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Abusive football umpire banned A GOAL umpire received a 28-match sanction for abusing field umpires during a recent senior colts match between Mallala and Virginia. Adelaide Plains Football League president, Brad Busch, said the goal umpire, officiating on behalf of the Virginia Football Club at the game on May 4, was reported by field umpires and fronted the tribunal last Wednesday. “He was found guilty and suspended for 28 games,” Mr Busch said. The goal umpire will be unable to contribute in any official capacity, whether for the club or umpires, for eight matches, with 20 of the 28-match sanction suspended, pending any further misdemeanour. Mr Busch reminded club officials they are responsible for the behaviour of their supporters on match day, whether official members or not. “The league won’t tolerate it (bad behaviour) and clubs won’t tolerate it,” Mr Busch said.

PICTURE: Lisa Redpath

ALL eyes down for naplan TEST Blake Windibank and Lisan Stocco of Auburn primary school are just two of about 76,000 South Australian students from years three, five, seven and nine who will undertake the sixth annual National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), starting yesterday (Tuesday). Blake and Lisan were busy with others in

their Year 5 class on Monday, preparing for the test, held nationally this week. Minister for Education and Child Development, Jennifer Rankine, said the results would gauge students’ progress in numeracy and literacy. The testing will be held nationally this week. “The snapshot of information provides valu-

able data to schools and teachers so they can determine where improvements can be made,” Ms Rankine said. “The results from NAPLAN have led to new education initiatives and policies being developed which will result in better outcomes for our children. n CONTINUED PAGE 5

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restricted access John street

Gated area


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New fence


Howe street


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Railway terrace


Terminus Hotel

Safety first as Viterra fences Balaklava site

PEDESTRIAN access to the Ralli Park sports and showgrounds across Balaklava’s Viterra silos site will be fenced off later this month due to safety concerns. The decision follows “several near misses” with trucks operating at the site, prompting Viterra to limit access across its property. A statement released by Wakefield Regional Council (WRC) last week claims the company is concerned the current walkways

Les Pearson reports: through the site are “an unacceptable risk to workers, pedestrians, bicycle and gopher riders”. WRC community and development services manager, Chris Parish, said Viterra had involved council in discussions surrounding the issue. “Both Viterra and WRC recognise the value of the pedestrian link

for the residents north of Railway terrace and have worked collaboratively to find a resolution, which ensures employee and public safety, while continuing to allow pedestrian access through the site at appropriate times,” Mr Parish said. The site will be fenced off later this month but the existing walkway between Railway terrace and John street will remain. n CONTINUED PAGE 5

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NEWS v District

Who will star as cinema’s VIP? Something very exciting is happening at Blyth Cinema – and it’s not just on the screen. The cinema will be celebrating its eighth birthday on May 28, and some time between now and then, its 50,000th customer will walk through the door and into a nice prize. Sole owner, Ian Roberts, knows which session the lucky customer will attend, but “guarantees the patron has, or will, walk through the door between now and the 28th.” Those patrons visiting during this milestone attendance won’t miss out as Ian has prepared 80 mystery envelopes for them, containing major or

IAN Roberts in Blyth Cinema.

Louise Michael reports:

minor prizes. One of the envelopes contains a major prize of a private screening for 50 guests for a movie of their choice, valued up to $500. Major winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 29 at 7.30pm, followed by a free screening of the cinema’s highest grossing, and highest attendance, movie, “Red Dog.” A light supper will follow. “There will be other free screenings to thank our patrons – one for families will be Toy Story 2, on Sunday, June 2 at 2pm,” said Ian. Bookings are required.

special feature


Locals get a family welcome

It’s not surprising local customers feel specially welcome at the new Goodyear Autocare in Balaklava. After all, the owners, Roger– better known as Roly – Jenny and James Francis, have been running the nearby Goodyear Autocare store in Kadina for more than 10 years, so are already well entrenched in the local community. As Jenny points out, over the years they’ve built up many loyal customers in Balaklava who have been making the trip to Kadina. “We’re a local family business, and we’ve been part of this community for years so we’ve already got lots of loyal customers in Balaklava,” Jenny said. “They know when they come to see us we’ll look after them and I think there’s a real trust factor there. We defi-

nitely make customer service a priority. If customers are happy they come back and it’s something Roly and I are always stressing to our team.” Being part of the community, Roly and his family also have a real understanding of the needs of local customers, many of who come from surrounding farms. That’s why they’ve installed the latest equipment for changing larger truck and agricultural tyres as well as purpose built equipment for changing tyres on the newer sprayer units. Customers know they’re in safe hands with Roly and the team. Roly has more than 35 years experience in the tyre industry and store manager Rob Giles has 30 years. The team at Balaklava is also fully trained in tyre application and fitment of

“We thank everyone who has supported us and attended movies here for the past eight years, since 2005,” said Ian. Now offering five sessions a week, Ian and his team look forward to screening great movies for many years to come. “Volunteers deserve credit. They have worked tirelessly at all times, for example during school holidays and on weekends.” The cinema also offers special Friday night deals for fundraising events. Phone the cinema on 8844 5175 for bookings or information.

passenger, 4WD, light truck and tractor tyres and offers advice on the correct fitment of tyres to comply with strict Australian standards. As part of the Balaklava store opening, Roly, Jenny, James and Rob are offering customers something special. Along with offering free battery testing, customers who buy four tyres right now, can have a free rotate and balance which will be offered every 10,000 km. “With the free rotate and balance, it means they can look after the life of their tyres and increase the mileage,” said Jenny. “We also do fleet work and tyre wear checks.” This extra care for their customers has already seen the Francis family awarded State dealers of the year for SA, WA and NT several times as well

as runner up on many other occasions. n Contact Roly, Jenny or James Francis or store manager Rob Giles at Goodyear Autocare Balaklava for all your agricultural servicing and tyre needs at 30/34 Edith Terrace, Balaklava or call 8862 2488.

THE team at Goodyear Autocare Balaklava, from left, store manager Rob Giles, and owners Jenny and Roly Francis.

BALAKLAVA NOW OPEN Ask in-store for our opening specials on our huge range of passenger, 4WD and agricultural tyres. Horsham


Main Rd Secondary Rd




er S

Edith Tce

Train Station

Short Tc


er S






Fish Wall

e Tc

Roger and Jenny Francis





y Gw

Come in store and talk to Roger and Jenny Francis for the best advice on the correct fitment of tyres for your car, 4WD, truck or tractor. They have been local business owners in South Australia for the last 10 years and have over 35 years experience in the tyre industry.



Main Rd Secondary Rd


Train Station

30/34 Edith Tce

Call 8862 2488

Call 8862 2488

30/34 Edith Tce, Balaklava 2

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

NEWS v District

It’s time to say thanks to Wayne and his friends This week is National Volunteer Week – a week to recognise more than six million people who volunteer annually in Australia. Wayne Olsen, of Port Wakefield, is one of our local SA Ambulance Service volunteers. He has dedicated more than 25 years to the ambulance service, providing life-saving emergency medical care to patients. Wayne’s outstanding effort has not gone unnoticed, and will be recognised at a “25-Year Award” dinner to be held in Norwood on Friday night. Wayne, a tow truck driver who also owned his own crash repair business, was honoured to receive the award. And there is no doubt his professions would have exposed him to accident trauma over the years. “I joined to help the sick and injured and learn life saving skills,” Wayne said. “I’ve really enjoyed learning how to help people and in some cases, save lives” “Things have changed so much over the years. “Gone are the days of ‘load and go’... the training has become very technical” “I spent 11 years at Balaklava, before transferring to Port Wakefield. I’ve been here 14 years” Other local SA Ambulance Service volunteers to receive the

Louise Michael reports: 25 year award are Balaklava’s Cathy Blackwell, and Mallala’s Robert Christie, both tireless workers for the ambulance service. Volunteers are an integral part of ambulance operations in rural and remote areas in SA The contributions of SA Ambulance Service volunteers will be celebrated with 80 local events around the state for station teams and volunteer groups. If we look around us, every sporting club, community group, service club, charity, school, church, hospital, and even businesses, have dedicated people who volunteer in many different ways. As just one example, charity group, St Vincent de Paul, assisted 1.8 million people in Australia last year, with more than 40,000 volunteers helping. Balaklava local, Laurie Wilson, bundled up donated clothing and goods for Vinnies for many years. He organised volunteers from the Gawler branch to come and collect them, and distribute to the needy. Volunteers Minister, Tony Piccolo, said this year’s theme, “Thanks a Million,” pays tribute to the effort and commitment of SA volunteers.

WAYNE Olsen has enjoyed learning how to help people and save lives. “Volunteers should be recognised, valued and supported, and National Volunteers Week provides an opportunity for all communities across Australia to recognise and thank volunteers

for all they do,” he said. Have a look around you, and next time you are at the football, receiving Meals on Wheels, or want a fire put out, remember to thank the volunteers who have

enabled these things to happen. National Volunteer Week runs until Sunday. If you are interested in volunteering, contact a group in your town as they would all be keen to hear from you.

Port’s broadside at ‘no take’ zones A 40-page symposium regarding the formation of the Marine Park Sanctuary Zones in Upper Gulf St Vincent was sent to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Marine Parks last week. The submission, prepared by the local Marine Park 14 Action Group (MPAG), is based around the State government’s implementation of several large sanctuary (no-take) zones that were heavily opposed by the local community. One particular sanctuary zone is believed to have disastrous consequences to the Port Wakefield commercial and recreational fishing community, should it be implemented next year. The document makes several clear declarations in its introduction, including the wider community’s vehement rejection of the proposed sanctuary zones. “A vast majority of community members

Les Pearson reports: believe in the concept of marine conservation, but do not support the current government’s position to exclude fishing and extractive activities from 22 per cent of the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park,” it states. “The current zoning does not honour a number of key government policy commitments, peak stakeholder commitments, Marine Park Local Advisory Group (MPLAG) advice or marine park design principles. “More importantly, the Marine Park 14 Action Group and the wider community will not take ownership of the government park as it lacks balance, common-sense and scientific justification.” MPAG chairman, Bart Butson, said the document canvasses the long historical battle the community has had with the government


13 Wallace Street Balaklava SA, 5461

P 8862 1571 F 8862 2096 Photos for illustration purposes only

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

since planning for the marine parks began several years ago. “I’m very happy with the submission, as it’s good to have all that documented for the future,” Mr Butson said. He said there was a feeling of disbelief amongst the fishing community surrounding the government’s failure to embrace concerns during the consultation process. “People still can’t believe they are going to lose those traditional fishing places. “The group of people who know how the whole process worked, that includes myself, cannot believe how the government went away from the original Local Advisory Group recommendations.” According to Mr Butson, recommendations from LAG groups met sanctuary principles, which found a balance between preserving the environment and still retaining social and economic prosperity in the area.

“That is the crux of the issue,” said Mr Butson, adding he does not expect the government to change anything, regardless of the submission, given recent experiences. “I have no faith in them whatsoever,” Mr Butson said. “The Labor government is so dependent on support from the Greens that we’ve been sold out for that cause. “They’ve chosen a low socio-economic target and used us as a bargaining chip from Greens support.” Several MPAG members have made a specific request to present in person to the Select Committee. Mr Butson reserved particular praise for MPAG secretary, Amanda Wheeler, for her many hours work on the submission. “Both the MPAG and the wider community are indebted to her for all the work she has done for our benefit,” he said. n LETTER, Page 6

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Reasons why we are ‘waveless’ YOU might recall my “waffle” (in Take 5, May 1) on people waving, or not, as they are driving. One local, who regularly commutes to Adelaide, has contacted me with some very disturbing allegations. Apparently there is a core group of females who work locally in Balaklava, (yes this person claims to have spotted your cars at workplaces here) who drive while looking down at “something important” near the bottom of their steering wheel. It seems this happens regularly, as these people commute from places south to work in Balaklava. What could they be doing? And in the words of my local, many drivers seem to have a common complaint – head tilted to one side and a hand over their ear. Must be an earache. One middle aged man allegedly even had his illuminated laptop, reflecting back into his face (what else could it be, suggests my informant), while driving in the early hours of the morning. Did he really have a “dead” line to make? So this explains why people don’t wave anymore – they are too busy on their phones, tablets and laptops, to look where they are going and who is driving towards them. The only good thing about all this, is if you’re looking down, and so is the oncoming driver, at least you won’t see each other‘s face when you



On 4


crash into each other. Concentrate, people, you have seen the ads on TV – we need to set good examples for young drivers! BALAKLAVA

‘Borrowed’ barrow

No doubting the Power of the Press as good triumphs over evil! Following last week’s story about the missing wheelbarrow in Balaklava, there’s good news. The barrow miraculously appeared last Wednesday morning to its rightful spot in the Railway Garden, opposite Howe street. I like to think our report had something to do with that! Garden instigator, Carmel Miels, was thrilled to see it returned . •Baby Bounce sessions have returned to the Community Library on the first and third Friday of the month, from 9.30 to 10.30am. There will be book readings, activities and nursery rhymes, so pop in for a relaxing and fun time!


EMAIL: louise@ plainsproducer. or find Louise on Facebook

Louise Michael SNOWTOWN

Town milestone’

Snowtown is turning 135 this year and is celebrating its anniversary on Saturday, October 12. Snowtown Management Committee (SMC) is inviting clubs and community groups to hold a stall or trading table. SMC would like to only have one type of each stall, so it’s a firstin, first-served basis. If you’d like to have a stall, contact a committee member. All profits go to Childhood Cancer Research. DISTRICT


Artists and venues should hurry to register for the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) festival. Closing date for entries is Monday, May 20. The festival will run from August 2-25. Get forms online at or phone Penny on 8218 8451.

Star of the North

Make a date to share a ‘cuppa’ DON’T forget Balaklava Lions will present the 20th “Biggest Morning Tea” at the Town Hall from 9am-noon on Friday. You can either eat in or take away. For orders, call Kossie on 0408 899 984. • Maxine Symes is holding her “big cuppa” at her home in Mallala from 9.30am on Thursday, May 23. Go to 20 Redbanks road. • Two Wellites and others should mark their diaries for the Uniting Church’s annual morning tea on Friday, May 31. It will be at the post office courtyard, from 8.30am to 1pm. Delicious pancakes, sausages and scones will be available, and you can wash them down with steaming hot tea and coffee. Uniting Church Fellowship ladies will be holding a trading table, with all proceeds going to the Cancer Council. Cancer Council mugs have also arrived and are on sale for $8, so contact Pam Duncan on 8520 2764 if you’d like one. Donation tins will be placed in shops around town, giving everyone the chance to support this great cause.


Tongue Twister for you: Sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick!

WE CIRCULATE IN: Auburn, Balaklava, Blyth, Brinkworth, Bute, Clare, Dublin, Gawler, Hamley Bridge, Kapunda, Lochiel, Lower Light, Mallala, Manoora, Owen, Pt. Wakefield, Riverton, Rhynie, Roseworthy, Saddleworth, Snowtown, Stockport, Tarlee, Two Wells, Virginia, Wasleys, Watervale, Windsor.

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The Plains Producer was founded 1903. Formerly the Central Advocate and Wooroora Producer, also incorporating the Stanley Herald, Snowtown.


DID YOU KNOW? – Peanuts are one of the ingredients found in dynamite. BRINKWORTH

‘Gold’ discovered

• Australian Plants Society members have been busy lately. They travelled to Laura to visit one of my favourite places, Golden North factory. The members had a tour, and then were given the golden oldie, a Giant Twin icecream. Yum.The group is holding a “Eucalypt Ramble” with David Kleinig on Sunday May 26, looking at local and planted species.

WASLEYS Primary School students had a visit from Senior Constable Ian Skewes from Nuriootpa Police station. He spoke to students about walking on footCLARE

Talk it over

BEYOND Blue, in partnership with Geoff Brock MP, is holding “A Community Conversation on Wellbeing” on


paths safely, and also riding bikes and scooters safely, either on the footpath or side of the road. Did you know you MUST have a bell on your bike, wear a well-

Thursday, May 23. The event will be held at the Sports Club from 7.15 to 9.15pm, and is a free community event. Keynote speaker is Beyond Blue Ambassador, barrister, writer and


fitted helmet, and if riding a bike at night, you MUST have a light? I hope the students learnt something about road safety from this session. author, Greg Barnes. The event provides a starting point for you and your family to start talking about issues around mental health and wellbeing. Call 8633 1210 to book a seat.

Meet at Stockyard Reserve prior to 1pm. Visitors are welcome to join the group. Please take your own chairs, and a plate of afternoon tea to share. • Primary School students invite everyone to a “Thankyou concert” on Thursday, May 23, at 2pm in the Memorial Hall. The concert honours all who served our country. Stay around afterwards for the SA Cancer Council’s Biggest “Afternoon” Tea.

As time goes by WELL- known Owen farmer, Lachlan Wood, has hardly changed, and still wears his hat! Well, not all the time...

SUBMITTING news and photos to the Plains Producer is easy and photographs from almost any subject are welcome. Send your news in detail, or even an outline, to au PO Box 63 Balaklava SA 5461 or drop it in to our office at 9 Howes street in Balaklava. In today’s times, we do prefer email – but you can submit it in letter or “dot point” format. SOME events which you might think are of public interest are in reality an obvious commercial benefit to organisers and in this instance only basic details will be published in editorial form. Organisers should contact us for advertising rates.

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Eyes down for NAPLAN test

Fuel depot clean-up

Police arrest local pair over breaks

CRANES began remediation work on the former Mobil site at Balaklava recently, removing several huge underground tanks. A Mobil spokesperson confirmed Mobil owns the site and the work is being carried out by Mobil’s contractors. “Demolition works at the site will require several visits in the next few weeks,” the spokesperson said. “Additional work is scheduled later in the year to remove all above ground structures. “We are actively demolishing above and below ground assets at atolarge numberon gained a property of old Mobil depots Walter around the country Two in Avenue, preparation for remediation (if required).” Wells and a trailer was PICTURE: Gavin Paige stolen, as well as a fuel Put the finger on crime, call tank containing about CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 300 litres of fuel.

• From page 1 “We are always looking for ways to improve learning in schools and support all students to achieve their best. “NAPLAN takes just a few hours out of a few days every year, and is now a routine part of the school calendar.” NAPLAN results will provide LOCAL police have data for programs in the Departmade two arrests regardment’s Numeracy and Literacy ing a series of alleged Strategy, which was announced thefts in Owen and the last month. surrounding district in One of the key aims of the recent years. strategy is to improve NAPLAN A 16-year-old boy CARMEL Miels in a file picture in the garden she created, with INSET, DUBLIN results, while setting annual acafrom Pinery and an the remaining similar demic targets andbarrow, increasing in-to that taken. • BAROSSA High18-year-old man from n CALL 131 444 outside business hours formation sharing with parents. way Patrolafternoon. reported a cessful as of Monday •From Page 1 Owen were arrested for or 000 in an emergency “Numeracy and Literacy has al43-year-old from “I had heard about man it happenAccess to this walkway will be serious criminal trespass, ways been the foundation of learn- limited when the site is being used, Dublinhad for the driving with ing but I haven’t chance to theft and attempted seri- is unlikely any of it will the prescribed concentraing. It is the best possible start our with gates to the access trail locked cannabis detected in his speak to council about it yet,” Mr ous criminal trespass. tion of alcohol, with an be recovered.” children can have,” Ms Rankine shut, but otherwise open for public Angel said.saliva on April 27. It is alleged they broke Senior Sergeant Ba- alleged reading of 0.088. said. A Viterra spokesperson access at all other times. into a business premises zeley said both alleged WASLEYSsaid the He received a further “Both the strategy and NAcompany had All other trails across the site in Owen and the sur- offenders will be diverted loss of licence and had •no A further HOMEcomment on Jane PLAN are about helping those will remain fenced off, with fencto make onTerrace the matter. rounding area in July through the Youth Court his vehicle seized. had a window who are struggling to reach stand- ing to travel the length of the Visaid on theMay company 2011 and May 2012. • AN intruder Mr wasParish smashed 2. system. ards but also challenging those terra property. was under no obligation to involve Yorke Operations “If you commit a interrupted after they “Lost and found” havewell struck at the A path between the Terminus who THIEVES are performing so they council Senior Sergeant, Martin crime as a child, you are had gained entry Louise Michael reports: to aat all. “Railway garden” on Railway Ter-Hotel and reach their potential. “Viterra saw asa aframed good Ralli Park has been a ONcouncil April 24, Bazeley, said the Owen dealt with as a child,” residence on Ellis Road, race, Balaklava, “About 90 per cent of South popular access point for locals over contact point to keep the commudisplay of a baby photo Golf Club was one of Two Wells on April 29. he said. who would do such a thing, but I Local, students Carmel Miels, who Australian met the Na-hasa number and up atoplaque speed with of years. including and several buildingswhich to bewill be gated when the Viterra site is in nity informed the pathway think the good certainly outweighUSING been the main instigator of thelast gar- The Forklift, mower andgoing tional Minimum standards TWOSelwood WELLS what’s on,” heprint explained. move greatly concerns Ter- use are hand/foot gold casts broken into during the (from left) Alicia Davey, Chelsea and Bradley Davey the few,” said Carmel. den, noticed one of the two wheelbar-minus year. “It was was getting flagged to us as Hotel owner, Allan Angel. found by a member • TWO Wells police more stolen spate of thefts. hope the community will nowthe basketball rows last Saturday morning. Mr “I “Themissing principle of testing, on Friday nights. for kids.” MrinAngel said•hundreds BETWEENa May 3 of concern, sothe the company spoke Angel made no secret of his public at Wallaroo. arrested a man his “This is an ongoing be on the lookout for the wheelbar- “There wouldn’t be too many of people also parkedand Theatvery old wheelbarrow, whether a classroom level or thedo-vested opposite the and 4, a forklift a ride to us about a compromise forsentiboth interest in the issue, considIt would be of mid 40s from Korunye enquiry and police are row, and perhaps the thieves willtrucks operating there at night. nated byone Joyce of Mill Court,ering national is Fisher, not new – teachhotel as possession an easy option Balak-wereparties. on on mower stolen The company have his business gains a large volmental valuecould and relates speaking to other people for unlawful decide to return it, or leave it where painted green.including ume of foot traffic from the use of erswas assess all dark the time, “School kids to cross over lava Showcannabis day and fencing site just from athe property on Port done itto anyway andofnot said the birth Kadey and cultivating in relation it, in thethere can be seen to be returned to thefor footy It had recently been replanted withthe ittrails through tests. and netball training duroff 1. was extreme, givenGawler harvestRoad, was Two Wells. Elizabeth (surname withanything.” throughout the year. on May wake of the second arrailway garden.” potting mix donated byuniform Foodland “The “By having nationally only two or three of the saw and A power Mr aParish said council track is beneficial to me, ing the year,hesaving held). Anyone withshared infor28-year-old Two months said. them walking • A Carmel is not deterred by thisaroundrest,” Balaklava, and planted red andas a business, testing, parents and thewith commuon“No theproperty roads. has been Wellsyear, arguably the site’s busiest spotlight were also stolen concerns. Viterra’s but a heap of other mation in relation to the man was reported setback, as she is determined to keep “For the 15 years I’ve been here, time of year. dark green succulents. nity can be sure that all students things “We do,owner because at theitem endcan of go with it too,” he said. of this to date and by Two Wells Police on from a shed at a residence the area, which was once an eyesore,it hasrecovered “It is very to think “During are aiming for, disappointing and being assessed been the a pretty safehas access He was keen to contact councilRoad, on Williams the Two day, resident is ourPolice main the summer, it is a popcontactsafety the Kadina April 30 for driving while given time that nice. our lovely community an elementularlooking against, the same set of has standards.” to the since grounds, particularly aboutand thebreaching matter butWells, was unsucwhile entry was as Station concern well,” he said. entry point for people going to point passed 8828 1100. the thefts, it unlicensed


Fence will restrict easy oval entry

Carmel’s barrow has ‘grown legs’


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Fab to


Plains Producer manager, Andrew Manuel, recently shed 10 kilograms in 10 weeks in a personal weight-loss quest. Now he wants to keep leaner and fitter – and his aim to have others join him has succeeded. Email andrew@ plains

No spray and weigh


t has been an interesting week for Fab team member, Katrina Loy. If you are friends on facebook with Katrina, you might have noticed her spruiking her “10 pound weight loss” attributing it to her secret nasal spray. Yes you guessed it, her account was hacked and some overseas virus was posting on her behalf about a weight loss product. It was rather embarrassing for Katrina as there was some truth in her posts, which really confused her friends. Not quite a 10 pound weight loss this week, but she is heading in the right direction, even if she doesn’t have any of that secret nasal spray. Purdie Barr has come up with a novel idea for her Kiss Goodbye to MS cupcake stall, which is on Wednesday, May 29. She is baking up a special Fab-tastic ‘low-fat’ cupcake for all the flab to fabsters amongst us. She did some research and found the average cupcake with icing has a staggering 585 calories. (The average person should consume about 1500 calories a day). Purdie found a fab-friendly recipe that has only just 154. By my calculations, this means I can eat nearly four. This week’s weight loss leader was Doug Hall having lost 3.6 per cent. Massive effort, or it could have something to do with the change from analogue to digital scales? Although, in saying that, he has been going hard. Doug rented an exercise bike and is pedalling hard six out of seven days. Keep up the good work. Naomi Purdue led the ladies home with a successful 2 per cent loss. Naomi’s journey has been followed by lots of her friends and her transformation is nothing short of amazing. I’m told you can see the determination in her eyes when she goes to the gym. She is proof with grit and will power, results will come. Alf Bennett has lost five kilos in just a few weeks and “hasn’t felt this good in years.” There were a few who lost smaller amounts, but as they say, a loss is a loss. And they did better than me. *Eek* Moving right along… So, the 15 who provided their weights, 13.1 kilograms was lost this week taking the two-week loss to 41.6kg. That’s a fair step in the right direction.

WE LOVE TO TREAT ACHING PAINFUL FEET Let us help you with all your podiatry needs

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ee tin SUNDAY JUNE 16 - 2PM Ma • Tickets: Cabaret $15 p/person Matinee $15 adult, $12 concession/student • No Eftpos available • Tickets sold from Tad’s Embrodiery from May 15

Enquiries Lenice 8862 1173 or 0411 753 256


Enoying a gallery treat

BALAKLAVA Courthouse Gallery featured a mother’s day tea party” last Friday, as part of its “Always The Bridesmaid” exhibition now showing at the gallery. Kath Klose and Jean Stewart enjoyed the treat and admired many beautiful gowns. The exhibition runs until June 23.

Many caught in big police highway blitz POLICE conducted a two-day road safety initiative last week, which included police stopping vehicles on National Highway One north of Snowtown. The vehicles were stopped at random with a focus on alcohol and drug driving as well as vehicle road worthiness. Over the two-day period, which was conducted during daylight hours, police alcotested 653 drivers, arrested three people, reported


Put the finger on crime, call

CRIME STOPPERS 1800 333 000 n CALL 131 444 outside business hours or 000 in an emergency five people, issued 29 defects, two immediate loss of licence, six expiation notices, 12 cannabis expiation notices, conducted 10 drug tests with three positive re-

sults and impounded one vehicle. Balaklava • POLICE are continuing their investigation into the recent deliberately lit fire at the

Unlucky loss for rescue pair

THE young heroes involved in the rescue of Port Wakefield men, David Unkovich and Richard Pain, on Tuesday, March 30, were the unfortunate losers in the whole tale, after their new helmets were taken from a hiding place nearby. Jordan and Harrison Barbaro, along with Dylan Robertson, had been riding their bikes in the muddy mangroves earlier in the day and on becoming stuck, were forced to carry their bikes home. The young lads hid their helmets amongst the mangroves and were returning to collect them when they heard Mr Pain and Mr Unkovich’s

calls for help, after crashing their boat. After the rescue ordeal, both Harrison and Jordan returned the following day to retrieve their helmets, but they were gone. The boys’ mother, Donna Busch, said she had only just bought the helmets for the boys so they could ride their bikes around the town. “They can’t ride their bikes at the moment as they haven’t got their helmets,” she said. The missing helmets are black, skate styled helmets in both medium and large size. Mrs Busch said if anyone had found them, their return would be greatly appreciated.

n Letter to the Editor n

Accident raises more issues Further to a statement by Darryl Pain in an article in this paper last week, entitled “Pain injured in boating accident” regarding the rescue work done to help his father, I pose a question. “If the current State Labor government proposals for Marine Parks go ahead and the buyouts of commercial fishers’ licenses proceed, who will be left in Port Wakefield to render assistance and help should an emergency arise at sea?” This role has been filled predominately and voluntarily, by the Butson family (along with others over the years) who have an intimate knowl-

edge of the gulf, its tidal movements and drift patterns, a knowledge that is invaluable in a crisis situation, where time is of the essence. This family, along with others of the Port Wakefield community will be lost and this extremely valuable knowledge and effort will cease to be readily available, and the general fishing public put at further risk. I am sure the current government has scarcely thought about this impending situation when it forced its “unreasonable” Marine Park 14 policy on this community. Jeff Sutton, Balaklava

Balaklava High School. Yorke Operations Senior Sergeant, Martin Bazeley, said police were pursuing several lines of enquiry. • A HALBURY man was reported for possessing a commercial quantity of cannabis following a property search on Friday, in which about 500 grams of cannabis was located. The man will be summoned to appear in court at a later date. ANGLE VALE • ELIZABETH Police are seeking information from the public following an armed robbery at a bottle shop at Angle Vale on Saturday night. Just after 8pm, a man wearing a balaclava and armed with kitchen knife, threatened a male staff member at the BWS liquor shop on Heaslip Road, stealing cash and a 700ml bottle of Jim Beam bourbon. The suspect is described as a Caucasian man, about 20 years old, 170cm, slim build and wearing a dark hooded top fled on foot. Police patrols including a police dog patrol searched the area, but the suspect wasn’t located. There were no injuries. TWO WELLS • BETWEEN May 3 and 4, a forklift and ride on lawnmower were stolen from the front yard of a farm on Port Gawler

Road, Two Wells. • ON May 7, a victim awoke to find a man in her house on Old Port Wakefield road, Two Wells. The man was arrested by Two Wells police. LEWISTON • UNKNOWN persons kicked in the front door and gained entry to a house on Aunger Road, Lewiston, and stole a picture on May 9. Another residence was broken into and jewellery and cash stolen. • BETWEEN May 7 and 8, a motorised bike was stolen from a shed on Erina Court, Lewiston. CLARE • AN 18-year-old man from Watervale was reported for PCA and breach of a provisional licence. It is alleged he was driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.147. His vehicle was impounded for 28 days and his licence was immediately disqualified for 12 months. SADDLEWORTH • A 28-year-old man from Auburn was reported for breaching the prescribed concentration of alcohol and breaching the conditions of a provisional licence. It is alleged he was driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.064. His vehicle was impounded for 28 days and his licence disqualified for six months.

Warning as trailers taken FOUR trailers have been stolen in Gawler and surrounding areas in recent weeks, prompting police to issue a warning to all trailer owners nearby. Police urge people to ensure trailers are secure, either in a locked shed or placed in a back yard where it is out of sight. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

NEWS v District

Do this for your kids PARENTS in Balaklava and surrounding districts are encouraged to attend a community meeting that will form the movement to address concerning data regarding the development of local children. A steering committee was previously in place, working towards initiatives in an effort to reverse the ongoing developmental trend in local children. Balaklava Community Children’s Centre director, Dale Gathercole, was the former chair of that committee. A recent community meeting failed to form the new group, Mrs Gathercole believing its mid-afternoon timeslot meant many parents were unable to attend. The community meeting, to be held from 7 to 8.30pm on Monday at the BCCC, is expected to suit parent timetables a little better, while a free volunteer-run crèche (child care) for the duration of the meeting will

Renewed call on child development community meeting also be available for parents looking to attend. Mrs Gathercole said it was vital parents and even grandparents who care for young children should take a strong interest in the meeting and consider joining the new committee. Since 2009, Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) statistics have shown a high percentage of school-entry aged children in Balaklava and surrounding areas are developmentally vulnerable in several key areas.

Riverton hosts another tour HUNDREDS of cyclists rode into Riverton on Monday as part of an epic trail ride from Adelaide to the Flinders Ranges. About 140 riders, mainly from interstate and overseas, arrived as part of the ride’s second 78-kilometre leg from Tanunda. The group then left Riverton and headed to Burra yesterday (Tuesday). The Outback Odyssey is a multi-day supported bike ride following the Maw-

son Trail. Organised biennially by Bicycle SA, the ride first took place in 2002. The path taken along the Mawson Trail traverses some of the most beautiful and spectacular regions of South Australia including the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa Valley, Clare and Gilbert Valleys, the Goyder region, the Flinders Ranges and remote rural areas. With over 900km of little-used country roads, unmade or unused road reserves and forest tracks, the Mawson

Trail is Australia’s premier off-road cycling trail. The trail is named after Sir Douglas Mawson, an intrepid and adventurous Australian explorer. This year’s ride will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the famous explorer’s return from his epic two-year expedition to the Antarctic. The full 900-kilometre ride will take 15 days, with rest days planned at Burra and Melrose.

‘Valuable asset’ in mature age workers MATURE-AGED workers and local businesses are invited to a free public forum this month aimed at increasing the participation of older workers in the workforce. The forum, to be held in Auburn next Wednesday, May 22, includes presentations on workforce planning, recruiting older workers, flexible working arrangements and a local business’ perspective on employing mature workers. “South Australians over 55 are valuable assets in the workplace due to their maturity and experience,” SafeWork SA executive director, Bryan Russell said. “They offer a broad range of skills and confidence, and we encourage workplaces to take advantage of this by offering employment opPlains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

tween them and service providers for the benefit of children’s development in the community. “Hopefully they can make better connections with the community while out parenting with their children as well.” Off street parking is available at the centre, while supper will also provided. “If anyone has any queries, hopefully we can respond to everyone’s questions as well,” Mrs Gathercole said. While the subject can appear complicated on face value, she assured all local parents and grandparents that it was vital each and every one of them developed an understanding of the task at hand. “For those people who don’t think this is for them, this invitation is particularly extended to them,” Mrs Gathercole said. “If you think ‘it’s not for me’, it is, it’s for everyone.”

This means they are likely to suffer some form of learning difficulty throughout their schooling years. While the AEDI data may seem confusing and somewhat confronting for parents to take in, Mrs Gathercole said the issue would be extensively explained at the meeting. “We will probably go through the AEDI data again to ensure everyone has a good sense of it and what it means,” she said. Mrs Gathercole said the new, wider community group would build on the previous committee’s work and take it in a new direction. “It will put in action some of the things the steering committee came up with and also develop some alternative options they can then build a strategic plan around,” she said. “With parental involvement on the committee, it would strengthen partnerships be-

portunities to this important sector of our community.” “Australia has an ageing population and our labour pool is shrinking, so businesses should not forget recruiting and retaining older workers is an option that will deliver strong results and benefits.” The free forum is presented by SafeWork SA, Regional Development Australia, DOME (Don’t Overlook Mature Expertise) Association and the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology. Starting at 10am, the forum will be followed by a light lunch at Barrel Hall, Taylor’s Winery, Winery Road, Auburn. • To register attendance, contact Midge Wallace at 8842 3115.

Clarification on ‘deficit’

THE Plains Producer needs to clarify an error in the article, “Projects cost blow” (page 1, Wednesday, May 8) regarding the financial forecast for District Council of Mallala in its Long Term Financial Pan. The $17.5 million debt referred to in the first paragraph is projected borrowings as of 2018. Later in the article, the $17.5 million debt from borrowings was referred to as operating deficit, which is incorrect. The actual projected operating deficit by 2018 is $500,000.

Balaklava bank will ‘withdraw’ from corner ANZ bank’s Balaklava branch is changing locations from its long-held and prominent site on the corner of Edith terrace and Wallace street to another location in the town. ANZ Balaklava branch manager, Paul McBride, confirmed the impending shift. Mr McBride said staff could neither confirm nor deny rumours surfacing about the shift due to commercial confidentiality reasons. “We can now confirm we will be relocating,” he said. “We will be sending out information about the shift to all our clients but as for the timing of that, we don’t know. “Much more information will come as it becomes available.” Despite the move being arguably the worst kept secret in Balaklava in recent weeks, the Plains Producer is not supposed to reveal any details of the move. So we won’t do that. But coincidentally, there has been a great deal of building renovation occuring at a site on George street!





CULINARY ADVENTURE • Each week a different country 1ST COUNRY • Starts Wednesday May 22 GERMANY

✓ Karaoke and DJ Friday ✓ Accommodation available nights from 8-11.30pm ✓ Happy Hour everynight 5.30 - 6.30 with FREE ✓ Friday night meat nibbles tray raffle ✓ Open 10am daily except Sunday 11am

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NEWS v District schools

Snowtown’s community service Students, staff, parents and members of the Snowtown community gathered together at Snowtown primary school on Thursday, May 2, to commemorate the Anzac spirit and to induct the school’s student leaders for 2013. Blessed by some fine weather, guests were welcomed by new principal, Fione Love. New student leaders for 2013 were then introduced by teacher Lisa Birch, who also spoke about the role of a student leader in the school. Those who accepted badges included Quisha Dobie, Jason Forrest, Nicholas Cummins, Luke Freebairn, Kim Pix, Ocea Ebsary and Austin Altmann. Amber Warner and Brayden Baxter were at sporting events and received their badges later. Students then conducted the remainder of the program, introducing official guests from

ANZAC service participants (from left) rear, Mike Stone, Robert Brand, Jason Forrest, Nicholas Cummins, Fione Love. Middle: Quisha Dobie, Kim Pix, Luke Freebairn. Front: Austin Altmann and Ocea Ebsary.

the local RSL, Mike Stone and Robert Brand. A traditional Anzac service was conducted with the school’s Christian pastoral support worker, Nadine Greenshields, giving a bible reading and offering a prayer of thanks. The gathering then heard about a former student who had fought during World War I. Corporal Lawrence Carthage Weathers

had on September 2, 1918, attacked an enemy trench alone under heavy enemy fire, returning for more bombs before again moving forward with three others. They were eventually able to capture the trench. For this display of heroism, he was awarded the Victoria Cross. Students from the R/1 class then laid wreaths at the foot of the Lone Pine

before student leader, Nicholas Cummins, read the Ode and the Last Post was played. Following the service, a morning tea was held with new student leaders. “The school is proud of its continuing commemoration of the Anzac spirit, which is an important part of the school year and brings the school together with the wider community.”

Austin Altmann and Ocea Ebsary lay the wreath.

Your grant is in the post Australia Post has launched a new community program – Our Neighbourhood – to foster more inclusive communities. “This is an Australia Post first; a truly localised program that will provide people with the financial support, tools and resources to assist them in building healthier, more vibrant and inclusive communities,” said Ahmed Fahour, Australia Post managing director and CEO. One of the initiatives of Our Neighbourhood is a new local grants program. Charities and community organisations can apply for grants of between $1,000 and $25,000 to support local projects. Examples include education programs, support for communities to better understand and manage changing technologies or assistance to small businesses to further develop business and management skills. Grants are now open for applications, with a closing date of Friday, June 28. To apply or for more details, go to www.ourneighbourhood. or pick up an application kit at any Australia Post retail outlet.

FIRST STEPS ON BIG JOURNEY “Hanging around” at Two Wells primary school are new Reception students, top row (from left) Cody Warren, Alana Cartledge, Nathan Ruijschop, Dylan Arthur, Jack Fagan, Tyson Challenor, Chacinta Friessbourg, Connor Mason, (bottom row), Felix Lloyd, Tristan Gillich, Ben Bellchambers, Cruz Parsons, Kosta Kiahidis, Jackson Starkey and Riley Starkey. Absent Seth Greig.

RIGHT: Checking out the playground equipment at Virginia primary school are new Reception students, from left, Samuel Sajewicz, Isabella Stone, Leigh Goss and Chloe Slack.



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Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013


Tom’s out and about, getting to know us

More to say, closer to election VOTERS at September’s Federal election will be keen to see some alternative policies from Liberal Candidate for Wakefield, Tom Zorich, in the near future. Mr Zorich, who was in Balaklava last week to meet with residents, community representatives and business owners, said he had no means to make pre-election commitments in his stature as candidate.

“I’m the candidate, I don’t have a bank of money at the minute to work on policies for people,” he explained. “If elected, we will work hard to ensure we get adequate funding for this state, and this electorate. “As we move closer to the election, we will have other policies.” In line with the Coalition’s national rhetoric, Mr Zorich said vast financial reform is a starting point for a raft of

alternative policies on the horizon. “Let me focus on this, the current Labor government is very much out of control with its spending,” he said. “We need to rein in their expenditure, bring back the deficit and get the economy back on track. “If anything, that’s a huge policy in itself, to make sure we can bring about effective change in Australia.”

Fast learning curve required


HEN Tom Zorich called by for another chat last week, I couldn’t help thinking he is a bit like the boy with the wheelbarrow – he has the job ahead of him. Not just getting himself known to people hereabouts, but to unseat current Wakefield electorate Labor MP, Nick Champion, a declared backer of former PM, Kevin Rudd. Nick – let’s use first names, as both are likeable chaps – has been our representative in Canberra over the past two terms, from 2007. It’s become something of a “safe” Labor seat since 2010, though an electoral redistribution to take effect at the September 14 election will cut Labor’s current 12 per cent margin to 10.3 per cent. This gives the Liberal Party a sniff of blood. If there is the mooted “landslide” against Labor, then Tom Zorich, the former Central District football player and manager and sports store business owner, might just get across the line. A big IF. But if the normally rabid Labor voting punters from the seat’s northern metro suburbs – Elizabeth, Munno Para, Salisbury as examples – turn against Labor because of Holden’s malaise and more lost jobs, then Tom might just make it.


EDITOR Terry Williams

He was here last week to meet and greet residents in Balaklava’s Triangle and before that, enjoyed coffee and cake in an informal gathering of townsfolk in Balco’s boardroom. It was a fair smattering of locals, from business leaders, educators, civic and community group reps. You know, the “usual suspects.” Quite a jolly morning chat really. And Balco always puts on a nice spread. We came up with a variety of topics with a focus on matters which generally affect our neck of the woods. You can read more of these elsewhere. Suffice to say, Tom did his best to answer the queries – and not once was he interrupted by his PR minder. That was nice. But what became apparent is an urgent need for Tom to get quickly up to speed on the vagaries of his electorate. Oh yes, he knows there’s the big chasm between the suburban mortgage belt and the big rural areas – but this is a tough gig. Nick Champion has learnt that. It took him about a term in

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

office to come to grips with the fact he had to pay more than lip service to electors living beyond the Gawler Belt. It has been probably even tougher for Nick, a Labor man through and through after rising from the ranks of the shoppies union and as a party minder. It was only natural he would feel more “at home” at a Munno Para sausage sizzle than draining a glass of Jim Barry’s finest in Clare with the crowd who mostly vote against him. Or would he? To Nick’s credit, he has adapted. No, no, not to the wine! I am not sure about that – but I believe he has been a good representative of this section of the electorate over the last parliamentary term. On the other hand, Tom Zorich should feel quite comfortable in this mainly Liberalvoting rural zone. But is he yet across all things that concern those who will vote for him here in the valleys and plains of Wakefield? As an admitted “boy from the burbs”, not quite. Not yet anyway – though to his credit, he has been getting about our towns. He quite correctly declares he is The Candidate for Wakefield, so the unsaid but veiled suggestion is he can make no real promises.

He trots out the prepared Federal Liberal strategies, from carbon tax to Wayne and Julia’s deficit. Yet he is a good listener and quite quickly grasps the tenor of the conversation. He recognises issues and did give one promise about forming a type of “action group” for the Plains. Good. And I like the fact he comes from a business background. He has that Bulldog tenacity about him, so one assumes he could hold his own when push comes to shove in the House of Reps. I get the feeling we are seeing Tom’s warm and fuzzy side. Is there a bit of mongrel in that old dog? Probably. We shall see. But Tom must leap on to a very fast learning curve on matters rural. He needs support from the Lib back room bunch. He does his best at answering queries over coffee and cake, but he needs to be more forceful and opinionated when discussing policies, particularly those of rural interest. Perhaps the Libs and Tom are keeping their powder dry until closer to September. Well OK, but they should not become too guarded. We have our own issues here and we want our Canberra representative to be aware of these and support us as we go about our daily business and family lives.

Les Pearson reports:

While the meeting went for a little more than an hour, Mr Zorich said there weren’t any issues raised by those who attended that he was unfamiliar with. “No, not really,” he said. “The main one was they like their voice heard and I said it would be worthwhile to have a focus group I could attend on a regular basis, if elected, to listen to their views and represent them at Canberra. “I think getting feedback from representatives of the community, whether it is a focus group of elderly citizens, or youth, is a very important way of getting the ideals of what the community wants.” Following the meeting, Mr Zorich then held a meet and greet function on the town triangle, discussing a wide range of issues with locals throughout the afternoon. The Balaklava visit was one of several to the Mid North district in recent weeks. Mr Zorich revealed he was enjoying his regular

travels to the area. “I’m in business, so I’m used to meeting new people on a regular basis,” he said. “This has been a very good opportunity to engage with the local people, so it has worked out very well.” He claimed a majority of the talks with locals at the northern end of the Wakefield electorate surround a drive for change. “There are a lot of people concerned about their local community,” Mr Zorich said. “They want their community to grow and they want to see an active member representing them in a Federal sphere. “People are looking for change, someone to give them a new direction and a new plan. “So that’s where people are looking for change. “Some of the national issues, including the carbon tax, are resonating with people.” Mr Zorich’s regional visit continues throughout May, including Kapunda tomorrow, Angle Vale on Saturday, May 18, Mallala IGA on Friday, May 24 and Gawler on Saturday, May 25.

SELECT COMMITTEE ON A REVIEW OF THE RETIREMENT VILLAGES ACT 1987 The House of Assembly of the Parliament of South Australia has established a Select Committee to inquire into the current provisions of the Retirement Villages Act 1987 including, the rights and obligations of residents and administering authorities, contractual disclosure, financial obligations, compliance and regulation, and dispute resolution. TERMS OF REFERENCE The detailed terms of reference are available on the Parliamentary Website at Pages/Committees.aspx SUBMISSIONS Written Submissions, or an intention to provide a submission, are invited and should be received by no later than 31 May 2013 and directed to: The Secretary Select Committee on a Review of the Retirement Villages Act 1987 Parliament House North Terrace ADELAIDE SA 5000 Inquiries to: Mr Shannon Riggs, ph (08) 8237 9206, or email While all submissions will be considered, the Committee reserves the right to invite witnesses to give evidence at a public hearing.


LIBERAL Party candidate, Tom Zorich, chats with Michael Smith, Cate Atkinson and Graham Ackland at an informal gathering last week and, left, meeting with councillor Maurice Tiller later in the Triangle.

COMMUNITY and business representatives from Balaklava and surrounding district aired their respective concerns with Liberal Candidate for Wakefield, Tom Zorich, who visited the town on Thursday. He said there was a strong push from those at the meeting for a stronger presence of the elected MP for Wakefield in the district. “Having your face around the place,” Mr Zorich surmised. “It was posed to us they wanted active representation from the Federal sphere at certain meetings in this area. That is something I am happy to do. “The level of engagement I’m looking at providing for people is to ensure they feel confident that I can deliver their message in Canberra.”


NEWSv District

Bal Canto and friends sing at Kernewek Lowender Highly-acclaimed Balaklava choir, Bal Canto, will sing a collection of Celtic music at the Kernewek Lowender festival in Wallaroo. Bal Canto will perform as part of the Celtic theme in a concert at historic St Mary’s Anglican church,Wallaroo on Sunday, May 26. Bal Canto has performed for seven years with Di Spence as conductor. Little did some members of the choir realise during their school days their teacher Di would become an integral part of their later lives as conductor of Bal Canto – great testament to Di’s knowledge of music and love of singing. Sunday’s concert will feature three young students who will perform along with the choir. They are Casey Lawrie, 14, who has been studying

under Heidi Zerk for the past five years, along with Victoria Lane, 9 and Lacee McPharlin, 13, who has been studying voice with Di Spence for the past five years. This year’s Kernewek program will introduce the Celtic aspect to Bal Canto’s portfolio, which includes a wide repertoire of music, singing songs in languages from Africa, Spain and Venezuela. Over the past few years St Mary’s has played host to many an afternoon of “Something on Sundays” programs and the Celtic Reflections afternoon planned for this year’s festival will be a highlight in the church calendar. A number of supporting groups will be involved. The NYP Family History group will be on hand to assist people to trace their Celtic roots and Fiona Karamanlidis, a successful award-winning


Help restore the Rocks Discover more about the Wakefield River’s habitat and the species living there and go along to a revegetation and environmental education day this Friday, May 17. The day is part of the Northern and Yorke Region Natural Resources Caring for Country project and will be held at the Rocks Reserve, south-east of Balaklava from 9.30am to 3.30pm. There will be a series of environmental presentations repeated throughout the day, as

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If you have a greedy dog it can lead to lots of problems, including regurgitation, healththreatening obesity, flatulence and bloating. Anxiety, canine competition or underlying medical problems can all lead to overeating. All dogs possess their wild instincts to feed quickly before the competition gets a chance. If you have more than one dog, this can lead to competition for food. First up, establish a regular feeding routine and give your dog smaller portions. Some dogs overeat from boredom or anxiety. Make sure your pet has a well-rounded life of play, company and exercise. Finally, if the overeating is a change in behaviour have your vet thoroughly check your pet for underlying causes.

musician, will generously provide background music for a short historic film to be shown during the afternoon. A Celtic afternoon tea will complete a very

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n I’M Hello, I’m ROCK-

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special afternoon’s entertainment. Tickets are available through the Kernewek Lowender Office and the Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum.

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with light to moderate south to southeasterly wind. Outlook: Fine apart from possible isolated showers about Kangaroo Island, the southern Fleurieu Peninsula and the South East coasts on Saturday. Possible showers developing in the far west of the state on Sunday tending to patchy rain and extending throughout the North West Pastoral and West Coast districts on Monday. Isolated showers about southern coasts on Monday. Generally mild with light to moderate southeast to northeasterly wind. Northerly wind freshening in the west on Sunday, shifting southerly in the west on Monday. MID NORTH DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers. Wind west to southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h becoming light in the evening. Thursday: Partly cloudy. Isolated showers, more likely in the west. Light wind becoming



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Wednesday, May 15 0226 0.6m 0748 0.9m 1143 0.8m 1911 1.7m Thursday, May 16 0312 0.6m 1938 1.6m

1.9m 2.3m


Friday, May 17 0.6m 2000

1.8m 2.1m


Saturday, May 18 0.7m 2007

1.7m 1.8m


Sunday, May 19 0.7m 1756



Monday, May 20 0.8m 1543

0742 2315

Tuesday, May 21 0.8m 1533 0.8m

1.0m 0.9m

Australia’s leading hay exporter





L 1021



Possible showers

WARNINGS Information at or 1300 659 215 (Local call cost) STATE Wednesday: Morning fog over the Flinders and southern North West pastoral districts. Isolated showers over the agricultural area, far south of the pastoral districts and the West Coast district. Scattered showers about coasts and ranges. Cool to mild with light to moderate southwest to southerly wind, strong at times about the Lower South East coast south of about Beachport until evening. Thursday: Isolated showers over the southern agricultural area and possibly over the northern agricultural area and far south of the pastoral districts. Cool to mild with light to moderate southerly wind. Friday: Fine apart from the chance of isolated showers over the agricultural area. Cool to mild 1007

Australia, southern New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. Nuffield Scholarships offer successful applicants a sixweek global focus program after which scholars will pursue their individual study topic for a further 10 weeks. Applications close June 30, Further details and application forms are available via www., by emailing or by phoning (03) 5480 0755.

Local Weather



An opportunity to develop industry knowledge, skills and professional networks is being offered to southern region grain growers through the Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars program with the support of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). The GRDC is supporting four Nuffield Scholarships for 2014, including one for a grower from the southern region, which comprises South

Casey Lawrie, (rear) Lacee McPharlin and Victoria Lane will perform at Kernewek Lowender.

Relay raises $133,000

THE final fundraising total from the Gawler Relay for Life, held last month, reached $133,553, well and truly eclipsing last year’s $86,000 figure. Event media co-ordinator, Cheryl Duffield, said the original fundraising total of $117,000 was bolstered by late donations and contributions. She said the final figure astounded relay organisers. “The committee is very happy with that, we think it is incredible,” Mrs Duffield said. Teams from Mallala and other areas took part in the relay. The event again will be held towards the end of March 2014, with teams getting organised closer to October this year.

well as opportunities to assist with revegetation. This work will be on the sloping banks within the reserve, so a moderate level of fitness will be required. Please take weather protective clothing as appropriate for the forecast on the day, gloves, sturdy shoes and a water bottle. A barbecue lunch will be provided and coffee available for purchase. Contact Jennifer Munro to book in or for more information: jennifer.munro@ or phone: 8841 3400.

1.5m 1.4m 1.2m 1.3m 1.4m

3 Best Quality 3 Best Range 3 Best Price Phone: 8862 1866





999 1001

southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h during the morning then becoming light during the afternoon. Friday: Partly cloudy. The chance of showers until late afternoon. Light wind. YORKE PENINSULA DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers. Wind southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h. Thursday: Partly cloudy. Isolated showers. Wind south to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h. Friday: Partly cloudy. The chance of showers. Wind south to southeasterly and light. MOUNT LOFTY RANGES DISTRICT FORECAST Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Scattered showers. Wind southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h becoming light in the evening. Thursday: Partly cloudy. Isolated showers. Wind south to southwesterly and light increasing to 15 to 20 km/h during the morning then becoming light during the evening. Friday: Partly cloudy. The chance of showers. Light wind. GULF ST VINCENT Wednesday: Winds: Southwesterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: Up to 1 metre. Swell: Below 0.5 metres. Thursday: Winds: South to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots tending south to southeasterly below 10 knots during the evening. Seas: Below 1 metre. Swell: Below 0.5 metres.


To 9am May 14, 2013


Week Month Monthly This year Last year to date average to date to date

Auburn Balaklava Blyth Clare Hamley Bridge Hoyleton Mallala Marrabel Owen Port Wakefield Riverton Roseworthy Saddleworth Snowtown Two Wells

21 15 18 29 9

21.4 15.0 17.8 28.2 8.8

16 18 16 18 18 18

16.4 18.4 16.0 18.0 18.0 17.6

17 16.6 16 16.2

65.2 41.0 46.7 49.0 44.5 48.9 45.4 56.2 43.7 36.5 57.6 37.1 54.2 35.3 45.1

94.8 84.4 74.0 101.2 89.4 89.6 62.4 100.2 98.6 102.2 89.4 75.2

118.4 na 107.8 110.2 95.2 130.4 na 109.2 84.8 78.0 132.0 79.0 104.6 77.2 111.2

CLARE Sun protection recommended between 11:10am to 1:10pm

State: Country:

1900 655 365* 1900 926 189*

*77 cents per minute. Higher from public and mobile phones.

© Commonwealth of Australia 2013

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Issued 12 pm May 14, 2013


Contact Shayn 8862 1222

Plains Producer, Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NEWS v District

People of the Plains

Hamley Bridge has the ‘spirit’

A story submitted by Hamley Bridge resident Vivien Donohue has won the Plains Producer’s “Sands of Gallipoli” Keeping the Spirit Alive competition. Vivien submitted an entry on behalf of her husband, Cris through the Sands of Gallipoli website and nominated the Plains Producer as her local newspaper! The Australia-wide competition, sponsored by Sands of Gallipoli and Military History Tours attracted almost 200 entries from people wanting to share stories

OWEN’S Gwen Baker enjoyed a wonderful family celebration for her 80th birthday at Owen Bowling Club on May 5. Gwen’s actual birthday was May 1. Pictured with Gwen are (back from left) Wendy Poole, Peter Baker, husband Bill and Bronwyn Baker.

50th anniversary

OWEN Locals Ken and Mary Roberts recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, with a lunch at their daughter, Jenny McArdle’s home. All except two of the original wedding party attended the lunch, with Jenny setting everything up to look just like a real wedding reception! The happy couple are also pictured below on their wedding day.

Birthday fun

FRIENDS and family dressed up to help celebrate Sami Hewitt’s 21st birthday on May 4 at Balaklava Golf Club, the theme being “TV and movie characters”. Sami, pictured below (circled), dressed up as a strawberry shortcake.

limited to 500 words, poems and pictures celebrating the ANZAC spirit. The competition was divided into various regions through participating newspapers. Entrants could either enter through their local newspaper or via the website, which was Vivien’s path to success. Vivien wins a set of Sands of Gallipoli medallions valued at $255. The Plains Propducer will be in touch to deliver the prize. Here’s her story:

Vivien’s tale wins for Cris


y husband Cris served in the army and lost a few mates. We live in a small country town in SA and Cris always attended the ANZAC Day Service along with a handful of others. An interest in family history led to the discovery of relatives who had served – and some who died, at Gallipoli, Fromelles, Pozieres, Bullecourt and the advance on the Hindenburg line. In 2007 whilst playing two-up in the local pub, Cris was challenged to organise a service for the following year, which he did. He received the following praise from our local community association: “ ...the linking of the service to the dawn’s rising of the sun, this in itself added depth to the ceremony, bringing out the emotions of many present, as your oration ushered in the dawn.” He has organised and delivered a dawn service every year since then. Since 2009, the CFS cadets have participated as the catafalque party. Cris researched the history of those commemorated on the town’s War Memorial, and CFS cadets presented those stories during the ceremony. The dawn service is now attended by more than 100 people, which is a wonderful response for a town of our size (633). Cris has collected WWI memorabilia for a number of years, including ‘Clarrie’ – our Australian Light Horseman, who is kitted out and stands guard in our study. One year, a member of the CFS led the catafalque party wearing this uniform. Cris tries to deliver a different service each year. It is always moving.

Here is an excerpt from a few years ago: “This ANZAC legend then, which emerged from war, is not a story of sweeping military victories but of triumphs against overwhelming odds, of courage, ingenuity and humour in the face of adversity. It is a legend of free and independent men whose discipline derived not from military authority but from the bonds of mateship and the demands of necessity. “The enormity of the ANZAC sacrifice is one we can hardly comprehend. It was in the horror of warfare, where lives are destroyed and dreams are forever lost, that the ANZACs valiantly fought for our freedom and safety, and subsequently forged our national identity. On ANZAC day, we are reminded war is destructive, combat is devastating, and humans are affected physically, emotionally and spiritually in many different ways. The essence of ANZAC day 98 years later lies in showing those who gave their lives and fought for our freedom and safety – for what was right – our utmost respect and appreciation. “We can undertake this, not just by remembering and honouring them, but by committing ourselves to following their example and this is the challenge that lies before all of us and to future generations.” Cris has worked tirelessly to keep the ANZAC Spirit alive in our town, and I do so admire him for this. He would be too modest to enter the competition – so I have on his behalf – Vivien Donohue.

Amie’s poem takes prize Apoem that recounts the Gallipoli landing of the 3rd Brigade has won the national 2013 Keeping the Spirit Alive competition and a $25,000 trip for two to Gallipoli in 2015. The winning entry, from Amie Jessop, of Tanah Merah in Queensland, imagined the early morning of April 25, 1915, as troops left ships moored off ANZAC Cove and made their way aboard landing boats to the beaches and the waiting enemy. Stephen Davie, who created Sands of Gallipoli in remembrance of Australia’s last Gallipoli digger, Alec Campbell, said the competition drew entries from all over Australia. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

“This year covered a lot of topics and emotions. We had submissions from people who are currently serving, family of those who have served, and also from people with no personal link to military service other than the pride and appreciation they have in our past and current servicemen and women. I want to thank the Plains Producer for helping the community get involved in Keeping the Spirit Alive,” he said. •You can read this year’s winning entry and others, as well as find out more about the Battle for Lone Pine at the Sands of Gallipoli community forum at


special feature v

Home & Garden

MARK Loy, of Lower North Electrical, installs solar panels on a Balaklava home.

Mark is your local solar supplier Thinking about solar power? Don’t look any further than Lower North Electrical. Mark Loy, an A Class electrician with more than 20 years experience, has been supplying and installing solar power kits for the past 18 months. Mark, who is accredited with the Clean Energy Council, uses high quality German-made SMA Inverters and Suntech panels

The la decis st thing yo io u updat n. That’s w need in a es fro c SA we m var hy you nee risis is a r ash b i d reli o s u i te. ss from all sta It collects ources lik able e the can p socia te em l A l informan your ne ergency se media me lert xt ste s r ation. s v Bookm p based ices, so yo ages www. u on ark it alert. today the lates sa.go t .

Both products have extensive warranties, and offer a large range of sizes and voltage ranges, depending on your requirements. And with winter coming, have you thought about how to keep your home warm? You’ll never have to be cold again, as Mark can supply and install different types of airconditioning, including reverse cycle, evaporative and split systems.

Mark can also assist your home or business with rewiring, new safety switches, smoke alarms, powerpoints, telephone or television connections, or garden and shed lighting. Contact Mark: n For quotes on solar power supply and installation, airconditioning or any other electrical query, give Mark a call on 0427 979 607.

Discover all you need to know from CEC THERE’s a quick way to find out more about solar power. Use the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) consumer guide to buying household solar panels. Solar power systems are now an affordable option for Australian households looking to reduce their power bills

and generate their own clean electricity. With the increased range of products and suppliers

on the market, being an informed consumer has never been more important. • Go to the CEC website, to download the consumer guide. It’s packed with information – we simply could not list it all here.

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. It is a a not-for-profit industry association made up of more than 600 member companies operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Only top quality products used FULL CUSTOM MADE SERVICE


THINKING ABOUT SOLAR? Then think about your local expert who will be here for after sales service SMA Inverters

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Info: Contemporary heavy weight jacquard on a blockout fabric. Colours: Black, Natural & Taupe 120 x 221cm $79.95 pair 180 x 221cm $119.95 pair 240 x 221cm $159.95 pair 300 x 221cm $199.95 pair

Suntech Panels with 10 years workmanship warranty Also Specialising in: • Air Conditioning • Installation • TV points • Safety switches

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*Only available with full roof restoration or re-roof, based on a minimum 180sqm of roofing. Terms and conditions apply. Not in conjunction with any previous or future offers. Genuine colourbond gutters. Supply and fit gutters included, based on 45 lineal metres and 3 downpipes. BLD LIC No 191 358

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013


Home & Garden

special feature v helpful hints TO GET THE HOME FIRES BURNING

Warm up with wood heaters WITH winter on our doorstep – and despite the recent burst of warm weather, many local people again are getting their wood fire burning. This informative feature offers best advice sourced from the Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) – a not for profit association established in 2005 to represent the commercial firewood supply industry in all states of Australia. The purposes of the association are to protect, enhance and improve the long-term sustainability of the Australian firewood industry. n LIGHT UP! So, what’s the best way to getting a roaring fire going at home? For any fire to start and keep going three things are needed, fuel, oxygen and heat. In wood fires the fuel is provided by the wood, the oxygen comes from the air, and the initial heat comes from burning paper or a fire lighter. In a going fire the heat is provided by the already burning wood. Without

fuel, heat and oxygen the fire will go out. When the important role of oxygen is understood, it is easy to see why you need plenty of air space around each piece of kindling when setting up the fire. Kindling catches fire easily because it has a large surface area and small mass, which allows it to reach combustion temperature quickly. The surface of a large piece of wood will not catch fire until it has been brought up to combustion temperature by the heat of an established fire. This is why you need to start a fire with kindling and gradually increase the size of the wood until a good bed of hot coals has been established. These coals will have sufficient heat to bring large pieces of wood up to combustion temperature quickly. Whether your heater is new or old, an open fireplace or a combustion heater, you can get more efficient burning when you:

Don’t feel guilty!

As long as you have purchased your wood from sustainable sources, you are actually helping the environment by heating your home with wood. Wood is renewable bioenergy. It is recommended environmentally aware wood users either buy their wood from FAA members or collect it from permitted areas. Collecting wood from roadsides and reserves can remove the protection it affords some wildlife, exposing it to predators such as feral cats and foxes.

That smoking chimney JEFF Karklins know how to keep warm! Leading Appliances in Balaklava offers a range of combustion heaters. •Make sure your wood is dry – wet or green wood is hard to light, burns poorly and the evaporating water cools the fire which creates smoke. •Light the fire using sufficient kindling to establish a hot fire quickly. •Use small split wood

to get the fire established. •Run combustion heaters on high burn (air vent fully open) for the first 20 minutes of operation, and as well as after every addition of wood. •Allow air to circulate between the logs by not overfilling the heater.

•Use larger logs for slower burning once the fire is well established. •Don’t block the incoming air vent with logs or ash. •If the fire has burnt down to just a few coals, re-kindle it quickly with small wood before adding larger pieces.

Smoke is caused by the incomplete combustion of gasses given off when wood is burnt. The most common cause for this is incorrect operation of a slow combustion heater. If the air flow to the fire is closed off before the fire has reached correct operating temperature, the fire will smoke. The air vent to the fire needs to be left open for at least 15 minutes after wood is added to ensure the fire is hot enough to fully combust the gasses. This is a common problem and easy to fix. Smoke can also be caused by burning green wood or by a blocked chimney which restricts air flow. Both have the effect of cooling the fire below the correct temperature. If a fire is operating properly, you should not see any smoke after the initial warm up period.

Warning against burning rail sleepers

THESE are NOT wood sleepers – they are newly-laid concrete sleepers showing the stains from oil and other contaminants that could be found in wood sleepers.


Due to the upgrading of rail tracks throughout South Australia, NSW and Victoria, large quantities of old timber rail sleepers were replaced by concrete sleepers. Many still remain on disused railway corridors or in home backyards. The Firewood Association of Australia (FAA) warns against using railways sleepers for home heating. It has banned the sale of old rail sleepers by its members for the following reasons, claiming: used railway sleepers may contain asbestos. Even though asbestos train brake linings were phased out in the mid 1980s, some old sleepers may pre-date this time. Fibres from the asbestos brake lin-


Grants Glass & Glazing


TA GrRedden ant McDonald

ings can become trapped in cracks in the sleepers. As long as they are not disturbed they are safe, but they will be released when the sleepers are burnt. These fibres will collect and concentrate in the ash in the bottom of a fireplace, heater or wood oven and they can be deadly. Almost all used railway sleepers are contaminated to some extent with herbicides, heavy metals, grease and oil. When used railway sleepers are burnt, these substances are vaporised, releasing odours and potentially harmful fumes. These fumes will be absorbed by any food cooked with the wood, for example in pizza ovens or barbecues. If these

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Supplying Two Wells, Mirrors Eftpos Available Gawler & Surrounding area

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F Q u orte e es!

Mob. 0409 248 234 24/7 Fax. 0407 (08) 852324/7 3227077 992 GG TERRY Grants 24/7 Grants mcdonal dsclan@biGlazing & Gl 24/7 Glass & Glass 7 Yorsdale Street, Balaklava PO Box 20

Lic No. R27142

Mir ors

Seasoned, split redgum logs delivered to your door. Always dry & weighed so no need to worry any more

fumes escape from the heater/fire into the room they can cause respiratory health problems. Small stones from the track ballast become stuck in used sleepers. When heated in a fire these stones can explode, creating a hazard in an open fire or cracking the glass of a slow combustion heater. For these reasons all FAA members have agreed not to sell used railway sleepers. The FAA says some non-FAA members claim they have conducted tests showing contaminants are at safe levels, but FAA investigations show the sampling and test methods used do not reflect real life combustion conditions and potential exposure levels.

Fast, friendly servi

Fast, friendly service


Fast, friendly service Windows

Grants Shower ScreensMirrors Glass & Mirrors Glazing Splashbacks Grant McDonald Windows

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Grant McDonald

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More248 234 Shower Screens Fax. Splashbacks Mob.& 0409 (08) 8523 3227 Fax. (08) 8523 3227 Mirrors Splashbacks Grant McDonald & More mcdonaldsclan@b & More Splashbacks Mirrors

Mob. 0409 248 234

& More(08) 8523 3227 Fax. Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

special feature v

Home & Garden ON display at Aspire Estate, the Sanctuary 212 has traditional appeal and has been created for larger families.

New Rivergum Homes Display Village OPENING SUNDAY


New doors open

homes have been designed additional separate living space for growing forward-thinking perfect for a home theatre – the families, as well as empty nest- Sanctuary was created specifically ers. We’ve included light filled with larger families in mind. rooms, zoned parent areas, and “We are expecting the new extra living space to provide the designs on display at Evanston family with room to grow and South to be extremely popular as flourish,” said Mr Said. We are expecting the new designs “Evanston on display at Evanston South to be South is a deextremely popular – says Rivergum veloping comHomes managing director, Victor Said munity that’s attracting an increasing number of young pro- the widely acclaimed Trinity Colfessionals eager to grow a family. lege campus, as well as sporting We believe our new Mosman 216 facilities and quick access to new home, with its quirky contempo- public transport services nearby rary feel and open entertaining make the suburb an ideal location areas that flow into the backyard, for raising a family. And it’s only will appeal to these buyers. a short drive to South Australia’s “Our second design on dis- iconic wine region, the Barossa play – the Sanctuary 212 – has a Valley,” he said. more traditional appeal. With four For more information about the bedrooms, two bathroom areas, new Rivergum Homes’ display a large open living, kitchen and houses at Evanston South, go to entertainment area, as well as an


Visit us at Aspire Estate, Evanston South from 1pm. Aspire Estate at Evanston South is the very latest destination for you to view the very latest home designs from Rivergum Homes. / Aspire Estate, off Tiver Road, Evanston South | freecall 1800 675 706


Leading South Australian builder Rivergum Homes Group will this weekend unveil two new display homes within the new Aspire Estate at Evanston South, the new designs have been developed to tap into growing demand for premium relaxed family living in the Gawler region. To coincide with the opening, Rivergum Homes’ will be hosting a family fun day this Sunday, May 19, at Isaacs Way, Evanston South. The day’s activities will run from 1-5pm, and will include a free sausage sizzle, face painting, a colouring-in competition for the kids and a live read and visit from radio station, SAFM. Rivergum Homes managing director Victor Said believes Evanston South is an ideal location for families and Rivergum’s new home designs cater for the relaxed Gawler lifestyle in an urban setting. “Our two Evanston South

Coonara Wood Heaters

Is just around the corner Rain, Hail, Cold

5 freestanding and 3 inbuilt models to choose from. Stylish Australian made wood heaters.

Lucky…Your local heating specialist is here to help heat your home! • Coonara Wood Heaters • Nectre Wood Heaters • Rinnai or Coonara flame effect gas fires • Portable gas heating • Patio heater & clear PVC Blinds

Installation available anywhere in the Mid North

Nectre Wood Heating

Classic style with models that heat from compact 15 squares upto a huge 40 squares of open living space.

Call for a free quote today COMPETITIVE PRICES


Main North Road, Clare Opposite Country Target Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

Over 25 years providing heating to the Mid North


PHONE: 8842 2777


SPORT v Football/Netball

OLIVIA Loy, Balaklava, receives the ball in the mid court, while Long Plains defender, Jada Leane, just misses out on an intercept in the Under 13 B match at Long Plains. BALAKLAVA’S Ethan Brownlie tackles United’s Ethan Pepe, while Pecker Adam Speissegger, playing for United, comes in to lend a helping hand, in the Under 11 game at Long Plains oval on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, Balaklava’s Ben Mellow and Tate Purdue (back, centre) and Ethan Auberbach, United and Joshua Tiller, playing for the Tigers, swoop in towards the action.

DYLAN Black, United, rushes in to tackle Balaklava’s Jacob Chapman in the Under 11 game. LEFT: Thomas Michael and Logan Olsen congratulate Balaklava teammate, Jayden Brownlie, after scoring a goal.

ZALI Walsh receives the ball for Long Plains during the Under 13 game.


RHEA Lawless, Balaklava, defends as Brittany Lane, Long Plains, passes in Under 13 B.

BALAKLAVA’S Sianna Bond jumps to receive the ball in the goal circle, while Tamika Gregory, Long Plains, just misses the intercept, in the Under 13 B netball match.

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You can always trust Goodyear Autocare Balaklava to deliver unbeatable value on quality Goodyear tyres for all makes and models, like this current deal we’re running until July 6. What’s more, we can also take care all of your car’s other needs too, from steering, suspension and cooling systems to brakes and servicing!

On sale until Saturday July 6, 2013 Things you need to know: Offers end Saturday 6 July 2013 or while stocks last at participating Goodyear Autocare stores. Offer available on Goodyear DuraPlus 165/70R13, 175/70R13 and 175/65R14. Normal service and fitting charges apply. Offers exclude fleet, commercial and account customers. Not available with any other offer.

Call 8862 2488

Mechanical Repairs Car Servicing Suspension Batteries Steering Brakes Tyres

30/34 Edith Tce, Balaklava 16

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

SPORT v Football

Peckers turn the tables REPORT: Les Pearson

Final score balaklava 15.12 (102) d United 11.10 (76) Best: Balaklava - D. Storic, H. Walker, L. Pearson, L. Michael, J. McPharlin, T. Michael. United - A. Mills, H. Pym, C. Faulkner, K. Ettridge, B. Shimmin, B. Graham. THE fluctuating form of both United and Balaklava continued on Saturday, the Peckers turning the tables on the loss against Hummocks-Watchman Eagles before the bye with a 26-point win against the Tigers at Long Plains. United had beaten reigning premier, Two Wells, the week before and came into the match full of confidence. Balaklava was without Mitch Daniel, Stuart Lamond and Daniel Gardner, while veteran, Grant Willmer, and Aaron Cocks were amongst the inclusions. It was the Peckers who opened the better, kicking six goals with the wind and keeping United to no score at all in the opening stanza. “For the first 10 minutes, I thought we played well but after that, it became a matter of trying to get something going,” United coach, David White said. After being comprehensively beaten by the Eagles two weeks ago, Balaklava coach, Stuart Lamond, demanded a better performance from his team. “The attack on the ball and clearance work was outstanding,” he said. “We didn’t do that last week and we needed im-

provement in that area and that’s what we got. “It was certainly what we were after.” In Lamond’s absence, tall defender, Brenton Lamond, started at full forward. “We just needed a bigger body up there and sizewise, he fit the bill,” Lamond said. “We’ve got Chad Ruiz and Luke Guy, who are great lead-up forwards but we also needed a longer option, which we were lacking a bit with injury. “So, he started forward as we had the numbers to cover him in defence. Rookie, Caleb McPharlin, kicked two goals for the quarter as the Balaklava forward line found some function. “It seemed to work better than it has and I thought all the guys that went through there had an influence on the game, which was good,” Lamond said. The Peckers had several chances to kick goals into the breeze in the second but hashed a few chances, while United, mainly through full forward, Koby Ettridge (six goals), began to show some attacking flair. Peckers full back, Derek

TIGER Jake Zeidas defends as Pecker Jacob Butterfield takes the mark.

BALAKLAVA’S Jacob Wehr and United’s Riley Curnow both miss out on a mark during Saturday’s senior colts game at Long Plains.

Friedrichs, also left the ground with a hamstring problem. Balaklava kicked another four goals to United’s two in the third quarter and led by 39 points at the final change. The Tigers didn’t lie down, Brad Shimmin kicking back to back goals from outside 50 to give his team some hope. “Shimmin and Brad Graham, from the middle part of the third quarter, led from the front to get some run into our game,” White said.

Koby Ettridge’s solid haul was highlighted with some solid marking and accurate finishing. “We’ve come to expect that of him now,” White said. “It’s just uncanny the way he finds the footy. “He’s become a real asset for us.” Overall, White was disappointed with the loss. “We didn’t play well at all to be honest and Balaklava capitalised on it,” he said. “Our run and spread was nowhere near what it

was compared to last week. “There was a lack of willingness to take the game on and that probably hurt us. “Towards the end where we had a silly chance of winning, the players started to take the game on and that certainly helped. “We just needed to move the ball quicker, get it out of the congestion and run the ball a lot more. “I would rather see that than players standing around hoping for things to happen.”

The Peckers answered back through vital goals to Luke Guy and Chad Ruiz from opposing sides of the boundary line. White shifted the dangerous Cameron Faulkner to half back in the second half. “We did that to try and get some more drive out of half back and get a bit more experience behind the ball,” he said. Peckers defender, Aaron Cocks, went to Faulkner and fought hard. “He manned him up, which seemed to work well and he did a good job, limiting his influence on the game,” Lamond said. Hayden Walker had an outstanding match in the ruck, while Lachy Michael had plenty of telling touches and Dean Storic

was best on ground, taking plenty of vital marks and kicking a telling goal from outside 50 in the third quarter to sink United’s chances. Jason McPharlin was damaging in large patches, while Tate Michael added another good game to his small career match tally to date. “They all played their part and they had probably been working towards trying to find that form again and they did that well,” Lamond said. “There were probably a few not named in the best players who were pretty good as well. “The week before, we had limited contributors but on the weekend, we had a wide spread of players play their part.”

NTS FARMSAVER™ LIQUID FERTILISERS Humic, fulvic, fish, kelp, npk, carbon, microbes trace elements ABOVE: Tiger Riley Lane attempts a tackle on Pecker, James Speissegger, in the senior colts game. LEFT: Pecker Josh Harkness on the run in senior colts.

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SPORT v Football

Magpies make amends REPORT: Les Pearson • From back page He was happy with his team’s effort, despite the loss. “We played a lot better, we were a lot happier after Saturday,” Thomson said. “We were definitely in the game before they got two quicks goals in the last and the floodgates opened. “But it was our best game since beating Balaklava.” Forward, Andrew Hardiman, played in defence to counter Mallala’s height advantage up forward. “If you can keep Mallala under 12 goals, you’re in with a chance of winning the game,” Thomson said. It hurt the Roosters going forward though, unable to get reward for effort on the scoreboard. “That’s our only downfall at the moment,” Thomson said. “We’d get the ball to half forward and it would come straight back again.” Lubcke praised a number of his young players, particularly ruckman, Will Farrelly, who battled it out with Simon Feast all day. “While it was a good challenge, it was great for him to step up to it when playing against these sorts of players, such as Feast,” Lubcke said. “It was probably his best game he has played for us. “He’s still learning the caper but I thought he neutralised the ascendency Feast had in his tap work, meaning we held our own in the clearance count. “Then his work around the

MALLALA’S Angus Bruggemann gets in front of Rooster Khan Leighton for a mark attempt in Sautrday’s A grade clash.

Final score mallala 15.9 (99) d Two Wells 6.9 (45) Best: Mallala - B. Hardie, J. Earl, R. Montgomery, C. Rimmer, D. King. Two Wells - T. Hines, B. Hart, M. Abdilla, A. Hardiman, N. Seccafien, K. Leighton

ground was outstanding, feeding it out to our runners. “The main highlight I saw was the improvement from our youngsters. “Farrelly was great, Jake Birchmore was good down back, Ben Martin, Jordan Clements on ball, that’s where our improvement will come from this year.” Jason Earl was again outstand-

ing, Rob Montgomery was solid across half back and Brad Hardie picked up touches at will along the wing. “His (Hardie’s) form is fantastic at the moment,” Lubcke said. The win keeps Mallala sitting in second place behind Hamley Bridge, but with an outstanding percentage, while Two Wells slip to sixth, albeit even on two wins

APFL & NEFL Association Football Scores

with three other clubs above them. The Roosters have the bye now, Thomson hopeful of regaining Allmond after the break. “We’re a five-goal better team with Lee in the side,” he said. “He woke up Saturday morning and could still feel problems in different parts of his ankle. “He’s the sort of guy that won’t play unless he’s 100 per cent right

as he takes great pride in his performance.” While the week off will be welcome for several sore players, the rest of the group can expect a bit of work to do. “The boys decide if they want to train on the weekend but it will be a big week on the track for those who are fit enough to train,” Thomson said.

RIGHT: Brian Montgomery, Mallala. BELOW: Magpie Dale King spoils a mark attempt by Rooster Lachlan Franklin.

APFL results from Saturday- Round 6

Hamley Virginia

A Grade

3.2 8.5 15.10 19.15 (129) 1.5 3.10 9.13 12.15 (87)

Hamley Virginia

Senior Colts

6.2 11.8 15.10 19.12 (126) 2.1 3.1 5.4 7.12 (54)

Goals: Hamley - S.Hanson 6, M.Greenwood 4, A.Natt 2, C.Taylor, S.Collings, K.Heberle, A.Parsons, R.Appleton, V.Thach, S.Gregory Virginia - B.Niklaus 7, C.Howell 3, B.Robertson, P.Mylonopoulos Best: Hamley - K.Heberle, S.Gregory, S.Collings, W.Thach, C.Taylor, R.Appleton Virginia - A.Johnston, B.Niklaus, B.Galic, M.Young, C.Stronach, R.Starr

Goals: Hamley - T.Darwin 7, S.Rosenzweig 7, J.Talbot 2, D.Collings, C.Dart, C.Buckby Virginia - C.Jones 2, C.Conti 2, J.Ranaldo, F.Musolino, J.Roberts Best: Hamley - T.Darwin, D.Collings, L.Karpany, S.Rosenzweig, J.Talbot Virginia - T.Meier, D.ChambersMatos, F.Musolino, L.Begetis, J.Roberts, C.Conti

Goals: Balaklava - B.Lamond 4, C.McPharlin 2, J.McPharlin 2, T.McPharlin 2, C.Ruiz 2, J.Michael, L.Guy, D.Storic United - K.Ettridge 6, B.Shimmin 2, S.Harding, M.Brown, B.Graham Best: Balaklava - D.Storic, H.Walker, L.Pearson, L.Michael, J.McPharlin, T.Michael United - A.Mills, H.Pym, C.Faulkner, K.Ettridge, B.Shimmin, B.Graham

Goals: Balaklava - J.Speissegger 3, R.Harris 3, J.Butterfield 3, H.Veitch 2, D.Michael 2, J.Harkness, B.Krieg, L.Speissegger, R.Wandel, C.Arbon United - D.Coombe 2, D.Page, D.Reid, H.Hosking Best: Balaklava - C.Arbon, L.Speissegger, B.Krieg, J.Speissegger, J.Butterfield, H.Veitch United - L.Waters, D.Coombe, D.Reid, D.Page, J.Zeidas, B.Robinson

Goals: Mallala - A.Bruggemann 3, D.King 2, B.Montgomery 2, B.Hardie 2, D.Feeley 2, S.Hahn, J.Clements, B.Parish, L.Whitwell Two Wells - J.Morrison 2, K.Leighton, E.Fetherstonhaugh, A.Hardiman, T.Leighton Best: Mallala - B.Hardie, J.Earl, R.Montgomery, C.Rimmer, D.King Two Wells - T.Hines, B.Hart, M.Abdilla, A.Hardiman, N.Seccafien, K.Leighton

Goals: Two Wells - W.Hart 2, J.Ludewig 2, J.Brander, S.Stringer, H.Gameau, A.Seccafien, N.Seccafien, J.Humphrys, J.Henneker Mallala - H.Crossman, B.Wilson, R.Svetec Best: Two Wells N.Seccafien, W.Hart, J.Ludewig, J.Wilson, D.Foster, H.Gameau Mallala - R.Svetec, J.Watson, A.Coe, B.O’Leary, L.O’Leary, H.Crossman

Balaklava United

6.5 7.9 11.11 15.12 (102) 0.0 3.4 5.8 11.10 (76)

Mallala Two Wells

3.2 5.3 8.5 15.9 (99) 2.2 3.4 5.7 6.9 (45)

Virginia Hamley

B Grade

2.8 10.13 12.14 19.18 (132) 2.0 2.1 5.3 5.4 (34)

Goals: Hamley - A.Schmidt, W.Bubner, L.Pratt, M.Busch, J.Peters Virginia - A.Pogas 5, J.Platt 4, D.Fedele 2, T.Karutz 2, C.Campbell, D.Oliver, M.Matheson, J.Cannard, J.Simmonds, S.Nowland Best: Hamley - J.Peters, T.Clark, G.Branson, B.Selth, J.Eastwood, D.Crispe Virginia - G.Stiliasano, T.Karutz, A.Pogas, C.Campbell, R.Desmond, C.Halkias

United Balaklava

3.1 5.3 8.6 9.7 (61) 1.1 4.2 4.3 5.3 (33)

Mallala Two Wells

4.3 6.5 9.7 11.10 (76) 0.0 2.1 3.2 3.5 (23)

Goals: United - B.Sobey 3, J.Rundle, L.Michalanney, C.LeeChapman, J.Curnow, A.Fleming, M.Warnes Balaklava - M.Angel 3, J.Greenwood, O.Hearnden Best: United - B.Sobey, T.Taylor, M.Sammons, A.Fleming, L.Michalanney, B.Starr Balaklava D.Butterfield, R.McDonald, B.Thomas, G.Wehr, T.Zerk, J.McBride Goals: Mallala - B.Buchanan 3, D.Tiller 2, P.Blacket 2, D.Pontt 2, J.Morgan, B.Moffatt Two Wells - T.Wake 2, B.Osborne Best: Mallala K.Jameson, D.Pontt, J.Morgan, C.Hallion, D.Jennings, B.Buchanan Two Wells - N.Applebee, J.Hart, A.Slatter, D.Lamont, L.Tryfopolous, C.Lamont


Balaklava United

4.3 8.10 10.13 18.17 (125) 2.1 3.3 5.7 5.23 (53)

Two Wells Mallala

3.5 3.6 8.9 11.10 (76) 0.1 1.3 2.5 3.7 (25)

Hamley Virginia

Junior Colts

1.0 2.8 3.10 8.11 (59) 0.2 0.2 0.3 1.5 (11)

Goals: Hamley - L.Rose 3, L.Raether, T.Damiani, S.McCabe, K.Rosenzweig, C.Buckby Virginia - C.Jeerasak Best: Hamley - L.Raether, C.Buckby, S.McCabe, L.Rose, J.Tozer, H.McCabe Virginia - J.Ranaldo, V.Ienco, T.Ranaldo, J.Roberts, C.Conti, J.Willemsen

United Balaklava

2.0 2.0 4.7 4.7 (31) 1.1 2.2 2.2 4.6 (30)

Mallala Two Wells

0.0 4.3 6.4 10.5 (65) 2.1 2.1 3.4 4.6 (30)

Goals: United - B.Robinson 3, C.Lane Balaklava - B.Easlea 2, S.Michael, K.Pelicano Best: United - N.McArdle, B.Robinson, N.Maynard, E.Pepe, C.Lane, D.Page Balaklava - S.Michael, E.Deroma, A.Lawless, R.Burman, W.Dixon, K.Slater Goals: Mallala - R.Thorne 4, D.Howell 2, T.Krieg, H.Bennison, M.Heaslip, R.Machell Two Wells - J.Brewin, J.Shirgwin, B.Poynter, M.McFarlane Best: Mallala - J.Tiller, D.Howell, R.Thorne, R.Machell, A.Kearns, H.Bennison Two Wells - J.Brewin, T.McLeod, L.Barnett, J.Shirgwin, M.McFarlane, J.Harvas

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

SPORT v Football

Hamley Bridge steals top spot on ladder REPORT: Les Pearson HAMLEY Bridge is the new league leader following a convincing seven-goal win over Virginia at Hamley Bridge on Saturday. The Bombers kicked away in the second term, booting five goals to two and amassing a 25-point deficit. That said, both teams had 13 scoring shots at the main break, the Rams managing just three goals from those attempts. Bombers coach, Ash Barnett, felt his team had control of the match. “At that stage, I think so,” he said. Virginia came in with a different structure, captain, Matthew Young, starting in defence on Malcolm Greenwood, while the Rams also lost ruckman, Chris James, to an ankle knock in the second quarter. Hamley Bridge wasn’t immune to injury, Greenwood pinging his hamstring after booting four goals in the first half. “It put a different spin on the game,” Barnett said. The Rams came out in the second half with a renewed sense of purpose and with Young back in the middle, began to mount a serious challenge. Full forward, Brendon Niklaus (seven goals), began to get his hands on the footy and convert some attacks into goals.

Final score hamley bridge 19.15 (129) d VIRGINIA 12.15 (87) Best: Hamley Bridge - K. Heberle, S. Gregory, S. Collings, W. Thach, C. Taylor, R. Appleton Virginia - A. Johnston, B. Niklaus, B. Galic, M. Young, C. Stronach, R. Starr

“Early on, we tried to hit him on the lead but Hamley were playing two or three players in front of him,” Virginia coach, Joss DenEngelse said. “Later, we decided to go longer and get the ball to him over the back, which started to work. “Our delivery was different and smarter.” Barnett noticed Niklaus’ growing influence on the match. “Brendon put himself into the game in the third quarter,” he said. “He’s also a smart footballer and kicked three goals in 10 minutes to get their tails up.” Starting with Danny Ellis on the big forward, Barnett later opted to give Toby Hasledine the job. “They both did a good job but Brendon is always going to be dangerous,” he said. The Bombers consolidated and ended up winning the quarter, taking a 33-point margin into the final quarter. They were never headed. “I think the most pleasing thing is they came at us hard in the third quarter and we responded,” Barnett said. “It’s another string to our bow, now we can respond.

“We were challenged by one of the benchmark teams in the competition and responded, and we also ran out the game ok. “Stuart Gregory played his best game for the year, Heberle was good in the ruck and generalled the troops a bit. “Sam Collings is starting to get his consistency up and he can be a dangerous player when he gets going.” Valor and Win Thach, Craig Taylor and Ryan Appleton were other solid contributors in the match for the Bombers, while Shane Hanson kicked six goals. “He was recruited as a full forward – and he can play anywhere up forward but if we can leave him at full forward, I think we have a better set up going in to him,” Barnett said. The Rams were disappointing in defeat, DenEngelse suggesting their pre-match approach was less than satisfactory. “I’m a big believer in attitude being contagious and we just rolled into the game thinking it was going to be ‘one of those days’,” he said. “I think it seemed like our attitude wasn’t quite there and we were beaten in the

MAIN PICTURE: Bradey Krieg kicks away for Balaklava in senior colts. RIGHT: Chris Hallion takes a great mark for Mallala during the reserves match.

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

contested ball and tackling in every quarter. “They were the far better team than us on the day.” The team also adopted a wider kicking game style, unlike the corridor football the Rams had played for most of the season. “Last week against Mallala, there were probably a few times in the game where we worked the ball out wide,” DenEngelse said. “It flowed into Saturday as well, although it’s hard to gauge exactly where it came from.” Young’s matchup on Greenwood robbed the team of some midfield drive but DenEngelse was both disappointed and accepting of his decision to play the captain in defence. “I think he did a good job but a few inconsistencies with the umpires during marking contests hurt us,” he said. “I thought it was a pretty even battle but the scoreboard probably doesn’t correlate that.” DenEngelse said he probably wouldn’t do the same if he had his time again but was glad he tried something different. It suggests the new Rams coach won’t die wondering when it comes to game changing moves this year. The Bombers sit a game clear at the top of the table. “It’s a good feeling, for sure but while we can enjoy it, we’ve got to keep it going now,” Barnett said.

APFL Premiership Table Balaklava Hardware & Fodder

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after round 6 games A GRADE Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Hamley 5 4 1 0 1 0 493 424 53.76 8 Mallala 5 3 2 0 1 0 554 318 63.53 6 Virginia 5 3 2 0 1 0 481 469 50.63 6 Balaklava 5 2 3 0 1 0 410 445 47.95 4 United 5 2 3 0 1 0 390 475 45.09 4 Two Wells 5 2 3 0 1 0 320 401 44.38 4 HW Eagles 4 1 3 0 2 0 268 384 41.10 2 RESERVES Team Mallala Virginia Two Wells United Hamley Balaklava HW Eagles

P W L D B FF F A % Pts 5 5 0 0 1 0 489 143 77.37 10 5 4 1 0 1 0 484 200 70.76 8 5 3 2 0 1 0 283 299 48.63 6 5 2 3 0 1 0 267 236 53.08 4 5 2 3 0 1 0 240 434 35.61 4 5 1 4 0 1 0 207 359 36.57 2 4 0 4 0 2 0 101 400 20.16 0

SENIOR COLTS Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Two Wells 5 5 0 0 1 0 467 190 71.08 10 Mallala 5 4 1 0 1 0 331 218 60.29 8 Balaklava 5 3 2 0 1 0 404 206 66.23 6 HW Eagles 4 2 2 0 2 0 213 200 51.57 4 Hamley 5 2 3 0 1 0 324 414 43.90 4 United 5 1 4 0 1 0 282 489 36.58 2 Virginia 5 0 5 0 1 0 163 467 25.87 0 JUNIOR COLTS Team P W L D B FF F A % Pts Balaklava 5 4 1 0 2 0 260 95 73.24 8 Hamley 5 3 2 0 1 0 166 124 57.24 6 Two Wells 5 3 2 0 1 0 190 150 55.88 6 HW Eagles 4 3 1 0 1 0 131 115 53.25 6 Mallala 5 2 3 0 1 0 199 147 57.51 4 United 5 2 3 0 1 0 148 224 39.78 4 Virginia 5 0 5 0 1 0 46 285 13.90 0

Leading Goal Kickers Get your energy from… 1 Fisher St, - - Balaklava Ph: 8862 1513

after round 6 games A GRADE Pos Name 1 Brendon Niklaus - Virginia 2 Koby Ettridge - United 3 Shane Hanson - Hamley Bridge 4 Brian Montgomery - Mallala 5 Angus Bruggemann - Mallala 6 Scott Hahn - Mallala 7 Malcolm Greenwood - Hamley 8 Caleb Howell - Virginia 9 Cameron McKinnon - HWE 10 Todd McPharlin - Balaklava

ThWk Year 7 32 6 23 6 18 2 18 3 17 1 15 4 12 3 11 0 11 2 10

RESERVES Pos Name 1 Justin Platt - Virginia 2 Blair Buchanan - Mallala 3 Anton Pogas - Virginia 4 Terry Lioulios - Virginia 5 Matt Angel - Balaklava 6 David Pontt - Mallala 7 Hayden Ramsay 8 Brett Tucker - Mallala 9 Ryan Creek - Virginia 10 Ben Arnold - Two Wells

ThWk Year 4 16 3 16 4 14 0 11 3 8 2 7 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 6

SENIOR COLTS Pos Name 1 Lachlan Goss - Two Wells 2 Tyler Darwin - Hamley 3 Sam Rosenzweig - Hamley 4 Zac Scholz - Balaklava 5 Daniel Coombe - United 6 Brad Wilson - Mallala 7 Tyson Temby - HW Eagles 8 Jared Pratt - United 9 William Hart - Two Wells 10 Adam Coe - Mallala

ThWk Year 0 17 7 16 7 12 0 11 2 10 1 9 0 9 0 9 2 8 0 7

JUNIOR COLTS Pos Name 1 Bayley Easlea - Balaklava 2 Riley Thorne - Mallala 3 Joshua Studham - HW Eagles 4 Brett Robinson - United 5 Dylan Howell - Mallala 6 William Dixon - Balaklava 7 Michael McFarlane - Two Wells 8 Connor Lane - United 9 Katelyn Rosenzweig - Hamley 10 Nathan Studham- HW Eagles

ThWk Year 2 12 4 9 0 9 3 6 2 6 0 6 1 6 1 5 1 5 0 5


SPORT v Football

Rams look to reclaim top spot Virginia v HWE THE Rams will be out to reclaim their top of the table crown when they host HummocksWatchman Eagles this week. HWE had the bye last week and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, the Eagles likely to regain several key players, including Dylan Cicolella and Joel Wilson. Despite being overrun against Hamley Bridge a few weeks ago, the Eagles were around the mark for three quarters before being burnt off in the last quarter and are proving more than capable. It is something Virginia coach, Joss DenEngelse, is more than conscious of. “We won’t be taking them lightly,” he said. The loss on Saturday at the hands of Hamley Bridge means the Rams will need to refocus this week.

“That would be a big part of it, so we’ve got to keep up the standards on the track we’ve set this year, with high intensity,” DenEngelse said. “I think the boys are realising the competition is definitely closer with teams usually down the bottom of the ladder suddenly becoming extremely competitive.” Ruckman Chris James is in doubt with an ankle problem, with Ben Galic likely to take the rucking duties if James doesn’t come up. “He was a little proppy so we’ll see how he pulls up but Ben was very good for us on the weekend,” DenEngelse said.

Les Pearson previews round 7 APFL matches straight victory at Ralli Park this weekend. The league leaders are emerging as early season premiership favourites, a tag that doesn’t mean much to Bombers coach, Ash Barnett. “Premierships are won

in September, not May,” he said. “Other sides have some really good players and are starting to gel. “We’d love to go into the association match on top, so that’s our goal in the next three weeks.”

The return of Lachlan Norman to the team has bolstered Hamley’s depth, Barnett glad to see him back in the A grade. “He started rusty last season but by the end of the year, he was in our best five or six,” he said. Nathan Flynn missed the game against Virginia after a calf tweak but is a chance of playing, while Malcolm Greenwood will probably miss two to three

weeks with a hamstring strain. Bomber ruckman, Matt Armstrong, also did not play with general soreness but should be right to resume. For Balaklava, Derek Friedrichs is probably a 50/50 proposition at this stage, Lamond is a chance to return himself and Mitch Daniel should be good to go after shin splints got the better of

LEFT: Shannon Slattery, Two Wells and Kale Jameson, Mallala, tussle to gain possession in the reserves match at Two Wells on Saturday. BELOW: Rooster Travis Wake kicks away in reserves, as Magpie Brayden Tucker moves in for a tackle.

Balaklava v Hamley Bridge BALAKLAVA will be keen to continue its form from Saturday’s win over United but Hamley Bridge will be out for its fifth




Adelaide Football Club

NORTH EASTERN FOOTBALL LEAGUE Results from Saturday- Round 4

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For all of the latest videos, information and behind the scenes footage, make sure to regularly visit The official Adelaide Football Club website is the best place to visit for the latest club news and updates. Regular favourite segments include Sando’s Plays of the Week, Name that Crow, all the best goals, marks, plays and the SANFL wrap. For the remaining 2013 season the site will also include some of the best AAMI Stadium memories straight from the Super screen at the game today – keep an eye out.

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The Crows Foundation is set to distribute $100,000 to three selected charities in 2013. After considering all submissions, we are proud to announce the Leukaemia Foundation as the Adelaide Football Club’s major charity partner receiving a grant of $75,000. The Crows Foundation will also support the Asthma Foundation of SA and Camp Quality who will receive grants of $15,000 and $10,000 respectively. Beyond financial support, the Adelaide Football Club, through the Crows Foundation, will actively promote the core messages of the Leukaemia Foundation and assist them in extending their communication and promotional campaigns. For more information, visit Thanks to all our supporters who generously donated to the Leukaemia Foundation and helped Taylor Wallker reach his target of $50,000. Donations can be made until mid May. Tex will shave his mullet off on the Channel 9 Footy Show in the next couple of months.




6.8 7.9 11.11 17.11 (113) 0.0 6.4 9.4 11.8 (74)

Goals: BBH - G.Thompson 7, D.Schell 4, J.Lynch, M.Hall, G.Choimes, J.Schuppan, C.Hannemann, N.Rees BSR - B.Inglis 3, C.Carey 2, N.Cane, A.Smart, S.Hayes, T.Weckert, J.Kurth, C.Burgess Best: BBH - M.Dalla, G.Thompson, L.Crawford, N.Rees, D.Schell, D.Schuppan BSR - M.Shane, A.Mackenzie, C.Carey, M.Thomas, S.Goss, B.Inglis

North Clare Min/Man

1.2 4.2 6.5 8.7 (55) 4.2 7.7 12.12 16.12 (108)

Eud/Rtown RSMU

4.0 6.3 7.5 10.6 (66) 0.0 5.2 12.4 17.6 (108)

Blyth/Snow South Clare

2.5 11.7 16.12 20.15 (135) 3.4 3.6 7.6 10.8 (68)

Goals: North Clare - A.Amey 3, M.Fox, M.Dopson, T.Densley, T.Huppatz, J.Panoho Min/Man - R.McDermid 6, B.Sandow 2, S.Gibson 2, L.Davey 2, N.Forrest, M.Prince, B.Bryksy, R.Piggott Best: North Clare - T.Huppatz, C.Jaeschke, S.Panoho, A.Amey, J.Panoho, M.Fox Min/Man - R.McDermid, L.Davey, M.Lawrie, T.Friebel, B.Sandow, N.Forrest

Goals: Eud/Rtown - R.Schmidt 4, B.Peris 2, L.Kimpton, M.Zerner, C.Voigt, C.Ah Chee RSMU - C.Mullins 6, D.Busch 4, J.Vandeleur 2, T.Willmott 2, J.Cadzow 2, S.Jordan Best: Eud/Rtown - J.Schutz, J.Mosey, J.Michalk, D.Reese, K.Schulz, L.Kimpton RSMU - Z.Hier, C.Mullins, M.Garrard, L.Percy, T.Connell, B.Koster Goals: Blyth/Snow - S.Atkinson 6, J.Gillings 5, A.Hentschke 2, L.Hewett, T.Clark, J.Agnew, R.Darling, N.McCormack, A.Lloyd, K.Kennett South Clare - D.Wallent 2, M.Sumner 2, C.Sommerville, B.Mitchell, W.Hutchinson, B.Rossi, J.Howcroft, M.Reynolds Best: Blyth/Snow - R.Darling, T.Clark, P.Vlatko, J.Gillings, N.McCormack, G.Ottens South Clare - D.Kuhndt, D.Pope, B.Rossi, C.Sommerville, J.Howcroft



0.0 5.4 5.4 7.4 (46) 3.9 3.9 7.14 9.19 (73)

Goals: BBH - J.Edwards, J.Rowe, S.Mccarthy, W.O’Bryan, T.Hill, J.Webster, S.O’Bryan BSR - B.Weckert 4, B.Whiting, A.Mellow, P.Meyer, M.Lynch, C.Weckert Best: BBH - S.Connell, S.Tohl, S.Mccarthy, L.Riggs, W.O’Bryan, A.Eglinton BSR - P.Meyer, C.Weckert, B.Weckert, A.Mellow, B.Whiting, W.Lawry

North Clare Min/Man

1.7 3.9 6.10 8.11 (59) 1.3 4.5 4.7 6.9 (45)

Goals: North Clare - D.Ellis 3, T.Norton 2, L.Hollitt 2, N.Turner Min/Man - L.Milburn 2, N.Scott 2, M.Hindmarsh, A.Maynard Best: North Clare - R.Higgins, T.Siv, C.Price, R.Tregilgas, L.Hollitt, L.Milne Min/Man - N.Scott, M.Phillips, L.Broadbent, M.Nayda, L.Milburn, M.Hindmarsh

Blyth/Snow South Clare

2.1 7.3 7.3 11.6 (72) 1.2 3.3 7.5 9.5 (59)

Goals: Blyth/Snow - S.Dohnt 3, J.Zweck 2, B.Pratt 2, B.Pratt, G.Wilkinson, R.Wood, M.Stewart South Clare - M.Salter 3, A.Barton 2, P.McInerney, M.Stopp, J.Dunstan, W.Weetra Best: Blyth/Snow - R.Wandel, B.Pratt, L.Mugge, R.Baxter, R.Ottens, J.Zweck South Clare - C.Tucker, D.Day, M.Stopp, A.Barton, P.McInerney, M.Salter

Eud/Rtown RSMU

5.0 6.2 7.5 9.9 (63) 1.1 3.1 4.3 4.4 (28)

Goals: Eud/Rtown - K.Hines 3, T.Baker 2, M.Baddack, M.Neville, J.Pfitzner, C.Caven RSMU - L.Tassell 2, S.Przibilla, D.Vater Best: Eud/Rtown - M.Neville, T.Mosey, S.Schmidt, M.Baddack, T.Baker RSMU - M.McInerney, C.Percy, P.Browne, B.McInerney, D.Griffiths, S.Goodfellow


North Clare Min/Man

3.4 8.6 12.9 18.11 (119) 0.0 1.0 1.2 2.3 (15)

Eud/Rtown RSMU

0.3 0.3 0.4 5.5 (35) 0.0 5.2 9.4 12.4 (76)

Blyth/Snow South Clare

3.1 4.2 6.2 7.3 (45) 0.0 2.2 3.3 5.6 (36)

Goals: North Clare - T.O’Sullivan 6, L.Schumacher 5, B.Cross 3, E.Dichiera, J.Gogoll, D.Brown, B.Earle Min/Man - A.Smith, W.Pearson Best: North Clare - B.Cross, J.Brown, D.Brown, A.Noble, L.Schumacher, T.O’Sullivan Min/Man - W.Pearson, J.Megson, A.Nixon, L.Koster, A.Smith, J.Couzner Goals: Eud/Rtown - C.Reese 2, B.Riley, B.Launer, B.Launer RSMU - J.Talbot 4, N.Busch 2, X.Redden 2, M.Connell, S.Juett, J.Turney, C.Fuss Best: Eud/Rtown - A.Wiech, L.Hart, B.Launer, C.Reese, B.Prior RSMU - J.Vater, B.Heffernan, X.Redden, T.Trowse, J.Connell, M.Connell Goals: Blyth/Snow - J.Hunter 4, D.Giles 2, T.Salter South Clare - J.Wallent 2, A.Falconer, A.Dare, B.Sandy Best: Blyth/Snow J.Andriske, T.Eime, T.Salter, N.Schultz, Z.Bennett, T.Norton South Clare - J.Wallent, B.Day, J.Pearse, B.Pese, M.Jarvis, D.Mildren



0.0 0.1 0.1 1.1 (7) 3.5 7.7 10.12 11.12 (78)

Goals: BBH - I.Pearce BSR - J.Slade 5, C.Hayes 3, I.Moller, H.Mills, C.Mumford Best: BBH - J.Kleinig, S.Raines, J.Boston, J.Lines, W.Stockman, H.Quinn BSR - I.Moller, J.Slade, C.Mumford, N.MacFarlane, H.Mills, N.Longmire

North Clare Min/Man

2.2 5.4 6.4 9.7 (61) 0.0 1.0 2.1 3.2 (20)

Eud/Rtown RSMU

1.1 3.3 5.3 6.4 (40) 0.3 2.4 4.6 6.6 (42)

Blyth/Snow South Clare

2.2 2.2 3.9 4.9 (33) 2.0 3.2 3.2 5.4 (34)

Goals: North Clare - G.Armfield 4, T.Francis 2, L.Edmondson, J.Nickolai, D.Garrard Min/Man - A.Olssen 2, H.Schoenberg Best: North Clare - D.Garrard, G.Pretlove, T.Francis, N.Francis, G.Armfield, C.Helbig Min/Man - A.Olssen, J.Smith, T.Roberts, H.Schoenberg, T.Couch, C.Dodd Goals: Eud/Rtown - K.Hayter 3, T.Schulz (VC) 2, J.Dreckow RSMU - L.Reichelt 2, S.Would 2, C.Behn, R.Bruce Best: Eud/Rtown - T.Launer, J.Steinborner, K.Hayter, T.Kleinig, T.Schulz RSMU - C.Dunn, C.Behn, L.Kernich, L.Reichelt, L.Trowse, R.McInerney Goals: Blyth/Snow - N.Barr, J.Salter, L.Cummins, J.Calvert South Clare - L.Benda 2, B.Dinning, C.Dinning, J.Brown Best: Blyth/ Snow - B.Eime, S.Toholke, N.Barr, B.Keech, W.Pratt, E.Evangelista South Clare - B.Dinning, N.Haines, L.Benda, M.Walsh, D.McInnis, B.Pearse

him last week. Defender, Daniel Gardner, may be a few weeks away with an ankle problem. Balaklava coach, Stuart Lamond, said the challenge was set. “They’re probably the form team in the competition at the moment, so we will have to be up around the mark,” he said. “We know we’ll have to be on our game as they’ve got a number of quality players. “We’re probably underdogs going in.” Mallala v United THE Magpies host the Tigers in what looms as a potentially cracking affair on Saturday. The task is set for United, Mallala proving to be one of the tougher asks in a fairly competitive league this season. “It’s just another challenge and every week is a challenge for us,” United coach, David White said. “We’ve got to see improvement in every game, we can’t afford to stagnate. “After both of our two wins, we’ve gone backwards. “There’s too big a gap between our best and our worst and we need to be a bit more positive with our footy. “For us, it’s just a case of making every post a winner. “Getting that consistency will be the hardest thing we face this year, with a young side.” The rivalry between these two teams is not lost on White. “It’s a special game for the local boys and hopefully the new lads take that on board and embrace the challenge as well,” he said. Mallala coach, Steve Lubcke, is wary of the Tigers lifting for the occasion. “It’s a traditional rivalry and anything can happen in these games,” he said. Tiger playmaker, Cameron Faulkner, is likely to attract the attention of a run-with player. “I haven’t quite decided yet but we will certainly consider that,” Lubcke said. “We’ll look at ensuring he is not let loose.” Brad Griffiths is a chance to return to the Magpies’ defensive fold, while Matt Saunders should be back from work. Tim Cawrse is the probable match up for United forward, Koby Ettridge, who has been in good goal kicking form this year. “Last week was the first time we had encountered an in-form full forward and we didn’t handle it too well, so we will be keen to improve on that,” Lubcke said. “It could be anyone in our back six though, depending on the matchups.”

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013


KAITLYN Lloyd shoots a goal for the Long Plains Under 15 side on Saturday.

Golf Balaklava

Seventeen sartorial swashbucklers swanned out last Saturday for our Stableford stoush, in their quest for the Balaklava Newsagency Trophy. Also, we conducted round 1 of both the President’s and Captain’s Trophies. The President, Ian Michael, set the scene by creaming the A graders’ efforts, coming home with 37 points. Merv Hameister (31) punished Peter Thompson with the aid of the good Count Bach, leaving W. Parkin (30), W. Lokan (29) and D. Taylor (27) to round out the field. John Michael (34) jumped the B graders, showing a clean pair of heels to Wayne Nagle (32) and Bill Berry (31) and there’s yer B grade field right there. Over in the C grade, Mike Smith did again, appeared out of the blue and dominated, on this occasion with 40 points. Recently returned Trevor Gilmour (32) made himself useful but ruined the day for Tania Matz (30). Then came I. Bastian (29), M. Liptrot (28), A. Manuel (28) and D. Trickett (27). Birdies were struck by Ian Michael on the fifth and Peter Thompson on the seventh. Nearest The Pins were held by Malcolm Liptrot on the eighth, Trevor Gilmour (10th) and mighty Merv Hameister for his second lob onto the 13th. Golfer of the Winter points (and the Balaklava Newsagency Trophy) went to Mike Smith (6), Ian Michael (5), John Michael (4), Wayne Nagle (3), Merv. Hameister (2) and the rest, one apiece. Round one of the President’s Trophy bloodbath saw Wayne Nagle defeat Dave Rodgers by just turning up, because Dave didn’t. Ian Bastian used the same tactic to easily account for John Curnow, however John Michael actually played Bill Lokan to win two up, while Merv Hameister got the better of Dean Trickett 3/2. Similarly in the Captain’s Trophy face-off, Greg Sonntag and Martyn Bell cancelled each other out in a nanosecond, while Peter Thompson was gutted that Digby Addison couldn’t tackle him on the day. Bill Parkin cruised past big-hitting Doug Taylor 5/4, while Austin Henstridge decided to obey Rule 33-1 and play matchplay only. It didn’t do the po-faced git any good though, as he was stitched up a treat by Bill Berry, who beat him 2/1. Come Saturday, we take up the cudgels yet again, this time for a “reality check” Stroke round, plus round two of the two trophies. Bill Parkin will send our boys and girls over the top to do battle, while Mark Loy will conduct stress counselling and wound repairs from his little booth at the 19th.

Balaklava ladies

Results from Thursday 9 May – second Par round. A Grade: P Anderson +3, C Redpath +1, L Michael even, J Taylor -4, T Matz -5, J Anderson -7. B Grade: C Taylors +1, J Thompson +1, J Hoskin -2, S Friedrichs -3, M Hayes DNF. C Grade: F Williams even, R Bastian -12. J Vietch DNF. Producer points: 5 P Anderson, 4 C Redpath, 3 C Taylor, 2 J Thompson, 1 L Michael.


Men’s results – Sunday May 12, Stroke competition, sponsored by Blyth Golf Club: M Williams 88/66, G Mugge 85/68, T Eime 88/68, P Agnew 95/71, B Spinks 107/73, M Eime 98/75, R Lamond 83/76, H Wandel 99/76, D Paynter 109/85, B Pratt 3rd card (83), M Finn DNF. NTP: No14 – G Mugge. Skins No1: jackpot.

RSMU holds on for a close win

A1: Eudunda/Robertstown 39 v RSMU 41 It was a tightly contested first quarter with both RSMU’s goalies shooting well. RSMU came out in the second quarter, making the most of their opportunities and shot accurately. The Saints fought back over the next two quarters but RSMU held them off, winning by two. A2: Eudunda/Robertstown 40 v RSMU 43 A fast first quarter and some great tussles saw the Saints up by one at the end of the first quarter. A tough second quarter by RSMU gave them a handy lead to be up by nine at half time. A gallant third quarter by the Saints with some good shooting and at the end of the third, RSMU were up by three. A tight fourth quarter going goal for goal, seeing RSMU with the win. B1: Eudunda/Robertstown Sunday May 19 – Stableford, sponsored by Mitre 10. May 26 – Par, Harold Stopp Memorial. Ladies’ results – Wednesday May 8, Stableford, sponsored by club: D Wandel 42, J Zweck 41, K Mugge 41, J Wandel 30. 9 hole: L Randolph 19, B Victor 12, H Williams 11, R Hill and L Victor also played. Skins No 12: J Wandel. Raffle: Victors. Wednesday May 15 – Secret Holes/ Stroke, H/Cap match play first round Winter Cup, sponsored by patron/Life Member, Lois Pratt. May 22 – Stroke, sponsored by Kelvin Grove Olives.

40 v RSMU 28 A hard fought game, the Saint defenders turning over many balls in the first quarter. RSMU played a fast game through the centre, but the Saints kept the lead with accurate shooting. B2: Eudunda/Robertstown 47 v RSMU 29 The Saints started out strong in the first quarter but RSMU picked up. The second quarter saw RSMU settle into the game and shoot well. The Saints worked well to adapt to positional changes. The last quarter saw both teams go up and down but the Saints finished off strongly to take the win. C1: Eudunda/Robertstown 25 v RSMU 27 Good contesting by both teams throughout. The Saints seemed affected by the wind in the first quarter, leaving RSMU

and R Thomas 32. C GRADE Hamley Bridge: Wayne White 39, Sam Wedding 38, Noel Stringer 36, Wally Jackson 35, John Gardner 33. RIVERTON: P Russel 38, S Goodes 37, D Murphy and B Murray 27. Birdies: Vince Zito third, Mick Nicholls sixth, B Howarth ninth, John Mitchell first, 12th, 16th and 17th, J Tucker 15th and 18th, Bradley Zerna second and third, M Norman second and 18th, P Russel 17th, Barry Schwartz 14th. Nearest to The Pins: 14th John Mitchell ninth and 17th, B Howarth ninth. Last Thursday’s Stableford event attracted 26 players and was won by Ross Hienze, with 41 points, from Mick

leading by five. RSMU crept up again leading by seven at half time. The Saints great defence saw the game even out in the last couple of minutes, but RSMU forced a turnover to win by two. C2: Eudunda/Robertstown 10 v RSMU 24 RSMU got off to a great start with strong shooting by Samara Gosling and Stevie-Lee Dutton. The Saints defended well all the way down the court, with Tamika Purcell taking some great intercepts at WD. The second half was even with only 11 goals scored. 15&U: Eudunda/Robertstown 40 v RSMU 16 Great start by both teams with the Saints soon taking advantage of their strong, open attack line. RSMU had some great passages of play, but the Saints were too good, only build-

Fitton, Les Hean just behind with 34 points followed by young gun Jake Harkness 30, Robert Priest 27, and Michael King retired to the bar after nine with 23 points. Ladies captain, Dawn Hean finished with 59 after nine holes along with Kathy Harkness, who didn’t want to discuss her score. Longest drive on the 10th went to Glen ‘Chooka’ Ince, with a hit Mohamed Ali would have been proud of. Mean machine Les Hean took out the Vet’s longest drive on the sixth for the second time this season. NTP on the 16th went to skipper, Brett Fitton – arguably the shot of the day! Pro’s approach went to Robert Priest. Kathy Harkness ate her

ing on their lead in the second half, finishing strongly. J1: No game. J2: Eudunda/Robertstown 28 v RSMU 11 After a slow start in the first quarter, the Saints improved dramatically over the final three quarters to pull off a well deserved and much sought after win. Great centre court play helped the ball to flow much easier into the goal ring. J3: No game J4: A tight, competitive game between the teams. RSMU displayed a strong defensive presence making it difficult for the Saints attacking players. Neither team scored in the first quarter because of this tight level of competition. Both teams demonstrated strong passages of play and good team spirit in this close match. J5: No game.

the process. This won him B Grade and the Bob Oxlade Trophy for best net score on the day. Ian was far from disgraced, playing under his par himself, only to meet a player in rare form. Les Grafton had a day out too, scoring 62 to take A Grade from Charles Hogg 63, and Bobby Hogg 64. Stuart Grigg shot 66 to also play under his par of 10 and was unlucky to miss out on a placing due to those red-hot scores from the others. Other match play results saw Ian Clark defeat Gary Payne 2/1, and Les Grafton defeat Andrew Baker 8/7. Ian Smith (66) came second in B Grade, with Paul Shields (70) third. Next week sees an Ambrose competition, followed on May 25th by our visit to Hamley Bridge for round one of our Hamley Stableford Challenge. It is about time TWGC defeated Hamley on their turf, so we need all players to bring their ‘A game’ in a fortnight. See Two Wells scores at: http://www. Results A Grade: L.Grafton 62, C.Hogg 63, R.Hogg 64, S.Grigg 66, J.Ball 70, Y.Frencken 70, A.Bail 77, A.Baker 77, G.Payne 77. B & C Grade: J.Boon 61, I.Smith 66, P,Shields 71, S.Kelly 74, H.Linford 74, C.Weller 76, I.Clark 76, J.Spackman 80. Ladies: J.Holland 78, E.Grigg 83. Long Drives – A: C.Hogg B: H.Linford NTP’s : 1) S.Kelly 6)A.Bail 11) A.Baker 15) P.Shields Bob Oxlade Trophy: John Boon (61) Monthly Medal: Les Grafton (62) Putting Winner: Charles Hogg (24) NAGA in the Clubrooms: Jeff Spackman Meat Trays: P.Shields, Y.Frencken, A.Baker NEXT WEEK: Ambrose – Russell Grigg, Handicapper

Hockey Clare & Districts

Clare takes out Mid North Pennants

Balaklava Golf Club hosted the Mid North Ladies Pennants on Monday, May 13. Teams from Balaklava, Clare, Blyth and Burra competed, with Clare defeating Balaklava on a countback. Burra and Blyth tied for third. Pictured are winners, Clare, from left: Donna McKinnon, Kathy Smith, Prue Skinner and Gypsey Sandow.

Hamley Bridge

Fourty-two players competed in the inaugural Riverton/Hamley Bridge challenge on Saturday, played at Hamley Bridge, with the home team managing to win the shield. The match was decided by a total average Stableford score of all players in each team, Hamley winning 34.1 to 31.7. However it wasnt hard to see how competitive the Riverton team were and there is no doubt they will be prepared for next years challenge – which will be played on their turf! Dennis Nation certainly carried the flag for Hamley by winning the day with a credible 43 points from Roger Hahn 42 and Bradley Zerna 41. Leading grade scores for each team are as follows… A GRADE Hamley Bridge: Roger Hahn 42, Bradley Zerna 41, John Mitchell 40, Ian Ferguson 36, Mick Nicholls 34; RIVERTON: D Snook 39, J Pengilly and B Howarth 35, R Brandsma 32. B GRADE Hamley Bridge: Dennis Nation 43, Gary Woods 39, Ron Smith 36, George Dahlitz and Barrie Zerna 35. RIVERTON: S Saunders 38, M Huppatz

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

Nicholls 40 and Barry Schwartz 39. Others to make the cut were Roger Hahn 38, Bob Charman 37, Bob Hillier and Doug Cooper 36, Gary Woods 35, Ed Manning, John Gardner and John Bell 33, John Mitchell, Lance Hatcher and Ron Smith 32. Birdies: George Dahlitz third, John Bell and John Mitchell ninth, John Gardner 12th, Barry Schwartz 17th. Nearest to The Pins: John Bell ninth, Bob Charman 12th.


Results from May 11. A picturesque day at the Owen Golf Club set the scene for Saturday’s Stableford competition. Ten players took to the luscious fairways in what promised to be a close encounter of the golf kind. Big-hitting Mayor, Robert Priest, set out to upset the locals early with a sizzling start to the day but vice captain, Glen Ince, with a cool display of consistency in the back nine, came home with an effortless 39 points to win the round. Runner-up with 35 points was Justin Greenwood, and then came president, Peter Sullivan who sunk 14 footer on the 18th to win on a C/B from captain, Brett

wheaties, winning the Ladies’ long drive on the third. Birdies: Glen Ince 16th, Robert Priest fifth. Next Saturday the bar is raised as we proudly host the first round of the prestigious Freebairn Putter trophy. There will be a BBQ dinner after the round, all welcome. Tee-off 12pm Saturday, Monday Competition 12pm. Enquires: Brett 0414 930 563. They call it Golf because all the other four letter words were taken.

Two Wells

Results from Saturday May 11 – Stroke/Monthly Medal, sponsored by Tyrepower, Cheltenham. Nineteen players fronted up for the Stroke round, as well as Monthly Medal and Bob Oxlade Trophy. The course was well presented thanks to some hard work by Bobby Hogg. There were quite a number of outstanding scores, lead by a magnificent 61 from John Boon, the player of the month so far. He also defeated Ian Smith 7/5 in a match play and lost two strokes off his handicap in

Matches played on May 11 at Balaklava. Under 14 Springstown 6 goals def Burra 0 Goals: James Forrest 4, Peter Cornwell, Bailey Bruce. Best: Spr – Peter Cornwell, James Forrest, Doohan Pattison. Bur – Jasper Weatherstone, Nick Haddow, Sebastian Pullin Donnybrook 2 def Balaklava 0 Goals: Isabel Price, Owen Jenner. Best: Don – Owen Jenner, Fletcher Thomas, Isabel Price. Bal – Mitchell Lawrie, Nathan Shepherd, Sarah Goldney Under 18 Donnybrook 5 def Springstown 0 Goals: Fletcher Thomas 3, Josh Nourse, Lachlan McLean. Best: Don – Fletcher Thomas, Ellen Canna, Josh Nourse. Spr – Peter Cornwell, Etabez Donato, Austin Duncan-Reid. Balaklava 6 def Burra 0 Goals: Tim Goldney 4, Micah Hamaan, Hedley Greenshields. Best: Bal – Jesse Shepherd, Brock Hamaan, Hedley Greenshields. Bur – Neil Maxted, Sebastian Pullin, Jake Dolphin. Men Balaklava 8 def Donnybrook 0 Goals: Lee Cunningham 3, Ben Hall 2, Raf Battistessa 2, Samuel Tiller. Best: Bal – Lee Cunningham, Raf Battistessa, Samuel Tiller. Don – Mark Telfer, Toff Wray, John Squires Springstown 3 def Riverton 2 Goals: Spr – Luke Burge, Peter Cornwell, Hanz. Riv – Jake Dolphin 2. Best: Spr – Darren Sweet, Luke Burge, Lachlan McLean. Riv – Josh Nourse, Neil Maxted, Andrew Chapman. Next week’s matches are to be played at Riverton


SPORT v Netball

Easy victory for Hamley Bridge girls Another warm one! When will the winter sport begin? Mallala captured the lead from the start, winning by 13 against Two Wells at Two Wells. Hamley, playing at home, easily defeated Virginia, 57 to 33 and the visiting Balaklava side won over Long Plains, 48 to 41. Hummocks, who top the chart by 10 per cent, had the bye. Two Wells v Mallala Mallala led from the start, outscoring Two Wells in every quarter except the third, where both teams shot 10 goals each. Mallala coach, Courtney Kerr, was pleased with her team’s focus and versatility. Usually at GK, Clare Bruggermann played a solid four quarters at GD. Sally Wilson and Carla Jarmyn also had to change positions when GA Stacey Hardie left the court in the third quarter suffering heat stroke. It was Brooke Griffiths though, who was the stand out player on Saturday, as judged by both coach and umpires. “Brooke defended strongly and generated many turnovers in WD”, described Courtney, “… and when moved to WA, quickly focused onto having to support our new goalie combo. “Also, the umpiring was outstanding and fair. Something we wish was consistently seen.” Two Wells’ coach, Stacey Gameau attributed heat and the Mallala

LOUISE Faulkner, Mallala, reaches to intercept a pass by Cristie Castle, Two Wells, in the A2 game at Two Wells on Saturday.

defence plus GS Tessa Jarmyn as factors affecting the game. The heat led to positional changes being made in the centre court. “The second half played out quite even, we just made too many mistakes in the centre court and attack and Mallala were good enough to capitalise on them,” explained Stacey. “We did have some good patches of play, so if we can reduce our error rate we will be able to improve. “Karen Penhall tried hard all game in GK to

APNA RESULTS Embroidery & Screen Printing Specialists 12 Edith Tce, Balaklava SA 5461

8862 1793

Results of Adelaide Plains Netball Association matches played on Saturday A1: Mallala 50 (Brooke Griffiths) def Two Wells 37 (Karen Penhall). Hamley Bridge 57 (Sarah Koch) def Virginia 33 (Sherilee Matheson). Balaklava 48 (Sally Arbon) def Long Plains 41 (Mary-Jane McArdle). A2: Two Wells 44 (Briony Thomson) def Mallala 41 (Carissa Buckley). Balaklava 63 (Ashleigh Heinrich) def Long Plains 30 (Ashyka Curnow). A3: Two Wells 63 (Jessica Newman) def Mallala 26 (Michelle Dunstan).Virginia 43 (Samantha Sargeant) def Hamley Bridge 42 (Tania Knott). Balaklava 48 (Renee McPharlin) def Long Plains 26 (Sarah Trussell). A4: Two Wells 41 (Tamara Eves) def Mallala 32 (Amanda Clarke). Virginia 61 (Nicola Bryan) def Hamley Bridge 13 (Phoebe Girdham). Balaklava 63 (Ellie Reusch) def Long Plains 32 (Helzah Somerville). A5: Two Wells 43 (Rachel Williams) def Mallala 39 (Nicky Graham).Balaklava 43 (Ciara Guy) def Long Plains 19 (Renae Baker). U/17: Mallala 17 (Brooke Wilson) def Two Wells 13 (Lily Playfair). Long Plains 30 (Georgia McArdle) def Balaklava 27 (Alex Wehr). U/15: Mallala 30 (Lilliana Matthew) def Two Wells 9 (Laura Oakley). Hamley Bridge 35 (Kelsey Wedding) def Virginia 9 (Alice Cox). Long Plains 34 (Georgia McArdle) def Balaklava 12 (Sophie Wehr). U/13A: Two Wells 29 (Brooke Humphrys) def Mallala 8 (Nellie Farrelly). Long Plains 14 (Matika HilliardFaulkner) def Balaklava 13 (Claudia Tiller). U/13B: Mallala 11 (Tayla Robinson) def Two Wells 8 (Ruth Slattery). Balaklava 35 (Rhea Lawless) def Long Plains 11 (Tamika Gregory).



A1 APNA review with Merridy Manuel

get our best player”. Quarter scores (Mallala - Two Wells): first 15-8, second 27-18, third 37-28, final 50-37. Hamley Bridge v Virginia The much improved Virginia side was no match for reigning premiers, Hamley Bridge. Virginia have won three of their first five games, which is three times more than last year. Hamley, however, were not phased by the new talent and stuck to

their usual game plan to come up with the win. Best player for Hamley was GA Sarah Koch. Unfortunately, Virginia’s Michelle Meinel disagreed with umpires during the match and was suspended in the last quarter. “You must respect umpires, they are doing their best and without them we don’t play,” said Hamley coach, Lee Barnett. Virginia coach, Sherilee Matheson, agreed with this comment.

APNA Premiership Tables Sponsored by...

Mallala Cleaning Service Phone: 8527 2161

Supporting Local Netball

A1 GRADE Hummocks......... 8..... 63.66 Hamley Bridge.... 7..... 53.63 Balaklava............ 6..... 49.88 Virginia................ 6..... 46.26 Mallala................ 5..... 49.57 Two Wells............ 2..... 47.64 Long Plains......... 0..... 42.79

Under 17 Long Plains......... 7..... 49.44 Balaklava............ 6..... 53.93 Balak Away......... 6..... 53.33 Mallala................ 6..... 51.45 Hamley Bridge.... 5..... 46.62 Two Wells............ 2..... 42.19

A3 GRADE Balaklava........... 10.... 58.95 Two Wells............ 8..... 61.42 Virginia................ 6..... 49.03 Hummocks......... 4..... 49.06 Mallala................ 4..... 48.26 Hamley Bridge.... 2..... 41.88 Long Plains......... 0..... 38.67

Under 13A Two Wells........... 10.... 79.33 Hummocks......... 6..... 68.52 Hamley Bridge.... 6..... 53.45 Mallala................ 6..... 45.83 Long Plains......... 4..... 24.42 Balaklava............ 0..... 20.54

A2 GRADE Balaklava........... 10.... 64.31 Two Wells............ 8..... 55.33 Mallala................ 6..... 48.61 Hamley Bridge.... 4..... 46.77 Hummocks......... 4..... 46.44 Long Plains......... 2..... 36.69

A4 GRADE Virginia............... 10.... 62.47 Two Wells............ 8..... 57.83 Balaklava............ 6..... 56.51 Hummocks......... 6..... 56.25 Mallala................ 2..... 47.24 Long Plains......... 2..... 41.96 Hamley Bridge.... 0..... 24.72

Sherilee, who was best player on Saturday, was aware her team didn’t play to the best of their ability. She mentioned the impact Amber Rogers, Hamley GS, had on the match, shooting 47 of their 57 goals. “We couldn’t regain composure,” explained Sherilee. “But credit to our girls, they never gave up”. Virginia did score equal goals in the third quarter but could not recover from the strong lead Hamley established in the first half. Quarter scores (Hamley - Virginia): first 17-7, second 32-14, third 44-26, final 57-33.

Long Plains v Balaklava Balaklava gained the lead in the first half, ahead by six at half time. The second half was more even, Balaklava only extending their lead by one more goal. Interestingly, all games this week had even scores in the third quarter. Balaklava coach, Carolyn Michael, changed every position throughout the course of the game. Defensive changes were made in an attempt to shut down Longies’ GS, Jane McBride, who positioned strongly and shot the majority of their goals. Other changes were made to try new goalie

combinations and rest mid court players. Carolyn was pleased with the efforts of WD Sophie Kupke, GS Jane Harding and WA Lauren Michael. “Considering the windy conditions, goalies were quite accurate,” said Carolyn. “We wasted the ball on too many occasions and need to play four good quarters of netball.” The umpires selected GA Sally Arbon as best player. Long Plains coach, Michelle Doherty, was satisfied with a more consistent effort from her team this week. “What pleased me was we didn’t allow Balaklava to run away with the game after half time,” said Michelle. “Led by Mary-Jane McArdle, the girls rallied but couldn’t make up the difference.” Once again, Long Plains’ captain, MaryJane McArdle, won best on court at GD. Alicia Sharman was also instrumental at GA. Quarter scores (Balaklava-Long Plains): first 13-10, second 26-20, third 38-32, final 48-41. This week is the final frontier with the last of the teams facing each other for the first time. Hummocks fresh from their week off take on Virginia on the inside court at Virginia. Balaklava will be hoping for a home ground advantage against reigning premiers Hamley. Long Plains will be desperate to secure their first win at Mallala. All games are at 3pm.

Tamara Eves, Two Wells, intercepts a pass to Mallala’s Stacy Dugmore in the A4 match.

Under 15 Hummocks......... 8..... 72.13 Long Plains......... 8..... 57.51 Mallala................ 6..... 60.66 Hamley Bridge.... 6..... 59.91 Two Wells............ 4..... 45.29 Balaklava............ 2..... 29.95 Virginia................ 0..... 18.82

Under 13B Balaklava........... 10.... 86.67 Hamley Bridge.... 8..... 63.64 Long Plains......... 6..... 42.11 Hummocks......... 4..... 41.98 Mallala................ 4..... 34.21 Two Wells............ 2..... 18.68

A5 GRADE Balaklava........... 10.... 66.12 Two Wells............ 6..... 50.69 Virginia................ 6..... 45.62 Hummocks......... 4..... 47.78 Mallala................ 4..... 45.76 Long Plains......... 4..... 40.86

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

Sport v Netball

Mallala’s early lead takes them to victory TAYLOR Franklin, Long Plains, bounce passes around Balaklava opponent, Madison Bond, in the Under 15 game at Long Plains.

KIMBERLY Juvan, Two Wells, leaps to grab the ball, while Mallala’s Kate Bubner can’t quite carry out an intercept, during the A4 APNA match at Two Wells on Saturday. Maddison Sayner, Two Wells, and Jess Collinson, Mallala, are there for back-up.

adelaide plains netball association reports: Two Wells V Mallala A1: Mallala were too good for Two Wells on Saturday, taking a 13-goal win. Mallala started well, scoring the first few goals, their defensive pressure down the court saw them get extra opportunities and their goalies shot well to see them score off of their turnovers. Standout players included Stacey Hardie and Tessa Jarmyn (Mal). TW 8 - Mal 15. Two Wells had a better second quarter, shooting well and passing more accurately, however Mallala continued to play strongly and won the quarter by seven. Standouts were Tracy Kennett and Tessa Jarmyn (Mal), Karen Penhall and Sharnie Kent (TW). TW 18 - Mal 27. A very even quarter, all four goalies shot well while the defenders continued to keep up the defensive pressure. Karen Penhall and Tessa Jarmyn were again standouts for their teams. TW 28 - Mal 37. Mallala played a great last quarter to ensure they won the game. Tessa Jarmyn performed brilliantly shooting all the goals for Mallala. TW 37 - Mal 50. A2: With teams matched on skill level all game, Two Wells turned the tables in the last quarter to win 44-41. A closely contested first quarter. Both teams played well and the game flowed nicely. Both teams’ attack lines and goalies stood out. Standout players included Cristie Castle, Steph Walker and Briony Thomson (TW), and Louise Faulkner (Mal). TW 11 - Mal 11. A few more mistakes from both sides in the second quarter. Mallala’s goalies shot well. Two Wells lost a couple more balls to see them lose the quarter by four. Louise Faulkner again performed well, as did Jane Brown (Mal) and Cristie Castle (TW). TW 19 - Mal 23. Another closely contested quarter. Two Wells were able to peg back two goals through some great intercepts and rebounds in defence. Mallala’s goalies were still impressive for their team. Standout players included Steph Walker, Louise Faulkner, Kerry Beagley (TW) and Cassie Kent. TW 30 - M 32. Two Wells came out firing and created opportunities through intercepts to take the lead. Two Wells’ steady shooting saw them run away with the win. Mallala tried hard. Standouts for the final term were Maddy Seccafien, Kerry Beagley and Steph Walker (TW). TW 44 - M 41. Overall, this was a high-skilled and free-flowing game. A3: Two Wells broke away early, pushing the lead out to take victory, 63-26. Two Wells had a strong start with Jamie Dinham getting a few intercepts. TW GS Jess Newman shot well. Mallala’s shooting accuracy let them down in the first quarter. Jamie Dinham (TW) performed well in the opening quarter. TW 17 - Mal 3. Two Wells goalies continued to

dominate, moving well and shooting accurately, allowing them to stretch out the lead further. Mallala’s GS became a better target and improved. Good passing down the court by Two Wells. Standout player for the second quarter was Jess Newman (TW). TW 38 - Mal 11. Mallala’s shooting continued to improve in the third quarter, as a team their fresh legs and a few changes was a beneficial advantage with improving defensive pressure as well. Lisa Curnow was good at GS for Mallala. TW 38 - Mal 11. Two Wells got a few early goals, but their run-on was unfortunately interrupted by a Mallala injury. The quarter continued with both teams applying whole court pressure. Koby Paxton (TW) was a standout. TW 63 - Mal 26. A4: An even tussle saw Two Wells sneak ahead after half time to defeat Mallala, 41-32. The game started evenly with teams going goal for goal. TW 8 - Mal 9. Mallala started strongly, but Two Wells managed to keep up and the game was level at half time. TW 18 - Mal 18. A good start to the third quarter by Two Wells allowed them to break away a little from Mallala, but Mallala stepped up the pressure to ensure Two Wells couldn’t stretch too far in front. TW 29 - Mal 26. A hard start by Two Wells. Mallala had some good patches but the game ended in a strong Two Wells victory. TW 41 - Mal 32. A5: Another close match, with good defensive pressure from both teams, however Two Wells proved the stronger team, winning 43-39. Mallala started strongly and managed to pull slightly ahead, but Two Wells made a comeback ending the quarter equal. TW 8 - Mal 8. Both teams applied good defensive pressure causing small errors. Two Wells were up by one goal at half time. TW 18 - Mal 17. Strong play by Mallala in both attack and defence allowed them to get ahead by one goal at the break. Accurate shooting at both ends. TW 28 - Mal 29. At the start of the final quarter it looked like Mallala was going to take the game, but Two Wells made a comeback mid-way through the quarter and managed to come away with the win. TW 43 - Mal 39. U17s: Mallala turned up the heat in a great final quarter display, to take victory 17-13. Both teams started well with whole court defensive pressure forcing errors to be made, Mallala settled first scoring the first two goals. But Two Wells’ strong defence in the goal circle and exceptional rebounding by Tayla Oakley stopped them from scoring any more for the quarter. TW 3 - Mal 2. The second continued like the

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

first with lots of errors by both teams, but strong defence in the goal circle up both ends meant the turnovers weren’t showing on the scoreboard. TW 7 - Mal 7. Mallala’s goalies improved their accuracy in the third quarter, but unfortunately they weren’t given too many opportunities at goals. TW 11 - Mal 11. Coming out after the final break, Mallala stepped it up a notch and looked like they wanted the win more. They were rebounding strongly in defence and managed to carry the ball down to their scoring end, resulting in a fourgoal win. TW 13 - Mal 17. U15s: The young Mallala side left Two Wells behind in a good battle, 30-9. An outstanding first quarter by TW GK Grace Slattery against the Mallala goalies, but Mallala GS Brittany Pritchard was assisted well by the GA, allowing her to score some excellent goals. TW 2 - Mal 17. Two Wells seemed to get some system into their game with some improvement in the second. Mallala, however, were equally as capable and led by their GA held off Two Wells rally. Mallala stepped up a gear in the third quarter, leaving Two Wells in their wake. Two Wells GK battled nobly against the avalanche of goals but Mallala were relentless in their attack on the ball. TW 5 - Mal 24. Two Wells put up a spirited fight in the last quarter, but Mallala were equal to the task led ably by their C. TW 9 - Mal 30. 13A: Two Wells controlled the game from the start, pushing their early lead out to a 21-goal win. Two Wells started well controlling much of the play, with Caitlin Musolino and Claudia Devlin dominating the goal ring. Taylah Pratt and Nellie Farrelly kept Mallala in the mix, playing well in the midcourt. TW 8 - Mal 2. Two Wells shooter, Jacklyn Stankevicius continued with the domination in the goal ring but Mallala defence Bridget Farrelly and Jacinta Cocks defended well to control the flow of the goals. TW 14 - Mal 3. Mallala’s shooters, Emma Charleson and Georgia Furst had a taste of goals scoring some lovely shots as the Two Wells defence Hayley Duthie, Brooke Humphrys and Chantelle Harrison defended tightly, intercepting many balls. TW 19 - Mal 6. Mallala’s Georgia Thorne, Ella Thorne and Mickey Roebuck showed great control of the ball, but Two Wells players, along with Stephanie Seres and Alicia Duthie, took greater control of the game, enabling the Two Wells shooters many opportunities of which were successful. TW 29 - Mal 8. Mallala tried to hold strong in the beginning, but Two Wells’ dominance out-scored them on the day.

BALAKLAVA’S Sophie Wehr intercepts a pass to Georgia McArdle, Long Plains, during Saturday’s Under 15 match.

ZOE Bell, Balaklava keeps her eyes on the ball in the Under 15 game.

MARY Hosking, Long Plains, comes in to intercept as Lacee McPharlin, Balaklava, is ready to receive the ball.

Supporting local sport throughout the Adelaide Plains Phone: 8862 0000 Fax: 8862 2080 Web:


LOCAL v Living

The way We were


YEARS AGO May 2008

• RIVERTON artist, Robert Hannaford, had a visit from Nathan Buckley, who called in so Robert could finish painting the portrait of the former Collingwood and Port Adelaide football champion.


YEARS AGO May 2003

• THEN Balaklava High School student, Casey Saint, appeared on the cover of national magazine, Bride To Be; Honeymoon special.


YEARS AGO May 1993

Some firsts in Australia’s transport industry


erry Service – a regular service commenced between Sydney and Parramatta in 1793, and was the first form of public transport in Australia. Highway – the first intercity road link was between Sydney and Parramatta, opened in 1794, a stretch of 15 miles (24kms). Steam Railway – began operating in Victoria on 12 September 1854. It ran from Flinders Street and Sandridge Pier in Melbourne, a distance of two miles. Balloon Flight – William Dean made the first balloon flight in Australia in 1858. He ascended to 18 metres and took an eight-minute flight from Cremorne Gardens to Heidelberg in Melbourne. Bicycle – built by W.A. George,

Heritage Highlights by Norma Schopp

in Bathurst in 1867, one year before they appeared in England. Motor Car – a three-wheeled vehicle was built by Charles Highland in 1894; powered by a Daimler petrol engine. Taxi – three cabs were licensed in Sydney in 1904; however they were soon withdrawn, and the first permanent taxis began operating in Melbourne and Sydney in 1909. Train Line – opened in Sydney on September 26, 1855. Flight across the Pacific – Charles


Diary& • May 17: Balaklava Lions Biggest Morning Tea. • May 28: MEG Playgroup 0-5 years, Balaklava Uniting Church Hall. • Jun 2: Adelaide West Men’s Chior, Owen Town Hall; Balaklava Hospital “Time Peace” Garden opening.

• Jul 30: Balaklava Meals on Wheels AGM, Lutheran Church Hall. • Aug 2, 3, 4: Balaklava Eisteddfod. • Jun 11: Mother’s Group meeting, Balaklava Uniting Church Hall.

country roads 15 mph. Traffic Lights – first installed in Melbourne in 1928, at the corner of Collins & Swanson Streets. Breathalyser Test – introduced in Victoria in November 1961. Differential Gears – used by David Shearer in 1897 in his famous steam car, built at Mannum. Last, but not least… Black Box Flight Recorder – invented by Dr. David Warren in 1958 – his father had died in one of the first commercial airline crashes in 1926. Lack of interest in Australia saw the invention taken up by the British and manufactured in USA. Did you know that the “black box” of today is not black as the original one was? It is actually orange so that it can be easily located after a crash.


• LOCAL man, Gavin Page, who won a trip to Melbourne after winning a pie eating competition, ran into popstar, Sophie Monk and Home And Away actress, Rebecca Cartwright, at the Crown Casino.

• Jul 7: Balaklava High School reunion - years 1954-57.

Kingsford-Smith made the first flight across the Pacific from Oakland, California, to Brisbane in 1928. Transcontinental Motor Car Journey – Murray Aunger and H. Dutton travelled from south to north, leaving Adelaide on 30 June 1908 and reaching Darwin forty-two days later on 20 August. Mass-Produced Motor Car – The first Holden was released on 29 November 1948 by GMH. Utility Truck – the first utility in the world, designed by Lewis Brandt, an engineer with Ford Australia, came off the production line in 1934. Driving Licence – first one issued to W.A. Hargreaves of Woodville SA on 10 September 1906. Speed Limit – South Australia, 1904. In Adelaide it was 12mph; on

Last week’s solution

o FILL the grid so every row and every 3 x 3 square contains the digits 1 to 9.

Send us your diary dates!

I SPENT several days in the past week humming the same song and I just can’t shake it from my head. From the moment I wake up, to the seconds before drifting off into deep slumber, it haunts my every thought. US-based singer/songwriter, Robin Thicke, teamed up with rapper, Clifford Harris (aka I.T.) and producer Pharrell Williams to record a catchy new beat, “Blurred Lines”. The song is just so funky, it lingers within the depths of your sub conscience until you just start humming the melody, and before you know it, you’re singing the lyrics et cetera. I was first exposed to the song (I use the word “exposed” as it has become like a virus to me) when forwarded a copy of the “Blurred Lines” music video. Needless to say, it is

rather risqué, which is fairly uncommon in this day and age, well, to that degree anyway. Thicke is one talented vocalist, it has to be said. If you have any recollection of the early noughties music scene, you may remember Thicke’s debut chart hit, “When I Get You Alone”. The song was a funky little number to come screaming onto the top 20 of the Aussie singles charts back in 2002. It showed Thicke’s vocal versatility, which is again on display in “Blurred Lines”, the singer switching from classy falsetto to smooth crooning in a heartbeat. While most tasteful Watchdog fans best avoid the music video, the song is something that could well be the next thing you find yourself rocking to in the car.

Multi Exhaust & Brake Virginia Crossword

Good News Ken Packer

A blast from the past hit me the other day, SAFM playing “Crying at the Discothèque” by Swedish band, Alcazar. Released in 2000, the song peaked at 14 on the ARIA charts. What I found interesting was how the band’s most well-known song barely took off in its home country, only climbing to 29 on the Swedish charts. Might be a topic worth canvassing in coming weeks. Finally, I stumbled across an old Anastacia hit, “One Day in Your Life”, during my search for hits from 2002. Her voice sounded like she had swallowed a Paddle Pop stick but full credit to her, she recorded some outstanding songs. The blonde bombshell also had a cranking rig back in the day. Worth looking up in an image search as a reminder.

Problems can’t always be solved but they can be managed

n The Church notices are supplied by local churches and will continue to be repeated weekly as a service directory. Churches should advise us of any changes immediately, by emailing


Multi Exhaust & Brake Virginia • Exhaust • Brakes • Suspension • Radiators • Servicing

Phone us: 8380 9477

Corner Old Port Wakefield & Gawler Roads, Virginia (opposite Virginia Hotel) 24

may 19 A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am Goyder.....................11.00am Two Wells................ 10.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.................. 10.30am Pt Wakefield.... Liturgy 9.00am Two Wells.................. 8.30am Virginia.................... 10.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery...................... 10.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............ 11.00am Hamley Bridge............9.15am Windsor..................... 9.00am Balaklava......................9.30am Pt Wakefield.............. 10.30am Nantawarra............with Lochiel Lochiel....................... 10.00am Tarlee.......................... 9.15am

may 26 A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Two Wells................ 10.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.................. 10.30am Pt Wakefield.......Mass 9.00am Two Wells.................. 8.30am Virginia.................... 10.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery...................... 10.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Balaklava.................... 9.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm............. 9.30am Hamley Bridge.......... 11.00am Windsor..................... 9.00am Balaklava...................... 9.30am Pt Wakefield.............. 10.30am Nantawarra..................6.00pm Lochiel............with Nantawarra Tarlee.......................... 9.15am

june 2 A.O.G./A.C.C. Balaklava.................. 10.00am anglican Balaklava.................... 9.00am Hamley Bridge..........11.00am Mallala..................... 10.00am CATHOLIC CHURCH Balaklava.................. 10.30am Pt Wakefield.... Liturgy 9.00am Two Wells.................. 8.30am Virginia.................... 10.00am CHURCH OF CHRIST Balaklava.................. 10.00am Community church Pinery...................... 10.00am LIGHTHOUSE Balaklava.................. 10.00am LUTHERAN Auburn...................... 9.00am Balaklava................... 11.00am UNITING Mallala....................... 9.00am Two Wells.................10.30am Owen Comm, Hamley Bridge, Windsor................... Comb. at Owen - time TBA Balaklava.................... 10.00am Pt Wakefield.............. 10.30am Nantawarra............with Lochiel Lochiel....................... 10.00am Tarlee.......................... 9.15am

Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

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Two Wells and Mallala. (W) (F) facebook/physioprime (P) 8862 2200 or Darren on 0419 842 228for forShamus an Joint fundraiser Liptrot Cycle Trail & appointment.

COMING EVENTS Balaklava Golf Club

Coming Events






Roseworthy Campus Mudla Wirra Rd (Wasleys Rd) Cove ✓ Drinks ✓ Ice Cream footwea red ✓ Cooked BBQ r must Mum and Dad, get the kids out be worn ✓ Trains running in the fresh air for a great afternoon together! on tr ain from 12pm to 4.30pm

3 Ride and walk the cycle and Lions trails to the club BIRTHDAY PARTY & SPECIAL EVENTS ARE ‑ or simply CONTACT enjoy the funBOB at the club!0449 ANYTIME WELCOME, 8264 3 Participants should gather in front of Balaklava hospital from 3.30pm for (approximate) 4pm start.

★3 Blyth Meet Olympic cycling Cinema medallists

3 Gold coin donations would appreciated. 15 Moore Street, Blyth SA be (opp. Medika Gallery) “Toll gates” operating! • The Hobbit (M) ★ ★ ★ ★ Plenty of food, drinks, entertainment and - Fri May 17, 8pm games at the club from 4pm • The Life Of Pi (PG) ★ ★ ★ ★ - SatENJOY May 18, 8pm THE DAY! - Sun May 19, 2pm - Sat May 25, 8pm • Red Dog (M) ★ ★ ★ ★ - Wed May 29, 7.30pm - Free entry & please book - Announcement of 50,000th person & prizes, followed film & & light where by heritage art combine. supper afterwards 6 Edith Terrace, Balaklava • Kath & Kimderella (PG) ★ ★ ★ Enquiries: MayFundraiser 8862 2342 or 8862 1173 - “TheJo Gums” - Fri May 24, 7pm for 8pm start Now Showing … - Bookings 8842 1249 to Alex Balaklava High School Art and Design students have produced Tickets: • Concession/Student $8 an amazing array of imaginative creative • Adults $10 •and Child $5 work this year, and• Balaklava Courthouse is extra delighted to be$2.50 hosting Family tickets $25Gallery (2 + 2) child “Genesis”, an exhibition celebrating their artistic skills and BOOKINGS achievements.8844 5175 - (BETWEEN 2PM - 5PM)

★ ★


Three great ways to sell your goods

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The exhibition opens this week and runs from Thursday October 25 until Sunday November 11. It’s a wonderfully vibrant and lively exhibition, featuring interesting sculptural pieces in vivid colours, intricate and detailed pencil drawings, beautiful portraits, bold design projects, colourful contemporary paintings and intriguing abstract pieces.

Invitation to attend the NRM Board meeting

See what inspires and excites our student artists and designers - often joyful, sometimes thought-provoking. Be surprised and entertained! You’ll enjoy seeing life and the world around Members of eyes. the community are invited us through their “Genesis” showing at Balaklava Gallery for just to attendis the next meetingCourthouse of the Northern three weeks - don’t miss it!

and Yorke Natural Resources Management

Be part of “A Christmas Festival”… Board on: Balaklava Courthouse Gallery is again celebrating the festive season with “A Christmas Festival”, an exhibition which will run Monday May 2013November 15 until Sunday Defor 5 weeks,27 from Thursday cember 16. Community groups, businesses and individuals 1.00 pmto be partBoard meeting are invited of this festive event, by decorating a tree or table and can call 0409 698 798 for further details.

at the Northern and Yorke NRM Board

Share the Christmas spirit and your group’s expression of office, 41-49 Eyre Road, Christmas. It can be whatever you Crystal like, so useBrook your imagination. Be individual and create something original!

For more information, please contact

Your Gallery and Gift Shop thean Board on 8636 or email For interesting, unique2361 and beautifully handcrafted gift, th Gallery Gift Shop has lots to offer. It’s open during Gallery hours – Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays between 2 and 4pm – and is brimming with lots of new items. Do call in and browse! Come in and enjoy your community Gallery. It’s a charming but often overlooked local attraction that is well 3675991 worth a visit. And admission is free! Open Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays between 2 and 4pm, and at any other time by appointment. 25

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 DISTRICT COUNCIL OF MALLALA NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT Pursuant to Section 38 (5) of the Development Act, 1993 Notice is hereby given that an application comprising a CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT has been lodged with the Council for development assessment. Details of the a p p l i c a t i o n a re a s follows:DEVELOPMENT NO: 312 / 82 / 2013 APPLICANT’S NAME: Days Eggs Pty Ltd N AT U R E O F T H E D E V E LO P M E N T: Expansion to existing poultry farm consisting of three poultry sheds (for poultry egg layers), fenced free range yards, water tanks, silos, landscaping and ancillary site works. This application replaces a previous application granted D eve l o p m e n t P l a n Consent (for 4 poultry sheds) SUBJECT LAND: Lot 100, 225 Hart Road, Lower Light, Hundred of Por t Gawler CT: 5964/925 & Lot 101 Devon Road, Lower Light. Hundred of Port Gawler CT: 5964/926.

Each person making a submission should indicate whether that person wishes to appear personally or be represented by another par ty before the Council Development A s s e s s m e n t Pa n e l in suppor t of that submission. Please note that, pursuant to Section 38 (8) of the Development Act, a copy of each representation received will be forwarded to the applicant for a written response.

PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL:

Coming Events

Public noticeS


Public Notice


SUNDAY MAY 19, 2013

6.30pm at Eagles Sports & Community Centre, Port Wakefield ✤ Lively Worship ✤ Speaker: Errol Meaney ✤ Pooled Supper to Follow


The cupcake stall is back... on May 29th!

ORDER NOW! Single cupcake - $4 6 pack - $22 1 dozen - $40

(Delivery available within Balaklava) PRE-ORDERS CLOSE: Monday, May 20 Contact: Purdie Barr 0407 794 490

Public noticeS

Public noticeS

TWO WELLS PUBLIC LIBRARY TEMPORARY CLOSURE Saturday May 25, 2013 Due to structural renovations to the Two Wells Public Library, the Library will be closed from 3pm Friday May 24, 2013 and will reopen at 9.30am Tuesday May 28, 2013.

For further information contact Anne Sawtell, Customer & Library Services Coordinator on 8520 2100 Charles Mansueto Chief Executive Officer

DEFENCE PROOF & EXPERIMENTAL ESTABLISHMENT PORT WAKEFIELD: LIVE FIRING RANGE WARNING NOTICE Test and evaluation activities involving static firings and/or firings of naval and artillery weapons are conducted at the Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield throughout the year. The Proof and Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield is a vital Defence test and evaluation capability that has supported Defence since 1929. These firings may require specific tidal or weather conditions, and are critical for the safety of current and new Defence capabilities. Members of the public may notice noise, vibration, flashes and/or smoke during the testing. There is no risk to the public outside of the gazetted Defence Practice Areas. For reasons of public safety, there is a permanent exclusion zone covering land, sea and air around the Port Wakefield Establishment. Specific details on the Port Wakefield Prohibited Area can be obtained from Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No GN 26, 4 July 1990, and is shown on the diagram below. Trespassing in this Area is strictly prohibited and very dangerous due to the presence of unexploded bombs. Any person found within the Prohibited Area or on Defence land will be subject to prosecution. Specific test and evaluation activities may also require restricting public access to the Port Wakefield Defence Practice Areas over specific periods with these areas articulated in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. GN 40, 7 October 1992, and also identified on the diagram below. This may affect access to the Gulf of St Vincent at Port Wakefield and Port Parham. If any member of the public has inquiries in relation to these activities please contact Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Range Control, on (08) 8867 0270 between 8.00am and 4.30pm weekdays or the Proof & Experimental Establishment Port Wakefield – Security Office, on (08) 8867 0299 outside these hours.


ZONE: Primary Production Zone The application may be examined at the Offices of the Council located at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala, or 69 Old Port Wakefield Road, Two Wells, during normal business hours and any person or body affected may make relevant rep re s e n t a t i o n s i n writing concerning this application to reach the Development & Compliance Coordinator at 2a Wasleys Road, Mallala not later than May 29, 2013.


Biennial Event

September 24, 25, 26, 2013 Location: YP Field Days Site, Copper Coast Highway, Paskeville

Recalled Tender


Tenders are recalled and invited for the (on-site) Parcel Pick-up Courier Service for the following event times: Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 September 2013 All interested applicants MUST contact YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt to obtain a written copy of the Parcel Pick up Courier Service Guidelines before submitting a Tender


Public Notice - Section 7

The vendor's statement relating to matters affecting the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.

Helistar on behalf of SA Power Networks will be conducting patrols of powerlines around the state for potential issues, utilising helicopters and vehicles. This will help reduce the possibility of supply interruptions and ensure the safety of the public and the network. The patrols are scheduled to take place in the areas below from May 2013 through June 2013. Burra, Hallett, Hanson, Mt Bryan, Willalo, Florieton, Worlds End, Booborowie, Leighton, Blyth, Brinkworth, Collinsville, Spalding, Andrews, Penwortham, Mintaro, Hill River, Yacka, Porters Lagoon, Hart, Farrell Flat, Snowtown, Kybunga, Lakeview, Koolunga and Gulnare. Riverton, Waterloo, Marrabel, Tarlee, Alma, Pinery, Halbury, Owen, North Bowmans, South Bowmans, Inkerman, Avon, Balaklava, Halbury East, Auburn, Saddleworth, Sutherlands, Riverton, Robertstown Tarnma, Waterloo, Marrabel, Hampton, Eudunda & Point Pass . This includes feeders commencing with BU, CL, R and SD prefix. If you have any queries regarding disturbance to your stock please contact Sarah Butler on 0419 853 478

Situations Vacant


EnRollED nuRsE Casual positions available

Duties: The Enrolled Nurse under the supervision of a Registered Nurse is responsible to the Director of Nursing for quality nursing and personal support to residents within the practice setting. Qualifications: Enrolled or eligible for enrolment as a Nurse with the Nurses Board of South Australia and who holds or is eligible to hold a current practicing certificate. Special Conditions: More than one position is available and positions will be offered on a casual basis. Must be prepared to work shifts, including weekends & night duty. Enquiries and applications to: Mrs Rebecca Hudson, Director of Care. Phone 88621576, email Position description available. Applications close: Friday May 24.

Telephone: YP Field Days 8827 2040 or via email All Tenders must be submitted in writing and posted to: YP Field Days Administrator, Elaine Bussenschutt OAM, PO Box 162, Kadina SA 5554 Neither the lowest nor indeed any tender may necessarily be accepted. Tenders will close, and must be received no later 5pm Friday May 24, 2013

Signed: Ralph Semrau Planning Officer Date: May 15, 2013 THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.


Plains Producer, Wednesday May 15, 2013

v PHONE: 8862 1977 EMAIL: FAX: 8862 1997 Trades & Services Directory REAL ESTATE




Kyle Coad




Applications are being sought for the position of:

Your concreting specialist

Hotel 35 min from Gawler/Elizabeth Technician requires an experienced cook with Your Sales, a passion for& quality meals. Grill Installation, Repair Automation Specialist experience a must. Some weekend work required. CHRIS THE


RLA : 230661

Specialising in… • Sheds • Foundations • Driveways • Paths • Retaining walls • Domestic and Industrial FREE NON-OBLIGATION QUOTES IS A PART TIME POSITION 18 THIS Nash Street, Kapunda Kyle: 0414 310 412 Grant: 0498 073 619 A/H: 8566 3787 ROLLER DOOR MAN Duties:EResponsible for the development BLD: 207561 Ph:$195,000 0400 343 686 0412 057 754 PHONE: and coordination BALAKLAVA of the therapeutic, Large 3 brm home on 2 allotments educational, leisure and recreational • Open plan living with galley kitchen & large programs to meet the needs windowsof residents. NEED A PLUMBER ?

re House

Feature House

Chiropractor Trades & Services Directory

• Built-in & walk-in robes to bedrooms thenpromote and enhance To the health andwith rain and mains water • Family size bathroom call Dr Daryl R Brown well-being of individuals in all aspects connected Private setting and easy walk to shops of daily life, while• promoting active Consulting • Single carport, double garage and rear pergola PLUMBING CONTRACTOR





participation in activity programs. Fridays Service & installation: • Blocked drains • Drainage BALAKLAVA $299,000 9am to 1pm M a i n t a•i Water n afiplters p r•oHot p r i a t e p r o g r a m Water Systems Solar) Wattle Ridge at Balaklava Executive Living(inc in popular • Septicrequired tanks •• Rainwater tanks / pumps documentation for accreditation Elegant executive style home with modern features Ambulance • 3 double sizeOut bedrooms, ensuite, 3 bathroom, builtNo Call Fee & legislative requirements. Station ins Pensioner Discounts FREE QUOTES $289,000 • 2 large living areas, large kitchen area with amplephone Qualifi cations: Formal qualifi cations are om home & excellent shedding For appointments “Real Plumbing at Realistic Prices” Cool cupboards ented modern brm home all not5 HOME: essential but Certifi cate 4 in Leisure Hire 8862 1285• MOBILE 0418double 896 808 Secure yard, garage UMR,Room alarm system walk-in robes &Lifestyle will be seen as an advantage. • Beautiful landscaped yard

gas cooker, electric oven and dishwasher. EPA18322

For appointments phone Phone Roger: • Formal dining & lounge with raked ceilings and 419 bay window. 8853 2088 0428 133



• One of the largest family homes in the area with a very low maintenance but manicured garden • Double carport and 40ft x 25ft shed with power, concrete floor and storage room.



then BALAKLAVA call


Roger: 0428 419 133


Applications close Wednesday May 22, 2013 and should include a 190 Main Road, Clare resume andNorth three written references.


Call Jason on 0408 599 923


• Balaklava 2 bedroom unit large lounge, air cond, garage UMR & easy care gardens $200/week.


PT WAKEFIELD $285,000 BALAKLAVA $189,500 21 Street 23Company Harris Street

oom tchen undry




It’s time to get proactive if you are. Recent good sales are



8 Elizabeth Street

• Hoyleton 3 bedroom home and we still have purchasers waiting for the right exhausting our listings • 3 bedrooms • Quiet no through road open planproperty. kitchen / lounge, So contact us now to see if yours may suit them. • Large allotment of 1012 m2 (approx) modern bathroom & laundry • Wood panelling feature in lounge $160/ week. • Double garage • Come & see the • Unit 6 / 1 Charles St, Balaklava • 29 Walsh St, Balaklava potential and value for yourself • Unit 3/5 Scotland St, Balaklava


kitchen property ve anity e carport

“Real Plumbing at Realistic Prices”


Superbly renovated & set on 1021m2 Tremendous 3 bedroom stone •cottage Stone home • Hugestreet. block in a great


$184,000 BALAKLAVA $169,900 Unit 7, 1 Charles 20 Short TerraceStreet

• Landscaped gardens • 3 bedroom home • Ducted a/c • Semistone modern kitchen • Good sized kitchen • Huge sunroom • Good size bedrooms • Ideally located

PORT SOUTHWAKEFIELD HUMMOCKS $240,000 $190,000 TO $195,000 Part Sec 484


Neat & tidy home onwith a large • 3 bedroom • Ideal set-up privacy blocksized 1253.51m2 [approx.] • Good modernized kitchen • Slow combustion heater • 3 bedrooms • close to primary school • Split system conditioning • Good sized kitchenair•Reverse cycle a/c ••Easy garden • Storage sheds Largecare laundry • Second toilet •Garage

• 3 bedroom • Semi modern kitchen • Family home or investment property • Slow combustion stove • New shower screen & vanity • Shady back veranda • Double carport

Low maintenance the• main street. It’s great • Secure • Roomy value &property priced for a quicklounge sale.

• New Kitchen • Luxurious spa bath • 3 bedroom stonebathroom cottage • Garage • Updated • Good size kitchen • Large bathroom • Three bedroom • Shed

3 Mine Street

PORT WAKEFIELD $205,000 4 John Street

LowVery maintenance 2 bedroom unit good location & close to


PORT WAKEFIELD $205,000 42 Edward Street

Vacant Land 22 Edith Terrace


• 5 bedroom • Stacks of room • Renovated bathroom & kitchen • Open fire place • New laundry • Easy care block • Priced for a quick sale

Tania & Peter Butterfield Mobile: 0417 884 877 Office: 08 8862 2172 Fax: 08 8862 1280

RLA 150 881

15,2013 2013 Plains Producer, Wednesday May 8,

★ Digital imaging for SPEEDY insurance claims ★ Windscreen REPLACEMENT & repairs ★ Plastic welding ★ Tilt towing 24 hours

414 Main Nth Rd, Clare PHONE: 8842 2810 FAX: 8842 3851 EMAIL:





Large 3 brm home on 2 allotments

Concrete By Kyle

• Open plan living with galley kitchen & large windows • Built-in & walk-in robes to bedrooms • Family size bathroom with rain and mains water connected • Private setting and easy walk to shops Specialising • Single carport, in… double garage and rear pergola

Kyle Coad

Your concreting specialist

• Sheds • Foundations • Driveways • Paths BALAKLAVA $299,000 • Retaining walls • Domestic and Industrial Executive Living in popular Wattle Ridge FREE NON-OBLIGATION QUOTES • Elegant executive style home with modern features 18 Nash Kapunda 0414 310built412 • 3 double size Street, bedrooms, ensuite,Kyle: 3 bathroom, ins Grant: 0498 073 619 A/H: 8566 3787 • 2 large living areas, large kitchen area with ample E BLD: 207561 cupboards • Secure yard, double garage UMR, alarm system • Beautiful landscaped yard • Ideal retiree home



$368,900 PEST & home WEED CONTROL A charming with room to move

• Built in 1994 with 4 bedrooms and study and open kitchen dining area in the eradication of ... Specialising • Extremely well presented home, in a quiet street • Impressive thatMisc. lead to an excellent ✓ Flies,gardens Fleas, Pests entertaining area ✓ Rats large & Mice White • Externally garage,✓ fruit trees Ants

✓ Cockroaches ✓ BLYTH

Spiders $129,950

• 2 bedroom home on 1,000sqm in Blyth ✓ Weed Spraying • Easy walk to Main Street • Ideal for investment first home buyer FREEorNO



• Balaklava 2 bedroom unit large lounge, air cond, garage UMR & easy care gardens $200/week. • Hoyleton 3 bedroom home open plan kitchen / lounge, modern bathroom & laundry $160/ week.

PT WAKEFIELD $285,000 Port Wakefield 21 Company Street Farmlet 16.69 Ha

Superbly renovated & set on 1021m2 • Stone home • Huge block • New Kitchen • Luxurious spa bath • Updated bathroom • Three bedroom • Shed

SOUTH HUMMOCKS $240,000 Part Sec 484



8 Elizabeth Street


• 3 bedrooms • Quiet no through road • Large allotment of 1012 m2 (approx) • Wood panelling feature in lounge • Double garage • Come & see the potential and value for yourself


$169,900 $255,000

Unit 7, 1 Charles Street

Low maintenance 2 bedroom unit

• Low maintenance • Secure property • Roomy lounge • Landscaped gardens • Semi modern kitchen • Good size bedrooms • Ideally located


22 Edith Terrace


Great location, distant ocean views at high tide. Room to move with a fully renovated house, never lived in .

• 9 lots remaining • Sizes: 527m2 Great location only seconds to the main to& 1,057m2 street It’s•currently with top returns Wide rented frontages • 3 bedroom stone cottage • Price range $68,950 • Good sized modernized kitchen to $92,950 • Excellent tenants returning $160 p/week

Balaklava’s Number 1 name in Real Estate

Specialist Auto Repairers

Main North Address: 190 Main North Road, Clare SARoad, 5453 Clare | HOME: 8862 1285 MOBILE 0418 896 808 Phone: | P: 8842 1154 | F: 8842 1273 | 8842 2001 A/h: 8844 5041 Toll Free: 1300 856 263 | E: | Mobile 0418 859 195

dress: PUBLIC NOTICE - SA 5453 | SECTION 7 |The P:vendor's 8842statement 1154 relating | F: 8842 to matters1273 affecting| the advertised properties in this publication may be inspected at the agent's office three business days prior to auction | E: offi | Real Estate or at the place of auction 30 minutes before sale.



• Stylishly renovated solid stone 3 bedroom home • High 12ft ceilings, central hallway, country style PLUMBING CONTRACTOR kitchen • Slow Service combustion heater• &Blocked split system & installation: drains •reverse Drainage cycle air-conditioner • Water filters • Hot Water Systems (inc Solar) • Undercover pergola, carport, • Septic tanks •large Rainwater tankslockable / pumps shed, large yard No Call Out Fee Pensioner Discounts FREE QUOTES

20 Masters Street, Riverton 5412. •Smith, Water Pumps • Generators much home more… • 2and bedroom on 1,000sqm in Blyth n heater & split system reverse

Phone 8847 2307; • Easy walk to Main Street oner • Ideal for investment or first home Phone buyer Email:lockable gola, large carport,

Dr Daryl R Brown

Consulting Fridays BLYTH 9am$289,000 to 1pm Modern 5 bedroom home & excellent shedding at Balaklava • Elegantly presented modern 5 brm home all Ambulance with built-in or walk-in robes Station • Showcase kitchen, dining and family area with

8853 2088




hen, dining and family area with 34 George St, Ideal retireeover home ctric oven and dishwasher. Balaklava Hours: 18 to 20 hours• per week three ABN 89660399532 LOWER LIGHT & lounge with raked ceilings BALAKLAVA $368,900 days. w. Ph:to8862 A charming home with room move1041 est family homes in theConditions: area with Special Participate asbedrooms a • Built in 1994 with 4 and study and open tenance but manicured garden area member of the Quality/kitchen Safetydining Committee. and 40ft x 25ft shed with • Extremely well presented home, in a quiet street Driver’s licence is essential. e floor and Fully storage room. Equipped Mobile Workshop DAYS SERVICE! • Impressive gardens that lead to an7 excellent entertaining Award:$179,950 Aged Care Award 2010 area Servicing All… • Externally large garage, fruit trees ed solid stone 3 bedroom home • Chainsaws • Brushcutters & Applications to: Lesley s, central hallway, country style •Enquiries Ride-ons • Lawnmowers • Motorcycles


‘COMPLETE crash REPAIR centre”

Health Comm. Lic. No. 12


Concrete By Kyle

BUTCH Bennett Crash Repairs PTY Ltd

RLA : 230661 8862 1997 REAL vFAX: ESTATE


This lovely 3 bedroom home has a good sized new kitchen with ample cupboard and bench space and the lounge has sliding security doors along with split system air conditioning for year round comfort in the home. The fully tiled new bathroom is complete with bath / shower and a vanity unit along with a large fully tiled laundry. There is a large pergola, carport or entertaining area conveniently located Great location & only seconds to the main •outside 3 bedroom • Ideal with privacy the kitchen and set-up main living area. street It’s currently rented with returns Goodissized modernized kitchen The• home set in an easy care surround with new fencing for security and privacy. The landtop is currently • 3 bedroom stone cottage grazed by a small flock of sheep but that could change if you wanted it for other types of livestock or • Slow combustion heater motorbikes. forget ocean views with the afternoon• sun at high to sit back and have that Good sizedtide modernized kitchen • SplitDon’t system airthe conditioning well earnt care chill out time. Get in quick, there is nothing to• Excellent do but altertenants to your returning personal choice. $160 p/week • Easy garden • Storage sheds

RLA 150 881


Sport Plains Producer

Home HOME Delivery DELIVERY Get your copy of the

Plains Producer home delivered in Balaklava every Tuesday evening

Balaklava Newsagency

other OTHER reports: REPORTS: P16-23

Phone today on 8862 1725

Magpies seize In-form Tigers

rivalry match

United claims famous victory over Roosters Les Pearson reviews round 5 APFL A grade matches UNITED became the second team to roll the reigning premier, Two Wells, with a comprehensive 40-point win in gusty conditions at Long Plains on Saturday. Andrew Hardiman came back into the Two Wells team, which was still missing Lee Allmond, Josh Osbourne and Brad Fitzgerald. The Tigers came out the better team, slamming on 10 scoring shots to three but only registering two goals from all their hard work. Two Wells failed to respond to the early wake-up call and United continued on where they left off, seizing a 21-point buffer at the main break. United coach, David White, said scoring was tough at times. “It was a tricky wind, it was fairly

blustery out there,” he said. MALLALA atoned for its loss “A couple of shots the wind grabbed last week with a solid nineLes Pearson reviews round 6 and dragged them away fairly late.” goal victory over rivals, Two Wells coach, Mark Thomson, Two Wells, at Two APFL A grade matches could not believe the drop in standard Wells on Saturday. of his team’s disposal. The match was of ball played between the forward win, being able to apply that defen“We were burning the footy from predominantly arcs,” he said. sive pressure in the third quarter.” half back, so it was barely getting to the even throughout but “The intensity was up and the The Roosters lost midfielder, Ben centre line,” he said. Mallala led at every Spiteri, before half time following “They could have been five goals up change, before a seven- tackling pressure on the ball carriers from both sides was excellent, a dangerous-looking spear tackle, at quarter time, they played really well goal to one final term particularly early.” which left him fairly groggy. into the wind as well. ended the contest. Taking an 11-point lead into Josh Osbourne also aggravated Ruckman, Tyson Ettridge, lined up on Daniel Feeley half time, Lubcke was confident his a leg injury and missed most of the Two Wells danger man, Simon Feast, in and Ben Parish were charges could get the job done. match, leaving the team well down an epic head-to-head battle. handy inclusions for “I just felt we had the initiative on their usual high-rotation game “Tyson was charged with keeping a the Magpies. and were starting to get on top of style. close eye on Feast, as we knew what he The Roosters were them, but it was just a matter of “It meant the boys had to run out was capable of,” White said. still without Lee Allmost of the match without a break “This was the first week he was able mond, Brad Fitzgerald persisting with it,” he said. markstofor the we didn’t “We needed ensure and they worked as hard as they to fully train after playing with a few and Ben Slattery,KOBY who Ettridge let them score well with the wind, could,” Two Wells coach, Mark Tigers in their goal third, ahead niggles the past couple of weeks.” was away on a Univerwhich we did. Thomson said. Ettridge did a pretty good job, while sity camp. of Rooster, Ryan Hooper, in the “Thaton wasSaturday. a pivotal part of the his Tiger teammates enjoyed a free- Mallala coach, Steve A grade match n Continued page 18 flowing game style. Lubcke, said it was an intense battle. n Continued page 19 “Both defences were on top and there was a lot

Barnett will lead APFL team Sam represents South Australia ASH Barnett has been appointed as the coach for the Adelaide Plains Football League’s association team to compete at the Landmark Cup at Jamestown on June 8. APFL president, Brad Busch, confirmed Barnett’s appointment on Tuesday. “He’s very enthusiastic, keen and positive about it, and I like his style myself,” Busch said. “I’m very happy he has taken it on.” Barnett, the current Hamley Bridge A grade coach, said he was more than happy to take on the role. “I’ve been involved

Our Renee claims title

BALAKLAVA’S crackerjack bowler, Renee McPharlin, added yet another prestigious title to her growing swag of hon“I’m looking forward potential players. ours recently, being crowned to it, for sure.” “At this early stage, the Under 18 Female Bowler Barnett was a selector I’m working on apof the Year. and assistant coach of the proaching a few guys McPharlin finished runnerBALAKLAVAAPFL footballer, the NEAFL getting team in 2004“Despite and who can help with selec-up in the same category last Sam Rowland, played start,Barnett it felt said. like 2005. in the out to a greattion,” year. SANFL Under 20 team against of guys “The conceptwe haswere in control “I’llfor be most picking She was announced the the North Eastern Australthethe day,” Rowland play, that winner at the Bowls Australia changed a bit over who want ian Football League Under “We struggled topersonal kick years to the22round robin will be my 2013 Sandhurst Trustees Hall team on Saturday style, at Richmond whereas whereas it straight used to all day, approach, we their want guys of Fame and Awards Night at Oval. finishing skills were excellent.” be just one game,” he who want to play.” Bendigo Town Hall. Rowland, whosaid. has been Regardless of the five result, At least players A second place finish in playing with the WoodvilleRowland thrilled with be theselectedthe girls’ singles to fellow fiHe will be trying to wasunder 21 must Torrens Eagles reserves involve as manyexperience. people in the final squad. nalist Natasha Jones at the ASHWest Barnett team this year, was to reprefrom selected different clubs“It was an honour “I would imagine 2012 Australian Under 18 as part of the 23-man team to sent theasstate,” he said. with association footy around the competition there would be up to 25 Championships, and a fourth compete in the curtain “There was a lot21s of in pride around the nation when possibleraiser to help in some under the in competi-place finish in the girls’ pairs, of the leaguecapacity. state match. the guernsey,tion so tothat losecould the way playing but ahead I hadn’t make the rounded out an impressive South it,” Australia With lost the theLandmark we did was disappointing. considered coaching squad,” Barnett said. year on the national circuit YOUNG Bomber, Matthew Couley, charges down despite “Being a part ofathe he said. match by six points, Cup only a month away, “It’s big team chance for for the Balaklava junior, ground in the Under 8 game at Port Wakefield on 31 scoring shotshas to already and seeing how players “It cameregistering as a little bit the coach a lot other of those guys, as which also the included internaSaturday. about it these tional representation of a surprise17. but when begun to canvassfrom the other clubs scoutsgo often attend at the n More pictures, page 16 finished 11.20 (86)other to coaches was a for really carnivals.” good learning exthe opportunitySA came, I league’s Trans Tasman. perience.” jumped at it.NEAFL 15.2 (92).

Free hearing tests

Servicing the hard of hearing community of South Australia for over 14 years

A HELPING HAND FOR ALL THE TASKS YOU HAVE Hearing loss creeps up on us quite slowly and in most instances is not noticed even by our close family members.

We recommend a hearing test to set your mind at ease. There is enough stress in our lives so let us help with this one and arrange a FREE hearing test at any of our clinics.

FREE digital hearing aids avaliable to eligible pensioners and veterans.*

Clare Balaklava If you have a large property and a wide variety of chores, step up to a Mid North Hearing Clinic Balaklava Hospital deluxe Boomer™294Compact Their4 exceptional power, maneuverability and ease Main North Tractor. Road War Memorial Drive of operation make them ideal for homeowners and part-time farmers alike.

1300 906 456

Consulting at over 60 clinics

28 Plains Plains Producer, Producer, Wednesday WednesdayMay May15, 8, 2013

Plains Producer  

Newspaper covering the Adelaide Plains and Lower North of South Australia, including the towns Balaklava, Port Wakefield, Clare, Mallala, Tw...

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