Pine Crest School Strategic Plan 2019-24

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2019-24 Strategic Plan

Our students tell our story.

Dear Pine Crest School Community, Tomorrow calls for a new set of skills and an increasingly more advanced type of teacher, student, and leader. With an ever-evolving global landscape as their backdrop, Pine Crest students will be called upon to demonstrate high-brain, deep human interaction in all that they do. Their ability to exhibit adaptability, empathy, global understanding, and a collaborative mindset will distinguish them and pave the path for their personal success and professional fulfillment. While we will have made (and will continue to make) various critical shifts to ensure that our students can navigate effectively in the world of the future, many things at Pine Crest still hold true. A strong academic foundation and technical knowledge will continue to serve our students well, and we remain protective of Pine Crest’s core curriculum — knowing that all students benefit from strong foundations in math and science, and from the ability to write clearly and communicate articulately. We surge forward as progressive independent school leaders, guided in our pursuit of learning by one essential question: What do our students need to be successful in their new world? It is with this question in mind that we have designed our 2019-24 Strategic Plan to propel Pine Crest into the future. Although many aspects of what lies ahead remain unpredictable, we are certain that automation will heavily influence our new world. Fueled by advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is moving at an exponentially faster pace than any other before it. Of particular importance to us, as educators, is where these developments will lead us, what the world will look like in five, ten, or twenty years when our students enter the workplace, and how we can best prepare them to master the advances in technology that will undoubtedly shape their lives. One aspect of the preparation that we believe is fundamental to our students’ success is building their social and emotional competencies in a safe, secure, and inclusive learning environment. In spaces where students feel open and welcome, they are able to practice and hone design thinking skills like resourcefulness, critical thinking, and teamwork. To that end, we will continue to create classrooms and spaces that foster creativity and innovation, giving our students myriad opportunities to practice ethical thought leadership and to become curious, adaptable learners. It is our goal to send Pine Crest graduates out into the world as emergent leaders who know their strengths and who have the courage to challenge norms, break barriers, and move forward with confidence. Equipped with this mindset and capacity, our students will undoubtedly make our society — and our planet — a better place. In the pages that follow, you will read about the many factors that go into making our students future ready – innovative curriculum and programing, opportunities for creative problem-solving, outstanding faculty, flexible learning spaces, and more. As an educational community, we are excited to leap into the future. The future starts here! Sincerely,

Dr. Dana Markham President

Our students analyze with a global perspective.

MISSION STATEMENT To offer a challenging academic experience complemented by excellence in the arts and athletics; to develop the character, independence, and leadership of each student; and to provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students to meet the global challenges of our future.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION STATEMENT Pine Crest promotes a diverse environment that supports and strengthens the School’s culture as an excellent college preparatory school. We honor and celebrate a range of cultures, backgrounds, talents, experiences, and opinions in our students, faculty, and administration, and foster a community of complete inclusion and openness.

OUR PURPOSE With every decision we make, we are driven by what is best for our students. As we began planning for the next five years, with the goal of preparing students to face an ever-changing world of evolving technology, we started by identifying the spirit that imbues our learning community and the skills and attributes that we strive to impart to all Pine Crest graduates: • Compassion and character • Curiosity and a passion for learning • Creative problem solving • Courageous leadership These traits guided our discussions as we envisioned the Pine Crest community we will nurture and protect in the years to come.

Our students collaborate to solve problems.

IGNITING PASSION THROUGH PROGRESSIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES We are a community of changemakers, and we equip students with the entrepreneurial, technological, and social and emotional skills to shape our future. In a world where we encounter population growth, competition for resources, and a heightened demand for energy and technology, our students will be prepared to address these challenges and reinvent the future with design thinking, empathy, and global awareness. Goals • Teach an entrepreneurial mindset • Develop an artificial intelligence and machine learning curriculum supported by cutting-edge technology • Create more individualized learning programs and differentiated pathways • Explore emerging technologies and integrate them into classroom instruction

Our students learn from an inspired faculty.

ATTRACTING, DEVELOPING, AND INSPIRING TEACHERS Our teachers guide a community of learners who approach intellectual challenges with curiosity, creativity, and confidence. Our students are motivated by a deep sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them. We support them as they learn how to synthesize knowledge quickly so they can apply their efforts and talents to learn, lead, and serve. Goals • Recruit highly-skilled teachers who are committed to the emotional and intellectual growth of students • Establish Pine Crest as a center for innovative and dynamic instruction • Enhance professional learning experiences for faculty • Designate space for teachers to hone innovative instructional strategies, conduct research, and collaborate

Our students support each other.

CREATING FLEXIBLE AND WELCOMING SPACES We are a community of compassionate citizens who support and care for one another as we interact flexibly with others with understanding and respect. We are committed to being an inclusive learning environment that values each person’s unique traits and characteristics. Propelled by empathy, compassion, and kindness, our students engage with others as thoughtful, global citizens. Our students are taught to care for themselves, others, and the community as a whole. Goals • Promote a safe, secure, and inclusive environment • Reimagine learning spaces, including outdoor locations and wellness areas, to facilitate collaboration and personal reflection • Continue to expand and infuse into our students’ comprehensive experience a social and emotional learning initiative • Explore the possibility of an Early Learning and Welcome Center • Refresh the Fort Lauderdale campus Fine Arts facilities • Update the Campus Master Plan

Our students persevere.

ENSURING FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY TO ADVANCE INITIATIVES AND SECURE PINE CREST’S POSITION AS A LEADER IN EDUCATION We are a community of leaders, and we inspire students to engage in society with a sense of responsibility for themselves and others. Our students are motivators equipped with the social and emotional intelligence, acumen, and courage to lead from any direction. Embracing differences with an inclusive mindset, Pine Crest students and graduates support one another and advance common goals. Goals • Encourage students to make a difference in the world using purposeful service learning partnerships in the local and global community • Facilitate opportunities for collaboration among students, faculty, alumni, and parents, including through mentorship and programming • Advance inclusion and affordability • Ensure financial sustainability through optimal enrollment and advancement efforts • Study competitive faculty compensation • Continue analyzing and restructuring auxiliary programs

Our students conquer any hurdle in their path.

OUR POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS This five-year plan is a living document; it will be reviewed constantly, and our course will be adjusted as necessary to reflect changes in circumstances. We will continue to support the mission of our school and provide opportunities that promote character, excellence in academics, and leadership. With the best interests of students as our compass, we are confident we are moving forward in the right direction, and we are excited by the journey ahead.

Our students are the direction of the future.

TOGETHER, WE INSPIRE EXCELLENCE We are Pine Crest. Much like the future success of our students, the future of Pine Crest School depends on your support. Thank you for believing in our students and the future of Pine Crest School. We look forward to celebrating in 2024 how far we have traveled!

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