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Art deco decorating is an art form unto itself. The beauty of art deco is based on lines, shapes, and colors and having an eye and appreciation for the craft will help you with your own art deco decorating tasks. The key to art deco decorating is paying attention to light, angles, colors, and finding the perfect complimentary furniture. When you begin your art deco decorating project, try to look at a blank space. Ideally, youll want to clear everything out of the room and look at it in its natural state. Where does the light shine? What shapes does the light make at different times of day? Which direction does your eye move to when scanning the room? What draws your eye and distracts it? Paying attention to these things will help you determine how to set up your room furnishings. While the room is in its natural state, think of the coloring youd like your room to have. Because art deco decorating colors are generally muted, youll need to think about colors that arent extremely flamboyant. While this doesnt necessarily mean that you need to steer clear of reds, blues, and other bold hues, you will have to think of how to get a muted tone to work in your room. The standard art deco decorating colors are antique whites, beiges, and grays but you can easily use brighter, muted, colors. In order to find bright and muted colors, such as muted reds, blues, or greens, talk to a paint professional. The professional will ensure that you dont get a hideous muted color, and instead find the perfect muted color that matches your imagination. Make sure to have enough time to talk to the paint professional as it may not be a quick shopping expedition. Next is finding the perfect furnishings. There are retailers and private brokers across the globe that specializes in art deco decorating. If you can afford it, you can have a piece or entire set of furniture commissioned by a furniture designer. For the rest of us, however, we will deal with the retailers and private brokers. Spend some time researching on the internet before approaching a dealer or retailer, this will save you a lot of time wading through furniture youre just not interested in. Art deco is characterized by its smooth shapes and fabrication materials so you can have a variety of materials in one room. Glass and metals are common in both commissioned and massproduced furniture, so pick pieces that will compliment the angles, lines and colors in your room. There are numerous varieties of materials, from cotton to silk to microfibre, so make sure that the textures are complimentary. As you can see, with a little bit of education and preparation, you too can create the perfect room in the style of art deco. Decorating using the techniques above will not only get you a beautiful

room, but also one that you can be proud of because you designed it yourself!

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