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Tips to Stay Financially Safe this Holiday Season Cybercrime Myths Busted Checklist of Basic Steps to be Smart Online Holiday Giving Tree Nonprofit Spotlight

November 2017



4 Chamber Headquarters 5000 Brooktree Road, Suite 100 Wexford, PA Cranberry Twp. Office 2525 Rochester Road Cranberry Township, PA P: 724.934.9700 F: 724.934.9710

Jim Boltz President JBoltz@PghNorthChamber.com For more information on the Chamber’s program of work, please contact: Patty Bittle Marketing and Events Director PBittle@PghNorthChamber.com Al Davidson Membership Accounts Executive ADavidson@PghNorthChamber.com Kristina Hall Program Director KHall@PghNorthChamber.com Heather Schwartzbauer Membership Coordinator HSchwartzbauer@PghNorthChamber.com Amy VanAtta Executive Assistant AVanAtta@PghNorthChamber.com


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From the It is that time of year that we give thanks for all that we have. Sometimes we take things for granted and overlook all that we have. That can be especially true when looking at our region. We live and work in a region that is prospering. New construction abounds. Residential development continues to be strong. Housing developments are popping up everywhere. And it is not just single family homes. In response to demand, several multi-family units have recently been built or are currently under construction. Commercial expansion is also robust. As you travel from McKnight Road to Zelienople, you come across numerous sites that are adding restaurants, shopping, lodging and offices to the area. And there is no indication that these trends won’t continue. Soon, in nearby Beaver County, construction will begin on the new Shell cracker plant. This is a $6 billion project that will bring more than 5000 construction jobs to the area. Once operational, it will add 800 plus jobs to operate it. (For those of you who are not familiar with its purpose, at a cracker plant, chemicals are separated from shale gas in order to make a byproduct that is used in the making of plastic.) The cracker plant should be a major influence in the expansion of manufacturing in the area. Any company that uses a significant amount of plastic in making its product should be attracted to the region. This should also impact shale gas drilling in the area. In fact, after being dormant for a number of years, it is beginning to ramp up again. At full capacity, this will bring millions of dollars annually into the local economy. But, it is not just about economic development. The area has something for everyone. Uniquely charming towns, attractive neighborhoods, a growing business community and farmland, all set on a beautiful landscape. With convenient access to the region, you are just minutes away from professional sporting events, the cultural district, numerous colleges and universities, outstanding public and private schools, shopping, nature, recreation and much more. Top it off with friendly and welcoming residents and you can understand why this area is one of the fastest growing residential and business communities in the state of Pennsylvania. We have a lot to be thankful for!

Jim Boltz

Member Testimonials One of the first things I did when I started out as a Realtor was to join the Chamber, and it's the most productive marketing I do. My business is over 75% referral-based, and every year the Chamber is by far my largest source of referrals. In addition, the Chamber is a great resource for business and community information, and I consult the directory often to find services and products for myself, my family, and my clients.

Jan Stevens, Realtor Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services

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B USINESS A FTER H OURS November 2 Bravo! McKnight Road 4976 McKnight Road Pittsburgh ,PA 15237

Business After Hours are from 5-7pm


E XECUTIVE C OMMITTEE John Tubridy – Board Chair Franchise Network of Pittsburgh Ann Gatty, Ph.D.– Chair-Elect Strategic People Solutions

Innovation Pittsburgh Friday, November 3 8:00-11:30 a.m. St. Barnabas Health System 5847 Meridian Rd

Philip J. Scolieri, J.D.– Vice-Chair Scolieri Law Group, P.C.

Giving Tree Holiday Celebration Thursday, December 7 5:00-8:00pm Mayernik Center 498 Camp Horne Road

Gary Basilone – Foundation Chair Basilone Executive Search

M ARKETPLACE L UNCH M EETINGS November 1: Bravo! Cranberry, 11:30am - 1:00pm 20001 Route 19, Cranberry Twp November 8: Monte Cellos at The Hampton Shoppes 11:30am1:00pm 4655 William Flynn Highway - Route 8, Allison Park November 15: Cranberry Sports Grill, 11:30am - 1:00pm 1294 Freedom Road, Cranberry Twp. November 22 Bravo! McKnight Road, 11:30am - 1:00pm 4976 McKnight Road Pittsburgh, PA November 27: Family Bowlaway Fun Center, 11:30am- 1:00pm 540 Fairground Hill Road, Butler

CONNECTIONS Daily networking events for business leaders throughout our Pittsburgh North region Wexford: Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. Chamber Headquarters, 5000 Brooktree Rd., Suite 100 Warrendale: Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m. DoubleTree By Hilton 910 Sheraton Drive. Sponsored by Dollar Bank Cranberry Twp.: Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m. Council Chambers, 2525 Rochester Road. Sponsored by WORD FM Ross Twp.: Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. Treasure House Fashions, 7607 McKnight Road. Gibsonia: Fridays, 7:30 a.m. St. Barnabas Health System 5847 Meridian Road.

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Lisa Hunt - Past Chair USX Federal Credit Union

Kent Clifton - Treasurer AXA Advisors, LLC Gregg Hill – Secretary Dollar Bank Jim Boltz - President Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber




Tracy Armstrong, North Pittsburgh Greeting Company Judith Bernhard, Advance Sourcing Concepts, LLC Ryan Breen J.D., Breen Law Firm, LLC Steve Carpenter, Northwood Realty Andrew Chiapusio, First National Bank Steven W. Diffenderfer, NexTier Bank Todd Harris, Liberty Insurance Agency Nicholas D. Kennedy, FamilyWealth Management Group John Laslavic, ThistleSea Business Development, LLC Al Marschke, ACN Business Essentials Robert O’Friel, Luttner Financial Group Dan Penberthy, NexTier Bank Jan Stevens, Coldwell Banker Kim Yerace, Petroleum Technical Services, LLC

Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

PNRC Member Marc Schwalb “Marc does it all. He is a loyal Affinity program partner, ambassador, advocate and very active Chamber member. He truly deserves this honor,” said Jim Boltz President PNRC . Heather Schwartzbauer said, “Marc Schwalb joined in June of 2016 and has quickly become an asset to the chamber and the Ambassador Committee in particular. Marc represents this organization on social media, at networking events and through his business in a respectable and outstanding manner. He goes above and beyond to help new members feel welcome and plug them into events and programs that can help their business grow and succeed. We are honored, as a committee, to have Marc represent us in all that he does.” “In coming into our business he came across to me as a fine man of character, which has proved out over the time of our partnership. He has indeed saved us money on the renegotiation of our credit card fees. Without his help and knowledge of the industry, we would still be paying higher fees,” said Mark Nicklas, President Nicklas Supply.

Member testimonials are the Chamber’s best and most effective way to promote the benefits and services that a Chamber membership provides. Share your success with the Chamber and your story may be featured in an upcoming edition of Corridors. Email all testimonials to Patty Bittle


November 2017

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Tips to Stay Financially Safe this Holiday Season by Lisa Hunt The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is figuring out how to make the most of the season. For many of us, it involves things like planning visits with family and friends, making travel arrangements, deciding who to shop for, and what presents to buy. However, some people are making different types of plans. They make plans for things like who are the best people to target, which phishing email to send that will install the most malware, what machines to target to install skimmers on, and what sites are the best to duplicate to fool online shoppers. Criminals make plans for the holidays just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, their planning involves how to take advantage of the distractions, goodwill, and generosity that are so prevalent at this time of year. To help make the season a bit brighter, we’ve offered a few suggestions to stay financially safe this holiday season. After all, who wants to make it easy for the Grinch to steal Christmas? Say “BAH HUMBUG” To In-Store Credit Card Offers Think about last time you were in a store buying something. How close was the person in line next to you? Standing shoulder to shoulder with a large number of strangers is not a good place to share important personal information, which is what you are doing when applying for a store credit card in the checkout line. While getting the store credit card to take advantage of shorter lines or a discount sounds great at first, you are sharing your social security number with everyone standing next to you. The safest thing to do is avoid these offers. You don’t know anything about the security of the application process, the store employee’s integrity, or who is standing behind you. There’s even a name for this type of theft now – it’s called SHOULDER SURFING, where the person uses their camera phone to snap a picture of your completed application or they use their phone to record you verbally providing all that personal info. Beyond the security risk, from a financial standpoint, the amount you end up paying in interest often negates any discount you received, because many store credit cards have an APR in the mid 20% range. Have a Very Merry Christmas….with Visa and MasterCard While the last tip just told you not to take advantage of in-store credit card offers, that doesn’t mean avoid the plastic entirely. While you are out and about doing your holiday shopping, don’t reach for your debit card. Pick one or two credit cards to use for ALL of your holiday purchases – the gifts, the restaurants, the larger than normal grocery trips – ALL of it. Skimming is becoming more and more prevalent, data breaches are occurring all the time, and it’s honestly a case of when, not if, your information will be compromised. EMV chip cards have helped somewhat in mitigating the risk of your card information being stolen while shopping in person, but there are still many places that aren’t up to speed, and EMV chips do nothing to protect you while shopping online. If you use your debit card and end up as part of a data breach, then it is real money from your account that is at risk, as opposed to if you had used a credit card, where a line of credit is what’s been compromised. Don’t put the money that you use to pay bills, like your mortgage, at risk. Keep the debit card at home, and use one or two credit cards for your holiday purchases. You aren’t Santa Claus – Leave the Big Bag at Home. Ladies, leave your bulky purse at home this year. Don’t leave it in the car, tuck it under the seat, or stash it in the trunk. These are thieves we are talking about. They won’t hesitate to break a window or pry open the trunk if they see you leaving a purse in the car. They are criminals and don’t care about damaging your car. Carry a small purse that has a zipper & USE the zipper. It does you no good if you leave the purse unzipped & your wallet sitting on top of everything. You just made it easy for a thief to grab as they walk past. Gents, you aren’t off the hook. Your bulky wallet is just as much of a brightly wrapped present as your wife’s giant purse. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket or the side pocket of a jacket. Carry it in your front pocket, or in an interior jacket pocket . If you are carrying your wallet inside your jacket, be sure to keep your

jacket buttoned or zipped. The less you carry with you during the holidays, the easier it will be for you to take care of if your purse or wallet is stolen or your card is compromised. Think survival of the fittest…travel light, carry only you really need (one or two credit cards & your license) and leave everything else home. Be a Tech Savvy Elf Shopping online can be a smart way to get your holiday shopping done – you avoid the holiday crowds and can enjoy a glass of holiday cheer while completing your shopping in the comfort of your own home. While there are many benefits to this scenario, you still have to protect yourself. Fraudulent websites are becoming more and more difficult to distinguish from the real websites. Cybercriminals are setting up fake websites and mobile apps to take your money and/or steal your personal information. It’s not just the random online stores that you don’t normally shop at - you have to be careful even with well-known sites like Amazon. These fake websites and apps so closely mirror the real thing, it can be almost impossible to tell if you really are getting a great Cyber Monday deal for that must have item that your child is desperate for this holiday, or if you just sent your credit card information to Boris in Russia. When you are making a purchase and inputting your credit card info, make sure the URL starts with “https”, and includes an image of a lock. Your private info will be encrypted so that hackers can’t steal it. Check the security certificate to make sure the site really is what you think it is, not a fake one. Again, ALWAYS use a credit card or a secure online payment option such as PayPal. Adequately protect your computer against spyware/malware/viruses etc. and keep it updated. Criminals constantly update their methods; we need to be just as vigilant in keeping antivirus and anti-malware software up to date. Continued on page.10

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July 2017

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Jay Markey – Green Seven Technologies

Security is top-of-mind for everyone because it's quickly becoming one of the hardest variables to control for as user error becomes more prevalent across businesses. Where does this human vulnerability stem from? Unfortunately, too many businesses are assuming they're safe and aren't taking proper precaution  

 System Susceptibility – answers the question, "what is the potential risk?" Threat Accessibility – answers the question, "what is the likelihood that the risk can be exploited?" Threat Capability – answers the question, "what is the potential impact if the risk is exploited?"

By failing to account for each of these three concerns, business owners are endangering the safety of their data and livelihood of their business. Myth #1…….Only larger organizations are being targeted. Why would any hacker want to focus on targeting a small business? This myth originates from the thinking that smaller companies have fewer resources and less money, so they’ll be pushed aside as attackers go after the larger businesses. In fact, as long as a business has a digital identity, they’re a valuable target. A recent Ponemon Institute study actually found that 55 percent of Small Mid-Sized Business (SMB) respondents have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, and another 50 percent have experienced a data breach involving customer and employee information. For a hacker, SMBs are seen as tempting and easy targets because less is being done to protect their data, and they generally don’t have the resources to fight back. This is why it’s dangerous to assume that cybercriminals will ignore a company simply because of its size. Every business is a potential target, therefore every business needs the proper defenses. Myth #2…… I don’t have any important information worth stealing. It may not always seem like it, but every business has data worth stealing. This could include information about clients, employee records, financial details or more – all of which are useful to cybercriminals in some way. Another Ponemon Institute study sponsored by IBM found that the average cost per lost or stolen record is $158. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but this number grows quickly once you steal them by the hundreds. Also, it may not be the company’s data that a hacker wants – it could be the computer itself. Any device that can connect to the Internet is an opportunity for hackers, and because of that, automated bots are constantly scouring the Web for vulnerable computers and networks. This proves that it’s not just a matter of protecting a business’ information, but their endpoints as well. Myth #3……Security technology alone will keep me protected. “But I’ve got antivirus, I’m protected,” is a statement business owners often make. When businesses rely entirely on a sole security program that’s supposedly bulletproof, they’re placing too much trust in a single line of defense. It’s been found that signature-based antivirus solutions detect on average less than 19 percent of malware threats. While implementing this software is a necessary first step, it clearly isn’t enough, and the best protection is delivered through a multi-layered solution. Also, it’s important to remember that not all threats are external. Careless employees can fall victim to phishing scams or even bring unsecured devices into the workplace – causing them to pose as much of a threat as cybercriminals. This is why education is a critical component to IT security, and yet another point that illustrates why businesses can’t just rely on software to keep them protected. Overall, suffering an IT security incident is not a question of if, but when. No matter how extensive a business’ network security is, attackers will get through at some point. The best thing a business can do is to make it as difficult as possible to infiltrate their systems and develop an effective incident plan for responding and recovering after an attack occurs. Did you know that 79 percent of small businesses do not have an incident response plan? Without one, businesses may never be able to fully recover when a security incident becomes a reality. These types of plans are essential to a robust IT security strategy because they act as specific, step-by-step guides detailing how organizations should respond to a disaster situation or incident. SMBs don’t always have the proper personnel or bandwidth to set up and execute on these plans. Green Seven Technologies offers a complete toolkit of expertise, technology and experience to know exactly what is needed to limit the damage of an attack and reduce the time it takes to recover. You also have the ability to test these plans in a fictional disaster scenario to ensure that there are no hiccups. Don’t get caught short. Green Seven Technologies will provide a free, no-obligation Network Risk Assessment and report (a $500 value). Call 412-224-1177 or email jmarkey@teamgreen7.com to schedule your Network Risk Assessment

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Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber

Checklist of Basic Steps to be Smart Online By Bruce Conley Preventing malware and reducing spam 1. Think carefully before you click on links in emails or on social networking sites. If you place your cursor over the link it shows you the actual link. If it is not where you think it should be going or it is a shortened URL (e.g. goo.gl, bit.ly, etc.) It is always better to type the address into the address bar yourself. 2. Do not open email attachments if you are not expecting them or you do not know the sender. You can check the validity of the sender by placing your cursor over the from name or email and it shows you the actual email. If it looks suspicious or does not match the viewed e-mail, then do not trust the e-mail and delete it. 3. Scan email attachments with security software before opening them. 4. Do not give your email address away unless you are confident the recipient is a trusted party. 5. If you receive a spam email and have not subscribed to the marketing provider, do not unsubscribe. This is how they get valid e-mail addresses to be sold to other spam marketers. 6. Create a throw away e-mail account to use to sign up for any offers and change after a few months when you can trust the subscriber. Usually they sell new recipients during the first few months of subscribing. Transacting online and avoiding scams and fraud 1. Check you are on a secure page. This can be checked by either by a closed lock icon or the https: instead of http: in the address bar. 2. Use a secure payment method. 3. Do not send your financial information by email. 4. Do not respond to emails offering you the chance of making easy money. 5. Verify any person or company before you transfer money, provide your credit card or bank account details. Ask for a telephone number and check the validity of the number by searching the Internet. Protecting your identity and privacy 1. Do not share your personal information in an email, SMS or on a social networking site with people you do not know and trust. 2. Avoid using public computers or Wi-Fi hotspots to access or provide personal information. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Bruce Conley is the owner of The Computer Coach. He has been providing technology solutions for micro\small businesses and residential clients since 1990. The Computer Coach handles the technology, so you can do your job better and not worry about the technology to keep it safe and efficient.



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Tips to Stay Financially Safe this Holiday Season by Lisa Hunt


Be a Scrooge with your Mail Pick up your mail daily. If you’re going away for the holidays, arrange for your local post office to hold your mail until you return, or ask a RELIABLE neighbor or friend to get your mail and newspaper every day. A full mailbox or papers piled up on your porch is like sending a holiday party invitation to thieves. When sending your holiday good wishes and greeting cards, do NOT send gift cards, cash, or even a check with the greeting card. It’s very easy for a criminal to drive past a mailbox, grab the mail, and be gone in seconds. This includes both mail you are receiving and mail you are sending, so share this with family and friends, especially older relatives who might send a thoughtful gift card. That gift card Grandma sends will really brighten the holidays of the thief who receives it. It’s easy to tell a gift card is in an envelope, which makes it easy to steal. Instead, send a gift card inside a small package to ensure your holiday wishes and the gift card that is travelling with them arrives to your intended recipient. Virtual or e-gift cards have also become a popular option because they can be sent straight to someone’s email address. This is a great way to remove the easily stolen card from the equation, and also perfect for the last minute shoppers out there.

Check Your Lists Twice During the holiday season, we are spending more money than we usually do, shopping at places we don’t normally patronize, and trying to cram in as much holiday celebration as we can in a small window of time. All of this makes it EXTREMELY easy to overlook odd charges that you don’t recognize. We think it’s just some random holiday purchase that we can’t quite place. In actuality, someone stealing your money, and checking to see if you are paying attention. Most forms of holiday theft can be caught simply by monitoring accounts frequently. Pay VERY close attention to every charge that shows up. Many credit cards and bank accounts offer email or text alerts that you can customize to let you know about any charges that occur. You spend $$ at a store, and a short time later you receive an email or text that notifies you of the charge. If you don’t set up alerts, then the next best thing is to check your accounts online regularly to ensure that all of the charges are purchases that you made. If you receive an alert for an amount you don’t remember, or if you notice a charge for a purchase or a store that you don’t recognize, DO NOT WAIT to look into it. The sooner you detect fraudulent charges and activity, the faster it can be taken care of and you can get back to merrymaking and holiday celebrations. There’s an additional benefit to using alerts and closely monitoring your accounts – it’s easier to keep spending in check and prevent the holiday (financial) hangover that hits many people in January Act Like a Child on Christmas Eve Don’t Let Your Guard Down. Life isn’t like the movies, where you can tell who the bad guy is from the music playing in the background. Criminals come in all shapes and sizes and they make a living by setting a person at ease and taking advantage of the generosity of the holiday spirit. That cute little elf helping Santa at the mall, or the elderly woman you are standing beside in line could be just waiting to steal your information (or your wallet). That nice little boy standing on your doorstep claiming to be collecting for a charity could NEVER be a criminal….or could he? Just because someone doesn't fit your idea of what a criminal should look like, don't assume that they aren’t ready, willing, and more than capable of turning your picture perfect holiday season into a world class disaster.

Join us on Thursday, December 7th 5-8pm Mayernick Center 498 Camp Horne Road Page 10

Holiday Giving Tree Nonprofit Spotlight North Hills Community Outreach Imagine what it’s like to be a low-income teen. There’s no money to hit the movies with friends, so you stay home alone. There’s no allowance to download music or shop for clothes. You skip lunch so friends don’t know you’re broke. You glue the soles of your shoes when they flap and hold your broken zipper together with safety pins. And forget the holidays…when everyone at school is talking about the gifts they’ll get, like “lit” video games and that “on fleek” outfit from Abercrombie, you’re wondering if you’ll get a used sweatshirt from the thrift store. You know Mom and Dad are having a tough time making ends meet, but still…when you’re just trying to fit in, it’s rough to be “zero chill.” We get it. When parents are struggling, kids often get the short end of the stick. And although holiday gifts are not a necessity, feeling confident and part of the crowd goes a long way to a kid’s outlook on life and school. That’s why each holiday season at North Hills Community Outreach we help hundreds of local families who face crisis, hardship and poverty by collecting new, unwrapped gifts for children and teens. During this season of sharing, you can help children and teens while their parents are getting back on their feet. NHCO accepts retail gift cards and new, unwrapped gifts and toys for our Holiday Gift Shop. Parents can then choose free gifts and gift cards, allowing children to experience a holiday season like their peers, and freeing up funds for parents to pay other bills. You can brighten a family’s holiday by providing gifts that will put a smile on a child’s face and help bring some normalcy to a stressful time in his or her life. You can bring gifts and gift cards to the Chamber or any NHCO office. For more info, visit nhco.org or call 412-487-6316 option 1. Another opportunity for giving during the holiday season is Sharing Winter Warmth. NHCO accepts financial donations so that families can receive a one-time credit to their heating bill. Knowing they will receive this credit in January allows them to budget an extra $50 or $75 to pay other bills. Many seniors and people with disabilities also receive this help. Our families are so grateful for your generosity and caring. When it seems like their world is crumbling around them, little things (like new holiday gifts or a credit to their heating bill) make life normal for a little while. MHY Family Services was founded in 1878 by the women of the United Presbyterian Churches of Pittsburgh and Allegheny City. Continuing to pursue our mission to promote the safety, health, education and spiritual well-being of youth and families, we are now an organization serving boys and girls, ages 9-18 and families who need therapeutic behavioral health care. MHY offers a therapeutic campus environment, with three individualized traumainformed programs, individual education programs and community services where learning and healing occur for youth and families. Youth and families have the opportunity to learn skills that help them manage and cope with trauma-based issues and to re-engage with home, family, school and the community. With the help of our highly trained staff, children work in individual, group and family therapy to develop their identity, strengths, creating self-esteem, problem solving, developing life skills and appropriate social behavior. Our main goal is for each and every child to develop the skills they need to overcome behavioral and emotional barriers in order to succeed at home, in school and in life. To further support and care for the individual needs of all our children, especially over the holiday season, please consider a donation to MHY Family Services’ Christmas Giving Program. With your help, MHY can provide gifts to all children throughout our programs, this year! For more information about MHY Family Services and the Christmas Giving Program, please contact Amy Smith, Director of Development, at asmith@mhyfamilyservices.org or go to www.mhyfamilyservices.org.

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Community Connection

Cranberry Township Fire Company’s Park station to expand There’s a lot happening with Cranberry’s Fire Company these days. Implementation of a new strategic plan calling for changes in its organization, staffing, and station facilities is now well underway. At its October 5 meeting, Cranberry’s Board of Supervisors approved a proposal for design services from RSSC Architecture related to a station upgrades that would add six private rooms and a bunk room for as many as 12 firefighters to remain on call overnight.

Disc Golf and Trail project launched Disc Golf is off to a flying start in Cranberry. At its October 5 meeting, the Township’s Board of Supervisors approved a proposal from Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. to perform surveying, engineering, and design services for the 18hole course on 36 mostly wooded acres of North Boundary Park. Click here to read more.

Blight takes flight Poor property maintenance can become more than an eyesore. It can also create health and fire hazards and impact surrounding property values. At its October 5 meeting, Cranberry’s Board of Supervisors agreed to advertise the proposed ordinance for consideration at its November 2 meeting. The ordinance would offer a more comprehensive, more detailed and more enforceable maintenance code than the Township’s current 2002 version. Click here to read more.

McCandless Township Heritage Center Financial Development and Promotional Committee Town Council still is seeking applicants for this committee. The appointment process will be in line with the Town's Appointment Policy. The deadline to apply is Monday, November 20 at 5 p.m. Click here for the application. Click here to read more.

Proposed Town Budget for 2018 Click here to read the proposed Town budget for 2018. Tax rates are proposed to remain level. Town Council will discuss the budget at upcoming public meetings, and will vote on a final budget in December.

Pine Township Holiday Dazzle Show Don't miss this spectacular holiday celebration at Pine Community Center this season! The dazzling evening, perfect for families, includes: carriage rides, crafts, food booths, holiday firework display and more! Date: Saturday, November 18 | Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Fee: $5 per person | Location: Pine Community Center

Breakfast with Santa Enjoy a buffet breakfast, crafts, dancing, face painting and much more! Children will be able to visit with Santa and have the chance to tell him their Christmas list! TWO Sessions Available! Date: Saturday, December 9 & Sunday, December 10 | Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am | Ages: All Ages | Fee: Member $12/child, $6.00/adult | Non-Member: $16.00/child, $8.00/adult | Location: Pine Community Center

Noon Year's Eve

Join us for a special celebration to ring in the New Year! This is the PERFECT event for little ones! Our "midnight" will be at 12:00 pm with a balloon drop for the children to enjoy! Date: Sunday, December 31 | Time: 11:00 am-1:00 pm Ages: 3 years - 10 years old | Fee: Member: $6.00 per child | Non-Member: $8.00 per child

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NexTier Bank Nonprofit Spotlight Holiday Giving Tree Nonprofit Spotlight Continued Victim Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe) is the sole provider of comprehensive domestic violence, sexual assault and other crime victim services for the more than 180,000 people who call Butler County, Pennsylvania, home. For more information visit http://www.voiceforvictims.com/ about-voice/. The gifts from the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber Giving Tree Program are targeted towards current recipients of agency services. It provides and allows the clients feeling domestic violence to experience joy throughout the holiday season. Glade Run is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that provides autism, mental health, cultural, and educational programming to children and families through school and community based offerings across Western Pennsylvania. For more information visit http://gladerun.org/about-us/our-mission-values/ The mission of Lutheran Senior Life/Lutheran Service Society is to serve the less fortunate with a variety of social services. For more information visit http:// www.lutheranseniorlife.org/about. The gifts from the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber Giving Tree Program are targeted towards children in the adoption/foster program as well as senior adults with limited family support. Many of these senior adults receive food from Meals on Wheels. These gifts help the individuals feel cared for, remembered and loved as a person who may be forgotten. Women’s Choice Network empowers abortion-vulnerable women to choose life. Since 1985, Centers have provided life-affirming pregnancy services to thousands of families in Pittsburgh. In 2009, Centers re-organized as WCN with a vision to offer these services in neighborhoods with greatest need. For more information, visit http:// mypregnancycenter.org/wordpress/. The gifts from the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber Giving Tree Program are targeted towards single moms who have chosen to parent (or who have chosen adoption) and their children. Most of the clients are low income and Christmas can be a time of great stress. Additional toys and gifts are a great help to young moms and dads. This mission of The Lighthouse Foundation is encouraging others to find hope in Christ by meeting their immediate needs and empowering them towards self-sufficiency. They serve the Northern Allegheny County and Butler County. The Lighthouse Foundation has four Core Programs. Food: Weekly food bank distributions, Weekly community meals, Monthly Produce to People distributions. Housing: Transitional Housing in five locations, Interim Housing 60 day shelter. Whole Life Ministries: Emergency financial assistance, Jobs for Life, Faith and Finances, Parenting Class, Christmas Toy Shoppe. Low Income Car Ownership (LICO): Provide quality vehicles at a low cost to individuals/ families who are able to maintain and insure the vehicle. 2016 Stats: Distributed food orders to 1800 families, Provided housing to 83 people, including 35 children, Financially assisted and educated 176 people, Helped 16 people acquire a reliable vehicle. For more information: Call 724.586.5554 or visit: www.thelighthousepa.org

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The Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber would like to thank those who have renewed.

We thank you for your continued support! Garden Montessori School, The Star Transportation Group Terry's Plumbing, Inc. Stepping Stones Children's Center, A.W. Beattie Career Center Pittsburgh Marriott North Toplak & Associates Total Technology Integration, Inc. Karen L. Vidt, CPA Huntington Learning Center Cranberry Eagle Advance Sourcing Concepts, LLC HouseMaster Home Inspections Trib Total Media MedExpress Urgent Care - Mars Ridge Insurance Agency, Inc. Junior Achievement Houlihan's Restaurant The Pointe at Adams Ridge

C. W. Howard Insurance Agency, Inc. AXA Advisors, LLC California Pizza Kitchen Paracca Flooring Owl Cleaners Inc. Advanced Controls and Distribution Pittsburgh Job Corps-Career Transition Services The Salvation Army Northwestern Mutual - Cranberry Evangeline's Creative Side Family Bowlaway Fun Center AAA East Central- Cranberry Twp AAA East Central/North Hills The Haven at Cranberry Woods Babcor Packaging Corporation MIBS, Inc. CalTech CFI

Cranberry Physical Therapy, an MRS Physical Therap i.e. Insurance FalconER Urgent Care Mary&Martha - Martha HolleyJones Construction Junction IntegraPay UPMC Urgent Care- McCandless Jackman Plumbing, Inc. My Dog's Care Center Heartland Payment Systems Stryde Solutions, LLC All Pet and Home Care First National Bank - Wexford Flats Wolfendale Inc. Gotcha Covered Pittsburgh NW TownePlace Suites I-Clean, Inc.

Welcome to those who have joined!

Thank you for your referrals!

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The Equifax Data Breach and What you Need to Know What is Equifax? Equifax, the center of the Equifax Data Breach, is one of three major U.S. credit reporting bureaus. The other two are TransUnion and Experian. There is also a smaller, less well-known credit-reporting agency called Innovis (aka CBCInnovis) that operates slightly different in that its main purpose is to provide mortgage credit reporting services to the financial services industry. Equifax, like TransUnion and Experian, track the financial histories of consumers and use this information to analyze whether a person is “credit-worthy” by issuing them a credit score. The credit score is based on the credit history contained in the credit report, a record of consumers’ financial histories. Credit reports are comprised of information about your bill payment history, loans, current debt, and other financial information. Credit reports also contain information about where you work and live and whether you’ve been sued, arrested, or filed for bankruptcy. Credit reports, which are also called credit records, credit files, and credit histories, help lenders decide whether or not to extend you credit or approve a loan, and determine what interest rate they will charge you. Prospective employers, insurers, and rental property owners may also look at your credit report. Typically, the information collected on consumers is sold by the credit bureau (e.g., Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) to credit card companies and other financial institutions. What Was Accessed in the Equifax Data Breach? The hackers had access to data from May 2017 to July 2017, including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers. Who is Affected? As many as 145.5 million people in the United States were affected, as well as 400,000 in the United Kingdom and 8,000 consumers in Canada. Credit card numbers for approximately 209,000 U.S. consumers and certain dispute documents with personal identifying information for approximately 182,000 U.S. consumers were accessed, according to Equifax. What to do if it is likely that you were impacted by the Equifax data breach The first thing you should do (if you haven’t already) is to obtain and review your credit report(s) and determine whether there’s been any unusual activity. Next, check whether your data has been hacked using the special website Equifax set up for data breach victims (www.equifaxsecurity2017.com). You will need to provide your last name and the last six numbers of your Social Security number. From there you can sign up for their free credit monitoring service. You won’t be able to enroll immediately; however, but will be given a date when you can return to the site to enroll. Keep in mind that Equifax will not send you a reminder to enroll so you should mark the date on your calendar so that you can start monitoring your credit as soon as possible. Freeze your credit report accounts at each of the credit bureaus. Freezing your credit reports (make sure to freeze your account at each of the credit bureaus) prevents anyone (including new creditors) from accessing your account. Equifax has waived the fee until November 21, 2017) and has agreed to refund fees to those who have paid since September 7, which is the date that the data breach was announced Click here to read more.

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