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Andrea Brillantes

Filipino Heritage Month The celebration continues

8 The Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (MFSF), the biggest Filipino festival in the province, is on June 18 to 19 at the Maples Multiplex and grounds. Now in its 11th year, the MFSF organizing team has consistently created an outdoor summer

event for everyone to enjoy, not only Filipino Canadians, but also the community at large. This becomes more significant because the MFSF events are held within the month of June, which is celebrated nationwide as Filipino Heritage Month.

The Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba (PHCM) has also organized several programs to celebrate Filipino Heritage Month. On June 4, PHCM held its traditional Flag Raising Ceremony at the PCCM See FILIPINO p4

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After being postponed for almost two and a half years, the Pinoy Pop Star Grand Final is August 26. Buy your tickets online at Ticketmaster or in person at the casino Gift Store. Early Bird Price is $20+GST = $21 + TM fee until July 22; Regular ticket price is $25+GST = $26.25 + TM fee – after July 22. Old tickets will be accommodated. For details see p11.



JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022





JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

FILIPINO... From page 1 grounds and held its Philippine Independence Ball at the Marlborough Hotel, attended by various Filipino organization representatives and dignitaries. On June 18, PHCM events will continue with a Welcome to Newcomers event at the Axworthy Health and RecPlex, and another event on June 25 dubbed, Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee through Multicultural Music and Arts, at the Maples Collegiate Student Common. Meanwhile, the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM) held its heritage events on two consecutive nights: Musica – an Evening of Kundiman and Philippine Art Songs on June 11, and Pista sa PCCM – a community picnic in celebration of Philippine Independence Day on June 12. The MFSF also held a community event on June 12 called Save On Foods celebrates 124 Years of Philippine Independence. More photos on pp 12 & 13

L-r: Hon. Andrew Smith, Manitoba Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage; Perla Javate, PHCM President & Hon. Jon Reyes, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration

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JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

The sponsorship of parents and grandparents has been a frustrating experience for many Canadian sponsors. The lottery left many out, as did the submission by time with the window closing in minutes. The only solution was to try again when the sponsorship reopened. However, the 2021 sponsorship program did not open until the autumn of that year and then it was limited to persons who had submitted an expression of interest in 2020 but were not selected. The backlog was so great that IRCC did not solicit new submissions. It is now the sixth month of 2022 and the sponsorship of parents and grandparents for 2022 is still closed. The alternative for sponsors is to invite your parents or grandparents to come to Canada as visitors under the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) application and some Canadians who qualify can invite them under the Super Visa version of the TRV. This option becomes more attractive as the chances of sponsoring parents and grandparents remains in limbo


in many cases and unclear at best. IRCC has, however, moved to enhance the Super Visa option as an attractive alternative to full sponsorship, which remains a challenging option for the immigration brain trusts in Ottawa. On June 7, 2022, IRCC announced enhancements to the Super Visa program for parents and grandparents that would help reunited families more easily and for a longer period of time. The changes that are scheduled to come into place on July 4, 2022, will: increase the length of stay for Super Visa holders to five (5) years per entry from the current two years. The Super Visa holders will also have an option to remain a further two years inside Canada. Parents or grandparents who will come under the enhanced Super Visa could possibly remain inside the country for up to seven years if they come for five years and extend a further two years. An additional change to the Super Visa option is that international medical insurance


Enhancements to the Super Visa for parents and grandparents companies will also be eligible to provide the required insurance coverage for visa applicants in the future. Information about designated medical insurance companies outside Canada will appear on IRCC’s website at a later date. The costs for the Super Visa have and will probably continue to be a factor in whether or not families choose the Super Visa but for this time, the increased time and flexibility of insurance coverage represent a considerable change from the past. The minister of immigration considers the changes as a way to support Canada’s objective to reunify families in the country, if only for a longer stay. “Families are at the heart of Canadian society. The enhancements to the Super Visa program will allow family members to reunite for longer in Canada, which helps everyday Canadian citizens and permanent residents succeed and contribute to society,

while affording their parents and grandparents invaluable opportunities to spend more time with their families in Canada.” The Super Visa option has been popular for over a decade. Each year, IRCC issues approximately 17,000 Super Visa. The host Canadian families must meet minimum income requirements. Hosts must ensure that their yearly income meets the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) numbers based on family size and including the invitee parent or grandparent. It is important to note that the applicants for a Super Visa must have a medical examination and provide proof of private health insurance. At this time the applicant must have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance provider for at least one year from the date of entry with at least $100,000 coverage with proof of payment. You should consider the Super Visa because you can always try to sponsor your parents or

grandparents from inside the country when it opens. It is more convenient if the applicants are in the country because we never know what the sponsorship program will look like. For now, the super visa is a good option, but you must ensure that you meet the financial and other requirements in order to qualify. For those who qualify, consider the super visa. It is a better option than the regular TRV and a stop gap measure for those who want to sponsor their family members when the parent and grandparent sponsorship reopens. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.

A price tag on heroes Years ago a Rizal descendant called me up regarding junk inherited from a relative. My opinion was sought on its authenticity and value. Someone probably wanted his share of the historical goods converted into cold cash. From the descriptions given on the phone, I concluded that two important paintings had been passed on to them: one by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and another by Rizal himself. I advised the caller that the Hidalgo could easily fetch a six-figure sum, thus if they were intent on selling, they should dispose of the Hidalgo and keep the Rizal, which was priceless both in monetary and sentimental values. Discussing the other pieces of Rizaliana, I inquired about one thing in particular I was dying to see. Did a stained piña handkerchief come with the lot?

When asked how I knew about the hanky, I related the tradition that had one of the Rizal sisters hurrying to Luneta after the execution and dutifully dipping hankies on the spot where Rizal fell to soak up what was left of the martyr’s blood. In my years of Rizal research, I have sought out these legendary hankies but never found any. In the process, I handled many of Rizal’s personal effects, most unnerving of which was a piece of his vertebra. This bone, chipped by the bullet that killed him, is the only part of his remains found outside the Rizal tomb. It is on display in Fort Santiago. We must be constantly reminded of the fact that what we have in Luneta is actually a grave and not a monument. This is why the president, on behalf of the nation, lays a wreath there annually on

December 30. My first bloodied hankie eluded me. To my horror, I was told that it was left on top of some table and picked up by a well-meaning maid who spent the better part of her afternoon washing the brown stains off the handkerchief. Those stains that went down the drain with bleach and detergent were the last drops of Rizal’s blood. The National Historical Institute (now National Historical Commission) has cabinets full of assorted stuff ranging from Rizal’s underwear to Gregorio del Pilar’s whistle to Aguinaldo’s dehydrated appendix. Renato Perdon, formerly of the NHI, allowed me to study these relics, knowing that each object, no matter how ordinary, provided a link with my subjects. Each scrap of memorabilia told a story of its former owner. On one occasion, Perdon offered me a lock of Mabini’s hair. I accepted his offer but asked why he was giving the hair away. Some superstitious

members of his staff, he said, were worried that Mabini would haunt the office because of it and they would be glad if I took the paralytic’s hair home. A thorough search, however, did not yield the hair. Someone had disposed of it beforehand. Sayang. Until some documents were stolen from the National Library in the early 1990s, I did not think there was interest or a market for historical relics. When the personal effects of the brothers Luna arrived in Manila in 1988, everyone was so engrossed with the paintings of Juan that they ignored the personal archive of Antonio that contained school notebooks, scientific papers (one on the purity of milk, another on the cleanliness of Pasig river water), love letters, journals, and laundry bills. Everything imaginable was there, and everything burned down with the gallery. Fortunately, I was able to photocopy a great deal of it, but now I wish I had copied the entire lot. The fact that only Rizaliana has a steady market value reflects

the way in which we downgrade other heroes. In 1961 the Rizal Centennial Commission created an appetite for Rizaliana that cooled interest for other historical objects. In the late 1950s we lost the largest single collection of Lunas because of the government’s haggling for a baratillo price. Mabini’s descendants withdrew their offer to sell memorabilia when the government bargained over their worth. They asked, “Bakit kapag gamit ni Rizal ang mahal, kapag gamit ni Mabini mura lang?” It is truly amazing to know that even our heroes’ worth can be translated in terms of market value. Source: Mabini’s Ghost by Ambeth R. Ocampo, Anvil Publishing. Ambeth Ocampo is a former Chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and an associate professor in the Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University. He writes a widely read editorial page column, “Looking Back,” for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.



JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

Indifference is ignorance: Why Filipino cooperation is needed for racial equality

Jenna Lam was awarded the 2022 ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence – Honourable Mention based on high school GPA, a group interview, and an essay in response to the question, “How do racial biases in the Filipino community manifest in your daily life and in what ways are you complicit?” The following was the essay submission. After the death of George Floyd, the world opened its eyes to racial injustices. We began having conversations about unjust treatment against Black individuals and how they have been discriminated against, racially profiled, and murdered for their skin colour. As I began discussing these issues with my family members and friends, I was often met with indifference. The common response was that the issue was “not happening in Canada,” and it didn’t matter because “we were not Black.” I was even met with anger, such as how Black individuals need to “work harder” as Filipinos do. The model minority myth often affects Filipino individuals in many ways, as we are viewed to be “hardworking and quiet,” especially within the workplace (Chung). Meanwhile, stereotypes surrounding Black individuals include being “dangerous” and “uneducated.” When people

believe these harmful sentiments, they become complicit in the oppression of Black individuals. We cannot achieve race equality when minorities are pitted together. Many Filipinos have encountered racism within their lifetimes. For instance, due to my half-Chinese and half-Filipina heritage, I grew up looking quite different compared to my Filipina mother. She was often assumed to be my nanny by teachers, parents, and my classmates. The COVID-19 pandemic has also become racialized as the “Chinese virus,” leading to a dramatic rise in anti-Asian hate crimes within Canada (Chung; Crabb). In Ontario, FilipinaCanadian Marnie Manalo was told by a harasser to “go back to China” (Manalo). Is it too much for Filipinos to ask to be treated with respect because we are more than just stereotypical labels? If it is unacceptable for Filipinos to be treated this way, it is certainly unacceptable for Black individuals as well. As human beings, and as peoples of colour who understand what it’s like to be racially profiled, it is our moral responsibility to support the Black community. When we tolerate anti-Black racism outside of our circles, we enable dangerous and racist behaviour.

We must recognize ways that culture can be complicit in bias. The prevalence of colourism within our community is an example, a stain left from colonization. Fair skin is a sign of beauty; the popularity of skinlighteners is a testament to this notion. I’ve heard comments from Filipinos who believed their dark skin was shameful rather than a symbol of pride. It is our duty to recognize these damaging notions and reclaim equality for all skin tones. Once we identify complicity in racism and colourism, what do we do next? It must begin by dismantling these harmful notions. We must confront our own implicit biases; have difficult conversations regarding racism; educate ourselves rather than hide behind tolerance, and support and empower other minorities. The change will not occur in one day. However, each time we refuse to be complicit in racism, we plant a seed of justice that will soon bloom into an equal society for all races. Sources • Chung, Amy. “In 2021, Asian Canadians Document Hate Crimes To Be Believed.” The Huffington Post, 1 Mar. 2021, https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/ entry/anti-asian-racism-canada_ ca_603d08cdc5b682971502118f. • Crabb, Josh. “Report on anti-Asian racism during pandemic urges government

to take action.” CTV News Winnipeg, 23 Mar. 2021, https:// winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/reporton-anti-asian-racism-duringpandemic-urges-government-totake-action-1.5359528. • Manalo, Alfonso R. M. “‘The China Virus’ Anti Asian Discrimination during COVID 19.” YouTube, uploaded by Alfonso Manalo, 27 Mar 2021, https://youtu.be/Y9BPwNc_

KAA. Jenna Lam graduated from St. John’s-Ravenscourt School and entered her first year of studies at Western University. Stay tuned to find out about the 2022 ANAK Liwayway Scholarship recipients. Visit www.anak.ca to learn more about ANAK programs, opportunities, and ways you can get involved or support our youth.

OUR HEALTH Men’s health and living a longer, healthier life June is Men’s Health Month, and International Men’s Health Week is observed June 13–19, which makes this a good time to learn about the biggest threats to men’s health and what you can do to keep yourself healthy. Two of the leading causes of death for men in North America are heart disease and cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news is that healthy lifestyle choices can reduce your risk for both. Heart disease encompasses a range of conditions that affect your heart, including blood vessel disease, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems, or arrhythmias; congenital heart defects; and heart valve disease.

You can reduce your risk of heart disease by: • Not smoking or quitting if you already do. • Controlling other health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. • Exercising at least 30 minutes per day most days of the week. • Eating a diet that’s low in salt and saturated fat. • Maintaining a healthy weight. The three most common cancers for men in the U.S. are prostate, lung and colorectal, according to the National Cancer Institute. Treatment for certain cancers can affect your sexuality, causing a range of signs and

symptoms that can make sex with your partner more difficult. You can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by: • Eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. • Exercising most days of the week. • Maintaining a healthy weight. You can reduce your risk of lung cancer by: • Not smoking or quitting if you already do. • Avoiding second-hand smoke. • Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables. • Exercising most days of the week. You can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer by:

• Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. • Drinking alcohol in moderation, if at all. • Not smoking or quitting if you already do. • Exercising most days of the week. • Maintaining a healthy weight. The pattern is clear, but it may seem overwhelming. You may not know where to begin, or how much difference a few small steps

can make. Take control of your health by talking with your health care team about your lifestyle and health history. Then get serious about reducing your risk. Connect with other men talking about healthy lifestyle choices in the Men’s Health support group on Mayo Clinic Connect, an online patient community moderated by Mayo Clinic. By Laurel Kelly. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022




Lumabas ang balitang si James Reid na at ang grupo nito ang magma-manage sa career ni Liza Soberano – may magagawa bang milagro ang aktor sa karera ng dalaga? Kahapon nagtapos ang manager-talent na samahan nina Ogie Diaz at Liza na tumagal nang 11 taon. Hindi biro ang haba ng kanilang pinagsamahan. Natural lang namang nagaganap ang ganoon, walang samahang forever, pero ang pinakamagandang pangyayari ay naghiwalay sina Ogie at Liza na magkaibigan pa rin. Iyon ang gusto ni Ogie, iyong hindi sila magsusunog ng tulay, wala nga namang kasiguruhan ang bukas. Pero alam namin, may bahid ng lungkot ang pangyayaring ito kay Ogie. Itinuring na niyang karagdagang miyembro ng kaniyang pamilya si Liza, saka wala tayong nabalitaang anumang hindi nila pagkakaunawaan; hihilutin pa ni Ogie nang matagal na panahon ang kaniyang puso bago siya makasulong sa paghihiwalay nila ng kaniyang alaga. Nagkatulungan silang dalawa. Dumating si Liza bilang alaga ni Ogie noong mga panahong matindi ang gamutang pinagdadaanan ng kaniyang bunsong si Meerah. Milyones ang ginastos niya sa kaniyang anak na halos sa ospital na muna tumira bago sa kanilang bahay. Kapag pumipirma siya bilang manager sa bawat product endorsement ni Liza ay lagi siyang nagpapasalamat sa Diyos dahil mayroon na naman siyang


pambayad sa maraming doktor ni Bunso. Si Meerah na ipinanganak na kasyang-kasya lang ang kaliitan sa isang palad dahil sa kakapusan sa buwan ay nakaalpas, naligtasan ng kanilang pamilya ang mga pagsubok, sumikat naman si Liza Soberano. Palaging ganoon. Dumarating sa ating buhay ang taong makakakambal natin sa problema, tamang-tama ang pagdating ni Liza sa buhay ni Ogie, ganoon din ang pagmamaneho ni Ogie sa kaniyang career na napakaganda ng naging resulta. *** Ngayon ay si James Reid na ang magpapatakbo sa career ni Liza Soberano. Gustong subukin ng dalaga ang mundo ng Hollywood. Kung ganda ang paguusapan ay pasadung-pasado ang dalagang aktres. Pero ang tanong, mayroon ba namang kapasidad si James Reid na tuparin ang pangarap ni Liza, may napatunayan na ba ang aktor na nabigo nga ang takbo ng karera dito sa atin? Iyon ang malaking tandangpananong ng marami, paano pagtatagumpayin ni James ang career ni Liza sa Hollywood, samantalang wala pa nga itong napatutunayan? Palagi silang magkasama ngayon sa Amerika habang nasa Spain pa si Enrique Gil. Nagiimbita ng pagdududa ang kanilang sitwasyon ngayon. Hindi raw kaya matagal nang tapos ang relasyon nina Liza at See CRISTY p11

Sharon Cuneta, Senator Tito Sotto & Helen Gamboa

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

• Liza Soberano – Wala na sa poder ni Ogie Diaz • James Reid – Bagong manager ni Liza Soberano • Andrea Brillantes – Sinasadya na ang sobrang kaartehan • Carla Abellana at Tom Rodriguez – Patuloy ang pananahimik • Moira dela Torre at Jayson Hernandez – Nauwi rin sa wala ang pagsasama • Nora Aunor – Isa nang National Artist • Kris Aquino – “One in a million” ang dumapong sakit • Willie Revillame – Biktima ng fake news • Sharon Cuneta at pamilya Sotto – Nagkasundo na

James Reid & Liza Soberano

Carla Abellana & Tom Rodriguez

Nora Aunor

Andrea Brillantes

Moira dela Torre & Jason Hernandez

Willie Revillame

Kris Aquino

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022





JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos star in Love You Stranger GMA Public Affairs proudly brings a story that merges mystery and romance with folklore and filmmaking via Love You Stranger, now airing on GMA Telebabad. In their first-ever primetime TV series together, real-life Kapuso couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos try to unravel the mystery surrounding the legend of a shadow creature. Gabbi cannot wait for viewers to watch Love You Stanger. “First time namin gumawa ng mystery, thriller, romance na type na kuwento. Kaya pati kami excited. Talagang pinaghandaan ng bawat cast member ‘yung show na ‘to. Talagang binigay namin lahat ng best namin para mapaganda ‘yung Love You Stranger,” she said. Working for his first Kapuso

primetime series, Khalil shared that the experience taught him a lot of lessons. “Marami kaming natutunan, hindi lang tungkol sa sarili namin, hindi lang sa relationship namin. Marami kaming natutunan sa trabaho. ‘Yung patience namin sa isa’t isa, talagang na-test,” he said. Also joining the cast are Gil Cuerva, Carmi Martin, Tonton Gutierrez, Lexi Gonzales,

Kim De Leon, Maey Bautista, Angelli Sanoy, Alex Medina, Nor Domingo, Ces Quesada, Lui Manansala, Bodjie Pascua, Soliman Cruz, and Dindo Arroyo. Love You Stranger is an original concept written by Angeli Atienza. The series is directed by King Baco. Kapuso abroad can catch Love You Stranger via GMA Pinoy TV.

Gil Cuerva, Gabbi Garcia & Khalil Ramos

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

CRISTY... From page 8 Quen pero hindi lang muna sila nagsasalita? Mauwi raw kaya sa relasyon ang palaging pagsasama ngayon nina Liza at James? Maraming puwedeng mangyari. Hindi imposibleng magkahulugan ng kalooban ang dalawa kung tapos na ang relasyon ng LizQuen. Matagal nang hiwalay sina James at Nadine Lustre, may bago nang karelasyong banyaga ang aktres, ayon kay James ay wala muna itong panahon para sa pakikipagrelasyon dahil sa dami ng kaniyang mga pangarap. Tanong ng kaibigan naming propesor, “Hindi kaya planado ang lahat ng ito? Parang premeditated kasi. Iyon lang ang naiisip ko dahil dati, kung nasaan si Liza, nandoon din si Enrique! “Why all of a sudden, e, ganito na? Let’s wait and see, pero iba ang naglalaro sa isip ko ngayon. Sorry, pero hindi na ako magugulat kapag lumabas ang kuwentong James and Liza are together na,” reaksiyon ng aming kaibigan. Iyon ang kailangan nating antabayanan. *** Gigil na gigil na kay Andrea Brillantes ang mga kababayan natin. Hindi sa kaniya mismo, kundi sa kaniyang kaartehan, na duda ng mas nakararami ay sinasadya na niya. Pagkatapos niyang mag-baby talk sa isang resort ay nakita naman siyang nakasakay sa cart na itinutulak ng kaniyang boyfriend na si Ricci Rivero sa isang


malaking pamilihan. Hindi na bago ang ganoon sa atin, isinasakay naman talaga ng mga magulang ang kanilang mga anak sa cart habang nag-iikot sila sa pamimili, pero iyong si Andrea ang nakasakay sa cart? Sangkatutak na komento ang inani doon ni Andrea, sabi ng isa, “Para siyang lukring! Ano ang akala niya sa sarili niya, bata, para sumakay sa cart? Damulag na siya! Matanda na siya! Super-OA talaga ang babaeng ito!” Pakiramdam naman ng iba ay parang wala nang ginagawa sa maghapon sina Ricci at Andrea kundi ang magpakasaya. Parang hindi na raw naaasikaso ng basketbolista ang kaniyang pageensayo. At mukhang wala ring pinagkakaabalahang trabaho si Andrea, napakaluwag ng kaniyang oras, kaya palagi silang magkasama ng kaniyang boyfriend. Malakas ang loob ng isang basher ng dalaga, ang sabi nito, “One day, break na ang dalawang ‘yan! Nagkasawaan na sila! Para na kasi silang kambal na hindi na naghihiwalay!” Pinagtatawanan na lang ng marami ang mga ipinakikitang kaartehan ni Andrea, parang ngayon lang daw kasi nakawala sa kural ang babaeng ito, kaya ganyan siya. *** Sa halip na magkaroon ng tulay sa kanilang paghihiwalay ay mukhang matibay na pader pa ang namamagitan ngayon kina Tom Rodriguez at Carla Abellana. Patuloy na lumalala ang mga kuwento, padagdag nang

padagdag, hindi nababawasan. At sa paglutang ng mga istorya tungkol sa kanilang hiwalayan ay pareho silang naaapektuhan. Okey lang ang pananahimik, karapatan nilang magkaroon ng kapribaduhan, pero may mga pagkakataong kailangan nilang magsalita para sa ikalilinaw ng naganap sa kanilang buhay. Ang dami-dami nang naglitawang kuwento, pinagsuspetsahan na ang pagkalalaki ni Tom, pinagbintangan na ring nagdispalko nang milyones na ipon nila ni Carla ang aktor. Pero wala pa ring naririnig mula kina Tom at Carla, pinababayaan lang nilang maging laman ng kontrobersiya, walang nagbibigay sa kanila ng paliwanag kung bakit sila naghiwalay pagkatapos lang nang tatlong buwan nang sila’y ikasal. Nitong huli ay nagbigay ng pahimakas si Tom, nag-post siya ng larawan ng isang posas na putol na ang gitna, kalayaan ang interpretasyon ng mas nakararami sa kaniyang post. Malaya na raw si Tom mula sa relasyon nila ni Carla, sabay bura sa lahat ng mga retratong natira sa kaniyang account, iyon na nga ba ang paramdam ni Tom na hindi na sila magkakabalikan pa ni Carla? Isang source ang nagbulong sa amin, “Akala kasi ni Tom, sa haba ng panahong naging magkarelasyon sila ni Carla hanggang sa magpakasal na sila, e, kilalang-kilala na niya iyong girl! “Pero hindi pa pala. Di bale, lalabas din naman ang katotohanan in time, malalaman din natin kung ano talaga ang nangyari.

Nakakaawa lang si Tom. Siya ang nadidiin,” malungkot na sabi ng aming kausap. *** Naging magkaibigan sila nang pitong taon. Nagsama sila bilang mag-asawa nang tatlong taon. Pero sa hiwalayan din nauwi ang relasyon nina Jason Hernandez at Moira dela Torre. Isang malinaw na senyal ang hatid ng kanilang hiwalayan. Hindi ngayon at pareho silang musikero na nagkakasundo sa tono at liriko ng kanilang mga komposisyon ay ganoon din ang mismong magaganap sa kanilang relasyon. Si Jason Hernandez ang nagpahayag ng dahilan kung bakit ginusto nitong maghiwalay na sila ni Moira. Ang kaniyang pagtataksil ang madiin nitong rason, sa kanilang pagsasama bilang mag-asawa ay naging taksil si Jason, gusto nitong ituwid ang kaganapan. Napakasakit para kay Moira ang pangyayaring ito. Panaypanay pa naman ang kaniyang pagdedenay noong unang lumabas ang balita na fake news ang paghihiwalay nila ni Jason. Tinanggal noon ni Moira ang mga retrato nila ni Jason, wala siyang iniwanan sa kaniyang account, pero itinanggi niyang hiwalay na sila. Sayang ang kanilang kumbinasyon dahil pinagbuklod sila ng musika. Iyon ang naging buhay nila. Magaganda ang kanilang mga komposisyon na binibigyan ng hustisya ni Moira bilang singer. Pero sa wala rin nauwi ang kanilang pagsasama. Ang pagiging

PAGE 11 mapusok ni Jason ang naging dahilan. At hindi lang pala minsang naganap iyon kundi paulit-ulit. Naging totoo si Jason, hindi nito ipinagkaila ang kaniyang nagawang kasalanan, iyon ang ibinubutas laban sa kaniya ngayon ng mga tagasuporta ni Moira. Ang mga Marites namang pilosopo ay iba ang ibinibigay na interpretasyon sa hiwalayan, naumay na raw siguro si Jason sa pakikisama ni Moira, noon pa napapabalitang may sariling mundo ang magaling na singer. Binalikan namin ang mga nakaraang panayam kay Moira. Sinuyod din namin ang mga ginawa nilang music video ni Jason mula noong mag-boyfriend pa lang sila hanggang sa naging mag-asawa na. Tinilad namin ang mga kuwento na si Moira mismo ang pinagmulan. Apat na taon siya nang magkahiwalay ang kaniyang mga magulang. Dalaga na siya nang magkita uli sila ng kaniyang ama. Batambata pa ay matinding kalungkutan na ang palaging kakambal ni Moira. Nang magdalaga siya ay kinailangan na niyang magpa-therapy dahil matindi na ang kaniyang depresyon. Kung anu-ano na ang naiisip niya kasama na ang suicide. Magaganda ang piyesa ni Moira, bukod pa sa may sariling bersiyon siya ng pagkanta na kinagat ng publiko, dahil tunay namang nanghahalina. Ngayon lang namin naisip na kaya pala palaging may salitang wakas sa kaniyang mga kanta See CRISTY p14



JUNE 16 - 30, 2022

Photo by Alex Canlapan Photo by Alex Canlapan

Photo by Nonie Manalili

Photo by Nonie Manalili Photo by Nonie Manalili

Photo by Nonie Manalili Photo by Nonie Manalili

Photo by Nonie Manalili

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022



Save On Foods International and MFSF celebrate Philippine Independence Day. Photo by Nonie Manalili

Save On Foods International L-R, Shaun Sidhu, Store Mgr., Cody Ganson, Amber Taylor, Alicia Robinson and Alex Speckman, SOF Pembina Store Mgr. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Derek Dabee, Devi Sharma, Shaun Sidhu, Tita Aida, Denisse Samaniego, Scott Gillingham, Ley Navarro, Anna Maceda, Orly Sanchez, Jun Isla. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Free Barbecue for everyone. Photo by PPW

Queen Bulilit. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Prinsesa ng Festival. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Winnipeg Horn Club playing Lupang Hinirang. Photo by PPW

FSGW Retro Zumba. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Zumba Filipino community. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Acoustic Live In Winnipeg (ALIW). Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan

Pinoy Alliance Canada. Photo by Jopatz Gatmaitan




CRISTY... From page 11 ay dahil iyon ang kaniyang nararamdaman. Nababalot siya ng depresyon. Malalim ang hiwalayan nila ni Jason, hindi iyon kasing simple ng pag-amin ng lalaki na naging marupok ito sa kanilang relasyon, siguradong mas marami pa silang kailangang ayusing problema para makaasa tayo sa kanilang pagbabalikan. Pagkatapos naming panoorin ang mga nakaraang panayam ni Moira dela Torre ay nakaramdam kami ng awa sa magaling na singer. Maraming emosyong nakatago sa kaniyang puso. Sana’y itapon na niyang lahat iyon para maging maaliwalas ang kaniyang buhay. At para hindi na niya hinahanap ang kaligayahan. *** Masayang-masaya ang mga loyalista ng Superstar sa pagtatanghal sa kaniya bilang National Artist. Wala na nga namang mas tataas pang karangalan kesa sa tinanggap ng Superstar. Ang mga kababayan naman

natin ay masaya, hindi man nila idolo si Nora Aunor, dahil kakambal ng parangal bilang National Artist ang kasiguruhan ng kaniyang kinabukasan. Bukod sa buwanang Php 30,000 na ibinibigay sa mga pinararangalan ay may malaking tulong din ang NCCA sa panahon ng kanilang pagkakasakit. Napakaaga pang pag-usapan pero hanggang sa kanilang pagpanaw ay nakahanda na ang mga benepisyo para sa kanila. Sa Libingan Ng Mga Bayani sila ihihimlay. Napakalaking suporta nga naman noon. Wala pa lang nakahandang proyekto para kay Nora pero kayang-kaya pa rin naman niyang umarte. Walang nagbabago sa kaniyang pagganap, boses lang niya ang naapektuhan, kaya ang kaniyang unang pangarap bilang mang-aawit ay hindi na niya nagagawa. Hinog na hinog na ang pagkakataon para parangalang National Artist si Nora Aunor. Sa talentong ipinakita niya sa pagganap at pagkanta ay hindi na dapat kuwestyunin ang pinakamataas na antas ng award na


NO. 395

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Matiwasay 8. Pagbabawal 10. Alaga 12. Silong 14. Pananim 15. Isulsi 17. Wari 19. Sapantaha 21. Galing 23. Marahil 26. Katatayuan 27. Panghalip 28. Alinlangan 29. Bahagi ng karera 31. Diyaryo PABABA 2. Karayom 3. Isauli 4. Pang-abay 5. Hayop 6. Awit ng papuri 7. Bigo 9. Hindi tama

11. Sakim 13. Mahinahon 16. Hindi peke 18. Balat 20. Piling 21. Rolyo 22. Aburido 24. Tulong 25. Supling 29. Notang musikal 30. Dagdag


ibinigay sa kaniya. Wala nang mahihiling pa ngayon ang mga Noranians na napakatagal na panahon nang umaasang tanghaling National Artist ang kanilang idolo. At nawa’y maging dagdag na inspirasyon para sa Superstar ang parangal na ito. Laban lang nang laban! Walang sukuan! Ilang dekada niyang pinaghirapan ang parangal na karapat-dapat lang naman ihandog sa isang Pilipinong anak ng sining na nagmahal sa kaniyang trabaho sa mundo ng pelikula. *** Nagrerebelde ang kalooban ng mga tagasuporta ng Star For All Seasons sa pagkahirang sa Superstar bilang National Artist sa sining ng pelikula. Madaling intindihin ang kanilang emosyon, ganoon naman talaga ang damdamin ng mga tagahanga, ang kanilang idolo ang pinakamagaling sa anumang larangan. Palagi na lang daw ninanakawan ng parangal si Congresswoman Vilma Santos dahil wala siyang kapit. Pero kung mga katangian ng isang Pambansang Alagad Ng Sining sa mundo ng pelikula ang magiging barometro, para sa mga Vilmanians, ay ang kanilang idolo ang pinakakarapat-dapat. Lumipad ang kanilang pagasa na mas unang tatanghaling National Artist ang Star For All Sasons dahil kung imahe nga naman ang pag-uusapan ay walang kuwestiyon sa kanilang idolo sa anumang aspeto. Sinasaluduhan namin si Congresswoman Vilma sa pagpapakalma sa kaniyang mga tagasuporta. Maagap ang aktrespolitiko, siya ang nagbigay ng pahayag na siguradong magpapatahimik sa emosyon ng kaniyang mga tagahanga, ganoon dapat ang ginagawa ng sinumang personalidad. Naniniwala siya na anumang bagay o karangalan, kapag nakatakdang mapasakamay niya, ay siguradong mangyayari. At hindi naman kasali ang kaniyang pangalan sa mga pinamilian ng NCCA sa pagkakataong ito. Mas masakit kung sabay na ipinasok ang pangalan nila ni Nora Aunor, pero ang Superstar ang ginawaran ng pinakamataas na antas ng parangal, talagang matindi ang sama ng loob na mararamdaman ng mga Vilmanians kung ganoon ang naganap. Pana-panahon lang. Hindi pa katapusan ng mundo. Siguradong may nakaabang na makapagpapasaya sa mga Vilmanians dahil totoo namang karapat-dapat parangalan ang Star For All Seasons sa ipinamalas niyang talento sa pagganap. *** Pagkatapos nang mahabahabang panahon ay muling naglabas ng mga detalye si Kris Aquino tungkol sa kaniyang sakit. Pero mas maganda ang kaniyang ginawa, isang espesyalista mula sa Houston ang kaniyang hiningan ng tulong para magpaliwanag tungkol sa kaniyang pinagdadaanan, mas malinaw ang mga detalye. Tama ang matagal nang sinasabi ng mga doktor na nakakausap namin, one in a million

nga o very rare ang dumapong sakit ni Kris, kailangan nang masusing gamutan. Maraming bawal na gamot kay Kris, mayroon siyang kailangang inumin pero hindi pa lisensiyadong mabili dito (sa Pilipinas) at sa Singapore, sa Amerika pa lang mayroon. Aminado si Kris na panahon ang kaniyang kalaban ngayon. Kailangan niyang kumilos nang doble kundi man triple para maisalba pa ang iba niyang internal organs lalo na ang kaniyang puso. Sa paliwanag ng espeyalista sa kaniyang sakit ay hindi madalian ang prosesong pagdadaanan ng TV host, tutukan iyon at matagalan, hindi ordinaryong problemang pisikal ang kakambal niya ngayon. Totoong nakakaawa si Kris sa kaniyang kundisyon, pero salamat pa rin, dahil armado siya ng pangtustos sa kaniyang gamutan. Oo nga’t isang tao lang sa isang milyon ang kinakapitan ng kaniyang sakit ay mayroon naman siyang milyones na pangtapat sa kaniyang problema. Kung walang milyones ang pasyente ay siguradong takdang panahon na lang ang hihintayin pero dahil may huhugutin si Kris sa kaniyang punumpunong bulsa ay malaki pa ang pag-asang maligtasan niya ang matinding hamon na ito. Nagpapasalamat siya sa mga nagdarasal para sa kaniyang kaligtasan. Napakahalaga ng panalangin para sa kaniyang kalagayan ngayon dahil ang mga doktor ay kasangkapan lamang ng tunay na nakakaalam kung ano ang magaganap sa ating buhay. Harinawang maging matagumpay ang kaniyang gamutan. At sana nga ay hindi pa panahon ang kaniyang kalaban. Mahabang oras pa sana ang nakalaan para kay Kris Aquino hanggang sa siya’y tuluyan nang gumaling. *** Naging biktima na naman ng fake news si Willie Revillame. Iyon ang nakikita naming hindi maganda kapag hindi palasalita ang artista. Kapag tahimik lang ang personalidad ay napakadali niyang biktimahin, hindi kasi siya palasagot sa bashing, tahimik ang kaniyang buhay. Matagal nang iniimbita ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte at ni Senador Bong Go na kumandidato bilang senador ang TV host. Talagang masugid ang pakiusap ni PRRD kay Willie, pero hindi nila nakuha ang pagsang-ayon ng TV host, nagbigay siya ng pahayag. Buong bayan ang nakarinignakapanood sa sinabi ni Willie na walang problema sa pagtakbo. Pero inaalala niya ay ang mga kasunod na senaryo. Kung sakaling suwertihin siyang manalo ay ano ang gagawin niya sa Senado? Wala siyang alam sa pagbabalangkas ng batas, masasayang lang ang boto sa kaniya ng mga kababayan natin, kaya siya na mismo ang marespetong tumanggi sa pagpasok sa mundo ng pulitika. Iyong mga salitang iyon ni Willie ay dinoktor. Pinalabas ng vlogger na ang mga ipinahayag niya ay patungkol kay Robin

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022 Padilla. Isang maliwanag na fake news ang laman ng vlog. Noong nakaraang taon pa niya binitiwan ang pahayag, pero pinalabas na pagkatapos na ng eleksiyon niya sinabi iyon, bilang parinig kay Robin Padilla na nakakopo sa unang puwesto bilang senador. Nakakagulat ang ibang vloggers. Kinakaya nilang maglabas ng mga pekeng kuwento. Pati nga retrato ay ibinabagay nila sa laman ng kanilang content. Pinagharap pa ang mga larawan nina Willie at Robin, itinuturo ng TV host ang action star na nakayuko, di ba naman isang napakalaking fake news noon? Kaya kung minsan ay kailangan ding nagsasalita ang mga artistang nabibiktima ng fake news. Hindi na uso ngayon ang basta pananahimik dahil nawiwili ang mga taong nakalulusot ang mga ginagawang kalokohan para lang sila kumita. Tahimik lang kasi si Willie. Hindi siya nakikisawsaw sa kahit anong isyu, itinututok niya ang mahalagang panahon para sa pagpapaunlad ng kaniyang kabuhayan, wala siyang pakialam sa mga bashers at trolls. Kung mapagpatol si Robin Padilla ay siguradong magbibigay ito ng reaksiyon sa lumabas na fake news. Pero halatado naman kasing dinoktor lang ang video, pati ang mga pahayag ni Willie, sayang lang ang kaniyang panahon para pumatol. *** Napakalaking tinik ang nabunot sa lalamunan ni Sharon Cuneta nang maganap ang pagkikita-pagkakaunawaan nila ng pamilya Sotto. Nagkaroon na ng kapayapaan ang kaniyang kalooban. Sa kabila ng sakit na naramdaman ng pamilya nina Senate President Tito Sotto at Tita Helen Gamboa ay natagpuan agad nila ang pagpapatawad sa kanilang puso. Ang magkakapatid na Lala, Apple at Ciara ang gumawa ng paraan para matuldukan na ang hindi nila pagkakaunawaan ng Megastar. Panganay na kapatid kung ituring nila ang Megastar. Ayaw pa ring tantanan ng mga bashers ang singer-actress, tanong sa kaniya ng mga ito, “Bakit ikaw lang ang humingi ng tawad sa mga Sotto? Nasaan ang ambisyoso mong asawa na pinakaugat ng away n’yo?” Natural, ang nakikita lang ng mga kontra kina Sharon at Senador Kiko Pangilinan ay ang ginawang pakikipagsalpukan nito kay SP Tito noong nakaraang halalan, pero pareho silang hindi nagtagumpay. Ngayon ay malinaw na malinaw na kay Sharon na ang pamilya ay pamilya. Mas matimbang ang dugo kesa sa tubig. Ang pamilya Sotto na lang ang tinatakbuhan niya kapag mayroon siyang problema. Palaging nakahanda ang magkabilang tenga ng pamilya Sotto sa mga pagkakataong halos wala na siyang kakampi sa mundo. Nakikihalakhak sa kaniyang tagumpay at nakikiiyak sa kaniyang mga kabiguan. – CSF

JUNE 16 - 30, 2022





JUNE 16 - 30, 2022