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Jillian Ward

Bivalent COVID-19 vaccine For eligible Manitobans


Appointments are now available for the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine. Manitoba Health recommends that people who are eligible book their appointments by contacting the vaccine call centre at (toll-free) 1-844-626-8222 or by using the online booking tool. They can also contact medical clinics and pharmacies directly. The bivalent vaccine has been developed to provide protection against two strains of COVID-19: the original strain of the virus and the omicron variant. Initial eligibility criteria for this vaccine includes: • adults aged 65 or older; • Indigenous people aged 18 See BIVALENT p14

Alexandra “Alex” Eala

First Filipino Grand Slam singles junior champion On September 10, Alex Eala made history in the US Open as she became the first Filipino to win the US Open junior girls’ singles crown. The 17-year old Eala defeated Czech Republic’s Lucie Havlickova in the finals of the tournament, 6-2, 6-4. The 2022 US Open girls’ singles competition was held in Flushing Meadows, New York. Eala now has three junior Grand Slam titles, including doubles titles in the 2021 French Open with Russian Oksana Selekhmeteva and the 2020 Australian Open with Indonesian Priska Madelyn Nugroho. In New York, she delivered her victory speech on Court No. 11 in Filipino. “Buong puso ko itong ipinaglaban hindi lang para sa sarili ko kundi para makatulong din ako sa kinabukasan ng Philippine tennis. So hindi lang See ALEX p3

Alexandra Eala and her US Open junior girls’ trophy (Photo: Alex Eala’s Facebook)



SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

ALEX... From page 1 ‘to panalo ko. Panalo natin lahat (I poured it all out not just for myself but also because I want to help improve the future of Philippines tennis. This is not just my victory. This is our victory),” she said while trying to hold back tears. At the post-match interview, she described her victory as overwhelming. “I think this is a huge step for me personally, as well. I’m super happy to represent my country and do something with a big platform, being able to inspire


other younger people,” she said. Eala reached a career-high juniors ranking of No. 2 in October 2020 following a semifinal appearance at the French Open girls’ singles in Paris. Eala has been a scholar of the Rafa Nadal Academy in Spain under coach Adrien Alexis Vaseux for the past four years. The previous best finish in the competition by a Filipino athlete was in the semifinals, by Felix Barrientos at the 1985 Wimbledon. This feat was then matched by Eala at the 2020 Roland Garros and this year’s US Open. Source: PNA News


Alex Eala shares victory with her mom dad brother Miko and Coach Adrien (Photo: Dyan Castillejo).



SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

Filipino group remembers Martial Law A Filipino group in Winnipeg will host a variety of special events on Friday, September 23, 2022, at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). Balik-Tanaw: Martial Law at 50 is a free public event that features a martial law exhibit, a showing of the Showtime documentary The Kingmaker, and a cultural celebration in commemoration of the 50th year since the declaration of martial law on September 21, 1972. Members of the PhilippineManitoba Historical Society, Inc. (PMHSI) organized this event to ensure the horrors and atrocities of the Martial Law era remain alive in the collective memory and consciousness of the Filipinos in Canada. “Revisiting this dark chapter of Philippine history is not only important but necessary given the rising threat of misinformation, disinformation, and historical distortion,” said Jomay AmoraDueck, event organizer and cofounder of PMHSI. “In this time when social media heavily influence historical perspectives, we want to provide an academic approach that will spark conversations and promote critical thinking in our youth and community members. This is also our way to help amplify the voices of martial law survivors and victims,” she added. Nico Bryle Alfafara, also one of the co-founders of the organization, stressed the importance of protecting historical truths and commemorating the Filipinos’ resistance against authoritarianism. “Filipino youth are vulnerable to the constant stream of disinformation and misinformation on social media and other major arenas of discourse. This explains why generations of youth are confused or are unclear on what had truly occurred during the dark days of martial law. As a young person, I felt the need to step up and take a stand,” said Alfafara.

page, https://gofund. me/82771cc5, or send e-transfer to philmbhistoricalsociety@ gmail.com. For more information, contact Reyna de Mesa or Ning Upton at philmbhistoricalsociety@ gmail.com, or go to www. bantaykasaysayan.com. The Kingmaker is written and directed by Emmy® winner

Photo l-r: Steve Dueck, Jomay Amora-Dueck, Reyna de Mesa, Nico Alfafara, Sophia Upton, Ed Upton, & Ning Upton. Photo by Ning Upton “The youth have a pivotal role to play in upholding the democratic and patriotic aspirations of the Filipino people now and in the future. There is so much at stake, but the future rests in our hands,” he added. One of the highlights of the event is the participation of Marichu Antonio, a martial law victim and survivor. She was one of the “Pangasinan Seven” who was abducted by the military in 1984 and subjected to gruesome torture and abuse at a secret military safe house. She disappeared for 12 days and later was imprisoned without due process from 1984 to 1985. Antonio recently made history in Canada as the first Filipino and woman of colour to be named Calgary’s Citizen of the Year in 2021. She was also awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for her outstanding community service. “Let us keep our hopes burning by spreading the truths of our history as Filipinos – not by denying, forgetting nor revising the truths about poverty, injustice and oppression. This way, we are able to come together stronger in action to realize our dream for a truly democratic, just, and prosperous Philippines,” said Antonio.

Frank Evers, the awardwinning producer of The Kingmaker, said he personally learned the importance of teaching and remembering history, protecting the freedom of the press, the independence of the judiciary, and an election process free of corruption while filming the documentary. “I am honored that the Philippine-Manitoba Historical Society have chosen to screen The Kingmaker as part of this special event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines,” said Evers. “The global rise of autocracy, coupled with the manipulation of social media by sophisticated disinformation campaigns and deployed by troll armies, demands that we ensure democracy is not subverted by the actions of the wealthy and powerful. The people alone should decide their governments based on truthful information enabled by a free press,” he added. “Democracy is fragile and needs to be safeguarded by all citizens,” he pointed out. The featured film, The Kingmaker, will be screened for free on September 23 at 4:00 p.m. The award-winning film is an extraordinary look into the controversial political career of Imelda Marcos. A journey through the Marcos family’s long history of corruption, extravagance, and brutality, this documentary tells a cautionary tale of a powerful female leader whose questionable sense of reality divided a nation. The event concludes with a cultural celebration at 7:00PM, featuring some of Winnipeg’s greatest Filipino-Canadian artists such as Alex Canlapan, Jovelle Balani, Mervin Sison, Hazel Wallace, Jett Panganiban, Paolo Camus, Danilo “Ka Daning” Ramos, Mar dela Cruz, Alapaap and the Missing Page. A cash bar and pop-up shops will be available at the event. The group is actively seeking financial support from the community. Your donation will help them cover the costs of hosting this event and support future programs and initiatives in our communities. Donate to their Gofundme

Lauren Greenfield and produced by Frank Evers and Lauren Greenfield of Evergreen Pictures for Showtime with executive producers: R.J. Cutler, Geralyn Dreyfous, Julie Parker Benello, Dan Cogan, Bill Haney, Lilly Hartley, Patricia Lambrecht, Nion McEvoy, Vinnie Malhotra, Patty Quillin, Regina K. Scully, and Jamie Wolf.

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

How well informed are you about the immigration consequences of criminal processes inside and outside of Canada? The purpose of the article is to provide the reader with a background to the impact of criminal proceedings and determinations of inadmissibility to Canada. It may come as a surprise to many, but criminality may not only refer to criminal prosecutions in Canada and overseas but also the actual commission of such offences. Or, in simpler terms, if you commit an action that you may not have been prosecuted for. It is important to understand that if you are declared inadmissible, you are not legally entitled to enter Canada. The Canadian criminal justice system distinguishes between lesser or summary offences and major offences of indictable offences. The immigration Act defines “Serious criminality” IRPA s.36(1)(a) as “(1) A permanent resident or a foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality for (a) having been convicted in Canada of an offence under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years, or of an offence under an Act of Parliament for which a term of imprisonment of more than six months has been imposed.” An applicant can also be deemed inadmissible for serious criminality for equivalent offences prosecuted overseas under IRPA s.36(1)(b) or offences committed overseas under IRPA s.36(1)(c). The definition of “criminality” applies only to foreign nationals who may be: “inadmissible on grounds of criminality for (a) having been convicted in Canada


of an offence under an Act of Parliament punishable by way of indictment, or of two offences under any Act of Parliament not arising out of a single occurrence; (b) having been convicted outside Canada of an offence that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an indictable offence under an Act of Parliament, or of two offences not arising out of a single occurrence that, if committed in Canada, would constitute offences under an Act of Parliament; (c) committing an act outside Canada that is an offence in the place where it was committed and that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an indictable offence under an Act of Parliament; or (d) committing, on entering Canada, an offence under an Act of Parliament prescribed by regulations.” The commission of offences or acts is also grounds for inadmissibility under “serious criminality,” IRPA s.36 (1) (c). You don’t have to be prosecuted to be declared inadmissible; the commission of the offence is enough. A permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality for, “(c) committing an act outside Canada that is an offence in the place where it was committed and that, if committed in Canada, would constitute an offence under an Act of Parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years.” The offence committed or prosecuted overseas will be judged by immigration officials against the Canadian Criminal Code to determine what the Canadian equivalent is for the commission or prosecution of the

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The challenges of inadmissibility for “Serious Criminality” crime. The process is challenging because Canadian law may be very different from the first country of the applicant. There are foreign convictions with no equivalence under Canadian law, such as spitting on the street in Singapore or for adultery in the Philippines. If you committed an offence and five years have passed since your sentence was completed, you may be eligible to apply for rehabilitation. However, rehabilitation is not open to persons declared inadmissible for an indictable federal offence punishable “by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least 10 years” or “for a term of imprisonment of more than six months has been imposed,” IRPA s.36(1)(a)(b) and (c). The options open to those inadmissible under IRPA s.36 for “serious criminality’ are limited. Their best action is to wait for the requisite five years from the completion of the sentence and then submit an application to the visa post abroad asking them for an opinion on whether or not the applicant qualifies for an individual rehabilitation based on an appeal to the Minister. The


longer you wait the stronger your request will be potentially. The applicant must demonstrate more than a clean record for the minimum five years or longer. He or she must show that they have taken positive steps to rehabilitate themselves such as explaining the offense they committed, their deep remorse in hurting the victims of their actions and the circumstances of their rehabilitation such as anger management, or alcohol or drug rehabilitation if applicable, testimonials from fellow employees or community involvement. It is highly advisable for the applicant to provide a personal statement explaining why they committed the offence and the events leading up to their conviction or the circumstances surrounding the commission. It is important to take personal responsibility for the offence and express how sorry they are for the victim of their crime and to show that their offence was an isolated event that will not be repeated. Their petition will be judged by a higher standard of “a balance of probabilities,” under IRPA s.36 (3). They must convince the Minister that they are a changed


person and 51 per cent less likely to reoffend. If you have a friend or family member who is inadmissible for serious criminality, you should consider engaging an immigration lawyer or licensed immigration consultant because the process is not straightforward. You need to make the strongest representation possible to show that the applicant is no longer a risk to reoffend and should be given a chance to enter Canada. It may appear to be a daunting task, but Canada and its immigration system have checks and balances to ensure that justice and compassion prevail, such as discretionary justice. The sinner who has repented and changed is entitled to a fair break. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.

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SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

Does your love life affect your finances? Feng shui says money and sex are linked When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich he concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.” This “seat of power” and the ability to create is uniquely tied to feng shui, too. What’s especially interesting about sex and money in feng shui is that the wealth sector is also associated with the number four. Four is also the number associated with romance and sex, academic achievement, sales, and writing. So, you could say that the number four is associated with creation and generation, too. Obviously, the number two is very important as well. There are two parts to love, just as there are two parts to money – income/generating money (salary/income) and accumulating money (wealth). In love, there is the commitment and romance aspect (southwest) and there is the sexual aspect (southeast). Sex and assets are closely linked. The problem with sex is that as you age, sexual activity lessens and not just because of lack of interest, although that certainly does happen, but because fatigue, work, stress, child-rearing, and household duties get in the way. Everyday demands of living can often sap our enthusiasm. Feng shui teaches that energy flows where energy goes. A German study confirms this. In a study of 32,000 couples, many who stopped having sex reported that the trend of little or no sex only became worse. In other words, less sex leads to even less or no sex. Sex is good – and we need it Making love makes us happy and content, relieves physical tension in all parts of the body (not just you-know-where), and is an important part of a committed relationship. Think about making love with your partner and think about how it feels to have a wad of cash. Both make you smile. See the link? But is all sex good? No. The committed, loving type is what we’re after. This is the basis of good feng shui and good love – and is where the money-making potential resides. Promiscuity never makes you feel better, and it usually makes you feel worse. What if you lack a partner? Rather than going trolling in a trench coat to bars and taking the walk of shame in the morning that makes you feel terrible (and takes your money-making energy with it), make a romantic date with yourself. Instead, treat yourself to some luxurious lingerie, nice sheets,

scented candle, read a romance novel, or watch a romantic movie with some wine. Just… treat yourself nice. You’ll love yourself for it. In short, be a romantic person no matter whether you are single or in a relationship. Love and money Love and money are often tied together. In fact, studies have shown that sex and money are the two things couples fight most about. What’s certain, too, is that when money is tight, romance often suffers. When we feel successful financially, we feel sexy and desirable. Making money and making love always feel better when there’s an abundance of both. Couples with money troubles often find that their mood becomes tense and argumentative, and nothing can prevent closeness and love like two tense partners. When money is good, by contrast, you feel creative and “in the flow,” and that can stoke your love fires – and keep them burning. Having a good income and orderly finances can also help keep your relationship close and the intimate bonds unbreakable. If you do have a partner and your love life needs a jump start, follow this checklist to improve your love life and start the creative flow in the bedroom – and in your pocketbook! • Schedule sex each week. That’s right, put it on the calendar. Rather than lacking spontaneity, scheduling intimate time together means that your love is important. Honour your creative and generating abilities – and your partnership – by making time for sex and romance. • Have fun. Try a game. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but don’t hide under the covers either! Fun is good feng shui. • Seek sensuality. Being sensual and romantic is extremely beneficial for a relationship rather than cheap, nasty, and whambam (you know what I mean). Get some great-feeling new sheets for your bed. Buy a soft and nubby throw for the bed or maybe one of those awesome fur throws. Get your skin used to feeling wonderful textures. Get a body polish (my favourite!) at your local spa and a massage afterward. Your skin will feel like silk – to you and to your honey. • Got hormones? OK, girls – let’s face it, the angry, witchy woman is nobody’s friend and will scare off even the most desperate lover. If you would rather clean your toenails than have sex, something is wrong. Get to your OB/GYN and get some hormones or some help – you don’t have to retire to a convent because your libido is low. • Hold your horses. OK, guys – let’s face it, you’re always ready

no matter what. Well, women aren’t. If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, I’m going to tell you what your sweetie won’t. No woman likes to show interest and then you go from 0 to 120 MPH in an instant. Slow down, talk to her, touch her and then see what happens. • Make a date for no sex. Sounds odd, right? Well, make a date for the bedroom and do anything but have sex. I guarantee you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other. Works like a charm and gets everybody fired up. Revitalizing love with feng shui • Remove pictures of everyone except the couple in the room – especially the kids. • Remove all work objects (computers, phones, piles of paper). • Make the bed. Every day. Nothing looks as unappealing – or as unsexy – as an unmade bed. • Make sure your bed is up to the task and doesn’t squeak, creak, or feel like it will break with a little activity. • Get rid of any and all plants or flowers – these drain romance. • Sleep in the correct position. As you are in bed, the woman is on the right and the man is on the left. • Have two bedside tables

with matching lamps. You need bedroom parity for both partners. Kathryn Weber has over 20+ years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio


show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

Mga mahal kong Kababayan/Kapitbahay: Cindy Gilroy po, kasalukuyang Konsehal ng lungsod ng Winnipeg, Daniel McIntyre Ward. Nais ko pong hilingin ang inyong suporta sa aking re-election bilang Konsehal sa pangalawang pagkakataon. Ako po ay lumaki dito sa Daniel McIntyre, dito ko rin pinalaki ang aking dalawang anak na babae, at sa kasalukuyan ay inyong kapitbahay. Palagi akong tumutulong at maaasahan sa anumang proyekto ng ating komunidad na tunay na mahal sa akin. Sa aking paglilingkod bilang Konsehal, nagawa ko ang pagsasa-ayos ng iba’t-ibang pasilidad dito: ang mga palaruan, pasyalan, park, mga kalsada, sidewalk, at backlanes. Kapayapaan at kaligtasan ng mga mamamayan ang patuloy kong ipaglilingkod sa ating lugar. Bilang inyong Konsehal, ako po ay may madalas na pakikipanayam sa ating lugar na ginaganap sa Cindy Klassen, nakikinig sa mga problema, at mga nais isangguni ninyo. Ang madalas na napaguusapan ay ang pagkakaisa, pagsasama-sama, at pagtutulungan ng mga naninirahan dito. Sumusuporta din po ako sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng grants sa iba’t-ibang pangangailangan ng ating komunidad. Sa inyong pakiki-isa at pagtulong, maraming pasilidad ang napaayos, napaunlad, at maaasahan po natin ang patuloy na gagawing mahalaga ang 311 service. Bilang tagapamuno ng Unsafe Cities Committee, the Citizen Equity Committee, the Citizen Innovation Committee, at miyembro ng Executive Policy Committee, nagawa kong maimpluwensiyahan ang mga desisyon sa mga komiteng ito. Hinihiling ko ang inyong suporta sa aking re-election upang maipagpatutoy natin ang lahat ng nagawa na at mga gagawin pa sa ika-uunlad ng ating lugar. Ang aking pangunahing gagawin ay ang pagpapatuloy ng pakikiisa sa inyong lahat para sa kaunlaran, katahimikan, kaligtasan, at transportasyon. Sa aking nakaraang paglilingkod bilang Konsehal, napatunayan ko na ang sama-samang paggawa ay higit na nagbigay ng kaunlaran. Kung kaya, muli, hinihiling at hinahangad ko ang inyong tulong upang maipagpatuloy ang kaunlaran na kasalukuyang nangyayari at mangyayari pa sa kinabukasan. Maraming salamat po. Ang inyong lingkod,

Councillor Cindy Gilroy

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022





SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

More treats on GMA Pinoy TV this September! GMA Pinoy TV is giving the Kapuso abroad a September to remember! Kapuso viewers abroad are set to be glued to the screen with the back-to-back premiere of new programs of different genres including two of the highly-anticipated Pinoy adaptations of hit Korean shows! Watch the biggest reality game show as GMA Network brings one of South Korea’s most popular variety programs with “Running Man Philippines.” With cast members Glaiza de Castro, Ruru Madrid, Kokoy de Santos, Lexi Gonzales, Angel Guardian, Buboy Villar, and Mikael Daez, the entire Running Man PH season was shot at the exact location of the original series in South Korea. It also follows the original format where weekly missions are carried out in various landmarks. Watch the new daytime drama series Abot Kamay Na Pangarap fills viewers with love, values, and inspiration following the story of See GMA p11

L-r: Kokoy de Santos, Angel Guardian, Ruru Madrid, Glaiza de Castro, Mikael Daez, Lexi Gonzales & Buboy Villar

Alden Richards & Bea Alonzo

Abot Kamay Na Pangarap now on GMA-7

Carmina Villarroel & Jillian Ward

Clockwise: Bea Alonzo, Ai Ai Delas Alas, Rayver Cruz, Julie Anne San Jose, Lani Misalucha and Dindong Dantes

This September, Abot Kamay Na Pangarap on GMA-7 will fill your soul with love, values, and inspiration. The heartwarming program is headlined by one of the country’s finest actresses Carmina Villarroel as Lyneth and accomplished actor Richard Yap as Dr. Robert. All set to showcase her range and versatility is highly talented Sparkle star Jillian Ward as Analyn.

Carmina teases the audience about their very interesting show, “Isa na naman ito sa mga una ng GMA dahil may medical aspect siya, so it’s something new. Hindi rin mawawala siyempre ‘yung kuwento ng pagmamahal ng isang ina sa kaniyang anak. Hindi siya hardcore drama pero tagos talaga sa puso and it will talk about hope.” Richard considers his new See PANGARAP p11

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022


New shows on GMA Life TV and GMA News TV Viewers abroad will love the new shows the entire family will enjoy on GMA Life TV and GMA News TV. DongYan will not disappoint with their sitcom Jose and Maria’s Bonggang Villa on GMA Life TV. If you are a sports fan, watch the ongoing NCAA Season 97 Women’s Volleyball. Your favourite best actresses are also lined up this month on Reel Life Weekend. Unforgettable takes viewers to the wonderful journey of Jasmine (Sarah Geronimo) and her newfound dog Happy. Watch it on September 17. Mariel (Judy Ann Santos) left a diary to her best friend Carly (Iza Calzado) before she died of cancer. Despite several warnings

not to open it, Carly started reading what was written on the diary. What secrets will she uncover? Watch Mga Mumunting Lihim on September 24. Indulge in the world of fantasy, romance, and culinary with Kelvin Miranda and Mikee Quintos this September 23 on The Lost Recipe. In GMA News TV, Good News will take you to world-class travel destinations in the Philippines. Catch it on September 18. The hard court is now back in session as the NCAA Season 98 with the theme “Achieve greatness every day.” Enjoy these early Christmas gifts this September! Subscribe now to GMA Life TV and GMA News TV by visiting www. gmapinoytv.com/subscribe!

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera

Judy Ann Santos & Iza Calzado




SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

GMA... From page 8 an illiterate mother, Lyneth, and her genius daughter, Analyn. The program is headlined by Carmina Villarroel as Lyneth, Jillian Ward as Analyn, and Richard Yap as Dr. Robert. On Sept. 26, watch out for Start-Up PH, the most-anticipated Filipino adaptation of this year which highlights the very first and long-form team-up of Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards and multi-awarded actress and box-office icon Bea Alonzo with versatile Kapuso actress Yasmien Kurdi, and dramatic actor Jeric Gonzales. Based on the original format “Start Up” created by Hyeryeon Park and company, Start-Up PH tells the story of an ambitious young woman who dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs. She finds herself caught between two men: the shy founder of a tech start-up, and a team leader at another start-up company. Also starring in the Pinoy remake are Gabby Eigenmann, Kim Domingo, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Niño Muhlach, Lovely Rivero, Boy 2 Quizon, Royce Cabrera,

PANGARAP... From page 8


Kevin Santos, Tim Yap, Kaloy Tingcungco, Jay Arcilla, Brianna, and Gina Alajar. This September 26, catch the story about an ex-convict mother who successfully returned to her family using a different identity in hopes of mending their broken lives in “Nakarehas na Puso.” The daytime drama stars Jean Garcia, Michelle Aldana, Leandro Baldemor, Vaness Del Moral, EA Guzman, Claire Castro, Glenda Garcia, Chanel Latorre, Ashley Sarmiento, Bryce Eusebio, Dang Cruz, and Marnie Lapus. In addition to these exciting programs on GMA Pinoy TV, Kapuso abroad should also not miss a series of concerts in the US this September! On September 24 and 25, get ready for GMA Pinoy TV’s much-awaited comeback in the US concert scene with Together Again: A GMA Pinoy TV @ 17 Concert headlined by Bea Alonzo, Ai Ai Delas Alas, Lani Misalucha, Julie Anne San Jose, Rayver Cruz, and Dingdong Dantes. The channel’s biggest 17th anniversary treat is slated to happen at the Pechanga Theater, Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California, USA.

character as a dream-come-true, “I took up pre-medicine in college pero hindi ako tumuloy kasi ayaw ng father ko. Since hindi ako naging doktor, I might as well just play one. Completely different din ang genre nito for me. It’s about family, love and career. You’ll see a different Richard Yap here.” Meanwhile, Jillian admits that this is by far her most challenging role, “Priceless talaga ‘yung experiences ko rito. Tinuruan kami ng live brain surgery as part of our immersion. Kaya mas lalong tumaas ang respect ko sa mga doktor. Sa totoo lang

kinakabahan ako, but I’m very grateful and excited.” Joining the star-studded cast are Dominic Ochoa, Pinky Amador, Andre Paras, Chuckie Dreyfus, Sophie Albert, Denise Barbacena, Wilma Doesnt, Dexter Doria, Kazel Kinouchi, Jeff Moses, Alexandra Mendez, John Vic De Guzman, and with the special participation of Heart Ramos. Abot Kamay Na Pangarap follows the story of an illiterate mother, Lyneth and her genius daughter, Analyn. They go through hardships together while hoping that someday, they would reach their dreams and share each other’s triumphs.

Sophie Albert

Richard Yap

Andre Paras

Dominic Ochoa




SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

Small lifestyle changes that make a big difference Whether the aim is to lower blood pressure, lose weight or live longer, big goals feel like they require big change. In a moment of inspiration, you might even sign up for a 12-week yoga boot camp or declare yourself a new vegetarian. But following through on transformation isn’t always smooth sailing. “When we set big goals for ourselves that require sudden, drastic changes to our daily lives, those changes might last for a day or two but not much longer,” says Stephen L. Kopecky, M.D., a Mayo Clinic cardiologist. He recommends approaching lifestyle changes in the same way you would learning a musical instrument or teaching a child math: one step at a time. Here are some small actions that can lead to powerful transformations. Take one less bite a day of unhealthy foods If you want to make healthy food choices, Dr. Kopecky suggests starting with a single bite. Leave the pizza crust on your plate and instead help yourself to another bite of salad. Or add a single slice of apple to your breakfast. Even small swaps add up. “Substituting one bite of meat hamburger with one bite of a vegetable a day can lower the risk of death from cancer or heart disease,” he says.

His other tip? “Don’t fill up on meat. Your healthy bites should be whole grains, legumes, veggies or fruit.” Once it’s a habit, he says, it will feel easy to move on to the second bite. Cut corners without sacrificing the meal You don’t have to stop eating the foods you love, but you may need to think differently about portions. “Eat anything you want,” says Dr. Kopecky. “But don’t eat as much as you want of anything you want.” He suggests taking out half your egg yolk, removing skin from chicken and reducing usual portions. A daily serving of red meat should be no bigger than a deck of cards. Limit yourself to a pat of butter each day. When it comes to fruit, head for the freezer aisle instead of the produce section. Flash-frozen produce is blanched and quickly frozen after it’s picked, which helps preserve its nutritional value. When produce travels across the world, it can degrade by the time it reaches your refrigerator. Double-check labels and research online to find flashfrozen produce. Bonus: Frozen produce is generally cheaper than fresh. Get up and move for 3 to 5 minutes every hour Dr. Kopecky says there are 2

parts to physical activity: moving more and sitting less. “If you get up at 5 a.m., go to the gym for an hour but then sit at your desk all day, you haven’t optimized your health,” he says. If you lead a sedentary life — and most North Americans do — get up every hour to move your body in a way that you enjoy. Here are some ideas: • Try a push up during a commercial break from your favorite television show. • Stand up from your computer chair and roll your shoulders and neck. • Walk down the hall to visit a co-worker or take a lap around the house if you’re working from home. • Use a bathroom on another floor. • Walk around the block when you take a break to get some fresh air and movement. You can also find opportunities throughout the day for what Dr. Kopecky calls “accidental exercise.” For example, sweep 2 rooms of your house or take a brisk lap in the supermarket before putting anything in the cart. Take 10 minutes for intervals No time for a long workout? No problem. Interval training is a highly effective and time-efficient form of exercise. It consists of short, 30-second bursts of high-intensity

activity with periods of rest. For example, switching from walking to jogging, or biking hard up a hill during a leisurely ride. How hard should you go? Dr. Kopecky says that during those high-intensity bursts, you should be saying to yourself, “Wow, this is really hard, and I can’t keep this up too much longer.” The level of activity that gets you there will be different for everyone. It will change for you as well, as you become more physically fit and can go even harder. Say these two words “It’s OK.” Forgiving yourself when you hit a slump is important. Positive self-talk takes practice just like anything else, but eventually being friendly to yourself will become second nature. When that happens, Dr.

Kopecky says, “Your thoughts will become more positive and rational, your confidence will grow, and your stress levels will go down.” Be kind to yourself. Slow, consistent steps toward change, with plenty of opportunities to celebrate small victories, is the way to go. By Mayo Clinic Staff. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

accomplished theater, TV and movie actress, Ciara Sotto, and TV host/endorser Mariel Rodriguez as contract stars of the new TV network.

ALLTV also signed a content license agreement with CNN Philippines for news content. ALLTV airs on Channel 2 on free TV and Planet Cable; Channel

35 on Cignal TV and Sky Cable, Channel 32 on GSAT, Channel 23 on Cablelink, and Channel 2 on other cable TV providers. –Dondon Sermino

ALLTV namigay agad ng 2 bahay, lupa Star studded nga ang pagbubukas ng ALLTV nitong nakaraang Sept. 13. Bongga nga ang pasabog ni Toni Gonzaga na interview kay President Bongbong Marcos, ha! At siyempre, hindi rin nagpatalbog ang Wowowin ni Willie Revillame na dinagsa ng mga artista. Happy nga ang mga Filipino viewer sa paandar sa soft launch ng ALLTV, ang premiere television station ng Advanced Media Broadcasting System (AMBS). At siyempre, tumutok talaga ang mga fan ni Willie pagpatak ng alas-12, ha! Masayang-masaya sila na makitang muli ang idolo nila sa telebisyon. Na sinundan agad ni multimedia star Toni, na `yun nga, tinutukan ng mamamayan ang rason ng pag-iyak ni President Bongbong sa chikahan nila. At super bongga, dahil ang ALLTV ay namigay agad ng dalawang unit mula Bria and

Lumina sa pamamagitan ng Wowowin ni Willie. To add more fun and excitement, there will be a variety of extravagant dance show and song numbers, in addition to cash and big prizes which will also be given every hour to lucky television viewers. “ALLTV is for the Filipino viewers. Gusto natin masaya lahat ng viewers natin. Saya All. We have prepared an exciting and breathtaking show for all of you,” sabi ni AMBS President Maribeth Tolentino. “We have outlined programs that will give the Filipinos a new TV experience,” dugtong na chika pa niya. AMBS, which runs ALLTV, is under the Prime Assets Ventures, Inc. led by businessman Manuel Paolo Villar. Revillame joins showbiz couple, Gonzaga and multiawarded director/script writer/ producer Paul Soriano, and

University of Santo Tomas Alumni Association of MB Inc. Is now accepting applications for its


• Applicants must be of Filipino descent • Have attended grades 11 & 12 in Manitoba • Have a minimum Grade 12 average of 85% • Accepted and entering first year in any post-secondary schools in Manitoba in September 2022 • Have community and volunteer work


• Available to members of the USTAAM who are currently upgrading their profession


For other requirements and copies of application forms please visit the UST Alumni Association of Manitoba Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/USTAAMI/ For inquiries email ustaami@gmail.com

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022



Manitoba acknowledges September 19 as day of mourning to honour Queen Elizabeth II The province is recognizing September 19 as a day of mourning to encourage Manitobans to honour and pay their respects to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Premier Heather Stefanson announced on September 13. All non-essential government services and offices will be closed for the day. Schools will remain open, and classes will be in session, and child-care facilities will also be open. The health-care system will continue to operate as usual. “I encourage all Manitobans to take a moment to reflect on Her late Majesty’s special relationship with our province and her countless contributions to our country and the entire Commonwealth,” said Stefanson. “Queen Elizabeth II had a remarkable reign and an unwavering commitment to service and duty. May she rest in peace.” The premier is encouraging all schools to observe a moment of silence on the day. This announcement follows the federal government’s decision to mark September 19 – the day of the funeral for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – as a one-time federal holiday for core federal public services, the premier noted. A 21-gun salute will take place on the south grounds of the

Official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II before the start of her 1959 tour, wearing the Vladimir Tiara, the Queen Victoria Jubilee Necklace, the blue Garter Riband, Badge and Garter Star and the Royal Family Orders of King George V and King George VI (Courtesy: Wikipedia) Legislative Building, to coincide with the federal memorial service in Ottawa. This will be followed by a Royal Gun Salute of 96 rounds to honour each

year of Her Majesty’s life. The provincial memorial service will take place at 7 p.m. at St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in Winnipeg, by invitation. Church

Her Majesty the Queen in 2015 (Courtesy: Wikipedia) bells will toll 96 times prior to the commencement of the service. The public is welcome to sign books of condolence for the duration of the period of mourning at the Legislative

Building, Winnipeg City Hall, Brandon City Hall, Steinbach City Hall and Thompson City Hall. Source: Manitoba Government




SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022

Martial law survivor urges youth to be vigilant By Jomay Amora-Dueck A martial law survivor shared her painful and harrowing experience while reminding Filipinos the importance of being vigilant against historical distortion and abuse of power. Marichu Antonio, retired Executive Director of ActionDignity based in Calgary, Alberta, urged her fellow Filipinos, especially the youth, to fight historical distortion and be vigilant against a repeat of history through the abuse of presidential mandate. Antonio, who has lived in Calgary for 27 years and was named the city’s 2020 ‘Citizen of the Year’, recalled being abducted and tortured during the martial rule of the late dictator, former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. On October 19, 1984, Antonio was forcibly taken and went

missing for 12 days. Known as the “Pangasinan Seven”, Antonio and six others later resurfaced and were immediately imprisoned for a year without due process. She was separated from her young daughter and son without any formal charges laid against her. “I was arrested, handcuffed, blindfolded and taken to a house where there were so many men. I was stripped down naked. I was abused and hit in the face. I was gagged with used socks as I was screaming loud for help,” Antonio said. “I was involved in many protests. I had friends who protested against human rights violations and some of them had disappeared and until now their bodies could not be found.” Antonio was part of a group that won the class-action lawsuit against Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in 1992 at a Federal Court in Hawaii.


Antonio was one among the over 75,000 victims of Martial Law whose experiences were affirmed through Republic Act 10368 or the Human Rights Victims Reparations Act of 2013, a law signed by former President Benigno Aquino III, that recognizes the “heroism and sacrifices of all Filipinos who were victims of … other gross human rights violations” under the Marcos regime. “I still bear to this day the emotional and psychological scars of tyranny and injustice. I will continue this fight against tyranny and historical distortion in our

fight for justice.” She said the younger generation plays a vital role in the next several years. “Our youth should open their eyes on the reality that the martial law era was not a golden age, but a dark period of our history where millions of people continue to suffer till this day. I hope they remain steadfast and united in having a stronger voice in demanding for accountability of the Marcoses for historical denialism and distortion, plunder, human rights violations and other anti-people acts.” Antonio will be speaking at

NO. 401

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot Marichu Antonio and spouse Cesar Cala receive the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for Community Service in 2012. Senator Elaine McCoy (2nd from right) nominated the awardees.

PAHALANG 2. Hindi pansinin 9. Igilid 11. Ihalo 13. Tibay 14. Apaw 15. Uri ng kahoy 16. Ginapas 17. Amen 19. Gamit sa kasal 20. Diskuwento 21. Tiwala 23. Maralita 26. Ilista 28. Karayom 30. Siko 31. Suporta 32. Pamahiin 33. Ibigay sa iba 34. Kuripot PABABA 1. Tuyo 2. Kita 3. Ipinapahayag 4. Suweldo 5. Bintang 6. Inilalaban

7. Inang perlas 8. Ligalig 10. Sisidlan ng kape 12. Kaloob ng namatay 18. Habag 21. Hindi kanila 22. Suwapang 24. Mula 25. Tawag sa traydor 26. Lamanloob 27. Alay 28. Panimplang butil 29. Sitaw


BIVALENT... From page 1 or older, regardless of where they live; • individuals aged 18 or older with higher-risk medical conditions, including people who are immunocompromised due to a health condition or medication and those who are pregnant; • health-care workers aged 18 or older, including fire/paramedic first responders; and • residents of personal care homes and other congregate living facilities including assisted living, group homes, shelters and correctional facilities. According to Manitoba Health, anyone aged 12 and older can receive a booster of the monovalent (original) vaccine if they choose. However, it is recommended that all adults

wait for access to a bivalent vaccine, as it provides additional protection from omicron variants of COVID-19. The province expects to be able to expand eligibility for the bivalent vaccine to all Manitobans aged 18 and older in the coming weeks, based on vaccine shipments from the federal government and initial uptake among eligible groups. Updates will continue to be provided to Manitobans about eligibility and supply. Walk-in vaccinations are no longer be available at RBC Convention Centre. The last day of operations at the convention centre will be Sept. 17. The vaccine clinic in Winnipeg will transition to 1680 Notre Dame Avenue, with the first appointments available Sept. 20. Walk-ins will not be available at this location.

the martial law memorial event on September 23 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Balik-Tanaw: Martial Law at 50, which will feature an exhibit, a film showing and a cultural night, is organized by the Philippine-Manitoba Historical Society. For more information, visit their website at www. bantaykasaysayan.com.

Marichu Antonio, a martial law victim and survivor. She was one of the “Pangasinan Seven” who was abducted by the military in 1984. She made history in Canada as the first Filipino and woman of colour to be named Calgary’s Citizen of the Year in 2021.

The province recommends that Manitobans keep a supply of rapid antigen tests at home. These tests are available at many locations across the province, including pharmacies, grocery stores and libraries. People who have Abbott PanBio rapid tests at home should know that Health Canada has extended the shelf life of these tests to 24 months from the date the tests were manufactured. This extension occurred after the packages were printed, so expiry dates may now be inaccurate. Individuals who have these rapid tests at home should use the date of manufacture printed on the packaging and add 24 months to determine the true expiry date. Source: Manitoba Government Moderna Covid-19 vaccine photo courtesy of Wikipedia

SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022





SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2022