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Flying the flag of independence Celebrating 123rd anniversary of Philippine independence

10 Masked members of the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival and several other Filipino associations marked another Philippine Independence Day under pandemic restrictions with a flag raising ceremony at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM) in Winnipeg on Saturday, June 12, 2021. (Left to right): MFSF board member Ley Navarro; Philippine Honorary Consul Ronaldo Opina; Vangie Mance; PCCM Vice President Rodge Lopez; and MLA for Waverley, Jon Reyes

Confinement ends for fully immunized Filipino seniors Fully vaccinated senior citizens in the Philippines can now go out after more than a year of home confinement. This was announced June 10 by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF). There are conditions, though: seniors can travel only within their region and areas under general community quarantine (GCQ) and modified general community quarantine (MGCQ); they also have to present their COVID-19 vaccination cards; and observe public health standards, wear masks and face shields. Presidential spokesperson See SENIORS p4



JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021




Canada has been responding in a positive way to immigration shortfalls by enhancing application options for persons inside Canada. This news is welcome, but what about permanent residence applications for persons with overseas dependents? One of the worst kept secrets in the immigration world is that IRCC has been delaying processing applications of Canada Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs who are in Canada but have spouses and dependent children overseas. There are numerous examples of CEC and PNP applicants who applied back in 2019 through paper-based submissions but are being delayed because of their overseas dependents. Consider applicants who married after submitting their permanent residence applications with a reasonable hope of reunifying their families inside Canada. Reunification of families is one of the major objectives of the Act. A recent article in Canada Immigration News highlighted the plight of an in-Canada applicant who married abroad, returned to Canada pregnant and hoped to be reunified with her husband as part of her application for permanent residence. The husband abroad applied for an Open Work Permit based on his wife’s work permit and hoped to be reunited in Canada in time for the birth of


their child but no success. His submission was refused because IRCC determined that he would not leave Canada before the end of his authorized stay. This is a common reason given for denying entry to spouses of foreign nationals. Couples need to be together especially at the time of the birth of their child but no success to date. This very real case is one of many identified by author Shelvey Thevwenot in her article entitled “Canada put their immigration applications on hold for having dependents overseas,” in CIC News. Many PNP and Express Entry applicants in Canada who have overseas dependents are affected by this new practice. Applicants now receive an all too familiar notice from IRCC: “Regarding your application, as your dependents are overseas, the application will be placed on hold as we are only processing applications for Permanent Residency if all family members are in Canada. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure when travel restrictions will be lifted.” IRCC is officially sympathetic, but processing will be affected by variables such as differences in screening applicants inside Canada and overseas as well as because of travel restrictions in a COVID world. Canada does have an ambitious plan to land 400,000

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

PR applications delayed due to overseas dependents plus people in 2021 but also has a responsibility to protect the health and safety of all Canadians. The pandemic has caused delays, restrictions, quarantine etc., and this in turn has impacted the reunification of families. We have only to look at the shortfall in landings in 2020 (184,370). The CEC and PNP families have joined with the challenges facing family members who have been approved on paper with a COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident) in their passports but cannot travel to Canada. We can now add the accompanying foreign dependents of CEC and PNP applicants to this growing list. Jenny Kwan, the NDP immigration critic and member of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, commented to CIC News: “This simply does not make sense. These are people’s lives that the Liberal government is deliberately putting on hold. The lack of communication from the government on these files simply adds insults to injury.” There are many victims of the pandemic, including immigration applicants, whose processing is being delayed as part of our

SENIORS... From page 1 Harry Roque said the decision to allow more mobility for fully vaccinated senior citizens was based on science and meant to “incentivize vaccines.” Franklin Quijano, chair of the National Commission of Senior Citizens, said that allowing vaccinated senior citizens to go out would encourage other elderly residents to get inoculated. While senior citizens are a priority in the government’s mass immunization drive against COVID-19, it continues to be a challenge with only a small percentage of them vaccinated, so far. Gyms now open The IATF also permitted the reopening of gyms, fitness centres and indoor, noncontact sports venues, in the National Capital Region (NCR) Plus area, which covers Metro Manila and nearby provinces. However, these venues can only operate at 30 per cent capacity with a safety seal certification from the government. Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said the relaxed restrictions would allow some 22,000 workers in the gym industry alone to return to their jobs. The IATF also allowed historical sites and museums

restriction on admissions. Canada still has lofty goals, such as 400,000 plus landings for 2021, but the reality on the ground is that many permanent residence applicants are being delayed and impacted as we write. The solution is not simple. It includes modernization, streamlining, vaccinations at home and abroad, but first of all, communication. The government, and IRCC in particular, must be transparent and up front. No one questions the country’s need to be vigilant and protect us from disease and infection but be candid and tell it as it is. Immigration applicants and Canadians at large can handle bad news. This is something we have become all too familiar with in a world ravaged by a global pandemic. Michael Scott is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R525678) who has 30 years of experience with Immigration Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. He currently works as a licensed consultant with Immigration Connexion International Ltd. Contact him at 204-691-1166 or 204-2270292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail. com.

in the NCR Plus area to operate at 20-per cent capacity with approval from the local government. Guided tours in the historical sites and museums are still prohibited. Interzonal travel remains prohibited, except for point-topoint trips, such as to certain tourism areas that were previously allowed. Travel guidelines The IATF revised its guidelines for fully vaccinated inbound international passengers effective June 16. The vaccination cards of the fully vaccinated individual must be verified prior to departure. This would include a certification from the Department of Information and Communications Technology or the City Health Officer of the local government unit that administered the last dose. Upon arrival in the Philippines, this certification must be presented to the Bureau of Quarantine for reverification at the Department of Transportation One Stop Shop. Aside from having a shorter seven-day quarantine, individuals fully vaccinated in the Philippines no longer need to undergo the reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction (RTPCR) test unless they manifest COVID-19 symptoms during their quarantine.

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JUNE 16 - 30, 2021


Creating Health Chiropractic The Manitoba government has shown its support to both the Chiropractic profession and Massage Therapists by allowing us to stay open for the needs of our patients. Our patients need our help. Due to high levels of stress, poor ergonomics from working at home, challenged fitness levels due to reduced recreation options, our patients are sore, tight and expressing all kinds of nerve system irritations. We are masked, social

distancing as much as possible and cleaning consistently to ensure your safety. You will be asked screening questions upon booking, but this is to keep every one safe. Our team is here for you! Dr. Crystal Paculan and Dr. Gerald Tole Call us at 204-253-1900 Creating Health Chiropractic 100-600 St. Anne’s Road Winnipeg, Manitoba




JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

Feng shui for basement apartments and living areas Basements, while useful, can possess energy that is literally like the room itself in that it’s below the ground. There are other things to contend with such as a lack of natural light, low ceilings, or the presence of extra moisture. Adding the proper feng shui elements will help protect the health and well-being of all who spend time in a basement environment. In some areas homes with basements are a common feature. They are sometimes built into the side of a hill or made into apartments. But, with a basement, the space is below the ground creating its own set of feng shui challenges. One of those is that the basement is yin because it is literally down inside the earth, much like when we are buried at death. This makes basements require more fire and wood elements to lift the energy for working or living successfully in your basement. Now, if your home has a basement that is used for storage or a laundry room, that’s a great way for it to be used. But what if you have a living area or your home is an apartment

or office below grade? If so, you will want to know how to create good feng shui in your basement. This requires some strategic feng shui thinking. You will want to find ways to lift the energy and improve the feng shui so that the basement is supportive and energetic for all who live or spend time there. Below ground remedies There are certain guidelines you will want to follow if your home, office, or living space is below ground. The best remedy is to remember that the energy of basements is pressed down, so a lifting energy that incorporates active elements and energies is the most helpful. Add light If natural light can be added to your living space, then do your best to incorporate it. This helps lift the energy. When that is not possible, give your space extra light with wall sconces, lighting at the ceiling, and on tables. Floor lamps are also excellent ways to lift energy in the basement. Keep ceilings painted white so that they visually expand upward. Images or murals of the sky or sun will help to energize the basement. Add nature

To build growth energy, be sure to add images or murals of nature, such as trees or plants, particularly in the wood sectors of east and southeast, and in the south fire sector. Adding living or artificial plants can also create an energy that is alive and growing, something very important for basements and for health. These motifs are especially helpful at stairways that show upward growth but avoid strong or large plants directly in the center sector as these can drain health and relationships. Protect the centre The centre of the basement is much like the centre of the house, and if this is your home, it is especially important to protect it and to enhance it with vibrant activities, like a game area or bar with plenty of lighting to help lift the energy of the centre sector. Because area is ruled by the earth element, adding fire elements, colours, and lighting will energize the whole space. Add movement. Placing mobiles, fans or other items that move is a great way to add energy to a basement. Aquariums filled with brightly coloured fish, or a kinetic sculpture will keep your basement space from becoming too still or stagnant. Use colour Bright, yang, and growth-

focused colours such as red, green, orange, pink or brown all represent the colours of wood and fire. Bright yellow brings the energy of the sun and helps lift and brighten below ground energy. White is another colour that lifts energy and makes rooms appear larger. Use yang images Because the earth element in basements is yin, adding yang images like figures or paintings of the sun, will help add more yang and lifting energy to your basement. Images related to the south fire element, triangles pointed up, or birds, horses and images of fire will energize and enliven your basement area. Mirrors are also

helpful for improving light and making the room appear larger. Katie has been publishing the Red Lotus Letter feng shui e-zine since 2002 every week for over 800+ issues. The Red Lotus Letter is registered serial publication with the Library of Congress. Her DIY column, Living Space, is published by Tribune Content Agency and is carried by newspapers and media outlets throughout the US. She has been writing Living Space since 2005 helping homeowners to decorate, organize and clean their homes with over 700+ weekly columns to date. Her podcast, 5 Minute Feng Shui, can be found on iTunes.

YOUR lasting legacy

will give Canadians more time to laugh, to love and to live. Please remember us with a gift in your Will and help plant seeds for tomorrow, today. 204.949.2032 Toll free at 1.888.473.4636

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021



Overcoming pandemic procrastination When COVID-19 emerged, people did not have time to adjust to the new lifestyle and process it. As a result of abrupt changes regarding how people live their lives gave rise, COVID-19 paved the way for mental health crisis — increased stress, anxiety, and depressed mood — which over time may increase the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. To compound matters, when people are fearful, stressed, or depressed, they are more likely to procrastinate, and delay or postpone tasks and assignments. But what exactly happens when you procrastinate? Procrastination and the brain Several parts of your brain are involved in procrastination. The limbic system is a set of brain structures involved in behavioral and emotional responses. Essentially, it adds an emotional lens to your daily life experiences. So yes, you can blame your limbic system for all our intense emotional experiences in life. The limbic system is also involved in instant gratification, pleasure seeking and survival responses. The prefrontal cortex is involved in navigating more complex behaviours, such as planning and decision-making. So, if you have to choose between watching Netflix and calling your health care provider to schedule an appointment for your physical exam, your limbic system may win over scheduling because watching Netflix perhaps is more fun and less distressing. Your limbic system may propel you to delay scheduling your appointment in favour of engaging in something that is easier and rewarding. This is what can make a phone call scheduling appointment feel so complex in your mind, resulting in you deciding to delay it for later. If you are anxious about leaving your house safely due to COVID-19 – and are stressed about putting your mask on and sanitizing your hands – you may find yourself delaying your health

care provider appointments day after day. Change in behaviours Before the pandemic, daily schedules and planning helped you stay on track, ensuring you achieved specific goals and completed tasks. But the pandemic changed daily schedules, activities and how to plan the day. Some people who found themselves working remotely from home for the first time in their life noticed how difficult it is to separate workspace from home and relax. They were not used to staying in their home all day now that it also is their office. The brain tends to associate things together, and that is how habits may form. If you associate your bedroom with sleep, then you fall asleep easier when you go to bed. If you associate eating chips with watching a basketball game, you’ll tend to look for things to eat next time you plan to watch a game. Similarly, if you have a stressful job and work from home, you may have noticed that you have associated stress with home or the room you work from remotely. Such lifestyle change can trigger you to procrastinate and think, “Let me drink a cup of coffee, and then I will finish my project.” This could be in the form of “productive procrastination,” which is when you avoid one task to complete another oftenunrelated task. “Let me clean my room first, and then I will take care of my work project.” What can you do to overcome procrastination? To overcome procrastination, ask yourself these questions: • What tasks do you need to complete, and what are the deadlines? Create a list. •Which tasks are priority? Rate order tasks from 1 to 10, with 1 being a priority task and 10 being a nonpriority task that we can attend to later. • How much time will each task require?

• When can you complete these tasks so that you can add them to your calendar? Also, follow these tips: Be aware of how you feel. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviour are related to one another. Ask yourself these questions to help find out what is contributing to your procrastination: • How are you feeling today? • What thoughts are contributing to such feelings? For example, if you are feeling anxious, it would be a good idea to explore the deeper layers of your thoughts and emotions regarding why you are feeling anxious. Initially, it may be hard to identify these anxiety provoking thoughts and emotions, but over time, it will become easier to name and tame your thoughts and feel to heal your emotions. • How are such feelings, such as anxiety, contributing to your procrastination and delaying the completion of your assignments? Start, and start small. First, look at the list of tasks that you need to complete, such as scheduling a health care provider appointment, buying groceries, or picking up your medications from the pharmacy. Pick one task that you ranked as high priority and try to break it into smaller tasks. Procrastination often make you think of tasks as one giant task that will not be completed or one that takes a substantial amount of time to complete. By breaking tasks into smaller ones, you notice that the intended task was not as difficult as it seemed. For instance, if you must schedule a health care provider appointment, one sub-task would be to look at your schedule to see what days you would be available. Another sub-task would be to check and see if you need a ride to your appointment, and if so, who can give you one. On your calendar, make notes of when you want to engage in these tiny tasks. Planning is another key factor in winning

over procrastination. The next step is often difficult: to start. To win over procrastination is to force yourself to start a task, no matter how tiny. For example, if you need to exercise, but you are dreading starting, begin by going for a 10-minute walk. Is that too much? How about five minutes? Remember, start small. Work with a partner. Accountability is crucial. Work with a family member, friend, or colleague, and help each other. Touch base with your partner each day or at least once a week with a phone call, text or email. Plan your days and weeks, talk about priorities, and check in by reviewing how things are going. A partner can be a motivator and offer support if you start feeling discouraged. Add some separation. As mentioned, the mind associates things together. So, if you work remotely, try to dedicate one specific room or a corner of your home to working remotely. If you take a break, go to a different room or a separate space for that. Don’t browse through social media in the same room where you work. It would be best not to even use the same device you use for work to browse through social media during your break. Such separation will help you have more meaningful breaks and relax more. Moreover, when workday ends, housework can be daunting. Pay attention to your body, energy levels and selfcare, and don’t be afraid to say no when being pressured into additional work. Practice setting healthy boundaries for yourself by learning how to say no in a firm and kind way.

What to do if you have any Covid-19 symptoms Anyone who develops symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and visit www. manitoba.ca/covid19/ to use the online screening tool, or call Health Links–Info Santé at 204788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888315-9257 for health guidance on how to seek testing.

Symptoms may include: • Cough • Headache • Fever/ chills • Muscle aches • Sore throat/ hoarse voice • Shortness of breath/ breathing difficulties • Loss of taste or smell

• Vomiting, or diarrhea for more than 24 hours • Poor feeding if an infant • Runny nose • Fatigue • Nausea or loss of appetite • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) • Skin rash of unknown cause

While many people will develop only mild symptoms, some groups appear to be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Those at higher risk typically develop more serious, even fatal, symptoms such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome and kidney failure.

Establish a routine. Setting firm work hours also can help. Start at the same time each day, even if your supervisor isn’t watching. Dress up as if you are physically going to work. Add health breaks, like a short walk, stretching, yoga or deep breathing to relax. Go to bed at the same time each night. Reward yourself. Once you complete a task, mark your calendar and reward yourself. This reward does not need to be anything big or expensive. For example, it could be watching an episode of your favourite show, watching a movie or making a healthy smoothie. Again, remember that our mind likes association. By rewarding yourself, you become more motivated to complete tasks as scheduled so you can be rewarded. Be gentle with yourself. We are human beings not human doings, and at some point, we fail. Failing once or twice does not mean that we fail every time. If you fail, keep trying, think positively and use positive self-talk to encourage yourself to help you reach your goals. In addition, research shows that mindfulness and selfcompassion can help with procrastination. These practices are about overcoming negative emotions. People who can acknowledge their mistakes or other personal failings, and then forgive themselves for it, are less likely to procrastinate. Also, people who practice mindfulness exercises are more likely to stay on task. This article is written by Yaser Dorri, Ph.D. Psychiatry and Psychology in Austin, Minnesota. Courtesy: Mayo Clinic News Network

High risk groups include those: • 60 years of age and older • living with chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart, renal or chronic lung conditions) • with weakened immune systems (e.g. cancer) Symptoms of COVID-19 or other coronaviruses may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus.




JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

Max’s Restaurant: an enduring Pinoy legacy by Lucille Nolasco Besides summer and the easing of pandemic restrictions in different parts of Canada, another thing worth celebrating this month of June is Filipino Heritage Month. This month is dedicated to highlighting the contributions that Canadians of Filipino descent have made, and continue to make, in the social, economic, political, and cultural fabric of Canada. On the economic front, FilipinoCanadian owned businesses have been flourishing and contributing to the economic mosaic of Canada, providing jobs and security to many. In Winnipeg, iconic global Filipino brand Max’s Restaurant is one of the Filipino-Canadian businesses that aims to preserve Filipino culture while providing top-quality products and services to all. Hipolito Alibin, Jr. is the co-owner of Max’s Restaurant Winnipeg. He spoke recently with us at the Pilipino Express. PE: Max’s is one of the most iconic Filipino brands recognized globally by Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. Does this put a certain amount of pressure on you to keep up the image of the brand? HA: We are proud to represent the Filipino food in Manitoba. By keeping our Max’s recipes authentic, we maintain the same delicious Filipino food and freshness in each dish that we serve our customers. There’s a lot of variety and cooking styles with Filipino food and that makes us unique and appealing to try. At Max’s this is gives us an opportunity to also try new offerings for our kababayans. PE: Take us back to the planning stages before Max’s Winnipeg became a reality. HA: Just like any business – due diligence and correct business relationships were all factors in bringing Max’s Restaurants global brand to our city. Our family were Winnipeg ambassadors to the international business community that ultimately led to Max’s picking up Winnipeg as their number six home in Canada. It really started as a dream to be able to bring Max’s here in Winnipeg until grand opening in 2019. PE: Max’s Winnipeg is a family-run business, can you tell us the pros and cons of working with family members? HA: We are a family first. Good business is a by-product of our group dynamic and having each contribute to our success. Everybody helps out to be

successful. PE: This month has been designated as Filipino Heritage Month in Canada. What do you think is the significance of this to Max’s and the Filipino community as a whole? HA: We are very happy that more and more Canadian-Filipino community leaders and businesses are being recognized compared to a decade ago. It is an honour for Max’s Winnipeg to be considered a business community leader serving authentic Philippine cuisine. We wish our Filipino community in Manitoba further growth and all the best. Max’s Winnipeg will always be there to represent the Filipino cuisine. PE: Any special Max’s offers in celebration of Filipino Heritage Month? HA: Yes, we have a lot. We just finished our $18.98 Max’s bundle and BOGO HaloHalo for the Philippine Independence weekend. On June 20 we have our Father’s Day celebration and activities. Then on June 21, it’s our “Halo Summer” with the launch of Golden Halo Halo and the return of Citrus Cooler. PE: Besides Max’s fried chicken, what are Max’s most popular dishes? HA: For non-Filipinos who want to venture into Filipino cuisine, we recommend these favourites: Max’s fried chicken, pancit, lumpia and halo-halo (with ube). In our first year, 2019, we served our regular and giant-sized Halohalo’s to 10,700 customers! For the more adventurous, try our all-time favourites: kare-kare (beef & oxtail), crispy pata (pork hock) and lechon kawali (pork belly). PE: We are still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. How is Max’s Winnipeg holding up? Did you have to let go of staff? HA: We are grateful and blessed for the continued generous support of our kababayans in Winnipeg. We continue to show our appreciation by offering affordable meal bundles that’s just right for the budget. We also offer #HealthHeroes, a 15 per cent discount to all current WRHA employees and a 10 per cent discount on catering orders to businesses. Max’s Restaurant Winnipeg is located at 1255 St. James St. Unit 1. Due to current public health restrictions, their dining rooms are closed, but customers can still order for pick-up or delivery at 204-615-6276, on line at maxsrestaurantna.com or through Doordash, Ubereats and Skipthedishes.

Victoria General Hospital Foundation 5th Miracle Garden Gala. From l-r: John, JR, Kito Poblah and Red Moon Media team, Arnel

Max’s Winnipeg grand opening in 2019. (L-r): John Alibin, JR Alibin, Natividad Alibin, Sheila Alibin-Bernardo, Bill Rodgers (Grandson of Maximo Gimenez, International Director), and Arnel Alibin

Chicken cutting ceremony (l-r): Frank, Arnel, Bill Rodgers, John & JR

World Vision Breakfast Fundraiser, January-2020 – Front l-r: JR, Sheila, Jericho Toledo, Frank. Back l-r: Arnel, Pastor Edward Buller (World Vision)

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021






Umaariba na naman ang ibang miyembro ng AlDub na hindi mo malaman kung anong klima ba ang kanilang gusto – malamig ba o mainit – dahil mahirap silang intindihin. Sila ang mga tagahangang nanghihimasok sa personal na buhay ng kanilang idolo. Sila ang mga faney na kung ano ang kanilang gusto ay kailangang sundin ng hinahangaan nilang artista. Matagal nang nagkani-kaniya ng linya ng trabaho sina Alden at Maine Mendoza, pero ang kanilang pakiramdam ay ang dalawa pa rin ang kailangang magkatuluyan. Naniniwala pa nga sila na nagkaanak sina Alden at Maine. Susmaryosep! Ang bago nilang pagbabanta ngayon ay hindi nila susuportahan ang serye nina Alden at Jasmine Curtis Smith. Banned daw sa kanila ang proyekto at sasabotahihin daw nila. Anong taon na ba ngayon? At pandemya pa. Bakit kaya sila naniniwala na kapag hindi nila pinanood ang mga palabas ni Alden na hindi si Maine ang kapareha ay babagsak ang rating?

Ilang programa na bang pinagbidahan ni Alden na hindi kasama si Maine ang nangwasak ng rating ng mga katapat niyang shows? Dapat tanggapin ng mga mapagbantang faney na ito na wala nang kapangyarihan ang kanilang mga salita. Hanggang pamba-bash na lang ang kanilang magagawa, ang pagkontra sa kung sinumang nagpapasaya kina Alden at Maine, wala nang iba. E, ano naman ngayon kung hindi nila tangkilikin ang serye nina Alden at Jasmine? Makukumbinse na ba nila ang publiko na huwag ding panoorin ang programa? At ano ang kapangyarihan nila para magbanta? Kapag hindi ba nila sinuportahan ang serye nina Alden at Jasmine ay bababa na ang presyo ng gasolina? Mababakunahan na ba ang buong Pilipinas kapag ginawa nila ‘yon? Nakakamangha ang ilusyon ng mga taong ito. *** Inuusisa kami ng marami kung totoo raw bang lulundag na rin sa GMA-7 si Piolo Pascual. See CRISTY p11

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

• Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza – Nagkaniya-kaniya na ng linya • Piolo Pascual – Lilipat na nga ba sa GMA 7? • John Lloyd Cruz – Masayang masaya sa kaniyang pagbabalik • Willie Revillame – Damay sa bashers ni John Lloyd Cruz • Guesting ni Pokwang sa GMA7 – Naging isyu na agad • Sylvia Sanchez – May rebelasyon tungkol kay Maine Mendoza • Alma Moreno – Ipina-Tulfo ng isang babaeng taga-Dubai • Angel Locsin – Di na nga ba makakabalik sa GMA 7? • Piolo Pascual – Na-bash matapos magpabakuna • Jollibee – Nasangkot sa kontrobersiya • Take It, Per Minute... Me Gano’n! – Naka-100 episodes na!

Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards

Piolo Pascual

Edgar Mortiz, John Lloyd Cruz, Willie Revillame & Sam Verzosa

Nay Cristy Fermin, Rey-Ar Reyes, Pilita Corrales, Eva Eugenio, Mr. Fu and Manay Lolit Solis

Angel Locsin

Alma Moreno

Winwyn Marquez

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Kevin Lamoureux and MLA Cindy Lamoureux during the grand opening of the 1st Jollibee in Winnipeg, 2016

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021


CRISTY... From page 10 Si Piolo, na tulad ni John Lloyd Cruz, ay homegrown talent din ng ABS-CBN. Iyon kasi ang pinagpipistahang kuwento ngayon, sina Willie Revillame at Direk Johnny Manahan daw ang makikipagusap kay Piolo, kahit pa wala namang kumpirmasyong nanggagaling kina Willie at Mr. M. Wala namang imposible basta dadaan sa tamang proseso ang lahat ng mga hakbang. Kung si Direk Edgar Mortiz nga, bayaw ni Ma’m Charo Santos, nasa produksiyon na rin ni Willie ngayon pati ang anak nitong si Frasco na nagdidirek na ng Wowowin-Tutok To Win. Nasa maganda at maayos namang usapan ang lahat, respeto lang ang kailangan, tulad ng ginawa ni Willie kay JLC na ibinusina at pinagpaalam muna niya sa mga ehekutibo ng Dos. May komentong sinabi sa amin ang kaibigan naming propesor, “Sa panahon ng pandemya, napakahalaga ng pagtutulungan. Kung sino ang may kapasidad na makatulong, makagaganda ‘yon. “Nawalan ng franchise ang ABS-CBN, sobrang apektado ang mga artista nila. Pumapayag naman ang network na magtrabaho sila sa ibang network, di ba? “So, bakit kailangang sumbatan ang mga artistang lumilipat sa GMA-7? Ang iba, nasa TV5 na nga. Alangan namang See CRISTY p14


Sylvia Sanchez




JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

GMA Pinoy TV keeps the PH Independence Day spirit alive all over the world No pandemic could stop Filipinos from celebrating the 123rd Philippine Independence Day wherever they were as GMA Pinoy TV was #StrongerTogether, uniting fellow Pinoys across the globe in a string of exciting virtual events.

Kicking off the celebrations on June 6, Owe My Love stars Lovi Poe and Benjamin Alves headlined Philippine Independence Day in New York. Filled with games and entertainment, the Kapuso abroad See GMA p13

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021



Congratulations Atty. Ingrid Ruiz Normally, when a new lawyer is Called to the Bar, they can look forward to a formal ceremony in June. For Maria Ingrid Ruiz (and her colleagues), the Covid-19 pandemic meant that the typical ceremony would not be possible. Instead, her road to being a fully Called lawyer took 3 different stages. First, Ingrid received her Conditional Call to the Bar on February 1st. Secondly, Ingrid was invited to Sign the Roll Books

on April 30th. Accompanied by her proud parents, Ricardo and Marivic Ruiz, and her boyfriend, Vincent Tang, Ingrid attended at the Law Society of Manitoba and took part in the long-honoured tradition of Signing the Roll Books. On June 24th, Ingrid and her colleagues will officially be presented to the Court with an online Call to the Bar Ceremony. Congratulations Atty. Ingrid Ruiz!

Atty. Ingrid Ruiz with her proud parents, dad Ricardo, mom Marivic and boyfriend Vincent Tang

GMA... From page 12 enjoyed all the virtual activities prepared especially for them. A virtual parade was broadcast and a commemoration of the 75th

anniversary of the Philippines and the United States of America’s diplomatic relations. Aside from this online event organized by the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI), some of the community members were

also allowed to gather in-person in Queens, New York. GMA Pinoy TV also be supported the Philippine Consulate General in New York in celebrating the virtual event entitled Commemoration of the 123rd Anniversary of Philippine Independence on June 12, 2021 on their Facebook page and in VEAP (Virtual Event Activation Platform) where participants visited virtual booths and interacted with fellow participants. Celebrities also graced the virtual event with performances and a

virtual fashion show. Glaiza de Castro and Rayver Cruz graced the Piyesta Pinoy 2021: Philippine Independence Day in Bolingbrook in Chicago, Illinois, organized by the Philippine American Cultural Foundation (PACF). The main cast of Nagbabagang Luha, which will also air soon on GMA Pinoy TV, bannered the festive online show of cultural performances, talent showcases, raffle games, and a special cooking segment from Farm to Table (airing on GMA See GMA p14



GMA... From page 13

CRISTY... From page 11

Life TV) host Chef JR Royol. The Philippine Cultural Heritage Festival gave a welldeserved tribute to the brave, the beautiful, and the talented Filipinos in Canada and from all over the world. Viewers witnessed performances and a fashion show highlighting historical Philippine national costumes. The online celebration was made possible by the Philippine Cultural Heritage Society (PCHS) to bring FilipinoCanadians together in Burnaby and the whole of British Columbia. Meanwhile, the sought-after tandem of Ken Chan and Rita Daniela, who are set to banner the upcoming GMA Pinoy TV series Ang Dalawang Ikaw, will be serenading their Canadian fans in “Harana, Pag-ibig sa Bayan Virtual Concert” on June 26 at 8pm (EDT). The Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation (PCCF) hosts the Toronto online event to commemorate the quincentennial anniversary of Christianity and will give tribute to modern-day heroes. Kapuso fans all over the world can catch this celebration via live streaming on PCCF’s Facebook and YouTube channels as well as GMA Pinoy TV’s official Facebook page. Capping off the star-studded Philippine Independence Day celebrations and coinciding with the Canada-wide commemoration of the Filipino Heritage Month is Pista ng Bayan 2021 on June 27 in Vancouver. The virtual event’s special guest is Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez who will also return soon on GMA Pinoy TV via the upcoming Kapuso drama, The World Between Us. Hosted by the United-Filipino Canadian Association of British Columbia (UFCABC), the livestream starts at 7pm (PDT) on the Facebook pages of Pista ng Bayan Vancouver and GMA Pinoy TV, as well as on UFCABC’s YouTube channel.

kapag naibalik na ang prangkisa ng ABS-CBN, e, saka pa lang kakain pati ang mga pamilya nila. “Masisisi ba natin ang mga artistang naghahanap ng greener pasture sa ibang network? Kailangan nilang mabuhay, karamihan sa kanila, e, mga breadwinner din! “Hindi sila dapat sumbatang walang utang na loob, walang loyalty at kung anu-ano pang panghahamak. Nagpapaalam naman sila, nagbibigay ng respeto, nagkataon lang na walang maibibigay na trabaho sa kanila ang mother network nila, kaya lumilipat sila,” mahabang komento ni prop. May mga personalidad na hindi lang nagsasalita, pero tinatamaan ng anxiety, stress, at depression. Gusto na nilang mabilis na dumaan ang maghapon sa pag-asang kinabukasan ay may bagong pag-asa na silang maaasahan at makakapitan. Suwerte ng mga artistang nagkakaroon pa rin ng trabaho, mas masuwerte ang mga personalidad na may nadudukot ngayong panahon ng pandemya, pero mas marami ang nangangailangan. May mga lalaking personalidad na ngang nagbebenta ng katawan online, may mga babaeng artista ring nagbebenta na ng bibingka kahit malayo pa ang simbang-gabi para makaterno ng puto-bumbong, may mga ganyang senaryo na dahil sa kahirapan ngayong pandemya. *** Mukhang tinatrabahong mabuti ng mga nagtutulay ang paglipat ni Piolo Pasccual sa GMA-7. Kung talagang mauupo na bilang mga consultant ng network ang tambalan nina Direk Johnny Manahan at Ms. Mariole Alberto ay hindi lang si Piolo ang maaasahang kumabilang-bakod sa Siyete. Ang palengke ng mga sikat na artista ng ABS-CBN ay magiging talipapa na lang. Isa-isa nang

maglilipatan sa GMA-7 dahil nandoon ang mga biyaya ngayon para sa kanilang career. Hinid imposibleng maraming artista ng GMA-7 ang kabahan ngayong marami nang lumilipat sa kanilang istasyon mula sa kabilang network. Kabawasan ng trabaho ang interpretasyon noon para sa kanila. Pero ang ganoong senaryo naman ay maaasahang mangyari sa bandang ibaba ng labanan. Ang mga posteng matibay ng network ay hindi magagalaw. Kaya sa mga nagba-bash kay Alden Richards na kailangan na niyang humanda sa paglipat ni John Lloyd Cruz sa GMA-7 ay walang basehan. Poste ng GMA-7 si Alden. Mataas ang rating ng mga programang pinagbibidahan niya. Pinapasok ng mga commercials at talagang inaalagaan siya nang husto ng kaniyang network, kaya wala siyang dapat ipag-alala. Ngayon pa lang ay pinagsasabong na sila ni JLC. Wala na namang basehan ‘yon dahil aminado naman si Alden na idolo niya si Lloydie. Karagdagan pa nga para sa Pambansang Bae ang magkasama sila sa proyekto ng hinahangaan niyang aktor. Parang basketball lang ‘yan. ‘yong mga players na marami nang kaagawan sa posisyon, lalo na kung hindi na masyadong pakikinabangan ng koponan, ang itine-trade sa ibang team. Wala sa itaas ang labanan, nasa ibaba, kaya walang dapat ikabahala si Alden Richards na homegrown talent ng Kapuso Network. *** Pigil na pigil ang emosyon ni John Lloyd Cruz nang sumalang siya sa pinakamalaking promosyon ng Shopee. Kundi nakapagpigil ang magaling na aktor ay magmimistulang madramang serye ang okasyon. Sa backstage pa lang ng Araneta Coliseum ay panaypanay na ang pasasalamat niya kay Willie, ang naging susi sa kaniyang pagbabalik sa pagharap sa publiko at mga camera, ninenerbiyos si Lloydie. Hindi nga naman kasi biro ang halos apat na taong pagkawala, mag-uumpisa na naman siya sa zero, pero dalawang-kamay na tinanggap ng publiko si John Lloyd Cruz. Tuluy-tuloy na sana ang kaniyang pagbabalik, kailangan siya ng industriyang kinabibilangan niya, ang tulad ni Lloydie na matagal mang mawala ay palaging may espasyo pa ring babalikan. Kuwento ni Willie, “Sabi ko sa kaniya, wala siyang dapat ikanerbiyos, mahal na mahal siya ng mga kababayan natin. Nandoon kasi sa mukha niya ang excitement, pero hindi rin niya maitatago ang kaba. Natural lang naman ‘yon, four long years siyang nawala sa circulation, kasali ‘yon. “Pero maganda talaga ang puso ni John Lloyd, nagkaroon ako ng chance na makilala siya, saludo ako sa taong ‘yon. Sikat na sikat, pero wala kang mararamdamang kayabangan sa kaniya, napakadown to earth niya,” papuri ng TV

host sa aktor. Malaki ang posibilidad ng kanilang pagsasama sa isang sitcom sa GMA-7 na niluluto na ang magiging konsepto ngayon. “Ang dami-daming may gustong makasama siya, iba talaga ang John Lloyd Cruz!” sabi uli ni Willie Revillame. *** Pati si Willie Revillame ay idinadamay ngayon ng mga bashers ni John Lloyd Cruz. Wala raw utang na loob sa ABS-CBN si JLC, walang loyalty, samantalang kung wala ang network ay wala rin namang nangyari sa career ng magaling na aktor. Hinuhusgahan naman si Willie na may matinding galit diumano sa ABS-CBN dahil pinatalsik siya isang dekada na ang nakararaan. Benggansa raw ang ginawang pagtulong ng TV host kay Lloydie. Nakakalungkot lang na hindi naman alam ng mga bashers na ‘yon ang kumpletong detalye ng pagtulong ni Willie kay JLC pero meron na silang nabuong senaryo na malayo naman sa katotohanan. Una, nagkaroon ng respeto si Willie sa tagapamuno ng ABSCBN na si Mr. Carlo Katigbak. Maayos ang kanilang pag-uusap. Sinabi pa nga sa kaniya nito na sila na muna ang bahala kay Lloydie. Ikalawa, walang-wala sa bokabularyo ni Willie ang paghihiganti, nang matanggalan ng prangkisa ang ABS-CBN ay napakaraming nagtangkang maginterbyu sa kaniya tungkol doon pero wala siyang pinagbigyan. Noong mismong makulimlim na araw nang opisyal nang ipahayag ng Kongreso ang pagbawi sa prangkisa ng network ay nagbigay ng pahayag si Willie dahil sa dami ng nakaabang sa kaniyang emosyon. Ang malinaw niyang sabi, “Nalulungkot ako. Matagal na panahon akong nagtrabaho sa ABS-CBN. Doon nagsimula ang Wowowee. Nakakalungkot ang nangyari” Walang anumang negatibong salita siyang ipinahayag sa ere, sinsero ang kaniyang mensahe, walang panunumbat at galit sa kaniyang puso. Noong mga oras na ‘yon ay umaandar sa himpapawid ang kaniyang Wowowin. Sa tapat ng kaniyang gusaling Wil Tower ay nandoon naman ang mga personalidad, empleyado at mga manggagawa ng ABS-CBN, nagra-rally dahil sa pagkawala ng kanilang prangkisa. Sabi ng isang source namin na malapit kay Willie, “Dumungaw si kuya pagkatapos ng show, nakita niya ang mga taga-ABS-CBN na may mga placards, sumisigaw, nakikipaglaban. “Wala siyang sinabi, napailing na lang siya, napansin namin na nangingilid ang luha niya,” sabi ng aming kausap. Marami kaming pinupuring artista sa pagkakaroon ng magandang pusong mapagpatawad. Isa na sa kanila si Willie Revillame. Itinatangi namin siya dahil hindi niya ugaling magtago ng galit, walang-wala sa kaniyang bokadura ang paghihiganti, kaya lalo siyang pinagpala.

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021 *** Inaasahan na namin ang ganitong senaryo noong simula pa lang. Kung maraming kababayan natin ang masayang-masaya sa pagbabalik ni John Lloyd Cruz pagkatapos “magtago” nang apat na taon ay meron din siyempreng kumokontra sa muli niyang pagharap sa mga camera. Nang lumutang ang balitang sa GMA-7 siya gagawa ng sitcom ay lalong nag-aangatan ang mga laban sa ideya, biglang umalma ang mga tagasuporta ni Alden Richards, silang dalawa raw kasi ang pagsasabungin ng network. Si Alden ang isa sa iilang posting talent ngayon ng GMA-7, maraming maligaya sa kaniyang popularidad, dahil bukod sa kaniyang itsura at talento ay mapagkumbaba ang Pambansang Bae. Pero hindi sila dapat paglabanin ni JLC. May kanikaniya silang maipagmamalaking talento, bukod pa sa aminado naman si Alden na idolo nito ang nagbabalik na aktor. Kung biyahe sa pagiging artista ang pag-uusapan ay may kahabaan na ang paglalakbay ni Lloydie, si Alden naman ay nasa kasarapang panahon pa lang, kaya may kalakihan na ang agwat ng kanilang karera. Mas magandang isipin na pagsamahin sana sila ng GMA7 sa isang proyekto bilang magkapatid. Magandang ideya ‘yon, pareho silang mahusay umarte, wala ring itulak-kabigan sa kanilang itsura. Maganda ang labanan kung walang personalan, kung walang nagpapasabong sa kanila, marespetong pareho sa kanilang kapwa sina JLC at Alden kaya malayong magtagumpay ang mga gumagawa ng isyu. Mas kilala namin ang pagkatao ni Alden kesa kay John Lloyd. Tatanggapin ni Alden ang pagpasok ni Lloydie sa pinagharian nitong bakuran. Hindi maramot si Alden, masayangmasaya ang aktor kapag lahat ay nabibiyayaan ng oportunidad, kaya wala kaming nakikitang problema. Ang daming lumilipat na personalidad sa GMA-7, ang Siyete naman ay nagbabawas ng mga artista, at marami rin namang personalidad na nananatili sa ABS-CBN na hindi nagpapatinag sa hamon ng pandemya. Punumpuno rin ng mga programa ang TV5, hindi man masasabing homegrown talent ang mga bumibida ay sa network pa rin sila napapanood, kaya buhay na buhay ngayon ang mundo ng telebisyon. At kapag ganiyang aktibo ang lahat ng istasyon ay sino ba ang nabibiyayaan? Hindi lang ang mga artista at production staff kundi pati ang ating mga kababayang tumututok na naaaliw ngayong panahon ng pandemya. *** Hindi talaga maiiwasan ngayon ang paglundag ng mga taga-ABS-CBN sa GMA-7. Ibang-iba ang sitwasyon ngayon, pandemya, sa kabila ng paghihirap ng buong mundo ay gagawa at gagawa talaga ng paraan ang See CRISTY p15

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021



Galit at diskriminasyon May dalawang sakit sa mundo na matindi pa sa COVID-19 pandemic. Walang bakuna para dito. Mabilis itong makahawa at maramdaman. Kahit saang sulok ng mundo ay mayroon nito. Ito marahil ang dalawang pinakamatinding sakit ng planetang ito na hanggang ngayon ay namamayagpag pa rin. Hatred and discrimination Galit at diskriminasyon ang dahilan kung bakit ang mga inosenteng Muslim family sa London, Ontario ay sinagasaan hanggang sa mamatay. Nakaligtas ang siyam na taong bata na sa isang iglap ay naging ulila. Galit at diskriminasyon ang ugat ng pagkakamatay ng 215 batang katutubo at marami pang hindi natutuklasang bangkay sa mga residential schools sa Canada. Ilan pang mass burial sites ang inililihim ng madilim na kasaysayan ng Canada?

CRISTY... From page 14 marami para hindi magutom. Kapag walang trabaho ay wala nang makakasunod ‘yon kundi gutom. At para maiwasan ang kagutuman, natural lang na hahanap ng lugar ang kahit sino para makapanginain, kung nasaan ang greener pasture. Nag-text sa amin si Tita Dolor Guevarra. Kumpirmado, lumipat na sa GMA Artist Center ang dating tagapamuno ang Star Magic na si Ms. Mariole Alberto. At alam naman ng buong showbiz na kung nasaan ang babaeng ehekutibo ay siguradong nadnoon din ang magaling na direktor na si Mr. Johnny Manahan. Marami ring artistang nakalundag na at lulundag pa lang sa bakuran ng Siyete. Nauna na sa listahan si John Lloyd Cruz, at maingay ang kuwentong kasunod na si Piolo Pascual. Siyempre, ang mga sundalo ng Dos ay galit na galit. Binabato nila ng bintang na walang loyalty ang mga artistang lumilipat sa GMA-7 na sa bakuran ng Dos nagkapangalan. Wala raw utang na loob ang mga personalidad na hindi na lang nakapaghintay hanggang sa maibalik na uli ang prangkisa ng ABS-CBN. Sa biglaang paghusga ay may punto ang paghusga, pero kung mas palalawakin nila ang takbo ng kanilang isip ay ‘yon talaga ang mangyayari, hindi gugustuhin ng kahit sino ang mamatay nang dilat ang mga mata sa sobrang gutom. Hindi naman literal na gutom ang mga lumilipat sa GMA-7 pero kailangan nilang paghandaan ang kanilang kinabukasan, kung meron naman silang magagawang paraan at nagbigay-respeto naman sila sa kanilang pinagmulan,

Galit at diskriminasyon ang dahilan ng palitan ng missiles ng mga Palestino at Israelita na kumitil sa maraming buhay. Ito ang ugat ng digmaan. Ito ang ugat ng paghihiwalay. Ito ang mga tunay na pandemya. Ano ba ang magagawa natin bilang bahagi ng malayang lipunan kung sakaling nakasaksi o nakaranas tayo ng hatred and discrimination? 1. Kondenahin ang anumang uri ng racism, hate crimes or hate speech saan man ito nangyayari. Huwag nating pagtakpan at huwag tayong magbulag-bulagan dito lalo na’t kung ito ay mismong nangyayari sa loob ng ating tahanan, samahan, o workplace. 2. Maging sensitibo at responsableng mamamayan. Isipin nating mabuti kung ang ating sasabihin, isusulat o gagawin ay mag-uudyok ng galit sa ating kapuwa. Huwag sana

tayo ang pagsimulan ng galit at diskriminasyon. 3. Buksan ang kaisipan sa pagbabago at isabuhay ang diversity. Tanggapin natin ang lahat maging sinuman sila. Hindi kailan man tayo magiging magkapareho sa lahat ng aspeto ng ating buhay at ng mga paniniwala ngunit hindi ito dahilan ng ating paghihiwalay at pag-aaway. 4. Manindigan sa katuwiran at pagkakapantay. Tumindig tayo at maging matapang. Pantay-pantay dapat ang bawat isa. Walang may pribilehiyo dahil sa kanilang kulay at estado sa buhay. 5. Makinig. Kung pinapakinggan natin ang bawat isa ay nagkakaunawan tayo. Kadalasan ang ugat ng galit at diskriminsayon ay ang kawalan ng kaalaman dahil sa hindi natin pakikinig at pag-unawa. 6. Pag-ibig ang gawing pundasyon. Isapamuhay natin ang pag-ibig kahit saan, kahit kalian. Acceptance, apology, and reconciliation Walang pagkakasundo kung walang pagtanggap ng kamalian

at paghingi ng tawad sa mga pagkakasala. Hindi tayo uusad sa isang malayang mundo kung patuloy na magmamatigas ang mismong mga institusyon na dapat sana’y nagiging ehemplo ng pagpapakumbaba at pagpapatawad. Mapapatawad mo ba ang gumawa ng krimen kung hindi naman nito tinatanggap ang pagkakasala at humihingi ng tawad? Paano kung baligtarin natin ang pagkakataon? Paano kung ang mga wala sa kapangyarihan o mga ordinaryong tao ang nagkasala sa mga haligi ng institusyon ng lipunan? Hindi na natin mababago ang kasaysayan ng mundo ngunit dapat ay natuto tayo sa mga kamalian nito. Hindi na natin maibabalik ang buhay ng 215 bata na ibinaon sa mga Catholic church-run residential schools, ang buhay ng mga pinaslang na pamilya dahil sa sila’y Muslim, ang buhay ng mga inosenteng Palestino at Hudyo na namatay sa digmaan, ang buhay ng mga pinatay dahil sa kanilang kasarian. Ngunit maaari pa tayong

magmulat ng kaisipan ng mga bagong henerasyon na hindi masama ang pagiging isang katutubo, na hindi masama at hindi nakakahiyang mahalin ang ating lahing Pilipino, na hindi masama at hindi pangit ang pagiging maitim at hindi ka katanggap-tanggap kung iba ang iyong kasarian at hindi masama kung ang paniniwala mo ay iba sa nakararami. Ang malalang sakit na galit at diskriminasyon ay walang solusyong bakuna ngunit ito’y kayang gamutin kung isasabuhay natin ang pagmamahal sa kapuwa anuman ang kanilang kulay, uri, estado at paniniwala sa buhay. Noel Lapuz ay dating OFW sa Middle East (Dubai at Qatar). Nagtrabaho nang sampung taon sa City Hall ng Taguig bilang Human Resource Management Officer. Naging bahagi ng Bata-Batuta Productions bilang manunulat, entertainment host at stage actor. Nagtatag ng Kulturang Alyansa ng Taguig. Kasapi ng Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP).

nasaan ang krimen? *** Isang guesting pa lang ‘yon ni Pokwang sa isang show ng GMA-7 at naging isyu na agad ang nakatakda niyang pagpirma ng kontrata sa network. Parang apoy na mabilis kumalat ang kuwento. Lilipat na raw sa GMA-7 ang magaling na komedyana, abangan na lang daw natin ang mga susunod na pangyayari. Kung totoo nga na magtatrabaho na sa GMA-7 si Pokwang ay napakagandang balita noon. Sa panahon ngayon ng pandemya na halos lahat ng mga personalidad ay nagdarasal na magkaroon sila ng trabaho ay malaking biyaya para kay Pokwang ang maging GMA artist na siya. Sobrang laking oportunidad ang pagkakaroon ng mother network, ang maalagaan ng isang istasyon sa magagandang proyekto, ipinagpapasalamat talaga ang mga ganoong biyaya. Propesyonal si Pokwang, kahit kailan ay hindi siya nasangkot sa anumang kuwento ng hindi pagmamahal sa kaniyang trabaho, hindi siya magiging problema ng GMA-7 kung sakali. Alam ng kapalaran kung sinusino ang mga nagtatrabahong mapagpahalaga sa kanilang talento. Ang mga pabaya ay nawawalan ng oportunidad at ang mga masikap naman at propesyonal ay lalong nagkakaroon ng pagkakataong maipakita sa publiko ang kanilang kapasidad. Aba, kung pipirma na nga ng kontrata sa GMA-7 si Pokwang ay muli silang magkakasama ng mahal niyang kuyang si Willie Revillame sa isang bubong, paikut-ikot lang talaga ang kapalaran.

*** Diretsong sinabi ni Sylvia Sanchez  sa  Cristy Ferminute  na maligayang-maligaya ang kaniyang panganay na si Arjo sa

kanilang relasyon ni Maine Mendoza. Ayaw na sanang magkomento pa ng magaling na aktres tungkol sa dalawa, pero masigasig kaming

makibalita, kaya wala na siyang magawa kundi ang sagutin na lang ang aming mga tanong. “Noong ipakilala siya sa See CRISTY p16


CRISTY... From page 15 amin ni Arjo, pumasok siya sa saming bahay hindi bilang si Maine Mendoza na sikat. Si Nicomaine ang nakilala namin,” paliwanag ni Sylvia. Mula nang maging magkarelasyon na ang dalawa ay araw-araw nang nabuhay sa pamba-bash hindi lang si Arjo kundi ang kanilang buong pamilya. Itinatawa na lang ni Sylvia ang mga bintang ng bashers, pero masakit ang mga paratang laban sa kanila. Nakikiangkas lang daw sila sa kasikatan ni  Yaya Dub at ang pinupuntirya lang daw ni Arjo ay ang milyones ng dalaga. Para sa isang pamilyang tulad ng mga Atayde na matagal nang milyonaryo ay mahirap tanggapin ang mga akusasyon. Hiyang-hiya na nga raw si Maine sa kanilang pamilya. Isa pang rebelasyon ni  Ibyang ay mahiyain daw si Maine. Hindi raw ito suplada; mahiyain lang talaga na noong unang sabihin sa kaniya ni Arjo ay pinagtakahan din niya. Napakaraming nagbigay ng negatibong reaksiyon sa kaniyang sinabi. Kaliwa’t kanang karanasan ng kamalditahan ni Maine ang lumutang. Best foot forward lang daw ang ipinakikita nito sa kanilang pamilya. “Mahiyain daw si Maine? E, bakit siya pumila sa audition noong  PBB? Ang mahiyain talaga, e, hindi papasok sa showbiz!” agarang komento ng isang nakatutok sa CFM. “Nilulukot-lukot nga niya ang buong mukha niya, pangiwingiwi siya, ganoon ba ang mahiyain?” komento naman ng isa pang manghang-mangha sa sinabi ni Sylvia na mahiyain daw ang girlfriend ng kaniyang anak. Markado sa pagiging maldita si Maine, kahit sa hanay naming mga manunulat ay wala itong kaclose, dahil parang utang na loob pa sa kaniya ng mga reporters ang mga pulisidad para sa kaniya. Pero ‘yon ang imaheng ipinakikita ni Maine sa pamilya ni Arjo, ‘yon ang nasasaksihan ng pamilya Atayde sa kaniya, kaya hindi natin puwedeng batikusin ang paniniwala ni Sylvia tungkol sa kaniyang manugang na hilaw. Kami mismo ay nakatikim


nang napakatalas na dila ng Yaya Dub na ito dahil malapit sa amin si Alden Richards. Mahal namin ang aktor dahil sa pagiging mapagkumbaba nito at makatao. Nag-post si Maine Mendoza ng duwakang na parinig. Walang pangalan pero alam naming kami ‘yon. Sabi nito, “We are not born to please everybody.” Na totoo naman. Totoongtotoo ‘yon dahil hindi rin naman kami ipinanganak to please her. It’s a tie! *** Isang kababayan nating matagal nang nagtatrabahonaninirahan sa Dubai ang nagsumbong kay Raffy Tulfo sa kaniyang programa. Ang inirereklamo ng babae ay si Alma Moreno. Ginawa ng staff ng matapang na news anchor ang lahat ng paraan para makapagbigay ng kaniyang panig si Ness, pero ayaw niyang magsalita sa ere. Si Kuya Raffy lang daw ang gusto niyang makausap off-the-air. Sabi ng staff, “Sir, alam daw ng Diyos na wala siyang kasalanan, wala raw siyang kailangang ipaliwanag sa programa, kayo lang daw ang gusto niyang makausap at off-the-air daw po.” Mabilis ang sagot ng host ng show, “Kung ganoon ang gustong mangyari ni Ms. Alma Morneo, hindi ko gagawin ‘yon! Para namang tinraydor ko ang nagrereklamo kapag ginawa ko siyang kausapin! “Kaya nga gusto nating kunin ang side niya, e, para maging balanse ang issue, pero kung ayaw niyang magsalita sa ere, hindi natin siya pipilitin!” madiing katwiran ni Kuya Raffy. Tungkol sa condo unit na nirentahan ni Alma nang ilang buwan ang sumbong ng ating kababayan. Putol ang tubig at kuryente ng unit nang iwanan ‘yon ni Ness. Napakarami ring basura nang puntahan ng may-ari ang unit, napakarumi, iniipis. Hindi na nito hinahabol ang balanse ni Ness sa upa ng unit, ang gusto na lang ng nagsusumbong kay Kuya Raffy ay ang bayaran ni Alma ang kinonsumo niyang kuryente habang nakatira pa siya doon, ‘yon na lang. Pero ayaw talagang magbigay ng panig niya si Alma, pabayaan

na lang daw magsalita nang magsalita sa ere ang babae, pero si Kuya Raffy lang ang gusto niyang makausap. “I will not talk to her. I will only do that in the presence of the complainant, para balance ang issue,” sabi uli ng matapang na news anchor. Natural, kilalang-kilalang artista si Alma Moreno, kaya napakaraming nam-bash sa kaniya. Nakakahiya raw ang ginawa niya, basta na lang daw niya nilayasan ang unit nang putol na ang ilaw at tubig, napakarumi pa. “Artista pa naman ang anak niyang si Winwyn Marquez, siguradong mapapahiya rin siya sa ginawa ng mother niya!” sabi pa ng isang nagkomento. Reklamo pa ng complainant sa Wanted Sa Radyo, “Napakatagal ko nang tinatawagan si Alma, pero hindi niya ako sinasagot. Kahit text, wala. Ang kapatid lang niya ang nakakausap ko dahil busy raw si Alma.” Sa ganitong sitwasyon ay napakahalaga ng komunikasyon. Inayos na lang sana agad ni Ness ang problema para hindi na siya inireklamo pa kay Raffy Tulfo na milyun-milyon ang nakatutok. Maaaring may katwiran si Alma sa pangyayari, pero hindi ganoon ang naging dating sa pagtanggi niyang magsalita sa himpapawid, siya ang nadiin nang todo-todo. *** Sentro ng pagtatalo ngayon si Angel Locsin dahil sa sunudsunod na paglilipatan ng mga artista ng ABS-CBN sa GMA-7. Dating contract star ng Siyete si Angel na lumipat sa Dos. Natatandaan pa namin ang kuwento. Umalis si Angel para diumano’y mag-aral ng fashion design sa London. ‘yon ang ibinigay nilang dahilan ng kaniyang manager na si Becky Aguila. Ilang buwan lang pagkatapos ay lumutang ang kuwentong nakikipagtransaksiyon na ang manager sa mga ehekutibo ng ABS-CBN. Sa pagbalik ni Angel ay sa kalabang istasyon na ng GMA-7 siya magtatrabaho. Matagal na naging kontrobersiyal ang paglipat ni Angel sa ABS-CBN, pinaratangan siyang walang utang na loob,

napakalaki ng naitulong ng GMA-7 sa kaniyang career pero nasikmura niyang talikuran. Maraming nang-uusisa kung bukas pa rin daw kaya ang pintuan ng Siyete kung sakaling bumalik siya? Tatanggapin pa rin daw kaya siya ng mga ehekutibo ng pinanggalingan niyang network? Isa sa pinakamalakas na boses na narinig ng publiko ang kay Angel nang tapyasin ang prangkisa ng ABS-CBN. Matindi ang kaniyang paninindigan at pakikipaglaban. Sa ipinuhunang pagkontra ni Angel nang tanggalan ng franchise ang ABS-CBN ay hindi namin naiisip na babalik pa siya sa GMA-7. Masyado nang malalim ang kuneksiyon niya sa ABS-CBN. At sa paninindigang pinanghahawakan ni Angel, ni sa panaginip lang siguro ay hindi niya naiisip ang pagbabalik sa GMA-7, malayo ‘yon sa takbo ng kaniyang utak. Hindi siya magtatangkang lumipat. Wala sa isip niya ang paglundag ng bakod. Mananatili siya sa ABS-CBN. Kung ang tatanungin naman ay kung nakabukas pa ba ang pintuan ng GMA-7 para kay Angel ay negatibo ang naiisip naming senaryo. Magpakatotoo tayo. Natural lang na hindi na, dahil ang pintuang dating bukas na bukas para kay Angel sa GMA-7 ay siya mismo ang nagsarado. Ang naglalaro sa isip namin ngayon ay hindi na uli siya tatanggapin kung sakali man dahil kawalan ng loyalty sa GMA-7 ang ginawa niya noon. Isa pa, maaaring maisip din ng mga ehekutibo ng GMA-7 na hindi na nila pakikinabangan nang husto ngayon si Angel dahil mag-aasawa na, bukod pa sa mahihirapan na silang ihanap ng proyekto sa kanilang istasyon si Angel dahil nagbago na ang kaniyang timbang. Sabi nga ni prop, “Kailangang nag-iingat sa kanilang mga salita ang mga artista, huwag silang nagsusunog ng tulay, tulad ni Regine Velasquez na matagal na nagserbisyo sa GMA-7 pero noong lumipat na sa ABS-CBN, e, nagsabi pang number one station ang nilipatan niya! “Ang sakit-sakit noon para sa GMA-7 na naniniwalang sila ang number one network!” sabi ng kaibigan naming propesor. *** Ito naman kasing si Piolo Pascual, ang ganda-ganda na sana ng kaniyang kartada bilang isang mamamayang nagpabakuna pero kung bakit kinambalan pa niya ‘yon ng biro na hindi napapanahon. “First jab done… then I died (joke)!” ang kaniyang post pagkatapos niyang magpabakuna. Natural, sa panahong ito na maraming kababayan nga natin ang ayaw magpasaksak ng bakuna dahil natatakot ay hindi nagustuhan ng marami ang kaniyang komento, bina-bash siya ngayon sa social media. Walang ipinagkaiba ‘yon sa nangyari kay John Estrada noong kasagsagan ng paghihigpit sa mga pasahero ng eroplano dahil

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021 sa kinatatakutang maaaring gawin ng mga terorista. Habang dumadaan sa mahigpit na pambubusisi ng laman ng kaniyang malaking bag ang checker ay nagbiro si John, “Ingat ka, may bomba d’yan!” Pinapunta si John sa opisina ng namamahala, matagal din itong kinausap, na-hold si John dahil sa kaniyang biro na bawal na bawal noong mga panahong ‘yon. Komento ng ating mga kababayan sa post ni Piolo, sa halip daw na magbigay siya ng magandang payo sa pagpapabakuna ay nanakot pa siya, lalo lang niyang pinakaba ang mga Pinoy na takot na takot na nga sa bakuna dahil sa mga kuwentong may namamatay pagkatapos magpaturok. May nagsabi pang tatahitahimik lang si Piolo pero nasa loob naman pala ang kulo ng aktor. Hindi raw dapat ginagawang biro ang isang isyung pinagtatalunan ng mamamayan at ng mga tagaDOH tungkol sa pagpapabakuna. Maling biro. Joke nga lang pero ang ganoong klase ng biro ay hindi napapanahon. Tuloy ay nakatikim si Piolo ng mga lumalatay na salita mula sa mga netizens at bashers. Tanong pa ng isang basher na ewan kung nagpapanggap lang na walang alam o may gustong ipahiwatig sa post ni Piolo, “Tama ba ang spelling ni Piolo sa job? Bakit jab ang spelling niya? “Di ba dapat, e, job, parang sa nose job, tummy job at blowjob? Hindi ba niya alam ‘yan?” tanongopinyon ng basher. Ubos! *** Hindi ka batang Pilipino kapag hindi mo kilala ang Jollibee. Kapag hindi mo kilala si chicken joy. Bawat batang Pinoy na lumalaki ay siguradong lumalambing ng Jollibee sa kanilang mga magulang. Natutukan namin ang reklamo ng isang kababayan nating umorder ng fried chicken sa food chain, pero ang dumating sa kanilang bahay ay hindi chicken joy, kundi tuwalyang kinulapulan ng breading at saka isinalang sa kalan. Napakatindi noon, ang mga taong mabilis humusga ay siguradong maaapektuhan, magpapalit na sila ng oordering fried chicken. Nakiramdam kami. Sa mismong bahay namin. Alam ng mga anak at apo namin ang kuwento ng makasaysayang tuwalyang pinagmukhang manok pero wala lang silang pakialam. Nagpadeliber pa rin sila ng chicken joy, spaghetti, burger steak at french fries. Pagdating ng order ay sarap na sarap nilang kinain ang mga produkto ng Jollibee na parang walang isyung pinagpipistahan ngayon. Hindi kayang tibagin ng isang tuwalya lang ang kredibilidad na mahabang panahong binuo ng Jollibee. Ang nag-iisip na Pinoy ay hindi maniniwalang ganoon kairesponsable ang natutuhan na nilang mahaling kumpanya. Nangyari man ang kuwento ng tuwalyang ginawang fried chicken ay wala pa ring pakialam See CRISTY p18

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021







NO. 371

Ni Bro. Gerry Gamurot

PAHALANG 1. Doktor 5. Pinahihintulutan 12. Tila 13. Panghalip 14. Banga 16. Isang kontinente 17. Pagiging matibay 18. Sigaw ng karatista 19. Panawag pansin 21. Ipaayos 25. Muog 27. Sabik 29. Awit papuri 31. Alipato 32. Nakakaligta PABABA 1. Unlapi 2. Talo 3. Tulad 4. Uri ng insekto 6. Hinukay 7. Hangad 8. Bighani 9. Tagulamin 10. Luto sa mantika

11. Silong 15. Ikubli 18. Teritoryo sa Canada 20. Inis 21. Gulok 22. Palaso 23. Tagumpay 24. Asido 26. Sungayang hayop 28. Anak ng anak 30. Huni ng ibon 31. Palayaw ng lalaki


CRISTY... From page 16 ang ating mga kababayan, lalo na ang mga bata, na makita pa lang ang estatuwa ni Jollibee ay nagpapalakpakan na. Bago kami sumalang sa Cristy Ferminute noong nagpoprograma pa kami sa TV5 at hindi pa nagwo-work from home ay halos araw-araw naming kakambal si Jollibee. Chicken joy, burger steak, hamburger at french fries. Paikutikot lang kami sa mga ganoong produkto ng Jollibee. Ibang-iba kasi ang kanilang lasa, Pinoy na Pinoy, at Pilipino rin ang may-ari ng food chain. Nagkuwentuhan kami ng kaibigan naming propesor tungkol sa mahiwagang tuwalyang iniimbestigahan na ngayon ng kumpanya. Tawa kami nang tawa kay prop. Ang kaniyang komento, “Kahit underwear pa ang ipinangsabotahe sa Jollibee para magmukhang chicken joy, e, tatangkilikin ko pa rin ang mga produkto nila. “Kapag nasa ibang bansa ako, nami-miss ko ang chicken joy, naglalaway ako, kaya kapag pauwi na ako, mahigpit ang bilin ko sa pamangkin ko. “Pagdating ko sa bahay, kailangang nasa table na ang chicken joy na kakainin ko. Basta!” seryosong kuwento ni prop. Kredibilidad ang tawag doon. *** Parang kailan lang ‘yon nang

tumawag ang aming patnugot na si Salve Asis, “Nay, okey ba sa iyong mag-digital show tayo? Kayo ni Nay Lolit (Solis) ang magkasama. First time!” Bakit nga naman hindi? Inagaw na ng teknolohiya ang mga talk shows, nagba-vlog na ang mga artista, nasa digital na ang labanan. Nang sumagot kami ng positibo kay Salve para sa pagsasama namin ni Kabsat Lolit ay may isa pa itong lambing. “Puwede bang sa gallery mo natin gawin ang show? Doon tayo every Tuesday nang tanghali sa Mga Obra Ni Nanay.” Check uli. At doon na po ipinanganak ang Take It, Per Minute muna. Kami lang ni Kabsat Lolit. Matagumapy ang aming pagsasama, naaliw ang mga kababayan natin na ang akala ay personal kaming magkaaway dahil sa paglalaban ng aming mga talk shows nang mahabang panahon, pero hindi naman pala. “E, isang Martes nang tanghali, dumalaw sa gallery si Mr. Fu, ang super-nakakaaliw na FM radio deejay na nagpasikat ng linyang “Me gano’n!” Palibhasa’y pareho kami ni Manay Lolit na hindi maramot sa mga ilaw at camera, halos sabay pa kaming nagyaya kay Mr. Fu, “Halika, maupo ka, makigulo ka sa amin!” At doon na po nakumpleto ang Take It, Per Minute… Me Gano’n. Walang aksidente, palaging nakadise n’yo ang bawat pangyayari, palagi naming kinasasabikan ang

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021 bawat Martes ng aming buhay para sa pagsasama-sama namin sa nangungunang digital show ngayon. At noong nakaraang Martes ay naka-isandaang episodes na pala kami. Sobra pa nga kung tutuusin kung hindi nang-agaw ng panahon ang pandemya. Parang anibersaryo na mismo ang nangyari noong Martes dahil may catering kami mula kay Tita Lily Chua at tatlong lechon mula kina Mayor Enrico Roque, Col. Jude Estrada at Tita Susan Sy ng Regent Foods Corporation. Maniniwala po ba kayo na anim na tao lang ang nagpapatakbo ng Take It, Per Minute… Me Gano’n tuwing sumasahimpapawid? Kaming tatlong hosts, si Salve Asis na tagapamuno namin, saka ang technical team nina Randolf at Gillord. Pero ang namamahala sa mga background naming paintings ay si Japs Gersin, tumutulong naman sa pag-aasikaso sa buong grupo sina Tina Roa, Paul John at Richie Villarta, kami-kami lang talaga ang bumubuo ng TIPMMG. Mula sa pusong salamat sa lahat ng mga tumututok sa amin tuwing Martes nang tanghali mula dito sa atin maging sa iba-ibang bansa na ang tawag sa aming digital show ay happy pill. Pang-alis ng lungkot, gamot sa stress, pildoras sa depresyon na hindi mabibili sa anumang botika. Maraming salamat po dahil kayo ang naging susi sa tagumpay ng Take It, Per Minute… Me Gano’n! Hanggang sa muli. – CSF

1Sambayan Canada chapter launch Please join us at the formal online launch of 1Sambayan Canada Chapter, the Coalition of Democratic Forces Advocating Good Governance in the Philippines, on June 18, 2021! 1Sambayan is a broad coalition of democratic forces representing the broad spectrum of political persuasions of Filipinos at home and abroad with the main goal of coming together in a strong unified opposition to usher in a competent, trustworthy administration in the May 2022 Philippine elections. 1Sambayan believes that it can do this by fielding a unified slate of national candidates for President, VicePresident and 12 Senators. What: Online Launch of 1Sambayan Chapter in Canada When: Friday, June 18, 2021, 7:30 pm-9:30 pm in Toronto (EDT) 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Vancouver (PDT) 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Alberta (MDT) 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Manitoba (CDT) In the Philippines, it will be Saturday, June 19 |7:30 am – 9:30

am (PHST) Where: By Zoom: https:// tinyurl.com/canadachapter Meeting ID: 811 1044 9608 Passcode: 533 403 Livestreamed on Malaya Canada FB page & 1Sambayan Facebook Group Retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio who is also the Chair of 1Sambayan will give a Special message at the Launch with guests 1Sambayan convenor Atty. Neri Colmenares, UP Prof Roland Simbulan and 1Sambayan convenor Joanna Concepcion. 1Sambayan Canada chapter will join the other overseas chapters: Italy, Germany, Benelux, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Australia, and other countries in the process of organizing their chapters. Within the Philippines,

Retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio 1Sambayan chapters in the different provinces are already up and many more are in the process of organizing. There will be short press conference after the program.

JUNE 16 - 30, 2021





JUNE 16 - 30, 2021

In our family, we make our plans together. Sa aming pamilya, sama-sama kaming nagpaplano. For all your important family events, it’s only natural that you plan ahead. It makes sense. And the same holds true for your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Take the time now to discuss your final wishes with loved ones - and with a trusted representative from Arbor Memorial. Call your local Filipino professional at Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery and ask about our FREE customized planning kit. Para sa mga mahahalagang family events, natural lang ang magplano ng maaga. Totoo rin ito para sa iyong funeral at cemetery arrangements. Maglaan ng oras upang makausap ang iyong mga mahal sa buhay tungkol sa iyong mga huling kahilingan—kasama ang isang trusted representative mula sa Arbor Memorial. Tawagan ang Filipino representative sa Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery at magtanong tungkol sa aming FREE customized planning kit.

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Profile for Pilipino Express News Magazine

Pilipino Express • Jun 16 2021  

Flying the flag of independence • Confinement ends for fully immunized Filipino seniors

Pilipino Express • Jun 16 2021  

Flying the flag of independence • Confinement ends for fully immunized Filipino seniors


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