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Changing with the times PRA sees change as a reality and acknowledges it as part of a healthy growth. In fact, PRA meets changes head on and adapts to them. Compared to other publications of a similar genre, we maintain a strong focus on the latest technology and the evolving trends that are shaping the plastics and rubber industry. Change also comes in the form of a revamp in our business organisation, wherein the Head Office is now in the Netherlands and the Publisher is Arthur Schavemaker; while Tej Fernandez remains as the Executive Editor at our Regional Office in Malaysia. This change warrants the best output, in terms of bringing impacting contents in our forthcoming issues. But some things are essentially constant, such as our integrity. Serving through its 26th year, PRA gives its readers up-to-date information on the plastics and rubber industry. This is an affirmation of our strong readership and advertiser base. Year after year, PRA has maintained itself as an integral part of a niche industry, with vertically aligned industry supplements of Rubber Journal Asia (RJA) and Injection Moulding Asia (IMA). These supplements engage readers with their specialised contents and add on value to advertising. Another constant item is the audited circulation. Both the print and electronic editions, including our monthly online E-News PRA, reach out to a wide audience, making for an effective pass-on readership and extended advertising mileage. Our direction is well-planned, our goal is well-founded. Our strength as a medium has been amply tested by time. Our readers and advertisers cannot expect anything less, regardless of the changes that arise. Partake in our strengths and move forward with PRA.




JANUARY/FEBRUARY Closing Date: 17/01/11 - Publication Date: 07/02/11 Indian Machinery & Technology (Plastivision Review) Blow Moulding Rigid Packaging

RJA - Synthetic Rubbers RJA - Testing Instruments IMA - Hot Runners IMA - Moulds

MARCH/APRIL Closing Date:21/02/11 - Publication Date: 14/03/11 Ancillary & Materials Handling Equipment Blown/Cast Film Extrusion & Converting Machinery Maintenance

RJA - Silicones/Liquid Silicones RJA - Medical Moulding IMA - Robots IMA - Medical Industry

VietnamPlas, Hanoi, Vietnam, 19-22 April

MAY Closing Date: 11/04/11 - Publication Date: 02/05/11 German Machinery & Technology Part 1 (Chinaplas Preview) Taiwanese Machinery & Technology (Chinaplas Preview) Film & Sheet Extrusion Masterbatches and Additives

RJA - Synthetic Rubbers RJA - Tyres IMA - Tooling IMA - CAD Design

IIME Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 10-13 May Chinaplas, Shanghai, China, 17-20 May

JUNE/JULY Closing Date: 23/05/11 - Publication Date: 13/06/11 Thermoforming Testing & Inspection Compounding

RJA - Natural Rubber RJA - Gloves IMA - Rapid prototyping IMA - Engineering resins

Interplas Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-26 June

AUGUST Closing Date: 18/07/11 - Publication Date: 08/08/11 US Machinery & Technology Screws & Barrels Recycling

RJA - Reclaimed Rubber RJA - Reinforcing Materials IMA - Electric machines IMA - Large tonnage machines

Tiprex, Bangkok, Thailand, 31 August-3 September

SEPTEMBER Closing Date: 15/08/11 - Publication Date: 06/09/11 Italian Machinery & Technology Pipe & Profile Extrusion Flexible Packaging

RJA - Wire & cable RJA - Extrusion IMA - Micromoulding IMA - Small tonnage machines

AP Plas, Shanghai, China, 5-8 September Koplas, Seoul, South Korea, 28 September-1 October

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER Closing Date: 19/09/11 - Publication Date: 04/10/11 German Machinery & Technology Part II (Fakuma Preview) Film/Sheet Extrusion Composites

RJA - TPE RJA - Compounding IMA - Injection moulding machinery (Fakuma Preview) IMA - Automation

JEC, Singapore, 18-20 October Fakuma, Germany, 18-22 October IPF, Tokyo, Japan, 25-29 October M-Plas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9-12 November

DECEMBER Closing Date: 14/11/11 - Publication Date: 05/12/11 Japanese Machinery & Technology (IPF Review) Masterbatches, additives and pigments Wood Composites

RJA - Rubber Injection Moulding RJA - Automotive IMA - Fakuma Review IMA - Automotive

Editorial Plan 2011

Plastics and Rubber Asia is proud to be a member of ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation)

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Total: 14,468 The total circulation includes an average number of extra copies distributed at exhibitions throughout the year.

Readership by Job Title Others Quality Control Purchasing Design/Design Engineering Production/Manufacturing Engineering R&D Corporate/General Management 0



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Readership by Industry Sector* Automotive Packaging Products Electrical Products Domestic Appliances Rubber Products Medical Raw Materials Building Products Household Goods Furniture Other Products Agents & Distributors Sports & Toys Material Manufacturers Aerospace Government & Associations 0%




Readership by Company Activity* RIM Others Compression Transfer Reinforced Plastics Foam Thermoforming Compounding Blow Moulding Extrusion Injection Moulding 0%






*Multiple production methods in companies apply.

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1 insertion 7800 10700 4500 7400 5300 8200 3300 6200 2500 11770

4 insertions 7410 10310 4280 7180 5040 7940 3140 6040 2380 11340

Standard Colours 1080 2700

Special Colours 1380 2570

6 insertions 8 insertions 7020 6830 9920 9730 4050 3940 6950 6840 4770 4640 7670 7540 2970 2890 5870 5790 2250 2190 10910 10700 4 Colour Charge 2900 2430

Facing Matter 15% 2360

Four page editorial/advertising supplement price on request.

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Bleed (h x w) 282 mm x 426 mm 282 mm x 216 mm 142 mm x 216 mm 282 mm x 108 mm 216 mm x 142 mm 98 mm x 216 mm 282 mm x 73 mm n/a n/a n/a

Trim (h x w) 276 mm x 420 mm 276 mm x 210 mm 138 mm x 210 mm 276 mm x 105 mm 210 mm x 138 mm 92 mm x 210 mm 276 mm x 70 mm n/a n/a n/a

Type (h x w) 245 mm x 394 mm 245 mm x 190 mm 110 mm x 190 mm 245 mm x 90 mm 190 mm x 110 mm 80 mm x 190 mm 245 mm x 60 mm 245 mm x 125 mm 56 mm x 190 mm 110 mm x 90 mm

Material Specification All advertisements should be correctly sized as per the sizes quoted on the media pack and allow for bleed where appropriate. All fonts, pictures and logos should be embedded and should originate from files of at least 300dpi whilst the final electronic file should also be of at least 300dpi. Digital files of 4 colour should be CMYK process colours with no spot colour. All bleed adverts should have trim marks. Files should be PRESS OPTIMISED (PRINTER) PDFS, JPEG/TIF, EPS FILES, or PHOTOSHOP FILES. Material can be emailed to Please do not send files greater than 25MB. Alternatively they should be sent on CD by express courier. PLEASE ENSURE THAT A COLOUR PROOF ACCOMPANIES ALL ADVERTISING MATERIAL

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Plastics and Rubber Asia 2011 Media kit -SG  
Plastics and Rubber Asia 2011 Media kit -SG  

PRA 2011 Media kit- SG