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PAUL MOLINA Graphic Desig ner

Hello my name is Paul Molina, I am a Graphic Designer from Southwest Phoenix. I currently received my B.A. in Graphic Design from Collins College in December of 2010. I’m originally from Laveen, Arizona, I have been active in my community creating a outlet for local skateboarders to come together as a collaborative community in creating a small company called “Seven Layer Army.” In March of 2011 I organized a skateboard competition called “Pee-Posh Skate Comp.” for local skaters on the Southwestern area of the Gila River Indian Community which has now become an annual Skateboard Competition. Some of my works include paintings that have been displayed during the Russell Moore Festival in Chandler, Arizona in 2006. At this event I was given the opportunity to paint two, 5ft.x 9ft. paintings of the great jazz musician Russell Moore. This was the turning point for me to start thinking about my future in terms of creating a better future for myself in doing what I love to do most, Painting & Drawing.

I also worked as a intern at the Heard Museum in Downtown Phoenix for 3 months in 2009 working as a Jr. Graphic Designer. Some of the design projects consisted of designing posters for upcoming events, along with ticket stubs for the Indian Fair & Market which is held every year at the Heard Museum. While working there I was given the opportunity to design Vector Art illustrations, which drove me to become more efficient in Adobe Illustrator. When I’m not Designing I’m most likely painting and letting myself create more freely with a brush in my hand. Besides painting and designing I love to skateboard, skateboarding has been a long life hobby of mine for many years, expressing myself freely with a board under my feet, and just letting everything else go while having fun and staying positive. Thank you for your time in letting me share who I am and what I love to do. Thank you.

Seven Layer Army Skateboards






Russell Moore Painting

Heard Museum

Contact: Paul Molina 480.560.4259


PAUL MOLINA Graphic Designer Hello my name is Paul Molina, I am a Graphic Designer from Southwest Phoenix. I currently received my B.A. in G...

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