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Meet the Committee Editor-in-Chief: Harvey Clitheroe Deputy Editor: Adam Ridgley

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Editor’s note When taking on the role of Editor in Chief from our previous Editor Eve Smallman, I definitely had big shoes to fill. Platform has been nominated for society of the year two years in a row and has grown exponentially in that time frame. It is my job to oversee this growth and see where the magazine can go in a years’ time. When looking at the breadth of this challenge, I could not imagine a more talented group of committee and writers to help me take on this task. Being a part of Platform is completely voluntary, the magazine relies on the passion of its contributors. After reading this Freshers edition I hope anyone with an interest in writing from any society, course or campus will want to be a part of our society. Each person brings a different variety through their unique area of knowledge. We are constantly looking for new talent so don’t hesitate to get involved.

For those new to the Trent lifestyle, look out for a guide to all Trent sports on pages 14 -15, a guide to living on a student budget on page 21, plus, an article on the best Ocean outfits by yours truly. Our main goal for this year is to make this society into a closer group. We will be holding regular socials including chill chats over a coffee, workshops that better your writing skills, big nights in Ocean and everything in between. Accommodating for both the measured and reckless Platform contributor. We will also have reporting groups set up for each section to cover events such as varsity and current news topics. It is essential to follow the Platform Facebook page to stay in the loop with all this.

Each term we will publish a print edition, which is a great opportunity to get your work seen throughout Nottingham and build your portfolio for the future. We think that physical magazines shouldn’t be a thing of the past as no feeling compares to seeing your name in print. Plus, we get to produce sexy new mags such as this. The Freshers edition marks the first Platform of the academic year which is a huge milestone for all of us in the committee. I would like to thank the design team for the amazing job they do alongside balancing their own work; likewise, for the writers and all the committee. I hope you are as excited as I am for the future of Platform.

God bless you all,



A chat with Game of Thrones star Bella Ramsey In the aftermath to the highly anticipated finale to HBO’s award-winning series Game of Thrones, Platform writer Alex Mace caught a few minutes with Bella Ramsay, A.K.A Lyanna Mormont Alex: After your last episode of Game of Thrones, how was it for you and your family to watch your death scene? Bella: I did wonder whether to warn my grandma or not. (laughs) She was okay, though my auntie was a bit disturbed but it’s fine because I was with them anyway. It was just the amazing graphics of that scene, and you even hear my bones crushing which is a bit…It wasn’t great but hey, if you’re going to die in Game of Thrones, you have to die well! A: Are you quite proud for having survived until the last season? B: Yeah! I didn’t even expect to be asked back after season six, but then I was asked back for season seven and then again for season eight, so I’m very grateful to David and Dan, the writers. Also, the fans, they played a massive part in me returning. A: We got a glimpse of Lyanna turning into a Wight - were you a bit disappointed you didn’t get the chance to try and attack one of the main heroes?


- she plays Alice Carstark - she’s 20-something, but we get on really well. She was kind of an on-set sister, so that was great. But all the cast were lovely and supportive, and I got on really well with them. A: Did you know how everything was going to play out in the final episodes?

A: Through your time as Lyanna, do you have a favourite moment of hers? B: That very first scene in season six where Jon, Sansa and Ser Davos come to Bear Island and she just defies everything that they think she’s going to be. That moment was definitely a great one.

B: I knew nothing - I knew absolutely nothing! I only got given the bits of script that I was in because it’s all so secretive and they wanted to make sure nothing got leaked, so really I knew as much as you did. (laughs) I thought Daenerys was going to turn evil, as she was just on that path but I had no clue, basically. A: Is there anyone you wanted to see on the throne, apart from yourself? B: That’s out of the question! (laughs) I think Arya - she really deserved it, I think. Maybe her and Gendry could’ve joint-ruled that would be cool. A: You’re now going on to smaller projects like Hilda on Netflix. How is it going from such a huge project like GOT to something on a much smaller scale?

B: It’s still the same really, to me - it’s just the size difference. I love doing the big projects just as much as doing the smaller ones. Some of the independent films and B: Yeah, that would’ve been really cool - but scripts I see are so important and it’s a I think maybe the eyes popping open made shame that some of them will never been it a bit more dramatic, and had people seen on a bigger scale - these are important guessing what on earth she did. stories that need to be told. A: The Long Night had quite a mixed reaction from fans, with a lot of people saying the Night King was killed off too easily. Do you think the show made the right choice with his death? B: I think so, yeah – with Maisie Williams and all of Arya’s training, it seems like all eight seasons have been building up to that one moment, so I think it was a fitting end for the Night King. The fact that a pint-sized female took him out was - I mean - it was pretty cool! It’s a pretty great moment for Arya. V A: Have you made any good friends through your time on Game of Thrones? B: There’s a girl called Megan Parkinson

A: Do you think GOT has helped you to mature as an actress? B: Definitely - it was the first thing I ever did. I’d never been on a film set before, so I was kind of thrown in the deep end straight away, but I’m kind of glad that happened and I didn’t have to learn everything gradually. It was kind of like: “Right, here’s Game of Thrones - learn.” Which was great - I’m very, very glad about that. A: Did they let you have any souvenirs from your time at the show? B: No, they didn’t. (laughs) Some of the cast actually stole the odd thing, but I didn’t - I was good! I have got a GOT water bottle and hat they sent me, so it’s alright.


The Alt student guide to Notts Entertainment Nottingham boasts some amazing student nights out - Ocean, Rock city, Stealth - but a big night out isn’t for everyone. What is there for us students who prefer a more chilled out approach to a good time?

Broadway Cinema

Penny Lane

Logiclock Escape Rooms

Aside from Cineworld and Showcase cinemas, Nottingham is also home to Broadway, a cinema that specialises in promoting independent productions and arts in the Midlands. With reduced tickets for under-25’s, this cinema can adapt screenings to make them suitable for a wide range of audiences. Examples include dementia friendly screenings, as well as being suitable for those on the autism spectrum, and the cinema also caters for parents with monthly parents and baby screenings.

One of the more recent additions to the Nottingham entertainment scene, Penny Lane is a seaside-inspired arcade, located on Fletcher Gate, where you can go to combine food, cocktails and arcade games, all for reasonable prices.

Escape rooms are appearing everywhere nowadays given their increasing popularity on a global scale, and it’s no wonder that Nottingham is following this trend.

Although this cinema is mostly used for screenings of independent productions, Broadway also shows the latest big cinema hits with reduced rates so students can enjoy the latest blockbusters for half the cost of other leading cinema chains. Broadway is also home to a cafebar and mezzanine bar that open at 9am, and don’t shut until late, providing brunch, lunch and dinner options for when you want a casual meal in a lively atmosphere.

Their arcade section features the traditional 2p penny pushers, basketball and grabber machines, as well as air hockey and horse racing. All their arcade games (excluding the penny pushers) are token operated, with tokens available to purchase for £1 each from their machines. However, if just having a meal or drinks is more your style, their extensive menu of two for one cocktails and food menus for gluten free, vegans and vegetarians, so you’re sure to find something you like here.

The Logiclock Escape Room centre has three rooms currently in operation, and a fourth under construction, all of varying themes. Whether you fancy a pirate themed escape, or science adventure, the game is sure to be entertaining, with groups of three, four or five members able to play. Located on Trinity Square, prices start at £16 per person and provide up to an hour of fun.

Lost City Adventure Golf You could swing by the Cornerhouse and delve into the depths of the rainforest for a round of crazy golf. What better way to enjoy an evening with your mates than to face the mysteries that lurk in the jungle on the scared skull course or keep it Indiana Jones style and pot some holes on the temple trail. If you’re up for a bit of a drink once you’re done, you can head up to the Hawaiian theme Tiki Bar and enjoy a few cocktails.



“Seize theInterview with the Momen” new VP of Sport ADAM RIDGLEY

Picking up a sport at uni is one of those ideas we all love on paper, signing up to 20 different things at the sports freshers’ fair, before inevitably not following through on your desire to pick up competitive frisbee. Sports however can be one of the most experience defining elements of your time at Trent. we interview the new NTSU Vice President of Sport, Momen Moustafa on why you should pick up sport at NTU, what changes can we expect this year and much more…

For those who dont know you, tell us a bit about yourself: I’m Momen, International business graduate and my experience with NTU Sport includes being a team member of NTU Equestrian in my first year and Team Captain in my second year! My journey with NTU Sport didn’t stop there, I wanted to try something new in my second year and that’s when I decided to start Thai Boxing. After a year of training and winning by the way of KO in Varsity 2019 I was elected to be President of NTU Thai Boxing 2018/19 and then NTU VP Sport for 2019/20.

What changes can we expect to see come to NTU sport this year? My manifesto points include increasing female and international students’ participation, more collaborations with UoN to use facilities such as disability specialists, more promotions towards nonvarsity sports and more! You can view my manifesto on the NTSU website.

What sporting opportunities are available for those who want to play casually, rather than competitively? As much as we care about performance sports and elite athletes, we are really keen in regards to sports inclusivity where we offer programs like ‘This Girl Can’ and as mentioned earlier ‘Play For Fun’.

Momen’s Manifesto: Why should people get involved in NTU sport, even Work closely with NTU if they have never done Sport marketing staff to sports before? promote non-varsity sports. Students should get involved with sports at NTU as sports clubs offer more than just training sessions! Meeting new people and making friends and not to mention how important physical activity is important to your mental health, especially at university beside studying. NTU Sport offers programs like ‘Play For Fun’ where there is no commitment or previous experience needed to start, only costs £2 or even free to affiliated members with NTU Sport and rewards can be earned! Play For Fun is not the only program that we offer, most sport clubs welcome students at any level of ability.

Increasing participation from international and female students through NTIC, global lounge, and international societies, as well as building on programs like This Girl Can. Collaborate more with UoN to use facilities such as disability specialists.

What tips would you give to incoming student athletes in NTU Sports App: Working balancing sports with both with NTU Sport to create studying and Uni life? a platform facilitating communication between Being an athlete beside studying can be stressful sometimes, but it really is societies, making it easier doable, use your first year to improve your for clubs/societies to time management skills when university workload is not as high! Attend and enjoy organise events. your sport sessions, make friends and go out but never forget that your degree comes first! Sophie Pedlar (NTU Sports Woman 2019) demonstrated a great example of time management skills where during her undergraduate time she received a scholarship in Swimming, Fencing, Equestrian and Pentathlon beside her studies!

Introducing QR code signin to sessions, reducing waiting times before sport sessions.


Where to watch a wealth of sport in Nottingham


Lane, located on the opposite Ice Hockey You may not have realised Meadow side of the river as the City Ground, is a this when you joined great stadium to attend with affordable Not a lot of people watch ice hockey and seats and a good atmosphere, (sit at the Nottingham Trent, but the they really should! End to end action, Kop end to really get a feel of the crowd!). city is absolutely brimmed violent tackles and great atmospheres, Even though they will play in the National what’s not to like! Here in Nottingham, we League, it doesn’t necessarily mean the with sport! If you can’t get have the Nottingham Panthers who play at football will be lower quality as the team, enough of sporting action, the Motorpoint Arena (they do other things who gave Juventus their famed black and than just Ariana Grande concerts) which is white stripes, aim to bounce back to league want to explore new sports football on their first attempt. in walking distance to the NTU City campus! that you haven’t before or if The Panthers will be trying to improve you’ve got a day to kill but Cricket on last season’s performances after only nothing to do, Notts has finishing third in the elite league, 22 points off first placed Belfast Giants and second you covered! Two football Due to England winning the Cricket World placed Cardiff Devils so the more support Cup, (we finally brought something home!) teams, rugby, cricket, tennis you might have been struck by cricket fever. they receive as they try to reach the summit of the table, the better! and much more await you! Nottingham houses the famous ground Trent Bridge, that hosts England regularly, Here is a brief rundown Be sure to also keep in mind the fierce along with Nottinghamshire County Cricket match of Trent Army against Uni of, as of the main attractions to Club, one of the 18 first-class county cricket the city finds out which university reigns clubs in England and Wales! Nottingham’s sporting side, supreme on the ice! with a few obscure ideas to Cricket is the perfect summer sport and as the football season draws to a close, the keep your mind open. Nature Valley Open cricket season begins so don’t worry about

Football Nottingham Forest is a club steeped in history, winning the likes of a top division title, two FA Cups and four League Cups, but the back-to-back European triumphs, won under legendary manager Brian Clough, represent the highlight of their 154 years of existence.

getting left short before the end of the uni year! Grab a couple of your mates, crack open a cold one and enjoy the cricket in the sun to take your mind off those impending exams!


If football and cricket doesn’t float your boat, then don’t worry! Grab your mates, hop on a bus down to West Bridgford, (apparently everything sporting related is Forest, who play at the City Ground, located located in and around the area,) and watch some rugby! in West Bridgford, will be battling it out for a promotion spot in the Championship Watch Nottingham Rugby Football Club, this season with the aim of a longwho relocated from Meadow Lane to Lady awaited return to the Premier League. Bay in 2015, play in the Greene King IPA As Championship games come thick and Championship and give them extra support fast, there is plenty opportunity to make it as they try to climb the table and improve down there and witness the atmosphere from their seventh-place finish last season. for yourself and support their campaign to reach the top of English football once again. Notts County had a season to forget last year as they were relegated from the football league for the first time in their history, losing their famed title of the world’s oldest football league team, as the Magpies get their first taste of Non-League football.

You may not have known this, but Nottingham hosts a warm-up tennis competition in the lead up to Wimbledon. The Nature Valley Open is a week-long competition that hosts both women’s (WTA) and men’s (ATP) tournaments with big players such as Dan Evans, Johanna Konta and current women’s number one Ashleigh Barty all competing in the past! Hosted at the Nottingham Tennis Centre, opposite the Uni of campus, the grass tournament recently introduced hawk-eye to proceedings so you can now see players win (or lose) points by a matter of inches, and it’s all just one tram ride away!

Photo Credit: Hanson Lu via Unsplash 13

A guide to NTU Sport University can be a tough time for anyone, especially if you’re going through bad circumstances or ploughing on through stressful times during your studies. That’s why here at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) we take pride in our societies and sports clubs. Interested in joining a sports club for fun or to compete against other Universities? Here’s some more information on the BUCS and Varsity events, and how you can get involved!

The British University College of Sports, BUCS for short, is the governing body for higher education sport. BUCS created a league whereby universities compete against other to win points. I like to think of it like a football table; if you win points you go up the table, if you don’t win points other Universities go ahead of you. There are 3 main leagues (Premier league, League 1 and League 2), but some of the larger sports clubs have a League 3 as well. At the end of the season there is a final league table showing the BUCS point positions. NTU have placed 13 th overall for the past two seasons and will be hoping to crack the top 10 this coming one! With the BUCS competitions, you’re also given the opportunity to play home and away games, with live crowds and media coverage from both Universities playing, (so there will always be a cheeky picture that you can post on Instagram!) Most sports clubs have competitive matches once or twice every two weeks but depending on the weather (and the sport), games are sometimes rescheduled if they can only be played outside.



Universities also compete at Varsity intercity matches against their rivals, so for NTU, we face the University of Nottingham to see who the superior sporting Uni in Nottingham is. The annual series sees the two universities clash in a variety of sporting events as the Trent Army and Uni of battle it out in a number of sporting venues across Nottingham, including both campuses and the Motorpoint Arena. Varsity games also give us the opportunity to get away with mocking our rival University in order to motivate our teams to win! One of the highlights from last year’s games was the darts that we covered live here on Platform. ‘Jacob Saunders is the hero for UoN as he beat Nathan Ball 3 legs to 2, to win the series 4-2 overall. The UoN team take to stage to celebrate their victory of reclaiming their title from NTU’ - Platform Magazine. Despite the loss for NTU, the Trent Army remained in full voice throughout to maintain an amazing atmosphere. People came for a laugh, to drink with mates and to watch an extremely competitive darts series, even though some in the crowd didn’t understand the rules!

Joining a Sports Society So, you want to join a sports club? First thing you need to do is find a club you’re interested in and you’ll need to purchase a sports club membership. This initial fee covers a variety of aspects including your insurance, fees for any competitions throughout the year, travel and accommodation fees, venue hire, equipment hire and coaching throughout the year! NTU have loads of sports on offer to join, including the more obvious choices of football, tennis, cricket and athletics, to more obscure sports with the likes of fencing, pole dancing and motor racing. Each club will also have their own fee to become a member (paid straight to the sports club), in order to purchase or upgrade the equipment currently being used, and it can go towards socials, trips and further coaching. To check out the full list of clubs and to get more information, head to NTU’s official website!

What are the benefits of joining a sports club? Whether you want to continue a sport you play a hobby, or try something new, sports clubs have a variety of other positives which have attracted lots of NTU students in the past: (1) Free taster sessions to give you an idea of what to expect, (you’ll find the dates, timings and locations for these in the freshers booklet once you have a confirmed place at NTU). (2) Lots of training and learning new skills, including the ability to learn new techniques, 1 on 1 coaching sessions, strength and conditioning training, competition preparation and practice and much more. (3) The ability to meet a variety of people/ network at the sports club socials/events at restaurant meals, drinking events held at the local bars and nightclubs and team building exercises including bowling and mini golf. (4) Competition between Universities in both Varsity matches and BUCS competitions to give your university the much-craved bragging rights! (5) Keeping active at University. Exercise is often good for you when studying, and sometimes helps relieve stress/pressure and can positively help mental health issues. (6) It will give you the opportunity to become a leader and boost your confidence.

You will have the chance to apply for committee roles that will both give you skills and look great on a CV, and when competing, you’ll have the team morale behind you, giving you that extra confidence!

I spoke to Indi Johnson, the president of NTU Fencing for the upcoming year, about her experience within a sports society and what she has gained since being a member. “Joining a sports society was definitely the best decision I have ever made,” she stated. “It has given me amazing opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. The team spirit is amazing and I always feel supported by those within the club.

“Prior to University, I had never fenced before, so I was nervous about joining a club, but my confidence has certainly grown over the last two years. I have competed in almost every competition and I have now been voted in as the NTU Fencing President for the upcoming year She added: “One of the other reasons I joined a sports club, is to have a separate group of friends, away from my University course. “Fencing takes up a lot of my time, but I believe that any sports club is a great way to meet new people, do something constructive, try something new (or continue a sport that you played before University) and everyone is in the same boat so it’s a nice way to ease you in! “All sports clubs have members with a varied level of skills which means it is easy for people to join as there will always be someone with as much experience or more experience than you!” 15








For 15% off on use discount code:



Nottingham’s Top 5 Alternative Bars You’ve Got to Visit


3. Boilermaker 1. Lost Property We all love a bar with an alternative twist – whether By the title you may have guessed, another There’s just something so exciting about a secret bar, and this one is definitely not one secret hidden venue! The fake façade is it’s a secret underground a ‘lost property office’ and as you enter you want to miss. You may have already bunker or outrageously walked passed this unassuming boiler room you’ll definitely feel like you’re in the wrong place. There are old battered suitcases exterior without giving it a second thought, crazy cocktails. We’ve mounted on the wall and old fashioned little did you know, this is Nottingham’s compiled a list of the top 5 wooden furniture which leads you into the first original secret bar. Disguised as a alternative bars you mustn’t boiler shop, Boilermaker on Carlton Street main bar. The cocktail names are as quirky as the place itself, with drinks such as ‘Lost offers quirky cocktails and a lively and miss during your time in atmospheric environment. Expect incredible Child’ and ‘Fallen Pornstar’, it’s definitely drinks, bright colours and the chance to tell the weirdest and most wonderful place to Nottingham; from retro explore. all your friends about the cool secret boiler arcade-themed venues to room you found! self-serve wine bars. 5. Penny Lane

2. The Hockley Arts Club

Remember all those arcade games you used to love as a kid? From air hockey to the iconic pinball machine you can reignite all your childhood fantasies here. For just £1 a token you can play all those end-of-the-pier games you loved or have your fortune told by the fortune-teller. The seaside themed arcade bar offers exciting cocktails with a beachy twist, with drinks such as ’99 Problems but the Beach Ain’t One’, ‘Jammy Dodgem’ and ‘Skittle Fizz’ being amongst some of the patrons’ favourites. You’re also in for a retro treat as the menu serves everything from the classic fish and chips to a Mr Whippy ice cream! Located in Fletcher Gate, Penny Lane is a stroll down memory lane filled with nostalgia and fun; an unforgettable night with friends or a special someone.

Another hidden gem is the Hockley Arts Club, with 3 glorious floors to cater for all your night-out needs. The ground floor is a place to party the night away, where you can dance and drink until 3am. The middle floor offers a more relaxed atmosphere with comfy chairs and sofas where you can enjoy a chilled cocktail with your friends. The top floor, known as the Electric Garden, is definitely the most instagrammable with Japanese inspired art and pink blossom trees around the room. This is the home of the Twister cocktail, with an actual Twister ice lolly served along with the tasty drink. This place is definitely worth a visit!

4.Another? Wine Bar What could be better than a self-serve wine bar? If you’re a fan of wine then this is the place for you. The self-service feature means visitors can top up their glasses with a choice of 65 different wines, and it’s a great way to test different flavours and tastes to suit your wine needs. There is quite a romantic atmosphere with dim lighting and in the summer days and evenings, there is a cosy Prosecco and Champagne garden to enjoy. This would be a perfect date night to break the ice.

Photo courtesy of Hockley Arts club

Student Getaways How nice would a little getaway be? As a student we all dream about escaping the hustle and bustle of University life and going somewhere new. Of course, it seems as though there isn’t time nor enough student loan to make this fantasy a reality. Well, I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 weekend getaways on a student budget to buck this trend. 1. Amsterdam – This is the perfect city to go to if you just need to unwind for the weekend. Travelling from Nottingham, your best bet would be to get a train to Manchester airport and a return flight with Easyjet (although a one-way ticket may be tempting). Return tickets can be as cheap as £40 for the weekend and as for any of these weekend getaways, the ticket gets even cheaper if you book as a couple or group. In terms of accommodation, there are plenty of affordable Air BnBs and hostels you can choose from. 2. Budapest – A beautiful city to explore breath-taking architecture and relax in the ancient spas. This is a little trickier to travel to compared to the others but it’s still manageable! I would recommend looking at Wizz Air airline as they compare to Easyjet’s affordable prices but fly every day of the week. Unfortunately, Liverpool or Manchester airport do not fly to Budapest Friday to Sunday, so it does mean a train or coach ride to London and flying from there. This would be a good destination to head to if you are lucky enough to have Friday or Monday off your timetable. Top tip: Don’t get caught out exchanging Euros as this country has its own currency.


3. Jersey – Fancy the island life, somewhere close to home but far enough to feel like you’re on holiday. Expect white sandy beaches and stunning sunset views. This is the place to go if you want a more relaxed holiday feel. I would recommend going when its warmer weather in the spring/summer so that you can make the most of the beach! From Nottingham you can either fly from East Midlands airport at around £70 return ticket or if you have a good timetable, you can get a return flight from Manchester airport for £40; check the flights first as there isn’t one everyday. I would recommend AirBnB as hotels can be a bit pricey 4. Barcelona – While this is a beautiful city that probably deserves more of your time than just a weekend, it can be done! As long as you’re prepared for a lot of walking and sightseeing. Once again, the closest affordable airport would be Manchester. An Easyjet return ticket can cost as little as £50. By the time you get back to Uni, you will feel like you’ve been away for at least a week as there is so much to see and do, you will be constantly moving and 5. London – Ok this may be a cop-out suggestion but why not? London is one of the most famous cities in the world and it’s right on our doorstep. Take a weekend to go and explore the famous skyline architecture and experience the wonder of Camden Market. I would recommend setting an early alarm and going down with a National Express coach as this is a fraction of the price of a train ticket. There are a lot of Airbnb’s about or a good hostel that I would recommend is called Wombats.


3 tips for not drinking at Freshers ABI TRÜNK

You may be off to Uni thinking “well I don’t drink” or “I don’t fancy the lifestyle usually stereotyped with freshers”. This may be because you enjoy more individual ways of having fun or that you just don’t want to succumb to the peer pressure of downing the cup left to the unlucky person in the game ‘Ring of Fire’. Either way, these tips will help you get equipped with having your own fun without alcohol and help you bond with like-minded people in different ways. 1.

Be upfront

Tell your flatmates and friends, straight away that you do not plan to drink, this means avoiding going to the shops and buying alcohol for pre-drinks. You will then not feel obliged to say yes when you are asked if you would like a drink or if you are going out. People will generally have more respect for you and your wishes if you are honest in the first place rather than having to awkwardly tell them further down the line. Again, you don’t have to tell them why you do not drink if there is a reason, it is all about not feeling pressured and being comfortable in the environment you are in.

2. Ntu’s non drinking events Every freshers, there seem to be more events that cater to people who want to do alternative activities. This is especially great for mature and international students who are less likely to go out. These events can include movie nights, game nights and sports activities, through NTU you can do play for fun sessions which cost £2 a go if you do not have a membership. Through this, I have made very good friends and also learned to play Badminton a bit better!

3. Join a society This is probably the hardest choice to make as there are so many options that you can pick. However, by joining a society you are putting yourself out there and doing something that interests you whether that is joining one of the sports teams right through to the debating society. Usually, these societies will provide non-drinking socials, just like Platform, who have a coffee social every week.

Being teetotal throughout student life and especially freshers isn’t as hard as it seems, as long as you have the courage and will to tell people that you don’t want to drink, everything will be fine. University is a learning experience and it would be boring if we were all the same.

How To Survive On A Student Budget Surviving on a budget for almost 4 months is a challenge, even more so when the loan you receive is different from that of your friends. This guide should get you equipped for freshers and hopefully convince you to not blow your money on dominos every night.

Impulse buy:

Trying to control your impulses will curb the unnecessary spending, also try to be creative with the outfits you wear out so that you do not have to buy a new outfit each week. Some of you will be out 3 times a week, which could become very costly if you are not Budget: reusing what you already have. Remember, you will be The most important thing at the mercy of drunk hunger you should do is to budget cravings after a night out, so and not spend more than instead of ordering a delivery what you physically have if of McDonald’s when you are necessary. You are leaving an drunk or have a hangover, environment where you may stock up on pizza and other be financially independent junk food before. for the first time away from your parents and spending all of what you have in the first week will end up becoming a massive headache. However, you can still live comfortably on a student budget. There are many apps that can be used to track your spending which can help immensely, even just using your phone notes will help, as I learnt.

Student discount: Take advantage of the student discount offers, there seems to be always 10% off in Superdrug; this is handy for a variety of items like makeup, hair dye and tablets (for the hangover). Whilst making a purchase it is always wise to ask if they do student discount as it is better to be safe than sorry. The same can apply for most music streaming apps for the all-important pre party music.

Find a part-time job: If in the likely circumstance your loan will not be sufficient enough to last you, there are a variety of part - time jobs available through the university as well as in the city which can provide you with a bit of extra cash. check the ‘Futurehub’ on the NTU website to find a catalogue of part - time work in and out of the University that could be right for you.

Aldi is your best friend: When it comes to a night out the best option as always is to pre drink, I would recommend going to Aldi for cheaper alcohol prices but even Tesco can have good deals on for a £4 bottle of wine. If your alcohol tolerance is low, like mine, that should be enough to at least get you tipsy. Everyone is more or less in the same boat, making you feel less uncomfortable about the situation. Don’t forget you can always find free tickets to clubs with entry before 11 on Fatsoma (normally a free drink is included).

Meanwhile, enjoy fresher’s and as long as you follow these tips you should be in good hands for having an awesome time and making new friends. This will be a big learning curve for most people but the lucky part is that you are all facing similar scenarios.


Now thats what I call a Freshers Playlist With moving into your new university halls and making new friends, chances are you won’t have much time to breathe before somebody expects you to hop on the aux cord. Luckily, Platform’s got you covered with a specially curated playlist that’s guaranteed to get everybody’s heads turning. With a selection of throwback jams, classic chart-topping hits and fist-pumping bangers, you’re soon to be known as the mate with great taste. Whether you’re getting ready for your big night out or even having a big night in, this playlist has got you covered from start to finish. With the perfect pre-party tracks at the top of the playlist to the infamous hits you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs right before you leave, we’ve even got some tracks at the end dedicated to those who need to keep the party going even once the clubs have shut.

Pre drinks

Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous Rihanna – Rude Boy Redlight – Get Wavey Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl AJ Tracey – Ladbroke Grove Sophie Ellis Bextor – Murder on the Dancefloor Diplo & Tove Lo – Win Win

During the night TLC – No Scrubs Jax Jones & Martin Solveig (feat. Madison Beer) – All Day and Night Kid Cudi – Day n Nite (Crookers Remix) Wiley – Boasty Disclosure – White Noise David Guetta (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Where Them Girls At

Afters Katy B – Katy On A Mission Mark Ronson & Lykke Li - Late Night Feelings (Krystal Klear Remix) Four Tet – Only Human FISHER – You Little Beauty Kettama – B O D Y Burial - Claustro 25

Nottingham is a city proud of its surging musical scene with talent both up-and-coming and established legends being drawn into its many iconic venues. With a huge array of shows on during the first semester, we’ve cut through the noise to give you some of the best gigs to catch in your first few months at NTU.

Hip-Hop singer songwriter Fetty Wap will be kicking off the semester in Rock City’s main hall with his arsenal of selfproclaimed ‘ignorant R&B’ tracks. Having been rescheduled from April this year, fans will now have the chance to chant along with Wap to some of his most prestigious bangers such as Trap

A fantastic example of rising stars, The Howl and the Hum strive in their sounds of understated yet intriguing instrumentalism. Overlaid with intimate and passionate vocals, the alternative quartet were featured at this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival and are stopping by The Bodega this September for what’s expected to be a dark but poignant evening.

Worlds will collide in the Rescue Rooms when rap and punk meet in unholy matrimony as Zebrahead hit the stage. The Californian rockers will bring their mesh of no-nonsense punk attitude with a dash of rap rock vocal deliveries to the intimate surroundings of the Rescue Rooms. This may be a combination that some turn their noses up to but with singles like Falling Apart and When Both Sides Suck, We’re All Winners, you’ve got to remember opposites attract.

Very few artists can provide the level of variety and pizzazz that has emerged from Australian seven-piece King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. With 13 full-length albums being released since 2012 that jump from sombre psychedelic tones of Work This Time to a headbanging mania on Robot Stop these guys are nothing short of unpredictable; just take their name of example.

With the twanging notes of country making its way into the mainstream, the accessible blend of pop and country from Jess and the Bandits might just be the band to scratch an itch we didn’t know we had. Since their inception, Jess and her Bandits have made numerous TV appearances and have received helping hands from the likes of BBC Radio 2. Now, they grace Nottingham’s Bodega and we dare you to not get anthemic hits like White Lies stuck in your head.

You’re not going to forget this overnight. Jubilant and colourful explosions of the sounds of Nigeria infused with an unapologetic twist of electronica; ISM pull no punches. With a complete lineup of funk-driven bass, drums, saxophone, trumpets, trombones and an underlying layer of synth you’d be a fool to miss out on this Rescue Rooms appearance if you call yourself a fan of all

You guys better snag these tickets quick. Rising rock stars The Amazons announced only a short string of gig dates after the success of this years album Future Dust that delivers a healthy dosage of fist-pumping, throat-aching rock numbers that anyone and everyone can get down to. They’ll be sure to fill every inch of Rock City’s main hall with the infectious groove of Black Magic and the earworm chorus of Mother.

Guilty pleasures for many, the pop superstar quartet Little Mix are giving Nottingham a double-barrelled treat as they perform back-to-back nights at the Motorpoint Arena. With greatest hits like Wings, Black Magic and Shout Out to My Ex any fresher that happens to be their biggest fan, openly or secretly, will have a blast on this stop of the groups’ LM5 tour.

Does he need an introduction? Oasis legend and now successful solo artist Liam Gallagher will make an appearance in Notts on his highly anticipated tour that has already seen huge ticket demand after tremendous success and critical acclaim with his singles such as For What It’s Worth and Shockwave. The special guests are yet to be announced but I think we’re all hoping for Lewis Capaldi to make an entrance, sorry Noel!

For any metal or hard rock fan this is a special one. After being forced to put the tour on hold due to medical issues earlier this year, the Black Sabbath frontman is back on track to deliver his No More Tours 2 show at the Motorpoint Arena. Avid fans of the prince of darkness will expect the glorious bangers of Crazy Train and Mr Crowley but will no doubt be as pleased to see classic metal titans Judas Priest supporting Ozzy on what will be a night to remember; if you can remember anything the next morning that is. 27

15 must-have Ocean Outfits


To those of you that are not aware, Ocean is Trent’s student night on a Wednesday. Societies will pick a theme to dress up as each week then go on a bar crawl round town which ends up in the big O. Here’s our pick of the best themes to expect throughout the year. Remember that all outfits can work for everyone if you want, blokes can spandex up and rock Call on Me too if they’d like… For the Girls

For the Guys

For Everyone

5. Angels/Devils

5. Robin Hood

5. Hawiian

Heaven or hell, in most cases the outfit won’t depict the rest of the night.

Show off your Notts pride

If only they served cheap VKs on an actual holiday

4. Bachelorette I sometimes wonder what it must be like for Nottingham locals on a Wednesday night, or any night after 10pm for that matter.

4. Prisoners Who doesn’t like a bad boy? 3. Football shirts Football at 5, Ocean at 6

4. Noahs Ark And the animals came in two by two… 3. Pyjamas Can you imagine a comfier night out? 2. Anything but clothes

3. Spice girls

2. Peaky Blinders

Even if the band can’t fully reunite, you can instead! See if your mates can pick a different spice on the night without any preplanning

Don’t wear your best shirt, just don’t.

Make use of the trash you were never going to take out anyway

1. Spartans

1. Halloween/Christmas/Valentines

2. Call on me If you don’t hear this song played once all night, find me and I’ll buy you a VK 1. Back to school I wish non school uniform days had been more like one big Ocean night, missed opportunities.

I see making it through the entire Ocean bar Always the best nights, make sure to secure tickets early for seasonal crawl as a modern-day Spartan challenge Oceans.

And that’s a rap. If you’re confused about a bunch of lads wearing speedos every week - don’t be, it’s just rugby, let them do their thing. And of course, remember to keep yourself posted for Platform Oceans! Happy Ocean going everyone!


Meet the entrepreneurial student who’s turning beauty into big business KATIE SHARMAN Running a business while studying at Uni and also trying to have a social life may sound like an impossible dream to most students but one Trent student is beating the odds. Business student, Milly Carling, originally from London, decided to stop hunting for part time jobs that didn’t suit her timetable and make the move to cash in on the eyelash craze and start up a new endeavour, Lashes by Milly. We spoke to Milly about how she set up her business, how she balances Uni and the beauty world and if she has any tips for other students thinking about setting up their own business. Q. What made you first decide to create your own business? A. I wanted a part time job as a student, but I was finding that jobs in Nottingham weren’t as flexible and I wanted to be able to go home during term breaks. Q. What inspired you to choose to become an eyelash technician?

A. I always get my eyelashes done, home and Uni and so I already felt passionate about all things beauty. As I’m doing a business degree, I combined my passion for beauty and the degree together. Q. How did you set up the business? A. I trained as a technician when I went back home to London, I got my insurance and certification and then set up my Instagram page and it just took off from there!

Q. Will you be setting up any other businesses or expanding your business further? A. I am so happy with the support that I have received in the first year of operating so I’ve decided to expand the services in the business by offering different styles of lashes (hybrids and Russians). This has been highly requested by clients so I’m really happy to be able to offer this now. Q. Have you experienced any hurdles? A. I think the hardest part of any business is building a client base but because I’m at University and am a student myself, people hear about me through word of mouth.

Q. How do you juggle University and your business? A. My job allows me to be flexible so I can fit clients in around my Uni timetable

Q. Will you continue this after University? A. I will always do eyelash extensions. Whether that will be just for my friends and family or operating as a business, I will have to see what opportunities arise after graduating to see if I want to continue being self-employed.

Q. Does your business help you on your course? A. I’d say my business degree is mainly theory based with particular modules but I can always understand aspects from a business and consumer point of view now because I have experience in both.

Q. Have you got any tips for other students looking to set up their own business? A. My number one tip to anyone else is consistency. You need to be 100% committed, be prepared for some setbacks as you will need time, money and patience to build a business from scratch.

Lashes By Milly offer affordable student eyelash extensions with only a short walk from NTU city campus With a variety of eyelash extensions to suit you including: classics, hybrids and Russian style lashes. For information such as prices & to book an appointment please contact LBM via Instagram @


Ocean and Disposable Fashion: How fast fashion impacts the environment KATIE SHARMAN It’s Freshers week, which means the infamous Ocean, lots of nights out and consequently a lot of clothes. While you’re buying all your outfits for Freshers week and future club nights, bear in mind that throw-away clothing contributes more to climate change than air and sea travel combined. This isn’t a lecture about how you shouldn’t go buying new outfits but is a little reminder to be mindful and only buy clothes that you know you will get some good use out of and not just wear on that one night out. While lots of people are recently becoming more environmentally aware and taking reusable bottles and mugs with them everywhere they go, clothes seem to be taking a little bit of a back seat. People are far more interested in knowing where their products are coming from and how they were made than ever before, however, the price and style of clothing is still first priority. Ok so yes, we’re students which means we’re looking for affordable clothing which is fair enough but how about going vintage and having a look in some charity shops and places like Depop and eBay? Less than 1% of the material used to produce clothes is recycled into new clothing so why don’t we try reusing clothes that other people don’t want any more instead of contributing to the world’s climate change crisis. While buying new clothes can add to the buildup of excitement for an event, there is definitely something in the back of your wardrobe that you can re-visit. The fast fashion industry has a lot to answer for. The tradition of introducing new fashion lines on a seasonal basis is being challenged. There used to only be

four seasons a year – summer, winter, autumn and spring. Now there are 52 micro-seasons per year which means new collections every week. For example, Topshop online introduces 400 new styles every single week. Fast fashion is not sustainable as it contains dangerous dyes, synthetic fabrics, lead and countless other chemicals which almost never get broken down and spend their life releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Try buying from responsible brands and choose cotton over polyester if you can as polyester contains microfibers which goes into our water and marine life when we chuck our clothes into the washing machine. The other problem of fast fashion is for those who are suffering as a consequence. If you’re paying £5 for a dress, this probably means that someone somewhere is being underpaid and consequently underfed and unable to provide for their families. This sort of labour has to end and it’s up to us to make a difference.

Overall, my top tips are: 1. Spend an afternoon going through your wardrobe and making ‘keep’, ‘resell/donate’ and ‘recycle’ piles. 2. Try buying from responsible brands where possible and check the material. 3. Make sure anything you buy will get at least more than one use. 4. Look at buying from charity shops and online places such as Depop and Ebay. 5. Consider a bit of DIY, why not rip those jeans or crop that top yourself? 6. Follow sustainable influencers and brands on social media for inspiration 7. Set yourself budgets, you’ll be doing the world a favour by not buying so frequently and also giving your bank account a little break!

Fast fashion is guilty of committing many crimes against people and the environment. We haven’t got many years left to tackle climate change so let’s try to make a difference in as many ways we can. 31

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