2024 Swanson School of Engineering Design Expo

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5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

University Club

Ballroom A Gold Room Conference Room A Ballroom B MEMS-1 IE-5 MEMS-6 IE-10 MEMS-2 IE-6 MEMS-5 IE-9 MEMS-3 IE-7 MEMS-4 IE-8 MEMS-7 MEMS-15 MEMS-11 IE-1 MEMS-8 MEMS-16 MEMS-12 IE-2 MEMS-9 MEMS-17 MEMS-13 IE-3 MEMS-10 MEMS-18 MEMS-14 IE-4 ESCI-1 IE-11 IE-12 ECE-2 BIOE-6 ECE-5 BIOE-9 ECE-3 BIOE-7 ECE-6 BIOE-10 ECE-4 BIOE-8 ECE-7 BIOE-11 ECE-8 BIOE-12 ECE-12 BIOE-16 ECE-9 BIOE-13 ECE-13 BIOE-17 ECE-10 BIOE-14 ECE-14 BIOE-18 ECE-11 BIOE-15 ECE-14 (2) BIOE-19 ECE-1 BIOE-5 BIOE-1 BIOE-3 BIOE-2 BIOE-4 ECE-15 CEE-3 CEE-4 CEE-7 CEE-9 CEE-8 CEE-10 CEE-2 CEE-5 CEE-1 CEE-6 AOM-1 AOM-1 AOM-2 AOM-6 AOM-6 AOM-7 AOM-3 AOM-4 AOM-5 PR-1 PR-2 PR-5 PR-6 PR-3 PR-4



April 18, 2024

Welcome to the Swanson School’s nineteenth Design EXPO! We thank you for joining us this evening to celebrate our students’ talents and achievements. Tonight’s Design EXPO will feature 89 student projects that traverse the design space from problem identification, specification of objectives and constraints, conceptual development, to, in many cases, result in an actual prototype. In this way the EXPO provides an opportunity for students to display their creativity and ingenuity.

Many of our student projects come directly from the Swanson School’s Capstone Design Courses and were submitted by graduating seniors. The Capstone Design Courses enable students to address real-world problems either posed by industry or identified by the teams themselves. Alongside these projects our EXPO will also highlight concepts and prototypes from students in our product realization courses.

As in past years, we welcome everyone in attendance to text in a vote for their favorite project as a part of the EXPO’s “People’s Choice Award” while our judges from industry evaluate the projects to determine:

• Best in the department

• Best Overall Design

Judging will begin at 5 p.m. and end at 7:45 p.m. Winners will be announced after the results have been calculated.

We hope that you enjoy learning more about these exciting projects and have opportunities to discuss details with our students. We are proud of all their accomplishments. Enclosed you will find a list of the design projects, team members, and faculty advisors who have joined us this evening for this special event.

We would like to thank Interim Dean Sanjeev Shroff, Associate Dean Mary Besterfield-Sacre, the Swanson School of Engineering faculty members, and our generous industry partners who have provided guidance to the student teams. Special thanks to the judges for their time and support of this exciting endeavor. We would also like to thank the family, friends and community members and partners who have gathered here to support our students.



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Gartner

BIOE-1 Improved Fetal Monitor

Luke Yackovich

Arun Guduru

Shivani Ravi

Emilea Suplick

Victoria Chiusano

Colin Riggins

Kayla Seigel

BIOE-2 Improved Tool for Transspeheroidal Procedure

Oldrich Virag

Matthew Belch

Benjamin Leslie

George Barakat

Nikita Reddy

Andrew Theophanous

BIOE-3 Lateral Patient Transfer Device

Joseph Scolieri

Mackenzie Stiles

Elizabeth Ibata-Arens

Andrew Daoud

Gabrielle Wilson

Eva Mischler

Katelyn Larson

BIOE-4 Colorimetric Urinometer Apparatus

Stephanie Hackem

Edwin Rock

Katelyn Lipa

Christopher Garland

Zainab Almuallim

Nckolas Sierra

Ariella Tucci

BIOE-5 Adaptive Equipment for Assisting Stroke Patients to Stay Upright in Seated Position – A

Elizabeth Medvedeva

Mikayla Kim

Carli Starman

BIOE-6 Tracheostomy Fixation Device

Shaharoz Tahir

Alec Maraska

Ian Buscay

BIOE-7 Nasal Surgery Tool

Sebastian Gutensohn

Briana Malik

Alisa Zhang

Kaitlyn Colucci

Shail Patel

Leah Kohlmeyer

Raymond Murray

Natasha Mody

Claudia Kiely

BIOE-8 Improving Radiographs for Special Needs Dental Patients

Enya Rohatgi

Sejeal Vikas Katiyar

Bridget Buchanan

Haajar Ahmad-Ali

Hansini Kumar

Stephanie Frankel

BIOE-9 Nasogastric Tube Securement

Samuel Lord

Rachel Eskander

Madison Keczmer

Tarryn O’Rourke

Keegan Blain

Shannon Roman

BIOE-10 Trans-Tibial Self-Adjustable Prosthetic Socket

Abigail Geary

Samantha Mnich

Maggie Walker

Alyssa Zito

Rachel da Cruz

BIOE-11 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Protector

David Situ

William Wojton

Charles Potash

Hannah Parks

Emma Scarton

Jacob Chabrier

BIOE-12 Improved Footplates for Motorized Wheelchairs

Leslie George

Dylan Reddish

Noah Makowicz

Ezekiel Bibbo

Julianna Werner

Mia Maksin

Margaret Herron

BIOE-13 Regional Adjustable Pressure Prosthetic Socket

Madeline Viteri

Camilo Rodriguez Rozas

Katherine LeClaire

Savannah Waymer

Kristin Bindas

Azariah Torain



BIOE-14 Improved Communication Tool for Non-Verbal Children

Grant Snyder

Owen Flaugh

Rutuja Kulkarni

Emma Stein

Noah Rick

BIOE-15 Noise Muffling for 7T MRI System

Nicholas McDonald

Owen Boccabella

Ananya Shivakumar

Celeste Lintz

Venkata Krishna

Moorthy Daita

Julia Kisslinger

Emily Kirkpatrick

BIOE-16 Improved Otoscope for Blockage Removal

Adriana Cocco

Saifuddin Mohammad

Rayna Schoenberger

Emmet Nikolaus Halton

Claudette Moul

Christopher Chengshi

Diedre Felix

BIOE-17 Improved Foley Bag

Logan Geffen

Sofia Lusvardi

Kathryn Walter

Cara Klinger

Julia Gesell

Alexis Moodie

BIOE-18 Avoiding Air Bubbles in IV Tubing

Evan Streeter

Owen Hohner

Laurel Koehler

Jennie Bostich

Garrett Ryan

Abby Lowe

BIOE-19 Adaptive Equipment for Assisting Stroke

Patients To Stay Upright in Seated Position – B

Charles Blackledge

Rajiv Anne

Alina Dziamko-Chuhaj

Urmi Choudhary

Carli Starman



Faculty Advisor: Professor John Sebastian

CEE-1 Quantico Station Improvements

Faculty Mentors: Prof. John Sebastian, Dr. Ogul Doygun, Dr. Kent Harries

Industry Mentors: Anna Fiducia, Archer Western Construction

Logan Gray

Ethan Du

Jack Schechterly

CEE-2 ALCOSAN Dropshaft

Connor Stuewe

Fiyinfoluwa Odeniyi

Gabriel Salgado

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, Prof Adam Walkowaik

Industry Mentors: Zachary Hughes, Jeff Argyros – ALCOSAN

Jack Brookshaw

Isaac Conway-Phillips

Brian Milot

CEE-3 Landslide Mitigation

Anthony Vaccaro Jr

Paul Fehrenbach

Eugene Kwon

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, Dr. Ogul Doygun

Industry Mentor: Matt Geary, Duquesne Light

Matthew Niznik

Ryan McColgan

Darius O’Neal

Kevin Vricella-Stokes

Spencer Matan

Linxia Wang

CEE-4 Jacobs Creek Dam Removal

Faculty Mentors: Prof. Werner Loehlein, Dr. Ogul Doygun, Dr. David Sanchez, Dr. Alessandro Fascetti

Industry Mentors: Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy – American Rivers, John Cenkner and Cameron Bobnar – Cenkner Engineering, Ross Volkwein – Wade Trim

Michael Schimizzi

Luke Hulbert

Elizabeth Killenbec

Andre James Scheflen

Kira Klein

Kara Schmitt

CEE-5 Railroad Track to Pedestrian Trail

Faculty Mentors: John Yadlosky, HDR, Bill Crawford –TW Engineering, Dr. Kent Harries

Industry Mentors: Jason Zang, Keith Cornelius, Leigh Anne Crouse, Keith Dougall – PennDOT

Alexandra Lopez

John Demarco

Bryce Rhodes

CEE-6 Rachel Carson Trail Renovation

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mark Magalotti

Industry Mentors: Joseph Neubert – Independence Excavating, Mark Eyerman – Rachel Carson Trail Conservancy

Rachel Kertis

Isabella Mannino

Ethan Shulman

Maxwell Olesen

Alex Kijowski

Edmund Jermyn

Michael Toth

CEE-7 West End Neighborhood Connector

Faculty Mentors: Dr. John Oyler, Dr. Mark Magalotti, Dr. Kent Harries, Prof John Sebastian, Dr. Ogul Doygun, Dr. Sebastian Lobo-Guerrero, Dr. Alex Stevanovic

Industry Mentor: Gavin White & Maria Riley – Riverlife, Benjamin Williams – Seneca Resources

Cain Pfoutz

Jared Broscious

Madde Huebner

Allyson Trexler

Alexa Hartman

Garrett Koch

CEE-8 Wharton Township Antidegradation Study

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Leonard Casson, Dr. Carla Ng, Dr. David Malehorn

Industry Mentor: Terry McMillen – McMillen Engineering

Amanda Lee

Tess Harper

Julie Huck

George Kay

Ryan Musto

George Strish

CEE-9 Retrofitting Pitt’s Healthy Home Lab

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Bilec, Dr. Tony Kerzmann, Dr. Meng Wang

Industry Mentors: Bill Spohn – Tru Tech Tools, Ryan Deighan – Palmetto Solar, Rhett Major – The Energy Doctor, Russ King – KwikModel, Clint Noack & Kartik Ganjoo – Duquesne Light

Alex Demko

Percy Curtis

Emily D’Angelo

Jonna Rinehart

Melissa Sedlock

Mason Kent

Abigail Gerhart

Ethan Rihn

Lucas Ritz

CEE-10 Food Waste Diversion

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Vikas Khanna, Dr. Sarah Haig

Industry Mentors: Emily Potoczny and Aurora Sharrard –Pitt Office of Sustainability

Sophie Catanzaro

Jessica Chamberlain

Kyle Durrwachter

Samuel Mahsoob

Caymus Ruffner



Faculty Advisors: Dr. Mohamed Bayoumy, Dr. Guangyong Li, Dr. Mai Abdelhakim

ECE-1 First-Person View Rover for Navigating Dangerous Locales

Industry Mentors: Mr. Alexander Short and Mr. Brandon

Ferruzza – Navel Nuclear Laboratory

Peter Smith

Nathaniel Stofesky

Avi Dave

Ryan Caginalp

ECE-2 Animal Identification and Localization

Ryan Recker

Luka Stratimirovic

ECE-3 Rubik’s Cube Solver

Chase Gastan

Braden Change

Colin Sim

ECE-10 Passive Cell Balancing Battery Management System

Industry Mentors: Mr. Sean Dowhy and Mr. Ray Kovacs –Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. (BPMI)

Nicholas Genco

Caiti Minahan

Lucas Troy

Edward Loveday

Veronica Bella

ECE-11 Automated Connect 4 - Group A

Braden Kullback

Joseph Maciolek

Abigail Miller

Shelby Wilson

ECE-4 Smart Drones - Group A

Seth Nordeen

Karey Stone

Sean Matheis

Aleksa Rodic

ECE-12 Automated Connect 4 - Group B

Owen Knight

Aidan Myer

Berfin Bircan

Cassandra Pace

ECE-5 Smart Drones - Group B

Ryan Kerber

Zeb Smith

John Kla mut

Andrew Davidson

ECE-13 Collaborative Manufacturing for Robotic Manipulation

Hayden Feddock

Aidan Iannetti

Wesley Saville

Ralph Gonsalves

ECE-6 Optimal Blackjack Play via Computer Vision

Nadin Kajan

Lauren Duffitt

Kaleb Foster

Mikayla Bernhard

ECE-7 4-Channel Digital Audio Mixer

Reed Yulis

Tom Dziamniski

Michael Cassara

Jon Hallowell

ECE-8 Amateur Radio Repeater Controller

Kyle Armstrong

Adam Aukamp

ECE-9 Smart Patient

Keegan Borig

Dylan Himes

Jared Kinneer

Jason Head

ECE-14 Pressure Pulse: Monitoring System for Portable EMS Oxygen Tanks

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Samuel Dickerson

Industry Mentor: Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania

JJ Oswald

Mark Hofmeister

Bronco York

Adam Brower

ECE-15 Water Flow Sensor and Notification

Tyler Wiseman

Sushmit Acharya

Aaron Wang

Andrew Andoh

Rick Brophy

Mark Roberts

William Dodson

Zach DeGore



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Streiner

IE-1 Electrical/Mechanical Subassembly Improvement

Industry Mentor: Alstom

Austin Ferraioli

Yunhao Liang

Anthony Robol

Pedro Schmitt

Haoran Zhang

IE-2 Operating Room Turnover Time

Industry Mentor: UPMC

Lexington Li

Xiyuan Liu

Anastasia Romanchik

Anvi Viji-Anand

Zekun Yang

IE-3 Model of Care for Centralized Discharge Process

Industry Mentor: UPMC

Kyle Halstater

Nikki Konley

Allena Riggio

Kayla Trahey

Ruhan Wei

IE-4 Day of Admission Surgery’s Rapid Recovering Process

Industry Mentor: UPMC

Yu Hao

Rie Huntington

Katelyn McGovern

Anna Pascarella

Fanghan Xiang

IE-5 Minimization of Waiting Times and Fuel Consumption Using Non-Linear Optimization Techniques

Industry Mentor: UPMC

Rodriguez Cervantes

Qingyang Cheng

Hao Duan

Yuyan Ma

Sean Zubey

IE-6 DEVCOM Facility Layout with Automated Material Handling Methods

Industry Mentor: US Army DEVCOM Armaments Center

Kyra Cunningham

Emma Gravgaard

Alexander Loladze

Tessa McCormick

David Wiwel

IE-7 Revolutionizing Production: DEVCOM’s Facility Layout for Additive Manufacturing

Industry Mentor: US Army DEVCOM Armaments Center

Matthew Blumenstock

Ethan Gales

Natalie Gleeson

Juliana Oliveira

Adam Prenatt

IE-8 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Has RFID Overtaken Barcodes?

Industry Mentor: FedEx Ground

Zhinuo Chen

Chelsea DeSalve

Haoran Gao

Maggie Kuehn

Zixing Wang

IE-9 Increase in IDL Printing Machine Utilization

Industry Mentor: IDL Print

Xinyue Du

Camryn Russell

Peter S eeney

Xian Wu

IE-10 Damaged Die Set Dilemma

Industry Mentor: Kennametal

Ian Brusse

Matthew Burnette

Kexin Tang

Yushan Xie

Ady Zhang

IE-11 RocketWatch: GEO Satellite Threat Assessment System

Industry Mentor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nathan Carney

Lauren Hoge

Jessica Kneller

Alison Linares Mendoza

IE-12 Marketing Content Efficiency Initiative

Industry Mentor: PPC Pitbulls

Yifei Li

Andrew Mays

Evan Mitchell

Ruochong Zhu



Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Schmidt

MEMS-1 Joule Annealing Manufacturing Process for Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetic Ribbons in Electric Power Grid, Space Exploration, and Electric Vehicle Applications

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Ohodnicki

Nicholas Zuraswsky

Jared Garthwait

Lauren Clapp

Samuel Triplett

MEMS-2 In-Situ Monitor of Binder Jet Printing Build Bed

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Markus Chmielus

Tingchen (Mill) Li Zisong Wang

MEMS-3 Development of an Internal Tracking Device for Bicycles

Industry Mentor: Mr. Jumoke Davis – Cyclebox

Jacob Randall

Francis Talty

Zixin Ye

Vitoria Pereira

Zhe Feng

Hassan Jafarah

MEMS-4 Sliding Wall Squat Machine

Industry Mentor: Mr. Tim Taylor – Cobra Systems

Caden Wargo

Karinna Martin

Marissa Santoro

Kiana Bouyer

Jason Zipfel

Caroline Lehrer

MEMS-5 Development of a Remote Handling Vehicle for use in Irradiated Environments

Industry Mentor: Mr. Connor Sullivan – Naval Nuclear Lab

David Jensen

Julian Schweikert

Chris Wilkinson

Tomas Mayer-Costa

Joseph Martino

MEMS-6 Incorporation of Electronic Fibers into Drones

Academic/industry Mentor: Dr. Paul Liu, Army Sponsor

Piper Toto

Ryan Alston

Carter Gassler

Richard Lane

Kimberly Newhall

MEMS-7 A Shell Based Flexible Robot Manipulator

Academic Mentors: Dr. Nikhil Bajaj (MEMS), Dr. Ravi Shankar (IE)

Tianyi Bi

Edwin Noel

Justin Baker

Conner McDermond

Kyle Zhang

Noah Reimert

MEMS-8 Projects in the Ocular Biomechanics Laboratory

Academic Mentor: Dr. Ian Sigal (Laboratory of Ocular Biomechanics)

Chris Beatty

Ann Marie Howald

Evan Garbaccio

Addison Mueller

Tyler Hutsko

Yiding Li

Lucas Zwastetzky

Hannah O’Connell

Wei Zhang

MEMS-9 Integrating Sports into STEM Education for 6th–12th Grade Underrepresented Students: Basketball Sleeve

Mentor: Dr. Bajaj and Mr. Terrell Galloway

Zack Carr

Alexander Steltz

James Pakerson

Lihan Wang

Zhengyang Xiao

MEMS-10 A High Precision Fixation System for Human Joint Testing

Academic Mentor: Dr. Pat Smolinski

Yiding Wen

Yuchen Shan

Xin Meng

Xiohang Ding

Yifan Wang

Zachary Kushnir

MEMS-11 Development of a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) System for the Inspection of Used Piping for Reuse

Industry Mentor: Mr. Niko Pasberba

Stephen Gorshe

Jacob Horning

Emma Spatz

Temesgen Agizie



MEMS-12 Development of Small UAV Detection System

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Markus Chmielus, Dr. Nikhil Bajaj

Industry Mentor: Army Sponsor

Peter Johnson

Matt Marchese

Camden Burdsall

John Morrison

Colin Casey

Daniel Serna

MEMS-13 Waste Heat Recovery and Re-use From Steelmaking Process

Industry Mentor: Mr. Niko Paserba - Hatch

Nolan Pernia

Sean Recktenwald

MEMS-18 Development of a Process to 3D Print Parts for Vintage Cars

Academic Mentor: Dr. Dave Schmidt

Chris Hess

KT Pasindu Chandrasiri

Nikhil Chandramouli

Fanbo Feng

Jingwei Yi

Matthew Montani

ESCI-1 Identification of Healthy Cells Using SPNs (Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles)

Robert Consalvo

Aron Wiener

MEMS-14 Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Sheath for the Delivery of an Endovascular Device

Academic Mentor: Dr. Johnathan Vande Geest and Dr. Ali Behrangzade (BioE)

Xinyu Wan

Zhehao Li

Zehua Wang

MEMS-15 Development of a Cylindrical Burst

Experimental Apparatus to Assess Vascular Tissues

Academic Mentor: Dr. Chung

Eric Schwanke

John Buttles

Ziyu Xia

MEMS-16 Development of a Discreet Power Generator

Industry Mentor: Army Sponsor

Sarah Russell

Joshua Kolesar

Harrison Ameye

Sean McCarthy

MEMS-17 Education Focused Illustration of 3D Printing – Binder Jet Printing

Academic Mentor: Dr. Xiayuan Zhao

Anthony Wright

Tavo Campos

Guangiao (Jarvis) Li

Sophia Buda

(continued )


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joe Samosky

AOM-1 Water Walker: A Modular Floatation Device to Enhance Disabled Children’s Relationships with Swimming

Community Partners: Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children and Shaler Adaptive Aquatics for Health

Lorenzo Basa

Luke Byun

Soumik Chakraborty

Tyler Fritz

Timmy Green

Brandon Haines

AOM-2 CommChamp: Improving Hospital Staff Communication

Community Partner: Standardized Patient Program, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Megan Baker

Ben D’Ambrosia

Anthony Paladino

Veda Panchagnula

Alex Tsvetkov

AOM-3 Grabbing Attention: Improving Engagement at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children as Students Learn to Grab

Community Partner: Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Jake Chinchar

David Hand

Reuel John

Varun Patel

Nicholas Town

AOM-4 GymNexus: Where Efficiency Meets Education in Fitness

Community Partner: Baierl Student Recreation Center, Petersen Events Center, University of Pittsburgh

Thomas Eble

Ben Markworth

Harry Tye

AOM-5 HandSwell: Expanding the Grabbing and Releasing Abilities of Children with Limited Motor Skills

Community Partner: Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

Josie Belkin

Mia Falbo

Sarah Ginck

Andrue Herold

Reilly Koitzsch

AOM-6 Grow and Go: Accessibility in Revolutionary Agriculture Techniques and Technology

Jack Bender

Garrison Brown

Alex Brunco

Daniel Cooper

Sean Lipton

Teagan Posey

Vinay Thulasiram

Luke Vincent

AOM-7 Sit Fit: Developing Better Sitting Habits by Standing Periodically

Felipe Correa

Dennis Ephraim

Jessie Jin

Luke Wang



Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Winter

PR-1 Enclosed Space Control

Jacob Frank Cameron Griffith

Kim Pettersen

Abhishek Suman

Jacob Suppes

PR-2 Li-ion Battery Safety – PEDs

Semira Kizhakkey

Zack Koerbel

Madison Perrett

Blake Profio

Jason Worrell

PR-3 Li-ion Battery Safety – Pers Transp

Ryan Ging

Devin Hennessey Rose

Ryan McLinden

George Spann

Jeffrey Zheng

PR-4 Macy at the Door (Final)

Roshen Abdullah

Maya Green

Andrea Moore

PR-5 MyDose Demo Unit

Bryce Aniszewski

Alina Dziamko-Chuhaj

Angelina Pampena

Chirag Rajesh

Ethan Unik

Dylan Tobey

Niccolo Valerio

PR-6 Protecting Product Inventory

Madison Keczmer

Logan Mchugh

Luke McLinden

Myles Naylor

Felicity Thatcher

The information printed in this document was accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing and is subject to change at any time at the University’s sole discretion. The University of Pittsburgh is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution. 04/2024

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