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RESTAURANTE Benidorm’s most Recommended Restaurant Calle La Biga 15 Old Town Benidorm

Opening Times: Mon - Sat 4.00pm - 10.30pm Sundays: 3.00pm - 10.30pm

Early Bird Menu from 4.00pm-7.30pm 3 Courses for 7.95€

Menu Del Dia from 4.00pm - 10.30pm 3 Courses for 10.95€

Mix and match Menus from 11.95€

Huge choice of starters, main courses and desserts to choose from

Full Al A Carte Menu Additional mouth watering specials changed daily Extensive selection of quality wines Parties and functions catered for (up to 70 people) For reservations call 96 680 1346 or 676 216 168

Welcome to Peppermint Bar Benidorm in the center of the gay village. Your gay bar for Bears, Boyz, Blokes and Leather Men in Benidorm. Be who you are in our cosy anything goes bar where you will find a sexy ambient atmosphere to relax and enjoy the company of real men after dark! Jimmy and Tony welcome you

Full Body Massage by Jimmy from PEPPERMINT. Book appointment at the Bar!

The Happy Handbag The place where everyone is welcome. Quality drinks. Music of your choice and a fantastic atmosphere where there is never a dull moment. Open: 8pm till 2am, 7 nights a week Open Xmas eve and New Year’s eve (closed Xmas day and new years day) Facebook: Happy handbag

Gays, lesbians and transgender very welcome Calle San Vicente 17 (see map)


H20 Sauna

JJ’s Bar

La Cuineta

Splash Sauna




2 Palms Paneil’s Intimate Bar

Refuel Cafe Mercury Papagayo The Look 7th Heaven Bar Peppermint Happy Handbag

Chaplins Babylon Company Bar

Men only Casa Don Juan

Bears Bar Viva Lovers Bar

To advertise call Ian

PassionSexShop Michael’s Restaurant Hotel Mayna Ale Hop

Sex Shop





Beer Barrel



Kafee Klee

n on 619 236 428 or

Rich Bitch Andros Underwear

Petit Palau apts

Open Daily from 8pm Please Check at Bar for shows during month over the Christmas and New Year. Starring D.J.Peggy, Miss Shape, Sandy, Didier, Dinah Rodd and Sheila Blige plus Guest Artistes.

ou all a We wish yChristmas y Very Merr y New Year p p a H d n a

For private sittings and appointments please contact Kenny on 96 587 8424 • 686 361 594 • A month is which you appear to be looking for something and not finding it since the actions of Pluto and Neptune allow you one step forward and two steps back. This is a time to reflect on just what it is that you really want and to and to act accordingly. Seeing the past for what it was, and viewing the future as something you can have control over, will see you safely through! Being let down gradually isn’t the kindest way of saying goodbye sometimes and you should take steps to end a relationship that is really going nowhere fast. When two people start to grow apart it is only right to pull down the curtain so that both of you can recover from the trauma and start off in your respective new directions. This month heralds a new start on the love stakes. Watch the spending as the fervour of Christmas plays a heavy toll on your finances! This year does have to be special, but it is the fall out from the retrograde of Mercury that brings your generosity to new levels, so that your credit card would say” no more” if it could! The gift of your voice to someone will be the greatest gift you give this season; as pride has prevented your making contact. Open your heart this month and give your very best shot to make something work and work well. It weighs in the balance just how far you will go to take on the negative aspect of a situation that truly is yours in the making. Don’t make that drama out of a crisis even if you want revenge; that is a dish best served cold; remember the heat of the moment could take things well over the edge. Chances are you will really be able to reap the benefits of a great month ahead; if you don’t let things go to your head that is! You are negotiating slowly a new direction and though it is early days this month sees a lot of positive progress, although some hard work too. Your skills of leadership and your need to spread a little winter sunshine in the lives of others will not go unnoticed. You are waiting for something to happen and need to examine new routes and new destinations if things are to blossom the way that you would wish. Just what it is that keeps you back is your own in built security system, but this over protects you and allows you to accept second best when you should be going for gold this time around. With emotions highlighted by Venus, Goddess of Love, the stakes are high and you have to connect more with your inner self.

Zodiac Zone • Call 806 515 805 (24 Hours) 1-2-1 Personal Readings call 806 515 789

Kenny Corris brings you the Horoscope A month of travel and new destinations as your heart is stirred by a new love and strengthened by actions just about to happen. You may feel that you are caught up in something that has become very deep very fast, but you will have no need to set up your escape route if you are just honest with yourself for once and just go for what it is you really want this time around. You love the festive season and the month ahead brings you not only reconciliation but the peace and the calm that you have always wanted amongst those that you truly love but haven’t been able to get close to for a long time. A time for reunions, back tracking and making contacts long overdue. Your workload increases dramatically as you find your self covering for a long term absence.

It’s party time and your skills of organisation are sought during what is a very busy month ahead. Don’t refuse an invitation either as Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, enters your house mid month and creates havoc on emotional levels. Now you have a decision on your hands, and the stranger you find in your arms means that you are hooked on love in a very new direction. Somebody just moved the goalposts and this comes at a time when you though that you had it easy. Adaptable and loving, you will accept the challenges that life brings this month and put it all down to experience as you turn over a new page. However there is more in this than meets the eye and you will find that your actions this month are a blueprint for the future and an advanced warning of what’s in store. You are strangely detached this month as the Christmas season approaches and you’re not in the usual swing of things for once. The actions of Neptune currently affect your house and you may find that you’re over reacting to situations as you face a complex month ahead. A planetary shift clears the air after the 19th and this will bring you back to earth big time. What a wonderful month you have to look forward to, so long as you decide your direction and make your mind up about something that has long been in the deep recesses of your mind. Your decision will help you focus on the month ahead and with surprise guests, a short trip and someone to take care of you will find that your feet don’t touch the ground and time flies on by!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year! From everybody in Benidorm!

Open from 10am-1am • Abierto 10.00h - 01.00h de la madrugada

Benidorm gay Guide December 2009  
Benidorm gay Guide December 2009  

Guide to Benidorms gay scene