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Back to basics Manitoba brings back familiar pandemic rules along with vaccine passport

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Less than one month after relaxing pandemic restrictions in early August, Manitoba is now facing the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic with daily case counts topping 100 twice in the past week. The province brought back mandatory face masks in all indoor public spaces on August 28 and, starting September 3, will require people to be fully vaccinated to go to a concert, eat at a restaurant, or go out to see a movie. “The emergence of the delta variant has changed things significantly. Now, public health officials tell us the pandemic is one of the unimmunized and we must take these extra steps to protect the nearly 230,000 children who are not yet eligible for immunization,” said Health and Seniors Care Minister Audrey Gordon on August 2. “Manitoba’s vaccine passport benefit will help encourage greater vaccine uptake, which is necessary to protect our health-care system from the COVID-19 fourth wave.” People in all health regions of Manitoba must be fully immunized to participate in certain events and activities. They can use their

vaccine cards or digital passports to enter public places such as: • indoor and outdoor ticketed sporting events and concerts; • indoor theatre/dance/symphony events; • restaurants (indoor and patio dining); • nightclubs and all other licensed premises; • casinos, bingo halls and VLT lounges; • movie theatres; • fitness centres, gyms and indoor sporting and recreational facilities (excluding youth recreational sport); and • organized indoor group recrea-

tional classes and activities, and indoor recreational businesses. Children 11 and under who are not eligible to be immunized will be able to attend events and activities with a fully immunized adult. For those who work in places that now require vaccination, the deadline to be fully immunized is October 17. Designated employees who are not fully immunized or cannot provide proof of vaccination will need to undergo regular COVID-19 testing, up to three times a week for full-time employees, and provide proof of a negative test result before they can resume working.

“Dream big, for possibilities are endless”

Bea Alonzo & Dominic Roque

Tony Awards. Laurence Olivier Awards. The New York Innovative Theater Awards. These are only a few tributes given to exemplary artists, performers, and workers in the world of theatre. Here in Winnipeg, we have the Evie Awards, an annual theatre awards ceremony given in celebration and recognition of excellence in

the Winnipeg professional theatre community. Local singer, respected vocal coach, and ka-Pinay, Joy Lazo, was recently accorded an Honorary Evie Award. Each season the honorary awards recognize individuals who have made long-standing contributions to the theatre community in Winnipeg. Lucille Nolasco Garrido of Pilipino Express (PE) recently caught up with Joy Lazo (JL) who is currently busy with a new See JOY p5

Joy Lazo



SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

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SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Back to school and work during a pandemic Seeing friends and family, going shopping, eating at restaurants – don’t these things sound familiar? Over the summer, we have been able to do more of our favourite things as Manitoba saw new COVID-19 case numbers decrease and vaccination rates increase. This led to the lifting of the tough restrictions that we experienced during the winter and spring. As we head into the fall with mask mandates for indoor public settings and a sweeping vaccine mandate requiring people to show proof of vaccination to access amenities like restaurants, gyms, and sporting events, all of us are looking for some sense of a new normal. This time of adjustment also includes for some, heading back into the workplace after working from home, and going back to school for kids, teens, and

Each direction of feng shui has a corresponding colour, number, aspiration, element, and shape. The shapes have meaning, and they can be used to create harmony and balance in your home’s décor. There are five main shapes of good fortune, and in general, seven shapes of misfortune. These common shapes can be seen in the way a building is designed or the way a living room is arranged and can create harmony or disharmony, fortune or misfortune. Let’s start with the most fortunate shapes. These shapes follow the five elements of feng shui. These shapes are representations of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. They can be used to harmonize the elements in your room, change your decor to harmonize with the direction of your room or tap the element of your personal directions. Wave Shape This shape symbolizes the element of water. It’s an undulating, curvy shape that mimics the flow and fluidity of water. This is a shape that looks good in patterns in carpets or upholstery. Use the wave shape when you want to more change in your life, transformation, and the smooth flow of opportunity. Businesses that are involved with health (wood element) should employ the wave shape into patterns used in their décor or company logo.

university students. However, change and transitioning back to how we used to do things can be challenging. Here are a few tips that can help to make this transition successful while keeping people safe: 1. As a family, talk about what the new routine will be like. When there is a lot of uncertainty, our anxiety levels can spike. Having a routine and a plan can ease the worry. Try having a calendar and To-Do list out in the open for everyone to see and review frequently. 2. Start regular and healthy sleep patterns as soon as possible, even on the weekends. When we have a good night’s sleep, we are better able to function the next day and immediately start the day off on the right foot. 3. Keep tabs on public health recommended guidelines.

Rectangle Shape The rectangle and its long upright shape denote the wood element. Like a tree, the rectangle shape is auspicious because it is a yang shape that brings new growth and vitality. Use the rectangle shape for your business card for more growth. In the living room, sofas are often rectangularly shaped are dining tables, making them auspicious pieces of furniture for health and vitality. Rectangles are often used for headboards on beds and confer the benefits of health. Triangle Shape The point of the triangle is representative of the tips of the flames of fire as they reach upward. Like the rectangle, the triangle is a yang shape. The upward movement represents good fortune, success, and material wealth. A common triangle design is the chevron pattern. Use these carefully because when used in excess, it can add too much fire element and that can be fatiguing. However, used in small amounts, it can be a big energy boost to your home and life! The triangle is also representative of a point, and if the triangle is pointed upwards, it brings upward movement. Triangles should not be turned on their sides because they represent the tip of an arrow and its associated danger.

During this pandemic, we have learned that things can change very quickly. Don’t spend all day listening to the news but have a sense of how your local communities are doing. This will help you to prepare for the possibility of change. 4. Commute safely. When using public transportation, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer often. If possible, walk or bike to work and school. 5. Make it a practice to screen yourself and household members for COVID-19 symptoms every morning. If feeling unwell, stay home. 6. At work, limit exposure to others whenever you can. For example, virtual meetings can continue rather than meeting in a crowded space. Use lunch and coffee breaks to go for a walk with a co-worker. This can be

a great way to de-stress and get some exercise in. 7. Role model effective calming behaviours such as deep breathing, logical problem solving and positive self-talk. Children tend to cope as well as their parents do. If they see that adults around them are calm, this will ease their worries. 8. Adults must also take good care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This will foster healthy coping skills and develop patience for others. We cannot give to others what we ourselves do not have. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

The five lucky shapes of feng shui Square Shape The most solid of the shapes, the square is a symbol of the earth element. Grounded and stable, the square shape is most often used shape in building because of its stability. This is the shape that benefits relationships and health and is an auspicious shape when used to arrange a living room, for example. The square is a wonderful shape for a dining table because it makes all those who sit at it equals. The square also makes a good shape for a headboard on your bed for good health and positive relationships. Arc or Circle Shape The arc or circle shape is the shape of metal. They indicate movement and quickness, like the metal element. This is a shape of good fortune and the benefits of heaven when used in your décor. All rooms benefit from the addition of a circular item in either furnishings or accessories to help balance the squareness and rectangular shapes

used in typical furnishings and furniture arrangements. For example, circular tables create movement and make good choices when space is tight as they have no harsh edges to bump against. The circular shape symbolizes the roundness and fullness of heaven. It is a shape that is considered the most auspicious and egalitarian shape for use at a dining table, making everyone who sits at it equal in importance. Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice, and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

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SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

JOY... From page 1 theatre project. PE: Tell us how you felt when you found out you were an Evie awardee. JL: I was happily shocked because I did not even know that I was nominated. I felt truly blessed and humbled. PE: What does this award mean to you? JL: It is an affirmation from among my peers that I am doing right and good. And of course, the nomination was supported by my former students and those who benefitted from my coaching. PE: Let’s go back to your beginnings in the Philippines. When did your love for singing begin? JL: I must have been singing inside my mom’s tummy. I have been singing since I could remember because we would normally wake up to old tunes while our parents would be dancing around the living room. PE: How were you able to develop this love for singing? JL: More seriously when I was attending the University of Santo Tomas and I was asked to take over as Musical Director for the Goldies


Sing Out with about 120 members from the different colleges in the university. I did not feel I was ready, but my predecessor assisted me in the transition. And I just grew into it. Later on, I joined another group called the Sons and Daughters and trained with my brother Paul who was the Musical Director. However, I did not stay long as I was done school and had to go back home where I started to organize a youth choir in our parish. After I got married to my awesome husband, Ramon, he encouraged me to pursue my love for singing and joined a band called Prelude with Zion Zuniga, the older brother of Nonoy Zuniga and four other guys from Ateneo. After Prelude I organized the Limelight Band and we started performing in hotels until I decided to do it solo under Joy Lazo and Friends. With my husband, we also organized some youth in our community into choirs and a basketball team, which we saw was a good alternative for them to hanging out in the streets. St. Anthony Choir and St. Anthony Basketball Team. (St. Anthony being the patron saint of the lost.) PE: How were you able to balance family life with a singing

career? JL: In the Philippines, it was easier because you can have some household helpers and I try to make sure that family is priority. My Mom would stay with Ramon and the kids whenever I had to perform outside of the country. Here, the big support came from my husband Ramon and our children. They were my loudest cheer leaders. PE: Tell us about some of the highlights in your singing career in the Philippines. JL: I performed in some of the hotel chains like the Holiday Inn, Philippine Plaza, Regent of Manila, Manila Garden, and a few stints in Singapore. My band was invited as the front act for Patti Page and Bobby Vinton at the New Latin Quarter in Tokyo, and for the Supremes in Kuwait Hyatt Regency for a New Year’s show. PE: When you immigrated to Canada, were you able to pick up where you left off easily or were there any challenges along the way? JL: Yes, we were never exempt from the newly landed immigrants’ struggles, but we did not look at the burdens. Instead, we focused on joining the church and organizing a youth choir. I had a short stint at the Holiday Inn downtown but did not stay long as it was hard with kids. We would take them to the hotel – luckily I got a room as one of the perks from the hotel. Kaya lang, ang hirap pag uwian na kasi nakakatulog sila doon, so kargakarga namin sila gabi-gabi. We were also active in the community, as I joined the Mabuhay Serenaders and volunteered with Magdaragat.

Induction of officers of St. Anthony choir they organized for the youth in Quezon City

Joy in the early 80s performing at the Manila Garden Hotel

PAGE 5 At one point my husband and I led the Music Ministry of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Manitoba (CCRS), and I was also one of the fund-raising coordinators for the construction of the PCCM. Part of the campaign was to produce shows at the Pantages and Centennial Concert Hall using the many wonderful talents we have in our community. Truly a big stage to showcase local See JOY p7

Mon & Joy Lazo

Mon & Joy in Maui, Hawaii

Joy with some of her students after performing during Philippine Heritage week



SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Reckoning with memory, Part II In July, I wrote about the place of Ferdinand Magellan in the collective memory of the Philippines as the first of three articles on reckoning with memory. Today, I write about the memory of José Rizal, who was born on 19 June 1861. Very few Filipinos have not heard the name, partly because it is so visible. Major parks are named after him, such as Rizal Park in Metro Manila where the largerthan-life statue of Lapu-Lapu is found. One may even find a Dr. José Rizal Park or Dr. José Rizal Way in Winnipeg, representative of the large Filipino community in the city. School children in the Philippines learn of his life, and many continue to study his poetry and literature. The Knights of Rizal is a global brotherhood dedicated to spreading the teachings of Rizal, and there is even a religious movement convinced of the divinity of Rizal. The legacy and memory of the man is as complex as Rizal was himself. Often referred in collective memory as being a revolutionary, his stance was in fact more reformist. A gifted human whose brilliance began to flare in the dawn of anti-colonial movements across Asia, Rizal was part of a broader campaign in the Philippines that would become the first successful independence movement in the region. While Rizal himself did not advocate for the Spanish to leave the Philippines, he developed a sophisticated and articulate rhetoric of nationalism. He believed that the Philippines was not yet ready for a Spanish withdrawal because of the miseducation Filipinos had received from the Spanish friars who directed the colony’s schools. Rizal was also the first to refer to the Philippines as the “Homeland” in his poetry. From his youth, Rizal’s writings caught the ire of the Dominican mendicant order. One of his early poems, Education Adds Lustre to Motherland, emphasized the role that education played in awakening the potential of the Philippine nation to rise and stand up for itself. But this poem was controversial because the “Motherland” referred to the Philippines, not Spain, as Filipino school children had been taught for generations. This subtle literary move was in fact emblematic of something quite significant – the realization that one’s home and one’s heritage were all they needed. Other Asian states would go through the same realization such as India and Japan. What Rizal awakened, and what was revolutionary about him, was a renewed awareness and pride in the heritage and past of the Philippines. Rizal’s world Rizal was himself a product of the historical moment into which he was born. Economic reforms

in the Spanish colony of the Philippines in the late 18th century led to increased wealth in some Filipinos, leading to a class known as the ilustrado. These were an agrarian elite, whose wealth and influence came from land holdings. Colonial prohibitions on cash cropping – growing crops that were high profit – and mining were abandoned, and Manila was opened to foreign shipping, creating new opportunities for wealth and investment. Free trade policies in 1834 led to the growth of an entrepreneurial class of Filipinos who had increasing contact with American and European traders. These economic reforms had two effects upon Philippine nationalist sentiment. The first was an exposure of many wealthy Filipinos to Western ideas that the Spanish, and in particular the religious orders, had not introduced to them, such as notions of liberty and political freedom. The second was that more and more ilustrado families sent their children abroad to study, where they experienced these new ideas and models of civil society that prized individual freedom and independence. Between 1855 to 1872, a more liberal policy of education offered free schooling to all Filipinos, leading to more institutions of higher learning, debating societies, libraries, newspapers, and periodicals. By the time this was stamped out in 1872, the growth of an educated and liberal ilustrado class was already in place and calling for reforms to the Spanish colony. Rizal was one of these ilustrado who had a more liberal education. He was a polyglot, fluent in over six languages, and trained in over twenty. He was also a polymath, excelling in both the sciences and arts. He became an ophthalmologist, painter, sculptor, poet, novelist, and journalist. He was a prolific writer, and often corresponded with other intellectuals across Asia and Europe. He was born in a town dominated by Dominican friars, and very quickly came to see that his fellow Filipinos had become economically oppressed by the Catholic religious orders. Rizal used his skill with the written word to criticize the role of the friars in Philippine society, with one of his most scathing attacks coming in his novel, Noli Me Tangere. Rizal studied in universities in Manila, Spain, and Germany. One of the shocking realizations that Rizal had in Europe was that Spain had come to hold a relatively low place in the European community of nations. But he was also struck by the high degree of individual freedoms that Europeans possessed, and which Filipinos distinctly lacked. Furthermore, the self-confidence and self-esteem of Rizal and his compatriots grew as they succeeded and prospered

in their studies alongside their Western counterparts. Rizal and reform Until his execution in 1896, José Rizal remained a moderate, never calling for rebellion or the expulsion of the Spanish. Instead, he advocated for policies of gradual reform and a removal of power from the religious orders. He felt the Philippines was not yet ready to govern itself, although his writings indicated that he believed they could be, through programs of education. Rizal insisted he was not a revolutionary, stating “We are not revolutionaries; we desire no blood, we have no hatred.” Despite his pleas for moderation and reform, and the belief that he was merely calling attention to unjust deeds, the colonial government banned his writings at the insistence of the religious orders, which ultimately brought more attention to his works. After threats were made to his family, Rizal was forced to flee the Philippines for exile in Europe. During this period, he became bitter and disillusioned with the reform movement, and during this time he wrote El Filibusterismo in 1891 in which his main character advocated for violence and complete freedom of the Filipino people. Despite this, he still did not feel that the people were ready for independence. When Rizal returned to the Philippines in 1892, he was arrested and deported to a remote region in the south of the Philippines, far from the colonial centre of Manila. The removal of Rizal, a moderate at heart and active resister of revolution, from politics in Manila led to the rise of a militant organization known as the Katipunan, a secret association of commoners, not dominated by the ilustrado. While Rizal and the ilustrado were not revolutionary – possibly due to the fact they themselves benefitted from Spanish colonial society – the commoners that made up the Katipunan were in favour of violent struggle against the Spanish. As farmers, they suffered the worst under Spanish rule. Despite Rizal’s continual anger towards the movement, he was made an honorary president of the group in an attempt to gain wider support, but it was a move that would end in Rizal’s death. When the Katipunan began an armed rebellion in August 1896, Rizal was arrested and charged with sedition. On December 30, 1896, he was executed in Manila, pithing the walls of the old city of Intramuros. The shock and reaction of the Filipino people to Rizal’s execution, as well as the leadership of the Katipunan movement, left no doubt to many that they were in fact prepared for independence from Spain. Ironically, Rizal was responsible for much of this. His writings and poetry instilled a sense of pride in

Philippine culture, identified the evils of Spanish colonial society, and gave a vision for the future, and his composure upon his death made him a national martyr to many. Rizal and national memory Rizal has been held up as one of the ultimate heroes of Philippine independence and nationalism. Until his death, though, he remained a moderate, disavowing any support for armed rebellion: “Holding these ideas, I cannot do less than condemn …this uprising [the Katipunan] as absurd, savage, and plotted behind my back… I abhor its criminal methods and disclaim all part in it…” (December 15, 1896). Despite the fact that he verbally attacked the Katipunan, he helped foster the movement by articulating a vision for the Philippines. More important, he reminded the Philippines of what to be proud: a glorious heritage and tradition, a value on education, and a role model to admire. Rizal was articulate, intelligent, and steadfast in the face of death. His final poem, Mi Ultimo Adios is a gut-wrenching poem written the night before his execution. To reformists and revolutionaries alike, both in the Philippines and across Asia, Rizal presented a model of dignity. One of the evil effects of colonialism is the belief that colonized people are inherently inferior to their colonizers. This was a belief taught by the Spanish friars, who ridiculed Filipinos and told them they had to abandon their ways for that of the Spanish. Many came to accept this ridicule over the centuries, but Rizal reminded his compatriots that Filipinos and their motherland, the Philippines, were honourable and dignified. This is perhaps why Rizal remains

so widely celebrated as a national hero today. Rizal, though, is another example of collective memory. While Rizal is a household name to many of Filipino descent, his life is not a well-known story. When I lecture on the life of Rizal in my History of Asia course, there is always a little surprise that he was not actively fighting for an independent Philippines, and in fact advocated that the Spanish needed to stay (at least for the time being). In many ways, the memory of Rizal is like that of Lapu-Lapu, whose youthful figure guarding Rizal Park is nothing like the datu who faced Magellan’s men in 1521. The needs of generations of Filipinos have constructed the historical figure of Rizal. While that figure does not always reflect reality, this is the nature of collective memory and is part of a reckoning with memory. Each generation will re-evaluate and reinterpret the historical memories and narratives that are passed down to them. This is not because younger generations wish to erase the past, but because each generation has fundamental questions and needs of their history that must be answered. This reckoning that each generation has (or should have) is a result of the truth that history is as much, if not more, both an interpretation and inscription of meaning to the past, as it is a banal collection of people, dates, and events. When society as whole realizes this, the real value of history and its study will be found. Jon Malek received his PhD from Western University and currently teaches history at the University of Manitoba. He is working on a book manuscript on the history of the Winnipeg Filipino community.

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021



Federal Court rules that 57 months of processing is not reasonable There is no standard processing time for immigration applications. The department employs best practices and has admitted they are reducing backlogs in some streams. However, even the best of intentions and promises to improve things do not touch all submissions and there are some that seem to fall between the cracks and are delayed excessively. The immigration serving community was not shocked to hear that there are submissions that take years to decide, but rather that a Federal Court justice has ruled that the delay in one case is so egregious (wrong) that something must be done. One of the basic principles of natural justice/procedural fairness is that the processing of submissions must be done without undue delay. A delay that cannot be justified is a denial of procedural fairness. I have not read the transcript of the court case in question but followed the stories that appeared in the press, such as the Toronto Star. The appellant had tried unsuccessfully to obtain information from immigration

JOY... From page 5 talents as well. I also volunteered and directed shows for ANCOP. PE: You are known in the community as a voice coach for young people. How did this start? JL: It started from the choir. I was asked by a mother to coach her daughter for the Tuklas Talino competition, and she became the champion. From there it just snowballed. I started in the early ‘90s and the rest is history. PE: Have you ever turned away a potential student or said no to a parent? JL: Yes, I did. I normally start accepting kids for lessons after an assessment. So, the kid and the parents have an idea how lessons would be conducted. If I see that the kid is not ready – due to a short span of attention or if the kid is not that interested, or still too young – I would not take them kasi sayang lang pera ng mga magulang. Parang expensive babysitting! On occasions I would also advise the parents to let the a kid quit lessons

officials about his application for permanent residence that was submitted almost five years ago. In February 2020 he requested that the Federal Court do something about the situation to speed up the processing. He first received permission, or leave, to submit the appeal to the Federal Court, which acknowledged the merits of his request and the questions about the fairness of the processing. Last month, in a rare ruling, the Federal Court agreed that the 57-month wait was “unreasonable” and ordered Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to give a decision in 30 days and to pay the appellant’s family $1,500 in costs. “Even in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has slowed IRCC processing times, I find the delay in question is prima facie longer than the nature of the process required,” wrote Justice Shirzad S. Ahmed, referring to the normal processing time of just 21 months.” The ruling, which directs IRCC to decide within a time frame, is “an exceptional

remedy” and has resulted in much discussion amongst the immigration serving community and applicants who have also experienced unreasonable delays. However, the solution is not to flood the Federal Court first with requests to be heard (leave) and subsequent appeals, which can only be submitted by lawyers. The immigration lawyer who represented the appellant said that his office was inundated by persons whose applications appear to be frozen. The departmental excuse to the Federal Court was the impact of COVID, but this fell on almost deaf ears of the Justice. The details of the case reveal the complications because the subject first submitted a refugee claim in September 2016 and then applied for permanent residence a month later in October 2016. Since that time, they have been waiting for a decision on their PR application. They completed their medicals and made numerous requests regarding the status and delays of their application, but departmental officials gave them only the standard response that

the application was in process. The applicant also enlisted the help of his Member of Parliament who made 34 requests to IRCC for an update between May 2017 and April 2021, but officials responded by saying it was under review. There was apparently some question about the security clearances of the appellant, but this was only disclosed at the appeal hearing. In his ruling, Justice Amad said pointedly that the delay was neither reasonable nor justified, whether it was with IRCC or with the National Security Screening Division, a branch of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Federal justice said: “It matters not whether the delays lie within the Minister’s office, or with CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). The Minister has a responsibility to act with reasonable diligence.” The lawyer for the appellant warned the department that he has already been approached by several other applicants who feel that they have been subjected to the same unreasonable adjudication.

kasi talagang hindi interested ang bata. I just tell the kid or parents that when they really want to do it, the kid should be the one to call me and I will give another chance. It is important for me that when we embark into vocal training that it is a win-win. PE: Are you still teaching and coaching students? JL: The past five years I have been going slow. Doon sa hindi ko mapahindian, I would still do it. PE: You are also a performer here in Canada? What are some of the most memorable performances you’ve done or productions you’ve been in? JL: I have been blessed and fortunate to be an alumnus of Rainbow Stage. I started in the ensemble for Damn Yankees in 1994, as Bloody Mary in the 1997 production of South Pacific and as Lady Thiang in The King and I in 2004. I was invited for different collaborations with other mainstream groups as a performer, especially for charitable events. PE: Do you still have anything you want to accomplish or a

dream role to play in terms of your singing and performing career? JL: Nothing much really. Only when opportunity knocks, and I am given the chance and if my body and voice can keep up. PE: What are you busy with currently? JL: I am doing a project, a workshop called Ma-Buhay: Filipinos Singing for Their Lives. It is a musical created by Joseph Sevillo with music and lyrics by Joseph Sevillo and Josh Caldo. Rainbow Stage is taking this on and we hope to put the musical on stage in the very near future. I am also busy still doing some volunteer work with the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba, Pinays Manitoba, keeping the Highlights Performing Group active and as a member of the Board of Directors of Rainbow Stage. PE: Is there anything else you’d like to impart to our readers? JL: We are all actors in this world in a big drama called life. If we are given the talent, we should hone it, share it. I am not claiming any of the successes of

those I have taught or coached, but I am just proud of them for what they have achieved and happy for to be a part of their journey. They each have worked so hard to get to where they are now. I feel blessed that over many years we have remained friends, and even family. Let us try our best to be part of the solution and not become the problem, especially during these very trying and dire times for our world. Always be grateful, humble, and loving. Know that we are all on the same journey but walking on different paths. What I would always say to my students, to my own kids, and to myself: I am the only one who can limit me. Possibilities are endless. Do not place yourself in a box. Dream big, focus, commit, give back, take responsibility, and admit to your mistakes. For from mistakes, we develop wisdom. Keep looking forward and continue to learn. There are always new things. Never give up. Most important, know that you are loved as a child of God. He will never leave you alone. Believe.

My hope is not for more appeals to the Federal Court, but rather that the department takes seriously the criticism of the Federal Court Justice and respond within the 30 days he gave them. IRCC, like any applicant, is not above the law and they are responsible for their actions and their words. To just repeat ad infinitum the phrase “the case is in process,” wears thin after a while and after 57 weeks is inadequate at best. The applicants should be informed about long delays and the reasons behind them. IRCC has a responsibility to be procedurally fair, in both the information they provide applicants and in their response to the Justice. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail:




SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Pandemic gives birth to Filipino travel book What better time to write a travel book than during a period when most people are on pause from making international trips so they could take time to reflect and contribute? Australia-based Filipino world traveler Donalito Bales Jr. releases his first book, Galà: Adventures of the Most Well-traveled Filipinos, after 16 months of writing it — chiefly during the uncertain days of the lockdown. The 399-page book follows the journeys of 20 Filipino travelers who have already visited more than 100 countries and territories. More than their colourful stories, the book also gives a peek into the travelers’ bucket lists and shares expert advice for aspiring globetrotters. The book takes you on their journey around the world, sharing their colourful stories as well as their best travel tips and recommendations in a wellcurated manner. Bales intends to use the book as a vehicle to plant a seed for reviving a post-pandemic travel industry once it’s safe to travel the world once again. Staying true to his motivation,

Bales is donating the book’s initial sales to the Philippine Global Explorers, a community of Filipino world travelers that aims to positively impact travel thought

leadership, education, culture, and tourism and international relations. The community is cofounded by Bales, together with some people also featured in the

book. It is being incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the Philippines this September If you’re looking for inspiration to re-ignite your love for travel during these unprecedented

times, then this book is perfect for you. You may order the book directly from Amazon, and you can get a free excerpt from the website.

Dondon Bales in Rila Monastery in Bulgaria

Galà chronicles the colourful adventures of 20 of the most well-traveled Filipinos.

In Mount Teide in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain

Kjeragbolten, the boulder in Kjerag Mountain, Norway

In Antarctica

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021




Napanood na namin nang buo ang pelikulang Revirginized ni Sharon Cuneta. Tama ang paalala ng henyong direktor nito na si Darryl Yap, hindi para sa mga Sharonians ang pelikula, pero siguradong maipagmamalaki nila ang kanilang idolo. Ibang-ibang Megastar kasi ang iniluwa sa proyekto, ang singeractress na palaging kinakawawa sa una pero biglang reresbak sa bandang huli, hindi ganoon ang atake ng Revirginized. Naganap lang ang kuwento sa loob nang magdamag at kinabukasan ay bigla nang nagbago ang pananaw sa buhay ng misis na sinaktan ng kaniyang mister sa pagkakaroon ng escabeche. Nagmumura ang binigyangbuhay na papel ni Sharon, binitiwan pa niya ang salitang tumutukoy sa ari ng lalaki, na kahit minsan ay hindi niya ginawa sa alinmang pelikulang pinagbidahan niya.


Matindi nga ang panghalina ng mga salita ni Direk Darryl Yap para mapapayag nito ang Megastar na gawin ang pelikula na walang alaala ng mga dating proyekto ni Sharon. Ang pagdila niya ng asin sa dibdib ni Marco Gumabao, ang pagwawalwal niya nang magdamag para makalimot sa kaniyang problema, isang kagulat-gulat na eksena dahil sa totoong buhay ay hindi naman umiinom si Sharon pero nagampanan niya ‘yon nang buong husay. Sa bandang dulo ng pelikula ay ang reyalisasyon. Hindi dapat magmukmok sa isang sulok ang babae kapag nabibigo at nasasaktan sa pakikipagrelasyon. Babae ang hahanap ng paraan para kahit pansamantala lang ay malimutan niya ang sakit, kailangan niyang baguhin ang kaniyang kapaligiran, pero hindi niya pa rin isinusuko ang See CRISTY p13

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

• Sharon Cuneta – Ibang iba sa pelikulang Revirginized • Gerald Anderson – Sana mapatawad na ni Bea Alonzo • Bea Alonzo – Suwerte sa kaibigang si Janus Del Prado • Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes – Kumpirmado nang hiwalay • Luis Manzano – Ipinagtanggol ng ina sa mga bashers • AiAi delas Alas at Miguel Vera – Kapuri-puri pa rin ang relasyon • Gretchen Barretto – Namigay ng tulong sa mga manunulat • Paolo Contis – Ang galing-galing sa pelikulang A Faraway Land • Allan K – Tinuldukan na ang kuwento sa kanila ni James Yap

Gerald Anderson

Sharon Cuneta & Marco Gumabao

Janus Del Prado

Bea Alonzo & Dominic Roque Luis Manzano, Jessy Mendiola & Congresswoman Vilma Santos Gretchen Barretto

LJ Reyes & Paolo Contis

AiAi Delas Alas

Allan K

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021






SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Julie Anne San Jose in Limitless, A Musical Trilogy Julie Anne San Jose unleashes her musical prowess in the extraordinary musical journey LIMITLESS, A Musical Trilogy with the first part premiering on September 17. The show is set to unveil the different facets of Julie as a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and multi-instrumentalist, as she travels to the three island groups of the Philippines where she discovers new inspiration in unexpected locations in Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon. Julie shows a new side of her that she has never shown before. She shares what she can do as a performer and what she has to go through to become limitless. “Any artist would be very excited to be part of this unique project,” shared Julie. “And for me to be able to share my talent and my experience with my fans

here and abroad is something I am truly excited about.” This journey of discovery is something everyone can relate to, especially now that we must stay at home again for our safety. “Each of us is still trying to deal with the trying times and to be able to produce a musical trilogy like LIMITLESS and to have it seen by people, not only here in the Philippines but in every part of the world, is something I hope will inspire everyone to keep on seeing the good things around us,” added Julie. For the first leg, Julie flies to Mindanao on a great adventure. Against the picturesque scenery, she meets the locals and learns more about their culture and values. Julie also collaborates with Kapuso homegrown talents and local artists from all over the

country. For the September 17 leg, Julie will be joined by balladeer Christian Bautista and The Clash alumnus Jong Madaliday, who is from Mindanao himself. Julie will work with Myke Salomon, the musical director behind the hit musicals Huling El Bimbo and Rak of Aegis. JC Gellidon is the director of photography. A versatile artist, Julie is one of the hosts of GMA’s top-rated programs, All-Out Sundays. She is also set to return with Rayver Cruz as Clash Masters in the alloriginal musical competition The Clash. She bannered the GMA rom-com series Heartful Café opposite David Licauco and will soon be starring in an online video streaming platform’s musical series Still alongside Christian Bautista. Julie was recently featured on a digital billboard in the iconic

Times Square in New York City. The said billboard was for Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, which encourages users to listen to amazing women all around the world. Wherever in the Philippines

or around the globe, everyone can take part in LIMITLESS, A Musical Trilogy by purchasing tickets via www.GMANetwork. com/synergy. Steps on how to score your ticket of choice are available on the website.

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival Cultural Tent Winners

MFSFs Best Cultural Tent Grand Winner: Isabela Association of Manitoba

MFSF 2nd Best Cultural Tent: BIBAK Association of Manitoba

MFSF 3rd Best Cultural Tent: Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

CRISTY... From page 10 kaniyang prinsipyo. Walang mga rehas ang pagtakas sa isang relasyong sa halip na kaligayahan ay sakit pa ang iniwanan sa babae. Pero kailangang handa ang kaniyang kalooban sa anumang magaganap dahil ang pakikipagmahalan ay isang sugal. Babae ang gagamot sa kaniyang sugat. Kundi na siya maligaya sa piling ng kaniyang mister ay kailangan na niyang lumabas. Hindi bale nang malungkot siya nang nagiisa kaysa sa dalawa pa rin sila nang wala naman siyang nararamdamang ligaya. Makata ang direktor na sumulat ng kuwento. Sensitibo. May respeto. Panahon ngayon ni Direk Darryl Yap. *** Ang salitang ghosting ay habampanahon nang nakatatak sa pagkatao ni Gerald Anderson. ‘yon ang terminong ginagamit kapag may karelasyon pa ang lalaki pero biglang humanap pa uli ng iba. Pinagsabay niya ang dalawang babae sa buhay niya. Ghosting din ang inerpretasyon kapag pinalalabas ng lalaki na hiwalay na sila ng kaniyang girlfriend pero ang totoo ay hindi naman. Palusot lang niya ‘yon para makapambabae. Walang pakialam niyang iniwan ang kaniyang karelasyon dahil may bago na siyang mahal. Napakatagal na panahong ipinagkaila ni Gerald Anderson ang bintang na ghosting. Ipinipilit niya na tapos na sila ni Bea Alonzo nang pumasok sa buhay niya si Julia Barretto. Matigas ang leeg ni Gerald, wala na raw sila ni Bea nang maging magkarelasyon sila ni Julia, ganoon ang kaniyang paninindigan para malusutan ang kaliwa’t kanang upak sa kaniya sa social media. Pero pagkatapos nang ilang buwan ay iba na ang tono ng pagsasalita ni Gerald. Hinaluan na niya ‘yon ng pagpapakumbaba. Sana raw ay mapatawad siya ni Bea sa nangyari. Wala na siyang ibinigay na anumang paliwanag, basta sana raw ay patawarin siya ni Bea, tanggap na niya ang ginawang panggo-ghosting niya kay Bea. Lalabas at lalabas din naman kasi ang katotohanan gaano man niya ‘yon itago. Kahit pa sabihin niyang libre na siya noong maging magkarelasyon sila ni Julia at walang maniniwala. Mabuti naman at nang sabihin ‘yon ni Gerald ay maligaya na si Bea sa kaniyang bagong karelasyong si Dominic Roque. *** Totoo naman na mas mabuti nang magkaroon ng mga kaibigang mabibilang mo lang sa mga daliri na hindi nang-iiwan sa laban kaysa sa marami nga pero sinasaksak ka naman nang talikuran. Pinanood namin ang una at ikakalawang sultada ng vlog na anak-anakan naming si Ogie Diaz kay Janus del Prado. Malinamnam ang panayam. Nasa


tamang riles ang mga sagot ni Janus sa tanong. Kapupulutan ng magandang leksiyon sa buhay. Pagkatapos naming panoorin ang vlog ni Ogie ay naisip namin, napakasuwerte ni Bea Alonzo sa pagkakaroon ng kaibigan na tulad ni Janus del Prado, totoong marami tayong maituturing na kaibigan sa buhay na ito pero iilan lang ang masasabing kaibigan na panghabambuhay. Hindi sawsawero ang magaling umarteng aktor, kasama siya sa kuwadro ng mga kaganapan, alam niya ang kaniyang mga sinasabi. Bahagi siya ng senaryo, nasaksihan niya, hindi siya basta nakikihalo lang sa usapan. Makikipagpatayan siya para sa kaniyang mga kaibigan basta nasa tama, hindi ‘yon dahil sa hiningan siya ng tulong o binayaran para magtanggol, kusang-loob ang pagtataya niya ng pangalan para sa isang kaibigan. Paborito siyang target ngayon ng mga bashers at trolls, pinagbabantaan na nga ang kaniyang buhay, kung anuanong masasakit na salita ang ipinakakain sa kaniya mula agahan hanggang hapunan dahil sa pagtatanggol niya kay Bea Alonzo. Ibinuking niya kasi ang tatlong taon na niyang kinikimkim na kuwento tungkol kina G at P. Na pakiramdam niya’y hindi man lang niya naipagtanggol si Bea dahil wala talaga siyang alam noon. Pero ibang klase nga ang libido ni Gerald Anderson, mahina ang kontrol ng aktor, mapusok. Doon pa lang pumasok sa eksena si Janus, hindi pa nga kasali sa kuwento noong una si P, sina G at J lang ang kasali sa istorya. Punumpuno ng resibo ang kaniyang mga kuwento, hindi puwedeng idenay ni Gerald, may karapatan si Janus del Prado na magsalita. Ang suwerte ni Bea Alonzo, may isang Janus del Prado na humahawak ng baril para idepensa ang aktres, isang tunay at wagas na kaibigan sa pagbagsak at pagbangon. Sana nga ay marami pang Janus del Prado sa mundo. *** Kumpirnadong tapos na nga ang kuwento ng pagmamahalan nina Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes. Ayon sa source na nakakuwentuhan namin ay may kalahating taon na silang nagiging problemado. Magaling lang silang magkubli ng mga nagaganap sa kanilang personal na buhay, hindi sila ang klaseng ipagbubuyangyangan sa publiko ang hindi nila pagkakasundo, dinadala nila ‘yon nang tahimik lang. Walang third party, mismong manager ni Paolo ang nagdiin, ayon kay Manay Lolit Solis ay parang kaso ‘yon nang isang araw ay naramdaman na lang nina Paolo at LJ na matabang na ang timpla ng kanilang relasyon. At ang pinakahuling kuwento, pagkatapos ng lock-in taping ni Paolo sa Sorsogon ay umuwi na siya sa bahay ng kaniyang mga

magulang, hindi sa tirahan nila ni LJ. Ganoon naman palagi ang nagaganap sa paghihiwalay ng mga magkarelasyong personalidad, kungdi ang lalaki ay ang babae ang umuuwi na sa kaniyang pamilya. Iniiwanan nila ang lugar kung saan nagsimula at natapos ang kanilang relasyon. Nasa bahay na ng kaniyang mga magulang sa Mandaluyong ngayon si Paolo, pero hindi pa siya nagbibigay ng anumang kumpirmasyon tungkol sa paghihiwalay nila ni LJ, pareho silang nananahimik lang. Kaya pala lalong gumaling ang aktor sa kaniyang mga eksena sa A Faraway Land na pinagtambalan nila ni Yen Santos. Simple pero pangaward ang pagganap ni Paolo, parang gripo ang kaniyang luha, tumatawid sa manonood ang kaniyang emosyon. Ang pelikulang ito na kinunan ang kabuuan sa Faroe Island sa Denmark ang isa sa pinakamagandnag proyektong ginawa ni Paolo Contis. *** Gustung-gusto namin ang pagtanggap ng Star For All Seasons sa pambubusisi ng mga bashers tungkol sa gender ng kaniyang panganay na si Luis Manzano. Ang ganda-ganda ng kaniyang reaksiyon, hindi napikon o nagalit si Congresswoman Vilma Santos sa ganoong tanong, kung ibang artista lang ‘yon ay siguradong nainis na kundi man nagtaray sa pakikialam sa personal na buhay ng kaniyang anak. Sa mundo ng lokal na aliwan na nagkaedad si Cong. Vilma, sa mundong ito na rin siya tinubuan ng puting buhok, siya pa ba naman ang hindi makakamaster sa likaw ng bituka ng showbiz? Ang ganda-ganda ng kaniyang tugon na walang dapat ipag-alala si Luis dahil siya bilang ina ang nakakakilala sa kaniyang anak. Wala ring dapat ikagalit si Luis dahil ito, higit kaninuman, ang nakakakilala sa kaniyang sarili. Ganoon dapat ang ugaling pinalulutang ng mga personalidad na binabato ng ganoong panguurirat. Huwag nagagalit, lalong huwag napipikon, sagutin ang tanong sa makabuluhang paraan. May mga personalidad kasing napipikon agad, kung anu-ano ang sinasabi, samantalang puwede naman silang sumagot sa paraang marespeto at maiintindihan sila. Hindi nila alam na ang buhay ay asar-talo, ang napipikon ang olat agad sa argumento, lalong pinagdududahan ang kasarian ng taong pinuputakti ng pagdududa. Kailangan nilang magworkshop kay Congresswoman Vilma Santos, magpaturo sila sa pagsagot, para hindi sila nababash. *** Pansamantalang sa bahay ng kaniyang mommy nakatira ngayon si Luis Manzano at ang kaniyang misis na si Jessy Mendiola. Hiling ‘yon ni Congresswoman Vilma Santos na ibinigay naman ng magaling na TV host. Masarap nga namang samantalahin ang pandemya

sa pagba-bonding nilang maganak, naaaliw rin si Cong. Vilma ngayon sa pagba-vlog, kasama ang kaniyang anak at manugang. Diretsong sinabi ni Luis na dalawang eleksiyon na ang nakararaan ay may mga lumalapit na sa kaniya para lumahok sa pulitika. Salamat daw sa mga nagtitiwala sa kaniyang kapasidad pero hindi pa dumarating sa kaniya ang tinatawag na calling. Hindi siya tatakbong mayor ng Lipa City, wala ring planong tumakbo ang actor-TV host sa anumang posisyon, aminado si Luis na hindi pa ngayon ang takdang panahon na lumahok siya sa pulitika. Kapansin-pansin na pahirapan man ang trabaho ngayong pandemya ng mga artista ay hindi apektado si Luis, kaliwa’t kanan ang ginagawa niyang TVC, pinakyaw na yata niyang iendorso ang lahat ng mga produkto. Paborito siyang katrabaho ng mga ahensiya dahil wala siyang karate-arte sa katawan, madali siyang pakisamahan, manangmana ni Luis ang mahusay na PR na kaniyang amang si Edu. Kitang-kita ang matinding pagmamahalan ng mag-asawa, aminado si Jessy na napakasuwerte nito sa pagkakaroon ng mister na tulad ni Luis, maganda na ang puso ay napakaresponsable pang asawa, anak at kapatid. *** Kahit ilang dekada na silang hiwalay ay kapuri-puri pa rin ang maayos na relasyon nina AiAi delas Alas at Miguel Vera. Dalawa ang naging anak nila, sina Sofia at Shaun Nicolo, na parehong nasa Amerika na. Bumili ng bahay sa Amerika ang Comedy Concert Queen, kailangan ng matitirhan ang kaniyang mga anak na nag-aaral pa lang noon, pero ipinagbilin ni AiAi ang magkapatid na tingnantingnan din si Miguel. Napakarami nang naganap sa buhay ni AiAi, mayroon siyang mga nakarelasyon, hanggang sa magpakasal na sila ni Gerald Sibayan na isang badminton coach at ngayon ay piloto na. Naaksidente si Nicolo, na-hit and run ang binata, nahulog sa bangin ang kotseng yuping-yupi. Halos sumabog ang dibdib ng komedyana nang matanggap ang balita. Una muna niyang inusisa ang sitwasyon ng kaniyang anak, parang walang nangyari kay Nicolo, tanging mga pasa lang sa balakang ang tinamo ng binata. Nagpasalamat agad sa Diyos si AiAi, kung titingnan kasi ang sasakyan ay parang hindi mabubuhay ang nagmamaneho, pero isang milagro na naman ang naganap sa buhay ng kaniyang anak. Sa kabila ng kaniyang pagkokomedya ay malapit sa Diyos si AiAi, mayroon siyang pinag-aaral na mga pari, tumutulong pa siya sa pagpapagawa ng mga simbahan. Nagko-concert siya nang libre, ang kinikita doon ay ibinibigay niya sa mga namamahala ng simbahan, ilang ulit na niyang ginagawa ang pagbibigay ng kaniyang serbisyo nang walang kabayaran.

PAGE 13 Inasikaso ni Miguel ang kanilang anak, ipina-X-ray agad nito, para masiguradong walang dapat alalahanin sa aksidenteng naganap kay Nicolo. Nakakatuwa ang ganoong klase ng relasyon na nagtapos man ay nananatili pa rin ang maganda nilang samahan para sa kanilang mga anak. Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin makapaniwala si AiAi na tanging pasa lang sa balakang ang tinamo ni Nicolo. Parang ikinulong sa plastic balloon ang kaniyang anak na iningatan talagang masaktan. Panay-panay ang pasasalamat ng komedyana sa Diyos dahil kung wala nga namang makapangyarihang kamay na nag-ingat kay Nicolo ay baka nawala na ang kaniyang anak. Puro “Thank you, Lord” ang lumalabas sa bibig ngayon ng Comedy Concert Queen dahil tunay namang nagaganap ang milagro sa iba-ibang hugis at paraan. *** Laman ng mga kolums at FB ngayon ng mga entertainment press si Gretchen Barretto. Pero hindi intriga ang dahilan, hindi ang pag-aaway nilang magkakapatid ang paksa, kundi ang kagandahan ng kaniyang puso. Sa panahon ngayon ng pandemya ay pinahahalagahan natin ang anumang tulong na maaaring ibigay ng ating kapwa. Taghirap ngayon, maraming nawalan ng trabaho, kahit ang mga artista ay umaaray dahil biglang nagbago ang takbo ng kanilang buhay. Napakaganda ng gising ng mga manunulat nang isang araw ay nagpadala siya ng ayuda, at hindi basta ayuda ‘yon, ang laman ng kahon na ipinadala niya ay mga produktong hindi bastabasta. Pero kayang bilhin ng mga manunulat ang mga ipinadala ni Gretchen. Kahit taghirap ngayon ay puwedeng pag-ipunan ang pambili ng mga produkto. Pero may isang bagay na hindi kayang tapalan nang kahit magkano, hindi ‘yon mabibili sa shopping mall, sa palengke o kahit sa talipapa, ang masarap na malasakit at pag-aalala ng aktres sa mga manunulat na may malaking ginampanang papel sa kung sino na siya ngayon. Totoo ang kasabihan na mas binibigyang-halaga natin ang iniabot na piso sa gitna ng kahirapan kaysa sa isang libong nataon na hindi naman natin kailangan. Maraming salamat kay Gretchen Barretto na nagkaroon ng puso sa pagbabahagi ng kung anumang mayroon siya. Hindi niya sinosolo ang kaniyang mga biyaya, marami siyang pinasasaya, ‘yon ang tunay na diwa ng pagiging pinagpala. Hindi niya ipinagmamayabang ang kaniyang kayamanan, sensitibo siya sa takbo ng panahon, samantalang mayroon naman siyang karapatang ipagbanduhan ang kung anumang mayroon siya. Sa ngalan ng mga manunulat, See CRISTY p15



SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2021

PHOTO BY JOSEL MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHY Congratulations to the Organizing Committee of MFSF for another successful year - August 28-29, 2021! See more photos in the next issue of Pilipino Express










SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021



NO. 376

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Maawain 8. Matibay na hibla 11. Una sa oras 14. Walang galang 16. Palayaw ng lalaki 17. Tulad 18. Notang musikal 19. Poporma 20. Hulapi 21. Uling 23. Ama 25. Gustong-gusto 28. Ginapas 29. Ano ang ginawa 30. Kahilingan

9. Awayin 10. Pagkatao 12. Itaas 13. Hiwain 15. Ihaw 22. Hinamak 24. Maraming ginagawa 26. Suweldo 27. Bugtong


PABABA 2. Dakilang pag-ibig 3. Tawag sa taksil 4. Angkop 5. Pakuluan 6. Darating 7. Aako

What to do if you have any Covid-19 symptoms Anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and visit www. to use the online screening tool, or call Health Links–Info Santé at 204788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888315-9257 for health guidance on how to seek testing. Symptoms may include: • Cough • Headache • Fever/ chills • Muscle aches • Sore throat/ hoarse voice • Shortness of breath/ breathing difficulties • Loss of taste or smell • Vomiting, or diarrhea for more than 24 hours • Poor feeding if an infant • Runny nose • Fatigue

• Nausea or loss of appetite • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) • Skin rash of unknown cause While many people will develop only mild symptoms, some groups appear to be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Those at higher risk typically develop more serious, even fatal, symptoms such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. High risk groups include those: • 60 years of age and older • living with chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart, renal or chronic lung conditions) • with weakened immune systems (e.g. cancer) Symptoms of COVID-19 or other coronaviruses may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus.

CRISTY... From page 13 mula sa aming hanay, maramingmaraming salamat sa masarap na pag-alala ni La Greta. *** Isang kaibigan naming ehekutibo sa sarili nitong kumpanya ang tumawag sa amin, ang kaniyang imbitasyon, “Sis, panooring mo ang A Faraway Land, maganda ang kuwento, ang galing-galing ni Paolo Contis!” Nagbukas ang kuwadro sa pagpapakita kung gaano kaganda ang Faroe Island. Kalahating dagat at kalahating bundok ‘yon na akala mo postcard ang nakikita mo. Malapit sa Iceland ang Faroe Island, maraming Pilipinong nagtatrabaho doon, nakapagaasawa rin ng Faronese ang mga Pinay na gustong maiahon sa hirap ang kanilang mga pamilya. Isang paraiso sa biglang tingin ang lugar. Napakalinis, maliit lang ang populasyon, progresibo ang isla dahil sa mga lamangdagat na inirarasyon nila sa ibaibang bansa. Isang dokumentarista ang papel ni Paolo Contis, pinili niyang interbyuhin si Yen Santos bilang matagumpay na Pinay sa Faroe dahil sa kaniyang kasipagan. Nakapag-asawa ng Faronese si Yen, may isang anak, pero hindi maligaya ang puso. Sa isang linggo pa lang ng pagsasama nina Paolo at Yen para sa dokumentaryo ay nagkapalagayan na sila ng loob.

May naganap agad sa kanila. Pero kailangan nang bumalik sa Pilipinas ni Paolo. Gusto niyang umuwing kasama si Yen, pero hindi puwede, mayroon itong anak na maiiwan sa isla. Sa eksena sa airport ay kapala-palakpak ang husay sa pag-arte ni Paolo. Parang gripo ang pagtulo ng kaniyang luha, sumisinghot, sa kaniyang basag na basag na boses. Mahal siya ni Yen, pero hindi nito puwedeng isuko ang maganda nitong buhay sa Faroe Island, lalo na ang kaniyang anak na kapag umuwi pala ang Pinay ay hindi nito maisasama. Iba ang kaugalian sa Faroe, ang pera ng lalaki ay kaniya lang, humahati lang ang Faronese sa mga gastos sa bahay kaya nagsipag nang nagsipag si Yen sa tatlong iba-ibang trabaho sa maghapon. Hindi kalaliman ang kuwento ng A Faraway Land, pero mahusay ang pagkakaatake, pagkatapos mong panoorin ang pelikula ay busog na busog ang mga mata mo sa napakagandang tanawin ng isla na parang iniimbitahan ka ring manirahan sa Faroe Island. *** Pagkatapos nang ilang dekada ay tinuldukan na ni Allan K ang kuwentong siya ang unang-unang nagregalo ng sapatos kay James Yap. Hindi raw totoo ang istorya. Varsity player pa lang daw si James noon ng University of The East, madalas daw itong magpunta sa bahay ng kilalang

PAGE 15 komedyante, paniwala ng mas nakararami ay si Allan ang unang sumuporta kay James Yap bilang basketball player. Sa pakikipagkuwentuhan namin kay Allan K ni Romel Chika sa Cristy Ferminute ay nilinaw ng magaling na komedyante ang matagal nang isyu. “Hindi totoong binigyan ko si James ng sapatos. Hindi rin totoong madalas siyang magpunta sa house ko. Nagpunta lang siya noong birthday ko. Maraming reporters na nandoon, nakita siya, kaya nagkaroon ng ganoong kuwento. “Naging close lang kami ni James dahil parego kaming Ilonggo. Taga-Bacolod ako, taga-Escalante naman siya, ‘yon lang ‘yon. Masaya ako for him dahil sumikat siyang basketball player na hindi nakalilimot sa pinagmulan niya,” paglilinaw ni Allan K. Maraming sinuong na paghamon ang kilalang komedyante nitong pandemya. Namatayan siya ng dalawang kapatid na hindi man lang niya nakita, tinamaan din siya ng COVID-19, akala niya’y katapusan na niya ‘yon. “Matindi ang faith ko, palagi akong naniniwala na nandiyan ang Diyos na gumagabay sa ating lahat. Matapos na nga sana ang pandemyang ito para bumalik na ang buhay natin sa normal,” pahayag ng isa sa pinakamahuhusay na komedyanteng mayroon tayo. – CSF



SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Canada Philippine Parliamentary Friendship Group by Kevin Lamoureux As the chair of the Canada Philippine Parliamentary Friendship Group for the past number of years, I have been able to learn more about Canada’s Filipino heritage community and at the same time encourage a better understanding of the community here in Canada and in the Philippines. The group includes approximately 50 parliamentarians from all parties and both the House of Commons, and the Senate. When we began in 2011, we started off modestly with only four members. We recognized right away that we needed to have an event on Parliament Hill. With the support of the Philippine Embassy and some local Filipino talent, we recognized Philippine Independence Day. The event was a huge success and since then we have done many other things

including an initiative that was introduced by my predecessor the late Senator Enverga, which was a flag raising event on Parliament Hill. If I were to highlight a few of the achievements I would include the following: · A trip to the Philippines where we met Members of Congress and Senators, · The creation of a national Philippine youth internship program, · The promotion of June as Filipino Heritage Month · Recognizing and supporting Filipino organizations here in Canada The pandemic has slowed us down, but I hope to continue using the CPPFG as an important tool to support Canada’s Filipino Heritage Community and build a stronger and healthier relationship between two great nations. • Authorized by the Official Agent for Kevin Lamoureux

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021



Paul Ong: aspiring MP for Winnipeg Centre Canada’s Parliament could soon have a schoolteacher, viceprincipal, classical singer, and youth advocate all in one package with Filipino Canadian Paul Ong running among the candidates for Winnipeg Centre in the federal election September 20. Should voters choose him, Winnipeggers would be sending their second Canadian Filipino MP to Ottawa. And he is no ordinary aspiring politician. Already, Paul Ong has identified many of the unmet social and economic needs of residents – youth, seniors, minorities and people in challenging situations – in Winnipeg Centre. He has thoughtfully considered programs for solutions: creative job opportunities, responsive live-in caregiver/family reunification, affordable housing, truth and reconciliation dialogue with First Nations, increased mental health resources, and fair accreditation of foreign credentials. Credible background, credentials, and experience • School vice-principal, community singer and youth advocate with a passion for sustainable community wellbeing • Shares a common newcomers’ dream – he immigrated with his parents and siblings in 2010 from Manila to seek a bright future in Manitoba • Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education Psychology with honours (magna cum laude) from De La Salle University in Manila and earned a Masters in Education for Sustainable Wellbeing from the University of Manitoba • Taught in Red Sucker Lake and Manitoba First Nations, and at General Wolfe School in Winnipeg • Served until recently as Vice Principal at Garden Grove School in Winnipeg • Represented Canada at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles (2015) and at the Watercube Cup in Beijing (2017) • Has applied his gift of music as a platform to give back to the community with his annual

Concert for a Cause, involving youth from inner city to perform • Has raised over $70,000 since its beginning in 2015 for the following as beneficiaries: Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation, Siloam Mission, Military Family Resource Centre, Children’s Heritage Fund Hands of Hope, and Sistema Winnipeg, a partnership program between the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Seven Oaks and the Winnipeg School Division. It delivers daily, intensive, afterschool music lessons for children in Winnipeg’s North End Aims high and works hard “I always hope for the best and try to achieve it. I also hope that I will learn new things and meet new people from the experience,” says Paul Ong. “There are two things that make me confident when performing: 1. the thought that I have prepared well for it; and 2. that I have done all I can to ensure I am giving my best.” Winnipeg’s Filipino Canadian community has had an interesting history of their members running for elective positions with a fair dose of success at all four levels of government. Several of them went on to hold positions such as school board chairs, a deputy mayor, and cabinet ministers in the provincial and federal governments. Indeed, Winnipeg is the only Canadian city to date that carries this political distinction. Would the city once more

No ordinary Filipino Canadian

be the first to elect and send to Ottawa her second Canadian Filipino? While MPs have the sworn duty to speak for all the residents in the constituency and beyond, an MP elected from the Filipino Canadian community would further enrich the diversity of insights and viewpoints in parliament and ensure they are considered by both the federal government and the Parliament of Canada in decision-making. Energetic, talented and with a passion for sustainable community wellbeing, 32-yearold Paul Ong would predictably serve well as Winnipeg Centre’s MP in Canada’s Parliament. Dr. Rey D. Pagtakhan, P.C., O.M., LL.D., Sc.D., M.D. M.Sc. is a retired lung specialist and professor of pediatrics, and a former Member of Parliament, Parliamentary Secretary to the

Paul Ong with student council members at General Wolfe School when he was a teacher adviser

Prime Minister, and cabinet minister. He graduated from the University of the Philippines, did postgraduate training, first at the Pediatric Department of the Philippine General Hospital in Manila and later at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital of Washington University and Winnipeg Children’s Hospital of the University of Manitoba,

and spent a sabbatical year as Visiting Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arizona Medical Center. • Authorized by the Official Agent for Paul Ong

Paul Ong with his parents and siblings

Paul Ong at his annual Concert for a Cause in November 2019 in Winnipeg. The event raised $25,000 for Sistema Winnipeg. Photo by Mark Godilano




SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Consul General Orontes Castro visits Winnipeg

Consul General Orontes Castro, Philippine Consulate in Toronto, Canada

L-r: Malaya Marcelino, MLA Notre Dame; Kevin Lamoureux, MP Winnipeg North; Consul General Castro; Jon Reyes, Minister of Economic Development and Jobs; Cindy Lamoureux, MLA Burrows and Ronaldo Opina, Honorary Consul

Consul General Castro with some members of Winnipeg’s Filipino community

OUR HEALTH Mayo Clinic Q and A: Collagen and biotin supplements DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve read that collagen and biotin are good for the body. What are these supplements, and are they beneficial? ANSWER: Collagen and biotin supplements appear to be getting attention in the media for promoting healthy aging, along with joint and bone health. However, it is important to understand what collagen and biotin are and what research is available to support these claims. Collagen is concentrated in bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, blood vessels and internal organs. It helps provide elasticity and strength. As you age, you begin to lose the collagen within your body, and it becomes harder for you to make more. At least 30% of your body’s protein content is made from collagen. Collagen is made from four amino acids, which are the building blocks for protein: proline, glycline, lysine and hydroxyproline. These amino acids are grouped together in a

form known as a triple helix, and that is what makes up collagen. For this triple helix to be formed, you need to have enough vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese in your diet. Within the human body, 29 types of collagen have been identified, with three types making up the vast majority. These are the types you’ll usually find in a collagen supplement: Type I This type is found in bones, ligaments, tendons and skin for elasticity and strength. The supplement source comes from bovine and fish. Type II This type is cartilage. The supplement source comes from chicken cartilage and joint. Type III This type is found alongside type I in skin, blood vessels and internal organs. The supplement source comes from bovine. If you are planning to take a collagen supplement, either

in liquid or powder form, it is important to mention that the triple helix that makes up collagen is unable to be absorbed in its whole form. It will first be broken down into individual amino acids within the gastrointestinal tract before reaching the bloodstream. The body will then reassemble and form new proteins where it sees necessary and for a use it feels is needed. These new proteins may not contain the same amino acids that were initially ingested in the collagen supplement, and it is unknown if these restructured proteins will target the area a supplement manufacturer is advertising. Therefore, it is undetermined at this time if the body will use a collagen supplement that is purported to help skin, hair, nail and joint support to actually make collagen that would do so. In addition, limited large and long-term randomized control trials support the use and recommendation for collagen supplements for the general public. From a general health perspective, it is important to ensure adequate protein within your diet. As you age, your protein needs increase slightly to maintain

lean body mass. Consuming foods that contain the primary amino acids that make up collagen may help support skin, hair, nail and joint health as you age. These foods are good sources of glycine, proline, lysine and hydroxyproline: • Bone broth. • Unflavored gelatin. • Dairy, especially parmesan cheese. • Legumes. • Non-genetically modified soy, such as tofu. • Spirulina. • Animal sources, such as red meat, poultry, pork, fish and eggs. To support the formation of collagen, it is also important to ensure adequate intake of foods that contain vitamin C, zinc, copper and manganese. These nutrients can be found by eating a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables, including green leafy and root vegetables, along with nuts and seeds – especially hemp, pumpkin and cashews. Finally, being mindful of what can damage collagen production is important. Such factors include excess sugar intake, smoking, sun exposure or ultraviolet light, and environmental

pollutants. Biotin is a form of the vitamin B7 that helps enzymes break down fats, carbohydrates and protein. While it has been marketed for healthier hair, skin and nails, there is no evidence that taking additional biotin will achieve these claims. Taking biotin in supplement form may only benefit those with an underlying medical condition that interferes with biotin or those with alcoholism who can be deficient. For the general population, adequate biotin intake of 30 micrograms per day can be achieved from diet alone without the need for supplementation. Biotin can be found in salmon, avocado, sweet potato, pork, and nuts and seeds. High doses of biotin – 10-300 milligrams per day — can provide false high or low blood levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, vitamin D and troponin. Therefore, it is important to let your health care provider know if you are taking a biotin supplement — or any supplement. — Lisa Mejia, R.D.N., Nutrition Service, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021





SEPTEMBER 1 - 15 , 2021

Profile for Pilipino Express News Magazine

Pilipino Express • Sep 1 2021  

Manitoba brings back familiar pandemic rules along with vaccine passport • “Dream big, for possibilities are endless” Joy Lazo receives Hono...

Pilipino Express • Sep 1 2021  

Manitoba brings back familiar pandemic rules along with vaccine passport • “Dream big, for possibilities are endless” Joy Lazo receives Hono...


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