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VALE Ronald “Big Ron” Donaldson. Alan Pitcher takes popular SDAV Victorian Hot Rod Championship at Nyora.

Mick “Action” Jackson wins South Aussie AMCA Title. Ricky Barrand takes runner up in SCCA 360 Sprintcar National Title.

Trevor Perry Back in the V8 Dirt Modified winners circle. Mr Speed - Matthew Reed - wins four features in a row and captures his sixth SRA Series and the Victorian Sprintcar Championship.

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CONTENTS — Issue 7 Quick News. All Stars—Nyora. Thunder Through the Plains. 3 Litre Sedans Blast from the past. Pit Pics Production Sedans. All Stars—Mildura SDAV Vic Title & Moama Mini Sprint Geoff Moule Memorial. Pit Pics. Nyora 21st March. Lincoln nabs NSW Title. Broadbent steals Simpson. NASR announces WSS Dates. All Stars—Redline Raceway Much, Much More


PHOTO’S Courtesy of: Brett Swanson Media. CLT Photography. (Cassie Tuckett) Darren Winter - Frosty Photographics Corey Gibson Photography. Caption Photography. Pit Pics MEDIA RELEASES:  Pirate Media—Brett Swanson  Dean Thompson (DMT Media).

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ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine


NEW NATIONAL SPRINTCAR CHAMPIONSHIP ?????? Australian Sprintcar Racing is about to head into an exciting new era with the announcement that Sprintcar Racing Pty Ltd will be launching a new National Sprintcar Championship. The basis of this series is now being negotiated with promoters and will guarantee the highest profile teams as part of the program. A totally new-look media & promotional package is also under development for the 2009-2010 summer season. Sprintcar Racing Pty Ltd was formed after a group of key competitors and team owners developed a strategy to create a license or franchise-based system for the leading Sprintcar teams back in 2007. A recent decision by Sprintcar Promotions Australia to hand back the rights of their management of the World Series of Sprintcars (WSS) a year early to

the NASR encouraged Sprintcar Racing John Farrell with CEO Dale Rodgers Pty Ltd to fast track their goals of running the day-to-day issues. launching a new and vibrant series. “For too long Australian Sprintcar racSprintcar Racing Pty Ltd was asked to ing has floundered along looking for be a part of a new management group direction,” said Rodgers. for the WSS, but has declined and made the decision to “go it alone” in a “We have been working on getting a effort to take the sport to much system and product right for the last greater levels of professionalism and couple of years and our announcement commercial viability. today means the start of a new era for the sport of Sprintcar Racing in AustraAt present, more than 20 teams are lia. financial members of Sprintcar Racing Pty Ltd, with a small number of shares “The decision by Sprintcar Promotions still under negotiation. to hand back the rights to WSS a year early has encouraged Sprintcar Racing The absolute cream of Sprintcar teams Pty Ltd to officially launch their product belong to the group including Krikke into the market place and make its inMotorsport / Brooke Tatnell, Max tentions clear for the coming summer. Dumsney, Robbie Farr, Ryan Farrell, Luch Monte, Bill Mann, Graham & “We have the majority of key stakeWendy Erhart / Peter Lack, Anderson holders involved and I am sure once Motorsport and Danny Reidy. self-interest is put aside and a complete understanding of how good this Whilst the process has had a long ges- new structure will be is realised, then tation period, the company consists of our progress will be accelerated. leading motor sport professionals with wide industry and marketing experi“We have some passionate and smart ence. people involved with this project and we intend to keep surrounding ourFormer V8 Supercar power broker selves with the best people in their reTony Noske is Chairman of the group spective fields – whether that is event with the board made up of Shane management, media management, Krikke, Robbie Farr, Noel Gessner and sales, logistics or competitors.

“This is one of the most important & exciting steps ever taken in the Speedway industry and is designed to place Sprintcars as a vibrant and commercially strong product on the Australian scene.” A new Sprintcar Racing Pty Ltd website will be launched in coming weeks and will be a source of all information regarding the 2009/10 season. For further information, please call: Dale Rodgers – Sprintcar Racing Pty Ltd Phone: +61 417 590841

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine SCCA 360 Specs to include ASCS engines in 2009 ???? With the SCCA conference coming up, it seems the only major sticking point for the acceptance of the ASCS 360 engine is the minimum weight of the car and driver. Rumours suggest that South Australia will support a change of specifications on the basis that all ASCS engined cars will need to carry an addition 50lb over and above the current SCCA weight of 1625lb. ED: Weight of sprintcars cars has always been a volatile issue. In my view, if you had a basic Sprintcar (without any light weight parts) then you bolt on 50lb as per the SCCA rules, it would be hard to ague that any car should be put out if it came in underweight at the end of a race. The reality is that most cars carry additional weight over and above the 50lb maximum in a variety of ways and means, this is however conveniently overlooked by scrutineers because if the rule was administered correctly it would effectively put most cars on the trailer. Without proper analysis and objective decision making, you could end up with the situation where all light weight driver, would have to breach the maximum add on weight rule just to compete and this maybe very dangerous, depend on how each driver adds weight to the car.. Lets not allow this ludicrous situation to continue whereby one rule, the maximum add on weight of 50lb, is allowed to be breached for the sake of another rule. The basic questions are: Why do you have a minimum weight rule ? Is it:  A safety issue about eliminating ultra lightweight frames and other parts etc.  A cost issue to reduce the need for high tech components eg. titanium parts etc.  An on track performance levelling initiative.  Or a combination of the above.

Yes, I do have a vested interest in the outcome of the 360 weight rule as I introduced the ASCS engine class into Australia.

4 2009 season for the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series presented by K&N Filters is sure to be well supported by competitors and spectators. Australian All Star Series Points The series points with 2 rounds to go show that Darren Hickman has a clear lead based on adjusted points. The points for the top 8 competitors are as follows:

The weight issue came to light after seeing how drivers added weight to their cars at Rolling Thunder Raceway to reach the SCCA weight of 1625lb, I was absolutely horrified, so I looked at the ASCS weight in the USA which is 1475lb, then added 45lb being the difference between the aluminium heads and the current SCCA steel heads, then added a bit more and came up with the current All Stars weight of 1540lb. I would prefer Pos Driver D Hickman we use the USA weight of 1475lb, but sadly that’s not 1 2 P Solomon to be! 3 Colin Brooks Brad Foster I only hope the weight issue is resolved quickly and 4 P Loch decisively for both open and 360 cars and that the de- 5 cision is based on logic and not emotion. 6 C Solomon 7 Colin Barker 8 Damian Dannett ASCS thriving in the USA

The American Sprint Car Series staggering growth and popularity continued as the sanctioning body set new marks over the course of 2008, its 17th year of activity. With a dozen Regional series in addition to the O'Reilly ASCoT National Tour, the ASCS logged a record total of 205 nights of competition into the books in 2008 with an additional 37 nights lost to inclement weather. A total of 963 different drivers, another record setting mark, competed in at least one ASCS event in 2008 as the series contested events at 88 tracks throughout 26 different states as well as the Canadian province of Ontario. With a $250,000 point fund and a dozen or so televised events on the VERSUS Network, the

Points 2061 2035 2034 2005 1994 1960 1758 315

Diff 0 26 27 56 67 101 303 315

Wins 3 2 0 0 3 0 0 0

The Final Round of the Fire Services Plus Sprintcar All Stars will be held at Mildura’s Timmis Speedway on ANZAC Day, April 25th. All Stars series promoter, Mandy Searle, has organized a full week end of promotion, racing and celebration which will include activities such as a street party on Friday evening, the 14th April. Then on the Saturday morning, a Driver & Car display in the City Mall, then on Saturday night, Racing at Timmis Speedway. On Sunday night, the race teams and supporters will attend a celebration at the Fire Service Plus Presentation

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine Cabaret. If you require any more information please e-mail Series Promoter Mandy Searle

Have your say in the future of Australian Speedway

5 Big Ron remembered at Redline. The Sprintcar Allstars event held at Redline raceway on March 28th, held special significance for many of those assembled as it was also a memorial to Ron “Big Ron” Donaldson, who passed away shortly after the Mildura round of the championship on March 14th. Ron was the father of Sprintcar racers Ron Donaldson Jnr and Sandie Hickman (Nee Donaldson) and just lived to see them race.

Racer magazine has received information from a group of drivers who have been researching the agreements between CAMS and other organisations in the sport of speedway. The group, in recent discussions with CAMS, outlined the need for all parties to have a voice in the future of the sport including the Governance Structure. The group believes that a truly representative structure should include election of it’s Governing Ron had been battling health issues for the past few years Board, be responsible for the Production of an Annual Report and act on information but never let that stop him from attending the races as it gained through consultation of it’s members. The group believe that the sport should was one of the main things that kept him going. be governed by a not for profit body with transparent reporting and open consultation. Big Ron slipped away, surrounded by his family shortly afThe group have produced an Australia wide questionnaire to ascertain the views from ter the completion of the nights racing at Timmis Speedway a broad section of speedway stakeholders and will use this feedback to highlight spe- having watched son in-law Darren Hickman run to a pocific issues to CAMS and the Federal Sports Minister. dium finish.

Attention all Track Operators, Speedway Clubs and AMB Timing System Operators. Please be advised that transponder kit #1229827.was on loan to a team owner who recently advised me that he has lost or misplaced the transponder unit. Should a competitor try to utilise the transponder, I ask that the Track Operator/Club/AMB Timing System Operator notify me immediately and if possible confiscate the transponder and return it to me. Competitors should note, that if you are in possession of this transponder, you are in possession of lost or stolen goods and that you are not authorised to use the transponder under any circumstances. Formula Motorsports Pty Ltd will cover the costs associated with the postage of the transponder kit to 22 Barry Road New Gisborne. Victoria 3438. For further information, please contact Ray Solomon on 0407 801 513

In a special tribute at Redline, Sandie graciously stepped out of her #30 J&J which was renumbered #29 and allowed Ron Jnr to get back in the seat. “I promised dad before he died that I would race again this season .” Said Ron “So this is for him.” After drivers and officials formed a guard of honour while the two Hickman cars did a couple of slow and emotional laps. It was down to racing and sadly for Ron it ended up a bad night after inverting the car after contact with Wayne Smith. “I can feel dad kicking my arse right now.” He said from the infield following the incident. Paul Solomon drove brilliantly to win the event from Brad Foster and Darren Hickman. Rolling Thunder E-Mag would like to express its sincere condolences to the Donaldson family.

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine HICKMAN FINDS FORM Darren Hickman’s #V40 Deep Creek Marina JJ Chassis took out RD 5 of the Fire Service Plus Sprintcar All Stars at Nyora Raceway in front of a huge crowd. The 2 young guns of Brad Foster’s #V11Brownells – D&F Racing Product’s Maxim and Chris Solomon #V83 Formula Motorsports Eagle were certainly not going to let Hickman have an easy run and battled it out for 2nd and 3rd positions. Foster taking advantage of lap traffic and swooping under Solomon to finally take out 2nd. The tight little track at Nyora certainly allowed for some great competition and with 3 wide racing gave the crowd an exciting Feature race to watch. Hickman lead the race for all 30 laps. He was ecstatic with the win as he told us that “wife Sandy told me not to crash and she wasn’t going to lend her car to me again. So looks like I am safe!!” Local home town boy Tony Moule presented a brand new car and colour scheme

for the night. Changing from his normal black house car to an awesome new white & red colour scheme. Tony was hoping for a change of luck with the new team colours – and this worked as he finally got to take his car home in one piece! #V24 Chris Campbell was not as lucky after he burnt the midnight oil all week to complete his new car. Finally finishing it at 3.00am Saturday morning only to have Diff problems in a Heat and then riding a wheel in the Feature leaving his car sitting in the middle of turn 3 looking very sad when it was carried off by the Hook truck. #V3 Gavin Taylor’s GT Hydraulics Cheetah and #V4 Phil Lock’s Aussie Drains Triple X put on some great racing together in the Heats & Feature. Running wheel to wheel for lap after lap. At one stage Lock had his car looking like it was about to visit the infield in Turn 1 but with a brilliant piece of driving managed to save it.

6 night were the ACT contingent of #ACT8 Shaun Forrell and #ACT 26 Ben Reid. Both these young drivers travel for Wagga Wagga each round and are certainly showing great improvement. Nyora Car Club & Fire Service Plus All Stars had a combined effort in raising funds for the Fire Relief Appeal. Donating all money raised from the Wettenhall Logistics 2 Seater towards the appeal. Series Pro-

Two other big improvers on the

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine Chris Solomon V83 3rd

Darren Hickman V40 1st

Brad Foster V11 2nd


THUNDER THROUGH THE PLAINS Queenslander Wins Thunder Through The Plains Series Round At Gilgandra. (Author : D Powell) Queenslander and World Series Sprintcar (WSS) Championship competitor Peter Lack may not have had the best of 2008/09 seasons but last Saturday night (February 21) his season took a turn for the better when he claimed victory during the third round of the Thunder through the Plains Country Sprintcar Series at Gilgandra Speedway (Western NSW).

moter Mandy Searle said “The crowd do- Solomon. nated generously towards the appeal and Smileys Hard Charger – Ben Reid we were pleased to be able to help even if Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Tony Moule only in a small way.” Heat wins were taken out by #V83 Chris Solomon, #SA83 Shannon Barry, #V53 Tony Moule, # SA11 Karl Enderl. Top 6 final placing were – #V40 Darren Hickman, #V11 Brad Foster, #V83 Chris Solomon, #SA83 Shannon Barry, #SA75 Colin Brooks, #V7 Paul Solomon. Contingency Prize winners were Hoosier A Main – Darren Hickman 1-11 Tools Last Man Standing – Damien Dannatt I digit Lucky Draw – Gavin Taylor. Fire Service Plus Hot Arse Award – Paul

time and it paid off,” expressed a jubilant Lack. “After a strong start to the season we haven’t had much luck and that gets the confidence levels down a bit. This feature race win does wonders for the confidence. We didn’t do a lot different from what we have done for most of the season, we just got it right.”

Williams was simply rapt with his second place in what was his very first feature race podium finish since stepping into SprintJoining the Thunder through the cars at the bePlains Series for the remainder of the ginning of last season; Lack, a former multiple Ausseason. Meantralian Modified Production Sedan while third place Champion and one-time WSS Champi- finisher on the onship round winner, ended up depodium was feating Stuart Williams and Jeremy Dubbo’s Jeremy Cross in second and third place reCross. Cross spectively at the completion of the suffered a crash feature race that was held in front of earlier in the a strong capacity crowd of over 2000. The pace early on the in the feature race was set by an impressive Williams and he led the field up until Lack caught and then passed him for the lead and from there was never headed. “I had to be pretty conservative in lapped traffic around the tight track and bide my

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine night and his team made some hurried repairs to his car and made it back out onto the track. Starting the feature race out of position 11 Cross charged his way forward and ended up finished in third place. Just outside the podium finishers were Ben Atkinson and Dubbo’s Mark Blyton in fourth and fifth place. In the NSW Open Fender Bender Title victory was taken out by Michael Harland and he ended up downing Dave Murray and Tony Brown in impressive fashion. Feature race wins in the support classes included Jeff Barclay (Modified Production Sedans), Kevin Keeler (Street Stocks) and Andrew Smith (Junior Sedans).


Sprintcar Series, NSW Modified Production Sedans Series, along with Fender Benders and a Demolition Derby. April 25 – 2009: 410 Sprintcars and NSW Formula 500 Title; along with Modified Production Sedans, Street Stocks, Junior Sedans, Fender Benders and a Caravan Derby. To find out further information about the 2008/09 Gilgandra Speedway season, contact race secretary Louise on 0268 471 300 or visit the official Hill, Gerlach, Mallon, Ross Burrows, Lamb, Gilgandra Speedway website: Brett Luy and Steve Hateley (#71 Horsham Concrete).

Ansells Dyno Tuning) led for race distance despite attempts from Nick Hill to get passed early. Sutherland and Hill were followed by Swanson, Hateley, Gerlach, Miller (#56 Town & Country Tennis Courts), Ahearn, Mallon Jack McClure (#33 A & J Water Cartage) The running of the NSW Litre Sprintand Luy. McClure was a non finisher with all began from pole in heat 1B and held the early car Title is scheduled to headline the WREN AGAIN, UNSTOPPABLE sorts of mechanical drama’s causing concern. lead. Troy Simpson moved right to the back of next Gilgandra Speedway race meetMcClure and as the two raced through turn one The Ramsdale Wreckers/Horvath Transport ing on Saturday night, March 21 and and two early in the race McClure went around The fourth heat was a cracker of race with the Services 3 Litre Association Series moved the support classes are to consist of first two heat winners paired up against each and officials deemed that Simpson was the onto Blue Ribbon Speedway in Horsham on Modified Production Sedans, Street other from off the front of the field. Wren cause of the stoppage. Simpson was black Labour Day weekend and the question every Stocks, Junior Sedans and Fender competitor accept for James Wren was asking flagged at this point. At the restart Steve Hon- came out on top the winner but not without Benders. Honeyman applying the pressure consistently. eyman and Russell Hill soon put the pressure was whose going to beat the Avalon # 12 VS Morrison (#13 Pakenham 4 x 4 Wreckers) in on having moved up from the back of the field. Commodore. 2008/09 Season Gilgandra Speedway the only Ford in the field finished third and Honeyman raced to the lead and McClure Calendar: was followed by Russell Hill, Simpson, Lamb again went around. Honeyman (#32 Stawell The B & H Scrap Removers heats began (#17 Daylesford Dyno) and Watson. Auto Electrics) took a convincing win from round one with Scott Mallon (#0 Dingo Auto March 21 - 2009: Sports) and Will Lamb on the front row in heat Hill, Steve Sutherland, Damian Miller, Dale The final round began with Wren going for Morrison, Dan Watson, Zac Swanson, NSW Litre Sprintcar Title; along with 1A. At the back of the field from last was the pack of aces with three wins from three McClure and Maurice Ahearn. Ahearn circuWren and Nick Hill who finished first and Modified Production Sedans, Street second at the last round at Rushworth. The ten lated with a broken fuel pump which needed a heats and with Nick Hill (#25 Ramsdale Stocks, Junior Sedans and Fender Wreckers) starting alongside it was again anlap heat began well for local driver Matt Ger- change over between heats. Benders. other fantastic heat race with Wren achieving lach (#7 Horsham Auto Wreckers) quickly the hat trick from Hill, Simpson (#10 The second round of heats resulted in a winassuming the lead before he was soon caught April 10 – 2009 (Good Friday): O’Brien’s AMS Race Engines), Lamb, Swanner from the front row and Sutherland (#9 by Hill and Wren. Wren went on to win from NSW Super Sedan Series, NSW Litre


ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine son, Morrison, Hateley, McClure and Mallon running on 5 cylinders.

the stop was sent rear whilst Miller who was involved also and rejoined in his spot.

The final heat started with Russell Hill in the clear lead not looking like he would be beaten. Honeyman from the rear chased him down and flew past Miller into second. Disaster struck Hill on the final lap as he headed for victory when his accelerator cable broke and ripped through the fire wall. As he slowed the complete field passed him with Honeyman winning from Miller, Sutherland, Ahearn (#66 Gray's Tilt Tray Service), Gerlach, Watson, Luy and Hill crossing the line for points. The field was set for the feature race with the following starting positions.

Morrison pulled out after breaking a tail shaft in half, whilst Wren and Honeyman, continued on out front strongly. Lamb and Simpson led the second pack with Swanson (#15 Skyrider Tower Hire) as Wren, Honeyman, Miller, Sutherland continued to force the pace.

James Wren – Avalon Speedway Club – Commodore Steve Honeyman – Stawell Speedway Club – Commodore Nick Hill – Nyora Raceway Inc – Commodore Steve Sutherland – Bendigo Speedway Club – Commodore Damian Miller – Nyora Raceway Inc – Commodore Russell Hill – Drouin Speedway Club – Commodore Matt Gerlach – Horsham Speedway Club –Commodore Dale Morrison – Nyora Raceway Inc –XF Falcon Zac Swanson – Ballarat Speedway Club – Commodore Will Lamb – Ballarat Speedway Club – Commodore Troy Simpson – Swan Hill Speedway Club – Commodore Steve Hateley – Horsham Speedway Club – Commodore Morris Ahearn – Bendigo Speedway Club – Commodore Dan Watson – Horsham Speedway Club – Commodore Scott Mallon – Laang Speedway Club – Nissan Skyline Brett Luy – Horsham Speedway Club – Commodore Jack McClure – Hamilton Speedway Club – UC Torana


Honeyman made a challenge at the end of the race however Wren (#12 Bluescope Steel Ballarat) cleared out once more to win from Honeyman, Lamb, Sutherland, Miller, Simpson, Gerlach, Swanson, Hateley, Watson and McClure. After the feature race Wren was surprised to have won three in a row. “I could never have imagined winning three in a row. I was just happy to take two feature wins in the season with Rodney Burr, Russell Hill and Steve Sutherland being in the category. I can’t thank my team and family more than enough. Thanks to the association and the sponsors also who make this all possible.”

racing being clocked in the low 10sec bracket. The heats went through with only 1 stoppage when Gavin Black and Taylor Johnson got together in turn 1 of heat 2 leaving the unlucky Black with front end damage.

The 3 Litre Sedan Association thank its major season sponsors for 08/09 in Ramsdale Wreckers, Horvath Transport Services With the promotion deciding on 2 rounds of 3 heats and B & H Scrap Recyclers and look forward to the next there was only 1 dash race contested for the top 6 round at Simpson Speedway for the Simpson 400 March 28th.


Kistler Race Parts, G Force Safety Gear

Top points man Ian Loudoun drew an inverted 2 and the dash lined up with Peter Lack and Loudoun on the front row with the remainder of the field “Thunder Thru the Plains” consisting of Roddy Bell-Bowen, Adrian Maher, Morris Park—Dubbo Kelly Linigen and Madsen. Disaster struck for the Loudoun racing team cars with first Loudoun unThe Thunder Through the Plains Sprintcar series able to get the car fired and then Maher pulling out The 25 lap feature race began at a blistering pace with Wren Round 4 has been run and won by NSW hard before the race start with engine problems. winning the drag race into turn one and leading Honeyman charger Ian Madsen in the Mattrans N35 machine. down the back straight. Miller and the two Hill’s were all up The first start was aborted after Bowen and Lack In front of a bumper crowd estimated by some at there in the minor placing’s with Sutherland. Nick Hill lead jumped early, then on the 2nd attempt Lack 3,000+ fans, 24 Sprintcars turned up for a night of Russell Hill through turn one and two early in the race and jumped to a handy lead from Bell-Bowen with Linilooped it ending his father Russell’s race with a broken accel- fierce racing on the ultra fast Dubbo circuit. The gen and Madsen fighting out 3rd. Linigen eventuerator cable as result of the collision. Nick Hill for causing track didn’t disappoint with some laps in the heat ally got the upper hand but was later relegated to

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine 4th after a pass that was deemed to be across the infield by race officials. The final placings for the dash and therefore the line up for the A main was as follows: Lack & Bell Bowen Madsen & Linigen Loudoun & Maher Brodie Tulloch & Stuart Williams Mark Blyton & James Thompson The feature race got underway with Lack taking a handy lead. Linigen was on the charge disposing of Madsen and then Bell-Bowen before closing on to the rear of Lack. As the leaders approached lapped traffic Linigen pounced and took the lead from Lack. The yellows were out a few laps later when Taylor Johnson spun on the exit of turn 3. With 18 to go the order was Linigen, Lack, Loudoun, Madsen & Bell-Bowen. Making a strong impression on the field was local racer Jeremy Cross who had been steadily moving his way forward from his 15th staring spot and now sat in 9th. Another notable car was Mick Matchett in the N60 machine who was moving toward the top 10 from his 21st starting spot.

12 laps to go and the race at the front was hectic. Madsen made a dubious pass on Linigen across the infield in turn 2 only to have it returned in turn 3 by Linigen. These 2 swapped places a couple more times before Madsen got the upper hand. A restart with 9 laps to go bunched the field and the leaders were soon into lapped traffic again. Disaster struck in the last set of corners as Linigen clipped Daniel Needham on the entry to turn 3 whilst attempting to put the N95 car a lap down. Linigen got baulked allowing Loudoun and Bowen to close right up to the tail of the N4 machine. What ensued from here was catastrophic for the 2nd to 5th placed cars. With Needham suffering steering damage his car spun on the exit of 4, as Madsen crossed the line for the win with Linigen, Loudoun and Bell-Bowen all piling in to the spinning 95 car. A huge flame appeared as the oil tank ruptured on the N7car of Bell-Bowen, and with the track all but blocked and the red lights on the race was over and the official placings were as follows:

1st Madsen The yellows were on again when Pe- 2nd Williams ter Johnson ran over a discarded muf- 3rd Blyton fler from the Maher car that had re4th Cross tired some laps earlier. 5th Thompson

10 6th Lack With the remainder of the top ten being David Doherty, Matchett (from 21st), Glenn Saville and Peter Attard rounding out the top ten. The Concept Motorsports Hard Charger award went to Matchett who came from grid 21 to 8. Thompson also advanced from 15 to 4 after a great effort in heavy traffic. The series now moves to Gunnedah for Round 5 on April 18 The “Thunder Thru the Plains� sprintcar series would like to thank the following companies for their support; Craft Differentials American Tire and Racing Services Performance Metals Grizzly Dyno Shocks Raceshirts 4U Concept Motorsports Triple X Race Co Impact Images MD Imports PR Machine Web Hosting Vortex Racing Products Kistler Race Parts G Force Safety Gear

BENDIGO Grant Phillips Franchise Owner 261 High Street Kangaroo Flat Victoria Australia 3555 Tel: +613 5447 0009 Fax: +613 5447 2229 Email: Multi Award Winning store Top Regional 03, 04, 06, 07. Top Store 2005.

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine



1972 Australian Sprintcar Championship

Held at Premier Speedway

style of driving. SYD HOPPING, better known as "Celluloid Syd' Is always a front runner at New South Wales Speedways. He's a very determined driver who is never beaten and he has the ability. GRAEME McCUBBIN. Car no. 13. Started racing Tracy's Speedway 1955 in stock cars then into hot rods, through to modifieds, has won champ's in all states during his career in dirt track racing, and has contributed a great deal of technical knowhow-and good sportsComments from the program. manship in this form of moDARRYL JAGO is Premier Speedway's starter in the championship. He is down tor racing. His car is fitted in power compared with alot of the other cars but his clean driving ability to with a`350 C.I.Ford. stay out of trouble always allows him to keep with the leaders. WAYNE FISHER An ex Speedcar driver has been -beating Dick Briton reguRON CLARKE. Car 55. larly this season and is now a backmarker at Sydney Royale. Started Tracy's Speedway 1960,won Vic. champ'p hot BERT MILLER and BOB BINK are number one drivers in their respective rods 1960. Built sprintcar states. PHIL HEREEN. Has been driving for many year He has been Racing Drivers mid 60's, won Vic. Champ’s Association Top Driver twice, South Australian State champion and-speedway modifieds 67, 68. He is curSportsman of the year. rently running a car to RAY GENEVE. The hero of Western Australian Speedway fans is making his A.M.S.C.C. rules and spec'ns second attempt to take the Australian Championship. He was Western Austra- fitted with a 350 C.I. Chev. lian Modified Champion in 1970 and a driver who is known for his spectacular

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine



1972 Australian Sprintcar Championship

Comments from the program Australian Champion - DICK (Sneaky) Briton, the 34-year-old mechanical engineer from N.S.W., will have "all systems go" and the taps turned on' in his 350c.i. Corvette for this year's National Championship at Premier Speedway. In Dick's 11 years of racing, he has won the Australian Title in 1964,66,67, and '71. The Queensland Title in 1970 and the A.C.T. Title 1971-72. He held the N.S.W. Club Championship for five years. Dick is now President of N.S.W. Super Modified Association.

Held at Premier Speedway

Appearing at Premier Speedway last year he was forced to retire after hitting the fence. Earlier this season he was plagued with mechanical troubles, but his luck has since turned for the better and he has been winning a number of feature races in Sydney. Asked about chances in this year's event Dick replied,"With fingers crossed I will win. Dick races under Car No. Aust. 6. RON SMITH. (Above) Car 1. Started Dalesford hot rods 1960, built modified in 67, has won 2 Vic. champ'p, placed 2nd 3rd S.A. champ'ps and has held car no.l. for three seasons. His car is running a 283 C.I. Chev. and was built with parts from reapers, binders and ex Ballarat trams.

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine




back in fifth behind Carlin, Ramsdale, Morrison and Bent.

Saturday night March 21st Nar Nar Goon youngster Nick Hill who has yet to hit the age of 17 took out his biggest Speedway career victory thus far by winning the Alan Ramsdale Cup at Nyora Speedbowl ahead of seasoned veterans such as Simon Bent, Wayne Alberni, Dale Morrison and Peter Temby as well as Mark Carlin and Wayne Ramsdale who both failed to finish the feature.

The final heat finished with a third place behind Carlin and Tilendert in a race that included a panel on panel scrap with his father Russell Hill who was driving the Peter Temby ‘Temby Haulage’ Commodore.

With three heats run in the lead up to the feature Hill finished fourth in the first behind Carlin, Ben Tilendert and Bent before finishing the next heat

14 He isn’t yet 17 although getting close and he has won an event I’ve been trying to win for years! He is improving in leaps and bounds since Christmas and we look forward to seeing if we can give the Simpson 400 a real crack next weekend at Simpson Speedway.” Nick Thanks his sponsors: Ramsdale Wreckers Pakenham Allcare Exhaust Horvath Transport Services DNKC Transport Team Galley Motorsport GB RaceCars B & H Scrap Recyclers Daylesford Dyno D.A.M Towing

For the 20 lap annual feature for the Alan Ramsdale Cup Nick Hill started on the second row behind Carlin and Tilendert alongside Simon Bent. The scrap at the front was very entertaining despite Carlings early lead, Tilendert, Bent, Hill and Morrison scraped with some three wide passing coming out of the turns.

The stoush heated up further when Carlin suffered ignition problems and the battle for second, third, fourth and fifth became the instant battle for supremacy. Hill soon got the better of that battle and went on to cross the line in the 20 lap final as the winner before trashing his car into the concrete wall between turn one and two. Second was Bent, third to Morrison then came Tilendert and Temby. An ecstatic father spoke to me after the race “I can’t describe how I’m feeling right now it wouldn’t do it justice.

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PHIL LOCK FLAG TO FLAG What an excellent drive by Phil Lock in #V4 Aussie Drains Eagle. Despite several attempts to have this taken from him, Phil’s skill showed thru and he took out he win in the Fire Service Plus Sprintcar All Stars RD 7 at Mildura’s Timmis Speedway.

all put on some awesome racing mid pack” says Searle.

“It was good to have the Kelly boys back with us again. We have missed them over the past “We had a report on the radios that couple of shows. They bring the there was a dust storm on its way only whole family and crew along. about 60K out of Mildura and having Hopefully their night would have been caught in a similar incident a been rewarded with Brendan fincouple of years ago here we hurried ishing 10th” Mandy says. the night along as quickly as possible. It was another fantastic weekend Darren Hickman’s #V40 Deep Creek nd We certainly didn’t want to lose the in Mildura. Teams put on a street Marina Hotel JJ crossed the line in 2 Feature event. Fortunately we were and Ricky Barrand’s Lilleys Lane parade in the city mall Saturday lucky and it must have bypassed us Quarry #V61Maxim in 3rd. morning, which gave everyone but it really made us all work hard on the opportunity to promote Fire #SA11 Karl Enderl’s Clarend Freight the night.” says Searle. “The slick track Service Plus All Stars by handing Cool chassis was certainly making out posters, signing autographs, Locky work hard to keep the lead but challenged a few drivers but fortunately there was not too much damand giving drivers a chance to unfortunately the track took him by surprise and he had a moment ½ thru age at the end of the feature.” Mandy show off their pristine machines. tells us. “#V69 Colin Barker’s team Phil Lock and team took the the race sending him to rear. Karl’s “Rocket Teddy” race car to a primary “never say die” attitude saw him work worked hard & fast to get the car reth his way back up to 7 place. “What a paired after the fairly big dump in their school on Friday. fantastic drive to watch” grins Mandy last heat. They had asked for 2 minSearle as she relives the race at the utes when the feature started rolling They even held a colouring competiend of the night. Both Hickman and out but to all their credit were ready tion that followed thru till Saturday Barrand were ready to pounce on any on track in time. It was a big effort by night at Timmis Speedway. “The kids slight opportunity that Locky may have them all.” are great” says Phil. “The smile in their given them – just waiting for the right eyes and their questions and curiosity moment – but it did not come” #ACT 8 Shaun Forrell just continues to are amazing. We all loved it.” #V7 Paul Solomon’s Formulas Moimprove each time he takes the track Heat wins were taken out by #V4 Phil th torsports Eagle was consistent in 4 impressing the All Star team at every Lock, #SA 11 Karl Enderl, #SA75 place and was having his own race round. Colin Brooks and #V7 Paul Solomon. with #SA 75 Colin Brooks, #SA83 Shannon Barry , #V83 Chris Solomon and #V11 Brad Foster. “These 5 guys were really great to watch as they competed for their own placings. Never giving each other an inch they

Top 6 final placing were – #V4 Phil Lock, V40 Daren Hickman, V61 Ricky Barrand, V7 Paul Solomon, SA75 Colin Brooks, V83Chris Solomon. Contingency Prize winners were 1Hoosier A Main – Phil Lock 11 Tools Last Man Standing – Sandier Hickman I digit Lucky Draw – Paul Solomon Fire Service Plus Hot Arse Award – Shannon Barry Smileys Hard Charger – Brendan Kelly Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Karl Enderl For complete results click on

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine In the final heat another sixth place start would give Blackwell some work to do as he went on to chase Rodney Racing took Team Blackwell MoBurr and Smith across the line in third torsport to the Western District of Vic- spot. Points accumulated had the toria over the Labour Day weekend to Blackwell Victoria # 1 car from second Horsham and Hamilton Speedways for on the grid with Justin Drew on pole. the final race meetings of the VMPA Season. So far this season the camp After some initial laps behind Drew, has had mixed results with minor plac- Blackwell assumed the race lead on ings at Nyora, Mildura and Avalon and the inside of Drew. A gamble to run a win at Swan Hill and they were look- used medium tyres in the final after ing to have a massive weekend to fin- seeing the track being graded at interish the season. val paid off with Blackwell feeling lucky BASS WASTE SERIES DOUBLE FOR TEAM BLACKWELL MOTORSPORT

The weekend went better than they had hoped considering the quality field on hand to go racing, when Blackwell won both features ahead of Justin Drew from Geelong.

to take the win from Drew and Burr in the feature.

Speaking to Blackwell this is what he had to say. “We put the used mediums on after seeing what the graders were doing to the track. However we didn’t Racing at ‘Blue Ribbon Speedway’ Hor- get to see the 3 Litre Sedans and what sham got underway with a second po- became of the track. So by the time sition start alongside David Smith from we got out there the track was back to Mildura. Smith has had great form being slick and black and we were through the season and it wasn’t an lucky enough to hold out Drew for the easy heat for the team as Smith got win.” the early jump before Blackwell made it past on lap 3 and into the lead. So it was off to Hamilton’s Western Blackwell took the win from Smith and Speedway with a victory on the belt at Darren Pottage. Horsham for the final round of the From much deeper in the pack in heat two Blackwell made his way from sixth to tail across the line the heat winner Jason Duell with Michael Hetherington in third. At this point the car was superb and no significant changes needed to be made to the car.

‘Bass Highway Waste’ series. Equal on series round wins now with Justin Drew the team were looking to put series points beyond any doubt with a final round win and that’s exactly what occurred.

16 Heat one at Hamilton was yet another sixth position start and the team was beginning to think the marbles for the grid draw must be weighted or something, regardless the team on a wet surface gained positions in the field and finished third behind Graham West and Neil Watson.

by race leader West and then pulled away to win by 4 car lengths whilst Drew and West battled with Drew taking second from West.

Team Blackwell Motorsport through Crew Chief Steve Grguric were delighted; “We are very pleased with the weekend’s results. It wasn’t easy victoWest continued his great start to the ries, it was most enjoyable running evening in the second heat when he alongside Drew, West and Burr this led home Blackwell who started third weekend. All the competitors should whilst Rodney Burr finished third. No be congratulated and thanks to Hormajor changes to the car although tyre sham and Hamilton for their support.” choice and gearing were looked at as the team had the challenge of running Team Blackwell Motorsport would like down the little Torana of West’s that to thank the key players in their back was setting the pace. to back triumph over the Labour Day long weekend. Crew Chief Steve The final heat was the team’s first heat Grguric, crewman Ashley Penny and victory of the evening after starting Rebecca Smith. second with Burr and Paul Turnbull filling the minor placings. Pakenham Plumbing Services Pakenham Crane Trucks Drew and West started on the front Horvath Transport Services row of the field of the feature with Dukes Bodyworks Blackwell off the second row. With Blackwell Race Engines West getting the early lead Blackwell followed Drew trying to find a way past which he did by going around the outside on lap 16. On lap 23 Blackwell got

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine the front row from pole position with Victorian champion Andrew Blackwell right alongside and it was Blackwell Labour Day weekend provided a Victo- who got the jump and led early after a rian Modified Production Association couple of initial side by side laps. Drew double header race schedule with in second pressured Blackwell all the Team Drew Motorsport heading to way and there was never much more Horsham’s ‘Blue Ribbon Speedway’ on than a metre of two that separated the Saturday followed by Hamilton’s the pair with Drew having a couple of ‘Western Speedway’ on the Sunday. attempts to come up the inside of Blackwell from out of turn four. The Justin Drew of Team Drew Motorsport #7 Circletrack Racecraft car crossed who hadn’t been able to complete all the line in second with Burr in third.. the season in the VMPA had two series round wins already at Nyora and Ava- At Hamilton the next evening through lon and was looking forward to the three heats results went with a first in opportunity to race against Victorian the teams first heat after starting from Champion Andrew Blackwell in a warm sixth on the grid ahead of Russell Hill up before heading to Albany in West- and Burr before starting fourth in the ern Australia for the Australian title at second heat finishing second behind Easter. Russell Bent and ahead of Darren HosDREW IN THE TOP TWO BOTH RACE DAYS LABOUR DAY WEEKEND

With three heats at Horsham results went with a first in the teams first heat after starting from sixth on the grid leading home Anthony Wilson and Rodney Burr before starting fourth in the second heat and finishing second behind Graham West and ahead of Kellie Atkins and then winning the third heat after starting second on the grid with Michael Hetherington and Neil Watson trailing him across the line. The feature race began by starting on

sack and then winning the third heat after starting second on the grid ahead of West and Watson.

17 had a great battle with Blackwell the superior once more whilst West and Drew had a ding dong battle resolved by the stewards when West let them know that contact between the two of them was unavoidable and Drew was placed second.

Without my crew it just wouldn’t be the same.”

TDM thanks its major commercial supporters: Damian & Sandra @ Circletrack Racecraft – (Damian Smith) John @ Colac Toyota After the race meeting Drew said this Stewart @ Cunningham Plumbing about racing on the weekend with Justin Drew Plumbing Blackwell. “This is why I choose to Ray @ Archibald Builders come racing with Andrew Blackwell. John @ M & W Engine Services He is the best modified sedan driver BKM Electrical on track at the minute and he races Phil @ PDR Differentials and Drive clean. He doesn’t tag you in your rear Shafts quarter panel or slam his car where it McCann’s Plumbing Plus doesn’t fit. He passes you clean, it’s a Bob & Pat @ Ipta Fibreglass buzz regardless where you finish to be Mark Haby Motors racing alongside him so close without Pete’s Paint and Panel taking your foot off the pedal. Well Wayne @ Smooth Suspension done to Andrew and thanks to my Phil @ Geelong Tune Up Specialists guys for the top weekend of racing. Online Signs

The feature race began by starting on the front row right alongside Blackwell once more from pole position. The two continued on their great racing from the night before with West thrown into the mix on a slick race track. The three

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SDAV HOT RODS On a day where it pelted down rain in Melbourne, the SDAV Hot Rod Club escaped the torrential downpour and headed North to Moama and Heartland Raceway for the latest round of the Thunder Down Under Series. Last start victor Chris Shaw, State Champion Phil Jenkins and hot shoe Jason Kavanagh were amongst the field and the drivers most likely to take victory. However Kali Hovey, Ron Gilligan, Rod Smith, Ray Welsh and Steven Robertson (# 69 Solar City Canvas) were keen to keep the top trio on their toes.


KAVANAGH ON THE MOVE AT MOAMA her trail. On the second rotation though, Kavanagh moved from third to first and held the lead all the way to take maximum points from Hovey, Jenkins, Shaw, Gilligan, Smith (# 14 Complete Signs), Welsh and Robertson. Tony Green was unable to finish after he broke the steering box.

The second heat had Shepparton race driver Chris Shaw (# 6 Andersons Fruit & Vege Stanhope) from the front row with Smith and it was Shaw that led Kavanagh and Jenkins across the line for lap one before crashing and ripping the front end out of the race car and ending his night. It was found later that a rear torsion bar broke sending the car into Hovey and Green (# 34 Scooters Metal Fabricators) the concrete wall. Kavanagh assumed the lead and started the first heat from the front with Jenkins took his second win for the night from Smith who behind and Shaw and Kavanagh at the back of the got back in front of Jenkins (# 1 P & S Automotive pack. Hovey led the field across the start finish line Services) then after those top three came Gilligan, for the first time with Jenkins and Kavanagh hot on Hovey and Robertson. The final heat began with good ole Ray Welsh and Ron Gilligan (# 92 L & L Smash Repairs) from the front with Jenkins behind them. It was Jenkins who led the first lap across the start line though. A great start by Smith from last seen him move into first place by

the second lap and held that position until lap 5. Kavanagh eventually made his way through the field and he took the lead on lap 5 as Smith lost power and later found that the gearbox and driveline were the problems of that situation and failed to finish the third heat. Jenkins finished second ahead of Hovey (# 22 Dandenong Iron Foundry), Welsh and Robertson. The feature race over 10 laps was a lowest points to the front start with Welsh (Donna’s Hair Design) and Robertson the two guys leading the field away. From fifth position it was Jenkins who led lap one with Kavanagh right behind in second. Hovey tagged on the back of Kavanagh until he jumped in front of Jenkins. With Kavanagh (# 5 A & E Baker and Co), Jenkins and Hovey the top three that’s how the field finished the 10 laps with Welsh and Robertson in fourth and fifth. Smith didn’t finish due to issues relating with the gearbox once more. The teams now head to Nyora Speedbowl this Saturday night March 21st for the Victorian Title where we have seen in the past anything can happen and you just need to be consistent and out of trouble to be there at the end. Jenkins is looking forward to defending his title against the likes of Kavanagh, Allan Pitcher, Chris Shaw, Shaun Toulmin and Dean West from Gippsland is looking to do well in front of local fans. The SDAV Club would like to thank their minor sponsors: Mega Auto Parts, Ribeau Interstate Transport Carrier, Tony Delmo Radiator Service, Bob Fisher Automotive, Meehan’s Race Engines

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine car, Blackney in the Jason Andreatta # 37 and Warrick Taylor in partners Kellie Banks # 84 ‘Gippy Signs’ race The Melbourne Mini Sprintcar Club and car to ensure some champions of the Nyora Raceway Inc combined together past and present when Geoff Moule to hold the 1st annual Geoff Moule Me- was well and truly influential in the sport could pay their respects. morial $1000- to win event on March 21st in front of friends and family from Geoff’s home club. It would have been Six heats were to determine the feaspecial for one of Geoff’s prodigy’s ture race starting places and the six Ryan McKenna #12 ‘Solid Axle Indus- heat winners were McKenna with 3, tries’ to have won the first one howWilliams with 2 and Paul Farrell with ever it wasn’t to be and a deserving one. McKenna got the night underway and dominant winner was a humble with the first heat win ahead of Farrell and Owen Bulman # 8 ‘Victory Lane Terry Williams. Racegear’, Gary Blackney and Warrick In this special night former Victorian Taylor. Mini Sprintcar champion Paul Farrell took control of the # 73 ‘West GippIn heat two Williams was the victor sland Welding’ Parson Brothers racewith last weeks feature winner Craig WILLIAMS DOMINANT WINNER IN MOULE MEMORIAL

2nd Place Ryan McKenna © CLT Photography 09 Cassie Tuckett

19 Oliver second ahead of Steve Trewin, Owen Milton # 11 Wonthaggi Car Wreckers, Chris Milton and Kevin Bomford. A second heat victory for McKenna in the third heat ahead of Williams, Blackney, Taylor, Murray Terry Williams on a charge Miles and Owen © CLT Photography 09 Cassie Tuckett Milton put McKenna at the top of the points even before the last Fare Cafe Leongatha Datsun powered heat of round two was run. That result race car got the jump from the outside in the fourth heat went the way of Far- the front row to lead McKenna and rell from Oliver, Trewin, Chris Milton Farrell. The top guys behind Williams and Bomford # 26 ‘Elite Metals’. of McKenna, Farrell, Oliver # 76 ‘John Faulty Motors’, Trewin and Blackney McKenna took a clean sweep of his were having a rip roaring battle. Taylor heat races when he led home Trewin, joined in and Owen Milton was coming Bomford, Bulman, Craig McCormack # through also. 36 ‘Power fix Design & Print’ a new rookie and Taylor in heat five before McKenna’s car whilst battling on didn’t Williams cemented second place on sound good at all as Williams stretched the feature grid with a win in the last his lead with all chasing. A roll over in from Farrell, Oliver, Owen Milton and the feature to Bomford brought the Miles # 63 ‘Jayco Caravans’. race to an end one lap early with a deserved victory to Williams who was After a four wide salute in honour of a fair distance in front. McKenna secthe late Geoff Moule and in apprecia- ond then Oliver, Owen Milton, Taylor, tion for the support that Nyora, the Miles, Bomford and McCormack. fans and all had shown the final got away with Williams in the # 7 Village

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PIT PICS Presidents Cup—Avalon

Top Left:

The Rod Mathews owned #9 driven by USA Star Terry McCarl. ************************ Top Right:

Shane Stewart (USA) aboard Colin Bulmer’s Bayaire Industries #V2 ************************ Left: Tasmanian Kurt Luttrell ************************ Right:

USA Star Randy Hannagan


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with Kali Hovey in what we all agree was her best ever drive took second only being passed briefly once before snatching the position back with new A wonderful night of racing at Nyora Speedbowl finished with three magnifi- comer to the class Chris Shaw finishing third ahead of Smith and local driver cent finals with three deserved winners. The Victorian Speedway Council Dean West. SDAV Hot Rod Victorian title went the The Alan Ramsdale Cup was low on way of Allan Pitcher whilst the Alan Ramsdale Cup for Sedans went to Ny- numbers with Modified Production Seora young gun Nick Hill and the Geoff dans preparing themselves for the AusMoule Memorial for Mini Sprintcars to Terry Williams (refer story page 16).


Starting with the SDAV Hot Rods four heats produced wins defending Victorian Champion Phil Jenkins, then two to Allan Pitcher and the final heat to Rod Smith and consistent heat finishes to Kali Hovey and Chris Shaw. The 25 lap feature race was brilliantly led from start to finish by Allan Pitcher

the previous season.

Carlin had ignition cable issues whilst leading and slowed to allow the field to Carlin took victory in all three heats pass as he pulled infield. Keen to get although he was made to work real some laps in once he rectified the hard for victory in third. Ben Tilenproblem infield he joined the field dert the former Speedway Kart Aus- again and passed a couple of the back tralian champion kept him honest markers on his way through the field during heat racing in his Gary Wicks before giving up. owned 3 Litre Sedan and looks to have a promising career in 3 Litres if The son of current Ramsdale Wreckers he can gain ownership of a car. proprietor Russell Hill in the # 21 3 tralian Modified Sedan title Litre Sedan, Nick Hill went on to have in Albany at Easter, howFeature time for 20 laps for the annual the biggest win of his short career to ever it was pleasing that Alan Ramsdale Cup was a cracker with take the honours in the Cup ahead of defending champion Mark Carlin having some early ascendency Bent and Dale Morrison. Carlin made an appearance before Simon Bent, Tilendert and Nick to defend his victory from Hill all had a crack at second place. The final category of the night was the

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine Open Independent Sedans who had 5 heats of qualifying with Russell Bergmeier in an old 3 Litre Sedan and pre event favourite Rick McCormack in a purpose built Open Independent having two heat wins each whilst Ray Gould in his old Modified Production Cortina took the other. Great performances through qualifying also from Jadyn Alberni provided a look into the future of 3 Litre racing as Jaydn gains experience before the step

up into the VSCF category. Through the night Bergmeier looked great and early racing in the feature also had veteran Ray Gould out from and the man to catch before he popped a tyre. McCormack pulled away from the field after Gould left the race track and although once again McCor-

22 Cary Skewes and Steve Young the defending champion the guys most likely to battle it out for the honours. Nyora acknowledge their fantastic sponsors below:

Aarons Car Removals – mack was impressive 93086555 the big drive too Aggreko - 95865000 watch was Jaydn Allcare Exhausts Alberni who brought Pakenham – 59413488 last seasons Wayne A.P.S Service Centre 97838300 Alberni 3 Litre Sedan Ballarto Transport – 0418347288 home in second Ballarto Water Cartage – 0418347288 ahead of the Darren Bass Highway Waste – 56788994 Skilton in a purpose B & H Scrap Removers – 0411 556 746

built Open Independent car. All looks good for the Victorian title later in the season with McCormack, Gould, Bergmeier, Alberni, Skilton,

Blackwell Body Works -59416999 Blackwell Race Engines – 0418588711 B.O.C Tyres - 59401800 Hillview Quarries - 59872600 Horvath Transport Services – 97031099 Lake Eildon Houseboat Sales 57742899 Monckton Concrete - 59412152 Northern Auto Recycling – 9305 2100 or 0412333830 Oz Moulds & Rubber - 97031522 Pakenham Plumbing Services – 0439 372 039 Shanks Electrical – 0407 862 901 Universal Contracting Services – 59791499

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At Last! Lincoln scores NSW AMCA Title. Mark “Manners” Lincoln threw oil on the Victoria versus New South Wales fire when he ventured north to Nowra and returned home with the NSW AMCA Nationals State Championship last weekend (March 21st). After many close calls and a top three at the National Title, the 28 year old had finally scored a much deserved State Championship. The impressive Lincoln repelled all the challenges of the more fancied “locals” and on his track debut headed Peter Markulin and Laurence Chant on the podium. “It was like all my dreams had come true… after so many near misses.” Said an emotional winner. “I didn’t know what to do when I got out of the car, laugh or …. The emotions were running wild. There was a huge feeling of satisfaction not just for me but for my crew who’ve been through all of this with me too.” Twenty nine entries were on hand with thirteen of the drivers coming from interstate. One of the pre event favourites John Cartwright, in his American built chassis, won the opening heat after starting from the outside pole. He led home Graham Flood and Mick Xuereb. Tim Reidy, driving the NSW #66 retired after hitting the wall and Queenslander Russ Hardy failed to finish when a wheel cover became jammed underneath the car(?). Heat two belonged to Laurence Chant from Frank Thierry and Darrell Kime. Lincoln surged forward to fourth after starting last. Markulin showed his intentions and speed by taking out heat 1C after starting on the fourth row. Rob Bradford and David May were next while Alan Harris (gearbox) and Robert Chant (engine) both failed to finish.

The second round of heats started with the Voodoo Child Campbell Hughes taking advantage of his front row start to score the win, despite losing his power steering belt, again, ahead of Rick Clark and Daniel Scott in a Victorian quinella. Reidy failed to start after his earlier wall banging incident.

23 Hughes’ run soon came to an abrupt end when he was tagged in the left rear at the next turn by Markulin which broke the axle and he spun viciously. This wasn’t the end of his drama’s though when a back marker engrossed in his own battle failed to see the stricken car until it was too late and slammed into Hughes causing severe damage.

kept hitting me in the rear as we were going down the back straight and knocked off both of my rear nerf bars.” Lincoln said. “At one stage I think he got his front nerf hooked into mine and I towed him around for two laps and I think that might have been when I blew the head gaskets due to the fact that the engine was loaded up pulling him around as well.”

The Victorian flavour continued when Lincoln won heat 2B from Mick Sauer and Stewart GrantThe next stoppage occurred when Newstead rolled.. Lincoln fortunately was able to hold on and led Campbell. Ted Dawes was the only car not to finish. Thankfully Newstead was uninjured. home Markulin, Chant, Sauer, Xuereb, Bailey, Thierry, Scott, Flood, Jennings and Bradford the Multiple Victorian and South Australian Champion Over the course of the event numerous cars failed to only other finisher. Adam King scored the win in heat 2C from Marku- go the distance including Cartwright, Clark, Kime, lin and Darren Nicholson. Scott “Stumpy” Ellis Ellis, Grant-Campbell and King. “I’d like to thanks everyone who has helped me failed to finish the heat while May failed to start due including my crew, my parents and my great sponto engine problems. As the race wound on drawing to an exciting consors Horman’s Service Centre, Global Contracting, clusion, Bradford was challenging hard for second Smooth Suspension, Emjay Signs and GYB MoThe final set of heats saw Hughes continue his form place with just two laps left to run when he spun torsport.” Concluded a happy NSW State Champion. with a second heat win this time ahead of Scott and putting himself to Markulin. the back of the grid. Todd Bailey won heat 3B from Shannon Jennings and Lincoln while Nick Stubbs won the final heat The closing ten from Shane Newstead and Cartwright. laps were proving worrisome for Six cars lined up for the last chance B-Main headed Lincoln too as his by Bailey from Mark Squires, Ellis, Robert Chant, car was slowing Dawes and Reidy. with what later All but Squires finished the event with Ellis taking turned out to be the win ahead of Bailey. Reidy just missed a transfer blown head gasdespite not completing a heat and Robert Chant, and kets. Luckily LinDawes also missed the cut. coln had opened a bit of a gap prior The line up for the main event was now complete to this. with Markulin on pole from Lincoln, Scott, Hughes, Cartwright, Bradford, Laurence Chant, Clark, Kime, “The car got terriStubbs, Sauer, Jennings, Newstead, King, Grantbly slow over the Campbell, Thierry, Xuereb, Flood, Ellis and Bailey. last ten laps and I was expecting Lincoln got the jump and led the field away but someone to come Hughes was on the fly and roared around the outside past.” Explained After winning the NSW AMCA title Mark Linthrough turn three and four and was actually in the Lincoln. “I then altered my line from the high side to coln tried his hand at the Formula V8 Sedans lead briefly. Lincoln however was unaware that the black stuff on the bottom so that they would at Ballarat (above) and dam near won that too Hughes was on his outside and shifted up track and have to go around me. I couldn’t wait for the white finishing runner up in the feature event. Hughes was forced to get off the throttle and Linflag to come out.” coln continued in the lead. “On the restart with about 12 laps to go Markulin

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Broadbent Steals Simpson Stunner. The Bendigo Barnstormer Darren Clarke looked to be within half a lap of the AMCA Nationals Feature win at Simpson Speedway on Saturday night (28th March) only to have Steve Broadbent shoot up the inside and steal the win while Clarke was busy trying to hold off Scott “Stumpy” Ellis and Campbell Hughes in a four car drag to the flag. It was a crushing blow for Clarke who’d led all but the critical last lap, as the AMCA brigade put on a brilliant and exciting climax to the nights racing. “It’s always exciting to get your first win.” Stated Broadbent. “You’ve got to feel sorry for (Darren) Clarky, he drove well and if not for that last corner we were never going to get him.”. After the spate of recent State Titles which have been heavily supported by the Victorian teams, it was a solid field of 19 drivers in 18 cars that sped down to the egg shaped Simpson speedway for the first time in some years. Included amongst these was the “Voodoo Child” Campbell Hughes whose Voodoo Ride #21 had been severely damaged the previous weekend. The car didn’t look pretty and the chassis wasn’t exactly square, but at least the power steering belt stayed on and Hughes was on the pace. “She doesn’t look all that flash with old odd coloured panels on it but we weren’t expecting to even be here, so to have it here and to run as well as we did was very pleasing, and a great result for all those who have worked hard to try and straighten the old girl up a bit.” said

Hughes appreciatively. “I can’t thank the Meehan boys from Albury enough for their work in getting us here.” “Running fourth wasn’t bad either,” Hughes continued “because from where I was sitting it was a hell of a race.” Veteran Super Sedan Campaigner Peter Timberlake was also a welcome addition to the ranks having a steer of son Adam’s #33, a car which Peter himself had actually constructed.

24 bring his DC Car Carriers #66 home in third. Heath Bunting had repaired the head gasket problems from his Ballarat debut but now had more repairs to make after hitting the wall. This heat proved troublesome for the eventual feature winner when he broke a steering arm in the Broadbent’s Bulk Services #31 but still managed to finish.

in a tight bunch. Forrest was taken out of the challenge however, when he broke the wheel centre out of his right rear wheel leaving a four car battle for the lead.

Alan Howe was thankful for his pole position start in heat 2A because it kept him clear of all that was going on behind him as he beat Trevor Thierry and Timberlake to the chequers. Further back Forrest and Peter Hickford came together as did Bruce Tait and Hughes with Hughes breaking another axle.

At about mid race Ellis made a move around the outside of the leader through the tight turn three and four complex and actually led the field across the line. Clarke however had other ideas and retook the lead as they worked through turns one and two.

Clarke continued to lead with various other positional changes amongst his pursuers.

Clarke knew there was a pack of hounds after his lead position and if the race had of been reduced to 20 laps as it was originally suggested, he would have scored his first AMCA feature. However, the race was to go the full 25 laps and on the last lap into turn three Clarke drifted up track slightly leaving enough room The final heat of the night was an all for Ellis to attempt an inside pass. The problem was that while they were trying to deal with the way win for each other Broadbent was able to slip underEllis (Cool Core Radiators #42) from neath both of them and in the mad dash to the line it was Broadbent who had his nose in front pole with Clarke second and Broad- by less than half a car length from a disappointed Clarke with Ellis and Hughes next in bent third despite pushing to push rods through the rocker arms. an ultra exciting finish. Behind this quartet Another unique situation was that of the came Timberlake, Tait, Taylor, Lovski, Howe Thierry brothers, Frank and Trevor, who were and May. Clarke’s third and second heat placing's had sharing the car. Deciding who would run the car in the main event could prove fun for these earned him pole for the feature with Forrest “The crew worked really hard after I pretty alongside followed by Kiraly, Ellis, Howe, feisty siblings. much wrote the car off at Hamilton in the VicBroadbent, Timberlake, Robert Taylor, torian Title.” Explained Broadbent. “Then at Hughes, David May (Emjay Signs #98), Heat 1A saw Ballarats Paul Forrest adapt to Hickford, Tait, Stan Marco, Bunting and Hans Simpson we only just got the rockers repaired the track quickly enough to win the opening and it was time to go straight out for the feaLovski #88. heat from Hughes and Trevor Thierry. ture. It was good fun, and a good reward for the crew and we celebrated well afterwards.” When the 25 lap journey to AMCA glory Mick Kiraly won heat 1B from his pole start leading home the overworked Thierry machine started, Clarke led the field away with Forrest, now in the hands of Frank. Clarke was able to Ellis, Hughes and Broadbent all in hot pursuit

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine World Series Sprintcars 2009/10 Schedule Released NASR National Office posted Wednesday April 1, 2009. The National Association of Speedway Racing today released the World Series Sprintcars schedule for the 2009/10 Season.

back in Toowoomba. Another two night fixture, this time at Parramatta, then follows on January 15 and 16.

Following discussions at the recent WSS Management Group meeting and consequent negotiations with each track, the schedule represents an improvement from past years in relation to the geographic flow and less rounds overall, particularly prior to Christmas.

A major change and highlight will be the hosting of the Grand Final at the Perth Motorplex in Western Australia in early February. The penultimate round will be held in country WA, (Wednesday February 3), two nights before the Kwinana Grand Final on February 5 and 6.

The opening round of the twenty third anniversary series is scheduled for Titan Garages Brisbane International Speedway on 21 November, a series start that is two weeks later than previous years. Teams will then stay in Queensland to race at Charlton Raceway, Toowoomba on 28 November for round two.

Traditionally hosting rounds in November, the Western Australian change to February will see the WSS event link up to other major events in WA – namely the King of Wings and Krikke Boys Shootout in February and March.

Tyrepower Parramatta City Raceway then hosts round three a week later on 5 December, to co-incide with the inaugural Sydney 400 Grand Finale - The V8 Supercar street race at Homebush.

“This is a bonus for WA fans,” said Gavin Migro, the Perth Motorplex Speedway Manager. “This will guarantee the best in the business will all come to WA for a month of big events.”

The teams will break for Christmas after Round four on 12 December at a venue to be confirmed. The traditional World Series Sprintcars Speedweek is back again, beginning at Truckworks Speedway City on Boxing Day before moving to Moore’s Engineering Murray Bridge Speedway, Borderline Speedway at Mt Gambier, Avalon Speedway and Sungold Stadium in Warrnambool on New Year’s Day. "The inclusion of Speedweek Track confirms the commitment to World Series Sprintcars from all the major Promotors around Australia," said WSS Management Group Chairman Geoff Kendrick. The series will resume a week later for the first twonight fixture on January 8 and 9 in Brisbane. Doubling as the Australian Sprintcar Open the 50 lap feature race will be backed up the following night for round eleven,


BLAST FROM THE PAST Anybody know who the drivers are and at what race track? Emails to SPEEDWEEK December 26 Saturday Speedway City Rd 5 December 27 Sunday Murray Bridge Rd 6 December 28 Monday Mt Gambier Rd 7 December 30 Wednesday Avalon Rd 8 January 1 Friday Warrnambool Rd 9

In fact the entire schedule has been structured around all of the other major races on the National Sprintcar calendar, including the $50,000 to win Scott Darley MeJanuary 8/9 Fri/Sat Brisbane Rd 10 morial, the Classic weekend and the Australian SprintJanuary 10 Sunday Toowoomba Rd 11 car Nationals. January 15/16 Fri/Sat Parramatta Rd 12 Rd 13 With the schedule now released, expressions of interest February 3 Wednesday TBC February 5/6 Fri/Sat Kwinana Rd 14 will now be sought for contracted drivers. Some big February 7 Sunday Perth Presentation Dinner names are expected. 2009/10 World Series Sprintcars Schedule:

For Further Information, please contact:

November 21 Saturday Brisbane Rd 1 November 28 Saturday Toowoomba Rd 2 December 5 Saturday Parramatta Rd 3 December 12 Saturday TBC Rd 4

Mr Tim McAvaney General Manager National Association of Speedway Racing 08 8139 0777

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine laps.” says Race Director Kerrie Barker. ‘The maturity ‘A CYCLONE HITS REDLINE’ Paul ‘Cyclone’ Solomon took the glory in the Fire Ser- and improvement Paul has shown this season is vice Plus Sprintcar All Stars RD8 at Redline Raceway amazing.’ last night. “This was one of the busiest races we have seen so The #V7 Formula Motorsports, Race Trader Eagle far this season” quoted Series Promoter Mandy showing his talent on the extremely busy race track. Searle. “When Hickman formed up at the rear I knew #V11 Brad Foster’s Brownells, D&F Racing Products we were going to be in for a spectacle to watch, Maxim finishing 2nd and #V40 Darren Hickman’s Then we also had #SA15 Anthony Vanderyden in the Deep Creek Marina Hotel J&J 3rd. Foster was again Steuart Bros Truckers Toy Store Eagle and #SA83 troubled by brakes and drove most of event without Shannon Barry PSTR also line up towards the rear – any which gave him & the crowd some spectacular and it was definitely going to be a tough race. These moments, whilst Hickman had to start the race from guys are all hard chargers and never happy unless the rear after changing a right rear tyre at the start they have given 110%.” #SA 75 Colin Brooks finishing 4th, #SA15 Anthony of the event. “Solomon put on an awesome driving display making Vanderyden 5th, #SA83 Shannon Barry 6th, #V83 sure he stayed out of trouble as he weaved his way Chris Solomon 7th, #V25 David Cook 8th, #V61 Ricky thru the field and lap traffic after only a few short Barrand 9th and #V41 Leigh Howard 10th. #V4 Phil Lock’s night did not finish the way he would have preferred and ended up on the back of the tow truck after the 1st lap of the feature with no front end in his car. “This would have been a disappointment to team Lock as every point counts for the End of Season Championship. These last few rounds are really important to the drivers. The way the points work are

26 that drivers drop their worst round – so that points from 9 out of the 10 rounds only are used to decide the Series Winner. This is making the Series even more exciting and the winner will probably not be known until the end of final night” says Searle. “The night was dedicated to Ron Donaldson Snr who passed away 2 weeks ago after our Mildura round. We had a one minute silence whilst his son Ron Donaldson Jnr and son in law Darren Hickman performed slow tribute laps. Sandi Hickman stepped out of her #V30 ride to let her brother Ron Donaldson Jnr take the wheel for the night. Again proving what a tight family they really are and just how much racing is a part of their life.” says Searle. The Wettenhall Logistics 2 Seater Sprintcar was again giving another two lucky spectators the chance to feel the thrill of Sprintcar racing. Heat wins were taken out by V11 Brad Foster, V41 Leigh Howard, V7 Paul Solomon and SA75 Colin Brooks. Contingency Prize winners were Hoosier A Main – Paul Solomon 1-11 Tools Last Man Standing – David Cook Idigit Lucky Draw – Colin Barker Fire Service Plus Hot Arse Award – Shaun Forrell Smileys Hard Charger – Darren Hickman Red Ed Sheds Lucky 7’s – Chris Solomon For complete results click on

ROLLING THUNDER Racing E News/Magazine


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