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June 2013 Edition 19

Rolling Thunder e-Mag. Issue 18 Oct/Nov 2011 Editors; Ray Solomon, & Brett “Pirate” Swanson PHOTO’S Courtesy of: Pirate Media. Geoff Gracie Photos MEDIA RELEASES:  Pirate Media—Brett Swanson  Dean Thompson (DMT Media).  Formula Motorsports Group Pty Ltd.  All Stars Media CONTRIBUTORS; Brett Swanson Ray Solomon Dean Thompson Got something to contribute? All contributions welcome send to or

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Speedway news and Race reports from around Victoria,

Redline Raceway: Race Reports.

Rolling Thunder Raceway: Race Report

Sprintcar All Stars: News/Calendar next season.

Formula Motorsports: Hamilton Gold Cup.

ASCS 305 in Australia.

SPEEDWAY NEWS The cars are based on the 6 cylinder automatic Ford or Holden. Once about 10 cars have been completed, race events will be arranged at RTR whereby competitors can compete in a range of events including rally cross through the centre infield of the track. MATTY REED in a 360 Sprintcar next Competitors can build their own car, season ? purchase or hire a car for the day. Final arrangement are being discussed that may see Matty Reed in the Ken Specifications will be released soon so Huthins 360 Sprintcar team for 2013/4.. interested people can get to work and Ken’s race team had great success in build their own car, Once they are built, 2012/13 when Danny Smith (USA) and they can be left on site at the raceway so they can be utilized on a regular basis Matt Reed drove for the team. Matt who is the current Victorian 360 without the need to tow the car to the Champion and was very unlucky not to track. have won the gold cup at Hamilton recently. Ken is looking to again run a 2 Brett Swanson (The Pirate) is over in car team with him driving the second the US to follow the Penncar. sylvania Speed week and attend other selected events. The good news is that Brett will be taking a video camera, so expect to see some good footage on Rolling Thunder TV (You Tube) in the future and in the next edition of this magazine. STOCK CARS for RTR. Rolling Thunder Raceway Promotions Inc. are developing their own class of stock car for competition at Rolling Thunder Raceway.

TWO SEATER SPRINTCAR RIDES Feel like a ride of your life, then a 2 seater Sprintcar ride is for you. Call Gary Bruce on 0459 987 363. Paul Solomon has a new web site, see for all the latest news on the #7 Sprintcar team. Sprintcars return to Redline Raceway in 2014. Tentative dates include: 360 shows on Feb 1st and 15th, March 8th and an open show on April 12th. Build it and they will come – and they have! The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series are proud of what they have achieved since the series kicked off in 2007-08. The series has completed many goals over this short period and continually increases in popularity, always promoting itself in a positive manner. “At the end of each season I record all our statics and when completed can see in black & white just how much we have achieved. Small steps each year make for big achievements for 360’s overall. It

shows just how popular 360 racing has become since driv-  2 events have been highers have been given an opportunity to promote them- lighted by a 30 mtr Pro Video Big selves.” Series Promoter, Mandy Searle says. Screen Live Audio at all events and re Created history by being the first travelling 360 Series in sults published live on Twitter, Australia and are pleased to see other States following suit. Facebook, Sprintcar World and  140 drivers have competed in the Series over the 46 the Sprintcar All Star web site as rounds held to date, with 17 new competitors this past sea- they happen on race nights. “When we compare the populason alone.  62 drivers competed last season in comparison to 28 tion in Australia that we have to draw from as opposed to America back in 2007/08.  Teams from every state in Australia have now run with we see a similar trend taking place to the popularity of 360’s there. the Series as well as drivers from the United States.  The average car count this season was 22 which was an What is the old saying used in the Field of Dreams movie – ‘Build it and they will come’ – well I think that also applies increase on the previous year.  12 different race tracks have held rounds with another 2 with us. We have built it and they are coming!” new venues for the oncoming season.  3 x $5000 to win All Star Challenges have been run & Kouda Signs are delighted to be able to conwon.  3 x Tyson Perez Memorial events have also been run & gratulate Mark Lincoln for his victory in the Australian AMCA Title won.  19 different drivers have won A Main events. With only at Brisbane on the 26th and 27th 46 A Mains run this highlights how competitive the racing of April after limited time in a race seat this season. is. Lincoln a former national champion in the division had been out of the seat for a while this season with business and family commitments to take care of before jumping back into driver just prior to the recent Victorian title. With a couple lead up events to that title and a couple events since Lincoln went to Archerfield with his race rust gone and the ‘Kouda Signs’ supported # 97 car a genuine chance for victory.

Signs is extremely pleased to have an Australian Champion displaying our business colours. ”Kouda Signs had recently stickered up the Stewart Grant-Campbell owned race car with their business logo and it was perfect timing as Brisbane got to see a well presented # 97 take the win. Mark Lincoln was very grateful to the team boss/car owner Stewart GrantCampbell for supplying Mark with a very good race car and spares and Lincoln cant thank him enough, however hopes that the Australia # 1 sticker gives Grant-Campbell as much joy as it does to him. If you would like to get signs written & Heidi Lincoln one half of ‘Kouda Signs’ stickered, get onto Brett & Heidi at was over the moon for her Team Kouda Kouda Signs. Heidi on 0416 740 910 driver Mark Lincoln her cousin. “We and Brett 0488 842 727 flew up from Melbourne to watch knowing Mark was a very good chance to Alexandra & District figure in the results. Speedway Club put together a My partner Brett was crewing for him wonderful show on Saturday the 18th and come feature time you got a feel- of May with eight different divisions on ing it was going to be special as Mark the program including the visiting 3 Liwas relaxed yet focused. We are so tre Sedans & Wingless along with final proud of him and of course Kouda rounds in the Sports Sedans & StanHistory will now show that Lincoln dominated the final setting the fastest one lap time of anybody in the division across the two nights of racing on lap eleven in the final. Lincoln led from lap two to the very last lap, number thirty to finish ahead of three Queenslanders and another Victorian in the top five. Prior to the final Lincoln had finished second in his first heat, sixth in his second, second in his third and then in the final round Lincoln once again picked up a second place finish qualifying himself out of fifth position for the title race and moving up to third after Ryan Alexander couldn’t start the title race.

For the latest in videos from speedways around Victoria, visit RollingThunderTV Wilson & Mick Boyle in the dash to the line. In Wingless Sprints due to a rain out at Nyora Raceway for a meeting scheduled for the next day, the association had been able to arrange racing for the Ladies who had made their way down for Wingless racing along with the Association Wingless. Dave McKay won the final in the Association Wingless whilst Queenslander Kristin Brown won the Ladies Wingless final.

The ladies held their two heats and a final before the Association Wingless ran theirs. Brown was too good for Bidard Saloon series & Will Lamb made it anca Reeves, Kristy Ellis, Jodie Leworthy & Lisa Herdel in heat one whilst she back to back ‘Mike Woodham Memorials’ when he was able to out gun Daniel won the second heat ahead of Ellis, Leworthy, Reeves and Herdel.

third round of the ‘Fallons Bus Services Cup’ series & won the overall three round series ahead of Darren Forrest, Ash Schoonbeek, Ben Moon & Luke Fallon. Heat wins in the third round went the way of Moon, Rod Henskens, Nelson & Henskens again then Nelson & Wayne Nelson.For the ‘Pakenham 4 x 4 Recyclers Cup’ final round Chris Stewart made it a hat trick of feature The feature race finished in exactly the race wins in the three round series same order. when he led home Mick Chrystie & In the Association Wingless, Ray Warrick Howie. Klemm defeated Kevin Reeves & Lindsey Trotter in heat one before Dave In the series Stewart was overall winMcKay took a win in heat two from ner from Chrystie, Darren Forrest, Dale Gary Bowden & Trotter. Morrison/Kellie Garlick & Aaron The final was won by McKay from Trot- Meakins. Third round heat race wins ter, Klemm, Bowden & Andrew Brown.3 went the way of Nick Chrystie, Stewart, Litre Sedan’s annual ‘Mick Woodham Stewart again & Chrystie. Memorial’ was an event everybody wanted to win. On his way to victory Lamb finished second to Scott Mallon in the first heat second to Wilson in the second heat and won the last. Along with Lamb, Wilson & Boyle, Lennie Clark finished fourth and Adam Monti was awarded fifth after being penalised two spots for a last lap challenge. In Sports Sedans Matt Nelson outgunned Ben Moon & Luke Fallon in the

In Junior Sedan racing the six heat wins were shared by Corey Lincoln, Wayne Furmston, Corey Lincoln again, Chevy Edwards, Edwards again and Cameron Pearson. In the final Lincoln who was racing his last ever Junior Sedan event won from Edwards, Dean Burton, Caleb Lincoln & Pearson.The Ladies Sedans were again on the program. Megan Cheeseman was the best placed Standard Saloon racer whilst the Open Sedans who start behind the Standards was won by Amanda Bickham. The overall top five on the night was Cheeseman, Tegan Bullard, Di Meakins, Kym Eames & Bickham.Open Sedan racing had three heats won by Matt Nelson before he also beat Darren Nel-

son in the final with Tim McPherson in third. ********************* Stewart wins division 2 Hot Rods zone title at Drouin Speedway Drouin Speedway on Sunday May the 5th ended well for the ‘Stewart Racing’ team once gain this time with Daniel Stewart taking a win in the Victorian Speedway Council Gippsland Zone title for Division 2 Hot Rods on the same program the Vintage Sedans from ‘Ace of Spades’ Club and Mark Miles entertained.

Victor ‘The Inflictor’ Benson. In Vintage Sedan’s a demonstration group of racers in machines from the fantastic 50’s & 60’s with names to boot it would be the ‘Aggravator’ who would lead to the finish line the ‘Gnome’ & ‘Burnout’. For those not knowing who these names are related to it was Peter Quaife, Bob Maloney & Billy O’Neill. A new edition Gippsland ‘hired gun’ Alan ‘The Monster’ McKinnon debuted in Col Chadwick’s ‘Herman’s Hearse’ and complete with coffin handles on the side of the race car, McKinnon had an absolute ball and finished strongly amongst the group.

Stewart began the final at the front of the field and had a terrible start, it looked like he was testing his steering as the green flag came out and was caught behind. Again in the feature another move requiring Stewart to run high paid off as Stewart ripped past Mills to take the win in a fifteen lap final. Laidlaw once again was third with Jeff Smith and Ricky Low rounding out the top five.Stewart was In the Division 2 Hot Rods three heat kind in his words after the win at presIn SSA Junior Sedans Donald Young races determined where the drivers entation. from Langwarrin won all three heat would begin the feature race and the first heat was very entertaining with “The Drouin Club have done well today. races and the final with Shona Bent Ricky Mills and Stewart in a great battle It was a great track with passing room chasing in second place in all four races. catching up to a backmarker and both up high which the crowd witnessed. I Josh Stewart was much improved and needing to decide who was going to thank Shane (brother) and my support- finished the day in third place whilst Ropass on the pole line and who was going ers and family. It was great to race with chelle Hill & rookie of the day Zoe Young outside and as Mills would later say at Ricky & Scotty today, it was clean and despite a little bingle in the feature race presentation it was Stewart whom had fast. I hope we as a Division come back finished the final also. Zoe Young finthe bigger ‘Cohuna’s’ and he went high here again soon. ished all three heats and the final in her and took the lead and the first heat win first days racing which was an out”In Standard Saloons Pakenham’s Mark standing result. Donald Young was very from Mill’s & Scotty Laidlaw. Miles seemed to have his car sorted out strong in winning both he and Shona In heat two Mills manage to lock in a Bent look ready for the big events still win ahead of Stewart and Laidlaw before and despite a heat race over zealous Laidlaw took a win in the third heat move on Mitch Bowyer, Miles had a to come for the season. great finish to the day and took a win In Ladies Standard Saloon’s Melissa Tatahead of Stewart and Mills with those over Ben Randall who was having a rip- terson and Karen Halliday were the three drivers securing the top three in all three heat races. per stoush with Nar Nar Goon resident

strong performers of the day with Tatterson victorious in a shoot out feature for the two. Michael Suckling in Junior Standards further developed his race driving skills in readiness for next seasons potential VSC Juniors Gippsland Series & Russell Hill won the Open Sedan final ahead of Aaron Price and Michael Knight.

All Stars 2013-14 Race Schedule

The Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Series is very pleased to announce their proposed race schedule for the oncoming season with 2 new race tracks locking in Series rounds and 9 rounds confirmed to date. The series will kick off in Murray Bridge as has been tradition for the past few seasons and then heads off to Heartland Raceway, Moama and then Swan Hill Speedway, both of these venues are new for the All Stars. Gippsland’s Rosedale International Raceway is the next venue to be visited before Christmas. Nyora Speedbowl has again locked in their regular Christmas date. Simpson have again taken 2 rounds this season and teams can use the January 4 date as a shootout for the Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers All Star Challenge $5K to win show 2 weeks later. Borderline Speedway is next on the calendar with the Tyson Perez Memorial. Blue Ribbon Raceway Horsham is the next stop for con-

firmed dates. The Series is waiting to confirm a date for Timmis Speedway Mildura. Dates are – November 9 – Murray Bridge Speedway, SA November 16 – Heartland Raceway, Moama, NSW November 23 – Swan Hill Raceway, Swan Hill, Vic December 7 – Rosedale International Raceway, Vic December 27 – Nyora Speedbowl, Vic January 4 – Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway, Vic January 18 – All Star Challenge Heytesbury Stockfeeds Simpson Speedway, Vic February 8 – Tyson Perez Memorial . Borderline Speedway - Mount Gambier, SA February 22 – Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham, Vic March 1 – TBC March 15 - TBC “We are very excited to have 2 new venues to compete at for this oncoming season. Swan Hill Speedway approached us last season but unfortunately we could not find a suitable date for both of us but we have made one work for this season. Heartland Raceway has also taken on a Series round and we are certainly looking forward to going to the big wide open race track. At the moment we are waiting to hear back from Mildura and another venue confirming the March rounds and of course the Final. Hopefully this will be done ASAP. Now how long to go -6 months but who’s counting? ” Searle says.


put his car infield. Jenkins was able to continue on however was about to Kavanagh in a Hurry strike trouble. West (# 4 Ace Timber & Hardware) led Kavanagh on the lap at Rushworth two restart with Jenkins in third. The thundering SDAV Rods hit the track at Rushworth Speedway on April Kavanagh moved to the lead soon after whilst Jenkins pulled out with dis27th with the racers competing in three of the four heats each and it was tributor failure. Kavanagh took the win from West, Shannon Meakins, Steve Victorian Champion Jason Kavanagh who finished victorious ahead of Allan Robertson (# 69 Solar City Canvas Shepparton) & Glenn Lawless. Luckett & Dean West in the feature With Luckett from pole and Kavanagh event. from sixth in the second heat, it wasThe action began with West & Dylan n’t going to be an easy ride for Linehan off the front row of heat one and Phil Jenkins (# 3 Westside Radia- Kavanagh. Luckett (# 16 Intech Motorsport Dyno) tors) made a great start to the race moving up to second as they cross the led Kali Hovey and West on lap one before Robertson spun on lap two. By line on lap one. On lap two things lap three Kavanagh was chasing went pear shaped for Linehan (# 28 Luckett and on lap five he snatched Bronson Sheetmetal Fabrications) though as he rode a wheel on Jenkins the lead. Kavanagh went on to win from Luckett, West, Kali Hovey (# 22 car and broke his own tail shaft that

Ribeau Interstate Transport) and Robertson. Russell Hovey the last start feature winner at Laang Speedway found himself black flagged by the Stewards when his neck brace came off! Jenkins and Meakins (# 84 Aarons Car Removals) began at the front of the pack in the third heat and it would be Meakins to lead at the first crossing of the start line. On lap turn Jenkins lost grip on the leader when he spun and was shown the rear of field signal. Meakins held the lead as he crossed the line on lap seven before spinning in turn to himself and also being directed to the back of the pack. Luckett then led to the finish taking a win over West, Kali Hovey, Meakins & Lawless (# 99 Wally’s Race Parts). At the restart after Meakins had spun you wouldn’t believe it, Russell Hovey got another black flag, this time for hitting the single file starting cone.

GP MIDGETS AT REDLINE. In the final heat to earn qualification points for the final. Robertson & Kavanagh (# 5 Racetrans & Developments – Chassis & Components) began at the front and right from the green the # 5 car was gone. Luckett had a spin and a rear of field banishment on lap two and Kavanagh for nine laps led Meakins and Robertson before Luckett on lap ten got by Robertson to take third at the chequers. Robertson was fourth then Jenkins, Kali Hovey, Lawless & Russell Hovey (# 25 Ribeau Interstate Transport). Lining up for the final with the top runners on the night at the front Kavanagh, Luckett, West & Meakins held the first four grid positions. When let out of the blocks, Kavanagh led Luckett & West. On lap two, Jenkins car came to a halt in turn four and the yellow lights were switched on. Jenkins didn’t finish the final still having mechanical issues. Kavanagh then continued to lead Luckett and West before Meakins also came to a halt this time in turn three on lap eight. Meakins was able to restart and Kavanagh continued to lead

Ash Booker came out victorious again in the Grand Prix Midgets this time at Redline Raceway with Geoff Meyers giving him the hurry up all the way in a great the remaining seven laps with Luckett & tussle at the front of the field with Lisa Chalcraft closing out the top three placWest in tow to the chequer flag. Kali Hovey finished fourth ahead of Robert- ings. son and then Meakins, Russell Hovey Redline Raceway last season was one of and Lawless rounded out the field.Second placed driver Allan Luckett the clubs favourite race meetings and was pleased with his result. “I enjoyed they were delighted to be able to come this race meeting. Rushworth is a great back this season and are looking to lock place to come racing and we have a fan in two meetings at the venue again next season as they steadily increase their base here also which is good. We just couldn’t match Kav in the end however club membership and drivers with a view to travelling to more venues next to finish ahead of West & Meakins is a season. good result for us. Bring on Redline!”

Nine racers made it to the venue with a couple others from New South Wales and Shepparton unable to make it. Booker and Mark Cecil who now races Compact Speedcars and was driving the John Bale owned # 25 sporting a Suzuki Katana 1130cc engine started on the front row. Cecil out gunned Booker at the start of the ten lap heat and led across the line on lap one. Chalcraft slotted into the third position whilst Chris Fowler (# 13 Bend & Machine – Suzuki GSX 1100) had fourth ahead of Neil Johnson. Danny Stainer who was racing for the ‘Pitstop Mowers Team’ in the R1 Yamaha powered number 5 car had a battery fail and no ignition and couldn’t get that fixed in between heats and was out for the night.

finished third ahead of Johnson, Fowler, Malcolm German, Meyers & Garry Cassidy.Heat two began with Johnson and Meyers at the head of the field. Johnson got the best start as Meyers slipped through the field letting Fowler and Booker into second and third to duel. Cecil spun on lap two just as Booker (# 50 R & P Stainer Grinding Services – R1 Yamaha) had passed Fowler giving Fowler second spot back on the restart.

next in line. Chalcraft and Cassidy began the final heat on the front row with Booker at the back in sixth place.

Chalcraft led Meyers in the # 47 Lights Plus Shepparton machine at the end of lap one and Johnson at the end of lap On lap four Cecil and Cassidy collided two and then Meyers again on lap coming off of turn two resulting in a three before Johnson slipped down into a contest with Fowler. broken left upright for Cecil putting On lap seven Johnson and Fowler in a him out of the meeting, Cassidy (# 9 Unsponsored – Suzuki GSX 1100) re- fight for position came together when Fowler tried a move on the inside in Geoff Meyers slowed due to fuel injec- started. On the same lap German in the former turn one. tion issues whilst Johnson found his Cecil owned race car took to the infield way ahead of Fowler on lap four. The cars connected and Johnson spun Cecil from Shepparton driving the for- with mechanical break down. with the officials putting the # 22 car mer Noel Freeman race car who was a Johnson (# 22 Unsponsored – Suzuki to the back of the field for the stopnational champion in the division led page. It didn’t matter to much as on until lap ten started to run out of fuel EXE 1100) continued on at the front without a challenge whilst Fowler and the restart Fowler couldn’t get any and the car started to splutter and Booker crossed the line in a dead heat drive due to a broken CV joint after Booker took advantage and the win. Chalcraft (# 15 Oil Hydraulics passing the lap scorers at the chequer the contact with Johnson and the # 13 car limped around to finish. flag with Meyers and then Chalcraft Shepparton – Suzuki GSXR-W 1100)

Luke Fallon Back To Back In Metro Tow 100 Lap Derby

On lap seven Chalcraft pulled infield with a flat tyre and waited to cross the line for points when the chequer was waved. Earlier Cassidy broke both front shocker mounts putting his car out for the final. A ten lap final with six starters began with Booker at the top of the field, Johnson, Meyers, Fowler, Chalcraft & German (# 6 United Tools – GSX-R 1000). Booker quickly established a lead from Johnson and Meyers who had overcome his fuel issues from earlier in the night. Johnson spun on lap eight and on the restart got in front of Fowler before spinning on turn four on the final lap.

then decided that due to drivers leaving to go home Sunday night that anybody who wanted to buy their way into the It is hard enough to win a summer final could for $50 that would go toweekend feature race and in Victoria wards the fire & paramedic crew faciliwhen the regular Speedway Sedan Aus- ties at the venue and so 57 racers tralia & Victorian Speedway Council sea- started the 100 lap final. sons are done 100 plus Sedans head to Alexandra Speedway and try to win the Round one heat races were won by Mick annual almost forty year old 100 Lap Chrystie, Robbie Gorman, Garry Monti, Derby and Luke Fallon a local legend former Australia # 2 Street Stock racer pulled off the win for the second year in Mick Clark, Daniel Scott, former Austrasuccession and the third time in four lia # 2 Junior Sedan racer Corey Lincoln seasons when he won a fog delayed in his first ever open age race & Damien feature on Monday the 10th of June. Miller. Fallon pipped Tony Moule at the death knell to take the win with current Australia # 4 Dirt Modified racer Daniel Scott third then Damien Miller & Steve Ellis finalising the top five positions.

Racing on Saturday night was fogged Booker took the win with Meyers bear- out after round four had finished and ing down on him quickly then Chalcraft, there was no chance round five heats were going to be run. A driver vote to Fowler & German as the chequer flag run the final on Monday morning based waved. on the first three rounds of heats which The Victorian GP Midget Club is suphad a front, middle and rear start for all ported by: competitors seen the round four results Super Balance Shepparton and DMT scrapped. Sports Media

Round two produced some more wins from some of the favourites of the event. Steve Lincoln set the fastest heat race time of the weekend in heat 2a with a 3.29.019 six lap time in an event when most laps take 35.5 seconds or more per lap. Garry won again, David Barrie, Lenny Bates, Darren Forrest, Kellie Atkins, Damien Millerand Matt Nelson.

What was to become the final round of points considered in the qualification for the Derby started with another win to Monti before Russell Hill had the biggest heat win of the weekend when he won The Alexandra & District Speedway Club by 17.551 seconds ahead of his nearest

rival. That’s around half a lap distance. Jamie Lock took a win then Paul Turnbull, Damien Miller to stay equal on points with Monti, Tony Moule, Atkins & Corey Lincoln. This was the end of night one with two rounds to go on the Sunday before the 100 lap derby. The fourth round was run and the first of the fifth round before fog settled in to end the nights racing. To make it fair for drivers who couldn’t have their reversed grid start in the fifth round the fourth round was discarded and points were done on the basis of the first night results.

fer to fix the car and headed back to Bendigo to try to get the job done however didn’t return on Monday for the feature event.

record one lap time since the use of transponders of 33.425 seconds for a lap. Almost a second better than anytime over the weekend.

Simon Jones & Russell Hill were two drivers in the top twenty qualifiers who elected not to compete on Monday.

Matt Nelson didn’t get to meet the green flag and pulled out of the race quickly whilst Steve Lincoln became the first race casualty early pulling out after a break down.

Miller was left on pole position with Corey Lincoln alongside him. Moule and Turnbull were on row two with Chrystie & Atkins on row three then Billy Burton, Bates, Nathan Fawns & Chris Stewart completing the top starting ten.

Miller led the field on lap one from Turnbull, Moule and Corey Lincoln who didn’t have the best of runs through the dog leg on lap one. Miller led to lap ten before Lincoln moved back up and took the lead on lap eleven through to 18 Other notables starting the final below For the record Lewis Clark, Daniel Stew- the top ten included event sponsor Dar- before Miller took the lead again and led art, Mick Chrystie, Steve Lincoln, Corey ren Forrest most recently a Late Model Lincoln, Turnbull, Moule & Atkins at the twenty lap mark of the race. Lincoln, Sonia Nelson, Russell Hill & Sedan competitor, Steve & Colin LinColin Lincoln won the heats that were coln, Des Birkin a many years ago It was around here that Turnbull spun South Australian Super Sedan chamnot being counted from round four. By at the entrance to the dog leg with the pion, Mick Clark, Tim McCubbin from Steve, Colin & Corey Lincoln winning rear end of his car locking up and his the great Sprintcar family, whilst deraces history was made as Steve is fending champion Fallon began around race was done. Colin’s father and Corey’s grandfather about 30th and Scott around 34th posigiving three generations of a family a win in the round, all three started in the tion. 100 Lap Derby also. The ‘Metro Tow 100 Lap Derby’ took one hour & twenty three minutes to run Bad luck for Monti who was equal top point scorer and pole position based on which included laps on caution slowing best lap time who then blew a head down the event official time. During the gasket in his fourth heat. He got an of- final Corey Lincoln cracked a new race

SPRINTCAR BOLT KITS AVAILABLE SOON Moule made a move on lap twenty eight and assumed the lead lost it four laps later to Lincoln and took it back the very next circuit around when Lincoln succumbed to a flat tyre and had to pit whilst Moule went on swapping with Miller until lap 55 where Daniel Scott took the lead having stormed through the pack from 30 positions behind the lead cars. On lap 60 Moule was back in the lead with Scott, Miller, Ellis, Fallon, Ahearn, Chris Stewart, Miles, McPherson & Chrystie the top ten at this point and Moule held the lead until lap 73 before Scott took it again until lap 77. It was great racing at the front of the pack as drivers in the lead group worked their way in and out and around lapped cars

and other groups in their own battles for position. From lap 78 Moule was back in the lead and very much looking like he was going to go on with it, accept the defending champion had other ideas.

the only cars finishing on the lead lap. On lap 80 Moule led Scott, Miller, A lap behind and in sixth was Morris Fallon, Ellis, Ahearn, Miles, McPherson, Ahearn with Chris Stewart, Tim McPherson & Andrew Miles. Corey Lincoln Stewart & Robert Fair. managed to finish in tenth after having to head to the pits briefly and return to Fallon was creeping up gradually the track early in the race putting himthrough the field and by lap 90 was in second and reeling in Moule. Having led self a couple laps down. from lap 78 on lap 99 Moule lost the lead to Fallon who went on to record Kellie Atkins was the first lady home the win by a margin of 1.453 seconds then Brendan Miller, Robert Fair, Andrew Jordan, Darren Nelson, Mick over Moule, Scott was 8 seconds further back then Damien Miller and Ellis Clark, Gary Stanley, Shane O’Brien,

Daniel Unternaher & Daniel Simpson making up the top twenty finishers. Whilst Moule & Scott are both probably thinking what could have been, Chris ‘Big Bird’ Stewart, Tim ‘Timbo’ McPherson & Andrew Miles are all stoked about their top ten finishes in the big race. Stewart converted his race car from a Standard Saloon to Open spec car whilst McPherson has performed strongly at the end of the season especially since winning the Redline Raceway Open Sedan track championship whilst Miles is showing that he is going to be a top of the field racer on a more frequent basis moving into next season. Outside of the top twenty who would normally figure in the top 15 were Lenny Bates, Bill Burton, Darren Forrest, Mick Chrystie, Daniel Stewart, Robert Gorman, Colin Lincoln, Paul Turnbull & Dave Erickson.

Atkins, Miles & Cull Win At Alexandra

setting the fastest six lap heat overall time of 3:53.377 for the Juniors over the weekend On the same weekend as the and also set the fastest one 100 Lap Derby at Alexandra lap time of 38.396 in the the annual ‘Victorian Short same race. Cameron Pearson Circuit Championship’ for Junhad a win by the closest of ior Sedans and the Alexandra margins in the next heat winCup & King of the Valley for ning by .170 of a second Standard Saloons were also ahead of Edwards. ran with Brock Atkins from Hamilton winning Atkins, Jackson Lunt, Jesse McKinnell, Atkins & Caleb Linthe Victorian Short Circuit coln took out wins in the final Championship across 5 heats four heats. and a final whilst Mark Miles won the first night Alexandra With Atkins a deserving pole Cup after three heats and a position qualifier he led Linfinal and David Cull won the coln & Jackson Lunt away to King of the Valley on points begin the twenty lap final until after the Standard Saloons Lincoln spun on lap two and elected not to hang around dropped back in the field. Tryuntil Monday to run the final. ing to make the distance back to the leader Lincoln then In the Junior Sedans Atkins clipped the wall hard on lap who began in sixth on the grid four and drifted infield to be went on to win the first heat attended by the medics with ahead of Chevy Edwards shoulder and arm pains. His whom he battled with most of race was done. the weekend. Caleb Lincoln won the next heat with Atkins To PAGE 37 in the second round of heats

Reed epitomises speed Collins captures AMCA Nationals Victorian Championship at Rolling Thunder Raceway Jamie Collins is the newly crowned Victorian AMCA Nationals Champion and “Mr Speed” Matthew Reed is officially the fastest man ever to lap Rolling Thunder Raceway after an action packed night of racing at the Bacchus Marsh Speedbowl on March 23rd. The State championship for the AMCA Nationals was the headline event and it was a stellar field of local and interstate competitors, with the visiting Queenslanders quickly adapting to the big track and showing some great speed, however mechanical and other issues were to severely hamper their assaults.

plete restart

Peachey gained the ascendancy and led the first 3 laps before Collins hit the lead and would never again be headed as he opened up a sizeable led as the race ran on. A couple of cautions closed things up but on each occasion Collins pulled away and by the time Jackson worked through to second place there was not enough laps left to run down the leader who took the win by less than two seconds with Peachey crossing the line in third ahead of Matt Veteran Kevin Peachey was in the form Hardy, Frank Thierry, of his AMCA life and put his #51 AMCA on pole for the all-important feature with Steve Lodwick, McCarthy, Cullinger, Russ Hardy alongside. Jamie Collins, Dean Ballard, Grant Cullinger and Mick Bill Lodwick and DarJackson would start next ahead of faran O’Reilly. Post-race vourite Tim Reidy and defending chamscrutineering however pion Darren McCarthy. At the drop of the green Hardy made a found a technical ingood start but when Grant Cullinger spun fringement on the car his advantage was negated. On the com- of Peachey who was

excluded from the results elevating Hardy onto the podium. In the Sprintcars it was all Reed as he dominated setting a new lap record along the way, on a lap that he admitted scared him.

With a motor loaned to him by debutant Tony Edwards, Reed was simply on fire winning from American Geoff Ensign with Shane Heathcote third and scoring the Dromana Mowers $250 bonus for being the first 360ci car home.

A fitting tribute was also acknowledged for the two crewmen killed at Marysville raceway last weekend (friends of visiting American racer Geoff Ensign) and for the recent passing of influential Victorian Dennis Cockerill.

Peter Milnes put on a great drive on Racing And Fun At debut at Rolling Thunder Raceway driving from the back of the field to come Redline Raceway home fourth ahead of Dennis Jones, Michael Cunningham, Paul Solomon, Michael Tancredi, debutant Jake Smith, A Sunday meeting closed out the seaLuke Nash, Ken Hutchins, Kane Haugh son at Redline Raceway with some fun and Scott Irons. and frivolity thrown in amongst some racing and a crazy thought process of Reeds’ scintillating lap was a time of letting crew members race cars and 13.017 second at an average speed of the big winners on the day were Stuart 165.937 seconds – astonishing. Robinson in Street Stocks, Leigh Good“I’ve run some fast race tracks in ing in Standards Saloons, Leigh Bourke America but that was scary.” said Reed in Open Sedan’s, Kye Walters in Junior who didn’t let his fear slow him down Sedans & Kym Cotterill in Formula any. “That was the fastest I’ve ever V8’s. gone in a Sprintcar.” The Street Stocks had thirty entries Sean Lister was the quickest of the Su- for the final show of the season. This per Sedans and Stuart Robinson domi- meant two rounds of three heats were nated the Open Independent Sedans. run with Darren Giacometti, Stuart Robinson and his brother James win-

ning the first round heats and then Des Birkin, Stuart Robinson again & Hayden Organ-Davidson winning the second round heats. Stuart Robinson was the top qualifier and he began on pole with Giacometti alongside him and James Robinson & Organ-Davidson, Birkin, Troy Hose, Karen Ferguson & Andrew Burgoyne in the next three rows. Surprisingly Brooke Ferguson was way back in eighteenth to start after a feature race win at the venue two meetings prior. Stuart Robinson was sensational and was never headed as he and Giacometti made their way through the back markers and away from any other challengers. Robinson the winner from Damian Murley, Giacometti, Karen Ferguson & Hose. In Junior Sedans the three protagonists from the Redline Track Championship day of Michael Skene, Kye Walters & Brock Atkins were at it again. Skene won the first heat then Walters won the second. Come final time the

‘Hotondo Homes’ team cars of Walters and Atkins both held the lead at time before Walters won from Atkins, Skene, Anthony Young, Jake Warren & Jack Ramsdale.

win over Nathan Fawns, Joshua Brown, Leigh Bourke and Frank Dickson. Brown won the second heat over Bourke, Fawns, Simon Jones & Jason Seymour

Standard Saloon Victorian Champion made things interesting by electing to start both heats at the rear of the field and then starting rear in the feature despite qualifying on pole. Whittle from last to first in the first heat beat Sara Benson & Matthew Domburg both of whom are no mugs with Victorian # 2 ranked driver Leigh Gooding in fourth being another driver Whittle had to out gun.

in another race with a crash and with Galley having mechanical drama. Bourke then marched on to win the feature ahead of Brown in a tremendous battle with Brown in the lead for almost all of the race before the Cortina of Bourke worked him over. Fawns was In the second heat he beat Gooding & third and Brodie Montague fourth in his Domburg before having a great ding first ever senior event & Richard Baker. dong battle in the feature race after catching Gooding and not being able to Formula V8 Sedans continued on get on past. Gooding took the win from their recent great battles with South Whittle, Benson, Joel Carmichael from Australian Kym Cotterill winning the Swan Hill and Domburg. first heat over Kieran Brennan. Danny Amato, Mick Purdie & Steve Forte and Open Sedans mixed and ran together with the Division 2 Hot Rods to create a field of twelve for heat one and after a couple of accidents and spins at the front end of the field made things a little easier for Andrew Galley in a Division 2 Hot Rod to come through for a

then Danny Amato won the second heat from Cotterill, Purdie, Brennan & Russ Matthews. Cotterill then secured a great win in the final in a great race with Amato, Purdie, Matthews & Brennan. Other divisions on the day included the Wingless Sprints with Mick Parry winning over Craig Plater, Corey Pretlove. Leigh Mugavin & Kelvin Toogood in the final after Pretlove & Parry won the heats whilst in Formula 500’s heats were won by Matt Symons & Josh Fort

before Kurt Dunham blew the field away in the final to win over Symons, T.J Beasy, Ben Morrison & Fort.In Compact Speedcars Ian Jones won ahead of Johnny Kyriacou & New Zealander Jarod Taylor & in ASCF Sedan’s Sean Lister in a Super Sedan out blasted Rodney Burr in a Modified, Kellie Atkins & Rhett Daly in the final. Super Modifieds with Gary Hamblin winning ahead of Mike Hallron & Graeme Pitcher. Crazy as it might sound thn car owners handed their cars over to crew or mates or wives to run in the mechanics race’s at the end and the response from ASCF Sedan’s was so much we had to run two races to split the field. Whilst nobody cared who won and the flag was waved when the flagman felt like it the races didn’t go without incident after Corey Gantley earnt himself bourbon for the next three months after Naomi Purdie crunched the wall and knocked the front end around on Gantley’s race car. A VSC Sedan mechanics race also occurred to round out the day. The season is now over for Redline with racing returning in November for next season. Follow developments for next season on the Redline official website. Redline wishes to thank its valuable supporters including: Power FM, IPTA Fibre-

glass, UBC Web Design, Erna Overall Quality Used Cars, ABN Electrical, P & M Earthworks, CCR Racing, Steve Forte Metal Fabrications, Pat Ash & Civil, Bourke Mechanical Spares, Ballarat’s Mega Meats Written by DMT Media’s Dean Thompson on behalf of Belmont Speedway Drivers Club

- Formula Motorsports On the pace in the chase for the gold cup. down 3rd place although he did manage to take second place away from Domain Ramsay for a brief period out of turn two but was to give it back down the back straight.

The running of the Gold Cup for 360 Sprintcars at Hamilton’s Western Speedway was a mix of both good and not so good for the Gisborne based team of brothers Paul and Chris Solomon and their pair of FMG-Fair Dinkum Sheds/ On the very last lap in the turn final pair of corners, the V20 of Ramsay came toIn action Photo’s Eagles. gether with race leader, Matt While elder brother Paul grabbed a po- Reed who'd been baulked by a lapped dium finish younger brother Chris had a car with both cars crashing out. Chris gift win snatched away by a freak event continued over the finishing line and stopped on the entrance to turn one. within sight of the chequered flag. Both drivers struggled in the heats as the team had difficulty in "loosening" the cars up enough so they could take advantage of the ultra fast track conditions. The track in fact was so fast that the drivers were setting times faster than when the lighter, higher horsepower 410 cubic inch cars ran here earlier in the season. After the heats, the V83 of Chris qualified into the dash and ended with a 4th place starting position in the Main event. Meanwhile Paul (V7) had qualified into 8th starting position.

ready on the infield, managed to get a fire extinguisher from somewhere and put the fire out. Thanks Ken!

With Reed, Ramsay and Chris now out of the event, Paul (V7) started out of Unfortunately, there was a build-up of position four for the two lap scramble to fuel in the left side header pipes which the chequered flag. was belching flames onto the left rear tyre. Despite the tyre smoke, Chris rev- On the restart Paul immediately charged ving the engine, the crowd yelling and into turn one and powered under Eddie Chris waving his arms, I’m not sure Lumbar to take up third spot which he what else he could have been done to held to the finish behind winner Daniel get attention to his predicament Pestka and defending Gold Cup titlist . Darren Hickman. After what seemed like several minutes, the left hand tyre finally burst, Chris While the team was excited by the late shut his engine down and dejectedly ex- season return to form of former All Star ited the car. This ended Chris’s run to Sprintcar series champion Paul, they the flag and a potential victory.

Fellow competitor Ken Hutchins who had Throughout the final, Chris was holding pulled in during the final and was al-

were equally frustrated by the bizarre series of events that firstly held the Gold Cup out to Chris but then snatched it away before he could get both hands on the trophy.

Gisborne District Tyres

Nine Track Champions Crowned At Redline Raceway Redline Raceway held its annual track championship day on May the 11th with nine divisions in action and around 120 competitors that hit the track in front of a massive crowd that was not disappointed to see non stop action from start to finish across sedan and open wheel divisions. The club classes of Street Stocks, Standard Saloons, Formula V8’s, Open Sedans & SSA Juniors were joined by regular visitors to the venue Wingless Sprints, AMCA, Modified Sedans & SDAV Hot Rods in racing for the prize of a track champion sticker to adorn their race car proudly for the next twelve months.

Beginning with the Junior Sedan division visiting drivers Michael Skene, Rusty Hickman, Brock Atkins & Luke Storer all joined club member Kye Walters in the top five through both heats and the final. Skene won the first heat and finished second in the next to qualify pole for the fifteen lap final. Rusty Hickman from Bendigo qualified outside of him whilst Walters & Atkins were right behind. Skene went on to win the championship ahead of Atkins, Walters, Hickman & Storer with rookie racer & club member Anthony Young finishing in sixth place at his first event at the venue.A good field of Open Sedans were in the mix for the championship with club member Leigh Bourke taking out a win in the first heat race ahead of Tim McPherson & Allan Farmer whilst McPherson claimed pole position for the final when he went on to win heat two ahead of Farmer & Peter Angus. McPherson went on to record his first feature win in Speedway with a win over Bourke, Scott Angus, Greg Parks & Matt

Handley-Parsons in the final. The Wingless Sprints not only were racing for the track championship they were as an association racing for the season aggregate with Ballarat locals James Wren & Sam Wren fighting it out at the top of the table. Sam began the battle well by winning the first heat of the day with James finishing behind in back in fourth spot allowing one to catch up a few points on the other. Peter Green was second, Troy Small third and Andrew Chivell in fifth. Sprintcar regular Dave McKay won the second heat ahead of Daniel Beard, Travis Bergmeier, Craig Plater & guest driver Super Rod Top Gun Dale Walsh.Simon

Smith continued a hot streak of heat race wins taking out the third from Beard, Layton Orchard, Plater & Walsh with James Wren taking out the win in the last heat with Small, Sam Wren, Green & Tim Ludeman completing the top five. A great battle in the final between the two Wrens as they reached traffic and squeezed their way through. Sam eventually took the win ahead of James to become Redline Raceway track champion however on the day was not enough to snatch the Victorian Wingless Sprint association aggregate.

pion Mark Lincoln in the field. Tasmanian & Victorian champion Jamie Collins & Northern Territory Champion Tim Reidy also. All three took a heat win each with Paul Sullivan winning won also. Lincoln beat Reidy, Darren Nelson, Bruce Tait & Rodney Bassett from Tasmania in heat one. Sullivan held off Collins & Ashlee Harris also Mick Jackson & Darren O’Reilly in the second heat with Reidy ahead of Bassett, Darren Hossack, Lincoln & Tait in the third. Rounding out heat results Collins won the last ahead of Grant Cullinger, Sullivan, Bill Lodwick & Jackson.Reidy was quick out of the blocks at the start with Standard Saloon racing was an oppor- Collins and Lincoln in tow. tunity for the driver of the flying Sigma, Tim Hutchinson’s chance for a hat trick The top five starters ripped through the of feature wins however Victorian cham- final with Reidy very dominant on his pion Scott Whittle had other plans as he way to a win ahead of Lincoln, Collins, Sullivan & Bassett. won both heats in front of Matt Domburg from Portland & Jay Dickson and Local division the Formula V8’s a big clinched the feature race pole position. In the final it was more of the same ac- engined, big wheeled sedan division was won by Ballarat’s Anthony Wilson after cept for Dickson who succumbed to a busted front end and parked his car in- both front row starters Kym Cotterill & field allowing Hutchinson to snatch third Danny Amato earnt the wrath of officials for jumping the start in the final and place behind Whittle & Domburg. Michelle Sinclair & Dave Chivers made up were sent rear of field. Earlier in heats the final top five. Cotterill a South Australian won the first heat ahead of Amato & Russ Matthews The Amca field included three of Ausbefore Wilson won the second heat with tralia’s big guns with the national cham- Amato again second ahead of Kieran

Brennan. After the penalties at the start of the final Wilson secured a win over Cotterill who was bearing down on the leader at the very end of the race and in a race five laps longer may have challenged for the win. Third behind those two was Amato then Brennan & Wally Hucker. In Modified Sedans Greg Atkins from Hamilton bagged the first heat with a close hard fought battle between he and Rodney Burr. Rusty Felsovary was next ahead of Ross Madden & Brenton Mills. In the second heat race Brenton Mills was sensational in his older model race car that is carburetted whilst the others behind him were fuel injected. Felsovary was second then Atkins, Burr & Madden. In the final Atkins, Mills & Felsovary all lead at one point in a awesome battle at

the front. Felsovary got the upper hand towards the end of the race and won ahead of Atkins, Madden, Mills & Lucas Conder. The SDAV Hot Rod’s are always popular at Redline as their engine sound is amplified by natural surrounds. Allen Luckett took a win in heat one ahead of Shannon Meakins and Kali Hovey whilst Russell Hovey won the second heat ahead of his daughter Kali & Meakins in third. For the

final Russell Hovey had a great start. Luckett pulled infield and out of the race soon after. Meakins chased Hovey hard and had nothing for him whilst Kali Hovey, Glenn Lawless & Dylan Linehan made up

the top five with Russell Hovey a popular second time winner this season. As usual a large field of Street Stocks were on hand for the track championship including last start feature winner Brooke Ferguson, Brad McClure, King of the Mount winner Jason Degoldi and one of Redline’s new cult hero’s Andrew ‘The Burger King’ Burgoyne with the catchy slogan ‘That’s how I Roll’ who at the last race meeting all but turned his race car into metal scrap after a massive rollover and had it all put back together

again just two weeks later to make the event. Six heats were programmed with each driver doing

two of them. Les Ferguson won the first heat, Aaron White the second and Darren Giacometti the third in the first round with McClure who was leading being defect flagged out of his heat with smoke pouring out from the car. In

the way back in seventeenth or so McClure caught up to Giacometti and then the real battle began. Giacometti is a really strong performer second round Troy Polley was a popular winner of the first heat of the round whilst Giacometti doubled up with another win and Ballarat’s Stuart Robinson also a winner in the last heat of the round. Giacometti from the prime front row position knew that McClure was going to be like a steam train coming from the back of the field. With Giacometti, Polley, Robinson & Les Ferguson up front McClure picked off runners on the high side at a red hot pace. Starting from way


and McClure just couldn’t get past and the local won over McClure, Polley, Robinson & Les Ferguson. Redline wishes to thank its valuable sup-

REIDY - REDLINE CHAMPION The Victorian AMCA Nationals squad closed out their 2012/2013 season with the annual Redline track championship recently and it was Tim “the dominator” Reidy who recorded his third win to remain undefeated for the past four years as last years’ event was washed out. A great field of 17 competitors were in action including regular mainland visitor, Tasmanian Rodney Bassett and newly re -crowned Australian Champion Mark Lincoln. Lincoln in the Stewart Grant-Campbell owned Australia #1 continued where he had left off from his last outing and took a comfortable win in the opening heat from Reidy who had made an outside pass on veteran Bruce Tait to take second spot with Darren Nelson making a last lap pass on Tait for third. When Darren Hossack’s steering broke coming out of turn four mid race the cautions flew for the only time. Heat 2 was a different affair with Paul Sullivan jumping to the lead only to

have the yellows come on after the first lap with Darren O'Reilly spinning in turn 2, Peter Hickford tried to avoid O’Reilly and was collected by Ashlee Harris and Mick Jackson. Out of the 4 cars involved Hickford was the only car not able to restart and was out for the remainder of the evening. Once the race was restarted Sullivan jumped to the lead once more closely followed by Victorian Champion Jamie Collins with Ashlee Harris home in third. Reidy showed his hand and his class with a comfortable win in the third heat with Bassett coming home in second and Hossack who had a hard task of keeping Lincoln at bay finishing in third. Nelson who had been running second brought the yellow lights on after spinning on his own in turn 2. The fourth and final heat saw Collins win easily from Cullinger and Sullivan who had started off the back row.

With both Collins and Reidy tied on points it was Collins the toss of a coin that granted Collins the pole from his season long arch rival Reidy. Sullivan and Lincoln filled the second row with Bassett and Jackson on the third row ahead of the rest of the field. With both Collins and Reidy a little eager to get the jump on each other, they had brought the field around a little bit quicker than normal but still in formation so they were let go to start one the quickest and hardest fought races seen on the night. Collins got the initial jump on Reidy with the later going a little too high in turn 2 and allowing Lincoln to slot in between himself and Collins. The top trio then went three wide coming through turn 34 with Reidy’s bravado being rewarded

as he eventually got the advantage over Collins and Lincoln and from there started to pull away from the field. Reidy then maintained his hard fought lead to take an easy win from Lincoln who was still trying to catch him but ran out of laps. Collins who looked like he would have challenged for the lead earlier on drifted back to finish in third with Sullivan and Bassett rounding out the top 5.

COLLINS BAGS BARRY REIDY MEMORIAL Geelong gas man Jamie Collins (20th April) continued his brilliant season form by taking his fourth feature win of the season and securing the prestigious Barry Reidy Memorial along the way at Nyora Raceway on a cold but racy night. Collins was in kill mode from the get go but Steve Lodwick was also determined to make it difficult for Collins by winning the opening heat from Collins, Chris Bohdal, Bruce Tait, Grant Cullinger and Ashlee Harris. Darran O’Reilly was having a real go at it early and was the raciest he’s been for some time until being black flagged onto the infield when he twice spun while attempting inside passes.

As this is the last meeting of the season AMCA Nationals Victoria would like to thank all the drivers, crew, families and sponsors for their support during the 2012 2013 season and look forward to the next. Keep up to date with AMCA Nationals Victoria at or on facebook at AMCA Nationals Victo- Veteran Tait was looking racy also as ria he led the second heat for a number of laps but each time he teased the following pack with a mid track entry line into the corners. Eventually Cullinger was able to make a move up the inside and into the lead with Collins also slipping under on the next lap. Then as Cullinger and Collins battled at the front Cullinger

spun away the lead dropping back to fourth behind Collins, Lodwick and Tait. Finishing behind him was O’Reilly and Harris. Lodwick and Collins shared the front row for the final and with Collins having won the opening stanza of the two part memorial event back at Avalon before Christmas, he was in the box seat for the overall victory. Not content to just take the overall result, Collins also wanted the round victory as well as he launched off the line and led Lodwick into turn one and was never headed. Lodwick tried to maintain the pressure but as the race drew on he slipped off the back of Collins and had to settle for the runner up position ahead of Cullinger with Tait, Harris and O’Reilly next. By virtue of his win Collins now leads the feature race win challenge which he’d previously shared with fellow young gun and rival Tim Reidy.

ASCS 305 SPRINTCARS IN AUSTRALIA It’s here. The # 1 Sprintcar division for the budget racer.

has supported it every step of the way along with new tracks now coming on board.

that second hand Sprintcar gear for a bargain price such as tyres & chassis.

ASCS305 then found a governing body America’s biggest Sprintcar division the willing to get the concept off the ground 305’s is about to take off in Victoria in when discussions with the Victorian the new 2013/14 season with interest Speedway Council and subsequent apfrom right around Australia from Tasma- proval by the technical committee nia to the West from people wanting to agreed with the rules from the USA in get onboard. relation to the car.

Mark Fitzpatrick, Chris Skilton, Daniel Meredith, Michael Graham, Graeme Davies, Darren Painter, Warrick Taylor & Kellie Banks all of the VSC Sprintcars have committed to the 305 division whilst Chris Rodda & Josh Fort are from Formula 500s.

Interest has been running high since the VSC Sprintcar face book page was renamed the Australian ASCS 305 page after former competitors in the VSC Sprintcar category’s concerns about increasing running costs to be competitive were unable to be resolved.

Current SRA Sprintcar identity Adrian Parr from Parr Motorsports has locked in the # 77 and others to get onboard at the time of writing in Ross Carrigy & Connor McLeod. Venues are already in discussion for race dates for next season after seeing so many drivers have already secured their numbers and with more to get involved between now and the start of the season.

Over eighteen months ago the talk started about 305 division in the USA and some thought was put towards the possibilities were soon brought to light

Agreement between the entities also allows for the ASCS 305 Sprintcars to run to USA Sprintcar race rules accept for a couple minor changes that suit Australian conditions and ASCS 305 Australia will manage the division whilst drivers will use VSC to register and be licensed.

22 drivers have already reserved their race numbers including drivers from the Wingless Sprint division. As far as Wingless Sprints are concerned the great thing here is that the drivers can Discussions continued between car own- keep their existing Wingless gear and ers and drivers and with it holding disjust change engines through the season cussions with the ASCS USA and various when they choose one event over anentities in Australia in order to get the other and the Wingless now have andivision off the ground & Nyora Raceway other option when it comes to getting

Nyora Raceway will be the home track venue whilst Rushworth is onboard along with Drouin Speedway once they complete the widening of their venue in the off season which should see it made 1.5 to 2 metres wider.

Other talks are in progress with other venues. Darren shared a little more on the divisions self promotion. “We have built into our rules that drivers will chip into the promotional fund. We will use this for advertising, promoting our events and having media and possibly commentary that makes us a little more appealing to sponsors as we give present ourselves professionally.” There is expected to be at minimum of 12 cars hitting the track before Christmas and as the interest continues to balloon most possibly more. Tracks wishing to get the 305’s at their venue can contact the boys via the details on where you will also find a rule book downloadable. Other states wishing to make sure the division goes national can get in contact with Darren, Graeme or Warrick and get the ball rolling.

ASCS 305s Australia would like to thank the following for their support: Parr motorsports, Taylor’d Fabrications Weld Flex. For your engines, the Brodix 305 agents in Written by Dean Thompson. Australia are: Fabre, Queensland DMT Sports Media for ASCS 305s speedway spares and VPW Australia

Jamie Collins is victorious in Victorian AMCA Championship. Paul Sullivan, who’d been quickest in hot laps led the opening heat until his car started smoking and slowed allowing Dean Ballard, Russ Hardy, Tim Reidy, Peachey and defending champion Darren McCarthy to pass him over the clsoing two laps. Reidy had been lucky to even start after deciding to change diff Collins took the lead of the 25 lap event ratios after hot laps. Fortunately the after just three laps and used second presence of the two seater sprintcar on placed Kevin Peachey as the cork in the the track allowed him some extra time bottle who was busy repelling those be- and he just made it out the gate in time hind him which allowed Collins to scoot to take the start. away for the win. Former state title holder Mick “action” Jackson eventually Lee McKinnell, the Young son of four grabbed second late in the running with time National Champion Shane was Queenslander Matt Hardy being elevated quick on his way to the second heat win by a Queenslander in heat 1B. He to third after Peachey, who’d crossed jumped from tenth to the lead after just the line in third was disqualified for a two laps while Collins grabbed second non-performance enhancing technical infringement. Geelong’s Jamie Collins had the field covered last night at Rolling Thunder Raceway in a return to form that saw him capture his first Victorian AMCA Nationals championship to go with the Tasmanian title won earlier this season.

25 AMCA’s including 6 interstaters found their way to the big Bacchus Marsh Speedbowl and it was the Queensland quartet that quickly adapted to the high speed circuit.

ahead of Darren Nelson, Matt Hardy and Frank Thierry. Former National champion Mark Lincoln was also unlucky after working his way forward and setting the fastest lap only to suffer a flat tyre and retire from the race. Reidy took the win in heat 2A and again luck was on his side as he broke two rockers with just two laps to go but was able to hang on just ahead of McCarthy, Peachey, Russ Hardy and Ballard. The last of the reverse grid heats was won by Lincoln from Grant Cullinger, Jackson, Steve Lodwick and Lee McKinnell who also slowed with a slight problem. Heat 3A saw the high points guys at the back of the grid and Peachey took the win from the second last row. Reidy and McKinnell appeared to make contact and Reidy hit the wall and McKinnell also retired to the infield. Tasmanian Rod Bassett took second

place ahead of Cullinger, Matt Hardy and Bill Lodwick.

with a show of frustration on the infield. Joining him already was Lincoln (did not start), Turner and Nelson (who’d clashed under the caution) and Russ Hardy.

The final heat saw Collins start from the second row and he took complete advantage to take the win from Thierry, Peachey was reinstated back into secJackson, Russ Hardy and Ballard. ond for the restart with Matt Hardy and Jackson next. On lap 5 Bohdal retired With all the points calculated it was and then on lap 14 James hit the turn Peachey on pole from Russ Hardy, four wall hard ending his night. McKinCollins, Ballard, Grant Cullinger, Jackson, Reidy, McCarthy, Matt Hardy, Thierry, McKinnell, Nelson, Bassett, Lincoln, Steve Lodwick, Alan Cullinger, Bill Lodwick, Leanne Turner, Darran O’Reilly, Sharon Tindall, Chris Bohdal and Tristan James. On the first attempted start Grant Cullinger spun in turn two as Russ Hardy had taken the lead. When a complete restart was called Peachey made amends and led the field away with Collins grabbing second with Russ Hardy third. On lap four Collins made his winning move and took the lead with Peachey now second. On lap five Reidy tried to follow Matt Hardy through on the inside of Peachey and made contact instantly cutting a tyre and ending his race

nell also added to the litter on the infield. Three laps into the restart and Steve Lodwick spun at the same time as Alan Cullinger pulled out. The quiet achiever Mick Jackson was now turning up the heat and grabbed third on lap 19 and finally passed Peachey for second on lap 20.

Over the closing five laps Jackson tried to close the gap but Collins had enough of a gap that Jackson couldn’t do anything about it. Bassett and Ballard had both retired by the time the white flag came out and Collins went on to take the win and performed a Polish victory lap with Jackson grabbing second ahead of Peachey who was later excluded which pushed the Matt Hardy onto the final step of the podium. Thierry, Steve Lodwick, McCarthy, Grant Cullinger, Bill Lodwick and O’Reilly completed the finishers. All three drivers had many people to thank for helping get them to the podium while young Matt Hardy thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to the big Southern speedway.

Cont’d from page 16.

Standard Saloons when he beat former two times Victorian Champion Cull by almost 6 seconds.

Atkins led on lap ten from Edwards, Jack bell, Pearson & Jesse McKinnell and with five laps to go was still leading In the final round of heats Gooding the others accept for Dean Burton tak- again had a win so did Gordon Russell & Mark Miles with Matt Nelson setting ing fifth from McKinnell. the one lap fastest time of the night for the division of 37.973 seconds on a lap In a great twenty lap race where the win margin was only 1.930 seconds At- finishing third behind Gooding in his win. kins beat Edwards, jack Bell, Pearson, Dean Burton, Jesse McKinnell, Jack Van Breman, Clint Furmston, Megan McKin- The twenty lap final was a cracker at nell & Colby Lunt the complete top ten. the front between Cull, Miles & Shane Stewart however the fog was becoming thicker and thicker and increasingly difShona Bent was eleventh with Ricky McCubbin, Jamie Burton & Todd Atkins ficult for the stewards or drivers to see a lap down finishing the race along with anything. Cull on lap 14 became stuck in the dog leg with stewards not being Jack Ramsdale another further lap able to see him or see what happened down. to him. In the Saturday night Alexandra Cup for Standard Saloons 30+ cars greeted the With Miles and Stewart side by side first round of heats. Gavin Allman, Cull, from there on trying to assume control & Shane Stewart were winners in round of the race it was finally realised we one as they got first serve on the race couldn’t see Cull who we thought was still leading or the other races as they track. Leigh Gooding, Rod Meakins & Nick Chrystie then won the three heats hit the far side of the dog leg and the race was declared with Miles in the lead in the second round with Chrystie setat the time on lap 18 as the winner ting the fastest heat race time of over Stewart, Aaron Meakins in third 3:52.346 for six laps for the night in

having started twelfth, Russell, Chrystie, Rob Tatterson, Mick Lovell, Brad Morgan, Rod Meakins & Mitch Bowyer completing the top ten finishers. The second night ‘King of the Valley’ didn’t fair much better as far as the fog goes with the heats being run just before the night’s racing was ended with fog deeming it unsafe to continue. Standard Saloon drivers elected to declare the result on heat results instead of running a feature on Monday. David Cull took the win from Leigh Gooding, Shane Stewart, Jason Leonard & Polly Perkins. +++++++++++++++++

CELEBRATIONS AT VICTORIAN GRAND PRIX MIDGET PRESENTATION NIGHT The Victorian Grand Prix Midget Racing Association held its AGM & presentation night recently in Geelong to bring an end to the 2012/2013 season and the committee continued to make positive steps forward as they head into the 13/14 season whilst Ash Booker, his car owner Mark Shiells and Chris Fowler took out some of the big awards on the night. At the earlier committee meeting John Fowler remained as President, Jim Phillips as Vice, Leanne Chalcraft as secretary & Ash Booker was elected into the Treasurers position for the new season. Ways to attract sponsorship was raised and idea’s passed, decisions on what rules they would recommend and support going forward to the national GP Midget body were agreed too and ways to continue growth in the association in active cars numbers was high on the agenda.

go next season with himself behind the wheel also. Kicking off the presentation side of the day a best presented car award was awarded to Geoff Meyers who always turns up to a venue with a race car spotless and ready to go.

Neil Johnson won the most improved driver award and the novelty ‘Warnie’ award for spinning and taking out an entire field at a race at Wangaratta during the season. Sadly for personal reasons Neil has sold his race car to fellow competitor Garry Cassidy which on a positive keeps In regards to new drivers the great news the car in Victoria. is that Scott Laird has brought a car from Shawn Ward whilst Paul Perry who Other laughs included had a car out late in the season with a Glenn Cunningham the guest driver in the car will be ready to Go Pro Man in the club

The Rod Quarrell Best Clubman recipient Chris Fowler

earning a ‘Shutterbug’ award for his enthusiasm with the cams and creating footage and Lisa Chalcraft getting the ‘Firebug’ award which was a fireman’s helmet for her effort of jumping out of her race car quickly when it caught fire during the season.


Certificate of appreciations were awarded to Jim Phillips, Ken Chalcraft, Renae Booker, Katie Dixon, Dean Thompson & John Fowler whilst verbal The prestigious Rod Quarrell Best Clubman award was presented by recognition was given to Caiwen de Bruin Dennis Myers with a great speech in who had taken many what this award means and how it of the photos used in came about in the presence of the great mans family. The award this year the presentation and was given to Chris Fowler who amongst used in media releases to promote the division other things has built and maintained the clubs new website this season, put during the season. together the presentation for presentaA great award that the tion night and other bits and pieces during the season. club gave out that is rarely seen at other associations is the The Quarrell family was involved with Rod’s wife Linda and children Anthony ‘Supporter Award’ & Dorris Cunningham or & Jo at the presentation and the kids ‘Nanna’ to most in the presenting the awards. club was surprised and honoured to receive Leanne Chalcraft was presented with the Presidents award by John Fowler who recognition. with Leanne a tireless worker for the club as any secretary often is and whom without her help the club can do

Ash Booker Rod Quarrell Memorial perpetual Trophy

Life Membership recipient. Mark Shiells

Life Membership is not given away, it is earnt and for many reasons a worthy recipient this year was car owner Mark Shiells. Mark as a business owner has chipped in his share of cash to support the club over the years, he has put cars on track (this year two), introduced new drivers to the division in the vicinity of six and is always there to lend a hand to anybody else on race night that needs it to ensure maximum available cars are on the track. A gracious Shiells told all in attendance that he is proud to be involved in a great club and to have so many friends and will continue to do his bit to grow the division. The top six in this years masters series were recognised with their trophies with sixth Garry Cassidy, fifth Chris Fowler, fourth Lisa Chal-

craft, third Neil Johnson, second Geoff Meyers & first Ashley Booker who also on the night collected the perpetual trophy for his Victorian title win during the season. Booker was most gracious to his team and supporters on taking the perpetual trophy hardware. “Without Mark for the provision of such great race equipment, Pitstop Movers, Stainer Grinding & my personal sponsor I-Saw none of this would be possible. It is great to be involved at a time when a lot of great and passionate people are trying to push the division forward and I have no doubts the new season will be tougher. Well done to anybody who earned recognition tonight, you deserve and thank you.� In a moving gesture Ash Booker declined to take the perpetual trophy for that he would have been entitled to for winning the renamed Rod Quarrell Memorial/Victorian title and insisted that the Quarrell family be the first people to take it home.

Moving onto the calendar for the new season it reads as follows: October 19th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND ONE – Wangaratta Speedway November 9th – JASON GLYNN MEMORIAL/MASTERS SERIES ROUND TWO – Avalon Raceway November 27th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND THREE – Alexandra Speedway December 7th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND FOUR – Redline Raceway, Ballarat January 11th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND FIVE – Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham February 1st – MASTERS SERIES ROUND SIX – Wangaratta Speedway March 1st – VICTORIAN TITLE – Alexandra Speedway March 22nd – MASTERS SERIES ROUND SEVEN – Redline Raceway, Ballarat March 29th – VIC TITLE RAIN DAY – Alexandra Speedway April 5th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND EIGHT – Rushworth Speedway May 4th – MASTERS SERIES ROUND NINE – Drouin Speedway May 10th NSW v VIC INTERSTATE CHALLENGE – Wangaratta Speedway May 24th – MASTERS SERIES FINAL ROUND – Rushworth Speedway The Victorian Grand Prix Midgets Racing Association thank: Super Balance Shepparton, DMT Sports Media Written by Dean Thompson DMT Sports Media for the VGMRA

Ash Booker

Masters Series Championship

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