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to Life

Bright ideas when nurtured can grow into greatness.

Cultivating growth, nurturing goodness Behind everything that we do, and at the very core of our beliefs is that there’s potential in every idea, innovation and business. We believe in enriching small to medium enterprises and homegrown businesses, in creating and adding value by providing a platform for growth. Our philosophy is simple – delivering quality and goodness through discovering and harnessing local potential.


Our Values


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Who we are


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Our Core Business


Our Origins


Our Initiatives



Our Values

Driven by purpose, committed to the people

At the cornerstone of our organisation is a commitment to go above and beyond, to deliver the needs of our clients and their customers, as well as the community at large. Our passion and desire to serve the many, instead of the few, is the key driver of our effectiveness.

We leave footsteps, not footprints

We built our business on the principle of sustainability, which means leaving a strong positive impact on the society and our clients, and minimal impact on the environment.

Insight and foresight

Our belief is that success is a holistic approach that goes beyond understanding an organisation’s core functions, to seeing ahead of the curve and identifying new opportunities. These principles inform our work and helps us ensure our clients are always market-ready.

Innovating a difference

Innovation is an integral part of our business. Our ability to assess and provide creative solutions to our clients, be it in terms of pricing, quality, quantity, product delivery or speed, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Empowering others

We uphold a culture of empowering not just organisations, but the people behind them. By providing a sphere for businesses to scale and careers to progress, we hope to inspire a positive impact on the community.

Springing to Life

Our values reflect a restless passion to do good by the people, to create meaning and to add value in everything we do.

Our Mission

A new name, a fresh start, a renewed purpose.

Our Vision

A sophisticated business growth network.

With the rebranding of our business in 2016, also comes a fresh new perspective. Our mission in the year ahead is to assist our clients in reaching their fullest capabilities. We aim to enrich local organisations and harness their potential through a connected supply chain, so they can grow and flourish within their respective markets.

• To develop a network that enables us to become the preferred growth partner for clients. • To minimise distribution and logical constraints, both in the marketplace and internally within organisations.


Who We Are

In 2017, we welcome a time of exciting opportunities and positive change, as we look to a future of greater foresight, determination and potential.

Making strides in the right direction Springco Asia Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Depco Nutri Link Sdn Bhd, is a manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods and a curator of local consumer products & brands. For over 20 years, we have been enriching the lives of the masses through homegrown products and brands that you know and love. We came from humble beginnings and as we continue to grow and expand, our mission is to support small enterprises with bringing wholesome, local products to the marketplace for the enjoyment of all.

Distribution We are a distribution network, with an expertise in logistics and warehousing. We invest in small to medium enterprises who are attempting to penetrate the local food & beverage industry.

Springing to Life

Our businesses Bottling Water is one of our core businesses here at Springco and our portfolio of bottled water brands include Pyramid and Ina natural mineral water. We are also in the business of harvesting and processing rice.

Our Core Business

Our water is as pristine as it gets – sourced from above ground and free from contaminants – it flows from the tropical rain falls, absorbing everything it passes through before it is extracted directly from the peak of the hill to give it that smooth, refreshing taste that glides down your throat.

The secret to our fresh tasting water is keeping it as pure and simple as the earth would, with minimal processing and all-natural qualities.

Pure bottled goodness We believe that water is best savoured in its most natural state. That’s why Ina water comes straight from peaks of nature to our facilities - pure, refreshing and mostly untouched. We don’t create it, we just bottle it with all its goodness.


Finally, our water is sent to a facility where it is bottled and packaged with all-natural minerals and goodness before we send it your way.

Springing to Life

Before Ina water is safe for consumption, it goes through a simple filtration and purification process to remove hard solids and particles it gathers along the way. This process is kept to a minimal to preserve its pure taste.

Our 6-Step Purification Process




What makes our water so smooth, pristine, and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted is the way we extract it - straight from the peaks and directly to our facilities.

Water as pure as ours doesn’t need much done to it. So, we keep it simple with only suitable filtration, preserving all the natural flavours and nutrients that come with it.

We keep our water bottling facilities under controlled conditions. That means the water you enjoy is produced under the highest standards, and feels as good as it tastes.



Quality Testing

After one final check, we box everything up and send it out to the stores.

Once we’ve assured that every bottle has met our exacting quality and safety standards, we give it our seal of approval. Labelling lets you tell our fresh, pure water apart from the rest.

Samples of our water travel daily to the DXM lab to ensure it is free from environmental contaminants before it can leave our facilities.


Our Initiatives

The quality and taste of our water is our first priority, that’s why it is tested daily at a state-of-the-art lab to ensure you get nothing but the best.

Putting the planet first

Go for just enough When we extract water, we go by the principle of just enough to keep the ecosystem in a balance.

Made local, loved locally Our water is sourced, bottled and distributed locally, to keep our carbon footprints minimal.

Springing to Life

At Springco, the Earth isn’t just our resource, it is also our home and we do everything we can to protect it. The only impact we want our business to make is a positive one, so here are some ways we are playing our part for the environment:


Other Businesses

We are in the business of processing rice and water products, but a fundamental part of what we do is helping other businesses to grow and scale, to bring the greater good to all.

Beyond the springs At Springco Asia Sdn Bhd, our business extends beyond water to all your basic needs. Aside from being manufacturers of rice - delivering the goodness of grains from our fields, to your homes – we are also curators of fast moving consumer goods.

With our expertise and resources, we have built a distribution network to help smaller businesses take off and bring their goods to the marketplace. Our goal is to become the premier curators of consumer goods in Malaysia. Through our efforts, we’ve given deserving businesses a platform to succeed and the community, the great products they deserve.

Springing to Life

We operate with a belief that great brands are a dime a dozen, and products with potential deserve to be savoured and enjoyed by the masses. That’s why we are always on the lookout for new products to invest in.


Research and Development

Innovation to us goes beyond developing new products to finding new ways to improve on what is already there.

Innovating a difference Food is at the heart of everything we do here at Springco. Food nourishes the body, but it delights and satisfies the soul. They say there are two kinds of people – those who live to eat and those who eat to live, but we believe that eating good means living well. That’s why we consistently strive to innovate new breakthroughs and bring you healthier, tastier products, and at the same time, work to improve our existing range of brands and processes. Because good food is your source of comfort, and our pride and joy.

Water that cares

Water Safety We have built a laboratory focused entirely on water safety, to ensure that every bottle of water that leaves our facilities is safe and compliant with both internal and government health and safety standards.

Bottling To reduce our footprints on the environment, we are researching ways to make our own PET bottles so we can build a full assembly network within a single production site, a move that will effectively cut transportation to a minimal.

Springing to Life



Our Origins

From humble beginnings to success Top With its ample rainfall and luscious landscapes, a hillside location in Relau was chosen as the ideal site for our facilities. Construction began in early 1990s, and with our state-of-the-art water plant, our dreams of bringing the finest quality naturally-sourced water to all became a reality.

Our roots date back to the early 1990s, to a secluded location in Relau, Kedah with an abundant supply of pure, pristine water from the tropical rainfalls. Seeing the potential of the land, our founders established Depco Nutri Link Sdn Bhd. Over the next four years, construction on a mineral water plant took place. Depco Nutri Link Sdn Bhd introduced Pyramid natural mineral water to Malaysia, our first fountain beverage product that is still available in the market till this day. For over 20 years, Depco Nutri Link Sdn Bhd has been serving customers and communities with pure, drinkable goodness. In 2017, we rebranded to Springco Asia Sdn Bhd, marking the beginning of a fresh chapter and breathing new life to an age-old brand. Today, we are still operating out of that very same plant, but with a renewed vision to support local enterprises and bring quality goods to all Malaysians.

Springco Asia Sdn Bhd (174737-W) Factory: PT33 Mukim Relau, Bandar Baharu 14200, Kedah, Malaysia Office: Batu 5 1/2 Jalan Sungai Petani, Alor Setar 05400 Kedah, Malaysia. T 04 774 5812 F 04 774 5813 E

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Springco Asia Sdn Bhd

Springco Asia company profile 2017  

Springco Asia Sdn Bhd