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Meet the Committee Editor-in-Chief: Harvey Clitheroe Deputy Editor: Adam Ridgley

Social Secretary: Katie Ansell Head of Marketing: Katie Sharman News Editor: Faith Pring Fashion and Beauty Editor: Eve Watson Travel and Lifestyle Editor: Abi TrĂźnk Culture and Entertainment Editors: Jamie Morris Music Editor: Nick Lowe Sport Editor: Cristi Bratu Head of Design: Jordan Wright Deputy Head of Design: Andreea Tocilescu Design Team: Will Rayner, Aamina Mahmood, Matthew Rose, Zoe Nauta-Parsons, Aira Theresa Suarez, Kai Ting Wong.

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This is my first editor’s note so I’m going to explain a little bit about who I am for those who don’t know me. I joined Platform in my first year as Culture and Entertainment Editor. I continued that role for the first part of the year before becoming Deputy in a by-election. It was then that I decided I wanted to be Editor in Chief, it was a very daunting thought taking over from someone so talented and dedicated. I plucked up the courage to put myself forward for the position and thanks to the support from the society I am now honoured to take the reigns as Editor in Chief for my final year. The summer edition wraps up one of the most successful years for Platform. We have been nominated for awards and have continued our rapid growth from the previous year. We hope the success of the society will inspire you to take part in the magazine; we are open to all and have lots planned for next year. It is clear to me that Platform has been the most rewarding part of my time at University, and it is amazing to see each edition created from scratch, moulded from the ideas of all its contributors. This edition is no different, as we have given complete creative freedom to all sections, so expect a variety of different content from a rundown of all our unmissable summer events on page 8, an exclusive review with the DMAs on page 10 - 11 and a piece on Trent Women’s Basketball following their unbeaten run in the WNBL Division 2 on page 24 - 25. For the design, we opted for a colourful, predominantly handwritten feel to capture the essence of summer.

This is the first edition for the new committee taking on new roles. Congratulations to everyone for doing a great job whilst still settling in, and I look forward to working with you over summer and throughout the next academic year. We will also be saying goodbye to many of the old committee as they graduate this year. Thank you all for taking Platform to where it is now, without your contribution we wouldn’t have this opportunity. Having a good student magazine shouldn’t be taken for granted at any university. The efforts and voluntary contributions of students make it what it is. So, enjoy the nice weather and pick up a copy of Platform. We are delighted to share with you what we have created.

Harvey 3

Hello! I’ve put off writing this letter for weeks because, to be honest, I know that writing it means that I stop being Editor-in-Chief. It’s a job that’s taken up two years of my life, and has been a huge part of my university experience. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But it’s my time to go, and I wanted to say goodbye. I took over Platform when it was close to being disaffiliated by the SU. It had been out of print for 2 years and had very few contributors. Now we have over 100 members, have printed 6 print editions, have lots of views on our site, and have been shortlisted for Society of the Year two years in a row. A big change. And yes, sometimes when I mention Platform people are like ‘What’s that?’. But to me and our members (and hopefully our readers), we know we’ve got something really special here. I work at the SU Costa, and every print edition I’ve put some by the counter. It makes me so happy to see people picking it up, reading it. Taking it away with them. Sometimes I’ll even drop in that I’ve worked on it, and often they’ll say how much they enjoyed it, and how nice it is to have a print magazine. I even saw someone post it on their Instagram the other day and fangirled. From our baby 18-page Freshers zine to our A4 32-page Social Justice Edition, we’ve grown massively. Each time we distribute, the piles of magazines shrink even faster. So we must be doing something right. Our website has also had some real highlights. We were one of the first outlets to break the racist chant incident that happened at Trent, that ended up going national. We even covered Jimmy Chipolata before everyone else (Jimmy Chipolata is a treasure and should be protected at all costs). As well as news stories, we’ve covered interesting and topical articles across all our categories. Culture and Entertainment has seen a massive surge in views. Sport has also had a great year, and our Varsity coverage was our best yet. I rebuilt the website from scratch, with the help of a lot of Wikihow articles, and it’s been fab to see over 400 articles go up on it and to see people actually reading them. So what’s next for me? I’m interning at LeftLion over the summer. They’ve been a great help to Platform over the past couple of years, and I’m really excited to start. Nottingham is such a beautiful, vibrant place and I’m glad to be staying a bit longer. If you aren’t sick of me yet, keep an eye out for their student guide coming out in September. Platform, you’ve been amazing. Thank you to everyone that has supported us. I am excited to see what Harvey, Adam and the rest of the team will do now Platform has been rebuilt. After all, the only way is up (and they know I’ll be back to haunt them if they mess it up!). So long and thanks for all the fish, Eve Smallman

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Harvey Clitheroe 7

IN THE JASMIN BODMAN Deadlines are fast approaching, with the academic year almost over. But with this in mind, summer is nearly here too. When you think of summer, you think of warm weather, delicious food and beer gardens with friends and family. However, while a cool drink in your local Wetherspoons is a perfect way to spend the summer days, it’s a bit predictable. Nottingham has lots to offer over the upcoming months, with opportunities for everyone to indulge in. The typical nights out can be expected, with Rock City and Pom Pom being popular choices for those last days of term, although if you’re looking for something more memorable this summer, Nottingham proposes many great festivals. A popular event in the even more popular venue of Wollaton Hall and Deer Park is Splendour. This one-day event on July 20 explores a range of music, from new talents to legendary regulars, with headlining acts such as Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and All Saints. Tickets start at £56.65 for adults, with a discounted price of £45.65 for Nottingham residents. Another music festival that tends to be more popular with students is Detonate. Beginning around 20 years ago in Nottingham, Detonate has welcomed thousands of people each year to enjoy acts such as Wiley and Chase and Status. This year the festival intends to live up to expectations with stunning acts such as Shy FX and SaSaSaS. On June 8th, Colwick Country Park is going to be buzzing with a feel-good atmosphere and, hopefully, there’ll be some sun! Tickets are now on final release, starting at £58.55.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly music event, try Newark Festival. Taking place over two days, June 14 to June 16, people can enjoy headline acts like Sigma, with added local bands and tribute acts. Adult tickets are £17.25, child tickets are £11.50 and wheelchair area tickets are £17.25, with other tickets available, such as VIP, which are a little pricier. Sometimes, even though a music festival and friends can be the perfect way to spend a summers day, you may just want a quiet day to enjoy some more cherished parts of the city. Park Garden Trail, June 23, is the seamless event to try if you’d like a quiet time by yourself. Spectacular gardens and landscapes can be relished, as well as plant stalls, a farmer’s market and art. The event is taking place at Nottingham Park Estate with tickets being £7.50 and proceeds going to charity. For those who are awaiting pay day, or are simply running low on cash, try visiting some of Nottingham’s prestigious venues – New Art Exchange in Hyson Green is a free art gallery offering different exhibitions and activities, including film screenings and workshops. Go alone or take a friend, it’s a different take on what to do in summer.

Nottingham holds many events for all tastes, especially for food. Nottingham Food and Drink Festival, August 10 and 11 at Wollaton Park is not to be missed. The days involve lots to admire, including live cookery demonstrations, celebrity chef appearances, live music, food halls and wine tasting. Ticket prices aren’t too harsh on the bank either, with adult tickets costing only £8, children (5-15 years-old) costing £3 and a family ticket is £22. The Gin Society Festival at St Mary’s Church, Nottingham, taking place over June 28 and 29 is also set to be an exciting few days with around 120 listed gins being showcased, three gin bars and a free gin and tonic for everyone who attends. Tickets are £12, with a strictly 18s-only policy – meaning you can relax and enjoy a drink or cocktail. What else could you ask for during summer? Nottingham flaunts many events and attractions all year round, not just in summer time, but it must be admitted that once you spend one summer in the city, you’ll want to come back for the next.



Tame Impala: (TBA) — It seems the Australian psychedelic rock project by Kevin Parker is finally set to drop their new album this year following the release of singles ‘Patience’ and ‘Borderline’. Parker spent much of last year working on music for other artists such as Kali Uchis and Travis Scott but has stated his main focus is now currently on the band. Parker has been keeping everything pretty under wraps, but we all know he never disappoints.

Lana Del Rey: ’Norman ******* Rockwell’ (TBA) — Following the themes on her previous uplifting and positive LP Lust For Life, her new album is set to be released sometime this year after being pushed back multiple times. The first three singles, “Mariners Apartment Complex,” “Venice B***h,” and “Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have — But I Have It,” all produced by Jack Antonoff show Lana at her best — exquisite songwriting and sultry vocals — are said to be fan singles, with the official single coming soon. Whenever it comes, it’ll definitely be an album to watch out for.

Rihanna: (TBA) — It’s been a long time coming but it seems like Rihanna might finally be about to drop new material from her upcoming album sometime this summer. Even though she hasn’t released an album since 2016, she’s still been pretty busy; working on her makeup line, clothing line and even a movie with Childish Gambino. Whether she’s planning on releasing a full dancehall-inspired album or a similar follow-up to her previous LP ‘Anti’ either way, I think we can all agree she’ll be dominating the music scene.

Avicii: ‘Tim’ (June 6) — The posthumous release will feature a selection of unreleased songs, with final touches put together by producers and songwriters he was working with on the album. Profits from the album will benefit the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was set up in aid of mental health awareness following his death by suicide last year.

Charli XCX: (TBA) — The experimental pop princess is set to release her longawaited third studio album this summer with confirmed producers A. G. Cook and EASYFUN. Although releasing two full projects (labelled as mixtapes for artistic freedom) over the past few years, a full album era is long overdue and has already confirmed to be working with Christine and the Queens and King Princess.

Taylor Swift: (TBA) — After mysterious billboards and countdowns appeared across various cities around the world teasing the release date of potential new material, she’s set to release the follow-up to the highly successful ‘Reputation’ this year. Will she go back to her country roots? Or is she ready to take the pop-sphere by storm once again? Well, with her track record of keeping everything behind closed doors, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


JAMES EVANS DANIEL WILLETT The day of a sold out show at Rock City, we spoke to Johnny Took, acoustic guitarists of DMAs. Hitting on an array of topics; from where is the best city in the UK, to DMAs rise, to the Australian music scene and his early days of paying his rent through covers. Platforms James Evans and Daniel Willett joined Johnny on his bus for a beer and a chat...

James: How was your gig today at Rough Trade? Obviously, its record day, so it mad. Johnny: Yeah, Yeah, it was pretty crazy down there! James: It almost like a national holiday for some people. Some start queueing the night before. Johnny: Yeah, some people whose stuff I was signing said they were queuing for hours. It seemed like great vibes, Mason brought some records. James: Do you prefer the intimate settings like Rough Trade, or bigger shows like your Rock City gig tonight? Johnny: Nah, but it’s all good man, festivals, your own shows, little shows like that. It’s all just different, you know, its not better or worse. Pretty good when you play your own shows, like somewhere like tonight (Rock City). It’s not too big where you’re completely disconnected but its cool. James: Have you been out and about in Nottingham? Johnny: Yeah, I’ve been out and about, been to that Ye Olde Trip Jerusalem.

James: Yeah, the trebles bars in Newcastle are amazing. Most uni cities are a right laugh. Obviously, you’re on this bus, going around the UK. Is there little things you miss from Auzz that you just don’t get here? Johnny: Not really man, we are back and forth so often. Willett: Yeah, exactly. You’ve become so big over here. You have kind of taken over a scene. Johnny: Yeah, it’s coming together. It’s been cool that it’s been growing organically. We’ve been touring pretty expensively even off our EP up until now. We’ve been playing loads of gigs. We have been to places like Milton Keynes. Willett: I saw you at the Crawford Arms, about 50, no stage, you, Tommy (lead vocal), and Mason (lead guitar). Doing your thing. Johnny: Yeah man that’s right ha! Willett: The success that’s grown, people cannot wait to see the DMAs. James: There’s a big Australian boom in music.

James: Oldest pub in England that! We saw you at Soundcity last year in Liverpool. Liverpool is awesome and so is Nottingham. What’s your favourite city in the UK?

Johnny: Well people are taking notice now. It’s always been there.

Johnny: I actually really do love Liverpool, it’s a great city. Any other particular ones? Newcastle is pretty cool. Got a uni thing going on. Leeds it pretty nice as well. We’ve been to it all man.

Johnny: Heaps of great bands. I think Tame Impala and Courtney Barnett have really kicked things along for a lot of Australian musicians Internationally. King Gizzard do really well. Yeah, I think people are taking notice which is really good.

Willett: THE CHATS.

James: In your own perception, did it the growth happen quickly. Were you just jamming with your mateys, write some songs, then suddenly you’re here. How did you perceive it?

Willett: Once you formed DMAs, where did the inspiration come to cover Believe and Beautiful Stranger? The dynamic of the band works so well for the song.

Johnny: You can see it. One way of how we kind of noticed over here in the UK, was every time we played Reading and Leeds. Just seeing the crowd get bigger, every time we come back to those festivals, a year or two years later, do you know what I mean? Then all of a sudden, it’s pretty roarcuss. Which is cool, but I think to the public eye, maybe it seems fast, but we have been working on it for a pretty long while.

Johnny: I think Believe, Mason just started playing it at a sound check one time in Germany or something. A bit tongue and cheek. Tommy started signing. We thought ‘that sounded pretty good!’. We never actively were going ‘We’re going to do a cover’ you know? It’s done for Radio mainly they asked you to do it. The Believe one was for triple j, Beautiful Stranger was for Annie Mac.

James: How does the set-up, when writing songs?

Willett: That was on Unplugged?

Johnny: Yeah it completely varies song to song man.

Johnny: Nah we’ve done it twice now, we did it on MTV, then it an electric version on BBC, but that was- actually I use to play Beautiful Stranger with my brother, such an amazing song. Produced by Quincy Jones, and then it’s a pretty amazing song.

Willett: Obviously, you’re a three piece but in the studio and live, you use sessions (Musicians). Johnny: Yeah, live we are a six piece, but we are all mates. James: Did you guys go to school together? Johnny: Our bass player and I went to school together. Me and Tommy had played in a band together. Me and Mason had played in a band together, Mason had played with our drummer and they’ve known each since they were five. So, you know what I mean? Then Joel (Rhythm), was living in the UK. So, we are all just mates and stuff. We were writing as a three p for about two years when I was living with Tommy, that’s when it [DMAs] started. Willett: Was that like Hills End era? Johnny: Yeah like Hills End and the first EP. We lived in this house, 37 Bucklin Lane. Willett: The one with stone roses poster? Johnny: Yeah yeah that was the one! That was the living room. That’s what feels like 37 [song]. Feels like home. We were living together and writing. Mason was across the road. Me and Mason were playing in another band together. Tommy and Mason became friends. I was getting into engineering and producing. James: Did that help pay the rent? Johnny: Nah we were playing cover gigs. We used to play like, three-hour cover gigs [ha]! Willett: Beautiful stranger! [laughing] Johnny: We use to play Dobro, you know slide guitar? Bluegrass traditional and stuff like that. We would play Springsteen and Dylan, when we were young. James: So, you were playing little pubs?

James: What were you personally listening to, as your inspiration? What were you listening to growing up? Johnny: Everything! When I was a teenager, that was the only people you know at that age, had a group of mates that go me into Blur, Oasis, Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, do you know what I mean? When I was a kid, I listened to lots of Alternative country kind of stuff, Springsteen and stuff like that. Mason is a big Pavement fan, and like more American guitar bands, I don’t think he listened to Oasis, or any Brit Pop band before he met us. James: What about now? Johnny: Anything. Always intrigued to listen to new bands. James: With the tour now, any friction with spending with that much time together? Johnny: Nah it’s all good man. There no dickheads in the band, it’s better with more people. If it were just a three piece that might get a bit much. Willett: It would be so intense! Johnny: Yeah exactly man. You would be doing everything together. So, when there more people you can just, like me and Joel can just get breakfast and get away from the venue, or me and Mason will get dinner. When there is a lot of you can do more. It’s good. James: Cheers for you time Johnny, cannot wait for tonight. Johnny: Yeah man, thanks for the chats. Going to be a good show.

Johnny: Yeah just tiny little pubs all around. I used to do with my brother.


Not sure if you know their sound?


Not sure if you know their sound?

know their sound?

Try: ‘Angel of Death’, ‘Reigning Blood’, or ‘Repentless’

Headliners: Tool

Not sure if you know their sound?

The illusive alternative metal and prog rock band Tool headline the final day of the festival. Their array of sounds jumping from heavy to melodic to gentle to abrasive usually accompanied with otherworldly visuals as a backdrop; it’s not easily forgotten.

Trivium have always provided an accessible mix between the two ends of the spectrum of metal, they combine hard-as-nails riffs and drum beats with vocals that vary from soaring and melodic to down-right brutal. The Trivium sound has evolved throughout their discography. You like metalcore? Go see them. You like thrash metal? Go see them. There’s something for everyone.

Try: ‘Schism’, ‘Lateralus’ or ‘Stinkfist’ Try: ‘The heart from your hate’, ‘Pull harder on the strings of your martyr’ or ‘The Sin and the Sentence’

Not sure if you know their sound?

Try: ‘Psychosocial’, ‘All out Life’, ‘Duality’ or ‘Devil in I

Try: ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’, ‘Hysteria’, ‘Rock of Ages’, ‘Animal’ or ‘Rock Rock (Till You Drop)’.

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Guns ‘n’ Roses guitar-slinger Slash and backing band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators also make an appearance on Download’s Friday line-up. With Time magazine’s second best electric guitar player and a backing band headed by the lead singer of famed rock band Alter Bridge; the combination creates a show destined to live long in the audiences memories Not sure if you know their sound? Try: ‘Driving Rain’, ‘Mind Your Manners’ or ‘Anastasia’

What are you waiting for? Tickets are now on sale on the official Download festival website. Five-day camping tickets are £220, while three-day camping tickets cost £210, with single day entry tickets yet to go on sale.



Saturday 15 June

Sunday 16 June

Catch Slayer while you can as this marks the final UK show for one of ‘The Big 4’ of thrash metal titans. Riffs that will have your neck in agony and most likely a horde of some of the most loyal fans in music.


’ With the hype building for the latest album from Iowa’s masked metal maniacs, seeing Slipknot live is something to be on any metalheads bucket list. Loud and packed with all the grace and decorum of a frenzied mob, these guys don’t hold their tongue for anyone.

Headliners: Slipknot

The UK’s premier rock festival returns for 2019 at Donnington Park. With 72 hours of non-stop fist-pumping rock and metal ahead of us, we’re taking a look at the artists you cannot miss at this year’s Download festival:

Friday 14 June Headliners: Def Leppard British rock legends Def Leppard will command the main stage with greatest hits from their loud and rowdy discography as well as playing their 12x platinum record Hysteria in its entirety. If powerful vocal harmonies and groovy melodic riffs get you jumping then these arena rock legends are ones to watch.

Not sure if you



With the perfect space for a catch up with friends or a study afternoon with the headphones in why not enjoy it in the 200 Degrees coffee shop in Market Square. Choose between a hot chocolate or one of their gorgeous cakes whilst you spend your afternoon how you like. Receive 15% off at all times with your Nottingham Indie card.


This vintage shop is looking to offer a stress free and ethical shopping experience to their customers. Situated a few steps inside West End Arcade on Angel Row, just off Market Square ensures their clothes are affordable for students; they offer 80’s, 90’s and 00’s sports and streetwear that can be hard to find elsewhere. Their clothes are available on ASOS Marketplace as well as Depop for you lazy students, which in reality is all of us. Nottingham Indie members receive 15% off in-store from Monday to Friday.


If you are looking to turn your tiny halls room into a tropical jungle, as I mean who isn’t, then take a wonder down to the Watered Garden in Sneinton market. With cacti to terrariums on offer to buy as well as classes to take part in it is your newest place to shop all things green. Nottingham Indie members receive 10% from Monday to Friday.

This new independent restaurant on Broad Street in Hockley offers beautiful burgers and homemade meat rubs to their customers. Perfect for people on a budget, this means you students. Enjoy 20% off their menu at Lunch from Sunday to Friday.



Whether it is a hungover Sunday treat or a mid-week indulgence you are looking for, why don’t you pick up a donut from Doughnotts in Market Square. Vegan options available. As a Nottingham Indie member, you will receive 10% off their donuts at all times.

@doughnotts_official 15

Eye Spy Great Summer Entertainment

JAMIE MORRIS Moviegoers are in for a trip down memory lane this summer as celebrated franchises receive new instalments, classic tales are retold and renowned creators release their next hits – but with so many films coming out, which blockbusters should you keep an eye on?


The Lion King

Prepare to feel nostalgic on July 19 when the story of Simba the lion is retold with glorious motion capture visuals. Donald Glover, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen and James Earl Jones make up only part of this film’s incredible all-star cast and will undoubtedly deliver a wonderful new take on the Disney classic.


Men in Black: International


Spider-Man: Far From Home

The world’s sleekest secret agents are back to prevent a global alien invasion on June 14. Featuring Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as members of the organisation’s UK branch, MIB: International promises to satisfy fans both old and new.

Peter Parker’s latest outing marks the first MCU flick since the seminal Avengers: Endgame and sees our web-slinging hero battle villains throughout Europe alongside Jack Gyllenhaal’s ‘Mysterio’. Be there when the next phase of Marvel movies begins on July 5.



Toy Story 4

Another beloved Disney franchise returns on June 21 in what may well be Sheriff Woody’s last big-screen adventure. If the trailers are anything to go by, Toy Story 4 will be just as entertaining and moving as the previous movies as Woody and friends must question what being a toy is really about.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and more unite for the newest picture from acclaimed writer-director Quentin Tarantino. The movie will tell several parallel storylines set in 1969 Los Angeles, including the horrific Tate murders at the hands of the Manson Family. Don’t miss this contender for 2019’s best film when it comes to cinemas on July 26.

The demands of student life don’t often leave much room for reading a good new book, but now that summer is here, you’ve got some time to check what’s hitting the shelves. With prose, biographies, comics and more all being published this season, there’s a lot to pick from – so here’s what is looking to be the cream of the crop. 1. Bitter Root: Family Business

2. 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People do Differently

3. Naturally Tan

The first book in the new Bitter Root graphic novel series throws readers from their sunny poolside deck chair into a grim and gritty 1920s New York as monster hunters save the world from an untold evil. Pick this up if you’re looking for a period piece with a difference.

Summer breaks aren’t typically the most productive time of the year, but you can use this little handbook by Marc and Angel Chernoff to make a number of simple but positive changes to your day-to-day routine, with topics such as “12 amazingly achievable things to do today” and “28 ways to stop complicating your life”.

Tan France, star of the beloved Netflix series Queer Eye, brings his charisma to the written word by sharing his experiences growing up as a gay man of colour in South Yorkshire. If you’re looking for a true story of happiness and acceptance, Naturally Tan is the book for you.

4. DIE: Fantasy Heartbreaker

5. Pan’s Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun.

The smaller magazine editions of this dark fantasy saga have been flying off the shelves of comic shops across Notts, but this summer, you can grab the entire first act in a single paperback volume. Fans of Stranger Things mustn't miss the beginning of this new RPG-inspired series.

Thirteen years after the release of the critically-acclaimed film, director Guillermo Del Toro has teamed with bestselling author Cornelia Funke to craft a rich, imaginative tale expanding on the world of Pan’s Labyrinth. Even if you’ve not seen the movie, The Labyrinth of Faun looks to be the perfect book to lose yourself in this summer. 17

How to bag yourself a budget trip INTERVIEW BY EVE SMALLMAN

It’s every student’s dream to jet off all around the world. But how can you do that on a shoestring (or Tesco Value stringy spaghetti) budget? We spoke to former Editor-in-Chief of Platform turned blogger Sophie Hannah about why backpacking is a great travelling option: 1.

What have you been up to since leaving Platform?

I went backpacking straight from university and went to Australia and New Zealand for 6 months. Then when I came back I moved to Cambridge for work and got my first full-time job. Over the last 4 years, I have moved from job to job, but now I work for the Spinal Injuries Association where I do their PR and marketing. I work full-time but have my travel blog on the side, so I do that on the weekends and around my job. 2.

Describe what your blog is about

Sophie’s Suitcase is an adventure lifestyle blog, and it focuses on all different aspects of travel, well-being, adventure and exploring. My niche, because I work full-time, is showing how accessible travelling is around a full-time job. It shows that you don’t need to quit your job and sell everything your own in order to go travelling! It doesn’t need to cost the earth to travel the world. 3.

Where have you been backpacking?

When I went to Australia and New Zealand, I did four months in Australia and two months in New Zealand. In New Zealand, we travelled around the North and South, and we travelled with experience. It meant that you got to see lots of places and it was fairly cheap as well. We then went to Australia and travelled down the East coast from Cairnes to Sydney. For the last part, we had a campervan, which was a really slow and steady journey. Obviously, we went to the Great Barrier Reef and Fraiser Island - lots of different places! I’ve also backpacked in South East Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 4.

What’s your favourite part about backpacking?

The freedom. It’s the idea of being able to explore and not to have set rules, travelling to places that are lesser known and doing it at your own pace. You’re in full control of your route and where you want to go. Backpacking is the cheaper way of seeing the world as opposed to travelling luxury. The way of life while you’re doing it - living on a budget, being able to see places from a local’s perspective. The best part of backpacking in South East Asia was being able to wander down the streets and find a little corner shop or cafe owned by a local family, and eating there. Finding where the locals want to eat basically!


What dangers should backpackers be aware of?

There are obviously dangerous places such as war zones, but in terms of the touristy places... I won’t say any of them are dangerous as such, but you’ve got to be really aware of your surroundings when backpacking. Make sure you haven’t got high-end technology on you, being safe and aware of your surroundings, and the people you’re around. When people say to me they’re scared of going to, for example, South East Asia or Vietnam, and about being mugged, I say to them that that could happen in London or Nottingham too. Just because you’re further away from home, it doesn’t mean you’re particularly more at risk. 6.

What are some key items that travellers should pack in their bags?

In terms of technology, I’d 100% say take a Go-Pro. They’re the best technology to use when backpacking because they’re light, easy to work, you can put them in a solarpowered bag, and they’re waterproof so you can use them for snorkelling or scuba-diving. I would also take mosquito spray - most places where you go you’ll need to protect yourself against them. A travel towel is handy too. Depending on where you’re staying and what your budget is, most hostels won’t provide towels so it’s handy to have one you can wrap up small and chuck in your backpack. They dry quite fast too, so it doesn’t matter if you have a shower and then hit the road 13 minutes later. A good quality, secure backpack is the best thing as it will make life so much easier when you’re getting off buses, boats or trains. 7.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

My key piece of advice for people who are leaving uni and want to go backpacking is to take everything in your stride. You’re completely in control but don’t try to plan too much, as when you arrive you may find something else you want to do or you might make friends you want to go to certain places with. Sit back and enjoy the journey, no matter how cliché it sounds!

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Thrifty tips for your next trip FAITH PRING

As students, we’re not typically in the most affluent of positions, and therefore the idea of having a summer holiday can seem all the more daunting when all you can focus on is how to make it as cheap as possible. However, as a student who has spent the last year on an Erasmus placement (and has done a fair bit of travelling), I am going to share my best tips for making your trip as cheap as possible, and the best places to go to get the best experience for your money.

Check various websites This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people find one website and stick to it religiously, and miss out on a whole host of offers as a consequence. If you’re looking to go abroad, remember you’re not just limited to flying, but you can also get to a whole host of destinations via train, like France or Amsterdam on the Eurostar (from as little as £30 one way). If you’re looking to stay in this country, trains can often be the more expensive way from getting from A to B, so have a look at bus companies like Megabus (Nottingham to London for £6 return), Flix bus, or National Express. Chances are you’ll save a lot of money! Budget (and alternative) companies As well as budget airlines like Ryanair and Iberia Express that can take you to Europe for under £50 return, bus companies like Megabus can also take you abroad to places like Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels for competitive prices as well. It’s also worth noting that it’s not just travel companies that come with a student budget, but also businesses like Airbnb that can offer cheap accommodation as well. When you recommend a friend on Airbnb, you can get a £15 reduction off your next booking, making the already cheap prices even less. From renting an entire beachside apartment to staying in a single room, the opportunities on Airbnb are endless, as well as comparison sites like Kayak and which allow you to compare a whole host of different prices at the same time.

Search for student discounts Did you know that there are 133 countries in the world that offer some form of student discount? Even if you’re unsure, it’s always worth checking if a website or company can reduce the cost by even a few pounds with the presence of a student card. Top tip - look into getting an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that is guaranteed to be valid even in countries abroad and can open up a whole new world of travel discounts. Plan Ahead Again, this is probably obvious to a lot of people, but then again, I always hear of people leaving the booking until the very last minute, at which point the prices have skyrocketed! Don’t delay in booking, and that way you’ll be sure to get the very best trip for the least amount of money. Use price comparison sites like Skyscanner and Kayak to get notifications on when is best to book in relation to when prices rise and fall. This way, you’ll always be ahead of the holiday booking game. Happy travelling!

Cheap locations Taking cheap airlines and accommodation into account, these places are the best to travel to in order to get the most out of your money: Amsterdam Whether you want to recreate some of the events from The Fault in Our Stars, or you want to visit the city for its student reputation and the canals, you’re sure to find a bargain here. With budget travel companies (coaches for around £20) and plenty of things to do, there’s nowhere more perfect for a student getaway. Zante, Greece Another popular student destination, but the cost is slightly more travel wise. However, what you pay for on the flights, you’ll make up for on the cost of having a good time. Along with serene views, beaches, and cheap drinks, you’re certain to have a good time. Majorca Both flights and accommodation tend to be extremely cheap here, as well as being a great location to relax away from the stresses of university. As well as beaches, there are also cathedrals and castles sure to please everyone. Berlin This city is widely known to be one of the most student-friendly cities in the world, with five public universities, and the student nightlife is guaranteed to make for a great getaway. But if culture is more your style, you can visit the many castles, galleries and foods to make the most of the budget trip. Barcelona If you want a trip full of culture and art, then look no further than this city. The metropolitan area is covered in striking work and dedications to the city’s former artist and architect Antoni Gaudi, as well as enough Spanish sun and tapas to complete your break.


a student’s guide to jobs abroad It can be tough whilst you are a student to be able to afford to travel, especially with the rise of tuition fees and living expenses. Being able to spend your summer in the sun is a dream most young people share and can relate to. Not only does it enhance our communication skills, you get to fully immerse yourself into another country’s culture and way of life. If you are afraid of going alone, don’t be! I always say you cannot sit around waiting for someone to join you, as will be waiting for a long time (possibly). Although some of these jobs will cost you a start-up fee, with these you will earn back. It is also important to remember that it is all about the experience and sometimes money just isn’t everything. With an endless list of reasons to go and none to stay, I have compiled a list of jobs open to students, and how you can spend their summer having a once in a lifetime opportunity:

Work America:

One of my favourite options at the minute is Work America as it allows you to work in the USA for up to four months in a local job. Inherently, this will be suited to students who would rather not work at the camps with children and immerses you into a local life feeling as opposed to being on a camp. You can do this through the company Bunac who offer two different packages. Work America essentials costs £650 in which they will sponsor you and help you to find a job along the East Coast whilst assisting with the visa process. They also have jobs with accommodation at a subsidised cost; these jobs can be anything from housekeeping to bar and restaurant work. They will provide jobs in New York, Maine and Massachusetts mostly. However, if you can find your own job in say California or beyond they will still sponsor you - I am hoping to do this next summer as I have acquired a contact in Santa Monica. Accommodation is easy to come by in the form of frat houses that are vacant and rented out over the summer if you are sorting it out yourself. If this doesn’t suit you, the Work America ultimate package provides everything from flights to accommodation for £1465 along the East Coast.

TEFL- Teaching English Abroad:

Do you find Asia calling your name? There are many jobs every year to teach abroad in the likes of Thailand, China and Vietnam. By completing a TEFL qualification and obtaining a certificate you could be getting paid to teach your native language. This is not limited to Asia either - it includes Europe and South America. While most of the time you do not need a degree to go, it is still a great option for students who have just had their three-year bubble burst and do not know what to do with themselves. This can be to your advantage in a country like Thailand where the living costs are cheaper as you can be expected to be paid around $18-$22 (USD) an hour. The TEFL course can either be conveniently studied online or through a classroom. Bob’s your uncle.


Party the summer away: This next job is one that I am sure most students will find appealing because of the lifestyle that comes with it. You can either go through a website like Sun Kiss Holidays where you will pay for their services, which will cost around £449. Included in this is your first week tailored to settling you into the party atmosphere and helping you find a job. These jobs can be anything from bar work to selling shots. Accommodation for a month is in the package too, which can be extended if you wish to stay all summer, which takes the stress off of you. Or, if you fancy, you can avoid paying this money by flying out there, handing out CV’s and asking about. A few summers ago I spent a week on the island of Crete in Kavos, where my friend had a couple of trial shifts just whilst we were on holiday. The go-to places for these kinds of holidays include Magaluf, Malia and Ibiza. What more could you want than relaxing on the beach and exploring in the day and partying straight into the night?

Work Away: If having money is not an issue to you, then Work Away may be an option, as essentially you sign up to the website paying 36.00 EUR for the year. The website promotes itself as the ‘world’s leading community for sustainable travel and cultural exchange’. A vast range of volunteer projects can be applied to from all over the world and is frequently used by travellers who are prolonging their adventures. For example, you can go to Uganda and help disadvantaged children or head to a permaculture project in the midst of Thailand helping in an eco-village, (just check you have the right visa). Feedback is left from previous workers, and the availability for it is marked through an amber light system too.

Clearly, the list goes on and on of the possibilities that exist. These three are the highlighted opportunities with something to suit all. On the other hand, there are jobs readily available on cruise ships, resorts and summer camps all over the world. Hopefully this will inspire you to do something unforgettable this summer.


LEON BLACKMAN NTU Women’s Basketball is strengthening year on year. Leon Blackman meets the club who juggled the National League, BUCS playoffs and Varsity against their local rivals, University of Nottingham…

Nottingham Trent University Women’s Basketball produced the perfect end to their season, remaining unbeaten all year as they won the WNBL Division 2 Playoff Final 91-66 against local rivals Derby Trailblazers in Manchester on April, 29. Derby resisted NTU for as long as possible but Trent’s trio of Vicky Gray, Sadie Russell and eventual MVP Jolanna Ford combined for 70 of their side’s points, with all three showing their versatility throughout. The longer the game wore on, the further Nottingham pulled ahead, allowing their impressive travelling support to get into the party spirit for much of the 2nd half.

The 2nd provided more of the same as Derby struggled to find clean looks whilst Trent forged ahead. Nottingham’s captain Vicky Gray (18 points, five rebounds, eight assists) scored 16 of her 18 points in the 1st half, with eight in each quarter to provide a steady stream of offence. Ford repeatedly set up camp in the high post, happy to receive the ball with her back to the basket before displaying great agility and an explosive first step to find her way to the basket. Three NTU players all hit double digits in scoring by the half and their 47-30 lead by the buzzer was no accident.

Nottingham Trent University Coach Louise Waghorn: “I thought the girls came out and played really well. We’ve been working hard and we were able to showcase everything that we’re about. Playing as a team, playing strong and we’ve got so many threats that it’s hard to stop us which is why we’ve gone unbeaten all season. Obviously we knew what Derby were about which helps a little bit, but everyone was ready to play. They’re a tough team with some talented players but we were just able to outplay them with the depth in our squad.”

Jolanna Ford: “Honestly, this feels great. Me and my team came out ready to play, with the game plan, and I just tried to do everything I can for my team. It just feels great. Going unbeaten is a really good feeling. We work extremely hard, hours in the gym, just to come out ready to play. It’s an unbelievable feeling and I’m so glad we were able to go undefeated.”

Having lost to the University of Nottingham the week before, in the varsity series, her team regrouped and were ready for a another competitive game in the BUCs play offs. This time the tables turned and NTU were in control of the game. Having a very strong inside presence with some impressive plays from Isabel and JoLanna they were proving too much for University of Nottingham. With 5 minutes to go in the final quarter, up 9 points, it looked like NTU were going to take the game. University of Nottingham were not going down that easy. Having not won a BUC’S game this season it started to get tight with University of Nottingham taking the lead by one in the last few moments.

“A last second half way shot by Vicky Gray looked like it could have dropped but just hit the ring and bounced out to end our season. It has been a long hard season in bucs but as a coach I am very proud as all the players gave everything they could and I do believe it’s more about the journey than the destination.” Louise Waghorn. 25

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