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ANNUAL REPORT Planned Parenthood Association of Utah Fiscal Year 2018

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MESSAGE FROM OUR LEADERSHIP As another year ends, we proudly take this time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in 2018 on behalf of our mission. We made it through year two of the Trump Administration, and despite continued attacks, we are standing stronger than ever. The Affordable Care Act is still in place and Title X and Medicaid funding are available for our patients to receive affordable health care and information. We are thrilled that, thanks to grassroots efforts here in Utah, Medicaid expansion is finally happening to help those Utahns who fall in the coverage gap. And at the national level, the House now has a pro-reproductive rights majority with the most diverse group of freshmen congress members ever! We are so grateful for your investment in Planned Parenthood. Your faith and commitment in our work raises the spirits of the board, staff, and community who depend on our programs and services during these tumultuous times. It is because of your support that our patients can count on Planned Parenthood, knowing our doors stay open – no matter what.

Karrie Galloway President & CEO

On a local and national level, there are still those who fight against our mission. There seem to be no limits to the length the opposition will go to in their attempts to restrict access to health care. As a federation, we will not waste this new supportive House majority as we work to return to common sense policies to protect our reproductive rights and the ability to live our best lives. As we approach our 50th year here in Utah, we begin to think about our legacy over half a century and what is to come in the next 50 years. As always, we want you to see the quality of our health care services, innovations in community education programs, the diversity of our partners as we ban together as a community, and the fun we have had while fighting the “good fight” together. Please enjoy the 2018 Annual Report. We hope you are proud of the work we have done in partnership with you. You make it possible, and we are so very grateful.

Katherine Venti Board Chair 3

HEALTH CARE Through our work across the state of Utah, we aim to create a community where every child is a wanted child, where people make informed and responsible health decisions, and where everyone has access to affordable, quality reproductive health care and the right to choose.


Salt Lake

West Valley

St. George

Our eight health centers across the state are an integral part of Utah’s health care safety net. We take pride in the high-quality, judgment-free care we provide our patients. This year more than 46,000 Utahns came through our doors, knowing we are here for them — no matter what.


Utah Valley

South Jordan


Metro 5

We are honored to be part of our patients’ lives. Without Planned Parenthood, too many would go without timely access to contraception, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and referrals for everything from prenatal care, adoption and mammograms, to diabetes management and cancer treatment. This is why we continue to work to remove barriers to care for individuals and families who want to be safe, healthy and strong.

STI Testing & Treatment Chlamdyia Gonorrhea HIV

25,231 25,231 5,057

Cancer Screenings & Prevention Pap smears HPV vaccines Breast & testicular exams

4,039 164 12,560

Other Services Pregnancy testing & information Abortion Vasectomy


14,963 1,941 115

We remain committed to providing reproductive and preventive health care, including miscarriage management, timely support with a diagnosis of fetal demise, and other safe and legal abortion procedures as part of our commitment to supporting women and families. The rate of abortion in Utah continues to decline, in no small part due to quality sex education and affordable long-acting reversible contraceptives and other forms of birth control, such as those we provide.

For almost 50 years, providing access to contraception for ALL Utahns who need it has been central to our mission. We know that being able to decide if and when to have a child leads to happier and healthier women, children, and families.

Birth Control Total visits Birth control pills IUDs Depo Provera shots NuvaRing Implant Condoms & diaphragms Emergency contraception

104,514 64,347 3,825 12,763 10,097 1,387 900+ 11,212


The HER Salt Lake Contraceptive

Initiative provided no-cost contraceptive methods to 7,400 clients at Salt Lake County Planned Parenthood health centers between 2016 and 2017. The research team is following 4,400 of the clients for three years through longitudinal surveys and qualitative interviews. The team published three papers during 2018. Findings include: • Contraceptive clients were twice as likely to choose an IUD or implant after cost barriers were removed. • 1 in 3 HER Salt Lake participants identified as a sexual minority, and bisexual and mostly heterosexual women were more likely to choose an IUD or implant than exclusively heterosexual women. • Pregnancy intentions and emotions about pregnancy influence contraceptive choices. To learn more about HER Salt Lake and to read about the studies, visit HERsaltlake.org.

We also began a new project this year with the University of Utah researching emergency contraception and IUDs.

At PPAU, we honor the richness and complexity of our patients’ lives. To make sure we are providing the best care, staff at all health centers participated in professional development to make our health care more inclusive and respectful of all patients. 8

As the health care landscape changes, we are looking beyond brick and mortar, using technology to reach patients in all corners of our state. We are now able to offer some services via TeleHealth and hope to expand in the future as demand increases.

For more information about our health services, go to



EDUCATION We work hard to provide all Utahns with the accurate, reliable information they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. Sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, and we believe all people have the right to the information and education they need to engage in sexual activity in a way that is not only safe, but also, right for them.


We believe that parents — in collaboration with schools and communities — should be the primary sex educators of their children.

We reached 10,733 Utahns through education programs in schools, college campuses, govermental agencies, community-based organizations, private social service providers, and professional development workshops.


Teen Council, our peer health education program, trains 10th12th graders to educate and inspire their peers to learn about and advocate for just and humane policies, teach comprehensive sex education, and speak out against racism and other forms of oppression. This year’s 39 members from Salt Lake, Wasatch, and Summit Counties represented 14 high schools. They received a total of 202 hours of training and delivered educational presentations and outreach to 6,943 youth.


Teen Council members taught our sexual assault prevention curriculum, Know Before You Go, to 150 11th and 12th graders at Park City High School. Know Before You Go is based on the concepts of consent education and bystander intervention. This strategy is used to prevent sexual assault by interrupting a potentially harmful situation, or challenging societal norms that make sexual violence acceptable.

This year Teen Council expanded! We now have a group meeting in West Valley, engaging students on the West side of Salt Lake County.

Teen Council members made their presence known at the Capitol in February. Teens spent President’s Day learning how to share their stories and lobby their policy makers. They descended on the Capitol the next day, lobbying their legislators about consent education and testifying during a hearing. 13

PPAU reached 515 youth and adults in Salt Lake County with sex education that works. Some of our partners include the Sudanese Community in Utah, Youth City, PROMISE South Salt Lake, International Rescue Committee, the Asian Association of Utah, among others.

Linking Families and Teens (LiFT) served 121 teens and parents in Summit and Wasatch Counties. 100% of participants would recommend the program to a friend and reported that LiFT will assist them in having conversations about tough topics going forward. This research program seeks to demonstrate that when parents connect with their teen, the likelihood that that their child will engage in risky behaviors (including teen pregnancy) is reduced. Parents and teens participate in a 6-hour program to practice communication and share learnings.


Teen Success celebrated 2 graduates from high school and 3 individuals pursuing higher education. 100% of program members were enrolled in an educational program. This support group for pregnant and parenting teens meets weekly to help participants maintain family size and acheive academic goals. The program gives teen parents a place to come together and learn how to become the person and parent they want to be.

Our Jail Education program thrives at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who present the Empowered Women Healthy Sexuality course weekly throughout the year to encarcerated women. Professional Development: Safe

At School

Our anti-bullying/anti-harassment program trains educators in creating inclusive classrooms for LBGTQ+ youth and their peers. This year we reached over 556 educators and future educators. They presented at the Utah School Psychologist Conference, saw increased interest in the Teaching Transgender Toolkit Trainings, and reached educators in Utah County and Cache County. 15

ADVOCACY Planned Parenthood is advancing a culture of proud and authentic sexuality and identity, free from stigma and judgment. We are doing this by advocating for laws, policies, and every day practices that support and promote sexual and reproductive freedom.


In January, we launched The Birds and the Beehive, our homegrown movement to engage with Planned Parenthood supporters here in Utah. We provided house party kits to 50 Ambassadors across the state to kick off the 2018 Legislative Session. We also dispersed more than 100 business kits to local bars, coffee shops, and other businesses who support our work. Go to ppacutah.org/beehive to learn more.

We started a podcast! The Birds and the Beehive Podcast is our invitation to put our differences aside and have real conversations about what matters to all of us when it comes to health care, relationships, policy, sex, and so much more! Find it wherever you get your podcasts or at ppacutah.org/podcast.


Our Ambassador Program, boosted with new Birds and the Beehive energy, continues to grow in power and numbers. In 2018, we went from 3,600 members to more than 7,000! The Ambassador program is the first level of engagement with Planned Parenthood in Utah. They are Utah-based Planned Parenthood supporters who want to actively engage in the local fight for reproductive freedom by using their unique experiences and stories to promote Planned Parenthood’s services and message in their own social circles. As a collective group, Ambassadors use their strength in numbers to contact lawmakers and show up in a powerful way.

We are grateful for our committed group of extraordinary volunteers. This year they created thousands of buttons and safe sex kits, tabled at dozens of community events and signed up more than 3,000 new ambassadors! 18

During the 2018 Legislative Session, we lobbied, organized, showed up, and were successful in defeating a bill that would have restricted abortion access. We also helped successfully lobby for a bill that provides a family planning waiver to expand Medicaid coverage.

On International Women’s Day (the last day of the Legislation Session), we partnered with MRM//McCann to create a Birds and the Beehive art installation at the Capitol. Using text to talk technology, tweets using the hashtag #birdsandthebeehive were read outloud in front of the Capitol over a loud speaker.


This summer and fall we created Birds and the Beehive patches to give to supporters at events and outreach tables! The Birds and the Beehive Action Patches were created for Planned Parenthood Action Council by the creative geniuses at MRM//McCann. Each patch represents a value of our Hive. Values like loving our neighbors, embracing diversity, and standing with policy makers who are Pro-Families, Pro-Safe Sex, and who stand up for reproductive justice.

With the help of a grant from PPFA, we were able to implement a local RaĂ­z program to begin outreach and engagement with the Latinx community in Utah. Our new RaĂ­z staff organized yard sales to help offset the cost of DACA fees for two community members and partnered with the Diversity Scholars at the University of Utah to engage young Latinx students in our work. 20

We continued our WE WON’T GO BACK campaign, working with the marketing firm MRM//McCANN and the University of Utah AdThink group to refresh the creative for digital and social. This campaign aims to demonstrate the value of Planned Parenthood’s 100 year legacy and vital role as a health care provider in Utah by illustrating what the world was like before Planned Parenthood. Go to ppacutah.org/we-wont-go-back to learn more.


We celebrated the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade with the production of the play Remarkably Normal with Salt Lake Acting Company.

Planned Parenthood Action Council hosted its first ever Liberty Laughs & Libations - a night of comedy with Tig Notaro, raising more than $58,000! Nearly 1000 people attended the event at the Eccles Theater in June to see comedian Tig Notaro and musical guest Raye Zaragoza.


This year our nine Students for Choice clubs chose to rename their clubs Students United for Reproductive Freedom. They made this change to more accurately reflect the spectrum of issues involved in reproductive justice. We currently have 340 members across the state at Utah State, Weber State, University of Utah, Westminster, Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, Southern Utah University, Dixie State, and USU-East.


DEVELOPMENT We are more grateful than ever for the support of our generous donors, who in these uncertain times, make it possible for us to keep our promise that “these doors stay open� every day. Our fourth annual The Art

of Safe Sex

fundraiser raised a record breaking $155,000!


The 31st annual Logan Chocolate Festival saw record attendance this year and raised nearly $40,000 for our Logan Health Center. Thank you to the generous anonymous donor for your $50,000 gift! Because of you, hundreds of Utah patients will be able to receive the reproductive health care they need. Planned Parenthood was founded on the radical idea that access to sexual and reproductive health care and education could change lives, communities, and the world. Since then, Planned Parenthood has empowered millions to take control of their own bodies — and their own destinies. Help us continue that legacy. Remembering Planned Parenthood in your will, a trust, or through an annuity is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give future generations. How it works: • Name Planned Parenthood Association of Utah in your will, living trust, or as a beneficiary of your retirement or investment account. • Document your bequest with PPAU by contacting Tim Johns at tim.johns@ppau.org or at 801.532.1586 You will need the following information: Planned Parenthood Association of Utah 654 South 900 East Salt Lake City, UT 84102 Employer Identification Number (EIN): 87-0288909 25

OUR MISSION Planned Parenthood Association of Utah’s mission is to empower Utahns of all ages to make informed choices about their sexual health, ensure access to affordable, quality health care and education, and protect their right to do so.

PPAU Staff at our annual All Staff Party


PATIENTS Total: 46,299

Female 82% Male 18% over 40 8%

under 20 16%

30 - 39 21%

Insurance 29% 20 - 29 55%

No Insurance 71%


REVENUE Total: $12.5m


EXPENSES Total: $9.9m



Annabel Sheinberg

Heather Stringfellow

Karrie Galloway

Lesley Bailey

Vice President, Learning & Partnerships

President and Chief Executive Officer

Penny Davies

Vice President, Clinical Services


Vice President, Public Policy

Chief Financial Officer

Tim W. Johns

Vice President, Development

BOARD 2018-2019

Katherine Venti, JD Chair Taylor M. Snyder, MPH Vice Chair Maryann Martindale Secretary Karen Halladay, CPA Treasurer Jenny Bell, MD Gabriella Blanchard Samantha Castleton, LCSW Dr. Forrest C. Crawford Alexandra Grosvenor Eller, MD Jasmine Despain Lynn Hoffman-Brouse Cara Heuser, MD Tania Knauer Therus Kolff, MD, MPH

Lydia LaSalle, MPA Jazmin Martinez David B. Midget Carol A. Okumura, MPH Michael Ramon Aguilar Tina Ruga, BSN, MS Nancy E. Sassano, PhD Aharon D. Shulimson, PhD, MSCP Sara E. Simonsen, PhD, CNM, MSPH, BSN Nora Trinidad-Scholle* Danielle Watters Marzelli Neil Webster, JD Crystal Young-Otterstrom Yehemy S. Zavala Orozco *Planned Parenthood Action Council of Utah Board Members



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All numbers are for Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2017—June 30, 2018). All photos by Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and PPGNHI.