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PIMPRI TOASTMASTERS CLUB CLUB MISSION To provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop Communication and Leadership Skills, resulting in greater Self Confidence and Personal Growth.

CLUB VISION To empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.

Conquer the fear, Â Stand on the feet; It's your turn to speak, It's your turn to lead!


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Excom Elect Jul-Dec 2018

From Chief Editor's desk TM AMRUTA   PANDHARKAR Chief Editor, The Gist

Life is all about choices we make! Congratulations to all the members who made the choice of being a Toastmaster. Pimpri Toastmasters Club (PTMC) is one of the best clubs which will help you in being a better communicator, a better you! PTMC is 18 months old now and has created many memories in this journey which are confined in every PTMCian’s heart. We have tried to recollect the memories of past 6 months in this newsletter. Members challenge their fears, weaknesses with help of their mentors in each meeting to deliver best speeches and to perform roles excellently. Energy of each one motivates every other member. Members get to see new version of themselves every Saturday with lot of learnings. We connect, we learn, we grow. This is what we do in Toastmasters. This newsletter is a reflection of "The Gist" of each member of PTMC. I take this opportunity to thank every member of PTMC for creating remarkable memories and also to the newsletter team who put their efforts to collect these memories and present in form of newsletter! I am sure you all will love this newsletter. Go through the pages to experience PTMC journey!


From President's Desk

VIJENDRA JAIN,CC, CL President, Jan-Jun 2018

In October 2017, with an objective to transform myself I joined Toastmasters. Not sure, on how much I have succeeded in the objective, but PTMC has provided me plethora of opportunities in my course of Toastmastering. From club meeting roles and speeches to the club leadership roles like VPPR, Treasurer and now a President, I welcomed each and every opportunity with open arms. When you take any leadership role in Toastmasters, some leadership quotes you have read in the past, start making sense! My journey as a President, has not been easy, but I was privileged to have a dynamic Excom members, who were always ready to help each other. We worked together, we failed, we learned, we succeeded. And the results are making noises everywhere. I am grateful to the club sponsors and club mentors, Area Director and Division Director for always being there to mentor and guide us. Special mention for our parent club TMCPNW and its members, who have always supported us throughout. Today, Pimpri Toastmasters Club is known for its quality meetings, fantastic social media presence and solid PR campaigns, new initiatives and lovely members. And those lovely members and dynamic Excom members have made it possible that PTMC achieved the Prestigious Diamond Club Award in the first year of its chartering. In each meeting, I feel new spark, new vibes and new energy in the club which is channelized through each member. I take this opportunity to thank Pimpri Toastmasters Club and its members who are continuously helping me in my quest to transform myself!

President-Elect's Message

NUJAHAD KULKARNI,CL Elected President, Jul-Dec 2018

Last 2 months in Johannesburg, I have realized how PTMC has been an integral part of my life. They say you realize the value only when you don't have them. I thank all the members for believing  in me. I would like to thank Past Presidents and Excom for getting us where we are. In next 6 months I would like to focus on few things. 1) Helping each member to achieve what they aim for. 2) Provide lots of opportunity. 3) Make Saturday evening  the best time of your week. I feel honoured to be your President.

Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into actions. -Warren Bennis




One of the most important feedback that members around the world have given in their satisfaction survey is to revitalize the current educational program and make it more relevant to the current personal and professional challenges. Pathways is a result of this need and the product of nearly 16 years of extensive research and practice. Pathways has in it the potential to put us in the right direction of our choice. The content, exercises and the philosophy is designed to give each Toastmaster Member the required tools and information on completing the project. The Basecamp also allows the VPED, Secretary and the President ample resources to perform their roles better. Change is a difficult process, but if that very change can help us focus on what’s important the process too would become a great experience. So please go ahead and select your path and begin your journey.

They don't need a lawyer, they need Toastmaster. -Edward Williams


Message from Club Growth Director When any member or guest asks me, “why is it that I keep continuing my

DTM LEO PAULOSE Club Growth Director, District 98

journey with Toastmasters” - it's indeed overwhelming. I could think of a hundred different reasons but one that stands out is bonding. Toastmasters for me is an extended family. It is the team that I can share anything with and without the slightest fear of being judged. It is a place where I can experiment and fail will confidence. It is a place where I have always been supported and motivated. No matter how long one spends in the movement, it always feels like it is less. This is because of the conducive environment that has been built over the years. At the District, this has been a common area that we are trying to work on. Given the geographic diversity that we operate in (from Gujarat to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), it becomes even more critical. We are a family of 200+ diverse clubs which have varied educational and aspirational needs. It is only through effective bonding and collaboration that we can grow together and achieve awesomeness. As we reflect through the years (or months) that we have been in the movement, have we had our own moments of bonding? If not, it’s time for us to start creating new ones. We learn best when we learn together. Let’s grow together.

Membership in Toastmasters is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself.


Area Director Speaks VIJAY BHANUSHALI, CL Area Director, Area C4


One More Milestone PTMC!! It feels like yesterday when we just celebrated the 50th Milestone for the Club. And here we are today, older and wiser by 25 more weeks!! As I look back now, I realize there is so much that the club has achieved in this past 25 weeks. Is that amazing? Actually no!! Simply because PTMC is known to achieve heights beyond its capacity. And it has stood true this time too!! The club as it has grown from its first day, has always been shining on a rising graph. Each year and with every single Excom team, the club has ensured to bring a new and different experience for its members and Toastmasters. The club’s growth today in terms of its membership count, and the accolades it received is a testimony of how well the club is doing!! The club was recognized in Eloquence’18 for its efforts towards its membership building activities and it’s achieving the Diamond Club. It is a coveted award and not many clubs receive this award. These awards speak a lot about how the club is functioning and how it benefits its club members to achieve their goals towards being better speakers and Leaders!! Members too don’t let the club down and everyone contributes towards the progress of the Club. This too is well evident when we see the club’s healthy representation in District Event, and few star members receiving special recognitions for the contributions towards the event and Toastmasters journey!! For me, it has been a great feeling to be associated with PTMC. The warmth received, the quality of meetings and the energy exhibited is just enough to pull me towards the club and attend meetings. I have met and made friends who inspire me a lot and are now friends for life!! And there are still many more reasons for PTMC to influence me. As TM Vijendra always says: ‘Miles to go before I sleep’, PTMC, with its 75th Meeting, has just started to walk. There are miles for it to walk and with each step that it takes ahead, I am sure this club and its members would make the woods look more lovely and prospering!! Happy 75th Anniversary!!

WHAT IS TOASTMASTERS TO YOU? We asked our members above question and here is what we got! Toastmasters is a place where I can be myself Toastmasters wakes up the without anybody's sleeping tiger within and intervension. Toastmasters makes a person prepares him to fight in the fearless, calm and helps to see - TM Anup Kalyanshetti daily battles. a better version of oneself. It -TM Vijay Pawar tells that anyone can lead, anyone can communicate if he/she decides to do. Toastmasters is a new way of -TM Amruta Pandharkar living my life.  It gives me a Toastmasters is the greatest platform I reason to be happy on each have ever seen that really makes leaders weekend & enables me to think and fearless public speakers and it helps critically to connect my inner me to grow personally and professionally. world & to know my self in a - TM Sachin Jagtap better way. - TM Sourabh Yadav Toastmasters is great source of inspiration, it gives positive energy which makes life easier. - TM Dnyaneshwar Thakare

Toastmasters  has helped me to improve grammar and vocabulary, time management skills and  listening skills which  further helped me to become  an effective communicator. - TM Nitin Ghatage

Toastmasters is a platform where I can overcome my fear and hesitation for public speaking and evolve with effective communication skills. - TM Rahul Dagaonkar A place where I feel free and happy to do what I like to do- Public Speaking . That's Toastmasters for me. - TM Aashirwad Gupta

Toastmasters is a platform to fail, fall, experiment, succeed, rise and learn with fun. - TM Vijendra Jain

For me Toastmasters is a home where I get a mountain of opportunities for self learning. People in my club  are tremendously advocating and that genuinely sold me on joining. - TM Nitin Mane


If a member has delivered maximum speeches, taken TMOD role or any other role, marked attendence on Easy-Speak or if he/she has contributed to the club by performing any impactful activity then the Gem of the 10

Month is awarded.






Special Meeting


The NGO Meeting


Starting a year with joy and happiness multiplies when it is shared with those who are selfless and know to be happy whatever be the circumstances. “The joy of sharing” and “Lend a hand” defined the purpose of PTMC’s first meeting of 2018 conducted at Prerna Bhawan, Mother Teresa Home, Wakad, Pune. Taking a step towards giving to others everyone contributed to their capacity, be it in terms of cloths, books, eatables, stationery, daily usable or cash. Collective efforts of some front runners ensured the day was well organized; right from collecting items from fellow Toastmasters to the lively arrangement at the venue. The day started with a simple round of introduction and events for the kids as well as the elders at the NGO venue. Everyone was given a sheet and few colours to draw what they wished to. And I must say everyone put their heart and soul into it. The ‘Musical chair’ event further set the mood of the day and ‘Passing the Ball’ game gave an opportunity to relax. First half of the event ended on a wonderful note full of smiles, joy, and love equally shared between the Toastmasters and people there at NGO.

Later the meeting began in an open space under the shade of big trees. There were 3 prepared speeches detailing on how tagging has become talk of the time, the will to go for what you aspire and a wonderful story of someone being the boss of her life. The table topics session was smooth and provided everyone an opportunity to speak. The meeting concluded on a happy and satisfactory note. The joy of sharing was visible on every face and the eagerness to help was depicted by every hand ready to serve for the betterment of society. “When you raise your voice, you might be alone, but when you lend a hand to help or to bring smiles, you might as well be followed by masses."

GST MEETING Special Meeting

Grill Shill and Toastmasters

The College Conundrum The GST meeting was one of the best and unique

After the large and extremely satisfying meal,

meetings PTMC had ever organized along with Syntel

everyone was quite sleepy, however still managed

Pune Toastmasters club. The day was packed with

to get together sluggish steps and heavy stomach

exciting episodes of actions. Around 22 crazy

for the meeting. As TMOD Joyce, opened the

Toastmasters departed for Saguna farmhouse,

meeting, she brought joy, energy and life on all

Panshet, 60 kilometers from Pune at 7 am with car

the sleepy faces. After the meeting, everyone

owners and reached at around 9 am.

gathered at the playground to play games like

Everyone performed their assigned duties in logistics

sitolia, jumping the fence etc.

meticulously. As we reached the destination, the day

The day wound up by around 7 pm and everyone

unfolded slowly. Everybody energized themselves by

left the venue with wonderful and delicious

having breakfast and immediately swung into action.

foodie memories.

The preparation for the scrumptious lunch began. The meal agenda was pulao, savai kheer, mix veg, dal tadka etc. TM Pramod went beyond the way on the demand of foodie Toastmasters and made spicy chicken curry, though it was not on the agenda. Everybody, be it seasoned cooks or amateurs in the cooking world, were ready with knives, spoons and utensils; peeling carrots, cutting onions or grilling pane. Every bit of it was an awesome experience! The


deliciousness of the lunch increased as everyone had contributed towards it from the bottom of their hearts.The aroma of the food was so irresistible and mouthwatering that everyone pounced on it as soon as it was served.

Strategies for easing test anxiety Page 2 Teaching kids to be responsible and independent Page 3




Well, you have covered a long path. How do you feel? I feel extremely happy to have completed my Toastmasters journey in the past 3 and a half years. The journey has not only helped me improve personally but also has supported me professionally.

What changes did you observe in yourself after achieving each milestone on this journey of DTM? I am so proud to have achieved the highest award in Toastmasters. It gives me immense confidence. Whenever I attend Toastmasters meeting I feel so proud and selfconfident; but the journey doesn't stop here and I have decided to start the Pathways journey to become a DTM once again.

What were the challenges you faced while pursuing your communication journey? My journey was not so easy. I had to sacrifice a lot to reach the zenith of confidence. I have attended almost all meetings not only my home club but also other in clubs. Similar to the previous question, what challenges did you face in your leadership journey? My leadership journey was very smooth, I've always got support from all the Excom members and members of the Pune Toastmasters. I said smooth; which means for every milestone I had to plan well in advance. If someone wants to achieve any goal in personal life or in their professional or even in Toastmasters, the journey ahead has to be planned.

According to you how should one plan to achieve DTM title? Achieving DTM title is not difficult but it needs planning, commitment, enthusiasm and dedication. Since Pathways has been launched, the members who have achieved ACB and ALB are requested to take District officer's role to achieve DTM; whereas for the new members, you have to plan well in advance to achieve Distinguished Toastmasters award.









How did you structure your speeches? What kept you motivated to come up with your speeches and deliver them on regular basis? Structuring your speech requires attentiveness all the time. If you observe your surroundings you can easily find the topics for your speeches. Achieving higher goals or milestones on regular intervals motivated me to keep delivering my speeches. Any incident which you would like to share which created an impact on your life in terms of public speaking? The impromptu speech at Dubai LOGISTICS International convention motivated me to achieve my business goal and this was possible only due to my active participation in Toastmasters. In brief, the Dubai convention impromptu speech which I delivered to 600 International delegates from over 120 countries created a positive impact in my personal as well as professional life.  You have been a mentor to many clubs, how challenging was that?   There are various challenges for different clubs - at corporate clubs challenges of membership, challenges about Excom leader role. There are many clubs which need support from seasoned Toastmasters and these challenges can be overcome by regular visits. I would love to share the story of my journey with them.  What is that piece of advice which you would like to give to fellow Toastmasters or to anyone who aspires to be a Toastmaster? Toastmasters International has created so many leaders. I request all the members to invest in 1 hour daily to prepare for their speeches or roles and enjoy this exciting journey. Take your journey as fun and learning, don't think of it as a burden; only then can one enjoy Toastmasters journey thoroughly.


Exclusive Interview When did you join Toastmasters, what was your motive? How much have you succeeded in that? I have been part of Toastmasters since Oct’2016 where my basic motive was to be able to speak effectively in front of large audience without any fear and learn the art of leadership. I must say that I have improved a lot in these 2 years which could not have been possible without Toastmasters.

You have got Triple Crown award by completing Competent Communicator (CC), Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) and High Performance Leadership (HPL) in a year. Tell us about your journey of achievements. This year I wanted to achieve educational awards from Toastmasters including HPL but considering amount of responsibilities and time crunch, I faced a lot of problems but I made sure that if I have committed then I need to do it. This journey has been fruitful knowing so many people, sharing my thoughts with numerous members. I totally loved it.

You were Convenor for Expressions 2018. How was your experience? This time as the Convenor was really a roller coaster ride where I learnt the importance of time, appreciation, delegation and honesty. I am glad that Expressions 2018 was a successful event.

You were contest chair at club level speech contest, Chief Judge in TMCPNW, then you managed Area Contest for C4 and C5 then Convenor of Expressions 2018. All this happened between March- April 2018. Not to forget, the triple crown achievement. How do you manage time? I just follow the mantra of ‘Just Do It’ and everything falls in place according to its priority. I love helping and being part of events. I believe if you want to do it then you take out time anyhow and make it happen and there is no second thought about it.

As per you, what qualities a good leader must have? And what steps you are taking towards becoming a better leader? Leader should have ability to listen to other’s feedback calmly and respect other’s thoughts apart from leading from the front. Taking Uniform Decision and Managing team effectively are two important qualities which will help in long run. What is that piece of advice which you would like to give to fellow Toastmasters? As a member we should strive to take up anything and do it with atmost honesty which will eventually shape you. This can be taking up timer role, helping or mentoring other club members. Everything will give you fruits in the long run. The 3 important points are- Be an active part of the club, Participate in each activity regardless of how it will impact you and Give those extra efforts in each activity you do. With these, you will reach new heights.   

How has Toastmasters helped you in your life? You have received Champion Area Director award. Share about your journey as Area Director. Achieving Champion Area Director award is just the tip of the iceberg. But amount of learning and network which I have now is a treasure for lifetime.

I am confident enough to drive my venture anytime because the learning has been magnanimous in terms of communicating effectively, dealing with people, risk management and dealing with problems. I thank Toastmasters International for creating such a beautiful platform where I am not only Learning but also building my bonding with so many people. I have lots of friends who are like my family members, I am crisp and to the point in the client calls. Interesting fact is that now I like giving interviews, Strange but true.


TM Arya Prasannan TRIPLE CROWN - CC, CL, ALB

Exclusive Interview

Share your Toastmasters journey with us. I joined Toastmasters about 2 years ago. I distinctly remember the very first time that I had attended a Toastmasters meeting, I sat alone in the meeting room, just observing, clearly understanding nothing, though. When asked to come up for table topics, I was shook; however i mustered up the courage, and went up but went blank as soon as the topic was given to me, that was the time when I decided - This is it, I'll overcome this fear at any cost. Joining Toastmasters is the only thing I'm absolutely proud of. Toastmasters, for me is not just a part of life, it is a way of my life. You have got Triple Crown award by completing three education awards (CC,CL,ALB) in a single program year. Tell us about your journey of achievement. It is said that life never goes according to a plan. Unexpected things happen. Triple Crown was one such thing. The tripartite award is given to the one who earns 3 educational titles in a single term. You got to be active and participate in every meeting, that is how you can achieve any goal. To answer the question, it has not been my journey of achievement yet, because my biggest achievement is yet to come. You are a student, how do you manage to keep yourself actively available for Toastmasters schedules? I firmly believe that, when you are truly passionate about something, you somehow find time for it. If you know me well, you'd know how much I whine about the timings of my college. Time management is a game of choices - you have to choose what is urgent and what can be kept aside. My college timings have proven to be very hectic, even on Saturdays (the day our club meets) I have college upto 5. But, even if I can't make it on time, I make sure I attend the rest of the meeting. How much have you succeeded regarding your aim of joining Toastmasters? I'm doing my studies in law. This field demands you to speak, talk, express; the only things that I lacked in; I was a very shy and withdrawn person. Then Toastmasters happened to me. I think that now I have successfully mastered the art of feeling confident about myself and am not anymore intimidated from being called up on stage.


A specific person you admire in Toastmasters and what would you like to take one thing from that person? Mentioning just a selected few would do injustice to the rest. Here, I have learnt something or the other from everyone. Toastmasters have produced and brought out so many capable leaders, I bow to them. I'm so grateful to have been a part this wonderful fraternity; couldn't ask for more. You can learn so many things from everyone, it's hard to put in words. However, I'd like to mention DTM Vinod Sharma, who has been a role model for me since day one. I've seen him accomplish so many things and yet he is so humble and down to earth, he makes one feel at home. My mentor - TM Pramod Kiwande, who has been my go-to person, for anything, be it related to Toastmasters or otherwise, he has always been there whenever I've needed, as a constant motivator. Lastly, a special mention to my dear friend - TM Vijendra Jain, for giving me ample opportunities and moreover trusting me with any given work, for pushing me to achieve the goals. I can't thank you all enough. Today I am what I am because of you all. We have many new members in PTMC. What tips/mantras would you give them at start of their journey in Toastmasters so they can make most of it? As would any other toastmaster suggest, take every opportunity to speak. Be it - speeches, table topics or evaluations, just take any given chance and rise up and speak. No one here is judging you for the way you speak, or how you put your words together, just get up and talk. You being in such a supportive and encouraging environment; people here are ready to give you their valuable feedback. I've always treasured these small remarks and observations. Toastmasters is a perfect platform to take risks and make mistakes and at the same time, learn from them. Lastly, I'd like to say, ignite that spark within and make an impact.

TM AASHIRWAD GUPTA Second Place Winner, Club Level ISC

Exclusive Interview

When did you join Toastmasters? Tell us about your Toastmasters journey.

Did you experience jitters just before you got on the stage? If yes, how did you cope up with that?

I joined Toastmasters in November, 2009. Since then it has been a wonderful journey which halted for a while in January, 2012 only to later resume in March, 2017. It has been an amazing time being in Toastmasters, interacting with fellow Toastmasters, writing speeches, preparing and delivering them in the spirit of improving myself.

Yes, I always do, but only till the moment I speak my first word. The moment I start speaking, I kind of take that leverage that the people in front of me will be listening to me till I continue to speak, or till the time deadline allotted. That gives me the confidence to go ahead and the jitters are gone. Like whoosh!!

Describe your joy of winning the International Speech Contest at club level.

Please share some nuggets of wisdom for future aspirants.

Well it was a much-needed push for myself, I was struggling to keep myself well prior to it and wasn’t able to attend any meeting 3 months before it. Though, it was tough for me to stand against established speakers, but I had to do it.

What things did you keep in mind while choosing topic for the speech contest? Also, tell us your mantra of speech crafting. I always try to make sure that I write and speak what I can feel. If I don’t get a feel it’s visible, I am unable to create an impact. I had one thing in my mind i.e. how well I can connect with the audience. I chose my own story and an inspirational message which people can connect to and may be the connection worked.

Three things I would like to say – First, always believe and feel what you are going to write and speak. Second, present something good for the audience. Third, always be calm and composed in delivering what you wish to say.

How has Toastmasters helped you in your life? Toastmasters has always helped me to grow and continuously improve myself in professional and personal life. The 4 core values of Toastmasters have always taught me to be a good individual and have helped me in understanding the broader dimensions of my life. And as I believe learning is a continuous process, I will keep on improving myself to be a better person as I continue my journey in Toastmasters.

How much is delivery is important? How did you work on your delivery?   Delivery in a speech is very important. It’s like the ingredients of the dish which is one of the prime ones. You miss it, the dish is not good. Many people will not like it. You see, it is a continuous process, one has to keep evolving. Sometimes I rush while delivering my speech, I have to learn to slow down. At times I am too loud, I have to learn to use a low pitch when required. Thus, I have to continuously work on improving it.


TM VIDYA JOSHI First Place Winner, Club Level Table Topics Contest

Exclusive Interview

When did you join Toastmasters? What was your purpose? I joined Toastmasters in Aug-2017 to improve my presentation, communication & leadership skills.

How do you differentiate between table topics and prepared speeches? In prepared speeches, it is advisable that you should draft your speech approximately 1 week earlier. As it requires you to practice 7-8 times or less depending on one's calibre to make sure of a good delivery. Whereas in table topic its simple. Just nominate for contest. Don't prepare anything as you don't know the table topic, you have to be just natural with your thoughts while speaking on it. :) You don't need to revise your speech. I feel participating in table topics is much easier compared to prepared speeches.

Were you nervous before the contest at Area level? If yes, how did you manage your nervousness? Yes, I was nervous. My Toastmaster friends gave me confidence that I can rock the stage which helped me. Another point, I was second last in sequencing order which gave me time to chant mantra ॐ. I believe, this is very strong mantra which helps to control our breathing speed and hence thoughts because our thoughts are directly influenced by our breathing speed. I was confident when I shook hands with contest chair and it continued till the end of speech.

Did you have a slight idea that you would win at club level after delivering your table topic speech? I was the last contestant at the club level, hence didn't get opportunity to listen to the others' speeches. I didn't participate to win but to learn from the experience. Hence I didn't have any idea that I would win.

How did you prepare for the club level table topics contest?

How did you celebrate the winning of table topics contest at club level?

Frankly, I didn't prepare anything. I took few seconds on stage to think and then spoke from the bottom of my heart. TM Beena Mandrekar's educational session on 'How to Ace table topics' was helpful. I used PREP approach while delivering speech.

I was scared to participate in table topics contest as I had never participated during the club meetings. This contest was the second time I was on stage for table topics. 1st incident was as a guest in PTMC. TM Pramod had motivated me to participate in the contest. I thanked him a lot after I won the contest.

What is the difference between club contest and area contest according to you?

What is your secret of preparing for table topics contest?

You feel more confident and comfortable to talk at club level whereas it's a more challenging at area level. Voice impact is also different as hall is bigger at area level. The way to overcome this is to participate every time as each time we will learn something different. Learning till last breath is my fundamental value about life. "Keep participating, keep learning" is my motto.


There is no secret. Being a Toastmaster one must attend educational sessions arranged by club. Participate regularly in club meetings and in the contest even though you are scared. Feel confident and talk from heart. I am sure it will have impact on the judges.


Second Place Winner, CCll uub bL e vl eel vT aebll e TT oapbi cls eC o n t e s t  

topiccontest 2nd winner

Exclusive Interview

When did you join Toastmasters? What was your purpose? Tell us about your Toastmasters journey.

Any incident/memory from PTMC that you would like to share.

I joined Toastmasters in Sept 2017 at Persistent Pune Hinjewadi Toastmasters club. I was scared of going in crowded places and also felt uncomfortable to communicate with people. My only purpose to join toastmaster was to free myself from this fear and to be a better communicator. I have achieved my purpose a little bit, but still long way to go.

I had joined Pimpri Toastmasters Club at the end of January 2018 and GST meeting was my third meeting at PTMC. I was going to deliver my CC4 that day. I was shivering and butterflies were dancing in my stomach since morning. We all cooked food, played games full day. Meeting was conducted in the evening and I delivered my speech. I learned to handle nervousness that day with the help of supportive members of the club.

You have got 2nd prize in table topics contest at club level. How did you prepare for the club level table topics contest? I had prepared according to the PREP formula shared by DTM Beena Ma'am. It is as – Once the topic is given, decide whether you agree or disagree with topic. Then give the reason with real life example. At the end, again come to the point that hence you agree/disagree with the topic. I had also gone through various English proverbs.

You were a part of Persistent Toastmasters earlier and later moved to PTMC. How do you feel moving from corporate to community club?

You had mentioned earlier that you had stage fear, how do you feel you are coping with it now? Any specific steps that you are doing. Every time when I am giving speech, I try to reach the meeting venue before time and avoid looking into the script. Instead, I talk with members. This way, I feel relaxed and calm. Also, after going on stage, I take a glance over the audience and utilize the first few moments to make myself comfortable. This is how I try to cope up with my nervousness.

A corporate club’s major problem is low member attendance which impacts the overall energy of the meeting. We had the same issue with Persistent club but everyone has always managed to conduct quality meetings. I feel I had a great start as a Toastmaster there. Community club has a completely different culture where members come up with innovative ideas and make each meeting memorable with big set of learnings. One more interesting thing here is fellowship.

A specific person you admire in Toastmasters and what would you like to learn from that person? I admire the time management skills of TM Pramod Kiwande. I would like to learn that one thing from him.


PTMC-A school away from school By Hawgi Biradar We all have gone to various schools and learned various things to lead better lives. Once we leave, is there any school after that which continues to teach and practice such things? Well, the answer is, PTMC. A school with a difference. It is a school away from school where mistakes are allowed, they are remedied and people are encouraged to learn. People join PTMC with various motives and objectives like public speaking, leadership skills, networking etc. And these objectives can be achieved only when you are allowed to make mistakes and learn. When you aren't laughed at or ridiculed on making mistakes, you are constantly motivated and encouraged to move ahead by being oblivious to the mistakes.


In PTMC, effort is always to make everyone comfortable. Whereas the world outside spies on your mistakes and capitalize on that and sometimes pulls you down in the race. But this world of Toastmasters is equipped with conducive ambience. Inhibitions of all kinds are shed off. Leaner is made comfortable. In an aura of positivity, encouragement, constructive feedback and motivation, I think, the learning process is speeded up like anything. People realize their full potential. They open themselves to the learning, to continue their journey in the world of public speaking. That's why people of all age groups, with mixed abilities and from different walks of life gel really well making it an envious place.

Andharban Monsoon Trek & Trail: Behind The Curtains

By Dnyaneshwar Thakare Andharban is a forest, situated in the Sahayadri region of Raigarh district in Maharashtra. ‘Andharban’ derives its name from, ‘Andhar‘ meaning dark and 'Ban' meaning forest. The name keeps its promise; one can feel the darkness rolling in the forest as you move deeper. The jungle is at an elevation of approximate 2100 meters. Though the trek consists of river crossings and deep descents, our confidence levels were high. Rainy season is just perfect for a beautiful trek.

We started our journey early morning at 05:00 am from Pune with RAW Adventure Group. We reached Pimpri at 07:30 am which was the targeted time. It is the starting point for the trail. It’s recommended to have a trained guide with you as it’s a dense forest and one can miss the way easily. Our guide took us through the forest and also endless trudges. It was really a great experience filled with spectacular and breath-taking views of Ghats and valleys. This awesome trail took us through some beautiful waterfalls, streams & river crossings too. It was raining heavily that day. In the first half of the trail, we walked through the knee deep mud and water. Next half consisted steep deep descents on slippery stony path. It was a 13 kms long trail and it took us around 7-8 hours to complete. After covering the trail , we were welcomed by food and tea stalls. Andharban may feel a bit terrifying by its name, but believe me it’s pretty safe if you have a basic idea and a resourceful guide. As the trek consists of deep descents though rocks, beware as these are way too slippery. A simple mistake can land you deep below the cliff. Crossing the river and waterfall are next big things, it’s not as deep as it may be seen but the flow is very strong and powerful. Water is not a problem while you are on the trail as pure water resources are available in form of ponds and streams.


How to Give a Speech without Getting Nervous


Public speaking can happen at any place or time. It can be a small discussion between friends or family members or giving a full-fledged speech on a stage. There is a difference between both the situations. You are calm and composed when communicating with friends and family but might feel nervousness when you face a large audience. When you feel nervous before giving your speech, your delivery of the speech might get ruined which adversely affects the message you are trying to pass across. To avoid getting nervous before giving a speech, here are some simple tips which can help.  - Practice before going on stage The best way to ease out the nervousness before a speech is to practice several times before delivering it. This will not only help you reduce any chance of errors but will also make you more confident during your speech. Try to do these rehearsals in front of a mirror. This will help you know your body language while delivering your speech (which itself is a very important thing which should be kept in mind during a speech) and it will tell you where you are lacking. You can also deliver the speech in front of your friends and family so they can point out your errors and help you prepare better. - Do a test-run on the stage You can also practice, in the same surroundings or environment where you will be delivering your speech. This will help you adapt to the environment.

All the great speakers were bad speakers at first. -Ralph Emerson




By TM Joyce Alexander


All art is but dirtying FORGET the paper delicately. -John Raskin


CLUB INITIATIVES SAARTHI - PTMC Mentoring Program In order to make PTMC's mentoring program more structured, more rigid and more fruitful, PTMC has restarted the mentoring program under the banner SAARTHI. Various engagement activities have been planned under this program.

Pulse - Feel the Progress

Each member’s progress is tracked weekly through Pulse report. It has the data of how many speeches have been completed by each member. This report is sent on weekly basis to all the club members.

Tuesday Economics

PTMC is one of the very few clubs in District 98, which shares financial report that includes club balance sheet every Tuesday to all the club members.

PTMC Impact-Makers

Every month, the members who go extra mile to serve the club or put more efforts for any activity or do something extraordinary are recognized as ImpactMakers of that month.


DRONACHARYA SERIES ART OF SPEECH CRAFT TM VIRAT MEHTA, JAN 11th 2018 In this session, TM Virat gave insights about speech writing and delivery from the perspective of International Speech Contest. He emphasized on the need to have FEEL in the speech.

HOW TO ACE TABLE TOPICS DTM BEENA MANDREKAR, FEB 3rd 2018 With lot of tips and examples, DTM Beena conducted an interactive session on how to prepare for Table Topics Contest. She mentioned PREP (Point, Reason, Example, Point) technique through which anyone could attempt a table topic with ease.

TOASTMASTERS PATHWAYS TM HEMANT ARORA, MAR 17th 2018 TM Hemant explained the need to move from the traditional educational system to Pathways Learning Experience. He described various Paths and Projects available along with the process to select a Path. 

it's YOUR speech TM YOGIRAJ KHANWELKAR, JUN 2nd 2018 Capt. Yogiraj stressed the need to look within before writing a speech. According to him, A speech should have one message, at least two opposite emotions and maximum three examples. 25

अजीब अजीब शरारत वहाँ, कल क ज़रा भी िफकर ना होती थी जहाँ। छोटी छोटी बात पर

स जाया करते थे,

बड़ ी से बड़ ी बात को भूल जाया करते थे। मंच पर खड़ े होकर जहाँ हम हीरो बना करते थे, सुबह सुबह लाइन म लग कर, कद काठी नापा करते थे। घंटी क टन टन सुनकर जहाँ

ासेस खाली हो जाया करती थी,

मा टर जी क डांट से दो त क मौज, खुद क आंख नम हो जाया करती थी।

जहाँ सब यार सजा िमलने पर भी मुसकुराया करते थे। कभी एक दूसरे के िटिफ़न क महक चुराया करते थे, कभी घर जाकर डर डर कर नंबर बताया करते थे। वो कमरे आज तो नह ह, जहाँ हमने सुनहरे िदन गुजारे थे, बस याद के घर दे ह, जो सब के संग सवाँरे थे। क है, जहाँ दो त हमारे थे,

वो मेरे बचपन के ग लयारे थे, वो ग लयारे बडे़ ही यारे थे। -By Aashirwad Gupta


िदवाली पे घर क सफाई करते ए, इक पुरानी गु

क िमली,

कुछ पुराने िस

े जसम अब भी बाक थे,


क खंगाली तो बड़ े िस

े सब बाहर आ गए,

पर इक अठ ी अब भी उस गु गु

क म थी,

क के छे द से मने जब झांका अंदर,

तो दे खा सहमी सहमी सी वो, अपने म खुद को समेटे ए थी,

सं कृत क गु थी, ग णत क पहे लयाँ सुलझाया करते थे,

कहानी कुछ बीते व

वो अठ ी

डर रही थी वो शायद बाहर आने से, िक इस महंगाई के जमाने म अब उसे कौन अपनाएगा, जानती थी वो शायद िक वो दौर अब बीत गया है, जब उसको पाकर ब

के चेहर पे खु शयां तैरा करती थ ,

और वो भी खुशी से झूम उठती थी, जब उसके बदले उन ब

को रं ग िबरं गी टौिफयां िमला करती थी,

पर अब वो िसफ एक धातु का टु कड़ ा थी, जसका अब कोई मोल न था, और िफर मने कभी उसको बाहर िनकालने क को शश नह क , आज भी वो अठ ी मने उस गु -By Mukesh Jeswani

क म संभाल के रखी है।

अकेले ही चल पड़ े थे , ज़ दगी के राह म , कुछ पाने क , कुछ बनने के चाह म , राहे मु

दर म सवाल खड़ ा आ

जब दे खा मुड़कर तो पाया अकेला ही खड़ ा आ सोचा ना था इस कदर गांव छू टेगा बना बनाया नसीब इस कदर टू टेगा दो त र तेदार हर उ मीद टू ट गई बचपन- कूल जवानी-कॉलेज, हर याद पीछे छू ट गयी नयी जुबा, नए लोग, नयी राह नए रोग ना करते तो मर जाते, हाँ करते तो भी मर जाते नयी जुबां सीखने के लए दर दर भटकते रहे अं ज े ी के हर ल ज म, बार बार अटकते रहे सीखी जब अं ज े ी जुबा लड़ खड़ ाते ए प लक पी कग के नाम पर िफर अड़ गए भटकते रहे िफर दर बदर, कही िमली न राह हर िदन मायूसी म कटता, सोने न दे ती चाह िफर एक उ मीद जगी, पता चला टॉ टमा टस का िफर एक अ याय जुड़ा, श द और पंि य का  -By Narendra Yadav



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Pimpri Toastmasters Club - Newsletter - The Gist - 3rd Edition - June 2018  

Keynote Addresses by District 98 officers Fantastic Meetings by PTMC members Creativity of Members Exclusive Interviews of achievers amon...

Pimpri Toastmasters Club - Newsletter - The Gist - 3rd Edition - June 2018  

Keynote Addresses by District 98 officers Fantastic Meetings by PTMC members Creativity of Members Exclusive Interviews of achievers amon...