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Volume 17 • No. 19 • October 1 - 15 , 2021 Publication Mailing Account #41721512

Carla Abellana

CKJS radio switches to FM

19 10 Dennis Trillo & Jennylyn Mercado

92.7 CKJS’ Filipino program hosts Lucille Nolasco Garrido, Lendyll Soriano, Chester Pangan, and Donna Arenas, outside the station’s brand-new transmitter and tower in La Barriere, south of the Perimeter Highway. After 46 years on the AM dial, Winnipeg’s multilingual radio station, CKJS 810, has moved up and switched to an FM frequency. The all-new 92.7 FM CKJS officially launched at 3:00 PM (CDT) on September 21, 2021 with Filipino programming hosts Lucille Nolasco Garrido of Afternoon Pasada, Lendyll Soriano of Bisaya ni Bay, and Chester Pangan and Donna

Arenas of Good Morning Philippines, joining forces to start a new chapter in CKJS history. Winnipeg Filipino radio pioneer, Emmie Joaquin said, “Finally! It’s been a very long time coming, and I couldn’t be happier. When we started Good Morning Philippines in 1989 with the late Joe Sulit, there was this dream of making it to the

FM band, and now it has actually happened! Radio has always had this distinct appeal in terms of comfort and connection to people that no other medium has. I hope that with CKJS’ big switch to FM, it can further elevate multicultural programming in our community and beyond.” CKJS is one of the longest airing multicultural radio stations See CKJS p12



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021





OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

Ease the tension and manage your anger I was chatting with a group of friends the other day and a few have noticed that people around them seem to be more “on edge” than normal. Lately there just seems to be less patience, more irritability or even anger in the air. This can be due to a number of factors, which include the adjustment to the fall season, return to school and being back in the office for some, and perhaps the anticipation of the fourth wave of this ongoing pandemic. Dealing with uncertainty and having to adjust to change can be pretty stressful. We only have to look to the news to see that this overall tension isn’t just a local thing. Disputes over mask mandates and vaccinations are happening in many cities all over the world. Frontline workers, healthcare professionals and school officials and teachers are experiencing hostility in their places of work. Managing intense emotions such as anger and fear is something that many people struggle with. When people feel that they cannot transform these emotions and quiet them internally, they may lash out verbally or physically in order to transfer that energy out towards someone else. This is never the best solution because, on an individual level, anger outbursts can lead to heart problems, an increased likelihood of having a stroke, and it weakens the immune system. Lashing out can lead to increased depression and anxiety, and will result in

strained relationships. Everybody gets angry. Anger is a healthy and natural emotion. In our society, most people think that anger is “bad,” that it is negative. For some, becoming angry equates to being out of control. But on the contrary, anger can be a good, positive force that leads to action– if handled effectively. Most people deal with their anger in three ways. One way is to “stuff” your anger; where you do not admit that you are angry to yourself or to other people. You tend to “sweep things under the rug” because you feel it is not nice to be mad at someone; that you might hurt someone’s feelings, that you will damage a relationship if you show anger. But avoiding confrontation can end up damaging a relationship anyway because others may take advantage of you. Your silence may be viewed as uncaring, leaving the door open for misunderstanding. Internalizing your emotions can affect your physical and mental health. Second, some people allow their anger to escalate and explode. Your tendency is to blame other people and make them feel ashamed. You want to demonstrate power and appear strong because the last thing you want is to be viewed as weak. Reacting in this way means that you don’t address underlying feelings such as fear or embarrassment. You may get what you want for the short term,

but your relationships with other people are damaged. You are also prone to physical and mental health difficulties. And last, there is managing anger in an effective way. This is the healthiest way to deal with anger, and results in stronger relationships, more confidence, a higher energy level, better physical and mental health, and an overall sense of happiness. If you are not used to managing your anger in this way, it can be a challenge at first. But if you value yourself and others around you, it is worth the effort. Some ways to change the way you handle anger are: • Take a deep breath and speak with an even and calm tone. If people hear a loud and angry person, they are rarely listening to what is being said because they are on guard. • Only consider the here and now. Don’t bring up past events to support your argument. • Avoid name-calling and labels. Focus on the behaviour. For example, avoid saying, “You are so selfish!” but instead, “You didn’t ask me what my opinion is. That makes me feel like I don’t matter. I’d like to tell you what I think.” • Ask yourself if you are a controller. Do you think things like, “They should just do it my way,” or “That is absolutely the worst thing to do”? If you are a controller, think about the effect that you have on others around

you. • Beware of irrational thoughts that feed the angry story in your head. For example, “They’re doing this to me on purpose” or “I never get what I deserve” are often not accurate and end up increasing anger. • Take responsibility if you lose control. No one has the power to make you act in a certain way. You choose to behave that way. • Slow your anger down. If you tend to react quickly, train yourself to take deep breaths, count to 10 before you talk, or walk away until you cool down. You could save yourself from saying or doing something you regret. • Stay away from other angry people. • When the issue is resolved, forgive the other person and ask for forgiveness yourself. You will eliminate resentment from your life. • Make changes little by little. Ask yourself, “what can I change this week about how I communicate?” and evaluate whether you’ve reached your goal. If not, be patient and try again. “The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.” – Barbara De Angelis Cheryl Dizon-Reynante is a licensed therapist with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

Canada continues to find novel ways to retain visitors to the country as a potential source of permanent immigration. The country is challenged, along with other first world countries, to find workers necessary to fuel a postpandemic economic recovery. It makes good sense to focus on persons who have already chosen Canada and are present inside the country as a secure source of labour. Canada announced an extension of a temporary policy, which was introduced one year ago, to help employers find temporary residents to enter the workforce. The government has announced that it is extending the opportunity for visitors to apply for work permits from inside the country to February 28, 2022. The temporary change gives visitors who are in Canada with valid status can apply for an employerspecific work permit from inside Canada. This is contrary to the normal procedure where the application for the work permit


would have to be submitted from the home country or a country in which the person has continuing status for one year. The pool of persons on visitor status has increased in number because of the challenges facing applicants due to the pandemic, limits on worldwide travel, and entry requirements. Many foreign workers were forced to change temporary status to visitors and were also unable to leave the country. Initially the opportunity was limited to visitors who were in status and inside Canada before August 24, 2020, but IRCC has changed the eligibility date to include all visitors, regardless of when they entered Canada. To be eligible for an employerspecific work permit, applicants must: • be in Canada with valid temporary residence status, which must still be enforce when they apply for the work permit; • have included an employerspecific LMIA approved work permit;


New deadline for visitors to apply for Canadian work permit • have remained inside Canada with valid status; • submit the application before February 28, 2022; • intend to work for their employer in the occupation specified on their work permit application; and • complete an IRCC web form. Canada is beginning to ease some of the pandemic restrictions in recent weeks and the country is increasing its efforts to expand the workforce. The idea of extending opportunities to visitors inside the country is a potential benefit to both to the country and the applicants. Canada needs a ready supply of workers as business reopen and economic opportunities increase. According to some reports there were a total of 815,800 unfilled vacancies in June, which is the highest level of job openings reported in the country since October 2020. The country must do more to open up immigration

which has historically been the way Canada grows its population and its labour supply. We are a country built on immigration and must face the realities of declining birth rates, COVID infections and competitions from other countries desperate to attract the brightest and best workers from abroad. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration

Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-2270292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail. com.



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

The precious elephant in feng shui Feng shui has many animal symbols and one that towers above them all is the world’s largest land mammal, the elephant. Many often ask if elephants are good luck. The answer is yes. Elephants symbolize some of our highest ideals and can be used in feng shui to improve everything in your life, from wealth to intellectual stimulation and wishgranting, to improved fertility for conception. Treasured symbol The elephant is revered throughout Asia. In China, elephants once roamed the lands but have died out there though they are often symbolized in artwork and held in high regard for their strength and noble character. In India, the esteemed elephant is a treasured part of society and is given a god status as Ganesh, the remover of obstacles and new undertakings. In Buddhism, it is said that the Buddha’s mother dreamt of a white elephant presenting her with a white lotus, which was how she learned of her pregnancy would be to a special son and who became the Lord Buddha. It is this legend that strengthened the love and association of Buddhism with elephants. The white elephant In Asia, the elephant is considered divine. In particular, the white elephant is regarded as a holy animal, and embodies reason coupled with power. Seeing a white elephant is thought to bring good luck. Powerfully intelligent The precious elephant is known for its intellectual ability, its kindness, and for its memory and concentration. As a symbol, the elephant is believed to bring power, strength, and its high moral and loving character to wherever it is displayed, making it an auspicious symbol for the northeast sector of the mind, intellect, and education. Place an elephant symbol or image wherever you desire greater intelligence, wisdom, and decision-making or to enhance education luck. Symbol of wealth The elephant has the capacity to bring good fortune. Because his trunk can hold water, an elephant

is associated with wealth. When displayed in the wealth locations, the elephant brings opportunity, income, and the power to bestow good fortune and wealth. In the southeast wealth corner or the north corner of business and career, place a wealth bowl or other bowl of precious items or flowers on the elephants to promote the arrival of wealth luck and promotes your power on the job or in business. Elephant benefits In all corners, the elephant brings strength, the ability to push past problems and remove obstacles. In the northwest corner the elephant strengthens the patriarch and brings blessings and heavenly assistance to the home. In the east, the elephant brings loyalty, strength and the power of good health. For the family, the elephant promotes family happiness, respect, and order. The elephant symbol also helps you to start anew, with fresh energy to power past problems. In the south, the elephant brings regard, recognition and ignites your passion for success. Fertility myth of the upward trunk In general, elephants are loving and devoted parents and family members, making them an auspicious symbol for improving family relationships and to help promote fertility, especially for sons. One myth that is pervasive is that the elephant image or figure must be displayed with the trunk up to improve fertility or to conceive male children, or that only a trunk that’s pointed upwards is good luck. However, both are myths. The elephant itself is a strong enough symbol for improving fertility and improving chances of pregnancy and is a symbol of luck no matter which way its trunk points. Images of children riding atop an elephant are common in Chinese prints and augur good fortune and when placed in the bedroom are a wonderful symbol of conception. Wish granting The humble and respectful elephant is believed to carry the Buddha’s wish-granting jewel, making the elephant a granter of wishes. There is no place that you

cannot display the elephant for its majesty will imbue all corners of your home with its magnificence and good fortune symbolism. Placed outside your door or displayed at an entryway, elephants represent an auspicious and powerful greeting and augur the arrival of good fortune and good luck. In the west corner, elephant images will help promote fertility and conception luck as well as

wiser and more filial children, and their placement in this corner also protects children. Elephant as protector The elephant is peaceful but will only become aggressive in defense. This makes elephant guardians especially useful as protectors. You can trust that the elephant will use sound judgement to protect and defend the members of your household. Kathryn Weber has over 20+

years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021



Reckoning with Memory – Part 3 Today, I write the final segment in my three-part series on “Reckoning with Memory,” wherein I explore three major events in the history of the Philippines and the ways in which memory has illuminated these events. In August, I wrote on Magellan’s fateful encounter with the men of Lapu-Lapu of Mactan Island; In September, I wrote of the life and death of José Rizal. This week, I tackle Philippine Independence, celebrated this past June 21st. Without a doubt, political independence is a major event in any nation’s history, especially in the Philippines, as it marked the end of centuries of colonialism. A major theme of this series has been the idea of the Philippines and of the Filipino; while in the days of Lapu-Lapu, they both did not yet exist, and in Rizal’s life they had already taken form, independence saw the flowering and expression of a free Philippine nation and Filipino people. As we saw in last September’s column on Rizal, there were many different ideas about what Philippine independence should look like and what timeline it should follow. While Rizal did not support armed rebellion against the Spaniards, he was used to encourage such a movement. Rizal’s writings gave a language with which to express Philippine independence, but also identified the evils of imperial society and offered a vision of what a future independent Philippines could look like. His acuity reminded Filipinos that they were capable of greatness, despite centuries of being educated otherwise by the Spanish. The independence movement with which Rizal became associated gained momentum after Rizal’s execution in 1896, garnering much support from wider Philippine society. Months after Rizal’s execution, in March 1897, Emilio Aguinaldo declared the Philippines an

independent republic at the Tejeros Convention in Malabon, Cavite. After spending some time in exile in Hong Kong, Aguinaldo returned to the Philippines weeks after the American victory against Spain at the Battle of Manila Bay on 1 May 1898. On June 12, Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine independence. This is the moment that is celebrate today on Independence Day in the Philippines. This, however, did not usher in true independence. When the American’s arrived in Manila, many Filipinos thought they would hand over control of the Philippines, given the rhetoric of freedom and liberty of the United States. However, the Americans refused this, claiming the Filipinos were not ready to govern themselves. This resulted in the American-Philippine War, which supposedly only lasted a few years, although, in reality, there was armed resistance against the Americans until the invasion of the Japanese in 1941. The truth is that the American occupation continued the long history of foreign occupation of the Philippines. In the eyes of the American government, the Philippines were not politically capable of governing themselves and so the U.S. would serve as a sort of tutor. Of course, during this time, the Philippines was opened up to American economic exploitations. In 1935, the U.S. government decided that they would begin the process of handing over political independence to the Filipino people. Part of the reason for this was domestic pressure. As a territory of the U.S., the inhabitants of the Philippines were officially labelled as U.S. nationals. This was during the time of heightened anti-Asian sentiments in the U.S. (and Canada, too) when Asian migrants were denied entry simply because of their ethnicity. Filipinos, however, were able to avoid this restriction

as they were U.S. nationals, and many Filipino men were moving to the American west coast to work in the agricultural industry. This upset segments of the white American population, who began demanding of their government that Filipino immigration to the U.S. be halted. The answer was to give the Philippines independence, thus stripping Filipinos of their status as U.S. nationals. The date initially selected was in 1945, but of course this was pre-empted by the Pacific War (1941-1945). However, when the U.S. defeated the Japanese army and secured control of the Philippines in 1945, they initiated the transfer of power back to the Filipino people. The date selected for the transfer was July 4th - the same independence day of the United States. This was likely an attempt by the American government to remind the Filipino people that it was the United States who gave them their independence. Sharing their Independence Day with the “big brother” of the United States seemed to devalue the work, the struggle, and – quite honestly – the death of so many Filipinos who for decades had been fighting for Philippine independence. However, the July 4th celebration of Philippine independence was recognized in the Philippines until 1962, when President Diosdado Macapagal renamed July 4th as “Philippine Republic Day,” and celebrated June 12th as “Philippine Independence Day.” To me, this is a very significant event. President Macapagal declared that June 12th recognized “our people’s declaration of their inherent and inalienable right to freedom and independence.” This was, in a way, a condemnation of the American occupation, which prevented the Philippines from claiming its rightful independence. It was a statement that foreign occupation does not nullify the right to freedom and, even if the Philippine government might express gratitude to the American government, this move allowed them the opportunity

to also express that the U.S. did not need to “give” them their independence, because they already had fought for it. This historical narrative may seem missing from current celebrations of Philippine Independence. Indeed, many celebrations don’t seem to give a critical eye to the American occupation, which saw the deaths of thousands of Filipinos and the development of the so-called waterboarding technique against Filipino independence fighters. But this is another function of memory, specifically the collective memory of the Filipino people. Political independence was attained on 4 July 1946, but it was formally claimed on 12 June 1898. Deciding which of those dates to celebrate and acknowledge is a statement about the Philippines, its history, and its autonomy. Like so many postcolonial states, the Philippines has decided that it decides for itself when independence was claimed; the fact that it had to fight for decades before it was attained only emphasizes how hard was the fight for independence. We now come to the end of this short series of articles. When we began with the arrival of Magellan, the Philippines was a region not united by state,

nationality, or identity; by the end of our discussion today, that same region has become something that is real, something that is recognizable. The Philippines and the Filipino people have been forged by millennia of history – the little bit that we’ve discussed in these three columns is only a fraction of that history. This history – the experiences, the encounters, the struggles, the triumphs – has moulded a collection of islands with countless different customs and traditions into a national identity that, while maintaining unique identities, can call itself Filipino. It is important to recognize that much of this identity is based upon a collective memory that privileges certain histories over others, and it is also important to recognize that this choice is a part of nationhood. What is remembered can always be changed, based on the needs of the current and future generations, and it is incumbent on all people to know their history – all of history, not just that taught in a textbook – to make those new histories. Jon Malek received his PhD from Western University and currently teaches history at the University of Manitoba. He is working on a book manuscript on the history of the Winnipeg Filipino community.



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

The poem that Rizal did not write There is a famous quote about language attributed to the national hero, Jose Rizal: “Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit sa hayop at malansang isda, kaya ating pagyamaning kusa, gaya ng inang sa atin ay nagpala.” [Whoever does not love his own language is lower than a beast and a foul-smelling fish. Therefore, we must treasure it gladly, like our mothers who blessed us.] The tone is rather harsh, but the advice given – to treasure our language – is commendable. However, Jose Rizal never said those lines, nor did he write the poem from which they were paraphrased. By now it is no secret that the poem Sa Aking Mga Kabata [To My Fellow Youth] does not belong to Jose Rizal. Many scholars doubted the authenticity of the poem for decades, but it was only recently that matters seemed to converge with at least three near simultaneous exposés. In July of 2011, Virgilo Almario debunked it in his book Rizal: Makata, Ambeth Ocampo wrote a couple of articles about it in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and I published a series of articles here in the Pilipino Express. Nevertheless, traditions are not easily discarded and many institutions continue to attribute the poem to Rizal. I clipped the above quotation from and the entire poem can still be found at, a web site maintained by Jose Rizal University. What is the evidence? How do we know that Rizal did not write the poem that gave us the famous “stinky fish” quote? There are many clues in the poem itself. For example, the language is too precocious even for an eight-year-old prodigy like Jose Rizal. There are also details that betray a 20th century authorship while the poem was purportedly written in 1869. For me, however, the real clincher is the use of the word kalayaan [freedom], which appears twice in the poem. Kalayaan was not a common word in 1869 and there is irrefutable evidence that Jose Rizal himself did not learn the word until he was 25 years old. We know this because of a letter he wrote to his brother Paciano in 1886. Jose had written a Tagalog

translation of Friedrich Schiller’s German play Wilhelm Tell and he wanted Paciano to review it. He explained that he found it difficult to translate some of the concepts in the play: “My Dear Brother, There I’m sending you at last the translation of Wilhelm Tell by Schiller… I lacked many words, for example, for the word Freiheit or liberty. The Tagalog word kaligtasan cannot be used, because this means that formerly he was in prison, slavery, etc. I found in the translation of Amor Patrio the noun malayà, kalayahan that Marcelo del Pilar uses. In the only Tagalog book I have – Florante – I don’t find an equivalent noun.” Evidently, Rizal had not encountered the word kalayaan until he saw it in Marcelo H. del Pilar’s Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa [Love for the Native Land], which was his Tagalog translation of Rizal’s own Spanish essay, Amor Patrio. Naturally, if Rizal didn’t know the word kalayaan when he was 25 years old, he could not have written a poem in which the word appears twice when he was only eight years old. Who wrote the poem? Rizal wrote many things in his life apart from his two famous novels. He constantly wrote letters to friends and family, personal memoires, and essays for various magazines. A vast amount of his authentic writing has been preserved but apparently he never saved a copy of this now-famous poem or even bothered to mention it in writing in his entire lifetime. It is very clear that he had no connection to the poem. So, who is the true author? The earliest documented appearance of Sa Aking Mga Kabata was in a book published in 1906, almost ten years after Rizal’s death. Author Hermenegildo Cruz presented it as an example of modern naturalist Tagalog poetry in the book Kun Sino ang Kumathâ ng̃ “Florante” [The Person who Composed “Florante”]. Cruz introduced the work as “a Tagalog language poem written by the hero Jose Rizal in 1869 when he was only about eight years old.” In a footnote, he added this about the poem’s provenance: “For this poem I am indebted

to my friend, Mr. Gabriel Beato Francisco. This was given to him by Mr. Saturnino Raselis, a native of Lukban, who was a teacher (maestro) in Mahayhay in 1884. This gentleman was a very close friend of Rizal who gave him (the teacher) a copy of this poem himself, a symbol, apparently, of their close friendship.” Gabriel Francisco was a poet, novelist and the author of an 1899 play, Ang Katipunan. Mr.

Saturnino Raselis, however, is a bit of a mystery. Rizal never mentioned this “very close friend” in any of his writing. Since Cruz was apparently the first to bring the poem to public attention, I would suspect that either he or one of his sources was the true author. And since we can’t even be sure if Saturnino Raselis ever existed, we are left with only Cruz and Francisco. Did Francisco dupe Cruz

with a phoney Rizal poem or were they in cahoots? Did one of these men commit a fraud by passing off his work as Rizal’s or did they attribute an anonymous poem to Rizal by mistake? With only circumstantial evidence — and my suspicions — I would place my bets on the poet, Gabriel Beato Francisco, as being the real author of Sa Aking Mga Kabata and the source of the malansang isda.

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021




Si Jennylyn Mercado ang itinuturong popular at magaling na aktres na nagdadalantao sa kasalukuyan. Nag-ugat ang kuwento sa set ng seryeng pinagtatambalan nila ni Xian Lim. Nagkaroon ng komosyon sa set nang dumating ang isang ambulansiya. Akala ng mga production staff ay may nagpositibo sa COVID-19 pero wala pala. Si Jennylyn ang kinuha ng ambulansiya dahil kailangan siyang isugod sa ospital, nagkaroon siya ng spotting, na kumumpirma sa kaniyang pagdadalantao. Pinalitan na siya bilang leading lady ni Xian Lim, pinayuhan si Jennylyn ng kaniyang OB-Gyne na sumailalim sa bed rest, bawal siyang magtrabaho nang mabahahabang panahon. Magandang balita ito para sa mga tagahanga ni Jennylyn. Anim na taon na silang magkarelasyon ni Dennis Trillo, pagpapakasal na lang ang kulang sa kanilang relasyon, pero mukhang nagpaplano na rin silang humarap sa altar. Malaki na ang anak nila ni Patrick Garcia na itinuturing na ring sariling anak ni Dennis, panahon na para magbuo sila ng pamilya, kaya ang pagdadalantao ni Jennylyn ay isang poisitibong balita para sa kaniyang mga tagasuporta. Laging malaking biyaya ang sanggol para sa mga nagmamahalan, responsableng karelasyon si Dennis, kaya siguradong magiging mabuti at responsible rin itong ama.


*** Ang ganda-ganda ng imahe ngayon ni Gretchen Barretto. Ang mga taong tinutulungan niya ngayong pandemya kahit hindi naman siya pulitiko ang nagpapabango sa kaniyang pangalan. Maraming bukod na pinagpala, maraming sumusuka sa kayamanan ang kanilang bulsa, pero iilan lang ang nagkakaroon ng pusong magbahagi ng kanilang mga biyaya. Walang piniling padalhan ng tulong si Gretchen, lahat halos ng mga taga-showbiz ay pinadalhan niya ng bigas at groceries, kahit mga artistang mayroon namang naipon ay naalala rin niyang tulungan nang mula sa puso. Panalo ang mga loyalista ng Take It, Per Minute… Me Gano’n dahil nagpa-raffle pa siya ng bigas. Nagpadala siya nang limampung kaban na dalawampu’t limang kilo ang laman ng sako, tuwing Martes ‘yon ipara-raffle ng TIPMMG, si Manay Lolit Solis ang namamahala dahil sa kaniya ipinagkatiwala ni Gretchen ang limampung sakong bigas. Nagsimula na kami noong Martes, hanggang sa Pasko na ang pa-raffle, Team Ngangers ang mga tagasuporta ng Cristy Ferminute na sumali. Nagtatanungan nga kami nina Manay Lolit at Mr. Fu. Mayroon kayang tumaya sa online sabong na natalo at bigas ang ipinambayad kina Gretchen at Atong Ang? Saanman galing ang bigas na ipinamamahagi ni Gretchen ay hindi na mahalaga, ang See CRISTY p13

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

• Jennylyn Mercado – Kumpirmadong Buntis! • Gretchen Barretto – Beautiful inside and out • KC Concepcion – Napaka-respectful, hindi suplada • Cesar Montano – Tinamaan ng COVID-19 • Jinkee Pacquiao – Wala sa tiyempo, saliwa ang sayaw • Claudine Barretto – Tatakbong konsehal • Alden Richards – Best Actor sa 36th Star Awards • Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes – may humabol pang kontrobersiya • Vice Ganda – Sumama ang loob kay Ate Gay • Phillip Salvador – Kaibigang putik?

Dennis Trillo & Jennylyn Mercado

LJ Reyes, Paolo Contis & Yen Santos

Gretchen Barretto

KC Concepcion

Jinkee Pacquiao Alden Richards

Phillip Salvador

Vice Ganda

Ate Gay Claudine Barretto

Cesar Montano

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021


All-star cast celebrates 6th anniversary of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano The stars of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, led by Julia Montes and Coco Martin, marked the sixth anniversary of the airing of the first episode of the country’s longestrunning action-drama series on Tuesday, September 28. “Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng Pilipino sa buong mundo na hanggang ngayon ay sumusubaybay

at sumusuporta sa FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Happy sixth anniversary, mga Kapamilya!” the cast declared in a video released by Dreamscape Entertainment. Coco also gave his thanks to all viewers and everyone who is part of the show. “Sa lahat ng aming mga ka-Probinsyano saan mang sulok ng mundo, maraming maraming salamat po sa anim na taong pagsama ni n’yo sa laban

ni Cardo. Sa lahat ng bumubuo ng FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano mula sa staff, crew, actors, directors, at sa lahat ng mga boss ng ABS-CBN, kami po’y nagpapasalamat sa lahat ng pagmamahal niyo. Maraming maraming salamat po,” he said. Susan Roces expressed her gratitude and said, “Sa loob ng anim na taon, See FPJ p13

Coco Martin & Julia Montes

The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer ABS-CBN announced its newest international project, The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer, starring Arjo Atayde. Director Ruel S. Bayani, head of ABS-CBN International Production and Co-Production division, said they will be producing the series for global audiences. The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer is based on the 1996 Star Cinema hit movie In My Own Hands (Sa Aking Mga Kamay), which is about a serial killer preying on unfaithful wives that was previously portrayed by veteran Filipino actor Aga Muhlach. The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer is one of the participants in the 2021 Full Circle Series Lab, a talent development program led by Matthieu Darras and Izabela Igel with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) after being selected alongside concepts from other countries in Southeast Asia. Atayde, who emerged as Best Actor in the 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards for his performance in the critically acclaimed series Bagman, will play the lead role. “Arjo is the best choice to top bill the series because he has a proven track-record of giving justice to the diverse roles he has portrayed through the years. His depth and range as an actor will definitely give a fresh take on this 1996 classic,” said Bayani. See ARJO p13

Arjo Atayde





CKJS... From page 1 in Canada. The station broadcasts various programs in at least 16 different languages, including Filipino, German, Punjabi, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian, and others. Local programming in each broadcast week includes popular international music, news and information from the homeland as well as the immediate community, current events, traffic and weather updates. “A big thank you to everyone involved and who made this vision a reality,” said CKJS Program Director, Gido Gigliotti,

“especially Paul Bury, head of Evanov engineering and his team who were able to put together one of the most up-to-date and coveted transmitters (HD 1) in Manitoba, or possibly in Canada. Amazing job!” Evanov President and CEO, Paul Evanov said, “We cherish Ethnic Station CKJS because of the heritage value it delivers to the various local communities it serves. The building of a brand-new broadcast tower during the current pandemic and industry-wide challenges should be a measure of how we will not hesitate to continue to make major investments in the market.”

CKJS Filipino show hosts with Evanov promo head Mike Ulrich in the studio on Corydon Avenue.

Gabbi Garcia finds Kapuso journey surreal Kapuso Millennial It Girl and In Real Life host Gabbi Garcia confirmed her loyalty to GMA Network after she renewed her management contract on September 23. In her several years

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

of being a Kapuso, Gabbi has been regarded as one of GMA’s prime actresses and an in-demand endorser of various prominent brands. She has starred in numerous notable See GABBI p13

Gabbi Garcia

Inside the transmitter building with CKJS Program Director, Gido Gigliotti (centre)

Pockets of Hope on GMA Pinoy TV Surviving the past two years has been tough for many of us as our lives have been curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truth be told, this health crisis has been a ripple of alternating woe and compassion. Despite all these challenges, Filipinos continue to see a ray of hope even in the smallest of things. Some found interest in baking, taking care of a new pet, renovating their homes or even starting their own small business. That is why GMA Pinoy

TV, through its newest project, Pockets of Hope, is encouraging everyone to share the things that helped them weather these trying times. GMA International First Vice President and Head of Operations Joseph Francia expressed how Pockets of Hope as part of GMA Pinoy TV’s “#StrongerTogether campaign, can be an instrument to spread good vibes among Kapuso viewers all over the world, especially in a time where every individual’s mental health is put to a test.

“We all have experienced loss, grief, fear, and discouragement during this pandemic. In the face of so many challenges, we also coped in different ways that saw us through these difficult times. Pockets of Hope is our way of honoring the things you did and continue to overcome. Please share your stories of hope with us. Let us be inspired by, and learn from, you. Doing so would make us #StrongerTogether” said Francia. See HOPE p13

Carla Abellana, Rocco Nacino, Max Collins. Rayver Cruz, Gabbi Garcia & Thea Astley

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021


FPJ... From page 11

PAGE 13 express myself and through that mas kung baga mentally and emotionally mas nailabas ko po ‘yung anxiety.” Rocco Nacino, on the other hand, said that being a certified ‘plantito’ and dog lover has been keeping him sane. “Yung pagaalaga ng mga dogs, mabuti na lang nandoon sila kasi sila ‘yung nakakausap ko. It helped actually with the plants ‘yung simple responsibilities of watering them every other day and making sure na nagbu-bloom sila. It has a very positive effect sa mga tao kaya daming nagsasabi na maging plantitoplantita during this pandemic, malaking naitutulong.” Meanwhile, Rayver Cruz took advantage of the pandemic to become a live streamer-gamer. He said, “Nu’ng nag-start yung pandemic, nag-invest ako sa game room. ‘Yun ‘yung isang nagpapasaya sa akin kapag nandito lang ako sa bahay. Bakit ‘di na rin ako mag-stream ‘di ba? Nag-eenjoy ako kasi nakakainteract ako with the viewers.” Kapuso viewers abroad can share their own ‘Pockets of Hope’ and get a chance to be featured on the show airing this October on GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV.

masaya ako na naging parte ako ng pamilyang ito. Para sa lahat ng mga ka-Probinsyano, maraming maraming salamat sa pagtangkilik ninyo, sa pagtulong ninyo, sa pagmamahal ninyo. Pinagbuklod tayong lahat bilang isang pamilya – sa isip, sa puso, at sa gawa. Happy happy sixth anniversary.” Angel Aquino, who plays Gen. Diana Olegario, called the show her second family that made her feel “more loved, appreciated and challenged.” She posted, “To my little brother and our great leader @cocomartin_ph and our father and protector @ deo_endrinal, thank you for giving me the opportunity to belong in the most important show on television. A big show comes with big hurdles but we manage to stay strong and tight and unbreakable because we have you and our Tita Cory Vidanes and all our viewers and supporters who never give up on us. Mga kaProbinsyano, maraming salamat at mahal namin kayo! Sama Sama tayo hanggang sa dulo!” Co-stars Lorna Tolentino, Rosanna Roces, John Estrada, John Arcilla, Rowell Santiago, Joseph Marco, John Prats, Geoff Eigenmann, and many others also joined the celebration by thanking viewers in their posts on their respective social media accounts. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and Filipinos have marked many milestones together, from when it became the country’s most watched TV show until it pivoted to digital last year. The show became the first Filipino teleserye to livestream on YouTube, where it repeatedly smashed its own live viewership record, peaking at 162,831 concurrent viewers. Through the years, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano and its stars have also received over 100 awards from various award-giving bodies.

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“ABS-CBN never fails to surprise me all the time with all these characters. It’s one hell of a story. It’s one hell of a character, and it’s not normally done here. This is one of the most powerful stories that they are going to remake. I am proud to be part of it. Hopefully, the Cattleya Killer could be one, if not the possible door, for ABS-CBN to step into the global industry,” shared Arjo, who is also well-loved for his exemplary portrayal of his characters in Filipino TV dramas like FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, The General’s Daughter, Hanggang Saan, MMK, and Love Lockdown. Production for The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer is slated to begin this year. Dan Villegas, will be directing the production. He also directed box-office hits Always Be My Maybe and Exes Baggage, and teleseryes On The Wings of Love and Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa.

projects and portrayed a variety of roles on both small and big screens. Despite all these, she remains grounded and humbled by her progressing journey in show business, “It still feels surreal that I’m able to live my dream and turn it to reality. I’ll forever be grateful to GMA for trusting me.” She added that her years as a talent of the Network has been some of the best in her life and it has taught her many values which she cherishes up to this day, “I’m just so grateful. GMA has been my second family for almost eight years. I really grew up with GMA beside me, with the trials in my life, my ups and downs. In GMA kasi, we don’t treat each other as co-workers. We all have a relationship with each other. I just can’t believe that up to this day, everyone is still supporting me, everyone has my back. I’ve learned to love my co-

workers throughout the years. It’s just so heartwarming. I appreciate the bosses for trusting me since day one, it means a lot. Mark my words, I will never leave this Network. GMA Artist Center is my second family.” GMANetwork Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon is impressed at how Gabbi has improved in her craft through the years, “Sa mga nakalipas na taon, ipinakita ni Gabbi ang kaniyang galing sa acting, dancing, at pati na sa hosting, kaya naman we are pleased to continue working with such a beautiful and talented actress. Congratulations, Gabbi.” Mr. M also shared his sentiments about the actress, “You certainly are one of the prized possessions of GMA and you have this sparkling personality. Everybody loves you for your talent and we’re always here to support you. Congratulations!” Gabbi, together with her real-life partner and fellow Kapuso artist Khalil Ramos headline the new episode of Regal

Studio Presents: One Million Comments, Magjo-jowa na Ako. They will also pair very soon in a mini-series for Stories from the Heart on GMA-7 and will also air abroad on GMA Pinoy TV.

HOPE... From page 12 Send an email to pinoyinbox@ with a short description accompanied by photos and videos, anyone can participate in this inspirational short-form content that will air on GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV starting this October. Some Kapuso stars have also recently shared their “Pockets of Hope” stories. Carla Abellana said that vlogging about her life at home helped her in easing anxieties. “Shinare ko ‘yung mga ginagawa ko po sa bahay—like nag-vlog po ako about baking. We vlogged about ‘yung nagpipintura po kami so in a way I was able to

importante ay ang maganda niyang puso sa pag-alalang makatulong ngayong pandemya, napapanahon ang kaniyang ayuda sa mga nangangailangan ngayong napakahirap ng buhay. Sabi ng kaibigan naming propesor, “Siya ang classic example ng taong beautiful inside and out.” *** Nakakatuwa ang kuwentong nakarating sa amin mula sa mga kaibigan naming matagal nang naninirahan at nagtatrabaho sa Amerika. Si KC Concepcion ang bumibida sa kanilang kuwento. Isang gabi ay nakita nila ang magandang aktres sa isang 24hour grocery store (Ralph’s), walang make-up si KC, naka-cap lang at simpleng t-shirt. Medyo lumapit-lapit ang pamilya sa wet section ng malaking grocery store, gusto nilang patunayan kung ang panganay nga ni Sharon Cuneta ang kanilang nakikita nang malayuan o kahawig lang. Kuwento ng aming kausap, “So, lumapit-lapit kami sa kaniya, si KC nga! Ang apo ko ang unang bumati sa kaniya, tiningnan niya ang apo ko, hinawakan niya sa ulo nang nakangiti. “Binati niya kami, matagal na raw ba kaming nakatira sa States? Napaka-respectful niya, hindi siya suplada, mahilig nga pala siyang magluto dahil ang laman ng cart niya, e, puro ingredients sa mga lulutuin niyang food!” sabi pa ng aming kaibigan. Tuwang-tuwa ang mag-anak, kasi raw ay anak nga si KC ng mother niya, magkaugali raw sina Sharon at KC na napaka-humble at nagbibigay-halaga sa kanilang mga fans at kababayan. See CRISTY p15



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

Wellness & Exercise at FSGW Everyone is invited to attend the wellness and exercise program of the Filipino Seniors Group of Winnipeg (FSGW). Enjoy line dancing and retro zumba every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. This exercise program is designed for older adults to improve their health, coordination, and socialization especially in this time of pandemic. Admission is free. You have to be fully vaccinated to attend. Contact Aida at 204-960-8530 to register.

Hawaiian Theme Retro Fitness held on September 19, 2021

OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

CRISTY... From page 13 Nagkaroon na kasi ng karanasan ang pamilya ng aming kaibigan na hindi kagandahan tungkol sa isang female singer na binati nila pero hindi man lang sila pinansin nito. “Tiningnan lang niya kami, ganoon lang, then she walked away. Parang wala siyang pakialam, porke ba sumikat siya worldwide, e, ganoon na lang ang gagawin niya sa mga kapwa Pilipinong nakakakita at bumabati sa kaniya?” kuwento pa ng aming kaibigan. Ahahay! *** Napakatindi pala ng pinagdaanang laban ni Cesar Montano nang tamaan siya ng COVID-19. Barado na ang kaniyang lalamunan, hirap na siyang huminga, akala ng aktor ay ‘yon na ang kaniyang katapusan. Maingat sa kaniyang kalusugan si Cesar, hindi siya makarne, gulay ang paborito niya at wala rin siyang bisyong makasisira sa kaniyang katawan. Araw-araw halos siyang nagba-bike, malalayo ang kaniyang biyahe, kaya hindi niya sukat-maisip na tatamaan pala siya ng virus. Sabi ni Cesar nang maging panauhin namin siya ni Romel Chika sa Cristy Ferminute, “Kahit sa bahay, maingat ako, pero naalala ko, kapag nagba-bike ako, e, umiinom ako ng fresh buko. Tumatabi muna ako, tatapusin ko ang pag-inom, takbo na uli ako. “Siguro, sa isa sa mga panahong ginawa ko ‘yon, e, doon ako nakakuha ng virus. Kumpleto naman ako sa health protocols, bihira lang akong lumabas, kapag nagba-bike lang ako,” pag-alala ng magaling na aktor. May matinding bilin si Cesar sa ating mga kababayan. Napatunayan niya nang magkasakit siya na maganda pala ang pagtulog nang nakadapa. Naka-relax daw ang ating lungs kapag ganoon. “Ganoon akong matulog, nakadapa ako, sinabi ng doktor ko na nakatulong daw sa akin ang ganoong position sa pagtulog. Salamat dahil hindi ako na-intubate, pero matindi ang pagbabantay na ginawa sa akin ng doktor ko. “Second life ko na ito. Akala ko talaga, katapusan ko na. At ngayon ko mas napatunayan na may Diyos na kasama natin sa laban. “Hindi pa tapos ang misyon ko, marami pa akong dapat gawin, kaya niregaluhan pa ako ng panibagong buhay,” seryoso at sinsayroong pahayag ni Cesar Montano. *** Ayon sa aming source ay may nagpadala ng text message kay Jinkee na ganito ang sinasabi, “Public officials and their families shall lead modest lives. They shall not indulge in extravagant or ostentatious display of wealth in any form.” Iyon ang nakasaad sa R.A. No. 6713. Napakalinaw ng sinasabi, ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno ay hindi dapat magpalutang ng


kanilang kayamanan sa anumang hugis at paraan, maging ang kanilang pamilya. Komento ng aming source, “Maganda ang paalala ng nagtext kay Jinkee, taliwas kasi sa imaheng ipino-project ni Senator Manny ang ginagawa niya. “Nagpapakumbaba ang tatakbong pangulo, inilalapit niya ang sarili niya sa masa, pero iba naman ang ginagawa ng misis niya. Malinaw na magiging malaking hadlang sa inaasinta niyang posisyon si Jinkee,” madiing sabi ng aming source. Totoong obserbasyon. Hindi makatutulong sa kandidatura ng Pambansang Kamao ang pinalulutang na imahe ni Jinkee. Ang pagsusuot ng mga kagamitang kapag sinuma ang kabuuang halaga ay sobra pa sa sapat na pang-ayuda sa ilang barangay. Oo nga’t kayamanan ‘yon na pinaghirapang makamit ng senador ay hindi pa rin sasapat ang ganoong katwiran dahil wala nga sa timing ang ginagawa ng kaniyang misis. Pandemya ngayon, isasaing lang ng mga kababayan nating nagdarahop sa hapunan ay hindi pa nila alam kung saan kukunin, kung wala ay itutulog na lang nila ang kagutuman. Wala sa tiyempo, saliwa ang sayaw ni Jinkee sa tugtog, kaya totoong magiging malaking kabawasan sa boto ng kampeong boksingero ang imaheng ipinagduduldulan ni Jinkee sa publiko. Sana nga ay magkaroon ng pagbabago sa panig ni Jinkee, hindi naman siya inaasahang maghubad ng mga pumupuna, basa ilagay lang niya sa tamang tiyempo ang kaniyang mga galaw. *** Huwag na nating tanungin kung totoo bang matagal na panahong nanirahan sa Subic si Claudine Barretto. Huwag na rin tayong magulantang kung bakit bigla niyang naisip na tumakbong konsehal sa Olongapo City. Mas magandang tutukan kung seryoso ba si Claudine sa pagpasok niya sa pulitika? Tatapusin kaya niya ang una at huling yugto ng kampanya? Pabagu-bago kasi ang desisyon ni Claudine, kilala siya sa pagiging fickle-minded, baka hindi pa ngangalahati ang kampanya ay malaman na lang natin na kumalas na pala siya sa partido. Sana nga ay panindigan ni Claudine ang pinasok niyang bagong mundo. Nangangampanya lang siya noon sa mga kaibigan niyang tumatakbo, pero ngayon ay siya na mismo ang aamot ng boto ng kaniyang mga nasasakupan, harinawang huwag nang magbago pa ang kaniyang isip. Ang talent manager na si Arnold Vigafria ang kanilang ulo, nakagugulat din ang desisyon nitong kumandidatong mayor, siguradong kinausap namang mabuti ng manager ang kaniyang alaga sa kanilang pagkandidato. Disiplina lang naman ang kulang kay Claudine Barretto, kung kapasidad ang pag-uusapan ay kaya niya namang paniwalain sa husay niyang magsalita ang mga

botente, depende na lang talaga sa kaseryosohan niyang maglingkod ang magiging kapalaran niya sa pulitika. *** Maligayang bati sa Pambansang Bae na tinanghal na pinakamahusay na aktor sa katatapos lang na 36th Star Awards For Movies para sa pelikulang Hello, Love, Goodbye. Panalo si Alden Richards, pero ang katambal niyang si Kathryn Bernardo ay kinabog sa pagganap ni Sylvia Sanchez, kaya nag-iingay na naman ang mga tagahanga nila ni Daniel Padilla. Tanggapin na lang dapat nila na napakalaki ng nagawa sa karera ni Kathryn ng pinagtambalan nilang pelikula ni Alden, bilyon ang halagang pinaruya noon sa mga sinehan, napakagandang record na ‘yon para sa kanilang idolo. Huwag nilang menosin ang kapasidad ni Alden Richards na madalas nilang sabihing “extra” lang sa Hello, Love, Goodbye, ayan tuloy, ang minamaliit nilang extra lang ang nakakuha ng parangal bilang best actor. Si Kathryn na mismo nag nagsabing napakabigat para sa

kaniya ang tanggapin ang HLG. Natatakot itong lampasan sa takilya ang huling pelikula nila ni Daniel, maraming agam-agam ang dalaga, pero sinuportahan daw naman ito ng kaniyang boyfriend. Kinabog nga ng pelikula nila ni Alden ang hawak nilang record ni Daniel, bilyon ang marka nito sa takilya, kaya nagwarla na naman ang mga tagasuporta nila ni DJ. Ganoon lang talaga, panapanahon ang tagumpay ng mga artista, napakasuwerte ni Alden Richards dahil ilang taon na niyang hawak ang titulo bilang pinakasikat na aktor ng kaniyang panahon. At sikat na sikat na ay magaling pa siyang umarte at kumanta, isinilid na yata ng kapalaran sa kaniyang buslo ang lahat ng talento, na kailangang tanggapin ng iba nakapikit man o nakadilat sila. *** Pahupa na sana ang pagpipista ng buong bayan sa isyu ng hiwalayan nina Paolo Contis at LJ Reyes na si Yen Santos ang itinuturong third party ay may humabol pang kontrobersiya. Nagkaroon pa ng buntot ang umalis na sanang bagyo,

PAGE 15 parang daga sa kaniyang lungga ngayon ang kontrobersiyal na aktor na walang masilungan sa kaniyang lungga, paano kaya niya malulusutan uli ito? Sa kaniyang mensahe kay anak-anakang Ogie Diaz ay sinabi ni Paolo na nagpabakuna raw siya sa Caloocan noong August 28, nag-taping din siya ng Bubble Gang at Dear Uge, kaya paano magiging posible ang pagsasama nila ni Yen Santos sa Baguio nang isang linggo? Papayag ba naman ang mga Maritess sa basta ganoon lang na pahayag ni Paolo? Ayun, nabisto tuloy siya na August 9 siya nagpabakuna sa Caloocan, mismong sa FB page niya ‘yon lumabas. Hindi rin puwedeng second dose ang kaniyang tinutukoy dahil hindi puwedeng halos magkasunod lang ang petsa ng una at pangalawang pagbabakuna. Ayaw talaga silang tantanan ni Yen ng mga kababayan nating mas mahabang panahon ang ginugugol sa tsismis kesa sa ikauunlad ng kanilang buhay ngayong pandemya. Sabi pa ng isang basher, “O, See CRISTY p17



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

What is the flu? Fever, upset stomach, diarrhea, sore throat, chills, coughing, sneezing and headache all can make you feel miserable. And when you’re not feeling well, it sometimes can be hard to know exactly what’s wrong and how you can help yourself feel better. With flu season approaching, this is a good time to look at the symptoms of what is — and is not — the flu. Common cold A runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, congestion, headache and sore throat likely herald the common cold. This viral infection of your nose and throat usually is harmless, although it might not feel that way. While there’s no cure for the common cold, most people get better without treatment ― usually within a week to 10 days. Antibiotics aren’t effective against viruses and overusing them can contribute to the development of antibioticresistant strains of bacteria.

Lifestyle and home remedies for symptom relief include plenty of fluids and rest. There are pros and cons to commonly used cold remedies, such as over-the-counter pain relievers, decongestants, nasal sprays and cough syrups. Viral gastroenteritis, or stomach flu What many people call the flu is actually viral gastroenteritis, or stomach flu. Characteristic symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramps and pain. Symptoms usually last just a day or two, but occasionally they may persist as long as 10 days. There’s often no specific medical treatment for viral gastroenteritis. Self-care measures can help with symptom relief, though. Get plenty of rest and let your stomach settle by avoiding solid foods for a few hours. Instead suck on ice chips or take small sips of water. Then ease back into eating with a bland

diet. If nausea returns, stop eating again. Avoid foods such as dairy products, caffeine, and fatty or highly seasoned foods until you feel better. Influenza Influenza is the true flu. It’s a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system, including your nose, throat and lungs. At first, the flu may seem like a common cold with a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. But colds usually develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come on suddenly. And although a cold can be a bother, you usually feel much worse with the flu. For most people, the flu resolves on its own. But sometimes the flu and its complications can be deadly. People at higher risk of developing flu complications include young children, pregnant woman and those two weeks postpartum, people over 65, people with weakened immune systems and some chronic illnesses, and people who are

obese. Usually, you’ll need nothing more than rest and plenty of fluids to treat the flu. But if you have a severe infection or are at higher risk of complications, your health care provider may prescribe an antiviral drug to treat the flu. Unlike the common cold and stomach flu, there is a vaccine for the flu. While it’s not 100% effective, getting vaccinated for the flu can reduce your risk of becoming infected with the flu, and lessen its severity and lower your risk of hospitalization if you are infected. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months and older, with rare exceptions. Vaccination is your best defense against the flu. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network Ed’s note: Some of the symptoms of flu, COVID-19, and other respiratory illnesses are similar, as such testing is necessary to determine what the ailment is and to confirm a diagnosis. People can be infected with both flu and the virus that causes COVID-19 at the same time and have symptoms of both influenza and COVID-19.

What to do if you have any COVID-19 symptoms Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate and visit to use the online screening tool, or call Health Links–Info Santé at 204-788-8200 or tollfree at 1-888-315-9257 for health guidance on how to seek testing.

Symptoms may include: • Cough • Headache • Fever/ chills • Muscle aches • Sore throat/ hoarse voice • Shortness of breath/ breathing difficulties • Loss of taste or smell • Vomiting, or diarrhea for

more than 24 hours • Poor feeding if an infant • Runny nose • Fatigue • Nausea or loss of appetite • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) • Skin rash of unknown cause While many people will

develop only mild symptoms, some groups appear to be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Those at higher risk typically develop more serious, even fatal, symptoms such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure. High risk groups include those:

• 60 years of age and older • living with chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart, renal or chronic lung conditions) • with weakened immune systems (e.g. cancer) Symptoms of COVID-19 or other coronaviruses may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus.


OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021



NO. 378

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 2. Segunda 9. Palagi 11. May kakulangan 13. Ibilang 14. Kabiyak 15. Ligalig 17. Unlapi 18. Pang-ukol 20. Malaking sasakyan 22. Sapi 26. Lupa 29. Resulta 32. Ihambalos 33. Pakuluan 34. Hawak 35. Lubos 36. Binalaki

10. Lasa 12. Sigalot 16. Madali 19. Masilayan 21. Tinalo 23. Puno ng sasa 24. Kinawawa 25. Antala 26. Lutuan 27. Uri ng kahaoy 28. Bingwit 30. Kambas 31. Hindi nagtagumpay


PABABA 1. Walang-imik 2. Iwasto 3. Bahagi ng katawan 4. Uri ng sitaw 5. Ugali 6. Giba 7. Ampon 8. Ama


CRISTY... From page 15 di ba? Sa bibig nahuhuli ang isda, hindi sa buntot! Sa kaniya mismo nanggaling ang date na August 28, pero August 9 pala siya nagpabakuna!” Tahimik pa rin si Yen hanggang ngayon, hinahayaan na lang siguro nitong mapagod ang mga Maritess na sobra ang pagtutok sa isyung kinasasangkutan nila ni Paolo, palilipasin na lang nito ang natural na pagkamatay ng kontrobersiya. Pandemya ngayon, walang gaanong magawa ang ating mga kababayan, kaya sa ganitong paraan na lang sila naglilibang. *** Totoong-totoo ang kasabihan na mas mahalaga ang pisong tulong na tinatanggap natin sa panahon ng pangangailangan kesa sa mas malaking halaga sa oras ng ating kaginhawahan. Ang biyayang dumating sa atin sa panahon nang kagipitan ay hindi natin maaaring palitan ng kahit ano at lalong hindi natin mabibili nang kahit magkano. Ngayong pandemya ay milyong kababayan natin ang namimilipit sa kawalan. Laganap ang kahirapan. Milyon-milyon ang nawalan ng trabaho kaya suntok sa buwan kung saan sila kukuha ng kabuhayan. Ganoon ang buod ng sama ng loob ngayon ni Vice Ganda. Nang magkasakit ang kasamahan niyang komedyanteng si Ate Gay ay nagpadala siya ng tulong. Hindi niya ‘yon ipinagmakaingay. Puso lang niya ang nakakaalam. Inilabas ni Ate Gay ang halagang ipinadala sa kaniya ni Vice Ganda, beinte mil, maraming nakisawsaw sa isyu at nanunumbat kay Vice kung bakit dalawampung libong piso lang ang ipinang-ayuda niya kay Ate Gay samantalang napakayaman niya? Sumama ang loob ni Vice. Siya na nga naman ang tumulong ay pinalabas pa siyang masama. Ang beinte mil na ipinangtulong niya kay Ate Gay ay napakalaking halaga na kung tutuusin dahil magpagulung-gulong man

tayo ngayon mula sa Caloocan hanggang Baclaran ay wala tayong mapupulot na beinte mil sa kahabaan ng EDSA. Wala sa yaman ang pagtulong. Maraming nagkakamal nang milyones na hindi naman nagbabahagi ng kanilang yaman sa mga nagdarahop. Puso ang nagdidikta ng pagtulong. Bilyonaryo ka man, kung wala ka namang hangarin makatulong, ay wala rin. Pero mayroong mga taong sapat-sapat lang ang hawak pero may puso pa ring dumadamay sa kanilang kapuwa. Humingi na ng dispensa si Ate Gay sa paglalabas nito ng halagang ipinadala sa kaniya ni Vice pero ang pangungutya at paghusga kay Vice ay laganap pa rin. Mahirap nga naman ang kaniyang sitwasyon. Tumulong na nga siya ay lumabas pa siyang masama at maramot. Paano kung hindi siya tumulong kay Ate Gay nang magkasakit ito? Di lalo na? Siguradong mas masasakit na salita pa ang kakainin niya sa agahan, tanghalian at hapunan. Baka nga may midnight snack pa. *** Para lang maiangat ang kartada at imahe ng kaibigan niyang pulitiko ay kung anu-anong salita ang binitiwan ni Phillip Salvador sa isang pagtitipon. Okey lang namang ipakadiin niya ang papuri kay Senador Bong Go, pero sana’y hindi na siya nagkumpara, sana’y hindi na siya pumitik pa ng mga diumano’y ikinampanya niya rin pero puro pangakong napako lang naman ang napala niya. Natural, ang unang maiisip ng mga kababayan natin ay ang mga kaibigan niyang karnal na sina Senador Bong Revilla at dating Senador Jinggoy Estrada, mayroon pa bang iba? Hindi maganda ang insinwasyon ng kaniyang mga pahayag, para siyang nanunumbat-naniningil, mayroon pala siyang inaasahang kapalit ang pagkampanya niya. Sabihin na nating hindi nga sina Senador Bong at Jinggoy ang

PAGE 17 kaniyang tinutukoy ay hindi pa rin maganda sa panlasa ang tabas ng kaniyang dila. Hindi naman pala bukal sa puso ang pagtulong niya. Sa huling episode ng Take It, Per Minute… Me Gano’n ay tinawag na kaibigang putik ni Kabsat Lolit Solis si Phillip. Ihinambing naman namin siya sa langgam. Kung nasaan ang asukal ay nandoon si Phillip Salvador. Na kayang-kaya naming panindigan at kambalan ng resibo. Noong nakatagpo na siya ng bagong kampong maaasahan niyang mapagkukunan ng kaniyang kabuhayan ay naalala man lang ba niyang kumustahin ang mga taong nakatulong sa kaniya noong walang-wala siya? Naaalala pa ba niya ang pangalan nina Mayor Enrico Roque, Tita Flory Estrada at maging ni Zaldy Aquino? Hindi pa man siya nakapagmumumog noong mga panahong hilahod ang kaniyang buhay ay nakatawag na agad siya sa mga nabanggit naming tao. Nanghihingi na ng ayudang pampinansiyal. Aba, nang maging anino na siya ni Senador Bong Go ay ni hindi man lang niya naaalala ang mga taong milagro ang ginawa sa kaniyang kabuhayan, ni tawag ay wala. Tapos na kasi ang kaniyang pangangailangan, may natagpuan na siyang pukyutan na punumpuno ng asukal, kaya isa siyang literal na langgam. May naniniwala ba namang bumubuntot siya ngayon kay Senador Bong Go nang wala siyang pakinabang? Iniaangat ba niya ang pangalan ng pulitiko nang nagsasayang lang siya ng laway? Kahit noong nakapiit sa PNP Custodial Center sina Senador Bong at dating Senador Jinggoy ay hindi naman namin siya nakikita doon nang madalas. Paminsanminsan lang, kapag may okasyon, ganoon ba ang tunay na kaibigan? Ganoon ba ang tunay na kaibigan sa makapal at sa manipis, sa pagbagsak at sa pagbangon, sa tag-ulan at sa tag-araw? – CSF



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

To Have And To Hold premiers on GMA Pinoy Telebabad They say that if you love someone, you set them free. But if they come back, can you find it in your heart to forgive and forget? GMA Entertainment Group brings forth a compelling story of marriage and love that knows no bounds in To Have and To Hold, featuring some of the brightest and top-caliber Kapuso stars on Philippine TV. The series is top-billed by

the finest ensemble of actors in the Network - award-winning and internationally acclaimed Kapuso star Carla Abellana as Erica Gatchalian, multi-talented actor Rocco Nacino as Gavin Ramirez, and beautiful dramatic Kapuso actress Max Collins as Dominique Ramirez. The premise follows the story of Dominique (Max) and Gavin (Rocco), a couple who has been married for years but is now on

the brink of separation. After an unexpected turn of events, Gavin finds himself unraveling a web of lies and deceit with a woman named Erica (Carla) whose husband, Tony (Rafael Rosell), shares an untold connection with Dominique. When the bad starts to outweigh the good, is love truly enough to uphold the sacred vows of marriage? Carla breathes life into the

role of Erica, a people-pleaser and submissive housewife who yearns for a happy family even at her own expense. The actress believes that her character is far from her personality, “She’s more different from me. We both love our families so much and fight for our families, but when it comes to love she loves only with her heart. The circumstances towards the end for Erica were a first for

me. It was difficult to bear and accept.” Rocco, in turn, skillfully portrays the role of Gavin - a gentleman who likes to take care of his woman. As a chef and an entrepreneur, he takes his responsibilities seriously and is keen on proving his worth. “This story reveals what goes on a husband’s mind. And how self-esteem affects the decisions See GMA p19

The Clash Season 4 – a vocal battle like no other This October 2, Kapuso viewers are in for a bigger, better, and truly exciting brand-new season of The Clash! Known for its unique twists and surprises at every round, The Clash Season 4 brings together 30 of the most promising and talented contenders nationwide to battle it out on-stage. The Clash Season 4

reintroduces the well-loved tandem of Clash Masters Julie Anne San Jose and  Rayver Cruz. Julie Anne adds that aside from talent, it’s the competitiveness of the Clashers that makes this season more interesting, “I think this generation is more palaban, more expressive of themselves. They know what they’re doing,

they know what they want. I think naka-add ‘yung spice na nakikita mo sa harap mo ‘yung makakachallenge mo on-stage and ‘yung immediate reaction or comments ng judges in front of you.” “Filipinos are very talented and very supportive,” Rayver quipped. “It wouldn’t be as successful as it was for the past seasons and years if not for the

variety of great talented Clashers, their families and relatives, and the audience who supported the show since Season 1.” Giving viewers an exclusive peek backstage again are hosts Ken Chan and Rita Daniela who are both eager to be back. For Ken, the contest continues to set the bar higher each year, “There are many singing competitions out there, with similar systems in place and similar storylines. The Clash does away with all of that. Each season brings its unique recipe for excitement and unexpected thrills that each Clasher must overcome and face.”

“They’ll expect more fun moments, beautiful voices, and I must say more awesome and creative productions from us!” Rita shared. “The contestants are getting more competitive because of the one-on-ones and group showdowns.” Returning as The Clash panel are Lani Misalucha,  Christian Bautista, Ai-Ai Delas Alas who are all looking forward to meeting this year’s breed of Clashers. Thrilled to be back in her seat is Lani, “I’m back for this season. Since I’m back it’s going to be another crazy season. There are always surprising twists and challenges given to the See CLASH p19

Christopher De Leon joins Huwag Kang Mangamba Christopher de Leon is the newest addition to the inspirational teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba this October. Christopher’s character, Elias, will either protect Mira (Andrea Brillantes) or bring great harm to her as she adjusts to her new family. Mira has been living with other orphans under the cruel supervision of Thelma and Armand (Andrea del Rosario and Richard Quan) after she left Hermoso following an argument with her sister Joy (Francine Diaz). Elias will soon impact Mira’s life when he gets acquainted with

Thelma and Armand and their suspicious activities. Soon, Elias will grow closer to Mira as he witnesses the abuse she suffers in her new home. Meanwhile, Joy, their grandmother Barang (Sylvia Sanchez), and their friends are still searching for Mira and are even more desperate to find her as they grow concerned about her safety. Will Mira be able to trust Elias? Will Elias bring hope or darkness to Mira’s life? Gain inspiration from the series Huwag Kang Mangamba See CHRISTOPHER p19


OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021


GMA... From page 18

Max reveals that in some ways, she relates to her character. “Dominique is brave and confident, but at the same time, she has many flaws and is trying to find herself. I can relate to her in those aspects,” she quipped. “It’s the first time I’ve ever over-prepared for a role. I embraced every part of her, the good and the bad.” Playing equally important roles in the series are the talented roster of artists: Roi Vinzon, Ina Feleo,; Valeen Montenegro, Bing Pimental, Gilleth Sandico, Luis Hontiveros, and Athenah Madrid, Rafael Rosell, and Dion Ignacio

of a husband,” Rocco shares. “A boyfriend, fiancé, or a husband will be able to relate because the issues in the scenes we will show are issues men tend to hide or not talk about with their spouse. In a way, this will open the eyes of men who feel a plateau in their relationship.” Meanwhile, Max steps into the role of Dominique - a successful interior designer who is smart, an alpha female, has a high sense of worth, and doesn’t like being taken for granted.

Carla Abellana

Max Collins

CLASH... From page 18 contestants now and then that they have to be on their toes all the time.”

Lani Misalucha


Rocco Nacino

“They should expect Clashers who are hungrier for performing on stage. Clashers who are braver or will take more risks,” Christian shared when asked what viewers can expect from this year’s batch

Christian Bautista

Ai-Ai Delas Alas

Valeen Montenegro

of contestants. “It’s unpredictable, it’s exciting, and we always aim for the best.” For Aiai, this season is much more exciting, “Nakakatuwa kasi kahit na nasa pandemic pa rin

Julie Anne San Jose

Rafael Rosell

Athenah Madrid

tayo, we have something exciting to look forward to. Lalo na ‘yung viewers, kasi siguradong mas pasabog at mas handang lumaban ang Clashers ngayong season.”

Rayver Cruz

Luis Hontiveros

Tune in to the most exciting search for the newest singing sensation in The Clash Season 4. Viewers abroad can catch the program via GMA’s international channel, GMA Pinoy TV.

Rita Daniela

Ken Chan

CHRISTOPHER... From page 18 airing weeknights on the Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, WeTV, and iflix. Viewers who use any digital TV box at home such as the TVplus box only need to rescan their device to be able to watch Huwag Kang Mangamba on TV5 and A2Z. Viewers outside of the Philippines can also catch it on The Filipino Channel on cable and IPTV.

Christopher De Leon

Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Del Rosario & Richard Quan



OCTOBER 1 - 15, 2021

Profile for Pilipino Express News Magazine

Pilipino Express • Oct 1 2021  

CKJS Radio switches to FM

Pilipino Express • Oct 1 2021  

CKJS Radio switches to FM


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