Planum. The Journal of Urbanism

Planum was the first European www and on-line journal entirely devoted to the planners and to the whole community of people involved in city development and the protection of the environment. Planum may be the ideal follower of paper journals and magazines that have been for some 90 years the sole yet unique tool for practitioners and scholars to disseminate culture, models and experiences throughout Europe. Its box of tools is still the same of scientific journals: the making up of information, critic judgements, opinions, evaluations, values, presumptions which are the foundations of public policies and actions. Planum plays the role of the virtual interface of the European town and regional planning world. It offers several services to the whole of the "actors of the city": scholars, researchers and students, consultant planners, policy-makers especially at the local and regional level, employees in planning & design firms, people in technical professions.