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One can hardly think of Danish lamps without thinking of the world famous PH Lamps. These lamps are famous because they combine form and function, in traditional Danish character, to create a lamp that provides the perfect glare free light. Poul Henningsen created what many believe is the perfect light. Originally it was meant to be a multi-shaded lamp. The genius of these lamps is that they are bright enough that people can work by them without creating the glare that makes such work problematic. The Danish Lamps or PH Lamps are also simply put, beautiful. This of course makes the older lamps collectors' items. In fact, they often fetch high prices in auctions even today, as they have become items in which people consider as a possible investment. Henningesen's lamps are constructed in such a way that the individual components of the lamps shade cover the bulb and direct the light in such a manner that allows each ray of light to be reflected only once. The idea and the method are both signs of sheer brilliance if you ask me. I for one would have never come up with a lamp that could so beautifully and elegantly accomplished so much. Danish lamps today have only improved upon the originally design that Henningsen set into motion all those years ago. Today the lamps are just as beautiful as ever and the lighting continues to be in great demand. There is now the PH5 Pendant Lamp that sells for considerably less than the original artichoke lamps but provides the very same simplistic elegance that has made the original PH Lamps synonymous worldwide with Danish lamps. The lack of fan fare is probably the most appealing thing about Danish lamps. They are as simple in their design as Danish furniture and still remain exceptionally beautiful and elegant for their simplicity. If you have the good fortune to be able to purchase one of these lamps, I highly recommend them. It will probably be one of the best investments you can make for your home and your personal enjoyment of you home. Even beyond Henningsen's designs, Danish lamps continue to be popular among people all over the world. These lamps are quite simple in appearance. They don't clutter the room or draw the eye. Perhaps this is one of the things that makes them so popular. Rather than taking attention away from other things within a room, these lamps and shades do not draw the eyes at all. In fact, the lighting in and of itself serves to maximize almost everything else in the room. There are no distortions due to uneven lighting or pockets of light and dark. This is probably the true beauty of one of the lamps. Rather than bore you with mundane details about the inner workings of one of these exquisite lamps I would rather encourage you to see for yourself. After all seeing is believing and while words can be persuasive I would be hard pressed to adequately describe the profound effect that

Danish lamps can have on a room.

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