date of Birth: July 1940

Education: BSME Purdue University Registered Professional Engineer Texas Married 40 years with one son born in 1974 IPLOCA Board Member 1989–1991 IPLOCA President 1990-1991 Participant in 33 of 37 conventions

Elaine & Mike Thiele

IPLOCA Former President (1991), Mike Thiele was introduced in San Francisco as the association’s newest Honorary Member, following a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors. The most recent previous recipient of the special honour was John Phillips in 2005. Mike worked with Bechtel Group, Inc for 41 years before retiring in 2005. He progressed through this huge company from international direct hire construction, engineering, project & business development, project management to corporate general operations management. He was elected Senior Vice President of the

President Bruno de la

company in 1990, Director in 1997

Roussière (left) offers

and Executive Vice President in

his congratulations.

2000. Residing outside of the USA for 20 years, he was directly responsible for the execution of major international fixed price engineering, procurement and construction projects in Libya, Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, Russia and the United States. He served as President of Bechtel’s Pipeline Business Line for 18 years, Executive Sponsor of Bechtel’s Civil and Mining & Metals Business Lines and Bechtel’s Construction Equipment Company. For ten years he served as Chairman



of Bechtel’s Project Risk Assessment Committee which

photo from the 1991 Cannes Convention, shows

reviewed deal structure, execution plans, joint ventures, win

then President Mike Thiele (left) with Bob Todd, the 2nd President

plans and risk mitigation plans for major high risk business

of IPLOCA. They represented the oldest and the newest Presidents

development opportunities across all eight Bechtel Business

present in Cannes.

Lines in all regions.


“I played golf with Mike for 40 years, and I could never understand how he got off a plane after spending two or three weeks overseas on various projects and shot in the 70’s.”

THANKS TO YOU… Generosity of IPLOCA Convention Attendees Raises USD 24,000 for Caritas Internationalis

Paul Evans Chairman & CEO, CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. “IPLOCA is a great organization today because of the unselfish roles that people like Mike Thiele have played during some difficult times and I am proud to see that he has been recognized for his efforts with an Honorary Membership.” Scott Summers President, ARB, Inc. “Mike Thiele is absolutely deserving of this honor and his selection enhances the prestige of Honorary Member of IPLOCA. His career could well serve as a fine example for our younger members.” Larry Bump former IPLOCA President “One of the highest honors that IPLOCA is able to bestow

The Ledcor-sponsored Final Banquet lottery in San Francisco raised a whopping USD 24,000 for Caritas and netted a new car for lucky winner Fred Hutchings (right) of Shawcor. Bernadine and Tom Lassu (Ledcor) presented the certificate.

on one of our members is that of Honorary Member. The individual must have performed distinguished service to the pipeline or offshore oil and gas industry.” Greg Miller Managing Director & CEO of Pipeline Inspection Co., Ltd.

More Accolades for Mike Thiele “a formidable competitor but always an honorable one” “absolutely deserving of this honour” “provided IPLOCA with very strong leadership during the critical time when the Offshore Division was being integrated into our Association” “always quick to sing the praises of the Association to all prospective regular or associate members” “well known and highly respected by the international pipeline community” “never afraid to make a tough decision and always willing to shoulder the criticism as long as it was in the best interest of IPLOCA”

Post-convention, Caritas Internationalis Climate Change Officers Floriana Polito (2nd from left)and Christine Campeau were guests at lunch during IPLOCA’s Novel Construction Meeting held in Geneva in October. IPLOCA Past President Bruno de La Roussière (right) and current President Adam Wynne Hughes (left) presented the Caritas representatives with a cheque. Floriana and Christine are to attend the UN Climate Change Conference and gratefully accepted the Caritas banner to take with them to help with their Caritas advocacy work in Copenhagen.



IPLOCA HEALTH & SAFETY AWARD The IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron was presented during the San Francisco Convention in recognition of a significant achievement in promoting Health & Safety.

The winner was Ledcor Pipeline Limited, represented by Tom Lassu, Kevin Cater and Bill Partington, in recognition for their work on the Roll Over Protection Structure.

Runners Up -- J. Ray McDermott, represented by Bob Deason, for their Accident / Incident Investigation Program. -- Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd, represented by Motohiro Washimi, Osamu Kitazawa, Satoshi Nishimura and Ram Ahgir, for their Alert-Response

Adam Wynne Hughes spoke about the IPLOCA membership’s Health & Safety Satistics, submitted each year to the Secretariat as a condition of membership, following which the Awards were presented by Becky Roberts of Chevron Pipe Line.

2 Step initiative. -- National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) for their Inspection, Testing & Tagging - Portable Electrical Apparatus Program. -- TL Offshore Sdn. Bhd., represented by Shahrul Faiz Modh Aziz, for their programme Together Toward HSE Excellence. The HSE Committee judged the entries by means of individual scores from a Balanced Score Card especially developed for this purpose by the committee to guarantee a transparent selection process. We congratulate all those who participated this year in the IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron for their commitment to raising the bar on Health & Safety. We encourage continuing efforts and applications for the next Health and Safety Award which will be awarded at the 2010 Convention in Venice. The application form will be made available on the IPLOCA website.


were going to spend more energy and money measuring

By Martin Coleman, IPLOCA HSE Committee

meaningful that will hopefully save money and reduce our

our performance then we need to measure something carbon footprint. In the last few years we have all tried

We have all heard of the Copenhagen Summit/Forum

to jump on the bandwagon to try and save the planet.

which follows on from other Climate Change meetings. No

Although it was mostly with good intentions there are many

doubt there will be lots of promises, disagreements and

instances where those intentions were misguided.

many toys will be thrown out of the presidential prams, but even Heads of State now recognise that we have to do

We all have stories to tell:

something to reduce our carbon emissions.

-- The obligation to transport waste 800 km by road for recycling or destruction. Did we know that after

We have had a number of key indicators in this industry

transporting waste over 800 km by road it was then

over the past 5 to 10 years that we have had to measure

land-filled, burnt or shipped to India or China for

depending on which country you are working in and for

recycling? Did we ever calculate the carbon emissions

which client: reuse of materials/waste, recycling waste,

from transporting such waste?

incineration of waste, landfill of waste, total fuel used, km driven, electricity used, gas used, water used.

-- The obligation to transport oil-polluted soil from the place of the incident to a waste treatment area 350 km


To date, IPLOCA has not developed a database of statistics

away and then transport it back to the original location.

concerning environmental data. Why? Well, what were

The contractor was not allowed to treat the waste in situ.

we going to do with the statistics if we had any? If we

It had to be transported to the waste area, spread out in


the sun for a few weeks and then transported back.

Willbros joins IPLOCA HSE Committee

Did we calculate the carbon emissions? -- The imposition of EU environmental standards on countries that do not have the existing infrastructure or legal framework to manage the environment to EU

Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA

legislation. In the end waste had to be transported

President and Chairman of

nearly 1,500 km to be treated as the project was unable

the IPLOCA HSE Committee

to use an incinerator already purchased for the project

recently announced

and the project was not issued an operating license for

that Brad MacLean, Vice

the land-fill.

What can we do that is effective to reduce our carbon footprint and not cost the earth? Perhaps in the near term we should look at reducing the amount of fuel we use on our construction projects. Although we train plant operators before they are allowed to start on a project, this training concentrates on the safety aspect. Studies have been carried out by various road transport organisations with the objective of reducing their fuel costs. The studies show that by training drivers to conserve fuel by driving efficiently they can reduce fuel costs by 15 percent. Why not apply this to reducing our carbon footprint and save money? We have all seen cranes and side-booms sitting for hours with the engine ticking over waiting to start work. We see and hear generators running during the day when there is no need. Do we have the correct traffic management systems in place? Who decides the route a driver will take? Is it via his favourite café, 20 km off the most direct route? We would like our members to participate in forwarding ideas on saving fuel and also what criteria we should use to measure our carbon emissions. Please send your comments to

President of Health, Safety and Environment at Willbros has committed to add his expertise to the committee. “We are delighted that Willbros is lending its support to the committee in the person of Brad, as we move forward with our committee objectives in 2010“ he said. “We look forward to a busy and productive year.”

Committee Members -- Adam Wynne Hughes (Chairman) Land & Marine Project Engineering Ltd, Managing Director -- Juan Arzuaga IPLOCA Executive Secretary -- Martin Coleman SPIECAPAG, Corporate Environmental Manager -- Paul Conway C.A.T. Group -- Helen Dornan Serimax, Group HSE Manager, Q.H.S.E. Manager -- Frank Green Pipeline Induction Heat, Health Safety & Environmental Manager -- Brad MacLean Willbros USA, Inc., VP, Health, Safety and Environment -- Knud Petersen Shell Global Solutions International BV, Global Manager Pipelines & Offshore Technology -- Dinç Senlier Tekfen Insaat Ve Tesisat, Total Quality and HSE Management Representative -- Amir Tajik Max Streicher GmbH & Co KG aA, Senior Safety Engineer -- John Truhe Chevron Pipe Line Co., Manager of Construction, Environmental & Technical Services



IPLOCA NEW TECHNOLOGIES AWARD The 2009 IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP was presented during the annual Convention held in San Francisco. The Award is given in recognition of a significant achievement in the development of new pipeline technologies. Members of the Adjudication Committee were Bruno

The Award was presented by Mike King (BP) and Roberto

de La Roussière (Entrepose Contracting), Doug Evans

Castelli (Bonatti) to Herrenknecht AG, represented by

(Gulf Interstate Engineering), Bob Deason (J. Ray

Werner Suhm, in recognition for their excellent work on

McDermott, S.A.) and Roberto Castelli (Bonatti).

Direct Pipe.

Judging Process

Runners Up

Using a balanced score card method to determine

-- Caterpillar Inc., represented by Daniel Macholan and

the winners, the committee looked at such questions as whether the entry represented a technological breakthrough, a new or revised construction practice, or a new piece of equipment or tool. Additional data was gathered to support the application, including whether or not it had been successfully used on a major project, or whether its development was at a significant stage such as to warrant an award.

Marco Jannuzzi, for the D7E Track-type Tractor. -- Laurini Officine Meccaniche, represented by Marco Laurini, for their new Pipe Layer PL105. -- Ludescher Cablecrane Systems GmbH, represented by Joachim Seyr and Christoph Ludescher, for their new carriage GSK 160 for cable crane systems -- Volvo Construction Equipment, represented by Eddy Powell and Bernard Quereillahc, for their Pipelayer PL4608.

Finally, a set of questions were asked to determine if indeed the entry represented a significant contribution

IPLOCA congratulates all those who participated in the

to the industry and whether it addressed some of the

2009 New Technologies Award sponsored by BP for

challenges currently faced. Mike King of BP and Roberto

their commitment to furthering the progress of pipeline

Castelli, Chairman of the IPLOCA New Technologies

construction. We encourage continuing efforts and

Committee, made the presentation and addressed the

applications for the next New Technologies Award which

members of the audience about New Technologies.

will be made in 2011.


Novel Construction Plenary Session “Onshore Pipelines - The Road to Success” At the end of October in Geneva, 27 people from 21 companies attended the Novel Construction Plenary Session, focused on the further development of the document “Onshore Pipelines – The Road to Success”. The objectives of the meeting included identifying those parts of the book that need to be expanded, identifying new topics that need to be covered, defining work groups and their composition and discussion of possible research



topics for cooperation with EPRG, PRCI and APIA. Some initial comments were reported at the meeting and subsequently some further feedback was received as part of the San Francisco Convention Questionnaire. However

A SPECIAL MISSION for Taishan’s Daifeng Pipelayer in India

the most substantial feedback will be gleaned from a Road-to-Success-specific questionnaire that will be sent to all recipients for response by early 2010. The cover letter sent with the document asked that recipients circulate the document widely within their organisations and make it available for review by as many people on the managerial staff as possible while the questionnaire is in preparation. We particularly asked reviewers to look at the document with the following in mind: -- Their level of interest in the document -- Feedback by chapter -- Sections that need expanding -- Likelihood of using the document as a working guide Each delegate at the San Francisco Convention received a copy of the book and response so far has been very positive. We are gratified that so many of our member companies provided their expertise and manpower in developing the content. In all, some 110 people and more than 50 companies contributed to this edition. If you received a review copy, please watch your email for the link to the questionnaire.

“Onshore Pipelines - The Road to Success” A limited number

All in a day’s work…

of copies of this

One morning in mid September, a call for help went out

373 page document were printed and distributed to each of the delegates at the San Francisco Convention. Those Member companies unable to send a delegate to San Francisco were mailed one copy of the document. An obvious question is the possibility of IPLOCA making an electronic version of this large (1.8 kg) document available. This is definitely an option for the future, but only after we receive the necessary feedback on this first edition. If you have any questions, please email

on the Barmer-Salaya Pipeline (Rajasthan State in western India to Gujarat State) at Sanchor3. A camel had fallen into the ditch of the pipeline under construction. It seemed that it was injured and could not rise to its feet. It let out indignant low grunts whenever it was approached by people. The pipelayer operators decided to attempt to rescue the unfortunate animal with two hoisting belts. First they dug two shallow ditches below the camel’s belly, and then slowly pulled through two hoisting belts. With the lift hook slowly and carefully raised, the camel was gently hoisted up, its legs kicking randomly as the assembled crew looked on with apprehension. The pipelayer finally landed the camel lightly on safe ground to instant and enthusiastic applause.



IN THE HEADLINES Alaska should cut risk of natgas-pipeline sponsor

Bredero Shaw to provide pipe coating services for the QSN3 pipeline project Bredero Shaw has received a contract with a value in excess of US$40 million from Marubeni-Itochu to provide

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The head of the BP-ConocoPhillips

pipeline coatings for Epic Energy’s QSN3 Pipeline Project.

joint venture seeking to build a huge Alaska natural

The QSN3 Project incorporates the looping construction of

gas pipeline said on Thursday he worries that the state

the South West Queensland Pipeline, SWQP and the QSN

government is doing too little to reduce the project’s

Link Pipeline. QSN3 will be installed from Wallumbilla in

economic risks. Uncertainties over long-term state tax

South East Queensland to Moomba in South Australia. The

rates, the fate of disputed leases at the Point Thomson oil

contract has been awarded to Bredero Shaw (Australia).

and gas field on the North Slope and other matters should

The QSN3 project will be executed at the Bredero Shaw

be addressed by the state of Alaska, said Bud Fackrell,

pipe coating facilities in Kembla Grange, Australia and in

president of Denali, the BP-ConocoPhillips company

Kuantan, Malaysia.

promoting the massive natural gas project., November 2009

Reuters, 19 November 2009

Turkmenistan seen as top gas supplier for Nabucco

Door open for India on gas pipeline: Iran minister NEW DELHI: Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan - Energy-rich Turkmenistan could

on Tuesday said that the door would remain open for India

become a top supplier to fill a Western-backed natural

to join the Iran-India-Pakistan friendship pipeline project

gas pipeline aimed at reducing Europe’s dependency on

but indicated that the state of affairs could not continue

Russian gas, a top executive on the project said Thursday.

for an indefinite period. `I think India is desirous to join the

The planned EUR 7.9 billion (USD11.7 billion) Nabucco

project. The road is open for the joining of Indian friends,’’

pipeline would run 3,300 kilometers from to Turkey

said the Iranian Foreign Minister at the Indian Council for

through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and end in Austria,

World Affairs. India, which is far from convinced about the

circumventing Russia.

viability of the project, has conveyed to the Iranian side

Associated Press, 19 November 2009

that New Delhi continues to have serious issues on security with the gas project in the backdrop of the deteriorating


security situation in Pakistan. The Economic Times, India, 18 November 2009

The Yearbook is once again in members’ hands and has been distributed worldwide

Fico: No Obstacles to Setting Up Joint Company with Gazprom

to the desks and in

Moscow - No obstacles stand in the way of establishing

the field of pipeline

a joint enterprise of the Russian gas concern Gazprom


and Slovakia, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said after a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin

Do not hesitate to send

in Moscow on Monday. According to Fico, the company

us the addresses of the

would distribute natural gas for Slovak households and

persons to whom you

firms, and would also store it. The main issue of the

wish us to send the

meeting was ensuring supplies of Russian gas and oil


to Slovakia. “The Slovak Government views the Russian

Please send any updates to listing@iploca-yearbook.

Federation as a reliable supplier for the territory of

com and be sure to also send a copy to sarah.junod@

Slovakia. So I listened with great interest to reports about In this way we will update our newsletter

problems that could arise in the future with respect to

mailing lists and membership database. Additional

Ukraine’s inability to pay for gas supplies. We’ve agreed

printed copies can be obtained on request:

on a system of very early and intense communication on

this topic,” said Fico., 16 November 2009



UPCOMING CONFERENCES OGMT Connecting with Solutions 2010

Hannover Messe

Oil & Gas Maintemance Technology Conference &

19-23 April 2010

Exhibition & Pipeline Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Hannover, Germany

Conference & Exhibition

18-20 January 2010 Manama, Bahrain

Kuwait Pipeline 2010

1st International Pipeline Exhibition and Conference 26-28 April 2010

Pipeline Coating 2010


1-3 February 2010 Vienna, Austria

No-Dig Moscow The Leading trade Fair and Conference for Trenchless

Deep Offshore Technology

Technologies in Russia, CIS and Baltic States

2-4 February 2010

1-4 June 2010

Houston, Texas, USA

Moscow, Russian Federation

PLCA 62nd Annual Conference

Pipe Line Contractors Association of

17-21 February 2010

Canada56th Annual Convention

Scottsdale AZ, USA

6-10 June 2010

St John’s Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

DCA 49 Annual Convention th

23-28 February 2010

Pipe Tech World Summit 2010

Los Cabos, Mexico

14-16 June 2010



Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies

including: Offshore Technology 2010, Gastech 2010,

Conference & Exhibition

Refining 2010, Transport & Logistics 2010

20-22 July 2010

3-6 March 2010

Calgary, AB, Canada

Mumbai, India World Energy Congress Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition

12-16 September 2010

16-18 March 2010

Montréal, Canada

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Offshore Asia Conference & Exhibition 16-18 March 2010 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Offshore West Africa Offshore West Africa Conference & Exhibition

IPLOCA Annual Convention

23-25 March 2010

27 September to 1 October 2010

Ghana, Accra

Venice, Italy





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